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Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett on 'SNL' Casts vs. NBA Teams, 'Uncut Gems', the Iverson Era, and Breaking LeBron | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett to discuss their new film, 'Uncut Gems'; sneaky athletic actors; dynamic movie sets; stories from the NBA; 'SNL'; and more!

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could be ass, a check out to save a hundred hours. I've standard website price and get free shipping trickery stuck up. My coat bs remember: please enjoy responsibly currently Vagabond California, Newark Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, oneway, with more states mobile for Priscilla. Today I drink works. Come were also brought to you by the ringer dot com and the ringer package that work where you can find the reward troubles. Godfather parts me, shall Fantasy brand Coppermine Chris ran the longest free watch. You ve ever done about probably the best movie about time that is up, that is going Wes Avenue Book, a basketball pike S coming late Wednesday night that answer said about and by the way, if you have HBO we prepared on Tuesday a document that I executive Bruce COD well groomed, which is about the competitive dog grooming industry, and it is indescribable. So if you,
catch it? When you ran goin on demand or go on aid, beyond our wherever you get your age, be our watchword of the reruns run. One thinks things it's an hour did our real life and you're gonna enter a world that you not know existed, I would just leave it at that its various in a watch. The reactions of people who love dogs to this movie, for some people. Just like I'm out, I hate these people and other people are like this is spacing. I came with his people exist. It will listen. A reaction from you. I thought I was really good. That's why I want to be involved with it, but you can check that. HBO. It's called well groomed, coming up. Two guys that there are becoming you may not heard of him, Adam Sandler, Covent Garden.
That's right after project I Adam Sandler. Come here. I don't want my excited talk about. What are you guys? Haven't you guys have been spending a lot of time talking about opera about visionary having you know more about film than I know about basketball, no, the effort and I'm afraid but I saw he knows a lot. Cagey knows out about how did he proved this year, just as we have had search three or four good plain,
I gotta tell you, learn a lot can be really. A jigsaw is going to come into line as labour movies kisses and be apelike, you're stuck and sweets and plans in his accurate go out do stuff not even now, but We know black culture is like reciting. You know a lot about swear comes from New Jack City or Bosnia heard men ass. I saw those colors that that swag, that bet you know your bar almost like me, now comes from movies. You know you are inadequate jobs, citing Joseph no Billy Mass, real real movies that we consider culture, think they forget, I've been there. I know I did a lot of that conference. So you know when you grow up watch movies. When did you feel like you became? are they culture? We me
You were doing well enough as a basque, well aware that you started to feel like you were involved in everything else: everything ass. It was gonna you're, getting famous enough. Was it like with staff in Minnesota. Now mother felt like I was part of culture prowling Mary three when people start to when I start to see younger kids Don T even have a jersey on a thing staff and Charlie Brown,
the partner middle. So you can copy dad and then all of a sudden I stay. I know ninety five, wherever I go on this NBA felt like an mba towards small rookie year by every city I will go to the bark is for me to decide not being a deep conversation with the bulk is now just some guy who want to work. Our liking may have driven gaiety how'd. You know, announced astronaut, he's we're questions in annex III. I staff we kind of like my friends, my personal friends, Paul came up to two years ago here at the very start, come in now all my friends, ITALY, but I'm starting to see that the way in which we all arising in this culture wave and how he dressed in how we talk do rags. You know baggy pairs, no joy night, the whole the whole
all of it start to catch up with us to whilst I've seen it they copy in the streets in young kids in the snow new. Like all, came upon a discussion, I remember Iverson First couple years, people like you know the weight fan base is like. What's this going on, because that's going on at this guy, I didn't want to do that. It was just a joy. There was used to joy polished in. There was used tour for professional players being professionally. You heard about Charles was in practice and being drunk and donors. Whilst upper com they would call rose coming, would swag value chains, Man like it was just a different. It was a different. I love, I couldn't believe it totally. Item. I resent the failure to Cosette because, with the events metrics ere, they look at the stats were actually, if you look at it starts, as I know
I was there, you get home gradually, man, I'm so sixteen. I was with you when you, when he did something when he wouldn't even on defence, when he did when he picked somebody's packet over. I just I just who was always written form. Two phenomena were flew. The people are noted, he's a frequent nature guys about a football player them rascal brain ran through frail and smaller, but so sweet I was like five zero a year without her. Why hasn't spring on I'll be? No no may was a huge football players. I was so talk. Just you. When you were hidden make Italian of coming back I'm not coming back these two back next play. What year was at one eye. He took one from the Lakers. Oh was: That was the only player for as they have done so on the flip side of that Randy, boss, whispers and amazing basket absolutely. I was, I believe, and I would have it
