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Celtics Chatter, Dan Patrick, and Pastor Carl Lentz (Ep. 284)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons offers up his thoughts on the Celtics' win streak (5:00) and Kyrie Irving's newfound love of facilitating his teammates (10:00). Then Dan Patrick of 'The Dan Patrick Show' joins to discuss his role in BS's dismissal from ESPN (27:30), the problems with today's sports coverage (36:00), and Westbrook's situation in OKC (49:30). Then Hillsong pastor and NBA confidant Pastor Carl Lentz joins to lay out how secret NBA scrimmages come about in the summertime (1:08:20).

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to explain later were running this whole car lengths podcast on the ringer, ambitious but running a piece of it on this package, but first so we have a good package. We at the impact of coming to my speech as well as passed. Her car correlates snippet a great pack ass. We live in the whole thing in the ring ambition with a good twenty minutes. Segment of it is coming up later, I want to talk about the Celtics. I have like ten minutes Celtics that there's a lack going on and I have a package in a form that talk about it. So I wrote in TAT Frazier whose it is in this package, ass, suddenly enemy vent, gush bent gush. Gosh, and we should mention
We are relaunch in your password, my Titus, that is re used to be called Tita. It used to be in the Ringer University, the Pike S formally noticed it up now its teeth, Tita It was problem. Nobody knew how to spell it. I think a lot of you thought I was a girl supplied is low, apostrophe people to turn into apostrophising more than can't figure it out. So we re launching it as one in part, guessed what an aim. What an incredible mayor villa Keyword is gonna, yeah, they're, gonna kill it first and I hope there is ever they're gonna one shining pack ass. Find themselves in this college, basque buses and in ways that frankly, you're, not gonna, believe and also talk about. Other stuff there, yet We have tons of interests and make a lot of people think that were very one dimensional people, but you know we have layer, says point we all have layers and we're gonna try to show some of ours and shed some of that because some of us for the people- and I will be fun- I'm excited excited. You really is for the first time ever
kid from the main streets. North Carolina dither kid from the main streets of India. We should Haiti You should take each tube rivalries relief. He loves users, I hate Hoosier, so we're gonna figured out one shining pack. S subscribed that south excellence they're playing the Lakers Wednesday night so it's been really interesting because, when carry became available I merely was in disbelief and then just assume. Somebody was going to give something awesome, forearm and then it became the whole summer was about how polarizing was his basque mutware. My favorite came eventually became involved, and people thought the South Ex gave up too much. Just became now because we're going to say one way or the other is a good is he is he is he can we? Can he be the best player on a really good team? he just a really good player, we find out Does he have another level to go there, but we ve already seen as another level to go there and its really
It's really fascinating. Basketball story, because this guy did this over and over again on big stages in the finals, against the best possible teams and yet reception was still while the bronze to him. That's the only reason here innocent bystanders in an pussy went to do you have all these reasons that I carry Irving its kind. Stupid that we thought he couldn't go up. Elaborating on twenty five February. I think that that he had the cloak of Leubronn to keep him sheltered from all of the criticism, because a bronze going to shoulder the brunt of that on his own today, our he was safe. Now geeky just play basketball and it turns out wanna just play. Basketball is wanted to be coached up, and I think we ve seen that he's may live com Stevens. Has a Guinness system now he's trying to make him a better player. You know he's trying to make is the most diverse inquiry not be all scoring You know we ve seen the whole uncle drew mantra where I had to get forty point.
It's not what I am on the score now he's doing the Durrant thing, whereas I want to make an extra pass on to make the best basketball play because then I I then I'm the best version of myself as a basketball player, which I think is common sense: So we see him be. The point already seems that take the onus on of being an actual facilitator and agri score in its way. His Katy said this. When we did the last I asked of them. He said that guy is like me. Just wants to play ball. I think even I came around and Kyrie. I was not a fan, the early years and kind of came around really the last grandly near so whatever the two dozen fourteen fifteen Susan. But I assume when he went to Boston. I thought he was gonna. Basically, I bet scoring titles twenty one. I thought he would take all the azeri shots, as a Turk and probably be Little bit better them cause he's a little more efficient and the shots are there doesn't want em. He wants to just make a good basketball player every time, and I keep, acting in waiting for him this to go into.
I remind you that it was always is cope. Everyone don't seem to be the next Kobe yeah and he has no interest. He just wants to hear- began so much better at you know his Weakness coming in the season was driving into the lane and taken out to the corners and making like really creative passes into the corners of people like he's not going to that You can already see he's worth than that and is better at by it, and he watched the guy who feeds off their Lebron James. You it right in person. That's what he does. He goes away. The driving kick off insulating people spread out and now he's got guys like Tatum I'm entails another one is just like a revelation in Chad is unbelievable, so Atlanta did something I've watched way more, so six than I thought after the most expensive putting the team broke his ankle and five minutes in the season. It just assume, like there's gonna, be a black. Somehow we still the GM footnote shots. I dont like these worried he wants to get his job act, Tatum Inheritor of eradicating them in a bunch of guys, gonna salaries, lookin like poor, mainstream on you, but
ass night against Atlanta was interesting, because Edlin is a welcome team. That's ever again, paid well against Cleveland Young, actually watcher game people on my guy cleave and how better there's like Atlanta, she played well and then the next citing its past and same thing. They played well I'm to bed after same basically, if the Sultan, lost that game in Atlanta. I wouldn't have a mad about it because Atlanta judges, played really hard to make good shots, south extended play bed last night and then say start double team inquiry on high screen. In staff and basically there forcing other people to make shots, get the boy was aunt. I say as much as I welcome the big fly. When teams did then his game was, he would shoot anyway. He is mentality was just TE, just wanted a score, and suddenly you do now, I'm still gonna, I'm still gonna try to score, and I've attempts you'd make a year. Mr fourth quarter yeah! That's why
as MR fourth quarter yet, but I was also the other guys worn as above them when it got to the playoffs, and it got to the point where really good teams now are doing that data guys have to be involved Tiree. It was fascinating last night he almost always made the right basketball play he's even really intelligent. I watched my Cleveland. I was sought. It was lurking in there somewhere, but I've been rise by over and over again he makes the correct choice and They were doing this. He was trying to figure it out. He eventually figured out I'll get hoarfrost some shots I'll find Tatum in the corner. I'm gonna, take it myself, and then there is one played the tail end of the game when he he. Basically he was gonna go on. I won. I landed offend a beautifully he had to reset on the left side, with, like nine seconds left Sometimes this is where you see guys go like Westbrook as they just go, one on one there in a jack up either a law two or three Annie.
