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CC Sabathia on Protesting, Drew Brees, Baseball’s Return, LeBron, Rivera, and the National Moment


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by World Series champion CC Sabathia to discuss his experience at the protests in Brooklyn, the moment he realized the nation was ignited by the killing of George Floyd, and the platforms today's athletes have and their ability to speak out against injustice. They also discuss CC's time with the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians, including the 2007 ALCS, watching LeBron James play high school sports in Cleveland, the incomparable Mariano Rivera, the 2009 World Series, bench-clearing brawls, how athletes may be affected by moving the start date of their season, and more.

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slash work together were also brought in by the ringer not come Andy Ringer Podcast Network, where I'm really proud of a lot of the stuff we ve done this week we had great pieces from Tyler tides and just in charity. Brad Philips, we had passed the higher learning password. Then they Nathan, Rachel Lindsey, which we launch last week, which is excellent. I highly encourage you to subscribe. We had just in charity on Depress press box podcast, we add more Crawford and the J J ready pack ass. We had Larry Wilmore Wing in on it podcast and he's going to be on this podcast at some point soon, but in a lot lot more stuff beyond that? But Rachel Lindsay was on the Bachelor Bachelor Party podcast to talking about the batch yard, all the crazy stuff that they've done on that show
who they've selected and things like that. But this is definitely a moment right now and you know it's evolving, but at the same time I think everybody that has a media company or a website or a podcast network or whatever trying to figure out how to cover and talk about this, and I think the best thing that anyone could do myself included is try to talk to as many people as possible. Try to learn from his people as possible and try to use your platform to educate people and to not let the moment go two weeks from now for three weeks from now, because I do feel like there has been a tipping point. I do feel like good things are going to happen. I'm a generally optimistic person. I know the last eight nine days has caused me to.
About a lot of different thanks and things that I could do better, and I know I M not alone on that front, but you know, despite cast over the next, I don't know how many you know it can it be a little more structured and that our from India and three a week we have a responsible behind the scenes enters really some stuff that out get movie on and there's only so much time in the day, and so I'm hoping to keep these three part castaway schedule. But at the same time
it might be a little more erratic than usually is so just preparing you now. I really appreciate just everybody out there that has listen to this over. I don't know how many years it's been thirteen two thousand and seven dated back to the ESPN days and have definitely listen to a lot of feedback, especially you no going back twenty years, but especially the last week or so, and you know it's still meaningful to hear from people and especially real thoughtful people that really put thought into what they wanted to convey and then perspective they had, and I think, if anything good has come out of the last eight days. I think that the dialogue has gone to a whole other level, a really good level and in a lot of ways- and you know even you see what happened with the
breeze thing? Will talk about a second cc's about the which started out as a terrible story and I think has evolved into a really good conversation and I'm sure you're. There are better ways to kind of get too where that conversation needed to go do, but I think twenty four hours ban from what he said to wear it ended up with viable in, and I just think it's a good way to keep thinking about things as we keep moving air the next to three weeks that, what's out again, it and what are you gonna do when you think about campaigns, air and re moccasin, which you can check out? The eight can't wait which we talked about on Tuesday, which launch and had a lot of success, and I wrote a story today that in Pittsburgh they ve already embraced it in there, and the police Department has already embracing other things in there and that's one city out of a lot:
but at the same time, that's one city, and now it's baby steps in its little things like that. That make me think that this these last few days are gonna, be something that that isn't just as kind of come and go. I don't think that's gonna happen this time and I'm fifty years old, I've you know seen some different points in America or in the world, not any of the stuff. That happened the 60s I was too young, but I do think this feels different in a lot of different ways, and I know my position as somebody who runs a company and has ability to affect change in a couple different ways, and I take that seriously and
I really want to try to do better and try to contribute to whatever moment we have and whatever moment we need to have going for it. So I'm putting a lot of thought into that, so I'm really excited about the podcast today was Cc Sabathia and That is the second first project ccs. About these there. You a protest and reckless, tell me about what happened here was we went out with the family. You know my kids missile granted as I have a sixteen fourteen eleven nine year old and
the nine year old has been super curious about everything, that's going on, and you know curious about you not being able to get killed it with the with the skin color. He had. You know Salmon everything really that has gone on in America right now. You know after his joys void, you know, murder, you know which is felt obligated to get out. With the kids and educate them on everything, that's going on and you know get out there and not just post stuff on social media. You know I'm saying so. It was fun to be able to get out there with the kids and, and you know really char.
Gordon Protesting- and you know- hopefully I'm I'm watching and walking- and going to be problems with my boys and my daughters, so they don't have to do with their kids and in the end, that's really what it's about. It's just teaching them. So it was a good day today to be able to get out there, and you know share with with some people- and you know everybody's going through this with you no differently everybody. You know those two things differently in and to be able to share what we're going through. A different people was helpful today, Was this the first one that you've gone out with the whole family for who's, the first one we all went to and actually we were, we were going to go to the one in Brooklyn today and then there was one in Hackensack New Jersey that we were going to go to at five hundred and thirty, but Brooklyn took all day so I kind took it out of his, but you know I think we're going. Another one on Saturday over here and in Jersey and
You know my kids are all in. They want to, you know, do as much. You know, activism, activism, I guess I guess it would be called you know if they can, so we heard a provider for him and and just take him to whatever you want to go to How is this moment different for your family and how you talk to your kids compared to twenty fourteen, when the last time we were here you're a boost moment is different for me, because my sixteen year old be driving in the fall. You know and he has dreads. You know, he's a big kid play sports and he's going to be out on his own. So you know that the conversations we've been having before even before this when he got his permit- and you know we were in the car together his first driving lesson. The first lesson was about how to deal with the police when you get pulled over by the police in Would you need to do in that move fast in that region?
