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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the joys of NBA All-Star Weekend, the new All-Star Game format, why it worked, the dunk contest, things to watch for after All-Star Weekend, NBA scuttlebutt, and more!

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Trades and so the best of its Pakistan, the rigour package that work is brought. You buy zipper, critter fine and keep where's feared I can't be challenging just ass knit nurse what How is he doing it? Did it at all? Cafe Teresa, don't miss he could. He could relate to Nick needed. He needed ire directive, coffee, Kemba, Walker and Campbell, and over six in the last five minutes of the game he posted his job on Ziprecruiter find the best person for their own. Just a few days, four to five employers who, post on zip code to get aquatic in inches, then, the first day, right now my listers contributed for free at zip code, not come sash, bs Z. Computer as the smartest were. To hire Ross abroad, you by the ringer dot com the world's greatest website. Well last great websites, a great website, as well as the rigour Pakistan we can find the re watch. A we are launching a flawed we watch was a
I shall series on Tuesday night be ready for that. I'll, give you had eyes is in the first movie that we're doing so. There you go. The book of asked by pack has comes back Monday night, as well with game four of the two thousand nine MBA finals, Orlando versus the Lakers, the most underrated choke job of this century. We're gonna be breakin now and as well come up Rhine Marcello is back with me, through the files and into the first two weeks of average free every week on this package, usually on Sunday nights. This will be the first one lots to discuss first, our free
adds for projects. I will take place at eight forty four Pacific time, Sunday night driver seller said to the first of many Sundays in railways. We had other way through to the plants in the files, anything for you to say something so my magical happened tonight. I dont know in the long term I dont overreact to it, but the ehler ending named sir guy named Nikki Lum, who created this one hundred and fifty seven rule that the game just ends when somebody has to one hundred and fifty seven it didn't totally. Work was sloppy, it was so riveting and don't know where this goes. What did you think reseller? You know it's what he is. I think we're in this world,
where everybody has all this time and you want to stand out as an opinion person. You want to offer up all these changes, hoping given to locate him ass, a really good idea and most determined to somebody taking it from somebody else than claiming it surround, but I can fix college football. Plath expand six with to Bosnia. Gadget everybody's already done this then, when I started reading about it more and I know if they have the basketball tournament. I got you know what like this is. This is going to work, because you know this guy you I'm here he would watch all his college basketball games in its true like especially when you watch a tournament. You cords gonna foul time out. Both the law wings. Add you no foul time off like the end of basketball games as much as we love it. Isn't it isn't that great in one of the cool arguments that I read, the cutter had neath like look at this and we have an open mind about. It was a view started when you invented basketball. The court was like a nascent started. Basketball said: let's do it this aggregate score than you have to get to a certain number so that the first recourse scoring cow.
But then you have to get to the designated number at the end, with no clock, and then you said a hundred years later. Let's change it, so the game completely shuts down word becomes a free, throw shooting contest in managing your fouls. People would go well. This sucks. I got to watch this version of it so yeah I have an open mind about it, and I want to read more about go. You know. I think this is actually gonna work out and I thought it was great. So I They get something that will take over the league and me by the way. We do the plan some five years, that fight that, but I do see them now. I think they'll be trickling this out. I could then doing there in summer leg. I could see them made Obviously every Asta game go forward and you know it have these single elimination play off games. If ever you know really mess with the planned system and didn't do whatever. Maybe that maybe that's where you attested next for the plan. The thing that I like the most about it was that the guy's got tense.
In a way that reminded me almost like a game, seven in the plants and me we saw some guys Campbell Walker completely fell apart down the street, James Harden. Who was averaging thirty nine points, a game or employed the season Natalie. Was terrible but passed the game winning shot when have wide open labour, the basket key hot potato to Chris Weber style, just to get rid of Nebraska took a shot nearly four mid court in bead. Was these weird Lopez moves like he was like George make? Nineteen fifty? Is it really through eyes off in a fun way but at the end of three Davis I was what without with Kyle, and I say that I think he's gonna miss this first free throw. I think this is the biggest praetor, ever taken it is career and be the fact that their able to stimulate the play of pressure with is weird goofy format was a huge success. I was really excited about it. The harden passing the game running lamp was was comical aspect,
for anybody S, eye harden fit right. Yeah he's probably so condition now, four years in the system of passing up on two's for threes, these are our corner. Three there it is, the play that we are going to lie in the four the Rockets you do not want is not one. It's like game point now the biggest thing on the on the yacht aside. This, though, is that I thought like here we go first quarter and, unlike ok here we go again like I had watched the I'll start game for ten years, and I watched it because I had a due to pack has review. Last year's has a guy, I guess a watch it like to me. It was absolutely and watchful and the findings of reasoning and be a keeps making. These changes, whether to drafting the teams than this ending now, was that the players made it and watchful. You know Yours have this thing or it's like love, it's that pool to try and then yachting once they got smoked in the first quarter. He goes crazy in the second, yeah and then I thought it actually change the tone of everything. And then you have that fourth quarter, where Yoyo case of their lineup was Campbell, Lowery Flop at all or replace, see outcome. Who then
came the go to guy, despite only playing eighteen minutes. I Nick Nurse was doing Lowery was likewise, let's go match up all time and then indeed the postman Yadda such the ball less than everybody else? The team is named after him and I felt a one point. He was a lot for the bp, so you know I don't know we'll see when they see the tape, but it was funny the way we play basketball these days were everything screen and role in a lotta threes and all that it basically went out the window with this format and the pressure, the game and maybe the lack of familiarity with the prayers. But these, though I'm cool, in the east. The red tape knighted nuclear state. I keep ought to do the same thing when she's colonies, they were getting her shots like they, this like a late nineties, play off game, I'm on harboured, classics or something you're watching the Knicks heat. Seventy two: seventy with two minutes left the fourth quarter. They don't know what to do and they had guys you don't we, I would say,
hey Loreen, yon as high screen or camper and size green is about as safe of a basketball players. You could run they. They weren't even really running it, that they were leg, okay, whoever James harden guarding we'll try to post up, I thought pretty pretty fascinating and then on the flip side, the west, almost though the branding must had too many guys, and I just felt like count. I was saying I just give it to quiet, he's going to score every time, he's Kawhi Leonard and they did it once and he scored and then I'll sudden Conaway sideways, but well things. I love about the Astor game: and why I still defend it unwise to watch it, even though it's been incredibly disappointing up until the last couple years. Is there these motto, none of the motto: what is a model? A model? What what get over this Armada model a model that there was a la Braun Yadda there was a la Bron Yadda thing in that game and you
and tell me there wasn't. There is like Yahoo is blocked him. I think early fourth quarter and then Black Davis, the exposition. Then the brand item back later and did the Leubronn Quick walk away, as is bench went nuts and then your all tending. And I there is some. There are not enough of a dog shit, yeah, there's some Alfred Darkshire gone out with them anything YAP, absolutely yeah look leubronn very you can usually tell like exactly how Lebron feels about his place and in the place of somebody going up against them like when you get that block on Steph Curry. That was two years of you. Guys actually think this better than me, hey. Where have you actually think he's better than me like? I know is stats are better, but Jesus Yan, oh he is, he is agreed. This is what makes these guys special away like some guys delusional, but whenever Leubronn has to hear about like four five guys that are better than him and physically
may be, and that European US has consistently called the best place in the world right now. I know that your milk doesn't take it a genius to figure out that that something he's gonna resent even if it might be true, is just these guys. Gonna concede anything, and so What I love is that it really- and you know this is your house, but a lot of Basque, about rightly delight in those pick up games where its game point and there's just a guy that no matter what is going to take a too he just he doesn't care of is the worst, whoever yeah, but there's no way he would take like a good one or sit somebody up for a good one. You know you just like look. It went by two. It's ten ten editress everybody in a pickup game is taking the worst two's ever. And that's a little bit of what we had to night and then it was also funny like the unfamiliarity of actually playing with somebody were hardens. I hope you will. Let me go and I thought there was a call them. Are they should have that. I also thought the LAO Recall was suspect. I think all our calls or suspect. First, while yet there
want to set a screen for harden, and if I wait a minute, we don't really do this anymore. I got all the Clink capella highs green thing like we don't do as Watches Westport doesn't said. Screens me like what the hell you, and like I beat my man, get an angle of that either whip it out to somebody else. So I think that meet the too many guys thing was actually these spot on and then it or what what does colleague you're not gonna get LUCA like LUCA? Is it one of the ten best players, the world right now, courses uneasy they're coming off his injury, but you just knew that if its team Leubronn Chris Paul it's gonna, be out. Therefore, re and so crunch time it was Giannis and outcome, Yakim, Lorraine and then, Le Bron Campbell was so bad camera where he was good. The first three quarters and then no really like worth, was really like tat. Five in the fourth quarter main he was, he was doing the thing where he was thirty feet from the basket totally call with like hey guys. I've had only you. What are you guys? Take it? I urge you to handle it out of bounds transition. Oh my god. He like in an egg
to the point where you're, like man, maybe they're better, throwing in tray young, at least to be scared, labelling the clear that from you labelling Davis quite harden and C p. Three were on the the brantome seamen we're on the bench for the blue team. Unfortunately- and I thank all of those guys could have play- All of those guys could played on the on the honesty. Especially at like Simmons defensively. I think, would it onto another level crunch salmon. It does make you think when you action, are those do doubt there. It's like our at liberty. Still the broad he's, not maybe his polished as he used to be, but he still gonna carry himself. The offer doggie still gonna, be the uber athlete the Vienna says, reach that level of at least a politically and then you see that, like Lowry, who didn't as much town as anybody else out their crunch time, but cares himself like he does, we carry over from the plants last year, and this is why you and I are so bore son how Toronto
these last two months, because team, as it has added to democracy in Latin Lowery, was most indispensable. Guy for the red theme, I felt, like I just think a lot of stuff if the austrian points out correctly, find out a lot about the guys on the floor and Anna ethics we found out was Genesis. Really bad picking players because it just seemed like, all the good guys were on the blue team on their bed. They would show the bench of thy manner with ecstasy. Look in the game. I get Jason could it played out Simmonds? Could you know it was one of those things, but I really enjoyed it and are you? Have you swung back on the all star game. Now you back, I mean, if that's what we're going to get that kind of products in the fourth quarter, I'm all for it. I mean you, don't look the field goal percentage drop down twenty points. I think it was like. It was like fifty five percent. The first three quarters worth five percent. I don't care. If it shop, you mean these guys are all there together and as your sit there through the first three quarters, you think about the stuff you gonna say and at one point
even writing down? I make a plea that took notes on this Unlike you know me, I'm because it see aka, maybe because it's kinda may because its lowry- maybe it's because it states some of these other guys like Middleton, who art superstars, that their steadier and they're gonna play better because there, combined score, they were up pretty big on team around there for a while, and it really again, I think was all propelled after yadda saint are enough of this first go to stuff like I'm actually to try hard, and nobody else knew what the hell's going on assent course kind of funny. Could he just went off, but just think team abroad had lizard too, yeah, you Lightwood, where they had gone with Lily like what he had been better than Paul or hard, and I mean Paul had really good numbers here. The best I can get a plus minus if they all start aim, but I guess I just did They were loaded terror, loaded in our little postmen and they all start but I guess you are the worst plus Monica. Don't put you on the spot here who had the worst is: who has it and beaten Campbell tied for negative eleven man,
why in it at a volume, six applies and under either. One was Chris Paul plane crash time now, partly because he's lebruns friend, but Westbrook was too for ten. He was in great and you think, like I dislike, Chris Paul looks like one of the ten vespers their game and probably belonged at that- whether I don't, I think Lucas, probably on a minutes, restriction ass? We might have seen it, but you think light they traded to first rounders with Chris Paul D. Get Westbrook it's a tough one, either I'm looking at the east- or, I guess the honest start trying to figure out who should have been out there and its tough cause like I guess maybe Dotted Mitchell could apply. Instead, a camera- I don't know, I just felt like once it became clear: at with the moment are either he was worn out or whatever was gonna marry and have it. I thought they needed something who can at least get to the basket adena. Who is aware when the funniest,
but again, the reseller Eric Louis and marked Davis. These guys, when their roughing your game and like a random Wednesday, your bummed out feeling man where we were This is a huge gaming saran away we mark Davis, Eric Louis, really, These guys are in the asked our game problem. Feeling, like I add, the star gay on that could break a sweat and all senators and like a game, seven and now, have the wrong rest in the game and we had like five catastrophe, so my advice would be get better wraps. If we're going to do this. One hundred and fifty seven thing right Yeah I had a real regular season feel that at the end cuz I got okay now guys are flopping and now guys are losing your mind and complaining after look like there was a shocking saying I was at all, we need is like somebody to tweet out that they want to be traded to team Lebron and join his friend for this to feel even real time. I say what they think there is a list of officials beyond those guys that would buy me out a little bit more yes of the new I gotta ash. Yeah I mean it.
