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Cam to the Pats, 'The Decision,' and the 2010 Redraftables With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Patriots signing QB Cam Newton to a one-year deal (2:09) before revisiting a defining moment in 2010: LeBron James and ‘The Decision’ (50:56). Finally they look at the 2010 NBA draft and discuss some of its subplots, draft comedy, and NBA legends before redrafting the top 14 lottery picks (1:16:09).

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Monday morning. If you listen to Saint Monday, the car sideways podcast he's going to be going twice a week. He's going to be talking about the election about two thousand and twenty in America he's going to have awesome gas. This first podcast guests is one of his first guess: Deshaun Watson, yeah yeah, he's coming on people like that big guests subscribed out of the Bakari sellers Asked very excited to have him a board, and I have high hopes for this one so check that out coming up Priscilla and I are going to get in a time machine and go back to the wonderful year of two thousand ten, specifically the summer of thousand TED ten when everything changed in the NBA were and talk about. The decision were in a talk about a crazy frames here and we are going to do a redrafted bowls of what turned out to be really a jinx draft. That's all coming up. First, our friends.
For projects right, we're taking as its five pm Pacific I'm right before we went on. My son call me outside it. I know what happened because the patriots I can't live affair, he knows from video game City- was offered up by a really Enrico. If there is a big enough spouses in came Newton as the star in court of acts of the dragon Patriots year, instant reaction Mozilla come about tax, they had to bring in somebody else right. I get still felt
little weird that, although there they ve been known to do whatever they want a logjams me, he began fears about, but I couldn't believe it they were. They were that interested him that they would you say: ok, you're, good, like it's your team, no matter what- and I think this changes- You, even though the camp is, is somebody who then VP years, although Flunkey for him, for he was the rest of his career. But it's not like he's washed up, so I've against his good chances starts. Did him. Does I thought heard the last two years and he's young enough that, if he's fixed and is healthy, I like the gamble. Crazy he's got a lot of footballers do you know any. Is it's it's not like a situation where it was a Michael Vick type thing where the legs were So much of what he did, I know he is in the most accurate guy. When you I know it's a fiscal quarterback I just think is exciting date. There is no way that the ceiling for can't you,
at the age is add: is that higher than stood him in his first is like no you can tell me that is a lower ceiling and not now neither gets that's entirely. The point and I dont know like. Would you even think of how many times that are happening? Game seems more wind. Also before I answer so that I was, I can't gave up on this happening because it was clear he had nowhere to go, and I just think we had a weird situation The league, where everybody was kind of happy with the quarterback and it seemed like the chargers and be the team that made sense for him but the charges were pretty adamant. Now we're pretty happy with Tyrod Taylor, so I think that would check really waited it out. He was like the guy in the fantasy draft, who keeps like the fifteen bucks at the tail end in case there's a major bargain, and then it ends up happening.
I think the ceilings higher for them with him in it, and it goes back to a theory that I think I feel very strongly about I'd. I never thought Belgic wanted a tank. I think he cares too much about the history I think they feel like they have real advantages with the coaching in the infrastructure and the Patriots way that as long as they have enough, they're always going to be in the mix. They always have a chance to go tanning, six hundred and eleven and five. This is an upside playing. I like it, I think, there's real site here. I was calling for it for months, and people are making fun of me and I just think he's too young. I don't think he's washed. Yet. They had a week a really good stretched, depending on the coordinator there, where it looked like, he had turned a corner and ned again outside of the empty p year, where he was incredible and had always come back.
But when you really stack that with every other year you like that's the outlier like that's not a thoroughly the ceiling, I mean you could argue the ceiling, but really is like this while like why, out of that year happen where he was that much better he'll talk, they differ. Guises played against him back the SBA, and I always thought that will Cologne. It said some really interesting about him in Gaza is digits things with him that he doesn't. He doesn't like, he doesn't check and to stop them. Some other guys in playing longer, and so it was just interesting, unheard of and often sublime and talk about cam. That way where you you, don't you not quite sure what back, was it the shoulder was decided unilaterally? Was one hundred thousand percent? Think that's what it was. When I think of other things too, I think he was banged up. I think he will before he was out familiar to. So I just forget seventy thousand seventeen- and he had three three. Alas, five years before last year,
today they would double figures of wines right. They were when you're their fifteen one, but in two thousand seventeen there are eleven in five it a good division. He threw for thirty three hundred yards twenty tedious here his receivers that year Christian Mccaffrey was running back. There was this leading receiver. Eighty receptions Gavin punches Kelvin, better Dixon Russell Shepherd Gregg, often heard the whole year, courtesy, Samuel hurt the whole yeah. I mean we, but nobody yet nobody- and I always felt, like you know, he's playing for poachers a defensive oriented coach she'd, never really had the great Weapons Atomic Africa there. He certainly other than Steve Smith. Never have
receiver that I would have been jealous up for the patriots, and I don't know why. I think that the patriots situation, because of the supporting cast they had cuz it didn't click with Brady. There still a lot of talent on the patriots, for whatever reason it didn't click last year, but it's multiple first round picks they traded a second round pick person to eat. Are they they beefed up in the draft this year? I don't think it's like a town are in place and it's a great coaching staff. So I need to get situation. I can imagine bills I go again. Use did not have any means ROTC off it right in because, as we like to do, our work stood up. Well, we had time here we were like average Snug Messiah one. So your written camera, just really sad, is really excited apply. To quote you under the greater I here's the thing with the paths just in general
I mean it. This is, it happens, which it seems increasingly ludicrous that everybody thinks that we might have been edifices meanwhile, where they bill back flower. To where we were in MID March with shut down, said things closing all others have whenever this patriots theme? If you were like how you haven't you define? two thousand twenty table would be all about that. Brady's. That hearing my right and it's like They do that Brady. But then, if you're like I, whose acts again the team who I send a watch for three hours Really all they had was I hate. This didn't thing will be interesting. I guess about check without Brady he'll have something prove But now there is like the kind of star the tv show. Basically where, like I now have the guy for the poster these and if you can turn his career out and it becomes, The thing you know it, our intelligent loves us. He loves the value he led. The derail rivers getting
for one year was like the ultimate belgic move. You love that I get this also guy and a cheap price and then he can leave after a day resuscitate camphor year while giving stood him some looks then that's probably what they wanted it. Yeah Rhebas at least was expensive, though like that was one that was kind of surprising, because you were oh wait. There actually spend as much money in one year for him and his clear they probably have to pay. Can that was his own Senate's kind of stuff and grievous watching peak grievous for that whole year? Was it's another level like it was that special were gas guy go? Oh! This is why the sky we talked about this. Do this way, because for a little little bit of stretch, there was just knots
taking things, never made any sense to me that the defence? Yes, historically, the numbers were off the quarterbacks they face. We looked at where there are trending historically the first eight weeks, the season as at their own pace, to be the lowest scored against always there and things near like ok, look there good, but I don't think that they felt that way defensively, but there still gonna be good defensively. Banking doesn't make any sense. I don't again the NFL really because I'd take those guys. This can sound like a stupid answer, but it's a mindset thing like they would never look at the year and go ah, they were were over it. You know the browns Kind, it did it, but most these football guys was sixteen games. And the way the coaching turnover happens, and especially a guy like Bela check. Who knows that the idea that he's taking twenty twenty four Trevor warrants when it doesn't guarantee you that Trevor Lawrence is this prospect is a guarantee that you're gonna end up with a newborn pick because the turnover battle so Flunkey, you could be up seven when teen should have an to winter.
Are, you be a seventeen ends of winning eleven in saying so. I've, never really body and do our they only have stayed on that means are taking because they want the two guys in next year's class. I just don't think Bela check. Does that kind of stuff I like doing people were talking about how they felt about Sidham when nobody saw the patriots fail, but I think it was like the people guess what color I was gonna do infringe the last year we needed inner circle. Like do people think I'm hearing collide. Robot. It's like you're, not hearing anything. Quite that aggravate buddy Bell. Checks are talking anybody. I I think this made a lot of sense. Ideology cares about his place in history. I think he cares about like most wins ever again most consecutive playoff appearances all that shit and I never felt like they were going to roll over, I'm so pessimistic that this season happens. But that's a story for another time. Cam Newton, the most except the most excited by son, is ever been to break sport.
For me, so there's that I mean, can you play with them in a video game? That's why we're here, yeah he's a gardener in mad and care. There's like I can. New kind of like of vintage, came Newton where it just like people try to attack on their bounce off. You know I do like that. He is one of those guys that I'm hired him. Then you are he's one of those guys that goes into the opposing stadium and has That kind of swagger that you want from your best guy, whether he can back it up all the time. He really does think like he's the best guy and I don't really know who else on the patriots would care themselves, though even defensively, it's not like they have like make a start on defence. I never let a lot of solid prayers. You know some former opera, some really good guys. Gilmore is the best kind, the defences that, like a corner back and really set the tone for your team a bit the swagger that he's gonna bring em an enjoy so this day veto on its always cipher. You know that.
