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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to recap NFL wild-card weekend, including another painful Saints postseason exit vs. the Vikings, Seahawks-Eagles, Bills-Texans, Patriots-Titans, questions surrounding the 2020 New England Patriots, and more (3:05). Then they Guess the Lines for the divisional round (1:08:20).

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This is probably this is one of my tap to favour book. A basque were poker. Sulphur. That's can be going up late Monday night, it's really get so they go check out other stuff and reared a calm. We're broke down, Father, gotta, gloves and a whole bunch of other stuff, as well as to we had rigour, pack ass about and the Ringer dish feed in the big picture. Feed breakdown, gonna globes. Nobody takes the golden Globe seriously, but they'd such a fund night. I think that's why it's funny. You got that about it, but it will be the equivalent of like if the NBA had no word show and the envy p went to leg by them back down of its that's cool and happy for back up the gotta go observed drug, but it's always a finance fancy. The stars gathers. They go coming up cousin, sound anger breakdown round. One at the end of our planet
play, guess the line for around too, as well as an epic parent corner, but first our France from project I cousin sounds underlying either of us want to go to go tonight. That's too bad racket may say we're tape. The this exact seven o clock on Sunday was custom, recommence about to go books. They had to you even make even my Sunday, like rocker man, he's base good the target audience So we have a big football we can discuss. I don't wanna sire. The path is man rather disarm Iraq, a man, let's start with seeds, vikings, let's
I can see why you want to start with. I let's go there. Let's go there is that two other name? that that blew up a lot of Parlez it blew up all additives. Is it blew up the plan picture? It made the path for the forty nine hours said they look a hell of a lot easier, and I did you do the manners. I did the manners, forty one ripe for the plants than you do that are now. I did Niners Chiefs first Superbowl yeah, yeah sport, but saints was the biggest favourite and like, like you, said, lotta people had another teaser or money like one, so make good start here? The saints have had five really really dumb founding terrible player forces this decade, since they won the Superbowl.
But the irony is: they won the Superbowl so Breeze and Peyton they can have the permanent immunity pass refugees, judging them by the bat past ten years they blown games in every conceivable way. I actually shots of two thousand and eleven. That was when there are ten point favorites against Seahawks Hassebu through forties, beast mode. The whole thing when it is the absence of this century. In the the next year was the one when the Niners there three point three now appoint favorites over the Niners. They took the lead member that Alex Smith came down. Yes, go ahead, touchdown, Vernon Davis in the last ninety seven seconds in the game! Think I'm more back so that was awful. Then in two thousand eighteen, the digs miracle tv She is really probably the worst loss of this decade. All things considered other out and see our spats then last year that Rams game, which everybody blames the terrible now pass interference call, but they are so blue that guy
Nineteen differ ways and then add what we had today: a point favorites against her cousins at home and then I'll take care of business. Why do we consider why do we continue to say that John paid in such a great coach would start there yeah I mean to crystallise what you just said three play off. It is on the last play the game. Last reply of losses and at last six play off losses were one score and Sean. And I feel the gun to Dallas this. This sounds perfect. It sounded like a pervert now. What are we waiting for just do what I judged that the loser, this game Vikings, saints the coach come to Dallas anyway, you have called Zimmer STAR there too, but yet was also taken, the other way like if they don't win against payment if they went against the courts and that on side kicked Superbowl. This is this. Is the most tour your fan base. I know you have losing d ass for decades in decades, but every loss like this,
this would be a number one at the top, but yeah yeah should we watch a few minutes and you I gotta this is. This is all of a sudden. This is just to good teams. In the vikings had the better rushing attack say an ape man clearly had ideas, because he you could always the announcers, the confidence they have in the people they talk to the day before the gain through for the game and about halfway through the quarter he's like makes him and he thinks taken when this game every all. Fifty three guys think when I was one of those things where, if you were like, I said you had the sense in it in a tease, you let go no idea we can in that bag. Speaking of eight men like guy and I love Aikman but not agree a moment monies to take taken. The snap is like any play without breeze on the field is not a good play offensively for the states and take a mill. Does the forty a yard completion? three and then everyone's like then breeze fumble. They drove the pact before the half you I got, it may be teddy to gloves come
nor were little more take some hell. What are we doing here yet tastes of who was in the running for best quarterback? We watch this weekend. Yes, for sure he was really get in and it seemed like every time he is in the game. The Vikings didn't really know what to do. I, regardless day, the latest pseudo egg, the sides and yet still had a chance to win the game. They get a stop. It's like about two forty five left, something that Minnesota punting for them there in time. I left they don't use it right. We ve seen this over and over again. This is actually the most egregious version of that, using the time out, because by the time, the Vikings actually punted and the guy caught it and started running back It also went over the two minute warning. So then they lose that time out. So they keep a time out instead of just save in the forty seconds, but then they also blow the two minute warning. They finally get the ball. One hundred and fifty five stand up running seven plays they have the stupid penalty with the runoff
And then somehow keep the time out the gems and run off like wouldn't you want twenty one? Second, since eleven second, like twenty one seconds, you could run any play, get to the line spike it any play, even sacking, get back, won't be able to figure it out, but they accept the broad they kick to feel go with a time. Outlast aspire, Finally, because you have drew breeze, is allegedly one of the best twelve to fifteen quarterback summer time when you didn't trust him to throw out three. At the end zone or an out get closer whatever. They may feel goal that didn't matter really, but not able to cover Adam Feelin dead matter yeah, I thought the saints stunk.
And I thought they got outcoached now played at the same time, if I'm playing Minnesota to playoff game, nobody's. Beating me deep, you Kirk cousins can pick me apart. A one thousand and eleven yards for the whole game. Fine, keep it going, but you're not throwing over the top of me cuz. If I'm, if I'm making you dink and dunk to go eight hundred and ten Eventually you gonna throw the bottom air fumble or something. What are you doing you personally? Are you jump saint? If I'm running the saints I got a few around, its effect will be a person, but I'm just that's. The one you're not beat me and then cousins beat them overlap a couple times that may lead to more looked lost on the island, and now I don't know it was a weird game and on the other side, digs is freaking out out that their winning the game but right fields, everything is way and digs is thrown a temper tantrum and then the king, As Aikman pointed out correctly, I got enough of cousins needs. This isn't a tough spot forum, as it is now, is to look for digs rang out open they're, getting involved in Reverse
Does that railway digs is behaving like that. I'm sure you felt the same way. My default is just to think about how my son would act exactly this right was again the bar, exactly which we're youngest cared prob is thrown attention. Might that be out of five, Europe's oldest everything? yeah, I'm not sure the rate team when there came, but I thought the Vikings absolute deserve to win it, and I thought there coached now played them, but the saints have to be taken themselves like absolute tomorrow at fifteen touches total and it seems like em and they got him the ball in space, it's it was at least five six yards yeah at a breeze due notice play off record lifetime would urge your gas a little over five hundred? What is it when I was eight date, As a Dane, I remembered run in the statute this week. So Brady was, is
thirty one thousand one hundred is thirty. One thousand two hundred and eleven that's right manning was fourteen and thirteen. Fifty one thousand three hundred and eleven big bend, thirteen and eight Joe Flacco headed five, Kurt wondered added for Wilson is nine in five Rogers nine in seven of those guys have more Plath Winston Breeze Wildlife, eight and for Phil Rivers, five and six, and it goes back to that all night. You think about you, have that one run and you're just exempt for life, and this happened under the whisky in two thousand and eleven a completely change the course of his legacy yeah. You know we ve seen it John away. Ninety seven, ninety eight he went back to back, but. Long live, Might Mccarthy's getting an interview tomorrow from the cowboys right yeah, but about
football coach of its within last decade or but ever? If that on side kick in the court's game in the Superbowl, if they just don't get it, and then we spend the whole off season talk about them. Champagne was through the outside cake. Above now- and this is the end of this- Bruce Breeze This would be a really strange career to evaluate in it and I do think like he didn't make the, and if hundred and some people got upset about it, but you know is basically between him, firemen Rogers, for that last by, in my mind, he was third out of the three. I just feel like this. Happen, one too many times for him in the playoffs and that's why you don't wanna bacon that list. We talk, about him. It's funny you had shown. I am you're, invited body and show up a damaging. We talked about the topic and quarterbacks that we ve seen his. I now you can
you'll buy really. I know you can't even go by little more than what you say. We never watched him brown. We see the same. Five highlights Jim Brown, but his numbers bear out with new versus the rest. The bully boy I like to be able to say a damn Marino. I saw his receivers dinner super duper and more Clayton. He should be held at a high I regard as neither those guys we're Hall a Famers dinner. I can't I can't talk about that without a grand but drew breeze. Was night than our list best we ve ever seen. I think you might think he'd be in your top ten to, but it is barely makes it yeah. He definitely would it be tat seven are top Dana and even with the great numbers I may stop to anyway, you look at the numbers era for non when we we're a grown up. There is a lot of Marino away, yeah and Montana. After Montana won that last super bowl when he threw out the tv is when I was in college, whatever you're that was ninety or ninety one, everybody was just kind of has the best ever
and, as as the careers went on and on everybody, took their different sides right like away was like them. The most gifted yeah but just didn't. Have the supporting cast Ababa Marino was the one that scared me. The most I may have a cheese. Let's four hundred twenty touchdown pass me relic it. I was looking like marine on my guard, whom I missing, founts or something you look a marine o fountain. That's lightened day. I know it's it's it's ridiculous. How much better statistically Marina was than danfields yeah. We were we our text in you may damage second edge over the wink about just how impossible, as even compare the passing stats has yet our back made DE basically the seventies. Cuba spot than a phone one hundred. He got that spot over Bradshaw threat. When we were drawn up, it was thought back and Bradshaw they're just kind of together. If you look at the totality of branches career for Superboss, the two you could, our
You get it. I dont really care, I feel it they mattered pretty. Equally, it was that we are to have one and not the other, But then, when you get to the eightys, there was really. How away Marina Montana all carved their way? And I, for I felt I was terrified of all three of them, Marina, really really just maybe lose the feeling. In my toes. We, if you're up three again M to meadow land, just values gonna come down and score. No, we move in this decade. I put breeze and far too mayor pretty neck and neck by guys who were were INA from a lifetime record and all the staff and all that stuff really overpowering, but in the moment did feel like you could take em. You know, like your team, could beat him in the red situation where they might throw pick at the wrong time now. The myth of farmers, especially because Madden and even some of the announcer suggests, love.
