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Andy Reid’s Moment, TV’s Greatest Year (1994), and Billy Bob Thornton Stops By | With Kyle Brandt and Alan Sepinwall


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by NFL Network's Kyle Brandt to discuss some NFL week 4 story lines, including a meaningful Patriots-Bills matchup, Mitchell Trubisky coming off a win, Daniel Jones, and more (4:00). Then Bill talks with Rolling Stone's Alan Sepinwall about the 25th anniversary of an all-time year for TV: 1994 (47:40). Finally, Bill sits down with Academy Award–winning actor Billy Bob Thornton to discuss some of his films, including 'Sling Blade,' 'Monster's Ball,' 'Friday Night Lights,' 'Bad Santa,' 'Blood in Blood Out,' and more. They also talk directing, hosting 'SNL,' Amazon's 'Goliath,' MLB, and more (1:23:50).

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details which is insane but we are so happy because we love- A garland in this is great, so you have you want in and there stood there still exactly two days left where you can I just got a charity buzz that come search for me and sow and you'll find it so thanks there you bid so far, we were gonna, try to figure out maximize their causes is really awesome that dead people have been into their so anyway, we have it, she package has, for you come up cow Brandt, for and found their way. Can you just talk about everything we ve learned TAT the first three weeks Alan well argued and talk about the iconic nature. Ninety four: ninety five tv season, twenty the anniversary that and then Billy Bob Foreign first, however, in the b S pack asked he's come up at the tail end. First, our friends programme
I'd are frank. Our brain is on the line. He is a good morning for bar on the phone network is was a whole bunch. Things, more importantly, is blowing up. There's a giant profound, the Atlantic, written by Jeff Parliament about him, and now there is nowhere else to go, but down I'm sorry, it's gonna stay profile it one of those things which you tell your drink, about? Did you read? The thing was like twenty thousand worked for a moment nuts? I know you know, and I think something's long, that I was deafening. I devoured it. I thought it was great and and I learned a lot and now I predict the backlash- the backlash ass to come after a profile at that she's there
coming already. It's me. Why is this guy? Some loser from the real world and soap operas deserve this kind of profile, and it's funny because even reached out to my parents yet because my father Bob ran to buy brand, probably won't like two hours about me and he used one quote from my dad and the whole thing it was. I was a douche bag and the real banks to add that we can talk about me as a kid plain pop Warner, those only quota units from my bad terrible see. I thought you reduce bankers, you into Princeton. I realise there is a whole real world do. Egg angle on their site. I have not heard the deed and President Obama you like that, goes back years. That you're, like a principle in these bag, p o box, you that's what I do think that the daughter and read it well, so here's had happened. I one of my good friends now went the prince thin and I've kind of soften data, and I think it's our leading to my daughter going there by soccer, which should be the ultimate things coming out and back
I make the letter to get her in which an guessing coming from Tuesday, probably will our city s foot policies and what are you most excited about right now, through three weeks, really cool. This is patriots bills week that matters are you? Are you in any way anyway, nervous about the Buffalo bill driver greener, oh it gets beyond anyway. I'm legit nervous about this game because you know their defences, excellent. You have in the power two for some reason can act. Sony Michel, going at all who have arrow men, who I thought the pledge heard on Sunday and I'm sure, though, keep it secret the whole week, whether he's gonna play or now and then an hour before the game of K felt there said starting. Josh Gordon's player dislocated finger. They don't really have the tide end if he does not have at all men. I do. I do worry about the security blanket aliment against our defence of their freakin loaded. On that end,
I think you're a worse. Yet it gets worse because now change that rules like when, like one element in Dublin who, like are like the toughest multitudes white guys are getting her like. That's that's like that big, the cat had your fallen off, like I'm nervous do, and yet I looked this up, and this is the staff because turned round the last time that the bills beat Brady. Like a real game, the bills and get madam your line, because I say it's been eight years: well we beat them when briefly two half, then we beat you told me preset once but like the last time they deep breathing a real gains. Mattered was Brian Fitzpatrick Buddhist Johnson you're twenty eleven, and I let the sub tat you didn t. Less than those of the past. It was like I'm fast, five within the theatres, while the first time in the thing, was doing magnet with hot on streets when the build left. The patriot people planking german planking
would lie down flat on a table at Dwight. Howard was way in the blanket remember that was really funny like and sports and are at the time. That's how long it's been. So we can all be worried about for back and wide receiver her or her, but it still been since insists that get another long time, and then there is that one when Bledsoe went there either I have a calm, deepen my two thousand three archives about black Sunday. Cuz, the red Sox season Stand at last the same day as the pats got blank to Buffalo and because Lore Malloy went there and it turns out it was. I got my god. This is gonna end and then, of course, I don't think they might not, alas, again, and can you remember, no thirty one do not yet have the lawyer. Malloy came about tackling port at heart out about like this is the hardest, as has ever had to make, is cutting lawyer and distorts the hard, but we have no choice and in that will make the biggest asked looking over the british email, you bring up a key play with this patriotism dead.
Don't do it the way guys are really lead in them down Gunnar the upon retainer. He ruined the no touchdown streak each fumbles in front of his own and sound and erosion in the ads on their recover at so long touched Angie. I address that. Oh Jack was gonna break out like a cane like like what Russia, the recipes that use the Keynes adjust just king beating people still being the case with the manager Eric said just Cain, whipping Gunnar, caught him right endless by the Danish cut him yet is: says here that they that dating cut a pot return who fumbled in customer touched answer in the other work? I protested and costs on the other one on the text, but it's like. I was really disappointed because I get is exceeded the next guy about someone.
Gunnar? There is little white jacket. I really do think that Belgium has a gardener by this house. We grow these little white, guys logger at that. A man like Gunnar was the next crop yields a crop of the twenty nineteen you can't be having familiarity fundamentally sound Gunnar. I now extreme barriers last year by the jet somehow, but I'm scared of this game and I think it's fun that at least You can talk yourself into the the case for the bills, but at the very least they really do have a great FED send this. Isn't that the fraudulent? Three? No, that you know I'm sorry I'm suspicious deteriorate there too, and I hope that a great deal- I don't like it, isn't this right now like the greatest atrium events like of your lifetime, like with respecting it s an bearskin round. You know that, like yeah for games to think even given up touchdowns, did you really think they like another? Those they beat it is? Is it
phase Josh Alan Gonna, be the one who hangs three percent in his defence does not fit well unanswered thing. That's that's! What I'm most exam for this game cause it's a defence. Dick swinging do, and I actually think the advantages with the Pats defence, because, especially if single terrorism play franc or making a lot of people miss these days. You know her I'll go into people, maybe get that extra yard and fall down. But It's gonna be really hard from them to run the bar and then second area is the best secondary. They ve ever had even think it's better than the other three secondary. I went back and comparing the names and the three secondary loaded whose Harrison's first year, but this. Secondly, I think, is just deeper and better Anna and Alan, you know to three times a game or put up for grabs. Here too lotta mistake again. So this be one of those like wild defence. So teams
whatever games. But you know when you think about where the path for two weeks ago, where he was just overloaded with luxury is on our fence, and now and now it's already dwindled- then the least invite ok, I think, the last time we talked to ask the question who is like a month ago. I am, I am sure, like an old you'll Brown Thyssen's on you're like yeah, of course here and then I was back when it was just like just about like the helmet and feed re. Unlike that has changed then, and then up it still fluid like now like here they go back the garbage somebody like that which is like it, I think, he's trying to be accountable order. Maybe you like to go back to his roots, Billig, there's nothing less accountable. Online couples, classes is actually the least economy thing you can do, and can you imagine like a guy who wouldn't shop the practice billions of dollars in a shop like an eight fifteen. You act like yeah, it's it's like I am. It was the one
most bizarre thirteen day stretches in patriot salary which, as better, really bizarre franchise. So that say something you know somebody sent me: the clip of VAT is perfect, knocking him out in that play a game which also what a crazy play because it swung the game and allowed Pittsburger. They might not have even beaten the bangles in that game. I totally kind of forgotten how impact for that was, but he knows big moment for everybody that that did you marry that moment. First of all, ages agent and we're gonna wanna play out again to the bang other interesting array had it joy. Ran on the field as the coach and got flag, and my favorite epilogue about game is after a b with nearly the cabotage by birth pack, man came out and accused aid of faking Betty I can read his quote, was so good. He said if I did so good, he deserves a Grammy, not an enemy. He said a Grammy where's that quote like that was like some
There needs to be a very black and one which I think would with age, Mclaren versus Rothberg Classic well made he's, never been the same since that add a couple combining reader sashless, there's theorizing that to me it was one of the worst heads peep somebody's taken in the last fifteen years and who is at a point when We really new alot about concussion stuff, you now in an there, really trying to clean up the over the metal staff, and he just got out of his way to clock on and on You just see how erratic has behaviors Ben this year, and I go back to that plus Whatever else this happened to me over the aid is dark. It's like you see this in your like. Are we gonna? Be here like two three years now and it's gonna, be this really somber announcement and that business has happened. It's like you, ve noticed people on the wagon morning. Radio showed do like their celebrity death pools like the Ebay they would do now.
Anna felt that celebrity speaking, equal. It would be a terrible segment and, like I said they gave me, may be part of it. I hope not but like. How could you possibly explain a guy for years which this hard worker Central Michigan late Round take an interest is completely completely batched. It yeah it's very I think that it is the unfortunate the right word form because all of his behaviour, really since you a tail and, alas, last season is been five levels beyond erratic and you know, even even last week to the send those tax when such a giant microscope on him you now in, and he went to the ads and whatever happens home before that, at least with the past, nothing had happened, and all you have to do is just not do anything for three
I just can't really Straker had nothing like a turn like forty million bucks into like a couple hundred grand, but even if you are like, even if you're a complete, maniac and you're an asshole like you would not think you'd leave determined by the money, but he wasn't bad either, and I would look at you like some. With a connoisseur of all think patriots and has been for decades he's running order than there was that one gained Antonio Brown was a patriot against the dolphins and he's really good like that. That weird chapter, neither Where this moment and pages history was when the though convict. Was on fire alarm or whatever Jan Andersson, when he came in and snow plowed, the field in the browser is so that John Smith can kick the game, winning feeling it's my aim of that. If that happened in two thousand nineteen, that would have been a seventy two, our story of people just exploring that's about it, a b where a number seventy and scorn against the dominant theme on sixteen
get your one game only and hugging Brady and everything just like you said the stranger to a period of seven years. So I know my homes has been a big guy. Your show your buddy ass rigour has been on their since he, since he got his first start up. I sit on my part cast on Sunday night that he's the best. Court of ever seen his These are the greatest I think, Brady's the greatest, but just talking about from pure talent, where in fact, their ability to make any play, how freakin scary he is how these These I prefer what says he's. Having urges bouncing off us now, worries for touchdowns and a quarter he's got no. Down through the first quarterly. No is gonna end up with three. He loses his number one receiver, just as a matter. He makes the other guys better he's down too. You know broken down shady Mccoy and an end to back up said frankly, just
We should be playing and it just as a matter. He still gonna score is. Do you think he is the most out the quarterback you ever since I What was that about Rogers during every two years, because he would make light, shit, throws yet and put my arms. I do like. I don't know why you like, I now that I'm phenomenon I reminding me a lot of stuff curry guys. It's like you, do and without it and outrage to small what or whatever and now he does, the most ridiculous things into that so casually and like losing diary kill is like when the warriors were there just awhile. We lost clay like who cares for seven hundred and thirty points and like no one gives a shit, so I think he is because arm is ridiculous and all he does not like. He also he's one of those guys like. He doesn't even what would he sweating during the game? Yos com? What he's got this poker phase to drive me crazy and if I was a cheese hatred, what they would drive me nuts, and I think that
tree barometer is last weekend actually two week after week too, I plating as Mohammed emphatically and like you, sit there and you just white knuckle that the whole time because the Jackie set for a score or whatever I want to get off easy, and then this dispute eyes of pushed down my spine. Secondly, like my whole week is lost and that seventy boys Petersen Amerika so defeated I've never seen anything like it. I did a whole rift last year and the part about comparing him the curried not now from like us, things do not matter. No, no. No. This is different about this If he was doing a quarterback, was kind of changing what I thought was possible. Opposition a lot like what you know with Currie, when he really is turning the heat check into an everyday event that stretch the outline for did out his other things, and people are going well, actually my change, our Basque Montgomery played any.