They actually had to work like the thing mostly gonna, rest now being like who the guys that that cut off the complaining, the quickest than those of the cash and, I think, you're better. I don't care if you miserable cause. I liked the gall the guys are just like hey enough, like I gotta enough one last thing about the game? No more than that. Yet other stuff in the game. Ok, I have one more thing and then you go through your stuff. You know yet yes, he's gonna win their VP again he's gone other level. The bucks have a realistic chance of getting the seventy ones if they could stay healthy. This was the first time we ve seen yard ass in that situation, where oh yeah guess what the points are gonna. Come that easy and guess what I know you're telling us you you're really comfortable. She didn't three, but you know you'd actually do in a game. That's one! Fifty two to one hundred and fifty two where the winner has to get to one hundred and fifty seven, I didn't see you comfortably pulling up from twenty five. It's
and they were walling mop on the inside and he really couldn't get the ball where you want unless it was transition- and it made me think like if I'm just Brad Stevens sitting home watching that game- and you know at some point- you can expect to see the box and it's like but he's never really figured out that aspect of the game when it gets really really frantic and defence turns up nineteen notches. What is his, what his Coloma like? Why did that move where they took the lead rather was one fit for fifty two. They sat in the pack and he has that little a half speed added. Pace. Page nineteen idea. Ninety eight Michael Jordan, little following jumper that he can hate whenever he wants. Basically, what's your services vote, in that move- I stood on the gas it do you can I just yet so that with a question, are you are you coming? Do a yacht us play off? Take for
end of the all starting. I am saying it rekindled my memory of worried me about them last year in the playoffs when it got the defence, got really good and evil that out pitch that I think he can need as like the alpha best guy in the team. What's his move, what's it would work the b, what does he have even a bead that one time when he, Leubronn Danny did that little up up following a shot, at least it was like a move like a creative shot. I would be honest thing that, like what is it going to be out two million? Can you take him out of the last five minutes of a playoff game from I still haven't seen enough from him. That makes me think he is onto another level offensive way as that kind of guy, I guess is my point. You know what I actually got a general low because it sounds why, because you of your buckskin right now, you're lucky, you guys actually believe, like your come over this conclusion for also,
but, oh until it with all these teams, your new is hard and they had one little play off run with him, and we know it's all. You know new still and is relatively young, but I just I do think better. Prepare team, smarter teams, gonna do that wall defensively or if they are not just gonna, be able run coaster coast every single time and Duncan everybody and in our union sixteen games at way out united. We sit here and say I definitively. No, they can't do that. Then I can point out all the flaws of the
teams of supposedly in their way, but it is, it is worth like. You know. It's kind of our long standing thing less cup years is looking at regular season teams going. Is this going to look this way in the play offs and spreading it out and having almost this point guard centre that that has the Baltic is out everybody like if they shoot it well enough, it's not gonna matter cause. You got a eunuch. People help offer those kind of binding. It's almost like it's kind of like the hardest thing, we're hardens so amazing, because you can hit that shot and drive in its spread out but yon as the sole physically dominating over those guys. It's just like, ok, we'll. How do we want to play it because it's gotta be knights? Were we help, offer him away? Burns can be nice real offer him a week, clogging up in some guys miss some shots them immediately to play off came so I couldn't say definitively. I no other way, but I do think it's a fair points, a fair point about a lot of these teams. Will you just haven't seen one version of this run all the way when a title Phil is another website that, when the defence gets like when it got like in the last five minutes, what is our off? It's gonna look like I did. The early reports are
great empty out here- I know, but what else you f ok highlight funniest moment of the night was Reggie Miller, sang tell me that these teams don't want to win, beat and then Albert says to him dead. Pan is someone telling you that they are not into it. I was sneaky remark. I wasn't expecting that from him tonight. I asked when did the producers were just telling Reggie matter like this? every time Marv gets Tatum in Simmons confuse. Can you just step in and just kept it correctly without making without embarrassing and in the end we do that and then the other funny part for me was when I informed, you in house two hours into the game by tax that grandma was one of the three and answers neither of you had any idea. I just was yours locked, it am. I know I was locked into my notes, so what else did you have I kept coming up?
bad tv producer. Who does it really understand sports segment ideas the pre show pitch to Morrow morning? Are you ready for this? Yet ok, nuts? what I'm sit around and with my talent there, the AP's we get a key grip die in there and I'm just a terrible producer. Somehow I have his job, so am I guys guys. Ah does this mean I was not a one. Ok, whereas I like this right. The next one is: where does harden rank in clutch gene. Clutch thirteen rankings, the clenched clutched Jean raking for harden Oh, here's a good one from what we saw Taylor Ben Simmons is that mean that they should play together at some point Maybe they well yeah. That's that's even though, out of close and a good one here. Ok, do we think in the now
see Ba because our hard these guys played, we should revisit how hard they should have to play. It is funny vehicle fan and you ve gone to like five home games this year. That collide at the last minute was like I'm good at that leg, and then I can't get a plague. Thirty plus bullets in the asked I gave threat, probably be a bummer don't think equally, I received twenty minutes. The guy's, when you look minute numbers here. There's actually not like the numbers are nearly a size. You would think but it was weird because now, if we were just pick up, you know you and I, both by basketball, lot about there's no tv I'm out, there's no stops, there's no free throws and you just kind of going for twenty five minutes there minutes. I rely on the game tax rate in this game. They said it was a commercial free, fourth quarter and every put their crunch time, guy's name when it was like one, forty one, forty something like that and the guys were
there are while like going back and forth plan pretty hard, and I actually thought they that sums absorbed needed at something you may have were joking about. Nick theirs was trying to run and beat in the ground, hoping for some and tear beckoned. You know that paragraph twenty nine, your browser like embayed, here's this guy's on minutes, restrictions no resting on whenever they can and yet rarity place twenty nine minutes tonight and it was a hard twenty nine and he I was die entity and make their sister the point there was an over time. We could put five more minutes at a bid IDA, there's a decent chance, their sped on the bronze team. I don't wanna accuse him, I'm just saying there are some there's from shaky Nick there's through it, and I think is the best couched in the lake? But this Icon Lowry, playing to your guys in time is like some fucking nineteen, eighty shit, that's what Billy cunning at mister do you know anybody. They just load. That appeal mother thinks there's that with the figures in the shit like that,
Jones is out there, like. You played thirty eight minutes night, why? Why think we settle down one fifty seven, just out of curiosity legs lay. I just I met to clean it up for you remember it was you go by quarter, but you keep a running total. So at the end of three quarters it was one thirty, three one, twenty four yon us and then because Kobe Bryant, they added twenty four ploughed ass. I do as ok, so God it wasn't automatically get to get one? Fifty seven, it was twenty four plus the team that was winning God. Well when Marv tried to explain at the beginning of the fourth quarter was rocky and I end up having to go to Google events tomorrow. If it's just I needed, I needed a little more of the sedation. I was confused and that and they had. They were never running scores for some reason at any point during I am That's Corazza stats, we'd know I like why could have had sixty five point? Seven had no idea than ever dimension it but by the way, it's a really good point, though, on the tv time out. Think as I timed it
nerd it out over here yeah. I want to see just how long in real time that fourth quarter took it took almost forty two minutes really so that's we too many. Oh my. They brought LA broad and at cause like red team, their team yawning had most of the guys already in Lebron, came in at one hundred and forty one, one hundred and thirty six, so they were down five and then they came back to me like loaded it back up with everybody. Was that really long yet as lad. I dont know is there a real time? That's that's gonna, be the Zagg. This whole thing is that those guys just type in a way rest pieces all week now going. I know everyone liked. It would have been more funding for people do not play right. Did we need more load management? I I think I think we had everything on that regret. Wits, let's take a break in them were intact, but the dung contest would take a break to talk about the ringers newest podcast. Its cod music exists. It is hosting
best, sighing author check closer man. I know that guy as well as Chris Ryan. I know that I too is at the rear, where they ask any answer big questions about their love. Music covering artists from steely dance radiohead to Billy. I wish to drink. They explore multiple aspects of the music experience deep die on concerts, vandam criticism, John relax much more of fifteen episode season. It begins on February nineteenth. That's Wednesday right. There was it's a Wednesday three episodes dropping whence they February nineteen. That exam, why music? In the experience of music matters, it is available exclusively on I defy the only way you can hear this park. Ass is on Spotify, but guess what it's free just go to Spotify, search for music exists. Press follow every time they do. A pack cast it will show up, and if you like this podcast, I guarantee probability,
Cuz he's been on here a hundred times, and I know you like Chris Ryan to my re watch so they get music, as is avail, only on Spotify launching on Wednesday Ferber. Ninety check it out back the but dont contest I have to go. Since the Euro. How can we fix it question mark and then do even care question mark to which one do you? Wanna AIDS are first allies, the second one don't fix it. It's for kids, people seem to enjoy it. I was in the building last night Chicago I took back this morning. You know I just the keep trying to fix it, a million different ways. The one thing I save the Mai bodies are scenario. You know you should just give like a mystery voter in just change every time, any chance that that person you have eleven and it's only one person. It can use the eleven We know that he's beans, everybody we get fifty wants. I think, there's a way to change the voting. Think as everything's just sort of a fifty and then
and they're kind of like I will not give somebody of fifty cause. We keep giving out, fifties banned. You know it's is daddy's Joneses dunker. He just kept you kept variations of in between the legs thing I want to dump on him, cuz sick. It in building it's actually a little bit cooler than you think I mean greater care, but I don't. I don't wanna ever complain about all star weakened, because I think it's about kids Qana, havin fun in the league celebrating itself and the players organ hang out. I really think that's what it is. So I'm not gonna sit here dump on it. I there's two very simple twigs I've been advocating them for years. Nobody listens to me we need to do, we need to increase it to a hundred points that fifty I did that solves every problem. We have. Everybody gay Eve. The five judges and everybody goes from from one to twenty points, If somebody, MRS Dunk Ages, you can you can't twenty you? Can I get a nineteen indeed thou. I just think that would make it a lot easier mean. Yesterday was
take us automobile pack. Auditing did make the files is to die really good it did. The white men can jump, he made them first one mediately, there's just there's not enough nuance with the fifty. It becomes to bizarre that. Be one thing: here's the other thing I just thought of last night in that year massing right. Yes, I'd taken every ok, So you have the five judges I think there ah thereon. Disguises. We don't know who they are. They then the anonymity, the anonymity, would allow more. It then did not be appear pressured into tens or in this case twenties and they need have. Judge yesterday who, like our man, I can't wait to find it, who screwed overran garden and then they take off their masks. Oh, my god, it's Coreham alone. I can't believe you did that
I think, you'd be excited. I would be excited for the mask reveal each time you know with me. I'm just trying to figure like judges. Gb like oh, my god, it's almost like the end is Scooby. Do like its Mr Belvedere, he gave a forty Gregg Pavlovitch. It's I don't know. I do think that the fifty thing is damn and they should just go to a hundred? It's fine! It's alright to change a hundred thing, maybe, but then they might just give ever been hundreds and then you feel like okay. Well, if I gave somebody a fifty early on cuz you're excited it's early Duncan in the crowd playing up to it. Cuz they're excited in the whole thing started and then Well, how like I gave back I fifty, but this one was maybe better, so I still have to give it a fifty again. Let me now is another thing. I do think it was funny a couple black eyes that our sitting next to you. But I got in there late I mean know, was another thing and I did think it was funny a couple black eyes than sitting next to light It said hello and cool self Carter. Rising ago, like like me, a package and your boy was robbed,
