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Blazermania, the Snakebit Sixers, PGA Championship Notes With Joe House, Plus: Hannibal Buress


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to discuss the surging Trail Blazers, who beat the Nuggets and Rockets in their last two games. They also discuss “wild-card guys,” including Michael Porter Jr., Fred VanVleet, Zach Collins, and Deandre Ayton; the disappointing Mavericks; the PGA Championship in San Francisco; and more (2:15). Finally Bill talks with comedian and actor Hannibal Buress about his new comedy special ‘Miami Nights,’ his decision to release it on YouTube, Bill's and Hannibal’s glory days of gambling, the NBA restart, and more (57:43).

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the great to work with him and and he's done some really good stuff for us, but it's really really hard to write a book check that one out, if you have a chance coming up Joe House and I are going to talk late night basketball here on Thursday and then open Hannibal, Buress he's coming on and talk about it, first, our friends from program right? If you visit to relax the sailor was Joe has a at best.
I am confident that our bread on the team will be watching. This house run up a fascinating question. A cape with this move is thirty five years old and I've never thought of it. What college would have been the most likely college to go after and get teen Wolf his senior year, which we could we throughout Jerry Tar Canyon we threw out rightly bass, submit yes I was then a crumb Louisville that was right around the Purvis South in time. What coach, nineteen eighty five eighty six range is likely to hone n and convinced he must come and possibly PAM I mean. Is it actually chance as a ton of stories out thereabout. Oh Jim Bay, I'm impressed. I'm has Hair on his balls, when it comes to you now doing fine opportunities that may not be exists
there are under the rules. Do you like the thought of teamwork in you and I'll, be in Vegas at night at the casinos? I think. That's that that was our best best case scenario. Did it it's a places, a number when's, the first one that came to mind as you were, describing the scenario to me. Of course, that's what teen wolf belongs all right. So last time you were on here, nothing was happening and now we're kind of back a Pga, a major happening right now in San Francisco? The bubble has been fantastic.
Thick and we were waiting, were taken there right now. It is almost eight o clock, p d, so you stood up late and these costs too proud of you. We're gonna, wait till after this Rockets Lakers game and then the bronze groin was sore were starting to see some above all chicanery. I just watch Portland Denver, our blazers that we bear on at plus four eighty did make Playoffs Denver says: hey guys. We really like and appreciate that bet. You made we're gonna arrest yoke. It should crunched him about that incredible they are. You know, Denver was kind of poised to maybe take a run at at the clips and in the two all and this game was a crucial game for that and they played hard. I thought that were intended to win that game tonight. Well, I think what happened is they will maybe we're waiting and seeing how that maps game was gonna, go ok, added
Cavs beat the clips and then they had a realistic chance to get the two. I think they go out. I think once the clips one eats what's really going on here. Is they don't want the three seed because they don't want to play the clippers and round two and they don't? I think I don't think they want to play the Rockets in round one as the sixth seed, so it seems like they would rather get that force five. Should play the Lakers in round to that's the only reason I can imagine why you would throw away the sport link it. There's. No other explanation kind of weird. I that sounds like too much you know, machinations in terms of of you know what what
it's too early, and this in the bubble right now to be scoreboard. Watching isn't it is still too many things that can happen. I thought that, but was talking a couple people today and one of them was saying: watch you tie in Denver the links they're gonna go to try do not play Houston and ran one, and I was like really. There four five games left, and that was one and then the other one was was the mass. Today, that was a big game cuz that was their chance to knock the clippers to the three seed, so they didn't have to see them around once they can't beat the clippers and they went all out in that game hundred percent balls to the Wall Game seven and it did the clips, though fraud of them. So I hope you don't think it's too early. We only have like four five games like depending on what the team is. I am surprised that dumper thinks that they would have a better chance if they're in the forest spot, if that's what they were thinking.
I don't know I mean I can't you know, try and make any sense out of a Denver as much as anything to me looks like they're just relieved to have ten guys that could suit of red clay you know you, you asked me, come an end to think about a couple of angles for the bubble worthy the angles that I've really enjoyed over these First handful of games is like these rebel, nation guys yet eyes like Michael Porter, junior guy. I like T J Warren guys like Gary Trent, junior kind of second here below the the radar guys who were stepping into this very unusual set of circumstances, and it out doing really good things further
means and in creating you know our two days for the teams that that may be didn't exist, pre bubble. I had this for later, but let's do it now. I was thinking about wildcard guys for these teams because rate, I think, one of the cool things about this whole bubble in the situation where, in without home, courted vanish in the fact that nobody seems a hundred percent happy right now is that each guy had each team has partner that guy? That is, guy guy, that is, is weird they going to determine their fate, even though its that their best, where their second best buy or so the first I had this. There was Porter Junior. Not annoyed Denver does with that because, You know, I think we both agree. The ceiling of whatever team has, even if everybody comes back, I just don't think as a team that can make the final said. I I you know all this
back to them three seed wherever they land. I just don't think there is doubt that is the clippers in the Lakers porters, the wild cargo for them, because they can play him in the bubble. It doesn't really matter. If there are three four or five forty six there's no home court anyway, they're going to make the playoffs the reps that he's getting in these games. When I get to round one, you know he's going to have seven games under his belt of being the number two option on a playoff team he's electric we live in an enormous. This was a complaint during the regular season that Denver and then be fans were levying. Might Malone. Everybody say why you sit not empty J and I think They had good reason. I mean the guy with the his injury history You know his his NBA maturity me
me his own sort of maturity, as as a kid growing up into the league mean Right got. God bless him on the instagram with a conspiracy theories seas, been cancelled. Three times already has only been a week, but from a basketball perspective I mean the ceiling is way up here, I mean I mean it's exciting. Why there's two things they really need from him or need from somebody like him that he just Sab four one is that he can actually shoot and that's a team. That's pretty.
Howdy late, their best three point, Shooters Murray and even marries a little up and down the penny and the weak, but he now he's a good shooter, but the stuff he does around the rim and yoke edge. It's like giving yoke adjusting toy. It's like whether we get bark box every month, format for our dogs and Willie, our beloved Willie, opens the bark backs and pulls out this thing. Just soaks, it's like the greatest it's hilarious is the greatest favours. Live that make a porter junior just came out of the Park Box for Yoke edge. Now yoke is twenty four the basket and he's got this guy making these little sneaky cuts. He said and with these passes and then he's goin up in the air but kind of sideways his ease One of those like does not many forwards. Who has had the f? Let us assume that to bend left and right- and I think he's really excited I a you could argue- is the second best offered up where that is merely played. You said this
two minutes ago, and I dont disagree that they're not going to be in the finals this season, but I love Denver for next season. I can't wait to see you know what, if they have, if everybody can be healthy and they entered the season starting Christmas day, twenty two, if all things work out that Denver team is formidable, its d but they had, they can go a lot of different ways. We we gave you know bet. Bobo is gonna, be my prepared, my pet projects. But you know he's gettin runnin and the development of of him
a team into into potentially an asset there. They can be like a ten to twelve player. Deep team, Woollen Porter went in the draft, he went fourteenth and we all thought it was a good pick immediately. We all thought he was a couple picks too late and at the time- and this is a fascinating draft- the Knicks take Knox. Nine have been just a tough tough twenty years for the next Mikhail bridges goes tend to fill in than they trade in the Phoenix Shea Gorgeous Alexander goes eleven may and then the clips around the clock with two picks And they take, they take miles bridges and Jerome Robinson they traded bridges, but they they had these two pseudo lottery picks and couldn't just roll the dice with Porter on one of them. It actually would have been
genius, move right and then they could just stash border that granted. He probably would have been dumped in that ok see trade for Paul George, but my point is air. I dont think he should have fallen that far and be he came one pick away from you. Beloved wizards. I wanna hear who were fifty two took Choi Brown who's, that is, he undertake he's is it that is down there is in the bubble, is he's half of an mba? They are the words though the gizzard have you know one and a half NBA players he's he's one of those. Ok good. I haven't much one second of the wizard bubble, but I think if he goes to the wizards, he not a big deal
Providence gets her in order to worry ITALY. Oh, I know certainly bad something bad happened there anyway. I I at the time it did. It makes sense that the coopers than erode the days cause every dislike of the skies healthier top three Peck had the back then, but that's right around the time you you'd take the run out anyway. It's fun that they're just letting him loose, and I don't know what it's gonna mean for round one I think there is some real defensive trust issues with them at the debts. Wake up at the first bubble game. I like adding text at his coach next sky next wildcard Guy- and this is the most proven guy in the bunch Fred Van bleat. Oh- and I mention him because we saw the playoffs he had. This Jekyll hide thing where he was for renders for the first time games and then he was unbelievable for this, thing aims you talk about last year last year he single handedly carry Toronto to the title I may re. He got caught fire
in the end it was what it was, but it was like is this? Is this a hot streak or is this? Is this the player he's going to become and then over the course of the year it was like? Oh she's actually good and now you're, seeing like a hitman Lowry together and then something's going on with that, but it's kind of like a like a poor man's Lillard Mccollum Combo now with with the amount of offense they're getting from two guards sure that is at high of a level as those two guys. But it's thirty six points. The other night I make it fill it up. This is this: is the thing with him and he's been doing it that this is why, before this started, you mean the curse talked about. You know sleeper teams that we like that, can really make a mark in these poor ass, an I just love Toronto and then he's a big part of it and they really demonstrated all the reasons why I thought that they had a chance to together, just mature. There are mature team that plays com
Finally, they know who they are and they just go out. You know and in some respects I feel the same way about Houston. Funny enough I used in looks well, I think that they, they ve, been playing strike, serious basketball. They ve been plank due to their identity, right re or that are making this small ball thing work and they d have been daring. Teams to Tipp, to you, know, punish them and weirdly enough teams have gone on stretches of punishing them. Then they go away from it. Milwaukee is the biggest example of this. More than Milwaukee Houston game should have been concerning for Milwaukee fence glass. When I looked at the day, the solution was to give Europe the ball in the post, and they did it a bunch of times in the fourth quarter, and then they start doing it, and I don't know why they stop doing it.
