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Bob Costas on Learning From Letterman, the Future of the Olympics, and the Best Baseball Story Lines (Ep. 272)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by longtime NBC Sports broadcaster Bob Costas to discuss broadcasting in the ABA (6:00), Ahmad Rashad's presence (12:00), guest hosts on late-night television (17:00), hosting an HBO show (28:00), the issue with host cities for the IOC (35:00), covering Michael Jordan's iconic game-winning shot in 1998 (46:00), the 20 greatest MLB games of the past 50 years (55:00), the best World Series story line (1:10:00), and the justifiable protests in the NFL and beyond in the sports world (1:17:00).

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mean Hurrah Barberess, the esteemed gambler, inequalities in esteem, Amber an mba mind. He has not been on his banana podcast hiatus. We brought him back it's a special edition of Ringer NBA show that we wanted to put up outbreak for the season started so subscribe to that corral about it's coming the ringer ambition. He notices come an mba previous kaluza. Two days of mba content on all the ringer platforms: posts, Instagram, Facebook, five cas twitter- you know It's all over the place. All your favorites, Rebecca you ever read on the rare all kinds of things we take some segments, you gonna, let it get ready for that and be a preview pollution. I think that's what it's called Monday coming,
in coming years, programme back ass, necessary yours, very fast breakfast cabinet, as you pointed out once and frying, to tell you, hunger staff member there very. I was a time in the seventies when gave Kaplan was Hugh. The biggest using a blister. Absolutely not just because a welcome back Canada, but because he was a regular guess on that, and I chose that on our stars. He had that too and Johnny Carson worked out a sweetheart deal When I was fifteen years old, I knew he had a sweetheart deal, they would run reruns on Monday, and then he sometimes do three days
the weak, yet at a long weekend, Joan Rivers frequently for filled in until they had a falling out. She dashed Dick right, Dick Sean, who was also big deal at one time, one of the stars of the the movie version of the producers yeah Dick Sean did a bit if I recall correctly, where he destroyed Carson's desk or he threw the ashtray or something and Carson viewed as disrespectful like your guest in his home. You been invited the guest of the show, and so diction became Persano, yet ever held there I think that a car put put pretty much pretty much like Harry. Carry being, buy a car going the wrong way down a human rights outside the Chase Part Plaza rail for reasons that remain man, we'll never doubt Disassociated from you know those cardinals. You know I killed the guest House, J, Leno, Johnny, Carson, right, His jailer started gaining momentum as the Carson guess. Those
his manager, Snake Carson. Unlike page six and that led to the house, kind of caution was out Helen Clayton, Helen Acoustic. How would they like Cathy Bates of the movie correct, gave him even the gentle nudge and that like Letterman, would never have a guest house. I think he finally had him when he had our problems, but now ruins afraid to be it's like the wily Pip Centre right on that. You don't want that, while it kept commanders, no guest host for Stephen Colbert oil for Jimmy Fallon nor the bills, inspire gas you'll. Never here I don't want anybody home than this. They meant that may do better job Mammy Loose bound podcast, you know when this happens, you'll never you'll, never hosts my pockets, I'll, never hosting. Someone's plug can't ever do it. Never let you guess that's and though, if you asked they probably hey. Just close. The circular gave Kaplan gave Cotonou. When last seen was like playing poker wearing a members only jacket and some gonna, I shades of three Clock in the morning on ESPN, twelve gauge Kaplan, actually wasn't just a guest on tonight, show he
is one of the guest house came out. Did the my lot Johnny Carson Chair so Digital, where's Yola once you, Sir, I once wrote a conferees pay magazine about, gave Kaplan racing Bob Conrad and the first upset about the great moments by shouted. There's, there's no way that gave Kaplan beat Bob count. He beat him handily. Really what happened? Oh, yes, on Youtube. What Happen is Bob Conrad's three packaging cigarette habit. I think her do it was. It was even for about forty yards and then that nicotine really starts kickin in that's. Why I don't know this, but olympic Gold medal lesson sprinting light. They usually don't smoke cigarettes with things knows how he adds bad for you, I her Bob. I never can picture you shame boat with it. Harry to never from his mouth. That's why MBA, whereas they I had this great photo of the Celtic celebrating a championship in and one thousand nine sixty two
and there are now a beer, and this one guy has a power for its is wait. Don't pay for he's got a cigarette in he's, got like his arm Rambo Russell, and, unlike how do we compare the bill wrestle era to now and like the bride, James would kill somebody. They smoke the cigarette Bailey. How has become out amateurs seven minutes on the court, because you have a low ease, keys, wheezing like an eighty year old, would at the same time all those guys date. I mean they're playing in these crappy sneakers, so I don't know I struggled with it when I rub my book trying to figure out how to compare Hutu who, in baseball so much easier, Kihachi, Macy's stats in an era adjusted stats, an ambassador boats hopeless another way. They play basketball. Now it's like really hope, whiskers, there's no correlation you're as much as I loved the celtic teams in the sixties, and I can remember them pretty well yeah, first basketball game. I ever went to us
and use all nineteen sixty two and I became a celtic found- is only non New York teams. As I grew up in your only non New York team that I read it for all my bodies in high school, I had an informed because our route for the selfish when they play the next and the plastic, as my dad took me to a celtic game, I was ten years old and Bill Russell that forty rebounds and coolly was still playing. Get then for a separate vote for the the Celtic. Since I became a celtic them, but as much as I love those he was in his resourceful as they were in as much as I love the Knicks hit the open man team of the early seventies or bill wantons trailblazers, you just can't see athletic Lee. You just can't see them competing with Lebron, James, Cavaliers or stuff recycling Golden state war. It is TAT sea. I even error. I wrote that book and oh nine hours, the eighty six out so much size. That was used
tough, but there they were built to make two point baskets and now the aims are gaining an extra fifteen points again, and I don't see the Celtics would that you'd almost have to give them the knowledge of how to play and be like Larry you actually at the shoot, eight threes, the gate. Like maybe they should do if you could have, he would have learned how to do it. I may be a guy because I now one of my first jobs after mightily cocky when I was still a turkey, is my first job after then say Louis was the last two years the ABS Marvin Barnes and spur to Saint Louis, and you are considered a good three point shooter in the league that invented the three point shot. If you could make about thirty percent of ran all body made more than forty percent of them. Now what that guy sitting closed at fifty percent of Thrace, I think I say a Thomas, unlike nineteen. Eighty two might amid a ban in the top two or three
shooting, like thirty five percent of the air, those if he could make one out of three you're lower a three point: artist. Sadly, no video we should mention by the way, Drake remove that written for the next. I think that should be in your foot. Paragraphs of Europe because it was barred enough to know this day. I saw what was coming despite his senses, but those ABA does ABA years. There's no video dha, and in some its help. The mistake of the I know it s trying to read my book. Like there's five games, you broadcast probably two of em was with the lady who lack was buried to the owner right. Arlene Welshman was the wife of the late Harry workmen, who was the president and GM of spirits and later became the GM of the nets and the Cavaliers, and she was so charming and lovely in an interview yeah. We did at half time of the first season that the sponsor said: why don't we make her the color
commentator not on the radio, but on the handful of road games that we televised and one of them that lives on Youtube is the spirits against the Kentucky colonels. I warn you You probably seen I've studied it. It was a I'm all cast like Chickering Use Adieu simulcast of for games yes over simultaneously on radio and television as alarm rapidly a mile amended not putting captions beneath the picture, which is what you really want to do on television, but who cares? It was nineteen. Seventy six, it's funny like now. There would be applauded that woman. Woman is getting a chance like doors Barrack like who deserves to be doing, gained its great backed animals, ok, she's charming was thoroughly that was the seventies right she's dies. Can we just put my Honor, she's, nice and strange to know the difference between a free thrown reporter scale bar has been clear that it's all a different, majestic among men
So these days, yeah, but before this is gonna, stick with me. If I don't come back to this, even with even with a heavy cigarette habit, Robert Brad, especially as James when, lest this this guy appeared to be an extremely fit do who'd you at a time when it wasn't that common for people to work ass, a gimmick right, very, very fit strong knocked the battery off. My shoulder guy right here right now gave cabin Dustin. I'm sorry moment. Now, I'm a bit older than you. Yes, you remember who James Wes now for one nemesis was in the wild West, which mad unbelievably cool, show in the meantime I said yeah, I don't know any the sixty issues MIKE then, with the mighty glad that's my memory kicks and yeah one black one white one blonde,
I remind you that it was? I gotta censure casting I. It is funny, though, tv, how many people widely. I was telling a couple, my staffers that result this dynasty billboard. It stands coming back in the sea, w and I say to the people in the car like that was the number one show and I was like and I don't understand that are more to show. It was like thirty, five million people and episode supply, though people realised just so many people in number one raided show then yeah and a number one raided show now. People like eighty million people watch the light. Episode assigned yelled at or whatever yeah I mean when you gonna- let us all on us when you do I remain witches. I first knew about you from NFL eighty which, I don't remember the year when they started the embassy, NFL Pre Game Show, with the three great place with the announcers or
was that what was that was you were there whenever they were doing it. Nineteen eighty four, I became the host in eighty yes, it was a careers or the government of Indonesia, ok, so Letterman was beforehand. I found them Ok. So I need some, let him who, when she did anniversary, the one you're? Probably remembering, is the third anniversary show the pregnancy shall yet in eighty five. Ok, so I knew from ETA. So I'm right so Anna Falco had the three plays and all I wanted a I couldn't wait till it think was only half hour right, yup, twelve thirty couldn't wait to see what three plays they picked and whether it be a pause the play- and it was always the pages wherein it was always they had given up a hail, Mary or Missis Hale marries flee flickers kick returns. I remember one of them was the opening line, which I voice was great games great,
Yes on NBC out the best way, the little fame, and they show that replies and the only one I remember was the vice. Things against somebody Charlie Joe, and London on all matters: Shadds, Rio, Mary yea and as the release our Tommy Kramer, maybe we're what about for the Vikings he throws in the answer on an ear Dawson beneath Jones play by play, going there hoping and the ball in the air and its tipped, their Maud catches it right yeah, and at that point Ahmad is now on the set with us so he'd be beaming every time we showed that one and of outside greatest guide to idleness at thirty five. In a package of them, it really could have been thirteen hours I love appears a story about you could use. You could just picnic.
