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Best NBA Future Bets + a 2021 Oscars Review With Joe House and Wesley Morris


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons talks with Joe House about Russell Westbrook’s revival and the surging Wizards, Eastern Conference play-in game scenarios, the disappointing Celtics season, the Porzingis problem in Dallas, the baffling Pelicans, potential playoff scenarios, Finals odds, and All-NBA lineups (2:12). Then Bill talks with Wesley Morris from The New York Times to break down the 93rd Academy Awards, including whether the production was a success, why the ratings were down, the state of movies, Anthony Hopkins winning the Oscar for Best Actor, Chadwick Boseman’s legacy, Frances McDormand’s astounding career, and more (62:08).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Joe House and Wesley Morris

Producer: Craig Horlbeck

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financial action moving from the eighties had the dream came ass. For this, when Chaise Toronto, cow brand and Chris Ryan, really fun pack has go check that out, for we got into this pact, far as their love and thoughts and prayers to our guy Jonathan sharks? Who is going through the health situation right now really by what he did hear. The last five years has been a huge part of the rare writing, podcasting everything everybody loves or to them just an awesome. Guy and I know he's gonna get through the stuff is gone through now, but if you have a couple seconds put him in your thoughts and best wishes to him, we miss you charts. I hope we get you back soon coming up Joe House and I are going to talk MBA and whats the Morris, and I are going to talk about the Oscars. It's our next first program.
All right Joe has is here we're taping this. It is Monday, nine hundred and thirty eight time specific time, a rare Monday morning password I get this up as fast as we can there's letter mba stuff going on we're in the home Stretch House there's. Basically, twelve games left theirs alone. I just have to bet on theirs playing game who's gonna make the play. I saw that stuff. We have some relation conference bets. We have some Every peace that that is in quite as as delightful as may be and should be set He can't that army on beer, amateur sport with the playing games because as your wizards
How many I have you on in a row: okay, eight straight the most the longest winning streak since two thousand and one two thousand and two I tell you my worst case scenario nightmare for the subjects and of this which I know the celtic season is going to end bad, that I know they're going to lose in the first front, but here's my worst case are seven eight playing game Boston, Charlotte Charlotte beads Past, and which would make total assets. Coastguard me word them, hello, coming back Willy Meyer Guy judges, jewels Eyeglass, then why indeed indian the nine ten and now please go ahead to head again. You get revenge for the Olympic Games, Boston washed in and you have Westbrook and beer who would be possessed a day you'll gaffer, who is doubt the best shop, Walker, the history, basketball, and I I I just don't.
Of the subjects are tough enough to win the game in making could be out of place ass. This is your dreaming of the scenario I really am. I mean this. Is the karmic pay back for a lot of injustice? over the years between us, not the least of which early in the seas, in the slander that you tried to heap on the Wash franchise by arguing that perhaps they should have John LAW and their draft peck and may be drafted. Terry's Halliburton, yet that of going out and getting this killer, this basketball killing machine, Russell, Brody right, broke out there taking care of all the business. What an absolute marvel Well, we have to apologise and because we we had a funeral for him and this past I think like three months ago. I know why you have you, he was dead, that's what's up
Nobody told us that his legs, you know, didn't work, that's fair by the way House. I I didn't. As I was recorded their fur for three minutes, we're just killing Craig carers that work here I was, I was recorded, so that they are sorry Craig, but yet we poured we poured report their down Westbrook. We based our basket funeral firm and it was justified. We didn't realize he was hurt. What did we find out? What happened did we find out why he suddenly not hurt I really want some a local here. To do that deep dive, I haven't seen the in depth. Reporting that the capital a journalism on exactly what Why did he arrive injured? One
didn't we know that he was injured when he arrived. Why did they manage our expectations better? What was the timeline prognosis and it oh how is it that we are now at this point? Where is basically been four weeks of him? Looking is as good as is looked at any point over the last two or three years. Here's the numbers, him his last thirty seven games. That's a pretty big SAM size? That's over half of this weird season he's twenty three twelve and twelve forty five percent shooting during those thirty seven games there, twenty one in sixteen that includes, when Beale was ended. And they went a little tailspin when he was out when Beale Places, there, twenty six and twenty five, so I think we had some bets. Would then we do some beds then we bet on them too. I think be in
playing games, and then we also bet on their winning percentage idly on their wedding percentage, and I really don't think we should talk about it right now, oak ASEAN. For it was like forty five and a half percent right, so we are actually in that now cause they're twenty seventh there three, but the reality is when Beale plays. There is slightly but five hundred team, and then I would, I want to come back to us broken a second, but explain Afford thing to me, he was a throw in he. Basically he's on the bulls for a year and a half never heard of the guy you in others, four hundred plus guys in the NBA Literally to know he was goes to your team and now he's basically plan twenty postmen. It's a game is black and a couple shots game he's playing crunch time for you. What the fuck is going on here, where we did. This type of player has been something that this war, She didn't team has needed fur. What feels like, fifteen years
I mean when you look at our string of of guys the occupying the centre position, injured, dried out, Martine Gore TAT, rob and low there all of a type there, not this crime, easy rim, running shot blocking we haven't had yon behind me was supposed to be that guy right, just wasn't out not They wait so you're saying that young man, they you you wouldn't have given him sixty four million dollars and remedying by all accounts. He's a wonderful human being he's not play, basketball anymore, he's allowing the sixty four million that maybe he's in China or something I don't know, he's our plan in the NBA yeah. Wonderful, you having why salary so now the sun? I had this ethnic shop, Walker that you ve been dying for really since the day, the late to thousands when you thought Andrei botch may be that's like shop after he was that he was laid down, are obliged never played one more minute of defence than I can recall, but
now the gaffer thing could not have arrived at a better time for what this team needed. That particular moment here either tenant ones is he's arrives. Already trending towards playing better Events. When I went into the trade deadline, there were fifteen and twenty eight and they were twenty sixth ranked in in in defence. They ve gone twelve and six since then, and there up to eighteen thin in overall defence, but they will score very well. They in in some defensive metrics having to do with the kind of shots that they other teams may take, and over all these defensive efficiency has been byline. The last month in the fact tat, five or six, I think unbeliever yeah. The break rejuvenation, I think, is the most fun. This causes here's the thing. If you're in the playing games
he's going to be going a hundred and seventy miles an hour and he's going to be super alpha and you have the bill thing thing we're he's, got a huge ship on his shoulder and may. This is why we have the playing games. This has been a huge split, like s like a big I've already. People that I really respect their basque weapon. They just don't like it. I am Who said, I think it's great. I love that it is given a team This is exactly why you have the playing games because Sometimes the first half your seizing can get fucked up. Sometimes you can take a trade. You have an injury, you don't kind of turn into what you're going to be until the final third of the season it happens. I like the fact that a team like Washington have life and has something go for. Instead of the way we had at the old way, which is just our eye or that isn't everywhere now, let's take a shit, are fans and not try for the last twenty five games. You can't do it this way. San Antonio another one c
Antonio, I think deep down is probably die in the tank. It's of irresponsible to your fans. Did you spill it? cool, I know we can make the plants but we're just not going to do it, but it anyway. I they washed in to me- is the number success story for this, because I think they're gonna make the playing game had two guys who are really good, that I enjoy watching the weather play now and I think they're gonna be a hard out and isn't that why we have these yeah. So Obviously I am all the way in the bag. For this an idea, the overarching concept of having potentially twenty four or twenty five of the thirty teams with something to play for is much much better than the alternative. I think because you're under other circumstances under usual circumstances. Now Washington is only three gay.
Behind Charlotte in the loft column. Right now, as they say, were twelve games to go twelve games. Go that's a tough uphill climates, not impossible, so Washington would still be weighing. I think it always is hard. They would not have already turned to to a tank, I dont think ram, but Argos and makes Toronto and mix in the EAST and in the West New Orleans in Sacramento there they have ways to go, but there's think they can't May Sacramento capacity. Give it up, but not I man anything gave it up. New Orleans Norman's is still kind of hanging. I like air on life support, but you know who washed in didn't, have the possibility of this playing game. I think they would have packed it in when Bill got hurt. That would have been the smart move to do under the old rules like hey, we don't have it it's not going to happen this year. We have you know, because the eight seed
They were there three behind now and that's after in a game winning streak. I just think they would impact than in and tried the tank, because this draft as a six player you know of yet one of the top six awesome It's really hard to tank when you have the situation. Okay, so doing it Minnesota and Houston are doing it clean and are landed a trade Toronto seems like they can't decide. The funny want to Chicago they went for in their stone, aggravate make the off, so they might lose the pick of its below to Orlando, which I think would be a disaster for them. But I I really like the plans. That up and by the way anyone whose against it in his appearest. Then don't watch the plane, aims. We're gonna have a great time watching them and gambling on them. You can sit him out and you dont like them, go sit in the fuck out by one I think that you just observed, which is the other side of the coin. With this I am not, so sure it's in Washington's best interest, franchise, wise long term, planning wise long range planning wise to go for it.
