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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons shares his idea for an NBA midseason tournament that could shorten the NBA regular season (3:05), before he is joined by Jason Concepcion to discuss the Knicks and Kyrie Irving getting booed in Boston (20:00). Then Bill sits down with actor Tim Robbins to discuss some of his films including 'Bull Durham,' 'The Player,' 'Mystic River,' and 'The Shawshank Redemption,' as well as his new film, 'Dark Waters.' They also talk about political activism, legendary New York sports moments, and more (1:02:20).

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shipping. Remember please enjoy responsibly drink words homebuyers currently available in California. In Europe, Florida Missouri, Pennsylvania, known or more states available for precise today at drink works. Dot com were also brought by the book, a Basque by two point: OPEC Ass, where we put up a new one this week, dirt knew its and the pyramid How did he climb? He was the one that if you read my two thousand nine book his the analysis and probably age the worst, because he had won the tooth as limb finals. Yet so we had to redo that one mark stand came in and we talked about Turks incredible career and broke down all the what ifs and everything else, because then the the best, but to put our past also, we put up a new Rwanda. Was this week, I'm not on this one, but I was replaced by ran reseller. Who is my my my muscle bound extra food? We need a new NGO dietary whatcha, but it was What was buried him shot Venison Chris Ryan, it's the longest free watch, a buzz we ve ever done.
Which I had some issues with, because fantasy is a big proposed. The Irishman men was not too long. Scenario is taking out on us by making the reaction was to luck, I'm an avatar with them after this package, be Mr Wolf was straight on the relaunch was pod and you can listen the book a best. What to point OPA cast wherever you get. Your pack has come up about to fix the NBA schedule and the mid season tournament. In the plan thing, I have a whole strategy for it. I'm going to talk about that at the top and Jason Concepcion is going to come in to talk about what the hell is happening, the next how do they do it? If they struck out on Katie and Kyrie, they wasted all their cap space and they're the worst team in the league. How did they do it that and then best for last TIM, Robins finally, and the BS podcast. I guess I just missed my friend:
it's all come out. First, our friends, reproaching I sat down to talk about this over the thanks, giving break big story by Sakhalin age. You watch Rask Andover twenty third. Last week I was talking with the players. She s in with their black ass partners about really shaking up the counter, which is something? As you know, if you ve read bare, listen listeners pack ass, I have a passion about for the last twelve years, I'm way back in the day, caught at the entertaining a cell tournament, which is basically, I think it was. Fourteen teams made the playoffs and then the other. Sixteen had a single elimination tournament for the last spots. Since then I tweeted change said shade last,
in this podcast had a whole bunch of new ideas for it, but this story really made it seem like this is something that could be happening where they're short in the regular season. Two hundred and seventy eight games. Talking about receding teams in the semi? Fine all space than regular season record talking bout. A playing for the seven eight nine and ten seed strands get the last two seats any in the paths of these different things, and what are things that was in here was a mid season tournament post thanksgiving extending into MID December, something like that or late January February tournament that would head into all star weekend. One of those to the idea has been bad around here has never worked right, so why hasn't worked? Why hasn't this idea caught on his problem. There's no incentives for the prayers. I've heard money getting for around one. That's these prayers already make a ton of money. That said, the second accept them.
There is a twenty million our prize for the winning team. Not that I know it sounds crazy, but I dont know if that is enough of incentive for some of these guys to do the wear and tear of determined, like that. I have heard people talk about a lottery Peck war. If, quite Leonard. What do I care if the Coopers get a ladder APEC? That's just Subic. Take my job. Forced me to get traded. Who does like these guys, don't care about anything other than getting through the playoffs and wind in the title in my opinion, that's how you'd have to set the wise them are sadly do that. What here is my idea, in that I should mention. I think this this DORA getting leaked out was a half warship move bad himself, and I mean that in the most daring way possible, I think something
Turn was really get at it. I used to make fun of a better other time was late September early October. He would do some crazy thing. They got people talker for two weeks where there was like the dress code or got What I think silver was trying to do with this story, especially heading into Thanksgiving from the people I've talked to. This is something they talked about all these different alternatives two months ago. The board of governors Eating- and it has a really had any momentum at all since then- and I think some people in the leg were a little surprised that the story came out, but look. This is a good thing ultimately, because this leads an idea that I actually think would work really well I'm actually excited about this idea, because it solves a lot of issues right. What are the issues won? The season is too long. We can all agree on that ideally want the seas in the b. You know. Seventy. Seventy two gave some died that every
but I have talked to in the NBA, they said we can't lose twelve games. We can't replaced the money. We can it's too much money. We could lose maybe to home games wearing a jobs to seventy eight. He could maybe lose the two Few replace it with some other source of income, but these guys around search for reason: they're, not just going to give away money if they don't have to see if the incentivize a little bit differently. My first thought was to get to seventy two games for the regular season. I think that solves a bunch of different problems for one thing's, the sky It works out perfectly you'd play everybody in Europe conference three times you play everybody in the other preference twice in your done. Great seventy two games. Of course they were lapping awful lot of money with that we have to replace it. Had we replace it about a sees internment tournament
okay. Well, what are the incentives? How do we get these guys to care here to get them to care after the at the thirty five game mark we have the Russell CUP in New York City. You like that idea. Guinea named after bill, rests on our wrestle. Westboro. Of course, the top fourteen teams by record are invited to the rustle cup in the top seeds in each conference, get a by their automatically advanced around two. So now we have three against fourteen for against, Tina down the line. It's a so first round its worth. One win.
Now we get to the sector and there's no aid teams left. That's also worth one. When we get to the semifinalist others for teams left towards two wins: the double game. We get the finals, the last two teams standing. That's worth. Four winds plus the thirty first picking the draft is lit out about us. Ok, so do I mean by four winds, tunes Alaska, I'm saying- take the regular season record of these types of wood said the south Ex fifty twenty two but they win the rustle cup you add seven wines from the Russia, because winning the rustle cup is where seven wins. You add that to their record, so instead of fifteen twenty two, really become fifty seven and twenty two now the say this gets complicated. Now nobody has the same things. You know Ok, you look back his dealings and
standing there like ten coms long in there's all these different records are there. You know what the fuck is going on, kind of what we need to do. The NBA sort. This out this go fifteen twenty two. We have regular season. We have that standing in the way they are normally leg and then have a separate thing to the right of it it has your tournament record for the midseason. So you'd have, seven points the most you get a seven points. This commercial, get if you made the finals, but you didn't win, is four points. She'd have those points next to it, with a total number, points for all your wid said? Celtics have fifty wins, then you have the next com understandings at seven and then total points, fifty seven that be, arms, their regular, seizing quorum, poor record and that's how we decide who had made the play us. In my opinion, the would force these guys to actually care and take this seriously because Sunday, this on a Monday right now, the
are seventeen and three. The Celtics are fourteen and five, but the Celtics one, this midseason tournament in you added seven with seven or hypothetical, whence the record in that fourteen five suddenly becomes a twenty one in five. Pretty good advantage over Milwaukee, especially if you have the winning percentage down, Milwaukee would really have to catch up. The point is, I think I think these teams would actually care about the cup because they don't have to infer games and if you space them out it's own, relate the course of eight or nine days. However, our long enough to be theirs There is real reasons to win it and maybe throwing the cat casting ten million dollars or five minors whatever it is like it? You want to wet their beaks so to speak, low, Godfather, further teeter, but
I think this would actually work now think about whereat, like the thirty gave mark. Only fourteen themes can get in the tournament unity. We hope will be good about it. There could be some teams on the bubble. We're gonna be wondering who can get the top seed in each conference, so they get the by and round one which is basically a free win. We a conversation, starter that's right around when we start board bored with the NBA about just the narratives of for our game. Twenty eight game, twenty nine words like all right, who's, who's on the all star team and that everybody Red STAR all star game? What does Thoreau think now we actually like Holyshit, the Russell CUP is coming who's, going to get the one seed who's going to make it. What are these matches gonna be like and by the way, if you This is stupid, you're full of shit because of this I have to be your watching, it fits read this out over the course of a week, and this is on all the time Zog leading to hear this
Finally, is the clippers Lakers in one bracket in Dallas. In Slovakia in the other. One in Dallas is upset a couple themes, and all these winds are at stake in this could actually affect the standing. Sir, that's all he'll thing that I think would work. I had soared Do the other? Sixteen teams were there playing in the Chamberlain CUP you know I need in general, a cup cuz. He one slash unless titles the bill, Russell yeah. That's why the bottom sixty teams by record first three rounds. Words one when each and then the finals are worth two winds plus the thirty second pick so that could actually you know you get a high second round pack plus is to gain a little momentum, these games- in my opinion you take these in you- saw them too, like the zone or european plus. This is I just perfect content fur these streaming, services that need caught a baby, HBO Max gets about through the
Disney plus oh yeah, you- maybe you- should get about to somebody's going to want these. Even though they're the worst teams, you stagger them in ways so that they're never competing against the Russell CUP, and we just do for like ten eleven days and now real stakes in theirs double winds and could, but winds- and I don't know- I think it would work now. Here's the other wrinkle, because we want people to care about this entire season real stakes. Resellers gonna hate this idea. I don't care Plants area, where they talk about seven, eight, nine ten I wanna go deeper. I want to hire sticks how about this? Only the top five seeds in each conference are guaranteed playoff spots and, if you're, not a top five seed, guess what I got a little think how to play game for you. You wanna make the play ass here. The succeed you around the Caspian, quite good,
and you can get one. I have five spots while you gotta play the eleven seed to get it yet to host the game. That's the fund, six verses, eleven seven versus ten aid it is nine six aims: total single goal- and that's it guess what if anybody who watches the challenge on MTV still one of the great institutions in television history, everybody is very focused on now ending up in the elimination thing at the end of the show, because you know Happening elimination thing it's fifty fifty in every day you make it might get clip by a puzzle. You may be in some game where you you have to it's a physical game. You go get somebody bigger new air, all this stuff. Energy. All the drama of the show is avoiding that fifty fifty contest at the end,
That would be the same thing for the playoffs here. If we're only guaranteeing five plan spots in each conference. People can fuck around the regular season anymore. I'm sorry the coopers the load manage with thing. You can't do that. Manage bit as much If you're worried about oh man, we might not be a top five team, because who saw this Dallas thing coming and now their six. Themes in the west. And we got to get our ship together, Kauai, I'm sorry! I know your knee hurts but you're going to have to play tonight. I think it would completely the mechanics of how the teams in the top five or six operated. I dont think they'd be able risk as much on top of it. It's a seventy. The game schedule anyway, so we have less games. I think the quality of play would go outside, be one good thing and then the other thing is from a tanking standpoint, instead of just a playoff teams in each conference and then basically for not going to make the
He just through season away, and you start losing games intensely and do not the other terrible stuff we ve seen now it's like, if you have a chance to get aid, a nine ten or eleven spot which is really a group of about you know five or six teams in each conference that have to take that seriously. Why wouldn't you try to make it? What what's wrong with you the play us it's it's that could affect whatever your lottery record was because it stole it stands still done by record whatever. But now I have the sole carried the think about Lebron James and the Lakers last year, Libra could come back, they could have been a ten seed earn eleven seed. So they may be than a nine seed, but hidden shouted down because what was his incentive? Well, if there is the key of what you could actually make the playoffs and be in this play a game.