your boy? That's what I said yeah! Well, I don't know I get where you go with that conclusion, but I go normally like the white guys like the kind of get boosted in this this. This setting, where there's almost dislike, sympathy vote for the White Dunker IA and the guys were like man. He got Rob I appreciate that. I dont know where there, where that in the greatest. Why guide, donkey performances we ve had but like Brent, bury one at one year and I follow caught it and was Lamar press. If I I was really jacked up got watching Emma the fighting. As he brings our unanimous and he's gonna Duncan jump over yonder and an informer text, I'm having a stroke You can use one of the Lopez Brothers liquid really had to bring our yeah. That's what if he like, we the giving out his whip lashing out of this house for twenty eight years near anybody jumping in us. Their wicked thou be by one suggestion, but I would also
I'm taco fall, I'm like he had yet. Oh, what are you gonna? Do you drag your balls across my had yeah? What's funny about that alcohol ass, a crane I can try to go out. Go out later, but I was you know thousands question lad had for you at work, and is jumping over someone leading to the worst sports. Then we ve had since Clint more logic was cut by the state because I feel like where getting closer and closer to an absolute catastrophe and that its and it happened. Somebody is going to wipe out on one of these and it's going to be absolutely awful and taco fur all is some four five at some point, we How are we gonna go here. Makes me now rapidly right now, not a. A talker fallen, the mic, sets it bad man these down, just right, yeah, no more right now. Stop jumping it's like a state, that's like you, don't have to wear helmet anymore. Motorcycle like you, don't live rear die
That idea can I can. I do my little rat, though, on what happened. That night is as bad as pretty bad. Is this? China gut. Yet I think the timing of it's gonna be quick saws with two bodies. And I was in charge of the tickets. I pay for the tickets, you know and lonely just tell you that they weren't cheap, so I wasn't like they're still a on it. And I was running around all day. Had a couple things I had to go to watch pod. Have this this media jam thing that I did a little bit later. It was kind of fun and then you know dinner. And then I knew once we went to the Drake Hotel. I don't know if anybody understands the Drake Hotel in the executive. It's almost like bottle service for each individual person. They just bring you out like a goblet and I was like okay. Well I don't take it easy to get an early flight tomorrow and my bodies were like we're not taken it easy. Again or I get it- I get it and then I'm like you know at some point like I know I don't care about the skills comp, but let's get over there like a little three point: competition whatever over. They like no still like problem, and you know from the start of little bit,
they get over there, but we're still like thirty forty minutes out from the start of the dutch contest and the way nice centre set up it's like all sorts of fencing around. Maybe we just for this weekend. I still think system construction. Stuff and you roll around the corner and is about twenty deep and sincere Cargo and say sorry beat it is. If we close will call, was the NBA call. The clause will call guys like what remains closed, we'll causing eight twenty in like yeah. Ok, we missed the skills thing and some are three pointer but like what we all have tickets will call. This is ridiculous, so that guy goes on for ten. Fifteen minutes find these like They suggest overpower security guard and just like look we're gonna walk up to the window. Monsieur Darzac violence garden with all you guys go ahead, and then we go to that door. And in some older guy at the door, and I might try to be syllable out. Like hey. Look like the NBA left me these tickets. We argued, go like this kind of ridiculous that you can't. We can't just go to we'll call. He goes, we close will call the NBA said it was our call or will you
it made the college again. I don't even believe I think United Senators did it and then adieu next to me starts get really mouthy with the security guard whose older and the kid is getting. Mouthy is like I'm about to put my hands on you. Man- and I was like ok, we'll wait a minute now, I'm thinking like I'm, even though the security guard is leaving like us out in the freeze, call the Chicago you're, like you're, an asshole to the kid and I was like I'm actually gonna defend him, even though he's in my way of getting in their because you just acting like a jerk and then finally, some guy comes over center supermarket everybody goes we're gonna open up, we'll call, but it's your fault when a yellow yell which made me realize it probably wasn't the NBA call because out of it and be able to do something that would then change their mind. I register. I think people just were like hey whatever it's late, we want to go home, it's freezing or they wanted to go lavished on or they wanted a watchdog contest. Yeah. Would Oliver tickets jail they after They said they open it. They opened up fifteen minutes later and by
Tom even got in there. We miss most of the first round, but it actually worked out perfectly still. Like forty five minutes of the dunk contest, I mean other than standing outside for forty five minutes, but- come down to a mystery of I'm not gonna, Yes, I did: blame United Centre saw just leave it at that com Common should have added that story into his half hour thing that he did beforehand before the Astor Guide for the night did you cause? I was gonna come up, but I've got in back to allay late and I go away. This thing is in starting for another hour, nearly gonna starting right now, and it started an hour later near Errand, Gordon, so he lost twice and because of just the way social media goes and recently by and others that people decide. This is one of the great tragedies in the history of asked are weak and other stuff. I didn't hear this It's five years from now. He enters the dun contest. Again he adds up winning with good performance, not great,
marrying opera and send a woman like where it's like that it's the make up call Oscar basically for air and Gordon, so he just he can retire now do the whole thing: I'm not gonna journey and come back and three years and you get the make up contest one. I think that's how this place of the three point contest the Buddy Hield, the comeback was actually pretty exciting. Basically ran the rack, except for one that hit the two pointer for the winter. The for some reason: tray Young was the first person who congratulated which in turn treating this weekend. He was, he was in a dead, really good job of being in every place, but I thought was a pretty good ending. I thought it was pretty good Saturday night for the most part I taped it and zoom through it, and- and I actually I'd still like the three point- the duck. It's for kids, but I'm always get at least watch it without having to be totally happy with that. But I bet that's what I think the point is like some stuff
Ok, so something is in your favorite. Can you appreciate that other people, like it that's kind of the web, I've been when it like? As I get older, it's not like to do less like having to be home. You don't want to know that in a really since events Carter wants that one arise from the Utah jazz was in a jelly want it. I was like now ray or but I dont think it just kind of cool man. I think it's really cool that all these guys in this leagued. Together they get to hang out it Raillery, it's a very near the NBA, we really cool. When you focus on like how positive it is that these guys are close, I know it can be nauseating with the way they recruit each other, and I bet you bother me, but I know it turns a lot of people, often that it's not this nastiness, that we had growing up what? Yes, I miss a little bit, but league deciding like avers complainer flag and a really great city for three or four days, and in celebrate all these guys and gives many people that it acts as the other cool thing. It's ok with such as twenty four players like: let's have a hundred players here and everybody hang out and you don't want hotel. Then you run into three or four guys. It's kind of like a
Superbowl weak, but it's all about basketball and and people who love it were the Superbowl feels more like a media Industry event like, if you add media you're gonna, have to be added. This is about it, I'm not terribly corny or cheesy, but I think there are times you just go: hey, maybe not everything's for you, but but look at it is positive because the league, the league, has this window of a few days of cells. Waiting itself and again it being in Chicago. I mean we both know Chicago's, awesome and once Fridays Weather, when it was thirty. On Saturday I was his loving life locker and seizure, nice job, I'm with you. So I I think of all the wigs they do by far the best job of Nile, incorporating as many of the current guys as possible, but the history of the game and all the legend Saturn attendants the way the Lee take. Care of the farmers of ours is there any just see them even weather
watch the dunk contest. Are you watching the all star game tonight and you just feel like somebody's walking during a dead ball situation? It's like Scottie Pippen space is over his right shoulder and then somebody goes the other way and it's like there's Dikembe Mutombo It's like the ghosts of NBA pass in a good way, are all set go to all over this event. The files is like this a little bit too, but not now as dramatic as it is with us there and you think like the same week, where baseball Jeff Pass and this com over the weekend. Baseball is burning. And I was his lead said it was. It was actually a good com and it was about baseball, adjusting please chaos right now and the players have turned out each other in everybody's you'd, see Astro than the asteroids are refusing to admit that they have completely disgrace the game there. Fighting back, Rob Manfred taken, no accountability whatsoever, barely discipline.
These guys at odds is one of the most bears and commissioner performances of all time ever in the history sports. Anything like this Five hundred plus million a year trading movie nations relate the Red Sox who make five hundred five million a year trading Muky beds to save money. They term Muky Betsy David praise into martini as Kevin Polar and outward do go as us. A fractured his back and they did it after they raise ticket prices. League is a fuckin, shit, show and you watch the Abuja this weekend that for all all its faults, we lived plain about it, but still most part, really has it shit together and really embraces the comrades, the league in the history of that, and it was just kind of dragging that those two things were happening simultaneously. I felt like First, our work that he has been was two thousand six completely with you completely agree that that might my pause was was gathered. My thoughts, not not disagree, it all two thousand six, my first year and we used to just do the bonds.
Every night, and I might man we haven't been this hot on baseball is, alas, scandal. Fortunately like that's all it seems to become like hey. What's the national baseball topic, everything do like other, it's a shit, right now and you're not to go down the movie bats thing, but I mean there's a million jobs. Cerebral do ok like well. When Vertigo comes back and twenty twenty one will take at bats away from all the free agents that they sign from. What is its exact is. Is that crime who writes for you guys, yeah, yeah, really good and he did the the Muky breakdown, which is incredible called the myths behind Boston spooky bets tray justification. That's on the ringer check it out. Even if you don't care about baseball like what the Red Sox did and how they saw this to their fan base in what the actual real savings is, is so minimal like its absurd, because you have all these other
reset the tax thinks. So when you think about the baseball headlines- and this is really why you know there's that period where we thought is the inefficient decline will know, and then we thought is the immediate abbess franchise do invested in it felt like yes there for little, while, as it trends younger it's more international, all these different things and then the dip in the ratings this year have made people think like whatever comes a rating stuff bill, I'm like let me see a few years of this. I know I'll get worried about it, but let me see a few years of evidence because you're doing this exact same com station about how the Unifil to woke in the south was turning it off right in your like our nope everybody's back, like whatever it was it wasn't it wasn't. A developing thing was a blip and when I think about how we were doing NBA topics they for always fun. So for years I mean the NFL concussions, it was Capron Ache. It was all social just observations on a that right, get off, that it wasn't foreign emitted a was
nauseating. It went on for ever and at least with basketball- and I think that's a really great observation, just it being a fun weakened and celebrating game celebrating the history, the game and you go. You know the basketball topics or at least fun topics of heat. Look everybody's got their problems, but we take out long. It's been since the envious had like an awful situation with like a player getting into trouble. Right am I missing somebody recently. Unless, like I don't you know, the deal waiters taken edibles is is on everybody's radar, but you know the Kobe thing. I can remember why didn't know, I don't know I didn't mean it is none item, I'm going different direction. The Kobe thing the fact that he was a basketball player in the way that impacted it. I was probably the boy a celebrity debts in the way
been received and mourned and processed and just continues to be thought about, and you know, dissected and still heading people happened three weeks ago. It's really feels like Princess Diana type of thing, and it makes you think leg is basketball, like the Americas pastime. For now, with the with the way, it's crossed over cultural even see this week this weekend with the different music and Obama's there and it just this intersection of all of these from things are these personalities and celebrities, and even Third, in other ratings aren't as big as football, and I think for powers is by far bigger, like a Thursday night football I might have a bigger rate in the game for the NBA final sum that arguing that but from an impact standpoint, is pretty profound. What's goin on you know I let go by. Obama was not at the Superbowl
two days like doing panels and things like that. So something is different without resonates with people, and I think the co Bethink played into that. It's you realize like if somebody becomes a truly famous beloved Basque Bob, where the impact of that ass as any other sport. Now I think, even football team would you agree or disagree that, ah I mean it's kind of a we're topic today. Like, if somebody worded yet, and that the aiming at his right leg, Leubronn Kogi. Michael Jordan. Those have been the three biggest back Bob, whereas in the last thirty five years right as their benefit, player who has been as far reaching as any of those guys in the last thirty five years, a good you say bread far off now it has to be Brady for even suggesting they write? He d producing Brady has crossed over from a person.
