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Charlize Theron on Becoming an Action Hero, Avoiding Rom-Coms, and 15 Minutes With De Niro (Ep. 242)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron to discuss her new action film 'Atomic Blonde' (5:00), auditioning with a poor English accent (11:00), Johnny Depp’s presence (16:00), Tobey Maguire's gambling (22:00), chatting with De Niro (33:00), consulting Patty Jenkins on 'Monster' (39:00), overcoming a neck injury (47:00), working with Seth MacFarlane (54:00), and the loss of irony (1:02:00).

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a first, our friends from projects were taken this second week of July time and now for the for the Missus Charley staring I was asking you have the room, get that wine, you just shake it off. Yeah I get it alot I mean look. The bottom line is much the The real pronunciation of my name is so far off from both of those would it's dead on the south african propensity am so I you know. I can't stand sing about it, somebody in american dismay, under that? I hide when I started. You know ages ago said. If you
your last name to it would be easier for Americans like others, spelling, urges the primitive your nose asian carp, so we kept the spelling, but it's just a different position, but he was so wrong. So I have two things for you that just want to get off of. This is clearly now let down on them. When I didn't is so year. European peoples anatomic blind to me yeah, but but I had to watch it on my Ipad. I don't wanna, seeing the movie theater, that's nice, I don't I've done this get nowhere have the gas in there I hears the movie down like watching this little tiny. I cannot say I don't think that's how atomic plan was meant to be watched rely correct. We are as long as you Hutch Fit What's it what's the real estate, we're releasing July twenty eight zero, so I'm gonna go in the feed and I like it. I, like all action movies. That's really Jeanne Wick Labour, which are, if you like, or you don't like story Bring me that's good ray. I'm John Wax
I really like those movies. It was because of the first one than I reached out to David Leech, the director. He was one of the directors of the first John Waken agenda. I was a huge fan of this. I am a huge fan of those films and I think Keanu is so. Incredible on that whole John Run. What I like about to is that it was they up the stakes from one and eight like they just may, like a bigger, crazy area had her version of John, my corn, which any you have to do, and you do a sequel, yeah Hopefully we can do that. You got a couple now Does it max action films? where's yeah. Well, yeah I mean. Oh yeah? I mean I feel like mad max in this. Film are like the to really big fraction films that I would call you to do the fight scenes,
you really like me: I had a lot of fine scenes in and Man MAX issues different. You know because we were in vehicles and so a lot of the fighting as well not have just upper body stuff. Although Tom already and I had a pretty intense fight outside of the trucks in the desert that we lit it. I think it took three weeks to shoot. It was a really really big fight seem yeah, but You know we shot for a hundred and thirty five days or something like that on that film, at with a crazy budget and on it you know. We made this movie for thirty. Million dollars, and so we didn't have the Vienna we don't we have three weeks to shoot. One action sequence I, when I research all these different interviews cause. You know we have. The internet yeah, you ve done enemies, and yet you definitely are they pass and it seems like. These interviews? They ask you about the same five. First, six things over and over again
they knew just answer them in different ways. I don't want to do that. What are you doing me a lot of credit? I only thing I got fired thing I answer than the same work it does it will you variants of annoyance? No, no! I don't know what you're talking about Ireland deliberateness. We did that. So caressing. Aren't we but the resign debate yet, and we talked about each movie. Oh my guy, in those early allowing day yeah. Well, I M going entered its own asterisk. Now, as I envy both relegating array. Movie you ever in children of the corn. Three an ice. Luckily, through Thou, so of was I was rooming with a friend and she knew this guy. Who was a director, and he was the director of that film and he needed extras and sorry, I had headed big How long have you been unaware that point? May we, nine months ten months like around a year, yeah
and I just thought that was it I am, but I was done I was like made. I was so happy what was the plot of children record through s? I wanted to get this through a lot of corn involving children. That was about all I know and humble air yermil yeah, that's it did I went one night. They said that we had to bring our own clothes they were very specific and had to be black and I was so excited. I went and bought these a new pair of Pumas and at the time I was really poor, so that was really a big spend for me, and then we got there, dumped all this fake red blood. Oliver, my new proof and I was rapist- have had that, but then I was like I made it. I made it so did matter to you or China make it in a way in the mid nineties. I turn the Swingers era of you saw swingers yeah yeah yeah halls idea, pre internet everybody just kind of came out here. Nobody knew if they're your job of nobody had money. Yeah is the early ninetys. I was your early. Ninety four and I I had kind
South Africa when I was sixteen and a kind of travelled all over the world and they would get more bring jobs being just a kind of pay. The bills spread, but I m tired to starting them like just messing around with acting thing. I just I thought I would be a ballerina for the rest of my life that was kind of my first passion until they realize I couldn't do that anymore and so that by the time I came out here, it really was because I realized I wanted to Try and do something in my life that involve storytelling yeah on some level, and so I knew nothing about acting, but I knew that I liked storytelling and scientists. I flew out here to really just give it a shot. How many this is that so couldn't wages that a lot of places, because I was here on tourist visas, and so a lot of places. Wouldn't let me work I wouldn't know I suppose yeah. I know they were there.
They have a real the high bar there, They worked in a cup I mean I, I worked more New York actually buy, as I may came out here I was, but more settled and I could financially support myself a little bit too, but I was also in a living from hand to mouth so read it out: is in the value. First break ninety. Ninety six yeah side is that happen. I audition for it. I You know it was a weird one because I admit this manager and whose to change my name and he He told you change your name too well to the pronunciation of what we would like, and I should like to say that he was pronounced. People will understand that therein, and that was not the case, but he he told me about this. Audition for this phone and I M just gotten an agent at you, two yea, which is pretty big.
