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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons shares some thoughts on Andrew Luck's surprise retirement (2:30) before sitting down with actor and comedian David Spade to talk '90s 'SNL,' talk shows, 'Grown Ups,' 'The Benchwarmers,' 'Tommy Boy,' David's new show on Comedy Central, his friendship with Norm McDonald, and more (31:28). Finally, Bill calls up Nathan Hubbard who shares his thoughts on Taylor Swift's new album 'Lover,' her career, and her future (1:49:34).

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David Spade is coming out for the first time ever and then at the tail end of butter Nathan hybrids gonna come on we're inside, but this new Taylor Swift album because he has summer some thoughts. Everyone here, two guys near laid forties. Talk about Taylor, Swift hold on tight first are it's from projects were taken their cities Sunday morning, Reed actually finish this package, as always with the ring the biggest stories in the happened on Saturday. Andrew luck at nowhere retiring from football. Happened. It was night time pity. And it was one of those sport stories where you think it's a joke. I saw the shattered
I thought for sure was the person who pretends to be Adam Chef, their dean, others weirdos out there. They pretend to be waged in chef there and then thirty and text about it in Had this sense of wait. A second is this real. Where you just can't believe it and I can only remember this happening a couple times in my If, as a sports fan, I mean that the most depressing version, this was when magic and at said he had HIV, which happened. I was in college in eighteen, one, it was the same kind of reaction like wait. This can't be real, come on This is obviously a much beer story in the sense that he's just retiring from football but same kind of five minutes, just utter confusion and thinking like we'll wait, a second he's only twenty nine is I put seven years. I will what's going on here and watching watching the reactions to the stories over the last fourteen fifteen hours. I thought was really
telling it alot away, is just for where we're sports foods in two thousand and ten. But I guess the first question there still If we don't understand what the story so again taken this Sunday, ten thirty p m. Its unclear how injured he was, and that seems to be a crucial missing piece of this, because he packed it end He left the court's. You know too, before the season started. But it seems that this had been in the works for the last ten days or so and The explanation made sense to me. He was on this for your treadmill, just being hurt recovering rehab being her recovering rehab and his body wherein down and images kind of losing his joy fur football and the whole process which we seen happen before. But nobody has ever been able to pinpoint what the injury was this time, because it was obviously severe enough that he was like fact s doing this again, but you know we ve heard I refer in Anko, so
I'm assuming it was this injury that he would have just had to play in pain with. For the entire season and rehab air and just not be a hundred percent or, It triggered something in his head raised psych as someone do this anymore here, This article. Interview with the Alber Bear a few weeks ago, and he said when he got her any miss the whole season. When he had the torn laborer me said, I'd put too much myself were directly into how's perform in the football field. And then I wasn't on the football field I felt quite empty. It was very unhealthy first for me, so for the relationship with my now wife Mather relationships the result and the best thing that ever could happen to me. It forest look in the mirror and do a character assessment addressed the things I didn't lake and then the things did like and then get on the same page, the people I love and respect and then later he says in the same interview, I'm sorry
they challenge myself to be a better quarterback than have ever been fed lose that motivation. Then I think it's time to not play. I dont see how it would be fun. So he at this point you read a quote like that you're, the guy, that somebody has not contemplate to his forty two, like Tom Brady, you don't think he's gonna go quits these twenty nine, but you think about in the twenty first century. How much has changed about her We treat a story like this. You know I was good about this last night when the video, the fans booing him at half time at the court's game. Which was another one of those wages that real are they put our they putting in fake booing sounds because they can possibly be doing that they did it It was pretty terrible and then even in the in the press
Phronsie, did afterwards, which was pretty abrupt? I don't think he had intended to announce as for at least until today or tomorrow, or something like that. But he admitted that. Yet I really hurt my feelings and by the way it should have Bethink about how they and said TAT being a sports fan has changed over these two. Decades. Specifically, so when I, when I won t, has painted two thousand one first columns, I wrote for them. I really hated radically whence he had been favorite, red Sox player and He put in some way the last couple years. He had a pretty. Up and down performance considering he was the highest paid guy in the team, and then the last couple months and ninety six he made that kind. Contract run and was great again and He wasn't ingrate shape for him. He let us down he'd, let us down the playoffs, and this was just different time when you, when you just looked at it Wade solely based on
is this guy winning or losing for me and that's it. You can think of them. Ass people, you didn't think of them as having feel things like you did. They are just these. Perhaps in this whole sports fan game that everybody playing an error this column in two thousand one because he went to Toronto he got an awesome shape on two straight saying, a words which really really bug the red Sox fence, and then he went to the egg which was even worse, and we were like fuck this guy in two thousand one. I think my second or third com free has been com, Cod is Roger Clemens, the Anti Crest and hid her. Whole case fur just Fuck it ass. All he was is my feelings. My feelings into does one now. First of all, nobody would write a piece like this. You would just get the crushed Twitter for being too player unfriendly, but- just in general agreed. We just think about these guys differently and even if you think about two thousand ten, the bronze decision, it was this
thing he got rig through the coals. People hated that Miami team that first year They were really sports is Lass villain and it was because back in the brine or you know we call a plan, a mammoth weighed and they did. And now we wouldn't care but into doesn't. Then we cared because we treated sports differently back then we personally we felt like the players should be loyal to the fans into the teams. They played for, and now we have seen a complete shift as this decade goes along kind culminated with this Andrew Luck, storing where. He retires abruptly. He was it two weeks before the season. So he really puts his team really screws. His team was beyond us demeanor, I'm that not put down, for it says life, but his Got screwed by this, and I think twenty years ago
The narrative would have been. Oh, my god. Can you believe he screwed the colts like this, and now the narrative is good for him, and he got out- and I think the day the for two reasons. One I think we just differently about athletes in general, and I think we try to put ourselves in their shoes as much as we can think. Social media has really changed the equation. The I think we have the better connection with these guys. I think it's generational too, because I think there's a lot of sense. All the players support the employers. Corporations are evil. Politicians are evil sea. Have that tied in there too phallic anybody's gonna referred, and it fell team owner over football player. But when Jim or say versus age or lack guess who were not ready for Jim or say yes I feel bad for GMO said what are they studies we ve had so people look at this from a human element. They look at it differently,
and then from a football element, it's a gag for that they had man. He got out he's probably We are probably add one concussion there we know about, but probably had six or seven more that we don't we didn't know about you, look at that. Best of injuries he had this. Is that even thirty, it here We played seven years. He had a torn labour minister, throwing shoulder which made him think he almost was never gonna play again and probably phallic his career jeopardy that whole year we're cartilage into ribs here harshly torn admin. He had a lacerated kidney where he literally urinating blood and then Had this mystery calf Anko, whatever those going on issues now. Not to mention whatever how many concussions he had. And you look at a method that is really smart. Guy. And you say good for him. He got out made some money does
get to take a beating anymore and we gloss over the fact that he just completely screwed over his team, because we just look at things there for me now and his team This kind of screwed, because especially because they picked they let him keep all the money. So not only do they season starts to accept the boy backup, but from US cap standpoint, not right for them That's not the narrative anymore or maybe it shouldn't be, but I was thinking I was looking at some of the tax and This really has it has a chance to be these ball of take worse where you have everybody on one side in and then the people who are kind of brazen enough to swim against the script stream or our people that everybody can a wants to jump on anyway, like last night, the two people there Any pommelled ants whether I can help it look at where last night dad got leave here,
and he had some sort of sweet about. I have this the classic millennium move or something, and then O J Simpson. Who was that he had just take it ain't. Your look at his fancy leg and p. Well we're furious and they're going nuts, and it's like this is What social media has become its everybody, just prowling around like Charles Brats and waited for somebody to screw up, and then they could get upset about it. You're getting upset it at Doug leave it OJ seem said. What are you doing then DEC? she's, neither in Indiana, he said I I have family work, it still meals cops teaches making far less than this guy's quote tired my backside, and then people given about that. So what getting mad at why we getting mad at at at peace, Oh, who just said that shit, Don't worry about it, move Who cares this is big. Our country, two thousand eighteen, every manages prank just kind of on hold way. You just
Can somebody say something down. I want. I want a freak out. We talked about I did have big ideas, will cover words Last Monday, and I had a half baked idea for pandering fancy. Leg where she sat sociability, you just pander, and there I mean where this is the pandering plants right out the same dialectic everybody just going overboard to talk about how great it is that you control life and that I just Whatever man he retired is for Bob, where this is can mean something big picture, which I think that from a big The standpoint means what I just said, but you know to get this emotional and upset about it to get like furious at the Indianapolis fans. Come on we ve been ended up. This is are they care about? Is the courts? Of course they are good at react badly. This is sports people act badly.
So anyway,. The whole saga and I'm sure it's gonna keep going. I just look. Or to how bad the taxi they get and I'm sure I'm. Things are going to escalate and I'm sure on Monday. Yet these sports talk shows everybody's lookin for their angle, the twenty twenty four seven, the radio host the tie. Had tv shows there are going. People that go really hard and Andrew Luck. And there are also to be people really hoping in waiting for this, so they can get really upset about it, because that's what we do now. They cover rational conversation advantage. Let for a second. I can't remember somebody's career- were a guy was better, but the legacy he's gonna leave. He never really had as one moment you now using with quarterbacks. Yeah that one season and you go out yeah. Oh that's season like the current Warner. Ninety nine season there like radio, seven
the jury, breeze, oh nine season pick three nanny seasons: These guys are the great words Rogers when he went fifteen one that year. All the great ones have that one season where they just lay this back down, and I think the time he was at Stanford. We felt was that guy he was so that Peyton Manning. Who is one of the three or four greatest quarterbacks of all time who brought in is Superbowl bowl who's. The most popular athlete in the history in Indianapolis are Indiana. He gets hurt to get the number one peck. And everyone in Indiana is cool with them. Just dumping Peyton Manning, so they can have fifteen years of age or luck thereof, kick pate, maybe the curb great well now we have thirty years of a franchise Kubi. This is awesome that's how they re and your luck was. You know and now look at like what his stats were. Fifty three
thirty three in the regular season used for for in the class offer plants glasses were blow us. He was only six against the patriots got outscore two hundred sixty one to one or two, and twenty four is for regular, seizing aims to play games. He never. Twelve when season most fun yeah. I think so. In two thousand and thirteen he had the one you played in April came the only really memorable. One was to that that Casey which was memorable for a hundred different reasons I had Indianapolis, I think they are pushing. They came back from twenty eight That was the game where Jamal Charles gotta concussion and it was- and they just wouldn't put it back in and it was the first time we're like AL concussions, have completely changed everything and then luck castrated this awesome come back against this decimated Casey defence you ve been in the week. I think two years that point. And their results. Oh yeah, this guy
the next one and It never really totally happened. Even for one year, two thousand fourteen was is best season through forty, hundred sixty yards forty, tedious. They went eleven in five in a pretty we division since he and roundworm congratulations ever since he they. Denver and round to that was that paid. Many noodle armchair. And then got completely annihilated by the patriots in the game. That became the fake you- and I was his one signature season, kind of a bummer. He never had the one oh yeah. That was the luck season, which I think, if you when he was coming to believe you bet. Any amount of money. He was gonna have a season like that he was gonna. Have his. You know owner and drew racism,
three hundred and seventy one clear pasties through his first eighty six career and fell games. Third, most than NFL history, only Aaron, Rodgers, India, Marina had more was now the checkpoints and seem like somebody that the way his belt bigeye seem like somebody who could play. It, though, is late. Third is at least and if you're cold you're thinking. We have fifteen years union is at now we're moving into twenty years Aleck, because the game is different. Now quarterbacks don't get hit is much so here's the rub. And people made this point last night and its could not be more essential point. It was something we used to talk about a grey ladder. Member bill, Barnwell wrote a big piece about it. Two thousand fifteen. Maybe about Rang Gregson, the GM for the courts. Just completely fucked luck, comes in a situation where they take the season. Bucks first look at first year, two thousand twelve, that others do
tat body, because they basically done this to your plan of rebuild The court's around this franchise Kubi that they someone took his paid man, got hurt data, Really get two thousand twelve draft and then. It's a shit, show two thousand thirteen fourteen fifteen. They can not only They completely squander the rarest. Opportunity you have as an NFL when you have a franchise, quarterback and a rookie contract. It's like literally. Fuck up above they fucked it up there there? Are others pay all these pigs and all this cab space in thirteen fourteen and fifteen and they just bought them? You know a few. Everybody remembers the trip, Richardson Trade, which was awful. I I killed that at the time But had no idea was going to be that bad now they only give out. I think it's like the twenty six pick, but it was just such a miss evaluation to him. But if you look at two thousand fourteen and fifteen drafts.