boys in a MAC, come off as a threat. All these things are things that I have to teach him as it as it I you know them saying that a minute it just in saying that I have to teach him met in twenty twenty, so it is, is different for me this time, because you know my kids are so much older and are gonna. Have these you know it I was with the police, and I mean it's just inevitable that is going to happen in their lifetime. You just want them to be prepared, so you know now. I just feel like I'm in a frenzy trying to tell him everything
I teach him. Everything's gonna, show him everything, and you know it's a tough time right now by password. That would be an apparent. Is I guess when it said, I see you. Some was born in two thousand for when he was born in two thousand three two thousand three year, so we you thinking you're in there deliver I'm in your thinking. Man say: I hope, when this kid is old enough, their conversations that I hope I'm not gonna have to have, or do you just now, it's You know what you just know: it's inevitable. I think, even if we have you know we weren't in this spot, and you know you know things hadn't happened. You know the last couple weeks. I still you know that that would still be. The topic of every conversation is, is how to deal with the police, and you know how to not make yourself look like a threat and that's what we have to do as black males in this country. As of today, you know I'm saying so: that's what we were out there today in Brooklyn for it
try to change that. So until that changes, that's something that he's going to have to deal with and when he has a kid, if nothing's changed he's going to have the same conversation, so you know, hopefully all this protesting and people out in the I'm not so much that budgets, the people, protests and the people on the street. What we're getting changed. When you're out there you gotta began recognise. Why were they? How do you even handle that whole thing where you're a celebrity out there with a bunch people? You know what I think new Yorkers, take me like a regular guy, now you're there, Madame I'm I'm so I guess community all the time and I'm just out all the time and I'm around all the time that it's not it's not a big deal. Couple people notice me and you know that what's up, but nobody I can take a picture, nobody anything
and I never really habits in New York anymore. So I think I just amount so much there. People like a decision that is as a garret, officially Yorker, now a something I never thought I'd be come from the West Coast, but Yeah I mean, I think, I'm uh, I think, I'm officially from the Bronx now unbelievable. I had gone back eight days. When did you know that when you know that this mama was going to be different, but what was the moment was the revelation where leg out this actually maybe at this this could be. It meant to be honest way, because I followed even Jackson, just just hear his reaction when he first posted the very first post, and that had to be. I think that Monday night year, that down I was when I was a man. Is this? What might be a little different just because you're not a very
that came out in to send the optics of it- and you know the compounded me after everybody going through so much for taking it- need it just seem like you know it was. It was a perfect storm for you know it's to get some change, and obviously people been locked up for three months. There's nothing to take you to the this offer what's goin on. So I think urge is everything has been going on in the country over the past couple months. Color led us to this moment and what it will do, you think happens the next two weeks, because we know that we know are just happen and we ve heard a lot of people, including myself. I said before we came out like this feels different and I hope this has become a thing were for two weeks, people care than they move on. What's get what's gonna happen for people not to move on this than doing people just got it. I mean, are obviously key protest in in a key postman
You know we have to vote this year. You know you gotta, you know we gotta get the right people office known at the at that local and state level. You not, I mean an end to try to get some. These things changed, and you know, maybe maybe some kind of policing at a police to come out of this work. You know some kind of law where they all have to wear body cams or you know, just as just a universal set of laws for all police, that you know. That meant that none of us can cross in any state in any town. So you know that's what I'm hoping for is that you know some kind of policing of the actual police force will come out of this, because if you watch you know what happened. North Floyd, and thereby he's out protest in, but you know, people sick. It ran over by ass. You ve seen you know, the police are still being people up on bikes him. You notice the latter. Different things, we're still using use a lotta excessive force even with the protesters so something's gotta tank
So we ve seen a lot athletes talk about this stuff using social media and everything's the bran two times this week. You know really can, and as bad as strong as he ever has year. At a different point, your life right, you Eve Some experience do in media. You ve had a full career you're, all their you wiser. Well, what would it be like to be a high profile, black athlete in your twenties with that kind of responsibility where everybody is expecting we need you need to step up you're still trying to figure out who you are as him you're like. What's I like you're the best of it, and to be honest, if there was social media around when I was in my twenties and in a lot of this social injustice was going on. I wouldn't know how to handle it and how supposed I'm very emotional. So, even if you look at my instagram just the last cup
if a lotta emotional email me with every man who stuff on there, so it's hard for me to deal with those emotions at its best the moment as well. I'm glad I got a couple days to do this before we started talking about it just because you know if you called me earlier this week. I probably would have off the cuff and said some things that I probably shouldn't say. Oh, you know on a podcast, so yeah I mean that that's hard and you know I talk to Mookie Betts a lot and we talked about different things, and you know You know some of these things is harder to speak up on. You know you want you, you want your whole fan base to love. You you gotta mainly in some of these things, are hard, for. You know some some some fans in some people to hear so that that makes it a lot tougher, as opposed to somebody like me, or if somebody like the bribe, the bronze so good, that either through is give back out there, the court, nobody cares, what he tweets unanimous and so.
You know about, but those lower level guys it makes it hard as an athlete, especially african american athlete, so must have their. Those honest is so much stuff to care about. Is so my social injustice I mean you just be you'd, be gone, crazy and and You know a lot of my career. You know I tried to for the most part. You know not really speak on things that were outside a sports. You know clubhouse. You know we talk about different things. We have different arguments and stuff like tat, but in the media, always just tried to steer clear it s, not just because I didn't want any over the real backlash to be honest law, and you also went from Cleveland, then the cup of coffee. Ok, then I'll send your New York, I mean you're. A hundred times is fitted in believing that may claim inhabited people in the club has further average aliens game. It was
Odin logger employees, that was that Europe, you have two hundred people, just wait for you to forget Yeah you care about you what we wanted Elsie S with the Indians and we can I was media- was in the club out like you know, it is crazy, a swarm but like this every day, Were you when I got to be your Jabez literally every day of our of our lives walk into the club? Ours is email, twenty thirty media guys it can. I ask you about the differences of especially black athletes, indifferent sports and how they're not unexpected or respond to situations like the last eight days, but it's almost site they fit in these different buckets right. The basketball players which is used to have the most leeway there, the most outspoken
