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Aziz Ansari on 'Master of None,' Hosting 'SNL,' and Kanye Studio Session Stories (Ep. 212)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Emmy Award–winning comedian Aziz Ansari to discuss shooting the second season of 'Master of None' in Italy (5:00), taking intense Italian lessons (15:00), directing modern Woody Allen moments (24:00), improvising scenes in auditions (29:30), hosting 'SNL' for the first time (33:00), stand-up at the Comedy Cellar (38:00), living outside the internet outrage cycle (43:00), working with Lorne Michaels (48:00), the untimely passing of Harris Wittels (53:45), shooting the 'Otis' video with Kanye and Jay Z (1:04:00), listening to Kanye albums before their release (1:08:00), Kanye and Jay's humorous side (1:12:00), the first time meeting Dave Chappelle (1:19:00), and the 'Girls' series finale internet controversy (1:25:00).
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Cousin sour new gambling podcast subscribed to that went to the second one went up this week and if you have again my problem, It's probably not as bad as south, but you manage the pakistani way. Anyway, there were more cause. It's out check those pike S out, we're awesome to buy the ringer dot, actually wrote. Peace with whole bunch. A ringer Stafford this week about the last second season a billion. So if you love billions check out that peace, we covered all the angles our common coming up. Sorry here we go
Is this inside part? Why Ireland? Since Isn t? The aim is both a sad it? The second part of this our scene, it so far away. The irony is I've never, meanwhile rise elderly, as they say. What's the same, billions episode four times like tat so catching early. Pre promotion of fatigue, oh yeah, yeah as their time enemies. They tell the same thing a bunch of times I wanna anecdotes. I want to become like what's his name like a Kendrick alarm and develop the reputation we in pressure
oh pressure as good, yet again, a corner for ecological, mars pressure. I wanted, I won't be. Was it about me tsars pressure know, I'd do Breathing people lose your job of he he does it out he tries to keep interview, mystery, yeah, what it will do that Melissa here would by any real mystery Melissa militias to be more mysterious, Wilma Miser people that made me do she's the every bar. I know this is price. I am yet for some kids broadcasts tomorrow, as a hundred listeners really should do it. I mean you, don't have to do it, but you know, Annie. Voters might be listening, I'm just saying as there are none you did a lad master, not well. Your friends are only just landline. I I don't do a ton of stability and I M very excited to done Europe Verger podcast before we have a lot of mutual friends, yeah, lotta, mutual friends and and look I
created the Red Sox man only he's red Sox, their elevating about his new. They play baseball last. I don't know about his preferences that my she's, a red Sox fab talks about sports, like MIKE sure and those guys and my brother, site. They saw at sight this whole a little. Sadly a thing and they target Ojeda. All these different kinds. Baseball. That rates expands. Our land were much better methods is days because we ve won through three world Series in nine years. The Bulgaria to try to create a showdown. If we, had never won the world Series, it would have been much darker share of the problem, but a murder and like opposite reality, guy I'm telling you you know. Alan is the here's, some of them mild bit of sports information. I know Alan broke both Achilles else tore both peculiarity both of his colleagues and I were ass. Yet he had, he tore the first one cause. He was playing basketball and like a racket ball,
Randomly just went into the bathroom awkward nailed, his Achillea Torres Collegial and then he had like a walker, and it was a very long ordeal Alan is the most up beat. You know, always use the bright side of things can a guy, but this was very hard to see this, because what happened? Was he then couple years later, the other one tour when he's playing basketball- and he said like I could feel it. I felt like it's happening and I think the only two people He said in his doctor was like it's you until we broke it at your door, both the killer seriously. I mean there's other people around here somewhere, but like other energy, rare injury, above all, it carries out, be herded only carry tearing both Achilles heel separately she's see ass though he doesn't is now really hidden the courts as much. I don't think, but how'd, you like change everyone, you Everyone Emmy well people referred to me as the award winner as these Ansari. That's that private biggest change
very it was a very fun night and was cool to get recognized like that. You know the show and what we thought was good. I don't think either of us anticipated the level of recession we got. It was such a so nice when he put everything in the something like really put your heart into it and and thread to be received. Well, as is the great feeling and. You know winning and Amy was cool is something I didn't expect to happen. I hung out your brother that night my brother he's abbess. Yeah. He was taking credit for everything. He is he is our number one job man, I'm telling you you got season to a new baby, pick certain jobs, sure he had a hand in them. He, human, our kind of show shocked, shall shocked by them. Think here that night, the shocking well out his speech rays. Could it be that shall shocked wives, I beg you even pair and he was there. I was that any doubly didn't get
as a saving anyway. Circling about how we are literally be so bad was literally just good. So for people didn t it islands oh good, set of hull areas, great speech and then I was gonna go on and say this I was literally gonna, think my parents and then dedicate the award to our friend Harris little surpass the way. That's all. I was going to say, as I want to thank my parents and dedicate this to our friend Harris Whittlesey Pathway were writing the series. They cut them on its own. So, where you mad, there was point over the next five days, Riga, mad about it, seemed a little crazy that they couldn't Lumm even speak for two seconds, but what is there to get mad about at what islands? That was a hilarious, great speech and we won towards the Mediterranean that about where you madmen Moonlight took the cut them make like. Can
and thanks to a whole other level with matters yet those ass bad ass, a different level of mix up, that's pretty bad. They fur Kimmel, though he now goes down for posterity is the highest asking us trying to explain to them. Three days later, hidden totally see it. He is the best man. I would see him in the back stages. Things, and I do not know about you like run some beer like hey man like we do, you know he's. I was an email, with him today, as he loves pizza right. And I love ISA and he has a pizza even and I have bits of anywhere like Ebay, about like the loose again feats of LE takes very seriously loves, peed, saying it was making pizzas, though email each other about like really nerdy shit We get outta here is for a really. Rather we make up. He wanted best. Friends is like the best Pierre yeah yeah yeah. So I think that got em yeah.
In silent, mainly Bianco pizzas. Yet he told me he took like twenty nine lessons with India, which is very respectable yeah. I was in Tokyo absolutely in Japan for a few months earlier this year and there the pizzas incredible, because these guys eyes have went to this. One guy went to Naples. Unlike learn how to make Neapolitan stop you too, then he went back to the lab back to Tokyo and opened up a near Paul and stop its place until your kind of applied, the the japanese work ethic towards making yeah and there's will end and the now he has always disciples that are opening up all sorts of pieces, so there's a huge pizza renaissance in Tokyo and it so the best pizza and also the best. Ever had, and I was email you mustn't you gotta get to Japan needs to speak, I was president guy like a week. You get sick compare them other arguments that raged assholes
was in Tokyo, eating pizza. What seems like you do. Allow traveller I'm getting away? You know I, whenever I finished Season one eye at the end of one my character goes to ITALY. To learn arabic, pasta? So after see, when AIR November in January I took some like three weeks have like, intends intaglio lessons and then move to the small. Town called Modena, intense italian lessons, yet two hours well justified screaming italian, under pressure such as its dense. They like put like a big rock on you and then yet the Yoke I'll, be redressed, figure it out, and I will take it up. You know Ma Am knows this woman would come We would do like two hours a day because it my my thinking was basically this has probably raised about an hour now. Two hours, probably on internet every day. Yes, I did.
That time, the learning skill like a language and over three weeks all that time would not have been losses not time it would have been doing anything productive by private, wasted time on the internet order. So I did that and then I was not great, but I was shaky, but I went to this town Carmona and I lived there. I went there by myself made friends there in an hour Leave us alone, which is a very scheme, for me, but I wanted to kind of do the character was doing so grand see what that experience is like trying to go somewhere, not know anyone. Kind of weird. It was weird because it was, I was doing it for the show and for research for the show, but it will be a very good thing for me and Bavaria. It was Leah. There was a really amazing experience for me, so whenever I finished season to us, if I want to do that again, this kind of live somewhere else and it's got a nice. It is get away from New York and you know if I'm there, I just kind of I found it.
