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A Zach Lowe–Jackie MacMullan Reunion on West Sleepers, Toughest Coaching Gigs, and Ben Simmons Options


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Zach Lowe and Jackie MacMullan to discuss NBA sleeper teams in the Western Conference (1:55), the question "Is the East finally stronger than the West?" (29:55), an update on the Ben Simmons–76ers saga (49:00), NBA rule changes (1:05:05), and more.

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Zach Lowe and Jackie MacMullan

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Was avenue body. Is me Jason Golf and is a long time Scarborough media dude, I'm all tend to introduce you to the full, go the new park ass. If the ringer and spot of five decades of all things Chicago sport we come to you on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday lies with all the reaction to the locals plus avi chatting with my friends are people who matter and sound ass a question of fire. One of those absurd barbershop takes reacts your calls and listened boys MILAN to do what they, like you, the Wada, just Cape Town, the birds or a transplant make sure you followed the forego Spotify wherever you get your pack ass. It does have its Pakistan. presented by fan do or where we brought to life, knowing our picks? which we're gonna do later on this package, our version of a being good. You are funded outcomes ass, the ringer in and you could play along with some free tokens all and we did the bag. Quarterback league as well, you can draft the worst possible quarterbacks for the upcoming weak.
You win points for the Cubans that perform the worst like Aaron Rodgers last week. That way, you would be crushed it with that for every week for real prizes, and you could also, by daily fantasy I'll, see long live video download. The fender fancy had to get started, no purchase necessary age restrictions, applied penny on location void where prohibited see, fish do not come for terms and conditions. The bill seventh podcast is are you buy vandal sports book? We can play million dollar, picks and vandalism com, slash ringer! You can go head tat against me. If you are, you can ask for the bad quarterback league, which would find a fan of the attack was the last week you had a very fun weak in the big you B, L were surrounded by the ringer, I cast network. We didn't. We watch balls on Monday night, dirty word me and fantasy. They nor Mcdonald, classical ass, a relaunched our tv podcast cast thou caught the prestige tv
that need amended Avons around there on Monday Talkin about morning show season two episode one. Polarizing show I'm going to pop on their pretty much every week, the next few weeks, including something I'm doing with house in a cup away that I am very, very, very excited about. You know what also excited about me. Zack low Jackie I'm talking hoops, because suddenly training camp is on Monday in the season is less than a month away, holiness, How do we get here? Let's bring him
I checked the big parties here now I can save our former colleague secular. Is your former colleagues about this? makes me sad. So I wanted to. I don't wanna be sex hormones com We when we get back together, it's like a reunion so with that parts from that's true, Astro Zack has a nice kind of semi full looks like he's on his way to have laddie divides nineteen nineteen type beard situation, you're, like five days and weeks, a lot of basque butter discuss. He lit a little like David, the company just right now,
I've guys I've gotten before I've gotta via, like the one, that's one of the better ones, while with the stubble man you're, hidden, you hidden ripen, say it's a California occasion, little more dangerous David, the company networks files were straight, you don't wanna, try and I'm trying to sneak the beard in like just idle. Claire, I'm growing a beer them he's trying to sort of sneak it under the radar by by just so slowly that my wife wakes up one day to go. You have a beard, I didn't give permission for that, but as she's do now at second, you know I have to tell you I actually watch David to company just last night is I set up this.
So called the chair for my mother on Netflix. You know about this at all. I love that show. I was a lot of its a great show Dave. I just got to the episode David, the company, who was very funny and there they digress I'd like ok. So I have a bunch of topics for us. We're gonna start here, because the somethin sack- and I were talking on the phone last week if the Lakers do not win the west's. What's a let's go round Robin: let's pick a team, we believe in To win the war Zack censuses, your idea, let you start because I, like the team you picked and I'm jealous, I don't remember what team I picked. I tried. I only affect your life ass, a team you like do not picking a team, you you like it year, enchanted by them. Ok! So if you forced me to pick a fiend, that's not the Lakers and wins the west, I would maybe go Phoenix and then you tore in some order, but I believe that what what you're referring to is my crazy Take a season. Is that Dallas if they can get some chemistry issue sorted out his like not that
far away from being able to win the West's that's my craziest. Everyone thinks Dallas disappointing off season, pausing, guess all my god he was so bad Luke and keep you don't go together. Well, my LUCA is that good they got shit. Katie could have a bounce back year. They have a new coach who needs to pan approve a lot of stuff. You can talk about that, but that's my crazy. I don't think Dallas is that far away cuz Luka Luka almost beat the clippers fear by himself an almost an absolute beat the clippers. The year before I gave my run anyway with Cape injured sides. You think Lukas that spectacular, so Jackie, the rest, I like the reason I like this take because I had been, I had been kind of circling. It is well doubt is twenty. I too want to win the well end up. So it's all about it, but the Benjamin's without whirling, here's the thing I think people are asleep in them. For this, There is a legacy in the national basketball. Sosius should be celebrating seventy fifth anniversary this year. As of the great player becoming
a player and propelling a team that we weren't like a hundred percent soul ban and pulling it too fire level. Maybe you mean like yours, like young, assisted right by weak wheel, thought he was gonna. Do two years. Guy was thinking more lightweight leg, Leubronn in two thousand seven, without it, the fires that sign well. That happen. I suggest Yet a legit, I Roberta Knights and eighty one magic Johnson nights in eight others are better teams. It more talent but cut safely career get well come on now. I think we have read the three of us feel leg LUCA. If he's an all time, often supplier, which I think he is on peace to be, Jack. It's not a realistic that he could sneak a couple rounds pass for people would think at a young age. Ok, ok! So I understand I'm buying part of what you're, selling and and I'll say this. I did like the move to get Jost riches and out of their because he wasn't helping was spacing cause. You can't shoot trees.
and you brought a Reggie Bullock. I just love he's like one of my favorite glue guys and I love sternly brow. I love those guys, that's great and I was a huge fan. A jail and Brunson people are talking a lot about him We want a good year, but I just thought jail, Browns Brunson and maybe I'm that's a sentimental thing or whatever so that I get. But I do have the bites on pausing us Zack, because his defensive numbers were so deplorable. Now I know what what you'll tell me is that you was recovering from that a meniscus tear. It was a shortened offseason. He didn't have a time to get healthy and I hope that for him I always hope that for every player to be healthy, but I do worry about the two of them playing together and co existing together, because Porzingis still thinks he's the unicorn and he doesn't realize
that we removed the horn. Ok, you're just another guy now and you gotta proved to us jet Elsie and proved to us. You can be a guy that can help LUCA when a champ. That's why I mentioned the chemist yourselves shoring up because K P was clearly not happy made some sort of passive aggressive comments about along just a flag. Us I'm just a floor. Space are now and I think it look. I've never total. Who could not judge about it. I don't know, but if I'm LUCA I didn't bet that other guys got something to prove to me. Like he's got to prove that he can be the guy, I can count on when it matters and by the way he was really good in the bubble two seasons ago is really good in the clippers years before I got injured and stuff like it's not that long ago that he look like that. He was back to being something like what the Knicks hoped you could be and what Knicks fans hoped you could be, but a bum look after last season like dude, you got to you got to prove may I beg IP batches needs to get sorted out before. I can really really believe in Dallas, but I just I mean the clippers by
under that maths theories were basically like. We have no answer for this dude at all, and All we can really do is hope. He gets tired in the second half of games and collide goes berserk and we can like a limp pass them into the second around what with posing as we none of us think he was healthy last year. If if he gets the lower half of his body, you know in way better Then it was always act like before. He got her Neck Cooper Series. It was pretty interesting series. I know he's got limitations that two things I like about him: what, if it's a comeback, your firm good together, that is like he's I'll, be one of the most tradable pieces in the wig and I'm sure, if he shows anything the first six weeks or so somebody who's gonna, be beans deals, but you know, I'd
me, it's a bet on LUCA and at some point, especially in the west, which I think all of us have some questions about at some point. It might just be. A true, however, has the best where that's the team. You have to back I'll pick its great for them, a great for us, but great for them that the Denver, the Jabbar Murray thing than enough he's gonna be hundred percent next season. The clippers who the hell does would happen. They start remove it deems the Utah. the weird chemistry stuff going on Phoenix played four rounds. Put a lot of miles on Chris. Chris Father have a lot of expectations this year they kind of go through all the teams in it. I don't know jacket seems wide open to me. Well, it is, I think it is wide open. It with present us, you mention is lower half and that's really it isn't it. It's just the complete lack of mobility, but also you know that there was trying to have him drop right drop in the paint to prevent guys from penetration. In Looking at the rim and and
