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Chuck Klosterman: Can the NBA Save College Hoops? Should We Abolish Award Shows? (Ep. 340)


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Chuck Klosterman to discuss the present and future state of college basketball and how it affects the NBA (03:00) and to debate the potential of the internet forcing today’s youth to grow up faster (15:00). Then they debate how much of an obligation you have to be plugged into society (30:00) before airing their frustrations with awards shows (57:30).

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if you love the reward, was pack ass, we did when this week we talked about creed, fur, Over a hundred minutes me on Shall fantasy. Wasn't Morrison Camp Collins broke down talked about a whole bunch of variables talked about black Panther in it when a whole bunch of directions, check that went out it's a check out. The binge bowed podcast they're talking about Sk Jones right now, if you like that show and of our power ass, the rail package network, you can find them at the ringer dot com or an apple or spot a fire anywhere else a calmer doing a lot of March madness this week were in thought the Czech close right about that Second, we are also. We did it and done thing. Sir John Cow Perry, content good stuff this week, I know you join madness. We tried to make this cast a little bit. Evergreen our old friend, BS, Pakistan, family, Chuck clustering, but First Starfleet
from projects from the streets of Portland, Oregon Checklist man. This is his time here, much march madness. Nobody lives college sports. More than my friends. Its corrupt, it's terrible! It's in I don't understand college sports anymore, cheque book bring some bring someone standard to my life? Well, I'm watching South Dakota stated oh I'll stay right now in the garage tied me very watchful game now course with people here this it will be in the past and I assume, or else they will run by eleven It also and really I'm not really on the streets of Portland on the amended, for
in the final phase of Portland. As she said, she ass some I'm of waste that bears and beavers. I do and I haven't accurately I now were taken this on a Thursday afternoon there, scotch basketball going to me. It's like I used to they want a march madness and other. Just now. Oh it's you cigar. These teams are in a change of some of the games. Come down at the end. You can kind of half watch it I enjoy it. I'll say this is the first time since I moved here that I liked Pacific die. I love the fact that the Yugoslav again without at nine fifteen of the morning fucking great, is then cover, of course, because I live on the wet. Go that hardly seen any college about all the year so has been going on as much as I would like to think. I do, but you know the weird tie, man, the weird time to be a crowd about sports fan, watch
pack. Twelve turn a man can own, I'm watching Sean Miller Cold here, don't you know any kind of love, John Billiard fire that guest? I like him, I go to do. We cannot have the strange team were the candidate, the college pelicans, because they got to beguile yes kind about Dave, but they're pretty good, some watching ammonia billiard coaching, just like nothing is happening. It is called you normally accord. There are those who wins the title that can be vague, hated like Tuesday morning right dear old chap. They could there's no possibility of women s fatal, but they would end up being able to continue. We call themselves an actual cabin in less like this candle. So big, is it possible? Nothing will happen when they can't put servant
on probation. It wouldn't really work which I and I I don't know, what's true, not true the Arizona thing, because it's clean They turned into once I believe one thing very strongly in the other side believes something very strong lobby in the air. I haven't heard a cape according to it Everything that I have read there is a transcription FBI. Transcript were Russia, Belarus there like a. If you wanna talk about money. Talk to me like I don't know how that could be missing did. Unless we actually heard the audio and he was incredibly sarcastic read like all of you. Wanna talk about money, talk to me that the only possible way is not dreaming. We an insurmountable problem and now you're the NBA Israel be real smart about Deston, like silver, like what we're gonna get involved, because we see a problem. I think children
they also be an opportunity here. Yet I have this ban in ten years caused by alcohol, is going to sort of be completely degree, but pro basketball and all the things that I like about college basketball are essentially going. He began. But what can you do so it does seem like its headed. That way,. And I really why I ate the NBA out of all these sports. The NBA is the one sport that seems to be thinking proactively. How can we prove? How can we improve? How can we get better? What should we do? Maybe we should do this all these other, he's just kind of try to protect what they had already built in take the ideas that are already in place. He's like at this lake, This doesn't work. These guys gonna college for five six months, he's talking to some of them he's talking to people like Ben Simmons and who had a really bad experience at Alessi that didn't do him any any service and they're looking
these guys as these future assets that don't just plain after for eight to ten years that my play for twenty years. You know the Roma, for twenty years and he's the S case scenario of a guy jump right from high school to the FBI. So, on the one hand you have that which is its almost unconstitutional for these guys not to be able to jump in the NBA when they're ready. Like that's one piece, the second pieces, it's completely idiotic for somebody to go to college fur, six and then leave in March to start training like I already know, of two prospects that are gonna, be an ally that are allegedly college students at the enemy I urge, as soon as their teams get knocked out, that's an account experience and then there peace in the ass? We do what we can show the. How do we control these guys get paid under the table and there's this chicanery. Then why went why? Don't we just pay them and put him under Umbrella, it makes sense
Illinois totally makes them it's going to happen. I guess I would. I would need to get into this, but I guess I would I would bigger with you on. This idea we had this constitutional question because I think that when you look at these cross border League, it's such a unique rarefied location that a lot of things and if they can become real popular it up for allowed people to write about sport like as an extension of writing about labour. But these are all labour issues in based issue, but it's so different in any other job. I mean when you
the very here twice over such a good commissioner, because I think that he fundamentally realised that the most important part of his job, which is that when you look at all of these issues and all of the things that come up in pro basketball, the thing that occur- the bedrock prince the boys that either incredibly lucrative incredibly lucrative world based on the premise that people like watching basketball
So. The main thing here, too concerned with the concern felt with is the health of basketball. It fell not young of the specific. You know, and I would argue that the healthiest thing for about the ball would be to have a robust college about the ball world and of the EU in a subsequent, probably doesn't seem like they're gonna happening. What you're doing is probably going to be in the best interests. Cross border and are now at the top one. But it is harder to watch college basketball. Now you just it is harder than the foul who is where you know it's like. I bought the player I watched the most each year her young yeah and I just got I've got beat this morning, but it was out
there was a time airily in the ear was thought fighting to watch him play. It seems as though the entire world turned against him. Yeah, including you know like like that there was a society about his guarantee, made me that Dolly problems in it. All. I almost feel, like I add a four year experience with him already everything they interpret that you mention Leubronn earlier. It really is amazing how you ve gotta, be the only guy ever were all these things worked. Where would like he come, then he supposed to be the greatest player ever the kind of worked out yet carried out the millionaire reaching worse thing he has, and there has been the worst thing that he did was, Leave the king he later saved in a problematic away in the middle of his career, pre, impressive,
Well, we ve seen Kobe Bryant camera for my school Kevin Garden at obviously in the brine Leubronn is the three best players ever copies, probably one thousand eleven somewhere there in cages in the top twenty. So if I were, a stud highschool prayer, and I looked at that and I will there's three examples of who came in right away, it would make me on a come in and then top of it look at some day they Benson into just as it completely wasted your year? I see you think, comes to filling gets her by the time is actually playing its year what would have been year, three of the Brons career, just coming right from high school I don't know why. I think there is some way to figure out a version of what baseball does, which I think we ve talked about before, but basically either you're ready right away and you get drafted. You come into the league, as a high score, and if you don't get drafted
have to stay in college, for at least two years seems thou, be I rehab personally, I wish it was like football. I wish I had to stay in a very long as they do. I know there's people who got the rageous, but I I would prefer that somebody who consume these things though I have an unrelated to spoil question about age that I wanted to ask you ok,. Kyler tied into this, both differ. So you know I've been watching what the kid from after the parking shooting and all that. Seeing the way that their sort of being The media is treating them like adult, basically there being sorted loaded and criticise the way, don't turn and talking about pretty complicated thing,
