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Celtics Panic and All-Star Arguments Galore With Kevin O’Connor


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Kevin O'Connor to discuss the Celtics' underwhelming 13-13 season and what Boston can do to turn it around (2:30) before discussing their NBA All-Star ballots for the East (29:00) and West (1:06:00).

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breaking down would have the latest observed. The challenge was for twenty five minutes on the Ringer dish package, so subscribed to that one needlessly Kevin Oconnors back ass, the mismatch which got its own feed this year. There doing it twice a week, he's doing a great job for us he is on. Next we talk about the Celtics. The asked our game Austin,
selections. Ben Simmons, all kinds is the first, our friends from project. I designed the mismatch back ass, which gets but also, more importantly, a huge Tom Brady Defender, a champion of the Tom Brady Goad argument vindicate yet again, as Tom Brady One has seven soup or you must have been proud. Cassie felt great bells amazing nightmare their number seven in Hungary for more he's always said. What's your favorite ring? What's your favorite ring the next day by a third body, it took me better, got him every rounded the play off Cyrillic
something really and be back in and forgive him speaking to us in sports, its panicked, Alfred's ethics, a really started. Frighted. Eight with the with the terrible loss, distance and carefully- and I really do ha start thing. We have a bunch of great topics, but the Celtics things pretty relevant because of cigarette. These the Mannings and right now and were taken as its five thirty seven and eight Pacific time fillies eighteen work is sixteen intend, play right now, broken sixteen and twelve. After that it set a dip. It's a crater and I don't feel like any other team right now is remotely in the crass of those top three, the team that you would have expected was the subjects in these had never injuries. They were in a big traits of it that the subjects to be thirteen and thirteen another some reasons. Tatum guy,
got covered when they were, seventy three smart got her. Camera has been right, but this weekend losing today badly to a terrible washed in seeing that they killed a few weeks ago. This was a cry for help us and we would like Is there a trade coming? What do you think happens here? I mean or finding out what happens when you let canter and want to make her just walk for nothing, clearly Garabin you when you have visited Montenegro, you know two thousand grab badly. I mean there there's so much wrong bill right now that the lack of ball movement, the lack of off ball movement with players, bring in screening and it feels like to sell things are a far before our eyes. Right now, and yet I still look at this team on paper and you be Jason Tatum and Jane and Brown and their young twenties average. Twenty six points, bahraini still look a guy's, a great Williams and painted Pritchard
the solid young role players. They get Tristan Thompson and Daniel TEST, they're solid role, players, but there's something wrong with the mix and when you see jail and brown after the game being asked about the lack of ball movement and he paused for a long time and you're says no comment. It feels like to sell books are at a point like in past years whether something was wrong with the mix with the chemistry in the locker room cause it's hard to pinpoint something specifically with the Ross or other than the fact that Canada looks like a total shelve. As for self, except for today, of course, but I can but does not look like the same guy. Overall, I dont know which one thing it is. I mean they where you put the blame like at the top of the blame chart here. I don't know it just favouring a big mix of everything, that's wrong yeah, it's weird! If you were in Europe or something and you Didn'T- have league pass and you're just looking at the stats, even that bad, it is really hard to find little pieces. But, like one thing you mentioned, like a bomb m,
twenty eight than assess they were heading into this game. There. Twenty two point: three: that's a tiny red flag there nineteenth and score Their under Hunger Levin a game now. Would you think if I win, if you evolving into jail, is gonna score? Twenty six, a game, the shared by water Amazing they remove the highest growing seems like there s a heading three you know they're, like thirty, seven, thirty, eight percent, so that has been a problem. Five and ten there last drifting games and here's what I see from the eye test, which is very similar to what you just laid out. It's a team that lost its confidence in what it is over the course of the Postcode Tatum Ten, going away too tough losses and fairly Smart goes down and the Lakers game, and then over the course of that was caused trip. Were therein these games. They can't executed the end, because they don't have that third score. That scares anybody in overall rainy see ties taken open, freeze that the game fried in eight they're down through them,
at last. They get to turn over the coming back the other way and for some reason, tastes has the ball. Twenty five feet away from the basket is open and it was one of those. No no yes, but there's. No! Yes, it's just a no no brain and the pistons win, but it feels like a team that relies so much on jail in an anti them in their so desperate for anybody else, come in said the other night semi boys, while the one time all year, his blade rugged strategies in twenty four points they win easily, because it's like where we have a third score. This is great desert the to me it goes down till I came that he check, I don't have that point guard who can create shouts further deeds. I thought it was could be prettier than he got hurt ass. You spend like one stumble after the other, and that's why I don't wanna completely panic it but ass. I really don't the roster the way it is that's fair right, I think that's fair in terms of the roster near I feel it would be best in its inevitable they're gonna make a move. I honestly be shocked based I've ever conversation. I have had in recent weeks a day. I'd be sure
they don't make a move before the March twenty. If they don't make a move. My dad's gonna put back my dad is deaf. Can these eyes, Dr Congo, goes five to one right, something like that we have constantly at the max. If you know regular furious Danny tax on a Friday night and you think he's gotta go, it was worth the effort It is worth unfair. Doktor Bell super he's, recycle Thomson, terrible fifteen terrible, we could add Mcdermott in turn, for the Heyward trade they want it. I much rather have those two guys than this amorphous trade exception. My, not the able anybody Sadike Friday night is outages, killing them the guy they passed up when they took Nesmith who's, whose I barely played. I don't know, what's going on behind the Rosier Campbell things that disaster two weeks ago, cool we flipped rosier and the Hornets their pain and wait to much better come back. Everyone rather have rosier right now I mean it's it's a comedy of AIRS Cassie here first,
and some of it is a victim a circumstance. Reprocess like you have Isaiah Tom ass. He gets hurt you carry Irving. He wants valley, You got him a walker, he falls apart. Don't forget Heyward periods last thing you would have been, or so of course, and it's not all like the fault of the foreign office or the coaching staff for their matters, just a big mix of errors. Some mistakes in just some unfortunate things that happened in the past and for further celtics right now, if you take a step back from the factor underwhelming that there are five hundred right now they still do have that trade. Exception you're right, maybe passing a miles Turner and dug Mcdermott and being mistake, that's very possible back could end up being a pivotal mistake by the south is, however, I do think that trade player exception. Them so many options. Around the league in terms of what they can target and how much they would have to give up to do what I mean you could go Fora Nicole was from our Lando. You could target a guy like a like affair,
is young or a Harrison Barnes. You could go after somebody who isn't readily available, but makes sense for your Austria, like Larry, Nantes, Junior from Cleveland but you know I love. I was on review and resell. It affords feels like Larry Navvies, versatile. Eighty three eighty crowd is: I mean I'm sorry I soon, as he's out of containing ten people are going to fall in love american ants, but there's a lot of players that could that makes sense for the roster it's just for boss than I do wonder. What does make most sense, I mean: do you feel, like the Celtic turn a position right now we're they should go hard for like use of each type of player to help round out this roster, given better being made researchers they, arguably in all star this year for land it was having the bessys in them, is career, or do you feel, like They are in a position. Our they shouldn't, you know. Maybe go or move around the edges and I'll. Take it easy. Head into the summer, holding the trade player exception and give you
a man, you're gonna find out about it up, they can't hold the exception, they have to use it, and this is in a panic. I just don't think these does that kid and I do think if they get one. Player here that they can really rely on and a real way and then the second piece of that would be can combat ever go back to being come by which we could talk about. After this I went through all the other sellers. There's our cap exceptions, twenty and ass the roses. Twenty seven point, seven, but I don't think San Antonio trades and his plan to well in the end that right now
well as we're taping. This they're tied with the Hornets, but that you mentioned before he went on the spurs- are fun this year. I don't know how they do stuff unless they're getting some awesome trade back, auto, Porter's, twenty seven half, that's not going to make a difference. Vucevic I'll come back to Aldridge's to all done. The spurs are giving away. At this point. The kings are claiming they're not going to trade, Harrison, Barnes and they're kind of a fringe, playoff playing team. I think he's important for them for the culture. I think they have a weird locker room. Just in general, I don't see them trading in Aaron, Gordon seven hundred and forty eight, but those guys could be available, but I don't think they fix with the Celtics need to me. It's two guys vucevic she's. Twenty six would be the homerun I think that Young would really help the stand, because in you you I am allowed to day in day out. I don't know who I can count on from the swing spots other than Tatum a Brown and when these guys commanded a game like today, there is one point. I looked
Semi owes lane these Smith had point forty two minutes combined to dig its wizards and they had zero feel goes just forty two minutes. We had a game there. They were great waves in Pritchard Quid like forty five minutes combined. They had like you know a combined four points they need anybody who is just like if I'm, if I play twenty five minutes on risk twelve points, continue. Watch that young and the bulls like he can post up a little bit. You can make it up at three he's a vet. He knows where to go and what to do he's not going to completely disappear for a week, so he would be my. You'd be my small and but I would go all out Vukovich I really would, I think it solves a lot of problems for both camps, because I think they can absorb his whole exception. Given back you know, time Lord, they give em Lang furred they. I would even I love preacher, but Output Pritchard in the trade if they had to needs Smith and a bunch of packs and just if they had vukovich with the way brown and Tatum replaying. That's a really good,