Just trying to get your head here. I just I just had a figure out where your ass, you, I saw camps first Ass game We were down, you know we're down Tuscaloosa. And we were therefore pen say at Alabama so that we can view Saturday games. I do my shows Friday and Saturday Tuscaloosa I've been us was a few times that point and where are we, This came Newton, guys he's playing a Thursday night game against Mississippi State Stamper Stephen I drove from Tuscaloosa Start Bill and then now we got there we're on the sidelines and can the Mississippi statements from the game but cam had this play? Were a core came up to him and the corner crumpled so bad by Hence just his stature. How strong and big and explosive member been inside out for the Oregon actual toad aim, and he made a duke move to his left, where you just left a safety just standing there and was not but camp crumpled
guy and he actually made a noise like the kid that he hit was I if you could- and had I remember interviewing fairly soon after that, we're talking about that stuff, you just yet happily, yeah he's he's, not shy about our imposing he is, and he's trying at a little f you and I'm right now to no one that the distinct feels ago, and I was just over it just over for me in Carolina. So will say it's ITALY's he's thirty one! the younger than you think, he's like daddy, is young guy, a hub It's funny that keep that super bowl hangs on him, the way it does when people think of him and they think of I can't win about you can't win with Tammy. I killed that Superbowl switch default memory that people have. Does he sucked in that one? You didn't like it at all. That was bad,
member that even jump on the ball, and then people were like. I can't believe in jump on the ball, and I just remember specific football writers going at each other and it was like. Oh you don't think this guy wouldn't go for football and the he admitted after it didn't come right river, but that dumper team that was You know, and also defence fair light ahead. Yeah Carolina overtures a little bit even making the Superbowl, and I think that's unfair to hang it on him. I was enjoy them. You know he's one of those guys I hated gambling autumn and against them? she gamble on him and he would have that game or it's like what the fuck is wrong with, can maintain you gamble against them, and it's like, oh, my god I'm laying nine points in a tease in camps on his way fur like four touchdowns at issues, dismantling this team. So I don't know he's exciting, certainly marks at dinner in the pictures that we have to bring in Cairo. First, second, Kyle YO,
I feel- and I feel great in oh man- this is so cool enters. The pages are cooler than there were yesterday and today Have you never heard me talk any shit about how good sitting was gonna? Be anything like talk, but now I didn't say it causes the highlight of your current. It yeah easily. Easily everywhere through there. You know what one of the low lights is. The fact that I wasn't recording for my end for the first seven minutes is our success, for I forget everything about yeah see if these diseases audio further barriers, grandpa we're going You go back in a time machine to twenty ten, the summer of twenty ten we're going to do two three things we talked about the decision cuz, he is being ran,
I think, backstory dam in order that little documentary series it as about the decision. Ten years later, we are to talk about a really crazy fridge this summer and then we're gonna. Do a two thousand ten redraft and I'll start us off with this. I think there is a very distinct before and after with the NBA a bunch of different times over the over the course of the last seventy five plus years Right Russell comes into the whig there's a before. Then. There's an after after Russell, Russell leaves the red light. Karim comes in the NBA starting off. That's absurd specific. Before and after point a hub the Ba NBA merger MID. Seventy seventy six, that's another before after Michael when he finally gets over the hump and whence a title league feels there from the yet these
moments salon the way right and I think summer, two thousand and ten is a before after moment where it was the first time a bunch of things happen. That's just it really that the official start of the plantpower Manera. It's really the official start of the really smart. If we saved our cap space two years from now for this summer, only everyone's doing it and there were enough good place to go around its. The start of in information being passed along. That is like kind of reporting, but not totally, and I think twitter ties into that. There was like I'm hearing this might happen and that just becomes the story and goes the new cycle versus actually having to report it and then
I think the backlash tat he got was really unique and I dont think we're gonna see that again, because I think people are much more pleasure friendly than they used to be so, let's, let's start in order, the actual decision that the decision to do this to decide who your neck, Team is in an especial a special on ESPN. How did you feel about in two thousand ten? How do you feel about it now. I was amazed at how much people hated it hated. It people hated this and you know it's only ten years ago, so it should be that gone. But I had friends like I'm, never watched the NBA again that hated the heat celebration, part of it. At a time. I M a fan base thing that played in a little bit, but it still has about the empowerment part, because labelling as a pioneer when he's somebody when he's all done plan that you have mentioned,
whatever the player accolades are that second paragraph is g, decided to do it on his own terms, because, prior to that bill whatever country information you thought you were getting any just work like Leubronn daughter did too has done. I think, throughout his career really good job, a kind of keeping things coasted s. I've had bear leans on some stuff and then other times I've been like I'm not sure now this time, but with this one was caught all over the place. The Miami thing didn't really happen. Rumour wise, I think it's too, like the day before day of us go back and reading articles. I love doing that to reading UK met with Chicago they they they. They said it went great right. Broad thorn was ah cities like we met with him when he's Brooklyn is like, I don't know rods like. I have no idea like dowagers about any this stuff like getting really sailor and we asked them if you want as discussions, and he said no so that he was doing something that
it seemed that big of a deal like that's that's, that's the other thing I ve always felt like in the moment. We can get really wrong worked up in the moment because we're emotional we can be incredibly wrong and the people that were so pissed off at him. You just work, You were kind of wrong cuz. He was ahead of his time, so I agree that all that here's, here's the one caveat and I think it's really important and I think it's gotten lost over the last ten years. Cuz I've heard people make somewhere. I can swear you just made breaking up with Cleveland on a tv special with a cruel thing. It just was an look player. Empowerment are that I get it. It was just harsh, it was really harsh, it was a. It was. Probably our number were both Richard Sport, city, Natchez Sky, was really close in a way within the south, expand again: seven. Oh nine he's the favourite envy Pierre. It see we're headed for Kobe versus the in the finals.
Orlando Knox about two thousand and ten he's the favorite again, it's going to happen. Second, and BP are the best player in the league. There's no doubt falls apart in the Boston Series and then from that point a real fear that he was gonna leave Anna. I think when you you just look at the situation Cleveland within as a city a home. You know forty six years at that point of just getting kicked in the boss. The recession, and I don't know I'm it. I have a whole story about how this came about that they told in the end, the documentary, but they were so there's two versions of how there's got to be in the version. I was evolve where they died, but it was, it came from a mail bag.
It was a late of Amber's drew in Columbus and he sent this whole thing about. Lebron should do this, he should choose a team. I sent you the story about it and in Dallas all star weekend, me and John Skipper and Connor. We met with Maverick Maverick Carter, Lebrons Guy, and we told the whole idea, and you like that, he's like yeah, let me think about it, Bubba and then, ironically in Boston, it was a Friday. I think that night the Cleveland beat Boston to go We want in the series- and I met with worldwide Western Leon rose the bronze agent and we talked about a whole bunch of, but we talked about this thing and in their there were like yet like they this this. Really possible, like I know we're talking about this might happen like, but at that point here's the crucial thing. Everyone thought he was going back to Cleveland you know whether they were lying, whether the inner circle knew he was leaving all that stuff. I always
He was going back to cleave on, which is why, yes, of course, we do they show to be great, and then, at the end of that I'm staying Cleaver out. I was awesome so dramatic when the Boston series fell apart. That was it. I dont think I sent an email after that ended GIS, at least for my died, and then it got revived in a different part of the SBA Company through w me keep cling scales another guy running span and it was happening. Over here knows I won't wait, there's still gonna do this. Do they see how the Boston Series and it- and I was pretty incredulous- that after the way the boss dancers ended that they do you're saying you were telling them that they shouldn't do the chef. I wasn't say anything: I'd I'd just assumed it was dead. I the way the way those Lastly Boston Games ended any now. It's been ten years. I think there's been some distance, but the rondeau was awesome and game for game five. The Bron just melted down,
it was- it- was really crazy to watch and really disappointing in a lot of ways for people who thought he was each of the league. I remember, writing a calm about it after the inside the NBA Guys Barkley, just Barkley being like really disappointed that Leubronn to rise to the moment and- and I think everybody collectively wondering- are we putting too much pressure in the sky and their game? Six went the way I did, and I just started that by while there no way they would ever actually do this as a tv show. The Goldberger Cleveland thing, though, and I promise you to citizens in the first ramble here, but that's just what everybody did YO they they took the extra, even though the raises worth the same way way back when you take the extra during the race is really added up cuz, it's like twelve and a half percent more each year when you get it with your current team and they shave that off that they ended up not making it that because
what they did do, as I mentioned a million times, but the NBA owners representing C b, Is it actually would making more motivated to stable, what's was appointed of me. Staying now that the money isn't that different, but yeah still didn't have that she didn't. Others, one gm in particular that I was like what you think what you think is lifted the history leagues these guys day they just stay, they just stay in both specially the best by and if you go through the best pyres ever
the center's kind of move around like Shaq, Curry Moses, but the the signature guys like bird magic, Kobe, Lebron, Elgin, Baylor Oscars, ended up getting traded after ten years, but Dirk Nowitzki have a check most of the position guys they usually end up sticking around and I think and Karl Malone. Your guy Barkley was a guy who got traded around, but it was usually because the situation is soured and I think fit in this case when it really became clear those last couple days that he was leaving I was. I got it. I got to say I was really stung by it because it did it seem like if he was going to leave. It would have to be the next or the bulls cuz the balls. At that point they had rose that Joakim Noah Day CAP space dead ability to to basically get him and Bosch if they wanted, and that seemed like the place if you're going to win titles,
I am aware, as basely, basically just the three them and make Miller nobody else it. It actually seem a risky to. I D I never thought in the moment that guaranteed them a titles. Did you because there is nobody us in the team no, but yeah we're also doing dumb stuff. With that one do you like will where's the point guard in so we don't need a point guard when you have waited in the Bronte. You don't. And we also realized Lee would be going smaller, soon, charm tat with a legacy that so when Bosh is your centre. What seemed to be a problem was like this is amazing. You get to play by Should century, so good defensively, dollar rotations all these things, but I I I wonder if he'll ever admit it cuz you're, when you're the source. When your the thing everybody wants to know everything about like people becoming you yeah, I know you're going to send him saying here, but when your talk about every single day you become almost obsessively protective,
about that information. So everybody wants to know something about you. You can see LA brought in those guys, but God it's everybody is talking about it. Should I mean, like you guys, I'm sorry for yourself. I think that Boston loss in two thousand ten was so bad, not because boss was integrating. Very work had been the title team, but it was just so tat at the end. You know you were wall and I think it's very similar to his last year with Miami because the last year in Miami there is still more thought that he probably come back for a fifth year and then then he would leave, and then it was I now because they really shouldn't have won. The Senate and he was right to say that, but obviously What are they gonna? Like I killed bigger, killed in the last three gonna killed.
