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Belichick’s Spending Spree, Embiid’s Lost MVP, and ‘Beartown’ With Mina Kimes and Chris Ryan


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN’s Mina Kimes to discuss the Patriots’ massive free-agency spending, contracts with “voidable years,” the Bears signing QB Andy Dalton, questions surrounding Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson, and more (4:00). Then Bill talks with Chris Ryan about Joel Embiid’s injury, NBA MVP contenders (1:05:30), and the HBO Max show ‘Beartown’ [SPOILERS] (1:18:45).

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Streak and just realize it would be nice to have a Saturday to Sunday off. So I did that I might do that one or two more times before the playoffs, so I will give you more of a heads up next time. I feel like I'm pretty reliable forms of in terms of Pakistan, some definite less Joel and beat, and probably more more leubronn, more durable. Coming up many times that are going to talk about all the NFL Free frequency and the return of the new doing the pages net. Chris Ryan. To talk about how the Joel and beat in injury changed the VP race but, more importantly, were attacked by baritone, which is, I think, the best I've seen this year and if you've seen it. You love listening to it. If you haven't seen it we'll explain at the very top of the segment why we think you should watch it and then we'll specifically tell you alright jump off spoilers coming and that's how we're going to do. It
it's all coming up next. First pro tip all right, Meta climbs this here I just put on a patriot space mask and you're laughing and you're horrified, Antigua, it's I don't know, I guess you stay oh hard wearing the pathways around your heads, as that would be a good social, video, actually multiple pats Mass and then my my wife and a dream in the wash and they shrinks. I just have to like you by the page. You are back beer whereby oh talked about taping, I think last week, and I was
thinking to myself the time there's no way we're talking about the patriots like if we're taping on a Tuesday early in free agency, it's Bill Bella check, there's not going to be a lot of action. I mean it's bill, Simmons Silver at a time when the patriots is severely probably too much for some people's days, but the pig completely justified as having a long conversation because they went book why? It was an amazing splurge. It made me so happy. I loved it. So much after two decades of sitting outrage say with a couple of exceptions which is fine as it kept running suppose, but the yet they get a pass. Russia think too tight ads. They get a really fun wide receiver. They get a nose tackle safety. They get another Receiver. Slap or not slack I or not, better possession. Guy unbelievable first about. Did you like the moves as the totality?
Oh, that's a good way to put it because individually, I did like some of them as an italian, I think it's telling that you said you pointed out that the patriots don't usually do this and then immediately said afterwards. They were really successful and you know bill that most teams who do this do not have success, who splurge and Jesse. It usually doesn't work out. I would say the patriot our unique situation, because not only just they had a ton of money, but so few teams did that the market is really distorted right now, So they re not. Sorry. No, I don't think this is a good way to build your team. I think this is a reaction not just to the lack of success last year, but the fact that the patriots have been so bad at drafting, developing and signing offensive skill players, but I do like some of these players. The offense is gonna, be in vanity times more fun to watch and, after
the drudgery that was last season. As a patriots fan, you should at least be excited about that yeah. It's weird! It's an indictment of check admitted that he knew the last few drafts were terrible. We didn't you tonight ends with a third round next year, and then we spend we sped through seven billion on Henry and fifty billion on Johnny Smith, but at the same time like I really like those guys I like when, when Mcdonald's and Belichick have two good tight ends that can do stuff. We've had a lot of success of that over the years. I'm going to just come clean I thought Nelson Aguilar was really good. The hash everywhere I watched the raiders game. He was wide open, just beating deeds left and right and, if anything, whatever his that's, it was like eighteen yards a catch last June and felt like Mr Bernstein Betty against the raiders a couple times. I strives terrified him. He was like frigate tiree kill so excited they got him sassin yeah IDA
I do not totally harsher budget, but buzz about the Patriots, because you are, you are in the mass. You are so happy, I'm just excited where relevant again, keyboard socket. No, I like the too tight ends. I really like agular and Jude on Somalia tried to make the dude on thing for me, I I don't know how much it was spiteful she's a huge raven span. She did this whole thing about. Look when we let somebody, go it's usually for a reason. Just look at the track. And she just kind of makes you feel, about it, but I just think I think she was hurt. I think she was hurt. She was trying to hurt me. Let me push back now, they obviously to your deal. So well and a lot of these deals as as as much as I've accuse the path. So being new money spend thrift most of these deals they can get out of pretty cleanly after a couple of seasons, including the Judo deal. It's basically a two year deal. I think the The criticism with him in this is sort of related to how you use with Baltimore is yeah. He can get pressure when its menu,
actually when they blitz, but is it true who won on one killer past ruptured? No, but that's not what New England does so, I think Bilbil check will find ways to deploy. In multiple ways you can drop in a coverage he's versatile. It makes sense for New England, it's funny So that was another high draft act. They took when events to be their past rush packet and then they have to spend on fridge, C4 Gunnar place that it they ve been killed, Harry as a kind of their play, making received the first rather than to go, get Aguilar, but whatever they think ballots, He's done this this all career and I think it's one of the successful the sun cost, as is some cause for him cost, for he doesn't care if the second round guy that they pay There's a corner back can cover anybody's a guy. Well, we fucked Alan up move on and he figures he can make it up with some on drafted, frigid or whatever. But you think, like with high tower come back to
I actually do think they have a lot of good players now, because I love Damon Harris of Big no secret. I think he's a huge Bert. I actually think they were really for them down the stretch. Try not to put too many miles on him. Their secondary really good, and I don't know I just feel like if they can figure out the quarterback thing. Which fifteen teams are saying right now, yeah, it's two options for me. I think the cans smoke screen for me. Let's talk it through. I don't believe it don't believe the camp thing and if you look at that contract it is a smoke and bears contract. That is not a backup money right. It's nothing! So James G in one corner, I still feel like it's very possible or their pick and fifteen. Could they nudge their way up? And I think it's one of those two options. I don't think Kim is the starting quarterback of this team, especially with the team they.
EL. The ass, maybe may is like a worst case scenario, stop gap, but I had a friend of mine, but Buddy head was like we should have we. Should have signed as shortstop infringe suited to pick up cams one hoppers thousand deaths. That's accurate came about half of its past last year. We can't watch that again what a grandpa burned, but I know I know I love it. Yeah. Ok, so I am question is pre Covid, and how much of that was real urine system, bad skill players, yadda yadda. I think that look like the actual the available options and have it had adopted is off the board. It's real idle and threats, paler than would have been worse.
Than paying him five million dollars, because now the draft is still a dream. That's available to you, although I do think Washington should be in the Mexico, quarterback and you're picking ahead of them too. I think this team, with the guys coming back on defense. You mentioned high tower this chunk as well with the pieces at every turn obtain with another year out of Joshua J. I really like he's. They start using the little bit intermittently. Kyle digger, and then both of those guys were good FY. They will be good. I think Kyle is on the pro shop kind of looking at their jerseys, but doesn't have the balls to buy it yet, but we like them Kyle, went to college I had not heard of I'm sorry, I'm gonna get hate mail from whatever school. Who was? I hadn't literally not heard of it before it using twenty four? Yeah, but he is, he really was doing stuff like a elchin pick there. But the point is the writer. You rightly think they can compete with a better quarterback.
