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Celtics Pride, LeBron vs. MJ, and Sacramento Kings Pain With Bill's Dad and Hasan Minhaj (Ep. 216)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on his dad to discuss the Celtics' worse playoff losses (5:00), Isaiah Thomas's injury (12:00), the free throw differential in the Eastern Conference finals (17:00), Avery Bradley's magic (21:00), LeBron in Jordan territory (28:00), Kyrie's improved play vs. Curry (34:00), and Kevin Love's impact on the series (37:00). Then, 'Daily Show' correspondent Hasan Minhaj joins to give his thoughts on his new Netflix special (42:00), the innovation of comedy specials (50:00), hosting the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner (55:00), the 2002 Western Conference finals (1:00:00), Vivek's ownership (1:10:00), Kings fans losing Boogie Cousins (1:14:00), Jeremy Lin's run in New York (1:18:00), the Warriors bandwagon in the Bay (1:24:00), and the Cavs' lackluster defense (1:27:00).

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cb building for two thousand and eighteen or two thousand and twenty five, or both we outside of Hasan Minhaj coming up. But first we can talk about the suffix with my dad, because last night was insane the first pearl jam all right on the line. My dad he's available, he's retired Celtics fan left at halftime and game to didn't, leave the building but went to have drinks. Just never came back, because this ethics are down by forty points. That was one of your five Lois. A moment you better as the south expanded it might have.
My lowest. I actually done every member leaving my sea last time and not returning, but and I'm glad I did because book the we just got pyre after I left in the third quarter, but of everything that happened. I've never seen a team dominated like that, particularly in the So when you all of that, makes last night even more shocking that you think seed in its only you quit Just getting drinks, and then you can that, your wife and any just said Do we really want the late hour, then we're watching tv in suddenly a thirty point. We was edging toward a forty point. We then, and I had just it was it- was tough to sit there. A good number left after and certainly never returned in the kazakh radioactive
have you ever seen. Even everything that can reply of came before ever did There has been one said that there is no two thousand nine. They lost game. Seven. Two Orlando that was in asking the gate, the teeth, and twelve when the brand destroyed destroy us in game six, not to them level where I'm in seventy two, twenty nine. You see a score like that lay twice a year now. In the play ass. You know you, you read the other one. I guess I would put the same category. Where's that game six will where, as you said, the baron destroyed us. Another one in two thousand and five. Seven against the Indiana Series when that that our test malay team, when they had like six prayers- and they appear- again thrown out and then in the end game, and then they came back for game seven. In Indiana just killed them by like twenty five. But yet
Don't count, I tell you, I don't count games like that, but because I bet two thousand five five team was very good team in the team where we went to were became, six will burn destroy this. I thought we had a chance to move on that year. Yeah end, and I just I guess, be overrated. Our team versus the bronze came, will wait a second there have never he never play they that they they day in games. I in Miami this takes one pierce made some big three. Is it Miami was self combining a little bit that lead to Leubronn, basically reaching deep within his it's actually now I will eat out. You look at the two gains in Boston and then the way the brown loathing game three in this first, Boston. He does that fast walking thing than it is I see so lack Dan he's just almost looks like he's in China.
An airplane or something just what is fast walking everywhere and he's just lacked in game the guy yesterday a lot of people have mentioned written this sorry, but look like he was in it from the gecko Cracker Writ he dad that drive on credit and crowded rip the ball from and break it. Just doesn't you see happening Brown but, for the most part, just looks like he was bored by cages. They had to show up and and when in Vienna wrong. They were up by twenty one with seven minutes left in the third quarter. So listen it was. It was that it was really a strange game by Le Brantner. Having sat there, the first two games at home here in Boston were Escort high thirties, and I thought he could escort sixty point. If you wanted to hear and then to see him in it, looked like he was an odious. Don't you you certainly playin the facilitator. Love was hot.
In the guard was hard, but I really just yet ass, a guide members that I know you take us down a bit like a fog I know a lot of people work on the radio anyway, I have already said he caught a look like hard look at the map game. Seven decide about of it. I hear you just don't expect Inter Bank gave after the straight home I know. That's! That's a credit to him, though, is that when he has a bag, in people immediately assume like something horrible ass happens, if I add like that they can the human being is capable of kind of mailing in a game of chess, not having the usual gusto. What was weird, though, is that, in my head and I actually thought the something gonna, play better last stages defence way. There are going to be better cause. You know
I say her attack by a second but not have about their NGO with more defensive light up. At least he knew. Calves or could it be able to do whatever the hell they wanted offsets. But but what I didn't expect, I just thought lobby I thought they cared about gone twelve. Now I've done. That is like a measuring themselves against the worries I go. You're gonna go twelve, no access. We are too. So that's why I was surprised. That they kind of mail there last night early, some of them. How much are they melted in it all the big they shot wealth? The difference was prettier feet, but they just and had the same were brought up there and let's face it in your life, There were, if you're, not here and we're talking on the phone and we watch mark a smart and Jake crowded. Take three points
Yeah we scream! No, no, no! No! Well! Mark a smart, but would how much money would you have put down a marker? Smart was gonna, make seven. Point shots last night. He say it would have been pretty good. I've started making only made an twenty in and he was the reason they came back Chris Right It is a rare programmer As for the rare that about who gets credit for the come back into me, it's like the game. The game is over smart started, hitting bombs and that all Sunday standpoints in when you come back from tee which the Celtic Steamer forces had a ton of experience with E. It's gotta be too runs. You gotta get that one that gets around gets back to ten. Then you have to have the second run and the first one. Ah mark a smart, but that's I mean that's what it's been like to watch the sky for three years see. Sometimes he looks at the welfare and weak at other times. It, as you know, is a heart attack, gonna play with
for that kind of game, and we ve been too many of them. Where it's the hump game. Can they get over the hump they're they're down twenty one end of it they caused like one or two of them, if even tied it no Cleveland went back up five yeah, you just got the tenth if they could get a lead, we're pretty good when that happens, and, finally, that happen, they still messed. I reacted to calves rub too, although up to, I think, might have been won, but within no yak has within other Hartford can for three to offer prayer book I've had a wide open, Orford Mr Wide open shot for three they came down and the other end they swing around and love had a corner three that he's made enough. Tire series and for most of the season, and if he had made it, they would have been up five alone active forward like a minute and a half left any missed it, and it was. You know it was a combination of the calves. Just
just shot really well in this year's those first first two and a half games. I pay like great love at five threes in the first quarter. That's it! Then it happens often, and this I'll fix. I heard on the radio- and I was DR as driver, my nephew home yesterday, before the aim as us in the pre gameshow brain winter, said bride their brain when, worse than the shown, he said something said: Miss Sixty once ope wide open shots in the first two games in that kind of confirmed cause. I would the game on with you. We both fell South Ex had wide open shots. The whole game ratified the calves are playing that get defences. Just we ve shots over again, they do only started going in. I dont think this calves defences very good is my point. We did. We were both said the same thing: we what after game one that, because we only had one between a pretty cool
game seven against Washington and the opening of the cab series it it looked like the celtic legs were shut, those jumpers that they were making and worked against Washington where hitting the front of the rim and it will erase we missed an awful lot of open shots. We must help in shops in the first half last night, yes and then suddenly we started making them in the second half and the shots to quibble had been making like that love three points that I thought was surely going in that they didn't go when you click a link. We have to be clear, came down, it still came down to that great ending red planter wait a second to be clear. Cleavage better team- but the South Ex there? It was way more askew than it seemed in those first games because they were making everything and the south making anything and then, on top of it you
as air, who is out there, who you and I were so fuse by these last few weeks. Has anyone his watch. The team Aussies and pretty closely like he's, he's, just been incredible, offensively and specifically on drives finishing drives, and this little twelve would stop him. Shot that he had this year, you he would go in the the big guy and then to this little fall backwards. Jumper, but he does this flatter that he made all the time and effort. And they in the in both play our friend, and especially the washed in series couldn't finished drives anymore. I thought I was wondering if you had a fracture jars, something didn't want to get hit because it did. It makes because we watched him, make those drives over and over and over again Ass said he was making any of em. He was making a step, and pop anymore goes into the next series and they can't hide among either at me, he's in a sensibly defensively, they're, just torturing, and it got to the point