Damn right. He really was a little more up and down, especially you know, especially after the late nineties, the elder. So you take those last year, especially at last year, to with the packers and then add that Vikings year where'd, you know, and I think they are against the saints right Jack. Forty eight forty, five or something crazy that could about was backyard football for, like thirty two games, he's got Michael Thomas he's got camara he's got chaired Kirk. I have spent a wheel. I have spent a will and Ninetys ninety different threads about how braided enough help this year. All three of those guys are better than any scope position Guy Brady had, but that the thing that's amazing me adjusted have that in the dome at home, where you would think like. If anybody has a home for it's the saints and they can't break her cousins right- and I was talking about that as like. Maybe this is the innate shall first round may be. The Superdome is in home, failed big advantage.
World. Certainly didn't seem like it yesterday like what are the big huh Seattle playing on the road now they're better on the road there was seven and one like is: is there anything? What's the biggest home field advantage? Was the top two Kansas city? I don't know, I would say Denver has the attitude- and I are not even in the past by Kenya, we did five six weeks ago. We did that pike ass. We lead the package with it about Humphrey advantage. Just doesn't seem to really matter anymore. I did I went forward. My plan picks this week. My dream of Levin o still have some. I lost money, but I went forward. I would buy with the four picks right, even really factor in home filled in any the pigs. I ultimately, like I didn't saints vikings. I thought was a tough line and I could see a variety ways but tat the saints at home. It just hasn't been reliable, the placid and it was one more thing about the saints died before we leave it. Yet the way it ended did you think we're gonna review that for
the galleys arrived at. It is if they review it they have. The almost concluded was a push off not even thinking, because they all the saints, because it was a push off. This is why they should call it a push up. But if they choose not to review, which was probably the the easiest less sticky way to go about, it then find the vikings when. But what did you think? I thought the right team, one, the! I think that would have been a really flimsy car to overturn a game when untouched touch that everybody Artie celebrated. You know the only tied end who ever really got called for that push off ever in the last fifteen years. Here we go, Kyle was grand Caskey, I'm a man who is just officiated lecture colonial is just their different standards to him because he was so physically ridiculous rat, but normally they just never call that end.
There's a lot of hand grabbing on both sides. For me, it was more egregious was it was so clear that that was going to be the play bright? They put Rudolph all the way in the top. I think a Even call it out here, you're good at that got rid off against a corner back in the tap. That was the pats, the Pats invented that both grant Chaskey and they had gone to that as before and tat. He had overthrown and I had said to hand back and corollas like Rudolf, making a big catch. This drive and gathered with middle ass, one begat mean it looked like they were going to have this raising stand and your watch in their game with the back history of cousins. Just expecting him to do something done right. Wrap even on that player that was would have been the classic her cousin see, throws the law pass. Only he under throws it and I turned around catches for an interception where, whatever he didn't do it this year,
What do we say, whether we think she pushed off or not? I mean I think the arms are extended. I've seen the call to write more times than not it's that they don't call it if they chew to review it and then show the replay in that stadium five six times whatever and yeah, don't over call it now you're talking there could be as an assault. His referees trying to get out of there. I cannot think they made the right move this marble. Did you think that it deserves to be overturned the bad? And I wonder what does based what the rule is based on what they called have our based on what we ve watched all year now, I know no call them didn't what they really need to do is get rid of that rule after this is because, a problem. They have this dumb role that they're supposed to be using their not using it and then, if there ever gonna use it will be this game. They ran from it. So they should just get rid of it before round to think the cousin staying and we ve, given him some shit on this page ass, now
when the Vikings signed him for a lot of money, our friend Joe has who lost his mortgage this weekend, he he he was just laughing that somebody signed cousin she's, a good luck. This is this, is the guy you want when you know you're down three or four minutes I have been. You want somebody throw the gut wrenching pics of the other team and completely of any possibility of this guy ever having a moment near an cousins was great. I think if you look at envy peace at the weekend, he's gotta be Have you pay the weaker Fisher there? I think he's right up there. They really, as I may add, a running game that was nice. It opened up some passing lanes because Cook was running in Madison was running and they as out they do He is the man to a pressure situation, but yeah. He was dynamite and game and it really didn't make sense in terms of the saints played all there art as last year, maybe to a fall last week to a fault breezes and I think in the fourth quarter last weekend
making, sat everyone and look bad against Packers the week before. None of this made sense, phenomenal Plath implications new, which will get to redo guess the lines later. Where now you have saved Cisco gets to avoid Seattle, there's nothing worse than planned, in the third time by when I left my plan next week after well? That's true that it could sign up happening, but you play that that third game near it just feels, like anything, can happen, so they get no more that instead they get Minnesota Communist San Francisco feeling great about this are huge saints. When there I think that's all someone, then you have Green Bay. Seattle were the history that those two teams have Sierra, could absolutely women, Lambeau Tour and then, if your San Francisco you go from through huge favoured disregards Minnesota, they might have this really strange. Seattle team that could barely
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Now the eagles have have pulled out the impossible. They ve done every relevant, where the dad was injured at some point in the last three months, Macao comes in and actually looks pretty frisky and his mother, the bar, is due in staff, he's not like a disaster. This was that, like, ah, you know, Josh rose and coming into something like he's at least carpet enough and smart enough to tell what guys were to go, and at some point this became the classics, dumb, Seahawks game that they have every way Kevin Court does had a tweet that he always retreats when there's a dumb Seahawks came about how the Seahawks have never put a normal again, this one certainly qualified near, but the eagles are in this situation, where their driving seventy nine
seems like they might actually score setting up an incredible to point for not only the Thai but also a swinging Vegas, which the line was between two and one all week. Re wording level where did set a one eyed settled at one yeah right, gentlemen, and then Josh Mcgown Concert, they're, nice job or breaking down. He forgot that is forty years old Heath and who had scrambled eggs. Zoning chronicler forbear, both it, but will they add some weird stuff like Sanders jobs up on forth and farmers while they had three drives, they pass on the fuel goal that two drives and passed on the vehicle each time. I know it's a one score game, but I owe you thinkin. Isn't it a tooth board game with Josh Mccown. I guess I'm not asking a lot for them to score and get the two point: conversion that's enough and get the field goal with five minutes left. That's one that but Doug Peterson, not sure he's got on. Second and fourteen with three hundred and fifteen left.