So patient. He was just like I'm going to wait all right, I'm going to put my back in all right and now I'm in a curl over and they gets the falcon and somehow gets a wide open. Forty four it was amazing, like I, I really think I underestimated how good he was now rejecting red eyes. Probing I post hamstring tonight, but I just really impressed by how smart of the Basque, where everyone talks violate the killer, like its fourth quarter, who want who do you want to take the big shatter, rasher guy in a moment and Carmelo Soria? It's always been there that can hit the shot and yet old, give Leubronn craft for not being that guy inquiry hit the big shot. I was so. We all know that, but carries always head that he's very and killed at all times, he never seems overwhelm any moment and when I heard and twenty two Ten, when he's coming out of rose like we know, is natural, get it. But we don't know how much you really cares. You know he has no real like it. You know shit here that last year I grew up in Austria I mean. Did the guy's seems like to have a nice life? We don't know how much he really wants it, but I honestly think, though a bronze situation led
fire and either me always like all these people, think that I'm doing it because of him. I want to do it for me. I got my so you re plan. It's completely fled the other way and I think it's I'm innocent. Abraham two different fires. One was the fire of he clearly just in like being the brand sidekick felt like he had more often than not Robin yeah. His eye Maxie. I should be the best poor in a really good team. I know I have this in me and people are like you're crazy. That's ridiculous! the made seven stray finals. What were you in twenty fourteen before he came back base grey? He could have gone next and shut that down and which I know for a fact now. Phoenix was ready. Do foreign judged. I knew They are ready to do it, but I do know that parricide once they got a whiff of Boston, they shouted down. He's got all these Boston, Tarzan stuff, but he We wanted to prove that he could do this. I think Stevens, I think, there's
to be a story and probably written by Lee Jenkins could easily go together for these stories. There's gonna be a story in the next eight weeks, written by somebody in He's gonna spell this out and he's gonna be like wasn't challenged as a Basque about where it wasn't fund for me to plan the Browns team. I know that's heresy to say that, but if I want to be in an offence wherever they moves paper make the right choices in energy. They are to do that when we are playing with one of the three best basque, more powers, more time and everything has to rent or have, I think, will be it would be a weirdly hard gotta play with, and I think he's become now the poster boy that that was almost like use. I was heresy. You couldn't say that, like my Emmi ever always, I look at the bronze liquid he's done. This team, like looking like Miller, look at all these guys he's made so much better and look. It has only that everyone wants to play with the brown. I was always the myth and other car. Is done. Come the exact opposite way like I don't wanna play with the greatest of all time. Its change. Everything does then with a brown, is now
scorn down it again, but he's gonna passing it you involved and make you better ran out. Carries, and he did it make progress. I don't need any one to make me better, are only awesome if it's too for the brine yes big as you actually calves team now and he's he's having an unbelievable season so far, Like twenty nine, nine and seven issued sixty percent, there's the losing and you just have. Are these guys that dont really fit in with their team? And you realize like that What I really helps because defensively they can begin anywhere but offensively who horrible there were couple moments in the season already so far, only like eleven gives in applying the Lakers tonight, which is why I want to bring this up. But you know: ok see last year. I guess he beat this ethics twice in each time. Westward
just went to a level that nobody in the cork it go to add love eyes as as Macy's, MR fourth quarter, but there is a slight level difference between those two guys in the last five minutes. Recite Jesus was goodness in their greatness yeah. I would say, as is very, very great and then had a couple stretches where he was borderline great last year, Westbrook, when he gets guidance, oh, my god, because amazing in almost need another, oh my god that guy's amazing to counter West and in the case of Gmos I carry just as I am spinal cord tonight. It's really hard to say that when you are in Accord Russell Westboro, but he has at dinner and I think, the two revelations the season have been imposing US poisonous is another guy that in any basketball game he might just be the best port in the court and does matter who us is on the court cited for this. Celtics, like you know, there is our injury and sailor reasons why they made their trade as air
the free year who knows this healthy? There are these different things that go into it. But I say, as it is not good of all around point guard is Kyrie. Is that already I don't care? What the stats I'm just talk about? How carry runs a team and I'll be relates to see if continues Zena Player this four hundred games or ASEAN is proving their proven eventually gonna turn into Gunnar is this. Who is week after week. My bed is that this issue is what happened at the main thing now is like what happens when he gets. The credit is right now he's playing deep, these incredible. How greatly spent on defence to handle it in the Basque about in air and the vast flower, but I learned community narrative is out there like it, probably will be for a while that he is not a player. Beware happens when that flips in February Marcia people like oh come here. He's a legit point guard India. He may be the best point garden, the League I would say I don't know what the list is of the best guys lily, but I think he has to be on it. Think there I don't I'm not saying he's the best, but whatever
design its. I could you wanna became he's gotta, be at its three, its curious Westbrook inquiry. I would say for point out. I personally believe that thing that's been the case, a mean that, as far as the stages that they ve all been on in their careers and what they can offer in you Talkin about yet three totally different point. They re either areas aimed are not the same breed of point. Are they are at the position that guy's got started. The one in the guide is gonna, have a bonus hand, they're gonna, do it differently the three guys that I trust and or those three ass the boar carries the best at Cairo. Probably needs the barn his hands, the most from a facilitator. Simply webpages wants the bar and courage, is actually greater kind of. Sometimes he has sometimes italian areas, greater legal in sport. The spacey creates yes, I would say it's a top three. I don't think John, while as much as I like John, why not allow her to be not to say that I use ideas. Imaginary was the best point guarded best going my period in pure point guard, but I think, as far as
what it is now and what position is turned into it's not. The same thing is what Chris Paul was appoint. Point guard now waste. The varying degrees of it periods. One planet case again. When I took to close the gap, resent the fallen. He was doing the between the Flagstaff at the gate, atoms item and it was a aegis. I'll send you a landed in. He had, though he pressed the button, but I just think. Is where does the sands? That was a great trade for the NBA, because I didn't really will fully realised carry needed, something that could remember that I think it easily Ben Phoenix like wherever he was gonna go. I don't know. Would have happened in the same way in Phoenix Absent, has bred Siemens he's really good, with Orford already he's great a plane and do in these little in order tat, more basketball, player and ass. They know people underestimated with the situation in Cleveland is like most, those guys are built to help Lebron James, How Harvard is there he he quickened, you know he can take his game
to the direction would carry and figure out a way to help him get better and better on the court which is like you didn't, have to include them, so the Heyward Injury, the first time it balmy me out, since it happened, was the last five minutes of their land again cause when there about me, I'm as there is no way you can do that afterwards on their future, What team with Orford Heyward on the court and wood you guys in the corners. You that's a suicide mission and they don't TED I'm gonna eventually have to be the guy who has to create win. Oh, my guys guarding carry I'm gonna the basket or whatever, and I think he'll get there. But I really think, like this team defensively there. You know they're just that frontier than there were lasher, there's so much longer yen just switch on everything. Tatum is a better defence of poorly that thought. The stuff back it up, thereby farther besta that data given up. Ninety four in our points again he s been praying. I mean I voiced and played an I'd. I felt Brad
still labelling also actually at his sins, are so fond of irish people. They had walked a person's. They ve been great the finale without Brayley. I thought they would take us there back but carries taken it all on himself. And the you may see what's wrong with Cleveland Cleveland. The other teams going into is there another danger shooting at the forty two percent from three and its aesthetics thirty two percent and that's like effort that ever invented it. How you guys and just constantly making sure nobody's, feels told a comfortable in there soon threes Cleveland. Anybody can get open three causing that threaten both in their and they're, getting the best shots of team still because they deserve, as they have Lebron James. Unlike does just that comes the territory the situation and it seems like their unprepared for the fact that teams want to beat them. You know its lack of course. Of course, the public It's gonna be to help. How do you like our though you, whoever it is like they, they you're Lebron James you're? The class of the
if we want to knock you off and the South Ex that's gonna, be the next step for them, and yet we were markets on their back yet lives. They pray go and stayed the by the Lakers. Today, only three years from now they play the. They forget than the warriors and there's a chance. They could have a thirteen game. Winning streak are forcing him when he's gonna. Now things have gone into that where's game, but there's be a point where this is all other level. Now you're, counting on Jason, Cato Monti and tea against the worst is nineteen years old, the tigers join him quite Thompson Guardian, But he had you know him, the biggest he made the dagger three in the Atlantic. Eight minutes Atlanta, Monday night, it's gonna be a tv but different when that spotlights on that anti game or even like Lakers gave? Money is p, and I want to see how they respond to that, but menaces and may I either Orford went down. I thought the sea that there were forty five went to him max I think they come. Don't you think? Is one of those in one of the cases too that if it please
I think it is right now. Stevens is just because of the way Lord situation like he becomes like at the top of the coach of the earliest no question it awesome We think last year's coach job was amazing, yet because the guys on last year's team carries better, all around guard, then, as is jail in Brazil or other hoarfrost healthier this year. Data is really like anyone they had on masters to him. Even somebody like semi, when come on in is better than J cracker. J crowd was a three d guy who is? There was no good in this world, even worse yeah and lastly, he made three for a few months but bans you going down the line at sight. There just kind of better all over the place, and the team makes more sense. They get rebounds. Now they had some off and supports. Fast and zero points out, and I still think there's a chance. Heyward is back, you mean if you, if you don't think you're coming back this year at some point. Why are you posting inscribed videos and be shooting and wise data,
issuing and out of the world that you are doing that. I think that you keep that in house of there's no hope there. I think there's hope I don't think I want to say they want to put no pressure whatsoever and they guy and they shouldn't. But, as I said last week, I think they're. So all right. The Celtics. Now action was the legacy I should mention when, when you watch lines out at night, if you haven't seen him yet. It worries me that it is intolerable that well and that here and at the barn his hands, and it doesn't seem to like having the Bonn his hands out much in his hot potatoes it a little bit. I know, is ready, and I know, is nineteen years old, but. I don't know man, you go through any the great point guards when they are that age. The bar like a magnet, lay Jason kid was in getting rid of the Bali is maintained even when you play that cows that those his ball and when he gets pressure, and we saw through knowledge, he's not going to face it
he asked me what I would do of ours look one I would tell em. I would have an impact is get pressed and happy will still a ballroom I think a lot of really I don't wanna go to embarrass, you look cool and you know that if you get stripped ever it's gonna be be all over the place that Dennis stripped you're rang a courier ring stripped you somewhat just like you gotta get over man. You're gonna look stupid, sometimes the brain and I get dumped on by the Andrea Jordan worse than you in the world, and he got over it. I mean things happen on the cord you gonna get made fun of he needs to get over. That meant, I think, is a lot of its mental. Could I think he does have the skills their it obtained of the ball. Don't want to get embarrassed and its mean understand that with his situation, maybe it's weird very resistant does navigate, handle it. I've never seen such a guy did passer so willing to just not have the bar bizarre. Yes, it then not like. This is an overreaction. Eleven games as Ricky consists what he did to you. So I too, and it was- a real head, scratched her. You know, That's why some really give course who those good it suddenly Lomas gonna try to take.
