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Al Pacino and Barry Levinson on 'Dog Day Afternoon,' HBO's 'Paterno,' and 'The Godfather' (Ep. 344)


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Al Pacino and Barry Levinson to discuss how the two get along so well (14:45), their new film ‘Paterno’ (19:00), and what they expect the reaction to the film will be (27:20). Then, Bill debunks a ‘Heat’ conspiracy theory (41:20) and Al talks about how Francis Ford Coppola saved his job (48:30), when John Cazale realized Meryl Streep was the greatest actor alive (56:00) and the impact Marlon Brando had on him (59:00).

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the ringer that come right now, output GINO, Berry Levinson to them rates bear Levinson, most accomplished directors, less forty years, Apache, no one of the great actors of all time. Hey man. We take that last week. There were here for about an hour ten minutes, and it was a true highlight here. It is the first project here thou, but you know very Levinson. They did the paternal movie. HBO. Some very. We did a pack ass in oh nine, back when people barely knew what a package was. Could you the first thirty thirty. I know I know it's a bizarre I remember when we when we got him
It was really hard to get the series going and we needed like a couple named directors, and then we can. We went to put you on something else. You're like I've always been fascinated by the ravens marching, like others, I, the courts were called in March in Vienna. You guys, know, he's a Baltimore guy and they laughed and by means of doing it, and once we got you the seized power, in Amerika and then I'll get some people. I'm ok, you're, like the pivotal gather. We got why even now I didn't know because, as soon as I say, I didn't want to tell everyone come on out. As soon as we got em, we could go to the other two days ago, then he's in and then the big really got bury us any yet one more than you stay asked I value a term that no one ever heard podcast yeah.
As we lost I had my own pack has, but then we launched our own thirty thirty purchasers to China be like a direct his comment. There is little ahead of its time That is a package of you. You must have been an empire cast out now had been everywhere. I must say I don't know, I don't know, maybe I'm sure I turn up from time to time in people say I see how well they get there and then, of course there is the seventies regulation. I have no regulation where you were you a reckless. Promoting movies install yet this year and in a lot of ways that that was the soon the style- and at that time less is more. That was its yeah. I mean, going at that point, even going to the ashes with something that is
I didn't do it. I wasn't coo EE, oh yeah, yeah, we all follow: Marlon Debut Random. Let us all a strange, I don't remember by actors, actresses, no or directors talking about movies at all back in the sea. Caesar is. Seventy is on a remember that just didn't happen. There is obviously a more of a mystery back their source, I think also dating back. Then it didn't matter. That much if you went wherever you went, every people either went and moves. In today's, so many outlets daddy's, sir, it does work, it does give people Bab makes people become aware of the fact. Film out there, but in the old days it concerns a matter early says what we felt
well, maybe it because you didn't have many outlets was part of it because you know you're not. You know you don't have any the cable channels that no cable- and there was no- there- wasn't really national radio or the way they connected to be TAT city by city by city, but it is in our house, it's a wrangling the amber. Finally, I got to do a television show him. I had been a matter, an actor known and everything for ten years. Yeah, maybe more had finally get my first. I did my first television interview on good morning. America- and I was here. I come out and I sit down. Everybody is new and I'm the city Miriam all shy and everything in just stay quietly and this guy comes out looks at me and he says how could you make such a violent stupid fill out now? That was your.
And I see it already look for. Where do you go from there? well, you know something I don't know what I said here is very low Sky, but he didn't like the film, I think, said stupid. He might not a sense to use and violent. Right now, as I thought. Maybe that was a stupid thing to say I remember the film just happened to be scarface, so you know here we are right. Sarah face is a good example of a movie. That means one thing when it comes out and takes on his whole other life and takes on another life after the announcement. Thirty five years in its like it's, this iconic action movie, but at the time was really pole rising. I'm always fascinated by how movies of olive after they ve come out. Other remembered Yes, well, I mean looking goes both way. Some movies are celebrated fade away and there were those that were totally ignored or rip revived,
in a way that autumn aware alone not to talk about it too much I didn't see it as violence. We see this violent Yes, don't we get Oliver Stone AIR that wrote it and it was this whole assault on this. This does this world the world agree the world of Anne and everything was operatic in its. In its delivery, and this is what Brine Department intended. Yes, so we didn't think internal biggest Cover commercials did that failure, you have to say the violence was, I guess, was sub text who is something you while I will hand then ran through it, but it was operatic was asking your house and was something that would have been no that's more sort of more here.
