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Bryan Curtis on ESPN's Skipper Era and Ben Thompson on Netflix vs. Disney (Ep. 303)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by The Ringer's editor-at-large, Bryan Curtis, to discuss John Skipper's decision to step down at ESPN and Skipper's lasting legacy at the company. Then, Stratechery's Ben Thompson joins (32:00) to give his thoughts on Disney's most recent acquisition and who's competing in the tech space with Netflix.

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Alright, Brian Curtis is on the line Ben Thompson from this coming up in a little bit when we talked to Brian First winger, editor at large, as well as somebody who wrote about John skipper. Yesterday, my old boss, who decided announced yesterday that he is on stepping down He resigned as I think you been in charge for five years to deal with the substance issue, I would say, was one of the most shocking. Announcements that I read. I couldn't believe it. I was stunned. It took that even one I'll say, thing on Mondays Pike. Ask as I wanted
make share, am I had on the phone and I was kind of shock brown. What was your reaction that it will? You know it It is to your possibility, has been ended in the worst possible way. Yeah, I just stone, I dont know how to say it and then, in the most depressing way, like you said, we hear seen other events of the last thing. The present attacking my mother very think. We ve talked about read about this here than all of a sudden. You know your guy just resigned. On a Monday morning. I just finished I'm still in shock, I'm still trying to figure out what happened and why the timing was when it was because you know he spoke in front of all the on Wednesday in Bristol and and was obviously involved than the Disney Fox Deal, I'm sure because there get now. These are a sense. He was at the The chink of fight on Saturday night, but my guesses,
the way was handled that day in the morning, in the statement that Tiger Cave and then, from everybody's reaction note. It seems by our reports. Nobody needs is coming. I think skipper probably knew this is coming for a future a few weeks at all now, and your mangas to allowing just take a leave of absence had never heard of. Never heard of somebody resigning to deal with the substance issue, and my guess is that needed. Needed to get out of this job and was done with it and could not come, I see a world in which that he could do this job and fear. Healthy and good about the life he was leading. Is there any
they take away than that? Unless there is more to this disturbing I'm just made. The juxtaposition, like you, said that the message, the specific message when he flew everybody up the Bristol last week way. You know don't believe what you read in the press about the affair was still in a great position and in the future is scary. Together we get a specific line where he said there were the features that scary it's gonna be great, and I want to leave this company ah into a great future and five days later, he's gone. Yeah. I you know I have been lucky enough to have some people have a huge impact on my life and he was his deafening one of the top once and he is an incredible boss to me, and he gave me So many awesome chances hideous paean key. You know not just granted. Thirty four thirty biggest blown up
My column and put me in a spin magazine and always being ready to hear my next idea. I had ideas that people never heard because they weren't good enough for him because he's been couldn't make that but he was always pushing and pushing and pushing To innovate- and you know the way things in it. For me, the last year definitely contemptuous. There's no question, I think maybe fifteen years was was to learn to stay, but I was and I think he feels this way too, that I never judge my entire stay, thereby everything up in the last year I was look at the inn the great things were able to do a voice joking about him. Respectfully sensing- and you know- maybe, good with some of the decisions, especially with how they handle. The great thing after I left, but but I just have a ladder, respect for that guy and I really feel for yesterday, because I think that's a really difficult thing tat he now just put yourself
not there like that, knowing that there's also going to be a lot of speculation and specially going to considering the climate where and I think most people- and went to the same place. All he's trying again front something more. What, if he's not? What are features? Was for him to leave so well. Now I'm sure more info will come out of it, thanks for days, but I think he the dramatic dramatic, dramatic top five of anyone who work that he has been impact on their company. I also don't think the less. Up we're see, you know, was certainly not to the same standards that He showed when the fur ten years I was in the company, and I think that there is a lot of mistakes, big and small that were made on watch near the end and there, the common he's trying to rebates and fix some other, some of them? from some of those mistakes. None of them were gigantic when you start adding them up, you ve written about them a bunch of times talked about this park asked a bunch at times it was accompanying that.
Just seem leave. It was a company that was at the same time massively successful, but also trying to figure out what it was and now it's starting to feel like it's for you what it was, but I'm still not sure what do you think yeah and I think what was striking about those mistakes was, they were often the exact opposite mistake in oh, you pull this guy Robber Lee off a football game, and that seems to be asking you know bending over backwards, not to offend anybody on the planet right. We just don't want us in anybody, yet one person may be angry and then what is it? A couple months later, he pulls in the bar still guy, which seems to be, let's see, no risk offending a bunch of people even inside our own company, so that we can get this.
Wada yeah. That's like the internet blows up and if the opposite mistake and yet was eat, you write. It wasn't anything that was like gigantic, but has left a little things like that. Manga timing entered the reactions I become wishes will what's going on what is in our any departure for one of the third and pull the plug and just create a weird bore with those gave. You were also burning issue when he was when he went down, and I trust that in the ongoing ugly, I think you know, as somebody that's been lucky enough to to lead, couple different, pretty cool enterprises, it's it's. Second cliche, but it's true year. You really are as good as the people that you put around you, and you know when he took over in two thousand twelve he had. Chance to really blew up and refrain is pan and in their work
boy that were probably two positions to high, there are people that had been there too long, It wasn't the right group of people around him and the right thing to do would have been a blow it up and really make some moves. I think waited too long That was one of the reasons why the company stumbled and a couple ways over the last few years. I just don't think he had the right group of people random. I think over the last year, so Pudding Connor in charge of content who obviously word to it a long time, It is a really smart guy Bird Magnus raising him elevating, am putting more than suggesting Connally. Who, I think is the successor. I think he would be my my bed if I'd been anybody You start to see it's, it's a! U girl kind of more Eddie for Aware ESPN pain to go as a company group around him and
You think he would have been in a better position to succeed these next couple years and now he's gone, and it's crazy is there is successor and you could argue it was machiavellian by him to always prevent having that one successor could jump in and take his job or always be breathing down his neck, we? It argue they just have the internal candidate, but when you either stories I'm sure you read of them and who does people? Nobody has any info. This just happened. There's no way to actually know who the successors are None of them are ready for the job none of them had been like any that none of them have remotely their credentials or the work history that would suggest that they could take this job over when skipper took that job first while he's the best content I've ever had, he had run a whole bunch of different things and he was ready for their job and he was actually order. The boat murmur. You now They don't have that person this time and that the rub is its
The most dangerous time in the history of the company right, that's right! That's that's the rub, because you need a guy in here who understands content but at the same time felt more important. How do we make money question you know, and you know we ve seen too and the laugh. I thought I knew publisher than your time here. They say when I can have any more laugh to get a number of you heard that announcement from European you know if you come in, they get the way off. Maybe maybe live more people right Bob. You know. Do all these painful things in your shrink, more be no kind of retraining your ambitions even more in certain places, and that is that just a nightmare job do you think he saw the up on Twitter yesterday, for here was it because he was content guy, quoting quote because he was such he was so devoted to the good stuff. There Fairly rare and television executive. I think part of it is these genuine guy and