talking about government and legislation are listening. Do you think it's possible in our lifetime or in the next twenty five years? Perhaps the voting age is moved to sixteen? How did you know like what you call the police to commemorate the twenty fifth amendment? Would basically booby boating age on you want to achieve the average of threatening immobile reasons. One reason was that with this idea that an eighteen year old can have awareness of the world and should be able to participate in the world in a non violent can construct away. There was another eighteen, seventy one. I think you could make a pretty justify a lot argument an eighteen year old in nineteen. Seventy one ten year old now are very intellectually comparable. Now the question becomes in that span. Is it
Ten year old person still not emotionally ready to sort of be involved in society as a whole, but I don't know this situation is kind of arguing suggesting the opposite, and I know that there would be a lot of support for this on the left men. Traditionally, the vast majority of young people lean left. Do you think this is possible, or do you think that I can surprise? No one brought it up, get the bright. None of these kid just a guess that they should be able to participate tangibly in government, yet even if they. The back a year that sixteen seems really unto me set, but you know my daughter is almost thirteen and that's only three years away and it's hard for me to believe that three, from now. She would even now had about her or what about I'm, but even if they move back a year to set
nineteen. That may make a little more sense wait. The point you just brought up, though about people seem to be young p does seem to be further ahead of the game. I too, about this little bit when I would add Charlie Wurzel, unless we can we're talkin about internet culture and stuff and how these parkland kids, were the first school. Shooting kids, basically or survivor kids to kind of brought up during the internet age where they knew how to handle trawls in the way they interact it and made fun of the the and how proactive they was. They were. Really seemed different and kind, for forward from where we ve been an island. Thirdly, there is the day that it was because they just grown up. This is the internet culture they ve done from day one in their Jesse. Used to
Do they know how to navigate it or they are obviously more media study? There is one other aspect of this building. I maybe people have talked about, but I haven't seen happen. Ok, so we can combine happen. If you call there is almost no conversation about the idea of gun control when that occurs in again, it's all about bullying and the idea of the of the introduction of golf culture. What does this mean, or whatever that? Would you go back? I put all discussion additional was by the other, would be to ask your style kit, and is there something problematic, but the way, does schools, functional and away kid functional. When you look at the school shooting the come after that you're after looking at little kid, getting killed. People were singing on television, other parents and better, not theme in any way new.
It seem to be morning in the way, but parent, morn, tragedies and Mckenna said the thing that you expect people say when I Maybe, but the new situation where it was high school kid and the kid talking about it were still in high school. You know other teenagers and, as a result, could be emotional. In that way, only high school kid can be yeah and it doesn't seem insincere didn't didn. Human anyway constructed I mean yes, she said, but that appointing your life, where you know your emotions are always very close to the surface and when a real event like this happen, you can just going to say anything and people are going to be like ok, I gotta have to listen to this, and I say this is a different thing like I didn't. I proved wrong about. This is about about many things
earth couple days afterward I was actually people and I was like before actually gonna created different like something to happen here. Yeah I've idealism like the Americans did of course. Of course, they're receded now nothing's going to happen see it seems like, I think, there's more and some first half hour- and I do think the d- capacity of high school students to understand oh wow. I can actually make a difference in effect change and have my ways be heard either. It's gonna be the legacy. Those kids, I think the last time I looked was a week ago. I am against Alice, had over a million twitter followers. That's insane here it is in our now ensuring deal. I is vague. People attacking them either. Not yet either crisis accurate, yeah, but interesting thing is they were theatre, stood dried. They are active
those rights that they were dark, put their comfortable being in love. God yet true boy, you talking to about kids grown up earlier. I've been thinking about place the NBA and I ve noticed, like you may think about the seventys, the guys who came in ITALY, career Young there, just so in a chair, and some like Moses, who barely talk to anybody for five six years when he came and Moses born in anything but the nineties which was really like when the one and done stuff started in the two undone and all of a sudden for your seniors were coming any more and then that leads to the high scores and that all kind of stretch from cage the wine Wagner. Others did and they just seem really immature, and one of the reasons that they changed that rule and made it so that guy's couldn't come from high school was because they were really worried about the maturity of the kids are coming in. Couldn't handle the league and allowed
people that had problems in the nineties in there in the two thousands had problems because they just want ready to be professional athletes, and now I look the kids that are coming in year after year and its a stunning, how polish there you go again, Then Tatum on this I think so I don't even think is twenty. Yet again, he gives these interviews like he's like a twelve year. Vat leg dare Fox are these dudes other guys from this working class lines, probably the least PA. List of of all the top guys, but Indeed, all these guys from last couple classes just coming to the league in their mediately comfortable, and it makes me wonder going away recite. That could be an argument, though was in favour of the morning done restriction? because you can change a lot in one year when you that image- and maybe it really is that I mean that
Will you boy do tribes Marcel either? I don't like you and Tatum Progress. In seven months, a duke and then probably left in April to go start to work. For the draft and stuff. I add that such a short time spent, I don't see how much would differ. Second really make verses like a few as if we had a The team G League and we these guys, but immediately. When they graduate high school there in charge of staff there in charge their bank account there playing in front a crash. There's a grind of the professional season combined with us. Training that the ambitious I was a bit do with all these people I would argue that he's probably in a better spot than just being a duke, oh yeah. Probably although we got followed the league ammunition, fundamentally entertainment like out Why
Rowan College Basketball so that too, I guess, accelerate the professional nature of being a professional. I mean, I think, what you're saying happen. I will wait a second couldn't you argue, their college basketball is already basically ruined. I mean it's probably the most corrupt, that's ever ban and the turnover of even now that once Duke after the one and done the turn over with stop programmes, I added I can even keep track of whose on what team anymore? I don't. I don't. You ve told me, was John while and Anthony Davis's team and others, Turkey has ever theirs. I really have to like well it that two thousand twelve. What was that either that here he has just been shut. The hell, I think share, ruin law. I mean as emerging walking around and glancing up at this, though I was state as the issue game. The pro
and still be good, though still it it's there. It is. I I just. I still feel like a real good card. Game is better than a good Ro Game and an old mill. Why do you feel that way? What are the factors all their there? A lot of them are ancillary, but it has to do with a big bird. The game itself seems like it has more meaning that you're watching people experiencing something in their life that has a meaning outside of the financial compensation I mean look at your body. Jail, wrote yeah Gale aroused cares more about what happened to the passengers or what happened to the mission over eight miles unfair, he went. There are very clear He went there and even three years there, though he I will I'm. What I'm saying is that he also spent many years at various NBA
in another. He has no relationship those teams that what he does to call you. I think that that you know when you open up the game on watch now. There is a tremendous difference between the experience of being a student, your house date and the experience of being a student had stopped. The current state of the EU could argue that the twelve guy I know I was date might be the best player for the jacket and yet the game it kind of component and the things that people are invested in when they watched this game. Aren't just I like that guy or I like that person, you sort of almost rooting unconsciously but the ideology of the institution, I say that corrupt. It is but the view of the problem as its being present and painted as as fundamental
Academic- and these are these- are stew navigates. This is what they have pushed to last forever and you the majority of that players. Prayers were going to go in the NBA draft. Next share gonna be one and done guys guys who clear colleges. The college is now in their recruiting Marvin Bagley. That is there for a year. And he might I be there, for you may be there for five six months, so that's the case. I don't understand why they just can admit that its business- and maybe you know if you are talking just fixing the answer. Maybe there's a format where you have twenty five, Eddie teams that actually do pay their prayers, and it's almost the Premier League, where you have the highest level and then the second level is people that aren't allowed to pay their prayers, but you can play yourself up Adam. Allegation two plants in the first year in their employer. Players like that would at least be more accurate and analyse them whenever they now they ve been talking about that. I feel I like put ball.