Out of a hat. He could be led grace Kelly's I'll. While one time I was at a poker tabled, a fate is ease. Somehow every person ever has passed through his life in a significant way. A modern shod nano he's a nice guy body has presence. Yet, as you did know who we was you want in a room, he has presence he's the kind of guy one short notice or short acquaintance, somebody would invite to their dinner party. The next night had met him only to know anything more about. Fishermen looks better aware. No problem is like that basketball players despondent they were the only that's like his social game, yeah yeah. Here we did a power them. All of us were in love with him by the arm where they can. With the occasion word for us? Can you just be around us? You know, I said to an unnamed television critic once he asked me if you are putting together a sports department and you can have a half dozen people and an eye name get all the great you'd. You want I'll Michael's and want this person and that person
and one of the people and aim was a mud and the guy raised an eyebrow, because, by his reckoning, Ahmad wasn't a true journalist. He wasn't a play. Europeans pocket! Now that yeah, ok, I said no you're, not you don't understand. This guy naturally relates to people in such a way, and they want to be with him. This guy is an ace to have on yes, that I'm not gonna. Have him. Do my job or do our Michael's job, but nobody can do his job as well as he can and he can bring people into the fold and draw things out of people that even the most skilful interview can interviewer cannot because people just are drawn to him yeah. Well. That explains why his though stole out there doing stuff. All these years later, only even Jordan, who seems like he had a very high bar for who got to hang out with them.
Even germans, like I'm gonna, take a mad you're with me. I know you're in the club, no question about their no question so Middys you do. I don't think we ve talked about this on a pike ass right. You do the Letterman three year anniversary Vision This is before you became the old humorless guy in the cash that, rather than that, I am now knows no sense of humour whatsoever which really will hold back as I want to talk about that you're a ladder men and he puts people in three different- but, as you know, the first late night baby you and I, u, its man who is the turbine, Larry's madman, mentally to hospitals. Was only ten was handing out hot talent, you're just so funny in there and then he started making fun advance, but Vince didn't realize right it. I didn't really dawn on him that Letterman was kind of teasing m which made it fun
and it was I to me the best our letter whenever our half against that the idea was third anniversary. If a baby was born at Lennox he'll hospital, Colombia Press, which I think was the other one, and I had me, investment ban staked out in the maternity just stick by TAT by the way you and man is the reporters beat before our fates wood and yet we many years later on the road so anyway to see if, in fact, the baby will be born during this hour that they, taking the show, and if so that baby would become for life the late night baby and have all manner of ports and benefits for the rest of his or her life. In that it happened right, it happened. The baby was born invincible hoss, but right he was it. You work right and they said right you're onto whatever you want to do, and I I forget everything that I said, but one of the things I said was in the initial report. I set the scene,
said I Dave and will remain here for all the pre and post natal action and a day and Dave like that yet and them it was over with, even though a baby headman born at my hospital. Everything was in preparation. They had balloons and party, had some noise maker, yeah cake, and so behind me all that the nurses and doctors and orderlies are celebrating and so on. Cried the scene and then it just occurred. The man looked back in a common. I said meanwhile Dave the plaintiff cries of desperately ill men and women that go unheeded and after that Letterman Letterman. I allowed you after that. I've been a few times before that, but have yet in reality, which the elevator aces thou way stuff all about. His dogs led races, yeah yeah. That was I mean I a bigger impact. I made the system
in those first called Letterman address. That's great. You know me to cause yeah you're in it you're like working in the same building right work, in the same building would see him from time to time. He was always extremely nice and supportive and in fact he had something to do with me getting the later show. Which followed his she has a time and the Ladys in early nineties. When the lineup think about this talk about a high tide, raising all boats, Johnny Carson you'd, be watching primetime, the promo, the Johnny Carson. Letterman and then Martin Score says he joins Bob on later, while that alone was just an incredible and fishermen had said to Dick ever saw unites. I think cost us could do a late night. Show. I've heard him do sports interviews
if he can do now with barge star. Why couldn't do an hour with somebody else? An ever saw, who was very tight with the late great ran antarctic off and had influenced beyond NBC sports results at the idea to tarnish off and remember that the shown it was very good show called over with Linda Ehler, be which is kind of a wry tongue, and she ain t remember those that, for whatever reason had ended about a year before so that one thirty eastern time time slot had been given back to the affiliates and we claim the half an hour and it was like Hollywood squares and yet reality infomercials right, John Davidson, seventy years, agile, yemeni ears,
The embassy half hour shift from eighty eight to ninety four and then I reluctantly left in my kids, were really young. Men and and BC had reacquired baseball and we still had a run of a limp, picks coming up and we had the NBA and we hereafter fell and someone had to come off the plate and yet to this day, what are we now twenty three years down the road? I'm not saying it happens every day, but very frequently. Someone will stop me and recall a specific later up, a laugh they'll say you know never seen Robert Duval interviewed, except on later, Remember the night that you couldn't stop laughing with Richard Louis, while when Mary Lou Hanner revealed why that night men walked on the moon, had real significance in her life back. The man had her is probably warrior goofy or gas right. Wasn't she little out there,
she would- I mean in the inner good why she's she's, really like ability all kinds of energy and then shall say anything a website, the perfect gas, as proven by this, she has this facility, the surveillance for so the issues incredible memory right right. It yes say to her September. Sixteen nineteen sixty five as a well. I was in the second grade and I were purple dress exactly, and it was a Tuesday and and it's all checkable she's right, yeah. At least remember she's, right about the date and the and the day of the week. You have to take a word about. Person, that's why I laughed- and you mentioned- is that that to have a guess, they're remembers every moment of their life. I think would even though
I would do that. So I asked her is a blessing or occurs, and she says: oh, it's almost always a blessing. Could you have something on people? It was have something over on re, so I begin to ask for some dates and she fires off a half dozen or so of these personal recollections, but there's no way for anybody to compare their own experience to it since I'm beginning to think what date where everyone remembers where they were and if I said November, twenty second nineteen sixty three that would be too dark yet, and so I comedy killer yeah. I chose July twenty eight nineteen sixty nine, which was the night that men walked
on the moon yet so I said here is one where we all remember where we were July: twenty, eight nineteen sixty nine and she looks at me and she starts twirling, her hair with her index finger, which is a sign of anxiety, tat night, and she says who told you this and I said nobody it just than obvious thing to bring up. She says: well, ok, hoots somebody told no. I swear to this goes back and forth like no. I promise, just ass. It had just gathered up my head and finally she goes ok, that's the night. I lost my virginity. Now remember later had no studio audience. So you earned your last week. Earn them from a cameraman stage manager so is always more often dick when they laughed it was cool. So now there cracking up. I don't have to say another word I just let them after subside and then on our own. She goes standing up. When the shower stand.