There are the most out there, the football players, all the stuff, that's going on with the actual NFL notches capper neck, but everything else that's the EU could feel divide all the time and we felt that this week with breeze and then baseball. I don't even know how to describe based by me in there is less black. Claire's now in baseball. Then there were, I think, when I was growing up, loving the Red Sox like what, from that you mention Mookie Betts, who I think is you know probably the highest profile, black baseball star, that we have. What are the limits on him? What are the expectations of him in that sport compared to a sport like basketball? I don't think to be honest, I don't think they're that high, you know, and I don't I don't think- they're like a basketball or a football player just because there are so few of us in the game. You know I'm in for as we know a lot of time, you know with so many few black. You know. Baseball players is hard, even have a conversation about it, because
sometimes the only one in the locker room. So a lot of a lot of times a lot of this stuff, don't even come up like you, haven't these conversations with your friends and people that your closest with not really your teammates because there's probably only one, are you wanna T, unanimous and right on that that that's where you know some of us? Not speaking up of all the time comes from because you will be the only one in the locker room. Most of the time you don't. I am. I give you think about the past couple years, as is being me errant, I'm an judge, junk Harlow and an errand Higgs in the club house. We have common. Maybe we have. We ve always had a lotta, a Lotta African American, a black lot black eyes on our arts on Russia with ease, but every team is, unlike that, so a lot of times. You will have the support that you think you will stepping up and staying in speaking on you social issues. So I think that's where a lot of the quietness come smoke coming from a lot of the younger baseball players. Until you get to a point where
You like me when you got ok AIDS in your lot older or you can just you just fill. You know you want to say whatever you want. It's also a sport that intentionally Eliza Zoo in a lot of ways that that overtly, but they don't want individual expression. They don't you think about even stuff, is as innocent as, like a bat flip the code. You showing him up, hopefully removing added at phase where the showing you up and breaking the code and all it s stuff can get out of the game, hopefully really soon it's them. Order leave other sports where it's just. I know that this is how we ve done. It said stay. Eighty night is, as you happy with this way, you guys are the right way agri. Why it's unhealthy bet it does it reflect your life at all, are always hated. He don't play the game the right way over the fact that me round
again a right. Where did he does? He went hard is even a basis. Are teammates right? Well, he's playing a game. The railway, you're gonna say like any other, anything outside of that haven't thought about is like I have. I don't care at all. We had many, who is by second favour red Sox by ever, and he was the first who will be reversed by Fred Land was my like first guy O grouse grown up as a kid. He was our centre failure as our cards all that stuff. Then, when we got many, you know we had for eight and one half years, but he was just such an individual and you know based powers such as the export, where you're with these guys day in day out for six miles, and it's got a boring. It's always on you. Gotta have paid attention and then just with him and everybody in baseball would get so mad at him for all these different things,
and meanwhile well he's just like these innocent, simple guy, but he could help himself and in Boston. It played in a really fast in any way where people braced in early, then they turned rumour herded DNA down there were back in whatever Whittaker that our primary only depends on their when and where they were very than in many beer, Manny M M when this matter is killing the franchise, remove them yeah. I was public he cared. That was. I was that I was started from there with them, but I just have their say they like him and when he left it was the team. Even though we want a couple more world series- and we had some great eyes, but the tea was never quite
same from a person just he was so unique and I do not entirely malady from a personal point, not no doubt army. He was so you Emily, even with Johnny Damon. To like you guys has some crazy person. Mom are you gonna make it was? It was a bunch of light, while personalities slap together on a couple team so that yak and accuracy of Africa as it is probably the only reason we want to know for is that team was so crazy yeah that were the only way, you're gonna flip a curse. You know more than you felt it had in Cleveland where you it's the fan base. In the end, all this baggage that the franchise has. It actually falls on the prayers man, no doubt but, like I said my biggest disappointment, my whole career is when in the championship, no seven lender rest I'll come back. We were three one young team, very talented team. I think that the most solid seem a league at the time. For me,
you know we would do better to marriage is more experience and we didn't know how to close a series out. You know salmon you know we let them come back and ended up beating the Rockies. I think I slept the Rockies that year, which would have been a huge, huge, huge world series flyers in Cleveland and we kind of let that one slip through the cracks and just being young guys. You know the rockies beating the Indians was definitely our world series that year yes, are you guys had the best thing we were. We had the best thing, but I didnt pay. It's like I should have. If I pitch the way appears at the end, away or even an owner play off, then we went was burnt out this was a wanted all the press. You know. I wanted all the glory like I wanted to be the reason why we want. I wanted to be the agency as every it was easily be. I wanted it all, and I
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eight uninjured, gambler dot net in Colorado call eight hundred forty to forty seven hundred. What was your first year, the enhanced to owe to overthrow wore a one way is over and the bronze a high school. At that point, the brow was, I think you might have been Let's have grave at that time, reminding you of my you hear about him at that point. Now is going to see himself. R r F, are trainer our head trainer possible because was a high school in a U referee raised to bring order, tat prospects, somebody younger Bigley guys to Cleveland in January, for this thing called when a development we would get a whole family They are therefore a month and a half in and go down to enable spring training. So during that time you know, poise always tell me you gotta, come see. This gear play my men glancing
High school kid from Cornerwise, he told me how a freshman year let you gotta, comes in a plague of thereby no chance. He was like. So I guess I get up there. The winter of two thousand had to be the one or two thousand, and maybe the winter of two thousand and one, and he was, I got his plan across the street. Like I mean right here, we can just walk over there like. Let's go see him play and I was like- and I want to walk over when to go, see him play and he was he was little is now he was grown. Man like ass, it was believe me. You could just see that he was gonna, be a superstar at that age in June. You no longer even yet heard long. As you know she didn't happen like he was gonna be the guy was it was insane the watch him yet I was the whole thing at as these for a tiny bit where people were like. Are we?
he's the age she supposed to be right with. You were talking about library with Oda, as is twenty five. I couldn't. Let me know when you look back at the pictures of him in high school. He really does look young kids. Like he's really now we know what a grown man the broad looks like ass. He grew into it but yeah look. He looked really young and he even his game, was allow young army, his body in arms. In my view, the last came here that it has simply football a couple times: oh yeah got Jesse play football. A couple times is easily through great. River wait longer. He can easily that if he wanted to yeah, maybe he was found a. Why did it was found to be up there that time? You know more these Ohio. You know why how do things so that for me The only he's the only athlete there's been under that much pressure at the age of fifteen sixteen years old in Dili. Whatever delivering. Is you don't wanna championship in Cleveland.
