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Blow Up the Clippers and Free-Agency Primer With Joe House (Ep. 232)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on Joe House to discuss why the Clippers should hit the reset button (5:00), LeBron's L.A. suitors (14:00), the end of NBA tampering rules (18:00), Carmelo's fit in Houston (24:00), Blake Griffin on the Suns (29:00), Kyle Lowry on the Wolves (35:00), Andrew Wiggins's defensive problems (39:00), Gordon Hayward's chance to be a Celtic (44:00), Otto Porter Jr.'s market value (52:00), Paul Millsap on the Spurs (58:00), and Andre Iguodala's impact on the Warriors' future (1:04:00).

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Today's special free agency, primer episode of the biggest pack s house, don't breathing through the phone is brought by, seek, are presenting sponsor the easiest way to shop for the best take at stake to their revolutionary rating system. Guess what I went to this headquarters in New York City on Tuesday. It was spectacular. Ladylove ladylove on both ends was great to see how the seeking peace right now my listeners get ten hours are based, but think it's the first time these speeches, you use promo code, BS, L, B B. S M obey them of this. Get to their great seeking decamp. Also brassy by new pack has got outside the box. If your maker, a dewar in innovator or a mere consumer who wants to get a people,
the curtain of some the world's greatest organizations. The first episode features conversations with president's and see us from organisations like the world where flattened world Wildlife fund feeding American more expect new episodes about things. I corporate culture in the twenty first century, inventive approach, the business with great insight from some of the brightest minds in the nation that disqualifies? U S, listen and subscribe to outside. Acts and apple pack as teacher or where we get your packets speaking of pack ass well I've been involved in the roll out of a lot of park ass. My life never have. I seen the anticipate gin and the sheer the that we were saved when we unveiled house of Carbs. The new food past package would show us the art. Was great people love the title? It's a house of Cards poster Pair
eve of Joe how city in a chair looking like you just eight everything about it is fantastic. We take the pilot episode on Wednesday net, Kyle said it was the single greatest podcast he'd ever produced, which only madly hurt my feelings, cause he's produced couple. My house, you gotta, be feeling good. Well. We can only go a wonder action from this high point, and that is straight down by luck. This would give the people what they want, not to steal. A line. Firm are good buddies jail in India calmly, yes, but this is a food podcast the hungry people by the hungry people. We are already out in a twitter sphere, belly sourcing, some people like the crowd source, we're gonna belly source, though many great suggestions. Already. Four topics for gas
four themes, and we have already had a wonderful array of gas lined up for the next. You know the thick stayed up as those you know, both the Ringer friends, ringer staff, great food mines, great food cookers, though it's it's kind of lighting up the stars- are coming together. Just this morning, David Chang texted S and said I want in a house of cards, I want to come on. He invited himself on people, invite themselves on house a carbs because it makes them hungry and they just want to talk about Hungary is dear. That's what you do you make me. I'm hungry I'll. Tell you a protest not to ruin too much of the pilot episode Authority been
ordered, but we had on as a guest, Adam RAP, apart from borne up a t name m. During the conversation, Adam was going through a couple very out. Standing recent food experiences of them recipes, my eye confided to him. I asked him for some suggestions on the right way to do a food, podcast yeah, I confided to him ass. He was running through the stop it I was getting. I was starving. I had neat and before the Pike Ass Yet- and I set a seems like I should ease, had no, no, no don't you dare eat before the pod cast.
You oughta, be hungry, you want to come away from that think starving fight. Will, though, I really appreciate about invite. That's really get advice, see that sets a veteran food pod, castor, not being threatened by an up and calmer, but actually helping out and looking out for him. So listen! Everyone can subscribe to House carbs right now, because the first episode is going to drop midday July Fourth heading in the July fifth, so subscribe to House Carbs go search for it on Itunes, onstage her on spot, a fire where we get your pack ass, go check it out and finally,. Were brought by the Ringer dotcom. We're guess what I wrote a calm today, yeah road com- I read it early read it arose com about how to save the coopers. I pretend, I was steep armor second consulted after Jerry West, so that data that
is up on the record. I come here and talk about it briefly in this package for us into a free agency, primer and tuck by the Chris Paul Trade and feel Jackson and some others that the first pillar you. Ve got Friday ten, a M West coastline. So, if anything happens, don't hold it against us, as will record this package. I just wanna tell quick story why I'm sick I've sick. Are we dare we respect the record an hour ago and by the way, speaking of hungry, I deliberately do not eat lunch down, who now I'm really I'm generally starving for the three agency groups, but I like
hungrier house is usually better pack ass. What I never leg is is the year of satiated house is that when my favorite, so at the flat in New York on Monday morning, Anna had like this set it like a seven o clock fight side to leave the house that I was cut, a close idly by house of five. I will try to get there like an hour before I don't fall asleep till like one thousand two hundred one thousand two hundred and fifteen. Sometimes at two hundred and thirty my daughter comes in the room because Dumb Willie shat all over the carpet in her bedroom. Now through thirty anymore, two thirty in the morning, Dumb Willie decides I'm gonna, go into those room and take a big shit all over the place Whitley. So my rule with this, Love is always just let my wife do everything. That's been the rule when both of our kids cause I'm just if I get woken up out of a sleep about the most
coherent uses person imaginable, they give out his largest. It's like I've had a lobata me some, lives up there, but she's yelling and she's mad and then she's mad at me that I'm hoping I never really far back asleep and I fly arrest country the in me sitting next to the coffin guy that I was there because, of course, it was, I got, everything was pre arranged by the time I landed, that was its I've been sick or weak. But right, dumb Willie, I love em, but man, man is done. Why do they shed on the rugs? That's the pardon and gave us you know, you know worse now that they prefer the texture, their paws. I have a puppy. I have a ten months Papa. He only shit on Roxy them sit on the hard work for we had Writ Rufus. God rest, his soul, Rufus kid a ban on a
Ask about court, and if there is a one foot by one foot piece of work on the Basque about court, he would squatted overran, took a shit I anyway they like it. So sorry for my voice. That's why I'm sick blamed unwilling have a lot to go through here. This is June thirtieth, Hurley Macro. Where do we start you must. Our three agency will respond. Again, must have Paul, Michael, what you you did a podcast already about Chris Paul, so we can sort of person. With that we jointly, let's get you thoughts, really quick Cosette. Without lying around the issue, and I it was really impressed that the clippers got what they got for somebody who is leaving anyway, I thought the rackets played are the clippers.