From him, and so your leg, it's like it's not that serious. The different level, competition. We'll see the night I think team. What's in seeing as there's really only three bad teams and the Lakers an hour, the through their in Dallas is horrible. Romano is horrible in Chicago, Chicago's, like maybe historically horrible yeah. I let that there's a daddy exited analysts are made their phoenix. Some has four winds and they just add a Gregg Monroe who actually help urban. I don't know they have shooting, I wouldn't put them on that list. I think there are next, less than eighteen sized above others like. A team like Atlanta Brooklyn are the workers. Are you going on? I like vacant can hang with anybody at any given night there, not bad yet, but you in January, is sometimes that besides
in February, the guys they turn at each other. Malcolm Delaney is plain. Forty, forty two men, railway forfeit, hesitant everything TAT Anna had Lain is even competent, Brooklands another hour brooklands, always in these games you now and everybody shewn thirty. Is a game it's much harder to suck. Now you could, you can make up for it. Impetuous coming up in one second, first, the mess, from hotel tonight, if you like me and you're, not so great, appointing ahead, I've got some It is fear there is an awesome. App called hotel. Tonight you find amazing hotel deals at the last minute. Unlike flights, hotel raids usually get cheaper at the last minute hotel tonight, so tell seller unsold rooms alone and the past. Those deals amount to you now for last resort places, but for cool topic tells Taylor. You can use hotel, the nine other your girlfriend lives and I absolutely lost occasioned hotel tonight's great. He should use it. You could actually book a room with her targeted at the seven days in advance or even a hundred days in advance and certain cities, major cities with hope.
Your bag is sweet, deal at a killer hotel with Unita, they for Thanksgiving weak or whenever you would definitely wanted them the hotel tonight app succumbing to damp. She could have known for twenty years,. My buddy gas, who we're gonna, talk about why now and then I talk here, boy curious, and I went in the first year had mild website the Boston Sports Guy website I went in to do a piece about what it was like for them to do. A sport centre was like the ninth peace. I wrote summer ninety seven and when I was there actually any red, then Patrick and fur a separate peace, and I was super nervous, of course my god. It's the impact out as they may hands repacked, shaking she's funny that twenty years later, he had a little bit to deal with their with with my daughter Turkey pan, which really talk to talk about, but just
to throw the talked him all these years later. I love what he's done without foresail, so curious, damn Patrick I underline my now from Connecticut. He never after he couldn't leave the emphatic how I am I didn't try to leave, but don't know Make me feel guilty that maybe I should have left why there a coup laid in Connecticut since, as you drink eight you get used to like uncomfortable top I you know I I wanted to be a little. I wanted to stay close to ESPN. I do want to get too close by wanted to stay close enough had shattered distance. Eight lucid, let's talk, but that really quickly What do you want to talk about? First I'll? Let you decide you pick. What type of do you want to hit? First, What role did I play in you? Your departure, a good question slightly more significant than people realize because
and it wasn't your fault but I went on your show too remote, the grantline basket by our which we had that night and I dont I told them I was going on because Had been at another time- and it was, I just assume like I had gotten the pass, but then but we did that interview which I thought was was harmless you without question about Adele, and I made the mic Foley joke about the testicular fortitude and If you actually listened to it, it was fine, but in print It looked worse and you know how he is being goes. It did the email gets, especially when people are trying to undermine you, though it though stuff goes in print people send it of Fort Start forwarding. The EMA goes up up up up.
People just see what the words were, because this had happened to me before, where people are even listen to the context of it or whether people joking whenever they just see the letters and awe, and I n, I do think that was part of it by what do you think. Well, I remember you saying where we said to you a mule, calling it permission, because we always had to call the mothership and get permission and you said: don't bother and then ok, maybe you maybe got a bomb shell you're gonna drop here, and I went I grade a great for me, its content and in you know. We realized after the fact that the debate was gonna, be little bit worse than we thought and and we had taught privately prior, who that cause, I said, you're gonna, realise whose on your side and who is not yes and that number is gonna dwindle rapidly when when people realize in others, only so much room and the raft, their yeah how'd you when I got suspended for three weeks. I called you because
I felt like I talk to you. I talked to corners. I talked to a couple people who had kind of for lack of a better. For his fallen out. A favor and and basically you are the best test case for because near the end, I remembered I remembered hearing the stories about TAT, my God damned Patrick such a pain in the ass and and I was like, I'm positive He'S- not a pain in the ass, like I know, did Patrick have friends with people are afraid that they impact so kind of raised my suspicions that they were really undermining you the last year- and I was like a second happened to me and I called we talked it through. A more was amazing was every single thing, told me was going to happen. Happened like like to a t right down the line and its funding, because I've talked to GMO hullo ass they tucked her a few weeks ago and to talk at school, but you know like yours, here's what happened to me and I thought,
a lot of things that happen to her were were pretty somewhere right. She might be the next version of you. Yeah held not because I think they meter, and I think I think I think that platform as important for specifically her and somebody like her. You know, but I think migrate, the the way they didn't stand by just felt felt familiar, and you know I think big. Caught up in that all he thinks is bigger than the place where she thinks she's bearing the pace and stuff like that, and I don't really you know you. You do that out of fear and that of basically not having your own house in order, and I think what we ve seen this year with European is that at the house just doesn't seem in order. The things that are happening or just so haphazard? And you know pretty pretty but without some of this stuff plays out when it? How do you feel watching from afar?
Don't get involved in it as much as I did bill, and I think that I always wanted to take. I I was trying to be. Even though I knew I couldn't be like I loved having arrival in opponent. Even if her this conclusion where they were and multi billion dollar business, but I love that there was this animosity or friction or I kept going, but finally began ass. They said we get a move on my wife's it, you gotta move on, but they didn't understand that I thought it made me and us better. You know that It was probably one of those that they gave you. David. It takes away energy as well. And at the time I didn't realize that I was the old red Sox neighbour, the Yankees and wasn't beating them yet. All I wanted was Gimme Gimme port mad. That's all I wanted, but I've. Actually, I or to improving the relationship with the people that I really cared about, and that's all I want to try to do in this situation. Yeah
I thought a lot of that that last year I felt very us against them especially causes some of this stuff. They did after I laughed and you know trying to blackmail. Firing, certain people on just it was deafening contemptuous There is no question, but now I don't care and I you know I've. I have a lot of friends, that's their work, their end, and you know I've got to the point where I, actually you know it's, it's ok, VS pinned as well. I really don't care it's been, but what's been, we're too watches just the lack of Panama of an overall plan. Just star just think. How do I do I just wanted to be. I wanted to be out of where I spent eighteen there's that yet, I think was I wanted. I wanted them to be professional, and I even said Mister John Scare Perry said John. I look. I am I know it you're better off without me, but I want to be proud of where I work. So, let's not make
worse than what it's been and move on, I remember one of the most humbling thing that ever happened to me was. I was on. Urge a resigning? And I was going to resign. He said you know, you really need to apologize to the people work on the six o clock Sportscenter with you, and I go about what I tell you. You haven't been fun to deal with your dear really tough to deal with their and I went at Bay who was upset and though he may names. I went right after the meeting and I apologise to three people. Look at me like I was crazy and I went. What is Where is this originating from? It feels like, from top down to bottom, not bottom up the top, and then I went oh boy. This is far deeper. Then what I ever thought it was going to be, and then I realized there was that there was a play something was in play and I knew that my days were numbered.