Near with more walking to allay teams, I'm tryin to overreact because I think their destiny going into these plants was secure personnel, but so yeah, I didn't mean to do over reaction. No, I dont think one thing you said there was an overreaction because I thought the same thing watching and have set for the package. The bugs fans get Superman in these tight games yeah. This is the best prepared, the way for the first forty seven minutes of every game. That last minute, I'm not sure he's my number one pick for I'm down, one create a shot for me right. I think that's a very fair thing to say. I think I would pick five to six other guys before him. I'm at list we're down one make a play. I think what makes him special is
What he does over the course of the game and he's the best player in the week. I'm not arguing anything otherwise he's the best, but that last minute of the game- and you see it with Portland it's one of the reasons Portland is been such a special bubble. Team like Lillard, is gone. Five other levels beyond and hit. The guy was already great anyway about I'm starting to wonder you know, could he beat the Lakers are bad? What could that team actually can really give them a conversation? Let's hold that thought, though Fred Van Vleet for Toronto. I guess let's go to Portland, really quick. Gary tread Junior would have been my wildcard guy, but I dont even Philip he's a wildcard, the cat S body today. Every. Issued the threerd go again. We were selling. I raised the battlements candidates Parada. I don't think we even after it better may more. I would switch the wildcard I'm I'm book, I'm putting Gary should submit
Let's get it, I'm sure your government, not instruments, accounts, ok, and there is an interesting thing with him and nurtured together, and you saw tonight the Denver game, where he's just a really good basque, above I'm not sure, he's a good leg. Actual talent, Basque Bob, but in set in the terms of I know where to go. I know what to do I'll make the extra pass. You give me, you know a three two and I'm about to go. Let us stick wanted to nurture edge, he he does some some really high IQ things tat. If you look at what their best five. And I don't think you- and I think mellow should be in that best five before talking like a game for Evan. I thought you were a give mellow the wild card. I really thought that's where now, because I I thinking crunch time. I think they have to go in Collins Tran, lower than I don't know. Mellow gets out their cause of his defence worker
but I may be depend on the match up right that thing with Collins's, if, if he can play with their courage and not kill them defensively because is costly, as some sort of mismatch now get often rebounds now get in Higgins now get little sneak passes but, on the other hand, is an Asia. You can watch the wrong name. You think like, oh, my god, that guy sucks, what do you think is icons? the IQ thing is, is the thing, and this is why at the outset of the bubble, we express all this conflict. And there they, the idea of of great opportunity to to gamble on on Portland re no thinks is gonna. Give the Lakers some trouble. Charles Barkley has been say. He said before Anybody play the game that Portland was going to get in and then Portland he's saying just flat out the Portland's going to be the la he's, just saying it now. Well, we've we talked about this: we've had multiple tech
this about it's it's a lot of ways. A worst case scenario match up for a team that gets one side and then they have to buy Portland. Who might be the third best team in the west. Has these to guard said they're gonna have a lot of trouble mansion up with. I guess the key is that, though, the way have nobody to guard the brain. They belong to throw Davis, but the LE brand thing. It's basically Trent Carmelo and the worst Byron Basque, barbaric, Zonia, and that's all there be throwing at rear. You said not to. Overreact in and out o agreed a duty to subscribe that, but the Lakers are the worst often of team in the bubble. Right now they had their office of efficiency is, is last me there. It there's a whole bunch of of a stats with where they're dead last and all kinds of offensive categories, I did here that Rondeau arrived today allow, and I don't know what that is
Encyclopedia. How far out he is in terms of clearing first, a cup test, but also on the word were we his rehab stands. The fact that he's arrived that that's important for them? I think, whether so red tape in right now, it's ninety one. Seventy three used in the two minutes I that third quarter. I think one of the reasons the rest of the broad in this game. Mean anything to them, but I think they really wanted to give all these different line up. None o Brien Labs minutes to see what their, because I was the glaring thing watching. The first couple games when he was in playing data, really have anybody who could run their assets in the fact that there were, I d waiters like their relying a day and waiters. When he's been non fact of tears now I happen to think he'll actually help them in the plan of this heads on straight cause, he can create its own shots, the fight that, but when,
watch it I'm gonna man actually need that kind. It's the end wait whose who's been like a thirty four thirty, the last two years, that's a great site. I just think that have I think they had a average took below average supporting cast tending towards below average before the Bradley Rhonda thing, and now it's just below average. Is this like you look at Denver today, like dose, comes off the bench for Devereux today, and it is actually like make it things happened, the Lakers. Don't have anybody like that in a lot of these teams did so I want to hold that Portland thought cause. I want to talk about that after. Actually know what? Let's take a break out because I have two breaks for this segment: better food once food related ones, link related. I didn't I didn't want to deprive you of doing those without you. First of all, sports are finally back. You'll know it is
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because now more than ever, we need sports and sports eat us and we need winks anticipated locations for a limited time. Bananas I'd take our delivery through Buffalo out wings, app or website, not out of any other offer more wild cargoes. Air corridors for Houston. You don't watch them and I like other playing, and they don't even have him yet an easy either. The third or fourth passport, the team. I don't I'm not ready to talk myself in Houston, yet is absurd that sure this is sustainable with the small light up and we saw them where outright for the pandemic. But right out, look really get you add into the mix, will see what happens coups by think for the Lakers has to be crucial because it in I is basically a thirty one percent three point sugar. But if you Jack set up the isabel replied, the lies in a play,
is the five you buy: Davis, the bran him together with Danny Green and then whoever to guard the other things. Point guard. That's probably there beside him. I agree with this. They dont tonight, charisma, starting and getting the minutes at a got. That was important. I think yeah well to debating. I have I have two more because the sun's might make the players and we were impressed post suspension with the andreasen and that there are real signs of life with that team and with him and down the bubble watching him
A team just seems like they: they have kind of fallen in place that the paces, when today, that there really favoured by leg thick, appoint the sun so that they had went on a twenty one. Nothing run up at one point: the shocker is that Cameron Pain is a competent backup, a guy. I thought was a big member. However, no gravely we re waiting, he was horrible, it wasn't into He'S- turn into like Attali Smith, but eight and have you watch. He looks like a legit big band kind, nurtured she, but in you know a little more athletic, but just kind of long and big and a problem we ve been waiting for it for a while. Now and- and maybe this is the thing that will help him advance in the leap we ve been waiting for a sustained consistent. You know, cause he's, got the talent and he's got the right head coach adopt the entire.
