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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Bears-Rams snoozefest, the 11 cross-off teams, Vikings-Broncos, Patriots-Eagles, Ravens-Texans, murky AFC playoff implications, and more (1:45). Then Bill and Sal are joined by Charitybuzz auction winner, Mark Harris to guess the NFL lines for week 12 (34:40). 

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mercury, and so your shit today the day may be made up, but the money, Israel, that's mercury, Emmy Are- see a r. I also brow to you by the ringer dot com, one of the world's last good websites as well. The book a Basque two point: OPA cast heading into three I who more common on Tuesday response, has been great. Thank you for all the great feedback south. Back ass to guard against all odds. You can also assume that the Ringer pack ass, thou art coming up or even talk about, Week, eleven and a whole bunch whether step a first, our friends from project I will do this instead here, together with that of Pakistan's assembly package together
I don't know could suitable Superbowl was ever This girl runners over and it only those in our assent spare. Occasion we auction off. Podcast, we did unsure buzz for our friend John Carlin to raise awareness for ass because our cousin Jimmy Chemo he did this whole DR tourism, ruinous when that one of the bed was come on Sunday, therefore bow with me and sow and then come on, pack has to guess the lines against says the winner of that action is here Mark Harris we're going to bring them in a little bit later. He's a Browns fan, we're saving it for the Myles Garrett segment. We have maybe later. Garrett segment hit this one has guard. He did something to talk about a volume people aren't talking about what he did on Thursday, five out of the word and talk about it But, yes, we were planning our. What weekend, I just said it again with mark: we thought
bears rams, will be great. Their that'll be an awesome game that we plan patients. A lot of I listeners are too young to remember, but the bears and rams used to be good team. Ragged like week to week, Thrace you're right. We do and mark a favor puts up allude to join us in the end up in a worse and then again with the worst. So you and I you talk me into a tease- ran before the game bear Sometimes I rams in the end, the over down thirty. Four rams just had to win, and the total points had to be thirty. Four and this laudable excruciating to road for acts of that. How much Johnny used Is this janni every five minutes? Genetic research- I don't know who is losing the world live more as this game went along Matt Nagy as he as he just like that is coach and future realizing you'd make a change. The two of us for doing this abet mark for,
the coming in here. Do this charity actual s Collins where to go. Became sad in the fourth quarter. I like you could feel, though, the life's kind of leaving his body he's only a positive guided in these games. And it's just like I just our know how much more than rams often cited to hate your own you're supposed to be selling us on this day. I want to watch it either. Lilies there, the ramp, sad one first down in the second half, would like six minutes left fourth quarter than road, but the big story was at the other game. It seems like the bears finally gave up on shore risky. It's odd timing, you don't think changed, and they don't give up on the game, necessarily because it was seventy seven with five minutes. I still calling time out when the rams at the ball, but yet they really think Chase Daniel. There might be more to the probably shouldn't be more to trouble. You saw it. I don't think there's any guy do it, but it is it's odd timing still that they took him out and it was
his last pass. As the starter. My bank was, play where our Robinson kept going and Trubisky Biscuit thought he was gonna stop any through by that just His jailer Ramsay read the ass right ranges running, nobody knew the bow is coming, including. Madame though midstream whisky is a college, I was aiming for a regular. You told me to do that now with you. For some reason this was the play were bad nag you, his leg of Mitch, has it and They come back from commercial and he has mentioned and embrace right and he's working time allow like Michael Corleone telling frayed. Oh, I knew was afraid, oh, but it was much longer much more emotional and God only knows what he said to him, but I think the words Burke the X. Fao is gonna, have a lot of jobs. It. I think you'll be great. There might have been said right, but this is it. This is for Mr Mayer's Ginsberg Man's card. Michael I just talk.
Two days ago he's waiting to hear from you. I don't know what to think with him, because I was impressed. I guess now. I have to sing the lines defense against my cowboys, I'm not too impressed. But yes, second half last week gave me a glimmer, tiny glimmer of hope, but, like you said like every password, it was four yards that every receivers I got real Gabriel. All these guys like what I'm going to get crunch there right there you guys. As soon as I turn around there's no and like you said he doesn't take off he doesn't take off their weird thing to me, as they do at least use only Buffalo uses Josh outright and have him the dangerous threat on either side of the issue. Most confusing, I fence in the leg it seems like a lot. The place or design just to get the receivers annihilated by whoever? But the good thing is we to talk about this anymore than bears are out no eve would rise and the more we have some money. When I passed out, Sir there we want on that with us that we lost profit. I said like that,
Nobody really wanted to win that game. They were playing for. The law is not a good thing when you have the over, but their yang. We all set for the last six minutes that it was actually an MBA all star game. There was no friggin point, but the they also. They only try when, like four minutes left in the fourth quarter, Grable teams, regardless of the score, is the same. I had the feeling. It reminded me more of a high stakes poker match where Just folding every hand. Right yeah is, I add some point on many issues and that's when I ll go and training. Both teams are just folding hand after him the hand after hand, but in fact shows us that National Football Game, the admin of ice, invisible, allegedly they supposed be entertaining neither nobody wants take a chance animate, even their hold carts. None out every week get a dumb special teams: touchdown defensive touchdown. There is no pig there's almost some pics Sixes RAF didn't look great, either now away, but, yes, overcrowded. What's do the process now, our trust in the bears off right now
across of teams through eleven weeks would like to do want a week. So we have the bay. Where's the bangles, the Broncos, the bucks, the cardinals, the dolphins, the Falcons, the research falcons, the giants, the jets, the lions and the risk now who's on the on the bubble, I think of the Panthers and You know the aim of sea, I just I like the charges loosed the chiefs tomorrow night there across our right. Do we say the browns I bring our friend my we're gonna talk about this can't do it was my comes. I I can't cross I thought I feel good about it, as I feel like a they might make the play off. So I say is that it can viable so you have this really weird plants picture now or in the inner see fit Teams have eight Windsor more and we pretty I know, those are gonna, be the path teams and less of the crazy happened. Saved Cisco, Green Bay, Neurons Seattle, Minnesota down Thou hast fairly. One of those two is the sixteen
situation. The rams are too and back wind column from everybody. And they're, not even good anyway. Fillies now three wins back they know when the division, thereby making the Carolinas five and five, but are you said earlier, might reminded swayed and set it bad. The Vikings loss, what a made things trusting you we needed. It bore the Niners loss not will for while car purposes boat, maybe four the vicious firstly, somethin, Jim, said an incredible twice, point come back today where came all the way back and then Denver still. I felt like lecture one found Emirates, clock management, ruled out the little guy or play it was terrible at the end you wanna do Fanny bag manager would bring it back what it. What is it? This is the nickname I like it here.
Which is burning clock? They was like they thought they had. Thirteen minutes lapse of time out and the family. For my god it was really bad and I guess you have Cortlandt son or someone ISM on fantasy widen these gigantic when they go to him down. The stretched at three plays now No, I dont, like any of these islands or long for a wig rose ass, ours could we go out and all your whole, Caroline now in her was had a miserable there. Really bad you have three interceptions or for pigs, that was the most enjoyable went to me because we're getting closer and closer to Arthur Blank, giving dank winner contract right where every falcons feel good come back Wayne where it's like mad. I say we got something going now. I've intervening to fibre years. They inquired they're playing defence, the actually look like they're playing for the coverage there. I don't understand, what's changed its that, like they ve had not aventine guys come back now
It's just like inside and Queen gave the greatest sports movie speeches of all time. Well, that was weird and that's why I want. I guess we don't cross off Carolina, but this is a kind of game with Mccaffrey has like a hundred ninety scrimmage yards and they still get loan. The hell out, like not even close to winning this game and he's just knock, Enough for them, I'm just excited- were actually talking about football, because the last four days have been about miles garden. About his dried. Only what happened here and there were lad, and I want to talk for Papa the Pats game. I was complaining about it after you remind me the paths for ninety one that it would be far better regulated turns out. I feel like you're just waiting for me to say you just need me to say it. You know it hurt, so you know your, as our eye. Brady's, fine Sullivan so heading into the game. Brady was seventeenth and Kubi rating. Twelve. Thank you be. Are his up his stance in this is before before it,