Yeah there's a lot of undermining that goes on by I felt the same way. You did. I remember the last You know where, when I'd like six months ago, my contract- and I was almost positive, as was leaving and I really do want to leave on good terms. I get meant it meant that to me to do at least be remembered in a positive way, and I remember I went to John, while shed like his farewell retirement dinner in Connecticut. I flew back for that. I did He I one last time I asked to see Eiger in April, went cause cuz. I could been a big shape in Greenland. I went in and and in our them in his office and actually think that might have been part of the reason I got in trouble again because I think it he was pretty clear like when you bring up this good thou stuff. You know it just because all these different things but I felt the same way. Probably you did that man. This is coming to an end. Can I at least leave on good terms a beer member properly in you know, I have to say the opposite happened depressing
but at the same time a tidy worker we'll back together as a package deal, but ever happens. I somehow all guy pity I wouldn't I wanted to do peachy I one time I wanted to and then I think they look at me. I got this crazy. I said no, no, I won't I'll be on around the horn like all out. Let me deal with these before I leave and that, of course, wasn't. Gonna have you ve had I'd want to do a pity. I with you how long You done that radio show let go. Two years piano you I like twenty years. Probably right rights. Nineteen years Nine years there another now I've been out with within ten years. So I'm guessing the biggest things that had changed. Are you getting a lot of the show topics from things that are happening? on social media, and especially Twitter Data
we started a shape. Your show as you're doing it right well No, the damage monitor twitter pretty. Well, I so we were seeing what is being said in a moment. Is it something that you can bring their there's different ways to incorporate content? and that which point about it now Nothing can be said, something could be written, something between it and that can be a segment that can be a gas that can be too segments and that's what's on, because I got at the end of it. AIDS, three hours. What is the content that you want that represent you, that you want your audience to consume? That's the one part of it is, but I was at the mothers I felt like I had to you check all the box. Is there of all the EU properties entities, and that was necessarily what I wanted to talk about. So this reincarnation of the show is about what I want to talk about with people. I want to talk to
In short, the tone that I want to talk to the audience to and that that's what's been different been beneficial. Do you? like where some of these trends are with sports coverage. Mcgowan. Odds to Louis for me- bill. I think we get through this somebody tweets something and then we are, I think, we're king in veracity right. I think here that you, like, I origin. It when I was there that we had some of the great journalist people who were getting stories the right way, breaking news. I work, see CNN, so I had learned through CNN for five years and then I get to the mothership and I got to work with bodily. Ah, you had Christmas, in Peter Gammons in area very fortunate to be around people who could follow a story right. Storing break his story?
nowadays, I get a little nervous that were pretty loose in everybody's, got to be the first and not necessarily video occur, and the first one to be right. I'll just be the first person. How is how is the whole package Amre affected, where you do at the shell like? Have you ever thought about tweaking it are taking having one interview that last fur de minutes any use ten for the show and then expanded or any that stuff where we don't much. That's probably ninety nine percent live. Yet. If I was going to do something like how stern does where you could bring in again. I will feral today for forty five minutes. Yet but he's an exception, whereas if I was doing a radio show where he's taken an interview, I might do ten minutes, but then you could do, but I always feel like a pits if its worthy of forty five minutes on upon gas Ben forty five minutes worthy,
on the radio show of its. If it's really good is the weak, I kind of approach it, but every our is, can I ten minutes. Can I get it about ten minutes and I sort of exhaust did everything I need to get to you. I just don't to be in time wise just because it has to go timewise for a black asked as opposed to I'm gonna get a third. In managing here with Reggie Miller, I'm in here to everything I need to get today how big is changed in how I approached the interview, but if I did, you a sports format of Howard, Stern bring in one big guest every day and do fifty minutes. Forty I admit it, but you don't you ever be tough to do in Connecticut, re you'd have to probably go do their New York. Al added to just have be able I guess easier, I'm guessing right! Well, I find in it used to be. I thought that I got more out of somebody over the phone again, the dance. Yes,
rather like no person you're going to get so much more out of it, because I thought that I can get you to forget that you were being interviewed over the phone as a whole with two sitting in front of me with cameras on you, but it's been the opposite. I got more out of people who are sitting next to me as opposed to be an over the phone, and it didn't used to be that way cabin Barnett visit, Reggie Miller, one time and read. Should old on cabin garnets here during the interview and cabin came in and I said to read: let me talk to cabin crews. Cabin was targeted the background. I picked it up thing I know he starts cursing. And then I may wait wow, you can't do that. Goes home. Kids, don't use that kind of language is just one of those live. In a moment and that's what made special made something fun that problem.
Wouldn't be able to do if they were in person could govern would have known. He was gonna, be on tv. So you you do you have a mixed, but I am I like it. When somebody's in in the studio, you can push him a little more, late forties and I'm having more and more of those get off my law moments. What is what is required? Is that what you're? Not until I get off my alarm back in my day corner they, let you find yourself saying to the younger people that word for you. I did probably how we cover sports, I think is that I just know, there's a right way and wrong way and somewhere in between, and it feels like. The in between is getting towards the wrong way. I think because people want to get into business and that's why I started his sports casting school. I I want you at least I understand what it is: it's crazy, business. I am encouraged gotta go into it, but if you do want to, then I will certainly give you advise and
I found so many, these kids graduating from college and they weren't ready to be in it, industry they need, but had an internship anything and then they wanted to do this, and I said, oh, my gosh here so far behind bachelor I would like to do is that people understand the standards of what you have to do be able to write, have sources be able to report I'm ever there was a guy worked with the mothership who said to keep open in high Do you develop sources, and we looked at him like are you kidding me ran? he wasn't getting, he didn't know how to develop a source of those who did Oh my day. This is how we did it. I still do that because I still think that there's there's room for that there is a need for that my number one thing is getting mad that people dismay there I mean this is basically what I wrote my book about side. I knew this was gonna happen, but I found it especially when they get older is they get older as people just
Dismissing the great players from twenty thirty years ago, like especially, the bird magic. Just said. Those guys are like people think Lebrun is ass, good, a passers bird magic was it. I think Le Broad has probably one of the eight best passers of all time, but that the magic word at the house. As level I mean that the things they saw, the vision they had How unselfish they were was just unlike anything and ask as Greece is the brain. Is he's he's percent, not what those two guys were just the way they saw the court and how desperately they wanted to make the pass and how infectious they were. That's my big four Alonzo who I'm starting to get sick, it concerned about, but there is an infectiousness with Is passing a now itself as she was and you can see it spill over the other players? I've never seen anybody like bird a magic with them where everybody in the team was thinking that way, and I think it does
with the broad a little bit that these teams that he's been on over and over again, our teams Our Qaeda are very dependent on him and what he is doing and I No, if he's infectious, like that, even the way Korea's playing in Boston now are we heard our summer was carry. You know our Watch Cairo without the brown look at his stats without Leubronn, and I wait there's nothing though other level for him to get too, and actually there really was another level friend they get too and I think he saw- and I think he really wanted and I think he wanted to become better all around Blair and it didn't happen with the brain. I think that that does count for something right. Well. I also got into this where there be times when you would say You know I remember going to the Cincinnati, Royals and watching neighed Archibald play and then you could. You see people dies rolling like and, and I M O Sullivan, we'll talk about managing nobly. I said that the greatest left handed play
I ever saw, who went left every time and you knew he was going left every time. An was me. The five ten with NATO. Keyboard who led the league and scoring and assist in the same year for a last place, team, yeah and and you're trying to tell them that it, because we look Somebody new go back all the way to the nineties. You know why I'm gonna all the way back to the nineties to talk about this reference in Togo. You can go to the late sixties. Early. Seventy I got to see, will Chamberlain play. I got to see Oscar Black Bob cool, play in his last year in your train. Give reference points here. That can be courage, sometimes because those tuna out where you go, you know cams them, Sadly it I've ever seen in the quarterback gonna go. Do you ever seen, Johnny, Why do I was every bit the athlete, They were every bit the amply, but we get caught up in this. It's all about today
