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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Kevin Clark and Kevin O’Connor to discuss Tom Curran’s article about the end of the Tom Brady era (1:55). Then Bill and Kevin O’Connor discuss getting Trae Young some help on the Hawks, and the 2019 NBA draft class, before hashing out Bill’s NBA midseason tournament idea (32:49). Then Kevin Clark returns for some Million Dollar Picks, including the anticipated rematch between Andy Ruiz Jr. and Anthony Joshua (1:05:27). Finally, Bill sits down with Mallory Rubin for Mallory’s Most Intriguing, in which she shares her top four story lines of the week, including the fourth spot in the College Football Playoff, AFC and NFC playoff implications, and more (1:29:45).

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Three sets of business back ass on the ringer pack. Ass network Bradley by state Farm, just like football life can be unpredictable. That's why stay farm Just are there to help with over ninety thousand agents a local stay far magic could be just round the back. With you talk in person by phone or through the app stay farmers. There goes the one with coverage and agents. You can count on state farm talk to an agent today, meanwhile see Hollywood's biggest stars LEO Dicaprio Brad Pitt Margo Robbie in quintet containers once at a time in Hollywood, a movie so good. We actually wants to the park as bad it on this package. Magazine says their marvelous together to comprehend pit. Now over twenty minutes of a dish, the scenes and exclusive access to the set once part of famine Watch it now on Digital on Blu Ray on Tuesday, and we should mention things that came out this week.
My friend Jimmy Camomile Bus. She wrote a book called the serious goose, a children's book that he wrote inspired by its relationship with his daughter, and it's really gave you can get it for the holidays for every care about all the proceeds from it go to our children's aspects. So there you go the serious gears Don't worry about the book about my pack ass? We did during the whisky. This week- and we have another package related they're coming next week- the re watches Happy Gilmore as next week be ready for that. I'm coming up. We have a hodgepodge, is stuff Ba and found whole bunch of things with Chemical, Kevin, O and Molly Reuben. Here's protein,
the cabins air capital Kyar Tonker unhappy he's today about the last days of Brady. I think that was the headline was a cancer was a word may, because Tom Current is a very good reporter, plug them he's plugged in with the patriots, franchise and he's. Also, the type of person would make fun of this peace varied somebody s road it and it wasn't source than it was just a full of shit. Somebody's gardener trouble peace. This was at that this was a I've put together this giant board like the Zodiac Killer, China, the answer to sunday- and here the twenty reasons I think this is pro
bad in his leaving with you Kevin Car, What was your reaction when you read that everything the peace made sense, things like the agreement that was signed in August means Brady can't be franchise tag after the season. The fact that current made this point that, after this season, are the patriots really gonna ante up for a forty two rolled quarterback, that's really not with patriots. Do I think that Brady wants them to anti up. I think he wants to get paid. I e that the agreement argues kind of weird in that regard. He gets arrays, but the voids after one year, and so I think that it is, I M, current. It makes sense that this could be the Et Kevin Oconnor,
My reaction was identical. That Tom Caron is the guys always been measured reporter and he's been somebody who is laughed at reports like this in the past and now he's the guy running it. So it's something to take seriously. What are the patriots fan or not that maybe this is an for Brady, but whether he leaves or retires. That would be my question because its right to say will the patriots pay him the dollars in the mud, but he wants probably not, but would rating it. That elsewhere has Brady dipped in production to appoint where he may not get that money in a city where's like no one, and I want to move my family here alone. Will valves retire? Can I say one thing: it's amazing that we're having long term discussions but speech for forty two road quarter amazingly later three years, you have forty two years old and worsening around saying as estate is. This could be the end of his patriots, crib orders you go next to me. That's it remarkable in and of itself, I think have in it for me. Seems. Don't necessarily do this a lot, but I think that if you're the chair,
yours and are moving into a state evening sold twenty five thousand season tickets and absolutely nobody, if we walked down the right now it s twenty people who, where the charges way, I'm not totally sure they they would like the results of that. If you go Father offer Tom Brady and you say: sixty million for two years you sell tickets southern California, he likes you likes the West Coast. I'm not saying it's perfect! If not, if about it at all but I guarantee you that some more than twenty five thousand integrity- and this was a team a couple weeks ago- everybody was like all this move. The London so once that happens, you need some drastic. So if a few becomes a free agent, if on the chargers, I do everything I can to get on with this is the most upset. I've ever heard counter to five can cause groaning highly he's hiding. All I get is a coffee shop recording two minutes ago. So I think I do. Smoke and fire, I still don't know what the fuck
that group of story two years ago and all that stuff and how much was true Natur. That, though, put the house in the market. Right after he signed, the contract was just a weird flax. Any he's smart enough to know that people get noticed at that, but the thing that really, who is alarming to me was the Antonio Brown stuff and we really are really know how to find the fire brigade reaction to it breeder really pushing for them to kind of work it out and sharing bombs and making employees of being bombed publicly when it didn't work out, because he was telling us these guys. Kind of suck like I'm fucked. If you don't make this work out, I think that was an acknowledgement of who was behind Antonio Brown once the Brown left in this was not a receiving corps that he was all jazzed about. I went to their training camp practices and Detroit watch them for two days of practice.
I didn't see a whole line so that when they get Antonio Brown, I say, ok problem solved that doesn't work out for one week and so brain, knew that Brady is probably here eight manning are the two quarterbacks of last twenty years. Who trust with their receiver is so much more important than anything outside. Before about YO the those things there he goes through to earn brain, and the felons told me that he used to throw the boy all up into the sullen before game in Miami, because you wanted the receivers eyes you get used to staring into the sun stuff like that is yet all things like that, where a quarterback is one is ok. I need to know that they can do this end radishes low but too, where he'll, who throw a ball up in the air just to see in practice just to see if a receiver or come down like intentionally, throw bad past little bit. Mahomet says all, but two
Brady is the king of that and I think he looked around and we talked about this and intrinsic employee goes around before Brown. Is it? I can't trust any these guys are not totally sure with it such a meadow mouse suit. You can come back. I am not sure that that is improved and they see watching their pats game break he's been in your whole life. He asked How old are you? Ambrady became a humane was I was ten years old, my car and another five. Eleven years old, when, when they wonder first of all in a free Chester, definitely as biomass or member John Madden, one twenty one of the only gave sandpaper it's a near the ball rolling over time. Don't take any risk fair because we ve had bad support and care. Like the o, six reporting casually narrow or how my God Jabbar Daphne Laurie. Moroni, who is an atrocity there's been some bad supporting cast and even in those super bowl teams, he didn't have a supporting cast of Manning at. I think that bummer I got to buy this Sunday night in the pot, but the bomber this time around,
they actually spent capital trying to get him a sporting cast them. They just got the wrong rise. They get Sony thirty first pick they got me earlier this year to weather. He's going to be a guy down, the road has not been a guy this year and then the second round pick person who got hurt immediately. That's a lot of capital for three once you guys want really helping a bill, I'm starting to doubt whether it sounds better than Lamar Jackson, who is picked one spot? jury is still out. You dont want a rusty, judging on Skype antiques three years, but may I say if you had franc or is it a lot different? It is now. This is why you don't draft running back in the first You know it's bad military or by an n y know. That is a good past. Protect blacker was like a great, was so frank or is a hundred and Michel had the injury concerns as well right, Denise Tasks, the cartilage tat, which has already put up in his career, so Kind When you see Brady, you watch Brady's when your life you're alive. When you see ladys body language and that here,
game and used as that. Even that good. That was the fresh anything, but that carried about or said, yeah as in the wrong spots in him, thinking how do stop and go, but they just out of sight playwright of other there's one ferrajo requires there and then Harry his quitting on the route and getting beat bag, is much smaller them all that stuff, combined with the fact that the one thing tat Brady loves, more than anything is throwing to a tight end and they were like. Here today. In this year Joe Schmo Josh body on Ben won't find Dick win. Then why did we all? We got them lots about your guy nears ago freer and could make the roster of two months ago yeah. So Tom current point of this the only investment they ve made. Its drafting Ryan is oh two years ago in the seventh round, so they had drunk Kronk retires and they did almost no problem solving There was no longer checking tunnel ground with sovereign, with I couldn't traded for car rude off when he was going to float around their didn't. Do that didn't sign any free agents
Dawson acts they could have taken instead of Damon Harris Tourism. I already I remain invest from Thailand though, but they, like you guys just mentioned they invested elsewhere, but did the patriots roster has always evolved? The only thing they have ever really had was a a running back of catches pass on the battlefield, whether as follows. If anyone had James White, They change changed their offerings, they weren't a too tight and often before Errand Hernandez and wrong. They changed that right Human Side and our friends could they had the goat tight in and drank, and I think they probably viewed the next level Something without a Thailand just hasn't work that you're not was I ain't there. We're gonna go heavy this year with heavy personnel will try to use a full back and James Devil. That injury mattered. I think that they thought They could have more of a heavy personnel scheme this year it is, has worked for media doubter off its line is banged up. I just think that there's there the best problem solvers in the history of the sport, and I think that they saw the twenty nineteen roster only I'll decide as a problem they could solve, and I began to nail brown help in our guard.
Exactly nine days, but I think that tell Miss Taylor they're getting him first, six months, yeah he's happy, and so I think that they'd, I still a third of them and I think that they have the capability to figure it out angels. A couple of worry things. First of all, I saw sent on probable reference his Brady's yards after catch the shared down before yard. Ok, judges is not getting ought to help there. I saw it was a good stand. Usa today, today, the honest quick throws just a quick throws that his pass rating is dip. Ten points just from Lasher Bisher, ok, pretty quick firms, and I think that at some point you start looking around and I dont know how they solve this. I just don't know you can't think dunk. At this point you can't go heavy. They ve tried that it hasn't worked. Yet maybe you do more heavy and then try to pass out of it with the platinum. Maybe there's there's gonna be some success there, but I had to I they are so much
more than eight, I assumed a figure it out, but I think that the thing I will come back to what the periods, the operating casino right like little edges and imposition groups, ok to rob Peter to pay Paul we're not gonna. Have a good receiving corporal have excellency right that they always do that. The problem is in this: in the era of football, where there's just mega teams who are good at everything. I think it's harder for them to operate like that, and that's why I think you know I saw a proof of our seas and purple outsiders that the ravens are the top DV away team, since two thousand seven patriots aside, if you're a team that just trying to be good enough to be a contender like the patriots, are right now. I think that there's that you might be running into a bit of a bizarre blouse, hence my buddy Hansen. Those guys fine, he sent me the attack Sunday night. There was just like very fucking annihilate in the play off the surf x, unlike
very angry, operating to figure it out. But I'm with you that nobody is open, and on top of that, he kid he doesn't move around the same waited ten years ago on here that pass. Lastly, stepping up into the pile I know, I'm just lay a game come on, like that, those states are nice, but our cubey are like the same thing in the NBA some of these single number. As I don't give a shit it's like with with blue I would care about, has his packing airs accuracy. Dipped no, has ability step into the pocket to know. If the receivers that stink and that's why, as numbers are down, if the office of line has been hurt, that's why has we are down. Bree is still an elite. Water back had loved. That has changed. I want an mba and an affair. I want process focused stats, looking at what did a player due to set his team up for success or failure not result base has sometimes the result is out.