Son story to me is about money. Williams rang wanted what a difference. As you know, a guy who both like the easy is kind of a young team whisperer, away and ended. There are very decent mix rights; they have young guys now have a couple. That's you Rubio at the helm is not you. You know that that sets out a kind of, is it a dollar and yeah? and cut a presence is Darya sergeant adult on this t are united Bait. Baines is the basic awesome, timid, yeah, yeah below a thick right, but I know there. Their young guys we move Booker's been doing, has been awesome. Its six Finally, why he earned that contract that he got. But this is the
that we wanted to see- and you know what's the matter if we get a Portland Phoenix, eight nine areas, that's gonna be awesome, and I think that's where we're headed Look at how to right. Now. Memphis is thirty. Two and thirty, seven Portland. Thirty, two and thirty, eight port they're gonna fuck spots, Jeanette, it's a question of whether Phoenix can catch Memphis, and they are two games behind them, but met this is just in freefall and fall must see how that goes beyond with you. If we had double emanation Portland versus Phoenix, important, just ass, the wind one, it's pretty good stuff, my last wildcard guys Gordon Edward O, the more I look at the south team in the east and I think
there is clearly a leader in the box, not in his flash. I think Toronto is almost one be yet Maki one eight Toronto, one b and had they. My aim is the third best him and I like their name in rotation. I think whenever Betty back it she's the most complete team date taken there, the most things that can happen during a game but he's not having again good game other guys who could step up. They ve shooting, never really good coach, and then it's like Philly BAR Philly, Boston, Indiana, we'll talk about citizens at a second, the Boston thing with Canada. Sixty five percent- seventy percent, whatever it is, thrown over the fact that they they really don't, have any death fed its assessment team. And then the Heyward as the x factor, and we
you came in. He saw me for my fiftieth birthday: hey we're broke his hand. That has never been the same sense if he can go back to where he was the first month season. I think the celtic steam could lose in the first round of second hand. I do not think they limit third, I dont have any reason. Disagree with you. I think you have the rankings in the east exactly right. The bubble has has shown us, you know the character of of the east teams as has really been sorted, define the only slight surprise at to me, has been Indiana, how good Indiana has looked and don't you that, while we were sure but like the disappointing
to me within the Anna is a bonus. Getting hurt cause boy. Do you think look at that team in what they could do there there they have deep their rotation crop it with a bonus. Now he had too much miles. Tartar, that's, never a good thing near tat. I think they would have been the fourth esteem. The Boston thing is a bummer catches. You know they just said so many packs over the last four years- and I was tax on somebody night like they did not get a high lottery, pick out of that Sacramento pick last year and then and then ask The Memphis pick their share in it just got over two on those was really difficult. That's like fifty. No one doubts that that just was gonna pay out that way, their missing that one last piece- and you know, hey we're gonna opting for thirty million and that'll be the expiring year the contract, but there's still time
tell you, no eight, we ve seen when he plays well. What it means is now you have three wings. Sue cannot penetrate shoetrees, who can switch on d, and you know the cylinders gets higher, but I don't think it's happening very very near and I think it's happening either. Oh you had you at a time when I was your their time, You want to bring the other thing that that has struck me as reared, and maybe it's because I'm in a generous and gracious frame of mind- and there has been like some disparity around this. I think the referee has been good is that is that a crazy thing to say there like their games, where there's been fifty fowl in an you, seven technicals, but I honestly have not and watching the games getting frustrated by the referee
I don't know if it's me or if it's the situation, I've thought they ve. They ve done a terrific job with really having their stuff. Together on the video reviews, it feels like they're getting those done very quickly. I don't feel like I'm sitting around for an hour in their they're making the right the right call coming out reviews. I don't know about me. Like I say, maybe it's it's the quarantine spirit in me I what wanting you notes so something good out of the situation, but I think the recipe decent. Well, maybe you think about it. You don't have to travel, taken, just kind of focus in their job. They get to the game. There's no fans, nobody on them that their cocksucker their dickhead their fuckin ass, I had other stuff they hear gave the gave all Liberia yeah this that five yelling it maybe maybe they're just I still hate their though in reply to your views,
area for me. They ve been really noticed, we'll just cause. We spent four and a half months, watching old basketball gaps and guess what they had a much better flow. Is we weren't stopping every time it might have been a charge on somebody? the enemy is spent four minutes, litigating that I would just. Rather Didn't have all that stuff. Unless it was, you know, did that three happen before the shock expired stuff right that I still think we should have for that. But We ve known where litigating, if it were slowing somewhere down a one one hundredth of a second to see if he was still kind of moving during a charge, the eye. What are we doing? I now blocked without power that I'm just saying settings I, though I get across Jerry, you say I think they ve done a good job of making it if effective, doesn't felt your drawn out.
All right: well, that's all that's the nicest thing we're ever going to say, but the referees so one of the true joys we had for this bubble. Basketball. When was the four hundred and eighty Portland Bet, which is been really fun to route four, and I feel like I'm, actually a blazer fan at this point. I've watched every minute of their guides are really it's worth soccer moms. We were finally on the right side. We I should be extended. We love this team. We are rooting for them. We I mean we are Portland fans were watching every game where, in the many van with you, eyes were a share in the world. Ignores licence for if it were ripped city jerseys, the the other joy of the bubble for us was was fairly self destructing and losing in round one and then I'll help regulars. And now I feel like we ve been robbed, has been Simmons assert and now, if it could go one or two as one there's still gonna sack, thereby well, but
Then it's got her we'd better get rid Browborough year. Was it not to be fair to bread? You don't worry, I'm not happy that might actually happen or there's gonna be some mewing theory potential. And fairly well, over achieve without beds events either way. I like the way was going where it was just this completely broken team. It was clear. None of them were happy was just heading for whoever they played around one was gonna beat them. I feel hurt ass. I am hungry, they robbed he's going to be much more fun to watch the. Self combust that the one of the truth
shocking experiences post bubble watching Philly. It is as though they hit a pause button in March with every one of the issues that that team had chemistry, issues, approach, issues, strategy issues- all they did was hit, pause and freeze I'm. It was like a phrase frame the bat and it didn't move like playing the game freeze as a little kid and then whatever it is that you say when you're allowed to be unfrozen again, that's how they entered the bubble. Like date, they didn't do. One thing to like: will all the story? Ben Simmons is power forward on all shake No point guard, it was all garbage was all nonsense. They look terrible, they play no defence, and this is the thing was Simmons. That makes me think
that b I don't think, there's a that. They viewing theory potential isn't high because he is so important to them. Pensively following a guy like you, I have one guy, they gave a shit. I agree, I agree. Well, it's it's too bad and it's too bad for six hours fans spread brown or be like you know. I'll lose in ban was real problem for us and you know it sees it. Is it asked eyes a tough guy to replace you now? just got all chip in and if they know you guys were losing it around one, no matter what happened. I also just like Ben Simmons, and this is another dumb injury for him, which is which is to
anyway. I had that. I have you know we keeps caught a big three Lakers clippers bucks, adder, respect to the rafters and everything we ve seen the Seas in Europe, whether man, don't we have to say with fourteen gave forth. I think Eight teams can win the title just cause I did. This is gonna, be a bizarre play off, so the latter injuries and no momentum, no home court, all that stuff, but at the very least thing Toronto run. A respect should be mentioned now there that defending Champs TAT Day they treated. Season. They let you who else has had. Basically, there you know of a files and BP leave the team and come in edged entreated the season with with perfect in our honor. They there, these guys of
pride and they're playing with pride and I'll. I just love it. The chemistry that they have Nick nurse is awesome. Masai is awesome I'll. I just I am so impressed by then yeah Nick Nurse is clearly the best coach in the league right now he is the best command of his team. He does the most interesting things every game offensively. I think there fascinating team, I think maximizes every guy and we are talking about them earlier. The one point we they make was every guy team plays really hard. You say: don't have like the older. Guy, though I wonder if that guy is going to show up there's nobody in that team, like that everyone shows up every game. I think they deserve it, and you know I remember we were doing podcast when I was at Grantland Theater, Dallas when the title- and we were so mad that they didn't defend the title you and I both third railway about this yeah. They give you
the tragedy of an obligation to defend it and offend the title. You know agreed with us, Michael Jordan, during of ten hours at the last, they tell you lose a title. You should be able to defend it. I think the way Toronto defending his great, lasting I had passed by wise, was just as Portland thing which we talked about before, but you know Barkley was double down on it today. It would then be able to be the Lakers. It's not as far fetched his people think, and there has been situations. You know employer history, where a team built around too rate. Scoring guards like this, you know, could just kind of catch fire for a few rounds like the way their do now. I think it's important to mention the reason they look like the best team in the bubble is because they have
high stakes set of any one in the barbaric out every game is a game, seven for them and they have played. You know I think the hardest consistently. I forget who said the other day that poor obeying Gandhi said at the end of Portland used in that he thought that was by far the most competitive game had seen the Bob. I agree. Eco. Both things are really sophisticated: pine defence on us up. So it's easy to get carried away by all Poland's the best him in the bubble. Neither bear the high stakes the barber now with that said, it's a nice patch up for them against the Lakers yeah. It's a team that has a bad backward, trying to stop a team with a backward that scores. Sixty two sixty five points again that's a bad thing for the Lakers it just is, it is it'll, be really fun to watch. If it comes to pass, I mean, there's still a whole bunch of things. We're only really a week into this and there's still a whole bunch of stuff that can happen.