And in this way I mean that I still think it's there. There's if Now. If I was in charge for a day, I would look really hard at what I could get for Bradley Bill in the off season. Just trying to think about, what the game plan forward would look like for the franchise part. I we'll say on the heels of this winning streak. In as I look at the remaining twelve games, I love of being in the play off on. I absolutely adore it, so I am all in on the playing game. Here was its fans. It cite the event in the desert. In a sense, a bizarre near salting you're super excited. It's been like a rag. This is the thing when we did the preview in in December with when we're doing over under, and it was all win percentages there was. It was like, and terms of the interruptions and because of the way- the schedule works. What kind of injury issues are going to be, and there was no way to really
properly when we were all sitting there together chopping it up in the first week of December, try and anticipate the wizards had three weeks off in in January, do due to covet so it yeah like two seasons they weren't healthy. In terms of like being having to attend guys that can run up and down the floor until MID February. So it's not like it's a shock that a team like you could put together a streak like this. The same thing the Knicks have their own sort of injury challenges as well, but they ve been on on this great streak. I just think, like four teams trying to that that needed, do something they have a goal of achieving something. This season, the play game provides a great incentive for for those team to make a mark on a crazy fucked up season. Well, hopefully, will get this package at before Monday's games the next year in the forest, by tied with the Atlanta they're, both thirty four and twenty seven, the cell,
fix in Miami are tied at thirty two and twenty nine for the six seven spot and I've just telling you. I would bet on my im getting that six bought over Boston weight has passed and team. This Boston team is soft, we'll get either they are in a corner. They turn no corners and the whole thing was laughable. I remember action that one of those guys after the warriors game, when they were talking about the Celtics team, blah blah blah and it was like, go look at the actual wins, they could have lost a couple of them and the schedule was pretty favorable and I was never thinking that the corner had been turned Tatum with, I am better that was about it but boss. The aim here are tied for six seven Charlotte, as at eight Indy their shop. Its thirty and thirty indies, these twenty nine and thirty one washed in his twenty seven and thirty three in India's just kind of nobody does what debate
Their team seems like it changes every week who, through their a guys, are that gambling was Charlotte. Is plus one twenty eight to make the playoffs on fender and their minus one fifty eight to miss it. Is minus one fourteen to make it minus one six to miss it. So, basically, even or wizards plus two hundred and sixty five to make it minus three hundred and fifty to miss it. Now this isn't making the playing game. This is actually being one of the eight seeds, the plus two hundred and sixty five is really respectful, because you would have to hear so go Boston Charlotte, would would play if the way it goes there and then any watched him replace you would have to beat Indy and then you would have to beat the winner of whoever comes out of that Miami Boston, Charlotte Game as a loser. So the odds are great, to me. The best odds are Charlotte at post. One twenty eight because they're getting other guys back, like Lamellous back in a week marks coming back soon, Heyward I'll, be back in time for the playing games
and I think Charlotte's logic good. The fact that they ve hung around and they ve stayed five hundred when they ve had some some real injuries. There very well code. They laid the smack down on the South Ex yesterday in a game that I have no idea why the ethics didn't show up for it, except for the fact that this is the season they ve had. In surprise at all. If I ever wanted a bet against the South X, I would bet against them in that game, but like that Charlotte team and Plus one twenty eight house for the Hornets: what do you think that to make the playoffs it's its plus odd have to win one game. Yet, oh and then they would have two chances to win that one game right. Yet, essentially, I, like Plaza, on that, and we we ve, talked before on this part, about how much we admire the depth of Charlotte N, and I don't know if you acknowledge it. Rose. You got some killer Adam. I value has been he's been really get this year as his ease.
You know the way the South exploit that was proud. Problematic as it was happening, and I guess you could say well that this is how they ended up getting Kumba, but they ended up getting a guy who's been off and uninjured for the last two years for more money, the Roger was really good for them when they made that play off on then ended up dying in a game. Seven because I think he was trying to I'll kick has cut rich little bit is going ahead with the broad James that it gave. Seven he was. He was good that year and then the year after year Cairo was back and he just didn't have the in time. He is like a fourth guard. He wasn't happy so down with him in the Heyward rejuvenation until he got her was was real, I think that's a town, the team and they However, they have a bench. Second comment in kind of swing: it bridges, Ben, probably them it's fun random bench guy the year cause they're just be games or his lighted up. They can shoot. That's the thing that scares me:
them in applying and they did yesterday, they ve made like nineteen threes. They can it's freezing and if Le Mellow can give them twenty twenty five minutes off the bench and you can put him in for Wanna maker, that that seems pretty substantial, it's more fun Charlotte's in the class and is Charlotte more fun in the playoffs than Washington Washington as they ate sea, going up against the nets. Katy an Russ back at it. That's so very, very, very fun! That's what was we'll litigate that words equip break this episode of bill. Simmons podcast brought to you by zip recruiter, great team started great talent, but finding the right people can be challenge, especially if you're a business owner whose hiring look look of the NFL right. Now. Imagine the patriots trying to rebuild their
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Can mealtime less flippin difficult its unfledged unbelievable? So please do yourself. A favor had to your favorite stores, freezer I'll grab yourself. The bag of Mccain, Quick Cook fries their fast to prepare easy to share and you flippant deserve that. Ok so most fun teams in the play ass. I dont think my team cracks the top eight because of just how up and down they are emotionally connect. Take it anymore? I can't imagine how America thanks, because they ve been our national tv on that day. Have fallen behind. I guess done. I did a rare treat yesterday because they fell behind by ten again and I was like. I think this is like the forty five game they Fabio by ten, Randy shall Grannie corrected. Me was thirty. Four. The sooner it felt like forty five, but they have been down by ten plus in thirty four of this
someone games. That's fucking terrible feels like a lot n n. It always feels like they're down nine in the game just started, and you know it's it's to spin. The season from how like they get Fournier. He immediately gets covert. He's not gonna, be right for another couple weeks. Roma length there are counting on he got hurt. He just looks he looks just horrific. He looks like a high school running back, trying to play with the high school basketball team, but doesn't understand how to play basketball over over again that supporting cast has been bad. Time. Lord, who they're really counting on. He, of course, got hurt because he can't play more than twelve games row that can hurt, and the Tatum and brown thing it kind of comes and goes with them. There's an inordinate amount of pressure on them to just show up night after night, like their second team, NBA guys and sometimes they're. Just not like yesterday was example.
In that they are, they are you there that this record is not a mistake, though there now under performing. They are. This. Is the the identity of the Celtics. When we did the pod about the trade deadline, should they be try and do think big right at rather the deadline, and here I will my view- was no just just ride this season out. It not going to get better you're not going to win a title. You're, not one of the four best teams in the in the east just go ahead and sites on your season. Yeah next season, I that's, basically what they they did right. The fourth thing was a low cost. Let's add a guy who can provide some offense off the bench and then we'll kind of see what our top seven looks like. But vitamin brown are fifty point. One points combined this year, they're combined percentage is forty, seven thirty, nine eighty you can't ask for
like a better seize him from two young guys and that at the points of careers, thereat and tenants had covered stuff. You know, I think, if anything he's been a little under where I thought we would come in on him and there's just you know, that the other than that it's just roulette from night tonight and I think worries me about a Washington game. Is that basically comes to two right. It's my two best guys against your two those guys. You two best guys gonna. Think they're the best guys in that game. They definitely think whether that's true or not, we can debate, but they will go into that game. Thinking like we've got this. We can beat this and really the only things that the Celtics have gone for them in a playing game against the whiz is waiting for West Book to do Westbrook crunch time, big game things. It's either Tatum Tatum or Brown again. Super hot Campbell, whose you know every time I had every time I hear an answer. Talk about how combine come back, it's happened
you can see it it's like our eye and then then I'll go three for seventeen. I dont trust them, but yeah. I think I think beyond Westbrook versus Tatum Scares scares, the living no, but I know it thrills use it thrills, thrills and I will have to come up with some kind of proper wager. As between us, I told you, I was texting and oh, they only had the play there I had the odds for some Plath teams that, as I do, I really think you should have Celtics in Miami there should be odds for whether those seems gonna make the playoffs, because this could be the year where we see the seven or eight seed actually get knocked out of the playoffs and everybody's going to fucking lose their mind. I don't I don't know if I think it's probably a better chance in the east to go to the West right. Now. It's Portland and Memphis Asda, seven eight San Antonio Golden State is the nine ten. So why don't you explain?
going to happen with that with golden state and the tenth seed. What's going to happen from a gambling standpoint for those two games with gold state, any value whatsoever me any pasta if it's one hundred and one for golden State- and it's going to be much better than that you we are hammer where I mean it's not Furthermore, desire of our paths, though there their total sucker bed, the ads are due to be terrible. Everybody's wiggle, curries lakers any this curious get them in the past, and I think the values could be terrible. Ok, warfare fits It's not gonna be good, be still betting. It wait a second we're betting. It we're not not betting, it I'm just not proud of it. I don't think it's a smartphone but we're betting. It I take issue with the idea of characterizing it as a sucker bet. Do you want to be the sucker on? Whoever it is, they go up against while curry dropped forty nine to put, does another forty, twelve twelve three point or game and put fourteen and just single handle, takes the game over words instinct
Alice is thirty. Three in twenty six again were taken this Monday morning, Portland thirty, two and twenty eight, so it looks like Portland gonna, be in the seven seed unless Dallas falls apart here, the porter Memphis we saw last year, there was a really fun game. The the ketchup Memphis is triple Jays back Yeah, and not just back but like hugely efficient, really good right now so you could argue, Dallas, Portland Memphis, just those three themes which triple J back in the records are pretty close to each other. That Memphis might be the best out of those three because I don't like I don't like I mean I'm glad the por sings Lucas stuff. Finally, so Cuban finally acknowledged it you read all about it all that stuff he said now. What is I missed the cuban part. He was because you know, there's been a lot of rumblings here we go, the aggregators are going to fucking,
I'm going to tread carefully because the aggregators, because they have to get their fucking pieces out of other people's podcast. So I'm going to tread carefully here. There have been rumblings about the LUCA pausing s relationship. Yes, I would love to tell you more but unfortunately, in the fucking aggregator world can have a conversation with a friend house on a podcast where you guys list to without somebody blown it out of proportion, saying couldn't play basketball was somebody not be best friends, but there has been a lot of stuff really, since the LUCA thing took off were pausing guest like I thought I was the guy in the steam I think they've had to navigate it and if you watched Alice this year, which I've watched a lot of because I like LUCA, I don't poor sinus plays that hard? I really don't like the guy. Can't even get ten rebounds a game is seven foot three. They are in a funny spot. Because he handles the ball, I'd love to see whatever the match guess fur is every out of we had the magic or not it that that's what usage
It is one thing I just mean the raw time lapse. After able, Dallas Dallas has possessed the basketball, for seven thousand minutes I mean I'm just making up numbers. How many of those minutes has Lucas had been on it. It feels like sixty eight hundred. I You know where I said I don't like it. I don't think. That's I don't think that's a that wins forestry player frowning at loo- and I agree we saw with hard and used in forever- and I know LUCA, I know they're Dallas, I gotta get other numbers with the affair. Can see in the offence of rating all that stuff. But I just fundamental, I think you can't win forestry play off rather ass. I was used in when one they haven't won anything yet ray. They want anything I'd. I think they ve had seventy. Sixty games there to really figure, how to make this poor, Zingos LUCA thing work and from what I've seen look. They had the season from the first thirty games right, dad covets
they had injuries Luke was a little out of shape penny of the season, but fundamentally like springs issue where he's putting up his nineteen and eight I test why's, he doesn't seem super engaged. I think defensive. You wouldn't say like he's flying around like a maniac, it doesn't seem like a great fit when cuban like acknowledge thy k, those guys there, you know they get it as a basketball relationship, it's great in a who off the core Who cares? Coworkers, don't don't get. It was was just that that even talked about it and I think they would have traded him if they could have before the deadline. I really do. I don't think he had any value, because I think he's too expensive. I think for what they would go back. Amendment would have been a sell off and aid I wasn't worth it and then, but was he avail before that? Then? Yes, it was reported,
they were willing to discuss it. They're just wasn't a logical trade for him, but you think, like you know they might, Ass, their trade, it's amazing worthy so losing that trade two years ago, like ten to one against what makes the next winners just getting rid of poor zenus. Well, they I mean, They basically created the sailor cap space that you could argue might lead to the Randal signing. Ok, I got Dallas's first from pig they're not paying posing as thirty million a year that barely nobody wants to do that. So that's the w that without was the the shrewd move. That was the right call for them It's he net he's never rebounded, but it goes back to the Barkley thing where, where You know by good as it you a get ten Ribeiro. It's five ahead, it's two and a half a quarter. You can't you ten get ten.
