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Anthony Davis's Future With Justin Verrier and the Atlanta Super Bowl With Rembert Browne | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 437)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Justin Verrier to discuss the bright future of Anthony Davis and Western Conference playoff teams (3:10) before Bill sits down with Rembert Browne to discuss what Super Bowl LIII could mean to the city of Atlanta, how to salvage the halftime show, and Rembert's favorite TV shows (42:00). Finally, Bill makes some NFL picks, and gets fired up for the Bucks-Celtics matchup (1:12:20).

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Today's is absolutely no summons. Pakistan. The ringer pack has work brought to you, as always. By zip recruiter. He notes that sport. Coming over to my house for Halloween going out afterwards. A random Wednesday night and then showing upon over from Pakistan and the hung over the tyre bill. Nephew Kyle, whatever happened on less than a nice, is not bad. Thousand today. You notices and smart job sites are overwhelming tons of the wrong residents. Let go there The smart words are promoted a cab, slash bs. They find people the right skills for your job, actively invite them to apply right. Now. My lessons could judge Zapruder for Free Zapruder, dotcom, sash, bs, zip, you're the smartest way to hire. Meanwhile, Yahoo sports show me the football a rating for live football on your phone with the Yahoo sports Mobile app. You got it watch local and primetime nfl games on your phone.
But all season long. Never miss your local game, never miss a big national match up. All you need is the other sports app get the ivy sports Mobile APP and you are go then check out the record. I come with so much good stuff this week at an hour and be a carriages just killing a right. Now, I'm very happy with the other Basque, whilst have check out the Ringer pack ass their work as well, where we just launched the big picture, repack ass, I listened to the Oscars part. The other day was shot and amended diamonds really get that's where produce up, then that three times a week ladder. Rumours about the we watch was coming back soon ladder rumours and then was either when I listen to the other day, left out the press box and chain of thirty three bronchitis, David Shoemaker. Thus under aid to Pakistan, the internet right now they talked about the Megan Kelly situation and they talked about make princesses new media feud.
Really good stuff. I just love those guys and now they're doing it by coastal New York LA you never know it's lifelong friends, Curtis and Shoemaker. That Pat, is just really good. I would check that out once if you like Billy, smart, semi, mega budgets, kind of detached from the whole thing media stuff. It's excellent! Come up! We're gonna talk to just in barrier about Anthony Davis's. You're, not so. New Orleans is future in New Orleans. He was there for a couple years and has a unique perspective on it. We talked about the West and how we get a playoff teams out of that western conference. You talk to old friend, greatly anti made in current ringer contributor, Member bran is come round to explain some stuff and I want to make some for Bob picks up the end. I'm back we're doing this when we were run in the slate we're just gonna talk. A little
about the South Xbox, and why that game tonight, there's tonight, I'm tameness noontime, Pacific, Pacific Thursday. Why that Thursday, bucks Celtics game is little more important than you think. That's a commoner! but first I just very seriously and those Oliver India covered here. The Ringer Dhaka also lived in New Orleans and covered the pelicans once upon a time, and I wanted to talk about Anthony Davis and his future in New Orleans but, more importantly, the teams future, because I feel, like those two topics, are intertwined
yeah really are without em. If they can keep Anthony Davis. Why have a team? I guess you be my first question: you were there you were. It was a great team to cover in the sense that there was really no media at all. How many media members were actually covering that team? What years did you cover them and how many media members were there? So wasn't the this past season? It was the chew before that It was, as he was lying at. I think it's the least cover team in the NBA. I mean Branco disorder, really a piece about it yet actually looking at they have won the tough players in a week, but as a media market, I think there are less than the league, if not the less. If not my last to it, it's definitely a weird vibe, simply because it's in the south and people don't think of it as the deeps out, simply because I nor owns it is such a liberal city and its kind of its own little
little thing, but it does have those impulses and one that is just. Everyone is steeped in football. Everything about sports phantom. There is either Alice you or the saints, and so they have this attractive product engender is running nowadays. Pretty much s historic pace to is often have a tough five guy and are still you need to work any in origin You guys to to paid manage it, and so they a couple things gone out them one from a season ticket standpoint. I was privileged to some numbers just on the season tickets that this year, which is one of though real indicators of health of a franchise psyche. A team Odin State is in the nine figure range for season tickets site right, they're gonna get just get TED Hundreds, one hundred and twenty five million bucks.
That they know they have their getting in March and April. They can keep that money for six to seven months. They don't have to worry about chasing other tickets because they have all these tickets taken care of. Then you start drifting down to the bottom level teams and the team. Might the Falcons is at around twenty million and that's it. You know now: you're talkin about cable money, makin a ton there, especially compared to the big market teams and then walk in attendance stuff like that. The media coverage or jewish is talked about not extensive. There are all these red flag indicators here. On the other hand, they have a guy who is probably one of the three candidates. Soon they VP right now. I think it's him yadda inquiry, I think, would have cut of emerged as the three so if they can't make it work with him, which are.
Think they should be able to write everybody in the NBA downgrade revenue sharing is in is panic in, but your fibre, your sex, whenever that, wherever they ve done there, the should work. Unless he says I wanna go if he says I want to go there in trouble, yeah and the another big part of is just. There are a lot of fortune. Five hundred companies there, I think its religious energy, and if you look at it, those of the type of not only employees but just companies that are buying up a lot of is the sweets alot of at the lower ball tickets, and you ve seen those sort of sections have been a little bit sparse in the past there, and so you do wonder,
it like. How much can the organization even do in order to get to the point where people come out and by having said that they are in this weird cycle as an organisation where is pretty much year year, even if their good this year, though, have to figure things out and the flag is legal or mere teach, I believe is a free agent yeah effort pay in another starter, Julius Randal, so that's essentially what three of their top five six guys, and so the really there's probably part of it that they need to sell something too fan, base thing to say: hey, come out and see us, we have eighty and we're gonna be really good, but the way they have gone about that is is basically just just steal from Peter to pay Paul, essentially whether just looking for to the next is not necessarily the big picture right in you, should the Swedes. I was obsessed with how last decade when has reigned for our page too. I thought San Diego stabbed him.
As a general, you know be awesome. San Diego, you get free agents, its California, like the clippers, should move back there like that. Whenever wherever makes work, what a great place for a time, and then everybody is now it's actually terrible place. They won't be able to solve the sweets and other companies there, yet and as a year you could get rich people, but you basically- So did this like to another idea that I had that actually in idea that I really like those the nine thousand Seat Stadium and it's just basically, you basically gearing it for rich people that's it, which is the only way I could say day outside what basically were gone it has in the lower ball, was just a free for all for access and tickets another each algorithm. But anyway, that's why Santiago to seventeen New Orleans has the same problem with the Swedes
also another red flag. That, with a mention, is the ownership situation where Tom Benson died. The estate is stole. What were woods what's happening that my understanding I've been checked and and while by did Gale Benson his wife, she owns a team outright and there might be things down the road by as far as I know, right now, is in good hands at her, it's in good hands or their well. I don't know how interested she used in keeping the team long term or like what her interest in and lighted the sport franchises in general, but Tom Benson essentially save the franchise from from leaving. I mean here that there is in disarray when, at the end, took over and then Benson Qana came in at the last second in and they were able to keep it there and I think he kept it. There obviously had business interests, but he is a big advocate for the city, and yet he grew up there in his very new Orleans, Centric and and
to see the whole like city still thriving. I think they really lobbied him to you. I don't. I don't think he was a hundred percent sure he should do that.
I think they really the NBA, really put the hard pressed item and I think the people on the community from what I understood it was basically like. If he didn't do this, they are probably the least ripe, and then he ended up saving and feeling good about himself. But now you know I would what's the least updates like two thousand twenty three years later yeah. I think it's around there, but here that he, the family, are burgled. Now owns a lot of property down there. They obviously on, I think their partners with those who were not technically sure, but some of the buildings round there are under the bends name. So from a business big picture standpoint, it may make sense for her to keep them there. Yeah I mean you look at some of the money driving businesses. There is your target mother on a lot there. I mean it in terms of just a bit long as you're gonna have the saints that that's always gonna be a profitable business and I think it I dont know what their spending
the cost on the smoothie King Center or what they're generating revenue. But you know what having an NBA team in twenty eighteen is is just like you think, I'm growing on trees and doesn't seem like they're going to be adding more anytime soon. As far as I know, so I don't know why she wouldn't just hold on to it and turns up like an ass that, even if she isn't interested in it, which I'm not really sure if she does, will you both made the case for them. Staying and the for then that day, because, as you said, nobody sang it in. I was judges that, by what teams are available in them, intend to those eleven. When I wrote a couple pieces about a free, his pen at the time- and there was a Seminary teams I got sold, and another: seventy that were available now nobody's available. You can get into the weak Milwaukee, I think, was the last chance Minnesota. He keeps Canada angling going it, but then now want to do a Brooklyn, just kind of got soul.