Runs rang. The seventeen yard lie Mile Sanders gets a yard like you're, really really not trusting your quarterback air, and then they at first of all, that watching. I thought it was in homage to Jason Garrett how bad the coaching was hit. All weekend law began. All we go on you, I mean you name it. I can't believe like Mcdermott o Brien, say: thou, I'm don't act, but Thou engraver, I'm just saying ever for the further. These Jeez seems to be so conservative and win. Is. Is this insane and then then you gotTa Petersen, the new fairly special, was running on second and fourteen with three minutes laugh, it was. It was bizarre to make I didn't love the fort them I've car only because Josh Mcgowan was the quarterback and I'm I probably would, above the fear, girl, but here's the thing they had the perfect play. He just frickin flood that job that that was that similar
I was gonna, be like a fifteen year plan, NEA who's gonna first answer: they were obviously saving that play for that moment. Then they had any just blew it witching by the way and also about the pats. Later not my better than Adam and dropping that pass on the final Dr Weir kind of the moment and that game for their patter mother, but you're right Seattle, like every game, has to be crazy. Like once once some whence one out there were seven point five saddle narrowly up three, nothing on the Road current cigar, they could be up twenty four three here, anatomy yet, but the I think they let teams in the game only because they had such a fantastic record and one score games. So they have to keep it at one. School are yet to win the bizarre, but that he came at calf. Unbelievable what has become there and then raw seal on the deal on third long, just launching one
like forty yards, where seven receptions hundred sixty that's a most for a rookie into play off came incredible? I have a couple see how fans of my life, who reminded me that we made fun of decay Mcafee before we did yeah? I think it was. It was definitely me, I think you were the other one by talking about how he was. I couldn't be, you weren't on the pod, Africa was about how he he was soliciting basically people to draft them in his indian scam and a common enemy a motto me. My like a hundred times better Then they kill Harry was disregarded. Maybe not, but an age, a brown but excellent, and I think he I think he suffered because he was like a combine hero. He was like seem like, yeah. You know screwed, unlike that John ROS, for Cincinnati. You don't really pan out yet no fastest
I and world, and then just doesn't do anything until doesn't translate. I translate that's. He got a backlash for that, but what you learn from Seattle this week- because it did to me at that- feels like that's about as far as they should, from a talent standpoint. Like I think, Brown one is about the peak for them right. I think they have trouble running the ball. I think Houston has trouble running the ball. It's going to be interesting to see how some of these teams to buy tickets, sixty four yards rushing and Ford I from rust, and I think we can get up. We have fun talk about Marcia Lunch pages. I can be a factor not against the Packers and we'll talk about it, but I love is, I think, see out on his dinner very good cops where these teams that are obviously severely flawed, There's strangely coach the times they rely a lot on a quarterback, pulling a play out of his butt on third down because he's just great both of those guys and then like the one big player.
However, in running back said, don't scare you at all and demons is that it feels like you can drive item. You know a little bit of a frisky pass rush for both teams, but not really that risky, and I don't know why. I I thought Seattle was lucky that went, went out obviously, and then that they're playing in the first place Houston was lucky that Buffalo just didn't totally wanna. Take that game. He was dying to give it to him there here, take it Buffalo, only four feel gauze and meanwhile booger is making and see my Josh islands having the greatest game. Any quarterbacks Everett played a day. That argument is poisoned, he's a bathing in there just raving about him and they're just settling fulfil girls and they're letting them hang around. They finally get the turnover all the sudden Watson. It's like he activates a switch which will simply knew too and then that game flips that came with so much fun.
The most fun game not only of the wing in a while. Now our game you couldn't tell, but your game was about that- did hours, came within my Irishman, honestly, as honestly got let the let than ours thou away like an hour cover. It's nice Watson, and then Hopkins and Josh out its eyesight together for the ensemble cast air, but as an hour to long ago, we watching from shakiest yeah and watching the so we have the subtitles with bugger. We do have the sound. What a treat that when the guy back to that abound, to save it for the bills and earth like, and I don't think you could do that they say. No, loaf. Bugger, no harm, no foul, walk right, that's the kind of know how that's all we want from exploit their budget. No one off out here
some great moments that the highlight, I think was when he said that he wanted it. He caught for a spike near the end of the fourth quarter, with one of the teams, and if we have to get this bike would have basically screwed them and they would have had to throw the ball over, but it was a lot of stuff. Like that it was, it was to me the perfect blend of of hilarious and ETA and really really bizarre coaching wearing my eyes when you say hilarious and design, or you want to use other adjectives, babying very nice clouds it out. It was was awareness and bazaars, John Mcdermott forth, in twenty seven by the minute, forty one and all time outgoing for it, I don't know- maybe vote- should pass on the Sixty Ard feel, go but really afford than twenty seven actually and the gap is for it feels like ants chances now
like Georgetown Stanzas, I didn't love it out that Watson on for them along one, probably two o Brien Conference, up the mayor, you know what that guy in space right he's. Gonna do you got a lot to shout Watson. He's gotta go What about you be snake against nine guys doing this all weekend, those crazy that was really bad. I should also like to put the kick off to start the second half. If they call that right way, the build up twenty, not that he flipped them the ball. You know like they just honestly, they got together as a gay. We dont want people turning this game. Let's leave it at thirteen, nothing, let's see what happens, but don't you feel I used and done. They call that right. I thought that was a spirit of the roar now, but you they really that that game could have. If Buffalo,
If Buffalo had protested, the game they would have lost, but it actually would been a good thing for the man. I was at my notes that Watson, QVC snake, is he, where the conjured ninety pads near, like more than along one buffalo, has like three thousand pounds of guys lied right up over the bar in rats and goes into them. Just Demille falls down bugger goes I like the aggressive call, thou, Wert sky I've ever seen, and then it turns out. It wasn't. Has three hours later, the patriots did a fallback. Tabitha landed Roberts, their arab something one now I was the new wars cause there that I'd say that was pretty bad butter. Add off the Watson, because that play that that extended? the leading to the game, winning field, all those who was it mulatto and safety. That I mean that,
one to hit. It wasn't even like they hit him at once, knew spun out of it. Yet one guy rocked em. He should have like losses bounds there gets it immediately after and still is able to come free, enroll right now and complete the paths house tat lay the weekend That's why I ended up Priscilla and I, when we did Millie daughter, pics with house on Thursday, and I had a lot of trouble with Houston, Buffalo and Minnesota New Orleans. I just felt like I could see both sides of each each case. Can I just don't want to bet against the show Watson? I don't care what the score is. I feel like he's gonna pull these plays out of his ass, which is exactly what he does and when you think about the future of Tom Brady, and even some somebody like breeze these guys that don't have the ability to save plays like that to see
These third in eleven, where oh, my first three things that I thought we're gonna happen didn't happen, I'm just gonna, save it and scramble for fifteen yards are or scramble round and by time until somebody open the older guys can't do that now? And Watson and wealth and can do it and that's why like if I'm Green Bay and I'm Packer fanfare, really good that all the Sunday I hit the jackpot at the Seahawks coming. I did the worst thing. Would you still? here? The shit out of there now and I'll. Take you on a topic that excited about Russia, wealth and come in there, especially after win and incentives for thinking the same thing. Ok, we played Seattle. I think they put him after they lost Arizona right and they had a tunnel. Injuries are now you Talkin about their when the while our game? If they go in, the Green Bay and now they're coming to San Francisco. That's animal say that's a toss up, but that's really really close game itself. Just got those won't be long. It was so funny when they were really praising.
I shouted for like two hours now and then he kind of lost The steering wheel as that game got Miller, lay lost control bought those in here he gave the off the ball job. The bother went tat, the others. Have you find out in lateral to start on Thursday, Thailand right and then crucial play when their childhood get now feel go range, eight took a terrible sack and then that led to the fourth in twenty seven, but I still have questions about our challenge. That's fair, yeah right, I think he could went on the plaza gets unfair to say he can't when a road play a game, because he was right there in that category. The way- but I dont know what spooked him in the second half. That was doubtless very strange. You know that was, I think, detecting the world like an eight or nine one underdog at that down thirteen out. There are sixteen nothin, you miss J J. Why might up to a fear at Jake? I did Miss Amelia. It was a lot of let's go.