I think fifteen's are really tough spot in the draft, so you can like my They gotta go now one two, three four. I think at least doing what they did today. You- and I talking about this a little earlier. Extending Matt Ryan is good news for the teams. On quarterbacks, because basically, what they did was pushed more. Matt Ryan's money out in a future, meaning its less likely they're, gonna, move from him, but you're competing with Carolina whose heightened heavy for a quarterback at eight, dementia. Washington, though there behind you. I know Are you looking at the draft dynamic, there's a allotted teams that should be thinking about. Quarterbacks or in the mixture was behind you, so that's good news we put the lions in we're we're looking for the quarterback category. Do they have to pretend they like offer a year? There's the weirdest team in the NFL right now, because no one can tell like
where they are in the rebuilding process and whether or not they think they can win games like they can't and they should could be rebuilding, but then they went out and got off. Think that they believe the rebuilding boy I do wonder if they would even compete with you guys fur with anyone for a call back, I'm not so sure They remind me of the hawks in the NBA, where they're the team that thinks they're really smart, like we're, really smart, we're doing stuff people think people think, golf, is done we're gonna zag, the other way it's actually maybe golf is good and it's like all right, good, so yeah Chicago is picking twelve and that's trouble. One that scares me Dallas in the giants of ten eleven are taking in Denver. Who knows what the drew lock thing, I'm always dubious when
like chapter had a thing to do, as you said on maybe was on your show that he thought he was like for the top. Seven pigs will be quarterback unheeded market down. One of my friends said it's made basically like we're fucked word for the seven. We have no chance of money for this out. Ok, Atlanta trader Peck and throwing stiffened Gilmore more. Would you do that would hurt my feelings. Would you can't be able to get to know all you suggest Jason Jackson in some pigs, maybe Casey Jackson He doesn't have from contract Reda his sheep, you decided after my dear you're gonna, have he has no. Gotta be Gilmore I have to eat it. You got a good secondary. You got so much depth there. I love Gilmore, here's what I've heard from my tentacles in the patient's organization, Belgic loves Gilmore, and I think
even when they thought about trading him last year and he went and talked to him and say we might trade. You the reason they almost traded on last year because he knew the team was, can be better than, like we, have this increase. About chef in restaurant, that the stove doesn't work and were the electorate buzz, we get shut down, and this is a waste of a chef, maybe I'll try to get value. For the other thing, that's interesting, they really do. Love can now, rather than of cam as an actual football player. That's a whole other thing, but people love that guy the the coaches of them used. He made some of them and. I think there's a feeling like they have kind of bought this. Well, maybe it was covid. Maybe remember how he played before he got covid. Maybe that's what it was, what if he had a full year of the playbook and people, I think, just
They like him, so much have talked talk themselves into it. I saw a guy who couldn't complete, pass two guys who were ten yards in front of them wide open. I don't know what not grade it was For me, too, has I think, because Bela check was wearing not just one but to mask so much of the season. Couldn't read how angry he was whenever they would cost him on the sidelines when Kim would fuck up. So I'm like, I think it really matter right now what you can't tell for sure Is he already has angry eyes well he's passingly they're. All I do feel like you up. Can't, but I also feel like everything. Bilbil chicks done over the last few days has just been completely rebuking. Last season, like you like it, it's very revealing of how discussed he, who was with its in saying that the patriots finnish, seventy nine like it. I like it in my memory. It doesn't feel like a seven and nineteen. It feels significantly worse, I think, because when they did lose, it was so crushing in bad boy.
Don't you think he had more? He had more time to prepare for everything because for the first time long time he was in the plastics they had like. You know three to five extra weeks a year where he's just in the mood and every other shitty teams get this you should manage because they base could get start planning. In December I mean it. I don't have anyone help right, I think he's been. For awhile like during the regular season he was like yeah. We suck it's hard to believe when you have no money and like he was very. He never does that either. I never heard any excuses. I that right, she's again We gotta numerous good if correct like it, and I think teams are well served by being honest with themselves about time like to go back to Detroit. Now saying I don't really know if they know what they're timeline is New England, I think knew that they saw classier. They paid a quarterback, nothing. They didn't do any crazy deals? They were like we suck. We ve got all this time
dead money. The band aid and then we're gonna go into twenty twenty one with a ton of money, but they didn't know was they would have a ton more money than everyone else and I think that's what's so crazy Erlich? What makes it feels so crazy, not just at noon. And spent all this money. But it's been relative to other teams. Vienna fell because happy and affects broke right in why you mentioned earlier. The deals are not near as long as I have we seen it with you splurge, in years past, it's been these. Here they are like mad. You just paid a lifeguard, seventy five billion with forty to guarantee that what are you doing, like? That's crazy, I don't feel like any. These deals relate like there are all short term little bit malleable with out of them and just in general. I want to talk. Let's take a break, because I want to talk about just the cap stuff, because I'm fascinated by that piece, this episode of Bill Simmons
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SE, dot com high sense, let's get real, alright coming back, we're talking about the pats and how they did the short term stuff, mainly because it seems like all these teams feel like the cap is going to jump way up right. And players to in the players so every kind kind of three three four years from now. Can it be way more money. So we ve seen allotted chicanery. We ve seen these shorter deals with higher guarantees and we ve seen this do Language Danny High fits read about in the ringer this week about these void of all contracts yeah where, Tom Brady's lag, making nineteen million a year until two thousand and twenty seven, but the last six years avoidable, and then somehow, there's this weird cap gymnastics where it's good for feared How do you urine and if I've had even discuss these contracts anymore. When these numbers are leg, I make like case a bill, I'm making a hundred and forty million hours, but I'm not making sixteen were
I am very proud of our show for not using the hundred and fourteen fifteen dollars number one, because it just fake and we can. We can take the additional step of it. Waiting to people why it's fake is like easier in print to explain why in audio or television, it's just confusing. So I just try to figure out. What's the cap head and then how long or they and we stuck at the sky I think if I can try to convey the in Layman's terms is helpful, but I gave you can view sometimes, like I think so big subject right now has been: how are the buckskin fit? All these gap is under the country and so far they seem to have done so there they are run back. I didn't think there are going to be able to cause. I thought: Shack, Barrett, Laplante David WAR going to be able to take discounts when the Levant David Deal broke. I was surprised on air can. It was two years twenty million dollars, then afterwards we learn others. Boy years they tax on like three Void so it's only three point five this year, so I look
a dumb on air, for I was like, while I dont know I'd like I was just very perplexed by it. And I think you gotta now wait for all the details come out because The initial numbers tend to be mean more meaningless than even they ve been in the past. You like Levanter David, is paying the buccaneers to play for them that's? His ease making minus ten billion dollars a year. That is, if the seller Cathay yeah, don't I don't get, it is never work is no internet really seems the matter at all. Why they don't report, it's just the guaranteed numbers would actually matter. So it's like alright. This deal over four years. It's thirty two guaranteed and its almost We should just say the cap head for the share than than the men are guaranteed and that we should do about will never do that. The saints speaking of salary cap hell, they moved out from your Bruce
They have ushered in the James Tom era at least for one year, and yet I still feel like this is a Desean Watson landing spot. Possibly I can't do that to you and me, and you just tell me back what the mergers I'd never seen before gas, and I want to see you emotions they were. It was that of relieving. Not. I know what it was. It was the monocle Spect skeptical, and you know that every now and then its liking, like skeptical ia So I find it hard to believe that Houston, which at this point is purportedly not taking calls by the way, I would be motivated to do a deal with New Orleans Jirga, because I don't think New Orleans has the ammunition and Carolina seems to be they thought they're out, but now clearly there they wanted they wanted. I really wanted and that one I mean they got the a pick right
talk of like throwing in Mccaffrey, which is ok boy again From Houston, I'm only think in top two three, he Miami New York or the maintained for her more sense to me. Yeah, don't thank God! The charter's would do it. You love Herbert right, he's your Ah, my dear you you're lukewarm out like a man like you're, the Bay wagon we're not. I you on I am very high on her, but actually I think planet, I'm I we did Kubi tears and I die was making sounds too I was. I got some shit for being too excited for Herbert. If Agriculture well, anyways where's, explain to me this Houston won't take calls on Watson, yeah, alright, so summit cause you is like I want to buy your house. Here I am not taking cause. The leopard like hey man, I really want to buy your house. Yeah,