For a while that yeah, essentially the power five conferences and Notre Dame, would operate as the other than the Alabama football team is essentially the club team of the university. Yeah you don't really think of the students is gonna team, any relationship in student body or whatever in there you being paid the stuff like that at all, and then he also, then I dont know if, like what back then in the back, the other adieu school do a thing thing, but with less money, I don't know I mean it. I hear you say that you know it's like they were kind of feeding us. This idea that this is this is, as you know, our image, here in this house, but like no one really believes that you're not in any way dying were yet no one. Let me like, I feel, like I talked like a ten year old kid who liked what makes you think that
I think I saw that one of the dead the deal with we're about buddy, I'm getting it, maybe because the former french kid like ninety enemies. Regrettably nano. Maybe I'll, be watching like the final boy would ever be ended, but dad will be like in north. Amazing, too, is like after this game they gotta go back and study it still We believe that under along this path, than we had to quit. Break could break to talk our friends it square space. They make it easy to build beautiful websites where they are starting. A business. Changing careers are launching creative project or whatever you're up to what you have to. Whether you need a landing page, beautiful gallery, professional blog or not and stores are included in your square space website. You can't even get a unique domain which strengthens your brand and makes it easier for visitors to find you add and arrange your content and features with the click of a mouse. There's nothing to install Patrick,
made ever instead spaces award, winning twenty four seven customers poor will help you no matter how hard or how easy your problem may be. Started free trotted at square space. That com when you ready to launch use Africa, be ass to get ten hours after first purchase of a web site or domain again, that is square space. That offer could be ass. I back. One thing we're talking about earlier about about kids growing up sooner, and things like that, the internet has something to do with that. I was trying to think about what I would be like now I was in only child and eightys, and an eyelid back down my interaction with human beings was just so limited right. I have people at school, I have the books I was reading. I had both television in movies magazines and then,
people in my family and those- where are the interactions I had, and I didn't I The Eu Canada learn as as you get older over the years like what's re, what's wrong, I shouldn't do this. Do that the internet I'm watching my kids and in Europe We get a sense of of I couldn't do that, oh a bad idea. You get it sense constantly with throughout these four things that you seeing online- and I wonder like is that part of the reason why the part kid seem so sophisticated. Why these Ricky's that common in the NBA seem so smart and polished. Maybe this is just what the world's gonna be who do you, think
the measures in question, you know you hurry up and when people complain about the internet is always somebody jobs that it says always is what they said about the advantage, even though this is what they said about the advent of radio. All it is about the gram about Nay said this one the printing press came, but there is one you two different fear which, in all of those example, it is a kind of one way. Consumption and the internet is a two way, consumption that you are able to sort of participate with it. You consume it, and that is the problem. I mean you talk about when you were a kid you're watching movies and reading books is that you are seeing me images that were separate from your life in any meaning or sort of significance or value their moral power. We will get the he took them. It would be constructive in your mind. You I don't want you
watch a cloud Mondo movie or whatever, and you have to decide whether or not how real is the health policy? This is if this were real. What does it mean to be a personally all these things that followed it within an internet? Is that you see something and the whole. You know the whole sort of structure of something like Twitter and Facebook in all of these things is the involve rhythm, Bachar, diving communication. Everyone is equal in all these things, the poorest people in these situations- and then The experiences of static and you're not doing it yourselves someone's doing it to you now you say like well, maybe the beneficial. When you look at Theo, you see examples of your new joint bitter winter.
A real, mature person purge age was somehow manifestation of his youth, then, oh, maybe, but so it. Every problem that we see with young people cannot be the same thing my only be good. Oh I'm! I don't think it's only a good thing, I think there's as it there lotta damaging stuff too. I think you know like this stuff, We talked about last week when it when add Charlie on and the ability The down arrow were entering where people are going to be a bit of fake information and fake audio and fig video and
Where can I watch set is terrifying? Well, I believe that their fine, but I want a pre fascinating, particularly to me. This idea a reality. Empathy, no absolute reality apathy. Yet there were really empathy. I gotta be good reality up. Do you think they'll bad? The fact that we're moving toward the state, where almost every bit of information that we get theme potentially false or potentially cute and, as a consequence, people just sort of ignore all of it, yeah. You can argue why the problem or maybe why this isn't much probably see, but it's been reminded me of deduce story in the New York Times about the guy in Ohio name is Eric Agar men are the other divorced answer from everything. Here you go
the queen and guy from whence the election and he says to consume no information anymore. You, like you, watches calves games. I need it. No, you don't have any experience with anything in the world but know anything. It's going up. The story runs and kind of like what was it like an oddity. You know the response, but he saw any of the response was anger. People were extremely upset about this very often from the perspective. As far as I can tell that, they're like how dare this person not be as miserable as I
looking at the inner edge like how difficult it is to say, but they're not gonna, be engaged with this being that I dont want twitter and complain about every day and there was an argument that go look up the privilege based mega, like all the others, rich white guy. You know you can do this. Actually anyone can not nothing. You did. That is no element of privilege to that, like anyone can disconnect from the world. It is, though, you need to be wealthy, do not pay attention. That is completely erroneous, however, all that about being might take an historic ever. It had made me think, and I'm wondering what your response to this will be cast you. What obligating does the purpose behind it? A person obligated to be involved with society. It is morally wrong. Today, I'm not going to partaken side. I can't believe it's a conversation,
people do, whatever they want a guy. I well what the argument they want, what would be made. Was that oh sure you can give you the people saying that are people who have nothing at stake here, and that is, if you you, our car reality is a situation where you know your very widely got york distant. You know it is in danger, knew how even the idea of some one thing like and it's not me it's not me, I'm setting away is is wrong, but I'm I'm I'm wondering what you think about that, because I, my natural inclination, would be like I'm almost below and as if this person I look at this person and I think to myself it like I would be so great in away, but I can't do it. My natural inclination is a person stopped me from doing that
What then, is aimed I'm sure now, I'm sure someone listening at his podcast wouldn't say that I am exactly like this person and I'm in this position of extreme privilege where I could stay in my role, cabin in the woods here, and you know I don't know red Peanuts- comic Strip through whatever for the rest of my life and have those then put on the record that came out before I was born and just not exist, interact with the world. Would be fine and they were they were wet. That wouldn't be the case. For me, I'm not really sure the justified argument, but you basically jasmine from lost at that point right now, I'm a bunker This is to avoid international there. I first of all I I think I thought it was really cool guy. Did that added my may issue. As I wasn't a hundred percent positive, I believe that the veto, we like he had done. It is a gimmick, but he had him really done it. I wouldn't been shocked, but there's a touch it
