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All Hail Tompa Bay, Plus 2022 Best NFL Bets With Cousin Sal


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Buccaneers' victory over the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, Tom Brady’s seventh Super Bowl win, what went wrong for the Chiefs, review the prop bets, odds for next year’s Super Bowl champion, Parent Corner, and more.

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Coming up Tom Brady just one another super ball, and I have no idea what year this is it? Twenty twenty one is a twenty fifteen, the two thousand for a night, it's on next, the so the bills him his his bright. You buy hotwire without wires thing, does he didn't think you could afford as the whole idea, because why? But could she puts out when you could book an expensive hotel for cheap food? hot radios when download the how I wrap in book beyond your wife this means all bookings final. This absurd of the president's podcast has brought you buy Volvo cars. The future is electric. So by twenty three, pretty all new Volvo cars will be fully electric Dr Ababa. Their helps, protect your fear The planet we all share, learn more involve all cars that come, such. U S, we are about to you by the ringer outcome, as was the Ringer podcast Network, where we debuted black girl song book and sports cars nonsense. Just in the last couple we
I'll be checked. Both those out avenue we watch was podcast. Coming Monday taxi driver me Sharon Fantasy Bill, Hater, special guest, that's happened in the movies are networks. If now a buzz ever you want to catch up and lifestyle em, but that is coming on. The watch was minded I coming up the cousin, I break down another Tom Brady, Superbowl title
I can't believe it here. We go project because it sounds here were taken s, clock pc, send it. I sounded it's time to tackle at other crazy projects set out and for the fourth time since we believe in this package together, Tom Brady is one: is soup While we didn't do a pack has been, firstly that in I think have pike aspect there, but now it's two thousand twenty he is one one third of the super balls, the twenty first century, and we pouring they're, not him a budget times over the past couple of years and he is never gonna- go I ever wow. While I mean what the photos
like thirty one I like, I know we picked them on all these abuse and everything we did, but that was just like. I can't go against Tom Brady, but then it actually happens and they didn't have a chance like at half time in an average that last drive, I don't even know where you gonna pick this game of its already wow look out of the game in a second. Let's talk about the Brady stuff, first, so coupled crazy things that he had never had an ass kicking victory in the Superbowl. That's true! His eleventh win all six. The closest, maybe was the fully game where they were and control of that all time, but that still ended up here, three point game and they still make a play defensively in the last couple minutes granted the failures chapter. Twenty is the first time start to finish his his tea dominated a game, and you don't have time. I had some cheese fans of my life and I went on Twitter to save people.
waning about the penalty. Is everybody was, and I'm thinkin like a right that there might have been a couple couple airline shaky cause, but the chiefs were terrible. Their coaching was terrible they didn't pay war. Ah, my homes couldn't connect with anybody and third downs. It was like I felt like that was the right score at half time the bucks were killing. That would want to link a couple things if you wanna bottom line this game, it was the Chiefs Office of line was awful right in the box. Defence came Adam for sure, not in a way. We thought right of effective. If, if we went with the narrative like this is the most decimated offensive line, a super bowl team as ever brought into the big game, then it should. Ben just MA homes running for his life, and it was so with that in mind, and you say this is the first Brady asking he's out of five hundred twenty our game right. Passing he's had a for sixty six yard game passing away. His two of the three four hundred yards Games
in the history of the super bowl, and it wasn't even a great Brady game right. It did plenty enough for them to win, but twenty one, four hundred and twenty nine just a shade over two hundred yards, so the ass kicking came with his best defensive performance. Maybe I know the brand they held the rams to nothing in his lap, patriots, But for God's sakes it wasn't anything even with the often sublime being like it is. You thought Mahomet would pull off the magic and a couple of these drive to land on nine points out. Only I really think they would have been better off with a healthy offensive line in Chad, Henny then Patrick MA homes, and they No really I mean what they I once they would have scoreboard nine points. I just can't believe what I just saw I did not understand people dismissing Eve, add Peter Schwaiger on Thursday million dollar picks and must have spent like ten minutes got through the chiefs offensive. I like this guy there left tackle, has been on a teams
their regard was on the waiver, where late november- and you know the case for the chiefs- and I think why the lines at minus three was just like its boss, he's the bad yet he'll figure. This out- and I think I have said this on the Thursday Pod- something football we get in trouble by doing now. Well, now it's this guy and it happens a basketball to worry you have all these obvious things that are like red, flag, red flag, red flag, red flag and people just go well, it's my homes and that's kind of their case. We'll there was really no other case camp a random. down their throats. We knew that was gonna happen because you can run the bomb. Casey intemperate been run in the ball really well in the play ass and then you know their defence of wine. Eight hours guide, Burma brought up balls in the post gained. The postcode was pretty choppy, but
The fact that balls didn't boots the shit out of their homes and just trusted. Now I have for good guys that pressure him. I have to also mine backers. David, who I thought, really they're nice job on Kelsey, and then he's gonna use a bunch of de backs, and I think I can get enough pressure and that's what happened in by Third quarter, he was running for his life. It felt like he was a mess. It really looked like just a stumbling out of a bar like three hundred and ten in the morning. At one point I didn't know if he was calling a timeout or or saying run the play fat like the one he's doing that too and save my oh, my it- is widely but was never really hit the head at all Anna yeah, we look, we're gonna do some gloating because we are Tampa Bay, but no way we thought it was thirty one nine right, but I guess you know a magician and you take away his wand and cape and the assistant that he's going to it half being the offence of line. There's nothing there like you said that a centre that they benched and then that bring em
It was just a complete mess and when you don't have a running game to kind of mix things up. This is the this is the product. Now that said he'll. Maybe things are different if he'll catches that ball, when, when they flooded the zone with Helen Calsey, when the home like right to the left- and it was a little face darling but he'll could have caught it for a long touchdown and to me the back breaker was that drive before the half I mean you can blame it on. Even my wife who doesn't care was, like my god, he's getting all the calls. This is ridiculous. I got settled down, but the Evans thing the feet gettin tangle. That was weird the the pass interference that had a colleague almost immediately began ready through the on the interception that was weird and the previous drive. So low. Wait, let's go let's go through that drive because that's probably where the chiefs losses cannot accept the chief bugs get the ball back with a made at last. They run on first down and try to choose some clear she's got time out. That was weird desert.