anybody who had a real dealing with them. Had some sort of moment with them where they felt like a real. My boss is a real person now whether they eventually had deals with down the road that that was one of the things that would be frustrating about. It is if they felt like they like geared for that in some way, then they hurt even more because he was he was such a real person and a genuine guy. I did. That was one thing the other thing, is he genuinely cared about doing good stuff and It wasn't lip service he's. You know thirty. Four thirty is a good example, and I have discussed this before the pod, but that was not something that I just dont- think any other network would have done that. Just as it was conceived. It was conceived by us It's gone this on the internet and who then developed it with disturbed RO guy who's, this mid level duty is PAN founds who had never been in charge of everything and we-
outsourcing. Thirty films to all these people and They were. It was gonna cost fifteen million dollars note nobody would do that nobody would do that idea that he wanted to do it because he thought it was cool and was simply with ground here. Thought. The idea was cool and he liked the thought of you. I'll, get a little more literate on the internet and taken some chances in finding young talent. He was really thou. After that we really quick time. I was really obsessed with, I think, there's a bunch of good young people out there that we can find and put under one umbrella. He wanted that more than anybody so. I think everybody had their moment with him. They, I think you saw laboratories yesterday and that was our genuine too, because levitate somebody that was this local guy in Miami who was What kind of a guy in Miami and then started writing free as being the magazine in the magazine, love them and skipper
His game, friends and skipper became convinced that laboratory star, pushing himself and start doing more and more in and eventually levy targets set up this whole. Thing in Miami that IRAN's pretty cool multimedia. He doesn't read as much anymore he's gotta radio show and he's got this whole croon he's in the Cleveland. Hotel, and that was paper who, for tourists and see like love, retired, but also understood pretty early, that Europeans, couldn't go after white people as an eye. Said they had to have something for everybody and he thought eighteen, o audience was was was just being underserved and I really did think about diversity in and just had a growing is peons audiences. Adam I thought everything he did came from genuine place was that was at your feeling from afar
for sure, and also when you talk about somebody like laboratory volleys, like legacy of really unlikely tv stars, yeah and radio stars and internet stars and in a prince stars who were really big. And if you and I you know Take them out of Vienna had gone to a line up and that which are these people we met on a pick. The same people discover the way tv is right or tv was in yeah. You spin looks pretty amazing that regard and looks really diversion and what you said about the quality thing to you know he didn't have to go down that path ripe. It's amazing to me that what seven months ago we were talking about the big giant wards, foretell vision was Jamie words for John Skipper, neither malaria more by the way. It's amazing one within like this is over. You know you can't do news division, candid about debate. An inscription was saying implicitly explicitly nano we have to. We have to keep alive
can't we can't abandoning purely ethical inside Cuba now, but I just I mean I think- and I think that is not not. You know that how to make a lot of cuts, and they did make a lot of cuts a lot of a really painful, but I think the most they'd be in a lot of ways. I'll say they stood their ground on that question. I think one of the biggest reasons we like each other was I'm talking about His past stance is obviously still alive and I'm sure he'll do more. But I mean when I worked there when the reasons that like each other, was reversed, super competitive and you know probably my feet rid skipper year was two thousand thirteen, when five started doing all this rumbling. Their fox was come in. Here comes facts. You know. Watch out for these guys in, and he just take it personally like our right and in at that point he had a war chest They didn't understand that the subject going backwards.
And you just like. I'm I'm not letting, Foxgate a foothold and it turned into this little mini bidding war almost like how the red, Sox and Yankees are doing he's just keeping people, and he goes after older man and our competitiveness away. I don't even know if it was a good strategy, huge, like fact, these seven that and that give lead in these guys get a foothold fuck them and made a bunch of moves and add. I had a swagger term there in that stretch said that I just really resonated with me, because I wanted to be the best him you know and He did there so when you're talking to people They are you hearing? What do we do? now vibe place earlier, Bastile Battle. I think it's gonna take a few days to digest. Everything is what happens when you hear something like this. Is you don't know how long it's been going on? You start thinking back to every interaction you how to them. I know I did it. So for years. How many years
the pain was it what's goin on, he had to think audits. That it seem nature. You know, but I think I think it was fascinating. Five years ago you look at who took over that company, when, when Boden Amorous, that damn skipper comes in and the regime that he can't had in place, and Pretty much others, people got branches was is. Basically, the head assails he's out Redonda, you and jocose there were like skippers to lieutenants they're, not their job She is conciliatory, he's not there. John Wild Hack was got move to run production. He was terrible, Peace is not there and the only person who survived incredibly Adam Adams of like the kind of the cabinet. Then people that nobody would know, but. Nor be waves and who the joke was.
They couldn't get rid of him now he says more power than ever his charge of other after lineup lapses. The little finger vs Pierre, it's incredible, but ah I just can't fathom the stir. It'll be honest. Few things shock me, but I just can't fathom this that they don't even have a successor in place. Think by that this was a sports team and just didn't, have a coach and GM and and the team was again take ninety days to look at it. If you like tat. Three agency would everywhere this again do whose bacon the pact's like? That's that's what this feels like a little bit. On top of the EU have thousands of people who are working free, his pen, whose lives are being impacted by this everyday? Absolutely I couldn't. I couldn't believe how many, how many people they flew up for that conference last week. I mean you're, like oh wait. Cuz we keep hearing about people are people leaving people leaving, people are being laid off and I can still have so many people.
Voting on them to figure this thing out and acid? you know one another thing about his last couple years that really his whole time little push less couple years with business down to problem of european. Then hey quantify this bit his everybody return. Some goes on people to say you know what our society is. Gonna grow up with. You know, Diana keep a boomerang thought the sports center. I once knew it is. I feel like that, hangs over everything in on it's not fair, fair to the people who were there, but it just building. The one thing I read over and over again the whole thing about the stout and you did a great job fighting that you wrote about the demise of the high like out for the ringer excellent peace. That, coincidentally, we didn't know the skipper who's, gonna privacy, but you already has been this week and Europe and it's like anything else where in your head. It was greater than it actually was. You
so eloquently about the media and there's nobody like you. I hate you. I had to make you uncomfortable crazy, but there's nobody like we re now remain accomplished. Writing about sports media, as is as a bench gossipy this year, for you do like this stuff. No, I mean I don't love, I don't ever that every effort for weeks, John Vanities enemy name, a thing: how do we write about ex person who just resigned fired order laid off yeah or should we should recover their space or the executive game, a throne stuff. You know we asked him. You ve kept caught up in a different category. That is a bit that's a little less interesting to me than the people, the men and women who are doing this in the idea that stuff, goes into their beat. I would say this has been a really get rich again in knowing a lot of the people as we do to get caught up in the stuff.
