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Brooklyn Steals New York, Kemba's Next Move, and July NBA Predictions With Marc Stein, Plus Michael K. Williams on Life After Omar | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Marc Stein of The New York Times to discuss NBA free agency and how, outside of two guys, no one is really sure where these players will end up. They speculate about landing spots for Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker, Al Horford, D'Angelo Russell, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, and more (2:25). Then Bill calls up his dad to say farewell to Kyrie Irving one last time and briefly discuss the Celtics' draft (1:00:00). Finally, Bill sits down with actor Michael K. Williams to discuss his new limited series on Netflix, 'When They See Us,' based on the true story of the Central Park Five; becoming one of HBO's most iconic characters, Omar Little; plus 'The Night Of,' 'Boardwalk Empire,' New York City gentrification, and much more (1:21:50).

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you can subscribe to Ringer dash right now at the rear. Pakistan were coming up, ready to mark Stein about Ah, the NBA fridge these stuff, that is in full bloom right now. In that way to talk to my croquet webs, oh yeah Omar is common first, our friends, projects. Are we remember the tv bellies ass? They, like my kind of now their base guitars for many years from the New York Times. Mark Stein. How I am the leave me with, a person in the world, but I am back. If you doing everything in on my pocket,
How are the interviews Yugoslavia? Do? You did APOLLO creed yeah? What I'm really from that about like five years ago now, I'm listening to this pod, you get to Michael Mcdonald, S, going on what is happening: yeah, yeah and ninety nine year old me pretty much quoted. Yeah. That was that really was one for the kids from the seventys we are taking this at eleven o one a M Pacific time, I would love to talk about they'll be brothers and what's happening for hours by the way, not on Youtube. Bernstein has enough why so hard to find defined was forty years ago I was, I thought, the bootleg clip by acting watched it up for you. I found it from where I was that about your pod, I want yeah yeah, it's on daily motion, she's to go on Youtube. Somebody put them on you, two were so America. Whenever I open it worked so.
It seems like high is in Brooklyn, which we have known for a few weeks now, but the last like forty eight hours, there's been a lot of Katy is coming to an end. Just wanna start here. If the next strike out on everybody the summer after based the building to this for two years and then doing the pausing a straight to open up even more cap space, and then that's end up getting the two guys that we thought this whole season were probably ending up in New York. For the next What does that say to you for the future of the James Dolan era? In. In the NBA in New York. Does he is this
beyond repair now. Is there no chance for them to ever come back as a franchise as a player in any of this stuff? Or do you think this is an isolated incident? I'd love! It believed that a wake up call that will make anybody else. You have any kind of favour that back it back you now we might need to revisit the ownership peculation me. He strikes me as intractable. You pack get him out to get him out of there, but mean agent banned the Daily NEWS from a press conference with, I didn't think, with possible yeah. Oh, I mean look at the one thing the one caught and I would say that Tuesday, eleven o whatever one in my fine bone. Nobody knows anything right now. Nobody wants to admit that.
In our worry bout. Reporters like me who wanted the here here and you you all the afternoon we don't wherever Katy you going. I think only he knows at this point. The next don't know what to think that net burnt bird because there are still looking at backup, often the warriors doping. In it. Nobody knows what Katie's doing nobody knows, but quite gonna goodbye. I think I read of the net, is the closest thing to a sure thing as we speak, an ideal debate. They want him alone. I got five adopted that they only want him if they're getting eighty as well. They will happily take I re if you follow, but that but of the of the three main died. I think that's really there we know why aren't so its let's go this way. What are we actually know? I think know for sure that the Celtics, Korea is gone and there okay, with it
and they have moved on as an organization, and there is no chance he comes back to can we say we know that for sure there. Certainly, that waiter operating that I just reported. I think an hour before we got on the phone here that I just heard today that Campbell Walker in the Baltic by Philip Timber Walker than the Celtic, by that the pretty clear indicating that they know I read going in Maybe that goes the same road here. So I was mad that you treated that and put that out, because I was going to mention that you in the package you stole my thunder, I I've been trying to figure out for a couple days. I haven't. I enhance your time today. You Nancy I'm an adjoining on your fire I have been trying to figure out really since Thursday night, when Became clear to me, I hated their draft as it was happening and then, by the end of it, realised what was going on in their early partially using those pics to create cap space, and I just couldn't
understand what they were up to and I had heard that Malcolm Bragton was potentially a target danger Russell, but couldn't figure out why they wanted to get to a max number, be There was only seven or eight man guys that you would really want to spend thirty five million a year on thirty four point: eight whatever it is. Forget her was and then over the weekend had started a crystallized that it was camera and theirs you no real reasons for it? He played it. You can he's from New York EAST coast and I think he's somebody that actually wants to win a title, and if If you think about it, I give you flip him for Tiree from chemistry standpoint. It's an unbelievable transformation has allowed the closer stuff that carry dead The chemistry over the high over the whole is better. That's great, hey it is gonna, be that was a two year. Injury were now two years if he was attacked, if the import three years ago, its realistic to think he could be a top Fortier top fifty guy. This share
and then suddenly that it's starting to look like a Celtics team that potentially at least being the mix I'm not saying there finals contender they're in the mix. Again in its I like this kind of what the hell are. We are we rebuilding a retooling. What would our way with that makes sense for Canada, or What have you heard out to us? What have you heard? The law? through the Charlotte. And what have you heard for how important it is for him to go to a big market and play for a contender and all that stuff? What I thought even way I mean you know where I live. It David been late the mad per week, yet the mad for death. Did the map want him bait, but everything I have heard the fabric, where the aim that starlit feared. I might have meant that now
but the Delphic bird, the mic me out. You know the immediate word after the draft was that your Celtic we're gonna look at them and you know, boost with his name was bandied about today. Make trade or capella, though you don't pay back the kind of bloating at Bay numbered depending on what they do with rose dear me, they can get to the format if they need to do all you. Can but with a format. Remember yeah, I think, for four years. Absolutely I think he's one of the best fit in a twenty guys in the league, and it's a thirty two highly really like I love it. That appeared to him
He has really improve the government. Give me you gotta, like outdoor made that really hard gum regulatory good to pursue our lab with a really hard be a make. I got my one question and I bet it about the bad well in starlit temper had everything the whole thing revolved around him and we ve never seen him half the way with other players. People need to be bad, but I think there's gonna be a level of scepticism will leave Charlotte and I do think he'd one of the God of often created either guy way to leave. The question was asked: how are you going? you don't ADA you'd be ready to go with, but let the load with eight think another that question about one thing with camera as but I think, so things are really fun felt for him and even
that makes a little more sense than Dallas, otherwise, that you know I've Dallas gone with Dodge and pausing. Guess that's great for anybody but Sir since, as proven over the last five six years in it, especially with ASEAN Thomas, but even good guys, like Jordan, Crawford, go way back, that you know guards can create their own shot. He is, he can really do some stuff for them offensively. You know, and I doubt one of the most frustrated things will carry was carry had the most tools. You would everyone from somebody who can do all the stuff tat, the God seems to thrive in the Stevens off at Sidon Kemba. Would be another guy like that, any more importantly, this, ex fan base and really. The organization me that, with such a souring year last year, just who was so unhappy and so frustrating just think of fungi to root and a great care guy and anything After what happened last year,
Dave, really shifted back toward the character thing. The sound of the traffic there. I've actually argued here the man you're the man who really want to go down that road. I mean LUCA, incapable you're you're cute, that your your two main guy Amber really want to come here and and be the third guy and work in an ivory question. I will pay the mad or opera covenant punch your end. I have been thought that when I read that there has been that it a bit and that they can make it work, and you know they love the idea to ball hamburger not putting at all on time because last year that giving the kid took on a ridiculous load running the theme. So I still think the matter very good. Yeah I mean the baltic pipeline. Entreat I mean it really. Intriguing
treating idea whether they would camper whether wherever he goes, he is somebody that I think it the problem of his career right, he's gonna turn thirty. In May of next year you pay getting to peek years from him, and then who knows after that? But these next, who will be along the lines of what we had this year, where he was. Was twenty. Six a game is afoot. For thirty six, eighty five percentage guy, but that was in an offence where he was really the only above average office where they had, I think, if I'm doubtless are Boston, especially from Dallas and The thing I worry about is alright. Well, if we have Kemba, I want doncic to be my closer and Kemba. Is a guy who's been a closer the last few years? So you know just I think every possible closer at some point in his career and I would worry combo it maybe take away from that. But on the foot side you could say-
Well, actually, we he's never played with two pairs like this before and if he's Action in that the only option could that only sham could he be fifteen twenty percent more efficient offensive way, you'd have for him he'd after think I am going to this team where they have to other really extraordinary, offensive, where's or Europe and where I'd problem we, the closer you now I had a good team that has a lot of offensive weapons. Be shoved right into that closer role which I'm comfortable with it entered more run with for him to be Campbell, Walker, no question of it? I think proper, probably a higher upside down and ass cause. I you know it's funny: take shit now from Atlanta fans who were they were married. You so wrong about the dawnchild trader. We got tray young and came radishes. You guys that trade? Sorry I liked young, but dont judge. Future envy and
She's always gonna, be the reality of that and they traded that away no man. I like try young. I liked what we saw from the master, I think he's a zero defensively, but I think offensively. He really has a chance to be a special prayer he's not dodge, and I, if I'm Campbell and I'm looking at the arc of this in, like how fast it happened with Giannis Look at the NBA words I night I did the draft six years ago in Giannis was six nine. He grows to seven feet. Nobody ever badgered he'd make it all, starting in six years later, he's giving the Mvp speech this stuff. It's fast with young players that have been facet Durrant when they, when somebody's really great they its. Happening like your three or four, and I think with Dodge there is real evidence. It could happen. You know years from now, and if I'm can buy without be really jackets mare, they dont judges potential They pay. You just watched him for you. You agree that re out of it,
Even you know, I would the fad before even got your daddy in outlook to quit the diet, but not about thought it. It's all about birthing amid the guy is by the time you get back on the floor. I think it will have been twenty months before he played and then be a game yeah and everyone look fantastic. And you know it gives the guy that currently usually take his opinion on board as much as anyone and done done. Nothing but rave about what theme from poor thing it behind closed doors, the practice, because by the end of last even pausing was back on the for practising, but it's still a bigger known. But I will say again: I can't be broken off the map of the map so confident that, and that is a good bit and they can make it work and it basically anything
