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Andy Samberg on Pioneering Digital Shorts, the 'Rocky' Franchise, and Hosting Awards Shows (Ep. 263)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by comedian Andy Samberg to discuss the Oakland sports scene (6:00), producing the first digital shorts on 'SNL' (10:00), the best casts ever on 'SNL' (15:00), impersonating Nicolas Cage (22:00), making mockumentaries with HBO Sports (28:00), selecting the essential 'Rocky' movies (36:00), preparing to host awards shows (44:00), and finding the right roles on TV (55:00).

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Thirty, don't forget to check out the Ringer NFL I fell. Showed is heated up with four podcast a week, including to that hosted by. Frazier make Lombardy one caveat on that path. Cast were put in the ones with tee and make up on Sunday night right after the games and get the kind of instant takes. It turns out the way around our first programme separate first tat, the bs back ass. It happened, we circuit each other forever. We have made sure says I sees banana couple tat. Yes, yes, sweet man. I'm gonna have a mind again before baseball laughs when his we live Lamar hysterical gets really heaters yeah. What do you favorite teams,
I'm from Berkeley, saw a girl, but the eyes raiders were now. I saw minors and then Warriors Ays, that's weird well, they need new stadium. There's always is weird stories come out, they might go here. Then I got there nobody's ever decided atm situation is AL. Davis's fall yet, and it is that at the baseball team is now suffering yeah, but every team in these bay is gonna move. I now, which is. Where is everybody keep saying how the SBA is taken off. It is agreed, place to live, which seems to be true, it's a wonderful place and then they're losing other themes, I mean, I guess sitting can make more money elsewhere, but yeah lawyers makes sense because you that downtown giant complex. I get it I get it. It's also just like Oakland has suffered through the warriors.
Oh I like I grew up on the warriors me. My dad was the no matter what another winning and I am so happy and it's also a kind of bitter sweet they're leaving an end the bandwagon potential. Team exceeded anyone's expectations because you had this die hard beaten down fair basis up in an hour said they become the sexy in that the nine year old, kids across America, Europe and China, where in the jerseys- and it's like what happened for me maybe more shocking than that they started winning was like when they ought to the final, seeing all of those celebrities in Oakland, again Jason beyond they seek worrying ass. I sat the Colosseum where I grew up going where it just felt like it was a wasteland, and now it's like, like a hot club, I haven't got no game into the late night is, and I was absolutely stun, the first
my when how cool the crowd, whereas it was like everything I wanted from a basque workers, are different types of people very diverse, the bay as that, and they are really get Non Chris Weber and cause he was on the kings at that point, ass calendar mouselike. This is granted this worthy existed. Yeah now it's very, very whether there really is, but you still got marsh our common home and dancing. There has been great yeah. I wish they would be a survey and it really seems logical and, like he's gonna last the whole year Yankee about ass. What seems like, we got a couple of their backs that are good too severe used sparingly. You think actually live yeah. I'm still For some reason. I still am still waiting for this. The fall through the eleven and a half that work is like Vegas Zimbabwe position, Jerry said in America. Design can be sure, but I mean the warriors couldn't be more successful in their leaving right, so they're gonna go than the writers who are like knocking on the door of being great, so strange yeah. It sucks
so bad that it's right when both of them are doing very major supermarket tender yeah. I mean I don't know who take over my now. Would you why? What you're plugs either way? Now? Could he has allowed us to Phelan Head so just like stuff? So are not doing it, the our fifteen minimum, Only thing is Brooklyn Airlines coming back to say nine thirty yeah season five say five season, if a glue by irrigation, even matter, namely cousin. Nineteen eighty year by year, five? That means were it to be able in out Netflix Hulu all these places. Does it matter. I think a kind of matters to like five people. Are you one of the five people I'm sort of one of the finest? So that's good, unlike the TED like the bottom rung of the five, Well. I've been what's been, the thing you ve been most surprised by about doing a yearly half our second for network television network television network ashes,
probably how much I've enjoyed it. Just like from a legal perspective, I knew I would like a creative because it was sure my end Dan Gore Yahoo, I just those guys are great, is the only way I was gonna do a show like this was with people like that, whereas I go if we can potentially be the conversation with other shows, like you know the office and parks in Iraq or thirty rock those types of things that are. You know, people came before me ass, an owl wise dad. I really respected and power funny because for me I'll do anything anything it's genuinely funny. So that's why I love Doom Brooklyn. Its everyday has just lots of,
oaks and it's so comfortable. It's really nice life tissue to show during the day during the day, the writers right, the stuff for you and you show up, and you get to say other people's jokes, that they're out, which is delightful, I'm an ad stuff, but you know so he must have been like laugh in your ass off and like the tenth episode, he will. Let you have a full gas tech. Yeah sorry can throw its that's very the opposite of ESA Nelson all eyes: did you have it harder than most with ESA now, because of the time frames, shooting the videos. Guess us. It seems like you dead. Yes, thank you for asking a calf complaining about this. Well, it's gonna come inasmuch as of the reality of ITALY's Ensue in writing ES us round. It is me and achieve in Europe over the other two deeds that made those with me young island. That's us! It got to the point where we just did one every week. It was kind of just understood, and there are many weeks were we would say we don't have a good idea and they would say, do on anyway and then sometimes it worked out and they were guided. Sometimes it was like
the week that people are like those guys SEC we'd like we know we are getting any more than the ass Every time was saying to you: are there probably excited in one wrangle, Lorn was just saying it is like tell those guys to make one. Movie like that, alright we're going to like breakdown, but I mean to his credit half the time we would come up with something that works like I think, one of the ones we were so sure was a disaster and was going to attack, with Shire Ani three. I really like. We had a whole other idea that we switched up the last minute as we think of ass: fine ass. They like maybe this work and then the schedule about our screwy. In you know. We only had time issue like a fraction of what we wanted to shoot she had to leave because she had to get up early for the personal all these different things game, yeah Viaticum Iraq was once a fuckin mass, we're done it sucks. We ruined it, sucks we're fuck sleep deprived, unlike psychotic,
and then I went right. I think we have now enough time has passed. Were you guys officially don't get enough credit transfer those videos and how for their work is, I think, in the moment, when it was happening, he tapped into something, and then people like this is where its headed. These guys are for. But now there's gonna be more, and then you realize eleven years later that it's really hard to make these damn consistently well and be creative with them and their so much bad video. Just everywhere now that I think, as the years passed, I think it's good for the legacy of it. Well, thanks. I were proud of him We every now and again, we'll just choose a random one that we like forgot about, go back and watch in. I'm always happy that there's a few like good hard Lassen, almost yeah. I remember when I knew they were the biggest
