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Bucks on the Brink, Giannis vs. History, Finals Leaps, and NFL Bets With Joe House


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to discuss the Bucks’ Game 5 Finals win over the Suns, Giannis Antetokounmpo's enthralling basketball journey, what the Suns need in order to pull off a Game 6 win, and more (3:15). They then talk a little golf, NFL futures bets, Olympic basketball, and more (1:02:40).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Joe House 

Producer: Kyle Crichton 

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free, puts zip recruited to work for you, zip code, the smartest wetter, whereas sobriety about the Ringer com, as was the re watch about where we are doing fight club, it's gone up tomorrow, may increase rain The reason we did it is because our Woodstock ninety nine document is coming on HBO on Friday? It's gonna be on edge beyond Friday night. It's us going to be available on HBO Max all day, free It is a sneak preview of our Music box series that we are. Launching later this spot six documentaries in all this is the first one. We wanted a time it with the twenty second, her twenty, yes, twenty second anniversary of wood sack. This is a great one directed by gas price. it is badass three day weekend we're? Basically everything goes to Hell, it's more of a horror movie than a music documentary, but highly recommended can't wait for you to see it and
since we had to come and we had to do fight club because it a fight club also came out 19th at nine. It's happening to some of the same themes and kind of makes sense of the combo, so that was one weird been saving for the right time, fight, Club and Alzheimer. Chris, nay, this coming Monday. Also Joe House is coming up in a second. He just a fair way. Rollin would Nathan Hubbard where they broke down the open com or color his second major, so they went on right after was done. Posted gray pack asked about that. If you want to hear us, we're inside were gone at the tail end here, but if you're near the full deep die with how someone Nathan you can check out fair way rolling? Also, we have a new podcast launch in this way, Jean Roger, which I think is launching on the big picture feed the first episode this week. But it's another narrative says from us. We just finished led by a series which is awesome. What, if the one by a story now move and right to Jean Roger wishes,
really good run about Cisco neighbor, who had an enormous impact not in the movie industry, but I'll pop culture too in the seventies. Eighty nine is seen in the year two thousand, so Jean Roger that's coming this week, don't forget about three watch was don't worry about the Woodstock documentary on age, beyond on HBO Max on Friday, common finally be over by then you have you have time, you'll be ready for it coming up house, and I are going to talk about all kinds best must have some golf, maybe even some football futures. First, our friends from project we are taken since mid afternoon, specific time on Sunday Buddy Joe Houses here he just
Fairway rollin earlier about the at the open, we'll talk about that later want socks, hoops, no podcast. For me after Saturday night's game, five cuz, there's Saturday at a birthday party to go to watch it at the party was super. Fun came home, washed again question a third time this morning, house. I am convinced that a bucks title and the young asleep that we ve had the last four weeks is the best possible thing that could happen for the NBA. I'm talkin big picture what it means the league, the storyline behind it, the guy who stayed the guy who could have had everybody tempting him with you no come here to Dallas, you can play with LUCA go to the New York Knicks you can play go to one of the highway teams go to one of the big market. You could be bigger star he's not about that. Everyone said who's, never about that stays where this team they make it better enough that they can compete for violence to get some brakes
and then they cannot have rock bottom game. Five Brooklyn series he sucks it up and he's just like em, I'm not going down I'm doing everything I can to get her hurts. His knee comes back, has two iconic conic plays in the files and did everything we ve ever wanted from this guy, I say he's a level higher than ever thought he was going to be where an just in general it such a heartwarming story, isn't it like. We have thus get in this game. I'm from Burma Boston Fan your pc fan. I don't really care who wins the files unless a betting on it, but I think this is so a great basketball story. I'm really like enamoured with it. It's a damn good story and it fits exactly, The overwhelming over arching narrative of this mba season, which to me is last man standing like you know I We ve been fine worth a sons of victory in these final,
and the coordination of Chris Paul, and you know everything that goes along with that and end the resuscitation of that franchise. Undermining Williams and the story of that that sons team. coming together in the bubble last year, ripping off eight winds and basically not looking back from that. Like that's a bunch of great storylines,. and the demo Booker Assent Year right there, the emergence of Devon Booker as a super duper star and on eight and nine of war winning is number one pick status, all of them right validating her. His is number one pick status. Yes, all of those storylines that go along with the sun's fit, but this season across the board has been about durability. about you, know just hanging in their it's been a war of attrition and that's been the theme that we ve been seeing. You know really from from the beginning,
with all of the day, the correct the crazy schedule- and you know we ve seen guys goodbye leubronn- planes about all the injuries in the play off and made the point the allied die, told everybody that this was a risk of being and Chris Paul properly clamped back at that with, like you know, we all had not unity getting right. I point of view I have before the season started, but, like we had, only Yoke is one the M Bp at the league because he played the most games. He was excellent. He was terrific, ever had Denver team to the very highest potential, but really he wanted because he play he play. I was okay, the reliability durability. Word that an end really that's the theme of the season and for Yonah suspect to come back from an injury. That's all
our eyes, looked like it was going to be, you know a complete, you know a bunch of of of tears. Ligament tears s dead, he's becomes back. Anyhow I conic finals performances and I am very happy to report the odds flashed up yesterday afternoon. There was some plus odds, freon us, as the envy p of these. animals, because you know our sitting here, looking at it to gain to two. It's gonna be C p, three or yacht us, and I saw plus Austria honest. I jumped right on it and then you know I've figured the rest there might be history will I had. I had bucks and six before the series. Five two minutes
didn't touch. It didn't really bet any individual game, because I just didn't like the individual game mods, but the back of my head. I was like, I think the Bucs can win their going to win game. Three, that's how it goes and I think they can game for and then by the time, we're sorry heading a game five, so many things in the series were fall in their favour, but to be the biggest thing was just like. I think that the best where and how many final said we watch where whoever was either the bed we're going into it or the best player as the series, above that guy's team, usually when there's exceptions, but I think that thing as thinking about the journey of and ass. We talked a lot about him the last few weeks, but I really think it's the most important storyline awhile, you know it comes in gross. Three inches is first year his Kenny into a second near where there is some exhibition season. footage, remember Jalen Jail, and I did one of our last previews before that serious got cancer got suspended and I
showed him young Yana stuff, and I'm like what this this looks like something and he's. I now know it's too early, but he it was at that stage. Where was I got this? Might this guy might not be a bus, basically, and then over the next two years he becomes the freak. He went over everyone on Twitter and it really seems like all this guy is going to be a really good. Players can be an all star. This is great and then something shift again He wants to straight envy peace, but there still seem that piece missing and think other down their arguments. We had me I've even at some on the show about the baby rabbits up with them, and it was like he's better Robin, but he still gonna- need that kiss Jim Cobia in their early two thousands of these everyone, one when the title and paid my long point leads to this. The stuff he's done the last couple rounds where he's kind of Ben the bat may not the Robin he's added things to his game now, the bucks friends I know he was he did this in February- gets Orlando. It's like
and he says he's sobbing shit, sobbing angles. It's that about just put the wall up in yonder does know what to do. Just make sure threes like he's attacking on forty five degree: ankles thou the stuff he did there is that won't play in that in the fourth quarter yesterday, when six seven minutes left and he had eaten in front of him on the left side and he just kind of went right. Adam half euro step them put wit left, but did a rabies, scoop shot got the FAO and that is to say it feels like he's got like There are twelve moves now that he can kind of draw from during these games rate or he's definitely helped by the fact that they're playing the sun's because they really the sun's, do their very best to muster. version of the wall, but it's really not that formidable. A war- and I say this with the intent of dismissing or demeaning how other the growth of Ya
as the what we ve seen out of him in terms of his adapting to what that defence is showing him, but Aden as the primary defender just is nigh He can't handle yon as one on one well Anna as semi careful defender to cause. He doesn't want again found trouble So I think like if he had a really good backup any gets in any way put forty five minutes yesterday, but I think he is always in the back of his vine. Indiana has been really smart. You just go and Adam doesn't work in a manner that offend em. I dont know if he would have done that a year ago I don't know if he would have realized like I'm going to back you down. Do this jump up thing going to do this little one legged floater over your head. I don't care if you found me I'll, make one or two I'm just going to keep going to the line.