Is I don't know how many times you ve ever done this? I ask can't tell how often you're on the internet, because it does seem like you, love the stuff I'll go and waves were. I just dont go on Twitter for, like a month or a month and a half and just go on to post columns, by gas and maybe you know maybe What is a couple tweets on my timeline in Rio and that's it and I'm out at other times. I really enjoyed twitter and I think you can argued twitter for them. This part is something none of us are that satisfied with. That is probably the more you're on at probably the more unhappy you are. More danger there is to type something nation you type or that you get made fun of or that potentially hurt your career in some way. There's somebody land mines on twitter kind of amazing that people spend that much time on it and in this that is faction you get from? It is just that
brief satisfaction of Oh, that was a good three people liking that one and it's really is so empty, but never happened to me, neither a hooker here would pay for twitter. Does it change it? That's the thing about it yet pages. It's the only thing where, if you look at it and then you just look up at a light in your house for forty seconds and you were back down, it will be different yeah. Now it's like you might not have received an email in that period, the other might not nothing
May I really changed, but that allocated that's good, that's good, I think its fundamental attraction and when people are standing and lie at the bank or they're sitting waiting in order to turn the swing said MC need something to do. They know if they work at that specific app, it's gonna be different than it was before, and the package you did with better returning, I get from both the you're talking Don't you surf boarded the idea of making people pay for twitter. I think I have a better. I go better idea, because it is ordered this idea that in all these twin, are you gonna pay for people would say that the present We know that the idea that I wasn't the idea that the idea was- maybe you get ten tweets a week and then after that, you too bad there would still be people. Thank you. Bidding. My ability to express myself by putting a financial constraints- I am not saying that MR withdrew
That would be the argument, however Uruguay. It tat how many people you follow. Probably I don't know- maybe five hundred and probably two thirds in their regard, muted. At this point, anyone attacks my trouble needed. Ok, exactly you have five some following the failure of five hundred and twenty three. You need to pay five hundred and twelve three dollars a year. It's a one dollar eight like Alice someone I like hired, I likely there who yeah. What did we do as it would stop people from just stopped, for it would do it be like controlling wildfire trade. I know that there are people who follow
I also like me or whatever solely in the hope that I will create something duplicate yet or that I will. But our someway put myself in a position we also or they don't care, because now that the driving where's behind. So much of the internet are people who are engaged but not invested like their engage with culture, but they have no investment, not like buying a magazine. You're buying a book or even watching television is commercial everything on the unit is free. Are the reason why I dont get? I dont you joy writing stories. The internet- is because I know welcoming majority of people who read these stories. Dont give at all about it, yet it could happen to come up in their feed. They have no.
They have no little care, did not interested the idea that they have no desire sorted you're out, but the idea that Europe is there, maybe that's how both the story diary. I just things like a bunch of people are talking about this. I guess what is this, how he was a story about the guy to disengage me. You know, I'm fine, I'm my own, it was like. I woke up and seventeen people it already talked about. It sounds like what is this rank? I read this story, but the thing is that you had to pay a dollar to follow someone. It would stop people from being like now. I just followed wherever he would have, it would make people say well. I can only follow somebody if they have a dollars worth of value to me in the course of twelve months, and there's a lot of people would be their followers disappear. That was the case of people who will now be given an identity, and I, like all these,
things. Twitter should be at least thinking about and sampling out in and try now. I've noticed ace. Think back to leg. Twenty five years ago and I'm sure You did the same thing. I remember I would have a little note book and read idea? Isn't it I'm like our rights and stuff, just listen, amusing. Think about stuff, didn't kill more thinking in contemplating waiting a mine for coffee, the Duncan doughnuts and you'd, be like that I'm going to be in line and I'm just gonna get a coffee and sit here. No of anyone does anywhere it out. Like Those two let go go to Starbucks lamps arms. This table were relax. Just kind of look around like people think that person was crazy right like what
pursuing their own here and then literally create. They would think that there too crazy person is nothing going just standing there pursuing I looking at people, I mean, I suppose, what you're sort of boarding. Actually, a pretty interesting thought is the one thing that we're going to learn from the last twenty five years of the internet and Firstly, the advent of you'd out like Facebook and stuff like that twitter, nor with the value of daydreaming, because at a big part of what the internet explorer, I will I there's a lot of value in it I mean
that way. Doesn't it seemed ass, though? A lot of creativity comes from the sitting there spacing out. You know waiting in a dark room and just lying there and the idea that less now, although I will say that is one thing that having cleared it, does make you do more yeah you're pushing her kid on the swing. Gonna daydream like it that it is the common edifying act, because the kid was so much easy to do, but it doesn't take a lot of intellectual power like I can kind of think about anything I want when on pushing MIKE dunk black and if they were done that weighing up, I was for whatever reason, inexplicably standing in a playground, I would probably be looking at my phone will have noticed, I first I've stopped for the most sometimes I waiver, but I try now
Look at my phone when I'm driving like had stopped by its and stuff cause. I think, like you know he just go crazy like if you can't zone out and drive and this in the radio for fifteen minutes, then you ve probably have an intention internet attention deficit disorder, but I note like more than ever, though ass, I would say a year and a half I dont know if this is a before anything but its deftly happening here and I'm guessing its happening in other places. You be it a stop weight the light, will turn green in the person, won't go and they woke up they're looking at their phone. We have the hawk their horn, I've, I've, probably hawked my horror and more in the last year and a half than I did the poor these twenty years and it seems like just all these people are on. Farm looking at their phone checking at their phone. I think they're doing when their driving, probably acting when their driving and it's it's? It's like people Jesus it's like cocaine. They can give it up even when it
the car. They can't just go cold turkey for ten minutes. Oh, what's going on, I jack Oda, get a text and you're right, I think daydreaming the day just like I'm going to drive and listened in some weird weird song and I'm thinkin about ideas, know what say that know that makes me think of Essen I really wonder how much that happens anymore. Maybe maybe creativity is ribbon from the internet. Now. Well, I mean we're sternly a period where nonfiction its way domino reflection and that there would correspond with your theory. They won break come back and shaving since college. As I have mentioned many times in this pact ass, you know changed my life, something relatively recent, the Gillette fusion ultra sensitive skin shaving Joe, First of that, I have used that He said so that when I shaved, I don't get those little cuts on my neck and recently
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Of nonfiction all her affection in terms of how many people were interested in, although- and this is like a very crochet argument now, but I think it is true that the fact that tv has improved as a kind of taken place of the person who used to agree that novel a month yeah because there are totally where there are many television shows now that our is sort of rich and deepen where this but the character, development of a novel, and it's so much easier to do it and he had so much easier to watch television meant you read that it. You can't even put you going I'm like that, like I can't blame anyone for this is it the path of experience that wouldn't reading it. Now I can't believe the preponderance of documentaries cause. I remember like whom we created through thirty.