Three rings ease the button, you know one of the best players on the planet like there's, never the guy on the cover of sports, illustrated at that age, that's been able to deliver yeah, it's funny, cuz, we're doing this documentary. We have an HBO, that's actually going to come out in July, called showbiz kids about child actors, and what happens to them after you know how hard it is to become famous when you're, young and and just all the different ways it can go and you think of Lebron, and he he's almost like a child actor right. We get to know him, but it's fifteen and he's getting all the stuff an atom that we have just seen go really badly for a lot of different people, and I'm with you, I think, he's handled it from start to finish. Probably the best out of anybody. I actually think he'd be the number one ranked guy for how have you handled this? The worst thing he ever did was the decision, which was ultimately
the letter was head, the humming he's open schools. I mean there, there's nothing. This guy hasn't done. Like he's. U knows a global icon it. He wears it well, like he's a family man, you know it does everything right light. That I mean he's yeas, he's probably about the number one guy, if I like how to handle you, know onyx success in enemy, you mean he rents, Emmy, written Matthew, you don't like it's crazy. He did where Yankee had two year plan game given there is I have just pointed out. I don't like that. She did. He did really gets you amen sixteen he was our indian women. Method. Oh, he began to remove any words. There is a flip, so here s what I think of hostility, is there? Any wives was your by my dear. If I see him, he'll always like go back to his gait easing of them, but I think sixteen May, which is failing
so much better- he went back. He would basically would give him. Did you get it? him when he was on the calves, the first time around when he was when you're on the indians- on the calves, both the you guys around the ascent they make the o seven finals. You should when the o seven world series, I grant, were there any parallel stuff? Gonna? U ever Surinam abnormal that this whole time. I was really always be really closer. Wes men in you know him. Blubber Anna was really close and I grew up with withdrew good Andrew play in Cleveland, those that first time around yeah. So I mean you know I mean I was. I was around all the time because, like I said, Lily man Drew grew up together, still really close friend. Wiser really close. So I was around all the time when you know in those early years for sure
Cleveland then, after that get the thing. People don't know about you and we talked a couple times since you're, just a gigantic sports fan, which out of you is I'm always amazed when somebody who was that success in the sport is also really well versed in other sports. Khazar understand how people have time to actually like legit followed. His jailer was like this do where jailer was a huge football fan, unlike how the fuck did you? Follow Football Oliver, maybe twenty million dollars a year play for the paces better, but you Father stuff, when when it fell apart from Cleveland, though brand leaves the Indians thing falls apart. Like way did how bad did you feel that did you just think that was it there, never winning their screwed for life? I felt or because I'm a pole I was appointed at history. You gonna go unreported at the history that fact that cleaver sports history, where damage, if season
it's better. We we went to world series you loans and, like I don't wanna, be a part of that, by emotions. I, like your party that, but I am like yeah, it was tough it especially this was our whereby, like expense, come in here and they went in MILAN. I'm a man like Libra left that you, like you, know, I'm Santa wages I feel guilty for sure. I'm not like I'd like a minute. I think I've told you those you know, please. I feel like his home. You know what a place where I can agree We know about their. When I was twenty years old, I had you not three. My kids were born ere. You know it is like a place that I consider you know to be like home in and you know that not be able to deliver championship. There really started. I still think about it all time, yet you had the typical baseball player, but the best version of it, the Cleveland Rights activists, but you get Pennant pennant shades malarkey, but then you actually got to like
in the play of some kind of make a run there, and then you look at the big landscape and you signed with the Yankees and by the way that to be a deck through the Yankee Fans listening, but that there are only title since two thousand and four budget you sat there and it actually is the rare giant free agent signing and it works, and they win a world at world Series which fyi with baseball. That usually is not how it plays out. Usually they sign the guy, it's a disaster. He makes so much money. The fans turn on him a month and, and it goes down
all other path that for use as it yeah it was like. I said I mean everything with such a learning experience after you know, o seven, when a massage pigeon horrible horribly in a play off some kind of losing this the worst areas away. They come back. The next come back the next year, get out or horrible start nefarious, have impedes great down down a stretch and give them a walkie kind of like play off games. Those are those rely play off games at the end of year, like those last three or four starts like we had the windows games pigeon on three days. Rest, so you know, is this in hock like everything's high, like the play? Also you not get to the next year, I'm a Yankee enough of just did this. I just went down a strike him a walkie pigeon three days. Rest like I'm a do this the whole place like this. This no problem- you know it was like it was a progression for me like
a lot. You know I feel like some athletes get it where they just kind of like so just kind of flipped the switch where they can lock in is playoff time. I can lock it in and dominate, and I think it took me. You know those old, seven hundred and eight and then let the online and be able to turn into the picture that I want to be in October, wraps wraps some guys don't need rest, though some guys don't need wraps, buy me the wraps for sure this is my case. I got in a shit cuz. I was mad that Devin Booker than play for team USA last year, and I was like that guys never played a meaningful basketball game if he goes and plays team USA, the pressure of that and then everybody got mad at Me-
He he does want to get hurt above a bad thing. I maybe there's no red answer, but I still feel like I'm right to the degree of reps better year by the devil. Booker's great. I want to seem in situations when it cite the crack you're down. Five and the crowds fuckin go nuts and you have to come through, and sometime you just don't know with people into Lebanon that spot you never know Bert. But do you think that the guys that go play for teen USA, when they spend that summer playing become back the next year like? At another level, maybe ask because they work out what, when everybody else, great, and you know you get different work. I will take this stuff like that or just a practice or whatever, but the guy's, a comeback from tenure say the olympic years and the years where the qualify for like to have the better seasons when they come back that next year, its irrefutable dead, there's like legit statistical evidence for
and I think it's, I think, being around guys not only just the level competition every day, but is it especially happen? No eight when you have older prayers and you have the younger guys who think they know everything, but they really doubt and that team had weighed and Carmelo, and the brown and some other guys and they're watching Kobe, whose lunatic at the time and you know is who he is and they're watching that they're gone. Oh man, ok! So that's what I have to do so, would you gotta do tat and you look at three of those guys were a great in the o, eight or nine season, but I think that's the most underrated thing. I think, when great prayers around other grape where's, I'm sure you ve felt this at the Yankees. Is the the Yankee said a huge payroll allowed, a great prayers, I'm sure you're learning, you know different pieces,
whoever that you, maybe you wouldn't be learning if you're on the Florida Marlins on a sixty two in the year, one thousand percent like coming here and give play with Andy MO. Roger all these different guys. You know. First, you learning. You are learning, but then it just takes the pressure off. It unlocks your game because I don't have to go out and throw a shut up. Have to go out to a shout out to win the game. I can pitch eighth grade, endings give the Baltimore, and if I go games over you know, I'm saying I don't have to go out and strike out fifteen. I can put the ball and throw my tooth going to put the ball in the ground like a Raji, Robbie, Cano text. Sarah do their thing like it just kind of unlocks your game when you play around so many other great players, because you don't have to do too much. You know I'm saying that's not and that's not a knock on anybody else. I'll play with it's. Just like a complement to the to these great Yankees that I got a chance to within our lot alma ata famer. So yeah me for sure
being around other great athletes. United for me to take the pressure off an end to a learned, a lot from I mean I when they had to second, have a mockery ere. You know not knowing that cut her from Andy amongst, so you need. You learn so much man. It is crazy and- and I just always think about the guy from team say that you're gonna go and play that someone and come back and is clearly. The next year's is amazing. The watch you know, when you signed with the Yankees, I'm sure they're a ladder reasons right. It was a lot of money. It's a real. Good team, you oughta, when a title you want to live in a big, safe air adjacent to a big city. Things like that, but did you fully realise the Rivera part of it like how good he was just what what what an asset that would be in your life to just know that somebody was lurking in the night there in that was just going to Dan, whatever you have just done in the bedroom, I had no idea how awesome now would be like them,
I was just always condition when I was younger to finish that, like I'm always out there like, if I don't finish this fucking game, like I'm pissed, you know, and then it was just like. Let me just go eight, you know if they hit like this guy is the best picture of all time ever in the bullpen like. We'll get excited like IBM Joe. You not taken me out like a couple times you let me go and on my Joe, like you know, most Morocco to go. Take a shower, whereas last five months in ten minutes like it was, it was a great as asset to have him. I think I'm gonna take it for granted, because when he wasn't there, when you get to see like oh how scared I didn't really is. It's funny met my son really got enough about this year and for some reason he inadequacies and twelve and after okay and he loves, listen who's the greatest, and so we always talk about rights and L tee in all these guys.
