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Brooklyn’s Ceiling, Brady vs. Boston Fans, 'The Bachelor,' and Taylor Swift With Jackie MacMullan and Nora Princiotti


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Jackie MacMullan to discuss the Kevin Durant–James Harden combo for the Nets, the Nets’ exciting win over the Bucks, “hopeless” NBA teams in a shortened season, fake NBA trades, and more (2:00). Then Bill talks with The Ringer’s Nora Princiotti about Tom Brady and the Buccaneers heading to Lambeau Field to face the Packers in the NFC championship game and possible trades for Deshaun Watson (1:11:00), before discussing the new season of ‘The Bachelor’ and Taylor Swift's latest two albums (1:41:00).

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an m l as consumer access, dot, org number, thirty, thirty, whereas if you buy the ring it outcome and the Ringer podcast that work where I put up a new we watch was package yesterday. First blood me brand compliment talking about in our opinion, the first great modern action movie and now paved the way for our but basically everything happened next for decades, with action movies, go check, thou now coming up contact Jackie with more about the NBA without the nor Prince here, about Tom Brady, the bachelor Taylor, Swift, oh yeah, it's all! Next!
first brought it Jack inequality, secretiveness Tuesday morning, Watch Brooklyn claim lucky last game. That was shockingly ridiculous. entertaining and you can kind of sea. Future of the east playing out in my big takeaway was like holy shit. The Brooklyn set maybe it is getting stops, but nobody's gonna be able to stop them entirely them in a shoot out with Yadda yadda Middleton drew on one end and just and ran on the other. It's like I just like brooklands chances to score more than what is chances work is now in trouble a little better,
and you know what jumped out. First of all, doesn't their Jim their court looked like an ice skating rank, that's it thing, but the second thing is Joe Harris must be like happiest guy in America play out there with hardening Durrant because they draw so much attention. He's getting wide open looks now that my chain from comes back, but you don't you he had a great game, and that was partly why they M, but but at some point doesn't matter that they can't stop people or they won't stop people. I want to say I don't even know if it's they can't. I just don't know they don't they're, not gonna, stop people with the lineup they had last night there. I put the question, so you know therein gonna, be there crunch, Simon hardened and Joe has a d. Andrei I guess cause they're gonna need a big Jarrett citizens right you have green- was in that fifth spot look I raise gonna be in that first, but when it comes back so that means the three scores: hair
The answer I knew I share the sum of their possessions ass. They had the Andrea Yadda spread in the four and the Andrea was guardian assigned like that. I'd know. That's not gonna works. I ultimately as well. That sounds to re. It might have to be playing the five in crunch time. Guess you about items, I don't think he mindset. He did that a lot with golden state and they were very stick about it. They never use their bigs down the stretch of any big game, but they say Dreamliner. They still had an incredible defender next time. They did. They deserve debate so as watch and use them last night at their they're, just ass, an old Debussy might the happiest guide the warehouse he's getting at thirty to thirty five. There are severe, but poor, Peter Tuckers Annette just stay in the corner of his skills are useless. So this reality airspace defence and I was wondering, could that be the guy from Brooklyn? where Pga Tucker and that fits spot. He could do so The dirty work he knows the ran from Texas and maybe that only answer well, sir,
You would want to go there. I would think I made they with egg, just so fund a watch. Therein is just a shade. Forty eight percent. From the three point line I mean my God he's already unstoppable everywhere else, and if you shooting forty eight percent from the three point line- and you know hardens off to a terrible start from the three point right now it shouldn't career low. I think he's around thirty three percent, so he's not an anywhere near what he's going to be. You could just see if you can heal the load lifted off and fair unfair. He looks he's an unbelievable score, but but indifferent defensively and a couple a place there and at some point do they make em make em guard. you know so where you can see that Mukoki was delighted anytime. Was guarding behind a procedure that core rights earlier laxative fighters who know that she did the right thing. So it's our! design but eleven games, but he's very early inching toward a fifty five. Fifty nine these splits right now which isn't sustainable, but you know I reset
I recently makes finer makers almost like he looks ninety seven percent, where he was then do three percent reserve those I, where do you get these per setting out? I don't care if he looks like he's comfortable and healthy. That's all that matters they look any worse than he did when he was lighting up. The league before blew out is Achilles in the nineteen flask, as I feel like he looks the same while we won't know till you get into the season a bit, because when you get tired, that's when your body starts to break down and they haven't, played enough games. Yet he hasn't blade enough minutes. Yet I dont think for us to really know for sure you might take away. Last night, it's like I spent so much time after this trade we did a podcast right after trying to figure out like all right part of the rain. Kyrie houses going to work watch you last night you think like like, or maybe the Cairo doesn't even really matter, because the part that matters is just that the real hard and combo is historic. This is like Elgin Jerry where this is bird, Mikhail, Mikhail. I too good feet. This is Dr Guideline Cagey Barkley. This is a unique.
Opportunity to have two unstoppable guys together and the Cairo parts of me almost irrelevant right he's like a luxury for this. I don't about that. I dont know if I'd go, that far you. U dimension, carry you mention the podcast we're on. I would like if, if you would mind to address that I do it yeah really haven't, had a chance to address this because I'm not on Twitter, although I guess from time to time so important, to be me on twitter, but I've never been on there, and so I haven't had a chance to address that pod that we did and we were in the It's still a conversation words. I had started a conversation about Tiree about Commerce if I had had with them some years ago about just what you asked me, what made him tick, I think in essence, we were talking mindset of because everyone's wondering why been away what's going on with them. Well, I saw you ve had a ton of conversations with them over the years. I met you, let her pretty unique relationship with him. We are many. Mercedes with them, and so I started to talk about one of the conversations we had, which was him telling me that
the NBA draft should be abolished because you didn't think it was fair that some to choose where he got to go and who we had to play for and We start having that conversation, and I started to explain that why that was never going to happen in the NBA. and from here to things happen number one. I use some poor choice of words that, sir, I understand that now and in the contacts at the time, because I had completed my thought. I guess that was the first to the first problem. Is the poor choice towards a second part? Was I never did complete the thought And this is something that offended people and. I am a mortified by it because what has been achieved Land or come out is not at all. What I intended in this conversation, if I can new, the conversation which I didn't was that as as a Korean I start talking about this. I was fainting
that MBA would never allow players to just come in and in the way, in the end it and commiserate with them to some degree about the idea that if your great young player common on a college, you have for years, probably gonna be with that team, because they have your draft rights and that's that's how it structured so you know that conversation that I would carry not too many other things that day and what made me realize that this is, I think, to or almost three years ago, because it wanna things I object to his I'm. I'm during the people thought I was criticising Tiree. It was sorted the opposite, because what I learned this from this conversation with own it was quite a long one. Was him talking about the dear that he wanted to be he's was very in tune with social Justice that you want to be an advocate, and I think he's you know since then, you ve seen is with his native american culture. What is done with WMD play We just learn now that he bought George flirts family house and so what I wanted to get to, or what
wanted to explain that day was that this something I saw a long time ago. I knew he was very passionate about this. So and that's not you know, this is long before George floored or beyond its Brianna Taylor or Jacob Blake, or any of that so. that's where I had hoped to take that conversation in the podcast. You know our conversation veered from there. That's on me and so I really can do. Is you know to the people I found it? I hope they will accept my apology, but also my explanation, because that can station with Cairo to me was very valuable to me. I learned a lot from him and about him that day and that's what I was trying to project. So that's a long winded explanation, but there it is I need to get that off my chest self or you know one of the things we did that path. I dragged you into a two minutes before who are taking our excuse of not only on the making out you some just sand. We were react,
your trade, its jumping around other, how different directions ere. I regret as you were heading into that we're just bouncing whereby waste place and I just wish I'd been like wait. Wait hold on. We got to go back to that. I knew that was part one of wherever you were going with that kind of think so, but yeah, people. Our understand, you know where you are a fireman. Also Europe. Your history with their we're talking in these where's they haven't really unique relationships with them. Well, anyway, you mentioned carry on one of the things that I did. I looked I I was looking at usage rate and I'm not taken about this year. Even the last ten years, I'm timeout MBA all time usage rate. Ok, number one, Jordan, you probably know whose number to its Westbrook Corbies number. three, a I'll, never forget, you won't guess who's number five, but maybe you well, if you're you're, probably smarter than I am shocked me d, Markleham, because since
number five, all time in India you situated felt, but neither edible. That is true. I just looked it up, but the reason I was looking this up was harden. Durrant Inquiry Irving are among three of the top sixteen players of all time in usage rate, and that's that's incredible to me. So this then ask the question: how do they? reconcile that among each other, and I think the big question becomes they do seem to me to have respect for one another, great respect for their own abilities. But I are these guys work, Are you they all things in their heart of hearts? They are the best. They are the best even though some I might have more credentials. They all believed there the best. So can they all find a way to mete out this, I'm good at it. the shot pie. I'm gonna have the ball my hands, because that's One thing I noticed when I was watching last night because it really was fund a watch who had the ball most of the time Harden
Terry needs the ball to do what he does hardened needs: the Baltic he does so maybe maybe what they do is what then Tony did when he was using Chris Paul and hardening having one guy on for this many minutes. He comes off in the other guy, come some and Dan Tony's on their staff, so media Maybe they look at doing that and that good work was so you ve figured the ranch, the constant our doorways. Thirty, two minutes a game can replace thirty two minutes, game you really only Criss cross them a couple times. New crisscross them again yeah. The lazily minutes, like five minutes, are all on the court together and you know it. be. The worst thing to preserve James hardest minutes has played the most minutes of anybody over the last several years. Cairo, you as an injury history. I think I wish I had thought de Antonia about it, but you know he he had the whole blueprint right there. He didn't they did a pretty successfully. That was the year that was the hamstring. You know they almost made it so there's two things that make me suspicious about this point
the boy, especially after what you asked that one is. We know Cairo, can floating in at a games in a good way now to mean that a bad way work as usual, the Brown, the brain at the ball at year end he, figured out little tat little pockets to take over and games, and then those calves here carry would have these moments where he would just get hot and the brown billet cool and he would just ride copyright bennets otherwise, we take over when the Brown wasn't in the game or he would take over this little pockets or if they had the right Arab, whatever right I kind of learned how to do that and he was twenty five. Twenty four twenty five points, a game that I think his last Cleveland season, but who wasn't happy about that Kyrie Irving, all right, so I think you have to go back first of all, why wasn't he happy in Cleveland? All until we got when he showed up in Boston that first year- and I
you talk to that. Your tail was like he wanted to be the guy. He didn't want to be Lebruns little Sidekick, buddy dude. He wanted to be like bright, the franchise guy. He wanted to be the one they consulted on personnel decisions Somebody tell me a story that first year he they were figuring out, like those alter alternate uniform. Oh, I know Qaeda ran ransom. The options pass carrying priory was giving all these notes in perspective and and Their take I was like this is what he wanted. It was never could happen in Cleveland. He was never gonna, be the guy like hey. What do you think of our author? Uniform certainly go abroad, the bronze gravel I sit on the plane, Lebron's going to have the perks, and that was the stuff that bothered him now he's back in that situation, but even a little bit worse, cuz best plan this team, so I wonder a had, as he handed out behind the scenes and then be from a basketball standpoint, it's much ready float in and out when now you have these two spectacular scores,
