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Chuck Klosterman on Brooklyn’s Dominance, Fandom, Sports Fixes, and UFOs


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by author Chuck Klosterman to discuss Damian Lillard’s future after another Trail Blazers playoff exit, how player movement has shaped today’s NBA, radical ideas to “fix” various sports leagues, UFOs and ghosts, documentaries, and more.

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Chuck Klosterman

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Cameron, Jersey, Pennsylvania, Annoy Virginia Tennessee river- is eight hundred eight hundred and eighty nine nine thousand seven hundred and eighty nine or visit one thousand eight hundred gambler net in West. junior. This episode of the Bill servants Podcast, is broadly by Volvo cars. The future is electric, so by twenty thirty all new Volvo cars will be fully electric travel via their helps, protect your fear. the planet. We all share, learn more, involve all cars, dotcom sash! U S. We are surprised by the ring it outcome, as was the ringer package that work I put up. A new reactors. Balls was shot fantasy, Chris Ryan. On Monday night we did the fortieth anniversary raised lost arc only one of the greatest boobies of all time. We have another podcast preparing on my book basque by two point of feed. It is caught what, if The land by story, it's done by the ringers Jordan COD. I was not involved in this package other than a little behind the scenes stuff, but we're doing their says
their season, a book, a basketball, seven parts. It just goes into everything. It's one of the most shocking DES history supports it. that should actually have a date is in the iberian change direction. The south x. It became a turning point for the cocaine panic in America. There's a lot of unanswered questions about it that we do have into, and I think this cast is really really get it premiers and unites, which is this week, and it will be in the book, a basque while two point o feed. I hope you're so habits that already, but if for summaries, you're not check it out and those puzzled me be up once a week. The next seven weeks I usually I've been started with the NBA at the top of these parts, but it's a slight well here I thought maybe we could get away with put up a man check pad with
no and anything that happened tonight in the basketball game strain on tape. Unless this, it is four thirty of civic time Hawks Sixers game to just about start clippers, jazz game. What is about to start if there was ever a day ten, maybe just say screw. It will cover all the stuff on Thursday. I think today is today cuz checking. I have to catch up lot a lot of stuff to talk about lot of stuff. Brooklyn a young Ufos music documentaries, all kinds of things. So, if we come out a programme, and I'm talking and I'm telling you that its nine o clock at night. I would ever in this crazy thing happened. That meant something genuinely crazy happen in basketball, if not we'll cover basketball on Thursdays POD, bringing in check right now
first brought it. I check close may say with happiness: tease: death is the lack of access, This is where we should start here. You have the local perspective, the french Superstar, who nobody knows. If he's gonna leave and I live in Portland, you been there a couple years: everyone their loves, Dame Lillard. And now it seems like you staying they have to get a new coach seems like as more power, but in this day of the super team and stars aligning has never known your stars believe what the mood in Portland with the Dame situation, well. I came I of the mood in Portland
the White Guy working, Downstairs Bathroom contractor told me this morning. I dont really go in the Portland at much doubt Willard, the more you will be chaired. The is always assumptions about him. There is an assumption that he is Harold legal boil and that he will do everything we can to stay in Portland based on the fact that he's from opens fully. Is there some ways the really make sense to me, but in other it does not. The thing is that it he starts in any way to express a desire to leave dream is to let you get, because that is how it is now I mean the heart thing I think really is in essence, it is happening for a while, but do you know you can see
the little bit with air right beard actually lie with their Rogers like every day the Packers wait, the less they gonna get form cuz he's going to leave it going to happen and it just it it if Lillard wants to leave somehow it's going to occur. So if you get the sense that he wants to go, I guess you going to blow everything up. I mean you look at the important team at the very likeable theme is compelled to Jean. I don't know what you could add that would sort of make them elite without television his idea of taking system randomly selected player putting him in there? I think there is a sense he's not going but he's going to stay here, but I I It really is time that the alpha you know, there's no real, Then you believe it like when we were grown up and even like pose college, the guy was unhappy, sometimes
you gonna wrote it out and it could work rate is like a game allege wants a good example. He was really happen his than they are. traded on, they decided not to trade and they kept them, and then he had the best for you of his career, anyone to titles and had he not cemented himself as the top fifteen guy, are they nowadays? They, he probably just, would have forced his way out because there doesn't seem to be a backlash against them any more for a variety of reasons we can go into, but others appear really has nothing to lose if he wants to just Screw it I'm gonna leave in its and its. I just think I think you're right it gets where the least gone once, there's a hint that the guy has the foot out the door, it just seems like it over what is the modern example of someone being like ivory thought. This Actually, that's nice decided be happy here once the foot out the door. It seems I gets done. He I think in the past
was not uncommon for the media, decide what the players and the audience and fans at EU level Jabbar. Whenever the stemmed is going to leave no now I think that that the average person look at that, and that is completely in approach. But I think there are some people in the media were like. Well, these guys are with buildings built around. They should see over their white. They should all this control. Now that the general, I think that the progressive idea now seems to be that in any situation, where is a player in management, you should sort of ideologically sigh with the player You could give all these different reasons like when I didn't want to go to Houston, give always like they changed the whole in foreign they did everything they both we could. They gave him all these different sort of collections of talented seemed disappearing over there
but ultimately you're like well. He should be able to have some control over what his life is, but that seems to be what you supposed to think now, and audiences feel that way like a fan base and seem to think that I dont know how you can stop peoples live The only real way you can stop people before would be to argue This will ruin your legacy. People wait you here, they'll never get over this and Now, if you make, that argument is done, one the player can be. That's not true. The brown left Cleveland when he came back, they loved him or they're. Just isn't any kind of residue left over from leaving a franchise, it it doesn't seem too change how people are remembered yeah! It's! I wonder. If the leaving. Ok see is gonna, be the last time somebody took serious shit for that rate. was when I got to know him a little bit, because I was one of the I was no we're in a weird twist. I was just
the other side of our economy. I guess I can quite understand why he would leave. I think, he's too. In some higher level of basketball, and he had to say play without these guys in AEGIS really want to do it, but the response and ok see when he came back all that stuff. I dont think we'll see, again, you know, and in their still there still some residue right, the man, man's rippling rondeau. Every time he had the ball in the maps Cooper seriously to play that much Houston pardon my back there. They they tried to their hearts really in it were really in it their team is so bad, but I think for the most part that the rant ok see thing will be the last time. People would just be furious that somebody left what, yeah. I read it is a very delicate thing because I think Now the people really engaging, withdraw basketball, they're gonna get. it is. Now the game is changed on the floor. The game changed off the floor. This authority we watched now, but I do think that it has.