psych date they actually might be better off of, is now playing. We didn't know he was hurt them loud reserve yet heard rumors of of and he had a hard hit, but we do know is that it comes out tear in his hip and listen. Go Google that injury not but the people listening, like that's a bad injury like that, That's the injury that the real Johnny Flynn's career. Everyone thinks Johnny for the bust. We did big piece about Adam on Grantland four years ago. He had that same. Hip injury, but never did anything about it and played out for like a year, ruined his career, Bartell Webster same thing. He I think his crew It was never the same afterwards. Other guys have come back like a Marcus, Alger chat. It some Chandler had it, but it's a it's a legitimate injury and it eight to me a kind of fills in the blanks cause, we didn't know what the hell is going on there waiting, I mean you know talked about, did he ever broken down because, as you as you indicated,
was no longer going to the basket with will without any trepidation. He looked like you is turning off when he would get near the big men and that little motor that ninety percent of the time younger and suddenly was off. He wasn't. It wasn't a line properly, but we never thought it was the head by. I thought the mouth, but now isn't it totally makes sense. Catches, when he had knocked down and fall on his head. But you know you know it makes it even when you think about it now, just so amazing that he had that fifty point gave well yeah and in the game, seven, which the guys the last couple days we're talking about, like all the stuff feed ban through that he gave them the I he that's it. That's a crazy injury to play. That's a crazy injury to play with that. Either have funny like these people that
either have watched the team the recently by us of the fact that the subjects one last as are other better offer that I say it's like I say, has never that good defensively, obviously He was always a liability and teeth. The smartest teams always found ways to kind of make the South Ex pay for having him out there, but the website, was that he was so great offensive way that a balanced out and you could live with his defence because off the use having one of its of the ten best and most efficiency. Since the history, the guard position so well, compromise point the game right, the plague, thirty four minutes and shooting, but you know almost fifty forty ninety so now your car. Burma's gametes not having the same impact offensively. Now it's a disaster and what you saw yesterday was the sites where, but a double that I d, I ass a thing: smart, and we saw when I say I got her December. Some guys it
better with more minutes. Don't think smarts, one of those guys. If he's gonna play forty minutes. I actually think he's he's better in the team spirit from it. I've seen possess out. There is better for everybody, but take to just give him the job, I think, is a good thing for him, where I think you better off with Isaiah, but I totally agree. Smart doesnt seem to play hero, basketball, raise getting lots minutes, you put him in there for those six, seven minutes stretches three times a game and it's as if he and take risks the same way as if they have to score. They have to make that try to make their contested three point or jump shed, whereas I thought he played a really smart. I really intelligent gameless.
Yeah, he was again good that the EU had assess he had rebounds, he had steals played really wild defensibly. Thank you took one three point shot that each publishing the taken together for people guarding them, but otherwise they would pretty open three point. He was telling me now he here posting up, Irving and crating plays out of that, which is something that started earlier in the season. His defense was good that he found out in game one in like twenty minutes. Able to stand the court, which I thought was big and Stevens pie. Finally, aeroplanes, Radko a little bit, which you and I didn't drop us, later mess, but mere Johnson is just miss. There's no hit his this. He said this is that the hit. Yeah. I know We was surprised that he didn't start that it instead
revenue over Miss Johnson of Immediate trade, everybody else I can imagine we're going to see a mere again. It will help you might get anyway but yeah if it brings them nothing in this Well, I, like you, did you see the fruitful disparity last night I figured. I bring that up. Thirty six to twelve same fishery. For you, my gosh, thirty six to twelve, We still won the game. I can't I beat. I love for people to come through. Basketball reference and try to find a plus twenty four every throughout the road we were, you actually win, Ninety three to forty five for the serious in case. I will go into the basket if a man, but I think, but we took one war, three point attempt to something like that and we will vote for it.
That like they were driving and they weren't taking trees is pretty even though we were driving as consistently as they were, have we any body for fewer? I don't get it yet. The latter cause they mister Lennox why, unlike in the last three minutes where he went to get enough, it's a rebound in the bride. Just like close, I debated and got the ball in Berlin Acoustic. What the hell, the brand there never clear the brown on that but I remember there, but they were able to fight through with, doesn't make sense. It's not like that. I have this massive postal game or you know that or that it wasn't like they were flying through the rim. Last night they shot. I think thirty, nine threes so positive with wine Thompson yeah, but Thompsons. Those guys they could easily call him four eighteen eighteen offensive. Fouls red eye is offensive. Rebounding move is just to slam the guys in the back which, if you watch, if you reaction
Tape went out of the way you would not yuba. Just people is think this one of these, the south eggs they did they couple things and last night's game, they're, pretty obvious one was that they just one elaborate issue, threes. If they said The screen they always went under annex Leubronn had the bar from far away from the who they were very handy with them, and just and push an ermine chauvinism and China annoying, but then, when it actually came to the pic and rose they wanted and the issued threes and they always had guys that could switch and game one the one we went to. He was just cause they pudding Olympic or ASEAN, to the switch and then whoever the southeast want, but that enough good defensive, guys out there that they could kind of solve Thou art, but but the I think they were doing. A defense was really boxing out Thompson and see. Cut it out a couple times to lick Brad. There is one were Bradley heads some years. I screen he did
He defended this screened events, another guy got shot and Bradley Like darted in just two bold. Those too now the way it's like Bradley Point, forty two minutes last night. Twenty three shots guarded Irving, mostly aim, I mean he was only for twenty three. I thought he was spectacular in their game and really really really player it might make. The jumpstart like it did in the washing concerns, but right it it seemed like slowly coming back is a funny guy. Watch them all year. If he doesn't have legs under item, is shared his belly, useless right and they had a good second half last night, maybe they're, ok new tomorrow night tat the fast? that's. The one thing that was crazy was of corporate was seven fretting feel go attempts, but they posted em up I dunno eleven times ten eleven? How many times did they post them open? Again here,
they didn't get it did. One free through I believe that once the ever got out of one of these proceedings, meanwhile, I think tanks and how many free closed to the public He ordered fifty fifty unless they had, some of them were YO some of them. Yes, he was really hustler a moment later. Remember when we were sitting at came one and they were falling, went unto. Where is he a poor? I didn't realize you is, is a history of being a for a poor Three four should have sixteen less. They certainly made a man A switch tat through here asked me to stand made another second year. We enter that's it evens he had I was watching the game with a couple of people, including my kids, in every time we call time out, Two minutes left. I was saying to them like we score at a time ass. This is where Brad Stevens does three
first game were sitting. We wish we had a hundred times out of ten or ninety guy. That is where you snakes. You said there were stacked tweet, that Brad David said a hundred times that we would be the greatest offence, a team of other ways we'd, never lose, but time ass. He three time out last two minutes and the south, export and all the time assets and the second one was the one word. Rebecca, who had an even better in the court for a while and they ran. I urge, Rebuilding go watch this play because this sneaky part of this play. They haven't seen. They talk by it. Smart embarrassed by Anna goes to Bradley people, remember Bradley Gus, flying into the basket for Cavs come down on him and he whips it out to Jerebko who's waiting there and he shoots. You know how many minutes should have been at three, but he was photos online. With the burden that play thou is amazing and it's definitely a foul smart imbalance. The bar.
Piracy guarding Bradley Brad, these about to make his move and smart darts like straight ahead to wear direct cause and Bradley makes his move, and it's got. It asked him attention, because it was so brilliant that I refuse to believe that accident Bradley basically runs em over, like a second an offensive lineman, and then that's why Bradley They go find in their beds. Smart, it was. It was just illegal moving screen. It was like an illegal sprinting, pancakes great and I dont know if it was a attention Our was designed that whenever, but it worked and then ass, play same thing. They get away the Bradley think when you watch left by genocide, we're on the road. I think we are fortunate in court for donor often felt yet having screening is there? The moving Grady Eight p M moved about three feet and he took Thompson with em
I think if there was early in the game that gets com. There is no. This is. The story of the plants is the drama green moving screens. The Marcin Gore TAT in the last round. We said, they're laughing like he was just Moving he's actually grabbing is sticking his fingers out in pushing the people like a masseuse but it just seems like everyone trysted Thompson, does it like as bad as anyone Orford is way up. At the illegal moving thing, but it just seems like guys, are doing it every play in don't think Dave and call on anymore. It's really rare to see a card right. It is rare in, but we should as soon as I was there in that play. That was what worried me, because you can t Orford moving yeah of otherwise was a good. Design play, but again we wait. We love it when bread designed to play out of a time out I was gonna Bradley.