First of all, what a neighbour for the succeed where it psychology shit, we gotta play Leubronn one game winner takes all, but it also eggs have really hard to shut guys down and it makes it much harder not to do the right thing. So that's why I guarantee the top five seeds in it the winds in these midseason tournaments and you'd put real stakes, because the goal of all this is eggs cause the goal of all this is: how do we win the title? Had we not beat our prayers into the ground, how do we space to seize it out in a really fun way that keeps everybody's interests and how do we these little breaks and hiccups. I think it would be really fun. I I think the only way you can do emits isn't term and I don't think they pay in the prayers warn them allow replace all that works, but few way the winds in the tournaments at midseason that as some great benefits and if you cut down the number guaranteed,
of seeds, people can't just shut off when they want to. That will be the goal of a right. As always, I'm happy to hear thoughts, you can email. I set the mailbag at the ringer dot com. I feel pretty strong. About this idea. Cow would rather go to the rustle cup in New York or wood. Rather go to the Chamberlain CUP in Vegas little severe, Vegas ha. Let us see dear lower stakes, yeah great Amazon relics, lights out over the table, a cup Chamberlain couple be the rustle couple be work: where are the establishment is here in the chamber, couple be of the underground Miranda Oak, its vague as this provides that the battle happen at some point, the summits at it. That's my idea. The wrestler cup, the chain Chamberlain CUP Midseason tournaments at the thirty five game mark. Only five playoff spots guaranteed needs conference. Seventy two game regular season and I think we're good, thank you and play
Dr Zira and now time for this State Farm safe out of the week. The team you can count on just like football life could be unpredictable. That's why state farm agents are there to help with over nineteen thousand agents a local state farm agent could be just around the block. With you talk in person by phone or through the app state farm. Is there going? one with coverage and agents. You can count on. You know I can count on right now. The Tennessee titans they ve done really well for me- the last couple weeks since ever replaced Marcus Mary variety. Now they lost sick. Need to nothing to damper week, six and since then they ve been a house of fire. If only lost once they be Kansas City.
Last week they go in Indianapolis everything's going wrong for them. In the first half Henry Fumbles, the first drive Tannehill fumbles later in the first half doesn't matter. They come back at seventeen thousand two hundred and seventeen after the third quarter, and they just take over the game of the fourth they win by fourteen. I think they're play off to him and I think they think they're plastic. That's the thing that's been startling to me they have a lot of confidence re now and you can make a case. Not only should they be one of the wildcard themes or you can make a case, they have used a week. Fifteen he's too weak seventeen that taken There are still the ABC Sassy. Look at this raiders game this week possible trap game rate. Said! Look terrible ass, the last two weeks they ve got killed. They lost seventy four to twelve. The last two weeks Dave only scored twenty nine it's in the last three weeks, but here's the thing there were six and for caboose go there still kind of in the wild card. Had it's hard for it to be a trap game. If it's us
a meaningful Caesar on Game for Oakland, Tennessee shows up this week. I think they proved everybody that they are applied. Team and I think we're gonna look at those Houston games. We fifteen we, seventeen as games, Tennessee could take the division, and so they go stay farm talk to an agent today and trust the Tennessee tides. I you know things bad with the next will bring Concepcion on J sites. Have sound misfit hosted NBA desktop a threat for the ringer, as well as co host of binge about politics. Our worst ballerinas like between Lamar and Mandl Orient she's out. I've never had a better in her life. Do not like this. This is repeat it. He is he's. Gonna get APEX, Bower its own believe what she's walking around on a cloud she added she added members of her like coating staff of her favorite. Walking through the halls on Friday and where it was amazing and she's got it it's a wash Lamar like the crush the world after game, a throne
ended. We are worried about her physical well, being her sanity. Are these things it now she just rejuvenated? Now about your physical wellbeing and insanity. The necks I've been through. This is fine. Let's talk at the time You know you could get me into this evening. The next agenda next monsieur Le Twenty years- and you never saw me for saying before I'm fine- I've seen this before. We did a further book ask about by a cast a couple months ago. We taped it one of the last great nickname.
As ever. We're gonna run in a couple weeks. Elegies four point play: we did a reaction was about that game twenty four years ago, easy crazy talk, and arguably since then, there's only been a couple highlights, but I want to talk specifically about scientists. Do just what happened the last two years, because you know you and fifty four against the tooth as thirteen punchers chance that pacer Series go sideways the next year traps that thirty, seven the year after that jobs to seventeen wins the influence. Thirty one wins: twenty nine whence seventeen wins last year, but it was all leading to the rat inquiry coming in than they did in come and the way the team responded is what I want to talk about, because it's not just about not getting there.
Guys, it's not just about a culture of fear and incompetence and losing another short. All these moves are related in this crazy way. They learn all sit there, all right, let's go back a year ago, they stretch joking no deal. They do this paper, like oh they're, getting Katy inquiry whilst rejecting this? Well, he could have been a two thousand twenty expiring. This year would have a nice We have been five eight and it doesn't move the needle that much it would have a nice. Yes, it's all part of this very picture. Yes cancer in the cab. Six point for the sheer six point for next year: six point: four and two thousand twenty one: two scenario already operating with with six per cent less of cap in the year, that your training at Yon Islam, these guys largely then you trade, port,
It is hard to ITALY to Dallas for two first Dennis with Junior and some expiring contracts. Couple ass. You, sir, you badly. I say you like you the next time. It's fine, I get it. You ever make me your radius J, and really over eight, the part where, well, I mean sure dont say we over a thousand desperation to get rid of him to start the Luke AIR yeah. I think that was I was against that trade you're unhappy. I was unhappy for various reasons. One you know I'd like to see somebody actually I'd like to see someone actually signed, I admit that eggs. You I'd like to end the number one thing I think that you're getting at that. I want to cut right to the heart of this.
The Knicks, or not a free agency destination for top peer free there not a place, the top to free and it's looking too Last summer should have absolutely prove that in anybody's minds, if people are looking of mixed fans and then in the next four officer, looking ahead to yawn S, what they need to do is show that they can be a normal team that that draft good players develops them and then moulds. Those players into something like a cohesive team that doesn't east necessarily needs lakes of world on farming needs to show that the basic building blocks of good team are there, so that good players can come in and it's like plugin play. The Knicks aren't doing that like a dinner here, for you just want to come here, so what you have to start from grounds ear and build team up from the bottom level and the only real advance. And you would have in that situation is lottery picks, yes, where they are in this situation, posing as, but they were
because they trade him for they gotta the situation. You have this window with young guys, words like, The only ones who can make you rich share for about a year and if you take our money. Now you're gonna to there's risk. You might get hurt other stuff, but here's a lot of money just take it and now we have you for at least careers. They squander thou the pausing thing the real issue. Is they really under evaluated Luka because LUCA, because you have an unprotected twenty forty one pic and you have attacked their protected twenty twenty three pay but now it's like war. The maps are one of the top eighteen of the week I mean to be fair. We often LUCA was obviously a elite prospect, as a teenager coming out of the second best weaken the world. That said, what he's doing now is like hurt nobody at this gear in it may be that our late aware yet not insist that this, but as a
Look in your ways like the IRA disguise, definitely somethin. I agree. I think I think that the trap you can't get into as a mixed fan is like you can take some of these moves out in isolation and go oh, this training posing, as makes sense, considering the the environs and in the chaos surrounding him and the fact that he wanted to go here too. There are there, but it's like you need to go to the route. Why did he hated there? You know it you don't I mean if I guess I wish he didn't, do that and act like such a scumbag. Forcing his way out, and I wish the Knicks also have held the lineup hunger and been like, let's INA strikes at the very least, extract, more resources from Dallas But the bottom line is: why is it that players
I want to be their figures, let's figure that out, because that's the problem from which all the other problems stem and everything else is just trying to like basically patch the hole in the boat and all that stuff me s. Ok, you don't Julie's ran all and other players on short contract here. They make sense right now develop our young players. Ok, they make sense. Fidel who'd, booze, light. By Leubronn and others. That makes sense right now, but like as a whole, it doesn't make sense and it doesn't make sense, because there are still thinking of themselves as like this topped your free agency destination, big market, New York, City York, New York. Meanwhile, but meanwhile, two thousand fourteen I got should as strike you just whips. Caloric supermarket yahoo shudder. His name was gone and forget. We can because we would take him with an uninsured need. So it's like Hated the prisoners shade when happened, we did emergency package, we are killed, it we're like what the fuck are. They doing. It's actually work
worse than we thought, because at least you had the sliver of hope that LUCA was in a b what he is now for a couple years, But now is that right away, so that even that twenty one packers like while, like least the latter. I think that sound can it be lottery back at stuff? I'd see have that last summer, they strike out on everybody, the problem that posing a straight as you get all that you dump your other to contracts as it without cast, whereas we got him. This is the pausing idea is leading to caning. Carry you don't get any this, then Thing we killed on the ringer all over the place. They just spend all the calf space they get used where they got Bob reporters TAT gives injurious Randal markets more, as we know it in regiment. Alfred Peyton for seventy seven million hours again in isolation. I think, if you look at it as a response, you ok, we struck out free agency, no big deal, here's what we're gonna Do in reload with guys were pretty good on contracts.