You'd feel at last year with that- and I remember thinking that in talking about it, that's the thing it's happening. This share that I think is, is along the lines of what year you're going with curry is curious had that, what's six year stretch warehouse he's been just here the impact fallen pouring in the mix every year and theirs Nobody like him, and I think we I see that with my homes like right now he's even to win the envy I looked at and I thought he was- can be like minus three hundred. By now, I don't any scenario where, if he plays us in games he's not gonna win them. You pay, you may there might be a large acts in case kind of want to see it with Lamar Jackson for sixteen games is as these defences- figured out with my homes. I really think sixty touchdowns as possible Israel has met its possible right now, and I
this. We have this comes as near the debt. That was interesting and again it back to the pages of day if they went ass the every year. I would ask you that if you look at my homes in the march- and it reminds me there is a ridiculous little part in the movie- the last boyscout when yes, we'll find his best friend. Why, because I had a good guy, like you re a code like H, didn't buried a punch in the head, and God yes, so had her God. As a patriot said in the ancient Egyptian can save the part. Where would you rather see Lamar? and all the comes with it, mainly in John Harbour and the defence and everything, or would you rather see Mohamed? He had to pick one. Thousand million per cent would rather see Baltimore I dont Casey, think is the only one that can go into New England and it would entirely matter now you cloud at any rate bell whether Pacelli reproached him. I was bring that up. That's saving. Grace is eighty three areas:
but on the other hand, the twenty first century has been all about. We right somebody off and do the whole thing where we think something's never gonna happen, and then it gets flipped on us and we ve seen that you know the Red Sox jobs, the changes I do not deny that there has been too twenty examples and indeed one of the last ones left, namely read. Not only has never want to supervise only made one in cities the mix every year, it's like it, it's kind of impossible he's had probably but fourteen Teams our were mix the only kind of came through weren't. So you know
it sounds silly knit iron Theo ups in other jammed, I think, is what you say in illicit I've read your hide register for years on end relating to write, like you find a way to best it up, with the only exception being like he has never had a mother fucker like my homes but yeah ever and he added last year and in the second half of that, as you have again, the homes completely figured out the patriot like the act, the system, the opting into one more possession of beating didn't get it like. You any way, never had this kind of guy who you have as the third best him right now oh and I fell into the cave fascinates me in the team right now. That thing is really scary, as the backers and a day why they obviously branches in both lured into any precision stuff like this Month has been their precision like they hear disfiguring it out, and it's like the moon computers. I think this is that we consider to be likened like dos mode YO ass, whatever like this basic yeah,
often still endorsed mode or I don't know if you're out of your a marvel guy boat but they're like their baby group like when grew this hasn't grown up yet and I can barely parking Nevis powers and their still winning like someone should have beaten the backers a couple times in these games. Why aroused the figuring out is often because he's going to end this. Second, they get there and finish this often in because in the big groups, like their minister, really messing people up because Aaron Rodgers with a defence is sorted out. Like Happy learned how to pay like that. You don't want any right to have his great events, all the sun, so they re no and I think they're still like bear in utero and are often in there still indicated. I think, as the backers well you also mentioned, is probably the best offence of mine he's had since the beginning of that our aid, and yet he eat him bright. About not getting touched was was really those thousand move? You say
and so clean after again before that will add enough. He was gonna, be like some sort of tie the tie and that their everywhere now it but like, I think it was actually not anything- is the watchman, uniform and bad. If the equivalent of a farm in Vegas, and I'm just crushing the dealer for two hours, and then we take break, and I look egg God, I'm just winning so much money. Believe how well I'm doing I'm just killing this dealer, You know everything I bet that ethiopia- oh my god, this winning is this going to like. I do worry that that he might have changed himself, but I'm with you it and he I think, is the secret most fascinating character of the season, because yoga he has finally defence, He has, I think, a pretty running back he had I felt that black black form, I really like scaling. I think he's too
find it always seems like he can just run by anybody and get open buddy. I says Adams, obviously in the old relax Jimmy Grand, but is he has enough? weapons that it does feel like if he has like the vintage era. Your season that should be the best and I see tee my question as I just haven't loved how he loved, I don't think he's left that sharp miasm. It's like you learn at this. I feel like this week this weekend is that game is like a season opener industries and games that he then I love that you mentioned Mark Wells fell else about their scantlings is awesome back. I came on our show and with such a trip lakes, personality, stop the interview in the middle of energy like unprompted and said. Is this my camera right here and he looked at me since I just had to get the surgery while I'm here. Ladies I'm talking to you right now, video gaming is not a hobby,
lifestyle. Thank you. Anyone who like he is completely eccentric, all personality and obviously Roger love them who did Mark was Valdez. Scantlings, team all name first came all and he's really good there. It seems like they're kind of saving them. Because it's it like wants a quarter Kiki just run a straight line, a rabbi, everybody. I feel the same way about hard men on the chiefs. He that one that one long touchdown last Sunday but all hard man. I think I think you We need these back pocket a bit cause that if he's already illustrate last year, if he's running a straight line he's running by everybody, but I don't they date only one. I already know about him, yet they use them once in the bottom right, yeah yeah, that's like the Arab. Why doesn't leubronn just don't get every time than the court
line of thinking yeah like any to do that. Every time like widen the brown destroy slant, the auto beckoned, literally every time I go for an eight year, touched out during their certain guys, we're like why? Don't you just try it on? First. Second and third down to build deadly work, one and another perched on structured it yeah the problem for the patriotism that share. They have a back pocket thing right now,. Fair there that you know from running back standpoint. At some point, they're gonna have to forget the Sony right, the fact that they can't throat and he just hasn't been elusive, it all and whether it's the blocking let down, there's been some which offers of my the fight that, but but there just better or more heads in the game Keziah his ability running catch and maybe he's gonna be the backpack. A guy's year goes long. His available nobody's vanished like a fire, but he had a backpack a guy's. That's like an instinct is because I think for Dallas, its gallop when he, I know you heard right now, but when he comes back that second guy
You can just be people down the field, but it doesn't. We have more good receivers. Good young receivers than we ve had a while. Even yesterday, they watched terrible bears Redskins game that I know you enjoyed. Thea the in Washington is really Clifford. I can I can't believe you down in the patriarch really good case came, and it's like you excellent. Even on the other side, Ellen Robinson, his excellent getting above him triplicity Piazza, tough, wiser than as an outsider, who did I grew from Chicago like to kill, kill any more than that. They might fear any respect for truth here in our like a. Why do you guys gonna do not much cargo? Is it's a tough? It's tough! I'm glad you brought this up in its a good time to take a quick break, a good as it starts with the basics. Mac. Well, then, is the premium men's essential brand. You should be shopping again, a bunch of stuff from them recently, including Ike, Maybe this is the thing on promoting cassava stuff was great, the shirts, the box.
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no questions asked for toys percent of your first order visit MAC. Well, then, that come what K Weldon Doc, and then a promo code. Simmons check it out. That's good! Your mixture he crushed? I was thinking about this yesterday when he gasped worst possible situation, for here what happened Monday night again, Sir against the Redskins, where the defences credit, Are these chances? He throws three days there. It's kinda kindly give up. In the first half. And I was allowed to risky here- comes as they now he's start coming anywhere. I couldn't do fences. Guinea eat him alive, I'm sorry, I just don't see it. I am a blink test guy with Cuba's, and I don't see it. I don't think he's accurate. I dont think he knows what to do if,
seconds after what he thought was gonna happen didn't happen. He has no plan b and he just I think he panics. In helping five times a game, he'll just he'll, just freak in addition to dumb and its, it is somewhat scar tissue with with both hands a core bags, and I got a text in the middle of the game for one of my friends. I want them and I can actually go he's like Cerberus key is If there was a wimp instead of an ass hot headed any didn't you that a worse word- and I like- I know what you mean- yeah- the first person experience. I am I what you're busy a couple times that events I did like an interview with industry, the season in this. The take away you have when you talk to him. I don't love is good or not, but my take away as it is extremely nice like you very, very cordial and outgoing and smiley- and my question is this: like I know, is very
How do the news tat like this? He had let the mother fucker was even a dog in em. I just don't know. Like Aaron Rodgers will kill a man and Brady will kill a man and like breeze in his own way and even like Russia? Wilson was weird round about like cuddly way. Will it be completely ruthless and like to give you just a very nice guy- and I just don't know if I'm down six with two minutes left and were playing the Vikings Packers, the page it like? I don't know it's like listening. I got this was shut up and do it I dont obvious, but your Wilson will kill somebody with a bottle rosy which offers Rat Rogers, who had carefully play in their murder. There be no trace yet no choice that we have a prudent and the latter of which, we're back, Sir, our actual colors, but then how they actually kill people Brady we just there be no chases, it would be a tb, twelve accident,
where is he like day money back? Next, there was one of the most interesting killers would be, and I think your office, where would you like a blunt object like schoolbag or a ranch, he's got caught the hate you get caught with air the deck people about following a cock. Yet moms moms, I leg. I agree. The idea is a mother fucker, and he's one of those that you don't. We yes, he's, killed. Four people till it tells you to thirty. In the morning after a few drinks, sir I've killed for people, you run away like I kill them up, and then I killed importers. Parents really! You are greatly. I got rid voice yet when I talk like this is not real voice, you right when it totally break authorization Jared gas. Nada, not a killer. I don't know with him in and Just a shadow looming over this Ramses that I've been riding the rams. Every week they ve covered
I really enjoyed it they covered last week. I think, despite Jerry Graff, to a large degree. They look for tension. Afraid occasions was on the other end in some other dumb stuff happens, but if you, if you had, if you gave truth SAM, to shine Mcveigh gone in Europe. Hey did feared to date. Again, maybe wouldn't give that giant extension, the gaff, maybe maybe unilateral, watch a few weeks first do there is as yet you're like a man I wouldn't and before that I wouldn't give Rwanda girly either with the right or the girly one. I can tell you that bad luck? Urges medical negligence on the Rams part that they didn't know have new. Is that bad? Because in a vacuum Contact makes a ton of sense when they gave it to him, and he was in the first eight nine weeks of the year last days is the best pouring the league, but I know a guy
arthritis you have to know. He had me that you know these therapies bedrock. Another due to run back to his head, like a punch in the issues in Europe, have a contract that remnants crazy. I I do think, though, the truth theorems Mcveigh, I would love to ask them. I shant Beata like wouldn't you like. Would you rather have bigger, may feel than jerk off? Would you rather have shot Watson like got a good guy in everything like I do, but people people get mad now, if you say that he, the passenger on the Mcbay train, like that, I don't know why. I think it completely is bad have not felt like. He is improving as this There is a moment in that Sense championship game when it felt like he kind of came of age. Yeah and we were headed to a different level of him and all that Progress says, has gone backwards. Unfortunately, are you
I have to make a new impression to like it wasn't even just that you would. You might understand us by living in California, but it wasn't even just that first deficiencies in which, whatever deficits Bob, I remember the first time the ram strategy golf and driving the four or five and it was there, was a big billboard. It's like sell tickets, anybody with sunlight! I thought this is like the old power or not the insect Jared Gothic, halfway open mouth and eyes, like God, I don't. I don't feel the power at all not make me want to buy things. It's gonna open estate in extra had told me all about it. I don't you buying or selling Baker Mayfield Stock Rina, I'm all there I cannot in all honesty that I'm holding onto it, I think, there's been a recent major changes were kitchens and away, they call plays and everything but like the it's terrible digital media enough already signed- Craig is called a drop land for the nine. Would you Of course I saw they were through watched it with a nephew Kyle. We were like That's why did I know was far down the ages
I just assume they didn't realize it was for down that they thought I was there down or something maybe this third down are they get a fifth down and in the worst part of that towards break his endeavours that guy that the boy wanted? What are you talking about you that you're? The only reason you, the coach, the only reason it Mcafee of any expire? are your great with personalities or you can manage, without the only reason to play call that that would affect the ones you have dropped plan for the nine it's worth go. I've ever seen like Monday morning, deciding to the kick off over time it was like yeah is bad in there in a tough spot, I was. Dubious of them before the season cousin, the coachman cause. I just I don't trust back coaches and there is no when she was a good couch. Now we have evidence. Eddie action may be a package, but now you throw in house, be there ban from apparently other disciplines, in point and then out of that just a complete in it did a black. That's why I'm also holding onto Baker Stock because it just feels like
running for his life, and I now you look at it a where Jacobus Brissett, if you just flip those guys anymore, Baker in Indianapolis, with the line that they have his life, would be so much easier and you put your garden or set running for his life. Tat would be surprise. There are funds, a line is that bad deal? One that surprise me, as I really thought Danvers Defense was going to be pretty good out arable, yeah, I had it. How do you dont have a past rush with Miller and job started like day. They don't have neat turnovers and take away his and Eurostat through three gained, and they have like common farms at the front of end and then PICS Angela Guess get electrocuted like the only reason big banjos there does Kickin cross people with the events, and I always did it with makin. It's it's actually terrible, parable embarrassment that a bad bad.