Said in the room watching and I was like this is Bradley its they did so rather Corona around something with three seconds left, because we ve run that play for No- and I tell you, why are you because Bradley was sick for twenty two at that point or were not a four twenty? Would everyone, I wasn't sure was gonna Bradley? I put it would be something or fruit in the post soldier so eat so getting swept and getting killed by this calves team would have really thrown the whole summer into Fox? I think in and now it's yeah physic the universe, and now it's ok, it's a guy. We defended celtic pride one, a game and the road. Now it's like a right keep fighting and then see where it goes. Obviously, clearance does send. Ninety nine point: nine The jets are gonna, win this series and then go into the summer and figure out what the features which we. Did you like? There's a good China Sea article
but he writes, but I thought he hit the nail on the head to any talked about with these documents of the crime. I thought he hit the nail on the head today. Any talked about obviously talk about some pride. They also talked about the importance of winning that game last night. You know they they had such a good season. Obviously you win the first two rounds. You don't wanna get swept away. You don't want that bad taste, They go into the summer quiver. Is that a better team? We we know that Ah, but you when the series, unless something miraculous happens with her in a consistent shooting when they say one more day whether you say something, grandiose happens like the branch in Kevin love both get modern nuclear. Those is there something now I have to say The broad game shows a tomorrow night and Thursday night that should at last night at they grew in good shape
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You ve seen him play a cup of the best games. I've ever seen. Anyone in my life play in person that the get the two thousand twelve game- six gamer one on Wednesday night- he was at rageous and you ve had something season: tickets since the nineteen. Seventy three, Seventy four season, which is when at that point Karim, was the best part in the leg that was, I think, worlds last season. Jerry, whereas last season so you're going way back, you're gone four and a half decades. Basically, Where does he rang for you right now? Second, behind Jordan, I would I pray any time we play Jordan. I was. I was scared. A map
because what brand throws you again like last night- I don't. I don't put him in the same place right now. And I'm not sure why you know physically superior in terms of the things we can do but mentally you just can't have a game Last night I mean that team should build a mission. Mingled stated just one, eleventh in a row and the players got state should have taken measures, challenging Braun should have come out and scored thirty nine points again. So I can't put him above Jordan. About you do you feel the same way when you You can't have a game I that year now, comparing him too, like five people on the planet, Eunuch Abram, the normal people, yeah, I see what you say, like George you're being anything game. Three last night with Jordan is peak. Jordan status
his? He doesn't have a game last night right, I don't think rang. He any gets. You probably starts talking shit the market smart. He's yelling at everybody see here when we went to game one. One of the reasons I was so impressed by how he played it. Wasn't just cite the stats and all that stuff. It was like the command the court has an email, The way he's yelling at the raft he's bitching about every car he's talk. He was talking to our bench. Is you ve, given barbs? This Events in some of the assistant, coaches and he's yelling at his team. He was just so lacked in that it just really felt watching somebody like just the peak of their powers, which is what makes last night, as you said so weird, So you just watch the scandalously master basketball four days ago and then his you now
like in this weird fuck. It was strange. I think you you just raised it really. Well, it wasn't like didn't last night now and the end is just kind of strange terms. That to wonder why, when the problem for us is that he's gonna be locked in for game for, and he takes all the step personally like all really I'm not? That of that is, is turning his data whenever there that is getting personally, destroy the subjects to be happy to listen to this, but guess what? dad I don't want to London and other drugs. I did think ground or died. Crowded a better job with her. He was more fiscal with them and there is I got to be honest, I really wonder if the Celtics had a little deer in the headlights, those first two games. They were not physical, they weren't talking shit, they weren't physical to all of the Braun. They act like he was superior to them. They were not physical,
boxing out they weren't fly into the basket. I thought there. I thought they were exhausted, Maybe that wasn't part everything you just mentioned really have to do. Energy level when you know that, nine days off Leubronn came out like it's like he had as much ended is any human being possibly, and we looked at in a way what does a good point, though, because now or in game every other night mode, and that was the first eight point. Three games of fire I'd, say quite frightened. Aim. Boston in he'd have the same Energy, and I do think, like you The brown on a week's rest is the school The scariest basketball things we ve ever seen. I dont like somebody was talking about this- maybe was Roger Sherman from the ringer somebody I my twitter feed was talking if an ape, whereas only pay twice a week. You knows
take like the Premier League and soccer schedule, even in the regular season that just like fifty five game season Earth ever in the brain. Had this kind of rest all the time. What kind of numbers will you put up? So I think that the super stirs would be immensely helped. I think oh yeah, but I mean to me part of being a superstars, how the grinding season. How you handle that? That's what separates the great great great ones from the night is great once he know so, like the fact that you can play seventy five of eighty two games, but but just the continuity of that for six months, and he still standing and now he's got to do it again for ten weeks in the playoffs and he's doing this year after year
that's to me, that's the case for him, as figure if you're gonna start talking about greatest ever, which I'm not ready to yet be just him doing. That for fourteen straight years is the best case for him, I think, denounces did a good job in the fourth quarter was that they were talking about last twenty games of the Seas and regular isn't that Cleveland and how they had a losing record and how ethic day excited three different occasions were Cleveland, had big leads and lost, believes in the fourth quarter and at exactly what happened last night they are told they really are good defensively. My biggest take away from the series would just how the south eggs have played, and they had not played well, is how open shots ahead and in the valley, defence, it is a good and watching it's not like shot. We ve made there is talk about Cleveland was lacking them down defence. It is a good I'm watching us just big shots. We ve made the whole season.
A farmer own state and I'm watching these games and watching round one Indiana average, like a hundred nine points. A game it does seem like you can win these one hundred and fifteen. The one hundred and ten type games yesterday was seven thousand seven hundred and fifty six halfway through third quarter, and the south extended up scoring, I think almost sixty points in the last eighteen months of the game. And you know when you start is big because they started making the same open shots at it. The missing, but I really think that the words this is a great battle for them and they should be this cab stand. The x factor is lowbrow and the second these factors, the fact that carry who has been spotty. He was good last night forward raising, carry loves, plain curry, yeah that's a great match up for him. Any thrives on it. So those be the two
not been impressed with their bench, guys in their bench, guys really hurt them. Last night, Corver has not been good immediately. Pike Chinik What pray let their night anything in the wrench love. You know. I watched the first two series, the proven haddan love. Will he didn't do anything? heard us, yet you make him the shut. What kind of living I hope- and I am sure we all seem to be a couple times. Yesterday he is making shots with a hand in his face I was watching what by it, that crazy shut the coroner for that is in danger at its heart. I've made a believe. I do feel that data, you'd have have so many riches that it's it's may be hard for them that you sometimes for man when were defending Kevin, Loveth, drab, co or have like Ireland and Brown on Amor. It's really hard for me to believe after having watched his entire career that he
I oppose those guys up. That just seems like that. You bring automatic two points every time, but they ve gotta marginalized and a little in the corner, and that's that's right. There before I go on to give a shut out. I just finished Kevin Oconnors article in the ring it today yet, and he really does it make picture of a bling out the Celtics situation, the predicaments within an have in terms of choices to be made where they were playing for the present and the future, what do we do with these pending free agents? We have that. I think most people are referring even aware of it. It is its food for thought. It did add me thinking in what would I like to see them do so, just without amended, inorganic ringer plug instead yeah baby. I don't know I don't really know what this
She is other than that. I say as injury is the big x factor now, because, if a fiasco, surgery. I it scares me Give it away with an exact the injured yeah, but you tundra. What you put two hundred in our contract for a five for data the hip injuries is really frightening. As much as I love him, I mean I am that that is a complicated wrinkle that they were not expecting. I think they were inadequate, I think they were already to take faults or whoever and kind of, lived through the next year in with feet on both sides. The Barrow China sang Gordon Heyward brings. Judge over? But if by his right. Now I don't know I think that stolen play. I think, more than ever at. It seems like they want. They should want to take faults more than ever. They should be. Gordon I would its, but yet again
you have the ASEAN Avery Bradley coming up to the exact same time and markets can be restricted, yeah and then would it Hu Jia, crowded so Y know, Do you like? We hope that he enjoyed is new location. You like a crowd odiously played by good exemplified it. He was dead. The problem, if we give me the GM in your training, Jae Crowder. You would just call Billy J, I think you're, a very good basketball player. I just can't watch you take anywhere to test at three. Is I'm at my limit? I'm at capacity. Kid you Eddie Bulgaria should read em, maybe as a failure, She read him eleven miles I love his game except yeah, dear jack. Please steps think it. Tasted threes Heather Lackey Basque, these at these games, since nineteen, seventy three and every time you
shoot I gasped out loud, but you nobody has left all all three of these quivering games and didn't Washington to. If we fail to three and then goes in and takes the If you put juncture, he really has a good shot right. Buddy, I dont something that must but try needs yet he needs his feet set. So the same problem, but he said is different guy, so you would, trade the number one third number, three surge in the Lakers unprotected pick texture now well now Kai. They thought I think the lake Michigan better next year. You know, I'm not sure why, like Sarge, you told me you like Sarge, but I like em and when I go back to his passing sarge out of it, I don't know thankfully, would do it either, but either but think about it.