I on offense fancies too far away to ever get off its rebound doesn't explained the defensive stuff. But I just don't like the look at him. So if you're the eager to go back to the plan stuff. The case for them in a play. A game or a playoff series is just LUCA goes off and they hit some threes, which is doing but I just don't know enough for at least seven, if its, if its doable for them, I really like, I think, Memphis if Thou sport them. If, as I think, members as crazy, as the sense has the highest upside of those three in a playoff sears. The only thing with Memphis. That's a silo question mark and I'll be interested. I have to talk to her know about this to get his his full. You might as well talk to the Memphis owner a straight straight grizzlies answer from Verno come on. They have still, how crunch time scoring issue I've just watch them too many times
Games, that they had a legit chance of winning or letting teams comeback autumn, and just because they can't scorns out of four minutes. Well, this Jackson help them. Arguably. Yes, me he's already. Shooting percentage and he's got like get fifty points in his first two games back fifty five point, something you know: it's amazing very soon was having a good season. Good season. Could I remain the fantasy lake by we and I put a team together. My dad's fantasy that you ve been in and we had you as one of our guys he starts and he puts up numbers every day. He's seventeen and thirteen rebounds every game, only playing twenty minutes a game. Now you add triple J Brooks is averaging seventeen, as twenty, but did the teams? Could it be to score and I think their depth is what makes them so interesting in a playoff sears, because you have those four guys if slumber create greater.
Who started a pretty good rob where Brain Clark Mountain Desmond Ban like that seems deep. I agree I would not want to see them. You know less than a play, a game that that thing. I guess the question for me in a play. A game is the job piece of it because at it I can't say I love his shots. What can I get you gotta has that little bit, I hear a bar mentality when it gets lay, and I'm not sure he's that guy that it means that the limitation for them they have to figure out something too. To address that, though the team that has no excuse- and she just apologize to him, as the world's they twenty six and thirty four. I appeal, personally witnessed them. Blowing twelve games late because of bad coaching ten to twelve easy? They just always do the thing in the last four minutes of a game being Gandhi. I think
the worst coach of the lake. I really did, I think, is the worst coach, ITALY that team they they're getting fifty point. The game from Zaire and Ingram Zaireans completely unstoppable data, the games completely unstoppable. Nobody knows what the do against them and they have I just can't believe that team is a games under five hundred. I know you can see here's the thing right. It I'm not ready put it all on as Fiji, its apparent that there is a communication gap of some sort between it. Up to him, the players because he, finally last week as like, we had a defence for this situation. I care Remember which game they you know is the game when they were up three against. They blew a seven point lead in the last minute of the next game and then they're. Three was set at Santa through some somehow gave up a wide, open, Threeg wide, open three way and he said coming out after the game. There was no issue with the difference that
because called, and even so blest those like I was, I lost focus, but I mean we're. Sixth, we were sixty games interests, two games a season. They you're fighting for your play off life and I lost focus, I'm sorry, it is a front as coaching combo the empire, but that the Jew. A trade, ok their basically rolling the dice with that trade. That work is not can assign yon us. So what were? They advocate going to not sign you on us to the supermax? What were the ads, like, I don't know, plus three hundred plus three fifty to get all these picks back that are absolutely meaningless. Casualness is on the table. There are gonna, be late. First runners, then they have to take back the Bledsoe Georgiou contracts whatso top
seven or eight contract you don't want. They did walk a huge favour with that and then they, and they sent him for atoms and then they pay atoms. The end give them a pic so of atoms and blood, so those are two of I would say the top twelve. Contracts you wouldn't want right now, that's they turn drew holiday and they should be embarrassed and So I urge your really good. That's the that's the way the plants or jus holiday. The problem is ion and Ingram what they lost in basketball. Like you, they they Recover through any of the move ever afterwards, and and that's the thing it is by a long shot, the most underperforming team in the leg. I may I in our food to do that when you look at that, when you look at the depth, that team should be five or six games above five hundred and all of the metrics that that show their performances
those games there, the bottom of the league, they ve stats, defeat from the jaws of victory twenty times it feels like, and we, if we watched the we you mean so we text during all of them because they have a guy who's, shooting sixty percent on their team who somehow doesn't get the bog fats. Thirty bet it's unbelievable. You can't believe that team is twenty, six and thirty, for it are going to miss the piles of hundred percent possible plants. I just sketches, together with let's put the south, extend, let's say the south somehow be ear you dumb wizards, then we could have a brook Boston Round, one if Boston lost that seven eight, that's the four sweep That would be the worst ten days of my life, I think of a worse than they stretch I could actually probably find what bird arose we bud inquiry who, by the way,
Kendrick Perkins shout out to Kendrick pointing out how Kyrie, when he had like forty against the celtic state on the court, hugged everybody, but when he went for nine I'm frightened, I guess who walked out the court without hugging everybody, I re yeah. We noticed that Cairo, both the Brooklyn, Kick in Boston ass. It while carry hugs off the South Ex after the game is up. I'm just not ready for to me. That would be me I would make. Why should it not making the players worth it to me? The screw you fee Philadelphia Charlotte. Is it possible to save him and other stuff could change in three days? Bahrain, be broken Boston, Philly, Charlotte model Hockey Miami looks like. Why might actually get that one unless Boston thinks it but Mark, in my view, be a great one reactor. That's all time ties up their first round. Slugfest bang, and then Nick later for five would the light
the way. Yes, we're gonna lose all of our hawksbill. And all of the HAWK slander and the hawks fans, all five of them have tweeted at us, but I say this the combination of Nate Macmillan plus Bogdanov. It's coming back, I didn't realize until patent has a story up honey as be ended today, did a nice investigation of how the hawks right at the ship by gotta, which came back the same day. That Macmillan start as other twenty seven with him at the at the point. Tray on injury I've no sense, since he got hurt her that hold the Unitary Committee from other hold off guys If we did that they get the eighth listen they play, by data which, and I write about fact that their offerings looks better with them, an aerial figure it out Tracy young player, but they just play better by Donovan in Baghdad, which has never played this well
and I say it. Every time is named comes up on the spot. It's an absolute disgrace said absolute disgrace, I'll, say the third time its absence. Disgrace that the kings, just let him go, he's let him leave. They got nothing. He's got a basketball how is that give five assets on your team. Any let one of assets is leave the fuck. Are you doing? They thought there were harvested other assets, they had other assets out my field keep on and in full. Trade M trade, Buddy healed trade, trade folks with a minority which is good we ve seen next that later this year and it was awesome the up. Next time. You already have a great seriousness roulette through. For that. And then the west. So the dream scenario would be. You tackled state, unbelievable I'm in China after the patterns,
walk, ran away and try to find the one person rooting for use on a golden state. You testers, Phoenix Portland could be our two seven pretty to have I one. Lady Krupa Dame we want Portland to be all away. Healthy nad am sceptical. Erika clippers Dallas would be our three six dinner. Denver Lakers would be the four five and, ironically, is the team you want to play out of the top the top five because of all the injuries now, that's a farmer now will be sir. I know he was going off me. He was He had a twenty seven, seven and six game. Last week, it's too bad jokers, gonna win.
