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Bubble Basketball Revelations, Houston and OKC As Sleepers, and Philly Frustrations With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer's Bill Simmons reunites with Ryen Russillo to talk NBA bubble basketball! They share some of the notable differences between traditional NBA games and bubble games; discuss Rockets-Bucks, Celtics–Trail Blazers, Pacers-76ers, and Lakers-Raptors; and answer the question "Who is the third-best team in the West?" Plus: the wild-card 76ers, the most fun playoffs matchups, sleeper teams, and more!

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Tonight's comeback addition of Bill Simmons Podcast on the Ringer podcast network is breath. You buy Spotify. I hope you are listening to podcasts on Spotify their app. You can change the speeds. I am a one point two times the speed guy. Some people are one point. Five. Some people are too, which I don't understand. I almost feel like you're an alien. If your but I may one point you got ass. I have called charts which they launched last month. You can look at top pack, ass training pack ass. You look at everything broken down by the genre check it out. If you now listen to your Pakistan Spotify, please give it a world. It's good you'll, like it reciprocity by the Ringer Pakistan work where the Ringer MBA show is back in full swing, because Basque bows back, we they knew show on Mondays, with Logan Murdoch and Roger Bell, both of whom join the ringer. There you go. The package is going up Monday morning. Eighty socialists in this in the We hours and united as not up by Monday morning. It will be very excited tat, both of them
A boy you'll be hearing Russia on this back ass, probably later this week as well, but Logan in Russia. Monday's unring, NBA mismatch twice a week tuesdays and in Thursday knights, and then we also have group chat on wednesdays as well so far shows week on Ringer obey, while the Basque Moscow, and you can also reseller come out a second. He has his back as well or be covering basketball and there as well. So they go resellers coming up we're back on Sunday. Nights for the foreseeable future will see what happens if football ever comes back. Who knows, then that will come back on Sunday, nights and recycling? I can do Tuesday nights through the rest of the basketball season, but we'll see we'll see football. Who knows where is received with baseball right now? You just never know the stuff we, the worse. The league is run the more unlikely
the bigger policies through the covert here. That's by expert opinion. I receive those coming up. Let's bring in an hour, France for projects were starting this twenty one pacific time rackets. She came back into the box. This has been an awesome few days. Basketball say like I talked about a lot of on Thursday night. Every objected they had for this whole bubble thing work. Are the player safe? Yes by the regime? Where does for social justice? Yes is. Is this a level of play that way? happy with yes? Do we missed the fans, not really
I want you to know that the people of Africa, I gotta say at a miss defence. Look, I think, there's an atmosphere to it that once these games really to crank up. What's on the line, we're gonna miss them by agree. My expectations were probably low just because, unlike it's gonna, be weird and, as I pointed I've been in those buildings in Orlando before, but as those my expectations were, which sometimes me That's so beyond my expectations, it's been so good. The players deserve so much credit for staying in shape. No of twenty years ago that that NBA era would have come in life- This know I just don't know if they would have and the basketball and a lot of its on the announcers, but I'm so impressed. So let's run that it's a cross between Summer League NBA, too,
and some weird tournament that's happening in Turkey to qualify for, like the world championships. That's the vibe with the wide cameras, a ladder, room, Besides, you can kind of sea some fancy, but not really. The noise is a little different. They did a nice job of using the home town cues that their flag, so used to the south. The games and the little dented add then add that that out when they need a basket, so using all those. So it kind of fully you into thinking it's a home game in some ways, and then I got I didn't like the digital fans. In the background, the first game I think they they made the faces smaller in Aqaba, looks realistic. It doesn't totally look fake. It's ok like there's movement, at least in places that there should be movements. I just think it's a day play some really amber,
here the virtual fan thing, but I am not going to ever be a set about it. I'm not really like man. This is unbelievable. Yon his head to head will Hardon Westbrook down the stretch, a minute to go one point game Houston with another amazing come back and that guy look stupid my god. I rode three. He look stupid phenomena. Let tat impact my enjoyment of this. Even even the audio like you know, I've been watching a lot of baseball to and you can tell the level of like preparation What went into I had to do the whole crowd. It's all over the map and Lee shocking thing ever was the first day would lessen where you go. You guys, like you, hit the button the wrong time like it doesn't make any sense. Secondly, that Utah was gettin blown out the other day and if you chose a home team and they had Utah home axed crowd and it was pray with. Like they're down twenty and then you can just share the programme,
that's all right and you thought find axed. I think, there's a home eggs button and for you tides, a special kind of acts. As we know, a passionate their fans are so yeah. I mean that thought. That's what was happening while there has been too huge things that came out a bubble, basketball other than just mention one is the March madness benches that we suddenly have in the NBA, and I don't know how much of it is for show. I don't know how much of it is. These guys are just trapped in a bubble and they're, basically in their hotel rooms or hanging out at the same twenty people all the time that they are genuinely
excited, there's more room to operate. There's you know the benches are much wider. The reactions have been great and I do feel like the though the players in the bench feel like they have to fill the noise little bed, because there is a little bit of a noise vacuum, I'm sure in the court. I've enjoyed that. So I have one other thing by just a demarche. Man is benches. What are your thoughts? Kazi? You could go either way the stuff nor I boys felt like when you go to the game and you pay for one or two. Right behind a ban should, in theory one of the great seats you can have because you can watch all the interaction is see which guys I should really like each other if its team that had high hopes their fall apart, they elect woodwork. Guys are sitting but has been going on in league now for a couple years, so that seed sucks now because the team- it's almost mandatory- that if you're a team at the
the bench that is in feeling it on every single possession of supporting, isolate that part of its great sex, the viewer behind it. But I'm not surprised to see that even amplified because of boredom, and we think how long these s sure there's no travel, so everybody should be fresh and I get get this feeling of of community, because at this point you don't even have any choice but to be around all these guys, the entire time there's some sprinting going on with the bench guys do so they'll be like they showed Robin Lopez. After big bucks baskets and he read, from, like the corner coroner the waited MID court back, there's things that I think they're just gonna I looked the other way on with the benches, but I really enjoyed that the other thing I talked about a little on Thursday cuz. It was the first thing I really noticed with with the first two games where you didn't have photographers under the basket. You didn't. Have the fans clue The court, especially in the basin and they're, just thought a room, and it was interesting to watch the players kind of experts,
that Roma drives, and I think that's one of the reasons you have this is stupid, but one of the reasons the points worse far up, and why we had these games in the one thirties and the one things like that you can drive to the basket now full speed hundred thousand our and not worry about landing and somebody you can dive into the sides and save those balls in that work bout taken out like a family afore. I wonder if the league is looking at this and if the players are look in that this going, this is kind of the way it should be king. Can we make the underneath the basket? Can we clear that out because it's actually four basketball. I think the numbers or because the defences terrible with some of these teams will totally now. They want to do both, so that's part it, but there is a bigger conversation about all sports and what's gonna, change forever and working to access a locker rooms have now players never want these guys in there and it there's arguments that it's an invasion of privacy and Kate who, whatever what path to put up with what we have to put up in a locker room. You have that I'll ever go back on
as extreme is thinking that we're never gonna have a hundred thousand people a college football stadium. Atomic that's done forever, but you're right, like those seats, are great. Those we ve sat them. Those those baseline seats are on evil, but it never really made a sense that you have a special now. The guys are so much bigger and landing from these these spots, like I had a theory that we had just too many seven footers that were perimeter, where's. That's why they're getting heard all the time, because it was just such a weird thing for the body keep landing like that in the way this athleticism, combined with their size, gonna made them more fragile and I don't know why I think we all just kind of eccentric. That's the way it was I'm with you, I don't know if the NBA can say. Maybe we should just stop putting cameramen underneath his landing area for these players all season long, why they doing this with the cameras now that I'm sure there's stuff under the basket that their Providum Robotic Lena. I think we just don't notice it. You know if it's missing like has it really change that much yet? Are you missin photographers, under the ban?
get psychologically rushed. I can't I can't see my newspaper the except that we get. The newspaper were like her. I think they're gonna have to clear that stuff out, because there's just a field of these games and This space is kind of cool, and I'm with you there's been defensive, lapses in all that stuff, but I do feel like there's a pace to how people are playing that all this fits into the same package you can fly up and down. You can push the bar. You can dive all over the place. You don't have to worry about these people that are everywhere in your way. So you're saying that you're not gonna be like man is an beads ass, huge haven't seen that shot. I just I just I don't know. I just don't know too this is because it s the other thing that now just keep bringing up, and I don't I don't know it's fair, not where neither just so much corner action. Now, where you just you sit in a corner, but you have to care sometimes, if you're moving a little bit it's hard to keep track and the fact that these guys feeder enormous how many times guy
Stepan, abounds in their basically saying that the benches shot Elliot was saying on the local broadcasts for the spurs, because you know that was my spot- that right corner and thus that this Its being there gave me another kind of boundary kind of feel and kept me in bounds, just think I don't know. I don't know what happened with that. I just take place. They don't don't pay as much attention to the out of bounds line, so I don't know if it's the lack of seeds. I've seen it constantly, but I feel like I've just seen that happened more, where guys kind of set up a little bit again, their huge. You could move back six. It is maybe move that around, but then it's like you really want to space out even more, would it be that big of a difference, but I just some guys keep bringing up with all these changes that were learning about this week. I always It is amazing how they have such a sense furred that its cause, if you're, actually had a court, the real estate is, much smaller than you realize, thrown the fact that most these guys have big feet, instinctive with
always know where they are and how are they practice and stuff like that? But you re the perspective of the of where the seats are the Bay sign a it's almost site they have, photographic, imprint of where they are at all times, even if you could spin them around put them in a spot and they would still kind have a sense for where they are now had these basins that the actual baseline is fat which may, which is what makes it seem like we're playing in Turkey or something more than anything, is just the actual geometry. The court is different, they'll get used to the others than they have they have used to, and this was in. The myth is Portland game which had like five or six technicals their talk and shit to each other, but there's no noise and the reps are picking up. Everything sounds like I make a shot shot like resell. You fucker mother, Fucker fuck, you as a microwave the resurrection.
