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Best Burt Reynolds Movies, Tiger's Charge, and Week 1 NFL Gambling With Wesley Morris and Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 411)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by New York Times film critic Wesley Morris to remember the great Burt Reynolds. They each go through their top five Burt Reynolds films and discuss how he owned the 1970s (2:28). Then Bill calls up Joe House to talk Tiger Woods's impressive showing at the BMW Championship and NBC's questionable broadcast changes in the NFL season opener before making some Week 1 bets (1:06:25).

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football, major, mutually baseball, Emma S, NBA come in use, promo promo code, BS twenty hours after first seeking purchase, download the seeking gap or go right to see PIG Dachau morass abroad, to buy America's favour website the ringer dot com. Where you can read a whole bunch of football previous stuff, you can read about pop culture, you can. We really can writing scope. There check it out, check out the rare pie gas network, including our new pack, ass, dual threat with ran Marcello Couch for Bob Profile BAR too Tuesday Nights nephew Kyle's. This now and as well. If you call them This argument at the ring arena come up. We're going to talk to Wesley Morris about the life of the late, Great Bert Reynolds, and do our top fibre rent, movies and then right after that, your house is coming on to talk about Tiger woods and weak one an affair. Packs, went a little Friday ruin with her
This is a long pad house comes out about an hour in five minutes into it. If you just want the football, stop that I don't know why you wouldn't want to hear me. Was they talk about baronets, my old grantline, He may Wesley coming up next. First pearl I know I'm right now as Morris type them for a while. He is my first time Bert Reynolds died and it got me thinking that was then we get a barber Reynolds, the biggest star of the seventies I'm older than you. The hierarchy was probably Bert, Reynolds Redford Newman, and if you look at their, I am Debbie's. It doesn't totally back that up, but there was no bigger movie star when I was a kid than Bert Reynolds. What was?
reaction. I didn't even know you didn't know anything I've been, I guess I should have known he would fit, but I didn't even know you with eighty two percent, now you can, it told me he was ninety two or seventy two. I think I would have believed the twenty year. A dry wouldn't believe everything you told me his eye d b was relation because he has like this all twelve, your tv career before deliverance, so he clearly clearly bang eggs for a while there, then, then deliverance happened in everything took off we're gonna pay play gain today, top five This is something fantasy and Chris Ryan did on either the watch at the big picture kept member Spielberg had something common out and they decided to their top five billboard movies and went backwards candid down from five to one alternated back and forth. So somebody goes five because five, then it goes to four and the first time a new movie comes up, will talk about the movie. Then this is
work. I know it sounds confusing. I asked you to a top five. I did my topping up your fifth passport. Reynolds will be what was it a pic doing, right old movie flash parental wouldn't be so my number five is the only kind of like oh come. I was thinking about it, but I don't even know what three minutes in silent booby who, crack silent movie. I wasn't expecting that power we'll be read it very much p, please, poorer Reynolds playing parental ended, the joke, of course, already within female work, this out movie, it is, it is still funny it, as some would be best to use a bird reynolds at an bankrupt. The milk nope works his wife. He basically it'll be fine. In the shower easy. Basically, why lathered up by hand. You can't see the we.
Our DOM Della we did and malpractice is introduced into making this silent movie with them and hurry the thing about parental did so great about the sequence, and you know it will become more clear why with a great movie star. While we talk about him, give it each so there the thing I have about Reynolds Urban Experiential watching Bert Reynolds and the reason one of the reasons for the star is it you ve got this thing called Schwab offer Great Lake where you not a great actor. We either greet something out, and this is something else that he is this. Property that belongs. Only tab and Millbrook so
aware he doesn't get credit for identifying great talent for a great raw talent and people that isn't necessarily comedic an aching knows property than making them funny. But that, for these, do this brief interlude and found movie with parental, and it's just so stop mark. Will we be in hot in this movie, that's member he's a movie star in the peer since it can be an doesn't movie but doesn't get any of these sludge of the movie on him because he made a lot of bad my law, and I think this very You people, especially now I you know I do. We have a lot of movie stars now tat. We neither grown up through developed since the nineties or whatever you want to say. There's very few movie very few stars. I can just be likened stinker and you still don't blame them for they even
I'm crews, who I was that is fair, share its fair share. Stinkers you play for the stinker its. I come on Tom Cruise Jack hijacked creature to navigate movie. I blame conquerors for it. I didn't leave Bertrand had been in the equipment of Jack richer to two. I never would have blamed for it, but all right of gateway Jack Richard, I know, there's even lower of a star re. Exactly I mean he made Okey ban smoking. The bandit too and and cannonball run too you're too, of the worst movies are the last forty years that there really is irredeemably horrific and he makes smoking ban detail or am I just think it a cannibal ran to the door. Dorothy in them. I can't remember in both those people tat. He was what was they want it in the third one? That's why I'm again get three: they put it
third one where he wasn't in it, and it was just as voice fairly well meaning, but he made those two sequels they're, just really horrific. The only other one I can think of light tat. Clint Eastwood was another one that could be in a bad movie. It there's some bad Harry movies, every which way, but loose too, is really who's got any which way you can now is horrible, but nobody, the blame cleared and I think with bird was just so freakin likeable any really belong to the seventies, a alot ways. The seventies was the least self aware decade first celebrities. We ve ever had Let me give you some statistics. Yeah back. You up Reynolds was the biggest box office draw from night came. Seventy eight and nine
Eighty four consistently wait. Now he was number one. We let me get this exactly right. He was never went in seventy eight. Seventy nine eighty, eighty one, eighty two he was the top Box office draw at the north american boxes. Number one four five consecutive year and not making only on a first Was it really making good movies during that time? I the thing up. The thing that we have a was about movie stars, give it they were not up. We were going to watch a great movie. We were going to watch a great
person be in a movie of of of kind of immaterial quality right? Yes, the movie with good he with a bonus. If you went if you're a big robber rate per person- and you saw him indefinite another presidents- men and you were going to see that the potentially a bad example only because the point that maybe the bowed should say that that all the president's meant is just a thriller about to reporters like and that the getting something involving the White House and you're going to she Redford and you leave seeing one of the great american thrillers. That's just a bonus, but you went in to see bottom view when it is he robber Redbird end, though, in the seventies I mean this is true of all movie stars, but I think at the point at which movie that there was just this real the burden to mystic these I mean it. I guess I carefully stated there is really a market point where it became less important what the movie with about, because the star within
that always kind have been true. I feel like doing earthquakes during the Julia AIR. That kind of ended. You couldn't just a bad movie star at people started to be like what thou can the movie be getting at you back to burden the seventies An you mentioned Redford, I think really good examples: the electric horsemen the move with him and that's an actively bad movie, but nobody cared little. It was Hey Redford and Jane Fonda. This is great, and even you're, saying the stars born remake thou, but when Osborne came out in seventy six with Streisand Christophersen them, the itself is really bad, but it's just
big stars in it, and nobody really care that the movie was bad. It was, they just want to see barbarous, tries in saying that was it several times, and I think I think that the important thing to keep in mind, which is just I mean it- you also mentioned There- are five pure movie star, just pure nine character, actor movie stars yet more at all. And mine Redford's dry, the end Newman, and I mean it I'm gonna throw in. I would have proven Richard Roundtree even know he only by keeping only get we got to be a star in two movies with such as are in those two shaft movies and they're, just with link which is so easy, he made it look so easy. I think you know those poor people plus my boat, if the rich around, now, what the seventy you wouldn't sorrowing Newman on that I think doom unhappy. I knew my Newman another, the Abbe I knew made also had up at it like it became a star in the sixty uneasy at one of the foods routine.
It does. I remember when Newman was inception in seventy seven, which I'm old enough to remember that came out, so I always make it. A hockey movie was like a really big deal to be my friends that Paul Newman was naked hacking. Maybe I my fifth choice, I have a ladder runners up more I've been extracted move there were only good because I like by Reynolds like the end. The end is not a guy movie at a movie about a guy whether he is deciding whether to kill himself or not. Dela visas in it at all times most annoying, and it's just that good, but Reynolds is really great, like bonnet same thing for Hooper, which really feels like it should like we watch about, but it is not that good, but is fun, cause verandas, isn't it. The ad cannonball runs another one, paternity Turkey's mission, these oranges solid by Reynolds Movies Gator. My number five choice, though I'm actually,
I'm goin early on this one deliverance, so This was the movie when, by Reynolds altogether and was Clearly, a lady man, it's a varied testosterone e cat That mail, binding gone wrong has an age that great at the same time as age really really great, because it most fifty years old and it still kind of works and it still kind a terrifying and the hoboes or scary and and he's dead. The star in it and you watching year, like our totally makes sense that this guy would become the biggest donor in the world. I'm not sure how many other guys could have played their part. I was track. Actually it last night of the modern guys we have who would worked in that part, like maybe Brad Pitt fifteen years ago. It certainly not like a Tom cruise.
