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'Basketball: A Love Story,' Election Day, JackO Fixes the Yankees, and Greg Kinnear | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 439)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks with director and producer Dan Klores about his new, 20-hour ESPN documentary, 'Basketball: A Love Story' (3:40), before calling up his buddy JackO to talk about Election Day and fixing the Yankees, and to rub in the Red Sox's title one more time (52:25). Finally, Bill sits down with actor Greg Kinnear to discuss his pre-acting career and some of his films, including 'Stuck on You,' 'Little Miss Sunshine,' 'Sabrina,' and 'As Good As It Gets' (1:25:05).

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Today's observe the both of its past and the Ringer podcast network. His breath you, as always by Zipper Carter. You know that smart, not voting its election day go vote allow me to be the ten millionth person in your life today who told you about this in the most insufferable, so she made it every time. I think, but you know that We have pushed to this point, go out their vote. Notices, inspire jobs, I'd say: overwhelm you tons of the Rhine resonates likely. There's a smart Wade's appealed, account slash, be ass. They find people with the right skills for your job and actively and by them to apply right now. My listeners contrives up credit for free this all year. It's free, zip code outcome such Bs Zapruder smartest way to hire meanwhile seek is the best that for buying and selling tickets to sporting events concerts and more real
in a nice or a stretcher with ambition, fell college football, coach, basketball hockey concerts all kinds of things for twelve hours after first seeking purchase and then a gamer sporty venues, promo code, bs download the psychic Africa rate. Seatgeek seek that com. If you love the reward, was we as we are doing, especially when this week the look for that I don't want to spoil the movie bullets. You say it's a properly appropriately themed for other stuff some other things going on this week and if you haven't subscribed to the big picture yet I would encourage you to do so this package. I'm about to do com. My buddy Jacko, we're talking the election and amateur, read the Red Sox fraudsters tied on em, where to my long time friend. Former colleague Dan Claret sued directed the epic twenty, our basque about documentary, basketball, a love story
it's ideas, pan and sign the is PM plus up. It is Hence I it it's by dramatic returning, spam kind of so talking to him and then we are going to run it The idea with great care I'd, never cause back back from what're. You promised. Nothing, no incriminating videos. Now, there's a there's a questionable picture of eyes were closed by the Arab League is because I was drinking ETA. The shouts and one shining path till he had three cities, three Citys and they want more Chicago. So I have to say about a hope, because if one yeah good luck running Don T cry when he left now. It's time time to gather astounding, that's a long time to be a Titus in the car near they sped seventy two hours. Peter. I gave my six meditate potatoes violates go away, he leaves he leaves often comes back. You know when I saw where he went
the one shining pad there go going to the to the college Basque, while opener today, which this can be a cool season because of Zion Mania, which is really start. Gains from steam, as well about a hundred different scandals but they're gonna, record markets are they doing tonight after the games. I told they have to do it at some point. I think that our tonight after the game, ok, so at the wench impact as you go near their reactions to all that stuff, check out Titus COD Basketball Preview, which is on the ringer. I come right now, alright right going to call Jacko First, protein line right now. My life, I've friend and former colleague by one Falco, arrive in jail
chorus. How are you I'm good? Really? Are you don't? so basketball love story is on the EAST Pm plus, it's been running on ESPN in for our backs. The last one runs next week, hours tomorrow, you and me and like seven other people are the biggest basketball fans alive. You were always destined to throw yourself into some crazy Ebby ape project. How onto the stake? Actually how'd. You know it's gonna be a it took me they start the finnish twenty hours four and a half years. That only makes sense if we understand that it takes me to year do a ninety minute ago. Yes, twenty hours in four and a half years, yeah. The last time you lot to say, yeah we
started working together. You did in the first round thirty, four thirty's you did the right Miller documentary TAT. And I know so much more about how the whole process works, but back back in two thousand seven, eight nine, just learning the fire out. That's interesting way to do it. I knew it How many people you interview for Thou, unlike sixty four Reggie, yeah, ready willing? I must have been about fifty fifty one, forty two forty five Fifty yards, would you would you is? There was like a sixty men? It fell at ninety minute told I knew It was it ninety minutes, I seventy five. Seventy five. It took me to your seventy five minutes. That's right. Yeah. We added a bumping up past without whatever you're supposed to do an right. You your self into a new did so many areas as well. I like this guy. This is how I would do one of these out just any way too many people and throw myself into it like this.
So then, when I heard you were doing this basketball project. As I got my ad emit interview, everyone has ever been oh basketball game, but where where'd you end up with like a hundred well, you know what great which great is. We did a hundred and sixty five interview. Why average length of the interview in two hours and twenty five minutes, Russell for five and one slash two hours. I need to do the Oscar for six and every single person that I interviewed is in the film. And before there needs to be at a certain point, a ruthlessness in making the movie Yeah, where I have it went Did crazy love I cut out my own mother and father. I had a check that held or people in love caught him out. Yet when I did the boys of secondary park, I ended
to our course. Survivors one was cut out, there's a ruthlessness to it. Every single party. Could you don't wanna? Be you did the right thing to do? Is I mean what I did ring a fire. The Emerald Griffith story- I add the absolute Billy pleasure honour to interview, bought Schoenberg What was that about ninety years old and how to cut him out of the movie who the hell? Am I cut out Butch but to do it and I will show it and you have to notify people you can have them come to a premiere return on, go to movies, return it Vision and the think our honour that either again too so I had to make up some excuse for bud. Schoenberg up. You know that that that the interview got screwed up because of the sound and light the the audio reserve yeah you eat you. Working on this for a few years, and
now how many people died, that you interviewed that are in this film that are now no longer with us too many too many people, hi guys. Whereas most far sighted view is struck Ramsay, because I knew he was ill and re do for hours in his home in Naples Floor and he sat before hours and couldn't stand in which ingenious, as you would expect. So I dedicate the film to my own father, passed recently and to ban job. My dear dear dear friend, the great cultured hp, she used Ben pass the year and a half ago, Conny Hawkins Smell Daniels, Michael, go Moses out chaise. Why didn't interview you wanna put their dreams
that's true, not you! Not only did you interview me not only made the break out star, the documentary bet. It's my dramatic returned to his bed and back baby. That's good luck! Fear! yeah I was, I was very excited to to. Be in the spurs one about the at the two thousand thirteen game. Sex which is a great mother, unbelievable Nance ethics, basketball game that I've been to read it, I can't believe it and I had like a hundred five degree fever, and I still remember days what year was set of super sect of Rwanda. Now that makes sense, because what I come to you in that story, your horse, your your your that booth Right Yemen afterwards here towards Europe, or your voice horse and your red in the face
I was really sick. I had to get like MBA doctors and said my body just broke down, but I didn't know we now it makes perfect sense. I thought that you would cheering and tore, or you would too much either, or that I was like do drugs or something gallant they brown and as it were? Oh, I didn't. I had no idea that you sick, So we should mention before I forget all about, energy is dead where I work condensed n. Orchestrated and beautiful book that is in our history that Canada weave through. I don't have seventy eight years, a basque bar. It was edited by Jack Mc Gowan, a mile grandmother who may rave Bartholomew who answer on
the idea that all the interviews desert all history book. Of course callback spoil our story and they did a great job and it was. It was a beautiful, beautiful pleasure to select them and work with them and because I never saw two people who didn't know one another more comfortable in openly and respectfully with each other. You know there was never an issue and they just did a great job and that's probably a couple, a more books, commonality interviews and just like what you but I think I told you the other day and in the end of your book you mention you gave me this idea. You you mention that he did this book. But there are so many issues you didn't get to paraphrase our analytics in one in dawn and then is a gigantic business. I remember what I read your book, which I read twice and by the way,
only book other than the house than book on Jack Ramsay Yeah- that I read in preparation for my research. I visited no other book. Thank nothing and I was Finally, I have to say this problem, and is so much of this. You can't walk into a room and not be completely prepared, and thank you know everything about who you are sitting with, because trust is paramount, of course yet, but but but but when you wrote that I said to myself at the initial stage or planning while I have to get to these areas,
I was talking about and I did and most of them actually boy analytics in and she d Herblay pay the play your coming up in November thirteenth, the west to work to episodes might take on an election, but I might take those taken Alexander and end the take on and she double. I tell you you, you gave me those ideas which I, which I think is also much part of the process down. We wait, we learn from one another, don't you think that yeah I'd think fast? about changes so much decade decade. You know I wrote that book in two thousand and nine and think of all the stuff. That's happened since then I mean love to read a secret? I just I don't know my fingers work anymore, but I know have oh by the way. You know call me yesterday and I spoke for an hour and he called me cold. You ready yet Bob could the clues. Yeah start sharp as attack still apparently, a shrine data yeah baby is all it alot. I'm sixty
and he called me kid so I love you. About this decade, though you know, since I wrote that we had the decision and now the I'm power, man and everybody. Just jump and teams and kind of the millennial era and nobody's ever seems to be happy for worthy two to three years, and this is starting to feel like its own era, and this does stuff. That's happy now, Jimmy bother Minnesota eyes, would you call this era? Thou? That's an internet plan, it's the player impairments era. Really I may need a catchy name. You know like you jack it, yet you come up with it yeah. It's basically like the players have taken control of the league. In every way and there so they just have so much power and I think a lot of it s through the social media and just their ability to reach people directly. Now this is that's and others that this decade is you have please don't leave the media like they did and even
absolutely I'm sure you had trouble, you know you, Braun James sit down for this and there's a really gay I'd, say fifteen minute thing about the decision that out First time had ever really heard him talk, handling bad it, but by those every party you went to you after the guy who controls their life and then another. You know it's process. It's like trying to get the president right now, Very players are, of course, more difficult to reach than the people will retire in but what I learned actually as interesting. The contemporary players at I interviewed Lebron James in Cabinda, ran staff curried. Anthony Davis, the whisky Chris Paul. Yet these guys, most of them fascinating, because their knowledge of the gay, when you really talk the intricacies of the game with them,
they are right on when you remove all the eagle bullshit right right. You start talking to him, you go back China Johnny Miami shared by And all the side and, as you know, for like two or three possessions in the entire gained three always on powder, which goes to a half court. One three wants an and you're talking about. That's stop! That's great! or or that I have seen school signature mood and I'm talking to cabin Durrant is describing how he plays off the double team and often pains saw a guy. Does common double team him that's great stuff, what knowledge of the game all the blame on his signature move, in my view, going rim to rim and looking at the floor as he sessions as a dash car driver. I like that stuff, and he read those guys there
an appreciation of the previous generations that I think this nation, as. I'm not sure the guys in the eighties at it the guys in the nineties definite inhabit, I I don't want to generalise. I dont know enough. You know I'm gonna generalised, that's part of what I do know I just two guys in the eighties they showed up and they had probably one pillar they idolize, but they didn't know about the history of the EU. Thirty years, forty years in the NBA stuff, like that, the guidelines at any rate after is one thing, I'm saying some definite, I'm talking about appreciation of the depth of the game. When we go to Chris Paul is talking about. I think I know, the game really well. I've coach the game for many many years ago, and Chris Paul is talking about how he defends the tour one break and ease the want: an ass may the question on camera- therefore translated in the film added
Where does it hands below when he's the one, defending the two on one, could he always had high or she's hold his hands wall? their shame at fifty fifty I'm, I guess- and he explained he wholesome high. So then they're gonna have to make the pass wall and he could drop his hand and potentially get this. If all of them, while they're to throw the AL you that's great stuff, you demonstrate these guys have so much more intelligence now, to from the last, I would say, is probably the last fifteen years when, as the enemy got better and better and the ability for people to just cut. You know why don't you a reply or in terms of Iq J Smith, so I kind of a matter I agree with you
but they say come on guys really know the history, the game, because of what you say it all they had given their aunt. He sat. He sat in the interview. Any any talk about burner cannot begin with even Berwin Burger king was. Why do you want I give MBA tv and he has been classic to a lesser degree. These guys grew up with his old games were on and Youtube and being able to believe I like Bernard King, I'm going you too, but watch him for fifteen minutes in an idea that I write exactly right. We're gonna want Upset also it shows that they were serious at an early age. Yeah, that's what he said They were sure yes at an early age and not the other day, she used in place Chicago, an cod Wendell gotta play for Chris Paul, the Asia Europe and atropine again
each other without my point is that paper seriousness that robs or Chris Paul into a kid like when the Carter and his mother was very serious. Also, if it did it paid dividends based Avenant there is there a lot of great people in good people associated with the game of bad, not an accident rate for this that the few people, four five and seven, note that an accident I contend that they love the film and Balboa right now from you see I Jerry Norm, wouldn't assistant microcephaly, Duke Rally Bob Cosy, you think of bigger winners, right, where you had. One of the things you had was about what about how winning is basically just relief.