I had no Reza. May I had no experience. I had a very heavy south african accent. My English was very poor and I went on tradition and I didn't really know how to Sonia they made. We do this scene. Worms was to be shot and I brought like a little bottle of catch. Blake. I thought you had to Lake decree required the whole scene, and so I barge through the door with you know jump on my sure in screaming and yelling and trying to really Erna casting room into mansion where the scene took place and I think they were just scared that I was. Maybe you know, gonna kill them all. So they came you the job position. No, if I was necessarily good John hurts felt, who directed that film was years later. It surely you're not gonna auditioning, but you're. I think he says in the lake you're you're relentless lake figure out a way to interlink stay in people's heads Wendy.
Get really accent I started. Then I mean he was interested in me. The girl, the character was we swedish, so it gonna help me a little bit. But after that You know a lot of. I would do it additions and people would say well if she can do an American accentuate, you note, for she could be tender, and so I realized tat I had to which you have to get rid of to make you SAM or America,. Well, I was raised in of as with Afrikaans as my first language, and so I spoke very very little English I had English is a second language, but where I live, nobody spoke English. So I didn't necessarily have to break something so much like I, I really like real. I learned English here in Amerika, my good drunk as a comeback. And when I go back to South Africa comes back into Harpy? That's what I'm looking to Boston! Oh really, you get all Bostonian the Boston asset, but if I get drunk like I judge our agenda Althea, is it the booze yeah the boot?
Yeah you just kind of forget yeah, so how the fire. You had a good american accident. I still don't have a car accident I, like you, sound, that's nice, but I would say my accident is good. I, my English is not that good and people are always surprised by that, like I've, make a lot of tents, errors and grammar is in my spelling as terrible and people are always little shock, by thy because they think they just assume that I've lived here. My whole life. Did you see blood diamond? Yes, We will carefully as action that movie eyes very polarizing. Now it was really guide because we may well make as they made him radiation yeah yeah that really helped dearly. That thinking, LEO's gonna grab the accent I'm now loneliness. Let me he's so great: ok he's really great and he worked really hard on it and I can t I could tell it is. I think, a lot of people just gonna do this one dimensional south african thing and it would always dimensional SAM. I dislike over the top, seeing you know like I'm from South Africa Brood
As I said earlier, oh really look at southern hemisphere, we're neighbors, it's the same thing lives was geared. There is a couple of spots in the movie where he kind of forgot to stick oh yeah, you they hangs over. All. I heard a mile bell. Nobody! I don't know that I should have you up. I was trying to lose my ever gonna said I and the access of obsessed with the accents, especially cars. Are you really what is theirs? So many people want to hear about them. Now, it's the Boston DA, the car parking lot, some people they re really wide with at home. They make the mistake of, in the Kennedy, his version of the boss, the nice, oh yeah, that's it that's a lie. What it's about? It feels wrong way: vehemence Tibet to meet them and a good one, I think, is from ass juices. Yes, it's easier access is how it should signs bang out it's a lunch. You know, I've been was good, but you went with Damon stealing the interesting thing more revealing so much of behaviors
the Prodi ever they really want, for that would be an interesting you're down, I will go into our. There was advocate young they went down, but How did I get the job were now cable that, oh, it is, I think, mildly underrated. Now, oh there, it was linked to the full first like star, I mean look at my bye was thy felt Fleetly gotta may leave on today's in the valley. Was people like Danny, I yellow and James Spare, who I just of such admiration for an when Hadley just great actors, but that that was the first time as Albert Chino encountering that is always just felt so it didn't feel like. It was even a third building a memo yeah was crazy and getting the job was. Was an easy. I am still shocked that I got the job. I still think a mistake was made and was like a weird moment of three
Turkey's and now all of his kind of the interesting over and over again and when I finally The collie had a moment where I was and what, if they dialed wrong, what number rare, because that could be what it what it is, was at your first experience through the hall, hey, it's the new one. This new starlit, potentially and she's gonna be on this covered. In this interview, I don't even think people talk that way about me. I was just I felt like you know I was swimming the abandoned. I was just trying to get my head above water. I, for I knew that I was with Alba Chino and Keanu and I needed to know drown. I needed to, like you know, bring my part to the table. So I worked really hard and I I tried my best Do we watch your old movies. Are you just see forget about that? No, I would never like Vienna pop on a movie of mind came out. What have you flick, and I am always my internal managed to do that? No, I if a game like, if I was you, know, surfing
they came on. I would watch lake a few minutes of it, but I don't think I could do the whole thing now. I don't know how it works and that actors astronauts, wife, The machine tat by many jail out we are to talk about what you wanna talk about, who you pick, I'm ready to move the astronauts where lays down a kind of generating re yeah Johnny. That yeah, would you mind from Johnny Depp he's an amazing actor ye. He was, I think, the first like crazy, super intimidating actor that I ever worked. S he's intimidating into cause, you such good actor. There's something tat is another great great great actor and he's got a tremendous talent, but he you know he comes to work with this presence. This thing that's very Johnny, Depp Ash and its intimidating, and if you just veer on the other side of
in a being in his good graces. It's not pretty So was saying: nothing happened, but you know you When you work on a film, I think people realize it's like any kind of work environment, and yet you know after day thirty or forty I can get you know your sleep bribed and all is all this stuff it and you know, I said I think and one moments with one scene, He was very happy with me. You know how kind of side, and yet he did this. This thing that was very intimidating, worry just kind leg not Eden, scream at in Ya'Ll or anything it is, and I like cool like you know I don't even know you kind of thing, a goal. But then you go to work and, as you know, is one of the top.