Hearing that now and they're just telling these guys up so now. These guys have to figure out a whole new way. How to trash talk right there, but a couple tees were: I've never been called in a regular season game where guys are staring out of the damn, probably cuz. They haven't dumped on anybody in five months and it feels awesome and they're. Looking at the guys, there was one doubleheader where early on a back to back games. The way that game was called was entirely different, but there was one Utah game I think it was Utah game, where they came back against New Orleans and they were murdering each other high screens like shocking as the ground and in the next game, like any kind of clogging off a screen. That call that, unlike man, this is dislike to different versions of this entirely. But you may, totally right that in one game, you're just gonna hear more of this stuff more more, but I felt like in that one technical, happy game that Gaza,
Tearing each other tat a little bit just because they re suggested out, it just felt good to be back out there. What this brings me to the next sailor talk about, so these are the best twenty teams and three them sack. So a caravan nineteen teams, but he felt we had so many good game's over those four days. It seem like an inordinate amount of good gaps: Us, like March man, Israeli really man that was awesome than theirs. Others like me, and I was really good, and I was thinking about it. It's me we got rid of all the shady teams. The eight worse teams are just not playing, and you think about, especially when we get in a February March April with the real season, and you have teams that are ten
teams that got hurt and it's your shit game after your shift game and you're, just a man, Milwaukee Orlando, this is going to suck walk, is favored by twenty. Now we just have the top twenty two there are playing each other and to me I was thinking it's don't ever do this, don't ever have relegation, but this is what it be. A premier league would feel like right where he was like you're our best twenty two teams- we've jettison the worst state they're going to have to play their way back in, but this is the cream of the crop and that's what we're getting so in a weird way. It's almost like the playoffs, and I think that's why a lot of these games really feel like playoff games, because the reality is it's not like. There's real estate,
There's no home court advantage anymore. It doesn't really matter of Dallas the seven seed you now, because it's very it's all, because a match up the only reason what matters is that they are not right now, but but you can't really control the matter because you don't or paper farm by when you talk about like, is desperate and be the three seed. The forces are the south ex gonna play Philly in three six: are they and yet it's like. Ultimately it doesn't matter through the lower sea because you can just go and they eat out. There's no home court you'd have to win a game. Seven in Boston. So why is everybody obsess resignation like I get the concept of it? the idea that last game of the season and soccer, where should go, if you guys and upon the roof, side of this you get dropped down do differently. I just think the people, it love soccer and love delegation of the same people- dinners. Pro player, but do you really want to argue for a hundred and twenty less jobs what are you forty one we have had a minute is never out of she like permanent happening. If there were no we're gonna go for it. I like Heaven
the filet mignon leg. I looked over the best forty two I like that have either the above, where you live mega wizards nets. No, I wish neither those teams were here. I mean the odyssey dismissed sex and you know I don't they're, not at all. You bummed that you couldn't see Mitchell Robinson, but I think that's such a predictably critical thing where, when the nets and wizards were there will grant looked and that's the ac right now, black Nike. Why the wizards there? Why don't you know? Why are you doing this? You just go will because if you would let them out- and it was just go ahead- mathematically were still in this thing as absurd as it may seem like. You can't just tell us we can't come to Orlando, so those are little minor things like when I look at the base about it. I got there's no debate for me like who cares there there and they're a very long and we just keep moving onto the rest. The basketballs been incredible, like I just
I don't know, I don't know what I expected. I guess you know. Sometimes you think later they can be running around in use. Pennies were like one of the numbers, get iron wrong and it stuck than the nine is melted to itself and in others, there's people off in the corner would like warm buckets of water. Is people can't find ice like now? It's been all first class, considering the circumstances. I can't imagine- and I've said for my part, as they give it, doesn't work out in one team, for whatever reason gets exposed and in their eliminated, and we have all these bad headlines or whatever. As far as putting themselves in the best position dupe to pull this off. It's unbelievable man, it's unbelievable! This league is done its awesome rejuvenated a few. The teams right like malarkey right. The pandemic Yon got banged up. They were kind. I you know they had the one seat, clench they're kind of on autopilot- that point now that now they look like the Milwaukee from the first part of this is delivered last night, the cup or the other teams like port.
And has been completely reinvent turkish looks. I will talk about them in a little bare by M. Portland looks they might not make the playoffs, and yet you could make a case there, one of the best five or six teams in the west, but there there's been a couple teams that needed it. I thought Boston was gonna, be one of our key, so bad I go. Campbell will be back. You know his Neil be fine and it mean, while he's still somehow in a minutes limit, but I think what, if you're, just talking about equality of play, offensively really high level like some of the stuff Lillard was doing in those two games. He had these quarter long stretches where that's about as well as I've ever seen. Him play, you know Tj, ward, just annihilate in the Sixers. Did that idea career high? I think it was fifty three, but it's just the kind of stuff that when they act when the real season starts in October, guys aren't coming out of the gate, usually playing like this. You know where is
man, oh my god. In the end, it was all over the place. I didn't, I didn't think you'd see more people are they ban that guy has worked out for four months that tape was the only one where look back. He had and touched the Basque on forever than he was awesome today, yeah potatoes, scrimmage games in the first couple games. You, like man, that you'd heard rumours about. He doesn't have a basketball hoop. It is. How should I care what you could probably get access to, one I understand that some limitations here and then you watch ago, actually hardened. I thought looked a little beefy, but it doesn't matter. I mean it doesn't matter considering what he did to close out against Dallas. I thought you had started. But that thirty three further yet give you smile ass out of that regulation, yeah yeah. What open the hash mark in the flow, the game and as he was taking it as like net about shut, there lay down six us again. He can make that now. He's he's
It's just like right. Look. I've done my hard ran before, but it's not like. I don't appreciate what kind of shots he can make and think about that game. That game Dallas had eighty five at the half their office of efficiency. If you just want by like per one hundred, was one forty five in the first app one hundred and forty five Dallas has the best offense in the NBA like one hundred and eleven one hundred and twelve. I think during the regular season, which I think still surprising, people and Houston still ends up winning that game, so some of its great offense
some of its guys, who, I think, majority of a bill. You write that whatever the standard was theirs, there's very few people that just sits screw it in didn't care. They were professionals about it. They took it very seriously, which I think is what everybody wants. The cares about this, and it just shows that you care about what's in front of you like, if you're the clippers of your five or six, these teams in the west. Now you have a real chance here. You have a chance to do something. Maybe it's less teams, it's obviously less teams in the east, but there is also a defensive things that have happened, and I know we have a long time here to go through Some, like I just do a five minute monologue on bad switching but there's some real confusion, and you can see the difference with like Toronto against allay last night, where they knew exam we who they wanted to be defensively? The whole game like they had the rules in and Philadelphia in their game? and say: slave fell. I wanna hit Delaware, but I mean not just another upon the other side of it, were you go
you guys! You know what you're doing right now, at least on the high scream. There are a couple teams that looked like they had in practice, yet Yannick Fur First game for it was almost like. I went to high school team, comes back for the first day of practice in ages. There's a bunch of kids, it's just a disaster! That's what Philly looked like it fairly, has good defensive pairs of it. They have viable and simply say that its attitude to J Warren be scored fifty three points again we're going to take a break. We have a lot to cover on this, so back on one second hey with the home, depot decorating, your home is now easier than ever before start by heading two
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put harden if used goes like eight known this bubble and Houston rises to like a three seed, I would have wanted to account for that and my ballot I really would have, and I just they made a real mistake. It merely care about away more than most people, but I just started so weird that these eight games don't matter for work. Yeah? But when you have a vote like you should care now, it's a really important thing. I think it's an honored even have it so I get in others. There is so many parts we ve done before hey. I wanted you kind of my updated all NBA teams and, unlike yeah okay, I know you ve put so much time and it has been acknowledged ruby like last minute, but I can't do it like man I'd like a few hours to take it seriously you today and that conversation. So how did you do because I didn't, I didn't catch it all. I imagine a mark a smart first email, NBA and first email defence rights. I did, and I had. I had him as empty p coach of the year trying factor. All though we could show you, two islands are given lateral. Your quick, though glad well give you like good exam,
I didn't have Lowery thirty mile beyond and I really agonized over and hammer summits, and I thought simians defensively and as a two way, guy just thought I'd. I just study at a better seasonings healthy the whole year, all that stuff- and I went with him like by thumbnail over Lowry. And then after one game over the weekend as a guide for that like if it goes this way for the next day, Toronto. Look so good in that Laker Game and they're just run around us. Under and lowers the best players allows their best player, and I really wanted. I am part of the problem. Is the league has too many good players right now, so you, the empty pebbly, only have five picks day, so I am, I bowed hard loosely Val. I bet my bow was unanimously Brown Hawaii Yoke edge, LUCA Guy got but-
so no you nuts to have hardened on it, but I mean, if you buy gray, one of the greatest I put hearted first, he might be added, but look a second to Bobby. I say I kind of split the split vote on that. I just I look o is more important to Dallas throughout the season, whereas hard and had that lie which we talked about in detail in our bad though twenty posts games for used in when Westbrook was the best part in the team. Yeah we're harden was in his good yeah, but now he saw you know Houston. They had these two huge come from behind winds when we did that last point strive for the pandemic at Houston? Looked like they were run and add a gas ray we were like, but not sustainable. You can't keep playing like this they get out rebounded, but, like thirty today it didn't matter. Somehow one, I think we're gonna change our opinion on Houston. How many more times are next twelve weeks from a like, twelve weeks out it. Well, we have twelve weeks of reference from because I think once they run into clippers, I mean which appear to be
Lakers. I think what you asked me to do. The third best team exercise eyes now, don't do that now it doesn't even without can it give it a green is set up Only if I can give you one cause, I've missed you for when you do grit, why don't you do the green is set up for this agreement, beach erosion, the next great coastal dilemma and other rockets? The third best here in the west? That's not his speech. It refers should feature as is issued. Houston is now our forces F, where they ve yet will weigh up the two spots. There there's a whole tapie ochre pudding. Denver is forty three and twenty three Houston, forty two and twenty four, you tat forty two and twenty four, oh Coma city, forty one and twenty four in Dallas is basically to far out so I think the team at other we'll get to the question. Second, I think the team I would want to play
the top six plus Dallas is Utah. I think that's the weakest of the seven. Would you agree or disagree totally rate they, even though they had a really nice comeback with Mitchell. I can see the frustration with Mitchell without it. Second score Bogdanov it, even though you know calmly actually looks better than he did. He leaves looked better this week than he did yes, who long stretches. So there is a great but a hope, but can I throw Utah theory at you because it we're doing this is all part of it right we're trying to fit the question is the third best team in the west. Ok, because I went eagerly slippers whose there right want to be really funny and go well. I have the clippers there, but I don't I'm going to throw it. A question to you is: go bear peak, Dwight, Howard, light. So I left him off my I'm Ba team because, after like the fourth peace where he had read between the lines, because it was obvious his demands that really like about much as I can just vote for me
at a buyer. I know I know my every. I know they love him. I know he's viable to them. Another ever achieve I'm just gonna work for him dead, there's, there's stuff going on with the whole go bear package it seems like, and I think a lot of it has to do with the basketball side of it. Nor I do think that there's a there's, an issue, but it doesn't mean like there's plenty, a team that of how goes it haven't got along with that win. So that's not always like the first impediment, like everybody needs to be best friends but go bear goes from project to oh, my god disguising credit what he does defensively and then the screens, the number screens the guy sets all these plus minus numbers. We all talk about now, four years, were you really dug in a like pico burial like? I can't believe this is the kind of actual statistical backup toto impact. Will the skies and such a great way, but you become that guy and you know you're stared, a big money which is gonna get anyway.
And you want to be more a part of the office like the joke- is that all big men don't actually love basketball right? That's always the joke. Do we always here and If you gonna to keep the big I happy, you gotta, give more touches yeah. But here is a, but we have the blueprint for how they should work for go bears two thousand eleven Thyssen Chandler does play defence sets, pigs, but he's too young he's not barrier and that's my point like the Dwight. Who is there? That really needs to be so. Your answer like what you're saying yes because peaked. Why was this in credible force, but it's like will look if I'm like the guy, which she isn't Mitchell's, the guy but twice like. I need more, those touches, late games and stand you don't you know, have any moves, man, you normally I moves and I think in gender ere I think we'd go bear all the clean up. Stuff is great, but the number of times that he loses the ball or he waits any stalls. I just think that that drives those guys crazy and now with most no,
Danovich the kind of balance the wings scoring, even though there's some other players that I kind of like that's. Why I just I had really high hopes for Utah and now without but Donovich. That's the team that everybody wants to play right now in the first round a piece of the others Baghdad events where kindly can make up for some of that, but your badge their benches, just bad. Now there that's all They get their barbarism and hearing. I love being good, but then now everybody moved up a level so now you're, basically ride in the Jura, clerks rather Custer, which he had some good bye. For them after the trade that aren't. We had him.