A little bit of poker there with the rackets cuz cuz, probably assign, could so to get too pretty half these an asset? Beverly, Anna good Contract, Lou and a good contract. They get a pact that will be in the twenties but still used its appeared to gets indecorous, not bad.
That's better than nothing. Usually you see, the guy just leaves in the team doesn't get anything if it much better than nothing, and I know that your column today is mostly tongue in cheek, but actually grew quite enamoured of your suggestion. For for the trade with Philly yeah, I think that the idea of getting jovial local for from Philly out of a clippers and slipping back from Jamal Crawford and Pat Beverly have a kind of brilliant to it. It's really really great for Philly. That's the one element of the season of coming up for failure that they're kind of missing, which of the veteran stewardship guys have been around the block that that can teach them the right way to play. They have all these, these kids coming terrorism.
A brand new player in the league, but Beverly in Crawford Crawford, especially has in the last like eighteen months to me, achieve a kind of eminence. I believe that he is, you know very thoughtful person. We see them in a lot of different. It has become a lot more vocal had been. I remember him than than in his career in that are mainly thinking about him and in kind of non basketball related media yet, but I have been impressed by by Crawford and in a really started with J D. Rennick had him on when they are season ended last year a full year ago. Not this most recent theme on J J, new podcast and the two of them together were really contemplative and thoughts on other damage Jamal proffered he could be a coach yet he's a beloved teammate. I think when he retires, he could do it every once in October. The could present second but reason that trade makes sense for Philly instead,
He's gone and overpaying some point guard yet Beverly Crawford together for that, one thousand, eight hundred and nineteen million a year this year next year, Beverly is one of the best contract assets in the league and perfect for Philly cuz. He can play off the ball and he's a good defender and Ben Simmons can still be the point forward Crawford. This is what teams over and over again have screwed up, and this is why you know the Sixers fans are so excited right now and I don't plan on. They just went through four years of hell, and now they have some assets, but they're not going to be good right away. This is Nev three just throw bunch of young players Adele but anyone around them whose and adopt its never work, the very thing it's it's backfired and it's gone really badly. You know you talk about the lessons of
somebody, like God, Terrain Westbrook in ok, see when they when they brought in my guys, like perk, Derek Fisher? China laugh on that one, but it oh it's good to have adults in lacquer and not just for the professionalism standpoint, but for advice for the big brother stuff, and you know that's why. Makes sense, but be you know that peace was tongue in cheek, but it also wasn't because I actually really do believe that the capricious blow it up. I don't think it makes any sense to pay by Griffin. For years hundred thirty million from what I've seen the last couple years and from his injury history. I think it's just too risky and even if he pans out you not beating the warriors with Blake Griffin and Patrick Beverly, Dandridge Jordan and certainty chance, there's no chance, so no chair there or chance, I'm on record me now Mckenna. I have two things to say: first, MECCA pat myself on the back for what seems to be a pretty
easily reach conclusion. I said the eight weeks ago on one of our conversations. I think the quiver should blow it up in the corporate debonairly should blow it up and their headway here, really completely West and their halfway there that's exactly right. The other thing I wanted to say, though My compliments for for what you did in today's article. That's the last time on down on my knees today on this package. I will fatalism part time, agreeing with you through mergers that I'm back up off my knees and that they need anything else nice to you for the rest, the pod cast, but I want to give a quick. My quick take on the Chris Paul, a huge wave of well before we were called referencing it, so they held the full our blow it up moves in order therein the column, please, read the cam anyway, it's funny. Let Blake Griffin go trade,
Andrea Jordan, to Milwaukee for Greg Monroe and a top three protected, pick Gregg manoeuvres and expand contract trade, Beverly, plus Jamal Crawford's contract to Philly Virgilius, Jahlil, Okafor, a heavily protected first round pick and then oh and then trade, Lou Williams, Fer a first round. Peck who have thy way to everyone's gonna, while the whims around the either before the season during the trade deadline is it keep score off the match. You do all those things are you have on the books, last Austin Rivers that, like twelve linear and was, Johnson at six in an expiring contract which you could stretch out if you wanted to and that's it and you would have basically a blank slate along with the top five lottery pick with the best age and class of our time coming and the brine people feel really confident might go to
lay and wants to go to allay, and has this whole life potentially an ally. Would you go into the Danube where near you ve been saying you pick, you ve got no idea so clear, the decks for and not to spur the but my point was: if this doesn't happen and he chooses not to come, then you got a plan b which has moved their clippers to Seattle, which is maybe what they should do anyway. I think you can make it lays the year much better up in the number one team in Seattle, the number two timid ally, but that's the story for another. I couldn't tell whether thou is a joke or not now I M not a joke for me. I think the coopers. I really genuinely honestly believe, Mr Window, I think tat for your window, air ticket the steel, the city from the Lakers, and they just couldn't do it. You know, like think of I laid out in the peace, but all the things that Lakers did terribly since two thousand.
Twelve. He was a comedy of errors. They couldn't have played it worse. They did everything wrong. Was a disaster while the Cooper said to the best eight players in the leg and had in two thousand and fourteen and fifteen, to legitimate chances to win the title that they And the window will inside all you say: yes, like they were on the threshold of winning the title, and I added either of those years went well. They blew the Oklahoma City Series in two thousand fourteen that they literally blew it and the next round San Antonio did Oklahoma City, but the clippers had always played San Antonio. I don't know if they matched up pretty well, they beat they beat them the following year and then two thousand and fifteen they're up nineteen with fourteen saved against Houston James hard and comes out of the game is checked out and they blow it extra, their plane, the weary at all timer, it's an old timer. It's an item. What, if too, because it, I think, a lot of mba history is different.