I'm going knock on word. I don't want any bad things to happen to their derail. Less, but the thing that Portland has in front of it when we finally get to that play off. My head is Anthony Davis. The ambiguity of the bubble mean holy cow, as he bent unbeliever. Think that though it would say he goes for thirty eight and seventeen every night. I still think port that could beat them there goes the lights out back to shoot the lights out. That's all they had an aim at twelve threes today, as I get it they can, but they have to do that like four four seven games to win that serious, we're gonna move off of of Basque. Upon not talk about this.
Why is it that is the DAS mavericks? We almost every blown up there ass a team. We can do that really quickly. I just want to mention the Toronto Portland Finals ads are like hundred twenty five to it. No chance hundred twenty five to one. You said finals like reckoned on the tobacco I like Toronto. Toronto is not that the size of this equation that I have a problem with Portland beats the Lakers and plays the winner of you. Tie Houston ran to ok, you don't think I could beat you tear Houston. They can
Just read it just takes a lot. It just takes a lot. Then I give you. Can it given the James scenario for the boilers turn whatever I western conference last year, the finals turn the camera. This is a ringer social media break out. Portland beats Phoenix first, while poor that goes, eight known the bubble. Portland beats Phoenix in the double omniscient aimed first game. They get the hell out of their round one Lakers, they upset the Lakers. They knocked the Lakers out too much guard scored too much everything. One of the big upsets. One of the biggest upsets me that last twenty five years next round. The Houston Rockets who beat the jazz, we get a rematch of Dame Verse Westbrook, which the clearly they don't like each other. You could video a dead letter. In that thing, I love
that whole thing go in and then you get in the fine around. This is where it becomes a problem. Clippers blazers, where you have to have the best swings in the league going again. Carmelo carriage by our guide care. Trench union hero in the worst play: basketball, marriage, Zonia with a little effort silence, that's one of the biggest mismatches, so they will need. They would need somebody to beat the clippers before around three It would be so they would need like a miraculous Denver win or I don't know they did some hope, not Dallas. Maybe this is it associated break up that They also Lhasa game. Already, they're not gonna, go eat no in the bubble before em. Before you talk about the mavericks, can I offer you a beverage o anthrax
As the original light Beer Miller Light has always been there to bring people together through Miller Time, but in a world we can always be it through people Miller time be a moment on zoom car, like we had reason with our whole across France, a quick porch beards, your neighbor, masking up for a socially distant hang out outside whether toasting friends near far great taste, always close by right now, joining a mill relate with France, looks different forever, but saying connected to support. You could vouch for this. This was my beard college. One model but like gross great with chicken wings were talk about chicken wings law, early Lawiya, terrific, chicken, wings, beer and yet no one else. It's a great beer for the golf course Miller. Light is a terrific golf course beer, you so right you can. You can have
A number that I probably I ought not to say on the on the podcast over the course of around and to it out. Just yes, Dicky S, Two? That's the number willingly have a nice time: great tastily. Ninety six carers, frequency carbs, harbour your friend. Your friends, our joy, maritime, the semi, can't the original. Let beard delivered repaying, delivered forward, Slash, bs and find the delivery happy ass, just better toys with his bath funded or perhaps his day you sub irresponsibly Milburn Company, Mukoki Wisconsin. Eighty six hours, three point: two carbs for twelve ounces. What did you say that average quickly. I'm just disappointed. I am disappointed. You know they. They they had. This problem in the room first season of not being able to close our games of the game was in certain number of within a certain number of points.
They they had among the worst record. They were in the bottom three in the entire league and they didn't do anything to address that. We watch them lose their very first game against Houston. Up seven points were forty three seconds left. You made away Amsterdam rhetoric it when it was a terrific game. I was so I'm so mad at them, because I par laid the over and at the time that I bet on it. It was to thirty, and The point total number and it and they egg they combine- for over three hundred points. Show the open was the lock of the century by parlay that with a Dallas win an think about how they played and how they matched up with Houston, were so sensible, and will they look so good, and then there four minutes left in the game, and the ball stop moving. It is, is forcing stuff they're taking bad threes only
in singer touch the volume and in as those in only two guys, a touch the ball hours. I understood how set curry mist of an eighty four percent free, throw shooter the free, throw that what have I ever played with five seconds of Kofi Annan touch the Athens basketball it in in ten minutes. So I'm just disappointed. That's all it's too bad because they can't beat the Coopers no chance when we, when we get to ride one, that's going to be in every parlay, we do is going to be the clippers cuz. We wax that sits just for variety of reasons. It's it's the Kryptonite team for the. And I'm with you, you know I really like how pausing guesses looked me too. I need to.
I need to really think about whether he makes sense with Dodge as a comma wow, whether that's the right person to be the number two for him. I feel like you're really is. I think they bear your very complimentary. Well, I think you want you want everything open for him. The same way like what Houston is done with hard and in Westbrook, where they ve, just they basically cleared it out, see they can just operate. To the basket and posing is his assent for three guy. You want a near the basket, but then that they have em out twenty six feet away in, like is that the best use of Hamley play near the basket. What would you want to go to asking for that? It was still on right now, but you want like inside outside. I don't disagree with a they didn't. That's not you know, but they're the key to their offense of success. I mean,
The the Ringer NBA folks have touted this Dallas offences, the potentially the greatest office in the history of the league, Never did say that rapid inside out, that's regular seasons after about why we actually in a play a game in here, and you have to close with three minutes left in you see what you saw, that eastern game torture becoming burn out one in five in forcing us to twenty six feet in the basket on that, I'm not sure that's Winnie respite, but anyway, what's gonna golf click. Ok, so by the time people listen this tomorrow, the SEC around be happening. I don't want to spend time talking about what happened around with golfers things like that, but woods a couple of things just that we notice with the course you covered a lot of this unfair whereon, which has been exiled with you, Nathan, Hubbard, and you were talking about this course. The weather and then Nathan who's on the ground there, who
There has been too been doing, it form is the stuff and he was telling us this morning. These guys are gonna, be completely screw. Who are taking off much later today, because it's gonna get windy. It's gonna get call there, it's a huge disadvantage and then we actually saw it. That's what happened that saga borne out. So, as we look, you know the Friday thing and then others ten times are set for Friday right. That was yea advance. Yes, yes, yes, but then We get to Saturday and Sunday. You stack the guys who away head. There was t off last, so they may be Ting off on Saturday and Sunday with the worst weather conditions. So we could see a scenario where somebody could be down six strokes on a Sunday, but you don T further and the day before the weather gets weird where they might actually have a punches chance to come back, and I ever think it matters that and play this year. No it it's definitely and play because of of the way this this course
the defence of it is that when coming in from off the water- and I guess, there's two different directions that the wind can come from, but the thing that definitely matters is the golf course firms up over the course of the day so that shots thick that bid the guys who play earlier. Have the boy a fit of softer greens, wind is down a little bit, but you can actually get balls the hall. Now there was a couple rounds in the afternoon. Paul Casey went out and shot for under and it brightened Dijon, bow was was for under it at one point, in his round I mean they're worth there were some decent scores to be had. In the afternoon, but on balance the morning guys did better than the afternoon and I think that is going to be the prevailing dynamic. So Europe, dear thesis, you hear that your european research postulating here of you know, is it possible that Somebody in there and an early round on Sunday could go out and put up a number
crazy, love just get hot fire pins that this golf course. If you can hit the fair way, then you have a good chance at at. At scoring mean tyres are good an example of it Tiger Head seven, fair, ways in regulation today and hit also and greens and regulation when he did that, and he was three under when he didn't it a fair way when he was in the rough. He was too over on the through on on those holes, and that's that's the difference that the way this is gonna play out. So God is, somebody gets, you know that really hot on on Sunday for sure that big that go out put up a number and just hang on go in the club out and wait cup other things. I noticed. The eighth all seems like it's. It's stir ram and in your butt hall every every made
has the ramen in your butthole and in this tournament, at the eighth hole, which is weird cuz, usually sit in the back nine, but this time around the eighth hole is going to be the whole that I think especially heading into the turn and stuff like that It's gonna be a huge factor this week. It did you notice any other holes like that, or do you think that was all now? I am I'm still sore I've gotta get my arms around. It was so enjoyable and I'll just give a quick shadow, two years paean, so their showing every hall. Thank you novel idea? I can watch golf all day, it was on the east coast from ten in the morning until ten at night- and you know, through the the combination of ESPN plus in any S p m and is just such a wonderful thing to have a mature Brok s