Something about them, which added that three enigmatic Enigmas Seattle to and when the charges one and two in the Falcons one and to wish any of those that you have held for you re, not all three clear I vote for. I still think I, like a virus, knew my borrowing, a diverse, wasn't top five quarterback love Ross. Yesterday picture of the great coats and defenceless, I think you will be fine. It discharges thing is so bad. It's like no one. I don't know why. No one immediately thin what I work and like it than on that we're talks about it. The like the euro, hopeful that manage and they haven't free here yeah joke that they play there like a beer stadium like I merely sub butterby, invite bear like twelve years ago, where they play so the chart. Not the stoppage of block the best safety, the injury they're, probably scrutiny which is really like of all the years I drew breezes hurt, came Newton had broken Jamieson James, like
the year, the Atlantis just cruised elective Caswell, twelve m for record in there just completely scraping felt I might on them too, that the team that find very intriguing. Has a really weird record is too oh, and one like is: do we give any love? to the wire? Not? I know I know nobody charges a deep eagles, now no charge. There's a dead chargers. Game was was the number one? Oh, my god. We gave that game away and nine different ways game those Last but not least in view of all these years and then act or fumbling at the wine, and then rivers gestures, a terrible peck and at the end it was said in fact our land. He goes which was also done because you have that black feel go. There is about, in the back that I didn't even feel like was a block in the back. The eagles would have the box of twenty and
now that game was pretty. I felt the Eagles gave that game. I too, am in part of the job of a football team, is to take advantage of the other types of mistakes, but it really did where's that if those two were just like flat out here's the game, please take it way before we go. I'm dainty dimes. Bottom then. Are you? Are you going with any dimes like? Are you? Are you back concerning urban nicknamed either She graduated dated dams. I just gone dimes now I have the name. I again Asia's dives each other The little guy rabbit in Europe yet causes dimes time seems like a he's. Exactly brothers movie character, his dams down to sound good times. I can see it rounders round her icon, Travis Coats Travis Coat? I had to let this up? Is that the little from all the ehler who was forced to go, and then
thou Geller Life and by the way I want to see- and you should do- we watch will some day and all the other. It is so pretty. What's age, the worst, we just be the entire movie that esteem where his father that's advantages, to explain to my knees, the shock on his dog and it's so modest up, but I promise of latvian Travis Codes that Daniel Johns, because in the end, in all the other finally and by God, and they probably really shut the door great. They did that back that guarantee the ten gateway picture. Ten dogs, no, I don't know, ensure comparability bid telescope aspect can you imagine Godfather now using the real horses headed Jack? What's his bed like what would happen on twitter people be more upset about that and the homeless, this crisis, so there's been a horse, we gonna save the oars credit, its democratic. They like Any animals were harmed alike, retry the home as many as best we could. So
Are you buying daily dimes? Are you feel like make he's headed for the four four pick effort a week in start number to cover the forfeit every link Darwin S, first game with a gentle incredible and I pulled it out and one on the road and everything like that. But like a disability, the headline today from the near post here was like the Obama picture, would like a hope that it will be no John so with, and I hope it works like the New York is of such for years. But, like I don't know, there's no stay. Quiet deepens the terrible, like I did I tend to think it'll, probably have a real big regression yeah. I love the fact I win. Gammon is the number one most added free age than everybody's fantasy legacy. I saw there as I will comment what the fuck is going on ass. I live in some areas,
They spend like thirty seven dollars at home in their fantasy action, and then I realized I have one guy came fountain of away from the way it is by ensuring the eleven runs for twenty seven yards in zero touch stands a sweet from win yeah. I just take it fine? I love the giants jets just what a clusterfuck. That is. It's so much finer and I love the boy. Fan bases like the giants at least have the Superbowl recently, and now they have this Eli or fame argument that they're kind of like nine eleven sure there's about where they ve just completely lost their minds. They won't accept other arguments and that budget any dimes comes out of nowhere, so a weird way there in the power seat again against the jets and the jets banner leg with just happen. We that we had this great six months of the off season. We were had the courage and now and now now that say we suck again this blows, it's pretty bad and internal.
Came up today and even like we're, gonna run like I'm doing cardio. Now, I'm bouncing back by keys. All I got all pissed after having been detained Jones are cheating times are taken other run, the ones I didn't get to talk to you about it, but when the motto story head, yeah, there's so many takes that so many jobs, but I found that the absolute worst thing about that story with that, like every single person I follow on twitter and sports media came out with like their mano story, which is basically just their way of things like this was might make out story and, like all the phenomena with Egypt quarterback interplay, Andrew Pearlash, disdain, like Italia, he got motorways knowledge and will bring some guy. Why don't? I just don't want to hear about any model stories from any sports journals, but everyone is running out to say that they got my own couch, discuss Bessie
twitter should emitted the word minor or something I don't how they were forgotten for one of the star wars movies come out, I needed. What should I do ever monarch? Did I didn't wanna, hear it yet in the bottle and second days neighbours, everyone couldn't wait to see that they offer that my grandma, I remember even before Twitter, Jen stared your bread, five story, that just when Ireland on for years and our I remember, because before twitter making jokes about. If the? If is paying insider, could add a feature where all words bobbing anything with that story was just omitted. Second, just go to the website safely and now, Knowing that twitter would end up being like that with forty stores awake, but it would be nice, I suggest that you can you people, I'd, love to mute, storylines and running jokes, and even like that, Briski Marietta everybody like some angle, mad like the owner
I do like on Intra biscuit fibre adieu. Merrier five yet side soldier through a good kid were proud of it I had a bill. When are you I'm the one you gonna stop messing around and I do a book in nature Watch Abbas, Dance, Gimme, the last one. That's me Latvia, has the last word when we hear that the ultimate I saw the right thing for you. Birthday, you don't shouting, which is great, but, like you, you gotta be booking. I expect that won the two biggest coming rest of the are shagging godfather to those it the add the clean up here yeah I did the discharge Shank apex mount along fifty candidates, fighting for it and that's a loaded loaded episode. Will you ever will you ever take three was was to the double dares to our detail, and you have to tell me one year. I will have you on one of them yeah, it's kind of a ass, but I love it,
I'm worried about my father. I listen to us, about godfather, to cause. I actually one of the roses. It can't the package can't be longer than the movie and top gun was really close. Yeah the godfather two's almost three hours, but I think the Pike Ass might have to be longer than cause there's so much to break down so pleasant, compliments gonna, be on that one. So he's gotta go now you break the role that Britain I noted with which the original heat Ray Washer. Both there was at least twenty five minutes. When grown needed to get it on alone, regulate the rule them. Let that be broken its five year. We would set me two hundred upset some. That will negotiate with their agents and try to forget your last Saturday good morning for by always push area. Why did you I wouldn't began simple on his second first, if you can't find work out that keeps you engaged. I recommend powder any immersive cardio.
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fifth anniversary of the before ninety five season of tv debuting that's a timber and it was probably the greatest This isn't about time. It's hopefully in the running of the top three so gaily person to talk about this with his answer MA for rolling stone. For it first question is this the greatest embassies and mother? Will it mean we're just counting do stuff? It's really good got friends you got here. You ve got my so called Life Party of five New York, cover up even near think, like use. Radio Chicago hope, there's a lot of really good things there and Seinfeld was still on an Nypd blue and law and order and a bunch of other things that definitely weigh up there among the pvc, So a couple things ass thinking is pre internet. Tv means more. There is less channels, it's more impact forward, something stuff So you start with their with thirst
Add NBC where's I'd found had taken the torch from Firma from from cheers, the thing mad about you is already on, but then they just add four. Ends and they already are, which I think are two of the ten The biggest shows we ve ever had from a pop culture. Fan. All that standpoint, and that was an entire native television. Television- was bad about you'd, eight friends at eight thirty, seven. Nine though I feel for I do members and at thirty sad man of the people, we do have an important as this fire. And then the e r, a ten, but you think about all people, our on NBC, for three hours, bad. You have Paul Riser Helen heard. You have all the friends p parry address. Then everybody you have you have I felt the most aim- is carbon gas we ever had
and then you have hour show that has Julian Margolis George Clooney Eric Lasalle, eight thirty Edwards doily. I can't imagine there's ever been more stars on one night on a network right, it's it's pretty normal but you when you're looking at brought gas network tv adjust it amazing that they had all of this together, at least for that one year in anything, John Wells behind the scenes who and people, Marta coffin Africa. At the other end and David Grand, And then Larry David behind the scenes, people there's thereby like that- and I remember I think, I'd just dayton, somebody that far or that summer, that far but like going, she still lived there go in your house every once in a while? I was just like one Thursday tv without with her and her parents from eight to eleven. It was almost like the way you'd watching Netflix moving Ass, a guide just watch it
Let us see had that embassy ASA headline order, NASA Tuesdays, Frazier and wings, which was like the pseudo intellectual comic, but then go to facts Fox that you're gets football. Huge negotiation, big power play bronchitis, word about it on the ringer they bring football they bring. The end of seed, a fox and then put the simpsons after it, and people like what what is going on, but that's it, promoting the Simpsons. They a man in and a works, and now we have this Sunday thing with Bali in the Simpsons, those huge and then I argue. This is probably the greatest foxier, because you had that you had Monday. They launch party of five they Bluemount. They move Nana to offer Monday, as they have Melrose place at the peak Melrose Place, followed by party. I wish that I really liked dad to know on wednesdays. That was
I caught activity Amber thesis page the Dillon Lincoln again thirty two up, says. I your supper well think about that fleet flee bag with six episodes. Twenty five minutes, a peace that Tudor did thirty two episodes, so they have all that they had this had the Martin living single hour, which really I mean this is a paltry amount of black per black star programming on tv, and I was one of the only hours and then Saturday night cops. Followed by America's most wanted that I mean there was like a real may. That was a point of view for some people was that the pick a fox really didn't you. You left out act files which derive styles in its early purely good years. You wouldn't miss by me. I had so was that pig facts that very well might be. That's a lot of the with that Fox did well all night and, like you said, having living no and living collar and Martin and New York,
The cover all at one night was born of the break out. There was no really do that anymore and Fortune like push you had man in Samara: do we this day dealing streak it again now to one. Oh all, right back, cable, escape So NBC had we mention them, ABC they D basically launch Ellen the shared Bab, an hour of Roseanne and Ellen, which would would you say to of the five important show starting a female we address ever in six months, I would say that from then. I would go that high because I think Ellen is notable that she came out, but the show wasn't that great account but Rosanna. Definitely really important manage interrogation. Awhile would do that. I think back then it might have with a still being all be trend them I'm here and they may eventually foot that yeah I'd say Alan Show, was their good buddy, I think it became, one of the most significant shows just based on the coming out thing, which its
crazy. Now, when you think of Culture is in two thousand eighteen that you know. I think this matter and this year, the year before, when Meroz place, when. Andrew shoes characters saw. Gay guy Maura's place kisses friend, but they can show the kiss I'm coming out a couple years later, and that was like an atom bomb succeed? You never gave forget up. I'm gay yeah doesn't Adam up sad that this The one year of my so called life, which is one of the most beloved called network, shows I think ever and yet is a show that was so are ahead of its time, but not just what it was about, but if it comes out now that shows a netflix for how many years eight inches was it it was the wrong time. It did the odds said it had. Is the audience that right now, two thousand t nineteen? I would say no,
so vague as much as any audience, but in nineteen, then you fuller well bill. You would have like three or four people assign just to the Mai socalled light beat at the ringer before her. Totally toe that show had some really influential characters like the gay character, that show really, unlike there has never been a teen gay character where dance I was a watershed: performance The two watershed performances that year were her and tea. Eighty and not to allow as valor and allow it to the great performance. Is my life so you have that. Then Nypd Blue, which coming off just a nominal groundbreaking first year with Caruso ammo Gama Caruso. Am I pity, but guys you now Erin he unconscionable decision to leave to make movies and they have the right amount season two and figure out on the why this new Jimmy Smith's thing and actually worked in the end. The show did not lose
beat. I still love John Kelly. Is my favorite cop characters ever but characters, but that was a say. If again pre internet. I would fun to see what Twitter did with that whole thing. Forty five years later, right, Caruso, just leaving you. I would only be very primitive form of the internet use net and people were not with Caruso Buddy automatically social. The degree with you stand on the first six to eight Nypd blues. I still feel like that in the pantheon. For me, you I would have liked at the first thirteen episode run up through when they resolve the thing with Amy Brantome, ensuring the mobster that's about as perfect. If you can get an and broadcast work be abroad. I had some bathing and no correlation to any show that it happened before as everything This is like out how is this on television and now their shows like it all over the place, their most on cable. That, like you know, but botch, go with trying to have been networks compete with cable and instead you know it was like a blip on it.