And actors in the world, so there was superb. I felt really privilege to be able to make that may be with him We knew we like when you move JANET Giant, pussy. I younger, and you haven't totally established gravitas. Yet do you feel like you have to go, get launcher them or feel amount, or is it just like you shop on the satin you got. You know the directory took me wait to meet him. He was working on something I forget what it wasn't we swear. I think we did have lunch in his trailer and he was super, lovely and super. Why he's a very warm guy, like he's very, very warm and I think, a lot of him. Turning as a really because he is so warm yeah and he fell Mickey supersensitive. I think when he feels like somebody's wronging. He takes it very seriously, but we we didn't You don't get to hang out that much. I think rainbow. Think that we're like you know that, like we're not like bans on the road I am or what I imagine, that lifestyle would be where you hang out. A lot like you were,
long hours and you sometimes work. Sixty weeks- and it's not a lot, you don't have a lot of, or I I can't do it. I don't have the stamina for it gotta be more fun. Now that there is the internet we stuck in a trail. For six hours, liquidity and maintain an annual agreed in magazines, Bergson did I can, and I know I I love to play backgammon, I'm like an obsessive, backgammon player. Oh my god, TAT. I would rather than that that than the parking lot back. I am aluminum adequate vacuum. All I'm of devotion money, the yeah. That's one way to do it, so I mean when I say I play for money too Maguire may disagree with you because I lay their hands and I was like this is for fifteen grand and I was a gases were fifteen grand and then I lost- and I was like this- is not perfect- sister and I think, he's the lives we over that. So I shouldn't say that, but I love back a name
spend many a movies like finding one person on the site that I can t say, obsessive least set on a sudden play back em and with you. I am. I know. I do I have like you know just on your computer. Earlier I play every night before I fall asleep. I would never be anyone who likes back aim at The die on the Dublin Cube the key to the game we I've got. It is becoming a hands when you know you're late yeah, that's that's when you know by the way I was in Greece last summer, and I I I mean I went to town could ass. You know you're a lake in the hood of the games. I ever a tender. Every restaurant I won two. It was got crazy to the point where. I beat this guy one night so badly that he was just demoralized and he came you find me at the hotel that I was staying into play me again and then meet me and it was like Kadesh. You have just left it alone areas like vague, I just couldn't. I couldn't stop it, I'm going in the need to speak me horribly, but
he came to leave, found me and wanted to have a rematch this sense, I keep the sportsman be that you need to make the I re yeah you're back, I'm in your used in the best excited at an end, There is an idea or something, and you got your acting other when it was. I think I was a little wasted, Diane's best equipped to talk about our friend it's a bowl and branch. What's worse than having lousy sheets. I can't think of anything I mean there's I'll worse things, but its way way up there. I remember being a college trying to prolong the same set of sheets for weeks because I hated doing laundry I've nightmares battle. I may or may not have family members who have had bedbugs recently, maybe even so reproduce in this package, but guess what great sleep starts with the right clean sheets and their more affordable than ever with born branch they made the most comfortable, see she's you'll ever sleep on fossil fast, asleep, deeper, wake up, ready kicks
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The Austrians, wife, I was that the astronauts worthy. I answer. I was never. I begin the devil story. Can we not worry edit this right, where you re, like yourselves, lagoon, rigour and valid point? Five episode, Sears! Oh, thank you ass rose yeah well, I had thousand yeah two thousand. What was going on. I will I I vision for the site or house rules with Toby, and I was a huge fan of Lhasa Hallstrom. I d say I think, he's an incredible maker and I really wanted to work with them, and I love that balk. I love John Irving, India, so I've I felt very low did you get that role in oh, I was working at the time kind of back to back on that film and a film. I think before that idea.
A phone call, the yards, and so it was. They were both mere MAX films, and I was kind of like going back to back on these two films and I felt really I loved. Where I was in my life. I we ass a lake. I was working on things that I really wanted to were gone and I felt supersede. This fight in my life creatively was really was a good time. For me, what sounds like, Work is on sudden you're talking about what filmmakers, who want to work with. The irish yarn. Gino, either said a great luxury to have it that age and I made it. I don't take that for granted at all, so that when Toby drastic. I think it was after actually, o is like on a beach house lake. We have a lot of mutual friends and I think it was actually after that movie. That's like one of the seven rules of living in LOS Angeles they dont go on the street.
If I had been told me, Maguire get up and leave the world just stay, I don't gamble, told them wherever I broke every rule. I think I was the. I was the one in the wrong with that situation. I think he had every right to be pissed me ranger, two thousand yeah in all time, Hall of Fame underrated. We watch of cable Manuel, just purely because it's John her Frank, and I mean it's a coup movie and actually better. Now that the TVS, a white screen cause member that era, where see those Santa's so much better, how you like us, Yoda wide shouts of the sentence, I think Manchurian ironically Johnny Depp on astronauts, wife the Deuce mean to Manchurian Kennedy. He said to me: you have to watch a movie. I think this and almost perfect foam, and I couldn't agree with him more. But the new one of the old one known to have won the John Frank Enamored, it ok,
Damn Johnny Depp thought that was it almost perfect movie yeah, oh Johnny Depp, it's a really great film. Billy, gray, film and then I started watching other films of his like seconds, and I think that film is really greater and so that was that before me, I'll, be very listen and saying under President John Frank in Homer, made me sign on ice. To work with a great, an old class inquiry like that somebody was just that that thoroughbred leg has done it. You know he came from, but doing those dieter television productions where it's a goose. I live television right. I don't I just I was fascinated by him. You caught Africa. In a short time in his career is like three years after good. Want things make it a ton of money. Do movies give us ass. We I fell in love with him on that movie. He he couldn't have been.