Out of his going. You follow patter anywhere. I you end up eating at the same place in the same people do in the same stuff. So it's kind of nice is gonna, put yourself in a different varmint and I was writing, and so I I like the idea of being somewhere else when I'm writing away from kind of the distraction of New York and everything, and in this the cultural experience of kind of does living somewhere else meaning of the culture. I love Japan. I've been there a few times, but I've never spent like a long time there. So I tried to learn Japanese a little bit and then I stayed there for a few months and- and it was really good for the writing and everything, cuz We know why why cause when you're a writer, it's good to get knocked at your element and the uncomfortable. Yes, I read the book than airplanes. I guess must not sit in a six hour flight were numerous chaos and people walk around. I can't run you just kind of trapped, yeah rose grass so, when there's no wifi find yeah Lee my phone and home, and I have to go to a cafe that I don't know the wifi password. If I learned the Wifi password is done,
password. If I learned the Wifi password is done, what was start this is you know so nice people like asked. This is giving you know, is my like asked me to giving advice. This is my advice. Do this and the reason I think is what happens when I'm writing and tell me if you find this, I will hit a point where I live. Don't know where to go and those moments. I will send it won't. Let me check my email to check New York Times real, quick and then I'll go back to it right. But when I don't have my phone and I don't have internet, I hit that moment and I'm forced to kind of stay in that moment and When you stay in it, you can come out. You'll come up with an idea that I It's gone when you, when you take the break to go on the momentary Amazon Moulding you will. Let me to see what text I gotta, whatever yeah, it's the worst, Scott. When I was running grandma and I would had like five jobs- that's called gone in the bunker I'll be like I'm going to go right,
I'm, not I'm not chicken aim for like five hours. I dont dump email me when I'm out XO when I get out of it I was. I was always be scared. Something terrible had happened. While I was like not looking, nothing happened. You nothing have nothing. He knows number one time it was like. I had only check two hours before it say it's kind of evasion of urgency. Yet when right you master gun. Whenever filming, I never keep my phone on me and I murmured one time we're doing season one. There was this whole crazy drama that was happening about the cover of the book about gab like we're, not gonna meet some deadline or whatever here and there are just frantic emails, does all data and I opened my phone up at the end of the day, and I saw this whole chain crazy emails, huge exclamation point all caps and then, at the end of our guys we figure it out. We got to get worse and that would all I experience now did I open that up while were shooting I'm trying to shoot? The show where I'm like acting in
Breathing, rightly couldn't be more required to be present completely the job done now, and then I'm seeing their worrying about this thing than and then you know at the end, its all figured out an actor so nice to have it away because its it is, did we, our whole everyone's kind of work atmospheres creating these false sense of urgency, I think and its chain people out of being president doing a good job camels, the only person I've ever seen, who can do everything at once? He can answer all emails, you then he eats emails, he's writing jugs. I've got an email from him and it's like five fifteen and then I know he starts tape in the show at five twenty or whenever the Macao is email me about the stupid, Steve Garbage. Photo. I sent over Something Ba Zis just able to. I can't do it quick break to talk about our old France had stamped Stockholm there, one of my oldest friends, I feel like I've, been mentioned them in park ever since I started doing them, convened easy, reliable, flexible my favorite words to describe stamps that COM
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did mass the first season when you create a UK Now the carriages not stuff. As you now and re, and little Harris nodded it is obvious that about here, as we just do not arrive, does my brother, my brother's writer button. Season we haven't, we must aim Harris, Widdle, Yale, ok, here's little was around So what's the time would still team adding any airline? Ok, so seasonal on me now created a show together right, we were finishing up parks, rack I go to our legal hey. I think we should do is show an owl night. Gotta lightly, always talked about doing, showed, You can a weird. I don't know I've never told elements, but I remember the intellect, but whenever we fur started parks, and this can be emotional. No, I didn't ask again once again into the heaviest of, though very them clean x is respected. Both the dogs on lady about hair is broken out or once we get like ten minutes, and I think I can do for the guardian. Peace was really are bound to for equipment. Like a man. How did you do that? I have
connection. They you don't even know about a week ago. The master none of his master- none, something I want to say, is Alan, I started parks from the gig, oh yeah,. He was writer. I was one of the actors and you know both the kind of young single eyes? You know everyone else, a little bit older, married whatever, but I'll nigh were both about the same age and he really love and we d start hang out and whenever, but I I I remember thinking oh you know often people on this. Shows they find a rider that they get along with and they end up creating their own show together, and I was like oh, I could see myself doing that with this guy, like we get along really well and he's very funny and he's really the best partner you can have, because.
Kind of he's. So disciplined he's really hard on stuff. He kind of can't. We can complement each other in really great ways and, as you know, we decided we're gonna do the show together. We always talk about us. Do some show together where we're on Parson rack, which is fill Manila, its twenty to observe so much unwilling. Let's do ten episodes and do it in Ella. Have you been in new? Is the Netflix been stuff really started yet or now now If there was any Rayner, we pitched blast, you ve done it, like. The only shows Annapolis warehouse gardeners, new black denominating s, brain and then now it's like to have a new show coming out every day, on a nap luxurious right now there are home his visitor, corrupt, we're doing press for that. Do history, you got it,
folks in its new releases that it's like seventeen. You thinks a billion, it's good for yet another unless those spotlight thing to the major. Well, luckily we got in early, and yet you dined, you know one of their more premier, titles or whatever you want to call. Anyway. So so you need and want to do twenty occasionally the guides us any its there's. No reason for that. Many episodes of anything arousing there needs to be like seven seasons of all these things either there you know anyway, So that's different story, but so far we thank the six season of girls back. If you could, I didn't, I ought to be outside and keep watching I don't know I just, and I know you know what I'd better known. How do I There is no genuine, Lena their sole reason and I want to re run visitor there. They are very sweet and you know you kind of Leah, so nice like when I started master, I called her and answers and staff and, like you know, do you think I should rack and things like that- she's, whose very nice about it by everyone, comedies, very nice and very
sometimes do ask that question. That's people. Do you think I should direct well, I like hey like as some people like hey man, it's too much too, like direct and be in it like or you know, if you do like do the last blah union rather than you know, you know, and I will not an easy thing to do, but she was that you'll be fine, it'll, be fine, I can't imagine now mean unaided way more. This season, then I'd directed last season. I direct verses and directed to the seas, and I directed for but one of them was a double up, so it is really five and it was a lot but was really fun and I was way more confident and and as a director I knew what I was doing a lot more. I can never tell hard directing was cause, I'm a huge amount to no fan and Jason, please we started directing episodes, unlike his is Is this easy, like I or sea level, the next Orson Welles or it's gotta, be one or the other. You know Jason lots. Of learning
Antonio whenever he wanted to do his absolute same resided investors. I really do that interesting sounds, but when will you do you'd tat you Dublin in the seventies, the new rule in, and the first season was watching a lot of like the Woody Allen stuff, and was I got it? Can we do a modern version of this stuff, but then and in between the season when I was living in ITALY at work in the past job during the day and the afternoon I was kind of going to go into a kind of film school in my apartment, I was watching. All this stuff and seen as watching a lot of Italians in America's it seemed kind of appropriate, is watching, like you know, a lot of them from the cleanest of anti inner and tone Yoni, and you know random things like seeds for marriage, which you your mentioning the link later stuff, and I got the I've watched you remarriage because they said when there putting before midnight, they were the reference teens for marriage, which is a motor they might. I worry me, I'm thirty four. So basically the exact same age as Ethan hogs Character and the trilogy allow us in its way
because when I saw the first one I was just as ideal, is think about love and all that stuff, as the character was nervous, you can it and then you hit the second one and its like I'm a little jaded now, but I still believe in the third one cycle of socks. I hate everything can still yeah yeah. I'm still, I thought I'm still in the second one am hadn't hit the third when you on that and that dark here ever married for a long time I don't feel like, but can see the third one there are then come here the third. Now you can see it, it's a shadow that look written. By the ILO. That's what's Eileen about order where he's like by himself living abroad, Alla time and avoiding having a life as a dark analysis. Or you're thinking and a half one or the first in a half I'm in I'm Hin, I'm in in the image I mean I'm like right. For he got married to delay. He perfect one that it is about the new dallying divorce
