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Chuck Klosterman on Baker Mayfield, Philip Rivers, the Clinton Affair, Trump vs. Goodell, and Much More | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 457)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Chuck Klosterman to talk Amazon and Netflix growth, changing football, the NFL rookie class, outrage culture, the next great athlete commentator, and more.

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It's gonna be a living. Breathing list is it's gonna play up. It is going to be updated. Probably once a month during the season. I read the huge intra for it did all the honourable mention guys and then laid out the top. Fifty five is how, Did this didn't? right about the top. Fifty five guys, I'm gonna, be doing that next month, a problem I swear my kids But there is more than enough content in this free today and then we'll try to hope that you know this something we have they month to month. It's funny. I almost had this up before Thanksgiving and that list was different than this list, a hum You know, for instance, that could damage he cried. A couple spots, I'll leave it at that. Four guys fell out of the top. Fifty five. Couple guys. I was just horrified by just cut out of the honourable mention entirely, but the idea of the lists ebbing in flying depending on the mind so anyway, that is on the ring, a com
middle the week. I think it's Wednesday might be Thursday can't member, but yeah been look out for that. All right, let's get to a close German, but first our friends from All right. It is the end of twenty eighteen or close we're heading at the holiday season who better to call than the ringers were alive. Santa Claus Chuck close to me as an eighteen wrapping up. What are you gonna remember about two thousand eighty well learn to father. You just died that yeah, penny Marcia, any Marshall. They died. I die half hour ago, but it was just reported.
About them I got there will be my singular memory of twenty eight yeah weather I don't know. I wonder what over you remember about this year? How I love we need. I think they might lead that. I me well, I know it. You said my things like out effaced a book, be here that poet I'll remember. I remember more about my life, the world at large, that's interesting way. To put it yeah, I think We think it more for non personal stuff, but yeah. I guess you that, as far as you first remember, you know things that then in your own life and some places you and all that stuff how they can more leg from Ok, what he hears- Google, it? the from a political standpoint. I think it's easy terms. Do you know whatever side. Your only remember two thousand eating away. Why but from from it, pop culture side, This really follow the year that streaming started,
kind of over power everything else- and I think that would be one of the first things I remember the music gear is really all over. The map different ways and some of the personalities we had either gain steamer lost their minds, and why do you think I? Why do you feel like streaming took over this year. I feel, like I mean I haven't, have it. I haven't. I d be player for like five years yeah. Nor have I have anywhere like my computer does have a speedy drive. I don't feel like screaming. She's been sort of minute for awhile yeah I agree that I just met more from never starting to. Netflix and Amazon are really just starting to figure it out and alighted at four ways, and some of this stuff Netflix did this year from a hiring standpoint. I was really fast, thereby Dubai waste your said, our competing its Disney, we're just gonna. Take Lahti or best executives and and a lot of the basque people,
made diversity passed by a company risk and take all the marina quince. For pay wherever there making and now we have them. And there was some game. A throne shit that you know it we ve heard these words rumours and whispers about what they may be up to that their building and animation studio, they're, taking all the space in Hollywood and just in the last two years. It really seems like them in Amazon, specifically an apple to some degree, to his apple starting to make these content deals to were just like what you are white of Kuwait, the media insight or listening all the chest, move that we can say like. I, like that, a network now they're invaders, sometimes at home they day I like that, when that's happening to collect brothers, Boogie yeah, that's it you're going brothers. Maybe that was great to watch immediately. I don't. I don't know about the higher so what's what's really got on, is
stream has been around for a few years and they had to leave and they don't really know how to do that and now they're, like you know what we should do is just bend our resources on the best possible people who either create content or can and the people who create can't and we'll do that plus we have this algorithm now that over though as five years? We have all this data on what people like to watch and work there, dear content or those people have died by the pact before, but the a lot of the movies Daisy networks are in earnest different kind of genres right. There's like these They have horror, movies, left and right there, these movies routines. They have rom coms there, only a formula movies about days up kinds of content about dogs they actually had a documentary sera is called dogs which was six about other dogs.
And Lord bother allow loved it. They're, like you, ve gotta, watch the yes make you a dog or smart, don't like now like a like. For now, we can start doing things like or were content and dog content. Illegal means they're using contacted the like what is, and what would you can't get now? contrary to listen to the new context, His content may vote, be the word of two designated ready to die of your people, eat it like old. Like all, I care wait till the to radio ears, stopping about twenty eight, the on going out glad you just made it out. They won't do that. I'm glad you did because something has been bothering me. I feel like very often in this
world podcasting, particularly active in the taken culture, a pocket you'll make always take right and then, when they, when their proven right, we'll bring it up like fifteen more time in the future, but they don't bring it up when they're wrong, and I just feel, like I gotta say, was totally wrong about me the bigger babe. You too, I was completely wrong the eye. It respect the idea of moving him to win back, just like in the same thing that I thought should happen. We had a conversation, you recall I'd, be tackled, Tiger what book yeah I got word spoken and we talk about all the quarterback coming out and, like I were both really down on it yeah. I was just totally right about that. It was she was, oh yeah, I guess I can't you be argue- is only the second best rookie quarterback this year after the guy suffered by the people of France,
there. I was wrong. I realized it immediately in and couldn't back fact any faster. It just seemed crazy to me that he was gonna go first and then you watch em a couple times. Still rise of refugees had ups and he sat down, and I think at a crazy coaching. Situation is a lot of weapons, but there's a. After that you can kind of terror against Donald. Who am I lukewarm on, and he felt Matthew Stafford it to me against it. Tax ends. Who was the first time? Whereat kind of saw the ceiling a little bare, and you start to wonder what he's gonna look like if they actually put real weapons, rather bitter will actually the first game Darnel play the Detroit. It was like. I do that pick on the first girl in them with great the whole way already The way I would like you know, maybe he'll be good, but any kind of disappeared in true alive, Ricky, quarterback esteem precondition.
And even different ways that me like, like Judge Alan he's, really intriguing, runner yeah really enjoy watching people run the bald? Really. I never would have guessed. He was that at work. You know As you know, the margin It's all. There were better with him in it. You don't even he has done when occasion terms of accuracy now art and he just makes them a much more interesting team can obviously may feel that It is by the way. Let's forget it, car coward, who who I really like I had heard him. Maybe Five weeks ago, talking for five basic attacked by Lamar Jackson is full of gold, and TIM T bow, and we did this in its second happen, manner to master the radio, be like large acids. Looking good, and I just remembered it cause I'd heard today for takes, and I've been in their position before Regis Wrong that somebody, but I must feel egg
There needs to be a word for these people who have to give takes all the time where it there. Just as there giving the take that crime, is off the take they had had four months ago. You just say some word like yeah like silver now yet, and people just now that you're you're aware that you screwed this up. Initially, I don't know it by now. Whatever I do know what the word Ruby, You work for the mistaken cake, where its job itself, Instead of a safe world, it's a take. Where'd you go I gave you know the merger in sea, distress like our glimmer. Jackson legs awesome, pineapple here's the thing, and then he just goes in and he's acknowledging that he was wrong and that's it. I think outwork now why I felt I mean I'm wrong, but lots of bank, but I want to talk about that. It looks like each year.