Are you now it's not only on. Maybe Damon, but it's not a lot. You there's a lack honor with that raw there's like a sexuality that he has he's got empathy for his friend. You have to believe that he is ready. They got all the hoboes in the forest. There's a fee, listen, you! I asked Louise him in that what you yeah like you, you have to believe this is a person I believe in his body and not just wake in front of it old stranger hillbilly guy. Despite this being a wide open God is outer where and just walk around for the rest, the movie in this wet. Yet it's good. It's It's I. It was one of the most controversial movies of the seventies and lead to a ladder squeal like a pig, jokes and all that stuff. Now it states, like three generations, are moved, nobody remembers, but it was the movie the paper round on the map. I what's your number four
sharks, ah ha ha. I make the case for years. Why pick pick pick this because Burke directed it? I think it's the best be what five movies the parental directed and there is this is this is It is just like a crime top thriller, but you real. I had a lot of things. You learn a lot about an actor about a movie star. I should say we need when they make movies for themselves. And one of the things you learn about poor Reynolds, particularly In short, the machine is that he, like black people, wakes argue machine is basically a black flotation movie storing by rebels, and it is all
wake up very deep in crime thriller with it ass a bike creepy things in it like a tumor applauded this movie. You know I haven't seen in a while, but I was a big defender for years and years, and I just remember they- it was during this stretch from like eighty one, eighty three, where they would do these kind of action thrillers, but they they re, always like some sort of dark element like that gonna ten percent too far with something Cambodia wasn't this movie, it can protect you, or is the amount of time devoted, boated spying on Rachel Ward, oh yeah, she's, a dancer prostitute, who is basically a governor, a Governor Torreon candidate, concubine play by early HOLLAND and by the way who I will confess to having. We have not talked about how haughty and promote Reynolds things wrong. The Chad infer a hollow
that's no others cable that time, but anyway, she plays the can't wait patiently. The cock you buying are all in the guide, the french dude controlling him and the victim of the assassin. To staff need her because she she's jeopardizing the campaign basically yeah, and so there is a twenty minute peak words were Berthold, do and Bernie Katy was We get in this movie, not burn. Why invitation yeah, Brian keep Bernie verdict. Eighty brain Reynolds, Carl Turning, please the sheriff or whatever I do, share the belief, lieutenant or captain and their despite our way toward its super duper weird. He starts clearing up at some point. We shouldn't when she made love to buy french dude
It's not right it stalkers, but not despite that, but there's something about the generosity of spirit. There's a lot of time devoted to Rachel Wards Character before she is both fact and killed. You gonna have an understanding, even in the limited drawing of his character, that you know the one with with ambition than We ended up, didn't intellectual desire that don't have anything to do with how much a man went to her and the whole time berwin old or Bertie Katy or blank heat is watching, reveal herself in this way a lot of pain to them, the sitting around doing nothing and then parental, because just there, the kind of command the EU has just like a scene with five other dude, he had read you ve gotten. You got really trim the thing about.
Colonel did meet him hot. I thought one of the things that, like the roundness up, his fate should have been paid and in a full moon faith in charge. Machine at their credit, are like a half he just got really trim and looked grave and he's funny- and here is a new by him in this and the reason I put it on the swift and put a number for you just because it's the best of the movie that he made, and I think that, if any other like of Michael Different, Michael Man, second movie, we would have taken it much more seriously. There so much allow me to get arrested again, I'd you gotta, can I get you may cited for music for it. You know it's really Rachel word, had the iconic trio of this movie, against all odds, were bridges white which defend to the death and then
and also like unbelievable to use the title and then the title song that makes a big and it actually gets used in the movie correctly kudos and in what are they a car chases ever with bad Jeff, bridges and James words in that. But then fortress. Which any came up in the eighties she's like this teacher in theirs. I terrorists or something, and they have to escape and go there and save the kids, and I was just in love with rich or does it get anyway here's by my number, four I think part of this is just because I saw this when I was a kid in the theater. My dad took me and it was like the best time Rather my life- I was like, oh my god, I just could ever meet by ran on Saturday. The grace and have ever after me spoke in the bandit, ah I'm not sure how well this movie his aged. I haven't watched in awhile, but I will tell you like for kids, it was
had there been it's kind of hard to believe nobody is writ. This often made the two thousand eighteen version of it. They. Basically it him and trucker is played by Jerry Red and then I have to go cross country. They have to bring their certainly time to do it? They have to bring this cargo across country and- Reynolds is driving a fancy sports car. I can't member which, when I came under the name of it and he basically running interference for the trucker and if there's copses kind of distracting the cops. The truck go fast enough, and he just torturing, Jackie Gleason who's, the sheriff and this whole poise car doing all this stuff, and just laughing and Sally Fields and an Sally field is weirdly, never been more directive in a movie ever that should live in it. Are you kidding like sheep meat after bird it yeah and they have like a
real chemistry that I think they they consummated for a couple years, their real life, it she's great, it's really it's everything. You'd want from like a stupid summer movie and he's great in it and he's a movie star, and it goes back to the old thing like I don't. How many people could avoid the bandit ii in there? Unlike the history of mankind, it there certainly no actor now that I can think of a white actor who could have who could have been banned it like now. If you made that movie bandits black, there's no crash, Bernard's pulls off, it's all charisma, it's him cackle it's him of the tooth begging him where it had in him just driving a car fast and how does? movie work. Was it worse because it's fine, it's ridiculous, it's totally its it! First of all it again,
more apply. Then any movie, if it weren't for ninety six minutes, needed a tornado overwritten yet and it doesn't but do not over the period from like seventy seven to, I would say, maybe seventy nine eighty bore or every sort of big Hollywood movie at about three credited screenwriters and it's like they took three different screenplay than does paypal them together and tat. He had more movie nobody story than they needed, and this really could have been more Reynolds just driving for ninety six minutes and it probably still would have made wait for it. Three hundred million dollar- oh my god, they were right, although this was a star and its body, because the other thing that it got did think of his movie is being a romantic but it's totally romantic up yet and
how you feel any key of all the women. The important thing is, I did my step on my number three choice, but I'm just gonna it's worth mentioning, while whatever But I don't a lot of movies with a lot of women, yeah the same woman twice when joke labored, but Sally Field, it just gets easy between them and in the degree to which parental does it do any actual work when he's on screen is divided actress who Wants to be taken seriously as an accurate, but if so convincing the movie star in the kind of movie star will you can watch kind of falling in love with parental, though also putting up with him? She did not know Roderick she's, very easy in her skin she's, very sweet nature, but also not a sucker.
And she also does it think, didn't need for anything- and this is the most important thing She seems a really really really attracted him. Yeah honey person and in the other thing, is he tapped into something with her, cause I we positive she had their career. She should add. I was tat. She was the lad. Sexier than some of the role she did, I just saw there's something about her. I just dug in Berlin, what's tapped into it, and the their time. I really remember it coming out which is really strange, but in forest Gump. When she has to seduce the principal to get forest in the school and she kind of turns it on, and it's like, oh man, it is sitting there like salad feeling at this whole side. She wouldn't go near and Bert. Birches went It showed how that we take a break with take a break tugboat campaign monitor when it comes to email, marketing, there's so much more. That goes into creating smart and effective campaigns than what meets the eye. That's why campaign
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I'm just I'm doing this, so we can talk about a whole genre, Bert that we probably wouldn't get to talk about. Otherwise. Also, I really like you mean this, be it starting over. Oh my god knows my number three That is what I said. I had a surprise for you. The top five by number three is starting over. I fucking love starting over. Go ahead. Ok, but nobody is basically riddles, get divorced by candid burden apparent that a clique is the answer: Seeing this movie yeah, I agree there is clearly sexy. I can't even get moving we need to be effective. It is part of a plot, but Oh, we only export it anyway. The sexually sheet? The sexiest moments I her career, where this movie and then when she heard, stood ass Adele and she had this car
is more batter and the way she was interacting, though the cast members, the first time she hosted it, which was like the tenth episode in it. Dead. That's another one. It's like Sally field. It's like there. There was something there that she was afraid to go for, but sometimes it came out in a deafening came out in this movie. Em don't run all I mean I wouldn't model I mean I don't jollier field. Can I ever talk about, but rattled again by, I would love to hear some of these women of their oft. All I mean joke labour. If I may, I will, let me kill them. Talk about war, It was like to do is seen what this man really no turn their trauma burden. He had like kick your candid Bergen talk about making like sharing fiend end and seemed to parental anyway. Definitely cannot Bergen divorced him to the divorce at him. Didn't like in the seventies will wait.
These went forth with a new thing for the movies yeah and was then Kramer versus grammar. This move in a couple hours, but it was like kind of a run of the worst form is agri. In my pants on your divorce, I saw the end it we're too, because if I mean they were, they were. A lot of them are focused on men like wabbled, like for the man to be single, true and so angle per Reynolds. Leave your mood to Boston, yeah smoothly, Yeah and it shut up by Charles burning in France is Turn Hagen with Jill Clayburn and they start. This relationship has also been recently the forest and they start this. They start dating and just a very sort of James L Brooks wrote this movie.