It's an absolute should show they just they with both here stay they with the trader first hand picture four Richardson? They we ve done. They took three offensive, Lyman all them sucked they took filter sat for stand up having trade in for Kobe Preset. It's a shit show and what made it worse was they didn't wrap offensive land? So luck is getting the. Salute. Tar kicked out of a workshop tweeted last night, that under a great watch, luck was pressured sixteen times a game. Both Nana fell and was hidden most of any Kubi having any rational person takes over the courts and says to themselves. You know we should do is get it often supplied for Andrew Luck. That may be a good, what's that said they just they didn't care. Funny as there's a sports illustrated peace from two thousand fifteen about Rang Gregson Enemy said seem like is you know next year, West,
and here he had some classic goods there, one part Greeks. Thinks of his roster as a bonds. I tree the many says quote: I'm cost We pruning it, turning it era you could put the courts there is neither quote two since scouting is not just the skill, it's a state of mind and it does stop with the phone. Does you squandered the edge your luck dynasty, you suck there. Is this We have a mindset where we want to build a dynasty because we, the Cuban. Do it well you He had the ship it out of a mere retires. Twenty nine. So congratulations on that shocking night. I think what problems with the under thirty sports fans. Is they tend to assume the attempts? That thing happens like this is the first time ever happened, You can see that some of the tweets this has happened before not just Madge Azra I mentioned earlier, who had a you know a different reason to do this, but Jim Brown, I think the six. These people were absolutely
Flabbergasted that he walked away to become an actor Bjorn Borg, who is the best? It is part of my childhood and we the assumed he'd be playing into his thirty five. He just left Bear Sanders. There was another one, cabin Jack, and so this is happy. And I think, with footballs gonna happen more and more and more and more and more got a few. Few emails tweets about what you ain't there. Potential is her danger. Luck to you, They never really want anything with them. They made one abc title gaming at last. By thirty eight points I personally, that this is gonna ruin their next couple. Seasons. But I do have the Unitary Committee and highlight to wonder. Maybe who knows this? one other thing
think the most stunning fantasy football related moment of our time. Was when Tom Brady blew out as Asia. Eight minutes into the two thousand eight season, because it down, Zack, I did. It should give new warning that, because one it happened. You know He was a first round. Are you spent forty dollars item and it just now he did not his the Patriots is never, but everybody that amount of fancies was over. This one was was crazy. Because I think people a lot of people have had their drafts already in luck was like a top five guys, so so yeah even if there are other most. Fantasy moments of all time, send those along the mailbox Yet the Ringer Decker I have to mention the patriots. Angrier luck, never beat them. He was only six against the lifetime Brady. Many people made this point, but it's just. I wonder what the odds were in two thousand and twelve.
Brady outlasted Pate Manning Endanger luck view. Said to me in two thousand and twelve comes injure luck. I'll, give you morning, the one Eyed said Tom Brady is still playing when injure luck, retires, arithmetic, I need better eyes. I need like two hundred to one tab. Still heritage, forty two, but this goes back to the love of football Tom Brady wants to do is be good at football bomb playful, but that's what he derives his joy from. He, as is family sad and it seems, like he's, been he's figure that out about it, but ultimately every decision that dude makes is driven by. I want and Tom Forty five. This is I'm obsessed with this decision. Care about and you re the end, your luck stuff and it's like yeah. This is football, just something I did. And you know he's somebody that maybe he's gonna be the end. Commissioner in ten years, is really smart guy.
He'll, probably travel the world who knows maybe he'll announce but, have really high hopes for his post nfl career, but the point is everywhere differently and Tom Brady really does want to play to his forty five. I don't know an angel, I decided I could be good. Retired, before thirty, but it had to yet to have started at least thinking about it. Two thousand seventeen. I do wonder the jasmine dangerous thing. I do wonder about with this, where it seem like he's. Gonna take courts job and something happened. We ve never told they found out what happened and we need everyone. The luck during that whole time and I wonder. Did he say, did g hear something like it? Was there information passed along the made him think. Like man, I don't know if this guy wants be plan for years from now. I always thought
He thought luck was more injured than he was, but obviously not good luck was really good last year. So He saw something in there anyway. As of doing this past, there's a tweet, the I'm tellin you we're headed toward. This is gonna, be the Superbowl of of of takes had been added treated just now, if this were as a Hollywood movie, Angela would suddenly change his mind and play after a kindly angel. Let collar Capron Ex secretly inhabit injury rendered body and when this above the court's unknown fence quote once at a time in India. I don't have any that means. I really look forward to the next five days. It takes a hum we should mention. I guess the at the Superbowl adds really quickly. I can't fine, six, a supply of teams. So we can talk about This was South South coming over to an AFC over understand a couple days, and I really started to my homework.
I have already mentioned how much I like the Steelers. As you know, you in theory, team slash just at the idea people are kept them out to of the infrastructure. That team is pretty strong ran now the ABC adds cases plus three fifty Patsy clusters, fifty the record on personal insulted. The paths don't have the best Dave's cow. How many supposed to have two? It sets beat the Chiefs had there. They Well, you guys are down the path should be the favorites clean, this third, a plus six fifty stores aid to one shot, There are ninety one and the Texans are fifty when the Texan just spent the last few days Is it going to make Lombard Trance shopping ad clowning around because they need a left tackled, desperately your Baltimore, twenty two one Denver thirty five too Courts are now thirty, five to one Tennessee thirty
after one g, Forty two one rate Fifty one bill, sixty one bangles anyone in the dolphins are a hundred fifty one in cross up the last couple of debts. Odds to win the championship at gunpoint, The only three teams I feel comfortable about that I just mentioned are the chiefs, the Patriots and, dealers. I know them, again a ton of hype. Let ban. We don't know anything about their coach. We don't know anything about their efforts of when we We have no indication that they're gonna handle being a signature teamwork or I don't think they're sure thing in the least charge Gordon who knows when he comes back Just in Jackson fancy labour for you, guys, gonna droughts in five minutes Romantic, the Agatha wrap. This up has got a draft. Don't take any luck,
the Texans. The Jaguars Macfarlane. These are the sort of sulphur Superbowl is gonna. Win tin gives the jaguars I don't know, I don't know where we're finding six ABC titled themes and I thought the courts. We have a chance to to be one of them, but anyway, so. Keep an eye on other takes over the next couple days and keep an eye on the big picture. Narrative here would, I think, as gonna be a generation thing with she worked with efforts. Text Andrew you, I'm I'm going amateur, bring into the giant back one last time when we do, I see over Anderson, then he's gonna retires. Well, I I know it's gonna be emotional for other bs back ass listeners. And in that it called fans. You know I've, never like you booming and your luck was terrible. I'm trying self in your seat is at an end.
In China understand why you thought that was a good idea sports. We argued banana shape I'm the same guy, who wrote the Rajah Clemens. Is the antichrist called two thousand one, but in two thousand nineteen man, I was down the tough luck you going. If there really make up for that one. I need your looks as he's. Gonna live in Indianapolis I, think that you made a single handedly swayed and come come too. For an answer that are coming up we are going to have David Spade for the first time ever first, I want to mention luminary anew. Back ass subscription some the best content around, including our pack s brain, that's the story of Woodstock one. Ninety nine, which was fantastic, Hoddan did it along with our ringer staff and really proud of this one. It was the first like really. Really monster narrative, Pakistan with debt that we did and
I guess the second one is the Halloween. When I guess was the first one, but you can get at Luminar. You can also get the rewatchables was ninety. Ninety nine, when it comes back which I think it's coming back this month. Actually we had six more movies to go the luminaries free to download, in addition to the chemist, originals use it and the thousands of podcast, including this one, two months of access to luminaries premium content for free when you sign up illuminating like slash them and after that, it's only seven then that per month luminary that link slash them in two months of free access. Cancel anytime terms, do apply right. Here's David's bade we take this on Friday afternoon were taken this on a Friday measurements right David spade his hair was summoned. I never done this unique show causes address with you gave them unless you ve done lots of Bacchus, though I am, and on a mini really here, you picky a programme of three
3Y would have assumed you have been on like a slew of them. I know, but I just try to get out of it because you don't like it well like they go. We got it you will only be doing an hour. I fuck an Ellen. I do like fourteen m winded, I got an hour of me blabbing about stupid stuff, but I gotta comedy sort of a jury duty like everyone you see here. Can you drive the valet? Do my mom's laundry room just combined we're the sovereign lady soiling mean always said there were four five should the shank of sounds. So you so give the strategy of you just a blanket now. People I know I know you. Did Are you not only ravaged good? He disco. I only have x amount of stories and then and then what I found is. I went on one about two years ago and then they were like dissecting this. He, what stores again put out to the press to get picked up, and I got a little
it's all work, I get it. I do not deny. There were useful that we put the past out and people on or read stories, but you're, not little shit. Guy, that's doing a legit show while, but you know now it's getting the mandatory he's her friends and stop the disco ay. I like talk. I lay around all day Throw up on some county that work and new. Now, let's see what like application, we're good the avenues of funny guy I dunno about him, and then I started on him and I've probably listen to approximately zero yeah. I listened calling cowards and lives on an app because I have serious and then you're rich eyes on their undamned, Patrick Tank sports. Heavier closet sports vein. I do like you, don't advertise it by you yet I do know that I'm like a basic. As you are aware, talks on sports area, I, like it, I'm inventive abide. Show the cardinals I watch. I try.