And you know now up and running again, because I ve been talking all year about how I just like, but I do not think over homer is one of the four best genes in the country. I think they should not be in the play off, and I said this so many times so many people now, like, though, probably be Alabama businesses mean like they have any cope with the weather in the game. I score thirty points, but they're gonna give up sixty eight if the ages, just there, I think the pic twelve is so these are now now. Mary is a real one guy to walk, and I guess it's good that using the play out she's the watch him plainly. One more time. I can't remember if we ever talked about this, but I have a body my my buddy steel, Bishop or my best friends from high school, my friend for more than thirty years of this point his feet. Great thing was when somebody was equally had passed. Potential and two different sports
they eat the love, ran up hurry the was that any member ran a courier could was the and see quarterback, but could also be the point out on their basketball team. We were like so blown away that somebody could do that. Both Jackson was obviously the the ultimate by it's so rare. To have these two guys that are in there fork in the road moment where they could go either way and be really gave cause. It seems like Mary kid by day. We wanted to an end be good at it I enjoy that looks like he's. Gonna play it, for I mean the thing you in little complicated position because he's a quarter back me real difficult for him to play baseball and then play football
Don't you actually did right? You can just eat much too much and too much like if the if he played a different vision, and he did. He obviously could play many petitions, but maybe now attempt to debate the. Why didn't? He could be many things we could do well, but I don't see how you could be a quarter. Back showing up in October, I just doesn't seem possible. It's like a special level of athletic ability. When somebody here and I really Thank you. I got a member target. Abbe want back about this once you know who ended up being the best striker in the history of? U S, woman sack earns one of a kind player, but she pushed could have played any sport like if she had just on toward basketball. She would have been great a basketball and there's assert certain people that are just at a whole other level than anyone else, and then you see it with he's bar
Nearly my son put is on a travel to him and we have these kids on the team of implants, as they were for but the reality is there some athlete out there that can just pick up baseball at age sixteen and be awesome at it immediately. It's just like final level of athlete. And I always enjoy. When somebody has the ability ECHO of Zion Williamson was also like a scratch. Golfer kid he just be the Hague, I as a way of supply Garfield Revolution as if it is you knew this basque birthing had said. I like what people have choices that, like aged nineteen, like that at that level,. Yeah I get any it is your free or for you. And his entreat by Israel cool like like a trolley war. I remember when he beside the point: Yeah, hey by initial bought with like you're just gonna, be assured the guidelines will so much physically stronger and everyone asian attack each play football but weird story:
yeah yeah was can say, Charlie's a great example just Charlie Dundee, when the Heisman think you did it and then he went to the legs and and was you know, had bad some moments on the next. He got paid a couple times are member, yet one really Luke. Of contract. I will take. You played an ear and I remember at a contract that was expensive and tough to trade at one point so Probably the right move like if you paid for by I don't know, I don't know. How well he would have done, maybe would have in a back up. Maybe you could event. Starter only allows a team had ever, but the basque thing was removed, and anyway I know you ever I went to deal Blazers raptors the other night, I gotta watch the blaze a little bit disappeared. You know the back story on how this guy you fifth
nor kick got into the NBA use of Turkish. Yes, yeah, how weak it made that to me. What did you tell the story? Cause he's the one is the world's most interesting and paper. What I'll get it? anything wrong heard. The story I have heard it now, but what is so he's like from, like Bosnia or whatever. Apparently there this guy in the United States who wanted Like you, don't be an agent or something, and he just kind of reading on the internet- and he read this story about this small Bosnians town that has called like the counter the seven put Cobb right, though this can call a cab and says
we're question: do you have any kids like you? I got a fourteen year old kid or whatever Peppino get an elected. He play basketball, guys like baby and then Dave I'm coming over there and this guy who's over their finds. This kid didn't play basketball now in the NBA and that guy did agent Don't sound like that? Really paid you? Yes, so he was seven feet tall. His is dead. Name is. It's a J r icy at an eye for nuts and maybe Hariri, nurtured nor catch. A police, officer in Bosnia Cemetery how four hundred pounds and An allegedly that's what happened, and he is like this famous like bad ass psyche, almost cycle, like a villain and taken bodies on the good side, because he was a cop and yeah you're right? That's probably, Since it came Eliza John, I still think a cable. I joins the most incredible six.
A story about this is probably second, I would say well having only one of the great sick, your every ball too, because I mean really came from nothing Like you know, it's like it was the only, and I just find it amazing that, like you know it very often, It only trust, aided boy like the idea for data, not like a kind of alarming I didn't go, but like I, this guy, he thought that's what you want to be reading the internet. Looking for all cars in order to find in the players that is lacking we invested. It does sound like a bad sports movie that somebody read the script, but it never actually gets made let the Cabman Bake in a movie at the Arab there haven't baking, goes to Africa find Whatever been, this would be like this guy reads: the story did have the seven foot four hundred pound bouncer
and you did all thing with nobody believe it. I think the thing they came tat. I was always amazed by and I written about it, but just that he play soccer in Nigeria and was able to develop this crazy, footwork endangered because he grew to assert. In point there, like you, should try basketball any just goes in the Basque. By with this crazy once in a generation footwork that he had just for this completely bizarre reason there, which is never happened now, I don't see any scenario where we didn't kind of happened within bead aghast but I think I'm back about a late in life and he's very similar in terms of how the decree, when indeed was the answer, I thought to myself no planning and be a nobody like a member. Yeah he might be able to INA I would have had. I would have never guess, but they would be the best of ten percent. A week which clearly is right. Now,
one thing: is they had the beyond? beyond borders program. At that point, in that, I found a bid so is actually easier to target somebody that when Hakim was playing if we are, there was just a flute. Nobody is looking for players in Nigeria in now and it I guess, a backers stories pretty crazy to we told that story. The document are just like how he can cargo and had to live different now these there's more, I mean this guy ask us Yakima Toronto is really good he's another. He's from Cameroon and You know this is when we add a massage harry on the on the package last shares. This is like his passion is too fine more more of these guys who either he's so advance at their more. More of them are out there that you know the steps can be It is now the streaming of the games is probably gonna get to after at some point,. And all the difference in the big Cubs and who knows,
about twenty years. You tell me basket where's that that the league would be fit he percent american players in fifty percent elsewhere, and I believe that right I mean it does seem at some point. There is going to be a lot of chinese players in the NBA. You'd may have decades hearts to happen at some point, but you know that It is a big plates bill and, MRS Green, I wanted to have something else. Ok, so I was recently in Australia. Younger and an interesting thing happened. It's an approved. The quiz show The Americans do not know about anything in the world. If that were to happen in America, I feel like I fall boy relatively closely. What do you know about them born CUP, a Woodstock talk about Microsoft, surface. If you needed device that helps you get stuff done, but is also perfect when you catch up on some fun
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Yes, what is it? Ok, so I made an australian, but this thing called the interval of dangerous idea, though I I why, over there enough to prolong flight, I haven't event on Saturday, I'm off Sunday, but over their Sunday is our Saturday. So I go to that. I find the casino nearby and I want college football. There and then one day could endanger the NFL game drowned, but to day my wife, they're fine back I get up and go down in the Mai. Oh tell me, walk through, can the bar is there and it lies in the morning and the bar is filled with people she dressed in, say: ok, dressed like they're like going to some gala in
eighteen, twenty five and unlike what what's going on, how it like white, why are they all waiting billing around barbed wire bar bringing in five tv? I walk outside no one's working. Sidney. Ok, I'm not even in Melbourne, I'm in no way be working We ve been going around drinking at new year and there are getting ready for the mill born cup. We kid thoroughbred horse rate on grass track. It happened at three o clock but the entire country and seemed to shut down apparently in Melbourne. You owe me people who have to work. I like people who work in bars, everybody gets paid every Wednesday, it's like a combination of the Kentucky Derby and the Superbowl and like Memorial Day because, like nobody's doing anything and being tired, watch is this horse? Raven, I don't even know if it is possible, but I heard like three people say it:
between new and three o clock on that day in the country there are three thousand bets placed on this course raise. Every second Jesus regarding a possible, but it's like the opium like I'd. Never I never knew this back and like there's. This is just a strictly an author who they kind of think like People think will be like. Like the next major author is named, Gerald Burn name is old guy. He works at a bar tender. He doesn't use the internet in the correct way. To start over, not Billy reckless but like the state of public eye, but you obsessed with memory and one of his claim to feign, who claimed to fame, is that he can recite every winner of the milk one cup in history and sequence.