It's worth fags or the kind of humanity and wit and imaginative. It really work. Who wasn't is wasn't this his first screenplay that he actually wrote tissue? But at this point he was a tv guy. I think this might be facing the university business first replay makes sense of when you know that it's a James, I Brooks by at least we'll be makes a lot more sense, words much better than you think it's gonna, be yes by the thing is I mean I've been through its really mean to joke labour and away where wait for you spend under the great the great scene in the movie. Is the donkey right where it's just a real common
emotional feed for her, and he is so casual she's, basically just a school teacher, and I guess there thumb funder out an exactly know why they're having this dumping, but you are going to be on the plank of the dumping and dinner she, the asking the girls and women come on girls and women wake. You can do it. You got a great arm sallying at the button and wanting to take the challenge but one or two she has just broken up with white. But let me be the second time cause she's totally neurotic comes up and start throwing balls at the at the at the button and she goes in and then she turned to get up and its back on the blanket that they would anybody else like that, like a try and he could see her again and she fell then- and it becomes very funny
painfully prolonged, but but at the same time excruciatingly funny frequent where she keep getting redone and by like the third or fourth time she did. Who then and start Kurth in front of the kids right all the show cool the whole time, but you ve never, who in a coolness right just like I was. Trying to get your attention now that I've gotta. Can we please talk about? Why you dumped me and there's nothing, happy about it, it's kind of mean, but in a classical movie sense, but isn't lethargic if they get just not explain why this is in its horrifying. If it sounds like it may be, but you watch it and I mean I watched it fairly. Recently actually. For this other thing, I'm doing- and I kind of welled up during this scene again removing it was directed by the guy who did all the President's ban it was nominated a home joking
I got nominated and candies Bergmann got nominated like this is a big ass movie in ninth, Have ninety eight already outcasts made a lot of money. It was It's also my number three. It was a pattern. Would a dramatic rom com because there's some drama elements to it, Joe Clay Bird, this run in the seventies that I'm still not sure why it happened in action. With the one that won the rolls over other people. I it's kind of inexplicable forty years later, but he's verandas, he's great with everybody was great with her, but that the reason I'm I think this good movie anyway, I'm all for all seventies divorce movies, but the real reason. This has a piece of my heart. Beyond that, it's a really good movie is the Boston stuff. It is worse, helping to get the guide, there's theirs, but there's old Boston Garden in it. He actually think he works for the boss and guard the movie, but a lot there's just
out of Boston, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, they found it. One thousand nine hundred and seventy eight during the blizzard and there's just there's a ton of snow in the movie like it really. It really feels like Boston, the two movies that the even more even more the case, but the two movies from that air from when I was a kid living there? Ah, the verdict than starting over weakened go and be like our man. Look at this Boston, holy shit he's at the peak of his powers. You now the thing with him was. He could be the guy in deliverance, but he could also be the divorce guy, who has no self esteem and is slowly winning it back that he could be those two people in different movies. Is that a lot of people who that I'm trying together. Now it's like it,
the clear we want had been ass like to have been totally urim. Oh yeah now eat all ok, so there's a lot of bright air that we should try to tie together at some point before this conversation- and here I would just say that the reason that I like him in this movie is because you know what your absolute we know: the richer drivers with somebody. First choice, park get somebody wanted to do good, bye, girl to electrical gloom and for whatever reason it didn't happen and went to the opposite: a richer dreyfus, environmental. Yet- and I there's something about him: there, the scene in the movie
we're joke labor. It really interesting shown erotic and she's, so I strongly she's so prepared the great, but the other great moment in the movie when they meet. You spend the first fifteen minutes with him just sort of like watching his life unravel and I'm trying to figure out about a better, be start over and you walk in a trial. Turning and frankly, stern August House and its nighttime in it inter unease walking on the pavement and she's walking in the middle of the street, and at some point you know it's your classic. I think this man is trying to do something horrible to me and at some point he lay comes up honour a little because I think he's trying to cross the street, but a little bit aggressive and he turned around you come one step: poultry and a kind of involved and it's so funny. The way she dislike goes from zero to one hundred. And the punchline is you know that
get to the house, and he opened the door and told her. You were about to call the worry about the call the cops in relative Y Y, all our friend, with just loved by a horrible proper under the joke labour, the three men looking up a book written a book, I am very pleased that so cool coup and this movie will be We have imagined yet is used by the seventies where You know, as I said earlier, not allowed a sufferer celebrities, but it was also that kind of talk show game, show era where so he's went out all these different things are very available to go on stuff. They would go and make Douglas show. Johnny Carson emerged Griffin, all these different places, but it was always the basket. Of the guys in the seventies he was the go to single best talk, show, host gas are a bit. Singapore talk, show guessed you could have, and I think the charisma from all that stuff clinic
can it we dislike Bert Reynolds either they bad that's our did, and I don't care go back to now. Like maybe there's piece of Tom Hanks and that word tarmac said that for years and years was I just like Tom Hanks say a guy: you come on s on the talk shows not that stuff, but bird was definitely the guy for that decade, oh! It's weird is on that. He went on ass, an owl until the fifth season after Belushi inaccurate left, Canada is the window to beyond the first four years, but yeah he's only guy from the seventies. I think who could have been in this movie it and, as you said, if it was Dreyfus, it's a completely different movie is also the these neurotic actress characters that started with other Woody Allen movies that joke labour, a kind of fell into, but there's a lot of characters that seem really dated. Though you don't see it, moving in the same way and get away with having that strong, a woman,
no other redeeming qualities in some way. You know she is. I mean I don't want to spoil anything, but she also is the love interest in any tough, yet and actually does weird you not so much better in that movie, but the degraded it's her are sort of there's something about how hot she is. Right alternate that movie. It should have makes Europe more. The report that she is starting over, where you have a great deal of sympathy for what is driven her too. Point of their Russia's. I will say that she is single handed the reason semi toughening crack. My top five No I just I thought I was amiss cast I that movie never for me and you would think it was because I loved by reynolds- and I love for bond. Like then Jenkins boy, let's just go,
Let's move, I had to go to number two. What's your number two is number three was starting over from Asia. Whenever you set me up great, let's hear: ok, look about movie with wake arable football. She drank a movie is it about movie with terrible for both their like rushed montage e? I don't understand pop up above scenes, but never, though K, because anybody with seeing in summing up and already the scene but Reynolds and longest jarred, they got great football sequences, but in a bar rattled and I love this may be because it is it'd, be, I would think it'd be. Second does used about Ronald Movie started a wooden comic timing was never better than it was in this movie. It never owned his partners. Do we only in this movie and it's really important to talk about one one berry
a crucial aspect of parental it. I think I don't know if it's a kid who started, but it does the key to an aspect of start in which it is mistake. Yet normally with movie stars. They say, anyway. They do what you like. The ideal These star has huge eyes. The great big eyes Reynolds the tiniest eyes in the history of a movie star nobody's. Ever smaller parental rights and as a result of having such tiny eyes.
You spend as an audience member. So much time to find a walk in, and I mean I've spent, I can remember the kid seeing him in almost anything and just like wanting the editor, not the cut away from his faith, because I just wanted to steer India with eyes because they were so little and he just in this as watches over much of him there to see in this film. I've guy still never feel like I'm seeing a nut I've never been greedy here to watch an actor being a movie that I am in this movie cast opposite Chris Christophersen yeah in this way we can get. You really want to understand how a movie star works. Just at opposite Chris Christophersen, it worked for barbarous, dry land, a mistake,
born. It works really well former Reynolds here and given even there, the degree to which Christmas shoppers and look for waft by comparison yeah like lot in terms of White Chris Christophersen, is objective wicked. Hot man. He is extremely out, but I don't care about him when I watch you when I watching for me tat, I only but events basil his christophersen. Yet at the recent bill Gregg my top five, the football scenes are abysmal and I just any armed aggregate, my my number to actually let's we were then to the to the nitty gritty here. Let's take woman quikrete to talk about the Starbucks double shot starts with Bold Starbucks, coffee, blended, with milk phrase smooth creamy the wishes flavour is enhanced with ginseng guarana be vitamins the kind of thing
run on sort of advertise for forty years ago, because I think he was also smooth and creamy delicious to a lot of people out there. Thou shalt available and sixty wishes flavors given our hasten at which are good coffee, mexican mocha. It's an energy coffee drain that not only take great but gives you the energy to go from point a to point done I've got no dr realise any that second coffee type of thing around three: thirty, four o clock- and you know it's been my friend lately, the Starbucks doubling Starbucks double shot energy to do the things you actually do find it in your local can, in store. So I had a really bad. Between one and two and many go even though its It's a number one movie for me. I'm going number two Ferber ran on just cause, he's older, it's a different stage of his career, but booking. Ah, but is a corner
It is one of my ten favorite movies. Ever he at that point head His movie career really fell apart. Eighty four, eighty, five, his teeth. You wish haven't talked about. His two pays yet is to pay a game became in Kosovo Slash way, Shatner and all the same age is got old. Then he wasn't did have the same whereas many more and this kind of panic limbo stage between being an old actor in being the the young, how great actor hunk guy that he was in the seventies early. I interrupt you for one second due to talk about that stretch like from smoking and white papers for each city with twentieth, word and stared Haiti, for he got from Dick it like this naming some about some of the greatest. Why not hit his head? He ate Dick Malone Miranda Carpet. Why the monopoly I mean,
evidence, and then we can he and he made he'd anyone who would come up on cable you. Nevertheless, twenty years you get excited cause he was on and then it was the parental see so is the rub strategies and then he married Lady Anderson and they were just the creepy is weird, is couple, and he says he said after was the base rate of his life. He made that show evening shade and be ass with Mary Lou Hunter was, is rife he's like a failed highschool courage and his head in this chamber, was gonna were of a demo. I wasn't part of. It was geared toward leg people, forty five, and just can't errand yeah and just kind of it I'm a tv actor and then book Aids brings back, bogey nights gets just starts, getting. Shit load, a buzz and ninety six as its be made. This is a huge. This guide this directors can be. Deal mark, Wylder exists and is a huge cast.