Don't give me your only guy, you know anyway, I so here so I have four are, in my opinion, the third vested in the west. I think it's, ok, I'm a city. I think, if my life depended on it amusing, that corollary of what team do I trust the most, especially in this bubble situation. I think I trust them the most. The Houston thing I still can't get out of my head when they basically careened into the guard. Well, those five gains before the pandemic. When you know even saw today, they fell behind and the fright again they should at last? There is some stadhuis, I think, the third time, who's ever hope to jobs and seven hundred and twenty games. Somebody out has led me to the last minute teams down seven with what forty five seconds to go where two and seven hundred and eleven. Yes, that's thought of them, but they did come back today against his magazine memoirs
But so they are really never. Then I'm going right now, but that they are really missing the point in the last five minutes? Can asylum going did look? I give agenda one of the two seat most of this game. He was bad bad, but ok see the guards the way Chris paused and plan the way they looked this weekend. They had the Adams thing Robertson coming back. If they can get him, you know as a rotation guy by the time we get to about five weeks now there feel good about him. I just like their team. I think they're really hard to play
They really bring it and they're unconventional and they can put up their from lineups and stuff, and I think the irony of all of it is they make this Paul George trade. It seems like they've completely take the decade they're just going to move into southern directions, all these pics, and yet you could argue they're in a better spot that they were with with Paul George, with Sga, with Gallo being able to get Chris Paul, who I feel like they're, going to trade at the end of the year. So this feels like all time, rental to me. I just like the team- and I think, without in the home court advantage? That's not that's thing I would want to play in a playoff series. I wouldn't want to play them of our Lakers, because what we say that's right game. If you have multiple guards at concrete shots, you have somebody in the middle who can at least put his hands up and Bang bodies ran and make it a little bit hard for Davis any have eighty thousand throw against Lebaron. That's it.
Beat the Lakers. Ok, you know it's funny, as I went into this when this was the homework for tonight where I was like, I think, owing to pick up on the city for a lot of things. You just said three guard lineups to close three ball hands. You can all get to the rim. I think shooters finding at that point that so hard for young players. Words like look if you just except the you're, never gonna be the best plan a floor. I'm not seeing lack com, but you can just accept your no longer. The best buy on a floor. You can have a really nice second half of your career he's somebody who I went from not really liking that much when he thought he was the guy kind of Reggie Jackson Syndrome where then yeah he's fit. In perfectly. And she's gonna be a multiple time all star at when he has his own team, and I think all of us would want to Stephen Atoms and her team that we always thought some usually get hurt where there was Pollard Manila, like you wanted, when one of these guys, you here and now their healthy, they had the best network of any team in the NBA. The fourth quarter, it's a massive number there, like a plus yet too in the fourth,
but here is roads. It's it's a professional basque button. They they know what they're doing that. Last five minutes. I worry about their smaller workers pause reason, whether so good in those goes against, but I worry about what their small lineup will look like. I've like what Lou Dort has done, because I think he's just a dog he's like out their fight, but he's a bit of it. Dribble guy offensively and then the collection will rest those wings like there's little moments, they're all kind of many Jeff Greens run like man look at that play by basely, and then it's like these been out there for twenty minutes. Yet, oh, like big. Protest, but I'm just gonna tell you that wrong and that its Houston, I went in trying to
was Oklahoma City, but I think it's used in the defence has not been a problem. It's really not like I'm not saying. There's this great defensive teen, there are middle the pack, the rebounding rate numbers are atrocious, for they are. If you look at rebounding rate, they were like twenty fifth and the league, and if you go since they went small their last and it hasn't hurt him because, like look at them, the walkie game tonight, they set up in a brick. Lopez historically sets a product to foreign post anyway, and he got deep. He got results, but people are really posting. Amendment Dallas had this big line up against a couple nights ago and yet Dallas still gonna play five hour LUCA. They played small with big players, and so even though the defensive numbers are through the roof, and I worry about those rebounding numbers-
here's where I kind of decided. You know what I can't pick. Anybody in Houston records against teams over five heard of those top teams in the West Lakers eighteen, eleven clippers are seventeen twelve Houston is sixteen and eleven. I think that seventeen in eleven now with the tight sites when you get out a walkie, an ok, cease ten and seventeen. That's a good, that's a good step. I like tat. So can we can we agree. Houston has the high ceiling for the three seed that ok says the safest peck. There's still stop, it scares me about Houston and, as I've admitted to everyone in that city, you know we, I feel I watched him play what I have to give him credit in their defence there, Milwaukee, ever beheld entitled Milwaukee you keep driving through these guys. They keep back the ball away. So it's not like they lifted up from through they just took,
million of em. They, in turn of all over, I think, Houston, yet think that Houston ceiling thing is the thing I like the most about them and I dont want to just make it the hockey player for analysis, whereas, like men, if they just get hot like the defence, isn't killing them, and I said I still think whenever we expect these bad match. Ups big, verse, small, it doesn't Burnham the way you think it should, and I think it's screws teams up sometimes two and now look Anthony Davis Semi game series you better have his ass in the block going to work against those guys and just making it hell for it. It felt like Porzingis could have done that on Friday night. I think he still had like thirty eight, but it seemed like Hidden wages stood on the black cages could have had a five for jumping over and over again for the entire gape. If you wanted it yeah, you don't look, I get
CJ's, going to get in your way and in a little past run it back down. Pj Tucker, you think Birnholz would have been like hey guy you're, not moving him like you're, just not moving, and you have to set up early and you have to go as soon as you get the ball. You've got to make a decision. You got to make a quick, so yeah over the course of a series are still some some limitations. I think I could possibly have butt and I'm not even doing this decency, biased thing like I went through it think I wish you to pick somebody other in Houston, but when I saw their record against teams over five hundred like they can hang, they can hang with these teams. I'm not picking them to come out of the west, but you know consider was happily Utah in Denver with other injuries, so maybe not fair to make up a full statement on who.
They are, but an identity in Denver, as the luxury of it doesn't really matter where they end up with seeds. I think, if you know, if we had a home court advantage situation like with the normal we have a season, Denver would be really nervous about drop into four, because it adds to the Lakers around to the doubts I car I whatever we just need to get our guys hunting for Ferenc, ever Houston. Comment in this was something that has happened in the last couple weeks before the pandemic, it Westbrook Office of rebounding and how he is figured out when hard and has the ball and he's too hard and soon his thing
the six second in either he's going to do the drop back or is going to do whatever he's going to do. Westbrook seems to have mastered, knowing exactly when hard. It is going to do what he's going to do and taking this angle, I don't even it's almost like watching a pass rusher trying to get to the quarterback who's. Just figured out like I'm going to do this, but I'm just going to hit him in the back and strip him for a SEC he's going in heat, crazy off balance of elder. How many times I sought over the weekend was at least four, where
yet here going on whether the guy in the league has those yeah. His his step with purpose still is, is always been something he just overs queries yet rebounds that no other guards have ever gotten history. This leaves you fully keys better. I think this is the best version we ve ever seen him, while the the great thing is. Is that he's not making every single basketball decision for forty minutes? Yeah? That's a plus, because he can get so frustrated because he so intense, and that was one of the things I mean look. This is real. They got bounce the first round with him running the show, every single time and bad team. Did that lost of Utah, like that shouldn't happen, you shouldn't lose the rookie Donovan Mitchell in that series. The first was a two years ago, and that was it. That was a problem so now to know that they all this room is going to be wide open. You know he was making and it was bad like they got rid of Divincenzo defensively. There were times where Marvin Williams got stuck one on one with Wes,
In West books like drooling going, I don't know how I want to score, and then they brought Dj Wilson in TAT, some laid out in plain, more really and DJ gave up an office of rebound because he couldn't even comprehend that Westbrook would have that energy off a cut behind him. And then Wilson, does the classic, like my body like no shit, you're bad, that was a huge, huge offensive board. You gave up because you just you just assumed it was a guard that couldn't get round. You was a terrible rebounded, give up I think it's really hard for a guy to reinvent himself when they turned thirty asked after his. I think, he's thirty one. Now eight, what he's done
I think, if you looking at him, almost like an NFL running back. He was like your typical high usage priest Holmes in the early 2000s kind of running back right, where he's going to have three hundred and fifty carries nine hundred and eighty ninety receptions whatever and just the whole offense revolves around him. But then you get to the playoffs, and somebody like Belichick comes along just take that guy out whirlwind he's he's kind of changed himself into more of an Alvin Kamara type running back right. Where he's sick, maybe twenty carries a game now, but now he's doing all this other stuff and you kept a little wheel route come down the backfield in the offensive rebounds and I don't know. I just think it's pretty cool, I beg you guys are finished products by the time. They're, like twenty eight, you don't see in the NBA, like somebody kind of rethinking what they do.
And I'm really surprised that he's been this happy being a second banana term. In fact, these one b in hardens one day, but I didn't get it and I gotta be us think about the. Years in Oklahoma City, okay, twenty five year on thirty two percent, five attempts to gain from three under thirty percent for attempts three, under thirty percent is a twenty. Nine is rounded up for he took seven threes game one year and he actually hit thirty four. That which is weird and that might even the worst day for him because of the next two years, he's a twenty nine percent again at four in the most six attempts per game, and so he hasn't hit it from three this year, but he stopped. No throwing out every set out, and I think, six weeks in yeah, when he's decided, you know you don't make these anymore. I ask somebody that used to be with the thunder. I said what know what could you even say: two Westbrook like hey that thirty foot or you took like from sideways that he almost broke the rim. What what was the thought process here and you just less Brooks
our guy and he would just go like in the moment. You know that was the right shot and he'd go well we're on your five here, five or twenty nine percent here man and the league average. I think, used to be fit thirty, three thirty six now and you can't keep taking the shots and so now because of harden because of trust and the fact that he was shooting at me. His first made months is the worst Westbrook we ve ever seen of his. Rear too now go to seeing what he would do in these switching invention, yeah, it's it's your eye. Barclay was the first guy who was just buy in three is not making any them they're like love. It is almost make it one. Third, it's a gibbet the defences delighted. Every time he's taking now in our aid reside that Alzheimer's or with Bartley Bartley, was just doing that to make to keep you want you can I give you one more time. My third favorite,
for the three said so wait. You have you have three rankings for the number three possibility in the west, so I've Houston as high a ceiling. I have ok, see as safe as bet two do. Damage he's been as high seal any damage, and then I had Portland as Maya I think, Porth Immortal yours, the poorest of the poor, the wildcard they got back, burgage and Collins. Shocking how much better they are than there were four months ago and the otter. No, what happened this guerre Junior? I know he was painted minutes game there, you're Jerseys Jersey today, was blown away by him in the two games like but it was just share with everybody. Listening right now I got a text from bill said. I think I may need about forty five minutes. I Gary Trent Jr tonight, and I said I don't with you just let me at five to it. This is a team that was completely destroyed, partial.