and to me like that, I'm here to call time out again everything I was weird aren't, even if you guys get the ball back, give no time out soon. Have the ball like on your on twenty five to twenty five seconds. Things gonna happen, all you're doing is giving the steam live. So then the bucks get it and they get the long MIKE Evans play, and I thought it was passed in advance. You you saw that one clip like first each of them and they work in a car, but then the second when he definitely with his hand, hit his left foot I thought of it is discovered, touchdown airs what he will eat fell down. It was because of the guy behind. I guess, but you see where the ball ended. We see one untouchable call. I call for another guy. Has anyone is again an honest I'm beyond his act on, because I don't think I saw it all year that they don't I know about you basically to throw the ban in the first row the stands for their God. I might have you anything on uniting posts, but the second one went through the goalposts and they call like there was yet, but I think they called he bought the guy as the Kubi like it was like
when I looked at some other time. But I thought it was weird at their fans are going nuts about the cause that you guys aren't moving the ball at all offensive way, and I really thought they lost the ball in the bus, the game in that first quarter cuz, the bucks had two bad drives the game. I have no idea why there were running. I was text than you and how to enhance like crazy, unlike what the fuck are, they doing to reverse the literati mill or some shit yeah. They were do like left, which is breaking out all his awesome. Cool Superbowl plays, as they just run, the Bob. The middle do play action. This is hard and then the chiefs you mentioned the Thai wreaked drop and another one they were. Harbin was wide open and Mohammed was gonna, miss them and it seemed like if he had just after a certain way. That was a touchstone which brings me to what am I out of their homes was healthy in this game and they came out today. It needs have surgery and his turf till after the year, his throat
sailing around and weird ways in this game, but the turf toad and help is running right, it is running, is actually what kept them in the game. For the first time he had almost as many rushing yards as he had passing like before that last drive before before Kansas City last driver. The first have he was three four twelve for twenty three yards. His recent ray is completions were to Pringle Kelsey and Hill was like, oh, my god, that's really bad. Then it started and everything the hill opened up in the Middle forum, but yea can't you can't do that. All at thirty nine point six pass a rating with three minutes left in the second quarter. The bucks I felt this way going into the aim I wasn't in a year must want to see it, but it did seem like the type, team that had a chance to really match up with the chiefs, where you had the super athletic, really gifted linebacker to put on Kelsey, you could get a push
the front for end users have a lotta dieback setter just flying around in there. I thought that bucks defence got better every week. on the planet and Green Bay game. It was the deceiving twenty six they gave up to the Packers Cosette, wait what they lose to starting debate, stir in their game and felt like they're gonna holding out for dear life. At the end, I saw was a bad match for the chiefs and on time, prevent like their online, which was in great. You know in the first three rounds and then ages past The point of no return, I think, like there's a couple lessons from this game, please none of which is the back to back thing, which I don't think we can sleep on. It hasn't happened since two thousand for and you think, like we, just kind of pencil, ran like the incentives. The same you look at all the guys in the box. How many do this was like the most important gave them ever played their entire life, and then you go in there they just one last year, do with pretty much exact same team. There's no way this was like a life or death by
granted there trying to win its huge game, but they were definite conflict there. The favorites Burnside, as does the most important three hours of my life there, comparing it's a rustle wealth right, so one that, first of all very handily again yet Albert right and then up against Brady he's in there and he lost the second super ball. And now, as I rustles great right, he's gonna be top three or four m. P p every year, probably, but goes to show it doesn't mean you have to get back every year right and the wet. That makes me think of the way the Patriots did it. They had nine years in between superbowl ones, like my god like the chiefs for then the keep Kelsey and hill and all those guys for the first nine, like let's say it happens over fifteen years that he, when six superbowl now I don't even think it doesn't matter now you have to get the seven just nobody's channeling bird about that. We're not gonna live now to see a player better than Brady like then, you might be fine with that boat were in our fates. Now, when I want to tackle this,
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or an eleven in the class, the next great Kubi. We talk that we mention this two weeks ago, as sixteen Plath whence he is thirty, four from a homes they have to pay. together the type of resume career Brady, had you would need a lot of luck from a health standpoint, sure and Brady, because he's a big dude who doesn't scramble that foo with especially second half of his career, smartly gets rid of the ball. Stays in amazing shape. He's got he's injecting avocado juice into his veins. At this point, this would have to commit to some sort of crazy how side and I feel like he would not have to scramble as much and who would have to pick a spots way morbid. That's not who he is right He gets hurt. I look around look think about Brady the beginning of his career. Did he ever get this Nicht up that, like like Mahomet, does right out there at the towers, had injury or that you know the the knee from last year for the quarterback snake gets a he's, not a lucky player in terms of injuries
in fact aspect and the best physical specimen. We say we had one vast lords report say here that based the torn Asia, a messenger to its two thousand season debts really only bad but already had yet ready at the hands of the chiefs right other than that I can even really remember, like I've really significant Brady Injury hit. That durability had, but I think, he's six five. not run around. Is that scrambling? He knew he was pretty careful about take begets. I think he had some concussion second half of his year, his career, that we have three he's a superhero phrases like a marvel character. This point on they can't even compared to any one. You want to go more homes against Joam, Tat, oh Rogers, against Joe Montana, but look lump all those guys together. I D say Brady, and you know this is great, your speaking finally of em, but it's gonna hit. You you're, really very upset that wrong scored first touchdown. You should add that that was fourteen one odds you needed to do
all the emotional hedging. You gotta this game. Congratulations, you want money on the box, but there's gonna none of us can be at three in the morning. Tomorrow, acts wake! Oh yes, I will now. You know I did first my million dollar pigs, to tell the people without their great grandkids about the success. We had the shared eight now big bad when, like almost four million bucks, one of the reasons why I rode prickly bucks everywhere I wasn't allowing myself that the route for it- I I gotta say I was a piece of their while we're happy. I was my dad my dad flew out for the game he put out a has bad suit flew out there. This weekend. I have you checked on these crying using your Pennell Rhine Rywhere. After the second tv we were like high five, like you is a Patsy. We, both Lovegrove Patriot, ever letting error it. Love grog it to me, like a small piece of this game, was the Grant Kelsey thing right and I dont want on the sports cards that sense package that we we launch Caprice LEO.
On Friday. There that he was a GEO San, you know by your grandpa Now he was like Brayden Crocker going to win. The Brady cards are now like Michael Jordan Level, because like watch, Gronk Gronk is going to cement it as the greatest tv or sit tight end of all time. And Kelsey was workin on the other, a right of the chief swam and he gets a ten year, one fifty into tidies as allows Kelsey the greatest grant. This was the last piece for him. Now I ate the IRA devalues the best that endeavour, but it's so funny we come out of it games that those two guys that we'd already decided on now they ve got another level. Somehow you another the same age. Am I wrong to say that I think that the same age, calcium ground his along that path, cut now cause he's only bed in the week like a year. I know it's like this, where a rock, I guess, came into college erratic college, a little earlier Elsie's thirty one. How old is grown? Oh yeah, grant grants. I think, like
thirty drunk on all NOS thirty. One also were thick right now until may yeah yeah he's the best Brok is the best part, is the best and it's gonna hurt you. You could say whatever pheasant alien darlin you, a million dollar picture, fake, you're, never be a millionaire it'll be a millionaire, but the picture vague and end the way I'm telling you it's going to be. Do. I want to be your first call internet shocking to hit me. He was We're gonna want another title: the Patriots with Patsy we had- and I think we probably blame them a little too much last year for everything they them pretty disappointing season, and then you look at the tower dead. The shared like, oh my god, I thought start to finish one of the great decisions I went from thinking since the dumbest decision, any major superstars ever made since Jordan and the wizard right, where it's like your legacies at stake, you could have just been drafted by the same team, you retired, with God, out as the best quarterback.