Shore of the player as soon as we had actually going to just a complete percentage is like that, where you find actors with accuracy exactly- and I still don't think Brady's is himself in that regard. I still think I think, really good thing? It's a nice problem to have the Brady and the offence if there is a problem with the patriots is the problem? They will figure that out I'd much. Rather, if I was Bill Belichick, I much rather have Brady be the problem because she will eventually sort it out. Then, if there was a defensive problem or something like that, and so I think it's an egg and it's a nice problem to have the greatest quarterback in history you're you're weak link in a suitable like that you can win the Superbowl like Manning when I think that Bela check will have does indeed
I examined payment is a herd of unemployed. You may may like breathe, rose in the super boy, but I think Brady part british travellers on that fucking paid building into that data. Better. That give us is right, and so I think the generally isn't the patriots by better situation, football than any team in history of above the spoke and they walk. All of this comes down, so we can do all the complaining we want about. The patriots. Offense is going to come down to four or five plays against Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, where they're able to stop them just like last year, so it's going to be close late and I'm going to come down to a handful of like Jc Jackson, place. Here's the problem, cuz I've heard this theory and I agree with it. It's not the typical patriots team this year for a couple different reasons.
Special teams isn't good this year. If bad kicker, we ve never had a bad kicker. Ever now we actually have a bad kicker boys. It saw him go for voluntary tickets gladiators to this rubbish, so in a three point, game suddenly were at a disadvantage, whereas at an advantage we bad return. Nurse like sniff, fair catch imports on the five yard line and are kick returns, are terrible stuff like that. Those are the step that Baltimores really get out somewhere about that contains Gabelle Huntings get that Benny Why me on both answer, the no problem that in their worries me the most. We always had this. Kind of the noise in fast- a furious when inside you're in a race Zack are at our press the button, and it's always there, where we had the nice button for us, was Brady. No huddle. Fuck driving out, I'm just gonna call the place alone. Oh, my god, is nowhere to go and what to do and its unstoppable.
And that's how they won the Alina Superbowl. They throw everything our basic. I got that when I come back versus the Saint psychopathic in real time. Yes, they heard the first half of the Chiefs game when they quick that were quicken the pace up and the whole thing He can't do that with these guys who share, especially since got here Adam, is getting doubled the disappearance, if so, in the back filled the camphor roman oxygen catch. So it's James idea when they do thou it, and I just don t taking Don't have that no huddle, but will you think with action Yes, so no huddle is, as always, been the cheat code for them, and I didn't fit two thousand and twelve team. They almost ran the most players in history of football. That's how that's? How it is now clear that saints come back right turns off those twelve thirteen and fourteen there was the beginning of twenty four hours. The game where Bela Shack was like we Jimmy Graham came in with historical good numbers about Jack, said, is already doing to shut down Jimmy grammar. You're, not gonna, be a factor in the scheme. That was one of the all time, because
so many great Bela check moments, we forget to some random October games or issues like I feel it has taken us out of the game anyway yeah. So I think that they just don't have the flexibility at their disposal that they have in the past, and that comes down to exact what you said. Citizens join elements still out there. James wake and stimulate economic, giving double teams he's Julie that other every level data. I will say that the difference between most patriots tombs and this tunas they still do have historically great defects. Let's not forget the spot was our gloss over this It is really important and if they have the game plan against Lamar Jackson, patch homes, they can still when these games. I worry a little bit sauce tat yesterday, Lamar Checks is, as more carries over fifteen miles per hour than anybody in football set of Darwin Cook he's just in Asia.
A force. We ve never seen anything like we're, Marge acts and ever ever ever ever, and so it comes down to Belgium, scam plan in January, and I think that the orphans can get work needs to be, and I don't think I know that this is some. This is performative here with their patriots vandam, because that way, you're making me you may warmer than always saying you're making me. I do not understand it. Ain't you make the name, that's what I'm saying that I wanted to end the patriots too much to you. That's what I'm saying I will do what I think the patriot still have a good chance to to make. The super politically jack. I think I think Kevin's right about the defence has been those the conversation earlier this year as people looking at the strength to schedule. They ve been weaker opponents. Now this defences actually elite- I saw it- a Jackson has a lower catch rate to fund. Do a great deal more as in the area, but Jesse Jackson's, just as good Johnson.
Jones was so good last year in a play off in the Superbowl. They have a secondary, but just ass in built ass. You question Chris right now we're talking yesterday about the Eagles and he was subscribing to the five year rule of the built in and five year old, this period after title. Where are you now on the five year grace? period having invented it. Where are we with the patriots? To me, it's more about! I want braided retires, a patriot and that's all I care about, and I dont want to see. You may go so badly that he's on Tennessee next year, Denver some, if I can't aimlessly Argentina, has spoken for whatever side to my son, I serve as much of first take today. Stephen s leg, It see him going to Tennessee with like Rebel based play together like what's going on the topic great ass. The charges thing makes. More sense to me? The only way he would go is if he, just
Would it be like you know that I can still sling it, and I have been on a team in a couple years that allowed me link it. I want to play with a Hopkins type, a guy or I wanna play with. I don't know the keen and Elinor Anybody that can just get up, and I want to play with an awesome time. Then I want to be Carolina system Implode Christian Mccaffrey in their receivers, whatever you want but mentally, where he just like bowed check for me. The last couple years, because I Do you think he kind of feels anyway for going for going to serve balls, and I know what I'm saying like eight, I think he's probably thinking like I'm getting blamed for other stuff by sign these guys and made me That's where he is mentally? Let the thought of the funny thing about as like you're right, you get, you feel like it I thought, even though you haven't all a success because that's where the borders for the New England people he's the greatest quarterback about Ireland was probably like why spending money on defence. Why are we spending money on office? Why do you have to play with
Marshall New, has four eight weeks. We I thought we drafted a third, nor, for fire offensive lime wire? Neither than playing what at? Why did the eighty seven pick on fostering running back. Like he's probably a home thinking about this stuff I'm in their rookie, the rookie problem is back. There are thirty. First, Nana fell in the percentage of our cap, tied up work contracts and when the Vikings their number one, what's called low contracts from over the cap will do a great job with a number one wants low veteran contracts which didn't you know what those are, my two million dollar guys who get paid to do they get off the scrap heap lot of trades who soon out so much- and I was not everybody me Jimmy Collins, we're going to come back and play a defensive wherever you're level, but I think those trades have been beneficial generally. Let me ask you, bury you said you care so much about Brady retiring, a patriot. Would you if the deal is Brady retires after twenty twenty, but they go. Eight alienate exchequer with Brady's quarterback do take the view or or
in twenty twenty goes in place for Denver. They can conceive of go ahead. I know, but I'm just say listens ideal talking about this. Is that the or imposing very humble gain something chargers, because I think I again twenty Twond. If bird had played two years with the Dallas maverick Jane, I infer that would have fuckin signed without the hypothetical I'm giving I'm not say. I think the tumblr is never going to wait. Nay, all I'm saying is that. Would you give up a little bit of success is if tough to keep Tom Brady for Timor Leste. Silence on the two thousand fourteen There's no thanks. I wanna get somebody anyone with a ok, but at some point, if these forty four forty five at some point is not playing with the greatest quarterback more time. At some point, I personally do not think he would leave the patriots to go play for some random team like. I think you would have to be like the chargers, but were also not only are we getting you, but were also get it? Do this this this this Inez, you can have an awesome offence for two years and needs picture coach or, like I don't know the jet
not that they are really darnel, but a team like a new is a city, always city, the bears usage cargo. I don't see him gonna, some see all market players I seem to like a famous franchise, famously robber, the younger, let's just go niner Samara. Fortress Europe alone has and has taken a lot of chargers idea, makes some sense for him going away, don't officials chargers now. I know about big city earlier. I think we're is one thing I think: I don't have any information on this particular subject, but the talk for the past decade plus has been hugely responsible for New England, Brady well Jack, and I wonder if, with his slightly diminished capacity to play like ITALY quarterback if Brady doesn't want to go somewhere else, because if you fails there, people might say oh well established at the entire time right name, failing somewhere like the chargers and he's forty four, it would woods.
We considered from what I know about braided hair. I think he's just thinking about the next one. I am not thinking about the past That's all we only for responsible, definitive board. Where can I went my next Superbowl is how he thinks the thing is, is that's why I wonder like how is retirement stronger option and maybe we're considering because for him. Does he review these other options, these teams that are offering them a lot of money for one or two your deal and thank you know what the risk me going here in a moving. My life out here, playing for team, that's probably not better than an pheelum. Currently on thought worth it I'm gonna retire. I think that's a strong possibility, then we're talking about what is he doing post by Ankara Amene his way Joe Pesci wig from my cousin Benny right now in this game, some prepared for anything- who is here to stay- and it was good but good- evolving. Introducing written, bigoted five years were totally borders. We have no idea what happened, what they
imagine with them just a draft for a second there. The whole concept to treat we ve written about talked about a million times in the ringer. But if you don't you well for a couple ass there, how much back in impact do, and you wrote a piece I think it was last year about the paths have lived on those five billion, our guys enable exploited that better than a team led by no one else was doing by fair, like double the amount of guys making up that per capita when you're not hitting on your first and second Ambiorix, and this is what happened them in in o eight or nine two thousand ten. They had a couple of address than they really paid for it. There last for second round picks Our Jawad lambs Duke Dawson Cyrus Jones in Jordan Richards. Yet none of those guys play the the pic before that was grapple with the trade, the lass were first round pigs, Mchugh Harry as anyone who, I think, really good. I'm glad he's fine
So any Michel. I think that was a whiff I'll come. Brown has already gone, Domini easily does last by for some pigs, I think is really hard to succeed, overlong stretches of time if you're not nailing. Like fifty percent of those top to read right so over the captured, a study last year where they looked at the previous twenty fifteen to twenty eight in dress right yet, and the patriots were bottoms five and players who are still on the rostrum appoint booth and part of that, it's humiliating Bilbil check will cut a guy s if he doesn't. He doesn't care for me does not care if he's a first round back a second round back, you will just move on from gas, but I think the problem with last couple years has been just the amount of guys who there's been complete, Zeros Duke Dawson, Antonio Garcia, Sars Jones, we played a little bare budgets
what they finally did something good for us at the bottom, where gave yeah like sandwiches and from a Patriots yeah, and so that was just, do they get no value from those guys, and that was what was surprising to me over the past couple of years is just the amount of guys were just complete, washes and look Dave, had concentrations of drafts worth waiting to hear one draft and are able to sustain for couple years yet Chandler Jones and died on the same draft and twenty twelve yelled tray flowers and check Mason Twenty fifteen. That kind of thing where they they have. The bell check has always been a great rap music, better coach than drafter, but he's been able to have a drastic, sustained. This run and he's been augmenting that I think that the trades, the pic for trade pick for players thing that he's gotten really good at the last couple of years has helped a little bit. That's reason the number one and in low
veteran contracts, but I just right now they have just not hit on some other big waves that he's good at stealing unappreciated, guys from other teams and putting them look at him right last year round comes, and nobody knows forgets banner me Jimmy Jimmy Collins, is one of the best moves, the deck enjoy your draft of the hallmark of it. You the raft him you. Let him play the best defence buyers in football, you, let you get a SEC Grandpapa, you get Cleveland, give him twenty billion dollars whose content for a couple of years he plays a crap in Cleveland. Get him back in a better and minimum deal. Unease backs biosensor clarity, that is the absolute belgic value are. It is parallel, for that is what has happened in NBA Avons ballot happen. He leaves this winter then comes back three years from now. Yes, we ve shown you doing there under at a moment of the Patriots decade, what other than our data being a serial killer.