you guys, while fell out lackeys, he doesn't look back its air. I remember when I, when my daughter is play soccer early like ten year olds. They start really think about Suffolk, nine, ten euros if they made by MRS Kick or something you can see, it gets their head and her coaches. I just be goldfish to swim around. Whatever happened two seconds ago, does matter your goldfish to swim. and I feel like this- is a goldfish incubus. How many free throws did he missed in the last two minutes, like five in a row, he was four. eleven from the phrase our line lobbying by lies, fired it should have been. It could have been game, it was gained, changing it was gained. Changing I mean it is permitted the sun-
come all the way back and that there will not be raising. It is either that more is Achilles heel as the free third shooting their gas Short Venuses Achilles heel is there to spawn there two guys short while now on that point, Janius led everybody in office of rebounds last night he had firewall offensive, rebounds and then and that you know it is then the story, the sun's inability to secure a defensive rebound when they need it and the sun's turnovers are the thing boat and those that's just you know those our effort, kinds of of plays not suggesting that the sun's haven't been expending Maxineff But you know, though those are the that's the nitty gritty stuff that that will determine the championship about net size and length of fanaticism which the bucks out they threw that line about last night with that it was a glow, Pez, Ganis Tucker,
Middleton and I think Conor did. They didn't have a point guard weight back to the back to the artist point. We were kind of bummed out about this finals like deep down cuz. It didn't have that it felt just felt like an asterisk. I hate the word Astros, but it felt like a giant's. What do where was just all these great players? Weren't in it? We had of the best eleven players in the league, ten of them weren't in the finals right and then you think the way this work that was Awesome. We had the nets, didn't get to rig their roster and try to win a title. That way. Just, though, would karma bad luck is kind of got them same thing for the law girls who read their title because they were able to get Davis Acres and get ever not the back out of that backfired. This year, leg unawares love you well, I'm just the bug sword. the home grown old school title which is like you know, there's both voice title, but I was enjoy the in.
new eighty Leon, I go lottery, picks right right yeah, I think their highest back, so that whole fire Tahoe parts find the whole thing them walk he S. Fifty years, many you're gettin ready the air lock your phoenix see three now, if block ends up winning game, six, which I feel like they're gonna win game sex. I just think they're better, but you know we in Syria, where the team is better and blew the games extended, founded gets by him into. Does thirteen C p. Three now losing Finals becomes a historic rings, got your guy. he very much larger while I thing when, when everybody talks about thanks to this matter, and they have the list all the players and it's a Barkley Malone jabbered they go through them so that the best and guys, if everyone, a title, our Malone Elgin Chris Paul Dash, hard and curving Ewing Iverson rests in somewhere
can order those guys anyway, you want cp three. This is the closest I think in the final said, any of those guys got, except for using you're right up three to Houston Game six game, seven, but they just they caught. It needed one sat down the stretch, a game: six, then you make one shot, they couldn't do it and then they lose and gave seven. My thing was, I got thought the right thing, one because I had gained a site. better than doing and asked about. I give you your entire seasons. Come down to a John starts three with a came in his face. Maybe you should win the title, but that was the closest at those ten guy now out in kind of wondering, because he was on that seventy two Lakers Dimity retired during the season. But, as you know, it's like barely After all, those guys you and came the closest but Chris up to nothing in the files not getting it is devasted.
So though, the one thing I hope we get after this Ba season is over is I know able to say the rebel mission fraught from him were through some. You know journalism, investigative wise ass to his injury. What what happened to him, because it unless he bore you know, is able to get himself to Germany between now and Tuesday An injection of the super steroids, you know This is impressive, appreciate those are illegal, but were a copy com you go to Germany. All I know is called me my whereby he he likes to he liked the food there. You gotta treatment was sought me. Maybe criss crossed would like it as well. He got some washed blood injected back in his day. I think it was legal. Well Gate, great Chris needs it, but he needs that, unlike for parts of his bought, it does look like it right, because this is the com nation that we're having as were watching the games and were also
a tune, and you and resell o talked about after game for it, and yet I was an injured, injured or choke, and at an when he's that. Well is injured and he's playing always finds. That means, then he choked in game for like we keep we're going back and forth. I don't we know the answer, though idle bird there isn't a difference. Is that he's not choking he's? Not you didn't play, he didn't even get minutes and game for she has hurt. There's, though, argument about it. I wouldn't haranguers yields sealed because they in both so here s where all the earth is every sort, youngsters fuckin her youngest came to the Euro steps anymore goddesses ten years, longer than I know, but that's all I know in the title of the thirty seven Euro guy and you got go for rounds at a whole. Condemned eyes like this is the shut out. I know that's for you, Chris Paul from round to through the first two final scams.
he was twenty five and nine four rebounds. He shot. Five thousand two hundred and fifty ninety five only two point: one turnovers four point: six free throw attempts, remember that for his last three hundred and seventy nine two hundred and fifty two four thousand four hundred and sixty seven still not bad for the split three point: three turnovers one point three throat and the body language act. There has not like the body language from him: what's not easily even the languages, it is the body, the body language that had to be hoped that the body, because nobody, he can't penetrate and kick use shared with us, the shot chart right from from games three and and for Milwaukee, has taken away the corner three from the sons but
sons have been complicit in this attribute because sleepy three cannot penetrate and kick you just can't physically, well. You know that you can dribble with his left hand. Yes, sometimes it can. Sometimes you can't Barroso they're making Booker they're kind of good with Booker getting forty points it of its its apparent now I made it puts it's a risky for happens. We have, but if it's a little reminiscent ethic, the first guy remember doing this was pop and oh, five against NASH, when he was you sent word, take really we getting ready house dash, knock yourself out getting three thousand five hundred and forty NASH kind of didn't know what to do. He had what I wanted was the right match up every time same thing of book. Are there just a closeout on the corners? It happen again. We talked about on the spot after game four with Jackie and
and then something gave up the sun's shot really well. That was one of the weird things about this game. They shot fifty five percent. They made two out of every three three sixty eight percent, the shut. Ninety percent for the further on that point They lost your boys that crime we have a nice cram fact in here teams shooting sixty percent on at least twenty three point. Attempts were twice and oh winning, via an average margin of twenty four points, and the sun last night shot sixty two percent on twenty one, proportionate tents and lost the game. I mean, as some some record breaking stuff is going on here. It's a tough went. Well, Going back to the address in the outcome and then we'll take a break, but Katy makes that three. It though it out
It is a bad day, I'm big toe away, so we have been so we have a tunnel whatever that come out of these by. Yes, we have Chris Paul now as this just off time like. I feel bad for that guy. What a warrior I'm actually not gonna hold the fact that he's everyone finals against them, but by the way you know. Finally, you have the old school home grown guy leading his team, not thinking about having yeah that'll thing and on top of it Katy stepping on the line, put some chest: hair on Europe. It is Europe that the greatest thing that ever happened he added cause. If Katy had said three, the nets got the next they probably win, and maybe the sun's beat the gnat sped Cairo might be back at. That point may be hard. It's ok baby the nets when easily, but we never have Lastly, rats reactors and
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guys in it a daiquiri Richland, it's not a lot less. The stuff Ioannis is doing done in this playoffs in these finals, the game to game stuff, the consistency, the greatness, the stats, all of it coming back from the name with the ninja top of it, but he's averaging three thousand two hundred and thirteen and sticks in the finals. Sixty one percent for the playoffs is two thousand nine hundred and thirteen five I will talk about the company. That said, we have shack in. Oh, oh, no one with thirty and fifty read the neighbourhood. We have shack and no to the twenty nine and thirteen exactly the same now shack those three stray fires were like. While that's one of the greatest three finals runs, a rat goddesses is step four year. Karim and seventy four loses the violence, but put up a thirty two in sixteen Karim, a name in eighty, which was his greatest five series, my opinion, thirty, two and twelve. How came
before twenty nine eleven her keen. Ninety five thirty three in TED. Moses in eighty three, twenty six and sixteen those are all winning performances with big stats. My point is this: I had in my book saw my last I've shack, I've Karim now, his third, our baby. Fourth, I have Moses Shack and came on the top the thin yeah. This is in the neighborhood in the name of the aegis drove his car and one a parking spaces right next to those fuckin guys for an entire class and is about to win the title, and I did I just didn't expect us to do. Well, was plausible at the play off right there, because- and I'm not again, I ought not to confess this nine one from a walkie to win the title before up by others began. I got on that because, as I boogie there are others there is definitely a path here. I mean the nets where the prohibitive favorites, but
that's how those injury condemn that way was even before harden. You know Chris GOAT, his way out of the play ass end it know what we're gonna get with failure. Philly was underwhelming than that land us all we are. We did, though, again right, but we do. I get a refill girls in seven fourth quarters residents. We gotta do that data, but this was the thing that bed made. The bucks compelling like heard yacht us, and Anna was also legit coach, bud questions and I'm not sure that every coach bud question, but they answered Ferris actually, but the combination of bananas and coach, but together on this journey, just enough doubt too, to make it You know a giant. I don't know, but also plausible, because you're honest can elevate and he did elevate and we knew that Middleton and