I suggest otherwise it thine talker. Would you don't know what you're talkin about ready they want and what the man created it. Three, as everyone knows, is tortured beyond red they're gonna get a home run one if they're not gonna, go oh forever, so I bought in Dallas paper. Camper would be really I mean it's not gonna, be the focus of create because obviously tyrannical lie there there, the guy there the up to some distant, but bought in birth, Dal birthday, Charlotte per capita, would be, would be a pretty damn good under Guard the Charlotte. They makes no sense to me because If they sign him, they may become a luxury tax team. There is really no out for another year there's no. Path for no road. No path for him to
really be at an elite team for at least two years there. But what are they have to go? I mean effect in I'm with you all that that all parties are they, even, guy without I know, but this is the decade. Where what he thinks I wear anymore appears: prayers, gonna, wait, is the plan. Empowerment decade he's not gonna we're wasting these guys are going to feel loyalty to whoever I'm sure he loves sharing. Really, I think if we leave, though it should leave it because they're not given in the format, you know if they put the ball back on the table, a hard thing to walk away, private debate, I know, but you can't do that. You can't do that. If your Charlotte, I personally, I think that would be the object too. Pay the luxury tax year after year. Fourteen that has no chance to compete for the title. Anybody who pays the luxury tax and has no chance to win the title. Is insane
just been insane thing they do. Nobody should do that and I am a big proponent of spend money as you know, I was the all time I can't believe: ok see, traded James hearted to save a couple million bucks like, but it, but to pay them the luxury tax when you have zero chances nuts and I think of that's from this day. There are really do I at some point you gotta, find out how good you are as a player, I think you can toil away for years like he should go called Mitch, Richmond and asked me Richmond how we're down form. You know me churchmen just made a fan He never really played a meaningful. You know Prince finals, gamer finals gained by the time he got the Lakers. He was washed and Was that a good thing for me she com and ask him, because in Dallas ARM Boston. He would have a chance to compete and I don't fired him. I don't know it. I would pick up what do you think Boston had a couple, rough years here with with how they Vienna players and the? Thomas thing
the he played injured. No, how they diagnose the injury, but it that part certainly was in gray and they defiling changed training staff after that they traded o money was injured, goods shaded home after all the stuff he had done for him, and I think that really soured alot of people now look at what happened with Tiree. Now you look at the danish reputation, avow he'll trade, anybody, nobody safe by deeds, players. After a while word gets around my gear that team great organization, but the moment data need you anymore. They'll get rid of you. I do, I don't think there's any question, but it felt like the also had not been a gate haven- Orford Heyward do Corporate Heyward two huge catches, though, and before that, with nobody. I can't remember Dominique do you from broken down the avenue we got him. We gotta.
Travis Day we held him down at a younger age, one without even than death enough, though nobody I look at it, make everything about the rocket I mean you're, a rocket ban, or Europe built the bad. You must love that your You get you know, you're doing anything and moving people move any peace buried deep, get better, but I think the same thing about the rocket it it's gotta, be though unsettling right now to be a rocket you'll get phony, doesn't have a new deal. They just change all the parties, their shopping, everybody not ardently they were- I mean yeah. I don't think there's any question. The players are paid and keep it up Gathering players are more educated unhappily works than they have ever been before because of social media podcast. What they read.
It's easier to just fine content member like last decade. Eat is basically bookmark different sides dialect and if somebody wrote something that was out of that little bookmarks because you had the only way you really gonna find out. If it was on a place I coop type or, if or friend, mailed it here and now anything you write or tweet is gonna become a thing immediately like you did that tweet between this morning, and everybody sought within an hour you now- and this is the world we live in now it with information. I do think this ethics. This is damaging to you run for them. They made the wrong bet on Kyrie.
Orford leaving, is not great cause. I do think he's one of the most respected MBA guys know league. That's why I thought Dallas might be interested in, but a really doesn't seem right there on him at all. Will that be bad? Permit remand? Look I've been trying to fall about one per week, and am I am no close to the end. I mean I, I think it with rapt night or the night after I was all Orford or one. Well, you ve got it. Ok, where I don't know, The map keep coming up over and over and over again I've literally at the five they did doesn't seem like it's a mess that's crazy, we're thought very member. Like two years ago there was a whole thing about data. Have freed, see before the draft would make things so much easier. Making these four teams to plan now. Are we basically do have fridge average for the draft, the ethics when, in that draft, knowing that carrying Orford run coming back at supper am, I can remember,
a team heading into the draft, our knowing what language data, whatever data on the net made that break out with the power to create what what, whenever date, that was June and right now, I gotta say I think the Lee Kind exit Definitely one of those yellow the other. I know the speed limit says fifty five, but if you want to go, eighty on this stretch of the highway were were with that. You know, I think that is not what we know, we know what an olive meeting have already been, that they haven't leaked out like that really matter at their that. Well I pick days or theirs both do More also like that at the players are taxing each other yeah. That was how the Celtics knew for sure that carry was gone. He was out recruiting deeds to come to Brooklyn with them and whether he actually ends up, and there are no, but it was deafening. One of the things I came in I got this extra max by you interested and that's the way we live in urban and these guys
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That we spend all your long quite going equipment until Grant Nerving Danfield back onto the net with which we talk about the thing all year long and what would it take June? Twenty fifth, we get here really is almost thirty, and we really dont know that that fascinated me that we need to get it not just on the out by I've got came back to me. They don't know either everybody nerve, another clippers. You I mean you, you gotta put brigades, I'm sure you felt it I'm sure you heard, there was a mistake about confident that you could undoubtedly feel from these guys. Yet they were getting away and they tell me they are built a form of paper it. But if you think the clippers aren't worry knowing that collide, does he know what what'd I do?
but one and stay in Toronto and run it back and defend our camp. He could easily do that and it would make out of bed in and you know what at the basketball romantic. I hope you go there. Every swagger with the clips, and I never know for sure whether was quite Katy, Calliope Catesby like what there have him, but they death. I felt like this summer. Good things are gonna happen on them and I thought I thought fish is Callias Bush, after about the house, but I'm with you If you go back, they got very where they ve got a great brought up it all. We could pay bill had never done it. Create equipment have never done until I'm not going to talk about them getting through until they get one go get it. Do you think, I'm a pocket! Do you think players are gravitating toward organizations and ownership structures more than ever before, because like four Brooklyn, and
and the clippers. Those were teams, our you know, forever persona non grata or had him unproven commodities in markets, but it didn't really matter, and now has those teams were well run. The last couple years had become fridge. Employers in the doesn't feel like a coincidence, right well. I think it will be easier to pay that if the next really do strike out, because if the next break up again at bay, we made that Forthinketh prayed with an eye not just this summer but the future, and we want it but the building, but look at me that that an amazing faith off right there that the neck and the net oath,
opened up to flood somebody's going on to the point that I get you know if the next tat, the red and the net back baby, I really we called it wrong, but I mean imagine if one of them to do with the other tat. None in the faint pity ridiculous. I mean the Lakers. You know the Lakers, even before they got Anthony, gave him the Lakers quietly and big the Baron Nickolay Leonard to Haiti, people don't what the hell you're talkin about and we're right there in the mic put four per worker. Why like? If we have the people- and they have a great deal in five days to prove us wrong, we ve all thought it with raptor clippers. Only Bork lie the Lakers think therein there again I guess we'll be what have you heard from New Orleans because they have
have space and an incredibly appealing situation. All the sudden in a whole bunch of nice did New Orleans, but I've heard it every positive by in from the mother came, could baby the horse for him and he could all be the perfect men for or young guy on. Well, I I thought for him at the Dallas clippers, but yeah New Orleans that's sure thing in AEGIS and if they got going on holiday, but by aren't you got out of the blue guy? The veteran man well yeah. I saw a report that is that it I think, we're? U S, I've Griffin, whose whose one other smarter executives and probably stands, you need some vets, their cause. I thought the other one I thought was a possible rhetoric, they're gonna sign somebody like that, and over pay them a little bit a little like would did a couple years ago, rhetoric and just
an adult in the room and when its Hartford or rhetoric, Hertford and rhetoric, I mean they did they do of the cab space. Now I do think I do think we should be taking them more seriously. I keep hearing the taint the same teams getting thrown around right clippers Cavs bags Nixon nets. Who else am I leave out the Lakers, but the hot I mean they add the pelicans are now how far away from being kind of dangerous, I give you had horrified to their team. I think science can be good right away. Holiday is already a top twenty five guy. I don't like that. He had white that. Why did the boat the listed, because there are so many different ways that could play out any and again Why do we know we know waved them with a warrior? We think we know. Cairo will begin that after that, what do we really know of among the top guide,
I don't think we know, I don't think we know any, would have you burma- he pay. My aim is gained name getting further around. As in a dance on my Emmy yeah, I look they're gonna get meeting, but that guy got that really did the force of nature in no way. He had put wicked wicked, quite a black when you think about it. When you can't even imagine how the organic even create as bait and would happen and anything they do would have to be a fine in trade and yet You really will get a meeting or do with somebody big name because will will they have They have a road map because we had that J Smith contract that always mention on the pod, which I think they do not have. No, but I'm saying they could try for it
within the next couple days right and wave that contract and if they, if they could somehow figure out a way to foot, Whiteside Virginia Psmith whatever as they would have to throw in and the calves would have to throw some salary to so. Would it be like they would be able to clear up the whole twenty seven? But if there's some world where there is a Miami Cleveland Kind of deal and they threw in future assets and were able to clear sums some space any way. That's the only way I could see it happening because otherwise internet the cap space, I loved a thoroughgoing. He won't you you won't retire. He won't go out like the determined to get one word, but even play I love it. Do you think I love it can see road today for us about their share the two thousand sixteen here a little bit because evil, a team of cap. The cap's going up Said the one oh nine,
and we can see some dumb ass moves. You know nothing on the earth. We have happier than teams overpaying guys in doing done things. Do you feel out there what? I think the reason is because it also wide open or theoretically wide open now, in truth, It ain't nearly as wide open. If people think quite does damage being drawn up for one more year mean papering, quiet, any green back in and assuming that all day they debate, we got their core and, I think been bear the clear favorite, but the last summer we thought the last summer the two with a bet we ever had informed the affiliated friendly, and that was when the warriors were considered a lock yeah you two years he thought accused in Trade Chris Paul in Oklahoma City Trade report doors with no guarantee taking keep him, and then this evening,