Our time instead, the whole time like Joe Tamassia, Mickey Man, Owen Where are these guys and instead year, risking you're gonna Fuckin Tampa to play, for variance and all these good deeds. He never went. Anything like this is this is desperate. This is like an actress. Getting you know. Two hundred thousand dollars were the plastic surgery to shadow caught and some role when their fifty years are now it was the opposite. It was a brilliant, both and the iron literally brilliant, he begged the perfect team. He move them along at their own pace is brilliant, while Wanna get into because I think it is a perfect team but could have done it with other James could have done it with the rams or I would have been the sea hawks. Could they have their dig it out with the rest? I bet he could have done. It will like five other teams. but there is always a rumour medieval Harrison. Rumour, breeze retired last Spring that's what I'm gonna say, because he has been breeze yeah that
you re not going to go to the saints sure. What oh, I guess the questions. Could he have done this with the saints I feel like he probably could of could have done it with them? in football team. Maybe now- and I get valuable honestly, but we talk about a like all. He way that the here's a great irony of this in May it don't maybe just applies that this game, but everyone is talking about, like wheat wants to. Oh, my god when he goes to tapping, gets a shiny toys, MIKE Evans and God when and if growth comes over- and you know and tone. Oh brad like that that would the team he didn't have they often Shootin Avenue England and it was the defence had stepped up. It was so crazy that it was the defence that one form to a point, Where are I greatly one envy pay by catches a two to one? But what does it defends? A player after due holding the chief to nine points to win envy pay right like the Chiefs over
There was like thirty points. They help nigh the defence whose Great Ba right they had most of the toys there, but the three things that they didn't have. That happened because he went there Leonard for net who looked like his career, reserving Jack's about who got, waved and I think, pass through waivers anybody had, they must feel still allotted must feel stupid. Rejecting all specially. He looked incredible. now hold play ass, so he gets between him and Jones. He gets. Thirty. Three carries fer. A hundred forty five yards, I was the bucks rushing off ass, rapidly Antonio Brown, he finally gets to go there and I was really why he fell. Apart with patriots, I was the last straw when they cut the cord with Brown. there's a good fire remedy, the receivers ever they had to run What they are, I think, he's gonna Guantanamo Bay at that point like what what did I think he took a person, I think at that point he was gone that's my leap over body. Bringing back
Well then, grog, who two years on that ram. Superbowl looked like he was the blues, but China make that one less ride down touched Gaga data. Already your movie reference, everybody glues brought by. I was ages He was dying and it was a bad guy said too many surgeries, and this has played all played. All twenty one games right was a twenty twenty games played play. What are the odds on the guy now better as dear went along. I Brady when he was but to do it tamper really remind me of an mba like date when the brine goes to a team in convinces like this, by our guide assigned in the dialogue that whatever the calves are gavel, Grabber Jefferson, then then, Ok, Corver come on over any kind of stack, your team with the rope, whereas you need for net who, Only sixteen for aid that I felt like he could add to ensure yards observed. They fed him in this game right, breakin, big ones for sure. Yet I that defence
the little gas to too early, as it was the other thing for the chiefs. Will use either thing and by the way you Heather the toys that happens. Evans had one catch for thirty one yards, I know I've been was too for died, I'm saying the only two hundred yards himself Brady and though they give us the defence that wanted a Devon white. Eight tackles an interception when field for tackles an interception. You know yet sacks all over the place, a sou at one and a half buried at one. Now Zack, I don't know, I guess you go you think about it. So you think about this team compared to the past team was not really this good for the last decade re in their again top Tampax in you, look at you got through the roster, unlike Devon Way, David suddenly de back stairs couple free agent sightings, I J, P, p in ensue, and people like that Shack Baron, I think, was really smart. Signing but
the defence said they pieced together, was a combo of the fact that they were good and the fact that their son, a cap space sure every I think, was the seventh back in the draft running back. They drafted Ronald Jones but running back and continues to be there over position to address in the draft it seems like every year you can find the foreigner type, but this team to me I haven't seen like whether they have to cut cap whatever, but I feel like they could. This back in this team would be pretty get whether they're the same incentives that are now, but I do think it's a really count to ten. Don't you dare I do, but I felt the forty nine hours were talent.
Two so there's something that just the losing team they. Yet that has a hacks item, maybe a juicy the loser near quickly on Iraq, because I thought it was just ask them to watch him triggered. Who was a good luck? Charm? For my mind, our picks talked me out of crack in the box to win, which is five to one that did filigreed here from Iraq in this game grog as clutch tied in I think you know that he was like we always competitiveness. Shack on this path. Ass right almost seemed like unfair and his peak, but I look back the two thousand fourteen Superbowl beat the ravens. They came back three thousand five hundred and thirty one in the Seahawks. He was seven thousand four hundred and ten, a td against the Ravens sixty four sixty eight against Seahawks the next year when they lost the Broncos two thousand and eighteen sports
and they only have no receivers. Brady, I think was, can cost and they just called a video game play of Saint Grog down the middle and just give it any fucking came down with it. forty yards down the field abandon their finger. Dr therefore down touchdown catch back in the answer. Right he's gonna go super boys, nine catches for one sixteen into, a chance Chiefs game in two thousand eighteen. He had that huge twenty five yards or on the final drive to set up the the tying score. Then he got the big third down. Catch time. Then the Ramsgate me made the biggest catch enacting the twenty nine yards and in this game at I'd, probably the two biggest catches for the cape.
Not to mention the one right down the men. I would use the old school grog, but this guy there's never Barrymore clutched added that dimension a better time, but God damn you gave Brady stats. I think your brother, I looked it up or some sixteen and four in the play off. I don't think there's a non grata back. That's that's better than sixteen and for I had shed Charles Hell layers up, but I don't. I don't even think just all insane numbers assisted dumb. It's almost a time. We should even count in history. We all believe it speak, it would say numbers I saw this and chase stewards. Twitter account play off Lenny four hundred yards for touched answer. One person forger Pussyfoots only guys to do this ever Plath, Lenny John Reagan's throughout Davis, mark a sound their future.
German Thomas had came next, Jerry Rice and Emmets, with twice while letter for net was waved and available in very like his career was over and now think you can get a fifty billion dollar contract this year from somebody he might. I don't know, I mean Derek Henry kept the dream alive for running backs, and I guess forty two were after performance that I'd, although, I don't know what the deck I don't know. I don't know how you beat. It seem like the the Box and Tom Brady. I get. These teams will go away and teams with great men there now, but I'm just phenomenal, I don't I don't get. A lot of people complain about the penalty odds they did have over like eighty yards, the chiefs of penalties in the first half. I just wonder if it was a little different if we'd be dug gushing over the box right
but there wasn't, I dont, think they're lying could a black for for air corridors in here now. I know I mean those to pass, as I said that one drive to. I can remember what happened, but it was back to back pass, as were the homes at a retreat like twenty five yards and throw it and then wanted the players face, mask and am one just out of the reach in the corner of the answer. Old would have been great, but they could not get it together. One thing on Brady, sixteen to twenty: in the first half for one hundred and forty, three touchdowns, no picks one thirty five point. Forty two berating mean one of the reasons I picked on this week was, I really felt like he was gun at least come through from the standpoint of he was going to lose the game and he was going to whatever the best version of him is. At this point at age, forty three, I felt like we were so you can see it in turn. The Bolivar yeah Jones was en route Jones is anybody. Who's ever had him on a fantasy team are routes for the bucks. Those is
scary when asked about how many times you fumbled in his career, but I always feel like you: might fumble data on that third down after they through, and we are arguing about whether you should ever throated of fat offensive linemen. You didn't like that. I hate him on the record. I hate that play every time. Here's why I like it. If it works, there's no way the team can lose whether to refrigerator, going from one yard or fat Lyman Chechen at the end zone, but the fact that those that was the chiefs best two minutes of the game when they stopped the monarch. Ronald changes had insane momentum to not score, I still don't know I'd, ask or on afford downplay yeah. So they stop on chiefs date. The buckskin
Another step when it seemed like out here we gotta die, reeks, can have a ninety nine. Your touch round in the games could be tied. Yo they get the pint, there's a penalty on the pot, and it was a great poet, sent them all the way back to the thirty and we're texan about. I was saying like I think this could be really hard for the bucks to win. They just gave away seven point right, read after send the text flag on the play, they got a report it and may I that the penalty under right, yes, wireless lets a good sum returned to imports and then the case partner with the long hair, tat, shanks, the secondment saws and their back on the third in it feel it felt like the Renault Jones getting sick. It didn't matter, but that whole sequence was we'll get. You feel go right. They didn't get a touchdown now if it is able to read it
like it swung the more money I mean just like you said those first to drives. The fact that temper or Kansas City didn't take advantage will, like new, were texting like I'd, take their blue at their Tampa by putting those first who drives added matter and then the online standard. Madam I, what is it? anything gonna matter it. Some species are what's goin on here, the point the punt over It was six and a half thousand my smaller projects and Melinda picks. The seventh point was the last one. Buck said, but they always realise so mad yeah. What's quickly talk. Actually, let's take a break with Turkey an hour break down the props this ep, so the dose of his pipe ass his brought, you buy hotwire. Imagine a nice vacation, their view, the popular! No. So don't book at cheap hotel book an expensive hotel for cheap on hotwire with hot it deals. You can stay a nicer hotels, never thought possible. Just like you're, sick
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Seemed like they were just going to take it down and I'll someone playing their punting and then chat. Honey finishes the game. All of that, I'm sure, if you're a brat and you're watching an egg on air. We might have been able to do better than the cheese, so the chiefs they lose, see title game the deferred game to the Patriots couple years ago. They lose this game and then last year, third, in fifteen Emma homes makes one of the great poisoned. Superbowl history timescale, the lead corrupt Oh, I forgot what receiver was freaking out in the field. He misses and biased, but one of those two players go San Francisco's way that she still don't have a super bowl and we're talking about Mahomes knee injury, and we get to do the sports radio. First, take then we get through that all thank her What would you say over under referred for this chiefs? My homes read like Kelsey Tiree, Kommeni Superbowl.