But over it I'd rather give up nothing inside Gordon, I would not have to figure out my Dagmar Roth, we're I'd rather have Gordon Heyward. Truth is emissary secretly telling these topics were all set with. We can announce at the world. But before the draft- Gordon. If your listing get on that, send us a signal that it is a smoke subjected dad you're gonna get five right. You're gonna go you're going to go to gain five, thirty five: I'm gonna get funny outcome. Comma they'll come tomorrow night. Now, no ability, the old guy the latest starts are killing you, but we'll see you again, five thanks for coming up with that. I wanted to talk about quip. That's the new company, that's refreshing! The way people brush their teeth, having good oral health impacts you're over her. Yet most of us don't brush our teeth properly. Seventy five percent of us, don't we
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It looked like the camera was, and I will I was watching the you had had for it it. The camera was in front. Aren't we took a lot inspiration from that because a lot of like personal stories about me, my dad growin up, you know em restoring stuff like that in a lot of its super intimates. When I did it off Broadway lotta like personal stories about me, my dad growing up. You know in restoring stuff like that and a lot of its super intimates when I did it off Broadway there's those moments which works. Super quiet, yeah and I remember us how we can get this translate comedy specials they play in the wide and they have a semi type. But my com gonna get this to line a stool and just like one spotlight, So to me I was like how am I going to get this to play in Chris was like who did heat. He also directed Bo Burnham special. It was great make happy he's like we will bring the camera onstage and do the whole like there's even like Michael Bay Effect, that
rum performing, and it just goes around me and I don't know who Trent but the audience was like there was so the audience wasn't freaked out like maybe you were there any room at the walkin in front of you. Basically like the? What did the audience thing. They came here mainly This is a menace to the eye It was five. Ok, cuz. I was wondering watching the the preview. If you tape, if you taped it a second time, because now that now we did it very innovative. I predict I put some awards buzz really yet further God S, ambition, directing reciting arms like how the fact that they do that you put that thing that that we thought about was like how many times in a comedy special DC personal. Said: joke they'll cut audience for laughter yet, but some of the best specials when you, when you watch day, were you watch prior the best specials or when they cut and people just listening,
thinking or like reacting in real time or master really does jerking. Yet it's the man vigorously pumping cuts that cocktails and I do like that. But you know so it's like it. Like there's a lot of homes and shortages breed so unlike cover that, like just have that we Newport when you do not show like that yeah sailor, was it like seventy minutes, eight of internet yes M each area, How do you have it so that in your head, you not even thinking about gave a bad memory for remembering point, a to point B, point C point: the really: how do you like that down so that it's like hitting every single market like the is their point where you you made screw up like the forty five min about shit. I said that jokes, gotta go back reality which has got what's cool about theatre. Is that you given way more lenient. See, then, actually the stand upset, because if it evolves the traditional set with like the MIKE and I didn't have. Screens in all our stuff? It would be that I have to
at so many jokes per minute or the Abuja oh he's losing on you know they mean right, whereas with this it was just like we're in the story its stories there, like a come, a couple, a collection of liking, of three to four stories that link up togetherness thread that connects them all. But if if there's something that's organically happening at the moment. Rum recalling something, and also by that point I toward it I done enough. Broadway dinner around the country, like forty plus cities, so it was unanimously by that yeah. It was like locked in the the Russia was doing in my hometown yet like bring it back to the place where all the stories happen, where we know my family for Scott came there and that was like it was the oh shit that was like the special you know that x factor that made you just feel that extra emotion, Then what do you say? Comedy sensuous cause you're in the daily. She said calmly, censures the feeder system to net Foley. I urge internship programme for national egos crazy today,
after dinner like having to sit there there like what the fuck like they were sitting at the table with my family. So when I did that jerk you could see. Can't all. Men and Saraband avi like not more like their heads cock back because they don't like It was all it's a little on the nose. You know Zodiac like like you now, and then Switzerland has now. The Netflix is, however, comedian like do it basically, China by the corner, but I didn't I didn't. I didn't get the best out. I've known and I didn't get them instead of the theatre. Can it would, in my view, the chapels the elder they have like the like? They have like. That's the, and I found I got like the x- I fell deal like nobody saw. You know, you're still a deal, look man, it's called up in its also in like a hundred fifty countries with wild is that they were just like. I will go and all and on stand up and that's all there is a appeared, a time last few years with everything streaming us like what's goin on like there's three specially current HBO is maybe like
five or ten on Netflix like there's all these great stand, ups yeah would have to their specials, and then they were just like all. No one will quite Roupell down and we're gonna. Do this like every couple weeks we're gonna showcase but an amazing shift yeah cause. I got it like. The nineties a year, the inconvenience per year, which is my fair rather than those that it like breaking. I mean as a nerd with this stuff, Jos superimposed. For me, I don't know if it was like in the mainstream as a Boston dude, where you like. Oh shit, that's Kevin Meaney like oh, like yeah like this, is like a guy from like my light and he's coming up, and I usually we I cared more about because Letterman was really the place initially was Carson, but in the eighties Letterman Are you a new some of these guys from there? go and let him in early early yeah, and then on comedians kind of became the new place there, and then that lasted there were some I mean. Do you remember up and really sticking around from eleven to
nine p m to stick around like twelve fifty cause they put up the comical last. Tell you Letterman yeah right. I really do Monologue ACT, one active and then they would do is twelve thirty so's, even where one third there I was one of the first people, that of the age ass, a new record. Say I'm talkin like eighty two, I media, I guess more people had permitted farmers. I did he shouted out this appetite Sierra yeah Super nerd about side of our tape, Letterman yeah and then in the morning my mom and make whatever I've just watch the first fifteen minutes Letterman come back and wants to read. Oh yeah yeah, I wasn't allowed to stay. I personally, like thirteen fourteen fifteen at that. Whites, what was rather committed, but that's how you Jerry Cipher, was so Sappho came in at Stanford, which is where I went to high school year. It was Eighty seven we gotta get cipher come in then. Might my Mama's, like whose herself this kind of Letterman as another time right see.