It's it's a shorter less than you think when you're rattling off eat at the greatest players- and I was telling like I'm fifty I've seen big stack- remember everybody from the mid seventies on here at the air, like the seven guys that spit out. If I did that for baseball, I don't know who I would start with before him and I don't think he's seen as the greatest player of all time and I'm just talkin about my lifetime, where I think a guy is like who's, the one of one who is somebody that was completely unlike anybody else that was in life as a sports fan, and I think for baseball like he just kind of he's like kind of over here, and then you could, you could litigate all the other stuff and all the other great players of senile just Dishin, great starters, but he's like kind of over here on the side. Are you argue about everybody s right here and I think if, if you would just as just anybody that that question randomly they probably wouldn't put to me,
they're lit right. You know what I mean like you, because he is just off to the side over here like just this. Just one of them, like you, said so yeah I mean it makes. Aware when you have those conversations of like who's, the greatest got, goose graves baseball player ever seen, and you don't mention his name because he was so dominant for so long with one pay through one page. You know, I remembered later of career, went out what I got the moments. I don T know a little bit, but I mean dominated with one pitch in you know whether April furs or October thirty four seas out there same demeanour. You know we lose you back out there. The next day you know just the edges I've never seen anybody, so even keel manner is crazy. We, just go and at him the Eba that unbelievable Red Sox, Yankee Stretch. Would you best, I think, by.
Time you got there. The robbery was in the same boat. We play them like eighty times plus if we met in the play out another five to seven and it always felt like such an achievement. If we got run offer a way that it is still feel leg with any other pitcher. You know really there's been a lot of great pitchers who had awesome seasons in great stretches and that's the only guy were that even in a foreign that the famous you know get around the robbers. Five get it. It was you son, We bought a watch and it wasn't even they were like cheap runs inside your wireless,
germs. Do you feel like you, you? You really accomplish something unbelievable and then, when he came, they were the first game. When we rose the banner in O five, her an age used other guys in Rivera gets introduced and the Fenway fans go nuts Keziah flatter layer, sarcastic like tags, your ear there would in turn, and he can't I owned it. He just raised with me here he was the one guy that we can really liked. We were just add, appear respect it where it was if we are to be like, I fucking hate that guy, like nobody felt that way with them. You can you know you know it's crazy about Mars. Like I said he was always he was always exactly the same. You know you you're right. It is hard for people to hate him, but he was just
so helpful. To you know I mean I think like and asked our games. You were held different players, indifferent pictures. I think the respect that the players have form. Maybe kind of rubbed off. As the fans do you not, I mean my because he had so much respect from every really around. The league still does is risk is cut, is gonna hard to hay mow like fiercely? Even then he had fears piggy added. Now it's it's out. Listen I've managed to find hate my hard for every anchiale ever that sport say that real hey. You know one thing with him: there's is serenity about him, and I was here teammates talk about that. That would weird they had this calming effect on teammates too, and I also don't know anybody else. I've ever heard I waste in baseball that you heard other people talk about, that there is an or about him that actually gave them kind of com. Is that true? Did you feel that
the upcoming here, of course I mean my com was like no one. He was in the bullpen you're like no one. He was down their attempt to your point I remember a couple of times that he would do Brands in a nice, they were by three give up a like. It felt like the other team like felt like they walked em off like we fell when we but everybody's, like over the last five year by year we might be able to win the model. We just gotta run of Moonlight Bessie Gay people covered him by who is ill treatment of the job, we're playing with him and watching him do. His thing was one that we work well with the least surprising thing about Yankee fans when she spent an entire decade with them. And what was the most surprising thing about Yankee offence. I hate Europeans by the way, but I'm an outbreak releasing for private thing is that the very knowledgeable like they moved No baseball games and that's what I think as a player and be able to play here, for
the other point eleven or twelve years of eleven years they hold you accountable, like like you're, always I dont Morgan analyses in January thinking about like men. I can't you boot off the field You don't sound like that. Really is a part of your psyche as a yankee is the fans and how have to respect them and go out and give your best effort every time, and I think that's where our love, Aris mutual respect came from, is because they knew every time I went out there. I was going to give him a hundred. Fifty my whole heart was going to be left out there in the Bronx every time and I think they respected that whether it was good or bad or whatever that's just who I was and how I played so. I think it worked out good for me,
two like bees, almost more where my heart on my sleeve and go out there and do the things that idea- and I think you know we had a mutual appreciation for each other, because I guess I place or heart you know some guys can handle that cause having passed in New York and fully in a cup by their cities. There are kind of like that Ray and they have such high expectations that people either rise to the expectations. Are they literally
If they go the other way they just can't handle it can't. Can you see the other side of that? Can you see when, when somebody just you know like we have got a car Crawford's a good example of somebody here we see the words a was meant to play in Boston, it's. Why isn't somebody meant to plan a city like that? You know no car. We wish we grew up together and our group again we came together, have same agent. I think that for a parting bosses is too small of a city. I think you know you want to go out to dinner. Do different basis does like them. I think you know Basel wasn't not allow him to be able to do those things, and I think you know it became very while those while basis
and that got hard on him. I think for me. No, I mean it is hard for me to see it any other way to high play over me, because I put so much pressure or myself yet that, like even like there, I appreciate what they make you go through. If that makes sense yak. Is that that's how I am myself like that's how hard I am myself I mean I'm pissed. If I don't go, seven slash eight innings, you know what I'm younger like. If I don't go out there and dominate every time and feel like dominated their team, you not in full, like I did my job, so I appreciate it. You know being held to that high standard, because that's what I help myself to an end and I never expect anything else from myself. And you know it in a different way. You know I got four. I have you know three kids when I first came and have my fourth week in twenty ten, and you know I left the ballpark. I would come home and just hang out with them, you know once I left the field,
I love everything whether it was a good or bad game. They didn't care, seven runs a no hitter, don't give a shit, his dad's home and it's time to you, know, hang out and playing and that's what I think allow me to you know that likes flip. The switch like leave it at the stadium come home and I'll hang out, do my thing and then be able to go back in and turn it back on. So my family helped me big time in that way. Nowadays you'd only veered twenty five, you don't have to worry about six innings and ninety four pitches right did that I'll, be there Lagarde live in. Is air brow like that? like you: wanna go to six darters legality. Maybe go five evenings like tourism towards into my career, like there was catering issue for me right, I interrupted for you. Actually vote was the most surprising thing about Yankee, since I don't know, if anything, surprise me about Yankee fans,
Secondly, the answer you Harold Aroma of anything. I was ready for every behind Numa me when I was. I was terrified to bananas today, the new stadium, yet yeah, they re evaluate the first year on. I was the first year, and now I beg pardon me signing Here- was like a high plating Cleveland and now kind of a new state of opening a man before, and I got a mere, no one so like ours, call about going to. I want. I really thought I was going to be a badger. I thought that the dodgers going to come after me, heart, you know heavy and then the West Coast Guy. I thought that's where I would end up, but I wasn't really our planet like Godaddy Stadium with the old club, owls them like rats, they're like I was excited to give here, have a new clubhouse thousand gonna start over would with obviously wanted a you know, most story, franchising based what history but have a noose.