not sure I'm just not sure, even that worked well together for those two guys when you put them both together on defence, they were just among worse defensive teams in the late when Bowman those guys are trying defence- or I don't do you- can just separate pausing us from that problem- the defensive issue now I also think I'd be, I think, we're amiss if we don't mention the coaching chain. yes said, and it was time for Rick Carlyle to go. I think we all. I think you would be the first to tell you that he was ready to go. Had things broke little differently, he might have ended up somewhere else. I think we could say Ed. So that's fine, but would Karla for me as one of the best coaches in the league, the most prepared coach, maniac willing as preparation great defences schemes, just a really really good, Cochin I'll I'll, be honest with you, the jury's out for me on Jason kid. If he's a an mba coach, they can lead a team to attend chip I'll just
yeah Jago, a couple of things number one bills right to mention hovering over. All of this is arguably I mean you can you can make the argument that Denver and slippers would go into this season, one in two in the west, or at least in the holy Trinity, with the Lakers and their missing too critical players that knock them. For now these are discovered asian number two I gotta disagree with MR servants. I dont think poison. Gas is one of the more tradable pieces in the NBA right. I think if he were, he D been traded. I think what you said about, I don't think he's. I don't he's tradable, I think he's its but he's possibly. About just he has got salaried knows what you years left now get you ve gotta. She added one in the report. Yet two years you gotta show something, and then I think that that that sort of gets the process going about kid act. I totally agree I mean I think Jason gives one the biggest why
cards in the lead, because I do think gallus as a higher ceiling that maybe people realize, but they did just go from a hall of Fame coach to a coach. You is left some some bad feelings every everywhere has been so far answer and some defensive schemes in Milwaukee that as soon as they scrapped him, the bucks became a sixty. Went in the Americas book had some good kid stuff sack is, is Carlyle, your favorite coach you has wanna play upstairs and ten years. I do have a pact alcohol on that, anybody ass are the number one for you. he's. The allow gotta be the only one because if you don't wanna when a player series for ten years, You'Re- probably not a coach right now, you know you're coach when you keep your job for ten years without losing plasters. I share the same concerns about kid. You mention how Denver
and the clippers could potentially be one too in the west at least four prediction standpoint. I could you make the case if quite Thompson was a hundred percent healthy right now we're going into this season with him at a hundred percent instead of him at o by Christmas Day, hopefully he's playing, I do think about God, Staples Tierra Jackie. Also, that's. If you're asking me for my sneaky little picking the west I'll go I'll, do it yeah. If everything breaks right for golden state, look, they got the ban back together. We don't know what kind of Europe we don't know we don't know what he's gonna be, but we know a hearty works. Even if he's eighty percent of himself, you put him back with staff who had an m vp type here now dream on two different play: our dream on taking a step back. I think we can all agree on that, but maybe you put those three back together and some of three months best attributes once again get accented, and I think the difference for that for that that three, the splash brothers prostrate on from the past, is look at their roster guys. There's some depth there, not something the Gulf States,
really had with those three. You may not love auto porter Junior, but you certainly like I'm enough to appreciate a good idea. If we had all I bet for it all of you could run. You could grow deaf where that right exactly, but you can understand why he gives you depth in the NBA. Yes, I think I, like the two draft picks. I think Andrew Wiggans needed a year to figure it out and I think he has- and I I think, he's one of those guys that we do this right to former number one picks. We we tear them down because they don't live up to expectations, and then we say: okay, so can you find a place to fit? Can you find a place where you can be a productive player on a very good team? And I thought He and your Wiggans has taken a big step towards that. You know I love this guy bill. I can ever say his name. They are ya, Bellied, Sir, how they liked them for five years. The right just we offer him to find the right and the professional kill. Will they called. They comes up the professor of shots right. I love. I love them on your beliefs to it's a little too
to me that a bill said it was a smart on his face and we're just we're just waited for him to find the right team, like I think, he's got. I think he has. I mean a couple years ago for Sacramento. You was like something sergeant over their best dynamically and laid him at the five. Some it just never seems to sustain, like, in theory, he's a really helpful seventh Geier AIDS guy for the warriors play a couple different positions. In reality, he could not cracked in Miami heeds policies in rotation when they were like scram, for anybody. You could do anything against the box last season. Ok, but don't you think, did Miami heat sitting It is always a little different. There's there's pressure there. There's I don't know, I just think that's a tough place to walk into, and there never ass, Dobbs there's a lot of what I just think their difficult. I think too difficult. I think you have to spend some time there before he melted and deadlines he culture stuff right? We will there again, but I haven't even mentioned Jane what James Wiseman, which is probably their wild card. We didn't see enough of them to really say, but
there was some upside there. Is there enough upside? I dont know if you start your place well early. He is a trade chip and maybe you add a veteran. If you want me when we were talking about about on the mavericks before the One thing I kept thinking they were going to do is get that secondary score. They never did they might still. I guess but, but you know, I'm just curious about golden state. They have championship pedigree in the front office in the coaching ranks among those players, and I find it hard to bet against those kind of teams and I'm not saying they're gonna win West, I'm just saying there my little sneaky, let's keep an eye on, and maybe they can do a team. You know one thing: I've no exact from ten years now he loves that they might. then a Basque about conversation, where a hard to pronounce Dame is brought up that he knows the correct pronunciation sack. Is not only fifty percent, more Nancy Imperfection offers all Yugoslavia names. If
get right. I got an issue in my yeah you're gonna problem. Shall I honestly don't know if it's Nemo or Pneumonia? I think it's a minor matter. I think it's Somalia and they might think that and I'm pretty sure my wife corrected me at sidelined, but I dont know what you know. What we should ask him cause, I'm telling you for years we all called the the Patriots player. Ronnie lip it any only said you know my name's Ronnie Le Pen. Would you guys and calling him by name in the league like six year herself just ass, the player I had golden state initially, as my sneaky team, for your mind, would change your mind. The cried Tom Soothing words me, you know he's had major issues about legs he's been in a week, for this is a second decade the kind of style that he had with the you know, they're running that he does the fact that he always has to defend the best
from around the other team. Other big baby wicked. Stop that up. Our worries me a little. The part that I liked was the Dep thing, because this is the same case for the South x ray where it's like. They have won awesome player, who hopefully Tatum have a prayer year, and then they had they're going to have eleven twelve guys, and maybe this year we just saw it. You know in baseball he's, never know you never know. Under the red. Sox got sidetracked for three weeks state the cobra just went through the team like crazy. Really matter and I do think with the workers with the young legs and stuff it's gonna matter, and then you mention the infrastructure and then the curry factor of this guy is one of the great powers of the of the last thirty years. Maybe able to put together one last wanted, but Sakhalin when, when Jackie of wise men
that was the main gateway due to my sneak in all the Phoenix Islands donkey. So here's the big fellow, the big fellow, I think people are off the said the Phoenix signs any no gold state has been go and hard on this all wise men. We watched eight now eight in progress. The nets like the blueprint for why wasn't good would fare well. Why can't eight even better turn the regular season, the stuff he showed in the first two rounds of the play off the fact that all those guys are together for inaction, if they get anything from jail and Smith who had some somberly moments, we ve known to discount them, but you know the continuity could it be? I was thinkin. Let us try to forget. Teams that have had like three year runs right. So member Memphis had that z bo leg, saw had iq above those seems. How could I forget they were just in them.
for what three years there where it was like wow this team, the tape they took on the spurs in twenty eleven. They were just in Toto with basically the best scenes of that era. Could this be a little three year run for Phoenix I think in a weird where I think they're sticky cause everybody's kind of looking for this year's phoenix, but maybe this year's Phoenix Venuses Phoenix Galen, is one year away from having his NBA name change, did not diaries Halliburton Thy, hoping it something that I look, I'm with you on Phoenix either. I think people are. I did, I think, there's a certain amount that there is a certain people have ascribed there one last year to a certain kind of flu keenness of they had perfect hell for almost the entire season. Before all got covert, and then I got the shoulder injury and all the playoffs went in a year.