Well, we're we're, but I'd like to hear about nowhere dogma lick later in life and why, in view of your marriage, has already seen remarriage, but first you tonight, you know before sunset when my favorite films ever and I love that kind of very fond of talking about relationships is felt so real and I remember reading interviews about like how they would write and things and one thing they do. That also. Cubic dad did as well, where you it improvise dialogue with the actors and recorded yeah. He was gonna, improvised scenes and recorded and then use those recordings to kind of right your script, and so I would do that a lot. I do to get a lot with in the second season, especially did it and we are all. I would do it like with no l a lot and then the second season, as of now really worked, it helps the dialect feel no more natural. So I did a lot with Eric. I did at a time with Alessandro who plays the love interestin in season two. We spend our time doing that and
It was very helpful, so I read one thing from a while back when you talked about that- and I was fascinated by you: did it cuz I've always been fascinated by how they did then? How do we doubt the outlets deference Sunday, the same process. I have they put of their positions in scenes. I would phase and they just go, and, unlike the other means like ok, so I would just when it whenever we audition sound his character, we did improv. I would just say, like ok, we'll universities and you're, making very said Jimmy Chemisette us the first. The first season right, the diverse seeing is a condom breaks and when we have decided we're, gonna get pale right, and so It is real like lets. Us loses play a very real and she made choices are interesting and more interesting than what we just written, and so I use that to rewrite the script, and we did that with a bunch of she makes a choice as you go back, you re,
right the script, and we did that with a bunch of she makes a choice as you go back, you re right it and then she goes back and she axe off the land you gave or their system IMF in private. That point well know it's kind of like we so I would say- and we re really- we remain its scope. We would do it like ok, so I would you know if the scene is like, let's AIDS, that scene with the condom right yeah, so I dont know I let us do that. Seen in and we built is gonna make the choice to play a very real, not gopher, jokes at all and is playing a real something funny happens gray, but it's really is about playing a very real and treating it like a real situation to get very natural, a performance, and so we would then MRI and we would do that like a few times and then I would go back and remember, ok, which bits were really funny or which things are really interesting that we landed on, which are you know? Sometimes I might say: ok this time you don't care that it's broken and you just You just do a bunch any kind of see what feels right and use that
this time, you're nervous, and you know we would try and then just kind of see you just do a bunch and you kind of see what feels right and use that to kind of all of those. He's all images of this. What I do, I don't know what the other guys, but that's what I do. I would do a bundle getting feedback from anybody Let us now and say and use take too. You know I didn't. I just do that with it with the actors are gonna rather myself in it. It's not ever rigorous thing. It's like you just kind of field, feels right. You remember all that thing when you said that I was funny. We should try to put that in and you know, and then we read it again and just do you like at this- feels pretty naturally hit the right beats and it's not too long or too sure How somewheres I too would like Kirby enthusiasm, does cause it's likely lean over them. I don't want. It seems like put Simon structure. They had their but there's something structure where I think the atom, while their onset, I mean yes, this is like almost like kind of rehearsals re would do you know, and I think that's a closer link later in what I've read about so what happens if you cast somebody who's, not good, at improving Avery.
Do we cast your head for big room, big role as part of the audition is like an improvising. I know Elles audition. She did a thing where we we does improvised that kind of breaking thing, unlike when in Lena's audition we did an improv about. You know something that was in one of the absurd, so everyone that we cast in the big parts there. There are comfortable with clear dance, clear days: you didn't you don't get interesting issues clear day and she's she's a legend into sandaled everything, Hesiod Irish up was we, You do that kind of him. I don't do that with every scenery. You're only would like certain scenes at a really for whatever reason lend themselves to that process You know the reason why this couldn't have been twenty two episodes you two had been. Complete twenty Epsom astronaut I'd I'd be like. I can't do that. I'm quitting again such When you saw their data networks, Just say yeah would do ten will put him about the same time. Will they take picture on everywhere? The end
everyone was into a they like the idea of this. You know some sort of Aziz show and Netflix is only one. Those like we're about doing Pilar anything. Ten episodes is due at loo, and- and this was what or Netflix yeah. You know really doing a lot of original programme, but I knew them from doing the stand of special to them and it just seem like where things were headed yeah. I would not have guess it's. It would be a disgrace. It is right now, but what are we talking like two thousand fourteen or too early to does? Fifteen may have been two thousand fourteen. I guess You were early we're really early. I really should brag about AIDS were what whenever we did, the meeting there was supposed to refer very oranges, new blackened one for house of the cards. It's all they, I think today, then and Lillehammer, an american gangsters in no way. How do we all know, lillehammer area
No the hammer is losing. It got a little, thereby is like Mother Parkers Company Lillehammer, like it we like what Lillehammer gets, gets law Neither may bring more about seeing the future Netflix you mean cried nodded, if your few repression thing to see, but nobody no receive, as you do in your season to promotion. Look, I looked at the landscape, This is a valid as member I set out in the sun was shining at us and as this is where its go and man we gotta get in now, I have no clue what we are. Finally, we are, We were in their pre early, but by the time the show came out. They had other things too, as we took a while when we came up as we ended up getting another season of oxen wreck, and so we did, we did like the half sees in the parks and recognition
We started making issue, but during the whole time I would have talks and things, and we came up with a few scripts and ideas before even officially started running we came with the parents, are pursued, declared aim of soda one. That's called other man and dumb so we were, we were still talking in Ireland. I even when we're not working or always it shows always in the back of our minds. We kind of talk about things like in between season want and season two we kind of talked about we just I talk on the phone like maybe an hour or so, and it's just kind of acting like it would be something exciting to do, not fear none. This is the first time we kind of knew we had the shows and what it was in everything so given and game like some people are saying, this is sick seasons and I'm out- and I know how it ends me- I might be too and out- I don't know the ILO cycle. People say they know I'd ants, there's no way to actually now and you don't just exited how the other, because we're watching that the girls thing and over as a civil girls is so I am. I don't want any shows
I don't know when they arise. I bought gamma thrones, but I don't want any calmly suckers his fields like feel strange. It's like, if you're you know, if you, if you are, if you made copy tables and then you went home and watches, show by making Gothic able it's not it's, it's doesn't feel it's not. Don't get the same thing out of it. Well, I don't understand why it's just like way. Feels like what I get died or watching here yeah. I guess my coffee table nails. Because my stepmother was always very early. Every three cleared fell by has a doctor. You couldn't watching our their cause used to say no, what I like to act as like now, I'm not like watching the shown great criticise, yet it just you just Yeats, a different feeling, gotcha! So but I do so. I was curious what they did in the end. You know, because I know that's, it must be big moment for them, and you know I know them a little bit, and so I watch I just saw the previously on four and five
I saw the previously on and an eye password in view of the very last shot was so hedges very weird way, to watch that shit, what the hell's happening, she's waiting an asian guy, what you get a black beard had Andalusia, there's too much diversity. Here I remember when I was more way: girls, black baby, one guy girls didn't an asian guy. They went too far. It is true that The first is that there is a two way to eight to eight one way or another city, like called allies like what's up with a baby, and here like well. She starts Rizzo, Med and its hideous and ass. I know man, neither me or any where that Brown we're boy Indians, real raised from where do no harm. Man, I don't know, but he was greater than I had ever to presidency. I saw I was an observer. I wonder is really get says here. The nice little HBO run
the data every year neurons, who was gay but sluts, let's do this It is easy to adding even audition result. That is annoying man, sometimes him dead Battelle, more respect, but at least let me audition born you game. Call me too did read further thing like lion. Just give you one car activities went in and read they didn't you yet to read for Africa? I can't play serious. You seen the shell its a drama, drama scenes as well. Take out the comedy. Imagine that the disease in Lyon Spine but I notice that this is going well. You worried, I knew before Yes, I have seen the Shoah would admit blue eyes. Well, I guess you know different IBM, since there is no wisdom roused up anyway. Yeah, I never get Abner. I didn't wear that one of the big debt, but tell me I'd ever got darted in Berlin. I did not.