Brain inopportune like you'd like six or seven times, use doing it at times. A year later I was out every six weeks they nobody. J letter was until he was gonna. Letterman was here and if I may not Denham up top and bottom line, I dont know Leno. What apparently was like an edgy letter was young. Can't letter has Letterman's best guest. We needed yet everything the good that happen a letter cause of his letter. But appearances are really say. It says that he was like the crowded go crazy yeah. He had this running beer called. What's my beef in the letter with I jail it's here, what you beef back, we may want sticking to my cry. You this whole thing, and so he had him. He had Seinfeld Michael key NEWS. Acting It would come on and basically the accommodated standard issue. Had all these regulars, but then it was the comedian special. Then it in the two thousands it became. The comedy central rice premium, bland and half our staff and eventually led to this Netflix boom, which I will I would say, is the most successful
Nation, I think, were either like a hundred, which is out of the forty eight some like that of the two countries. Obviously it's doing work. If you go to networks, there's always communist specials, Amir Premier realise yeah, that's, but they re all the things you gotta think now is. What are you? Gonna do too debate within the space. That's why for me like first special, I wanted it to be like one the one man show format like a state Age, sat designs like really planet out like us. You have their attention for a week then, and next week it'll be Tracy Morgana Maria Bab it'll be the next comedian. So if you want a kind of when you have that moment be like I was going to say in a year, is aiming at the dinner, it's a rare time when you like the nations in the world, attention for like twenty minutes, that. You are hilarious about how you were talking about other people that got past up for Jesus Cry. Everybody passed on the thick every, but this is so funny. It reminds me of sports. You know how like people like how did Kawhi
like had its own. If you will pass upon collides this guy play for what San Diego stated here, other things like James Cordon passes. Baldwin insists that he has to do to Trump Kevin spaces. I don't really like, like Have you been alluded to have its place? You got to do it as Frank, Underwood and insulin like peep, medium angels. Your names being thrown around and I'm like. I know where I met on the total. Yes, those is like yeah yeah thirty one year, but I'm also. I also have a show the pedigrees, usually Conan. Yet em all Larry had shut, like Sesar admires this admires says we strong had been on the essential for a while. So it's one of those things were kind of a newcomer. I did the congressional spawning season of the year before, and I did this bits. Big speech on gun control is coming out of Orlando. You know Nobel no break was a big topic and in Congress and that China put me on the matter, little bit, but I knew where I found. I was like. Oh I'm, the last call on the list, but did they do you have
failing that Trump was kind of hope in this dinner, when even happened will buy him pulling out the narrative was, he pulls out. Then he sends you know. Lord Voldemort tells the death eaters. You can't show up so they entire administration pulls out. Then the public narrative is like other events, not gonna happen, but it's been going on since nineteen, twenty one and a lot of people on notice the way correspond. Association is a group of journalists who cover the White House. They dont work there, not King Jaffrey. Goons, like they don't work for the White House in the dinners actually really great it like they give scholarships to young journalists, Woodward and Bernstein were being like honoured. They spoke like it's a legitimately very good thing, but it has nothing to do with the press. The president goes as a sign of good faith to be like I can take a joke. I'm honouring the freedom of speech and freedom of press he's a baby, so he doesn't want. You can't take a joke sleep. He pulls out. So the narrative that the public had was o the events not gonna happen because its thick, it's the president's dinner
which is completely false. It's not here and then I was put no kind of interesting situation where its action then announced after trumpet, organ into the not the lighthouse, correspondence and earth she actually enough. I think before you that issues gonna do anti event to trap, which kind of makes sense, because he such a narcissist that if Liberty showed up to the dinner it be like look at me like I got. George Clooney here carry washing. They obviously love me, so I understood that So then you would I like that that hurt yours. What about what you output and we're situation? Worryin confusion? Yet exactly if I show up at my crossing sums picket line against her, but I SAM examples like go for it like do it in knew they were kind of panic. I got the gig three weeks before and you'll, get it yeah like they were panicking. Man like you, usually get all three months before air. So three weeks before they're like do you want to do it. So I call salmon are like hey, look like
we're all daily show all I'm not like. You know where I'm at the dealership she's on my side, I'm on the same side as you like you should like. Do it call Larry Wilmore Black, look! Think of it. This way you can throw bricks outside of the building. You can throw bricks within the building. So attacked him like just you. Do your thing there and she does her thing outside of the, but do it and so now supercool analogy I gotta figure set out and three weeks. I think it is a good idea. They did it yeah yeah well, for me a bit of it, if an audience get your name out there. The monologue was good, it was a monologue or is it? What do they call it? Twenty was twenty five minutes speech monologue. I guess on an present they did you did you. Write for chemicals are needed now did not Jimmy was like sweating up there, it's a tough gig. It's a nerve racking, a weird room. He said it was. He said it was really hot. Did it happens. Is that why you like is yeah yeah cause you're our taxes to the air, if TAT, if the heat in the place gets,
at a certain place. It's like a fire retarded suit shit. It's I had I had a friend. Have you been here before nine, thereby it's weird? It's a bizarre and you're going to their party Europe. Last time already it's gone for like powers when I hours at that point did a for. You is Obama with such an asset, it those dinners yeah, you know here he could keep the crowd going in the middle and you and he was always good. You do thirty is a borderline, stand a comic. I a better man, the air, his cause in terms of that specific gig peace tailor made for it Chris, charming funny, quick great order and he can do bets game over the union our press, define a comedian who could follow him in that room? Yes, that is, last year. He Russia's that his finale says Ramos Dress, I don't know if I could afford. So for me that the narrative esa
you, don't even saying I missed the politician, Mr Swoboda, Mr Pham yeah Tirana Rainforest they really were that it was like that there were like a sick, fair weather than ever to come very much in the way they they could picture, like? She definitely gave him ship behind this all the time of year, private that he put on two pounds.
No shit arrival. But then I gonna die of three or four is ex motion in the back yard and least up smoking and haggard eyes have said were fashion. Religiously cadets might end like there's that now that every the fires that yeah every there's a lot of ground spoke evaded the neighbour the sheriff datum evaluate mom is equal back in the day. Actually she was a partner at the firm and I was tryin it like. You know to be the last back sequence. There is your young brok of any Amity tabs. Have you been offered some sort of show like six, many other stuff after the dinner you it's weird man? It's like I finished the dinner. I don't know how it went until I never felt like I had the room. You get these pockets. You get! That's why I came. I said the same here. You don't feel you have the room because it's it's there's too many different genders go yeah, don't have yeah. I knew up top when I did the USA today Joke and they were like who I was left over
USA today, yeah- and I remember- I wrote it- I will tell the Jai another job for the USA to days here tonight. It's amazing, we have some of the greatest journalists in the world and yet, when we all checks the Hilton we all got a USA today free and there were like like like that, like it, it was like a world star level like no. It was like every time a USA today finds underneath my door like they're, saying, hey you're, not that smart right ray you say today- is what happens when the coop on section takes over the newspaper, and at that point I would just like to far like we're gonna, try to think piece about it. This, Simon, arduous jokes, about: U S it'd our problem, attic like it felt like that, like you, could you are you Saturday phobic out of ad cheese, and you know it's interesting as I worked with my head rider profound I work for John, a lady on it too, and the lady had written, for sat Myers is here and mighty. Tommy look man up top, you got gotta! Look it up a little bit. You got it just some lay
because you're about to ram it later. You know something like this ease in man. Warm up stretch lay right handed, laugh, Levin laughs at ease it in. So I, like you, today will be some like ease. Then I'll do CNN right right, then I'll get to like the harder sub later. When I got groans up their unlike our strap. Unlike does this give me the rest of the night here. I knew that if I around a home base defending Freedom of speech. Is it by partisan position. So like whether you're a bleeding heart conservative liberal you can just be like You were saying, USA about like ending American. Some kid being like an that's my freedom of speech. It is one of the greatest country in the world only in America can in innumerable we could get on the stage and make one of the present ones like. So, if I could get to that, I was like I'll get the room, but twenty one minutes before that Like I don't know, what's gonna happen,