A negative impact on casual man. That's why I sort of feel, like I told you this when you texted me about this gas inside He was pretty clear to me. The nets are gonna, just walk through the play off and when the type and that whole period and play out there will actually be interesting people, I think be drawn the beside you that there's this seemingly unbeatable team can they be beaten. And if they are they, if someone does take him out, I think that will be a real but an exciting thing, but if they get out, if they just gonna go through it and nobody really challenges the men, It's going to be art, I think he's gonna, be this real sense of. Why should I follow a sport where they don't care about the regular season,
all they kind of compile a team in organically. There has incredible success very high level yearly funded washing play, but it does seem to me like the and is putting himself in a dangerous position letting all of these various strands sort of to their logical extension baggage, is it doesn't seems like a good thing to me. Yeah I mean if you, it individually its manage about, but if you add the five things together becomes a little less, but thank you, mentioned the regular season, there's a bunch of reasons that there are in a bad spot with but, like you know, I used to love hockey's bunches. I love basketball when I was growing up her pretty much all the way through college, but the regular seas became so meaningless that I just started watching playhouse does it was like
There is no Reimer reason to a what happened, the regular, seizing better what happened the plants and at some point you just look at it and you go. Why that better ways to spend my time at eleven you that only to why we get me that would there was the same thing. They said about the NBA seven, it is nearly always met in starting with it. So I don't think it's I still think they'll be people know by like that. Without that was dead. The issue at the regular sees the seventies. Was it didn't, seem right, the players cared exactly, but they wouldn't wasn't the thing with the nets. cover even take a day off against the timber wolves, because you sort of worried about other things ran off, I may I met a criticism of minutes. That's the way he can't proceeds enough for everyone It would be interesting. I got his day like it would be fascinating to me if like re elected, not to play in said the first game of the eastern conference finals because is like:
China's into better something like yet some reason that this will be happy the news that he thought. Real, meaningful, but listen again, what a rogue against the timber will do, something you'll, let you it would be interesting. She would really validate all his claims, all the things that presents himself ass. She if he elects, while fully healthy skip incredibly meaningful game, although if back it might have It might not be that meetings. I simply have to their three guys playing. They can pretty much be anyone. The weight of the game is quite well the better for guys thou at the boy, gryffons rejuvenation, the baby, the Big Ford said of the Big three. I do think someone mentioned this make up waste. I mentioned the pod before them repeated if, if the players in the teams don't care about the regular sees no much and their due
like the load, management and they're, just firm games away, or even like near the end of the season taking the last two. So they could go a seed down the fight that at some point by us most is the fans. Aren't gonna, carry much either right because they're like war, you don't. I bought tickets for affrighted silence in play. So maybe I'm not gonna do that again I'd. I do think there some real danger with that stuff. we're ratings down forty nine percent, they were in the end, there is probably right or is it sir, but yet it's a significant number. I think that's one thing. The other thing I was thinkin. You know it's come clear this week, that unless Brooklyn Something substantial happens on an injuries front, whatever that they're gonna win the tide of their just the fact that they destroyed more Aki like this at a block. You is the best chance to beat them. So if you go back to two thousand and thirteen when directly
hurt, but if he does, he get hurt. I think the word when that you're too, and I did they went three and around so basically that doubt mean the last five titles would be decided good by somebody saying I'm gonna go play with these other great us right. There will be three strike on state. Be the Lakers last year were Davidson Leubronn clutched arranges that They get the play together now this year with the Cairo Katy thing, and if that where the league is going dad, I wonder, like there's gonna, be as much fascination with the off seasons and things I back is ultimately there's between seven and ten gray players every year, if three of them are just gonna team up here and you're gonna do appear to their just what happens? The other twenty five teams, which brings us back to the Portland thing if, if Dame, doesn't find the second great some friend to play with heat is never going to title, and I think you look at the formula now in your leg. It there's no.
The way to do this. I have to find other players as good as me, or I will never win the title. What happened with regard to them eleven will never happen again. Agree with you about the off stuff. Won't that become amplify, because that, become more meaningful. He sees it lets wisdom. In June and July as well, but the master now we'll be the book it will be August yeah. I guess this year, yeah then at a debate that will be a more significant period. Then similar January February, and that's why you like that, like this, he's really NBA now and in some ways I think this is big stage is possible that silver someone, obviously doing this sort of recognizing that it doesn't seem like professional basketball as visual kind of entertainment, can compete with football or with a lot of other things that seem to be rising in the culture, but what they condemn
Aid is short of this idea of up to this cause we online person who is almost interested in the business and the transactional aspect. more than what is actually happening on the floor. Show us the way. They're going now. I think it will probably increase interest in the off season. In the same, We the NFL, been able to sort of wretched of interest in the draft and the release of the schedule and all these things that can help it We did it just it's bizarre how what what? What we're moving toward the kind of moving towards something that may be, as predicted this idea that sports are now more interesting to people as an economy, then they are as a support when they are more easily lead piping. Kevin Durrant story that was the New York Times magazine must begin like then, really story about that.
Borders is a story about sort of the idea of like what a basketball players poster represent now in the culture I don't know I mean I still predominant my predominantly he's still with the games themselves. You know I've been watching them with the sound off, so I really just seeing basketball and I have been more trouble- more engaged with the NBA The here than I have been in, I don't know a twenty years or something I'm perfectly those than a couple. Hopefully partially, because I was also just stop and that was the death seemed the most like lights like. This the most like the way you will like used to be a red every watching these games sound down. So for me, if I got a gun, get used to me NBA, but it does seem as always the NBA in trouble, as had been my whole life, I been troubled. There's never been a time when the NBA genes,
like they were in some kind of catastrophic crisis like they just they exist in that world, where it is always a problem. You have a figure with the off season stuff. I good said the trade signs, lawns Obama Eat out ten years ago, when I go to try timelines abolished, you're staying there could be a pc could put now. It's like. I will they sidelines about will make that they still have Europe such as to when the title. I think I am more cognizant, maybe in two thousand twenty one of just how many times Sub zero chance you now in an even look at it team like Portland, we just got a problem. a chance to win the title. I don't know if I would have said that three years ago, baby has just more naive about the concept of stars. Teaming up but now ok will then have to be. Let me ask you this ok, yeah, how many teams did here? Do you think I'm a legitimate shot you with the Times of the teams that remain
or this week I would have said, like seven Ok now you would say one I don't. I just don't see a road map for I hate to be reactionary after two games, but the fact that their role as in Brooklyn like that, they also hit a home run with some of the guys who aren't even like we will their separate arguing that way. Joe hairs is good. My Jody immediately like bruise, you are a very good yet they eat, like you know it's idiotic of us to say that, because before Durrant and came back last year, granted some of those guys are guy now, but there was a pause gee. You are a lot of those do drought, but they got something back form I mean it's. It does seem like that that that also like the way the game itself has
and that's the thing had played into this, where we say in the nineties when, like the rocket, would like a keen eyed rex, my Berkeley together. It's like I thought that the belief was this. Never works well, I've been the Lakers got. Paden and calm alone is like see. This never works, and now it seems like it always works. That's why I do have to ask you what you think of it again. So one thing I am see people say when thereby bemoaning nest in the same kind of reactionary way. You neither is there like you, would never ducks Jordan. One had never done, he would have done it He wouldn't had you right here, because if we believe that Europe is the most competitive purse A person who will cheetah grandmother cards somebody will do anything to win. If this is the best way to win, he was that he would have done it, so maybe they would have always happen in which case
then it isn't so much a change in the culture, but a problem with how players move. And that may be the big, the envy ass, to find a way to limit this, because this is like now. that sometimes you still talk about this, I thought the rounded, though, if you talk about this issue, but not directly, which is that like it, what is the purpose of something like the NBA or any proof sport I mean if it is to be a form of entertainment, suited giving people this kind of agency and freedom is going to delete the prior to a point where it all going to collapse, and we always work from the premise now that
A pro athlete is supposed to be able to sort of pursue their dreams and make an intense amount of money, and I guess I should like like having a right, but these are leak because these are constructed. Thinks is full of kind of reality, and I dont know if this is done. So I do in fact what the tennis player up in the sovereign job yeah yeah it's not like. How do you feel about this? You how you feel about here? Doing you gotta stay like I support here, you can get a support, people who elsewhere and accountable in all this. but like a larger, since it does what kind of work from this idea that, like Canada, disposed to exist as it exists, and it's supposed to be there
this incredibly lucrative meaningful thing if it exists because people are interested. So if we sort of say you don't have to do anything that keeps people interested in your game, eventually, gonna put the whole enterprise the jeopardy now hurry. Individual cases is not in fact, I have to say I need no, the French opened it started. I mean I don't like you did not like her not having at these press conferences, Kurt the profile of the french opens but is it is an odd thing coming, I think, is goes back. We used to talk about like garbage not playing guys on a Friday night when it gave us antiquity anyone play doc and engine openly and doing This weird thing you know, and the natural reaction is a basketball fan, was to be well he's not supposed to worry about tv ratings. You're not supposed to
about the fan experience? His job is to win a title resting his players on a Friday night is the best way to do it. He should do it, but that suggests that basketball, a real thing. It's not a real big game that was invaded and we put it on tv to make an urgent and product does its purpose. So you you have to do those things, even if they seem completely ancillary do the job you were hired to do where it take a break. I have some thoughts on wages. That. This absurd, though some its past is broadly by Volvo cars. Climate change is the ultimate safety tests, Twenty thirty, all new Volvo cars will be fully electric, but that isn't enough. Babo awesome Josh emissions in their men actually lifecycle and by twenty forty. They aim to be a climate neutral company for revolvers, inability is now just as important as safety visit. Father come slash. U S!