I understand that I fight those white, but then I realized. Sometimes it did sometimes it's a moot point, but they did rolled her eyes with you yet Michael Jordan and the bran we're gonna deftly like lebruns having the best year fifteen season anybody ever had. By far I mean he's probably having its. Play he's on pays for the best statistical and of his career is adding still adding stuff to his game. This is You know uncharted territory we had thinking that may in no do you think they'll yeah look into, may be fine. They can't match Jordan Championship Wise, but he can give you a different arguments to the best player TAT we ve ever seen if he would To the Lakers or another place and take another team to a title, though you do it and clean When you do it, Miami in a peace somehow would go to the Lakers, with all origin, they would be able to win the championship now or is at least given you a different argument because of its straight up he's, not gonna win that. But this gives you
something that Jordan obviously didn't do. Yeah he has a chance to have the career of time which acts think unless he gets her. That's gonna happen will look at him, be like, while twenty years of the Braun was greater than thing I've ever seen. I think I think what would he, How can I get a more problematic some crazies Jordan, had is ceiling, was just a tiny bit higher compared to the requires only played where it was like nobody no you look like the ninety three finals or ninety seven. Ninety eight, like we left those finals going well, that is the greatest poorer I've ever seen and I dont know if that moment, as happened with the Bron, you know, there's always been a but within well his ease, unbelievable, but an There's always like this cavern, where we had a plan with Jordan, where that is we are agreed. Everybody Belarus, read our back, you name it, and even the old guys were behold into the as from the Sixtys and Seventys like they were, like George best so
I don't know how he talks that I think you're onto something, though, if you can go to the third thing you see, I've started to think this past week. After this pass. We can watch and pausing s eye start. No wonder if the Knicks item the for him, I know his kids are already in school and align its. I think it's probably already done, but imagine he went to the next poison gas and they added a couple other pieces, anyone the title with their necks and other the same cap spaces they probably after frame. Joking, no for a or something to get him of the cap, but The next is almost like. If he goes to the Lakers, it feels you now they ve been ten. For five years. They have the calves space. It seems a little easier, but imagine go to the next many a title. The next and now that the Cubs have won the World Series. I would think that's a greater achievement in sports. At this point we'll giving where the next are. Yet, if he would somehow resin
wreck them and it still the greatest building over an hour with appalling these two gonna Bostonians and and of course I was there when the Lakers played in the garden against Larry, Madison square darn is still the greatest Arena Army HANS, wise I've ever been on when it comes to a big moment of aim and imagine if he brought them back to life beyond it, and the fact that for you You just have so many dead bodies. There are New York that can you can you clean up all the carnage there and somehow make it look nice? you're Winnie regime is in who manage top then his horny sack gonna, be your coach and what kind of orphans he running and all that nonsense and you get it if you get labelling there. Then you need to create, and as it is now one free ones, last, I'm afraid and said and strongly a great free agents on strongly considering the net. That's the tell tale sign, Can anybody wants to go there implying did the rent when you have a meeting there, I think
These players are so conscious now of how well a team is run and who the owners and who the front offices in there Look at that stuff that aid they think of it more like businessmen than just like our New York City it'll be fun to play there. I dont nobody thinks out any more people really look at the stability. Who runs a team like the South Ex who can get a free age for thirty years? They get our Orford Gourd, Heyward and backed by gears. Goes there really well run and they have a really good coach in that that's a game changer, but they city did, you think, Oklahoma City, because how their role and their GM and that fan base bed in a poem George going there. I really think that Westbrook will earn the envy peevish here. If it somehow convince all George to stay here and not happened not shoot as much right, but that that's going to be the heart if he says hey. This is how it's going to be in a mess
eventually fade away, but you and me we're together here in this that might be the greatest he does what adventure I'd be very surprised. The fifth point out that way. I see I just think, works really hard to play with you. Now and there's a chance that we feel that there is a chance at his best scenario is what we saw last year when it is basically he's the show you know even side on Sunday they played. Am I forget their plan date they up Ireland, they lost Portland he had at last an Westbrook. The last five minutes started to get that and Bp West I thing I'll an interesting. I gotcha got this and enact made more sense. I was watching it. I hate that sour basque law allows watching gonna take over us just give shootin, though it but these other data. This is, I think, that's how he is. You know I think basketball player, should be who they meant to be, and I think the rat, whether you like the decision that was meant to plant a team. I go and state that was
to play this higher level. Basque mining Westbrook meant that just run his own team and take a lot of shots be. Who is? I don't think you can? You can't say too bold, eight once you to run a fifteen hundred meters now he wrote at one speed, yet it better than anybody and that's what was robbed does in I'll give it me doesn't play for vibes or seventy age. He placed thirty three in the third LP easier and at that's what I dont know, ever be able to change, because that's how he sees the game this this speed, this style, I dont, know Magic was broken. I have quoted often now be displayed and register with it. It's really and he's really hard to play with kisses at that one speed, and if United speedy, its frustrated and so brilliant in Ireland is one of the great athletes with everything that opposition it's funny It should tiny arch above thou with tiny the thing that you know
guys fade away. Nobody ever thinks about them. Get tiny was the guy that he could do he would start the offence. Basically, the Fallon is handle was so good. He could just kind of get to the FAO and started their foul line for the basket. If people watch people like you two cups of in plain they would be like. Oh my god, look at the spacing was cocky. There is ten guys pact around this fifteen and foot space, and now you are basketball and you watch it. He might the warriors and the court is so wide and you have all these guys. Twenty five feet away from each other and the ball somehow moving along and like the rockets are shooting for five threes again, do you like this? It always Gunnar myself Guy, I like but I dont think its great basketball ideal there's isolation. I dont like that. If you go back and watch the older, basketball and just see the movement that you have that to me
was always great, because the game ecstatically There is movement, it's almost like baseball baseball in Basque. Very similar. It's all about hitting a home run its all about hinting at three and you we see the little things that go on in a basketball game or baseball game anymore rain. I do miss that you have great moments grey. Athletes, great shooters, it's not great basketball. That's why What golden state knows, but they passed the ball very. Few dribbled. I love it now there are times when they drive me crazy. That they're not, You know somebody that I enjoy watching this. Only they can be annoying, but how they play basketball to have those kind of shooters man than that to me is the beauty to watch unbelief yeah they go and stay in the South Ex are the closest to figuring out the right style for what the Sarris, the ethics, the boss, moving around all the time and nobody taken too many shots. They shoot. Thirty three is again
they have Heyward had been there. You know this, might make the finals anyway, there they ve been so much better to go away than anybody thought they ve gray. Coach inquiry is a level higher than I think, a lot of people expected, but but had Heyward, been in there with the movement they have and all that. I think that really had a chance to be a special team. Potentially sorrowfully comes back. Let's talk about well, I've got but you you do have to great coaches, though in Stevens incur any outstanding, you know, and in making you know, given what the hell are, you Butler with with Brad and even Steve her with understanding the role that you play in in passing. Facilitating. I think that you see that with their team, so that doesn't surprise it all their their great coaches, but that ability to actually teach the game is sometimes lost in the NBA, with teeth. In seventeen prayer represent
your game at its peak and pick up. I've heard good stories about your game by the way would be twenty seven. I know I didn't like play decent. Ah I did I get a prick. We know what my coach would always put me on the best score, because, like him, he wanted me, I understand that you gotta be at both ends and I just didn't get any new. That might yet, while my ego would get the way- and I want to play some deepened there and I realized than I could get hired at the Office of Answer- you sacrifice something and who would I be like Jack? Would probably be maybe I was just a J Smith. Now You went through the whole market share. Noise, a better shooter than J R
maybe maybe erratic. Maybe right, ok, rhetoric! I like it. I had to pay like I guess they met the way it all right, when held that? I would love to re Alan with the heat of that Maybe he re Alan, that's good. I can see that in my hair yea the shared by soon come level ocean floor. Absolutely, I think re has the greatest shot, an mba history, the final step, why was going to say? I think he Prob yeah he top three greatest form ever, but also made the greatest shout about that. I really do think Finally, eighty six was the only shot for God swung the title. Second of all, he might