The guys that even taking it over Fer a couple years, another that yeah Vegas, which now The arena they're ready for it. You ve Seattle, They have the arena, they're ready for another, their revamping key and get the hockey team all that stuff and at some point it becomes math you know of the Seattle ownership sight? His two billion dollars is two point five. You know at some point if she's not that attached to the team, I think it would be a problem unless she has all these other businesses yeah. I think it also, I wonder what the least participation in and it is because I think part of the reason why they probably want to keep it. There's like how do you ripped franchise away from a city after what happened with China? In writing- and I know there there were, I believe, like rumblings at the saints
go to San Antonio at a certain point around that time and the city really turned on its head as a result of that year, and so I wonder if that there are much more scared and upset in volatile about that we had in the saints was, I would say, a hundred times bigger with deal than it at last, the Balkans, sure I'll. Although I will say to the one thing I've learned about neurons phantom is like. Maybe they won't come out as much for the pelicans, but if you try to rip them away from them, they would be up in arms, I remember walking down the street during all start talking to a friend of mine just about like how nobody, Really there and then One turned around like Norman's natives she'd, like kind of shot back at me like now. We love, pelicans yadda yadda yadda and, unlike on their every game, I don't
you see you there and most people range the guy I share, but we love them and theirs is. I think it's a comes from justice, the pride they have in their city in general, and so I think there would be pushed back in that regard. Some looking at, I went to see cake, I'm lookin at Perkins Tickets Chicago balls next week November. Seventh, those as you can imagine. I think that you can sit in the fourth row facing the pelicans bench. I think the fort for four hundred hours, a ticket, pretty good they do, as I say, phenomenon there, then we can actually, probably by season tickets for the pockets right now for the rigour and just give them out too and people in New Orleans. I don't even think over that expensive, but that
probably not a great sign. I will say, like you, can get clipper tickets right now at a pretty fair price to but Missy do they have a good team all right. So here's a good one, this Celtics Monday November 26th that's three weeks away. Oh my god, I could sit on the floor and row three for three hundred dollars a ticket. I can sit. I guess these tickets are a little pricey. To eighty four or five aside. So that's a terrible outside the worst son. I mean they're just so much to do in the city to yank the biggest like industry. City. I believe now is tourism, and so a lot of people, if you were coming into Denver, for instance, like You might consider going in popping into a nuggets game and be my guy. What's going on with his team, but like noble he's going to prefer a pelicans midway game against the bulls, Bourbon street when they're like fire. That means walked apart. There is justice,
oh much going on in the city in and if you dont have a history, there isn't this. This kind of event ties like strategy to it like it is. Don't think people be drawing, whereas the saints are eight home games and whatever extra Plath game you get and it's an event at Sunday renewing, usually, and then you got after the whole day and wonder I more sense. I wonder if you even get used to that sort of rhythm is like a sports phantom, where you don't even think to check in on teams like during the week. Russia's this one day is my day desire sports, dame we're, gonna go for it and everything and the other things like how much is based in tradition like with with neurons. It's like. You have crawfish elsewhere, and maybe this is thinking too deeply about this, but you have crawfish boils where everybody gets together on this one day, and we do this. One thing, and so it that's what I'm talking about in terms of like ass, not even knowing the rhythms of being an mba fan, aid can be a little bit.
Foreign unless you're used to it, and it comes back to do they have the product to sell to the fans for them to be interested. Goobers in a game changer from nor I've met in New Orleans and Super, took off. Was there in two thousand twelve and then, where did whatever for the supervision for us are weak? And I think one other time and it was still like. Oh my god, We get a cab will work, we waited what's the famous Frederick and place we went to a meeting. You bet you know antagonize. I want famous that's twenty minutes outside the Ariane and you leave and you call cabin cab enumerating another twenty five minutes and that's like uber go through the king center. I would Goober would make it a little easier to get to the games, but I still can't remember a time now go back to the marriage in the seventies. I saw him, But time- and it was I neurons basque by this- is working yeah can you
member a timer, my room, no, but I think that their their best time, they're probably was when they tried to take the team away and they had to rally to to come up with enough season tickets, or was that way, you're that I can remember exactly but whose around the time of peace? on an yea. I was headline through thousands version and it took off as a result of that. I think that again- and there is something like when you have something to rally rally round- I think there is a lot of passion in the city is about finding some awaited happen to it? Essentially, so you are what would you predict? How would you put this place out? The other everything we dimensions? Davis, I'm with clutch- and I did some dig and the big reason was like he was upset. In fact they knew it was ended keep a random are like this: guy was, passport in the way for the last three months later season- and nobody knows who is so now- rich policy comes in.
May we could blow you bring, will bring you in here, but the other implication rich Paul. You know he's lifelong friends, Leubronn and defend The business partners, however, say whatever actual peace or non peace sir we're, however, lebruns above that business is deeply involved. So the natural thing, as I Bob's he's gone acres, and then you have the celtic sittin there with all these assets, just kind of waiting to pounce the moment they feel, like he's gonna become available. How do you see this playing out? I mean he's definite, taken careful steps, the past couple years, the message that he is going to stay if you can make it work there. I don't know what is in his heart and like what can change even in the next couple months like I think we give way too far ahead of ourselves talking about like well. I remember at all star weekend where he really was like. Like broadcasting himself as the host of back as it was yet Orleans and he was just
How much she loved neurons food and yadda yadda and am dislike, and ending people start ass if he would stay because, as the national question to ask in his eye I'm here, I'm here and it just like this is way too soon. We don't know, what's going to happen to the pelicans season, let alone and in three years when he didn't even test the waters and as we saw that weaken they trade for De Marcus cousins and everything changed. Everything has since changed even in the past couple months. I think they really to prove that they can win on a high level this season and I think they know they dare to make the path someone fifth against yeah Annette like what is enough there like. He was already talking in the first round with a blue, the blazers off of core yeah that that wasn't really success in his mind, he sees himself as a western conference finals, competitor Asian every year,. So even if the pelicans get two round to again like a second reading
to sway him to the point where he can start looking at a supermax this summer, when this is really the summer, where we'll figure things out can he had we? Can you see himself getting over the hurdle over a team like the wars or even on that level, going forward. Yeah yeah, it's tough, because I think I actually think he's the best part of the week I agree I would say Leubronn in there its situation first, six weeks in the playoffs, if he had breaks between games is probably the most impact for, but I just think Davis greatness is the easiest to him that, after night after night he's ridiculous. Again, though, nor is the courts in the White peace couple weeks ago, confirm something that I had noticed with them, which is just the name
after night, I wrote about it for the ringer. I think- and I don't know April may be late March, just like this guy is having the greatest running the history of the power forward position. Basically, this is the best power forward ever side. Davis is just putting up for in fifteen casually, and he said there winners bees. I just want to be the best per night after night. I can't be every other night. It's gotta be a switch. I have to be like what break, which I thought was a really incinerator. Fraser Westbrook in love, Marheyo. She brings it every night. He plays with a hundred percent intensive and eight, which will bring James Deathly. Does that the yet and he must broker friends Yeti and must work they shared in Asian up until weighty went to clutch, and this was the concern with them a few years ago. I think after that, two thousand fifteen policies and were they broke through as a franchise yeah. They hit all those injuries and eighty really started getting not for not playing enough defence, not trying enough on defence
We in the five other time, when she's, just naturally equipped to play better than anybody in the planet right in there. Still they still have little trick. There? I began horse got to this in his peace. Where They're not really messaging him as a five he's, if I is, but even like Niccolo mere tissues taking on some of the bigger bodies like like a use of mercury in the first round, because I think he still does want to free himself up there, but in terms of like two way impact I don't know who comes close. Other than Klein quite still kind of peculiarities way aims after you're right. Unlike that's another thing with eighty with ease, We miss you games. Does he added yeah, and so I'd. That's really the only thing. Stopping at this point he is after only more engaged than I have ever seen him play in seeing the way it's rippled throughout a team as a result, they ve really built this team in the image of him and drew holiday in a way that they hadn't in the past. They try to two years ago where they look after they lost dumb, Rhine Anderson and near Gordon