An hour and then Spraddled came along and that's what everyone began doing so The other thing ABC had on Friday night. They had the family matters, boy meets world, our which I was out. I leave knows happening and then, when we start a great land and they had some younger people in that kind of nostalgia. Vortex of tat was kind of their age range. And I never knew those were like such huge shows basically like vote with different strokes and Sandford inside and the jeffersons and those good times. Those shows where the US that, with those like to their shows for that generation so bigger year for ABC the late night scene, is underrated. When people talk about ninety four. Ninety five, you at the height of Letterman verses Lana. This is actually when Leno starts to flip it a little bit but this is when Bill Carter's. It is common now end- were just ass. A fascinated by that the Niggers Lord Centre deigning Keith,
hey day for their bankers, road, but that too erratically followed by Craig Kilburn. Who, for my money, had the highest war of any sports centres If we judge them as baseball players, you pray oh boy nodded to thirty in the morning with some NBA highlights and he was get, he could do it make it happen collar Jumanji, you ve, really broke some grad and you call no Brian who is becoming like the genetics guy hid. It weather the storm that first year and was how kind of funny footing and had some writing and and was another guy pre internet that was taken off and then Yes, they now was weird about laid their dire. Was s now had the all time gift the OJ trial that should have been like. The greatest thing that happened to the shell from just Matera standpoint, but it the weirdest cast it ever had in there, and that was the arrest and any kind of flip that doesn't help the case, for
your tv ever, but it was a top five it is thus analyses and, I think, you think of the legacy that showed. This is the first time people like, while the show my need to go a re, whether theirs to sort of funny things tide of that one is that one of the guys running and before the time with Don all mire with friends with OJ now tat, he was really not like he kept sort of putting pressure on them to not go to. Martin O J, for that with an issue and all admire without the guy who didn't like e r, I think he wanted to put homicide on Thursday night. El I landed and they did the testing and yard at the through the roof. Three put that their instead, but very reluctantly. We have a couple cable things going on here, too, MTV. This is when the real world became went to another level. This was the pot versus Pedro year. San Francisco part put, his hands and Pedro peanut butter. Just ah breaking news and
and Pedro who had HIV and then we'd slowly watch him die over the course of the season. And I have just never seen anything like that on tv before that. That show is a phenomenon back in the day they had that did Beavis and butt, and then HBO. This is when Larry Sanders really started to become layer Sanders right. This is needed For this is now we're heading into the Hall of Fame stretch. Never had a great show before this is the first one. Everybody seems to think it was. We talked about this for this package. You think Sopranos was the first great HBO show, or maybe even sex and save it was actually Larry down, The show they made people think away. They can actually do some stuff. That's a lot different them any network, tv can do. And you had that. Do you feel that the impact of that show has been lost over the course of that? Why think it's underrated gently because it came before the others when what you said,
people denominated HBO that way, buddy so influential on what comedy has become in the last twenty five years. Job in terms of how much darker, introspective it's been and sort of Mickey can be like that is one of them I am grateful that did not always easy to watch because it could be so uncomfortable, but my god I love it. I love it too, has training in Africa to watch it. I feel it can. You can come in season three right: you can dump the first two seasons and come in season three in just right at the rest away, and I don't say you miss everything. People out there who love binge watching start season three and go all the way through to other, things with HBO that I think, are really important. Dennis more or less search a year. I thought that shows great You know, regardless of how you feel about, whereas career in his rhetoric has gone the last ten years or whatever I'd show is awesome and there was not really a show like that where it was funny
had it, he would have a guess. I was thought he was great and ruin guess they were relaxed it was on constructed in it From kind away, and then he was doing like the week end up dead thing, and I That show had a moment in the mid nineties. I think that's another one that got lost in history. Did you like better? I was a fan of Miller back then you know he was always my favorite weakened up did at anger at the time, and I was just which one watching that, because you it was a show that was clearly not working in a lot of different ways like Anti summers from the police re leaving the band for about two weeks and then quit and Denis just came out. I guess the gap in the police didn't want it. We are sure when he bore you with the letter of the different things I think of mentally. When we look at how this come out I'll do weakened, update that work. Much better and he did it. I stab at the guest here so the other thing It happened, that's got lost in the in history HBO. Launches a show called autopsy and maintain Andy, for which.
In a weird ways is one of the secretly influential shows the last twenty five years. This show actor? I think his name was Doktor, Michael Baden, back to Michael Bay. One of those guys in thing was about a case that used you know either dna evidence or whatever and be like this person died in their home. It seem like natural causes, or was it And then it would just be these deep dives in the show, is amazing there, never been anything like this on and now you think, like I mean how many shows are like now hundred. Will they have some sort of mysterious day, often when they try to figure it out I don't even know if that's on their at now, but shows at a control. So then here's another thing that that peak that year. Crazy tv movies, with the one star in them like the two spelling. You know, play the cheerleader, who killed her boyfriend. Member
I think that we have a really great for your run with those movies that and they would, you see, run a network tv. Wasn't it was kind of pre lifetime. I don't think let Monday night with a big movie night. Having fox did movies on Tuesdays, both be other than May for tv movie was still Eugenio back then it would be like the critical killed stirring Stop stop agency rather zounds everywhere and thou. Did there get like the one major star, but always like a nine or to two meroz plays say by the Bell type of whatever. People watched all them says big, we the OJ trial, which really large, that whole genre, just people watching trackers and television, Directv F, ex end. Hdtv up
mere that year and then finally, I wanted to go back to Seinfeld, because it's coming off. You know. It was already a phenomenon. You could make a This was the last great sign failure. The night there, these insects it has? This? Is the soup episode its. At the switch it's got the Jimmy. It's got face painter in a weird way, was starting to become a little bit formulaic, even though wasn't like we were used to it. Now it, any kind of had its creative MAX I feel like, but it was still throwing indeed our miles an hour and after season. I thought it became a little more formulaic what you take on that. I think it definitely. It becomes more perch wish around man. But you know in the later suit and you're still getting things like the soup nazi, like the Caledonian there's, still lot of no great stuff
Steinbrenner the chicken roadster, but it's definitely a much earlier show, especially after Larry, David and and Jerry just running hoping I mean, is bunch of master people behind the scenes to like you have gamble on price, you have Bergen a fire who went on to do a whole bunch, stuff, Larry David, mainly elder, just agree, Pierre De Vandalism, murders. Well, I I wanted about this because I could not but notice at the Mps, on Sunday that network tv is basically relevant for awards, though Jimmy Camel one, the only only Emmy that ABC one, I think Fox one zero and we ve now this play where streaming and HBO in the effects I'd say they just kind of taken the corner. And I don't know what we do with this aid. They exist.
Over four networks with any sort of prestige, or we done I mean Every now and then they try and you'll still have a few wifely to things like the good place, but mostly they just sort of accepted like that, the audience for them The more prestige gotta shows are not coming to them. For that they want to go to that's like they wanna go to age, be our effects or someplace else could become this weird thing with a broadcast network. Every year, they area three, our commercial for the competition right. Would you if you are running, were ABC Nbc or CBS. Would you move to a model of shorter series because we ve seen that works so well with. HBO in. All these netflix all these places like it just happened with unbelievable networks. These there either seven, eight episodes whatever you can promote them. They have a beginning middle end. Its over with
two months or less, and then people move on and the next thing do people even want twenty two episode shows anymore that are under forty, lot. No one! It's this weird thing now we're like I'm all was reluctant to recommend an old showed somebody, because there are too many episodes of binge yeah, the twentyth anniversary of the West wing with the other night and there's like a hundred and fifty episodes that show, and some of them are among the best things, give you ve ever done and a lot of em. Aren't you gotta slipped through it to get through it. On top of that, the big ask with all the tv that there is right now so what is the good place was down what thirteen episodes I day in parks and rack there first ones. I really just shorten the comedy. The comedy. I remember it usually regular length reasons but make sure when he made a good place, had no I'm only two and thirteen, because I want a lot. Storing, allow a lot of turn here, and I can't do that of a maiden twenty two yeah. I wonder if that becomes new model, my wife,
The only show we watch your house- that's a traditional old school network- shows the resident which she loves residents coming back, she's, a huge, fair, the guy- and you know, I think, having medical dramas in line, dramas, boy, just always, work for network, specifically, because Jesse put your couple people and you make sure to them. Have sexual attention the cases are the whatever can change every week in a new kind of off but I see a show like stump town copies. Others who I really like I think, she's, really town tat. I was kind of waiting to see what she was gonna do next, the premise That shows seems good. But what does that ultimately mean? I don't even know what do you think? I don't not only seen one episode of activity that weird thing were there. The networks are still acting like it's. Ninety ninety
and they're. Only you know other shows will give me like whole season before after write. A review and ABC gave me one episode of everything, and so I'm not going to do it cuz. I can't tell anything yeah. I I do think one of things I loved about nineteen. Eighty four is you had lot of the people there were running, staff are now kind of, gaining intelligence from all the stuff that add and worked in the previous twelve to fifteen years, and you can really feel it and ninety three. Ninety four, the creativity of just things they were taking chances on and I wonder, with network tv. Maybe ship assailed. But if, if it hasn't sailed, I would say the way to maybe get the mojo back would be to two to go shorter. Since because they must do, let me another waving, a co worker. The Oda comes up to what is going on and on about. I just started pinching a good place. He loves it And it is one of my favorite things about it, how they put in all these they commercial breaks out because they
that is being made for Netflix, and I heard him now it's made for NBC and he had no idea. Oh, my god, really yeah. Well, so that the whole good place office. That has been the one positive thing I guess from the streaming thing. Like my dad, I am always fastened by how she uses those streaming things like she, she band out all the Jane the virgins she loves. It shall be up. That's a show if asked her what she rose. She would know so maybe that's where we are our. It's almost like the network, having a show in a network is serving the burghers and fries fur you're fifty dollars. Population. Basically in then Neither shows actually hit preparing to see them on. Networks are Hulu or Amazon, and that's how you get, second wave of audience and get people like my daughter, come depressing, but I think that's where tvs going,
I was talking do like an usher. Runner up, like a big mega, hid from the early two, thousands and EVA kid old enough to I should now any sort of thing, the kidnapping of a budget that well you know the executive. Today we face at this and the funds as what they bc. Nephew. Kyle doesn't have you don't have that worked even ever had never figure. I never. So if there is Get ABC show you in a row about no clue after go to your house. That's all there were several really said: hey lasting, tweet we ve had a lot of nostalgia. Stuff about friends. Five years are that stuff. I thought season, one of friends was outstanding and I think The show is never remotely as good as it was the first year, maybe the actors or better. The stardom of them. I think propelled the shouted direction, but I really love season one of friends. What, ah, when you think about that show,
twenty five years later, and especially that first season what stands out too and will end. Why can't show light that happened now what you just so hard to do, because, like you, could get five people that young that good, looking all funny all with chemistry with one another, not just romantic but, like you know, you put jovian Phoebe into a theme that can be funny like it. It's like, alchemy, it's very hard to pull off and you write the longer it went in the more famous they got out. The problem also just the different ways in which they had a long gate. The rough and Rachel thing and kept Gatt ACT that that was a problem but like the one that shows hitting with something like you know, and the game show for who gets TAT Monica meant that that time, capsule stop right. There did you ever think that show which really seems dated and a lot of different ways when you watch it like the closer dated interests. The way there designer acting in future, very mid nineties. Did you ever?