I won't hear it. What is the point of not taking cause your job to run? A franchise is, what's he gonna be mad at you? took a call. I think the only reason you don't take calls- and I agree with you by the way- is so that it's not reported that you took a call so that it's not leaks that Houston's, ok uses taking calls because then chose like mine, we'll do forty five minutes, a content about the call and which is a great show it and what you how European throw out of it. Atlanta called us yeah, yes I think the only reason, the other thing I'll say, is if it's a team that you know can't put together a package like news broke today. That Chicago is trying to call Seattle about the long rim, Red Russel, Wilson Trade we can talk through we're talking about it, I'm emotionally prepared for it This new Andy Dalton NEWS to Chicago has given like stealed me, so I'm now now I'm much better place,
but yes so like if you're Seattle, for example, I would not take a call from Chicago, because there's nothing Chicago could have done that would have made to appealing to asked, if ass, if it was New York or Miami, you got to take the call with Houston. To me. The only reason trade Watson is, if you actually think he's, got a hold out and I think we're kind of getting to that point with him. I don't think that's where they were Wilson, but it's it's it's tricky because team and it's not tricky- I mean you also have to recognize how bad you are and how this is an opportunity to hit reset like they want four and twelve with Watson right. So at some point you got to look at the roster, you got and think. Well Maybe we can start over during this guy who hates us A good return now long before the draft- and I don't know
would do it if our them, I dont understand, I think it's negligent did not accept calls on your prayers I really do, I think, that's bonkers. Your whole job is to try to improve your roster at all times and if you just can't be up front with the player, who obviously hates your guts and can't wait to get out of there and just say: hey here's what we talked to today, I was talked to Miami Carolina, just in case it leaks, nothing's close they made us offers we're not going to do them. There's ways to do this that aren't like you're in the third grade, but this is what happens when your team is run by the team chaplain it's like Jack can take. The cause is in mass. He might call you later. He might not. I a local sermon. Today I mean maybe call the church. I mean I just think they're, just by far the most Fub franchise that we have, which is really saying something cuz. This is a way that has clearly
in Cincinnati and Jacksonville at all these themes, at our perennially screwing up and now it's clearly Houston, is the offer that speaking about the dogs for being screwed up, you mention is made for we came at the bedside dawn and new theorize that the bears fans may in the toughest place. Actually cow cue. The video this feels like a social break out to me media is the bears fan base in the toughest place of any fan base. I give, if you have it of friends from college and hey. What's what's what's going his neck Nick going to be there, it's like Nixon, a bad spot. We don't know if he's coming guess he's afraid about the reunions he's afraid he might fall off the wagon. Like eight, we don't know if he's coming he's just he's trying to get his life back together. That's how I feel like the bears are with bears. Fans are with their team just quarter situation has been so dramatic for so long. With no point resolution they're, like hey cool. We have an idea
There is any doubt it's it's a dark place. I think where it began. I say the word dark because in phantom it's when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel because there's like listen. There are many Sal fan bases that have been similarly down bad right, Cleveland Jacksonville Cincinnati, but you could argue we're tanking. We've got this college quarterback. Our calf eventually is going to be cleared. I think with Chicago it's so sad right now, because I can't see that I mean, I guess, they'll move on from the people running the place, but I don't see the path to room and an you're wasting the prime of this good defence that bounced back a bit last year. I mean the only thing you can look forward to, and I say this as a mariners fan is ironic detachment. We're like thing can hurt you any more like yours, just
oh beaten down and so accustomed to not having hope and its we're talking about a team that went to the play us last week. That happened. Last year right and Why, though I it's just been so mismanaged and they're so unlucky. I hope they're not mad at me after saying this, because they're pretty active online, but I think that is the worst the worst place to be in right. Now, as a fan, do you think of the worst team who's? The close I mean, so I'm just trying to think anytime. I did this in a column. I don't know if you know this, but is to be rather manner. I am back in the when I would do like most tortured, fair basis and stuff at that it was always hilarious. To me, when fans from certain teams were infuriated that I didn't they were tortured enough guy somebody. I haven't worse, ok right, how dare you that so the ones that always get mad?
ready out the lions fits the lions fancier leg. We always hear about the bills, the force, your balls and brands everyone's and sixty four and the Vikings always in the meanwhile, we just suck every year. We don't even have the force Superboss, we lost, we don't the Superbowl languages. Every year we stink we wasted Sanderson we went on sixteen, and then everybody always forgets to include us, which is even worse than any of the others. So I would say the lines are behind a fault, but we're not talking like historically, whose the words like right now, talk about right now, and you say you think, the lions who isn't that close cause. That's if I had to pick for teams. Throw in there with Chicago I would put Detroit. Would you would you rather be a bears, fan or alliance fan right now, I'd rather be there soon. I think I think, if your drafting
who would not want to be a fan of the lions have to be first there never good. There is never any hope that they're gonna be good. They have no fun memories. Other then bear Sanders who best What makes you put escapes as they are the Santer there, a member that very AIR Kramer yeah I'd say the only that the case for the lions- it got a new staff, new front office, new coach like the case is like we brought a new people, it doesn't mean anything it's just like. We have people, they will do. Coaches. We buried also arguably have better young town like some people, you can be excited about Jalen, Johnson, Rowan Smith, founded back last year, here? They ve been away more relevant, while also taking their fans in the nuts over and over Again- and actually remind me of? Are you married to a Mets fan? No! No! No! fantasies, your MAX Van in your life, you,
and I was texting him yesterday about the SAM Darnel. Did you see there than your daily NEWS did article about how CM and send irony I was in a hurry. You see the other because liked him, then I was by the but detonator jets. There are the Mets bands remind me that fans where they peaked in the mid eighties, with this incredible team, and then it was like drifting off the few that for years and years, but now you have people like fantasy who's, like you know, thirty, I or, however, old fantasy is and has no memory of the met pink of having a fun bets moment right. They want world serious he was like for their fandom, so brutal too, because it's the quarterback position. Every year. The reason why they've been been so bad like, like is not fun to watch when you don't have a good quarterback, as you learned last year like that, is it a Well, you can have a kick ass defence and I I love you. Friends- and I truly believe we talk too much about
back and football media, but there's a reason we do it's really not fund to watch bad quarter backing, and it's a shame because the bears like of their cultural, the stadium, I love the look of it like it should your great football town and if they actually had a fun quarterback, it would be really exciting, for them would also at some point it just contemporary of France. When you're fancies, I hey, you know, because we had a fund quarterback and then they finally have a chance. Take one they get to get haunted by that draft, but then they just don't get it like any darlin can't be the move. I'm sure he's a nice guy. Then she can't be removed. Understand your fan base. This is gonna, be marked the whole year. There's can be pissed off about the whole time. You're must better. I think you know not doing anything or just going into the draft or even like tyrant, but I came in, he is pretty good. Then he got stab. I esteem doctor and didn't play last year, but
that is fine. His luggage rather think that a member of a hope either. If you trade from Mario Draghi Billing, he was good that one game right ear when he came in really for dairy car in people get excited about that. Both Andy don't like what are you gonna get excited about other than he'll look good in the jerseys. The path of orange below us literally, the only thing I can think of they need on the muster the muster pickets somebody, yes, one one more thing on quarterbacks did so breeze retires erased. Everybody does the whole breeze tore breeze to me is a classic. If, if, if a couple moments go differently, I think his whole career as member. He remembered completely differently. I still feel that the Vikings not beating them in that game was almost impossible and is if you go on Youtube and you watch its fourth quarter, you kind can't believe that our when it- and then that then we go into the court's game were
it that's, also really, weird game. The answer can come at half time which, if it doesn't work, I think they lose Manning just completely choking on that pick. An amber winds, and then we don't you know. It's then he's one of the great, but it's like I just never felt He was on the Brady Manning Rogers, now Mohamed. I just never felt like he was at that level. I always felt like he was a notch below in plain in the Superdome wish I'm paying you always had these offences geared toward. You know back my senior talents I just ever felt like he was on the top level. What did you feel- I will. I would put him below. The breeze are permitted. Brady Manning Montana Tier, but like firmly in that next year of all time. Great second, that's ere. I think I would put him once by lower that really Yad I've, like Marino, it I look. I know people are gonna, go on profit by reverence and below look there's these staff and insight.