offensive team. All of a sudden, it's a really got off at four p m, but I'm still not sure it's good enough, and I worry that, with whatever else he gave up in the form of young players or draft takes, you might just be setting yourself back for the chance of the actual, next star who will become available, which is in all likelihood, Bradley Bail, and we will see what happens there. Although the EU would do you honestly think they have enough to get Bradley Beer, they don't have that will pay credit trophy piece you will fail. They do have all of their first round graphics. At the moment, the future they do have those affirmation- young players- you mentioned the four Boston it very guarantee they would be able to offer the most for him. No, I don't think there is, but I do think Boston should try to maintain. Positioning for that guy that actually pushes them forward with Vukovich. He helps no doubt about, but I want offer one other name it you didn't mention bill, another guy and an old friend, AL horrified, and my body at what will pull the failure
what will happen to you at this point about bodies brought up Orford. For this reason, not necessarily as somebody tat help like he is better. The Daniel ties right now, but he extends the usage of the trade player exception. For this reason, What is that a million dollar deal? So you can absorb him and then next year, twenty settlement In further twenty twenty one, twenty two season and in the following season is guaranteed for all me fort, and a half million dollars. So as soon as this coming season, Hoffered would become a peace that could be used essentially as salary seller as I am. Myra contracts. So you will not heeded and help them. He doesn't help them compete for these issues. In my Pete S help you can be for these this year, buddy so years. Ida is a stopover to save him for next year. So your further here, if you do that shit shit,
yeah. I mean you could so also trade for authorities young. You could give up my Tristan Thomson, salary filler with other aspects. For him I mean you doesn't prevent you from doing one of those other moves that Europe you're talkin about, but for the exception itself, it's just the idea. A boyfriend brought me that I kind of him into if there is not a clear winning deal for you, it's out. Their porphyry does make some sense because he helps a little bit he's better than ties better than the other begs. Right now can shoot threes. Forty two things our efforts along done, but he does extend the life of the exception past November twenty twenty one later this year, parlor problem as they have a bunch of guys that I I'd like I dont minded Division But on this team they don't seem to work like Thompson is somebody I was really high on and my dad reminds me every call or text I have. I know you like them, but he just kills it. But is this? Is this the kind of thing Tristan Thompson should be unlike off? the way unless he has some sort of guard or Swimming guy, who he said in a pig for around the Basque with his hands,
he's pretty useless our efforts and let the events of way Stevens just doesn't seem like he trust them, especially in the last five minutes and he's playing Tesla is paying great waves. Let those guys are found machines it over and over again and crushed. I'm those guys will have a huge FAO at the worst possible moment because they can help themselves. So that's why? If, if I think her out did the Thaddeus Young, because I do think he he just he gives them twenty two to twenty four minutes, a game that rain our is just a d minus four: the team who every put in Semi Ursula, whether you play go and smaller, that with a guard, whatever age of anti green. All these dudes like they're, all it's. It's a dvd plus the minus depending we're looking at so I I still like the very same because I dont know: who else could trade for?
in a way that makes sense for a later, because that, though the benefit for the south axis, you are fine. Here's nine million dollars worth of guys will say be. Seventy million this year and will give you some pacts in and your reset button you suck anyway you're Lando every chance. The number and pick. Potentially you have to get him off the t his everyone has heard, or whatever he's dirty Pretty moraine right now, I'm in run everything through him in the half. Corti gets a tunnel touches for that. Roster so of Orlando did want a bottom out trading, lucid, which is the no brainer, and he could help these are really good. Players have a career season, fruit, trees and a good pass, or you could reduces the floor, which sees spaces if you can dribble hand ass, threw him like you came at, is young Thaddeus and this year, which I love the way Billy Donovan he's on him there more as a small ball. Five you're seeing playmates from him around the elbows, so either Those guys make a lot of sense for help and the roster this season, but that doesn't all that doesn't necessarily prevent you from making another move
what one question? No, when it comes to like salaries to use ideal you ve long when someone is one of the trade mark, a smart do feel that hold while leaving it open to do more. As you are, you been open, you love now he's been somebody. You been opened a trading I bought it for if I felt like I could get back incredible. People cannot be discussed like with the words the share that there is a chance to go. Fourteen and smart for the two. I think we have to discuss it. It'll origins here Wiseman at this point, though, do you feel like with smart being out the heartbeat dismissing, because I feel like that, Marcus smarts present from the court for all the negatives would like taken too many jumpers. I feel like there's an energy with the team on the court that just missing It can't be measured, but smart does make that type of intangible unpacked, where
I don't I don't know if they could treat him even in one of those deals just because of their right. It factor he provides its at that point with him, which is weird say with the negatives, but so why I'm feeling I want to solve its right now and that combined that that's why this is employed because they have moves to have some young guys that, if you're, Orlando or whoever you're going to at least be intrigued by their worth flyers, smart has real value. The exception allows them to do a couple things. The question for me: the first one when Smart comes back, he'll be like your third score a problem here. I am in that area through the candle markets free, please, don't think that shot with twenty seven seconds left I came in. I had the question for me: Campbell, Smart Tatum, Brown and lets say ties or Thompson. Is that it is that a crunch time five. I can trust if unplanned Philly or more
gay Brooklyn. My answer is no because I still don't think I have enough or fats unless come back and miraculously get it back, and let me tell you something: I've been watching this dude for two years. He doesn't look healthy. He has some days and there's other he said, he'd look at his game like this year, who have a one slash, four, twelve thousand one hundred and thirteen four hundred and seventeen like these are alarming games and they don't have a game like today against Washington who sucks defensive inside right. Here comes companies back, but when you against a team like Utah he's just not the same guy, and then they know exactly how to defend them and he's in he's taking these contested shots that you don't feel like her going in, he does the same explosives around the rim. Yet do you think it comes back? I don't feel good about it. I mean it All indications have been the past year ever since that injury happened in last January last February, around all star weekend has just been like a sea gonna get back,
that being the same guy wasn't after a time off with the highest again to the bubble. He wasn't after or time off, from the end of the bubble to the start of the season why were you wasn't back a bit season when he came back? like when is it gonna happen? I don't know seen these smaller athletic point. Cars very reliant on speed and Fifteen is an explosive s around the room, just fall off a cliff is that happening right now. We won't know until the passage of time occurs, but I, like it Don't look good in the moment. It's scary awash with just a couple years ago last year, Bell He was like a no brain or all star and ran greener as essential score, the others in the last five minutes. You make a key point: margin of error with little guys is so much so much wider and bigger than it is like if he was like. I don't know: Blake Griffin, other Blake Griffin now his career, but he's basically looks like two thousand Larry Johnson,
fat, you can still, if your big and you have size in the EU can she'd around and games when you're a little guy. If you know all the suddenly, ass, the little bit of explosive nets that are completely changes. We can do them around the room and then the three point or thing like he can still make wide open threes, but like that, you know that Classic Amber movie as that's a little like their Christmas Chris Paul move for a kind of drives heart rate does stepped back over. The did he's only made that a couple times, the last four or five weeks That's worries me more than anything. I listen. If, if people I know, they're gonna be torsion Danny tomorrow in the south, as someone who did it
that's. Why I didn't do they that they have had really bad luck. That's the defense! It's the Hayward thing. The way that played out from start to finish was just couldn't have done worse and then they turn into rows, are in a Kemba, and that's honestly couldn't have gotten worse, except for the first couple months, and you know it like at the clipper sign Paul George and he was immediately hurt after three months they would have beat the clippers. So I think you have to factor that in. I guess. The frustrating thing for me with them is Dave had chances to jump up in drafts for guys they liked, and they just did it, how and was sitting there. Halbert would have adjusted and look at me to sit back that this theme and I felt that could have moved up, corresponds to get em, and sometimes you got over pay a hundred thirty cents on the dollar. He wanted you a justice winds of years ago, saving up for a first round pigs for justice, Windsor, sometimes
how to make a move. If you really like somebody- and I just feel like over and over again they're waiting for the pics to be Brooklyn again, it didn't happen with Sacramento Memphis there waiting for guys to follow them, guess what guys don't usually fall, so I'm torn because do feel like they need to do something, I'm not a hundred percent sure. I trust them to do the right thing here. They still have driven Tatum, Andrea Brown. And ultimately I feel like they're still, if you put them right of your wrecking future, the features of all thirty Teams in the NBA Boston is still near the top, because where'd. You get that right up. It is that the frustrated thing about this you have those guys are exactly so easy to build. Around Tiana changeable awesome swing, guys their third dated thirteen. It's like impossible then that's why there needs to be urgency here, because you have those two guys look at some point. There are gonna be the two players people are talking about, as I can you posted.