Just trying to find document and it was oh friggin, hard to, find thirty and so hard to see people's work and even now lay our that person and now all these years later. I remember winter we want. Some award I think it was the idea words international I've ever was caught, but we want something and all the Arians were there and a couple them had really had any sort of mainstream success or anything Most of them were people that spent eight years like in Liberia working on some documentary that they, you know. Rob and every day to try to pay for, and now you look at that route, probably all them or have documentaries Netflix right now, right that Netflix puts up sick document hours a week and then Amazon has more and then there's other ones, and I, I've, never seen anything flip like that faster in the Spain of ten years. There's probably, I would say
hundred times as many documentaries, I mean it really happened in music. You know, like the ok dart yard, to rush documentary better, both pretty good, like it was a real unlikely twenty years ago that there would have been a rush documentary, but there's two of them their day. Ok, documentary about activity that real and formed a bit, the canadian or email Middle Ban kitty as a documentary that coming out next month, Jared Lentils, bad three. Second part. He made this documentary. I note your penis. I think you would actually be very interesting. I think your letter was making a documentary because he like why these show like the power and the popularity of his band, but the entire elm actually is about the record business than how he time, probably the worst record
drag imaginable. Real explain in the whole thing: explode even go back and explained, like you know you from some of the deal with apple like Paul Mccartney and TAT made. The whole thing is just. Like a medication on how impossible it is to make money as a artists in the contradiction away, the music industry was set up contractually? Yes, of course, it also like scenes of Jerry. Let all kind of like we staring at sunset to them. Of that as well, you can it was, I mean I did not think I would normally watch a documentary access. Trail agenda like anybody. I watch anyone like it, I'm going to get a better in our big it pretty much anybody who died young now there can be a documentary about any use. And why now saying they were made by the same person now then that is aiming was much better than the window. He used to it,
the Amy One was Lydia good. I thought that was that was done by people who did centre, which is also faint, ass, thick yeah. That was very good thing about that, be any wine out. One knows that there was I did not know a lot about what is even now really was substantially more famous artist then Amy Wine out, just because the like, I know what I'm in tune with working. It's been instead, like that. I knew it about anyone out like. I did not really know that much about with the union's life, I found that one or more regulatory, yea, though even when they're, not that good they're still really fun a watch. I thought the same at that your prior one. I had a issues with I still learned a lot. I thought it was interesting. Is that a lot of times I and I love it's because of what I done fur You know career wise eyes, ten years, but allow At times I watched them and in give fresh- did that
man. Why they do it this way, and maybe I'm just too into deep with my head with them, but I always feel it even us be wine if the topic is good, is worthwhile king, and then you see one that is on expert the great like, I think we ve talked about that the one I forget who made it, but I'm the one about you too, and you too almost broke up and the Ladys and Did you see that one I ever did You know that's like in my top three or four can we allow the called I'll find out and with that you too documentaries from linked the Ladys it's about its basic. I never part the reason of its it's really well DUMBO, but is of love that it was. I never knew that date. The point where they almost broke up, because a and we ve, probably developments in the past, but I feel like every ban it's a point, where either they stay together, break up there, some and of their return, and I never thought you
at that point I was that they were just together forever and and It wasn't true light. They they put out the rat on home album and then you know that kind of figure out what was knacks and they almost broke up, and I think they're producers have taken him two, as did the name from sat on a farm, this guy down its cut their producer. Rented this house in Europe and basically trap them in there for nine months and that and they got there. Go back bonnet it's like the dj scene, which is starting to take off the electronic music, and it led act on baby, which is one of their best islands, but I was fascinated with out. There was always a rumour about you in the ninety that they had almost bro very early on because they didn't know if they want to be a regular banned or a christian rock band of them. Since then that this had been like an early point of tension in the bad. I've never really mean
anything else. Would you thing really goes thought of it in some way to explain why the dominance of nonfiction over fiction, because the thing is a non fiction film or a non fiction book- can be bad, but still have you kill tee? If you learned something like I found a book about like this, like the history, basically the entire history of give every possible integration of a navy, but the history of warfare on water. Around going back, though, I am for the kind of thing where it like well, it doesn't have to be good for me too. To get something from it. Like I, don't know anything about the history of the need for an area. Always the writing can be real like I, I can't you prefer really great right again
like, I think when you young twenty, you know like. Oh there, the pro, though this, because each year that guided this feature, you didn't even mention always writing about delicate nineteenth paragraphs that always driving what the grass looks like. The main thing is that all you on the grass and now I have no interest bad news about the story. I want the information to come as directly as possible is clear: We had possible, he quietly as possible will think about it. I think about european when they were making those movies like fifteen years ago, in autumn or bad day, except the dealer in our one was in bed, but the other ones were, and what are you talking to like the one we are like the wily night. Why others? They were there just our bad, but if they done Dac, if they d Bobby neighed season on the brink documentary, even if it was I sort of enjoyed it. I still have got something out of it now something
we always one when we were then that if there is tat, we would always talk about what you need have up different ideas. What was the best utilization of that idea like it would suffer? get better sports movie within the baby sport stock would simply be a better short is just a magazine, peace. What is it good that you flash out and kind of figure out what makes them a sense and woods about that, as I just saw the paternal movie. That HBO did, which I was Be a heading it because to me that my classic that should just be a documentary. Why would you make a movie? That's weird Pacino, that's it seems like a reach and then it has actually like that, like it did ads. Then to a story that already knew because they did it about return. I was porcine playing return our so he brings the Partido baggage to it, but that also in it there is humanity about the protection thing in the fact that this guy was probably senile how Did you know how much they that now?
I thought was really interesting and I don't have a documentary would have captured that say something there's a place for all that stuff, the other funds the funny, outcome of these are those lifetime movies when they met that prison guard that sprung the two inmates and then they were on the lamb and they may digits make the stupid lifetime version of those again, version in and then you go into them. The realm of thy tinier, which took a store hit just took the facts, It is something else that was crazy. I kept watch that this week I watched it on Monday night. I think mother, Sunday Netteke. I remember it here that the opening Second, I would like, if you're gonna be kind of trashing, I'm really gonna like this. I guess I don't think I did
I understand there, what what they're doing a sort of way all reality. It might be possible, but like it or not the way that their that must be got appreciate in that way that a kind of got all armed in with like them tomorrow, in a strange way- and I dont know- I really really I'd- give me I'm like where it had Mattie Kerrigan respond. Any other. She stayed quiet for the most part. I liked it when I saw, but I I saw them into the context of somebody who lived through the entire thing and assume their people knew, that of this time he hardly knew what those guys are doing in the audience. The bore that out that's why they banned from figure skating, and in it's something weird happen, which was the movie version of what happened. They left that way more ambiguous, and then I look up at the girl,
gloves and tiny Harding and set the table you didn't care, going to add to be like what the fuck is apt to be like the world, but this happen. I would just as dating person that I would add why it had ended. Harry I mean I'm, not I'm not questioning like the ethics, whatever making this movie. I certainly would rather watch him we about time you Harding than a movie about Kerrigan every night. You know about that, but it it seems pretty weird for me and dumb That is why I think it fitted been a real asker contender. I think people would have gone Then pretty hard with the whole thing but hear I have a question about the
to you that we are in a way the question about the ringer in general. I am asking you to speak for the great deal you guys you guys covered be off during the run up to the outskirts very aggressively. I felt there was a lot we put a lot of emphasis on descending, a criticism. Well, here's the thing I want to go get ok. So one of the points that that withstood afforded was this idea that, if get out does not win best picture. It's going to sort of seem like an embarrassing midst mixed up in the future that people are gonna, look back and be like that. Would there was a huge mistake that they did not give it out be after four, this picture. I am. I am. I know that one
never sent feel that way. I think it's gonna age very badly I'll get so here's the thing, my questioning the fact that you guys were saying that and we're running about that. I'm not saying it's not true. I'm sending you you're saying this award ceremony. It felt that you are saying that, essentially, if this movie is not win its going to almost negate the meaning of this, the letter back up what I've been telling you for fifteen years, which is at the attitude of idiotic matter at all men, I have absolutely no impact whatsoever What films are actually canonize and how we think about them. I think it has no impact of you and you are making the Ark and, before the event, even happened. It's a great point, think whats happened over the last this decade. And it's not just with the Oscars, but I think it's happened with sports awards to is with the in it so easy to find opinions in the red opinions that people you don't really.