Where nobody else had perfect does. In fact everybody had horrible luck with health, then they got injuries across the board that help them in the play in the west anyway, to get through to get through the West right from from a d to Jamal Murray and and the clippers without, why an eye all that's fair, but I think the sons of free like dirt is a really good team and all their key player. Might have cp are young and should get better, and I think you both are believers having been around the longer than I have when you do what they did. When you get to this stage, they got too. There is a certain emboldened thing. I think that happens to guys where they're just more pages are more confident their steady, I believe that stuff is real and getting what they buy knows even in a weird here. Even if you got some injury breaks the continuity
had the youth they have like. I dont think it should be a surprise if they're right at the top of the westward the top of the west when the start plaster Jackie member member, that Patriots year with the parcels as last year, now that they made the Superbowl year before they should have yeah a revised else's already leaving party at the door they dont again they got the breaks. The Broncos out our way lost the terrible game in Hamas in the patriots insuperable, but the ninety seven team was probably more talented and I wonder what the sun's like say that we don't have the damaged areas and they just don't make the final. share, then we're noise and was like alright. Here we go it's going to get the sponge are, but that kind of stuck in a year early. I think you can make a case if, as long as Paul hasn't taken a step back, which you never Because the age you sat but now we're old age were watching Tom Brady on pasted fur fur from a hundred touchy about even know where to make age anymore, Jackie, Joubert Age, I D get
age of an mba point garden, age of an embryo, quarterback or two very distinctly different, digs Tom Brady, complete till his fifty cause. The NFL is determined that the quarterback show our stars and under no circumstances will anyone ever hit or even touch one of our quarterbacks. If we can do anything about it and I really think that's changed the way quarterbacks play and the success rate of quarterbacks because their protected, so what Chris Paul. What he did last year to me was just remarkable because he reinvented himself this late in his career and that's what sort of my favorite part about it, and I spent a lot of time around. That team is to the best I could during covered writing about them talking with people there and by the way, it's time to give you Jones. A nod like I was making fun of James Jones when he got that job in the front officer. I think it's time to give him little bit of a he made. Some good decisions on that front office brought some right people in some way to get it can I had not had Cyrus Albert and as a matter of James Jones Arena at that's up to you, I
we can't hide this fascinations of Europe must stand. It must carry on like I raise wait where I oughta unfreezing it. Don't you think it's interesting that none of us have directly brought up the most obvious candidate for the huge ashen deluge number one see the team that had one of the fifteen to twenty best point differentials in NBA history last season, the team who may have the final said my colleague undoubtedly Mitchell knock uninjured. Why is it that there are just not the first obvious answer? I'm out. Then they die out your out for the whole of the outer. I don't know, I don't think you can win forestry. Rancid vertigo bear the way basque Buzz played in the two thousand twenties. I just don't. I fundamentally don't think you can but that's interesting, I what I thought was so interesting about Utah, again a team that I thought reinvented itself Zack after the previous year that, with such a disappointing year, an end coincides cyborg into
we're not gonna just shoot threes pass the bald shoetrees ruinous shooting the transition, we're gonna pull up trees and they did. They did all those things, and yet they got to the policies. And we always know the game. Changes in the policies in the game slows down. So I'm a little bit with bill when it starts. When you When you have rude eagle, bear whose obviously a great defensive forests and all that it changes the way you play Donovan Mitchell to me, is I mean he's one, I'm all unlucky he's a guy like Devon. Booker could take that next step, like Jason Tatum. Those guys are all in a bunch right there are guys, can they make to the next step and get into the upper echelons if he dies. I think he's gonna force Utah into making some decisions about how they play. Do. I I I just feel like last year was the window for you tat its and when you look at that, what the general public thinks. It's insane that Phoenix says worsteds at least on fanned the gods.
twelve toward Felix is fifty one. People like this counting feeling was futile and Unita is well. Youth has fifteen one as well as though so, if this, if it Here is the window for all these other teens because of the nuggets and clippers being a little bit. Why is it not wise the same? Not true for you ties it just it air is it just as they did as a perception of ok? It's you said the widow is not just last year the window remains open. I think I'm gonna per se. I met the window in the sense that everything lined up for somebody last year with the injuries that we at the time that we had the injuries tat it just that was wide open in Phoenix, ended up being the one that burst through it, but Zack. What's your take on you too, I'm curious. What do you think I may wait You agree or disagree with us regarding Utah Whiting. I thought about them a lot of my part last week. I think they are maybe the most I mean it. No one would nominate them is the most interesting team, but I think this is a really pressurized year
You know. I really really good. I think go bears the level of blame and go bears defence for what happened to them against clippers has been overblown. In fact, I think the bigger problem was. He was not able to exploit their small lineups on offence when changes should as a seven foot, whatever guy sever happening, but but I well, maybe it isn't. I don't know I just I I I do think that there is just a lotta there's a lot of percolating noise there right now. With the new owner with Dry Wade with Dennis Lindsey. Moving away from from is is GM role. There was the Donovan metal like ankle kerfuffle. the beginning at the lab here where there was a clear disagreement between player and team about whether at an end- and I just there is just a certain like how
times in a row. Can a team and the season thinking we didn't get as far as we should add, YAP calmly and mature hurt, I get it but like at some point you just get you you reach a point where it's like man, you look like, maybe maybe site this makes. His is a right and I think it's it seems early for that, because Mitchell is so young go bears twenty nine discourse is actually been together a while now I just, I think, if there's a team other than the obvious Lakers nets, who kind of has to make it happen this year,
It sounds a little extreme to say that about a team with like it's, why what is Mitchell? Twenty four twenty five twenty five year old, cornerstone who's in the first year of a contract, that's got four more years left on a guaranteed. It seems extreme to say that, but I think I think you taught this. I think, there's a lot of pressure on the jets this year, whereas last year they were. This feel good story like look how they reinvented themselves like Jackie, was talking about. Oh my god, that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts the boss playing around there's a new spurs, it's magic. I think that was like all wonderful and this year it's like they're. The hunted there's pressure, there's some some some some new blood at the top of the organization. I think there are really interesting, like I said last week, if there's one team, if, if, if there's one team that I'm most fascinated to see how they would react, if they
it off way below expectations like if there were seven and nine after sixteen games is for me. It's you talk to tell you that you. Can. I ask you guys this. So we know the TWAIN Wade came on in some items, not to me supposedly still murky to me what is Dwayne Dwayne Wade's capacity with Utah Jazz a minority owner. Is that what we think? What do we do? We know for sure exactly what seems like like minority owner any kind of front facing ok thing. So let me ask you you bring on Dwayne Wade, who was diamond Mitchell idle, and they have this wonderful friendship and relationship? So to me that was like what we re people make sure Diamond Mitchell's happy yet makes me wonder: is Donovan Mitchell Unhappy, Saint get me out of here. I'm not saying that I'm just Saint is he does it did he have questions about you, tar? If that was the place you wanted to sign within that with that
he wants to begin an indiscreet now he's never said anything to the contract. I want to put words in his mouth: I'm not reporting. Anything I'm just speculating you know is. Is it it like my priority? If I were the new front office of the Utah jazz is make sure to make sure the Donovan Mitchell as Happy company and wants to make it happen here? That would be my top priority, also traded for Eric Paschall, who is one of Donovan Mitchell's best friend's dating back to when they were kids like, I don't think Eric Paschall is, but I had to. I think I had steam already a couple years guide the eyes, the chance tat. I took a step back last season, I think, is a chance to be a rotation player on a decent team, but I think there I mean, if I had to guess the reason the jazz made that trade was because of damnably Mitchell more than ever at Pasco Rob darling my job. Guy granted, can't you day, Grad, Zara, Larry indecision. I can't get over that there the night? That is what is it he was in the crowd, as is due
the new decision his friend got inside. He could not get inside. He was standing outside with the throng of people, all of course, New York, Knicks fans and then, when they were, they heard the announcement live from standing outside the boys and girls club that it we he was taking his talents to South Beach. He was the only one clapping and excited it's. Some dude threw a beer bottle at him and it was like two inches on my god. That's a true story, but we have to take a break, but I want to quit Utah points. We never mentioned how devastating that game. Six. her last words and whether their embarrassing America Gara. That was one of the worst platform, as we had in the past twenty five years, so there's and you mentioned the new owner Zack. What are we notice with new Owners inebriates aims that first year they take over. They always want to do something right like for which it was the Anton Walker. Trade
they all have one though bomber comes in. He wants to do that. They all kind of they want to put their imprint on the team in some ways. I'm with you ass. If something weird happens to start the air there eight ninety nine like that, could be it I would take a break from a backward. And avail season is in full swing. That's my fellow sports book is giving everyone attend our risk free bed. Every week I have to do is better same game. Parlay bet with relax more and if you bet that's a win, Fanduel pay you back up to ten dollars. You can do a same game parlay for Panthers Texans on Thursday Texans playing a rookie qb. It looks like so, the Panthers to win back the Panthers discard, offensive, touchdown and then thrown Mccaffrey
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and your gamba net in Arizona eight hundred next up this absurd of those summits. Park gases brought you by Edward Since life is an amazing ride, career kids, dogs, I've for dogs moves trips, I'm of Boston, outlay, trips, I've taken, you doing that thing you ve always wanted to do. Edward Jones wants you to make the most above it that's. Why and Edward Jones Financial Adviser works with you one on one, which is crucial to build supersize strategy for today, and tomorrow, from life's biggest how much do the small decisions that can have a big financial impact all on the way life is for living. So, let's partner profit learn more at edwardjones dot com? Okay, you know we talked West just quickly I'll ask both of you. Is the east not better than the West commit specially say that Jackie? Yes, I think the east is better than the west top to bottom, because you