Yeah come on a wider scale like that there is ever. Do you know what you miss? Thou Iraqis ball? I want to give you to Brussels. I got only like four of us before TAT John John have got their so one is just four of us. This guy see my ball me from across the Russia among our crap comes in okay, I need to meet your Sal right. I said yeah he's like this is the the Shakey's crew. That's for the fantasy has like yeah. I was like. I am such a huge and of yours, and Siemens, and You know, I just want to say, like my wife and I were coming in from Santa Anna and was supposed to be, the hearts, see the Hollywood sign and we drove by the shaky. Yes, I said you know this probably thirty shaky is an ally. But let's just stop banished I don't come on. I don't want to stop at right now. Let's just stop in. I want to see if there's any change Instead, I anyway, I introduce them he knew all the players he's like. I know this is dying diseases. It was crazy, was a huge, huge
for him, ass, I gotta know, is a bigger loser like you, for opting in or ask for staying here, because you didn't leave right after the first Betty three hours a day at this day and age and eat this mood, yeah that that brings us to the end. Chrome, moral, the Red Card Lasher around Royal launched the first off filled Waterbury to encourage fans of the game to modern adjured, stand the game, but they're watching in the sky. Watching homer in in a bar have great time adjacent crowd. Just don't be that person that ruins it for everyone make the right can take a water break. Made the right call this week or not- I'm gonna go here. I think recall was whoever the person was entirely. Who lost the championship trophy. I thought it was a fitting way for this terribly functional awful fantasy wig to finally at somebody lost the trophy there's a missing church and then we find out one of the people. What are they? the India in the league, and Elliot:
He was a lawyer on the opposite side of the ocean. Simpson memorabilia case, whether the trophies instead got stolen biology. Simpson, yes, so he's the leads us back to my opinion. Well damage shack. Fortunately unfortunately, has taken ninety nine percent blame. He thinks he put it in his car that later got to Now I don't understand how total did this car get the wreck the Detroit is bigger than any of his kids. I cannot understand how it got destroyed, but he thinks it's in his trunk and his car got totalled and that was that now I owe money and I'm by a neutral truck. I don't. He knows this, I'm buying a new trophy for the league, and acting when I owe him from that I am in its. We talked him today's, like I understand I lost it and we want to replace it, but who gives a good God damn about a fantasy football? Trophy, you son of a we can apply the pie where his car got totalled with
The Derome realises car got told old and that's where I got lost this sounds. I even I don't think I could have told the story to his parents like his. I was the moment it is late, teens wreck our would you have used the by cargo total than I had lost a europhile, no limits. I strove you know. That's. The absurd Well listen met. Maybe we could put because we have great reach air on this podcast and can we put out at all all its bold and light if, if you run a junk yard and come across a wrong with a fantasy football trophy would stupid team names for the last twenty four years? Please These reach out that's kind of a bummer, though right other team names, or it is a barber. I think it's a bummer in this in this. It's a sign that we should just followed this terrible like that. That's for sure line, but we got it has to be assigned right. I would share our great quality. I don't
Juno usually like to give it your college, but I had it's impossible to give it to her head coach this week in the NFL Ricky your vase asked his mind tonight. That was fond of enormous. Give it to the director of the movie nineteen seventeen, which is the best I have you seen it that is the only one out of all the award containers. I have not seen it well I don't know, I recommend sing in the movie, but it might be the best movie I've ever seen. I still don't understand what I'm looking I'm going to watch it again. It's phenomenal it's one of those, no cut movies, but they know they claim they're Scott's in there like I'm like this is magic. I don't know how this is happening. It's hours and hours of different sets and picturesque backgrounds. The same before Anna and, of course, at the Great war movie, also somewhat to give it to her that director Mendez of those got on the poster. This is this was magic cousin, south, the bare jackass,
well we're movies and saving proud We will actually make sense, maybe maybe it was Grandma reminds everyone this for buses and take a water break. A moderate to stay in the game are the moment you ve been waiting for since we ve had this package since two thousand seven there. It's your chance to have the official funeral for the Jack Brady era. God now I don't wanna say anything now you should started off. The boy you said, I told you for weeks and weeks that this Patriots team s neck and everybody thought I was reversed, chasing a doing all this aid. I don't know what else I could have said. What other warnings I could have done? We day I told house, we were on tax threads asthma, You guys that Tibet, on the We law, to my main weak, seventeen Ryan, Fitzpatrick, Patrick with eighty yards down the feel that us I used
that is a negative, but as a positive is a fueling week, eighteen kind of thing they just said they couldn't move the ball, and you know now. It's turned obviously shifts into this whole. What happens to these guys, which everybody knew is coming and just Brady leave, and I know you have the odds mother of odds. You voted on what? Let's talk about the game? First, that our God did the right thing when I say that I don't know if the right team won, but you could say we were bad, were bad were bad and I told you so, but you could have easily won this game. You could have won this game. Zero, railways, zero points in the second half dead That is a problem. I thought they get. At least three. I think you have coach. Bull, go out there and at ease smile and is beaming site. You know what I screwed up check over at his own game. I had a tide end of nobody heard of the tide and the one position they couldn't fixed bait, I was the same furniture, the Harvard the first guy.
Harvard overscored touchdown the playoffs tightened scoring. Gotta get under a skin that fact that the they scored with two minutes left under two minutes left in the first half, that's patriots, football and then that game with the clock not going for it on forth and for inside the already again. We see this not wanting to put a team away, but he does that thing with the clock that Bela checked it. I think that the jets earlier in the sea, and he's like you know what it all worked except. I dont think it worked because within two plays a that, the patriots were right where Tennessee punted Yan Adam and drops the pass on second sex. If Adam and doesn't drop that ass, your one first, way from chicken a field on winning the game. That's gotta, you could say were bad and I thought the dynasty would end on the road against Kansas City. But that's gonna hurt Maybe you should have one that game the play: lying. All year has been dubious.
You saw that that huge thirty one, forty one I can remember, was the third or fourth Amerika would Lana Roberts owes more than one day as for the full back dive up the metal Roberts. Yet was I Ed. I just would have I dont, even if I, if I was bow check, and that was the play I that a what I would add that you ve dump a I'm a Dana's head button, but actually hit him with the bucket to. I just can't believe that was the play of this are taken by surprise. First, have all backed. I've, never works anyway, if any we would Robards, but then the the sequence inside the five year deadline united in some of the Patsy's engages. Couldn't they couldn't score enough points in these games all year? It was such a struggle for them to score. This is gonna piss you off! I'm gonna go to a soccer analogy here. God
where the paths for wired this year offence away- and it was partly because of of the some limitations Brady has at this point as accord about, but that also the scope position, guys the lack of a deep threat, the lack of a tight and who could run down the middle catch, twenty our backs. Oh, the lack of any running back with big play ability all that stuff. They they were like a soccer there like a possession soccer team, they start in the back and they just try to string together. Fourteen stray passes in around to get a shot. Where did you see these other teams? You know like Seattle today, it's like hey, here's, an idea. What just throw it downfield the Dk Metcalf, maybe he'll catch it. They just didn't, have the ability to to ever make a play in all our legal aid aid. They put Newt, you curse, Brady on tax, and then they like one, is going to make an accurate throne. Then he drew a nice one down. The seem gather the eyes and got call back while another dubious call other stupid. What was it bud
an outward while now available in eradicating them. Yet I'll never know about that one, but did You know they did another trick play in the game. It is just that they didn't have the horses and pension our texting a lot and you go all right. So what happened is it? Is this? A short term thing? Is this something could be fixed? I personally think it could be fixed because you look at the new trade to give up a second round. Peck he's either a demand as an effort. F, minus opinionated rating, a nickel here over Debo Decay, MAC, half and a whole bunch. Other savers He's gonna be greater. Not he just didn't help them the share, and you look around these other rikiu receivers help their team break in going same page of them, only Michel renege job. Who would you rather have? They took the wrong George, already back their job, waving Antonio Brown over just putting them on the exempt less than now we have to carry his cap salary. Old thing in just the whole enter,
Yo Brown, everything about that it was kind of a hail Mary with a crazy guy, but don't you think- and I think I'm making this important as you, but don't you think Bela checks like object. We have to get lucky between Jacobus Myers. He was a rocky right foot for transfer from. Would you call me Myers the Keel Harry Josh, Gordon Antonio Brown, Mohammed Zanu one of these has the pan out absolutely one. We screwed up by not upgrade not operating replacing grog with with anyone Who was that I was the other thing I was going to say: no grab replacement. Well, that's it in, and you look at all these teams. They have at least decent tidy. Don't we had was Hollister who, every week bigger big place for Seattle right, so I think everybody thinks the password done ended and their dead and it's finished and were
Let's move on, we finally rid of them. I just think it was not their year and I think it would be foolish to write off this team for the rest of return. They still have town they saw about check. They still have the ability to make some moves in the off season. I personally, I know we're gonna. Do the odds with Brady these days, I don't you think these days now I do. I look at it from a mine was six hours. I dared not changed my mind. What happened? I think this is all and orchestrated pr thing that he's doing to try to put pressure on craft and Belgium too. Actually go, get some real offence. Weapons in the animal they would have together, I think, is why does happen? run a retired. Do that a man's obvious, I don't think he's gonna at eight. I dont think he has any intention to retire. I think of the Tennessee is spot,
