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Browns Fever, Lamar’s Revenge, the Sleeper Rams & Round 2 Lines With Cousin Sal


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss all six wild-card games (2:00) before guessing the lines for Round 2 of the NFL playoffs (59:00). They close the show with Parent Corner (1:11:00).

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come up because first programme tabled this suddenly Pacific five sound axis cloud: six set up by Afghans: here's my big take way. So I can't go back I next week we only have four. I used to be like my two favorite sports weakens the year were probably those first to weekend said now. I feel like it's a step down after three day for two days. This is the
speaking of the year everywhere. This would be the best we get there. I love it. I love it. I envy! Now you gonna tell me it's because Lamellibranchiata triple Bubble news, the youngest writers up Mister Blausser. That now yet was there is good NBA, though our Africa I shouldn't, have even engage with the same games. It took us all the Alec next week, the game start at like one thirty West Coast, time re or something right one another! That's I've got enough. We got away get right into it. It was by the way the games were neither good the game was was really had Buffalo Indy and after that it was either every game had some sort of
Nato fly where I want to go through the games and go backwards will start with the when that happened. Three, the Browns Steelers, which was where texting each other the whole day it gets to saints, bears and were like a right either this one or the next one is gonna, be there totally fucked up get because races ban been too easy throughout the week. Even the rams, which was like a mild, upset their three and a half point underdogs to the. But if you watch the game, it wasn't surprising and people thought the rams had a real chance. We hadn t for biscuit against the saints or the browns, with no coaching staff. haven't practice Baker. Maybe it's like one of these two who's gonna be lucky and it turned out. It was brand Steelers son of a bitch and it could have been the one before, but the Brown Steelers was that's again.
That you have a view the steelers like every six years, and you hope that it does not occur in the playoffs right like I wasn't even looking up when the fumble when the answer they picked it up and seven, not that, unlike our right and then like bad play after bet long play for the browns, another touchdown and stone interceptions. Two four hundred pound guys were somehow cradling. The outside of enclosed, dating a Meda. We see that word so close to the Tipp of the ball at the ground. Note these guys make imperfect catches and they were out of it before even they look are you. You said the line you like browser minus five. It was fourteen nothin, the Brown LIVE lamas minus five. Like all the crap, though not expected to win this games. Dealers now isn't it. I will go back to the step. It goes flying over Ben saddened,
It's the worst of the nobody's ad aware shock and stand step. Your bed and Connor go back to get it rough Asperger not only doesn't die on the ground, he's looking at it like he's in Iraq, war, film and its it some bomb and his kind of circling it like a veto, she's. It is gonna blow up, maybe honour candidacies, half ass fall on it. It's I'm like the one you're the first. While the move is just run and go, kick it out of the answer should take the safety like, even if you fall on in here and the one you're thy, but it was you Stupid that the brown scored on that I got, they said they were spotting them. Seven lego, cable spot yet have just really believe just the way. Just you describe it that their hovering over the ball. Now, just like really care to remember no urgency on than than ass play. He just love surpass five feet, were open receivers head right through a brown and the brand score again and then Collins Worth is thy eyes, this Browns de France and look what were they?
they point out overhead. Then he threw a pic. I did take the brands. Defense was quickly get their gas, but then it leads to we're waiting because the brands dna as a as the Red Sox fan, pre, two thousand for AEGIS you're always going to assume the worst and then the more points they score where they got. The steelers are definitely never and they're definitely going to go back. It finally happens. It's three thousand five hundred and twenty three, the browns defense has been on the field for an hour, it's more than one there's a stop it cuz, it's the end of the quarter, yeah right and it's like, oh, I can't be released as to what their fourth play it's going to be obvious that they're going to go forward another on there in forty five. Even if they don't get it, you know the browns will have a short field. Then you'll get the ball back faster anyway. No, not they punt and to make it worse to take a delay Game and then the guy punch it into the answer she belonged to into the hands. Of course he finds it into an sound Dahmer. Ok, like you, you have to go for it there. You have
so much momentum, whether you believe a momentum or not, you have it. I don't like you said you look across the line scrimmage and there's this like cold smoke, blown out of these his mouth they're dead there on the hills are probably the right move would have been to call time out right before the quarter so that they don't get that. For a minute break or whenever it is between quarters right and then gaol german and how I mean not another. They couldn't stop them and then There are many the next year, but it didn't matter there. D I've been on the field for an hour, so still had every every play. Somebody was wide open and so anyway, Tomlin they're down nineteen. He goes for two. I have no idea why to cut the seventeen great you sit used only three scores, then they got out thirteen. He kicks extra point and Karl is worth it, go through a better. They cannot figure out the math of any this stuff and their legs. I guess, but it was like watching somebody to blackjack table who, whose splits sixes against a jack where the next thing is, I doubt stay a twelve year like weren't. You
What do I say? Would you drag right now, I'm a writer on these points and instead of being down tendered out thirteen and ate with this, I thought the stupidest coach game of the week. And be Seattle, but at that time and was worse We need only prepared anything- I guess- and one word about it, though, is for then you're almost couldn't blame him. I guess chastity. prepared and all that stuff, but you can't blame him too much for you- could blame put all the blame on ban and whatever else Tom and could have gotten away with, not be. I had not to do it may, but Jesus I mean you know where I had money limestones everywhere and its because forget that the fancies out forget that the guard is our banalities ease out, like that they d should mean business to be huge, but last week they needed to win beaten by two points against Mason rude off this in practice and that in practice the Steelers could knock them. How to play off last week
like that. At does that change anymore, like that you're just just try hardest every time knocked, the team out of laughs bills did at the dolphins still was, could have knocked browns out and now they're out. They could have taken that five minutes and run an internet poor, Father brands fans asked what what do you want us to do here? Brad's feds, it would have responded. A hundred percent. Please put right, don't go for here forethought because if you at it now you are on our side of the fields and you could score now. It's a touchstone game, and now we have those the feds gay we have Baker has thrown is pick. I never did. Baker was good. The whole game I saw have this as the greatest twenty first century browns moment, replacing o rethink when they got to open the refrigerators. I'm sure I don't know what more could have been castor. I want I picked back and I want a goddamn partly because I feel like it covers there will be a package you re mother, Fucker, pathetic,
your last great ball, but that was pretty good at loggerheads topical, but yet adds that was it jet? That's it unbelievable that there are now they go on of why the chiefs it said the bills are the big loser, because the bills, what I had this shit, he said where's team- now, oh, my god, how they play the bread out ravens by both the bills had to be so mad. Ever may I be in the second half of game, seven against the Yankees and are in the offing CS when we're up like eight nothing and we should be like all we got this, but it's all that DNA still sit there sure then they scored a couple runs than Pedro came in the sergeant who's, your daddy there and then used sphincter just just titans. Oh my god. This would be the worst loss, I'll, never follow. Sports again. The brass bands had to be feeling that at some point in their second half warlike. While if we lose this, I'm out of that followed for Baltimore and died, they did probably all went and took a Lamar Jackson Dub that they ended a third quarter right when the steel and should have gone on forth into, and it was a counselor
Michael, is like art are good, there's a lot they can do now than the backs. Moving around you know a guy. You see sums gonna like up their punting. That's it get rid of it through the answer. If you can't they the reasonable, Tom, and I mean he was awful- the decisions of the second ever awful, but they D looked like the team that had in practice yeah you're right. You start with a shock and step over the guys had a re stares at length. Bomb, and you just go from there and the brown suit in practice at all in their super sharp. I didn't know Baker had that game in that, but quickly and ruthless burger. So he starts his career ten into in the playoffs news. Is the super border Rogers from that point on his last templates game started without when three and seven in the playoffs, including lost, two Blake Borders, Joe flackered TIM Tiburon Baker. Mayfields finishes his career with thirty for his plaster. Thirty four touchdowns twenty eight.