every few minutes in the EU up. Your Celtic too, would have, but had no way to do it. All the Easter making all they're all moved, and this was a bit in a row when the warriors were a big it locked now with the with the idle totally yeah we're gonna, be we're. Gonna beat them here, possible spending? While I was thinkin with quite correctly, figure out why he would do one in one with Toronto after what just happened, the rent that just right they're watching Durrant fall. Down holding is Achilles with MAX contracts Similarly, going up in smoke, would be the impetus for somebody not through the one one, but. If the ran signs of four year back steel anyway HU. I first then, I'm quite unlike our right. I do the one in one defend the title
It's the last stand for Toronto work. Would most of these guys are getting old and there and then there's no way we keep this team together. Anyway, and then I am the top free agent by foreign, two thousand twenty, because Two thousand twenties, not the greatest it certainly not like this summer This is one of the big prizes this summer anyway, since outlay, in sending a one in one bill, if you have thirty million dollar recurrent becoming too obviously nodded good is a five year MAC, but that bill a pretty pretty night inherent Bobby. I could think why don't let it happen air about again being more he's gonna do whatever what yeah and if you walk away, if you want to do the one in one or even I got to get even the two in one and that get in the ten year back, but not I mean I will not be right because the one and one of it it would be the rational thing to cope with a format but Jonah
if EU played by his own rule, but maybe it wouldn't be the rash nothing if he knows he could get the full max anyway year from now any goes in the one one the total amount of money for those five years would be around the same anyway. You now, So I think this Katy thing were, however, plays out is going to be really informative for some like may be cool. I wait six seven days and if it turns out that MAX cut
just as in there for Kennedy. I thought I would personally be alarmed Vasco Da Gama workers, the ear the Arctic. These guys are you on the different I added to everybody else, but, as you know, the Achilles injury give be worth paying into about I'll, be worth and get you bill here that none of the ramp booters our backing down and out like they are willing to put whatever it takes on the table to get this guy. That of how ridiculously good he is that you know. I think anybody. What do I mean knock. I haven't bright year, but if you bet on anybody to recover from the thin three and be close to what he was having the rat gave and if he comes back eighty per when he was he still better than Chris Middleton. Eighty percent are covered, the read it out, so you have to.
It seriously and inefficiency might the necks where nobody was signed with you, and this is your one chance to get somebody who granted is it? You know on crutches for six months you have to think about it. We go through a long understood. Some free agents. And play a little game of. Do you think they'll overpaid underpaid or properly played as we look back on free agents get married July on it. It so. Quite Katy kind. Clay. Cross in those off he can't overpaid, oh yeah, they're, getting whatever they're gonna get Jimmy bother
Do you think you'll be overpaid on the painter properly pit. I think he's going to. I think you're gonna get the map from someone, because there are too many flocked to fill and Germany themes are gonna come up to. I don't think he asked the worry that much in the way he played the play up. I think it proper. I mean he look he's not everybody cup of tea. There's no question about that. It can be a hand up at the two is an undeniable different back as great as impeded when he had the feeling for all the potential ban them tat I mean he was. The study is dying Billy. He was the most dependable guy and he got them to the absolute brink of
beating me eventful champion, though people can knocked him or whatever I dont think you either culpable in Minnesota of the wolf themselves are for that between the. I can't believe that, after the way the previous bees and Andy face it, I've been looking to trade the minute they gotta with, because in tat they should have been trying to treat him from May and June twenty eight in they let it lingered too long. They got wait. A little back warm baby at all that, before whatever butler did, though I am I'm a fan, is that I I think he's gonna have a lot to do I think for years, he'll be properly paid with MAX consensus can be the price five year man
from Philip fill it. That would be a little overpaying, but it's not like it. You gotta do what you like. If you gotta pick up the competition, you have to do it. If the choice of losing him you have to, I wouldn't given the five my axe: I've given five year round. They close, but I don't I just I want to tie up my cap in those three guys is that so, eventually, where I'm gonna be a year from now it isn't she now. He did align himself with them, bead as as that run went along in a ladder. Different ways, not not so subtle and men let Beth it the better to get them under contract at some point to make in trade. If it doesn't work, I mean I don't think it's like they're back that they would be without pre forever if it, watch me. Isn't it is that is as yet, women find long term that you're up that's her you think fairly for him at the fifth point, yeah yeah,
with these are decent June twenty fifth gases: nobody can hold their cigarettes as is so filled you twenty fifth, I think I still think as for why, I think Katy Inquiry go to Brooklyn together and I think clay stays and gone state. You grew that for order, but I actually be quite thing in Toronto. I think that any aim by the day- ok do not. Now I am not one of the black you left.
Access to the inner thanked them of being quite see. Reality leaves, I guess, I'm thinking. Why not do it? For me, I mean look back at different. Do if anybody walked away from the camp, the other depending damp, yuppie he's capable of anything, but I don't know. I guess I think I think I know give the rapid and an end to where the public. By carrying out you don't yesterday, I reported that the network pouring can we make it Tiree, Katy and Beyond. Retorted
the Andre Jordan and they make it a trio. Will that make the thing more? And I think that the rapporteur, I think one keeping on haven't Dato do evil not like the perspective that he's Doin inquiry. If I recall the net birth, I dont know that back up, but that I haven't around. I think the ramp gotta go further and telephone fell yeah. Oh look I'm in the net, but no question that the bigger factor in it than anybody would have a bad thing, but I don't know, I'm not ready to I'm not ready to put my money doubt that you will have already put my money down, I'm Katy in the next, and I think it's going to be a loser or overpaid, underpaid, properly paid Campbell. A four years MAX. I think we both agree properly paid properly paid.
Five years, supermax, I'm gonna, say overpaid eyes. I think that's it incredibly dangerous contract for them. Your opinion is, I think, while I starlet than a Louis Lupex Way, if they do it probably dead, there grew if they dont do it. I think they're through good. They don't have it back like not doing it means they bought. You want you want it back. If you do not want it would benefit a bit of rebuilding with Moran and day to day, and they got quite and they ve got a code that no one had ever really heard of. But you know what they're, starting over with you didn't find another there like that there, the new hot it that way it can be that if they were to go. Oh no, I don't I don't like their past, either way the accused in his hoping they, to the five year MAX Cosette. They like a year in December, gonna not happen that contract. I will give you
His power for it. Sure nobody I get out earlier, he's get him in Jordan, where people always believe I I really that our horror for it is gonna get for four one? Twelve, because I think the South for them somewhere in the three fur. Eighty five to ninety range- and he was- I know thanks so far- for one toilet. That number is that number it, but why is that number so precise yeah or its former for one twenty, whatever it is I got to say- and I love out I about Orford biggest fan. I watched him for two years and the giant fan That's really dangerous contract to go for years with them at huge money, a those last two years. He he came into the wagon o, seven, he's been weirdly in a lot of playing games. Ban relatively healthy that all time, but now
at the point where he has some real miles item and I dont think its realistic for him. Deliver thirty. Five million dollars were the value in years. Three and four year, three at least is expiring if it's a three year deal, but man I love. I love that move for New Orleans. If it's damn, I like it for the clippers, if they can also, if they also take me to get Kawhi but paying somebody at thirty, seven year old centre? Thirty five! The six million hours to me is is pretty desperate, but the market I mean what are sport with real candidate but their Nick, the net Lakers quivered
with extended the Boston empowered me. There are a lot to do with money. The players would like bone warmly been there. Now I mean there. You know that, but there are certainly, but it's not like the years when the heart, like the hawk behalf, to view it yet, but about the billions being cast paper. When I get anybody, we know that, but they pray. What use are cast a lively, but this is a deal where their seven or eight him better gonna find real, create other there all gonna be overpay some degree because you ve got a beat out. I guess he's played less games that I thought ass. He lay point eleven games in two thousand and twelve and twenty nine games in two thousand fourteen Keziah bad injuries. But those years whose is over nine hundred- but you know he's he's been in the week now. This will be year for your thirteen, I don't know, maybe he wouldn't let the rear of new oil
Got here and now the now President African toward your vera, I love our for it. I hope he gets paid pay our he's great danger? I thought you were the one you're, the one. A public diet, but there was no. I was the one defending that made me so mad he so that average out of them Fellow left, you know, I you know I love. The left is underpaid, properly pit. I hate the baby to about a fellow. You know I you know. I love the left is, but I I I I know about Bob. Now he had a great deal. I'm gonna take over pay. I guess I'm not there. Yet I'm just not, maybe I'm unfair, but about there I like what he saw what he showed last year. Obviously did not love em in the playoffs, but that was also his first taste of that kind of spotlight. I liked
these four years younger than carry- and I agree with what our Pasok Low wrote about you know just from appear values. Standpoint is probably he's probably worth eight million more, but when you bring in the intangibles and the fact that we actually saw Russell B A willing chemistry guy last year, not really care who who got the acclaim or who is finishing games stuff like that I'd I'd, that's the cares led away with me if he goes to Minnesota it, carve out the space for which I think, I think gonna potentially have right does Minnesota. They have enough space to be a player, correct yeah, but been linked to him. I don't know how reliable that is, but I mean that that happen, but I was Thinkin Minnesota Phoenix where that either two themes that similar gotta me as suitor
I don't, like you, think, we'll go Rubio. The Indiana Indiana another began Loki yeah, but it seemed like gold higher up there on the paper with. Maybe they think he's more get a born. That's why I got a question for you, if Irene out, taking down much grief for what he did, that lot room the Heath actually gonna come back. The different do with its neck employer. I mean I actually think he'll be great. Fer a few months and it'll, be, like all my god emphasis ethics far and ETA it'll just be Toby November December he'll, be amazing. Who else? twenty nine- a game. And he'll say all the right thing so be an absolute managed to everybody who comes up time and just talk to me about my thirteen months, seventeen Ferencz, because I think I think what would I I just think it a venture. Now. What do you think
but we know from what I've been told WWW? I love that dude and what will I mean? What a great contracted out is apparently been recruiter in Cairo, though I guess, but that does not mean that the net payers are really on board with you and your lap do. They would be mp3 now we're all wrong tat bogged down, love each other, yet nobody upwards. Later than the sum of our part, but like they really do want my guess. You'd have to look at it like what made the Cairo thing go south if it was in his far and may be part of it was their merit. And a clash with him in Stevens with how often we they wanna plaid always heard that I always heard he wanted that teeth to be used more like James Hard in Houston and Stevens is a big ball movement. Everybody touches a guy who's. That not really bad. Stop or friendly. That's that's how they want to play. So maybe that's small piece of it, but it doesn't explain how it happened.