And they re started in eighteen. Sixty one might think, as I said, Rainbow hang up before, like you yeah yeah, that's what that, like his thing is obsessed with memorizing thing, but it was just this door to experience something that I had never heard about. That appears to be the single biggest sporting gay in an entire country. It just is weird. I I can't believe I never a death ass other people. I got back me right, did what do you know what the Melbourne CUP? They all do. The same thing you did. There are like that, like a civilian, rosebud boy, no, I would have thought that you So what you just described is yet another reason to love. Australia, of Australia. I haven't gone there yet, but I know I like it yeah just I'd. I think it's everybody. I've met from there It's just seemed superfine everybody's kind of
I don't know they dominate spirit about them, but what scribes. That was basically that's what that's what Massachusetts. People have patriots day. We get the day off when they run the marathon and it's like, though its especial how they just for people, Massachusetts and real like in the Boston area, but I was wondered why more cities didn't do that because it comes this great day, thereby looks forward to you now. Three day week and then it's like you need to but who live there and you did Think like San Francisco Chicago less age, was all these different places would just want their own version of that day. Is it Really call me you can't just can't just do those legs. I mean like once always try to be like a Christmas in July, or whether they would be I'm sure they would think it would be great if we could convince people to have a second Christmas in the Sun
but can I you know, traditions have to be traditional. They have to come organically and cleaned out to be around a lot. Tat more like what, if they still in a way that the the Dodgers Home Game was just a holiday in LA. Ok that were who decide at another women? Who would be they decide that for the run. California, with the gun, good good, good move, report of somebody's election. Pushes ok, you got get a day after dad you're so gave we had somebody here, you, you know Jerry Brad, who famously was Forty years ago is doing this and then circle back these squashed. They were Guess I used to use the date when they arrived at Davos. He became famous for that. He, squashed. There is big to extend last call and allay till four in the morning
and everybody was excited about it, including us. Some. The degenerates word for the rigour and and Jerry Brown his legs in the seventies. At this point, squashed it And people are really mad about it and ass. I went well Why squash that, like? Wouldn't you want a gardener favour with younger voters? To in the last cop Us Nafta. Yes is last car last call that it was. It was clock, the thing or a bad thing for you, primary raw around three three three is: for your health orator. I feel it is too early, sometimes sometimes that is how I feel they did this with asked our weakens. Do. Will you be like a member in Dallas one year to shut down like one forty five, so he you have these people come to to celebrate a weekend in your city and then you're. Basically, they have dinner and then your town them they drink for an hour and active. Go back to the hotel room,
things should be more. Why it's four o clock in New York and at does really change altered the drinking culture when you can stay somewhere or where it like. When I was growing up in North Dakota, it was one rail. There was this whole kind of culture of going to people's houses. After the bar, but you could also buy off there at the bar, so you could like go up just the bar and like by a bottle getting older, whatever go home, get on with in the older generation that labour lift generation, it seems like the the D W. I staff would be mitigating a little bit, but maybe I'll be now you gotta be yeah, I get it. I just. I can't imagine why, like you, if you're driving front now man
really like you, don't care, because if I hear it wasn't you help United State, like you know, when it was there used to be the problem like well, I got my car the bar. Now I gotta get my car right, but that was always the big deal like I had a meat. I will mid April hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times in parliament stupidly. I can't believe I never got it. You are you're, never killed anyone or myself, but part of the reason was like I had to get. My car, like I like yeah, leave my car at the place, but now, if you could have a car, take me to the bar and back- it's real easy! Looking up in those cities getting attack these kind of complicated. But you know you have a call and I'll be thank you. No one will take to get there, but the FAO. It is now, though, I am I also had a lot of drinking driving home said. I regret in the thing is There was no education for thirty years ago you now and it was.