Their wings write. Her Zonia, who I think pamper ban, is the worst part the everyday I think he's a zero to plant. It already does. Well, every time is the game. They they, his plus minus every game, is awful, these offer, no, we need to do a better job of that. Now we needed to constantly hang are over twenty minutes game like who currently holds the worst visa heretical last layer. But what does he do? Well? What is it? What does he bring to the table then the brig Carmelo in who all he could do is do like poor jumpers in that set like he can't guard anybody he's actually he's pretty get it back, cm grabber events, but they get richer. Junior comes in and their whole team falls in the place. I that Turkish, like spectacular, I thought nerve, which was going to be some that you know maybe was going to be eighty percent when he was. I didn't know how bad that leg, injury was, but he's one hundred percent. What he was Collins is all over the map, every five minutes that changed A boost is a body and- and I gotta say dame
I don't know where he is on the top ten players in the week list and what qualifications are but like is curry better than him at this point. Well, come on, let's just take it easy game. The game. I'm not talking about a year and curries miss now you know no other. I'm not talking career on that Talkin, like Plath shops, that for them just talking game to game the stuff Dame is doing now consistently reminds me of curry the keys. Just. I just feel like he's money, I feel it he's gonna get to thirty to thirty five everyday they're down there, that's thirty twenty four to the Celtic Tiger and I'm not turning the game off cause. I'm like I know, fucking Know Portland Bank, IRAN. I know Dame and CJ are coming back and they did. I just think he's that he's in the top eight or nine for me now, and I don't know what the list is, but I just think he's great some of the stuff he's doing on these drives when he's thirty five feet. For the basket
and he's bring whatever and he's going in he's waiting through traffic and doing these crazy, full speed, lefty spin labs, like he's fucking unbelievable? I know I'm that I'm that I don't that breaking new grounds that they blow assembly but I just think he's at another level and then he ever was yeah, but I still think you know woody closer lukewarm, a city and he did it against Westbrook when Whisper said Dame is like you're, not even in my neighborhood you're like actually will it might be better than you, but you know we are praising both of em just because our deep, as you said, the top as I do I wouldn't have lower outside of my top ten. No doubt I do know the curry thing and equity into other than I think what we mean ask her a right. But if you ask her to say, hey take every shot. Other look. He had siege aid, see jail offices, imbalance. I don't know if you want to do more on Trent, but transect forty percent from three. Now it form a game. He doesn't give you a tunnel rebounding or says, but he just he you actually need his toughness is a guard because sometimes you worry about defensively like if you come at them with big guy
and it's CJ and Dane, then you really worried about it. I also thought like some of the stuff they were doing offensively in the first half like, I almost feel like Brad test the other team with canner, Eli, Cannon's rebounding. We like his effort, he's really good around the rim. You can get the canners incredibly he's always been good going back to when I watch tape of them for the draft that man has got a really good rather it, but I would watch what they were doing like. How do you not tell here in the high school erode, Willard Maccallum combinations or a rolling nurse at your even Zack Collins, who I'm with you his footwork in his hands. I found the columns all over again and then, unlike what the fuck are you doing out there and then he recycled, allowing somebody Friday feet from the Basque near they wouldn't epic, exact, added Jerry and so They were running like side. I so's for mellow, again jail and brown of all people? Were you go hey advantage jail in on this? One, like is good, is met we are not aiming at thy mellow guy.
What are you guys doing and then they switched it back with their like: hey we're, just gonna have deemed get into a shot off these high screens and Boston with screwing, some of it up its and then love it's deign to like. I thought they were gonna talk it up going. There is one we want to make her entice, enticed, went. Wrong way in Europe. What happened there? There is not going to take him had a chase him from the quarter and being gunnysack while Tatum lost, because he went there you go. He was gonna catch him over and then danger starts pulling up or anywhere you're like this, isn't coverage anymore and then Boston brought all of its pressure opted to meet him and stay too with him as much they could, because he was changing everything it was happening in the game. I am stunned. The defences now mean they're. Basically, the magnificent traps, Adam their shop item, thirty five feet from the court he's. He can't even get the hand for decades, has the guy's adjust their on him like flypaper and he's still navigating this whole thing? I I I can't remember a smile.
Our guy who is head defenses more thrown at him like this other, like going back to life Iris, an arrow, be the last guy, but I refer to extract the floor like them in the lurch. Instructs the floor like this. Are you can't even really it's not a knock on Iverson, just to differ Euro cheaper, going in this Portland game Guy, when Dame gets about thirty five year for the basque regional shall like his James heard, and yet you not just make him give the pop up. That's why I think he's gone to another level, because she saw being this whole different level of chess. That teams are playing and stem any still getting his points and he still again everybody s mouth we're gonna, take a quick breaking tobacco smoke, cigarettes, dogma, fanned or put on your chequered pants in your most ridiculous sure, because fantasy golf season is in full swing. If you think you have what it takes to beat me house some of the Ringer staff in a season I'm finished,
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do apply quickly out that Boston, Portland Game am how many seconds to have the complaint about Boston, two thousand nineteen draft, but forty Nevertheless, now may I take as long as you want, I don't I don't want to. I don't want to do a whole Celtics rent, you haven't you So why am I gonna get in the way that there are like one? Guy short, they had that. I think the fourteenth twentieth and twenty second pick a draft that had good guys they took Lang fur. Do I still kind of like whatever that substantial pick did the twentieth pick they trade via the six years trade down for spots and get thirty three Clark goes twenty one, Tibet to ok, see you trades in Memphis. They could just in Clark had twenty. I read out as this, but Clark is pretty good and the crisis you'd be play off in south x. I tell you what you know: scouts singing all all over the place: people Rollo replace them
and now I'm just go well grant waves at twenty two who teams are now leaving five hundred and twenty six ft open in the corner. It's it's like one of those it's like when we were watching the Jordan Games when they were just leaving Adam Keefe Open by 7ft, so he's basically unplayable and then Carsen Edwards is headed for ITALY. They had all these pics and they just went, went over and then but then you think the other peace where they thought the Sacramento pick from last year was going to be this crown jewels lottery pick awesome, peck, somebody that was going to be a potential asked our along lines of jail in and Tatum than Sacramento. Inexplicably does well that Pickens are being fourteen instead of four issues. Raisonably that they got nothing from their draft. You gotta go you're home a year and a half ago, Boston getting nothing from this draft that will help them to those twenty laughs outcome, and I get
forgot here. What happened? Did we trade our pigs for like a future back? We went we goose egg. Did we had nothing? That's that's the reality there going through this playoffs and none of these guys going to be able to help them. Anyway. None of my red ya know I still I'm looking at this NGO in Camp Johnson over Tyler hero. That's that's unbelievable, but have genuine this. Lost the coin flap and instead of Tyler Hero, they felt of fourteen and they took Lansford. But then I just came we're there and then you get any better from that can't. Can I give you one more Boston, this way, twenty seconds, only one more, you gonna, let people down is it kind of backing and Gordon Heyward came Mister Education reform. He's he's here, God is Mojo back a little bit and actually thought they made a huge mistaken. The Friday game, kissed Brad was so and determined to get Tatum added. This crazy black cloud funk use in
Heyward was doing kind of whatever he wanted and that game, but was there in the bar and then this game today. I like some of the steps needed to I'm wondering do think Gordon Heyward. The one pair doesn't need fence cause he's like he's a fucking game. Arrayed his own by himself just play video games for eight hours a day, so there's this weird bubble with no fans. It's a Gordon Heyward is home, his back as regards Heyward, I'm afraid it will. First of all, you know year three of this thing: yeah, it's not a bad signing, Argue that with any, but now you mustn't, I heard Heyward Cinnamon but then to have
relevant of not only Tatum and in getting Kimber, but then jail in round turns into the sky, where Tatum in Brown, even when my buddies are like how come you're so much harder on Tatum unless on brown- and I got will because I think Tatum has a chance to be something out of it. Brown can be yet. There are moments where, like Brown close, I came out against Portland cause he's just he's, probably the tougher of the two mentally you know like Tatum and add our make too much of the Tatum Scrimmages Assemblies early games, as he was really good speech in the first ever. Portland, but yeah Tatum floats. It feels like he's almost floating out of the game a little bit. I never feel like javelins floating, like no matter what I feel like he's gonna locked in, but you add that development of two other
wings are going to play your position of Gordon Hayward, like we were never going to get the version of Gore. Do you want to just because of limited opportunities? You know because the roster to, but I last, if you're going to go full pirate, don't you have to be a little more aggressive, because if you're going to go with the pirate look, I just feel like it almost raises our expectations of what you're going to be like as a player. If you're going to go back kind of swashbuckling mustache, you know, I agree very open about it over the years I Toronto fans are to be that we do not. We didn't have no energy jerk session about them. They looked awesome. I'm gonna, throw this here is that the worst possible match up for the Lakers in his when gamesters, multiple ball, handling guards that they have to account for love.
Is just didn't have any one in the rush to recover in Toronto has multiple due to throw the brine, who had fleck and could make him work their active certain down with a make work and then size to throw Davis and a better coach invoke as a really good coach having Nick theirs is the best coach, nearly yeah, that's that's yeah! I was actually about that today. As I go, or some things in that letter, stronger Gamba configure I was doing, but I'm not an antiviral guy at all, but I just know it's always going to be vintage nurse and the rest of legal. Tell you that, like this, the rest of the league or she was a nurse, and when I would talk about tears of teams, I was always surprised how many people in front offices would include Toronto as the fourth, and there's a couple teams were like I may be right or wherever I go, isn't isn't it the terror of the to Ella teams, him a walking this can t starts with IRAN or whatever I guess it just still seems infallible that they're going to have a chance to come out of the east, but I think we all have to accept. It is your right. The the depth with
was something we notice last year. I you know what they do. They built a team were seven or eight guys are all comparable with the Basque on their hands about the only player they play in the rotation. The you don't expect. People criticise sharply in the shock could be Randy House Jefferson, but they went small with him. They can throw too from pigs. It you Oji, was like right up into Leubronn and no one's gonna shut, Leubronn down, but they can work right, loved about their defence, is their pressure on the ball right after half poor with it, and it's almost like Lakers, it's a pickup came back. Are you guys gonna? Be these fuckin guys, like you, receive Yes, it is not obvious. Game counts, for you know, beat you if if the brain is gonna handle the ball as much as is handled it, you have to do that. You have to look for every little You can to wear him down even by two percent, and they have the gas.
I thought it was interesting from the box score and it was kitten when I was watching it. It's how I felt and then I looked at it and basically play date, guys surrounded it. I like teams that are like here's our rate. These are our guys, will mix and match whatever we have our crunch time. Five, these other three guys that come in and that's we're not trying to figure out who we are. We know we are with these, are our best acres and will play a little house. Jefferson might grab one of these other guys for five six it's beautiful, throw that he'd at you to go, get em all to show it to you, which was frustrating. I think from a Laker stable is, I think, the Lakers problems in that game were fixable, where YO in why? Why are you letting travail and twice get these goods? you're close to the basket, even though Anthony Davis can do all these different things, they were trapping Anthony Davis like Crazy and Anthony Davis is smart enough that he's not going to force things and he's going to make it but then you, like you, didn't take a shot in the first half like me, and that can happen and there
its Roddy Hellish Jefferson. Is this five and in Davis had a few there's a few minutes stretch there? Were they let that lineup sit there and then even take, image of that. So I don't interrupt you there for a little bit, but I just feels a little things. I was looking at watch that game going. These are fixable for LA, but they got to be going to make. This quicker, like they've, got to understand this a little bit quicker because it just felt weird that Davis was such a non factor just because the trapping I still like it cuz of the two guys but green light. Green was forty seven in that game, and we seen this with green greens, not reliable one hundred percent of the time he's almost like when he's playing. Well, it's the added bonus, but I don't feel like you can count on him for four straight rounds.