Picks. I know you hate doing that, and you know it now do any gas twenty eight pigs, while a lot and you look at their two superboss that they won one of Em nothing in the actual Superbowl in the other. One is that's: why Grady there and they basically gotta the skin either James runs a backward dad we call on the Seattle game, I get it. I get really he's gotten la faim, then it's just that. The word career. I guess that's my point. It is, alas, two thirds of it he's basically Matthew Stafford. Were the better coach and a better team, but not a lot of play of success and a lot of play off Lassie seven plan forces- probably six of them. There are favoured yeah and then some of them favored by five by seven by nine in a month like that, and it's just tough when they showed him on the bench at the end, just kind of sitting there deer in the headlights- and it was like- I was one
Could this be it the kitty retire? Will I wonder if this was their? Let worst play off loss I'll, have the look and mental, but in a much time, between the fine final in the end, the pod gas, but would, with their all like a five and a half, we favour, but it feels like the worst play off loss they have suffered in the long time your patriots beat up on them all the time, but that was a close spread or their spouse or whatever, but This is pretty bad. I mean you could do it out the damaging the world like this, isn't even a rivalry. The brown can't say this is a rivalry, never beat us and they had a feud laugh at miles. Garrett never you did like a man now they're dead, so many ones now as the sea or sell, they showed, cybercrime and there like there's the guy, is couched in the browser offensive line. Today you looked like he was twenty five years rocking back and forth, like our friend Brad Mackay after seventy die, coax, it is a case of promoted, assisted ever got promoted in turn, basically, whose could be coached. The office of lead How are you lose their special teams? Coaches, the head coach? We
item, he's back from storm in the capital. Fuller feelers cap ottoman areas within one thickens right now. What was Where was the guy or thereabouts? Can oh yeah freighter, prayer, raw writer fry for free right where I've yet price? now a guideline grammar yeah, so we should unknown. We should there be a fact that game it was ever I'm sorry I made you think it was the same. I thought I thought I'm like I like the bears here and I don't know what or do you want to go over these games, but we're going to go backwards. I had the and our backs and then did the stairs just to win them we live in a team with the bears that the bears covered on the last play the game with a GB, Graham one handed touchdown. Could I just can I have the stadium never to be seen again and then they didn't kick. The extra point in the line was eleven and the bears lose by twelve, but you look this up. So what? What did you find,
they changed it in two thousand eighteen and I had an hour now, it's gone, but the day is, I guess what happened case kingdom. This happened in case came and went off, went off the field in the came back and unlike took it, for the two point conversion anyway, the books lost a lot of money. There very are the very upset that they are. They didn't get too, but that that's rule two thousand eighteen in fact Roma. Don't even though that they change it and they did. and now is it article two section eight. If a touchdown is made on the last boiler period, the tri attempt
shall be made, except during its during a son that bared over touches watering down which time and a fourth core expires and a successful try would not affect the outcome of the game. Silver does affect the outcome. They just walk also feel well. That was the most exciting moment of the game. The second most exciting moment was the bears who did not completed, did not get a first down on third down the entire game, and so the two minute mark when their dad eighteen yeah, who could not move the border, but they had one special trick play which risky and it worked. Then the fucking guy dropped it and I like, if you caught that the saints beat the whole game kind of unfolds differently, I think the saints would have had to sweat it out. It was weird you knew the game was over when that happened, because it's like they're not going to skip to twenty points which give. It just gave way- seven. This is done now and so this guy whims right and he had come twenty a yard pass like tiptoed at the sideline and caught it like couple plays before. By the way I think they announced.
Just in general, there are like I don't know. If we got in Yemen off, he kept his freedom, assume everybody got their feet and their great at it now nobody's great atta. Just you won't look bad over the course of a year just like he got his feet in and then they'll show. So then they draw this bought this. This crazy trick play the true biscuit loads. And throws a touch of the defenders hanging on the guy's jersey, the rough seas. It doesn't even call up because it such an easy catch now, there's a guy. I will just let it go, goes right through his arms and said that not even just like a long past I was dropped. It was on a trick play its kind, Wanna Danielson does a crane cricket grain carrying
it doesn't work and it's like, oh boy. What do I do now, so that really did take all the windows herself and then they were missing their Ricky receiver, Mooney now and then eighth remarry gets kicked out right, which, which was a bogus one. That was, I started to feel like the fix, might a bit him with this game when that, when that happened smothered under one one receiver, they have biscuit who, if whatever happens in the play doesn't happen. The first two seconds is completely useless hairs you cigar I, this sucks gives it felt like the saints were kind already due to be tested. We're not putting that game away with seven hundred and thirty four ever they weren't they look like crap and and that that the other playing the bucks next week- and that's we'll talk about that
there are ten three they get him. The jump off sides Rhiannon forth and for TAT, some hills and the shot. John they're, just really trying to get you to dump jump off sides is no way. You know that snap in it then their ups, Gotcha angular, ready, Jack's, at whose good I know, you're right you do in energy matters. Then there is the other one they like in a place. Tat goal line, stand unlike those too many defensive, tucked up handled these the jump pass. That was a penalty which was like yeah you're right over the fixed. It looked like a resemble I just need them, they get the thirteen point, so they recover. Can you believe it score thirteen points. I felt like to add that in the second quarter, so the most interesting thing about saints Bears was the Dick allodial broadcast? Our era, which I watched, I dont know fifteen minutes of great. I thought unbelievable. How gauss barter was if there had this in place on my son was like six, you have so they would watch the entire game and that they did,
a job yeah. It made me think, like a. We ve been saying this for fifteen years, like alternative broadcast, yogurt or different audiences, where they waiting for different answers. What are they care like? Just the commercials you spreading out the audience over five channels? You're still getting the same audience anyway, but then I was thinking what other, what other channels with that of worth further the nickelodeon, the only other one I could think of his bravo. What do you mean just like? It But in my ears, like my mom? Bravo now I have like a real housewives like just to survive of people. Just complaining about the coaches, haired yeah, others, what other channels, what a word for amateur animal planet now another idea and a way to get it done about recovery sexually Jeff for Austria today everybody that I would like to know what it is No good at all that the only thing is I like. I want to hear Romo I get it the first hour marker moves in its orange and staff and are one gets find one
score and by the those like one touchdown and three quarters, but yet I think it was good for the they're dead, the explanations Good! Someone called a ball going out of bounds and the ball when free after he rolled and ok, here's what happens here as a here good luck explaining this. Nobody knows, Lamentably, what channel you put this nobody's gonna be able to regulate the Pittsburgh game so, like Tom, could have got there right for two, because his shirts broken any wiser than a global breakfast. I am all for weird shit like that: yeah we're thousand channels just try more weird shit
Evans, Titans was the early game and that had the most cowardly planted the day, somehow some other well. My point was: we should have been the most cowardly put a day that Tennessee punts with ten minutes left them. Baltimores forty and you me had should ass. We said a hundred thirty taxing, probably a minute. We were horrified. Nepal couldn't figured out. They deserve tools, the game after that, and then you, what did you find the surrender index? The surrender index said that this was the worst like since one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, there was never a worst situation to bunt in the fourth quarter in a play game on that side, the fit like that they just it was rose. I put it in the ninety nine point: nine four percent, while being the most cowardly pot I don't know, maybe Tom ones as well. I just looking at least the ravens adequate defence to the Brenner shot, but
yeah. That was awful, took him out of it, but the rate at the saving, which units will you most impressed with least impressed with most impressed with for me, is the ravens defence in today's gave me at least impressed with was the bills defence will get to that, but
yeah that's dead. The times didn't really school age Brown pushed off in the Amazon. They are to feel goals and otherwise a ravens held there can rid of forty some yards right. Will you have eighteen for forty? In there they looked out because the MAR got off to a terrible start, terrible he's screwed up the option pitch blew the first, Dr Second drive through Peck and a third DR, had Andrews, peeling off wide, open and third down just didn't, throw it took a sack and it just like. A year ago the MAR well Lamar Finish with a hundred seven I'm passing. Sixteen cares four hundred thirty six yards and to legitimate wow place, which I think he needs at least to a game for them to win scientist. My question for you
Do you believe in the mall? Yet I think I do it didn't. If you look back at our text and it didn't look like we did, but I do believe in him. I don't know why I take so long to die like things on a just they're, coming from a Jason Garrett team I like when they come out in the third quarter. Baltimore they start Tennessee was stacking the box and they did that thing where they dump it off to the I got three hundred pound fallback who goes year, nine yards. It's like I mean a teacher and that open things up I believe them. I think, he's so funny. Some of these quarterbacks, I don't think running up. I think he runs too much a little bit. He got stuck up the middle there and gets too too but yeah. I think I think they're in good shape the monkey off their back to you. I agreed with the announcer who pointed out how it's better, when he's running nor south, then go inside the side, because it's just so he can read so fast when he just running downhill. It can make one guy.