Appearances for them. That went Sidney DNA. When you signed a contract there and the pandemic get lost. Here they headed to Superbowl, when over the ten years. I think they had like an over under for actual suitable wins arm of the belief that if every year, their six or seven to one just keep at them as long as this unit stays intact, the one in the next three years ago, I thought this would have been one of em. but yeah. That was one thing that Brady wasn't going to allow a right. Then we think he had that in the back of his head, like Jimmy G lost, a ten point lead with nine minutes left in the fourth quarter. I ain't doing that right, I'm not turning it over, I'm not doing any of that stuff, but, like I think the big thing with the chiefs is and again we're going to take a victory lap or no one thought it was thirty. One nine, but I looked at their number.
And we thought were recently by us all the time and the game against the bills. It looked like their offices back, they could escorted the forties of fifty, so no one's is good or bad as they looked the week before I looked at it. Aid of their eighteen games escort in the twenties yeah pretty, could scorn the twenties, especially if this team could scorn the Twenties Kansas City if they don't have an offensive line and against this defence as good as its playing. That's why? I always thought I'd be closed. So I think it was a lot of pressure on the chiefs, even though they just right at the ship for really just one week against the bills offensively. They did ok against Cleveland. Obviously, until my homes got her, but there was a lot of pressure and a lot of like there's no brainer moms is a better quarterback he's he's winning it and what but wasn't the case at all. I mean nine points was two hundred to one odds, my unwilling to pigs. I tamper minus three. I had the under plus lad minus,
Did I attempt to push through sorry. The under I had four net. Sixty plus rushing out with bucks win was three two one and then my big one Brady under two Ninety six point: five passing for net over eighty eight, eighty, nine bucks when was plus nine ninety eight thousand by big parlay, so how's for- and I gotta say they gratuitous, fanned open. I really like their same game. Parlors great you dont, get lot of those we can be like. I think steam wins there. When, because this will happen, though, I really thought for now. Gotta have again today, I'm like if he has good game the bucks we're gonna win. I would like to team those two bets together. There is one of the fund.
things about the online gambling air. Is there now allowing us to do stuff right that Mozambique won't take? That's like that. I have decided how many times have I been screaming at hand at Joe House, like the house, you can't bed Brady over two and a half touchdowns and moss discord. Touchdown re James White to have over six and a half or two he camp then on a parlay. Now right. Thanks defend all we had that we can do all it's it's the one of the few advantages we have wrote. I was like, I think, for net is going to be one of the reasons the bucks for when I would like to wager gets back lunch and family can. Might I lost a lot of my tiny perhaps, but I won, What has really excited about. There will be a rough in the past or call yes password. Fifty five nice that when head figure Thy Brady Emma homes that they would you know, Prijedor protect both them and the J P P sack four plus one forty net loss the six their punts under that adds and tiny ones. But I
and I ended up for the plants. I was four point: six five, three fake dollars? It yourself. What are the real job? Ivy? Didn't you. I told you lost it all week. Five, I tell you, don't you have to retire at that you why you brought area China when it back? I was, I told them. I told people heading Seventy we're gonna win back. We want it back. I don't know you get a marker. You gotta marker, like David Martin, Cosmopolitan, can make up. The road is for this reason I was three point: seven too: a million dollars upon the thing, but you know this remind me of you and I met- I get a job right for Kimmel. I moved to California November. Sixteen two thousand points to that. two yeah, we start putting together the show. We in San Diego. We arrive at the first, I had sent a tape, obey open and you and I both of the box
and we had all these box bats. We had the defensive touchdown unlike create in it. We hit like everything there was stacked up like the range for the total boys in everyday with, although a bit of a gigantic amount of points I now that was a nice night, I had that. I had the two thousand ravens. Add it to happen. times. It's really fun when you now the Superbowl, because then the sum of the problem parlay Scania, follow and you just feeling I did it, and then you have another year where you may say in new filling the dumbest person on their. I feel good about this. and particularly because I'm losing my edge with Brady. I think I'm now four and six ambrady balls, as I can add that what on him for the giant games where you guys should want and cause. You know. I bet against him for Seattle and Lana to nonsensical games that I should allow, but let me give you a couple mine. I had the game would end on a kneel down minus one, fifty five that was a winner. Clearly minus one, fifty five one, fifty five and a nail down yet interesting
Clear Gatorade. It looked blue, I'm gonna argue it. I don't know how far I take it. You know I got Giuliani on that. Is, but I guess it was blue eyed clear. I had one it. I've killed The under a hundred now have you to talk about. Garbage yards are wrapped up, but good fiancee drugs first catch over seven have yards eight yard touchdown. That was good jersey on those speaking. A drug friends have found all tax may, after they were on their heads down there and said that was the second, worst case scenario. Mahomet sows the worst case scenario rocked scoring. The first touchdown was like an immediate seven figure lost for a fair and for why the people they went my homes, on the one hand and then drop on the There are no good at all about story ground carrying the first touch, and we should say that well, that might be that might be the under the same game, Farley's vandals and all this money come on Fan donata. I just,
number over seventeen, the half for first touchdown now is a winner had heads and add a couple things last night, air and Donald towards a winner, different supplier, the silken, and I do here. I had Tampa thirty cancer it twenty three as the final score, a hundred and seventy two one, we will not have already one thirty one. Thirty, two, twenty three. The added value at half time ass kind, ass. It was then do the math and my colleague shit, and then I had tamper defensive touchdown bucks win was basically, one thousand one hundred and one on Brady the score with the Bucs to win was bus, seven hundred and seventy seven I had to. A small one million our text. I thought we're gonna, get it on Fourth, the one eyed Rosalie s territory. I never was it. That's must unstoppable in sport. It was like a yard and a quarter. Otherwise did they might have tried it.