teams out of the east more than one team in Brooklyn, I think, is everybody's favorite, even though more walk you just one the championship and has this player for the ages and the six hours we don't know. What to think doing. because they're limbo at the moment the Miami heat. Yes, I think, though I must say yes Zack Still, I know I met the cloth, but I'm still a no eyes. How come, I think the bottom of the east is worst and I think, like oh yeah, but we're not asking that. Are we at the grand Gallipoot Ivan thinks six to ten in the east? Is probable about worsted ebbing away, you think of Chicago Charlotte Toronto, Washington? That group- and you know, like Jackie, just said: we don't really know what filled gonna, be, I think, Miami Atlanta Boston are all solid underneath brokered in Milwaukee, its close, I'm still taken the west
see em, when I say that I'm talking about teams, I can win it like it's. I think the east is better design. There's more teams that come out of the ISA could win it. That's how I feel Zack. I I'm surprised. You turn your back on these there's accusation. I both like secretly loved the calves We like their roster. We might just be us too, but about other lesser and shaded by well so can I can I tell you something? I talked to stiff carry a couple weeks ago for something I'm doing for the ringer, which will come out sooner or later yeah you ever heard of them. The ringer yeah yeah replace love right, so anyway, I'm growing its growing I may as well anyway. So I talked to save curry couple weeks ago and I was asking about young players it he may have reached out to you know guess who he said: Dairy Ireland, dairies, garlic, even drawing dairies, garland! Oh, what a lot a lot lot. He thinks that kid is gonna, be a flat out star. Sign so bill, I got that guy. Look. I Gallo Buzz, kill for your honor,
about your generous. Every year I write this column called my six most intriguing players for the season and sex land is going in his one combined player Saddam watching a lotta, Sexton Garland Film, and I love Garland. I actually like both of them. Fine, I think I think they're going to really miss having a big man who can be a playmates. For them like Larry Nance, wasn't Kevin love in Atkins. You played last played last season. The market in mobile e, N, N and Alan are good, but I think I think Cleveland is further upon doing deep film dives. I think Cleveland is further away from like a functional NBA office that I had thought a couple weeks ago. We were both being giddy, abbess calves Zack. You know, that's not what I care about a I care about league
ass at four o clock Pacific time when I'm football around and who I'm glad you're go you're gonna get the calves are item intrigues, wayward, shaded, Orlando's Mozilla. One has said that since twenty, whenever Le Brandon No one knows that they did literally the moment he left. I next big question which coach, in your opinion is in the least enviable spot Frank, Fogel, Steve NASH, Doc, rivers who do not want to be. This is another three we ve gone. First, you can go first got rivers, easy is make that may face. Well, I like
he's got an extension and I think the Lakers are pretty like something. What have you got really wrong for the Lakers do not have a good season and be toward the top of the West, Steve NASH. I mean we can't we talk about the broken situation, but I just think they're the best seem in the NBA and like dare to me there the championship, fair bread and I dont think very hard about it, but that also comes with expectations. Friends back. Of course it does. But you would welcome that. I think Steve NASH worried, I don't think you got into this. Job did not have expectations and I think- and I think they should be really confident that, if their healthy, they are prepared to meet those expectations, whereas Philly has the potential to be a complete clusterfuck, the entire season- and you know at their their play off collapse last season against the hawks spheres that they absolutely should have one Simmons malfunctioning aside, like I think
It put the balls. I am docks back you sorry to hear more and more of like one who is blown more three one leads in the play off as a coastal doc river, whose falling booze loss of home court advantage war in the second round. The Dac rivers, like I think another disappointing season is, is a problem for doc. Jackie. Some guy with doktor, but I am going to push back on the idea that the Sixers actually should have one that Atlanta series. I don't think you're giving tray young in the Atlanta Hoxton of Credit for what they did not series. So put on IRAN at home. job in choked in I'm fine, I'm just telling you that's all true, ok, but it discounts the team that
that beat them and I don't like I've super higher the hawks this he's inside. I dont really just you that try to hawser the jet like what I guy oriented NBA people about was it a fluke was alive and doctoral a jet. I did it. I d better. This season they were last season. Agreement does mean they'll get as far as the players waiting to get better the season, but I just still take it's like Philly has to win that serious come out, like inexperience team Atlanta was battling injuries like that. You have to win that serious mailing fight, losing five and seven at home is disgraceful. Well, especially, do. You are untouchable at home there for the last two seasons, so they are mainly the obvious answer is also to me as dot and up, but I had a little different thought on why that might be so, and that is what Doc set at the press conference when someone asked him is, can bend Simmons be or point guard going forward or whatever they said. I forget the exact question.
And he said I dont know because- and I know- is a moment of candidates to you- know it's docks greatest strength and also its biggest weakness stripe his candour, and I think in that moment a couple of things happen either consumers want to leave their anyhow. I think today they started all that trade talk with the hardening. I'll know that Bob fight for you what you want to leave anyone, but that put the if you are looking for the proverbial nail in the coffin. That was it so it did not only that, but the second thing- did. Was it immediately? Are really blew all the blue other leverage? The two sectors may have had going forward about whether or not been Simmons was a tradable asset and a valuable tradable ass it now people could we're gonna, make their own decisions based on the horrors of Ben Simmons posts season butter. So I think you know that could come back to haunt us
Marilla that it's interesting when he said that I think it a weird where he was trying to motivate, then maybe it with a definite heat. The moment complete backfire, but you may the key point is that what say Shopton in an almost traded empty use that, on the whole thing I was now about it, but I also have doc as the answer for this question instead of his question, but I brought it up because we already know what the downside for the dark season. As we already know, this is gonna, be a rough seas in you know, sentences report in a camp is going to hang over them. I do think they'll be able to concentrate there's a downside to year to that broken season. Here that you that you have the balls, I you the three guys together everybody's just going to assume they're the major title: favorite you have all the Kyrie stuff. You have all the vaccination stuff which that's going to be a hornet's nest. To knows how that's going to play out
You have all these better and say you gotta make happy and you know expectation. And then you have a guy in the red who, you know, came off a serious injury. Last year they put a ton of miles on him in those play off a ton, and you have hardened news, not exactly Mr Fitness, and I think the downside potential of that team especially things, go wrong. That could be a really really challenging team in a coach. So I just want to mention that Zack I mean I mean we did see. Them almost beat the team that won the championship with one
are heard- and the other one hobbling around doing nothing for most of his time in the series, because they hamstringing treelike. That's how good Durrant was, but I look every team as a downside and and we can bring up that kind of downside for every team. This team does seem sort of uniquely. I don't. I don't even think I dont like everyone soon they would be combustible they weren't. It was just health when they were together the three together. There was no way I mean. Maybe we just didn't have time to see it or it enough time to develop, but it was like completely frictionless once hearted got there an end, and I think you could spin at the opposite way where you know gathers pressure that. Those three guys are probably incredibly motivated, took him out and kill people this year to come out and be like. We would have one last
had. We been healthy. You know James hard and he's not he's still missing the championship in and he wants to prove that keep. If he's not. Mr Fitness, as you say that he yeah I can still be an empty peak Alber player into my third easily. I think they're gonna come out this year and be like wait till you see what we can do now will at sustainable. They say healthy will see, but I I really like their team and I think there are clearly the favorites Jackie. They created a monster that the glass I share, yeah yeah Where the Addis bedside quick to them in the second half of that serious He carried over now he's at a different place, I am as the best buy a week now I think he's one Anna. They Durant's one bit drafted an exact, but I think, for we audits, did those last cup around. She has to be one day, while he's soap our policies in the prime of his career and that's the difference, but I mean I still look at Doran as a more versatile player than anybody in the league right now. Who can kill you from three you can it can kill you in
transition who could pass abolish rebound the ball can defend. He puts his mind to it. I still think he's the most the most versatile overall player, but you know you are talking about me combustible. We don't know how combustible the nets were warrant last year and that's a credit to their coach to Steve NASH. Gaza, think they were. There are plenty of days where it was crazy town over there. And Steve NASH annulled he handled it. He handled it the way handle everything you did as a player calmly. You know serenely honestly. You know he was honest, some of the time to react when you know what I actually went out to do his story and Steve NASH for ESPN. They had just started opening up. You know one on one situations and I went during the plaster play a walk in the plaza flouted. Milwaukee sat down with Stephen might enter We had a great interview was going to be a great story. Then that's when I was at harden, or I forget, which one got her first, Cairo,
one of the word art and guard and got her fifteen seconds into the serious, ok I'll be out, so so yes but that must have been it anyway. Storing ever ran because they lost, but but what I learned from city with those guys as it? If you were wondering who the alpha was or who the leader of that team was, it was indisputably James Harden James Harden was the guy. He was the adult in the room, the code had great respect for him. He came in, he knew we messed up in Houston, talked about that with his nets. Teammates talked about that with the nets front office. He wanted to make things right. He was willing to defer, but not only that was willing to keep everybody else. Com engaged locked in they they raved about James hardens leadership skills, and that was interesting to me, said he's probably the most fun and they pay.