On the very one was summed up some dog. I did not dish and what's the other one, the life apply. That's not dare Patel, but then- it even commie there's like five Ngos that are major in annex. I do not want to see me hearing Gimme a shot, you're, not united, Alice, let's, let's not guys. We don't have ten minutes to let Aziz read what are the chances he could possibly pull this off he's. I ve been on eight seasons of television rights, I think that even a bit, I'm serious nine. I don't think you do to bet you listen and sharing my agent I tried it is. How do you wanna get added to do you work on your stand up if your ass are working on, the show deserve to be one of the other. I don't I don't do understand a blunder. Show it's impossible. You doing I'd, be doing, the show the shore. You know, I'm the first, I'm their firm. Like you know,
seven the morning till seven eight a night. So if I d done than when it did stand about words, a graveyard too much, but whenever it last Sunday did stand up was when I did ass, an owl monologue yeah, and for that that I really did more Stanhope than ever done because
oh I had was- I mean we're glad I, like you, kept gone like files, I seven weeks practice in the materials I only had I had a month, so I finish master of non season to finish, shooting yet and finishes in two, and I stayed because I wanted to so I shall I directed Ipsos, nine and ten and last week in a we were only supposed to shoot to like before Thanksgiving, but because we did episode, nine is double episode and dumb because of some extra time that was involved and pulling up the ITALY episodes it it took. It took us all the wait till basically like before Christmas, like MID December, so yeah, and- and so we finish, shooting another. You know what I want to edit my cut of the absolute nine intend before I leave and send it to those guys as a kind of Christmas present like here. You finish my cut, and so I stayed and edited the
since I finished my kind of right before Christmas holiday, like while I'm like kind of done for a while. This is great and I was the hardest. I worked on anything of a minute, your Japan and pizza. Not quite yet, I found myself to come back and edit in January February, but I was done for while another agony. I don't know what I was going to those are going to go somewhere for for Christmas is somewhere and do something and then than bit. I'm not even exaggerate the night of that. When I finished the cut I went to some Christmas party. I ran into one of the people in the town department. Essential she's like I've, been trying to get you all day. We were Have you host and others like. Oh my god, never has the right I'd never hosted and as a community and, as you are currently big, He's always been year, and you know, as someone that's
New York. He always go to the show and you go in and friends host and things like that. So with someone had always really want to do, and I in off course as yes every I forget everything else I plan on them. Gonna do this to do, but as like, ok, it's a month from now, it's a day after the inauguration, I haven't done any stand up I've read something about Chapelle attacking the Louis like before he did us now and I added run in with him as well at the comedy seller, that was a really crazy month. Yes, stand of comedy because Chapin, was dropping in Louie was dropping in rock was dropping every one was like working on stuff, so you would go to the seller there's one thing: they was a whole New York Times article about it. Where was Seinfeld, I remember that Japan and we have created, but there are so many nights rose like someone would go to the comedy seller and it be like me Louis Rock like that, I'm in all the time they have no idea that yours go out, but that night, what they wrote in your time now is decreasing idea. Even it either
as a comedian. You know I was here: This is crazy, it's really crazy. Does it does it foster like a little one? Upmanship urges people just so happened to be there that their native thicken one hour. I do not want to look at what it Iraq is there and he is like him in what he work not rest. Now I want to see and do this good man you know, but so I had a month till I get to set ready and a new was gonna be so I saw Louis and I was like all right man. What do I do? How do I do this? How do I pull this off and he said all right: this will be the stand up set, don't want any sand upset. You do more than that says I'll, be your most watched him that you've ever done and said you don't don't try to write a set for this. Just do your best stuff and you'll be fine. I said Louis Stuff I've been shooting my shell now my step as my last special and he's like. Oh, you need to be here, and I, like you, I know that's my plan and so I'd is
had never went so hard see you in a whirlwind I did. I would do like so. The comedy seller has three rooms. They have the main kind of room that you seem like a loser whatever, and then they have these too little of satellite rose. One one is like a little bigger version of the council are another one is kind of a kind of lounge kind of thing. It's a little weird and they, the commie seller, had always shows for holidays. So they would do three shows a night and all those room, and I would just do as many as a good I would do like. I would do eight ten, a night dislike running back and forth problem but the little I came away and I did the same thing at the comedy stars you of a few days and I would go Bobo. Does he go one after another, the communes, to examine what is grab me and like her? I quickly quickly at as do all the rooms and the key any stand up. That's you know that you're trying to really good the key to This is repetition dislike fining little new moments running it over and over trying different things, and is very
Inspiring to see guys like rock or Lui or whoever, who have that same level of Derek Emmi Rock he's onto right now, You would not believe how hard you worked on that tour. You would not believe it I mean he's had he could have. He could have done that to her whenever, but he works to get to the level it is now and we just keep doing sets but I was like art. I'm gonna make the set really good. Yeah I'm in advancing the Helios ii money for its excellent. He worked so hard on it, but anyway, so I was like art. I'm gonna make the set really good. I knew was gonna, be a big stand upset because the day after the inauguration, right and is tricky, could perfectly well, it's a huge spot and you don't know what's going to happen because it so it's so weird I mean the day before was the inauguration right I mean everyone was so down. I mean on that set yeah I'd never been. It was
Something truly awful had happened. Everyone was so sad. It wasn't even like something truly offered happened, yet some other things really awful it. I honestly I could, but yeah was so that an erroneous down as economic worship what's gonna happen here and then the next day that women's Marge does boosted everyone, spirits and a change of you things because of that I to change the day of them, because everyone's mood was totally different. That day,
but that set I worked on it and you know again. There was a time where, after I've been working like two weeks, if you act as if you have to do s not more, I could have done something or private fine, but I kept working where we're going to the cape. I probably wrote about maybe thirty minutes a material and then pulled down to that eight. Those like the best stuff right, but you know I was constantly like talking Iraq and would send him files of things you super nice and very often will you know he was. He sent me a tax that I will never yet I did a centrally on another ganging to keep pushing and try to beat the stuff in the end he is like. Look today, have the regulation you're doing the monologue. Be big seize the moment, and I really inspire me like worked really hard. Is then that idea, like be big, sees a moment? It's it's amazing. How yours like Rock and Santa Lucy, these guys, there's Thursday. A community of standards?
that an agency with the Jeff for us, sometimes on a comedian dies. Everybody rallies. The community that Russia have talked about it. I don't even know what you would compared to its it's. It's like your bonded by something about that gig and doing in doing things and the scars. You have an epic. Yes, oh you, only have each other to talk about it. Looked like colossal If I do an arena to her, whom I talk to you know, there's only so many few may people like before I did that get some point. I was doing everything like a text. Another came in like the sex are sure you like, but it's not cut throat. It seems, like you guys around You are everyone's ruining for each other S, back I don't know any other people that are me and then I mean you know like it. You know
Everyone calls airborne, ask them out things. You know. Rock was trying to get his like stayed set up. You like you know. What did you do for years ago? You know be willing taunted, like no one is like an old man alive and give you a guy who did have a like what the fuck do. You mean and now I Hannibal, I can't tell you any any tips on then a theatre now Netflix is, blown out the market for Steno comedy I had ever seen: evil monopoly visas, simply legal man did you further for the cash rents good thing for you, well. I didn't get anything like those checks I didn't get up. What's get the Chapelle check the disease jack? What is a great some great chair, suppose. It adds that Chapelle Rock checks, or a little bigger one, more break to talk about blue apron, my son caused them blue approved because he
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They always throw in one thing I can't parnasse. They know I can't read Re Nike first boy prevails for free with free shipping, just go to Brenda COM, Slash bs, do not go to blue approved, go to blue apron, dotcom, Slash, bs, blue apron, a better way to cook back to his ease you found that do and stand up in. Hate. This question, but I was farmers are Vasco whenever I have submitted a stand up in two thousand seventh. Now obtain everybody is with everything in the county. They come after. You is that you are just anyone at social media. They said this, I never comes. I I I sat squarely, I'm off the green, honest and eating, you're off the grid, and you don't know about it or don't engage with it. It doesn't exist really.