I have been one of like for people on the planet, who would have even thought to do it and had packed is that a specific shot and made it I don't know? Who else? I don't? Just don't know who else you grab from the history the week to put in that specific instance who could have have practised the shop for the last forty years of my life. I've gotta go, make it out it she's crazy. Is that our things? Crazy oils, due for moist, side. You re out- and you said, he's one of the top three who the other two and european I, I love my Where's jumped shot. I love Bradley those jump shot. Make early bike Miller like the Memphis Grizzlies Grizzlies Magna. I was, he just had a gorgeous one. I love Bradley Bill and even though its that a traditional jumped shot I curries releases. I am always transfixed by when he's really go in Macao. Just
mechanics of it. How is basically stripped everything out of it other than just these two steps of bringing the ball there, his chin, firing you with his rest and its. I it's like zero point, zero, eight seconds or whatever gets it out. Nobody, suits I candidate the release. He has it's unbelievable still. Where are we? watching for ten years. It still remains unbelievable me watching him. I love it. I would put L, L assume there I always bone meal, was one of the great deep shooters of all times. I'd I'd put him on my short list along with Ray RE. Yes, was a good one register be the one who became a little. I know he's when you're staples in your show is became a little overrated overtime. I think the fact that he went into a mess g and laid them. MAC down two straight years and at the appointed thirteen second, this kind of vault in him I don't I don't. I would not put him lay in like the top six or seven. I think the stats back it up. Definitely he's on the list of a war.
Up to, but that guy's wide, open he's, definitely making that he's list, His father was going with Reggie in a big moment, which I think matters, but what's outlets. About four so really quickly. Really glad you in you, you decide to do this, that you brought my my oldest Frank S Ramsay into this, but mostly cited that you know selfish reasons that the ringer can get bother this little bit. You know we found. I think we have like eighty five people at this point It's really hard to find good people. It's hard to find people. They know how to do a bunch of different things. It's really hard to find people fur. Pike ass in an digital video and things I dan people who arches p- can hold in certain ways, and it was always amazing to me that, though, the college's that out there that are sending kids out for journalism, their teaching them skills that you would have taught them like when I went to grad school and ninety ninety three, Sir
Things are all learn your print background learn their sight, but it's actually, though, the world Bob so much that's not how we should train between people and that, I think, is one of the one of the biggest reasons why they for sales. A great idea was the big appeal for you. I just found out that there were so many people who are ready to do this. Who wanted to do this? I find it the most competitive job field in America. Every eye sits there and says either I could do it all. I want to do it and I talk to you sale University. They have expertise in other fields, usually behind. The camera very. Again, no motion, pictures and sound, and- and I thought I'd like to do a sports- lasting degree, a bachelors degree and I've been working, For two years- and I He did somebody on the ground in Orlando, whether their headquarters are, and so I buy called Gus Ramsay who had been released from the mothership after I think twenty three years, and he was just there
person. He dealt with all of the students coming in from college that graduated in and he was helping them do highlights he also work with talent. He was my producer when we did the big show on sort centre I had somebody who I thought was the right person to lead us in and to be involved with that, and it was just it was a different way to look at this. You know technologies always up to date. There you're able to go. Actual kids monthly reality. The way, the programme of work that you'll be able to graduate them every month. So you can place them each month, you're going help them get jobs. You're not gonna have to do post, graduation internships, because the x, and you have in front of the camera, and this will be pod ass, radio. I have that experience where you're not you're not going to go into a job and say I'm going to have an internship. That's what I wanted to do. I wanted to get rid of the internship. You know. We're going to
work with local change broadcasters, we have people who contacted us through Fox and be seized. Words. Yes can say if you divide, a bamboo sign off on them. Now those are the people we want working for us and that that was the one part of it is you? Can can make a difference with somebody, and you can see that difference right away. You're gonna get all these wrapped in front of a camera. You're gonna learn how to write. You're can learn how to produce bp if you want to drink. If you wanted your do a podcast if you wanna be upon cows producer virtual reality is going to be big with its as well and full sail embraced. All of that, so we're excited and I'll be coming up with the the first first. Students will be on campus at the end of January and after that, woman or two and twenty one months, placing them in jobs around the country. I like TAT, that you know find out with people that we look at cuz we're I trying to find young people all the time words there really only available in May
times you get internships or whatever, but I've got graduates in the same cycles. Sometimes people graduate in December, but it's basically those two cycles and its it she concept to think that people are just might be available on February or people hippy, verbal, it's like down those- and I'm. I'm really should to see how this place out because, as you know, I have to say, I got a little bit evolve than I think, I'm on the advisory board or something like that. That's what right the advisory board! Our recalling it here Oh it's sort of gas faculty, but does sage steals involved in this grey hairs from the mothership by George Boden timers involved in this, so we we have all different facets. Hopefully cub the guys who been directors who were directors currently at other. Sport shows just how and whether they are going to be on a a webcam or they're gonna, be in person on campus. Just give you advice and tell you
what you need to know what you don't need to know in everybody's, got a story of how they got into the business. How to help you get into the this is all we want to do- is have you better prepared than any these other colleges and that's why one people were exe doing it now to be able to help you. You can hands on experienced dad. We would both agreement. The best advice is just buster but and try everything and then I may yourself and taken extra shaft and take that extra whatever and volunteer for anything and just try to get wraps, They involve always people always ass my hour. How do its ages we're card in their body ass, it's as simple, but I really think as part of it, like our my buddy gas, who you hired Ireland. My favorite guy story was he actually Rawlins and he got he got in Bob did this Orlando TV station, who and have a job, so he, their non paying for like nine months and ate like Romany
tonight and just was like he was so determined to get in the door in that place that he, Care that he was getting paid, I you know recommend not getting paid, but just the story. Is he just one just wanted a break and you can do everything he could get that break and that's what he needed to do and it worked, and I think you know especially now. It's a little easier to get a break, but the people that just Go the extra nine yards are always the people that data that we notice. You know it's like that. People that why you're all this shit, all you want to do. I just want you to you too have a head start. That's all I want is that you already know the answers to the task when you get there now you have this. You have a demo tat. You have experienced working with Syria, Radio, where they're gonna give me a couple hours onto my own radio channel where it late at night, I'm gonna be able at students actually do I half hour
Live radio it that's what they want to do. You have to go in and do a half hour, so they might block out two hours for me, so I can have for students or maybe I'd partner map and have students have something that you actually do, or somebody can listen and then we can critique it it'll be involved in taking tapes on among The basis visiting Orlando on the campus. There is well help. It's it's a great challenge, but it next chapter in my broadcasting career and- and I appreciate you being involved in any way bill because the name resonates and brings credibility, so were very fortunate without as well. I appreciate being asked I ballots. To cherry picking centre the at some of the best full scale. Also aspects like getting free lottery picks out of the south in this is great, unlike any age that well
populations and their seriously. I think it's great I'm really had to you. I am more than happy firm. Nobody Gus Anna Appleby involve thanks for your time. Good luck, I'm worried. Thank you. Bill erect. I we're gonna, get the pastor Carl one second, but from a gambling standpoint we are going to remember the two thousand tense as the decade when my bed took off and where your bidding is just as important as we are betting. I here's an idea. Go to my butt. That agee they ve been in this business for years. The reputation rock solid did a one hundred percent cash bonuses so off the bat making money for doing that. Near the fastest pats just to business days them in game. Lab betting proposed wording per person this in all new mobile said that makes waging undergo a breeze in game lad. Betting later cash changeover did. I join now my book, you at your deposit, with up to fifty percent bonus. Just as my big my bookie, that Agee used,
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I can't speak anymore senior back to a matters most gambling area an hour lister say fifty percent, when you sign up at Blue how's that, slash person once again, that is Blue House Dhaka, Slash bill summits are right. Better ran a twenty minute. Snippet of Our conversation with Pastor Carl Garlands, who he came to visit here about. I would say two months ago We set an awesome. Conversation is one of those guys who is involved in the lives of blood, a different people, and just fascinated by him and really one m on a package, so this is from the last section of the park ass. We started talking about how the em, how this good games work when the ban while, whereas I happened to show up at random gems and play basketball, he has left experience with that playing it? games and and