Monistic said something that would occur with. You know that that was violent will be perceived as it may. The chop were, machine blown up the buildings and say I mean it was. You know I resent chainsaw shower, seem as though they are Move they re man and often when they ask her but now I watched all these years later, a feeling like crews had the harder part way did May I end, and I didn't realize Animal Dustin set it at the time. You said you know Tom's gonna, because time has to push it all along otherwise I'll just keep looking up at the lights on the ceiling, or whatever I mean so, crews had to push it all that come on we're doing this work. We have to find ways so doesn't misuse reputation that he was going to an actual. Their crews was too but I memorized Justin acknowledge it. Why whom I were shooting? So what
this is just an answer with you know the flash, your role, the guard we haven't seen, but Tom's work was really very. Very strong will cause he's plan and ass all, but I have to like him by the end of a move. Exactly which is pretty my scientists step might avoid. Would act return there without what movie did you make over over the at these twenty years old? They you feel like is underwritten. Compare tat was perceived at the time the hamlet, I'd have to think about. In a few minutes have come to look. I don't it's hard to twenty? you know you have to divide, and only we need one that was really not seen, because the disposition company were basically disappeared, went out of business, we did the humbling and AL. In applying this asian actor towards at the end of his career, based on unfilled rough, but it was, I think, as the spectacular farmers in a real look into
got my mind and soul of an aging actor trying to deal with the reality that is surrounded by I thought was an end affair. You guys? We ever showed in terms of a couple festivals and had a terrific worries, but it was never seen in America when you say appeared, was I've been wondering how distribution we played like couple theatres in the country, but now we have What are you thousand streaming services like they do and we can revive it. Well, I mean at some point you maybe it'll get picked up, but up until now, it's it's really not been on. Those services are of a you know. It's basically, you can do something and we look. We did it for a million nine one million nine in shot, half of it in my house summits it s about, is kind of a home movies, you're gonna? Do we data because what it seems yesterday we had a great time doing it. I thought you know our work with spectacular, but it's it's a completely overlooked peace. At this point in time.
Did you guys had a point in your careers rear like I'm done, just about everything that, thought I, why do x, men years ago. What what now one point in my career. I I I. I quit you eighties, they ever my four years, yeah way, to bathe in happened, there are people in the park and say what every man as they are really. You know why they didn't know. I don't know, I was gone from a man do a so. I said so I got a couple. I got encouragement. But what happened to me was at at that point is kind of a reassess things in a way. I am a multiple failures and I was feeling somewhat.
At odds with this has happened in recent times in my life, when I was younger and an unknown after I had a similar thing happened to me and I did it get revive something in myself whatever it was. So I took to making my own stuff- spending my own money on it, which is not a wise thing to do, but there I was and shortly I've he broke and how to go back, but I thought of it my own stuff, anything and discovering another another perspective on film. So so it was fun. But sooner or later I had to go back to work revived with the sea of love, see if the theatre highlight here, Harold Becker, really good job and Mighty Britain. So I was, I was back in the
as it is. You know you you, you go through all these stages, but but I do sooner wanna. Do anything any more that isn't it? I'm connect that I'm not connected to in some way, and so I could feel the energy do it. You get the energy from exciting that that sir you're one of the few actors it keeps going back, to stay like this area in a but not as a Broadway, but even other thing you ve done work. You wanna tell recently did something about Tennessee Williams at the end of his life, which is interesting I do have the civic say starting this year, yeah, so the sort of like a madman, the most comfortable. Although I've learned a lot about James, I work with burial time most costly, calling about what are you doing next vary widely. As you know myself from from me, I think it.
I mean you do films, but you wanna be able, if you there It seems that are interesting to hear you now, Anne and in terms of an actor there's a certain kind of courage to what our world will do. They I try something as opposed to. I don't know if I should do that. If that's what you know me know chilled just try, it will keep playing around with things yeah and something will evolve out of that, maybe that it was right, but maybe there there's another little clue to something that we better. So there's an interaction, and it's kind of like in others, an absolute to anything you do in terms of film. You could do it this way in this matter. In this way, since undines would weaken, really play around and I think we enjoy that experience in the telling the story. Let's go break we're gonna talk about Gillette and of Catalonia. I've been shaven since college. I been with these guys a very vague Last time you know changed my life, the Gillette few.