Do not ever. I do the happy to have a conversation with somebody in person about anything, but the alot of that stuff is people taking things out of context and, as you know, not having a thoughtful, Discussion about something grabbing like a tiny excerpted blown it out. Here I mean I, you know I've seen it with other people start my stuff whatever and it's I don't know it's not. I kind of got off a caravan and pre off the internet. Stuff because I just started realise even like the New York Times, sometimes unlike arenas trumps, unlike what am I reading these like reading wrestling? where's or something I read. It doesn't even seem real anymore. It's these discount, a cycle of he said this crazy thing. Today's still hasn't,
guy. Some other people are saying is pretty fucked up. Aids can. Is that he's burden really and in that psycho? How many times can you read that cycle for your? Like? I don't know if this is really making a smarter personal. I don't know, I'm learning are becoming more aware of something in the world. I think I'm just following this weird soap, opera that it's just drain read, it is like afford a psycho. This is why booted I still like Twitter Cosette. News from it, but I made it everybody. I my favorite talks, bioethics, salary, yeah it's a much nicer life. You know I really a few years ago. I unfair everyone on Twitter and Instagram. I took em both on my phone and I remember one time like while I'm really gonna not know what people are up to or whatever and it's fine. Ok, a while you re, oh, I don't need to know in the stuff. It doesn't affect me to know it trumpets like. Oh, we might get a word North Korea, like I'd like to know that
happened. I've gone down. Yanza gives this going down. Now Japan impedes submarine over there. The sands bat like I'd like to know that, but for the most part like the fort cycle of China this year We believe it. You know Why would he say that I really happy about master have done? The second season is that everything was written before he got elected and there's no mention of him at all. Whole series- and I feel, like I, a young so in and everything he's gotta be passed. Really, a man seen do yeah there there's. Yet it's. I feel at ease salami president, every piece of culture now that it's nice world makes make gotta ruin setter alive for me so Action center laugh since one thousand nine hundred and seventy five- and this is the first year that I don't totally care. If I watch I can't do trumpeting why'd, you haven't trumpeting. Yet. Oh it's beyond fatigue. It's like! What's worse than fatigue p,
Ptsd, I don't. I don't even know whatever the overloaded something it's an. I can't air between our Baldwin and sharp anymore. We now Barnes doing their imitation and even though I can tell difference Ike you wanna talk about it. They had an aim. At the same time, I am like I'm gave fatigue you talk about. This is this is where it takes the german version. Will you talk about other, so much with her out on every medium, prolonged to what was the heart is evil trumpeting like no bill. You literally, we have to protect you from this conversation. What was that This thing about hosting ESA. You expect for me, I am very used to being in control of everything yeah and there you really have to trust them. It's their share. Their dressing you and yet there like. There are literally pulling your pain
softly on new pants on here with a very fine and silly, but I was like ok, zis dont doin here and try to control everything. Let them do their thing and I feel like I did that in a good when didn overstepping boundaries, but it was such a like, as you know, Sarah Snyder, who is one of the head writers, she writes on master and on, and it was cool like be there when she is their own and other people. I know from the gas and stuff- and there are all too so nice and they're always really nice It means a hosting the life and beans us and stuff, and so it was really fun do year. Imitation of more and interacting with you and do learns worse. Minetta seems like a set up for it. I mean it? I had ever, but everybody here too, who deals with law and they love and they are maintained his voice, and I am not sure that guy and he is like such He'S- a legend man dislike here. He is. I know I've been so fashionable you do it
I did a pot in his office. Oh, you did probably eyes, probably my number one favor pottery dead, I'm in his face facts, more Michael's, yet he we would also bring working hours is thus a great telling all the story there and I love the utility set as really funny. You very fine said Cecily, so they had this dinner right. You go and and some of the castle writers come and I I was just very nervous. Sprite, like my will thing, would do in the shows like I don't even want the show to be good as much as I want them to be, like a he's great. Let's have him back. I just wanted and that we can then be like you know what we should have as these backs that's all I wanted. You know no one of the showed it, but you know enemy so has very nervous at times and sore at this dinner and its long, Canada's writers- and you know I can be a pretty
why guy sometimes I'm very shy at times you and see there and I'm not really said, watch at this dinner. I am just saying little things here and there in whatever, but am generally pre quiet and then we're going goes. I cannot, I do indeed currently the psyche. Guess you got that You know what I don't like about the woozy, you know what I hate about? His ease is he's always on as self letter had loved, because I wasn't saying anything you like this guy's gonna who's, the guy staring at the bread he's. Those so my thoughts, go Judas job, but did you see the urine and invite a return? I should point out. I mean I hope so is this. Is it was one of my favorite things of Aragon to do so? I hope I do it again. That's great did you. You grew up in
you grew up in South Carolina, but they knew when she moved to New York or when, just I will end here, I went to New York in two thousand to go to college. I augur near at hand when, when you start to stand up summer, two thousand and one so yeah ass? It goes on the radar already earthly heavy industry and with it the colony seller. Firstly, they really understand it was economy, seller and memories to go. I used to go there to watch and won the first times went Chris Rock dropped. It are you not err, told him the story he dropped in and he d tanked, whose work on new stuffy tact and has like. While this is really cool
That's cool that you watched him the fail. This is this art form yeah that you're the best guy one of the best as its ever done this and you can still ever awful night. That's it very amazing. Art form the baseball golfer force, Bob Jose play baseball, go for to go for everyday anyway, rocked cool, but I'm sure baseball school, but he I remember seeing in the night and but what was really cool was there like? We have special guess and then you didn't know who is in a calm and there, like Chris Rock. I was a little kid there's like that. You know I'd been inside Carolina knew every word is specials. Never in a million years thought I would ever see him in a tiny club like that, you,
if you add up to that disease and Tom Hey one day, you're gonna drop in when I did the garden purely as a garden like a big deal. Yes, it's big deal, but I think some report follow me when I was working on the material and I dropped in like that, and I told her you know I do in the gardens grape. I see like the coolest thing to me is that I get yeah- and I told her you know I do in the gardens grape. I see like the coolest thing to me, is that I get to be honest people a drop in the come seller. That's like such an honour, the only let a few people do that and you know when you get to the point where you go to any common place, and they just want you to get on state amazing, because when you are young com,
all you want to do is get on stage, but you'd ye would hope you get one spot. That was good, like a good spot, like at nine o clock on a Thursday. You know that Guy Vienna Weekend, where there's a good, energetic crown and I'm going to comic someone's, been phrase crowds all time, they're, so good, and now it's like. Oh, I owe it to that young Aziz, two dead. There's that that privilege I have and use as much as I can remember, cast off get up as much as I can make must have as good as it can be I have this huge advantage that, as you know, to be able to go up like that, so you how far you from another stand of special got forever. Oh sorry, Rhoeteum disease. You just said now heard the noise I owe it to the others, ISA once alike, direct and write more to do to work on Africa at the battle of the tools
yeah, but I want here my hair story, riddles. Yes, please you don't have a story about my cousin yeah. Little story I wrote for Jimmy. We need the american musical words like three years in a row when you're Jeff did it What Yoda Animal not host this why he was good at the Asker see hosted like Julian Sawston rose. Master But then one year he need a writer and Jeff couldn't do it and Sarah friends of Harris and he Jimmy's Danny seriously So Harris comes in any, they barely says anything for leg: You were there the whole Dan. We had a anything and then the day Vegas disquiet Ghana, MIKE what the flagging out like I can't believe you listen Acerra on their site this guide and then he's. Edit sneak them in and then, as I again it yeah
just like these little thing or so fast forward to doing grantline like two thousand eleven, and he starts humble brag. The twitter account, which I thought was brilliant and I loved their verify. I can't remember. It can either came out that he was doing it where I found out. He was doing it and I e mail terminals at your fuckin, humble break guy cause. He hadn't said who was yet, and I Then we started emailing. A movie did ground when the first month here gonna, be use, can be agreed on every month. Do Nobile brag prior rankings all yeas again. Let me I think why, somewhere third week, you didn't do that you didn't. We did didn't labour that yeah. I think he did like eight or nine months and around it was like the funniest things we ran every time. It was like just great and then I'll send you one off the grid, and I didn't know he was having personal issues that point, but it was like a man you going to write. No response. It's gonna, nothing,
and then it was. I glares goes to us as I think that's weird, and then he comes back. Can you wrote like two more, I think two or three more and the now is there, and then I knew that after that I knew about problems yet anyway, so he died. Then I think, like two weeks later, his brother in law emailed us and said Harris Bequeath of his wrestling figures to ground and he gave us all wrestling figures were and then He also said he something about he had baseball cards is ichorous. One ability you don't you want. The baseball cards like yeah so have Harris's baseball AIDS in the resting figures which we had a grantline unnatural and happened to because they get announced by air. As you know, I I
That sounds like a risk, as it seems most of the people. I know who knew him said that sounded like a hare, smooth sorry whose, like Saudi, like thing about midway mesmerizing figured it's like brought up like really dark memory, but How about this incident is women sewing, etc? Bycatch disquieting, Good thing is, it's: a pack has weakened editor. If you wanna take a break, our involves the unceasing one yeah. So whenever we got the show you the first person I wanted to be a writer, I had written a couple of movies with him that never got made, but they're always it was. I sell finery
Here's my is my favorite com, my river, just like this. As far as like jokes, it seems, a huge everybody's favour who were to them. He was, as you would be in a room. I mean it. I add my last memory of him was: why were we are working on mass run when he passed yeah and dumb hee hee Why you go down this path bill? You know, gonna happen. Now I didn't you. The tears roof. Where that tape in this you knew this would happen. I had to tell you the rest figure story? Had I tell you that If anyone has triggered a dark member, I remain, and now it's fine.