We stand by like those three guys that no, I feel like Brady, no less much less about here, and I would say we Jordan right. I mean we Lebron, he's basically is basically been an open book. The entire time and was was a real. You know was like I know I don't think, there's another version of Kobe that you would meet. You relate women who the hell is this guy you know like in, for all the HEAT Leubronn takes. I think, for the most part is pretty well liked, like I don't think you know, I'm sure you'll be tough as a teammate everything, but you don't hear stories about it. Being the slight raging jerk to people and even Toby was tough on his teammates, but I'll say the Co. Methinks weird man, it's weird nets, but that the greatest adjective, but it just weird, and that I'll have these moments reforge.
But he's gone and the as yet clip of a man of my colleague, shit man. Like he's really gone, I now hear it. I didn't think I was gonna. Have that feeling I have these little moments. I see him again and I go. I am making a bumpy outflow bet. You know not to say that other people are more bombed, outages. I'm I'm surprised how often I'm catching myself sort of stopping what I'm doing is I'll see something from him and go on man flat, but it that's speaks to what's a little different about. The idea is that these guys retire, and they live on in these second act as the legends Their games are on tv there on Youtube. They have is massive social followings. They show up at these different events in its leg burden. Magic, hired in ninety. Ninety two- basically magic came back after briefly, but those guys I'm out of the league for thirty years, and they still feel like there. You really a part of the league. Jordan came back because he bought the Hornets, but you know Duncans coaching for the spurs.
That's kind never go away, whereas in football geomantic retired. He was on tv for copper years and then he just gone Joan, unless these guys and doing tv there's really a scenario where their back in their life. They just become these retired guys that we don't really think about again in the NBA. They just kind of Shack, Barkley you know come Malone. Is the rare example of somebody who retired and his kind of I don't know what happened to him is that really around, but for the most part Not only are they around, but they show up and they show and like bill rustles. Eighty six and he presents the final VP you now there's just something about the connectivity of of of the NBA and have they in the past that, I think, is really unique and I think baseball had it for a while. Think about a movie like even feel the dreams where the guy bells
bar field and, in the end, the thin. The legend lack Yeahs further, but baseball for years and years was a great Mickey manner commander was shut up, I'm Letterman shoved thirty years at twenty thirty years after he retired Joad, agile and those guys kind of live down as legends what baseball is. The ban is legends now, a red bonds Clemens like guys, don't live on that way they just gonna go. I mean in a lot of times kind of disgrace to say I mean here I rods pivot from worry was that's your publicly to like oh yeah, he's pretty good. Talking baseball yeah. I know I did that video on his come back. First Matthew caught his come back, but I actually think it's incredibly impressive, but it's also a reminder of how quickly we move on and outward we forgive, but on one of the things I wanted to kind of revisit, though it you're right about the basketball thing and seeing these guys everywhere, whether on staff, sir, and he s Viana do in all sorts of different staff. For you guys
walk around all weekend, you, like others, I, like other guys on that staff. I remember him in all this stuff and that, as far as the coverage of it, like the nation, covers for baseballs diminished, because the interest isn't there, the national coverage for basketballs only grown, but there's just so much more inventory for it. So I think that's part of the problem for the football guys. There's not really that much inventory in fifteen games to the week, and you know, as far as the pass I'm I you know I as much as I'd like to say: hey some of the benefits that we look at what these NFL ratings is that how easy it is consumed the scarcity of the product and all of these different things like if you had eighty football games with ratings, be the same like, of course not but the the ratings compared every other thing, on cable or so staggering that I still clear the interest levels far far like when you start looking at some of their regular season gains against an mba files. Game is a good reminder to be like way you don't like it may seem like everybody's all in the NBA thing, and then I'll see you
numbers I got. Oh my god like. I can't believe what what a regular, what a Thursday football game does compared to an MBA finals, game I thought far was gonna live on in a in a kind of a legendary way, and I remember I was striving somewhere like a month ago and the NFL affair serious should resign and far vat a show and the serious station. You know that it was. Are you serious yeah? He had I don't know whether it was weekly or what, but if some guy was Brett Favre when he was asking me questions about the weekend as a preference on the radio like and then he like what is he rang, learn he'd. Have you said ten years ago This is going to be with Brett Favre the way he was in the public eye. I don't think I would have guessed that I would have assumed you was going to be on Monday night football or something He caught a turn it into a basket Jim. I have heard of it.
Brady will be an interesting test. What happens to him as a celebrity wants is for bankers overrun, and I I broke the news, the Kyle that date it really Bessie, might there's a chance. Brady might not be under the patriots next year. I'm starting to believe This might not be bulshit that he might actually leave. Would you agree that the Brady stuff- and you know, you're a pretty connect, a guy and yeah? You know every now and then I'll do some of my Boston friends will have a lead on something and then sometimes you like Jews, you have Brady got a split ranch in New Hampshire he's not going nowhere and you're like what like we're the kids. Am, I think, that's in Maine, like whatever I haven't, really heard. Anything that's other convincing, and I just keep repeating myself. That reminds me a little bit like the collide thing is that everybody has a rumour, I don't really believe any of em and that whatever happens, it's gonna be every once in a stable of course,
He was leaving. You know you negotiated this thing to have the free agent, Klaus and Isabella check me wants to move on if he stays, as can be like, of course, he's going to stay. I think Bri is going to join some new team new system and not be comfortable, so we're going to play the results like that. One, like nothing else, but I don't know, I don't- have a really educate ass, a gm Ike everytime. I think, like there's no ways ever gonna leave that I think. Why would he? Why would he put himself in a situation where it's like I'll do this, but you gotta? Let me be a free agent and there are like ok, no problem, but that's where I think would be despite the live. It's like Dave girl was an aid package last week and he told the story about Ipod that thank you and he said about it through fighters. In his eye we talked about how they almost look up a long time ago and is now we'd. Never break up would be like if your grandparents broke up. What the hell are you gonna do you should use them these very instead dating good line was unbelievable dna. I kind of fear that way about Brady like at this point. He does
we have to finish this girl. The patriots he's gonna, go to them biggest raiders for two years? That's gonna, be the sands edge seems like such a weird waiter and near the best quarterback about time. You ve got six idols and safer a little more money and go play for Jack written in LAS Vegas, Sir Unit Plain Tennessee seem strange. What's that with the opening? I give you one final thing on that sorry and guide, but trust me when I do that'll be quick, Joam Tina when he left San Francisco and went to Kansas City. He'll have been six years. Younger than Brady will have been re leaves and go somewhere else. My cat ago, Woods outlets take a break. I want to talk about all star scuttlebutt cheeses. Are you ve heard of sales forest? But if you like, lotta people, you don't exactly what sells for its does. Well, here's some
answer brings companies and customers together as a work well differ employs across your different departments at sales force like Stephen salesman, marketing Katy customer service and I d dog at a single shared three hundred review of each of your customers. That means two things: whenever your customers talk with any of those people, Stephen says whoever don't feel like they're having relationship with one United Company, not a service, disconnected Department II, even porn, it means all those people feel they have everything been in its make, your customers happy and not just that happy happy and a wow. I love this company. They re Get me a kind of happy when your customers are that happy everyone. I repeat, everyone is happy sales force, such great company The hard my buddy fish, one of my oldest friends, we've been friends since one thousand nine hundred and eighty four yeah he work for them a long long time. That's us
as far as brings companies a customer's together. That makes sense. Learn more by visiting cells for Stockholm. Slash learn or our aid. You were you in Chicago you're talking to people. Did you hear anything that made? You say I will say no, I heard three thousand prostitutes fluent that was interested. An interesting stag. That is that the new trade with trade rumours are afraid there. They, I dont, know how that of salary cap. That number seems high seriously that is always that last night I didn't hear latterly. Those are pretty good. There's a lot of people about the necks- and Leanna, where space we greatly
they get over the next in western can be involved in some way and then Steve's doubt that his all thing last week and just how far the next can't stared and all of them were there, and you know it running in the same circles, but haven't, even when they have good news, can't seem to stay out of their way, but from other from people I talk to. It really does seem like the Knicks are, Hell bent on repairing their relationships with. With players around the league and try to It seemed like hey if I sign The next it wouldn't be a complete shit show in every respect, so seems like a noble. Noble turn for them to try to convince people were a complete. Should show an offer, labour than right, but like the first time, during a guy went on. First take apparently come fleetly,
catching the organization off guard, but I think he just told him first take the news: a gal come on yet a compared himself to Drake and it wasn't like Drake traded required by the way right Eric goes on there and makes it even worse and next guys, like you, gotta, be kidding me and they issue a statement that he's like hey. You know what actually I'm not be doing that that was they all time performance. Is it ass? She deserves more credit for how absurd the whole thing is, and I know I was respect like imagine if it was me before, I join the ringer like going on Bloomberg, be like you know, bill, I get all sorts of plants, we gotta get a Tampa. Affiliate research, you Tampa stuff it with TAT, is the next big market a little because some wedding, podcast line up now it would be like if you did that, but then I mean this part of this woozy completely insulted the interim coach.