can be happy and as it could be a thing where he's happy for one year and then he would be like I want my team again, I don't know. Answer and- and I think that, once a doctor, a result, Tommy was the guys you want when you're, putting guys together the hungry guy. You want the guy that has one yet because no matter what anybody says that he still the hungry ass now I would argue that a guy like Lebron James, is but he's hungrier than him year in and year out. I would argue that, but he's is yellow he's one per cent of all basketball players of all time in that regard, the real, true killer, winners alike- that is correct, that I think you maybe I think you may be- but he's already one Durant's already won the longer hasn't one yet is James Harden so maybe Jane pardon is the one guy that will be willing to say you know what all I'll step to take two steps back, I'm not taking for, but I'll take to stay
back because it matters to me matters to my legacy. I want approve everybody wrong about all the flak I've taken the way I you know, shot myself out, a Houston so maybe he's the guy that I'll say all right here. I will give you the ball and an eye you know I don't know, I don't know the answer. Well, here's the thing he's already hinted at this because he stopped and about how it needs to be more of a play, make array and the bright eyes average eleven assist game in a season bright bright, which at which all sounds great, so cool, unselfish James Hearted. How just set us up, but then you watch I stay, and this is one of the best offensive where's, the history, the weak and if he has match Ups- and he can either shoot a wide, open threes of a forty percent shooter or go to the basket. Neither draw FAO whatever and it's. His instinct is over can it be to do that. You know he's not John Stockton and the midday on our personal yeah. So that's it. That's why I'm sceptical because you get it a game. I guess today were its motto, a motto and alarming
teams could sense that, are there something bigger happening and then just were playing this game of Martin Luther King Day. This is that we are now really feeling each other out as grinders in the EAST and Harding up in it and the rate was also the whole game and hardly life over the game for two minutes, because he could alright, I become sceptical, and you know what I notice about hardening. You know where we are. Tough on him after do occur. the way you manage this thing in Houston, but allowed enough. I dont know if your member this play, but she summoned upon the weak side. There was a shot that mass didn't hit upon the weak side, the left side of the basket ages, bank- in and it was so textbook at so perfect. You know, and it was unexpected, like the ball came to him unexpectedly, but there was nothing Hershey jerky about it like the due to so fluid and you forget sometimes an end. I feel the same way about Durrant and they went rises up it for you. Don't I every time you should
I'm like all that's going in every time where he had parted at a play in one of the different, soon harden and used at this season in Brooklyn in that one game. It was this by he missed it. He MR shot came flying and got his own army arraigned, EVA bag. I drive for the three gap. There was, I Hotmail aspect to it, that you don't you Now then, the three weeks in Houston nor the four weeks whatever was in its it's gonna guy legacy, I dont think What's the matter? Is people forgive this stuff, but it was pretty egregious sweaty dated and he's trying to cover it up after finally the hey man. I gave my heart saudi use them, but you know when when you mail it in like that yeah people are people in Houston are going to forget that, but that plant that was amazing, the flipside there was a play when he took over for a couple minutes and ran. Had the bar and you could see on the tv hardens way on. The top of the tv is on the other side of the right in this house
big flower garden. If he's that in the play geez we, the use, sees thirty feet from the vast, not even pretending to be a threat that he has no idea what to do at. That's my fear with that team in crunch time. Is it becomes this dueling banjos thing once I got you get the by this time. I'll stand over here deriving yeah neither that enquiries doing there. I don't think that's gonna be hard well and they gotta defend. You know I was looking again at we always here same thing over and over your top five defence in him up. If you can be a top five and offensive efficiency in defence of fishy, you have a good chance to be one of the best teams left teams, there's only one team in the league right now: that's in the top five, both the Lakers there they'll Gouty Milwaukee close, but it's interesting, Milwaukee defensively taken stepped back this year again small sample size, it might all work itself up and that could be as simple as Bledsoe. Who was a second t think he was second teen last year was,
all defensive player, you know, maybe it was first team yeah he's gone, maybe that settles in so there I think they're, nine they're outside the top ten, but the later the only demon and Brooklyn way down there. If you phantom late and for the Sixers, it's offensive lie where they fall and then the clipper I think you know, because, unlike eighty clippers are one five row, maybe they're figure this out, then you go look at their defensive numbers. I mean they're, horrendous you're, not good, big problem garment. They are problems with the pick, a role there, really defending the three point line particularly well, and you look at you say how is this possible? You have quite Leonard, one of the greatest defensive players in League with League scene, the last several years, Paul George and Pat Beverly like how are they? Not cool NL three point shooters on the perimeter at does it make sense to me when I say that the copper fans I'd our excited. They filled the teams coming together. They will have five game winning streak while they ever bigger,
They meet the holiday Indiana designated, they did Emily have talent, and I picked them last year and I They thought they irony thought they were going to get it together and it feels like they're getting something together here and I think, tie Lou. I think he's got their attention and the response to him, but, but you know I think, up. I looked at the defensive, can see, reigns there down around twenty two like that's just not gonna get it done. I wanna talk. I wanna talk more about broken bullets. could break a faint sports book has a fine. Does offer that you don't want a minister in the NBA finals, new users get thirty. One adds in either the Box of the sons to win their next game. You can win one hundred and fifty hours and a five hour bet out: Commend the bucks at home, walk, walk a game. Three we do that we will find a sports, because always to window the NBA finals than ever. When you went getting your monies lab, you get paid in the as twenty four hours, Sonaput promo code be asked about the end,
Finally, with thirty one odds exclusively and the fender sports, but gap must between plus present in Colorado, Highway Illinois, India and Emission New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee Virginia or West Virginia must wage does need aftermarket tender. First, buzz required hundred fits Dar MAX Bonus, see full terms at sports booked, Until that time gave me from car when an hundred five to forty seven hundred Colorado, eight hundred stop Iowa, eight hundred and nine, with an Indiana, eight hundred and two seven hundred and seven one thousand one hundred and seventy four confidential Michigan. Eight hundred gambling, Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia Tennessee Redline, is eight hundred eight hundred and eighty nine nine thousand seven hundred and eighty nine or visit, eighteen hundred gambler dot net in West Virginia Sars think about this last night watch Brooklyn match up with Morocco. Which is actually a good match up for them. It is favours brain I feel. probably have to improve. So the two and they would have to make crunch, basing all this and crushed measures care, but the last five minutes
just like every other NBA be this is when the game gets decided as recital state so Jeff Green was out there. The Andrews out there I think the Andrea has been a sea minus four a couple years now and I am not sure he can be out there in question to me- he's not a lad different than what, Baker sad by sewage avail enjoyed Howard and people that were ultimately trend, when a tight, I'm not sure he's out there right. I exaggerate their destiny would be directed at the five with the four who can which I d and guard bigger, guys things a dagger, Puget Tucker type. I dont think I say, because who is that on their roster right now? It's I don't have it right, but you must have to think about this. The teams they have to be and what Five would be and whether the questions we're just gonna score them fine. We know we're gonna, get killed, neither end or reacting to try to get stops because
legacy of this league is you need stops o s. How you in titles? That's what that the regional deckers one last year wasn't because the broad and eighth any Davis are awesome offered suppliers. They got stops ratcheted? Let the defensive big ways in the last two rounds. That's why they want Frat, Sammy Davis. Davis was incredible. The last two rounds really unbelievable, some lucky. It's weird. That's that's actually a good match for broken, because there the match up from walking to explain his Josiana against anybody, but we know yadda. Last four minutes is a little shaking. It doesn't want to get fat snouts. I drew heartache none of the negative when that every tat well yeah, because that think about the last possession Chris Middleton in the corner, doubled and horrible janius isn't even in Europe screen like you I don't have one of those huge tvs it you guys all have like he wasn't. Even in my screen like where is he you know you gotta go Janius gray eyes, they have not figured out goddesses. Now he was drafted in two thousand thirteen. She is not figure,
the inside outside game for the last four, and it's the way that I won't. I just think that's a guy should be almost be used by, like, indeed, is Because guy in the floor yesterday, I just get him the ball near the basket and have, but I dont think he wants to give out. I really doubt I think I think, there's number one appetites on Walker. That was the worst case, the above it when he was just, I dont get out and he starts quickly. The staff and yet is at that point. Now who the guy so sad, all act. Orlando played the files. We shall only be other cynic. Anderson are ruined and make it was never the same player after that. You know and subtle good I do a good player, but that really, gentlemen, Ernest goddesses ten free for as a game and is under sixty percent right now. They can really feel in the last couple minutes ago anyway, so they, I think, Brooklyn, I think, broken walkie. That's actually a good match for broken right now. The one that I think worries me from Brooklyn is fully.
Yeah because you have the indeed peace that that means the Andrea has to play. right and MBA is on a mission man he is, he could see. Albania has so far and have done a good job. You know his minutes an outrageous he's just I'm telling you talking with him he's like mad he's embarrassed, he's he's here is on a mission I weren't, you know it's gonna, be so interesting to see going forward like this do they have hardened remorse, and we will be talking about that all year. I guess right Philly have hardened remorse. I dont it. I was how we last week I attended the pod. That was my big take away that I I would I covered wounded the pod, so I did on my ipod, the next I carried out in twenty four hours after I kept thinking of ass, a man, a farmer fairly fan, you have this generational- offensive prayers available and basically haggling over, does tiring Maxie need to be Is there not Tyrone Maxie,
resolved? Irene, Aren, T retirees backs, there's two Teresa's in the first round he's on the other good to your right hand them over a good, but ah, if the guy that held that me getting James hardened and then Siemens went out had a terrible game, over the weekend- that I think got the Sixers fans you know a learning, Devlin gotta be hard and buyers or Mars. I think, as as this season goes on, there's no question man they're, so tough on Ben Timmins, unfairly it's just some believable may how tough they are because they're not like I get that he doesn't score twins Jamie's. I dont know that he ever will cause. I don't know that. That's what he's about and what he impact. the game. So many other ways me. I think I voted him second or third for defence of the player. The year last year he speak Bg. I voted second vermeer: amaze, like really a great defensive player enemies. You know we know about shooting a. Maybe I don't want to talk about it anymore cassettes. Yet I feel, like I jinx to my, did, appear last year talking at nausea
I did, and I don't think he took another shot, the rest of the year after we wrote it, but You know there are ways we ve talked about open floor transition. There are ways he can be. He can be and if you don't get open for transition and now I last format it that is gained by over passers well, especially in a play, a synergy idea, so so yeah I just be- I just stick to Sixers fans- are so tough on it. I'm surprised, you know, I wonder if you still get traded LA. Maybe this wasn't that maybe this wasn't there trade, but maybe there's like if washed in size, going to Washington now we can do this later. The above. It is quickly yeah wash three and eight there, one of the worst himself. If, if there dramatically Bradley because just gonna leave in two years. What do we do it that, like the d start thinking about Bill and Siemens and try to get basically ninety percent of what harder package was and then, if you're Philly does that solve every problem you have.