Nobody in the Eightys and ninetys people arriving at your knees, I began a shake, your daddy you and it's a completely different sport. Dragon was good for eight years and had the retire Peyton boy it which is a point in against him by his point in his favour. One nowadays you play with real should defences, but he was thrown the sum dogs debris signature breeze over theirs. So you're, not like he had you know Jerry Rice his into I mean I would say that, and then your point at the beginning about others like all these little moments in history, even frickin, Maurice We, the non call right against the rams, deny I call there are so many more like that you can point to in his career, I think more than perhaps any of the other great quarterbacks none could. When or whatever division where, if ad
a different way. We would be probably looking at him differently, which is why, generally I hate when people use super Superboss as a metric fur, not just greatness, because I Stan you once you propose in its accomplishment whatever and Wide Tom Brady whenever be reached, but when tea, when people say things like well, you can't pay your computer quarterback, fifteen percent of the salary and they haven't wants. We were born the modern era. Well, if drew It doesn't get those stupid calls or finance I'd kick doesn't go ex way, he isn't super Bowl or Matt Ryan does in the super bowl and stuff. I hate that, so I think drug brezis kind of exhibit of like wive super bowls, even though he does have one. And to be overrated when we measure quarterbacks careers. I also, I think I totally agree with you, because football as such. Sport. You basically want to be the last seven cell, random, seven or eight, and then it becomes becomes down one moment here the moment there the thing with breeze that I just feel like,
The gone his legacy a little bit as yet allowed a dumb play offices is, did make it hey That the martian ledge that plan last Wednesday Everybody was so upset that the Seahawks were in the playoffs and, oh, my god, we have the rules, rules the couple were the ruthless burgers, the same way Roth's further, just as bad player forces, and when we talk about him historically Pieper, going to fall to the two superboss, but to me like right there with the two supervises how many times they were big favor AIDS and took a dump in a big game like they did against Cleveland has like eight of those that matters, a phenomenon that painting justice it is everything that some form of any kind. It doesn't get brought up along with him no he's one where I stole. That's that's by top three words: patriots, less
the six at all seriously tied again. It is just that one day they had passed out, one together with their receiving core. What is our number one, but the number that the two other giants might get the two giants. So here the Eagles one weirdly isn't in my top three, I can get it. I can't think of a sea excellenza. We should just keep on nothing comes to mind, Well that's a good example the moment right, if you will Malcolm but their game. You. And two in a row and Wilson's like two in a row last guy to win two in a row and it becomes like first sentence of his football bituary, one hundred percent everyone's, like sure fire whole famer. You know, of course you can quarter back in. It's been enough. Four play its time. Talk the rest of us everything right now. This episode specimens pack ass, his bride, you bad Mccain, quick Cook, Fries, Jonathan Faull, about but New Mccain, quicker, fries cook and half the full time a traditional Mccain. France have guessed what else there's no
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can do founders therapy. I wonder if there should be like you be coach therapy or have any going out. You'd think would be into that kind of thing, be the two of them totally I so obviously this is germinating, firmer Russ. I dont know if it's like a passiveaggressive power play if we really want to leave, but I talked about this in a pot of waste the fact that Vegas was on his list was so fascinating to me, because that meant there was real thought in the list. It's not just like oh it'd, be fun to play with John Gruden. It's like I will go to Vegas. My wife will play in one of those residencies there's no state tax I'll get to refashion an offense and the stuff I do, and that made me think I go mad. Maybe he really does want to leave so what well, I will say this there has been germinating for a while. It's not just this off season,
The list of teams is kind of what really gave it new life. More reports were given you life how's it going on down Patrick Show in saying hey, I'd like to get sexual us, but nonetheless the teams came out. I think it was Adam shifter or something that had the full which was Chicago Dallas Vegas. And were Orleans. Yet then it not only became real, because if the list comes out, you know the agents in him are putting it out, but also became confusing cause. We had to look at this list and try to identify what what's but the thing here right, because, ok sure Vegas, As you mentioned, they have route, and I guess if your Quebec and wants to play for time grid and also its the entertainment it's a place, but Chicago also with
It's terrible, offense and no entertainment and then New Orleans make sense, because it's an actual good football team, but they can't afford him and then little Dallas. Obviously they signed Press Scott, but again, there's issues there is not a good team. I I guess it just as like a text was hard to unpack it, because I like this, we spent as much time coming up with destinations for possible sinner analyzing, because trade as we have trying to understand what does he want other than not being sacked as much? We can't You leave figure out we many outside world what he wants, like, maybe it's the biggest thing but I don't know, I found it really perplexing The team said nothing come over the chair. I agree there. I thought it was actually a nice a snapshot of what it's been like to follow him the last ten years he's a guy
like I when and care. My podcast is really gregarious aye, but he's also like one of those guys, were you feel like he's, not saying everything he wants to say? That's for sure I do. No, it isn't. Game is just in general and the more we look at this? We go. This dude just wants to air it out. He just he basically wants what my home says he's a give me. My Kansas city situation. Give me fast receivers. Give me a good offensive line. Give me creativity and I'll just outscore. Everybody else enough for this defense crap, which is great, but put Chicago on your list, that's a things where I did so can view like it. He had named all the good offices of teams were teams with even capital that can go about an upcoming with Skype. Ok Should I was number one way: receiver does not want to play their own Robinson like it. It just kind of it. Just befuddled me He has good wide receivers. I think you can argue again of wine issue has been an issue
his entire tenure in Seattle. It's an issue that I wish Siano would address the only thing they trade between Brown, which is good, but as these often Suleiman, are flying off them mean a free agency right now that somewhere, I would target if I was Seattle, but look at this. Cannoneers other almost yadda. What really there really conservative in Brussels is angry about that they passed a time last year. You can order. That may be they the play, calling wasn't perfect social second half of the season, but I d ocean that they didn't. Let him cook so to speak is just in accurate. It's not why they struggle the second half of the year. It's because he went on your pack ass. You can literally charted bill bill like the statistically take some responsibility for before and after Bill Simmons Pakistan see you joke. People really think this
we know that people have pointed to this as like. It was the moment when everything turned at this season when he came on and here the before our people of Milby before after staff in this task- and it is pretty ugly- I am I just dickie played while in the second half of the year- and I didn't really know what the reason was, but he seemed sorts he would eat. What I was quite complicated is like I think some people think Pickereel smashed run and They didn't pass it asthma John Early days, but they still pass a law and it wasn't just like teams played cover two against over there first time in history, a rustle Wilson's career was a lot of things happening at once. I think it important thing is they played the ram twice and Errand Donald just absolutely murdered their office of wine. So again, if there are one thing you can address other than they aren't you coordinator. It's the interior, often supplying the thing that didn't make sense was,
giants game and now granted it was covet season, she was gonna there we're results every week I get the Rams thing. We air down on the on the ass. He kind of owns us like whatever, but They were so bad in their giants, game that it really see. I I'd let that camping, a legacy hurt yeah like what's going on, does he have like a torn labrum like Adam, like what's going on Leonard Williams, just got like sixty million dollars off of that game by the way ray. I ants and then the other one that was weird was the yeah I'm looking at the scheduling of the film game the week before, where they only put up twenty three and that egos defence. That was just hard garbage you now and it's like. If you any good offences, light in that direction, up and it just they didn't seem right. So I dont know what happens, but I I are the biggest thing I just keep for
sing on that, was so weird that they were on that less? That that makes me think that can be the team. I would say if it were an alternating gonna, be the team, but if in taken. It was her home while he's not this year. Maple will tiger next year, not this year with Thirty nine million dollar preaching first cap it, but if any Payment was the thing. Why is New York, which was once rumored? To be honest, is no longer on the list. Why Chicago, but not New York, I feel like homeland trying to connect the dots. There's no themes between any of these cities. It doesn't make sense what donor by cleared ends at the end of that Is it a homeland when she's got the wall with other? That's the map of stuff on it? So I feel like so a really cool thing to do to you in the off season. But you have to worry about. Thank you, yeah I've table was, I think, what's been unfortunate is like like what we're talking about is so much of it has been psychoanalysis like
Sean Watson story. He wants out that you and we know why he walks out, and most people agree with him because we can, from the outside, see exactly the reasons why, like no biopsy, necessarily like we know what to shine, Watson is based about. I think that's what's perplexing with what and like we can sort of speculating yards off into line. But we can. We don't know what he's looking for or what it will take to fix a team. I think that's why so frustrating about doing having discussions about it. Don't hang up like the taxes on me, spend like therapy. Vegas says the seventeenth So you now me absolutely in which people can I owed my Panther lighting a bone that this is where the taxes are terrible. Cause they're, hang ups, so you're telling me if
Vegas called, and they leg like car are seventeenth pick our next to first and Josh Jacobs. Four Wilson looking down right now, he Carol. I did I guess, I'm gonna go well, I gotta be minus quarterback set of an ape us quarterback and I haven't awesome running back and I have a lot of pigs and let's go, let's get out of the realm of what would Seattle Ducas? I print. I don't pretend to know what they will do. Let me ask you: if you were a fan of Seattle, Take me out of it. Would you want them to do that. They could make some godfather trade for was, and I would do it. Here's my view that a godfather is what you just described: a godfather trade, three First jobs and their car, and you know that
the further and I gave a car is which far as it happens, a liar, but those you know first are not going to be top ten firsts know, that's the godfather trade I think it's a lot for a guy who, how many years, as you been in a way that is it is it is. What does he? Thirty two thirty, three thirty one, I think you're right. It's probably wait. You dont have in that trade. Is the awesome, right. You don't have the odd Alec if, if you were talking Dijon, Watson or a top two or three drastic different conversation, So could there be, has ever been a three team trade in the NFL. A lot of the ones in Chicago have been three team trade by proposals for this. There have been three team trades, but not of this proportion Yeah, because Miami would be the other day in the red sets yapping, then there could be some it's too bad,
where was the battle of two I had been better last year. This would be so much more for fake trade sees, it would be so much more fun I'm not ready the rule out too. I I'm just saying he's that asset, its allies of the words, are all her birth in this trade. That's all you need be out. There was some start a move where Watson went to as yet on wheels. Went somewhere else and then that team said NBA sigh, the falcon, I'll, be there there's a lot of people in the end, a fellow who, when they see what's going on to shun Watson, their grumbling about them, we air our football buyers power when in fact it extraordinarily unusual situation. I also think it's just the way things are, though I think people try to grab could draw their destiny a lot more than maybe they did and generations Paso if an athlete like it sucks here, get But it's also a thing that you really think about. It has been happening in sports since the since the seventies.