You have a really good and then, in there just now, they're in some they're looking for the next thing or they're getting paid to do nothing or whatever you know you and I both have dozen plus people. We surprised by the outpouring of affection for skipper history. It sounds like you Earl, a bit You know I knew people really like him in some cases loved him, and I knew I knew was really popular with my said, which is no more right early. Furthermore, in the writer say yes, the magpie, those kind of people begin I still am unable to. I was struck by it. I really was I don't know how many people you know how many especially cuz it's you know. I know he's more than just a tv executive, Connecticut, tv executive, it's just such a piranha business. You know, and the people who love you are the people you you have given jobs to most recently and promoted most recently and everybody else kind of low grade
you re skipper for running a company that large had a lot of people really really loved him, and I like to Melville right I mean we. She just went through an eye in writing and I know for a fact that genuine what she was saying on Twitter, yesterday's she you know, after all, she's mentorship. She escaped she's kind of admiration for him. And they were so good at whatever level you can be good. After all, Arab Yemen, the thing the two things stick a micro, probably from my time there was one that we didn't have phone call before you know egg We decided to link it to the New York Times that they weren't renew my contract when we vote, Who is headed, though age is falling. I add. Given the career I had? I just think we should have announced that together I got over it and
you know, has it as the time passes. You start looking at the good stuff or the bad stuff, I think, his is the human now than before three inch, danger, whatever was fabulous, fiercely had duenna, yet, as you say with, it was a skipper. Thank you know you at someone. You know it is with his blessing with them, There was great, I think, the best thing about work and frame and something that I have tried to. I guess three words adapt, but there find something and I think anybody who works with neighbour list admit this is true: skipper, was down for a good idea and You can actually do you know That was a different story, but he wanted to hear him in here is one people feel egg they could have ideas and they could pitch ideas and no idea. Was crazy. No Frahm, I think that's a really good quality is Abbas, and you know that
the only person. I've ever word for my life that was wired. That way- and I learned a lot from it now and I think, I would argue, there's not a lot of bosses. In general, in the creative circles that just thinking Away and that's where you have to think, because, once you start thinking that way, everybody that works for you starts in a hundred percent thinking. They were, but at least they know like if they have a good idea, there's a chance- and I think I You know I had never known that if I, if I don't work for him, I just wouldn't realized it. So, for me, that's his leg scene. I think fur first the world as a whole, in only oversight, is pan during the craziest decade had right there? is the craziest equity is being tied there at the absence. Top of the mountain and look on a saleable at the entity. As in thirteen and then their business flipped on them and they had to figure out real solutions for in it seems like
they figured out at least some, but I still think it's gonna be iraqi next couple years and now the wrong person takes place, takes charge. It could really snowball badly the other way, but we can also be Eiger seems like he's Dana forever. Eight does the guy who We don't have to apologize to clay travel Agatha running for president. Does it sound? I get to suggest were clear, no apology clinic, we were getting handed on Twitter for welfare, though I wouldn't miss that out loud are even when a bullet damaged. Any. I said you any two thousand eating predictions who I'm fascinated with the six o clock: ports that it was good of. You know, like figure of yesteryear,. Well, I dont nobody's written this detector, the stuff I tweeted at the other day
Oh you did you treated it. It's our guy did whatever Mr Scott. What happened? I M ready. It would be like if they went in and just completely strip the great landscape studio, we're just doing an electrical closet unbelievable, the there was such a big part of the identity of the show, as they were so proud of that studio in the pictures they picked and they just took off. So I would say they just want those due to leave me look like a third tenable right. Yeah. That's a pretty big. I feel well especially now nor be if there if there is no nobody there a real boss in place for the temporary boss, nor gonna. You know
that whole site, who's gonna stop, they decided should never had somebody a producer. There was on that show who? Could you don't take, what they do well and translated into something that would make the network happy? You now they can have a person like a Billina, and maybe it was this is gonna. Go back to a generic six o clock highlight show at this point in time, and you know that at the nice game of thought that we were doing These are the egg twelve months ago. I don't know, do you think he's gonna turn? Do you think he's gonna turn Orient Santa against each against each other that Michael, legible, nine. That was my second letter thing. Little figure Jochen column yeah. I guess I just have to try to put all the characters together. Well,
If it was the game of Thrones part, then he would that's is what he would be trying to do and they would figure it out and then get him back. If we know what happened with the little finger near the whole thing, taking mad at each other for a couple of days and make it work their parts. Crazy, I do think are They need to figure out how to bring in talent in people back in moved Anita. It's different tween or we have tower and actually having people who move the needle, and whoever the next bosses has to find tat, skipper found town, that's what he did and your point about, like no it'll give me ideas right. Yeah we already that the Gulf, where the market for ideas right now, we need to figure this out and give people who were under employed or ambitious and want the next day you your first in line. You tell me what what we should do with us. Jim was skipper that than I do
He played a huge role in soccer Qana taken off in this country, to whatever degree it took off, as is as previous work sport. It was Big passion has from the moment here. He had any sort to say, and I two thousand nine. I went to Mexico and now. To watch the? U S, Mexico gaming in NAM, defined mistaken there asked hacker and we went for three days and even your city in some hotel compound that you weren't allowed to leave, because the security guards- and just drink in these weird tomato juice by whatever those weird mexican like bloody Mary type drinks, where now, whatever the House things bunch a sack people and paper was really adamant that soccer in the next decade was gonna, take off and the world CUPS is for, I think, with with now that we work and have the World CUP, but which is really passionate about it. We went to Azteca.
America last it was the key this crowd of ever seen and As we're leaving, they were throwing stuff at us in the car and skipper got man. I thought he was gonna, go like after the people tat referring the stuff I set aside as this is the boss. I work by bus is ready to fight for his crew, but it is the great ship in. Is this really love sports? You now and I think, whoever get said job ass, to be wired. That way- and that was the reason march- appeared- didn't work when he was the envious man. He didn't. He wasn't crazy about sports, like that he now borne Admiral of sports and skipper, love, sports and hope for the next person. Here too, we cover everything. I think we did what you next piece, I get more urine stuff, ok, get particularly interested in the sports riders.
