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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by author and longtime 'BS Podcast' guest Chuck Klosterman to discuss book tours in the selfie era, ESPN's political policies, LeBron making news at his son's AAU game, Charles Manson, extraterrestrials, the ideal presidential candidate, TV, film, and more.

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Today's. The bill summons Pakistan. The ringer pack has now brought to buy zipper critter here's there. Working hard and work in smart area. Fifty one Friday, mercury people to judge what said that women are? I love? You know. Now that I just One of the many things were covering on today's package. Would choke postman? because we worked hard and we works by it. We did not. Emphasis on superior, technology and tools, bank carry more efficient and effective. It's a smart, a sweater, ire forty five employers, opponents of creating equality. Can it should say within one my listers contrived for free, good, zip code that calm sash bs, Kyoto? Is the smartest wait the higher. Meanwhile, you may forget what happened? Three. Is it go on that show everyone's talkin baron, but you'll never forget it. The wishes be eighty made with unforgettable, creamy islands
Anna slathered onto a mouth watering? Turkey club makes it into a luscious garlic. I only because of the unforgettable, free meanness, hours later you with oh then ersatz just how good it was. Try something new, try, unforgettable cream hi. It's been a then the new high. Mashups bail chip, man, chip, Mustang, Creek male, must one more. I one more Freya eminence I just I swear to God, my kids life. I ate half a bag of these rape afraid that this podcast So yeah this is the most authentic red you're gonna have all day take your game. They treats the next level at the new eminence hazelnut spread chalk candies covered, through their manoeuvres MO chocolate delivering a mouth firing plan of chocolate, hazelnut every bite, size peace enjoy them on their own use into spruce up your fair. Desserts or do it. I just did and have half a pack
energy wake up a little bitch, tiny bet, This is by the way, go he's already tried to new eminence hazelnut spread chocolate candies today, we are surprised by the world's greatest website. The ringer come where we are celebrating the year and music of name seen nine you can go on twitter, Hashtag man, I music and gathering or dot com. You can read basically a million different things who wrote about that year, which is fast anywhere and pop music, a terribly year for act, music and a decent year for your pop up, but the totality of it is definitely feels like something so we what about that. Also on the package front I, Bachelor Party with Mallory Reuben that that's, We did. We broke down the last episode, a bachelor of the bachelor at and in everything that happened there, including Jed and his terrible guitar singing, but can't kicked off the show by Jed. Good luck,
So we did that and manners and reform. As always, we I also have a new episode. The reward was coming Friday is the town yeah, He ran reseller Chris Rhine, you think about it. The bay it you think, that may I am really over prayer for this once that's happening, be ready for that, come up and the only checklists reinforced our friends for projects checklist. Yes, by cast our family spit on tour He was at Gillette last week, where the Meadowlands he played he paid out.
Stadium, I know, is an incredible torrent. I turned up what is it like to do a bookstore, in two thousand nineteen, these selfie get a picture with celebrity era. Won't leave. Other pictures are part of it. Now it. When I was in Austin almost every person, you got a book find also why the picture- I guess so easy. That slows down a little bit. I guess I don't. I don't know what people are doing all these pictures, but big in Adam near her. The events themselves, though, like I think, they're more of the same, the different it's just stir it is that the economic selling books is changed so much that it did the weird idea. Now I mean like like you're going out when I go on tour range, because some selling books obviously extend the way that the idea, but the people who come to a reading will their point
people who would definitely by a book anyway right, you would think You mean that if someone willing to come to a bookstore bearing listen to a guy pocket reader, whatever that person the propaganda by the book anyway, I'm not exactly sure how it makes like economic sense to do it. I'm only The torrent or smaller I've only doing dying city this year ass, like white killing yourself to live, I think I have six. We tour, I don't think anyone does that right, yeah. I think it's funny I did a book turn of five and I did book turn. Oh nine, but you don't read write that you think you do not worry I didn't really know what I was doing in I didn't do, many in we had enough people there. Probably should have read, but it was more like I just wanted a me people and sign books, and at that point as well
no five, you had no connection to people other than they read my car right at an image of a pilot even have at that point and oh nine. I had twitter for maybe six months at that point. I'd probably had ever known. Thirty, thirty five thousand followers or something- but I was in in somebody's life. The way that really any They can be now like nowadays. People are able to be connected. Do you even if it's in that, where did away where their follow me on Twitter or on Instagram, and their listening by cast, however, ass, I'm kind of in their life more back. And unlike go five. It was like my com. That said, if you wanted even see what I look like, I hereby voice. This was the one chance, so I did the dynamic irish village. I don't do that that bill, I'm not really on whether for that, like it, I only kind of promote things are more like the ban.