holiday were were wild cards and they both mature, thereby that aid and point because we didn't know Middleton, could be like a jet second guy always Dame, we did not know that we are that we with, though they were there, the supporting cast their the crucial yellow role players in this thing as has been the only one that I feel like he's exactly who I thought he was throughout this by us- he's gonna go forward. For every once in a while, he's gonna have games or looks like he needs Lasik surgery he's going to have games where he's completely dammit the fence away, perimeter guy and he's gonna have great two games like last night. That says it all over the map, but he's good. Until last night he was under thirty five percent shooting in these finals, and he is of a volume shooting there wasn't like. He was like these were euro. Three,
for eleven performances me, he ease get. That is getting it up, but one of the things that jumped out from the stories of last night- and you mentioned this on the defensive side- and this is the thing if you're thinking about the box in their prospects holiday- is a lot down defender when holiday has been on Booker or cp. Three, the expected points per possession further sons is, is is like twenty two points per one hundred possessions when he's not on one of those two guys both of those guys if it jumps up to almost forty points per a hundred. So I mean that pic with the proof, the pudding we see with our own eyes with holiday, but the idea of the box in these pious came down to these very, very factors. Right, like Yahoo, next level boon, halt or not,
fucking it up and then holiday and Middleton. Can they do it? And then it's it's cool were here final stats. Some of these are great, actually spend arrogance or other stuff today, Shack in two thousand in the finest thirty. Eight seventeen just every game, while o one thirty, three sixteen and five jack. Oh to surmount the little thirty six and twelve years. But that's why listen? That's why our defence shack? You fucking kicked everyone's ass for three years: Hooky Karim in eighteen, eighty, thirty, three forty Moses and eighty three, twenty six and eighteen, her came and ninety five thirty, three and twelve liberality, good ones. That isn't ads. two thousand and sixteen three thousand and eleven ninety two thousand and twenty three thousand and twelve Sebastiano's three thousand two hundred and thirteen and six again there was a park
base in this garage that we did. No Janius was allowed on this level, the garage and he's kind of bad, in the car and to the garage. What c drive. Is that thing? What kind of cars What do you like? What do you like? I understand it. Some awesome, like Greek Ranger over Its roof and you didn't like it, I'm gonna tell you and I like something to tell you that I met him alive, said the Himalaya. How do you think I know allow that? I don't know if you want to get the fort the forty two club. As you know, the points rebound as is
Therefore, to turn over a new played at least twelve games you, specialist, not alone, was who talked about many times is but there's a forty seven club, oh Jesus for guys posts, merger, its Leubronn, AMP J, who came Shack Karim in Addis those are seven guys, the bronze than it four times by the way, shacks that twice the other guys I've done at once, but again, Leubronn MJ. Her came Shack Karim, Janis, going back to the grass now here's the other thing going on here. Defensively he's better than Shack was her came was incredible. I don't think he was better defensive within a key must say that I think he's in the vicinity of it, though,
yeah. I think he was the better defensive Anna, more impactful defensive corps than Kareem at any point of the second half of his career, and then Moses was really an offensive. Rebounder, a defense wasn't a hundred percent. His thing you throwing the defense stuff that he's done in his ability to play against all these different types of guys right has been matched up on Paul and Booker and the perimeter he said. The guard Aiden he's been all over the map and on the key play yesterday, which, if I'm a Suns fan, I'm replaying that that's their version of Larry Bird missing the shot in eighty seven an edge Booker, really good drive on the defining play again. Their down one drives hard left goes in the lane on Tucker Tucker, who, I think has sucked in the series actually plays really good defence stays in front of a dozen foulon Janis comes over, makes him guess. Booker stock unease about the turn and throughout the world
ass for this YAP career, defining three: that's right, holiday steps it out and he's already grab him for the bog grabs it turns on watch in this. Live, and I say, yadda sues, do in that run down the court thing. my god, he's gonna, go for the alley. You are you fucking kidding me and I did. The holiday was gonna, throw it to him and he throws a term pulse of zone which, by the way, was a flagrant at every point of the seas it except for last night for some reason, for that is they ve got. That is a flagrant all year and yet is finished as it game time. But that's I think that one of the great plays in the last twenty years, like just for significance. Everything that happened, the three different guys on the box all make an like. Really a place and then like an athletic way that I feel like how many guys make up a pianist Robinson. The bird I honestly M M equally impressed by the balls on holiday to throw it
they're like credible balls, that's what I could make it. It was an all time two way play humanity about. If he fucked up the alley, that's out around the can go wrong. A million things can go wrong on that play. Lulli right meet, it has to be perfect and end. It was. It was Bang Bang Split, second, like the sensible thing and nobody would have been mad would have been prohibited. trouble for a little with purple, ran ransom, clog airline, pursuit of yeah, exactly right, of course, but no we're gonna put the hammer down. We ve got a one of one in the honest, I thought anywhere near the rim, he's gonna get it and he and he's gonna finish it and by Golly I mean it was all wow, we wow thou III. Well, there's The thing going on here, if the bucks below that game, it caused me to make my life
that what were the worst finals losses of this cause? You were on the worst finals loss of the century, and maybe our time was was the re island shot yeah, that's the worst basketball ass! That's ever happened. In my opinion. I don't think there's ever been a more devastating loss, but at some other good ones. I just went twenty first century the hoary game game Five, two thousand five Detroit San Antonio, which is known as the hoary game, but it the real diehard hoop fans remembered as the I can't fucking believe, Rasheed Wallace Lepto Open when he embedded then one right through the Mediterranean that had a wider but three liquid to forget. The lie stated at border Robert Hoary that should have been his do thanks and our stuff on Lakers away game for get Celts of twenty five. We back make a bunch of trees to me that's a day. Small ball was basically created cause. We come back with the small ball at it with
Jane you shoot threes than it was. That was the ladder up. He should apply all year and were always like every time you play that light up. We score they flipped out. That's that they show that a little bit. You know that that that game as a marker for the come back, that the box by come back from sixteen? You know they write lashing big comebacks in finals than that was one of them. Well, that's when the three threes are such a big part of these quick, come back you don't make, therefore threes in two minutes and bang. We did a book about my Pakistan. This game or land are two thousand nine game for a state being Gandhi catastrophe, the catastrophe with a little job here now send a little Dwight Howard spread, but that adds up again the Lakers as bad one Dallas, two thousand six game. Three. serious, seems over huge, come back. Wade starts getting Erika game. Five was worse because that was the Bennet Salvador, yes,
never get over, how bad that cause. I don't even like Dallas. I don't even think I bet on that says that was one of the most horrify moments that led the cuban screaming at stern. You fix the game audits of. Ah now we got two thousand sixteen gone Stay Cleveland Game, seven, gold states. Last six minutes are right that I think that's the second worst So the last warning well, because you just need a hit one three new in the game- it? One shot new in the title of just one, quick, the calves don't even score the last five minutes other than the carry through its stunning fur fur golden state said to be in that drought. That's the thing that that so, starck about it, their home and nervous, and just a rock fight and Festus zealously
there for some reason and aiming to threes over him. Then nobody scores for four minutes: Brutal Boston, two thousand ten game seven year with when the eighty point laid they just, they wouldn't have enough guys in the Lakers, really good, but we're like a guy shark is Perkins, was out and then are the last one. I have is Cleveland. Two thousand eighteen o k the J Smith Game TAT. It was a game one, so not as devastating by Us Leubronn de LA brand new it he was. He knew that was it, for this year's there were could beat them five times. So I have those nine and I think if the box blue that game, I think it's the third were set up do you have ten and you're missing free throws and you lie Paul wide open on that three hundred at the top of the perimeter, for no reason at all, Booker hits that crazy going through his right three
and then you just can't you just seemed nervous and you fall apart and you lose that fucking awful yeah. They were up ten in the fourth quarter. I think they were up fourteen at one point in the fourth quarter, but they were up eight with two minutes. the three seconds left when around what I'll anyone twelve there were two and a half their up. There are ten with thy three. Twenty left and we had to Missis Middleton and a holiday miss and then they put the freak on the line, and this is again like how what a fine lie were in here extolling the virtues of the freak and yet that game was him standing on free and by the way, the free throw that he missed Fourthly, I follow you brilliant miss which unites Europe should have been. This is why the thunder gonna lose the theories that kid they could get a defensive rebound when they needed it. It's just that that back close between these two teams, I think the biggest mistake they made in game five was that plant came Johnson overcome
I think they, I think, they're a little too in love with the safety of crowd. In the same way, the box, or a little too, in love with the safety of Pga Tucker sure, but I think they in I think for game. Six came Johnson's the guy asterisk it more from him in that game, because one thing for them as he rebounds and hope Man and hate, like I feel like you would have gotten that free throw rebound. I don't think he was on the court booked quickly, Booker, so that last possession.