they kind of surrounded them with Ike Middle to your guys that they overpaid, like Solomon Hill and each one more because they wanted to get good on defence because they were never gonna. Events with that previous core and it didn't really work because that's how talent wasn't there, but also because drew holiday. Mr first couple games tending to his wife North Carolina. Then they trade for cousins and then everything spiraled as a result, but now you're back to it being add, Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday team and they really play like it and they really kind of take on that sort of scrappy sort of defensive image that you saw in that first round series right the pride. The reason I wanted to do this trend pad edges was thinking about them ass. They watch that workers game he's that close to them. Now, He has no chance and apply officers instead team now. Does anyone a chance at an hour, but I know that team does negligence and he could be the best part of the league and possibly not made the playoffs
or get swept in round. One is my pee. Is destiny Zir, I'm looking at the playoffs right now I mean there's some teams that you know or nine games at six. Seven nine games in the season, but the east is out of the west- has just kind of its deeper it's. I don't feel like it's better, but I think it's deeper, there's more teams in the mix night tonight I've tried to watch a lot of basque by these first two weeks, but you have to my Memphis Memphis, pretty good, not bad. If quivers the kings as I get their pretty good and the cookers is, I think, a lot of good players beat. You can't really take a night off against them, and I think it would be really hard to make the playoffs. I think I don't know who the second best team in the West S t? U I sui second best team in the west. I really love as the nuggets are playing while, but I expect Lanai baggage, yeah yeah, there's gonna be some correspond, Maybe the jasper, like the jazz, are airplane J credit crunch time he's shooting
Miss United, listen, I lived the geographic experiences as to fight. They have a trade to make their some expiring scarce deeds at their. My favorite shade for them, which I know will make an expanse happy but TIM: Hideaway Junior for Alec Bergs experts in their outbreaks and, ah one more expiring, but basically Hardway would help them in future next year, like waiting, I get to get rid of hardware contract for the summer. Where do I sign up ray? I will give you a pig, for I mean we're sorry about things like if they make it passes deadline without their first or with their first round, picks though it would be a godsend like they ve, never done that they trade all their packs in order to make their current team better result. Your pay off. That is one of the rare times that that was actually like a great trade, oh yeah, I lay legislated for them. It rarely works for them again with all its imo. Mirage was again one of the worst moves in recent history, considering what they had.
Finally got off of in their maritime trade, but did costs an extra asset. I I I could see them adding, maybe like a can base more type like a week. In some more to defend outcast Solomon Hell, I sizes, Bays Mars, available It's very available salmon housing, expiring areas. I got one year after the previous one more year after this we're just gonna, make a tough and he's not shooting. While I've sauce more about tat, whereas you like in the one percent tile in terms of some sort of shooting set in can potentially trade Randal in in January, yeah yeah, he's a guide, I mean he's good for them, and I think he fits what they're trying to do the pace and really just like my cramming it down teams throw at the rim by the same time, like he's, probably not playing crunch, I'm
are you so it can get a guy there for best players? I don't feel like you could buy three of them together in the last five minutes of the game, but what they've put together, I think like they, can threaten for that number to seem simply because, like when they've had Davis outside of this warriors game, they have looked really good. I mean that Rockets win doesn't mean as much now as we seen what the rock is there are, but they really took it to them in the way to where they kind of asserted themselves, and they seem confident and what they have what they do and whereas before they were really trying to figure things out like even when Denmark is cousins and eighty was working, yeah was like they were, making the best of a situation. Where is this team really fits? Were Alvin wanted to do with them, Alvin Gentry like since he got there so Another thing that I think is vastly about this. If Davis misses the plan to share, I think he would be the best prayer to miss them.
Ass. Having been healthy for the season, I had to go back till it Moses Malone in nineteen. Eighty two, the year before you get traded freely. Big battle. I see one of the best free or for personally, but is an all time low. The is somebody that, if he stays healthy will go down as one of the best thirty may be the best twenty five may be the best twenty pairs of water to miss the play ass during Canada has the beginning of his axe. Actual peak slash apex is almost impossible now par. That's bad luck with the West teams. That great But I think that's really. You have an effect on him, hey what's it grew bright dogma and designs would have Carmelo Della Velvet Overdraft kings TIM fares rigour nearly half a million entrepreneurs. Businesses have in common, they all use 99designs to get custom design created for their brands, websites and books. Yeah.
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does that right back to justify. If we go through the West, Goin States lack rate is Denver, lack, probably like the USA. Ninety five percent luck, Ia Portland, maybe, is sixty per Some like. Seventy sounds more like the weather plant man beside their overlanders. Forty two, the sheer right there is such a reasons. He buys thing there we're like that is very low dossier? Never forgotten what they have just really solid and it works has denied talked about. And the over under part- and we were just so flustered by that over under I undergoing annex as adults. To date there must be some trade going on that. We don't know about San Antonio. I think that's a clapped him It feels like it. The rose in his kind of a stout every big candidate right, but their point of french holes like it's like one something right now. It's like there be
had been winning games and its encouraging to see doors and take over late, but I would like to see more there because they are shot kind of patching over some some injuries, and I wonder if it then injury hits like one of them. Or guys. You had Rudy Day right now is like a critical member of that team. Vienna ass, a team with gay, I put many there. They there's a possible trade for them. Now they do some contracts they can move, especially at the December. I can't imagine they stay with these points. Arts and placards a relatively the position of address the season goes. Long goes on, I think they're. I him I gotta say like: at some point. It matters when you have the rose in an outrage on the core in the last five minutes of a close game, and those guys are to the best third, occasionally right when everybody, the league seems to be figuring themselves out and anchoring out how the game is being played now like at at this pace and with the new deal of rules like they know who they are and what they can do, and there is something to be said about that method.
Since after I do not think aircraft himself under Ventnor Sacramentos colonizing schedule, breaker kudos to Sacramento leather great. I wish they had taken LUCA, but I dare say that their picnic dear and they're, playing like they want to win the season and they're doing a good job, and I the fox he'll backwards, great kudos them out of their birth. In that you tat, we both think is left in New Orleans will get back to them. I think clippers our planet in Digital. My heart is take a year later, even their foreign three, but they really thereof routine and ok. Seeing the third Third quarter and I don't know just feel like they have three Soon get thirty at any point they rebounding, they can take the remoter perimeter. Defence, really good defensive guards and coach said knows what he's doing he's. Who is not incompetent yeah, I think
I ask, is taking a small little step forward, yeah enough, where he's not like your one, a guy like you, could be a second or third option on a really really good team. I thought that I think that they, like we woven shaggy elders, Alexander in their in interesting ways where we all I care the rank, he's really good. I was a lay bloomer thou, but he's impressive. I like her cares absurd. I just feel it that's a left him there. Surprised that you make it they have caught some schedule. Breaks early like they caught Europe Rockets game which I'm going to have to Rockets games. I left wing design, but yeah. I think if, if the West is going to what it is now, our it's kind of like a little bit over five hundred is gonna, get you in the mix. I do think like they're just so solid that they're not gonna, be if they keep all these guys. They don't make a trade that I think they're gonna be hanging around, They also have guys in contract ears. Is one of my favorite thing two thousand GM out which is always want somebody playing for new contract? Tobias airs?
Beverly, whose either, when Gore tat There are four point two year look like Milos he's in a casual jerry, looks like me less. If you, if you want a mental picture, very looks like me: losses clean clean, shaven, brother barbarians, afraid yeah, I it's the man. Minnesota have no idea what to make of witches. We don't know what the butler gonna look like? I thought there was real something extra with the Democrats. Fifty point game that bother did in play and the team really rallied around him, but there was also like a little bit of a nephew Jimmy Butler. He has handled this. Is horribly and as badly as I've seen awhile, and I don't understand why anybody would want to invest in him. If I was a team looking Jimmy, I would that we put in a trade like offer. The second did walked off the court yeah if he'd. This whole thing is that he's believed in Dirk rose this whole time that he could beavis.