this year, a fool I don't want. It can happen. I dont know if it can happen. I have all the fibre abstain is the most fun because I think everybody has the same like looker, yeah, there's there's like the Tatum Wildcard crowd. Last year's Emily period would have been incredible, had leubronn and hard and state healthy, it would have been in all time, Grable then I agree. Vp Rockets debate, everyone being mad at each other, everyone being thus for any area would be awesome relevant us. I and it's just that the guy that one doesn't really give a crap, I mean I'm sure, he's laddie wanted but he'd like you but a mad or agreed someone else for women it or all the slight like Leubronn, always says Marcus all stole the defensive
they are a year away from me more all that stuff. You know the bronze always at all keep score yoke. It's just can't even at least unless he's fooling us all doesn't seem interested at all and any of that Zack. Could you tell us what you expect from the brown the season without being incomplete, fair enraging, his legions offence on twitter? What I expect of Leubronn yeah I expect him to be awesome. I mean he was. Was he the front runner for Em Vp before he got injured? I mean like you. If he wasn't, he was number two in areas like a neck we're moving right along, and it seems like they're, going to lean a little further into a d at center in the regular season that they have in the past will supposed to be about that. I expect Lebron to be amazing and to be right. There for Mvp
you think it's nobody really wants to talk about it because it's leubronn and because maybe they were kind of flu key events on the floor, but the guy was indestructible before and now two of his last three seasons, two of his three allay seasons have ended with not ended had had one ended with an injury, and one was interrupted with an injury that he never really recovered from all the way up, and you can tell in the play and gave it in the past. This was not like steamroller Leubronn at that point and Maybe it was? You know Solomon Hill, dough, vendors leg and maybe it was off lucky, but they you know, like. I do think it's. We never applied the if healthy, qualified till the bronze teams. The way we do with the nets, for instance, I think it's. I think it's it's time to at least apply it. That's why?
because this is year, nineteen for him and the one thing we know about aging superstars. Is it's really hard from the new recover from stuff? And that's that's where go south for them and we saw with last year where he just didn't. Look the salmon You know. I think we made this mistake with Kogi a few years ago, where we just pencil these guys in and just assume year after year, I think Jack. I think he has the highest variance for any see. enough of anyone. Really, you could tell me he's gonna win. They appear be a top three candidate. You could tell me this is the year he drops down. So like the second level, I don't really know what to expect an hour you, you can't predicted either now, but, but I just I do think he's a guy. Trains in ways that others do not use met. You I just stick. I expect him to be ice, what they should who is manages minutes better? I know he doesn't like that, but if they ever
had some ammunition to go to him and say LA brought. Here we go last, you ceaselessly let us control you met. You have to take a night off once in awhile. Let's win the championship. These things matter, there's a dead. All the doubters there, too, shutters notebook question that they should do that. You know its guiding its honourable that he wants to play all aid to rights and its identity and school that he says you know the fans come see me, and this might be their only chance to see me. He didn't know as set out by the way. No, he did but he didn't hindering, lay career shift by him and I think clearly has wandered in that and other and BP. I think that was part of I played all. Eighty two that you're in Cleveland his last year thing I played every game in Cleveland the last year, but I do think and look,
one of the reasons you get a guy like Russell westbrook- is that he's a wind him up and go out and wear regular season games right right and carry the load, so you don't have to, and I just think it's indisputable- that Jackie Bradley kept on the Lakers, I'm telling the run with your plans. Fifty five games this year, you're playing twenty nine thirty one thirty two minutes and then we'll gear it up when it matters the all that it is. I don't care what said we are all that limited. It helps to be high, but we got Ross to carry the load were saving you to the degree that you are willing to be saved. Glass so something just occurred to me. We were wrong, then. The answer to this question is frank, vulgar cats who wants to have that conversation with look for that then there are, the gap probably adds relic yeah. That's it manage the brides minutes, yet the commits Davis Deploy Centre and you have to coach Russell Westbrook who thinks I'm grown too,
We share the ways, but is still the most frustrating last ninety seconds of the game. Star, probably this century, does priority. The already fragile goal was the coach of the Orlando. Imagine when the last guy in centres on the team that they always making a sure sign of money, coaching, the LOS Angeles Lakers and the champions regulated had had a year. I googled good friend, Craig Vogel started out writing letters to rip Bettina like over and over and over again just to get it like to be the third fourth fifth towel manager like that dude talk about growin up through the ranks, so I'm always happy for anything that happens for Frank and, and I think he won the bronze trust by just leaving them be at so. If you're gonna make this ship you're talking about. I dont know how Rob Lincoln Frank Vogel overnight turn into different people, because still who they are so, but I but may I think, maybe la bronze people should be an easier say. Look what's the ultimate.
Is it the euro? You we want to win another, you want to add another championship trying to catch Michael here. Let like that's just what another championship and the way We do. That is your boy ideas. Gotta play the five you ve got take some time ago. worry, while you're sitting there Russell Westbrook score like crazy. You, didn't have that last year you have it this year there there, the on off, scoring with the broad on the floor and off the floor were where significant, that's, not a concern and for as long as Russell Westbrook States, Healthy Gazette, guys been beat up a bit too. the other trade more and I will continue like the other guys. Will I buddy help? Yes, I am continue. I've super dubious of Westboro play with the broad and you stand like once we actually get to apply our fears and teams are planned. Nineteen feed off of Westbrook I'd say we just haven't seen him succeed in a plan series in a really long time, including into that sixteen, when they probably should have beaten.