So now, son he's gone. That's what I'm with the forty a yard. Yet I know just how to beat the safety phenomenal. I think I believe in him more than I believe in his receivers. It did not seem like they were very open, ran that Andrews, who I think, because he's he looks like he should be like a Kelsey type today by denied it seems like every day. At least two balls go bouncing off his hand through does get him at. I'm not sure he's that good. As my point- and I don't- I don't know who I think he's fine, but I don't think he's like a you know. I don't even think he's a level below Gronk and Kelce. I think he's like of his blood? I don't really know who there you know, maybe we'll find out next week. Third, ten, we are right to say it is does that's the thing. I don't think they have it, sir. That would be my big fear for next year,
but I was a good times play good defense for having like the worst defense in the league, secondary that they really kind of stepped up. They had only fourteen sacks all year they were, they were in his grill they took a wilder judge you're not going to see the twenty yard crossing pass from from Lamar against the Titans said that that's what was frustrating right, the Us- and there are also better with the thing that I didn't understand. Is there the immediate praising Lamar down the stretch,
and an upper twenty points against the Titan Seward, the twenty ninth defending rig. So it should be that excited about this. Like did this defence was hot garbage Watson put up what seventy five points in german games gave every like that to me the ravens our way in sea, but that, though the thing I was more surprised by his that tendencies offered gonna move the bar. You Henry was eighty four forty, the tanner helping that ended the game, even though I that wasn't totally on him, but I didn't think he was gonna come through down. Seven did you. Now and then looked bleak Rikers age, a brown scores at touchdown off Humphrey, and I like this- is gonna- be a match up. This can be a problem. The ravens need to figure this out like I well, that's there for them the whole game- and it really wasn't me wasn't hidden- is tight ends in and at all like he does that that play action was working, and that was rough. What a tunnel under eighteen for twenty six in like one, let now that's all right! I want I want it yeah yeah, that's it
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Gunnar signature station. Sooner, sound system could have shown us that come to learn more ok gone backwards. Bucks washed in this was the weirdest gave it a day, because it was clear that Temple was dark and cover eight and a half, or that it probably got have by game time that they just work and cover, even though they were three times better. The washing and it was like there's another Chris, had been dropped, there's another third and wine that did the fast start. There's another stable, oh here's washed, and on the other side, third and thirteen outlining he's gonna convert that forces and here's a guy in the exact hiding he's gonna laugh the perfect pass right into the corner, the zone over the defensive backs stretched in the guy's gonna catch it and get both feet in this is a terrible, washed team. They end up covering they get the extra appoint miss from suck up, but in general, like I, don't know what to make of that. Buckskin
like you like that you love the hire you like Bulgaria, Patriots, Jersey, right, you and house riding over when I met you get to that. A second I, but like she's, coming out of it a guy, I feel worse the box, that better outer how you feel The box coda treated Washington like the Steelers treated cleave on right. I goes again those when there is both a roll over and they didn't, but they did keep it with an aid, but Radio, like two hundred yards passing the first, have you can't blame the off anti spread out over six receivers? I'd think yes, six pass catchers for them, and- and I think I wouldn't worry about their office. I thought I knew you would be denied thought for a moment. We thought out. Smith is playing and, unlike they got some, M M efforts on this deep and you think DOM consumers gonna. Take it easy on Alex Smith Like
and then I heard he wasn't plans. I gotta get good he's out there tat baseball someone anyway, but I didn't think it was too much of a let down. I felt, like God, take out just enough to win, cannot think this game was twenty one. Sixteen now and it did seem like oh shit. This would be one of the great upsets, but I never totally talk myself into the high energy who we caught Heineken last. Take your two weeks. I think he's graduated Heineken cuz. He was really good and you keep his real name. You and I watch football every week. She is better than average. That was my take elastics, this guy's a better than average quarterback, like he's at least his as case keen unwise that year in case Keener brought Minnesota, so the precipice same kind of build some kind of damage, I'm right, a disorder conqueror about yeah I've got a big hit, kept planning
may I make a separate shoulder? Somethin boy. Look, I don't know what's going through this young man's mine, but I hope he intended on level for next year. I really do think of other pats writer. is that really what? If it's all behind accuse? You started action agrarian bloggers, Itzhak handed they're not gonna, give him mad lindner, not money and the offices are now. No. I don't think I think days are over for those kind of contracts for regard those great one game no be like a one year. Five, nine supply that at an hour,
I thought the whole team believe in him to. I thought that was the most interesting dynamic that was fun is today was really yeah Brady. I thought through a nice ball. It look good. I thought using commands. He didn't have, I was waiting for the terrible Brady Enzo and pick in the second half never happen every time I watch them adjust. It seems like he's not on the same page, with his receivers like braided. It almost seems like he's at this advanced level of football intelligence from all the years he's played. It just assumes the other human beings on the field are gonna. Do these certain things on these things that happen and he's constantly expecting too much from whoever, wherever it is he's always like. Looking disbelief like you guys they dropped back in a man you're supposed. Gotta again they were away. It just seems like his its color. My wife sheets may make it
there. I feel the same, like even put the dish sake. What could you do it the union and send me an email through your head. I can't tell what you're thinking I gotta think but yeah I think, they're explosive. They make big place, but I'll be and see what happens when they have the. If the saints really show up next week, it back to actually put together long drives, make players that have cross ups. Things like that when, for the most part, I think the biggest whether that game was washed hinges, it starts out that get rid of their name they have the most disliked honour in the leg rat they have. Haskins is clearly a bus data, one minute for another form. Oh yeah me started with that young man, a good right that by the end of it it's like our core well chase Young grew. They made captain three games laughed. The bank has clearly of Bruce Smith, Crossword Cortez Kennedy Cross with weren't sapped a guy,
and maybe they found a cue b. I don't know you and I spoke to you on the law on your way to watch in the games via this Saturday morning and you like, The only way washed and wines is breached, Brady get sacked three times, throws it a pig in a just and draw the pig he got sacked three times his yeah should a couple times didn't draw the picture. That was that's. Why they advance it's a good point. They were a terrible Brady pick away from actually may be stealing. That gap will never happen. Ram. Seahawks was the weirdest game of the two days, which you say something has Cleveland. Pittsburgh was pretty weird. You have Wilfred come in the star, any becomes pretty clear that they have run the hallway practice within which had been the whisper, but then Aikman really tells us. What's Goin on the first quarter, when they're doing that we talked to shop, Mcveigh thing and he's, like you know,
I think they lost some faith in Jared Goff like he just didn't, play well down the stretch, and I think they really, you know he's saying it hypothetically, but you know it's like a day spent forty five minutes with Sean Mcvay is it I think they think Wolford really gives them some energy and they can do more. Things it is a well sherbet phase out on Jerry Graff. We re enable forgets, hurt and also their share gaff with with a broken them and their up three sectors. Game's over there's no way he's gonna fuck, this guy but any didn't. I had the rams than the rams were up seven and- and Donald One out and up the then was Ross as best play the game he rolled over ass. It was getting tackled after got Drury here the weird way onto Donalds Ribs, or something like that. Your best play good job Ross, get him out of the game and then God was thrown like forefingers. Unlike Seattle is gonna win this game and they now