I knew it a chance and if anything was was at the Superbowl in like two thousand ten in Miami. Wherever, though, that last Miami one was- and I happen to be, on a boat in one of those like stupid, some rich guy had a party friend refinancing we oughta goes, he became Saturday afternoon. Am I right? We got an amount of that that song playing in the whole boat went crazy in new everywhere. It's I'm. I was like over forty this point. Well, ok, that's how it works that it's crazy when we made as I was really just about, like you know, recross videos and stare, but it definitely turn into a thing. We're like people feel compelled to listen to that song. If there on a boat of any size or
touch. The number one boats are never one. Both our boat had the title for at least thirty years. We land use proxy that man, I don't know yeah, that's great, so who'd like who gave walking through the press. That idea that one somebody one of the three of you gets obsessed- There's something about Rick Ross. Very, as we know, has again thou and actually was just We were listening the different bits and we found that beating your like this one is so good. We have to do something on the speed then achieve, and I can lock ourselves in the studio and just were playing it on a loop, and I just started screaming the chorus at him, and he said yes, it's that and then you on the banks after that yeah and then how long I want to take the like, actually read the video, because you have a time you ever
holding ever finish line of, come all the trick we pulled off after and when I say three seasons was we signed a record deal, so we took this summer twice to make our first to albums from us, and now we rented this big Ol Ambrose met. Record deals yeah, go way back. We're on the tail end of here it wasn't gangbusters, but it was great and the cool thing about it was we control the songs so three, as could be on Youtube yet Hulu couldn't like black at university, see red tape staff, but because it was our staff that we made outside of the show. We would basically just coming to be like ok, we're making this and we wanna loan it to the ship for free, basically, label would pay for videos. Even did they hire you because they knew video on Youtube in that letter was coming or they just like your staff and thought you'd work in the old structure, the
We were writing for the MTV Movie awards when Fallon was hosting and we wrote two out of the three pre tapes. If you did when we were out the the Batman opening and the star wars like lava planet thing. He's just kind of hung out with him and he brought a bunch of as an writers and he brought Stevens unlike Shoemaker and we can all headed off and he always tells it. As you know, we were shooting laid. It was like two or three in the morning and we were still there like pitching I'm jokes and user. Who are these guys? Yes, I knew it they're so Yes, so he recommended us to Lauren and Higgins. Shoemaker recommended us to learn to be like you should maybe look at these guys. We had made a couple alike: pilot presentation, things like one become central one for fox, and I hadn't stand up so I dont like
the implant, but you are you, some of the videos you guys had made at lonely Island had become like an a thing in the early stages of video internet right. Yes, depending you ask like for people who are paying it, since that, yes, we are part of channel one one with Harmon ensure I've and all that stuff, and we also had you know I couldn't even too We want our traffic less, but we had a website and we had action on. It is so funny how fast, if left, when I, So again, I was on the initial raised Africa, so the first eighteen months and when we needed videos there is Youtube like we had this guy who's in charge of video, and we had to go to him bill a k, we're looking for the Bob video when he talks about that was in Oakland, actually member the bubble. Talk, but the wishes go way. How do we get? There he goes on some weird the dark internet and finds the video games and then Alison, flipped and video super accessible. Yes,
when I was younger. I know five when we first heard of you tube was after lazy, Sunday aired yeah the Sunday after it s a bunch of you, for sending links and your things on this thing called Youtube, and that was a sort of like, I think, the first I'm allowed people had heard of it. I would say it was probably the first major Youtube moment. I can't take it Nathan them share. Something else happened before, but that was the first time. I remember the views mattered people report stories about writing about views. Yes, I remember, I only dies yeah, I reached one million views rapid areas. I know and then and now, as it yeah and bowing you're doing that we need their video you'd out. There's no way you could have seen a that coming now. I mean I've said this many times, but it really is the truth. We just we're hoping that it was gonna air yea, China Method is our first season. You figure that give us
the twelve fifty yeah, laid on a couple of things that I got not at that point, but you know in your first season or to usually you're just trying to leg, get by and hope that the audience likes you enough to stay net turned out that all cast. That was just as great makes of people in that cast their tanks. All caught are good were kind of it, the right point of their careers for when they joined the shower year. They word spread need our second season. Alot of people left after a first isn t, but then the new it at me It was such a small group or something really special to me about those Cutler seasons. In a row where was like our crew sort of of me in bill, said Edison wig, and then you still had you, dare all Seth moved over to update the vets, yeah and those like Amy Maya Keen,
Armies and Forte was less that might well yeah. It was I think it was eleven. Is that worry and Every table, read you just like the tailor is not too long. Everyone has a show every week, everyone's involved in everything. There's you know everyone strengths, sea, like no one's competing as much. Everyone sort had their own. I'm? Not that? It's not good when there's a lot of people, but it just felt really pure I've said this before my ipod, where fear- and this is always that sounds like a basketball team, and you have my basically It should be a nine men right. You have a twelve twelve percent line Nine men rotation, you have like you three, you every guy who sat staring over the glory the way through yeah and any time the cash Swells too far that usually when the seasons Rakkeed. So I did a pie.
Can the mourns office like three years ago and as are excited a spring, the basketball thing. I can't wait to throw this add. I'm sorry I headed out. I do the whole thing in his egg. I think it's more like a baseball team and then did so completely without it. I made about the out of it as I haven't area, and that's why you're the best your legal space good, but by those pretty confident that I was, when its mark ass, I, like one more people, are above yeah. Its thinking is everyone's more invested. That's when stuff gets goofy earn people have the kind of go outside of what maybe their comfort zone is right. You find new things more because you're not just being asked to do what you're good yeah yeah. That's said, their periods of time, where there's overlap of different generations that are just mind blowing where you have the like: the Harvey, Harmon, Jan hooks. You know area era and then also sailor Farley Right Rock spade
MIKE Myers, like all those who were there at the same time, was like ninety ninety who was sales young heiress colliding tax. So many of those people are all timers. One of those mid two thousand years was was like that, whereas two languages later years, are used as a kind of bleak bled over each other. There is like feral, Mackay and Tina Jimmy stop yelling we're like those that's a lot of fire power too but what was eared thought when you watch the losses and where you had to people turn on the cast getting yeah, just a ton of attention and bats. I mean these are strange days is what it looks like to me I don't know I mean if you ever ass. That is now. I think, because the show got so much attention the last few years. The audience now knows them in is, is pulling for them yet takes a while generally forecasts members to sorting audience on their side.