We pay Joker right now is minus three. Eighty four, eighty p a bee deserved it. If the Haiti it do, this was the enduring season and he endured some were some more fun bets on fender that I'd just that we should look at there's a division bet, oh clippers, minus one, forty five phoenix plus one hundred four for the Pacific region, Phoenix, has a one game lead over the clippers and if you do even a little more investigation, Felix thirty, eight, nay and their thirty four and ten cents. I have no idea whether coopers are favoured, I looked at the schedules. Venuses seems a little harder, but I I I just think if you're gonna play the schedule, game with this stuff, it's really hard. Because you don't know who's playing. You know, who's gonna said I'd. Think feelings wants there to cede all interested
Not me, I'm saying I wanted you get the two seed. By went in the Pacific I dont think Phoenix is gonna, really try to win that division, whereas the clippers who the fuck knows. I p, George could be like I had I, advan, MAC and cheese. I ate too much of it, I'm going to have to sit out today. I don't know what to expect from them. I don't disagree, but Paul George has been I mean we have to acknowledge as I have. I have something for him at the end here: okay, good, but he could still too much back and she's in this the biggest aimed at the aim. I mean he mentally game because he had too much cough. Eighty eight community law we order there trying to read, I ve, never had the miss anything. It does not make me dizzy so Denver Lakers, I I hate the sound like a Picea Lakers Haider because I'm a pissy Lakers later. What? If I can give
for them too, to fall into a Denver match up and ran one when Denver doesn't have Jabbar Moraine. God only knows who else they're not going to have at that point. Lakers have played this perfectly. They took their time with Davis they're, taking their time with the they'll be be in that or five match up, and then you know, then they get the winner of you time, whoever its target. Beat you tat. This is perfect for them I like what you're doing here, because where they sit in the rankings right now. It's not crazy that they dropped down the six and, if they dropped out of six, that's that's they get interesting right cause, then they're playing one of Phoenix or the clippers most likely in the first round, with it eighty. Five and twenty five dollars is thirty, three and twenty six say yet again have we had over them and Poland sat catch them later. Wasn't I think, with
Lakers, again their guys back, they're gonna run they're gonna they're gonna be the five said they want to be. The five said they want to put Denver. Ok, all right. It's there, that's the perfect team for them our eyes The Lakers last year lined up perfectly for them to take advantage of this year. It looks like it's going to you know, line up perfectly too, because they'll have Phoenix and the clippers beat the shit out of each other around two and then in the end, the coopers will both have hard around one gains tariffs. So that's perfect theirs of of the feeling of all those Ebbs Phoenix Portland, I think, has the highest upset potential. Even I really like that Phoenix said Rob. We know what Portland capable of in the end the playoffs if their healthy. It's that that's the youngest caviar, whether us a very similar teams, right, yeah, yeah, yeah, back Harvey Backward, the AIDS, its I don't totally know what I'm getting from my center position game to game against. I don't totally know what I'm going to get my center position. It swing,
I hope these trees go in on both sides. I think Phoenix would win the series, but I think that's a fun one. All right, let's take one more break and then I had a couple more things three. This episode of the bill, Simmons Podcast, is brought to you by fresh pet, fresh pet is real pet food fresh from the fridge. The reason it's kept in the fridge is simple: fresh whole ingredients, gently steam, cooked without preservative. So the meals have to be refrigerated, just like all their meats, it's all natural locally sourced pet parents. When you switch to feeding fresh the first thing, you'll notice is increased energy They were. Zoom is high vertical when they jump happy pets just live in the dream: eating recipes they really enjoy in the weeks that follow you ll see a softer, shiny, coat, you'll, see improved digestion,
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Not all products are registered, not states may be subject to use restrictions more division bets just for fun. Philly is minus one. Twenty to win the Atlantic. Brooklyn is minus one of five with interesting about that, as Brooklyn is actually a game and half up I'd Philly. I guess there factor in the hard and stuff I actually the I'd like Brooklyn. In that scenario, I think, as I think it's more likely indeed, MRS a couple games. But to me that's probably a stay away. Everything went, went south and villages, on that for game losing streak yet and that that debt could they had. They beat Brooklyn last week take to quench the typewriter against Brooklyn but now Milwaukee, has the thai breaker over them because they won't. You beat him twice rat and then the other one is at Lena
as a two game lead over Miami right now, they're minus three sixty to win the division? Miami is plus three hundred, here's is a Atlanta schedule there s the way and again I hate the schedule thing, but at the trade at fairly at Philly Home first, go Portland, Phoenix, add Indiana. To home games against washed in a row, but then and with Orlando Houston, so further to wines so yeah side. To me like it seems, like you always split the back to backers yeah so feels like monastery. Sixties good. I like. A par lab at Lena Ministry, sixty with Phoenix plus one hundred. What's that pay? It's probably in the one eighty range- I guess so here's something though, didn't have, but I asked
but the answer be it's not on their site, but I thought this is a fun bet and look fanned or made a big commitment us I don't know why they haven't made us concia areas for some of the best on the website. Why is there a scoring title bet This is what a great race they can do. It there's time because even last night, beer went off for thirty Three they got that game and my question is this: is step look and do you think he's looking could he went out put thirty seven and he had time to see exactly what Bradley Bill came in at first of all its staff looking dumbest question you ass. I found that back yesterday. He one hundred percent wants them in this growing title and there I think, build this. But bills us are trying to make the play outside. I think it's harder both of them are, but I think that the wears a cunning in staff can, and again in a little bit gone states. Ass to games. Are
New Orleans Memphis, both home games, new. Airlines could be the one where he puts up like sixty. Sadly, I urge that sixty sixty the floor. Raina curious is thirty. One point three. The bill is thirty one point one: tat. Even I asked fanned all if there were odds. What do they think the ads or be what with the range? Because I thought it would be like curry, minus two hundred days parry VAT is four hundred Beale plus three hundred, because they think they just think courier would be to public of a bad fellow Put your big boy pants on put the bet up. What are you doing on our fellow worker lay all that juice Jesus No, I kind of like Beale at that price. Maybe Benazir Bhutto. An underdog like who knows, you know like corrected, tweak ankle. Well, with curry. Is he he can't do it for all twelve, because we saw last week when why
then came back from eleven down in the fourth quarter beat the warriors he gets tired. I can't do it every thing He had it off game. He was just flat out exhausted He has San Antonio La Cleveland, Dallas, Indiana, Milwaukee, Toronto, Indiana, Atlanta, twice Cleveland Charlotte. It's a hard schedule for Washington. That's to the finish here. That's a really fun bit, though, a couple more bits. Look, as we discuss many times. It makes way more sense to bear. Ran by ram game by game with things you like verses, futures, two features,
that doesn't stop us every year from making future best. Just for the record yeah, but Philly is plus four forty to win the conference. Phoenix is plus nine fifty to win the conference. The Lakers are plus one seventy to win the conference. Now I don't think the Philly ads are quite good enough, but I do think they're off. I think I personally think they should have as good odds as Brooklyn or Milwaukee. I think they should be in the two and a half range. Plus four forty phoenix if there to cede, especially if you have a Lakers Utah around to potential where Phoenix could potentially have home home court in a conference championship against the Lakers. I just think Palestine fit these really good value. Title wise, fillies, twelve to one in
in is twenty four one and again I think you're getting a two seated twenty four, the one. I just think it's good value. I would not recommend doing any future bad skull round by round. But if you do in future bets, I would look at those two Phoenix bets. What do you think I'd say it's just for bragging rights to do the future. Like oh yeah I had feared. I say I we had Miami last year. That's right! That's right! It's just for bragging rights of all, of what you just described. I like the Lakers at plus odds to it so that that's why I brought it up, because I think assume The brown comes back. That price drops the even rioting people watch them again and there they colleague shit look somewhere The good things happen for the Lakers, while those guys we're out. They got incredible coups morale yeah. I didn't kuzma went, went up eleven and there's the defensive.
Him was the thing that I always kind of appreciated with him, because there were games last year when he just looked elite defence he just wasn't consistent enough? I don't think the use gonna play in time. I think he went up a level and Schroeder? guy ladder wraps, they just re able to figure out the ito what's wrong there is for them. Potentially what that's gonna look like it in a playoff series- and I just think if they're healthy, that seems better than they were last year. You- and I at this, the exact same way, I honestly think Leubronn could be playing Now- and I don't have any inside it- oh inside group on what exactly what his physical status is. I just mean this was a great great great time for him to catch. Some rest tag gear up for this to my play off run.
He did all that he could at the beginning of the season, to make his mark to be in the envy p race to you know and as soon as as he had the bad luck with the ankle, then he pivoted, because I know I do think Leubronn as is, is playing a little chess here. He pivoted to Pat, what's gonna put us in the best path, Shouldn to go on a run through these play off at a big part of that is, let me get my rest. Let me ray ability, the amount of time they had after winning the title, just starting the season again right before Christmas. They had the least amount of time to recover from the bubble. So I am catch in his rest now makes sense to me And once he realized and BP was gone right- I made that There's a. I think they played a really smart. I think they have the best him read out: Vandal, Brooklands, paucity, twenty in the Lakers or plus three fifty two in the title. That's insane to me the fires have to be the favorites in the brain will be healthy Davis. We have a delay,
that being the favorites is stupid, because if they play Brooklyn in a series therein have real real size, backup options against, gets a team that I think are get in whose guarding Davis another Brooklyn I people, what are they doing? Whose guarding? pardon whose guarding K day from ally the Lakers or the best offensive team in the week last year like they, we know they can do it and look if Brooklyn may crazy shots are gonna, make crazy shots at thy son, you know, but the Lakers can have the best chance to stop them. I agree with that to slow them down, and now that I don't know, I think the Lakers should be the favorite. I think it's stupid before we go, I'm just going to do an all NBA check in with you at Gmail I love it's MBA, it's my favorite. I take it really seriously. I spend way too much time on it. We have twelve games left games. Games played is to be be a bigger factor. I think it's ever
Ben Ass, a laureate, the bronze play forty one sixty hardens plate, forty to sixty, but he's basically looks like he's done now. Yeah. This is at fifty percent to sixty page. And quite forty excited sixty each of them. Indeed, forty atta. Sixteen curry, fifty three out of sixty one, so so yeah, honest games missed, isn't as bad as maybe I thought so. You see here's what I have right now for first him now Lucas the guard by the way Yoke Edge Currie, LUCA so my centres in the end to guard Janius Julius Randal. She said first came first thing: well, I was prepared to sit here and argue with you about LUCA Guard, because the guard is their point guard, nor I understand, and for the purposes of of of you know the he's got an azure fear.