glorious it was, but I'm still get my arms around you know. Look like eighteen is a great challenge. Hold Dubuque definitely make bogey eye on eighteen August. Had to make long par parts tiger made, along par but John Raw made along power, but to stay even but yeah. The eight is my main aid. It really is the remedy in your bottle, the pre eminent here, but all tiger. Look kid, and very you know, compared to what maybe our worst fears were in kept go? Look there. I do so carried an ordinary looks better than all right. Yeah, we're gonna have a lot of potential veto. Potential drama with some of the stars were is there any party crashes feel like the uninvited guest? Not, I don't think so this this Brown Brendan Todd is. This too, is a terrific story. He wanted
is on tour. He had fallen way way off in the world. Gulf rankings is a great, come back story and it, bleeding eye in Memphis last week and they fell apart in the in the in the final round. He shot for five hundred and two that they can shut. It finished at five under but I don't, I don't think he's gonna hang in there, but we a lot of the big names that we were sort of circling Brooks Bryson Zander sharply tigers on the board I mean just in Rome, a major winner he's there yet, as the James, bigger free Gary within Sugar, free Gary weapons. Three under he's one of their twenty seven pounds drop there in the pandemic. Unbelievable he did to things that year, just vehemently against see gave up sugar mosey, and there is one other
Think of fried foods with pride, for as I couldn't do the sugar I don't mind I could. I could see that fried foods is its offensive, the dust off the list he can't be. That has no chance. Well, I'm excited to see what happens. I love having the stars, the bummer for me just cause. I was really room rob. I was thinking about getting him one thousand three hundred and one today, and then I saw where his tea time was that I'd heard you and Nathan talking about the later tee times being a problem at eight, and you know that was a good example that figures. Even are you some around even here Stephen and he held out his palm Erle. I look worthless. Look live odds. When we hang up, I'm not against it. She was plus
one for a lot of the run, their yandah scratched his way back to even think of actually we're like that that no major caliber afforded to write their interesting to look at the live odds house. I look forward to a text to you a hundred thirty thousand times over the weekend as we try to figure. Basketball bets great we're back we're back we're getting our things back. Our kids are never going to school again, but we're back. I went to my son's room today and there was a smell and I have to go. I think there's like food under his bed or something it's really getting grizzly it's starting to it's, starting to turn into silence of the Lamb, ass. A lawyer has his leg. Like my kid is in pyjamas, like literally I can't.
He, by changing the closer we presentable for outside twice every six days, did at most he's right. The second in the pajamas that he slept in last night the war. Why change his personality or games? Is these doing all this stuff? With his best bows you'll go outside Rating I'm going outside. Ok, my son kept getting more vc fur MBA to Kane charging it to my pay now and I kept to worry about it. I kept burning the start, but the reality was. I couldn't remember my play station password that, I couldn't stop a bizarre valuable. Finally, I figured it out late last night and I took my pay. And then I went into his room and I was like then this is it. This is your last day and let's just get get twenty dollars of VC stuff and and then that's it that'll be eighty six okay cool deal deal deal so puts it in
and then it said you had no funds khazar already taken after ha ha. You got nothin, you have done your daddy busy broken for your dick low through editors, controller, Abbe, I'd sure, like Ben servants. I call them abroad cripple and I walked away its get ten. We didn't this little shit kept. He kept sneaking change thinking you sneaking these twenty dollar paper purchases by mood discusses the past and I found they had to shut off the faucet like he was a crack at act. I will tell you my kid who just had its tenth birthday over the weekend. The level I'm worried about him already the level of sophistication he switched the currency. So he plays this game roadblocks and
they they will give you. The same number of credits in in in mexican currency Yankee against the dollar is, is, is much cheaper like so, rather than then, let's say if it's a hundred die you dollars. It's only eighty four, eighty five dollars and mexican for the same quantity of of things. He's figure this out and he's asking me. Inquired things for him using the mexican currency and, unlike you know what that so smiled I'll. Do it look at you. You want me over what ok presented where the pandemic. You know been allowed. A heart ache puts the success stories to has said figurehead MAX keep currency has attacked. You have the wicked dexterous Dana plague come around with us. Always a pleasure, oh it don't forget about
you're golf by Farewell Sunday night, Recap, year with Nathan who's on the ground there. So, therefore there are s alright, thanks we're going to get the Hannibal Buress in one second. First, let's talk about blue apron home cooking matters. Now more than ever, because you know you want to stay at home with blue apron, you can have peace of mind by getting fresh quality ingredients delivered straight to your door, so you can cook Delicious easy meals in the comfort of home, blue apron takes the guesswork at a dinner, and we need more than just deciding what date you can know. Your ingredients are being prepared and packaged with the highest attention of quality and safety, create a plan that works for you to blue rapids. Ever changing mix of menu options premium
carrying carved conscious, mediterranean diabetes, friendly and Debbie. W proved prices start as low as some Fernand. Preserving schedules skip work, cancel orders when you what don't sacrifice flavour, don't set of a boy meals, fine comfort in the kitchen, with blue apron and enjoyed delicious home cooked males check out this week's menu. Get thirty two hours off across your first to deliver is when you visit blue apron, not come Slash Simmons. Once again, that's blew up or not come. Hush, Simmons Blue apron feed, your soul, let's bring an animal. I Hannibal versus air burst with one are bigger point again. Is the latest special who. Well, whatever the secular, how many times you you have to correct that over a real priority areas, sometimes so that others, I turn down offers a vicious there were two hours. It's a good right.
Good side the stairway lack and is not about scale love it at a couple times. I've let us live but that is itself It is already in my item like that I don't like it. I heard that with me, so some people have called me Simons yet instead of Siemens, I think with two aims: it's pretty obvious. It's a similar situation. I haven't seen any Simons with two ebbs, yet they do the silence. Unlike oh, you have no idea Anything about me at this point to build up its summits to say and its impact The lira gone. What's the name yadda yadda here. Now, if they, if they forget the dial up recharging double for this part session loud size. Double I just cannot ignore what came it would have been
during the pandemic, we're heading into next week will be month. We will finish but five, an eleventh it's it's fucking crazy. Now at home is banned. Has been nice, so get at his own in and be home when I play tennis the other day for rules that when I play just you know it's my first answer: isolationist this keep it alive? No, don't wear about regular rules. This just you know getting a sweat out here, but that was fun I play video games and AIDS. Okay, I saw that I wanted to talk to you about that, because that's been a lot of my summer is my son to
got into it over the last couple months, and I just have a million thoughts. I was just talking about my pack ass the other day. These Galaxy Opel cards in these go cards that they give to people who weren't as great as you have been in my opinion, did it really totally deserve a superpowers card, but the guy's coming into the draft, who aren't even NBA Persia like James Weizman, has like a Galaxy Opel card and is better than a cable azure. What are you don't? You know that my team Yeah, I'm here man, I can't grasp, but I've been in there on the I've and then I I didn't I didn't get it. I asked I noted that means that their their good and you get a symbol. Years, but I m all hasn't grant me like that they should be given brook. Is that much more clout words? Basically like it's like a scratch
mentality like another scratch yeah so year, so you have to leg tat day, especially get people like my sunk as my son. Just a could have could twenty dollars. I gotta by VC fur. Did you goat packs and so their prey, and it's like all the only way I can get this the Bron whatever car. Yet by these packs, so then all these are. These kids are trying to get to pacts which then they can sell on this whole little weird eco, system have in its it's, it's a it's a dancer. You have to honor a college, your son, you can cause he. This is his worse thing. A you answer. You know your legs ended areas. The idea is the money you care. What is it especially? There appeared there were calls you. I just feel so bad for my kids. Guess it's like you, don't my daughter's Fatima since twelve and it's like they taken, barely see their friends. Do anything they carry the cabin
Rob, kids, her own age. Really, so it's like you know you end up being a little lacks air man. You get them. Kids get get their friends drastic, get there get them. I attested crew like this. Is the ass, the crew. You wages, hang out with each other down. Nobody else into the crow you'll be monitored. You'd archaeologists were yet like your finger. We kind of have done that. We have a like a couple families that he's gonna make choices, I'm sure you ve done that you're alive, for you carry a grand you're like. I trust these people. I know them Could it be like at some secret rave and take more real yeah. You know, like raise pandemic person and it wishes. You know he wrote a dies. I think we're Have the list, the people in our life publicly almost like when, when sports do like there's an expansion draft and they protect eight to ten people on the text
I think everyone in your life should know whether their cracked, her circle or not, say it like a weirdly insightful moment out what your relationships are. Areas, it is what is folks that you know I didn't now is some function. Think about that. You would have in your circle if day, if they passed up nowhere, your home. Oh yeah. Oh I forgot about you. You forgot about you wish We should hang out you'd, have you deadly now, reckless were so. Have you cause you release this comedy special need which the Amy Nights but I'm and I'm sure, you're working on that during the pin but now it happened. Squeeze out. I want to go back to the special a bit, but now it's like we were at least in this fight. Six more months had a you. What do you do I'll, just workin on different causes said again, ideas that started doing now.