I mean so many things were different about thirty years ago that this could be it. Nineteen, our part, as always: the public, the lack of education you're like a baby, a bribe better, no, it's just it wasn't it. Doesn't really discouraged like this. Like you, might you you're going to not get a d w? I you never never We thought about the moral consequences are wholly shade. I'd kill myself with somebody else, you have always only thing I've thought about avoiding the police, That was the only thing tat. The goal was to get your car home and every group of friends had. If you know, Percy Like in college. There was always the one friend who is always the best tat driving after having a few, and that was the one who drove and I go back now. It's fucking crazy. This is only thirty years ago about his open like three hundred years ago. You now, but we do know any better. Thank you for, like my brothers and sisters, were like a
in sixteen years older than me when they were young, they told me a deal. I was fifty bucks, but was it right? You just fifty dollars- yeah. I had two experiences in the mid nineties that Fork in the road moments for me and both were drinking and driving, and I looked back now my cat is such a fucking area. Cable I did that by You now in your young and especially where There is no not do it not accentuating certain thanks now like he'd there's commercials left and right there a real real war, did fear above it. But you know I looked. Get the Ladys early nineties an m am I why why don't we know any new stuff It was really not cycling, wheat. I talk about this with my college or meets all the time. Moreover, like amazed by how stupid everything was back then, but
Now it seems like it's better now I wonder, fits shifting. To find the other way where people are just can be too wary into cautious, better them that the total budget drive it, but just like in it just in general, there's just such a fear. Now of saying the right thing, doing the wrong thing crossing some sort of lie and that you don't know if you cross that are now in just how this is gonna affect everybody going forward. I'm curious. What is it is an interest The combination of things that have happened is that their people are more public about their life like penalty, like the social penalty, for making a minute
state has increased, now not been. Those things are if those things are sort of like up if they happen kind of in orchestrating or if this is just kind of like an unexpected consequences to things happening at once, but you know you would be, it wasn't now long ago, where, like Philip high profile person tat, do you I So there's somebody out there who they're. Just a large group of people who dislike the person somebody you can. And I just get Bayliss role. I would have escaped Bayliss where'd you get it do. I people would never make him forget yeah, but they would bring it up every day for the rest of his life. Yes, I read with a real the real danger as like. If you dont you during the position, we have a lot of people who like had this preexisting,
issue with you are a common everything relationship with you. A mistake like that just digits would never end. Yeah, it's weird, because at the same time people are more sympathetic than ever to certain things right, like I think, where more sympathetic than ever to be of sexual identity, to where more emphatic than ever to struggles of mental illness you now These are things that nobody gave a shit about ten years ago, and now people do about and they should care about it. But so at the same time we have stuff but then, if somebody makes a mistake, the pilot aspect of it It's a preventable mistake! a pile on aspect too. It is the scariest, its ever Ben. I think Twitter Twitter now, you know, two into order can be deceiving as if its five hundred
by coming out, you can feel like five hundred million you now and it could feel like a hurricane and it's not but at the same time I I do think it makes a she's kind of scary. You now you make a mistake. And what do you say something the wrong way or you wrote a piece and you put a line in there. You should have put in or whatever and it's like fuck but come at you left and right and I think for younger writers and younger package, People are younger people. Aren t view whatever, like that. There is really no margin of error anymore, and that's that's pretty soon every day you can just say I said that wrong I apologize. I learn my less and better for it now that that it cannot be over. At that point, you know he had a bit. That you nobody knew also like. Ok, so I know what percentage of the countries on Twitter one point they used to say
reset, and then maybe now it's fourteen percent there's nothing, I'm not really now, but it's about a hundred percent of people in the media. So when something like that is happening on Twitter, when I've been happening on Twitter, it's almost everybody who works in the traditional media because they use twitter to promote themselves, for the most part is like it seems as though they all know about and that this is a central bank. Yeah just hold percentage of people who who don't find out about it? How like something, become still controversial, spilled over the USA there, whenever you know- and I dont know what their feelings are about, these things we talked about. I mean it is possible,
that when these things explode and social media interest seems like someone is being crucified or had, then I want to build a large percentage of the country who just use that is completely meaningless. Explains why, when the person make the come back but the same people who are part of the crucifixion group there like? How is this person already back? how how you know how they ve only been await very ear whatever. How would they went back in and I wonder if it, because the majority of people never thought it was a problem to begin with. A guy. I didn't do that first profile on the other thing is seems to be a social media thing, but people move from one day in their fired up about the next thing. So you happen to be the thing that day that every bit as upset about you take it. Twenty four hour beating basically then it's like out there's something else: let's go over here
How did you like that? It's that all arab culture there we ve talked about on the back ass before its worse than ever, theirs question- and you know it I look at whether you're Fort the czech presidency are against, it it outrage. Culture has really worked against the people or the opponents are chopped because, when you're outraged by everything, and then you have somebody in the White House who you really find outrageous it's hard to have that same impacts. With your words in your actions when you also overreacted to all these other things- and there seems like there should be a bit about, will allow us to validate argument, which is that he is being persecuted justly the man his supporters? Basically look and say like well the entire world against impunity, credibly easy Two were too
and evidence that they are not that we want to believe that the credible easy to create this silo, where it appears, as as the only thing that's happening to him. His criticism carry I'm curious, not twenty. Eighteen, oh, maybe jumping the gun on us, but what percentage would you put on? The likelihood of three election tonight today. Prior to Christmas, twenty eight tat I mean, I think he can absolutely get reelected. The question is whether he gets in peach there. He has to resign before them, but the bottle That's going to happen, bar is so low to get ready to get reelected now. Would you need that? Thirty, thirty percent of your votes, something. What what is it.
It's a much lower number. There lies a god you about near where I mean very Garroway work it where you could. Probably I would. I would be to see what's the lowest percentage of the popular vote, you could get to become president. I bet it credible, but would you would you place the above or below? Forty percent I would say fifty five percent, fifty vipers, that he gets area like the idea, but a media what he did was something that we ve never really fully scene. Politician. Do you know it on the national stage is just a basically Could you pull down on his base? Inscribed bury us I gotta say it reminds me a little over how good dollars read the interval where did I was just like I'm drooping data base, which are my thirty two NFL honours.
Grab ready ass. I don't care, I am not here. I'm not here to make you happy about, being a football fan, I'm not here, for the players. Here too. Be a judge for certain incidents that we have that are unseemly. Ok, Should it myself in a contradict rulings that I did in the past, and I don't care what you think I care about is that these thirty two guys are happy with the job doing and that's it article well it's for them and that my base, and so we ve seen it where the other stuff trumps than the last two years we ve seen it will get. Our father saw decade crazy ears that accurate. Well, you know, I guess. Ok, it's not crazy. I won't even put the stage is getting old days. The third you owners, or is it they'll, be he would see it
the people who love football solely as a sport and that the only thing that matters too and I would bet it's probably the majority of people. Consistently watch football watched every week that the value of the product, the only thing that matters because Cuba deal with pre good NFL, really like like on the field it best it's been a while and as a consequence, I feel like a lot of the things we ve been talking about armies Parker over the last two or three years after it agrees to fade into the back. I hear a lot less conversation about concussion. It seems that the cap can at the cabinet thing it is digging owed it. We ve got to appoint now where he is in place for a while, yet played long enough that it actually is
reasonable to say you know that in other Redskins signing or whatever it's like eat mixture, much time now now and within and left the league at a point where it was sort of fighting to be a back up on at the time about the worst team in the Lee. You know not to mention the fact that if you try to come back and play now in all likelihood, be would hurt his legacy and sort of hurt his political position. But you don't hear people talking about those things at much because the kind of other homes now that's really can find the talk of the bitter really have fun thing there, or even the creek tat. I was a. I would deprive the cheek waved in the way they did. We use deprived yeah. I thought they were gonna, spend them for the year and try to get him had seemed to be removed. They were like we're not fuck around and they really couldn't because they also have two Erika oil. So he added you know it
We end up with a good both because it just like that that situation seems to be oh well, there was, I saw there is it there? Is this? a key part of that whole thing to which became obvious. If you watch chiefs last couple weeks, the drop from cream height. The Spencer, where they may well aims, was not dramatic you know it was a drop off, but it wasn't crippling and it still allowed them to be. For a super bowl if that had been tiree, kill. I would, by relations the other hand of it, because they have no replacement for him and he's one of the best way As we have in the week yeah, there really is no replacement. You can replace lyrical about, like you, not the best receiver and the weak, but what you bring in terms of you too on the field is so you do. He said really goes well with the kind of quarterback. He is one of the most memorable offensive
position, guys. I've ever seen. I asked you think, he's the fastest for Bob wherever I've ever watched or even no who else would be in that conversation, I think when Randy MOSS really had it go in and those like in others, the button hooks. The are button hugson things. I doubt it really did see my kick it outrun. Anyone on the earth, and he had those long strategy was six years along Strider back, he was shaped like a guy would be like. You paint bold about what, if a guy Saint Peter them, because it is tight, you're gonna get separation, kill, looked faster than the other guy he's running again right, Yet you bet that the only thing that's crazy bad hill is he's running full speed group. What would be full speed for a normal human being, but he's not in fifth gear, where he can I'd, kill, cross the middle and some pass and he's going. Speed, but he's not yet
so these got you you look at the defenders running with them. And their running as fast as I can and he's like on cruise control cannot but he's going as fast as and then kicks in this extra gear I've just never seen anything like that. I mean when we are grown up, what you expect. It was something else, this change. While I was listening to some guy, about this on the radio and kind of an inch point again. They were talking about the terek by being the idea in being the fastest player, but they think someone brought up Bob hey yet there about aid, but this elliptical Brenner then played the cowboys, but you know he played in a period when and this was true at the pro level, the college level Michael playing upon idiot where everyone was tied to basically run straight wine and make their cuts at specific angle. Yeah like used to guide me
If another way, the off into the one you ve got your kind of running these curve pass. You know the rams really started that, like you know, went when there was real good team at the time. Turn of the century, where they would have sort of kind of almost like, like an arc kind of to these past throughout the worn around they had a guy like it makes a guy a harder to run with, because you ve got to spend so much energy to keep up with him, and you can't really anticipate that that can move across the field, because when he had to cut its day, he was running like conventional coastguard. Her or he's like running down. Stop you know can it making the brake toward the poster whatever he, the runner you're the receiver himself had the sort of slow down or kind of idle doubt they do that, but they can run these patterns without really creaking yours. We need to get away from you guys.