No I'm not argue with the classification? Does he deserve the first team this year he based on what the way this season started, help how out shape. He was there at all can't blame him for that, though, because nobody knew. Season was going to start when it was starting all of a sudden you know, and he was out of shape for two weeks. I don't think we can hang them on that one. I just don't think that a team, this five or six games above three hundred five via mean about five hundred with him in the role that he plays. Yeah, but they got thirty nine games that opposing is there a bunch of coverage Kleiber missed. You know one third of the season Lucas. Twenty nine, eight nine. It's it's hammered dame for that spot. Think unless you were gonna make a c p three case. I was gonna, make a sleepy three case: I have him more for em VP than than this country are that's fine. I'll accepted. Randall. Let me hear about that.
It's him! It's quiet! Paul George and then maybe Lebron, if Lebron a snapshot right now. Lebron plays comes back this week, he ends up playing the last ten and you can get to fifty one games. We can reevaluate but just think Randal's, every game, twenty four ten and six he's having an office season on PAR with Barclays, nineteen ninety three Mvp season, he is by far the best player on that team that he is going to be a there. They or their picking at the right time. He's thou for that and he's been fucking awesome and, at some point, he's got to be like. Was this guy one of the five best players in the league this year, and I think he was I'm not saying he's one of the five bus talent I'm just saying: did he have one of the five best seasons I think he had one of the six best seasons. Cuz Embiid has to be in there too, but I think he deserves it. Whither. If it ended today, I think he makes it. I can't believe twenty two
One is the year that you let the New York people take over the ringer website me really over all, I M, anything having to do with the Ringer Johnny Jazz is doing this thing now, just empty Is out there mean everything's every two days, I see a new Nick story on the site. I mean I enjoy the next. I love the turnaround. Tips is gonna, win coach, the Randal Gonna win most improve player. They both deserve it. It's great for basketball, team, Mass in square garden in come come play off time, but you're leave us alone eyes. Who would you over and then choir power. Paul look, I would put it would be Paul George for me, I suppose has played forty six to sixty games, you're, saying those forty Six games were better than Randalls Sixty added
one one. Well, what he's done to keep that team afloat over the course of the season? I think it's been an outsized offensive performance and if they get the two seed and they're right there neck and neck with with Phoenix then, I, like Paul George, better ok, I had potter, second team. I have second team. This again snapshot twelve games there. Indeed quite Paul George Dame CP three and then thirteen go, Bear Leubronn, Zion. Then it's it's probably Mitchell and Booker I'd. If hardens just play again, I don't see how hard it makes thirty Ba playing forty two games, because I don't think you can miss. The aim is that more than forty nine percent of the season Ray, I agree with that,
It's actually a good outcome, because I think Booker, I've just been so impressive with them. You know, I love some of the I really like watching Phoenix, and I think Booker has gotten better as the years gone along and crunch timewise. I love the shots at he's. Getting hum. Who is really really whatcha Superfund and good on them for using the plan that those eight games pre bubble last year to really launch the direction of the franchise opponent pulling in three has been thing, but an enormous homerun what's come. To me is that, because of the unique way the season has played out, new just ran through the games. Guise of played, you could easily easily convince me that you're, all NBA second team. Is they all NBA? First team? You could swap the two and I wouldn't I would have any heartburn with really anybody other than current. I would want carried to stay firstly, so if, if possible,
or co. Why finish? The law twelve strong in the next step, a little bit, maybe that flips but I'll, be really interested to see where Renda lands, because what he's done, but the next year is unbelievable. They do not have a good team. It's been a coach. Who has done an awesome job game after game after game and a guy who is really embrace being the best plan, all the responsibility that it comes with them both ends fur durability. Come during crunch time, taking defensive, responsibilities, so it's not just the offence, setting up other guys, make them better and the fact that, like Dave, you know bait pretty much. We ve done this Mitchell Robinson season because he he kept getting hurt, unfortunately, and they have nowhere and TAT gives in that. That's the rotation. Further I've spot in over thirty four and twenty seven
Just say saying: that's that's! This is pretty not letter to love letter to two york and twenty twenty one who have guessed it I love it. You got to go on J J and just just New York for twenty minutes. I gotta say by the way before we go France s always J J show last night and it was? It was a tour de force. It was so good AIR France s again. His the thing was one of the best three minutes I've ever heard from France ESA. To go on and listen. I haven't heard yet he did this to grand it was almost like he was trying to get fantasy to self combust at this the grand monologue had was awesome anyway, alright house fairway rolling back next week. We actually I have ugly. Ever you ve, already and erotic the tennis player is coming on. Show great, I know further moves at the trial, dumb effort at a joke and we reading it? and fell draft odds, but
many do that with that Peter Sugar Tomorrow s own letter early, that ought to be as where's that gonna be up Wednesday, Tuesday to day and night. I I have the work travel this week and I have about five hours of a car right. I've just got. I can't way. I need to get what does draft this is gonna, be I'm so excited so get one of the best ones ever alright house thanks good times this episode is to by Captain Morgan. It doesn't matter which sport you you're, watching it's always exciting, to see a backup come off the bench and really let it up
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Morgan COM, to find captain near you drink responsibly, Captain Morgan original spice from premium caribbean rum with spice and other natural flavors. Thirty, five percent alcohol by volume, Captain Morgan Rum, company, New York, New York. This episode is brought to you by CBS. It is okay to do some things halfway, like wearing your pajama bottoms on a work call, but managing your prescription shouldn't be one of them. That's why CBS has a proprietary search tool to find ways that may help lower your prescription costs and they'll deliver them for free too. So you can stay on top of prescriptions. Debt. Keep you healthy without getting out of your pjs visit or call CVS today and get a free prescription review savings vary. Not our patients eligible for savings delivery restrictions apply visit. Cbs Deca for details are my friend raising more is sincere from the New York Times. We intensely did not taxed about the Oscars last night cause. I knew he was coming on
it was quite a telecast, they eliminated clips and jokes, which I thought were to essential parts of here's telecast turns out, they were essential. Guess what I missed clips and jokes: let's start there I thought it was too weird. I did not like the to cast. I went into it thinking it was going to be great. I really thought I really really thought it was going to be here the idea of them doing it in union station, I had a lot of questions about what was going to happen to union station culture for the time that the Oscars was going to descend on that train station by Those people gotta go where they were too. They displace all this life. They just exists around that station, but then I thought you know it seems like to they're gonna change the the format, disordered technical filming format, so it looks less likely. He and more like a movie, I'm or maybe, some other plans. It seems certain Steven Herbert who is.
The producer to the show this year had in mind for how to condemn things, but then would open at an hour you felt about this, but Window Regina King, when it opens in Virginia King congratulate eye opener. It was good. And she makes her way across the station into the main hall. Unlike will it the whole nights? Gonna be like this? I don't care where we go, but it became pretty clear once we're gonna kick. Then did heard actual duties rate she had. Then fat eaten one of the schooner writing nominees, which is ten different parties. It was like ok, well, this is gonna be. This is gonna, be the Oscars married inventories, All I mean I don't I'm going to it's gonna, take that and go somewhere really gross with it. But yes, we'll stop it master. I should have done when age, looser Sudan, where's the Morris, your work for
Boston, Globe and land, and the New York Times hasn't spired all of us. The way you ve written about movies could have. What is this a thirty second, its blowjobs for every person has the right. This is our task to work this yet medium clambered, if Laura Dern Energy in a king- and you know like he's, feeling there they're, the people who are doing that sort of back padding. I don't have problem with that, like I one of the few people who liked it when the old way, when Julia Roberts would come out or Helen Mirren would come out and say: hey five Acta nominees, you guys are incredible, and I loved watching you work. I love watching you work and I love watching. You work great, get it done in forty seconds right, but if you said Wesley. What would you rather have? Would you rather sea cliffs,
the nominated performances for thirty seconds, and you can't of people like Helen Mir and Anjulia Robertson, Oprah Winfrey come out and say and pay tribute to the nominees. Would you take them Instead of that, I'd be like. Of course, I just want the clips. The clips are so important, both for the movies and for people who are watching the show at home and have no idea some of the nominees and also that's the key point they created this Oscar's to cast for basically the one cent of people who understand every piece of the talk ass and I'm sure, though, People thought it was cool. This is it this is supposed to the biggest native to the inner one of the biggest ratings data the year. This is supposed upon people from all the country all over the world and guess what almost all the People haven't seen any these movies. So you can? You can bring Camera and be like hey here's, this person, they wrote this,
and somebody's at home? Going I don't know what man is. What does it look like? They didn't even show it. Yes, yes, especially this year. These movies- this is the most obscure set of movies. We've ever had that were rolled out in the most obscure way possible. Just on streamers and I just can't believe they it this way. I've missed a Sorry liked. I thought one of the most touching parts are of the most riveting parts. The whole thing was the in memorium. Just because we got to see faces yeah yeah. Mean that was of that was a huge deal. I think that you know it's because I was thinking while I was watching like what is a thing that I would really beside. If they didn't do- and you a big sucker every year that I've watched the show when, when get Earl Morris to to do those special tributes people and their movie love. You know I can remember the one. I think it was two thousand for the two thousand and three
scores, two thousand and two oscars he had. These bus drivers. I t guys- and you know people working cafeterias come and talk about what they liked about the movies there was no attempt to sort of hold movies up. Is this great? form that we all that matters to everybody. If there ever a year to have some sort of corralling energy in that in that room If there were any you'd have a host. This is the year rate like a person who can Take any stranger bring into the room, and explain to them. What the stakes are. You know who who, which has ten nominations we didn't I'm going in if you got there at eight o clock, you didn't
what movie you do anything? How about this thing? Frances Mcdormand has a chance to win her third best actress, Oscar here's, the fucking list of all the people who have done that it spoiler alert, not a big list. There is no history, anything at all and I'm with you, it's just crazy. There's. This really interesting mix that happen with the broadcast this year of hubris and desperate. Right. The hubris, on the one hand, is to say that the movies mattering is somewhat unconditional right, like the movies waterways matter, whether their own streaming platform or in a movie theater The Oscars will always will always be here to celebrate the best of those movies, but There is a delusion, on the other hand, which they also understood. And is real with respected the people nominated every year, for every year. For the last, I don't
how far back, which should we go because you know Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson, of course, was calling for board Ott to the Oscars in the there weren't enough non white nominees, that the academy has his is really. Understandably being raked over the calls for who's not nominated every year and this year though the one year they seem to have gotten it the most rate in the deepest parts of it yield. You know you had now. Wait nominees in the craft categories, Yoda women are made and the craft categories that that more than one woman to in some categories, this was the year that they theoretically could have padded themselves in the back for getting this one thing right, but it also happens in the middle of a pandemic. We're here the public can see the movies ray there's just no most of the people. My sister forgot, the Oscars were happening last night.