An version actually feel good words. I actually fell that last week, when my beloved Red Sox won the world Series, I was so much more upset when we ass, the eighteen, any game it ruined my weekend and the most I had for that and how mad I was an upsurge in crushed by that loss. First is when we actually won. There's like no comparison, the emotion just wasn't as intense senior right is a shame that I came up with along the way and it came from something else. I wanted to do a story on Al Mcguire and I remember one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven his last game ever two young, wiser game? How dare you I was like eight again. Do you talk that way? Everyone should know that my scene and nineteen. Seventy six, both in Phoenix Play of game five. My contention may be the greatest NBA play of game of yeah. I mean that one day you are, we not see Boston, gone finite, thought at nine o clock. As you say, it's a bad idea.
Everyone is drunk and you say, go freezing I was six years old, I was there anymore. I was drunk, he was A few Bush for child welfare of the statute, as an only child in the seventies made my parents systematically everywhere, but now why are the next year, so your seven years old and he cries on the bench after he wins a national championship. Yet it announces his last game ever and I use that the idea that Harry is crying as here's a man crying out of joy now the idea is when a coach finally wins, not one bill, Simmons. Finally, ones do you find feel joy or we leave
way of colony, I'm a guy story. Now he caught the twenty coaches, all champions, they each express their attitude and great scene, and then I come back out Maguire when they knew when it when he went he when he passes away at a young age, and so that do you feel joy or we will leave. You fell when the Red Sox just one, would you feel relief, when I just want release by the when William a copy died? A couple of days ago, I was a giant fan. Nineteen sixty two, I'm twelve years He hits the line. Dry Richardson stabs stabbed one nothing victory for the Yankees gained, seven bottom, the ninth, when William Lockerbie past the other day, it meant a lot to me of me when I saw Bobby Richardson years ago, which South Carolina was plain racquetball outside with the baseball coach you walk by, I yelled adamite there I said Bobby turned around again. The finger
I have this century that the joy ones for me were when the Pats, when their first superbowl and when they won the crazy Superbowl when they stopped the Seahawks with the interception that air I Ok, we're just unequivocal legs gone crazy. Then. Obviously, there are four red Sox game for game five. After that it was more like a life experience that there was no joy, no review just dead inside for mercy. You know in sports ghosts, Far near just be become legacy. A killer among you either have the capacity to feel anymore. It's where I land here. No four, but you know, come up on the thirteen speaking of emotion. Yeah is a big like a lot of great stuff, come up, but it's the Big Shack hoagie,
Bill Jackson. Sheep batch of twenty eight minutes story where we're coolby unshackled really go after amateur each other and end this great humor, and it also I find but boy they're. I pull in any punches that did you see that scene? I didn't see now we're that's running this week, right yeah, the thirteenth, it runs an agenda, but I I use at all I mean jack it's like Jack, actually says you know, like feel Jackson, told us cool it down and all of a sudden I cut the gym gray. Giving copies corporate line. Aunt. I shall and checks, as I called cobia right, then an age when you come to practise a mini session on camera. You also goals, you'll call be so yeah, I'm ready for you. Already, and I had a call Brian shore, the flying from Denver Dmitri.
Was in a locker room, the break it up those guys yet their stories straight because they actually hate each other when they played and they had each other after they were not teammates anymore and then a few years pass native. Can I now actually within hate each other? They now you hated each other, just that not all there in the film it they say in it I mean I have to use the word. I wonder when you can hear all the other things it is saying about their their opening up, but to their credit, and now this ghost. I think that your point about today's play to their credit. They won three championships. They stay together. Then it split, but you think someone.
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pretty town poor last decade compared to now there's so much more talent right now, especially with the under twenty seven guys then there were in the two thousand for a variety of reasons. They really could have just kept winning, and I feel the same way now about the warriors were here: I think they're gonna win again and that its gonna become conferred Durrant whether he just wants to be added. Honesty or not, but that team should, when five or six straight and well You know that delivery. I dont disagree, but that you know arbitrary over on the number, the UK on five and a half I mean it doesn't reflagged after the third detention during the third year and a third championship, and then the owners who shack and say we were where, when I giving you a rage and he showed in the film when you talk about. We just went through championships, and I say
what was sorry and and apparently Kobe had allotted that decision it was while we gonna keep one if we gotta keep one where keeping the young stud and chapter in the film hated and know about that that he was going to be up in the market place until he hurried on the new. In fact, it's actually funny says I was eating my fruity loops in the morning mixed with curios, but with one her death. So but these are the things I say, Bob Cozy girl, Yesterday there's never left dynasties were built by the way, Phil Jackson in the film, which I think is thine. I don't know with it at all, he said: Bob Riches teams were not a dynasty quoted, wept is unwanted dynasties. What do you think they don't dying you're, not, I wrote a calm about this ten years ago. I think there's a different different word than dynasty that so I think I
combined with contender. There were like a dime. Stay container was a good diet, dynamite, their stay or so dynamic, son fake word. For it created dynasty, but more in Hubert Contender ere they had oh, two or three days, They won that season they really should have one and no for early spent in the fires in the Fisher shot, just kind of kind of flung them out but I thought I would doubt if they won three in a row. There I have a problem when we The team can't even went back to back here. I think that's gotta be at least part of a dinosaur discussion, but but it goes to I tried to pay attention in the film to a lotta championship change the people don't don't get there do both in college and the proper canvas. Eighty six Florida back, the back Billy Diamond, came back. The bat beautiful,
and saw no enriching prose Dallas the Carlyle T Detroit. The Larry Brown Tea she owl in Washington who never would have been champions of all. Does it get hurt that would have been a dynasty? They could have won a minimum of three if not or if not or or maybe more before, those who get her why are they pick their pension? Even Larry Brown says when he wins and he comes out of the blue right: Bitsy beekeeping, the Lakers beneath the Lakers without Detroit Team, but you know what happened at the management got rid of players, six, seven and eight and ass the nature of a championship tee, if not only the fine, That's what always they could face subtle goals. They could well, then there's the flip side of it, which is what this ethics are going through. Now we have too many guys
Does he rarely seen too many guys contender where nobody's happy is nobody's getting of minutes in every right? Now, after the shell fixed idea that up that's too bad you don't know I don't. I don't think it's! I think it's fixable, I think it's treatable here. I think I don't think it's Herpes. I think it may just be a culture, it's what I know I don't know anything because I mean I I love watching do play and I went to the God paid him this only year there and I liked him a lot, and I concluded that we have played at heart. Ass. Plainly be french. I never thought he'd make it all. I know I'm an idiot when our neighbours is no, do you for to watch it's tough for its tough You two really know what's going out with current MBA, because your team is such an albatross in your life, the necks
I may not be ideal for creating the issues had to live in the past? Were these are to have? I waited in the garden websites on a point of order, and I have to say that a boy there still be there feeling it up the feeling, the process out the cultures of feeling it out or not, but I felt there was one bad move after another that wasn't that game. Like I couldn't believe me, they baby they let Parker go crazy and never put any, never put the personal. The whole at the end then and Jack was Levine, whose really good he's always summarize possession the double over time. They throw a double t matter, what I want you going up. Do you? Borrowing at Durban the whole thing that You know. I think this is coming from next fans, but this whole thing where the ranch gonna go to New York D.
I have no idea what I'm not as avian information. I'm asking you think you think that, ex matter like that current players- they do Do they see the value of being in New York city? If they were on the right next team, that kind, took over the city. I had. Obviously, things have changed and money is money now and you can make money, no matter what Margaret you're in, but there is still a great attraction to playing in New York and and this group now there. They are pretty good group that you know that that are running that are running it now then, and all they need he's a little bit a lot. I don't, I hope was English is gonna, be no one knows that happened at a difficult but difficult to come back from an end, and especially since she doesn't play.