you ever with everybody. I pay bawler animals. I mean I didn't really, but I was running up and down the corridor. I was so happy when they didn't ass. It may hedges I get at the ready made. But here his niece S, job I don't know how I had ever seen it a jump shouting, so I saw where he was very, very much we yeah. You know why. We always say that out he was head man it trying to throw the the head to pull out a little because you are when almost like football, we have to pull out. You know, Adams, famous, very heavy basketball things at his movies. You really can torch like the key grip. You gotta be the fat producer of my life. I love to play. Strikes me as you everything you do, big the move, Agri, hey you wanna play. I don't play come on, come on. It's you include,
Clearly, the other. When you did, I don't think he plays in work as his heart was another one who is a word was wrong. I the inheritors back, but here is another new. Every sat there was like some half court he had at bury exactly. I did that, I swear you're. The only reason I do that if I got to move when you shoot in the movie, you get so tired all day long you got exercise. I hate that at most exercise basketball, the only want to have fun with her I get to work three countries every day I didn't I didn't, want an army we didn't have time to. This was a low budget. We didn't have died of diamonds most exactly there's no way to play. We thought we had a hybrid yeah serve this purpose. It was cool, just shoot neuron, even quietly how many sports movies for you, like yeah, I'm gonna I grownups ignored as observers. Exert a fund for Chrysochlora editing to move around, we gotTa Christiania Chris it he was like the glue guide,
but that not really bring life he that he doesn't picks, gave us the jokes who is the most underrated one thou who can actually play the only guy, not the best passport but Captain James is fighter all of us, he could really can say he's kind of athletic he's going football player. I could see you out than any fighting disease trains for Emma Rolltop. It's crazy grew on that. Can you he's ridiculous later? I'm ventures and his ease constantly workin out he's in Asia There was a Farley was like secretly Beggar rang grateful also by ordinary who could do it off. Really amazing football. By fast, you see what I mean Farley Guide. I went out at all, their cattle hostile with each other need grab me canna hard. Pick me up in a funny way, but, like all my body kind of
acting as a key you're losing your way we could kill me. I didn't know I type in my head as I maybe they went, do may render shouted as they are known. As the shoulder to, let me know so, did you feel the parallel z, your movie career starts and ninety five. In his NBA career starts and ninety five areas where we ve been doing together? Cagey then that's it You weren't you around these parallel parallel courses and then finally been. To have an eighteen woozy reaction when you found out cagey was gonna, be in the movie, because mine was what it is going to prove its yeah, I'm sure I'm sure that's cagey fell to us. I don't I was excited. I know it's cool. I knew the fact that it was the movie with certainty Twelve. That automatically felt gonna need rack, while at hide year to pick they go to and then the fact that I knew I would see. Cagey on television outrages still looks like the guy who still playing ball, still looks good. Yet you like that,
Angela Bassett retired and be ape worse. You know what I take yeah you that you look exactly the same as what you put into. It is very much so you know I don't I don't mess with a drink and nobody tarnish my body. I don't think that you know you go throughout these years and you know and do things the right way and then I'll send you retire. You start doing them like I'm in a routine liked stand at an astronomer day. Every day I get the money to fry fight by gotcha. Mobile phone see my mother. As a man. You know the thing is I can't really like I liked ass. He sprang out. I could do Scranton truck out in the legislature. We can't we can't pump out later used gotcha. How far ways to be with you know. Mimic it by us is not by the same but a lot of friends of the subjects when they got cagey. They were just sake
this guy is absolutely a maniac with work and every single our practice here when he saw the year before. I think we were like twenty in sixty two or three years when the barge over the year retraining, Try new momentum for me. I carried the random lottery, which indicated the fifth Peck let's get shaded and then he shows up and then the culture ships, but it was like day after day of languages. Just saw again. He was there. So how do you change their down? Other you're, tired, you don't know, tell it down? I beg you. Take that energy put into things now being Snuggled argument, nothing here somewhere in the good you pull in said. Biogas is very challenge, and you don't you don't really being anything close to what you feel what you're leaving yeah
you can't stimulate a game without a right. None other players and you know so. I don't know the jobs and play where life so poor people, just because I wanna play basketball, rife, love for a time I was trying to some of the young. As an illegal. Then we're on the train and they run weatherman. Not so not all of the running, but these these days a lot of kids have been curated to not like one. When I came into the league, you had to do like Maybe a sixty may be sixty five. Seventy minute work out by yourself, you do what a coaching free those are in here two days: work: Owsley, twenty two fifteen: that's what I'd like to do, that I can focus in an guys. Can push do nothing so when they get to a point. Where starts to her not to get your point, they let go, and now you work out, and you do something for sixty minutes- think about what you are doing. Something like forty famine.