Fire again and now, if these things out going forward, I would try to pry Jimmy away in a second yeah Lakers. I think our clapped him ok see is the big what they're doing now. It's a tale! It's a tight rope because One three week: Westbrook Injury, one for weak, Paul, George Injury or whenever I think that Mr Pass daily, they have to get a hundred and fifty five two hundred sixty games from those guys to make. Is there not enough Westbrook it? Probably when enough games you make the playoffs like as much as he could? What's enough, like forty eight and asked the question, I don't know what the West is going.
That only that's a forty eight went in the council now, but I just think it rang ladder. Alex breeders have now that's my guy, the lad Alex's they hit the supporting causes so confusing they seem likely to have this type where that is, love is at. Let it guys you can't really shoe, but, like maybe kin you down the road. Are we passed? The point now in the NBA were like we're just off guys who we could teach the issue we have really hasn't worked for autonomy teams. I can work required and maybe like a cup other instances, but it seems like it's pretty fundamental. If you cannot shoe by the time you had the NBA you're, probably not they get there. The one thing that seems that can get better is three point range. Coming into bloom later, like we're talking about on on the slack. Kimber became a real. Good three point sharing tobacconists? That's it! Twenty nine percent, thirty percent for four years and now all of a sudden is forty percent. I think you can You can add that Dennis Beth is very poor,
as in guy and our slang, he is as I'm last night. He definitely by takes a back seat. Luca everything, the address. I think they need to train them. I don't ever want to cause a riot and thousands while not Gama sites. Ever, I just don't think he's a good fit with LUCA, but for him to be effect. Mainly he's gotta learn attitude, threes. Those ok as none of them, are going to learn how to shoot through this. That's that's the team, Nab Dallas. Not apply after him, but I have enjoyed the of the competitive Faye I loved when they went to look for the coastal coast to tie the light. Your game that was like such a big spot to put that dude into he's busy mother turned to him increased, every time say. He's amazing, he's great. I feel vindicated that rackets. I've no idea Phoenix, hissing and made the Can we agree that Leubronn is on the autumn. Autopilot render our hundred perceives the fact Tesla, I'm gonna take a nap on the highway
I was I was there last night, further their game, the mavericks and I would say about seventy five percent. I was talking to someone on the team and they we're suggest you think he was playing. Seventy five percent are, I think, he's out like fifty was weird. Is that you look at the statistics and it looks like, does the broad and less per about he can try hard and games but a big stats. I also haven't seen early season Leubronn up close in a couple years: it would have caught him isn't annihilated. You just seems like this is what He does now in order to make it an eighty. Two games is great, but but I'm with it, I fully support it. Yes, it's incredible is achieved bullets that having the argument about how crazy is that liberalism, when the Vp Rear GO watch, and play in November and December and January is try that art- and I agree with the fact in the defence of side, by keys these definitely above neutral. At best heat mean Rhonda or by a kind of detrimental today,
and if anything at this point doesn't seem like he's really leading that team at either. I haven't it's, it's almost like keys. He's dating the guys in the team, but has want to commit to a long term relationship with any them. So he's that I haven't, since the Le Bronze Fire, they actually is a divide. There are none are so divided. It is a bunch of young guys and he had to be thirty four yet ever in this is like reading way too much into a baton. Instagram everyone was outlined so balls birthday party and the brow. Is literally at the same time, Instagram storing him drinking wine at his hotel room. Here like hanging out what it seems like by himself yeah, which is like, it's like Y Y, avoid all the young people, parties in the Ringer Sometime Eulogium become to alter just gutless parties. I feel like there's a zero percent Hence the brand James or MR class action, I can't say zero. Maybe a one percent could make it here and I just I find it too far. Fetched he's miss the pious the plane.
I saw his James yeah. Seven of the eight technically qualified is clutched game. So within five points in last finally psyche anger, MRS for random, MRS too late. There ever run at some point when the branches, The number is thus, I think they get to forty eight summer. So the point is, I think it's can be hard. Who wants to make the playoffs and they're going to need seventy five to seventy seven games from Davis, I think, and if he doesn't make the playoffs, that's basically unprecedented for the last thirty five years and I'm really should see how this place out. I know you know at some. When he's gotta look round the wig and demand the words are actually getting better. Where's are now embracing who they are. I think three would be insane to leave out never wanna. Leave that you have to think like this summer is, I believe, the World CUP and that's in China, where a lot of guys are gonna wanna go to in order to help the brands, and then he Davis, probably using it, to take this one off especially COS
as the last limpets Gatt and probably is going to be around the lot of those guys again. Like I mean all the this stupid things about the warriors recruiting. Eighty every time he shows up around them is is like with just a joke, but at the same time like if you're, the warriors you're, probably thinking about that little bit seriously like why one should be thinking about your next move, especially when guys I dream on guys I clear gonna be up for lot of money. The problem is, I can't see how it works in this. At least two of the guys would have to go there but if you're the Palestine it was like the decay. Those being laid? Why this would work? Here's? How Katy could go the, whereas the cap's gonna go up anew? And as I that's fine, that's a great case. That's what Give us so never do that, but it was conceivable I don't see how this is conceivable without them, renouncing clay and drama steps already, making forty million
the year the cap's a hundred yeah proud of their best bet would be resigning both of those guys and then finding a way to trade them for, like one of them, a package centre on one of them. For I d like next season next season, that's gonna, be they they just can't beat the Lakers. Subjects of the package and restaurants in it and I'm pretty sure, during its not go to New Orleans. I think it is using now, like the last time Del dams had to do this. His first package that he agreed to with the Lakers was for a bunch of high level veterans, yeah, always Scola types, and wherever else was in that deal, and I got shot down by the league if they're thinking short term yet again, and they need to like secure their jobs. You know something like that, wouldn't be other unopposed. Fascinating story. This is better ass and Basque was he's wearing a dive into a next week on the bs pie. Probably midweek is out there, so many storylines, I love. This is
section under me that whether New Orleans can make the play off some what happens with Davis, because, as I said earlier, this is somebody who, as a chance to be one of the top fifty employees about time. I don't, they weaken exaggerate how good Anthony Davis. And whatever happens a season. Natalie determines him where he goes but is feature, but am, I think the neurons features were so we will say just a barrier the job of the ringer there's rugged here, and the Ringer Ringer Group chat today by the way to a ringer Bishop yep goes up on Thursdays. There's this thing It was said about Microsoft surface if needed, device that help to get stuff down, but is also perfect when you want to catch up on some fun like streaming live sports are checking on your face. A team
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their air I may just damages during today on our houses, in town next week and we're gonna feed him, and it's gonna be great anyway. Headscarves check that out to a right, let's get to remember Brown, I remember Brown is here on the part of ruins remark. I remember it explains religious explains that the good name, excluding regular report, explains days. That's a keeper you're s on the shuffle pie cast, I don't know, and that's going up by talking about the MAC more thing that happened yeah. What is thy son honest? that, but if you running around that's a MAC Miller, yeah the iron shuffle packets hosted by make Peters it's a really good package, still very good pack, ass, an you know, I'll be in the office so whatever other by cancer didn't, have a baggage heat dislike, looking in a room sing I have any knowledge about what the topic is. First topic, Before we gotta remember, to explains I crave on, and we talked
The Atlanta real half time show idea about basically everyone from Atlanta on some channel. Maybe streaming live on the ringers twitter feed, an area in Atlanta, and there are there, my god, twenty I've thirty years of history on one spot, maybe like twenty five hundred, see theatre, maybe less maybe less inches, plume and half time starts now number and five for action. Come over here? Come to all that Lana? Why wouldn't this work? No, that will work. I need that Tat. I've already, like my My brain right now is so focused on the Superbowl. I'm when can group tax with friends? That's just us sharing. Airbus and be mentions, two maybe ran high wages, was so far Gazette it's nice because as we did not stress that much about this Falcons team yeah No, it can't be crossed off here. I'm in a world where
were in an out, but it don't like I want. I would love for them to be in the Superbowl, but everyone still coming to my hometown, which is what I really about us my focus. How many times has at least had the Superbowl. We had it in Ninety nine we had at the year after we went to the Superbowl. So I was in it was it was in Atlanta. There, the dirty so the Rams one yes yeah yeah there was an early. Member of that was a good one. That was our rams now guidance. Yes, I remain. That's because I was like the Rams era, matched with Nellie era Matter there Lana yeah. What a great time for this Bobby Land was incredible late night. Atlanta Hip Hop was yeah, was credit.