That are not egregious and then all of a sudden hey. You know if, if, if, Contender, a bowl contender comes around later the season in the end, they need a guy with all these guys and also its not hurt, us long term of these, but like the knock on effect? Is that all these guys who were playing for their next Contra writer, you now so like players, who already had a tendency to just be like out for their numbers, are now like incentivize to be out for their numbers? And then what's going to happen like in a couple years now we're just gonna beat the hoping than another free asian comes. It's like a constraint on draft develop Frank Mitch: young players are J Ends, Knox. It knocks and hope nights ago at the empty. Last week I mean nazis, and so I had so many issues with how they spend their money for one thing for indoors unfold for who, basically, by the same position- and there was like some there's some weird next,
fenders on twitter and there are those who bobby poorest comply centre and ran on CAN in Marcus, Mars play Pat small forward. It's like ok, fine, but that's I could work oh and Morris. I would say to the top seven boss: doctors. In the week I had to watch more as the last couple years. I e competitive. I liked him. He it's about the bus stops you get rid of the bar, the boss stops and if you watch the next year when there is therefore an seventeen who's, this guy standing arouse pass, but I mean that its huge issue and it's like not really any of anyone's fault. It's us. You have that many guys who were already ball, Cyprus, who were now playing for their next deal. What do you think you could do it? It's like. You have em it's man if you have any of those guys on the floor at the same time, what you have to have. Sometimes it is it's tough- is. Tough to wash them. They will just I so out in dribble it out, and it's like was everything Lando everything stops
and I should like my life links- are on the right team. He could be I said, and this time it yeah, you can have like three other guys, like Randal, alternative, Randal stuff on the team, and then it's like listen, I don't Fidel I've, I've, I've issues with them is wealth, but it's like what are you. They handed him the squad and their let go window That's more point guards five power forward: yea, like a dead end, its that to me is insane like who convinced Jim Dolen, that this was a competitive good team like on paper boats, the patent hang was underrated. Bizarre Caserta had so many point placards, so the term for this year, and we were saying last summer you can say anything we did. What advantage they had once these guys burn them was like. Ok, we're your way, She now right come are you worried about the luxury tax? Do you have to get? bit of a contract to accommodate we're here
part of your money here park it here. So you talking about stuff, like you know, ok, seize the day trade westward for Chris Paul. They get to first from pigs for but they dont want Chris Paul rising water. We do this guy there, Could add eighty million to be like I, we have an idea. Just given us we'll take em, throw in a pick two that'd be great fear that you have. My aim is and the dump wide sides, Lasher that awaits I I'd rather have Whiteside, then Bobby Portas and Alfred Peyton, the critical She would throw me a pact with Chris. Paul thing is interesting. Just because, like listen it are you trying to rehabilitate your image in the week when I get one of these players who, yes, he's old and dont, be don't expect to compete with them or be relevant, but if you can just kiss his ass for the length of his contracts so that he's liking,
but the extremely pretty good yeah that is getting killing a bird with a couple it with one stone right there you getting good player and your hopefully rebuilding you're you're doing a later you're getting a leader and you re ability in your image with amongst good players in a way which is like, could not be lower, on account, so the next fans would say Chris Paul. That's too he's got three years left at his deal- that last year's thirty eight million forty four billion whenever it is legitimately alot of my guess, what you're not signing a frigid anyway. This now coming to the next Ganis he's, not gonna start like start up, I can already sense it coming. You know like where its by the end of this season. All of a sudden, it's gonna, be the drumbeat of always come in, and the like old, like they're gonna, nail sign one of his brothers or something You know like one of those four video Andrey Jordan signing from last year, the Knicks words like I'll use close who carry. Let's get him on the year that work, their great I've worked out great at those signed
nice brother and maybe one of his friends and then like higher his personal chef and give him a restaurant like in and it won't work get and comic. Here's my advice on that. Do the opposite. Dont higher anybody who knows the players, because I think part of the problem with at the age of last year was the next or so after up. He was there for two months. It is probably the forward Katy Inquiry gun during a group. Face time is I don't come here? It's terrible there's no question, but I will say that the boomerang on them, because I think you know that I think the reason that they insisted on him going to Brooklyn was they didn't realize he was washed his eyes plan on the next he's, probably whose values coasting and then they get him and now like. Oh, I think he is actually washed. It was
the event that the Andrei tax- yes on top of Nokia Defer year it see you can end up with the Enigma. That is currently one of the few things that I am taking solace in right now in New York area, basketball, yeah is that occurrence, so you had, I mean here's some other ones. You could add Phoenix had adopted. Weren't for reasons there remain unclear that is giving him away for free could at him for eleven may I agree, but I think that's another thing. We're like at least take on guys. You weren't, like maybe have problems. Like I'd, the Knicks culture is so bad for a problem that is worth twenty six points against good team. Sad, I don't know about the clips got more heartless for nothing. They got him for free note of a nice, the Lakers they had to do Moreover, there they just gave under the wizard junior taken care of sea fan. My Wagner. I do like him Minnesota would have panic. Dumped Wiggans last year of anybody want now in the way
thing. Let's Isabel I know I did see that happen a little longer. I need to see that continue throughout the season before. I believe that it's not like a flip Murray situation, but would crazy to me is. We have now like of fifteen and twenty year track record of had one you this is it's no matter what the die of just for teams like sure, if you strike out every agents- and you have some good young- where's, your bottom out use the cab space to take to take other thing at problems way gets mass it's. This is what normal, what you know, that's what normal teams normative and they ve been doing it a long time. It's not flashy, it doesn't get headlines, but it does work and I just wish didn't notes at when will they start acting like a normal team? It's hard to say I thought we'd, you know,
next fans, really thought that the last season odour of their kind of normal. Now this is like ok but ass parian mills. They seem like they nor they're doing it's like their level headed, maybe there's gonna build and its falls apart. Once again, one of you she stated even clear out the there's a misnomer now that all these contracts are one year contracts. It's not true. Randal Ellington Gibson book and Peyton are forty. Eight point: six million next year, the only ones you're getting rid of after this report, is the moors. If you throw a no dead money. That's fifty five in all those guys there at ninety two million guaranteed next year, so the people of the world with its fine? It's only the shared No, it's not your also screwed. Next year to year, your screwed up, but again.
You're not getting ready, we're not getting them anyway, like let's figure out deals to get drastic to get assets to get assets it. You could flip for draft picks, because that's only when you get out of this, But here's here's some. So let's say you had all the cap space. That short would say you only did Randal. Ok, just had a bunch youngest there's gonna be some dump trades, Ike San Antonio. At what point did they look at? rose and be like who wants to resin. Just want to get rid of them here. Take on that, That will give us a couple picks for that. Yet at me, now be great. Ok see needs to so there's five teams that have to do with the luxury ok see his million over the luxury tax, they, while paying luxury tat by enemies, Threem three point: eight million goes it's five point: nine. They don't really have a way out on that used in some point six importance. Thirteen point seven. The leisure tax support lenses way somewhere view had had the cab space. There would have been
like hey, can you can you just taken? is more. Here. Is our number one pig yeah here take both because we do not pay the leisure tax and that's the problem when, when you I'll keep that flexibility in everyone's. I know you got to spend the four I think you'd have to spend the floor until the end of the season. You can be under the floor all season again. All this makes sense, and I did- and I think that the main problem is again to stop thinking about yourself as a phrensy destination. Does not stop there. Does it make sense to have that ability to sign a major free agent when they come on the market? Yes, I guess that's responsible and you should do that at the same time, look at the track record now and look at the teams that major free agents go to and why they go I'll. You need to show that you have something there.
Can be built on either by giving a a player, some kind of steak or agency within the organisation that they can have a voice. They feel that they can have a voice in there or show that, like weren't worth team, that's run in a competent organised. Way: we know how to draft nobody's layers, nobody thinks set about the next and they do it like. There worried the the owner. I go on the radio and see someone wilder One of those like legendary players with team thrown out of the garden and like whatever leaved, whatever the. Circumstances around that are it's a terrible look like Gisela does needs to disappear for a couple years and not say anything. Nix related in the press for awhile, like disappear, like move to another country, is like go on the road play music it, but
talk about the Knicks right now he tried to do that when they heard Phil Jackson that also backfired as part of the problem, as he just hasn't hired the right Listen around the next, yet you I mean this is twenty years of the wrong people. Remember when you thought Scott Laden was as bad as it was gonna get as an executive right then Jaya. Nice aims. I hold my brewery full of beard and then fell Jackson, Saigon patented twenty hours a week watch this living you ve hit on a good. He hire people there They are. You noticed something which I think is important, which is like that the tendency, certainly under the underdog, and to look for saviours constantly the guy's gonna sound it now man, if we get Messiah all from twenty million dollars a year. He can turn this run and by the way, make that that I be in for the item was ass great, but we also recognise that this is the kind of thinking that has got your oh. This is gonna, be the person they turned around now. Ok, I there he's gonna be the persons. Was he canter at any
can't. Maybe you ve coaches Angie aims at the same time. He in turn around you know and the like. That did not happen. I forgot he courage, Italy is Larry Bout, Brown drove them into a hole in the ground like well. I say what are you coach also? Why have bad news for you there's another say we're coming. It's good news for People who may be wanna see their broadcasting's get mixed up. Now their march ass. A to happen, I think it's going to happen in the days You know I got say it's that completely logical because think about two things: you get on it. You're hurting me. Ok, you got my. I think it would be a bad going to do that? But I'm just saying like I'm in Jamestown's office right now, listening to the case for it and their cases and awful. So it's like hey, he was in there for the beginning of the clan Currie. He saw tat. He saw the dream, I think, Sir,
He was on the record earlier saying this could be the best shooting cord of backward about time. Why, is a guy hardware. Him he gets New York he's gonna know how to deal with the media is pm, loves him. They'll, be me, nice to risk Mark Jack here. There's this whole case for bring this guy in, and people like us more who hears about being, no, I guess, that's a haze! Here's my my use, my rebuttal. I think the reasons the bass worries us not higher MAR Jackson are many you know like many but alive. To go. There is a New York, basketball, legend. Ok, let's not tarnish another. On like with you know what I mean like. Why don't we ve heard you don't do this to mark? Don't put that on him? Don't ring back to the garden and then
fool, you watch the crowd turned on him and then he becomes the next sacrificial guy and then he is, throw it out again and now or Jackson's career, as a coaches irrevocably ruined. Of course, you know like again the reasons that is not hired his approach in the league theres many reasons, including the two this they coaches, who left the team during his last visit, may many reasons, but, like just don't it marked doesn't deserve. He is a New York legend. Don't don't tarnish him by making him run by making coach the next I request, for you sure. Maybe needs to be a little less selfish. Maybe you need to think about all basketball fans If Jackson Laziest, P M, we get more Doris Burke, maybe the next. You just take one for the team air. Could you screwed. Anyway, then I saw make our Tv Broadcasting Edison Iranian that have more Doris. I mean, then, is an opinion that even more richer jefferson- I am just I'm. I would
humbly say: please, he's. No, please don't please don't let that happen. I mean like, please, please don't Can you tell me quickly on the bright side sure somebody says: on the bright side, with my ex jason dot that that was the bread set. An r J has shown flashes that he can be good. I like Georgia, I think Mitch. Listen. He can't stop howling and it's a problem, but he is a difference maker like defensively and when he's in the game. He cleans up so many mistakes, so many mistakes, just by his like defensive activity in his length and the increasingly limited twelve thousand gay. Maybe, if there be great, then he can play for a half of basketball and
I the end and no keener. You know like has shown flashes of weight of certainly defensively he's a difference maker. His office is not good, but it shows flashes of coming along and I just you know, he's he's an impact player on the on the deal think he's a player that, like I could it's like Trevor Risa like I could see him going to a good team and being like all man he's like an important piece on a good team I told you last spring if I was a gm, I already what are traded for here to be on a good team at some point in his life he they debt, Dallas game. You beat Thoust way when the recent you beat him was indeed often Lucas's, Ass Jersey, the whole gave dog and- and so those those are the those are the silver The funny thing is I'm view just had r J Knox smokes and match and not signed Eddie
other people. I think the fans would like that team. I mean they would have enjoyed the ten minutes benches in the gay. I agree that fifty eight, yet I think too. I think that there is less than the next fans were always get biology and I think they would have a significant assuming an expensive illegality role of young guys out. Let's get a minute, let's, let's move them into like a cohesive basketball team and let's we're about the winds layer. That said, I think that there are I get where we are. Front office after shrinking out to four years, is that they really thought that they were gonna get. It were like cargo interviewer? Oh, what do we do now like we had a plan b it and we need to figure this out. Like in the next twenty minutes- or it looks like we didn't know, what we're doing, the Good NEWS is that you can get those guys. I mean in a way a kind of is going on back as I want to talk about, carry one century at the great quit break the dog, but simply safe. My choice for obscurity, comprehensive, professional Hobbs, curative fair price right now.