I don't know where they are and the ads they have a quarterback whose other quarterbacks are free agents. After them, Isn t you're talkin about men wearing my girl, you're saying my notes that I'm just saying, if your him, an u care so deep, about your legacy. You're already the greatest quarterback about time, the only real thing you haven't done yet. Other then put some of these records away is to prove that you could win a title without bow checks. If you're acting to do that, you're not gonna, go to like I don't know Miami your tendencies not even on this list, I'm looking at like seventy. Teams is on the side of sea. Has they need a quarter back, don't technically haven't under contract there? At top a plan came right now they have weapons near my grable. It's very transition e sided out as we are. I think that charges should be the other, because that's the one team
talk about what NFL team would over pay for him right? Brady's like I- want a throne effects. Are they gonna tied at isn't? Gonna can say. Is that those that first surfer? hasn't, got it knowing what, if not the patriots Browns eleven, the two grounds or eleven to the pet as if he doesn't go to knowing what, if not the patriots, Browns eleven to add their sixty one LAS Vegas Raiders, while its word to say six to one charge of six to one cowboy. Seventy one emanates come on. Called eight tamper bay, nine and then Denver Minnesota twelve that stupid man. So I think that what's our another one. That would be my third by top three would be titans chargers. In course. Here's what I say the court's this is based on. Nothing can coward, keep storing out the courts with four Brady conquered loves Chris Power that they're, probably freds it feels like he's, got inside info. You gonna rainwater him on the first one in the art I'll find a village. He knows something
a measure of uranium team that thorough out like the calls that doesn't make sense when they think about it. You know they have greater efforts of line. I dont know if there's go position, guys are markedly better than the patriots you'd have. Tea was on the field, they are, but two I seems like he gets hurt every year, but I think the charges are the ito, though his one chance to get likes two million for two years now that come to California saved us franchise. We can sell any tickets. So that's now Inga you mean what you just said is to keep our cancer tickets yak as you Talkin about seat licences and all the staff there that stadiums launching next year who the fucker nobody cares the charges in the people that damned timing brazing and place six years and I, though it's a allays, cares about stars once I your operators on the chargers, that's a big deal now wild sock to happen because, first of all to retire
The Noah's minus a thousand- why is a bell? Attacks? No is minus. Fifteen hundred when total. What Brady is ten for next year for next year? If he's, if he's there isn't, if he's a patriot, the wind totals ten the division. We want to guess what they have seized, as if the Brady Place Pats are probably still minus two hundred now, while the guy- backward minus two hundred the nigger and then just that he stays on the wing on yes, is minus two hundred, so I personally would rather see him retire than go to another team sure bitches from myself for standpoint. I also seventy five percent of me wishes. He would retire just because I think he sat already had the best grammar he's made plenty of money get out with your house. Don't have that last year, like what meaning had with then where, even though they want
Superbowl that nobody wants to see Manning like that the last year. Right now I know, but don't you think, part of Almighty. It is, I know, Jack all yours, but dialogue partners like nothing could be worse than losing a play off game on a pic. Six may have it. The thing is once the years passed, nobody remembers nurse. Deal. Can you name the last year for, like any famous affray lego, is gravitate towards the good memories and the goods that I'll remember those one kid took takes workers it swung what will get into that? That's part of my paragon its it swung allow to stuff. I I've forty three hour Brady Next year. I just don't know how dominate the quarterbacks gonna be, no matter who the weapons are, and if the cases where you gave a mass of weapons is like one,
Couldn't you say that about twenty quarterbacks yeah she gave the eye Jana awesome weapons he'd be good to like. I had often pay on your schedule, the first two months so consider. That said, I think it can be a struggle to get the ten winds and Will you know the right there with you? Unfortunately, the fact that the Brady thing became such a soap opera immediately after you know obscured some of the shit that went out this past team, like the fact that their defense, I still don't totally understand what happened, how this defense lost the ability to get stops and You know Chung Chung, who had trouble staying on the field all year. He goes out. The back of comes in media gets torch by. That was the one good play tunnel irregular body of seventy two yards. Otherwise, and then you get superhuman Derek Henry running on it right, but you know that in a lot of people made this point when the guy's running all over the planet game it does.
There certainly ever led the points. It is only right, I'm having the ball the time exact. What are they barely scored? Fourteen points we should have been able to beat that channel probably made three really good players. I thought he was startling. Shake aired shakers Second Africa, but the near the team just didn't have it. I think you need to go up ten. Nothing said the Force TAT Hill, a throw that That's all so. It was interesting how I handle their versus out navigable ended. It Kyle still devastated. It looks like he lost his dog, his car and with our fantasy trophy he's, just an incomplete fuck. I wish I was at the house money of this whole thing for a while. This is too for decades of this incredible n. You know if it if, if it's over. Finally, then it's over, I never expected it to end that right attacked the reseller on Thursdays, part about how is like the bird parish, Mikhail Celtics
a moment ago, yeah right the magic not totally therein but what a run wound. I feel that way about this team and I'm sure, like you, think about those star back cowboys and bill, but at some point it ends you now and they know you have anyway you're aboard about gas. If you're like oh well, we would we were the greatest an hour not so I would rather, you be upset with how many super bowls were supposed to win and you pretend to be upset. At least this is so boring. I knew this didn't have the share. Do I think they can come back next year and go thirteen in three and be in the hunt? Again, yes, do not. I will that's foolish. I like that of the little boys. A foolish
Thirteen and three at every your days of twelve ones are over. I do think that first part of the schedule was stacked, so you know you had such bad teams on their first eight weeks on that, then it gets Belgic. I think there and I think that a couple couple shaky drafts. I think they played a couple moves us off season, didn't work in that shit happens and if anything, it shines, a bigger light on how unbelievable it is to have the kind of success they have. So many things can go wrong. Get out. Two thousand eight dead, the best teen that you're those out eight minutes, and you would think that would have happened. Five six seven times over the course of the last twenty years, and I just didn't happen as many times as it should have. I just thought he was gonna, throw the kitchen sank at ten essay. I just think that, like it showed me more about Bela check that he really to have answers, they really could be won. The game is definitely unwinnable game
the kitchen sink added, fill it with the deflated balls and and spy calves in whatever you need to get it done in saving more cheating yeah. I definitely more cheating. They didn t there, obviously than cheek against anything. The coaching was really so far. That was another thing that got something on the rug view. Madam Mcdaniel cereal. I could read that play calling was bad. It just was bad, but. The thing and I think they would have lost anyway waved the game was almost definitely over, but that thing where you were you try to block the pie. And you put everybody in the line and you have nobody returning it. The ball rose to the one yard line to officially in the game. I just don't get that at all. Well, I think we were very young. The last time we saw we heard in announcer say that bring in every one and then it was blocked radio needed at either. I blocked the the thing is element was even part of that past rush. You is again no man's land. He was that, like the thirty five,
anyway right. What is it? What is he doing was terrible images bag coaching, and I think there is some arrogance with how they put together this roster, because one of the where things about it as they did advocate return or any watch. You know tat. The new Orleans kick return. It today really kept them in the game the end of the first half of the great return sets up the field goal. That lets ends up missing, but he single handedly pulled three points out of the sky for them and the Pats had Patterson. You know the last couple years, who is great at that and and didn't have that, but you know you think about it's all the little stuff that just started at turn on the dumb penalties Watson's forty yarder getting called back cuz of that, but that's the stuff that usually did happen with the bell check. Things usually happen, the other team. De for jumping off sides are encroachment whatever he did lashing their relying on that. So I will. I would urge everyone now you're not upset or am I would.
Everyone, why, how can I be upset in deciding what I learned this last night at the going to be no more genuine car can vouch. I was that of set last night yeah yeah, you have said, but I would have said that you weren't upset. Where I was unaware of. If you twenty eight three, it's one thing, but that's not how you want to go out at home when game you go when I did, though we would have been worse, in my opinion, to pull that went out and they get absolutely nihil aided by the I would have headed that way, really. It Lucinda Andy Reid, lacrosse. The dynasty took, what's probably going to be a hall of fame quarterback. Now you lost a Fitzpatrick and Tannehill back to bed. I don't feel like the dynasties over I think I can do it everyone. I apologize everyone listening, I'm trying to I'm trying to get a good, though it may be, that the dialogue
The way I will get get you in a minute, but I definitely took this laws are than you and I'll I'll. Tell you why, in the Paragon orbits Louth weather? The only way this dynasties actually over is if one of these two people leave if Brady Bout, chicken craft or other next year and eight gone, they spend money on a tight end. You know like that is covered off available. I meant that there was a split second during the spray after they drafted Herb Smith it seemed like Rudolf, was gonna become available at all my car? That's like the perfect rock or battle to be really pan doubters, Martha View EPA did he was due inside the need to have a big black that air suffered needed by like a big pass. Our France, when I did you need more than a big black on this thing. The great runs out anything I had read gradually on the laws on after discussion with a great they did it. You understand that
the first thirty two years of my life. They were embarrassment there. The jets while they could have been an embarrassment this year. Keep that mental case Antonio Brown, on the roster. Now you were the one you have been planned next week. He definitely would have made things more interesting, please make an interesting now is troll on your guys, though, is the hour all the teams that he almost played for out now there that's true at woods. I will take a break and then we're gonna do gaslights here's, a new year's resolution that you'll want to stick to it's time to stop wasting time at the Post office and you stamps dot com. Instead, if you listen me dating back to the ESPN days, God the BS report, two thousand and eleven twelve thirteen, whatever we start doing stamps dot com. That's when I tried it and that's when I realized oh cool. I don't need to go to the post office anymore, because anything you did post office, you do is stamps dot com invoices sent thousands a package.
