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The Book of Basketball 2.0 podcast is live! Here’s an excerpt from the second episode with Steve Kerr about two times “The Secret” was threatened during his time with Chicago and Golden State.

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Today's special many preview of the book, a basque about two point, o podcast feed. Which has launched today- and I hope you subscribed an apple, odd Spotify on stature, on Google play where we listen you're back ass, its brought you by state farm, just a basque. Live command, predictable! That's why stay farm agents are there to help with over nineteen thousand agents? Local stay farm aging could be just around the by. What do you talk in person by phone or through the app state farm? Is there so go the one with coverage and agents? You can count on state farm talk to an agent today. We're also brought you by the ringer dot com. And the Ringer podcast network okay, so we launched for episodes today on the book, a basque about two point: OPA cast the first one as the prologue it is called. The secret is now rented fear. Member from two thousand and basque. By book I wrote about the secret of basketball. I once well for you, but this is about and two thousand eighteen as that change
So that's up. The second one is with Steve Kerr already in the secret for the last twenty five years is a long conversation with him about that and a lot of other things, and especially what happened but the warriors last couple years. Third one ran reseller: we did a pyramid, podcast about stuff inquiry, only his credentials to be in the top twenty five, but also an amazing career. That really is gonna, probably be the first we think about when we think about Basque, one that it as a dense and then the fourth line, actually a flashback. It is they re watch was pack as we did on this feed. Oklahoma, city versus governed, state game, six, two thousand sixteen aka the quite Thomson game, but game that change the course of the decade. In the NBA in a bunch of different ways and was also the crazy game in the decade. So we can talk about hurry and the secret, and does this whole where's decade without also putting that in the feed as well? So those are the four back ass. What about the play you
is about a twelve thirty minutes stretch of The conversation Steve Current I had about two. In his career, one with the bulls and why the warriors when the secret was threatened by something that happened with those tapes. So you are about to hear that this is from the second episode of the book about multiple
passed here this you're part of two things that are really saying this for dynamic of when it gets threaten you about to ninety four Scotty gets mad. There don't call the game when you play form and decides not to go back in and that leads to coach makes the game. Where is the next series and you go in the locker room and fill Jackson? Besides he's gonna? Let the players handle it, isn't
and then everybody hands ASEAN, dough, Cartwright famously, is frying. He so upset. He feels so betrayed by Scotty. This is your first year after Michael Jordan, laughed and you're going to do that to us and that kind of moment that breaks a team, but it didn't seem like it broke, you guys know who did it made it made stronger and that was part of fills genius. You know he knew a window turn the team over
seven player to the players, and I remember he came in and he said, I'm going to go talk to the media. I have to do my job and I'm going to protect, protect you Scotty as best I can, but Bill Cartwright wants to say a couple words and, and that's where internal leadership and veteran leadership is so important because no bill bill just laid it out there. He just said exactly what needed to be said, which was we would do this together. We trust each other all year long and it's about us and all of a sudden, you lose that that that connection, like you just can't happen and bill was, he was bawling most powerful moments. I've ever
experiences a player, a coach and Scotty was one of the great teammates I've ever had. It was just such a huge screw up on his part. Yet it was a one time deal though, and that's what I I hate when that people think of that, when they think of Scotty some some people bring that first like airmen one's got it and go back in the end, because God it was an amazing teammate. He he was a guy was sort of kept us together. When Michael was, you know, just Just a minute. I M Vp candidate has one like fifty three, fifty four I'm so so good as player, but also great teammate agenda, but but bills bills talk and then Scotty to his credit. Apologize That day and the next day everybody loves Scotty so much. We all accepted his apology in and we we just moved on, and it was fine. My whole thing about him in my book was all about like fuck you, if you're going to judge him by that one thing:
slick Skype played, I mean in the nineties files. You can't even move yeah he's in there game. Six that you tat game with is back is so bad that key can bend over and he's. But I just think that I am, I still think, he's a top thirty odd time guy and I thank him inquire there. The two best defense imports of ever seen in my life at that position. Yeah, I e on partial. After an hour, your part, two while playing playing with Scotty and coaching Andrea Godiva, I think very, is, is he's at that level. Oh really, ok he's and I've been Ike. I caught laundry really in the last five years of his career, but He reminded me so much of Scotty LAD in terms of the intelligence and the awareness of all five spots and kind of controlling the action. Specially away from the ball like blowing stuff up, very suddenly and but Andrea
find me a lot of Scotty and any other Scotty was some use best defensive player than I I played with for sure, So that was one thing. The second thing happened last year the warriors and I went to the game. The Coopers game combining Katy, again argument the court and it gets super intense in the hut all and it actually seem like they exist. Shove each other on the court issue I knew was going on because I was watching it. In the hut, and I could see something bad was happening, and then it goes finishing Amy losing over time overtime, now you're in the film Jackson, spot yeah, so like so had it do. You were you thinking like this is like the peppered things. Should I let the poor Santa lesser you get about those different, then the year, the Pippen thing, because some the this was two guys you're in about ready to fight yeah and saw it was more a case of far worse.