It would be so popular with people like my daughter and that generation has stupefied. By that, it's amazing to me I mean if it's kind of cool, but it also like. I like the idea that the watching the show where people been about the coffee shop and they dont have phones and for their active interact alma if field almost like we're watching something from a nineteen. Twenty is it's funny like them. Brief history of coffee, culture and tv shows and movies cause member that was a big part of singles Brigitte find out work that our coffee place in Seattle and they would go and have coffee is like one of the gimmicks is like so coffees character, while coffee- in any friends as I as a gonna work at this place, the central Park and that's gonna, be the hang for all those like what that's most of the major seeds are taking place at a coffee place. I I was living in Boston in time, outdated Duncan doughnuts it. What was
Please, you hang out with six friends. You know there is no central park in Boston, so bad just going into that whole world seem that's, but now I guess that part is more realistic, but I mean the rest of it. They just the six six, three mail and three female friends, just perfectly blending. Together. I don't even know if anyone would try that again. Wouldn't they did they trot. Let me watch tv for the next five years. It was just one network after another trying to make their own friends like yours, five pretty p here seven gorgeous people and they were all in around every time and then everyone gave up. It may actually be the time. Maybe it's friends, but when they go to the coffee Is there just on their phones and that's a shout an occasion, they pop up- and they say, leg, hey Jeff Daniel says a new movie, and then they looked back down at their function and that's it
what tv show you most excited by arena. Oh my god, I mean under unbelief What was really great, we both like down yonder, comparing enjoying the laugh. You said that you some very excited a good place of coming back in a couple a night. That's that's really fun shown. I can't wait. To see them straight off. I think that it It's been a really good tv season. I would give way about, like the air of B plus TV. Remember that Spinnet theme a couple the last time you she on He has been a solid, a minus, maybe even a borderline aid. For me of like there are different about how we of like you know what might be on my top ten or my top twenty for the end of the year, and it looked at the moment is just oppressively long, there's so much good stuff. Even when you get past things likely bagger russian Doll, it's it's been a really great year for TV. Well, I think we should probably in than this the the biggest disappointments in my life, probably Superbowl. Thirty, six
by going through bucklers legs, and you just not admitting that you want a lax accession. I think as the top three for me here, go out. You haven't swung around. I will say this a few weeks ago. I top doubted episode, seven, even one awhile back, because you know among a people work for you care practically. No, it gets really good at five against Europe is at stake. The gets really good episode, seven, so fondly watching episode, aid or whatever the episode is where they go to the retreat New Mexico, yeah yeah and candle Bianca off the wagon. All that and like I just don't think I care, and I haven't, come back to it since intervention eventually, I'm sure I will probably make time to watch it, but look nodded shows for everybody Bell. I think it's ok you and my mom my mom like it either. She watch one episode issues like I dont like these people. I don't want to spend time with them that was it she's out and then,
I kept pushing her and then she finally watch against the watch for episodes. I dont, like those people out out now is it, can do it. I know you're right not ever show for everybody, but I waded out, still hurts my feelings. Didn't hurt your feelings more or less than either of the giant patriot, Superbowl gaps. Less it hurts my feelings exactly as much as it hurt your feelings when I never watched the shield, so I think I think I think we're even hate. One last question if ABC just announced their bring it back lost what would happen. No, if I try to learn a lot about that awhile ago, give you ve got this watchmen serious, come up which are most excited about in October and he said he's expecting. It will happen. Eventually you ve kind of looking forward to being what Somebody else dealt with it. I don't know
I don't want it to be like a sequel I dont want to be just like a direct remake. I just want someone to take the basic idea and do something cool with it like in a battle. Sarka lack the government from the bid or whatever, what what would be the number one show you would bring back I don't know, I'm not I'm always kind of reluctant to bring stuff back because did usually doesn't work out. Well, although not the dead wood moving, I like twin peaks in IRAN shouldered bring back, would be figures which five people would watch, but how have terriers contain rain again on me. Here's my tactic, And it's a one day, one being I don't even know what, when a lobbyist I've this case all decade. I stand by it. I don't know what embassies doing they should have. They bring chairs back, they should set it Chicago with Vince phone and he should be a former forward for the Black Box and make it a hockey thing, but basically do the same thing, but out
I see that show in two thousand nineteen twenty with in now woke. Well, culture. How would you said a show in a bar and try to accomplish the stuff that made cheers so great, but do it in different city in two thousand twenty. I would want the first episode. I think it's worth the effort. I encourage somebody out there do it tell me my number number two I just can't we may vice hasn't, come back, it's there. Time, no brainer just bring it back its. Miami as a character is the most viable tb carriage we have borrowers. That is completely incomprehensible. I have no idea what happens at the show. I join David Washer. My pack has, he couldn't even describe what the plot of the show was. I, watching to see how the rock whose filming all his scenes from a car. I guess that's how he's on the show now and he owns the Kansas City Chiefs.
And somebody was trying to form an EU sports, but I was seeking your speaking so badly of Elizabeth warrants. Favorite tv shy, wow! That's that! That's that's! Tough! That's a tough before but the reason that show works is it's a Miami and they can always fall back on hey. What's put fifty people on it out in play some hip hop song, and then The wide sweeping came wrangle back as we hit closing credits and people like a cassette Miami in Miami wins every time as a tv character, you, you have mainly vice you crack in terms you have basically everybody under thirty five does not remember that show and its use cops on mine, it's gonna work just bring back, have micromanage some ten million bucks just to pretend to consult it's gonna work. I got one more free actually, which brings. It goes back, the ninety nine for ninety five tv them yet
just when he are went to Hulu like last year, I won't have binging almost the entire, so game. Like the thing I had on a background in really held up and get to the last step without it and more greens daughters. Up to become like a medical student, their Carter has returned, and everything and it ends would like a math casualty, no lining up and I thought, like you can bring the show back now. We ll be mostly new characters in a couple of old ones anyway, he'll be good did did you could also do though they went pity blue. I mean you're doing it bill and it's not good. What is it they are doing something about civil with this on investigating support this murder and I've seen the Triptych that not good. Why me grace. Anatomy is still on that she has been on for what sixteen and you could have told me a went away for four years and came back and I would believe it but onwards. They can reboot here tomorrow. They give us a the West wing. I could bring them back and just
different president and have fun off were smart reboot. As you know, I loved cobra cry. But I was smart because it didn't just try to redo cried Katy actually like took care there's. We knew in and change the situation for them. I wish they would do that more with television, hey, you're sopranos, but come out on paper back are probably not like further year just because they were waiting for the movie to come out and thought maybe talk to David J about that, but the art cover is still out there, and I hear it's pretty pretty good book. You had success with that it got people fired up to binge it in, as, as we talked with the last time you run it was really. The binge lapses shown read the book along with it. I really thought that model where it has produced a bank. You will appreciate that I several hours, always thanks for coming to any time. I will bring an Oscar winner, Billy Bob Foreign, but first
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Would you rather be watchful, so get ready for that? One? Ok, let's bring him in I really bad thorn. Is here you you, manic for a while. You didn't do a lot of interviews for years. That now and now you're out there is a bit more, you believe, the embraced circa.
Well, you know I did it for so long for so many years, and now you do all the shows and all that and so of the past couple of years have been doing Goliath. So you know I return. It comes out or minutes about to come out and you gotta gotten promote again. I I believe in promoting the stuff in yes, it's part of the job and I really dont mind interviews. I M all forum. I mean I spent a few years there were, I didn't do anything but tour with our band and so on. I was still doing interviews during that time, but their mostly for music, so
Because only did mean a couple, a movies in the last few years and then Goliath- Eve, Canna gravitated to tv, a little bit, which I think in general, that seems to be a lot of people have gravitate towards even viewers, and people like that, it's just a more interesting stuff seems to be happening on the tv side. These days. That's true. The reason for it, I believe anyway, is I came out doing both studio movies and independent fell. I did a lot of independent films there, but the hay day was like the late eighties through like early two thousands and then the independent members, the scanner when one in the John yeah and are these days for independent films that giving much money to make em and distributors- usually not maybe the biggest in our
people who say yeoman it's a way doing stuff like Amazon or HBO Herbert S. It's a way to do like an eight hour movie gathered our pennifeather because it feels like you're making a movie because of their no restriction, so you can do whatever you want to do. So all the best work for actors is now on the streaming world or you know certainty visa, not network tv as much him. Ass, though praises the same as it is, it's always been, but this whole the other Amazon's people like that it is really cool, also does it gives you would have been at the embassy was like basically all streaming in I'll be out in the networks basis shut out is unbelievable. Is it the networks are happening like an alternate universe. Now and then right, you know, Amazon Flee bag, one a whole bunch of words.
Voting for best comedy their choice. Six episodes, probably like twenty six minutes, an episode. You now has basically like along movies, split up into exile six parts. I sweat work, so actors wanna, be there now tat. I know that you can also make a living Your family doing that you now, whereas in independent Falmouth, nothing any more, and so you get to do good work and you know be paid for it and- and it feels like the old days saw, were all for at TAT, yeah. We we didn't our show Gunnar. You know too late for qualification for them as well as doesn't come out, talked over forth. So since gotta go next year, they had to be asked, When you look back see it one false move. Ninety two, maybe you're, you're, not ninety two reminded, unlike nine ninety ninety one, I was the old school you scrape somewhere. Together each eye you made may begin your festivals divide. That would work.