Now games, I became sire that of seven cod. Well, Pope played thirty minutes and that game, I think, that's a real problem, because I think he is below average but he's their best shooter like. If you look at that, I know we're sentences, he's like right at thirty nine, I think thirty, nine percent, so do you think he's an average player. Would you say he's below average? it, I think, an average, but I think he's needed because he's another spatial before I think about this. This team is the one seat in the west and because of everything it's happened. They added Dionne, waiters, Engineer Smith, and the airline now so that brings by exploit the waiters. The good news is here look good in the first game in okay and the second game and might actually be able to give them a little irrational confidence guy, the bench. The bad news is there lying at the waiters and actually think they need it, because it's just a lotta occurs MA
I think they figured out how to make him at least a little bit and he's their third best where, but the four through twelve is is pretty sketchy and the fact that they don't have that every Bradley Peace, where it's like, oh here the gamer. The other team has a really good offensive guard, here's a game or will play every Bradley a lot and we'll put up with whatever happens offensively, but we never getting defense out of them. They don't have that piece now and I don't know I think it's a beatable team, but that, but my bigger point is, I think all these teams are beatable. I didn't the clipper. I think everybody has some sort of a Ah we look at them again man. Well, that's that great. But if you go down the line, you could say that about every single contender we have well, that's really been the thing out from our two years. I can post golden state and we kind of knew what to expect and then we also had a Cleveland or really we had a la run for eight years, so we actually you'd Emma Cuff worthy before them.
There is, though, you didn't fellow about oil and stay last year to do. I still felt they were. They were those four guys it doesn't really matter. There is still the best know. That's what I'm saying is we're on the same pagers that we we became so accustomed. The predictability of La Braun again state that this is this weird to you now wear it whenever it's new, it's it's hard. You know they're still, reservations. I have about Milwaukee and thank God he was pointing it out tonight during the broadcast, like you know, when you are kind of the space and three heavy, and they also give up a lot of threes like that. That was a weird laws for them. I thought that was kind of weird lost when you're up one hundred and twelve one hundred and four, which is a couple minutes to go and that's what he could do to you. Toronto. You never thought this is to happen and we also still somehow buying to Philadelphia when they're the succeed all year and they still look screwed up No indeed has a monster, save save it I know I know I know, but then you know you go back to Lakers in We were really high and the Lakers before this with solving member, we were started. Do those things we like man, you know what I might just trust them, the most its Davis. It's Lebron like why
Gonna to make this complicated and then I look at how he matches up against the clippers his shooting numbers are the worst against the clippers of any team he's face this year. His his feel go percentage, his three suck two against him. It's not the lowest, but he has the lowest overall feel go percentages, any team against the clippers. It makes sense to me at the two wings and when Beverly's there you throw it out, and I think about my clippers fan, I'm going to look. I get it Anthony Davis in the match of all that stuff, but no Trez. The Lou Williams hits Beverly, not starting the game and games are minerals out there. Yes, the professions and are not looking at that when the same way but you're right like I could talk myself in out of all of this because it still we don't have one group here. Of any of these top teams. However, many as you want a name, we don't have one group, that's ever proven anything. And everybody has a team that has a certain something that could be a problem for them. That's what I'm talkin talking about, like I return but ok, see before I have no idea who guards Chris Paul on the Lakers. Doubt you
Go the other way and over the house guarding the brain- and I know I see that's, why are to be really fun serious, but we need, when you take Chris Paul s year. How are you gonna play? Leubronn coups, my head Davis, some sort of a wing, and then I guess like Caruso, or, I think Caruso their closer until the rest? The guard think it's finished. I thought I do you even like Caruso, like I think, he's. Ok, I've. Better use intensively than he is offensively, but he's become such a crowd. Favour because he's a white guy would like bad here. I M so rubber body. It is he a tenth ban, as he had night man, that gives them either closing group man, I know, but a bit faster of saint. Take him out of this. Just think about it. Like is this. Somebody that's gonna, be in the crunch time over championship team Alex Caruso like who is who's, the worse person who has been in the crunch time of a championship team. I dared Fischer in two thousand
the least out the guy who is closing a game for a championship team Richard Jeffreys attitude as now when he was an old old Carlo White washed up at savvy Richard efforts, is that it is only now tee. I think he was on your team like twelve years ago who, which guy I don't say his name, is punch me. Who is a perk perk, wasn't closing games. There was no eight men, their best lineup. The small airports, don't say the park. I editing our. I just
I want a necessary auto believe that I was simply suggesting it to see what you would say, Roger, definitive, well, perky pertinent for is better than people. Remember. On the south extent, I think people seem to think ok see. Perk was perk, the entire tab at it, but per from oh eight or nine as a ten at that was an above average centre. He was perfect for what they need is perfect for for the way they plagues inebriated score. So the Lakers thing its work as out of him, and they gave me bad. These are good bad that he brought something specifically that they needed that not replaced. Now. Could waiters coming off the bench as a reliable Jordan, Crawford Anita Type, a guy for six minutes, each half the anew? drink. All that you know maybe that'll be fun wrinkle compared to the defence of losing Adena coups birthing, though because they were talking him up so much in practice and biscuit
back to my kind of young guy finding himself. This is not a skill thing. This is a role thing and the first half of the clippers game. I thought he looked lost like really bad and he had like a nice swing. Pass LE do three than he had another shot. He was better the Toronto game. So may is heading in the right direction, but you know the way coups is talked about. It's like guy, you know, is still trying to figure. I play fifty five games. Kegs play fifty nests. Fifty seven games, I think, with the Lakers this year, and he is in that group of young guy we're like this was way easier. When I was relied on it like he's too young, I think to accept that you need to figure out ways to win within the game off these other guys in so even when he has some of these moments is still doesn't always feel comfortable. So this this coups action even said that way, but this kuchma revelation like that is all
somebody's gonna turn to the sky. That really helps them, I mean maybe it happens, but it it starts to feel more unrealistic when you're. What are you asking your asking him to be like the number three, Why everytime in big time playoff games? Maybe I don't want to wait a champion way to win a championship, went for the most part. Most of the season he's proven that it's just still a role that he's incredibly uncomfortable with. So I think his when he's playing defense and he's really active, it seems like it unlocks a little something for them, but I want to point out with Kuzma cuz you talked about how young he was he's. Twenty five. Is twenty. Five years has been the three years: that's what I mean more three years than twenty five thing: any was land, but I mean, or last year is a career. Thirty three percent three point shooter last two years. Last year year's thirty point three, the cherries. Thirty point, eight. I think people seem to think he's like Robert Worry
Justice dead, high from friend is just not he's not going to leave him alone in the playoffs and make him take 3s and they're going to play way off on. So you know it look if they win the title. It's going to be because Lebron and David's just bully, bought everybody and that's very, very, very possible. It's certainly something that we thought was probable heading into the when the pandemic shut everything down, I still like the clippers slightly, but I also think that Lakers are just a good. That's a good matchup! The clippers because of the Davis thing Davis can do whatever you want. There's never going to be. I don't care if I was there or not they're, not stopping Davis, no matter what happened, so I had a couple bubble, favorites for you. Actually what sticker then I'm gonna go bubble. Favorites
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Eligibility requirements in additional terms apply. Ok, we mentioned I cared trend. Junior mentioned nerve damage, you mention gale and Brown. I thought he looks really get. Lowry was great Westbrook. I like those that use Didn, T J weren't. We did not mention grace and Alan No, we didn t know who who closed with the dazzling is in a very dramatic last second, last year to nerd basketball, punchy bag, the martyr Rosen, who made a couple huge shuts. It won the game for the spurs, grace it out and closed the game. It was having some moments is grace it I'll get to be
like a twelve year, a bay poor start to feel it is. I couldn't believe like when he couldn't get any minutes of you tat. He must be bad rate, realistic. You tat, they were like us. Give him any minutes out of the floor that wasn't as retard relegates. Utah team was the deepest team, and I would ask about him- and I was told: are we really like? like, from which I rarely when you get a front office to say he sex yeah sky, so we fucked epic up pretty bad. You have already made the semi. Usually I don't really like him these women trade happen. You know what I'll say this now you just when the trade happened. I was like. Oh yeah, you know look at it. I gonna Grayson, like who cares,
as I know, no, we like Grayson as it come on, come on, so maybe just maybe he'd know it wasn't a lack of athleticism, and it's not like he's really small, and here is a credible shooter. So sometimes I have heard that there is the longest stretch where you go. Oh this guy I'll be good like nope and then the next White guy comes along and can make shots and was shooting being such like. The only thing to be cares about anymore, but it's not just automatic for those guys, maybe he's figured it out and I like them, you can go to the basket there he's now Jane. Yeah yea can drive and drive gravity their hand. I really like own brooks and he he might have cost them both of those games. Especially today he the rose and just took him to school down the stretch, and especially that last by but in general I it maybe because we haven't seen these guys and while I am I'm just they said a Basque buy back. I thought I was at another level. Job was gone,
wherever he wanted on the card, I watched every minute of both of their games it at you know he doesn't have the step back. Three at their shots, he doesn't have that he's going to have three years from now, but man, if I was a Knicks fan, always talked about this before it was annexed band. We came within one pic of that guy. On top of all the other shit, that's happening this over the last twenty years and she's brutal mean most ping pong boss, there, the highest percentage by far to get Zion or JAM Maria and they are free, and I asked the leg larger bear, but I mean Jaws, atta control teams. When he, when he has a head esteem, geyser, just back peddling like full speed, because they just don't want to have their ethical ispra and he still get into every wants with either hand and Jackson other taxes that rebounding for some reason but Jackson offensively. He looks like he's
That aim. I like that in the middle of the room, the play us, but that is really desk at the almost like to see violence you just get out of here just to let everybody go wild and get him out away like hey. You know what I know your talent, big it everything, but we're just we're. Gonna put you in a time machine back to two thousand to know, don't you know every put em saint Antonia. It's like your time. Your time is young You're always intends to go there. He sat there it look, they respond to treat shorted tony partner form, and then it didn't happen faintly remind you rather have tag a splinter. They really why you like a better to address butter so Memphis and Portland, who I think are very ended, watch and watch and then New Orleans two people were. China will enter this eighty two. Meanwhile, they couldn't guard you and me And the amount of laying the blame, it's a lay apply its It's embarrassing soberly, go Cobo Portal.