But I mean no one knew that Melissa coming in doing spacer was gonna, be something she did more than once. I think thou be my assumption there. I got a man when it be so funny. If, unless it at this, they knew it Baldwin. Yes, they announced it with ball yeah, but I think now I don't know I mean it was it worked. You know I'm sure, there's someone in that cast. It was like. I have a trump, Well, you know like when you work there there. It happens all the time it never happened. When I was there were somebody will know it did I mean Tina becoming too do Pailin and we are grateful for it because it got so much attention on the show and she was at the just like Alex Zombies, almost preordained, they looks paves the way she had the wagon everything yes looked like yes, Lord
Has it the day after day announced her like five different people came up to him and said Mister Michael's, what a gift yeah she looks just like Tina, a cat had to do it, but I mean I don't know. I think there are moments like that were hit. That's why he's learn? He knows what to do. You know this moment calls for Alec doing this and death. That's what's gonna go and at work I mean they just want to turn armies. When did you feel like you weren't the new guy anyway? probably like my third or fourth season. Some like that. I had an interesting like space there out at. We, like you, said we spent so much time doing pre tapes, that one hand my position was kind of sat early on, maybe earlier than a lot of people were, I knew what I was gonna be doing and what they liked from me. Yet
but on the other hand, I also really love doing the live show, and I felt like a lot of ways I was held at arm's length from that more than I would want to be, because I was doing so pre tapes, F and then sort of by the last two or three years of my time there are filling a start. A crack and live show more like STAR get in Safari like like than a cage on update kind of stuff. You know, I mean It was the governors of the short, but I was finding my way until I the confidence live till. I pull it off performance. Why where do you stand on when they bring the person whose being paraded in the sketch on confront the purse His paid in them cause, I was feeling from moment added. It loses. Like thirty per and whatever it is, it's that's. The Danes wept I going in with caves and if he was willing to do it that I was willing to give up that thirty percent Kazi. I am obsessed with that. Due to hackneyed at that he's, the greatest is like, arguably, the most compelling person ever
and he's so like he had the exact reaction you want someone I have when you're doing like a quantum quote impression of them. He was like now. I understand you're, doing an insane character and calling me yet. Yes, that's correct, you get it. That's the shout yeah like you're, the jumping off point four Loomis. It would be like if we ll Farrell ever dead. You know Harry carry with Harry Harry Harry Harry. Doesn't actually you know ass people if the moon was made a cheese which eat it, but he's like a wild. Looking do that's why they had so much trouble with Obama, as they can never figure out how to do the ridiculous version of em yeah, and it was, what do you do? I mean basically, that the closest they came when it was the rock about my when it was like the rock, as Obama is just being ridiculous, but have ticker added those. My patch there was a great that's always at its best when it's the completely over the top version. Oh yeah, I think that's the problem with trumpet some respects is had he do trump when the real trump as a character.
Well, it's not funny. I have trouble watching, even when its Alec doing in it's funny. I still exists in a it's like sad causes. He saw off the rails. We are going to take a quick break to talk about Gillette. Did you know the Tipp of her Gillette? Razor blade is measured at an atomic scale, meaning there blade edges are thinner than a single brain. So it's true that precision is the work of many brain cells. Hundreds of members of Gillette's research and development in they ve spent over forty seven hundred years, combined working to make your shave closer
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acts and is at the sole discretion of the retailer. Can we go back to an occasion? Just means Gimme DM three Nick Age stories to work, as I just want to say. So you know, I mean It says that we have this package caught. The reactor was where we talk about just movies at around other time here, and we did so We have run it yet, but we have actually started an argument about this- will give better Edna, caves and piano young Nick age. Ninety three decades. Everybody shadow me down. I was very, they addressed me in a cage. What's ninety three in a cage demanded three in a cage is like before he goes in a kiss of death and puts on all the other muscle prison hosts. We carry on air previous off? Ok, it's before the wheels of come off, so you say I'm like young. Case. I honouring the oppose raising areas that mean he was like prisoners on. Obviously one of the best movies ever made
when we thought he was in a less than before he became face off Conor. He way. I doubt you want action yeah as it gets. You know he vision spade it's a different movie somebody's gotta fees in speed in the key areas. Account has got a similar thing going on in a very different way right. Much Nick cage plays a big yak piano playing brings it back, but they bow Both drag were its share, their lead, JANET Cinematic amazed that they could have just face after each other. I think he's not coming it's not just the thing got some passing a caged right, I mean, really have a time. Only the moment that I loved was, he came, he was lovely. We went through the bed, he pitched a couple. Things are even funny and told us a few things that he didn't get
we lost them and then we went out and we did at the audience went nuts. We, you know they will s off that date and we they took our makes. And he just looked at me anyway, pleasure doing business with you disappeared into the darkness. The studio and as I am Devlin ever gonna see If ever I have not seen him since marked Wahlberg ticker low. Personally, though, he did what he came on re, but it's in my view, still pissed about it I can quite so he's always super nice to me. When I see him it's there, I look if you dont, like an impression someone zune of you. I can't fault it if someone impression of Minos. I fuck this person, I read, I wouldn't be able to be like it's fine. If I hated it Soviets, that's his right to hate it. I remember that the data for everyone and did a Dennis it was very good Robert Dean Equivalent Dennis Miller and makes malaria and it was grey and equitable.
A twenty percent rather than Isabella, whose is it he's a little weird when cast as other CAS yeah it's across the beams doesn't happen very often. Somebody this year did Kate right on the show tat. It was a kind of strange, the other strange it is it being Cresson. Oh somebody did Chris then too right away? I did foulon when I edition but it was sanctioned cause. He had me doing temp of an automatic of the poor abrogated the moves towards that's a lot of words, but they put together alike. What is going to look like an they had me, do the lines that he would say. It's showed him is like a presentation: yeah so is moving I coming here, then we gotta go in and out of seven when the first time he's like you, the guys who do they hit that he- and I greatly like that. So I did it am. I addition for us now and I knew he had done Sandler in his addition, what other people, the sports being a sports fan, yet some sports people coming
either cut either guess hosting are being out of date was the most exciting nan. Most exciting staff happened in the eighties. When I wasn't there like Joe Montana, that Joe Montana scared where you hearing his thoughts like they were bother me hobby masturbating, take time. Bilateral tax, the tea time generation. There were needed that schedule as oil and talked about how we can have oh, my god. They gonna say masturbate and being from the ban. You know they'll aunt Hannah is probably the all time barrier, sports, Guy Eddie, so hello and initiate a he just wasn't good as a studio. Analyzed unease is too Melbury real cool there s. Another thing was, the great thing the hangar had yeah, for they now has a personality. Did the masturbation sketch exactly there? I mean paid was obviously great Leubronn. I thought was really funny.