The best time of the year to get a submissive security system, and you would get a huge disk. On that because you're my list there simply say, protects ever. Did you ever mention two points as it happens, so please, her span a two three and a half times faster plus, simply said, makes it easy, and you know concho fees or fine print. I'd an arsenal of sensors in cameras cover every inch, your home, it there's breakin. They can give real time video confirmation to police as it happens, so please respond up to three and a half times faster plus simply said, makes it easy any no contract in fees or fine print prices started. Just fifty bucks a month super safe that calm such bs. That's Regan, get a free camera plus simply saves holiday savings. It's a limited time on the offer, its ending soon simply safe with two. I simply saved outcome, slash be ass? So carry gets booed at the south. The game, yes, he did there
inquiry. Suddenly we knew that was gonna happen. Grant everybody knew that this can happen, that normal thing that happens in sports. You leave a team under acrimonious circumstances, be a trade or whatever you he abode. Especially when you tell the fan base that you're coming back and you don't especially when you position yourself as the leader of the team and give crazy bizarre press conferences all year that bum everybody out unchanged integrity and then you say just wait for the play off. Some plants carry and then in the bucks hearing, loss la la shoe bricks and stumble around four five games. Now I can't wait to leave just as an aside that was so lake thinking about it now It's crazy was so weird like the way he was like. They were defensive position like I am lioness. Why? What are you like you, would wave guys often be calling like these defensive, like Bob realignments and servants and what it was
the right here right now? It was a shit that happened in the movie above the ribbons, while it would like. I, what, as well as a body ship motor motor like a few, feed had to shut down Shap who's, the guy this is where people are that was carrying Tommy for an hour now. The wizard ship I took areas is inscribed purse. He's acting so radically and bizarre just for the last year, or so that now people are like afraid to even be like a right that was really laying why'd you do that. Are you going to read the whole thing because I feel like I didn't know, I was going to be here this long if you're going to read the entire Instagram The lawyers that can read the whole thing I'll just read the end sure, because he seems very angry about the fans and the infrastructure of the sport that he loves it. MR it's a medic commentary on the on the relationship between fans and sport, sir,
Nothing, he writes is it's all about doing it. For the fans and organization that love you so much question mark think again, it's a game and its promoted as a phantom experience for ticket buyers veers at home, sing who people truly are as people and then at the end. He said this game is a to be controlled or shown as a drama. It's meant to show the love all caps. Love for the art is the only damp in that keeps the poorest people in this giant sports agitated circus, Don't fall for the game, that's plaintive, Fronty use, entertainment, it'll, never be a serious dealing with life. I mean I, I go What do you know? Go ahead I'll? Let you go Freitas. I dont necessarily know. What carries point is, although I do kind of thinking he, the diagnosis is the kind of life. Reality of big kind sports in a kind of accurate way in that. You know the player
out here doing a job and they are. Modified for profit, certainly I guess the bottom line is like yeah, of course its yeah? haven't you can be aid makes money. That's why you may no he's! Well, that's why it lets that's kind. What the businesses and I think, if they're, so what is, do you have a specific problem with it? What is also like I'm not sure I think he uses punctuation like just. However, he wants liquid sometimes a question like that part of me: it cigarettes watch. It was a great poet Here's my answer. You you're. You said the key point. This is how everybody makes money again. The league and the players make money because of the fans, the fans buy tickets and they watched the tv that pays for trade based guaranteed by the Jersey. The paper evident by hats in China there paying for the bronze trip there,
he's been every year for the last fifteen years. The fans are the reason these guys make money. So Tyrese basic point is like I just want to play basketball at this love for this game, like in a buddhist monastery I wanted the pure experience and, unfortunately, for me, the fans in the media keep getting in the way of my true pursuit, which is backed by love. This game Katy has said forms of this as well. It he made uncle drew a just for the law of the pure love so that that's my heart rate there he made other drew Ebay Uncle drew commercials. He's got. I recently cars is only for the love of all he's. Diary is commodity the game as as egregiously is anyone I wouldn't be complaining about all that is, grab checks, left and right off of the fact that fans basketball and now he's like fuck, you guys. I wish I could just play baseball fuel play basketball, just play basketball play pick up, don't get paid anymore. I just go go
the rector league and just play their free cause. You love basketball, you would never that. Could you won't paychecks at so stop what the fuck double standard. I a hundred percent agree with you I will never know the the pure aesthetic delight of being in a leap, basketball player. You know what that does like a person's psychological make. When they're just so good at something. That is that it's like unreal. That said, it's like. Physical boo, you they're, gonna cheer you they be. They cure you when you're doing great when they don't like they blew that's just kind of what it is. You know like it. If they do you, let's leave aside like the more antagonistic stuff that can happen. Sometimes that's, like overlying fans, will blue players that they don't like. The reality of sports,
I suggest you there, but they will also cheer. You also love you and by your shoes. They will do so by your diary seven's, and they were going to come true because they, like you, so you kid, go on attack because a single she didn't turn out the way you thought I was gonna turn out. I M Boston, where the fans do not like you saw the reality of the situation. It is a reality, the Sichuan, if you don't like it, here's an idea retire, for the NBA he won't and just and just paper you love basket. Yes, I'll just hope he continues please continue to post Continue to tweet stands to on your stories and on your main feed. Can Can you to lead us in and let us know what is on your mind, I find it fascinating. I find interesting I'd like to know more and And I hope you continue to do that, you're playing away an airplane. Let us know what you're feeling. I want to know if fans
sheer and blue, and now you say like what crossed the line with the curry stuff, I guess to people put the coward stuff outside on poles sure all right. I wish I wish that it had happened. I also think like it's not like the worst thing that ever happened. It's not the worst. A guy that socks. I were somebody than that, but in the actual arena, they're just see a chain inquiry sucks. They were mad that he wasn't there. You want him in the play. They wanted a rude against them. It's an end to watch the kind of the narrative this emerging, our in Brooklyn, where it's like in whispers over there, concern about his moodiness emotions as ways activities on a core cetera and, yes, he seems beloved by players. Would you know when it's when teams are hugging after? and it has to respect them. They relate out it, but it is a thing, Turning to wash. I do wonder you know like she can't go to another team after the kings to figure
How can you be I'm like three more time, notably on both of these to figure this out right now? Let's not figure it out here, it's the Iep. It's only the vigour it out. I just feel like men, the next. If you go to your fourth team, that's wild he's a wonderful towns. Where is incredible when he's playing its unbelievable he's just in credit, yeah. He should not try to be a leader which I think he's slowly figured out and when he really shouldn't do is attack the whole infrastructure that he's made incredible met somebody on and if he doesn't like it, he has options. He can play basketball zone time. He doesn't have to be in the NBA Virginia bathers yes, you have to make one of them. As you are now, a public figure you're going to be dissected. It's the same thing like when the brain as the China every year, which has got every year for the last fifteen he's gotta. It's our every feels about the chinese government. Somebody should they do and
separating us? That's fine! I'm gonna take the Czech anyway, which is what the debate does, which is what a lot of people do it for we do when we buy products from places that are bathers dip. Thanks Harry has to reconcile the fact that if he's gonna behaviour radically, which he has been for the last four years, he's gonna get booed, he's gonna get dissected, and that is the way it is because like retire, I wish my thing is this. I think that again I do think that he can I notice that the reality of the NBA Ecosystem kind of accurately. I just would like him to be a little bit more flights, So what is the actual criticism? How do we change than that? That would be interesting to me. I don't think that it's, I don't think that its changeable. I think that, like he's essentially complain, but a thing that is the state yet short hour. It was a roundabout way of when you're in a fantasy league with somebody and native forgot to set them. Quickly, pissed, that people were boy am essentially
and that they know it's like he will use basically saying get a life yet ashore It was a roundabout way of leg when you're, in a fantasy, with somebody and native forgot to set their line up, and somebody us in the Fantasy League is like with fuck duty and say your line. It is I'm sorry, had to work this? What kind of like comes kindly said that it was a little matrix ie like don't you realize that we're all your trapped in this mindset where, like players, are playing for me for you, but like there being dehumanize by the system and the fans are caught up in it and Bob just like what is the actual keep bullet planet I We should like, maybe break it up in paragraphs better, so I just so you can understand all I want to understand. That's all like so maybe bullet point your points and an don't just do a whole block paragraph of taxes hard for me to discern where we're going. That's all well, he said he said
its promoted as a phantom experience for ticket buyers endures at home. Of course it, while the facing who people truly are as people, I see things a strong word I'd it. So I interpret that is being carries, saying, there is therefore modifying him in a certain way. That is not the does not comport with who uses a person. If that is the case, then I made it like again just as an error Cancun, what are some specific, your country? Can we get some like under that. What are some examples, because I you're you're way out a fascinating case and an idea here, but what else I've just really. I want to know more. I just want to continue is upset about the reviews of uncle drew his at. Will. We started, I think that maybe you didn't ask her whether I think his team did everything they could do to shield him from every written review of uncle. True to the point where I bet you they like
sharp fake reveal, haven't you know like a tree an entire fake rotten tomatoes website that he that he could log into and be, like all angle, drew the movie the century. No one's ever seen. Anything like this Roger even died. Suddenly DR says: Uncle drew changed my life. So we're not going to see a good drew to is how its tireless shape up, not now out. He feels like he's been to face, might see it. I just I guess should wrap up better. I guess I was my dad and I were watching on Friday. There was this ridiculous. Twelve o clock was it net. Celtics gave started clock, so the pre gave show resign. It was eight o clock, rabbit coffee, whiskers time, Tommy hides a design three with ease in
tat. He is talking about the Cairo thing and you could just see he's raining himself in a heavy, was to be the whole speech of wood play cards. It ass soon ass, he was to say, but he's not, but he he and their hosts for both basically leg carry jaded terribly people terribly here. They're saying in a roundabout way is, but there was said, then it goes to scholar brainy in Scatterbrain. His is like you're making excuses for now and in Boston the reason people react away because what happened the court and what happened off the court hatred peep, where inquiry needs to reconcile that part. I would advise against see its again post. He needs to think about how he treats other people start there and then worry about how he's being treated thou, be my advice, I hope, about it. How about this