I mean he was, he was killed. Multiple people that it makes use a correct. You ve killed more than one person, yours erika, ah, but under anyone under the most underrated bonus, Julian everyman almost went to Jackson we are offering more money according to it, joint element. If she goes to Jack's ago an had no real way to replace him already know the receiver is, but I dont know if they, when any of the three superboss ladder maybe they were last year so that a maybe I don't know given Corti also turn our Michael Jackson of Jackson. Those there arose tragic character and within pitch within it. The other way the Atom Humphreys AIR, where He decides to go to Tennessee and now he's finally stern, a comma sustainable, as has been planned better, but that's a guy I think there are counting on two last week
they're getting him. Who is the other guy, they thought there and get they. They came up short and to free agents that they went in and that there is a second guy who's Humphrey. Allow national, and then they join monetary flowers. They try a car rude, often them Minnesota upkeep in a treaty it would do do we think they try to get a green dunna they answered. I add that was one of those things that everyone was saying made sense and we do so- I dont bengal- follow me to call at least with any at her and am now in society. We gotta get. So let's do this quick? How far the patio in the plastic a gun to your head right, that I have seen images loss when it hasn't war. Brady retires absences. Every day right now, I'm in they lose to Baltimore mad, but I close because by January, be back in with where the faggot patriots who got their wares Brady play an extra got got reaction. I think he poison, where you're going
I mean I, I think, Tommy Verde all retire after winning a serviceable and retire on top. But when you have this terrible feeling is gonna live where I don't know, but I just feel like like anything, that's happened and the fact that current run that route that peace brighter than current does not first Africans to now ingests people. I've talked to. I know some people as is in general. I dont like where this is headed in dating back to the Garoppolo stuff two years two years ago, just we think about it. He's been with Belichick twenty years and at some point, if you're not married to somebody at some point, anyone here with twenty years ago, going to if Kyle still in their territory,
this guarantees. That would suit me to say a few words to be shot. If he's in that chair two years, that's Thou Brady feels about check motorcycle really fuckin your sons, our defence of coordinator, with the far ahead you think Kevin Oconnor him. The theory that steamboats as there is the heir, apparent of your answer on the various I'd like six seven years from now, the country may going right. Miss Daniels gets a new gig at some point. Before then is a mail or is it young Bela check, I think brand floors comes back a membrane Floris. I love that egos gave me coach Leslie. I love when used and you just like you know what we're doing where formation go for the two plant would kick we're stuck in the third quarter than outside. Kick like that's it you should do and as such, they abandon the Tec because he's too
coach, tee ass. You gave a coach ass. He was also last year. I love that every owner was like was higher one of Charlotte Maize, friends or as with like actually I'm my report to super border. Raise a hate is who s there showed, but vague kings bury classic night can cause you're coming back to you behind our picks and second inside Libya, with cancer and efforts to integrate a we are, I give the perfect gives to everyone on our list. None of us wants to give credit, gives the cyber criminals- and I dont that's why he could be doing if your using your wifi, even if its password protected cybercriminals, can watch your activity and steal information. You send and receive my wifi. Your credit card info address other financial ever so holiday season, help keep your personal info in. In prying eyes, out of your wifi connections with Norton secure Vps, these bank great encryption to obscure your connections about cyber criminals, from seeing what
doing they by companies from tracking around nine activity buck adds a cease fire in the internet, nor in school European mass. Your online activities occasion with a no log Vps, making your online activity truly private, when shopping online, the Saudis and don't given extra gift, cybercriminals get Norton secure GPS for his low three. Three thirty three months for the first year, the annual subscription Goodwood nor in Dhaka, sash, Vp N Simmons terms apply right. Let's, let's bring em Kevin Accountable author, I now here which is Kevin Oconnor, so I figured once a month for the rest of our lives. You just take a victory. Lap, look advantage I'm down just say the baby like about my early in the middle month each month or just do it. I do feel four tree on an idle
think he's in unwitting victim in this and he got mad this week as people kept asking the question, and I dont think he's realised that this is just going to be part of the rest of his life, like he could have his own career and hopefully be really great. I like watching him, but the look of things can be part of his career, and this is the way It's just unfortunate that for tray he's attached trade to a guy who's. Having one of the greatest second years ever and has a chance, we wanted to raise players ever forward. Emmeline yeah, certainly one of the best offensive preserver, the LUCA rebounding is the thing: that's the you'd eighteen ribands he's. More Larry burnish, then I think people realize suspect If you go to the early first for five years, a birds career where bird could affect games and all is different for ways was funny watching and last setting its Minnesota covered. Kinsman earlier good this year and I wonder when I think about trade pieces
That somebody that I think you saw. Jeremy grandma went for a first round pick before the season. They he's probably better version of what allows a German drank a brain. I'll be relieved to see if they blow it up what they do and if that's a guy somebody really tries the target year. These teams that have these war chest picks Celtics have this Memphis back if they feel like their close them. Have a chance to make a fine us in this draft this year. Sacks they might foot that pick this year I get somebody get not for talented, but also even like a bird hands on Washington. If a team want somebody can shoot the lights out and currently Stena be play good positional defence, but you mention the bird thing I have to ask. Is my LUCA legends, man for look at appropriate is too soon. I have asked linger legends, pretty good, we maybe it's the slovenian term for legit. I don't great things by look as he doesn't really need a nickname cycle abroad right. So he has said
the distinctive name. But you know that with the treaty on thing, I do think the hawks are doing a disservice in this respect, like they built a team that is just around him, getting stats in the teams successful parlors do John College. You slept, but they lost ten straight there, five in seventeen, and you have again my glass state where they lose by twelve, betrays the thirty ten nets another great tree on game, it's like not really there they're they're, losing all these games and he's. I think, thirty. Four and seventy career, and I do think I do worry that Luke a chain has backfired on them, so the response is partly. Let's go. Let's build everything around this guy, get him stats, because at least we can point the stats, I don't know that's lily to win. I think
with trade. One of the reasons why I like trade as a prospects. I didn't love him because of his potential limitations as a smaller point guard, how I would impact him on the defensive band and never mind the fact that, as good as his shot looks, the percentages were not always their yellow. Some questions about tray, but the way to build around him is what they ve done, though, the Andrea hotter and Comrade Ocean Kevin, heard her and then rim writers. I John call as another, using two Bari Parker in a room running this was our set of getting them all. I mean this is the way you sort of how to build around tray on the orphans Van and many have to protect him defensively too, with all these long defenders. So this is what you have to do and trace your star. Clara. I think, for a ideally at some point, either her or they find it. Guy there can be a secondary playmates, for them that way you can really show, what trade can do off ball using more offscreen, so someone that I you and give him rests What is all him? I guess my years, he's that Lamar Jackson like when there
Let's go on the March action there saying these guys. We think guys transcended town, we ve seen in practice every day, and if we build the right team around and we have a chance to win the Superbowl, they think he is because otherwise they don't do that LUCA doctors, trade, but I I just think that's a mistake. I don't think he's dead. Where no doubt- and I think defensively he's a real liability will now that's my long term concern only were far far away. From talking about or how does Trans defence impact the hawks play off. Hopes wouldn't we're not even close that, but something that will be a discussion and it will be for LUCA two issues: Lucas eager and he's better provisionally incoming. He can hold us Annie Gregory about her any steals. Any sales here I think our youngest, your kind of guy, is you loved nothing more than good stats bed. Now skies does a year ago I ever worker Levine. I wasn't a tunnel ideology, I wouldn't getting. All these will be right, but forty seven in his draft was his way through low by what had made a mistake. There is someone like you
let me just get stats. Gotta move out of these twenty five point: scores of worker young. I didn't love em in the draft and I look I is the guy that I think you're right that he needs to have somebody else by his side. He needs another batman, I'm not sure he's the bat man he's one of the battle. As I understand it was pretty like he's a score and play maker, but he knew somebody in that back or we can protect him on the defensive end and compliment him and really the showcase some of the stuff you can do off ball. I want to talk about trades, but before we do that, just quickly on that two thousand and eighteen because you mention the two guys they got really love either those guys. Yet I don't love this. John challenge. You wrote a peace today about this draft is a disaster it. There a lot of young guys in it. On the other hand, it certainly not courage and so far there there for guy
is that you're in love with at this point here, I'd listed out before recorded rookies performing Well PDA Washington Gatwick, so he's been the biggest surprised tower hero thirteenth pick me now. You know tat these viable twentieth directive, Philly, burning heart, twenty first to Memphis, that's pretty much of the first rounders, of the top floor, so think about you. Guys are those guys you listed were now in the top ten right was fidget pitcher. While she was even more was twelve. He was twelve day I'm around in the top. Ten giant too has performed well other than that I mean as Hollingford. Does he ripped various garland in his pc? He has not been good this year. Jarrett cover in Minnesota, has not been good, either been a little bit better since moving to the starting line. I moved up for him eleven inside shadow surges. If I cover you not giving up on him he's. But who was a loud glimmer in high school. He didn't really emerge until Second Caesar Texas Tacky went from our role player to a star in college.
And he's a hard worker, a good kid. So I think he's somebody whatever his max is he'll. Get there is a player, but get a draft has not been super impressive, yet it still well. It's worse, I thought I was gonna, be I thought we would drive a pop would strike oil with one of those top six guys other than jammer enzyme. Like they go? Oh garland is way better. Father. I thought we'd have learnt. Oh my darlin yeah, so I said before the season with garlands. I urge a sleeper reseller legged- and here I feel like I'm. He can shoot is just right now the problem, a garland as he can defend, and he can't finish around the room and it can draw resource either. Well it, although that the fit with him in Sexton AM. I was unconvinced at the time a number of comments after watching Since then, back for himself, I'd be yeah, he's really getting com. Just saying, can you play those two together? It's it's a cousin of when they had carrying the waiters together, it's like air. There
this is a backward. How do you feel what coolby white exciting explosive man he shoots of year? and I'd I was you know me. I judge everybody by with especially point guards, would they be fun to play with and as they would, I have now on being a cobra way seem that from what I have seen so far think- and I think that's one of the problems with that team in General- is it's kind of Icu ever gets a borrower, half cork, its shoot I feel like without Zion so far the seas, We like the collective, we NBA fans media, all that have sort of grasped that work is trying to find show me the onto first as job and then, of course, I had a nice stretching precision and then you get really. Hats are more now I give players talking them up and all that arching add a couple gang already alarming. Yet what we were looking for, somebody to latch onto just nobody's zone and even John Moran who's been good. I mean he's trippy the guy
the people are looking at are excited about, but in some ways what you want, fasten your camel hair, more cited by burn a clock ray, I loved and the draft, and yet I more now just seeing his game translate but file. Fiber, really hurts because they're starting to play a more did. I was the guy I was just so focused on, but do you think Boston? Woolwich teams probably regret there the most already by would say everybody everybody from fourteen on right after hero anything boasted that they're getting him why I mean come on, I think they did to, but I think from that point on it became a different draft and what's it to you thing. Is I liked the lot of the guys after that hero pick just and the order they wear. It reminds me of whose that draft ahead, like a backer, but George hail others. It was maybe two thousand ten, something that await obey away: Tobakcre, o eight somethin urbane. I forget.