Voting mistakes anymore. So you must get this sense a month before you know who's gonna win like, I think, shot fantasy. I think he got we have twenty four in his ask her bow correct and Had twenty one shape of water and switched it at the last minute because we have convinced them get out, was gonna win and it did it, but it's become there's so much information out of work? things are gone, what's gonna happen, and then the voters are our reading. That so the old days you might have out of order and be like. I love the post, some voting for that. That same voters going on the internet going who show both for our it says its evil shape a water three billboards, ok, our former those there. I don't either thinking like. I don't want a waste. My vote on the post. You like, I, don't think it's the best movie, but I don't want to wait. My vote on line
all this jail time version of the movie adored ever just throw it away like I'm gonna, I'm going to like you know, try to vote for. We ever movie, I think, might wind has the best at the window what you really isn't good ear. I kissed it. It doesn't, the way that the media, the wall? It seems as though the value of these them, even though they get ten times as much attention? It drives me in saying that people, act like they care about the Grammy. Either they air about the gullible. It's not why is a doubt that those are two different? most cause, I dont, think people care about. The Graham is anymore. I didn't they ran away misguided twitter go out to those people. I am now happening
now that a live thing and the reason it like yours justification for me to say something in her hereabouts. But here's the thing, even though, that you think that all this more attention and then they feel more culturally important because it is avalanche of it. There is today, but the significance just evaporate and here's another example I feel like now. The position is rather Westbrook really didn't women. Bp. Last year like we gave it, you know, look at their feet because they changed the demon, you that, like it by heart and obvious about almost as though people think Russell Westbrook is worse, as a basketball player, because he won the Bp Lash China. I just don't get it. It makes no sense at all. You know it is its. It is its buyers remorse from people who never should have bought into it in the first place is the exact same. Poor Harry was literally the exact same prairies missing. Maybe
three out of every hundred three more than it did last year, other that is the same guy. Play in the same way, having the same effect that is teammates he's the exact same guy and by the way, the record be made an being better than it was last year. And he's not. He might not make stuff, ah won't make firstly Meyerbeer he might. He probably won't make second team. All ba of carrying Currie hadn't gotten heard, I think, there's a chance. You would again above that a thirty Meyerbeer and he didn't do
anything differently than it did last year, although if that happened in appeared deadline, I can be forgiven, but it like a baby, but he doesn't even make thirteen ok, but next year he comes back and he has another triple bubbling nor tripled over or near triple double season with pure shop forever, either the scenes better. Then the whole rethink of him not making me out and the eighteen is just going without, can be like. Actually he should only be people last you're, crazy people. You can get reinvent the path now, so I get it. I feel as though that these award, that our talk about more innocent across all things tat are significantly less meaningful.
They don't people don't look at. The victory is something that the test of time they looked the victory as dumping to continually debate in perpetuity yeah, I kind of like it. I, like I take the Oscars more seriously than the Graham is causing any here's the difference. I think we are went to the Oscars, hoping that the right things going to happen and half the time it does and for the most part, like Francis dormann- should have one best accuracy. Now, Gary Old man No, if I would have voted for him, but I see it. I see the case in Europe and the line for the most part it makes since in the case for shape of water, was always the people there, both for these words our people that make movies. In this the kind of movie that they really respect than that one's propaganda win. I hope it wasn't when used to it when you say that kind of what do you say its view? artistic there's, a it's, the it's!
vision of it that he executed. And the way he exploded ever married it out a of it it at the way the he brought shit alive. It was the kind of thing that the people who vote for movies know how hard it is so a degree in difficulty thing I'd The gray amazingly I have I am, I know before again I gotta stepladder, requested by Francis Backdoor many deserve to win why'd. You deserve to it. The best performing. I didn't want it to be bad. I thought she, incredible in that movie. Gary old deserve to win because perform a face, because basically my best performance based crossed with her, basically became another human being it was they allow that's Gary Eleven couldn't I can't believe. That's him was one of those ok get out one for desperate. Quite why? What was the reason
Super original spoke to. Big picture premise that it didn't necessarily come out in it you over the head with, but was sittin there, ok, reminded the horror, origin, yeah, ok, so for best picture that what should the criteria be? Judging from these other category would be the reason that we vote for the big picture, So, for me I would say, originality general excellence, and then also lay like the west end. They. What general technical, excellent, excellence of that the actors, how its put together, how heart what they do Difficulty was for it. Have I seen a movie like it get all that stuff, but then, on top of it, The main issue is shape a water was. It was really hard to find anybody who said man. I fuckin love that movie.
I write yeah respected it was. There is no affection for it. People were lightly in tat. It should be the intensity of adoration valuing back. I think should be far away without I I'd feel like that's part of like providing for the rock and all his name. I feel I've been ten people found they should matter because over time, but does suggest that the person is doing something Madame said them apart. But what to me with interesting, as I felt that the argument you were making poor get out and another thing that get out should be one eye. Prohibition put: what am I thought that I would like the best movie I actually saw was lady bird, but for some reason it felt like does my servant. I don't know why. As my second family, I love ladybird. It feels as though the argument that the high get out when you're talking about
We hang years, it's going to seem absurd that it didn't win. You care part we'd, be arguing that in ten years, people against they will look at the technical organs, action at this time and they didn't reward. What you are saying is that that movie in your in your view, best represent the political climate in the issues of Contemporary America in the setting of a girl. Now but you're right. I would say that say, that's a piece, but I had to like there's, probably five or six years, there's like five or six reasons think why a movie like that gets it first. Well, it's really hard to make a great mainstream. Well done unbelievable horror movie. It's only really happened a few times the degree of difficulty that is just so high, the originality of it? I thought was way way up there and at least even with Paypal water that acting was The exceptional
that is already like Yahoo. What manner of both you say is easy to make an easy to execute. Super difficult and we all they always they comedy I gotta be I've been drama. My biggest there, with three billboards was. It was a really simple movie that didn't, have added new, wants nuance to it and was euphuism fade out. That way, we did a good job of securing their ties, but it's made about this fictional. Town in America that I dont know who this places that are no place in America, could throw somebody out of a window at twenty people watching, and it's not a thing, I just thought it was I just thought it was way to over the top, and I and I didn't buy me SAM Rockwell is horrible guy, but now Read this letter from Woody Harrelson almost blows up now is a great guy
now I said what we are asking you. Why why you think that it makes sense that three billboards didn't I'm asking you why you believe in ten years it's going to seamen same that get out, did not win the thing is I know the answer is I wouldn't put on. Tell me with the answer. I think that's what I think the meaning of it is not that there is a deeper and more secure and the more it means more to the culture now in the world is changing in this movie star to fit in that world and that this movie and an example of ideas that did not exist in the mainstream before I think I just met waited I think that's a piece I still had been up at an important loading. It's back to good movie right is an important issue. Poor movie, but ass. I thought it's one of those movies at and I have seen in a bunch of times that I keep picking up stuff in it and I keep picking up stuff in the performances like when we did the we did. The reaction was about it and I dont like
the tea cup saying because it just eight so unnerving to me, but Wesley was pointing out, like all the stuff, that's happening in that seen in how the actor, you're playing off each other- and it's really amazing- and I think, like I look at him, We like sounds and lambs, which came out when I was in college, so is at least twenty five years ago, Ninety ninety one, maybe movies rids. It was so original and the moment, and it was so powerful, then as the years of past it's it's kind of taken another life and I think that's what's good. I'm gonna get out not enough, she made a one, the best picture, but for me that's a factor and it should manner. I I guess I it seemed to me as though The fact is that we can even have this caught it as the years go by. I think it's gonna feel I get up What are you probably better that it didn't win legacy languidly, but
so they re talking about money again. But if you're Talkin movie, having a moment more, like a movie being part of a moment that should have helped its Madame I would say: lady birds probably fits. I build better right from everything. That's how do we in the last year and there's a movie where I've female writer director a movie with two credibly strong female characters and a move a kind of personifies everyday. Now we ve been talking about the last year when France Dormann Ass evidence Dana, but the Oscars, like twenty five people, stood up like to me late. Birds, part of that. Why me Reason that I thought that was the best movie is because you just get which filled with people who seemed extremely reassure me. I just thought it was like. It was a dog, it's odd, it rare
movie. Where is sort of like well that person like a spare like, like you, know what this the girl second boyfriend. Like that kid, I haven't seen that kid embodies a lot that kid I've seen in life. My whole y yeah, like that you know about you, meet up like a doubt. I would like you to come canvasback member. For there was even a national champions of game and cause without delay with thing that we are to vote on is one title IV when it was all about it. Ok, here doc, very often what would happen a tea would be number one.