Up in the shower now the crew is dying right, and so I say well, one thing we know for sure Neil Armstrong wasn't the guy at every. First, we shall we did that clip made it. That's awesome. I would take quick break when talking about cap terror. Where they start up looking, keep better track of customers, a nonprofit hope and have a record fund raising here or a business that simply needs better payroll, soft where cat tears, you're soft, where solution to every business, need to have a forger categories of business software, for you to choose from anything from email marketing, to schedule to accounting and beyond. You won't waste your time on free trials that go nowhere because cap terror has thousands of ratings interviews from actual software users, just like you
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that show in two thousand seventeen. Do you think here's where I think, because, if a package of almost replaced it here's what I think I have a problem In the eightys and ninetys everyone who was current or even people like Anthony Quinn, let's say or rod, stagger who had long careers that predated my own youth. I was still familiar with them. Yet Emmy Cagney had still been alive and had been a guest. I could have interviewed him about Yankee Doodle Dandy in twenty seventeen. Could I interviewed Taylor Swift? Of course I thought I could do the preparation I could interviewer, but I've it wouldn't be. I wouldn't be as organically connected to it as I was interviewing, smoky Robinson or Tom Hanks. So I think I could do a show like that. Once a week
will you could pick the guest that made sense for me to have? But could I do it every single night and just kind of the parade of of celebrities? The compromise eating cow had- maybe maybe it after do some prep alot the debate it basically to be a good guest. On later you had to have a body of work yeah and a lot of people tat myself on the back here, but are also goes to the producers, who did a great job on the show and researchers a lot of people who didn't do television, but you know, show business people athletes, they stay up at all hours, and so they watched the show and disproportionate numbers people who didn't do tee then, and there is still a lot of people who didn't do a lotta tv that now you see almost anybody on entertainment that ever her stories, Hollywood they're just went to the store, and this happened right, but Paul Macartney did lead and he hadn't done any. U S! Television! In ten years, that's US robber, Duval deadly.
Burbage allow hates interview right. He did. He did a three partner. You did a three part. Three three parts Paul Simon did later Carol. King hardly ever does any television jasper very shy. She did later Ellie resulted later Morton Squash says he did later and then and showed it to his film classes and annoy you that's ass, and so you know there was a cool thing to have done. It's funny. People still remember it some people's gratifying I, like, I would say, Pike Ass, have become that way for a lot of people. The people they don't even by a graded Carter on this week, you never to Pakistan, he didn't even fully interesting- was going to happen when those are the best once you know where we went for like our twenty in his eye, TAT was great. That's all that's it. You just recorded that, like those who is the best ones when its they dont know,
it's going in there, but they're kind of excited, but I'm sure you must now that a million times we had it so often in a lot of times. What we would do is if we knew we couldn't contain it. We just made it. To a double yan, and I would say, will you come back tomorrow night and then I would say shore and then the next night. It be well enough time to change clothes when the same clauses last night, but here we go right and must have ended, the point of athletes for the most part right. It's tough to set the really go there with athletes. The athletes we interviewed were people at head, significant life stories, hankering yes, Karim, Jim Brown, John Wooden, Mickey mantle it. What it was that kind of thing you couldn't just be the hot athlete of the moment. You couldn't just be the guy who made the probable that that wasn't reason enough to be on the show, a rat
well on Firestone shown require what you get. The idea that do five shows a week. Variety: yeah why it's crazy known workpeople, where remember they brought back, Chris Connally to do kind to revive the Firestone format and they put him in like Anaheim like in the Disneyland studio so immediately impossible to get guess right and you end up three force at the time of the year, you probably don't want at the link everyone here
I like that has to be New York in the thick of everything, sure you grab and people or an ally in the thick of everything, and did that's only way it might work. I don't know how could work five days, we you're just gonna have the book people sometimes that I can be they get. You know that even happened without some sure that there were times when you know you'd have one that should go in the time machine on Monday and then on Tuesday. Just because you had to have a show, you had some one who was in a sick, come yeah or somebody who had a movie that was released that week. You know how many shows we did well over six hundred, I wouldn't want the bottom one hundred of them to be teaching recently outside you, two yeah, but most of them held up pretty well and then, when it
each be assessed their age. We also started in two thousand and one and went till two thousand nine, and could it kept going, but the baseball network came into existence and they were ok with me continually at HBO, but the folks at age be oh said you gotta, choose and and these she had no baseball, no prospect of getting baseball back and I ve always in a love, baseball and so reluctantly I had to leave. Hbo was out when you lost your sense of humor yeah. Evidently I was actually become a crank. Here's here's something that I just I came across accidently we're talking about Letterman and, like you. Ah, I was interested in all things: Letterman, the very beginning in eighty to actually when he had the morning, show oh yeah for that. I say I don't lie and pretend I saw that you never saw the morning. I saw it
often some people that he was turning the whole thing inside out. He was so Taenia sleek a fan of and yet mocking, The conventions and protocols of television, yet all the insincerity, the whole thing and everybody, no matter how gifted they are, and many of them are truly gifted whether its Conan or camel or whoever it is, they all owe a debt to David Letterman, David Letterman says he owes a debt to Johnny Carson. He does because Carson helped to launch his career, but Carson owed
debt to Steve Alan. Let's say you: let him in reinvented the whole form Letterman wasn't trying to be Johnny, Carson, reinvented the whole form, so I totally loved him and when, when he retired all sorts of articles written in appreciation of him, so I come across one on line that says what sports personalities could The late night show. Ok, sorry, that's interesting and the person things vaguely Michel beetle. Could this person go to that person? Could the guy says Bob cost us could never a late night, show unless it was on PBS because he's just to dry there taking, as I read this two things, one begin That has opened up a lot of great things. Your proof of that
but it also has given voice to people who have no freakin idea. What they're talking about it's you? If, if you said to me, hey BAR, do you know who Branch Ricky was you don't expect me to have a personal anecdote about branch? Ricky like you would have Scully, but if I didn't know who Branch Ricky was you'd, think less of me because I cover based, I want to know something about the history of it, so we, if you thirty five years old, not remember later with Bob cost us. If you're gonna write a story, Elisa Research, you would, you would possibly know that not only was this a very successful show it was, Emmy nominated and the like. Last year, the year before I left it won the Emmy the enough for some obscure late night category, but for best informational series and that when Letterman left and see for CBS he controlled the hour. After he show he offered that our to me,
the inaccurate I'd absolutely should know that there are not many people do he offered. He offered the hour to me and I seriously considered it why? Because it was David Letterman and they were going to combine it with a half. And appearances a year on sixty minutes, because at that time I was. Doing pieces on NBC News magazines before the news magazines became what they pay much our now? What your crime stories, so I would do profiles of Re Charles Org Dustin, Hoffman or Woody Allen or Bob Night, and they had some real texture to them, and so they They would have me do those kind of culture and which pieces on the answer,
the minutes, do it again, the youngest guy sixty minutes by like forty years, I would like to have them. I would have had to hang out with Leslie Stall, is either just just three with someone that wasn't more than thirty years guns. You kid grandiloquent years, this getting Morley safer coffee anyway, so so that that was true, ok, but I could never do a late night programme, even Oh, I did pretty successfully any rowdy article was about Letterman and he offered the show after his, but on top of that on later and then, more recently on HBO, almost everyone the HBO shows, even though your primarily sport shows had Billy Chris? Richie Anna was Chris Rock John Stewart on and on on the last joking.
Oddly Dangerfield ever told on television this just by happenstance, he told on my HBO really We had a m, we had a say: and called nine and ninety which concluded the shell and I didn't know who the person would be. They kept the person sequestered and then she would come out from behind the wall and the text react the camera them whatever and on what one. One time Richard low at one time it was went in Marseilles. One time was Tina, favours grew, was just taking off It would be that that kind of thing, Mario Cuomo, came out one time and didn't know who they were and then I would have to ask them questions and then they would have questions that I would have to answer so need Dangerfield comes out and when is Daingerfield comes around the corner, and this is a few months before he died? The camera men go nuts, its Rodney Dangerfield.