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Where the money became kind of untenable for how much money, the Red Sox in the yankees- and I did there were like two other teams could spend. They could basically just have a payroll that was two and a half times as much Everybody else right with no with no real repercussions and we're headed towards this work I just seem like for a couple years there that every single year, as can be the Red Sox or the Yankees win the workers are whoever us wanting to spend that kind of money. I think soccer in this The issue now with. Ah you know that you look at the premier. in a team like man, city can just splurge and theirs, Seven, eight soccer teams that can just spend- the amounts of money in there just gonna have a way more realistic. Chance of winning, so we ve seen we ve seen I just don't know how to prevent it with basketball, because if you look at what happened, the debts is pretty organic terrain. Inquiry played out their contracts, they wanna play together
they went to a team that was in a big market that had saved a lot of cap space for them right. She had that barely had a couple good players, they brought in a code. Who is really savvy offensively. Who is one of the great offered supine cards we ve had who figured out a way to you, I saw these pieces and then, at the same time, the game is shifting towards often softens often says: Priscilla was laying out on Sunday were the office of ratings. Just through the Refer Adrian, themes in ways that have no parallel. Historically, she had these team. This teeming, when that happens, a little like with the two sides, seventeen warriors and you just look at you- go fuck how what could have stopped that there's no rule that could have changed her fixed, any of that which I think makes a lot of fans, maybe they're not against it, but they just candlelight. There's a helplessness to some of this stuff that I think goes back to the eighties, where it was like. All of you
bird or you have magic or you have Michael. You have a really good chance when the title you might have the eighty nine pistons path. You might have early nineties blazers path, but for the most part you need one of those guys and at the same level, helplessness. Thou, just shifted a period work that the way it worked out that the team who possessed the player could pay him more to keep her from jumping yachting. That still, but the salaries are so high. Now makes less of a difference, and AIDS is like it here, buy a house for seven hundred eighty thousand dollars for some reason it turns out. The last minute you, you know you could say forty thousand dollars by buying a different house. Well, I'm already, seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars for a lot of guys. That was all I wanna go somewhere else. It's like gap of all Fourteen million dollars on the table, like I can't spend them,
you're right, I got it. I think that's part of it just eat that salaries so much ground where we can make. They could make the money off the gourd too and make up the difference it there and a big market emulate. You can't blame the guys in the present, like the guys doing it now, you're everybody has to do with best for them in the moment. But, yes, you know if all the ringer employees found a way to give their salary moved up to three hundred thousand delicacy. Of course they have to do it for then it wouldn't exist. The whole thing wouldn't existed at some point it out for you. Do you can't expect that these players to be like well we're not gonna do its best in the moment, because it could damage the league in ten years. From now, pro basketball could be less popular. That's kind of what the commissioner has said and I think the commissioner's main job in
sport. It always gotta go like well, you just worked for the owner must yeah, but the main thing he needs to do- or she needs to do- is kind of protest. the integrity of the game itself, that's why I think it's like, I think the NBA should. I think it would be their advantage to help out the college came to making the codes basketball, more vibrant, and why robust? I think it would be better for basketball as a whole, but he's like like people care about these things and spend money on the safety they like, the back. They, like basketball, you allow everyone to do its best to them in a way that makes the thing less desirable. I mean Maybe it won't matter. Maybe I'm just gonna keep going, I'm perfect, you sometimes. I think that you that's like so even have pro basketball becomes less popular,
it still I've event still live. Sports you'll still have a tv relate job will feel you know like way. People still wanting, Go to something and it won't really matter how misshapen, even if becomes more minutes, then it will still be able to succeed. But I may I do think football has gotten a much better job. at keeping the game somewhat similar to that game that people love derision major changes the course, but, but it made a big keep it more in check in a way it is leave to be your kind of considered to be draconian. Like the labour and stuff like that, but he's not normal jobs. I mean like like every job is not to say in advance that the way we look at some sort of like the principle of a cool minor and what is
position should be, is not the same as James are just. Why think Papa? There's somebody guys on the roster tat. If it becomes, you can there's one four five guys who can swing the destiny of a team right every year, there's the Rogers moms type, and we just saw with Brady at the box. He knows it. its brady, but even more like the two thousands Manning Ambrady every year, one of those guys in the Irish Sea title game and then there's five of those guys. But you can't really team up in football like this, like you couldn't veto Rogers couldn't say I'm in a team up with hullo Jones and Decay MECCA and we're gonna go play for the chargers. There's. No. do that nobody will be able to constructive that way- and I think it's funny huh- worked out where the NBA in the late nineties, early two thousands dead, long term contracts were so disasters,
for them. Re rose, I got we gotta get out, there's gotta meet the contract shorter and then. order contracts inadvertently led to everything that happened. I state nine years, I think I'll is pretty natural and organic and there's not much you can do about it. The only thing that I think sober really needs that fixes IP the hard and piece of it where a guy can just ina, basically quit on his ten. we'll make it thirty five forty nine year, whatever is making any get his fuck it and a minute behave, assert and so they trade me in there goes to Brooklyn is super happy again. You have to fix that. There has to be some way to fix that, but isn't that less fixed although we, how can you what's fixed? Can you employ to demand people to care. What do you think the rocket ship suspended him for ten games that pay when AEGIS wasn't showing up for anything
They could have done so now. I guess it would have more. You know do invader, he wouldn't have come back and Michael, ok I'll play hard now logistics. We could have done it. He probably would have been pleased by it that he wouldn't have headed show up and then he would have had to like you, don't wanna go through these motion here, that I don't think it. What a bother him now by attacking the guy with the terrible person, and I think that that he is like anybody wants to do what is best for himself tat, and you can't blame people for doing that. That's why we can look at these eyes these players and be like they're gonna be different. They gonna change. They of course, are going to do with desperate themselves. This is when someone has to step in from the outside and saved listed. I was gonna be now, and you know, you're gonna make him a popular. I mean it miss Stearne unpopular but
what it was, but in retrospect them the farther we get away from Like Stearns Tangier, he resolved anyone else. The better looked him the better. It seems like Bates, had a better understanding of how to sustain a sport as opposed to sort with the current machinery as well. The counter this will be like was so what third we have super teams on time. So what? If Brooklyn wines for titles and around they? they out engineered. They are thought everybody else, though the rank irey thing I mean just get it from those two, as were the rate, was clearly unhappy Ngos? They carry was clearly happy in Boston there really close friends and very fucking. Let's go play together and then they basically org stated they brought it in the coach they wanted. They pulled out the big european thing. Some effect had a rejuvenate him, I'm sure have a hand in a lot of how they put together is really
brilliant. When you think about it, it's his brilliant is anything LE broad dead, and why should they be able to do that. I have a time well me over. The counter. Do let me be. The answer to me seems obvious, since I do people like it, the implicit still a form of energy review in the rear. Do you a hair of people like a year ago as those to win the absolutely it's for him it for him? you don't have to worry about whether that even heap simply is like a dislike. You don't seem to care about that, but but like yes, you can't put you can't put the responsibility on what is this this is still somewhat dehumanizing. But if you look at the NBA like a chess board and the various pieces are the players- and you know like a Durrant abroad, the kings and queens of this differently, like? You can't look at the pieces
and the like. Well, it's it's their job to sort of big game interested it's the rules of the game and the right through the game. Again, yes, yeah yeah me like baby choice. I like it's no problem for drank, but it means The fact that, like obesity, NBA planets around you and I both loving and yet what are we talking about the fact that things like this, this trouble? well, I'm in my car- and I listened- you guys talk on the radio. They seem to talk about two things. What happened, did whatever game happened last night and this is kind of a pro rely cannibalism in his beard impasse where it seems as though that that's where we went from one situation during the past week, players had no control Are they have most of the control and something in the mill seems to be the best way to do it, but forget your talk him from a competitor.
standpoint from a competitive standpoint, but also just order from an inch standpoint I mean you could have. The argument could be made. That of this conversation is proof of that decision. Because we're talking about you know how this is gonna play what does it mean when it plays out? It seems to be more than just I play basketball mouser. This idea about nothing is wrong or whatever, but another pardon me. If I got a job, I dont know it seems misshapen Jimmy like windows. You know at the most interesting this this here's a result that would give you hope read that there is some sort of solution for this the lake. is because we had a short and season, they end up with a seven seed there, not a hundred percent healthy, going into says the Davis gets hurt, they're playing the to cede fiend This is a really good tamers without even though Paul gonna fuck up against it. I just lose their bad luck, so out of that happen, because as the season was shorter and the brain
going down furred twenty games or whatever was really see sought it for them. They went from being a potential to see. Do a seven said. All these obstacles down front then court advantage for any part for enterprise class, and maybe they member when Lester City, one Premier league dire and people were talking about how credible was Barack Obama that it actually wasn? it was incredible, but it wasn't as incredible. There was no mba corollary took as it could never happen to big as a place, so many games, whereas in are there were less games less schedule between more variants at as one and with the NBA irregular season, maybe that's part of how we solve this. Maybe maybe we need a meme, It should be like a sixty game, regular season, where there's just did, though the game judges way more important UK. If you lose somebody for two weeks, it could be really hurtful if you have a guy just said bout for a week could be really damaging.