Have to handle this we're not to let everything so and then handle a later. And so we see is your goals, get them. We're like, let's just let's get out of here, let's get on the plane, go home and sword through it So we got out of their pretty quickly. I think I addressed it, but but we did in everybody there were, there was so much Roy motion in the in the locker room. We couldn t we couldn't we work in a resolve, anything that night for sure and am that was serve the beginning, She wasn't even the beginning. It was probably more result of what we had started to feel late. The season before where the team was starting to drift a little bit, we're losing some of that connection. And then cut him. Continued into indicates in the early part of the season. There was just
or of an unspoken tension that was there that the dream on couldn't can deal with it and AEGIS, snapped and open up the pretty pretty big wooed the dream on this whole time. He feels like he's one of the leaders of the team, and he feels like this. Guy has one foot out the door, even though they you just went to straight titles, and it's just bothering him and bother him as a coach you're like at some point. This is going to come out he's gonna bubble, yeah yeah and as a coach, you wanna make sure each each guys. Ok, Yet I is ready to move forward and as so another way you have to handle that as you, you meet individually with with with players all the time anyway, and then have you tried a you through it one through it. One thing now Coldstream on now coach here's my six year, coaching away now
dream on- and I know each other really will he needs some conflict to motivate himself and- and I am bracer and he and I have gotten into at every single year multiple times, and it's ok, because that's what then, you know he needs the conflict to to get motivated to get energized in this particular case with Kevin. It was too much and it's something that happened on national tv now now you open up there. The the whole world too, you invited the whole world to scrutinise your team and- and so Now, there's so many distractions that it becomes really difficult to deal with. This had happened at a practice. You can, you can cover it up, and actually we had several things over and over the past few years that have happened that never made it out that and were very proud of that. Yet, but this thing, because it was so public
came a season, long story, you any time we hit any rough patch. There was a reference to night and early in the season, and is that still an impact and not just a question? You have to keep ask your answering to the media and it its is a distraction and inside it followed us around, but Tom it was kind of the theme of last year. He really was- just tat, a lot of them. There was also a very modern last decade problem for the team dynamic where I just this never happened before. Really the decision with the Brons were you have people cut, podcast constantly speculating on. What's going to happen, where's this guy go and you think they'll stay together is going to go here. Is this is last year maybe they'll trade him and that's just become part of what's made basketball I think blow up as a twelve month year, sport now
when we started granted two thousand eleven basque bowers in eight months sport there. How is it twelve months work we never. It was never a situation where the season has ended. Now at the draft. Now we have free agency Now he gets a lie and then its Tran campaign, this goes on and on and on and people always wondering what's gonna happen here. What's gonna happen there and I do feel, like your team really took brunt of that, but I don't think it's the first of what will happen now going forward delay there's an kids out about other things, but if that starts out badly start talking about me. Maybe Davis won't stay and then they'll do that all dead right
how we do it now. Yeah I mean, I think the interesting dynamic is how all these pieces fit together right. You know Lebaron leaving Cleveland for my I'm a kind of established, a precedent for superstar players like ok, you can actually leave again and actually there was a great move from abroad right. Everyone crushed him at the time. And and yet we are not now you can look at him go well. I was those really smart. You know he was a really in time in his career right, but combine that fact, rather superstar players now willing to to move in free agency combine that with the dollar amounts. We're talking about. For in contracts with social media, combine all that any mix it up and do have into a stew and that's what you have right now and which is wildly entertaining right. I did it fills
so many different categories of fur entertainment. So for people who follow on social me, You watch it on tv whenever you get superstars playing and you ve got it. You got drama that happens on court. You have guys moving but The reason it's happened is because the money now is so big that the top ten guys can afford to do so. No one in one right, they don't need this, The law right there s a five year deal anymore, does fellow generational tomato. When I do the podcast of that I'm sober, and he was talking about how he was worried about his players- that there was an unhappiness with his players because they're alone, a lot and they're online. A lot things like that- and I don't know- is that: could that be part of just what we're going to see going forward? It sees this grasses
greener, sign, rouse condiment out, like you know, if we did this with our wives, we'll get married ten times we'll all be divorced that I am my way for me to be the matter now. Maybe neighbour started a very good it's kind of would be a bay is becoming words like? Oh, if you don't right by me all the time I may justly. And this is really important, because now you put in the context team building and the secret and yet another the whole reason we're we're. Having this discussion is what makes great teams and historic teams, and is it going to be possible to to really see the beauty of a basketball team? Let's build something or five six years, and growing together and now you as a fan, your attach tried your attached to this group. You watch them grow and it's like. Oh, my god. This is our year in and then another heartbreak and are we got a new next year? We gonna do it and what, if
that goes away and hazardous bouncing around and you dont end up with these cheap stories of the rise and fall of it. Over five, seven years, it's just from one year to the next psych fantasy basketball uber. What scares me is, I think people under thirty may just care about the player more than the team. This may not even be on the right run they're like why don't care, I just one follow brightens than the Lakers there. May the layers of my new ferrety, so maybe Business will thrive regardless villain Well, this is it's like the daily fantasy tender. Ciara that right now, it's Katie's broken now. I guess I'll rip for Brooklyn A, but you know what you loses games like the game that you said, miss your favorite game. You ever come to him six ideas, then that's just doesn't happen anywhere. That's the question and thus- and that's the important question I think, because you know fish were
you know. If it is possible is art, it's a form of art, the arts getting worse ray, we're not reaching that the peak of what the sport can offer and if that happens and adjust becomes about the tabloid headlines, then we're not it's not about the art anymore. You can listen to that. Entire pack has received her by subscribing right now on apple on Spotify, Google play on stage or wherever you get your pack ass to book, a basketball to point out that from these second episode is called Steve Kerr on twenty five years with the secret. So For to day next week, we have two more common and be pretty much too such a weak strayed from the next fourteen fifteen weeks, nephew caused very excited for next accepts that I won t without once about, but you can subscribe right hope you enjoy the pack ass- would be back with a fresh, new, bs back ass
Thursday until then. Ways.
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