stats stature added, but I mean you're talking about two thousand. Sixteen in two thousand seventeen his basically his kubi rainy to those. Sixteen was one twelve Two thousand emptiness one or three like this It's gonna. It was ninety three heading in this game. It's gonna be ninety before that, but the ship can thing to me. Is the yard spur the yards per attempt so was point two into those. Sixteen. Now it's gonna be less than seven. Why is getting older? I think is thing. Well, so here's the thing so there's been moments a year ago. I is they say it like you think about that paint men's last every year. I want to make the case four Brady, but I do on a point out. They played three good defences all year, Buffalo Baltimore Philly. Sixteen points. Twenty point, seventeen, its Brady through won T pass in those regions. Julian adamant has, as many tv passes here, The real problem, no ground Caskey
whose left TAT Isaiah when they lose their full back James there and who is one of the big reasons are ran again back on then they lost Andrews on the offensive line as well. Office of Dizzy Marshall. New houses involve Tammany things about Marshall, knew ass. Like eight, I don't know they have worked for him. And I think it's a game of dominoes where he knows he's going to get hit. He knows he has to get rid of the ball and it aid to the most uncharacteristic Brady. She'll be performance in a long time but I don't blame him. I blame those surrounding Serbs. He has or teen incomplete bass that around at first that the further but- look at his receivers. He had Toby Myers Mikhail Harry is in his first game today. Door sets out there, he gets, can cost on an amateur but that, of course, in a car Kazanovitch patriots elements, double Dovetail basically and he's, cancer. The Sony Michel is, God forbid that guy ricotta screen pass so
really know what he's supposed to be doing in these games, but I think it really bodes badly for the playoffs unless they can get out there and the line why he just needs to went right. He knows what he needs it though you say I don't know what he wants, your nine and one that is unhappy. The Post game press conference in this unhappy there he was about his unhappiness and Brady's that leg I don't know Peyton Manning, throwing his teammates under the bus member paid may be used to that. Brady won't do that, but you can tell by the by the demeanor in the post game. I just I think this conversation is for you and your pay. You crazy buddies like hands the disguised as long as your nine and one People are hedge funds of grabs, the daddy I dive are having to watch a first Applin had she was out of his mind, but people like may mark we're just gonna with this is insulting. They last remarks, you're completely by your daddy one, major back on the playing well Brady mortality thing you know
think about it. The back your head, it's like having a pair get all day you have to have a conversation with herself is forty, two so happy recent rattled, so you don't they You don't think this is a real big. I don't know, I think radiance good in these gave no other. He looks fine. He looks fine enough to win, and now he could add, touchdown down, ELM and throw it could easily been, is That's. Why didn't you? It's not a big deal, but is that? Why is upset because he feels like it's a wind for Bela check? and not allow. I just think, he's frustrated in there. I think the seas of this plan and Wendy Antonio Brown when they cut ties of them right. And he was obviously bonded about it and upset, and it came out that he lobbied you no way. Don't do this scene? I think he did it cause. He knew he needed. Came out, is like tweeting, an instant right now. They know they were isn't everything to each other. Well, I'll, say this if he as a vcr, still he'll, be able to see tape of the terrible cowboys defence. Today and a lot of find a way to get it done next week,
I am concerned. If there had to a road in the Good NEWS as they might not have to been Watchin bottle or again the start about that. So much fun Houston, EDA they get their Hopkins p. I call which was terrible that went through baltimores way, but ass. I felt like they were doing whatever they wanted offensively. The onawandah likely saw such a big deal. This pass interference, call and I lost but for tat- sounds like the took both a momentum away, but this is that did that large action is just unstoppable. That's all I'm saying when I watch us gay rights and the defence. I think they sat Watson. Seven times If you had to pick between those two teams who, as you pick right now, because our I would say the Ravens, ravens or patriots, I think the ravens look a little better right now, but I think that could changes the Pats offence align comes by thrill. Depends where the game is honestly like ragged, that's in Fox borrow, you got a very good shot and if you're in Baltimore Memories can be swinging pomp bombs at your age,
coming. It's be over soon. Well, Patsy, genuine one ravens, eighty two, but if they tie I the Ravens, because they won the head to head. Think think they would have a hard time going into Baltimore and scorn damsels good whence they they should have beaten. The chiefs They should have thirty three twenty eight of the F C South division leader used in obviously be yours. I gotta know what more they're supposed to do. They gonna take our business. Obviously they have seen North is and what everyone hoped it would be, but they're gonna have to thirteen went this Pats offence reminds me of there's a couple years decade. One crack got hurt was specifically the when aid towards the Nigger ligament his knee, but it's just so hard for braided due to do stuff. In thy The Denver season ends twenty two eighteen, they don't get. The two your version where everything was Jesse and he's just do it.
Everything he can and they still can't get to twenty points, and I hope that sought going happen this year. I just thing from a skull position: standpoint Edelman scale. Guy he's. Now we say, he's one of the best ten receivers and the leading I, but that's the one defence you have the void and they have say right Baltimore. I think you're gonna be ok until then. Obviously chief, as you can either will have to go through bottom. Where this is my point, and I think that everyone gay be, you have to score right now, but your nine one, it's fine. How many points to a need to score to be both were twenty, seven sure, yeah, twenty seven I have a right to be concerned is going be ok, I will one thing I got what another fan base could guarantee they're gonna be an area in the championship. J, not So in million dollar pigs on Thursday, we we re down one point: seventy five million dollars because I Seko's down slightly more than marked bid on to be
slave persicos dance, cruiser someone bet and then last week was the friggin cowboys so I went online on the Pats money line. I did the thing that your supposed to do? I did the brow you did for their own through the air did three point: three billion under Pats money LAD and if, if we ass, the register to shut down the sacred reserve with fixed desiring roused myself and a good outbreaks. Is that has begun media everywhere that's came through in our back. This graven bet the classic crap all over their quarterback tat, the classic game, I'm that crap in the quarterback under this stage of his career, he doesn't have a good enough. Defence alliance would what's realistic, so I say ones coming back and think he's back next week, but said to prison if you'd injuries are ready in guinea. He's on browser different than we were accustomed to I'll. Give you that
there's been some really there's like Ben one bad red zone, throw a game which makes me making procedure seems uncomfortable, that's the thing. There has been a gaming, it's a good defence relay. He looks cause he's got in today's look and get I weren't. Take a quick break and then I want to talk about two going down a couple, other things in the market brain mark and talk about MILES Garrett. Let's talk about audible, its football season, you got a new favour, played a roof it's John seen as Billy Logan in the audible original comedy sixty fourth man after promising cultural bucker this right underdog, try to go big, but instead he went home Costaguana confiscate from each Bisbee, an all star cast. Snow performers will Forte Lizzie Jones Chris read them their dankert and sixty fourth man is, I t for years, written by Brad sucker senior at Saturday live it's the audio,
Many series- you don't what a mess out, saucer, Embezzle, Philips former, had read it above average and the kicker. So the sent me this you'd others, those things that are you punch and they bounce back up those big kind of their pension bag. Thanks that, like my son, would go to town our dinner. They actually sent me one of John Siena. That's like five feet. I I brought it home and it was like the nicest thing I've done for my son feta cheese beating the hell out of it on a Saturday here, happens when you're forth in from Eugene, but the game clock is running out. Listen free with the third day trial, go to audible, dotcom, sash, sixty. Fourth, that's audible that come the nice as we did for him, was given eighty hours for candy that you drove around the collect in the first place. We in around here I he worked. The neighborhood the neighborhood red dimension, the Phillies special statue yeah. Just that then telecast
say notified statue, the silly special you know those on over on their own. How may damage would be mentioned there in the telecoms like two and a half that wasn't we went over there go over every we went yet Statue of Nick Falls talking Doug Pearson, while an I am therefore going to Philadelphia and pissing on that thing. Rail air is that That is against the law. Yet none of tat why it now? I think I can do it now you how much money we would you would you want to go piss on the Phillies special statue marks right here. You gotta give me a time I wanna go soon you as wherever the mask on Philistine, so statue hey, fairly act you ve been there before you make it a statute, is a one fucking play no longer more Superbowl YO should be more upset about this. Then you solve esters alone. Rocky statute Iraqi says away from an over the rocky statute? The Phillies special conversations get at your let's big data.