and your lower seed and basically the Lakers would be the model for that now they would say we can't do that as we give up, we lose so much revenue. I still feel egg They'll lose so much revenue standpoint, eight to have more scarcity of the product. me more to go to a game. Tat Mean Marta Watch on TV. I would argue that a better path, never do it, but I of course- and I do it- my friend ass- a branch was brought up a point. Everybody thought with how interested in baseball would you be if baseball radically reinvented itself and adopted football schedule? Just add a seventy game regulars? Is it well Actually, it's not like that Bob warlike college hockey there would be a game Friday and again said it me too games of the weak, so those two nights
the only to night, you could wife based on their holidays, but I feel like bars would be insane. I feel that the EU has ever again would be basically your best picture with pitch and your second. Could you and pitch the next night, so every one of these gains to be two one? one zero beat up. I think that my would follow baseball pretty carefully. If there was the week. What says I need such everything was playing on Friday and Saturday stocks. If you follow your continued believed, see the other kings. Howitzer highlights all the game to be. At the exact same time. I did like across the costs just enough for you. It would be like a real, have limited experience, and I think that that would obviously completely changed the whole concept of baseball, which is that they want to be there long drawn out thing tat. It can be real fool. He was only three aims
Every gaze, I agree. It said the three games. There is every weekend and that's it you're Sunday it could be fridays, it could be Friday, seven on Sunday afternoon was the three days baseball happens. It's interesting. I see, I think baseball is in a good spot, because baseball they're calling card is basically were on all the time. Every everyday were here, we're here, for you sometimes debate gaze might be good, others eyes, a baby, a twelve to two game, but I think they're just kind of the comfortable blanket, whereas so now you're for I thought you were like baseball dead kids dated I'm kind of back back what they want and it gives the Red Sox got gotta get, I think I'd say a joke. It. Ok, we're all just crazy out. I was more in the play of hockey this year that I've been in the last. Eight should kill me. That's ok! So we trade young with it we'll homer you remember you texting like this is the best freshmen I've ever feebly bascombe. I still feel that way.
Then you hated him for like a punch, you long period? And now you like him again, but it would happen so strong word yet will you, burying our sports hated. No listen, I'm pretty classes roundness when it somebody put putting up stats on a bad team. That's constructed to make that guy look good at the expense of things that actually work into it for a winning whatever I'm just knock. I like it, I'm just gonna tell you of it the next time the situation happens. I won't like again. I think what happened over the last three months is he figured out how to become a winning point, garden, yeah, What should happen for you think that five months ago, he was a different person. I know it was the first to look at his stats at first thirty five games in the sea mercifully happen after so Have you know what we feared Oklahoma I'll go home. I did. She sees file a really fun college basketball player. Who was a one on one chat with to good use,
but he is the one we must come up with was great. I thought it was great and guards ok see thy great. So then he got it seems as though you really he held something against them because of the LUCA in the draft it like that, you kind of got you got one ship and then like even often lightly. Alright I'll get back to my horse. I love all good bass poppers. I just don't purse I'd this I that he was playing with, I was just like wire. A celebrated this they lose great. He put out his cord. Thirty took twenty eight shots, everybody stood around a wash them. What's funny about this, I think. What's amazing, this is is how he transformed over the course of the seas. Another shit he's doing is like high levels. the dash mid two thousand stuff, like he's picking a part, these two
she was not doing their south, they can use their formatting the teams at her. The team is better, that's a huge part of it. I dont know if his style has changed at all. It seems that you too are percentage and, as a consequence, the shooting a few shots game, but you know, how many times you have. Those horrible gave very goal at the seven for twenty eight because he had to take a look. Jobs in the last four minutes, because they were down, twenty or whatever, and probably by I don't you like his game has radically is in jeopardy. Does the same stopped and black? I completely disagree argued about other outline of answer this. I think he has a much better sense of the pace of the game, and now he can throw his team off by doing so things before you know he would just take these thirty two foot shuts down six with four minutes left and it would be a break. Neither team would scorn the game would be over like he's much safer about the rest, said he wants to take an even like
and others are real unselfishness within now and his teammates have talked about, I mean he was. I dont think that, as a really happy team, until they change coaches, that I did, the new coach had a real effect on many assist. The average last season. I don't know I don't know about the status bar. I'm just look, I'm I'm. I testing this. I just theirs it with point guards certain sense when you watch them that they have a feel for the game, their team. The pace went the kind of themselves when the pull back, there's all these mechanics to it that I just didn't think he understood until the last couple months. Maybe wait. Wait, wait. Did you see the switch when they were? their winning streak. I that what they were like nine games, Baghdad, ravage, came back after the coaching he started. Resting his team aids to hit shots and then started. We figure out Canada balance of if I do too much
these guys. Don't then they're not involved enough and then what I actually need them they're not going to be ready and he just kind of got it, and now you think like like what he did to fill in that first half if the defense is saying it like with Philly, was basically like we're knocking the w. Here's Danny Green, if you can beat him God by sea and he's a cool and he's beat at any rate for the entire for salmon. what he should have done, then they started press in the second half music, all right, and then he figured out that part of it. It's like to me: it's like watching quarterback, where you can it, you can see it with quarterbacks relate. Ah, he get You know and that's what I saw I mean- maybe I'm not, but just watching him, I didn't enjoy Washington the last couple months. I really enjoyed watch him. ok, I just I thought you were really tough on Craigslist hell. Did I really believe it town idea, I didn't think I didn't think he was Please you I'm telling you I think I want you to hops, are better
What is now the floor was not your position for a while now There was a stretch for a couple games in Baghdad ventures in their way. We was embarked and they look better and it's like that's kind of illuminating if your best prayers that out there in the tv Zeb site, there is body, but now he's been awesome and I'm I'm site that we have. Another good point argues. That is a position that I We really have to go down. The two zero thing is: I love the stuff you dated amnesty back. His I'd take were the whole concept of sports villains adjust having people that go into arena, be lag fuck these guys and have a little chip on their shoulders, that's gone away a little bit and he kind of brought it back in a way that I and I know a lot of people talked about it, but I just liked watching somebody go into that place and just be completely at afraid of any kind of fuck with a lot about you, see that often yeah and it was like a you know when, when the game for play without fans, I beg, of course it started,
do they want. But nobody, like you, tell your blank anybody, everybody here yet whom I hear what, but when you're walking the gave you know like was very easy to forget. The building was that right, hey speaking a tray on logistics, ask Bob, whereas Gazelle I wanted to mention. This is really talk about game lowered, Daimler. What's he gonna do people. I think dame in you. You said there are three ways from Oakland. People here seem to think that we spend what time psychoanalyze in these guys they death rate near times fees, and I have spent some time at the A few years ago we did others pods, and just we we have such a better sets of who we think these guys are trying to think of did. We think this way in the Eightys and Ninetys like did did I spend any time at all wondering what kind of person Larry Bird was like. I just we just scared at. We judge him by the best most afraid we weren't, like. I wonder what Larry thinks about this or what
her Larry's hilarious. one about things like I just when Larry upset when he would like criticise teammates like it in the eighty four fires are like when he was unhappy in the Ladys were because the coach said in like, and it was a birds unhappy, the coaches. I, oh my god, birds that happily, the coach was, I felt like a bombshell and now it seems like we just have this unfiltered connection. All these per sociability plays a part of it. I feel like. I know these guys better like the ring, last night, the guy utter a visa post came into his chair, green bird, and it was like his last question. He said something like eight: two years ago to Morrow, was when you hurt your calf. Did you think you be able to be as good two years later, as you are right now in the rain was just like what kind of question is that that's your question just started like turning and make it forever.