To you. If you want a cup of tea You gotta go to the thing they could hear in this park, ass though they have a feel for what your laid it on different packages things. I that's that's different and you know what bill. I just knew something of ever told you that before maybe we talked about this, but I haven't got on gas for all these years, I'm sure has helped. Me fell more books, I'm sure this help you know, and yet I do wonder ultimately was a mistake, Would I bury its liking, I'll bet she'd each tab, podcasting that there will be. No, no everyone knows how I gotta go. Now, when you write a book and if the idea like I've been,
If you're lucky you don't, people feel like you're. Writing has voice, but they don't know what your voice did. The boys they created the best version of their own voice. The voice they here in your head is the best self, but like once, you know what a person talk like that. Voice you here and frankly, that all people hate my boy. No that's the case even have sure that has been detrimental to me over time. Can you imagine reading a welcome global book now and not hearing balking global voice can be done and and stop iced. I do wonder sometimes by had ever done anything in public the book readings if it would be more if it had been in the past, it of the actual book, even though I would have thought we left or if you just did nothing you Jim,
this Enigma badge is produced this book Unabomber style every year. Nobody even new way live joy. He looked like what eloquent William Varmint. Does I mean he's like them? prolific english genius, writer out there who should constantly putting books out. I have no idea what he sounds like. I have a vague idea. What he looked like, if you want to have fun, Greek, William Omen, Wikipedia entered that's good. It's not my he's done exactly that like he doesn't, he doesn't go anywhere. Do anything we constantly go somewhere, but he never appears in public and that you know they don't know, that's a really interesting point about, hearing somebody's voice and then not the air, but a shape that as the voice when you read them you know in whatever cause. I remember the first time that happened to me was when the sportswriter started going on tv he now and
in all the suddenly make loop occur and Bob Ryan and people will Mcdonough people I grown breeding. I knew a voice sounded like disease to go on local radio Boston, but for the most part they really know the voices then here the voices and you don't work done thirty guy on the embassy and fell show in the lead Aid- and he just said- this old school, like he's like a character from a party to the town, had one of those vote and then, when you read his pieces, you would come here that voice, so I guess yeah, I'm sure but he really legs their own voice and nobody's really happy that no one else his voice with about five exception, so I'm sure it does It is probably a little bit of a Dutchman was thinking more photos selfies thing just ass. The saw the process down, because I remember when it when I did my last or in others
sometimes there is a lot of people there and you just try to you. Don't want people awaiting line if they have to do whatever and the selfies pictures thing slow down. Even work has half the times they owe shoot hold on. Oh, my daddy realised by Flash was nine and there's other in used to that concept. Situation somebody's phone as a working day, debt posting it down a little bit. I guess you're at the same time like Where else do I have to be? I had a time you there you there all night, like that, like the thing in technical and often the one they did with shame. Ok, lotta people can, I think, they're, because she really did it getting people in at the bookstore. Often they actually set it up. They have a person from the Bookstore who stand in front of a table and you hand them your phone and then you walk behind the gable mapping,
That's a rain occurred. Well, here's the fears, the saying now by doing that, every person does it, but they almost think it part of the price that I mean. I I every book I I feel like I took a picture with someone, so you feel like you're, like Britain related you're like here that Barack Obama, yet the White House Correspondence dinner where you're, just he bore no line in receiving line in your taken, the same picture with them over and over again the difference being what someone meet the President. They probably think I wanna get photograph is, I think, a lot of people who come to my reading, never fucking occurs devout picture with them. As someone said, like you told me, try to make the system more efficient, it actually make thing what were yet. That's why, like posted note, sometimes book reading, they give everyone opposed it. Now, with the
Do that bill put their name on it and then you can shine their name. The booking you'll have the spelling, but then every single person does it, instead of just having the book by they think. Oh, it's both be personalized, Jimmy specifically through and they all do. It actually makes the browsers go much water carefully complain about the primitive. I mean it's amazing to me that people come and listen to me. Just talk for ninety minutes. Bizarre to me? I'm glad it's very weird, but take you with joy, bigger. If they do that, plus their spending, whatever it costs for the book, twenty six boxer, whatever I can, instead there, but the diamond you there for the night? That's it pretty. He had heard the aviator their time. You're gonna give them yet holy, get it I loved. I mean it. That's why it's a lot of people and you have to be on site at some of his thoughts, but I loved the book to remember what
stops. I think the York I had on in oh nine, I had to my buddies from car, jack on house. They just came in sat at the table and just made fun of aid. Did the whole thing Is it is good to put faces ter whose reading you in an and stuff like that, so that one reason I would read another book the reason I never read another book as I just don't act, you couldn't do it anyway. The ships in Africa, I dont know be joining the book, signing it worth but some guy prizes be that you have no desire to write another book. I would It would seem like that, so many people would be like I would I can do that. I wish I had the ability to do in order to get to a position where I did it. People read it. What is your business
having no desire to do it. It's literally redbook any stopped it you want. Will I know you ve done it, but you know I gotta know each meeting one. What's that no desire thing. It's I know what it takes. I I'd say it's it's like the same reason. I was trying to talk. My wife and having a third kid which didn't, well by the way, was a disaster. And she was just like I've done twice. I dont want to do it again. I know all the steps- and I don't wanna put my body through it and that the compare writing a book to pass a child out of your body. Is that still the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life, but I feel the same and she said that a kind of felt the same way about a book like I know I could prob do it, but I also know like how miserable out be for those tend to eleven months, trying to get it done and being trapped in it in China COM with some angle like the logical.