The birds are shooting at Dax sixteen games. How many passing or do you think, I have this last sitting here. How many would you guess the time this year, the last six Lasher sixteen around forty four hundred, almost five thousand really thirty- to touch sense, pretty spreading today, forty nine. Seventy is the best buying your team. He had the wrong guy and we're gonna pay him. I you you could have given about it to him and just Pollard who's, the best running any idea, really nice catch off the turf and turn it into a beginner today. Like more powers, a comma jagged to pick, I it is weighed down by the nose rings now and they can actually make slower, which makes him and even better player, but we have to give him what I saw. What I needed out of Dac today, like you, look at all
James. You just mention those are all Amari Cooper Games and I think it like thirty eight yards today was all gallup and cop today and he had over four hundred and forty yards. This was his. Came in a game they needed. We needed to gain a game on the Eagles today, you guys did your job now, you'll trounce us! Next. We now be back I think he's a great your data, don't know happened, defensive now occurred, but doesn't what I mean about the play, call and gets me mad against the Vikings or so the second to third and two slash four and two against the vikings last week. If it's not so vanilla, If you got the callin more in you, gotta go and that really was the animals a dazzling. Does it sounds stupid, but I like five times like? Oh, my god, that's a great play, call their queen them sign at this you know how that I agree that that their offensive Gobi now they have load management in the NBA. Now We do Thou Randal Cobb now listen Rambo Cobb to some island for four weeks. You just need him four January,
right leg we gotta get down on your, don't play him against the bad teams, just save him for because the stuff tat he gives you is so crucial, and I have no faith that he'll be able to stay healthy for two more monstrous theatre in every area. On what the bowling, healthy and he's out there. Like your whole, you ve galloping of Cooper, who is here. Vocabulary, while awhile glow glow about Cooper. His great, I think we got the best of Amerika burden than ever tremendous game today, but just tiptoeing asylum passes did he drop in Oakland like. I think this is the best we ve seen em like since COL, given its funny. He was in that group of receivers like ouch, Jeffrey, like does kind like the town two guys, but can never put it quite together completely, but they all when five eight dollars hi. You fancy draft that and then he actually did it, because I think he is these four. This is in his bed on that Hopkins Church left,
number one guys in his young too, is right in our great trade Jones Man, he knows what he is talking. A lot is very rather, you could see that a trade worked out immediately and that one dead and make a fitzpatrick dead and added. While the rest would you rather play? You can be the foreseen if you, when they advanced, not gonna, would freer more fun for the five gas to appear in the past, Would you rather play Seattle or Minnesota, and the four five game her cousins at home and a better team. A rustle, Wilson and all no slightly worst him outside. I we beat Seattle last year, so maybe that's motivation for them. I think I'd rather to have the Vikings I just Seattle is in every close game, every single, close game. They poured out I think they're, surprising, p Carol you saw Monday night. They have guys. This highlights is like how the hell is. That happening is don't wanna be close with Russia. Wealth in the last quarter, rather put
so there are today was a good one for them Thea. I think that would have been a way worse loss than it was a good when yeah for sure lose so that Fucking Denver team come on three and seven. He had like thirty yards passing in the first half and then he stepped out. They must feeling very well, but there that I need to come back again to go up. Pass. Secondly, can January San Francisco ceiling right now they lose last week then submit Jimmy was quite ready for a game. Might that neither is there kicker? I was cursing him back and forth saying things about his porn star girl for otherwise you're going off and via the worst beat of the year right. If you have the Niners plus ten or push their up, when he six twenty three with a minute left, and now he s, blues plus ten raises the card us they across the coroner than they sent like nine guys on that play that the nine or scored on
like Jimmy did the latter's cover on that yeah they allow shared mark is add their fantasy defence out, so I'll explain how they pushed or covered depending on where you imagine- and I think that I was down- you think like that in review it fast the review that right, one could go home, nor will reward for it seems I take you a quick equipped for that. Now, the at the Jimmy Jean, not coming through that game on the of last week, Seattle Game, we ve been bad. I think that would have been thou to become a real narrative. I still wrong, I'm not a believer. I still feel like it's more likely They lose at home and ran to around three and they lose They, like thirty seven, two ten euros for pigs, I dont know he's ready yet that was a really nice last drive. They have to run the ball to have come out of his banged up or what, but I think they D for when the brain is less than right, then made average, George carefully there not to think of him
the thing was, the aim see south is wide open again, so it's possible have been all over that this is a garbage division hope. Yet I want him from another campaign to an Earl possible. You gotta play out it play of teams from you will get. From this division. You might get to see. I was gonna. Ask you some more possible Houston finishes eight Nate, so there I've used it loses today they look bad yet they had. De on thursdays- I am home, I think, Used- is not as good as it is. Personal opinion New England, the next week at on home, for damper at Tennessee at Tampa Home Tennessee. I think it's just as likely that they can go to enforce it is that they can go far too. I think it's a five hundred. Thank you can't say any of these things are going well. Ninth, better nine and seven, not in seven now Meanwhile, the courts Was trying to make a case for Tennessee, maybe
in their like as their only a game back. They gets by Houston twice in the last three weeks, but but everything else for a year I said like this Indianapolis day, my I think, there's six and forbid it sort of deceiving because they ve been really banged up. Any Marla MAC with a broken hand, doesn't help yeah. That's it. Does that fantasy team? I need to call my and see if it's possible further by the gas. I feel that I have do like their backer Bernie MAX, but Mila MAX better than alive cigarettes, and yet it there ok, but yeah. We could see it a new division chip and I think, then the last one I had for you is TAT a graphic most giveaways, first five seasons by a court wreck. This little ever that yeah. It's that's garbage number one decision making seventy exit, even cloth, Jake Plumber hundred and twelve
hundred and twelve give this. First, it I've I've years yet number two any hundred eleven, which managed to think of us Peyton now Peyton Manning hundred eleven were waiting have riot. They showed the graphic during the game. I took a picture of it from her through drew Bledsoe one, our sex number, four Carrie Collins, one or two, and then for five was Jamieson was ninety seven and then he immediately through another picked above today eight. So he He has six games left to chance catch upon idea, Godot. Fourteen last fourteen in six games doable did the fighting. Was trade too thanks. Weren't even remotely has fought one of emerging haired caught it fumble that it fell behind his back
accurate carrying it behind his back, the guide took a net say: that's a pic of James there. That's what s happening right, get bad luck. It did runs all the way through a man he must have seen. What does he think when he seized her biscuit benched? Why isn't it? and aggressive municipal when he was a banged up today to still opinion, Lamar has been the most exciting where this year, but I think Ass is, and I think it is our duty we gone Salvatore belong, although I am I share their team I get. This is what they do he's he's every time he goes back to pass. Among the edge messy hey last year, Crown were lodged the first off the field, water break to encourage Van began to moderate. Hydrate stand the game where they are watching. The stating much in Homer Debar have a great time enjoy. Some crown just don't be that person
ruins it forever and make the recall take water break so who made the recall this week I'll tell you who may there? I call build the Baseball Writers Association of America for voting Jacob Degree, of my New York mats sigh young award when or twenty nine and thirty first place votes to forty three hour, a point: ninety seven whip, twenty three squalus innings to end the season good job. I your Jacob good job, I! U baseball writers, Association, America, we get, we get a ton of it Alonzo wins a team that never makes the policies and we get all the Susan Alot, of a lot of trophies for logo and eighty seven one Metz. That's all that matters so make mallard area about major. I went in there d be over and over again and I win shouldn't matter, and I thought of like counter arguments this. U bold said you bold say one should matter.
I just feel like MIKE Treads team one. Seventy two games, like the words as most valuable, roughly the most viable for they would have gone sixty eight more but his wars when above replacement, is still gigantic. Ok, My question is: if the aims when o in one sixty two, they lost every game, though us all hundred and sixty games make Trot had the exact same season. Is he Maybe I don't think so. I think that war fought a railway factors it But you think the war would get hurt if he was on one sixty, two billion there's no wins the lights Alexa. He would say he was perfectly They were, they were twenty and one forty two, I guess, there's an so you're saying I'm saying. Was the threshold way or like our at this is stupid if their fifteen one twelve five can argue the you, I can't take your son. About, and I understand it because I'm same place would shake up the ground not Ohioans on this now because I outlined for him
Personally, I am is most outstanding pitcher, it's it's delineate as a guy. You boys are damning as different. I say most vat by players, this person with the most viable to his team. Tingle. Seventy two and ninety: how valuable could of bed while he had in their nerves, are like no, no, no! That's it! That's stupid, bubble, bottles, Iberian, Irma I'll go out of yours. I went on none. I went on Wikipedia and I was like I would is, with the action definition of air and the baseball writers. A million years ago risk like it's up to you to decide where viable interest, so fireside valuable means its valuable to the winds of the team and that's how I value it on. Rob that's how I told it's up to me? How I want a value? It dear? No one's wrong everybody What would you give it to you movie bats shoot somebody that at least one five hundred could you win Could go eighty one and eighty one to win the envy pay its Vienna five hundred team, he's only one guy
my grandma water break. The sweet goes to Maggie who who tragically heaters, this kind of broke at the end of their rams game, and there is something in him that that either said I watch another Mitch risky play for the rest of my life or, if I put him in he's, gonna, throw a pic sex I'll never be able to get this kid back right. Any them with tuna minutes. I've been again that they had no chance of winning anyway gave him Hog, it's gonna, be all sports type moment the thing it's gonna led to a whole week of what is mean verses. He should bench. Travesty was alive. I I did of this directive tabled here, so I think he flipped it before I became a narrative. I elected comrades, crown everyone this for buses and take a wire break and moderate
stay in the game. All right we're going to bring him back Harris. Let's do it right! Mark Harris is here, walk, we've, never done, guess the lines. I guess we've done it with house We believe that person is everyday asylum. Now we shall have how did honour and houses and give us any money for right out. You can put a price on this issue and what are we did? He showed us, how has doesn't pay his debts, which is present browser, so Do I sour questions you, but what I want to know you, you put a lot of money down and we don't really want to say, but it was ninety one thousand. They reach everyone. So we're trying to find out what kind of lunatic you a seems fairly normally watch the game with him right. You went to the bathroom soon, as I think this is good can get caught ever he'll turn out actually, but what percentage I want to know what percentage Is it you hating a, alas, is a? U loving, Simmons or me or nephew Kyle.
Most of all, I try it. It was. It was the hope of getting the scene. Nephew call on a cigarette break I got you got around to the bathroom in Cairo was sneak in when I think are right next year that we auction that off Kyle's United twenty six on Tuesday is reflecting on his life. The first quarter of his life was behind him now for thing you're. Round sphere. We were talking about the boughs Ghana view heard miles garriga some trouble at the UN in the stores game. I do you you're just fill mannerly and this became April. The ball hot, takes soon army that night oh and day in my day ironic as weren't able to talk about the pack ass. I, They thought it was a little overboard pupil, comparing it's the our test may lay in Detroit which had where's charge in the stands and punching fans and fans getting
launched on the court and really must turn in a full scale riot, and this was a football fight that ended with somebody had a home in his hand, lost control for a second but then what slow moving the fight. It seems so much worse than just this thing. I think you should have suspended the rest of the year. I dont know if we need talk about it for the next ten weeks you and I shall take about Myles Garrett, just in general yeah. Well, I mean, I think, come I think like it was. It was not yet there it is there that we get it. There was never a really bad, it looks really bad. The clip looks really, but I feel like the the outrage seems to make you feel like it was premeditated fray and- and I I really like I said I liked what Brady had to say, which is like these things escalate really really fast
and that's what I think it was. But what about him as a guy either yeah why just I mean this is here. This is the last person you it expect to do this. I mean he's this like really sensitive, super thoughtful, you now introverted guy who writes poetry and you now and and- and I even though I know this is really dominant- look terrible, I'm and I really feel for him, because I, this is the kind of thing that could it could really way on him sure you become the helmet Talmud thrower beer helmet a how much helmet- weapons nicer than amateur the helmet competition.