and on the surface you built out the rents being a deck, but it was like honestly that was the most Katy moment. He sat an interview where he's just like he was disappointed. The guy asked a dumb question, so he made fun of the guy refrained it it made fond of each other and he kind of lifted it. But I guess my point is like I feel like we know, in a weird way. We know these guys way. Than we used to, I don't know, if that's a good thing or a bad thing, I don't know it just applies the sports, you something. I think it's happened a fee. If you agree with me, I don't know. If you will, but see, look over the nineties, the first ten fifteen years, the twenty first century. Yet television becomes dominated sorted by reality, television, the most popular form of nonfiction Writing- usually some sort of memoir or memoir like trading the internet, existence to exist, Social media comes with the relevant, not all the later
one thing that has happened. That was, I don't know of it. If it marriage sure this happened in the past, but see Bless scheduled to be experienced this, which is this idea now that when people see the behaviour of an athlete or an actor writer, or any kind of celebrity does now this sort of natural inclination project yourself into that person I assume that the decisions there met again must have some near the decisions you would make. If you were there can somebody like? Oh, oh, like it. Even when Durrant, for example, we know when he was like using almost burner, accounts the stick up for himself on Twitter. I think that in the distant past, preparedness, I'm corollary to this people would have been like that, weird, that you did that or does wild that he did that, but-
I think the natural move is to be like. Ok, if I did that, what would that be will. It would mean Isley that I was in secure about my perception. Or would mean that I'm worried about my brand, because I have understood of monetary ideas or would mean that our natural, a real person, and that is how it feels to be you know injured. You know, verbally whatever. I think that that, of what has happened in media has prompted is made the gap between the viewer and what is being viewed lacks any life we dealt with the real world was a perfect example of this. people would watch the real world and they would tend to look for the character that they felt was their avatar for themselves in that house, which of these people is most like me, and that was expected. That part would like these show with work. Survivor works. Your big brother works really showed the bachelor works, because people will find this character and say that that's me now. I think people kind of do there all the time. Some wine,
think about these guys? We feel like we know the better. We feel like we know, act which is better because we imagine that they are us in this where we are there and that's that explain their behaviour by thinking about what we do in the same position. This impossible. Do you think you're? What do you think the fact that people have actual access to it people now, even if they're in their replies, verses what we had years ago, where it doesn't seem inconceivable that a celebrity could hear from you. Not inconsiderable. Wearily concerning years ago, it was inconceivable the only where they're gonna hear from yours. If you went to see them in a concert or if you went to their game, You ran into them at a restaurant is subject that you'd have to be It was the one that was the situation. It was like this person is not like me and now the minute they respond to you. You're on the exact same plant
Kevin Durrant responds to a tweet. You said to him, he's basically thing: I'm wearing the same. Well was it's the same thing we're talking, so I suppose baby that does make it easier to to feel like you have any idea what he actually it's like idea I guess it really helped us to cause a lot of la these. Different people have done long for many areas, and you do you do get a sense of person better than you're gonna get unlike if there are, Hollywood Irvine. Second people magazine story or something but like Keith another thing now, if they okay so You talk about Larry Bird in the hand of look at Larry Burden, occasionally photograph smoking cigarettes and it would be surprising and that a picture in smoking cigarettes How can we have to figure out all these things about yeah now, if, let's say These are happening now, any kind. Larry bird does nothing Well, you turn on the television Rachel Nickel stocks about what she thinks he's like a bird bright indoors,
and they then you know you ve- got reflected a German hurled. The talking about it. Will you call me at all these people have given a version of what they think he is lying. the reason he did, these things and all or life what his personality is, and you can't. I can't sleep till the composite of right. You you think all these things, all the speculation that people have said that you can approve, altogether, like a drop ball of yard, and then, if like see, I have this clear understanding of what this person is like when it's all different people, just sort of expressing what bathing might the gates and have been none of those things, bad job, it kind of becomes true. It's like you know, either with a lion old, wretched by the streets. Where he's talking about like people, don't believe everything you re, but everybody does, and that is fucking true,
because, even if they know it's fake, even a faint over thing, their reading in Spain is like, but some people think that so there must be a reason. Some people think that's like it's it's. Yet it is weird. It's like it. It is now it actually is we'll take it a break. I want to continue one more point on this. Simply safe is an award winning Hobbs Carry system say you know it's engineer with the latest. Technology won't keep your family safe, but what really said simply safer part as its people highly trained security experts always there for you, when you need a most people who
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is like as their second natural curiosity about him that I was that was relaxing the time I spent with Mikey he's really Jenny curious. I remember you and trouble. You wanna see Jamie com spike ass a couple years ago and see as I get out you know, for if we can win the title, I said something that indirect was like waiting Can you think you have a chance to win the title and was like you really confused and curious about that few years at ease, curious got back in the day, though, those take out features in the most famous one. First sports was private corn iser piece tat. He wrote about Rick Bury, which was just in this was after repaired, tired, but he wrote that one piece it it completely framed how everybody thought a red bury for there s a decade. Those take her features were so important. and now I dont trust them now we as much, because if you're getting access was somebody for one of those things odds. Are there some conditions? Your picture
reason things I remember you, you did something pretty Q about Brady anyone but what you resent ha ha, Nor was it. Maybe we within the last ten years right. I think it was yet Why is he like fifty? Because tromp was running for president, but didn't like he had any possibility so being awaited them other than what was it? Did you ask that they were like where any got tense? No, because I the end, he was man here the other man here and there like. You, went to a profile of him, I want to ask about. The Blakey does joining a really interested, because I don't. I think there is a greater footwear Where is years, I don't think you're, never gonna be a situation where he is particularly forthcoming about how he thinks you're feel, because I think he assumed that that would be some kind of competitive disadvantage, and here again I can projecting Eddie what I think
like I was a core really. I wanted. I wanna talk to him about this and never like sure, go ahead and that he was not informed, but that was going to happen. He was here. I think that the guy who said class can anything was not the guy who actually talk to bring about what could not be ass. Yet I think people and the people am I so much smarter about what they say in those pieces. You go back in their offline now, firstly, but people, magazine off their archives used to be available from the seventies, they would write these features. Would there be leg on the set of company there's turmoil and then you would read the peace and people were so unbelievably candid you're like oh, my god. I can't believe they said this. I came, We join the wit, just completely birds, summers like that. How did she not realise there are accorded this in that was used
how went the seventies and eighties and then, if it was the right hands of the re writer, they could craft a really awesome not me I'd have not been was and what's gonna happen right like another you'll like it, so people would be like if people who read met the man, people magazines might be like choice. The with different than I thought you were it had all, but there was no like rippling affected. She had to worry about how this was white. Kids. You know that so that that's a big part of it. I mean it's like a what would I would when I was working spend in the early two? Thousands there were a lot of publicist who seem to think that it was their advantage: disorder control, the presentation of the artist that that you know the dead we want Jack wait to be presented. In this way, we want these things about the beast. You boys, to be what people think about the busy boys render. It worked about half the job.
at the time the idea they had was an improvement, the other half damn it was worse than they have been much better off letting the person be themselves so just kind of any. If you're, the person whose being interview I think generally, you want, like, I hope, the piece of bark Sylvia, that's kind of all you care about. I think right now I'd be documentaries, have done I've kind of replace those take our features, because an granted a lot of the document is there being produced by their the artist celebrity athlete, whoever or people around them, but then there's other times where you can you don't remember what was the one you love the oasis. One of them is good, but you He marries have the huge advantage in that. You can hear what the word sunlight
They are said uneasy at the corner, for peace is greatly, did completely sorted galvanise the way people think every bury, but it is possible if it was a documentary about repairing at that point in his life. I am talking about some of the things he just incredibly petty on the page. You might have heard and fatal things of you like with probably through though, but when he thank seems right. I think I kiddo never a period where, where an Sandler basically said he would never allow himself to do like prince We again, you would only do things that were on television. I could only do things your video form, because he was just certain that no matter what he said her, what he expressed, would be used by a writer who thought he had no challenge to be kind of de context, realized answered placed at face value. They had always the thing you know it's, it's like it.
obviously the worse than you can do in journalism, is big up a quote, but it's not that far off to use a quote accurately in a context that you know does not represent what the person was actually sang, and that happens so they re very lives happened I think anybody who never house story dawn and sets out where it's like that. You know that debts you. If you can't If the personal thing this kind of off the cuff or if they're saying this sort of half jokingly or if you're talking when a whole bunch of things- and this is one thing there is no magic. I did you just short of give this doctor The documentary has the advantage of seeing the person said, and you get a real sense of like how they meant it yeah. We talked enough about sports. It's time America's unpleasant.