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tax premium, rental seats and tuxedos delivered. You can email one that looks like Al Pacino in Scarface many years ago, back towel back to Barry, so something like that turn out. Obviously, a tough topic just coming out of the gate and now you're play this guy, that's pretty complicated nobody'd. A hundred percent knew what happened when he knew it now we ass. I don't know out of it? He was that was always the part that I know, We got a full answer, my just how, with it was by the end there, how? How locked him was he just with anything coach in the team was gonna now and always eighty four years on that point. Men are always happen. You and then physically, which I e there really nice job in the movie like just just you seemed old. Using might beaten down. Economists have asylum within always, let me put in physically with a performance. I you know. I had you just
she do is usually at my age just give in to what what you're feeling very for somehow you. He, though so much of it, is dictated by by the rule. I think Mary would help me in a would tell me occasionally in easy, whatever savings and our this this last movie, I did with the Martin Scorsese you with this. The Irishman about Janeiro Generation, Bobby commonality. We use computers, computers on the camera sides in and they d the various ages so physically your changed too if I'm playing off. I was think Jimmy Hoffa had Thirty nine. In doing that on a computer. Who yet are you? We
until all these tests and things to just and then up complaint. Forty eight were even in my fifty's and they always say someone come up to me and say your thirty nine and its I'll. Do it some sort of memory of thirty nine and you, your bodies, tries to actual me too bad. You know think that ways yes- and I may remind you of it so when plainly character, but the turnover it's it's. It's It's no longer a question you do it did. The script is well written and berries there. Then we are reminded of the age and say you conform to that. To that that state D D worried are that more information gonna come out after this mobility? think we have all the information ever gonna have from this. I mean there maybe some something
we can say never. I think the story were were telling wouldn t necessarily affected by additional information, and we do in two weeks time frame of the wholesale get it I asked in a lowest parts and in his life he wins the four nine came to make him the winning coach and college football only seven days later, something like that he's fired cod in this whole scandal of five of what what happened there and then ultimately goes in, for an mri in diagnosed with cancer which will be dominant. This is all happens, the two we per day when I saw the movie. I thought you compressed air, but you didn't know that was really there's fourteen is that a MAC fourteen day such statue when it was were concerned with that timeframe, soul That's where we focus, which has a fair amount of you, know energy and strength to it, because that was the
splashing that that information- forward from the grand jury and just exploded in of all places. Happy Halley, Penn state. What did you want? The viewer to feel about paternal by the end of the movie I dont get you ever want to say this is what I want you to feel I want to do, is create this. This timeframe, these dynamics, the interaction. How did they How did they react as opposed to say here's, but here's the edge Yeah, we're gonna. Do this about severe this way, your presenting it and then you can make you know it goes along this all these contradictions, the characters can't contradicting himself Equally start seeing these he's layer of all of this has been built up in perpetrated in some ways and I will just say to unfold in that time frame how much research did you do while it is as much as you can today
without having the real person there, yeah, which of course extreme larger, it's real luxury, because I've done it with real people who have been for trains and does it does make different yeah, because well you're really in the end, what were you doing is the adage, basically, is kinder revisionist. You know yeah yeah, yeah, he's trainer, be true, mainly your China be true text and the story that that's telling yeah. And as close to what you'd think fraternal was feeling, but who knows- and I ve never met him- I don't know so it was it my way of thinking about it, for instance, is so much to see how people today I mean you can imagine. The footage there is on paternal area are the same thing with when I play Jack Vulcan, it's all over the place me just put on the internet
everywhere, and so you you do you try to consume that. It is just so much you can get from it, because it's interviews- and usually people is somewhat on guard. Although I sought the jacket. Morgan was God damn images you know much more, but but but Joe Paternal was somewhat in a formal situation. Julie and even a couple of things that are in the movie. We saw on tape, ran away, we literally just imitated the scene, we sovereignty, but also to that. The fact that you take what's their circumstantial situation and you are you and you tried it you, you consume it in some way. His his state is finding out about the situation What he's going to, which is the
the kind of denial of it being the depression from it. The the various emotions he goes to to cope with what he feels. First is an unjust accusation, starts thinking. Is it in Has this sort of way The situation is a re evaluation of the fence everywhere said in the past and he's doing those old guy cliches that people do and they don't want admit their culpable yeah. They would like their breakfast was the breakfast scientific, same had a line. I can't remember what I have heard your camera for members of the lawyers like you can't say that there is no denying that, where an and also its is this, the sense of guilt starts to move, and yet a man is upsetting. Yet and then questioning is really especially for a guy like Joe Paternal, I would think Football is knowing what
a conscious. Before I mean I, I have been playing football coaches, so I understand that what it takes to be a leader of a team and to make those plays into and to think about that that's what's with some required of you just go out, there are no saturdays and play and play. Football is a soul. Consuming and in the midst of bad, to have this pressure on yourself in this conflict and these concerns, and and these actual actually does day. He learns things about himself. And one of the things I think is interesting is knowledge is being questioned by media people which he which he doesn't do know but the idea, these being questioned by his own fare better that that I think
is interested. You guys wait a little bit you getting the sun's global than dad. What happens when you saw so, and so were the daughter say: did you talk to the boy and he said? Well, I didn't, do you many mean and not who talked to the boy when she's try so what answers? I think it makes it more intimate and more personal rather than you're talking to some rapporteur. This is to his own daughter, wants to make sense. Out of this is her father that she reveres but she's, asking questions, and so were the boy and so is the wife which makes it a more. I think, an inch in those sections that has, I think, are right that that vibrate in it in a way that I think is more compelling then is just talked a reporter about something One thing that struck me watch- and it is this was was- is to lead to Does eleven into doesn't work? It was like sixty five six years, yeah twelve. I make an
I think, as the decade is gone along some of the red flags and the signs which is better at as we as a society of being like way that doesn't look great at any time. More benefit of the doubt back then, and even if you see something like the gin, this scandal that happen, the share which annulled at the same beats right what's goin on, wise wise ago. In this way, these people have spoken of dullness layers of add to it later. Know, much about that guy, yet her arms of his principles but joke, now was known. Not only this great football coach, but this man who believed in education. Yet believe than the humanities and the integrity of it all, and that was one that was the signature of this man. This great humanitarian, slash, coach, yet, and so that fall from grace is quite the fall. Not to minimize what happened with the gymnast thing, but he didn't have that persona. Was that one person yeah
even says at the end there is a lion re says on something like this is everything I word for it has gone up, that's it. Did you play football coach? I did a film called. I said, no, I'm aware everywhere. I would say probably that that I mean they're playing that a basketball game that speech that we took a life of its latest this scene, you coaching a football team, got mixed up. For any, given Sunday too. I think we can make it work sequel now it has a good far better. You Jane, Jane, suffices coaching. Now in your left. Did she have a lot to say that it is to write these things you'd sketch, then? I we data packets about that movie a few months ago, is where things it's really a thing about. It comes out Eighteen, eighty nine and a big theme of it is concussions painkillers.