GINO Egg, I drafted by the Baltimore causes, I fuck that here aid for trade me with you. We ve seen things you lie. We ve seen this different thing. I also think that John Out of anybody whose pulled this, I think has had the most favourable public approval ray probably of any right of reply. Yeah, you do it you gotta get out there at issue here is the exact weakens. Did your boy jacket turn up on you earlier from the wary was like everyone knows the score there right, like the I've. Rarely seen. Actually a hold out. Tat is not even hold out yet, but a clash between human player, where everyone so biased in front favour the player. But can you think I will say this to this came up? I do sorry. My first radius pen was about draw arenas, new, obviously family? I haven't you heard about it and I was trying to say
What does it take for player to do that, because his uncle John Gilbert famously did it and what kind of God? from him. Was you really have to not care what the public thinks if you like it, see Like more players should do this, but there is extraordinarily pressure not to do it. Fans are cheating on you constantly most in it. People are really angry with you, and most people can't handle that we're, whereas in Teheran Watson's case, ever was on his side, but it's really actually kind of an unusual circumstances. So The jets offered you too and Donald for Will, send you the OPEC to yeah. I would not do it. But I would like to underline that setting up now why widened talk Donald. If I pick two hundred Want Donald, giving more
then you could trade down from two and get more picks. No Donald's, not my quarterback. Stop it! Here's my advice, don't the Russell Wilson would be my advice. Thank you like if he was thirty, four thirty five. I think it's different, but it seems, like he's, got a lot of times. Must I would vote for coach the coach before therapy before we go the titans, basically traded and Smith Inquiry Davis Bud debris. If you really, I sometimes I like looking afraid c b in my guide, this amount of money without this came in, but the priest coming off a major major injury, though, is very relevant. Yet is Toby back but yeah. I think more relevant than women are more but equally relevant. Is that by decree played across from Tito, why
and now he got Tennessee. It's a very did not just today. What link that whole off defensive line was really good. So I think that's the scepticism around Him is Kenny produce on his own and I'm a nicer I think again, but he may not be as good as they need him to be the grim they lost their centre, but they kept their jobs after drafting running back in the second. Last year you ve got your patriots too tight and turned her husband. I don't I don't get that allow the chargers beat up their offensive line, which I appreciate it could perform yes and protect just to Herbert Ferny. Anyone as regards other that were taken, there said, that's four o clock. It still feels like there's a couple. More shoes to drop Kennedy, it anyhow their big shoe yeah, but who has money left for carrying out it? I don't have that
cap in front of me, but indie is sitting on a boat load of money and no one knows what the plan is there. I think the jets still have so they went out and got Davis and Carl Lassen, who I really like they still, some money. I think I'm not harbour censure this stuff. You teams, I mean we ve seen how guys to all everything has been like restructuring deals. Yet the other big name. I think this is probably Europeans. Number one region is Trent Williams. The nine has left tackle best left all available, probably gonna be the best Highspeed letter football. That's one to keep your. I was able to go Watson back, but colts would be gray and other chiefs tried pointedly. So that is probably the biggest name left sneaky Desiree was the safety Cleveland, Don Johnson in my guy from the Rams yeah you ever in internet Johnson guy yeah, but you know Cleveland, I think,
If you're, using the the framework of like the team that had a taste last year guide kept, everybody has a couple pieces actually coming back like the Adele thing, where they're gonna have Adele, add a couple small things and then It seems I bear the favourite to have a lot of smoke borne up there. Ass in August would be my guess, yeah baby, Had that mean the it's very unusual to look at cleaving raster like, while is really not that many areas of need on offence, a defence they did need to beef up the secondary We think they still need like another addresser opposite miles Garrett, but I like- The Johnson signing a lot. They get grant help it back. Harrison still there and
if the corners are healthy too, I don't know you. I know you said smoke, but I like Cleveland. I think you see. This is already now proceed, ready like them, because their trendy I liked them because they have a good guy. And GM and There are real things right leg, just remember their haunted, supervised forego. These are offender in these twenty three two one with the words that rank. So I ll just give you all them further kit, Casey's five the opposite time cross those up bad by while Green Bays eleven one cross out of buffaloes twelve one little trendy rams at thirteen one seems about right. I would I do these adds I'm looking for value right, not just like these.
Ravens fourteen one Niners fourteen one that seems, I browns twenty two to one saints: twenty, two to one courts: twenty three to one year, Seahawks twenty three to it: cowboys twenty ninth one waste of money, titans, twenty nine one, here's where it gets interesting for the actual via the dolphins are thirty, two one and with fishing about that is their pickin. Third, and there's there's moves right. So, like a bigger the Sean all of a sudden, there are twelve to rocket ship. I might picture number Buffalo to win the division in that case here, I? U can argue that quarterback spot cost them. What are these three games? I sure just to a second I would, I would say, wasn't just that, but yeah there are some mistakes across the board and then they fell supper then you have the pats. Thirty one chargers- thirty one to one which is: please don't bet that steers thirty two to one now cardinals forty one, no
vikings, thou in the fifty to one another category, Vikings, Panthers bears Raiders fifty one and then, if you're, going deep, deep, deep stealth, Broncos sixty five to one If I thought they had a shouted dijon, I would love that boy. I did they allowed their court about it, just not in realistically linked to him, even if they trade up because retirement after I saw nothing, think a copy and then the other one which I just think has to be mentioned. Because last year the Brons were like eighty to one in the books were like sixty to one and then the bucks actually ended up. They trade forbidden they get the whatever. Falcons or sixty to one you mentioned earlier. They sign Marian. So he's we actually know he's coming back there. They have a really high pick that potentially, I think that the fourth Peck right- yes,
So if we have the right on the cuban cubic you'd be in their sent forth, tray land- should be the one that has been taken yet basically, but you have four teams clamouring for em. They may be able to auction that pick off, move down five spots get another first or they could just take the best defence of power in the drive to people are split on that, but simply giving its parsons but they counterfeit the profile of they could be good right away. They get a blue chip, wrote that forest spot they get. A little more healthy. They have a new coach that I think everybody likes. The son of the Fedex Billy are the greatest football story of the year. But you're that that's a team there in a division, neurons gonna, take a step back Tampa who knows post soup? ball. Carolina who knows, but who knows, by suitable as but I like their odds to bounce back in a big way, I do,
have their pythagorean winds in front of me, but I'm, which is basically on wind, deferential red relative to come here. You can see what record should have been verses. What actually was- and I know it's better if there is the classic bounced back team- not just do they have Arthur Smithy. Also, dean peas? Maybe I gotta retirement Tributor defensive coordinator, so I think they're gonna rebound on defence and what they should do with the four pic is trade down, and they can get alot of value there I liked the falcons they got. Orphans has been so frustrating to watch for the last three years. Matt Ryan's not been perfect, but he should be so much better than they have. Polio don't several yo. They have really inane Ursus decent, like that, should be a good team they were easily that shitty team last year, which It should be some sort of a worrying thing in hand with everybody. They have really change yeah big day. They were, I think, I'm pretty sure, like the bucks ripped off a lot of what they did against the chief state. I liked the falcon
I'm gonna give you the end of Seattle is South Lucy. Before we go, we go tell Jabez minus one for something New Orleans to the one Carolina pussy. Fifty the Falcons plus nine, if data when that division. Forty money at free money- that's a good bet, Never Caroline idea that, let me find a river, I mean a bit like something my passes. The Munich I'm show featuring monies have about Marcus, gave every baby what else do you want out of our lives every day for Pm Eastern and we were hopefully no longer be talking about hypothetical Russia, Wilson traits and you're, getting farther no reward. Wasn't a couple weeks. I've been told yet movie is you don't review. There are always surprises right. I'm going to text you about it later. It's in your wheelhouse, okay. I just watched the player for the first time. It's really good Robert Altman yeah. Have you done a rewatchable for that you should
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to you. I told you I wanted to talk about Barton today. I've never seen Barton, I actually just want to talk about Joel and beaten weather is great. I knew you wouldn't come on. If I said I want to talk sixers, so I've made up this whole bar to I'm kidding we're actually going to talk about Bartina one second, but let's talk about in be really quickly sure here he was going to win the Mvp he'd played thirty or thirty six games and was looking great, and I thought it was the best parts on the first half of the season and rub on his Fbp ads? Was like it's Joel bad he's, seven foot three he's he gets dinged up. He has dumb injury Is he almost got her earlier the season and then actually happen, see lanceor some awesome, dunk lands. It looks like you blew out every ligament as they now is out for two weeks, but I think this causes and BP chances right. So who swoops and like you? I guess. I think that the other side of this is like who's gonna swoop in and take it abroad.