NATO's. I can't believe it took an hour to get here. Those are real. I've been waiting to talk to you on this package deliberately ignored Talkin anybody ass. We ve got a lot of conspiracy stuff. over the years on pods and it what's that Malaysia it went down ethically Dadleberg see Pike Ass, like I, you love this stuff as much as I do it. under the rate are the last year. But she was going over the last years. The pen Airbus is basically just admitted that ufos exist and there's lots of encounter that they have no explanation. Ah, for and it seems to be a real thing. That is in the world and I just feel like, thirty five years ago, we would have had a heart attack. This is all we would have talked about, It's a fascinating
yeah. I mean ok here, here's sort of my taken, as I think for the longest time sixty seventy eight used even into the names that, when do you, Government saw something or had evidence of something in the guide made. No sense that didn't you, of the way, The move to could not be explained. The reaction was fear. This is the Russians. Never technology that we don't have- and we can basically admit They have developed the appeal shaped spacecraft. They can move in any direction at four times. The speed of sound orator this will be collapses and we learn all about their military science. Their military technology in turns out there.
Actually, a little behind us, they had some stuff, but nothing like this. So there was this period of like welcome. So what can we explain some weeks planets and there like we give chemic from forward with it? So sort of sat there. I don't know exactly why it's coming out now, if it's, because these guys are retiring and there, like I'm, not talk about this before retired, My overall point about this is you have those are like climate change and that's why it seems that it is under the Rayner, because you cannot say I am the person whose into your old I'm interested me were foes move to any other subjects. It would be illegal, let per came out. She was like yeah you, I'm really interested now in, like private presents some people
but wait. Wait. You just think of world can be gone in forty years and now you're worried about private iceberg used. Nay, you of those exist and you'll think that they're just another fight back. So we don't know what they are that these are things from a different planet. Everything out, happening in the United States and the rest of the world is secondary and its utmost to bigger the thing to really focused on it, but you just everything about the concept of religion, probable everything about the concept of political violence, Idea of what happens to any being when they got what is sort of the meaning of living in one state when there are places to live off with it. It's almost too much, and I think that people are afraid to take this seriously, because if you do tat, seriously it's gonna nullifies, so many other things about data existence.
If you're really going to view these things as alien spacecraft mean the factors. identified things. What does it mean so much because we can identify those meals were different world, but I mean section seems to be hard to avoid. If we don't know, Something s we don't worry it's from where's run, so it makes me think I'd gone back, for the Roswell days and hours, I dont know if I believe that you have those are not like. I believe in things like a deafening bloom and goes your phone so why are they always in these certain parts? White wives never seen one in like near way way way way way way way. You get them we believe in ghosts. I do happen because of experiences you better just yeah, I believe, a guess. Maybe that does not mean people living Goethe. What happened? I've thought about it. I had a ghost experience. What I stated
its carbon hotel and I was a hundred per cent. I did she completely changed my mind. I guess. What am I right don't know this staying there and it was staying on the or that allegedly had the ghost. As I put me on the floor, Zella form my heart. What light my hotel isn't disturbing hotel in Oklahoma City? Ok, ok, you they're, covering like the funders, nothing. The air was therefore the I was there to go see a thunder game of under games actually I guess you put me on put me on the party level, a butcher work and the way to cork was like. Oh, you wanna meet Effie her. Who is right. The ghost add- and I was asleep in the thing to think about me as when I fall asleep. I gotta wake up like you could either it's really hard for me to wake up. You'd have to basically driver Bulldozer near the house from a sleep, I'm asleep and I woke up
At like three forty five four in the morning cause, I felt like somebody who's in the room with me. and the hare in my arms were up and it was like no experience ever had the camera the window and I was fumbling from my glasses and turn on. why there is nobody there, and then I was like but he was in here. I know somebody who's in here and I couldn't fallback asleep. I started googling about the ghost and it was about how the goes to jump out the window and where I saw the person was or where I thought the person was. That was there was right next to the window, and then I didn't fallback asleep I've just up the rest. The necks of a thousand was fucked up in this ever happened to me in there we'll unexplainable. Do you know what you need to do? What you need to listen to the sun, black Sabbath by the ban black said it after protracted black savage it is about inexperience very similar cures. Well, I believe that after that, and then when I googled and it turned out the lady had had this baby,
jumped out the window at the baby and I was like the well. I thought I saw us up the by the window and I just fucked of mad Betty. I love her movies. I love other stuff. I do believe in Gus. Anyway, you fellows, I never honour assembly thanks. I didn't understand why there weren't more interactions with them, Stan, whether always in these obscure parts of the country and always unlike the desert like, but now that, though we have these different cameras and where cat in there just seems like there's more interactions, and it actually adds up. So here was what you were like kind of what what what was the This view you're supposed to have about again with always that likelihood. The aliens exists is ordinarily is the universe, go down for infinity and anything that can happen Infinity will happen. So
likelihood that there is a clad where life exists is mathematically beyond plausible. However, the assumption, without till they would never actually be in touch with right. They never fabulous. Well know they ve, never know, we'd, never come across that that the expanse of the universe is so great that the likelihood of someone being able to travel across it and happened to it. check with another planet that has it is just too much I mean visa with interest, What happened in the desert is a famous one in England and it happens in forest. Having. I guess, it's true is never ban. Like you, Ethelwyn like down town Omaha You don't like me when you're either never happens, did like an urban area. Over LAS Vegas leg is its own
then these remote places too. That's why it always was suspicious focused, let's, let's try to where'd you get into the mind of the ELM gets software. if we are the aliens now revisiting the technology, they have must be greater than up because it obviously we don't have the technology to get anywhere beyond marks. A guy we still you'll get people to their technology must be much better. if you're technology is much greater than it has to be because they ve more time basically to develop at one. Is it so? say you they are two hundred. Housing years ahead of US intellectual, so not worthier, Sweetwater, we're going to a different planet and we see people on our planet or creatures on manage their versions
hominids two hundred thousand years ago. What would we do? I think we will also try to watch them from a distance right that we saw essentially here neanderthals your liking up early humans. We would, In other words, the two? I think we would be somewhat more advanced than them. I think our fear would be if we in her. with them in any way there will handle it. They're gonna Freak we could change the trajectory of their whole society. So if aliens visiting our planet and their anything like humans, then he might be looking down at us almost the way, we would look at you know like tempers and they like. Well, we don't want we need to swiftly by distance and just as observers can learn from watching them sort of it ass if the aliens are like humans. Then
We completely validate lots of very classic ideas about Christianity, legacy we are like us leave. They do seem similar to us. That would seem to suggest that created in some of the same way. I mean I would be tat would be a real interesting argued like it would if, if aliens should go up and they have any human qualities, would that also sort of iron I'll prove humans? Are the apex of evolution, mean if they come off the ship? In there Octopus ever that would be even more. Would you believe in reincarnation? do I believe in reincarnation I I I am open to lots of things. The eight, I suppose you know we too can appoint my lot if we're almost anything is offered to me I'll. Be right,
It could be made if its metaphysics idea, a population of the world keeps increasing, so it fits. Moving from you no person to person, that does mean a lot of new stores are also being created. They boy. Oh, yes, Then that outlines point. Yet number, I racing, where do we get the size but Dan but the? it also. We also, you know, lots of gap. We have lots of dogs you ve made. If reincarnated he gets it once you fair reincarnation is possible, then, like the idea, trees being sent you Thirdly, on the deal any idea how rock having some sort of personnel is possible, I mean, I think it's like you know, I remember having an argument with my sister when time above ghosts and my sister was like well hatred, Now, if you're going to believe in girls, you have to believe all these things. They can't travel across the water and all these things
no. Why if I just the cuban idea go valid, but if we believe in Europe believe all the rules wants something unbelievable happen all the other rule of clinical proof. So you know I I mean a thing about the view of those. I guess is that you see the footage and. The reaction of the pirates- that's a great man, yeah, I'm because, like don't know what it is footage of pilots freaking out over stuff. I know what it is and then later today, like all that was whether balloon like you, we see the one