Won't you knows name couple alchemy: in France. It is called news over love. Where is some knows what is just also adjust conversation? with frame it in the news soda this type of ideas in it we could do remotely. It started again the gamble, alot solar panels- uncle were tens here Kia dealer it at Chicago area, casinos for a while. So he has some insane stories and it's kind of that's a really wild perspectives of you lights from the side at a dealer. You know what people lose couple hundred that acting in their seats You know your mouse. Is it so workin on ad just. How, then will can we? Can we pause that one year that I want to talk about split in ten? Ok, I had no idea you were doing this.
Yeah, I just put it out here: I got a couple hours I was recorded an ugly. I was centred around some folks, but is so loudly about gambling like war stories are like, like you're telling stories he's talons them I guess you're gonna get very different gas stall soul. You know the first ever saw was made this good news experience. The deal, learn anything about it these stories, but we talk, you know we ve taught boys buried and we thought crabs in and die. Certain and rhythm shoot in all these other stuff in Iraq and in every get into it. So it's gonna, be you know the whole gamut of gambling. What's
game what it when you, when you're in a casino we ever get to go to Hollywood casino. What's your game, I was, I was craps. I was putting on a craps and it is force. I stop stop gambling, it's been a year and a half now but wait and you stop drinking you're in Africa too. I stopped her again so and a half years ago I got next year cut our gambler, so every you're giving up something one two May ones. Those were taken up a lot of time and energy did you have to give up gambling, or it was just a good idea. For years, the welfare to give our game just a good idea. Just you know scene, I can channel Dad is dig in behaviour in the other aspects of life were still be getting the rush, an end, the men were voiced again, let without the you know, achieve action
throw it out on a table whenever it suggests is that a more long term was still still at the same kind of principles of they might now go well what it Michael really were. So it's at that, because this year be an ant filled in you, look at those boys best. Every day we are formed. It takes up a lot of men to energy that could be used elsewhere. Will you and Vienna salary you everything? I was in Ba NFL hours, then a lotta hockey hockey the bed. It's like all those weird buddy lines of God, a half had I had a bad but I got into it, has started yet the golden NICE first sees it.
I was, I was following them a lot and they did they did really well. I see you wrote them during their hot streak, yeah. That was like a couple more gambling buddies during that time, they've started calling me hockey Hannibal cuz. I was hitting pics like that. I did was I had a crazy couple weeks run during that time. That's what I've always stayed away from baseball and hockey. His baseball has the weird picture: in the I've just never understood how people make money and those then hockey, especially Cosette King season tickets for three four years Did she so red escaping around bother? Our books are bouncing off, somebody's lag go ahead, and, busy a double over time and again in this world. Those hockey those empty Girls go really change. That's where you at a time you make your pack lie on an empty.
That goal then they'll be up to and yet there is a classic one, and I were taken this on a Monday. There is a portal insult exclaimed. Poor than was plus for their dad. Three with boss makes to free throws ports that down three with three seconds left and we had Portland puts forward like this is great, no matter way like Dame or take a shot worse case there we got overtime, and maybe we don't covered over time, but they improbably mess. We and recover nourishes taken the bar bands and just throws it seventy feet, and it goes out about so now. The south Ex have the bar under the basket up three favoured by four. They about Tatum gets found where they wait. A second kaluza this any makes wanted to end
being a push by point, as you might imagine, made a good move just getting out of sports game and completely because I was so upset as it is random Sunday. Unlike what just happened here right, you do that. You shaving points where why why Yeah there's no way the next day You were normality, everybody in your life. The weighty rates should have been tree. Where do you remember that you mad at you might have been acted body that about a couple days after a Babby straight up, be you know yourself It was you who wears out. I was a black jack I and II I go to Vegas. I wonder to by black play blackjack, and I am talking for like two hours. I'm talkin like the aid
the twelve hours, the devising of changing digest, I'd just super happy plan. Blackjack zone out has drags a light to be there with at least one or two friends cup or the other seed shift. The crabs thing. I would dabble in, and I've had some great craps moments. I think the problem with craps that says seductive is, if you ve had that night at the awesome craps table. Where languages everything came together and it's like a movie, you just you want it again and again: is it so hard to find an and people chase it? They chased it, but then, when it happens, like others is why I'm doing this, he had a crabs hours of that blackjack real cook, a lot jelly. Do you play the same amount, each hair, you just daddy order. You have hunches,
and you triple up you better. Some, like that. I usually, I start out. You know, play in one hand and then, as the night goes on cocktails then you can feel like the table. The dealer, all that stuff, and eventually things are going well, I I bet you do that two hands at once. I the problem, though, is I don't know, I believe in all these rules, I've written about it a bunch of times like I don't know if I'm just a lunatic or if these rules are actually like real rules that work like, I always feel like. If the dealer is a is a shithead or it's early or is going too fast or just seems like they're, not rooting for that that actually affects the card is no evidence of no evidence at all and on the flip side, I feel like what I the deal that is, you know, engaging and feels like
reading for us and what kind of connected were tipping em. I do feel like that has an effect. What is your uncle about that he did the does the speed deal a day. I am not a fan, either cuz. I especially users, go and heads up yeah and you and DNS be there. If you take a, were brought back and get ugly EL barriers. We like this game, is moving, unlike how movement right this is kind of like a boxing. If you just get trapped in the corner. Fur, but there's a minute and a half left in the round alive. Oh to the change, is well he's a lot about people really. You know. Sometimes people ass the dealer in a moment, specially there's a big bear up
and they got you know they. They wouldn't. They were MAX play as, of course deal showing here. The sun. You gas, sixteen and A9 the books as it has to deal with any and Then you want to blame the driver why'd you telling you all up it was. I suggest you know how to make it plain, but sometimes they can feel like their person you scarcely a in it already. Are you there sometimes what users husbands? When I get out the real quick when I had my own without tested. How much I wanted to bear up. I wanted to bear more than I was gonna House got triple it up and you get blackjack onwards. That's you play lower the way to win and blackjack is, if you're, having a run. You have two up your bets
yeah, that's the only way. If, if there's some sort of magical thing happening, you can feel it. You have to step up. Then there's these are the rules like you know some people with double down everytime. I will double that most of the times, but if the dealer is like destroying me and nobody at the tables winning it's like- oh great, to double my bets where everybody is ice, cold right now, like sometimes our back off, and then you could tell the dealer judges you a little bit for year. Wonder about how many plays Israel lie allotted, plays the people wanted. You got it all. I serve rightly arise. It discusses socio people are one double down on a fourteen day. Nor does this thing she felt his heart was you I already barometer also badly by boat out around the data that and like shit and in
how do you get out of. Right leader as its causes. Socio people don't want to do things. It aren't sawston except eyes. You like sitting at third base because I like to see the cards before me, and I, and I also know that I'm not gonna fuck up at third base cause. You got that person and third base whose whose she's doing weird shit and screwing up though hand from the table chef really fast, as as anybody ever leg shy to like fight your uncle or like been really matter thrown ships at hammer like flipped out in any way or no here yeah I'm sure that's happened right. So suddenly deadly went down he's got into some sulfide said. Anne he's he's gasoline stories about them at least now,
name that have taken shots Adam to take a shot me like trying to let you know so. I can make a play and and not because you know they try to you make it seem like they want when I really lots of river yeah, I guess, wow stories. Man does, even you know, scene usually only to hear what is like to look at some mighty worry. I lose in three fifty. You know right needed, three out of fifty thousand and you just watch and urban and AIDS is credible. In fact use the euro gambler next? To summarize is watching the wheel It's a lot of energy to take on a thick. As you know, see you, Asia,
the day and it's just people being an awesome right in front of you is a lot, but one thing: the Vegas, the bigger casinos did especially on the strip in Vegas, is fate. They made all these subtle tweaks to the rules to try to shift the percentages toward the house, and Vegas was turning I swear you almost had to find a little bit off the beat path: casinos that had the old school I right through the two blackjack. Did the abilities put aces, he begged it's your decision, little things like that that really actually help you, but if you're out, like one of the giant casinos they're just second for every way to squeeze it, because they know your on the strap its pan. They asked leave to take tat. You gotta get get in the cab line. Is I fuck it I'll just game hair and then, meanwhile, they have shifted the percentages imperceptibly against its frustrated. Yeah I'll, be you know
I would add my the heaviest I would definitely be researching, are forums I was driven. Casino has This was, why can you play multiple hands at the minimum? Bear in all these different things it looking at sports blood was book at best line for this one right here is a labelling it. What am I A lot of time has been on on their that research for the Idaho state, you do it's funny about craps, though, when you're craps profiling, whoever the sheer, is trying to decide by staring at them with addressing lucky or not? I got an idea is a hot girlfriend. I berries could have gone wrong hours a year later. At present looks trance. Is the energy thing how you know yet these aims at Yale,
sad? You know he doesn't seeing my. He even believes I think women are you The good for these? What I agree I at least I rarely see a woman just Strader crap right away on a first go. They usually hit The seven eleven was hit the point. What I think tat there might be Saturday, five percent. I feel like that. Where do you stand on the dont? Come line guy the guy's by himself just go and don't come against everybody. Basically Rudy again, over the table here and wait. No crap out he's gotta keep a cool.