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over there and what have you got? Gotta, get it get over their pay, Fernando with with square see other way square could take your business from square one to whatever's. Next set squared outcome such go, such bs loan, subjective credit approval and issued by Celtic Bank member F G. I see areas TIM Robins item, back to everyone and ask her to go. It's pretty good right there are you worried. Some is gonna, break your record, keeping our nets and uncut jams. You might take it or shot playing hamlet, lack of Athens cagey gets dominated for uncut gems. You baby in trouble. He thinks so six foot five like who are the who are the five thousand actors he's the who are the other three well. Jimmy Stewart was pretty tall, yeah shit. To act as long as there is like a solid six one. Six one year, James Cromwell, he's sick, savages used
than me he's human seven if he wins and ask her, who will take their their thrown away from me? Do you think because a lot of actors are short. Do you think that's she sometimes have movies. Where they're like he's just to TIM, just to tower than the other guy. We're think it could be be. It bonanza, just shoot. It depends on the security or or lack thereof of the reactor, but, for example, Tom Cruise didn't have a problem with it. Now, when I was doing war the world's with him and we ve got to get into a death match together and while he had a win but right, he had another certain people. Just don't have that insecurity, one of my best friends, sir, not deeply tall and never comes up any hopes for you ever enough. I, You know around hoop season. I was always playing hockey oh yeah, yeah hack, a guy. I saw a grown up in New York City. I will put a lot of roller hockey. Lao
and a little bit ice hockey. The ice time was really hard to come by you not have to get up at four. In the morning now play at six case by the way in all areas in the United States and others that, like the midnight, leaves you know where you're playing it you're playing a one of the morning and can home three before, and you still hyped up from the game and is not healthy map. My son was got into hockey, like probably like right as he turns x and there's no hockey at her. There's two ranks neither of them were anywhere near our house in order plain words like our aid is going to start doing this and we used are looking ass. I go that's an hour that way. That's forty four,
one? Is that way it's five in the morning at six in the morning? I ask that fine can you that did it sets a big commitment. You know it's that IRAN, the parents across Amerika that are doing you know they know of others. Road trip to do stuff, gotta get up superbly and also do still with the whole nature of it is well the culture of it. It's pretty interesting can be good, can be bad. You know I always found you know that it was important to let the kids play and not to do too many drills. We have we had a place. We still do have a place in the country out. Suddenly York, we built a little oversized tennis court. We can and cannot put a curb around it, so we could flooded in the winters and had shinny games there for no twenty thirty kids from neighbourhood lay all day long far gone how chocolate nothing better, nothing better. In the world S,
especially when you're like the next, like it puts a Friday in your ear, you doing you, she device he kind of a handheld zamboni. Yet I had he hath. This is basically a hose running into a tea with it and that the abundant ts bunch holes let's little bit water right as being done. There at midnight. After having shovelled it got little scotch. Gone behind you doing your slow moves, zamboni so that in the morning you have this black eyes. It's just debats thought was a homemade zamboni air like you got there now is, actually you can order and I found it in a catalogue. Many somebody, many them bony. It's not your think. Maginnis t yeah that she is the bottom and there's a whole bunch of holes in the bottom and then the whole goes into the top. So it is like a very primitive zamboni, but it works Yes, it's incredible black eyes. Why don't? Why? Don't you, your credit for the climatic, seen Attaka more often
you stated we watch it was about it a few months ago in your right. There you're, the first guy fives you take over produce nothing there. It's been lost in the TIM Robins history dilatory in Berlin realise that you have eight, but it was the best job, because here check this out. I worked down in San Diego for maybe a week to get somewhere in June, or something like that and I got paid for the entire summer. Every week I was there, I got paid so we're back to la produce to play acted in it by the time they had finished down in San Diego, they were doing stern into the air sequences in full. In these, like you know, machine sir again, and I work for a week there and basically a paper. This was an early. My career got paper like eighteen weeks, Louth for nothin for doing that
Well, this is that's. That's a good way to make a living. Did you, I dare say you are like available for any part. Or did you were you going for? Another part didn't get it here. What happened by have no idea who was just here then we are just in had a bolder happen. Well, that was a think. Bolder was, after Yeah they're, yours, affable, Durham happened was, auditioning at the time I audition for that dead well and then I had to go through myself withdrawn shouting I had to go through the ball Kevin customers. There I'd pitched him because he knew what are you gonna have people it didn't. Not play baseball. Yes, and I was also offered men out remember that moving yeah. That was a good bye. You made the right choice, I think so I think so. Who'd you abandon a minor like one of them. Forget whites, Africa. Yet one down the block, such a blacks out of here which was a great
movie gray, stripped and had come a friends, we're gonna do it and it was John sales just a matter on which I loved and that this will have this sum about this script. About that run, showing written and then meet him and then finally abolished cabinet than in Susan and yeah I think it did make rights wherever I like. What happened with the armed or in that during their fill my thing just our lot of pitches. We must find an ally of pictures of me ice in it there. At a trainer and every time you finish, do I ice in two dollars therapy things they do. You know I I didn't realize that I played third base, so that was the extent of my arm. Do you have to have a pretty good arm? So I didn't know the mechanics had to learn the mechanics and you had to push off, and now the power power pitching comes from the legs and all that stuff.
But it was a dream come true. Imagine, year, you're kiddo always wanted to be a baseball player now you're an adult and given a uniform, and they re right out of my field and have fun nose ass. Grateful for that. The act out games. You know right, we'd have a television, so I'd listener near it met Miss games on on the radio- and I put my you know here from their got for Christmas and pretend to be the pitch, and I ve no act out entire game, and you know I saw it was one of those dreams come true past our Sarah couple months ago we were talking about that movie. He was saying I gonna fix you remembered is just like all the sudden you, Susan render falling in love. Film in the movie and just like the intensity and just everything, bad everybody knew there making a good movie you
I've changing her life, changing just everything. He said it was really a memorable experience. There was always a beautiful tat. It was a beautiful tat. I can still smell bad air thieves, Tibet. When the air boy, you ve, dynamic, North Carolina, Durham, Did you know that it had a chance? it go down as I kind of the baseball movie cuz. Some people think there's like some people in the natural camp. There's there's people in the bull, Durham, camp, there's people in the major league camp, but both are my thing the consensus, probably the most boats they really enjoy during the day. I believed I believe so to yet in writing that from so amazed, when I first heard that script another church, a baseball in all the Andes, ran about you Walt Whitman in the connection between what it is to be free in baseball. All these great metaphorical things that only a baseball player Anna presence, interesting
Fighting with wood was conceived in Shelton. You know it was a minor league fire right, so he really knew the world and loved the world. So you know which respect for the world, and so echoing newer, in good hands for a number of reasons. Yet I presume the inside he had this. No new, whether he could direction is first directing gig. But I was sold the secondary dailies, we're watching actual dailies in a hotel societies. And I hear this commotion by me and I see IRAN Sheldon holding one of the producers up by his lapels upper up on a wall of the author of the floor, saying if you ever talk to my actor again fucking kill you. Oh my guy satellites
looks at me and Ngos who that became a nickname, for, Oh, he basically was saying this. In a second day of work as a professional director, I'm gonna me My movie, are you going to fire me, which I still remember as see? No, that's Gatty yeah, it, sir, is the work of someone that is not gonna, be messed around, any setting down the ground rules right from the start, something I learned from run that you know you have to if you're gonna be the leader or something you gotta, let them let you drive, doesn't help tat eight drivers and car doesn't also three really richly drawn out characters that I wonder now or thirty, one years later than thirty years- thirty one if that's just like a Netflix shown our like a seven absurd, HBO show or if they even think that's a
Oh there s a movie with they shall we will be able to get older get on. It would have to be a tv series. Randy probably wouldn't be a big apple tv would be like we're doing this minor league baseball show. Then I just would be different doubtful. They would even do it right. It's it's there, but does the Good NEWS is we got it done? It had all your bed, but the I'm really happy so proud to be part of that
that was, you know it's. This is the thing in the long run. What you want is something that can still be seen and can still be seen and appreciated. This movies at fade away fast and often times are the movies that are advertised a lot and become these hits, while they're out make a hundred million dollars, but they just don't stand the test of time and ultimately, the end of the day. I'd much rather have bill dirhams in there. Then you know something that was the. I don't know what beat the people there have been to box up? Sometime of them It's not store all it's crazy. Is it there's a time? Was there too it there's? No cell phones. Obviously there is no internet, not shared matters. When you watch it it's it's still. I don't feel like were in nineteen. Eighty eight necessarily like some of the herd is maybe, but for the most part
It's mostly a movie that can be made now and how about the same beats. Minor league baseball certainly hasn't changed it still in the same rinky dink, Townsend, weird parts of America, so that part's not any different, the whole concept of Crash Davis like that still exists over and over again there's a crash Davis. You always read about the real life crash, Davis, Alaska, and then you know what does a nuke with the meteoric rise, and you know he's just kind of passing through town before it gets to the majors the real things that still exist for blood his armor Wendy Vicki Blue his our best. I don't know I'm thinking about four, seasons in damage and surgery that environmental closer doesn't rank quite where it doesn't work out, their e retires use trade shows doing autographs it in and then someone then he meets Jim, bowed and overhead and timber. Teach them out had thrown up a body makes this great come back. Those by idea for the sequel. Would you get anything
hell yeah, I think I'm old We all know that what has forty forty five other would have been a good signal. You had more than enough juice to do the sequel, ashore, medical washed. It semi eyewash, nuke, making one less run at sixty years, strong enough about the actual got to know Jim about Yahoo Pass. Recently lovely lovely met with a great weight. It's you show me how to run for the audience the young ones out there just read the first great based like behind the scenes. Baseball Bhopal, bunker readable. But he had ever kind of peak behind the curtain. In a book like that, right, you played fourteen completely de romantic. The whole idea were the glory of Mickey mantle, for example. I have read the book and why I imagine it it read super team. Now I am I sure I don't know. I did read in his recent book that he wrote about.