So while their reacting Dangerfield says to me under his breath, asked me if I've been to the beach and I'm thinkin. Well, that's most natural course. And ask and eighty three year old man whose white as it goes right, as I hate ruddy its summer time, been spent much time at the beach he goes oh yeah, Bob! You know I like to hang around a nude beach and now the camera a really really no you're, not you're. There. I ran into a guy, you wait a hundred pounds. I go guinea. Guy yeah goes here a hundred pounds and fifty year that was in his testicles well, and I went down the whole studios. Knots and eighty goes. He came up to me said I'm depressed, I said you're not depressed, you have nots Now. Those last year cover the last two months after that, die your half that you have not met by the way, the kind of joke
only funny if rival Dangerfield, that's it may be done, wriggles right. It does so things are only work because a persona right exists so anyway, I can't believe the Letterman story was your contract up. Oh yeah yeah, my country was up and I had a great loyalty to Dick ever saw all into people and NBC, and they have was in the head, the Olympics and that the Alembic Asea be it in the NBA and always like the NBA more than the NFL there and they adjust require just acquired a piece of baseball yeah. So I balanced at all- and you know that there were gonna charter me back and forth between Saint Louis in New York, so that I could spend as much time at home as possible in all night, I thought it seriously because it was David, Letterman and Howard. Stringer CBS was very nice and he can't be the prestige. The minutes- and they seem to have an idea that would exactly fit, they weren't dwarf pudding,
where peg into round hole. This will a would have been a perfect fit for me yeah. But I won't have stated ambitions trysting what s really interesting one if the Olympic made so much more from a prestige standpoint. I'm not saying it's not prestigious. Now yeah, but with what's happened with the locations in the low cows and become like the Yankee Christmas gift and also our Christmas gift. Where nobody wants the house that I don't know what happens to them. Epics now. Well, I think the house he was wise to grow. To lie down. I lay down pass and allay bill, so the winter Olympics to fill in and between summers. Therefore, I think, has a better chance to live in a big way than the winter. The winter I mean you're year. Have places now that it's manmade snow and that's where the rising omits insane and the Euro more and more is drawn towards authoritarian regime
Games because say what you want. They don't complain about the dead. That's left behind! The unused facilities, no one complaining about hey. These funds could go towards schools or four structure, because you're not allowed to complain, ran like that China or in or in Russia, so Marilla Basin. Beijing was spectacular, made sense a winter Olympics in Beijing. It's inside winter Olympics in Sochi, which is basically a cabin and Olympics Marthas vineyard? Just because as the place where the president likes the vacation yeah, because that's what so she was or is with Putin's vacation spot. So where do you see the Olympics going? Do we haven't Olympics forty years from now I'm not gonna have to worry about it. You don't even have to worry about next February yea you're. Finally yeah you don't answer the question, didn't cause. I don't know the answer. I don't either. I I think Always be a valuable television property, there
it will always yield some exe ordinary moments, things relative you can say well. Olympic ratings were dead from their own previous high, but they still win. Every night of of those three weeks and it isn't one show that less for half an hour an hour, it's all of prime time and every bit of it. It's just. Creating stars. It still doing that. Right, I think I'll play is probably the only american city that can pull the Olympics off forgot the facility to have If so, it is that's why about what my while they lost as much less at much. It's always because they had the build giant infrastructures to have the bag. EL actually has it your damn enough time to play. And they may be able to make I'm at least optimistic, any other city. It's the dumbest thing ever like when Boston was among those exists. Is there's no way Boston, none of the infrastructure, the people there were hate it.
It's gonna be awful. I dont know I lay at least them mildly optimistic. I personally have learning handled it before. I think the concern in Paris is just security. Safety charity yeah! Then you see what happened in Vegas last week, which is kind of in the back of our heads was our great fear with large gatherings in baseball stadiums and the NFL stadiums and fact that it's so much harder to get out an airplane than it is to walk. No football stadium. You now rights. What you have open. We did you so many ways go wrong. Now is my my big, the vaguest concert. I just kept thinking like man, this guy, pointing this out really thought about it and figured out a way to just take down five hundred people and fifty eight of them died. Could this happen again was maybe take on edge? I can't stop thinking about it and now what were beginning learn was at the time line at first was inaccurate and
he shot the security guards six minutes before he opened fire on the crowd below and its possible. We don't know yet, but it's possible that that, through his plan off he wasn't really ready to begin the assault and yet other things plan, but once he shut the guy. Then he had to spring into action, and so is horrific. As the slaughter was. Maybe it would have been even worse if he could have done it on his own timetable. Yeah, It was casing stadiums and others are, I think, at some point, they're. Gonna have to worry about scared at Paris. Paris's escape placed at the Olympics for a ladder is. On the one hand, its glorious place, TAT, the air as one of the greatest it is, we have and ensure that if we cannot deal eggs there. You know did this by London in two thousand and twelve, and I was so worried about London and it worked. But you know there are things that it's not rational, but you almost feel like you can
say them out loud because saying it out loud. Somehow increases the chances yeah, you can lock down an Olympics and the perimeter around and Olympics You can lock down the hotels that how's the dignitaries with or the athletes village or the NBC people, but if an incident takes place, the cafe ten miles outside the core of London in twenty twelve. Headline still would have been terrors like Olympics. Yes, because that's the olympic city and for some reason that, thank God for some in that hasn't happened. What are you member and that old enough. Remember Munich. What do you remember about Munich? I was in college but Syracuse. I had a little black and white tv in my dorm room
and I remember, watching Jim ok. It was in September a late Olympics went beyond summers with such in September, so classes were back in session it searches and I will check back in on it when I come back from class, and I remember how masterfully Mackay handled it incredible incredible job of careful journalism, but also just something I can't be taught that touch of humanity. As guess I empathy empathy and and the last the last line with something like what the last line before the one. That's most remembered, my father used to say our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized yeah. But now they have been right just been told us, they recounted the numbers and he said they're all gone.
And when I was lucky enough to get to know Jim toward the end of his life- and I interviewed him on later once and asked him what he was thinking as all of this unfolded, and he said well many things, but one of the things I was thinking was that one of the athletes- these rarely athletes, was David Burger. Who was a weightlifter who had israeli citizenship, but his family lived in Shaker Heights, Ohio and in that era, No one had smart phones, there was no internet, there was no she and- and there was nothing so really abc- was the sole source and Jim Mackay, although Peter Jennings was there and other people were there Jim UK was essentially the conduit for all this information. Nobody else had any of this information and he said I was going to be the person to tell David Burgers parents, whether he lived who died and I knew wild and that camera that I was
he's telling America something that would shake them. I was telling a family there. I lost their son, it was handled about as well as anyone could have passed. In the end, it became a big parties legacy which is a little more about. But at the same time speaks to counter the deed was that you know that moment. Could have gone wrong in the room, hands in so many different ways and that's. Why did it perfect yup rue knowledge made the right choice? He had Howard Casino No one could deny Howard CO cells intellect yeah and journalistic instincts, but Howard would not have had the right personal taught The empathy and I will say, though he did come through the John Lennon thing on Monday night to see degree he he did because we less able to stay out of it yeah with all due respect to Frank Gifford, who was a wonderfully nice man, Howard recognised that this was
important. The patriots are playing the game where Thalia he recognised the importance of it yeah you know, and that hit I think there were lining up for the winning feel goal or something was happening in the game and he kind of jumped in with with a tone that said What happens here tonight on this field will be long forgotten, no longer matters, but what what happened in New York just now is- of tremendous significance what it. What was year like Did you have a moment? I'm live tv like that were you're like holy shit. I now have to deliver something that super important, or did you ah escape that? While I did the Sandusky interview, which was kind of life to tape, but it didn't air until like two hours after we did it in two years time. I prefer that ITALY's I'd prepped