All these things are wrong with full bar and then that up ten years later that the NFL even admit that right, concussions were even maybe a bad thing? And meanwhile it's a major flatland inherent given? Is that now I know at that time to Florida? it will start with something else. I got it twenty We don't something like yours there. This is Oliver Stone again. Yeah he's crazy is eight pension. Until all of a sudden you pay attention ran out. It's odd things are there and we just don't respond. What are you thinking gonna be the reaction from the Penn state. Communities is moving I don't know I mean I think we try to present a pretty good looking into it all. But look I mean there people have certain opinions and you realize, and now you're, never gonna change someone's opinion ten times say whatever you want, no go yeah, but you know
there, it there's an emotional connection. I need to think about. There was a riot girl turned over trucks and things, and you know, setting things on fire when the students were angry. That Japan was fired, and that was an emotional rash. Wasn't intellectual buds, reaction. It wasn't for through using family members the family amber. He was the father had been there forever. I Tol letting when news graduated eighty five percent ass, others players and he spoke. He was the father, the king of Happy Valley, and so all of a sudden, these two, and so there was an emotional reaction so how They respond to it if their emotions or get a play as oppose some of the other ways to look at it in in the cool late of the day. I don't know when we were returned Thirdly, we would always talk about. Is this? A documentary is better, as a sports movie is a better as a short is anything like. I always China, what what's best
context for this this easily also could have been a documentary, and it's one of those media content topics that it's a gift. Go this way in their own hands, or they could go this way. What did they? and when you are developing at half the have as a movie that would separated from documentary I mean a documentaries trying to tell the sequence of events in the car and the people that were in it. This is more of an Human drama is inside of it rain and I think that it is ancient design of thinking about staff. In talking to that, that would be in a document, because you wouldn't have any of that that that's that's word separates from that. You can have a vance. Yes, he was this happened. Here was the arrest, the whatever, but here it's it's in side of that between he and his family between all of the thoughts he's having on of his own and how is dealing with it now is yet Rasa sing it that's where a film lives and Breeze Dallas mandate
where, because when I hear they are making in a movie, I was like basic. Just made that document are arranged in the sea, Why this is worth making into move in? What's that ours, ass performances, paternal because by the end of it. I really feel like you're paternal was. You must have had a little bit of make up right, which you have given There are no knows glass had. What I hear I haven't knows where the great John Keighley almost worked me for years. He didn't, he did Vienna Film called Dick Tracy. If you yeah yeah, I did the makeup. With me there, and he just came up with this nose and I was we're lookin at first. You know Remember we lead the added a lot of fire and did all this. There is a lot of changes in a dab. You really was a mask or something they have. Yours worry about that and then I said you know what I thought we should do it. Let's have a scene which were John Paternal gets really
angry and rips is no one to go that far. Those off my face you notice was loaded. Time. That's a predominant thing about paternal, yet at the sky with his nose. You know these glasses. You may have to be real because, after where it's like it access to and away when you develop an action for character, you you you try to absorb the axe and make it a part of you guess it wants it it owes you your ear and shovels. Gonna become a part of you, so you do that with those you know a fancy nose to you have to you know soda. Quiet, any gets you they, especially if you have a good look. Look at what the great! Gary Old just did with yet he had those those people who put that together may this year and naturally feel there was a performance behind a mask. Yet now you felt that was the man.