There is one draft where there is like for great picks it around twenty three: twenty four: twenty five: twenty six: a box, one twenty fourth, but whom twenty fifth George Hale, twenty sixth Darrell Arthur Twenty Seventh, who in twenty twenty third twenty third was scoops I'd, I'm never given up by them. His by area supported her guy. We feel is like these jobs. There always get no seven, eight million dollar contracts. Sometimes you These drafts are like that. The two thousand thirteen draft and it my column was ten and yadda was thirteen, and neither does it have been probably got as one in Mccall immoral depots, when that every day. I remember one still shocking now when I was a boy if you like, draft that we're about to have is kind of inactivity, pet attracts swearing. We don't, even though the top five is gonna, be in this way that we don't in in this. Kind of odd, because usually, at this point MID December, a guy begins to start to emerge. We see someone about oh yeah.
Although my job, I realized, I like all lose, but that has not happened yet very odd I'd say it's gonna get to throw you ok Oh, I wish to mention on the draft arch. Is the one I fear the worst for, because to me that's just a had situation, you gotta tell him it's a complete mess, they're gonna fire, their culture, Is there no a week? It is you four point guards if seven power forwards, if that a team built for him this seed, you know it's the complete opposite of what Atlanta Land for Chechnya and I just feel for him because I really like his game and I actually think he would have been better, are playing with like veterans and guys who actually what they're doing in where he could have the ball and stuff and Denis by Junior, who, as a starting point but more lately talk about like a terrible fate
with our J Bear light. That's a worst case scenario: data Psmith couldn't make it work, would look. Adoption should now is economic or no doubt one of the original pretty much immediately when they so that I'd say is right to three. I'm really excited for this was thinkin about Chris Paul. Maloney wrote a good peace today for our website about how we can in this and be a purgatory, where there's no way to treat for her birthday Thirty million dollars he's a contract to share in the next to an he's become this guy, that she's kind of a guy. I guess you stuck it. Ok, see Kevin love same thing in Cleveland, no secret kevlar wants to get traded. Now, he's probably He should have thought about that before he signed the giant deal, but I think he wants to play for a contender. Makes twenty nine million hours really hard to figure out who they could tender as like, even when people throw a team, I Portland in their parliaments, while main over luxury tax or another, there not lay dying to add kept them of sea. Of these guys
these assets and the reason I really things about just Thompson, cause just a tab since having a really good year. He makes almost nineteen million, He's somebody that would actually help laughed him, but he made enough money that it's actually, that kind of unrealistic you'll get traded and its action, probably more realistic as crazy as the sands cause he's good at things only twenty eight, then you get bought out and then somebody would sign it within the February because of your Cleveland, I don't wanna. Take a giant contract back now take expiring, contract back in your shitty peck I'd rather just by about and save, formerly backs the system's kind of broken, and I think the reason it's broken is because we never anticipate the salaries would jump like this. We didn't know this is going to happen. Ten years five years ago, that we'd have guys making thirty eight billion dollars and thirty four. In our joint I'm late hours, we have to fix the trade war. So here's what I have for you. Why, right now it's where seventy five percent eighty percent
The contracts have to be within eighty percent of each other's seventy five percent advance the banning of berries, but it's no not lower limbs over ninety million. It's a hundred twenty five percent or seven percent, plus some two thousand, which you speak of fifty percent for everything for everything video every aboard, so I have two million dollar contract. You can delay. One million dollar contract gives one a million dollar deal. You can to ten million dollars. Ale violence, If I wanna Tristan Thompson, the Celtic so interest in person. Ties: poorer lansford adds up to leg ten point: eight I wouldn't actually do this trade, I'm just using the upper right now you're gonna make their trade others have no way to get Jason Thompson they'd at the at seven contracts together and make sense. If you made a fifty percent, Now, the sudden you could have trades lake, ok, see Chris Paul Minnesota does work.
The tea he's an expiring he makes nineteen will throw in one of their contract. It's fifty percent, unlike an inward died in that then, and we ok cigarettes to save nineteen million. They get away under the lecture tax, all that stuff and their super happy. They ironic, Chris BAR in Minnesota,. The gamble and we're done so. Why? Wouldn't that worth cause in baseball the red size? Can trade movie? that's the dodgers for four prospects by the way to will kill my soul and doing about it just allowed, because in baseball we figured out how to do this in football in football is like anybody, but in vain but it should be easier because we never anticipated these hours to be this. I see what you're Haiti reactor it's interesting, because so right now with the rules, a light like I said earlier, fourteen for a salary over nineteen point, six million dollars the did. The incoming outgoing salary has to be within a hundred twenty five percent or seventy five percent plus honoured K complicated by
the taxpaying teams teams that already in attacks every deals like that girl, twenty five percent plus two hundred k just flat, no matter what the number is. So I think it does make sense to simplify this type, a rule not to mention that that, yes, it's going to lead to more trades driving more entrust giving teams more flexibility, I think, is good for the team side. For the fan side, I wonder, would there be pushed back from players in age? these are the p a with every push back from them, maybe maybe not but think about who runs the Bialy. While to your point, Thou Chris Paul yeah, you gotta have players who want to be able to play for contending teams, but can't because our salary number This is actually pretty far value. You ve told me that before record, that will you you won't telling me your idea is that of the majority of, and I'm glad you waited because this is actually really. Again I like it once
That's when I try to think of an idea is whose, against it mildly, be against it. I had so whose against as well. If. You know, what's a Miami, trades, waiters and James Johnson for Chris Paul whenever it as they take on an extra fifty million and salary and ok, see, gets here rid of his contract Ultimately, whose against that has my aim, is that luxury tax to him so other smaller marketings version at that ok see, gets to cut this contract that they have no chance of trading. Chris Paul gets a new team, the leagues more fun. It's a whose arguing with their second- I guess you could say, maybe a contender you know like if the law here's where but again very good and shortly, but I thought that's affair, for that's really the only thing I could see, but I have other wrinkle for her. This is where we get through. That occur one time ear, one time, the twelve months cycle,
A team can make a trade war, it's only thirty percent, whilst the fairy- So that's good. Will one hard at one time. Thirty percent. Here's with this opens the door for them. Lucky trades earlier server and Wilson. You make that point, and I are combined for Kevin Who makes twenty nine million and, if you're cleaving your leg. Great, we just twenty million off our parents, if your Milwaukee like great, were paying the tax. But now we have Kevin love and it's a one time. Thirty percent then Chris Paul You wanna go to Miami. My aim is offering Jan Waiters Kendrick than in that's it. We're within the thirty percent will take out his money will pay luxury tax to Chris ok, see you to save a shitload of money, so your the thirty percent,
I mean you crazy. I think the fifty percent is fine. I think for like you- and I may have talked before about Chris Paul from a walkie if you're looking for a team that could potentially wanted the oil from this is before the season we mention went on a walkie about so sure. That's the case anymore. Eighteen and three on pays for some It was winds, but thirty percent will make it easier to add a little bit too Bledsoe we haven't in sport as a by their own Vespa baseball bears bothers. No. Percentage, anything now. So here's what the thirty percent would allow Chris part of the lake for cod were open every Bradley. I'm not sure people would love that So that this is why the thirty percent can't worker because keep it at fifty, the lakers- could just stack their team with these crazy contracts, just pay leisure tax. What are they? Can they make so much money in gate revenue that fine we'll pay? What? If what, if the the middle ground here as yet the one fifty percent trade a year? If that were the rule,
and would have to be the one time for each team shore. I let the feller say NBA thy bill, your ideas to stream or not favor of it. By about this one, fifty percent earlier my thing is: it would make the Leap we're fine, we'll be talking you get to put stuffing columns like us, they haven't used there. Fifty. Saturated. Yet I am all for all for anything, but makes a lot more fun, and that's why I also like the midseason tournament under the play. A fan twilight Zone where that is second to the thing. It the thing that change? Fundamentally? Why they d get idea. Is that the legal changed in the sailors adjust to eye and it's become too hard to take the salaries or by using about the early two thousands their trades all the time with stars that people want to get rid of Red Steve Frances Jail in rows of Barbara. You could always like patch the numbers together, because the guy's won't make it out much. Sarah Megan may be eighteen million.
Get into the thirty eight million for Chris Paul and twenty nine million for Kevin Love and we mentioned by his Harris his thirty four already? What happens when filling like fuck. We may be sure that this, where did they can't send him anywhere? And I think that's what's changed and that's why we need to relax the tragic and asked how much do you think? So I thought about this as regards the Anthony Davis sign our trade, this this off season justly be salary, cap gymnastics and no doubt it believed that they had to make happened. Absurd gas. Do you think the common fan cares about that, or do they not to them and to the point where the deal is done or is not happening to take care of that story like annex yeah. I think you get stupid where they have their. Basically, he's give away Bognor to create extra stuff, for I mean how many picture they actually give afraid for things? For you truly five, his bognor is a first round pick the yearbook,
burn for together share for anyone in pretty good, and here she probably would apply for actually like his game ILO above all right, but positive, but yeah now look. I think fifty percent just makes more sense. Anyway, it's easier for every figure out. It's like. What's have What's happened that number we just have to get here, ok get in there were ass. Have you ever told anybody Emily Office decided. I decided it was ever thought about it. I did how sad my life is made with this idea came up today, as I like it, a recording is an eleven fifty three I am. I read my honeys column about Chris BAR and I was thinking about how, where there is that he's completely and trade about, I was like they have had a how'd. We fixes, as we could fix for your work shopping on the fly here and marched out another fire. I like it laughter.