Where did it? We never did like? Even I knew the picked the pig sixes when you knew leg around what they're gonna steal this rather upturn, and now that now that could just do by action, and yet they have said that you had a fourth Corey ended up, throwing it thought, shouted a god damn, but they get. You could ask for more if you're Schonberg failure in the fourth quarter and gas can just hand off all I wonder if he wants a way, would have one with Waterford. By the same works even a little bit more handily, but I thought I was a rough p care of them. It really what policy at a twitter is not happy with the first of all. Why aren't they carrying three tat quarterbacks before we get off your mother ransacked? That's it most ass, a knight thing in the world. You gotta get your backup shouldn't even be playing easy, and this in a finger Emma. You can't really throw with a busted thumb honestly
Well, how about when they did? The fourth at one key beastie earlier in those seahawks, are like China, EDA punch to buy their prey. I'm like wow, you you're, actually trying to get chair got hurt for next week, said goodbye to start a super portals, activate bottles that you really need this this year I have only a secular grave out of back is a better roster save than the third quarter back in that state. Will you and I, both by the rams, I share the rims money lying in a parlay with the with the bills in the box, side, I'd really actually need and the wind ray. I found myself saying the words: oh my god, Wulfric down get a blow for your eyes. I didn't know who he was too. If you see, I think that they should say maybe he'll come back there we might avoid concussion protocol. Louis
so they were all really excited about football Saturday, and I will get to this game next. But, unlike our man, we just saw rivers who could reach an zone for mid, feel on a how Mary now we're gonna see frickin wool, furred or gas, and then we're gonna see Heineken. We were not impress what did are going. It asked them like maybe there are too many play off cadence. Now, but there were all like fascinate, in their own way. He had turned out there were enough play games, unfortunately, for the Seahawks Van The latter are limited. I could really describes yeah does game plan for you, one of the worst challenges of the season by Carol
Obviously they like somebody might take the red now young arose out when he died off was over the line or something I believe is behind the land by a yard to have three hops. I don't know what they did with Russ weren't sharp was big on that. There is much more aggressive, passing the first like six games, then what? back to the traditional run, run past thing that get them in trouble, but rest like just looks like he lost his mojo in it and then worst of all, they got beaten by Jared Goff with a broken thumb. Corindus too heavily, but why why you screwing around with this same microcytic, had one yard passing late in the first quarter like what am I even watching here finishes. Ninety four thousand one hundred and ninety four one hundred and fifty five
I mean I know, but I'm going over by seven point. Zero is forty two and a half year. It adds up ending at fifty and it was like three nothing and one of the quarterback sat a broken thumb and it just seemed like there's no way how this game again, good, it's actually literally a possible and then they get a pic six on a wider spread. Of course, it's gonna go oblige figure out the numbers as fifty points, the ravens Titans as thirty three points Riah, when eight thirteen, the browns almost have fifty or they have fifty- what I don't even know what it ended up. Yad Seattle in Pittsburgh,. This did not look at the same time, the last few months in the air we knew it and in the Rams case you could make a case the rams defence. Now we who knows a barren down sunups another other. But when he's in there the rims defences better than anything else,
ass in the annex ii is better at right first would you say, there's a higher scale from another inner city in the Rams D. I don't know, I don't think so, because I don't know what's going on and that other corners by wise tile, lock it never getting open right. Like I get it, I, if met calf as is bound by a german Ramsay. That's fine Ramsay gives up twenty yards a game or something crazy. Great errand Donald, we know, should be defensive player the year, though adding pressures should be a bigger stat than sacks right now. Satisfied I get the most of the good guys have a lot of sacks, but you get lucky rolling into a sack pressures, down, chills everybody pressures every year, but I will talk about next week's game, but yet Seattle, Stephenses Eleazer Defences Philomel we're about Real Europe. There should be a staff for the offence of lying completely changing with they normally do, and do it like that with miles care today that stewards game. Where
they're, just double teeming I'm even though they have stacked the other side of the line with three guys in the IRA still is cool were started, a double to bow scared. You can. I read those three guys over there. If we found out Wilson was playing with the torn labour or like a strained achilles or some sort of injury that they didn't disclose, are needed surgery on Wednesday. For something, would you be shocked? Well, These surprised, because I think it's much simpler than that check that data one you interviewed him, I think he went to. After that? The outcasts just check the numbers? I think it was right after that that it went south You know it literally was right. After it's a crush you crossed, as that of Cyrus was the last one. Was the game in their bills. Courts there. Actually, let's take a break with this
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thirty. First, two thousand twenty one, that's great seeking conveniently get everything your pet needs is what I want you to do: check out, Petsmart dot com for more details. They got to put a picture up. There come up Petsmart, all right bills called this. The last one in this is one we got to spend some time on I'll start here on a scale of one to ten. How much worse? Do you feel about the bills after that game? Their defense pacific way, I feel, I feel, like Mahomet, would put up six hundred yards against defence right now at another moms. When I ran what happened, the defect state. Did you see this tat? Were the court's every DR ended in bills territory there, even though every time started in their own territory like they did. You see my
dominating. We were texting about it, and then you found the staff from MIKE Wells about how the colts were the first team to lose in playoff history with four hundred and fifty plus total yards you're a turnovers eleven an hour before they eleven it, no hidden those benchmarks. Last because we were texting like while rivers has been governed, three hundred yards no picks never had the terrible Phil Rivers pass. They ran the ball. They had twenty seven. First, ants and are in fact lose no alley. Cox gentleman Doyle had all these receivers. I all these crazy, like who else would burden the Cray. Ever all, everybody was open for the sideline pass, they dominated the first core of the courts, and then they just got stuffed at the girl. I like TAT was tat, was the big thing rights and I got third and go the one eyed they give it up the middle the tower twice, but now they do some kind of like pitch option play yet had thousand and they go forward from like the five they screw up there,
Then the bills come down that Gabriel Davis makes like to tiptoe catches and ate, and they score there and like fourteen ten Billy, they they should be down at least seven poor way. Don't don't go so, did I got to pass the ninety six yard drivers incredible rabbi by Josh TAT was like, I think the best moment super here so far at so look I can only judged by how I felt at the moment. I thought they should kick to feel go just like why not you ve dominated this half go up thirteen, the seven trying to stop- and this is great normally, I would say
go for a fourth and four makes mean those fort than one. Fourth, until it's one for four yards is tough, that's not what I mean you have you think I'm a tailor right up, the middle twice may be, but the illusion yards on third down. That's weird! The only thing I can think of was there thinking we kicked the feel goal, but now a chicken off to them. They have leg a minute. Fifty laughed and they're just gonna get to feel go back in its thirteen ten. Instead of ten seven If we get it touched down here, it seventeen the seven gone into the hare. Yet that help sewing- and I get it- I just Wouldn'T- have done it, but it made more sense to me than Tomlin Fucking Punting YAP first, yeah, that was they could see what was going to happen later in the week and they were Bellegarde were we're fine here by yet areas letter was killed,
Josh. I like you that I will do, is expiring on there weren't getting aid and go, and maybe that's kind of why they went for like what. So what will give it to him at the at the four but one that air I read about attacks or down for re kind of game because the courts they blows to second half time out and said we know those are come back to them. Of course, I do. He gave away six points and then they had a huge break, in the last four minutes and then tapir and they start our poor, I they re go, misses the feel, gone and recognise the value of all nay ran. Seventy six plays twenty seven first dance, no turnovers, no sacks lad. I thought it was. The best course came. I've seen them play