I remember when we are grown up the two this guy's Ratcliff Branch and Stanley, Morgan right for receivers and then went on the running back the running back or another. Did the coroner further Rick Audio Green Deal great? Are we here so then the Niners Rinaldo near my eye was the famous heard there. And the Niners sign him with basically to that Bob haze I just just run a straight line, will teach you to pass rats your faster and their ruin and he's in the cover a sports illustrated. Which was a really big, a football under a which is a really big deal back then being cover sports illustrated, was about a significant is the most significant thing you pull out like that. And it was really fast and initiatives gonna play there is a disaster. I can't remember what was wrong with them. I can't member if he couldn't catch her features he figured out or what happened, but
he was on the Niners. Then he went to the raiders images. It never worked so well, and there would be ideal IRAN, Brown, you remember yeah other guy with a big sprinter and football ballplayer, so it seemed like he would be able to sort of maybe bridge that gap it didn't really work. Will it go to actually the pretty good? the apple of someone who were the track guy. Yet who? Who is good the old travelling back there you know All that we can take a break and have I have a good question for you hold a few. Listen to this back ass podcast you've already figured out smart ways to spend your time. Here's another when one the new Times Cross were quite crossword app, can't even speak. Perfectly with a podcast crossword in and listen opaque, ass right now, maybe somebody's doing this, the cross as a fun, clever way to stay sharp, everyday, there's new puzzle, a new opportunity challenges of play, and now, with the many crossword, squeezing a game in just a couple minutes. Each menopause,
Stimulating quick and most important fun fibres. Of or challenge your friends post to best times share the it comes from sobbing. Whenever you have downtime discover where play every day. It's time well spent Love the crosswords I go and little binges with them my dad is the biggest crossword fan. I know and he's always done the Boston glow, crossword cause. You know her in Boston? Now he can get the New York Times, crossword he can channel People can do the whole thing check it out. Download the near Times Crossroad app at New York, times dot com. Slash I have this question fruit. Woods the NFL said yeah footballs dangers. We actually think It got a little too soft. Over the last year we die we think we might have one too far, so here's Rowena do.
We're meeting is dangerous. We're done people there s weave studied all these concussions does for the last few years. Figure out a way to make a little safer, but and what a modern uptake quarterbacks you can hit their knees, the fight that you can't take cheap shots at my, but we we wanted to be low, more physical and were regarded, as is its be more fiscal, won't be as crazy as some of the NFL films highlights of late Deacon, Joan STAR, Inter Branch on his head and that kind of stuff, but could be more fully got this. Isn't there it may be as in sport for everybody, come in, you gotta, know the risks and would basically be their equivalent of the cigarette. Companies selling warning cigarettes could guard cause cancer. And then he just laid on the table and sexy wanna play here the risk you can't do us. Let's go people want a visit, semi violent for buggy, maybe not
quite as violent as ten years ago, but eighty percent is about. How do you think that would fly an interesting thing, because, okay, I gave a two part answered. That first part is that without that language, whether directly happening there? is the situation now right, like we'd, wee wee weak, assume that anyone playing football know that this is a dangerous.
In that the dangers might even be deeper than they appear on the surface at it's hard for me to imagine the football player now playing even a bicycle level, who never heard this, but what you are saying is if the Annabel actively said: ok, they would have to be framed in transparency, because that shuts alot of people up savings are transparent and that the whole group of people who are like with great must be good. That must be good again today. The thing like we're being transparent about this- that there is no way for this sport to exist without there being a degree of danger to the participants, and
It is unacceptable to you, don't play this game. I suppose what the hell you would be. There would be widely criticised, and the argument that would be made was that. There are certain people who, with their they have limited potential for a good life. Football proves that, the only possibility for them to substantially changed their life in the life of the people and their families, saying that you're not going to attempt to protect them, you're almost going to penalize them physically for doing really the only option with ideas provided- and there is some truth in that. But I think for the most part ban would appreciate that the only thing the weird thing, but I think I think that I think that it would be perceived by by the air.