baby monitor, take that beating how about this stuff over a half a touchdown for Kansas City, you had to do three thousand five hundred. So if you had Kansas City, no touchdown you could have gotten a ticket on Fanduel is twenty two one. I saw in some spots at four hundred and twenty one, no touchdown for the chiefs. Between twenty and forty two one box to score thirty one exacted second, did they not horrid touchdown didn, go dodge down. Like a dream you re tolomeo like there was like six to one that they want even school in the first half of touchdown or Dutch. Now, when did you email me that the chiefs were plus one? Eighty four, when it was ten three known on It was now get your fears. He said tell me one it's fourteen three, what it is like I have to do this it. One. Eighty four, you know it's funny. You dont like even right every point last two years, if the chief,
had ten like that, it was always around. Even in this time it was like Vegas. Do they knew right yeah? I do know they knew they knew something where they could probably tell from the seventeen step drop by drop back. they can tap or by nineteen. Twenty four was eighteen. One box, like I said thirty one exactly as fourteen one. Isn t it wasn't Tampa. Minus ten and a half was leg was out like plus four. hundred. Yet I like for fifty years up, yeah yeah, I don't know what else to say. I mean that's. A lot of people lost their. I got a lotta notes. Twenty two one odds that an offensive Lyman catches attach down, so that was rough Guph There is, though, safety, no safety, the anthem won over. They paused that's just a great way to do pause between home, of the give it a fine Mississippi. Countenance a brave went way over to seven,
in an heads ruin their tails dynasty. That tells it at five in the last six years. Heads one where their ads for eminence having the best superbowl commercial. Now I don't know I mean: can you use nets objective? That was the most popular one with my kids than ours? It seems they love the eminence. First, let me ask you this, you ve done it the right way. This is the first time in twenty years I've watched the Superbowl, my house. I view the been at the game couple yards with you. I've been corollas whereas or Jimmy's party, and that take the last one was rams titans, whereas at my house, if you cannot, as my house as living Jimmy's house, but I went out with home, I'm with my kids and ever it was just that it was miserable. I have to say I am. I am what these people all the time their sick and me to know. Ok, we should do it squares, pull my why we're gonna get twenty squares, I'm gonna have to pay for all of em
Why are we re better? Be nobody! Here, though, I go find out what we won't do, a damsel but yeah we gotta get back to where we can all get together again. Since two minutes, I was so excited that my dad was Eric, as it should say anything, We have a guest, its special guess, STAR, the tv series, air, the brain damage, its cousin, Oliver and he would visit Laverne ensure their three we're going with old tv shows is that I think they have special guess, there's that he bore remittances ethics and seventy think not only my dad was here was like a totally live it up there for people with the same
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any those jump out here, I got a fine, our Brady's Goin among embedded Brady it is rather back and that in that a press conference in August. Forty four, let me ask you this document degenerate trifecta about this. If you could have Chiefs Box and Packers or the field, I think those would be about even which was either bugs Pat. I take the view you take the fields, if you like the bills for the Rams or like they even sooner, do you like them? I like the rams. I think the bills have to be taken seriously. They had an isolated cases, you're right Seahawks. I think they had a bad Bulgarians, dumb injuries and stuff like that, Watson, the x factor, the young girls are being allocated to me. Moving parts are now right. cause. I was looking at Miami a twenty eight to one and I still feel like there, the logical Watson team.
Houston's like we're, not shading Watson names like we're, not we we like what we have where we are now menotomy, discuss that. I'm sorry, if Watson's on the table, your training for all the bottom, where it was weird about this, is like they, like ones, can be traded within a couple days like why? Why? What's the rush? Wait till the good quarterbacks are gone, then see, You need a ride. Does this frank right really need to play with a more then I heard you might go to the bearers of IP, like once reform I would be hilarious, but why- we do in whence first, like I said, said: Kubi Merry go round there. I think I think some tea certain teams don't want to be left out right right. I guess, but our delight for better than whence right now. I guess you know it. That's all with Watson like are you can play, is blush right. There's this guy gonna sit in late August September. If Houston really doesn't think he is Then there are taken a shot there. I hate doing this to you. I really do I genuinely hate about saying how I have this to you because so passed it. It's you like her.
Covering drug addicts and I'm just bringing crystal meth in here ass in Vienna. No doubt refined, I hate doing this to you, members, eighty to one that's better death get a Dallas. That's a lie to have that dominant Jude S, death aided when they have the fourth worsteds in the entire league for the Superbowl you and I are about bullish on how much towered they have their bad luck last year and that to me as a possible Dijon Watson to listen. I love that team. I always that change their we'd all we had. We love that team check, whether team in the falcons either, but the air there that's my ass. You can see I can't leave, but It's an born in Georgia went to Clemson was felt familiar with the Carolinas went to use. Don't you think it's gonna get up in the south somewhere? I don't think he goes deeper, meaning probably right. I think he's airline is fifty to one.
Carolina looked like should have gotten Stafford for what they offered, so they offered the number eight Bridgewater Right, yeah like a five or something new that felt like they were kind of doing a favor for the ramp stickers, the guys to work for the rams. As the last year resolved. We really value chair, guff right, the first time, pig plus the second first rather take jargon, but there's no tuna. We like chair gaff guy, good luck, I probably would rather had Bridgewater and ate the seventh and eighth packs. Well, there's a chance at all. It's got doesn't take a snap, don't you think Now. I think I am, I think, I think, because their rebuilding next year anyway, They got what they want another deal. They got the pigs, they don't have to be a slave to our jargon, being their quota
give it a few carolina near like I hold on a second, I'm sorry, Houston. Do you like hold on a second you offered Bridgewater in the aid for mad Stafford? Thirty old man. Stafford is never going to play a game. Come come this way right, give us that a give us two more first rattlers in and give Us Bridgewater, and let's talk Savage series to shun wants a conversation. If your carolina psyche, when he's from there thou be, there must be the greatest, isn't it. I don't know why they wouldn't get added up either they gotta do they got that. That's way shook it up. I think that before you, yet Thirty three two one dealer there came a mention from an odd standpoint- is the call to twenty nine to one. I think that's a really good value, because we know they're gonna addressed Kubi. I think all of us, but like rivers under chief for them, even if he was pretty good in that play a game. They have town on both sides,
the ball. They have allowed a blue shippers. I think I have a pretty good coach. I dont mind the division therein and I, like those that, let me ask you this, because I'm looking at that twenty to twenty two thirty range yeah. Why wouldn't we believe in the browser got pretty far this year? Oh those coming back here. yeah you're right code, you and culture the year in his way and went away because that there the brands sure, but not a more really right there, like a real team yeah, I mean I mean that play a game. Is There followed a touch shut out of the Amazon and then Latona Chad, Henny record than one I guess we would say there is still the branch right there stood the battle for the way he read the stairs. I domino upset you now do it as this Brady's greatest Superbowl now darlin
when will there be topped delay? No one was unbelievable that he would have had twenty eight disarray, while we all by himself through four five hundred yards but think about what this means with that land has video injecting off his shoulder the little temper out for the most part. Most people say: oh, it was Brady, not Bela Jack. He took a team with five losses with German away in his favor. He beat breeze every Rogers. They beat me homes. You never gonna, be three quarterbacks like that ever mutton, maybe no one will ever be those three in a play off. and I he whipped the crap out of the defending champs. I think you could say, with his best start to finish, play our foreign policy forgotten, deterrent Heineken right. That's what beat Heineken when he did that, I think they're gain the confidence here. then the Olympic Games, the greatest ever. That's it. That's the greatest come back in the history of the sport Healy