A team? Was it ass, a dozen explain what happened to him and the Maki Sears like explain that to me I can watch those five games. He was. He was a negative player in those games that, on both sides, defense we was inexplicably awful off. We could make a shot, and didn't seem like a gave, a shit. So that's your citing whether he can turn it around good luck. Time he's gone away but I just think it's really risky. I looked Fanny bade good bye to the other day with All new. They went down along a whole lot better than did happen. It wasn't all power either and whatever they like each other There is some rosier. Your and Marcus Morris was unhappy, and I think I think there word thing with how they kept trying to force feed a man and give him all these chances, and indeed at a really earned his minutes and they are given in to any one thousand big deal. I think they fell. I go like Stevens looking out for his did, and
this was the year from now and I'm glad it's over, Tobias Harris overpaid under painter properly pit. I gotta be honest man, that's a good idea. There has been no little trotter about him good, it you're a good if you can be fitted with as well. We ve seen in played in birth. Now I do not think the play up. Did him any favours, but it made them? You almost classify here, but the underground guy, because there's so much at the top of the spirit of the class, the media and not everybody to get overpaid again, because you get anyone with beef, many quality, better
They're gonna cost you a lot of money, though I don't know who that emu yet, but I am sure somebody's gonna give him my big for your deal. Why can they be Denver occurred coming night by ten percent, Denver might be Nicky Nicky Anthony David Bitter that they really do something daring. Nobody was beaten that ridiculous Lakers offer It is a hickey. The Lakers are paying a hundred sixty cents on the dollar. Nobody else even had the assets to do that. Do you think there's. Kind of an outside punchers chance said Harris comes back to the quick person I haven't seen that mentioned, but that would be the most Jerry West move of all time. You try stating get a tad assets, and then you just resigned and four months later come on back
I have not either I mean it's gonna. Look it again had been so that the rumble of collided clippers has been daddy until the final and even know what the backup plan was by remaining Obi WAN back up here we eat it's totally legal for them, the recital it feels like it should be illegal, but it's actually that it's a hundred percent legal I haven't read. I dont have the numbers in front of me, but I would all be don't they need to maintain maximum flexibility. Quite does one in one. I would think they're gonna wait go after him again Why did I think that any doubt that that's what I do, I don't wanta gown area comes us but Gunnar,
comes off in a year, so they just use that money and give it took away. The roulette coopers like that I'd I dont have them. I don't have. The numbers are probably the doubt that awful, but what what do? I don't think they will do anything that gap for diving going after quite get it? Take it if they could bring in a high dollar created what will the year after that by Chris Middleton Cripple I'll get you on our list of bar it all back. What overpaid underpaid are properly paid the bill payments, definitely on his neck, Rhine with the low bit. That would that we declare that being overpay, but they're gonna get my. I think, you're gonna get excited about. Oh no five year backs. Oh! No, Please don't do that. I'd. Really, at my got boy there, just fine
your clothes that the word they should go. They should really go back and look carefully really really carefully at the bronze o, eight or nine and two thousand ten rosters at all. The moves that Cleveland made those three years before they do that. Because it's very easy to overpaying. I thought I way viable if I waved my magic wand and you're you're, the do John or are you prioritize, robbed in over Middleton I'm trying to bring them both back and I think they're both important and I'm trying to bring about what you get you you're gonna have if they offer him left in the back and think that there is now an opportunity, I mean middle since the guy a lot of things with what they do. They keep available go back, but we will give him the foreigner MAX. He can't get a five year max from anyone else, but you know if he's playing with the US, I will try to keep both of them, but not not destroyed the next five years of by cap. The thing
damn is you know they got? all times sweet our deal from the city walkie with that arena. He too rich guys boat to to really well known, rich guys who own that team who bought it for nothing and now it? I quit in value cause. I stumbled into the honest thing which, as you know, they hit the autumn water with him in that a team, is now a money machine and they should. They should say luxury tax for that what are you by? What are you bite? a couple years bilaterally with bread, but you could get a group. Together with all your youth. It there's no value anymore. They did did the year was two thousand ten women, there's two: how many teams are available that turn that eighteen months treacherous eight eight, the six years? Bob for, like five bucks, a ham sandwich member that was nuts the early. They basically gave the charlatan M J. I think you put them like a hundred million cash
those days are over. Why that can mls teams go brazilian style because nobody can afford NBA? Be these guys want to orange things, sports team so bad? They have to buy or other Do you want own, a team that they can then people that yeah. Oh yeah, I own, I or whatever, or whatever they stayed they liked. Have they it's like having a yacht last prepared, underpaid, properly Pegana and we have to go Nikola Vukovich. Some sultan them yeah, I'm evil of the kind of thing happen then that obviously will wipe out, but I think he's going to be, but they properly paid your calling overpay, but I think you either gonna get it you'll get a good deal of pain or Lando. We'll get bill, get it somewhere. The kings are still looking about. One
I think, depending on the number, it they'll be a bitter, the belt buried there at some level I think give its in the four years hundred range, I would say poorly paid, and I am even factoring in about bird up that the Balkans I thought he was really good last year and by the way can shoot threes thou, which you now is that not at the bar Lopez level, but his ability to at least stretch the for little bit as men and dangerous. I favorite. I just love. Lopez and found the box, I would be as worried about bringing him back is and in these other guys at that he was essentially what they get at you. I got at one question before I got here. I need a new deal with it in my new letter that will be outcry by the time. The part that yeah after it Did the rapid get an accurate? Ah master is calm. Yeah I mean
the most titles there's some sort of asters, but I also feel like the it's that two thousand fourteen spurs to me like they earn their title. Tell you whether you want to give them. You know it is in the first sentence of the titles obituary. They will be The warriors also had to catastrophic injuries during the files. The same time they they did to me fairly series made had title as a result. What they went through that Syria, to get by that Sixers team,
and then they just how different guys step up every time they needed some. But I think I thought it was a really great team effort and a great title. I support it. What do you think? I think I think be? I think the upper art defended the unavoidable because those in three worse so bad at the outset that we ve ever final and will always get a mega, we'll get a mention, but I also think- and if the kind of what I want you to the ninety nine Earthward that led them, they were the original after because yet oh Jack and bring about way. Yet I think I think that faced with we're gonna get out now. One year later, do we do? We will really talk about that. I think- and I hope it is to me it's I d to does live a man standing credible player who played out of his mind, a really good team effort, and they may happen. You know,
it's our can remember it's very somewhere. That may seem to me marks time we can. Subscribe to your newsletter. We can fire and together we can media in the New York Times And- and I look forward to your coverage. The next few days enjoyed backed up a week. You gotta be kidding that our legs, but from what I know I know it has not worked they were in a call, my dad really quick as I wanna have he wants to do a farewell to carry but first hides mayonnaise transforms ordinary foods into an unforgettable creamy experience you may for you coworkers names, your mom's birthday, or what happened three seizes got that Germans talkin about in there get a delicious potato salad made with creamy hides ban as foods, tides banners want just be the forget. Billy creamy highlight of your weak. They may well be thy letter. Thirty's slathered onto a mouth watering, Turkey club, tuna, salad. Dixon in a girl, gaily Laird on a thick cheddar, cheeseburger or spread an ability
because the unforgettable criminal hours later you'll be telling her with an air shat just how good it was I know it's good Kyle of. Nothing more than be at this, it would be up to his creamy menace extra criminal. It is needed and it did in the end bacon needs to be cooked correctly in the whole thing delicious. Leave the boring old black man is on the shelf, where it belongs, try something new, try, unforgettable e creamy hides band AIDS and the new measures may a chip, Mayo, mammas and crash. I welcome it at my dad's on the phone. It is down noon. Pacific time dad. I just want to give you the chance to say goodbye to career Bank, as it seems like he's, really got any any last thoughts. Any last words after two years of watching I said, I too am days ago
take a bottom where I saw you driving him to the airport and have a video on the internet. So I wish I was in the back seat. I would have been packing. Luggage Well, what could you have done differently? As you look back? Is there anything you could have done. What cheered harder, Could you shared harder for him? Maybe using didn't enough? I was at the season ticket There was even a game, it was like I get together. SK remains meet the new players beginning of the year carry comes out MID court makes his ball statement. That is we siding with the south. The crowd goes, wild everybody's thinking about will you we lost and game seven, an accomplice bylaws. If we carry, we would have been. The final, but a nightmare I was told I guess I didn't realize what a negative.