Fares on from Scottsdale, but never quite the mix yeah after Kurt Warner, We had that one glory when he took that head on freebie players- I I I hated it so much is you like an old woman who reside in autumn like that guy. That was Sport has a little unfair, I mean it was the air, but it was I do you really need it and his career new, safe. They love in Cuba when they get a shot. Arizona such a weird sport city has Phoenix Scots Glendale are nowhere near each other there. All You don't realize adds lonelier you're like super bore. You gotta then say I'm here, I'm staying over there and it's like uh, that's really far away. You I mean when they did the Superbowl there, it wasn't cost anything now once? I was onto it because you know like two thousand dollars. You, like Us Maxim Marine areas, sports illustrated you get in the car and someday forty minutes. It are you what the
Where am I am? I want my still driving and that's era oh no. I once got ahead of it gives a show me where the parties were unable. These are nowhere in the vicinity of each other, like yeah ones, so wondering whether there was Ray Anna Party, a member that was it Glenville. I think where they have the suitable. Yet- and I was I pick the wrong one, you know you is everyone go if you pick the wrong when there's no coming back cause you're with your and our away from the next one? I was at this Aerosmith want, which is fine but they're. All bat. Believe me just Alex To what are they going on? I sound like negative it. You know, I'm not I'm not super tolerant. It is getting smash island. The rolling stones are signed by the rosebud. Forget it. You want rolling stones ass they are. Light. That's another reason: everybody Are they? How are they move? In these days? No creaky But I say when I left and I was going up, the stairs there are like
some one hears order than exactly as I e government for their money. I couldn't get out their fast enough, but the rose ball. Are you from me now? I'm from back east, but I'll tear since oh to something that, like the Rosebud Jack cluster of AIDS, far yes should even have a swat meet there. Everything I hated already with business. Swap me mixed with the purge. And then it is to abandon, because I couldn't get to my sees. It was five songs. When I got invite my seat is walking on. What's happened. And I was Mickey mouse- is ever knew me in spit. Neuron is where sham wow handshakes because they had their drugs. No one cares or dislike. I knew and then I finally get too close to my seat. Taking my career, you re a good five minutes and I get a guy
to my seas, but it's so jam pact that they don't keep people out of the hall soon I mean I'm here I'll say bought he's on purpose, to conceal a better and you're, not so your elbow room, meanwhile, first from can't even get there, I finally get to my row: people my Caesar incense. They want my seats yeah. They look at me like their squatters that I, what am I? What they what cedar you I got one. For sure, not you. So it's probably me, as I have the tickets and easy our and then I better get like an injunction to get among the knowing just like jumping out there are now do so I missing a wholesale should move and the person who doesn't have the seat is litigating. With the person you actually is. Holding a ticket was one standing blocking everyone it merely. He doesn't know it's that and then again
if I may use a fuck, you guys I've standing there I go and then I scream all this horrible stuff at her and she goes breathing especial I'm, not special, but she bump me and then you fuck, you don't I'll do both pick. One cheerful you rammed enemy, I'm just trying to my own seats, and then now, because there's people there was a slight Jimmy buffet burn out thinking, I'm so stoked standing. I might you know it jams. Next me, these inches in the ILO with me in my row, mega there's some shit? I won't. He doesn't. My daddy's telling your age should all day but entering into my room, and you don't see annual standing now. He had to do like the shoulder me back and I got money in a fight I will lose. Is that good or bad for you? If you gonna, fight at a rolling stones creates? Wasn't I'm ads
seventy nine and is a great story. Two thousand and ten it's rough one am I want my things I was thinking is it was packed to the gills and I go. I can't believe that happens. I summoned eighty one and I go. This is their last concert is what everyone says every time, they're never going out again. This is it and they only puppy forty five years old that was old to me. So I go there. Forty five. They can't keep doing this, so we all went and then, like a couple years later, I got all this. Is it so everyone goes, and now look a little bit in the sound mean like the markets, even Charlie. What I think he s teeth, remove his even further and is I guess he asked, and I got some things off But caved in never bandanna. He looks like a crowbar like Craig, it's more, you know what than anywhere, but an mic was fine,
took a hundred our energy to get through the first three songs. Yet he was pop and around it was that part was fine. I have no problem with them. It was the whole should show that his arose ball. I thought I'd like that do that insight approach. But I saw the stones and eighty nine a job like four hours, the Meadowlands from college, with the same mindset of like well. This is gonna, be it's got they're gonna and then I remember five years later, they ran a manner to another episode. At the episode is built around them going to Iraq's down shown in his egg. Man. This is sad for the stones. This will probably be a again unable to another right now in its twenty five years later. Still deciding at the rosebud, I said about Snoop Dog is old, Martha Stewart. This is it for this guy in anyone's, like he's, got more strict, gonna go how's. It going well like he does. Every possible zella and even cooler, yellow just adds ease extra cool. I guess is you
you're doing they call you a minute in the night is, if you did at the stones, are all jerk. Probably you would have told the writer like take that out Cosette Eve mid nineties. That was a cliche joke. Dog out or to our idea of the stones joke. That's a nice job that they now I share of easy jokes, but there is still a bigger problem. Like then was if I do a joke that people it was on the verge of pupils, sort of thinking, whether thinking, but I wasn't they weren't there. Yet I didn't want Jim, carry, who I I love you and I. And they burn me and ass. I wasted too early for this was Hollywood men at no results first cut bollywood manage does know they didn't totally know what to do? They don't give you its contents, it's it's a stranger me who they don't know and I'm just sort of making fun
oh I, this is near of pure people magazine. There was no use entertained weekly. So it's just fawning oversight like an entire documentary about the as this is, six years before the internet is rooted in the shape yeah. It is me and my friends making jokes and college, but we're not seen them a tv in any form. Only really come and we're like who's. This guy and Denis Miller sound the shit out of you. He adds a guy, will you may and then you do is really mean jokes and where, like this, is it
using Alessandra that's good. Now, it's like even elated two yards. Ten years later, that became the internet, but in an avenue inheriting a weekly was like snarking numbering on other, neither catching online. It's not just fawning agenda, but it was by the way I liked. I still do. I make fun of urban about like ninety nine percent of people that just like, even under new show we I sort of take it is if they do something stupid or screw up or its sister and there's you get one free shot and then, if you keep pounding it's not cool, but you get one freebie, and I think everyone knows that. Will you also you ve been around long enough now that you're in kind of that that zone yeah yeah, I'm anybody! Yet they go you do they known some person and you make fun of everybody. Reads: rights, equal opportunity, teasing and they make fun of me and I hate it.
I do hate it. I don't know why I drop all the rules. I can wait what the fuck is going on, but yeah, because I don't want to. I don't like to take it this way, but You know how did your cell phone Michael's on doing that idea because he was so celebrity friendly, and that was right during his time when he really say hello, stuff off some times they would say at the reader read through and I would sit the way the place who, as you might have seen, photos it's like Lord at the top yeah long table. So the first it's Lorn and is right is a host the host. Then it's me and then its light blah blah blah Farley's down here. Sailors of there. Rock was sort of closer to me up here and then the next layer is writers and then it's all through anyone has to doing with graphics like I set design when they re to sketch. Ok, we're gonna need this evolution
We get ahead of it yeah forty five sketches you no nine on the show so you're reading them, but when I would read hollered minute, sometimes like Appall, Simon Geography and there's something you go, I don't think you needed maybe next week anything feels like it's just a little Ok, ok, I was code, so you would you put stuff and knowing that you'd be mad cows and you can get other. Our asthma was carjack, there's someone! So they yesterday, you put us you put three extra jobs there, so they go. Ok took that yeah come on,
and I was not smart- I was just treading water. You know Bob Odin, Kirk yeah he's pretty much the one they gave me the idea, because we were the writers room waiting for the meeting, this darkness, reading magazines and just shitting automatic out yes making fun of everyone on every page, like those like a roast and seriously that he does not innocent like that. It has no one is doing that and I ought to lower off because it sure so, we tried, it fear how to do as a sketch this. Turning to that end, and then Lord liked it I don't know, I liked it right away, and I was on the verge of getting fired every year. I was all Rob Schneider than cop machine, we were feature players and we're bodies, and then he blew by me in Iraq at once. He accomplishing they made him my casper and we came back from the summer. He is a cask member and they kept telling my manager at an off we're gonna Keaton will let him
MAX a feature player again, so not only my I'm not I was in no is equal Ellie. I was just no power. I was just saying they get from wages lucky to be there so forget: ask you like this special teams? Gore money yeah the practice Squad, basically just practice squad, basically just getting paid to hang around, and hopefully they throw me in, and then I one like two years, then I old men and women Maybe it was pretty funny and then the Monday meeting after all, there I'm getting ignored and then they go to use David, maybe Hollywood this week. I ah me I got here and then I did it and then I too consider another one, maybe because I think that your voice, I think that's good for you, because I turn into be kind of like a bill Moorish. I wouldn't say that with a lot of padding around of meaning yeah he's the prototype of for someone, I would look up to and say he's always kind of himself
his parts and he does right disappear. So I looked up to that same. I guess that's more when I am only because I'm not Deniro like Dana doing ninety character, she knew I would do carriers have put. It was Lord hidden love. It easy just play yourself and you know It's not really the show to just play yourself. So I got a lot out of snl more than I probably should have, because Adam was Great A'Tuin characters Rob was doing stuff, they'll do voices and they love that stuff. Yeah and Farley could throw him in anyting, and you know Phil Hartman I want to just like disappeared Dana Carvey, Dennis just did the news, and then he slowly is fatal sketches and I sort of played myself most When you started getting that, like up day, was pretty static, it didn't have didn't become when it became, which is just
bunch of people coming here recently said that a windy brown I was there for years. It's you mean it is a little like was allotted then, as now maybe may there was the latter room to like tests, be once you value once we got that that was a place to go, for they kill yeah, because two sketches or to competitive, try to sneak up data ones busy because they probably we use one feature on update yeah and every read too there's, probably three or four, and then they go to dress of, maybe two and then one gets onsets tough. I was I going Sanders Office and its I'd brighten up, didn't I walked by his office importing turning our know how Jesus of Dead, I'm daddy's is too good. He's gonna go crush it. So how do I add a sketch at risk sketch please So I've that's already Murphy when he added
because Rahim Abdomen Amateur whenever that that was how he broke through existing use them for, like ten episode of seven years on updating, gotta and if you get through that or you can do a character and then bring it into a sketch married if he did something, I'm gonna be there No, you didn't hear it. If you do that, when people like it, then you break into sketch and then I was like that last couple. There's a miller they figured out this is we cannot yet again heart users, but then this is a good waited for them instantly straight news bringing people. What was your first year there, Eighty nine, no ninety easy, I think, ninety one yes, that's I mean I was that of those
the worst loaded Kashmir they had? It was really a year. Was there was an overly out leaving a new generation coming Dana hung out. I was replaced Dana and he didn't leave. So I guess I was sort of nowheres. Well, you know no man's land and then, if someone came on the show, even though your future place but look like Sandler like Don't you ever get a binding macho man Venza,
we do and then, if it look like me, Dana would do so. If it look like Snyder, you do it, but I didn't it was hard for you to get in. There is Dana was just great, so I can't, even you know, compete with a site is weighed the nanny state another year. Another might not. His fault is trying to stand once again and kill it. I just was just gone on what to do with me and then, when he laughed combined Hollywood minute got me in more gotta gap. Girls got a few bits in yeah and then just milk ass, much ass. I could and then then you know Farley in Seattle, left same year ah and that they will Pharaoh came. He was gray. I knew right away. My undisguised great d run their first yeah you do in the air My only shot you down and then I was heartened that was days. One writers mean a guy trying to figure out what to do every week in five minutes. You'd couple:
come on that stood the take, as you had an like at the back of her the ranch on this year. Terry had area hers, which everyone is a answer. We had shown Van Gimme Sharpset tattoo. That was a good one. I think he's coming on the show to do another one. How did you I remember when that will happen, as was at that point. We just champagne was the psychopath idiotic drain and punch photographers added he's getting that deal with the other. What's going, I was at a party with Lord in L, a David one coming
And I love it: was there tat now and then love to talk machine, and then I gotta meet him despite standing like in the same circle tartan- and they went back to us now, of course out of ideas- and I read in the paper that Sean's on Letterman that we so your love, it's when you ask him until he was mentioned, he did a tattoo wanna potato urgently yeah. I should ask him if he could do it and he was you ask monkeys number Don T get me, so I just left who wish to Sean Yea one scared him yeah seller, four messages: it hey you the day. If you want to come.