By yourself use. If you and I are doing their work out, you get a chance to go against fantastic. You get a chance to go. I get a chance to go, I'm gonna buy yourself, I'm gone I'm going to read those ongoing threat. The party that is to build up your endeavours to where you get to the fourth quarter. You like a site, you gather mentally a second wind and you pursue that. You know you can't he stared known and in twenty minutes intervals. Fifteen minutes with with free thought. It was hard for me to be able to I think that the honest I got to work with him for copying. He had. He has it right. He has all school mentality idea of really want to push through, but you know again, you have this nuances Lee with they want to do low management and when low management is in the end, the equation. Everything is out. You can't do anything is not now you come tomorrow. We do that, then he's can only do him. You can only do that. The two men is undemocratic, so
Banks coming over those rules for the NBA speaking, freedom, this it not and will not putting you through the physical, because now we can't handshake in all this other fiscal ass became, as Canada alluded itself to this, Eggs disappears glass back there, but not as impact for lay. I can't come up, hits you and so you down fry in the broad common. At you mean you try to brace. If you tried, you're here like this. An angle call nothing now not anymore, this freedom of movement. People want to see the score, be high. People want to come to the game, is all STAR Yang Kindness and you start to see other fiscal. He began his out on the new generation that has manner has microfinance. There be this. You have to adjust things that we did ass. Kids out is a problem not do we'll talk like you have to appreciate the eighties seventy eighty nine easily, and you know you-
just to what this new generation it can't sit up and talk about, may also be- and I saw this plain a whole different way because the rules are set up for them to play that way. So we have an army that adjustment, I think, honest as it goes wrong. I've been amazed by whizzing year, seventeen or eighteen in his as physically divers there, but always so hard yon as to when I own, I saw Milwaukee play the next last year and I was I went to that. You were there and grows processor just drive into the whole full steam ahead. Like so many times in a row and its intimidating and I'm sure,
and be at their night. I take this, but I haven't read: it doesn't get her just keeps Landon right. Desert gets out where you see some worker is worried. He he's a freak nature in a sense of his first superpower. As our say, his supper power is to make you quit. He was the dominating to the point. Where was to step on my desk tell us are all school lobbies, Neuf new kids. They know each other, they dad they hurt. You know you could see to sweep them all and react to dissuade through. Like you, you know you, yeah was somewhat swings to engulf reacted, assay. Some kid was to move and it don't look like a society like when you were born out of you or me, look like they going at a dinner referees are watching wasn't able to match. It is none of that Let's take a break tugboats, CBS Health, as predicted How did you know that a person's zip code may matter just as much as their genetic code? That's why
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two eyes: Supersaver Jakob, Slash bs backed cagey in item. I saw watching a game I state was close game ended and then their setting up a single by and three guys are changing jobs. His enthusiasm for picture. I see tat unless you inside, and I thought you might know where and when I got to Bosnia. We decided that we were going to our culture was going to be this. We were gonna, be the seas and learn to to absolutely in the style and started when I called explain explainable time boots with a child african proverb and is basically started in african villages and, as you know, somebody villages were have less there, but if you have full, if you had blankets, indian, I have something I brought it than we are.
Here that than it would bring all of us together, but all has sunk to look for Adam had the blight here we under the blanket about the full. Now we ve, not the full. I got the civil in an enemy king, like this community thing, so I'm boots, who met I can't be, is as as as as good as I can be a mess. I help the man to the left, or the right of me bear the best man he could be so in that we went to dinner, we adopt and there was every day lifestyles and ask if you have something and on how I hear you have this a wish shared ask you to have something in it made everybody coming give themselves, and in many can I get you to come out of Europe Your persona bill, semi salmon are coming on it. Not a media must have tenants, so am I have six tonight and by Allah. Has fifty one night but that's right: they might be these? That has to be
But even when you talk about that, the squire you always talk about everybody on the tea houses. Are you trying to be? The lining game was altogether Posey in House and game for they come back. Those like the seventh and eighth men need ache eyes toward the title. Forgets to seventy nine. When ideally be can do they know you can't you knew. You know you have the minimum that, because I say you which what people want taken Macau is injuries major thought it at eight. Why he's hurt somebody has to come in a pick that their eighth gaia, Tuesday night sitting there waiting in east and the South Ossetia, the Pga Blair he signals whose bay, if I get my cheek like stuff like as inevitable, hesitant get certain gave six. We review the short we was demise when we gave a policy and inside the EU,
any house love Meda yea was cooler lesser. There was a great part in myself in Interior was considered the grid of whoever and oppose honour on a parameter. Do we have, course. You know, Rhonda was kind of like a one, slash two between a guy cuz. He can play defense and he can use no distributor barber. He had a little off in storm. Eddie House came in and gave him kind of like a a good morning. Cuz he had a nice we shall so they a very rational confidence guy Eddie House, those guys another. I don t you that's gonna be all right as we all do our heritage, as was unbelievable, and I loved it because dark rivers, his his attitude His precise his personality took on our team and way and then we would like our own. Ninety Martha was better in the valley had yet our new fellow Amelia had got rivers. You always say someone most murky. Only one arm
He can't really not a normal asking about, but he should say someone about clean inhabiting excesses to stop this. To make you go who was then at the end of a he would always say by him. He knows all denomination very well. I hate we go on you and we will be to see about parted, and I wish you won't this. We value I don't know, say something more forceful light just had just had as it has in our eyes. I was going to warfare. Can we talk about the game? Seven game plan against carbon He doesn't Henry tuna. We cannot disappoint one. Second, we cannot at the game, played your phone call, you leave here. We don't. We don't want to hurt me here. I don't want to talk about double tables. Are you set up? Is now you shall I bilbil Josh and Bill been banned. It yeah I want to talk next day. I did my time each time they didn't want to do anything. I tried to tell these are legitimate question you that's a good question,
how do you use coolby brides ego against him in a game? Seven, it's by saying he's going to want to shoot redoubled team. He still gonna want to shoot. The man he's like three for twenty one point. We have him, then he fate he figures out. What's gonna learn spread it out, feel finally was born. Knock it s out its home at a ball or we will lose why has he going into his misery sit name? We can all five of us to Tipp to run or two, the network guesswork. He had a longer he's likelihood of all resources. The ball restored now, with sharing the brine likes to share his training over this system, brings any strategy. Runner test is about to take the three I was all the fans are going to want to take it back. That last sides me Jimmy jump.