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well. Why reed? I'm I'm dreading my next experienced watching Jason Kid murder, the box, but in a couple minutes brother that ending yeah. We so you have you ever Ben Thompson, twitter feed and then there's another twitter feed cod. No Tech ban Regis complain about Jason, Kate every night. It's like your data from people. It's it's. It's really really annoying it, which is why created as effort account. I've had mercy on those volume me. I want to be able to complain without without yeah. I wish her alibi would do that with Bitcoin. I wish she could create a separate her alibi, Bitcoin faded, just leave the her above. The premier league have gone out with Disney this month, and this is even before a boy in Chad skipper yesterday you ve been writing about this Disney and Fox murder. For a while. You had the same reaction. I had I had a reaction and then, when I usually I reviewed in, if you confirm my reaction. I feel really proud of myself. I thought this was incredible deal for Disney. Now
I'm saying that when it Still what is sixty billion over? Who would have the other fellow members. I have no, on taxes. That is, I know, in the NBA, if you paid five hundred million dollars for Leubronn. I would be able to put that in some sort of contacts with this. I can't, but. Basically, what they're trying to do here is create their own Netflix competitor and to have that Fox Library added to the Disney Library that's a now a realistic thing. What was the big take away for you and you looked at that deal with? Oh, this is smart. I love this is it was exactly that I mean the what Netflix came one. You did your bill originally when viewed it as just another and other outlet other channel where they could sell their staffing their spending. All this money is greatest content of insult one workplace are they we talked about. It was on a punk guest earlier this year,
Yes, making thirty four thirty and SALT Netflix, we feel great about it. You don't realize that Netflix is getting this sort of ever dream. Content is the nature of content, for Netflix is very different. There are not just interested in sore the first run their interest in building a library so that when you go there you'll stay there and and its attractive to all kinds of people who are interested in all kinds of stuff, and the problem is that Disney was based Disney and all the other. You know, studios were basically arming a competitor to their best friend, which was the cable companies. Yes, the cable companies, basely habits or monopoly on in home, entertainment and then Disney come on, say well. If you want people to to sign up, you have to have sports. For example, you have to have the Disney Channel and we can charge really high price for that and Netflix is there are saying? Well, you don't have to get cable, you could just watch us instead and that started playing out at an Disney was really stuck with the sort of incredibly profitable really
tract of your model, which, by the way, Disney made a great deal and remember twenty years ago, they bought capital cities and ABC, which included a scant the time. So they were art like they bought into this game. I had of everyone else, the first time, yes, is almost them catching up where, instead of having that cable company in the middle and your kind of like just using them to get money from customers and taking all the money, they have to go directly to customers that to get people to sign up for their service directly, and that means having more content, means having exclusive content and the best way to lots of your own exclusive content is to own it all and here s how you're hurting of a competitor which is nice, but I this way where they were five years ago. We ve talked about this. In this part, I've talked about this. Another prides eight He has been doing so. Well, you you you base you're trying to protect the lead you have instead of figure out. These different ways to grow the lead, the latter couple years, some of the different you know that
backs. They ve had and the way some of their competitors resigning competitors eddying realise arrogant, have made them kind of rethink their strategy on everything, and this was always the best idea. I never understood this when I was there. Why why they didn't have their own version of whatever that they could put thirty, four thirty and whatever else they wanted, it was always it send members for here's the ninety thousand. Ten is pink class it, Canada, the playground that we always look, that we would send memos for here's. What could this be a sports movie channel? What is this this chain? that Dave? It seems I figure. Create out this library that things going to create not only is that an Netflix competitor it, it might actually be Netflix the
the library combined with the Fox library aid. This is more than a competitor. I would put them five years from now is kind of the favourite. What do you think? I think that its aim is indeed to horse race like it if this goes through and if its approved- and I was used to be a lot of sword, antitrust questions about this. But one of the most of all arguments why should be allowed is Netflix is, is in such a dominant position right now, because you know it's hard wood. Looking back for five years like when does need some other stuff Netflix and twenty twelve, you could see the outlines of how networks or take over everything, but it wasn't really apparent, then button but everything's or played out as as you might have expected it and If you play that Ford in another five years by ten years, Netflix is this sort of monster that just buying everything? No one can resist it even more than they are today in the tiny sort of that case and Ali. Would it
I waited second, though, the seventy thousand twelve, the Netflix know this was gonna happen or resist. Dumb luck know this has been networks is planet means that what that what they ve done from the beginning, is they ve taken this the sort of sideways approach to content where given that they served a problem that no one was sorry, which was people want to watch movies. Nowhere, but wait fees in they were movie hounds and they even dvds right, and they could do that, because Dvds, fair use there was the second use doctrine you can charge for them a second time, and so they built up a customer base and they levers that customer base introduce into the first streaming dealing with stars- and I think I was last time but the idealist, where's was Netflix. It was so different because, instead of only having one of the movies available, whatever stars was showing on tv, yeah Afflux had all of them available immediately and that, with such a sort of like my fuck, you, I think, about content and what matters as far as that goes, and they got more more customers, and then they are buying
we're caught it and pay more for content, be like oh nephews until they content will never just put the cheque book and these hollow? guys that are so used to we'll sell the end. One who will buy stuff they they gave its networks netflix and meanwhile start investing in their original content and original content serve two purposes one. It was a differentiated stuff that you wanted to get to a reason to sign up for nothing. And then to as Racine now it built up a base so that when these guys finally woke up and started pouring their stuff from Netflix it matter nearly as much as it would have matter five or six years ago, and what Netflix has is huge costs, based their over a hundred million undermine subscribers now ended there all the world, so they can. Leverage is stuff all over the place in Egypt and they bore the cheque book. They buy more stuff, which makes their product more attractive, makes them more customers, mixer checks, bigger and they're all doing this by against the future like they are taken on a ton of debt to to finance these shows, but it is playing out because
be made up with the customers are requiring, and it's this virtuous cycle that's going on. If it keeps going on as it is in ten years, is there going to be just dominant over? Everyone is going to be the bundle for everything except for, except for sports and now they're really is it just goes deal goes through a viable counterpoint to that. So I think the future is not. The Netflix is doom by any means, but rather that, if this goes through to be Netflix and Disney Sports we're gonna, be on the side of a separate thing, was even six Disney unit and may be possibly a third. Not now everybody who left out of networks are, they saw Disney, Slash facts app, has too few yeah how to create their own app, which our desire to be a disaster, but my guess is that other people and now joined forces and try to come up with
I don't think so. I don't tell the others would be possible. I mean it's, you asked widen Disney. Do this before and reason do before is because one it's really hard it just to do it in general, and it is this. The best Brandon also stuff, so they have some tools in place, but its heart from attacking perspective, which is about why they bought by media that the aid will be swimming service, read but then also or the technology behind I should say, but also the other issue is a cost. You a lot of money waken to pull your content from Netflix costs, money to compete with cable, which Disney is setting themselves up to do. Is to hurt themselves like they make so much money still today from the cable bundle to put out a service where you have a reason to not sign up for cable decipher Disney, you are basically hurting yourself, and that is a really really hard thing to do and Disney to their immense credit is well down the road to where they're going to do that and that will put them in better place for ten years from now, but it might put them worse place for a year to from now on, all these other guys that all the other studios,