where they freak out, and there is no answer. I guess I'll. Let you watch the sixty minutes piece on yeah yeah. I watch that too is deeply disturbing. Well, oh, this is a wise. A disturbing just at sixty minutes doing a piece on it made. It seem way by rail to me either already see brothers news stories written about it by six and sixty minutes has been kind of the real paper record fur allotted if arisen since I've been alive. So will you relax we're gonna do here? First, back up shit, I guess is really happening for you believe it go. Do you want us to be real, or would you prefer to find out? You were wrong. That's a great question I can allow Heaven. I like the idea of ghost. I told you find right goes yesterday. I protest I like, but I want to be, but you seem to be saying you definitely dont want aliens while they think about
how we grew up there. You a foul alien culture as existed way before their vessel? It goes back to the early twentieth century and then it Cotta has. Is caught a boom in the fifties? People get excited about it, you see, movies as our entire life. I remember going to see close encounters in the cedar. It was at like one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven lands in its egg. Oh my god in an e t, was another and Superman. Bobby Westerners, but all the examples you gave the aliens are great. No, I know my grades with nice, but they were dead. The blockbusters in the nineties. It was what, if the aliens weren't nice,
If it's a guy, Daddy airlines are declaring war on us in, that became a cottage industry, but aliens had been in our life in this pop culture way that it just seemed like that's what they're gonna be late. This go to for pop culture. Is that the people of I never thought we we actually have to deal with them. Well, I didn't I didn't like it. I heard you say we have to come up with plan for the weird airlines that are flying, or rather I am sure, but it seems though. Like I mean I don't know, this might be like a like and say this openly- would my politics all over the place. I feel like it, ways and fundamentally a conservative person, but I have one thing to stay as they are very hesitant about. I youngest. It seems like like, like a changing faster than I can accept it all the time. So by that argument I should know because they had the air of aliens only enter into our world can be summed up in
certain began a real we're gonna have to, but I have some weird conversations. However, I despise me does want make if, if there are alien I wanted to show up in my lifetime if supported the gay about your, I guess I wouldn't like it would be. Yeah. I think about this. A lot like a guy who died the day before nine eleven, like you know like this is interesting. There used to be like. I guess this is like through the large your question gets. Let's say the world is going to end and it can end when you're eighty five years after death. What do you want,
here's the one thing tat would not be a painful. She won't you like your bride, you won't be burnt alive, is not the only common poverty when asked Kennedy eaten by some. Is the world will end suddenly and painlessly when you're eighty and you can see it or you can die in five years later and you'll, never, experience. I probably wanted not experience it. I'd watch, it you're, like Dreyfus, enclose, encounters. While the last gables? So sire yes, I guess in that way, I am like. I wouldn't want the world the end today, because I don't like my life, what was going to tell the tale. Your at like I want my kids grow up Can I I sort of you know. I want you to
a I want them to have the experts being an adult, even if you're, just even if its truncated. I guess why didn't I. I wouldn't be, it seems like too be the biggest events since the big bang as far as any human is considered, I guess that we want to see what it's like. I would want to see people react in. I would I be I'd, be curious. What what I would think about You know what I'd do think about ways about this turn eighties re when they see very possible that Russia, America majors blow each other up. He said about wow? What would happen? How much to how much notice what we have before we blew up beside that. This is an interesting I'm forty nine year, fifty and fifty one fifty one or two years.
Even those two years make a big difference on this issue, because, by the time let's say: post war, kind of whatever you know what I was its I'm still an elementary school over there, the day after I never, maybe I'm just speaking just from myself, but like I was always like it doesn't seem as though a country like United States or country like Russia would be willing to destroy itself like like, like it seems that the stakes are obviously dry. In fact, I remember I think I was in sixth grade. My dad was very proud of this, I wrote something in sixth grade about how the only problem would be as if Syria got a nuclear weapon. I don't think I knew anything about
are you sure I couldn't find on the map? I have no idea what news we article eight dollars, something that prompted me to do this, So I never worry about the end of the world like that, but, like I found the people just here is older than me really did I think that it was young like that, a couple of years, but the Reagan administration, I think, made people Cairo, seemed scary, but he had me. Yet be aware of what was happening to aware like when I went when they introduce STAR Wars programme, good to me. I was like a great like lasers, that can shoot. Miscalled out of the sky is even better what I thought the said there was a I fear that Russia was gonna, try blows up which up, which is why we end up with movies like red dot fag. that was a real movie that cap made with thy Russia's get invade us we'll be in camps, but wait a minute. What is interesting, though, it is
I am surprised by the degree to which pop culture really did furtive shape your real life on this fence here, please especially in the eighties words just like books, movies tv shows could have a profound impact on given like the J K. Assassination retreat talked about the underlying thing, and that was why happens if we find out there the eight murdered our president. Where do we go from there and. We still are no worse than I can know, but if you, if we found that, are now that's what happened with that of wheat fat with that affect how you think about the world than any kind different way to say in the Mafia murder JFK they killed him because I think Father what happened. We just don't know for sure if the CIA
orchestra with them off. He was. There was a coup d tat. Basically, they currently are realising that somebody from the servant the CIA went to like this. You cargo mom, it's a bit my do this and light were from the administration. Has cuban guy I'll just take about? Well, I I would I would be very surprised I could. Totally shocked, because obviously we've been talking about this for decades, it would. Annie, I guess I've nobody socialized, to believe that the CIA is not necessarily a positive one innovation, no a yelling and Kennedy did was lifted. The CIA would be geared to react in a vision that is needed. gets, maybe not so we're book might with those that I just like it.
Talking about like red, dawn and stuff like that that you seem. that simply their jobs and in Serbia, but I'm just saying like they're, making Is where the Russians were its conceivable? Allow these weird scenarios almost like with the aliens right there this for a five year window where Nuclear war became a pop culture scenario. In reason, these therefore thinks wait. We gotta take it, take a break and then quickly we go do. What you're watching vandals sports book is doing some good step
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download the hotwire add now book beyond your wow. This means all bookings final, so you can watch the marries down my own life. The first episode: will we exchanged tax about this? It really hit me. Our television habits have become very different, I would have thought I would have bet anything. You accept my we ve. Never like the first episode. You know I, like Kate, Winslet. we both. I thought it was a little better than she did. We both fell like what we discovered a win. We finish still before, which means it can still be good, but just it seems that now is the type of prestige television Didn't it wasn't so interesting there. I was like you gotta keep going on this, but maybe, if I get going to feel differently, I really want to watch the bureau. We even started that yet I want to I set it like berries down. I think you would like the king stood. The show time
documents to sugar a letter. I wrote that I read that book yet. I think that it is part of the world. you were never never, but there's a there's. No no book had kind of on the ip from the air was about the view that these four boxers are. They collated differ ways. It was cool. that was well done that it. Mr couple, thanks was a tried to push re, almost as this creation of corporate Amerika, that I just disagreed with that. That re was basically Tiger woods and Was I like haggling. I am just sail and re we are coming up in the late. Seventy year is like I caught a cause, the material, the bags and he was IP Lee replacement ended in. I didn't like it got that part correctly, but I thought it was worth watching. You are both watching PLUTO yes, you're, watching music videos and put her. I just go on there. because they have movies that I can't believe, like last an angel heart reside.
In an age of hard or thought about it, a million years eyes. I was watching it like going what I had this movie half hidden by Cabot, patted the oldest daughter for the cause, be show end up as the head of a voodoo coat with Mickey Workin and then Robert a plague Louis safer, and it turns out he's the devil in the end, and I was just kind of like blown away but PLUTO always these little hidden gems. That Ray I just left for dead in the recesses of my brain and they return you couldn't even choose the pride that the carriage and blue cipher in Russia that have as yet they resides Ghana back that, like a shadow by, if I recall every time he talks the overhead fancier turning opposite way. Any like that There are obviously the tiger some without PLUTO has like it has a seventy eight the dying these music jail where they just said sure videos with Novi J side? Sometimes I'm just gonna flip through those three back up and down.