His bare? Where is it is it ass, bad, ass, another whenever my best muddling through its economic attempts to them, twelve. Famous season, that's commemorate. This movie circles gets hurt, while Philly boss than all the sudden seems like our, however get out of this. My enemy, who knows my amazement, that area it sets get through Philly riders, making threes, which you maybe that the weighted scenes in the movie, maybe a five minute documentary about what the fuck was gonna random cause. You may like three or four threes you'd ever. The main aim is yours, too, to admire me gave five sets when in Miami and attacking all kinds of shit, celebre all kinds of shit that I'll get him a regular ankara. All kinds of shit that I'll Miranda Ankara trying to save you feel you can break the bran. At this point we broke the in game fashion.
Get your ass audio within their how you got to clean. I got the Miami bill. You problem areas in a moment, I very bringing it up. Man, S Bay, was talking shit, media Finally, I know that they have an agenda which we were impiety agenda, stare right. This. How do you know what it s? Ears, yes said: do you think he pushed elaborate to fire? In five pushes games vexing believe that even the tigers to another, we listened to say something to seize. We would give a fuck about the boy, field Lebron, and we didn't think that he can beat all five of us and that's how I felt he wasn't trying to cuss out. He was trying to consolidate because he didn't want the pressure on it and stand. Soon again somewhere safe, but what you did again. I think we can beat them, but we were imported gender. The agenda was Miami
He wasn't going to Miami to be likely right. No, sir, we did bring on. Does our beside him. He gets worse. We try to his memory, had the best of the suggestions that all of us, this a lot of people, think that sports, if you I'd be Chris passion, the bottle and corn, and you have me see I'm just making these name maybe Paul Rhonda right here, it'll, be though it be a wuss out beneath a bee. Coolly respect, but it won't be. Any light. Fraternizing relay your lot of fairly won't be none. Are nice real reasons they offer? when I was there ever. I fought with them, but his gold always is a mutual understanding. With this we have respect for each other, but it won't be like we're. Not In view of the way, Was me haven't to interview DE way, but pardon me: you know that that be notes and in he knows, and we talked about that off camera and it was an understanding, but everybody knows that the sooner we go asked our names they are. We re,
I'm out of the current guys, I feel like Patrick Beverly- is one of the only ones trying to keep that alive. Man is here because there is nothing are they in Vegas when he saw those guys he saw like if it was the branded Davis and was very high, like this, like that hold a different. You know you will listen. I told your memory when you go out and you see, team again, and you see seventy nine gas from one team together, you look at what the end s heart. That's how it does how we travel within us at night and in a thirteen and thirteen those are holding Scott Pollard Schuyler breeding with Us Scatterbrain, dinner going here like we would. We was a family angles, gaining, but we care delight there will seize over everything, as at all, really are altogether rider and you're gonna had this on another movie. We gotta. When you re mostly like this says a baptism. Yes, you hear that Nigeria, you love tat. We really would like to have my guys around.
Extreme work after and we all round Adam he breeze. Every bite ago, the book like Egypt about the bone got twenty five one payment, He has the Miami everybody in here like family, like tell you why everybody does. She know one day, biomass, Julia jewels out. There should be no. She had a sharp grandma mass Fisher. Yeah, like well, she's, she's, gonna, she's, fine, the big winner, Yes, she was unbelievable analogue corrected. You that's. The first time you ever everybody and I don't know who it was a virus. I was in the theater like do it. I don't know who this is and then ran after him. Googling among I don't everything I know every Byzantium find out just by talking someone. If it's gonna work or not they just now, they have some great intuition and when they talk to cabin, they talk to govern life for the first time, as was to be like a five minute conversation readily with our hours here somewhere,
much of that was about a marring like an hour and a half his bow Noah. By like this lady, they asked of free loaded it. If this need and say it now is that Ok you're like little kids, but they're real, like your dollar celtic. They are dying next day, TAT lighted, a core labour here there are various: do you think it was enough time for married allows light? Would you let this go like not yet enough time at this day? I do think. However, you have a chance to get nominated for this. It seems like their pushing for I d I mean I don't know. I think I think there's a really will be a very lucky. It is like so many that the problem- the problem is of rough here
everybody's gray, we had everybody's great every movie. I've seen this airline cheese, and I saw just honestly, like ten movies, that I went disguise incredible. This guy's gathers Gaza so becomes gotta silly. Like I hear about it, a lot people say Talkin about its. I never been talked about like this pit. I guess I just one often just being talked about like that. I can't can't see Abner now it's time for this state farm, safe, bet, game of the weak, not to implant. I think I'm doing a game of the week just like for my life can be predicted. That's why state farm agents in there to help with over nineteen thousand ages a local stay farm agent? Can we just around the corner where the attack in person, by phone or through the EP guesses their stay for growth, with coverage and agents. You can count on here's what I'm counting! I don't listen, this Kyle the Pats bills. Over under on Saturday, is thirty eight points? I'm just gonna walk you through this, the patriots