You know we get a code, we get a new coach in there and it did that whole thing would be like if you said you know what, if, if you get somebody in there or push on fantasy, and he went down around guides, but having a good run but Thou the nuttiest part where they had. This coach is trying to get the job, but don't think he's going to get it, but you you're basically nasty in that first take that meant that guy's not going to be here next year so and not to mention the prayers classic twenty straight years of incompetence for next, I I did not have allowed us gotta but other than I do think. I think the Lee is as ambitious as its ever been right now and make a move. And I mean the NBA as a whole like really really blowing it up in getting creative and China should take some chances. Despair
with the ad the meteor redtail coming down the road other, I think, there's no aid they dont re up with is pan intensity in some way, but I think there are some wacky things coming that would at least it'll, be thrown out the same way they threw the stuff out November. They won't use spring it on us ever get leaked to somebody thou gauge the public reaction and then decide what to do after that. Ok, ah, I agree with that part of it and you I do as we sit out the top know. Whenever it's okay you're my seven steps to fix this or you're all these changes I want to make or how come you don't do this exciting game college football is my all time, favorite one cuz whenever they change it, then there's ten other coaches that tell a college football writer. Why that day is stupid. Yeah and you know that's the whole thing of like: don't let
would be the enemy of progress here. So I don't want to do this thing. We're, like all change, changes his big. How many times you will. I got that stupid that stupid and plays out your guy, not, but I do think allowed people are projecting or offering up stupid solutions or fixes to stuff it. Doesn't it fixed, if I were the NBA ahead of this next tv thing, get everybody gathered, say we're starting December twenty fifth or that week, maybe December. Twenty fifth can be the third game and we're gonna runner season at a late August, and then we'll do the draft. And then we do free agency and we're just gonna that stretch from the beginning of July to the
End of August is still like Tom Cruise and far away where they're all running at their flags, and that's why you have the big three that's way of the Basque: that's where you have all these things, trying to figure out liquidity. There's this six week dead period, if our the India who cares about Winfrey Agency, when the draft happens, I want to know what would be the argument against just starting the season two plus months later, in laying claim to this dead six week period or at the very Please start on Thanksgiving and bring it all the way through to make the finals like the last week in June, condensed the schedule or do whatever I agree through. I think they're, not condensing. I think I think you take it to finals until like mid to late July and then free agency August first everybody's talk about your league and he can have a draft had about you. Do you could flip? It is that's the other favorite want. It's like. The NFL has drafted free agents in the opposite, or the NBA in both always argue how theirs is wrong for half the heroic wait a minute what
I would just if I'm the NBA, I would say we need to figure out how to just make sure that that window in that calendars hours. Who cares about tradition? We don't kick. It doesn't matter anymore, is more important to have a tv product that we can sell where there's a zero competition nationally, because baseball's local product- and that would be my number one thing of our sober I've thought about it- a bunch this last week and I don't really know the argument against it. Yo. You make two key points. One is that baseball is diminishing returns year after year, where there's now like an ample opportunity to just own July and that first part of August. If they really wanted to, I don't know if they would ever go to August, but I think she'll which they ve gotta taken over anywhere with free agency having for it or not, product to sell. Nor I know it's not a selling France is that all right put by anybody, would say to me: oh no, no, they all knows first, two weeks, Angela, yet a owner in talk show topics not and nor any social and its being sold socially
all of that stuff like a lot of stuff like fake those are. Those are real down. He's really writing you a check for that for awareness, impressions and all that stuff. You know people running a cheque for games and what would be more valuable than completely uncontested games. That late like, I would think, the final to be worth even more later, summer right if it was Jack near while the other thing is you get away from Papa if you, a bizarre more you move debts that opening day down the line down the air new push towards Thanksgiving and maybe even passed it now, you're missing the first three months of the full bosses in which you know. I think they have some moves, though, because this next year, if they move some national games for me as Panty ABC that will fix some of the rating stuff organically. So I m kind. This week we have a couple segments left, I'm kindness, one. Five biggest things to watch posts are star, so
The NBA comes back on Thursday night, which is four days from now This is in no particular order. Five things I wrote down, you can tell me: if sing, something that there's one thing that you care about more? These are my five first one whose getting the to cede between Boston or Toronto? because not only do avoid mocking until around three by you home court in that round to potentially- and you play this haven't seen around one whose probably in a sack, so that's one. Second one will fairly be afraid to fire Brett Brown before April. We didn't come back and talk about all this. Third one will Cleveland by our trust in Thompson before the end of this month, and I think if they do, he becomes an incredibly important
Guy for the Celtics for the clippers for the Lakers for a couple other things, but that is somebody who could literally swing the finals if you could spot out. Fourth, one is KEN Utah climb to number two, because, I think you type or Denver, and that she spied out of the goods can be the coopers cause? I don't think there gazing on a point of games, but if you tat word then working that too spot, they avoid the lake. For two rounds- their position home court- those teams they get home. I they did something watchmen, the fifth one for me most. Fun team to get the West eight seed because it looks at the Lakers gonna be the one seed portly. Memphis or New Orleans I would say new orleans- has the highest ceiling out of those three. Just because of you knows I is back and a force of nature, and Be fun to have a frisky eighty gonna Lakers, so let's go backwards and start with the first one. The who, getting the to cede Boston or Toronto,
fair to say,. Game seven in Toronto, this particular Celtics theme are we not when a game seven in Tehran on, then you fucked around game, seven embossed them? that is so incredibly important for both of those teams. I dont think either can win on the others court in it I'm SAM and when you think about that, you think it's fair. You know I don't like some is Toronto. Stuff is impressive, his band, but whenever national broadcast rule right national broadcast rule is what most the world makes an observation that fairly accurate national broadcaster comes on and says it it's not like. Why are you saying that and when you know somebody asked I HU, the because it happened, multiple games for Toronto, replay mobility and I well Dave, did you ever think to Toronto would be able to do this? Fourteen fifteen record Africa Y yeah Salute heart of a champion. You're like shut the fuck up, they lost maybe the best player in the leeway. Nobody they were gonna be this yet and dumb. There still
probably not news flash here, there's still may not as good as last year's team, because that dude, why is on the clippers I probably know what I'm going to get from the raptors right now more than I can Boston like I just wish. I could see the four guys play together for boss because I think their top four with Kimbo Tatum Jaylen and Gordon still kind. I you know, I don't know, but Tatum is taken at another level, that game against clippers last week was absolutely booze. Unbelievable great, regular, seizing aim in opal teams are missing guys but to see taken to gonna. Take it to that level. Gonna. Take it at quite defend him as well yeah that I felt was, I said in a tree. I feel like. That's it like a little line. You have to darken in a little bit on his career timeline, so some It means I claim it would take him actually like this version of data. Would he be the best player in that seriously see see the kind of guy at this age and especially, whereas
really worried about him a couple months ago. Would he be enough of a guy to win that game and on the road there? Toronto fi fines ways like their interchangeable parts. All things like. I still think I know what they are more, even though they mister Barker, they added a small the other night, the Salzburg time Palace been her, but every freaking night. It feels like there's this third guy from Toronto. Your life Terence Davis did. What Odeon Adobe had twenty five yeah there's some nice foresee outcome? Is it really the guy, for them is numbers of tipped off a little but as the months have gone by, but I still probably feel like. I know what Toronto was a little bit more than Boston and just pulling at their strength the schedule its remaining there, both neck and neck right. There are eleven Toronto. Has eleven toughest embossed has taught us. I have all thirty form if you knew I think differences in the two teams, and I think they're really close, and I think that will be an awesome round. Two of that ends up being loaded. It ends up being the south. The subjects have one notched up to go because of the time factor.
What he showed in that Coopers game, And in general, what's happening over the last five six weeks, there's theirs but he on the raptors that is of a wild card like that cause, there's a chance a year. They could Tate be the best guy and a raft, Celtics explosives, six Somehow they said no fucking way. That's insane awaits your camp right. I mean we feel stupid, even say right right and now, as we head out of the Astor Break from what seen from Tatum in this stuff, is doing now tonight and not just the corpse, farmers, but the way the his teammates are starting to talk about him, and I really think that matters I like to read out the stories and I like to is invisible. Point prayers pass when he maids really start like becoming their Banditti brown ladder, ways and insert unhappily Tatum, all those guys. You know it being as cancer. It becomes
even jail in Brown, who, as I go with in some degree, is there your part and all of them are like disguise the limit for this guy. This guy's a mixing, discuss so touted. This guy does stuff in practice that we can't believe any star and put it together and games and I think for them had the ceiling that the big thing for them is you can they keep the seven guys healthy heading into April? But you could say that about any clapped him I don't they, Anyone else in the east has an upside guy like him and when you think what happened with Jacques on last year with Toronto, verses where he has this year and there's whatever change within changed and I wonder happened for Tatum this year or whether it still something happens. Sexism
so in the numbers on them are really close and like. If you look at, I think it's Verano's up to one of the regular season, but the first game was was forever ago and then they had like two games. They took each other out, but you don't have to go back and double check the box scores for you sure you know, Toronto's Miss guys and again, like Boston, I'd love to see all four of those guys play together for a month straight to see what happens. I love to see Hayward play for a month straight, really good about himself, because I'm still, you know it's your three with him and we still don't really know cuz. It's just it hasn't been easy, was hurt and then the whole Kyrie stuff last year and not working out but yeah. I was pulling up the numbers again offensive rating like Boston Sphere, Hugo Toronto's 12th, but in a really were talking about the difference of a point, one hundred possessions and defensively there, two and three Toronto and Boston and they're, almost
on that one. So they're both really good teams- and I can't believe I'm saying this now fifty five games in- but I probably- and I know I goof on Lowry and all that stuff, but I just don't know if it weird for me to say. I think I trust this little bit more than Boston has nothing to do with them last year, either that guy don't like it's a different team without Kauai, don't care, I don't care what their with these viruses I think they get a slight edge. If you bet your life on it at, I think it would be done better Boston when they have improved with this nucleus yet, but I will say a word: as with the science, is shared, they dodged abode with Orford thing, which is gonna, bring us to filling a second, but You know I think, they're ready to go like three years. Ninety million from there going to go, I mean they're going to do was going to do it. I think once you get over a hundred once they heard it was over a hundred. My understanding is that they were like look and I think that's what makes angel really good GM is mostly absorbed like ask her what we going to do it like, where we going to do any like ages are really you gonna look at his history, not you but his history on not losing
his mind on a player, yet with contracts he's he's about as good as anybody in league with that stuff right and they let him go, and I think there is real signs now that I'm not saying is washed up, but I think the forefront from too years ago, when Cairo was out and they almost made the files and he was such keeper. That team- I just don't think he's that guy anymore, and whether he can move into a different phases. Rare, but you know the way the league is played. Now we need a guy who's of five and he's. Not somebody who can read so the ram and get rebounds is that why tat is basically just a stretch? Five, I think it would hurt them. They seem to have him much as I like em in is crucial, as I think he is. I just think they're better off with these big guys who have their hands up and go into the room and get no offense rebounds and better fit. They have enough guys in the perimeter already so
I think that was a big break for them, that they they aren't saddled that contracts. I don't know if it's tradable. That brings us to fully, which is my second question. Will they be afraid to fight? Brad Brown before April. If it becomes clear over the next three to four weeks that this team is just for whatever reason, that's the we move laughed decision season would be to try to change the coachman If there is any chance, they would do that now, at all I mean, We, everybody kind of in the Basque about world was I'd. Okay, well, bred browsing fired between Not remember you know ten months ago, but that was that was a big surprise outside of Philadelphia that even by people that cover the team in roof of the team were like? Oh wait that keeping them- and I like if they gave Brett Brown a chance of like All of those awful teams are to get your brains beat in all the time were laughing soccer league. We do have this plan, but people just don't have the patience
it's easy to say here, you'll be cool with this, yet no problem in two years. Finally, I do not now, but it's real sucks and I'm glad Look I'm glad that he got a chance. Everybody likes him. An odd step like a filling, a loser, sometimes really go. A route is really great. Idle itself is really like talk about like this. Guy must be fired. I don't do that very often, but if they have an ugly exit which no one thought there would be flirting with a fiber, succeed and the funny thing about the hoarfrost cited for them bill is that's given like every pro Philly Agro dude, like everything's hoarfrost fault now, and I and it's in ill. I've looked through it and I've had a numbers thrown at me and I, You know I have the way. I want your game,
GA I will at sea fourth quarter, if, indeed in similar, getting each other's way, because the numbers with hoarfrost off the floor, the per one had a procession when its Orford, often Bead Simmons, on filling a really like a staggeringly good office of number. But yet the off insufficiency overall for the team is bad and those are the two best players. But then I would be like ok well how many minutes versus minutes they played with horror for out there all the time. How many minutes are there minutes where it's in Simmons and Embiid, who Brett tries to split up more this year than he ever has in the past like is that? Are there enough minutes, and so he told me was four hundred minutes and beats played like one thousand two hundred I mean I could do some harder. Being on the step, but I also know that when my eyes tell me in that, yes, I know what the number say without war for permanent processions is year. It tells me it's a great offence. Well, let's see it lets you know. Can we
the game. Seventy maybe where it looks like it's a good offense, because, fourth quarter, you know they were mad this week from Philly, so I respected watching him this week and going okay well my day, look pissed off at all this controversy. So maybe that's it, but I don't know what to do with that. Keep team cuz! I still think, and they've got some nice bench pieces. I like now they're bench referred Quart Monde has been really good. I still love the names he'll. Never you and I talk to each other before the first game started. We're like who's gonna win the ISA go in when I go one through it with Philly, like I can't believe I pick hey else yonder. We are doing this. Again in its almost it's almost March era We have that last Scotty Burke season when a fully or an ok in Oklahoma City. When, like waiting like how far we I But when it was after two thousand fourteen disappointing Plath exit. And everyone that they're gonna get rid of them and they didn't, and then they
next season word terrain was heard from most of the air Westbrook Wizard. They ended up as they would like forty five games, but they are not making the playoffs. And then they got rid of Scotty bricks. But they should get rid of them. Women. Two thousand fourteen I get one then do it and I'm a big loyalty guy. Obviously, but it's just a team that doesn't look like it's on the same page and it looks like team depending on where they fall in the plan. Some you know I do No, if they were either the added choice to be the five cedar, the succeed there could be some jacking. You know like it if they feel like Oh man, we could actually be Toronto. But we don't want to play Miami or whatever you could see. Maneuvering down the stretch you could also see indeed might get hurt for He threw a sword ever I'd ever. I think you say there more likely to be a succeed than like a three seed. We'll have bosses.