This weird documentary about the movie Flash Gordon, What did I do about? It must have been. Last year to the movie came out nearly eight. These, I never saw the movie. I only remember everyone saying it was terrible, but what is interesting is the way this document a kind of presence for storing, and it's like a classic legged We are now, maybe it away. Bill you, would I played a role in aside figure like this: they culture where it's it's almost now. It's like. If you go back to anything, there was sort of failure and say it's interesting. Somehow it makes a great deal This unlocked the different death than lots and lots of websites. It wasn't like the flight of the spanish. Gordon thing is presented like
this is like the very different lost Jim. While it like this, yes it. And misunderstood and like that in May is in these talking about queen and the you think that the way he describes a businesslike great moment in queens career in, and it also Panama Vanity Project for the guy who played Flash Gordon because he's one of the producers and thrust doc you better. It's just that I'm Jones! Yes, yes and consistently implies that, like he made some bad decisions in his life, but now its past but they don't really say what the bad decisions are so measure what he did. I watched you really, weird thing only way around that work about driver. Flash, Gordon Point, quick, as I realise, as we did raiders at last start for the relaunch of us, and I realize Lucas was trying to buy the rights to flat org and before he came up with where's that must have been in the doc. I had no idea initially, he wanted to fight Gordon, Suffice, Gordon
his great ip that was sitting there for somebody in my memory of it was the movie was like really horrific and unlike above all, and became immediately like made fun of it. That was my memory to like I did. I did think anyone thought it was just like all terrible verified does have its called people emanates sides. Patient does have a tendency to do that, sort of like a tracking his watch. This documentary really feel work on the left. The mathematics the formula for putting together the schedule. Yes- and it is a half hour- show Ad this was the weirdest thing about. It is like an eight minutes. Were they just really describe the software used to do it that you felt dogma Peters but there's a device that was, it was good he was just you couldn't believe somebody made this,
I saw with I'm, so I just started watching indicators that sort of what well yeah do you realize that it would have that it would have so much emphasis on the fact that, like they have to figure out like which games will be televised, like will be the national given that that the inner fell, but I can have assumed the network's did that, but it has really out and they have all year to work on. But the guy's act like they're, just like the clock is ticking and we must prevent Roger to deal with the best possible schedule, and I've been given at the last minute like under the deadline, will be further at this drama to it. I would definitely watches boots and then you watch dumb you'd. The natives new unmusical that was watching the night, except that they support the music from eighteen. Seventy one I just started, but I can tell they did a good job like this is yeah. I figure with some feeling. Initially its political house dinner, they gonna slices
documentary document about the music of one specific year by the way that the kind of schooling it it's like. This is gonna it's gonna, be a great footage. The dinner was there is already like. In the first half hour, there was footage of like John Lennon working up a demo for the sun. He uses to attack comic. Pardon me, but you can see him sorted joking around while he's doing at which obviously makes the silencing much less mean. But I can tell I'm going to like it wait. What have you been washing besides the merits of you know what I did a good thing that shit just monitor. I beg you, flip channels- I don't know if anyone under third even does but access that channel access, yet I like that how is it going to be able out of music documentaries and there's this
spot. I kept member. We might have talked about this. If we talked about this say: edges have podcast memory loss, but I like went bans, produce, documentaries about themselves and second guilty pleasure when it went they clearly tilted in ways to reflect positive way and the banner twisting certain ways and there's one on the do be brothers that I watch every time inside. I can't get enough of because it's made by people who are convinced that the Tommy Johnston era was like the peak of the band and they really resent that when back without came on the ban took off and became really successful, but through the diehard dubious, then this is actually a bath. This fame Graham is Fourchan is actually like a dark time and it just suck the timing in it, and then Tommy Johnson comes back in its I'd. That's when they did some of their best, where it there's this guy. In the documentary, whose egghead
dubious aficionados gotta be a kind of like that, Stephen a Smith of it, and he just in time Donald era in a way that school areas, but it's actually a decent doc. But I like watching when these conceits so clearly there trying to make some point. That's just nonsensical. They're trying to ignore. I just like watching bands revise their own histories with documentaries. I think is ass? Many, I think you would you d, never Chicago you sign of younger per se, yet that's a good example by our yeah, those democratic said it's out this year. The people now maybe I'll admit. I knew nothing about the history of your heart. Like I, I was everything I learned that I literally where, for the first time when it when I was a kid, those kind of like those Canada
memories were a big deal. Technique issued by a man like the jets layer like like Motley crew, uncensored and kiss exposed, I'm out by those things and watch them hundreds of times stories that I still to this day, I'd like a catalyst to cite the things that he said like like Nicky six talked about His first guitar and he has no money- goes into a record store with an empty guitar case and he asked the guy for a job, obligation and where the guide was basket, the application. He speaks a guitar in the case and walks out the band joining whatever ban. That was just like him. To play base their like death, guitar enslavement beautifully base. to get our flag, I remembered the ski dressed in it so many times that a lot of it is almost like my understanding,
but thinking you understand somewhat and it's like. If you watched someone tell the same story two hundred times you feel like you know what they're saying announcing there were others gonna have probably be a lot more documentaries, a guess. He I wonder you think they're shooting a broken. That's document I right now about the the quest for young area. There has to be right yet there's a book about the nets about sort alike, Did I get member who wrote it gave to the Washington post me for something that is pretty interesting, that there could be a document about me. You could be a documentary about everything now because of the amount Footage exists like the blind, melon documentary do they were making it, but I didn't at in ever an observer. Dude from blind melon had a quarter and just recorded every thing that he did first life. So if I did so it's not that
you're learning anything just grab. Jerry Reading, which he owed by here can't quarter on. I think like during the Oj Simpson Carcase ITALY's filming the tv should just everything he did, so it is pretty intimate because the fight is it's. It's everything in the sky, like slaves, either make an interesting document, If you just felt yeah, I only others thing was a direct. They just set out these home movies of our first six years carved it in, and you know it is nothing to law, but there's I thought a pretty compelling piece about just them our relationship with their parents hidden.
Touring in you know, while also trying to be a teenage girl. There are some parent stuff that I became. I just thought was a missed opportunity bid the same time. You can't really explore that stuff, because you're doing it with the consent of the family saw. How far can you go, but you know like she's, like all her or bodies are fucked up and there still thrown rather on these four zero like this is your daughter here. paid what're you doing wait before we go. What would he worked around these days just thereby acetate another boy? Now Here's the deal I'm becoming our next year if it hadn't been for coded, it probably would have come this far, but because of global, a lot of other projects are pushed and I think some books I find it they might like be released a second time because they kind of got in a blown up everything with job, but couldn't do the book signing stuff and video to do tat allows about so relaxed
becoming out at the beginning of February. The only I don T have a cover yeah. What is it is about the nineties, It's called the nineties Willie Did you told her? You were doing this? I told you and you're like girl, but sounds interesting yeah. I think I've vaguely remember it differ lotta should happen in the nineties. Why stiffened steer different than by other books. In the sense that later some of the other, the other books I've done for the most part. I can't bear a very specific idea I had made the only I had the riverbed an innocent, but that's just kind of ST telling about the culture and politics, the science and sort of the texture of the nineties, Obviously like halberstam with a book in the fifties. Yeah I mean there's a book called the these by like it carry three hundred kids.
Is a book and seventy is by again insurance, so it like means called the ninety one of those books, and I pretty my right during the pandemic, so I will see what happens Flung, I'm excited, I read it my check. Who do you want to win the aviator nuggets Yoke Ich. here. I have all I've always kind of like the nuggets little bit of you when I was a kid I couldn't fear yet I like ours, English that leave her, and I liked you give Vanderwiller like Dan is so I'm always followed. Like I can't like the Broncos student, I have no relationship to the city of never, but if I've always kind of unconscious it never teams their funding. This is how I feel about Seattle. You have these ideas,
there's no rational explanation. Why you kind of I was just kind of like Seattle, so I feel that way the path, the surveillance and you I always surprised at four, I cannot explain, except maybe I kind of like their own color scheme. I always find the right sort of route for the Tennessee title. I dont know why that would be. I really don't know why? Why that other guy, but You know I I I I like the oilers, but I did not make that meant Relationship jumper would have rights but like when it went well I'm watching it in a video game with a trains are playing. I dont have any feeling about the other team. I seemed to naturally gravitate towards radically. Besides, I don't know why unconscious ruling gamma minors, but as for the city sad, I can explain it
let us not forget, it was great to see you yeah sure I'll, see you in away at some point, thanks for coming under ticket that's it back ass, thanks to shut, don't forget about book basketball to point out launching. a new season. Led by us, it's got what, if the one by a story, seven episodes really hope you enjoy those matters unless darkened the we watch a movie. That's up this week as well. I will see you thirsty one way. This website is broadly by simply safe, whether it's a fire
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