really move the bog and said good defence anymore. There is an alarming state. This week I saw on the twitter as the kids call it from she'll Compania the athletic. Said Tom Brady. Last five weeks among Twenty nine quarterbacks who thrown at least a hundred passes completion percentage she's. Twenty ninth yards per attempt is twenty. Ninth net yards per pass play he's twenty. Again. This is out of twenty nine quarterbacks. Now you have the bills, who have an awesome defense, who has you saw it last week against Pittsburgh if somebody's offense isn't that good they're, like a cobra they can constrict I think it would be really hard for the Patriots score in this game, but you know us is gonna, have trouble scoring the bills of Buffalo cause thereof, isn't good either, and you saw in Pittsburgh Josh out barely get a gone finally made one or two ways to get enough points poured out the patriots, defence. It's not
the historically life changing defence that without it may be the first six weeks but still really really get it might be the best defence in the it's in the top. Three that find the best secondary could be cold. I think the bill can. I have trouble moving law. They there have trouble running the by thirty eight points. I would be shocked at these teams. Two hundred and thirty, so that can be my state farm safe out of the week, not a player, not a coach that a team. It's this don't expect. A lot of points excitement highlights anything in this pat's bills game. You know you can expect putts and more putts and couple more pain, after that state for talk to an agent today. What made you under this moment
get excited to do some different media and when I saw these guys, I saw their other other movies. My duty- and I saw I saw a good time- is already Kirk. I saw you know daddy long legs. I think I saw all the movies eyesight pattern. They do their yeah. I dont know how to make. It will be like that. I would know how to put shots together like that, make you so tense, and I saw everybody in it was fresh their acting with Russia, I like the one I decided to do with the guys and got to know my kept saying. Don't let me influence any of my thoughts with you out of my nerves. Calm me down, but don't let let it change the way you think a size. I don't. I don't know how you do what you do and I just want to be in one of your movies think I you guys the style that their able to create, and they didn't good time to it's like this kind, a harrowing like hearing your seat. Nervous, signalling almighty in a movie theater in your lack of rice,
It's like it's. I haven't you, my coffee or some other negotiations or someone coffee recited gave them so much anxiety, ass people who doesn't let us, then he wrote the site. I got the big call. Yesterday I got a call from and I'm friends with them, but I got a call I was at Macy's after we did some stuff. I want him to pick my daughter up at school, but I wanted to get whooping before they're across the my kids. Schools are good court by didn't, have any clothes, so I went home and I don't have any sneakers. I went to Macy's I'm getting buying sneakers shorts. Got a double acting like hell. We only have action Rio, my God, I got to be in a bad mood. Cuz. I need that black shorts, but anyways I'm getting my sneakers and then I looked down at my phone at Daniel Day, Lewis, I'm at Macy's at the cash register and MIKE Mad Daniel Day, saw the movie man. So I pick up how long he's had and he starts talking about grabbing the seat in front of me. So I couldn't let go to the seat in front of me above and just saying how much
the more we got you guys, but it was the Basque Oliver I said Danny. You know this is gonna, make any you cry daily basis. I got me, I don't area along TAT. I get to combat its a good feeling. Avatar cover my mother, daddy and I got a bad it, but he gave me the compliments and others ass he saw his irish guy. I mean, of course, because Danny Danny Boy I call on Danny boy. He is, of course the who could. Other people famous actor, who were secretly way cooler than someone like me. You know, That work that was done. Somebody had never heard of large would have been a cool guy, lizards hanging with Danny Danny Danny Boy, repealing eating with him every bite you food is like a circular call that he says I am like a little baby just watching a back. Ok he's talking to me again. Ok and they will have an abiding areas that happened at what I said, what a wonderful, veal and did really retire.
I don't know, I don't get into that. What am I guess he did know said he did know it doesn't want to make anymore Bobby's rule guys guys the best you didn't I get it. What are you gonna do he'll be back. Actors aren't like who flares superpowers time, a man you guys don't ever shoot the ball again when you step me. Neither. I realize that you know what it is is tat. You have time to actually do other things so long before you get to the pros. Basketball is a great diversion from your real life. You can grab a ball stress with a girlfriend having problems at home. Don't want to go home whatever it is. Basketball would be kind of that therapy to Gabby Ball or just disappear right when it becomes your job and you get into a mindset of being professional, be prepared being ready and all these other.