Which person the watch football, like I'm glad you're, just finally saying good well, so we have a test case. Irony. Do you have said. Do you see has established themselves as a violent sport, where they quote quote care about their athletes if the guy knocked out are called cocked is getting a crappy there than the referee jump in I woods say it's pretty safe to say that there's banking, since, in the Mme, there has been the same outrage that there's been with the NFL because with the MMA, people just kind of expected, an insult. What they have signed up for and they have come to grips with it, they ve come to grips with it if their boxing fans are Mme fence. This is this we have chosen. I know best things will happen and fighters know the rest but they're doing anyway, and that make ok and aid. My question is, I think, the
this problem of the NFL over them asked her over many decades was that it really does they might the owners- and people that work for the teams knew the risks, but the players did it but now we know the risks so couldn't day, been this now certain Wegg S. My question: why can't we talk? but the ever may be an outgoing in Austria, Neck GINO there was. There was no big fight in in masses where garden and like your Rogan is like the casino kind of a bad he's, like kind of the chicken doubt drawn that that was done, the biggest great in the casino. When would not counting the horse raise day but like even during the football is the biggest green happens. You have visa and one thing that was very clear sitting and that casino, but I guess I didn't eat being realised this there's not a lot of casual plans of the year, and that is the real different gear, because
you talk about he'll, be an official owners, what they know what they would say. One thing with any other. I would agree with you, but the biggest thing is there is no it very clear that the interval wants casual fan we important for the magnitude of the NFL to include people who barely care at all you know, and that is why this research, kind of a moral and ethical problem for the culture at large, because there are people who are suddenly kind of innocent. Waging war they feel like they are complicit in these guys getting hurt, and there, like, I didn't, buy up for this. I just wanted something to do on Sundays. Everyone else was at the bar doing enough and that's why you that's why a liquor sport, like you, know like like mix martial arts, really the case
A person who, like I don't know, maybe I'll, watch this bout, boggy night or maybe I'll watch March liked it does not really. How would it either yeah? I think that you have see was hoping that would become how it is and me maybe they're. Finding out that you know scandal count our watching for bonds and they were watching the Seahawks game, thereby the Niners there is a plan never seen before him for, and it made me think that these rural twigs of actually worked. It was the linebacker I'd see out on that Bobby Wagner, Rosa the guy's, a camera lego is the guy. Fifty five o Clock Clark, amen through the middle income, the quarterback greatest use, throwing it and hit em had his arms wrapped around him, therefore to the ground in the old days. He just what had driven him in the turf crashes on arms wrapped around as their father. The ground throws his arms out
So now he lands on the guy just with his Homenas torso and then Jim. Top with his hands out by look see I'd, say I'd pallbearers back, I didn't driving into the ground. And it was. I was a smart as for populism ever seen, because absolutely would have given him the penalty thank you like that. Big question without this was: how do you teach these guys were like these trained missiles who were run twenty miles an hour at somebody, eighteen miles. An her faster going to innocent. Second realise all their guide doctors had I'd now I want hit Omer now hold that you and your seeing some people take advantage of this. Ok, I think the most interesting one within the way the rules are now is dealing with
am Newton as a runner yeah, so when he would like like because the Panthers are basically out of it now he is kind of sliding he doesn't know that. But let's say the Panthers were really competing for the play off their competing birch happy children and they got to the player. And if I was his coat, I would look at him and I'd be like we know when you're just a pastor, your maybe among the twelve fifteen, that quarterback in a league, but when you also run you're an elite player, I would basically, when he's really running. I would pretty much placed him in the top five quarterback tat he had so much. But he's running up, feel you're defender. What are we supposed to do because he could fly and if you do that, you hit him, he's gonna, be this penalty and you get kicked out of the game, but if he chooses
had to slide he's got truck the guy. He asked me he's so big depart, I'm not sure what is supposed to do if you're trying to tackle him in the open field at your I'm sure, if you gonna give him stop or not. I also find it very odd kind of unsteadily. Even those exciting the number of players now Coup Wainwright the ball attempt to hurdle on coming Camara data last guy. Does this all the time here and there was one in the face last night, the Camorra got cut back by a pill. Yeah, I don't care. I find that to be as like. I'm not. I think it's almost like the guys in our little more confident that if we do that and expose the air like that, the defenders not gonna just put his helmet into their chests and break em too so you're doing this thing
we need more dangerous by taking is taking advantage of the safety rules. Now that's what happened. I mean this is one of the many reasons why crack is breaking down to the point of no return. Now, where you know For the last four years, as they changed, though hit the guy in the chest, rules which is how we better it hit em and sometimes that hit, would end in a pity him in the head, and you get a penalty in all that stuff. Now these safety's and corner backs are just told to go at the knees, so Kelsey Grog Joy, kiddo time those guys get the barber the them on their turning around there's somebody just diving full speed at their knees in their heads and now graphs, all bodies breaking down. I'm convinces cause he's taken so many law about his shots that in a way I don't ruin his career. I feel I have
I agree with you and a lot of other with sword of the cake you guy tat after the patriots, dolphins, That last way, whose here ok here there with all these people, I just I sort of being like village check the jihad. Finally fail. You know how did you allow that to happen? First of all, the play that happen. You can run that of power and it would work one I mean. Maybe we need Silbury hers and tell us what what is the likelihood of score from your own thirty one with three lateral one play. I wonder what the likelihood is, but though it might have fallen into one any and thousand to one get. What the patriot have a defensive formation. They use against Hell marries may put their biggest most athletic player in the back. Just like I did with mom.
I dont think it reasonable to expect the keen to have a kind of a last gasp defend the formation. If you know the quarterback Greek, the anthem with his arm or there at the little. I did. He couldn't economically answer. He couldn't write about seventy five yards. I exactly exactly, but one thing is: I dont know if it reasonable to expect the team that you have that many different sort of form nations in person now alignment first situation that almost never happen and never really succeed outside of these examples that we remember also, you know, crack doesn't. It is like his cleave to catch the ground or whatever can, if you manage to get there and pushes that guy out the wire to again
to allow the people who attacked village check for doing this would be like see the genius at work he put his dick is most have let it guy. In the back of him at the two, I'm only other cultures would have done that. No one is a genius, but because it didn't work suddenly like up he didn't, have any more, did you staring? Don't you know? Did you see the instrument, videos somebody took from the end zone? The dolphins fan of that play from the vantage point are right. Behind the upper hits were grants just stay in. Therefore, good five seconds just zoning out earlier know what he's doing the east. I know what to do and then I'll send. You see Drake just kind of emerge from these way jerseys and then graphs? Oh shit, he's like you, gotta go get him. It was great here's ears by idea. Put put them, suppliers and the failed. When somebody asked for seventy five yards
crazy, crazy about after any but like I I there are so many things to worry about that. Are you really also build in a package package? Every possible last place an area on a play. The has a minuscule chant, Can I mean, I think, that's a real bad investment. You act like you, I think, there's four hundred scenarios insight theirs I hail Mary from the twenty five and Hamburg for the fifty. It's too defences how artist The easiest have like right there, Twenty with eight seconds left. What difference do we have that's worth ten minutes and brandy opportunity. There were many opportunities on that play just started from exceeding trip. Many plans Many many situation there within that one play there were many plays within it. I do not think failure was in the defence of the wine market.