and I didn't know that I had the room and tell you that I was just like thank you good night, and then when people stood up then I was like this unbelievable. I couldn't, I can believe and then We are, then the Illuminati called one end and I went to her was like you, wanna go to the met gallows like I this is this is getting weird. That was one thousand extendable yeah yeah, that was weird surreal, celebs, studded, yeah, it was the opposite of what the wires correspondence dinner was. No celebrities wrote the dinner and went out celebrity dinners more like guys we're in suits that have coffee spoken. Apparently most by taxes yet, but actually know the characters like I'm like you had its like Jake Tapir, looking at the daily Should. I know the characters in the room and look at length rough. Like you, I know that some people make fun of it, but I am now these guys. I want to talk about the kings, but first quick break to talk about
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you said it s all talking about legacy box find out. Why don't let your crappy video tapes, decomposing your attic, gotta legacy, backs dotcom, Slash bs, to get a forty percent discount on your order, that is, legacy backs dot com, slash bs! What's how about this kids yeah. That's your team! I never get a chance to take back the of kings of anybody. We have Fantasy Office said the ringer rather mysterious yeah, oh yeah dude. Shot on all the time, and I gotta do big argued level more about this, but I'm Tom He's got a Laker fan superior up. What I mean is this: like didn't, even take the kings here. All people are just like people dont give us enough for the vote to western carpets finals at the end, the shafting that happily we got fuck man. Yet he did I was made at the time and nobody will think it's conspiracy theory, but you look at the way. The
narrative unfolded and how to write the South Africa have to remember, because this is like this is wrong. That was such an egregiously bad effect it again that I remember I watched it. We went sixty one games. Yeah we go up to one were great. Word were looking great game more Europe by twenty again or game for or a shot six? How I got on amiss in Vladic taps it banned by the way right away the right way. That's when Lahti tapped it out the boy out of their clear. It is just kiss me in the irish sea of it is. It was like the greatest possible pass you ever could have given Robert hurry. He have to turn its chest high rate Ricky catch it. His feet are set to go right is a perfect perfect and as for you, like ours is their karma with sports. When you see that's when you're, just like oh yeah, Godhead, Sacrament Loggia. At that moment, you're just like is the worst yet game. Five baby shot baby I've. It reef like ignites my fate,
big boss for baby that whole plan sued, evolves, least afraid guy Navy in that game five moment, solidified remember, you gotta understand in a week straightaway traded away white chocolate. So there s this whole narrative of just like we want safe and it paid off its idea. He can hit a seventeen footer. And we ran the play any hid, it was beautiful. We gotta games and that's to me, that's the Regis highway robbery situation, because outrageous was it twenty seven Fritos they shot twenty seven for those in the fourth up. Someone on Twitter is gonna. Get me about this, but it was, they would average twenty something for the whole gain. The the Cobby baby elbow near the end wag thirty seconds left in view that in look I argued with it was treat fight, yeah things were fighting because they were just getting hit by. By force in Ireland. I argue with with Larry about this raises.
You still miss, rose and champion spot champions, find a way to win, but I think there's always that tipping point for every team. That's on the come up where Qismat has to be on your side of the, but you've got to get these little breaks game seven. Another forgotten moment. Chris Webber gets that technical for arguing with the ref in regular how many situations in a game, seven situation to you, technical, the Leubronn, would never get. That call me whenever get that call like for arguing with TIM Donna years. Whoever was one of the five best players, the league yeah yeah, we're going to have time we lose so here's my counted on this. By the way. I'm on your side, I think you got completely rattling games etc, and I think the kings were better than when the championship we play the not so we went yea you beat the next year. Seven was in Sacramento. Yes, gotta take care business and game seven on they did it. There were too big
shots. I think page had a wide open, three Vito he'd, also with like a big shots, were yet particular no Christie, we're doin, unwanted but yeah Asia. One as I do that I was one of the values of Unita Guide, yeah engages with data, and it was like all these guys around the peripheral guys. You need and apply zero. Were it not a monkey through an amended the most and see web was terrified. I studied serious pretty close to when I, my book, see web a baby he shook bidding the guy who's like I got this guy's ends see web was just kind of the numbers. Don't totally reflect euros like to watch a cause. I was amazed unitary, come out at see where beauty doing it, whatever Shall you want advances in the guys who stat stuff in this? who always line up like when you look at the state line, the great for fantasy, but there's always is intact. Double x factor and that you talk about it in the book to wear it. Just like. There's no statistic for that of just like
they are meted. It's called whose clutch its caught, whose scared right now, but it's why that Paul George that great commercially have by now the pall George flow one he's not a clutch player so that data commercials a farce, reverend when they think I like yeah anyway, and they play try bright like no you're, not clutch. You actually never had a game winner, so this whole thing is a farce right. That's the thing that, like the that You're not like the the fantasy nerds. Don't realize there is this like x, factor which I hate saying this: that Toby had you get the boy like fuck he's going to make this the shot milk and has to use yet a couple years where he was really clutch be the guy who could hit a big fourth quarter, shattered game wineries like really good at that Sweden have that guy I I love game. Seven's, kids and I went till. I was lucky enough to go to one on Monday when the south exploit the wizards yeah any really. You really know just tell you watch it? It's like who wants to be here: who's, not afraid that guy
really impressed by on the wizards Ike Bradley Bill was not afraid year out, Porter, not a freer, stop that John. While, yet you must warm self adding one in it, so bad he is dead in the fourth quarter. That was encouraging for them and then my team, you know market smart shows yeah, when America mosey prouder Bradley, who, I would just say, ok, we got this, wouldn't care for games. Have you knows men kings? It's like you, look back that serious patient was already Eddie. Was young Christie wanted part of those shots and was never really crises. Never anyone who was never. He was like a diet, die Pepsi version of Scotty Pepin, but that would lead to a lot of ground weakness that team. Now nobody had Bobby Jackson. Muted, we re Jackson was not scares, fucking indirect rate. He was tiny. He actually had kind of that like eighty four for fire yes like I'm go in and do the lamp and I'm gonna go for the steel like he just didn't care the thing that with the bottom, you little
I'll see web was gay like there wasn't that Garnett, like give me the benevolent Garnett wasn't was in his prime. Just like you, the Bonn and I haven't had any error. Yeah yeah bothers me to also you talk about it in the book. Is I actually think This we lose that series and then the next year we one fifty nine games, but Weber gets hurt in its italian members at the beginning of the end, and when you are small market franchise you need these years, we're all lines at Boston had an away or just like you want to with the Lakers, but you came out so it all became worth it and you could retain the team for a little bit longer. Dallas beating- heat, same sort of thing. It's like you're, not gonna, go to impress the red button low up the franchise, and I wish oh, you too, because our critical you wouldn't want to that was the year, the spurs, whereas basically just Duncan Parker,
nobly, are pretty young novel rabbits and was whatsoever at her in me. I ll give it, however, stays out today that could have been the year to react. Oh for he comes when things are no believer. Yeah yeah, Edith, three or window because over the Lakers we're just ridiculous, They killed the compulsory Jordan. What team is better? in that ninety to two thousand for windows, then Sacramento kings, one of the most exciting teams. Ever we had the White chocolate years. Will you that, unlike the Lakers, they arrived the air but like as like an elite team like into me- I see what the sun's would do later and then what the warriors were kind of doing that like doing now that they had that in early two thousands, I'm kind of seeing the recent point on three point, two versions of that now yet editing. I was cool by that kings team, which people as high as the years passed The kind of fades is the league was so it was. I got it, You're a that- Jane Eyre. I led to the hero, Barbara yeah. These guys is clear out. I got this at this end.