Which, I think is one of the arts, I'm great fireplace. I guess I got you could Zapruder from that play great Tucker De Great Yacht us up great holiday strip right three great sorrow, great yadda, spread and then a double great AL you and on the flip side of that book, or makes that shot. I think they went. I dont think the bucks a, I think they just what'd Doubleday Middleton, gotten a bad shot, and it's like this incredible fork in the road moment for Booker, because he, Read it the precipice of this. This guy might not just be like a time all star, like we have to recalibrate what we what we thought the was doing as a two card. Is you no less than ten guys ever, but he get stripped and now it is where this? Let me ask you this yeah. Do you think Money Williams made a mistake by not taking the time out? I don't I to me: that's a trust, your team, the AIDS. I watched a bunch of times that acts as I trying to figure.
what he should have done. It actually think he did the right thing. I, the bucks, just play a perfect one. If I only had one time out left- and I was at the thirty second Mark- and you have to have that time out- you know the matter is that for sure the most interesting thing about that plays Crystal Christina runs away from it yeah. On that same, he was afraid when I'm saying Booker had the Bonn the right corner on the bug side. They get the ribbon start, shooting at no time out Christy. All the way. The other side, like two thousand eighteen rocket style. I think you would run into a spot, though. I saw it. I know you're talking mothers, they crisscrossed right. I want crossborder had borrowed twenty seconds, so this is the thing. This is why member If he's out, they may be, there will be no new right and a new, but I play before member would like fifty second sight, are on the right side. Here he got the switch on confidence in and then he dusted Conniston and the baseline and legit
This won't Chris Paul decide in the game. Is Chris Paul. He and, let's give him credit. He really did almost decide the guy, I now he engineer that come back. It was his smart plays and his finishing and his execution that brought them all the way back to that precipice. Above one point away me Booker also, who was incandescent But he was ass EPA, three driving that train driving the come back train. We didn't even get that cp jog toward Booker and Booker like look I'm off or that semi jargon than the comeback users like books got this. I thought that is really fascinating, while you know part of a thing- and I don't remember where I saw it might have been- yes began on dry. To the lane, like that by by Booker, the sons were seven of of ten, with no turnovers when Booker was penetrating in that way. That was the only turn over on that kind of a penetration play
and it makes perfect sense that the Cp3 would be confident that poker would do it and it broke himself was confident that he could do it. I have a question for you, but we're going to take it to a break, and I want you to think about. It is Devin Booker the best to guard in the league right now you mean that over and break simply say is an award winning Hobbs CARE to system say you know it's engineer with the latest. Technology want to keep her family safe, but what really said simply safer part as its people highly trained security experts, always there for you when you need a most people who really care about keeping his safe. So when an arm goes off a person who cares there, therefore, for the phone call to make sure you're? Ok, when an emergency happens, a person who cares is there for you by getting fired? Please respond to your front door right away, even if you just having a problem improve system, a person who cares is there for you with a friendly chat and quick resolution bottom line? We need a most simply safe. Is there twenty four seven would be
who care and experts train to not only keep you safe, but to make you feel safe. It's one of the many reasons you s name is recycled. Simply safe quote the best homes curative two thousand twenty one unquote to find out how super safe can help make you feel safe and secure at home. Is it simply safe, dotcom such bs customize? Your system can get a free security camera once again, supersaver to us simply said Doc, Slash BS art, so you can go into next season in you could have any to guard for next season. take a James hired, a new taken Booker you taken somebody us, while just approved by one season. The recent bring this up is because this would a better ridiculous conversation. Six weeks ago we are you'd been like what the fuck are. You talking about trade,
because the thing with Booker that's been so impressive and ere the buckshot wasted, but he's really play in hard on both sides. I, like his defence, he's really two years ago. He treats he gets eight thousand game. They call for. They were married, my mark when all our Middleton, but then they decided it, would they review date. But- and here I am also very pale- hugging Middle Grab Visa hugger law, these tricks all those parts in game for as well, you spoke in everybody, the love Ok, you, like the durability of that. The fact that he's a younger guy and hard, and I don't know what the fuck shape he's gonna, be it, but it's I would take hard and just cause of the ceilings higher, but it's interesting that it's a conversation so right, it's bond to have that, though the conversation I'm still going with harden, but you know the scene it from book
on this stage, has been a revelation and revelation a great to have him ass. A send into super duper start right. He was a super starboard I was a super duper star got a little healthy to radio. You have to have it. He has to be the alpha, because cp three is hurt and around on stand by that I see three is heard: where do you have Booker against vintage injured? Tonia brought this up a jackets? on Thursday at what they also revere danger, Tony way back when of course, of course, but I mean it's a different arab- and I owe my recently by us. All I can see is is is Booker with all his flexibility. All all of his creativity wait we so we really see Booker as as a genuine play maker right. This is the thing that he's bumping up against lucky. He geese almost there in terms of involving the guy's. She could be the one kick
now the camp Johnson in in the corner or get it I'm game, a tale, bridges, yeah right, you didn't gainsay, they took, but they took away the lanes and they just swamp Booker be scoring guard, which is what is which leave when forty two nights in a row on the finances like that, the net sneeze at f. Why and at its also never happened before that, that is a player, scored forty two consecutive games and lost both games. The thing with him so in the Black Sea's twenty eight sixty five he's only thirty four percent from three in the final seas ready for him. For these thirty two percent from three it is weird, it seems like he's such a better three point sooner than the stats say he's not without the thats tell the truth. This that's! How the truth, but if you're talkin about what's gonna, look like three years from now that'll be the thing. Yes, I had sent they LUCA
then an and assist like I'd like to see him get a half dozen assess that I'd like to get to the line time's the game. Well, he was awesome, but unfortunately he's going to be a tough part of history that play at the bucks win cuz the two players that everyone's going to show from the series for the rest of eternity. are the honest black, yes and they and the Strip AL you, the candidates, a playwright Yeah, well I mean an end: it really do did. You know you were you wanna name, I don't like you Here I am outsmart straighten stripping. It stripping up suddenly there always you. Would you agree that I'm here by that. I do not share his legs. Perhaps there's a lot of things that could be happening. It's stupid, but I'll be into. I assure you every cases
but if your signing up yes, that's right all the activities that might be going on. This trip dupe my head, her array, I think, by that stupid jobs right now, let's go over there with them. But how about the fact that for this play for those these finals, the iconic placed for the books are really deepened. The place, and that really is the idea of the team and the reason why they have the narrowest of advantages over the sun's. So Phoenix was a player short and now there to put our short, they never got the Bio guide her in the season there it's weird like Blake, been nice. On this theme I agree that would have been a good sons, a negative sense. Doctors are there, and then they went down the two thousand twenty draft which site they tat. Poor, genuine Smith, can't even play they actually native. They made Is that why either? Why me
by forty five minutes later with Libya is art. Can you believe that it was both to be Sarge and that Sarge not being there hurts them more than could have traded Sarge right. They could have done a sergeant and green fur or surveillance manufacturing sedate they had waste, have maybe get better and they did it and their feel in it. There is a pretty good and I forgot all about data Finals- comes down to right now, the fact that kind of thing who was incredible, the last two games for but he is you know like. I thought he was completely fearless. He had a couple threes yesterday when it was like the game was about to from a blow out in the first like quarter, corner and a half, and he had a couple big trees, the middle today, one up and then the other one was. I, though, the two shots Middleton hit in the last couple minutes of the game that one The crowd were trotter. I have once again like craters in