Personnel they had on feel it's just that these things never happened, except when they do and I did and ages it. If it, I feel like an unfair This is a topic I mean near the same person who thinks Oswald acted allowance on that surprised. Theory, interaction with other, although we could take lumber break a video conferencing has changed the way we do business, fewer long, distance trips more face time at the click of a mouse and into them letting the clear winner, Zoom zoomed, the flowers, video pin, drop, clear, audio, an instant Charing cross, any device desktop laptop tablet or mobile shy. Nothing with anyone. One word file spreadsheet presentation, deck zoom then you always wanted video communication to be with him. Amazing features, you don't think a butt. No wonder I lived with Adam visit doom U S, to set up your free account today, that is zoom Dat you, ass zoom U S, meat happy with
Video communications and since we're here to forget the real, each of up it's one of those important Pakistan ever done in my life and the next week, tombstone check that out subscribe, win awesome here, we're coming back with think fit. Episodes next year were even bring in a couple celebrities to do some. The movies with us, so yeah subscribed to that Apple Park. Ass best of two thousand eighteen was one, winners of our three watch was back to this asked we didn't talk about foe rivers and I really want to talk about him and exciting for your thoughts on him. I think he's been in our lives for a long time and we're a ringer, meaning, maybe two months ago and may said he was the best as quarterback. That's never won a super ball and I was kindly woe. That's it taken, and I'm thinking about it- and am I I am, but here
Marinos does car that that's what I think the answer is. Never I besmirch may ass. He said second best. He said Marina, firstly, say after Marino, its rivers, he made at best active but- an idea double outta. My earlier that's re eat that that rivers is this. Second best chargers. Quarterback, you have never one the ball is better than gallons. Performances were way were beyond the gap between both than everyone else for three years he was great was no more than anybody. I can really it's been a while no one last time within a quarter back than that which different come, but using both over again. So I used to not like him at all. I would say I just like them. You remind me of recalling broke up budgetary reasons, and I just I didn't he got into that story. Dispute J, Cutler,
member that took J Cutler side like I was like out. Your company went to Vanderbilt pose a smarter guy or whatever you know, just not knowing anything else, but at this point I think privileges. My favorite player in the week were well, you know, and this is the thing. Ok, there are certain things that I find really frustrating. I hate hearing downstairs say and two of them are like. Oh, it's like he wanted so much in it, but you get the gun plenary, whatever all those banks, and yet with him man it does. You can see the competitiveness dripping pan. He seems to care more about playing football than anyone. I have seen in a very long time and I use it that's funny, throwing motion, but you really goes board man like that, but laughter. I began chiefs
throw he made on forced down like it got the and technically great, and then your kind of the wild card thing. I can't take credit for this by friend, Michael Wine, repent, but its absolute. We true, Next time you hear Philip Rivers interviewed closure. I e sounds exactly like right carpet: He right, goblins voice does not use the tent not used like the timber of his voice. The word did you, but that this or the rhythm of his talking they have the same voice: I remember that's a great observation. I remember like two thousand aided two thousand. I I com, I think tat The play ass right, their words and one of the words was about Phil Rivers. Dropping bombs and being caught in camera in all these chargers. Vans came out of the woodwork just furious at makers. Filbert, doesn't swear it devoutly religious and they
like he would never agree. I owe him an apology year. Is your Orban apology, so the next week? I did I wrote about how they were all mad at me and I was like well. Maybe he did in and and then the retraction wasn't good enough and I was like wow. These people are fucking crazy. I remember that, and I remember used to get mad about the Philip versus Phil thing. You, don't wanna be, doesn't it befell USB Philip and I calm fail, and I did. I think the chargers reached out to me at one point about that: its Philip not fail really so I like on over largely you didn't, let go you didn't have a like, I ever the problem is that you, I know maybe we'll here's. The thing I'm with you he's is is probably my favorite non patriot other than sake one Barkley, even though it costs me Mary Leslie,
I love the fact that he just keeps having kids at the Gazelle areas like eyes, clear legislative gap, and yet I I don't know anyone who has nine heads other than like a reality. Star he's he's really really really competitive and hard on everybody during these games in a way that in a Marinos like this to four, a few years I as an asshole and then after you get used to it here. They act like this guy and now he's like your grouchy uncle. Whose disease bad at everybody, but he's happy, but The thing that really jumped out to me is tat, but this was sound. The packets either day is it first time or less cowboys I started thinking about this guy could be like another tony Romo. If he decides to tv cause he's got rate tabs at voice he's really like a ball. I feel
he'd, say anything and grated viable. Ok, after the chief game, you ve been interviewed on the sidewalk right away, like a rare tat, of course, because he felt so much like right up and I watched every energy like the hugging. Don't you think Have you directly after the game anything something along the lines of chickens? I need your bike. Well, you know we played pretty well. We wish we stuck with them. We add more first down than they did Why is the keeping track of that? Like a tight? I can understand the guy on the track of his own numbers. Why, in my view, be keeping track of all her all burst out team completely useless to keep it anyway. It would be like if you memorize, the amount of time of possession what's happening in the game is up, but he just any further casually thought was awake. He was proud of Dope Renault in it. I wonder if he does have
Wait watching the Monday night came now like in. I would criticise guide because, like guy couldn't do any better, but you know like do you think that part of the reason Jason Wind was hired was because they were like well, it's almost friend, maybe he's, like maybe you'll, be like Rome. I kind of like that, like the Roma, with relationship to him. Convince people that illegal, maybe you'll, be able to predict. Wait. Maybe he'll be one of these guys who knows everything, and maybe stood aghast he'd. Never maybe you'll never made sense, because he wasn't a great interview, I was feel like I think this stuff's hard, if the guy, it's a good interview then chances that he's going to begin the broadcasts booth for me exponentially increase. This is always the reason anybody who followed Barkley in the nineties was I, while in that guy retires, he's gonna, be an amazing. He d ire.
Forever- and I was not a good interview but Marino is not a good interview. I became a pretty good studio, analysed we were not as charismatic at an iraqi waste is as an actor. I would did not debate that he would be back. I gotta say, though I dont know what I did this had been ran a million times. I did predict the Roma thing in this package, just as we had dinner with them once and he was so outgoing in gregarious in an awe ads, many tidbits I was like wow if they ever channel this in a booth thou be amazing? I never I can't imagine anyone had that experience with Jason written. They all man. If he ever can, can explain what it's like to be a tight end and the broadcast both people and we go nuts it so funny One cause Gonzalez does is to these these surely positions I tied and were basically there blocking. Are you running a pass battered and surely that back, blockaded, but they ve like I have so much expertise and then
then they'll gear the whole broadcast. Rightly I want you to watch what Kelsey does right ear. He gets the block. He jumps that guy and they want to perfect little round here. It's I hear he's a titan. That's what they're supposed to redo, really due to break this, that we don't see running backs, do that like watching COM Barkley watchword, but for some, in the tide and they feel they have to elaborate and every fucking thing with those guys adena tonight. Well, I think it is more complicated than you think, but I I think the failure that somebody like which makes is Out of an unwillingness to transfer the knowledge you into a sort of contemporary normal language, because this, though he feels as though he'll be respected, more vital taken more seriously. If you know what you know,
like the kind of guy, a kind of animals will never say week deadline backer, he has to stay. The will lie back. You have to say that, yes, we want people to know that issue in the language of the union have known station and it doesn't Through the experience you know you were there, it's one of those things are either get at or not like neighbour ascended a game last weekend at. Think he'd ever done a football game. Illicit Anna, fair game before his luckily target about neighbour sent his fucking awesome, you did, he did that wants Texans game is good I felt like I, they re able they had him and Marinucci afraid of the poor boy go as in there. Like I was hanging out them, but there are telling me stuff, which is, I think, the hardest place to get too, and I think that's people love Roma nets, or at least some people back. You kind of feel, like you're hanging out drama watch in the game of them. It's a really hard place to get to Collins worth