Nicer yeah, I gotta tell you. And Ben, are two of my favorite favorite guys. I've ever been around just submitting work ass, the writer yeah, I'm telling you you get something in the water thing in the modern age, people yeah just really solid I'll do the earth great sense of humour, they don't take them I was too seriously. Stolen doesn't like them I suppose I found a way how some sort of golden globes table imbroglio during the year so make sure my boss than guys all right. So what flowers slash shut up the globes? He thought he was he thought it was his. It allows us, alas, globes one when he was nominated for creed, ok and he showed up and Man Ban was their table, but he's cipher and say I got bad habit We thought it was his table. He thought tat, he thought he had seats at it and there is a no as our table dessert and it got a little ugly.
Yeah first littleness were must an ugly on his part, because I can't imagine like Rocky Balboa, please don't be balances. No, I mean I could. I could tell you- and I don't even know this for a fact that those both those guys would be like. Oh my god, slice alone, like there's so rang their horrified. Yeah that so I hate hearing stuff like that, The is the most fun when I to write While everybody always as yeah, because you can do you have food and you have booze threat re, but I was there two years in a row and I never got food we are really doing. We literally ordered a pizza from our table. We honor order, a pizza, the liberals withhold the food. Now I think it was an accident. I think it so very easy trying to feed everybody in. Deliberately withhold the food now. I think it would be nice if anything, it so very easy trying to feed everybody in the ice. Imagine being somebody who work
with food there I mean it's just it's just too many people's, it's crazy, that they can even pull it off so how'd you at award chess what's number one to go to only for you personally. I've never thought of that. This being the most excited about, like I have this one I do so before. I'm excited for this one out. You completely honest. None of that stuff is fun for me. Ok, so I wouldn't use the word. Fine was ever fuck, no, it's always been superintendent eyes was really really intimidating because you just surrounded by all these. You know with the so my when I was just starstruck India, you I the I have always suffered from this, I'm in somehow I got invited Really and bite it like I've, always thinks a mistake was made and I'm not supposed to be there, and you didn't think that after you, when they ask her, though
then your eyes, I got nominated begged a year or two years afterwards and I was like this is gonna- be a mistake. I I am always a little bit so whenever I mean those rooms, I feel I feel like I'm done, have the funniest joke and I don't feel- and I always here's my problem I do like to have. Cocktail and then I say very inappropriate things. And I don't mean to say, never breach of ably boost for this yeah. I realize back even imbues, ready to rock. Do you think this is done laxity yeah. So I I always gonna go home and I go. Did I really say that to Glenn close ranks, but I guess that makes it fun. You know. I I find my the dinner table was really really good. Friends have been around in my life for twenty years and we always laugh about those things like you know. One of them always be like. I can't believe you said that
and I don T know is just its. I guess it's just in some kind of a default button, but the red carpet, contrary muscle hey. I would imagine it's a lot of pressure from that. It's it's not pressure, it's just a guess. Is I don't ever call making films work? because I love it like really really love it. I don't know it like. You know you your money like, I do believe that there's some real value and finding something and and and then new bids such of is one of the greatest gifts that I think you can open your life to do something that doesn't feel like work, and I feel like my job is that, but the dance stuff to me feels like work you're, getting ready for a red carpet. Yeah, it's sake, it's sometimes you get ready for party like getting ready, for it is almost more fun and actually going to the party have ever experienced that no one here,
in about. I dont Know- and you know, when you're trying, your dear I'm with you, I would hate being a mere. I mean, is yours and having to go to this than I had. This thing with red carpet is just so there's nothing normal or natural about it for me and have them much attention and of cameras, kind of its just weird, as we heard and I break out in lives- and I get all reddened blotchy in when you're at length of the parties after them. You guys come up to urge our. Are they just stay away their afraid, but do you do get hit on by actors? Or whoever Erst Hollywood people are they just like a name go nearer listen. I don't even know when people are hitting me, so I can answered I am so freakin clueless it's the truth, I'm absolutely clueless,
I dont know what I mean. I'm super social with a lot of people friendly with a lot of people, and I find that there is a lot of friendly, really lovely people in my industry. So but I don't think so that when that Guy Circle, act by back Emma with you again no later than anyone know, though no he was not. That was not guess about possible heading situation that I was gonna gonna happen. He disliked aware you when you get it headed our yeah. I was sick. Masculinity was shot. The we can skip over the weekend, but I legend bagger mats, love Matt there you go love manuscripts. But poor man had to learn how to play golf and like three weeks off. There were like when thou that's on a road accident, a mat Adler, constant bruise, ribs, Eddie, fractured ribs, any idea from hitting the club into the ground, which you knows a horrible thing that do you lay ray. I used to play more, I planned mother's day,
my mom's golfer lay play with her on one day here than back I'm in the club ass after yeah. That's my thanks. Fifteen minutes, but she no again but you now I know, dinner at any era, was asked. I've been here on our yeah just checking checking checking their upper Chino, the inevitably oh, no. I ve never worked with LEO yeah, going to air entire job. Ok, That's another one. That's still has legs, Oh my guys, like you time job. In fact, a member of the ringer who I want name who You're coming said tell her, I love the Italians, oh my god, right now now now and not in the got it to element love the Italian Well, that's really nice, so vows Wahlberg, amazing. I again boss, Boston, re, he's buster yeah, just such a great, solid human being so