His back to the basket. What I was amazed about last night is the is the you know that the role of the big man I mean did did something to keep from Denver. Sixteen assist the other that I read that right now, Germany s the he had a thereby they but comrade yet yet forty nine point, sixteen of the Big Bang, I believe that what is basically about assuming we always talked about what like gives a bonus- had been healthy in the NBA, though in the MID laid eighties here and now Judges in Erin is basically doing ass, a God, and we need to reach a bonus for that. And martial owners and and Bob right as a gray light above us when it comes to the NBA, the film, He was Betty leg, injury than many facts of Barker away from what are used to what I was about some again break. Was there any one of you,
So many different stories in this was there. Anyone that didn't make the car that now that the spanish government. I should put thou in there Any story. Yeah, well, I mean like Moses. Isn't that Moses? Eighty three scholars gonna hurt that championship team that we share. We a matter of years, been pressuring me on hi joy that she, which was a drag, but this in that I may which, which is then you you you sword is on the Melee Detroit then, and that scene did it make it there were there. Were there were issues with terms of some of the licensing on out and at a great scene I love that seen because I not only got into the players in the coach. Is you know Larry's in it, Carlyle edited by, should apply
yours orientated. Ah tat is all over it, but then I cut it but happening behind the scenes David. Turn against a call Friday. Aid is in his bathrobe, english muffin would be butter and Jelly Ross Granite, come at all from the way for the movie, and I shall tell all add only job without Russia is not a joke, and I said I heard it wasn't beer in your face. It might have been Coca COLA, own old man. I was definitely be. I tasted its people. How did you about brainwashed on the floor? You know in the movie, I don't know I don't know we are allowed to talk about the artists section. We are now. I want you, u screen that for me here and I thought that was one of the best. Sixteen minutes stretches I've seen in of started documentary for sports period, basketball way everywhere, bigger Emily in writing about. I was doing
actually comes off really well in. It and you are sure you go oh yeah as awful as this incident was actually was ultimately a good thing. It led to all these different things and if it really me the NBA kind of look at each other. Let everyone who runs the league look at each other and go aright What are we gonna do? How do we fix this? How do we make sure this does not happen again and they d? Actually it was, it was gonna, make it I get everything that you want day. Have your feelings. It all come in. There's another one of my favorite change that the Bill Simmons is a star in Two thousand and four Olympic came back all my time. I made it up oh, I was calm that on page to before the Olympics, I bet own, and I was like this. He had me Marbury. Who is it who are being Frances where the poor guards were they do a barbarian? I've tried everything. I was even worse
oh, my god alone with the young kids, are could strike, and then you go whoopee name upon James Wade, Carmelo Anthony and someone and come and someone else, member, flash yeah come on you guys, school. I want to take him home, I think, about playing, Are you water at an, but it went to This is where leadership comes. Your people say, will wisely mba this way and baseball's that football that my answer is breached but if we your ship, its leadership like that David Byrne it was a brilliant leader, accident you can't say, was burden badger coming into the NBA than another I mean either of air to understand how to maximize this maximize Michael Jordan and all of that and Noah, and
stay and marketing and understand global is imminent and training Ottoman Adam being an I'm being of money will be broken this all way: different type of personality and actual position was which was nevertheless that's leadership. I don't know enough about the current baseball commissioner to make any intelligent observation, but I know that the NFL I mean give me a break. Give me up Why do you say we have for this? I would say a prohibition of happen for years earlier than a dead. Well, it all right. Things are meant to be. I started I wanted to make this movie many years ago. The gap assault was unruly gracious, but turned me down Adam Captcha brought me Tom, then the end, then he s began said yes and escape a cool beaten Sorry, we read out a money anyway, it will. We don't
the money and I get black magic about it. If that conversation doesn't nab aben, I dont do bought Jacob episode does inter me down. I don't go crazy. You also at the waist best away life. Is I mean You know that it's about preparation, my only about having the right mentor is about being the best possible duty. Have you, Maybe we should for disclosure. Adam is one you're good friends I went out and I walked Dave to be honest, I did. I was Adam to death. Now incredibly powerful person who the league that has never been doing better ever, any by land. I have unbelievable respect for him. Meta younger guys worked is behind, or I have great great respect for David Stern, both of them and illegal instrumental in mean being allowed to make this fear
many many people, the Walsh I mean, but the people at open doors. For me, Bob ryan- you I mean they're there there there s them up with Jack I am the sun and dull chaise is sound and you know and John Thompson. I mean business. No, really I find out about the game that there is this the common out. He is not only global, but it's with in fish. It is a shared love. You know- and I I say this- that I am not sure about this, but long form documentary film making
it. Why does it have to be linear? Why is it have to be quite illogical? Why does it have to be viewed as a history? I didn't I didn't do that? No, it short stories to took some of the come up. That's ineffably, smarter than me, and do the same type of take on music or a comedy, I own a theatre or on dance. The same way, if I opened his film a James, nay Psmith I'm, nor it, but he comes up in the fourth scene in the third storey PJ's alyssum always get choked by spree. Well, I chose to do it that way. I chose to do it that way. But I brought a bad and because you know he's out a really good run right now, but you ve done him for a lady years. Is there an embarrassing story? Can tell us about a funny story? Is there some sort? I am so some sort of Corky Something
I'm going to tell you about some: I don't come, I'm I'm! I'm gonna tell you that one of its key age got laid at my wedding. That's all I'm finished as far as I'm going very fair How is your favorite bill, seven's performance in your documentary and went their person there. What's with the scene, for fans of this pact cast what's the key these ones that man what it what's the one used you should tell people go action in this one he's really he's really bring in it. Why I mean it No, there are only kidding around the movie right. They are you know, a couple of people. I wouldn't agree, and I'm still pissed at you for not agreeing to be. You know how No man? I gave me a moment in this movie. Ok, I'm at your efforts by
But I do the shame on the on the first lottery and which is a really funny scene. I love that one and you are, of course, like you know, you're you're, either you call the cops his magic trick. You ve ever seen, don't know if I can ever be repeated in terms of the envelope yet wasn't. My favorite lie my favorite line from you was when, when it turned up the knicks- and I come to you and you say, the next item, twenty, the with the news, is been terrible forever beat the guy autonomy out of that was bill. Russell Barroso would like these guide. The Knicks are always awful, always organised by as much as I could give you any credit. Now I realize this conversation is completely about you as much as eighty give you credit you have very astute at certain points,
gradually, especially when the boy comes to my may the first time and that's what people don't understand, the new headed on ahead. I mean you, you you you you. I think you call the dueling banjos is by possession LE brought his mind for weighed and they don't win that year and that's the ELM the missing element of a championship, team, we'll chemistry is a word, but bullets is chemistry really mean it means you have a leader that defines the cold wet and everyone by to meet it, wasn't until aid guide I was going away, got hurt. People realise that wade- and you say this was the owl a dog in that relationship yeah, but one thought to apply because of his personality was
I've been looking for, weighed and the same for all the pressure on him on the broad I gotta do this myself. It didn't work, maybe even when it or the next year Wade has an injury and new point this out and now the broad steps up. That's not a knock on anyone That's how we all progress. We continue to learn. It was a great opening for Lebron James is a basketball player and, as a team made and now They start winning, but wait. Let it happen and that this you finish, my set wage still had to let it happen Jackie right, it's mine row and Wool Frazier in nineteen. Seventy three rang Romano, twenty, eight, a game he comes to the next and its phrases team and he give job himself. Could that have happened ever wish Frazier coming to earn money I don't think so many societies for you
with the workers these last two years on paper that could have bad they but couriers such an unusual superstar? He does need the bar that much is incredibly fund a play with this, Instead, he creates at Lahti, can eat take five shots and still have a dramatic impact on my gain. Fine hydrated violated perfect. I was there for them Finally, I think this year, when it was in Cleveland when goals they want- or maybe the next, the last game- and I thought frankly that courage should have won the M Vp in the finals, and I was watching it and and
never blinked when I gave it to the red in red and white line it it's so much it up. I love come up on the thirteenth. I have a lot of stuff korean Golden stated. Their lot on Cleveland San Antonio Miami, but my favorite thing in the whole film is when we were talking about stuff, curry and the footage and Peter she is talking about how he knows the angles off the back boy any go and look at him: the angles, the angles and vesicles. How could you not get off and watching the angles, and I cut to the original hostler filled with poor, Newman and Jackie Grief back and forth of poor Newman's describing them, sort of that point. The angle of the billiard table, the curry, the angle, the angle of the egg over I buy, enjoyed Megan at no that's eyes, Lloyd, Bacon, animal people like that bought
curry, is taken it up a notch this year he was It's kind of the stealth them candidate. He was at one. Twelve tonne adds. We talked about. It talked one of our best buy back basketball. Before there was a case that he could still up a level and its like he's actually going up a level which tired I wouldn't have bet on, but I am really there's a chance. He's gonna, be like a fifty five percent. Fifty percent three point shooter fifty five percent fear ninety percent free treasure. Fifty fifty fifty four fifty ninety is actually and play for him, which is I mean it's insane and you don't want. They came to the garden the other day, they are so much on to its people. I love you. I love you haven't. I love have them. I would not change a thing about what am I saying reported. I'm commented a God mania, cousins even playing cards. On a bench he gets thrown out either if you get it,
Ok, but out of the game and alone I mean I've got what gotta be fun to see. Please Lakers doing man housing work. Well, when is the boy Father gonna break out now Well, that stated its Ike count ads on it'll, be in the next week has run dry that I didn't he would be early and actually thought they might be paying him off to shut up. But now I think I think he's gonna start spread his wing soon. He needs to get his hand traded on it. I think I probably what the weird thing is is Leubronn is so detached. It's like really unusual and we ve, do this before when he doesn't like the code share. Is that really happy with whatever is going on and he hears the Billy Did you go on autopilot and still be really good? Bye, you know what he's invested, unease that investigate- and I don't know whether it's the new uniforms in the new city and just like the other co below
where's that are still here and there's a little resentment towards him in I don't know why. I don't know what the dynamics are, whether he just doesn't like the codes much whether it s love his team, yet whether he Kawhi Leonard was can be joining him. I don't know, but I dont I don't have the sense like it. It's the first time. I can ever remember in the history of of an mba superstar free agent. Where he doesn't seem like he wants to impress is new fans. You know the new I comes in like a man, I just slides I really like me in here in their early away this time, I am not sure I disagree. I mean there seems to be alone is play. You know Yeah on his blade actually Rondo. Throw it out and suspended, was it for two gained heart that team, because even though they lost wanted to games. I dont Randal was plain right here, yet
I'm not given I mean it's so freaking early they have a lot of young players and the Brown gotta figure out, he's gotta eat areas, guided process everyone's and fell into his chest. Computer oiling address, and I think I should check he's all there in order, but even I want proper about one someone's face man. You don't have that man knew who smack you and that's good. I think the best ones Anti So the clauses documentary basketball, love story, it is available the entire thing you can watch any of it on the ears pm plus out, but is, he's been running. It alot the last batches running Tuesday, eight November thirteen three and then I hours and then, as is its on all the time, and that in the cool thing about this- and I think it's gonna have said The shall five funny is p M and we saw this with some of the thirty four thirty's they can count. Jump at any time that parts common avow watched his twenty minutes, though
You design this. It's all ten of fifty! in twenty minutes, stories. You can jump at any time in an that's at their digestible. So I think I can see this be erroneous on for years. Yours and I hope it is because I really like to know that I'm watching by the wreckage made it twenty freak hours, twenty hours, baby and my bill Simmons over under. I think that should be a contest dad. If I'm play me over under in terms of minutes, for you in a twenty hours, fill my why the audience to understand this. As eighteen and a hair for those people who get the over years beyond that correctly. On this very day, this November twelve, they bet they buried, get right. Spirit is doing a cargo Berger for everything that can occur. We can't say
like I should have been in every segment. I actually feel a guiding didn't the ball enough. I didn't shots off, great great usage rate for my time. Stats very proud of my back score in this document. The clause. Congratulations on this day. I fear that you got the book to an Amazon. If you look, workers asked right. Thank Austria would suck about G sweet the sweet of cloud base productivity tools that includes Gmail dockside sheets and drive eyes all those things. These tools improve your work live both in terms of your experience in the outputs you create hence there new campaign make it would g sweet known. You have twenty identical versions of a labelled final and no Cluj as late as well making the version. Then no one final found a right, but I have documents CUP final photophone, a final vinyl would
sweet by Google Clatter range of work apps. I gmail docks inside such make real time updates to the same document that haven't keep track of version after version of a product and since all the tools are cloud based, her whole team can access the same document can the same page at the same time, to find out more dodgy swedes productivity tools visit she sweet that can make it with G sweet by Google Cloud I'd online right now. My buddy Jacko, it is election day were taken. This is eleven o six, a M Pacific time. Lord knows how today is gonna play I know it's already the most. Goin day in history, social media, Johnny, as everyone in your life they ve ever met, told you about an airway there. They have just thank all for the countless veterans your came before us who died for the right of people to post pictures are themselves with. I voted to that region.