They go into it. It changed it. Change is not necessary to love, because you still do it because you love it, but you gotta yet appeared it into these things that are own hitherto got. You got to primary Right Kansas. You know you can't sleep I'd rather bar glow. We know it just changes all of those all those elements for sure when you actually get your free time, because you know have about a lot of time to do things you want now we retire. Your first idea was to try things to alight or passion or other passion, and chasing those passion you can always? Can I ever be ass, passionate about something else that you were about the basket? Yes, but not as good, because you haven't put those time it like Augustine, while soccer all day, I feel passionate be jumping up in. And be but we went on play soccer. You believe what the hell are you doing, and what is that
her, but I can say I can. I can see and say that have passion for watching in one new play, but damn no good at all. I trust the occur about this when you said the thing that it is the most was the lack of the gargoyles, eyes and worrying part of something that was the party at the same time, a man in a movie they are making a movie. You get close Smith is for its say, it's a forty, they issue. I swear to God, one year on day, thirty six yeah start seen everything on this is gonna and I'm not coming and this has been a college or simply the best is the best and then, like I m D, Right now, I'm call my guys. I've gone when we do next man. I gotta get the hell out there again. I like working its run like clicking with it with a team and be an airing sittin in the house. I, like my family. I love that, but I do my head spans about. I think I'm supposed to be worker
on a wave power doing right now, I'm sure, like the sadder alive, experience, probably values in that see right behind you with your deeds for four years or sure, yeah yeah, it's best friends. That's that's, like you said walkin around together as a group we went out to dinner, If someone else killed on the show you like air, we had a good show, the shows rock and there wasn't I gotta kill. I need my. We were all gonna like love in each other, and should I do miss that the most to dinner the Tuesday night, then every Wednesday night is fuckin, been being the guy's been Vienna team moroccan about excise? so basically and a kind of women on a bed last week. She is really she Mama, because they were right near like if you wanna be great need. You have be great. Other time in this stuff, cagey was taught remembers, for Europe wants to be great,
If you see on us in your fan Atlanta, Charlotte Dallas Phoenix where we're gonna see here, he's fucking awesome. Hygiene as Prime guess what he was doing, five and twelve he was going, be playing harder, than every us in the current right and indeed that area in those guys. What way that I was you rely on your moment for this, is that ready, for it is not even the him say this himself or you can go back and you can go back and see this he's so worried about being ass, fresh ass. He can be done to play off right. Listen, this listen! Let me say some. Tonight we go to this gang stored in five stone: five, the to place it on a court alone within four guys who spoke about the myths and other four guys, everybody
it might be. His elbow is told somebody somebody's hurt. You don't have knee braces on for nothing. You have an ankle brace in the elbow bad, for nothing, so being fresh is out of the box. First off you play eighty two games back. It up sees season. Hoping I precedes, they don't even count arrive. Those at a warm you out for the ninety nine hours to get a rhythm the guitar ran right. Then you play eighty two games. This is what the deprived a part of my generation and what we took on you had to be a special person to go to simply soon gay, gaining dm play off? You didn't bring re special. Why mentally? You know how to put to the high school. My french lady should balls. You know what kind of confidence some bump talking is she in here I got thirteen fourteen other needs to come.
May not be a loose, but why you good evening cages is gay once he saw what grip Nigger fall, knew their ingenuity, help and say it. Some site in that was our generation. I got a trophy has seen a saint, the he come right. He come don't pick up. Why not that her desire by the past events like this in Rome, you don't you don't get up past by taken a short cut, careful when it comes to put everything in solid air in this way. He's doin he's this great. Listen. First off. You got everybody's, not great, Is this good, but they are not great. I get Totty here nets Consider someone a hall of fame of he's, never better define, also never playing a game, seven or never, ass, you bid on top of the hill, the small to sit in this way. He looks like he looks like he's here,
doing enough. Humanity was all out if you just go to the road map. Beyond the game after they call them out thirty eight Suharto sooner, not another gotta. Do MS ass, like despicable manner, cool mental, best, polar team movement. The believe you're with them when you're gonna get SAM, is when he's twenty five feet from the basket like this is great. Please stay out there. Nobody can say much worse. They hurried through, what's going to happen for companies that he has two of marijuana. I know why here whiskey borne out your site cure Oh, no catch your e mail. You, Kosovo's alma, got big guy Larry made. Just now double team trouble team you have none at all. It s his power. He has to understand that he is the most dominant player in only physically in play like that. Oh that's, gonna, listen, they Shack would lead any sooner off the hook
You know it's bad when Shack and Barkley are gonna use. When I take a basque buses that there's a shape for ass, his career higher in shack, really only when hard one season from beginning to end, I can't have it: you seem to disavow, have a power which is the main. Did he mean lads were how problems were wet with what Would I sit in Nessie yet because where you shut and in what you think He was out of shape for actually feel gave him a formula to build up. Time I have one below retarget about listen to this formula. Gimme some yeah Mamma to judge and jury shock of former because he was wearing down in a play ass. He wanted him build up in. We call it build out to get be down so that when you left waste, what Michael Jordan started lifting weights because the physical asked of the game is so bearing that you did you ask every night in hit. Did you gotta and you have the lift
yeah! You alleviate that when you take the the hand check rule out the freedom of movement? you come down and let us have the lead to combat late. I can't I can't prohibits liking for my chest or you know you can't play basketball life better start impossible. I say it all just to say that shack took the format to build up call was like you need it better shaken win west and he was like now. I'm gonna make decent pay when they come down here, I know, will be bigger than everybody will you committee. You should know he's not going too fast in all candour he's not going too fast in the next sooner than I shacks power. So how is Bruce Thwith? What's he got to legacy was also Superman, may put no buying a basket and therewithal predicated fulfil tell him the build itself, also Duchess hunger coming down to play off, so he loves up ahead. One by being out of shape another day, there's cavaliers easily. He looked out ashore, You get mad about it. He looked attache. He looked out of shape steel average.