The three seed and I'm Philly I'd rather play Boston in Miami Basin. The match up there because that's the poor, the Boston frontline were re of certain nights. It looks good when the Kanner, when they went small against Houston. I Willy Brandt Stevens by care minutes in and out of its breadth, means, but you know you know he's doing. Brad's like Ireland. Throw a few minutes is whales. You happen now did we ever saw my second half and then in the clippers game, losing ties like type, is actually great match up in that one against clippers, because a mantra because you can stay active with em. Look, I'm not saying Titus good as much as Harold, but that was another game or was a guy yet again her out of here and I've seen the indeed Celtics frontline thing in person. That was my four sidelined seats underneath the basket. I sat by myself
where just a quick shot out to our trading in Chicago Hotel restaurant. They put me at the bar. I was wearing sweat, pants eating, pastor by myself, valentines ten, o clock and frightened. I packed house couple people recognize me like this guy is by himself. A lot of this is that she married again. But why I'm Philly and I could lose to get in the sixty two Play Boston and the six three I'd. Much rather do that. But then, I guess you could also argue, like you really think, like I love the bam out by a story. I love watch Nick I play but immediacy gonna lock up in bed for four seven games. So there's some now I mean there's who s here I mean Philly could finish six year and I might pick em to make of the visa final still after all the garbage we keep towards about. I remember the last time I think was the baby I next the last time a seed below the forces made the fires,
the short season with their yes right, get next question. Just let's do this quickly Tristan Thompson, we even says: they're not gonna, buy him out, but I don't know why they were wouldn't they. Why not say a couple million boxes, Alec he's gonna to their next year anyway, and if he, if he gets, bought out he makes really no sense for the Lakers. Although I could see Le Brian China grab on just to make sure the coopers didn't get him the team. He makes the most sense for, as the South Ex accuracy Leubronn talking out of in their entirety, automatically clippers and sent him, to some weird INA, like the Rockets have you went through the rockets that would pretty much immediately. Change were without their Plath. Destiny was a do. You think it's why wouldn't you get bought out? Guess is my question because Cleveland and absolute mess
don't know if you saw the report adds, and I would win horse where be lines basically contemplating whether I see me to come back after the also break. I can tell you now that before the season even started, that entire team was like Nope to be line, like before the season starts. I heard hey. This is like the fastest ever, but the entire locker room is out on the sky. To season has even started, and then you know he's got the thugs comment in their which he tried to say, look was a slip of the tongue. Maybe it wasn't. I don't I don't freak Uno by like it was a locker in that region. Like him, and indeed I'll people work like if you can come up with another reason, an excuse to be motivated to dislike somebody. You can talk yourself into believing that he wasn't Cynthia TAT, he meant to say it and then it was sums protein slip. You got Kevin how to sign for all the money, who's been miserable, the entire time and I'm not trying to be insensitive. Everything else has Kevin love, but he you know it's not like he's some leader of and you know, he's wanted out there and they can't they keep trying to think of him as an asset. So,
in any other normal situation. I be like. Why wouldn't you do and that's doing the agent of favour like the way business is done in the NBA Billy? Why would you bioterrorism Thompson because the agents go hey? our guy I'll get him off the roster git him eligible for March. First, who is ready to go for a play off team and just enough for this, but I have a hard time, believing with Leubronn Clutch thing that Boston would even be in running. We probably say. That's a no right now and I like mine. I liked trysting Thompson like I, I like the way he's look this year has been locked lot of calves games by go. Look at that guy. Many still out there is complete and in an icon stuff and he's a different kind of match up, but I also think those teams and I'll finish here, but you almost feel like trying to give a good analogy here. You know like when you go to bourbon stream, your young. Do I get one of those mass of threats and drinks, it's full of sugar and a huge straw which probably to scrutinise
yeah I'll get one of those cuz I have to I Kyle's, that's Kyle's Thursday Rita convey that's what the tea aims that are like jockeying for your deep lay off run, like you almost feel obligated to add some vile market, because if you don't it's like oh, what's wrong with your GM, the families in El Paso, most these by us, and even doing that, yeah. I think he's a big one. I think he would play crunch time in a Uclaf came, for you know any of the best aims. Potentially clippers definitely could play concern for them. Lakers. You know whether he gets a pointed the way. I don't know I'd, certainly now that they need, I think they need help elsewhere, but at the very least, fine, we re about it well still not giving up. I stood on the chest. I really believe you. I still think if he has been are better and more productive in quiet in Gray underestimated Leubronn factor. I did. I didn't I just under
maybe they'll, give it. Why can't do is be Dwight with Leubronn his esteem, and I didn't think about enough in his he's been a productive member of the rotation which is more than has been for the last seven stops. Is that it's that wanted the bronze top ten accomplishments of our time that it might be in the tub? Forty? like redeeming to the ear. The unready was a at a lower back in the two thousand eighteen finals, the at the fourth question quick: can you talk climbed the number two? I really think this is important, because I think it's hard to play there and with a kind of team there have. At an Utah or Denver getting that to spot and getting home, at least for a couple rounds and they both of them teams that I'm not a hundred percent cent on, but I'm not really a hundred percent on any one in the west end I don't know, I I I can't remember thinking that you see it mattered,
in other years, like I feel like it matters this year, both conferences because the abyss To avoid the tempting you and then have an easier for pour la that stuff. He's, gonna, really matter the shark, is it the Lakers are locked into one and whether you Talkin put get their shit together again what we saw from Connally ripe for the austere break was pretty encouraging, so I would say from a talent standpoint there probably third behind the Lakers and clippers but again need myself really like to have seen from this Coopers season at all, I don't know when that an switch clicks on but their behaving. Like a team, that's you know running on fumes after winning forestry titles and they end they didn't they just got together this year. I don't get it I'm not as anti clippers you are. So I would like to get out of that very fair Rome II to the dark and watch it may take some pictures
Are you why you like? I think what you just said. There is very fair and accurate about them. Almost acting like their coasting leg. Hey, you know. A good knocker plays a golden states. Defence last year in the regular season, like hey guys like this year, five we're going to close out scream switches intensely because we know or capable of that seems to bother you do you think? That's bothering you too much to the point, where you're being a little too dismissive of the clippers. I think there have some all's. I dont think they have enough size. I don't No, who their best five is, and I don't think they know either. Where'd you a sham. What were saving sham at Seamus, Shameth yeah shit. I just need to see it. I really like teams
bring it to the playoffs who have never won a title before it's a rip off like at least three weeks of excellence. I don't think I'm asking too much just show it to me for three weeks. Show me the consistency, of what it takes to be a really good team night after night after night and maxim teams off. If you go through the day see the NBA nobody's ever won. The title I don't know where that just erratic during in the season that had never won the thorough before its. I know now quite a special case, is he won the the last year? So there's some variables that, but I just would like to. He then kicks him ass for CUP way, something I'm asking for too much when like Games in row, can they do that? Can then, when eight straight, Just a little at even this week, like resuming George, I was appalled. Georgian Philly gave the first half ago, okay like why is up yeah yeah. I remember the beginning of last year, when I watch like the first week games and go what is going on with the sky, Yokohama City and then a bigger like look at all the deed.
You say you know, like all the depot looked like a dog, and I'm like this guy like I want to go to war with all the depot. Unlike look upon George again and then Paul George one under like an almost empty p type run Yeah. A few months ago, I got a gay rio again like as soon as I go hey do. I need to change my mind on this guy in the attic turns of the best wherever, but then it's ok, what is the best, wherever like in threes in rebounds, in shoot? well, but but disappear in, and then, when he left the Boston game with the hamstring thing, I think, is what it was. I ok will. For he actually is hurt because I've watch him really closely in the combination of these last two games in these invisible yell as good as Chris Bushes. Like my hall of fame rules, like I don't know, if you turn invisible for long stretches and effort, are out there like. Is that really who you are? And I know people think that's too harsh, but I think that's going to go. Look at some of these guys and I'm imagining like the clippers. You know they're they're, all on the same page with all this stuff, and I don't know. I know when that piece came out about how some guys resented it. I mean everybody presents
but he at work. You know, I'm sure you can always find somebody to say so. I don't know that's like it up But I'm I'm not as down on them, because it's like really every time I watch Kawhi go, he might be the best and I was going to the numbers so he's not like clearly number one statistically, but I think why might actually be the best isolation player like give me the ball, I'm going to the food in the entire league, and I know those guys ahead of them- efficiency wise, but it's maybe the least spectacular isogai was also the best at one time in the league. I feel the best about him when there's two minutes left and they basket name the team. I feel the best about his chances these days, I know hard and, as you know grown whatever game, but I just feel like I'm always surprised, to inquire doesn't score that such regimes after today, when he had the ices like knots,
eyes that it went and it would have been president. The lasting, really quick. Then we can take a break is just the most funding to get the West eight seed, I dont they do. Eggers are losing round one. I think a Lakers pelicans round one was. I am she's completely jacked up like somebody who had seventeen red bowls and jumping over everybody on top of a pelicans, that the more I watched him, the more I think like I did. They sneak into the see there really kind of like a six cedar, five seed with the amount of talent that have now granted. You know they have a lot of first timers and things like that. But I just think from a star power standpoint. You should the first round socks right, like you, have a good for five. Maybe like me, Look out with one three six years, but if it's Perkins Lakers ran one. Zion on his way up Leubronn
in the end, all the symmetry there, the I just feel it. Those are can't miss Basque against I'm trying to think of a scenario. I wouldn't watch every minute of that serious and the scenarios that exist. I would be unreachable during those games, because the giant thing is as much fun. As yet say that lets say that for next week goods we don't need it, but If so, how do I add time next too much, but I just right now, like Diane on the other tv thinking about a focus on the main like I'll, be ok. What is the game? I actually really to pay attention, because these are the teams yet, and then I go hey twenty minutes. She went by and you didn't watch the main tv you just watch ion and it's that good. It's actually is much fun as the first Le Braun Year, where I couldn't I just you know. Every night Leubronn was on.