Are they misuse internment which do whereby last week I did a pike asked about got some good feedback on it and that structure you allowed so in some of the feedback was really get well. So had the Russell which was the top fourteen and then the Chamberlain CUP, which was divided with thirty Fatima so we have, though, that's the week as part of this cause. People like why would in the fourteenth I just want to go in the Chamberlain CUP. They can clean up someone's again. She became like a fuckin and think that, but it is the concept that the top fourteen and the whole idea of a point system. I think fans of beer, but a figure out in that's, been discussed in the past. I just think that's an unassailable good idea if they could figure that out were at stake. In short, the season, though, Coopers got fifteen twenty two but if they win the rustle cup to get an extra savage or an extra nine, or ever do like that part of the idea yeah
in favour of moving towards a point system in favour of of those winds being worth extra towards a standing. I think that's a good overall thing. Italy can move towards that. One of the things that have had conversations with people about as well what happens to those teams that lose two they get put into illusions bracket, or does it turns out that the teams advancing, are playing for five more games during the full calendar year before the actual oppose season and than others. Or do you put those things into a losers bracket in which their playing games that still counter the regular season recording, and how does that all work with scheduling, games and arenas of that work with broadcasting rights, local our assent, but also national, as well from what my understanding is that the big hurdle with all of this is making it work with scheduling with arenas and for tv too. That's why I can't be thirty. Two,
that's why it has to be twelve or fourteen. We care about and you get buys for around in the warehouse structured with the top fourteen. With the top two seats get buys, I think it's seven games, then it's four hundred and ten, it's too, then it's one and it's fourteen total four hundred and sixty six four hundred and twenty one, one thousand three hundred and twelve emailed me last week and he sort of similar to your idea a little different though he was like to pop for automatically are in the postseason and then five through eight, choose thereof. Opponent for one game play off between nine to twelve and out I'll really really like that idea. I think some are available. Even if you remove the aspect of a team choosing their opponents, but that something like that system or the system you propose in the pod last week. That would that would create the meaning and the regular season to get a top foresee. Just like you have now in the NFL, with the top two seeds getting a bye
you don't have to plan that one game: tournament: you're, not load manager, players quite ass, much you're on having guys rest eyes are going harder trying to get that for one two, three or four seed in their respective conferences. Well, that's why I think the hand in hand I dared amidst these terms, which I propose than the pod Tuesday is only guarantee in the first five puffs and you have real weight, not not just for the rustle cup or whatever you, but it becomes impossible old up when you look at the EAST right now, six good teams, six years Could it be like ours can arrest. Indeed, if there is a chance, they found the plaything the feedback. I got from people within the league, though the biggest obstacle, the seven eight nine ten from the owners? One that was proposed than the one that I have been talking about for two years yet is. The owners were nervous about the seven teams playing this whole season. Eighty games to get this spot and then they could just listen to
there's an airline like how does that where we were roaring like the TED seed that could fuck around for an entire season and then often turn the switch on for two hours. So I guess one of the things that's been proposed, which I dont know if I've read any was the lower seed would have to win twice. You have you heard this one, the higher seed winds, one say advance when I we're seat, asked, went to it. When I first heard about the idea in August I was told one of the ways that was discussed was like the seven would face. The ten first
and from there I got incredibly confuse and how, as everyone word, but if the ten were to win, they would have to plan other game to get em versus the eight or nine and of the seven word a windows, seven versatile match up. They would be in autumn magically they just when one the ran the ten would have to win to to get him, so I'm thinkin if they guarantee the first five and six first eleven seven versus ten a verse is nine. You make it so that six and seven host the home games and its basically back to back nights if they Airbus is first, then it's over they advance. If that road team can beat them two nights in a row, the Nay advance and they get now endless, examine, get knocked out. Eight nine, I think just one game when it takes our homework because those themes are gonna to each other, when's anywhere, but yet- and I think that was down the wrinkled areas like the eight meets the nine than their automatic Leon. But if a nine, then I beseech eight and then the eight would face the ten something like that,
they Beckett's do complicates really how highly I wanted. The confusing saying- and I love the seven eight nine ten that was in the original european articles. One it makes more sense to a sensible thing is, though, from a revenue standpoint. If you dropped to seventy two games, you had this MRS internment, even if it's only fourteen teams, and then you had the six playing games potentially more. If there's a you know, you're, the team wins the first. The lower team is first camp that makes up the revenue. That is something make itself as a package. To one of the eight suitors, that's out there. That would make up the five hole games that everyone's losing. I had another idea based on that Chamberlain CUP, which I just cannot figure out. So they tell me if you like this, the bottom, sixteen teams, twenty four minute games in the first round. Cause laughing ever so you have a situation. Everyone has to play for half game.
Two in one day. Have to obey him twenty form it against see. You have you received the Hornets, the mad, the wizards, necks and two of them to the in its next play than the wizards magic play. Twenty four minute gave comes right back up, another whence come in, they go the other when awaiting and then they come in and its use is twenty four minute many gave subway funding the Scots cab I would watch it. I feel like this for the experiment spare during the summer League first before good idea of an even closer, but I am in favour of fermentation. That's why like would the immense ease others, but a lot of conversation I owe this is perfectly gonna, get it the incentives right out. This isn't what if it doesn't work will. So what if it doesn't work for what it's worth experiment and, as we know, right
Now the aim through gamer season doesn't work. So let's try something new and see how that does and maybe from new Build Ford. Maybe you pull the plug on it, but I think the in season torment and the planned torment are both positive experiments lily to at try, hopefully in twenty one. Twenty two, and you and I both agreed- should be added to the seventy two. However, this place, I'm a NATO There is the logical number further I dont get the seventy six. I feel like that's, that's the owners being an overnight as about how much reverie they might lose bed, but that's the thing now I get starting with seventy six again, as I have seventy six, you stay there and then it turns out well Valley of something like eighty three games of too many, maybe four five six. Now, then you're. Ok, now we can come to remove down a seventy two, knowing the amount of money that's in this tournament or these toward amounts. If both get approved, what about big three rules? First team to fifty
then it's like you could potentially pay three games and one that is if an idea for further there for the cap. Now I am not in favour of all the bad in Vegas Inches Basketball day. Now I may be fun it's forum theory but I found my putting my Adam to Adam Silver, commissioner, had to know the real. The Chamberlain cut needs to go and it should be. The midseason tournaments should be the top fourteen times you play in there. You get rewarded with wines that copper readers, or so, testing? Do you reward the winning team with a trade exception of five nine hours or dear ward them with luxury tapir tax relief of ten. I I don't know why the players or care about that to me about incentivize in the players shore getting them excited about it? That's what one one last thought on the table and cup side of it, though I think those teams do need a Plato. I just don't know of any city in any tournament cup format. I've interested me reason be a flexible part of,
natural or teens play games instead of just taken a week are sure here could cause. Then it's a bit of an unfair advantage in that case, or teams may want that time off. Thanks for tat sadly, that Cuba, I let's talk boxing the much anticipated and raise Anthony Joshua Rematch is coming December seventh on design. This is important and this is really when this is an early fight, cause it's in Saudi Arabia to thirty. Eastern Saturday afternoon be ready. First by was awesome. We had any reason this back ass. It was a real life. Rocky story. Joshua's opponent drop that, after filling a drug test, Ruiz volunteered himself placement. All that happened one month before the fight did a matter. Eleven one underdog he knocked out Joshua in the seventh round, became than
you have a champion now he is defending the title. You can watch it the it is available on all your vices make December seventh and Epic Sports Day College football championships. And stream Ruiz Joshua at the same time. Oh it's better that the second of the action December seventh, two hundred and thirty eastern one thousand one hundred and thirty Pacific only on the zone, not only the best schedule, boxing history, but best value too. Get everything: every fight, original content alive on demand for one low price, just download the Dazn app to start work Alright, let's brain chemical talk about this, I clerks there's a big fight this weekend that I want to use a million dollar pick, should mention million dollar, pics, red hot right now up one point: five hundred and sixty nine million, almost one point, fifty seven million one point: six nine million almost swept last week than the patch
me had a chance to go perfect Bessie, I wanna put injuries, In here a milliner picks this week because he's going to win again, I think Joshua, basically role over the last five I don't think he has it any reason again, we take great question I should like to raise is well. I think that, because Joshua came in so hype, I don't think it's it's really hard for fight fans to get the idea of Joshua before that fight out of our heads he looked like He looked like he was almost famous our lives. In a word, I made that nuclear equivalent to me Alice you right now before the play off, decide to schedule, Memphis and Memphis them so badly that we want. You're too fellow. She was ever good in the first place. Right yeah tell I feel, but the new but where Andrew we so thoroughly dismantled, handed I'm saying wait what that is watch against when Joshua thought Joseph Parker and all these guys were
What was he ever good like that? I, of course he was but did the destruction was such that now I question everything thought about Joshua. I think a lot of people are having that too. I was never a huge fan, so all I did was reinforced by questions. Why? It shows how good the otter wilder is. What I am much majesty it if its Anti Joshua couldn't take those punch commander ways Lord Help or when he steps into the ring with the anti awhile. Right hand in the anti waters like the chief slashed area could be twenty two three and then they just go through touchdowns avowed, bennets factor losing get fired with Godaddy. What does not the great decorative a boxer? We haven't powerful right hand in last, like twenty five years, so he's fine either Fourteen one the first five rounds as well, he got knocked out. Then I have no idea where he carried Oh, I don't know the answer to this weird fight, it's in its in neither boxers home countries in Saudi Arabia,
Joshua Smoke and mirrors heading into the real fight for the most part and then got his aspect seemed fine with it. After an I really- I think he had no idea where was mag, and there are these rumours about- he had tried to get out of the five beforehand. Who, who knows about that's true? I just think Ruiz is better and then there are the rule that the rumours, the comments that he was relieved to have lost because of all the pressure. I just don't know, as some of you mentioned it ever achieve that doesn't sound great to be honest with you and anything I always judges stuff by when Ruiz, the Rocky Babo area How then can handle that most famously buster Douglas, where he beats Thyssen and the next six months go off the rails, and then you get that I only foiled energy was like so as to prepare for out there. I think reason seems like he's got,
really get head about this whole thing. I was impressed by humanity by saying that we learned about Ruiz. We had Conover once you wanna fight, we look back on a career, he probably could have beaten Joseph Parker and maybe he's just a better boxer. Don't we, I really is physique killed him bigger how what we thought of it. He was a late additions that fight because out of the previous fighter, testing positive, and so I don't think we had enough time to actually look at the fight as an actual fight was more of a book, Josh was fighting amounts were garden. Does you wanted to build a United States brand all that stuff, which is actually similar, something we talked about to read my Thyssen loss in Japan, yet you know Lennox Louis lost ends South Africa to somewhere? Where do something like that somewhere? That wasn't nay I condemn or the United States when boxers go abroad. Sometimes weird things happen, and I thought I was in sharing, and so I don't it's actually makes me nervous about,
I feel really strongly about Ruiz, but the Saudi Arabia part makes me nervous. Anti Josh was not from Saudi Arabia, I know, but it just it's like when you go, it's like the London game here for the lending damages Arabs boxing after one of these things is going to show up. I know its one sided. I don't know. That's the case for this, but I almost they were fighting and like the staple centre few staple sandbag raises winning the app would be there. I will be there. The super half the river atmosphere, we're gonna Saudi Arabia rather perhaps airplane it's a Bristol but to have hour to get there soon. So We agree Ruiz plus one. Seventy. I was shocked that there that the author of this good, I looked at the knock out stuff But I just say to me: aside: solar wind used, have room for the knock out and then an hour there ass if it gets the judges workers. Maybe I'm not even sure I'd sober wheeze pencil that
they doing Marie's plus one. Seventy there's a couple. Awesome football games this week that I will not be betting on. Just want to mention the case for a couple. Teens began, I'm staying away the line is just is now a Lamar attacks. If you want to bet on Baltimore, the Baltimore should be favoured by three their favoured by six in Buffalo, its absurd and yet at and I take Buffalo and the sex is I'm afraid. Lamar Vegas knows that. That's why the middle and Mercosur I'm amazed by. Therefore, today we both agreed on one thing, which is sad: baltimores blood, zoos and their defence and their aggressiveness. I feel like this could be a big notable Josh Alan mistaken. I feel that we can see some some give a bull Josh Alan moments. I think that the bills are within our reach
again there really well coach, knitted Josh Ion is better than we thought more of them than I was a couple weeks item eleven answered. I request always earth you, but I do think. There's the capability for baltimores events to make Joshua look a little closer to the quarterback worries to Asher. So I liked Buffalo in this game. For about ten minutes, I looked at the standing a little stat, it's in advance that called point scoring There are few Vertebrata football outsider guys aren't I I don't talk about it with the Baltimore Escort four hundred and six point societies which leads the weak, but allow has score two hundred and fifty seven so look at it that I'm going to take Buffalo and this other team scored either a hundred sixty percent were points that they have
just I was out. Also Balkans can only worse worth thirty km, Baltimore get that can Buffalo get to thirty about. Where gets there. I don't think so, but also the Baltimore Ravens really getting my Kansas City last year. The marshes This thing would really be annoying of your ram said. I agree that, Those things very like really really is it that Tampa. When he's a quitting rats, so maybe don't trade to her from picture Jonah aims yeah when you're teams going nowhere. Do I thought the rams. Will be running the ramps in about a year. It's my guess. I think that the chargers and the rams moving to new stadium- I don't think it's not hearing a lot of buzz around LOS Angeles either of those was the thing I heard was the seat license thing as a real issue: like a real issue up like a real real ray. I hereby panic time That is what I like that.