Right, and I would add that I was on countdown talking about this- might be the bronze last home game tonight. People kill me sounds were wise. Like I say that as yet that the real reason he went to Cleveland because that Miami team he do Wade, was sitting a different point of his career. Absolutely what's the three salaries together adjust? It was not a sustainable contender and they got killed in that seriously laugh. I think that in two thousand ten in fourteen and eighteen. There were two reasons he laughed in each situation and they are always the same reason. He wanted to go to a place where the better chance to win a title and he knew the place he was in was diminishing return year after year. They, even if you look at two thousand and ten in Cleveland, They were losing Shaquille, NEO salary, some other stuff. I date they would have had subsided cap room. There was a lot of rumours about him trying to convince Bosh to come there, potentially or a bar, started Meyer. I still don't know
That would have been enough because I do you think it would have been more way arms in a couple, maybe a couple of their veteran deeds, but I dont know if that team, after watching them fall short two years in a row in the playoffs. I just don't think is a scenario where that team would have had enough nod thanks, I mean even staring. They lost with the three of those guys against Dallas, which still seems impossible yet, but it It was something about. I was watching it because they go just think he could go just you could argue this. The first burst title couldn't have how and then he inquiry what they did against gold state in the numbers. Those guys put up. It's just that you got a ring in a half, because you down three wanted that team in you actually come back, but there's a weird path,
you could go to imagine if he had one ring yeah seriously. I've been, I think, the over under four rings in Miami at the very least, had to be three. I dont think anyone disappointment than his idle for years finals. I mean, I think, only wanting to title says about the discipline. I do. I, when you consider go going into what they're going into where they had to the best requires new league. There were seemingly on their primes Puss Bosh prosperity, plus they were in a conference, You know they get a ladder breaks into their grow stuff when he gets hurt. I'd be over under just for those four years has to be two and a half right. Your favorite and every series therein, tuna half will take
I dont want when I'm saying I'm save for the decade, I'm I'm I'm say I'm going into that. We thought those guys were. Therefore I don't know six you didn't think it was done in four years. Looking at it. Yeah without was therefore good. Forget the tv show too I'll. Never forget up pissed off sovereign pelt was about the counting of, titles he's not have or not five use like pissed off at dude about it, and it would make me laugh a little try to tell you like who I was so on it in the beginning like I was a little turned off two way, but then I like, so we do this car recruiting deal were kids has put the hats out their picket. So why can you do that he's? Also given it a charity, I think the gym great things hilarious Because what I ll area it was such a bad show that we do is the Arabic is really one of the worst shows I forgot about. It will serve as a guide.
Just sitting there in his eye Kay doing your nails. So still your nails, I wrote that actually wrote down. My notes lied about you not really anybody's fall, because you can't do five minutes. If you try to pull some sort of number, she you well, you know let me rephrase that they could have been prepared, shouted at you was terrible, but I don't really even know what Jim Grey was supposed to do there. I got one No, then it should have been Stephen, I in red, if had to say too. I think, but Stephen I at least would have. You know, engaged pushed him a little better. I think Jim Grey was a pretty intentional choice. Cuz, you know he pitched show. The second version of the show that so do show it. I didn't catch. Let's, let's talk about that. Do you feel? like your show. Idea was stolen, whether man, there. I know right, but you know the van email I may we definitely gave it to them
yeah. You know I then, and then it died, never thought of it again India is dead and that other said, you'd better with the EAST payment, so big at that point, it was totally could save about this different part of the company. The weird pride, though, as we did pictured the Barrack I mean it was peacekeeper gotta, let that happen At the forces of the DAS, what would you do happen? What would I do indifferent, I know I know there's a few things like a viewer, if you're in the room, pitching the show to make it not as bad as damp and still the same show. What would you do? I won't what's crazy or what I got the biggest rating of any studio show in the history of ESPN. So maybe they did, but they did all the right things. I don't know I probably would have had more people on stage just him, I wouldn't made it a one on one thing and I dont ideas
of an salvageable should about a half hour than the fact that it was an hour and then, as soon as he had now says it all hell, breaks loose, nobody's even listen to the ship. I don't I don't- I don't think any of it was salvageable puts Kanye West. Was there like at eight it's just it. It's almost like a Christopher guest movie. The way it plays out it's just get all of it is completely inconceivable and you learn in the back story documentary. Get on the plane, they were they. They were so kind of shell, shocked by the backlash to it that people were starting to wonder. Was there a chance? He might change his mind and then the Dan Gilbert Letter happened in that was it and the Dan Gilbert Letter, I think, is one of the most fascinating things about this, because it's happened to a lot of different stuff. It allowed people to take it a whole bunch of different directions, and the crazy thing to me was how I think that
most but heard an owner has ever been ever right, even like George Time Brenner, violate firing, Billy Barton like in the middle of the night. I don't think he was as agri as dank over. Was that moment when he sent the letter, but I had never heard people talk about what made him so angry. Was it stuff beyond just the bronze picking a new team, because I'd always heard the sky above was oh? Is he dead block for Lebron in the crew behind the scenes- and you know there is a lot of like here. Take my jet stuff like that, and just fell completely betrayed now, I'm not excusing the letter. I don't think you should have. That I thought it was really an appropriate is really dumb, but I think he was Joe. I think he was personally hurt beyond the hall the sky left. I think he felt he had done a lot of nice things for those guys so yeah. I I want they like if you're a Cleveland Fanny you showing that footage in a bar and there's that blonde girl crises it. I hate him
Canadian he's got his jersey on most of the Jersey burning stuff. Now stupid, like you guys, do it get your video out there. It's like all right, cool Weber, New Jersey and it's just it's fucking stupid, but that's the part that I think you always have to remind yourself of his, even though it's like this inanimate object, because it's like you're this person that plays and you you represent my city, but I actually dont have any connection with you other than my emotional connection to you. You know, even though I exist and my happiness is tied to you without you. Even knowing me, you know the whole. The whole thing is is very weird and further to be over immediately as equal weight of it. I didn't really ever know this person to begin with, so now I just destroy them and ends there always horrible things, I'm not really saying any thing to anyone. That's actually in my sir that was all cottages make believe, which I think is always gonna, be fastening gymnastics that you have to super,
never wondered at midnight of it right. Look about. If I were in my twenties in boston- and you know somebody round the Celtics and they limit and right. I must say that I was the maddest. I've ever met about anything at sports lit, listen! This is how sports is changed most over the last ten years, the ray action till a brand leaving would not happen in two thousand twenty the same way and even even what happened at the rate in two thousand. Sixteen. I think I think the connection to the prayers and away fans have a kind of our side of the prayers more than ever, and their ability to move around and control their own destiny. That's the biggest thing. That's changed in the last ten years other than the information in there and that twenty four seven mba psycho stuff, like that you saw with cold when he left Toronto. Otto Toronto is was Kate thanks. Quite thanks for the title man, good luck
Luckily, I dont think that would have been the reaction ten years ago. I think I think it's a combination of players are so much more. First of in our lives, they can go back at fans potentially on twitter. You have Instagram plus twitter plus the fact that we pass all that stuff, the guys, in our lives day in day out and there's a different connection than there was two thousand and two thousand and ten. We still talked about players. You still boot them from the stance. You didn't think of them: aid for lack of a better phrases: human beings. They were just these guys in this sport that you loved you re either love them. He hated them and now They feel much more human and two thousand twenty day. Think absolutely and part of that. It is in that story to were it's not just the broaden, the basque while decisions, it's the branding of him and then everybody following up like a for a while. There is no laughing. I get some no delegation, you're so and so certain production company, I beg for what they
We have many points games. You have to be over to be allowed. Like of your nine points, a game, your career, can you start of russian company? It's a pitcher narrative back ass. They write and I'm just a disputed jerk about all that. But that part is. Is absolutely because the whole time, I'm watching the reaction to two thousand ten, I'm thinking that just wouldn't happen to it just wouldn't happen. Maybe it's execute a little bit differently, but think of the stars and think of quite going you're. The guy we thought was was the until this is abyss as a Greek, wise, not happy, remember I first got that text. Somebody like hey heads up but quite wants out. I'm like why once at a San Antonio, why quite like? I thought he was the guy that didn't do this, and now we just expected that it's gonna happen that you, signed a contract and ask for a trade. You can do shorter deals, yell, nobody, did that having to read in one in one's Paul Georgian, quite both
we offer major injuries at this stage of the crew still doing shorter deals, the bet on yourself era, yeah! That's that's! Nuts! With somebody's gotta give it a pot of grated Paul gap aid, but you dig at some point he go. You know I wanted to make sure I can take the law, but it doesn't matter like none of these guys care so abroad changed all of that over these ten years. And all this shit, all the should he took in two thousand ten like he really was the guy now that the rest of the generation gets to draft behind because we ve just accepted it and that's that's about it- remind myself. Only reveries upset a british emotional, all the stuff gonna be like I, but they Kowal how you feel about the story in six months, and usually it's not the same. Here's that they now and this is why we know the decision was a bad idea. There is no way if he added do over. He would do that again, even though it had all these outcomes knows no way And here I handed it in two thousand fourteen,
that's the advertiser aversion have accurate. He kept quiet, he did a sports illustrated thing heap. He was super pro favourable about going home to cleave. On that article. Has that age whereof, he actually read it like my destiny, to go back to clavering when a title finish my career there. It's love he left out for years, but I think if you had to do that over again, it brought him unnecessary stress, hate, read, it turned him into a villain, and I think that was a really sad outcome of the two thousand Levin season allowed ways amber writing about that. At the moment it was this guy who had so many people against him. He kind of became a wrestling heel and in a changed the way he played, and there is a real anger to it, and I don't think it was authentic to whom he is as a person. I got, he hated it. I thought you could not how he actually hated it. Another he'd ivory dead,
did you try to embrace a just cause yeah, he had no other option but yeah, and I remember watching him only pass and he would they be sneering at the crowd That's not you. You were like the happiest guy in the league. This is it you you're not a sneer at the crowd guy and I think when it got to that Dallas Series and the heat turned up, no pun intended, and it was like his brain broke Games are amazing. A watch mba tv has shown a bunch of those it. That series is amazing, a watch your talking about, I think, probably the most gifted basketball player with ever had his brain freezes. She cannot figure out what to do. It's like. King somebody like in the empty, be challenged show when they're trying to solve the puzzle and they can't figure it out there. Just kind of their eyes are glazing over. He literally to know what to do, and I don't know I think it's too bad, because athletics he's at its peak.