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and everything they had to do in that game. That Henry was absolutely terrifying. Yeah the one time I slept in the backfield was really the only time we could keep them. It wasn't scary when I was a kid. The past made the playoffs in nineteen. Seventy eight and I think we have probably had one of the three best teams, but then our coach Fairbanks, it came out that he signed a deal to coach for the University of Colorado like right before the last game of the season, and it just like kind of
the season, but we had a home game against Houston. My dad actually took me that game. It was me and my dad and my uncle Bob I forget- who else and we played Earl Campbell and Dan Pastorini and in the Oilers, an Earl Campbell was just running through us and Pastorini had a couple long passes, but I just remember like them being unable to tackle Earl Campbell and just as horrible a patch memory or just like filing out of the stadium all set and the Derrick Henry thing reminded me of that this fuckin guy Jesus again. Ah. Well, therefore, make you feel any better Dan Pastor, any as a leg of one. Nine hundred number were ourselves picks. The issue should address it, read my Riga debts agendas for memory, but then started the game with like a seventy. Our touchdown and I M just one of those plants. Games or the crowds are fired up and then a media there like I'll, know how the good to guess the lines you won't talk about Gharib forty guess lines
I don't know, I just I honestly do didn't it seem like, like Jerry, saw the Eagles play for quarter. They went out there start as like. Oh my god, we lost the vision to this team is like, let's make it official chasing hair, it's gotta be out, but what did not talk about for a week? What are we talking about when we know what it all they had three meetings when it wouldn't what happened in these beating. I think what happened was a little. Inside him, robot Anna well knows know what's true anymore, but I think they are like We want to put you in the organization somewhere and he's like. I want to coach come back tomorrow, we'll fit figure out a better fit and that I think there was stuck to meetings of that and finally be like you're, not coaching
in order to tie us our party organization not- and that was that gentleman I hope and pray he ends up on an NFL team next year. So we can make more jokes about the clapper die. Now a bigger just go to the giants. Just go be great. I asked that they make Daniels on the brands would be mesmerizing for Lahti difference? Do you think this is like NBA? This is the equivalent in our friend Alec about this. This is the equivalent like black Monday in Vienna, Fells equivalent of NBA free agency words just like a free for all the adage just excited it's a different kind of excitement, kind of away from the game, but still part of it, and you know these guys fire Does all kinds of talk about where they're going to go? Cuz, you don't get football free agents after you get it, but it's not it's not like this enough. It does feel like that and need the other piece of it. Is that you're not just acquiring the coacher acquiring some sort of philosophy right?
if the Baltimore guys gonna get hired, yo, see great Roman, yet Mallard as one admit it. But it's gonna happen and whoever hires him. He has his proven track record now of creating these really great offenses for a specific type of quarterback quarterbacks. That can do a whole bunch of different things. So if you're an owner and you hire Greg Roman, then I think you I think you could have to pay some hell yeah. I think you're, that hey man, you know that guy who comes in the saints Games and he's awesome every single time we're building art read him here with their the feds of NGO, ok, cool sounds great. Why wouldn't have begun? And I were we discuss. Citizens like people Paranormal Marge acts like while he's now: national, no Lamar Jackson. Ok, ok is not the best player in football. Far right, he can maybe still
you don't know, but very often there's a certain type of identity you could have with the quarterback like that. I would cite I'm sure I'd think is better than at least ten starting quarterbacks, but a few signs of may like that. It's gotta be part of a whole beggar master plan like that's what made it so funny about. You know like when Jacksonville Side Nick falls, but then they had four. At secularist. Its daddy have barely have this guy. Who does what they would? Then you have this priority back, and you see that over and over again, where the teams put together almost like a fantasy team over how about this forget about philosophy. I want a coach decade when a game how Jason Guard didn't when one game on his own last eight years on all thank ran it I'll, belch and onawandah for whom the Bell objects them by one vote at one dozens of games on his own inner Jason gas. Forget about like the one score games, whose own five and stuff like that, but they cut his balls.
It he wasn't running the offence was really running the defence. So, what's he in charge of at this point, I clock management, how much respect you're going get from your team yeah motivation you gonna have and how are you? gonna be able to win the game like that? You have to be. It seems that you have to be good at once. One thing there like what you one thing like bow check out my defences thing and you, I would obviously other little things and other stuff they bring to the table, but at its heart, he's of defence of genius Will they weren't Jason Garrets thing nothin, I mean he was a good thought about social dialogue, the quarterback and then the offence Oswald with hundreds of that sort of good flow, and then that fell apart. They took that from himself. What what's the point Jason's? It is giants in rear thy Jason. What you're one thing is, I am a people person I like a clap click, I'm
with my prayers. Yet I can learn how to juggle of you, I'm in a ditch the clapping or a similar Brady functions ass when you were the coach of the Brad's. What was your when things have is the coach of the browser I had? No idea: where did I get ready for Jason? Stirred up Freddy for Jason is a horror movies as its a horror movie literally. I hope the clapper stays in the end have seen with the giants it from a common standpoint. It is by far the funniest outcome. He owes the cowboys that It seems like there has been enough stuff floating around that it seems like it's not inconceivable. Now, let's sit down a shake up, but you know it. S is inconceivable of ran to guess the lines where we have for home favorites are favoured by more than three points. I'm guessing yes, you are correct. I can't remember the last time that happened
really views, there's the three big favorites, but then there is the one that its it's a lad hired was out. There will last Kansas City played Indianapolis. Patriots were favoured over the charges by, like least four and a half right. That was a lower they'll member that that member that line went down a like four did it rams a favour by touch down over the cowboys, our remember New Orleans over Philly, but that was that had a big over forty Emily Herod for you shot me
well, you know what I will say this as long as we brought up last year. I was always under the impression that one of these by teams or two of these by teams comes off sluggish, but it didn't happen. Lasher chase you put up thirty one. Your patriot scored forty one ram, scored thirty, actually, maybe the saints the saints ended up with twenty. That was a back and forth game. Philly. Maybe should have one that knocked him out before they lost to the rams, but so maybe there is one team got got out for here. I think we have for good teams. I'm analysed the four three of them had buys the Ravens Chiefs and minors. I anticipate the Titans
I've been saying this for weeks and everybody thinks a Porsche. I read, the tens are really good name and I didn't understand why that Pat sign was five. I'm sure the third tighten sign this week against the ravens is gonna, be there can be getting a ton of points and I think, they're good. I think I have a good team. I they are good, but you you what you said, but people saying it's true like you have a great running back. Its can take your while the score. I think you are in your head. Have the vision of re right running eighty yards on you and just a bunch of those places done really happened like that, but I thought the patriots fence other than you know, couple fuck ups and the fact that they can tackle Henry, but I take completely took out age, a Brown there's even mentioned in their entirety three hours and that I was based, doing what decay MAC after today will open ended up with twenty, but they had fourteen the whole of the really working at a really had forth. They need the last touchdown
other Logan right they drop a pic sex or near that would have been better are so we have Girl Games. What is the I didn't look at the times of when the games are, what is the earliest the saturdays, the same as this Saturday, it's at four hundred and thirty, five and eight hundred and fifteen on the EAST Coast Minnesota at 49ers, four hundred and thirty five Saturday Easton. Okay, we'll start with that. I picked the Niners by eight probably went to LE now I went higher. I said I have always only seven o Vegas impressed with the Turk pheasants, ok, I don't know if Kirk Cousins is going to be done, thanking God by Saturday at one hundred and thirty five for thirty five, but I don't know if you saw the clip on line of Kirk cousins with his team after the game with that where he ended the page by screaming you like that and then when it seems that they like on separate, digs aids, everybody
digs homer at a future. Hey headaches, congrats on them, It is a man. I don't get the bar there, they never we while we get to fight actually gab add I was open like five times digs might appear on parent corner. They had doing the exact digs verses by certain at other whose were lab or so so you're scared to put the Niners on are here now. You know, I feel that the writers I d ever I've- you showed you with by giant Superbowl bet on them. I think this a nice bar for them and I'm not afraid to put them in a teaser. Okay. Kirk, I didn't that the Knell hunter, though, is scares me that if they, if they get hot, that's the only thing only thing on together, Niners top to bottom or better, but little scary. On defence, they deafening
a really nice push from from their front seven, but it does seem like you can throw in them, and I had just don't understand that. But how come our has not involved in the game today, so bizarre last three weeks month delay the heads man we're in the play offs that guy's got a touch it at least twenty five times right now, when you five minimum, seventeen runs in eight catches at minimum and then every two, if I'm on the other team in applying the saints- and he spreads out wide like a receiver, I'm like terrified the covering a middle linebacker. Is the genius champagne pretty rough Nine or seven over the Vikings I what's the lake aim on Saturday game Saturday, night Legal Tennessee at the Ravens Fund,
Tell them! I look of those primetime Saturday night robe with the titans. This game will be called. How could you think I'm elect a separate now Saturday night in Baltimore right now? It's thirty five degrees, oh wow, something like sixty five degrees. Next about the more modern day yeah right so that still dipstick, that's greater. That's good news for the news for only a dark Henry Run killed it's hard to tackle in cold weather, had the ravens by nine over the fence, we split this. I said nine. So nine and a half actually opened attendants down nine, a half! That's absurd, my too much
much nobody believes in us here. I purse, I think the mind should be sex. I added I feel, go because I knew the Ravens Lamar by way com all that stuff, but the times are good and that's the slides to her. But if the patriots offices a bona fide or next the outcome that much what's the ravens. I know you don't like that they don't have a deep threat, but ravens are still an eight half. Nine ran a gas. I just think we have to see if Ingram Splain also really see the Titans gain killed, probably not better loose upstate,
get excited about being forerunner in the past. That's good! I don't have an hour. I think on eleven has just deserve our eleven. As I had favour big of accomplishment, why would advise people not to act is or power other events? What is the early Sunday Sundays used in case c late? There chee Chee gather, treating this like it's a conference championship time three or five pm eastern is the first check off Sunday used in case it three or five Easter interesting. So then the second one Six hundred and forty, I think I might have gone too low in the side that shoots by eight. We, both at eight, we both went to low chief, nine and a half he's a monster numbers.