Because I want way the higher says the undersized for basically it's just something I owe them. You have good guards the the Maxie pieces. their horses than any orders expecting that from what I heard, they do want to put him in the deal, They were, they basically put their foot down there. They now can be Simmons Tiber couple package. died MAX is not in this, so if the question is, will they ever pulled Rigour on Bradley B, L and you know bradley- be, I think, is here. I give him a lot of credit. I've talked to Bradley about this before and he's been very good about. Not and in a trade is he hasn't done that any any a buddies, honest what he says: yeah. I want a beer, but I want to win like I hope are gonna win its point and remember, Brooklyn, we thought was in the mix for Bradley Bureau last year. This is before you are the hardest thing and now he was like. Look I I'm not saying oh
the Washington, but it's pretty cool courier and Kevin Durrant or saying they want you to come. So if your Bradley billions understand exactly where he is and all this so does he finally say no word of of hunger in here with you guys, Man, you just gotta, let me go and I mean he has not done that as yet he's been I'd, give a lot of credit hold the stock is. I want to come back to later, though the Philly match up for broke and involves them slowing down a bead, which means the Andrea has to play. And again I am not convinced that the Andreasen cringed I'm centre and had seen that once the title. I think that could be a tough betcha, but really the time they need to think about is the Lakers because you ate. The legacy remain the final sparring injury right. the lawyer that far and away the best him right now fighting that. We saw yesterday trying to defend it this and the Brown James at the same time isn't it I? U disaster regards
who guards while? Well, I guess Durrant guards Leubronn you can three, we ve seen Durrant, do odorant deftly guards, but who are not avis? Second, with the under Jordan. No, I don't think it well. You need like we had a d Andre Jordan. You need Jarrett Alan. Is we re without Jarrett Alan. You don't have you don't have hard? No, that's it I will say this about the Lakers too, when you look at them as constituted its thoughts to guy. Eyes and then so who's your third option. I still don't know this answer for the weaker yeah who's your terrorism was like Should Schroeder's ban, really himself like a third option. I don't know how to Morrow if that's his destiny, but I think he's been really get these been that third best by air yeah. He right here that a better idea, the where's game. Last night, you throw it out the words: do that fair there, and that happened in the first quarter me they were losing that game. Like thirty three to fourteen- and I was like
I wider watch this game and then all son- it was thirty nine to thirty one right, credible it, but that's what they do, that How many times have we seen a staff team? games on other down, twelve and then I'll, send like that's Jerry was dies talked about that I attach to Jerry was supposed to have heard is like the game with with clay. Two, and course clays Ayman, thereby is like the game, is never ever ever over when they're on the court he's right? It's kind of fun, though so I'm thrown that came out. I studied the layers of the best him. I do to the only four Brooklyn to beat the Lakers in a series. We'd lit they waited to just outscore them where it sits there just trading baskets and by the way there may be more of them. Yet I could they absolutely could boy would them some it'll be like a hundred and fifty four two hundred and fifty two or something which is fine, but I've never seen anyone a title that way, and I think that's. The key point is ok, that's how they would have to beat them
Presently costed it we don't know, one trades were by our guys all that stuff, but yeah they constituted? That's the only way they beat. The Lakers is its one. Forty two one, thirty six and right is never seen anyone that title Thou O Brien, while accepting the ba, but then the other thing is some: if I'm that from the Brooklyn net, one common Doran having to guard Lebron James for thirty six months, a night in a sit a series final. I don't like that. I don't like that notion. I don't think it's good. It's a good plan physically for Kevin Durrant and again I ask that's right! That's really key point because he's coming off the most serious injury. I think I have as an athlete in their already putting a pretty big workload on him. He's doing a lot on both ants he's been raised, but were eleven gives it now? That's so that's that's! You the reason if I'm Brooklyn, I have pause against against the Lakers because Leubronn, I still think it point of his career. He like YO. It doesn't take a ton of trees anymore, but you put him in the post. You know he bull
Bobo over almost anybody, from even the rent, even during oh yeah, so clippers, I think they're fine. They match up. Ok with that, barring some sort of trade and then there's really nobody else are really the three things that I think that gas will throw. The quick persist for the help it to them. the fourteen February about him, a walkie, Philly, Lakers clippers. I dont see they could get ever get stops against the Lakers and maybe does it matter. it might not, I mean they might decide that it doesn't because they don't have the they don't, have the personnel to do it. But I think to your point I just don't think they're done Brooklyn and Piedra attackers a good name. They'll be other players are always is. There are always pay is available as we get closer to home what is the tread daylight traditional I'd bombardment Then they move like March this year, yeah, I think its march so hard to keep track. It add things will happen, no one thing. One thing they have: that is.
kind of an amazing trade pieces, Dinwiddie contract, which is eleven point five. He can't come back, anyways can be free agent Rhoda. It's basically yeah that expiring contract TIA sees making one point, eight shame it's making to whack Jeffreys at one point. Six, basically, they could add they could get into the maid whatever, but with the resembling a Dinwiddie is they could just Tucker? in eight million a year, Naked easily do some sort of flip with Hacker Tuckers, Tucker's gonna end up a contender. The question is: who is the contemporary he's these? This year's Robert Covington? You know Robert Covington was where everybody wanted, Tucker Right, worry about him with mileage to amid think of all the minutes. He played at centre last year, good Brad, crazy, But if you want on your team, guys it'll be available. I think, like you know, for Europe for your Boston, Celtic, save that huge trade exception from Gordon Heyward.
You know we keep saying Errand Gordon it at some point is Erin Gordon actually available. You know because the Orlando they got they lost was Marcel now for the year eyes itself for the year. There's you know starting slip, a bit can't score and you know do A move on from your Gordon really isn't play that, while this year Actually, this is let's take a break, as this is a really good subway into the next topic. I wanted it. that is absurd, is brought about nor light summers here that means grow every opportunity, beers with France. That means grabbed some cold motor light and, if you're lucky enough to see some lab tennis or gone off to some, I just have beer subdue players I'll. Do it the way you want to do it? We ve learned this you're, nothing, crazy, Jason. Rate, tasting Miller, light that would fill you up conform to assume Zambia plants and actually taken a couple weeks off. I have trouble
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waffle, woven robes of awaits you and also actual waffles down, the Hotwire app now book beyond your wildest means all bookings? Final, all right, so I was looking at the standings and it's early we've everybody's played between. I don't know ten in fourteen games of like that, but shorter season. Seventy two games baby last with the covert stuff. Maybe teams end up sixty nine seventy somewhere in there any start thinking about a leg. I could seem like Miami, they barely one last night, there, five and seven theirs, hits a point in the season, whereas psych, ok, we can fuck around it and say outright that great. We can't be the twelve see there's two weeks of the season ago. I'm not worried about them. they have called. It is using me Jimmy barrier in Bam up enough recovered. He shall be fine, but there is it. There's gonna be appointed
one of these contenders, whether its New Orleans Danver Dallas down, has been ravaged by injuries. Kobe eyes that one of these teams is gonna, be like the eleven spot with two weeks to go holy shit like we're gonna be in the plan tournament. This is, and we might not even have a home game. This is bad, but that's. The thing I want to talk about was the the concept of hopelessness right now. How many teams are hopeless? If you, if you look at the standing has run out detritus three ten outside their hopeless. Minnesota is three and nine, but the warriors get their top three protected. First round Peck Now you can't really guarantee you're going to be in the top three by tanking, as they change attacking rows of right and a soda. I, like good thirty trade out to trade. Do actually you know what let's take this one answer
Detroit as hopeless for a variety of reasons. One is that the Big Riven things really sad sounds like oh yeah yeah- and I also like just how you like Christian would go me he's been great, not good, great, so yeah, without those fears are, there is more there behind the scenes. We are somewhat is that happy ability young guy go and he had a lotta issues, given our college and Who don't know your mother today? As I started thinking, I agree with you. I couldn't believe why not just pay him play ass, only twenty five million, but the big thing. It's sad? It reminded me of Algeria and the next year the end the guy that you and Aviano J was this justice dynamo, now at the wrong time, yet if I may get to the next day was just like. Basically, a spot of shooter yeah. In doubt, out of the ground and that's kind of what you see from Blake now, where he just shoot threes. Yes had one
nine surgeries and I was in the camp. I would trade for my this. Come back is it better. It's yeah yeah! I saw no ethics in, and you know I never talk when Casey about it must have been last year. I guess the idea be two years ago, when the idea of extending extending Blake's range tat made sense for his insight game. But now that's not really why it is now it's just extending his range cause he can escape, doesn't have the lived. I need to get things done, it actually behind us refilled watching him. In this respect, I remember the first year Grant land that was also the first lab city at the corporate tickets forever and all the set in and break. You could see the Seeds Kissimmee Bear Davis definitely had something the year before, but then Chris Paul shows up and he was so fuckin exciting. He was love everybody, the a lot like what science like bow and in it and seeing that long ago you know
it was a long time years ago, by the other guys I've ever there was one nine years ago by daughter was six gonna. Those games that she's fit in any way that a trade surplus menace resisting when their three nine there in a brutal conference divide archive Issues of houses had like the year from Hell they re on, as did you know that they have the worst the French of anyone in the wake minus ten. That's not a good sign, Now it is an idea Angelo it comes down to it, condemns all Russell work and so far no kidding what they want it so far, I'm not I'm not sure that the answer me he's gotta fill it up form while Carl Towns is out, but can he do and you know, Ryan Saunders wants to build around defence and that's not happening, and you know they just poor Carl Anthony towns, my goodness, it's just what a tragic trash story for him his family for everybody and Anthea Edwards, he needs,
well out there to help. You know it needs Karl the like guide, and so I can. Even I don't think you can even make a judgement on him really. but the moment for them. I thought they should taken Wiseman. Had they taken Wiseman They have allowed options with towns. There I get like them. The next giant trade packages place from Wiseman, but now now you don't have that luxury. I do like Edwards, but he should have been the first big, but that that the conundrum for them is like you can't tank, because it doesn't guarantee. It doesn't guarantee your keeping the pic anyway right bright bright and if you're the warriors you're like holy shit. This kinda worked out better. We traded a guy that didn't fit with us for any reason. We knew it immediately, whereas it is spent Wiggans back who hitter whatever at least these guys use, but pretty good and then the sauce and pick sided one
I started as the next team is Washington, which is three and eight. I thought, while she was give you a playoff game Westbrook, why did you think that? Because I thought Westbrook and Bill combined were fifty five again and I thought that could get? eight seat in the east and at that they had shooters I'd, advise Robin Lopez's, Gimme, Marbre and eighty realise the Scott Brics thing had kind of gone past. The point no return The real problem is the Westbrook starting to look at. One of those running backs words. I got that I can't hit the holiday more when I am an whether he's just passed the point of no return ethnically, so I would say what step three and eight, I wouldn't say their hope us yet, but I hitherto weeks away for two weeks away that opens the door for beer thing. So if I'm Denver and feel as though ass giant trade, peace and I had the Michael Porter and a bunch of pigs and the west. It's the one move away from being a real
contender. They'd, though, there's only for tenders are now. Why? Wouldn't I Godfather offer for bill from Denver at least put Washington's feet to the fire. Make that think about it. Don't you think they already have they probably already have I dont know that I'm speculating but the dimmers you know, there? Are they a game under five hundred? What's a record billet again, Danvers, six and seven? Yes, alert! on five hundred porter hasn't play. You know he got. He got knocked out for covert pro, called any? Actually, God covered so he's Miss nine or ten games, and they made look date. One of the reasons they didnt pay. Jeremy Grant was because their thinking down road. We're gonna have to pay Michael Porter Junior someday cause he's that good and just remember, you know the thought with Denver was in the saucy and they had three bigs- that we're all free agents, mill, sap, Plumply and grant and their thought was well. We gotta keep. You know we're lose wine, which will keep to the three while they fail
Plainly, and I know he's not a fan- favorite causes some of the yellow lapses. That about and with him but but body who fit into what they were trying to do defensively endeavoured numbers, they ve been horrible defensively yoke, it has been an empty p. Candidate he's been credible, Telegraph Yang Jamal Jamal's. I'm not surprised that tomorrow's and started out out of the gate. I think you and I talked to off the part about this because if you go back and look at what what he was doing the amount of minutes he was plain and by the way, through injuries like two or three little injuries, that kid is so tough he's gonna play through everything any dead and- and I think to expect him to come back like that, What was going on between him and Donovan Mitchell is crazy and the truth is they didn't need that from him? If Michael Poor Junior got off to a great start- and now you ve got your three
himself, I understand what you say about Bianca's bills, tremendous he's leaving leading scoring again, but he might be one of the few people I would try For if I were damn because I still believe that Michael Porter Junior, I still think, there's so much room for growth. There I think I've, thereby rousseau- and I thank them Obama Elastic a disappointed because I just think like Brandon anger made a big job jail, Embrowned made a big job. We felt like Mary, made the Bay Jump in the plan now he's back to where he was twelve, but salaries like nineteen agape yeah but but what I want to be in a league guy. I don't feel failures. but you were eleven games in he's, not sure the ball great if he starts to shoot the ball great he's one of those guys, it's so much as a rhythm shooter. If you go back and look at him when he has a bad game, it's bad. When he's hidden, it she's hidden it, and so I pinkies. You know I don't know what he shouldn't have in front of me. I know doing well and I think there's plenty of time for to get into the room, to get to get a little help.