And then somebody would be number two and they were both be undefeated or they both have one was a decision had to be made and all it was always to the advantage of the team. Could you expect what sort of disguised as the Kindle, which should want to national job Egypt in perpetuity? I feel like that. How did this with the Oscars now, but the film like get out the losers is going to actually be shorter, rewarded overtime for having why but here's the deal? What did we stop doing college football? That way because people felt it was any artic. You have made no sense that anything second was better than anything. First, Europe, Europe here. This is why I think, the after their idiotic, because the only thing that they really do is they create a cannon for people
disagree with the only purpose they service to be wrong when they get things right, nobody gives a shit, we're just move on his eye. I dont think people remember now who one between Moonlight LAO landing surfers like fear, they just remember that one of them one and then it got foot. I I think late. What I said for I think stance. I think people watch the Oscars hoping the right things are going to happen and I think people, the Grammy's with now multiple decades, experience. Knowing the wrong thing is going to happen and read, to be annoyed bat Graham, is you like. I know this is gonna, be fucked up and I know the wrong persons gonna win. I can't wait to bitch about it. It's the emails that, when you only Graham, is that your we're not obvious thing like ok to grow Mars, want the Grammy's, Bashir and liking o Lord did not add, but when you think about it, it's like this in a war that voted on by the industry,
Bruno Mars? Success is an extension of the music industry. Lord success, isn't it tension. Really of the media and of a fan base that was interested in things or outside the mainstream, the Inn. St point very little role in her success, the business and that's not to the detriment of girl Mars. I mean it's just that, but there is a certain kind of former, but the industry. The music industry see this as if it were a good eye. We can make this person succeed and when someone succeed and is doing something that artistically likeable like they get the Grammy, it's obvious to me. You people, I won't shouldn't, be that way. It shouldn't they we should get and we need to get involved and get this changed. But why, for the music industry doesn't get to have an award the system that they built that plays by their rule
If we had only matter is important and if you think it's important year more well, it seems I that's the biggest awards inefficiency re down for somebody to create a. Get a bit musical words thou it. Actually, capture whenever happen in the in the year and some of the innovations in the best songs and all that stuff. It's like, I don't think it's I don't know it's possible, no, thereby there, but I tickets. I think but he should try, I think with them, visa waiver you'll have haven't spirits cause. I think be cool. I would love to know. I just know like when I wrote my book it was really It was really viable and fund to go backwards and go. Here were the Allenby eighteen and nineteen sixty eight here's, the envy p voting psychologist. The upshot of what happened. We don't even have that with music, as the snapshot is so distorted and fucked up I'd. I Philip, I remember when this flipped,
I'm a little order than here, but I remember in Asia one leg for Grammy's. I remember that was like a nuclear bomb for the Grammy's outside the Graham is either. What are you sure was talking about tell you what I mean total Toto. One phrase still come. I had a senior moment at its a yet well Toto another Grammy way down. That would be the ultimate proof of what your arguing that that your thing, but it way They didn't actually very good. It was no doubt the thing you know, I'm not your derailment, but gave in Toto they're, not jack. We jokes, I mean a lot of the biggest found them. Michael Jackson's thriller were written by a guy it's like they knew what they were doing, who they greener differs again further. I think, I think, couple. The Sox are really good its later aren't you said what the section was at time that was like the first time. People really lost their fuckin shit that Toto
when for Grammy's. I vividly remembered this. I was like twelve, I remember- for free. I read this reactor at all. One first Grammy Forbid Metal ACT defeating the Gallagher that wind better for Jethro tell him tat, It was clearly better from a Gallagher, the amateur helical win of birth Grammy for heavy, like our well Agatha, but they do. They can affect a bit. We ever had a higher biggest middle Banda could give them, but because a bad we created this idea. That sort of that that is the good bye, and then the biased was that the people voting and the industry will likewise Metallica like ok We, the european electorate that time, but they gonna came from a mega force record than like they'll make videos at the time they may be obeyed
and made the one video yet They'Ll- make videos they don't make radio signals. We are the music industry have very little impact on their success. The reason that their successful, because big allow live- and they kick ass man- kid what it s like they just dead, dead, the crowd and the kind of person who loved Metallica loved them in a way that very few jet your top analogue. Yet your top, I mean I'd, say this lecture at all the garland this is then get out market can only able water on it will be no having. I wouldn't say that, because I think I think that very few people who go back and listen to that, just your record and listen to the corresponding metallic direct and the like are gonna tell with nobody would have felt like I was. There was no doubt the area. Neither time is water
Would you abolish our chances? Would you get rid of our words used here tomorrow? I ever there. I think that there are totally eyeing as something that have on tv when there's nothing else to watch yeah. I think that their fine as away for people distort of feed the lack of a better somebody a celebrity in kind of a real life setting. The person has to make an o ward speech a matter just talk, and it's like that. Big can hide behind the idea that all that is fine, I don't mind the award shows it is with great me crazy. Is that people care about them? I care about, I've been dropping that it is not one other, maybe the star Young, a little bit but other than that areas. No a war that I think as any it all any kind of ruin, the herdsman trophy by only giving it the Corp began over Ruth. Now they ve made behind me. Probably this situation, where somebody like Paul warning
When you have, you know what you have to be eleven and want or twelve at all, but will be able to decide if they believe even room matched by making it more professional. I generally how about Ambien VP. I really, a lot of thought to it, I could name every one of them. I know at the top floors, were I just love it. They get some. Ninety Hampshire, it's so much better than I don't know who football and the appeal as this year was a Brady. It's him I get well what However, the map here in a market that is after the fire be there, is taken refuge Maybe you're involved contracts that I like it. I think of the air baseball, VP guy ruined and I barely pay attention that any more because they made so many mistakes of that, but it visit the basque mom BP. What's funny, as the voters shaming that goes on which goes back to what I was saying about. How very little surprise anymore with the words you always have a sense at a time because, like with the NBA, the envy p, somebody last year could be like
yet. Every two hundred and twenty voted votes. But it could have been lacking. I've fucked Wrestle West recommend a vote for our Orford and I just have been their boat now, if you do that, you're like ie, is the worst thing in human beings ever that draw for our forget him. Get there it is, after all, an aid like freak out. Everybody so scared to make the wrong pick them here and in terms of its most, it's been awhile. I think, since I've seen much credit Some of the election committee and included you got drunk out the bed, the mountain awhile, and yet the weird thing is is: it seems as though they just went exclusively by the numbers yeah, which I thought everyone has been telling me we're supposed to do right by Europe.