Well my last memories with him was we were sitting in the room and we're inside? Does it was near the end of the day and were kind of tired and retrain figure out this one Jochen hairs on phone? I created some unite. Try in mastering the writers room, I say: eight, don't keep your phones on like don't check your phone progressing on in a drawer over there. Areas it has given the new users fell good. So I, like so tired with her ass, the others, jug and he's looks up, and he says something does like the funniest thing, as I you're. The best has put it in. But he was. There was any supposed to be on the show he was gonna play. My friends and God. Ah, you saw excited so excited act. He really want to be an actor and on his very excited I mean you know, he's moon in Europe. It was,
Yeah we almost finished riding by the time you pass and it was right before you're about to go to New York or go do some more riding in New York and then start filming and. He. He would have you like edited Mozilla. They didn't get set out anyway, so he had to get other per hour. We wanted sorry listeners. He he was He was our other. You know whenever me an hour and around. He was right in the room, yeah. You know he was someone we distrusted so much. He was come at you'd only come in like three days weeks. He was, he was doing treatment. He was in. You know he was, you know, really fighting this thing.
The open about it is very open about it, and I was so naive about. I thought: well he's getting dream and everything should be fine. He wants to do. Is you know, stop anymore he's getting he's really being aggressive about three have died. I didn't think I ever thought something like what happened could happen. I could not have been more shocked when I got there call a really come sooner, but he was you know he was a huge voice in the show he. You know a lot of you. You know what would have been your favorite jokes and the first season word lines. He came up with some moments he came up with and he was pretty much. Therefore, the writings of most except for the last few, I think. After you asked me to finish those but are gone, it's it's hard thing. You know he's one of guys, those guys you know you're Frederick. I should see that guy more often he's always one of those friends from rang with each other at a blast and there's a hang out with Harris more
and never did not see him every now and then- and you know, he'd live not far away from me and you know, but we were working together. So much can we were working together on the show and work together. Some script sourdough CM at seeing the parks and but now he was. He was a really incredible town and it's not hyperbole to stop people save on its archer God. At the bottom. Yes nominal, even other pauses, the everyone added bits legitimate. I've got eyes, fine yea. I know it's all fine, but I'm sorry. I had to pay the wrestling figure story. What else can we talk about? but the armored, what everything that can be half hour now we ve. Now, though, I like doing park as is very long, is an interesting conversation, and it's it's it's. It's kind of the antithesis of what our time on earlier about the kind of twitter stuff words taking things that account
whereas exit along Nino Thoughtful discussed. We need new, though, when you do like the late night chosen staff and its seven minutes, That's fine in its own way in a different way, and you know now I've done those things so much. It's so different. Now, Zimmermann at first did those show those so nervous, and your first, why did was Kimmel kills a first person than add me ownership, and I was so. You know nervous and like how my stories and like with as tightly thing and now I've done, though so me, times. I know these guys all pretty well different levels and maneuver you dont want assurance. One was idle. There have I doubt uncle bear those very fun. You dislike to segments hey, I get a lot of announcements and yeah did so different now do in those years, but that's a different thing. You know I enjoy how I wish I could have long homer Jason like this, would Conan that'd. Then we really fun. Did you ever think about hosting Natasha
you know I would love to do a thing like this in to talk to interesting people. I don't have time, I got it, but you know you only have so much time. So I gotta see an item and hosting package. Natasha I mean The sombre some sort of thing right talk- people I like you know I enjoyed is too, I'm very curious about people and and and in a different people, do different things and men and the unanimity cares. No sea should be enjoying this will enjoy because every time you have a kid, you lose like fifteen percent of your proto potential productivity and fear. I'm just like you, you at your Abernathy seventy percent, sometimes I'm just like in living my life and unlike what have adequate right now, oh shit, where, without this be it such a bad I'm never around gotta be bad, the greatest and most Japan for two months. These pizza right, gotta get away everything to me. People has presented is see a kid. Here's, your nanny, there's a Britain by
go in ITALY. Can I come no. Going alone, yeah yeah, I think, give carved out a nine kid life. Have I gotta figure something out So I can't keep doing this, but I enjoy doing now does help me right. You know what I've realize it's kind of like you, come up with ideas in the shower. Does it take my whole life pulling in the shower by learning different places, its mode of life in the shower? however, is doubt me: will you actually friends with Kenya Razetta now you know I know I'm pretty well, you know, I don't see him as you too. It's like anybody. Anyone say the Navy was they got married now, given every year more but yeah I used to how do I first met him. He saw some bid. I did then it cannot. No, I didn't Largo then don't think the large long, yeah yeah he can Largo and in a way an interesting person and you celebrity, there's a whole the of him as
I don't think there's any way to get a handle on em or describe hammer what his, what it is, because the innovations are no INA lady. He such an interesting person and you know, there's a whole the of him, as does that some people have them in that. You know I don't know he is that is. It is also nice, guy, that I met the you know he came waited Geigy ha, you know, is we got you but he's very, even the most interesting thing that experience when I was you know there is a timer us break when I did the con yea Jazzy video, when I was an odious, I was possible. I d be credit- is girl. It's pretty guess I'd. That was
I knew him in and Jesse that the most violent see them a lot. I see them all the time in Europe. We would go GCSE like into food. Not people know that, but you really in food and so like. I would assume we would just dinner, sometimes like eating it like cool restaurant, like rats and and then I started going when their recording wants a throne. So I was therefore a lot of the watch, the throne reporting, which is one of the coolest things of Aragon, to see here, Just as this is a creative person to see how those two guys were making this thing creatively Minnesota one of the most I conic albums of the century, yes Next I was sitting there like listening to like I had like Paris and, sounds like that's there in my head, like months before the Kinnock as the whole planet. I really like you do it anyway. It was so cool to be up to be applied Vincent. I think that's why they asked me to be in a video on Spike Jones directed at whose you know I know him and we're friends, and so that that's why they asked me to do that. That's how I ended up in that thing
and so but yeah it was so fascinating to see them work with each other. You know in Kenya was onset of that. Video is like he's a you know. I bought a ticket. A J C door not long ago, and now I can begin a video which is the end, either we made an hour when, together that's? Why that avenue, special, because columella perfect points of their career in its also get ie, put out that and twisted fantasy yeah same year. One time me my brother, when he was in some studio not far from here there's a studio somewhere here and he played its like all the lights, and that was the coolest thing is when sometimes out see him and he would be like yeah I've been working there's a new display at all the lights. Newbie like many people, are gonna, go crazy when they hear this legal base,
the main one time away play played gorgeous from from twas advance. Yes, like holy shit, they forgot about two things: my black bars. Damn, that's hurry up. Unless this Moody's hates favour partners whatever it is you one day when I heard all of yeezus as like wholly fucking I would like a long version of visas before he like whittled down with Rick Room, I heard it like a really long version. I mean. Does rock and always guise of like this period? The stuff and heat places