And I said I feel it. People are really give him credit for it, but everyone so surprised when he was good in train wreck, but I wasn't brisk as he was good on us now near the air. Actually, we, if he d space jam too, is that can happen at seven had been rumoured fur every time I've ever talked about Ebay. With I like day it has over there. How hard can it be? The right, that's great, I didn't take. What do we say? The idea was for it. We with the words stars. Yet aware of the monster Eliza abroad is heavy friends, so you can be a pair above what actually happened in the NBA, where the brand needs to get other people to beat the monsters, but diet three inquiry in it: yeah they ve competing shoe contracts like it's too hard Why won't my students slang enough under armor I'd I'd joking, and there was on my past?
I'm sorry! I didn't know what to do. I always I've written that being like don't mess it up. I would just say nice things never Nelson, the ambitious- and this is great, that you can't let him get away with that staff. Their legs and ten steps would do your boy stuff unflappable. He really a step is so focused stood I think he's ninety it up. I think he Bp Jake, offer after place here It also has a core goes right in I, like a penalty, kick it Chelsea anyone in my nailed. It he's, like a pulses. Sixty yeah, Yeah I hears about ass. He caught a house tat s. Now I don't I'll, give you a bamboo and bit nervous. He would have in fine yeah yeah yeah, it's a bad sign athletes hosting s, unknown they're, nervous that somebody.
If I want to trust in a super boardgame, seven and no less than thirty rock the key for them is to yeah just between into the fact the nodes expecting them to do well what we needed, the tennis one, which was fantastic for each, be, I beg you I made the mistake. A shy to my son held bad to yeah is maybe Eight, this so much. Why I covered his eyes for a couple of picture. We three way on the court by that supplied a covered his eyes for his kind of humor. He sees it sets a he required bits, but I did any tennis people get upset about that. I heard that address you didn't like it. Oh, I can confirm that I just heard it interesting. I really hope it's not the case, because I love that dude and our group loving watching him, and he is like one of my heroes and we definitely like posts and stuff from here.
His biography like, but right and then made a way crazier, but that's I think that her disappearance, I hope not again. I can confirm that even didn't like it, maybe he'd be like what that's bullshit. I love it dear Emma Step, a graph had a kid: that's this top baseball player that sorry committed to college and that's the motorcycle harassment. I now would you pick based, bother, yeah sense, I thought about. It said tennis than hockey than baseball, but my third choice, probably great a tennis though, and just like now I do my parents days extreme- would accrue couple yeah point of the best. That's why I was talking with somebody on this path. The two weeks ago has Josie Outdoor Sloan Stephen. I am happy to see that any time to athletes are together. I was gonna what their kids would be in, what their sport obey yeah and without one it's a man that could be. That could be a great Fifthly, it would be that his athleticism Brazilians words like Zachary, carried over the net of womanhood sets era.
Designer over the soccer ball is like beach volleyball with a soccer ball and use your feet ah, but is kind of like Tennyson sacrifice much together. I don't know if that's enough income fur for their child well. Just one looks at it for the accuracy graph. I wonder if the if TAT is out of your Mary right, yeah give kids you just had. My first has happened. Going it's great sleepy Howard was five months. Now that you ve had a kid is crazy, you that Anyone who work for us now had a child there in that experience. Yes, it makes no sense. Yeah taxable about it here get more than one while we were there and he just started leaving earlier in earlier, I should like to show it ended. He walked off the stage during the knights and just go straight in whose cargo no party error. The timing, like
man, arguably business hay and where they are now, am I guys Gammon zeros argument against. I go straight on that day toward a France, parity, France, torture, sorry we went back and forth. I can people we all additive reads from people. They just stayed reserve. From that are now. I don't think so. Pieper, ok with Lance out, seems like some people were passed in some people weren't. But for us it was like we just love that bit so much. It made us laughed so hard in the script. So we asked him- and he was, I guess, like it and few super charming a nice who's, the guy it they have one scene and they get super horny in it and they start giant blacken. The actor owes a forty. Yes, yes, it with the amphetamines, TAT,
We started asking the breadth of murder had led reported volume with the battalion zone, but on that, Where does she live different favour parts? But I am very happy to hear it. Thanks are so much vaunted make klutz it's like. You basically said this gets. This isn't it be out, there's no lines whatsoever and also there's just a built in format for because of thirty four thirty in its veto, sports dioxin, everything, it's it's such a short hand for so many people now, and we felt like we love sports and we love comedy knows just no brainer, so how long does it take to that from start to finish. It takes a really long time, but not because it has tube is because of me and my Buddy Marie Miller, who are the key piece of it. I have so much other stuff to work on some kind of flow back in that yeah yeah, but where I think we're? U do another one were enshrined, just keep doing them
I just assumed you at work that it has been a year partner, eighteen months upper probably the latter yeah yeah, it's a form of shooting banana, and so we do here in the summer I break. Will she one of those and then added at source? When you arrive sacrilege, another Nazi, like ok, let's go you work now summer It's not that many days a shooting, because there's no budget sea of ideas for next year. I would argue that a magazine I didn't expect you to affix. They may have ideas plenty of ideas Would you want to see the top of your mind? What's what sport keeping in mind that budget is a spree strict thing I mean the easiest wanted inexorably. Gough gossip good idea, the problem with golf just from a budget sand pages. They got any golf course. The bar for Gulf is too of the best comedies of all time right. So it's kind of