So Leubronn will be these sentimental, fair. It I think yoke edge is by far having the best offensive season of anybody we're talking about other than a bit. You look at what Yoke is doing. Its is almost a sixty forty, ninety guy, you know and is a dominant offensive where he's the most poor guy that same by far and really good in the clutch, I would argue he might be the best last three minutes in the league last minute. It's in the game guy in the league right now, that's gonna, hold for the playoffs but ended in large to vote better the name, I think so because he can create shouts for other guys. Do I think that the difference with them if I had to have one guy in the last three minutes of games, I would go you so you go Dame I have one person with the ball in their hands in the last couple minutes: yeah prego dame but right now I feel like the yoke. Its thing you know, Zack was calm, Zack did a good job.
Really part of the season, even like over the summer. Talking about how there were some Yoke Dirk similarities that, because the yoke is his body, maybe we weren't seeing, but you know offensively is having the best year. Defense. He's not the same Parana and anus is also in the conversation again and everybody's, like no nobody's going to vote or ones again, but statistically he's having a better season than Lebron and he's a much better defensive player, but I don't think anyone's going to vote for him, so I would say the the three. Is there anybody asters there, get it do you not not do. Do you wanna go like full joker and say could be harden and that another I'm not very you're. Not there are of course die. I wouldn't be there if you like, I mean I wasn't there when emotionally at least intellectually, that he was the envy in those years and use them, but it didn't feel good within bead. It's like, I almost hope some does slide and make a case during his absence, so that there is not this feeling like he needs to rush back and then, when he gets back, proves
it's just like. Okay, like you know, things broke really, you didn't it this this year, whatever it's Lebron year, whoever might win it now, just take your foot off the gas a little bit, and and being in shape for the playoffs. That's that's! The thing is like. I actually think this season. It's really like the number one seed in the east feels really important, because you can let a little bit of a dogfight happen before you get to the conference finals anymore, be able to avoid Milwaukee in Brooklyn until the conference finals. If they play this right yeah, so right now we're taken this on a Tuesday afternoon before the games basically have a two game lead over Milwaukee, and I, half game laid over Brooklyn. I personally brooklands gonna get the once it either because you think like how they are able to survive and thrive without the the really and played for how many weeks now three and then he got scratch for cover, but they just have the ability to survive basically
an injury to any of those guys and even have to the guy's went down the other guy could carry the team for like three games right, yeah No. The varied guy drain is a guy like that you in sure to that many parties, but when he does, he just makes them up Will we epic and memorable? But if he's not there, you can have a good party, you don't like Edward. He arrives back is not. They have to change everything there doing. When direct comes back now he fits in with teammates. Bad, as was anybody in the way they need for the four rounds debts? Were they not necessarily need him for the refugees? I still feel like they could get to the one sided, at some point. You know: hardens fever. Ve been watching the last three games like he's now is basically a gravitating back to use and hard and again, which is annoying. He had risen I had an unbelievable tweet of heart and taking a fall back three, but then
somehow lurching forward, guys Linux based almost blow out the defenders Achilles and, of course they can't find anything. Do the hard stuff again, but I still feel like when the rain comes back. He'll settled back into the art and which is your whole new version, and I just think he has no chance. I think there's gonna be do you think, there's like a hundred and ten voters, something I bet. There's gonna be too many people right that in fact this year you will get you gotta get an empty p vote after forty, our way out of a team you get my you'll get my third place vote any like it with yoke edge there. Twenty three sixteen. There are five seed right now and I think they stay top five, because they're a half game over Portland everybody else is going to be too far behind them. So there'll be a top five seed if they can leap from the clippers, which is very possible because the clippers are Jeckel and Hyde and at least get into the top four
and maybe have one of the best seven records in the league. Then the yoke case becomes conceivable, especially with the durability. I also think that team is going to get better second half of the season, beautiful, minding it last week with all your possible Denver trade. Sorry still feeling like they're going to make some move next week. I would like to see them make a move. The will Bart and things become, a a little bit of a quick fix for them, and there is a world where they could just play him at crunch, with with Porter. Oh gauge and Murray, and then you just kind of forget who that, through the fifth guys, who's gonna, have to be a bitter rebound and at least by located defence. So maybe that or they'll, go instead, but I'd still feel like that's that's a team that has sets to make a move, and if I were them I would make a trade because, as we talk about all the time in this package, see you never know what your window ass. I get right now. There are one of the seven contenders like they have one of the best part, the whig. You go for it.
Especially now that we need like this idea that Davis might be missing more more time and end like did the particular nature of his injury being what it is like. I don't think you should just take it s like a fair company that the legal, you gonna win the west, like. I think you should give it your best shot, and if that means Tree and Gary hairs, retreating Barton, you say. Like I told you, I Gary Harris Ball Ball Hampton a pack. You can patchwork this and do a four quarters for dollar trade back to fairly. For a second there, one of the strangest teams began does indeed, who is incredible decision and who is dominant superstar, but he gets hurt, and it's like that. New Philly, more sad of the carcass of dead yeah Post Post beat Philly for two accident. It's like! Ah, this is kind of fun to there's a little more Simmons, Dwight Howard gets.
But there's a little more small ball action, and really we got a chance to see all the fun stuff. Simmons says: I'm not against not watching a bead for two weeks on the Sixers yeah. I think that I build in bead absences into my enjoyment of them for his money out. I want him to win the envy. Pierre word: it's almost like spring break Are you ok? got a new mustache going. It's like to buy a Paris is playing five. You know it's like I kind of enjoy watching the test and cork bass and a little bit of max out there get a little bit more minutes for guys and they've sort of bring Scott in. I can't believe how much I love the dock, experience man! I know that I've I've just like I I never really appreciated it because it was boss. Dinner was the clippers, but like just this first year, I've just like press conferences like the way you manage guys. I think that they really successfully. Got them through whatever, like this stupid sports radio debate about. Is it impedes team Simmons a team. It's like Simmons is just like the most effective
army knife in the legal just play in that way, and not expect him to do anything that he's not. Comfortable doing severely Lord the dock experience while they also base provide the worst mention that hard and trade or not saga. Yes, which usually goes badly because in the trade. Every indication I've heard is that they kind of thought that a deal. And then all the they did in and it doesn't seem to him. Fact the team anyway, that's where some like dark become so important. It's also he's been at this now spent code. For this entire century busily in Orlando, he went to ABC for two years. Comes back with the south goes right to the coopers, and I do feel like he's kind, he knows what he can and cannot do. Right he's got some real game strategy weaknesses which he always tries to fix it. However, as assisting coaches are, and some of that sub depends on the coaches, but his pleasure management press conference game.