More you're just up here, but solid rock legitimacy with anything except pure analytic, another they did and then people I likewise Oklahoma, headwind at the beginning of the year, but not the end of the year. Will the number it's just the way at the beginning of the year. The fame. Of course they get in here like their use. Getting and outline the middle very few. I think the only made major couldn't win a turn beginning with the batter. Now I dont back to me, there should be more mid majors. I can understand why the option? I have one last thing for you, I I I want one like the question. I heard this on your thereby get really a guy for the angel. This you're playing out, build an pitching. Oh, yes, the biggest biggest fantasy conundrum of our time. It's really like. I think that it is able to whom I pay is like that japanese nineteen, eighteen of Aber earth, yet people, it's fantasy. It's gonna wanna too easy there. They split you split him up into two separate people and you could drive pay.
You're a tiny and hid her? A tiny or you I am one person in ages- counts for both categories. It's it's it's the biggest thing that ever happened: unfairness baseball a two hundred email chain about it like trying to figure out what to do. I admit I mean at College Football League and the thing that happens every year. It at some point like a guy who started the year at kite in get move to auction quarterback and suddenly this guy at the title rushing four hundred and ten yards never gave budget during the reading up. What your last question your decision designed Farewell question. It was the top the fifth anniversary of bee. Some butthead this month show that I feel like was really really resident there in the early mid nineties in almost big of away as anything of the citizens.
And then has over the years, is kind of faded away, and then my judgment to do other things, and and of belongs to the nineties in a lot of ways. Don't you feel when you think of the nineties, you think of that early nineties era and wraps taking off Grunge is at its peak. TV is the culture of forest like eight as strong as its ever ban and just this shit's going on. It feels a beavis him, but had whose roots the marrow of all that, and now it's just a gun in my everything in this kind of guy, but real significant. It changed rocket substantially because it was his idea that business the experience that the average music consumer goods, having with rock videos, except that many of the family
but even TAT had said in those video clip was very insightful like it was delivered in kind of em all right, but it would be like that, like the thing that they, like paper and stuff like that, they don't hold up. I have a dance grid, Danzig everything mother yeah. You know I'd like you to do the things they catch if the eel big they dont have. Licensing or the videos anymore, I now truly size and find them there, and I think that
wait all thine, whereby all think of yet another guy, but even though it is not a lot in be with him, but had it. That would be like the obvious thing that would offend people now, the town of it just came, I think, to a lot of modern young people, as would it isn't right, whereas we shouldn't be right. This is exactly like the right there's something about their they're up the way they think about the world in their world view. That did not seem good at home. I don't. I wonder
about like I'm guessing at some point now at my kids are gonna start watching the Simpson, I'm looking forward to that point when they kind of get into bed seemed like L B, something kids get into now. I'm wondering what the early symptoms are. Gonna seem like to be seems to me now no I'm a guy by my son, bangs mad at you. I I thought, even to this day centres working every episode pointing I've. Never really. I haven't seen a new episode problem can years, but I'm I'm wondering how I have a sense that they are going to will resonate with young people, but maybe I'll be wrong. My son, I think, is a very fair litmus test for this really started watching them by two years ago. The first couple seasons tat. It takes probably like season three as when it kicks in, but love. And they still that by the think they think those will end up being
the he loved, Beavis Butthead actually now they because of some stuff they do. I think the reason it probably they have an age was characters is cause major is parity in a certain type of people that me the Americas little more afraid of these days, but the best part That show for me and the thing you mention that is such a Senate tragedy, but it just sucks is the funniest that shows that making fun of the music videos that was well when I was watching it. I just love their takes on different thanks and, like you said, Some of them were really astute, and sometimes I would learn about bans that I know of the ban was and then times. They would just trash the right people in the best possible ways and the fact that day and have the rights for that? It's like this loss treasure from the nineties that what I've never understood is why MTV can't catches replay them like ass. An AL can replay all this analysis and show the music x ray.
Oh I'd ever away empty beaches. Couldn't we play ball but adds, I think I think it might be, because there are no larger than life form not differ. Not record what a shame it is it is. It is strange now, if I go to you want to get into but like give em the music industry as well, had collapsed, could have stated their preferred got into the right kind of relationship with MTV would have told him tat if they would have said the MTV. You know what a guy like you play these videos, but we now have some weird arcane. Think like you have to show every week you have to show at least for artists from capital, and you have to show for it
from. You know like pale alone or from crystals. Now, would you be always like you just need to show every label me get to have like every major legal had levels for acts that path to dead boy over all the individuals like one or two acts must be played in the span of a week, beginning with that would have done. It would have stopped MP from being in position. Where they could stop showing music videos, they would have had to keep jointly medium and as long as they were, showing music videos, the music industry could still sold cds because all they would have to do is really crackdown on the pirating of the videos that weren't heavy MTV what they were doing played all the time like. If, if you have said, is still happening and they had to play Taylor Swift a certain number of time. We had to see killers with well, they would just make sure that no one can download those are those on and they could have kind of created like these to a real economy in the shadow economy, but the garden
Can I let you and analyse secret the music industry is like thriving right now I would say there they're doing I've been told that it's it's as profitable as it's like ever been needed. Figured out other Spotify streaming gap, all that stuff I just don't know what I heard him. The rigging it in. I think they there it's definitely some dark times, but I think there are now making it in and Nike look at how much money Spotify is the revenue their generate a noun shit like that and apples, obviously doing ok, but yeah anyway, I we have got anything would apply, Meyer, Czech Austrian, and his coming out? In fact, cover may move. Fathers perfect, for others. Dig grass actually probably is another. I get them at. The gate
In reply to, and are you are you caught up in trailblazers fever? Now? Do you the Dame lower Jersey walk around. You know what the real one I don't want you really is he's been granted season. Oh, I was they won by night, not by eleven. That would either he's gone into their backward. Having discount the warriors they may have does basket back, I'm awake and certainly the Mostar explosive rocket Iraq throughout the world not just got the wires. Somebody else now, let's at I would say there, probably three John. While was helping the wash you mean the discussion but yeah yeah. Now Ireland's been really find it in They just have awesome fans. I've always tease them from time to time across the Portland Sacraments tougher that gazillion one team, so are there ports, frustrations for professional are thrown in this one franchise, but when Portland
get the plants were fund and I love the home games there, an elixir there will be three seed, so could be it they are right now right now they get to that, but the polluting apply that that's the Rainy Munich in it. It could be anybody I prepared to begin make it out of here. Anyway check. This is a pleasure, as always enjoy the tournament great to talk to you tat. You see ways. Thanks so much the zipper, the smartest way to hire my listeners contrived for free at Super Gerda com, slash bs, thanks to credit that com or takes less than two minutes to find
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