They really made an all worthwhile. I was excited that Tony from the challenge who's been, I think, kicked out of at least one challenge for bad behaviour. It is just a general train wreck. It is time we devote a mainstream. Anthony says guys gave is gonna, get sufficient until three teeth you're lying about the tragedy that the attitude of not having to kick your ass up every year, saucer. Whenever this little podcast bs report throw back yeah, that's good. I love it when always liberties that did not get a gauge the election day and talking about the vote really really. Does my her good work, this rank for you and the time most action packed bid terms. As the number ever, but now this is a way down Let them in every election. Politicians cannot intended as the other most important election of your life, but
I don't feel like this. One is the most important one in my life in Connecticut here, but were voting for governor, which I will have some impact on our sedate significant impact on our stay, but I can't really say that I'm all that agenda for that either. So now I say this one ranks a little lower down on this scale. For me, What are we to be any great earthshaking changes? I mean, I think the conventional wisdom is that the Democrats will take. Thousands Republicans will keep the Senate, maybe even increased their majority in the Senate. So I dont know there will be a letter of sharing. You know You bet. I end as I began this past. Eleven years you republican, conservative and the last two years have been from those two plus years. A drug free, weighty, we're ears, my story? Airs there? Will you fit in now?
What do you stand for in the current landscape will is uses of total conflict at all times, for you to tell me that you have my manifest yeah there's what I believe I do now I mean I've gotta be weird. I guess you know heiresses, we ve known each other now thirty years, evil is cared about politics way more than I did. When a political, family and everything else right now you ever the equivalent of like you in your dad. What the Celtic rang boards is like what made my father had repulsed x, Ray I they had is important. My father's passed away, but that was what we had in my family was a big political thing. I've always been a dyed in the wool conservative Republican and ever since the rise of of tramp and ended, I looked out a gas does my party and I fell head over heels in and left with Trump, and its trumps party now
look out even more aghast and I feel like kind of a man without a country, certainly so in others republican politicians. I, like I, like Ben Fats from the brass good I've got: a personal twitter relationship with the lieutenant governor View, Tom Spencer, cocksure, that's important to me: go jazz loud difficulty about the go jazz, but though the air he seemed like a decent fellow. But by and large, the Republican Party has just gone its way with Donald Trump so troubling to see because, as I have expressed an opinion- and I think that he is a more you should not be within a hundred miles of the oval office. So yeah, it's it's weird. It's it's! It's an odd, odd feeling, and I certainly democratic party. Is it still not my home and I disagree with them demons
in a number of subjects, so a number of issues, so I can't really feel like I'm rooting for them and and new now not really rooting for these Trump Republicans, because I know that only gives further voice to to and in our you know, is his body such as they heard his so I can only say I'm waiting. For that I mean it. I'm sort of been focused on local elections and a couple of people. I know there are running for office locally, numbering for them to win and in our rooting for certain things in local elections national scale. It like I used to get a lot more joined up and other be like political debates at work in it now these political debate? Now I just sort of keep my head on quietly. Go it's crazy out. There Do you really there's this course anymore, cuz you We can only use again political arguments, sometimes you would you get a little waited long hours and after it was always there was.
Good, natured element to it. It was never lay in ever ended with you standing up and going will your fuckin idiot, and that's where I give. As always, there was always a balance, and now it doesn't even phyllite, there's discourse anywhere it out and it is thought with a social, social media. Everything now were partly because liberty of it allows you to be used to be that you have to go to the bus station and hold up a sign for people to know you were crazy or try to find. Like minded people that you know the Martians were talking to you through the airwaves or whatever, but and now it's social media. If you can amplify that voice and find other people that she your lunacy yeah and you have the anonymity of being able to hide behind your keyboard behind that anonymous name in and throw the tree all your fellow man- and I mean, though, that is I'm serious note that troubling aspect of our public these days where it is,
Is it more of what things you're like a Europe? Where are you Europe? You have like a sort of lake for its very tribal and and people there's a lot more political violence or were beat anywhere else around the world in America had always been unmercifully, been away from that by and large now people are gonna. Send me no eighty five thousand twitter tweets now about political violence throughout history than the thing we were. We have been completely me into a by and large. We ve avoided that the violence three clashes that you ve seen in other places, and now it seemed like that's where we're headed and we ve become ever more tribal and at the end of the day it was like, while we're all americans- and now I think you sort of forget that and become or personal one at home in M, and we can go back and forth over what cause that. But you know whether Trump was the cause of that or whether he's just there. You know a symptom of that, but you
differently. You know it's it's uglier now that used to be- and I think, Keebler way too wrapped up in it. You know it used to be that you could be involved with politics and all that's important, your civic duty, what have you, but now in OB, at the absence of religion in american life or what have you but people of sort of like taking it almost as the religion in the end and entreated it as such, were like a level of importance in our people, a hike, living and dying. Hang in there. I hope I can get out of bed now based on what happens in this election is like at the end of the day, is not really an impact. You all that much this midterms well is if one of these things swung in a way that we didn't expect. That could impact us here I mean well, maybe it at the end of the day, regardless of what happened today tomorrow morning, trouble is gonna, be the president and until the new congresses inaugurated in early January for the night in November and December
to be able to do whatever he was able to do yesterday, but our January, in their wake up, and if there was certainly with a democratic out, he's not going to be able to get any legislation passed and if there was democratic set it as well certainly is not going to be able to have any sort of agenda at all, including you putting be wanted Supreme Court if any more vacancies opened up her or by appointing judges to lower level cord. So that would have certainly you know, a big impact to some degree, but a big impact to some degree in one of the big impact to some degree the go ahead. But that would have a big impact on his agenda without a doubt, but I mean you know if they ve never comes just get. The house yellow make his level that more comfortable with investigations may control committees and things, and you know they can drag his cabinet officials up there and subject them to some tough questioning in investigations, but in some onwards,
People are starting to be unhappy, thuggery miserable and may even like them on the magic crowd that has the presidency has the presidency here. They ve never quite seem very happy, so loser, droids gonna, be the same thing tomorrow of of people scream, give each other twitter and Facebook. What about when he introduces new press secretary Megan Kelly, Well, now, there's no alone lost between them is way back in the debates in its making. It's amazing merchant, I know, but it's a debit, Debbie move in an par for the course really for his administration does. She was in fact knew so that tends to be here seems to be the way to go ahead and administration. So, but I would be surprised if she would take that, though members guy, like sixty three million dollars, not to do anything right. So why go work? Member?
days when we could dress up its black face for Halloween Johnny what're, you talking about big Kelly. What aware that have you say that anti they move mercury rough times Finally, because the two guys in the press bags to integrate our press box pack has Kurdistan shoemaker. There are great ever Breakin this down, how started out down this great road of all this. Action, interesting, she's gonna talk about how the pc police is now running. Halloween right, this is actually get angry. I M excited see how she sells this and then the largest just hits the guard relayed by eighty miles, an hour cards find out o god as it should have been on tv long about. You should know that lake. You shouldn't cut down, they should do not open a can of worms eat you shouldn't even like go to the room where they can of worms, store, read it. I dont even go near it. Just don't touch it. As you say, there may have been a good point in there
where, but you just can't do, that it was heading towards interesting place. It is kept. Yeah they're certain words: if you're on live tv, that judges. Don't even got opened the door, as you said, thank just Hitler just now. Don't just don't even going to. How is it that we like there's? No way you stare back, it there's no way our back. What do response to that like one of our favorite, as announced sketches when that the David algorithm, morning show in the teleprompter with popular one, and it comes back in their hardly the weather methods. Whether man is dead covered at eight there's another is that Cotonou since the last time we talked, we have a new world series chip in the bus threats acts. Yeah, oh, my god. I really mean irritatingly groans yachting. I guess you're right
concern or get good job- I? U we did it again for why now could drop could drew bodyguard twenty first Century World Series Toto true true, follow on. Although the egg There are one ahead of their page from the twentieth century. Really you're right. I read on a par with Europe twentieth century output, so Hopefully, the next area two years will be the same as the last one is someone pc tweet about this is the first it red sacks of their rather problem with the first eighteen years of his head right. Film gray and I read that as they're gonna fuck now again to another. I wanna be thinking about the next eighty two years. If a different world the world was turned upside down in two thousand and four, we still have covered, so shining always like to watch the best baseball team of our lifetime hundred nineteen one hundred and Nineteen and fifty seven,
find out I'll, tell you what I would like to urge the best baseball team in our lifetime, but was twenty years ago with ninety ninety eight David Wells was pitching forever, be brilliant Yankees team that one hundred twenty and fifty. So that really was the best theme of our generation within a year on Amazon you play, the powder is no answers. We did that year. That day, you bought off the homepage plate umpire and called the mark. Langston strong law and that led to the homer- and I remember that didn't want describe marketing new in the world says that was fun, fear exactly very, very go you mailed it exactly Did you know that anti are all that was the Earl of our pictures that had been shaky got much better because they use pint are in the position to get a better grip on the bizarre some very much did you know, they in San Diego back. There is a big article about eleven twentieth anniversary. They call that play the pitch
it's basically their version of the bill, but their grandma for red Sox fans in railway yeah. It was that they had a whole long piece about how it should have been a strike stricken. At length. Literally, the next page was dead series. During my man again, but yeah, it's called the pitch in San Diego, who now better give it the better we kind of dependent and, like others, I am not sure that, even if that pitch was called the strike, the bases were still gonna be about it. I don't think there was due out, so maybe there was as but twenty years now more thought possible, but when people are sending me tweets about the history of political violence in America, they can also send me trade about what they want. They. How many out there were fourteen at the long run but I dont think there would be met me. Eight, but yeah give table girl, but we are not. I think I've already. I just remembered ninety. Ninety eight, I think it's I can say this because we ve been friends for thirty years.