So when I will first of all, how big is this? If it's one of the eight Sunday Games verses a third in a game where we had three days to stew on it, I think TAT was bad for him. I think it was bad for him. There was bad. I've is about as bad ran, that it was the last play the game and what the hell are you doing here is beaten by the same all anyone wants to see Mason The fifth back when I want to see this nonsense, and yet we don't need to talk about above. The punishment is just like desert everyone's crazy about head injuries and rightfully so this this leak and go away in the matter of the direct aid or to you now, if they dont police that and if he does connect on that that's bad so, I think the punishment is just maybe people overreacting too much, but he did connect there. You have a realist, Mason route I really really just bounced off him hating. Can anyone I kept coming back. You see captain knows in there
It is. I was thinking about wrestling in their early, thousands. The attitude era when geyser just getting crushed over the head was still chairs changed. But what was that three years you get hit by a steel chair twenty times in the same match, with a with a helmet, hurt more or less than a steel chair. I think I think it's like a bowling ball. If you could swing a bowling, I think more and to give you more than I do I had so we're test set out with Kyle Elio go after his show is again. Why- and I am, I thought it was our foes shocking. But I accept the hands worth thing worse when he's on your centres, Faye Right and opened thirty. Its cut near there the guy has gonna have for the rest of his life and to me that was more premeditated. This was like a fight that was becoming atta control and also he gets homer and everybody swinging and he's been
they behave. We're thing was almost evil right. Guy and expose face, and he had cleat signage Saigon stamp on his face, actually that that should have been a big again. We don't. We weren't brass word about concussions back then, and now is that so, times, I'm worried about opening our huge carbon somebody's bay. I think it did make me give Twitter had been around first The really awful stuff sure like the brewing into the stance against the Rangers and their testimony allay n Andrew Gladder Riddick Bow and some of their crazy shit. We ve seen this is crazy, but it wasn't like I did meeting like have a topic. I sought, after my I'd, want to step on parent corner, but I watch this game by Saudi Arabia.
Let me ask you this as a Browns fat or no. If you thought I right, they beat pretty good, be down of the Steelers division. Rivals you might talk yourself into that. They could have a play off opportunity. I have ever dolphins and then on a switch. You lost your best defence, a player here, and it's just loves Tonia before it was like can ever relaxes Brownsville burden yeah. I actually think it could be the thing that keeps them from being able to make that run cause they ve got so that got such little margin for error, but it there is, it could go the other way. Like their deadly, they devote to season two miles I haven't, nor they think is rally around it. I don't know, I really, I believe in redemption. I think it could be like a really powerful thing and this could go. That way, can we have two Ewing Varied, so the sub plots working at the same time, the colts? Obviously preset that being one funny afraid. Kitchens was like guys
now, the masses, God I'm actually start making sense as occur How to get Delgado Network can we talk? there's a moratorium on a pretty kitchen nodded, not a fan right at the out. Well, I'm I do I have to say, like I really feel for him he's a pretty likeable character if you followed felt all voluntary another that Africa, but DE I ever died, but yemeni just tejus he's been driving me crazy. You know- and I think that I just the decision making is really rough, and I feel, like I feel like is gonna- be challenging wave. What we talked about, you you're devalued not a foreigner devoting money to a good cause. Why now we're talking about if they pass the hat as is often, though, with Data Rio Code, all they asked what they ask fans to paper. Stadiums, bring it to a call. What? If but who would be a real cards? One my arm
What did they haven't? Lincoln Riley argument you relate goes from IE browser says eminently: seventy five million from everybody go, get Lincoln Rally. I'd put for that. You'd pitcher it would, while would be beneficial to our quality of life. I mean, as of your arm in California, new stadium isn't going to write to me a lot of good sir. New coach, I like when I like this idea, and I like that, like Fraid of catches, unfortunately his the coach, you routine and legislate at a security guard in your lobby, any good air he might being scared, a guy. I think this Cleveland thing. This was the number one draft pick for the team. I would have guessed that this happened to because there just been a train wreck all year budget, penalties, stupid b maybe we're all kinds of things: on raw analyses that would have guessed. This is the team that it would happen. Regulations you us out.
Took the Steelers who, as soon as the team, this number two team, you hate the most behind the ravens right yeah, but you took them off the hook were Mason Rudolf is just an. Salute abomination, breakthroughs for packs and your command the game? He would have been. The story like, oh my god, that dude taxis, never gonna make a, and instead Moscow become stir. People forget Mesa rode. Do you must have never of fantasy him as your fancy starter Thursday. I was watching the ended their game. Normally, I would have turned it off, but I was reading from the third. The fifth interception They have a long road. And that's how I love seeing an overarching alive in in June. I did. He hit him with his helmet remiss, show them It played a thick hotline, with the help of an I'm all said on having Jason as my most hated Garrett near, I dont think miles can jump on. So let's keep it at that. Can we talk about to a really quickly, and I think so you bet
and two or two in the eyes, and of course I did all this guy was on pays for having ninety touch. Imagine having ninety touchdown passes in two years, and yet hardware either year. So I thought all he was kind of closed last year calamari Mari dealt though they'll give it to him of its. If it comes down to it, and he be, an underdog going into this week anyway, about seventy one other dog to Joe borrow, but very sad, we went out the so Joe Boroughs, gonna win any land right, he was gonna win any whether going in this week, but in others there was three weeks laughed and you never know what the injuries or for you have. I think can get to feel you cheated out of this bet you made by JO borrowed. Why, when I got no exactly at an hour, explained this years later to my grandchildren that I had a locked and loaded the thing with two, though. On Twitter. They start doing. This is like the boat Jackson, injury and it's like era. That's the worst thing you can see
J, but my guess is in the last thirty years they must have better technology to do that, injury right in there in the they didn't really understand what happened about Jackson toes too late as part of the problem. I hope we can come back from it, but yeah, I don't know he's that's an interesting and now, like. I think you pointed out that the bangles are stupid ever try to run a game now right. The borrow like during its Take it easy there trying to day farming for borrow. What do we? What was a blow away for blowing? If borrow forego always said, I think it was blowing blowing Ferber the clothing for allowing for Burma, like the furrowing forbearance refer for Burma that blowing for if anybody can come up with a better idea, email. I sent the mail bag at Ringer, dot com b. I think blowing for Bergenfield Dalton warming up on the sidelines when the Bengals had a chance to drive and then tie against the raiders and then just nothing happened like that you're staying there
no we're down a sow who'd. You pick two in the cards for both arena. I think Clemson, ok, soon, as I get you guys as he see you work it out, you beat each other up. That's fine and we just be five teams by forty points are more will see you in December market. I couldn't college football bullets. Kids got Adrian another size, you your seven days a week. I cannot you're bud. I gave regards my blood on bidding against these guys unlock it ends to gear. Inside errand soccer, sadly, it is six sixteen. Thus, her parlay the idea that we are seeing qualify for soccer and they then combined score of thirty one. Nothing. I think I want they'll never happen again, out very, very proud you weren't the lights are: how does this work? you know. The right idea was that it was that you before were you ask me why I bid
Mr O year, when I wanted to raise at any as you like I add you haven't, had I argued that the closure via and their couple things I gotta dear, but wanted so I mean I loved the park cast. Thank you especially the show, and it's an unusual experience as a listener. Credit credit to you to him and the format, but you feel you feel, like you know, you're having a conversation, not just listening one, and so I'm I'm guessing. This is true of other listeners, but yet I have across time deluded myself into thinking. I know you both and the world and die. That's crazy talk well and is crazy. You know, after years of this, going on and being good friends that the fact that we had actually ever met
I, was gonna where in that area, the park as they are and so on, but anyway I did so I figured it would be. It be rude Nata in a bid. Ninety thousand websites audacious between the airlines, but there were there as it were there, but there were actually there were two to two other things. That one is I I just recently sold but company that I found it after twenty very long years. In an I suspected that life is, my wife was gonna. You know was working on some sort of expensive gift that I would never give myself as a way of celebrate in an ad Ives. I said you know, I don't know, I don't know about that, but I think since this is something that I might want to do and that's where they cause and add to her credit. So thank you to blight back how's. She doing a leading, she'd ended up,
but she was like you know, I'm not very good at through an extravagant things, and she really you now surely push me to death, so that was one. The second was my assistant, dad who really runs my wife. She was doing the betting. She was navigating the bidding and then with like five minutes to go in the whole extended plaything. She sensory this photo of this guy with this really elaborate, hairdo right- and you have said this- is the person his outbidding anna just I'm in this- was not not. The hair of a good person was Don King looked a little like about and and so they just pushed all my buttons, and I had my sort have my miles He went to a few of those that I am. I am on my miles irish air MILES gear moment and I lost contact with reality and started swing in my home and, at the other, better lie with unbelievable. So, where do we twelve guess, the lions all glad you
words ourselves, actually winning through lemon, actually yeah yeah, I mean actually goes. You lose almost every area its I for one sounds a bomb for five one, but if five or turkey I got five year eleven year, your ties- some israeli complicated area. What to do about this guy was marked beats as we both get losses. That's right. We paid him, it's worth the double when I was right yeah, said the boy, and this is it hits. Then I got all ebay if I were her sisters. To this week through Dna Houston, his home for the courts of apis. We have Marco first, this is well. What usually I go? First at their, I look out mark of third, I got what a time for the costs to be catching the Texans. What a time for the text, To be catching the costs down, while MAX out, we know
of two, I is gonna play. If too I hellenism playing, I would find it hard pressed to believe that the court's could go in there. Member who knows if the present for I feel like this is Texans by three care. I said Texans by four mark. I am, I said, Texans by four and a half mile, I was wondering if I should have adjusted died out their mouth now. I saw earmarked its in a half so Simmons and I support that. Ok and you have to go so he looked Yazzi. So we split that markets, nothing. So that's what I'm saying we change get y know you don't like my tie system banal. Aid should get one right or have. We waited. Why was it what was alone three and a half? We do it. The weighted before ok I'll get no animal. I had for these Sunday Marquis game,
Google assist in his ready how we get more downward gesture voice in the card home. Every take your phone. I, beneath the assistant from research. So I can once again be cousin sow as I'm guessing the lines that I can just say. He, Google, What will the weather be? Likened Foxfire, Massachusetts next Sunday, at one p m they'll, be raining snow there with a high of forty six in a low of twenty nine, so not gray, weather Sunday, so they got a little. How pants free to say, hey Google to get started, here's the game. Budgets at home against the cowboys. This is why your slow play in the fats earlier. And I don't think I'm worried about bravely and whereby the vizir phone, your fine bits, cause you're playing me. Do you have the immediate here for your nine and what you have to do now? You anyone end up on the bow check, backward and eyes I I
I think this line should be for, but I think it'll be higher than that, because Vegas will bump it cuz it's patriots at the patriots by six at home, okay, I went lower, I said five hundred and I have patriots six and one slash two man mark is on the MAR six and a half exactly what how beat us. I think he hey, Google does one you think he figured out how to get there. My eye, my answers are filed with her nephew, Kyle Haviland about this game. I don't I don't love it. We gained our game on the eagles. This week we beat the lions den you guys to care business against eagles and voice suspect to put up not a goose egg here, but you you're, gonna, make deck primeval given up you ve allowed like for passing touch, sounds a sheer right and that one today, a suspect This is DAK Prescott game. You going to have to run the ball control. The clock game show has been playing really good for us this year.