Or when I mentioned earlier about computers and being able to change the look of people This is gonna, be the future movies to some degree were really be able to go back to any old movie and pilasters out of him put them another movie. I know That's my railway. We were saying what was going on. I had no idea, you know. I never saw myself as in the character proffered I never. She saw footage of myself as a third you're old offer. So I'd keep wondering. Is gonna work say it seems like I'm not doing anything There were things we didn't get aware. Certain MA am certain things LEO there, They take things on a Sunday, gravel and tat and we will lose the studio here. These guys, you Jesus that do this stuff is put us in these rooms with, though, was lights and told us to just animate and speak yes, they were accorded it on
pewter flowers and then they put put it together and because you know it's been, it's been two perform its been done before well, but not did. I think this may be a step another step because nobody went what's he gonna do for all of us. Remember they made the godfather video game and you wouldn't let them use your likeness right in that something I don't know why I was I was it wasn't a great video game. I think you may lose it was that the thing had I deem it also connected to that character at that in all everyone, be. They asked me again now that I am, You know my sanity makes video games yeah. She tat makes them. You can press him, I'm gonna be in a video game not knowing and place them in any
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the way the studio system is, it would be like you say well, this is about this. Man and this woman or whatever, and then try to make sense out of it. But then, if you say it's, it's film, Louise all Europeans like they need some identification rather than to imagine it so, other recycling that goes on is because they know it and since it existed, it can exist again. As opposed to something which is wholly original, is it gets lost in the end, the corporate sensibility. So it's very hard to me, something it is really original, but that's where the benefits of which, We are now in terms of this whole thing was streaming video or HBO is they have to work in a different place, yet so that they don't compete by trying to do wonder, woman etc. Although that touch on it obviously, but they can do these pieces, like paternal that his studio now doesn't? Do you know it's it's it's it's something we could talk about four days
de the pros and cons that an end, especially I grew up with the others Structure of a film usually was two hours and things happen at peak and went into an a place in, and it resolved in. Bonn You were left with the experience so there change, someone in in the chamber in the cable. Yes, as a matter of fact, met, Netflix produced Yes, oh so when, when Irishman comes out, which I would imagine is gonna be longer than two hours but not a mini. It's not a many serious, so it's not made for that. For that thing that that stretches out so that's another thing I I'd like about HBO is DE today, but they, diminishing measurement nowadays in terms of the awards and things it's all confused in terms of you take the
is because the Amazon know what to do now. So many serious and a film are in the same category I accept They had been quite makes agitation redo the categories, and I always out of these twenty two episode show then I said, in some ways: Gus June twenty, two they you can only hit a certain level on. I want you to hear now told him the yet have great actors. Great scripts directors are good: There there not working in the with the size of a film but totally. How do you keep sure? You know what I mean it's it's the same thing but its changing, but some of the guerriere form Another is another way to do it really saying. Well, we can do Casablanca in in a long form. Yeah, but it'll have it'll be different.
Because you're, u have to expand it out and needs. Do it's a different form. You, as an already inside, are going through different things when somewhere in the back you mind, you know this. Isn't it it's going to keep going and it's going to be? No so that you'll get a chance to see you again whatever, but that changes Europe, I am unable, but there is something I don't mind like fifty years ago. Godfather is a successful book and people like who's got the movie rights, and then that was during that era, when thereby in books and turn them and movie is clearly could be a movie. Fifty years later, somebody Look at that as the tenor of the sudden influx of tonnage right. They may not even think of it as a movie now exactly know, that's the thing I don't know that's a better or worse place to be still more itself, which is different as adjusting to that kind of thing. Both is it
as someone involved in making those and also as it is an audience. I asked you before we started taping how its change just to have all the study. You guys, both the time available, Where did think like in the nineties. Cable takes out, there's always movie channels, and you see some stuff you ve done is on over on the average man I have now. Actually, the Amazon. You have all these always Hulu These different places and like that export. The godfather trilogy, I think, in January and images There was inside here. Here's the godfather, knock yourself out of free all three watch, but everyone- and I where we are in two thousand, your stuff. Is there all the time These are good or bad hunters learning that now, though, you did not come here, s one could no doubt revenge. I mean I may not be turning into watch one of my own kinds of films, boats, mice, that they're out there and people can go. You know see some
consequently arrived. I mean you know yet we'll see new audiences see things that you did so you're in over in a way it it's accounts for some of their relevance. It does you knows, and I to see him asked. He too was come to Buffalo because they wanted to do the natural yeah, I'm in a theater and like a thousand seat in ice. Listen, I invited this is bullshit. I have imagined beer, and this was the last eight or so I go up there in under, go do it and I as you know, the reality. People go to show a visa when you re in a week when we, put an online it sold down in ten minutes. I you're kidding me, Sir and the reason is not because we will remember for men because it's been running area and some people likes have seen it over the years, and so they have a special presentation where we show you a big screen theater and that's because its it
things stay alive and run. You know in the in the old days when a phone came and disappear. That was the end of the film you don't know He would see it again. That was the end of it. Doesnt work It is not a month. It goes by that I don't see a film one, film or another them I missed. Somehow I was done. A hundred years ago, yeah there, you see something at its extraordinary, and you is very interesting novels is something you see. Oh I saw the other night Leslie Leslie our dead at the in an enormous sure in Romeo and Juliet it's just stare You don't wanna, see this fantastic thing. And you just turn to see him and there it is the next as a good Lanka's there soon by three going. I am item stand as an irish member outweighs the hospital they upload only get there and then