as you know, on the other end, the bills are of fourteen in the fourth I picked. I didn't bet on it, but I pick the bills: dollar picks: six sick, puss minus six. Now try to go. Thirteen now realise that go into, but we therefore tabled his great rivers, gonna, throw me the pic swear, never came right down and scored and, like two minutes is a word, the fuck you, the courts will get off his dagger rather like rivers, doesn't drawback right, Baker, rivers and throw away to touch on tourism, rivers and dropping Baker to throw a pick and Ben through seventeen pigs, bent or seventeen engulfed in drawback, and there was another one we're waiting for. I didn't have not throw a pic. I now, with the oil Jeanne Times, but yet that should have been one of those gone through. Ambrady didn't throw up which we expected one against at the events, so that these team stepped up and then
most of the Northern Ireland not lose out and reminded me of that game. It's funny cause I'm one of China is a sweet, their shown one of those are Broncos Brands games now a days the young away, who didn't run that much, but when he ran it was like this weird was like Steve Young scrambling. It was more like a I'm an run around. I'm actually get a dish out ahead there, The ball is boom. Like just oh good, I get to put a link on someone, but I was never like a huge scrambled, but as somebody who's team at two p m a few times like every time he scrambled it was like one of the five big. Ways of the game and the way Allen was kind of control that some of the stuff you did on those roll out again, I thought the courts, but really well and Alan had five or six, always plays words just like thirty. Nine he's rolling through his right is running out of room on the sidelines. It looks like you throwing the ball to bounce, no, actually he's just winging it twenty yards to some guy who just got open a SEC
He had some homes ass things yet, and I assure you it was. I got its work as I don't feel like somewhere to buy homes, even though they do a lot of the same things he. She reminds me more like that. Elway type, just cuz he's so physical right and there's a couple times when guys got good, looks on him he's just like laugh, running back to the huddle, but I I was, I thought he was awesome that game. I really like it. If he wasn't awesome in that game, I think they would have lost cuz. I Weiner defense played like he had to be perfect in that game, or you know
the perfect there they lose viewed at one really cheap way. They lose three. Twenty six, four thirty, five, three twenty four to touch thousand fifty four rushing there's gonna be very hard city. It's a big big momentum, Russia's thing up the middle and the courts. I thought was a nice went for them. That was good. Tester, that was my favorite now I'm rather we set out my bills box. Let us do that, will have money at the end of Saturday and we did, but we never know how to hold onto that. My answer problem: why didn't I get one headed jerk off? We need to him. They keep going there in a really hit the last in the play off just the last of it. So sad before we get to guess the lines we have the odds fora and its title Exeter,
don't look at em relating not up now got a mother. What do you think the packers are packers to win win native sit next to games tat? I see title chant, packers. Minus one. Twenty plus one forty, they already a great game, show yeah plus one for what are the saints Science are gonna, be plus two thirty two to one merit. The box box will be like almost forty one drifting yet plus three. Seventy the list, as are likewise, sounds really get at it they're right the rams before the rams are gonna, be too. This is like a beautiful, my driver.
well well: hunting in Malta, seven one six, fifty seven one percent, fifty backer. And then the F C. we used the chief say that what has not been an easy thing. They have now they'll be Myers their minus one. Seventy size surprised by this minus one, twenty five relay yak as people are afraid of the bills. Will you think the bills are? Those are plus one once seventy five percent to eighty six hours and then the ravens forty one brown swaths welcome. So for looking for value, it would be easy to say bills post to eighty, but I would just rather bet the bills straight up next to games that what the public,
super bowl for the bills. Seven hundred and fifty going into this week. Other bills bills super bowl, six thousand two hundred and eleven Packers four two West E621 Ravens, eighty one buck states won rams. One hundred and eighty one Brad's, twenty five ton. That's that's a weird cluster, a team's I don't even think those who the favourite is now, I don't think they know either everybody. You can talk me into any of those. Sixteen so few. If we had five minutes per team it sway manner sex. I know we can watch the chief speed, the browser, like forty five of Saxony,. Will change our minds but, do the winner. The bills ravens win the Superbowl. I want a wee bit both those things. I don't trust the ravens now Twenty points against anaesthesia get a red fire, your betting, their defences. What you're batting remember clays
wasn't that came the first time against Tennessee disguise play well tonight, so we got through fate of flight steam Chiefs Tita one, I'm not sure they can run the bar to protect the weak rapid their vulnerable, our game, I'm not sure they can stop the run either packers, forty one. I don't- press them for some reason camp, I figure it say it sets a terrible football thou says, but there's something untrustworthy about them. I feel like we ve been here before with the specific time tape Christine and they just seem superbly irritable me there you can win the weird thing to say, but when you can run on and we could really run on them and has really happened the last couple weeks and we ve seen them get killed by TAT most tapir married couple months ago, but right now there are locked in right now there, the most trustworthy team. I think what you think I like we learn today. I was on Kyoto vanish today like to do, and for this we can add, occurred.
So the Landau, removing that fact there, and that was a big factor in the Seattle thing. I just we said this last we're gonna think there is any chance will further golf goes in there in a loud stadium beats Seahawks. care about their play. You know it's weird about it, though all those team, Seattle, New Orleans, although seems we'd like at Home Green Bay, they're all seven and one at home, but maybe it was this week that a turn like didn't really matter for Seattle over mad matter that Seattle than their fans. I didn't fit help their hurt Pittsburgh this week, because what the crowd was in shock, but there is no crowd better aid far beyond fourteen nothing. The vibe in the crowd would have been so horrified, and actually I don't even know if they could have come back to make it three thousand five hundred and twenty three, but that with the packers, you think like Rogers and Jones Devonta, the three awesome skull guys right there home they have the best player in the in the conference. We should be like the packers going to win and I can't go there. I feel I feel like the right thing
move. The Bob down the fear on the maybe orders, Navy defence of Labour right now, whose most locked into their offence, wouldn't you say, was Rogers and Alan Roger than our saints plus five. Fifty I was not impressed now. I like it I welcome the so much breeze has so many guys. Saving his ass right now and Michael Tom is being back, helps but how many times you that using a drawback today. Surely it into the turf has slow as that ball right? It's I it's it's in the air for two seconds every time, it's always directly right in the guy in the red spot, but it's just saying I forget, were heard in one of their shares. One of the insiders, as I got you know it's like is gonna, retire and become a broadcast.
and what I am hearing is. Champagne really has been impressive, James Winston, and he thinks he can read the team that jazz this. I still believe that were the only ones hours branded ass. I was friends out right now, Yeah, I mean tastes. The mills are going away. Anytime soon needs can be part of like six package's, a half I'd say thirty one would have. I think, he's an upper Cameron. I love love. So from a value standpoint, the rams are eighteen one. In that thing I came back and I could actually taught myself into as real value. Really more. You don't like. I read and deny the ravens orphans, but that I just think eighth ones that a great dire, Ramsay Tina one I will go back to. We love their defence. If warfare is healthy next week,
I liked, even the prefix of where he could at least run around and do some stuff and it's like, could they playing ugly thirteen thousand two hundred and ten game in Lambeau win that in advance the next game? Maybe I don't know I like that? It's just weird I just Nick Foles won a Superbowl, so it doesn't matter for good, technically bait, gonna Lambeau when and then be tab and beat Mahometans past. What smart case of. Is anybody really that good cuz? You think you mentioned that Eagles patriots super bowl that was a year when we didn't really have a great team and shrimp should happen in the passing of winning a Kansas city than ever should have, and then they end up playing the the the Eagles yeah. I'm mixing up my my nine patriots super bowl. Now stop it.