But having Tuesday. I just wanted to say about a couple new offerings from the ring: a pack ass network. If you haven't listen to boom bust the rise and fall h, Q hosted by Elisabeth Neck. We are a few episodes in and it is an amazing story, and if you like narrative pack asked, I highly recommend that one also we launched higher learning with the Unladen and Rachel Lindsey, which was a long time coming, I'm glad it's fine, the hair on their pockets, networking being like when the pandemic happened. We just thought all right. We won't be able to do this until until we can all get everything in the same room and then once we kind of figured out how to do stuff remotely the podcast is able to come together. So that's been awesome. Please check that out to do it twice a week and I just think they're great together, and I really I really I really enjoy them and it's knowing them personally for a while to actually see the podcast kind of match what I had in my head. It's been a pretty cool experience.
Check that out and check out everything we're doing on the Ringer pack has now better this one. The two baseball questions we just after quickly talk about. Now Nedda net. I don't wanna talk about baseball anymore. You mentioned movie one of top five favorite Red Sox bar for me, incredibly important player just for the history, the franchise, a signature, black superstar in his brain are hitting his prime, the kind of guy that when I was growing up, we had either always screwed it up with, or you know I would. I was gonna breed about the Red Sox, like a rat, this tradition, yeah how'd you I was gonna eggs. Have you ever had like a monkey America's Jim rise? Maybe right. Yeah me, Jim Rice was incredible
Burma. Obviously matter I mean movie that minority prayers, bad, mobilise Muky had a chance to be one of the top five guys in the league for fifteen years left position. Prior simple idea in Jim Rice was an incredible hurried PETE for three years. He had a big. You know he had a couple other big seasons, but was really the an offensive. Where wasn't. I was telling you when we talked on the phone once about just how incredible Muky was at everything that we had never ad aware just like. What's he bad at using nothing, the guy's graded every single part, a baseball, the burnt out his whole life area aspect of his life? He is greater legged. You bought three hundred again. Figures shoot sixty two on the golf course liberian burgundy. Why did you do everything
and so we lose him and not allow losing the player, but you are also losing somebody that I felt I could have been important in the city in and was why do you think he left he wanted to live? I don't I don't Honestly I mean maybe I could have been like that same thing like where you know he was to go out and do different things like is like we thought about Boston, won't allow you to do that stuff. You know things change at a time in these organizations- and you know the Airways is high. You don't sound like you, don't know what what what what boy, which way the orders is going, you know I mean you always want to be discussing in this division. Yours will want to be at the top of this division because it could be long summers. I mean so I think you know, maybe just a combination of you know some of that stuff. The field and maybe not more, what organization is born kind of love with him to try and honestly I mean they traded. They don't have
to their legs. At eight I mean they couldn't I'd like it. I think I felt like is at it. I felt like he was leaving, which I would not have. I stole them I still would have out or even wait until like what the Orioles there were many or with any deal with me. You know I'm SAM like Where did I admit to the middle next summer in and see what happens yet? They were afraid to do that, and that leads me to question number two, because it actually might have turned out to be a good trade. If there's no based by this is what her it's an appalling trade in one of my least favoured Red Sox trades ever. But if, if we have a council sees a baby
we just have prepared a repressive europhile back with a badge. Is there? I do you think we are based by the shit. You know what I think it has to be done in the next couple. Ten days like you have to get them pretty quick if you're gonna start, you know some time in July, just as you know, after like guys, all right now we're right. Nobody, you don't really know. If plan guises, darted lived, you know like their know like there in maybe not drawn as much as they are early because you know you know I love you. Gotta go for a week or two has been three months in arms, and so they need to get something pretty quick, because I feel They need a longer spring training in three weeks, just because of dates. The guys that so much time off so this will take a little longer in three weeks to get people back to where
there is no injuries or or let you go. Let him carry three thousand two hundred and thirty five guys are you. Are you allowed to celebrate if you win the world series after a fifty game season or maybe like we just use cheap beer? We use like like what we do you are you. Are you allow to celebrate the World Series or or super Bowl or MBA championship at any at any time out? I don't care if you play the basketball, where we care replay fifteen game, a football game play for games. If you wanna tell me, If you allow the celebrated they, they share a miniature face. Like a half trophy, not a traffic data, we could be the same, but it'll have to be a suspect, le Loup every survey, but every day of its amateur mandate, dumping the hard to come by for your life and in if you out their plan in the other things play a heart, is that they can and you you know you wanted.
I pay you I wanna buy you take that away from it or put after got anything labour championships damage it. Well, if the Red Sox win, there'll be no asteroid. For me, I say if anyone else Windsor added matter yet I'm with you, I feel, like we passed a point of no return about two weeks ago, cause like imagine what say year, twenty nine year old you What's your routine right now, what are you? Twenty of our twenty? Are you getting ready right now? What it where you mentally no idea may come back. So you are you or me is in the latter, will be the judge allowed him to have a better, getting ready to pay. The bill is ever deadly, don't want to go to I have been limited to five December. Two has been giant right like no thank you were like mad. It also, I think, about it, my prime up out of existence,
this year out here by about yeah, I do think it baseball did like quickly and abruptly come back. I do think some of the body sizes will be interesting to that will be. Interesting, if you don't see who worked hard to a quarantine, who can alike were due to shit about the, I would eventually in battle, eight may be the same for the NBA. Has you have these? Initially we thought it was going to be a sixteen team. Play are potentially that's it. Now we have twenty two teams, I guarantee there's gonna be three or four guys who have than anything for three months or even like somebody like hardness, lost twenty pounds like that scares me by last week is natural, that's what they say. I mean I've. Seen a picture of municipalities. Cities was fifteen twenty pounds, which is good, which is best right. That's what I'm like me I mean it takes a while to get into that new body and liked to figure things out like.