From Boston. What are you going to do to get Tatum out of Boston? What are you going to do to get Brown out of Boston unless they get it fixed this season, or next season like there has to be urgency over the next year? get it right. We have those guys. Deals are gonna be out before we know it, and yet Opel years down the road Tatum Deal just kicked in, but that time will be, before we know it and suffered aims on that front office. They may have to be proactive with getting it right here around us guys, goes there that good and they deserve that have Ross around them, no matter what it takes yeah. I mean that to me. Would have been impossible six months ago, as pointed out, will move out of the Astor step, those guys who played really hard this year day. Really go out on both thence. They do not get cause, and I don't mean that in the time ahead,
they were surprised. He don't guys, but this has been a recurring theme the whole here of these guys. You don't get cause and they're trying to go to the hoop, and I think they ve taken a pretty big pounding this year and the this Weaken was the first time I started a worry about, like you know, are these guys want to do what it takes gains a game with the amount of you know load that they have on the steamer. They don't get. Fifty points combine. This team really can compete against any by this play. Well, you have to take that burden of them. That's why I think views which is the guy, I think, he's a really good player. I like the idea him Campbell, Smart, Tatum and Brown at the energy I think that we really hard to defend of Campbell is play well. It would be hearted and what is the due to your defence, the voice of ages and he's not I a good then there is not a great defender, you'd be in trouble. He's average rang, Regina. Also
I do wonder if that's where maybe and ends up killing you in the end and policies and when I beat is the shredding Vukovich Orianas shredding Bruce, Jane and then you're. Then you might be feeling differently at that point, and that's why? I beg pardon me wonders bill if the real move, as the famous gonna pick nobody off, including here in the house that every sellers fan is there and that's just playing at all they read it out right now in writing and because I still think Bradley Beale is the big whale that Boston and all other team should be thinking about out on our fossil and have enough, but I do think this with Bradley Bill if he does take this into the office You only have one year left on his deal. He will suffer lay game leverage with where he wants to go and if he wants to go to Boston and play with the person has known since he was a teenager since Tatum was, Ok,. Here, you will have power to push his way there in the off season. So no guarantee
he's, but ultimately, I still think boss and should be doing with that Canada Bradley Bill he's the guy that solves issues. Do you think you'll grow beard and gained twenty pounds? Sissy's until he gets traded and then half heartedly apologize to Rachel Nichols a month later and it'll all be fine, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Brad, Stevens, really quick, the president. Although record over the years is, is consistently gotten teams to achieve two years ago. He Didn'T- I don't know, he's done a good job this year and its bite like there's lots of stuff that I'd like he knows more about Basque bother me I'm not gonna pretended us. He doesn't he does he not there. I said accurately, but they're playing the pistons on Friday, night absent their home and I'm just like. Why are they gonna fuckin zone? The traits stinks? Why were you played made a man and they're doing this weird like dirt? The whisky posted thing with Germany?
and in China clear runway for for right and I might just play zone these guys, suck the lack of panic ingenuity in some of these games compared to what you see from nurse Spoelstra, Frank Vogel, where, where just just like those guys really know, their team on what to do in his reliance on how many times see show me only and how many times I many years when your five son happen, it never gonna happen. Great whims. He's he's always gonna be three just two short: he can't wait the games so that part spent frustrated I can't believe I'm criticising the present. It sounds like you're you're, making a personnel complaint more than anything else. You know about the pieces. He has that what he has to choose from here. You know it put out there on the cord thinking about increased, I swear to God. I was in Congress.
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there is an interesting starter conversation in the east, because yadda terrain and beat have to be three. I didn't jail and brown has to be one of the guards. I think he deserves it. He is a guard he's been a excellent excellent to where I think that was a clapped him until this weekend whenever they fell apart. Who is the other guard for you, because here candidates, you cannot Bradley Beale Scorn
Thirty three a game on a horrendous was seen. You could have tray on twenty seven and nine ANA Hawks team that every time I watch land a paint watching them, because I just hate everywhere. I just hate everyday thereabout, that's sport, basque! By now, you could have carry Irving who just disappeared for two weeks. He missed nine. Yes, you can have Zack Levine, whose on on a team that really ultimate as manner- and I think is the ultimate good stats batting Guy or you could have been. Immense who's, the best offender in the lake who is year starting Guard and the east next to jail and brown is jail about when you're starting are not know, is not. Ok. Do your thirty guards who just myth narrowly Bradley beyond James harder. As my to start a garden me of them were locks. You know be Durrant Yadda, those three indifferent court.
easy choice doesn't take much thought that simple, but all those guards are tough, really well. Then, ultimately, I went with Bradley Bel. I don't feel like thirty three points is anything to back at amazing. What he's done and he's been a better passer than the stats actually indicate. I looked out for an article five, on Monday on the ringer, that of players that have logged at least ninety assists the season or sixty players hearings. Fifty fifth of those sixty in terms of what his passes have in terms of how he's potential assisted, actually turn into assessed. So teenage, not converting his passes, he's been again play maker for that wizards team- and I know some people say I sulking on the sidelines- hold that against them. I don't hold it against and then we're gonna hold that against them. I hold that Doha hold your house's theory that Bradley Bill in the last two minutes of a game is shot. Never goes it. That's Joe Ass, no advance benchmarks, adoption with financial ass, his like it just doesn't go in
no estimates, but there, for you, don't have him back to jail, and then I do and here here why? Because I can't reward James Hearted for what he did the season. I just can't I I'm a guy that has not changed over the years. This very few things I despise we in One of them, is the guy who gets everything he wants for a franchise, then quit sign them anyway and then magically turns the button back. I was trade off I'm not rewarding of that twenty four seven eleven, I know he's one of the best personally, but now, I'm sorry you're not getting my started about uses that average rather give it to be in jail in here, but if we all start without the all good gusto end is gonna. Make it no he's gonna make you just around. As a start, I wouldn't have started. I think I think that's fair by I still haven't met. Starter and I'm not holding against what happened and Houston against him he's been amazing, he's been brilliant with broke. With so many say: you're not holding it against him.
You're not holding against him the fact that he showed up way that it completely siberian the team that always teammates hated them within a couple weeks that he was overweight and lethargic. And then was mailing it and by the end user. Billy, none of that for two things still producing an early level, and maybe I shouldn't all against them- and maybe that's a mistake on my part. But ultimately the production does not lie with him. He's been amazing, with broken, taking to try again offence, in twenty more touches the inquiry Irving forty more than Heaven around. He is running the show for that amazing office, we're watching, and I know Brooklyn stinks to and the way, but when they want to turn it on our part and also has been pretty solid and those moments defense, we saw the possession the postal against quiet a couple weeks back in the nets, went over. The clippers he's have good moments for them. I am now you sound like now. You sound like he's paying you I have another store and have good Bob is defensible.
The way we are like a gene drive how good get Beaumont. I have harder as a start about. I don't follow you perhaps gentlemen for me as Beale then harden and then brown from ordering those guards But what I want. One quick question, though: I have this amount of club on the ringer tomorrow by Monday. What what are we still doing? Positions for, what, with with ideal, groundless that as a Garda, I don't understand what makes brow on a guard Tatum, a forward joy, Butler afford, even though its averaging nearly seven assists hey the forward, even though he has almost identical usages. John Brown is a guard to by the hour. The forward, even though she began utilised. Very similarly too, german Brown. I just wish at this point we should go. Possession was that The way I feel interception, malaria, us. We want solutions, will resist. Now. It's just like to move the fetter a couple years back years wisely.