And you and you lose this awesome year- that he should have you no easily been the best guy in the lake, so he still so impressive physically that it's it's nice to go back and watch all abroad games. To just remember like oh that's right, there was this whole other level to the sky that you just erect we'd. Never, for there is less there is less weight because he he just didn't, have the muscle that he would have by two thousand and fifteen. So some of this stuff, athletics early that he is doing is like, is the Attica draw near me. He's he's way above the rim and he's just doing stuff that I think he became more powerful when she say by like two thousand fourteen fifteen. His body types is different. It's it's a lot more like when you do at side by side you like wow what he really does. Look like two different people, yet in just a big
and such as the muscle just he's he's massive now gas and it doesn't really looked like a sort of diamond Sloan dodges sense that we're talking thousands and thousands of minutes later, but the Miami STAR Dallas Series. That's when he said the thing about you guys guys go back to your horrible lives, whatever yeah think is pretty broken at that point, and he had taken shape for year. I see Ian bother me that much though, because I do think that guys that special after they take all of this, up every now and then I think they should be able to rise to fuck off rhetoric. I tell you really have a but you're so right in how uncomfortable he wore with it in that it didn't feel like. You really had excited. Ok, so now there, but he hates me. I'm just gonna go ahead and do this now and that was real hatred. That was a different kind of hatred for somebody that,
I don't. I don't know that I've ever experienced at the Clemens ones, a good thing with Clemens. Wasn't national, that's a regional thing, I think to rank. Add some of it to in two thousand cigars evidence. Yet because then we went to that. It be the last time that probably happens just quickly the IMF. Nation era. This is ground, zero, four and you could fill in their reporting. Even like Stephen the week before says he, He's hearing that those three guys are all going to Miami doesn't totally report it but says he's hearing it's done and it's this subtle shift of how reporting change then he turned out to be right, but he also didn't say I am reporting this is happening. He said I'm hearing this is going to happen and it's a subtle shift, so he's protected in case. Something
it over the next few days, but he also had this incredible information and when he reported that we all had a heart attack, Zinc Miami, but that it was going to the next and I think from everyone. I talk to you in the no. Since then, it is clear that the next were the first choice and I'm sorry expands earmuffs, but it was basically the next to lose and it damages? Could instead of their own way, and the stories are legendary? Are them are out at this point? But Gimme can we want Gimme a bus, one well ahead of the legendary meeting daddy waters in the wheelchair and Dolen was stolen and it was just a complete. They didn't have anything prepared and I just couldn't gone worse by all accounts. It was a disaster and I think at that point, combined with the decade the next suggest tat. I
those guys like fucking and weighed whether weighed the whole time wrought wanted to end up in Miami will never know. But Wade was the big winner in this whole thing he engineered this perfectly got to stay where he was. He got to have these two awesome. Teammates ends up, went into more titles, so He played a perfectly said a rally, and here we was enough. It was its tenth decision day was the tenth, I think, and then yeah. If you go through and look at all of it like July, First Wade was in Chicago, I got here. We go again You're, the Brooklyn London Megaton, a sense I just remember Chicago Chicago- was the one that guy's who wanted on a solid, hey. I'm here could actually sneaky be Chicago and then wait said since then it almost was but then I never really know what is almost was like TAT Day it- hey. Maybe we use your Chicago and the next day there never in the mix again so what qualifies as being an actual real destination.
And I remember just being to Miami after that fairly soon after that go on. Why did I think he wasn't it? come down here after was up in Cleveland for decades ran up, say national and there's a discreet way to be famous there. That's pretty indurated in Miami like you, almost like being another country, and I think that was probably appealing to those guys to you know. I remember I wrote a piece probably the day before trying to guess what happened, but I was pretty sure, try to guess what would happen pretty sure he was going to Miami at that point. But one other thing that started that year was this was the first summer of the prayers being their own content producers right. So this is one way to boss their documentary correspond them around Wade, requested. The second meeting with the balls which I wrote about in the peace that I wrote about how this was a reality check right.
So should I go to Chicago and I had a joke in there about the producer saying: hey, let's film, a shot of you walk along Lake Michigan. Looking like a deep in thought, we're gonna need it for the day after you go back to buy and any was everything was Work is traded. Their China film, with teams and asking the teams to sign releases for document or in half of them are like fuck. That you're too recording are fridge, pitched you, but this was the dawn of players trying to actually produce content. Is that same time, Steve Dash is making the thirty thirty for us. I dont remember in the two thousands even athletes trying to make content, but then, by the end of ass decade every was trying to make content. I forgot I wanted to follow through. I can't believe you spin couldn't say said Jim Gray, like that's it. That's a non starter They were going to give you the hour. It's gonna be Annie. S began, We Jim great, doesn't work for us
they really stared each other down where I guess skipper be the one that blanks Ngos as finding out Jim gray. You know he's got a fence at eight when I had about my pack has two years ago is like, hey we took shit for that, got the biggest ready we ever. I would do it again. I don't care if we took shape for people watched it. So? I can't believe that they would have said of attaching great and we're not doing it. That's where I would have thought skipper would go pay. Guys like you, gonna get everything you want. It's gonna work out, we're gonna, get this big number let you do and how we want to do it Jim greatest worker. We can't do well, you know the other thing was stern in it. It's in the back story, load about but stern lost. His mind had been. He was so mad about others, scissahs everything he did what you now. He was a control freak anyway with the players, but this was the beginning of the end for him, with the Leah Gwendolen being that mad in this piece is we're, like it doesn't age well,
Gatt, oh, why are you so mad about this, and he was obviously probably know far better than most, because he was calling skipper complain Alla time while he was there, he was at ease in agent. Commissioner. At that point who was losing control the wiggle little bit and I'm in a few different ways, and I think this kind of submitted to put Itsfunneh this disk read the poem Power Mandara, but it didn't create for empowerment, because Wilt Chamberlain pushed his way out of two teams in the sixties. Korean pushed his way out of Milwaukee and seventy five Moses Malone push
where Houston went to fully in eighty two shack left, Orlando went the Lakers. You know this was a thing that happened with, but with famous superstar stay would switch teams. I think the difference this time around was that the Duff, when you think about it so far away his first three clear, veneering right, like he's just a young guy at that point, and then he's got basically these for your presidential terms in different places right for years in Cleveland for years and Amy, forests in Cleveland propaganda for years and the Lakers and he's just looking at it like he just kind of moves, almost like an actor moving for. Tv series to seep tv series, that's no! I mean I do feel like he's created that to some degree yeah. Maybe the next will get him. When he's gotta go get em right when he's about to our father would figure quit break it. Then I want to talk about the summer about it.
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They simply saved our camp. Such bs get a free, hd camera for my listeners. Once again, that is safe with two eyes. Super saved outcome, slashing bs but I had so just quickly. Everyone remembers the two thousand ten. The decision lebruns about down in the Boston Series, the incredible game: seven Lakers South, all that stuff The league this was the closest to league, really had to pressing the reset button, making a video game, because you had, I mean they just add. Bosh Wade, Bosh the broader make bellowed await New York has all this cap space. They spent two years two years, tanking further costs base that they can get the brine await their fans actually buy into this to get rid of as a time ass. Next answer: like we're good great plan, we approve
they are not getting anybody and they have to spend a hundred billion dollars on my star Meyer, whose good fur seven eight weeks and then his knees started. I remember. Reading an article or a New York was like is Bosh actually good enough if they were afraid they had to spend it on Bosch with Bosch being, and then it's like it's really funny. Whenever people start to work It's almost like with an excellent everything they just went through its like we'll Zion Kevin Direct, be able to share the basketball like her worry, etc. That event happens, then we'll worry about so then the next year thing: they did, they treat they sign Raymond Fallon, but then they traded David Lee to gold state.
For my guy at any Randolph who I still have given up on and in a couple of other things Chicago who cleared out all this cab space. It was kind of the sticky contender team if they put their cards rake, they rose and joking. No then up with Carlos Boozer, who for a couple years, actually was good for them there. I don't, they felt tat was a complete disaster. Boston keeps Paul Pierce at latest, like we can't lose Joe Johnson. We're not lose him the game. A hundred nineteen million and within a copy here, said the deal that the Brooklyn Portland pull them The rarely seen offer sheet trick with Wesley math. Is it actually got him from Unita and then cleave and tried to do the same thing with EU member who us. Nah not up,
Karl Lowry Car Lowery Houston matches because Cleveland does it make the offer she good enough, and then he becomes the centrepiece of the James Hearted Trade. So that happen, you tie up without Jefferson who Minnesota decides not to keep out, though they also don't take the markets, cousins, which all cover up will cover in the region. It was come up. Dallas is like will fuck it. We lost that air, but I guess what role the dice with Thyssen Chandler he has. It been the anchor of the title to the nets miss out on everybody. They do the petrol farmer Outlaw Mauro quit quadrille. Cook quartet watch real quiet there does it have to be a quartet. I've gotta give covered the quadriga I don't remember any team ever saying we needed the is that that petrol, yet as the petrol farmer
and then Milwaukee lost their minds. Do you remember the three guys walkie overpaid. Now, I'm Givin drew get in court Getting a job salmon sunlight, try some of those letters. That's that's a lot of good you basically just sign guys being like we the rulers as these guys I get traded in a year anyway. The right and I would make fun of some of these teams being like you now, you know. Eventually these teams learned, if you can't get your guy, you don't necessarily have to squander your car space and somebody who's. That is good, but nobody's learn that they do it every year they just if you like to have to spend it is now I hears the three or do for this guy. They don't just kind of road over, but all that illegal
yeah I mean, would you know, but I think teams against more they done shorter deal. I then run everything a short one year. Dia rightwing, Flexible Parker right, say think about other step that happens. Miami adds a building for a straight final teams and really unforgettable for years, the dad the Knicks, getting the situation where they have them are a and then a year later, they're in really good shape. Cuz the club, the Carmelo Trade and they end up screwing up the end of staying Amari kills then Chicago. The booster thing you know who knows with Bros hadn't gotten hurt, they might have ended up winning the title Atlanta that Joe Johnson the disaster they managed to get out of it. Then he used in keeping Lowry leads to the hard tread gone state. Getting David Lee leads to some fun curry.
As pre dream on all that stuff. Just our end, tasted Chandler Dallas. So it was this crazy summer that really set up the rest of the decade, or at least the first part of it. Who is your favorite? Petra farmer outlaw mortgages top of your head? It was your favor, this four for the debts as programme by the way tat I like far Mars game in college data them solely the two thousand ten redraft of us. You know we talk about the bad drafts, the two thousand. You know we did the two thousand six one is really bad teeth. Hasn't ten doesn't get enough credit for being a horrific draft, a dead end up.