Wade in like his the way his game is built like Le Metal I bet in it that you, like best, you don't worry museum about much weight, the mean I tried and I lost because, and it didn't work for me like his heart, is math leads to lose that much weight and then expect you to come back at the same strength. Any you know cardio everything's oughta be interesting. Is this not be interesting, but I think those guys are at a higher risk again injured, then baseball players if they do, but whenever they do combat agree, especially if I think the biggest in that change with the league, the last fifteen years is how much time energy and attention they every the good guys spent in their bodies, even guys, like harden, who has the famous reputation that guy I go go this
carbon wake up at six, o clock and Bedeck. I work that I worked hard at his game as anybody and that's a little unfair that that's a reputation and I think that's why they are able to play these thirty. Thirty, five, thirty, six, thirty seven hundred minute seasons when you could the playoffs and go to the free for line. You know ten times a game eleven times a game hardens just like a worries. I fuckin Emmett Smith in the early nineties, just pounding bouncing off guys and if he's, if his body is red, I'm with you I d. Think there's gonna be some injuries. We ve seen it in every lockout season. There's always band stuff in ninety nine had happened in two thousand twelve, it happened. It's danger, but your compact in the games, your plane, more games in condensed rate and its worrisome, but I actually like are they settled with. Did you like it? The twenty two team and the whole thing really trying to have a real season here,
I'm not mad at all. I mean it. You know, I would have him happy if they came back with thirty two there's. No. Some of those team didn't want like the way our staff, one other apply universally like the Mets, no need you know, Kevin Durant or you know, Kyra China come back but nah, I'm inside our love and B. I saw any in Vienna we get and now that they are starting to lie that refers, feel like they. They gave up the effect they given guys time now to getting shape by Listen, we start you thirty, four, like we giving like we giving our like sixty eight, we till like get your shit together. So we can. What we have is even in that have somebody the pessimists guys you're hurt. But for me the biggest thing is, you know, they'll be done what should be done? over the years. It seems it's a little floating, because, if series and early they might be able to speed up the neck
Read it out Gazeta travel, everybody can just by a riddle that, but now the season starts December. They make no way to come back in and start the season regularly right now we're dead. Don't you like that out of the Chris, I loved our non Christmas and went all the way louder. I I may I love it infidels, like I'm so excited about this remit, firmer lightwood. It potentially means like going to games in summertime NBA late in the summer, like that's going to be legit for it, like that's fans and that's going to suck for the players cuz they get their summer taken away but like as a NBA fan like I'm super excited for them
on all around Christmas. You know we get a fool inefficiencies in that have thy word about basketball and blocking them a fantasy teams, because the raiders look after, like second eight weeks by the home mom, I'm excited to be able to start. You know late MID December and go to July's can be. First man began to notice you, you left out the big loser, small, yet baseball gets crushed, but boots were affairs. Must I walked in baseball two August anywhere. Everything is gonna. Tell us yeah me, the thing is gonna cress for us is the starting. I think they base was moved. Ass are going back to after an mba seasons over especially if they haven't finals in July. You know I mean, I think I think we should move faster game back, but I think
on the basis of the people, I love Bayswater fans are going to find a way to watch it, and I think you know the casual fan sports fan. They don't really start watching based on two August September anyway, but maybe wind up with a shorter season, which I like we prohibition anyway AIR made we now I about the arrow think they'll ever changes the stuff I balloting. So I think guys like to play a hundred sixty two. I think people are used to see like which members can look like in April and in turn around and in September, like we're just condition for America yeah as player licence, anything shorter than was initially to I think, as freak out they'll say I wish we could have more of data.
WAR, barber guys were baseball, but the players and they want a boy everyday or they just want to be away from their families. The sounds like way they lifted and the river. Where were you this most about plan like? What's the dumbest thing you mess about not being on a team? You honestly, like the food like before Yankee Stadium is so good. Like I mean I'm basically still like. I talk to all the guys, all the time. I'm you know, I'm still working down there with the cash me like a special assistant, so I get like all the perks of being a the team and like if I may, that I can go on ourselves up to the guy's modest up, but I think like being Airbnb just free to eat all the food. All day like we had two great shots in the in the Yankee clubhouse that that would just cook me whatever fried chicken, like all kind of shit so, like I think, I'm going to miss that like haven't, have no shift where you at
I was a dagger guy. I've always been like a dog, our guy, a lot and am later. My career, the last like three or four years. I was there that was down there all the time. That's why you see me getting tossed and shit and I'm starting fights in like because I was crying so much I have a year now out at the last month and season. Maybe six weeks I went down to the Balkans solves and above all, for the last six weeks in them, whereas I enjoyed that too. I mean I think I was just enjoy my time. Yeah, you know cause I know, will be over everything I really liked was just taking in and just love being a part of. So you know whatever. I love being a bullpen to that was fun. Did anyone ever charged the mound on you God charge man. Never ever we ve gone away deep down. Wait for wondering I would like to be tat. Were there was like nerve racking
little bit cuz. I had never never been charged only been like out there running in fight, because I'm saying, but now I don't even think anybody's ever like pretended to charge or like spit at the plate and yelled and shed or nothing like nothing like that ever happened to me. Might not that I can recall, maybe like the GSM eclipses omber anything like every time I was in a fight. It was because she added ass started. You don't. What was the best fight you read in which which team is it Indians, Yankees? Who, as it were, here? We have one here in New York against Toronto. When I watch Saddle Jorge Posada, beat up his left hand, a relay referred to put a blue jays. Man like it was like. I was screaming our screaming at a famous.