Five, twelve and some may I get the fuck. Are you start out ashamed? I think you're out of shape, Bro United School or twenty five a night kitchenware sire you talking to a lot easier to shape, is very common in his role as still who, Our arguments are used, as I say, not twenty five, it's whale so why they call me was always mad that he, because cold is top level to the point where Don't you gotta to do like harm done right, armies, Cooper shape, and this Michael Jordan, brought to our generation before Michael Jordan Place come in training camps. Attache points, shit been shared. This does not just out of shape like a joy coming here. Wait stretching restore implementing stretching store, implement all these other things, the better the body Now our generous she came in shape, we came in, they want. You was already a shape, is always in how rhythm and, of course to have to stop and when you have do extra run riot Still, you have these all school Rodman,
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For not using zoom video communications. I one question: why thou what's wrong with you visit Zuma mine and set up a free account today, China, most affordable and most reliable video camera patients solution on the market meet happy with I started doing this out. I saw it we played in that we wish. We played men, Chicago in Minnesota, and now he had just kit, the camera Maria gazed, especially kick at the beginning. We go to double over time. We beat the Boers wee wee wee party, like is ninety. Ninety now can tell us not done to give myself space just will hold a ship, just be the both Anita second cycle. To wait till I am dying. Sidney display pie, fifty four minutes on my door. Bus short fat guy, you see and all the balls they equipment me long time again. Foulon carries Jordan's right
like businesses from work. Because up to his knees and her hagfish certain those it jumps on a trip mirror. The incline goes up, efforts are watching this. My papa would on twitter emails now combat boost on what level of twelve online I sit and watch it Why would you don't work a fellow with subjects, fellow game, and I beg the game and I keep working just tell you do look he's running he's running talking to me, like you was not her, hey, that's a meter, all they're, not in la la la okay. This is a Cecily. That's a secret here! He's doing this. He does it for three minutes. I guess all got tells him he S. Pretty mistakes are probably not so much. Noise is man. I got two junkies s way
up in Jersey my time I go out, rebounding gainer rebound heard various. But what is this? Your fell at the back to bash you gotta get the wit, you gotta, get look lifting had a happy back their backs and save you thanks worm appreciate that man I saw for myself. I start doing what goes on. Hard, but I do is sit and help my second night, because what you don't know that when you play back to back HU, a rhythm for the second night that you have a better night the absolute astonishingly without the front think about that play a player Last night I play tonight, don't I've got another going, you should be a rhythm. Shall last night you play twenty fast. Thirty, some! is forty minutes. You should be a rhythm variety, doesn't stiffened up at all now to restructure so much drinking we're hydrate you haven't takes on a play- is so much other stuff on this your body, that your talk, your machine, your machine. So what happens when you own a team with somebody who you know is out of seven in the morning every night, and you need to tell you that person
individually, you ve canny. You keep em Are you coming You say: hey, look this what we know as a group: no one's going. Stand up this late in the revised common it if you're the one. It is now absolutely steps out of it. Then we have the EU according to our team in a clean and we keep them within the rooms at all. Well, you never hear about it right and that's what they we did. Embossed we policed ourselves router owners and doktor get out here we had all who had are. We were handle our almost situations. And that's why we were so when you saw that those that were the words last year when it was cleared the ran at one foot in the door and then his dream I get into it again that I went to end their gis. You can feel their splintering in a lot of it has to do with the fact data he's gonna, be there after this year. Have you handle that's it? You only got about the build up of that that build. That was a build up that pop up in a day. Those like shaken is to be opened up and go on like this meant that was already come into his head and a pot. That's all
poppy that game, or another list knows that, and you have to do with each other to be really show Burgoyne Foxhole go we're gonna. Balin every night, and so you know what, most Tom we around each other, I'm around. I'm around the players on the team when I'm around my own family. So you know you learn to learn each other. So you know if your lot of conversations coming out a lot of personal conversation coming out of that. So for that to be right there. That means she was given at all. He was giving it off and it never got tweaked in the never got nipped in the bud. No one ever upon it now? Shit now miss shut the door, but what would you say? Would you told her follow me In the end, it was whatever what we face no large room. We broke up in her Europe remove it, but you gotta have a mature group. The understands division and their leaders desk and push everybody towards that see. My fears gonna be no great basque, bottoms anywhere that these guys are gonna, be on the same team for two three years and then it
and then you just want to next thing. I even the Celtics commemorated this movie. That was the fifth year. You were there and by that point You showed up and I think a lot of that, the for that we love the team. Everyone knew he was that it was like a fantasy team that Alzheimer's, where was a threat? Suresh ere you always coming off the bags to head. We went to wrong branded a by no, we will encourage us if we made us if this day, the last August product Massa Wash and withdraw, this right must have. We got back the Boston and practise people start scenes. We played that we play the wisdom personal enough to get this far he's so must back outcry, sure my terror tat by year, five. Well, nobody s, everybody's there's relationships in out. I think part of basketball is the connections. People have negress ego through A new situation like you'd rather put together
five stray years. Some point that becomes an advantage is mercy aim on the road. I just wonder if that's gonna go there's a dead now you're gonna that went to the nets together, the desert DE. Can you become a family? like. Like. Can you believe in the nets? Can you believe in oil, a new team like that? one of the things we learn when we came to Brooklyn fallen. I is that the curate You know we started in no way. Is there that the culture we start and then he took from dark and we brought to Brooklyn every binding that right is an area of animals was another guy. Brook Lopez was a different guy, they would lose all demi guys they haven't. Entered the DAS Data really chair. She they was younger right. They still had time to play. I saw it was an eye life, We know this is our last were three four years in here, so we, China and top of his chair, kitty understands I give