I was also there was also a moment when the the Falcons kind of became the number one team yeah like the switch happened, where, like it, went from brace the two falcons setting and then Michael Vick, shows under migrated later and book. So they like a land is still I Cox's to be like the second team in town in terms of cultural relevance, Commander seventeenth yet mean there another letter Behind our soccer do yeah, like Elaine United as very good, portraying B the fourth member amigos. I think it's going to eventually back I, so it's gonna as a great thing for, like being a hawks Van. I don't know what life That's gonna, take tray young on, and I dont know if his umbrella life ass, if his leg like I just wish you were gonna college, not in Oklahoma. They would have had a low price for the being afforded.
Yeah. That is, he goes from a Norman Oklahoma to Fort. Member of me goes in the space of six months, yeah. Also life ass. I did I have like this fear I wish she was it so leg kind of pretty You don't go at a pretty boy there and I just feel like allows gonna like eat him alive you remind me of egg leg. The kid leg got a car, Therefore, everyone in high school and just like did know what to do with this freedom, like that, for he is a very easy. The guy's taking ever ready to go get beer with a vague idea made ass, gets arrested and then there's a car accident. That's near, I just come on trade like down end up I'll, be careful. Be careful Lana, Superbowl Thou, who would agree, time for land and have a superpower in the mirror of like one of the autumn at culture, renaissance is it's it's incredible. I can't which is why the the maroon
I've been comes at, but I can't believe it I thought it was like, like a practical joke, where you surprised that third, one rich old Wade owners have made their random over their awareness have brought their like. Now we Adam Levine, that's it that's what that's what they will be fine. I mean that the honest thing is like I read that germane to pre is like hosting a week long series of concerts and at Lana we add to this report, which is going to mean the the honest truth. Is that the the actual half time proof
like if you're in the building is a terrible viewing expire and do your basically watchin the gas created made fur tell them that I was at the beyond say, perform a super bowl and I was just furious. I was unable to wash his on tv could I could tell, but when I went back and washing until the end of this was incredible, but in areas with loud- and you can't see anything, some kind- a leg, I guess what more staff to be happening Superbowl week in Atlanta to make up, or make up. I went to the tune, the two this century that mattered, you too. After nine eleven o you it. The kind of ass great moment when these, when they had the thing they ran, the names of everybody who died and analyze really emotion, they'll ask my Mama's when they convince apple to put their One ever was evident. That's my nephew! Cairo won't! Even have you two anyway
so that was one and then the other was did the Genie Jack someone which it I was in there. Nobody knew it happened. What city was Adam that was in Houston, but we do not happened, we're just while those to the game heated up there in the first half they came on, it seemed like a fine performance and then start getting tax leg. Half hour later like? What would you get to see your boobs like? What are you guys talking about and those it out. Nobody remembers. This will happen. This had a chance yeah, that's so the move Random Levine is he should try to embrace Atlantean have on these. People on with them Adam Levine even goes and like to seconds of moves like Jagger and then just cut Sid and Breeze outcast yeah, that's how you do it now exist self aware: envy leg wouldn't do one required song because we are there liner and then somehow it becomes an outcast ludicrous tee. I make us ever mean that
list is eighty, so polyantha me he has twenty five minutes. I love probably twenty one in twenty minutes living cause. You then says they. They really screwed up here. I have to figure out how to win over Atlanta there. Who do I have? What do I do? What I do with my medley in my three sons, he becomes a legend Effie Audible and gives up half of his. The other thing is, I think, half the reason. This is happening because they have a gigantic song, mockery Ah, so they start out with that yeah an inquiry brings out offset in a NASA. We get to make us so I mean there is a line from Adam Levine to quaver via cardy and offset is just like is going to happen. And so make us comes out, they sing fight night and then the cord
Finally, I would add that I absolutely like almost topic today: it was back. Michael's is just in a calm and the broadcast cancel the second. To give You know, I always I think about one of the great superbowl crimes. I think I'll talk to you about this, that one of the reasons I was so upset that the cap and glad forty nine hours beat the Falcons to go that suitable yeah against the ravens was that if the thousands of one yes, I would have been happy, but also it would have been
and it Lana Land waiting in New Orleans Lana in Baltimore people in New Orleans, just like people, just no one flying Evans taken buses known nor had no have anywhere that state aid is outside. The hair is incredible like I just like that. I always think like that could have been the last super bulk is terrible leg, I don't know of New Orleans could handle that neurons can handle literally everything else Maybe he's one of the reasons why God this additive is like now now for an hour, gonna come back. When you kids, we need some sanity, some some San Francisco people too I just want to know. One thing cares was still incredible hairs. Don't they? then hairs was incredible just because the falcons didn't make that Superber here is that was G D. I watch Dave Jacko become as close death as any human being I've ever been around? I, including Africa, whose close to that everyone I'm down, Gambling in every area,
say no in America Sub hairs, I'm up I'm still, love are now that Harris Heresies such great comrade there as a normal, especially when you walk out in its the sun, is here, so you would go. Adam Levine starts with the car design. Yes, she things are offset that leads to goes coming out. Yes, halfway through that's on make us brings out address through thousands, big boy up and then somehow Adam moving comes back and just like, since the hook on Like Rosa Parks as America I want the stage to look like. We are the world with land, or rather, what somehow there be fifty wrappers onstage like clapping and doing the whole of course, is out there, but I don't feel like we're done at that point. I feel it than who comes next. We serve to songs. I feel like you do do pray
you bring. You do welcome to a ladder to pre ludicrous. And Adam item living in his Rancey crested display. Animalization Milvain has put on a suit hand he's wearing a Jamal Anderson, Mergers somehow, where it, while holding, make a very careful now now whether you like it was my goodnight with Atlanta is: is my back on the stage at one point there in the forest. All that's what happened so there's a point. This is big would be wise. We like what was moment where I knew everything in Atlanta was clicking like we're here. One- these moments now, but there is a moment in the usher. Yeah video, which is like oh three peak, might VIC, there's a oh. No. This is
its tee. I t I rubber band man, video there's a point at the end were usher in Might VIC are dancing in front of a burning tee. I crossed my outside. Oh, this is: does everything is working like the biggest Army singer in the world and the biggest football player in the world are in the video for the biggest wrapper of the moment in their all and allow this This is actual so make vacant. Hullo come out. My Can we Dominic Wilkins? Yes, who else also kindly weirdly John small City on the way forward super awkward bout, Adam Levine, someone! I be amazing, just like Smalt Gladden, Matters are just like a barber shop.
I wanted to. Let you know what I want. I want it to this at this stage to look like an episode of. What's up with that from us, now. You know how I hate it has insanity. Once I I want to take is doing the running man. I want to be a circus. Also with the last time, and now we have everyone onstage, what's with the kicker so does was I Jagger comes back you as you went out and finish, but somehow everyone knows knows the words to move my Jagger Stacy arguments there Did you see Four tell I was any welcomes conducting an avenue I just wanted. I want everyone contacted, I want everyone contacted and that would be a memorable. Superber maybe have makes me they're like screwing up the last two minutes of the half times
four or five days in the back does is showing the marksmen, London Game, what I want, I want everything governed, the stage O Debbie nice. Maybe who do little childish, Gambino and then it cuts to this is America, but the Americas at land In that way, this is this: is there Lana something good It is something somebody incredible needs to happen. I just down yeah, I don't. It would be such a missed opportunity and here's the thing that, like the last time later, you know like a perfect place to me, but you know The Olympics didn't go perfectly, I don't don't think NBA I'll style Austin
weekend in two thousand and three was picked, taking their people and car showing up seven hours late departed. I just you know. I think you know I love Europe may kiss lands bottoms. Ah one has to. Finally do the big thing right. At some point there just got stop giving us thanks a lot of pressure lot. Opera this is the most pressure on a super bowl city that I could remember. Leg Cosette. There's been one of cities where your leg, whether Olenin like Minneapolis as they were never coming back here. They re like my friends and I like the rest of the dutch earth you the stadium they gave you Superbowl. That happened Jacksonville, that's apple! All these places or you have I, the San Diego Miami New Orleans edges, keep get later
the chance potentially to have this again, yeah, also that stadium like driving, because I'm you used to be to the dome and like where it sits in horizon you're driving leg like most parts of Atlanta, you just come into such starts emerging like a transformer. Are the ground It is human, it does not. It looks like it holds like two to three million rival. It's a solid, I'm I'm excited fern leg, that stadium to have everyone in it, but also leg. I want more big things to be in this gigantic stating that they built to replace like a fine state and that what we do languages tear down it. Turner field is twenty years old. I had a lot of ass. This a modern stadium has been knocked out ass. They got built for the Olympics, yeah, it was those built. Ninety six, do you think
after the Superbowl, everybody should go to dominate nightclub just go there. I dont as my dream, for thirty Dominic stack up by my favorite. One of those is John starts has a says: a cigar, barn lights four Connecticut, seriously, have been dying ago. Anita. Monygham Ipod, where grassland in jail in in jail and hedges raved about dominate the undertaking a magic The headlines but may are believe, like the one in the deep south just get ready and nobody knew about it, and even on a nightclub. I'm a year later in Amsterdam comes on the pod. Dominic see now he's in his media savvy mode. There Well, you know the reason and I'm likes it, me bad days that Lana like yours, Ngos, I well you know, and I, like you too nightclub any light broke.