To this day, and then he called by yeah. Ok, then I got scared. I got my doing is gonna get a tattoo when it was the tattoo I forget it so dont might well. I had we called Stephen Tyler to get his on his arms. I liked it. They arrived to get one, this one's pretty cool, so brought it down its illegal for shining immunology, not licence where to go outside of Manhattan. Then he got lost in the car, I sent form so he stopped to drink and then came in. I was allowed to drink and I was nervousness even to see him to solve it and then he came in and he was very cool he's been so cool sense. I didn't know what to make of him
but the guy goes. I can't do this, so we had gone a newspaper and pick the most basic thing he could do or pull the plug. So he was like a very very easily than the primitive data person. The tattoo person. Yes, other guy was, if you haven't done it just, would destroy the seller outlined it was Calvin and knows that yet so Dounia so weak ass, he can is barely that sheriff. Take Jack ass. I got sure just Gimme two of whatever it'll be a job that goes on for a great story. The to destroy cycle it'll be worth that I hope so. I interviewed him and then at the needle was noisy. So the sound guy I don't know I just go figure it out later. We're all over the yes side is ice. Gotta get some modest weak and then I walked on tat. He shot made funded tattoos to kill time until he got there, and then we did at night is basically red jokes to him and made fun of a man. He would look up
He displayed it. Now is my favorite part of that, because I'd really ever seen. Him laugh over fifteen years in it seem like making. Champagne laugh was probably the single artisan do always of is huge any here task, so either seem like the sight of his mouth collapsed, yea ex now? I know you look at me like because you know we. I know else, but calling all those things. I know you know, and he was so funny and then he goes right in the like. Really, I think, he's doing casualties of war, then that one Michael J, Fox music. Besides, you hear fine girl sat Christ Mallory and shot. Is that really is VC due course that movie knots, you'd ever you Michael J Fox. What was that a family ties thing? You did the world you're, bound stars bank robbery or something ass. They thought they so the ESA
That stretch our absolute child of pop like you where we are had eleven channels and we're all watch in the same year. Nineteen shows sure, and then all of those people grew up in it but ass it now in any time they would do like Partridge my version right about that. As this is its firm. Remember me some told me that makes sense. Maybe is Lauren that everybody's favorite SNL seasons were in high school when they weren't right, because that's you stayed home and you had to be home at a certain point in you watch it that was like getting away with something. So it was dirty and then in college you're, so fucked up and watch really much anymore than half that you just we were taken it I had. I I don't know how I guess the last two years we had vs Thingy Vizier So we will have done a watch on Sunday. Every few missed it
I got said is the music was amazing. Only like fucking around people. Project of all was all the best people thou reply about. Is that our fucker too, because you know even dinner, brake on Saturday before the show five? Thirty, six thirty in there's like little tiny calf to reconnect stuff yeah, so you can eat or watch the music the worse. So I would you, do the first half watch the music and then discovered, but then they would coming so. I sat with their vote both times over there and I just sort of kiss your ass talked him. They were blown up, but it what you know. It's not like legendary, like it is now, but whenever the second time there on it, it was significant First time it was like out these guys, I'm cool second time as I was so big back, even when the second time programmes on I was it you guys do alive and their rights. We did last time them should either I was wearing attention because I don't know they were the first yeah there he's getting new early that time. Yak is one we have heard
house flowers, and then they wouldn't blow up They were trying to gamble. I get to get on someone early like Nirvana or Pearl jam, so you have to book and make sure you're really rolling. The dice are going to blow up my favorite, and I written about this case. There's no copies online was the crash tests. Dummies run all right when they say that song, but the guys like You know, what's going on with him whether he was like had severe stage freight or he was just vodka data whenever any just making these crazy faces, time and it was on the internet for leg only The two lately rounded and has gone now. Seven, Stifler rapier, worshipping may re had some sort of like to register. I don't know, but he keeps it had a nodding at his bands and having these weird
It's the strangest fire while I was there was, will add like one well so they abroad when, like ninety three, ninety four, it is the weirdest performance. Allied, I remember, I remember he had a couple that you know shit, o Connor, ripping up the full picture. There would always we I mean watch and now I ll have you just see my there is total difficulties or something You didn't realize I well when I was the first time that no one applauded european of abandoned. We spent a commercial now say I was next to lorries Irish and then and then I walked over and saw the picture on the ground. I took a piece of it and the nice for my bargain There is, as I guess, that's why you're gonna by violent I'm, not a religious carried, no really what the fuck's going right. I do no big deal was so at home that seven hang out, there is a postcard, almost she's, really cute. Actually all yeah flirting with his door by then it was like stay away bad fear rap.
Go to Hannah she's poison. I want to talk to her and then we go to the party, then that Sunday, I'm doing my laundry in my stack of quarters and a my crummy dog should I see an inside addition. There's the world I'd story. Yeah how's every new, he's telling my oh, my god I can. We do our work as is, and then they go there. Sure that was heard around the world and they put the ripped up picture, but one piece is missing and I looked down and I hold up and I have that peace. I go. Oh that's too, real picture. I thought they dislike ripped up to show like. What's it look like yeah, they have real picture from the guard. On the ground and so the next day. Of course, I went to work and of course I was telling like Adam those guess. I got a piece of the picture that I and then learn with seal cycling his Kenny aim on his great guy that work, sir, and he had to security, goes
speedy everything we should know about. Why immediately and they heard you took the picture, someone sold it inside addition, what picture I played to down who's on the shore, and then I said I do on me, and so I gave it to you will take that message, meanwhile it kept it still making it they get it. He probably like framed it put it like a hand to announce a stage hand who did it. So stay chance, all the while savvy and then grant turn think of that's worth different side addition. I guess you're segment out of it, I know, is big, but you know if they catch. Is a mosquito knew if they kept it. Ah, I gotta rose Malaria Larry. I feel it a sinking in my veins spades.
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where information and fullest retailers visit the cry? Water, dotcom, allay C r, o I acts That's, where were you guys, so close Keziah seems ideas, an cast they stay together and then they scatter after the show, and they don't start touch, but you had well. This weird there was almost a year, as were college likes or availed house. He added that's a miracle. It's very and you didn't question. Let me think I knew rob ahead of time. We did stand up. We knew sailor from noon, stand up, Drake say there. He was non, but he wasn't my young comedian special and then we met we knew judge from appetites of stand up, and then we in then mean wrong where the show them we put in a word for Adam. He got on the show. Was because of us, but that was you get on, so we all knew each other, so you should a gravity to each other Farley and I found
just seems like everyone greatest lay our his axe and so on, and we share novice awareness, which grew, but we along rate, so so that was an increase rock and Chris Rock ideas was nice him, because areas rate stand up and his eyes ex bade. You will, first got it was nice to me showed him around is, of course, when you get there, Windisch closes the door. Is your competition? I thought They be like for he's. That's how I could write you gotta, you wearing a surprise. His party for you. If you get the show and ones who excited we, you walked in it. Just crickets snake be here. One on Monday, known ass, got two to five, I'm his walkin service. By is someone here and the others on seventeen and finally,
when those Ngos go way by large office, just sit there for two hours. If you white writers check LAN, we came medium nowadays like my boss, but he funny shows up. He is our future patent pan. You know like a yellow about computers and ears like those little square des like almost unique in school, and he goes here's your crummy office. Just you know right sketch. Three houses, timings, Amigo of Jesus, no coaching know how law out his hand with a thousand question. Your first house, tarmac cell. Wasn't it was either how powder one this is a good one. It was, however, was the biggest diver sheep. I had forced
before the summer. One was days, clavering is crazy, legendary appearance and one was our balance first time when this Candice Bergen, maybe carbon burns so and some good bands. I didn't want that. I wrote it. Yogurt a bus hit a puff of fish for love, it's and it was like seventeen pages I didn't know pretty forty five sets whose programme million square I didn't know- and I handed anyway what's issue they didn't put it read through. This is ridiculous Someone tell me something I don't. I may Middle ACT of nominal headliner understand. If I dont want to write for people. Beyond the show and be famous, I wanna do anything and they migrate for Dana right from Myers is cancer to good from incorrect, and when I look back, you know it's Jack handy in counting, o Brien, it I'd, say: old girl smile. Just a writings have downy the Turner's and then Dennis is writing
With smile there's stones, he was right he's a while when I was there and then out of raising stuff he's great Schneider. Smart heavens, I didn't know how hard that would be. I had no idea that everyone was so good and then I didn't get it took a year is for me to read a sketch and make it makes sense and not be. Errors and then start getting him on, but that's also your popularity when they want you on and yeah they can take any thing. J more was saying like you know, you don't get him on right away. He and even knew it when he came in emerging, say I I know out is stuff here, but you can't freak out. He had his face. It yeah and I think the first show use aided sketch gets laughed, but you know
so the ball back in a week later. I sketched kill that you known fuck them. You can have it deconstructed quicker than all through exotic as factors play the head was phone and I go J you you saw, coming in a new nowhere and we all hate it, but he said I know, but when she ended its two soo much yeah sure cooker, but everyone says the same story, new version nine times, but it's all real suggest. Random way. You end up in the same office of Farley. I think we asked because we we stayed at same hotel the first day and walked. I said: are you Farley I called his room visitor. You want to walk over those yeah. He was now yeah walked over from wherever they put you up and then we just were laughing and then we got there and then they said you get your office.
And I was sitting when they are you when it is put a desk in Spain, negroes yeah, so we went there in and Adam was in rockwork through our office was that was the first far from it. Like within a minute, said three better in order to do as you every at read through We walk in the opposite NOS forty foot. My light on off twice like it's a stick. Light in the field is to dig deep data that scope and he tapped. The exits her, my doorway, I didn't want anyone OCD I! This is all he did every time it those to be funny, Oh, he had seen the body and before we do a taken, a movie would lean over any pull up each pat leg twice and then stand up again on touched the ground once, and I thought it was an honest as stretching out. No one knew what I was heavy with. I don't know yet, but once used to it how much and then someone called among we'd airing there's a name for it was just like its habits.