you know one time this was so fastening he's working on twisted fancy and there is a guy comes in he's, got to vintage Irma S, Suitcases Travis and his first. I've used like trying to pick would suit case has like one of his guys, like you grab that when I walk around with a little bit, I grab the other one likes. The electron looks global actor, outlet apex one and then the guys still there is like from some delivery service and he's like hey. I wanna play something tell me which is easy, like an equally played a mini, and he and I was like while I get it made me realize like how much to value someone's opinion who, as you know, has nothing everybody's opinion is very interesting to have here, and you know especially you know, and what will you do mastery of none? We screen the episodes for, like you know and theatres when we're editing, because it helps because you're so you're the crazy person to watch and judges think cause. You been
living in it and when you wrote it and created and filled it, never to your soul. You too, near when you're. Into deep in a way that no one, the watches a shoal ever basing its valuable to get these other people spend what I thought was so fastening ass, a guy way what he thought about it you see! I want that Kenya back and at the Kinabu Dune Fashion staff are minimal, parity MA am certain clauses brain. But I do I can. Mostly all sites bringing you know, it's all crazy. Think about. You know how much you'll think about raptors before con. You no one had of black envision. Shell for economy. There are great tours using a terrible. Those are those really all that stuff he's the one that design. What you know arena rap is. An huge and by a kind of stock, its little cheaper now by an orbit. I am, I think it comes emptying scouts, He's Bruin on something
happen, I'll be back. You know what I know, there's all those other stories, but you know what, during that period, I it was, you know without watch the throne thing. That's me, thousand me. We lay down you drink. It's about that. I was really cool. There is, what was your end? Otis, here's one time they like we're sitting in two? They say like lie with the Mercer there. Really at the Mercer. There is inner room whose hang on the room they had like. It was like this. It was like this set of theirs. It will look. Why do on a computer? today when he goes. What when he says who- and what do you say on was a song. That's like this is something like. I was a Sancho Panza Sunday. It is on. That is what I said. What Google saw me yet, goes extend to be. No one knows you there's? U his noah he's sitting at the good. You know that is the engineer,
it's just like them, and you know this guy there and a router seen there, and there are some watches and we're out in some my basketball game or something and look Dejesus his like this one, a few times of the sports threat that arises vast body and he like it's easy sky, like Sarah, had then he's like taps Congo. Unease like very quickly whispers rap is one of the rapporteur and the song, and he d come up with it while he's, and it was long and sole complicated like full in it was ended up being and in another out, but he does whispered. This they're gonna do Sancho living so Aetolian, which is rarely come. I asked up and there they could include Sampler summit, but Jihad Iversen came up for it
with their and ended up being on another GC song under the Magna Carta Album Buddy is like you know that the woman's like fairies, look at its some kid, and here is clearly a big daisy economy. Advantage stories takes a heat. He said the rat there's like someone who is the one that references, Deniro and and all the stuff it's in Magna Carta, but he just all so quickly and added and I looked like man you're really good at this point we are just like we were just.
Young people are eyes like those did, is love to laugh and their very glove. Just inspired by creativity, and you know, there's a whole side. These people, you don't get to see there I mean, I think, people now daisies, like a pre. You know he loves, laugh. Unease is verifying, but those who is I was it was the sole crazy. You know Machina video. He said kindly said that thing to me as I did. I am, and Indian kid from Bennett's bills out your line in the biggest record. What may, at my ear was most bizarre ass risks in my career, but you don't doubt school time to just cannot be around these guys are being so created. I was the biggest balanced I mean twisted Dennis, The problem now is the time to be prohibitive. Cognate owes a great deal to be going to the studio in his hearing insanely.
Was came around then. I remember as before is before now I'm not saying Leon. I grant you try to get you travel ban. She was rather lack Cythera, theirs. Is it because every stage now some are only doing during users. I didn't hear any life Pablo was the first time since graduation that I heard economy without hearing any other before those is really interesting his because before I would, he would go in its human need play like one time he here? He will I'd this. He was like I'm leaving soon, but if you army mean in the in the lobby the Mercer or will have a two year, some insight web tv companies, he young man, rocked the marshal gravity rope He didn't say that he is. I just come in the lobby in mirth and he is a psyches like I just came up with Sancho new slaves and he played the beat on his laptop bomb bomb, and then he
wrap the whole thing for me right in the middle of the Mercer I'm about to, while the per capita by examining eggs. This is where the duplex betwixt, like. Ok anyway, will have the expected. This should be a passive. I was feeling comedians, wrapper, where's athletes. They are like intersect because their offensive one another then like. Yes, these. Your actions lead to our Lisbon stories. Ledges pay packets, yet people are very nice to convenience. Their celebrities have just said: hey we just come, hang out with us cause, I'm a fan of yours. You just need random he's running. You just eat meat name, someone I'll tell you. If I like randomly run it, whenever you just maybe someone Tommy, do just me people, Jordan, I've never never run it
I dont believe house anymore. He'll lives not far. He lives another one. Sometime. Ass to have Nebraska, ok, Leubronn. I one time at the comedy seller. He came with the full all like starting line of the so I did the comedy seller and I said hey some guys might come to see, showed we have room for Ireland and other measures again many as economic, two or three eyes, and then the game with squeezing back as like he has one was pre big, find they look Oh extorting heat lightly M D way. Everyone comes at they just this. They stand back. There's this huge group of do it's in the corner and I d like you to. Twenty minutes satin allows a great time. You know I mean I would remain
people are just turn around going the way it was so some tall guys wait. A second yeah that did Peter people is nice millions and they like on the shelves. Instead, I wrap it up season to come out like eyes like why why society Drake straddling the one twenty mark. Jake. Storing quickly, Jake quickly, wherever I see a stories we You have somewhere to go fuck it I was thinking about you, during events super argued dial. Anything else to do on this here. Do imbroglio internet Maggie, making plans a what drakes during its do drink. First We don't want to hear no. I haven't any good to get crazy.
Invariably would Drakes Atalanta, crazy spelter. Whilst tell his very bitter boring. You set an amount because we got enough stuff so Drake. Why did I mean, I met him like early on in the year my brother was onto drag for anybody. Yeah and he had told the Draken. Then I met him. Liquor alone could use it legged De Grassy, Haifa Lloyd. Is that new about an early on like with the mixed tapes and stuff like even before, likes or forgotten or whatever, but I hear yeah he's giving young Vanozza Mimi do whatever we can became friends our way and then goddesses so ridiculous. Ok, what do you do? It's, whereas once Terry was he was in Chicago and user. Hey man, I'm in Chicago sorry, do and show Kika sold out show that the victory it or something Chicago. My guess, you're meetings,
Fourteen impact like that's a lot men seller team. I said like hey man: can you figure this out? Its vital might remember, keep bringing South street and then my might remain taxes. Germanicus gap are so we argue that it is as if we had little. If you want to come backstage, didn't locality backstage passes, you need instruments, forty In fact, the barber can't go home, he's gonna, come bags aid, Homo Drake Travellers, Barbie currently trails barber. He definite travellers, Barber Ivan who does is names. The guy named name is Ivan you, Google, unlike look like colonies, crew, whatever Ivan, comes up.