motor universe or whatever might be there, probably going to end just selling to networks inside Disney it and it's not gonna, be as good as a business was today, but there still make money, just gonna be much less money they would have, they would have. Otherwise, I guess Tsar just drop in Japan. I found myself very the third who it is. Probably it probably would be universal and I could see accuracy who ending up with Comcast after this all sort of shakes out. If there is a third one, that's who will be, but I suspect it will be the big to an end So you see you interrupted yourself and you stepped on what I been quaint was gonna, be, I think, third ones can be Hulu, and if you look at who owns a right now, there's the UN's thirty percent five. Sounds thirty percent now That was that in this deal, I don't get it. It's easy Disney wound, sixty percent if it goes through Comcast owns thirty percent, three embassy Universal, and
time Warner owns ten percent Would it now they could basically just cock black everybody s on Hulu, if they, if they basically have the majority with those two things or they could solve the sixty percent of them and you some of that money to to make the Disney Fox first, competitor, better and base, DARE Embassy in universal thing is I dont, think matters if we have two three four or five of these, because people are gonna pay. People are definitely pay for deceived, slash facts in their defiling to pay for Netflix, and if there is a third no pay for that too? So I
Something happens with Hulu. Hulu doesn't just stay this way, something happens. There is probably a me not to get too into too much into the nitty gritty, but that might be how they solve the sword of Damocles Trust. Questions around this deal where that might end up being the deal they make with the with the: U S: government, where we will spin off Hulu again. Comcast is the most obvious buyer of that to sort of like make still go through, and I don't think that will be. Our does you'll feel that bad about it, because there are clear they want to build their own service. One and two having two different services that are both about entertainment generally really does sounds like you, what you there are still valid. I come from a bundle because different people want different things. You can charge all of them the same price and it's ok Bulwarks day in what's gonna happen. You just got to mess with old people. I this to buy this. The whitest people going to end up paying about the same amount. They pay for cable tv through it today like it's just going to be organized totally differently and that's not
surprise. I bet I've been. Writing, that's going to happen the longer the amount people pay for entertainment is gonna. Stay about this. If you shake out to people seems to be organised totally differently right and that now we'd imagine Amazon, Prime. Yet there there there. I'm sure matter in this wondering where they fit in with this whole thing and they have more money than God, who knows with them. They may make a move same thing with apple. I mean my favorite away, rumours right now in New Hampshire true, but it's just a fun one is that Disney's gonna finish this fox thing and then sell everything apple for like two hundred and fifty billion so whatever the price would be. I filling up on Amazon or have to be heard from as this shakes out. What do you think there
it is always been for I've. Always I've always listed Amazon as Netflix biggest threat, because Amazon's perspective and approached the market is, is so different cause there. There are naturally interested in making money directly on video there and should in acquiring customers for years, and so they take a very long term view on the matter. Which gives them a lot worse with the same thing, Netflix did together guys. They just had a longer view the market, which meant they would pay different prices for different stuff in a way that the traditional guys can really understand or compete with an Amazon has the potential to indian and ethics over this past year, though you ve seen that's also sort of a constraint on Amazon, where they ve kind of scaled back. A little bit insider really question like: is this the absolute best application of our capital and I think the road trying to go for this like we want one or two huge hits that people have to sign up and authority was of a holistic way,
and be the home of entertainment in the long run, which pry makes sense, and this is the same sort of thing with apple at the other day, apples, not in entertainment company. That's not what they do. They that you know they make personal computers like whether those be actual can be ready before your pocket or whatever the future might hold, and I have a hard time believing that, just because they have a lot of money and apple has more money than anyone that I don't think, that's necessarily sufficient, but you need a mindset and focus in approach to actually succeed at the stuff, and I am sceptical of of apple in particular, really adopting this sort of approach. That will that that will have the one when I think Disney heralding adding Disney is in it is in it to win it yeah. I think there is a great place to do so, and I would expect it to take out the Disney and Netflix are the two that really matter Amazon will probably hang around. They have a service. I dont think I think they're in it, though down the player. I gotta say simply with apple unemployed, bye
Disney, really set themselves back their couple years in a variety of ways, and over the last year they have addressed every long range big picture. She they had right. The one of them was are. Next, I was nearly good enough and now they they did the big thing with ease. And in Bam and all that stuff now Had the Netflix competitor, which allows them based the all the different flexibility gone for a the world's guy and then the third thing is the his piano tt up that. Nobody really understand what you're getting a campaign in the neck flicks with the cable deals other stuff. Now they have, these fox are ascends and I'm sure those are gonna go and that up in some way half of some of the other stuff they have in their library of things, and you know they have. Ninety thirty There is this point all these other things that taken
can a chauvinists odp at that. I'm still not positive. I want, but at least it's a little more interesting where you stand on that. Yet I think that sport is fundamentally different because sports are so expensive for one I mean sports make up between my forty. Fifty percent of what you pay your cable bill today as it is, and if anything that I think the proportions organ go up, if you are not interested in sports there's, the reason to describe the cable is is diminishing like super rapidly, but on the flip side of you,
art and sports. The reasons ascribe to cable remain just as strong as they ve ever been. Yet. Actually, I've always thought that yes begin. Yes, they spent all that money and rights of yours go, but those exact right thing to do, because the way you win going for the way you keep people keep customers is having differentiate content in the daylight, yes P and has the most and best differentiate content. As far as our sports goes- and so I think they're in better shape than people give him credit for, but it is. I think this app is more about its more optionally like. If they do need to abandon cable, then this will be ranks with I'll. Have everything built in place and ready to go by the it's more like, that there is more attitude. I think the cable isn't in that time. Thing is huge there, so many sports, all the world like there there's like cricket in India, our there's like English Premier League Soccer and that's been a huge success for embassy, but buying up those rights, and I think
I wrote that a few years ago there's a big miss for ESPN not to get those because that's a sort of sport. You build a swimming service on people who care about that really care and will pay a lot of money to get it and I think you'll, just they can build up the other, the regional powers. It is going to have been three as before, talked what is behind Ojo, but that's actually viable, there's so much yeah out there in the way they earn at work. Is you don't win vice serving like the general public? You, sir, by finding these nieces that people is obsessed about this? I let them put tariff one of my business. You find a nice that people really really care about and any charge them lot of money and its viable, because you're actually serving the entire world. You not just serving a small geographic arrow or even just to just a country, and so I think I do different than the Disney idiotic Disney is all in on. This. Does the app in being a Netflix style competitor and that their future that they will hold onto the cable revenues on they can but their future? Is this ep? Whereas I think sports is the opposite? I think cable remains
future as long as they can hold on and if the right thing to do well and as you said this ask them to to basically put their feet in both both pools. They they can build the shoe that's the escape yacht. If, if cable just come lately falls apart and they need to have their own app. So they have that but ideally, you would have both in you'd have to streams, revenue and then really if the third stream revenue was worst case scenario they could have been the end up in this Disney Fox Netflix competitor, app like way down the road, maybe they're part of this. Maybe it's a much bigger, think They have so many more options then five years ago- and you know as I said before, I was there five years ago- and I know they weren't thinking about this stuff. They just I remember There were. I won boss who, when the NBA deal is coming up, which I think was two thousand thirteen range really, why to get Lee Pass as part of the deal just we