Well, what's the second one have humor, I was worried, you're gonna, say: Kadesh asked you for a second, I bladders Mesa venerated, don't have it takes time? your generation Karabakh Kadesh Caddyshack do you know they are accurate and the food track yeah yeah to have it can be checked in flesh to Iraqi five. In forty eight hours to wear my mouth Rushmore of Sequel, disappointments, Rocky five was Tommy gun yeah I enjoy it, though it was tough. You can't follow for I mean force before menace end of the cold war. I so right, I've expectation for as my second best of the Rockies that's. I would tell you what your first that the virtual I've three number one above three you, like three Marines, raises three start to finish: have you
one. I'm just saying I ran what's on. I recently re watched one in one, sir, but it's ok. It's like the first alien. It slower system. It's a fucking masterpiece, it's very sound! It's it's! It's a different genre! Forty years late, its debts. Rocky one is a different, junks passively arrested. Verona, Citys is Adrian: it's like a romantic drama. It's a romantic jama with these and the other one or China goes became the gets a lot of physical. Whether there will laugh they they need to see. Jihad some of that, I think, should arise from the relaunch, blade runner easily. There's some really tougher. He watches yeah at their just a general. It was crazy for me to realise as bait runner all growing up as one of my favorite movies descent visually. It's one of the most one of those innovative things ever nervous about Siegel, but it does it pretty bad. As predicted Rachel yeah my favorite movie, is forty, eight hours in which is not Adra. Itches jackets is flat out. Racists now lay out his character
yeah yeah, it's just a nun, redeeming racist, there's, a lot of things that were you didn't know it makes you think about what we're gonna think like, twenty years from now. Nobody may comedies twenty years from now resumed, I recently afraid of well cereal stuff. It allows There there, my python, still go and strong. Can I make the case for Iraqi three? Yes, by all means best start to finish best. First, five minutes die the tiger. It's got the ten minute, Harkov and thunder lip scene Rocky loses, which is in the end. The moment is incredible because nobody expected that saw coming right. It also has the club and saying: hey, woman, a woman and basically childcare rack his wife in front of a crowd. Then it has to go back to allay it as the beach ugh yeah, as you get back to the route to the roots than it has done. The dramatic come up
said, the added it just start to finishes. It is really well constructed and I will relay olives Leslie heard. But where do you d is creed? And this conversation? So that's it I feel that in so doing I created the new Iraqi five. Isn't iraqi five year, creeds really get creates fucking God. You know at the plan for creative as right. Now. This is what I heard I heard he fights drag our sun. Oh my god played by amid now, who is really not sure about a thousand percent as you, no matter what created verses, red dragon, Junior, Cougar, director cooler he's from Oakland Wrangle, Bulgaria I met him at the globes he's so fuckin bay. Have you He is it's the he's like a genius and he's joint talks. I keep the snake he is. One of the best Teddy conversationally. You can have God above him, so my yes, my so he's reckon the bay so hard and the
the one the marble when he did looks incredible. He likes, that genuine you're gonna be the best one? I don't know what the open Iraqis is re now, but he's he's in this conversation. It's him Montana at an hour he loses out, but I gotta, but still behind you made a lot of money I love you hearing you had it at a good run, so got golf though Kadesh Shack, Karadzic, the young or in some other, has been anything funny with golf and twenty years. Yeah yeah When you start thinking like what are the sap peace is gonna, be they can't be anything similar to either those two things. It could be a tiger woods type spiral for somebody who destroy super horny carefully. That's what his story is now sick. The greatest cover about tat. I guess I mean, like that's what you say about Clinton now,.
Right there, it safely in the firs ill, not Hilary here if that were the first to set it up here at seven. The first sentence I dont like no one talks about cleanse policy was dark rather use. Suborned dog he's is gaining blown in the oval office like it's in the first sentence of sorry, states can apply the whereby that's don't do that. If you don't wanna play, I like that, did they did he ever come to the shop. He wouldn't have rang. Think so now Hilary came obviously here. That's always Obama came one, So when you did the like hollowing mask thing yeah and everyone is when he was running, and everyone is going to give you my own and those, and I want to bother him in there now MIKE Fascism and the president's, maybe that that can be your third one. Another move is this text when you do you hires daughter is like.
Yeah sure did a man rare era. She worked on girls, yeah, my fair move, Murray. Who do I do those things with? He rode on girls, firm, most the seasons, the work of so what's next year. They have for me career, wise, yeah man well arrived the buzz off this. This podcast appearance after the after I mean after this blows like us who, three four more years, that the tv show yeah. I mean it's a crapshoot at this point. Tv is so spread out now bizarre, but we have peace. Whoever show and am also told our show- is major internationally, which makes me very happy who yeah like numbers and went away? I guess that's what it's in its like in over a hundred and fifty countries Brooklyn, I nine travels
another reason why we accepted that Andrea Braggin shadow last night so excited especially visiting a dominated this year, yeah, that's pretty cool and of course day it was. Best beach they and they just played a relay alliance. Get off your head. You have to leave. The cook had would spoke for like ten minutes. She did yeah. That was that was where he was an interesting show. I loved covers spill, Marduk Sovereignty and cutting The interesting laughing at heart was provided you ass. Did the amazing hosted the ass peace? Now I who now ass be cited. The Amis, I did, the moon, the anti, remove you weren't at yet I hosted the spirit of words and I see which was superfine. That's him. So, one of the most funding gigs to have its eye. I try to say the ones where I think it's a good room for comedy yeah like. The only one that I haven't done that super.