He can shoehorn in as guard cuz to me it's I. Could he guard other teams guards? Could he guard James harden? You know. Look at two by Cyrus to buy, says to me as a forward. I don't feel keep your guard. You know, but men wanted a noble and feminine famines are forever Guard Lucas a guard, even though the linen can guide ever on the floor. I like to me he's the ultimate position, this guy. He is ultimately yes and lucrative, a guy who defend sooner wings and forwards that so much smaller, quicker players. They re like the positions we could probably do away with this point, but to me it's more like perimeter and then paint like that. We could just go perimeter paint and it would probably make one since this by right yeah, I think so, but in a sort of what they're doin with here- and there are some issues- the delegates not a big deal. I don't think it necessarily changed, who selected from my team. The sheer deaf went out with the starters, but
I think there's gonna be years with this really pops up and you feel it with ballots in the players that are cited in the players and end up being snubs. But don't you feel like an granted this? This is. I tests no way to actually prove their stick to be just kind of have to feel it. I when I picked my starters- and I do this with the NBA too at the end of the year. I want the five guys to act, It makes sense as well as of five man team right, so I have for the easiest, ran and beat hard in jail, and I do feel like those five guys would play together really well. You know we saw in the early two thousands in the west and sometimes people, get voted in, it will be like Shack, cagey Duncan, and then you know
b and some other shooting guard. It was like these are five get this five person team does not make sense. You know Dunkin and Kj would be like kind of colliding, and that's why I feel like Jalen. I don't feel like Kayden's the guard where they, but I feel I do feel like Jalen's more of a guard. Cuz I've seen him defend all these other guards. All right so will disagree and harden other than that that that was pretty easy. So we go to the bench we got paid, I've Tatum in their Tatum. We both have Christmas nothin in their cause. He has been really get, I'm assuming you have them out of Ireland. I do have Bam as a third third forward, he's kind of stealth. Twenty nine and twenty points died, rebates This issue has been really. My aim was otherwise. My keys on that same group is like Julius Randalls Vukovich the bonus number a bags Jeremy grant too. For that matter, a I just think has been the
silver. All of them. Yeah he's is the best web, whereas some filling his team, as implied that well, they miss bother but the shooter seven date. That's a team If the shooters got hot, I could see him rip off some twenty two. Thirteen and eleven states still in his eye, not who facades gotten better to from the perimeter. He's he's improved as a player since the bubble, so we have now now associate dicey. I'm gonna make. I am ethnic, make a case for Simmons. Really Quick Kyle, you better tell the video could get the fuck and get the fact that Social break out ready, Benjamin's averaging fourteen. I need this year. Fifty six percent fuel really frustrating where offensively to watch their games. When you just like TAT guy, doesn't look like he knows where to go
with that set him guarding Leubronn as well over. I seen ever in the brain. Had a good game had thirty four points, but what Benson was doing physically hanging with the broad and really making him work in a way that really, in the last seven eight years, it's only been combined the rat that you ve seen really make him work like that on that and and then to watch him a couple days ago, defend Dame lowered like he did in their Portland game, and you and your thinking like this is the best possible person to guard them lowered. How is this possible? I don't. I didn't even really fully understand, he's picking up basically
court and it seems like he's going to force like a backward violation or a Stihl crazies Gotlengths. Damn was like what six or twenty two whatever he completely took them out of the game, and I was like not only is this the best defensive guy in the league, what are the list of guys who could guard Lebron and Dame in the span of three weeks at the highest possible level on the week? It's basically like I was that I was texting with a friend about it. If you're talking sticks, above with that that rules out Kawhi that rules that all those dudes it's basically like Haji, it's bill, Russell, like he's been seven to six hundred and ten after I saw that on my Benson. On the austerity, so that's my case. I have him on there too, and we ve been firm. As you mentioned me off, and the argument, the argument against Bent SAM, it's a simple he takes only in point eight shots per game he's possess? the ball. Little bit lesson he ever has before is scoring as much he's screening off ball. I mean
sometimes appeals. I've been summonses lost, the shuffle I think it's a nice thing to see him screening more often skelpin free, open, teammates off icily but defensively. The level he's reach bill it blows me away. I watching this guide Alice you when he didn't care when he was lazy and people question is character and his work ethic and love for the game and to see the player that he has turned into where there is a legitimate argument that he could be a defensive prior of the year. The season for me I'll tell you right out thirty out twenty eight games in his knees by number one. Really I ever to go bearing Albert Ben Simmonds would be my top three at the moment. He's just been a remarkable defensive player with his versatility. There's a status be ball index, that common measures match up versatility, and last time I checked he went. I think, third in the NBA in terms of defending across positions, and never mind. The fact is taking on those opposing stars he's was versatile defender in a league, if not the best defender in a league, I'd savers of areas right now by.
Finland's is remarkable and you mention the office once TAT. I looked out before we got today there was, and I thought, numbers about, how the six or shoot threes, when he thought the cord verses off the court, specifically with his own passes when he passes the ball for his team information to three there there hitting forty two percent of those trees, everybody else in the team off of team. It passes a shooting, thirty, three percent on Thrace is that small sample size, maybe, but I think more likely than anything else. If somebody who is evidence of his ability to create quality shots were his teammates, something he's always been able to do. The statistics have always sort of correlated with that number, but he is one of the big reasons why the sectors are better. A general those open shots the season. So even though it doesnt Authority pop up in the numbers he still making it often impact, and, quite frankly, as somebody who criticised the lack of it,
were jumper since before it was in the NBA right now we are seeing the best version of Ben Simmonds than we have ever seen right now and the other thing with them. I just I covered him out there in the last five minutes of again today there their fortune now, because I think that South Korea trade has given them kind of this wild card guy, who can actually create a shot or come off a pic or whatever, but ultimately it beats averaging. Thirty, a game he's one of the best poison awake he's playing great game after game. After and Harris is a really good second score, you have done that lie at the had that's doing really well with advanced by choice where they pointed indeed Harris Currie Green, since they don't need Simmonds is often with them. Line up. What they need is all the other stuff. You does like his ability to be like who's the best for another team. I gotta did, though, the weird last minute the game stuff like,
He has the surreal ability to leg grabbed the biggest free for rebound to get his hand on a pass when you needed the most I'd say that That really matters to me, and I really feel like the stats are great. I looked at autumn when asked Forget who I wanted to pick there's some really. Was that I, like the rapporteur, sets kid. It's it's in the ball part four where it needs to be, but there is it, there's something different with this aim in saying that, if you're not watching the games, there's an extra element in that nobody else has into me. It's like why Leonard Scotty, Pippin Simmons, I feel like he's, got not to that level. Now, as a perimeter guy, I really feel like he's that good. I was absolutely blown whereby the damn thing I thought it was my favorite moment of the season. I couldn't believe it- I don't think game
believe it I think there was. I wouldn't fuck- is going to extend vehicle by him and then, if I get an urgent I'm, he can still reach up and back my shot so anyway, ears by other point, cow of the cameras Togo I'm sorry from trading James Harden I want. I want the no quality Gimme bed Ben Simmons. These picks that I don't know what there be me, the guy who act who can actually be a guy who could be one of the best you guys I'm entitled them, because I think he can begin right now. It looks like it. Now, he does look like it. Would you rather not to take steak, gotta Ben Simmonds in five on and maybe a first hand me. I felt like all those books Are you up to do whatever you want in the near future in terms of getting that next star player Vincent? the floor with the lack of a jumper is still something we could see pop up in the postseason and we're gonna see how teams defend and adjust the sector's about point. But
I do think that payments has made up for that deficiency with everything else. I mean he's doing the little things this year bill. You mention all the defence like the screening off ball, sometimes a piece in the past, when he was hover off ball, you'd see him just stand in the dunker spot and they do anything you like for five times, but now we say like little rub, screens that open up space, Retiree Terry's Maxie to catch the ball and shoe for three or attacker close out South Korea, to open he's doing those little things that he didn't do in the past that help make up when a shooter Everyone is that when you have an ineffective sugar on the cord and Ben Simmons deserves a heck of a lot of credit for doing. That is that that takes commitment, a will to do all those little things and I think, the past. He didn't see himself about player. I know a couple years back here that quote Jackie Macmillan, where you know he said paraphrasing here, but I see myself. As a point guard, I see myself as a guide burning the Bob the floor. I feel like he's realize for him to be the best
fire that he can be without a jump shot? Do all the little stuff is everything else that he's fully embrace that and I hope he gets rewarded with an all star spot cuz. It he's totally deserving to me me too, and I was surprised, other people to leave them up. It's funny. You know my daughter place. I forwarded soccer and there's a lot that goes in that position. It's really complicated, but you know once you kind of figure out everything the landscape of it. What are the things and it's a skill in its own right is just kind of being up the stuff to be like a split second ahead to anticipate when things are going to happen, to just keep your legs moving and just be ready to pounce. You never know when a ball is going to get the fuck their whatever, and you almost have to train yourself when you're playing you know to just be kind of on the prowl we always used to compare it to my old dog. Rufus has died six years ago, but
any time. Somebody is making food Rufus was in the kitchen and he's looking around any just waiting for them. Look away, I'm in a jump on it. I'm, a jumbled up in a grand or somebody might drops out. There might even just pray on the prow, and we would start with soccer like be like Rufus be like roof is proud, and I think, with with with similar or major those conversations of my daughter about, like she's, just he's figured out leg and probably not going to have an impact on family, but I'm up the stuff. My legs are moving, I'm thinking about I'm doing I'm ready to crash the board, I'm ready to make a back cut, I'm going to set a screen, anything I'm just going to do stuff. Last year, I didn't feel like he was like that. I don't feel like he knew where you fit in, and this guy feel like he knows, and maybe this is, why is maybe he's a guys like fourteen ten nine, but defensively he's gonna be the best way in the late he should forthwith shooting hands were