take it we own it in it becomes hours and in rhetoric like that would have been unbelievable. Now the NBA was smart enough and spare the sky bill. Coney, goose, Bryant, who knew that leap Ass was like the future for them, and there is no way they were. They were maybe was always gonna control that, but we need them. About the last five years, where they were five years ago, where it's like, oh they're, going to pass ten million dollars for Oliver thirty for 30's and all of our Disney movie braid hair. Take it take it flax, their networks build the whole business of it. I think I think they're, seeing things pretty clearly now, and I think you know I don't really know what the tipping point would be for me to pay for an he s, piano, Tt App, but It certainly is a little more interesting than it was six weeks ago right, it's a year There is no way I was operating for rape and you'll, definitely paper. That is the operator, that's the guy thousand million per cent, and this is the thing
I've always been an optimist about Disney, like a back in twenty fifteen when they had that earnings call where I can finally admitted that you know, yeah ESPN is slipping little more than we thought and there's their stock tanked. I wrote an article saying that I actually I'm still optimistic about Disney the long run, because, at the end of the day, like great content, still matters like gif And yes, the Disney didn't really figure this out, and I would argue, as recently as nine to twelve months ago, it still was unclear that, really figured it. I don't think they did. I think they were figuring out this year. Yeah yeah, it's been the last six months has been incredible. Like us, he's been incredible, see how rapidly they have completely shifted the way to think about this stuff, but what they ve always had, the rack pocket is they ve had great content and in Ireland, but picks anywhere about works very well about marble and indeed the inherent assets that does he had and it was. They just had to figure out how to leverage that in the end they think they now have that they now I figure that out and that's a much better,
to be than folks that are have middling content and also haven't figured out their business model. There they're the ones that are really in trouble end, but Disney's always had at Trump card and crap with you, but the ruined through inward. This is always had that in Europe in their pockets. Now there for Yahoo, you that's why it, but the most bombed out people read our that eighty tee in Time Warner merger people, because They had their own thing going on and now that's been postponed yet again in the both companies. A bench is paralyzed into. Does seventeen with potential, what they could be together, verses kind of treading, along until they have more information on where that's going and you know we were talking about competitors and where that could who will be the third one? There's an aid entire time Warner something that I think could be love to especially with if, if they can get the phones involved in Directv digit. They just have a.
Assets in an unfortunate. They can't unveiled the assets like this MBA team that signed a bunch of free agents and I've already got hurt. He the whole with it We don't know what it is witty. Where do you see the future that happening? I mean it say it's a much less compelling deal for for lots of reasons in part, because the only way it really makes sense is if they sort of act illegally, which is why you know like there is actually a very valid justification for their part, adjusted suing due to walk the deal. I media is a politically motivated. We don't know by their. There is aid, a justification which is they could you jack up the prices on their content and
If, if cable company say ok we're in a black you out, then people away, I'm who get satellite will who owns the satellites? Will eighteen t other satellites is there's gonna, be you know it is definitely in its every approximate to be concerned about, but beyond that it is really hard to see like it. If this future world is less about owning the pipes and more about owning sort of attention where people come to you, because you have great stuff and they want to get more stuff in they'll, just like spend more time with you sure HBO is great at getting people up front and NEO Teenty as the NBA stuff like that. But these sort of, like long term value, is, I think, much less compelling. Then the Disney Fox this. If I stay up, which makes
not my makes much more sense, both India, both in the short and medium term, but also particularly critical in the long run and eighty is another. Suddenly, I might take the like the values dividend thing that that that they worry about covering in a time when will help without there's lots of boring business reasons why they keep acquiring these these companies of good casual. But but it's much less compelling, I think, was interesting in the long run in enacting the steel shows. Why, like theirs, is so obvious what this deal is driving towards in a way that the can t time when one is kind of still hard to figure out. What's the point is there in our neighbourhood and the end of two thousand seventeen here is there? A loser is there's somebody that just took a major step back this year at of all out about these big companies that we discuss every time you come on, there's somebody that you are like wow. That was not agree to that seventeen for them, you mean other than ever.
Well yeah. I was tat. I was out of our contact. The energy recovery is over and that abject, I think, where they know you that you now are the ones that obviously took major setback. Everyone, that's not in that. We didn't talk about Disney, Fox and Disney. Foxen Netflix are great and everyone else is in some. If we were shaped now. Because, for the reason we just sat like there's, always so many companies, I think I'm gonna be successful in going direct, it's been the trend for a long time that the so like, via comes of the world, have traditionally had much higher, add loads and a lower cost of content like they ve always that raised by the wall for that sort of model for a long time and like the world's biggest,
thing to subscriptions away from advertising for years and the other is my Disney's, been in good shape like wise, Disney's, cable network, so profitable. It's not because of advertising space of carriage fees, like carriage fees, are basically subscription fees that they are not directly from subscribers, but from cable companies, but why they pay them because they have content that they have to have. So this. This focus on differentiation that consumers demand to have all the entertainment companies that have doubled down on that type of content on so much better shape and the ones that have been much more sort of broad base load. Long, low production costs tons of advertising modernization. All those companies are in significantly worse shape. Then then, the the different aid ones and that's dead buy a large, and I think Fox, has also been really strong. You'll get some stuff that you can effects like like Atlanta and the Americans and stuff like that, all that stuff right into the differentiation wheelhouse that that Disney
building here and this other sort of more blossom. Stop that allow these other zoos are doing. Is it just gonna, be its can be Facebook feller I was going to ask you and then there's Facebook with did woo hesitate to mention them because they might have changed their content playing yet again for one more time for two thousand and your thoughts on face the last eighteen months I've been having failed them face. What's been the dominant story of twenty seventeen, I think by far and in part, because they people are appreciating more more the role they play in twenty. Sixteen and mortician knows a lot of that. Appreciation has been misplaced. I dont think fit like trumped and win because of russian ads on Facebook. Like that, to this day, that aid very silly way to view. What happened I agree is interesting, though, is what Facebook did do is Facebook destroyed me? like they destroyed traditional media. In the U S and the
in that matters is media and political parties were to pieces were to do they their erected. They were tied together. The real output of parties mattered. The reason why you needed them too, for canvas get get out there to become famous two: it fun razors. All that sort of stuff was because the media controlled the chop point on awareness and people knowing who cannot work, what they stood for, and so those two things were together. What happened was the collapse of the media as a gatekeeper, actually also meant the collapse of political parties as gatekeepers, which led to this new world where someone my trumpet come along and already had his celebrity sort of built in an immediate. We get a sort of boy pulpit and I was like oh why are the cable companies or by the news companies showing from speeches there, enabling him no their response, they have no choice but to show him because that's what people want and the with the areas really unlock this new world. Where you succeed,
by giving people what they want in a much more, that's always been the case broadly, but is much more direct. Now, there's no sir, like choking off the distribution channels where you can, how to set up there. Like an editor like sing at the New York Times, you get decide the new cycle for everyone. That's that world is gone and Facebook is a big neighborhood that- and I think you know, maybe the Russia thing is sort of a side note to that. But it gets that something fundamental
companies like really changing the way change the way the world works at meet me while Facebook, you know, I don't know this was intentional. There also busy fear out to make money in their working at Google like that they are excessive. Google, always Google has Youtube, which is the default place to upload all kinds of video. It's getting tons of advertising revenue by good Youtube is the real killer of why this filler video that that just goes there now and Facebook wants a piece of that, because video is everyone works that tv advertising makes its. This is at the party and the Rainbow like whenever that shifts to our mind, like we're gonna make so much money in there just scrambling trying to build a product such that when that money shift it as an operator you too, but they can get their their fair share of it. So I mean they're doing amazing, exert their dominant like that.