Terrible influence. He wasn't among other players. I think I told you that the second half of the year used to watch the Hubble, because we sit neither and carry would be. Trying to give. I guess, advice to every other player on the team Nobody was listening. So all looking up in the stands that making eye contact with their families and friends, I mean the guy was a nightmare. I hope it does well in Brooklyn and I hope we can use this money wisely, but I get the guy at here s my opinion and you think this DIA South expand base the share that opinion. It feels like it that I note that there was an hour oh about is easy, but a couple of things, Is it the worst Celtic since
Well. I'm a week's in Sydney, works and courteous row is either the worst subsections back then, or is he the most dislike athlete in Boston? The same way you put where else bury. I went to the Yankees one Damon went to the Yankees. Women went to their components, Yankees. Eventually, you know that had a career really really really disliked up there. So any kind of actors in this imbues can be a lot about. You know the other thing that worries me and he saw today. There was a little piece about these six. Being very interested in our Orford. I hope I like how often I understand I probably isn't coming back, but I just hope he doesn't make that make that panel decision because became
it would be like Rio and when he came back as a member of my hammy, our jump into the eminent enemy mean yes, exactly here too I know he wants to win the championship in the polar opposite of The urban area Irving is so dislike. Harrier shall forfeit, is very much liked in this city, and I think but I understand that thirty three maybe wants to win the championship, but please don't, but somebody like this sector, yeah, but I think you go if they were offered him for years in the South Ex wrongly offering him three I'd. I would be fine words I love you. I love eleven jacking, but my mother said that the fact that offer for years- I don't do that that that money was money and way of contract was not the issue that you really wants to go to a contender and we're not a contender. Yeah. I don't know what we're gonna do with all our money, the somebody room running ramp around here about whether we have today
a million or if they denounce it. Here too. We have enough thirty, seven man or whatever, and who could you go out and get that money and with that make us a contender? I don't know where you go out and get You created a new word, denounce its renounced captain Outfits, said psyches decade the nets tonight's, an evil spearhead we have just now. The carrier make it much. Their renown. So I made a word of it, so yeah there's some Campbell Walker, rumours that we just had Bernstein the passwords outcome by that, and is you know The Roma is caused, obviously went to you can, and it is, the kind of guy is impossible not to refer, I love the guy. Don't you like the guy yeah he's been he's been great. I think the part that people are missing with carry if it actually was relatively salvageable it as much of a nightmare as the season was an hour and happy, the team has not much fun fun, it was to watch it.
It all could have been salvaged if they played one the playoffs and I think it's getting swept under the rug, how bad he wasn't that bug serious like he was. I passionately awful, gives a clear you alone. In the other thing he kept saying Second half of the year. You know it's gonna come together and you're gonna. Play off, carry we'll play of curry, sucked ten that game it did not try. Eighty, there was no effort in that landscape game wouldn't you ever have come balkan area a thousand times out of a thousand times over a thousand. So yeah, I'm tired, I'm back, I'm trying to look at it from carries and trying to figure out what happened is obviously was the year from Hell for him to end, even when he went to that sees and take an odour thing. He phrased really carefully, where he said you know, and I love loved come back here. If you have me
so, you can argue, he technically lie because I dont does don't trust the south expands will have him so Can I don't? I don't think you back. I don't think you put together enough to carefully a word. It is we who knows maybe we're under ass. He bade him. I think. Is it. And was it was coming back and he got the chairs that he was looking for, and you know you and I I remember it. We were masters last year when we got the the country will be able to play in the play off yet yet and we we both said Alice. That's the end of our play off run, which had really just not a bad name. Would ready to begin and we want. As far as we were again, with such. I don't think I've had it much anticipation for stopping these him. As maybe two thousand mind,
The only went to the final and it's just purchased off of the season and I don't mind in combination things I think he influenced by the players. Can they get away? I think they dislike playing with him so much and are often never and down it's hard to overstate how much that influences other people now have you have another you know it's not even just a basque about thing. I think when you have somebody is unhappy and whose up and down it's hard to overstate how much that influences other people now have you have another ugh another couple, people in their who also unhappy then it becomes a salami of an apple. I agree, and I am not too may think the whole permission. Your book, a basketball, had do it chemistry and camaraderie in the secret.
We had none of that, though, it should be no surprise that more enact the fat of the boy and let the team quit as soon as it had the chance to quit. The team rolled over that was the really frustrating thanks especially the last two games. The team is just dying, a roll over game, five was what are they time easiest bets probably ever mean the line was already high, but there's no chance that self esteem was gonna have any fight. I do think there's a world in which she goes. I said this the March than where he goes. Brookland any, the great for them for like formats, everybody's going wow dating a game We obviously was an idea is a lot like what happened after he left Cleveland and came to the south. Heyward got hurt and remembered the Celts. One. Sixteen stew and he was kind of groundwater watch and was saying all the right things and leading by example on like he does have an inner that that's really the craziest thing about him. He's not
you know, Sidney works, Curtis row city wakes was a loser. He was a loser everywhere he went and you now he would use the number and taken the draft in Portland, and was about for seminary, Sidney works. For that reason, it is to do with the where the fans- oh, no, I'm I'm with you and I'm sorry you like I'm saying like wigs was kind of irredeemable Curie is actually- had really good moments and really good stretches. I think that was the most confounding thing about it that his was up and down, but the downs were really down in the ups or really up You know one of his biggest mistake was, if you just play ball and instead of filling apparently this obligation to be, take on this leadership role and other players didn't respond to that wrong. Maybe if you just play ball, because he did not at first year spectacular player when he filled
yeah, but he has the leadership skills and the more he seemed to try to influence the buyers, The more everybody's game went down the two. So maybe, if you just baby, if he goes to Brooklyn and displays ball dossier, different carry, but I don't know about very eventually, I see the whole thing blown up again me. I feel I always well. I will say one of the five most did something so here we have ever had you didn't, we think, a cagey at its apex. He was still an amazing top seven. Big, a guy, but we didn't see him like two thousand for cagey. Anything like that. Well, I ain't a qualified you're talkin about play is that we saw him personally yeah, I'm saying just sell things: Guy's dead. It is certainly one of the most how'd that he was an hour. At least I do
last year's. He was an arm like the bird level or though you know the Collins have a check level anything like that, but he he really had all the tools he was just here, in this town employ watch. I thought he should much better when it was unclear when many different topics is three point shut it out and people were always twice. I come from this discussion, but I was much more confident when I say it understood the tree. Then I was one carry took a three. And I'm telling you to be more confident if we have Campbell Walker could see steadily them But here the gaiety maiden here is where the stats. People, though, would tell you that carry shut the three better than Campbell Walker here, but I was at the game syn. Since the maid, the one who made were not to quench die. Forty percent shorter last year from three. I know what you mean, though, like you you felt like in the moment you didn't you
and for whatever reason you just had a few moments. I didn't trust me Ray. I trusted more if you went to the basket Danny, stop doing that and by us maybe it already made a decision to move on I didn't want to get this turn up. Those awful juncture Neither does seem like a recurring theme. An mba history is when the guy knows they have one foot out the door, it does affect them in the play us yet faction. Me EAST, stopped by. That go to the rim basket in the Wazir. Did the same thing by the way I give my other nightmares, they restock rosier Anita pointed out next year, but Emily they have to all the night. I don't think they can feel both but the amount of money to have their say the pic appoint guarded epic, a centre. Will you, like you, like bright, brockden, loony combo, that Back
a plan for you. What about Vukovich? I like much of it, however, say his name. I'm the only problem is. If we get him, I never say his name correctly, but daddy. You know he came in and told us a couple times there he had good. That's all season. I know we had a career in a contract year, though you and I he's gonna, shaker heads when that happens, but I, like his game kind of old school, I'm not sure what the biggest need, bringing in a centre of bringing a point guard the they're gonna get MAC contracts, MAX contracts, think yeah. I think you would couldn't you just converts Vooch what country differ I'd whatever. I say if I'm wrong at that the added value is each what we could call the guy from somewhere. Where were you
Just call me his name, like images can vouch like tat. I call Butch if we could get virgin broadband because burdens back and get back. I like Brown I'd, be very happy with those two very, very happy. I'm trying to think other Switzerland. He's from Switzerland, the internet says there Switzerland says guy born in return the big lies, the belgian rainbows because Croatian but born ers families, Croatians, employ them, I'm trying to think of the top five Boston athletes we ve had that you just struggle the most pronunciation. Wise were dead friend she was dead. I grant you every one of them? I probably just as they Miranda crises on the ruins We ve had some bad we're a lotta addresses. This is the second ones that are that we watch for years use Youtube Reggie budgeted I'd salami, throw this are the morning.