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Urban go on about fifty forty uniting averaging twenty eight point. Six is this: I know he took a little bit of time after I know he did. I know it so virtues after you he's our now and for I had made the ok? Let's hear fifty forty ninety average and twenty eight points forget programme six assists having one of the most potent seasons of his entire career. Forget said earlier about the asked our game gotta put the best players in and curving as having one of the best. They took a little time away. He did his thing, but I can't keep Caravan Irving. With a low level that he's producing on the court he's been really unbelievable. You're not believe. Therefore one you're gonna carry or do you actually had him. Why Adam
Now I had him in one of the last two spots. For all the reasons you just said it to be, the penalty is you're, not a starter, but ultimately it's the all star game and every year there's I don't know twelve sixteen to twenty guys, who knows year to year that just it feels weird. If they're, not at the all star game and Kyrie is on that list. You know I still do, happen where he left the team on another. He was, he is never really talked about it. I don't know. Maybe he was at least a little bit worried they were gonna try to trade on. I don't know he hasn't. He hasn't really open up about. It became back and he's been us. Yeah he's been able in. I think he'd also deserves credit for accepting the off all wrong. I mean he's given up the ball James, hard and him run the show and their willingness to sacrifice. Perhaps individual numbers are just hand the ball and feeling I have tried in control, I think, does deserve
Some praise, considering the fact that everybody said well, there's only one ball. How are these guys? Gonna coexists? All its for the other group superstars we ve seen it requires sacrificing He has been well and not handle the ball quite as much as he did before. So credit to him for that, but you know that time off that battle hurt I'm sure in terms of some coaches, like you, you said earlier, the headquarters of the ones who determine the reserves, not media players are fans. Are we just do the starters, but I am curious to see how had coaches handle back as with so many eyes, like we only mention Jeremy Grand passing earlier. You can make arguments furnace opponents, Gordon Heyward, joyous Randal Jeremy Grant is two thousand eleven. Their fates Weber's hyper escape that came out of nowhere man crazy to autocrat right now, so I've carriers, eleven and then I couldn't put Tran there, especially because the teams that went in their team has allowed a talent, and
Yes, it's almost like my dad always makes a joke about how it like a movie right back out an indifferent movie that everybody else, I'm still not sure trays in the same movie. That is, they made. Sir there's he's doing ever he's doing, and sometimes a it just seems like- and I know he's getting assistance and stuff like that, but that team feels this combined related to me for how much how good their offences then defensively his neighbor. It's weird, weird team. I I had three young pencilled into one of the last shot at last, bought a one point than removed him for Zack wellbeing I would try point of numbers and he deserves a little bit of blame like we're, not seeing him excel off ball in the way you might have hoped when they signed Gallon area Bogdanov Toronto and all these gather guys who can handle the ball when they have Kevin, heard her. Who can pass and created of it for you, but the thing is is like that whole roster has been decimated by injury bogged down, It has missed a lot of time. Gowan area this time has not worked as good since he returned. They have guys who
create a little bit but aren't primary options for you. I can't hurt her. They have guys who theoretically could be careers, but aren't right now, I can't reddish. They have guys you look pretty close to retirement disable a garage on Rondeau. He does not even look at good last season with the Lakers, so I turned young. Is he gonna do it? I feel like they're a middling, often sorry now not in spite of him, but because it would add the weird caught the Collins thing is weird kiss hell. Just have the. If you catch him on the re died, it looks like he's a top twenty guy. This one another's other dates real. I gotta know how this guy. I can't see this guy on a really good team in June for the finest my six guy, You're gonna be a little surprised, so it's not vukovich, because I just feel
most be. I know, he's been good and I know he doesn't have teammates, but I'd strike. Any good player can put up twenty three in whatever on a bad thing, which is very somewhere, the german granting to me. It comes down to Heyward and holiday. Hooker Edwards been really really good and important for Charlotte, who I think has been the Lee pass unexpected directed and they pay the they just last tonight, but He's just been the guy, we were waiting to see in Boston, and I know if you can just stats against a she's not going to win, but there's a maturity to his game and a confidence that was just not there in Boston and then he's got a bunch of wild cards on his team
like Russia. Forty one points either night: the mellow you never know the mellow could look incredible when eight that the next Avanti grandma allows those is gonna them mocking come off the bench there there's just all this chaos, but he's kind other, the the centre of it he's data for them is twenty twenty one. Five and five. You can go to him at the end of the games, and that seems a play off team to me. So I was looking at either him the bonus I had locked in- and I just feel like he's been two up and down he flipped a little by little left right about both him and broaden their numbers have depth quite a bit ever since he already portrayed in Audio Laverne. You hope he'll be ok, but would Laverne our plan that, having that ball, hammer presence has heard of them with that Levine I feel like I've been able to get back and I mean I have- I had one hard the
begun, the other one wildcard, Heyward or Oda, drew out it an order holiday. That's right, so I think I'm gonna take your holiday as by twelve because of the two way stuff you could feel his when they didn't have in the last two games. They just felt like a completely different team. He does so many good things for them most important at the end of these games. If they're going to end up playing Brooklyn, point and he can actually EDA defend. Cairo. Or hearted YE can he can take either those guys they theirs is his versatility, defensively and I just really enjoyed watching him plan a good thing, so I am probably leaning toward him, but I guess I have to make my picked out. I'm gonna pick holidays slightly over Heyward. That's fair. I think either of those guys are very deserving, but even so I have Zack Levine as my twelve player
now everyone, twenty eight five and five with ludicrous scoring efficiency he's somebody. I've ripped I gather Chris Vernon a lot over the years for his yet her horrific defence in the past and unwillingness to at the play making, but I mean it credit words do, I think, he's at least tried on defence has still not like a plus necessarily bodies. We know is a average defender. At this point and, as a play, mercury's definitely shown a commitment to doing that is having the best passing season of his career. In addition, just being ridiculous scorn the ball for the bulls, but You know I do. I have him there in some ways I feel thankful to not be the one actually deciding this head coach cause either we have high level scores this season, there's forty one, airs averaging over twenty points per game up from thirty five last year, more, and I believe in every season of NBA history. So you can find scoring right now in the NBA.
And I wonder if maybe instead fur like all start- maybe it should be as much about scoring in another. The dazzling players is more about those little things like you mentioned. Would your holiday? Maybe we should be looking more for those guys. The Czech, alas catalogues thanks for make that blanket underlying devils advocate with myself here, because you are Levine therein that spot and he will be there when the article goes up tomorrow, but you know there's high level scores right now in the NBA maybe, if these other guys, even like somebody like Germany, Grant, I feel bad, not having him my pulse our team. I now he even though Detroit stinks there the worst teams and the league grant- is not the reason he still been right. Legal defensively as an individual defender. Just like he wasn't. The passive Denver he's been solid. Passing the buck obviously score and like crazy for measuring like you mentioned earlier, yet he checks more boxes, and I wonder maybe those guys he doesn't matter by he doesn't pass. My this guide would seem fund a play with test.
Now I know not what the way their plan ages. If he has the barber half court has grown up. I mean who I am. I gave an answer that I gave in Santa FE having poor Blake can't believe. Like never did you see, he hasn't Duncan over a year, its suppressing you mention in passing earlier, our he's the type a guy that shows you could aid well without a thousand usually did for a little while he was often before them Maybe the USA had it looks like you around my doubt, it'll having aid like literally limping now, if that on too many injuries that just now I mean it sucks to watch him. What did I hope, because we said the same thing about grant bright. We're like he's had wants him any interest in our drugs, the Superbowl champion. You never know
we're going to attack of the West hamlets. Let's do this. Let's do this one question, then we can take a break pick. Two starters route between Curried, Damon, LUCA, I've. Curry is a lock hundred percent, no brainer. If haven't, they would be equivalent to the fifteen. Sixteen season. In terms of productions. It's incredible. I originally had Damien Lord, that second guy bam over the weekend. Doing my research, I'm gonna lean towards LUCA scoring output between those two is pretty close. The eagle LUCA has been a more powerful defensive player than Dame partially, because he's bigger can be more of an impact has been a more dynamic play maker as well for the mavericks and not like this season there. The standards are so crunch,
and were voting earlier than we normally do. Normally votes are do when over half the season is done. The season is do like about thirty. Seven percent of season games have been completed, schedule game, so it stinks so yeah, that also like the standards are so close together. I'm not really looking for teens foresee verses niner, I now, just the games or letters to three games separating them out. Can you see that I can see that add you got LUCA I'd? Look I gotta get it's really. Can you know what over the top for me is rebounding, which I think is a rebounding sir. It's not just like you could look at it, but I go is twenty eight and nine? He gets good rebound cigarettes, big rebounds in traffic, late and games. You know he doesn't like Pakistan is that jumping in office throw us trying to get leg. The two, extra. So you get the trouble double, but he's got more
from the West work. You're saying off. For the rest, I also I haven't. Love tallies played this year. I dont totally blame him because I think some people realize the season was gonna start as soon as it did in these admitted that his teams, that very good- and I think I d anybody who got crushed by covert injuries, that fight that that team was in the top three a bail out of town to begin with you now, if you're talking about poison gas being- need to ninety percent what he used to be, and then you go down the rest of the roster. It's pretty rough, I'm in a salary cap league with my buddy Christian and then Maps like giggling global culture. Where do we want to orient Fanny Smith? he's only for four million hours yet grab him. Then you have and a like Dorian faced with played thirty five minutes. I stays where five points we had a waiver, but that their whole team is for these guys that there is a little like this
ethics supporting cast where you just don't know what you're getting late tonight. You know and I do think they may set very I a really wonder what whew Richard saying that this is just kind of who he is Whether I did other reside talked about this in a previous, but here really had to my Patrick Miami regime twenty one, a game other that this is who he is he's between thirteen and fifteen a game. It's not a lights out. Three point: shooter has a tendency to do dumb stuff near the end games, which you raise a frustrating square. So I don't really know what their move is and I feel bad for LUCA has this. You know every year as a window and I dont The same as a chance to compete for a title with the cast their yeah, I think a lot about you mention Josh. Richard turn he's out the same guy. You don't have guys shooting the balls wide, as they did last season Doria Funny Psmith, whose numbers are down down across the roster from three point land for them.