Are they reduced the number of ads or artists, and rather they stopped increasing number of adds? Yet it is our jacking prices instead, so their profits are sitting up. That's like a sir sign that they have market power, so there in turn it down a position, but you know they are that they are both scrambling, because that's what companies do and also really under threat- and I think. You'll do, the press cycle speaks for itself. I and I have also enjoyed they, keep your toes as they change their content plan. Everything about twitter who about you and our bullish on? for while I feel I go, let's take our victory lap. The stocks have to like twenty five bucks and people are starting to think Twitter knows what they're doing I run away. I thought we were. I thought we ripped of pretty thoroughly I've leave. We can put speaking of the box that we compare them to the to the milky boxing In a negative way, he buys there's that we talked about how I think we talked
type, the matter with you. I know I talked about on this package about how was really impressed with our dealings with them. Just in general that they really seem like they were starting to get their shit together, and I feel, like the last I don't know, six seven months. You can feel it and see it and they still have a lot of issues with the trolling and stuff like that, but from a car, and modernization standpoint. They made huge strides into that seventy Emmy. What what's so obvious about twitter- and this has always been be the core of the Balkans for Twitter? Is it so vital? I mean yeah like its there's, nothing that take the place of twitter and end. This tries Facebook up the walk right even more than Google. The fact that Twitter is out there it's just kind of a massive accompany ended the user base. Isn't that large, relatively speaking, but its importance to like the word
generally and the way it you it's it's it's like the it's a network of news, it's the network of everything that is happening in the world and is like irreplaceable in that regard and eat owed to the extent they can figure out how to actually build a business on top of that. You know is always or the open question, but that parts not going away- and that gives them need a lot more runway than they probably deserve yeah it's a one of a kindness that language that chat here comes along and just take snapshots best to ideas and adds up to what they are. They had at all said, snapshots reeling and completely changing within their doing you can't you twitter there's no way to steal the law what the last ten years that twitter put together You can't come in and take the two best pieces of it son happening so there's only various Do yeah you're right? It's it's a no part of the day it as its flaws, like everything, but it always had upside, and there was a the potential which is the same thing with
what about Disney sake still have really good assets. They still have a track record of going out and buying really big whatever's and then adding to their whatever making a bigger whatever and they ve done it over and over again, and you, I would say well snapshot to avoid snapshots. I think still has some aspect that is as such is not just about stories I mean. I know a lot of old phobias came in and said all the stories aspect is so obviously compelling, but the way that most kids actually used Snapchat is the chat like they actually jests and all kinds of things up to each other constantly at all hours of the day, and that bit is still is something that Facebook can still can't touch. Displacement has always had a sort of public performance aspect to it in Instagram very much, still in that you know. Yet. I think you have talked about your daughter, parent corner by the way is by all time, favorite. Thank you as a lighted, the episode with all parent.
One. I was it ever thought of this debate that so I will admit what will you do the Monday morning things because now I password I was apparent when first, that's the yeah, I'm with the UN. The stab jack is It still has its little secrecy thing and it still is basically an awesome camera and you can add special effects as the void debt. But do feel like Instagram the secret. That's going on with Instagram, and I see with my daughter where these kids I have three spam accounts: thou on top of their account in their parents. Think they'll have one account, but they really have for, and they don't know about the other three and you know the dams and then there's ways you can sneak around and instagram them. Make me nervous, but it's not like snapchat snapchat is like one who would have those giant castles in England that you go in azure know what the rooms and how deep it is. You don't even know where you're going
the programme is the back end is all tied to Facebook. So if you're in advertising, and even considering Snapchat like yeah, maybe snatch, it has more engagement with like these teenagers went to reach, but Instagram so much easier were already by as on Facebook and with it so easy. Just plugging the instagram like that combination is just it's from a minor modifications and point. It's really hard compete with an that's snapshots, biggest problem. I decided to go public without actually having a business which turns out? Wasn't that wasn't the best idea, but So there are having our time, but that's if they can't. You know, I'm not throw in the towel completely Although certainly it's it's looking very twitter, ask two sailors HU as a barrier and two thousand eighteen, goober or air being be. Ah I mean urban, be everybody is, is it kind of funny because Goober has gone? All the bad press- and deservedly so I mean I'm not excusing eight- has gone there in all this or shake up they ve done. But if you back up and look at it from a societal stand,
I think members so much better than Araby Yeah urban bees, basically turning what should be neighborhoods into like tourist areas and who wants that like Yahoo, and no one wants like people rolling the suitcases in their every other day to the apartment cross, the road or or the house next door, whereas goober you reduces drunk driving increases. The ability to go out with people makes it so much easier to enjoy parts of cities that you might have never even gone to or had access to and but by other. So I think the big question for Airbus B is at what point does that aspects or of come home and starting to like you, can see there actually having problems getting amatory more and more in these cities are shining,
crackdown on unerring being be listings yet, and so I think, they'll, probably ever- barriers goobers in goobers in pretty bad shape. Right now I mean that there are still very strong their brand, so very strongly user base, a still larger. But you know here in the: U S: lift has had a huge twenty. Sixteen picking up our sorry toy seventeen picking up a numerous mistakes and worse lift, is now like an official partner with Google, both that their party with way more self driving stuff, but also Google just invested like a billion dollars in them, and that's really bad because in the long term, future of this right areas, office of driving cars. And if you believe that Google is the further ahead than where is that most likely to come to market its concomitant with weft, which which may not happen for a long time. But what it means is lift will be able to earn money basically, as ones they want, or as I will be able to raise money from vessels lawns, they were ass. The best way to is the best way.