For really town, two guys, John, while Marcus Cousins, Gordon Heyward, Paul George, and yet what are those four guys have in common? They all had devastating injuries offers them. Paul George breaks his leg in the team USA game he basically, MRS a year and a half Heyward breaks his ankle first Celtics game, basically done for two years. Cousins finally finds a good basque call situation. New Orleans playing with Anthony Davis, blows out his ACL and then John Wall right when it seemed like he had a chance to put together a really fun career as a meaningful guard. His knees start going on a mini and now he's probably the worst contract in the week. That's my takeaway! When I look at this draft, it's kind of weird second injury. What if draft
think it's bad. It's way worse, like I looked at it and while and you're going through it near this gonna get out of here. At the end, you now you gotta be taken guys. I mean some of them. Metrics on this like be released as a top fifteen in in some of the advanced, that's for the region, ass, I mean gas is ridiculous, like what you're looking at here, the end greatest Vasquez is apparent one of the better careers, and he was seven years in a league, and I was here If you want to go in the first round, even at the end of the first round, so there's that power, and then you know it's it's a real big miss with favours who I thought had star potential. Dom Evan Turner is really interesting, because I liked him, so much until everybody else liked him, but he was simply a go: hey, Evan Turner needs to be higher any like wait too, me right. Maybe that's so you
for my liking. Someone goes no one's on him to then not liking, miss much because everyone feels like they're on them, but wall is I'm not gonna, give away the lead here, but it is bad as the contract is As the injury is, I don't know that he can fall below to redraft for this class. I don't, I don't think you can and I'd like to still point out that when walrus right, why now one year or use its optional earnestly now he may not have been that just because I think sometimes we're doing those things top five top obtain bit more of a stature to its more than that season, but in that one season he was an awesome basketball player, so The injury, the rails, who he is now, but I'm not going to like right off the fact that he's actually had really good versions of himself to it's one of those drafts. Where you just look at it and you go, I wish everybody had taken a different guy after the John Wall, PIC right, Evan Turner go second, video
Philly and at that point there to have drew holiday. Lou Williams. Is there the Collins is there, it is the wrong team, it see, you know think he's one of those rare guys your bus was should go no about him. So you look at like charities that three they take favours, even if fully takes favours at two in Jersey takes Evan Turner at three, I'm probably, both of their careers are better. You know, and then maybe Evan Turner gets during the Deron Williams. Trade Excetera Excetera cousins goes to Sacramento, where you don't want to go, get the clothes, Tyreke Evans on probably the worst run team in the last fifteen years, even if Minnesota had taken them before they take Wesley Johnson. Instead, at least then you get the cousins Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, like
I don't know it's it's kind of fun and then you go down. Oh Heyward and George. No nine and ten Utah takes heritage. Nine George, six Indiana ten, you, the clippers, couldn't just take neither those guys at eight and they already had Blake Griffin. There they had Andrei there. A year away from a Chris Paul trade Barrier, Gordon anyways, I daresay, did the swim guy, it's just. They took the wrong when they took Al Farouq Aminu over Hayward and George and Hayward was at the very least if you watch them college. So I got that guys at least fifteen a game and collagen and could shoot a little bit. So I just look at that. Sound like man. This is a fun one. We just moved the names around and everybody's happy it's! It's crazy, like the pall George going. This lay wasn't that crazy because he yelled out among he floated and all all his tape. If you watch it wasn't all great you now,
give a ton of credit John Hollinger. I think college was the first guy ever that was like this guy's going to be an all star and I was like wait really like an idea he had been in a league that points that wasn't before the draft. Even Heyward Heyward had this weird thing were his two years, like his last year, Butler issued the ball that well they shot a pretty while the year before that, and that's one of those things. Would you get a little too caught up in the fact that, like hey, how come, guys was results. I shooters Dupont. She numbers were pretty bad, but it was just kind of a fluke Ok, he can chew. He had a bad number, are bad. Your number wise. So don't worry by but him going that way. I approve of growing dump him now because everything sap unless couple years, but that seems kind of impossible for a guy that just looked like he had all of these skills and the size to go along with it, any wonder, high level in college. For tee my father, I took a big Lassen S draft in the draft airy
I. I was outraged that Indiana took part Georgia, Xavier Henry how it's my eight or nine worst ones, because I've just like that? El Dorado breaks every Henry who is like the best Highschool recruit a year ago and was pretty go to college verses. This Paul George guys floating around in France that state and it's like really taken Henry. So could the Mister Allen more? I did love you. I love the cousins as the upside picked up. I wrote in a draft that recital spend so much time on cousins but he's the most importantly does ten rookie. If he makes it a big, if if he makes it that's a home, run back even count the impact under thirty bigs, my cousins on one hand I mean Andrew Bogot Maiden obviating my season and he felt a five and it was all because people are worried about his personality. It was the
It was like a Sean Williams thing or some of those other guys resigning. Has had some real issues. It was completely one hundred per cent feeds worried about his personality and now look back anything like he definitely should have their Wanna talk through tax. At the same time, you that concerns were valid because he had a lot of issues in Sacramento, I don't know how do you feel that dapper cousins? I would have no cousins rule of origin. Yeah you're out you're blind, I just I wouldn't draft the draft impulse. I watched enough of those Sacramento games that beyond the weird thing is, is ochreous put on hold cheerfully. Two years. So I don't really know what to make of them. Always gonna, be the rest. The way you hope it whatever this is what he comes back. You bill turn around, but I've just
I don't know like to me. There's there's too there's two versions: a basketball people, those that look a cousin stats insane awesome was a bad situation, is really really great. And then there's people who know what you're talking about may see stats, but they watched the things does in a game and if it's all the Sacramento stuff and little berwin organs to wear throughout the game, he is, he makes losing place. He just he can put up to. In turn, is passing. Is incredible? Ye could stretch the floor for big guy, but there's all of these little things that he doesn't there were he he lets self get taken out of the game emotionally quicker than any basketball player I've ever seen. So I don't care whose numbers are I've done this rant before I'm so not new. For some of you, but I just I would have a hard time having a guy like that, be the focal point of mighty. Maybe now is a roll guy, cuz he's older and coming off these injuries, and it's it's not as big of a deal, but we,
when he was younger. Any is putting up all these numbers, but there's no accountability knees run through million coaches. Ah I you know I just it was not something I was a phantom. I'm gonna save my thoughts on him, for when he comes up in the jail you can take em, thirteen or fourteen catch just dash for later. We are so. This is a draft that I'd Larry Sanders, Jeremy, Lin and her son. What's why side said he was the best plan. A draft law is right. This is
draft, I wrote in the draft airy our first for GM said the clerk Ernie Grandfather s, fancy red Thorn David CASA on earth. There better known methods more. It's really take an incredible quartet. To start it can be a job or for those guys, I'm not sure they worked again after this disaster had con taking West Johnson, who is twenty three forty three years old on the at the draft over cousins It averaged. Sixteen points a game as a twenty two year old Junior and the irony of it is whether that was the red picker going smaller versus they can cousins. He ends up taking West Johnson over two guys coming after who are both going to go in the top four of our a redress that happened. John Thompson did this draft?
offended cousins is the top five picked by Saint quote. You can come down a fool before you could resurrect the corpse when I read that you get here. You can come down a fool before you can resurrect a corpse. This was his defence of the market's cousin, going in fact he was defending. It did the only thing. The word fool has ever been used to defend Somebody is a top five pick and then ESPN, graphics, being graphic sky gave cousins quote must improve maturity. I would say we still might be there that John. Whilst the number one pick I wrote at the time and the coming into the we can't miss quicker scale. I've while right behind
before Jason kid and await their grows. Butt head about five, then webs is really good. I gotta say say that was a pretty accurate analysis. Rightly, I think he was never gonna, be Jason kid or anybody on that level, but he had a chance to be a very good point guide, which is what he became before you get her Does that include Chris Paul, but do you see he's billinger you just a name him in your daddy name, Crisper Whitney Chris Paul Jason Kanner, like that, I love, alchemy There can be, as I bet my life, those guys. You begin. I would say that the highest level yeah we're talking about Westbrook in his athleticism men in realising that that's kind of where this games going with the rose thing. I think the wall line is like. That's the exact same thing Oh yeah, we know we like em, issued a little bit better, a lot better, actually but his at. Let us in doing it the hoop and they start developing. That kind of Dr Hard drive elbow jumper
I feel like I don't. I don't feel like sitting this shoe John Walsh Man, but I feel like it's worth pointing out. Like did you people people talk about this guy? Like you sucks now, just not fair fear, that does that am I right in that is, if you like, he gets trashed regularly in progress, is probably because the contract, but I'll do my lab awaits. Definitely does your contract you think that Jaguar in person incredible be just his speed, one of the fastest guys. I've ever seen you or talked about in a previous retractable, the athleticism of Westbrook and rose and how stupendous it was to watch wall speed of just it. A rebound outlet he's,
off is among the fastest powers have ever seen in person. I don't know he's done one, but he's has to be in the conversation of four or five past his guys. I've seen off so fast that it almost seemed like it was too fast like, like you'd, have moments where he like a literally cutting controls, speed. He was going faster than you, she gonna court, and I think they are the two thousand seventeen wizards that game that that good Syria's against the south eggs to game, seven all that stuff and he felt a little bit short Bradley beyond that, cannot be in the guy that, if you really want snatchers closer was clear, bill was proud of it.
I in law was really good, but the fact that he couldn't shoot trees in a play. Our fears in around two you could defend him as long as you cut him off before he got bad esteem and you actually put him in a half core offence. I don't feel like he ever saw that peace fully as a basque buffer, you're nuts had lost its. Not the magnitude of that play. Our series is something that must be averted, walk around behaviour that wizard series, but that's a bad series lost. There are better team. They should be that sells extra, that is there a teen or seventy. I think it's gotta be seventeen. Daddy was Thomas yeah yeah. That's it that's about it that that wizards team started a bug me alone because they were always doing, but these tough guy press conferences and they just for funeral and they do other stuff and delight
cool like even when you get a third round here, so that each other They know that in those games really find a while was really find a watch but a great here, I do think he had a hole in his game. I think that that the way the subjects defended him in the especially now. Game seven, and I got to the point where you your kind of rooting for him to take the twenty four further there's given it up there way off their like do shoot away with liability. And he didn't want to shoot it. Even if you look at his career stats, like you know, he's he's like at thirty two percent career three point shooter. So I think when he comes back and figures out whatever this next incarnation of his career is going to be, I think he's going to.