Everything was one on one or leg, just throw the bottle. Really needed, and found a stop and the other that in but then the kings were actually guys we're back cuts. Back cards of Lahti around, there is quite in the air. The league really needed and they all played off each other is really great and believe it or not. That era now we're all in like Mama memory like he was that time, really shacks team he was was eating people alive, fucking just swallowing the trailblazers, the all over people's for people ground. I'm destruction, just massacres and the key, and he was in shape and use big so. I really dame sex the kings. Where we're, guiding Amazon away, yeah and the game, sex, the rats or just like now, it's avow yeah they had already established a certain level. Contact with shack. Morality is shack. We saw unstoppable
I ain't going against seven and was at home just broke her spirits. I agree that, like finally, I put a pall over game seven year, but it was still a man that that Lakers team is ready, beaten. And fell Jackson. I interviewed him once and I asked them about that that year and he was a thousand one year. We probably there's a chamber the problem of course of the year we pulled wakeful Jehovah out of our ass. A meaningful Jackson is the hype around him is warranted. I just think he's an old guy should run into mail, he's my dad's age. What is a good idea should run into bodies but acted underneath it doesnt aerobatics brought news running a demon do not back then it was like he was like the train or to fight tragedies like Starbucks like smoking, a cigar accountant strategy here, there's like five people were no man in what you know its taxes, that, like people, should in us all the time about how we are. We give up our best talent, and is it. It is sad. It's like seeing an ex girlfriend go on to do great things. Now we have it
Thomas thing at one point where I say: Thomas Hassan White Side and Marcus cousins, How crazy spinning eyebrow limelight sides was was crazy when he played for you right ram I say I mean you really kings bands new, as I always get you think, use pizza guy. Then I think book in yeah. We could have made a work had they bugging gay told the owner. Give it another office like outcome yet as a passport. Spyker is what I think. So that's why the call something happens yes I think the blood has on the buggy heads I like to caution to our I like I mean I've been along been heartbreaking, eminence it we're for you their vat by the team, yes, we're because look at it in American. You get here proud, but then you find out here The first indian american error then he's insane junior stand like representation matters if you're a white Are there so like a guy that he is a bad like? We have guy the Jaguars, honest Pakistan
so, I think, there's like there's only like add car yeah. That's a ranch area is only like what is this also the thing where you can like billion or mindset when you and so many other things in life. You didn't tell him anything Did you have this weird strategy with his like his daughters, basketball team, we're like there's like Dr Paisley? Hence, or was he proud, as though it was the full core press would like seventh grade girls, basketball, eighth grade or some yeah any like let's do that with and be, ass, I say I'm a proverb back. I just think you It is a really smart guy. I think these guys sometimes make the mistake of they take over in a franchise they just staves. Seated at all the other parts of their life. There now I'll do this now and I'll put put in this and that that actually succeed in the air, the ones I don't do that who they are
when they get somebody who knows what they're doing and then they stay away in kind of running a unique having flouting the foreign office is a good thing now. You know it's crazy. I wasn't in the NBA for ten years. What was he doing? He was like in Europe. He wasn't it like a round the league. He was doing the interview for that. Thirty four thirty were done in Gaza, acres of Roma got the virus stories are crazy, like did the GM calling in him that understanding certain mechanics of the cap and things have been of shareholders. They now the real thing you know he's. I got to plan this like this. This doesn't even bigger than dinner. For me, I got plenty and be a celebrity game, so yes, Ah then, I saw them Saturday night, so I see them sitting there. Everybody's walkin upset. You know all the a list. People out I gotta pay homage. So it's it's the back Lahti impatient and I to go up
to vex. He essentially saved our franchise from being bought by city bomber him and Kevin Johnson. Like worked on getting a group together, ratty begin sacrament. Although it was an essentially they save the franchise they were going to Seattle, yeah yeah wasn't it was a fervent back their got. So to me, I'm like Amity I grew up in Davis, nothing. Yet you can see, hence Sacramento, just like for buildings from day SK as it yet fields. So I'm just like thank you for keeping we not you got understand. Like picketing cities, like our sit like Sacramento, it's like you have a more and you have that and then you build culture around. That smells like thank you for keeping it here. Thank you for figure out a way to put the arena downtown. And then the next day you trade bookie, like I'm, not taking your hand. I know I'm the only person I definitely unduly brand and it's coming up you dislike front, Oh man right in the entertained bubble world. I want to say thank you for helping the city and, like all this stuff, again. Thank you so much in the region
look in his eye and I dont know if it was just like a hey. I know you are a thank you so much, but he had to know because book it and plan the also you like that Michael Corleone frayed, yet the kiss of death she arrived where there's like sounds like. I know something about it as a kid you're here your life's about the change. You know, it actually house in retrospect wasn't bad trade. The timing- and I know that you argue this, but it's one of those things we could look. It's like. There's your! none of this idea. We ran our course buggy. What what what do we have now I dont like it's like so although being solved. If know what we have Chicago is getting pack, unless it found the top ten so far, the reason trade, a buggy builders. Why I love you, you do the balancing of the budget is itself. No one has time foreign you're able to do this job yeah Thea each trading buggy cripple the team. Then you get keeper pick service. There was a strategical a strategic we haven't drafted while the shimmer of so so that
for them landmine apart, when the fact that you guys make terrible draft expire on paper on paper, nay, the fifth and the tenth pig we pass on your claim to Jesus man here the Jimmy picks tough. I ask members tough for makers, I'm still like these lands, where we really believe that I'm too, I know and heroic tumor Jim idiots. Radio waves staff, courier, Jim ruling in the arena village. Or what are we doing this stuff? You data was a fine years ago, insanity huge your days, my lady as it yeah it was like I had to put it on wax. While I was in on the deal short time, but I'm just like. Are you kidding me the guy. What your hierarchy was. It was like four basketball players is like black basketball player right, wait: basketball player Paraplegia Ex women, the area like just Debian here like and then the indian and the enigmatic like on the way down here, like the bottom bottom at the bottom of the into me. Just the fact that, like the do-
you cheat often of- is cross John Wall in going game time in your face, I'm just like eat it. Number that game yet in Toronto, where he has the ball of top. This is like that. Second or third gave. Women was indeed a like someone is a more your Melos coming up. He waves him off just the great fruits of like get out of here like get out of here. Helped here is about to take the game winner and then does it and I'm just he's on what like and I in New York. The time I was living in a light, but people Tommy we're living in New York. He revitalize the city hundred percentages, the That was the Mamma and mellow. As I get this guy here here, I just got waved off by no means a rate is heat. He did what Bob What does for male eat like in, like it so funny in her we would indian males are emasculated we're like itinerant, but in Bali would we have like eight packs were in them.
Mountains were like lovers like what we fuck people up like it's the best he did that Two american culture is like no like the asian mail is an alpha. He was a fuck an inch out there, man he gave it to Kobe too. What have you drop like thirty? Four, on that work in income such a dick about it was like at the all star games. Like I don't know, fuckin like Germany Is it to me? That's just wrong is like who was a big headline the german one year. He I refuse to believe that, like he was that in the muse cage that he did know. Jeremy Lin was he was working and that he was work about some, the fuck out of date and amuse get whatever some purple Papa proudly ready to hold me his cage law insanity five years later, that yeah me what's subtle. Sucked is when you watch, though, insanity documentary there's a thing where he's working with its trainer this budget- that is this weird connection to him. Because he's such a child of emigrants. Good kid like loves his brothers and siblings, and, like I really resonate with that story,
and on he's working with his train. Earnest trainers, like you know jumpers and then the trainer looks. The Cameroon is like now we gotta get Jeremy to believe. What's happening right, like he's, making a shot he's in rhythm Germany On this now and get less and his head- and I think I love genuine caught a wave and then I think just there, do. You know the new staff- and I heard a cup of the air and just like you start to think about the there was no better time and you notice the rocky one moment for you as an artist or as an athlete is the best. All you gotta do is go the distance yeah you know and then, when expectation happens. I've seen this happen with, He needs to your honor third or fourth special. You start to do so. Maybe it's like that weighs down on you and you can't make the same swings you use to you know, but you gotta remember it. That's that's what got you there and so Rakkeed One
I like this. He died of the rocky movies yeah ass. They began a hologram rocky three he's got the fucking pinball machine with him in it and like rocketing, is it the hospital for Longstreet yeah yeah life How do you like you, had the rock bottom yeah yeah number, now once in Iraq, Rocky, which is like it's almost like an eight minute scene where meat comes up to his his the Syria and goes, let me plenty manage you and he's like what about all Here's you forgot about me yeah. What about me, you, you like a year, it stinks and puts it stay, but that was german fuck you, you didn't draft me like you Harvard I had to go to harboured. I was one of the best players at Polly Data more. He said he would have, but should have been like a tap at yak in it was it was demanding it's like look at this kid. It's the way he looks. I felt that when Ali would too it's the way, he can't be leading man look at the way. He looks into me. It was so cool
see him be like no, I'm gonna put up numbers and you're gonna have to deal with that, and so it really was a career. He one thing, and I fuck that that's he makes me cry. They runs down. There's an. Then you hear the piano done them. It's very well shot thump, it's a beautiful seen. He also fought stone so far. That scene, where he's lying in bed Adrian's behind them, and he was just like. I just want go the distance. I just want to prove people that I'm just so I could go to yeah, that was his ask your speech that he said he's. I'm one ask her speech. Scenes short, but you know it's crazy is in you. You learn the sunset like a lot of times, you're over budget or your working overtime. He had to fight like we gotta shoot this shot like a take. They should cut the same when he basically sexually assaults, Adrian on the first yeah. A lesson is that age were like pinned against the door yeah it's it's cut that sea and maybe,
take out, went out and keep the seizure of the ice skating ring scene is really. I don't really get you some good solid ice gang is just like Leah. So what's it what's your prognosis? Further kings, Cadillac the vote was not pit the pic fought. We pick five and pick what I think here. Shave Ivan TAT, five and ten. He had a guard you're gonna get somebody truce at least gonna, be a rotation guy with ten buddy. Here, Actually, look good common putty heels, not staff liquor. He's gonna, be the know what that's nobody actually thinks that a thing for vex her that I think the back. If you, if you learn from your mistakes as an own, He's made a lot of mistakes to learn from yeah. So that's that's a good idea No, it's how you think it'll work out. I don't think he's like. We need a rattle and type half an hour. We gonna get a buggy is one of the best centres in league, but he never one forty games for you, though yeah amid at some point It's got a matter that
So let us look horrible play gonna get us to win whose can also be a winner limit. Let me ask you this: is this Is it a bad sign that my team had a chance to make the files if something weird happening, Cleveland We had the assets to trade for buggy, we needed per centre. Who could rebound here and now. And I was happy that they didn't trade for, do you regret that decision. Now I don't you think history will show that. I just kind of. I don't know I've heard of it and in a weird, not case whatever position together like a rich, you got that received Wallace and raises kinda his own head kind of screws up screws. Em up, you do have kids know, but we want it. So I have a grown. A boy in boys reach a stage when they're like somewhere between three and four year, were they could just lose it at any time and like maniacs, he could be like the movie data.