my father's another one? Where AMC, I just feel like we're running the godfather out there. It's my re again and now. They'll do a whole weekend based on this move. There came out forty six years ago, really in Saint People's though well you one thing, you don't know you don't know what lass in the godfather Example of something just goes generation to generation generation in there You know me who wouldn't know they may say you know Casablanca or you know, citizen, Kane or grapes, arrive. If they're going to hang around you know, sixty years later, seventy years later, a man- and they do you know it's it's it's that's the exciting part because in some way. It's like you're you're doing something, but you have no idea how it's going to connect. Think you do. But you don't know, then the longevity of it is beyond anything. Gonna be imagined. If every made the natural now think p, these would be a storyline
if you re wondering, what's going out this guy for fifty added, he knocked the cover of now what's happening draft as this guy I have one random question for you here. See. Did he the famous scene with the Nera Norhala staff loves he'd, he'd cycle, it's as age very nicely. Second, life is one of the classics: how many eggs for that scene. Cause there's all internet conspiracy theory that. They found a year scene and he there, and then they found his inured there. I think you were both their yeah yeah about that's what Michael did Michael Man dead, did they had to cameras to care
is by you but you're, looking at a little tired right there, ok, aside to slide and that internet can spare us over the years. It's by now they shouted is its stand in for the other ones, evasions. What I would call it up as Bob to get yet verification of nights for sure. I know that sure sure, ok now about all that was like do you, apparently they work together in the taxi. The taxis, Urim and Rights Tiger? Yet they were there for the too shy, but the signals they were on was done a Brando side? Ups sire was off camera for it by them when they did stagger side and they Branda was saying I'm psychiatrist or something after nine hundred more energy, nodded separate. Why you know one morning, I remember that story, and
and I remember I was young actually doing to see with Marlon and they wish to do the young some scene in the hospital- and I remember thinking well you're not perceive, as you know, a real come to me an inspiration to all of us in this and me especially so I thought I was better off not having him there, because, because I could relate to some image, I have what who ever my father, whatever I was thinking about it again, but here it is, he said: Marlon wants to stay to be of camera. How do I get out of there? I thought through surely would be there because I had very was therefore stagger was there for me and I thought all though you sit all go with it did the best. I could it is wonderful that he was their results. Aztec egoism,
your generation like revered him right. I know they're like there is no, but nobody even close their love, because aegis stood there with street car, especially any did stuff that we, as does the young actors. We have never seen anything like that. But you don't want to be enough as you go on and give you you, you keep acting like doing this, that we do and you see things like. I see things on toe. Jane. I guess he, the old movies, you know get em. We start team from whence modern stuff came, you know, did the affair but he was an village. Ordinary spirit came on and I loved one on one eye, Jack's that he direct. Yeah we found me directed at work, Here we are talking about, is actually that ninety of sixty one, maybe because, as you know, these guys and bottom, where we all use the quote the lines and he was a either
why were issues and kills the sky in a bar in Iceland is a cowboy you, no guns linger It is similarly bar and call Malden unit walks in and said he seized a day I said, you know what happened here kid Brenda says he didn't you know selection, bad here's another line in there were you, says, com, all its character. Who is absolutely eight fully the boys? Wonderful Ebay make sure it is Martin looks at him and says you know that You're one eyed jack this town, Seeing the other side of your face, you make a movie just in Dubai, absolutely bad mood so changed so much better than they really haven't changed his even like illegally Godfather and they're, making their irresistibly disaster when
or tat young preteen? Ok, although we shy not, that was a whole year that right, we still have they. Now that's what happens to those Nathan sure, my God, the budget so expensive. Where they do this now time, sorry that they were the studio, was ready to fire. You at any, given time, went off a shoe. We're gonna, silently and end the only movie. I have ever done an imagined that was our first movie. I was completely innocent. I didn't know what was going on and will you tell me, did it take I've here? Bulgaria get all like the crew stuff like snickering like laughing, because I haven't reputation? Is so bad, His film am I like, because I wasn't really doing anything. I guess I have some idea that I I should start low Whenever I was doing the aegis was striking. Any note
Francis new enemy took me out. One day was, he asked me to dinner, at which he was sitting in his with his family, around the table and- and I came in- and I thought I was gonna use coffer me, I just stood there, and he just said you know a lot of faith in you now and and he was really there. He was under a lot of pressure, So I said what I said: what's wrong, you know I can I I know what I'm doing what I'm doing pieces. I put some Russia's together and I- and I am- and I want you to take a look at the moment. You too good a pyramid. It was a member paramount building, denies minutes from her yeah. Well, at the was in New York in place, because the ginger man engagement, and so I said, ok I'll, go in all tat what is this? Why don't you do that so either think. I'm done, I think that's it. I was there for about a week.
In the second quarter, backers mega exactly exactly right, and I know that it's over, so it must be preparing. So I took a look at what I saw you know and I knew that it wasn't really terribly interesting at all. I look, weird the letter, at the same time is one. I have plan and I could not to to Francis two young? I didn't know how to particularly to believe. You say that I was going for some didn't. Do you say the key was when you finally shop then in the hope that was Francis Francis fought. Knowing me lay he thought I am he moved that seen up here. That scene was schedule, for later I'll. Give you that for you he did it tat is to say the pie. For me, why? So so so he he moved the sea there so that, if studio, bet that he thought if the studio saw that seem what Michaels you came, they would keep me Louis Razor.