I'm not saying it's, not I'm not saying it's injured. I just think the where, air of what he did in that bubble. I think it's. You the he's one of the guys it maybe that's fair knight, Little Ives yeah, I mean you know you are not giving up on their memory. I dont think they're at the bill point. Yet now it s a porter with this whole thing, I went away by the way they may be better off waiting a year, because if we feel like the Lakers are prohibitive favorites in that, even if they traded for Bradley Beal there can. I have the firepower anyway. I'd rather I'd rather play for a whole year and make sure I'm not make any. He had state trading him over whatever, but right any rightly moral bus teams so have Detroit Minnesota yes, but I don't know their way out. would say yes for washed and you think they're hope us now take their hopeless. But I guess what would you think they're gonna make the class the aid they had to attend seed, it's the plants ornaments, I, if I'm a lasting whatever I'm thinking
how we can get to the ten seed. We just need to get healthy Bobby. I think that's possible. I'd say that that still possible, because you got so young players that are so Developing there are chimera used in Houston, foreign aid, and, as we saw yesterday, it's gonna be all depots, try to get it backs the other S the way they have a weird theme, they were not really against it, but I feel like they're, pretty hopeless, I even them. there are. Ten seed seems unrealistic to me. Well, just some farmer Houston Phantom, it about John Walls knee guys sore knee he's out I'll make you spin out a few games that that to me was a big red flag. because he wants to be there. He bought in here- and you know if depot buys in, as you know, that's half the battle. Sometimes you just get nobody to believe they can go on. That's why gone state such whole story because everybody wants
write them off. Once clay went down but like they're, just not half happen it. You know, and maybe Houston could be, that kind of t like we're. We're just not happen that we, you know we'll see son why there is not yet there's an important used in wrinkle. The thunder have their peck and they have the rights too. Swap that pig for either their own pick or the Miami heeds Peck. But the Rockets pick his top for protected top for protected. It won't be top for. I don't think I don't think be if the Rockets are like. You know what we have many, not an it out for you yeah. Maybe it's! I got this thing my will and that enough that follow suit with Pga Tucker and other pieces moving along the retina sacramentos. Five and nine
but get there ass, kicked lately tat. I had a nice going three they score, but they can't stop anybody. I can't stop anybody sudden or what they do. They can trade Fox. They just sign of their not treating burn. Barnes is not only for ethics trade exception. He is it possible for the trade exchange and you can you know, he's not your first option, probably not yourself. While he would be a fourth option on a team. I dont, I'm not gonna, say their hope us here, because I do like some of their prayers, and I would I would they day would actually maybe dumbly wound for they did so early that to call anybody deal well, you know you have mentioned Cleveland, the other mention Cleveland. I've got to get them all. I wanted to get to Toronto first. I turn us five yeah, it's hard to watch by the way it is Papa day, I feel so bad for them then they had to go a month early to the bubble now they're playing in Florida, and you know again, we you talk about their free,
agents they had a bunch of reagents Van Fleet was a free agent, Casal a Barca. So that Van was obviously a priority, but I but they had to hold onto Warner one or the other of the Bachar Casal, because they were so much an integral part of their culture of the way they defend of their leadership, all those things and it hurts my heart to watch the outcome. Struggle was so here's the thing I dont think clapped him. I don't see a scenario where they get hot and it's like rafters culture, others that I just think their bags have gone south and circumstances guy that it was a year ago and, and I think the league also cut it outside of the fundamental rights of a little. What happened at Aunt one two and three range where the lay just kind of figured about yeah. We know must die, is ruthless if he feels like, if you just feels like it, somehow
with this team. We had our run. We won the title. I wonder what is capable of they have to have the LAO Repeats- swear Larry that What is the April this year and next year many play sword and their there was on and off with them are outrageous. They are so much worse off when he leaves the floor. He just such a gamer, any team can any. Tending teams should want Kai Lowry. What I'm looking up here his salary stuff here so he's thirty million this year? And I think that's it. I don't always up at the end of this year is up to the end of this year. The unrestricted servicing that's a pretty pretty juicy trade peace fur summit. Now it's hard to even fit the contracts doubts about thirty million but fear tee. My Denver.
You have liked Gary Harris. You have some packs UK, you can add up the contracts and try to do a basically, but What am I take always is, I think, if this goes bad for like one more week, I think besides, we ve seen and do it that is, if they have no chance, he's gonna parlour. whatever assets he has into whatever he could do going forward- and I think a week is- is tat. You have to be at the gift to wait a little longer hello, hello, a month. What's it now. What are we in January fabric one more month, I'd Linda debate. I don't have it I guess, I think, see our compassion. I think I think maybe there's some other things at work. Was the outcome that there was. You know that residual from the bubble and some other in all the personal struggles- he had in the bubble. Maybe that is still straight, in that I don't I just I think the kid is young he's here. Played a lot a basque on his life, so made
he is limited, as you say, may repeat, things have figured teams have figure things out, but I, He has enough intelligence enough skill set to reimburse self know maybe can happen this year, but I just one give up on doing here: case for Toronto. Ok, I can't wait. They lost a gold, stayed Portland on the road back to back on the last action by point knit those possessions had gone there, where there had been a sixth game, winning streak, Gretna yeah. culture is echoed higher welfare point. That's like yeah. Let's wait a month and see what's going on. I really wonder I I just don't trust Messiah in the sense that I think he moves asked please I don't change is like eighty horribly is their age and I've got through the rest of them. Yet you mentioned even in teams I that Sea Cleveland, I don't know I wouldn't call them hopeless wealth, they might be hopeless for this year. I don't think they're a play of team for the sheer, but
you're Cleveland. What is your goal been goals to try to identify some young players that you can start about building your team around and around them and they found him sexless. You know an and shared out There was the all hijacking they got no right on the dialogue. So now you have something now they're there, another team that I think there I think they're, one of it like they might be dead last and often steer the opposite, like they're they're, a top. Let me I think I wrote down yeah they're number, two and defensive efficiency behind the Lakers about that. What you have in love yet better than I thought I was gonna love goes back. I mean how many big do you need so that they can make you know they. Ve got a plethora of big bodies. They might make a movie I think you mentioned Drummond before I dont know. If in this NBA, whose and to take a more, even though again as numbers are like video game numbers, but the calves are dead last in em off, it's like just tell em figured that out yet and I think both garlanded Sexton I've been out. So
but you're from here that if your cleave, unlike what you want to do as identified this core players it you you can go on with and I think a coral. I think they like what they see their. So maybe there you know their pleased with what this nucleus, have make us not so much a common border. Her now subject, Kevin's I'll give you a very decent year last year, I saw him- person in a game against the South extradite. I thought he was fantastic as far as well, I can't believe this guy seems like he's lottery pick, but obviously that's why he thought a latter day just from the east teams before before we get out of this, that the fact that but that Chicago is sixty eight in lingering Cleveland, sixty seven, next or seven and eight, without causing the covert and how, where this area all time, where this record,
through eleven game so or twelve Ganz whatever's, ok, see who is minus six, but some ass, six insects and I want to cut because games he's gotta be like losing his by Albert. I love that. I love you so good guys. The door follow asked, yea, like I'm gonna mark for there not to be competent and you know you it's never good. So it's your job and job to tag, not your coaching. Your players have always said that the GM job to get rid of all your great players and build up all the assets, and then you go Your team and you say, play your tales off and dont and because it's not good for young players to think your team is winning really bad for their psyche. So I, like I, love that ok He is doing that airlines that yeah, How do you know that lorry marketing- I am pretty well Wendell Carter Junior plan pretty well Zack Levinus Zack Levinus peace is a guy you in your team so I don't- I will see where they had
aren't you know it would have been marketing. Wanna bet my team three months ago, as a gm, he was just sit. There were based on a leg? Actually, let's would think Roma breakin. I went up This deception is broadly by Zapruder. When it comes to look for a job. Most people probably agree that the whole experiences not fun, in fact here's something It rather do then look for a job man where we start what, twenty straight Celtics nets play games from the two thousand forty one season, yeah. Now that that wouldn't be fun watch the Brooklyn Nets when five straight titles. I would rather that at that It doesn't have to be this way. Zipcar gets it in fact. They've actually figured out ways to make job search process better in a lot easier, new sign up on ziprecruiter dot com. You can create a free profile, get match the great jobs and also a lot more zip code or will proactively picture profile. Do employers Hoosier
match your experience. Pus, if you like the job, you can apply to it and many others, which is one click. It's that easy, no wonders. Pewter is the number one rate a job side in the? U S. So what you wait for, if you want an ear, Job search sign up for free right now, and the protocol once get good as it could accommodate to set up actually free, put cypriot reward for you cypriot her, the smartest with her I mention market in the concept of distressed assets, market into me, is somebody I really liked. I think he Ito did. I want to confirm the dirt is one of the twenty corresponds more time, but there is some turkish nest, him his ability to hand the ball together? about it, actually dribble dial up Jonah. arsenal, and he was clearly just on the wrong team with the wrong coach. No, We regard the azure couple. Injuries with regard to run high screens of them to fight that, and I just I just wanted to trade from my, I actually thought
the warriors. If there is any trade for them to make last year, if they could have done too for foreign mark in an actual, had done that as much as I liked Wiseman cause, I feel like day marking they Stoka gonna get wherefore cause it. how burden for they would have market in an albert. Margaret was sitting there and now people are like all mark. and he's good again like now. He was that it was situation so who is the net guy, like that. I think it's Marvin Bagley, I'm still. I'm still agricultural Marvel Bagley sat a weird team. He is easy dumb injuries in the oil by thirteen games last year doesn't no quick with his tea made. I think his dad's a hand, fathers but the reasons why I know that I don't know that I think there's all budget yes, you could get him for fifty cents on the dollar and about a month. So, where you put them, I was taken further ethics, as I guess I did the seven quarters for our trade. We had our negotiators, you just stay another dollar or a team.