The results are like a man, I walked SEC aim again, you know one of my first pack ass. When I came back to this one, we data rehash presiding out my podcast it already left ESPN. I had no outlet to talk about that game. It's an incredible game. I mean not. We do. Corey, brewer and Josh Smith. Single handedly win the game with threes when which is ironic as they both socket threat thread. Shooting three pointers, so they're just nailing threes, but did you know that Christmas. Fourteen straight shots, then the game. It was the wait for them to lose. I mean I don't remember it like a stat off the top of my head, that that's how many they messaged, how many that it was the only that's. That's like that's how you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. You miss every shot
they misuse or teen straight shots with sent like seven have minutes left to go but missed every shot. They took from that point on and that's how they lost and judgment. I mean you could play that game. I would say: huh at times in ninety nine times the coopers. When I arrive on foreign at the stupid, when expect and six, I hate that. I'm just saying every single aspect that I had to go right for the rackets when, when right, and you know the clippers go to the next round than he really have a bench, but they did have marked Matt Barnes that year, which people forget so they least had five guys and I don't know the warriors hadn't, really you not gotten over that huh. Yet you could even seen the fires of the warriors member. They are the first couple Games Erle, then, nerves they will nourish. Maybe they can beat them
But whenever now was still that rivalry between golden state and the clippers. You know it had that shipowners, Chris Paul getting into stuff curries chest was other thing. Men and I was a different response. I don't think he's nap learning more worrying in Santa Cruz, upon the rackets. Just that I think it's gonna work and I thought it was highly highly highly analogue at the word is funny that Houston insisted on a particular strategy that delivered a wonderful resulting met. If you know shots at the basket and shots from the three point line and they were beaten by a team that insisted that the hay make mid rate shoppers and then he went out and got the best. Madrid jumper
a player in a league, the other when enough. In a former Chris Paul, hey as you were talking Jacobus Jesse made me our texted me. I'm still reeling from the House of Cards title in logo. I love it. He shouted him. Twenty four hours ago, he still thought still talking about, People love has a very nice on the twitter. I gave him a standing invitation to come on so to Chris Paul thing. It's really The first of our tampering rose are dead, they're gone there just got. This is crazy. How did the squires talk to There was a pleasure to cough there's no tebrick anymore, had its use. Did no Chris Paul has to pay for them: they're not allowed to talk to until July first, where they during all them they're more Let me call them thereby gonna, We D Board, he figured it out telepathic, my god they believe is like they're, not even here
in a police stuff, it's incredible, one other police, the warriors Lord Kelvin Durrant last year, starting in February this year? This is way. Where said that this is way worse, this was Chris Paul deciding without being allowed to talk to Houston that he was going to play, for used it. What a few slender, let me talk to you: it's brand new power now allowing had its it's ridiculous. There they'll tapering rose. They should waive the tampering rose to say after the finals. Everyone could therefore their merry cassettes with acting anyway since the absolute ludicrous incredible eye. Opener doesn't bother me, I'm not outrage allow by it. I don't know if I told this pact story, my pack has performed and telling it one of my favorite stories. I've heard this decade was. I won't say what year cuz. I don't want to betray the person who told me this, but there is a there, was a
a good free agent over the last few years and Mitch CUP check What else is tampering whisper? campaigning in and using prayers and Mitch CUP checks like this old school. Follow the book by the rules can a guy, so he theirs is good. Free agent. An agent doesn't know that the Lakers urged it, because they are the only thing that doing the reaching out whisper stuff at twelve o one. When that poor became a free agent, The phone rings at its Mitch CUP Jack. It's much cop check. We just want to express our interest and signing so, and so it's like me, mother, entirely Goodwin targeted for buds. It's it's just like. I don't know what the league is doing this tampering wheels, but who is? Who cares? It's more fun this way, Chris Party Houston, one thing that I haven't read a thousand existing wrinkled to this. They basically had to get that
Deal done the day I got done because they wouldn't have been able to really fit him under the cap after July. First, unless they made a whole bunch of moves, the one thing they could have done that day. And this is like some courage that was in the sea ba they could have, they could a base They bought out, ran errors in the last three years of his deal and stretched out for seven years, and it's like sixty million bucks. And then reassign Ryan Anderson. So can I still do that now know this? this glitch, that was gonna expire, that day, that they figure out of fixing the sepia so the Rockets, what I do is stretching out and then just bring back, but his contract would have been able to be extended over the course of seven years I would have enabled them to have the money to pay Chris Paul, but they have to do that, because Europe will make this trade for the rackets, its ai. They
above all, my are these assets for this guy, that they're gonna send anyway well think the key with Getting him when they did was that now, Have the giant exception which is like, I think it's almost twelve mailbox they think date. They can basically sign prayers to replace Williams, Anna and Beverly, and that you know they're gonna be able to get a good free aging with with one of those exceptions it put them in the running her. For that George discussion I mean it is now possible answer, whereas he hype before it would have been impossible. I don't see it. I just think other teams can trump them. But if I don't agree under saying, if you know that the the way it went down created the
ability and put some in the running to be able to get somebody at that dinner at another gallon airy level of plastic. Let me I do not that many have to take a major cut. You do that. You don't meter have him in. I think they're really like Anderson because of his shooting, I you know he got excel. As I see in the plan because they were so undersized and add basically plan as and as a stretch, five issues is asked This is incredible. Nay, nay, got hurt, you're, not ruin that yeah is pretty Fergie but other, maybe not fucking maniac at her, but you know I always try to trade Anderson too, and and put some extra first ramp checks to try to get it done. So do you think James
art and Chris Paul is enough cause I don't I don't either one or move could, because we want more move could become a mellow, makes a tonic them. I strongly endorse that met him. Rounding up a bit, The group, if I'm and expand- and I keep reading that they're going to buy a Carmelo, I would want do ass tat of a woman and take a flame third place, because because an asset he could still score twenty three to twenty five and eight but have we now you doing what makes them ourselves for them to do with mellow await this next week, let s neck. Let the chips forward looking to follow the next week and see where teams settle in and then see what the market looks like and what you might get in return for a you no kidding
that this is what they are trying. Even Jamestown relies Avis Info Jackson, where mainly by the sky out, is an asset which is wait come February. You know, Used in China get em are Cleveland or whoever, like you, you're, going to be able to get something for him. I would I would not try colino We have to really wait till February egg. They could do this knocked over no member Shanna to dare more, though, because that is repeatedly landed stars. It's really crazy. This is what he knows, but that's the way the way to a title yet, but I mean he's, landed aims. Hardened Dwight, Howard, went, wait out, was actually star and now Chris Paul in the last five years, three three used in all NBA, guys that he landed in their primes or the tale under their problems. When people in a town where the riot play second fiddle- maybe third fiddle- and he was pretty much