I wish you'd better quickly. Everyone blue on Paul George. There was another subject in there and, as you said, it was the way defensible. I think this is the problem of the redraft opposes if he had gone eight. I think that would have seemed weird. You know like the quivers had taken him, but I welcome the import. George eighth, who, but in retrospect fischler, ok see made a big, so ok see is in here an ape almost be doubts in the past. This is a draft where they have some assets. They had more Peterson's expiring, contracted twenty one and twenty six in they trade up to New Orleans for Co. Allow George thing is good on paper, a bad deal you always want to trade out. You'd package choose worse pigs for better
everything's great except the address bar and then they took airports are later and traded. The rights to him for the clippers, so this is impressive. Fuck up draft- is that I can't believe you yeah blood, so that surprised me that he was. He was around that long, oh yeah is to have, and that was on think also was still with the clippers then yet, when they did that and they were, they were pumped, they were, they were so pumped when they when they got him there, because no Kevin surfing riots and hopeful loop Bab at my Guy, even did a fool united, a full feature for ESPN Dot, our commonly Luke Babbitt. Was it about how body was defensively now gonna, be out here view plated abide scout whose really big items. If you play you and see, if you like it up, I pick booth. They looked in quite workout, appy Udo, who was like thirty seven,
sailor, and that was one of those those the other like look. History tells us you this. The key issue in your like a little under size for your position? It doesn't really work out in it. In didn't work out for him almost immediately. I think tat that was one of the last year's work guys I tat when the top ten, after thirty years of missing on guys, I've got it delete finally realise that maybe I'll take that guy. Sixth, his true, because I don't like that- where the numbers guys we're losing their minds of people like it's for all the things that we can debate right. The thing that doesn't ever see be debatable? Is that when you're extra old coming in- and there is already some problems that you don't just become this guy who's like awesome at twenty four-
or an you, have no offence of game. I had I write about both a Lopez game at age, twenty eight to other trades, Chicago traded, the seventeenth back to Washington, with Kirkpatrick in return for cap space because they thought tat. It yet the brown Abash, so that was a bummer and then there is a crazy Ryan gums loop Babbitt for Martha Webster Trade between Minnesota. For him, I think everybody last summer from a comedy standpoint. The highlights the draft was marked Jones interviewing was the Johnson asking him what his former Syracuse teammate Johnny for Berkshire says, whether Janni tell you about Minnesota, it was a Johnson's answer. Was I mean he loved it Minnesota once seventeen games the year before it read the triangle and by our cards it was the unhappy esteem ever
It is, in fact a bitter soda was just Zack. I bury locked it. I don't think he loved their Wesley. I don't think that was his reaction. Quick rate to talk about a couple: do offerings on the Ringer pack ass network. We mention the bizarre sellers pack which launches on Monday. It's gonna be twice a week. It's gonna be covering politics Marrakech, two thousand. A celebrity gas people in the now you're gonna, like it check it out, subscribe, You have an already also we revamped Ringer, F C. Loosened Ryan from Stereo they joined. Did it three pods. Last week, David did emerge to Liverpool part, so they their fitting ready with us, but are we really the study guys address original a bit for the for the website as well, but that out and then higher learning with then Laden and Rachel Linsey continues to be a fantastic
I guess so. Those are the air, the three most recent ones. We ve had a couple more announcements coming up later in the air and the internet A week or so, and also wanted to mention wing in it with Vince Carter, he retired in ounces, Herman on their podcast last weekend we ve loved having them in any, and I think that by cast has been really good anyway. Thence thanks for the last couple years. If you keep Goin, we love dahlia, but thanks for thanks for everything, you did press and if you, MRS Pack, has check it out, it's got wing in it with Vince Carter and Anything Burke. I back to this package. We're working You are do not take one. What's the amateur started up,
the two thousand terror beer redrafted was mine, resellers on the clock, with our first back. Let's ball, George and there's no debate right. Any father thought sometime George. He wanted me to add a little more depth this little sugar. Now, that's that's fair that still, if their first, your league appoints a game. You know they plan a lot. He missed some games as well. We talk. This team took, as I think that was still a Granger year Right- will mean greater yeah, gradual legate. It was kind of his weird deal where work quite sure what you had and so for him the kiss improve. It's a little quiet ask in that. Don't really have guys they do this like
They may be said to be nice little role, player, ok, wise and get twenty game. Ok, he might be, and at the peak of Paul George, he was in the argument as like the second best plan leak and that may have been off. I'm it's easy to sound like all this stuff is thus reduce. He was never that good he's taken some dings too, because, if you like, with its final possession of big plough spot dude like that shot to go down for Paul George right now, but I feel it has been more instances of like him, maybe not entirely getting it and then the fact it he doesn't go to away. He goes oh glorious. Tells already less work on the city in any forswear very year later Elizabeth Slippers, and who knows, he still may when a title throughout all this, but that arc does not happen a lot and it was the case for the south. Thanks, not trading jail and Brown, as if you thought jail and had a chance to be as good as Paul George, she matched up statistically every checkpoint partnership as first couple years ago.
When he was a rookie down when you say once again, I remember Cooper Game. I think it was his rookie year was one one of his first two years. Is that whatever the first time, saw him in person and he's one of those guys where you don T be people look one way, but in person you go. Oh man, I didn't know what it is like a seems like he's a legit. Six. Nine he's got long arm says he is a bright and just seems like a like a specimen. I give you landed from another country in Europe, is picking out who, who are the best person this game you to pick them use like twenty. At that point, but you could see it and then I remember the it does not pay and they really through in the fire against them. I'm eating their name is recital year athletic he could hang with weight and morale and he
no idea what he was doing here and I saw at some point in those first two years- it became clear everybody had made a massive mistake, but you don't you look. It is his career. He he made a first team on Ba. Thousand eighteen during a season that had Leubronn collide Toronto and Kevin Durant Golden State? Who is really good, that you're so really impressive, and then he also made four hundred and thirty Mon Bso last five years, twenty four slash, seven and four- and I think the big thing we have to mention is just a what if, with a broken leg, because he basically he loses a whole year- is that quite the same here that he comes back and just what is tat, look like and things like that, so he could argue bill. He came in that first. Like you, doesn't rebound, we get only twenty one minute's game
there are even shooting is just over thirty percent from three the next year comes back. We still know Implant heads a game is second year in a short season, and is it three eighty five from three and any starts rebounding like crazy, read many heat lucky, I dont think he's your one. I don't think he could ever be your want like physically he has the game of the one. He has the skills of the one. All of those things, I think, there's something that's a little short there as far as you beat. The guy that's gonna, really be an alpha and a big moment. I dont know that he has that any shown more times than I do he's a good play maker. I I think he's incredible athlete in an incredible around, whereas I think, if you and say what this guy missing, there's that one last time I'm talking about, Super Duper star says that one might be right with you run the off and threw him in a game. Seven. I don't think so,
not at all of you will know when it's not. This is just as you said and registered it that way, because You know when you start talking about who are the four or five best in the world, like the things and start grading you a little harder on ur gonna sing like pretty hard, but he a little bosh. Him were a big plan moment I could they could forget. You know like. Oh that's the pall, George, because gone six seven possessions here, nothing's really happen. On the other hand, these at the point of his career, where he could have come. We change your mind on these by these and still might and go to the Orlando Butler like who does he might have his moment. I still the he's young enough to change that, often defensive, where I don't feel like he's quieted a quiet, Scotty Pippin Ecuador level, but I think he's a notch below dickie. I think he's right under need those guys for guys. I've seen primitive ass. The principal sir he's a worthy number,
I do like that you were like any follow up beer. Just like George about me by David, staring sit Norway for the handshake. I am on the card number two obvious and take it the work now. You know. I I think John, while has to be the second pic. I was prepared to get crazy intake ordinary, but I think the fact that John Wall hit a point he was a meaningful pike, Ard attitude that almost made the conference finals- and you know I don't think it's his father- that why should he walks into that washed in situation, its post arenas created in Andre Blanche? Oh, just a complete mess, Jovial Magee, Joan Crawford, others dates, and then you know this house point. Now when we are when we talk about lasting and a cup of package together, like it was a team that
always thought they were one move away from winning the title and was giving away double and pics for guys that didn't really matter- and it was always a speed, rush, microwave kind of game plan for how to put together a team they really lucked out with the Bradley Beal picking two thousand and twelve, and you just think like all right. Freeze the roster There are two thousand twelve we have John while we're Bradley Bill. This is easy, just don't fuck this up like that. Don't don't try to make this our end, that's what they did for the next five six years, and I gave way For that, I can't blame him for his nature, whether that were to happen. You those, but you know, he's nineteen nine, four rebounds a game. The percentages are an awesome, but they want a couple plasters with them, and I do think that for eye test, why is going to see him in person? I thought he was really good. I would just rather have him in a word as what it came down.
For me. Yeah I've done all my war stuff and I actually still hold out hope that he's gonna be will have some second part of his career here, where he still young enough of this kind of injury and is not too big that help be able to figure out something here, may what we ask and ease twenty nine had be thirty in September, so they agree that I mean it that way was subsequently snow. I'm sorry, Galicia, but I also had an injury to we had fractious Verger boat up, I don't know,
I knew there was another difficulty. Adrenal micro fracture update my my catalogues of today in the play ass. I think this is a point to intervene in the past. These played six classes and despite percentages, forty two, twenty seven, eighty two to twenty seven percent, three points in the past and you could feel it and begins- and I just hate when what am I to best players has a weak test The other team can craft the whole defence error, and that was the case which are worth you could see the wizards down there going really well and make him a half corporate guard. He couldn't totally figured out. Some fancy did back at thirty might be it. So I I think is certainly wasn't it. Ass. I think he said good moments in the unlike you already give up on me. Take it there
I'm gonna go and Heyward then he was so good towards the end there in Utah. His career has been completely derailed here and he did look like use finally figured out certain time this year, and then I thought I should get worse again at times it all over the place, but you know we're doing these redraft both these classes again. It can seem President ten years ago, but not I don't. I'm already give up on your neighbor being to protect a basket. Finally gather and once he showed that play making where their running the often through him in Utah, where he was making decisions, you put up, could assist numbers and he could shoot it, and I mean the things sucks too, as he played all the time like you just Missis Hale for the games, but me and one letter he was sixteen sixty five and five in a shooting. Well that year was weird. He said like forty percent year, some three and I have a couple badgers actual a bit like we're talking about with him in common.