Where they get mad and they did, you have a lot of different things going on and you just kind of holding idling ol boy, hereabout yeah, that's kind of like what it's like to roofer buggy, where He could have forty points in a game of two minutes. I have the wrong cargoes the wrong way and also he storming. You know- and I think he has ADHD like he has some sort of like to see such a good dude and he's a very loyal guy, like you did that The thing is he's a super loyal guy yeah I was lower me now is Madame, but why was he has existed eyes to be as big as defender and that I remember for fraud, be any got bad about his years, an online ba talent. I Although for anybody from Libya who came with forty one Games Yang a five hundred, what's wise wires, getting a five hundred billion. We want the best fifteen poison leave kings of garbage dude now, but I made I mean I M saying this amazing. I have suffered at three Davis, yes, stature, so ridiculous, but you were Anthony. Davis gets injured way. More than buggy he's got up. Link with me and like an angel, is all that stuff
It is I shouldn't have voted for a man, because he him he's not gonna get the love and other kings. You and your team anymore, but when he did his his speech in, he cried at Mount MIKE's pizza. I'm like this could do ready yet so he's a good legislative, zebra, load, yeah and then, like I saw him again like and I've had weird interactions. Dunbar players would like jack awake. Some big fan even for me how this weird interaction with immense Carter, the two thousand also game. I walked into other crops tabled on my friends like me and three other Indonesia grow get the fuck away from me. I'm gonna talk to a girl, the fat ass, my arms and that's it. Go to realize you look at you in the mirror and you're like oh yeah, I'm an wants to talk to talk and instagram check, Something isn't that the two thousands, though museum, Friendster girl, but like my life s, hair but like the times that ran into book. Even he was you dislike super cool and when you like, I'm from sack, lay shows a lot of love and like yeah. Yes, it is
big time player and like that means that you seem to me that means that does speak via the flashlights sets. Us just make the plan with bill with this house made. It was who is on the pelicans made the plants did they have but you look like I'm tired of also live in. I live it will. I grew up in Davis that were Sacramento, so people for they should on us, and I'm first of all becoming aware, your span is the New Lakers Bandwagon team, like because I want to hear it from anybody who wears fan When staff curry was acre, Mr Glass ankles? Nobody was wearing a staff, curry thunderbolt warriors Jersey than three years ago. He becomes a man possessed shooting shots from half court swishing. Everybody buys the honesty state warriors Brigitte Jerseys and they become the new team. I see em, eight year old kid with under armor, and it pisses me off because they be the New Lakers bandwagon team
would a guy that people in the bay that had Kobe Jersey, in the irony of it to any true irony of this it s our copies pop happens against the warriors, and I always are Balls and when my friends about this ago, so when when that game happen, pre pop previous Achilles glide ready for you inform Katy twenty four lawyers, The reality is all those dude that living Fremont in San Jose and San Ramon work. Well, amber fans- and The switch happens in their like oh damnation. To me, I'm a kinsman, through. I have no other skin in the game. I don't give a fuck about all these. Other teams have no skin in the game. I'm here to watch the I'm sure to be entertained. I'm here for high fines and but slaps. I do not care about anything else. Fats and buts Yankees here tonight. Why agreed undisputed, because I think that the workers have ray fans, but a lot of the people.
France for them now we're not fancy careers correct. There was always shocked when I said when I did when I put on the record shots to the core filipino hard core dub spans. I see you, you haven't been crazy. I've I'm never going to work. I ve seen you guys for years. You guys are real fans, but there's all these new Silicon Valley to point out that it also adds or peddling earth where, when was there. I Moreau into game and ninety nine when see web came back is the first I've been aware is game. Ninety eight or nine- and I get me some I couldn't believe it really. I'm Simon! I couldn't we first biogas the crowd was, but also is by far the most diverse and be a kind of life they Anna a ton of black fans. Yes, it was just it just felt differ yes. Now you go on issues its where's. The urgent demands Palo Alto yeah. Really. All of all of this I want to game seven when my buddy Josh in I came seven in its at so great
the kings watch this life there, because that way, then lose yes and I got to sit in the bottom section. The whole body section was just all of tat Asia. It was all a Palo Alto Silicon Valley, like yuppie deeds with both shoes and then up top. That's rice are like the Filipino committee. The black me like the ring Oakland fans that are like hey, we ve been: been behind the warriors for years and that's all others me about the narrative is that it's become this new like look on Valley, Ella, Laker type team. You know like that, an end in another, isn't plank so good or he's playing human. I see way less ward, AL thirty jerseys out there there's way less creatures is being worn and that bothers me. You should be for Dell yeah. That is what is his hand toward out like no, you should be right or die. People were losing their mind. They'll just forget the Kaiser Permanente commercials in the british water felt much disease. The truth,
the greatest thing ever and now he's playing and of human and you're. Just like you are right, I think I'll be back this year. They're gonna, find here. They're gonna win the fine us waiting. There can be Cleveland idea at their claimants defences and good enough. They would have to be lebruns all time super an effort last year was all times how things have wide open shots, Let's talk about their if their missing wide open shots for forty minutes. Yet we have to go back as rather time because it's too frequent hot America's, we turn the outcomes Are we gonna raw oysters here? That's it takes a video stuff. How forty five minutes really enough they want more time Netflix, I'm coming king now stream when will this crop today, our brother? it's gonna it'll stream. Little stream tomorrow, yeah Netflix, homecoming candies reigned, a nice little spot great writer right at the top.
It's a new, oh yeah, and underneath that lorries Alex figures out other things, you lag soda. You like horror, movies with sex crime are gonna, be right above the arab league. You want much Luther or a very emotional show about. You know that women get kid. There were three, but also watch homecoming by his son had yet streamlined afflux tomorrow, good luck with pop I put a lot of horizontal because enjoy it worked on it for the past three years. So, Would you rather, we must win and Emma with, especially at the kings, make the conference finals the next five years congressmen off they started. Thank you dear thanks
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