Warm and so say the anxieties and yeah, but woe oilseed lick he hit read through you can ask out, we all watch his sketches coming up and it gets close and he pulls his water falls. Each fill out and legs each corner back in his one never knows. He looks at me and I got site egos. The crises so nervous issues like this you're scaring but I never even now- what sort of our cities these these things of people do or tax or treads there's something going on nervous habits. We called it, I don't know, but there was something for sure he was doing and no one can use funny anyway. Just made us laugh anyway. Whatever is done then suit. Some you guys. Just I became a guy in an ever stronger together and there's Dennis Miller, loved state there and Philip knows of the old Guard, Jan Hooks, nor done and they were
and you ve, no internet nobody's on their phones, nothing, You guys are killing time, make each other lawyers long long hours and writing on eating. This is funny when right this up with me, let's go, we laugh was re drinking was doing call at one time he should have been doing talk chalk all night They are right, but I was not really nice person, so I write till one, maybe too but you're allowed to go and at noon and right is real one does everyone is puts it up where they write all night, but we use of the time your body right began to peek at eleven Thirty, nine, which is I'm not lies our affinity. Acts on the new show is weird because we shoot in the day and it to thirty, I get so nervous and they come down again
This is so weird after a few days ago. I'm not use its always night, always stand again, even movies. You dont like peak that much nerves like I do on a comedy central show lights out, because I can't buy that so crammed into one yeah that it's getting closer to it and depending on who's on or I'm not prepared enough. I got enough to show his great today and I got to go, see these people and I don't want to disappoint them, and I want to make it easy for them, but some shit and it seems they come together- the Ngos on cramming harder and getting ready, but it's also big fuck off, because when you have three people talking, gonna save for you. You remind me a job for us because I got to know. He's. Just always on my keys. You could poverty is nowhere in he's just gonna start making. Finally, the usher in the movie the his hand better rather than make is this
Is it really a roast, and you don't know now no EU wide? It is until we start doing if you're, seeing the humour of of that's. Why you're The grand Mozart yeah I'm doing Trump trying to slightly drier stuff, but the first couple shows you: without their there does rose me and I was gonna go after them to their running off. Me version like his name like that, but now find your way like they saw was my fighting back hard. I was going where's making was decided was like a rose faster show of it is not. I gonna is very vague and echo my hey. Ok, can you get the show off the ground here, but all the bits we do and we didn't last night about Mumford sons being I'm interviewing bands to see if they're gonna feel my house ban so interviewed rascal flatly today, downturn, sons, it's always a really good bans, yeah and then I. I'm on the fence about him, so it is so membranes and they go. You look like you're kind of like an Aerosmith with allergies and then
make fun of me. Look at my list of questions in Blabber Conference and celebrate vacuum repair store in the valleys going out of business. Medicines are basically I just do jokes about them, and I don't know I'll, let you know, and then I leave and and last night, when we heart it. Luckily, when we came back as a bumper, we use them laughing at one of my jokes because like, whereas was lab, laugh right just to show that they are in on it river. Russia's fungus- I wasn't there to make them look there are now. Would you want to accomplish? The show I was I was prize, but also happy that you do so you it. I think because my last show you that offers before they do raven types of things it, It was a combination of while ass movies route, a town I started the yet burn out on the traveller. My stand upset a town in the movies out of town. She got a boss since raining every day. You know morning
God, grownups everything we ve done their father the year grownups bribes to we did one other one there and it just it Ninety percent- I guess one- we go marketing room it s like s, Zadig returning so tough, so I just thought I'd like to be in town. My whole life has been traveling and people say this, but this sound like a good opportunity, because I I go I like to make fun of stuff. I think the Hollywood I like Instagram and so I started getting dams about my mainstream from executives going This sort of weird rejuvenated is unlike a show, if you could away and I got anything because Instagram is a throwaway joke like little enough thought is put in my store as I walked by something if it's funny in my head, I just fell meant I don't do another take. I just do it if it's for free you don't like it up shit. Don't you have mastered the corner of the past
across the street is doing something goofy yeah, I'm in a marked them progress as their idea as analyses that that's a gimmick and one of the then they should be more embarrassed. Why aren't you embarrassed? I shall be more barriers, be more embarrassed. Luckily, you doing you're staying illustrate thing selfies with so different things made me laugh and just dry, and I sat on the show. I dont think that transit causes more pressure on like this. Isn't that that funny it's funny when you sort of stumble into it and that's not bad yeah. What do I want from industrial story can expect the world, so it's gotta, talking balloon in this matter, and then, when does show, we have to use your brains and their undergo. Is this funding for the shows. A too weird go back to Letterman. I go. I like dry stuff. I'd rather take a swing, that's weird and doesn't kill, but at least you go awry, yes, not the same shit
So the show is similar to a lot of shows. It's just more. My sense of humor and I interview people, but it's more to talk three guests together. Three guess: do a quick cold opening, what whatever may be just a joke to camera and then, but I feel, myself, so it's more reliable. What's going on, there were a lot of people face time or even looked down their phony some so that just that little thing is different than his fill me with cameras yeah. I walk in saying my job and then I do a mile I, like my long. Some always have out of the talk shows in here, was actually came up as a comedian. Now there are good at it. But they were comedians, but I I should do my long and then the guy's right, great jokes. I put my twisted and try to make a more my voice and then I have the palace watch the Mai longer than they laugh if they want they jump in so sometimes they
then you can play off? I guess tourism as a blue, for what nigger at joking. I am I not insert issue, but I just a common on the morrow? Well, I'm doing it and on them they pick fights of me and sometimes I go. I do a joke and then I m it toward them at the end and then they fight back, but it just screw off than I sit with them. We talk for commercial too, about different subject. What's Goin on the news, Miley Cyrus getting worse, whatever stories we find em stories and then we should feel peace. I got tape, something we add Schneider. Do that rich Meister coffee machine idea, the day he came in to do that. In our view, the bands.
Or we had to stand of comedian thing right, put an ear peace in people, and I just we make them to stand up for their yes. I know that one was our best one. I think that one came a great I showed I run the bachelor so same thing, high Sidney, booth and tell the battle on the tv show what to say it looks like oh and thereby to talk I go. Maybe this is an interesting idea, but about your parents, and then you know my mind as a chicken ranch. I go to stupid back it up back it up, but it I've got a funny now to show the end so that one you know, then they get asked round, will bed and then cut resources to that one again, her favor any good going just do whatever you think is funny and will let you know when it's really bad, so they don't. They're, not all over asses to change their answer. Part of this is hilarious that I do in three to perceive that it took that then maybe like hey. I'm does David Spade guy
yeah. Well, you ever Threed. I was getting it that so we did a pilot called verified as a good name is about Instagram, but such median, strong name and all that shit and I go ice wonders for the names great idea. We came. And then that was so. They brought me in and they said we tested it. I thought it was Why did it by any over three months something to my other stuff and then go shopping. This movie in Hawaii, and I go before you go. Here's a test. People like this disness. Do you want to get picked up for ten episodes once a week or we'd? Rather you flip it. Do it every night cuz we, the tests, are strong, so we want you to do it every night after the daily show, we're at midnight used to be just run with it, expand a little bit. Do whatever you want. We won't even tell you-
figures show there, and that was what was I to fund it sounded to fund, like you didn't trust them, I'm in town. I did trust by that. I mean that my own manager at bursting markets can be one of the producers who already works, which him Jeffreys. They They like them over there is going well, it sound like a big challenge, so it's like the first weeks of a relationship where everything is perfect. Waiting for the other shoe to it's good and you go it's good. The hard, because I'm not here stupid enough, though it's gonna be a text, It's not even civil enough to I'm not done enough to go, and I wasn't your trainer and I'm joking. As the other guys ribbon Tommy, these refugees over. I sought solar foxes took out his trunk eyes. It's terrible wraps
blobs from our so some one was but the Joe is hard to do, and I know I know how hard it is. So I go. It's gonna be hard got francs, abbess, ya, know he's a good roast writer or less now. Writer buddy mine dragged him in. Anybody. We you grab and then my buddy starting on a comment. I think it's funny. That's been good because, I said no stars. Three comics tonight How Mr Geyser Headliners, but I get stressed when they want stirs, then you gotta, you know, I can beat the ratings of sea. You want your friend volunteer Well, I don't want asking ask for sure that's gross, but if I think but just for them, that's aardvark, so innocent, hey, we you do one thing I thought of for you and I go to John Mayer, and I talked and it's going to go by think of a bit for you because yeah I, like it yeah for sure.
To sum up in some you say: no, I don't want to. I want a wait and see my guy don't be too honest growth, so Said the show does we're here for their interesting and I got I get it. I mean my manager, Pierre First thing: they lose their first reflexes to say no to any such of its new year, you're, not a guinea pig. Let's wait like Amy Humor neurons on her show the first year second year, people ass to be yet so we get lucky. You start to say early on that sounds funny. Yeah you down come on in the complex it come on ago. What is kind of fun that wasn't hardy comics? even good ones, and me we get I've seeing anyone. It goes in the comedy We had a meagre books, economy short and is a body might to book this because it did not Donna Guy. Here he has access to every great comic in the country and sunlight,
why we only get let's get him, so he does the colonies to anyway. She's like this guy is great, town, you want the sky and they talk everyday anyway, and so we started loading. A month right away. Leno call me last week told me great show us he loves it likes it. Just jokes into a lead on personnel from those waiting for it's bad, so easy, just jobs, because I love my large into my lawyer. People chime in that new. You should do these bits, feel presidency coming, loving? Is that come on? You owe me to come on and she's coming on her week. I said for sure, because I love this place go to jokes and because I called you to fort in oak. She doing any shown. I did you know twenty two years of it or something that Estonia is on the right track, so keep it up, as that has nice. I did that show you know twenty times so nice.
From youth, I mean you ve done everybody going back to probably Carson Guide, unlike awaited cars, I I don't wanna, see you that you ve done Betty basically since nineteen eighty everything my Letterman making merry he'll born of the old ones Yacu I voted killer ones, a nuclear war, I'm sure I did. I did early Conan MID. Continental Orichalcos Kona was one of my buddies missing out and did let him in a bunch that was like a big deal to let him crack him up is the hardest like it's the funnest and then at the commercially whisper, something, swooning. That's how I found out about just about everybody from Lighterman. Now, when I was a kid they give like Seinfeld would go on and if they were good, it would felt like substantial.