And his last legs there twice I would He was on his last legs there, the summer before the harden trade when he stockpiled those pics and it turned out to be a shity draft and it was like Raceway Terrence Jones, all those dudes and it just seemed like you know he wasn't going to what it was just wasn't going to happen. And then you know they'd like the end of that freedom. This of the season before so. The ended the two thousand fifteen season now sixty at ease and conflicting, creating sixty year,
and when the dwelling backfired really badly and once again looked like he was on his last legs and I think could be funny of criminality is and hate house yeah. I want to talk to you about a sandwich. Oh no, I'm hungry I want to talk about. Jersey makes a purely might of on board yeah she's. My favorite is their number forty, four, the Buffalo Chicken she steak with francs red. SAS Lettuce tomato, a blue cheese dressing give had them. I would love that was Toulouse. I would replace the price which move up it s just me. They have agreed Buffalo Chicken, wrap them down the street from us. They sent us a bunch of subsidy other day was like Lord the flag. The flies keep trying to get. I want one, oh I'm engineer that I needed to my office right now. They get. This juicy makes
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down the EAST coast, the Jersey Shore, the Delaware Shore, these massive sub places so Jersey might have to have. It is no doubt a majority sure. What's your favorite said I'm, I love like the Italian YO grind the up and up in New England Hoagie if you're in Philly. I love the italian dialogue at that's. Why it's? In my blood in I'm half italian, I grew up with it as a kid, my mother, going to a Terry's here in Washington DC. It's been here. I don't know a hundred years on Sundays with my grandfather. And going to the back counter the deli counter there and coming out with some some delicious spicy italian olives. A little of the Jardinera is that I don't know if I pronounce it correctly and then there's some of the meat co capicola, pursued in a fresh, fresh, Buffalo mozzarella we made without damage pretty good,
I'm starving right now. This is an outrage but get ten percent off. When you order online, a juicy makes that calm, slash, BS getting get out get eating. A jersey makes dotcom sash b. Ass. They have to be in the running for presenting sponsor fur, hausa, carbs, I'd I'd. I mean I don't know they're waiting for frankly, but will look. You know that sponsors right now with wide open to me, a little help. We're gonna have Spencer three. This is to have a car free agency, started well, while still had the tie that live births drives the free agency to be expanded. Half of carved doubt being confined me. You could be in my driveway twelve one outcome on say: I found the away
as were worse, tweets at like twelve resources, Jersey bags, hiding in a house of cards, but I hope that happens. I fridge see primer. I'm gonna throw some names at you and you tell me if you get excited for the fit This is just this would be my dream scenario for just enjoying the players and where I think they should go. I like it. I like her Blake Griffin to the Phoenix sense for years hundred thirty nine. I, like the idea of it better than I think I'm going to like the reality of it. What's wrong with the reality of it, you wrote this in the today he's cute only he can only play fifty five to sixty games of season at best right and he has,
his own credit reinvented himself. He can no longer play above the rim. It doesn't. I mean I don't know where the medical size than the sun do have a reputation for a very innovative forward, thinking medical staff and training Our group so was suddenly away. Now, that's the complete opposite say: maybe Blake and those guys hands give back some of that bounds. A deal that there is a long history of guys getting back their bounce. What what Blake I can do is facilitated- and you know that be a kind of a double Fred trick. Triple threat as a facilitator- and they do have those nice young kids around there. You have some nice bed there too. I like the idea of it. I just worry that, like you now a year from now people willing, we paid all that money for Bite Griffin any can't play
I think he is a high ceiling, low basement free agent and- and I wrote in my coopers There are very similar to Mars TAT a two thousand ten. Were you getting them and it, strike oil you're getting one of the twelve s, guys in the weak and you're getting lost our forward and somebody who can be the focal point, your assets and if it doesn't work out now your trap to this in your guy who's, destroying your cap. I think two things that I like for the sunset: one is that it's a little shorter. It's for years now, five start admirers, five years, a hundred for years first years grade, that's like stick new car sticker price and the land by he can't Plato till December, so that even you don't get him for the first four year. Two in there that's a real concern and I wonder if that's gonna affect his leverage, the stuff, but first year new. Our sticker praise. Last year's and expiring contract.
So the only two years that are really a thread our year. Two in your three- and I thank you for this- in view of this young up becoming team anyway, yet Booker, who I think has special and really has a chance to meet to Jackson might be special, not sure, still still weird to me, that him in his agents were so intent on pushing him to Phoenix over Boston when Boston is just a much better. Team in a better organisation and am that's an insult expenditure psych. Views want to win. I wouldn't go to Boston. It was like they were thinking about a better. Croatian frame, just minutes only, which is only right that he have
They are very short window. Somebody on the ringer has made the thought- duration, its various dude. I believe these guys on these rookie contracts have a pretty short window to go, make make their mark and, if your blocked by a bunch of dude, that's not helpful to be would be blocked by budget due to Boston. Take your the tab, rancor! If you reject taxing, would you rather played for the south exceed the sense? I think I'm going for the future, so the sons and deadened Booker takes my shots. Display defence, but I understand we use it. Tatum is a better fit for the celtic sir be happy with Tatum. Do you you guys are probably ray, and I think this is a clear case of measures being homer. They ate it addresses he's gonna get more minutes. He had to do just Jackson, staff, low spotlight, you you're right. I changed my mind either at my. He doesn't want this. While I think you will pay this much of ruining gets them. Hope you never
Jump show how very nice, but how dare he doesn't want to play? I made so Blake Griffin to the sons or the heat. I hope that happens. I still I must have a big black bread, Griffin Believer. I think I love sharks. His point forward peace this week. I think you can on the offence term. I wonder, as as scary was too as it was to watch and become a below the room guy for the most part the sit last season. I wonder if he can find get healthy if that was an aberration. I just think you no fear signs, maybe it's at four years, one hundred and thirty- maybe it's four years, one hundred and ten or whatever, but I think it's it's worth a chance. Man, that's a really
team that works out. He had Devon Booker, yet Jas Jackson Bledsoe, he got Blake Griffin. You have a bunch of young forwards, plain above the rim of funding, and I hope that happens which your Jean destination for Blake. I love I love of in my Emmi. Ok, why I'm still blown away by the job as bolster did last year finishing the season that thirty and eleven where that team- and I think my army is- is poised to make big noise this off these, and, I think,
ready to like retooled a big big piece of cake. It my head around us what to do with drugget, because he was a very important too that thirty, the little and eleven stretch yeah. I know Tyler Johnson. You know it is a potential sort of trade shit, but I dont know what you did. The best version of Miami looks like at this stage. Could they have all these moving pieces? James, Johnson, Dublin, gonna, move on his gun. Go make a bunch of money. That's a miss! I m glad you should stay. You gotta make about money, for them himself and other daily giant keep him he he played while for them and the changing staff in the culture there I think, pushed him none other level, that's it p. Always underestimate that stuff. They think like our right now, I figured it out and they go somewhere else and its. I now. The reason you succeeded was cause aware you were what you're culture wasn't anything I I I am bias of this one too, but not nodded,
Terry S way. I just don't know of Heyward makes sense for them as much as Griffin does, because they are to have a bunch of swing man you know maybe that maybe the more swim in the mirror, Buddy Blake, I think, could be a real impact. I for them put him with Whiteside, run the offer term have all those guys come. I had an I just I like TAT, fit to eight. I would love to go to one of those two spots. I think it makes them or sense calorie Minnesota would be really fun for him. I dont know I feel hope it that, but that would be my number one choice for him. What do you have for the two things that I saw an in reading up on? What does this free agency insanity might look like,