Memphis obey the eight said insane antonios I called by beer. We would reach guys be adjusted. A little too rose in engaging patty males in your what eight back anybody say thirty. I will not go away. It's unbelievable the language related to delay. We don't have to worry about the shouting Murray, like we just go under every single screen right now. I am a little less Let me just do a minute here on New Orleans yeah, you got to imagine how they just gonna be site. If they don't make the plants that big and restaurant. What we all want to see more Zion, I we get it. There is a limit on the minutes there baby the hell out of him and that's fine, but when it's a game that matters for proceeding for the first real game back you can't figure out how to have enclose the game basing it just what's the point
You know what I like that whole organization and I really liked a lot of the pieces of the team, but there's just no to have Derrick favors catch the ball and watch. But it is do stuff, while you're like are going to do something with a basketball and science sitting on the bench. When it's a game that you need to get in the playoffs, Why are we rooting for them to get into place and they don't even see no organ of glass and then the flip side of it is Portland on on Friday and then, especially in that again today when they could a rather important and is playing every every game? I gets a game seven You know, I don't think globally. Map lower didn't come out in the second half and they're pressing him they're doing too many things. He just stayed in the game like he really wants to make the playoffs. I do not feel the same hunger from New Orleans, but the shame of it is Portland Schedule is so tough and they just so much damage they
to the bubble play. I've said twenty nine and thirty seven other thirty and thirty eight, but they did so much damage to themselves that first part of the year they might not be able to recover. It's a shame because they are one of the best teams in the west and are they Memphis is Writ Memphis is certainly better than or land or Brooklyn you now and it's just another classic western. We have ten good West themes and six goodies themes, thoughts and prayers, Jonathan Isaac, it was so far again to watch him, and you have this hope that one of these Orlando guys gonna work out and be something and embassy Isaac at her No, it doesn't look at night in the good. Ok, it's time, Philly Action, let's take a break in the more developed with big warmer break to talk about blue apron home cooking.
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Minutes in the game and I and they get torch by T J weren't, even though, as I said earlier, there have siemens and viable two guys who you would think would be able to sort anti war Then you have indeed who, for average at least half the game was being guided by Samson, sixty seven Dzhokhar Samson, say giant far Sampson yeah and indeed sake. Let me get the bar twenty five feet from the hoop another side, with threats like you're being guided by some success. It go, go posted the basket and just score them. Every time it was
Brett Brown disaster. They look terrible at one point: shake boat was yelling at him beaten the huddle which I watch live. I was like woah and they cut the commercial. That's like weight did it is. It was that was that a fight which and then come back and they're down playing it, but it's Groundhog day, and I just I don't get it- that team is so talented. It's such a tragedy from a basketball standpoint that thing's going to lose in the playoffs. Early. Okay, we need more just so you know. I know we. We have a time limit here. We going to get this over before the sun comes up, but I told myself as I'd like. Did the re prep like what I'm in it? Okay, I can name every right for the most part, you the same way all of us that are really in a day in and day out. We know who every place for like I stuff. If you ask me it supposed to sign the college football who every quarterback was all the power five schools, I would get so many of them wrong right now,
nothing that way two weeks into the season. I know everybody whether recruiting ranking was who offered him in the back up, because I just do my own prep on that joy, because I just left IRA quarterbacks. So when I started ramping up again for the restart a week or so I'm goin over everything. Again. Ok, it's been for
once plus a shut down where I was a radius of religiously like we normally would be, and I looked at their roster and wet. How are they the succeed? Ok, I think it happened again because the same thing happened. We did the preview of the entire season where you go stack up, Milwaukee rosters stack of Philadelphia, Russia, like I can't pick Milwaukee, I can't, and then it plays out again, incredibly frustrating and sort. I told myself on this restart was don't have a second first impression: don't talk yourself into something that completely contradicts what you felt about a team? Yes, sometimes you to be more apt, for this. Just is going to be some outcomes that we can expect. Obviously this sports and it feels really unpredictable, groaning the place, but don't completely change how you feel about a team or players just because we ve seen it now for a week when we had four months up, don't let there be a second first impression and with Philadelphia when I watch them in their paces game again. Its basis upon his brow
ended in play and the shake Milton things been an eye stories like forty percent from three that's thou who he was last year, but now olives and it's all unlocked Benson is gonna, be incredible, who they still stagger. They ve been Simmons indeed thing for all the people would say: that's not an issue as it is an issue, and I still unnoticed go look like when they're closing the games or for it's been a disaster accepted certain things defensively. I get that I forget to buy his hair out there all the time, even though he had a Maastricht, Amy gets a basis. Josh Richardson's, David, close to being the guided diving to be, but Milton Guy I forgot about him regarding imaginative and tell when you look at the ranch you go away, the other. How is Josh, which they just Richardson used to be a guy, Everybody would want other team. I gotta get me one thing you did enacted they had put: it
I'll, Neto too rarely orphans and Neto. I don't even know how much it was his fault. Sometimes I'm I'm second guessing myself as some of the coverage is, but I know when the players all start yelling at each other or when shake Milton gets Yait seven seconds in the second half they played seven seconds in something up messed up on a defensive thing in prayer rounds like fuck, it you're out ral those in any announcers at least the pace aside their land what's going on, but went out yet sedate settlement on the jump about shake built, and I guess we and yes, we have to do with that. For the internet, it felt a little that's kind of the other point is that I'm supposed to take the pace is this year should be the six years this seriously put their there aspects of improved this much because a shake Milton violating applies league I regret it hid a played welfare like for games like well. We ve we solve this. So here's my thing with fully and he saw it
They did you watch that whole game. I want your holder and that high screen thing they couldn't figure it out. They were getting it wrong. Free time, but member Indiana's up by like seven or eight or something and Phillies just like they do this crazy, full court press in them and unleashed their athletes, and they got like one steel. They almost got like two more steals and it was cut you're watching this you're, like oh, my god. This is the two thousand Ravenswood. What is happening- and I realize like they, just have to not worry about offense at all, like the only way that they can turn this around this with their defense cuz. They have, they have soy. Steve Speed, Davis, lettuces and they have like two high on guys and thigh bone. Simmons Richardson used to be a high end, got her happening this year, but if they took a fake, auto what they had in that last minute as their legs scrapping to try to come back and just kind of make that their style
that's whatever you have. Indeed, you have three point: shooters that you're going to get two hundred points, but to me that defense is how they're going to win and it's like they don't even care about it. So they're down ten with a minute left to give a fifty three the teacher word. Then they set and they still like, didn't believe it was real. They had they kept during holiday on these high screens and then they would still they sell a couple of shots. Grain from Warner, incredible, yeah, Lego, unease, Lloyd! You go! You just have to you have to get here and by the way that frantic thing towards the end? I think they had an incredibly stupid foul. We, It down a possession, and so it was it was with the fingers. Busy even have the right it out a little bit or waded out as the others. Always this thing, depending on where the shock lock in the differential, ok, but it doesn't mean, the file right away when you have a foul and they ended up just you. Ok, you got screwed up and defensive assignments, hidden
Even have any idea could think Neto all the sun's like women on the starting point guard, and even though there was always on him that he would certainly have greater doubting guard and they're all looking at each other goal, what the fuck and then there looking back at Brett Brown. Then you have this followed the end where you go. Ok, some hours, gonna foul guys at the wrong time, and it's just a very hard team. Despite how, a week ago, I'm looking at that talent Goin. Oh my guy houses, team, bad and here's. Here's the funny thing. I'd I'd talk to somebody about this, wouldn't Philly be better off. Getting the six seed playing Boston being on the other side of Milwaukee and then maybe facing Milwaukee Lake. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to tank into the six to go with Brett Brown doesn't have that kind of equity. This group doesn't have that kind of equity. It can't happen there. Clearly gonna catch the papers, and now you call him hey PETE. We could they possibly be thereby trying Where will we were heading into the bubble and even set on this part? I was like the three sacks like Boston painfully
be. That's gonna be a real problem and it would mainly because I hadn't watch Philly for four and a half months- and I forgot have this function, hood, how weird they coach sailor? How exactly on light? That's fine! If that's it, restricts. I welcome it. We are not there. I'm knowledge that occurred, we'll figure it out, we'll be fine,
but I even Steven Adams looks like Shaq against the Celtics and Philly just says: we're going down in flames with Embiid, Simmons Harris and Thybulle, and name the fifth guy, and we're just trying to make our bones at defense and we'll just post up Embiid, that's what the league is kind of hoping that they don't figure out- and I was thinking like who this remind me of so szakos to LA ninety. Six check doesn't win the title in to Mm Shack during that whole stretch has like twenty nine and twelve. He is the best center in the we could games, get a little older at that point Robinson starting to fade a little bit Duncan's in there, but he's more of a power for this point.
Every year. Here's what I wrote down town it expensive, awesome, franchise centre, poorly coached will fold in any serious, so here's had turned out for them. Ninety seven, they lost four one around two to Utah. That was the cobia airball ending every remember that ninety ninety eight they made the west. I was there when sixty one games got swept by Unita. That was a series of Nick Van Excellent that the one to three Cancun when they, when they were down three nothing practising, I became a big deal. Go look: go look up, Nick it s. So once you three canker lots histories heard about that, then in Haiti that had the lock out year, three coaches swept in the second round by Saint Antonia, so team, a shack in his prime in his prime got swept and back to back placer. If you look at that now in your leg, man, what the fuck happened. I mean they had young Kobe, they had checked, it encourages impossible, wait there.
Hurry. They dared Fisher like nice, employers- maybe maybe two top ten ever right? Have that happen but is there you were there? It happened because they were terribly coach, their dysfunctional, they had weird chemistry, the pieces didn't quite fit: Phil Jackson comes in cobia kind of becomes cobby and then at all kind of found a place, and I wonder if Philly is that lay down these Lakers Timor. We're gonna, look back twenty years later, but, like oh, my god, what happened data be then Simmons made a hundred and fifty million our payroll. How did they get swept, but I feel like that's where we're heading I dont like them for the Celtics, despite this once but I just just weird like we're supposed to keep sitting here, go well officially ever pulled it out. Just this rule that I've
believed in more and more as when you have all as evidence in front of you, whether its quarterbacks or basketball team relationships and you go now. This is this is for that person is this. Is this? Is it as we have seven seasons of this? We have five seasons of this year. You ve known this person for a couple years, and this is how they deal with you believe him now and fully all at this point. It's just, I would imagine in many ways, is brutal Sixers fans of Ben to you and I, over the years everything we ve said they feel, and that's probably what so frustrating about it. But none of this is none of this was unfair. None of it. I mean just watching pages game in going. This is where you guys rat right now with a handful of games ago before the plants and expect you just turn it on, and they still, I still may pick em to beat the Celtics, but I'm not gonna pick them to be grown. Ups, like Toronto, RARE Milwaukee in that's kind of like you're gonna plans,
what city with the other, the other side of it as a team that isn't there not grownups, you know I'd like the biggest accomplish what they have as a quite bouts, Billig man. If we had one that game you like it was in the second round. Ok if you're you're imagining a lot of stuff going right after that shot? If you are winning over time, which was again at a dismal game, you know that have to spectacular buyers. Simmons has these moments. Where like sat like sadder, they given the ball. You know that his little spot in the far right and the left you kind of know is going to go left. The defender knows he's going to go left and then he still goes left and does that swooping lefty, Dr J layup, it's unstoppable he's unstoppable and transition. I really like his game he's. You know obviously missing that one thing where he doesn't trust his own shot, but
lot of stuff is doing off. The ball is really good and then something within beat and beat had like eight baskets and that game we're like. Oh, my god, there's nobody in the league like this guy in not be able to harness. That is embarrassing. It's really embarrassing and they put it they could have handled it by getting. I just think they ran the course with this coach and I think we thought that year I think he's very well liked and very popular, and it became that Scotty Brooks OKC thing with the guy. We got to give him one more year and you just throwing away years in the windows to shorten the NBA as we know, but he thought a year ago, ok, we'll grinning were passed a year after the title by leading up to that play off series or multiple answers, or of Philadelphia, I'm not, I think most we remember the suicide is now, but it was just a foregone conclusion abruptly gonna get fired if they didn't do something special and yet it like a wow. They kept him, and I'm telling you now that same stuff is picked up again, but now at least four buddies, just gonna get paid me.