This point you have like seven years ago. The doing action movies are like Loki Movies, but you where did like the eyed, the wet, like the India. You are like. The group of friends for their tenure haste career as an engineer limousine every one of us well that's more like a wrong come. Oh, yes, I, like Corleone around now, he's ever get around. Yet there was a huge period. Well, I is doing movies like the yards inside a house rules where a lot of there was a boot like a book. Men, romantic comedy, oh yeah and breast. Reading all the way through democratic investments by breast for unrest, friend energy, and I know my aunt s red interesting thing yeah. There was like a whole and I knew just shook him off in one first all night and cheeks. I didn't shake him off. I didn't get the chopper which one do you want
I addition for bus friend wedding. My best friends went with Julia no or those Cameron. The arrow that's an interesting, what, if look, I was just there, I was really lucky that I'd moments where I could that, where I got jobs with filmmakers Lake, James Gray and ass, all storm and it was not by me saying like. Oh, yes I'll do that. You know I auditioned I was auditioning. I was trying to get work, and so By no means was I I just one out there. I just kind of went out there and try to meet as many doctors as I possibly could, and then, if I did it into position where to kind of choose. I Duke, I think my natural passion is maybe a little bit more towards rural, heavier material, a little bit more darker now see never played. The Rare german women, her job as their life and cant find a man and then some, thing that's down at once,
there is a similar Roca, but just the dark version of really sitting that it kicked. Kickass dark version monster, sounds a game changer for you. Why I didn't know it at the time. But you something now I was on now. I didn't, I really didn't really I was. I was actually shooting italian job. When I call from my agent manager the time- and she said I just read. Five pages of the script that was offered you and it's a really small film, and it's about this, this man I lean knows- and I think it's I don't know- I feel like there's something here and so I I don't know how I did it, but I ended up watching the documentary, for I read the script and I was just like what and who thinks this
gonna work, I was just not convinced that I could do it at all. I mean she was just so specific and behaviour in her mannerisms and there's just no way around that you couldn't just do like a half version of it. You had to kind of committees the way in and just mid to it all the way, but can it be sick? zestful added for its work, and I I didn't know how that was plausible. So you do it yet to you Why more effective with Patty Jenkins. I actually met with her to tell her. No, an end in the meeting. She convinced me to do it. She just had an incredible amount of passion and I think I was so taken back by her belief. In me. I hadn't had that having she saw you there made, you think you go by their raw or made her think that
I dont know I you know I don't know, I don't know what it was. I mean shoes absolutely crazy. You know I mean it doesn't make any sense. Gabbett look at what you did did was gaol ministers, a sheep. She has a knack for sea. Things in a way that I think a lot of people don't have my and our industry, and I think that's why I'm more industry suffers a little bit because people are so they have to come to see it in front of them. Otherwise they can't and there's something incredible when you have a directive that can kind of see beyond not in and then make that real an party is definitely one of those directors and she just wouldn't give up. She was relentless. She was not gonna, take no for an answer, and so he started working from there did you know as you are filming at that this has been being out changeover grenadier. So we we found
five million dollars from this like small financing entity and went off to Orlando to shoot flight twenty five days and we were sure being- and I was a producer on it, so we were shooting back then the turn around of dailies for dailies to have fewer people when you're shooting a location to have people in actually watch dailies was around. I want to say over a week or something about so we were two weeks into shooting and I get a cow all it like three. I am in my little. You know motel five in Orlando and it's the fight answer and he's just like ripping a new one. Like he's just yeah he's so angry unease screaming, and he and I'm half half asleep. Half awake he's saying things like. I can't believe what you, what are you guys doing over. There did you
see what you look like This is never gonna work. You never smiled ones in any of these dailies you're, so angry, and he just agency was really really angry and I kind of he shook me. I kind of hung up the phone and I I didn't fight back or anything like that. I have had this real dark moment of doubt where I thought maybe he's right and I woke Patty up, and I said I just had a call mark and I'm super freaked out in and she was unbelievable just so, you know just she's a don't pick up the phone again, don't talk to him by the time they shut us down. This machine will be met aid and just keep your eyes on the road, and this is the movie that we're making, and I you know I really oh a lot too. In that moment, because I think, as an actor wings
kind of putting yourself out there like than if we are always walking, not fine line of lake. Is it a caricature and my going too far with it? Will people relate to this? Will people be able to watch? This am I making a joke out of it. Am I see you? We are constantly kind of questioning. It was the first I'm way, really really used a monitor onset units to watch play back so that I could kind of guide and modulation. My facial My facial movements, with the teeth in the eyes and expressions in the kind of the head throwing back moment, said she Haydn so used our thing in a worst case scenarios like? Oh, my god, this is gonna, be I he was unhappy. I knew our financier was not happy. I think I think he's I thought he was signing onto a hot lesbian. Demons cinema, illusion slower. Like me and Christina Richie RAG, I'm killing men in it was gonna, be like it also leg, MTV Grey.
Like I don't know like he thought it was that I think, and then it was it was like an yourself back. What did you so back during her. Remember member him yelling to me so oh, we knew they weren't happy with it and then, when we started shopping at around. We couldn't get buddy? I mean everybody was saying to us like as a really interesting film, but we wouldn't know what to do with it know. Nobody had never seen anything like it, so they don't know what to do with it now. Netflix we're just give. Like three different time now. One hundred percent- I mean you, could you could find twenty places in a day? to release that film we were signing. This was the back in the day of blockbuster and we were signing. We were waiting for the paperwork as we ve gone through all of our arms and we were waiting for the paperwork, to show up and we're going to sign it too, for it to go straight to videos for blockbuster, and this incredible distributor, Bob burning.