This is on the hills, a pub fiction when it was eight, these indy movies, with famous people, are starting to become a thing again. He's immediately distancing so himself for the movie and there's a whole a whole weird vibe papers, dog, said Balin and comes out any fucking, Bert Reynolds again completely revived, as whatever for his may had its not as sexual ex jack corners. That really is sexual character, but a thing you know about she had sex values, it wants to turn and two are these he'd seen when their cutting, whatever the birthday but we in the Gaza does the best we ve ever made in the end, the guys that is like it's a real film, jack and insight. Remember me by his ear. He he's this fight figures, slash
kind of artist in a world where there were porn is just headed toward video cassettes, injustice, grisly, ending and he's great in it, and I can imagine anybody else in it. I also imagine a better like her. Revival, part the now using striptease fantasy that will read Venice's top five at the end, striptease cracked it so it s like he had an tried, the combat part, but this word doubt about is as well as it possibly could have it's hard to imagine. Anyone else in the raw and he had real tension with Mark Wahlberg. That's bills out in the pool scene, where they get the fight and really does seem like they're gonna find PA. Thomas Anderson said on this path: Cast Dat He was tense for those two days and a lot of stuff spilled over that seen in an feel it really seems out there just our punching each other great raw Frahm, fantastic iconic movie, and that's my: why did he? Why did he distanced himself from it? I think
he didn't, he never saw it and I think he didn't realize it was gonna, be so poor and heavy. And he just didn't instinctively like it. And I don't think he liked Wahlberg and I think he thought I was right these last night. He he said He was really dismissive, Appall Thomas Anderson Bag. Gave some interview geeky three years ago in their like to think it over with Partibus Anderson Genocide, I think so he's too for himself, and he told us about Thomas Anderson bragging about the opening shot bug unites. And how like unique it was to have the camera just follow it all the way through that thread for the first four minutes and this is reside items I, in turn that five other movies have done it, and then I listed the five movies to such it s awful I think he became an ass all. I think that was part of this whole Burt Reynolds from MID eighties on. I think he was so famous. He kind of became a really
I work with in a lot of ways and became he was the biggest star in the world forever and could not fit in from a chemistry standpoint. A lot of the times that's interesting like I am, as you know, I am I'm an enormous lover of autonomous Anderson in this. I give my least favorite Paul. I now that's one about that's one of our rare like divergences. I don't like it. I just don't love, it is muttered. Other people do and I I think, my central problem. That movie is that I actually dont think Wahlberg is that good and he thought he could It's a boy forbade that no one else movie can fill, and I also think it is the least original movie because it besotted, with with other, with great aspects of other great movie thread yeah
I am I can, I still can only see, foresees the inherent Tino in this movie. I don't see Paul Thomas Anderson. I await the tears to my eyes, met my feeling lucky. If one of our great deal, one of our great filmmakers purity might be our greatest greatest American, filmmaker Ed Digit. A young person we, I won't. Finally, I want to pay punching above is weak, but punching above his weight and end up in a great century. This to me with an omen of everything else that happened more been capitalized on it, but I also think that you know he was trying to do doing a thing that parent Cato with good at which is like taking some rubbish heap Movie star, who used to mean something of this country and resurrecting them and telling them what telling you
not even more widely mattered yet, but I think that for me it is like, I think, but united the great work of lake. Carry Oki and pastiche and not terribly original retailing, our idea well overcome am I passed against. So what's your number one more way forward here? What's your number one at which you number Reynolds with smoking and abandoned, Ah, that's your number. When you love the veranda Sally Philip, I got it all. I mean it's complicated about birth because ok for years he was delegate, the borders to version the perennial trade. There is much jasper and clean shaven bird and a jockey machine beer. Her hand in marriage to paper. There are so many different reasons of this guy or based around here great, and there is also the
He seemed like Keith from something out three give it and just some way. Guy there other recent or ethnicity in their somehow night, you know these Cherokee right there if Canada, no I mean, is Cherokees Quito end You see something in a minute just so unusual and it's so fascinating and end it kind of my angel. You look even torture by the bank being compared to brand oak. If he looked so much like Brando, it's insane and but with the muscat you, a quick are people and without the mustache you know in the seventies, look like some inquiry do yeah and something about the reason I'm shooting smoking. The bandit up above, like the bathroom.
Above paternity public fifteen. Other movies, were, I think, he's just you should totally did because that movie, the reasoning. Movie where the head was because Paulie kill a person of this when this guy is moving or which is something that moves. Nobody who the bigger or more interesting star because he has such a command of how to hold the wheel of a car, hold on football. How I mean look at a sham cross, but I don't mean to be like when he's driving a car with Sally Field in his lap. Oh my god you're they d excuse they're fucking in the car, it they don't
He too, though, is the best and the other thing about parental, because I actually think that his kind of improvement in terms of bike movie, quality and daring and Michael Douglas, who is actually interested in having facts and in the wake exploring the problem of being in a kind of man, the parental was is it all right, didn't really having respect for them? That interesting to him embodying the sex was worth more interesting and more important tab and smoking in it and such a future.
It exploded and of what is about parental, even though he does you at all like compared to Senator for users and gives a walking a wretched inducement like like a walking thing they dislike. Make you totally just already beyond horn in is not doing anything in smoking agenda but just be emulated. Delivery is perfect. Did you know the visitor? You know this movie, should now work at all, but it totally gorge, because this man is telling you I'm a movie star, I can take a crappy movie. I can. I can get something done with it. I can have all these great actors like Jack cohesion and Sally field around me, but I'm gonna be the centre of gravity of this thing and I'm gonna break hold all this chaos. Just just my present and get the mustache movie, which mean
Wagner did operates in a different way than it does me. Have you can agree? shy and reserved with no mustache longed, longest yard accepted and I don't know it's a great demonstration of what made by rattled parental, the lake- not just me, but but but you know to America it's his leubronn going to the Lakers movie. Where is the only way you don't even need to sign anybody? I will we find where fires contender I'm here we don't. Script. Don't worry we'll figure it out of the fly woman, fifty games wall and will make the conference violence. It's fine smoke. My number one is the longest yard. I think rising to this day to this day. This moment I think it's still want to like the five or six by sports bodies, ah TAT S fort. Four years old, you could make
the case that it started sports movies, etc, The modern sports movie it is deemed fur, to watch a ball sports movie like for right. Now you could watch long as yard. Today with you, ten year old son or you know, whoever and in take three eighteen year olds doesn't matter nephew. If you can be, we heard on Africa's in it. She's good he's just a movie star in it and it starts. How it there's a little anti hero, and it's actually a jarring foreseen. Eads he's having with some rich girl his disgraced point shaver and is a very some some raise. Some sugar mama basically needs Finally, actually allow junior whenever he was any any hits her and in
You know it in the seventies that a big deal now you watch your like, while I'm out on this guy, but that They wanted to establish that this was not a good guy. You know when they make sports movies. Now it's like this guy's now good guy. He like better a fan back then this guy's, not a good guy. He shaped points in these Indians girlfriend the opening seen any goes too now he gets chased around, goes to prison. All the prisoners. Look down on him because he's this guy Paul wrecking crew shave points and Eventually, he realizes like two to kind of curry, favour with red tape, they trap home in some sort of thing, and he asked at play. The guards in a game is to organise a team, the evil word employed. The batty Albert basically organizes a convicts versus the guards Game Bernard's as Kubi and I won't spoil if you haven't seen it. I know you ve seen it was spoiled level, but
last half hour, is still holds up just unbelievable. Film everything wide the football scenes are outrageous. He is the most convincing best quarterback who has ever been in a movie. I've seen you play football. He played for palm college. I've seen less where people are like all other here's. The best sports movie quarterback Severn It doesn't have burdens and longest yard. I had site just take it off the internet, he's by. Are the best he's running, run, pass option he's we're heading sweeps around the right Dana day. He gets the word and threatens to four synonym for caretakers murder and he decides aright. I'm gonna have to throw the game and starts throwing the game. And then a books looks at among the bad she's like I never thought, you'd sell us out and barometers has. A change of heart. Brings the tea
back and as one of the great speeches at the end, and then it's like fourth and goal from the one: that's why it's called the longest yard and he has this crazy run its course has the stick. This in the trophy case, line the end he's a movie star. The entire time is the most convincing football quarterback rad he's funny in it like this really funny scenes. It's like all the best about our rounds. He gets to have sex with burning Peters in it. Each is great, it's it Total movie star Roman, they tried to remake. This with Adam Sandler thirty years later, and then they had burnt in the old at TAT time then roll it. They pay me. I was again like it was our water torture. I just couldn't believe they did. They try to turn into like a slapstick com And to me, it's a u can't rebate blogs yard. It's it's agree, make an iraqi. It's like remaking, Hoosier is or snapshot. Are you just can't and there
Adam sanely dead, and I will never freedom for a play with that's by number lumber run on smoking. And I watched the staggering amount at times. It is an important thing. Dictator Robert alter it directive is one of the great directors of of classical Hollywood. Maybe thirty dead then made whatever happen baby, Jane Willie Understand lake daddy, you with due to you at that to get to deal gal you, but there, the greedy new to this movie, that you don't have to share with origin. But I'm like I'd like a visual greediness again ingredient is yes, and now need em. Did the carcase choreography? Do the carcase mammalian yeah. Maybe I anyway you're so great about about. I mean we use again. I think every one of your movies. You have said that nobody else
you this, but borrow rattle yeah we go back. I was go back without movie actors in its own way. We do a sports, but we don't do it the same old movies. It's like just start to talk about a great performance. Who else could have played this part? I can come up with anybody. Maybe only get it at an amber now maybe Paul Newman. Maybe that I don't know. If he's too sure I don't know if you could have pulled out the football commits Olay, but anyway, Sure, in the same way, that rare bird but Reynolds what I mean- manumitted, insanely, beautiful and end actually by an equity in any, was an actual, but it would be a different thing, because a thumping there's something a loose about rattled when he wanted to be whoop shred there, the I know a cardinal rule, but a danger with a mere surprised that he has more women to be honest with you
You know, I think, that's always. Detention like you watch until extorting over it you're. Just like he's gonna, do something horrible to joke labour. Get I'm going to have to turn Maybe I'm glad to hear that attention in real life no just in general. I think bird had Somalia as it were, a story about a staircase marrying ending. These are the winners, but you know there either something about him, then also Jesse, and permanently sad, and I think that goes back to the eyes. I think that goes back to the to the dark features like it. Dark, hair, dark, eyebrow, dark mustache. Egypt was unusual show many waiting with a paw were true the tall. It. But I like it.