Has never been better and I do feel like some of that dates back to all the stuff that happened last summer when Doc became, might the lead voice. The coach like the rest, is extra level of authority that he just did a year a year ago, and now I feel like he is. You know, I think one of important behind the scenes guys the week has. I think that trickles in your coaching I really do like there's a certain level of leadership when you were one of the key guys in the most dramatic kind of stretch of weeks that the link, probably had in fifty years, and he was one of the guys that health care the drew it I yeah we I mean like I, they ve got really good assistant coach bench the eager and those guys, and I think they he definitely just seems to have that at least not first year, but the first few seasons, especially it's not unlike what happens while soccer managers were you bring a guy in and he's very effective in that first, eighteen months to twenty four months
and maybe guys get tired of getting yelled out or tired of being kicked around and like the thirtieth month but die. Definitely has a honeymoon period and it's still we're still in it plus, probably too cold to golf out in Philly right now, so he's got all his attention is focused on the Sixers. He's done a good job with Simmons. I think he's really kind of pumped them up and that's a thing that dark it was real Get out over the years is pumping deeds up and in some cases I am voting for him for defensive, where the earthy, unless it gets hurt like you, can take ready go. Baron go fuck off is probably going to win if he stays south. I get it, but but I'm voting for Ben just quickly on MB think he now leads the league. All time like this was a basketball reference category in moments where something happened
where you think he's careers and that's Andy Davis. How Renard at how the conversation note because they have is the idea of IE, is- I vow many times retreated that over the last eight years, but Davis half the time, it's a! U dont, there's some acting involved are some milking embedded these things. Are it's like? Oh, my god, he just blurred every ligament his leg NBA down. How many times that happens because he's driver from the top of the key I give it He was playing a little bit closer the basket on more plays. I wonder how often he would find himself going full steam towards the hoop and then getting tripped up. It doesn't feel like that can happen as much with his back to the basket three feet away. That's not anybody's fault. I just think he's one of those guys where it's like when he hits the deck you're. Just like oh shit. This entire thing is over yeah he's in
credible athlete whose also weirdly on ethnic, sometimes I kill he'll land and a pile and held just like his leg is somehow go backwards as his landing at yeah. You know, but I think its border, the fact that he's just send for three and Rob Sampson. Right. That's to rob, Samson the reason his career flipped than the MID Eightys was. He had a couple really bad spills, because when you're that big it so we the fur either somebody's ain't gonna go on an idea, or somebody did not give the wrong way, and it somewhat like a tree like once, you start falling a certain way. You kind of can't stop right, yeah and you don't have like the kind of like. Oh just get my hands underneath of me here, like a normal sized person, might like it's like I'm over yeah. Definitely. Well, I'm glad I was actually watching when he got hurt and it seemed like it was over. Yet it just seemed like his knee went backwards.
While his leg stayed in the same spot and I was debts but then the way season. Yet when he walked off, it seemed like a hyper extension, but they did. Was interesting with Joel, but it was a bummer because I thought he was just. I thought he had just hit another level, and I know we've talked about here all right we are going to audible, to talk about a show called bear town which is on HBO, max it's a swedish show. Yes, I think you were the one who described to me as sweet. Dish, hockey Friday night lights. That was that you yeah you. I was talking about this over with Greenwood, and we really is he's a good like when I described to show he was like, so is it like if they may be entire Friday lights. Just out of the second season of writing lights. Likud rituals, rather definitely has like an underbelly of crime to it. Yeah alright, so we're gonna. If if people are afraid
are spoiling the show. We're gonna talk about it. Abstractly for a couple. And then more diamond some stuff. So you can still keep listing I'll. Tell you when we're about to spoil alert, there's some stuff so there's, few reasons that I really love the show there has been for the season for now is run an ex week. You can catch up on our former manage bail MAX it's too As you know, I love shows that take me into a world right take a world that I don't know, I don't care where it is, is, am I going to like a coal mining town? Am I going into some hospital in Chicago. Am I going into you know, Wall Street I like going going places ad agency in New York and whatever yeah right. This takes us into this really weird swedish hockey's small town, it's kind of like Canada, but but the people Seem a little more european nefarious kind of crazy, a home. Hidden hinges on this team, but every
It he's kind of communicating in these kind of low energy agro. It's just different yes a kind of sexual and immediately you're trying to fill out the coach in the pilot. Who is that, basically, the frightened lights theme of this I hear the kindness, The prodigal son comes back to his home town to save the hockey club. That's attached to the factory in this small town in northern Sweden. That you're talking about is like create a world. For me, my favorite detail in the show this is the spoiler. Is that in this rundown hockey arena that they have this rink. There's like this little cafe that the ice and that's where all the guys hang out. It seems to be where they do all of their like front office meetings. It's where all the boosters and die fans hang out and its word have all the meetings about rule be the coach and as it were, fuck? It amazing idea like no. I like you have to to be a real thing, because I never would have thought to be like. Let's put this really didn't,
He cafe right above this things. That's right. There is just that. A detailed it sucks, even in the world, yeah. It looks like a big lodge like me bar restaurant coffee place area some kind of run down hotel at a resort that wasn't as nice as it was twenty years ago, yeah. They have like this, the same way with with lights where they have the boosters, like the buddy Geraghty types, your speech, answers, and so they have a lot of sway over. It an aid in this show they have like a couple of like older guys. You seem to be sort of like the general managers of the whole house. Set up there were they have a good amends team. Tat, a juniors team and disguise and Peter Anderson is brought in to coach the men's team and he immediately spots a kid on the yours that he sees his leg is just like a prodigy the leubronn yeah he's like. So I want to coach the juniors, and yet physically makes this movie kicks. The guy was cooking the juniors off the job.
And is like this is who I want a coach, but there's this weird shrew crime. That would just afraid it s lights, Isn T mention where it starts off with the first. You see is somebody chasing somebody else in the snow and to them and you're like what the fuck is that and then at the end of the first said it's reveal, do it as a mechanism pilot it and then that sets off we're regards only five that besides it's pretty dark yeah, it goes into some of the hockey stuff. I think some of the best sport stuff I've ever seen, the television show it is the little nuances they have for the way the guy's carried carry themselves off the eyes. The way they interact, how they do the drill. Like its clear and I read up on how they cast as its clear they do. Did not do the Hollywood thing of eye on our Kevin. We found a great actor for Kevin. You can't really skate we're gonna have to cheat. It was submitted site,
everybody in this on the show seems like they played hack at a really high level which pays off in the first episode. There's a game and it's a good seen the guy an episode to unreal. It's the best support Long, twenty three minutes scene, it's the best sport sequence. I've ever seen on television show and where are you like the Friday night lights- words it's good, but then now, some now running at item lady ART, Hale, Mary Dry rights. They started it like yours, everybody arriving the game, they go to commercial, they come back and it's like forty, two thirty seven with forty five seconds left in Saracens, got the ball and on his own forty yard, Lyra Zone, yes, quantities, rented, a flea flickr, yet reverse halfback option, yeah This is not only that this shows people warming up getting ready in the locker room before games, and then it basically shows like
An eighteen minute version of a full hockey match, and I know that that might sound boring to some people, but the coolest thing we're both saying is like the guys play hockey in characters. Like there are characters in the show and they skate around in is that are connected to who they are off the ice, and so they ve they ve got this kid named about. Who is this cut, as the he's sort the mats errors and he's like this. I don't know where talent was like super fast and you can just tell like. As soon as this kid search skating a whole other side of him comes out from the way he is when he's off the ice and he's really shy and he's really like kind of these he's an immigrant in this too, and so I keys he's gonna kind of like sure about like his place in the world. But when he's on the ice he's just fuckin electric area, just really cool to watch them be able to do that. Not many shows can do that and Kevin the prodigy. Guy is appropriately a prodigy and every
poison is anyone is like shooting outside its ass yesterday at nice job it. This is such a subtle thing, but just the composition of a hockey team, and the different kind of guys. You need further team. This exceed that? The best scenes in the whole show is when the coach pulls everybody together and he's giving out, pucks and he's like He says to out with the guy's name, William. Let yeah he's a basic he's a year may agitator you get on the under people, skin. That's what you do. That's where you have to do for me and then goes to the bubble, guys a year put em forty pounds you're for Sir Kevin needs be protecting goes through, but hockey teams are like that. There's the enforcer there's, the agitator, there's a prodigy there, the speed guy? You know they could have gone further. We could have had that. We don't really know who liked as the diner Jara this team is. Like the you know, the big I'll get offence banner they don't really go into who the goal is sure. I think if this was a ten episode show, maybe they would but