The trader. You know these teams that are goin anywhere where such a change of scenery. What's your assets, farm, ok, see even, and I think, tat with so many these guys that if you you know Ninety per cent of the NBA players fit is everything you know the temperature until a bronze and all those guys they can go anywhere and fitting seamlessly and you'll Jimmy Butler. go to my any incidents famously, but the rest of the guys you, the right coach, the right team. The rights system to some degree. Although I think the games, what's more freely now and I think that matters a ton, and so you put Barbara Bagley somewhere else. He might be great. And sometimes a worse the other way around. You know I mean turn. It was one of those guys like. I always liked the way out. in a blade, but you know
we have a dog collins. I wasn't a good fit. You know it, so he went from these teams to tease you like. This is a good place. Reverently then oh, wait! That's not such a good place for ever turn of Portland really didn't work out, for instance, and I think that's just true with a lot of players, it you need a first while you always need your coach, the coach to believe in you not to come in with any pre notions about what you can or cannot do were shot. Homes is like that for me for couple years I was like them. I was really that South Sixers by Thursday. I so relieved him play his eye. Ok was a terrible backup for the South expert Brown. Never sought. New Orleans has a couple guys nor islands. I can understand their hearts made a figure out neurons what what's happening there? They do their pieces fit now. Copyright unfair that right well know there, stand angle. To like his stand. The last I abstained, Real success was ten years ago at Stanford
No. I dont, like we have anything like years. Yeah, buddy, Egypt, but the thing it's always done that he did ten years ago and I'm sure he's doing now teaches tells it like it is, and what is that? A good thing in the NBA? In twenty twenty one, when everybody so fridges, sensitive its, it should be in special when you got cut guys like rhetoric in the locker room backing you up. Hopefully if ever yet, your emetics minutes are ads, Canada logs me out, and I'm not sure, fair thing, It is a really weird team because you had to say should be back on bail you, but should they like it? look at their team in that their plan Adams, Zion and branded. Ingram are all over thirty minutes a game and I just don't feel it Three guys should be playing together. Does it make sense to me so weird for Mine for their. The NBA is now where you need to you know: You because you just don't want three bigger guys altogether. I don't get it and atoms. I love love the way,
Wasn't ok, see seems to me like to be a great teammate play so hard. It has all the stuff you want, except for does any team really wanted anymore? It goes back to that. Allow for eighteen million a year you don't wanna know as I do that extension. I thought was perplexing adding at different. Then they have the Bledsoe whose, like the Yankee Yankee Christmas, swap gift cards. that did and then lines out who the hell knows. I wish our opinion. I am a hundred times. Were you really want to just wanted to stay healthy? She can get a good long. Look at him. Could sometimes you look at you watch him over an extended stretched, Oh yeah, this is this works. I can see it. You know, but I feel like we're. Moving closer and closer to my dream of also in the mellow and the same time really. Then there is some sort of could there be like a rose year. Long though I would order something I wouldn't you if I was shot rosier plan really, while I know but than others,
sexiness of the ball brothers it out or are they just trying to sell tickets, maybe only Jordan. Would you know Jordan? about all that, but I think she has been kind of funny team who they ve had some injuries too. I guess but Europe Here's played really well does he use or another. A perfect example of you, ve gotta, put him in the right spot to succeed, and I think they ve done that down there. You know there's a ladder whatever from the South Ex over the last four years. The way they handed the rosier thing? Pretty the whole way as it is a pretty big whatever, because you could argue that should have traded M even before we want that guy racism. You could also give the Cairo she'd, never happens. He has get season for them and maybe has even more value come now that maybe he's doing our team, but certainly I You might rather want him at nineteen million in Cambodia, the bad NEA thirty. Their rosier
Bessie near the end, he gave you that great coat, he said. Ah, I feel like I went from being in the front seat to the passenger in the back because that's really what happened to him any just couldn't reconcile it. He just didn't it could manage it. I think it. You know it caused some problems in that locker room, there's no question that, because he wasn't the only one that felt that way, you know those guys just all wanted more, they were all chafing for more, and so I dont think I they were going to trade him at that deadline the year before right before they should have. When they should have That'S- and I don't think that's right, in its history on any of our parts, I think adjust mates. To let him go and but they veiled, and you know they devalue. So the guy retrain, a pretty great, whatever the south, because it doesn't happen. They go into that two thousand. Seventeen eighteen season with they have or Heyward and Orford, but they have Thomas, they ve Tatum Brown,
have Isaiah coming off some sort, a hip thing now that we don't know become back? Mrs, I don't think he's the same guy, probably rather than I would have the same issues but average year. They have that eight, that what ended up being pack, which would have been really important aid under that year. Yet, however, and how played out, I think, was not ideal now bearing but a fight, if I were Danny agent If I were the Celtics agenda, no I'm doing every every day, every so late on the other, you he's carries just. He's complicated member he can play the boy resell it. I was do this, the top five guys, but there's more than top five if you're gonna say the elite delete top group yeah. I have space like this Leubronn Yadda LUCA.
May I drop off Davis, quite Katy, yogurt curry harden tweak of a job the demon Joe well, you could argue, we have eleven top five guys. First question would put Damon Joe well with the other night. I work and I might get hurt. I might even put Dame a little high. I just a huge Daimler, ten mythic. Then, if you again, if you put him some of these other teams he being better than he is? Although siege aim account for four guy before he got hurt, he had made sixty three three before he got hurt. Sixty three like. That's, I think, nine more than anybody else and that's a lie like he was really shooting the lights out of the Barroso but so I'm a big dame fan. So we have. We have eleven top five guys now, because various areas, the top five
yeah eye diabetic scenario, s hair, I'd ever say it was. I then you know my son always play Gaming go all those guys you because you haven't you forgot yet: oh my god, you're right. I did so what about Jason Tatum next next down. You can't give again make some of them. I think I think to be topped up guy there's, a consistency that guy would that yet any isn't area Pharaoh gadgets. I give Yoke Zante Anti no he's gonna put at twenty six, twelve and fifty, and he has this by TAT. I mean you think, like the Brown Yadda, LUCA Davis, QUIET ran yogurt curry hardened Dame Joe out just those top eleven. That's as deep as thing we ve had since early nineties when you recovering mom review the guy, we're sports Austria. That point. But will we had that the Jordan class those guys, but then we had the new wave of guys too and that often the kind of all collided everybody had an awesome guy.
And I was on. The league is really fun. So I'm hoping to be the case again, the fact that the warriors are fun again, I think, has been a huge asset. I think everybody wanted that and stiff steps. The most lovable superstar may be ever he just no one gets mad staff, no and dislikes Steph it's funny he's a cozy, and although there is one person at Dyslexic who's that Lebaron how well, but he does say I mean I don't know of his ever said that it's a red between the lads yeah. I think so we blow to envy peace thing, really: oh yeah narrow Koran and their leaders there's a third theirs. It there's an icy desert them. I thought impersonal. the final games when they really went at it yet game one or two thousand a teen were looked like the brown was gonna dekom down. I like that about Leubronn method. I, like the brought up the fact at length. I didn't love like the first thing, Braun said with practice allocated layers. Was you stole my deep its player the year where I didn't love that? But you are welcome to the team you stop.
Defence of play, only two thousand ratty gets the first thing. He said: oh wow, you gotta have one year at, I feel like I voted for Marcus, although here I did too, I did to damage that's all abroad. Roles is ok with the curry. I think such a phenomenon still because every year kid boy or girl looks at him and says I can see him he's not super tall super big. He shoots like crazy, but that's I. If I work on that, I can be him and I think that's one of the region whilst because you so gracious everybody to. But you know anybody is the way there he's been and now it's like watching a girl's, Highschool basketball game where there's one good girl on the net. That point out an idea that the three to where they put the three people base rioted court to behave to Baker rather the ball right, because they don't want to have it over made court. Basically, that's the ability kind of doing very issues that will carry whether descending multiple people Adam and roared? This happened a dame last year to year.
There is every the bar. We know what you know about right, but I think what happens with those guys like became last night couriers, out, shooting the ball poorly, but you just now for time guy, like him, is going to find a way to get open, he's, gonna find, is rhythm and you could throw and that once he gets there, you could draws many guises. It wants not gonna matter, so it is good to see if thank you, they'll be, would give a prediction for the next two weeks to be one prediction: trade dissension area, we'll just for fun mentioning what say Harrison Barnes is on the move. Why not start a room? south all it is well. If it's it's yours is he so sure will send it to the Celtic universities my fantasy cause? I can't watch semi, usually airborne. Another three acetate everybody Thursday, everybody down on semi oscillate, denotes funny that the late Great Tommy Hansen who if everyone like the one guy Couldn't quite give us there was shut. Me also has no funny it's that it's the wide open, threes from them
What are they dunkard end? Then? These sped through this is the only thing he supposed to be able to do every time. He should certainly looks terrified all cause he's not ready. Yet you know less it's it's some kids come in like Pritchard Spin, a revelation right, I mean he's been you thought needs with was gonna beat so right. These kids, they all have to do it in their own time. They need to come out of one of the last two drafts with a swing guy. Who could wait? Twenty minutes again? They got him Pritchard, always prettier Boeing a bench cabin at a swing guy, they need somebody who like when Tatum or Brown is I'll, get my carry those minutes and they don't added value. they sell so that they that's the trade piece of evidence. I Jackie good to see that right. Thanks These guys are so we safe is an award winning Hobbs CARE to system. So you know it's engineer with the latest. Technology want to keep her family safe, but really said, simply safer part as its people highly tree security experts always there for you when you need a most people who truly care about. You
you say so in an armed goes off the person who cares there, therefore, for the phone call to make sure guy. When an emergency happens. Pursue cares. Is there for you by getting fired. in response to your front door right away, even if you just Having problems that improve system, a person who cares Therefore, you with a friendly chat and quick resolution bottom line. We need a mouse, super safe. Is there twenty four seven with people who care an expert? strain to not only keep you safe, but to make you feel It's one of the many reasons you s name is recycled. Simply safe quote the best harms curative two thousand twenty one unquote to find out ass it were safe, can help make you feel safe and secure at home. Is it simply safe, duck arms PS, customize your system and get a free security. I once again supersaver to us simply saved Dhaka, Slash BS,
you know when you try to predict the fate of the plants early on in the season in there's always a controversial play that leaves and upset to your forecast. I think this happened to me. Basically, every year super two thousand fitting, while every now and then players come along and catch us off guard with Us uprising a great perform swimming were saying that he doesn't want one plan with the Andrea aid. Number one in the draft who knew. Get emerge as a legitimate franchise centre. As the plans for unfolding that's kind of stuff. haven't you never know Kevin MECCA. I'll turns in one of the best, whereas the world than eighteen. Eighty six Scotty Pippin friends, isn't one of the best players in the world, their needs and anyone class There were no matter what happens judicial plan. Predictions always win. Was surprisingly gray rates from State Farm County in the postal service of a local agent and see how much you can say about assurance like a good neighbour, state farm is there
principalities here from the ringer you can hear on the ringer and I fell, show she's been doing. I live park ass after the Sunday Games, which were really fun lest her aunts, but you're, also based in Boston. You covered the patriots once upon a time Tom Brady is now two went away for the Superbowl. What is the mood? on the on the cold coveney streets, Abbas, the right now it is the mood lotta, conflicted feelings. I think- and I think there's people who have been all in from the beginning and are happy to have someone else route for in a bad patriots year and Feed like Brady's, been a part of their lives for a long time, and they want to see him when an they're happy to have a ruling infra interested in
Conference Championship Game, and then I think I think, there's some bitterness and maybe a little bit of ugliness, that the thing that's that's caught. My attention is that Bruce Arians, I think, is really influencing the way people are feeling land. It's one of two ways. I think some people would like to route for the bucks and would like to refer Brady and just really don't like Bruce Arians and are having trouble coming to terms with rooting for Brady means rating firms four b. I am, I think, some people, ah there's a little bit of scapegoating, where maybe they want to say that they would be rooting for Brady, but they don't they don't feel it in their heart and they're. Looking. very then, and the reason that I think is being settled upon in a lot of cases as well. The coach justice very good, and it's an undisciplined and he says. Well these mean things about New England, and I just don't like him and it's just making it hard for me and it's a little bit of the
burned lovely thing but solely, I think, a lot of mixed feelings, but overall, I do think more people than I've talks. You are excited about it and just stated to have someone that they're pulling for pulling for em Then? That's not right. It's bracelet! So when I was in Boston in the nineties, when I italian neighbours loser town, because we were on this unbelievable stretch of just losing and they re borchert did Colorado and then the Bruins Fraser and the Boston fans were reading forbore to finally get a stand, the cup as it was going to happen. because they're too cheap, they screwed things up, they miss their window that stuff and then I was actually at a bar in Cambridge, watching him when the Stanley Cup- and it was it, was People are really happy form the difference. Is it
Finally, by proxy, we were like. We love this guy, but were kind of winning a little bit to the boy, The thing is so different cause Boston. When so many titles you one six with the pats. So there's no problem, our main allow it all comes down to do. Do I appreciate what this guy did for me, and am I bitter at all about how he left and I have to I might add this a thousand times, because part of me is a little better and I do feel like he he he was hundred percent at last year's team and situation and knew he was leaving. To this. You know this can weigh has just he has bigger House, thereby these toys. They have such a fund life. It is late for that. the air was like it was, Happy House, the toilet didn't work. He just one arguing bitterness and I am mad at him because his team is better, which is a dumb reasonably bad at somebody So I don't even know why. Why haven't you in another than good luck, Tom,
I'm I'm happy for you. I don't know how I can get there to use it analogy, though I think that people who are having fun rooting for him it's a little bit leg. Ok, yeah! Maybe you ve got a new girl friend. and maybe it didn't work out between us for ever and ever Never, but like we ve got kids, we ve got six superbowl. We got the whole history, you will never be rid of me leg. You are going go into the hall of Fame and guess why we're not gonna be talking about temper. very my right. We're gonna be talking about the year, the Main course of your romantic life was right here, buddy, so go have fun, and this, in chapter is not gonna, be anywhere near as long as the first. So I think the people who are sort of securing it feel that way, but there is also this like you're having your writing off into the sunset and this one so much more fun and grew. two is talking all about like oh Frida.