knowing how their made so it starts arrogant and much different directions. If you want here the whole podcast, which I would encourage, We're gonna also run that on the ringer, NBA, and it goes for about an hour ten minutes. So there you go here is my friend, pastor car Are you involved in that that weird underground summer pickup seen physic you're, my friend Chris Prickly yet is the Generator of it at my ease, what's over, the Chris is a guy who cut it does when I do, except for all the basketball says, he's got a lot of trust with eyes. He saw is so good at what he does a lot of guys gravitate towards them, and it just happened where everyone is accompanied by a place to play pick up. Nobody wants to play with average guys and in their all in town for fashion. We conduct Chris maximize. The moment shouts my book on the moment a hand he has. He has access to other
guys. I saw all those gaps in it was awesome. Had they decide However, I think the Brown and Katy probably picked them Chris had something either It was the one who may activists would have, but I'm sure you can check with those two guys I'll have facts on that, but yeah aroma who pick the teams There were good teams, there's always a random due to place overseas. You forgot about at the other, kill him because he's got some proof. He s a big jet janshah on a charade. And then they NBA guys pick up their pace. Little bit me gets really. Most of games were pretty good, pretty intense. I intense if we say the bottom shelf intensity is the Astor game. Yes said the bottom bottom. The next wrong is summer league next, wrong is pre season and next run is like a really boring, regular, seizing game and like them
by nine thousand people wear people. Where did these goods to the right to its own things? I think God's work on one specific thing, so the broader glad out there and go from what I can see, I think maybe they're not trying to, I know it. Mello one day was just working on this post move, so no matter where he was. He wouldn't he wouldn't shoot a lot of three slash. Two just kept going down to post doing the same thing over and over. I think some of those guys in the summer there, like I'm, not going to bust my butt right now, but I'm going to work on this solarbron work on steps, whenever but its intense, because those guys are proud yeah, they might try to cool, but when it comes down to it they were gonna shit, talking's, gonna, it's it's more. My it's more respectful its nobody really go and had it was Russia is involved in Brussels there. It seems, like everybody cause, he's rustlers Gary, you are the what's he would play in the flops you know in and try to win, but I think most of the I see any like real.
Anybody young out their gets definitely no respects very funny. They might try to pretend cobalt people believe, like didn't even happen. Katy said Carmelo went through a phase where he was just cause. Every cheaper If you make the shot, you call the valley and they would have been Daddy Dante. Jones is out. There is a monster out there yet, but there they'll go at people for sure we'll go out on surprise. They let that their genes in their game. Well, he means business. I think you need. People are gonna play d and I had to have the ball the time he's ISA is huge ethic. He goes out it all the time Rookie or a guy who's Kentucky this year, I think some giant did, but you see some guys who you're like LAO You know right away, you can be some special, he these, the guys you could tell they got a couple years before they have. The heart many sea, like other after dark stuff kind of all the others.
Caesar there all day. Yes, here yeah, I whispered to me doesn't seem like he can play basketball any other speed than the speed now is in the past, our game. Is it that's it. It's the american air body, us like their crazy radio up, get fifty Grand get nimby Vive. You wanna be Joe cool, that's fine, but I'm glad and get fifty and an anchor eventually likes it, and I love that about us by the way cameras. Now, the other funds, no cameras. The brain is allowed to do that, role with him, why he is heavy heavy, hidden security. So there be like these sweet little people who live in that building nuclear cameras. You learn some lady, just like walk into her apartment and he has to go away and shame, but yet it does now. Our phones in their Chris ended all those and had his guys get the photos of people. So I got a couple, but no money, no money, then on play liked. Eleven to grandparents, not that I know, then what Lebruns Ben
Carmelo after not that I know I don't think I don't think they had money on this stuff. What is the ideal number of an entourage? for these guess whether its Beaver or Carmelo Soria depends on what stage of the career I like. This was Emmy at the early on in the career do you have a lot of guys around you, because you know what to do, and you don't know you have to trust. You know where to go see him like a lousy trusted deeds that do in your area. They a lot of guys, have mixed loyalty. So a lot of guys say if you're with me from the beginning, you with me for life Yet- and I always tell guys like Loyalty- is about a principle, not a person. So if the person sticks with the principal got em they're cool, but if they don't being loyal, doesn't me let me guy, it's been with you from day. One continue to fleece you in steel and put you in that position so,
guys had to learn at the hardware linked by my guiding would be forever behaved in terrible, forever dataset thick ice below the framework this here that, if he doesn't change with your growth, he's gotta go and a lot of guys make that decision. It seems like for my own SAM limited experience, because I've crossed a ladder paths of this. Pressure at understand, you're kind of one that IRAN guided not as many as you know, I'm a mom, my god, I'm just saying from what I've seen with that with the hookers. Yet they like to have their deeds and it's usually two or three yet from back and you know, other back home is like high school or like gay, you, your college, but their these two or three people they. Just. Those guys and they don't everybody s is regarded suspiciously until takes walked a crass that Katy S red shoes, I get rich climate is like his do now. I'm sure there is. There is a feeling paired raised like a measure of this kind
this guy, but in over the course of time he became a guy who become given is a trusting guy. I think, with rich choose just an awesome guy. He was. He was quick to give give trust, but Kevin's had some guys his head. This whole life phases trusted. You could tell those guys are different than hangers on this
where's your genuinely love these guys and there, like. I don't care, read your rich or not, I'm your guy in the union's other guys who they love the life you you could tell they love it and if that were to change on, if they be around so so they had deep. Is the browser to Russia as he's gotta bodyguards is tat. The brain is like a professional corporate mogul. I really just he runs. He's got the tightest crew Titus Camp of ever seen in my life, like everybody's got a job. Oh my gosh, yeah inutile. If you dont produce and you're not like, if you don't help his image, you Don T get smart, I don't, I don't think you're gonna be a would be around Leubronn for law. So you never see Le Brandon tabloids, never seem trouble, never see him and partly because he lives a pretty salad clean life. But the thing is, you got guys it represented well,
here the bran considering when he became famous in all the pressure has been under he's done awesome. He really has it unbelievable. And no one enabling vulture were no one likes. You credit anybody, but my gosh is the project should allow worse a lot worse. China think of. When the dumbest thing he did was the decision. I still think that stupid. I dont think him leaving was stupid, but I think him yeah, like doing as a tv shows is really callous to the cream of vans. It still indefensible yet- and I see that my professional lot, where you'll see a guy big time past or say something will you know it's not banned but you're like who told you that that was can go over well, and I think that happens with the NBA guys
all the time, but like Semitic, Westboro Keys that a huge anthrax guy, like you know, he has no entourage. Here is an area that has been seen as there is that ripped regime, a damned, looks like he's thirty, seven year and eyes, moms Grover's little Breeze, brother re, who is also means that everything, but I'm pretty sure rustles entourage includes Ray and his wife heat as it either. Music! I'm good! I don't need. I don't need friends, I don't care if you like, happy in Oklahoma City, please also, if you talk to him about him on this couch, yet he doesn't like me, dickie. He doesn't headache having Katy remain about the hard and trade stuff cause. I'm not incredible call me crazy, but as a national television talking there, how stupid was too. James hearted. Now I was when I went away the best for you before Kevin, like two and rich might try to take credit for this lingered statesmen rich publicly, to
that Katy was the maddest about the heart, and I remember like it's my job to talk about the stuff we weren't necessarily wrong. And ass. I was not wrong, but you know I mean guys get attacks on much of their quick to hate army you guys, I think, with my criticism, safest Europe first step to any criticism before you get mad seekers any true to. Why think we're down on it it it was it hurt. It actually was too closely. Yeah and now that we ve done these pack ass in the fourth Mailbag Land Katy talked about the heart and trades like the biggest one of his crew. He never would have admit that two years ago, better. It is crazy. They did this we as a carbon were taken this this a Monday harness fifty six points and twenty five shots us that he's on this team with was broken, the Red its. It is shocking to think about. Do you think that could survive with those three guys b, I don't know- I think I think they would have had to take them-
forms that might not have been as good for their ultimate destiny, but that includes as three person humility, I dont know that happen or no at that level It's happened like you saw it, I mean it's how you have to go way back yeah. What is it you have to go? telling rustles ethics and somebody I don't care yet these I dont know seen it on the dream team you ve never seen it over the core from a whole season in over the course of multiple season, tuna, yeah, you're, basketball. This is why I love the stats, but at some point the stats only go so far as their so this whole other part, a basketball that people on camphor like Westbrook when the envy p last year. I didn't think you should have better. Yet he was a candidate. I would have now put a bullet tat three, but now you look at year, cancer leaves you go to New York.