game playing the game I again by himself and when the game ends where I like, that is the greatest quarterback about them. right, but it is at all we island, we finally seen our saviour than sombre on what the, but he still he was still tied to balance jacket that Matic, that that means a lot if we are to bring a nephew Kyle for this well call God you're gonna, say one of the patriot went guy. What was Brady's best plan achievement as Elinor was a letter I was like. My stomach was coming through my, but before he you in that thing that with this amazing and so that set out here, that said single, most heroic football performance about them at least for the ETA aghast, but or thirteen point on the doktor. The rams too, and had no business, probably even bayonets, Super ball severe without thanking derogatory friends when that game as much as the brand thing is literally all Brady for the entire second half, and by the time we won the coin. Tosses like it's over his is I've never seen a guy
going to the zone like that at the end, in a football game. I bet, if you inject, if you put some some truth, serum in his cauliflower and ginger soup, and ask him what his best most favorite and satisfying super bowl performance was this one right here tonight. Well, here's so there's callback right! One is that people thinking his forty three any can't do this anymore yet and that the league is passed by You have Rogers winning the envy pain than my it's. My homes is league, so where does he fitted with all that stuff? The ballot check thing I'd I know that he was really frustrated, though ass. You know intermit, They deftly in the mid two thousands went there in the regime called buses and all that stuff right. But then, once we hit the two thousand fifteen and on stretch where they were ballot check was always gonna gravitate towards trading back, not getting the. blue, cheaper out offers Thou Brady kind of peace that together and then building the lines in the defence, and I think
the guy really frustrating that, when the picks up coming through their use deftly bundle last year, there's no question now to me after Heineken ones as third em, they pay another look more impressive. What do you think Bela checks reaction, tonight. Well, I always do we talk about this last week I mean how much would you have paid to watch with Bill Bill Bela Check Bill, Simmons build senior. If you only three in the room, where would you pay to get back out, I mean: did he watched the game? Was you watch the whole game? Was he just checking in what do you think he was doing tonight? I think he definitely. I saw again and I think he's hope- progress be publicly about at some point- two million on very happy for Tom Bill. Why yours eroding four times the way the Brady Bow objecting was an argument. Fur! the last ten eleven years. Who is more responsible for data state? This is pretty good checkmark for re. I still feel like they both need each other. I think the way they did it
they needed each other, like I said the Vienna nine years and between super balls and you're not going to do that, would just any cut right that I can do that with a even with an anti red another. You could do it. What did the bummer- and I have said this before some repeating it- the bombers they didn't figure out a way that to avoid this specific scenario, and I think the only reason they got. You know the pay. The patriot slash knowing on such Boston fans, actually rooting for breeding ground. As I love, those guys is because we want somebody does the area, and it was one of those things where there were there wasn't like I'm indebtedness about it, because I think you know we just like those guys. They brought us a tonic joy there by it. I still feel like they. This could and saw three four years ago the same way it's gonna, Rogers and Green. They re now. Will you know Rogers Gonna leave with his fiancee shilling. Would they? You know they're gonna move to a different set of history as a bet a week ago,
You know he's gonna leave, you know, he's not gonna finish his career green, but he will not Why Jerry? I just got a defence of coordinated as responsible for, like the twenty nine thirty two offences get their worst. That's where they really. You know, he's leave here, and they could stop it right now. They could be leg, we traded love we're. Gonna write this register to the bitter end. This guy's great ease, our guy here is a new five year deal. Four hundred de billion with a hundred guaranteed and work at it. We're gonna run him into the ground, one where the other they're not going to do it. Why here. Well, here's why he might stay if your Aaron Rodgers and you see Jared Goths in your division now and potentially Carson Way, This common in two should be attributed area where there is a realistic or admiral. I am, I know about a better deal than that. Can I say one of my favorite words phrases ever in bow checks, defence, but yeah bowed checks, defence,
from four years ago he was playing the math with Brady. It was inconceivable. Somebody was gonna. Stop gonna quarterback aged forty three. I certainly thought it was C Mon Greatest Brady was there was no track record but even winning identify started aged forty three right, and this is like one. Much of the bright now brands and year eighteen is gonna. Win the Evian this year in this he gets hurt and its inconceivable. Nobody thought he would be able to do this. In season? They came but he's doing it. So I think about check made a mistake. It was not realizing. Ah the advancements we with the food dieting, the sleep, the second hybrid bear chambers, their Thea all the other shit that these guys do to try to basically fight our father time. I think he just played the odds and was now when he's forty one. This will be done and it wasn't there, but he did
don't wanna super bowl with them. It was restored. Thirteen points, Stoa, good team- I don't know that, was Bella check for me is if you could get take it back. What do you have signed? Cam Newton right like if you have to have your backup guys in there and then go seven and nine it's like well, I do not give him a little more credit, if he's doing it with Stidham, but the fact that he went out there and got camp find the cheap for sure. That was a good gamble either. I don't think they realize that she was going to lose the ability to I got a patient now, why a part of that carousel Jimmy G knowing when we're cannot you put on it. I think look at what the path throughout this year. I think they knew is headed our way. They have. I think, the most caps base at anybody except one other team it over here. The cap's when that I've been read now this that the castle over backwards and it's gonna be like the fantasy draft, where all
Everybody has thirty two dollars laughed and then there's all these good receivers, lactating I'll fuck Nera Chris Guidelines can go for six hours, What and then there's that one guy in the draft who's got like you, no ninety two hours, you all my out. They of course he's gonna top everybody's bid for the extra shower I've been annually and then you get kicked out a leg at the back. It's gonna get it out of the way I would maize, costly runaway you dad the one they got under way out at night or day about I'm better, not that exists, even if the best one it goes all the way through the playoffs, and then we redraft only fourteen viagra. Still like the best trained gonna drive you like three players in tonight's game. I had Evans God when I Kelsey Entire Rico and suck at what those are my is that I have left someone else as the other guys, the guy who, went into it, who is in first place, who went into it with my homes in Brady in Russia
well, sir, now these dizzy, I beat him at all, as it has done so nervous, find one day this who was plain fence. If, above five weeks later, banana producers make yourself, so you team Brady in Anti ballot check on this. I think this was his best when their adieu various is best. Rod is best Breeze Ma Homes Rogers, you know when they talk about against you. Double aid teams like they be Duke Michigan State an villain over like while that's a pretty good run their maybe they should be considered. One of the best like this is then get better than that, unless you be Tom Brady, which he can't do cause he's Tom Brady
see that it is better than beating flack o wrath. The spur grabbing, listen back to back from it as a good dummy did of you laugh, but obviously that was great for the time. Can I just make up a point about when there's a blow out the Superbowl. We ought to see two things we want to see CBS. We want to see if someone runs on the feel, please show them cause, that's fine, they dont do it because they don't want to encourage more people around the field. I fear the complete opposite. They always so the prelude to a commercial, though, if we want our directors go nuts, we gotta get at it. We're gonna global reach will regroup at this, and we want Do the color of the gate right? How do they must gator it there should be one cameras and urge the gateway doll can you get a lot of women in that and see the like forty minutes? After the game, when south our drawn up. There is somebody who's, the run on the field, a bay, Bob Morgana, kissing, bandit yeah, who had I'm skin, said the biggest breasts, probably of anyone
of that error, and she would run out no bra and run down kisses kiss whoever and it was the single most exact the thing that could happen they spoke. I, like somebody, could have five farmers in a game and it was that as exciting as Morgana, because he bid it. I miss Thursday, one that they decide to not show it because they showed it back. Then we saw it right. We with our guests, Now I hear what year did they stop? because no one really runs on the field anymore. I greasy one Hungarian passed away. They showed us an hundred fifteenth home run over and over, and these two hippies are costing him. in writing with the birds like and this guy, a death threats it out for the months leading up to the breaking all run is like guys what size I like. Oh my god. How does that but that stop. I think, around eighty two, eighty three right you didn't you, don't you gonna drive ill. It started Fever Petra Jimmy found and your barrymore, when it first law jumped out of the Centerville bleachers.