Just ten brilliant at an hour. It was a great Decision is biogas. In there they can say. Oh yeah, I can see, is a gangster right yeah up that point. Is by a sort of violence against them, this day. I still don't think he was a gangster in all you few mafia Jews, but he was like. In his and his make up that wasn't his style. Now his styles defending he was. I was a solid variety and came, and I was asleep whether God, therefore Emma Smites, as its might have put to me, have made me yeah a soldier. A hero in the war was that you were planned that so that the character of on during the movie, exactly I just couldn't take related to Francis, is thy same. Do it don't worry I'll get there? and raises worry to kill us all. Studios agreed upon a picture www weekend trusts you our direct, say trust me
but you see, there's something I want to say will bury trust him. So it allows me to do so much because I know that he's he's gonna make it and he's gonna tell me things that are gonna, as I think you really need that when you, when you work and how many years that it take to learn that you had tat, I trust to get away one or two years you and even now you just you know you're very exposed as an actor yeah and you're really- and I found, but you know, Barry and a couple of others that I would really like to do it again or I can just do any. I got a feeling that I trust their sensor just there their since tivydale down back exactly where ramp up, whenever How long did it take you to learn how to delegate to the act there but kind of massaging anyway or her? Well, that's a good question.
Because I was in, I spent two years basic every day with his acting grew in a lot of it propositional stuff, throw yourself in a movie everyone's Roma a couple times if reluctantly, so I really don't know, get down and I was lacking group. I didn't even want to act then any of that. But I do early on realise that if I can, if you can have an act you're sort of. Do it without saying. Do this? Try that trial Love is under so much just too many things I think about postage is not yet not someone this way, and that way we're going to get the most kind of interesting behaviour that that that was what I was always looking for that I just believe it it's interesting behavior, and then you can modulate it this way or that way. But if you say when you come over here, stop here pick up the glass go over here and there is too many things to think about. You have to sneak up on it so that all feels sort of organic.
That was maybe the first thing I thought about as it does that leave alone, what city lamented the sea. I did those earlier films Serbia, classics and what he would do is he he had a way of. He says you know directors direct. I direct and it's sort of like you go in the bank. You go here you do this, you turn around here. Then you do that. Then you do that and it's like a it's like magic because all you have to do is what he says: you're robbing a ban. So this is this. Is I remember that women, and also where version is he even Ursula? So we were written in in a fail me weavers for weeks on end because in even start from the first seemed lashing, because when you make movies me either you film. Sequence, yeah and so you should of new by when near the end of the film
where you were because of all the drilling we have for weeks on end that's how I checked with the precision here. Put people game situated ass, you have every director worsened everywhere and yes, there aren't. You know it's not like here's, the style that use your work and everybody has to find their own way of communicating with an actor that somehow that connects it starts to work now. And so everybody I you know I had it. Billy wilder, go about what John used and do you know how did Orson Welles handle it? I mean everyone has some different way of constructing it and making a connection so that you end up with his unified peace you can. Where there's a flying over here. This looks feels like its burlesque. This is melodrama. Can you have to have something cohesive? You were to it that our you say you were to the narrow you're too the Redford you worked with Hoffman Ewart with crews. Did you work and Nicholas?
now not now, so you were to master the most of the rates with their common. Common gene or a common. Everyone would. Everyone knows that was it was different. Yeah dusted had his own things and you have to find a way to accommodate, because he would have questions about something or us some, you know moment or whatever you have to find a way to make the connection you know I mean I remember and rain man and one thing when we did it take Very early on might have been the first day of secondary and I said to him after take us, you know you seem to depressed and in someone's autistic isn't isn't depressed three other busy there there looking at things. You know it's like how many you know how many How many lights are on the ceiling or there's another there's something going on there, and so we had our ass good idea. So we go to do the take and now he's looking he's. Looking he's in the stuttering
tom stalking dorm, wherever looking looking time studying that we're not going anywhere, as I cut I said, does do you know he's talking, he said What I was staring into the light I got so long with the lights. Are you hear what he said? It was we can't have so far went too far. We can't do that, and so I said so sit on well, you know talking, you just don't want to pay attention to him. But you know what he is saying, but you're more involved in the lights and that's where, if Europe the movie, you hear a guy, yeah radio yeah, but he's busy doing it, but he knows he's dairies tethered to this person and yet only really pays attention to what he is saying that he may not want to do it. But he knows, the voice, but I want to pay attention and that if that was the way we were able to find that so they can be busy and not depressed and that little tv Thing was able to act with. Otherwise time would be talking to himself forever. I love this stuff.
For that. I gave this people's movement. I rise with Georgia. South member Giles Sour, the good of the autonomous he was the wonderful greatest I d be an internet is incredible; they give. It was so much I learned from when working minimised. I'm doing doggie there was this thing's Sidney was sir, with setting up a senior something in the bag John and I in it, and I am where per job work on them all the time we did say that again, you know you have caught random users. I was nineteen. I used to work and stand in oil and I met him who messages they ended oil, Mary wasn't. I liked him from the moment I saw my sister.