She has seen none of the nominees. That's never happened before my sister who you know, we didn't watch every broadcast side by side machine is how much the show means to me she called me in the middle. The show just want to shoot the ship well I'm like. I'm watching the Academy awards right now. She's, like oh, that's right, I forgot yeah. Calling me during game seven on the NBA files or something we just got the ratings as we're taping. It's almost oh wow, and we want to guess how far below percentage wise it was last year last year is twenty three point: six million viewers, which was the was rated Oscars ever yeah. Sixteen about nine point, eight wow holy shit, fifty eight percent below the ratings from last from last year, which will really really low last year, was the lowest rated Oscars ever yeah. That was the parasite year too,
and here's here's the thing, they're real reasons for that rating to go down like it did. One is the fact that the movies We're just so certain a net should obscure like of course, but the other thing is like Are there people sampling this, who are just like what is this? We are the clips Can I see some moving moving film is this is gonna, be speeches and testimonials, and you know I think that was probably a bigger part of it. There was a huge part of it. I also think another part of it was dead. I think for a lot of people. They just didn't know when the Oscars were actually happening. I think there is a lot of confusion. It's almost mar. It's almost may and I think people schedule and understand their understanding. When the show actually supposed to be happening, that's thrown off. I think people don't understand, they don't know
How many movies did they watch last year like to even check in to see if those movies got nominated. I think that there I mean this is the hubris part, and I don't want to. I can't say what the academy was thinking in terms of how it was going to celebrate these eight movie, and the people nominated for us crazy in other categories, but there were there. Is this real disconnect between what people white from This- Show- why whether they still care about it, the movies. The Hollywood part retires is making right. I mean the movies that to go to the Oscars. A Hollywood, no longer really makes where you- and I have talked about this many times there was that year. After moonlight, one best picture where I mean I usually don't happen things I say in life, but I remember specifically saying to you and shine fantasy that if Jenkins was going to Netflix to make what we will now see
see in in a couple weeks is the underground railroad which I've been watching and know it's working so far for me What are you? I was. The movies are thought if, if that's would bury Jenkins, should do whatever he wants to do it. This is where, This is this is a real choice for him. Then it tells me something about about where the movies are probably headed, and this was this was clear before him, that choice? But when you guys made me who I don't know who told me this? Rather, I came to this conversation knowing it already, but I had a real sense that if a person good at making movies is is Barry Jenkins is, is make a multi part going to make a series of Colson Colson novel? Then I feel like I felt like something really important was happening in then. You know
years later, three years later, Damian Chisel makes first man which is not a movie I needed. I did not like there wasn't asking for another astronaut movie. I need O Brien Gosling in space, who cares enemy but then you see the movie and you're like okay. Why that guy made this movie, he had like. Oh, he was thinking how to use cinema as we understand it, to function and to take as sound and to do, something that you as an audience. Member now is going to be conventional. You've seen this a million times as a wife on earth waiting for, I've been to come back, but it fell in looked like. It sounded like. No other outer space. You know american astronaut movie I had ever seen before. And I knew and then, when the public didn't want to see that in the academy didn't really go, for it did something really crucial. It changed about
are movie going priorities, unlike what a pop movie even looks like now, I'm in the Martian, which I think was the year before. That is two thousand fifty at you know. That's a perfect example of economy with a just should be at the Oscars if it works for the public and works for the academy it and I dont that we're gonna get very were movies like the martian. Could they tried it two years ago when it was asked her in that movie tat all kinds of it for last year that was the last year movie, for you know two thousand eighteen, I don't bill. I feel egg there. It is a crisis I dont think I think big is trying to address one crisis with respect to women and and race. Any representational terms when really the crisis is much bigger than that to me I mean it's an industrial crisis because you have all these white people me
he movies or like it, try to get into the business, but where are they gonna go? What movies are they gonna make a right feel like there's a whole minimum. So well right, but I mean that's not those an american stories does know regionalism. We talked about this. The last time you came on. We talked about how disappointing this movie slate was like for an Oscar slate. The other things was like a lot of these movies were just movies that were tv movies or HBO movies fifteen years ago, right they get like, Ma Rainey's black bottom that could have easily been introducing Dorothy Dandridge in two thousand and seven that is harsh, air harsh with their eggs united, I accept yes, yes, yes, United States for his bill holiday same thing. These are movies that the pre me: I'm services used to throw big money and they would try to win Amazon, but now that become movies and what you're saying like what the martian?
there's no martian anymore, that's it those those kind of movies. They big big budget. We have a lot of stars. That's this really the only one that to to do that was trial, childish, Chicago seven, which, by the way was the tv movie, I mean the movie. We've already had HBO made it in the late eighties and they just did it again You know I Judas beside me is like a movie That's me, they're really, Rainforest yeah promising things is a mere that's another one mank! That's that's! It met makers of any promise. Young woman is the is the David Densher Movie that David Fincher did make credit, and I think that It feels I mean my problem is, and I don't think I've really properly articulated this to you, but I think that the problem is that, with that with the disk
between the audience and the movies. Is it the movie? The public no longer gets to decide or have a say in what movies are popular enough to make it academy awards it's getting increasingly narrow that increasingly wide that gap between what the public lakes and what the studios are pushing to. The academy, in terms of you know, ask her meaner, Asker ass could be, or whenever working to call these things in part of that has to do with the fact that there is audiences are being trained to expect movies to be a certain fit. And that means that stories about everyday people movies like new mad land or Black Messiah or or you know, I
I dont know we're getting out of practice in and out of, but watch those moves and appreciate with it, but it is their doing like the way back to me. Is there to were yet. I was in all the movie ray and I thought I thought that I could have been. Native for it, doesn't even like mention, but if we're not going to respect the way back type of movies, people just aren't going to make him anymore you know what I think will advocate more toward. It makes much more. To make a movie like Judy or move like the Billie Holiday movie this year or moraines by bottom. Like just do these period peace, It is with some great sir the role for the lead person, Renee Zellweger, one for Judy last year, Morrison to do that. Secondly, that expensive you need one or two stars, critics are going to like it, and you know you're not going to make money anyway, but like Netflix or Amazon, my it or Hulu yeah, I mean
the depressing model. Let me Mercedes. Black bottom is interesting to me, because you you have it's a movie based on an August Wilson play it's made by George Wolf. Who knows is August Wilson. It just turns out that, like that, might not be the strongest. This August Wilson play to turn into a move, but didn't get nominated for best movie, which should have been in retrospect, the red flag for the actor categories, yeah. I think what we can talk about what happened here SEC, but I mean life, Bianca Davis, as we discuss like that, is that before what's in, that movie is needed without Georgie work as one of our least appreciated directors of live entertainment, and like as a real thinker of how plays work and what good theater can be, but this was a for me needed a much bigger landscape to to operate within.
And that movie is so small she's, really not in that much, which is another detriment. There was probably didn't help. I press the dormant is in every scene of no. The odds were crazy. Viola Davis was plus two hundred friends. Francine Dorma was plus four hundred and then carry Morgan was the favourite like basically plus one twenty five I was on a bunch of gambling text. Reads this weekend, trying to figure it out. It was just like Frances, Mcdormand, plus four hundred, because she one before like doing anything else, able to figure it out up. Winning and I don't know what I should do, though she do. The Hopkins thing now sure yeah, ok, what just take me to where you were. When this happened. I mean psychologically,.
I thought Boba was a really special actor, just in general, So we do the postumus Oscar, like Heath Ledger as the Joker I really believe you would have one anyway, you I think he wrote good in that important in that. Yes, yes, yes, this was a tough one for me, because I really like awards. I think they matter and I really like looking back and trying to who should have won. Who should have lost all that stuff? I know I do with the NBA happens in the father was the best performance I saw male or female the entire year. I thought that movie was amazing. It stuck with me I had like while not thinking about it, for you know, hours and hours after I told my friends to watch it, I thought it was the most conventional we good, Oscars movie and performance. I thought Olivia Colman should one for best supporting actress
I thought she was. She was like twenty to one and she's like she's one before we can vote for her. I thought she was incredible in that movie had that Hopkins, I think Hopkins is a really. You know: he'll go down as one of the ten best actors of the last fifty years. He did. To another Oscar he'd already won. He was amazing in that movie so I agree so your case if your comply about who won best actor it comes down to Bozeman was a special actor, and this is our last chance to reward him and I get it so. Was really torn, because I do feel like five ten years from now. We look back at this category and feel like that was the best performance. Or female of the year, but I feel it bad that Bozeman didn't wind. So I was like I was just really torn up about it, yeah I'm exactly the same bill I feel like I think that what they did was unfair in some ways,
What happened was you know, should I even talk about this? It became clear at some point that best picture not going while we were all. We were well at the New York Times. In our lives up. Yes, And there was a of elective like are you, are you kidding me? Are you for real and to me that just kind of underscored, my feeling about the primacy of movies. At the moment, in the culture, but it also said something about. You know if, we're gonna, have death after be the last category, then demean game. To the extent that they are no way to a new Bozeman who's gonna win day when there was a certainty, the chapel person was gonna win. He was, as you know, I'm used to thirty three toward favorite.