in the first place, we had to figure out whether not allowing a bachar are a package deal because of what that agent is gonna. Try and do I remember the ages name, but the rest, no Jamaica and Lowery. Yet, oh any Miller, right right right, I love the concept of Lowry in Minnesota. I saw the exact low wrote about a little, but I think that is a super interesting team, big. They become immediately. What what? What would you say? The ceiling is like a like a force these they maybe not a three seat, but definitely like a forced eat with Zachary Companies in Minnesota, thou first by they'd, have to trade Rubio to carve out some of the space, and I gotta be honest, vows a Gm Rubio. Beyond my team, I thought he played really, while the last couple months he's got his thirteen million dollars a year, which is nothing he's a bargain he's. I think he's twenty six and if I'm a team like Utah,
and my choices, overpaid, your tail or go, try to get Jeffrey, eager whatever to try to make Gordon Heyward happy? I would let let those dudes going just trade for Rubia, because I like his contract and I think he still getting better and he's a good defender. You know. So one of the problems with the whole Minnesota thing is that we found at last The angel Wiggans just has a lot holes in his game and I think he he's the Classic Lake. Fantasy prayers and people who watch basketball on in you, two clips think Andrew Higgins is really good and in reality is he's a horrible offensive where he's just a robot is where we're going to see the true test for Tebbs right. They were an abominable defence of teamwork,
It was a big ran for, and so is ACT Levine right. You now in both those falling Morgiana shred. We all believe a tip would come in there and teach those kids and it is pretty apparent. He didn't have enough time with them. Nor did he have enough in the way of like on court, asked that the help them understand the correct way to play there. Maybe that's the way you want. Another point that I wish add that I think the Wigan Sing it is really inexplicable because Remember I went to. Are they had this sum when the when the for best teams, the year, the Wiggans and be draft, and it was a Kansas and. Oh you want to Chicago for that matter, and do tat is due. Jabbar was there, and indeed in Wigand's, and all these guys and weakens in an Jabbar were matched up against each other.
And in the second half by the way, with their game with our friend her she Burke Magnus Encounter, show pretty funny all the great two to two of those three or down the the direct reports to Jan skipper anyway took the big thing. Left that game thinking other than just being enamored within bead we're. All of us were like what the fuck is that my group was like seeing you a foe but but Wiggans defend Jabbar in the second half and Jabbar, can get a shot off. I left that can't think, and while wiggans I mean that guy they give that guy could be an alias defender. I don't know what happened What happened guy I? How is he a zero now defensively? Are these stats or out that he is like one of them
the worst offenders in the league, but either way of thinking about. Maybe you know he stopped freshman Dubai. Congratulations! You had had this too, but I just like he had all the tools is. My point was justice right right. Sure. Sixty seven super athletic see men who seem to have really been instincts and now he's kind of a joke, but ah you died. I do think they need a vat. That's another team like what we talked about and you need the vat and thou be fine. I how're Lowry in a back a package deal. That makes no sense to me. Who wants a bag it that we don't have oil spill upsurge, tobacco, but do we now? It is that's what the internet be sandy, We say in their package deal right now. That's what I've been trying to do disagree with you. I was not that that of a Ababa. I love the idea of a bucket Tucker so much in Toronto. Yet before the play of started,
I agreed to go ahead and wage war on the possibility of. Oh, let me as a conference representative, I mean it was not a bad idea, wasn't a bad bad. It was like we talk yourself into it. We went on the pike happened and went through all about the kind of reasons and then Cleveland reminded us. The king reminded us listen up who sit on the throne. We we beg beds based on good adds. The odds were aware of the eye over fourteen to one or fifteen to one year. If you play that serious fifteen the times may be Le Brown gets hurt and one where Mozart, the ads but yeah, decide well. Hey has demanded it's time. You bought a car. It's been awhile reacted swiftly. Was it a good experience now with terrible? I don't understand what, in the twentieth
twenty first century, how you have to go in and see a person and they jerky rat and sit there. I this is a thing that drove me: Crazy was two thousand. Then we went to the show room, my it was nine weeks old should not have been sitting in a show room for much more than a half hour and the ethical bees beta sit there and sit there well, they figured out whatever their if their financing be ass was gonna, be you I'd be crazy. What thank at its details, the seventeenth Carbon the nations leading online, my car company could back on line from over seven thousand certified company own cars then have delivered to you as soon as the next day or pick it up at the world's first coin, operated car vending machine. I write a fever. Dammit. Every car comes with a seven day. Return policy Seeth car future life return for a refund. If it doesn't anyone have you nine week old kid sittin in the shower
five hours in his own poop better than a fifty may a test. I write carbine it as they have all those salespeople soon have to pay for them. Either they mean some serious saving skip the dealership, buy a car line, Chica Carvalho, dot com such bs. To learn more, that's carbonic outcome such bs. It is the new way to buy a car. Eight there's one more. Where might again sick. Last week I took my son to one of those batting cage, Slash arcade, slash Miniature golf places sure if the world's next plague comes out of America. It's gonna be from one of those places. I mean those bad, the potter's touching those thing. The border with a lot of time, anybody you, the Anti White Bonn on what about the arcade think they just wipe out the joystick like once every seven years, maybe way they wipe off the joint thick. Never
next time, my son, what's gonna, why those places I'm just going to suggest that we go to Haiti, large and me in there, after using a five dollars, you can cut that out of those get a light, it more more Africans. Other ready, go unheard. So is my question to you now it is now ten Forty five West Coast time in our way. Yet right this. Second, where do you think breadth? Even this? Oh I like it.
I think he's home face timing of Gordon Heyward. I don't like that, but you know that the thing one thing we miss out on here in the: U S: death the Brits, get right to the Premier league. This there are the right they are run up to create and see their version of created. Theon Thacker yea have like the crazy papa See through like right now, there would be paparazzi all outside of Gordon Hayward's house. He wouldn't be able to go anywhere today and the same would be true of of of the Celtics and the other suitors do you know like. I want to know what the flight plan looks like for flight from Boston to Utah. Today, I'm interested in seeing how many flights you know what private jets are gone across. I want to know whether any houses were four are up for rent in Gordon Aylward neighbourhood. This week and I like to see if anybody name bread, Miss Press, the dot is short term rental and Youthful Stephen read that the kind of government is, I actually think
They have a head visits, arranged with Miami and Boston, but I don't know if he was going to them and there they were going to him or whatever is going to its. You know the salary cap thing really screwed them. And an screwed. A couple of these teams here with a thought. The irony of irony is: where's, kicking the shit out of every Benny knock the captain because they just said less Plath games and include when two yeah, every very best teams before the thief and started everybody, like God, dammit its death, Cleveland and Golden Stay, is gonna, be boring. There's no reason to play the regular stays in Norway, the point and then only one with only one one, one point of lost between those two teams until they met the final limitation than ass. This never happened. David Stern was still alive. That is back.