What is Lancer Utah years? He was twenty five and four hundred and forty five, three thousand seven hundred and eighty three percentages. So that's good! I mean you take daddy, I was sorry, was really smart. Defender of the key was like an amazing defender, but we ve been watching on the south eggs. One of those guys who knows where to go. What to do seems, like guess, find a playwright unselfish and their ankles, you know we talked about it earlier, the what ifs to this draft, with the Paul George and getting her cousins when he got hurt them? Hayward Injury, it's just the timing of it's unbelievable. It's cuz, there's a whole bunch of repercussions from including like does that change the arc of what happens with Kyrie in Boston. Is that Celtics, awesome that sees him and his carry happy or was carried destined to do whatever you get into any were held by Jack. You gonna do it well, maybe but the loose Heyward after
Is it an hour not even when is that ever happened before it was in an hour, is a max contract Just always. These bees anti itch people that are out there, but you just go. Everybody would have signed Gordon Hayward, okay, everybody would have signed Gordon Hayward he's twenty two game. He could shoot at your boards, got you sis and he's twenty six years old. I got to want to hear about it and so I would rather have his stability, then say, You know some of the other guys ever going to take from here to Marcus cousins, more talented player, but I'll take a word and not being somebody who can baby sabotage. My entire team is in fallen further than for just for the integrity of this draft, I'm taking them for it. It's you told me not to mention the numbers on the dimension. The numbers from two thousand fourteen two thousand seventy four year stretch the average twenty five and twelve
He made to second team on earth and I do think Human Davis in two thousand eighteen that was really happen it. That was a really then came the watch. I loved watching them together and I really felt causes restarting figured out is as nutty had These bent over the course of his career, Amy Davis together we'll figure it out and a railway with you They got team was something, and so that makes me think. All right. This violates the latter by rules for the redraft bulls, but at least I saw for four months there that this guy could be a productive prior to get some taken yeah be. Maybe if he's not the guy that he wasn't Sacramento earlier on than he can have a nice. Little second happy worry with the Achilles some of these big and then hurts himself again at the Achilles, because that's what happens, but the guy get twenty five
ten or whatever in Sacramento, but then, if he didn't get a call spent the next five possessions distracted within the game, not paying attention aiming that is going on there about somebody in ironic back. When you get back on defense or we wouldn't. If you didn't get the ball off a screen, he would pout for five possessions in as soon as you get the ball back again. He just take a bad shot to take a shot like that doesn't show up as much in the box score. But that's why that's! Our community was loaded in the necessarily yeah. Now we give it. That was not a good basketball team, but I really are you they want anyone that wants to listen is. I think there are people that of I've, never really that had been Proto Marcus causes it just haven't. I haven't really been honest with themselves about some stuff that he doesn't screw separating. Well, it's a good one because, as the years pass in your basketball reference cage becomes your legacy for people who didn't her went there when you played because we're saying that happened with guys
my generation, your generation, to where you can make a case, that of Cromwell? I was one of the ten vespers. Martha outlook is best for reference page and end as Everybody gets older, who can't delay all that a second I was there. This is wow, it actually happen and with cousins. There's somebody years, Rabbi Haider, whose, when the best three centres of the two thousand fence, the markers cousins. And the latter's fiscal case, for it and it won't be a good one say that once again, We need a centre in your only shooting forty six percent for your legs. This ass imposed up where they go. Look at the postage stamp of everyone from the he's an idea to it, or even somebody Ewing for him to shoot
Forty six percent in a year would have been a complete disaster from so you know. I I think, though I wanted to play this game with you, because I do think he went to one of the worst possible themes for best into markets could have gone to knock anyway. I think as ever taken Java. So let's say we take submit number two you're putting Emma Gerardi Lou lambs egg, with dollar out brand low Spencer, Hawes Postal Collins coming at this dark hours into markets, they fight to the death. When I got to the death somebody dog somebody dies, yeah, that's the most fun situation. Number three was the nets said New Jersey before they got to Brooklyn had nobody. I think that would have been just as bad as Sacramento Minnesota him Kevin love together to somebody that could have gone wrong. There's a couple. It couldn't write golden state. He could
the Korean in clay, your later potentially and then, after that it gets silly like the trade. The covers the fact that it there it the taking of the markets in fishery is delightful to me. I was sad. It happened. I really would like that the fence either would embrace them are turned on him in a way that was almost unprecedented sciatic. They were like him. I think they were like them, because I don't know it's a smart, smart, basketball town. Miss acrimony defended him to like it. You know In him losing his coach, I mean I've read that peace so many times that, while you know he was never told about coach more, not being there like AL, so that so they you did for seven years right. Yet you just stay, I was I was given a heads up. So am I more pro buggy than you are yet. I think you got. The latest that do I just think you put it
I like that who could go either way and you put them on the worst organization the week on bad teams with guys like Tyreke Evans and whoever else soon. As I get this, there's no act, and maybe I can get with a Garnett you're right. Maybe maybe that would have been amazing to have somebody like that, like I would have paid Garnett five million year BAR Sacramento at the end of his career. Just be like. Can you come in here and and yell at cousins? I now we're number five and a little bit of a drop off from this point on any. There's another drop off, that's honestly, like they, the the floor caves and you just go crashing into the basement, but this is the first drop off food. Do you have at five? It's really was Bledsoe or favors, I think I'm gonna go Bledsoe and that's why I had a higher the highest scoring, but you can look at
avers NGO Ada. Let's at that bat like look at all, it's not that bad. I just wanted to be better, so maybe that's getting in the way of all of this, but really between the two late possession type a thing Shavers, probably wouldn't be in the play in blood sausage. Chance of getting you the Buckhead, even though I can't look, I'm not putting butts on the top ten point guards in the league, but it's just a it was a kind of went back and forth on it, but I felt like you know what just give me more scoring In the draft in the moment, the south accept the nineteenth peck and heading into the eighteenth, pick whatso. And every Brad. They were on the board and I remember being excited because all these teams fucked up in front of that spot, right leg. We when it like cellophane, was the seventeenth pack to Chicago Bledsoe. You just do it the worst case. There's gonna be a really good athlete. Who could be your third guard and then Bradley was
Brad they the year or layer, was the number and high school recruit and gone attacks s and he had not a great year and people just it was the classic. People just fell off a menagerie, that's been when an angel secret scouting tricks. He likes that pedigree of those Madame la American guys, sometimes in in sometimes too much, but I got to watch Bledsoe those first couple years with the clippers, and it was clear that he was somethin. You know it politically, the EU is a little bit he Chuckie and leg overconfident in his own office of abilities to run a team, and I think that's manifested itself in some bad ways with balky last season, but but the town was there was undeniable, like he was really ethnically gifted and see like key gave a shit played hard and was in a frustrating spot like that,
Chris Paul like who who's a worse person, a back up the crisp pie, early, Replay TWAIN Man aim. We have aiming you fight, you point twelve minutes, a game if you're playing with them is yelling at you, like that, not ideal, and I think it hit a point where he had to find his own team and then finally, they traded in the phoenix in his career took off. I was not surprised at the deaths the rapid mocha number six. I had. I had Bledsoe fires, they took him. I had favours it, six just cause. I know it is and by our accounts, great teammate. I think
you. Do is career over again is an eleven seven for his career. I think if we do it over again and probably turns out differently, he just you know he ends up, gets taken by the nets. That's terrible! Its trade Eu Utah he's in the doorway and trade he's playing without Jefferson, their color remaking. What that team is- and it was like- they never totally figured him out, but he was one of those guys that I was kept. Then he always keep waiting for it to happen with them. Oh, my god do back. Are you kidding? I got I ve. I haven't Bob a biography written about me I'll, be like he always hoped for more from their eyes. I loved him so much yours that, because it just I thought he was gonna, be this physically imposing like high twitch, big guy, you know nothings going abroad but I thought the way was in the end, How did you link? Did you think, like Antonio Mc Dice, like that, any I like peak
but but yeah more along those lines that I really take over a game, and I judge him, I judge and based on thinking that he was always supposed a little bit more than finally with him I had to be like I do it's not happening baseline jumpers, gonna, get you some boards and that's about it. So in fifteen and sixteen those two years, the average sixteen and eight fifty two percent shooting you know. The league moved against similar Abed, the guy that made a lot more sense twenty years ago. The Meda here let me tell you these power for those living near and then in seventeen and eighteen. They make the second round both years his place. Twenty point: five minutes game the first year, twenty six, the second year, but one of those guys eight. I think we all like to many at a great name. Their favours just sounds like you should be awesome. There is a high school pedigree. There.
And I don't know I haven't given up on him yet like if he averages all by of over it's over it's over eleven twenty five twelve that show that Fuckin told you they're favours now I dont I'm with you. I think he is what he is now he is. I e the Smart forward off the bench who can guard to positions in point twenty minutes ago. I want more you're. The clock had seven there's analytics guys here. That will tell you some of my next picture. Coming up. There any wrong, but I don't care, I don't care. What, if send some of these because of discover the guy As far as having in my rotation now at pick, seven I'm gonna take Avery Bradley
I also had him at number. Seven. Are you serious? Yes, is funny incredible defensive player, for you know five, six years that I thought he was a destructive player that you know he. I always thought he was the guy that he's a shooting guard on offense, but on defense you want to guard the other team's point guard So if you could find you know a point forward or a to guard who is really a play maker on the offensive Annan and have Brad the kind of plan that guy he could be, The Bible, what he wasn't was a point: he could barely dribble. That's what people don't seem to remember, or they just watch enough of undue member that next series, where he was trying to bring the ball up like the subjects of China. Haven't play point guard. Yet it was. It was light, woe sky kind. I can't dribble they did
if we consider- but you can travel on your way to getting a buck- ok, fine! But what can you actually in the face of pressure like navigator, everybody and some guys get exposed a little bit with that in its also little scary that the beginning is a good day this This isn't some amazing drafted by Ange. In that this, this is somebody who should have fallen this far because it took a little while, but he has moments and and yet the fact that you can probably play him indifferent positions defensively an order. I dont, you wasn't great Boston. I think you'd be the first to admit that people in Boston held out hope. I am quite a bit. He sets a moment of the Lakers year this year could act like a shout out his teeth. Ass. Seventeen sees really fast. Please sixteen and sex six ribands thirty nine percent from three five threes again really get defence and played really nicely with as Thomas where he.