Was that seven hundred to, and so I think everybody felt like He'S- gonna win easy overwhelming favorite. Yet so I think that there was also this perception, because the awards it was really a horse race, very close race, between Hopkins and in throughout. All of those in all of those are wars it happen until you get to be to the aspects in so it could have been either one of those guys I knew going knew I assumed it would have would would have been with closely, but I was perfectly prepared for the possibility that Anthony can I was gonna win, I don't think a lot of people were prepared. Well, because what passed the whole problem there, storytelling around these awards. If you really want to not have people throw their tvs in the garbage, you know eleven twelve. P m. When the show is over you kind of have set up up.
I didn't see a lot of ads for the Oscars that were like is Anthony Hopkins, going to beat Travic Boseman, is be all. That aim is the most titanic reform into two thousand to twenty in two thousand and twenty one of the branches Mcdermott's squeak it out. I mean there was no attempt to sort of dramatize the stakes. There is no like cultural. He persuasive or you could even do that- could Anthony Hopkins be one of the oldest people. Who's ever won an Oscar, whatever I mean at this point in the academy: wars they're, ninety three years old. There's a lot anytime. Somebody is making history, you might want to be promoting that in your broadcast, and I think that the public was really set up. Do you remember this moment at at the golden gloves of this great moment where they got this internet personality to go talk to these kids about actors, they recognised or something characters, Erectness Animal, exactly what the weather set up. What has been anyway,
they got a terrible Bozeman blacking thereafter, nobody knowing you, gave it up again anybody else they get to these. These little kids were like able to not only identify black panther, but like that that There is a thing that has happened since he's died. Warehouse has become legendary for his values, for the choice of characters. He's played and you know for the fact that he died early point out. We played the characters to like him. Right each one was a little different. I think it's of those things you don't totally appreciate. Sometimes it's somebody's gone. I think that's. Why everyone wanted it last night, because I really do think he was a special actor. Yes, and I think that he's a rate is a person who died way too soon, who
barely I mean you can count almost on one two hands all the parts he played significant parts he played. And so there is almost more like John Gazelle, where it's like yeah but the Imdb is just too short right, did the Imdb is too short, but like there was a sense in a culture of this guy was somebody I was gonna, be I'm somebody regret was a little different from Jack S. Hill, Fair so you get to the end of the show and you're like well. Clearly. This is this is the probability ending with Javert Business Widow Governor giving this rousing speech that she's been giving any time that he's won in the last couple of months and instead you why keen Phoenix Saint Anthony Hopkins peacemakers were Miss bath and credible ip. There's not even an attempt to get Jimmy Kimmel to come out and explain what it just happened or anything. It is really
It was a massive mistake because Hopkins was so good in that movie- and you think about this, know they made the academy a lot more diverse, so have a lot of old white people in the academy, and that movie you you are the more going to be affected by that movie. I just think it was in play that Hopkins had a chance to win, which is why it was. I just thought it was really risky, because Hopkins was so good in that movie that, regardless of what the gambling odds are and what sentiment was, was you have an academy, still skews pretty pretty old, and if your person Like I told my dad to watch that movie and my dad afterwards, I was like. Why did you make me watch that movie? I can't stop thinking about it if you're seventy and over- and you watch that movie. It's hating you I totally in the academy is old. So I think it was conceivable that happens was going to win. I just ended with best picture. Has guess what at some point you can't
Initially, the Oscars as you and with this picture. That's how you do it like at some point. You can't fuck with ninety years of how they did the Oscars just cuz. You you want this big moment at the end. Cuz, it's the faster thing to do. I just really disagreed with how they did it. And then also like you should have known Phoenix was gonna suck presenting a thing because he sucks like he's a great actor but his personality sucks. There was no no way he was keep nor any way any way, shape or form moment. That moment was like that plus both were, may not win its like. What are you guys doing? How do you in the show this. Yeah. You don't get war, you not getting a war in baby moment now. Would you know right? Can I have some really weren't baby try to lake under help. Everybody understand you know ultimately that night, with Moonlight Latta Land with Jimmy Kimmel and Morphin Baby the moonlight allow and people trying to make sense of what has happened. This was,
Everybody got dropped through a trap door or like the red wedding for the situation right and then suddenly, it's over everybody's been big massacre I just need to give him the word lifetime award. They can get some sort of recognition and that it's not going to be a It is when you best actor bed, but the other in that year. It's a bummer feel bad for Hopkins. This morality pointing his career and it's like I reside fuck that guy that's the guy was raising in that movie. So it sucks all the way around. It's a sucky story right. It sets up this really unfair thing where it just be the narrative that already exists. You know That is how to me, doesn't care about black people in leading roles in you know I do I'm not comfortable. I mean I can't tell people not to feel that way, but
there. It is more complicated than that, and yet it really ultimately is kind of reducible to that very simple for what he said, but that's right. So this is it sucks by it you think about. If you wanted, I mean to the extent that we're giving credit to the academy for anything I mean think about. Overjoyed. Everybody was last year and parasite one best picture, like the the I mean, every people, talk about the volume in the room. When when parasite was called at least the driver differently. People say that was the loudest ever ever in decades of of Oscar attendance There was a loud as they never heard the room to in terms of just to shock and an excitement, the ito We've talked about this too, like how many american men, have one directing Oscars in the last twenty years, not that many.
The ones who have one. I mean it's like people who have been due like clean, Eastwood, right marine courses if something is definitely happening in the movies where the people who we've done. Such a good job as Americans in Hollywood has done such a good job as an institution of. Showing people what it can do that now anybody can do it and each rewarding people playing its game systematically, but we, Does that leave american moviemaking if you're in TAT? If your inclined to think nationally regionally where's the leave american movement. It leaves it in precarious place. I mean the movies. Are one thing but then american movies are totally different. I thought the two best performances of the year that I saw
In my opinion means less than yours: could you do this for a living, Hopkins and Frances Mcdormand. Interesting. I would say and Anthony Davis and Anthony Hopkins. Be mine, okay, There are a couple of a really good ones, but I mean the tides labelling Africans and, beyond its feel, I can How how many make make nomad land work? I didn't really even love, but to me that's like that's like a Lebron James, two thousand and eight season where it's like. I have I'm going to have to carry every scene and do everything and run the offense, and I have to play every game and put my team put the team on my back. This is a good When I was thinking, I was watching your met land. How good I was, though you know what the bad version of what you're talking about is three billboards outside the right where he is,
Hagen, the movie, throwing it on her back in his leg. Just like swing it around and like knocking people in the head of cattle? echo is going costed with hillbilly allergy. The danger. Yes, it was Glenn close, does sling blade in two thousand and twenty one put some more makeup on make me uglier right right, but I think I it just sort of sucks because these problems are so entrenched in the culture of people who don't eagerly wash the asters. But you understand what the what the discrepancies are and what the loose history of this at the broadcasters, because it's the same, is true of everything else in this country. It s just count is such that we still have to be this.
Dynamic until it until it gets up you're the reason we have to relive it is because some fucking, unbelievable injustices, especially say in the Eightys and Ninetys like it's not getting nominated. This is why this is always going to be a thing, and I personally don't think it gets fixed. It's always going at any time. Something like this Hopkins thing happens. It's always gonna be fought for a lot of you and I was referring to the way the way it goes and that's that's it deserves, because of how the IRA is I've got It wasn't like the HEAT Stanfield lost to Anthony Hopkins right, with those men who we ve discovered in the last six months, is the most valuable American Movie STAR America had in Geneva, really knowingly died. No, I mean that's the thing that a lot of people aren't going to forget. It's unfair. It's totally unfair
best outcome would have been Bozeman winning at five years from now talk about. Our Hopkins was actually that was the performance of the air and its fine already anyone it all carried out. We all understand what it means to give a posture, this Oscar or to give up a lated Oscar. It happens all the time, the lesser Glenn close, so I feel like way to hi. I have a quick historical thing for you sure, because I do it is weird and then went and then we can go. I know you're sharing internet with somebody. It is weird we don't talk about the stuff in any stored, historical context. Right, like I think, if you ask the average person who loves movies, what actor or actress won the most best actor actress awards. I think most people would not you're right. I mean I know they got. You know you ve got your guns actors yet so the answer for the people listening is Catherine Hepburn. She won't for us
sure for my own glory, guesses coming dinner line in winter and Andalusia Anville part My wife loves that movie so be careful. I three, the three of Club that mentioned during our three and a half hour by a package last night which France lying dormant joined. Yes, it's Merrill Street who one to best actress and then a bit Supporting actor want Sophie's choice, the iron lady Kramer versus Kramer support. Jack Nicholson, three kukas nest as good as it gets in terms of endearment, supporting Ingrid Birdman, and then one for best supporting for murder and there are an express gain, day Louis three best actors- my left foot there'll- be blood, Lincoln Walter Brennan, when three best supporting actors. Never
for best actor have doubts, have written and our friend, there's a big dormann became the third actor actors ever to win Three best actresses, are actors not mentioned during the third, the breakfast. So now now she's like in this fuckin pantheon and I gotta say like I'm here for it, I think she's. I think she's amazing actors in her best performers should it in my favorite perform says that she didn't want for was the moment almost famous, which is one of my favorite moves. Yeah yeah, but I just think last twenty five years, if you're going he's the best living actress, the last twenty five years, she's she has to one of the first people that gets brought up correct you but you know what's funny, is that you are a wonder if, like to start random sampling, see somebody with it, it's crazy.