Still comes down a key. We ve seen some flowers from keeping this past week against something you know not so good teams, but if Cape he's able to get there can string together. Some games like we solve in the last twenty twenty I've games or for the hiatus date. They they have a chance to make a deep run. If you have those two guys, but can t stay, healthy, Kenny sustain that can maintain that level production. That's when my question of with him ever That makes me that deal with Alice Woe and I think it s a little reasonably well yeah, there's that and then there's the little nagging thing of like how crucial jail and Brunson is through the same, which is where they called release your player. It with a kind of like really need him to do. Well, the conservatives they desperately need. Somebody did Canna give them. What's that currently the master and also like the fact that clearer came back, that Klaiber is bad.
Literally that actually Kleiber guy like a brutal about it. So you see it has a change that is basically everything back I'd, so we have for the West starters Frank. Why yoke edge? I assume you have them in Greece. We agree on this that we will take a break with others. Was this that is brought about actual quest to it is time to get court side. Without leaving your house achelous Quest to is completely immersive. Minor had said: you're gonna, be a game watching your favorite stars and teams, experience buzzer bidders these trees insane duck says if you're right there next to the action quest to takes watching them, next level. You can use your ears. Pamphlets subscription to access live sports crossed the app or union to select games a larger, Newgate hundred eighty reviews with NBA. Pass free in venues. Yes, pampas subscription fees may apply and daily pass
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and working regional spice from premium caribbean ram with space and other natural flavors. Thirty, five percent I'll call by volume. Captain Morgan Rum Company Newark Newark locks for the west, I'm sure we both have Dame. Yes, I'm sure we, both Paul George, has been really good desert. Anthony Davis, I think, gets in just four legacy, but he's left me locally. Yeah he's got you lie. He saw a lock for me. That is a lot from. It is called fairly offices in the same boat one of the main reasons why the Lakers have the number one defence in basketball it. Why, even while their offences sluggish this past week or so they're, still We have one. Every game is gathered. Fascinating, as a heck of a lot of. Do they do that so same page, they're gonna go bear yes, ok are, I think it has to be. In his letter. Came, has been awesome and Weather
whether they are being the rabbit this season. I guess we'll find out, because we have this team. There's a team every year that first fifty games, they look awesome and then you can't go back. I remember that it was also the first vote against by various often yeah. I wonder like with the covert stuff I share them. It shall anathema they're gonna trade em on the one. It's like wow he's really got a fire this year and then on the other, and you look at his stats and they're the exactly the same as they always are, but I just feel like this team has been together long enough tat in a league where everybody switches teams, it's weird, then advantage should just by go. We ve had the same team for three two years, like everybody's bacco. That day I know how, with each other and the fact that currently spent so much better the seas in his kind of perseverance there really funnel acts are really good professional Basque with it. If you like
every single night, they have a passing, highlighted our defence of rotation that just Maisie go while like the same issues connected on another level, the way they are liable thence and it goes back to what we took toward the South x ray where doesn't feel like a cohesive team. It's a team that, when they feel down by twelve out of that necessarily certainly come back and that you tat team is really locked and they really believe they're good and then at the end of these games they can ratchet up on defense. The Clarkston thing is, I got to be honest. I did not see the Clarkson he's actually better than a heat check. I now he's my first man of the year yeah. I don't never want you to ever be this good and I don't know if it was there any signs of this at any point in his career, he's soon flashes, but never never like this. Never like this
really cold awake, when Snyder has utilise all those guards, you mention my calmly being back and I'm sure we'll talk about him as a potential all star, but, like Quinn, sighters keep in two of those three guards on the corporate. Eight out of ten of every minute yeah eighty percent of time, two of them around the court and that's very rare to have that level of creation on there, so they don't have a they dont have a dame. They don't have a hard and they don't have that time, ten level shock creator on your team, but they do have three guys that you can rely on. Create a shot for you in addition to like Bogdanov edge in Ingles on the team. Canada, pinch too, so I won maybe the collective of all those guys together can be enough in the post. I think there's a chance there's a chance at least that they could be an upset in the policies over the Lakers clippers, and even if they hold on the one feed the Lakers and clippers voluntary. In three in some water you don't know either of those teams. Until the western conference files you don't have to get through both of them. You just have to get through one of them
One seven game series for a chance to give the final awesome point, yet, quite rather twenty two and five lakers at twenty one in six, I'm with you, that's a team that could actually get the one seed, because there a little like those bid, Daddy's jazz. Ironically, where there are really irregular season team. You know in a weird season that the protocols How are you wrote a really good piece for us on the ringer, barely good about how stressful its ban for the organizations- and I think the Your chemistry is the better the familiarity is it allows you to black out some of this other stuff right and Unita is the unexpected team for that we knew like the Lakers would have an advantage, because the way the Brian Cowen been other stuff from last year that date there would be a cohesiveness them Milwaukee. I guess
but I wasn't expecting with the jazz, especially after the way they fell. Last year you seem like a jack. What is this theme kindly their stuck with for one more year, eight, they didn't expect them to make a leap. There have an issues with Mitchell, go bared, did after trade, one of em now totally fine and the other thing you mentioned that once it. If we do fans the summer. That's gonna really earlier that'll help them. If you look at the teams in the West, that's gonna help them the most it up. The Lakers it'll help Portland Phoenix AIR and endeavour. I doubt that who's gonna help them. Then the fence proudly, but yes, we have go bear. I have Zion as my tough guy. For this reason you meant
It is the all star game, his stats. His stats are good enough to get them in. I think the last three weeks he's been really fun to watch keys, allow myself the one guy in a bad team every year for a pic, but I don't feel like they're necessarily a bad bad thing, or one thousand one hundred and fourteen there only one game out of app last spot. So it's not like picking Jeremy read will lie with the standing of fighting two weeks when we all start aims actually being played, nor could be like the pie, see it right at that point now. Just would be fun to have them and in general, he's in I led the part with them. On Thursday, he's been one of the fibers fascinating guys to watch only pass he so unique keys Psycho one or one it's banner. It's it's been really fund, a watch them try to figure out how to use him, and I don't think they figured it out. Yet the american storm
they all start getting. I mean often simply being Gandhi, put the ball in his hands more often run and a lot more pickin role than they did a really in the season indefinitely way more than season when he was basically opposed player, so you are saying the evolution there and I think in recent weeks, I don't have Zion or Ingram on my team and I gotta pains not ass. I da there. I just put some guys wiping have been better defensively, but we I've. Seen more effort from him on defence and people are wrapped him. So hard but like it's, it's tough for young players are coming to levy so played under fifty games, in his career and were seen incremental progress from him in turn, of learning rotations and being at the right place, but I thought Think he's wearing needs to be their stole, a lot of frequent errors, but There'S- one play last week, I guess the Dallas Mavericks, where human wanted team Aisy was hedging on a pick and all LUCA started. The turned the corner before Long Bolivar covered in Zaire, unjust
scooted out of the way. What is yet very clear that he should maintain position there instead of getting back to Maxie clever and like little things like that, that hurt your team and put them in defence of rotation that I never resulting I can drawn files or made baskets and sign will get there. I believe he will cause he wants to get better at. It is one of those guys who is geared like that, but I gotta put him on my team yet, but he's got the reason I put a man other than I do think that he at least has the stats to be strongly considered is just I didn't feel like they were great candidates after that tat night cause we're we're gonna say you have to take one of the Utah guards and were about the letter that then after that you get into the I'm picking Christian with the Rosen? That doesn't mean enough in his hurry now. Cp three, maybe Fox everywhere see change. I got hurt. So for me, it's like.