How many friendly as the gloves right, which I would obviously like to do. I remembered age they made a couple. Runs you for the airspace in you smartly said now. I have presented at multiple ass. Be yes, and I don't find that it's a good room for common. I would agree with you, sir. Nobody's admires did a great job he did and then he made a mistake it coming back. She regrets that he did. He regretted he. I think it s a guy at once. Then you come back in a jail at first, I monologue was all tat. He absolutely killed. Yeah he threads, the needle accept, can adapt to any scenario. He's really really get. You can't be surprised by the fact that his shows at now has a foothold. Now I went near as soon as he sat behind a desk. I was like yes, yes here, it is he's gonna find it. He was gonna work too hard. Yeah he's adaptable, like I said like South, is a survivor and grinder right. Andy's downsides, he's gonna work forever. I always appreciate how uses its staff
He uses them in a way that it makes them better. Helps whatever he's doing, and it's just. You could feel like a community sense here. He loves playing off people, yes, he's, like he's very comfortable being the sort of the voice of reason guy in the sketch. That was Jimmy's issue till just by wraps learned had existed? his own. He was so used to playing off other people. Yeah he's always at his best. When there's people Rana Retirement Similar now came a camel, yeah camels. I should have thy benefit the Jimmy Beata him. He basically taught himself out of stand out on the stage yeah put his hands in his pockets and aluminium, Alex he's so fucking good. Now, and now it's incredible how getting like him do in the areas and the Oscars back to back should have been a death sentence here, you're so ready to be like. I just saw this dude, yet he just killed it both of em he s o
He had used an eye witness to the greatest towards disaster time, yeah right there is an apparent kara, so I had and this package, as like three days later in you, now he's eager from doing the Oscars to his? send him hosting a shark is its was wasn't sweet, but it was a metal is aiming after he had a really is, above everything and looked at the big picture we threw into his office. We propose that you realise that's like them. Usually the most famous moment of your career and is in the first sentence of Europe, witcheries ignore now as napping wasn't as yet, it is an ill gonna be mentioned forever and it'll be in every Oscars, clip real for the rest of the Oscar, and when we have the Oscars anytime inevitably comes out of egg is, is there I won't ever was gonna? We are going to take a quick break to talk about drafting one week famously football,
perhaps the one hundred thousand our contest totally free to enter lots of ways to plague she's, doing public caught as a by catch prizes. Private contests Regan Peter, gets a group of friends or my personal. Single entry Carter's. Each person can only enter one light up their beginner and casual contests, where your play against people of similar skill level as well, the best part by drafting drafting new team each week without any commitment, go to draft kings, dot com right now or go to their app. The draft kings app use promo code Simmons to play and draft kings free, that's promo code, Simmons eligibility restrictions apply seat, F kings data for details, more our sobriety by hotel tonight. The weather changes your mood, changes. Why, like yourself in the plans at may change without out tonight, you're, getting credible deals on awesome hotels, even at the last minute booking on hotel tonight, gives you the freedom and flexibility to playthings by ear mechanic.
I love playing things Bayer, knowing your score, a great price and a great place to stay download the hotel tonight app fine seriously. Amazing deals right now. What was the funniest thing that happened when you do the Amis? most memorable thing for me, it was meeting mailbox afterwards. He came to my party. I've told a story. But they never. You can skip over yeah. It was incredible. He was super nice to me I'll tell it anyway, for anyone has nordic as such I am amazed from running back. He. I met him. He said you were great tonight. I thank you because you were great because some of the jokes were great, but Some of the jokes were shit. You have to show traveller shit like they were right. I beg you wearing it's amazing, and so I sat with him talk for awhile and told him about our, like you know, he's my hero. May inspiration yeah stuff
and then I saw across the room John Millennium girl, who are my buds- and I was like they deadly Montraville Brak, so I like flagged them to come over and they walked around like maladies. My good friends there comedy too, and is I guess yes, of course, as major nice to meet, you wasn't a great tonight. Yeah. I guess some other jobs. You were great Some of them are already just told the exact same jerk again, and they all act like this son of bitter. RO? It is never going to turn off. He always knows exactly how these ninety rate we need anything like ninety two. My god, it's incredible he's still so funny. It would stand in history, the world power one I loved fit. I felt that it was the first Mavericks movie I saw I think it might have been my interior. By acting as a saw blazing saddles I'm older than I think I am a theater, but there is a stretch of comedies from leg.
Miss Eyre Animal House through, like the man of the fresh air, and they re comedy, shifted but think that was the last one. History the world yet that had a nice long, cable ran with supernatural had like really really funny parts to it and now just gone it's. Why don't? You you, never see it on tv anywhere yeah. Maybe the rights are gone out. Another thing about it is that it looks incredible. Yeah, it's like super wide screamed out and they shot like huge set ups. Oliver, these like it was they were doing their comedy version of those old school ethics. It's really annoying it off. Who is really funny ambitious ideas. I actually do you feel I owe their proper My path Armenia life gets more play than history, the world right, but they have no class.
But they have a similar space. They occupy Monty Python Like STAR Trek. It's just gonna go on and yeah she's the new generation comes in yeah hot rod. Talk to me. My son is first of all liked it. I think it's gonna have a reliable. It's gonna have a second act, yeah on cable, yeah, My son was a massive fan. That's awesome! So if you're worried about the eight tonight Two tenure of them are still gotta locked. Oh my god. It's where he wild salmon that his generation It is just like: what's gone, you too, find somebody who gets hit in the balls. You know something of an entire moving around somebody. Tat kind of evil neighbours, but but is just in his warehouse that's awesome, we ve had a manner I too could happen, and that really now yeah maybe like on Netflix, is what would you
dream project. I mean when I did it and it's good yeah. I just one. The second season of that. Unlike I still fucking love this Netflix Asthma I've just bringing town to people in yeah and saying hey any dream project tat under this great they just you leave with the Czech. Basically, it's good model. It is its risky for the creator because you can get buried if it doesn't and not a lot of checks and balances when somebody's just like care. Yes, that too at HBO. You probably had with imports. Demean in place yet, but now at this along creatively, pretty much that a couple of thoughts, but really they were just like great awaited. God you have fun yeah yeah. I think they liked having something that was just overtly silly, because they're so prestigious another one note was more decks. Korea, who three more decks baby. I mean we
ran out of space on the page Are you are you like sizing Abdel? Those for further dig leg had is out there but it is in charge of dick, perhaps yeah well yeah. Did have a fake one on toward pharmacy Furlano bloom? you may know, is legalese. You know that he was like a comedy. Do like that. Now we just thought he would be great for it asked and he was into it but I mean I've got a totally ran on leg. You, our friends, and I know we are thinking of. Like I loved you and stuff about people, we are not expecting it in its heart. Has everyone wants to do like do their one common thing yet, so you run out of evil pretty fast right, but we were so that the dream for us on seventies and how the tennis one was that Kid Harrington was so funny. Yeah,
I am obviously just like everyone was obsessed with drowns and I had a meeting with him about it and he is like this is perfect for me, like I used to do comedies get stuff in college, and I always liked. The kind of catch up and college Dm One like the person. I love doing their fucking great and he was delightful. I thought he played really well and I think that an that's good for him cause.
There is also a world in which he's just Johnson out everybody for the rest of his life. No matter what he does says, he's gotta do weird stuff too. Yes, he's going to be no matter what the idea in the rack lives doing great, but right he's airy, potter wreck. You can't do something bigger than thrones or Harry Potter now, but you can do cool stuff. It allows you to do literally. Whatever you want is very freeing and away Jamie Lana Stairs in this movie called shock collar. That's excellent! It's a prison movie, really its excellent. I recommended it, but it takes like twenty minutes to on thrones him and just look at the character and be like. I that's the character such Amy Lana Stern, jail right right, it's half France's a beast will not go back to the areas, but when genuine astutely drive is one for the sixth time right just recently, and she saw him I've. Even she said it was the role of a lifetime like you're you're right, but a lane.