And I go. I went on care what's going on, I want to see this could play and it was yet rewarded you it rarely are rewarded with these kinds of expectations. Enzyme is making guys look like idiots out here and against. Lakers like a Memphis played in Mexico at you know what like job love watching him to, but in a young team, the five hundred and eight imagine Lakers going to slap around a little bit. The scion part of it would just be so much fun that I probably want that series more than I was I stopped by its awesome, I M being a team of friends on Thursday, as in Chicago we're talk about Zaire, and I say it like a badge in here. Guy you're, like a six eleven power forward, your whole life every time There has been a ball in the air that bounced off the rim and after why just like, I'm in position a thousand times out of a thousand three I'm jump and this rebounds going on my hands and you got to go, get it You always do and then some fucking free
comes in sideways at forty five degree angle. At warp speed, unjust takes the rebound from you like a mad. But that would feel like you. We appeal to my own. What just happened. How did I get Rebat mooted that human being come from any has thus whence like five times a game words just like it. A correlation that anything I've seen a basque backward, really crazy and put its the thing. Is it not just like this actually running around like a game like seals you and then you'll like Hell, set up in front, and then he puts that big find you in seals. You know I love it, I'm out I'm out of this play and then you lie, but he catches you over there his feet or so quick, like the only thing that I could come up with his force to be like. Okay, what's something that he's, he keeps screwing up,
you'll start to dribble a little too out. Thinking like his momentum in one that you dribble cuz, like those guys that are wanting to dribble guys in this guy's I can dribble and I'm not saying like he has to be out there, like Chris Paul, but he'll he'll drive in some situations. Where he's not the ball through cleanly, but I dont really blame on, because literally everything else, she does works and you can see their certain times. His second jump or the block that he hath paper for the all star Break were the guy throughout the lap it was like where the hell did. He come from like what was that and it's gonna be funny to watch teams play Amazon time. It's you guys not even bother like they're, going to drive to the rim and then bring it around like the back of the net like an hockey gold, Steve NASH, baseline and like reset it, because it's like there's no point. If he's there for me get a shot off here. There's a lot of subtle ship around with them cd I knew we're gonna talk about it, the watchdog, those nodded when you set out to seal off in that section,
directed basketball skill these days were somebody's. I'm posting up in this part of the second square in the black. You're not going to be able to get around me, I'm getting the pass. If they throw me, have decent enshiu pass, I'm getting at. You have no chance little things like that with him or the fact that we need. Ass, a satellite, the double theme and its these hard frozen rope perfect passes. The kitchen is shooter like raided their chests. Oh, my, like he's, got like pinpoint control I get that about Zanna. They wear it, take a break than we have a cup more segment summoned up. Let's talk about square, they made their way reader that lets anyone take credit cards, Runnin growing, a business take so much more in the payments. That's why square about so many more tools that can help like point of sale, software
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like the Wiggans trade forgotten state when it happened. I now love the the wigand straight forgotten state. I think it actually was a potential game changer for them, it's become. Parent immediately what he brings the table for them and also what an interesting fit ease b with that country, clay when there are playing together again, not to mention they got this extra first ramping. Now they have their own first, Pick Minnesota's in a year the avatar will gain. Wiggans is only twenty four and I just think all around a phenomenal savage for them and I think a really good lesson yet again with the NBA, where, if you waiting for a distressed asset, but a shitty team that has had Now a lot ups and allotted downs. Those are the guys to get guys with high pedigree, who and in a good situation, its clear, pretty in this ties into the J. My thing, which I know you love to talk about, you put
A guy who has never been would like any sort of a leader really ever he said crazy Jimmy, father who was a catastrophe in Minnesota from leadership standpoint towns, the captain of the miserable team and they put him a dream on whose Ben Damon, as you over and over again just a fucking RO the season like it, been so easy friend a bit to say I've. My kafir at some of the sitting Two we exhort yeah, I'm not gonna, go hardly any just not wired. That way, he's playing with it a jelly team and his begone hard and he's He carried himself like a champ and I put a guy like Wiggans with them. And wagons, just as dock at a dog it would dream on. His team is not happening. So I really like that trade for them. I know you like the two, but I wanted to mention if you want to add anything, God love to dream on part of this cuz, you got caught up a few more times. I bet you to certain that she doesn't know is on his team least in the beginning, and I don't think there are many players. Nine hundred
not you not looking. If you max dream on an EU made him, your number one or two office of options should be making each mistake. Dream on is unique, but is also a beneficiary of of what he was allowed to do and all the shooting around like when you play with a two bit shooters ever like there's gonna, be a difficult buried star and it was much there was talk about these gonna high usage may be fake. Big number guys, I'm trying to sit through like whose real guide whelps you in games do. Doesn't your clays so perfect, because he's all this massive numbers would like the lowest usage ever it's it's. Yes, I shall, if there's a way to argue that clays, like almost as valuables anybody, because so few people could ever impact a game the way he does have the balls little as he does a minute's its acts like that should be in his tombstone. Yet not that journey morbid here but dream. If other guys, like hey five straight finals, we ve had this run my dogs. In my guys I Eliza dies from China, some cool. I wasn't trying to sell gorgeous
stupid. I'm not going to do this. I think a lot of stars with his resume and I mean like team accomplishment resume- would go I'm out like I'm not really doing this any absolute opposite and I know no one's watching, but when you watch that he deserves a ton of credit. For that I know you can say he's doing his job and all that stuff. A lot of dudes wouldn't do that now as far as the trade, I don't think it's if I pushed back a little though I dont like you saying hey: are you have Wiggans tradable? Let's see him play better first before we, he goes from one of the least tradable contracts to now, supposedly tradable, because I don't think that No, no, I dont mean trader as in oh what an asset we have now I mean you could take his contract the either on first pick or that so to pick or both of them together and get her get a real top. Twenty acid is my point yet can they thereby act and that trade that is in doubt much of a poison pill. Because he's looked ok, you know you stop
paid twenty five million year twenty seven whatever days, but you that saw that's that's the. Where did it work? Ok, you know at the way was plain to me, was persistently fits better small Ford, Roslin really fit by the way, the guy's, a view that are out there. Dogging Steve Kirk as he didn't, should endanger the rustle of meat like who are you in some of these guys in the media? The do this thing. Man words like all the coach said he wasn't leaving them. Then he laughed like. Have you ever had a job that was important? We know you don't do you don't just announced Europe could be plans to everybody, yes, oh Steve, her watching a tray for Russia go yeah, you know what it actually was just awakened I supposed to rent, don't really like them. Don't like this game because a little bit of a pig, probably a great fit with these three cars of the flight defense how we came for years. Fuck it like you know, and then, when Kerr, when they try, NL, I gazed I've, gotta positional fit like Steve Curtain, portray you hidden technically. He lied to you, but honestly, like what kind of
criteria you asking these guys to follow. They're, not gonna. Do the thing that you want to do. It doesn't make any sense, so she was something that is important, but every time I look at this trade, you just it's back to what you said. It's a lesson for everybody else. It's very clear that you go you. You have to look at any of the trades and eightys pieces here going, there's a version of this where we had zero and now we have a contract, as you said, it would add up to somebody else and we added an extra first trumpet and it I was some pedigree whose still twenty foreign and might have a chance to get up to go up a notch with the right teammates and I did the Harrison. Barnes thing is a really good example, Harrison bards. He is who he is. Good team. It is not an last are he's. You know. But that was there ever to win the title with. I dont think you Harrison Barnes gets twenty to play a game. You not shocked right and I think that's what Wiggans could be. I next topic, what's worse for professionals,
ports. The Houston Rockets he's disastrous rockets, because their fields the way you're going really hard at the Rockets where, if you like, your kind of you know it's, it's almost like a taken, my catchphrase here. His Daryl euro suggested that you being around me as legacy honestly like corrupted yeah. Does anybody that knows the two of us knows that don't need the other one day convince us now. Let show up to work going by K bill convince me into thinking something, but I get imagine like Darrell's like wait. A minute you now to your gear, denies riference about you and I've been on the record with Westbrook for awhile. Second of all, I've been on. Had bad tire life as I hate and basketball, but one my passion points. I just don't like watching it now the rock advance kid
Do the whole air, where the villains there without violence, a great I'll, see the playoffs chasm that definitely not watching you again during the regular season. I just don't enjoy it. I don't enjoy. Refers, I don't enjoy reporters, I dont, a guy's lurching into defenders triangle cause. I think it sucks. I'm sorry it's not for me a bit if, if It's a better way for then the one basketball games so be it. But This is like the frequent devils that stupid trap it the midnight is. It was ok Oh wow debtors, away, long yeah, there's the fuck it there fuckin Devils, it's like okay. This is kind of working. I guess, but it makes me want to gauge, buys up. I can't believe we both knew about the trap from those mid nineties. Level seems I've ever cared about a hockey as much since that happen.
That see them, he said. Let me zag here for ever settings. I did some last week, yes to everything, but as soon as they went small will I visited gonna work. It's actually, working a little bit better than people thought yeah. Well, they took a million. Three is everybody's. Like that's not going to work, it worked when they put Chris Paul the team ever. Is it best? I can work. I didn't think I didn't have a problem, because you know what you like baseball, most people, I was gonna work and they made it worth their while sixty five games they almost beat the warriors very Well- could want to title so whenever Houston does something,
different that everybody's, like that. So I can work as I can work. It actually is work a lot better than what everybody predicted are you. Can you go off of that and then have it open mindedly wait a minute. Do I actually need to think that maybe, instead of them being beat up physically the disadvantages that you don't get to play your bigs and that this thing is wide open now, cuz Westbrook is after the first start of the season were three months in it was like the worst year of his career yeah. He is completely unlike he's. Also taking a Rina shouts the game in February. Put its tough going better than people thought it's going better than when, like when that GNP graphic went up that Lakers game and at what are you guys gonna? Do I, like you, don't even sign anybody? What has shown is that, at least, if only plain them once so you gone to your obey schedule you by the Mavericks one day, then the Pollack has now here come the Rockets and their play in this room crazy style. That's unlike any We have seen all season and I think teams gonna get caught up in the past
They happen Celtics last Tuesday, where Bade currently there are power either they had no argument rate. It was- and I think you have to credit used him for because the way they are playing made Boston completely lose their composure, offensive, waiting thing with a Laker share and the latter's. When I say Boston was terrible, I don't mean it like they did it themselves Houston. Did that you're not rise, you off, but here's because my big, but We ve seen this in a plaster is when somebody's doing a gimmick and somebody and see it over and over again over a to expand. They figure it out and I think it's a gimmick and I don't think it can work for forestry rats in the goal, especially when given way I first round packs new pan the money that they pay for this roster. The goal is to win the title. They also on the title two years ago. They had a good chance to at least make finally last year and there a container heading into this year, another basically relying on a gimmick, and
you know whether I hate watching in it. I still think I just don't think it's a good idea and really sure why they did it and I think the injury risk with Westboro card and be the defence they now have to play when those guys are really coasting defensively for a long time, not to mention other, although burden they put mpg Tucker. I just think it feels like a hail married to me. It might work for a couple weeks, but I just don't see it. So you you think I don't know I'm I don't I'm running for, because if they were in the title, I'm in a move to Canada, so, you think they're who heard for professional sports the ashes LISA refund awash, Kara call has throw some smoke, man new game, we're gonna play where do this every week on the Sunday Ipods inner out. Given you I've guys you just tell me your inner out, Andrea.
Dollar inner out right now, two thousand twenty Andrea who die. Leave, he's been incredibly overrated in this whole pursuit of like what he brings, but I'm still in on him and what he Brad, I think Miami needs a guy. That's been around a little bit because they will allow these guys are brand new for them, I am right now out but willing to be taught beckoned. I think he's too old. I don't like the long way off. I thought he broke down the last to play ass. I'm not sure he's actually get to help them in the way they think so read em out really respect them. I think he's a future hall of Famer and I hope I'm wrong and I'll get sucked back in the moment it looks like he's Andreka, but I just am not sure we're going to see that next guy Al Horford in or out I'm about to
Canada has ever been more n on this guy by the way like I might have been one of his number one dues for a long time, but it not only does not fit with them. It doesn't work any more worse and I swear to God. I think they sign him to keep them away from guarding and beat. If he was on the Rockets, do you think you would be successful. Yeah, because you can play in the now in always gray passer. He can you can shoot it enough for you to respect it then The feeling is an outrage that yeah, I don't know how we're gonna screen stuff or how they would change it, as I thought, I'd read something about how little used in screening now but or maybe the high scream, with with certain with the two guys, but maybe there change Europe before four, but I want to see been Simmons Play Centre The Houston Rockets have amazing next time, the immediate three year future.
The Brooklyn nets. Are you enter out. If I were homeless inquiry said you can stay with me. I'd be like now must outside will out. Ok ability, tat as it out. I think, I'm out there. I don't see it. I don't see the road map. I don't see how those two I really have to be talked into that one. The Katy thing, the the him that plane for eighteen months basically come back. China alchemy with Tiree. It just feels a lot of your turn, my turn. I don't see it. And especially a likely that about ran. You know, I don't have said Roger aunt. I like some of the pieces around him, but I feel like I've been saying that about some of the guys. I actually think they should probably looked a moved in with you heard. His name come up a lot before the deadline. Yet,
And I like I, like everything there doing there so part of this feels a little too anti irish. Yes, I have IDA, look let me ask you this way. If you had a put money on harmony in success It's not a surly mba title cause. That's a tough thing to sail you have it wouldn't be a totally brutal, I'm talkin like at the end of next year. There were the four or five times you think and when a title, harmony or hate, o Connor socks play with this guy after two years will be safer. Bet that. Second Zactly. I think to really will be able to get back to ninety five percent of where he was the question for me, no doubt that the question for me is whether Cairo can be a guy who can play for aid straight months anymore, and I just don't don't think he we ve seen it next. I inner Aaron Gordon. In one he's out of Orlando.