In the middle, but I do Lamb. I do think people can. He had an expert. I do think people can run on the paths, and I think that are you in this secondary rely, just read, there is some coaching match up. So just now can we overcome- and I think this is one of them Don't like your chances and checking against that. I can get past that right there. You know I got it I wasn't management is really really needed. The Ashraf, I got an email I saved it. I'm sorry! person who sent this may to asking. What I'm one of our great listeners active if dared is clapping this year. He gorgeous? Just stands there like a serial killer on the sidelines and does include because he knows about the clapper now I think I might,
Have you seen him clapping their higher as much? I think I saw a couple clubs and beginning of the year and then not not again sense. So do you think this the clapper name or originated on Gm Street with Bike Lombardy Frazier, and then we we talked about it right at some point. He must have found out. Maybe he has some seven Andrew nephew. Therein need our vacation in summer leg. Hey Jason! You know, there's a stick them for you, the clapper than shows them on twitter or maybe opponents order, but I dont think he's clappings much out of the remaining in IRAN, yeah, I think he's like is made aware of their use. Now it's like you just shaken his fist. What I was with the reader said that he just kind of stands: air like he's having a connection because he's like fighting off the urge to clap, but that's it
and we re nickname in the awful play call heritage the terrible time management that recent operating those things also lies. I found the email was from Danny, dug in Vermont. He said he said. He's gone into a more fitting stare into the abyss. The sands on his hips approach. I think he knows people are onto his clapping and then he says: maybe he should sir clapping again the interesting I am. The little more menacing on the sidelines and then that lead to like them slamming the challenge flag down. I think he's trying to change. So I would be very happy if he wasn't coaching it all he's just so conscious about the clapping. That's always thinking about their name. I don't clapped aircraft and clap. Three watch a ball games this week. Now more than ever, Europe near an account, and I got the first one,
Just fine from a fantasy weirdo standpoint: it's the Atlanta Falcons home for the Tamper Bay bucks. As I said earlier, I think James is one of the three most exciting players in the week I really want to see if he can break Jake, plumbers hundred and twelve of the first five years. I think that's an incredible to go on record and this game is in Atlanta and I have Amazingly I I'd. Never bet. I never pick this. I never pick pick em, but I'm going to pick up. I'm going falcons pick on against the bucks is by pair I I went minus four Atlanta minus four over tap mark. I went falcons modest one and a half I get this. It was minus four, exactly real determinable, three and seven. The land has got some do a mad. They give the tree,
Atlanta like a five hundred team right now, two big ones, their defence. I dont understand that lighted are really worried, The falcons are good, downright don't look at me like on crazy when I'm new paper then so vague, sustained. The falcons are better than Tampa the data I asked initially argue that box by one and a half in the end, and I swear to change Africans, they're playing ball, at the same time even like that Ryan is lighting it up. They put offered two weeks well, how many Jamie's interceptions? Can you spot a team everywhere easy and James the man's? Getting everything is too pretty good times too, Russia is rising and where did they come from? Do you think if somebody thrust foreign reception game and fantasy. What it. What is our legs? A minus one for fur ass, we moved administered and where is it there you are no. I wanted minus six fur. Oh that's takes six. You thought that
Why you, under the man is for something like that, but do you think for peace should that be worth It now remains for, like a mile zone, man is a twelve year. That's pretty good, next game. New Orleans is hosting the reeling Carolina Panthers, who will seen from what does he our number two. Yeah he's airlines outnumbered throughout our challenge. Our number one Panthers out zone number two hours. Were to no longer looks like the Cuba in the future and maybe cams, look a little more appetising, considering only when the VP that word for years ago, what they do that maybe we're keep her by these scenes at home, Ling, eight and a half to the Panthers right. I had seven and a half mark for I have. I have them by six right: the sports, a guy, gets it half its nine and ass they had there not squander our new Orleans anymore I'll. Take that either
do you think that was adjusted because of today the man, the Agora shares the thought I should have for sure and I'm trying to these two. They played each other at all. Right. Look at why I thought the sense of great today as well the press, they haven't. You know the other thing is camera at around the camara looked I camara. Yeah, you're commodity, again, a again. If it did, he held his eighty five rushing or just looked. I didn't like he, always look dangerous to assurance. Today, I felt like he just seemed dangerous. They got Thomas has gone just just like the saints, he might there thirteen forgetting their shit together at the right time and they that's why you know I'm trying to figure out what boxer would like a nice to not match you wanna you wanna Fletcher muscles. You play the buccaneers that matter if you plan on the road death or at home, but that We want to show what they didn't have didn't have Davenport today, and there is a lot of bucks moment. Item of asylum. I mean ladder, paramour lattimer. Whose Davenport his eyes like defensively eyes. Lattimer, is better.
They say that right now, but there is some ex momentum, and I noticed on Twitter Harry or worse creation about time a little uneasy, he had his forego nuggets. Pakistan was bugs plus five advising other debates, and I love Harry Harry its I'd love, I'm just getting. Nobody here is getting very swaggering twitter now you know The tell me word debating sending him the Porter Rico with the nephew Kyle, but we don't know if it's can be good or bad for anybody Maybe they should hang out for a little bit forward. It actually decided under the watch. It will get so saints Panthers, I think, is watch above this reason Panthers if they lose their seasons over it's probably over anywhere, but their five five degrees. Game, there's been a lotta, weird saints Panthers Game's over the years running into form saints see. The kind of iron can they get to one seat or to see potentially, and
you're right across our allotted this is now I remember that I didn't adjusted, because this is a desperation game yet for four Carol. Right now we have the same Cisco, ninety one, and then we have Green Bay, Neuro at Seattle, holiday to Caroline at five and fight so they are basically to last common behind the Vikings so Yankees rate and three right. Israel's three airline is alive. If I got so. I do think there is. I, like these annex ii, South entered a vision games. I always feel like where it should happen. Sooner said, airlines himself, I would not be put in the sense in the teeth, arrested the other, watchful Eagle Seahawks in Philly, it's like I guess we just can't write off Philly like if they lost his game. I still feel like there are in the Magyar restore and they still play dollars in their home flat. So it was
really fun to go against the team that do not have a single, reliable receiver to throw to other than their Thailand to readjust doubling as much as we possibly get the Aguilar either I mean no surprise that was kind of a catch all ball in the back of the zone. At the end there I was caught as the perfect row. I don't owe married, never justly just ever got under it. He had a couple big drops and they came they just their receivers are just so bad without you when, as I Jeffrey, was planned that well either and they bring up the Sean Jackson her what they had three or four touchdowns. Last year, it's like I get you weren't reliant on Acta, where you this yeah, it's funny that he has become like they lost Randy MOSS in two thousand, and so they gaze did thirty two. Dancing around the house. How does he playful season have the eagles favoured by two and a half against Seahawks. It's probably like a tad bit too high, better. I think they need the game a little bit more. Would he have signed
I went the other way. I said Seattle by one who I'm sick of bedding against them losing and I figured Vegas is gonna. Give them do not. Now I went the other way to and I'd Seattle by one and a half look at you guys know, look at you bill. Seven. Do you picked at exactly right to have their fairly battle ass being modest there? I yet. I feel like to see out some in their eight into. I do feel, like I said before. I think they're sort of like a five five for conduct team without much with defence, but I'm I'm sort of surprise the Pats would be favoured by three and a half over the eagle and, failing that I know- and I was travelling With- I was thinking the same thing and about cheese, a game you're put in Seattle, plus eight and a half quantities. Are you a tank come enough? What did they play this week? Now now, yet a camera for a commoner, big money way where.