You're right, you're, all time insufferable between dear the budding Yankee Dynasty and declare Lewinsky scandal hear her glories you. You're. Out of your mind, you just you just is your stout. Just Stretton around spread around these coasts, they used to say to get out conquering roman generals, though all glory is fleeting. You know so that it's bit me in the ass, because now the Red Sox are sending that Donald Trump. Is president really have to go back in my time machine at my Delorean and set it back, and I can already tell twenty year old Jack, utter cool it Frederick flow is wrong. It was great times the internet was really forming and rounding into shape. We were back in touch with them, these people that we never wanted to talk to you again just constantly calling each other making fun awry. Those relationships,
Rebecca their lives. They ve never wanted, and now we have Now we just have a facebook. Brick grew from college that night. Just follow everybody. What there ninety eight great times, twentieth anniversary Johnny. You should worry that it should have. You could have borne a gene or jersey with that do that anyway, and your wife do where? like a Linda trip. Cost only could about immigration everywhere, but many faces, but with a trip, but I'm glad you didn't say that my wife was gonna, be withstand the scenario? You said so yourself, and I appreciate that I bet Linda tampered with funding accustomed to get outta deathly. Take him a lot more effort, humans, easy just where the blue dress right. Absolutely idea that together does regard as John now now it's just you know, and now
GM gives, you know, gives interviews where he's like wow, it's possible break. Gardener could be arrow. They left fielder we'd with love theses about cc back. And you see the ship, but we have to do it cost effectively. I was surprised when either the answer of the important thing for the accused to be cost effective, that Georgia, typewriter didn't rise from the grave the ground with them, has actually expecting elective watching me, any minute. Now, George Beverage, staggering from both the old and take brag Cashman off this interview, Darling amazing Sanford and Steinbrenner Timetable. You and all they ever talk about his leg out alone. Free tax and how they don't want to fund other teams that that really has like really hit him personally. They they are obsessed with that. I understand getting under. Last year, but at the point of that was to reset, and then that worry is you have to worry about as much
forward now that you're, not a violator garlic your tax, but they really I'm troubled by that. That's that's disconcerting, to say the least. Maybe it's all so. Hopefully it's all smoke and mirrors and buster to throw people off the scent of their plans, but I haven't loved them so far at all I like you used the word violator like that little bit luxury tax, terrible senseless created. Now. Can it meanwhile, I've been trying to play down, because the Red Sox were always the ones that wouldn't splurge on free agent. You know when they are run by that, Jackie Trust or whatever, but now they have There are like whatever let's get championships, whenever cost pay would have regarded the year peril, the sheer they don't care and need our buying eyes left and right and more power to work for him. The angel I go by penny pinching, it's it's ridiculous! Well, what the Red Sox sign now just world Series here: Nathan, evolving budgets, Hera yeah
I I really feel like, I know should be a holiday in two thousand and eighteen for about these birthday. That's how heroic he was in the play. Straightforward, that's what I'm but they sign him that will give us four of our food for starters, will have nine figure contracts which to be a major league record. To mention the sand of our Hanley. Shannon, though, for paying him anymore border flipping Santa Carl Crawford for the rest of my life. I don't like respite care. Aren't. You relate like you're, paying lotta go now. Rusty's hold the manager boy team he's going without you but I think you and really debt relief. Doping said of all I'm Tellin you car Crawford is going on fur forever, its Until though into global warming ends the world were paying Calcraft, Delaware,
Naturally, it would get paid laughed Hammer Bobby buccaneer bets. Don't I M a million dollars every year for twenty five years so he's my question for you. If they traded and do her. You spend legs three hundred billion hours on man, the third out of the two thousand eighteen road, serious Machado, the final out, Would you be ok with that? That would not know when they were making grumbling about trying to trade for Machado at the trade deadline in I don't know how real that ever was that the oriole trade them in the division, but I was, I was excited for it. I wanted Manny Machado and who wouldn't at that time, but it just is Nathan. Eovaldi has made himself a fortune in the postseason. I think they made him a shot of his costume self of fortune.
Because it was bad enough, but he was not really that really set the world on fire after having gone through the Dodgers narrowly like put the team on his back and and carry them into the post season and didn't do anything and oppose the reason, but then, when he did not run the first base more than once, He says: well, that's not my game on that! Johnny hustle! I'm not going to do that, yeah. It's gotta be ripping his hair out of his head, like what? What am I doing here like? How can you possibly go out did about that I'm not Mr Hustle and the notion of that going to New York and having that on the back page every day when he gets to stand, there admires homer everything for the home run at its along out or a bender being a single instead of a double. If he was watching the remit him alive and I don't need them in the locker room like whispering to Jerry Sanchez like that worry about when they played a run hardest hit home, run thick uneasy about being a mentor to Gary finches. I don't love that body.
I felt like anything, get it out a couple of the couple dirty plays too, where each other's by yeah somebody on the brewers at first and then he did. It appears that further attacked him. That's all we need, because that obviously reminiscent of the Iraq with Bronson Arroyo back an oh, for which I still get gives said to me about so I just don't need it. I just don't need that in my life but I'll, take so much grief now and I'm good luck to you here, Add some space to the egg is red Sox robbery, because the Red Sox forever, if your test him we're yelling at EM game money to ensure that China get him look at us today is is that of crowd, favoured and Fenway Taylor. Much now what his eyebrows- I do indeed without you and Damon, had been afflux your buddies, but your boss and crew. Now it in with a young man in the Dodgers, asked you didn't they say Many of you like them, apple, like that
so adorable. Maybe we do what the word very like their babel. Did he shouldn't that the do you think you're better than me who better than me who the fuck are. You got a Dallas. My favorite story of our time. Every thought on the ass black ass, when Matt Damon told the story about going through Boston, Robin S: environment, hey, Mark glass we could have predicted. That was what about price Harper. I will not treat Harry Gal. I like I know you don't have the best year. I know he had some he's well, but if a case as well as some shortcomings but he's left
and which the idea that we need left handed bat that shore porch it right field you now, even when they play the educated ago, he was like genuflect thing at making metals, number two part of me and I think, he's probably an upgraded left field. The brick gardner call me crazy, like break ordinary, was a fine yankee, but he's thirty six years old maid to thirty six last year. I think Bryce Arbour might be a slit, upgrade So I was a little intrigue by that I'll admit. Middle of a line up with no. He strikes out too much in the dark, homer airstrike out, which is the problem they have, but at least he's left handed and breaks up. The right hinders I'm a little bit more intrigue by that thought same rightly want no part of illegally. I think he's a cop waiting to happen. Is it only best coolly, best friends without the cup somebody right, Chris Brian, I think, there's a an end. His dog is named Wrigley, so I think he's enough. The cubs can find some money. I think he's gonna be a cub. Would he do does rigs
yeah Brace Harper thing scares me, as are its extreme, because of that judge, batting sacking harbour third stand forth. He has five, that's fucking gauntlet. I dont want sex, in the end, by the way I wasn't good last wasn't good last year and he might be one of those like Peter NEWS. Twenty three type, a guy but maybe you ve been around. You know he's been up until nineteen, so it does have some miles Adam and s injury problems. I get all that, but it out once in a generation. Talent. Arguably tell I guess who do they do that? Just money for longer than the old me? I guess it's just money. They would George Liberty, sign Machado, Harper. Well, It should be a concern that the national fans would drive him to the airport, make sure he died on the plane. That's the problem right. They watch him day in and day out and they're all ready to drive the airport. The one I was hoping the egg is, would splurge? Is this path?
Corbett, the guy who's on airs and their great stats lefty. It makes a tiny sense, but love the hall. Let's grab the small mark, a guy who's got great stats and, let's thrown into the fire and in New York. Please do that either way. You know, he's a Yankee fan bring him in bringing to carbon the old family group. And then I was excited about that and then I talk to a guy that his daughter plays on my daughter's basketball team at a basketball meeting last night. His Yankee fan Talk I and I see no Corbett is openly thinking. Vanden did, God did not want to sign and because of that creep out, a particular pressure item is like an old you play for your favorite team is gonna, be be trying too hard ass, like the ticket, We actually that scared me. I've patch of yellow steward, spend three hundred million per annum idolators rumours that they were talking of the Indians about about clue bearing Carrasco and then I
Latvia. There buddy their quarry Cooper, adore Carrasco and did they Apparently, the mariners are gonna blow it up signing up think about two hundred: seventy five middle. Our contract that didn't work out well leave it I saw that serve, they blow it up and they were taking offers that tax. Then that would be good to back it. S like the egg is to sign up to go on, get carbon and then get Cooper. To them that they pretty good at your throw the men with separate onto darker one at that guy, like as it is, and I unfortunately, he's gonna get overpaid, but either I'd like ours kick off because yeah he's done, In the past I had my fantasy team the last two years. He was deafening up and down, but I do think he's the type of ensure that is gonna age well, like he's those guys they give the Yankees got him
for carrying out the data grumble picture, which is what you want to make a stadium rang. If we can only Yankee would be addition by subtraction just get them off the asterisk you're. My gun instinctive you sign cargo shit. Totally see him Jumping Level and the egg is being that, like crafty lefty that you ve had forever, you know I'm going to keep them to come up with the civil war. Look, why didn't I? There are you later beards and the like. You said that you had your not now here I heard it was watching really get had a at a manager, baseball team. You two clips bowed, he can't hurt. I would recommend that that's good, that's good! We're ever bring him in again, very rough child, pitching staff regresses under Larry Raw child, both given one more chat, but at the moment you dance. I had a good this easy spot. That's tough ban when you were near and the same division is the greatest baseball team of all time. It's tough everyone are you a budding jungle
we're like a smaller get penny pinching team just trying to get by with rookies retread best? We can do for funding. I rang the Guy Workers rights expanded. I get it. Martinez have an opt out after the sheer, but only after the second year of disappointed. Dear do you wanna apologize or do you have any last words for David Price, who you malign than this back ass, though it were no written. Graduations undiscovered prime charge really turn things around now come I have to give kudos pure move cuz you were like David praises. Family did not have it they only when it is going to work father after game, too, of the Yankees, the Red flag, divisional series, your father, both like castigating on twitter. He was first forgiving price, a background as you put it in a man and a really should be apologizing to you as a feller attack bad because you were there, a guy like you,
the girl you are like give me all your David Price Stock and new. You rode out the volatility of the market and it paid off in the end for her it's a lot of red Sox n. I like the way he was throwing the last couple months. He was hit like ninety five and is is record, was really go then that First Yankee game everybody just that was ready to let you know Sunday, Cuba and not a one way, ticket verse of political asylum I just didn't get it cause. I felt like a good stuff that we again like Palmer ends, who somehow didn't pitch even in the eighteen inning game have no idea in the roster, but that's. That's done, there's no chance, but price was actually. Would while he just had this weird mental back with the annex, but I just think that's Stand by the Yankees. Have he's right handed due to come up one after another who can hit the ball forgery. Eighty feet now: it's like I'm just a bad match up for
but in his very with tee thou he did not exercise his opt out is all it by this bad. Maybe he'll continue distinct against me. I give for the remainder of his contracts of its good. For me, it's it's A good guide have in the past that the thing I had, the biggest thing I learned is don't freak about not having made thinning reliever when your manager is more than one to blow out everybody's arm on your roster to have anything I for four weeks said. I learn that now Janni Nathan, these gonna, his arms proudly could mean a sling until February, but he won. The world series were five good idea: guy coming after Tommy jobs to throw them as many us. We cannot oppose it. What is it doing, whatever their repercussions in I have three Tommy Johns. What is fine if they fix that,
I worry that arm elbow were to sign on the dotted line four year. That'll be all good. I want a minute you have my son, get Atomic answered you right now that seeping increases fast by getting Men and nephew cognitive go Jack, I'll I would tell you to enjoy the rest of the election day, but I don't know of any adverse organ enjoyed. Ethic grew to be a during it, but as always, a pleasure taxis, Senator Aurette, hey, let's talk about the pixel three, you ve seen the commercials unleash the most powerful pixel ever on the net work chosen by Google Verizon Pixel three has more than just any camera takes group selfies snap since Portugal mode. Have you always pick the perfect Mama Topshop, which automatically recommends the best pigs, where no one is blinking? Everything looks just right and the pixel three also has the power of Google ants, which means you can search what you see and when you get the pixel three and Verizon comes of America's
best network. Now families can mix and match their unlimited plans and the best network, with unlimited on Verizon everybody in the family gets what they want without paying, for the things they. Don't you think we'll get you want I'll try. I think we should. Definitely. How would you use a pixel three of them, yet a new strategy as losers raises legal, confirmed Cinema Java commercials considered this kid from the streets of New York. Pixel three forgets exists your local varieties and start today or learn more at busy W dad come wanted to mention an awesome red carpet from air fares
momentum generation, new document that we have common on each Bio, which is gonna, be I think December eleventh- and you remind me Talkin bout, it a bunch of times and this back ass over the next five ways. Desgas. I really love the thumb and it's a quarter, unquote, Servadac, but it's not that I really want you the listener to watch it because I think it really get, and I don't know I rarely like go all and put something to you: people some pushing this, keep it any. Your radar spent five weeks away just filed away I am very concerned by the Boston celtics- is delayed as they say I dont like there's. There's some care
your staff? I mention this on Friday, but now I am concerned about its a classic too many guys issue that issues manifesting itself so far and I feel like there's gonna, be a trade coming, so I wanted to get that on the record. I feel a terror regime will not be on this team ten days from now so whatever day, this is what is it no member sex? The members and tat, they will not be an honour on this team- are aired. Its main regner. Agriculture is here the zoo first time on the bs bike. Ask it is its: right now, live you Do this use to anybody. People way way back when I did later very we out my God later. Leaders in my salad golden year way before that I was doing it unlike borderline public access, cable without even a c in the word cable doing it for a thing called movie time.