Decided unilaterally by sea licence, spoke about James, didn't Bassi, lessons didn't get up. What do you know anybody's, but ass? You? I don't know one person now, nor do I see Niners, the saints it still under three in one of my favorite gamma checks is, if it's a team that I like that's on, regardless of where they're playing if I'm getting less than three awesome. Fantastic something's hold me back with this games. It's better than having its Niners and its. I just don't love how drew back looks- and I worry about him against an awesome defence- and I think the Niners have a really really a defence and adjust something about this game freaks man. Do you like your bruised more than Jimmy Toronto,. I feel about the same about both and that really ok yeah. I like Greece, will be more right now,
I, like Michael harmlessly experience and the I tested couple events. I think that I, like Michael Thomas, who is just playing out of his mind, sure- and I like cornfield advantage. So I would go with this. I see you like this answer I'm staying away, I'm getting away from the whole from everything, but if I had to bear out that since I think it's a stairway, eager, then the other one is chief spats, which is also a stale egg, is at an end. I'm getting from the patriots is this: are you bearing the payments for the rest of the season? To see week, where receivers get open, Zora things I'm looking for pressure or advanced ass from both eyes, open then, when Brady's complaining passes, there's somebody on the guys back up and that sustainable mothers. Here's where, like this week, first, when the cost jumped off after TAT in there you in theory, prospects and
been really banged up the Moslem, acting as somebody who has a matter fancy moving on the court's over under further wines is shared by a lot of courts and Marilla MAC was fucking, ASA, really really good football player, and I think they missed them to our health research That was never really come back. Jacobus plan on one leg, the figure them a little bit and now ruins I was a done, may have tamper, they're, playing Grey that can get ordering and about Seamus mine is only three as all the makings of the courts with there These not no line beating tamper as James, in the game is again resides doesn't dumb stuff and and in these winning by ten people? I, oh, my god. Maybe in these not dead, is feels like against a really well coach chambers. Fuels like Jermys Wednesday is having too awful fumbles.
You know what the we'd never were tied because, like a table blows, the game knitting apple suggests like I will take it. So I think Marlon Mack going to play. We don't know yet part of thing that sucks about taping, the son of Thursday's. We don't know, but it seems like he's going to play, which I think will really help them. So he had no interceptions against the jaguars. Once in a while, he had one drop their interception overturned, which was more than he had six into gaps. So I feel there might be returned to form for all James this weekend I also both lake and don't like the court's defence. I think you can run on them. Yeah. I think it's a little harder for them. They they cannot do anything. Evans and God, when I feel like they could at least keep guys a little bit and check, and I think they can control the ball, but got a couple turnovers and I just like it in the points with them. So what I was thinking was the bus three minus one. Twenty you can buy the half point: four minus one: thirty, five, two plus three and a half
parlay them with Minnesota minus seven. Fifty against a tree, Do you see any stairway Minnesota loses to Detroit now during our they is now less one. Sixteen Minnesota to win courts plus three and a half you like that, I think I do. I think I, like you. I think you re like Minnesota. I just think shuttles really good and I think that we are living through that money and I was just more about cynical, got, hurt in Seattle figured out a way to run all the fuckin. However, Minnesota in Detroit Second had been doing out both Scarborough sorry about Might I wonder now I am all in Hennessy still. Yes, I big Vegas is still laid on this rather minus three. Even in Oakland, ok, the vague shit, the last two weeks I just below, in Tennessee added, thereby of pride. You saw Danny hypothesis over there and he May the rarest anyhow. He told me the tenants
hence our number one of the NFL film points for places which seven I believe it then they went. They scored zero points and weak six. The danger could ride Tana Hell here's the thing we're right channel the whole. Thing he was an above average quarterback, miraculous banged up. You were- and I made a deal congenital data that the dolphins do the rebuilding thing. I understand that he was on bad dreams. You had no sporting cast those drafting of a bad drafts and demanded off that's bad bad bad drafts that coach and support Joe filled can't believe you're Feldman to maximize really fail. Yeah joy fill, and you know we when we're talking about runner, Baron, the firing and Dave temper and the last five new owners before David temper of all made terrible hires, including Jeff, Open he's a type of higher than a new owner who has no idea what I'm doing, makes and supervised it. Anyone Ryan Channel
This is just great. He looks like a long term answered what's funny about it is when they signed him. Everyone who watches for by every week like it was I who have their job by young sexier songs. You could stay healthy, he is even better than I remember my aim and I, like the team, are out of a sound talked about on Sunday night. It's a team that, when something good happens, but you can see their sidelined in the game, the entire site, locked in jumping up with their fists up, and I think rebels data a good job. I wasn't a hundred percent convinced item, especially from a game in which the standpoint, but they built like a at a time in the Henry Stats: I'm leave unbelievable ass. Sixteen games last sitting on the elegant open at the edges, think they can run all over Oakland yeah. I dared Henry is a legitimate elite running back and that's just
Would you take him number one of other running back his right now? If I do in one game right now, this guy, that's it just at this moment. Healthy dolphin cook is quite good. He is pretty good he's amazing and video games and mad India from it, I then loves to having my son of Darwin Cookin Matic as he runs a sideways yeah rats words just like he's going full speed, sideways yeah he's doubling up there. Now I don't believe in Oakland. I think we're the outskirts, something seventy to detain the less danger somebody had our concerns its concept. As you are never bad defence. It's really are Jacobs. Teams have figured out our car thing. Also, next to the fifteenth Israel, ask him an open, overbearing water from the river. There are not more just went out again. We find where the problem with this tendency game is Houston, weak fifteen years to make seventeen, and this is a classic. Ok, so I just want to acknowledge that Burma deciding tennis he's really good and
and they should take care business. I love is giving three points so marked Allentown. See hawks are even at the rams. Here the Rams losses, the Sheer Baltimore Pittsburgh San Francisco, Seattle Tamper Bay yeah? What are those five teams have in common? There are gonna, be good. Things are in the class here there and the share Carolina by three that weird New Orleans game when it was like everything turned on that stupid rough car Cleveland by seven, Lena by Sir by twenty seven cincinnati by fourteen bears by ten Arizona by twenty seven. They have not been anybody.
One run America fired. I was thing with its orbit. The Carolina Panthers got civil loss, thought about it for a number of years and never get back anywhere close to where they get the falcons still very still fresh from their twenty five point performance against twenty twenty three twenty five point bullied and the Rams look like they might be spoke to swell. I dont think we give enough weight to how much it can ruin a franchise to get that close and and not win the Superbowl. Here's the thing that allows me about them, rolled over and a couple games. I thought my they rolled over. I thought Sanford's. Are they rolled over and that game they were. Tied at half time,
a game, went along, their alike are right and then he gets take it. We don't want it in. I just don't think the characters there with the team collectively the share. Why think they bellowed check and VIC Yo a map Patricia and all those guys show the way to stop them flexible defences, waiting taking away gods marble game by waiting to be a last second ignoring the window dressing. So much of the Rams offense last year was based upon this jet motion stuff and essentially seems you're. Just ignoring it and saying you can do all the emotional while we're just going to do whatever they used to play the sea in aeroplanes, six one against rampant. I never do that anymore and are still being the rams. I just think it's weird season for them. I think I've seen enough of Shall Mcveigh to accomplish something new, but right now what shall Mcveigh has has been solved in theirs. Behind I like Seattle here and then you look at matters tend to see how extended to read. Seventy five still hanging onto the potential wildcard butts
The natives plan in New Orleans Seahawks them in this game matters is an oral answer. The sudden there in the captured, see rather potential once I love when there's two great teams in one division, and only one of them and get by this happened last year. Yet a chart is ended. Up not be in great Britain sort is, could have gotten the by weight in the season. Congratulate that that game game the indecision, but I love when that happens, makes things so much more dramatic because the night or should not be playing a longer weakened, but it they are getting. I love about this Seahawks. Know exactly who they they're really getting close games. In the penny thing, I did not expect cuz, he looked like a bus. I stand here, but now they had this double bout oreithyia. Where does seems like it matters whose in penny can make plays a little bit like he has a little more brickwork them so than Carson those, but both murmur good MAC, half was a great passion. They have a Miss Baldwin like I thought they would just get in.
I would be really surprised that they lost through the rams and I think the rams are attained. That's kind of Diana tap out now, just my gut feeling, so I like to see Huxley, last game. I want to mention the return of Eli I'll. Take a break before this figure breaker a tardy time everyone loves it give they can feel good in good about all bird stylish, comfortable, sustainable. You can go wrong my design burst out. You know you look great anytime. You lay smug wide range of colors in Spain, nature varieties. Silhouettes keep you look in your best in whatever situation find yourself in this holiday season. Lady. The tree browsers are your new God to flats they'll. Have you feel like the bell of the bar anyhow?
party. The wool runners, the hub stay, warm the misery collection, complete with puddle guard, were happy stay prepared through winners unpredictable, whether I love all birds, because, first of all, they feel good. Secondly, they come but these awesome names that sound, like India Beds tree browsers, will runners busy collection, Porto Guard, what's better that all birds, the perfect gift, to make out as little less uncomfortable for ever and on your list, give the gift of comfort this holiday season or get a pair for yourself said: all birds Dachau? Just when we thought we were out, he does a big against a team in crisis, the Philippines, a team that fits, but this fits magic lit up lit up destroyed it.
They were carrying out, played right? It's bad luck is now thrown a touchstone against the Eagles, with seven different franchises seriously ass. Well, that's a record He showed that they have real quarterback issues that unfortunate my patriots couldn't explain because nobody can get open, The giants are plus three hundred to win the game, the over under this game is forty, six and a half, and if you parlay those two things, it's plus some fifty nine. I call it the Eagles fans can't fucking boy. They their season is over because of Eli Manning parlay. I don't offer, do it. I just wanted a third out their hiding nines will high for this one iota people closer ain't. The eels are win. This gambling should be close seed, unlike the plus three hundred gets a little too ambitious. I do like giants are terrible. Do like the idea of you. I mean I just having a nice dignified to touchdown game against the thought of it.