The Texans beat them, probably the best game they played all year, maybe them in Kansas City. Already this year, it's tough cuz, it's one of those things where the chiefs are up. Two hundred and twenty six like early in the fourth quarter, you're feeling great and then I'll send the Sean goes off and it's twenty or, however, it ends up. I think, they'll. If you're a chiefs fan friends with Cheaps Rent Trevor, I was added to three possibilities. You were going to play either the patriots. The used in or the bills. But this is not a couple chief like this is this is the best narrow, yeah I'd, know, question them for the highly with them. Now I do wonder with, though, with the weird running game. Now they can run when Eliza then so good, a man think they allow like a lot
points, a game on the last six or something man, it's all set up for Andy. That's another thing we could have talked about today and he's got the worst team left in the playoffs he's playing around two at home yeah. I know how many times does on the spot, gambling wise I'll be. Doesn't I mean I'm ok with any an f c result now see. That's where a lot of people complain now that the year nodded the patriots are out, 701a route, again, I'm kind of in the same boat. I would. I can make a Minnesota Seattle Conference Championship Game. That could be interesting, even though it's not preferred by the network, but don't deny us Ravens Chiefs here right. Let's, I want to see that next week, Ravens Chiefs is great Niners against either the Packers or the sea,
it would be fun ain't that right ox the other history they have and then you know Rogers. One Superbowl has been back since going against the team that pass them up. It feels like that she's kind of destined to be the game right and then we have to see the clip of him at the draft for I want to see Jimmy J and then I don't really care, and then I want the favorites in the ass that got to be fun. Cootie, who do you want test? Berger to call in the australian, not television, fevers and what's the best one It's got, others know Bob Since God anymore, your boss, in Scotland, picked up other Niners, that's good to lay right the Australians negatively like. Why does Booker keep talking about Jimmy Jeez poise? What is
boys. I've never heard that were the Australians guerrilla guy, well, meaning for your. I ran in the war. What is this matter like add? A last word on the phone want packers Seahawks in Green Bay. Did you see that thing? They interviewed Wilson right after the Seahawks game. And he and Michel to voice broke the news to him. That is plain. The packard seed intensely didn't look at. Why I'd aerial India in his excellent lay next week and knees I go. Is I dunno we're playing. I knew one and now I don't want to think about it and as it were, a wrote down of the play up sooner,
on a path to my hair somewhere, it has looking grade. I love it. I love it there. Somebody will yes, so great history them. You know this games gonna be weird. The cavern Clark role that I'll see high schemes have to be weird, combined with the fact that our sea hogs Packers Games really have to be weird yeah. I put this in the vaguest I just had a principal I have packers by four and one slash two I had to. I had to win this. The tie- and I did I said four and it's down it's three and one slash two actually boy, one of these teams, Houston or Seattle. That can't run the ball. I know Russ can run the ball, but this is a don't have running backs that prominent he's gonna gonna get blown out. I think you did. You know my theory about how I would never spend a high first round pick on a running back and the subsequent Barkley it out number,
I'm just never spend money in a running back cuz, there's five on every team, yeah and three guys get hurt in the force trainer comes in and then that guy's awesome and it's like. Why do we care about running backs? I think homer might be the line in the Seahawks cuz. I was rooting for the Seahawks cuz. I wanted to go for a no for the weekend. Every time they hit it off, I thought of the batteries? Get you took a lap? Did you see my guess? I just I, especially as he fumbled early, but when they were inside their untanned and they did that pitched Europe near? I must have a heart attack. There was some weird stuff, though some weird boy, just like a lot lot a wide hand, arms and are even a cook like pitching the ball. To laugh. Scrambling is running through tackles and everything but yeah was right. There homers homers twelve hundred hours daily fancy black ledge who have
Any add the tv today, but it is clear that he's got word. Ten carries a game in a max. They had six or seven yards rent the air. So here s the thing he can't be on the field all the time either the packers. I think you're gonna, look at that tape and go ok. They're, not computer run as we just have to double decay. Back half watch out for that stupid how's that crosses and then don't fall asleep today, like it for Wilson and choice get a lead early and make it so that that's it just put the heat on. I just don't know how good this Packers team is that I've been I've. Never seen them play for good quarters always seems like they're good for about one slash, two, all the advanced metrics on them all say that they should have one like that,
half time gaps and somehow one thirteen. You know it's weird, though, about them they they haven't lost in a while. They went ugly, but their last loss was. There was a bad loss to San Francisco, but it was like it was like seven weeks ago right in the rain. The only other ones in the boat that boat still alive. Forty nine is lost to the falcons. Minnesota obviously had their trouble blessed. Two games, Tennessee lost in New Orleans Houston bought right. Law. While they then their stars, I lost the last week at a map- oh and bring back the smack em up her Sophia. To say one of these four games is a blow out which one would you pick, I'm gonna, say J Houston, and you know why cause I'm going. I'm looking at the coaches, my who's, the worst culture has not. It does not an absolute worst coach, but I think o Brien Luck runs out here. I think I Brien's offended that ETA concerned.
Be a worse coach around absurd about here, o Brien. Why are you so much credit other terrible, lose your the division like four to five years, but I found behind by double digits in my last home playoff games. What are you talkin about before we do a pair of corner from a gambling standpoint, I had an aging situation today, where I had a couple teases there in the saint just had to win by their added since teased minus two in a couple different ways you made the right call. You hardly you now also from winning both ways. I middle dead friend, half of what I was gonna win with a just saints whereby too so the viceroy plus seven F Let's call it! What it is you about two and fifty thousand, then he put twenty five that now so I'm rooting for basically close game and I'm getting it and then the Saint score at the end- and I will
in the Vikings Bus seven have bet so have now one. One day. I was over time. You won the plus seven Africa and that I freeze now don't tell you going to the over time. I just one I've already won my money and this Viking? Seven? Have I just went out. Give me give me in their whatever the vikings to win and over time. In that way, I will definitely not lose money and guess what I didn't do it. You know its internal affairs you, wouldn't I know you're right, you would again plus money the saints lose a toss right. They lose the thought, the Vikings getting ball It may not touch the ball and ultimately didn't and the Vikings were plus one twenty. So how do we not do that? Why we should have jumped on that? Of course, the team that may not have to give the ball over should win
my are the best man, my wedding Jeff Gallo, huge vikings fan, he's been in this part before him, what a gamut of emotions for him there. There came a lawyer and he got to the point where I'm heading two overtime he's just assuming this is going to be the worst Vikings loss of our time of the last three years ago. Did he die, but every couple years an eye, he was more impressed and excited that they won the toss than any other part of the game. I couldn't believe it. My god. We were the overtime pass that so unblinkingly and then for cousins to come through, but then to have to get stuff twice and then have touchdown in the end zone to win the game that all the sudden seems like it's going to be reviewed, that would have been the all time classic Vikings loss where the touch dug its overturned. They take a few, oh god than the safeguard touchdown they learn, rests on them correctly interpreted the bogus pass interference car. Whatever
suddenly? Well, I'm happy for Galileo and I apologise to staff and eggs, and now he wanted a stimulus circular made a point of addicts he's that he should be a character. Frighted aid takes the shared by such a scenario, just for upset that each mighty multicultural separate cousins because it just ass if they had it again it. Unless I wear. Take a bath with a paracord, as always pair corners brought you by car, MAX Thou COM, where you can explore. Fifty thousand Carmack certified vehicles
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We'll talk about them and one second, let Stew PAN Corner south. You therefore arrived. So let me start by saying on my middle kids, a little Corky twelve year old boy, but really wasn't meant to be a middle child, we're lookin for no schools for him for for middle school. We think you need smaller classes and want to get into it too much. But you know need a more attention, so doesn't want to get swallowed up in, like a big junior high school middle school. We are we take them out and we need does an interview. They interview him. First, the intake person. Then we have to interviewed, and so, when we go in the first thing the woman asked me she's, like so Jack, told me about the two abuse of men. My wife and say an you. She likes. It means as you a gambler. Who is on tv?