view his attorney Joseph Amygdala and then amygdala, says to me what if I could get Sandusky on the phone, and my thought is yours lawyer. This makes nonsense, but what I say is all that's a great idea: let's do it yet, and so I didn't really prepared vision, dusky, but I had read the grand jury report, and so I was familiar with the whyS and wherefores of the case at least as they were known at that point. So I kind of shifted from what I would have asked, amygdala and directed toward Sandusky. You know when you did obviously not nearly is tragic and morbid stuff for talking about. But when did Jordan's last game and he made the last shot. You reckon as they immediately this was a moment Yahoo was. Tat was like when I watch, I think, that's the greatest game anyone's ever played in Basque, while even other stats war. This is the great argue about stats, verses, I test
just what you do less than fifty percent. I was nineteen for forty five, but he controlled the pace of the game. His body was bullshit from the playoffs Pippins got a bad back, Redmond had drunk. At that point, I have no bench there in Utah if they don't have to allow game you're losing in Utah Pippins gotta play to replace it at all with a bad back right, and it was so bad to win. Can showed every element of the game and then the last minute, coming out of bounds, lay up comes back strip comes down, shoe happens in real time. He makes three plays extreme, unbelievably thirty, seven seconds and you caught it when it happen, you're late. That may be his last shot If this ends here, this could be it by think. Dog Collins is the asked and be analysed ever we receive dogma dug and- and I guess there there are the ivory. I really am, I really enjoy than Gandhi
I enjoy a lot. I like that The chemistry they have not yet done was wonderful. Yeah and Ezida was a rope, Yeah. I read you add a lot of trouble that that those re together and I say in China- Fit ASEAN, nobody was doing yet dogs the best the dug dog is the best, but. Why they analyzed the play, and, I think part of my job as either a host or in that situation. A play by play guy is too maybe see what the bigger picture is, if a call of a game or an event, is touches upon all the points that are good art. All three days later in sports illustrated would include yet then I think you ve done a good job Not every game merits that sum games. Well, that's that there's the result in I'll see you next week, but
although we hadn't announced his retirement, so I had to phrase it in such a way. I think I said some like knows will unfold. You have been saying from a man and you didn't I didn't Maude knew something didn't tell me, which is the mark of a good friend, so to Jordan NEA Acting order, of course, but you know I I I just felt If this was a moment, just that he made the shot, as you know, so classic and he held the poster Second, almost like you is posing for a portrait or a statue and the boy, Didn't just go when it was perfect swish. If it was a movie yeah couldn't make it look any better and on ice. That this is the kind of image that won't just beyond the cover sports illustrated could be on the cover of time magazine, which is again. This could be his babe Ruth moment yeah. I guess the Babe Ruth pointing to the stance that
is that is, as it were, a cool Ghana Gerda that your blue haired grandmother from aha knew who Michael Jordan was in a way with, with all due respect that that person does not know who Russell Westbrook is gay, may not nobody. Lebron James is as one phone great as he is. Odin transcended, all of it Jordan, was a true household name. People watched to see Michael Jordan, who wouldn't know you know up a pickin role from three point shot though they watch to watch Michael Jordan. So it was Doug's job and I say his job to say what happened with Brian Russell too
say you know how blah blah blah, what what the jazz might do on the next place. There was still five point two seconds left, but it was my job to try to put a captain beneath that picture that if people round the tape twenty years later would hold up duncombe enemy. I thought you struggle in the first year, though, with the rhythm of do a basketball game verses either. Once I read the book by the third year, but third year, you figured it out. I really the only party that I disagree with is. I think I figured it out by this can have for the first year, Ass Isaiah, who I like much personally belonged studio hand some guy have at this three men play by plaything. Don't work usually just should have usually that unless the way for the Saint Louis bared, zero is the third person networks, and even then it was just the two preceding it was a one man, one vote, but
I say it in addition, and never having done colored before has a very soft voice, yet he belongs Camera where you can see. Em is very telegenic ETA, like leaned forward yeah yeah, but Doug was already great at this. Before he went back to coaching with the pistons and is literally he the rest, and it was fired. I forget which, like one of the judge that on a Wednesday and he was on the air with us that following Monday, because I told it s all. I had done a pistons game with Isaiah about two weeks before that. Dog isn't going to make it through the season he's either going to quit or they going to fire up and the instant that happens. You should pick up the phone and call Doug Collins, because we need him so when Doug got there, then I think that, and also the fact that I hadn't done play by play basketball on a long time. I was starting to get the right better Michael's. It argued about this too. Does Michael's, you know he had the same. It's it's there's a paste,
it right at its almost psyche. It's like happen on a bike. Learning, hadda I'd There is an error them to. It. Almost think that there is this happy, I think, has totally different under them. Doc. Emirates rhythm different than Vince Scholars rhythm was calling a baseball game which is different to make Brienza them exactly, which is there for them. Needs doing the masters exactly. But if you, if you go to Youtube, as I have a few, times and it's amazing or you just channel surfing and not the envy network will have hardwood classics. Lay like I don't watch all the hardwood classics. If you, if you watch like, port linen the Lakers from two thousand or the Lakers and the patient was elected in two thousand, that that was a good brackish yeah dad. I I think the game for o t got, but that was it was series. Cadogan, seven Kobe cannot put some chest Tarzan and they'll t after jackets felt that right, holland- I want it about directing break I'd, never break to tackle
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So I spent a year with their comments. Count down the second year. I remember, I mean one of a kind cause everyone coach right, I felt like I was in his family within two weeks, just Gee constantly, there's no like relaxing around Doug currency. Just he just loves what he does. He loves basketball and it was just. Intensity, energy in love that poured out of him at all times. I really love the guy. You know what those towns has sound. Corny, Doug Collins has heart yeah. And you know sometimes I think it may have led to him becoming too motionlessly involved with his teams or situations almost to wear. It moved them to tears, yeah, but cares. So much and he's is one of these people who thinks about his life. And thinks about well. This is the man I was when I was twenty five, but
since the man I am now- and this is the man I hope to be five years from now- yeah- that's the way he looks at the world. There is a difference between a pleasant acquaintance and a friend. Now I have lots of pleasant acquaintances, dog, Collins, surreal friend I haven't, I dug in utter no nine ten eleven months, but if I saw him right now, you talk for three hours. I can just one of those guys is kind of like a rabbi yeah. You know like talking about Lightfoot We had such a after second season, you now just in general, but he was, I don't know, I just thought I'd love the guy like this. There was a. It was just a memorable time to work with him, a great combination of a really good professional. He was just good at that yeah and a really good guy, and although in a people's impressions of any public figure
are based on a few things. So people associate me with the Olympics are with baseball or with whatever, but actually once once I got in a groove, those two or three years before I came back and I wanted more to come back here dick ever saw one when he asked me if I would move from us the reply by play, I said you know Mars kind of innovation. Spot right now, but you can't say for sure that he will be able come back, and if and when he comes back, this job belongs to him. He does a lot of things, but is defining thing is best the ball so I'll fill in as long as you need me, but if he is able to come back I'll happily step side. So that's what happened, but in that. Last two and a half years of doing the NBA stand by that. I was I look at those games when, when I come across them on hand, classics- and I say damn those damn good. What about? What's best baseball Never nuts, maybe
most dramatic one was game. Seven of the ninety ninety seven world Series, which one extra Dixon had already won it with the other Mesa blew the lead and then in the nine Tarnish Fernandez zone. If tony front. As with I, Tony Fernandez, is not an bill Bognor territory. Now you know there was a weird time for baseball, because people are so frickin mad about those strike. And then Rifkin came back and aid, but it was the year before Maguire and so Sir right and those three years other than the Yankee fans who look back at ninety six. Finally, men there are no Marlins fence but those four years it is they that was one of the great baseball games ever never gets thrown into it. It was a great game fact: Jim Leland remember, on the baseball network, timber duty, and I did the twenty greatest games of the last fifty years. Yeah cause we couldn't go back for the night was rather make sure there was tv and good food, so I think that game came in at number, thirteen and generally,
said to me, you know what if it was a red Sox or the Yankees or the Dodgers, that would yea higher than thirteen, and he might have a point because the game all kinds of strategy in it. Yan Antwerp in turns in a lot of famous people. It wouldn't thing from Cleveland forward again, but there's like a lotta heavy hitters back backing you now and even young man, but I remember saying something time during the seventh game when that stadium, which I might even pro player park by that time, it was one time was Joe Robbie Stadium as a football stadium turn into a baseball park, and they didn't drive very well until they got into October, and I said There are people in Cleveland who have been waiting for this since nineteen forty eight. There are people in south I have been waiting for this since Thursday.