You know cause any Carson. Was that guy for the people in the seventies, but for the eighties, for example, made out of his. He was tall. Finally, does laugh, lobbies weird and he likes weird bit so I like to show in all dryness of the town and then, if he had a comedian iccat laughter, he laughed at that guy ass, a good track, and he would have weird people that car someone and never had. George million also get his eyes and then alike Should we be a couple of hours is buddy. I'll call you when I saw early on and was funny- and I was curious, George Bailey was amazing for three years before solely realize I didn't, he wasn't even see would have some good stuff, but I can see it because you know it's always bodies at the store. Nearly I can show, and I Well, you're. Obviously putting me on right now he's a real right. Now, it's Ricky right now, and that of my show. So I can't it's hard to blame anyone yeah I mean I want to, but they just as I hope they are few it's your show now, but now they gotta Norman this position,
I love letter in the eighties. He was the best Letterman guessed he had in his on every four weeks. Many killed every time, where I was in the liner. Unlike look at this guy's got more shit like I'm sitting at home, one I would never want to do stand up. I just like I didn't think of being a stand. Up. Fill out of high school never show was and by the way, never us and out nothing just righted Stanhope. My biggest aspiration was to be a middle act of aid. Is metal you're from Michigan Ray I'm from his she again and then it was airs honour for the chicken, the ears on clubs. She started going there, the clubs get your ass. I told you I'm gonna go. I started when there was no comedy seen in Arizona goes. There is still no. It's true, but I I
this weird way right, as did other boys and new times some coming up here. Whenever club, where people like the people's young, Carson yeah so went down earnest, I was eighteen I watched and evening as a shitty ago, these walk up to. I was floor and mesmerized, and then I saw very sober. Do an hour's frisk. Us ourselves were right, there are you making this Europe is like my mom. She thought I made up my whole hour and then she goes. You did some of the same jokes when I say, and no shit moment of me five years to get that our great want em. I did his shoulders spoken, which is working and she invited everyone from work to see me. Look it basically the visitor and pay for it and yet- and I was new- they want me to do forty five and I had about thirty five solely squeaked it out and then shit. Everyone's work stay for the late show interests to different stuffing the fucking
talk, but I barely two that mom that was squeezed out forty five. Thirty five adequately crowd where you from oh, we often forget, ok, didn't work and then Then she has no do different stuff mom. Do you get what I do? I'm an artist Let's talk about hotel tonight who has been with us, I think for the EU. Our time. I've had this past years, an insider travel secret from hotel There are tons of empty hotel rooms out there, just waiting to be but hotel, nay, teamed up with ass. Much else them themselves these rooms and then passes those savings along to you. It's your one. Stop shop for booking cool top rated hotels, incredible values he's out there tonight story. But I had a soccer game last week in tobacco, which is a two hours from away. A couple of parents and the team grabbed hotel room. A few days before theirs. In parallel the team, not me because I drawbacks for it, but one of the parents who knew I loved her out tonight. He played at last minute
he's, like you know what I mean. I trust the sort out tonight thing. Got an awesome room closer than all the other parents, better rate. The whole thing and was really fighting it. So if you ever want to cause attention on your soccer team, with the parents be the one who is smart enough to his hotel tonight, they even have it. We drop feature you could extra amazing deal with them and most cities. You can use daily drop to unlock a special deal to hotel selected. Just for you. What you do is unlock move quickly. You only have fifteen minutes to book. You want to swipe again. You can unlock a new deal. Every day stations we can get away whatever you want. Hotel deals are just one. My boy got a hotel tonight come or download the apt to unlock you're, drop. Do you still do stand up here and I really do yeah. I did the other night the store chilled Let me see you still have. I threw that in picture the need to just like work, the muscle animals like you're, the best one
here blah blah blah when our who cares, I still do have any because it's so hard. I think that's why I like Ellen, did it again. I think that's why Eddie wants to do it again. Sarah Silverman was talking I had on at three weeks ago. Talking about golf. He's got a cunning, keep goin out their mother? I am only real times a week gap I gotta take marked out for a walk, because I dont remember it and I don't remember the connective tissue between the bits- and I don't remember how'd, you do an hour, so I go to the store, but it's only fifteen fifteen and it's almost impossible do like four different. Fifty Lindsey Ready for an hour, we hear you sort of get it the same way. They're, not always in that chunky? No, so it's almost pointless, but just to walk up the network. I go onto an hour, I'm doing Breyer
problem, I'm doing I'm doing Oklahoma hilarious named casino, but with Dennis Miller and norm. Next week. Norm mean worthy, I say shows up with it so funny oh no any day than how are you getting there you set me up, I got you're getting a private jet. Why? Who Georgia is? He wants me to go on so I play Norman oh, you got a jet. Now I do said I don't owe. Can I go with you now, you're lesson active players for sugar replace done over them Dennis. I think we should all go together just so funny? I did the same gig with Dennis and look. We looked up where they giggles Winston A wind star, casino in where Obama it's hilarious, names of the city of other factors
fact oversell mean that's. What's so funny I played a before and it was fun it was packed, it was mean Dennis, Dennis Spud Lamb. I want to get out of here one and I go first you're, the heaven and boy following Dennis, is almost impossible yet and so on. This time. It's me Norman Dennis. I know the order, but they're both heartfelt. They do great Nor has replaced Super Dave now as comedies biggest Enigma, Slash beloved, but all the other people crazy man. Yet, but he is always have grown as nine norm. Sir, even I haven't Moreno hamsters, someone's videos on connection in the rough road rail and he will meet your friends and I was anyone to read a column about like golf gambling great did, for just that we never hurt for him today and saw two years later, a love doing their golf column.
What is it isn't have ado? We got out a world, we build, you repeatedly needed its or anything. Beyond with age and was now ass, it sounds all right we're in a corner you, I can vouch for the door. I know nothing about it if I believe your birth with meagre David, you want him dinner down, and I go man you eating manner and then talking about fine old times sure how much smaller, yes and no word does involvement forward. Later three in the morning, hello and then three or what David answer me. I could norm. I can't play this anymore because it's funny footing.
Letterman's love for nor Mcdonald is, is one of the most our watch documentary about that yeah rising package's appreciates it lives in the most, and I have no idea why I busted norm wide open because that last Letterman yeah he went on this is how he gets a solidified in yeah, where the same manager manner. Nor so I go hey permits, it has added, you see no money, Madam President, I am now I saw some chick bawling Why was Norman Funding is going to tell him you're? Please do I don't know where you crying on Letterman now I was I Terry, because I got that's crying glad area tears are dry has now, because I love you, I know but relax. I know we all go on there, we all of Letterman but and then I guess, who's produce new show. The tears
we do my show member me. I was crying on my way Baby alive cries matters. I know it's funny, but it's a good thing. The bus, his boss actually have to say one of my favorite things, I've done and scene is me a norm. Show Netflix, I ah there's probably year to go. My yoga will show it ten of zones. The first one yeah, so I didn't know what I was doing. I don't know if I knew was a netflix. No, I didn't. He said. Our friendship say, total one way street where you do me a favor, and that when you asked me for what are disappearing of course, not so I go right. I'm going to stay and I'm sort of just sitting on it. I don't know we started where does talking here. You know we were talking when agreement right and then he has our island. And now he didn't say that he goes Go to commercial nature. Are we on
Commercial, I don't we started I'd like a can of you know, look Why isn't like you didn't even end up here? Can I know ones? Even I was talking my assistant adjust screwing off waiting Could you just sit down norm? Nobody says the word and it was funny and I liked it and then people would say I like the show we pause for thought. Someone go. I love you as a great friend, someone say: are you guys, even friends, because it was suggested? ball. Weirdo saying that, and I did let myself watching as I go. I dislike the idea of remembering in going it was weird and then I would bust his paws or something, and then he would drop me about something and get on my ass Then it was over and I gave my I gave another hard outbreak him ninety I hear you have to leave after nine o clock and continue life. You asshole, who is sitting over ninety minutes in talks different shit anyway, I don't go. I have ten minutes of stories norm,
you are- and you want me here for ninety, so eighty is gonna, be dead air, so Are you aware of your outside the impact with IE? younger generation causes to grown ups movies. I am, I found it there is the whole Sandler universe like fully properly well, of how many times those movies had been seen by basically an ideal in under a I love? listen. I always appreciate and require. I always appreciate anything fan legal people say, but by you they say, and you are reassured like all categories I go, I mean There goes that body, the whole point and victory of beans highlights is going what, if one day I had a catch, what, if we're something. Someone said when you watch. You know it was so fun for me how cool date is going. Business special
and to stumble in the one without really force feeding it. We did go by twice right receptions three times. So if something the audience knows what they want, so they like it and they did or they don't. You can do it ten times they don't. No one says it again, Eagle Eye Force fed it. They didn't, want it you have something like that and then grownups comes along, which was a great idea of Sandler like grownups is gonna, be eternal, it might last for seventy five years. The Bob I know no there's no sketches.
They may even have the address bar, but yet I will you not. I mean grownups is streaming right now, probably on the front page and networks in one of the time of eight movies severed end, someone did a joke and assure me that if I need you can find you any day around three p m, I t be either Dickie Roberts bench, rumours that one of the nine grownups I got exactly and you know what great, because it's just another wave, there's people go dude. I love your career. I go back to grownups one with you and I go well firms once he they don't know what the fuck you don't mean. There are no values that are known. Anything I've been fast any by how much my kids love that movie. It's kind of every Then they want and it's not a bad atoms Goody made. Family movie. That's what did it? I'm thirty two family movie with dopey stuff that buying a bit dirty like where they go ahead, but nothing bad and then arms one, it's basketball on world my best, and I was a good less than it was
nice and Hossain. There, like secretly just wants to show out he's gonna last year by the way Boston hopes in the summer. All day is not. There Ago, Georgia goes where I got we got a week of vast. Since there was a rocks like no, we all have to be right basket I'm the only black guy who does not want to jump on it. Plan and whereas, like get one shot Iraq making it, I was trying to trick shots, hopefully their rolling the camera. They put him in the credits. I like say in their strategy of every once in a while. He just makes a movie because either you as to how this friends I was to go to some awesome location, I doing it ain't a movie where he was I can Monica, which ensures that. Yes, I got cooler on its own virtues funding two months ago, one with her in Hawaii, get home as an ice did one called on the wrong Missy, and for once I got away
You did have never had a wise is undefeated law as a location for the way it works every time I count myself complaining one day and for us all, if you ever in a movie, you can't complain in any one year did see ultimate goal of everyone in the screen. Actors go severely under this fuckin move. Even yeah I'll, get so wrong audience, but actually there's no audience free to complain. There's only other people in the movie or other people that are in movies. Then you know I was moving your great great than he whispered. It was this in their like. Oh my god, my movie this, but you can't tell really because they is it: are you kidding there's something wrong and you're in Hawaii, so I sort of kept it shot on hour. There is great movie the wrong Missy with Lorn lap case. That was the hard part, is about it's crazy, growing on a date with yeah the quick stories, I'm a normal divorce guy I got a day. I got one like tinder Craig.
She's bananas. So I say no more. This I want to meet real girl real world, so I meet Molly sims out I bumped endured airport and we talk. I get a number, so I start talking to her and I see I have a girl now, the real girl. I met really some texting sexy in my fingers, invite or on your worship to Hawaii and am I ought to much. I mean gonna day with a reduced texting so funny it the nerve and she says of course I love it so give the airport. And I m sure I can't find or again the plain and I'm waiting- and I run into that stupid growth that I went out with an I got. What are you to users who the fuck do you think of you and your dick? Then she walks firing over Jesus, I'm on the plane with the sick, and then I look at my phone and I go in our area. I'm texting this girl the whole time. I never once texted Molly's him. So my my god. I just invited this girl on my thoughts. I get sitting she sitting in the seat. Next issues, a love bug and now
my buskins or meter. So now I go. Ok, you have to pretend you might go now, yet I'm gonna to each other And let me those of everything they can go wrong that, but it was, it was really funny and we got Lorn and you got to be in her why she was great. Oh, I was great and comes out in seven years and reflects the outs and ethics However, the only thing actors can really worrying about. Then I can courtesy. It is the press doors when the portfolio, my guy We did grown ups gotta an interview over and over again is actually like at some point. You lose your normal, be insane normal people, it morning, show is even get that when you do, they still do. They still hate you if you complain, but when you go in and sit down in the director's chairs, and you do forty five in a row yeah that was the minimum in the old days. I'm just six pm. It's like a t, shirt cannon, they're just shoot. Oh my hazards, but relax our interviews. It's fucking ground
Ok, it was Chris Farley like Charlie, and now my character was rather more euro. This next person hive minute him that David, what your character term of the movie that and you do it or I got Kennedys to once and then passed around, but they re you Netflix is the only place it goes. Hey TED surround us is over. You know that guy in Africa The three blocks away he's like one should do stern, Ellen Fallon. A couple podcasting call today and I'm migrating majority nor algorithm people coming to you. You angry Oh you're, algorithm friendly, oh yeah, at these, his movie, give great algorithm listen, be in the vicinity of Adam who's like very early algorithm, other yeah, when they gave him that here's deal. I was like some there's: some raising, yeah yeah, it's not a fluke Sake when those than they had all those true crime, documentaries, something's, workings, cowgirls missing, when when the idea, you know plus
You have all just shoot me yeah rules and gave it so my name is tied in this. Is that I'm in the movies on their bench, farmers pupil and then you turn it around to the Duke right do without Joe I'm grandfather do with Adam and then do over was their biggest movie of all for a while. Yet then, nay, they give me father Dear noted, that for less sago yeah I want my own who it'll be fine and they wanted this directory daylight, but it was all a budget item I like this. I think I can score with, as it was in Bosnia and accent from New Hampshire, its bananas right. We do it. They tell me later. This is our most one. Really for two weeks. We don't even believe me, you don't really I don't like normal. Is it so they go. Do another one. Now I got my own now in my own one, this work now you get,
like your own search right. People had taping DNA and I'll, send your nine David eight hours with the wrong Missy and they go. This. Is you and I we find some some women to play with you and now that comes out, and I don't know what we just finished it. That was great, so now I'm in the next over there in our heads mirrors on it. So when I met tat, I was selling a house and they said the guy who's buying. It is a guy that works. It Netflix, TED surrenders there are, I go, Netflix was newer and I got shit I'll, probably working for this guy one day, so I go stop negotiating on this vehicle. Just take that last. I'm sure I don't want to beat him up, so he took me to dinner He said out here today I got your house. That's gonna grow up in Arizona, here's all the club you play boom boom boom boom room. I waited video struggle. This is surely you my whole laughing and I go we're like buddies, exact, same age.