All this up. He was at the time distributing Male Gibsons found the passion of passion of Christ without passion, yes, and he he loved the film. I mean he really got it and he said, look a little company at that time. Could only do one movie a year or somethin like that. It was a very small, very boutique, very specific, and he said we have met, movie, and so we just can't take the song and male decided to go and do six months of shoots, and so he called us on that day and said: Melick called me this morning he's doing reaches, we can take your movie just one of those moments that it's just you cannot when. Yet, when I talk about it still today, unlike I don't even know how things like not happen, because the course of that movie would have been completely. We wouldn't be talking about a right now if it was directed
last year we have been talking about it and I would have like a little this little blip. They, u hands. She wondered, I dont think nobody would have ever seen it yeah yeah, maybe would add a cable run on Bravo and like every super grateful to melt into barber. Wouldn't you become wood was there I remember members, along with their point when he became like the Asker favorite. Or if it or like was our point, we're like holy Shit M, I gonna reddest each. I might actually when they saw my got no, no. I could never do that here. We are. Yeah. I did you not see me. I remember my fourteen years ago. I remember watching ok I'll give it here was a long time ago, but yeah I was sauntering Muslims and my mom, and my I mean I was horror I was just to know. There was nothing articulate about me or anything, because I actually people did get a little
I remember doing, though we padding, I wanted independent spared a words and for producing an for me, as an actor and on people darted saying things like she's ashore in and yes, she's gonna win and she's gonna win it and I actually got on a plane and flew to with my boyfriend at the time flew to Brazil to this like tiny little fishermen's village and ended up staying there for two. Eggs, and I found out in this, tiny little Brazilians fishermen's alleged that I won or I share the award o the Silver Bear This film student was working at this restaurant that I was eating an issue It was a guy. You won. The silver baron was like my feet were in the sand and I was sunburned and it was incredible way to gonna find out. I had to remove myself from it because I didn't want it was.
Two weird it was weird to have people say stuff like that, when other people were involved, people who I really respected actor actresses, who I thought it wasn't fair to them. We all you know the great where I decide didn't, feel comfortable with it. So I ran away and got a horrible tan and then came back make a day. Two days before the Oscars and everyone is a dance spray tat is so hideous knows. I know that this is really really as the real thing I am. She did all that damage to myself. I love Maybe we're like she was so orange when I was the worst spray Etienne ever knows. I know this is what not to do in the sun, so so I think we're moving myself from. That was good, because I can tell you this, like speaking of all the awkwardness of these, things that was an incredible moment and that night was an incredible night and I did feel
cinderella- and I did have this incredible moment that I got to share with people way really love yes and ninety nine. Great night have been grateful for everything that I've had in my life, which was grave. She went from eight years from children, the corn, three to win in the asker, that's pretty amazing, I felt the same way. Actually, the night I shot children of the corn officer. Was a very similar feeling her. What had their way talk about when you in the Asker like theirs, you're on the site paralyzed by it. After you get getting these choices attention and it's it's almost you're, an I can buy favour rose. You feel that there's a lot of noise for sure, there's a lot of noise and a lot of opinions and people thinking. You know they know what you should do in and it did for me for little bed, and I do think it affected me. I think I made choices that I shouldn't that I wasn't fully in control of an
They choices you over thought or and an end and things that I I still when I look back and like I didn't feel a hundred percent about them twenty seven dresses. That would mean the partly I've around comrade, after the isolation of just one of those folder and raising you never did around come home. Why don't I have I ever done around com now. No eleven have I bound to do about tat was not wrong com. I can call that a wrong. That's that's an action movie, that's an action where we re touch around can be I dont know have. I know, Yonah consumer one more break
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that is simply safe with two eyes, simply safe, Bs Dhaka for ten percent off your order and why we're here did you know you can listen to the best summons back ass? In all the other part, ass from the Ringer Pakistan work on Spotify, oh yeah, dreaming serve as you know, and love for music, also fully loaded with pack ass, fine ass in the pot cast section within the brass tab in using Spotify Mobile, arduous force by searching for the bill, Simmonds Pack S or any other Ringer Pike S head, despite if I'd outcome slashed by cast for more than a spot. If I d, Podcast, all right back to one of the only asked her when it's I've ever had in my pockets may be the only Oscar winner. Here we go. Oh, I had north yeah I was actually a really good movie and thank and- and I don't know was mid two thousand, where there is just a lot of really. Well then ok movies and images than the men on us.
Yeah it was a Warner brothers, film and Michael site sites. Men adopted the buggy was a very p. Is a huge writer he's an incredibly em. Well known writer and I think, Warner brothers really put a lot behind it and they really wanted to kind of tell that kind. Female story in the fact that it was of a true story. I think really kind of made veto get the kind of attack. In that it did. Given I watched with my daughter, thank you. I I love Nicky. Who directed it and she did whale writer who the actress if that was nominated with me when I won from monster, and so I thought I'd I really wanted to with her, and that was definitely one after the Oscars that I was really excited about that. I really wanted to do an flax, They are pronounce it yeah. That was down when they have regrets at an young. Definitely that was
the action movie. They just didn't, come again. I could never really wet my head around the world. I could never. I never really! You know you have. Going, be able to see it to do it and I could never. I never really could but Carne Kusama, I'm made a film that I really liked graphite? Don't you yeah and Paramount was really just wouldn't take no for an answer, and it all happened so far- so before I knew it. I was kind of like honest satin and injured myself. Real, I mean I almost paralyzed myself on it. I I I I was I I it was the whole. Thing was just forget- my occur back in June that key, I I I heard I hated his my neck doing a back handspring, my my feet slipped out from underneath body just landed on my neck now yeah and I was in chronic pain for about eight years of my life really severe pain where