Other. That is an absolute fact. J man would have been suspended again for last year's net punch Etienne gave five is getting married again. The calves lasted series unquestionably goes at least six and after the collide thing, I think, like five workers get suspended, Zaza get suspended for three games and encourage get suspended for laughing, and I don't know they just figured out. Bia listen. David Stir knew what he was doing back in the day. There is no Denying vary in total collapse in Denote orange area. Now, euro per cent cheer up to two years will only with our Adobe one law and in the whole play off until they met the file, zero percent chance and staring cackling his pipe in a blunt cackling after having amounts in he's, Canada he's kind of resurfaced as media present.
I think he hates my guts and almost positive, but I would love to have him on and you can just be mean to me offer majority MIKE. Maybe that about Jersey makes makes that campsites bs you go in there right after you other is one in the neighborhood Erika. I wish they could hear them. And then know that I'm ready they can start make my sandwich now. Where's Eugene scenario for Gordon Herod. Definitely not! Thank you won't get anyway. That's my army. Yeah, I can, I don't want him in east my my dream scenarios that he stays with. You talk and I think that they have some interesting stuff. Going on there near tat. I was really really super duper impressed with with them Quincy the season, and I think you know toying with-
the defects of player the year, I know a dream: unwanted dream, undeserved it but good go bear was one day there Yang with a guy that changes, games defensively, that's gonna, be funded through the big open item for them is point guard and it doesn't seem like they're gonna, be able to afford to rest time too till on, maybe that it be a blessing in disguise you, your little yellow nugget there of Ricky, Ruby Rubio to you today is very interesting. They still have dared favours at an often contract is cheap and each needs to be a little more durable and a loaf is better than last year. He and his little has some nice veteran players around. I won Heyward disdain. You tied up, that's what I my personal take on it. I wouldn't be man in it. I really win it because if you stay there, you know I
If you still got a three year day of a good thing for him, is that ten years of service right that in the current collective bargaining agreements, it gets him up in the end and in that time, if he makes an all and be eighteen so that that that really hurt, you taught him not making the olympic. Came the season. I begin had years of service any all and be a team in the next four years. That's the mega mega doozy contract that that he can get. You know I I If it wasn't for the Stevens connection, I think he would resign with data. Don't I don't see him going to Miami? I know probably come to read this warning signs of Mammy five days, but I really This comes down to you Tavern Stevens and their connection. As with the guy and Stephen. If Doc Rivers was Celtics coach, I don't think this ethics would have a chance. So do you know if he stays there is with go bare and they figure out what to do appoint guard. I do not think the
search Georgia. The recent Joe angles- and they have no chance of winning Finally, I knew you would have italian nobody's beating go internet bidding on state with that it, but now, but both of Gaza YA, like the point, is to get better. The point is, you know, play in a place, we're gonna get better, get those red men. Let you know you can't conquer the faith by you know, choosing what's what's best for you in terms of what's in front of your nose and a three year deal they get out. That's the only thing that these players have come to realise its, not necessarily the case that they have to go get you. Another bomb is still possible. The other super duper starts of inciting to your deals and three or deal maybe some of the warrior the off and it worked out for them. Did house of Carbs end up with the nervous package that work network or past one. Now you know why right there,
even though it that you are talking about here. They were heard things. What is it No, I have a carbs ended up in the rear, Pakistan, our cause unite friendly, and that in so you're a girl, inherited France, and that's why I think he's gonna play a Boston, something right poor, and I wish you luck. Idaho, Porter Otto Porter here the media this go ahead. Carmelo says our way by no trade caused Deasey, the next say: we'd love out O Porter, Sir and in trade are reported to the next four Carmelo Anthony. Are you excited ship? Probably their admit it? Here's the thing it's a very
Weird moment another yet another inflection point for the Washington, almost bullets. We are just off the heels of the very best season in in forty years. Forty years, the best regular season and the play off run was wonderful, it was illuminating. John Wall our dated YO everything that even pining for in terms of recognition and- and you know him tendency, he made an all NBA team deservedly and he wants respect, and God bless you though there are. They stare on paper a fifty when team of fifty plus one team in the east, nay, with a guard combo and bill and wall are healthy, can go up against anybody. I dont know how many teams in the league beat both gold state and Cleveland season. Washington did that this porter thing is such a command,
because it's a limited jihad. Second, it is a convention that you face for what ever reason over and over and over again as a boats. Wizards fear, the young guy. Coming out, rose now eligible for some contract. That price doesn't deserve an your Hannah screwed either way. I don't times is happening. You mean going back. We let allergy go yeah toppling fine with the right decision to let Larry use go ten years ago. It was the wrong decision to resign Anton Jamieson after you reassign Gilbert, not Gilbert. You had the gamble that use gonna come back from that, injury and be able to resume what he had been doing we'll go back about whether there went about Russia Rashid Wireless, that without them
the wind now moment, Rashid while it be new you get a rod Strickland you knew you had to pay receded at some points. He did the win now move for Strickland Did we had all made a lot of sense? the one you want Howard skin, courted by Miami works. It was an illegal after I, let's keep em fur crazy about our neighbours. Turn yeah David Stern gave went out to his boy, a poet back them Bradley Bill last year, he's worth tax money has gone crazy, did the right thing. You did the right thing, that's what I'm saying it's a conundrum. It's worked out for you sometimes other times. It is now
worked out. I would say Bradley Beale, it's worked out so far, but he may be in a hospital bed in five months like who knows the guys had trouble style. Clare, you I listen, he's had trouble stand on the court, I think, do their debts. If you did that, when over again no brainer, you actually do it, but I get thirty five game that abroad bill every season and we are part of a thing that went into a bribe your mouth is, he is done growing. Finally, and you know he had a different training regimen last summer, though that apparently pay even if he was on the court's seventy four games. I think the family budget, which is the perfect number at all, we need a broad bill. I went to buy him by having to go hand in hand with the game. Seventh, six ways. And I literally watched the hare sprang from his chest, he left that can remain in front of your own. He let tat game. He had puberty a chest, tear whose great
it armpit hair the horrid things puberty performance by bread they built in Ottawa, for a country with a lot of what I would wouldn't break. My heart without a porter would be a sign in trade because I think they tell you Bray could be next season as soon as next season, like sixty four cents on the dollar. I prefer for Otto preaching the glass, I think you need to turn out o and is something I would not. I would not pay him a hundred plus maintain there's some guys being thrown ran and a hundred plus million ranch like contagious Caldwell pulp people that take you at basketball ever
can table cobweb open, said yourself whence he come to town, I'm gettin tickets. Yet never your Georgia was proud. I live near Devlin out with the peasant. Never with instance. I address the problem without always come it gonna put a sheet in front of him. Ok and you can't go. You could stretch yon mainly for the next seven years. You realize that I'd like to stretch Back to France French, Surinam or wherever the ef he came from the day I could get on the court deploy ass. We just needed a body the guard their play just play. I don't know to tire they were at the legacy of the legacy of this year.