It is about a person. You just want to ask her lesson. Is it less than twenty years later, like lonely, various twenty dollars. It sees under which did not under read it, but she is. I think there is a sense that, like we can take it, we take for granted some ways, because there isn't a lot of variation among the parts right. Her saltiness, is the driving engine you know her yet come billiousness her her, you know kind of the idea relentlessness there. The kind of unsavory aspect of her approach, the characters it is denied appealing for lots of different people, including me, and I think that, because it seems like it's like Nicholson Incinerators, every every time. But you know you put it in different environments. It does a different thing. I do
wish that more heed. If you think about what happened at the outset, the Grammy's, which is a totally different thing. Yeah. You know when she one night when she won that record breaking Grammy became the most decorated Grammy winning woman of all time. They made a big stopped her as she was about to take her seat. Trevor, stopped, stop and he's like hey Beyonce you just made, Randy history. To stand there be like I do not face. She makes me doesn't know great scope, for I feel to be like I did. What did I do, and he explained to her in You know the grimmest had to do that to like apologize for all the non major Grammy's. Did they ve not given the anti over the years he's only one of these new categories, but the eye. You that there was nobody, last may to say, hey Freedom The Norman you
Just entered into a very exclusive club glencore you down there, you entered one to which we will celebrate that You, like you, the zoological break. You Peter at all great gray club. Well, that's why they should anyone that they should and ended with best actress if they're gonna, I gotta get creative and not in with best picture the safe. Was anyone best actors, because no matter how they pointed out it would have been cool like violence thus when he again in cementing second Anita. Second, best actors asker. Yet right, she was The most actors for fences are resist, supporting should have one for best actress. I was dear Emma Stone one Falada land. They moved her to supporting action. And she went prevents in supporting gotta leave performance, but what That was outrageous that she was supporting. That was like the key to see a field as best supporting actors that are best factories in the entire movie. I, why don't we, with this report.
We put up with any of this is the crazy quickly and Hopkins the listen. People who have won two best actor actresses that as long as you would think, other people imagine Betty Davis, Spencer Tracy, Harlem Brando, Jane Fonda, Dustin, Hoffman, Hanks Hopkins now, Gary Cooper leave it to have headline Frederick March Sean PEN, Elizabeth Taylor, Jody Foster, Glinda Jackson and Sally Field that less than twenty DES, that's quite a here is where he didn't say hilariously, he should be off because I didn't keeps growing down. There's more. It's like. Louise whose at Louise Rayner of Good Earth, that groundwater is all They only and vividly hooker. If you have so far for actors,
so it's way harder for an actor. I guess it was easier for actresses for whatever so reason so Hopkins, and I think he has nineteen. Ninety one in two thousand twenty might be the longest gap between the two that I can fire but I can say, with Hopkins Amazing actor yeah really some good enough over the years like I do think it makes sense that he's a two time Oscar would, Sorry, you should have one for that. Poking B to the two pops. That was a really good performance and not a supporting part. I'm sorry they put in supporting the leg. Let in price believed, but they were colleagues, I'm sorry, that's it I would have voted firm for the edge to that. Having bargain fight Nabob bear heavy some years, the day remains today day who
best best actor year year it was like him, oh Tom, Hanks, one from Philadelphia, I'm so that's, okay with that soon remains there. Oh, my God, Anthony Hawkins and come come on. We I we did and Hunter and was talking about, though whatever of, if brand, I just back to be sound, so the lambs Hannibal again and where there are better market correction with Brad Cox and Anthony Hopkins. The great question I mean it's the great question I feel like I don't know what the casting situation was. There was Are they talking about bringing Brian Cox into do nay? They then there were hundreds, yet it makes sense. You know we're having this conversation by Anthony Hawkins, and it just makes me sad that we'll never be able to have it about child both. You know There's a version of the story were, like you know, twenty years from now we have this laden,
depending on what were the movies wind up going, which is another problem rage. The reason all those people have those two Oscars is because the movies, They were making more movies where people stood a bit Chance of getting performance is in seemingly like made here, it'll brow, low stakes movies, where such a thing could happen. Now, it's it's it's really hard for Frances Mcdormand for any other actor, though Marsha Ali he does have two supporting actor Oscars and like four years or less than four years, so it's not it's- it's gonna become a smaller field of people. I think we're gonna pull this stuff off, but it's all gonna be harder to do. Could you just can be fewer movies, re arts be easier easier to do. I will say: there'll be fewer. And so the people giving these titanic performances are
It's going to be the same class of people, I would predict. I think Daniel Kalu has a chance Definitely gonna have I mean again never leave performed under way, which use the added I should have. I might have that two over Mcdermott. Actually, I'm thinking about have Hopkins one. I thought he was awesome. That movie, I didn't think it was a very good movie, but I thought he I mean he's are both really performed. I mean I don't know what the difference splitting was all about, because you're clear you're not concerned about vote splitting, because you put these two guys in the same supporting category. So I'm not sure what the strategic what the strategy was there. Remember. We were arguing for for him forget out that year oh yeah. I mean that was we who won at here. I can't even remember now, but my brother, Did he even get now? I think it was Gary. It was Gary that was Gary Old yeah great.
They're on their forget that everyone, member. Can double check, but Gary element. I who won that year, he was dominated than when I gave you he should want. I mean that was debated and I think that would be my first choice for among those biogas, are you had either? What was Was the movie just so we can wrap up, because I know you have to go so you? What did you have for best movie? What would you have voted for if I were an academy member, I would have voted for sound, a metal that would have been my of those eight and for sap and the one I voted for. That was another really effective movie, yet the fire. Sound and metal were my favorite two of those eight movies Hopkins was best performance in a vacuum, but what would you have done? Would you have voted for or would you voted for Hopkins. Can I pass you guys
no I'll be honest. I would have voted for Anthony Hopkins because that's how my brain works, that's how it works for me. I would have voted for Anthony Hopkins because he gave the decibels I mean Riz, Ahmed and Anthony Hopkins- were my two favorite of those five? Listen, though Would it had no problem. I mean we ve been around for Javert Grossman away. Now but in the new jail for best actress validates build it. I mean I, I late Frank, has begun I did not have a problem. Is she at one hundred and forty three billboard I would have I would have died, would have. I would have jumped out a window myself. I would have thrown. I would have like myself on fire and throw me out a window when I thought she did win for three billboards. No, she didn't
oh yes, he did. What am I talking about? You did jump out and about it is we do? What am I talking about? I still locked that out, but she did win. Yes, she did. Oh, my god. She won for that horrible and then movie taught us about racism. Oh got That's how little I like that movie. I can't believe how do I, who would I like to have won that year? I don't even the whole thing up, yeah, that's you know the thing about the thing for me is, I really did think going into a normal and it was going to be that movie times too, but it was, It was so much better the three billboards for all kinds of reasons, but I think part was. There was a modulation to that character very true Francis you, Norman Stream Persona there. As a kind of, I don't know it just. It was due
from all the other acting she's been doing at this level of her of her career. There was a soulfulness and like a real, introspection that she doesn't always get pushed to do in those in perform and I think that I have no problem with her winning. I have a performance for you sure I really like this HBO show that Kate Winslet on mayor of ISA, whenever you like that. Ok, I'm asking you I'm not watching. How do you know you know I love came visit. How do I now more than you. But I do love her fascinating choice, every every child she made from just being in the show to how she's playing it too. There's a couple pieces that we can talk about when we get to like six episodes. We should regroup because.
It's? It's really good and I think she's really really really good in it, and it's just so different than any part. I've seen her play and just from a career standpoint, I just think she's brought a lot of different types of roles to the table like she's, pretty fearless, and sometimes it's bad right, the movie when she broke her egg in the mountains with a solar, it's terrible, she's a what is it a mountain between us yeah. That's like a comedy, oh my god, but when she's good, she's good so anyway I'll be into your thoughts on that one I the kind of resisting it a little tiny bit because She was a really good at Mildred peers, but I just feel like again- and I think the things that were kind of talking, but here it a little bit is, is not wanting things that we liked when they were one way to change and accepting the debt. They are changing, but they, but it's not lake.
I couldn't accept for is the fact that she was making. This is limited series on HBO when, like I want to see her over making a movie right yeah, but I think we kind of have to accept that that ship is sailed, and this isn't the same thing as like wishing that things would stay white his at all, but it is moral whizzing that you know if we have all these people. If we have all these women who can do all the staff who are being like finally ignored as has been capable of doing it. If we have all these now why people capable of you know cooking looking right, direct produce, CAS com soon make up haired his design. All of us we can have movies work but important, great energy popular movies being made without white people,
the idea that the opportunity to do that? You know that the shift in that happening the shift that that, in those demographics Coincide with the demand. The movies is a, and so there's a kind of bitterness for me at all this opportunity because I don't know exactly I'm eager to see where it gets plugged into. You saying that a bucket Winslow just brought about his resistance that I have had to I understand, is an inevitable, probably around irrevocable change re it was. I was angry when we were talking about very Jenkins a few years ago, and I'm now not angry even though what is happening is an industry doing this to itself for reasons you know for money, but but social
that it can't understand it like what suffers in in turning itself. The ip into franchises is. Is that you have then deal with the problem of the Oscars everything really the price, you pay for all those avengers movies and all those king versus Godzilla is is a class of you know. Potentially mediocre amazing movies every year. The Oscars that the public has no interest in because You aren't training them to love. Those movies did really bad. That's a good one end, and I was there about a cave ones that children, which I think is movie? Oh yeah, movie yeah? it's an ever happening again, never happened happening. No, it's it's a limited series now right at seven, unless it's absolutely absolutely exactly and it's like what's the better version of it, a tea, this the movies, Vulcan, awesome and yak about them.
Stick with the afterwards. It's one of those yeah really really creative inventive. I have no idea what happened in the director outside feel, daddy automatic, am I a yeah? I mean Hartfield up you're, doing something, again there yet, but I mean them of his ass, a minimal beer, it would be an HBO series into doesn't yeah where's. They was good to see you. Thank you for coming here, always a pleasure. My friend are a talk you later one way.
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