Whatever the air was Pats Rams out one of those years without was reared hours like. How is it that having three and a half or something tat I have is this the Superbowl and then on the other side Chiefs plus, she said to the one bill: six thorn: that's the sexy, pick ravens aid to an brands, twenty five and there's no way the brands when super right when they had a perfect waiter that such gravy now it said it had taken anyone by surprise before one more one will be great. Those two running backs are really get and we'll Baker and apology. We were saying he was like poor man's case keener man. I'd love to I love this leadership that I had thought he bade good throws daddy dropped, one pack other in that I thought I thought out at all. Just as long as you apologized. First I apologize No. I apologize for big games. You said, and then, like the last six weeks, it's good ol apologize Chinese to apologize to us for being in sixty.
Commercials yeah right, that's how he gets his back at length. The shown Watts. It's gotta be like what the fuck I'm right here and ten times better. This career, He is like what the fuck do. You think the J J Lots Verses Buck Baker may feel like they doubt yet so that story broke this weekend. There's been rumblings about that for a while, and I don't know how it works with trade in those. Contracts. But if I am, I am going out for that and so that all that's the team that keeps coming up right. It's a! U go all! It is. If you have him- and you have four as in some of the young, do they have in it who you want for you want. Some worrying will give you two are done. Call it in too is one of the four ones you have to give up right or wrong with or even at the I'm doing that five seconds. I'm trying to think for the patriots at it and fortune but I'm enough to give up. We'd have to just give up like our next foreign number one spot.
Maybe maybe Belgic gives up his medal of honor. Without a right, that's not a real story, right Israel, of course, Israel, but he's that can actually go and accept it. I do you not think so. Why not? What's he doing medal of honor, he better not honour the greatest cheater of all times, gonna honorary metal story better, not picture pitcher, were to take a break. There were to get science. This episode is broadly by bold twenty four from the makers of Gatorade introducing but funding for an advanced hydrogen drink that keeps it really real, with no artificial swingers, flavors electric lights from watermelon and see sought oh yeah bolt twenty four supports your athletic lives down a matter where you day takes you, try ball twenty four: it any accident which has your one arab I believe I have any accident vitamins
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Virginia Indiana Colorado, I would Tennessee new users only must wage aren't as data boost market deposit required MAX bonus, one twenty five C4 terms at sports book that Faint Oda com ganley Problem car, one hundred gambler, guess the lies round to do so. to have this corrected: packers, Rams bills ravens on Saturday and Chiefs Brand Saint Spock's on Sunday, that's correct! Yeah, then send Sunday late as the Marquis match up there? How do we feel about that schedule? Fill it feels like chiefs. Brown should have been the first game. Yeah. I thought I was going to chiefs browns. I guess they didn't want to put two NFC late, but yeah. I thought that was. I don't know that they have enough time to pivot. Once they found out the browns were in that game that could have been Saturday early. The best of the four games has bills, ravens great. Maybe there maybe they're worried one handed Gaffer Woodford with
You know that race might be like a thirty point blow our first, that's it. I guess the lights packers hosting the I ran spyware, what a sports Varela, Dodge Amazing, Lakers, and now the rams have this city just an electric, its natural, and while we lost poor, Tommy Lasorda, but again, she said. I think that was a bigger story than the rams winning a plan came. So I looked at this from every angle. I thought they were factoring in some tease potential. I dont think the rams defence can be discounted and she could not get this to seven. I'm Saint Packers six and a half whom we are close enough. I said eight. I thought.
the quarterback thing with fine, it worked out against Seattle and Anti goes. Can work against Green Bay, though, that the score a lot more points to win that game, not sure our and I'll. Two hundred percent meant that he has do you Sid six and a half its seven, so you get that their cell on us on jail, Ramsay, shutting down the vodka Adam Sprite. That has to happen for this to be something of a game. It's it's tough to trading. I know he had to be traded whatever, but it's gotta be tough. If you, like the old time, no watched this guy just conclude, dismantle offers everything we reject links the almost like a top three thing you need. Then I found this guy. Just as I could. Your browser see right, you're, like a catch anything to nothing out so. the packers are dying to be teased in this game I'll. Do it I'll? Do it I'll help him out there diabetes with the chief sir? We have come up and a little bit and it looks,
Who is he just got up just say that now you don't have to that Long Billy, you could deal with Alabama tomorrow, anatomy that what's outline what they'll be able to create half. So if you want a money lie that Ohio State Secondary will show up. I mean that the old, secondary they'll scarlet, I M not afraid of fields. Now I don't they use exactly right: either they relevant pushing to move this game and stuff like that to my weapons in Alabama got wild. Come back that there can be better seawater, do Packers Alabama teach them going to the mouth water going. Some us, like you like to gamble with whose scares you wore this game. Wolf urge them possible deck strain or whenever his gecko enter in the three M, our eyes. He did this week or Gough who shot
They we now know is out on bread and now is progressively back in Ireland, and the guy's got broken thumb in their like three out of every four bosses. Fine come now sand in labour camps, dumb ass, to get better right, I'm innocent guided almost in button shoes and actions in his son, though can't work, it can't work down. Ten factors run this right than there that there are ten. You need jarred gap that Roma to hit woods and strong. Now it's out Abner, maybe a cover, an answer when the case for the packers. What do we say? Therefore, the ones when the super it's kind of a gift from the gods tat instead of plan top a ban round to their going? It's a team that compromise the quarterback right as turbulent next came in Buffalo about TAT pills, mafia
for they something else. That's like the new announcer thing that they just have to go now, Sir bills: Mafia, like no other team as a fun fan base, but the bills levels no oh great on how come only six thousand showed up again. Yeah, we're other legitimate fill that place. Rather fifty four thousand were joking people, Every effort outward. I led a joke. They're just Jack glamour, Joke Buffalo. They they really got the short and that they have
as much as we had on the stairs money, while they were furious at the outcome of this game, they could it be that Steelers him up out of a pretty easy for them easier than the first time at Agri. Well, so I was vacillating between bills, three or bills, three and a half. It looks exact mosses out for this game at that sack MOSS was really get for then the second half of the air was coming on and a single Tara, like I don't know Of him by himself it, it makes me nervous sombre unless it s where the half point, I'm missing, both by three nad, talented steal that from here, we both got it. That's three.