The other way to go on for twenty eight years. Let the minus four forty with the under forty six, I'm not in it. This game cause. I don't but only lie manner, reaffirm our rather heaters. Seven packs every be much more enjoyable generating part is Carson. This is facing football by us. Eliza Wade Winner, is he like somebody? A pick up for a week? Are you gonna? Do it now who's your quarterback Marge acts. Are your letters made your set? I'm going and somebody who had a choice between Josh outlining its bottom, all or Carson, went on Monday night and it looks like you pick Josh out. That's a good idea. I think we'd I'd Baker. What idea bigger against a bigger who's, your their trust, is your attitude toward a bag, legal authority and they're gonna pick up your domain I think of you. I wanted to do right now. I Clark, here's what I have no prospects after we just talk this up, don't call me! Johnny Ruiz is and yes
thus one seventy in the joy sure rematch in Saudi Arabia I gotta get an account I think this is where the fuck are you talking to the Kurds worries. I will go three hundred thousand dollars Ruiz, pleasant one. Seventy yeah worker Minnesota minus seven. Fifty just to beat the tray car led whereby a half point with the court's courts plus three and a half at camp obey that parlay as plus one sixteen. I am throwing three hundred fifty thousand dollars and that anger, tenancy titans our tightens the ringers titans revolve, embraced the tens. Minus three. Even in Oakland, I'm thrown four hundred cannot ok Last but not least, the Seattle Seahawks even odds against
We can't sell any seat licences and were ready, for this is an end. Less Angeles don't cost the same. Those ramps four hundred k, even Sierra you like us, I love them which, if everyone see ass, I know ass much. All right. We one point five, six: nine million for the year. Hopefully we can add- hopefully we that can quite things from now on. I am always come in a second, but first with that, but the faint o sports but gap, the premier sports betting out for reason they made it easy to set up a deposit. They ve got tons of Betty markets and, unlike offshore sports books, will you lucky to get winnings at all. Fatal processes were draws quickly, get you winnings in his little story hours right. It's only elbowed New Jersey, Indiana, West, Virginia and Pennsylvania. So if you one one of those days, that's been pretty tough to hear our sure, but I think there can be a more states soon. This export, as even tougher there right now, new fangled sports book users, can get the first bet risk free by sea
with promo code be ass, just place any ban on any market. Vandal refund you up to five hundred hours and say credit. If you know, when remember be sure these promo code, BS than ever, sent you and now the legal staff must be twenty on bus and physically present in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia site, credit non. Would travel expires fourteen days after receipt terms, apply ganley problem call when in hundred gambler. Fear and West Virginia visit. Eighteen hundred gambled I'd net in Indiana Car, one, eight hundred nine with it either but at least we have an IRAN couple weeks rate which is miss the one we miss one already, I'm gonna thanks giving. I could have you back great to be heard yet another day skimming it's the highest of holy days. In my mind and my home Turkey, football pie mortgage, you want the Irishman
no. What more do you want? A sweet potato casserole with sweet pea cans of tat? Wonderful, how good Rebecca awesome! I think that's my single favorite thing to eat anything! giving real enjoyed really most the most interesting? I could just eat it needed until I throw up like a duck Mckenna Whittier for most intriguing suit, we're going for the sweetener. Five keep a tight this week. Star for some college football for you and for we're heading into championship, weaken it's one of the biggest moments in the sport of the year. I watched prepare my watch arable and I some Ohio State Michigan. Ok, what was our states can win the title? I don't even follow for I know that there, the best line on each side that always with their very there's a dominate or thereby market
bill citizens that caused for welfare. I llanos that our states could, with the federal they are very good they're, probably going to be the number one c, barring a lost Wisconsin nobody's videogame. Well what I will say that the council can be interesting. You never know, but this weekend the key thing heading into this. We can really boring one of the top three teams: Ohio State Ass. You are Clemson losing the question is: who gets the foreseen? And it really is a question of sheer and it's pretty fine. We have Georgia currently sitting at four but playing Alessio SO of Georgia. Winds. Georgia wins the Assisi title Game. I think both of those teams get it and then I think what happens is we hadn't? a very, very high fever, pitch level of we need to expand to eight teams, because no it up we do now. We do we really have ever another week, but we have. We really will it
we're FAO, we really do. You should have a system where every conferences champ at a minimum can navigate. Ok well, agree to disagree, It is a great were forgotten. Our after Georgia, you ve got Utah number five, currently and Oklahoma. Number six currently, both playing in their conference shadow Games, Utah's, gonna, play Oregon and And I fell draft darling or any fell. Draft stay. Awake is he's too tall, depending on whether you're talking to robber maize on a given day, just Herbert applying Oregon Oklahoma, playing bail or bellers the other team. Here, that's in the mix, the winner of the big Twelve game, the big twelve champ has a real shot of jumping. Utah Genesis if Georgia loses and then we're gonna get into some controversy around brand names and brand recognition and whether you can make supply off. If you dont have a few targets jumped because Utah the head of Oklahoma now watch Utah's of about two years,
as an eleven one football team in absolute football and shutting basketball pact. Twelve them run in a great programme there. What are the greatest youth, for a moment about that. Do you remember the the dropping the ball right before the touchdown few years ago? Vaguely levels A bad moment therefore welcome their coach when they win what happens scattering the thicket. Do that come up, ok, see you for milk or two percent year on year, not in on you tie your reading for Lincoln Riley in Oklahoma. That's my take away here. I want Lincoln rather than expatriates coaches, so that was what I wanna see. Access is another thing to watch, of course, is depending on what happens to Oklahoma
have any bearing not only on jail and horses and if our draft stock, but on the Lincoln Riley Coaching sweepstakes. This was a thing. Last year he didn't end up leaving you have to assume that he's gonna be the top target again, whether that means or leave or not, is certainly an open question. But the prospect of a couple jobs that would be most intriguing to him, one Cleveland, of course, because he was Baker Mayfields coach in Oklahoma. If we move on from Cleveland, I ratifying a haunted house. They earn, as I'm in eight deaths in this ass, for sale, remove it, Maybe just now I and some sage, I have the team for him I have another Thou shalt boys out now I have thousand cowboy less I'm a better deal. Ok of South Carolina at that owner, the upper even read about that. It sure
He's one of those he's going to blow it up in a way like when John Henry took over the Red Sox and the first thing he did was try to go, get Billy Beane, which was the end of Moneyball, which is a great movie, John Henry, where'd. You get all the best people. What are we doing right? I think he's gonna be like that who's, the best coach, Lincoln Riley, so reading tapirs statements and caused this week after their honour their firing. Now I admit I mean the ravens bubble. Of course, by that caviar aside IRA. That statement, as were trying to do with the ravens, did your Alcor ruins and make a cushion change harbour said, but he stayed because he committed to Lamar into that vision of building around Lamar
that statement from the Carolina organization boil down to me to last year. The trend that we saw sweeping the NFL was everybody was looking for their short Mcveigh this year. The trend is gonna, be everybody's. Looking to do at the ravens dead, which is top down all and on the same idea, everybody on the same page, no room for any kind of dissent, or a competing vision. You austrian together, if not in your out, and also the line that he had. Those are ethically lives at a trend more. But I live in business or ass well I mean Coty are coaches and GM is always on the same page. Certainly now that isn't that that how the patriots, when the last twenty years beset with that
exacting. Now you take credit for, though the Raven hammer the same pursued at ten and one with the ravens there. We created this new trend. Now, it's not everyone who they were desertion down, settle down the river ass, the same thing, the pleasant toward the liturgy. Man for twenty Europeans are structured differently, the Texans or accidentally backing their way into attempting to do with the patriots are doing in their doing a bad job that right, but the other thing in this ever since I was basically that idea of to paraphrase old school toughness with new wave analytics first movement, and that's that specifically, is the thing that I think is. Is the ravens ethos that people are gonna, try to replicate, be able to play smash mouth run down your throat. Football still have that we took. You, know, anvil games into the season to get there, but still have defence, be a key fundamental party or identity, but also make your decisions based on what the numbers are telling you, the ravens or an analytical german franchise, and I think other teams is happening with the question for years- has been. What are we gonna see football catch up with the other sports and
Any net was that would tempered with the hedge funds and stuff like he was everyone said, is always like the best had shrunk to Harry. Go make an rarely for lots of marine. Think Lincoln Riley marked by two predictions: Thou hast income in the title got it like a rally to Caroline does Lincoln rarely have cam neatness quarterback unfairly. Why wouldn't you have to know how we find out love to see that the issue kidney like less than thirty, also question the injury is ever use plain hurt for two years now he's got a Europe new, hopefully, will come back healthy, vibrant bike island. We enjoyed two weeks with you fiscal. I am happy that some of the backups are now back with us again. You know having been familiar to you really, the light love and abhor everything about the Steelers, but the duck the duck thing is very fun. You know, I think I hear I think pound for power, Jacksonville husband, the dumbest, whom the sheer means everything they ve
have disagreed with starting with like. Why do you have Nick Falls and Leonard Fernanda the same team? Why are you bringing Nick falls back? has broken collar bone. Is that a hundred said healthy and now he's back in his terrible now is their trade vague whatsoever like love? This makes sense, I don't know it and why would you try jailer Ramsay just because he was getting pissy while because you don't wanna play for the team anymore? He's your best player. Player, empowerment, man, that's the era, the word and sports, whether they is that trade might actually work has maybe those ram speaks out there, but does that mean they might? They may actually have our jail, Mamsie, Marcus, Peters, go and added in the tunnel after the Ravens Rams game that half hours really Something here: what were they were? They do. You know it's like basically day more for her boyfriend. Roster spot is essentially the one that Peters vacated for Ramsay in March, spitters been doing all right for the ravens. Just like that
We keep Tristram, so you're, saying Ohio State for the title who do you think is? Is gonna get that force by you just don't care you, things can be applied on a global scale. Are the big twelve tile game Oklahoma gets and can ask you this, whose who's the most funding to get the forced by a roof for that I think Oglala be really fluoride. I think Utah would be fine if you love to watch good. Football is obviously Wes energizing in terms of just the brand name, but I also do think they call for balls, so she naked interesting proposition because, on the one hand, when the brand names in the blue blood are in on the big siege, the sport is just fundamentally a more interesting proposition, but also what, exit. So far is that every now and then you get that disruptor you get that he see you that boys you stay at a low ass. You verse, Yoda Initial weird, you doesn't really getting. Utah has been a neo aiding the car. Position that occur, saw him link that they would. They would do well. Certainly I'd. I'm I'm curious to see the Lincoln Riley jail and hurts Cd Lamb show in the play off for aplomb. I think that we really really fun
I am also your ball game is the coward next even going to do. About Alabama Europe. You have the luxury of not thinking about Alabama they're, not gonna, make the play off their out of it. They'll be in New York, six ball game and they won't care about that because they ve been in the plan every year until now and it's it did just a coat colossal disappointment, obviously also to a had a devastating injury was the tough season, maybe all yet to make fun of it, maybe mix haven, should go to the cowboys I get to make them whatever I wanna make fun of Nixy, then go back to their newfound, exhibit challenge yourself and then dabble dabble leaves Clemson takes over in Alabama. Making about that dabble goes home too. I do like taboo liquor his face. How do you feel about davers? Have you been? Have you been paying attention and also Jabba's? Nobody believes in us there I loved. It reminds me so much in such a vile nauseating way of the patriots being like nobody believes in us like right now it
But what are you talking about? Nobody believes that those Ewing ear Jason. I don't Benjamin STAR Wars right now in one of the things that we been having a lot of fun with. Is this idea that George Lucas puts out there that when people first saw Yoda when people foresaw are to eat you, these beloved things they hated? This is this like this thing in charge, legal says: it's become this better. This thing you love, they hated it and dab. Somebody treated us it s, dabble, really bringing the George Lucas Energy. They ate a glimpse and aided noted what you're money time mayor, undefeated, you're gonna be in the play off. Everybody loves travellers. Everybody loves godson, he's I mean what do you have an embryo number three, and are you talking about forborne lot of sports and arrest? The pause? I wanted to give you one little cap pop culture, nugget here, yeah built a big weekend for us as seo these children of divorce, because marriage- it has come into Netflix. Yes, do you watch it with your spouse or do solo at first for test run. So,
This is either asked because I've been battling. This myself am I really great marriage. I don't know if I wanted. I don't know. I've consulted many parties who have seen the movie their people who screen for you know their media privileges, people who saw it in cedars- and I have said to my husband, Adam whom I love- that I don't think that we should watch the film together. I think it would be advisable or even sensible- and everybody says it's gonna- be fine watch it together. If you're in there I had space, it can be affirming instead of devastating, but I don't know, I guess, there's only one way find out we'll talk about it actually back. I watched my way member really stay road was a tough one. Yes,
yeah. I was one of those rare, your kind aside, I, whoever your with about halfway through that now we have both survived watching the affair with our partners, so he can get through it. I guess or anything you know now. The toughest whenever was tell me you love me out rough yeah, that's a tough one. That was one of those. If your relationship is there, take your just posted everything, that's bad one. I can't wait to watch. This movie sounds like it's a frontrunner for best picture for picture for Lahti, awards sky, Joe Crush net Adam drivers when my favorite actors in the world- and you know when the asker he's only you know, filberts carter- I mean you know how I feel about I'm driver am driver season. Re now remain storage in the report to Cairo ran. What can he do What are you doing? Hottest take just named as one of the voters tangible. Yes, today, when you doing, how to take about? Girls only succeeded because about of driver. This is your taken. This is Julia
stick. So I will leave it to you that a warrior heavily field, it fits very, had two very proud. You remarks you fair that you lied to me. You said you watch over things. Human I've watched every season of the affair until this season of the affair. United. The million screenshots unease, though to it made me, laugh every now I'll catch up This is now really excited for next week's pod. When we talk about marriage story, even she just me. You're tired to the entire, but it might finally be time for the Kramer versus Kramer Relaunch. So I have that it's on the twenty twenty schedule. It slate word. We were gonna, be in the cream of her scream or had space. This is the cop that everybody is making the divorce movie. Pantheon. Can marriage story live up to the bar that Kramer versus Kramer establish one pint of chocolate chip ICE cream one gallanted tears?