And in the contracts we ve had are the contracts that teams have tried to get out from under and all that stuff is just how reckless those deals were in this work. It will go down in the history in the annals and entry. In my case, the annals of of extraordinarily short sighted lack of imagination. You understand that young hit me was the big creation signing for Washington after striking out on cabin Doran, who never even came anywhere near Washington and our Orford, who who they had a genuine chance of getting and look at the price that Boston paid for him. How grey that contract works. Now I would do it again for what he did of course, though. It, though at Washington, if it if we could beat our, Than I was never earned eight having followed the leaf my entire life. I just never understood the mindset of we have money. We spend it
when they are helping. I got paid last year. Ah I mean you would have been better out of that any money and then being able to cherry pick the guys And be available this year, like Rubia, but the fact or Luanda lilies her or O. Eight. You need to trade air Gordon to go. Sang power. Sit right here, Jane, it became a locker. It wait a bit of ten thousand times better to have let free agency happen in July and then find somebody, as you know, somebody like, nay, nay, too many. Despite for Houston, for, like a million and a half, I know it was worth a single reason that they will not the figure reason but a determining factor in why they they ended up losing to the spur im getting hurt, change the outcome. Well, it was the tipping point, injury for them, and you know Bogot for the warriors into that. Sixteen was little like that too. Sometimes, sometimes it's now They injury in the cab, the plan itself, but it it's like agenda stack
any polio wandering round holes in the whole stack just can't get screwed up in the world. It's like us and there too small and they can protect the rim but focused the unrestricted freedom of her. Then let's let started some read me. Cause he's been producing this pact other. How happy would you be in scale one two hundred if the if the Hornets trade in timber. In turn, the team over them lake monk, like Mug, put upon card just whatever mug monk becomes creator for slash facilitator, slash our one year of Kimber Dwight, pickin role. Ok, that's all I want one year There were, because you hate yourself now discuss. I want to see if it would work ever camera have successfully run the pickerell yeah you can. You can run until seller. He would know why Cody seller has set back. Let's talk it's tough times, but I think you can try
for one year and then you know he's asked are now all the players, love em gather, Sportsmanship Award Kimber years a great I re, ass. Everyone loves and saves New York may that moment live on forever, Tate saying I want one year of campaign to pick him role. We were not, Forget it. Let's cut that out my reader, I am. I not quote right now what the preserve of the great pick Imre that's the best one. With make up my guy? What about that with who became a Dwight fart role that that funding should have more laughing power, but the space that make a kid go crystal crave for those gash really big. Let's talk about proper caught that come every guy knows it's hard to find a gesture, the fits, maybe the car. He tied the seeds are too long. The shirts too loose or maybe you're like ass, real wages, fluctuates by twenty five pounds opinion. How much do you think that's fair right, colleagues who suffer wardrobes ominous dominant
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contributing spots occasion to shut out five. I've done anything the praises of the proper clause that will go to proper, clad that calm such bs and check out the deal's their good day for the sponsors who could get Wednesday. And we should mention seeking costs, can be taken. Her son or baseball game used to seek a Roma our work, Moreover, do not now holding out until they get rid of Blake TRAIN, and I know that very deep Washington deeply villainous, but I'm not the beauty of it is thoroughly bad bullpen and its and it's my feelings. I hurt Palmdale Sap, we do you want him to go said and Tonia. I was hoping you'd think he'd be perfect for them. You keep our judges and knows that I would get rid of all rich.
Is. It is welcome as worn out whether you could still get in our contribution out of em are not during the regular season prop. Probably though, but death disperse fans flipped on him so quickly, and he just Duncan us play off yeah, I think at the hard part spot for him. The spurs quietly honest I thy they're gonna do something I really think most. That is exactly the kind of Guy I wonder. However, I still think I'll judge on the re team with his head on with the re coach in the right off answers a real asset, and then one of the reasons over with that, I don't know. I was trying to figure that out and could not be my army wouldn't mind. We might be different footprint, maybe yeah. That's that's! That's a good idea. I feel like the way they used him and he's Deaf Wade
there is no question, and that was always the rap on I'm going back to Portland, as he's always he's always figure now, what's in it for him wisest gag The attention on that- and he was you know, the spurs- are kind hoping you put him in his spurs culture in UK and he'll fit in and by an and it's pretty clear now that he didn't totally by an he wanted more post ups. Its related rapidly. Where a lot of him they asked of him to be the player that he walked in their thing he could be, and it was not too it now in, you know. He's kind have become a stretch for it as a river for a lot of money. I think he's better in that. I, if I had him, I I I think, he's a devastating low. Postponing wants to be you. There's really now allow those guys laughed and walk every time they through two Gregg Monroe, and he really wanted to score. The guy was unstoppable unless, like four guys in illegal gardener,
so you know it's crazy. You know what I think is the global scale. As MS ranging mid range gang, I think he's often from twelve to sixteen. When I mean I am not talking about low post in the traditional I can Mikhail am just saying like ok, you thronged the ball. I guess low posters wrong word so maybe like mid post, but that's he's really get at it and I can't keep up with the hardening Chris Paul. I can't go to Houston right. We can't run well enough. I mean that he may not be running this much. I
I don't know what to make a mess up. He's thirty, two that the problem I have it begins and ends right there, but I like you, spurs cause. I think that's a good one. I thought Denver would have been interesting to if they can figure out how to Vienna cause they David veteran present yet ivy, I thought they'd been shop and for a four year put him in the Yoke edge something funny about that. A you know. Another guy was thinking for demos. Rubia pay can be really good for them. Put the Rubio Yoke edge. Combo, nay, have like to passing geniuses on the same team. Now everybody's lookin for each other,
before one, more were more guy for you so quickly, I'm starving career, oh what happens to Ecuador. The golden state warriors to the correct thing and give him what he wants to pay the man and face whatever the most unprecedented tax in the history of illegal, because no franchise is more valuable than those sons of bitches and nobody's made more money than those due to over there. Completely now, look I was gonna. Call it lucky to stomachs, react to give them credit for having evasion, but also lucky, because I have had a sustained run of health that also feel kind of unprecedented over the last three years
Jeff, pay the man and pay the tax. That's! My answer. I think I agree. Are we sure, Andrea Good hours, Dogan been impact? I have a nice covers a kite doesn't matter. I brought does matter, though,. He hoped the point enemy them hotter than even the camera had got them then, the second best poor in the leg other you could argue after the fire
maybe he's one be. They have curry, whose somewhere between foreign, six and clay and dream on poor somewhere in the fifteen ranch people are gonna wanna play with these guys. Every year there can be obliged cherry pick veterans who were Jason Arraying, who want to be a rope where just one pastors Milly this sixty Celtics, sixty south exists to do this is grab all their gas. Add them through the team for you they do in rank. I wonder if my car can fill some of the good, our raw and there's some there's some old did. They can sign for one year, just two.