Alison is he's he's an asset again, all the depot leaves gets better shapes and that all that's on Westbrook, but goes. This team is empowered by better Suborners Tiger. Bozo lashed air, like he looked like a complete best bet, is now an above average starting centre in its yellow back go to Westbrook Westbrook was empty people. Did he make those guys better? Now the situation made him better. I think we're astute at pointing out a lot that, if you're not like know on inside the NBA, you miss tone in vibe, like vibe of a t mix of team gets a win watch and walked to the banks. Are you can find out so much rain or actions accede? Gonna win, but you know this dude is hit three in a row in a teammate should clap teammates shaking his head? Look in his boy understand you know! Assembly! Can't you can't sit is something I set from the coach David's. The coach and the best were absolutely like Stevens with the subjects the guys you're minutes make
yanked around whatever. But you look over the banks. There are locked in the corral, yet its culture all day, long and coach. You sit there like they're, not haven't at what Stephen Jackson is a legend he gets removed from the tea. I think that's pretty heavy and that's that's. That's San Antonio culture will not accept anything You know the bright, you think you're as good as Calais you're. Not you have to go and Kevin said. Some coaches would tell him ahead of time a in almost say this is a matter for the guys in command. Do it and then it's like, I think, players, respect all have heard about steep currency, treats you exactly the same everywhere, so we ve got to you out, it's gonna be affirmed. People ran praise. You told me in front of people that sets the tone of accountability. He learns hop of age and fill the yeah. Those are the answer that fill Jackson,
feel Jackson boy he had filled. The goodwill Phil Jacket for Chicago for Jackson was the good for Jackson. Angry. I think Lakers one got a little fellow for himself and Gallop Lobotomy Shack is the thing with that. He now that's the whole time, our time intrinsically combustible your chemistry, combat the two guys that work is wired not like each other. They played together and they happen a play together during the hearings have appointed the triangle orphans. Myth, though, like I just don't sound it, never really stuck to actually matter Michael Jordan. They didn't, but every time the triangles worked if his head, when the grace plausible time it doesnt, if they can't work outside of that sample size, are not buying a watch. The next try to run triangle for four years, for the spirit of it fill Steve. Car has tried to do the workers he's taken little pieces of it. He basically once everyone attached about, which is what the triangle. Yes, the triangle
is that has ever been touched by Europe. To obey these specific rule of you will function in this orbit, but it doesnt work in that three point: shooting air native team shooting thirty forty three is a game and correct China can can you have to offer dogs and the same thing? I don't know anymore. I used to think so, but gold state can approvingly do manic, staff and Katy or the closest you can get to haven't you. For those who put dream on in their dream on his own kind of dark. I don't know if you can leave, I would say, J Maza, I would say, he's the offer Doug. Yes, but I do. I don't think so.
Ann Kaye, dear wired. They offer, though, still think you're best player leg as much as I love quite like. I feel your best player has to be the biggest strongest leader in the NBA. I do I earlier in the day. That's that's the guy's. Listen to something comes the gods they ve got. The best of all world have dream on is the biggest culture carrier get stuff and gaiety who pretty the leaders in their own right snake got three in clay, probably is quite glazes to chill do, but he could be they needed to be, but I haven't seen in the NBA in this era admission see John Wall Bradley Bill which can happen there at the I'm very suspect, allow, and what can happen there like that? I think that it seems like it's going. Ok, but I don't know at some point: someone has to go ammo cater to play the beside tonight. I almost feel I, though coconuts
The alpha dogs is morphine is sometimes because, like I don't feel like kd and curry are traditional quote unquote out for dogs, but what makes them great among all the other things they know exactly who they are as basketball players will they have no illusions? They're, like I'm good. I just want to win. They re play. If I get hot, I'm right it yeah. I love. I love playing Basque, you mean the problems are and the guys don't like John. While I don't think he told the knows who he is yet it let shooting in a corner yeah you so that the game is wide open and he kind did taken her on sale to me just makes you better the worst. Ever happened. A John Wall was when he made that three point jumped on the table that game yet is, I don't think he's? A great three point is not good and then a half cornetist do that. I love ya. Monolithic is amazing, I think when when he realizes that with a minute ago down one get the bottle Bradley, Beale yeah. This is what
help us win this better than I am at this one thing: as we heard at the job backs it. Who are these guys? These are little spot of guys did make Michael Jordan less. You know dear to hit the wide open guy, be, I think that seems to me like a more traditional after dogs travel down, the road has been gonna, just keep getting better and better and at some point those guys look at each other. I noticed it would lowered and Siege Emma comment. Fluid it a big three and I was looking at the tape, China, to wit, the wages, are jumping over him. Looks like we're, see J. I was there to it. I didn't see him and now he might have been on the other side of the corridor, Melvin afloat, but I I don't know I always look for that stuff, as they will see J happy that he made that I don't know you better, be ye better, be it sits. Unifil receiver thing, you know you won by twenty billion to catches, but that malcontent gonna do lacquer same concept. So for me it's that's. Where we're all things a big deal cause if you, if your faith is where should be, you should want other people. Do
ultimately, everybody does, but it was just not like that. Unfortunately, all right, thanks to Dan Patrick Next, to pastor Carl thanks to take Frasier thanks to Seiki, don't forget about NBA tickets. First time users, twenty dollars off I have to do, is use offer code. Bs Mba, don't forget the ringers Youtube channel. You did that calm, slash the ringer for other video subscribed. Just do it. For me, for God's sakes, thanks to her tonight, the the epilepsy find amazing hotel days at the last minute, up to seven days in advance or even Today's events and certain major cities perfect for Spain in his get away our little station playthings by ear, knowing you'll still score a grey price. And a great place to stay get in on these killer last minute deals download out there tonight at now, thanks to Blue, for bloggers and small business owners, blue us as everything you need to build house to manage a website. You've wanted simple enough for beginners from that for even the most advanced users. Blue house gives you the freedom to design
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To one name had cast. The ball is to tell you Ben Aggressor in their first that they always want to change it. They try to keep up day, as I will not say might seem. One giant bureaus lose their money. How many receiving located paragraphs yet exactly used first one. I think he was the first one. If he's not I apologize to whoever was for some, but I'm almost positively stated Bennett S anyway, back later in the week and the best part ass thinking.
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