In internal deprecating actor, who never like guy give by pointing the way the describe? My guess is like the most me anyway, the most fascinating non actor in the history of movie right yeah. There have been there. Lots of people who can act, but none of them is people being able to turn that the permanent never wanted to be a great actor. As far as I'm concerned, like I dont think that with the priority for him, and I think a lot we end with longest yard, The way it ends is kind of the perfect Burt Reynolds ending and it's a theme of a lot of stuff. Where leg I know I have other stuff stuff going on. That's seems I get scared, but I'm really. Sad inside and I deserve. My fate and longest Syria long, he shouted you are going to spend a lot more time in prison. If you don't know this game and he had supplier. Like you know about my life sucks anyway, a minute I want to win this one game and that's fine I'll be in prison for the rest of my life
This is what people want to see him die in the end like the animal, but a guy trying to kill a joke with a huge with Dante, Louis The worst thing by Reynolds ever did was inflict on values as an actor on us will. Forgive me for that. Who is fantasies top five number, five longest yard number four striptease, the mercury semi tough number, two buggy nights number one deliverance and he wrote about the events on our side today, our last night or something just about how making the case Herbert was the. Their former athlete who transition in new actually being a famous actor which get untried good point here. Nobody has really put that as well. Miss Bert ran on sea definitely belong to a different era that, on that
exist anymore. I think everything does not exist. I mean I we long ago Bradley Cooper like people who could do could if they wanted to do a version of this year. I think Bradley Cooper, Bradley Cooper could just been his time doing, version at work, but Reynolds did you know I m glad you brought him up cause. I'm gonna make that point. I forgot deliverance comes and suddenly to embark becomes a real star in it, but you still need that. Second, one after the one that you'd the breakthrough it took and improve your movie star- and I think longest yard bizarre Frahm, two years later or its nobody else could have been in this movie. I'm a movie star and for Bradley Coup. Where they was limitless. This came out like three years after the hang over kind stupid generic like rear, weird crazy Pratt, actually thought it's a really smart plot, but the kind of movie that kind of comes and goes and Bradley Cooper carried and it made a lot of money and I think it made everybody real, as I always a movie star
and I they were convinced in tow weirdly limitless came out, and I think that was the case for longest yard before we go and we have to go as we had to football Joe Ass well Where, where do you rank first stars born on a scale, went the ten for an anticipation? his patient level right now, I mean it pre I clean it. So I owe you saw edition When did you see it got a couple weeks ago where what the hell! How do you not tell me that because I didn't want to ruin it for you, just Gimme, don't Anything just give me a grade. What might work out a great data? F, I think people go awry,
this aid wrong people. This is the ringers most anticipated movie of two thousand eighteen. We ve more conversations debates. Movie slack people sitting, trailers. Nobody knows what to expect it, an old school, now comic book, just a real interesting polarizing movie with stars that I want to see in a movie theater and not on my own tv, which doesn't happen and director in our data. Real director in a movie star, obviously young, and She is, I mean she's repute, credit. I can't wait for this. I can't believe I'm. This excited fur in the stars were Rubik, but Leave it either by like it's a mean it just one of those stories of it. If you do it even a little bit right, yes, it should adopt out of and I was the frustrated thing about this dries in one- is it had all the pieces and they just completely botched it, and it's
just so many mistakes made my way. Open daughter are more excited first stars born than any movie. I can remember in a while it may be the right. Then I might be happy here, my bond them united, my daughter's thirteen. Now they kind of go to war all the time, but I think this movie will bring them together Where's the Morris anything the plug your son, we're gonna, I working in our usual stuff, I grant, you got a little bit outbreak of a break out. There We're gonna win a rape and come back to the show now relate later this all in to go with me, don't like working out a book was immoral. That much in spite of finished the duck. Am I want you to? I won't. I I'm not working out a book was the moors back my life. It but I've been there. I know what it's like: it's like this giant jigsaw puzzle you can't get out from under the pieces and you what's its then it'll be great,
Thanks for coming out member rounds appreciate it. I will talk decent bragton rattle, your ass. For me, I never see it days. Body here Why does one hour I'll talk to you soon? I will talk to house. We can talk to him about Tiger and rude, and do some One week one NFL picks which, mine's me you don't people ass for advice like right now. The pick some bad to give you. The time at or know who's gonna win this week. I think I have some ideas if you- You know you got out my bookie trust me there, their we best bet the season they been in business for years. Greater views online, their mobile seat is easy to use. Not to mention in game, lie betting in the most rewarding poor in the business I'm having in it. I end game live betting inside the last frontier from aimed at the coming to try for weak one free, fantasy, guys out there. You can embed the over under an how many fantasy points of poor with scorn each game laid out some
Ash when big today you and they pay jet joy. Now my book, you will match her deposit dollar four dollars. The promo code Bill Simmons when crazier account to climb up to a thousand dollars and free play that is em. Why be o o k? I e and don't forget, to use the promo code Bill Salmon's when creating it How to claim the bonus you play you when you get paid. Hope we I get paid after I make these weak one picks which o house he surrender all it's time for a throwback edition. Friday Rollin, we Rollin Joe House, if we were all it's Friday, is the first week of the end F season Tiger is doing interesting. Things on the golf course I may we gotta be rolling bill sediments. There may be I shack ass by if tiger wins you gotta, do an emergency shack ass.
That is our own. Be emergency we already were already lined up for Sunday. We can we forecasted it. Ok Tiger he's back man, No, what changed but he's he's bang it out, what's changed his health. He is finally for the first time in half a decade, physically and mentally able to just go out and competed golf. And it is a reminder to all of us that he is a golfing savant right here- unparalleled talent. I mean lots of folks in the in the Gulf Commentariat World point to this time last year, where it was big news at his doctor gave him up. Approval of the go out and start chipping. You know here: you're allowed to do little, six inch movements with jurists again tat. Here I mean a different kind of sick had moved and I saw but but here we are not only as he can,
pleading for majors, which hasn't done in aeons, but you know he's going on: shooting crazy, low scores. The sixty two that he shot yesterday is the Lois his career Lois opening round since a sixty one that he shot back in nineteen. Ninety, nine crazy. We thought we'd, I really had given up mentally given up I just like thing to do. I felt like it become yourself yeah I get to become among victories and, as I tell you always had em, but it is and to me. Clearly hears us about that here. We doing this when it can keep a fucking drive and fair way, and while I was the big difference for yesterday, he at a time of fair ways and regulation. It there was a lot of thought. As the weak arrive, the Big NEWS, the Big Tiger NEWS, was that he was putting discarded Cameron putter back in his bag, the one with which he won. Thirteen
fourteen majors, because he'd been on a bad streak, putting wise the last few events But what he really did yesterday was knocked the hell out of the ball and his proximity to the hall was, you know off the chain, which is something we ve seen from him in this last, stretch of very enjoyable tiger Gough scintillating performance he put on on the Sunday at the PDA championship He was firing at pins. On the back nine, I mean that really got the hair standing up on the back of the neck again, so this proximity, the whole thing, makes sense. I will say this: I have a an explainer for this season. He's played in seventeen tournaments has either his 17th or 18th, and he's only missed two cuts. He missed the cut at Riviera in the early below golf season in January, and it s the cut of the? U S open any really mister
the. U S open because of an opening round. Seventy eight that included a triple bogey on the first huh we're at I ahead of you know. A brain far can deal, but there they did. The guise of the golf channel were observing. The tiger has been starting off slow, which, which is true. His average position in the first round across a season has been. Worthy third, the thing that I would say about that he has been playing this season in a way that suggest he has been wanting to simply make cuts, so he's been playing more of a conservative style of golf, not necessarily like the tire brain of golf, because he's he's back in a race car, his boss, He is a race car. You know it's today. I don't know if it's a Maserati or
guinea, or what other, what it's it's, definitely something italian, but he's back in that race, car and he's finding out. You know if I push the pedal this way. What am I capable of? It is no coincidence that he leads the Pga tour in scoring average on saturdays. So I think what we've observed the season from him is just simply wanting to make the cut, because he knows he's smart, you, the Gulf of Aunt, that the important thing I am as you re engages, is to play four rounds of Gough, not go out there in and try a fire pins and be you know you you didn't show up expecting me, be the tiger of old in terms of Canada. Swash buckling style play, so he had kind of a more conservative approach He made cuts and he made cuts all all your long and then on Saturday. He would he we would all wake up, he'd be like in over twenty or thirty. But then oh tyres, Coloma Tyres, Goma,
any less. Does the torrent scoring average and the third round no, not a big surprise. I think you know good good game plan. You wanted to make cuts to one round. You want to be competitive again, and so here we are. I dont think people realise this Gulf Counter shift next year with Tiger cresting at seemingly the perfect time as it's all working because they move this Pga up in Aragon, Masters Pga. What's next British or U S view Ass. You ass an end with british and its forestry months April, a joy and, if he's ass. The now it takes a break, comes back, going to have to go to the masters again. If you have tigers like officially back right, I wasn't planning on it we're going again, but now it's now it's like we have to go and we learn some stuff from last year, where we should
we gotta be in the media center. We oughta to pack ass right after, like there's, there's things we can do next year five, but I cannot feel if we have to be at least therefore one or two rounds next. I would say still alive now. What would be dead would be Joe if we brought him to Ireland, for a government British open is in Ireland, village. You and Jack O, and I kind of had a few each other out text chain about it that you know the queen Do I mean I wouldn't say that is dead, I would say, is still alive. What would be dead would be Jacko if we brought him to Ireland for a government we're just look airport will get an answer and then we will get Jacko one way, cause he's not coming back. Here, are your already looking forward to the two thousand nineteen schedule and the way that a fully restored tiger you know might might titillate might have us all on the edge of our seats again. Yet I'm interested in how the rest of the season so like what, if Tiger this
coming Sunday is on the leader board and first or second place and going up on NBC against ETA fell football. I'm just curious as to what you think the numbers are gonna feel like. Oh well, though, the way thing is. The lake aims are very good, so I actually think IV. Go and against the lake aims that we have. He actually might fulsome Abbas cause. You got chiefs, your Seahawks Broncos cowboys, Panthers Redskins carts, so I don't think that the date isn't the? U S, open final Sunday, also the tennis sure ok, I don't know what I'm acres the weather's Nidal. Joke of age for five and a half hours on Sunday, sure, ok, they're, they're they're calling for Possum bad weather around the freely area on Sunday
We don't know what time tag is gonna be plan. I just think it's it's very interesting and if he continues to you no place out very well in this tournament, he'll make the final tournament, two weeks from now down, Atlanta and obviously the Ryder CUP is coming up yet mean it just interesting. Nbc has caught the tiger, use, word crest. They they caught the tire wave at the exact right moment and You know they only NBC. They I mean the only football they have a son in a football. I'm just curious to see kind of how the numbers play out with you. Now a tiger and fill you know back at the top of the of the that the charts trough, wise I mean, is still pails in Paris, and I know of the sport religion here in this country is the football but I'm just curator heavy with possible, no matter how bad the four boys, like last night, we had egos falcons last night. It was just an absolute should show we
mention NBC, did the whole you see, did all the Green zone thing, which is one of the dumbest technological court on code innovations we ve seen in sometimes everybody hated it. It seemed like I heard it. I detest I didn't get a chance to treat this as I do in a fancy draft, while watching the the game- and I was about six bog- has deep yeah, but that the thing that I would like to encourage is the graphics, departmental, dense, NBC Sport, something go in there and take all the veil pens that are in their out of that office. Tat because I think there are mine altering substances. The true truly egregious embassy graphic thing was: last week's football between Michigan and Notre Dame where they kept down and distance in in penalties.