It wasn't even doing stunts or any activity like I'd get out of the shower, and I would be paralyzed with pain for five days and my whole body, which is locked up, and I've finally had to do a fusion. Oh yes, five years ago, six years, actually, where free was amazing even now four years ago. Yet as I did it- and I have never felt any pain again A rare positive back surgery stir a lotta back problems. I almost got the surgery and I decided not to identify back is the same as neck known. I figured the neck and neck is maybe it's a larger diffuse here, but I it's so long on the neck. Everybody keeps telling me, you know, I'm young, my body will kind of take care of the, though the deaths that was produced being, and it just never happened and it just kept eating on nerves, and I would you Just I had no life, and then I had my first child and I couldn't I went there, days where couldn't pick up my own kid was a gun
not doing this anymore, and I actually did surgery with all the doctors kind of saying no and interest I finally just but my foot down those. If I have to be in this kind of chronic pain for the rest of my life. I'd rather take a chance on the surgery and I'm so happy. I did that's the role of surgery with that stuff back. Our neck is like if there There is no hope in Europe, gonna be in agony there, s life, then what do you have to that's? How I felt about air have you ever done anything like that- I had a bad, earn a disk, my back lower your lower and it went out and two thousand three, and did you do it? How did you do it? I did I researched everything a day I tried plot is a child, but how did you get it just go out? Is a crash my motors go to when I was like sixteenth back from that back and the more research I did on it. Like my sitting habits were bad straight. I wasn't stretching and young stresses,
beg pardon yeah especially backs there's this great book by Johnson, I know our stern yeah. I know it really was denied by the way, but did he really does no eaten away? Yeah yeah have you Damn made me aware of that book, as he has chronic chronic by Jane, and he be swears by that book is basically like. Most people have some sort of somethin, yeah and stress in all these different stupid habits. Can exacerbated everybody's got simpler, lock, thing sounds different, though wait here, cock a cock totally work Oh I mean I, I was fight. There's a little. Will Psmith fatigue with that z that so many years, unaware of that which is big cats to use the Gump just silly massive? I wanna sailing number one star that oh yeah, I love people argue directed at. I love well Smith. I ll
Jason? I I just I love everybody that was involved in that movie, so I who really care aid such a great time working with a review in Amerika tat like Sakharov Arrests, aids generation- all that's nice. Second nowadays, yeah, it's generation Hancock arrested development? Oh that's great! I love it. Young adults too. As an eleven, which is my favorite of your performance and, oh, my god. I know a lot about you. I know Jason. Are you a little? Is there a little Mavis inside you the over now it's just. I just thought that was you were on the other. Are your skills were unleashed a mountain? My bitchy skills lives just everything that was the total package. The total carbon movie. I love you know I should be nominated that little kiss your butt, but I was very surprised that you weren't says it was like that was near. The homo mean that movie, whom God and you have you're crazy, but
I have to be rooting for you, which is- can go really badly further. The viewer. I think it's hard to do. There is definitely a challenge and doing something. That's that unflattering, but yet somewhat fully representative of just all of us as human the rise in oil. We realized when I do when I did a lot of research on me when I played a real people and they I even do it. I think it's just human to human nature to the way we wait sometimes talk about ourselves, not necessarily always in the most honest way- and there was something about this character and how do you In writing. I saw her, as is of real, really empathetic character, yeah, that I I I really kind of. I love that challenge of taking a character that so off putting and we would do screenings and women.
Men would come up to me and say either know somebody like that or my sisters like that and not you know, or some would be more honest. Is it like my car and there was something really nice about Russia. There lacquered roof aware whether letters of there was a few be will there is a decisive, really amazing of lovely vibrant gave guy walked up to me and he just went. I need you to know. I may Soon I was like new girl girl, Tell me about your name business. Reaches getting married within Anne Hathaway, like that, too words just the train wreck
character that you shouldn't be room for me. I can't help it yeah red, spot, humane and to be able to write. I mean tablet at such a good job. Writing that anything Jason really knows how to balance that stuff where it's not. I always up. This fear that it becomes caricature heard, doesn't, is not kind of grounded in some kind of reality, and he he's really great and is one of my favorite directors and working on that Ok, I loved guess they say. No! I this is way too movies. Are you can't believe the you're leaving this up to me should do like you should remember this shit out before I live in. Ok, I wait the guess they have no, I this is way too much safer. Me like I'm. Bringing at an ivy slid guinea to leg figure this out seriously, our back to me, a minuscule whenever you're ready? Let's talk about it, my way to die in the less yes, what do we say? Are we talking about help me out here, come on bill that won the
It seems that you having a lot of fun and what one of the greatest experiences I ever had yeah cause you I've done a lot of common ill? I had and I was not the first choice for it and I was a boy I'm a huge Seth Macfarlane fan. I think that there are some quite brilliant about him and- and I thought descriptors really fun and I like I really like him, and I thought that I just thought it was fun and every time we did a table read through, everybody was just dying and I had stun mad max- and it was how it absolute hell- and I I just need- it to remind myself how much I love what I do again and and that that's why I wanted to go, with south and just beyond the desert for three months and make very inappropriate jokes about how horrible, though, with their backing, in the wild west. Now I mean listen, this thick, he was, he wrote it he produced. Did he acted in it? You direct
did it? He was writing a novel at the time of doing all of, he went on the weekends go and do all the seven hunter. Voices for free only guy. I don't know how this man has a life and then he we available to have a drink, monotonous parties where he croons like Frank Sinatra, yea setting on the side of the night thing is good or evil. We, he's been so incredibly kind and supportive of my programme. That haven't South Africa, South Africa. Oh sure, since other Charlie's there in Africa REACH project where we work with adolescents and preventing HIV and AIDS, and he hopes a fundraiser for us for the last two years at his house in Lake dresses, then a tuxedo and flies on his band and entertains every Oliver. Guess I mean it's just he's ridden dickie,
sleep, generous and lovely max. We talked about the young fast eight. We do not talk about one of my favorite franchises yeah, a caress on add new, more at sued did the is produced all Yale and how many days did you phone for them? ass. An eight day used in We are basically in the same room from us, a little more ideas, twelve dirt, twelve or thirteen. Ending it was twelve in Atlanta and wanting in Cuba is at least did you like franchise, Zeilinger strategic move. Like now. I like that. I like the franchise I you know I didn't chasing universal, came to me and said: would you ever a years ago, at the time You know I had my my a baby and it was. I was working a lot and at the time, said probably not, and I think they wanted to write this character in on AIDS, Just wasn't the right move you to do it. You know that movie had to end the way it did for very.