landing spot. We see them, call that all year medicine lands item. They don't call because its last three minutes so that they can decide and look. I don't want more FAO That, moreover, is I'm just saying like we were playing. one way out here and there, but he hit that one meaning at a crazy. It felt like their offices for the twenty two one time it outlined and the shock tat they would. I like it. I just bought this combined related. Then he had another, and so he was on his grey, be adding phoenix did just a guy and I mean back if sleepy three wasn't hurt than they could gloss over. They could cover over but he's not only is it in the many sleepy three not having a backup big guy and, I think, a coach buds accident. I use often game one gained through the sunset, a shitload of three can't doing about that, but I She's been really good, though Ass Cobb Games, I like when he stacks big. I got his mistake. Yesterday was not planned. Portas down the street because it seems like every time they got smaller. The though you Tucker
a smile. I thought that's what you think Teague is is there was a bad idea to put dig in there. You don't like that one. I mean that that was the comeback amazing. The more here and in the back, my team sacked Antique was our fit busboy garden. Your side. I don't know how he ended up in the finest Woodstock Middleton four seconds. So there's like these old school sidekick, guys re like same Jones is the best one. Now Neither of us were alive for the same Jones AIR, but it was always the subjects were awesome and then same Jones would do some shit if you down one with ten seconds, I've Saint John the guy, they went to make shots and he was like. I had him when I wrote my book I had, unlike in the love thirty's, because it was like this guy over and over again, just came through in every stage
could score even a little more than people thought. So there's been guys over the years. I think Tony was like that we mentioned James worthy Mikhail became that for bird and then as we head into this century. It doesn't happen a lot in the finals, but two thousand and five number man who had that huge SIRI gets. The pistons Duncan was little. He was kind of fading at the end of that season, We re Allen. Two thousand tango saw two thousand leavin the best version, this Jason Terry wasn't even with thy barely at all star, but just was had such huge balls and ensures that sixty inquiry, probably the most overqualified guy for this, his carriers, rigour, but he was so great that those last or gas and the corollary two thousand nineteen and the question of minutes Mozilla is I could he be, could easily be. That could on that list with those guys, answer that he is whether the end of it was still to me and open question at seven
forty five p m eastern last night because we hadn't seen he in holiday on the road right shoot with confidence and aunts and something definitely changed, and I also will give credit to coach, but for this in in games three and four the confidence that those guys develop an end. You know, but both of them showed up for. the road game- and this was like you know it's the first road when, in the end, these finals- and it's all because of those two guys hotter percent, because those who guys were up to it. Forty four minutes for Middleton Forty, two minutes for holiday, both of them shot over fifty percent and look at the numbers. Twenty nine for Middleton twenty seven for holiday merit Middleton with seven rebounds five. Is this like the complete games? Thirteen assist for holiday those? guys are on the brink of a defence to grow. You did you like Middleton before these by us now
no, I didn't. I lie. There rely lukewarm, yeah Lahti resided, Tobias Heresy, but we haven't. He hasn't identity now and he died Helpful again all give coach bud credit for this she's. There closer he's the one that touches it, because Europe needs to be a decoy
between the combination of we know what the defence is doing in terms of the wall, plus the free parachuting, biome, but yeah estate you'd think. Could the good thing with Ganis was he can he's closing now in these last four minutes, he's at least trying to figure out ways to you don't put some points of which I just felt like before violate their crippled. Then these games, it's really impressive. Did you see this list of teams that went down to nothing and then, when the title know how many people, you think are on how many claims less than eight for your guy? That's less than eight sixty nine celtics, seventy seven blazers, two thousand six heat in the two thousand. Sixteen calves. In that one I still feel like a dream. A dozen punch and the Brown Abbas series is over and five. I will believe that the rest of my life about this tat
Game: six home up three too, since the ABA, a merger in eighteen, seventy six, how many times you think that's happened. What do you mean as it has that may have a wide area specific situation. A team is home for game six with a chance, your clothes and when the title, I think these a number of times. You know fifteen times eleven. Ok, what do you think the record of those teams are in the game six chanced to quench at home game? Six up, it can and one you now that all right, our only outlier, was o five. The scene in town, now, after the war, again they go back and they just finish think Papa Day I Duncan he was olympics eggs. He played like a shitload of games. They talk about like load management like that did he was run around.
In ages. They just something game: sex they lost, but the other times O eight Celtics o three spurs two thousand Lakers. Ninety seven. Ninety six balls. Ninety two balls, eighty, seven Lakers, eighty six Celts, eighty two Lakers, seventy seven blazers they ought to care business, which makes me think walkie minus five or the mocking money line tomorrow, may probably both debates. I have bucks and six. I need to do anything, but it would be very unconventional for them to lose this begun. On the flip side, even a phoenix winds they had put unites later Phoenix with Chris is like run on the fumes of his fumes read out right, though I feel like any at seven guys. So, if anything that weird they might favour seven, there is the seventy four Celtics had a chance to close it on.
famous double T game Karim hits the sky hook in the corner. Overhang Finkel has counts, found out point. I think of my dad swears that I was at this gave us for years old at the recollection of it. But but then the Celts went to block you for games, seven unbeaten ochre, so we can see that, but I really think block is figured it out. I think they ve been better our three games. I know you said to the games came down on one or two players, but an extra say their readers ban, and I love it. By the series. Did the turnovers rebounding as what you now to me, with with with Milwaukee, having an advantage in both of those area, areas that that's the deciding factor. We see a be noticed, especially the young and skies world. Everything has to be the greatest play. A game sequence block that that I personally is pretty high and after yes
is that when the best finals games ever I'd swear point out, we ve got a lotta good file has kept. The second stood a lot of good fighters moments, with the leaks better for seventy five years. It feels like a relief, because there were some concern with the embassies to teams in the the way that the whole play off when that it. Be an underwhelming finals in it. It's it's. It's done better. It's much better than underwhelming will work. St Thou, three straight awesome: game fives, because last year was the Jimmy, but there we're not ready to go home yet game against the Lakers. Two thousand and eighteen with one of the most dramatic bizarre games, the history of the finals when the ramp closed out his Achilles man. Second, half Its clay inquiry in there just say fuck this without losing interact. Toronto has a chance to win the tide on they don't, but that was
a really really memorable game for seventy thousand different reasons. Two thousand and eighteen game. One was really good: Jr Smith Game, two thousand and seventeen game, three go on Youtube young ones that time and watch that one where it's basically Kyrie and Lebron against Katie, Curry and Klay and and Kevin Love puts up a one hundred and forty nine it was like are three against your three and Kevin Love Sky cool. I'm! Not going to fix shot two thousand, and sixteen for four and seven were good for was the one the warriors win. It seemed like they clinched the final two thousand and eleven game to when dark comes,
from fifteen and takes the broad and weighed and await does little dance in front of the FAO. Doubts gets pest back teeth as their Tina game. Six and seven game. Six was the best game of the century and then two thousand ten game. Seven sets acres. So just in the last twelve years we ve got some really good gets as much good, it's good for you to call him out, and people can could look a modest and rarely get your money to get Jacko little work, not either with the greatest, thereby finally tend to be pretty effing good. We ve enjoyed it over the years. I hears my path, tat, I'll, ask you: this can Phoenix win Game six sure? Yes, we ve seen with this this Phoenix team. If they start hitting threes it though
biggest question is. How is the hyper Barrack Chamber that Chris Paul, as is sitting in right now? What are they pumping it into their heads and at all, stop making jokes like house his body recovering right? They ve got they ve got eyes, they are doing everything possible electric stimulation. Any they can do if he shows any semblance and honestly he was pretty Epping good last night. Now we saw him. And giving you know it though he was, he was good in the fourth quarter. I dont really play a good quarter right by good diamond. Exactly reseller said he was disengaged, I'm not so sure that he was disengage. I think he was, you know, load managing within the game to be ready for it for the possibility there were still within shouting distance in the fourth quarter.