This minor league you know you started a league of Baseball Baseball league of like original baseball team, nor they are using the original ball. No gloves like those like the Vienna about another eighteen, ninety four now so Yeah and he wrote a book about actually environmental pollution in it in not New England. I I'm curious due to return the bar for Sir I'm reading as a teenager and just been dead is giddily in love with it. You know I remember the same thing with the Bronx Zoo and Sparkle wrote down, and he had the Reggie Jackson Thurman months
stories- oh my god, my God, these guys didn't like each other. They had no idea, you were they to be separated and call Bosnia. People sit not birthday, cakes and others that yeah yeah, but it's good. The other perspective that this Bob Bob Offer was the first year it was the one that was ever so many people got so offended by that, but Emma whose value like broke the bail out of them silence he gave you can't talk about that. Canada is right here away, they were unveiled to because they were like by member wrong zoo had an egg. Maybe unlike sport magazine and was just like a piece of it and it was like about different Reggie Jack's is a difficult subject, God ones is but come out Go be really hard to build anticipation for a book like that lay David
release it sooner reaches comrade aware. Whenever back then it was like. What's is gonna, be, as is gonna, be like a nuclear bomb or the Yankees Gimme the same. Nobody knows in the book. Gnats different is shows some some it's like live you of this. There are great people and their hassle. Say much? Any sport dia, observe movies said the executive to visit the everything about, read the book actually started to running a member here, look at you and you ve been known as some thoughts about some things, yeah and it will all come out in the book I've been. There is a lot of things that I you know still formulating how to say, but yes, things that been brewing for years about the west. About certain things. Will you I mean you have something? relationships of certain experiences re like you become famous overnight mobility bother I'm now
yeah, but I have been going on for ten years at that time, in am of who is like a phenomenon. Tat four shows great, I mean I'm not sail, but yet, I don't know about overnight success. I guess he was seen elsewhere when you did the Ark on that. I remember that was a big deal. You know you are. I just knew from where you like a terrorist. There are those the first three females verse This is the reason I got that far was because well it was the first audition that really clicked for me, because I had such a bad attitude and I guess it's kind of translated into them. Thinking that I would be a good terrorist two difficult or suggest. I didn't dinners the killer, know: young brash, punk, rocker, they're gonna additions for what we know golden girls and like now plain the grand sorry I forgot about it and so
didn't work out for the first year and a half that I was going on auditions and then something about this clicked, and then I realized- oh, my god, that's pretty good money in I can produce theater. Out of this, I had to young theater company of the time. Call the actors came and we have formed at UCLA and have produced the first play delivery of pizzas, Beverly Hills, Jacopo's and you know it's good tips, but you know I realize ST elsewhere was better paycheck, so MAC together, better attitude so working more for producing more there we talk about, has some movies just don't die in just keep going on. None other movies are a huge success and then they all have the same kind of you keep Goin for thirty years. I thanked the player was like tat because
The player was such a huge thing when it came out- and I felt like I was one of the defining movies that year and a lot of different ways and specific as all members of the builder. At that point, we will have to come back and it was like a very, very la movie about people and allay which people here love, but I do know that as of Boston, but it brought me into this whole world I just did, and now it's weird that that movie hasn't no. It's like demo b. I never see anti vague and I had already understand it. Sometimes it's who owns it and now what deals they made an error. This is a new thing that we're gonna have to deal with like who decides what is in rotation gap, and so I think we have to talk about. You know like I'm impressed the Bob Robertson out there more. I think that movies in all relevant yet now, but you can find
you know, you could find anything if you do a deep sigh, but which what is presented on their many is that you know here's what we want you to watch my dear. I agree I think, but what, when people rediscovered the players got legs is, Sir, is a really good Phil its. It said I would say TAT tunnel, a movie midday top five behind the scenes highly movie, and I mean all men genius, it was. So what would you remember all these years later? I just love them so much gotta, miss him. Everybody likes to them seems out there. Just like revered m. I t some. Someday. Madam, I was so nervous casino. I saw national when I was in high school as First movie. I It made me think all my got movies. I was a theatre guy yeah, oh my god. This the stories be told in a way that he told stories with so crash and innovative, and so when I got to meet him, I was too,
age, and you know what it is an addition one of the sides. What what am I was says had not only just wants to meet you, and I saw a drive to this place that he was living in and in Malibu and its basically house in his for a family and a couple staff members specifically for lunch, and I just wanted to talk and when the reasons you he wanted me to be in his film was because of the theatre work. I was doing really appreciated the the what he read about and asked me do this film- and I was you know at the time I think Jacobs Ladder just come out. I was brought Adam Baby, and I was anxious and I got offered this. A million dollar should do this shitty comedy, and
I really don't want to do it, but I had to do it. You know, and I'm my hope in hotel room and checked my agents to listen. What's the chance to play here, I don't know in order the financing for it yet really, but it would happen when, like in a couple months, yeah. There's things going right now enabled conflict, this million dollar off, and I just sit back, and I can't I can't do it. I can't I can't do this. I can't do this shitty common and went away with the faith that the player will happen right. What I didn't know is in the course of that long way. Over a couple months, old man had was offered the money do than other actor o any state. Faithful river yeah, he said, are an almond. Do this kid? I talked him. I told him I want to do it, so I may I give my word until we going to do it with him, so he waited for me to be acceptable to them.
And you turn out. A million are harmony that Brazil disappeared Oh yes, yes, but here here's. What happened you know being allowed into this world? Basically Alban tell me to come out to for pre production, so we're going to rewrite this we're going to sit down we're going to hash this out. So I got to sit at the feet of a master yeah. I got you, I got you observe about directing from him, and there was really say that gonna grad school among sadly, was my phone school and it was right before I directed my first film too. I did, though, the player in the in the spring and in the followers directing Bob Robert Frank, and you know, one of the greatest things I learned from him was humility. This was a genius. This was what you could call an otter, an artist.
And I'd be in the office with him, and you know, department heads would come in prop guided costume presidency, you know, but we got a question this initiative in this they they went on at all. He cut to the verb and they get to what they were. Talk wanted to talk about without elder niceties and he would say I dont know what are you sick. And what I realized is it yet he didn't know the answer to these various questions, about promising costumes, but a wanted them to be contributors and wanted them to feel valued as contributor. And then at one point he says to me: why would I cheat myself out of them, perhaps maybe having a better idea? Why would I cheat myself out of that? and I can understand that the directive is really being able to yes beady the the cap. But also allow your crew members to do their jobs and also to
be able to live in the unknown yeah that you- Maybe I don't know everything and that isn't it great. That is all this creative people around the can provide answers to those questions and that's what the actors respond using. That's why actors loved him so much, usually foot that philosophy works for you see with communism, Adam Mercator Ex away when he does. His movie see, relies allowed on the head there being in lady, You don't see, there's much dramas yeah while PDA. It is another matter that air fares he came from through at school as well. I would say our man was probably the best possible person to spend a few weeks with. God cares. If you if he had spent like five weeks was daily cubic. I don't know how much it would help to attack. I that's the year. It was almost. The opposite will appear three movies with him and you I wish that I could have done more. So the play
comes out and you're ally. First word can, and it said the can't film festival here and it's a huge it I'm I'm at the can kill. You won right, I one best. After and At the same time, I also am presenting at the Cannes Film Festival in my first film Bob Roberts, which is getting a lot of attention there and got the strip distribution out of there, Oh yeah, I was this is two days after my second son was born. I got on a plane to got a kid and I just said this is right. You know what. If this baby doesn't come, I'm not gonna get sick and I said The ban is anything but yeah. It was ahead of time. It was you no remember you know being there with those films, and you know it was so happy to be there with Bob, because it was his return yeah he had been out of you know for a while.
Yeah that he was kind of still doing films. You know how to New York and do it filming plays, and you know, he's still waiting, but wasn't it you know in favor and olive where people an aerial Ella like that, like the aging community had. I wasn't about me. Writer last I actually buy was in a couple of agents offices to study this role. So I oh, I sat with a couple of well actually them incredulous about asian executive studio executive. I sat and listened all their phone calls for like four hours, five hours straight here, just to get a few all the bullshit, and I am really grateful to those executives who shall remain nameless at him, but all those
because in can, when it was this huge success. I remember him turn into me and you got a success. The success that you know we must have fucked up because you know We too nice too. This is an accident such denies dinner, my successor entrusted. Why do you think far Roberts? If somebody watching two thousand and I mean I know that several aware for me, why do you think people would be so struck by some of the things that it right wing Successful business been running for the Senate. Also, big fan of beauty pageant comes out of entertainment, not announce his enemy pick up, make up a parallel. It's where that is not on tv, especially like during an election cycle. You think our Papa, I simply Philip Wirthin
the corona gods ears get on a cable distributors, God being the cable distribution The thing about tugboats, zip, recruiter, finding key players for your team can be challenging. Just glad Shush ethnic. What would have happened if they didn't find keep, whereas I TIM, Robbins, Morgan Freeman. God only knows what would happen thing about sports teams. If one trade had gone differently, the whole thing would have would have gone down like a house of cards. Think about the warriors, if they trade, Klay Thompson for Kevin love a few years back to the, cat filter seal Dylan Miskewicz could relate you needed. A higher director coffee posters. Job at zip code be found. The best person for the role in just a few days, four to five employer supposed to go to get a quality candidate for the site within the first day. Try Ziprecruiter three the deep rooted, BS,
how many times as they do that Cypriot outcome, bs, zip recruiter, is thee, smart swayed ahead. You talked about the reliability and has some things go and some things down and out people who knows whose controlling it shags shakes the best example that Reda Turner buys it from or mergers, which casts record ever happen again. The whole thing I remember made we didn't we watch was better few months ago, and I had my dad. I because he was going to call me who is like go see the shack, Ruby I was in a group of people who remember where they saw were feeder. The whole thing I've ever met. We didn't we watch as better a few months ago- and I had my dad on it because he was gonna. Call me who is like go see the shank worthy and unlike really the one with the weird title suggests: go just go to the movies, and I went. I took my girlfriend image sitting in the car. After that in a coma by the river.
Humility. That movie was worth manic as it didn't did. Ok, he had three really said the ask yourself, but it didn't really become sham for a couple years. It feels like a couple of people found it, and you know that was a great experience you go through because it taught me which I had already been through by the way with Jacobs Ladder tried knew. There was a great I knew his great film has given. It didn't, have the audience at the when it came out. It was the wrong time for yeah. It taught that taught me not to judge of movie based on its first. We can buxom says it's a relevant in the long run. It might make more money, but it doesn't mean the movies great. So yeah she was is
a bit is covered the gift it keeps giving you when Turner did, that he sold it to himself. He hath for the lowest rate, probably a little better legal right. Man proudly Height year, her ear residuals alone, a YAP, a lot. But I don't I don't stress about that. You know I've had he been lawyers to come up to want to sue the signal.
Shawshank is what it is. You know it it's, and it has this indelible blasting reputation, and I I I I I I feel like that's really the point of it is. You know the fact that he returned did that actually created the space for people to see the the film, whereas, if, if you hadn't, perhaps maybe we wouldn't be talking about it today, so I love the idea that it it has such a wide reach and across all kinds of cultural barriers, political barriers. You know I was in China Flu two hours out of Beijing into the countryside, then drove
three hours to our were: the location where we're gonna film and people. There are new shores series. I hear this move is really what's another one, that's even more time as the border, because it's actually set in the nineteen fifty, so it could just go on fifty six is it you just go on for you know ever cause it's trapped in this area. I did when we did. The pack has to bear the latter research about it. It's always talk to throw its true, not true, but it did seem like it. Unlike the happiest filming which just Shawshank, like the actual like it was a little bit. There was acrimonious acrimonious this more than it took a long time takes a lot of takes, and there was you know, I loved Morgan and Clancy Brown and Rodger Deakins on that film, and you know a lot of the actors could get together.