Here we can celebrate, she be cool, keep it quiet. Don't talk to. Nobody, says, play your doubts and if you will get your chips and keep that require what MBA stars, Mozart, bet the don't come. Let us go slightly better doubts. Former said its annual spurs how for Jim Junk and fears loud dont player. It's about me, somebody that incorporate it adverts metrics. Their own game and other data, because the reality is don't come is probably a better way to bet issues yet funded odds. They bisexual thing. You can basically do in a casino year. End is, is it
an adversarial me in other people, sometimes if I'm soon, especially by for life, I mean I had so yeah and Arthur. I say you take your money. Does it make? Eddie mightier unaided, It's I made them at the big they sit up and take out a stubbornly gonna put it down than you hit. I agree and Roma click your sit up. That is already a mess right here for you and me what we know, what we're not gonna get each chose we're going as the house. What the fuck is, this arguing with these other. Do is other appear here. It bore rivals, is not the end at any rate. As I want you in IRAN, are we not a roar and then somebody punished that at here like there's some applause or some excitement and they show up and they start throwing better. But you're in your role. You lowered I've. It's over. It's almost Segura your jumpsuit. Are you ve made a few
and then they had come in and bill. I call that I got a spread. My shaded tender beds in the twenty places and knock you out of your momentum for thirty years? I hate it. That's why I don't like blackjack so low, but a light tat was so low, crafted Is it really getting your rather. You know it's die soon for numbers in, his eyes were really understood and for a six eight and fill in it call it in his ETA keeps on. You know that keeps garments so I'd as well. I so much, and I are right next to the touristic earth for a short distance from near to the wall with a guy's name, that's sick person it is made. Is that what he's got you never knew what the actual job title is. For that reason, I am talking about the so excited these eight. I you know wits were a month
however, the pandemic. I would love to be it a casino plain black, Jack and being around the action. I don't even know in that comes back. There's a latter like video poker. It seems like happening right now. It's just that. It sets cover, has been Vegas yeah yeah, without what are they had like the that divide, the providers between the air. Very he's from casino but the while one friends was that as yet good hit my frank having Bozeman had a good head on for car poker. Lucky services suddenly something he sent, but it wasn't no plexiglas, no plexiglass or I think false where mass I'm, not I'm that planned work at I had this. It was him hard count documentary, then I want Amazon and now made me. If I had,
If the world was normal, that would have sent me a Vegas. I would if I would have spent beggars after watching that outages forget it. I'm a car account until you with no prep. That's good observance of things with doubt that require perhaps sometimes oh. I should have worked on this year the card counters there's a couple celebrities that are apparently can do it like a real way. Well, I think athletic has been kicked out of casinos yeah, but I think a general. I wish there was more a card, canny movies who shares Vegas gambling. I just don't feel like we ve made enough of them. I've seen all of them. Sort of one, but one is a card on Amazon.
The document on your movie at very I've. I don't haven't seen that their car carried document it was ill. Pretty good is that is at the edge, is car a professional blackjack adventure. Ah, serve foot spoiler, you could imagine, is this guy? You know getting kicked out of place cellar, but it still is fascinating to see it happen. How many times were daddy staggering? Kick that its in way. It's a badge of honor, it absolutely like. No, this we can do it. We can't do you hear. Do did to live a crazy, that people aren't allowed a conquered. The words like the casinos have every possible, and then somebody could go in their interest
like have a general sense. So, what's in the past, in the in the six card, shoot air and I was caught a shooting, that's a shoe, it's sort of ethics things, but that somebody can mentally just process what may be in there and there they know now you gotta go yet again. I think that cheating on that, like replacing cards with a different card, I'm just using my brain how's that illegal yeah fails to you now is to flimsy any because no product so anything that attacks that is just experience. If we have a legitimate with that Now you gotta you gotta, go. He can't you remember your first Vegas trip. How would we I was, I was nineteen or twenty in use. It was two thousand and two or three
oh, that's right when Vegas was kind of these things are happening. But it wasn't a trip in that way. I submitted at all He his comedy festival to LAS Vegas Comedy Festival. I was going to and carbon deals law dish is Saint Louis, our away and they had a college commute. In category Did your guard a year or so and sort of prize which gives a book or a Vegas performers comedy fast. Now my first Ghana tat fly it for common and saw play a little bit blackjack at ten bucks. In our hands? And I was underage, and so I lost the second hand. I think I lost loss of a second hand and since he was ten bucks and I nineteen twenty hours.