Now as an ally that pisses people, if they think you and your ragging on their team, you know I mean now is, and then they get rid of deeds next year that it just it's so much more fun of Cleveland whence I want, but that's the thing about baseball, the microcosm of that Indians team, which has but not much different. Then the eighty six red Sox, is. There was a message trying to close game, seven world series and that's a proper yup. We haven't gerardi, I mean you, VE told the story million times you're in the Red Sox combats the champagne bottles and then their hustling hustler babies out. You did it on that. If thirty and then chase environment, you told that our story- yeah did it's. It's a great in the footage of it is unbelievable obvious at the airport the plastic over the locker rooms, like that, so close, the Red, Sox or ice even though one three titles I still haven't totally
buried, eighty six, it was a classic once and I and I its I got the scene of the crime. For me, you know a lot of people think that the World Series ended when the ball went through bucklers legs now, and I, where there is a rain, delay that rain at the next day in forty eight hours to talk ourselves back in your possible gave seven and then we took the lead, although that allow them to start Bruce Hearst, who is great otherwise,. They would have had to start oil can void and so now he starts and he pitches really. Well, they'd already passed the arm, the ballots around the press box and Bruce had been named, the envy p the world Series actually in the tenth meeting of six re for pitching game seven and then those had to be torn up and then he goes out and takes it. The three nothing led into the sixth before
study where an they down their brown, never forgive Mcnamara for bringing our neighbour that was headed for disaster. In its where that the losses resonate more than the winds. Oh yeah, who was a bill parcels monument yourselves, but somebody said losing hurts worse than winning feels good yeah. It's true by announcing, I want to ask you about this, Certain way we announced baseball games and you can hear it and the radio yeah and it's like Must I listened to aliens communicate one another that it's not a human interaction, it's out. First, one to then it's got this language, thence before there's a rhythm to it and everybody is afraid to tweak eight even five, five millimetres, Don TV. They tweak it more than on radio right like ourselves on Remy when they're doing the rats excise together, they will get silly, sometimes and people
lose their shit, it's almost like collectively we having crossed flying just became. Maybe this these games are three now Maybe we should figure at eleven him up. I think that's what I'm getting guests and stuff now crew going Piper are very popular in the Bay area. Yeah and, of course, the giants really have a tremendous depth of good and Thursday, flemings re, good young, announcer and John Miller is like an old school announcer, get who would be right at home, with red, barber or or VIN Scully or melon? Also, they got me and Flemming on the radio they ve got caught, foreign and could go on television, but Their Dwayne nor MIKE, is a classic baseball, announcer Yan, yet they ve got chemistry and an insight and connect. And with the San Francisco fans that so you think that's the motto: I think that the new local model- ok, or or Ceylon and Remy David, Brian and Remy.
So. The red Sox had Dave O Brien, Remy and accuracy, and it was like this. This door opened Do his blue skies and you know it was I Grammy in an act who played together a million years before, but it was like listening to our college roommates and they is, there are all the same. There was a different broadcast. I was wondering whether experiment more especially the local stuff in the world- so boring. This is always why, no matter how good the net, we can answer, is yes in the cities of the competing teams there never going to be happy with them. Now I dont care of its Vince only if the Indians or in the world series you wanna, hear Tom Hamilton S the guy's very good, but be that's. That I who took you, threw one sixty two rang through all the years that you been remember my job and I must add that was mad at him for to those couple years. He did the World Series right, and I say why the old timers there they, who is this guy, a holler famer air in instant
the body. They still can't understand why Joe Knox all isn't in the broadcast. His wing of the baseball Hall of Fame Rat Marty. Brantome is outside Cincinnati. Nobody knows that it objectively, I dont think anymore, we say to Joe Knox all was a hall of fame and answer, but was he a beloved local figure, of course so if your since- and I read Van you'd rather here you'd rather here, Knox all than Joe Buck objectively theirs, comparison in terms of broadcasting craftsmanship but but I get it well- will never have to worry about this about seven years from now in their seven different broadcast streaming right and you get the picture now there's a leg: you could have friggin snoop, dog and Iraq, logic and ass. It gave their answer is a clear anybody. Seven eight nine pairs. You now, Michael when, when I was on tv with you now
that was so much found by the way we tight. We we both said afterwards that it was. It was a good half hour or whatever we did. What we talked about this, how back when people wrote letters how it between Sir Orient emails or whatever, but when people letters you would get exam Actually, the same letter complaining You are biased against a team. The only did it was different was the postmark, but the letter was I nickel, show you doing the Marlins and the Indians, and you get letters from Ohio Why are you waiting for the Marlins? You hate the Indians and we hate you and you get exactly the same letter from somebody in South Florida tat. The only the team names were changed, but none of us I'm sure. If we can have a say on with Kurt Gouty or melon, they tell you the same thing. None of us has ever been she's a letter that goes like this? Dear mister com this Nance Bach Michael's, must burger whomever I
and to live in Seattle, and so as a and the Mariners. I had no particular rooting interest in the cubs indian world series, however I must say I found you shockingly biased in favour of the Indians, and I think they have ever been received. Those letters, only come from people who themselves have in a rational rooting interest. You know the second area CAT San Antonio over Miami in the finest right each city, convinced that I hated their team. Of course they were- and I think I made and set it on, there's like theirs. Two teams in the files, and apparently I hate both of them, were what am I really Fern Apocalypse Chris College Worth, apparently hates thirty, two different Indiana. His name is more. If there's more, he hates as their last last anecdote pertaining to this. Yet you can't find a more professional broadcaster in any sport in history then been Scully.
Yet so he's an alien side I can have is just on how to letting him away so he enjoyed our agenda doing the eighty six world series and one night, the NBC Switchboard in New York receives eighteen hundred calls of complaint during the world serves a thousand of them roughly they kept track as best they could. This is the stone age A thousand of them complained that Joe were biased against the Mets eight hundred or so complain that they were rising ass, the Red Sox. I attribute the difference only to the fact that New York, is a somewhat larger city than Boston and also would have been a toll call back in the days before he read so otherwise. It's fifty fifty people here
exactly the same broadcast yet perceived opposite biases. What is what's left for you as a sports fan, and somebody has been in the sports mania for forty years? What do you want to see what what great sporting events hasn't happened yet or what great athlete hasn't happened yet that your leg shit, I thought I'd this by now. I really want to see this. This might not be inspired answer, but I'd like to see MIKE Trout in the world series. Wow, ok just the best baseball anywhere you're. Just nobody even knows what he looks like basically seemed she, my trout in the world series people again will take. This is biased as a team that are still alive. I'd love to see to Cleveland Indians when a world series yeah nodded someone else's expense, but just because they were it's so long now. Here they would about us. We waited that lie. Why don't you sarcastic site? I mentioned that by the way I mentioned the one game, the first game of the Red Sox
groceries. I mentioned that, while certainly it's not as mythic and it doesn't go back as many years, but the asterism the policies on eleven times they ve only made World Series once and they ve had some epoch Mrs Maes, exactly the same. In the end, six and eighty was horrible yesterday they know all about you know so close and and yet so far, but one thing that really annoys me: is when you see these lists of longest waits without a championship. Yet there's only one that matters now and it's the Cleveland, Indians, or asteroids. You want to mention the ashes when they say the Arizona Saint Louis Chicago Cardinals. There is no twelve year old, in Arizona saying to his father dad tell me about. And heart daily aired orphan Jackie Smith Ray, and there is nobody in Sacramento who says dad or mom did
Oscar Robertson play for my team, or even though I am Classmen Langsyne at overhead and and before that was was bought. Davies, really that good for the Rochester Royals when they play George Michael and Minneapolis Lakers. No, it only counts if all awaiting all in here, MRS All, a heart ache. All the longing Ali anticipation took place in one city and better. Yet carried up another, not one place, that's what made the Red Sox and the Cubs with all due respect, even better than it will likely be in Cleveland, because that ballpark doesn't. I was all the ghosts worse than Wayne. Wrigley just made the case for, if the next ever, when the NBA title again cosmetic, square garden still stand. I mean you're Talkin, nineteen, forty sexting Oji team, haven't since seventy generations of
and I got a lady one. Seventy two, seventy three! Seventy two, seventy three! Seventy two! Seventy seventy everyone! Yes that's been forty four years, but you talkin about like my friend, William Gold. It is in its mid. Eighty is now say now raising that may sound like also concerned about the negative about the Ex ante, always husband, you go from him, whose seen every Next season ever to see, six year old, like ie, like maybe his great grandfather, whenever right generations that is always gonna to matter taking kids to the same raw park. The same Rina was Alenia. Sir said the Indians are the last baseball team who could have the William Goldman Fan and then also the actual fan and then after the asters. It's second has been that many generations. I do wonder, though I do think part of were really cared is by post drake. Where are these franchises that had an what you now and like that, like them?