And you're stuck on a prison year, prison year, Ohio and you know we made it work, it's it's it's just you, I think was was that if there was any struggle on their fill, it was that it was because everyone love the script. So much that Frank thereupon had ridden, I mean it was genius script, and so, when you are part of something like that, you cannot want to protect that. What that feeling that you had when you read that script fear and of its straying from that at all, because you care, much about it. You you want to put your foot down and that's not very often that you do that as it as a actor at least we're me and my asking is because you know, generally, you either are going with the flow of it or you don't care and that's the worst products. I think it as one of the great decisions to delete a scene,
ever cause. I remember Showtime a couple years later, when he's chiseling through the wall, which you don't see until after you- scapes, initially chiseling through the wall and the thing comes out, any kind of whatever. And that was in there in the structure of the film. So from that point on, you know he, you know he's thinking again through the wall and he takes set out in, but he makes it a flashback ends so when he actually escapes I remember being there, you're thinking like he killed himself or you know you Don't think the escape our you're just thicken, the worst you'd think in the way red thinking right. It's this red herring that I don't know he actually escaped there and if that's not in there, it's a toll for movements are totally different. Experience now is seen a million times. You know it's gonna, Scape
at first time as I am I gotta get out now. That was the players that we keep saying goodbye to his friends and emotion that he has when he sang a final things to read, are steeped in that sadness yeah. But it's also a sadness that we kind of wanted the audience to maybe audience that the sadness was glory to suicide and they cut out he cuts, Some stuff with after Morgan Freeman gets out about him adjusting thirty actually like agenda, because at that point you just want to get to the to the hugging Mexico than that, the thing. I learned that date that at the hall, was an issue in there. They didn't want to have that, and there is like a whole bunch of couple. Different endings phone they settled on him actually been on the beach, Shred Andy read in that thing, but in you need some luck when you make a movie, but it seems that every decision worked out there. What happens to those guys after
your opinion around the boat red gets checked into in this hotel. What are the next ten years? Look like When a business have fun live free, you hurry. I read like the manager, Maybe I don't know. I know that they have caused the herbs. Version of that as they can someone like. What's the sequel? Am I Andy in red girls, gonna wilds, you ought to know. I wouldn't I just kill everything. You say good about shouting. I always diet I believe you guys have that a super bowl commercial, where I would now you in there. I wonder, I've been offered stuff like that. Did you know go out of charging would never ever do anything to denigrate or you know exploit that movie. I think it means
too much to people. So then you go into a dead man walking next year, which was a trip, intense yeah, another prison story- and this was you know I was while I was doing Shawshank redemption. I was writing cradle rock, and I wanted that to me my fellow film to Bob Robertson. Then Susan phone, this incredible book by Sister Helen provision and wanted us to do that, and I read the book and I put the other one on holding wrote this screenplay for demo walking in pretty quickly and in ethical. Had the first draft in september- and we were filming by genuine pepper, very quick, having very quick. What do you remember about all Asker stretch, Fur shack and dead may walk in and that whole process was that did they say
was that in motion back then we'd like it is now right now are trying to get a movie nominated whatever you do. The package circuit in You got a lotta josie. I do lapped answers, yeah, you can't do that get There are not even sure if it works, but that seems arrive, it does and I think it's grows and I think, has done everything to denigrate the creative people denigrate the business. I I psycho two months three months dance really and I like it cause. I get to talk to people like you and the package, but this is a different kind of Pakistan. The a minute like five questions than you. But the boy listen, I'm happy to do that. I'm always have to talk to people cuz. You know part of what we do. We want people to know about, and I want people know about this movie on Dunfield dark waters. I want to go see it. That's all been part of business forever and what I'm talking about is
drew curricular things out earlier. You know the people, the meat greets there. You go be at this place, you're gonna be in shake hands because you could lead to a nomination. Thing? That's no! I don't I don't know I just found out. I was really blast never really have to do that for Mister Grey, where I was working on a play called embedded at the time in New York and didn't have to go to. I couldn't go to all those sir, this party The events that people throw in a one anyway, so you know I I You didn't do any lobbying rounder nodded what made you. Click was shot What I mean like with sugar item on them. I think, like maybe two months ago the men in his intense, but he's got. There's like a sense of humor underneath I added I like oh yeah, like talking earlier, is incredibly talented. After is great person. I knew
in earlier. He around the time I did some four five corners. I talked to him for the first time he asked me to do movie for him to the time and then when I was riding dead man walking when I finished my first draft I thought about who would be the ideal, the play him this part and I thought of of Sean, but I just read it just an interview saying that he was quitting acting but perhaps fan so I I kind of when I read that I my feeling wasn't that he was putting acting. He was, I think, what I got out of it. He was quitting reading bad scripts, which I can definitely understand,
Let me know cuz that can be very frustrating. Anyway. I sent him. The script went and met with him and he agreed to do it and it was. He was great and the both skiing and Susan are amazing in that film and the chemistry between them and the depths that they the motion that they play and I just feel like they. They really found the love story and the unlikely path to emption for this kind of contemptible human being. Can you imagine me directing my wife and a movie that has his her nephew? Definitely. Who beat up right, Sunium, adequate manatees fire service, you have least they go to the marriage, like directing your wife and a booby fer to what it was.
Don't pretty! Well, there you have it. She wanted ask your foreign shown was dominated dominant. What do you think? I am, above all the movies you made. What's the one that your kind of annoyed wasn't appreciated the way you thought it should have been you know all men. I asked this question. He says you know that I love the one I love the most is the one that people it's like, my kids, the one I love them most of the ones that are paid attention to write and so ass. His answer that I can give a brisker Macleod, the acute, it is a hundred percent will work with the answer, but I think he had appreciation for other things that were ignored and he went through a quite a few
yeah. For me, it's cradle will rock, I feel my made in nineteen ninety nine, it's an epic film set in the 30s about art and the what artist do to survive and what it is to state an opinion in a in a free society and what the ramifications genes are for that. Sometimes it's you know a sprawling Filmer huge film and Disney dumped it when it. When it came out the hated it was made to the good, graces of a guy named Joe Ross yeah yeah studio had yeah. He was the head of Disney. He had seen dead man walking. He tell me how much he loved it. He said that he also said is very rare for a second film to be that good, and I know you're good Baker, and so I want to know what you new ideas and I gave him the script and it was like one
Those you know all time starts out. You know the walking and oversee guess how much we need. Yeah guy can guide the keys. Yours go, make you movie, so it wasn t a miraculous movie. Got me in this place, but then Joe left his job before it came out and then the new personal care and whatever happened. But I I you know what happened. Was it had contractual obligations for the rules to be released and a hundred theatres, so what they did was they dumped at? They put it in a hundred years for a day. That's all I needed to do and can even invite critics, and I did the research. I went no advertisements for Brassets afresh. I I never saw it and no one is wired, and here- and there I found out, you know, wasn't wasn't released internationally in English. Markets has had a cast with you. No Sir John Cusack, Joan Cusack Bill Murray,
surrounding oh Reuben. God carry always Emily Watson. Jesus again Datura great cast and wasn't released in Australia, figure that out on dvd or video. So that's the film. I would really encourage people and even if you have to find a legally and don't act, I just go ahead and do it you don't pay for just steal it somewhere. That's crazy! The elders, you you and your way for the time you started a take Schaeffer being political, and I think, like two thousand night in seems like add, that has certainly changed the celebrities. Has it I think it has. I think I'm a deeper, outspoken, well shadow was when you guys were doing it CS. It is say certain negative about what's happening right now, your sure
I'm glad people are talking about it. I wish that the stakes are lower. Well, yeah, I mean less where it matters, is when people get started die. That's very clear in my mind, when the people of the powers that be are starting a couple war somewhere or their intervene. In other people's conflict and trying to create a war somewhere because of our business interests. That's when it's important to have freedom of speech, that's when it is important to use it and the last big time that happened in the early two. Thousands when we went into, I wrap your very s book, and I was but you know how many people were a mean. It was just basically me Susan Sean,
Michael, more bout it now a lot of people came- and I knew a lot of these people were against that war and would come up to me privately and sound for speaking out against them like. Why are you yeah. If, however voice you, you have a right to speak out about this stuff to more people speak out about the less chances gonna happen. And we see in the Euro two weeks before the actual war begins, A massive movement across the world, millions of people coming out on the streets in five hundred cities protesting on the same day against a war that has not yet happened. That is never
happened in human history before, and so I knew there was a huge movement and I knew beyond that. I knew that we were being demonized for speaking out against it. Why? Because I didn't have the truth on their side, they had intimidate people into silence and they were very, very effective in doing that. Not only people like celebrities that have access to a microphone, but even more scarcely people in the press whose job it is to ask these questions be out in the major press, New York Times and B C Cbs, ABC no one standing in the way of this deception that led to this war that two million people dying in Iraq, refugee crisis, that we are still dealing with them now These stabilization in that region that were still dealing with right now huge huge, huge huge mistakes made by gas.
What did we get? Any apologies for being right right? Did anyone ever apologize? Did ever anyone ever say, you know sorry, we called you a trader anywhere. There were colony, train out yet no more since along tacit DOM supporter terrorist supporter alike, because he wanted to intimidate other people into silence, and there were a very effective in doing that. The people in my profession that that I knew personally there were progressive people that were silent out of self interest career survival You shut up you last a lot longer when it mattered, most right which kind of colored, my the way I look at you know when people say that Holly was a liberal place well,
it's not liberal when it has to be until recent incident of that area. You look at chill out right now, it's on fire with democracy. These people are, you know they had thousand people. Twenty thousand people come out against the subway fair height, the the the government response, with the military kills a couple protesters two days, three days later, there's a million people on the streets protesting in Santiago you just been down there in January and done a play down there. The actress king at them play called new new colossus down their holy cow. Those people are on fire there. Just you know they really incredible culture, an incredible, what things that they do are doing right now. They have these protests where they block streets and they have this chair there there playing music and their dancing in their saying. The chant is, if you dance you can pass. If you dance you can pass so dry, whereas if they come up and there they need to get through, they have to get out
a car than a try and dance, and then the people out There- and this is the spirit of this country- about you- not sing anything about this in the pressure is not being reported at all These revolutions happening all over South America that you're not reading about that. That of people there, the indigenous people whose power was stolen from in kicked out of the legislature and Bolivia by right wing coup. We're not any this, so me, you know I'd I when people say you know, liberal Hollywood, I just I I'm sorry. I can't I don't see it. I just or or maybe that is liberal Hollywood. Maybe I'm not a liberal, maybe I'm defence. Gathering. Whenever my career standpoint around the midday, thousands did you become like too hot to cast or anything You see, I can't remember it. I remember the chronology of other can't answer that question definitively that if, as I wouldn't know who I am- I mean
those are not things that people were on their sleep. You know I proudly, you know said the tumor was can be in this book: no one's gonna, bit to anything like if there is a black list. It would not be in the same way it was in the past. Do she'll, do I live in that space? No, I do not. I do I dont want to have anything to do with that kind of paranoid thinking that kind of victimized thinking I am so lucky to be where Am I have so blest have the career that I have to life that I have. I can do things creatively with my theatre company. I have a blessed career where I can continue to work in this business and make money here. So there's no complaints here and about the thing is, I get asked question alot dearer about dead. Has your involvement with various causes affected? Your true? I don't know
No, I will tell you I have not work. I have not starred in studio movie since I, when they ask no yeah since o three, since so like there. May I didn't I've done independent movies I done, but had storing Wilson dependent movies, but then I can like Marvel Movie where they need a president they're, not look of written rabbits. We all yeah- or maybe I'm not looking to be the president in a Marvel nature. I mean that's part of the equation air to other, yet to be present in Austin powers. Will I definitely do that again, about a million dollars I did. Did you have to work on the Boston Accept before you forget about breaking out mister? so I grew up in New York City, so I already have heard that obviously did not the same. Give that it's the
a two part them ass. I might have been MRS at Boston, Axa, India gotta come from, I get it it's from the streets, yeah, that's from the streets, and so I grew up with that street culture in New York City late, sixties. Only seven saw my French would like you to do so. Yet I voice you may yet. I could talk like this any time yeah cause. I grew up with it, and so bosses and adjustment you're gonna make you know which I and then I did a main accent for this dark. This thing called castle rock that I'm in right now of the tv Sharia as the main, people like us, Iraq. It is a my skin, it's a blade access. Canada, I'm from Massachusetts around a little bit longer of a sound lower, a little bit more dryly. Ah, but you gotta be careful not to go into sudden But it's got along a little longer longer. I would just
ass, the Cause Rhode Island was the one word islands like the Boston, accented steroids in pdf. Except that they see that the levels by others different variations, sash or nor sure, like I can usually tell for the most part, Rhode Island states. May I mean I don't have a lot of familiarity with the world. Pepper charm remembers that that's tell me about the new movie dark waters, so tight. Great filmmaker yeah, miss amazing films. I get the scripts Mokroe flows, the star read it I'm totally in it's a story about this lawyer, name rob the lot. Who was a lawyer, a partner in a very concise a bit of Cincinnati law firm that represented chemical companies
You can't buy them over there. I'm not gonna smiling elsewhere, the movie Roma podcast. I will not spoil the movie you can set at the moment. I was set up, the movie, I've been programmed I will not move around waves. That was great and I knew nothing. And it was so refreshing ages expense the movie and that no anything, but this is get ok, so key, goes to his lot. His he's approach by a family friend, the farmer who's. This is all happening. The first fifteen minutes. You know but his farmer has realised that his land has been glued and He wants to know why his cows are dying and he's got video tape to prove it. Then you know all these weird things that are happening to his couch
and she goes to this lawyer who works for a law firm that represents chemical companies and asked him to sue a chemical company Dupont and I play Mark Repellors boss, and I see the evidence and I say, go ahead and sue them, even though it goes completely against the culture. Of this law. For what happens is you? You learn in the course of the movie. The extent to which do pot knew how toxic this chemical was, and I didn't matter to them to profitable and it seemed very proud of this on its it yeah. I am it. It is the chemical that is in Teflon and if you I remember, we know when this happened. I got rid of all my temper had young kids at the time and shit where were put forward. This is poisoning the yeah.