Read to guard the best guard on the other team, every game, and I say they would try to hide him on whoever. But I like that backward together, I don't think it was sustainable, was the championship backward but rather was good. He played in some play off game's over the years and I like to have them out there. I was never one of those guys rear leg man every Brad this out there like actually kind of believed them, and I think you know he decided not to play in the bubble. I think he really could help the the Lakers Universal law. Since in situations right aren't like every serious, but there there were moments in for over four ran through needed him without seventeen eighteen Plath games and you seventeen again point thirty, six minutes a game, Fer, a team that you know made the conference file, so you could argue, should have got six. I am on the clock at eight the wheels of come off again. There was, of course,
to the point that I'm taking Gregg Monroe Wall and you hate rigmarole, yeah, don't even really like him. He had great in the eighties would have been great Yeah- and I always I was outsiders- good passer by They stated outbursts of game and- and I liked what they would put him at the top of the cane and run people- since the earth is relatively with him from teeth as twelve to sixteen average. Sixteen at ten, so. I would rather have that than anybody we're about to pick. I do think there was a time and a place for him. I think as the legal, smaller and smaller and he had did not have the ability to just punish people anymore and things like that. He became unplayable, but at least for those five years. He was something. So that's better for me that errors in this draft will you take it at nine. Ah, take it Davis, oh
Well, we really fell off, which your case Fred Davis, that curiosity. I don't know that I have one it's not scoring. Regarding numbers have always been pretty good if physic, everywhere goes everyone's excited, they have them, but then they kind of forget that no one ever wants to keep em. Me he's never on a tea from well. You have a couple years are Portland, oh he's a classic Portland Guy, where the fans were out making. It seem like he was better than it was they've done that with about twenty, over the last twenty five years yeah I wanted role player. I did more our role player that I know can fit in I mean I'm at this stage. The stage my scouting here, I'm trying to find out something like can only child or where they buy their genes, but you know I'm just making sure there. We have everybody on the same page, strong pic. I am going completely off the grid with the tenth pick it taking guy who's that drafted.
Policy, a guy was drafted. He was driving a guy caused a riot in two thousand and twelve for about four weeks ago by the name of Jeremy, Lin good pick goodbye thanks like this lot, that's good! Thank you. I I he was good enough to get signed to a twenty five billion dollar deal by Houston. They in the play off series- He'd everybody thinks germinated, it began and end with Lynn sanity, and then he gets hurt and it's over. Yet she had a really good first year with Houston, where it made the play. They lost that serious to Portland to deem lowered member Dame lower than the three when Parsons didn't fallen over time, but Linz playing in court
I mean that game. It was on recent hours watching and they ran. You know, harden was doing his usual terrible shuts down the stretch, but Lynn had a big player, one point and he was out there. So I don't. I think he got hurt a couple times. He had a bad luck, but as a scoring point guard off the bench, I can't resistant pussy beans a lot to a few of my friends, so they're gonna, who do you have a number eleven where, where I should tell the audience, were officially in Hassan White, sad wrench, I'm not saying he's going, but I'm not taken up its we're at the point where people on the draft of a market of passing his stature, and they are because there's analytics too that, like him, instead of his total numbers, a good I just if people are benches you at the end of close games, the tells me so
yeah. That's me yeah! I'm I'm difficult that way when, when you're coach doesn't want you out there at the end of course, Games Evan Turner has he has some terrible analytics. They keys using the twenties for some of these, and I actually did you have to take Evan just on town alone. At this point, I probably should have taken him ahead of it. Davis. If you watch enough enter, you know exactly who he is, but he still to talented and still have moments of production where he can't go on drafted in a redrafted here he has to be drafted. So therefore I take him at number. What's it eleven one of the Great college, basketball, stats citizens whose awesome Thou hast eight year, so it's funny that they advanced metrics decided not till I come eventually, I thought
havens, unlike them in Boston, my hero, Brad Stevens, the way he used them as like a point forward, whatever the fuck you as in hand guards run it off- and I thought it was effective, say I think you're totally right. Could he be it a rotation on a really good team? Absolutely yes, and that was the right picture that spot So you know team is on right. Now he got traded in. Traded again as the Sacramento close he's on the Sacramento, the EAST Atlantic after so waits. I probably should be the next pact, but I know I can get him with the fourteenth back. As I know, you're not gonna take up summit to take a guy have always enjoyed who seems to keep getting paid and who made in the last two years.
At its egregiously is anyone act. Remember Patrick Patterson! Here Rio, you easy my top fourteen. This is right around the range we had him here over each you so good pick. Thirty seven percent career three point shooter, just for the record, could he be it in the motto frame? Was always bigshot rob right? It's like area. He could be the Bob hurry, the staminate, except for the talent. Everything else is in place in Iraq, is a stretch, work and could make some threes and potentially guard p, on the other, and that's that's what you got with their Patrick paths, and so they go. He has to go drought. He like there's, no way you can do these fourteen allow him being drafted. So I agree with you here at the european level. This might be the Grizzly Estates guy in any redraft, above for, like the last six guys, if we
chapter twelve- I wasn't gonna get mad if we started its efforts, but you go. Did you are just stop you watch? It shows shot out to our high town on starts by eighty, like I'd lad, I mean who had p town tat it Funny, though, any mass they show the ruling on who says what like, whose allow to try to speak with the accent in its it's just I spent in my favorite things with any man show it's like who thinks there Killin it whose actually good at it who just said, and I'm gonna, bother rang out of its it's always one. Yep Hittaways to play p town in high school yeah. That was it. That was a long road trip for the vineyard for the Yes airlines that second, our hours long, that his woods holes all the way. Bottom in Norway, I too, after you, it's going all the way up
around our expose aim. I answered it up. I heard it was an feel good. Yes, I stayed away but I'll check it out. It isn't put it's it's a lot of the same beat you know for any kind of alma with crime, but they I'm I'm really into how they ve done it so far like they. They ve added newer elements who would enough along with a story lines it made me gharra cool, like I think we have some different on her. Ah thirteen fact around the clock I'll go out through Camino, just based on the bad habits alone. Why his? I was gonna, take a budget that take white said so all our rule of law size use another big time, high school guy. That's an wake, ended up with all those dude over that that very short amount of time was like remember one week forest did everybody there in a very short amount of time Hindu. Scoring, but then, when he got support, Lenny still is young to use twenty. When it came to the league and then you're worried it is, is hunt is fifteen by
Twenty five, we know are greater than the clippers and he was a media right off areas where those guys you watch twice out he's a bus till never be of it, and I was really surprised when he caught a remodelled this game in Portland and became a three day guy. You know not the best version of a three big eyes, certainly not an awesome. Three point: zero but at least he made it out measles, yet perfect forgotten what they were: wings. They they had all the different guys, so he actually made sense there em. Those three years are probably the only reason why is bomb didn't do anything worth Orlando. The syrian play implicating game because the copper Zaza take that guy. I can't member here, the Russian gathered them leave. He loved two thousand ain't got two down: seven core correspond, of course led out over that guy was he another one where you watched him for five minutes. You like, oh, he sock, so never be good that you knew immediately, and I thought that
about our african media that I thought there was no chance, but it turned out. There was a chance. I read the last pick pick. Fourteen years is on my board: Hassan Whiteside, Jordan, Crawford King, the heat check, bovine gets bovine out of this Quincy Pond Dexter, who I've never really told they given up on Grievous Vasquez and the Larry Sanders show very there's tickler Sanders. Like one and a half incredible years where it's like wow. Look at this guy he's leaving the weak a black sea. So is so great a lovelier centres what is a mother eminent about and taking their centres for all. We know
Sanders River Magnum role. He was he had. He was her from Louisiana Tech. Hilarious Anders two point: eight blocks a game and into that I'm going to take Whiteside. I don't feel good about it, but he's fourteen and twelve. Could I plan from in a game for fifteen minutes and have them bump into dudes? It's either him or bail bond. For me, Boba is just the fact that he could it off the bench for the Sixers last year, when everybody made a big step. Don't count above on you may you might see
the initiative as the actual Plath games there there again you're gonna, be over there, you not blank white side at least, can rebound and potentially black a shot, her block shot. You stop plenty defence. When I know that sometimes the heart censorable process, but it only cares about blocking shots, he doesn't care about what he said was that's. Why said he my black a shot for me. This guy also make go by him seven times in a row for lapse, but he might black couple shots for me. It's the least inspired I've ever been to take a pig in a redrafted boss, but I'm taking up her son website fourteenth back. This draft was bad. Eight that actually made me feel bad about doing. The redrafted was again I'm soured honesty in the show, no shot we're doing a little bit in the submitted as a deadly and Edward
Also we talk about out, I'm not I'm not using any of us in the content game. Right now, John see these things out. What it was I was already do. Ten at school will do It's rough, certainly not a lot of work is the kinda thing happen: you're accountings, Big NEWS: you got your excited Vanessa, mincing they get a new jersey, cattle out attacks, data reseller. You got at least one pack ass this week come in yet we're gonna. Do us a manifest stuff? I dont say what are doing yet, but Dan here was great, though Ghana check out Dan here and who your worst fears of a diamond bags now pitch the big slick. Thirteen years, he was good he's funny to talking about drilling guys I like the guy, I could have a weak seen except I tag Sousa uprooted thanks to Brazil out thanks to simply
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