If they go ahead, make a change it if they were to get back the first round or embarrassment? The second like five games, everybody's looking at each other, go what the hell I don't know why you would try it again with everybody and I'm not even on the breakup. Indeed, Simmons thing
I understand all the different arguments, the numbers, how their better together and in uniting slowly I test stuff is just different than what some of their efficiency as with both among the court, which definitely has had awful stretches and has improved, but just those two and how far from us and holding up, but it's you always are probably to lose trade. We have, as you guys you know, you're tired out west broken off and supports Simmons, almost decimals office of rebound great at his size that yeah make less sense than Westbrook, and I'm not talking about his size of the advantages that he's that quick to the hoop on anticipating somebody's officer, rebounds you're, like it felt like everybody else, thought it was a time out in Simmons. It's just that much better than anybody else. He looks LE brownish, sometimes when he got absolutely it where it just seems our parents. I really like the tap for in these, though I am a huge phantom Amy, I gotta say leg. I just typed out there TAT Night Butler Bam Dragon,
Duncan rabbits and whose just keeps getting better crowd her. Who in a plan says, is that could be scared, Harrow Olympic, who always has moments in seven game series or have to really get games? He might give him already p votes this year, Kendrick Kendrick, none who vizier You know, thirty will start in the roads and yet consider. Why were you got him and then without a good ally? That's right! So he had that. Is you tat, ninety of spinsters, the as dead coach and you have a team that seems that they really like each other? and over cheese, and I don't know what happened with Butler Admission at practice today. I don't know it by the time people hear this podcast. There might be some story behind it, but you can kind of see why Butler left Philly cuz. He was like wow. This is so dysfunctional about. He leaves Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, like I'm good. A minute start, my own man, little family over here in Miami. I think it turns out
way better than he ever could have expected, mainly because I don't think there's any way he could have known. The kind of poorer ban was gonna turn into this year, and the Duncan rabbits had thing which is bonkers, there's no way he did Tyler Herro it's going to be a rotation guy right away, but probably saw him dressed at the draft. It was as if they'll probably be a four seed, there's an outside chance to catch the Celtics, but I just really like that team. I think they would be hard to play in it and I'm just sticking my head, like a Philly, somehow got the five and we had this Miami Philly serious and all the talking heads are gone at a it worked out great for Philly. You just look at that. The talin on both sides and that they're just bored- and it's like we've- seen this over and over again
Over achiever, well, coach team is just put on earth, debated, seem like Philly and maybe you're right. Maybe they are better. Our planet by adding boss tends to talented foe fur. This voting that as many holes either they lose the both of those teams. Actually, the Miami match up is really interesting because the zone numbers where yeah once I dont have this to the to the letter here. So I might be on paraphrasing the number that I read, but essentially Miami played more zone possessions against Philadelphia in just two games against Philadelphia, combined and exit over a hundred some possessions of zone. Then twenty plus team played zone? All season long well so sparser doesn't care, he'll go for it and your seem more more. I just love that these coaches go and it's really kind of stupid. How stubborn everybody, but it is about four years gone. Why, when we just throw Yosemite off zone
don't respect certain things are doing now. Maybe you get more used to it and the surprise Nature of it is gone over some kind of serious, but I love watch in Bam. So much and even though I worry about what he would give up defensively battling and beat or seven games daddy and beat has to chase Bam around that doesn't seem like a limit. Put Simmons on it, but then wordy put here, you might be, indeed. I would also like a serious that you might try to do some cross matching their because Bam initiate so much of their offence. It's not yoke its level, but it's a trust.
That's along the same lines, and he had a couple plays in that Denver Game and that Denver Game is not the end, all be other missin missing their entire back order missing. Will top three perimeter guys like a poor junior making some cameos warehouse like this- is why his coachman look coach beloved can't stand him. His poor screwing up all these different things and like below but loose mine, but in that game at least for the execution, for what Bam does he's just a really difficult
match up. You gauges, write em off because the sizes vintage against- indeed, yes, I wish all I suggest morale any won't be afraid. When, indeed does that intimidation thing that it is sometimes centres that works, I don't do as intimidating bam. He might overpower me. Men have forty five points, but ban will keep coming at him. Do you think you know the others? Teams are in the bubble? There's definite do their basically hotel room go into the barbershop that created for them. I think they have like ping pong and shit like that. Maybe they go the poor. These teams are just spending a shitload of time together and I wonder for certain teams that are really close ran like the bucks. Like that's like a really good thing. You have all these themes. These teams are get along anyway. See, put them in that situation. I that's great. I get the Lopez brothers are best friends. Yadda says his three brothers. I George shows a great guy going online video. This fairly team are at stake. We always here
advantage, auto, don't like each other. Who knows how much of that is true, but it's the same kind of whispers. Yours heard with the Chris Paul and Blake Way back when and that there got to be true in general, where you have like a semi dysfunctional team that can't really figure out what it is to get our horror bank at thirty billion years and happy, I wonder, being in a bubble if it makes it worse better or the same. Would you think I feel elude make a worse. Well, at least you can go always go to your room and just hide from everybody here: you're, not traveling. So, even though the schedule and people's hours can dance, gonna favour younger teams of different things, people really didn't factor in not flying for two and a half months out
Magic is the best version of of resting yourself than other care who you are you cross Copy fight cross country you just kind of wiped out for little while their monopoly ask my game. So unless you jailing yeah, he we just do it, but he used private jet. Now, right now, Jane Linkages. I've eat sleep at heads. He right they is. It is private check. I know me the fact that you're not going anywhere is something I don't know that we talked enough about. As far as the content schedule has to contend, scheduled isn't doesn't deals, condense view not to fight cross country over time. But now it's a really good question cause idle. I think you still hide from everybody, but it would suck if you are lucky loner, think of your that loner type and then you are forced to be around. Everybody knew just kind of wired a little differently, and then you don't really know what to do. I mean I don't know, that's gonna impact Windsor losses. I think the clippers thing was maybe the only time we wondered,
again, the Louis thing balmy I'll just go. You have a chance to win the championship in view expose yourself to this, and then you hit up their tortilla expose them to imagine. If that happened in you ruin the chance for a franchise like the clippers, especially we forget any team, it's a selfish move in so maybe that stuff all the past, that's all done. I could only see that may be being the kind of thing that completely disruptive team, not even this silly someday testing positive recovered, but somebody becoming hey three weeks in we're not as good we're down two or three minutes be. Maybe it's a selfish act were the team you end getting upset. I can just imagine Caruso be like he s going to barbershop again HU? I see you go. We actually get Burgess later now day. Deadline Danny, greener, hang around scatter a couple people for the funny thing about doing this package sunlight now, it's nine! Fifty two. We have all these games tomorrow. Its use is never hidden tomorrow, Bundy
at ten thirty in the morning, raptor seat the men at one nuggets thunder and then at three thirty grizzlies PAL kids, it's a huge came, and then we have this random spurs. Seventy six years game tried. I can be better forty eight points. This might be the most dated Sixers years, discussion on the planet and about twelve hours than we ended, Lakers Jazz, his that's that's gonna, move fast. I still think we're. Gonna have some injuries knock on what I hope you don't but to go from just wrapping up like this and play in every other day with the intensity that these games have add. I think I'll be interested to see how it affects the other players, but I'm so glad to have back I loved other social justice stuff. I think they did a really nice job across the board, hitting a bow. Between all these different things. Once per head, I was awesome, do what he started about unity and everybody coming together, for it was really cool. The announces that it cool Jabba, like the pics lasted the dumbest thing for me was the coachman.
Is I hate those anyway, but now we have decided on reporters with a fuckin mask on like there you know cleaning up Chernobyl with the back from from feet away. Any ring some coach me like Brad. What happened there in the third quarter in Portland scored forty like what are we getting out of this and with? Why is this happening and do we need this? I would say no other that I was happy with everything buttonholes or when he does does interviews the keys clearly learn from the poppies under the Gatt, the family tree. I mean he's acting like a pissed off parent, whose son just fucked up the amateur at the local cunt,
club, remember member who, like his kid three potted he's just had like seven Jenin tonics like ass. What bodies like in those interviews where he just so like pissed off about the whole thing I hated you people speak curious, began people, that's us when they gotta turn Doris Burke up. She said two games were when they go to the crowd noise. You can't hear it's weird, it's different than some of the other people that have been in the booth like Marken Jeff in brief I could hear perfectly the ten t think if he was in the bigger is spent thing. Was they count down in the guys, we're all interrupting each other? It's like why do you have for people on a studio, show indifferent spots on some like tape, delay thing, that's never gonna work ever. Why are you doing that? Spic three? Why we ever think of this? I don't owe echo by bringing because you know how it is, though, now it just because you can't. You cannot have one of the purport of the people on the show: hey you're that year, the fourth most important scenario, not only on the show
the double elimination shell like in the Basque, by quickly based bar? If I gave you over under three and a half more days in the season, are you going under over I'll go over four days in season? But you know I ve talked about this on my ipod. Every piece of information, that I had on it as if people thought it was like a less than fifty percent chance of this happening, which doesn't mean you don't try, I'm not in that camp. I say you got to go for it to get a try. The blaze. Thing. I'm really tired of all the different angles of of blaming people, because then it was, I got them. All these things, and these guys are casino. These guys are Strip club, but I don't know if any of that stuff is true, but it it feels. Like everybody anti Manfred, which I understand that were passed, the personal accountability thing
But you know what, if you're young guy you want this to work. You traveling all over the place, you're going to have to make some sacrifices here, and I trust me college kids, that's why, when I look at college football and like I don't think it's going to happen, because I would give our college can I go out, I want to talk to people. I want to go hang out, and I'm not gonna criticized if Israel another way that you and I would have done you're like that now at the agenda I've been solo man. This is building. This has been, I mean, I'm pretty solo to begin with, but this is this: is a pretty intense solo run for your boy? That's for sure. I was on a text with a couple of my high school friends, including my friend, Jim Grady, who reads to go and play Suffolk shuffleboard at at SAM's in Port Chester until like four in the morning- and I was asking him if we were twenty four years old in this panda- was happening. How many months before we just snapped and had like a four o clock, knighted sands? Where
where they probably within the first couple weeks we sort of man, I fuck it. We rather days. I totally get it like when you're in twenties, You have no regard for anything you just you just want to live your life. You don't want to be told what to do, and you want to take chances and do dumb things. We're just saying this all awry world. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just I just know I'm that aid is older. I don't wanna, be a total hip, Knowing that I would want to hear from anybody. I mean that that's the most predictable thing ever and then on top of your college athlete, and let's face it like you're, a big time college. I think, on this campus kiss with a lot of girls, are going to talk to you, and you know that the college mail that goes. Oh, I'm
dating this semester, I'm going away, I'm staying in my room until their eyes. I settled know you're my without aid on Saturday. Yeah just knock and happened. It's not gonna happen so banal. Its thing scares me because I don't have it and pull it off, especially suits go back. I just assume is unhappy that the media, so far the Manfred thing talking about it, the prayers, the prayers don't take this little more seriously. The seasons can be over its like well you're. Putting your trust in the future, an entire season in the hands of a bunch of people who probably act to make the right choices? Ok, but what was I supposed to do in this turns into all resellers, defending Manfred? I'm I'm defending if you all agree that hey this is how we're gonna try to do this because everybody shot down bubble thing which the bubble thing looks a hell of a lot better. Now all I mean you're right. I had this thick with above all to me. I can't believe they do.