They're, just like he had a pause and he's a man was jailer metallic out thousand thing. I wasn't on his resignation when you got hot rehired by the hard I like jolted of music. I take the year we had some five times that I could buy a veto. Rambert explains Gimme a couple thinks what's on your mind, so my mind. So I too many of my Grantline Ringer family knows that I have always legendary had not been a very big tv washer right that has changed. I love television, I get it. And we were a commitment for for a while, but now like a real life. Vain commemorate lovely lady now ass. He d, it's amazing, but I would always like the second, I would get like a season finale in not washes season finale? Yet I was I dont want this to be over
One of the shutters than that I, finally, we watched game of three it's amazing corner twenty eighteen game of throwing the glass person in Brooklyn who had in sync aim at its amaze like, but I've. I've learned about myself that I have. I think it's really help lab an uncanny, ability to not find out about what everyone is talking about on the internet. You just avoid it. I just I I literally did not have a single spoiler. I did not know when a rat wedding was coming. You heard red wedding. You thought a Red headed Percy. I married. I was also looking for an episode called red wedding, not the name of an hour. Those arrested snuck up on me man's a customer, my god, that is a great television The greater turns at this hour. Is it a good idea, but also like when I tell people that their like how, like of all the places to live
Have colleagues and friends like you're in game of Thrones central like this place, is like made out of game of thrones, and I still do now and then Now you know now. I now The thumbs up a game with terms like David throughout its first remedies, turn it's a good show it actually going gonna love, because there was a point when I was watching of thrones. I was one season six of game of thrones in book to of Harry Potter. At the same time, for a visa. The third to the widest media happened as we have. Yeah I'll have anyone. Was there? Are there any by people gamma throats yeah? I wasn't nay, my great it. Great great great great love love him. No boss, yeah.
Members are no pleaser, no balls, all heart, allow their art and, speaking of just things that I think should not be called white things, even though, even though they often our called why things yeah, I just have gone back in bench. Re watching friends,. It's it's, it's a bit monster it it like the under twenty five generation, it just keeps were generating itself its eyes. Wish. There was a way y'all should figure out how to do this. There is a way to calculate leg, like laughs, permanent legal out loud, laugh, per episode that show it has its you're like fifteen. Sixteen laugh out loud moments in episode. Incredible, I think, what's really fascinates me about that. Show,
Basically, everyone under fifty has problem seeing the majority the episodes? Yet they you would know, new and you're a normal parcel had no in their life because my generation that I was exactly the same ages as characters. Ok, so my generation under, but then other generation than that, but really mine with TAT, was our show and then we can. It turned out of it. Yet again, The next generations came in and this indication now just never answer. My daughter, watches friend, she's thirteen. She was minus ten when Joker undermines twelve like without that's like one of those interests and shows that was one indication while it was still yeah inside. I never really. Why again, I probably watched ninety percent of the saw ninety percent of their friends. So, but never saw them in order. Could there was always tv S like this kind.
The same way with like that way. I way I watched Frazier and Seinfeld. I never was watching them in order, but friends is actually a better showed a watch in order whether there is some. The other shows the first seasons really good its aid. I stand by it. I think it's it really does say it's a nice. It didn't really know it was yet in the characters made sense. Actually cared about Rosson Rachel yeah it was. It was really get about their dad. An ax era! Pre internet, yes M, some one who your friends, It grew makes more money than everyone else, like all these little things out, we're going on and then then say it is kind of became a second yeah and you can kind of tell by jailers weight penny and the re like super skinny, Chandler, probably not argue that possess and if he's like, pure, later in the era Chandler with winning Wendy Dates, Monica and she just basically she'd she Grey Wolf, some
Also, probably not great, but still watch what those early ones Chandler was like lights out so on a every jailer was amazing. Like those first couple ceases and again I was like everything that comes out of his mouth is his timing. And there was my make VIC No, if you don't get that, I don't. I don't know what to tell you something you really labyrinth of ours. I made it clear that a two year solely shed evolutionary Phoebe. What happened man like season by does season five, chancellor is kind of like like by bacon, the Eagles met, my giant come back my exit when he made you're going to thousands has had to give it all to the lawyers. That's gotta faster data, but I mean that that's that's actually super true, because I I was trying to think about what other sitcoms that I actually with I actually invested in
love story- is a german pandas at the top of the very high, maybe the top, but yeah you u care by Russia Rachel, then you air, that they had a murder suicide. Eventually after like by bessys and five, we can the day they're. Just won a break out. Barges die, I care more about Ross in that monkey than I did. Rather by that point I can people. Ross was one the first early internet, lightning, rads, really yeah, but what he means. So we're talking he's in to him and Rachel finding together. Then they have the brake. Then each its honour, which I was there. I was always in Rastus corner in the: U S right to break like that's cool. Why are you so mad at him and made out with somebody and he is that China, winner back amid the show, became super savvy and everybody at the same time as like fuck raw seeking go to Hell I'm an essay. Ninety eight and
He was an internet lightning, rather member Alima beer was people turned an alley. Mc Beale they. She was too widely in theirs coupons and was kind of the first generation of Ireland at shading on people with no twitter yet so Ross. Ross was like the first person to get cancelled. Roscoe, by the end of that show. People just did not like Raw Sedona, how they feel. Now, though, with though, like my dad Is there a razor caused directly your direction? But I went back as soon as I why just had to start watching friends and then went back and just watch some other o jiminey seriousness to wash and be robber, carnation incidents took tat to watch how to it is saw is just judge voter. What do you mean he's? Not here go further. I love Revolver
kid: they just bring a season. Two of the Oj Series back just bring everybody bag is already make. It is haven't. Do another thing: I do the collectors winning broken into collectors. Superpower in Vegas get that procedure to a ready, oh my god, I really must ask people what else for tv. I am a super I am now. I never thought I was gonna, be one of the adult animated thing: people that watch all the how are animated shows that had party mouths and they are not all in. I found it to be like the written Morty type show like like big Mouth Netflix I reckon Morty in Nay, it caused neighbourhood. Yeah cause tax
being caused dressed up as me: Rowena Saddam's somebody dress there, if you guys, but of again failed to observe famous gaunt his head. He really has just wasn't texting. That's what I meant to say yeah. I got into Rick and Morty, very surprisingly, collected. Never I watch cartoons when I was a child in the night like I was never like. The sentenced person never family guy person like that whole era of cartoons, I'll decide where I'm an adult yeah now, I'm just like adults are stressful. Humans are stressful. The news is terrifying. Need. I can't even handle watching sitcoms with people. I need leg, literal, animated things in a fair carriage, any fate, characters, hang fake, fake experiences or human experiences. Belike, I'm just like the show big mouth, which is it like,
crawl yet and Myra Nick Crawl. Doing the will our net impression, which kind of awkward rikers live their relationship sudden? Doesn't it The net crawled dated were nets x y. Yes, there is some say here, but I love it because I, like I, I do know that I love all shows about like teenage hormones, and puberty. That's just like that for families another on the Arusha I guess I am finding myself is going from one showed to other guy. I, like Bob's, burgers debt his family favorite. I love it. I think they're star
to run out of plot lines which sucks for me because I, but they also can't decide Kherson, be gross gazettes on Fox. So that's why I'm now? Why can big mouth? Because it's like I love, I love Tina and the puberty plot line for lake it just in whatsoever matches. Does he watched big mouth he? What does reckoning already he's Brigham already huge yeah boss burgers, but that we recommend him Why does a Shakespeare animals were yeah It is our view formula super weird by Leggum, like on a Saturday afternoon, a very rapid, it's his wild. Why the animated meagre, shows amazing our backs. Nevertheless, there it s rising sharply, the Niggers repentance and, in a manner
I found it to be very, very calm even being the shows, are completely completely insane. So you're gonna on shuffle talk about magma yeah check their Parker S out and then we're anymore than there were anymore. This just explained some soft us yeah. It might have that game of game. A throne good show us is a major success. Little thrones inherit Party are really should honour. Liked is Google it. This could be the say finally welcoming me forever Brad than they were before we go into some pigs and talk about such box seems like a good time to mention I booked whether an export, a rookie. You should be betting in my book. You pick three teams to and if you are three can turn when entering the six hundred, that is a treaty partly by friends. But on any sport bitten. You have see what everyone they been in business for years. You can trust and they get good online reviews, their mobile Citys, easy to use.