That movie now in two thousand eighteen power. Even how do you know make a movie like that or you turning into a tv series. I think probably saw you too. Legacies of one right or I mean you know some of these streaming places. You know like Amazon, they're doing movies now to yeah. So the That's a more recent thing. You know so their opening up to movies now Anna, so, hopefully, you know cause all ultimately go back to movies at some point. In our will say, if they do another season of this one, I think they're inclined to tat, but tat has been very successful for the annual as long as things are successful, they usually series and not to do it. So I but you know I've got a couple of movies and I'm going to probably do next year and people try that you seem like one of those guys that people are trying to convince you to do stuff and you're just doing whatever
its use beaten to your own drama reared. A year that sentiment, I would do that thanks anyway. Here I mean because first ball, the studio boobies these days are mostly bigger. Movies, you know Marvel movies and different ones like that, which I have a deal for the most I think, a younger following. I know that you know I guess you know anywhere from middle aged older folks. I guess I got you onto, but most of my be going public for those movies this year, younger audience- and you know I'm I'm lie. I look like Kirk Douglas today. S eyes like you, must have some too old. Batman, man, I don't really are not interested in playing the mayor, so you could there's some villain Don't you get it in the last twelve years, you'll get faster. I guess I'd like faster, as I could
I like? Wouldn't really good actors and open? You know popular movies and stuff like that? I've got that doesn't happen enough yet doesn't happen there off, and I mean I've done. A few abounded Armageddon yeah. No I mean I was that movie was insanely popular and their killer There is also a really loaded loaded cast, which our day most people appreciated I'll, never forget, because that was the first. You know big event can a movie that I'd better yeah I've done primary colors might nickels and John Travolta, but that was a more. There was a smart people. Smart people may have met my yeah exactly so but arm again. We had a great time on and- and I actually you know what I've I'm always seen it all the way through pry wants cause. I don't really watch the stuff. I do much yeah, but I gotta say for one of those kind of movies. I was moved by June, I actually out. Well you know what this is like a movie that no Jim,
store, it might have been an or something you I like that Anna. So actually lotta young fans water. Still remember that may because every little kids, when I saw it- and so I get that alone- we're still in this. Where right now, the nostalgia vortex would be like ninety seven, oh for right, where you now that so that move is twenty one years old now, but you have all the people my age and younger, who remember, but then you have people were growing up or down there. Twenty sure, like is for the first action movies, all three generations with it. The true happens with bad senator. Yet another. I was gonna say lot of young people love bad Santa, but they were old enough to see it when it came out- and you know that was of its. Why wasn't ahead of its time cause? I guess american pie come up before Bab thought. The whole concept of the Rocky are rated a doll comedy their heads kind of wanting to either
sneak in the theater and see or room watching table when they weren't supposed to be watching it. I see I was a true people started. Looking at that. Teach ugly and as part of a gimmick and smart, it seems like it works, but bad sailor was deafening when others movies are. You really kind of, was groundbreaking and saw the first one is comics american pile, even though it did have some IRAN, she stuff and it still further. That formula of the train movie like let's revenge or the nerds rare animal house, maybe or in other that kind of thing, and ah you know vacation to a lesser degree of yet totally but Tom Bets Anna was the first one that showed just like this outcome. You know profane guy here now after dinner,
spend a lot of others like rain, remain Emily started having bad teacher bad grandma on bed this in that in Ireland and so funny that they just they just unabashedly, said cold at that time. In other words, I didn't try to call it something else. I actually called it bad, whatever yeah you know, and after that, of course you know Hollywood. When I see something successful, they'll want to repeat it or- and I do it with actors to so after bad Santa every time they had another I like that they called me here and sighed ended up doing bad news bears Ghana and Mr Woodcock in Alsace, like there for a while, I was there. I was that that guy, Betsy do. It was therefore when the entire. I was starting to come into play as per cent tv to write off the surprise in the shield in it was eight, this persons, a bad person, bulgarian alike, him anymore,
exactly lives about Santa counterfeiting dollars. They should do so. For years start, I would say early nineties you're like one of those guys the scene, a movie and, like other guy, sing bade happen, but you had like this five year run where it seem a huge is gonna, be character, actor guy men, you be second bad guy. In the thing you acted the divorce, his dad, whose thou be nicely whatever, and I was just going to be your career. Did you just assume that was gonna? Be your career? Do your virus parisian? What had her aspirations? Obviously, but, but I didn't I didn't know what was going to happen. I have always tried to Well, it's kind of like you know if there's a man stir in the room. You think, if I sit here really still
Maybe she won't notice me or care till I kill me. So I kind of looked at my career that way it's like, if I just don't think one way or the other and just keep going things, will work out. Okay and that's kind of the way it happened. You know I like being a list actor and I'm winning an Oscar. Well, I don't know if I thought all that I had confidence in myself as an actor I mean I always had confidence in. You started out in music, and that was from the time I was I was in. My first band was Bret ten or eleven, and I always had confidence in it. I just I never had the confidence that anybody would care and or how, me no popular what I do become, but I confess and what I was doing so when I might sling blade. I was only making it for a few people yeah. I made it for
but we know my mom and my brothers or get a kick out sooner. Anna, I did notice can become what it became and once that happened everything Ga Phyllis met the same sense. If anybody know what I was going to happen, I would say that one of the most improbable success move
success is that we had in the last twenty five thirty years the people who the people in the movie business who saw it at the screenings cause the way they did at these kids at New York produced at night and how much money and yet and dumb, but the people who came to the strings. I had a screening and New Yorker screening, an ally for distributors at the same time, and one studio actually came out of the screening. One of their executives came out the screening and call the head guy who was in Europe and said you have to buy the movie o before the screening was even over, and so the distributors were all over it. They. So they had a feeling, because at that time that's
when you know Merrimac was at its height, you know, and some of these others like of what was it fine line, or you know some of these new Latvia and a new land and Nuno Fox, two thousand. Neither was more of a man and all those studios we're doing very well with independent Feldman. You could do that time. It was like, after the eloquent in turn, Tino had done now all what the heck was, You know the one with the guys all dressed in the cell resident acts. Furthermore, dogs had been dawn and you could have been an Alan yeah yeah. I think I read for I'm going to say you're the most. Are you one of the most errand Tino that are as their horizons in order that never been in a I don't know, I always wondered excellent nope when pretty well but new, so I always make a virgin severely I'm right here. Well, you know, I think, witness a lot like the Kohen brothers who have worked with several yams, the Kohen brother
no when it's time to cast you in something, as I knew the corn brothers for years before they put me in anything, and I and I was I was just like that I was thinking what the hell in ice like suitable party. These guys every year. Why are they not footmen? Anything so calling you in here you think it's further next move that gave age have better, they were excited. Maybe Quentin has plan from normal. What direct there did you cook with the best SAM Raymie? Quite a bit. I did simple planned a samurai me and I loved SAM, but you I've got along with good times a lotta directors over the years in a while.
May not work with MIKE Nichols, which was amazing, and it knew that tell a driver that was on his last movie. I had a great thing with Robert Altman, who I never worked with, but I was to star in his last movie he was going to do a movie called hands on a hardbody based on the documentary, and I was going to star in it and I even went to his house and worked on the script with him and everything else and yeah. I brought them then sit around whether would talk it over, but he passed away before we made it. What was there was, though, script in one sentence? Well, it's the document it's about a real life and that they have these thing. I don't guess it's just one. I just have several, but it's. These contests are like marathons bring when they used to back in the old days. Have the like they shoot horses, don't they them
where they danced to see who could dance before the last before they like fella, so they dance like two or three days whatever it is hands on a hardbody. Was these people would put their hand good to be in contact with with your hand, with a vehicle? Like a say, it's a brand new. You know Chevy truck car, whatever it is ya and whoever was the last person standing with their hand on the vehicle or it's a new Mustang or Corvette and who their hands on it, love for they pass out or whatever with wine reading about. Yes, you any when the vehicle, so I was be the news reporter who was the later, the movie who was covering one like in Dallas. I think I was and and then they had all these other characters like one of the characters was my
camera man and then and the producer in and all the people who are the actual contestants. You know- and I think, angel held. Are I are car, actual car lot and then I know he had talked at the time about maybe making Tommy Jones the owner of the car lot. You know I laugh and Chris Rock as one of the contestants, it was gonna, be a really good, cast enough, that's a bummer yeah and she passed away. So that was one of the great regrets in my life that I didn't get to work with almond cuz. I was loved you and blood in blood out yeah here. That is a ringer favorite, then is some movies just disappear. That measures gone. There's no record of it. It's never unreliable! I love that movie. It's one of the great Mexican America movies ever the number one and one of the great powers, movies. It's got a whole prison whole sequence in there.
One sunday there were ass, fresh ass rhino, it's like his raw time, all time, favorite movie with law and community. Thus that's one of the biggest things like If I, if I go over to like Pico Rivera, I'm like you know, Elvis Presley, SARA Cuz, I was going to say: everybody knows blood in blood out when you're in different company, it's a different movie that people bring up. You know, you know, like you know like with you know, a pretty decent african American following you know, and and it's usually monster's ball yet or or bad Santa Frank, let you know, and but a lot of my stress ball and then, when I'm around you know like hispanic fans and many other, always oh all, over blood and blood out, and it is not to say that there are the only ones to stare at divided but
and then you know, like I said with it, with the more kind of the broader public like in the MID West, or something like that you now going across the country. It's usually warlike. Armageddon, nor yet Friday not light Suno football. I was going to bed nets fans most of the year when I'm in tackling was it's all about the Alamo WAR or running lights. That's like your lost movie because it got overshadowed by the tv series in Rome itself is really good line at every turn into a tv series, and then the tv series hit this era like right,
for streaming, basically nobody's trying to save it every year. Exactly that I was an awesome show. I love that we did a whole bunch of stuff with it will. I think your sites did overshadow simply because it was right. Buell face all the time now, and so people love a soap opera. I mean that's the nature of the soap operas, something to send people s. Why? I think streaming is such a big thing now people want some if they can follow right now, and with a movie it's one, undone and now and also in the movie people, who I give an example earlier I was talking to you, know: Rich Eisen yeah. I was talking to him about this cuz we're Talkin sports and people like. I don't dig it when their hero loses in a movie and so in the movie
here's the team that your following and is based on your things, you gotta, do it what was done and the way it happen rather and so in the movie the movies over and they look, lost, but in the series yet something ongoing, there's hope for something to happen now and dumb, but I gave rich this example. There was a movie back in the seventies. It was a warm everywhere were too may be called a bridge too far, yeah and at the time in a word or two movies, has always been huge in America and waited or water movies are maybe not much now, but they still even MECCA committed and they did the Dunkirk movie. Obviously the british one, but the other had different ones at a Pearl harbor movie a few years back. You know the microbes I think, Anna, but why this this movie bridge too far?
was written by William Government, whose reviewed every writer in MILAN the best, and I he talks about in his book, even that what happened with that movie here, you got every movie star at the time no Jimmy Con was in it Anne Elliot, ghoul and right only Ellen Sean Connery, an ad hoc as yet always anybody who is huge at that time. They used to do that in the yard movies. The cast all the movie stars her popular and are so, but it's about, a battle that we lost rate and they said America just did not want to see a world war two movie where we lose an obviously ultimately winds of your doing one. You know what but the whole war, whatever course made the battle of bulge and
was the end of the war where we came out, but bridge too far is about a of about a miscalculation again something we screwed up. Sportsmen Have this issue there's only been a few where they were the team or the hero losers in the end, but the one that succeeded was rocky a loose. The fire, but they frame it as away like he was lost five. Anyone, the girl, the girl. But other than its like that movie think up frightened at lights. In victory, the soccer movie, they tied Wainwright most part p bar condition, further when attacks they went the peach eye to talk. You know the tv series or were you just too too big at that point? It would have been a weird career move. I think they did talk to me about it, and I don't know if PETE talk to me directly about it, but I think my manager talk to me about it.