saw him lies have bumping and it was it was. It was I too can understand a culture here, so we will try to build a culture. You can't be culture One leg you hear one foot in it, and I'm sorry you gotta be to finance gotta, be with it I can say that they didn't understand, then in unsnapped be being all land, Joe, so Johnson. Still a couple guys understand, but not as a whole, not in that your last Saturday in alive season. Had like a bunch of new people and as justice I am surprised that cast never gel driver. You know I, to be honest, I never a hundred percent felt like we weren't Ellen. I like that. Like a team to many areas. Different different loathing of famous cast said rose like twenty of us in New York magazine network of aid. I was all but I'll. Tell you what, though, when we first, the show we were young and Denis Miller, and and fill our men in those guys were, and now the entrenched
ass they were, they were the ones we I loved, being lost to culture. I would like more or less item that certain, but of course they the best, let's just sit back, and while I was so happy, then being done and setting the bench and his watch a memory and there was no pressure. But I got that they were better than us and I and then all the summer we got older. We were the guys that that debt is it just a whole lot of tat year. Your tenure You're more excited, like things are going career wise better, but it was a lot easier sit back and why should the pros do it? I was felt I guess I was like a basketball team Keziah. Basically, the best possible
gas is, if you have nine via the older stars and the younger you, and at least a couple young guys come up, so you don't hear right and then it and also you pass the torch guy gets hot to all, decide on the team and also a guy who wasn't starting is starting always send. You know what happened generation either. Starting them Schneider had that coffee machine character Megan copies Reign was just lie. He went from being one of us to like he's starting now is the right. That's right for but when we were like a man like just change, Rob is man. I remember that I was cool. I remember I thought I started this actually read those who wrote their row wholly snap out of it You did that the new show that was then when I was like heaviest, are really yeah. It's cool yeah. This is something that, as like, outside its goin on here, that I did it how about a coin and old girlfriend. I shall about my old girlfriend and
broke. I, when I read in the whole show, was dedicated to her and me calling errand hanging up and stuff. I gotta watch the video, never guess that in the end they would make small talk and then you go so, You heard from Denise Rider ended with us, gets thousands guy, Steve Goin wrote back for me. While I was still. Why they knew some cool was happening with that too, because, sadly, live Lorn, Michael's always used to say try to do is get where you look into camera. And then America kind of looks at you a little like. Oh that's, the guy. When we wanted a costume and you better than the vine you being funny. They don't They know who you are as well, as has why lotta guys, he used to say, become famous off. We can update you just looking right down there, You talk into Eddie Murphy, size lawyer and, like even weak, eddies back. That's coming back polish now
the biggest moment last year was you came back good. I think this is a little cool about my yeah. That was the best last year. I want you to your boys, agreed at Lahti, ruined it for life. She'd never come back after that, no attire and the best was when I finished last year I did the hosted on Sunday, Hetty Eddie. I talked area on the phone, talk to me immediately re. How is it you know he was talking about you're gonna new idea. He was thinking about doing it and his egg. What was the week like? What do you feel like? I said, yeah you're in and out of nervousness in Burma, but once you there and you arrive in the day the hour and a half of the shell, That is the that feeling you want. Is it like? Is it one of those things where it's like a bite and you get back exit ticket
baby- I guess you know you remember the first part two coming through here and then now you come back and now it's all the Thomas Paschima Polish. You have a lot more confident. I didn't have confidence during the week I haven't felt like everyone else in the cats like and see the new new guys by boy you just I gotta do something different now get a learnt in our interest that I was a little like all met. These guys are afraid of the speed faster, felt like they were just work used to just been together and and relaxed, and they weren't looking at the queue guide. So much kind of like right to each other being funny, and if they were just sir- and I was like I put some weird pressure on myself, I'm sure so you do in the Farley. Santiago may rise homage emotional way. I guess that that we had. I was that was emotional for sure, but just trying to be funny
and being around guys, who will be in funding every week. I guess I got nervous and then by Thursday suicide Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I start again tight with the guy's an end and that men and women in their task and we ve started because roundly mad cow me down and then, as I glanced assist, enjoy this instead of being a crazy person and been putting pressure myself and then it was could cagey of hosting KGB grade a hell? No, you don't want to do something here with some men there. So you know rest what're you talking about nervous is not ago were anxious but your journal tonight you're we would. We did kill more men and I was I was in the bag in Knobs Charenton Genji right arm, but our Beth ask: animals. Are you not been worse than almost before? Gaunt went out rather be pooled Lula's? That could even do this. I still feel the same way that when I have do stand up gigs there
the ring me on there's not a time. I go all its global issues. I do this. Why am I doing this right now? I'm so scared them step out walking out, and yet I just calm down man do what the hell you doing yourself, what we have as you know, the copper again asking this move is really get the haggard eyed nice job here, mischief cabin by Car Fergus do you get your pay due for the rest, your left hand away, and you let me rather ecumenical graduation- is actually being so nice about it too. I thanks to stay farmed. Forget about three watch was godfather prior to and don't forget about book a basketball to point. Now Game in the year. We tackled that. What would you think of us? While you have to find out thanks to simply say My choice for I'm scared, comprehensive professional Hobbs carried fair price right now. It's best. Here to get a simple, save security system. My listeners get a free security camera per se. Here,
discount on your scared system. Simply saved outcome. Sash bs get you off plus simply saves holiday savings solemnity, offer ending soon visit super safe that come sash, bs simplicity with two eyes thanks to square mortal unaware credit card reader. It's a whole system tools, bill to run and grow any a business from point of sale, imperilled invoices and online stores gotta squared outcome flash go slash. Bs too the ways you can take your business from square one to whatever's next see you here on Thursday, ways.
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