Like please I came over, the latter were yet I went in and the seventy five we have with the tigers. Yet I was a kid one thousand great: when amount was one like, don't sometimes those fights can bring you together it I can break you up or you know, break the team up. That was one that, like brought our team so close together and like It was a mean. It was a grave. I like what he we had a big fighting over tigers, an email after that we were just one. We were altogether him. That's a letters on great rarely what we wanted to allow car coming back being and then we know what the Fukken Astros did so, but but the after that fight and seventeen was against the tigers. You know that kind of God is rolling the best one of the best I mean paving Pedro pass through my life was so like one of the true highlights of my life like Prime Pedro. Just having that every week
but there is this game in temper when he hit Gerald eyes were or were you does, that I came over him, an honorary, almost hidden, any kind away two seconds and then he came out and he charged him. He looked down out of here. Remember TAT led to have had a rope it up that, like you, you locked far enough away, so the empire was an item anywhere where there is a whole brow and page. I was so mad and he stayed in the game, and it was, I think, the second best I've ever seen in pay other than the famous game in Yankee Stadium within the window? The one header against the ninety nine Yankees, but he basically pitched no had her from that time on. I think there is a guy who had already gone ahead and he was just wrong like a hundred and eighteen by us, and he was so bad. It is late, this join them, but
right. It's you kind know a kind of team you have by what happens the first time, there's somethin like that right cuz. It could go the other way and I can't remember what years somebody we had a really bad week was the two thousand team we had a fight in one guy came out of the dugout, but nobody came with them It was like a disaster yeah yeah. We either way watch other mad. That fight like the tigers and destroyed the tigers after that by vermin are traded there like yeah. I remember him victor him. Maybe we're gonna, because Maybe he come out or something I don't know I mean you know me. A victim Martinez are really close to so, but I don't know how it will like I remembered him them argue and in their dugout life and then the next couple weeks like they were just dismantle
They're like it was. It was crazy man. It back. I mean, like you say it like. I said I mean those fighting either make you break you as as a club, so knowing that we had autos dues in and everybody was willing to fight but a young either the time to judge your time. I also wish you know and sunny were out there making. It was bad enough. That was a good day that was a fun fight we had at week. We had a good time after to the team that the Yankees had in nineteen was one of the great bench clearing brawl teams. I don't think they had one, but they had. I mean granted. Stanton hasn't played that much, but on paper at least you Stanton the judge that look for eight and a couple other guys. What was the big one that we had against the rest? I was at seventeen or eighteen. There was one of em where I feel I curly, Hair Tyler also was thou yeah.
Yeah. Well, I was eighteen, eighty ochre valuable. Do I felt like we were a little outgunned. You had multiple six where it was almost like. You were drafted in for their beds grow brow. Was there ever gonna, bring it another six foot, seven guy I mean you got shabby and guide daily and you got me we absolute boy like tat, you have one. I had a question about when the day comes back. What do you think those guys are going to do? I forgot to ask you this earlier from a protest standpoint. Is there going to be a protest? Even taken is vibrated sent some sort of message before the gains for the first game, anything or one thousand preserve those guys are at the forefront of of everything me aside from cabinet. I think
check one thousand percent for for all of those guys to do something. You know, I don't know what I'm not calling for them to do something, but I just know they will you know they always have you know taking that action and you know stepped up and being the leaders of you know some suggestions and and getting things to change, and you know I think this time will be any different debris thing that happened this week. We should talk about quick because even at teenage coming out of them- and it was just an old school kind of disaster for a sports event for him. Obviously, but where is just such that the timing of it was horrible, it was ugly and what is that, due to a team had you heal from that? If you are on, let's say, you're on the saints and you on everybody to get past as he apologized you know, what are the next steps? Can you recover from something like that? I think you can recover, but but if that's right
for me- and I think you know drew- has to realise that the mare he lived in and grew, a ban is different from the one that you know. A lot of his team aids in an african american players grew up man, you not, I mean so you know it just comes off a little insensitive. I think you know, but think you can get pass. It obviously he's the leader, the team, and if he apologized and guys knows character, and if he's sincere in his willing to be educated, I think there is a reason why I'll be there, Reason why they can't get pass it firstly, because we are not playing right now. If this is during the season. You know I a little harder, but you know you got so much I met a man. Relationships in you know, educate yourself in and in you know, do better. Really. I think that think they deftly can't get past it just
that's what I was saying earlier. You know like that's why a lot of the times when things that happened in the past and I'll be in the locker room, it's just best not to even bring it up and talk about it, because we all grew up different places. We all have different backgrounds. We all have different beliefs away in a locker room- is all about trying to win and one I mean, obviously, some some situations, our way, everything like those George Floyd and you know a lot of different situations. Our way, you know not one, such a t made or make rumbles on a team- and I think this is one of many- I've been speaking out and you know- hopefully you can do to educate himself in and in those guys can get on the same page, but the fact that
no you have everybody going back at home. You know just just let you know the climate of with one all right now. Why do you think? First, three, salad years, people have misunderstood the point of the cap and I was doing I mean I think it's just as in twenty and people are still getting wrong. What the whole matter. Why was, I think, people wanted to make it about what they wanted to make it about it and not what he was telling you what was about. He told us, it was about police injustice, and this is why I'm taking me for and everybody else, into what they want to make it into a now wars Those sitting here look at our police and justice live on in tv every day
everybody wants to. I mean we just watch the cop taking me on a black man's back after everybody got mad about Kaepernick, taking a knee like if it's just symbolic of our country and what's like, what's been going on, and people not want to have the tough conversations in and learning educate themselves on what Black America goes through. Have you ever thought cap now. Never talk to me. I have a couple of mutual friends, but I've never gotten a chance to really have a conversation with him. Now. What a moment where, amid Stephen Jackson, who no little bit, I know you know him to bear first emerging well for him to emerge as you know what one of the main voices here it's been pretty amazing. A watch is in his right, though, he's he's, always right. On the marked with a lot of stuff tat. He says a lot of people on agree with a lot of shit. He says were here
Tell you alive MA, am a guy's been too literally everything from back in every t may have gone into the stairs to winning championships. To do everything like he's been through, everything is, as it as late as a father as a man off the field like after core, like he's just somebody, I think everybody can lead to in here tell you the real so hitman that I mean that's, why they're so so great, so you know I'm just excited for them and what they got coming up, but you know to see Stephen Jackson, be the voice and emerges one of the voices of this. You know this movement is grading and it's just something that I think a lot of people can get behind, because he is one of the voices. What do you think I should do with my platform next few weeks?
The death as much as you can have as many people as you can see here. Talking about you know these are issues having conversations you know, learner. What we go through and just come explained and add to your it s really all we can do it just try to educate people for people in Europe. Hopefully they they begging. You know the means that we need to change. You can get changed for sure. I want to save I category four hours, but I want to save them. Because I hope we get to do this a couple more types over the next few months, so you ever saw an omelet before this is great. Finally baggy. Yes, they do have finally do this, but I really appreciate- and thanks for coming up, No rum, I thanks so much to see thanks to zip recruiter thanks to campaign zero. Don't forget about the aid, can't wait campaign you can do
if you want to re, told me that they ve a lot of donations because they did then some. You know some good promotion, slash publicity of this new project that they have I think it's resonating with people- and you heard him say in the past on Tuesday that they are low and resources. So if you have the means- and if you care about that, go, do campaign zero or check out the hashtag a can't way, and you can find out about that. That's it for me. Please enjoy the weak. And please stay safe and I'm not sure if I'm busy, Sunday night or not, but I'll, be back here in the next couple days with some sort of podcast so see you, then
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