PS reasons and so changed their whole plan and so on. That knows I. Seventy seven are in power, and then on eight. They called me again and said, look like you know. We really want to do this, and it was just that in time. In my life and do feel bad about did the damn dizzy that you really down was all about family. I knew you basically managing that isn't a fire in his own way. I mean how much of his family business can we still watch like it's got. I thought it was so good that they cannot shook that up and Lake Lake and he would say that you know, and I think everybody involved in the movie and that's why they did it. It's you can't you have to shake the erratic. A gimmick, bedded still hurt my feelings. I relax it's God, because we got an emotion out of you bell. I now, and that means we that our job and made up at the end, did you your character, survivor, not now,
I'll look at you. I remember seeing a guy you guys. Can you survive jumping out of a plainly, then I don't know you tell me: can you they brought people back before them? We thought why now I just I cited in is to be done. That is true, but I still. Do I mean things to kind of be grounded in some sense of reality? Do you think that I could come back? I could. I survived that tell me on. I lay nothing about the fact that various franchises grown unreality answering my question. They had a twenty nine mile runway and fast says it's just the runway that never did four has seven, they jump through skyscrapers way through to the jury. I landed in the mountains and any harm and parachutes yeah. So I there's really looking I'm coming back. You should combat that meant that there be you last one attempt by the
no, what's your predation too wet. Measured way. Might what's my prediction yet I have not. I don't have a clue guide, one where we did. This resemble that you ve done not anything man now. We're not only does this have a chance to be the most popular movie them. I I I it's so hard to answer that, because there is this really nice thing happening where there's word of mouth and it's not Always great when you have that film I do. I would much rather have that than merely and millions of people of money thrown at you, no publicity. So to have people talk about it, they have the sort of buzz about. It is really flattery. They are clearly heard place to get to yeah. It's very to get to know the is peer when we did thirty four thirty percent in Vienna, would it
and the word of mouth was what made battle whom I think it is better than was yank. I think I think most of my film suited that did well dead well because of on so but it but again I I can't, I think the biggest mistake it can make us to kind of put yourself in this place of certain expectation- and I don't ever want to do that. So you do some press, but not a shitload. Now We're doing I mean I'm, I'm doing what makes sense to me. You know I I am doing stuff that feels I am also I'll tell you this like putting them. Mobius. I'd like for me press, I have a real issue, was press just in the sense that I don't drive. My publicist crazy, because I just sure everything I just I don't know, I'm a private person, I'm not a secretive person, but I am a private person and.
Other than Pon CAS. It's really hard to kind of have you as a person kind come across. You know, just got tired of sitting down for interviews Having some writer do you know right ever they wanted a right in. Ideas, writers of the worst they are at their worst. I just there The sense of irony that gets lost, I seriously with me and I think, with women, in general. There is irony that Blake for some reason with men, it's a little bit more forgiving, like four writer takes- their own idea of what interview was, I don't know why, but I feel like with women and soak gone unforgiving like and the biggest thing that This gets losses. Irony is that you can have flick. Anne and contacts like that. You're link did work in a day where people say Thing and that's the thing that you see on seventy
I didn't tweeted out and a hundred forty characters in one sentence. It's like a doesn't even makes sense unless you read the whole saying no. Nobody does that these days anymore. So I think for me it's just have become something that I feel comfortable with that I feel is representative. Where I can go and really Blake be me in and if I you know I'm an idiot than I'm an idiot, and I take ownership of that and if I'm you know incredibly funny, I ownership of that there was such a dick thing to say: the room laugh a couple times. I pay them really well to laugh stress powder, kids two and five airliner, twelve in there, so you and five it's that you don't see lighted in internal till they turned sex really
six you can just neither I paid or something, and they can at least occupy them, saw her ever feel like I have thirteen year old style dotted line problem like I'm like I have a five year old, but I feel like I've a thirteen year old in the five year old IQ, but it's just a lot of SAS man you didn't Sesar radius, ass, five and a half, are you getting a whole truckload us ass, my daughters? twelve and was eleven and a half when this ass really really given. I was expecting IRAN age I as its last so much. I rolling and exasperation it's like is to be a zero when I was your favorite person, you're frustrated by way of really hurts my feelings. That's funny rose, I can change yeah, I'm really turn up bad news tat, my son, censored dumb happy and everything they ve stolen. Moms. Tell me that it is put him down and look. I don't know about that, but I love that they deserve like they have no time for you.
Like the rest, like Erie, just annoying me right now breath like I, this moment either in the car. Where you know I, I was well my kids to really know that it be anything they want. Yet I have maybe become that parents that says it too much. You know, and I we were in the car and no one was out king about something- and I like guinea, can a girl do this or something I said a girl can do anything. I want you to know that a girl can do anything and a lot of times. Girls can do better than than boys. And I want you to know that. That means that you can do anything like it doesn't mean that, because your boy or girl on I'm, I doing this big and I'm hope I'm imagining in my head. The scene is playing out there free unmarried and they ve kids and they're, telling their kids, the story of great. I wasn't that moment in the car when I like went off and you do yes, Sir and my eldest goes I know mom
mean just arousal Keyser done like I can't I'm like this is fine, good and we thank you very much. I think that I keep the deck of five minutes till I get That was our something one hour a great over the movie. Thank you summer, hey thanks! So much. Tell tonight the app that hope she find amazing hotel deals at the last minute to seven days, it's perfect for a spontaneous, get aware indulging in a lost education booking on hotel tonight gives the freedom inflexibility playthings by ear, while knowing your score gray, press and a great great place to stay get in on these killer last minute deals download the hotel tonight app. Now, I think we're up like a ringer staffers reviews, though toughening up so check it out. Also, thanks to simply safe getting a good night's sleep easier said than done: install simply safes home Security System Army, Rome with powerful sensors that actually tell
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