Just a candidate. I it's Carter, Ovens Carter together that our crazy that's the guy, could I really could you could hear blueprint basically be were paying these four guys and that's it and then we're doing rope, whereas there s no way, I I think be very dangerous to give him big contract and our- and you know the problem for them. As he's some asking PAM he's viable, he still viable swing. Man he's a great locker room guy, I, if I might prediction, is they're gonna play poker with them and bank on the fact that he is very ambitious. Guy who's got all these different things going on in Silicon Valley and all these media empire staff and he's not gonna wanna go to like malarkey you now he wants to be in the mix. While the other thing can understand this love. The golf play the topic of their preferred go out of among the country, very both of them out fearing option only to get him on the shack, half a need
It's a big time on check out by gas, but you know that whole life to everything about living in San Francisco right the thing that made Kevin Durrant tipped programme. I believe, ultimately, it is one of the living in them in a cool place, rent getting that again How much money has made use of twelve million dollar deal he's making more than carry last year. Yeah he's already made over a hundred ten million dollars cause. He had the big Philly contract, which was over fifty minutes over seventy five million, and then the where's country decides. That does mean that can make a decision for money, but he might decide take a pay
cut, take less, but we ve gone state among the best team. My profiles, the highest possible, can be- and this allows me to do other things, but there I just don't see them paying twelve to fifteen mania for him. I don't think it's realistic. So if, if I may, to take her home come come down this gap somebody smart and they there the cap space and they need a veteran guy and it somebody Can push them from forty two in The fifty year would ever like their Angela first. They should. They should put his feet to the fire. You going. I might not like steed only for three loving correlation. I wouldn't rule out the warriors with Paul Georgian year just for the record stock and I'm not really them out
goodness gracious distemper, aiming at that and I dont think any Marquis free agent, that's not leubronn or Westbrook can be ruled out the warriors over this next copier stages. Issues can that's, it might come come a boy. I think we covered everybody who get did inquiry actually get the max on Saturday,
they're gonna, given the two hundred million the ground Saturday, is it true, that's his eye. You shall wanted it s. The word on the street, but, like I don't know, I think the ransom Doran deserves a MAC still so hooting who gets it and how that play out. The rank and file one year deal until it wants to be done. Thirty one you're deal house. If you were Cleveland, would you have treated the the Cairo for the fourth Peck air, but so bender now? Would you ve done it?
now having carries the best, I would not have done it either. Would you would you have rolled back this year's team because that's what they're doing that's what I would do. That's my number one recommendation. That's what I would like to finish up a bit bit pieces that might make a difference on the margin like Corver didn't give him anything their lambs with limited Channing fry. Basically, couldn't get him, of course, like all those guys or replace the body might get something out of those spot yeah, but otherwise just roll out the same to you, My thing with my thing with Craven? Is this they're going to be in the buyout game for criminal on way to February? Don't panic now it's a long season all that man
this February March April. Imagine they really played well in that files and the words were just better. The words were completely healthy. The thing move, not cruncher, if they hadn't choked in game three. As a trail could have been an old timer, I watched it. I watched it last weekend and God, damn thousand choke show there are six and J R at a wide open three there. Instead of just taking it, he hopped like five feet. The left can off balance version of the same wide open three had and then they just collapse defensively they choked than the two on one. Was it choked avid it's funny, because you know this, this is how
in the final before, where the right team one and they one in five and is pretty decisive, and yet you go back and you go man if, if if one thing and happened differently that don't know what happens when the serious you know like the old man, oh nine MAGIC Lakers, which, everyone, our members as a decisive Lakers victory and actually wasn't low accordingly, what that was game too, but the game for member- breaking Gemma G Nelson they're down three they're up three, like forty seconds after these forty feet off Their fish urges launches the pact's three like she's, a little moments like that that foot these and those that are closer than we remembered either these were the one, that's fine us, but the cash
no one game three and they decisively one game for I think them. What the longer that kept on the bare chance had, because they had two guys at the words can stop you now carry that's true. Inquiry was just even in that game. Three, like. Oh, my god, I just can't get over the warriors forgotten about the same thing: yes or no, My point is: do not carry ok, good, we're on were on board. I have to go. I'm dying, daddy need some food. How do I live? Who are the gas. We have Adam RAP Report, border petite, editor in chief and and food, delicate extraordinary, Juliet Louis we are bringing back. Jack Jack. You Jimmy. Little Kaliko.
You see my bed? suddenly today- and it is your mother- I reiterate my Cape Julia. What does Julia like a drink? I'm sending our case of rubber Burberry Beth Beverly, Juliet losing was really livid, who which one of them which dammit while we Juliet Louis, like the drink, you witness a case of her favorite. I gotta go talk about our not doing food knows, but we're doing food knows we're coming up with a different name for it. Important is our neighbour Nairobi wandered Toby. We can keep the name and then we had from conversations with any child. I can't wait to hear your wife reaction to Nashville hot Chicken. She's there- I don't have a great conversation with any child about the natural how chicken the story that he wrote last year in his trip down there, what it did it with body dancing inappropriately
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If something insane happens over the weekend, Megan Nephew car, a cow come in with me we're just going to Sunday pad if there has to be merged pad. If the bad signal assent, we will be there how do you going them be involved? Make you come on, I'm always about what you have sad, a jersey make for me, enjoy the weakening One way.
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