I would if I hadn't mass, was by it that such a tough line to get the ravens obey like plus one fifty to win our right, yeah sure around there. My advice on this one is, if you think the ravens are gonna cover, that is better than the one they it's like that ram. Seahawks came on Saturday, just the problem. If they're in the game, they're gonna win, and if I felt the bills are either went by double digit, sir, the ravens could actually yeah. That's. Why you're right, like plus nine on a teaser, looks good, but don't doubt there are just a few item taken time showed up with us I would, by both of those gaps, far locked the rams kind of Europe. We want the top on that we might get at the next round, but we want a dub Brady again,
Rogers, but there have been a better Saturday game, only two games on Saturday night, how you do it you know. I remember on this past me pushing for the three play a game. Per day, I've been on this corner for awhile, aimed at making it you didn't like it. You were like it's too much. We're gonna diluting the thing. You did this whole thing and I was trying to convince you. This would be the greatest they now I dig deep down here. Just scared! Need I remind you of the half dozen shitty quarterbacks. We just went over the last hour, but now I now I hears what I've come around on. So did you avid planned, where only one team gets a by? That's how you have
I'm, I'm I'm fine with that. Now that's what I was like nah, that's too much too much advantage, but I'm like why. Why should two teams going to buy your right just cuz? We grow up and look at that one single by Sunday, Chiefs, Browns so stared at this one for a while as well. I thought it was going to be there eight and one slash two for nine and I was trying to think what they do: nine to try to screw over the people trying to tease the chiefs, but then I was thinking of the browns Running Game and how good they look this week, they're going to have their coach back and they've got the nobody, but this factor going and the fact that the chiefs have not look good for the last six weeks and have did not play. Last week, my below rusty first half the Tories slow starting team
be the sole starter against the brown because they can actually take the lead. I settled on chiefs, eight and a half. I think we split this because its ten and I went the total opposite way. I spent eleven and a half. They were both off by a boy now, so we split it. I thought now. No one believes and ass. I thought this is the gravy Ball Cleveland came out, they beat Pittsburgh, not gonna, take any one by surprise, and he read off by we're gonna see all those as chances by all those numbers. I thought I was gonna be high. I went way heavy with eleven and a half, but it's ten. That's a lot of points, I'm that I'd. I do not think that you get an extra two and a half. Perhaps there bumping up, they know you don't wanna bet the brands, but that lies. I dont think that ships are ten points better in the brain. Why why did
I myself live an app, but I bet you're guessing you gotta say like fundamentally. Do you think that sheets are ten points better than rail? Beside it? Take the Cleveland could score the not like a normal seven seed that just upset it too. You know or our three. Yes, it's a three six three: whatever was they could score they're gonna score the thirties, thirty five right in their yeah you're right. The chiefs are in what they beat it. They barely beat the Falcons. They haven't had too many great game's over the last month, but maybe they're doing spurs style. But what get my career. We now we'll get a blast we'll take care of everybody. Anatomy that that's a lot of points, and we know that there are have trouble run in the body of Edward Solaris, allegedly playing at ease and could be a hundred per cent by then? Maybe I don't see it that lead seems to us are at what their diet for your three teams,
with the arches, where you're gonna get there. You win the week. If you even tie me here not heeded this when exactly safe box, it's in New Orleans, we ve seen this game before the same killed them, but I think the bugs. The latter respect I've saints by three nor I, while you're wrong. It's not a new Orleans, its and tap now of your rights in the world. You got it son of a bitch. I said three and a half. I thought they given the high costs crushed themselves. I found my thanks for the era. You dared hereby, sir. We didn't have to announce a like that. Come on
seventy two for the year. Oh, why will you let me know exactly what I said get nervous year, catch up to me, a figure there. You are your ten seven to pay this any time. There's a play, a game in ran to around three. That is a minus three. You know that's can be good game, Chewbacca bills, monastery, Raven, saints, minus three bucks, it's just a game, three means We think this games, gotta, be nice and even in back and forth and call was unless they are trams, three, what a cool game now! That's a fund, one You know I was bombed, seeing this the OX rams a third time. I'm excited about this one gains box for sure. I don't get you here to members themselves. I do think it comes down to the last DR helping. Can we have that at least while the other weird thing
This weekend we might have seen rivers his last gaming is actually pretty good. Fair weather, usually is in the playoffs. Other rat was like everything rivers by Afghan he seems like he's retiring after this year after he broke eleven Ribs Roethlisberger. I wouldn't be shocked. If you were tired, would you please just like I'm good.
Now I could see him being. I mean they're, just as some of you lose it, those like press conferences, everything away. He was really doom, and gloom like it was very strange. Walk around like a zombie do so weirdly Brady is by far the least likely to retire. Thus, for Nigeria is, I feel, like he eats gaining strength, is growing more hair man ready. He looks like he's thirty five. I felt ready right. Those games, favorites least favoured my favorite is bills regiments near Baltimore, buffaloes, my favorite and top New Orleans. Second, and then I'll go I'll, go rams, Green Bay. Third, what would you have? Third, I'm excited for rams, Green back. I actually think the rams could win back in,
really yak. As that is the thing it's the play off and if you can rush to pasture and create havoc the way that they can create havoc in talking about here makers, twenty eight for one thirty one like that's really get that keeps ago and that they'll be indecent shape. I thought chemicals, Zack, MOSS and Dobbins all three of those guys as the year went along, really really really get right, and Moscow heard unfortunately, Dobbins never really got going today. A couple runs like forty three yards where air I still feel like what be hear from him. Well, that was great, it's time for Penn Corner by to buy a Carmax, we're all doing more at home these days and thanks for a friend to Carmax that includes car buying to shop over fifty thousand Carmax started. vehicles that car maxed outcome check out fringes. Sixty reviews scheduled trade, an appraisal play for
financing by our minor in store with curbside pick up at home delivery and select markets. She got all the details, get said: Adela Car, MAX Dot, com, there's gonna, be a car story. This pair corner car max the way it should be. I saw what he got. Ah, your coupled things will first my middle son jack. It became a Steelers fan that I tell you. This is a steelworks fan because his infatuated with Heinz ketchup, which weird ass thing and then he found out that the state of play and hind stadium. So it's all yours. He got like seventy five Thou art Amazon gift card. He bought a stores beanie. He bought a stores sure is went around the house. The last four days: labour, seize him in the yard and says have a terrible towel from one visited my inlaws. Do you want? It is like, of course I do so now is, even this thing around its annoying. My can we all just be cowboys. And that way we're all just miserable one day added the yet not one really like eleven or twelve, but the last day
is all the same. I went up the worry since deals get beat up, he's upset. He goes to his room and my good told you, so the account always van you deserve that she is right, but anyway I made up to four to it for everyone in the house, because I went online. I was watching some old Atari Games and how so bad they were watching like pitfall remembered like been excited about pitfall. When you try point of her dozens of ours, you jump They all gaiters head. There was like that, the exact spot you can jump up and a joke and his mouth and you and I like it than you- do at a jug down near the role of the combined, well, I'm go. I went online. I found them the Tory for fifty four dollars it's here. I got ten games. Kaboom I've pitfall, I've asteroids, have space invaders and missile command and so excited the kids wow I got two kids like into the box is not all
I didn't have any time, of course, to set it up today, but tomorrow I'm going to set it up and and I'll report back, but I have a feeling it's going to be a very disappointing for everyone. Except me. It's almost seems like a new digital series yeah where you play Sorry, with your horrified cared lived that desert the video games you play. I got in it like maybe like twelve thirteen. The guy got in television on Ebay, learn that Anna and it was greater interpret. It here is fun when video games or local Simple, don't you feel as simple as asteroids was? It was also hard to win right if, if you put it on the high speed or whatever that things are coming out, you I can play space invader. For a while. I think I'm so excited this agent. Now were only allowed a car manager, James Baby, I'll Dixon. Yes, he said our family. Like me
Ms Pack, members Amy, Erasmus said three eyes at last, for we ve got the same, Miss Packard Imaging it was so we were playing. And it was great- and I really joy there and that's another wherever simple game- and you say you get the levels in remember the books you go? You can go online by the books and aid show you the patterns to win back manner. Gary tree now you go online, I'm sure, and will now they don't give a shit, but anyway we already, I played them. His pack. Man was really fun. I got the like seventy five thousand. Could you do some patterns, the Agatha, seventy eight and then, when the other room, my son, Spain call of duty is describers. Graphics are basic. Oh my god story with you again blinking, I'm gonna have to add the robber convenience store. Her lashing goes the most talented boards is seven, eight thousand, that's good! Isn't it you get so when it gets to that.
you haven't again Syriac weren't, you get past as you, and then the year So as I see it as a second after active here nice, I was better than that, though, back in two thousand on the child was again while in Allah, Ollinger migratory. Why please put some of that Youtube stuff online at there could be the concert America so last time we did a part of that. Awkward sermon. On Monday, my daughter last December's you drink, driving back some Arizona and at like the for our mark, were passed. Palm springs. Then it's that last hour and a half stretched two hundred and I'm just like I'm so tired of being the car cuz. It wasn't just that we drove to Arizona back, but every game is at least forty minutes
Sixty minutes out in the car I'll weaken ass. I was I get so she's got this instagram account for railways as a good. Let's do a would still alive thing for real zis, where you can go alive. You take questions from people, so she's a guy right, so go live now were driving. I'm gone like ninety bows. Now we're doing a chat with on the phone and while these questions in somebody ass. Likewise in your daughter, ever impair corner and as a guy you now it's time, always afraid a mess of their cause. You know she's teenage girl should kick my ass and she's a no no You just don't care, mom and open book. You could do it everyone, unlike really did she say you can like. Ok, really like even like your relationships, you could talk about that.