The warriors that were pretty run on fumes and that serious and they just couldn't get over the harp but build the Lakers Can I ask Russell Westbrook to do with those teams or he's rustling, less proveau he's not gonna be able to resist. I don't hate, you never leisure hours, the league, ok, but he has never ring either and if you see Anthony Davis alone on the block, you're not gonna, throw the ball. I think you are the problem is: can you throw the ball because your guys, basically it you're gonna have the idea that it ended up there. I shall we take a break. I got more this absurd investments by cast his broad you by my old friend Miller, light everyone knows
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on Thursday. Fifteen minutes go because our secondary there's been a lot of Ben Simmons Trades mentioned and allowed destinations mentions with my but always being Minnesota, who doesn't want to actually give up anything for, but is really really interested songs, they don't have to give up their only three assets. one destination that I have not seen mentioned, and I look at the trade machine other time trying to come up with pigs so he mentioned those three want. The three California teams rate, which I assume are governed state, the two observers. It that's ridiculous. That's ever happening bubble, but few clippers, boy. I myself now this girl come on you not one is entitled to share with the squire situation. It looks like it is: stay with what we know about him. Coming back from injuries and busy hiring large okay, we ve seen that weaves I've seen this play with joy. I bet we don't say I would bet on Nazi embassies
ever seen him in. Even if we see em they're gonna be like a seven seed or succeed, and seed they're, not gonna, be one of the top five teams for there to be going to play off situation where he's coming back, from an injury and to manage that which we ve seen and now every they won't have hunkered advantage and at some point at site. This is, I think, a thing I weigh your for them in a lot of ways. They had their run the last two years. It didn't work out for Reggie reasons than this year. They're not going to the title. So why isn't this the team? That would kick the tires on Ben Simmons using Paul George as the bait and long boy, all that and seeing if they can get Philly has everyone failures. I gather and take seventy cents in Dar there and take fifty cents a dark. Where'd? You go the other way would if you offer
real guy for Ben Simmons, and you try to basically pillage Daryl and it's like we want Ben Simmons Pack plus you're, giving me this this this and this get some pics back. You get Ben Simmons to have this whole strive his own team for a year thing, and then he still an asset. You know. Maybe this becomes the way to get Dame lowered, his Portland, that trading Dame lowered for Paul George, but maybe they would, if it was bent, submits its picks and some other stuff. Why wouldn't clippers? If, if it if I'm Steve Ballmer. Why wouldn't I call my guys in and at least have the two hour meeting and talk about all the possibilities. Zack Zack looks like it's been for us, it's just it's just been. It's been a long time since I've gotten to do this. Since I've gotten crazy,
trade proposal thrown at me live and unexpected. I guess it I'm getting a both both enjoy it and tell you that I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's not completely insane now, as is now the only. What I will say is, I just think that's Lincoln earthquake right in your franchise. Exchanging Paul George was it who you know and like he's on a big extension that will take him to his mid 30s carriage you a little bit, but his skill set Should age pretty? Well, you know what he is. You know he fits with Kofi Annan, trading him out. But now you in yours in Europe, innovation of this I might be get like Maxie into first from pigs and other stuff other than Ben Simmons, but I'm off again Benson into we all just saw it happened in the play ass. He is the most Eddie O Socratic player in the NBA he's completely unique. Is it requires a whole ecosystem?
for him to thrive, and I got this other star that I also just extended. Who is a two time finals and BP, who are who might be like you? I believe that do the guy you passed enmity stable under actually I'm not really sure. I want bad. I get what you're saying with it. dialing the age backwards for the clippers getting a whole bunch other assets, but I think that clippers rightfully believe. Maybe this is a gap maybe it's not if it weren't and the year after that won't be. We think we have the best team in the NBA and we're not screwing with that, so Paul George will be Jackie at over. Eight hundred games must play ass. He had he added terrible legendary. Would she recovered from he'll be thirty two next season, when they gave him that extension a year ago. I think we all heard the same stuff. It's like they locked down any also seem like an unquestionable trade candidate, potentially because they weren't
Are they? Anybody was totally throat with your one Paul George and the quivers chaotic, when a lot better. I think I think he really prove the latter good stuff in the play. Ass. An did some stuff that I personally wasn't positive use capable of On the other hand, you could argue a year from now with two aging forwards, both of admin, your leg, injuries where my gone anyway, maybe it's worth the gamble to get some pics back and Siemens Jackie's seems like she's gonna, throw it yeah am I I've got a little butter, vomit red around my lips on gene, which is, if honesty, Bob I'm in the office, and I might sell us to be an. And you know you're an elixir guy's going. It turns. You know you score is thirty percent of his is best
you're, a transition. When he's going downhill, no one could stop in. So I will tell you this about Ben Simmonds, which gets lost in the sauce that over the last two years, no one has its assisted more baskets. There's only two players: can you guys come up bravely? Can you guys come up with him, then Bent Simmons, there's three players that have assisted given that just out more assisted Ben summits, on on three points, on breadwinners Chris Firelight wrong. Look around Lukas number one Russell Westbrook is now. to a Dame Willard is number three, but then Simmons is number four think about it. He comes in the open floor. He positive the paint everybody thousand dishes out whom they had trees, self honesty, Bonham like ok, ok, that's good, that's good, but then my analytics guys say: oh yeah, we should tell you this. He made three hundred twenty five feel goals this year at three hundred and fifteen of working, the pay Frank, ok,
that think about that guy's outrageous, that's outrageous! Eddie was the worst Friedrich shooter and the play eyes around and also like, zero of those feel goes, were in the fourth quarter of a seven game play of zero out illegally, but but but the thing that I think is interesting. People are really focused on the three points. Shooting the mid range shooting he only to twenty one mid range shots all year. How is this possible how's this boss? So if I'm sorry bomber, that makes my head explode and I'm vomiting and I'm say men that Guy Bill Simmonds is nuts Zack This is its studying. He'll turn by Jackie, who this back ass, many times talking about bed Simmons. I do like even similarly clear you, you know you at you, the master of the he cares to Birch Benson defense. He was to be perfect. He died away you he doesn't want to miss. I believe it has to be unafraid to fail,
I'm sorry! I realized. I still believe that bill and I'll tell you. He took ten three pointers dispatch. You ten, you made three him. So he shot. Thirty percent. Ok, thirty percent! That's not good right! But if you fifty I guarantee would have been thirty five percent and then he just be like everybody else, but the right the park, like I told you, I don't know, what's gonna happen. had been Simmons. I have not talked to him or I've not talk to his people, about him and in several months, But if I were in charge been Simmons, I would have done a cup things. I would have immediately got him into mental health counselling because he has a mental block with this game. Much light the Europe's with Steve sacks or I can name a bunch of NBA player, I think what a benefit thereon Williams was another guy that I always thought what was going on there. Someone should have been worse whether you know at a mental health culture. So you know a positive self talk culture. Whatever you want it back,
I would to spend. It also are doing that, aside from in the gym, shooting trees or whatever else, and then, if I were been segments, outcome out, say, look I'm not reporting to the Sixers, they tried to trade me yeah. and then they tried to make it like everything was fine and I'm not stupid and I've been trying to roll with this so called process. But let's be let's be Here you all want Joel, you don't want me suggest. Let me that that was that's perfect. That was my advice for him on this park has too few He's got caught at the heart of the heart and trade really screwed up my head and I lost my confidence because I know they know that they try to shade me and that the trade fell through basically in the more alive, and I don't care about tat. I asked my friend that everyone here look at a major donor. We love you still love me ass great, and so you can try to trade made a mess of my head. That's like Re Alan suffer it didn't messrs eight, when the Celtic tried to tray re island that yet about I yell that that was it for me,
down with them to mess with a sad because he's way to self convert. pray he's gotta there ever you just got checked and have an that's. Why? No matter what the Celtics? for him. He wasn't stay in the next year and I don't blame him I really think I think one of the reasons bill you and I both like the theoretical Minnesota fit. Even though the wolves was fans Can we get em for like some Alex Rodriguez, memorabilia aid and the guy angels? I think I think there is a natural appealed to now Simmons Edwards. I think there be some stuff to sort out there, but Simmons Anna and one of them shooting big men of all time, who actually kind of wants to shoot. Ten three is a game and I held a break, and yet he want call towns lots of postage us too, but he doesn't want to twenty five times a game, get the ball on the left block, and you know jab step and do all the stuff that and be does, even though we can do it. I think there's a natural appeal to that and that's a team that badly.