Which means uber. They should have been able to spend, listen to the ground, and now that's not going to happen and that's and that's leaving aside the rest of the world where there are kind of getting there and how to do them as well. So I would pick airbnb, but I'm not sure it's going to be totally smooth sailing What are you doing either? I dont even realize air being bay, was having this kind of impact of Victor Luck or send wrote a great peace for the ring. About ethical, his Nashville and how its basically transformed pardoned. She fell just turn into this. Never ending story, stemmons people move their cause, they like the neighbourhood and there was peace fawn. All said, and now every week it's a different party going on or whatever and I'll be to see how plays out. I don't really know if you can legislate somebody, letting other people live in their house at the EU do with condos an apartment buildings, but I don't think. The EU can do it. Houses so we'll see what out I'm either the driver to scale sell it it'll be.
The commission is logged out yet again that I the internet with a message general ready, this pact, I'm gonna, give you sixty seconds to comply. Emerges and kit. Jason kid is the worst cousin NBA and he gets so much credit beat, but really the improvement in the box is yon us and- and I want to focus on this point- people give Jason get credit reactors didn't get, has hurt yon us like the oddest perfectly. His shooting gas was of free and easy shooter his first year than he was barred from true frequenters and just said, no more shooting and basically he's come hesitant and when these hesitant either you can't shoot. Well, you idiot the Arusha clock we just puts it up. His is actual motion. Is so much better And you look at the box generally every game, they have a different rotation, they change it constantly. There's no fanatic exiles, there's no plan here, it's totally
oh shit against the wall and see what sticks are not just a game by game basis, but literally a quarter by quarter basis, and if you have no consistency. And no plan and no idea where you're going you're just gonna. We all your left with his talent is opened the box when they win because yeah this is great but when they lose, they lose because good coaches just pick them part, like you won't believe I mean goddesses having as a pr over like thirty and a guy, but all the box at all the bucks. A best bus following bucks, twitter charted out all the players that have finished the season above thirty one or through to pr what every offices so many all copier there were all either in the conference finals or in the NBA finals and the butter at five hundred, and you have to wait what's what's the whole here in its kid in itself, frustrating is about box national media, this kind of drops in the box and eight or not
watch them and gained by game basis, but I could go on for our like he started. Ears is one example down religions who has been both on the way because he's not good. He looks good z like guys, are forty feet away, but the dad and actually terrible news on the court. He he played A way to turn against the pelicans we haven't on injuries, I get it's hard, but the bucks best line up with the injuries which we would be what's all brockden Middleton Yonder Hence in Gaza are usually these novel cells out. They played three minutes in the Balkans. The last three months ago didn't play together the rest of the game. We that Gary paying the Duke gadget ordinary wagons, whose even worse on the four and it's it's not just four and five, it's lousianner should be doubled. Basically, the moment he crosses the have court So our items Annabel ornament- I give it a bold wiggans- was perfectly bad.
In two minutes he had a minus eleven. Why might have a lot of work to forcibly hidden by the refugee makes that Jason get? Is it's all responsive, Sophie's, bad and couple minutes he will get over us? The game is no plan, so, what's the rear and against the Rockets. Gender illigant starts allow head, so He's MIDAS twelve in like in like fifteen minutes in the game and the buxom by seven in these wine up decisions. It's all like o J James harms really It's what's our journey Williams. There's no plan, it's all reactionary, it's almost like extensive hockey, It saves, like ice hockey coach, think the whole deepens the emerald green. All the books really long and rangy. If they do this high pressure over defence, like never the buttons the theory, but the reality for years has not worked, and the box finally switch to more conservative dropped back in the Pickerell defence, a matter in which they can lied about said they didn't
but he told her you toss out, I reported that they had changed it. Is this it's bizarre. The whole thing with this is that this is not yourself. This is the deep steeped. I've said sixty seconds you will like three hundred. I can't stop heads up, but what they fight We changed and guess what the bucks turnovers actually went way up, that that they did why, if you actually is running around three heads with chicken to their heads cut off there in a better position to use that late there. Let us use them to make great defensive plays, and in this whole, like the theory, It's all like? Oh, I can imagine how this might work. It's how we coaches in urban, buys into it and in the in the media, but the actual results in process are totally lack, This sounds like me when I was flipping out about how bad Doc rivers was in o five or six and seven, and nobody believe me, and then Kevin Guard at RE, Alan and seventeen rope wares and we won sixty seven games. If your black sea doktor was good coach, they know is that he's got an unbelievable team. He's done
good codes, and I think we got better arouse yadda, yadda yadda has improved and credit yes would have improved. The matter who is coach was the guy's unbelievably driven. It is one of the reasons why you know, of course, bottom your butt they were so in on him super early. In the day I was selling trinkets on the street. Like ten years and years ago, I'm may thy unbelievable drive and he's going to make himself the greatest player that he can be. I have no doubt like. I believe I've got us as a potential to be in the go conversation in the long run, nothing he's going to be, but he has the physical tools and he has the dry. This is so frustrating. This is everything I wanted that you had taken up to eleven agitated you dead there how yeah? This is the goat? The bizarre, if he's got, no, I'm ok I'll make real I'm with you, I love it. You ve traveled. The sixty seconds. I actually was thinking about this. I want to have a clear, coherent case, but why do you think it is a bad coach that could finally drop in the B S report, and I was six
it's like on frazzled distorts view extent model. Recently you fired up threes, I will say, was easier to play you guys without Gregg Winner who, the killer and just at low post guy. If, if we had to go. But if I, if I ran the bucks, I would put you on ice at center. I don't know if I would do it this year, because I will Wanna put the miles item. Could she s arm and the title anyway, but long term him at centre with the right team. Random is just terrifying. Z can protect the rim. You wouldn't lose anything always incredible: rubber, yeah any he's he's not a decent, maybe you'll miss like he's, not a great wing defender like he's around one and one that is better, but this is actually not that that's its biggest weakness, but as a week side defender and help the vendor, It is unbelievable that the best and with it Who could plug for your newsletter ostrich factory strategy that together is just search for urban Thompsons. These results? We are discussing last time about how you spent months
thinking about the ringer name yeah. I probably should have the same thing, but I've been Thompson, and I write one for article weeks. We can get that already. You can sign up for ten dollars a month and get an extra three articles sent to your email and back the report. I've been reading for a couple years, I tried to hire you I'd. I love reading your stuff. I think I think it's great its essential, and it was an especially funnier year in the seventeenth read it thanks for coming out talk thanks. So much man Curtis thanks to Ben Thompson, thanks to seek don't forget twenty dollars off your first seeking purchase an indicative promo code s.
India. That Friday is one way.
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