as our wait a minute. What she's like? Do you care to explain yourself arrow felt like I was on the stand that causes a few good men, so I explain myself. I get to a point where I think she's, ok with it, and to show they whatever I'm, making a living, Toma gambling on tv and on the pot, gas and everything else. So that's ok, but You could tell, is just a little upset anyway or a little confused about what what the hell I do for a living. I fast forward to this Patriots game now. I know you want the patriots to win Actually, okay with them losing fourteen thirteen cause. I have them on a adjusted line. Parlay I have the bills, nine already in Patriot's three and one slash two, I adjusted that a little more so one thousand four hundred and thirteen is fine. I'm really! Okay with that, and it's looking like it's going to be fourteen thirteen In addition to that unlock it in, I go up against Todd, Furman and Clay, Travis and Clays big bet
and if this doesn't head, I, when the week is big bet, is the Titans over nineteen and a half points, ok which in the second half It is that you're not going to sniff Atocha like nothing even close to ninety naps, a raven. If they go seventeen thirteen, I lose my the just align pop but when the weak unlock it in and then that Miracle Pont goes down the wild, and so they re like those that so the air near like hey where's, the kick return? Oh my god! Oh my god! No there's no returns. And now I know now we're gonna see forty seven lateral and it's gonna end up in the paper. Then I'm going lose now, no lateral, just one terrible pit, whatever bounced off the receiver into the hands and eyes cream and I'm pretty good. I know you think I'm bad, but first on most of the losses are like an corollas warehouse and watching. I can run through a different room and let out my emotions or if it's the cowboys, do now that the
what it. What he called the blood diamond game was very upsetting he's a few others, but act. May I let out three solid loud scary, blood curdling after says in a row running throughout the house and lie myself in my office and here comes our middle child. Twelve Europeans like what happened we lost everything. Didn't wake stand lost out didn't waiting around like a madman like no. No, no dad just didn't want clay to win and clay had twenty point because of that touchdown. Anyone know we lost everything. He's like is arguing with our is worried that we lost Erin. I then have to have a conversation with them like this. Is it this is rock bottom. For me, he thinks I'm a loser and I know he's gonna go telling people that we lost everything Saturday night and we did lose almost everything
is that not everything there's someone that firelight? But so that's it. I have a talk with them and then my oldest one is like this. Is why not let the pages? Why can we just enjoy and the dynasty you have to now lose money and everything else up. That's my parent corner! I have a very bad problem, gambling problem, so the patriots one more time costumes. They want more time yeah. That was they acted, came full circle. The Rams Superbowl was the first time they really stuck it to your right shed. Yet this should be chapter in your book. Yeah. I know I'm just an hour over nineteen and a half points come on. That's that does that's awful to Hell. Also, what's that I who was an awful play by Bed Watson, Gradual replacement does at him off the hook bounced off, and I thought I was heavier married, so he was
was the start. All the latter willing. I don't know what that war was a designer. I what? If the lady during the interview had said to sir your son, so you, your son, tells me that you're a terrible gambler without even more offensive or accurate, I think that would have been bad because intuitively, how going to pay for the school there yeah. I know I don't know if I should just go to her and dollar like we're out he's gonna public school that were speaking the generator towards my. My son is used to break this week's. Finally, take we go back to school, got a skateboard fur on for Christmas. That he's been and every day, and it's just a matter of time for some sort of terrible drew happens, but he also got some. You know some Amazon gift certificates for Christmas disease still has right want to these gaps.
Grandparents still alive and and decided to become an Amazon to make an order. The backstory is, we ban him from playing video games because he was playing this game Madden KO, which is part of the Madden, where it's like this ko, it's basically like playoff overtime and you going back and forth against whoever and he's been playing all the time he gets really upset when he just throws tantrums when things go wrong and we would just hear him screaming and whatever room he be playing the game in and all of us had it. So we took his controllers, one of which was broken pretty badly, the other one like one of the bugs and work, so he decides.
Amazon, two by two controllers, but they're not for him cause he's now to play anymore he's by them for me, then I started if it dad. I bought you new control residing or I don't need a new creature. Why are you might need em like? I know these are free online video. So then, Amazon order comes in today? Actually and there's more than just boxes, for the controllers here is. The ears is entirely Amazon order to controllers he bought. Fancy headset that allows him to talk to whatever we on the internet, he's playing the game and new. I found case, which is apparently made by baby. He said this is important as bait. What's Babe Kyle, the bad guy, expensive
and it gets I've three, whereas others ass. Well, he blows at a Ba Ba Ba P appear I now here's where it gets really get. He bought himself, Mme Gloves, if you are in trouble, because he's been thinking about, I may and he's doing moves and he wants to wear the gloves. He's been watching. The video said: Youtube. Nice tat. It was time, maybe get some gloves reacting to bathers. Buddy put him on a train just thirty feet, so that debts getting a great that's gotta, led to my first child abuse case here, we're then. Yet he bought the world's largest gummy hot dog forehead terraces hot dog. Veda gummy bear in
by my daughter said he wanted by the world's largest gummy bear, but is too expensive and no hazardous coming so the fifty dollars. So he bought that and then last but not least, the bought himself and envy Petrov. He ok. So why do you do this? This was like affected our turfy profanity. We now hear that would have been a great great thing. He plays football and the trampling he brings a football and there he plays a part videos. Any pretence sees in the area of our priorities and throws about diet,
jobs and has these hall has his whole gay in a long games in the trampling baby decided at the end he needed a trophy because he wanted tax exempt huge after these gave seawater tat drove, expresses its grey, so So now he is in the chair employed for our batteries and amazing shape from this, for example, in an finishes whatever bizarre homes, one in football gave a separate. Their first sets himself backyard trophy. Will you watching? It was a big. I reminded agency, explain to us why he needed every picture of me now is there chance that he lost and would not idle than himself a desire of the other side of this imaginary. One person aim at that side winds, whether that purse of you to explain their part to me Recap too
To do, or whatever controllers for the appears for a headset abate by phone case, Mme Gloves, the world's largest, become be bear hot dog and then VP trophy dad. It's Christmas, bread still, love, that's great that neither he was the I think it was, should have been every picture. Few forbidding VP apparent corner the season ticket to another level, either whether fleetly insane, I would say the were under and when he put is either mere Kyle in the bows accidentally with his Mme gloves on yeah, I wouldn't media the trophy presentations. You just need Jenna mother, gloves on that's great, where waxen the patch yesterday and banish just out of control and is yelling in car turned him, because Ben I'm so tired of your voice. He told you boys, you're, asking for trouble
that last year, before no everyday roving that last year before puberty They really go off the rails and now the said in their good it. You don't nine months from now, they're just gonna disappeared, a haze of forty five minute showers and ride bedroom wherever the House Gimme Guy, that's girlfriend half. For now we have one man, trampoline football games and envy biographies and kids thinking there. Dad is lost everything on one gamble again? Yes, right yeah, he won't be wearing Hosanna may gloves in the shower yeah we're a mass we're in trouble here as it forbear quarter, dont forget a car max the prices on the car, not your negotiating skills. There is never any haggling or pressure to buy. Just ask
That's how he enough with Maxine the new love of his life car max as car covered with a seven day, money back guarantee he had a full week to make sure every loathing, but the Mustang that he got was just way like that. He decided it was. He also had a limited warranty which covered the vehicles. Major systems for land is forethought mouse, and then he also get the MAX Care service plan for additional coverage. You could be the next person whose, as happy as cars with backseat, just go to Car MAX Dhaka and Export he does in car MAX horrified bakers nationwide to get started cars. Would he have to push this week? I don't know lock it in four thirty, five, thirty eastern honour as one Jimmy come alive, is back. Rio, ignite on ABC Eleven thirty, five and against all odds, we're gonna go over all for play off, games and pick winners. Is clay plays in Tennessee right here as national him? So, what's he gonna be like this week therapy?
like bananas says I'm like we have to do for the patriots and signal on our it'll be fun to keep it going as like. Now this is gonna, be unbearable, unbearable with, but this shit at sorry, Sir, No. I had found that I go away every time he speaks titans, Texans, Vikings or see hawks what underdog you feel the best about Manila. Many line was paid to say it, but the titles agree tat. How did this happen? I agree. We know for favorites are winning right says on
Maritime are occurs first pack as deep as twenty good job, a good job. I am, I thanked, disappeared or thanks to sow thanks to sono stuff. We had about the sun, us move indoor, an outdoor listing impressive base, altruist sanskrit, clear details for music package, radio, more designed to withstand water dust, external drops and joy at the ten hours better life on a single charge. This is one of my favorite things that I got two thousand
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Pack has previously sorry. They can't animals into the waste.
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