I just want to design and they are certainly. What do you mean? I think they're just about four put men calmly versus bitch overdue up. I have Michl Ebner, I've Mitchell Unmerited hurts Femmina. I feel bad. I I'd love my calmly, but I've never really been like the sentimental type when it comes to basketball. Yes, please up giving him a spot because he's never made it. I just think Mitchell's been the better player and he's played a pivotal role for Utah. You have conly talked about this with Zach low on Friday. Miss mismatch, and we talked a lot about connollys minutes- are paired with go berries play like eighty five. Ninety percent of his minutes with him That means Mitchell's been the guy who's play a lot without go berries play again reach that forty percent of its minutes without Go Baroness help stabilize that team. Me is one of the reasons why there still winning games, even go. Bear is off the cord and Ivan Mitchell a good job of play, more off ball you're, seeing more spot threes from him you're seeing Marty decisions less pull up two's.
I love the way Mitchell's play and even though it still feels like he's underwhelmed compared to what we saw in the first round the expectations were so high after the bubble. He hasn't met that obviously considering drop in fifty plus points, but he still been really really good. For you tat, I gave him the edge over com, but its close, I have Mitchell's were first line of took the upon me on what we'll get to that occur is twenty. Four again he does have the load if they're playing any good team in the last five minutes he's the guy has has to the stuff he is is ultimately, if it's superstar versus superstar he's there superstar, and I think that team is playing really well and he should get credit for that. The kindly thing I couldn't get past
he's point: twenty nine minutes, a game ray and, as you said, he's get match with go, bear pretty much that whole time and he's played really well other advanced stats or bonkers for him, but the events that are backers for a lot of business team- I just think Mitchell's more important of them- is if kindly got hurt for three weeks stayed Patchett together, they survive Mitchell, got hurt, they'd be trouble at the end of these games. Who is there crunch time guy it? How are you creating a shot? Now now? It's my kindly that's the guy who created shots less Carson. Get her whenever, whatever I don't know, I just think that was more is alive. If I mention whereby, if Mitchell, where the guy paired with go bare by his numbers is scoring, efficiency would be significantly higher than is because he's playing so much without him. That's hurting as numbers, but it's what team needs in order to survive those non Gilbert. I just feeling Mitchell has gone so under raided the seas and for that reason, with the terms of how is adapted to
in ITALY for that to be as amazing as they have Benghazi, deepen awesome, Belike David Awesome evenly He killed the Celtics when it was a tight game, type game type game, and then they just had a gear that the Celtics didn't have The boy was everything they spent other moments like that too, but it's the in these fourth quarters. They really have gear and here's everything thing. I've heard a lot of people talk my car, maybe so nicely behind the asked our game. He deserves it. A thought occurred, shaven awareness, We ve got a lot of problems with the Oscars in the enemies in the Grammy's n even audience that fight that by thinking about somebody's crevices versus the year, respect the vote on the year. Dynamite, Mitchell's more bore the mecca. That's one thing second thing: I think it's better for my com, they never.
It also requires a coup, is the best guided ever make? It all starts him for my colleague I don't even know, but I know tat my calmly going forward for the resolute other away. He would live. I if he makes the austerity whatever you pointed out, never played the finals ed you made it all starts in great now he has this whole thing. Be we'd, be always be devalued on end of life by common. So I hope he doesn't have thought about about the related forward with Conway he Emmy Chris Vernon talked about how calmly, like somebody wants it. He wants a badly needs, really wants to be an all star by the day. That's a good way to look at it if your him and if you don't make it because the thing is if you are giving at the Connelly for sentimental reasons is like a career achievement, spot you're, taking that way from somebody else who is more deserving or are at least arguably more deserving who, like maybe the cycle continues.
Two years from now. We're talking about the old folks has never made it all starts, because my caribbean of many months ago is the new mecca: that's not badly by narrow job Miranda, fatty, safe, healthy, a voter, Savior career, cheap stuff for when we give them in the end they pay this year, even though in us having his wares, sees it as excise authentically, save it for that upset her forbad for my twelve spot. I can't believe people are even debating this. This is so down from I actually where I should have had him in the ten spot, but to build dream. I wanna get another way
Chris path. Christopher I'd want to fuck what are we doing every Christmas and the Ulster team? First most Chris poverty. Weird first lies one of the best thirty five forty person I've ever had. More importantly, Phoenix is like a borderline contender where I think they could make the West finals if they caught a couple breaks right. You known injury, they make one trade Ramon, and I talked about that on Thursday. That does it happen. If they don't make that trade. The way that whole team has become an extension of him, the pace they play at a crush time, their excellent because he's doing everything in running everything and he stole you- know one of the best fifteen sir one thousand five hundred and eighteen porters the week. So to me it's like what are we Talkin about Sga all these dudes no screws fall, but you got. Thank you. I'm glad we agree on that. I am very happy because I feel like crisp, Paul's name has been weirdly absence in the entire all star conversation. Seventeen point eight assists
possessing the ball more than anybody on that team and be here He's the reason why they ve taken that leap- and I do think with Phoenix Human Booker- will we get better together, as the year goes on. Those two guys are still building chemist. And feeling each other out, but you can see it getting better as the year for grasses I think those two geyser by play off time, hopefully gonna- be clicking on also there's, because right now the teams bats best with one of them on the court, not both, but Chris Paul, the deserving all start. I have him in as a wild card right now, the one guy we didn't bill. There's mild cut your young player on bad team, as you mentioned I don't think I was gonna. Have him until I really dont deep shade, two thousand yeah. Ok, I had him red dad's it s, gee mean he is numbers this year, he's out is over a sixty percent for shooting on the year averaging twenty three point for game Shaggy allows Anders just been really on both ends of the court more.
Some of these other guards more than two Rosen more than they and fox- been a two way presence in my office reflected like defensive rating or any advance tat cause. It's so heavily way by team performance, but They watch us yea. I put on a thunder game. I put on the fast one I asked for years, always around the ball and he's I was making proper defensive rotations and doing the little things on the team and then like offensively, he's gone even better like last year. Respond. Schroeder and all those guys we saw like Flash is what he was with a flash during his work. He sees them with the covers by he's made Leap MA. Am I gonna his ability to get to the basket and caught a weasel his way there with his long arms and cholera odd frame, he can score for you for these driving too. There are more than anybody in the Lee even more than LUCA Number one in the legal drives per game, some kind of a kind of crazy. It's because of just his feel for the game
an ism another one of those guys we're if his teammates are actually getting shots. You'd see those assists numbers go from six point. Five per gave up the like eight, I mean he's generating good opera in Greece for his team that I've been blown away by Austria I have a message all stark. If I guess I resign earlier, I feel bad Haven't him, but Austria has been a better to weigh, presents its I've, given him the not there I think you might have swayed me I might bump in now and have sgas my twelve th. That was a really good case because you're right, I I basically Diane just because is that were good and I just I'm assuming the asked our game. I do that again where Europe is she's been really get. I think what stuck out to me this year compared to us, and that is bad in the bubble. Yet he was he was overwhelmed and felt like first Big tasted, the big
stage and I didn't feel like he came through the way they needed them to him. As one of the reasons they lost this year he's in complete control that team him and he got his master's that Chris Bosco that obviously I talked to Mahoney about whether they would trade him To date? We well know the fence got man he's my friend piss off at you for ever heard. Here's what about the other! We do have a history of teams that wanted to really blow the fuckin thing up to do a trade like that That's good, that's what I say make it with your holiday and drew holiday is probably. Ninety percent is good as eschew was, but when they traded you our day for the was at the six than the eleventh or whatever was or the eleventh in a future. First improperly, What are you doing if you're rebuilding? Why wouldn't you keep this young guy who's like an amazing asset, but he D
care. He just wanted all the pacts and all the shots ass. She does hurt their pick right now that Mozilla reason I brought that up. I dont think they're gonna trade, but I so I wouldn't be shocked if you, if they trade it in for a giant packets or pics, I wouldn't be like blown away by it cuz. I think certain franchises look at this like we just want to be as bad as possible. We don't care. I mean even with SBA, is good as he is there still a three games back from having top lottery odds. They I feel like you, you can simply rest us J with some phantom all returned at the end of the seas, and if you really want to rank a couple games at the end of it, you know what they can do. I could play your guy poker, thirty nine, but there is a poker in your guy all grew man, I mean it. S been around start ram. It's been a rough Tyler, right now for a b c words Poker Obama.