A yellow like we're, watching I'm trying to watch that game adjusted nice. I footballs back years, cod football to storied schools with these traditions and they keep showing down and distance, and- and I keep thinking is it only flag, it's so my theory and this anytime, a bad idea. I think what happens as you have these networks, and they just have a lot of executives may have lapsed. People now have beatings now have like a meeting in June long by twenty people accusation. This happened and he has been twenty people. Let's talk about the season. Let's talk while plans. Do we want to add anything, do and affects all of us. People in a room and people will have ideas to your speech. Did it come up with. I think we're what if we did this, what about this? I liked the with a camera b and the quarterback. I we have some innovations there. They don't want just come back with the same stuff. Then I want people to fill their stealing paychecks, so they come up with ideas and its. Point. They went around the room,
somebody who clearly had been in the parking lot hidden avail pen in a major major way, a hum- like what, if We shade the area from the line, land scrimmage all the way to the first down marker and third down. We make that darker Ray colleagues in their like why, in a big while it or jump out of jump off the screen, and nobody stop that Then it is kind of kept going and we ended where we were last night with one of the dumbest things. I've ever seen an additive goes people comparing it to the blue hockey park. The fox had a million years ago Fox had the blue hockey player. Because we didn't have hd back, then we square tvs. You could barely can see anything and nobody could see the pact when they watch hockey. Hochheimer said a giant tv, so they made I believe that try to the book, I will defend the
the package is ludicrous, but it was ass. Well, I'm right there with you. You know what I was never worried about watching for bomb, a giant hdtv that I have now, along with the rest of America. Was never worried about where the first down marker was. I never. Once we have the yellow lie, and I was like. Ok, that's that's the marker. I know they have to get their leave. The pinnacle, yeah, yellow lines, the pinnacle, so just stop you need anything else: we're done So I don't know where I don't know how much dumber and idiotic this can get a joke. Last night, like the end, make wait, spark shoot out of the end zone and put the fucking operates under on fire oh, you know, there is an urgent matter, I could use it ass, a cinema enhanced accuracy, adjustment to the flight of his ball, cause God, he suck last night. Start any kind of sucked. Last year to an end, it was safe. Falcons. They really
I say was that first drive they get down inside the five foreplay? Is there not score? They get stuffed net. Time they just get to feel go anything same thing inside this sent him we watch last year. They they're all the same problems. I was That date in the LEO Jones factor with awe just him being double cover Collins worth calling out how their double covering up on that last drive and there still training at the bottom of it. You know the dead, the falconer who we thought they were so our POW Chris Ryan I know guideline he is our pal. I love Chris Ryan, but our POW Chris Vernon, retweeted somebody, there was an outstanding stat somebody cobbled together that showed top red zone targets of the past year and Polio Jones was was second and that version rate for touched on was everybody else was like your two guys around fifty percent conversion,
it was like the Hopkins and member of the tight and was an end polio. Is there with twenty targets? Guess how many touch does it? Unless you are? He saw this that, isn't it like too. I think I saw it. It was while the one that I saw, I love was accurate. I said one one such down out of twenty targets, well cause its weak one and because we both of gambling, we going to make a couple pics. I don't know if we can do this every week when you were going to stay at. I don't know if we can do this every week, but we're going to do it this week, because it's week one week, one is both terrifying, because there's so much, turn over and change in all that stuff, but also we want- and we too, as as you know, and as anyone resemblances ever listens, podcast is when the best virus. It's when Vegas has no idea is good news that occurred it's when the public is betting on the wrong teams and pushing the lines are wrong. Ways
I see some inefficiencies to say the way so nice there are a couple fishy lines. Now the last states line was fishy. Fishing I stayed away Philly. That line drop to minus two and I got scared. And I stayed away? I felt that south about may be doing a bad is he was already in at sounds all the way and on the site so fishy about the falcon sound. Does that sometimes that did not work understand that logic in watching the entirety that game it wasn't like. I thought the Philadelphia was markedly better. Then it Leonard Wood a way as they have just yet you you getting points in a game either team should have one. That's where you gonna be. There is some bad luck if they get it, I at the end they cover. I think what struck me fairly we're, not overreact, any game. In the first six weeks I just we ve seen we bend down this road to many times with football.
I may were nearly fifty years old. We finally learning yet. But what struck me with fear he was the lack of speed on office. I do think that's up or maybe when Ashine Jeffrey comes back, that gets fixed a little but they just seem slow. They they just seem like a I for them, for their receivers to get open fur re real. Until that last drive, when I Corey Clement, when I went burst through and that, like thirty five forty ardor newly acceded some space for once they're going to imagine themselves may because they still have a good line, and some geysers, though Benda, but maybe as like this power, rushing ball control tee and then mix in the european figure it out as it goes along Wenzel help. One question Wes once is, turn Emmy he so dynamic. I oh I'm very intrigue to see what kind of quarterback what kind of identity quarterback identity. He re arrives with whether he will still be,
as mobile, whether his instincts will have him running or whether he'll take it down and action Dont want a repeat of the army, three rabirius, whether they ve already when it is divided made. It seem like IE. It may be six or seven weeks, which I think is fine, but me to it. Just you are that game last night, and it is hard to believe that this was the same team nine months ago that the patriots literally couldn't stop once that just went up down the field and made huge play is over and over and over again in all kinds of ways and either the eagles have gotten a lot slower or map? Patricia was the worst offensive coordinator in history for bide, so maybe maybe in bed, but the knowing the defence wasn't exactly sat in the world on firelight out here and it was not for some reason. The coach of of the knowing and Patriots thought that the starting cornerback shouldn't play so it what? What do I know now I wouldn't talk football. One quickly, mention Ringer pact ass network
we added, ran Mozilla two weeks ago- he's got dual threat college for bomb profile bar Ray Tuesday night on the dual threat with ran reseller Pakistan, car coward, on this very job interview by the way, that's gonna, be going all the way through the season. All the way through the NFL playoffs subscribed now, if you have subscribed already and then the ringer and a foul show I really what we did with the feed this year, Sunday, night, maize and Clark. So this Sunday, robber maize, Clark we'll be there, though pod waiting for you, either late night after night, our early in the morning on Monday morning, reacting to have them happen week, one gm straight with Frazier make Lombardy Monday night. Can we Danny C4 bar with Danny High FITS and Danny Kelly. Some fantasy midweek conversation tips. All that stuff Thursday, amazing Clark or back Thursday more preview in that there is then a game? China figure gonna go on in the upcoming weekend and now
Gm Street on Friday, Lombardy in Tate, once again, with a little Diana C4 added at the end for last minute, add drops daily, Hennessy, whatever your into so that is our schedule for the ring I fell show it is a very good feed. People like it check it out, read out. What's depicts islets would make a couple picks. I am with item earlier in the week a cup teams that I like, and I think I'm an o. My straight, Jane week, one is going to be just to back those teams in the F C, we did our wines, we did our wins boy yesterday, the one that we gambling, and you end up with the bangles right before I was about to take them. Much hurt my feelings, who, literally I like this bangles team. I, like that not a lot of people like the team, which makes me like the more I thought you know, people I've, just kind of given up on their mentally. Just tired of the same old, same old and
there's some guys in their defence that I really like there's a stability to what they have had over the years, not allowed a turnover, slash turmoil, any dawn. It seems like a child. Where the ball a bit more? Joe makes in his violin starting running back, but I like that that first month, I like when there's an infrastructure when there's a coach, that's been there for a while and the quarterback that's been there for a while, and I really do feel like it's a little bit of advantage. Them in that division as as a sleeper to take an especially of levying about, doesn't come back there only getting. I thought, they'd be favoured in this game, potentially they're getting two points in Indianapolis, I don't understand the Indianapolis thing at all: their defences of Darfur and they have a lot of talent, they're off ants tat. Be the worst starting random backs in the league other than maybe your beloved watched him Redskins. Andrew luck in the world.