You know everything about me ass now everything we had a blast, and now I just see em out because he just a cool guy did notably the king of showbiz. Even then, sky or not places there on our own, and then I wind up. I didn't do Chauvelin show I show for them which the sort of tragic as I do- love it. But now I gave, as I said with this whole Disney Sandra everybody's, a deceivers networks and their apps on us of new flat Netflix as six to seven years of the algorithm It costs them exactly where people want. When Father dear came out and they go it there's nothing like you know we did. Grownups comes out. Does ok in America, then we go over. We open in Spain yeah a premiere there. One day next day we gotta Dublin. Next, they gotta Berliner. That's like two months after they take the reels promoter whenever say: oh, yes can open and a hundred eighty countries tomorrow midnight I go, are you shitting me down ones
two hours after it opens here's. My twitter. Had like hi, I'm in Mongolia hi, I'm in any just watch movies like I was recently probably known in place. They never would be known it never in a million years with day, and then they go watch do over other than that you know, then they jump round and that just really helps everything at some point, they're going to create the Netflix Super comedy algorithm, where it's a grown ups through combined with some other rights and some or a movie were something's wrong with the house. A out is that every thing there I've read of other things that have worked indulges. I thought grounds with with smart of an atom busy took every everyone. They can do their own movie yonder together and it was like the warriors and there we go. Let's get this guy, team is get in his Cramond together. I was startling member, those Valentine's day, New year's Eve movies, where they would just get.
Oh yeah, I've been freely retired, say ever pay them yeah, but then you put everything together and it becomes a moving up it makes two hundred million dollars. That was, as are smart, and there are like ground on day nears day there doing any wispy Arbour day leap here, just to get him in there in the crab airs Jim again again, because our yeah I believe I want to be one of those. I don't think I could were three is the better for bread, the Cooper their Alex Shore, comparing us to the warriors of adjusting the idea of light I've had observed, wait, remember you what I'm here You already know that grants origin. I still he eventually yeah. I hear, and I know you guys I now I just retreated some damn thing about Richie Vigil of those. Somebody in the were world series is the legal of the scrap crunching now yet in some writer sums for its gave, what you Alex Exe and many of his return. I didn't even know what I am so retreated it's an hundred. Doesn't
in two seconds ago. What those weird movies like that that sports movement more what I was run over again behind its down, but funny swords isn't funny and Napoleon, I'm John. He turn. That was one I I m proud of those things in view of what you revenge horizontal. I love bench one year and the sea, kids like it and see the world this paper movie bench? One percent had loved that stop, and then you see prose like it because they were kids and they grew up watching so it so far. Fun. For me, I'd say: you're show is eleven thirty Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Monday Tuesday Wednesday. It is right, gone over an hour drive over an over. Why do I could keep but I didn't I didn't. You complained earlier about Lanier with somebody for ninety minute. All complain after come back. Are you on the show right now I'll tell him I didn't. I wrote a mad. I wrote thirty I've columns for him now it was really for you like
did they get one like you come to my site? I got you can't describe putting during you know that described. Putting that's fine but he does. It is, is a play by plane the Gulf Game, it's the weirdest use of twitter anyone's ever done. Where he's a good part by time, You know how you like a great wedge per capita. I gotta go back ten you get free likes on It's only has known can keep up with it there like. I want. As another one. I feel like it's a bit, Damn twitter is yeah. Maybe maybe long play the ads. It's it's a seven year. I can't wait days on the show is we're saying who should I put a with any goes David? I I love you, so he like analyzing his smart yeah, and he also has I like when sometimes it's comics, that don't know what I'm going to say that, but he just says I won't do any written stuff. Let's just do some, of course it's written. We do. We bring up a subject
they serve, makes out that checks. You like slow, whisker, biscuit right, say what everyone at the idea of the negotiated, the soup kitchen. It is saved wherever cracks you up and he goes yeah she at the? Why and he goes yeah stuff like that, and then I go when you wanna come on crickets, and then three days a great show. Last time I use em. I want to sit with you. No one else around you respect me, don't you I will tell you, the good and the bad in a show, and don't worry it's mostly good. I go great. Of course, I want to hear you think you're good. I do understand, no one else can be there. It's me in you It is wise to other people. I want no just when he tells me yeah dinner, because you're doing a lot of things right. I want to confirm, as if we respect me, which I think you do, who cares what he's other mother Fucker say. I want to tell you I like it. That means it's good. I go of course they re it right that fifty
when you one dinner, crickets nine days later, how David do you still have your phone? Yes, nor MIDAS was asleep at three. I, like the rest, the planet. Do you think there should be a package of just people discussing their experiences and fires in orbit that not everyone. As long as it's to everybody loved, I say the Tehran. It's too interesting disease. This is what you do is act what's now, but it does get you and he doesn't want to drive. Then I got no one day ass. He looks like a marina. No one to come, get you in a Maria, no one's going to rain for anything at six. Do you want to go eat and then uber came now we're going to be best friends, I'll pay for it. When I send it How do I to get in that car with a stranger? All we have is helping fix. You know get an over that she's a could be easier. When this
Officially move to palm springs, thereupon desert or one of those types of places and relax super dated manages tell just cause. They tell you he's coming back. I haven't data away. I use that fails at the next phase, where I get excited very elusive sets fun. We hang out these breaded Garbo of the Canadians yeah, but he is Is for any good looking, I would say you will recall no, I don't usually a tall and cool and all these girls were under like quietly like you hear these keys norms hot, he stole my favorite, weaken up Deca s greatest crazy. He really really thrived. I'm not getting a laugh yeah! He enjoyed it more than anyone who ever dead and I got fired alliance down the whole thing, I'm not getting last. Don't you want to drag their whole life I'd really like the crazy when we get laughs then go back but have you only Corolla marked, so that wasn't as visible heroic. Yeah yeah, I would say corral. I don't know you good for this form.
And I saw him the other night at one of those clubs. Just great yeah he's we're ready for an we got all these. We have bill burr and I think, A Catholic Jim developer, another tat we ve gotta, just premature recommit, eventually come on it's good. What thanks for coming on their increasing? This is fine good luck with this now, thank God, you're doing it. Sorry at last in the lot sits understandable. This law. Thank you. I wouldn't bring Nathan Aberdeen. One second wanted say about three Ringer pike ass They used to know about the first one, the we watch where, if you fair attraction last week. Well, that's I knew do the right thing is come in this week. You don't want to miss that one the ringer dish which we mentioned before, covering celebrity culture, and I think my daughter's going to be on there this week to if you never heard her, she really break down
culture like nobody, I've ever heard. I wish she was this intelligent round. The house packing razor argue by thirty points for some reason, and then the third one, is the Ryan Reseller. Shall we is currently called dual threat, but will not be called. Do throw for much longer be can subscribe to that now before we change the name and then the timber we can have, three times a week Monday Wednesday Friday for bar basketball, He said this week quote: I just want to do some weird once I don't That means I'm frightened, but I would subscribe to thereby ass, because there is about to be A lot of them right now is called dual threat with ran reseller. The name might be changing, but that will be the feed subscribe now, wherever you get you're back ass. I would spring, and if, in our current these the ceo of rival used renting a master, is my friend you as more opinions on the music business than anyone? I know and and I've just calling him about the Taylor Swift,
which has has somehow takes on which is decided com. So here is on the pod Nathan Albert. How are you about You talk to me today. You are delighted you were excited you're out of your mind this is hard to do. This is hard Like what did Uncle Tony tell you remember what uncle Tony you told the uncle Tony told you about writing yeah. What did he say? What do you say? He said like my early forties. My fingers would stop working. Why well this woman, like you for it, A bunch I made five albums and ran out of gas. This woman is, forty years old? Never her childhood and chief he'll going like a single, but she relieved from the record were not good. Like you. But for the she was not happy. I played them, for she was not happy and Album is bringing cheap. This might be Second birth they'll, remember
and it came out of nowhere. So do you think she went back to the basics and Crazy, she did, she hasn't detours there and had seen that goes on heading the reason I m fascinated by their some sure. People are less sank, whether by the fact is that whatever swear to me, a career approval raining she has and the fact that cheese raise Ben Is the new generation of superstars, knowing that they had to reinvent themselves over and over again on this? was doing it from a teenager. I was like she was a test to baby from we are generation and his their career. That way in my ears, with her was always it never seemed authentic. It always seem like carefully crafted and calculate which is why I never was never I appreciate that you are always on the other side. Now she's she's
possible. Genius, she's gonna have a long career. This is the baton of our generation. I just never believed you. What I want to pick him up to her dad would call me indefinitely she was playing an opening act for a bunch of country, artists in the amphitheatre in other joint beaches and urban development and great, would be going into the world and this guy I have no idea what you call me up. I mean multiple, a year and J. Daughter shows somebody's gonna be star, but merely expiring, It is not good enough. There should be more people showing that you should have different food here, that you make the lines buried. The experience is gonna, be back like from. Ten years old, child, one condition, the end trained to be a star, but but you get your family, but she just knew she was gonna. Be me back, I think, about she, had no child had almost no life experience being normal, you know and
she's constantly in search of whose she id Jackson this is about art and in that context it here to go on a journey and for me to appreciate it. So you eight year, Europe. Giving her legged do degree. Difficulty as you think about her. I looked at Miley Cyrus tweets this week and I thought okay, I love The chief steward had this evolution, but even share the knowledge they like he's got a rough go to figure out. Mean outside the chamber. Waken. There's, probably eighty bodies buried an entire twelve minutes, but outside a timber lake and swift sure do the child Darya who's been ok, yeah and what's fonder route for, Taylor is dead. Ok, I mean what she is. Second, most vilified.