Could he be idle? Could he be a dream? Ninety five on the rating yeah yeah see. I would go for a seal rattling for. I mean I mean as well I'd I'd. With somebody. I was really hoping to get traded last week major shit, I'm out, I I don't see it. I don't see it in a way where I think the clippers, our hope, he becomes. You know that, guy that three points. Shooter to that contender seem to have, and I don't see it I'd from when I watch him. I just have not been impressed by the shared seems like he's. Half step
find where the game is going and I don't think he's just can be in the top seven of a championship team. So I'm out I mean when I watch them the past two weeks with the Paul George Probz against the hamstring injury. You know that we're going with here. I thought he was like the second most immigrated Beverly hasn't played, but it's montrezl, but I thought he was what the second or third most aggressive offensive guy out there, and I like that from somebody that still this young he's always been over. Forty percent everywhere. He's played from three he's about a ten point. Guy Madison Rebounds does ten assist and I have a theory on Shamet. But if you look like Luther Vandross, she would have stopped and picked that he suffers from my SIRI of Shamet face because his face looks
looks and its other players that suffer from shamet face. That's why I went twenty six cuz. He still too good of a shooter, and I actually, I think he finds his his way like your anti him. Maybe you know maybe I'm wrong here, but shame it look different. You would have gone higher and I I think I trust more than you do. So you think if he looked like Omar apps we'd be taught we beat humanity totally differently. Far from the wire top. Fifty You're, nothing but you're. Nothing is ugly, though you're saying there's something about always that you don't make when you actually Basque bugging me. Don't trust him to come through? No, it's not that. I think when you scout him, he was going on there. You know Derek White, they give Derek White, just clean it up a little bit. I think she would like yours players Dirk. Why did he would have on higher the dress? So heated heard I was at the combine. I was watching jerk way to combine a micro was taken with whatever this guy and then spurs take my August is gonna, be good.
So he did. Turkey alone lay two thousands id the Eu Sheriff Face and his heart take obsessing Allison issued in Cleveland out of the eastern files regret that guy yeah it just. You know, you don't really know what it is until you you know it, and it's not even like there was a really good one. You like anything. You like this one Kyle make great damage Hey castles in an shaven, face a job if if anyone has any anywhere shame facing Jabbar stars, you can email, the mail bag at the rear, dot com, where you can try to do theory the week every week. So for the rest, the Wherewith twin five weeks left over, so one of us has come up with a theory thousand. First, one major shame if Sidra he's here, to be fair, his shootin forty percent
three easy, I mean from threes being a tuna fisheries games that simply through three point shooter, I get all that I get off package? I just think what are actually in the playoffs. I think he's gonna, about their because he has. He can shoot in this cause. ACT, my all issue, with the clippers about whose their best five, I think, they're gonna, talk I wasn't a sham at having to be one of the five guys it's out there in the last five minutes of a game, and it would be a mistake. That's my can I and on this gives, you could say yoke its face, but let us keep it at shame at face. Gazetted yogurt deftly fell victim to that. Like women, this guy looks like chunk grown up. Right his arm, I would say, he's conquered sham face hinder. He has any cities really put it together, because we didn't mention Denver there, which has now become a? U S help me walk here, he's too about made. There's not a city thy love more! That likes me less, the various between my love for the place near dislike. For me, that's the greatest
now, which is a real shame, is also a property there not long ago fight. I wish you every single member they have like litter. Every number. They have a really good except a shooting numbers, but that early what the hell's Goin out Yoke Ich Who is Jamal Murray? It is worth pointing out I hear now that Jokic, if you go back to November, he was sixteen ten and six hundred and forty five from the floor. Twenty four from three and in February he's twenty seven, twelve and nine sixty percent overall four hundred and thirty five very good for a guy that size from three and Jamal Murray is not like twenty nine three and six they put together a nice stretch before they had a loss in six in a row that Lakers LOS. I still don't love how predictable it is. I don't know cuz you're the minutes, guys forum lately like in the last few stretches of games- and you know the Milsap things been in and out pores been out with this ankle thing: but here their top minutes guys- and this is why go? Ok, all the Denver stature, good, except a shooting, Yokel Murray, are on fire. The yoke is thing is
an issue any more, even though he came in just look an absolutely gassed, but here your top minutes, Geyser Denver, Yokel, Marie, Jeremy Greater hasn't been that good Gary Harris has been awful offer will will Barton, whose a nice, like, maybe fourth or fifth, score in a really good team, but he's, their third score, all the time on immoral and then Tory Craig theirs for names on there and their top eight minutes wise and Mills Appleby back in that mix, but mill saps, indifferent match up guy the rebounding numbers of fallen off and is much as you and I both like porter junior wonder like why they're so so weird with the way that use him, especially when their missing other guys at times it again, he had the ankle thing right now. I don't. I know what every number tells me and I know what those two guys have shown me, but I know when I look at some of their their top ape seven minute guys I go, I suspect them doing three rounds in the west. What's it it's here what I just said, The cupboards Hoosier Hoosier five, when it really matters game six and the road you down for five minutes. I too, who your five guys and is a garrison
can't be one of them: the Lakers WAR, the Lakers five because I have seen, play that game with clippers. I have you answer. I think it's Leubronn its Davis, its Danny Green, its Avery Bradley, And then it's like, whatever guard that Vogel thinks can hit at three in the corner: Southern Caruso, whoever who, we made a couple threes earlier. That's why the and they didn't addressed this and that's why, when we talk to our trust and Thomson, what they really It was you now that the buyer miraculous by our guy, who could be the guy who had the big three in the corner, and I don't know who that guy is in their team. The Lakers fans would say it's coups, but I think we have a pretty big sample size now. Green, with coups by with Davis, the branches just can't seem like he can find his footing, and I don't you playing those guys. Crews was taken more threes. You do more things in Caruso. I trust Caruso Little bit more.
Their phasing Crusoe out there near the end of the austrian heading Their Bradley Ivy Bradley Spin on fire and has been so good that I almost go. What what? What sustainable about this thing? Please I don't get hurt here, is gets hurt. We should mention coups my earlier in that, but you'd even put him in five I did as it has a nice with those that plan that well there's some weird numbers at them like Lebrun off the core like what a disaster they turn into Ray. I think I've had this kind of weird stretch on. I think everybody's, it's not as one but multiple weird stretches, but it's weird at their like this one seed and it feels like do we really know where they are, but I dont know what those two guys like I'm not really worried about him and that it has just they are about. Let me just say that I'm not sitting here being as I Lakers are worried about exam, I'm just not, but there's some rotational stopped. I still don't think they figured out like a lot of things. Funny those two guys are so good day
have as many rotation questions and choose the food. Sat there with five minutes left questions. Is anybody and I just worry less about it cuz? I just feel like those two guys are going to be like what we saw in the all star game today, at some point Alfred, force. Well athleticism all that shit and the Brown probably jet. I mind, trick Av Bradley animation. Freeze that he's never made a plugin before before we go I was watching the town. We didn't. We watch in tat already, so they robbed Fenway and then they leave Fenway JAM has the one bag. Africa does not even take a bag and they go Jack men's up. Getting gun down leaves the bags of that got some of the money they took from friend we didn't get any at all. After goes to Ferdy, the forest kills. The guy in the front has
shoot out. With thirty kill, says TAT by the way sick, tat right. The mass tat with I've, given that we're gonna my bacco takes the further the Floris money. How much money do you think he took from Fergie the forest, because it was enough, you find an ice skating rank ass to get away and two now live in seclusion and siesta key or care he. He went way at that little ramshackle thing, how mighty. Did he actually take from Fergie the forest and then secondary question? How much money could forget? The forested have even had their like twenty five thousand forty thousand like what what's a realistic number furthest, Charlestown Forest runs drugs or- or am I totally going under? He had like two million dollars in there somewhere, hoagie Mccrae, wasn't afraid to spend a little cash either trivial. But you look at that truck
you figure out. Now is a writer. I think what they were trying to do yet is, instead of like taking all the money from Fenway after they killed a bunch of people, he doesn't bring the back so now, he's stealing from a guy who's worse than him out of the audience, doesn't feel as guilty. That's a little trick. We do they rank, because I was that I was kind of expanding the hut yeah, that's gotta, because the six figures right- I guess you like- if I'm on the Lamb, if I'm on the Lamb, I'm probably not donating a hundred grand or Hungary say you say, very little grand. I mean, like you, integration enough to retires a young guy. How much does it cost to completely redo an ice skating rank cause. I was that I was kind of expanding got yeah, that's gotta, because the six figures right, now ass, you like, if I'm on the Lamb if I'm on the Lamb, I'm probably not Donny, hundred grandeur arguing so you're saying you wouldn't stop on your way out to go
the hole in your old girlfriends garden to jam a whole bunch of are there and then escape A ban on your agenda me yeah you're on now mean now. I would like I'm, not meet somebody Hooters and Sarasota. I like that Africa had he added uniforms of every relevant Massachusetts. Whatever he had the mba, he had police. He had FBI had paramedics. Whenever I e was, I had the greatest Halloween store ever don't know I got other stuff. He really did. I imagine people that work for public transit cops, firemen, all the empties. I bet you back. Then people were living southie. Yet again, the easier than just bribe and the dry cleaner and they're going to feel get another uniform from the from the town. Anyway, she dropped a bribe. The dry, cleaner throat
I wear uniforms, although now you know, people start asking questions at the empty outfits go Missus Sutton. If you want to keep your circle the tighter eyed, the yard on Odette. Are you say a year later, you found this fatal flaw in the script year that they? Ten years? I don't know, I don't think he. I dont think he kept a lot for himself because look at the place he was living at the tail and add that wide shot and its basically a shack. It looks like he's not living in South Beach in some kind of action, in the keys somewhere in the cheapest possible shack just staring at the ocean wondering why he didn't way nice gaiety rink was worth it in Charleston. Maybe she just get the money leave man has like the others is a gender thing, but I believe man always has this fascination of just packing a bag and leaving starting over permit. This is me, do you think you are good at That's like its ideal and he right be the
you don't have any they. You can't leave in thirty seconds of the hits round the corner I was, there will yeah yeah I got bored once I put, I put a go back together. But it was like you know. Was it wasn't a week ago? with it it was. It was Why did it like? I just started like in a year? You know you like Europe for Disney right, like you know that you don't even like we'd, like other you're good here. Cars, getting just come anywhere for Sunday and say resellers gone? What do you mean, guy he's got a picture, there's no trace of him. He just left the doubt. He said who see me on the other side no I'll leave! You know bill. I promise you that bear I see on the other side, Ryan splattered it best of luck.
We made this work. We weren't we weren't together this week, but we did it on the phone in future weeks. At least most of the time or will be together will be able to see each other, but rather Marcello. Your pack, ass, is gonna, be Tuesday and Thursday this week and were also taken. A reward, was that's gonna run this next week. So thanks as is, and we will see on your Pakistan Tuesday, thanks to zip recruiter and thanks to square there more than a little way, credit card reader, the whole system until his bill to run and grow any kind of business from point. A sound peril to invoice is an online stores, go to squared outcome I guess I should to see all the ways you can take your business from square one to whatever's. Next week to be back here and the bs feed until Thursday. We have a new book basque by as commitment. We have a new we watch was pack has come to that. I am I both those check out the hottest taken Spotify as well.
Here. May we have one we did this week about whether kids should be allowed on airplanes and then Lathan and some theories check that that's gonna be an interesting see later in the week one way.
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