Sprig of raw Seinfeld does bring Joe do sit? Have colleagues had embarrassment of riches? I guess I think a lane is minus four forty favorite over the coming from you. I get it she's the star weep and she's, one always Amis, where it says that if it is the role of her lifetime, Elaine I think is probably the most female character. The nineties parrot This memorable, sick, I'm character of the aims of any women, tough one side, thoughts, ninety shows- are enrolling Rosanna, the nineties right, but it doesn't. The difference now is signed found in France. Keep going revenge died in like whenever I wonder, but there's no. Second, just as the national anthem thing now, and I don't really understand the reason for your baby in spite of her but friends as friends, this popular now, as it was twenty years ago. It's on Consarn every change
and it's on every street service and by the way, when I feel up to it, it's I'm still very entertain. It's very good. Season, one cause I was there. I was basically exactly the same ages, the pupil nature yeah he's in one hit a lot of things that in the pre internet early, when he's out of college a lot of those themes like it, it's actually really smart sure yeah eventually became this kind of rom come gone crazy, but everything diverse couple. Yet the themes about leg, one person in the group is making way more money than everyone else and rigorous Little Sarah stuff. That was, I really resonated yeah. Now it's I mean it's a classic for a reason: Did you see the J C video which the one and only indirectly, the friends very. I was just talking Alan about a few nights ago. We're friends! I didn't really
at the moment. Where is a serious her name from yes, where she like holds up her finger. Tat drive like Shish him from the door rams like a second, I don t exactly know what it means, but I know exactly what it means. It's like it's so terrifying. That moment is just like chilling works really well. The umbrella credits in France is really tough. To explain to my daughter when she watches France like why. That was a good idea. Demand for fountain in rail, as men, somebody's in the foundations that what is happening with this, and that is just not swathes of color. Its heard some of the old stuffs hard to explain other stuff is aged, like other similar the early ninetys sailor movies I mean, does come out now: they'd be the big guy we might as well yet had cell phones and that's it yeah, but yeah, it's basically Saint kind of humor stuff. Yes, for the most part, I was-
and fatal jack and sleep last night failed trash Amazon which lodged of fifteen years of blank from Hell movies ran around boss from how YA anoraks cradle were not that movie. Could come out now, except for the no cellphones, but everything assets like it's not dad dated, and he s a get his middle part is dated, lies the the violence and that movies a little while ago, who, I believe, like he's, strangling her like they would never do this movie now, but for the most part, the premises yeah pretty get yeah. They tried to remain a few years ago, right than they do say when we make it all the time of Libya. With these different, there's one with the AEGIS arbour yeah, just Alba when our larger is his assistant. Aha, It makes a move in and then start stock and Davy every year at some version of their yeah. Maybe that could be your next spring
can anybody sports common here, so I could feel attractive but jack. Your grandmother we ve got the new, take off announcer tire error: the damage does work What's dreamy services Brooklyn Anna Hulu? Ok, who newly minted budget hand its tail winner, about who the place to be. Does wacky kids from ruler who's got creatures? You note I watched on Hulu but is that show it swedish and danish the bridge, they try to remain in their own effects, but the original one it's on Hulu and it is so fuckin good anything The Swedes and the Danes combine entertainment. I think the sweet. Dane of another. Swedish all bets are off
Brooklyn, I nine Tuesday, which would be September twenty seventh sex threats x. I should probably no twenty six twenty six, twenty sixth nine thirty six, my very and the original fox yeah. It's up. We cannot at facts, are ethics, acts or effects to where we were against the second half of this is us. So about half way through this? Is us and it's getting really good bitterness change. The change will maybe that debate just covered in tears and no honour loses to those that do I bullshit I did cap is the make up. Most of all, I want to watch Brooklyn. I know that's how most people think right, Maybe you're never make sure Red Sox story before we go. I don't have that many red Sox
like on the set like watching his Iphone with the imo, be packaged than ever at our show anymore, considering them again lace like and what he did. I mean who, as you know, ad nauseam during Deflate gate, he was, we are lost our minds, yeah yeah, I mean you wasn't like athletic level that yeah you're still really proud of that. He should be. Who cares you? Don't we met, and next day Tom Brady, exactly tat these rating in a different like he compared to Macbeth related areas as it is a year ago, we were also upset when somebody's trying to steal your quarterback at sea really fail. You lose your minds yeah I mean it worked out worked out. We were supervisory, I'm back. That game was so it's our Graham
What is our Superbowl thou? My lad? Let were taken this the day after the Falcons Packers game. This hugely in their packer score in their down, like eighteen, o resignation like the fact is. I was now the shadow of that aim has gone far the falcons they gonna shit. I feel like, since the Red Sox pulled off the three o come back. Every single finals, horse or end game of sports is like. Completely up for grabs at all times year, when I was growing up and then year general After me? I think, but our general since it was the games usually over. Eighty six world Series was a complete anomaly when the Mets These are figures I arrived here with my dad was incredible. Nobody could be It seems that, given the last year, the Cubs Indians, they tired, then there's a rain delay. It was an oversight you can make up well we're like the power when out there's, always some crazy, ass thing that happens now the world, maybe at the
I remember you listen that three one was bananas and horrible and also clearly fix them with Asia, but it doesn't matter Are you talk about the jury? That's his vengeance mention and then, of course, you know, I'm elaborate inquiry took it, so you can't fight them pretty shady silver if people in like him so much like a good deal, did that lose thereby there was there you're getting everyone is mad about Katy go into the warriors. They should be mad that they suspended dream on cause. That's why they re like ok. So even with this team, there's still a chance, we can lose till abroad and the league, you wouldn't one in five. The game before was again the calves needed and gazed Carteret their hearts out that seem like it was opened and stuff the game. Six go ejected right. Those would like all those taking action. After they were mugging him constantly on every screen. Anything as LA bran would just be stuck and clean
When until he brought them a title, he wouldn't we have to go the Lakers inside that exercises life so who, like year, twenty two areas, just it's gonna, be so embarrassing if he got if he does go to the Lakers now cause it's everyone saying it's gonna happen: he should switch it up in just go somewhere totally else it there and help. When he's, I care it. It also this kid's answer he has given me back in Romania has decided extension he's I'd, probably like second or third rest player Walter, I knew it. I was here, he's fine who'd. You have second I have a georgian furs yeah the great Bo Russell second there, but I do it with the the obviously Bill Russell like if whoever played in nineteen sixty five from this era, Anthony Dave, as you said in the nineteen sixty four He'd be amazing, but just to do the air, as I know, Russell Eleven and thirteen you now if Leubronn goes Lakers and Paul George,
You're gonna be raining space jam three without any man. Trust me right in the harbor and they're gonna get some I'll right and westward. That's what I'm saying like they said: the bigger the dreamer. Nobody can people keep here, but nobody will confer. As that is everywhere, HIV, Madame Lebrun, the weather matter, Katy or no, because I didn't play them the year before. That's the difference, I think, Carry getting added Dodge a year allay was a pretty big sign that this is where it setting not to mention the air Lakers tampering with Paul georgian others that yeah, I dont, think people are mistaken. Dad about this, like when Janni Damon, went through the Yankees. No five people in Boston words is that what about Loyalty- and it was that era and then the decision with the Brown changed it yeah. Now, let's keep it now, but after Kay. And everything I don't think I think fans get it now.