Might I feel so free in the coaching as it at her differing here and that that's a little bit of twisting of the night? I think I like her say that each Superbowl as a kid- that's it that's it you're, going to think about it, when you get older and our six kids Brady's seaborne Bela checks like the Ex wife, basically egg, Everybody goes on ever going to be out of his lights. Right like he cannot escape that no well! Here's the thing I never thought they would actually win the Superbowl I never really allowed myself to think about. Oh shit, like might be on the podium wherein the bucks Superbowl champion and it would be like number seven and it opens up this whole- can worms fur dead. Then we have to have the whole, who was more important, Brady Bela check all that's that conversation which I hate, because I feel like they were both so integral to each other, but as a closer I realize like because I'm selfish Roma and the the best-
scenario is seem actually losing in the Superbowl, the bucks or losing next round where he he got there He was a contender, it was fun. He still has it, but here she went and all his year Balls Beard New England touches me as a selfish person rooting vat for the outcome. How many do, as I wanna bet on the bucks each round, so if he wins eye when money on it, that is why I think this is only rooted and having watched the Brady Patriots for a long time. I understood why made perfect logical sense that the saints were favoured in that game, gray, defence, much better coaching, they'd smoked in earlier in the seas amid beaten them twice in my heart. The idea that the saints were favoured to win that game was ridiculous. Just ridiculous and part of it was because Brady had been playing much better quarterback
last Monday, the season and breeze was in it. It was pretty obvious. The breeze just didn't have any more doubts. Still the idea that there was a chance that the saints we're going to Find a way to win that game to me, just felt so fundamentally wrong and I would see others people talking about any kind of Czech myself and go is this is this a little bit of bias, but I think he's just he's he's who language it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. I think you're right about them losing in the Superbowl being the best thing for the all important patriots fan perspective on how this works out assess. The funny thing is, I think, like looking at all the old quarterbacks or in and if seep lay offs Brady having had the most to lose, but in some ways the least to game, because even if they win the Superbowl
it's gonna, be the whole Brady Belgic, being a model, do a few new cycles and and whatever in people, use it as a talking point. But really gonna change. Like he's already, the go right leg is another year ball it'll be a referendum on the decision to switch teams, but I dont know would be a referendum on Tom Brady as a quarterback. Hopeless errands case, though they exist, One word did the goat gave me to help. We get some good case kind of case closed. See this is where because I'm older than you did, How we felt with Jordan at the end of the night is the Jordan thing ended and we were like it's over we're, never gonna talk about this again. This is the best passport. I've ever and then the brand thing gained over esteem and then o Brien, one in two thousand sixteen and got reopen it all. The people like now We are already decided this isn't we're not arguing about this anymore, Jordan's, the goat and there we had to do this because the younger generation who didn't see
the british presidency, Jordan, was basically go abroad is our guy. The brown is the one this is and then way, and then it became all thanks so fast forward to two thousand twenty one, like you can't tell me It is always gonna, be the go cause. The younger generation might decide. Oh just Herbert's, one for Superboss, with the chargers through for five thousand, every year- he's the goat and then what have the litigate there, so if he does get the seven Superbowl, you know I first about our endeavours. would be incredible, and after I guess it s just through my feelings about it, because in a way we always the pathfinder, any Brady verses banning Member forever Brady's, nobody's gonNa Ambrady finally, cement say with the three superboss so to have more m organs. Brady verses, mainly braiding as everybody I would like, but at the same time it would you Be weird. I really
have trouble rapid, my head around it. I don't know I can Helen torment, and this is what I am talking about. The conflicting feelings I think it's it's pulling be war is ripping these poor patriots vans apart they just under so much, but the thing that I think about is that for four Brady okay, so he could put some more distance between him and manning an solidify the go case in case we're talking about doesn't Herbert as the gout and fifteen years or whatever. Ah, what a world but Brady having seven instead of six an Aaron Rodgers having two instead of one. My argument is that the that's a bigger deal for Rogers than it is for Brady hundred percent agree. I I think this would be the most meaningful out of Anybody who laughed Josh Ireland has a whole career had alone. This is this can only raw chamber, Lodgers Rogers. This could be the best chance is thirty. Seven oh I like that you're dogs joining us here, yeah. I was gonna
is exciting IDA regarding, I was crazy. Do you wanna go somewhere else and she just she declined. So we ve got a body of the Rogers peace away. The second on the air on those saints books, you were saying how you couldn't believe the same, favorite others, have. I felt I was surprised that the line did in dry Taysom Hill went out because I did think he was important for those seven to ten plays. I thought it would go to like standby through an app with that said and sound. I did a bad job talk to you about this on Sunday night and I'm sure you covered on your phone. Did Jerry Cook fumble The seats are over mid fear, their up seven, they have momentum, in that chair could fumbled changes the game as they were driving the field, I didn't feel as comfort. With my other bucks. I really think the buckskin when, as I was asked, Pretty nervous because Brady haven't looked back Adriatic connected on any long passes and I think if they had gone down ten
not sure they could have been able to come back from that. This is why football such a frustrating sport to bet on to follow to refer it really sometimes. Can down a one play cook fumble, happens. Boom momentum shift, breeze falls apart. It's over even if they just get a feel, go out of their drive on the positive. The bugs could have done to touch them. In a row down the stretch, just the way they're playing, I didn't feel like they were that if it did kind of get it done fairly, but the
together. Two tv drives, I don't know every touchdown drive they had was off. A short field was off of the truck, so if you take away but turnovers, then they would have had a really tough time winning that game, because every long drive at they put together a strong redzone settled for a field goal thing is that's where breeze was at this point, so that if it has the Brady Breeze Game, then the reason that the saints beat them twice in the regular season is that Brady threw, I think, five, the interceptions. He had the season against the saints and the fact that that slipped, which is so pretty right like if, if all he needs to do in a playoff game, is just play mistake free, that's what he's going to do
and that's what he did and every time the same turn it over. Then it up scoring a touchdown, so there's totally a world when we spend all this time talking about Oub, we get to see Tom Brady and drew Brees playoff game. This is going to be awesome and then, if the saints don't get those long returns and short fields and the Bucs don't get the shortfields off of turnovers, this is like a seventeen to tender like really snooze best game at its lake Brady and praise, in the field of praises kids after the game and were I'll just sort of not not saying the thing which was this games, that those guys look bad You're going to grow like that. I'd like us, don't fight the saints lost,
game way more than the bucks one it does. That was. I was thinking about it. Tat night was driving somewhere afterwards, I'm sick and I was like you do in my bucks bet they felt lucky after and it was basically the saints were so much worse than the box that that's why the box, one, the bucks, you know the foreign at peace was fun. I think he I think he was good their defence made a couple times plays and they needed to, but for the most part they were smart right, like all they need to do is just recognise that the saints we're not going to be pushing the ball more than like fifteen area arts down the field ever so every blade of grass does not imply a boner, but why does that clamp down that take two hours, though? Why did they realise that in the first quarter than they would I do that? I was present banana little baby I mean. I think they were the the box where very frustrating on the offensive side, I think because they had been
really making some changes that I had bought into in the last month of the seasons and thereby wasn't weak thirteen. And since then there were just these little flickers of ok. They bending to what Brady is most comfortable running a little bit more like a little bit more motion, a little bit more play action using a little bit more twelve and then all of a sudden, it's just like our first down run first downright first run. Oh it's thirty! One! We're gonna, try to throw it deep and it was just like. Why are we doing this again thought or that the huge faster growth, the thirty yards, laud password grog, always
off his fingers? Eight. We see now one enough about silk and cabin when we were doing mad that lie post gameshow cabin was saying he couldn't believe that ground didn't catch that and how I felt was do no eight and catch that is because he's gonna catch it and the Superbowl Ah it's like, I don't get it out worrying backers, you're, not about where my their bucks in cold weather, Lambeau, they give imbroglio I'm totally getting. I don't I've abnormal unfortunately convicts whether by cold weather, about Brady, whose what is now little thinner cause he's better Florida. It happens. It happen to me when I moved California, so I'm less worried about it, because it's the day game, so at least it'll be sunny. It's gonna be cold, but it'll be fun,
and it's not that I mean you, you know what that's like as soon as the it's dark out and just mentally everything feels so much worse, young colder. So I think they'll be ok, I think Brady will get it back. I also think it would worry me if it was gonna, be super windy and sweet, ANG and gross, but they heat the sidelines like it's just gonna be cold she's gonna be a low temperature thing. So the difference to me between temper and Buffalo, whose in a similar situation share, I don't feel like Buffalo, I think Buffalo, maybe the best team, and I thought that way gone in the past that we have. I don't feel like they play. Did well in either in either game, which I find what there was one of the reasons I pick them last week, as I thought people got to throw off by the courts, gained the courts, but really well then last week out and employ one the first staff like he missed. They had perfect place.
he just listed than it was windy and all that stuff. So I feel I still feel like they have an awesome game in them and it could happen this week. I look at the bar. said I might that's just kind of who they were that in that saints game. They're gonna miss him open chances. There can have some frustrating third ones, they might have a dumb penalty, but for the most part there be a little bit of a roller coaster ride and I guess my question with them in limbo is just. And he be a roller coaster. Ride and actually win in limbo. Has Rogers isn't gonna help them Rogers, isn't throw them two packs they're, not gonna, get to. Covers the way they are able to get a good. So can they not be the roller coaster ride in Lambeau? Can they just play start to finish? really a game where they don't shoot themselves in the foot and that's my fear with picking I'm not sure they can't I'm not sure they can either, especially because they're there and they were last week. It was fine, but they're gonna be out another coaching disadvantage. I think- and that's where
get the habitable dubious about. You know you can look at it and think ok say they get a score and men. The packers, like we ve, seen this movie, or a raid on defence. They start just plain a little bit too soft opening the door and then Brady does Brady Staff and all of a sudden. It's the fourth quarter and he has an opportunity for a game, winning drive and blah blah blah blah blah. But I just don't feel confident that, given the rule are coaster of having really good players and then just making ridiculous dumb decisions, particularly in terms of how they function on orphans. Yeah, I don't trust them. I trust I trust the personnel. I don't trust the coaching really, ironically, the way they win is an awesome rate. Again, he can't wait
only last week, but if he was like lights out in this game, they begged when you'd have to be lights out. I think that's how they went. You'd have to be a classic old School Tom Brady locked in from the banquet Thou O four title: am against Pittsburgh. One of those like oh he's, guy he's gotta today. Brady honeybees. The rule that out re harder than I wouldn't take a break and talk about more important, like the bachelor figure by talk about fanned, oh, I am so palm for the Conor Macgregor destined poor yea match up on Saturday. Its array, mash rethinking Macgregor first ran again. Betty care does dp, make em tap. Well, guess what you can make. Those bet vain to sports, both get so many different ways to get in on the x ray down. You open a faint to account. New users can unlock twenty five to one out an either fighter to win. That means you can turn five dollars into a hundred and twenty five dollars out just go
favorite. I got the Gregor vandal. We did a million dollar picks. Last week we had Kelsey Disco, to get over a hundred yards of the chiefs to win was plus one anti sex. We hit talent, you can hit better. That all the time I've vandals sports but gap use promo code bs to unlock twenty five The one adds vandals sports book from a could be ass. He must be twenty one plus present in as he Pennsylvania, West Virginia Indiana, Colorado Eleanor. I were Tennessee new users only MAX bonus hundred twenty five dollars. Minimum tend our first deposit required restrictions by sea, full terms at sports, but Thou Vanderdyke of Gazprom How one eight hundred gambler. I words are bachelor told you that the Deshaun Watson thing I'm just fascinated by sound. I think about a little on Sunday night, how it's clear. If he does get traded, it's jets or dolphins, just cuz. I think they have. They have the trump cards. The jets have the second pick in the draft bust. What
the dolphins have the two the number for the number seventeen pus wherever us are they anyone come can compete with either of those offers. How it goes. Most people seem to feel like he's done and that there has been too much damage and this is a little different. Then, like the James, hard and situation, this is like the same is incredibly poorly run. They ve things wrong with him over over again evacuated and MIKE as superstar. They have no right. Then the Hopkins trade was indefensible and adjusted their their train wreck there. The number one train wreck franchise, some ass, surpassing washed, in which I thought was impossible, but if you're putting other It is the side by side there. The number and train wreck right now and I hope, get traded because I like watching them would eat what How do you have any other stuff? Was it's funny? Do because my probably my biggest
Sorry when I was at the globe, was being involved in in the story of when Easter, be when Jackie's Easterby the character coach. He didn't really quit per se. It was more than his contracts was expiring and he told the patriots I'm not coming back, and it's just been really fascinating to why that's because at that time they wanted him to come back, and I think that was the beginning of of some real deterioration of that relationship, but when he was in the role that he was hired to be in which was before he went on this, was an entirely before he started. Laying the groundwork for this a cruel of power and to be personnel Guy in Vienna, foul, which just came completely out of left field, but when he was in his role as character, coach team, Chaplain mentor, confidant alot of those players.