And I'm just trying to always movie time a movie or he was he was called movie time and it was on. I dont know some satellite dish and it was like literally like one by the college for me, and I can- I came out of school and cut out here and crashed on a couch just like this one that I'm sitting in for a few months, but but I got this gig doing this kind of. Oh budget cable channel and we would fill the hours with just interviews and show behind the scenes in our views in Vienna Run trailers. Anything we could to filter. Is that what you wanted to do, even in college, you really gonna, be a host join, be like Letterman at you know, honestly no, I really I don't know. I didn't have a strong, clear drive as specifically of what I wonder to do
I mean I did. I was in broadcast journalism in Arizona, and I started as a drama major sigh Debbie. I ended up in the right down, but I honestly didn't know what the I don't know anybody in this. Business yes It always seemed so far removed Vienna. The idea of actually ending up in it is it was just seemed preposterous to maybe you could actually get get a gig out here. So so I just never anticipated it, but it's funny just in Bateman, as I was reminded the other day, played a big part in my career flat. Oh yes, yes, she was dating a friend of mine who was a sound mixer and She had gone to like this MTV near now used to do those superbowl events, semi ass way back in the eighties, yet
and she was there doing you're helping out with one of those things in doing her thing, he was on family ties and she told this guy who who worked at MTV. She was like a you shoot. You should talk to my friend. Friend, Gregg Kinnear at some point, and so ah I ended up getting a chance. Audition for em tb via her does deserve. Big days for anti labour is the reaction. I went in to this sad on the stairs with J J Johnson satin. Mark good, and now I have when the whole gang- and I am a base, Glee begin to get a terrible audition, good god it's. I still have it yeah it's awful agenda and I didn't get the job out of it, but I did get a nice tape out of it and that tape said MTV audition. So when this fledgling cable Jana was starting up calling called movie time, they were like Alice and I might be with you,
It's got an empty, be addition that he didn't get the job work. I dont remember the movie time thing and I think I have a really good memory in and I love pop culture, but man yeah get your bed now now that you said that, unlike our ye, wasn't no Zeke as our member, when they became e knows I e, that's can be their name, that's right, and in literally before I was ii. It was this movie I am channel for three years and just one day they came in and they changed the sets They change the name. They changed the hosts I e I was fired yet I e and an end. I laughed and did some other stuff for like a year and a half and then came back for toxic. So that was all much later down. There were any started talk soup, and then you told them some day there's image Famine in the car dash ants
and they're your heart, and I keep your eye just watch this family, another little girls, they're they're, gonna, save your channel. Yes, yes, exactly! I saw in my crystal super talk. Soup was in its funding because it's basically the internet right, CAN ninety ninety one, I think so- Ninety one, ninety, while no ninety two, I think we want on the air with ninety two January first and an eye on it. Ninety two, ninety three, ninety four and one was like the prototype. For that day. I'm. There wasn't a prototype honestly, I e they brought me in. I had just I don't know. I d done some other couple of other things, and I They had been running periodically clips of like Sally Dressy, Rafi, our Karol Door, Geena Ricky Lake, they just periodic, you run a clip
and so I went in with the guise of of creating a show once a day that would just run a number of these clips, rather than just want run, one they'd run now, a number of them. There was no idea what the show was gonna be there is no prototype. In fact, I, though, what they thought it was can be like a serious Reverend look back highlights from Jerry. And we all got in there and I don't think they knew we were on the air for like two years, but we just kind of started. I am obliged in college. I graduated cards. Nanny tableware like this is great. What is this? I just make fun of these terrible shows. I love this in any so funny mean even now I people no, that show they know the history of it. I didn't know that people Where did you see how there was no way internet? So there is? No. You couldn't like see how your twitter research It was our aid. There was no way to gauge it, we start,
to get a rating. I think we'd. At one point my producer, Eileen, Graham, came in and said we get a one this week which, in that world on e at that time, was unbelievable were, you know away with it and we got a lotta mail as well. So I started to realize towards not until like the third year before it left that people are actually seeing it out there, but I didn't know you had an audience. I just that we were just kind of in a little echo chamber. Run around. I remember that and then comedy central whatever was called back then was running the essential reference rate and those relate the two kind of all. This is great I'll, just some time and watch the show, but you know gone backwards like that. Said six, eighty, seven, eighty, eight, those the crazy talk show started, take off the more indebted junior, maybe those even eighty six, but where he's just yelling at Nazis and added. What is going on at the end?
the shows are like massively successful and then that kind of led into the early nineties when nobody was really making fun of them publicly, but everyone was making fun of them were washed up there and then attacked and famine, I really think I was like a pre internet. You know the comes in message board start coming in ninety three, ninety four, ninety five and then the internet people stuck on an email, but this was kind of existing pre. All of that is so true. Yeah and Morton Danny Junior yourself right. I just remember him like night. He always have a cigarette, they would always invariably kicks somebody off again. Such tat ere, the basic trapped in it have one of those shows yeah right back could have happened. That could have happened. Actually he with a visa he would fit in that. I I think I'm trying to think some other crazier ones. My Morton Johnny Junior, that Richard Bay. Yet
was Montel. Williams was allows yes, he was, I feel, like I'm missing, like a really good one in its own Jenny Jones, genuine It was was Wendy away those in our back there now see you had all these people and they were just watching. This shows cutting VCR tapes, vs, tapes, etc, and you are trying to figure out which ones and then your screening it immediately so much easier to tear down the internet, will be much easier to do. It's almost like a letter that saved us I'd know it was. It was crazy. How convoluted. It was high tide just coming in the morning and we basically take the shell, but we did it sort of live. We once we started, we just didn't stop and we just let it go whatever. It was drive me crazy if we stopped and
a technical issue here and there, but but not a lot and in the morning I'd go in, and I wish this nice guys like wine a pizza while here so we got we'd sit there and he show me you now pride twelve or thirteen different potential nominees yeah. We only had time for about nine or ten and we'd just kind of say. Ok, let's do this this is this week I thought I wanna we do like. We had like different gags and stupid things that we come up with on the fly and then now and then and then not be another we'd, both sit down into the shop I feel like that show Dennis born. We can update it was it was the first of Chechen people here who people can a wise asses the witches? basically where we ended up with the internet were just people being wise. Ass is about anything, but it was soon. I alarming me for all this are you now? I think I think you should take credit at it. This is great remember when you laugh. They was like devastating
then you're in this great situation, where everyone who faria thy gametes that great canaries like they could afford you with Eddie Murphy, made today before well, you'd Alba Greg Did. I later show rate as the current I've been out was basically now we're packages wrote back. Then we, these kind of long form in Russia that people are doing that really kept, calling all through the nineties and then I think in the two thousand started a flame out as a gimmick, but after two years as they still do later- and I say this do I embedded it's now you have to like make em if the kind of catch the viewers little bit alert shore we can't just pay. Two people are talking exaggerate cameras. I know I know, will listen. I took over that show from Bob cost us dear. Of that year and he was quite good added an end by the way they did it without an audience, which was always my big regret. I got over the embassy in they were like, owing to put in front of an audience in Abu walk noses
it felt completely wrong. You don't want to do. Then I didn't I didn't like I didn't like walking and even tried to say what I just sit here I'll just sit here and will start to show that we gave annoyance with any with the walk out. We had a whole walk out the on I just I don't know if the whole thing felt like it felt he even for me at that time. It just felt like a formula that had been had been done to death and and we weren't gonna, do it as well, but The idea of having a one on one interview with somebody in kind of talking to him, you know were rather than moving them down the couch after seven minutes that appealed to me here on some nights, depend who the gas gets? Does the booking ever? That is that, while we do a lot of times, we just pilfer, whoever you know J Leno head down at the end of the re stage, we just grab
Where were you better grab a star tat, the men, you laughed to become an actor yeah, which I remember being ledges flabbergasted by saying what now going to act. I thought this guy was gonna, be like go like a Letterman type. Now could be. Movies makes no sense in you. That was something you want to do. I I had eight I did all. I did have a great interest in acting. A really good friend of mine always was like you want to be an actor, and I was always known. I don't, but I guess I kind of did the truth is again. I just didn't think it was. It was something
like really possible to two to make habit in- and you know even my first movie- I mean which was which I did a couple little things, but I mean just kind of like a day gig here there, but the first thing was Sabrina with in us that Sidney policy. Directed and he hasn't big ass. Well, it is a big huge movie. There was a guy the other it was being remade. It was kind of a kind of moving the mental add to our people, and he had me come in and meet with him a couple of times about. Eventually I e the early but beyond videotaping and I ended up get the gig, but I know I was
not searching for that. He literally somebody Lindsey Doran, is to work for four Sidney dropped off a tape of me. I think, on talk soup, unjust said after he had tried to get thousands of other people to play this role, who passed for different reasons. He he at least entertained it, and then I went and I think you know we had a good connection he's from Indiana I'm from Indiana originally, maybe that helped idle now, but there I was my first Harrison afford New China at his second apex. The dumb, way, packs that Harrison for the eighties apex and then like in the just an unbelievable run. Early night is right when he is like the most bankable start in Hollywood Tom cruise sure I mean he just. I think I'm trying to think what he had come off. It was me like clear, present danger, presumed innocent the fugitive right. It was a murderer with a witness,