They are there. Every game comes out last drive, but them more overtime. This Hogs, do they're kind of the initial version of the courts where death when laws record in what we remembered. Doesn't the numbers don't match up with it? We are like the advance magics. All that stuff fits I like Russia, Wilson and just kind of the infrastructure that their verses with the actual You now and I'll start along these lines and basic as this was the Sunday night came originally the adequate Philly. They flexed it out replaced with Green Bay at San Francisco, but here's what they did. And this drive me crazy. I think only me crazy. They had Three late afternoon, games for next week, Jacksonville Tenancy, Dallas, New England and Green Bay, San Francisco, the sea addle fill a game is moved to. The Earl does now. Only too late afternoon, it's in early gave its an early gown now at ten a m. So what are the two Lakers down? the New England Jacksonville tenancy. Now both of those could be
I understand a mild full attentively Dallas, knowing what soldiers give us ray, I don't wanna want to see, and- and I am games that you should be happy about that this week, where I judge I won't I try to navigate. A few minutes to many early. I got human error, I thought I those at them. This is starting to feel like this rams bad about half time. For me, I've got a pretty narrow path here from here to there. But they were worried about you to one. Ok, now that there's plenty games we can take, it exit from regroup seems like the new buzzword. These days is Vps, but what is european stance for virtual private network? A technology then? jobs. All the information sent through a lot of companies make Vps, but the one I want to say about his nor insecurity PM. Made by Norton Abram, backed by one of them, the largest civilian cyber intelligent networks with over thirty years of experiences in the companies all right now,
Fiji Bank raid encryption and it's easy to use no complicated, set up. Just login wants an architecture connection with you're on your own network or use Public Wifi and keeps your browsing activity, pray To which helps protect you from companies want to check, and so your information right now you get neurons Fairview, Piano, Norton, DOT, com, VPN Simmons, starting at three hundred and thirty three month with annual subscription, be private and more places online in Norton, secure, VPN, so you're connected to online privacy for as low as three hundred and thirty three a month with annual subscription, Norton dot COM, VPN Simmons terms Do you apply? Ok, we're gone to the barely watch was we have four. Those Broncos in Buffalo two of the three islands, the bow and verses Alan's Alot Alan's. These are the same team. Is yes do they really are the Brok us have to look at the bills ago? What the hell are we three seven and their seventy three? This is ludicrous
the better Alan uses up that the better our two you talk about Patsy succeed exceed I'm not even sure that he has a better allow. I was not recorded as someone who faced him in fantasy and they put up forty three points against me. It's so how would it Josh Islands, like bizarre this whole, what's happened with fairness. With thy Kylam Irian Jaya, shower Lamar as the best case example, but these guys Third, there just throwing what word used to fancy points wise from quarterbacks yet fully at the window. I get now said the boy Where do you want a pocket passer anywhere? Now you almost one The extra sixty nine yards a game area from earlier now, oh yeah Then there's more of these guys coming read. This feels like their next were guys will be he's running pattern, the threat the lobby named Alan, but most of those Broncos losses lower on flax, not yet, while Fisher
you know that was sounds big idea. They will now road them all lies that it has a rather fifty there at a challenge achieves for the division. Title and just awful. I have three deceiving three and seven. I have the bills, by three and a half at home over dinner? I double that I said seven of the bills by four and a half right say right back in it. It's five their ago needed it. I have a predictable gives me hope. It's too, to tell you. Simmonds three mark two and I have to have a prediction: that line is three and a half began tat. You think so yeah I do until I don't think, there's someone and then, but I dont, think those teams are too far apart and maybe four, but I think that land drops down the wise be back at him. Why don't worry airliner? What was the one that dropped the whole bunch of points by mistake?
was it. I Tampa Carolina. Tap a joy Lantos Atlanta Carolina dropped like three and a half minute. Yet I was lucky that started like six next one, to have a lively change. My guess on this no honey, I'm not gonna change I'll keep it bears giants the way. Why were you can change it. Because I thought, if they bench Bates, maybe the line would go down, but I asked- the line would go out about if they died. Diner Michael bears style. What's the news? I'm gonna say bears on for the jasmine. Is it bears by seven, because I can't imagine anybody with their quarterback should be favoured by more than seventy gets any team in the leg, except for maybe tour. Now, though, it who's the worst him right now: wrangles, Redskins me. I guess they be favoured and well being of their non living or seem their motivated.
Motivated with him a good point I, there's by seven, an omen. Yes, I said six and a half Marguerite could change, with the new got back. I am if you why I'm well answered by crossing I am sure be funny if he changed it went through the guest the lines at an engine of changing the pick you should just carried out as it happens. I want I need and want to change it, but I I can't in became good where change it on that, because of the Amazon, I've bears by five seconds, got it exactly anyway, seven. It is But then that is a market I said I know he's getting me. We're not feasible. Daniel Jones is by dawn railwaymen. The giants are not that good unbearable over there, but the bears can't score so there are a lot of bad teams. I know Dania judges better both and when
The bears had a chance to take a quarter back in the top ten, yet true, separate three years ago in the temperature busier they powder there. Why has the humble, but other now when they had a chance to get a guy, lay Dania Jones, although any one in Europe even follow me that's around in our own. It's five who do they pay design? My own website It's happening today had saga its forbears That's what it used to be like for me at the red Sox fans when anything with the Red Sox, Billig and if you remember the Red Sox Game six said Shea NATO six there's the bargain through bucklers, has caused a ban being oh yeah and his ears Bavaria. They do. You know they saw them in the egg. Is yeah finally takes us a worse and it was the Anville coming added and hitting the tv every time a new is coming in with the bears their fans are watching these games and inside. They know that your biscuit by homes, Watson, graphics, coming it's a fish out there in the with coordinated, had to write, say: hey, just in case there is one
in the back, who might not know they gotTA had Watson removes Next game I am putting this on. Barely watch was really just cause marks here. Browns orphans, normally a pull factor, but now you know the mouse. Garrett though show the helmet throw, but What is it a helmet swing, Mr Helmer, doing helmets way for further helmets. I, the browns, laying eight points to the dolphins. That's why I I said ten I've seen enough of the dolphins and isolate all I'm gonna get this because it's a lie. Come on. Let's see the attic and let me just add let you know what our next me my last you our friend, we got absence. We have a study where, whereas it that's really that better than folks for me as paean, the browns is the first time there are double digit favorite, since ok
allow, while, while both the other ninety Saddam thank on, ninety four was not. Webster slot armenian test, rarity nineteen, eighty four god that was that ninety four so they debated last year was ninety five yeah right, the other six in tat, yeah? Ok, he's really taken yesterday. I really want to move to another man, I'm not gonna, be I guess I actually I'm. I agree. I think it's. Ninety four nineteen, fifty three, I hope now that out two thousand seven weeks, seventeen verse the forty nine as I can entirely quarterback what work has decided. I can tell you that we are right and data yeah, so that would been Brady Quint Railway area when that was his like it was there. It was near the end of the season and look at you
and- and I think that was his first start potentially wow and he was a double digit. Think is right because that that, makes sense I'll go. Let me of trotted contextual is like I'm probably wrong. If it better living scenario, Eric Anderson was, there was the quarterback Diana Isn T and they were they were in the hunt all the way to the end and nay they got knocked out by Cincinnati and soon they were out of the play outside think they they started very clear night came while Brady going, and I should very clear result. As I know, there is Cleveland was ten and sixteen year the night five and eleven swear than they are again the sin and can Dorsey in those years too. But you think it was brought a break when that others Burdick want. Can we then winning twenty seven, so they covered coaches brandir a favourite of Tibet against what was wrong,
cry of the Roma issue now is probably like where three times better than Freddy Kitchen. Here we may find Romeo for three years. Will you write down into their hall of fame, should say it wasted about how they would prop up Romeo's corpse turning gave a slick we get a prepared, hits the air that separate I'm just trying to pull stats well brands, that's absurd! I was Derek Anderson and break when Derek Anderson, not very impressive hundred fifty two yards touchdown interception, Brody COIN came in and relief, I guess they want wanted to seven hours Jamal Louis thirteen yards a year come in the joint from that trying to join it came out, it was still love to talk all branches. Creates a cash cribs Hooja for receivers, whitenesses foot, indeed the who
wounds. Less than Kellan Windsor Jail area, Brayley Edward closure of your vicious. We have good receivers them aright titans war more way, slowly, Romeo Romeo, Trudeau incidents like a guy like ninety one about one time it was a callback right now. Your favorite Joe Jerry vicious? Take Jack's this in Tennessee I have The barely watch was because I think Tennessee still needs to be monitored in the save supply of picture. Is we have six by of teams have the titans favoured by six points over the jaguars. I had titans by three and a half to lie at times by through enough in this. Now it's three what mark and I both get. This sets absurd, so sudden answer governments, but for I have four mark, has three detained there.
When we are good, but their competent for foreign three yeah mark since they really want to when I I I ever really unhealthy, I've had it struck. Well, fuck you could solve. I will give you one of my winds for thirty seven thousand freely Five games left three poop backed games. Man there's some battles, Steelers Bangles insincere c of masonry off the guy who, through or pictures I start and got hit the head with a helmet and tried five miles guerre without a helmet going again,
It's a team that so bad that I feel like he's going to be favoured by six points in Cincinnati. I said six also, I think the Bing, I think the Bengals my messes up. I think this is a game that could actually really I kind of nothing is wrong. I feel like the Steelers, their offices really bad, and I just have this feeling it's gonna conduct Crest go the other way for them. I had the Steelers by three and a half is sermons, and I get this that says six. Some of your cincinnati, everybody else has to answer more, except for washed in his one in nine, a you're, the one who can it's me that their evaded the light? I am I not. There is something to that. Kojak tell you don't want it, you don't wanna put it for years, Here too there there s the way, God do be micro them at that.