What should our second most vilified, white woman at the truth out right outside two thousand in parliament, about winner, Hillary Clinton and Like he worries electoral college failure, there's some kind of I've been changed alternative system that was built to preserve the status quo and weaken the Munich business get married, always was ended and rejected the fact that table wines the popular vote every time every time an end it's fun to get behind or in that way, but it's funny because they both have same flaw right. They the same thing that people liked about them, which is that people ultimately dear. Shall I killer was authentic made entirely Even if the people are against her and whatever did the same thing. If they don't like her music, it's date, they can see that she's, talented and as made goods throughout the years whatever, but it always comes back through the authenticity
but everybody says that in a one on one setting killer great the place. For Taylor that our best songwriting and inner music, that there is a change in the single market, We called the archer made known and when they, when they release that has a stand alone thing on the album. It follows the song called the man and basically an outright for the stone, the man but but on a chip you see right through which the the like noble statement and when we appreciate the the beauty, and complexity of this woman who had no child there and who is built Jim, for who she is become all mixed up. What I think about Jews Billy, I think about jailer at this season there. You're right. You know a daisy did with the NFL super controversial cognate supporting tromp, like there's people who today, Europe was their way in terms of sort of fighting
what they believe and Tailor got the criticism on the other side, which was like. Why don't you use your voice? What are they As result, yeah. See that's on the man. You see it in the dollar lawsuit she filed against her hereafter you care, in the political field that she started to do as other order A bomb and get comfortable they still at their communities, they give away their voice Taylor. Beginning with all that about it. She's also she's thirty, now right right you can't you are who you are at age? Thirty, you mate you made evolve and things may change and who you care about. By changing things like that, but ultimately, by thirty year, Dear semi finished product. I think I think that I think that right and look there is playing to criticise with you're gonna criticised this record you'd, say hey. She seems to be kind of at the edge of the forest of work
be done in this format. Like those I think paler singing airy. I register note that found a hell of a lot like bombs from reputation. Factors like three times on this album that are almost carbon copy of. What's on, education is a change of Miss american ART, big things back. We like the song, so it goes on reputation, it literally the thank you, but the phone, a girl that the total carbon copy of Breath- London boy is like an analog of this is why we cannot nice thing an end one argument is: should carry out a material we're running out of things that she confirmed. Do musically. The other is an and why I get out on this album in case you can't tell it is it coming? bread crumbs per transition back to where she started to their songs, better off. Near images of what was on reputation but then of huge This album is cheese
at what the family has been talking about, for. Why would you she's gotta come back into a stripped down acoustic country record and it, should broaden the Dixie check, the do about her mother. There's a whole lot more closely to chart the guitar player. Reputation basically was like or even basically back there. You didn't have a job on the way towards me. There was no guitar guitar player is super fired up in the next parliament. Nor does it actually got note the flag and anthem there's this decision, career evolution at this point where she seemed hinting at? What she's gonna go when you talk about with before good Braun drama, where she now has declared she's been a re recorder catalogue, which means every year old Taylor and probably because you can't believe it for a couple years. Thirty, two thirty three year old, you know possibly married you know, mother there were swept, is gonna, be re, recording songs. When she was thirteen
she's, got half the tat back into someone that mean anything, to Qatar and from a small part of the blue bird in Nashville kind of stuff and Edward about this album issues, bread coming back that journey the headlines we're taking the son of late Friday afternoon. The headline in the Ringer dotcom Robber Villa wrote about it was Taylor. Swift is back and control over her music and her narrative. Why Why do you think she lost control other than all group that shouted there but I don't know, but you know who she is like you said I don't know, but you know she is at an end, no sort of something that she believed them, but but without were, I think it impossible to be a normal human being when millions of but worship you like a god at thirteen years old, you dont, know really how to relate to other human being, and It's always been the sheer mile, like
the great want right shown. Carter is the same old choosing. Embargo is the same old New Zealand Madonna, you know, is the symbol of a programme like this. Great ones or manage their brand. Not all those people had to do that third year, though- and even not even our our greatest athlete Bert haven't do that will bronze? Probably because the bell right, I mean here if I go we're, but it then it but, but He did not have millions of people coming to see I'm sixteen years ago now worshipping him, but he had games on european issues on sports, illustrated. He's another. You dimension child oh Jesus child stars that how rare for them to turn out. Ok, I think Leubronn has to get thrown in their when you're. Here when your job and a hammer and yarn aside erroneous paean to be called the chosen one. When your seventeen-
did the first sign. This album is called. I forgot the existed, which I thought was really good and it seems like, it's on the surface. It's about somebody she dated and now she's like I've, not alive. I moved on Africa existed, go now, I wonder if that is actually not about somebody else. Move it. Maybe one of those who need it may well be about yourself. The thing that struck me about it, it was like a bit like all of it. Like anxiety that out about Lisbon, the record my girl, who's gonna start. About this. Wasn't in the single the purely or that children like, oh my god, she's actually having fun and there's some songs on the record that are meaningful and then equally intelligent and aren't destroyed him in a pot flock foreign. I forgot that you'd existed, it's fun paper ring. She performed it
almost found Y got here. You, the women, I want from Greece right, yeah, there's a bunch of those of those things dreaded to here, and you can hear the end point has been the best on the record. For me, I think I think, without I mean look get by a thousand cause, I think is the best one for me and, if I think of you analyze it mathematically musically, it's a hell of a lot like that depend emerging from Hamilton get QUIET uptown, which I think is what love it likes you talking about a country like musically. It's the same. You can hear a lot of friends for influence in that Finally, every year that the property covers her, like girl party. At her beach house in Rhode, island and finally, some of these two down like what she's putting on the speakers and getting on the table with our friends in denouncing few. Instead of like the men, The station of her anger at tailors were Conway.
Issues. Finally, over many years ago that too many it's funny we were your daughter's you're out of the mine living the arc of. A musician what they mean to somebody who's like under the age of sixty right, where you have both. Both of us have had it, especially when you driving your kids around they. They on these runs different artisan. I remember five years ago. Taylor was definitely you know. One of the oh geez of the car rides and the whole thing absolutely and then suddenly stopping in the mix about. I would say a year ago for my daughter, which I thought was, I thought I was gonna, be a decade long run I'll be? Albion should receive? She can bring back people, usually when kids move on they just move on site. I've just
ever had the experience before like is my daughter. You be listen. This album Castilleia she'll, be back in I've, never seen you go back in with somebody What are the point today, which is the last two album the single the table? These have the worst songs on the record and an like the back half a reputation is right, but the interests of which it off. Yeah. I pleaded for my daughter. Actually, like you in to grant a video of your daughter here for the first time she ran back up. There's move like no, not even close, right, dashing adamantine nursing, and there are some things on this. Record better, like more thirty year old, like Taylor really want to know that she drank like every thought too, like Andrey, like my, we really want to deny it moved with tailored Daphne wanted another. Drank too, I noted in the back seat to watch. You wanted. The notion travelled right, She said she had been abnormal interactions with society.
The all she got the right around in the back. Not all she does, but one don't you drive a car right. A bunch of these funds are snapshot. The chief speed up the back seat of the other. I do like escalated. She goes from one place. The MAC, if not super, relate above all to a sixteen year old girl, but I The album on this morning for my eldest as I drove the bus stop and she was like well at an end This is album number seven for her. I mean it started hard cast. I assume you played Pearl jump right, you and I both grew up. Ready to one through walls and lighting ourselves on fire. For that ban one really really on the first two album cannon verses were absolute fire game changing in I'll stay with us for wife after mad. There are an album. You gotta play every. I don't know. I've been to a show with you today up and down by one of the funds. From the first to record, we go home,
I've been demanding a reason. Why think raw swift could yeah right very different get going damages say rock easy. It's the first couple. That are always, though you know those are always Why don't you understand what even Madonna or or you like? I did tat. We could play a show, in a stadium about this is not a stadium. I hope she plays arena, but that the charter should comply stadium. But this is a better Rina record, but you can't play a show in the stadium and not by a strong from the first two album and go home with everybody feels like she threw up. Oh on right hook, yeah every can't you quite well what a victory that for you, because as stable as terrorist attack was dropping you just by ended up, left or right here, you are an offshore outside seraglio- grab some more uses just bank in it, you were you a resolute that this was. This is gonna happen
I knew I was gonna, come back or by an apple start before Steve jobs. In back in fine camel's back before she came back, there was never again I mean the last piece of this now is to further trump to do ass, a shitty tweet about one of the songs may, so travel advice. You think so much. Models like everybody else today you know he dropped the market Weimar. Appoint nay even Taylor and drop in another five hundred on Monday was they? Can I get you? take really quickly and the Josiana Val thing before we go. Look. It's not my place to judge right, I'm not really in a position where I can judge. I think he is a woman, incredible brand managers and business people of our time and I know that you're the ends and check beer than mine with athlete an activist
whose eyebrows have jumped off the top of their head out of the prize didn't happen, and I think the question you did she get confession. I understand he is point which is paid for action, and this is me a platform to do it, and I think I think certainly earned the right to see how it goes, but listen I'm not in a position in a position of privilege, but not my place to judge. I'm in the I'm in the camp of he's earned the right. At least, let's see how this goes. Causes us I've done a lot of good things over the years and in for the most part, I think has made good decisions. I don't I'm still not a huge fan ever since the whole behind the pay. What music thing it. But here that our work and the well known, but
I am entitled to direct their little mistakes as I'm wrong. I made mistakes, the nightmare that what's happening now is there is a lot of muffled descent, because I think what'd. They even under the lab, is leaking out. There's all wanted duck feet, moving underneath the surface questioning this, but I think the man you know what talk and let's see how much you want it up It could go on in two ways: either he has a master plan and we haven't seen yet. Or he's just hit that states have people head when they become organ rich and they ve been around for too many years and they cannot lose touch with. Maybe what, though, the right idea, sometimes which we ve seen over and over again with that with musicians and actors and whoever that have just been famous fur and incredibly long amount of time and they start swing.
Eyes, so I don't. I don't know high praise out, but I think I feel like he's, earned the better for the dollar bill but to bring it back to Tailor who is now accelerating into her own activism and to be willing to work for the feathers yeah no she's gotta turn the last June, on the outcome is called daylight and it finishes with hurt you. I want you back, and four million their friends right now- that things would be enough to see, will see whether or not the it'll be an interesting dichotomy to see how those two individuals affected stated. World, giving a platform that they have at this moment, thoughts on the on the battle of Inglewood hurried. We abstained you? Don't need to extend from that any thoughts on an any thoughts on
Will it be easier for me to go to clippers games a share at the staple centre, or do I have to stand in line four thirty, seven minutes as they take forever to get everybody through it? would be easier It will be a lot easier. I think if Mr Obama Bill beat the arena of choosing the bigger questions when you get back on the golf course. Could I figured out the driver, ok, so, I got a lesson. I got a lesson from the brother he's back on tour. I know what to do good job there among I'm ready this thing, my own brazen well Congrats any Taylor, swift breakthrough, labourer very proud. You thank. You, What's your twitter on twitter cause, I know I know at something, This weekend, you're probably going to have some fifteen tweet, ran as your annual. Your third glass of wine emotional about Taylor. You have your thoughts? Will accordingly,
for thirty in the afternoon, I'm already emotional about Taylor, so he asked that needs to be Hubbard, but through the thanks for coming up. I thanks to zip recruiter. Don't forget to good is a good outcome, such bs thanks to hotel tonight, this incredible deals, a cool tells you actually want to stay at scorn. Extra amazing, the hotel, tonight's daily job feature, a mockery They are a hotel like that. Just for you staggered within fifty minutes. If you want to swipe again, you can unlock a new deal everyday go to hotels com or download the to unlock your daily drop and thanks to the crew the unofficial, slash official drink of the seventh family Ray sparkling water, the innocent alternative for healthcare, just consumers everywhere: zero calories, zero sweetener, Zira sodium of their flavors could in the newly introduced hibiscus derived from natural this is natural food essences each product,
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