I was able to get there. I think the Sunday disease his ease gotcha breaks down about it. The dream, shut up now would be Michael's and Roma. That would be that that would be the ultimate caring for but something called worth has been the bed many years, and I think it's great you know I just do that, but it would be. I think that the guys who are good analyst, it really seems like it, is the first five or six years that they do it then and that's really when their peaking and in Rome. I was still in that kind of window, because during that point they still have all this knowledge. From guys no one, but we were that. That's a delay in that's why waste Chechnya The danger of the ten t show, which is the greatest show of our time, is bark is, only twenty years now, he's banana league, thinks two years in shacks been league eight years and at some point you know when
when everybody in the sad has never plating its anybody. I still want to hear from some Who can tell me what it's like to check stand for the eurozone. Does that to step thing or whatever the work we have done that, but we have the advantage of never happy. You write about it for if we want to start by like, even if there is no expectation but partly the pinkies bag had been anyway after it. There are still some of that. What can I do that? That would be useful to assume casement asked the offer accurate analysis jacket. I dont use, moreover, He has not been as good in their role as I think he's still like a buyer littering the category, though his heart yeah you that I've got that, I didn't shacks pose post career it has been really intriguing because he somebody who seems like he's more popular now than it was five years ago. Part of it is social media, and the ten t show
he's done really smart commercials aegis seems like a good hang he's dead his job of whatever you kind of need to do after your career that he has formed the second life hard. You know- and I think what you say about you basically the four or five years after you play where you have all this advantage of others inside in town, and for that you have, but then, after that, it's really personality and hard work. Like I look at some of the jail in Jones Banana twelve years now, but still puts in the work and can can fight off the fact that he has played but, you know of have possibility. Vince Carter is gonna, be a break ass reagent next year. Probably If you heard on the package like he's great, and is that is clearly going to be on television and has twenty years of playing, it gets off these guys. You no reason retired. New guys is bent on teams with guys it's,
just an army of information. It's gonna be an advantage, they want Phil Rivers did. Did you happen to wipe away what I just said. I want so rivers to do tv after retires that he doesn't it? Doesn't she, having kids and decide that he just needs to drought. People around the soccer praxis format- you just gonna- have imagined intent. Ten years a great his life is going to be like Christmas, when all his kids come on. Some of them are married based on having Does that make you she's gonna? Have a dream life really envious. Did you happening please be with you to watch football life on the family I do I dvr em and I pick and choose which I, like the I'll, tell you what I thought was really get sometimes
skip online. I like a hurry ache, Maguire, no, ok, the interesting thing about the treatment! One just mentioning these guys: you are broadcast when he was in high school football, which is the second best thing. Troy Aikman was that as a skill, when you think he was better at football, Gough, Nope guess again: baseball take one more gas, archery typing. Why One will be paid out of four typing: he went, he studied took typing. Does this rainbows like wanted, you may go there would ever in the type of glass and he became the world class. Only the guide typing complicated but dominate thing. We're we're in the final barrier. You wanted quickly mention you love the quaint affair in a third person in my life, I ate it
my Christmas break I'm ploughing through Juliet who, whatever one of our ringer, oh geez, also love the quaint affair, and one other person told me about it too. Threerd there's a lot of Clinton content right now, but this seems to be the one to watch rail get. It is definitely the. Why do I get his ear to ear? The reasons why you gotta watch the queen gave first of all the level of self awareness by Monica whence Gate is incredible. I mean it's just I know that she is stored, have been moving in this direction, a kind of consistently when I wrote that book I were the black hat. I talk about Monocle whiskey in that book and claimed in the whole situation star report at the time it was like she was still kind of this unknowing. That's what we didn't know much of what she's like this at a time
She's distort become more and more of a public person and her description of be then it's real in sight to look at the Polish Joan comes across credibly, credible, anxious, and so, unlike the way he was, aimed at the time and the others. It just shows my advisers. I never thought of a sort of the idea of her being anything outside of the way she was too represented. The media can star in this documentary is pretty good. I mean it's like he it there's. No one would have things. Were you only see the person talking? You don't hear the question, so you could say that someone it was like. Why was he ever ask three questions or whatever, but he seems much more competent than I thought he was dead and and solid. Had you know
I've got a real impact, but the biggest bang. The reason you will like it is. I couldn't believe how funny it was to see the old news for each from that time. Like you, I was working in a newspaper when Thou happened to push. It was everyone's life, but I guess it would be. No one! Ever whenever I talk about things from the past them only President Daylight Business Belgic, because I think that weakens yeah needed the compliment you would ever, but this was the best kind of nostalgia just seeing that courage, seeing a lot of people who are still in the public sphere, now yeah, but back then I was five episode. I wish he was twenty. I wished never stop. These latter would reveal it was so it was what it was. I just I started doing this being. Where would only watch ten or fifteen minutes at a time
because I knew I was gonna run out, so I would just like watch ten or fifteen minutes when you think about the fifty minutes. I watched birthday that sounds a car with a pack of cigarettes and the airport milk, I I would recommend censure here the Munich done documentary that my mom shallots, my mom, alerted me too, on Amazon, Dat I thought was really good and I and he was I thought Most enjoyable writers of the nineties in magazines just with the OJ coverage new, because I watched one on him a bunch of years ago. It's a new and its. I think it's new year scared, and it's got a lot of footage of em in its about fell. Spectre in all the kind of thing different trials that he got about this, and I recommend that one as well? All right? We never got to the rock and Roll Hall of fame. We can talk about that next time. What do you want yet the plug for the holidays. Anything. What are they really want to go back by my old book? Give him a Christmas present, boat,
a brilliant idea. Great, let's do that does it's an old books. You lose a thing mood. You instagram like like a bar menu of valuable titles. What was that this bizarre bang? It like a thumb on Facebook and actually I'm glad you brought it up the basic pension that this hotel, so I'm on Facebook and somebody just What's this on my page, somebody who I don't know if I'm, if I'm friends with them- and I just don't know I just kind of I took when I joined facebook- I just started- Ricky anybody, but it is clear how ok it is Any royal bar in the Kempton Hotel in Seattle. Well for some crazy reason, the guy has Nay oration, say the guy. The person who made up the menu is named all the drinks, after
books it back to a of my career. I never put things that amazing like this is a fact that you put it on Instagram. I thought I knew was a big deal for you. What was your just out of curiosity? What did you think the best drink was like tat best match on here too, about data ire, kind of drink. Here I am, I honestly, don't recognize a lot of these ingredients, but yeah, like I don't know it rolled him, We punsch. I don't that in their lack of Saint George Space, bearing, I don't know, I guess the Ipad sure I don't know. I guess I have no answer that, but I'd recommend that gave me because I've got better. Take you to your cool thing now. I thought what a find out later, but the reason is that it is the place
next level way to back me. You have no idea. What were I appreciate. Your motive were to make better it very cool, but had it up, because you know, I think it's any writers grieved to have their work associated with alcohol. It. You know, because it such a key part of being a right out. Is built where I am really impressed. I think it was one hundred percent that tobacco. I think he was a huge fan and I think you have to go to the bar. It's like a three hour drive getting older and I'm gonna wait the present Ivan if I'm in Seattle, first of all the hypertext staying in the hotel never the Jane about a happy thought of going to the bar, but I guess I could take the train out back of June and take the train back there were loaded but working anyways. I unknown person at the bar at the year. And the other ten oil bar in winter.
I closed my eyes of pleasure. Happy out. As my friend I thanked the uprooted every good as occurred a calm sash bs thanks to relaunch a buzz Connor as up right now, thanks to the ringer, the rare package network. The New York Times, many crossword looking for something more through, while you're waiting for your latte city in the train of sacking the brake on play, the near tat many crossword. The many pleasant can be sovereign about two minutes for fun. Stimulating way to spend your downtime challenge itself enjoy wordplay every Download, the New York Times crossword and times, dotcom, slow, many will back Thursday with
one more pad until then.
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