The matter rather we twelve Pittsburgh. Well, that that's what with in! Might I don't? I don't see it as a win. Ok, that's that's all eleven home for the New York jets. Are you guys are judge even than ever came by then I dont know I still say jets. When we fourteen equipment add believe, and that is that as a loss, another lost my weak fifteen home. Knowing the picture, but dont even show up for the stay home, thereby weak. Sixteen dog. This could be the one at Miami. Ah, that's the one is talking about. If this is played, I back yard. I draw the blinds my logic that is the way to get some weeks. Seventeen Zactly with
there, always a home for good yeah driver but what about you used to come on we're not clear on our own? We exemptions home against, could harm your home, so the winnable ones would be this week and then at Miami we sixteen, but by the time they play that Miami Game, though I know some might want a second game washed and goes home for the UN for the jet say last Humphrey Detroit. Annabelle at Carolina, Green Bay, home, hopefully home for the giants at those. How do I get ones, realistic home to home, to giants and giants? Guess there's a lot of that James I'll. Let you know if anyone know ten months ago and six now and special now, you're gonna get fired up at some point, but you think this, if any one which has one yet, but this is a bad. This is a bad lost retirement and what ten days rest a fifty poor. You gotta talk me out of a cheese or with this Mason rode off character, but I'm looking at
There is now. I am absolutely not letting you did Arab after you just bet over a game with a risky and chair guff. Did you say Tom and the knight of the MILES Guerre thing what they were like a Should you think of the end of the year are not answering questions about that, and so the as I put my acquitted, you know, did you did I just said: I'm not answering questions about that in just was its oppressed, Efforts are with us rather than after the game, maybe one it is undeniable that even a smell of the world took that tactic amount. Its inclusion that I am not talking about that in this segment ray. There's jets by the way Doers bangles, both both things he's called coptic church rate. Still is always overlays Rudolf from what was soon made would have complex. That could be worse than the one in that. Like a team that he could actually on the desk out their meaning
I don't know this cabinet things can apply whether its Do you really want to talk about? It is I think it's such a bizarre story. I don't really know what to think about it either. I don't know. I think this, like we talked about it, it was the end of his career was romanticized. Yes, you would think they pluck the matter. The league right after the superpower, all that didn't really happened like that. Now we were Betty against them pretty brazenly the last two years of his career, but but he can, these barriers over the guys. We majority. I know no one, that's no one, that's gonna play Do I think, he's worse the masonry enough now nada now camping, but yeah mowing I talked about on Thursday, we're trying to figure out what the hell is. The NFL doing theorize that somebody accosted get out a cocktail party or meeting or whatever and basically bullet in doing this in an guess, the couple the people learning Jazzy was one of the gases. Then it came out there. That's what happened.
The accuracy, basically yeah Jesse basically force could doubt to do this. I thought he said it like. I was handled Josie. I dont think you liked it after the fact eyes, but I think he was the one that Needless to say where the ASEAN avows gonna screw this, I really like from start to finish one of the worst gangs of Fidel AIR and that really sands at them, because you re Rice and Downy gate other stuff, but cap annex problem, a moron. Readers to guess Alan Stewards, bangles, yet six so school right now before him say three: four, five, one, two, three, four five! You have some work to do. Mark five, five, three, four left: raiders jets. This game is in Will we call giants jet state him now met life met life it cheap, they should renew. A cat stadium read their mother astray, cat stadium. They, like thousands straight cats.
It's going to be the last year that wasn't just it's. No, that's a real thing! There's like out these adds a year the words next great infectious diseases gonna come out of this off from from cat, poop and bad footing. It's gonna. Let explain why does on right, though thousands manure now Really thousands here, that's all matter, said in the stadiums and the like the boughs, yeah they're cat, so one of the cats ran out I have the raiders favoured by three and a half at at at New Jersey. There I said four and a half income I've I've made a scribble here, some not a hundred percent sure, but I think I have the writers by three issues at the rain ass. I had it at three in a big way. Kyle can we check what I actually put on the record guy added value to our, and I it looks like a guy he's getting wow you don't you re satire that issue raised
he'll turn about Seventy six! I want now it yeah thank you definitely want o remark right? Well, let's keep a gallery across the way not now allow as three left those three less Maggie just put in tasty in a form that he soggy burn right now. He said it satisfies three left: lions, by the way raiders. That's because I servant of what's a legit site and for if they get through there, and I think they should and then the raiders go at Cannes City. We, thirteen home, Tennessee Home Jacksonville at charges at Denver Thumb. There's a road to ten states that no one and then on eight and nine gets at work.
I hope the raiders make the playoffs I've enjoyed watching them play. I apologize for all the mean things you said about Jon Gruden they've been really fun to watch. The thing is: if Antonio Brown wasn't a lunatic and it just been able to play, that team might have been really good, cuz offensively them a good without them. To have is a natural job. Lions meds, it's a little bit of a Ewing theory, its except they never had em. So what is actual it's like Antonio Brad theory out as yeah there being shared firms off line. Redskins I washed in gift risk. It's gonna be favoured, and then a fair game is. You're scared him a couple times today, so yeah, like any one? He has no options down. Failed runs for nine yards like that. That should happen, you don't like what he wishes flinging it. Fifty yards down here. Marvin Jonah Zone money that she's jumping up and just grabbing the second we talk of elephants.
I could not go higher than four with Jeff Driskel, so that's where I landed lines by four. I said the same. I said lines by two and one slash two. You headed exactly why on earth the come back there, you don't believe in Korea. Kids Zog made him a brass Van Ryan Ape. We're gonna, send it I'd flex, game too handsome quarterbacks area Jimmy Granular, Aaron, Rodgers, the game replaited San Francisco leave I Stadium home of Homer Road of homer, mark the General Jane Anthropogenic general return after again, say: ok, I have the forty dinars, for I am hidden this exact foreigners by four K. I said two and a half a while two and a half see
Vegas will think green best balance observe tat. I said forty nine hours by four because of what I think Vegas thanks. I would probably be more with cousins out what I think the way should be, but I said mourners before well, you should have been more. Would cousin sound. As I said two and a half in its three. I urge you guys out there yeah. I think Green Bay is better. I like this teaser. I know you not going to like this Green Bay to thirteen well, how about nine? How about Seattle? Eight one slash two! I know two road team something screwy could add what is I got for me, though, what are the night is going to beat them by one of the touchdown. Let something stupid happen at the end, like I think the doctors were going to win this game. Might MIKE Pettine he's going to pray
I really am. I know there were big. You guys are big Jimmy grapple offence, but I really feel he may be pretty over it. I am not. I am a big Jimmy Grandpa Pham, just because cow Is it a super champion is a goddamn thing about is about savings when he is by further Roger This is a special gambling opportunity for us there should I don't think we need that is. I think the packers are better and I think people think forty eight hours a better there and they think Jimmy's better than he is an and taking Rogers against him, a hundred times, the budget now tv Senate again game. Let's do this line probably drops, I thought it would start foreign drop down to three, but now roared at three, which makes me think we're gonna be in Pakistan. It matters to half. What's the most, you ve been on a game ever really answer. That is what it may. Of course. He does
oh yeah? You do wager about? No, no! No! I haven't. I have not bed on anything but have not been on a game since college. Shame on you at sites like that! whenever I cited sidesteps emotions Monday night, so marked action plan, but this is the main Simmons right success society six and was not a word where I therefore wait a second then you could beat me here summons. I just want to make sure this game is where I think it is that the Rams okay, cuz, I know, is that the rain is so hard to make sure it wasn't in Mexico, or or the Harris Adela. Those that I think the way it's gonna, be favoured by three points against the rams unless angels, I said three also mark, I said three, it's two and a half
That's nice! We all get off and unaware, and we tidings. We try to mother rebate, Mark Barker, monitor one another three issues The vote is that we should be the factors that have seven five year: each gets. Who wins now run online? Hey. Do you want to each other, the Deacon Jones Thing here. We retire get better it came up the Mount Rushmore. They do this every Sunday night they have the Mount Rushmore of every. I guess home team ought to know what it is and the rams came up and it was Deacon Jones Rowan. Also, we share a researcher. I can show this one. I welcome its anew, not endorsing it is now well. He was so angry. Four Kimmel show. Carrillo is talked about this. This deal Jones Interview. I don't think we can show this ivy people, What are you gonna be say we get up
Carrillo is used to talk about girls. Dick adjourns gave this NFL films interview in. Something absolutely insane and it would run, and this shows and he'll be like I swear it- half anywhere that get the fuck out air news. I could happen and you too started was the hasty here's. The clown jobs at slap. You can download flash the hands tat was one was to give myself an initial. Is God would emphasise that because you go about a man or woman, tell us close your eyes, and it was all a man or a woman ever Ok, I have a tendency to close their eyes to the corral. Would tell us about that. For years we have been like there's no way they ran then and NFL phone
Nobel foams, we could talk about Dios NFL firms, those show about how tear how fearsome Deacon Jones was in it. Youtube is created two thousand sex and we're waiting in waiting for years resentment he's got. For shit. There's no way this actually happen a clip. And then there was there. I could just, some lowly producer after that, sound that that audio I've been taken. Yet you know what we could do you want to rephrase that we can get that again, the head slammed like no man or woman ever stick. It was clear that it's like it, he had been doing years of research that he raises its head, You realize you ve only played against man right now, so we we thought about this today because they do the Rams Bout, Rushmore and Merlin, Allison Marshall, Marcia and Deacon Jones and sound. I just our left get your jets. We think Crazy fell firms could there for some reason they decided not to ever handed out
even the political incorrect Ives is there a very first reduces. I guess we let us Deacon Jones Club go Man or woman man. I know Dickerson on our Rushmore. I felt they should have chosen between Merlin, Alison and Dig Jones AIR. Either we were there. I don't know how good those guys idly without Father Murphy, Marlon all sends out on that that now Rushmore, but that who he was father, Murphy he was Father Murphy and then he was he was little house and the prayer, but then there for a driver who was Hunter, yeah right either had then taken Jones, the most politically incorrect, and if our films, one revive okay. So it's five for three now heading into we thirteen Maggie you stick with. You could be next week, currency, you just made the game taken,
satellites for mere mistakes when you go, gets us next week by your just in your car. I I don't know. If I'm gonna do it, Believe it or not it. Harder than you thought right under the last bright lights about. I feel like that was respect but now I gotta live out. I was governor, I guess I should actually amatory up those who, as they see damaging entering or this baby. You know, I'm gonna be really upset about it. For a while she kind with you heard about this. What's heard on, allow they're gonna get give The good news stories lap, Europe sided logically Boeing. Goodness is you get to be in the next moment. She was brought in by car max the better way a great used car. Car max, there's rumours about them. One bring Kyle and with the budget to lose you, about this yet heard about allow they're gonna get give nephew kind.