And you know that what happens is and over the course of the years you have robbed a lot this law- it took me twenty years still still working on this, but got. He had won the most extensive blood sampling down in this local com. Today in West Virginia sixty thousand subjects in this task and definitively prove the link between pdf away this chemical and in TAT one and eight separate illnesses, including cancers, cheese and definitive medical evidence. And still tough line is a Dupont renege on the original deal made and is making him sue individually in order to get settlements,
then eventually after you did is five times is now fifteen years in they eventually made up a mass settlement, but still this this, this task, this blood testing they did that prove this connection would be effective for the lives of the subjects right. So if they get sick later there still Dupont still liable. Well guess what two weeks ago. The p c, really trying was the day this in your comes, discovers the memo the Pierre, is trying to throw out that medical school there be ended, not only that medical study but other medical studies that have been done in the past. Thirty. Forty that show a link between pollutants and cancer so essentially, where would the EPA is now? the environmental protection Agency is now saying is that you have to go. To show me every subject that was in that medical tests, and
I have to be able to check to see whether that is that evidences is is solid. Now most of these people in this blood test that rob Alot dead, did it under conditions of anonymity because they were so evidence of a town that was basically run by Dupont and they didn't want Dupont. I know that they are participating in the study. As they would lose their jobs at Dupont. So anything. That's anonymous, Pastel EPA, saying throw it out. This is what's happened to our regulation. Agencies is this. Is the agency's prosperity air water and it's actually doing the opposite. It's incredible what's happening right anyway. This These are great thriller. It's like you know, in the tradition of those seventies, whistleblowers
movies dollar, mainly men. Lack of you yeah, you loved the serious account. It's really thrilled. I view as a kind of great movie so were coming to Thailand. So what's we got attacked by the eighty six for answers that I'm a biased event subject, I got the is began in two thousand. One has reigned coms and I was comparing being expand to shower shaken holding onto given that there is no resolution have all, but all that stuff now they, but eighty six Then their ruin me here that year, huge bats, valued rangers fan their next fan, or do you divorced and exit really hard to fall? There really are tougher see you stayed with the massive rangers. Eighty six workers we there I was there- you were there yet figured you were there. I was at a wedding in LOS Angeles, listening to it on a radio treasure game. Seven, I flew back for you and there's a rainbow
by the way I was at the nineteen sixty nine October, sixteenth game, where are the Mets, won the world Series really on my birthday, Eleventh the holy my mom had travelled out and on the subway that seven train, like four clock in the morning to get world series tickets for my birthday October. Sixty just so happened that was game. Five just so happened out of possible again, they powder business, again, five games yet about morals, you're with Frank, Robinson Births, Robinson grumble, improbable team Sml, we want we wanted and I saw it and I was there when they return up the field and got some grass and part of the hour
wall on my way home the subway for somebody those days when you could win the tide on the fence, could just go in the field and take studies carried out in the late said that I was eleven years old. I got to the edge of the field. I look back on my grandmother's like looking at me like. Please don't go I'll, never see you again. The kind man on the way home on the subway Gimme a part of his speech. Lads only five most poor people in your life. Peter answer no met no right now, fifty four homers about it I'll be ok. I've got no place where I can't allow my emotional hell be determined by the sports teams following that such obvious were forbidden. To do many New York met seasons the to get to connected. It's really it's been really interesting for me, because I have a lot of Mets me into my life and when I was in high school, the Mets beat the Red Sox and I was going to school
ETA, so surrounded by your near enough like they had won over me for the next programming, here's my life, and now it's flipped and exponential watched the hope getting beaten out of the Mets fence really over the last fifteen years. They were now it's flip for their kind of where I was nineteen. Eighty six were to happen because it's been through the three years. I know, and you can do things two generations We have only one of the people that runs a ringer of me is it. Is it die hard match jets fan whose, in his problem, these six thirty seven, it's no positive memory, special form of massacres- oh my God Craig, he remembers nothing good for decades, I got to see Joe Namath play right. I saw the the the the playoff game that led to the Super Bowl and Shea stadium freezing cold December things against the chiefs, I mean that's crazy thing ray of fifty years ago, the Mets and jets
Incredibly right like, if you told a match jets dynamic, then you should have seen when we want those in the same year like why I well, I just did this. Get Casablanca and I abstained Boston and got gotta Fenway a few times. He, oh my god, it's still advertising adjured riotous assured I its earlier. You always beautiful place. I was so sorry they tore down Shea End Yankee Stadium for that matter. There is something about those old ball parts. It is so special and Boston is such a great. City. You know it's the end. I was really happy when the Red Sox one thank it for me. It was, you know, I'm love. At any time a curse is ended. I loved yeah Kobza, one at whose Dexter pretty much all the curses again crossed off a base. We have a couple like the now attack. Like the mariners and teams like that, but like the actors on the whites Axel in the council and the giants when they were in the end
the indians- have now they are there, but I mean they got to change the logo first. That agreement sailor so excited that anything one that I think I'll ride in the calves thing for all for the authorities by the Indians are laughed there's, there's some good ones, but all the oh geez care business, yeah and that's the euro, and I got to go to a couple games this summer in Finland I really enjoy that team, and then they just kind of they couldn't rise up her when they needed to. But now it's got a scatter scuttle our potential. You know it's funny that Rogers restart the Dodgers end. The Mets were now you're talkin about. Two generations of fans, basically that don't remember anything good or maybe even three, Andrews the eighty eight Kurt Gibson, but they ve probably had the roughest decade of any baseball team by far because it gets Clark has seven or eight years ago is out of the air, and then they a kick them. That's where the red Sox thing there are those that said here. The red Sox it was like area
shouldn't talk myself into this? cut it out for myself and then ridges Kekuit Kittens I gotta go that way about the Rangers out. You know they're they're getting close, and this is not happening in. I was glad, though, the the the blues one dollars a month, of the back out of the back here and I I know judge on days in Tibet and has the work that he had done at that franchising d and then later the clamorous blue jacket sooner. So I think, he's working on the Rangers now, and so I hope that all have will start to see the effect facing the fumes at the ninety four cup and go for another five six year. Not now. I need it now he needed I needed there. You know you're, I drank from the cup that night seriously. The that you and the latter well known, I did not have an in the rear
I got tickets for the game. Was I had flown out to Vancouver for Game six, yet oxides obsessed and I've been a range of in all my life and The plane was Gary Batman and Bright Burke with again on the edit challenge. So they got me. Take your game. Seven! so. I went with my college room who I know, and we at the end of the game. We heard this rumour that cop was gonna be down to try backer. So we got down to try backer. We figure it's gotta, be at one of the popular parson, nothing happening, drink, gettin, a cab say, take us to the cup, Cab takes a step or west side thinks he knows where it is drive around its like forty five minutes later. He had no word, it is let us out get out of the cap not held then one market. Next cap take us to the cap. Oh yeah, nordic pixels, right organisation is site. We
look in on the wrong side of her finds the police dashes. Everything arrange. Your gear on, you know, go up to the standard, unwanted Recognised for the first time I live by the cops united like I can't get past the guy recognises as go ahead. I get to the door, the club club bouncers that just burly. Well, they say we can come in here with that Jersey on This is a fancy party and then the other browser goes wait a second. Dude was wearing the ranger blue. In Vancouver. I saw a television we weren't. We would warn our jerseys in Vancouver gun pelted with, Oh yeah, vague vicious, the area, so that was my way and so I got into this party with my friend my college room and an hour later, monsieur walks in with the cap in twenty minutes. After that, I'm drinking from it and Five: thirty in the morning, I remember big memories of the New York City Police Department, bagpipe band play
in the morning, ass the sun rose but Revenge Why does a really share the same year you drink from the Ranger Stanley CUP that some believe that it was beautiful. There is fear of a dream. Come true, that's it! I ran the package. This is fine demands, but the movie and I'm we finally did this their excellent I think so much this state farm thanks to simply safe, comprehensive professional homes, curative fair price right now, it's a bit half of the year specially for one of my listeners to get a submissive security system. My listeners get a free scared, a camera plus a huge discount. On your security system, visit simply saved that come such bs for free camera plus simply saves holiday savings, limited time only offer ending soon, simply save the two I submissive, dotcom such bs and thanks to Square
the company that makes that little weight square credit card reader. They also make pretty much anything. You need to run and grow any kind of business, point of sale, peril, online stores, invoices and whatever see how Square can take your business from square one to whatever's. Next, that squared outcome, Slash GO slash, be ass, come about on Thursday, with one more pack ass this week with the lower Ba will do little NFL red hot million, our picks right now. One way.
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