any semblance of defence of identity is their deal there to be made. I don't know, but one of the first deals I thought of when the minute that that Simmons Pass, that dunk up is Minnesota for Russell Beazley and a whole load a picture Russell whatever in all below to pigs, I dont know if there that's. I both sides seemed to hate that deal, so maybe there's nothing to it. Maybe it has to be a three team deal, but I do think you take summons to a team that doesnt have opposed up centre and and his life begin The local or different. The problem is, most teams have one guy in their rotation who can't shoot whether its IRAN as or are you know, there's all reynines raining hard to find that environment yeah I mean, I don't think I always that gold state would work even wits dream on. I believe that, but I may not at I'm in a minority. I know that I still believe in bed Simmons. What can I tell you? I I kind of still believe in them too. I did this savage above, but this is
and we re already incredible skills. He was second indifferent was a play. they are voting and, to be honest, should have one. I, like the thought of him on the clippers with other shooters, got pretty interested me the more thought on George, while Georgia's too big, for I can I get it, but here's thing with their or- and this is the reason I brought up this trade because I think the most likely stare by far is Philly staring contests them they have Michael Reuben, whose one of their owners who has is in good standing with the league in the players they bad that they have Doc rivers, one of the most respected coaches. Whether you want to bring up his three once stuff or not,. And they have indeed is one of the best person a league and there I just haven't known their offer almost today heads and having watch how he is run basque about themes. He has never made the three the dollar for three quarters trade he just doesn't: do it he's always trying to get the better guy he's always trying to have the best thing in the trade and that's why I stick with the George saying it: may
More sense to me that he would over pay for Paul George Then then he would you, like some stupid Minnesota chain get the angel Russell back. That he's. Never, the deal I bear in his career other than the Westbrook Chris Paul Trade, which should be at thirty four thirty kids. I stood up when I thought about trade, don't know who wanted to do it. I don't know what happened. It was the most uncharacteristic trade Gm is bade farewell. figures they Mauro normally make out. I will never understand why it was cause. Harden, could increase Balkan coexist anymore and hardened? Wasn't going anywhere that away? why you throwing in pigs? hard and difficult somewhere, but yeah Galileo, the guys this build your old allies, Darrell's already gone by then, is where soon you exact. You agree with me that that it seems unrealistic that there's just gonna do a shears, fifty five cents for my second best poetry,
I I haven't like any of the trades really that that I've done on the trade machine. For that reason, and I do think that the six years are trying their best to wait out the daimio lowered situation, I dont know how long they can wait. Maybe they're waiting at the Bradley Beale signal in which seems to have quieted down, and maybe the wizards have a good year this year, any signs an extension and there is never a Bradley bill situation right. I think they're trying to play that waiting game, but you know they're gonna have competition for all those guys an area? Everybody wants them? You know. I think, too, that the difference here with Simmons is he just doesn't have the leverage you know which paused on this impasse, obviously with his clients with a d and others, but this is different. I mean he's at its lowest value ever ever and at his enemies is locked up for a bunch a year, so it's not like it was to hold out for four years
Well, that's the thing he's got four years that I've got the you. Obviously the league office is going to watch this very carefully now really handle it. Is he actually not gonna report? The camp is like it's easy. It's still like I know. I know Boge prepared the news today that he doesn't and tender heart camp and does it intend to will observe the quartet will not report to care. I do not intend to play another game for the Sixers to me: he's He hit that hasn't happened yet until it happens like ice joy to see, I M actually not shop and if he shows up weak late. That still comes to me has shown up, but better, believe the league is watching because I'd like you said he was eager for years without contract. Now what is actually just signed up way? Does he have an obligation to play? Those are really tough questions, but this is a scenario that is gonna be really interesting to watch, but I know the Sixers are, like you can say whatever you
seven days in advance. We know how much money you back, we ve, never Tina Player, say you know what I don't want: thirty five million dollars the sickle. I'm cool like out exotic zero, Instead, what we ve seen versions in football, we ve never seen somebody who could make this much money out of one abounds Al Levy on Belgrade maybe you're, never thirty, five million is allowed our environment whenever, wherever I look out and levy on Bell was in a former number one pick who justice disintegrated before our eyes. It's just start, it was stunning to watch is still stunning for me to watch cause. I you know, I just hope Ben Timmins. I wish then Simmons. Well, I want him to find himself into you know, but this is this: isn't gonna fly it's just not so he'll get find right, it'll be in coordination, you're right, the legal come down at some point
I don't I don't know what to do. I don't know what the six years will do. I'm here. I just. I think that that's what Siemens and his team it We are counting on you. Like I don't know, we don't know what they're gonna do I day, I think they picked the wrong team to mess with than this one. That seems pretty that things can be pretty resolute of not being pushed around. I think if it was a veto, maybe fifteen other franchises would probably fold pretty quickly. I don't see the signal doing it. We're take one more break in that I have one more topic. Free are, as I said, I didn't prepares act for this, but I would first of all I want to mention one of my favorite things like. It is active you if you, if you'd die before I do- and I am speaking at your funeral- poses horror guide our already visited terrible sixty years from now, where were like two thousand seventy and God my speech.
about you, not a brilliant miss about sack is any time we had to vote on something the panic text the night before from Zack Wondering what I did and what did I have this guy here that I have the eight mba seventy five. Seventy five Zack was my favorite sack and while I actually was expecting more text mere nobody is more traumatized by voting for stuff and Zack. First right now, listen to me. First of all,. The text to come the other way, sometimes to let's, let's life, I think It is fair that spare second of all, I'm too I'm just curious person. and it is a little- I did the last five guys on the tops of brutal, and I wanted to texts both of you, but I didn't his eye was usually by dad's Lebanon just spend all my days in the hospital in an area where I'm not allowed to text or call otherwise I would have. I thought this was incredibly hard, credibly hard. I, You don't know how to talk about a year. Are we
Would I like what I will say. I'm gonna be really fascinated to see what the final list is and whether there is a recent see buys component or whether people really try to cover the seventy five years right because, like others, I talk about this the day there is that silver anniversary Team, that dated nineteen seventy or I write or the first twenty five years. You look at its ten guys are merged tired. and I had eight to ten Gaza, my less because, unlike I'm, not just gonna, throw away the first twenty five years of the wagon, so let us be represented so, where I landed was my seventy five guys we're compared to who they were playing against their era and how much better they were than just better but us when they played in that made it easier. My head, but fundamentally leg is Chris Paul better than Bob Cosy yeah. I'm sure he is, if you put it If you put Bob TAT, I had time machine. now The saying I'm sure like Bob Cosy, was nobody
back then we re. So let me ask you this. What does since we're talking about this so Billy kind in three time all NBA player for these other than just yeah. I was he's on my list two, but if you go like that's where you can No, it isn't easy. No brainer is on my list of rising right, but my point is during that time period you talking about comparing against we played against. There are air in certain areas where the competition is just ridiculous. There's these clusters of times where there's ten or fifteen players that are all timers, thereby putting heads with one another and playing against each other and there's other periods. But that's not the case.