And back by popular demand. They will offer one hundred percent bonus for one more week this year, oh yeah, my Bucky, think about placing a pic all seas in its time to make your move and make sure to follow. At bet my on Twitter Instagram, a person they person respond to every mentioned dna giveaway. Ten thousand infringement of their followers is for buses and you'd be the first to nose. Is new eyes and props are posted to logout of my book and right now don't miss your last opportunity collect the industry's biggest bonus promo code bill. Simmons you'll get your first deposit matched one hundred percent. That's promo code bill Simmons you play. You win. You get paid I'd speaking a gambling we're bringing the pigs back this week. I am out of my world series hang over when my in the World Series ever they are down here. To be honest, once a guy to like the ale D Ass, the Egg Series the Celtics were starting. I led the picks, far side dilemma for Burgess pickets along
football season, and what I didn't want to do is disgrace the pics I don't want to mail. The pics in I didn't want to just have a second to do it. When I had to research some stuff like that, so I took two two weeks off. We are back week nine. We have eight weeks left of the regular season, plus the playoffs. I am using this as something of a rebirth. We are starting fresh right now. I beg and out my pigs column, allowed to do this rates by I have no doubt you ve been on your phone there now that it has no our everyday allows. This is unbelievable. Watching watching you, multitask Dupont's survive jobs. So listen! I'm back! I'm researching
Do it all the time do my old routine and we're going to win some money this week it's happening first bet of the week. The Atlanta falcons are getting one point, five points they're playing in Washington. I haven't loved this Atlanta team, this season and I've actually bet against him a couple times, but one thing they can do is score some points, and I also feel like this Washington team talk about a smoke and mirrors situation. The NFC East is terrible, you have washed in that home, which actually kind of like being in some at home, because I feel, like their fans, are so annoyed by them at the time that when anything
goes wrong. I could get away the Redskins five into. They beat Arizona, congratulations, they beat Rogers and Weak three right after he still had the bomb anything thing going on been allowed healthier. Recently they beat Caroline. I watched a game. I was a legitimate when I gotta handed for them beat Dallas honoured and again there was a classic clapper game and then they barely beat the giants. Here's my thing, I don't see the Redskins going six into. That seems absurd to me if they go six into now, look at it They got there yet Tampa. They have Houston and harm that sort on Houston. They still have there are now staff home for the giants are adjuncts were Tennessee like if they were,
This gave there's a chance. They could get elected six eleven five. I just think that's inconceivable to me. So for that reason, along with the fact that I am Atlantis three and four comrades by weak. They have washed in this week their at Cleveland. Next week they could be five and five arms are five and four by the time they get to Dallas are outside their hosting Dallas. We sex at washed and actually went home. Doubtless they could be seen. Sin for heading into the Thursday gaming game. New Orleans said they're gonna lose cause, that's that's just a tough job they have. When these next three there and plan mood, I like Atlanta, getting one and one half two here's my second pick, more favoured at home by three against the Steelers in the Steelers have come back to bite me a couple times share.
The ravens, our team, that I normally like bedding at home, I think they're, a rare get on to him and a below average wrote in the record, bears out here's the catch. There did beat Pittsburgh decision, they went into to Pittsburgh. They beat them twenty six to fourteen awake for their now foreign foreign, the season its must when, but it's not really must when they can, they could still potentially when the division, even if they blow this game because they are to be Pittsburgh. Mrs in Pittsburgh. Fourteen one Pittsburgh looking at this: if they not Baltimore out their vengeance, they basically they basically young.
Quenched, whatever tiebreaker they're going to have to worry about Baltimore they b fifty two in one after this game. This comes down to two things. To me, one is that I can't imagine the Ravens beating Pittsburgh twice in the same season start their second, I don't think the ravens are very good Joe Flacco STAR quarterback said skill position guys. I have out Collins on my fantasy team and it's that something I'm really ever that happy with I just don't see the ragged. I would be shocked if they be Pittsburgh twice in the same season, so I'm grabbing the points Pittsburgh getting three just seems like, though, either win. The game are to be a tight one. I'm taken Pittsburgh now. Third, one this one, bad that on took me. Why come around on this time? Even
at against them last week against the lions and they they have of their business against them in a really dramatic way. The kick this shit alliance in Kashmir, I came in, I kind of like that lies in they just traded for snacks airs and therefore on the bar, the sudden they get. Basically, Bessie out on average, a golden they from the fire in the season, so sciatica ended their season. Seattle is for three, Definitely not out of the woods yet they have a gauntlet coming up home for the chargers at the Rams home for Green Bay at Carolina. So realistically, if they're going to make the playoffs, I think they have to go to and to death of Kansas City in Minnesota Home games against those to come up later on the Brightside two against San Francisco, which is punted on this season, then one for Arizona, so there at seven winds right now. Basically they have to go to in two hours is next to I, like the
I, like the chargers coming in here as a team that people really respect like the line in Seattle by one and one slash two, I would say that line should be Seattle by three I'm getting a free point and one slash two. I like having Seattle in Seattle with the punter Michael Dickson, big balls, Michael Dickson, p care. Other things been really well coach. The cannon over they are, they ve been able to survive. We too weak without I'm gettin the same kind of contribution with the bottom, and then I think we thought there yet for the season bunch a random received, that you barely heard of the running game. Look better. Chris Carson dismiss them. Yesterday, we waved the monarch nineteen vanity point. I think we must fear he's been side.
Russell Wilson and then here's another thing, the chargers. I think you are getting some kind of stealth, Superbowl container Black buzz right now, let's see their record, is there five and to hear the five whence Buffalo? Congratulations: San Francisco Open, congratulations, Cleveland! He Jackson and then I d be Tennessee by point would have lost the Tennessee converted to point. We have no evidence that there actually a good team. They have not beaten a good team yet so you take that and then let me try this one that you, the Anthony Lynch Field goal. Kicker thing has not reared its ugly head yet their next three after this are Oakland Denver Arizona So, unless the Anthony landfill go, combo wreaked havoc and one of those three I feel like it happens here,
This has all the makings of a how the hell did the chargers lose this game game. Give everything here like, though, the problem double Seattle story. Yardage Dixon will have for timely points at the perfect time De Mrs Feel bore the get. A few go back be driving down at the end of the game at the lab crowd in a bid to pass for interception. I could just see this gave him I had. I could see Seattle, Poland, this one out of the deep recesses of their asshole and ass wondering how the hell they, when their game, that's basically the team Seattle Ban all year. They they linger in these games and there's a little you in theory. They don't really qualify as it when this walk up here years ago, but I do feel like a lot of people wrote them off, especially after autonomous went out.