They somehow get Kimber. Then patch together some sort of whatever some veteran sand and they get a temper and the guy for gold state loony now now another that's realistic, but it say a combine, then they patch together some centre thing and tied theirs. They get laid. Thyssen Chandler and just some old veterans for the minimum and then figured out later. Are you excited that you ve already paid very season tickets at that point? Yes, yet I definitely ok, that's familiar. Do we still have towels nothing? Yet we just we just have we somebody. We need the right point because the different I'm awake, obviously nowadays and like all our wings anyway, I bid
I did any summer by stringent Hasn t them before we go on two things. First, don't answer the phone if your collar idea is Kobe, Bryant, ok and the second advice is dry practice all summer driving through the basket So the hope that most those two things gotta hope practices you're here up and wonders anything where your near the rim anything. He gets out here did I ever saw- should read it didn't go to boy measure. If he is, he was driving you know we had a lot of jumped Should as the sheer frustrating. I know what I was why I got one that we took Romeo Lang, furred leg, whether his talented you know in the eyes of great upside picker, namely that the big thing with him by slap. You too, I watch Youtube clip because the basket
as he got fritters last year I'm I'm bored easy, lame. Madame word weather You know I didn't like the pic like depict either. He was Mister Basque, Bonn Indiana He played heard all year, which I did this ethics actually really appreciated that he could just shut it down. He would have been a top ten peg, but he kept playing with the injured thumb. Basically, the same injuries smart adds to that effect. That is shooting the thing that I didn't like, was he's a little black hole wish and I feel we already have a team of black holes These were the latter. Maybe that's gonna flap, but I don't like your work Why must I M just not gonna play next year in and whether he plays down there? That's why I made the Julie joke at sea that grant Williams is gonna, be your kind of guy you're gonna, be my colleague I that is the brain and other stuff to the table. You like about the indicated in the other guy was thinking. If this,
for years from now and icicle players can come out when it was the fourth or fifth top ranked ESPN ice coup player. We had yeah, but he would have been a topic that right all boldly would say now, and he won't forty four. I mean it's got it give me a lot in three years, just for two years. Whenever it happens, if I school players can come out there going to be a lot of mistakes made cuz, these players show different skills or skill sets or levels of listen freshman year in college and write this guy's a good example? Now, maybe the thumb killed lawyer. I hope so I don't love. If I was wrong about the pack and he was ass, somebody I do think that they have done. It is a trap. A draft tactic Danny's use before, as they did that with every Bradley to remember they took him Nigerians, but he is the year before recite the number three guy in high school. I sell
they ve done it. When I look at the European School was too of the guys criminalize go right, Ghani that Prep school college. Often workshop, doesn't always work out, but it just kind of ironic in three years this kid might have been the fourth pick them the draft coming out of the same devaluations without going to India and you you and I both love Carson, Edwards customers he'll, be a funny check. I potential, which we never pick a guy like that around what I always say with other teams coming. The garden they have of it was kind of he check, guy that we can't stop shouldn't jumped shots. And I am looking forward to MECCA collector they're gonna work from Kyle President were Thea deadly
Kyle, join with anyone. I customers adornment or some like that with the air. He doesn't have a sneaky one on one from twenty six or eight. Although I get against eventual champion, I loved watching a diet that that pig when we trade back- and I didn't like that trade and made more sense after it became clear what the reason for the trade was that there was bad. He was still sitting there. I think now has the floor. Adam as a top twenty five, yeah. I gotta say I've had some time to come down. I don't hate. The draft anymore turns out. I overreacted reacted that never happens I should just be why can't you must be the first time you are you shouldn't be allowed on twitter during a draft that was to tax is too important. The growing Lange for it as they. The fact is that twenty seven percent for three, but They were real reasons for its. I, for I feel better. I've come have come around that, That's why I'm a true homer I've taught myself into the a couple days, but I've talked myself into it. So, like I re meter,
some inquiry, were looking forward to the patriot season. Lackest for twelve and for Anna. Mikey later in the summer we are going to bring him back. Ok lambs in one second wanted to remind you about the Ringer pack, Ass network, where you can find just some awesome Basque by related package, as we had into one of the craziest nine, six hour hundred twenty, our whatever stretches that we're going to have on June thirtieth. Against all odds with cousin sow they'll, be breaking down on the bed. She can possibly make this point. Cast ran, I think things can be on Thursday and then and then next we too, as we react to a lot of stuff the Ringer NBA show you probably subscribed thou, but if you don't run away when it winging it. Vince Carter and campaign more trying to get to the bottom of this campaign. Marguerite traded. I love this I guess
You are traded shred of private turner. What happens? What do we do? Tat we formed, can't bays more progress to ring. Internally as new cause. I don't know lotta decisions to be made here in the Ringer Pakistan work and then the judge, redder past Rumour has it glow covered in this way, the fact that J J, so and by the way J J is gonna, be afraid to. I don't know where the hell he's gonna be going. There's rumours is gonna stay in there's this room is Hammond Brooklyn. There's a rumour going around met him in New Orleans. I guess I'll have to settle in the judge erratic back ass, so and one more thing. The Dave Chang Show actually went on that. I think that's running this week or next week or something like that, but an banana while and when all buncher directions that was awesome, Vega ring up cast our gathering, Yoda COM or go to abhor ago, do spot a five. You want to check out all of our people. Ass, Raina Michael K way. I'm serious Kay waves is here
we did this homage b. I shall briefly like three years ago I remembered a year, but we will never full sit down. I don't remember when it with coups. Dear dear dear now now into the full sit down you have when they see us, as are networks right now, It is not a many serious. A tv show, it's not a movie. What is it a little? tv series a limited tv series are, the terminology so complicated. Now, what kind of feedback again for this spin offs has been? he humbly the main feedback as possible. Really having a hard time without my friends, my peers, they call me I'm up my my my brothers from from other mothers, as we say Adam is woken up their travel but I didn't know that they had. They may not have known that they had some from getting these four. Oswald is pain, and just don't know what to say that that makes me feel helpless. And I can do just sit, there, listen yeah,
I remember when the story happened, I was actually has spent in this summer's. In Connecticut. That point I have seen a huge story in that tries to area, and there are writing about it and it seemed incredibly have fair and then you know like everything else. It goes away after the trial than theirs. I commend her bad. I think two thousand limited as well by Cumbrance that is really good was, is one of those things that kind of would come around every four years and people are yet. I was really unfair. That's terrible and we set out to happen that it moves on to the next saying here and now with this network series- the tv series and the scope of it now. Feels like it's getting the proper treatment. I would say the I'd think so, because you know we have a distance, I think, we're better at recognising some of the code where it's like there's a really good seen in their first episode when Felicity have character the dossier. She's ties.
Explaining how she's gotta get these guys and she's using like animals in the she said I feel like now. People are so condition to ten when they hear any sort of code. Anything really active it. How do you know, unfortunately, does not the case sum up my view. You know on my kids the less. In my case I mean the young people from our community. Could yeah it takes it? so our own all my kids, the goodbye the ugly cause I was once did the bad in the ugly. So on just as recently as did the Baltimore Riots, I remember being infuriated because the DEN mayor of the city, She went on international news ass. She called her kids, animals and That is a just struck a calamity years ago that the Baltimore rise would certainly years ago here and I
I remember hearing her refer to the kids in our community from our city as animals. It if it is, isn't it didn't make me feel good ahead of you choice was heard him home yeah we're you're on the apparent side in this one in that Emma Play aptly Bobby Mccrae. He was the answer and transfer Do you worry about the tab characters you play leggy You tend to be on the side of the sad and the right, usually like, even in the night of your in jail. The wire Omar. Like site you, you tend to be more the bad guy and this one whenever you go against type with that, almost I would like to see the parent as they got the skin. You know I never really. I've looked at Martin, my resume in regard to good and bad. There were humans and, unfortunately, and sometimes fortunately I know
All these characters for my community see. I look at my my my record my past his collar resume IO. I I see different community narratives it's like a mosaic of people, you ve, into a river. I was, I wish the decades they saw. The man What are you to this? Disrupt the story to finally be up to be a part of these men? Finally, getting a chest tell their true to tell the truth and on you know, I'd I'd know the story. I was there in new acquitted, and it could have easily been me yesterday. My mom and me in the night interrogation room and they last, not least it was ever- do many you know on and not just because it was able to the neighbourhood. It was able to have a name. And, if you, if you nowhere, you know what I'm talking about the chance to talk with her
we said that in New York over lunch- and we talked about the climate and the climate industry, at the time of what it was like for me and at that Measures to the story- and I thought that you know with pretty secure that I had the gig rights. I was locate. Who is the building public funds she goes on nano now. Let's talk, we will know she says who are you and I was like Adam? I didn't prepare for that question. Yeah me whoever much at home. The competition were on a different trajectory. He got real real an arm I don't know, I left, I left a meeting feeling that is confident as I went and not didn't enough, I had the gig or not, and it was on it was, some of the day that we spoke about in that that part of the conversation I realize
A little lazy, an arm I got had got the little jaded. You know arm, jumping from gate to gig and air not taken care of myself, and I said I said you know if I, if she gives me an opportunity to be a part of this journey, I'm going to I'm going to put a really really make it. Make a couch an elm when they see is, for me, purse the personal level outside of our relationship to the story, just as an actor business on a kind of renewed, my vows with the craft, and the reasons why I do what I do no- I mean you question why the answer was. Yes, I had it. Therefore, my community, who cares about my community, who wants to use my platform to be a part of something positive in my Community, as though we told ever will know At that moment, I had to go find that answer yes I didn't know what made you question why the answer is yes
had it, which is what question your asses around the seller to the Atlantic. Yes, I had to question my answers Could I didn't know you know like MIKE Mike the log of work. When I look at my body and who I am now a man in my personal life What I do my community in the impact I aim to have my community that all started wake up right around we know of black market. Um raised in a system that to push me in this into this directional having purpose of of being of service and when they see us cap was was the boom in the back. They just keep me over the edge there's. No. Turning back for me do so you played all my one of the most I kind of characters. I'd say in the history of beer egg, the President says it's his favorite character ever, nor that What's going on, I value before amendment, to repeat it
the baggage, that, as you try to find new roles and stuff. How long did it take to shake out of that of peoples? think alike, oh that's Omar. I didn't care. I was too ignorant to care by any of that. I just you know I was happy to be. There happen to be working on that if I didn't have the knowledge of what that meant to, even where that's so my ignorance kind of saved me yeah, I'm on immigration. To a President Obama making that remark about his is admiration for the wire and in the character of homer. That put me on blast that Frightened me, you know, I think he said to me- was an interview I did with them. When we talked about the air. Was it would you with an I was? I was in the White House. Tat did the first ever package of them. I'll get it he's out there. And then here is thy gamma, fair churches that will go ok.