And you're living with them as the minutes as their life mentor giants their careers, red rebalancing I mean a with the Orlando, I'm all open to turning very severe sure to get more barbarous minutes, gotta give more Bomba chance. Would you see Kevin Clark Dramatic in Aspen, Orlando thank Heaven. Clark than I did he's finally given up by Mamma Mamma and no further comment at this time me at me, and I care for tackling the other day about mobile is like having given up I'm givin up. I don't see why you're not following me down this path. Is I want? What do you see him? What do you see in Heaven. Yeah, I remember I actually do. I was at a magic, Celtics game. His rookie year, I was with my dad. We were sitting courtside, so I was watching. I was on the magic side. I was watching them warm up through the whole thing, the fifty minutes for the game and Obama. Just
twenty five footers to do nothing else. In my dad, and I were looking at each other like why is this guy like practicing a jump hook, the footwork stuff? You know some like Wyatt. Why does he think he's Klay Thompson I was out, I was done What am I gonna give him time? Mobile bother sixty still so young bill, he still so young, seven to seven nine wingspan. When he's been given, I gave labour dynamo more Bob, I love it does I described. I still think but one of those guys who could be a slow riser? When Orlando drafted him, you draft a guy sixth. But how do you have can birch playing Am I can burdens equality player who deserves to be innovative? He did this disaster. You hurt us act by the idea that feelings that Iraq was about to get off the pod, because I have I have landed covered, but you gotta Fasten your young players, ok, see they're. Doing that they gave up. Programmes
A chance to fail in their early season there putting them in the Julie, given a minutes to fail, fail, fail and get better. Well, he in its working, his failing israeli alot, crazy he's given chances to as here in our yet Our way behind me and be able ok, see is a perfect example. There Us Diego door you're. Giving me so the ball in his hands, the owl they're, giving opportunities there are investing in their youth Somebody like Obama, Eu Draft for the six pack. I just fail to understand how you don't invest in minutes, even if even if he's not as good as Cambridge, you got investing your youth bell. You're NBA franchise draft and high lottery pics. I'm worried about mobile, be equality, rotation player, and I love this we ve already bet there's two years ago on winning the zero zero free thrust for poker. This is
what the report presented me. India, twenty was twenty four point, seven feel go and seventeen point bad reporter, hey he's my favorite randomly Pascal, these twenty five million for the basket. It's always open; he's ready to jack em up. You know it ourselves, as I dont think. Ok seaward trade shea they're here, but I do think they should trade Dort. If they really wanted to get worse. The sheer door would be somebody that I e, where they, could be like a cupboard type trade where Billig wound it. You got two first round pigs for door. It's like yeah. Have you had stored like this guy? This is a guy who could be an incredible I'm five in the eastern fight, maybe that's the guy at the trade to get worse toward Fief arrogance Leubronn. Last week the I love that put his hands and feet, unbelievable moment. There's been some fearlessness with the guys guarding the brand the season. It's definitely not like it was near the end. With Jordan
everybody was kind of it all of them, except from regular. Theirs is theirs days ago, right out the brides and half the time he makes them regret it, but what Simmonds was doing for him against him either lowbrow is given that game, but man say it's so you have the broadest. People for rigour writer. I hate the envy conversations way too early when I really good about it from a gaming standpoint, I mean I think I give him beat a very slight at right. Now. I've got enough, I think, of the Brons right. There are not all away their view that, if like occur to you, ve been award, but I'd have him second right now behind and beat, but that's gonna be, we close over the quota branding the bronze been really good. This job. Just saying you don't look at his side ass. It looks like every other branches, I think there's them Narrative is already Owen, really fear. Anywhere. That is very aware, no doubt about its real
it's not my words are you're an idiot. If you don't vote the bribe Europeans like clockwork, twenty five games, they can assist. Where gains for good we're thing when all they also voting. I go said earlier only when votes are doing, Tuesday. Only thirty seven percent of the season will have asked in a rather more year. It's over half the last four years as all half in this field. So early will see how many gains are actually completed, though in the second half of the year- and I still supposed to be seventy two- everytime. I will see what a member as of reaching and, whilst I say the appetite of the players in eight I'd better than the asked our game gets cancelled. They could do all they want, but the play once the players are dropping out and saint fuck. This still ask our game will fall apart would not shocked me one bit. My bet would be no, all star game Lebron is unfair and all right now the brightest two to one in beads plus, for it is almost by twin yoke, is five to one the rents pussy. Fifty curiously, No one dodges eleven one Janius thirteen one, then the jumps, the Dame thirty one and gets ridiculous:
I would say, of others, odds right now. Probably and beat it puts forward here the best. That's pretty good. I've cause it's like Le Brian, given his age. That's, like you know he tweezers calf, he's out for two and a half weeks and if indeed, can stay healthy. The fear for me with betting on indeed friendly piece, just isn't gonna play. Seventy two games are easily MR coupled, but is he gonna? Be there the whole season? he's gonna have the typical a bead whatever. That is the question with him in a, but I do think the productions for real meeting last year are reported. During a video we did over them off. He turned the office before the bubble started that he was working on his face up game. You know attacking the basket with his face Facing the basket and were seen be the product of that of all the work that he put him. He looked so smooth off the trouble. Shooting the ball effort,
his size do. What he's diet is doing is pretty ridiculous and ordinarily, I thought I'd say like be careful here. You know small sample size its early in the year. But what reason is he given for you too? lead at this, isn't for oil. He's gotten better at everything. He's put his mind to over the course of his life So I think I got mine. It is vital to its comes really easy for him, because the case against it would be like if you look at his stats from because two years ago, user
twenty nine a game but arise. We love when Shack what that his big envy pieces and we're inside the stats for where they were in the ball park of previous seasons. But the I test was telling you like disguise: she gets it he's got the bag. Attracts them did indeed can torture chamber people he ie does. As you said, the face up stuff. The three point range is shooting forty percent from Threerd say at some point. This is not a small sample size anymore he's just a forty percent share for three
and it seems like any time he wants it and get fat and that special you act with a basket anytime. You want in that's the peace. I do think they call they call stuff for him shack. There was almost like a degree of difficulty when he was at its peak, as people are like well. If we called every FAO, you just beard the freezer, aligning the other team would fell out, so they would give teams benefit that impede, gets cause. You know, and he deserves the cause and he's really hard to guard. I think he's really frustrating to play his. I don't know what to say from one ten him passing at a double themes is probably like a six six point: five billion somethin, like that rate at it not and he's got better I'd over time as well in his foot works, really really really special remarkable, so we went from thinking like There, the Dwight Howard error like are we ever going to see a real centre again we're
ro Centre again and then the yoke its thing you know, comparing those do like to me yoga just so much more Dirk than a centre. The he's is dirt crossed with out of nowhere, but a lotta has offensive game is so turkish, but that, unlike the Kazi ability to take somebody down, really pound up, but I had a good time and what you incredible, Sarah, really like nay tonight and the thing is yoke- is five to one here in the fender thing and tat you could get hot, he could he could go thirty. Five fifteen intend for two straight weeks at all said to be the favourite you know that it could see, but not at all yoke is right. There haven't third Bible Bron by our guide, bending over two hundred and twenty two one westward is to fifty one. Oh you guys. Actually, in his ass a teacher, I don't give a shit. Don't burn your money on those figures,
kind of guys I convened thank you live premier. Secondly, colonies foot here, it's kind of funny. Quickly. That happens it's funny out like that Bob Ollinger Bill I won. Former Haider is actually being ate her somebody you like them just I don't know what I think on the core and what I see is improvement as a defender and pass, or I think, if you plugs echo being he trades places with some other similar scorned. Our legs flip him unto Utah with Miss I wouldn't know it every situation. We would be talking about Levine Hackamore differently than we do with him on Chicago. Thanks, I they need to fix a fixed, their backward like with White intervene when it affects these weird pieces. They I guess I do like that and I like their talent. I just don't like watching them probation altogether, but I do like a lot of the powers that we have a good good individual players. It don't fit well together, so I can't wait to see what they do have some tea. Gonna pluck that talent away from them- and it's gonna work out big time
for the receiving team in a look bad on the bulls yeah, but all the time. I guess what Chicago's gonna need to get it right. There cause us mixed as our work. I would argue about the Gm Arid already have market in early would have got that done spreading them. I really like bargaining. Can't wait to see him and my other guy monk who now is losing playing time again, because the hornets have too many guys. So if the suffix trade for monk all is forgiven, Koc can hear you in the mismatch. Your own podcast feed with Chris Vernon a couple of times a week. Also you're doing the void the Youtube Series for us. You can find on the on the ring or all that stuff and you're doing a whole bunch of great stuff. You look at you. Have a beard down effective, don't hit me said the for half a decade by man didn't get it out of economies have a decade the really hard and twenty sixteen years go by quickly. Unbeliever thanks for coming out on a sunday that appreciate
so much Bell. I that's over the past have two more comments on this week on this by gas and then to have says the real actual sleep with the enemy and come into America. Coming this week on, the re watch was busy weak stay safe seal one way.
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