so he gets a little harder to you by the way. Billy tritium. We're not must talk about this, but anyway, I also worry daily rigorously sidetrack bill from whatever you he's gonna spring I mean he's, probably be like name your ten greatest teams of all time now go now. I hate it when he does that. I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't do that without notice. Now I did want to mention just I hold this. All seventy fifth anniversary thing, and then the league, so there's been some buzz, that the league is going to really try to change some stuff before we had entered the season and we ve seen football. Does this every year like this? They added that guy, this weird, no taunting role that everybody hates there's always like some new wrinkle. This is also a big David stern thing back in the day of it always tried at the one thing that that it could become a lightning rod topic in this case You think the league has some real issues that I would be fundamentally disappointed if they didn't facts like with the flow. The games
and the challenges and what can be challenged in the fact that ninety different plays on the court consumer. Challenge, but if somebody has the inner burn got that can't be challenged like we're, trying to police some stuff and other staff, and I think they missed. The fundamental point which is: is basketball? Fans are okay? If one call you know if, if the, if somebody miss something there, not okay, if it's like the game, winning three like Turann against the box and his foot was underlined that that's the kind of stuff we should be reviewed. like the black charge stuff jacket. You ever want to see a black charge reviewed ever again in your life. Is I don't know I do not, but I will say this: I am so glad that people will still take charges. because there is a stretch. Therefore, while the legal, no one would even take up some, I'm glad at least there back in the conversation
Yet there are definitely there are ways to speed the game up and said you just can't have decent they're, just some in absolutely interminable finishes. I think the clear path will just needs to be simplified. Were you just like everything that looks intentional and bad is penalised as an extreme clear? fell, move on, don't review all of them. I ran referee reverie discretion should act thereafter like and you're not playing, basketball. Just fill your two shots in about that's it. review. Nor was he was this guy further back than back, I was over mid gorgeous comply by the out about stuff. Looked like you said Bell, you The ok with it. If you all the out about stuff to just flow other than the last and secondly, the game. You gotta be ok with like amidst call In game, seven of the NBA finals with a minute and a half left- maybe it's not the very last play that you're saying, but you got to be okay with that, so I played like they got to do something: yeah
to a now watch in the Olympics, the shared their the rest were given. Jurisdiction must stuff that it made me wonder why the NBA arrests were given the same latitude where refugees back I'd like what you just did, debts that you allow and he's gonna shoot attacked, though, because I just didn't enjoy that guided the am, but from the flow, the game stuff. I do think there working on that, I do think it matters to them an image early disappointed if it doesn't get better, because I dont do any of us want three hour and biogas anywhere. She system enough cash, that's target Nuno, Yankees, red Sox, let's get to that territory, while the other thing they facts, which I was really happy about, it seems like this: is Gettin bank through is the lurching into the guy who did out oh you're, going to have a common. You knew that was come, so I was just sacked whose
we're gonna be named after, like should we have three oh well right now, but Chris Paul could be like. I was doing this when trading was diapers Yuther Chris Paul. Does it differently? I dont know Jack. What do you think? I think it's a tray young rule. I think I think it's a tray on James Harden rules. It's one of those. It's it's one of those two guys more than cp. I think I'd have. Maybe we should be able to vote on this. That can be a dot com whose is because, as you know, I love that they more than when a rule or some sort of thing is named. After. As the last thing the labored exception died out. Aisy What he's up? He was already a mortal now he's a mortal in every salaried Hap document. It's pretty cool, there's bits of goods of their Zack. What are you gonna miss about having Jackie as a colleague? Oh, my god, are you kidding like
everything sit next door games? Are we didn't talk to each other at all that passes by both while the wash the game, but really Jackie, Guenaud Jackie was is steadfast. Unlike what this business is supposed to be, and what is not supposed to be- and I don't want to elaborate too much on that, but she she will do with him then everyone at the applicable Everyone around us too, to judges remember what sports writing is supposed to be and try to shut out all the things it's not supposed to be and have some one of her stature championing that kind of work product was like massively important for the rest of us. You don't have that stature,
and an edge is obviously an inspiration and a reminder to me every single day of why we got into this business and why we didn't get into this business and and just having someone like as accomplishes Jackie, take you aside and say: hey your work is good. Keep doing this, keep doing now. Try to fight against tat. It was. It was emboldened frankly, Another jack he's gettin, emotion, we'll know I'm just stunned that Sokolow does Dickie has stature, that's pretty studied I hear Hall of Fame Jack Jack you're all their. I you're right, you're right behind you, just just young young you'll, get there. I mean you're under your under selling yourself. My son would suggest it both of you have great statute, but thank you for the kind words I will miss. Yes, piano, miss mostly the people. I already do MR people so but see Zack I got it. I got to see you if your best David
me, luck, son, I'm I'm I'm I'm comfortable now and I'm good for the next few weeks. I'm gonna tied me over. Why do they there's a fair with Jackie stepping back, at least from the kindest up she was doing. India's pianist is the next generation and I'm open. Some of them are at the ringer. Taking a Logan Murdoch this week about this actually cause he gets it. You guys Adeline, I'm an idiot story about this person ominous been real time with them. I'm gonna call bunch of people for the story, and you know, and people ask me get emails. I would ever like hey. How do I pray? How do I get better in this business? I want to break, and I want to be a writer Simone. Did next check low, like it's it's the day to day work, it's the! I have a story that is due and instead of car, three people kind, ten, its mere in whose yadda spoke worked out and made them
number three at the best, our less who interviewed two hundred and eighty people for the books and, I might add, to ninety she can ever be fifty, but she put the time- and I think that's the peace. That is said, the younger people so easy to get it so easy to get to forty thousand twitter followers. It so easy did turn on a park as rapporteur and just start shooting a shit but the day to day putting the time developing relationships, sack member when I say that- are weak and that yard totally that's or anything. Yeah. and changed my life just fine. Just spent What was it Orlando just spent four days and just meet as many people as you can adopt and don't re think China make connections that's that's the peace in this ended at air. I do wonder leg I do worry. That you know is. Is degeneration after this younger generation I think, an ebay that who were they would be fine. I still think there's enough good writers you're doing it so that too
worried about it, but you know, I think, that's what, when Jackie stepped down as if there was, you could feel that fear of, like oh, the certain type of journalism, was facetime which, by the way I didn't do a lot of. So it's not like you know, I'd. I kind of went a different route, but but Jack is thing of like I'm going to get to know you before I write about you and I'm to get to know people around you like the train piece. You did last year, like the band piece that Jack did. I think everybody's kind of worried that those pieces might be going away party people could be pursuing them with the same passion, but also because of these stars now are surrounded by this. This kind of Armada that really wants to get a certain type of brandy thing versus thy, giving somebody that kind of access- and that's you know- maybe it does- Or maybe it does, but I think that's the part that scares people
my rambling or, as is now by men. I was that's what I would tell you is whatever you told that desire about going to the all star weekend in and you don't talk to everyone. Re deriving every time had ever been in a city was act Alfredo. May
what do you think you wanna go to dinner he'll say ah well, I am I'm having dinner with a scout from the mavericks and then I'm having drinks with the guy from the jazz, and so he took her. He took your advice very seriously and that's why that's why his podcast is one of the best in the business people. You can't fake relationships. You can't fake information. You cannot spend one of the good things about the pandemic, is Ryan right and not tread like there's just no there's, no substitute none and it's why. That is why any job that requires a lot of travelling, as can be a strain on families up, is that there is no substitute for let's go out for a beer after the game, with the assistant culture, with the player with an agent and just shoot a breeze for ninety minutes and there's just no substitute for that. There is no substitute for the level of trust in communication. You a stab
Can you do that in person verses on the fawn versus zoom verses, whatever their just and the, and you could do that infinite amount of time that you could write? I could be on the road through and sixty five days a year, doing only that I would get divorced immediately in my child. Would hate me but they're, just there isn't as much as you want to make technology a substitute for that. Did it there. It is. It is not the biggest ever insidious, Zack kind of a lightweight Jackie really hang for from the dregs standpoint? So here's the thing out as to do that through the drink over his shoulder, when the other guys looking while little is on my desk tracks. My dad was a salesman metal. This guy's, a Jimmy, I received the old Jimmy's harder cyber. The seaport is now a Boston, any new, You knew the waiter cassettes where he had all his clients, so you'd always otter order of vodka gimblet, which vodka Gibson excusing with an onion, except for there was never any vague in it.
because all the guys that he was hosting like to drink for five drinks- my that's not a big drinker, but the way they were always bring in the warm see Zack. Do you do that that your checks out that's a good track. I would push back on the lightweight characterisation a little bit of some of my son, my friends, my, but I felt I had. I don't I'm trying to behave. good man. I will tell you this. I have to tell you one thing: I never went out for drinks with coaches or players or assistant coaches I couldn't afford to, because I was a woman, so I was never able to do that. It's that it's enough, it's not fair, but it I've had you're, not the first female journalist, to tell me that it is completely unfair, it's awful and bad is it was a good idea. Wasn't anything I try to be cognizant of that. You know it's just it's an inherent well damage. I guess that I had four
You know, as I am aware you just you just shot to practice, are well piecemeal about a practice before practice. I would show before practice and that's when I get to know everybody before practice. No other journalists are shown up before practice. Start I'd go an hour before practice. Darkest practices were open. That's how I got to know everything and then two hours three hours before games still my favorite time in the world, and now I guess the regulations have changed. So I'm glad I have to do it anymore, because you can't go down on the floor anymore. You can't sit on the bench. He talked of the cultures of the players and that's where I was, I had my best luck, just like they lay the groundwork, laying the groundwork. It's not that they're telling you maybe. We think that moment. It's just when you get ready to all them the next time, there's there's a baseline of understand with one another. Is a relationship
what we thought. This is gonna, be a normal bases in, but it doesn't look like it's going to look like you from covering the Lee going again. I feel bad for everybody. I do God. I would add that game. Six of the attack coopers, my son, and I think it was the first and there is no masts. Oh really, ok. It was like when they finally was the inner as fire was like so much fun or maybe it was made. as the next round, a red around that did the coopers bestowing. Perhaps there is no mass and was that guy we're back yeah, we're back we're back out. Our back the mass, and I don't see it gone away time since so. Alright, Zack good luck on seven account for an occasion, I'm gonna be there, so that stands out as long as I'm going to be on your pack has what two weeks from now I was
what little home miles movie coming out or anything. I was an added, they probably gracchi greatest. It was always we will hear from you on this package before the season. Yes, dear and I enjoyed with being with both of you Zack. I do miss you, Mr Dimas. Both you guys very much. We all Mr Jackie, yes, bill, will be taken soon, guys prepare another crazy, great for me Harry Bags, that's it for the park has thanks to Jackie, exact thanks to cooperate. for producers will be back on Thursday pits and a whole bunch Muncie
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