When I heard it, I was in the interview with a Terry Rhodes, fresh air, and it was like the HBO media people were running in and it was like. It was almost like breaking news for, for this little show called the wireless bf and I remember it was me. I hope on that take credit for pressure was made me. We will be that we all say it now. I do I have a little flat debunked after the fact ass. I am. I know we talked about the wire and I could have sworn he said yours very character, but maybe imagining it. How would you out of your misery? I do river was a big deal. A one is the fact that he loved the wire kind of. Its own way felt like a big deal. I always think, as I felt like it made him.
More real dough. Somebody like man as they are that is much the same. Tv shows that I, like you, do you imagine what it did for someone like me who yeah who lived in a community tat at the wide depicted saw was like. Oh, he sees me in all the ills. Even though on television and I'm a mockery is done to? But I felt like I still felt on invisible in. With getting back to when they see us. You know I still like? No one really saw me they all I saw. Was you know what I betrayal television. I still felt that at that point my voice didn't matter. Who cares what I think anything. So therefore I didn't I didn't was very ignorant to who Wait things run and Emma into Michael. We got to like a local office or off his own leaders and things that nature had deftly wasn't boating. Who cares about my vote? Yes, all at that's who I was when President Obama said that about me so now
the two things happened. I was ok, he hee hee was care. He must see me if he's watching the, why he was care about things that are going on in my community and then We want to listen to him and care about things I was going on in his work, which was affecting my work they it made me grow up and to take responsibility for my lack of of of being present lack of not voting. My lack of night came about whom I local politicians were where I learnt all that by list into him speak. So gone way backwards. You got intact in late, yes, merrily and Is it fair to say you bounced around a near your teens and twenty is trying to figure out where you ve been new alone? What they're very fair you do it that would it right. So they wouldn't when they see us. I was about twenty one. But it's what I was in Rehab ladys lady There was definitely eighty now ass, I was I was. I was my first rehab for for drug addicts yeah, that's who I was
came out of that, and I just I fell into the arts of deal. Dancing was the first thing that I I like to do that held my attention and I found that I can actually make some sort of a living at it. Song by the time the wire came around, I was so happy just being a background, as that was my job and you relate thirties at that point it well. I was in year, but I had stopped dancing. Am I lay twenty the asthma early, those in the wake him around thirty days, who I think has that doesn't like twenty in twenty eight out had been a few gigs and started to book I was calling me the dark skinned. The bald headed dark skin guy with the scar on his face yeah. That was my mo. That was about as being typecast force as you would listen to earlier. That was frightening cuz. It got old, real, quick like it I'm getting bored with being called the boy to dusk, a guy with discard his face there going
I'm getting tired of calling me that add new then need to get something. So I got really lucky guy introduced to the off Broadway. The world in the city like the Mamma Mamma and though he saw NAFTA Black Europe in Harlem, and they got with a theatre company called data. Generation on my direct mail, whales in Philadelphia and that's when things start to click you could let me with anything and I would book it and then- the sudden forms with debt for like two years. I couldn't book a job if you through it at me and asked going into these auditions with all this distressing zuyder, like my life, depends on thug number three. If I don't the role of in hopes of scary guy on the corner number four I'm going to die ran out. It is not the right at its becoming too these rooms with, so I thought that maybe the ship at sale, I want to welcome my mom and the day care that sheet she built in the project that will still lived in
and I would like your mom under the gay cuz, she hired me and I was grateful and I put my all into it. That's all that was two years: nine eleven happened and in October two thousand one. I was in my apartment in the projects and on turn on my television plays the music getting high and on their I go. My episode Sopranos Pats on the television some and look around my apartment. Looking at myself and I'm seeing myself on the television am like one of these pictures not cool yeah and I went to my mama said: listen, I want to give it one was shot that was Anna. That was October, They acted. Let me some money, I need to reinvent my pack is new head size. It would do in his new thing called the real than hers. I am. I am a real and she,
She. Let me the money, and I did that that was I by March. She calls me I was upstairs. She calls me at home. And was by that was also the depression I didn't without a lemon very well. I was on medication for that crap and electricity. That was the mind that I was in fact she caused me one day and asked is of desert. There's a fax for you right. It was the breakdown former and I was in that was in March. I put myself on tape one time for Alexa Folk, for the role of homer and the next time she caught me. She was Khatami. Go pick up my ticket to go to abject overboard What's your point to work, that's why I didn't know that sir, that's amazing! Where wider than eleven? What happened You know I mean beyond the usual seller. I saw that with my naked eye. You know the night before my moms and the Bahamas, um I'm first generation my cousin visiting. He was to leave that morning, so that night
we drove around the city does know he's a pizza. Accuser could show work in the Bahamas, so he he was fast. Did how the buildings so high above the clouds he like, you might tell me that will stops right. There is no go past. The clouds, like you know the twin towers, and yet, if I stay bus ignore foots date, they go past there. So we got it. My car that night September to end in an attempt to by observation tickets at at first we want to, there, the empire state building, they said. No, then we told downtown and went to the trade tower and I was trying to buy tickets that night, so we can beat line because yet he was leaving that noise. The goal was we'll get to take us tonight taken to see up there. To reject an invite you to airport. You go home with you and be there that morning, yes, sir, and on we here and we wanted to the to the to the two
and TAT was the Mackenzie. Make, though, wish him when he lit up. I might want to stay a little longer. He says the Mason Falco the by catch, my ticket to stay longer without being too expense they will come back to the city, go to the centre with him. Gonna go see his dad, who lived in Maryland, just go to do the Harlem tunnel and got took up now. He's on down the road you get there this morning in and then it happened. And I remember that, with the waste to follow in a given day when the wind, which shift you cast Smell at least two weeks passed, you could smother burning flesh and air I remember being on the roof and the prize exceed the second plain go in ass, fully ass? It. I think these bills are gonna drop. He's is no boy testing still a bit still bent can burn still, and I think maybe thirty forty minutes out. He said that of bulls with them.
And I sat with a sad there. What's she could see the whole thing from where you are you, sir? Are you had a clear view? onto the twin towers. Did you know this second point? Did you know we're gonna go in the building. Are thinking that point? Why haven't they get their anything? Will when the second place it, I didn't actually see a flying. I just saw the big puff and then I was that what would happen and the air, but in reality it was so myself as though the sick. A second plain just take the people who were freaking out and ass womb without a hearing that that it was a terror that furthermore heard the word terrorist attacks it was at that moment, I remember watching on tv the second one in the first one was like an accident re about one year just sooner than man? That's. I can't believe that happen and then that second was coming toward the Isle. So no names. I wait a second I'm a waking up that morning and turning on the news and seeing the image you were not. My first thought was added.
But with a scene from towering infernal. I just did it myself right in front of us like with this inventory of further my favorite movie at an element of this, in what will this? What does lead to new? Did they re edit? It That's that's what my wit tower photo add So then Omar change your life? Yes, he did ass, he did how much how much of it was was which are the carriages, try to create verses. What was written for it, but what was the balance? I knew. I had a blank slate that you were today all I'm an early. Wasn't no no David Sammy at birth it with a blank slate in going on over there. I mean by that. The whistle everything that was also the had others all that was there. The only thing I can say on board the table was, I was determined to not Omar sound like a due from Brooklyn. I I
immediately heard these different dialects? If that's the way, it was other Baltimore Data, the end, it was rich and it was, It was immediate, like there was no light, like you heard, but you knew that can you do like on command our was that some do the worker, where they were all about due to add How long will it take to get at about two two to three years, if you listen to me a season one in two I come in and out, a certain words that you gotta, you could tell em it was. India to the to the untrained air here to Baltimore Ravens Baker. Here we come in and out it was alarmed season three. I just start really. I just got it with my pocket by season three, was that characters super popular right away, or did it did it take to
and because I remember the arc of it, I dont. Neither you know I was just so remember by like season. Three was really I really air. If I ever your leg, a cream or inside found. Where every time you seen as I go, my guy there is full of good. Very good rules will reply. I did you know I was oh. I remember I was I remember being- and about his is, is sexual orientation being an issue in my community. I was blue, What about that, and resolution. No, I mean I was wondering if there was a revolution has carried actually help. My community here goes homophobia with rapid, its rapid still. I think that Omar helped men heterosexual men from my community,
look at homosexuality or otherness from them in a different light. He had had a wit, Oh my gave them away to respect men that didn't sexual lies the way they did yeah. They make sense That's something you'd been you'd been work. Everything I've read about. You are super comfortable on all kinds of circles, like your whole life. I area, you know my own ill. My my best friend my whole me, the one that What me, how to navigate through the streets of Brooklyn Hither, has been he rob who C4 for Maisie Bit of quite a few dues for me ass. He taught me how to toughen up. I saw a woman taught me how to man, a gay. What the heck so you had tat can. When you came in about there is no
no great wire poster husbands, good ones that grey wherever you said there was one giant Omar poster sake. Not many of them are out there, but you have one of them. I have one it hopes to arm the auctioneer for charity. Form they can t swim organization. That moment my nephew Dominic is the arm is ended. The code is the you come at the king S, not miss yeah as to call in the post in the season one waste generated to rob the kids in alleyway with him in his lover, Brandon they set em up and is the first time we're almost hit line up the cheese stands alone. Is in that. Isn't that scene right before that that robbery, that's the poster shot, I'll, be finding that when I was one of my prayer scales this I could find found where shit on Ebay. You may not be hunting you over began via violate yellow need. I want you to auctioneers out. There was a great poster any of the overcoat. Yes, I do. I have almost church Dave