The business. I love that Isaiah letter he wrote it was grey, was really cool. Who is the complete opposite of the Garden Heyward letter? I have three letters prepared, depending on which, to my mind that I had a fire everyone around you that your player, I love that girl Heyward, asking people to lake like as screen read his letter like you, don't need a salt lake, so hard IBM, boring just lose their staff to say thanks super boring, don't call I'll take that its funding that they give us libraries had their version. The poorest tribute that you we're leaving us now and you write a letter to the Essen offence. I mean it's time for me to move. I knew I mean you get asked that immediately when you do every interview, so it s kind of like you have to address it like an athlete yeah, but
right, as now is like a sports franchise eyes that it's like America's comedy sports franchise, unlike the show is like, if you ever want to summer camp, it's like camp fire for the weak, read for the whole country. It's been in my life I can remember, since I was six for the first season. Yeah I was ever show is less, are watching us we're closer nature, Why? Why don't I just organizing Our do you. Ninety nine hundred, the famous crown skating, waiving the bar fair yeah realised and goodwill hunting. Twenty years later, yea tat same night as the first ESA is our idea. That's a nice back towards a great night too great. Tell me rather quickly Ladys external Spectre, bs and with it all the way through, and it is like athletes and part of what it had sunk athletes is. You can always in the case, members probably ready to go yet last year, land area has again is that state.
I know that now just see can tell yeah start Critics are mess around. It gets harder to get your gear, for me. Also has a key role in Europe: both had sort of laughed and yet they came back and helped me and did like a few a year of the digital shorts, but the way that we are able to maintain the level of quality we did was the combination of the three of us always sort of being there together and then making album. So we had sort a backup, songs ready to go. They say you do anything. Does gossamer really just pop ups are but two years ago we made Andrea here and there are we wrote it produced it thousand other multinational that my son watch yeah, there's some weeny in that What we need is it your staff, so funny will dig you
he's Barbara around like that they did. You see the parasites that this year saw. The second I was out of the deuce last night: did the pilot at this there's just it they just with the agency as a gay can put to death in it sounds like I need three there's hard dick in it. I thought that was allowed, listen what's allow timorese rate, took a come shot in the eye and love third to last and secure seriously. Yeah rely and then she went and purple with her like a right. I like half closed eyes so funny near I do not know how many boundaries are left yeah I got at the feeling in the deuce- and I could find this out, so I shed that the title like showed a girl. I got a girl blown, a guy in a telephone booth and yes, ass. If it was a hard Wang, yeah Insect Alex, bake them, we'll take a fake wing. I don't think you can show a real hard dick on tv. That's that's my guest eight, who is the guy who did that?
Vincent Gala he may that grows ever am I that that was a hardware They would never show that on any the cable Jane. I never watched it on every side either. He did was of a good selling point saying it's evincing gallows honestly, I fell, like I mean, obviously, are only their own decisions whereas like now, and what I was more disturbing has about a bills: Fantail zither part of it and then rush. Yet without Rivermouth quits, I think he's just a bills faded everywhere. We owe ASEAN brown money to that and I'm guessing at its it had imagined. I did not partake. We should this any Sandberg thousands of the gallery with that good luck with the title defence of the worst No issue is much like with the raiders, because I think I tames again it prosperity across vast,
what's going to happen. I more unearthly an editor at three, I'm an Irishman. I came back like I'm really stand now that their back in Oakland I'm pulling for them cause I'm from Berkeley and Oakland. But they were so we used its biggest. I grew hereby themes I route for the job. Science, when they're doing well, but they're, not my number one team ominous fan capital for them over any other team forbear ev from areas and also I have attended a ton of giants games growing up. I had friends, the region, answer me. I gotta candlestick and I love that experience possess sports begged me and the sports begging me what I'm I'm not trying to act like route for both equally its eighty nine again warriors ok, I would underline as well. I don't like, where raiders hats
I didn't have a writer starter jacket and junior high. It was because of the Joe Montana Masturbating Sketch that's what did it and myself I can get the ninety were so good to me when I was young, I ll stick with them forever. When I was in college. I specifically told other people I, if any other quarterback comes along its punch me in the face I say they are better than Joe, my backpack. Nobody can be better than this. This is it we ve picked would show Montana. Now my Tom Brady less Court back ever. I think he's the best ever just based on how much is one Brady's gotta? Yeah he's very similar years. Very some very similar stories, similar vibe, he's Joe Montana, with better technology. Joe Montana and have any of the stuff that Brady's than Avocado ice cream oliginal he's down like there are related and that the road like brilliant mines and also had incredible coaches that were geniuses, Ambrady, was of Montana student doses. Dude yeah is love them manuscripts. I ain't a sombre. Thank you desire,
same. Thanks to Gillette. I mention this earlier answer. Le Gillette Razor blade is thinner than brain, so it's a proud of the many brain cells, a word name in the thousands of men and women, a Gillette always working hard to make your shade better, and I congratulate aids for less agile. Let on demand our com Gillette. The best a man can get pressing applies to select products and as the sole discretion of the red, our thanks to draft gangs, they are celebrating the return of above their hosting a one hundred thousand dollar contest. Totally free to enter. Do me a favor use code Simmons and play for free only a drafting stock, eligibility restrictions, apply, see draft kings that com for details it join. We can everybody.
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