And I know colleague, Britain naturally did yes, that's why ass but yeah my career is in a spot. At that time it was before it might have been different if tv was what it is now yeah, but that was at the beginning of it. You know, like when they only. I guess the Sopranos had been out on the wire and all these different things, but I think it was it. It was it as cool to do it at that time and I think frankly, it wouldn't have been good for the show either, because I I was too famous or whatever united Grandeur too, that I think I would have been a distraction for the tv show and they got it ended up like. I really can't ask colleagues Kyle called it a great job seekers get along your that he's, like the second algerian hers. I hadn't exactly right. This whole tents were butter,
but because I sure to the review. Yeah there's this Galileo, but now they did a great job and see and also conscious career was at a point where she was just burgeoning hours like for her. I think it is a great thing, but she ended up yet yeah for real, held out her it's funny. I there I didn't watch it when it came on, because I, like the move as a fact that a much information and then about ten, besides twelve episodes in at so many people in my life, relying on a man whom he really screwed up eager, watches, there's no way to catch up you know where it was pre streaming of, as I had to buy. These japanese Dvds anywhere it put these dvd, and that had the japanese subtitles in them for the japanese people goes on it in English and I caught up that way and then I was ready for season two. But now it's like in a revenge
whatever new, which has been German, was like really the ultimate binge whatcha sure so gone backwards. Slim Wade heads and all of a sudden urine you're in the tsunami. This year you win an Oscar What do you remember about that? All these years later, you know it's kind of like they say it is the two things that I've done that were kind of like they say it's the first time you're at the Oscars End and one day I was nominated for two and that year the air and River best Agnes you're on first Green one for screenplay, and then the next time, Thomas dominated a couple years later for a simple plan for supporting actor and that time. The second time I went for some
when I was a little more used to it, and I and I remember it more clearly- and it was also an eventful year when I want- was nominated for simple plan, because it was a year. Roberto, Benigni won for life is beautiful thing. I'd ever got so mad. I don't remember he jumped over. The seats yeah what he stepped on my shoulder wires, like a link on, unlike our sitting near the Kohen brothers, remember that he comes over the seats as well that was scary and now but was also the year that Elliot Zan was there was being given. Lifetime achievement award and people were saying they weren't Gunnar applaud him and they were in a stand because of the whole lot. Yet Hollywood blacklisting era, the Mccarthy thing- and you know that deal so that was the
Talk among the community was. Are you gonna stand on an hour you? You know that kind of thing, and I M so the first one for sling blade. It was such a blur ask my mom and don't my buddy Dewie Yoke and Wet weather yeah, because he was in the movie and and and delight my mama real close and so that we can also do my mom's date was kind of delight in Ossetia thrilled by that. So it was a big deal and I've been through the whole dog and pony shower, leading up to it. You now go and all the parties and stuff- and I was used to it and honestly they always tell you that when you go to the Oscars for the first time that it'll all be such a blur that you won't remember and I'll seem like it went by so fast and they were totally right. They also say when your host Saturday night live you'll be terrified all week and
you think I don't know what you're doing and seem really disorganized and then the next thing you know you're about to be lie on television. You don't know what you're doing and then what shows over it'll go instead an hour and a half it'll seem like it took twenty minutes. It's over your wish. You could do it again right away now such a cell phone, and that was completely well year. Do you? I hosted the thanks. Episode of two thousand and one as I was good season, and it was right after o Farrell was yeah, guess STAR was still there and I like Seth Myers, Amy poor. They were like the in turn. Ip right now is a year they land there is, as they had nine eleven and then their first show is like that eleven set, that's exactly rare, and, and so it was real tents and New York them, because it was run after nine eleven.
Member flying- and there was a terrifying you know and then being at the building. A pie like that was terrified, TAT Anna, and it is this thanks giving out the sword, and my first character that I did on the show was a thanks. Giving get where I played a gay pilgrim and which I have never done anything like the area so but it was, it was fun. I had a great time doing it and- and I remember doing it escaped with her with Seth that didn't make the. I don't think it made the cut cause you that you do a bunch of em, you do it for tutor for an audio. This is the first audience. Is the sort of try other herself in her? Yes, sir, and its longer, you do like a cup a couple hours and sailors, sixteen or eighty sketch that its whittled down to
twelve, because at half time you go under Laurens Office and he goes back. I we're gonna not do this. One were to do that and now, but ya mean all those young people were there at that time. Your Tracy Morgan and assassin I'm polar Jimmy, Fallon Allah, manner I actually play Jimmy injurious dad and that Nick something the com computer guy. I played dad side to be, let really nerdy and you know how to move. She did and then I'll sunlight. A move from the computer science you ready to go back Well, you know I've been offered a couple other times and I think we were supposed to do. We were gonna. Do the musical guessed what and one point as the ban, but really something came out. It was like we're on tour. We could work it out whatever, but I dont know I may be too terrified to do. It now really cause a scary, yeah items as a frightening to do, and I I told em after
the first- and I could never do this again- oh so much fun and I could have done it again like to Morrow you know, but to do it two or three years So now I don't know I'd be terrified, so you you basically stopped erecting after all, pretty horses ray easy reunite. The experience, Sir Well oh: it was kind of taken away at the end and cut too. I was told him make a three hour, epic and they cut it turn our fifty nine minutes in your paper that at your hands at the tail, yeah, detail and and and the music score, which was done by Daniel I'm law, which was maybe the most beautiful score I ever heard- and up and a guy did the score ultimately is a friend of my Marty Stuart. He did a great job, but none of it was what we did originally reactive cut. We had was really good and that whole stuff. It was an papers about my argument with studio, but how I had of four
Our card was never true. I showed him the assembly, which is literally everything, is shot which, like three hours and fifty minutes, where was but I said now, you know under showing you everything I shot. This is not my cut. My cup like to forty two, some like that yet which, by the way, is the exact length of the english patient right so knows not so that Cairo nobody's ever seen it no as arsenic, there's, no effort to come back, and we have all these ways for people who I shall tell you why hands of this movie. What an My hands are, but I still love what we did and Matt Damon still to this day says it's. The best thing I ever did cause there's been. This has been a relatively recent thing of when this has happened, where studios mangled Carter, whenever eventually the actual an elbow wanna see in it some much easier to see it than in the eighties, and I don't think it's out of the question and certainly not a question that I would want to do it at some point. If I could restore to its original form, seething to four.
He too. That was what the got I was I'm a. I may look at it now and I may make it longer or I may make a shorter in know now, amendments along, but I do know we made a really good movie, yeah and now yeah lot of the crew stuff of always wanted to see it Roger. It always said you gotta put this out someday yeah, It was a big deal when you're making it gives an was ready. You are higher or no talking about, I'm directed Sense Data Doc. Memory that yeah MA am, are they got it and I did us small, independent found. The nobody saw. Have you been offered. Bigger things are: do people that they visit rhetoric? Oh yeah, they do they offer me stuff, I just it takes a year and a half on your life. So unless you're really passionate about getting your ass handed to you again. Barely a year and a half of your life, I take your had to be sent a pretty special and also you know,
tat have been beaten up, and I I mostly the stuff that I wrote in directed is based on southern literature, loggers Ghana well in plenary. Oconnor people like that Anna, I dont know as relevant anymore. So I don't know. I don't, if I'm relevant as a writer or director, and certainly don't wanna, put myself through it anymore. So as something came along and I thought people might respond to that- I loved- I might do it so as not to question, but is certain at the top of my last. I think I'm better as an actor is doing what other people have created. How is your relationship with fame changed over the last thirty years? Cause you ve eve. You ve experienced all types of versions: including even like the celebrity couple version with the internet and stuff like that, where you're, just you have people analyzing every picture of you in a limo and all that stuff, it did seem like you liked it twenty years ago, you more used to it now. You know I've always been good with fans. I've always been open unfriendly with
and one the guys will stand on the sidewalk and talk to a lady of Butter Saunders in Dental School for like an hour and a half on Y yeah codependent not to, but I have to say it's it's exhausting to to do it, but I think the the day you can. I owe it to him and I never wanted to be the kind of guy who ah shine on his fans, because you know those young people put your kids their school or you know by your house, for you on that. You owe it to him and as long as they're nice, I am. But one thing this changed over the years is that you know when I, when I was coming up you, I had a handful of critics summing, there's a finite number of critics bright and a finite number of of journalists, because you had to
work for something. Yet you know somebody here, there's like a hundred newspapers. Twenty man run eggs eyes, let it thus right and now you know you find out once your internet came along and became popular. You find out how many people here but you I like it before we didn't know that There are naturally with the internet was cod people who, exactly and so on Sunday for random reasons, and sometimes it's not even real and I'm at I've even heard about you know. People will purposely get a bunch of people to say something about you because you're the competition I mean. I know that happened oh, you don't buy for Oscar competitions in our already a thing like that, you know, or you have somebody who is for you, who puts a bunch of stuff out there, this positive for you. So it's like you never know, but but then in others, lotta meanness on there and- and so you know, we didn't grew up with that stuff and
Do you read that serve to you, Google, your saudi eyes? I await our male Lydia. I dont do it, but you run into it anyway. I mean you can literally look up. Where was marked, I'm born and somehow I end up on list of meanest actors or whatever you know. I mean it's like how the hell did that happen. I was just looking up when Mark TWAIN was born, you know, and so and you a once you see it. You gotta Rita, cause you're like I'm, not gonna, to read, there's no this like? I'm not goin that base, but I heard a noise down there. You know eight, but there's pregnant Max murderer yes brightest around, You gonna there that I say rent chopped about so rate. I try to stay away from it, but I guess my point is that when you see people on the street and they come up to you and you got a bunch of guys- you pictures for deciding and over the years and ally you get to know a lot of people who come up till you with no, the alien pictures, I've seen your sign. A million other go, sell, Salem, but some
once. You know over the years you I'll be nice, Tobin, sign of fear and my say: hi has a family whatever, but the thing but it nowadays is you used to be able to run into fans at the mall wherever you are, and you never thought about. Is this the guy who said that shit, me, you know yeah. Sometimes they are oh yeah, so to your face. No, sir, hey we assign my hat and they may, go straight home, their computer. So what an asshole? I met him two days, even though I'm nice to yeah. So because if somebody has to be up there ass about your they're, just gonna, have it and there's nothing you can do about it, so I think I have mellowed a lot over the years and one one of them
that I know for sure I'm still open to the fans. I don't care as long as people are nice to me, I'm nice to them and I'll sign stuff all day I'll talk to him all day, but one thing, even though the internet thing is kind of creepy. There's there's something that still around that that I I kind of you know it makes me a little uncomfortable, and that is the fact that it's this interest. In people yeah, there was there even before the internet, where would they had the fan magazines even back in the thirties and Fortys Vista, and this this interest in people's pain or scandal or whatever? It is
That, I think that's, that's! That's always been there. You know- and I dont quite understand- that part of human nature in a white people like to see some one who become successful at anything why they like to see them fall, and I think that was there. We just no. It was there to the degree to which there he had spent a recurring Hollywood theme since we had Hollywood and people, love building somebody up knocking back down and then they love the comeback. Afflux like the greatest example, this right right, They really do you guys. You dates. Jello with everybody pigs power left and right. The crash in many clauses way back and say: yeah been Africa's back. As I hear you ever stopped him down
it's where there is. There is a cyclical nature to it that it doesn't see no matter pre and post in an end like whatever it's always gonna, be the case, and we also have to be more careful these days. Us one thing was changed. Is that when you're doing an interview now I mean I used to be, I was famous forgiving funny interviews and sort of like wild interviews and right of to say anything and now some I ask your question and there's like a pause. She had I'm calculate what answer the way you mean cause. I'm word is too I sent her table talking and right. We can have the greatest conversation, you know, and you could do that before and you can't do it anymore because you say one wrong,