And he will them all away to the precipice a one point you know they only down by one. At that moment I saw I absolutely positively. There is no doubt that Finnish can win game six. Yes, as my answer it's like, when you got a strip, an obstinate load management, you're, not gonna, go hard for four hours, but there, it's gonna be a couple great forty, five strata, I'm not breaking out the twenty dollar bills. Might when I walk in the door just throw up here's my road map for feeding swinging namesakes everything you just said about Chris by the combat the Chris Paul Semi Comeback aim. I don't think we need a like a full come back and semi come back here. Kim Johnson. I think we need thirty minutes in this game. That dude- and I thought that was a terrible draft pick. I was wrong, but I think they need that guy's. I fled. It says them in his threes and like just a little irrational confidence on both ends kind of guy.
over what God has them, then he one more really good. Booker gaming. Does that score forty, but he still has, though you know make the majority is two points they need to suck we ought to say they need her dig being a meal too dark to cool off Ebay. It everybody forget about that. They be Vincenzo. I know They need the same kind of mystery, throw bullshit out of the box and they need drew today. To have who is it, MR hide? Who is the bad when Doktor Jekyll and MR had? I think I don't know I think that wherever the Baron S Daily is whether his jack on fire that get rubber who's the bad, what they need to suck a get off answer ways that could affect the fence. Workers is great, but I need otherwise the danger is and having been fortunate to Bennett, closer games in my life
especially when you have a slightly better team and you have the best bar in the series. The danger is that second quarter, when the crowds like going nuts and the players can kind of start, the smell it a little bit and especially if you had the best, where there's an energy thing that happens and we could feel it so. The last one I went for the south was the o eight game, six against the Lakers in cagey. In the second quarter, the bench brought back made a couple, threes and cagey richest everywhere and TAT game at a point where you could feel it slipped away: Jackson's common time out and same thing like good that eighty six one I went to against the Rockets like there that allows the third quarter were that happen, but their these moments were there, the crowd and the other teen. There's like this urgency, because they know lag man. If we don't, we dont, say
the soft like this is dad, and then you can kind of fries from that, and that would be my fair for Phoenix, especially your plants. Seven guys you know, and it like when campaign is out there, they're down eight and the Bucs can just buy all the sun to Buchser of Seventeen and that'll, be it the Phoenix won't be able to come back from that. I don't know if that's if I agree with with with that I think that energy dynamic you're describing also always happens to that to the home team hometown. opting I mean I I hate her. any kind of bad whammy on the box, but I feel like your first- the bucks first quarter, whatever it is money line and whatever their favoured by for the first quarter, I'm betting both of those right bucks gather score, but then it is similar. What we saw last night with the sun State, you jump out too, to a big, aid frenzy the end, then the other t makes a couple shots and then all of a sudden,
exactly right, yeah, what we ve seen the flip side of this, where it's like, I'm going through the final tonight it my teams, gonna win for the first, in fifty years I paid an incredible amount of money for these tickets. This is going to be the greatest moment of my life and then you're down eight that third quarter at its use. Panic. Tat till I got what happened all those, although scenarios were at play here, Do you want to dip into some ear experiences in the first and second round with the bullets over the last forty years, because those are the two rounds you ve experienced. That's not nice, but I will say, I'm happy to have was junior surrounding the hell outta here back, it's o a very low consequence situation. So let this guy have the opportunity and I conic figure for the franchise. Feeling is not very high. She's not gonna fail and any just needs the mind the store for
couple years, while, while the almost bullets reboot from the Davos Burton's disaster, how did you feel about the picking last night, the weekend of when his movie came out to find they is alleged? close Buddy Chris Paul plan person most predictable thing ever. What do you mean? We had a knife wherever he went through a Debbie, a big game. Last rat over the quicker sons I gave sexy with recital five minutes away declared less. My view is that this weekend I think those around my nose, just that the only other one I had was. I made KFC look up on second spectrum, all the Tucker numbers trying to figure out why the fuck he's playing so much Booker's. Fourteen thousand four hundred and twenty four again what I want to get stuck her in the finals. Because he's it. You said it much earlier he's just a trusted person, not their right coach but feels like you can trust me whether ensure not just feels like it and knows how to box out, scraping oxides and, as you know,
He is always hysterical winner follows called against them. So you know we saw credible actions, yes, cable, these ever been called for a foul have been that counts, for something I do it my way reaction when jail in eight three three twice baked potatoes July. Fourth, with it when she made thirty same kind, who preached factory have the ability to strip anew shit where maybe maybe that's where he added after you. That's all I have for these fine us. I think we had. We had all my topic so we'll take a break without the little golf and ass in football features I'd so the Gulf the majors are in the books, our guide, John Raw.
Got one more deserving. Workout put his stake in the ground for best young player in his 20s, potentially other than baby general. We had no Lte gray did a lot of stiffen sticked around felt like it use conference, was rebuilt about a ways and then just Louis days, and became part of I bet he's on that list of Cross Border Barkley, I'm alone, but just classic Louis. What other? What are the other before we get into? What today, what were the other big storylines when he's four majors that you cared about where those that are? Is there another one? Well, we had an unbelievable run of seven majors in the last calendar year because of you know that the pandemic, so we had the Pga championship in August of twenty twenty and between
just have twenty twenty and in MID July, twenty twenty one, seven majors competed with like in incredible about. The winners are com. A coward Bryce. Indeed sham BO dust and Johnson, the deck he might see: Yama Film, Epping, Mickelson, John ROM and com, or a cow against a thinker that that circle and that cycle more account at the beginning, with no fans and then on. The backside of this at the open championship in you that that was the only major last year that deferred they said we're not gonna competed because they couldn't, you know, get get the themselves confident that they could the whole the tournament over there. They had us an insurance policy. They took advantage of that. So it's been like him like you waited to get to that point which the boy they pose, you made bunny postponing they couldn't. They really did that the problem although I would have enjoyed it with the open championship, is the
The weather you have like a six week window, whether wise over there, yet you know anything that you started in the September might snow This is this is the least out of any major I watched over the last few years. Was this open this week Why does he burned out? It was too many too many major in a row. I was in on the hoops its summer time that an azure I'm just gonna watch the last round. I don't really care it outside. It's been a while, since coffee I was in our lives, but this is coffee golf right. This is your way up in the morning. It's it's on. You check the leader or do you have your nice pot of coffee there, and you have to like rebuild that that that that familiar, that that nobler relationship that you ve had your whole life with the british open. But I I was up to it. I enjoyed it. I and I love waking up at you do Thursday morning. I was up like six hundred and fifteen Lang.
Bad didn't move, but I wanna watch them off. It's just one, especially that the scene of it right is not like anything. You see here in the states. It's it's! It's link sits Colors are all different: the guys are wearing long clothes and stuff in the middle of the summer. It's hard here in these in Gaza, where in law I may I love it. So you get to be a writer cut this year now So look who get the we have big time off on the horizon. The Olympics is gonna, be super interesting, that's two weeks away and then the Pga tore championship which, as you know, the Fedex CUP Class and everything is fine as just an opportunity, though, to see the great play again come together in August with little be good, and then the Ryder CUP in in September, so they're still good lot of law opportunity to see some great off a lot of intriguing storylines, not the least of which is Bryce Indian Bowe, who is going to go, be cheating mates with column.