I'm hungry witness, GAD yeah daisy is his twenty year ran his color unassailable. So I hadn't never met Harrison through the whole process of the big elephant in the room. When I'm like trying out for this just the thing that you just don't want tat ever ever think about is the fact that you haven't really acted in a movie and now you're going to do it with Harrison Framework was just too much. I think I just compartmentalized can't I've said I'm like and acknowledge this eventually I did have to meet him, and that was in, I guess, in New York we met it out and out of cities off scenario. And andor decision. Even you, wanna go grab some lunch and there, and so we went down the street and got their got up, got a little lunch and, of course you walk in the restaurant, in it
You re looking at me, a man was pretty girl and you are right. He was kind of it that a great apex in, and was I remember, the lunch specifically at one point. This varies. You know, straightforward, launch talk about a little bit about the movie. You know, I don't know, baseball game ended random stuff and in an attempt at some point there we had two movie thing and he's talking about. Well, we were doing The thing is, and he mentions star wars, and- and I gotta do the might, of course, the joke that we all want to do, which is, as you know, I haven't seen that what is TAT one about sex I yeah yeah, I was too. Yeah. He I think I got half of us or maybe a quarter smile out of a man worked,
Sabrina, I didn't, do really well, but people are like mad about it like it. It had like a weird reaction. Yeah I mean it you know. I think you were good in it, but they were dead, understand? Why got remade, but they beside anyway. Here they didn't realize that tons of movies to be removed by twenty years air yeah. Now I think it was controversial. Little bet that it was being remade but end. Then some people didn't dig its, people dead a minute even now have I saw my kids. Why should my kids in a few years ago and remember thinking it's it's kind of a you know I like the film but its yeah. It does have a strange a slightly you now strange divide to it, but I, but I do I did like it, and I did think
It was a worthy remake. I mean I really. I really am, I dont, remember the box office side. I don't think it did tremendous. I think it will cause a giant. Andres Iconic in that role sure but outside Coolio on those That again, in army exactly means, I kind of a damned. If you do not do that thing anyway. So I think, with a heart, was only to watch out with your daughters, they dad movie. There's gotta be weird yelling like the watch dad and movies. I can tell you that that sets the general take question. Yet I am I have experienced is that it's strange now my hand- and they haven't see me in a lot of stuff. You know so I don't I'm not I'm not pushing me around the house. So it's it's worth a nice neutral place. Hopefully never knew. I say about their not that keen on watching it. You'll never see out of focus our Larry everywhere. Our doesn't happen soon,
that would make us a couple years later here and is another guy. You know, the old timers. Yes, And that was a really big movie form because he did you know he hadn't had kind of a movie rose like all my God, Jack Naval since amazing in a few years, and I became kind of the signature middle ages. Never some movie! May I read remember reading the script thinking. Oh my gosh. This is really an incredible scrap. Assisting just gonna be an incredible movie, I'm never gonna get it and Jack playing. This role is going to be one of the great things to watch at some point when I pay my eight dollars, like everyone else to the end, will be theater and watch him, and you were gonna play my role and Helen in this movie because You just knew that he was going to crush it Andy. Does it such a well acted Worryin movie, it's weird some It's a bit has an age while you know cause, I think, be your cousin,
This goes against sound, don't age, while whether her age, while culturally year that, like he's you know, he's gay bashing for the first our post of the movie right and when you watch it now under the current land, you like our manned commanded Ray In the moment it was kind of a guy he's, he's a crank bird no he's gonna come around, but then you see it in the two thousand eighteen lands in its having read it in a while. It's probably a fair point, but I don't know I just I mean I'm interested to see what that idea in mind. I think it is different. We talk about this would open has caught the we watch was about going backwards in legislating. Catherine inside leg was ninety ninety seven, when I demand a sex. Whatever was it was just like, so he was that's why and he's so good in that movie. I saw for one thing with that: and held her getting together the age difference.
You. It is a tiny bit of a leap of faith with anything like well. I take a leap of faith. Every movies, so this is like a very tiny. When I mean in this town, if you here and you're like living in vat and worried about the age difference I mean, I don't see it myself. I was always been comfortable with it, but It is a little bit about a span there, but I feel like I've seen it enough, where would you learn from Nicholson? we studying and where you watching like a little weird things. He did not receive baby, it was great I don't know. I can't tell you specifically what I learned: Amene hard working in Vienna took the worried over there,
all incredibly seriously and was never easy, was never easy for him. Oh Jim Brooks did a mill, wonderful job with the movie and end. Everyone cared a lot and nothing was taken for granted. Not one moment in our though everybody was was constantly trying to make whatever was better and it's amazing, as the script really is great and yet it get in, and we would start with seen- and I remember thinking This is horrible, is never going to work and and then you know it was just trying to find it and it would get better. And get honed and Jim has an incredible ear and which is get better big sportsmen cambrics yeah see Marijuana Cooper Gandia is it beggars, diehard torture, Cooper?
yeah, it's amazing. He has written a clipper sports more. We could be the perfect personally, I would be he would do come out James Rex. Well, they had once and in the sports movie. Then Rawdon in Greece. Today is was a soft bob. I need the criminals that tunnel covers movie. I knew clip SAM everyone that movie clean up of the US. You got nominated he's. One of them Is it just like that? The next persons goin up where the big movie that year was sir, was titanic to lump you don't remember that that was the other movie. That was in the category, which was set good year. Little little feature link motion picture that people remember, TAT, was possible, I was supposed to be a bomb we spend so much money can be the biggest barman alley. Registry is funny, and it that happens half the time there will be a big really get right there.
Other time. It really is a disaster. The Yahoo. You start here the bus about. Oh, my guy, this girl, Jesus, then it's a guy, is actually pretty with any buzz is good, but maybe we are good or bad. You know it's like. Maybe that's the message out of that, though there are a focus of Bob Grain. Is one of the most disturbing darkest kind of fascinating cable movies that comes and wouldn't you forfeit channels in sight, yeah this movie, Bob Crane. Hard to explain. My lay forties like that, like the guy Morgan hear us all these years, but that was like everybody knew who that was, you know or like Mr Brady or I don't know, if the dad from my three sons and they're, like twenty people there were just in your life and you just assume they were perfectly normal em,
he was not normal, is the opposite. And when that stuff started come out, it was absolutely flabbergasted really Bob Cream. I now I remember hearing about it and in high school that some story, I think he had been. Maybe it was after he was murdered or and had been murdered. Recently sobs of there was a little just a little buzz. I was in high school in Greece by the wise I'm here. I'm a parking lot in Greece having this conversation, but somehow the Bob Bob Green, a beer. I understand he was a year, he had kind about it, a crazy it like the girls shaping. I like the Ladys, inhaling the ladies and gentlemen. The Ladys then never hear much more than that agreement was a tiny lip on that registered for me back at that time, and then the whole story went away for many many years like with everybody, I think, and in only a only when you know Paul traders,
scrap was I like. Oh yeah, it's really good movie yeah. I swear by the way mother Legend yeah. I mean it basically seems like his buddy tell them, but the air he didn't get ever convicted for red right. Nobody researched better than than trader- and he said there is no question of he had sat on that jury would have voted to can consider it. At the end of the day they had bought the case badly enough. The Scottsdale police Department that, of course they had to in our they had to let go of like some key evidence but in others There was Rihanna was all there and is very, very clear it. One of the things that's cool about that movie is: it was that era where you became famous for the one thing and then after that you're just kind of
chasing the fame that came with that one thing, but it each year becomes further and further away from dying because, like deep into you know this weird posts. Who is here on a career ways just like working in their clubs? Do they patching things together? This is getting darker darker here. It was very. It was really well Britain Scrap tonight an idea and I had the benefit of of Vienna, willing to file playing
the railways so awesome and I was such a fan of his. So that was a distant added bonus, but yeah gets it gets pretty far out there and we, you know there were part there was an element of the movie. The seemed slightly that seat was funny to me. Just have a cause is not really something you should laugh at me. I definitely think this man had a problem and oh yeah, an addiction that obviously but, but I think sex addiction now is something that is probably in the public consciousness a little bit more. You can have a sober conversation about it, but I mean when I saw this, I am in an alarm about your. We made it, but just to seem like where he, what yes suspected of exerting a. How have you Bob
was creeping around outside of being an Huggins heroes. This kind of you know charming role that he plays, that he had this dark energy that was was driving him in there were moments within the script that had some really funny beats in it than I that I liked, but ultimately it it's a drama and it is dark and it does kind of Tipp over into a different place. But you know there's there's just it's alive. Different colors in that movie, I enjoyed it. You made a little miss sunshine and oh sex. There's a movie back at made now and if it gets made. What's the budget, I mean it was considered a kind of a low Budget, India, when you made it now, it's like I love them movie I wonder whose making them movie now attacked talk to. A demos on the part of a month ago- and he was type, but I heard it was, it was to get that Casey Afric movie they made
Manchester by the sea, and he here saying I, like the fifteen million to seventy million movies, is disappearing there unless somebody with a lot of cloud. It's behind it. Having little Miss Sancho Panza get example like enough that movie happens into doesn't maintained by almost didn't happen when it happened as we we, I remember Abigail Bresler, who plays olive yeah, kept getting older, chive and Damon Valerie with another, the director They were like. We gotta make this movie. The other thing I time limit and well. They just were in love with her is olive and she had getting older. Yet from when they originally kind of were out trying to be, they were very close there when the one yard a couple of times it slipped away and I just couldn't get the financing for it.