Sex of one three were seriously just got bounced info and ran one right, and if this was two thousand three we'd be having a heart attack That's all right! What's let's get another manager we'll get, we gets a good players, it's that lay You know tell me you're the Boston guy yeah. I like John Feral Alive, every time I was ever around him. I thought he had Really solid demeanor, yet hi not to love one world Series won the World Series one back to back division titles course between the world: There is in the first of the two division has finished last. Why? Yet it is over body work is very good. His his meaner. Is that of a leader yeah? What's the problem on? What's up I'm an attorney right after this break, ok good, my old friend, frame, bridge the everything anything we done in my office on Instagram pictures, you see the the pictures in the and my mainstream spigot through through by the way
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this any more pictures, the frame, yeah it's come and get ready for me. I backed by John Pharaoh it sometimes it's just time with your manager can unknown it's time. Is it because the not not because of what on the field strategically stuff in the club ass, they got away from a more Dunbar ascii coming in and wanting his own guire at that might be part of it. But I always like consistency with my managers. You now I like, when things just makes sense like when we now play endeavours and in game too, there is like this was in a world series in their economic, the title, the share that there were a good enough I care about davers embedded ten day in Batson. Just these guys getting wraps and being a big situations and past errors is like sneak he really getting left is so they Benjamin game to avert Devon Moreira anymore. Something like that and you go
she's nonsensical, so you could have seen them making that move if Nunez had not been heard in game, one ran, Ramirez what you wouldn't have known and if Nunez admit her, but Ramirez came off the bench and got a couple of base hits as the d, you could see if they played Nunez at third and played against left handed the played Hanley at first. I just want the young guys to get reps the plan Sakhalin. I'm I'd now taught me in one corner, because, based on what you said, they couldn't could Nevertheless, I could have de H, Nunez and and played Ramirez at first and mortal. Haven't airlines african verdure airs their big policies and hit his life while thou wasn't insurrections ten thousand eight employees than he was ok, no sentiment, but after that yet who which team from a baseball. Storyline standpoint by the way
Ray. I did not bring Addison radiating if we hadn't one three workers at that also would have the brain Chris sale again and if we get in there straining outweigh the now already know that now you can die in peace. I know it three times yeah which which the sexiest storyline for both cost us of other remaining teams, dodgers, dodges or Indians, but every one of them every one of them. As a good story, If it's the Yankees, you got Aaron Judge and if it's the Aggies and dodgers there, bring out all the Brooklyn guys, the Yankees or or the Allay Sandy Colfax Dodgers the magic is being sought. While they pick them where they pitched Reggie Jackson. Third time, one of the great unanswered questions right ever really In pursuing again nobody I base yeah true, I would rank it. I think Dodgers Indians would be
as as just like a baseball fan story in the most fascinating one, the dodgers in our work on three decades now had there another team that has the generations other stuff. And you know, when I say stuff like this- there are some people who, if it didn't happen in their lifetime, they remember it they can or to be irrelevant or annoying or stupid right, which is something I don't understand. I realise the world changes around you when I was of years old. I was fascinated when people told me stories of Babe Ruth or tie Cobb yeah, I'm old and to actually have known people when I was in my twenties who knew Hi Cobb. I knew Shirley, but she knew tie Cobb and Jack Dempsey Walter Johnson and Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and Joe wish. I want to hear all this stuff. So if the door
Jews were to play the Indians and the world Series. Somebody needs dimension, not welling opted for happening. What somebody these dimension that in nineteen twenty bill worms, guns of the Indians turned than unassisted from reply against the Brooklyn Dodgers matters. No footage the game was not televised, yet we should mention routine this on a late was, after their vineyards, might lose game five tonight technologies, that's true, so we might have just change them for the last eight minutes, lasting and there were done NFL used, These half time essays, weighty, sometimes yeah. It's Weighty, it's been awaited decade for the NFL stuff going on, and the waiting is just went up. Ninety nine
because they President's involved, and now these rich owners are who tried to spend, weaken pretending that they cared about the player. As we all know they didn't, and now they ve been exposed. What? How far would you ve gone? If you start that have happened? as far as they would let me yet, but I think that I'd be. She has done a good job, covering the story in a different way in the pre show, with Patrick, with tony dodgy, with interviews that they ve done, but they ve chosen not to use the half time in way and in truth, the last year or two, that I did it. The half time just became pretty much boilerplate you'd show a few highlights, Can you do a promo which was mandated by the NFL for the Thursday night? yet it was on NBC or CBS than a promo for that and a problem over the today show. So you could do it almost robotic like when I did those half time essays. I think the legitimate criticism
was that we shouldn't done one every week and in fact I brought that up the producer, yet when you need it yeah, I said you know what out of eighteen weeks twenty weeks, maybe seven or eight times I'll Davis dies or some issue comes up. I was able to get off so monsieur. There's a lot issue like about right, but but I have to have something either really worthwhile essay on us in a vain or something humorous or or off beat enough that it differentiates it from, thing else if you would have otherwise heard, and that I think, was maybe the shortcomings that yet every week there were times when we just the impact we had to come up with with something or other. But I think, even though were generally sometimes I had led them, but usually I wrote them and they were well produced and it was a different tumor then you would see elsewhere and I
and understand the objection why I thought you do understand. I guess Cinema I think you go ahead, then, I'll far, if was running then, if our eye on one of the thirty two teams, especially this- is it I wouldn't want bypass coming after oh yeah, the objection from you know. I think I think that Will I get that guy off there? Can we just promote the Thursday Gay ashes violets? you don't know. I don't like this bar cost is telling me what I'm doing wrong with my shit league. I think I think that unless getting myself? I've had good relationships with all the people vote. Really within the leagues, YO see good personal relationships, but I think that some some are to some extent, relieved that at certain Times that I'm not around right because they they wanted me because
The audience was used to me and I could do certain things reasonably well, so they thought that added some prestige to it. Ever saw was also leg. We have four barbaric here some major stars right to really put There's telecast La Holland. I wasn't really that keen on returning to football. I thought I'd done at long enough, but I did it because of my loyalty to dick and he thought well, we're bringing out goals and John Madden over Roma. Have Chris columns worth with you in the studio will have kind of on any, and then here's a lot of money, a murder well yeah ahead. They did, they did pay me I'd I'd. I didn't do it. I get a salutary effect. I forgot about part briefly. My accountant did not, but I think that there there were times when when at NBC and these guys
are all my friends and eight. They elevated me and I had a wonderful experience there, but I think that though there were times when they said I wish he was lesson system. On trying to bring some element of journalism, were commentary. Yet this why? and he just fallen line it just talk about our greater. Rebecca was one: eight catches are YA Can you do that? I say Bob. I don't wanna talk about concussions and the guy who got, and you know cost last week and then came back. I can the Oda Becum. That's the thing about me, yeah right, I think a thing about me is that I've always appreciated. Drama. The excitement, the cork in as the humor, the shared experience, a sports, but I also think that there are issues they get in the way of bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth or fourth and goal with ten seconds to go, but I'm three games and half time. So when I'm hosting the ethics, I'm between events
thirty seconds here: two minutes there you could add a little text. You're in shading in perspective and a touch of journalism. And I'm not saying I never let me do it, they did. Let me do it if I, I do others. I would have done it more often yeah, I'm a man. In a calm on Friday for the Ringer, which is like a fund, mailbag column and I read write and occasionally it's time you know, there's stuff to write about and you gotta be there and that's all with the column boys can stayed away, but you can't know when it's time this is becoming something in time to read about it, and I felt that way couple weeks ago, when I saw the owners kneeling with the players, and it just seems so fast to me- and it's such like app and remove, and I knew how it's going to play out. I knew in effect their business, and I knew there are going to do one. Eighty,
And I knew we were going to get to where we're getting and it's like. Why are we going through this charade? What a fucking Jerry Jones kneeling with his players, the fuck out of here yeah well as bad and a lot of guys kneeling with the players and what else where they gonna do. These are their employees yeah they. An executive, their employees right? They can't turn their back on them and put themselves at odds with a large number of them. They know whether they agree or disagree with them politically that number these players are very decent men. Revenue do good things quietly behind the scenes in their communities there, not sons of bitches, RO. In that sense it did it stopped being what Collins Capron it wanted it to be about, and it became on how long last it became virtually League wide. Condemnation of Donald Trump for Sir, what he said about these players as a group
you wanna tell me Malcolm Jenkins or Antwerp. Wolden and Kwan bold and I'm sorry and Kwan Bold and is a son of a bitch rang want to come the guys like that that you be happy to have your Son grow up to be a man like that that that he's a son of a bitch. While I don't care where I found the political spectrum, my responsive, that's gonna, be will screw you to know, I'm understand what this guy. You know, sky he's. My team made he's my friend screw you. How do you think of pleasure we're heading into weak, sick. So goddamn has said this letter out singer but ass to stand minutes on the one hand, is really stupid at this point. On the other hand, it's really important. I think it's rare stupid saharan story. Here's what I think is happening. I think that I have said this before and I apologise people of heard me say it. I admire calling Capron Ex Intentions and
backed up by walking the walk, raising Andorra donating billions of dollars being involved in community products. Ok he's the natural ETA Mohammed Ali or Arthur Rasher, Kurt Flutter Karim. He doesn't have that kind of public profile and a lot of the things he has said have undermined is cause a dozen vote and wearing socks that video Castro to use Fidel Castro and Copses pigs. Ok, he's taken the ball as far as he's capable of taking it. I think now what you have to think about is not just what's justifiable it justifiable, protest, injustices in policing and injustices in the justice? stomach mass incarceration and whatnot. That's justifiable, but what's gonna, be the most effective thing going forward. What's gonna help you persuade the persuadable
and so I actually think this would not be a surrender, would not be a capitulation. Neil beef, when the national anthem stand D during the national anthem, with your head bowed if you want to as soon as they at the man's Neil again, Then you ve disarmed the love it or leave it crowd. Re almost all these. I have said. We respect the military. We love our country, it's not against America itself, where China highlight a specific injustice, ok frame it that way and then find people better equipped than calling cap ethnic, and there are plenty of mules and a double winner, Michael Bennett, and it be good if a few white guys of Chris Long and a few guys like that chimed in the corridor. You you can command an audience now. It isn't just three works anymore. You can command than audience every league.