It's the little nuances like that when and then, when we actually see the game, as you said, like the guys, are kind of in character right who's. The agitated he's also imagine tater when he's yeah he's. Where is off the eyes, but so that parts incredible and then they hit the you know the toxic chemical sports culture like up, which you know I think Some people have traded there and maybe have imposed that offer that than the cartoon character of it, and this is how it plays out it, being like a little bit on steroids of how this could go wrong cure which were not spoil yet, but they go into it in. I think about is authentic. I've always I've seen yet so did the They basically make this sports are usually a microcosm for society anyway and shows it movies, but then you double that up with it being small town sports, and it really does you're late, there's only like fifteen people understand
all of the characters take out this outsize kind of persona, even though you only get to see them in past. So there is like hockey, mom Megan, who is just an absolute like everyone, time she's on screen you just where did they find this person whose just like the personify creation of a sports mom of a helicopter. Nobody over here, the over overdoing it sportsman yeah, and I thought did the way that they present. It is really effective the way we can get into what happens. If you want to hear just one more note that they decide cared. Who are barely an that's right, the guy has been there forever with the beard who's trying to save the town sooner. Yes, the Kevin's dad despite their who, you could just how I go he's evil, but again, Ebay, Edward Kiddies, dad tat is
terrible. Guy aegis know right away, he's got the evil face. He's got like, though, the hare that almost half second to pay and then who's the, though in that in the fourth that beside dad the game, the big climactic game they have the fans in that thing, in the one guys I share our view. Pockets are like he's just like streaming like view. He, I think our language, it is you or of a rap he, so great there that the games, but did can a nail every piece of it and I am obviously bombed out that its only five episodes I becomes back for a year or two series of books, so I do think that there is obviously multi ceasing potential for it, but the five episodes if it's gonna be this dark, which it is, I think it. Jobs to have it be like a little bit more like a limited series season run, because otherwise I think it becomes law unrelenting, I it so if you haven't seen yet, you can leave the park as now
we're just gonna spoil the end, and there were done so here we go so the toxic stuff. This whole show flips on a pretty fairly graphic date. Bad is tough about three men who watches, I can remember on a tv show only because you don't really know it's what's coming. They have the discussion at the beginning, the the of my my guard was up, and then also Maya, is involved in the flash in my opinion, we find that they are the first episode, Myers Jason's God the gun. So between now and the disclaimer my guard was up and then she's at the party, and she is clearly you know, in fine you're, like a man now they're not gonna, go because she's, the coach, his daughter there. This is gonna, be the twist the go there and how it unfolds over the next two episodes is, is really just devastating, while yeah
and they do this amazing trick. I knew where sheep and they decides to read to to read the gods, priorities and say what happened and try to get em convicted and takes our weak, but she does it right before the game. The fine you're in this mindset of I can't wait for this game. Can't wait to see what happens and then she screw at the game in its almost as a viewer, you're feeling like the people in the town where your leg weight we're doing this. Now then your leg, here we should do this now, but it plays this. We're Jeddah mine check on you and it's really bad, how they do it. They make you entirely culpable because the yet it so happens. So obviously it's cabinet, tat have Kevin rapes, my area, You see it in episode two because Do this entire game on screen? You are completely locked. It like we could start a podcast about the bear down hockey team. After this so you could just be like this they're doing the rotation and you're. So
I did they win the semi file. They come in before the semi fund, be like if you guys win, we might be able to build a new Rina. If you lose were closing down hockey in this town, ready on time, sports movies set up. Basically, they have to win this match. They go into this match its a great gray piece of jobs, Words and you're just fly at high, and then they completely got punch you with the scene at the end of the absent. Expect expecting this celebration. Am I a gets rates and aid well leave and on top of it think they ve built, is real bond between Kevin in the coach yeah. Sorry, I were invested in that, as I just didn't see it coming. So they basically make you culpable. They bring you into this world where the same thing that is kind of corrupting this town, which is placing all of this onus on the team to be everything to the town. Is now you're as if you were watching you like, I care so much about this hygienic. No, you, don't you care about Maya, you should care about right, unlike any.
The stuff tat happens in episode for where people start be like did she have to report it now our? How could you betray us? How could you not coaches through and you will get you out of your mind, like, of course he can't coach through this. Of course, he would drop everything to take care of his daughter, but like in the mind these people in the town there like this, really screwed up our season right and it's it's episode, four as it keeps going, is just By the end of eight year let go my a you know: it's there, it's tough and it sets up whatever. I think we don't have shades of shooting up, shooting episode, five or maybe at the last second, she put supposed to got up and she drove his header. Creating an expectation that justice will not be served through the courts in the sea and this in this world, because, like already Kevin's dad is marshalling everybody against my and her dad and sailing like in Maya Eye was complicit in this and stuff like that. So, like definitely doesn't seem like it's gonna, be a smooth, smooth sailing.
So you would have to imagine there can be no extra judicial stuff. It's a really interesting invented. Kind of way to do a channel, HBO Max where you have shows. I dared It shows a generation which ass, I thought was was really fun unique watch? I can think of is as good as they show, but my wife, I like it is much better. I was good, but I think that's kind of have. Where these channels, you can't you re? Basically, you do a niche staff and super broad that comic books that right so made. The is the best way to do it or this need stuff that this is not something that beyond Sunday at ten o clock on HBO. I, I think, think. No, I The subtitle thing is a big obstacle: I'm not a subtitle go, it is on on Monday nights and they have had some success, putting some stuff, usually international stuff on Monday nights, and I do think that
pull over the course of your ended. I was just talking about this about label. We ve got to learn from this year of being inside of watching tv. If there's any new trends coming out. One of the things we were talking about was this idea people are actually pretty opened, trying a lot of stuff like when you look at the Netflix top ten It's just like good Uruguay at. Why would have weird mobile, like variety of crap, on this top ten year when it comes to you for your max, I think it only. I think people are kind of like I can watch. I can watch a show of subtitles. It's fine, as long as its goal, it it's the investigation, if its call my age and if it's this, I'm fine cut him waiting through its, whereas maybe that was like a barrier to entry to three years ago. I dunno, maybe It was just a more practice. I does that. Those could be my point. It's almost a year, They get into the rhythm of it and you never really that the underlying the subtitles is you can't second screen it. Yes, it's not in the back yeah see you, if you're looking down near you, you know, on Ebay or your twitter. Whatever
you're gonna miss like two minutes. You look up it's a great when we say and fight at the cause, they're talking sweeter, so you have to watch and that was I think one of the reasons the show so effective. You have to watch it yeah. I'm watching a show right now, that's on AMC plus an easy who watches through per annum you watch. I think you can watch I had ever, but What we have you have your amc plus subscription through and its basically like You only made a show out of the office parts of the born movies, wow and its french and its rules like sides solely the name of the bureau, and it's just like spy games. If that is mostly happening in offices and with people walking around cities, but like at me, Engagement with the show is the what engagement would have been with like the wire ten years ago, like I'm just able to the kind of thy process. This now, I think that's case the case for a lot of people. I think people
Your point about the subtitles is right. You kind of are a little bit more deeply locked in on a show. We like, I'm watching every every framed as I gotta see the dialogue before we go. I saw the first five episodes, though the Caitlin said show you did not mare yet mayor of Eastern Murphy's town, where she plays a Pennsylvania. Detective, it's fucking incredible. I can't wait. It's so good how's your Hauser pensively asset its never now it's it's this Caitlin beside I was not expecting, but when I it come out, it's like next month, right April, yeah yeah and it's a show that built and there's a lot of stuff on it. I'm in be really relation to see what the reaction I got no on the scale of like one. The ten of lack of queens gambit was ten. How people about, I didn't have occurrences of pre big. The people would be pretty locked into this. I feel like this checks. Lotta boxes diverge.
Making me what's gonna work work as a show that comes on HBO every week. This checks about as many boxes big little as was another when they checked the lot of boxes, but this is way more authentic, its key wendling guy parasite, yet God it's got some, it's really K was it, but it's got some Corky characters and I don't want a spot they, but it's it's finished Awesome I get Vega Chris ran. We could hear the watch every Friday. Ringer NBA show the answer than we did on. We did on Monday we did inside man was shot fantasy, yeah, fiftieth anniversary that next week we are going to do in yes and beg you to the Yankees fans and my twitter mentions from the inside man pot. It's really been a pleasure. You tell people haven't. I just made like a guy, we're passing comment about my dislike the Yankee hats and now guys tweeting,
he had pictures sent me all day long. Well, you were saying nobody really wears a yankee cap anymore and Sean, and I were like what are you talking about, like millions of people do and you're like? No, they don't it's not cool anymore. That goes into the the Asian ruined movie, complicated, qualifying from right excrement, right, that's it for the podcast coming back. With one more Thursday I see them, don't forget to subscribe to the ringer, verse and Spotify Apple area.
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