He did really well like everybody. There really really really liked him and then somewhere on the line, and it was complete. We, it still is frankly, inexplicably bold to me where they came from he hires bottom on whose are really high powered coaching and an executive agent and all of a sudden he wants to be a personnel guy, and I think this, if, if your bill, belgian That's just not not how you do things I mean bill wants to see. the guy who was grinding tape and was areas scout for five years and works its way up the chain and blah blah blah blah blah. That's how they ve done a lot of things and so the sky, who had a really good reputation in the role that he was. Then, all of a sudden, his leg, I wanna, be a personal executive and it's just like wall. That's not gonna happen So then, all of a sudden just say how it's a curse marathon Christophersen her
In the daily news, rabies say it is about us closer than cause leg. You know that on Jos there and goes hey so just have why I, like my contracts, come up pretty soon, and things are great love. Job love. The organization just want a flag. As for you, I would really like to become a news, I would like to be doing political news. I want to do the BBC World Report blah blah blah blah blah and army and of the phone there just leg. So that's not gonna happen, but then to extend this metaphor, then Chris areas, then I don't know, goes a curse. Harrison jumps to see, asked a key and then just absolutely blows up siesta. As a television show arrived by border areas by that'll be absolute fears that have to stay here.
who used to be thing reminds me of stuff that used to happen in the NBA. Unlike the seventies, when somebody become a gm, because he was the radio at CERN and got along with the honor and there like hey. Why don't you be the GM and then said the radio not Sir, was the GM with this doesn't happen and in two thousand and twenty I don't understand our team chaplain becomes the most powerful person on the Texans and there is no over the weekend about how he Sue s eye for that, for that our he wrote about is thinking of that right that he might people to visit the rumours. I knows Jenny read this is one of the people that wrote that story and she's great and amateur, for every time over the team chaplain who became the GM and seems like he's out of power trip. But the whole thing is that's, and I hope they trader
It would be really fine if he was on my way or the jets over this really fucked up aid that has been drafted this work is a tray rather than they fired the coach there's gonna be, to shun Watson, seasons what what would be a more funding for you, my Amir, the jets, if you could pick one Miami Mitya, because they wouldn't be quite so so did the thing when he probably- and this isn't the worst thing in the world, but the thing that he probably should try to avoid. It is basically going somewhere and putting them in the same situation, which is not his fault, it all, but putting them in the same situation that the taxes or in which is having absolutely no draft capital. but in Miami already has a lot of the texts or draft capital lay gonna, give it back Ryan's. They wouldn't be so hamstrung in terms of what they can
add going forward. I mean it's not the best offensive line, I think, theoretically, New York, if they fixed quarterback, not by going through the draft and they probably have to give up their it- certainly have to give up their top pick. So that's going to take him out of the running for someone like Peni so old, but they still have some really high quality pieces on the offensive line So there is at least more potential for that to be really really good for the protection to be really really good there, but in others the tax benefit to being in, or at too so I feel like that's more logical be more fine. I guess if omelette granted from Houston- and God knows how they would even look at this, because they have a team chaplain running the rain attempt. I guess it comes out how much she like fields and if you think I fields is like a Herbert level talent
you could build your whole franchise around and will make the fans you have right now. Hate you that your traded, Deshaun Watson is by the owners. Jurors is all that stuff and fields can command and just be the guy right away, verses role. The dice with two who really sacked the last four or five weeks of the year, like you just did, and you could talk yourself into, I a thing he was trying to get back. They weren't using them right all that stuff, but I think the unknown of fields this potential verses, though the fear that too, is who we showed those last five games. That would stare me toward the jets that make sense. The thing that I try to keep in mind here, as it depends how you feel about field, but it also depends on you, feel about drafting quarterbacks right and the uncertainty that comes with even a They really really high peck became too,
always like one of the greatest college quarterbacks that people have ever watched end if, if those last for games are legit, what it comes down to could have a lot to do with the injury, it could be. They don't have a greatest offensive line like we're just talking about there's a lot of different factors, but one of the factors that I don't think should go unmentioned is that people are not always good at drafting quarterbacks. Yet if it is not that great all the time at figuring out which college quarterbacks are gonna, be great and fell quarterbacks. Yes, you can feel awesome about just in fields and still ignore ledge that disarm Hudson has a track record in Vienna, fell of being one of the absolutely
five, maybe top like three or four quarterbacks in the entire game and not to me, is just so much more of a sure thing. Then, taking even a guy you feel like was in ridable in college because we ve just we ve, seen it so many times. does not always work out the way people think it's been worked out with a home run trader be too for seventeen next first, you don't either I find you the Heisman Guide for you cross your fingers two. It turns into the tour. We thought it was gonna be two years for now. That's it worries me, the greatest trade about that. Maybe the thing happened. Pray for that trade threat as these prank bachelor I added inside bestowed was terrible. It's been a bad season. I really like the bachelor. I I don't know producers, are over org.
trade in their staff are enough. It's because their trapped in this wherever would it where they staying lama la Murat on whatever Bulgaria, but that they do this thing, and I think they tell the contestants to do this work. We need them, alma. Why don't you go tell mad James once your crashes group date, even though you not agree You should go you she got time, how you feel you that you might leave do that and they try to orchestrate their step, but all these I've seen the show You ve seen the show you know like hey there things you don't do one. Is you crash the other group date? You don't you know either you don't tat on the other ladys in the house, because that never works. It they're certain things that are just no knows if you actually want to stand the show. I just feel this feels very or frustrated the share- and I don't like it- I really like mad James. I think he was a good pick, but out of there has been a good season so
was enjoying it up until last night, and I am sure that I will enjoy I'm very excited for one of whatever this escort narratives that has been teased that we're gonna get going for it. I'm sure that'll be fine. I just felt like and stare at the girl who crash the group daily sheeted. She did not do or solve any favours by not coming downstairs and and just sort of dealing with the FAO out from crashing the group date there. There was a real piling on that got grows to me like that, could have been fine if every one was leg. Thirty, five per cent less meme there were thirty five percent to mean added just was not. I did not enjoy watching that. It was just like girl. Maiden aunt in a way. That is not fine for me to see on television, so I found that I didn't enjoy that episode. I also think they have to. I don't want to tell people what to do with their lives, but the
have a terminally ill parent at home thing that we kind of got with Clare and then are having with Sarah. I don't know man. That is a lot. That is a lot to deal with and beyond reality. Television at the same time- and I dont know if you can make that decision, when you're casting like again, people should be able to do what they want to do, but just seems like a little too much. It's a reality check that always bothers me when people have the something back home that they have to mention. It ends were supposed to favour them differently on the show, This is what happens in the MTV. The challenge to words like Cory's got. Two kids at home as you know, he's plan he's playing for more than a game. He's got two kids at home and psychotic. is to kids at home, where we were this to kids arise whether the charge of it thing I gear on a reality. Show you
this choice to leave ever your life to be stupid reality show. Why do I feel bad for you? I don't know yet it just it. You don't We have an income, we picture right. So we basically bad that none of the other women in the house know what's going on with her really. But I don't end up seeing okay, so Katy comes down and says: look you don't it's going on with people here. Is this whole thing, but then the thing that was to me with Katy who, by the way, real regional development from night, one vibe, girl to being the person who went and had the meaningful convert Asian with honourable remarriage, really just why incredible range incredible arrange advocating. I am growing too, like her eyes, but she gets the final word on it and then the other thing is that there is probably gonna come back at some
I like you. I lay dying set up with, as I said that to my wife and works only last night that there No doubt there is coming back two or three episodes from now. There's gonna be the knock on the door. That change is gonna tend to be surprised, even though there is a camera crew inside his house, I was just like they do that where they have their pretend I have no idea somebody's gonna shop, but there like a mad, but nine thirty just gonna have a camera crew, and I just I just I just don't worry about it there for the how that other dogs, the coroner even before they come back to save a lot lotta premeditation here but I challenge they brought somebody back who had been gone for like eight nine days, because somebody else I believe- and it was like waiters. you're in Iceland had. How is she just available? The stamp of the fingers come back. Fear that there's a lot of orchestration had I just I don't like that AIDS is about her. Oh yeah, oh yeah ab
he's a big house? Yeah he's almost overqualified the bachelor, and I don't understand why he just needed got a reality show to find some he's. One of those words I did you can found you ever you wanted you, you were great. Do need to be on the show. so. I would like to hear a little bit and I have not googled I'm sure I could find the sound the internet if I really cared to, but I would like you're a little bit more about his prior dating history. It because he did drop thee. My last relationship was four month long and just wasn't really gonna get serious and my friend Brigitte I was like. Ok, if that's the last thing, I was hardier lifelike, whatever my friend Brigitte just immediately, was like all their advised rate. I plug
energy like what are we doing here so I'm I'm interested, I'm gonna, give you were the best there is I've come up at the two thousand and twenty one the year. That's only a couple of how the bachelor is like the ETA fell decision specifically in the covert air, Vienna FAO. You didn't really realise how much fun fans were any Filmore basketball, but you know like the full lambeau. The full buffalo with these play out. I am right in these play. Games are happening in their basically these televised events, they're fine, you don't really have to think about the fans cause. The cameras but wait you missed a wide shots and even when they had the Buffalo game. Oh, so fine just to see fans in your eyes like I am fans, are really find out what we needed the fence with a bachelor because they can't travel do locations. I guess I'd, never realise how important the travel in the dates were.
to the enjoyment of the show, because not allowed happens on the show its basically like its innocence, we're on our living, Romania and like oh they're in Bali, or now now heed to interpret aspen further day, they fired a you know, Catalina there go to these places in you, your kind of along for the rather go. That's what that looks like other in Spain cool but can interested in, and now they're, just in some hotel, complex and the dates their reading literature day, but it's like, I think they. I realise how important that was to show that's really not that great you now is it led the eye candy stuff on top all the other stuff. So it makes sense that need friends, although I was it hasn't bothered me it s eye
and a static. We will look into a little bit. It was like to everything. Looked the same, hey. I didn't think that it was boring. I just thought that had actually made some things a little bit hard to follow me. I couldn't remit when something happened, because it was all just sailor, we're palette same lay a guy readings of Blair. I don't. I think this what's been fine so far, but I also things, but I wonder how we will look back on twenty one. early twenty twenty one, however, along this this you know national nightmare last International America's is if our standards are kind of lower, like I also its. because I was also thinking about this in relation to the Brady Pats Bands thing he. I think some people are just grateful that if this has to be the year where it is doing is thing and the patriots are bad. I think people are like I'm glad it's this one cause I'm not going to games and I'm just kind of lake.