Power and just in Thomas and whom I forgetting our their Zander softly Brown know if this sharply its Zander more cower de sambo going over to the Olympics as an end there, you know he's representing America by we. You he's been on this streak. Of of brand management because he kicked out of his own way. I, between his stewed with Brooks and then complaining about his equipment at this open championship, which was the dominant by that time. Any it's a long paragraph apology, tests Saturday, you know something horrible happened. It was awesome because cobra
He have like him a mutually assured destruction, kind of relationship like the hoboes. Doesn't love not allowed approach play the cobra equipment, a brazen is by far the best Buy Ricky plays it and Jason definite plays it, but probably Then you know they. They have indeed gone crazy, trying to meet his deeds over the the years and in his reinvention of his approach to golf over the last year. Really calendar year, all the weight he put on all the swing, speed and everything. The pressure that put on cobra to try and meet him where he wanted to be met has been astonishing and their representative is like a row. You gotta slow your role and we're gonna tell you right now:
Let it go fuck yourself, because we ve done is try to combat eight you at every turn and embrace into his credit. Step too, is representative wrote a wonderful apology for him. An Erasmus is like a loved what you did fighting back it somebody that works. It is our limping sides on fender by the way ever criticized vandal away at a price and when a cobra we learnt all we would never. Nato is great loot anyone. Nobody had ever seen the better my fiddle. John ROM is five to one J teased him when more account, then no one sharply standalone, Rory Tender. One and Bryson is eleven to one those are best ads. Then it gets into like this massey, I'm a twelve one hotline for In case c, twenty two Shane Lowry, twenty two Ebay answer, point nine, and then it gets crazier
Tommy. Fleetwood is thirty three two one, and I thought me for you might not be my guy anymore anyway. Hutibudi like us, well I mean those eyes are brutal, adds that you know you you that it is a smaller field, so it is on a field where there may be only like fifteen guys back away I want to sit down and and and look at the the course a little bit and an just formulate plan around who's gonna, be adapt the best to being over their who's gonna able to handle the covert Sore Saint Ives, wearing a stay away, but unfair way. Raw and you do it, I an end, and it might be
a little better than lean towards the asian players, because it's really like her ducky? On the one hand, it will be the most pressure, he probably will it ever felt, but on the other hand, he just when the master so his plan with house money- and he deliberately did not compete in the open championship because he had gone. He had covered ample two weeks ago and he is like I'm just not in in the right kind of shape David to go under Britain and and compete all that travel and everything. So I'm gonna look and see who's who says they ve been. You know in Asia for a few weeks after meeting to the time change and I kind of stuff, it probably bet that way. Speaking of accommodating the alpha got worse, Sharp spoke in the mail this week, a yes, but I shall repeat nice like fairly. Yeah right, they turned back three pages cheeses. The tour, twenty one pre football preview. If you love sharp the house on the ringer, fell, show last season when you behind
when the ringer airwaves yet this year. He also does this giant book that has always tendencies, and is become kind of one of the Bible spur view higher about gambling like you're gonna have to read it really quickly. Talk just couple when total and play. I bet so you mention the that you can't believe is the tightens the titans re now and fan door, over as nine minus one. Fifty make your case for why we should be better read this by the way seventeen game season, which I wanna keep saying every time we talk about for Bob, that's over next month's seventeen game season, so the saturnine and seven anymore? You lieutenant said yeah, ten and seven wins, Bad nine and eight pushes that that, and I think that division, is going to be an absolute train, wreck, Houston and Detroit are going to compete for the worst team.
in the NFL. Does upcoming sees Houston as it figured out. The Watson situation at all I mean I don't dead. We have no idea what can happen there, but it's keys clearly not playing for them. The shared the busy might, it seems very unlikely that he's playing for them and they were bad anyway. I can't wait to fade the courts the season. I just can't believe the idea that Carson whence is salvageable air or earth, as is any kind of reclamation possible whatsoever. I do have a lot of blue shepherds thou, be my only fear that well that the one thing with the What is it? I love them last year and the idea is but her. I think you just lost too much money and after I want to know who their backup quarterback ultimately is gonna. Be that that's the decision for me a wit, colts right. You know that value that Anna whence. Ah, what? What proof is there that he's cable,
being a star a winning starting quarterback? When is the last time he was a winning starting quarterback. It's been some years, back in my brain anyway. Soldiers see that entity the agriculture unfading the court's Houston is a debacle and what an ingested bell like yet of first year Trouble Lawrence and first you here. Myers. I allowed me there and admire thing is a bigger peace than Lawrence sure at We have no idea that did we ve seen college coaches member when Spurrier came a coach, your team for a couple years ago- God not not that's when the one of the ones I've also files deeply and far away from my consciousness, youth, you buried more bad sport. experiences than any friend. I have just these two your aberration that were that then dry by three years J Black just bird in the back, your had gone. I have a world
There is in this area in Europe in the last five years. Some guy does not complaining. Can I get an alternate, alternate, titans bet with Europe, because they have all winter Roseanne, Fender, ok, overturned in affluence, plus one seven yeah I'll, do that outside only eleven insects, fine over eight and a half wines is minus one. Seventy five, I don't want, lay all that use too much use I'm confident, but I just don't I'm tired my money that way, you're damn ass team. Overnight and have wines is plus one. Eighty, that's an alternative lie try other line over eight and a half is put one hundred say get even now nine eight even adds its magic and an end Heineken. Labelling on I find your tea was good luck because they were told a total of four three quarters and then they maids
really nice additions. I current the coronation potentially of Kurdish Samuel Buck. A sleeper kind of fantasy kind of dude keep your eye on this connection between fits magic and end and Samuel, but as a couple of things about getting vertical Scott Turner's dying to ticket vertical me, we haven't had a quarter back here capable of phone. The ball down the field in you know, since he's been here See over eight half he kindly I like, oh, I do I did like over it and have nine feels fine and and by the way that I dont think they're gonna win the end of the east, the Dallas office, Pattern of Africa's pats over nine is my lack of the year. There's no way we're not gone. Ten and seven. I still have reservations, now forget about position. Now. I have reservations, Bill sundayfied. If he ever your guy, we tried retried that last year there were not behind
who does he have water Samir? Their favorite? I like the Eagles under Leslie, see what the number is right right now, it's a number vandal I have under six and a half hours, plus one twenty Lula, wealth of six and an eleven. That's tough, although I will say this, they have their one of one. In terms of the scheduling debacle, I think they're play for games and said nineteen days, which is just so grossly unfair in this era, where the league, is allegedly, you know much more focused on fire safety and enough getting the guys the opportunity to recover and that that bet for me, as a combination of the Dunder head coach, why absolute I think we're gonna love, because we need and Adam gazed replacement- and I think this moron is just the guy- is pressing.
Frances you're. Either there there already wonderful, that that's that schedule fuck that they have they they got schedule fought so that that's a little I'll play a little bit on that one and then I let them don't forget meagre talent about I mean you know, hurts one of the stats and warns book that I saw very quickly. Is he had, though, the lowest completion percentage compared to expected completion of any of thirty eight quarterbacks in a league last year, small sample size, but still not now completing the way. Should you like the giants over seven, I don't know, I think, maybe like right at seven. Seven and ten sounds like a giants record to me. Wait I have a fun intermission for you, o my son Ben submits backer. I back for my g camp. They have clothes on he's now. Five eight then come over for one second
Can you guess? There's ass your buddy house now? You're not you're. Almost a man been said, and I know not. How can you give us? I mean a bank and give house your space. Gm review. Take your gun at Geneva. I saw in it, it was. It was all right. Ok, it was all right. It wasn't good, wasn't battles, it's all right. Would it What's your favorite part about it, the ending the Indians Tommy not ruin a movie was over Is it therefore? Yet it is terrible that action was bad thought didn't make. Any sense was branded, get actor Una rounds, ok, you like grandma, his generation loves about. I like that Do I look round, but sometimes sometimes I feel like. I have to swim against this,
in just banned all around me who wins the game. I know there's a big game. So what was your plan agreed supply us like a be minus, be well for him. That's like it d plus cause. He likes everything I think their daily by electric appearance from you here for fourteen year old boy, things to do the add on the way it looks like there's some skateboarding, who probably be breaking seven Five minutes. I give me, moreover, Anders LA I'm. Looking at the rams, tell me one rams number, as I know them as well, so there over ten and a half as plus one twenty five that have to go Levin six out of I like that, but that on that one this year- and I am also going to play Mcveigh for coach of the year- that, though those odds are not out yet, but I absolutely I'm on Mcbay. I think that the synergy between
in him and any other. These significant significant. You cannot be overstated. Significant improvement, a quartet, the quarterback position and how vertical there bubble of getting where there is a bill to be good for the sheer they shouted a hundred and thirty draft back sector. The only thing they're all this season they have they had. They are twenty two. They have exactly twenty two great players: I think an end that and then nothing behind it, so they really can't take on big Injury You know whatever that, though, that status, I can't. I can't have a ton injury, aims if you like the rams over whatever that means. The answer is yes by you know: it's like missed games due to injury that that full thing, they're all winter photos