One time I went is like hazily k like a good place gradually over the door. He's like energy is. What did he do? I get my hair cut, I don't like this guy that there are all the time he's your rents, less Barbara, didn't bother so you're hanging out the old time and there's one that's always around. You come back I'll come with you is Ruby. I said that the bread is Bren, but he's also Barbara. That's fine! It's ok, yeah! I one another. Leather. What was it? Will you another Drake thing: did this huge pals nothing, nothing crazy and granting of ending silly that happen with us. The first time, I remember I was really young. I just wondered: there is used to becoming festival, Aspen and I just one like young chameleon, Beza Guy
best, young guy, yeah and then like chapels there and he just dropped in on some shillings- is doing ascend. Carelessness enraptured, you know who was one of those like Rear Chapelle sets thirty, so captivating I saw some parties like man like I've, got some award thing. I'm like this, a good community Then I see you do that said our travelers immature, the Galileo, be our men and as it were, when I was telling you about com you a little bit and his advice me, which is very good advice, is I'd, be very easily be comfortable with silence, as very amazing advice, to he's probably the best at that very competent, use the silence to emphasise the point of silence. He saw good man, I mean whenever that night, when all this one up means he went on to you not very anchors. Yea, you use the silence very comfortable, use the silence to emphasise the point of silence he so good man, I mean,
whenever that night, when all this went up, you know he went on you and on the very anchors. First, so he is then I Chapelle doing like fifteen right. He's gonna go along said so, You know when we're like coming up with the order, whatever we're like yeah, like the Devil S, and he went in and like it was, it was great. He just tat, you know like me and rock receiving the side and like rock, is always an odd off him. Then rock is lacking. Oh, I can write a good joke, but that something else- and I think, is truly very, very varied, and but he stays always do an east he's a very dedicated the hour for this. Does don't stand up all the time he's always touring he's always been touring for years now, he's just been always is always do an hour's always like on the road he's so dedicated. You know, I think you're, the last generation of steno com,
to do it, the way that it's been done his last forty fifty years. Helping aim was joint endeavour. Now, look here reviling? Sometimes I wonder data and it's gonna get the a generation, its growing that God, on twitter outlets changes do because the financial I love it is still, if you put out your jokes before their an especial. If someone comes easy alive, you they're, gonna be like will have heard of the finest thought tat. I had that model of like on a tour all this material and then put it out on a special or whatever, and then you know maybe writings to someone might be like warm still than adults. I know, but nothing. I don't. I don't notice. I note also don't know any of the younger people now like em, weird like one of the older people like that, you know even like do you know when I was coming up like Hannibal, was the young guy? You know Hannibal you I'm on what I did so in Chicago was a good three energy theater and, you know this guy Hannibal that listens trot was very funny.
To have an open and he opened new great. It was such a different Hannibal here. You know he was like he. You know he was very quiet and, like he, you know he hadn't really found his delivery and stuff and then, like I remembered, is watching Annabelle grow and, seeing like you know how he just develop this huge stage presence and dislike. You know. Just so much more emotional onstage on stage it was so different than when what the young I saw in Chicago you know. So what you think negative MID Thirty's when totally figured out earlier depends on aim. For anything I mean, if even if I did I think the other day like invited them astronaut episodes that we just about to put out. I would do them. A little differently can have done better. Someone because I made that stuff, but you never. I mean you know I I you know that
that said, I did on personnel and was pretty happy words. But yes, but still not done a special that that, like that, I'm not done the Aziz Special that I want to be like this actual that arrive, produce Netflix just offered forty million dollars for only twenty eight. Twenty eight million. They went straight to dare to tell anyone. I didn't ask me, there's a reason: aid can do stand up, how'd you get acting like a new father, Lena terms, baby, Other Lena does black baby. Baby. We're gonna need neither of us that dark there was a dark baby, but also its like art. So what are they supposed to new right, let's say let's say: you're the internet. Persons like that's all, blocked I'd, so they gotta go on a baby scouting. They try to cast a very red, Hugh you'd, do now to babies that are in the game, so you're gonna try to catch. So it's like our we're. Ok, we need, we finally Azure Pakistani have
mainly learner, Lena Lena's, jewish, why? I don't think she's jewish languages hear fine have, I any half why baby that wants to break into showed you can't buy, blackberries like I am in a mighty here, the black, maybe they'll him in Uganda. Like us. Any headway, maybe you'll come back the way it goes like baby. That's bells, like they re, that's one internet controversy. I was aware because I googled it, Mercury is equates wise, but that wasn't controversy I know that it offers US firms Edwards, maybe at what some people were. Likewise, it it does and an incidence on was the bad. It's not even a black baby, I almost got involved in the controversy about your target diseases on the part of the black beard, liability, others about
Maybe I forgot the ethnicity, but I was very curious about this, so I was very curious and so the apparently the baby did you look up. What were the baby's from that? near the baby. I can't I can't remember none of the absurd. It looks it looks very dark, but that the Ep Missy the baby. It's I can remember the ethnicity, but it's not it's not. This is stupid energy. If it's the ill let's say it's like it's like a border region in something else. Something like The baby is a hundred and twenty thousand twitter followers ladys huge blow it up. The baby in Rick, the baby, is doing an otter style. Show frenetic coming out. The trend is really getting out of hand. That baby does not as no show running experience and ever directed
twin baby. What they want you guys always has to between was yet listening ordering coronation coordination yeah an answer, mom said like hey. My baby is not black its poor reputation and its there's blood We would bore her round the blogging site and this is silly like. Why are you getting what you did for just a second? All the internet. Controversies produces. Second before you like start yelling at someone is, does maybe give people a second thing. This is worth it now, like all. Maybe their heart was in the right place, and that is not what they meant to do. No, it's can leave lady wasn't trying to offend black people by saying hey, my kids, not black with Eureka nation. Maybe her goal to offend you, you know, maybe Lena, is key a baby and she couldn't find a half white have pakistani baby and she got this baby that seem like the closer skinned. They brought out a role, babies and they, like God, Damn
he's babies, Mukamba major enough shit. Can. We lighten the basic care they could have. They could a collar corrected the baby to made this in skin down a little bit later. You don't know him inserted a bit as yet. It has been like but a normal opposition. You never met reason Madge Character, not think it's like the normative girls absurd, and then it costs the black baby. Second undercutting like what you know, of course, is the blog posts their witnesses, Aziz, rips, isolated, dunams, black Bell now to fund I'm reading a guy we're dead at that should happen they with there's enough, tax still be some men and I'm gonna be out there saying stuff for couple weeks away. We amateur this part without anything. I really, yeah. You know now you see other contained after vague ass. We had the pirate. When I need to talk to these that I better I dont like I don't it's we're fine
come when a season to come out. Its may twelfth made me laugh here is that right, yeah made up. Is that, like a Friday night midnight taping is frightening straight liquor. I do that it was his. You spend the weak enemies. The whole thing? Would they go where they re for this donors? They go right for Lady Eleven P M, which has got bay, that is by chips, wistful eyes, showed drop. I spend you owe me our team. We spend a year making a season of the show it's about a year there right it shoot it added it than even the another promotion whenever but a year. An area last week for by your Bobby watching for thirty years learning one. When you make an excellent did we took a year to make that one man gimme a man, it good luck come back after I watch and then we can talk about it. Yeah, I'm down you're here,
it'll, be a three hour episode, but I'm down if you are- and I still at what was the one we didn't elegant, even though we could participate before we can put this up before me, the rather more than put up another one after will put it up like whenever we do next one. Maybe in his story was it was as if it was your name. Take tat, maybe I'll, tell you a story about the time I was in the club with Drake some girl lost contact opens its do, we never talked David share their Joe mandate. I don't think we should. I think we should eventually how glad I am renew its attack. Listen. He listened as for ninety one minute's waited for me to bring about, and I never did your friend a guy anyway that happen with their give thanks wherever that, thanks to
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passenger the wicked ways.
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