He must be a guinea is directly linked to the idea that they put me up. Outburst they'll, probably my son appears What led to the common space you just did being Youtube thing: verses, be not a service, the evil, and it was pretty caused to be it on the stream of service, but then World started crumbling let me try to put it out like this and then see what see do they'll on you to win and try and makes it up a little bit so it might end up on a stream of down row later this year and next year, something. But I can't I wanted her to put it out first. When did he record it I'll call you in August of that,
at the Olympic Theatre in Miami, and it was the second time recorded a ladder materials in silence while recorded a show of February of last year and then added up like in it saw scrapped it, which was a pretty expressive decision to make but if it didn't feel right, sir, just it does show. When will we achieve do it didn't come across in our first date. Vassili added had described it in yet another tour in July, beginning of August there and recorder gift there's a bell: missiles in their shell with wind. When you're in the audience? For it are you getting the same stuff that I'm getting on Youtube without the ATA tune and other get its? This exact same experience right: this is a little bit more stuff,
any any actual, all indispensable. The couple added in things the alien. Also, Spencer S M bids that you know didn't make it right the most part yeah I've been. You know it has been said and an surprise people little bit and just make it make a real fired and has shown a different energy to it. As it is, is especially in the Inn alive, Shell was it hit. Ice was heard things here. You could tell the real surprise for people because it you know it is fire like that. I really enjoyed it was one of those all the sudden. You were saying goodnight and I was like wait. What I had like ten minutes left the last twenty biscuit last, twenty minutes or so of the special you talk about how you got arrested yeah. I guess what we got drunk and
Sort of orderly disorderly began last you just lay out the entire story and painstaking detail with you know, you're, take on everything but you're, using pictures using video from the tv coverage of it. And all the other miss reporting the background of the cop who then he has some shady stuff pop up and it just laid out. It's like it's like a twenty minute it. Basically, verbal assassination of the entire experts is real, How much time did you put it that I mean I started doing a material proudly right after I did, that was in December. Twenty seventeen. If so, then I had a show in Chicago around New year's Eve were brought. I told a rough version of it and then
yeah. I was just adding to it, you know I was telling a story, then that news thing came out a month after work well, yeah really really laying into this bullshit arrest like the news coverage of it and it felt it felt it was upset. You know where I was just. I was really just starting to the wine down about that and he was using a mob laden- like is more from that bullshit arrest rank ass? A it's about you know is still always tweaking eight and figured out different parts. So over the course of a copy is get that again. And it's just something that and yeah. It was a bs arrest and it gets robbed without me. Even I never even showed up to court or anything so the fact that they dropped it like that fast shows that
you know, that's a failure in that system. It was just who they had operating for them. At that time, that's been. They don't really stand with what he did so. Lotta, petty policing, our contempt of car type situations, as you know where the eagle gets involved, yeah and, and it allows them to this user system today, advantage just because they have that on you. It is not just words you say south any I have her car was. I thought we were just speak right so that there will put together. I'm still in the Miami police. I saw that data is came out a couple days ago, yet
This goes out all you idea tat. I lost a decent gig because of that, because we were fully closed and who knows what the banks have a book beyond now I'll take you should have been a police officer when I ran into space. The type of shit he had gone out before we, We should even interact it like that. I got ease. You know how this outbreak is fit for a girl, so so. See you taped all this a few months ago and then you about to two and a half months ago are the sun. This country is going through this moment
can you have all this material in this comedy special you haven't released, yet that's basically in the ballpark of what the conversation is that what one of these I appreciate about listen to it was. You just had this on story, but it was in a context of before having to happen for mice to not much but was still really relevant to everything happened. The last time words, but you weren't overt about it in Army year advantages happens, is, is. When the be really relevant, because in its eyes but yet is one, those things which would have been a voice in The ongoing conversation so is is, is wild man. I just. Yeah? I do you see that all he was shocking. Of others in bars,.
The real likeness, not it, but. Mobile arrested me was? running away from the police recently. So after up after a bar fight after a bar, what. No thing is that even beyond he followed me into the bar. He escalated the situation when the ship was done and because I'm too drunk was like okay. Well, if you can set the bar, so I can't go into a bar in front of your eyes. Is what you're saying, because if I walk down the street and go to another place, then so it's just bs. That's what we'll see how it goes and is that the first time something like that happening now now either. I mean I've ass sooner when I was a teenager Ever really not do any day and just gettin start by the police, while joy
in my work, two years of being in shape and high school. When I was prepping for football season, I was on a job and then cops pull up. Where are you going away? You got a hundred died. Are we had a break it down there other time allows you know just come from sharpened. Would my burger king checks in ours- a point that far from my neighborhood but so dear, neighbor rather different ethnic composition. So you see a black here up there Yet I worry, was these bags and houses come from buyers and chief worker she's got poured over, nor for no reason once I was flying. Because it is so, there was a toy arrive, there was at them
your mom by my place, a south. I had a feeling phase in in high school. You know I was gonna steal it out. Just got to brush aside I waited till. I was not took this ill, some handheld fishing gay, and I got the game. I get out the store of fire and their areas of block up. I see my friend across the street a runner to catch up with them. Then a police car cause. I see the police and then start run They catch me and I where's the ship where's that shit that Ipad me down and get the game where's the Should. I know I thought they were covered up. He was still in again. They just dot
he's running up to eight years. Crack asunder has the US that they were certainly for drugs. Meanwhile ran they had no idea, I by the game, where it is and, although we have, if I just kept, a coal will address in the next few months by an outer next month, The general in this culture, no bad or even in a situation, is just. I was there. I saw somebody online there Three, I ain't goin were a crazy days. He thought about the pandemic, and in March and differently from a work standpoint. I was really plannin on soaring in a fire.
Ok, there's gonna be a couple months, but then fall touring is gonna, be crazy and because so many people could store in the spring, then is dead. There's gonna be a last second Marcus is gonna, give really good shells that they don't really don't gets US data man, because people those that have to play. You love our concern is everything else booked up in art. Is this idea out again, and it was- and I was very far. As far as the country, I don't know, man this shit is, is gonna get tense. No matter what around elections I'm scobie with that's what have they are our I plan to leave the country for a few months in October, good move
yes, sir, you now be in a different zone in again here go somewhere. Maybe I think back October things open up we have to go somewhere that might have handled this properly or will say. Ah, but a crazy thing about election night as election at Obi like election month, because there's no, thou, though, who one on that night We were in a normal thing right, so loud attention leading up to that day is gonna, be the whole month, yeah and even if he loathed disease that he's not going out smell that he'll say yeah. I say something does not happen at all that stuff, think of how they are being handed the last few days. The NBA
Notice that they well, I don't know if this is with every day or not, but I saw the box furnaces. Who played Friday. They played Iraq is on Friday. Wade, now they buy the racket Sunday. The bucks beat beat up somebody on Friday Well, I watch. I know I've, never somebody, I can remember I didn't know today it was coincidental that Bob. Why There is no teams, they had to wear black Likewise matter drearily other people the amazing equality and bury rags yeah they every day. I think I'd, like twenty eight different slogans. You could pick one of the slogans here is you know it was the Campbell an ousting of thing about how this is?
some point is gonna- be old footage. You know these games I'll be out in the open, the bat thirty, now, for I must be a classic right and their people after have a conversation again or talk, or at least talk about what it was wise. He you know, why does he have education reform monasteries? It be better thought about the time back years ago, yeah it's I mean it's been nice that sports back, I think the conversations have been handled really well in the dialogue has been started and there's been a sense of normalcy.
It would have none nothing's normal right and even the games are normal and other stuff to do in the lead up to the game. Six adapt. But then, ultimately, you to watch these guys hoop feels like this. This feels, like kind of life, is to be like before March air. But you you know if you like. Ninety tat man, you know you strata lacking was basketball. Now you casual Van might now more pressure. Are you sick dunk dawn with justice,
Is there a zealot yeah, it's going to be it's going to be some interesting posters. People get dunked on with with these these New Jersey. So we can find your comedy special Miami Nights on Youtube on Youtube. It's got its doing very well. It's in it's in seven. First of the seven figures, and then some amount of people that have watched it and then and then stay tuned for everything else right seems like you're up to stuff. I feel like you're hiding things from me Yeah. You got out projects going right now. Those are My big projects, news all below the packet splitting tens on China to find and try to find a home for that. What I to put her out independently or a finest by four
just as those remained there and to Kay anyone several strike aims at you. Later this year. If I had a new Hampshire lines is really goofy level. Click back from my? U to channel just to see her up process Gulf in now says you know stuff like that for took twenty one. Now, I'm already clan in video game and with with with my friends were marked by okay. If you don't do a thing, I will not do to serious outlets. Do a vaguely or weak academy we failed Thursday, then, and now, for the first time around play it in video gaming months ahead of time, but I guess that's what it is to be almost forty at that is playing video games together, structure that shit have you played in an NBA player in 2K who's the
famous person you played together, who play playing some. I play any blame me. This seems likely to start a league. You make these star little were many celebrity leg. He ran, I should organise should, You should challenge some people here. What's was put it on the table, see you organize when I was fascinated at because eight the second month, the pandemic when they ran, they started when the two key games between the NBA purse and awe and a couple of them a really good. Like really good, and you think your leg. I can you imagine how much their gambling on this I got a road trip or whatever like there. Hotel room at two hundred and thirty in the morning and like Sacramento cuz, I can't come up to my room. Let's go,
but I was impressed the data that there's a couple. The sons are really good. They had some teammate battles, did the great and played a devil Booker, but. Was pretty. I never saw a patch Beverly was sought. An auditor yeah. He too, he just talks trash anywhere. I think he's probably in the grocer Starlight Talk addressed people his these. To do it, especially when there is no basketball. He's gotta he's gotta worth their muscle Annabelle good senior, cosy little bill congrats out. I special good luck with Youtube. Jenna thanks ladder.
Thanks to his bonafide, thanks to Hannibal Burress thanks to Joe House, thanks to the re watch, was package which I forgot to mention we put up to this week. We did team. Often we did the same. Let the team of fine, I'm really proud of fits it's it's the deep dive. You never knew. You really want it for thirty five year old, ridiculous saves money so check those out come back on Sunday. With Russillo talking about bubble, basketball in the Pga tournament. A whole lot more enjoy the rest of the week
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