Season by all accounts was just throw in short passes and was an airing in at around. Nobody knows what his arm strength is an I think they're going to be one of the five worst teams in the league. I really do and that's even before, knowing whether lux going to come back or not on the flip side The Bengals are underrated. So I think this is gonna, be a line that four weeks from now be like, while how is simply not minus three Indianapolis that was crazy. I'm jumper on that. That's my first big, since he plus two I'm putting a full unit on that. One s a boy unit. I like I quite like that, and I I agree with everything you just said in terms of rationale, I think the key is this Nobody knows. I mean you know: Vegas did not award Indianapolis with a full three, so their day attacking the breaks a little
it only only two for the home team in the home opener. Why don't you- and I do not think I dont think people thinks it's nannies get. I think, that's what it is. I think they fill it. This is too shady teams playing each other and I'm not sure, that's the case. They they they improve. The office of line there defensive front is still as formidable as as its ever been they have town on both sides of the Bali under achieved last year. I'm I mean we don't have to belaboured any further. I'm gonna join you on that full unit. I figured you wear anything and any any any since guinea point in this situation, I'm on it yeah. It just seems I something's wrong. That line debt, which leads me to my next one. I dont think douse is gonna, be good. And I'm just gonna double down on that pretty early here because their play?
getting that. I actually think it's going to be pretty get. I need them to get out of this first month because their missing Thomas Davis, add some injuries, star fence, a lions, a bit shaky, but to me this feels like a best in the field game. Got came new non one sideline you dad Zeke and the other one in really are a motley Crue receivers. My opinion, I think, they're going to have trouble, throwing the ball this year, Dallas I'm not sold on their defense. I think their coach thinks I think he is a legitimate first coach fired threat, especially if this game goes badly and I dont totally understand the line. I think Carolinas can be good and people are set I got the the embassy South. I well, it's loaded. That's your land is good, I think there's you get teams in the NFC South. I thought that before the season I like New Orleans, I like Carolina as the two teams to come out. I think either of them come in the division. And if your carolina you're gonna win the division, or you're, gonna go eleven and five. You don't move,
this game? You don't blow week one through the friggin six and ten cowboys itself. Happening, so the lance only minus three. I love the value. I like him, new Netteke he's ready for a big year and that's my second pick Carolina minus three so I'll I am. I agree that there is value in this pick because of how bad I think Dallas is gonna, be this year. I don't agree that Carolina is going to be good. I don't think that they're gonna, and I think they're they're ceiling is nine. When this year they their replaced both there. I coordinators on our again according ass a ball. Obviously there an idle. I'm just add that I do subscribed to the theory that this division is a murderer row and they
play a terrible schedule this year they have it incredibly difficult schedule that the entire enough see south those four teams, I think for passengers has them, as is confronted with somebody has them was, as as the the foremost challenging schedules and the other fellows. But but I think, douse going gonna be a train wreck. The only thing about Jason Garroters, first coach getting fired, as he clearly knows something about Jerry. He had something on very. There has prevented him from getting fired the already oh or hidden him to be worried about it, but the ice on the offensive side, those The reason is that the reason that ass, was able to do smoke and mirrors than the previous year was because at all events of line. Now we're going to see that line is heard. They all, I don't know,
one guy skill, wise other than as he galliot that you would say. As an operational I mean dead. We, I think we saw tons of of Dac Prescott Land dear, where they said, go ahead and throw the ball and he couldn't throw the Bali wasn't accurate sign on with like I like this care. I like that the situation of it I, like Caroline at home, the home, opener three points or or less is great mom Japan Digiorgio on that one I don't mean to cut your legs ass out. We ve been friends with thirty years. I've heard this Carolina schedule argument made and I've heard this and if so, soft gauntlet argument made. I'm gone the other. I actually think dab uneasy schedule. I dont think camp is good I think at land is completely overrated their plane. The end see EAST which, as we saw last night, has a chance to be the worst division out of the eight like fish, my go nine in seven and when that division, I don't like any of the other teams. Thereof, playing on that
The aim of sea North, which has Pittsburgh since is a Cleveland who's, the home Atlanta at by Orleans, Baltimore Baltimore that they That's why I think, since that is tends to steal that division. I don't think that's a particularly strong division, either an end really the gauntlet, for them is the last three games their whole neurons home Atlanta at New Orleans, but before that they have the four weeks before that at Detroit Home for Seattle at Tampa actually won. Pretty nice stretch, so you know there are eleven. Five last year think they're under ride. I think I honestly think people are tired. Came noon is what is for me like the red flag of this whole thing. It's almost like with we're Westbrook is now in the NBA where people are just ass. The I love that United heard you make that compare like it's very accurately really is we both think ok see, a contender this year and I dont know if people real
that they might have a the best chance of any one in the west to the throne or at least give gone state a series you now, I think, there's eggs good of opposition ceased in is that but anyway it that the comparison with Westbrook works for me, because it feels like there's a public funding this to both cam and a Westbrook. Just in terms of their precise, I mean Thea Westbrook, maybe, as is not funny, he is wrong. Relentlessly surly, but does not. You know, show up and make nice and when he does big nice, it doesn't feel that all fantasy and weak constantly are confronted with you know to two sides of of cam he's: tease these the classic bat Manville and to face, on the one hand, he's gone overall it laughing and ease of bees play with kids and he's doing. You know. Charity work, but the other hand, we see him as a cry baby, so often
and we just don't know we don't we don't trust the american sporting public does not for us to L, a lack of authenticity and that's where both those guys come out. I think you know what else I thought for cam. He went a long way with me with that govern Benjamin video Irene. Like how we handle that. I thought he kept it real. They kept? The really went right up to the guy is again say that stuff say to my face. He made Calvin Benjamin clearly back down and seem like a leader to me. I don't know I mean I can't I think can is act, become underrated and is somebody that is one of the few guys we have right now. Who could take a team that ten? When so, we will see. Who do you have for a second pic? I just love going up against these a crowbar. I can't even say the word properly anytime. You, every Nathan, Peter men or you give me tat- is a pyramid PETE
Nathan, Peter Mink aimed wrong yet or you Gimme, Ryan Fitzpatrick. I don't care what the points are. I'm going against them. If, if it's not, if it's under fourteen points, I'm going against them, so I'm just loading up. I just as it feels like a basic betting principle if Ryan for its Patrick is on the field, I'm betting against him. If Nathan Peter is on the field, I'm betting again and as long as it's under fourteen, if like value to me so those are to play, is just right right away. I can't I can't get to the book fast enough, the place those two bets, so you have bottom up Furthermore, as against Buffalo, and the line is its buffalo at Baltimore- the line is seven and a half new, and behind it be ten and a half, and I would take that New Orleans ten over Tampa and ran Fitzpatrick at home.
See you light by Ireland. Oil is at home against Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yes, please, it's dangerous them much more. Does that get above those I dont know what to make of the ravens but ravens at home have been pretty reliable, no matter what kind of condition their team is in I'm with you. In Buffalo is the worst team in the week. The thing that scares me is that everybody has said buffaloes the worst team in the wig and thereby into this Baltimore game in Baltimore as a good home people actually think there may be a little better than some other people expect. Wise in line higher its name Peter men on the road in Baltimore a place where Baltimore wins almost all their home games. Why is that line? Eight and a half wizened at nine,
Why only, sadly, no, why honestly, I think, we're paying a flat eco tax. I think we seen enough of flak army. We, I think its right to be sceptical of Baltimore the season, because they're gonna go through this transition. This is it for flax. Oh, I don't think that it's gonna end well, and I think that the only reason this isn't double digit system go tax or fuckin trump. Do you know the value the flax or tax? Are the shed his pulse? Throw everything just hit her? You know if that Saint sign gets down and nine and a half think. There's a really strong three team, seven point T's to be made. With the re was Raven it's in the Ribs Cosette. The rams, is basically a free game. This week is put right, agree with this, but the rams with anybody in in an you win. I'm doing that is, as my last bet. I am putting my third bet.