That he actually you know he was with merrily, live a narrow street and we met this girl, narrow strip, and he said to me when they came to Missus out. I met this guy and he was red somebody I think his own government. We have. I think me, as I met the scope. I really am totally in love. Many said, she's the greatest answers concerning an idea had painted agenda over. How do you know where she was either? This is love right, Tirzah hardly was right, but there we were in the IMF in the bag and he says to simply because he says alliances, I'm not Why she calling me a homosexual on them on the tv, I'm not a homesick end and he turns to Sydney, and he says why do I say that the city of very considerate, Mary,
pro active, really any says. Well, you see at me so say an chances. Well, I I don't think so because source That doesn't work. Why would I say it came up with another elaborate services. Spying can come up with these as but I knew what was going on. My note was gonna be a while, so I would walk, walk outside you know. I came back this little added Sidney, suitable events, as you say it because I tell you this guy, you say what did you say that the first answer to you is that crazy? But it's always stories we. I me of things he was the great, lasting do your generation
They were always at the human. If I for five with his movies, I know this this guy Digital John, at all. I did I all my dad what an artist and an you know. He I, as he said, we ve, got to stop working together because you will listen kill you kill them and godfather to any action, and I thought I d has that conversation bad going somewhere, another country or that's a killer. Little thing I mean so, but I that is its around here. While I go away, you owe me that that, but I loved about that moment is yes, it's a bank, robbers, doing all that, but they're having these of conversation set traps are so delightful and in full the character in a way, to an audience there. Anyone stay, this you're sorry, Turanian, yeah, that's what's so great about it as opposed to you can never just do Platt PLAID plot and information
inside of it. There has to be this kind of behaviour. Then that tells you more about the characters about where they gotta go. Lied to away, etc, and in that little thing tells you so much about character behaviour. That really is, forms. A movie. Remember tat, he nodded reservoir dogs in perfection and people are likewise. This thing he's doing the characters. Were there about the committee crime, but they're talking about Mcdonald's again from the seventies. Why are you telling me that I thought he said to me? One time I mean maybe two speed complementing may ways when I set up a new bout. Reservoir dogs and he said to me it was really doing ten men with guns yeah, and I saw a dangerous thing. You know any what's what he a pastime by, so you that kind of imperial do doggie. Yet this great a d, a bird harris- you heard the bird heresies cities assistant direct
and it is to say I love about films when their active him alive, because. I was I was there and I was about to go out into the street and start talking to the crowd and bird just comes up me, whispers in my ears, say Attica, so I said Adam she's just just say Attica go out. There see Eric Attic, because What has happened at the time you remember buried. It was this big. The explosion in the attic, the prison, kill these prisoners etc. So I just went out: there was not the script, but I went out there and I and I still see a man to the crime Attica. You know the bad guy. They also screaming and became the sea and right on this at the moment, so that it's that kind of stuff that you keep your tentacles out for that that somehow, if
gets in the earth and ten eyes out there for one thing that can happen and and it's hard. Sometimes, when you don't have the time or you haven't had the rehearsal times, sometimes in trying to get through the day yeah you know, but that that's the general the kind of thing that can happen. Well, there's George: do they had made an audience? Those extra, almost actors and people out there? They didn't know about this started gone when I read attic and then Sidney incorporated into the field. Tat came from an aide de a very smart guy, very film. I feel my cue Anne and he would say two things to me: hereafter features there is in. That is a kind of freedom. When you don't you,
does a looseness on the sending always when you do in the National did you make up anything up on the fire yeah, I mean there's a as I remember, there's a scene between Farnsworth and Brimley, because you know you see see coaches sitting in an afternoon while practice is going on and they used to because they knew each other so well and they were they were doing. He mentioned you'd start to homer song. You say that you know Bob, while the name of it whatever and- and I said what are we like- shoot bad, let's just make the money. We just shoot that it's like a lazy noone. You know they're having practice in the two guys there, and so they did that and where they do like name that to their Hannah, get in there having a good time with wonder, I just put the camera shot for like five minutes alone, just do whatever they didn't mixed in them.
Fill. It happens. Menacings jumps out at me like a remember off the top of my head, the movie some good, just what baseball's like day to day the elements in it it is, you want to put a little Lily Aramis and, at the same time, they got this extravagance of hitting a ball into the towers, the end and all you know that that that aspect to it, but there is little intimate moments that you try to find in anything, because I think it somehow it. Thousand audience to connect to inside of the characters, Since two thousand, when I wrote a calm trying to figure out what re, hot Hobbs stats or that season, based on other heads in Islam and others suffer the guy had a my leg. Three. Ninety with forty five homers are each other. As MRS, it is get them, This is great. I really enjoyed this. Thank you guys. Paternal comes out with it was the day
well, seventh, I believe HBO, a clever seventh, our man that's three days before they enter the giant documentary. Not a big weaker, that's gonna be, could refrain beer, as we did in a movie that better about Andrea, the guy, I saw some ads on it. As you can imagine the giants, the idea, the princess by the here, because I feel a raven term in New York City, everyday, Jane, ambrosia layer knows I'm over the movie. I thought it was excellent. That's a really hard subject to pull off your bank and I was really into it right now.
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