an ad and Nina thumb in that was it. There was a rough day at the office of legality they get it to me. They put it in this air tight gold in casing box and on his birthday, is the run of the show from two thousand to two thousand and eight, and the sum is beauty. Did you when you get that script. Did you how they did you know, is gonna end for him or do you think you're gonna get through this? Does there's no David David was very, very em up front about data. He didn't you know he didn't leave you're, so he caught me any. He told me about it. An arm so I was able to go to work with this mindset that you know it was a weird day. Everyone was like letters. To this day, we are not gonna sit here, as getting emotional and morning, a fictitious carried to re that it with that awkward elephant in the room. For the slight an arm
a break between tastes, whom they had to cover me up at one point, because it the community, to get spoiler alert the OMA have been shot, so I had to come about at the dumb Gunwales head go back and forth I was in my trail. I lived in a mirror with the gun warm and I just blank. I just got a got stuck it wasn't. I was crying. I just got a went numb cause. It was into an end. When I was like it, I will communicate we never got picked on a lot and all of a sudden, the same, Who would probably call me Sissy MIKE and take my Many would like to leave you like what you're gonna kill me, as is the Tipp it he so anyway on that that that Superman Cape that that that that armed force, their false love, that force feeling of of of pride was being stripped away every moment. We said that seen that day and
When the reality of that hit me. I was My trailer alone? I just wish I went numb like, dare I gotta go back to Michael. Yeah, that's thoughts and on what job Diner walks in the words of the causes and sees me down a she walks in two to deck, achieved something issue, Shieldeth I'll our little blocking my child you'll have to not for me she came and made it. She looked at me sit at the desk ass. She jumped everything ass. She ground. As he says, on we not when is today, don't even go to air pollution the cat is he's my language and she s like she snap out of it at home. That was it. So after the show ends, lives on. Probably realise at the time care and then year you're out about your wherever you arm and people must mention that character to ass, they celebrities maneuver
The basketball players advisers is, there must be the first in this area. It is an honour. Yes, it is out of ten people seven of them would call me almost to steal all my comment that you must get a lot of Omar covered. I get a lot of Omar comment. Ivy. Really there so after that You do a whole bunch of stuff. I thought. I thought the night was forgotten. Thank you They have really like there and I and I think in a weird way, remodelled the wage beer thinks about some of their shows now and then, like war talk about networks where these sat beside seven absurd for episode. There now really full the tv series by your car you go into this world anyway for a few weeks and then you're out another dinner and out big little eyes and now
instead it when they see us, but it seems that this is a new modern. I think it started with the night of Stephen Zillion. Oh he's that he's a genius yeah. You know he beat me up, which was much needed for that type of that type of heavy lifting. He created this world that was just on. It was incredible on the set you felt like you are really at present, and I got a glimpse into what my nephew Dominic to point must have been to have it. Twenty years of his life. It was sad to see this area than a year. There was, clear most of the time where direction he was gonna go well yeah. You know you never knew how sinister was gonna. Get your love. You like it was. It was quite a lingering it. You know it is, I can only imagine that's how you that's the thin line you have to ride in prison at a muddled by a model for night after night my nephew dominate and not to say
that my nephew was manipulative like that, but my nephew at this type of charisma, pray that was very prismatic, and here he could pull you in real easy you get sucked into his intoxicate. And my nephew has saved type of of characteristics in his in his characteristic traits in it in his demeanor, and I saw a base a lot of that this Having a go at him, but then it is, he has his dark side with his addiction with his own, his his his enemies, a bit of a manipulator the air and at that no that's not so cool giving Hollywood is doing a good job on this. The community right now at a table. The tide of changing the USA is getting better at year end, but, more importantly, to put all that was that pressure, spots, ability Joe
in Hollywood has, I think, it's time for us to also step up and take some of that and like, like you know, as a community as as as my actors in this Hollywood community. It is time that we need to stop making it make demanding that out those be told more than more diversity, which is already happening in many more writers every by doesn't does it need to be an actor? You know when I talk to young people color that want to get this business it dont. Do it the way I did I just here, just only wanting desire to be from the camera. Was he was so much more powerful when you only a content, write and tell your story, tell you should read a book option it bring back to that, able come with something more than just your pretty face, because that gets old, quick trust me. I know traders alarm is time, for that is the great is agreed that the
did. The temperature in Hollywood is is just is just right for that type of on call station to be having. So I put some of that some of the responsibility back in our committee and our community in the gutter telling our narrative in Hollywood, would you from your boardwalk empire experience. Man you're gonna checks. You pick up sees the further. I mean boy. What if I was a boy's club, you know and and the nickname for the for the was bullshit me in the Michael's like you, to be named Michael to beyond the show them like, like nine laden with a new cast a silence, all my Michael's from war will give by bottom on that show was on just cause. On another level who sent me. He showed me, what a star really looks like never saw him complain. I never saw him young. He was never late. He had
He would, if you need to him just for island, he would stay on a mean that type of of grace graciousness an end at issues. I don't see that allow now in days, everybody's. No will all about me me me, but he asked the semi, the classic and know what I learned just from watching him. I interacted with the crew with the other classmates maiden name gives up always available inaccessible to black dead. Now This shows that, our more with my my coworkers, As you know, one another HBO show Corridor the love, love craft country, unknown yeah how'd. You make me that twenty second synopsis of back of that when the new one so there was a writer, I think, he's known to be the first suspicion. Rather of a name is hp, love craft. He wrote a series of books that color resemble the twilight and if you will and his that he created
on Jim Crow America monsters from outer space- and he tells me It is well through this family, this very, very, very dis, functional family, and that is called love country. So what is this one come up with and right now, filming with dust. First, their production is June, tenth catch Atlanta right for when it's a hundred agrees. Oh yeah, the with the bureau. They called the war now lie alone a ladder I really felt accede, and these ten pages baby filled with flat was went to film in bottom That must have been last summer's to write. You sound like a walk in the park. We did what we see them too, was actually in the winter, I'm day. My mouth froze at added Pakistan.
My mouth literally fro that I never had a space before it enters into the why? But the retina was shot in the summer. Yeah I'm sick, I move that called in the summer of knows not, but you know you get its human it again, but the thing I remember about filming, In the suburbs, in Baltimore ok, the seasons, the dam Ok, you don't talk about dessicated, the first, I saw them. I almost jumped into the into the head. The boss of all over the world is only this guy's folly. The eyes only have you ever seen a case where they come from animals, gentle bonds, but they they'll deal literally flying your mouth. The dead did that ignorant. Literally fly. Am I mad you're scaring the work of the world is coming to an end when it How do you feel about? What's happened in Brooklyn in the last fifteen years? you know it is bittersweet thumb.
Before full disclosure. I live in a very nice pretty white neighbourhood, nothing like vandeveer projects a little bit, I long for the Only York you know on we New York has got a little bit more to sensitive for me. Sometimes, I think the target use an animal the butter on what really, I'm concerned about, is a all the displacement that's going on on with the gentrification. You know where are people being put in o? What does Brownsville look like these days? What does EAST New York look like these days? What does the South Bronx look like these days, where these people going? Who can't afford the high rents at home that disturbs me little bit sometimes so. An Amazon there in that moment when it seems that there are common in
What was I was I was may produce that he mammas I'm. I mean that that that does that that equalled a lot of jobs in the community of people. I know a lot of people could have used here. You know my elevated, isn't gonna high regard to what the higher so that local politicians why they voted against it. But for my view that trend, made it into a lot of jobs for people that could have really use it. I was sorry to see that deal fulfil, so you ve I broke still has a lot of the soul that it had twenty years ago. Oh yes, your pies or yogi this you could go to Brooklyn ends. Like Coney Island, still feel like Coney Island status, Regarding Zena may everybody's there in other still packets of Brooklyn. I still feel like Brooklyn, I get it,
I think the entire internet lives there, everybody who and as a pilot jazzy for he may brooklet so friggin sexy now the whole world was dilemma, broke every all moved abroad. Where there's no more space paper, we have. We have a leg in Person Ringer Office, Brooklyn Yearbook, Azalea dollar people live, there are really two dumbo ever allowed at low resulted in right. Now it's in a year. Okay, I I don't know, there were every time I go there. I just get confused the whole time I caught you, you are young, you come hang out with your big brother guys go. He gives us good food. Is a book ribby in full, caribbean! Forgive me here, yeah anybody ever approach you about doing a movie about you by your life. Develop producing life? No, sir! Now nothing! You can do that When is approached me about with no no Yankees Anderson Lifetime, you think so
they got us like a half ass shrug from Tommy. You know we'll call it the Mai crossed by coming crossed a beard ass. My mother holds me across the bay across the bigger the Michael K Williams to her that I care about them That's it They call me when you made your getting area urban this summer. The Ebro I bet Kind of like within our car was To no good luck with carry seriously ill luck with that it out at Amazon Van de LA yeah, we're ready permanently fewer because a lot of attention so your next year. I am an expert, as I do. Again. Yes, I do favors the jumbotron reaction for you and the video screamed. You know they. They showed. That is always the same, cleared the balkan pie, Eclipse in the unknown, the crowd. I get a lot of love where a lot of love
give the pose. What do you do in the cameras on you for the video screen emerged in this? I use it always glad I am. I haven't seconds to lie grabbed the poor schmuck sitting. Next to me, the stop programme. I figured as bait like air. We here right now. Can you say, as I do, that you like the good for him? nervous reaction. Ah this is fine. Thanks for coming? I beg is almost scale to see you again going over there. I'm gonna find that Omar Pastrami back. Thank you. Ll keep years you pay you sign, it get other get other cast aside. I put it for you chaired ethic, it would do well, I presume at that I really do I'm going to do. I don't know what I've done that promote that, if you do that, I will they I'd. Like your comment, I thanks to mark time, thanks to my dad, thanks to make ok lamps thanks to the sound of it to go to the ASEAN back on the check it out thanks the whole ladder, the tasted new free,
not in seed bar from Cliff bar has other goodness. You want pumpkin seeds, almonds, caches, dried chairs or ginger, as though the stuff you don't want soft baked. Gluten solidarity. Or added sugar. Now that stuff ten grams of plant based protein go to. Cliff part outcome such bs for thirty, five percent of a trial pack of buyers new whole alibis see, I have bar Deca, Slash BS, back on Thursday with were Scylla till then.
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