Have you not a full in it? I like the bears. I can't believe I'm saying this. I liked the bears postal sixty zero was to fly. The bears plus two fifty two winning green Bam, putting a happy in and on it have taken a flyer. Now it's thoughtful I understand the supplier MAC in it, and I of maize. I may lead there. There are many many beloved at the Ringer big baby bear as is among them. He came on house a carved last year in and I still get tweets from people who go to Chicago oh yeah shouts further to the fantastic p quads pizza that he recommended, but get tough e g t F, o Kung Mitch, true risky. They, they put him in the most conservative, often in the history of National Football League. Last year they die
Try to let him only throw eight times a game, but why do you think that is sitting I am. I have a question I don't I don't I'm out over and about mid term risky. What has changed for him? That's gonna. I know I have a different culture different coordinator, but he if he can't throw the football and there's no evidence that he can. How are they go and Lambeau be their Rogers. I hear your points I I have the one point I the bears two plus two fifty laid with the saints minus five hundred. It takes me plus three twenty and I like their deep. I don't care if it took you two plus three thousand twenty. I just take a bite of that money. I like their defence, I like the fact that some something weird is going to happen with one of these games
Everybody agrees Pennsylvania now we're does I ruined his pencil packers as a contender by God. In our minds will of what what happened? The raiders year's I got the rate while the raiders being the playoffs. It's like they have this, but that's disrespectful Roger how about you just compared and about how that with the raiders, it was like what their current clear MAC You know, there's a nose like we're we're Zella set in the other guys they will, who the other guys as there tranquil over and then you go and insight there's nobody on the team. I think with the Packers people, convince themselves that of Rogers hadn't gotten her at last year, this packer scene would have been so and so- and I don't know I'm just starting and myself of the air managers quarterback and football eyes. Also he's thirty. Five he's had a couple big injuries at this point, love any his receivers right now separate Avanti Adams, who had two concussions last year, Jimmy Graham who was I
I'm Jimmy Graham meant something to you as a football fan like four years ago, I have gone down. The line at same Amber Rogers is a is a kingmaker him. He makes stars out of out of bombs great. I just think I believe in this bears the offence I think they have enough weapons with their skill, guys that they can put your biscuit kind of in a box in just hat, be very, very careful with him Take no chances. Try to keep the bomb get first stands run. A couple trick plays and when it's like third, in eleven, you dont have them drop back and throw down twenty yards outfield. You have him manage the game house. In reality, the game indefinitely He runs around his friends, he does stuff his strong suit just have a feeling about this game. Ironing I didn't throw in abounds. I liked the bear
anyway before the trade. Then they made them actually like why they may have the best her second best defence in the legal and I I'm mind it. I'm not here are bounced back throughout. This has as its the shit at Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. There I said it. I said it right there I think, a pound him he's a fucking, be on Sunday that their best, that's their best hope is to go find that collar bone. I find the soft point at it and get it cracked again. That's our only hope. It's gonna be shady whether Sunday night It'll be windy, kind of weird and they're. Just gonna try to beat the shit out of them and there can be fired up and I'll Michaelson Collins or a thorn in our magazine. I got out you know, I know they were underdogs out, but the barest they take a win. This game, that's going. In the second quarter. I just think they think they can win this out. I think they did their better team, I'm just in. I think I think
may its plus three twenty teen them with the saints against Fitzpatrick at home, and I I think there's a one in three chance that could win the game. So that's that Mary, that didn't you got those eyes. So that's fair! No, I that you agree. It makes me more emboldened. I hope Mitchell, risky heard all of this I really like their skill guys. I, like I, like this Anthony Miller, pick up my leg. Recalling, I think, Jordan, how it can have a huge year, and he had a pretty good year, lives too happy to hear that I drafted them last night who's that receive round blanket our Robinson Robinson great signing. Really enjoy dining. I like TAT, Gabriel. I thought he had some moments silently Anna I think we re married everything that you're saying I'm prepared to recognise the improvement that they ve made, and I applaud them going into free agency in grabbing some real scale players in areas where they need.
To improve. I mean got you no good for them, good that this, the good people of Chicago deserve a competent football team. I just don't think we're going. See all of that come together and game want. That's all ok Why were minded before I let this go in week, one something there is always one team that all my god where this come from Going through the last This seems like one of the logical candidates. I think another one could be the Texans gone into New England and that this will happen, but the time since gone, and I got into Shall Watson's awesome and they beat the shit out of radium. Look like a contender. They can be team- that we don't expect that, after Sunday night we're gonna go, they look like a contender or wow. There may be a plan to him and I coming back to the bears. I think that may be the together the one that fits that description for me is Denver, who I think may just be.
Crap out us yeah yeah. I wanted to talk myself in them and then I read that article about our way in the sixteen and seventeen drafts and how bad they were and how they just face. We dumpster fired. You straight drafts, I don't know how that helps them for eighteen years. Disagree and wherein the thing that the lesson the eagle taught us last year's the how crucial depth is at every at every position, but I just think Denver still have enough town on both sides: the ball, had a quarterback problem for two consecutive season chair and we like case. I think that Mr De made a grave mistake in it not just letting case keen go, but replacing him with her cousins. They're gonna find out exactly what Kurt Cousins Eyes I saw some commentator right at our member who were where, in the previous, Well, we're really excited see her cousin ceiling in the in the Red Zone, he's gonna.
A lot of opportunities with it. What sort of team? Let me? Let me tell you just just sit tight just sit tight there there's there's a famous play that with her cousins at the end of a game against the Eagles three or four years ago, just just wait and see what what kind of Einstein Kurt Cousins is inside the twenty yard line. Minnesota fats. I just prepare yourself, that's all I'm gonna say I'm not gonna. Do you know it's the beginning of the season? There's no reason to be overly negative, but I'll tell you this Alex is an enormous, upgrade overcoat cousins here in Washington DC. Yet this I've completely talking South Adam Minnesota make the class take her cousin was getting cancers and there are very good. I still think they're gonna make the place they might when ten or eleven games, but there is that there is a third you're gonna be held back by the quarterback. The point I was trying to make with Denver is they too were here back by by just you know, not even replacement level quarterbacks and they had people playing quarterback in Denver
that didn't belong on an NFL field and they are no longer a honeymoon than ever revealed, I think case kingdom was it was day. I'm good last year and all the advance advanced metrics bear it out, and I thank them. Still has tell on both sides of the ball. That's the one that I have circled in terms of oh wow. These did, they may be back and also oh well. Seattle is going through. Some of them have have a tough run. This year I tried to get there. I'm sorry, I'm picking differ in our picks boy. I just can't get their mentally with Denver. Read it out. I wish I'd governor that article about the drafts. I go. I think Chicago makes the playoffs and I think, there's one spot left for Green Bay or Minnesota, and I have no idea which one of those to which one of those two doesn't make it, but I have. I have Carolina and New Orleans Bacon it. I have the rams with the one seed Philly. Ninety seven ten and say something like that, and I
and then Chicago making. You do, there's a wild card or division champ, I don't know, and then one of those to Minnesota Green Bay. I think that's where we land, I one more bet. This is my big bet I'm going one and a half units on this house wow the big One Rams rams minus two ten cents minus five hundred parlay parlay yeah minus minus one. Thirty, when you team those two babies together. That's all nearly even odds almost yeah and I think the raiders are gonna be awful. I think John Bruton is gonna, be memorably historically bad and a potential train wreck. I've they promised to eat. I said cow testing The other day about back ass. I d, castanet testicles, bore a mental testicles. What brains, I've never had brains. I will eat brains on this podcast if the raiders made the point.
Apps on that could have to worry about doing. That is the raiders or freakin horrible. And generated Lisha. It's a delicacy, sweetbreads are our wonderful so hard to. Let you off the hook with that. Yet they use you have the good good else, testicles, that's where it ends up with the cause. I listen they're Pike S near while do that too, I did the ran up now would be enough for me just a final article. The rams go thirteen three four It is something that added there, the most talent. I believe in the coach skilled as the deed uninstall thing at I think this is a line that should be for pointer adaptation. Favoured by aid. Ass, thou foreign f. So I think there is a case to be made is better foreign after you, but I just like the money Lang combined with the saints against Fitzpatrick to me that almost feels foolproof, I'm gonna one in one and a half units on that. So there we go. I hate I hate using words like foolproof, I now by
That's my desire for fools. We ve been food and fools many many times when it comes to these these elections. But I adore this first week. Money line just just pick the better team. Yet it really doesn't. It feels like something extraordinary would have to happen, and you know just just make talent picks. I might put one more team on that: parleying get myself who is Assad's? Who is it the bought? The Baltimore Ravens? I just I just can't abide the idea of Buffalo going down the Baltimore. I would do that point out. I would do that with you, but now break one of my rules and life, which is don't put Joe fact on a three team, parlay Artes south That is a good rule. It's a good, rather good rules, just a good blind row, the stick by Because you can get sucked in would show with the ravens other home, and then you know it's let's go to Baltimore- were Joe Flacco starting Stern. Another pic,
you just my three teases in flames, and I knew better. Where did I do that? So on that on that journey? On our that's fine, I you know look. These rules are therefore a place. You guys last year very strenuously try to talk me out of a huge bet on anyway. The play off- and I wouldn't listen- I broke now what I always harbour lost money. That was I money that was really said. Thou said we were too old for that to happen. Sucker ass. I hear a pleasure is always house of Carbs subsume now food heat up. We do tat. In Pakistan. And we're gonna have a couple good shows come up. I we may talk about the Minnesota State, Fair, that the largest state, fair in the United States of America, where you get Mark Leibovitz John he
but the past four years, whining and dining with owners of the NFL we're gonna, have him on to talk about the highlights and low lights of some of those meals. I think that, because these guys new book, big game come out: Jackass, Hornaday, yes, Jack, Sunday night, hopefully talk about a tiger when I'm going to give us this time. To start talking about this tiger, Phil match up Are you aware Emma Latticed, this, sir, among match up, is taking place on the day after Thanksgiving yeah yeah there's, an anniversary there. Oh, the IMF, that wholly share So I remember you, are trying to do this thing. Villain tiger about trash talk in all this kind of stuff. Let me put this to you, you and I'm in France,
long time, we're much better friends and tiger and sell their probably more, like you'd call them professional acquaintances, although they they seem to be pretty chummy but they're they're, they're they're, holding open this idea of the trash talk being a little bit spicy he d YE. Do you think there is any possibility that fill walks up to the first tee and says happy anniversary. Now. That's that's that's over the line right, I think tank. Hit him with his driver, which the first sitting here with a driver earlier. Thank you, show up with a bag with it with a big logo on fire hydrant on it right, Phil wouldn't do that what it filled drove in within an escalate each the teeth with what was then the cards are having way with a knight errant sticking out, Or that ethical aid with a fire hydrant attached to the front. This is rough rough times, for maybe maybe jobs.
Blackberry under the tea. The hay left this. Oh, I mean what about just play. The recording like how that recording What was the girls name Rachel its tiger? I need you to do Yeah you Iroquois huge quickly was great. A man. May what of tigers? Listen! There's now er hurting itself conference where we used up. Oh, no, no four! Fortunately, there's no chance tigers! That's why I should say that now he's doubtless let's be honest, Georgia and pleasure. As always, thanks for Friday, wrong with me talk decent, let's go mistakes. Thanks. So much Zapruder, don't forget your disappeared outcome, slash bs thanks to the ringer dot com and the Ringer pack ass. Now I don't forget the check out. All of our stuff Klute in the new ran reseller pack, as do a threat, and the Ringer NFL show thanks to stir
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Enjoy the weekend sound our back, my reacting to rig one guessing the lance for we, too ways.
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