And there is little nobody believed than us in this lack room except the people on this lacquer him vibe about them. Now that I really like some grabbing them at Lena, plus one in five plus one and a half Pittsburgh plus three Seattle, minus one half and then finally, a three tamer that she's free money, the bears minus ten in Buffalo Buffalo sign Map Barkley this week. He might actually start from them, or it could be. They're gonna sit or could be Nathan. Pearmain not only does Coolio MAC, not after playing this game, but you could probably be sip in a pinnacle out on the sidelines see any scenario any were were Buffalo gets to leg, fourteen point semester: defence! Does it the game is in Buffalo their defences, half decent. As we saw in surpass on Monday night, even better than have decent, it's probably like a pretty good defence, but at some point, when you are completely inept offence away, you can't beat anybody so their best chances for biscuit a score of the points for buffet
team which can be ruled out, but I got them minus ten cases. Minus eight and a half in Cleveland who just fired their coach and since the super there that that made into being good thing long term, but I haven't liked what I seen from Baker the last few weeks. It doesn't look like he's ready to be a starting quarterback yet, and so that combine with just the brown, so just a dysfunctional mess, and I don't see any way they sold on Casey and Casey is a juggernaut, Casey's built to just be bad teams and run the score up on them. So there's two and then the past six I am against Aaron Rodgers, and I hear the paths did exactly what they love to do. They had a throwaway game the week before a big, nay game. They In total missionary position cow. How many times have we seen that there was TAT the ballot check snare position. Game will forfeit goes with three just saying I don't wanna show anything. There will be no tricks, yap, we're gonna, be
why this is generic were by what is this nobody's? Getting hurt, we're running right, not running any passive grog over the middle. We're doing just enough to win then said this, cousin Sal by the, I was physical, Milton Borough, yeah just pull out have to win. If it wasn't Monday, I might have just drifted to something else, yeah so did all the guns in the ammo for this week against Aaron Rodgers, and I just think- bears ten passed, six Kc eight and one slash two treating ten point he's all them have to cover bears just have to win Casey. Just ass, though, lose by less than two or win pats have to either win or lose by three or less so there you. Those are my pigs. Also honoured mentioned. Rams. I thought long and hard about taken the saints at home in this game. I just came in my head: go against Sean Mcvay, Vain therein,
yet at I dont be in the position. My life depended on it. I think the saints and they there on the best routines league of my life depended on it. I could not not do that in good conscience, so those around my picks and western fur I will put would just make it make it. One union on age will make the EU worth one million dollars each save one million dollars on all those games, but the vague and all that stuff. One more thing before we go to night his weapon. This up today, right here, would put the sub later this afternoon, the seltzer plan tonight and they are playing a home. I am against the market box. It's gonna be a fast anyone. These teams had a great seven game series last year. Great, so I'm where it was, it was compelling, was dramatic, but this
there are still in a weird Caleb. No man's land play rotation situation where. Corner, resolve their birthday prayers. I gay anxious the now. He might be too much for now three months from now, Bahrain out he's a shell of himself and itself in the Roman Obama suck about it, but they are still kind of playing him more than he should be playing. It doesn't look right, he's not confident he's afraid of physicality. I saw it in person last week. He is just kind of Gun I can understand why this is not a criticism grenade. I just think this gonna take time see at that situation where he is not somebody who should be closing a game and I'm not even sure, he's busy, starting at think they're doing that for his confidence. When I think and then you have the rosier smart situation where they just signed Smart, a guys been out there and crushed a lot
Rogers Guy, who was the point gardens in their almost made the come and be a fine as last year, one or both of those guys, I'm insidiously games their best light up nodded area of Bolivia. The postman, as I just from watching the games, thereby sign up, has been horrified Marcus, Morris Jailer Brown, Tatum, hiring. That is the most dangerous side out that can defend the best and do the most things. Maybe if a team that goes smaller, maybe but put Marcus Smart at their bid against you might the box that has a lot more length and is really pushing the pace. It's gonna fascinating game tonight and I white yes to watch it because you know you shouldn't watches, stood the horrible, a thirst for bugger, but a way as to watch it because
This is a game you can't mess around with, and this you can't play. Gorn are thirty minutes in this game. If he's not right and you're going to have to figure out with the pace like that, should the Celtics match that pace, I think they said they have been a really good defensive team, but this is the kind of you and least Tatum you only jail in you unleash great haircut, carry Mastercard of the season, mechanical total tell them you don't let the box outpace, you you don't let them shoot. More threes you kind of some other than the death. The death is going to be the key to this game. The fact that they go eight slash, nine deep. The problem for Stevens has been figuring. Had arranged that depth, who should be playing an heyward. Has this whole thing off, because it's basically his pre season these first few weeks as he gets comfortable, combined with the fact that Rozier and smart have to be comfortable with. We don't need you guys for thirty five minutes anymore. You guys got to give us fifteen to twenty
the minutes, it's been fascinating to watch. I think there, the most talented team. These does mean there, the best him but terrain Us Ross calibration issues better? It's a team that makes more sense cover I shall therefore a bunch of rope wares and ever It is happy their minutes, everybody knows who they are and they have devoted by eventually Larry together and crunch but they know they are. They know their best. Five geyser the injured, the interesting thing with the South EAST him. They don't know their best. Five guys are yet, and that is usually a recipe for disaster comply after So Stevens that challenge for him is who were my best five guys? How do I figure this out over the next four to five months? Add on I think it can be a situation where it's not always same crushed I might up and that team went smaller some now we gotta play markets, but the lab that brings a different set of problems you play
you're out of their own small. We need a second guard two to go against badly. These might be smart, you do use rosier, and if it's that consistent, neither guys can be happy. So this is happen over and over again. The idea that you have to know your best, nine guys are. You have to know who your best fibre and those nine guys have to know, it is an right now, there's some uncertainty so actually think this this game tonight against the box. Is a nice little litmus test game for the south for where they are, Amy could go one or two ways they could have their best game in the season, because I think he is starting to figure out the Lamb guys are the five Gaza or the bucks cages. Lay the back down and the energy may be wrong. Other stuff, hither thing. That more is does with that five. If you look at carry jail, Embrowned, Tatum preferred and then hey words are low energy, guys right, you put those five together, she's low energy and I
feel it when I was at that Orlando game last week. It was five guys theirs. Like a guy in their markets Morris bargain were in Roger, are both energy you know chest our guys and I think what needs to happen is at some point, Brad's gonna realize I have to have Tatum or carry out there. Times and I need at least one guy who has his chest out, booze, whose just a bulldog out there at all times, and where can I get in there? I could feel it in the last came against a trait they, the it started in the lineup Cisterna, make more that's so watch again tonight. I think it's gonna be one of the best ones of the air, and if you listen for this after the game, you you'll be thy while Simmons was really really caught some of this stuff, because I do think we're gonna learn a lot about both these teams. I don't normally overreact. Two November first basketball, but in this case,
I think there's going to be a really nice snapshot. I, where we are in the eastern conference, is only three teams that can make the finals in the east these two and Toronto, and really it's golden state, and in that is so just a chasm to the number two team in the west. I even know the number to ten minutes, but check it out tonight and enjoy the weekend. Listen to offer awesome, Pakistan, the reared. I come thanks to zip code. It I've got to go to secure that come slash, bs, thanks to just a bare rubber brown, thanks to near an Africa four million it. Today,
thanks to Simplisafe, they go beyond what home security should be intuitive design influences every step. Is caring home, like installation, Simplisafe ships right to your door, ready to go? Never stops there built in backups, protect you through power failures, WI, FI, outages, even baseball bats offer just one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month order. Today I get free shipping free returns, start your free rest rest rest mode. I can't talk risk free, sixty day trial.
Calm, slash bs at a simple safer to I said: Perceval COM, slash bs, and thanks to ninety nine designs, the global create a platform that makes it easy for designers inclines to work together. Logos, apps product packaging books should go to design resource for any budget. As I said, we use them fur, so customers for the ringer they designed it check it out at national disaster comfort. Such bill received a free man and our great on your first design contest just go that link then Amazon's that come forward such bill where creativity meets possibility enjoy the we I'll, be back Sunday with, because not with Africa, because he's gonna be worried. West, Jim Cunningham yeah. The card and the blow pen block it. In he's a starter, it's like when the Red Sox, bread Nathan of all, they are causing a starters reliever. We know how that went. Yes, Zammit areas that he's my Nathan about Jim Cunningham me cousin, south son, and I say it's backers pay
its backers comrade again see them further weakened. One way.
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