anybody would die if that happened to say, has at least twenty feet and then ran across Fenway and navigated. This whole. They got back together thing for like two minutes just than ever, maybe the game stopped and they just let it happen after a lot of people are you would I hated lies in Bosnia or you do how I hate that movie with every ounce of my body. As you say, the person who wrote that movie came up with the idea for your play, a fantasy like this. It's the same person at the has that that's bullshit, I now say, prepare corner by you by car max, don't just buyer next car, your next car with car MAX love your car guarantee our friends a car max another buying cars dealing with their new love your car guaranteed. You can take your time to make sure it's the right car for you, starting with a twenty four hour test, drive driving towards school to the grocery store before you buy, and if it feels right, you got a full month and one thousand five hundred miles to keep on driving with their new thirty day money back, guarantee,
new love- your car guarantee from car max, learn motor car MAX Dhaka, aright cause you're on the clock while before paragraph and I want to add softer Ricky sales Jones who, as a pre game scratch, he was my Gary Russell prop of the year. I had him to catch the and make them last reception for the chiefs, and he was a healthy scratch or some kind of scratching further the pressure was to my friend, sorry already eggs, we'll come back next year. Let's see heritage was the garage air cages. Cadet idea, though it is, is another that out it's too much been in this gave. My parent corner happened about ten minutes after we stop recording last week. The angry, border before the royal rumble. I came out and then the role brambles about the start, and for that they, my pet, my family did pick numbers for the royal rumble pool. So there's five of us in this there's a week
six names and my littlest Harrison was the only one. The family was one. This unjust ends up in tears every single time he loses because it's him down the last two, and not always at him down last year, will have like three rescuers left and my own. This will have one and that I'll, just like nickel and dime one one one and then I'll, be one I wanted to lose so this time he had edge and my wife had Randy ordered an air. God bless him. He lasted to the very end. He somehow sat corner for forty five minutes. It's amazing how they do that with the old guys they there's the corridor. They just go backstage the fake injury and combat will randy ordinary thought is a fake enjoy rights days at eighty, so he was legitimately gone for the hour or whatever. So it ends up. The last one in the ring, but we know Randy organism been eliminated because they walked into the locker room. Here comes Randy, Orton, our Kayo, that's my wife's guy, but somehow edge recovers and throws, or not
the top rob the little one wins. I posted on Instagram he's going crazy. I five in every one of my wife is just relieved that shit anyway, as a little one would have to have a little conception and anyway, as you celebrating I Lorn elbow onto the little ones head and he goes. It gets a has a running start into the chair and the hard part of the chair and now is crying out for gas all found by signing two things to happen. I need him to recover quickly right. I needed a champion. Bad injury the family did not hate me right. So this is. This is a tall order, so the injuries that is its add subsiding anytime soon, but he's taken to the offensive is now punching me. He's gonna change around like ok in a way. This is good for me because he's not just writhing in pain, so he punches me and I'm at the height and he's at the height. Where
punch as either to the base of the spine. I was going to say that I feel bad age rights of authors line every I'm, I'm not talk of our little taller, be ok, but I'm not right basis by and he is crack in me all his might and I'm trying to sell it not like. I don't even have to sell these punches, he's really beaten, make. So we want the royal rumble. He got everyone of all on family to get Abbe mad at me and he I got the best of his old man, all three and one good job. I? U herself, we have here is a year. The paper view that could never happen is a six year old.
against their adult father and the six year old, gets all the punches for the first five minutes, yeah the dad can survive than he can fight back right because I do feel egg in five minutes. The kid would finish the dad every time. It's too many ball spine, it's a diktat, smart. I would need like for protective cops on yeah. Oh unviable survival, as I do think when you think about nature and God and stuff, and how they create thing. I do think they know, He had boys your less likely to keep having kids when one of the kids is now saxon punching repeatedly in the nuts right yeah, it's it It's weird way of control control the population. I say that to my wife: Am I guess you have to give birth three times and that socks, but I get grazed the knots and I'm at a commission for three minutes, seven to ten times a year for no forty five years, how many times each son with the
if there is a kind of the kind of sun we have, how many net punches. Do you think you take over the course of like that whole run outside at least forty? Oh yeah? Forty is what Well, what running we talk about our John sailing from age, five to age a day, one month sure yeah one month, easy yeah. I think so and also like the hard punches in the back when you not looking my son now who is like he's? Probably five, I think he's five six, his voice the summer deeper, the mine he started. size me up. I feel lucky in a little bit like I could probably take him in a fight but a couple times what they call the pledge made. I'm like hey, I'm still gonna kick your ass in all cultural services. So wait you're punches her your five six and strong,
have to sit here, get the shit out of me. You know what our great would it be if you hired a bodyguard just has around TAT myself very, like Celtic, like it's just achieved its Robert parish or somebody just hangs out with you and protect you from, but well what really sex for me is. We would know the covert, Kyle Kanak above and hang out, is a villa keyword completely be Thou Kyle, this big love but Teddy Bear night. I wouldn't be taking the same kind of abuse. My parents corner so as of Benchmade Times, have the puppy Murphy's. Now three and one slash two months old who has the biggest feet? head tail. We we think he might then a being eighty pads, my wife starting a break because the day he just can't stop the accidents and it's a gift cards and beyond if you dont welcome fur, if you don't let him out for an hour or the sudden, he'll just do like the exorcist period. For me, remember there
says when she paused in front of her hat and how stare. You read, the eyes is doing it is this guy you know like just boom in in its loud dark as his tall its it sounds like thunder, so my weissmann lose in it and Thursday night shows in the guest room, because my dad is flying in from Massachusetts and she's gettin the guest room, ready in its dark, the doors open and she walks in and Allison. I hear the screaming and I, as I think, she's getting murdered that, like that's obsession screaming the dog, is taken just this massive shit in the guest room and its dark and she steps in it with both feet in these slippers that she loves and I go up and it's like the smell. It say it's like Amityville whore and stood out like we. We have the thing the best
which, by the way, anybody as a puppy inside these water vacuums that can kind of get rid of stanzas. The serpent the Bissell up been the thing she's got her slippers ruin she's, going not she's yelling at us bends laughing, which is making it worse and its use is twenty five minute, just the nightmare. She's she's, like so mad she's like crime, but that even crying it's like anger, crying and she's like sand, keep the puppy way for me, keep em away, keep away. I will kill him keep on waste and out of keeping him down so whole melt down. How you're nothing just bends live every by my house would be laughing at this moment: I'm scared, I'm scared for the public is like she saw my escape up, and then we
light a candle either because Zoe almost burn down her house and you can do four weeks ago so that all the windows are open so anyway, so then Friday, my dad's there and he's sitting at the kitchen table and Murph. Of course, we forget: does the exorcist pier in front of his crate all right, so she runs upstairs to get the Bissell she's mad. My dad is just gotten there he's, like so excited to see his grandkids spend their twenty minutes sitting there. She's yelling comes back down with the and it's like a water vacuum cleaners it and then ass. She pulls off she kind of trips and the water spills all over the carpet. And it's like this shit water, from the night before me. That means reigned. Does it out this giant shit water thing other melt down and then, if I get that puppy way for me, get him away, and I have to take him and it was just, but my point is: don't get a fourth up at that level.