Budget and he was actually going to get a car through tarmac idea, ass, the eyes so have you pretty related and get him like a trip out scooter or something that does not do that. They might do that either for the Good NEWS for Kyle they, I saw the Bessys cars every car in their carefully chosen amateurs Carmack certified they rule out millions of cars with their voting process and select only the best become car MAC. Certified Carmack says you back with us free limited warrants for ninety days or fourth asthma. Whichever comes first step by our local car MAX for details and discover how easy carbine can be a car max Sal, you
for. I don't have a a great one, but you know we talked about it mark we like like pushing our favorite teams on our kids, and you know he liked me is not from the city of the team that a roots forward. You were never born and clay when you were like a kid and you like bright site and everything- and I was a cowboys fan I liked anyway- and we have forced our children to watch these tapes, and so That makes sense, though, a lot of people, maybe it's too harsh, but what? Where does it at so I played football in high school and I wrestled nice when I wanted my kids to play. Football is a great team sport. I love the smell of the grass everything about it. It's awesome if we can get get it passes mother to agree. Let's do it, so we played football at a great time, a wrestle and I never told them. I thought he should wrestle, but he convinced the kid on the football team to go out for the wrestling team.
And now he's finding out it's hell, and it really is you didn't? Did you wrestle at night? If you don't like it really is it's not it's the toughest practice you have to be in shape you, your wrestling around with sick, all your home. You know, I just remember: play basketball has gone colleague, Jan though wrestlers running this stairs nets with like sweat, shirts and the heaviest possible club. And they just look like they were in the seventh Oriana yeah, your second weight and adapt three and a half months long and it's you nothing seems fine about it at the idea. I actually think it stunted my growth trying to lose weight I blame losing like fifteen pounds for like four weeks and a year on that, but but and now he's doing it and I feel like to be like me and I feel bad cuz. I never had this talk with them is like what I'm getting my ass kicked and I was like yeah. That's what's going to happen, the home first You don't have any skills, you dont know any moves. You're gonna get beat up in his like what think. I'm just gonna, this for one year now I feel awful migrants-
you're never going get a chance to get good. If you only do it for one year, but I would hate for do we want more than one year, because it's it's the toughest work at it. You get like you, get discipline that, like the army, could teach you and staff and you can handle yourself in a fight for the most part of it finance upon the ground, but you also end up with them for toggle another terrible diseases. When some poor school doesn't wife there mats down- and you have like red marks on honour on your neck for all of February, so, I know what to do. I don't know how honest need to be with our kids fur like do you have to have a check list of I hears things I've done his all things, I've known for here's! What I want you to avoid, like, I wonder for at that stage, if that's a good way to go about it, but I feel bad that I've bowed done this to this, get that's all, doesn't like. It, though, found a: U likes it, but it's also part of the curriculum. So Europe
Taking footballer you're taking wrestling you're either doing what football work out in the off season, we get credit or you get wrestling credit. You have to do some kind of sport yeah, that's what it is scenario get credit for that and he's had they eat, filter, he's, gonna, disappoint sea to be wrestling and gymnastics are very similar in this respect. If you talk to people who grown adult, who did it when there in high school ecology movie, like which duty and if you had to beg, oh god, no I would never do it there and, I think that's important forgets. Tonight. So go on so many levels, but I just like. I just feel bad adona, not just market, you're a good man. I was a great I am against this mental, my daughter, but I wonder if I can set the stage talking about birth kids cause I'm I'm only get one shot. Oh yeah yeah, you know. So I guess I got. Two kids were nine year old boy named Freddy and eleven year old daughter named olives,
nice, you named your son after the bronze coach, I'm enough to change its name now. Daughter of the next browns going there. His So anyway, so Freddy, so he's he's like but he's like a blast. Serotonin hang out this kid. He told me this week that he he took some sort of personality tested at school. I guess this year, where they they figure out. What kind of animal you'd be dead and and and and he he turns out- he's a saint Bernard, which makes perfect sense- is like super affectionate, cuddly and really physical and and and and black spatial awareness, so is costly, banging the thanks and knocking over Lamson stuff like that, but just they my very happy kid goes to bed humming wakes up, humming, that's my son, my daughter. On the other hand,
she's hilarious, but doesn't fully know yet he added she Solaris the opposite. Unsurprisingly, Assyrians oftener she's upset my son. She does not wake up humming, she wakes up moaning She complains a lot about it being sunny so like we live in California, words sunny three hundred a year urine and she wakes up. Every morning in for rain view. The Sierra she's she's is self described indoor person. In her mind, though, just like no reason to God: doors yeah, that's that's who were who were dealing with a so she's in the sixth grade and she's in sorry and a Montessori you they have. This thing it's, it's called your big work so each year you have something you work on all your long and the
Sure it's doing an immersive study of an inspirational figure than you do all kinds of things she writes report. She Europe gives a presentation and character all that I'm scared a heretic ugsome anyway, while the size of the selection so far, our in the class or like Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, sublime. Is you good mom and she's leaning that and she's she comes to me? She like, we really need to get it out front of this. I just feel like if she picks the right person yet really inspire her to think bigger thoughts and Anna learn about you have selfless leadership.
In social impact, and so she sits olive down and asks you know who are you thinking about? I saw that so and so pick Michelle Obama are you? Are you thinking about going around like up? You know accomplished woman or yet somebody that either that it that stands for others and so olive or sit back and strikes or Chin and says. I'm thinkin about Garfield currently are really relate to Garfield, not the president. Now James Garfield out of the cap
He's, like I mean mommy, he likes lasagna and I like was honour. In fact, we like all the same kind of it pretty much. We both love watching tv he's Europe, lazy and okay with it. Like me, he lost practical jokes. I look practical jokes, so this is this is who inspires my daughter Gunnar sector eleven years of our best IRA parenting efforts. These are her values, unhealthy food, watching television, laziness and practical jokes, either younger do allow us and Garfield rigour. I think our kids would have come up with something allow yes, China, they Rachel Jewel.
Sheets lecture Joe? I have for my packard I'll make you a quick. As with the lump headquarters, segment As I said earlier watched the MILES Garrett elements keeping live waiting for Dan Tenderfoot over the basketball- and one is if you wanted for the fifth peck, and my son just happen to come down as soon as the best time of time comes out of the middle after the game and is watching it and the fight happen show Garret swinging the helmet and Joe back is reacting like this? Is you know like a boat? Is sick in the Hudson River Sundays, so the grave as towns and tragic when just appalled and it's just this appalling- and my son is laughing and he This is like his eye who's. This guy.
This! I love this guy bows Garrett Keith. He may really thinks it's like professional wrestling right. So then he's asking: how can I get a mouse care? Jersey would be weird if I were a school, my to fair repairs about scared about his birthday. True, he has watched by his bird. What are you two and now go as miles Garrett further next Halloween he was brands, Jersey and carry rather stay or Selma, and just go around our neighbourhood as scared he loved their seat, thought is where, while on a tour of torture, Serbia, a very rational, take- really read just coming in bringing in, is his eye it. Well, maybe he learnt fifty days, maybe forget it before the next so miles Gary of one one fan out there, thanks to max. Remember climax, only says the best used cars, they rule, million cars to their very process like only the best becomes Carmack certified with over two
Thousand stores nationwide and more than fifty thousand Carmack certified cars choose from they make it easy to find the perfect car for your family, or maybe even Effie Kyle, every back with us their money back guarantee a car max no haggling, never to push by Dr Weir. If we for ninety days or four thousand miles which comes first of the car make so many words start the next search for your next car, a car. Stockholm we shouldn't for we go John Carlini. We did this for a really nice saying that our friend and our cousin Jimmy Kimmel dead further raise money rail ass, including marks, very generous donation, which I hope is worth it. Oh completely, numb I'm very happy that it goes to a worthy cause, but am, but it was also for me just great experience really fun watch you guys. Do you down this has been great. So thank you. Well, thanks to charity, buzz is well and special thanks to the cause our other causes and John Carlin as well thanks to stay fire,
thanks to mercury. Are you for so you should Sunday. I M Ready, Yes right over that away, but I have a we have a weak yeah, it's a day to sell the stuff. You dont use anymore, created by mercury, car, the selling out that makes a fast and easy to sell. Almost anything stick. Few pics at is and boom. Your item is listed down them. And so should today the day may be made but the money is real. That's mercury, e r, a r I to our nor inscribed european markets. This come another was difficult under its made by nor a brand, backed by one of the world's just civilian sovereign touches networks with over thirty years of experience, no complicated, set a blogging once protection next right now get Norton Scurvy Piana. Nor indeed come such Bbn Siemens, three thirty three month with an annual subscription, gotta Norton, dotcom Sash bp in similar terms, do apply. Don't worry about the book. Asked by two point: OPEC has two more pack has come and can you guess the athlete
I'm Jones, its occur employer occur Fly area to Pat Gallagher, about somebody who is really get right now alive. That the book, a Basque by two point now pack has subscribed there. To mark is really far just mentioned. A car maximizing come through he's, buying nephew Kyle my guys. It's lies of a zombie live Karl Marx markers. Thank you because our seas, ecstatic Zanu company one way.
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