Didn't do, but nobody wanted to do the bubble apparent. What then does dynamic disease, and then you can't do it the way you doing now? How much of this is impacted by this red suspicion staff that you want the season in three days immigrate I was, I was peril. Acting on Friday, I just paragraph lake. Is I'm losing my mind and power the other day and I'm listening ass? I look up in there this to deeds. Walk in front of me. One of them is wearing a murky bets, dodgers, T, shirt, Jersey and I just got sober a man who is bad enough already here from other people in my life who, like the Dodgers just say my God, movies amazing, no idea like a fucking. Now I get it I wandered about sitting. I have. I have no idea, They had no idea this good man he's such a good base. Runners again, I I know but hit because it's boring smashes the events that had one of my friends their neighbours,
I had no idea had norm like that. You see the throw evade throughout the guide. Third, like yeah now is seen as one of the things tat his things every single day Pascal yeah. We our aware as red taxpayer. That's why I was so under. My dad is texting me. Ask me who the hell this guy's everyday, the reds extra starter out there, that's not named of all the my dad is like actually upset about it, you? Wouldn't you, although I know that members had the whole your grace period, for when you, when the title by add there is no great I might add, like I'm, seventy two. This is the worst pitchy staff we ve never had. This is bullshit. I think it's a worse, but you surf Elisa my lifetime. You and I were play that game the other day now strong, some Jimmy Williams lineups at you, but still at least Mark portugal- make it just six solid.
And I was telling you I we had that year and Aaron Sele started opening day, and I always thought that was the nadir but fit this thing today were they had to use the opener on a Sunday night baseball game. They brought him Bryce. He was actually pretty good. He struck out the side, but that they just stay base. They have one starter and then he rod looks like the the the worst Kovach casualty of the sport like a that key, really had that real complications Zara the year Airy in this was the guy They are carrying on as the number two thing but yeah rough year. And I am I I think it's gonna I've been thinking big picture about. I let's say the season ends after two weeks. I just how we're the baseball references gonna look twenty years from now, when you have these Muky bets, two thousand twenty thousand and thirty eight at bats, and it just is wiped out year thy date. It's the only quivered, I guess behalf
that six hockey gear when they just had no season but didn't, have a season. So racist, it's gone best that I have it on now yeah, but I guess the fact it'll technically have happened. The only thing I want to ask you about baseball is a kind of regret that Jeffrey Lurie, it doesn't still own the Marlins, although I don't really mean that because he was just from a comedy standpoint, because would they put up a division banner if they never play it again at two in one and one slash, three
and maybe it every like hey. You come out here today manner because there was a sell out it so bad. I I think people and ask me thy go of baseball. This is happening days bar this means for by what happened, and I just felt for bus happening and unlike what happened, the Marlins enough in the car does. If there's a ten covert people on a football team Del just be they aren't you guys, you guys go over there and just bring in the next ten. They dared they're playing games when they start there not giving them money. Ok put it. Maybe this is maybe this is the great Boston, correct the other cities and absolute fire in so instead, it's like ok, not only is the second best play baseball gonna end up on the Dodgers, where you have to hear about him every day you gonna have a staff that pataque it would cancel the season on, and I dont want to say anything bad but like could
I'd, Stevens Coach, the next two years and by the way, all the paths are opting out on defects. Maybe that's what's happening. Maybe this is a big, a big correction This is on earth zero, like just the mystical things that are at work here. Would you say It was way we over did it like. Yes, they were a real calvinistic group of people, but we over did it. We just let them win nonstop for twenty years, and now, let's have em have ado they could cut from the reds. Is their number two starter Mugabe and allay. I don't want anything about Brad Bradwell Brats, these I'm trying to think what would be the worst, not even the Knicks. Now here's yet they go coach. The passers! If he left us, I think, said, beat R D. Actually he go to. Now do like North Carolina or something? I don't think it's funny. How do fans would be like our eventually take to do job? Do you really think that Ducas
to give you an mba guy you're in a big guy. I get what do gives, but I just always gonna throws a little insulting the Celtics that it would be like. Well, then, get oh hell move onto something bigger better. Like Duke what you really coming at the pats, no No, I'm not as the rest is vision. The rest of the division is not yet she's got decimated right. Buffaloes defence is a concern, my Emmi, what I am not ready. If the patriots I got one of those people that this Bela check taking thing, I know I've never voted out. A day this have you buy out into it, had by Ben Timmins a red throw back in New Jersey path that trying to be delivered to August. Eighteen he's the mouth he's more excited for came Newton, then any Boston afraid that has
an acquired by Boston, TAT, bends, rough kid and lay landlady loves videogame cam. He knows him from the video game circuits like he just assumes its gonna, be like the video game the rule on Ben swearing at home? It's been broken a lot and, firstly, I gotta tell you something that would bother you from an annoying, apparently no reseller, now some benchmark plain lotta to cater in the pandemic. Really an ever, so they have this whole card thing and it's almost like you have to buy Pacts, Maloney Robbie shows me all the time. So don't get these special cards the best card, you can get the Galaxy Opel Card Day, the gaps Europe or a basically gives whoever the poorer superpowers you try to get the whatever. So they put all the draft prospects for two thousand and twenty,
they put like Anthony Edwards and the mellow ball and James wise men. Those guys are in there with Galaxy Opel cards in their fuckin awesome like James Weizman, it's better to have him. Then it is Tablet Kevin, Mikhail casino. He could make threes. So my son is plain these games. He now thinks these guys are due to come into the league, it being credible it. I've tried expensive leg, the Mirabelle probably going to suck as they know, no is Galaxy. Opel cards may, as you like. This is a real life- he's not going to be very good? Ok, just trust me, that's why I don't understand why Wolverine didn't stay in the EU. Have sea like Wolverine were really that way he would have just like God. Why are you fighting in backwoods die bars in Canada? I just shut it down. You miserable! You know how much of a family kitty Pryde it out on you like. Why? Wouldn't you just go all right, Dana I'm going to cut to one hundred and eighty five just beat the shit everybody will not silent really what happened with ovary, what I'm guessing at least one of those three guys
be even our three LE mellow, wise men, he had theatre is probably play to copyright, so they get this card there. Probably so excited at this card was superpowers. It just feels like a recipe for disaster. They think about two thousand thirteen. If we had leg up the Anthony Bennet Galaxy Opel cards out, he's fucking amazing is a horrible. He gets into the actual league and he's just talk garbage. I that's all but those guys in their I'm with you that shouldn't happen Here is another thing about. You cannot ever played an mba game and then be the best player in the video game. He can be better than that cat came a ladder is it worth making bill Simmons, quarterback patriots, ninety nine
ass, the board and mad now to call gate before her thin here. That's also happen. Here's the other thing that fresh it so that then they created these goat cards that earlier higher level in Gaza was the bends like obsessed with, like, though I made MAGIC shack yard Ass, the brine now barcode as it happened. He wouldn't park. Your guy would insider for the game. There's no Bartley Barclays, that into categories wherever got me yeah, that's right, so that it goes right. It's all the best players in Vince Carter. What in tracing the Grady? Dunkards, though, if we as those two guys have go cards but like I don't know, Julia serving Desert there through whisky, it there's no algae. Beller go card. Theirs,
Wes GO card, but Vince Carter and chased emigrating. Mr Karim go card now and there is for tourism agree. There is a will go card by yet traces I was a lot of talk about it. You didn't have a bill. Russell has one in that apparently came out this week, but I was just. Where our priorities for giving James Wiseman Galaxy Opel Card and were giving Vince Carter GOAT Card Vince Carter,.
I love. I don't ardor great great rigour park ass there. I don't. I don't think he was one of the best. Fifty points of our time. Do you know he's not. I mean I think I might have been just leave you, this big news, big news for next week. This update I'll give you a week to researches. Ok, I've been redoing, my pyramid again, because I watched the latter basketball game Stern, the pandemic, especially from the nineties. I think I'm at a fucked up with patch again he's too high Adam. I had I had him as the last guy in level two, but I think I should have actually put him in level three. I think I should have had him a little bit higher. I think he was a little bit better than I gave him credit for, and I have some regrets.
I can see how you got to that, though I can it you a tough one. Historically is he's, probably the toughest rank ass. He was the best guy on a real contender, their ninety three ninety, but as watch unlike this pistons next year is the year after the bulls beat pit the pistons. The pistons had this one last year, this one less erotic and the next I beat the shit out of and they act among. The playoffs Ewing had a lot of leg. He had a lot of skulls. You know he want a lot of plants series and was in the max and are really relevant way really from like eighty nine, Ninety five and I'd think I'd discounted. It too much re evaluating I was wrong.
Always wonder if Ewing, Georgetown Ewing is impressive as any caused by asking is an Arab Georgetown Ewing is the best offensive centre. I've seen since I've been alive, the most intimidating thing you just like this sucks and that team should have one more than one title by the way. What John Thompson I dont know because it was in his big, do I wonder of viewing had not let himself get his big If that would have changed what would have happened because he became kind of continental, maybe it's the nineties and was applauded his office eating his these went animal or a bit. I don't like his these. I think, by the time the Ladys, I think his knees were probably seventy five, eighty percent, what they used to be but think about it though he eat spent four years college. Think about that about John robbed years in college. John Thomson could talk Patrick Ewing into coming back for senior year
think I could I come out right away. He could have come out at a high school, feeble freaked out about it. If it happened soil I don't know that it would not over one but Ewing. That's no man! It's tough measures! You think another one was Karim who's. The best college basketball player about time, but spent four years in college and You start comparing like the greatest part of our time. He loses these three mba years that it could had that. If you compare him the Leubronn and he still had, this amazing longevity. Yes, you know. Are these the order for you to deal? That's if any law, these three years, where he would have put up thirty again so yeah anyway, anything I plug, ran reseller. She stood there. Yet we are still.
On it doing well, and we are careless and the new head coach of Duke Women's basketball and also shoes and system to sell flexible year so have we get some must be stopped, but she's she's awesome has led to great conversation their summer Lake once in a hundred and ten degree heat but she's getting elephants. Listen that reseller I'll see you next Sunday at. I can't wait to see how the NBA evolves over this x seven days. This is fun. Those get. Do I get to feel normal guy for two hours, good, to see you absolutely and updating the standing, your Oklahoma City Thunder, imagine if their plan being the Rockets in the first round. I mean that's a dream right, if we add ok, see used in and around and Portland Lakers and Clippers Dallas, those are some bankers in Miami Philly.
Some bangs I'll, see you next then I'd thanks to Priscilla, thanks to spot thanks to home depot home depot decorating your home is now easier than ever before. Even if you want to get a nice awesome, Keurig Machine like I got my looks nice and fancy in the kitchen that offer free delivery. Ants like that it was forty five dollars or more now, for a limited time to get ten percent off styles. You love and use code Bill Simmons Ten check up bill summons one zero at check out vowed on site that aims at only find exactly what you're looking for and more at Home Depot Dhaka. Slash, decor we'll be back on track stay with one more pack has ten new. We watch was coming up Monday, the Samara that is coming up late Monday night stating for that. Check out the Ringer and Asia Logan. Imagine their first package, go on Monday morning.
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