And finally, one of the producers who at that point had just been a producer on it. Just said you know he was a user, wealthy guy and he just said screwing already check and I wrote a cheque for seven million dollars to Malawi and that's how it got made and we will it wasn't sold it didn't. Get any for it wasn't financially solvent in the sense that it didn't raise any money as a project, so he just said I'll do it and that
turned out pretty well, for he has gonna say as those check agenda, but in a listener that doesn't happen very often for good reason, because there's a thousand stories of losing your money and not any kind of a movie investment for every one that heads, but that one head hit big and I dont know if it would be made under normal circumstances and listen. The script was, it was good. I remember reading it the first time when it was brought to me in thinking yeah yeah that that bit that before I didn't knock me out like it is gonna get
was like. I thought, while this is, it was by the way is gonna get was originally called old friends, they change the name but real. Yet an idea and I loved all friends I told you may say you're crazy manual to change the name and he was right, but I that's group was seemed really ready. It was just a thousand percent there for me when I read it an emblem of sunshine. Thought was really good at it and there was a bad script, but I have never been knocked over by until we got in and finally we're going to make the movie now Anne and we started doing some rehearsals and we all started to dinner. Do it did a couple read through the script and all of a sudden it hit me? I was like, while this thing is so great in every moment of it kind of works and the development of the story. Works
and then I realized how well it had been cast with everyone. So, but it was, it was a bit of a slow burn for me to cut up I'm slow anyway. I've got to set out as a good example of I think you need to get lucky, especially. Like that and in that movie it's perfectly cast yeah, even if, if you go out and others for maybe five key people, even if you go for four five, I think it really hurts movies, like you really had to go a strong five, four, five right with the five parts and the little girls great and then on down. The line is just like here, Paul Diana who I just did the tonight show this week and I ran into him like he was on the show too, and we were just I had seen. For a long time, and we were just gonna ruminating. He s like the ace, had a big career. Now, oh my gosh, he said
He's doing get tough on the movie that from that movie by that guy's gonna be sub yeah right. He was, he was so good and I hadn't I didn't know him when we we did film and I was like ok, this kid at same for Abigail mean really ever but he was in our doing great stuff, so Jonah hell is here to say who is talking about his kind of class pardon as an end like that part, everyone wanted their power our there for the same parts from like, oh six to nine, but that was one of the parts he added. Pretty funny. I lay I was like the concept of acting classes, yeah, where just like the same Damon talked about thou in last. By about like his class was you know I was the apple. Mckenna and others. People were also like Ed Norton. Edward get. The primal feel fear
re ever us. Why did that part, but then he got him back with them with, though a couple of the job ass, a movie, you got that overhead, nor how, when you did actually you did stuck, I knew a demon. I did. I did. I saw a man not too long ago. You have sea fight and we were. We were kind of relief our anguish. If of having three or four hours of oppressed, there is now you just do that with our sea gee, I probably would ever be attach idle yeah Maybe I mean they had the date. They did it with a big giant pieces of silicone that was literally taped. You no kind of stock to our body and the guy,
Do they put it on, and this was whenever you saw us like an art whether this Haymow referred swimming suits. You have to see the whole yeah inaction and Anna, but it was if I was a couple weeks where we had put that thing on was Hake like five six hours and when we get there at five o clock in the morning we couldn't shooting large, and then I remember getting this thing on and I'm like walking with man and then the guy comes up. Mrs now, listen guys it's important joint! You know this everything's fine, you should be fine, but if one of you were to fall or trip- and you ask operated! This could rip your flash off, try to be really careful when you're walking together, I an- and I remember thinking, ok, ok, don't trip dont trip, but we yet I was a fun great fun, Do that film and we did have ours now that doesn't sound five, that's
That's not funny part was not fun, but we shot Miami. I mean only the fairly brothers. Shoot Miami for LOS Angeles. Don't ask me why I fear you know mats tremendous in our guy and and weep. We had a lot of fur. We set a lotta laughs. Doing that movie mammal, tell you today. I will say that he says that is the most fun he's ever had on any any movie, and I think I would say the same thing just in terms of like just going to work. Those guys and work with the environment crazy plus we were just it. It was such a knotty idea to begin with, so I was tat you gonna do you like that in Siberia there can be some prosthetics and then Europe, certain had six hours yeah. Why, Gotta be some Amerigo man really right. I heard Jim carry work, almost went bonkers, unlike the Grinch or something
because it was like eight hours a day and I get it I mean I just thought was, unfortunately, it usually if we were, if it was just man, I will would just stay put a shirt over over us, then we'd have peace, velcro holding is together, lasted banned or something that was the majority of it. So so the prosthetic thing was the pain point that we had to hit a couple of weeks, but aside from that, basically we throw shirt on and- and I you know, we'd have to rub bodies throughout the day see I now I'm telling you you guys can be unjust. Separateness city is a new it yeah. Well, Well, Walter. Can you two months back stuck on to her house of cards. Roger would erode your job, which, which a profound, Smokey job in a tv show vs,
is a. It is a well listen. It's it's a kind of a great a great show man and they have they tie tool it shall we say they had to retool it. So I was cast along with a giant laying his brother and sister bill in a net Shepard who are showing up to. But we are in Washington said that fifth estate, just kind of quietly doing our bidding from very stealthily but down using our influence at our money to try and change policy. We certainly have a problem with Clare Hale, whose ascended the presidency rather nice character. Space. He will be the sort of you now ways you these is a former president now and he will basically be running a foundation in all sorts of things, stand out of that got their shot.
Couple days like a day, just a camera tat and then a couple of scenes, and then I was shooting a movie in Memphis. I went back to Memphis and that I gotta yet I'll call. I dont know two days later to turn on CNN and encourage the bottom dropped out of this whole thing and it yeah winter. Everything went a little crazy, so Credit Robin Fer, you know, is one of the British, along with producers for it'll, keep in this thing on the tracks. I think these move would have been to walk away at all, I mean if enough, she didn't. She didn't have to keep this thing going eradicate around in there. There ass. I think you be a little vulnerable right, I'm in here he said such a significant part of the show, and you know this happens. Maybe the move is just a walk away and I think she knew no. She she made the decision that she wanted to stay in the show
was worth finding an ending foreign and the writers. You know Frank Unmolested had a very tough work ahead of them because they had than totally ree in a re, write and kind of re configure the the season out, and they did a really good job and in doing that- and we em- you know so we're just their wreaking havoc and we want Claire's had on a platter. Diego did you think Bob backing out after the something I know I did didn't. I was gonna happen. I assume that this was sir. When I heard I was like will add, that's that's done, that's just not possibly happening in and then and then a little time, women, and I was just told, hey stand by the producers or trying to guenaud make maybe keep this
gather in the Netflix. I know ended up taking care of the crew, she's really cool. I thought you know they. They took care that crew and in Baltimore for quite a new known some period of time, while while they reconfigured what it is, we were getting. What we're gonna do in that can't be overstated, because I think, there's a lot of production companies. Are we to say Hank, tough luck will pay and we may make em back. We may not. If you gotta, go, find another job. Good luck here, so I was kind of cool and you came back as you wanna be merits a day and they invented this is in no, I I I have not. I don't even get very tight and lay a giant my sister or she's. Your sister is my sister. Now gadgetry relies on areas I'm in love with her. That's my story. I dont know events with Lucy's added mine, but yes, she's, she's, lovely in grade and was great fund work with her, and she such tests
as a newer socially over the years, but we'd never worked together. So this was ass was terrific. She's awesome. I agree I mean, each day for me to read their way I'm ok, I'm always a four day and then in the end stuff, which did more stuff. These three daughters. Our old are their fifteen twelve thousand two thirteen are you, do we can talk kid gets complicated, twelve are emerging I'm having a pretty good experience, but it there's little comes and goes a little slow that's what I'm like our now. I understand where other people were China worm, What's it like to have three well with three you use. With one comes and goes well just assume that if it, if it, if its car comes and goes periodically- and you have three the law of averages. It's always always come always going, but you know I
I don't know anything different, I mean they're they're, really great girls, I will say by might be slightly biased and that assessment, but its fully from the heart I love them, like mad in there and other all. There are different views in a year always hear that one can, you believe up different. They all are in that's true, they're, all very different, but but one can be trouble of averages. If there's three us, probably true, strew one amongst those kids to sneak out of the house after breakfast sleep, I've got one earmarked scouting, guided by the daughter that a sun whose two and a half years younger and his have him- have marked here watching his every movement external ever very carefully. How did you get a man dog at least halves. Have I do It is time somebody talked him. I do, I think, he's a mailed. I think he's a male dog
gives you are numbered with others. Ladys allowed, as I do, and by the way this target. So much love that I dont get em yes, dog is beyond spoiled. Anne and loved and adored in the in the family, dynamic butter.
But you gotta dog, would you let it I'm gonna show business. I certainly oh man. I just want, like I don't know about you, but I'm my greatest wish would be that they would be passionate about something. You know the drill. They'll have a thing that they want to do and if that show business, fine, you now here I dont care Vienna. Really I don't care what it is, but I want them to be. I think that that's that's the great advantage you can have in Europe in your being. Your wife in your work is, is just stay here, an interest and in some sort of passion for for what it is they that you do and in so, if that lead to show business with, you know, which is fraught with complications that have all been talked about
I dont think I would try to talk them out of it. I think I just encourage it and in hope, for the best- and I think you know show businesses like it's not just one thing. I think here people invasion, everybody ends up as an actor or a director or you know it's a million different facets. So many different things in it that, like any industry it it's it's it's not at all one thing. So so you know bring it up. I think that's good parental advice. You just laid out their year, but kids, father, passion, manure, read a book. My daughter GIS replay invaluable, randomly for her school and she loves it. She's gonna keep playing the great knock yourself out, ass. She s always been soccer, since I gauge for she still gotta play soccer wishes. I can really like lie. Bottleneck awesome.
And how do you say? Oh she likes volume. How did she know she liked? Volleyball she had played it when, like fourth grade Victoria and then came back for the eighth grade, changes through their friends, MRS get at inches he doing my way, I rather like birds about everywhere I remember I remember my my my youngest daughter. We were in a hollow wean party and she's by like six, and there was this kind of this in one of those inflatable sort of kickboxing things out, there's something in a like one of those it sort of a practice by air and she just out of nowhere. Just did this massive round house kick on. This thing has like ha and later said to her. You have any interest in,
every doing when something that maybe another karate classes and staff, and now she was like yeah I'd like to that Electric Roddy end she's been done it since then, for you know I don't like eight years and cheese or Hanner second degree black belt, and she loves it in its just a thing. Cheap. I cheated wouldn T come in. I was just this thing also issues again that would be cool, and so I kind of feel the same way about me. You know, any advice I do give them is is that you can have the wet there. Let them lead the way you know They know what they want to do, what they like without cards. One is a drop drops November. Second, also, that's today could taken this on a Friday, the Rhine and next week also raising levels sites. I netflix Firstly on networks, it drops that's what we all say I wouldn't some new logo. They read them must have.
Down the logo right is to be spacey. What's if the ads now the Robin read by the way, it is really a it's a tour de force minutes really robins thing I mean in that in that show em in sheep. She carries it and it's so cool. I think, to see her she's course. You know she's, devious and horrible in certain respects, but as president, but she's she's really kind from owns the ruin, a fantastic way? So it's good stuff we had ever did the under the Jackal married last spring fridge beyond she would cause. He was princess bride hate. So in this document, its Andre. It's all these wrestlers hidden and then I'll send out of nowhere. Like an hour like Robin Righteous comes in it's like this white light. Shyly did she was beautiful. Action is ever then it's a guy back to the rifts at its heart attack to outdo the jailer Hokosa where'd. She just
and passes through for two minutes is Robin Right, one of the great at how he get cash. This. I have to say that I have not seen Andre this. It's a documentary film at his watch that I've seen it in its great you'd love it. I will. I will love is a really Velma that movie and I kind of like now. I don't run that huge wrestling fan but the thing about how it did this. As you know, the rest with you like a whole coconut type b was re Alyosha feel like it. It's on each be I'm gonna make beyond demand, which I have you are said. Oh, I just deal greatly face criminal. Thank you much I'd tags to day and clarets thanks to Jacko, thanks to Gregg near don't forget about the re, was we are going to drop on this week? The freedom rather pewter check them out adds obtruded outcome. Slash be ass. Don't forget about Casper, asleep brand that continues to revolutionize its line of products to create an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience. One night
at a time the original cast for the wave in the essential. All their matches are perfectly designed to soothing cradle your natural geometry. You can be sure your purchase, Casper's, one hundred, I risk free sleep on trial and it is delivered to you in a small. How do they do that size box? Get fifty hours towards like matches by visiting Kasparov such BS, using BS at check out there and conditions apply. I hope you listen to this azure voting or azure about about until then. Ways.
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