Less than over, the bird governors have begun about the dogs. Kids, a break in the kids, don't There lies the killer liars wherever there they that now there it's like, meanwhile, Doing ah there's the kids they're fucking useless. I know it's a pandemic. Need some light. Your life and I do love this dog, but I did it. It's been a neighbour, the digestion everyone packet things. Removing the house number eleven. Here's a map, I I don't But today I think I'm really worried about this dog. That's rough I don't know either he's really gotta make it through this for their want of the Vienna Outdoor Dog, now reaching fattened, evade rapier leaving those are fine apparel man sat, and I'm really sad about this, and I want to add more she. But I want to thank
football, and I know you re Roger Adele, but my god they did it. They did it. So what the Broncos, how to start a wide receiver at quarterback than we had to see a couple Tuesday game, but they got through this July a scream and all they got him. We move weak seventeen they get at least over two weeks. They forget that it. I know it was because the arrogance- and I don't know what to say, but thank you football for forgetting, throw it we're almost one barbershop visit Barbara visit. From not having a super bowl, which is insane the maid, but an incredible arrogance. Now: a complete disregard for safety and health and and they just platter they got. It then say like good doubts, but more impressive than Adams. Over the last six months there there were the ads that, like twenty two one right after
Like he's a hey, we're gonna have the all star game you who the fuck wants it all starts gave don't have an honest, our game that once this, what are you doing? The bride think Adele would have done that yeah. You know what the breast bashfully now is abroad as a favour to win envy pay and out of your member, but last year janius it was like up in the air and then everyone got see. Yonder Dunk Journey all star game and cigars now is minus four. Fifty elaborate right, Asker this we're not plan and also by the bright and the bramble squash single handedly dead. I honestly Adams, gotta start looking at some of this stuff, like would get out. Do this in a thin there's, yes, maybe reconsidering satellite, but though I was there we bubbled, we did everything right last year, then I felt and bubble and aid and they are and they did it. I mean it the fact that its once a week actually ended up helping because once they utilised Wednesday in Tuesday right that worked out for them. I am also
very relieved and delighted that we had four bar that were able to do our son an ipod. Every week we operate in homes. We didn't miss any weeks. We at one point it seem like this will take nineteen to finish the season, and by the time we finish the placid I'll be March, that didn't happen rather than we got Brady. Brady one is seventeen. God only knows what he's got left and I think there has been brought about by car max, don't just by your next schuyler you'd have car with car max lovely car guarantee chicken method, a climax dec Hey one lasting for we go so we we had a lot of people how bout with your with you, but China yeah, I want to thank everybody around here, at best our lives, we don't understand the best, lest any more because you definitely sold a top fifty most Amanda copies, but then the New York Times gets to look at the West NGO Air and any date there seems to be so created.
With the list, that is it just books sold slatter? Now you may, by a spot. You want to get into this because you're gonna want you're gonna write more books. I know you do want to pass on our never at times, because I'm not either so lets us thus t offer. But now I am yeah they get supposed be top fifty. In, and I had more sales and two in the top fifteen. But I was at the top fifteen, so it's that it's just a book club, it's not a best sellers less right, but I do want to thank everybody for contributing in an ever. are you bought not did fifty nine interviews and now thank you are wrong for have me on Amazon, it's a nice little how can it was an excellent book? cows em all available so by it and Amazon, I probably should even mention Amazon Cosette was one of the things that apparently sunk me Many Amazon. What are these rules? It's like the challenge, wouldn T, J Lavish starts Looking at these girls before the elimination, they were
yeah. I mean you did everything you could. Even when I'm part of my take to China Ethic promoted easy, he did whatever Turk shall get there. I didn't send them a book, but there were nor that beyond our tax reverie one for again, it's still out there if you want it, but if you want to hear so he's got his extra points back ass Would the against all odds deeds which I never get invited on a while ago. I can hear you invited back again. Think I can you add to this gimmick. So I put up fifty five hundred and fifty five hours to anyone who could produce a fan doll ticket a losing vandal ticket that demonstrated the worst beat of the weak. So if you have liked and often linemen to on a parlay at twenty two one, and you went forty five and parlay. You show me that, and if it's legit I'm gonna fly
Harry out or hair, is going to drive to wherever and hand you fifty five hundred and fifty five dollars in cash. Am I missing something as it should Harry be wearing something or by carrying something else? You ve, Sierra if the persons in leg main well tat, it can only be like seven states right channel era. Colorado West Virginia in Ireland are almost you know. He told me doesn't have anything where there s no pulled whether qualification you should make Harry make them like a Halloween custom yeah. I want your dress him like a Lord of the rings characters. I wouldn't do that. I will. I guess, I'm like a Harry potter. Carry respirator is like a wizard I'm never going to get there with the money like this. Is it this isn't a sociological experiment? Here I give him the cash. Does he get all the way across country with the cash to hand to the person at their doors, but he's getting e likes, but was you
the day yet and if there's a native american casino in that town or within forty miles that that monies got will be doing that. When are we going to go to Vegas again, you think what would say over under for that. I am. The plan is boy we talk to our guy day. shown by their I'll, be on his part gas on the Ringer believe Thursday Grom yeah. He kind of like shied us away from Vegas What about ready? He basically scared me from being established, might take away from the long text that he said we're gonna Vegas here. Well, my fiftieth birthday is in July. That's the plan to have of the big bash there, so maybe I'm maybe were vaccinated by then who the hell knows. I think I think maybe that will be enough time. That's the first one July re. Yet too, I don't you think. Let's do it, I'm gonna matter what fifty I've had enough yeah so another great season. This was
Fourteen season together and on the other as the lines Parker somberly unbeliever six at how many six less than Brady Boy ever catch us We should say where retired Ambrady retires and was still get to go to other guys in such good. Thanks has been agreed. the great year and I'm with you, I'm glad we got through it and now I can't. I still can't believe it when you want to start that fantasy legal, my go you on a world, I hurt, there's gonna, be forty. Seven lineup changes at twelve, fifty eight p m eastern time and you're gonna have to be responsible for him, but now that pretty smooth and thanks to fend off first, given I saw the lines and other stuff and thanks to car max who we might be hitting up, because we have you have a son
have a daughter who was about to get a driver's license this summer. That's right may met at the figure out some gimmick with car max. What does your dog to drive might have helped the dog bases of the sun? really by my wages, move out, I mean. Maybe where goes she might just try to get away from. Other committee were very with you. It's crazy washes welcome irony that issue they have not an extra royal rumble number for ethical I'd zau last time this year. good job on your body. That's it for the podcast back with two more in this field. This week, plus, we watch apples state The taxi driver me she fancied behaviour, that is, Monday night see them
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