on Vander, eleven and a half is posted, said Sylvia good, Twelvemonth five. I that's not far fetched over twelve and a half as plus three ninety, that's your thirteen in four men during the recent bring this up as every year in the old sixteen Games schedule, somebody rose, go thirteen three or four things it right. Every year would have the one thing, so you think the rams can be the one seat in the ETA see. I would recommend the plus We need the over twelve and have caused somebody's gonna. Thirteen three be the one seed. So one of them, who are the big contenders in your mind as we sit here today, you know in the middle of July as the ones are you contenders. Yet, turning on our football brains has its not green Bay, it's not new Orleans is it. I mean you're grenades. Its Tampa. Its green Bay of Rogers comes back. and at San Francisco, yeah. Ok, so you there was a telescope will not
I do I have a but I'm fanned all their division odds are better than the Rams division answer, because that that San Francisco concept really puts a lot of pressure on Jimmy G. Doesn't it isn't he still the starting quarterback? He is, but they came within you, no one in completion of winning a super them two years ago. Here to your right. So that's your! cigarettes the win totals with visa, which we re rams issues their division, their diners, the Seahawks in the cardinals and already seems, or five hundred or better, unless settings very falls apart, but yet Niners or put twenty five. I I don't know the saints I guess. Sometimes they were, I'd them off and then all of a sudden there, five or one or six there there. I don't know why this year Earth Day way There is no way that you are you wanna bet on Seamus Winston Atlanta seems a gear way
is really not a lot of good things in the enough see. That's another reason. I think the wind totals thinkers. I neither of us like the embassies, Edison, North Sea Packers You can have that Roger so bad for the whole year. As they are men in Minnesota might be. I might do a tiny bit on Minnesota's a little bit of the annex ii, nor sleeper. I'm still Kurdistan in Atlanta yeah, I'm with you on that bilingual fell off them because they traded who LEO and it's like. I am not sure what hullo was for them at this point is a receiver heading. There is thirty bitterness, so Arthur Brown Arthur what are their land and submit a federal Arthur? Yes, exactly ART Arthur Smith Day, they had the most One score loss games of any team in a well. I share yes, and so are you baby schwaiger might already talked about this little by thy on them for a while, where I went the nitrate hullo, but now I feel like the hula thing, has his screwed up people's perception of
their went total, as is yet seven and a half minutes, by their non plainly over for them. I like the over for them. I like that over eight and a half as possible. Forty seven and nine and eighty starts nine. I name that's better, like a good season. I am also thinking. I think lotta spoken mare, shit with Arizona last year. And if you really, I lost some bets on them last year, where I was like wow this team's, actually, probably not that good and they're over is at eight, so the under is one hundred and ten, which would be seven and ten, but you think NFC West is loaded, so they went like one and five against the other three teams that division, and then at that point even two four, which is not likely at one hundred and forty four is not great either. Then they five hundred there was the way and they lose the thing, I'm just starting my research as soon as that final, since we got the draft
yeah we had the book of foreigners. Fifty three page book with just came out for Christ sakes by we're just talk at some early, feel some early things that we like that we ve seen after I had the first two s August for the first time in the history of this package them just taking two ISAF wow, we could have tried to help that in this feed and that they're stupid, gimmick shit just out. So I'm going to use part of this two weeks to read Warren Sharp book and a whole bunch magazines and really really be ready, as I do that I want this to be like I felt like we had so much momentum on this park ass with the playoffs last year. There's gonna, be on every Thursday. On your guide, our packs, you swaggered were clean it up. We do great he's he's having a good flank. She's right now, which I hope paperless now pack ask as they reflect these. I think he's had a coaches but really good the sharing and pie
was one of the best pads we run this year. I love it so much. The funniest thing, of course, was him talking about what We we ran the ball. Whatever percentage he's claimed that they that they ran the ball yeah the super bowl I mean buddy, that's not the stat that anybody cares about. You just needed the fall down three times and and not you lose yardage and kick a feasible to win the Superbowl thy, nearly eight until they want to throw baron under the bus. Well, I mean but why worthy job back to pass, whose borders that rhetoric as fine hate quickly Miami yeah? overs, nine and a half as is high, it's just I like and tabled seven for two were asking a lot attitude now that defence is legitimately get anymore, coached YAP exactly, but man I need to know what I'm get nodded to her and I really didn't. What I'm getting out of the back up? No more fits magic in Miami. The bail amount lasting.
and then we'll go Thea Olympic Basque bonds were honest were doing this. The sheer we ve had success before with this. I I've already stepped in. Oh you didn't even tell me you dear me, I did well As I knew I know you do at the outside and change, and I just I I did Slovenia, twenty five, I'm I'm on that. You know I'm on that. That's just who do we think that just a smart bet? It's? Yes, I could LUCA beat this. weird american same vibes. That's right! Yeah! He actually could that's. Or could this weird USA team get beat by somebody else? Then LUCA has some. You know Phoenix sons like pathways in the fine us, because you got caught the brakes and played really were a threat that's the bet. I studied some areas to motivate HOPI New, recognise anybody else's name of whom look. I could not, but they beat illiterate
the team that had Yonah found Tunis and ass a bonus on it. Is there not another pro on? It's not anybody, anyone sort of coca. So U s his monastery. Seventy on vandal really is plus five hundred. Embedding that Spain is fourteen one abetting that you in Spain, yeah sure. Yes, they have mba players, I'm betting, all the team, that have NBA players of re ignite Nigeria to emigrate Nigeria, a metal not not the wind but the metal, Francis twenty three, two one, Slovenia, twenty five to Nigeria. I thought I was intrigued by the Nigerian adds entire remembered. My brown was the coach it's a day, storybook
My brother, not gonna, wind. All of that we, as is our bronzes, maybe there's a bribes. You will be able to bet that, as it gets closer, I'm shocked by the Israeli adds what the five the one does on its way to hide a thank you. If you tell me, was plus one sixty. I would bet it not kidding. side, laws for Australia, the parallel for which we, when we wanna Argentina, with one of our greatest when's your men that ended it s all. Yes, I did. I made a big money, mattered back them both Man, you Louis scholar, I think, was on the table. Manners specifically and I was kind of superstar that team They were good. It was like man doing a bunch of wrong guys. You need like a you, need the guy who go toe to toe when we almost lost to Spain in twenty twelve. They both go sauce relax. We can actually legitimately get they'd Juan Carlos tomorrow and whose it called
like that was getting so many had just LUCA against the world, and you know if it's like the rat Tatum Dame with no Bradley Bill, now give em again on this team They have six guys. I just I guess, Middleton a book are gonna, be there may be Booker will make me feel better about the same cause. The other way. I would think it was. USA minus three. Seventy we may never get better as in that ever right there at a Milton, Booker and drew out at this time. I still life. You have to do what they should have a bet leg, just the field yeah, it's a USA monastery. Seventy just give me all the other tabs or water. Use for that that which is which is which is fine, you're you're right by the way it was, it was Manu, it was Louis Scala Alberto.
andreasen for your own America, yeah Yoda Lego, the only a delicate in Omaha stealthy. Another good. I said, then that hurts the severe bad because then the blueprint is, you need five, five NBA type guys cuz. That's painted. Spain really could have one in the waiter and swells. They could be this Australia kind of fits it, though, for the people listening at home, who probably outraged that house that I would bet against America. in the Olympics. We don't see red white and blue and began, but we see green aren't. I shook off his green and red. It's it's It's me the no win scenario of all time. It's America wins where we're great we're american. If they happened, like I told you, they were going to lose. At least I made money for it, so we can't we can't lose you the way so here unfair way, rollin and awe and come back and rigour and falsehood near the end.
Here and that any of the first round pick as usual, the Abuja draft exit. Yes, we do, we have the fifteen I thought you'd traded for Westbrook. I thought that was. Three cause. You know I do have a first aren't, I think so, I'm pretty sure that's true. I like it the guys that thirteen fifteen rage? we need an athletic. We need to figure out, a player to help solve the catastrophe that I was. Is divers Burton's So we need like another athletic sending rem running kind of I shudder player. We argued about it on this pods and guided the Burton signing he. He defended it. I did not know how bad you eat. Defensively he literally there's not one player in the entire nba that I would feel comfortable saying he can defend.
whose winning game six, the Milwaukee bucks. Listen to my walking nation, I think Sosa Ghana, stout man is for thirty. Four final sympathy: I gotta get plus what thirty data ass, great sig job at times your job. I that's over the podcast back Tuesday night mean Marcella, we're gonna be a person for the first time since pre pandemic wherein watch game six. are there and then we're in the past about it, so that is coming up. This package was produced by the one and only car Creighton I will see you on the rewatchables speed on Monday for Fight club, and then I will see you in this week for Tuesday for Game six, we'll see if the Bucs can close it see you, then
one way.
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