MA? Am I wonder how that will influence leg? The contents tv music movies, whatever that was generated during this time, because I do think that there are some situations where I'm just leg. Now I'm happy to have a man like I'll take me Mccullough buds by God. With them. Don t you get into private remain weak. We, by this I ass a lot. Will we watch we like to watch These were there on location, just causes like we're going somewhere I'm saying, there's made some good on location movies, where it's like his in Hawaii and just go. Oh, that's a corner I for weak and things like that, where you kind of escaping through their moving one of the best one so unused eggs. I had a little bit too much wine on New year's Eve. I want Mommy a one and Mamma to back to back and that's the best, particularly to because everything just looks rate and that movie like wine, your singing abba.
And you're having fine but, like Lily James looks incredible you're in Greece, all the colors are breeder saw like the oceans. Just spectacular ruins. Having a good time share, shows up like that was one of the best choices of how to spend like two hours of I guess, two thousand and twenty one now that I've made, because that felt like an escape- and I was just like lying on the couch being like we'll work they happen for you in the in the covered with our month eleven to Taylor, Swift, albums again, but that's ok. This is also displays into detail because here's, the thing is, I like both of those about I like both of them a good amount.
I do think- and I've been really conflicted about this- she could have made one album and called some of the tongs that aren't the best songs from both folklore evermore and made an absolutely just nails. Awesome album and it would have been super super super impressive. Instead, she chose to make too pretty long albums and dropped. Them is surprise releases and again I like both of them, but there is some things that are filler on. each one, and I have gone back and forth on which I would prefer because of course I mean huge Taylor, Swift Them- and I want her to be. You know canonized as as great as she possibly can be, So if she had made one record that was just spectacular, then. Maybe that is a means to that end. That's a little bit more effective at the same time,
if I were empowered to choose between either outcome you think saying when I can have to Taylor Swift albums. I just want one like hell. No, I won't both of them, there's more just songs for me like sit in my apartment and listen to because that's actually a thing, that's of real value right now, so that I've gone gone back and forth on a lot. But it's it's funny adjusted think about ways in which quarantine last eleven months and whatever of have affected. How we take then cause I don't know if I would feel quite the same way. If that were the case, you bet I go back and forth on this because I think it's partly the playlist era, where Maybe that's the smart move and she's smarter than overshoot of swift pig it out, but it hurt, she figured out I'll put out more songs and people can. they have more to choose from. They could take the eight nine
and eleven. They lag just make you don't. Do ever make a playlist. It's funny how much this change Hokosa you I go back to rumours food back like that. One of the greatest arms are red. Yet. They leave out silver sprang deceiving exile because at that so now we can. I have ten eleven, it's gotta be like thirty minutes each side and they cut it out in its it's. The most in defence. cut song of any album, because there is actually specific points you could put then we would be like this from one of the greatest albums to arguably de greatest album. If you put that in there I was just that how they got back then, amber when they shifted when special pumpkins, but outside his dream, which, as I'd ninety four ninety five there was a double and he was so did. Nevada Cobain was dead. He was so determined to be the biggest banned in the world he put out this year Above all, as I did, you use picked like ten,
Levin Sobs, and this would have been like that Better than your last album he caught a word dubbed Oliver and then it Sir happen, hip, hop and wrap too and manages China became the way people better like here. Twenty two songs, you and argue I like I like when they select the songs. Personally I but am older, I mean I just what I'm used to, but I, like, I think, big, scalded through the taste of the physician like I have specifically selected these eleven songs for you and they relate in this way. Now it's like a giant pointless. One of the eternal mysteries of Taylor. Swift, however, is song flaxen because her the argument for her being as great as I think she is stems from volume. Consistency like every album is a really good album. In my opinion, and for someone who's been added this long. That's really really really impressive. Without their specific vibe unseen,
Right, which had the guy who get it has changed used more than most musician of that caliber at that level of fame, wed and takes risks, and all that structurally call one thing that is always a little confounding with her is which songs of the lead singles, which songs. Left off the regular album unjust and upon like a deluxe addition like me, Yet after all number one favorite tailors lift song in the world, is the so called new romantics. Is only on the target deluxe edition of nineteen eighty nine, its bananas and, where song, so that, when does that album come out
in the fall, and so they release the album, they do all the singles and thou them had singles like, for instance, ok, shake it off is both an incredible song at an incredible your worm, unlike musically, not that interesting. So, but I get the choice of a single there are made. They do that in its all. Fine, whatever in the spring of that year, I think they released New Roma. Takes as a single like way past the under the album cycle, because the only thing that I can think of is that somebody recognizes like hey this song is incredible, and people love it and it got. I think I've got into the forty used or maybe the thirties the charge, so it had a moment, but that song I will die on this hill. That's on could have been huge and you can tell that they kind of no it, because when she Torres, though always use it in a good place or though vamp
With their where people are like entering an arena, no it's very clear that they know that that song is a tone centre and that its really really really friggin good target. Deluxe addition unbelievable. you know that's when somebody heads either as an artist or as a bad and they last over a decade which Thou tailors well over a decade, This point is funny how they all have those songs. Like all my favorite bands had the two or three sags, even Springsteen has been doing for fifty years. He has, I kissed, were three that in concert means much more than they did when the saw was actually released because the fans- I also thing fans, gotta, gravitate to a couple songs with an artist that did it, make it for whatever reason or right get the same shine or whatever. No, no, no, that's the bat and they D Canada over oversell it in a way-
but then it takes a life of its own that album for nineteen. Eighty nine for her. I think it's the one where that has started to happen. The most there, because since that was the first just like fall completely country, is gone. Mainstream pop pop pop we're working with MAX Martin having a good time. There's lots of glitter album, that's one where the singles and the songs that people in a blank spaces incredible. I think that's one of her best song so that that can go both ways but
bad blood and shake it off. Were these big songs that were on the radio, a ton yeah? But I don't think now that we have some space from that album people like, oh those songs, are really really awesome songs. So then there are a couple tracks from that. Album, like, I think, wildest dreams and a son called I know play says that have started to take on that thing, with fans where it's like. No, and in hindsight those are going to be really big, important Taylor, swift songs, but they just got drowned out by these singles that you, couldn't turn the radio on without hearing six times in a row, and it's funny because I dont know that the earlier albums think a bit Songs from the earlier albums have kind of stayed the big songs. In a lot of cases, you could maybe make an argument for something like wholly ground off of red, but I you know I love story was big at the beginning and his big now
A lot of those the trajectory of kilometers answer: greater greater, even the recorded love story. Those songs zones has a five or six are gonna data that were repeats of the time that will remain heads twenty years, shore right, but it did once she'd started changing gears. Really dramatically. I think it leaves more room for there to be kind of distance between what was huge at the time in and what lasts, because there was such a reaction to well. This is new. This is different and that's what focus on immediately, but now you know that it's using an eye- and we were few years before it will be a decade but the better part of a decade later. There's the hindsight takes over, and it's like. Ok, now that we are used to this labour from her, which songs do we notice a little bit?
than we do the beginning. I dont want to step too much on the pike ass. We're Nathan Hubbard on this feed that they all trailer park ass, because both the strong thought on this. I have it down, so I have this emergency plan for NFL season ends. And be a get shot down as a covert for three weeks, and there's literally be nothing to talk about, and that's when I had the bad signal for our it's time. For the two and a half hour, Nora Nathan, Taylor, Swift Career retrospective pod, it's it's on the line so be ready and the funny thing about that, I'm ready Tell you like what ten minutes before hey it's time. That's it has been activated, you gotta be ready to go, will come, Been treated my whole labour, that's all I want to step on that, but I will say I I beg of you
pair her career to the other iconic pop singers, and I have no prob Kyar passing her. She makes pop music she is exceeded the over under it. The unusual way this they're supposed to last seventy eight years and then people get tired. Where'd. They move on Nick, it's the last after that, but it's usually a seven. Eight year run its that's supposed to be fourteen fifteen. What she's doing I actually think is credible and doesn't really have a lot of correlation to other things that have happened in popular music. About that, I'm in a grey mood. I don't even know where we're going to get it out our conversation in here. What the bad just watch you through when my daughter lighter from the moment we started, like music will be driving a soccer games if she's like seven eight- the fact that she still relative to my daughter is like amazing to me so my daughter
everything she liked brochures, seventy nine! She no longer legs. There is the one thing they so like she really like folklore she's to listen to you now she was the last time that came up evermore issue like four were more than ever, but the fact that she remain relevant, I think, is a relevant and still doing good work and still pushing the envelope and she may be secretly married. Who knows there psych mystique with her that I think is really hard Tina the internet right. She might have a husband, we don't know. Does she does of us- but I dont- know my daughter's fascinating she's google of it. She thinks Tailor made be buried. Maybe who knows I can buy it. I wouldn't I would bet on now, but I could buy it. I also think she would totally love to allow like she has such. I would like to elope energy as a person, the documentary which is mostly waste time
had a couple really great moments in it, and I don't know if that were castrated or not, but I was really fascinated by them, but the best one was when she found out that whatever album it was didn't, get nominated and she kind of processed it. Egg Schwarzenegger in the terminator for eight seconds, and you can see she was rather than they used to say. Ok, I gotta make a better outcome and- and you can just see like the seeds being planet, I dont know if that was completely orchestrate a moment that they talked out or had or whether that was organic, but either hours interested having powers. I think it's organic. I think, because I think some of this stuff, people fingers contrived with her. I don't think it is. I just think that it can be sometimes uncomfortable to watch a person who has reached
a strong people, pleaser mentality like very thoroughly and grand within them, have to try to be a celebrity and have to try to keep people interested in her and and do that. I think it can be uncomfortable but item. I am firmly on the side of that was a real thing back, really upset her eye. Ninety percent agree with you, but ten percent where there is just like you don't know it was like when she would have all those relationships with one famous celebrity after another and use. That is this real error. It seems like oh we're on the beach. We didn't realize that photographer was there and its five times in a row. Just like what is real and what thought I don't know what the believe- that's fair air, everyone's having a very funny, Standing in the middle of the patriot, locker room, I just very animated- lay explaining to someone that hidden Swift was vague and
Brian Wire, like laughed overheard this in a corner of the room and laughed so that he was like starving something out of it. The nose- and I would like it if I somehow injure Brian higher or upset him through yelling Hit'Ll swift, was fake middle of this weird round, like that's, not gonna, be not gonna, be my proudest moment as a writer her but yeah. I know but sheep. Some people do a lot I always am suspicious when one of them, but their dating, isn't like some bartender. They met or the valet or her somebody is a producer. Whatever albums they went on a couple dates when it suggests a less day less day. Last list a list, a a list. It's the Tom cruise thing adjusts. I am suspicious first of all that was very generous to Taylor, Lautner
she they mounted a minus sign. That was nice of you. There was a guy names even now, who is the namesake of the song, Hey Stephen, who I feel was involved in work life in some way, but I would have to dig up. I think it's fair, but so she her type clearly is this, like mostly british blonde sort of young looking thing and that's a lot actors. Fair, fair, hey! This is it. This is why you this value the x, you have an answer for all the stuff. I will say estimate for the mercy, five that we hope will never have to do because never let the invading go. I've got the fact
I believe, in the patriots, lacquer elements or inorganic terrorists have conversation is. Why are the best at this excellent, pink? I had I been out. I don't really know what s your resume dates it was. It was just We must seize pulled it in. oil out- and I do it Nor are we whales lived with space, nor, where, where were you next Sunday, you're gonna, be out sooner Sunday night, maybe sooner, but I think Sunday night and we're gonna go live again after the games and ends will see if I can get coven to say anything else like I'm a goofy goober, but their promises thanks for coming on to see that's for the bs pack. Ass, we have the red. Hot billion dollar picks come in Thursday, along with some other funds stuff. Assuming
that were ass, they say for those they gotta help we're stay safe out their joint next come. They see others.
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