on the site, but hang on a second I didn't mean it that way, and then the next step is after you, ve said the thing that offended me now, fifty or sixty percent of the people in the world. As such. I don't even know how you know how you do that, but evidently ass a thing once you find people like them, then you have two choices. You can either say I'm not apologizing for that. I meant it. I stand by it and then they think you're asshole yet or you can apologize unless they are the only reason I apologize to save his career so another it doesn't matter what you do. You're going to be vilified. You set of TAT article right exact get an igloo tent. Eventually something comes back out again or you and you know your rescue. If a dog is about to be hit by a car or something- and you know next thing- you know you're back up there-
or you make a good movies tv shall prevent eyes like that guy, I know yet ass. I was, I always like to come back, but you don t something that with age that really has happened to me, that's interesting is that these sort of envy, or jealousy that I may have had at one point: zero. In the eighties when I was playing thug number, three or Matlock, or whatever yeah you're right and here I don't have it so No, but you would see like the actor, who was more successful than you who was in your theatre group, are interacting class or whatever and remember longing To be honest, I am I not that guy. You know I mean he's ok, but I mean that went away years ago. For me and words, if I sit-
Tom Cruise, whose appear I mean you know. Tat came up in the same time or urgent Travolta men Oh my, but I guess you're, my body zeal, Costner does Kwairyo eighties guys. You know Tom Hanks. You know when I see these guys doing something that I am not in Europe I could be active NGO that poorer I'm all for them and I dont get there. Sort of thing and also we do different stuff? I don't do the kind of Roles Tom Cruise does. There might have been a time. When I might why. Why am I not starring in risky is. This are, however, it? As you know, the man of the air coarser, you know having a as buzz my old buddy, you tore manager, Tom used to say when you have face like a foot. Your nobody listened adolescents anyway, but I heard, You know I was actually told one,
now, yeah you're too ugly to be a leading mammoth you're, not ugly enough to be a character actor and who put aside even made what illegal suggests? I got it it's like you're going be able to play leading man parts but you're also gonna be able by character ports as one man, but those compliment yeah. Why and Billy Wilder's ago told me that sounds pretty cool butter. That was the guy who committed you to write to rate screenplays really was. What happens if you know meet? You probably study? I was headed moderation both by what he gave me was really. It was more confirmation that anything arrested in that one person and stately Kramer was really good to me. Did you ever part before or selling blade that you are up for it? almost got and didn't get. That would have I forwarded everything for you a little bit. You know I read for a few things. You know you know back in the 80s,
four things, I'm in and back there and you know you go in for whatever you can. So there are a lot more tv additions, or rather the audition, so yeah with audition for Hunter or whatever is on track, as you never did like the tv series on Nathan. I knew an embassy short lived legal John. I never did that. So I became known from movies, and but I did audition for some things. There is a movie call leaving normal. I remember that I got close to getting the part of like the third or fourth lead in it. We had been. Part, but the movie not not doing anything anything anyway. I don't Murphy's a universe, move your somebody's. Why the big studios yeah, I know Christine Lahti and MEG Tilly Yeah- think we're the stars of it, and I read for that
they brought me got down to me and one other guy, and for me at that time there would have been a huge thing even though the movie didn't do great, it would have I would have been more known in the business from the through the casting people how that kind of stuff it would. It would have helped enough. I think Ed's Wick directed so. I think he directed at a red for Ed yeah. Did you did you know how I bury had that in her that performance, could tell pretty early on she did when she came to me with my agenda and Mark Forrester, the director. She was very passionate about that part and I looked at each other. Yeah yeah than you did. You said that point to decide who your customers can be I'm in a lot of times. You do. I mean, I think you never stop having that juice
yeah when you're the lead of something you know see you at the May share. Something had to be there to be there and we know it was, and she didn't amazing job. We had a great working relationship, yet I mean she was very Beria, ah so end, the part that she was infectious sooner and when there are other great people, maybe two in Peter Boil and haste at an amazing job now and then he can. I hear nominated for that at no no just tally. Avis did you know that mean at that point? That was when he's career really took off as a dramatic I knew him as the ten things I hate about. You guys sure that, as I said it's gone, who did an amazing job and instead of peer boil and and most deaf, did a great job, and I had a small part. You know that he didn't. He was really go, what a natural actor that guy is
That's a great movie that it's not the most. We movie those itself. So it has its know how you relax on the wine bottle. I thought I gotta monsters of OZ, I'm in a watch this, for otherwise Sean Combs did a great job in our as guy So how many more seasons is Glasgow and well? I think there are inclined to do another one. You know has been very successful. Get an Amazon prime discounter. They now the only thing area. I don't that's what I'm gonna get a free elections are. You know some whole foods discount Judea when they bought whole foods well, I'm in the monitors, the disagreement, I'm just gonna walk in there and this picture out the sheriff and I get him get arrested for tat
I haven't gotten anything yet I got to talk to him about that. How often you go back to Arkansas? I don't have anybody there anymore, my my family all lives in northern California, so they live in San Jose and and the rest of my family in Texas. So when I go home, I go to Texas, Al Right or Northern California and my friends even all moved away from there, the all my buddies most of them moved to Texas. The guys I hung out with A few went to Chicago Kansas City. There, already cunning got out other and my little town aids have for best. Concern success stories that argue Bill Clinton, yeah, I'm in their year, I'm in love with Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash. If you look, if you look at that state in terms of cinema, I'm a come up. First, Baker.
As you know, there weren't a whole lot actors other emerged emerge not allow to improve groups in our kids. I know the groundlings rim very few people know the growing started and hot springs and they moved her over a morose butter. I thought TAT was called a possums yeah yeah, but No, but I mean you others, a few back. There emerged emergence y know that came out of Arkansas. But in the old days Alan LAD was from hot springs workers where I'm from Alan LAD and Dick Powell were to the old time Julie, adams- and I don't know if you know Julie Adams. I remember that first, did you ever see the car from the black lagoon part of a girl who is carrying and allow yes she's from my home town. So. A year on year, Indianapolis calls fan yeah. I was a Baltimore calls for who is worse, things die
sailors. Louis Cornel found even have the key chain on right now. I am very happy right now. You like watching games on your phones, fair, I am ever so when they were doing Kimber on Saturday, the Cubs gave young our to homer is that there are in the fact that they went in there and took four from the Cubs Wrigley, has been done since nineteen twenty one and that those are good. How do I only care about the red silence and action watch those Games Saturday game in some of the Sunday game, I had it on cuz I was like this is intense. The crowd was like nice and drunk and ready raw and their those are big fans there I mean the battle, a good rather Cubs cardinals is great. You see a lot of cardinal fans of that Wrigley Yummy. A lot of red and that crowd bleating s head the that ticket stuff. So easy and secondary market was going so you feel let down the road. I'm feeling very good
are you would go to the World Series type of family planning? I was at the two thousand six World Series: I didn't go to the two thousand and eleven that you know that only when the Rangers that was an impossible season- yes, but the fact that won. The world series was about the last two games- Mozart to that. Your last strike, Dwight AIR and and besides, that Atlanta to lose all three games there, regarding the colonels get in there are things Atlanta loose three games at the end of the sea? for the Carl's even be eligible for the play. Our sun, like that of some kind of weird thing like that. Why I love that allow card to start as while car that year, I love the cardinals cause. They were Oh for workers, opponent Aliona an anti as already work is when I was growing up, they beat us in forty seven. They beat us in sixty seven at Dayton,
Forty six and sixty seven year, in seven games and sixty seven, exactly remember something out of the back of the head: no more, but that was the Bob Gibson days, not really but you're. The great thing about cardinals is the fact is. The cardinal fans are real base. All fans- I mean they get it. I mean it's like Yankee fans, red Sox fans are obviously you know all school fans, but in terms of being like the knowledge of the game. Yet you can see like her eighty year old woman on the cardinals stands with her scorecard enough, and she knows everything about baseball and also the cardinal fans were very cool, two opposing teams, which always thought that they got a lot of class with what the opposite Can you not late like you'll, hear us,
Oh tiny, rumble of booze. Wonder they posing pitcher makes a pick off moved to first, but not much that they get it. Then they know what's got lost in France, maybe not as here that as I understand it, Villiers five zero visitors, Philly half really fair summer? Forget it angry! I gotta tell you, haven't anytime, you gotta jail at your stay here and who has sums going it better, but the great thing about. Billy, though, is if, if they like and fully they love. You yeah, like our band, whom we played Philly. They love us there, but boy if they don't like yeah you're done, but for some reason I connect with the people and in Philadelphia, but I've had done. I got a couple of friends who were pitchers for the cardinals, Nay said like old time guys, you know I dunno Bruce suitor me up yeah. He was grey our great back in the days when closer
there are a hundred FIFA headings. Your legs are, I know right away also to have through a hundred five miles an hour now. Closer through through, like you know that their fastball like eighty five, if I suppose that is why these guys are having time each answer they throw to art, but you bodies that messages. Hundred miles an hour. Rover covering all. I know you I say this kid. Jordan Hicks has been clocked like a hundred and eight or ten in Oddslife. That's insane yet at its best so anyway, but sooner said the and some other guys toeing the back in the old days. Philly fans are, they dont have like a covering over there were the close over the movement in his ear, and so they said just dumb bears on their heads and all caused of now back in the old days,
Lamar. I went to America, Mexico Soccer gained ten years ago and as tax in Mexico City now in the corner kept. There is one side where you do in the corner. We have to the corner cake, but was my close right and who just like in them Maxie Offensive bring staff to throw the throne the opposing players. It wasn't just beer. It was like bags of Paris, it was a shit. Oh yes, oh those guys, so as a running over doing the quarter kick as fast as possible concerning polite staff, but again is entirely America. Does investor? there's really fly. Fillies really are last place for any sort of behaviour like yet even their pretty mellow. At this point you have to do if are going into the stands in fighting fans ethic, are pretty much bad. Oh, I remember going to a raiders game. Yeah. Maybe I should say a bit his hands. I will to a writers game or- and this is back in the eighties when it was when the raiders were here,
elevators Ella writers and their plane, the being, and I went with a couple of bodies in mind, and we were like a section with the latter raiders fans and it was terrifying like the rapporteur. I was like it was like sitting there with a bunch of Vikings actual vikings just transported to these days. You now and men when you're, wherein all that we know that they are. They look like with like you're the bank war yeah. There was like sitting there with war like who or what really angry with solar faces. It was you're in blood and blood out, and that was in his areas. Raiders gave some parts of blood and blood miscarried, writers, game ass. We run San Quentin Gonna, neither real think when people there I oh yeah yeah. They told me to pick up my dang and applied in all the areas Brotherhood Guide and they said, go get your guys it you won't around. You.
All those guys in Sudan there picked a real inmates. Yeah. Sing of various draft will. I was lighted and the other guy. You know Tom Towers blood again the big guy with a bald head right We were the only to actors in that bunch was guys I have no idea. I would want to watch it again, except to say well, anyway, Goliath season three October. Fourth, that's it and there's gonna be more seasons after this, but we think they are applying to do at least one more my mom loves the shell had to tell you that my mom is a tv kindness streaming silence, but yet the galleys tourists I soon she loves. Any character like the one you're playing on the show is always in her warehouse uncle down, but yet, but still some good in him, but he might fucked
serpent anytime. Exactly that's right now, while I beg you folks, I tax to Kyle thanks to support Billy Bob thanks: the Zapruder of Gothenburg COM, slash bs, thanks to Spotify, where you can find the hottest take our new short Really fun pack ass far ass, there So does that mean carelessly design every speaker from the inside out. There just come out the Newport, the speaker- enjoy brilliant sound anywhere was soon us move the durable battery powered smart speaker for indoor outdoor listing check. It out so knows that car forget about three watchful Shawshank redemption coming tomorrow.
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