By and bye. Now, how am I gonna write? So she says this on the on the thing, sir. I I marked down, so your son did the drivers permanent testing yeah how'd. You do. I forgot to ask now. I think Oh no, I didn't do it. He s coming up the hookah does area. So my daughter, my my wife, decides to take her. to not near where we live, but someplace twenty five minutes, awake a shared and get a faster. You study for re use for a year. They believe it eight in the morning and it's one of those you see you don't have even have girls
there's an old mother daughter early morning, dynamic where it really seems right. They might have like steel cage match and somebody's bedroom, like his sister screaming and Thou son. The door slammed in their got nice take say to get the driver's license tests and then two hours later on power, walking I'm on a phone call and the horn, beeps and there's a car come in. My wife could she's there near my neighborhood my k how to go like I'm excited and I could tell my daughter's been crying for them now. My wife's, I told ask aphid so my daughter failed the drivers Permettez and she failed it because she didn't study for it at all, because her friends or that you don't have to study how anyone compared But then it's like what twenty questions and accept the threerd give yet a score. Of course she had no homework in my way for so matches. I I don't care if she ever gets it, I'm never taken again. You're take her in
time in my dire, unlike what did I walk into and then it's like. How do you know past driver's license s leg can anyone pat mail? I beg it's. Pretty whip referred what what'd silly way, how many of you have to get right at a twenty? I don't I don't know what the percentages so anyway, so now she's going to study for endued again, but it set us back and now she's so does now driver's license permanent, but- I was just I just couldn't believe it when we did it for the younger back in line and take it again or belief, but put I'm like a fake moustache and take it again. I don't I like one, wouldn't we we're getting licence, it was like. Do anything base, give a face and two hands. You feed accidents like down. Now you actually have to like really past.
tat. So anyway, I know their animals and for once I get a four way, stop sign if one stop sign as you and the others, an ambulance, each other's opposed, a male truck and the other is a fire truck. Who has the right away like they do shit like that, but I don't get on with this. My daughter's recent spot as you know, for anyone to hurt her like she's, not a moron, but chief, so we waited a week and I kind of farther away to make a joke about. It was again, you know in a fuck with fifteen o girls, but then I find they stuck one out about how she failed it and it was like the all time shoot the daggers it. It's weird for us making fun of our kids, where it's like at some point there going to be sick, care of us in deciding where they want to pay for a night nurse, adopt these decisions? I never, that way we should be making up the terrible songs about them during a pandemic.
But what is now a man on his data fat or that of vat I'll just taken and smile was so wishes. men are friends, though that's that was that was by take yeah there. It was like. Basically, she was pits Madam president, now that I've ever had coach IRAN, rather than the snaps going over her head and all things fond of rights anywhere. My daughter said: she's an open book. So apparently that makes a fair airport. While ironic nation is open a book and studier driving our poor backwards. You finally got a girl going abroad by car. Max experience. Car shopping, your way. Academics, o before go you weren't met, sat yeah. This nice uncle Steve came through did I like calling him uncle Steve to, and then he likes you signs Francisco Lindor and Carrasco. We didn't have to give up Mcneil terrific he's, making moves yeah, it's just like
Guys want to come the flushing now right, like good players, we didn't have that forever were a good player once the like. They want to come here and now to hear him in a life or whatever. To come the queens and play for the mats, and now what can you sire makes better still employ. He still fly, although, like Joddrels thieves, I really want to honour the luxury tax and doesn't want to go over and every there's one thing you can, I add, a disguise the best thou. I really just collects memorabilia and he's got the number one prize right and is like I'm not losing what this team. Let's do it it's go out and is I got the big news? Is we're bringing the black jerseys back he so good every day, there's something new he's. The east she's gotta bring back eighty six metz every every week in some form ray I write this would cover Mitchell's gonna, be our first. Scopes. They voted for thy Scottsdale, Chemical still life, he went up, I think it is wrong as areas as well
like I said that the grounds keeper one week I like that, I like that I did. As you know, I only judge my baseball opinions cause. All I do is watch the red, Sox and no other team, so only judge my opinions by watch somebody by the Red, Sox Lindore was always eat out that a news flash, but I was tat. He was really good and played with like this exuberance ass twenty seven year, just like jealous of among the other team, the army, that guy seems like he'd, be fun now right to save my people found. Movie, Betsy Ban, which made him look about. Was it you? Gotta have been money you after the right, you'll get lucky if you're the Royal one year old, Tampa Bay or something, but you got you have to spend and by the way of bananas contracts, or we could just been that at the time the fact that a reform were first just system just pay it off. I love Springer, I'd I'd. Think Springer did he's one of those days if you're in a big series of them
just when he comes up you're scared now than anywhere in the water through effort generally and has been a lot of became sailors were congrats, some guy that benefit their sight. This kind of sneaky nears that's right. Besides happening you, they exert a war which has been made, as I have already had like a plan. Now, at least you doubts can take a while, but at least they are traded. they drive, you guys, are tried, or is it like? A Joe judge thing like there's a four eight weeks. Will I got every day that giants really try for that couch? They really try. whatever our is at got away away, though in February I don't think so now unfounded. That's good now expect. Would he have to pull other then yeah actual flags that live Fox but live. I think on the champ, so I needed futures bet, MBA futures back, give me one who wins it and gave you you bet for the title game actual tied over the east or the west. Amid the futures bad should be. Are they gonna
as this is already eight hours you forget it separate. Maybe I'll go college basque moment Zachary, I would go. I probably go in the east to the features back said in the east is wide open. I like the way the selfish or plan before Tatum. Went out with covered box Sudan nets to forty celtic seven one I feel like the Celtics. Always six to one side and one that to win the east yeah you stay with the south. You know, you know, I'm always call like it is with the solar. There. Two guys are really good. Have Tatum Embrowned, that's like one of the best pears and with those guys are both our stars, top twenty top twenty two guys and I still have a trade to make and they ve coach. So don't do they not get embarrassed by the ran they match up. This is so early to talk about this, but the nets are five and six there. We do that
we did the over and respond. I think I was probably wrong on eighty percent. Really never the nets with awe. Speaking of extra poster geographer Joker Friendly pay, if you can do thou in Joker, firmly wait. I that, don't I then it then you know I look out Joker Friendly pay up there. We argue that thirteen, a one year he's like averaging a twenty seven, eleven and twelve right now that that seems really get fired. Him write that down yes, so Fox, but live extra points tomorrow, damage that we get to your cry about the steel there's another on against all odds, Tuesday I'll Amber interviewing Kendrick Perkins, when your favorites big big gambler, to generate Perkins, Kids are for helping half time. It is really good job yeah he's gay. Did they bring him in a cool? I hope damage check. I hope his tears burnt his cheeks
apparently there are powerful message. I hope they leave wealth in Brcko Secretary hometown. That fell the cause, Debbie a good job. I hereby ways.
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