Has its own television outlet. I would think that, as part of this, the NFL could say We understand you have legitimate concerns, we'll do it now. Every week on the NFL network and we'll have varying viewpoints. We'll have a competent moderator and everyone we'll be able to have their say and if you want to The press will will make sure that that's available to you guys. I gotta get community events together. You remember the famous picture of Jim Brown Ursulines as a young Karim who slew Elsinore surrounding Mohammed Ali that we need to go beyond. I say we I am I'm a fortunate beyond middle aged white man, but I grew up during the civil rights yeah movement and I think people may misunderstand or not remember just how pot,
or Mohammed Ali and Curt flood and people like down and Tommy's within John Carlos, were among young white people on college campuses in the nineteen seventys. We too, the extent white person. Could we got it and we supported it? We love tank Erin, we knew he was noble, wheaten we knew he was a cop. Seeing something more important than just hitting seven hundred fifteen home runs so what we Those of us who want social justice need to do is go beyond gestures now to specifics and find the
people in the Brown Jays may be one of them find the people who have the combination of prestige and nuanced grasp of the issues to take those platforms and have real textured conversations about the problems that confront us, which include more than just police book brutality. You just hit the k, though the most interesting part of this whole thing to me other than the typical stuff is that it's the NBA players that are going to drive this. I felt for a while now that the NBA is kind of become the sport, the animal has the ratings and it still The SBA Traditional Cultural, thus am asthma. Cultural Buzz is a twelve month year, sport as most of the marketable guys, It has guys that people hang on their every word, their reaction, your instagram pictures and all that stuff and when Those guys really get involved in this and they D been involved, but not if they really get involved. I mean they go deep
that's when those guys gonna say every year, and I think that's what's gonna happen. To be honest, when I see Odell Becum, ok, please a kid is twenty three he's first, while he's one of the most magnificent compelling yeah electric athletes. I've ever seen. He does things, Jerry Rice. Never did. I'm not saying is better than journey arise, but he makes plays the Jerry Rice, didn't it's kind of like seeing Conny, Hawkins or Julia serving ran when these redefining the way the game is being played and he's alive couple kid when you're around a big beaming smile and what not but it's hard to take shape, late, a guy who, in the same game, panty minds a dog taking a leak, and then raises raises a fist in some homage to tie me Smith and John Carlos I'm not take this guy seriously? I don't take him as seriously as I took card flood or Arthur Rash, yet I take Karim to this very day.
Yet Karim has become more an invaluable like this here, then then he was like we even when he was on the Lakers Karim, is using one of the great resources we have. You won't come on this package, but I'll total Neither enemies are a couple different things while you that this probably traces once a South exhalations Laker stuff, but I made a jerk when I was on tv about when they're getting a statue when it He was getting the Lakers statue. I made a joke. I think about something about. Is the statue him? Not The rapporteur says something, but it was on a b c and ethically up I'm sitting here everything you ve ever set by now been as glowing as I deserve bay. Now, my sterling Benihana era that career now I've I've over I've overlooked of fear those brickbats than, and here I am a we just had a splendid pod.
Ass. We had an awesome package to view a lot about having a back ass, the very thought of any kind of Agnes. I have because it would give me the freedom that that we have here. But we have to prepare like I did like at in preparing for this guy bypass. This is when the great guess just tabled a role there. We go road. There, things started Gabe Captain finished with Karim a whole register between I'm? We did neither somebody out there among your countless listeners, was wondering who was James West Display I, Robert Comrades, who was his nemesis chains away, was MIKE Michael D, On my God, my god, I was on a little person. I am now politically correct. Ok, Michael done, who played the diabolical Mega Leto Lopez enough merely to lie let us make it loveless, not not Lopez, confusing him with former Yankee left field or hacked your local network, beggarly toe, loveless cassock, a diabolical genius,
as always seemingly about the spell doom for James West, but the wild Wild West got out of it. Who has the upper hand right now between you and Al Michaels, the world's greatest rapper? the Borg and Mackerel sports media. You know I would say that first, walk out is the greatest number of a man him his arrival. Don't try to obtain you like I'm like us. Well, then you both as are there were we both wanting to storage than we do different things. I think I would think that Joe Block and Jim nansen out Michael's or more in this conversation, What little well magazines its yeah. I guess I just like starting stepped between you now, because- I love each other. That makes it funny you. Anyway, you were like kind of staring at each other at the top of the mountain there for a long time. I guess I guess you know we're shoved them off if somebody new,
nobody found out. You have all of always the Ewe, Ewe, Ewe. You watch the forensic files right yeah. Has anyone diagram the way this podcast has gone now that the various diseases- and these are my favorite kind of Pakistan like Tom, you can't even should care act, taste trying to take notes if you, if you really want, feel really wanted to do some one in yeah I'd and leave no trace. The best way would be probably to take them. Hiking up in them all right, so you thought about this now make up and then push them off a narrow ledge. All I got a white one like it that this there's no forensics too. It's your word in the mountains. Where that's right, so you thought about Thou make us. We met a hike broadcasters, us anything, the plug, movies coming out basic about two. I believe when you PETE
the way out, and I did it ask if all one five and debated can only be a disappointment. I, why would revisit Pooty tying if anybody would give a fascinating I've debate? I do is, alas, that, for that. Was his brother. I don't know from your in California, but anytime, you wanna come in and talk about stuff limiter, we'll do it again showed Xbox. Thank you gonna, see twenty two hours, every foreseen, purchase and NFL tickets use promo code, Bs Nfl, thanks to simply safe, getting tradition, I'm scared. It can be a punishing experience, especially if you're locked into a long term security contract, simply safeguard of everything make some security hassle, mine ordering home drill delivery, freely, being no long term contracts. Any pages fifty dollars a month for twenty four seven protection protect Europe today by a simply safes kurdish system at your local best buy or get ten hours off at simply say that I'm such be,
and thanks to doubt that my favorite airline now boarding undoubted free messaging, you don't have to be off the grid when you're in there you can use. I message: what's happened? Facebook messenger simply by logging into the inflate wifi in selecting free messaging, but you have to be an adult airplane dealt the airlines committed to constantly improving every aspect of the travel experience, including your ability to stay connected fight free messaging on Delta. What's better than that, don't forget, I am on the Ringer NBA Show, with her alibi, vulgaris we're going to put that up Sunday, midnight, yeah and then South coming back on Monday to do week, seven lines, and we have some some awesome guests next week, including Jeff Bridges. Oh yeah couldn't believe that one is in my office after he left. We talked about the vanishing one of my favorite, dumb cable movies, and he left the coffee on my desk. It was almost like- I don't know whether you did it and
and it was like a little shout out to the fact that I like the vanishing- or he did it intentionally, because he wanted me to drink that the coffee and end up in a coffin or whether you just did that intentionally, because who knows was one of those three things and injected Jeff bridges coming next week and during the week.
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