time. It's our best chance for the two of us to both cried her in the same guy would for sharp cry out of your rack. If I started getting emotional about my whole Kramer versus Kramer story, it's a mortal lack that your cry. Oh, I crying almost crying right now, just thinking about it, I came away you ever when I came back from greatly after the three way suspension yes, there are valued everybody in the room at night and I was so upset. I can talk. I do and I looked up at you and you were like he was registered quivering I'm, not going to look at her again, the air until that of other things their history. Now, seven years old, my men, whose great and beautiful my great grandfather would he effort number two number two, the jettisoned item this week by the Ledger: Siena was hot seat. Watch more people in the back of our minds will come back to a next week number to the AIR F C play off
q be showdown preview. We guy. I know you talked about you're Talkin, about patriots alot already today, so we give backward, but we ve got Brady moms, which is huge and we ve got the next wave. Lamar Verses, Josh Alan Ravens bills these are two massive games in the F C ceilings on the line to research and Josh, Ellen or surging cause. Not even resurging, he's just serjeant playing great plain great. We covered, I talked about it. Ready for you came on the ravens are favoured by saying and I was saying that there is now a three point: Lamar Tax without these games, because nobody wants to bet against the Martha find a better get. Some are Fraid Lamar, the ceiling of the ravens, all that stuff and the boy those who are really good team who kicked thousands ass, decks, giving getting six at home, but
said SARA Wanna take Buffalo. Here's why ran with this? I mean it's possible. I've never felt better about ravens team. I'd also be ok with last year, because I think it similar to me too an elite college basketball team heading into the tournament. You're, not gonna, win every single game. You gotta drop one at some point, the ravens of one eight games and around this is through those seven pats. What we should do, I wish we had lost the Baltimore get exactly the guru won the Superbowl exactly so. I started to think about this last week with a Niners game. Mostly, is an attempt to rationalize the potential lost myself in advance, and now I'm just shifting that to this game at all. Suggest next week because it would be embarrassing sergeant, but it would be an obviously I don't want to lose division games to the round.
Feelers, I dont elusive sealer's and finally, the regular season have happy why'd. They make the play off and then set up a potential showed out of division, rivals in the policies and to this isn't a game if it even asked to happen- and maybe it does it, but if it s happened, this is the game. However, you some positive milestones coming, no matter what the marginal next rushing occurred this week, not sure if you ve ever heard anybody else aren't moralistic now camp. We were not chasing him. This week is needed for my fantasy, perhaps look at some. I hope he does ok out that that's good the kid from Lou, though I hope I hope it makes it can, can we attacks. They were spent one. Second, I would be delighted it would be an honour and privilege. I view talk any stay or fancied they, yet we have other unconscionable amount of them on our side. Have you ever had a conversation with a bang, looks better Pavel Downy or courier them the whole. They're doing now like it's just another
privilege the way this worked out. I can't stand at its end. It's like reach, some state of higher being as football fans, because this ragtag group, a kids with Antonio Brown and has further and belle and they just kept it together and said. Are you set your? What are they? Seventy five day are seven in five very you're, seventy five, so that bit somebody bitter, getting its very it's very bigger Let's see, let's go through their winds here they ve beaten bangles. That's not a good team! Green archers there. Obviously a debacle, yeah dolphins, horrendous culture, good yeah, maybe the rights and the rams and there two bangles and the Brown again yeah a couple disciplines are here's the thing.
Oft ones, but everybody has software this year. There are a lot of really bring this up there. I think the steward of the good bed, in the sure they beat the other bathrooms yeah, don't think they're a good team at the cottage Is it correct? That said, I want money, and the last week I presume, what's going on, I just settle down stairs, It's just a general settled there. Late you're gonna do Is it your division, Alfred Next twelve years, you more that familiar the gods years? That's the best! Do corridor back in a long time, which is I can't believe I that is behoves came in the late last year, but like you, she just all you Doing is being like. I can't believe I fucked where I were in the bars division, and still I got mad what a rush this is been. It's been great. It's like yeah Lamar's in your division. You are fuc that's my speech. I gotta say I for the first time in the history of us passing together. I am in complete agreement because they are so wonderful here. Think the Steelers thing is just performative horse shit and it's me
disingenuous, and I hope that they lose ever again that they ever play for the rest of time. That's my official stance on the matter. I don't want to see the sailors in play. I really I I actually want to see them in the plan down because I would be fine, always said the steward, as in the past. I don't know I the thing is You have a season like that, whether you're the good bad humor, not at a certain point, the number one, although momentum isn't real heads come anatomy, but the momentum carries you to a certain place. It starts to feel like a miracle season, all the stuff that your currently citing the Steelers answer saying becomes a thing that the team internalizing orbs and that in sport that in sport can carry you a long way and again the division rivalry factor? I just don't want the ravens to have two points to urge for been very well coach. That's it it's a great it's a great religion. More common work is I've. I've kind of battled back and forth, and even opening night he was awful against. Patriots did a good job
I love the way I've talked about by led the way into the quarterback situation. Thirty roistering quarterbacks incredible number one. We just we switched over to Vienna, see here because of the massive we can further the pecking order. We got Dal Chicago Niner, Saint Seahawks, Rams Giants Eagles and I mentioned giants egos just because not only the delightful factor of having Eli Manning back in our life. Obviously, the giants not gonna be the blouse, but that really feels lake and we, I feel you have been saying this for months straight now and will continue to safer couple more weeks, but this does actually feel it a specific final nail for the the eagles if they dropped us on Monday enough about the EU, like that's it you're a cashier face again after that, if it happens plus seven fifty nine Eli in the over the wind unbelievable the unbelievable giants, win forty seven or points, I'm happy four July that he's getting this little
the fairy just for a moment. I think that's great, it's lovely that's happening the Eagles salute. We have two in this game. You cannot have another moment. We're done Petersen has to go out and give this week's version of We have the dolphin certain good team each camp out dazzle again. I have it and then you know less than the one you can probably keep counting on the eagles fucking up. That's not actually a strategy for success at a certain point in its Dick Airbus. On your own, so there has to be the bears. They have the iranian side, only three aims off after them. Week and then the Niner Seahawks who's gonna end up when you division and who is going to end up in the wild card, I think, is one of the more fascinating seeding situations watchin in all of them.
I'm whether those are just the two best teams and invent a ladder. They're gonna play each other's something, but the fact that the potential second best team in addressing the censure or in that conversation, certainly as well, but the fact of the potential second best team in annex II might end up having to play the wildcard fleet is that's a big deal, as you know, because the patriots might have to play the wildcard slave the bills. Take that vision. Why are you smiling, like that of the boy felt loser leading reading about we'll see you never now? I don't want to get cocky where the ravens are concerned. Not I'd. Take nothing for granted. You now know as awesome. I saw some dense Mars armor last we come on. Cadmium are super encouraging. It was pouring miss some passes, receivers, shops, impact. This autumn I require this is ridiculous unfortunate. They play play football, cold, weather antennae, Brady of Forty two, I don't know, move
Brady's what a lotta gives a cold weather receivers. You can get open Lamar, cold weather era, become I pray you. I know you don't mean that prove again. It's ok because I know it's a defence mechanism for processing your own grief, because the Patriots dynasty, one of the most important defining disgrace, ships in your entire life you're, starting to think about the an AIDS. Forty percent of my life. Can I drop a theory on you at this. Is MRS I'm lookin inward, an you yeah! This is why you didn't like the Irishman. This is Using the Irish. I dislike the Irishman legislators too long. I liked it does you're out. I watched it. It made you think about mortality made, you think about things ending and even if you're, not able to admit it to yourself subconsciously made you think about tat and you're, not ready for that are sitting in the room at the ed you're, not ready for just look at it. I've just stare and added. Half empty door. If you're looking at the way, they proceeded to walk through new hair under high grading. Sad and you cannot pudding sets.
Same height is the platform shoes, the DE wherein wearing onset. All of the connections are there, the worst thing in the world Allow me to get the Irishman another chance. I thought there what was really get? I thought it should have been eight hours. That's my take. The Irishman is too short semantic. I mean it. I'm sub toilers areas does not a bit. The Irishman was that long enough it was too short Ok now, as always, thanks for coming up, I mean this park as this two hours long. I guess I should be completed by the Irishman. Vega, thanks criminals are safe for agri job at the website. It's a really good website, like reading the rare dotcom, great websites, very special check it out, everyone gray pieces on the sire. I now make sure you watch dear babyhood on the Ringer Youtube Channel, yeah shit, oh my god, the sensation in Sweden nation. Your son Isaac the voice of an angel, his she's, a marvel. Are we during a third, our now and Baby Yoda no kyle- and I heard him say
are baby. Instead, I guess I was Kyle said it was one of his favorite pieces of ringer. Several very others have ably revelation Mallory Pleasure great to be here with you, thanks to stay farm thanks to the cabins and Mallory, thanks to all bird stylish comfortable, sustainable, they come in a wide range of cars and Barbara Nature. Variety silhouettes keep you looking your best and whatever situation find yourself in this holiday season, Aubert's the perfect gift to make out is a little uncomfortable for everyone on your list, give the gift of comfort this holiday season or get a pair for yourself at all birds that come also. I encourage you To check out Nortons secure, Vps these bank raid encryption to obscure year connection a box cyber criminals from seeing what you're doing it awesome. As your online activities and location, the no love BP and making their online activity truly private But I learned this holidays is no given extra gift. Cybercriminals get Norton Scare Vps for his own
three. Thirty three a month for the first year, they know Subscription better Norton that Sash Vps Simmons terms I will see you send it area in the basement. One way.
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