But for me to re would be needed to do to write about basketball. Everything that's happened since I wrote the last book has deleted is changed so much the last ten years and thereby so many fine different ways to go, and I just once I once I would start simple that I doubt would be all out be thinking about doing, and I know what we're doing here. I am not able to do that. I can't just shut down and work on that for a year. You now say that reason I wouldn't want to make it be one of the seven things I was doing so he I guess you at the other kind you know. I ve heard of many more obligations they're out there like when I brought my last book, which was wait too long. I'd I'd disappear. For ten weeks in the summer away. They are he's gonna do anything and I think I probably even did like three or four Pakistan that was it, but you know. I really respect the people that can go through that guy.
And no it's gonna happen and then do it again. I'm on is like impressed by cause Ok, I guess this is one of many ways. We are different, like I part of putting the book out to me, that is by far the hardest part. If I could just work on a book for the rest of my life and you'd be paid, for working on it and I would never come out. There would be asked a guy with a babe just process on it. Well, I guess I don't know If I could, if I type judges but it's true- I get it if I could have just made the amount of money that I would make the point booked out. But all I would you keep rewriting in reworking further activity. I would be a great life I'd like it just kind of constantly be right it and make it better than had been here. I would just right,
in writing right right and there would be no, there would be two would never leave my wife. It would just be there but it wouldn't you wouldn't go to any other white people just by that would be great. I had the last contract. I sat with his pen, which was first, I think, like for five years. There is a book component to it in now eat book there. You just turn in the idea, and they give you like a third delivered as an just didn't have an idea like than I just never did it, and I think that my contract is over. I just could So many though I asked did have one idea. That was not a basque by idea that I still think were worked and was fired. About it and just you know what that point: Grantland was going in thirty for thirty, and I was on tv, and I was I was just doing too many things, there's no way I could have done it, and so I kind of look back at that and I got mad. There was this one moment when I had this idea that I think
So can I ask you again his pen early was you. You love ya. You love when this turns on me. This is you ve always knows. No, I haven't heard the inner edge. I feel there is a purely speculative that you can let the card was fired because the thing it he would be fine. If that was the case, you can't quit they'll because very like a baby, Does it contract of M Sherlock demand that he couldn't work anywhere for like two years or whatever you think? Actually he wants to get tired. I think, current answer is absolutely not. I think when he Eddie did. I still have not talked to him about this. This is our speculation, I think- Initial act with somebody that was like, I don't care, what happens if it. Goes down a certain road. That's fine, but I'm gonna do this and I don't like this policy in a minute
I'm lay out there and I think what happened is you know and as somebody there has been an Arab. Pretty similar position, definitely different circumstances, but you real. Is that when you go down that that road, but you so you have all these other people in their lives at our profession. I attach to what you're doing an see how they are reacting to You realize their big. There comes a smaller like him. I am I really ready to take this the whole way or not, and I don't think he was because my thinking was particularly with, like Fox sports wine, all that, that now it would be good. Mood is whole show, it would seem like like and and the audience adverse showed it big, but it's not like going somewhere else would suddenly make him just forgot, bang. I think the kind of people who were into that show would follow. It would almost be what he had to leverage where he was open
but I don't know I mean I don't know him. He made with poor times or whatever No, I think I think, motive in serious. I don't think it would have been facts, but in a part of the problem with that is other people that are in his orbit. All like everybody. Just new deal, so it's like yeah, he could go by delays, still have her but ass a contract. It's not not that different from what happened when you know when I left grantline and they had a lot of different people thou under contract. So it's not like. We are left at the same time. So I think I, my guess, is really fired up about it. He was a certain level of conviction for a direction that, thought he wanted to go and then, when he s began COD bluff. At that point it becomes a game. A chicken You have to decide whether you want to collide into the other car, not you now, and then he obviously didn't want it. So I I I
I thought it was pretty fast Eddie into Watchin. I talked about a lot on the package last week because you know I think a furious be ended. The right move to stay away from all that such fun. Talking as somebody who, on Tuesday, a podcast we're being whereby Jacko talked about trumpet the Democrats were twenty five minutes like I can do. That is in charge of my own stuff, fair, but I think if you're p all other ratings for other talking head shows her up. In general, they ve been able to shed that whole perception that there too liberal in you now there they wanna, kill ya fifty states and they just want to show sport. So I think, as a business move, it does make sense for them where what do they have and from lab retired out as sport show on his pain, radio, just opining about the faults of the president,
ten minutes it doesn't add anything to what their mission is. Not even, I think so much the addition of its attraction. I think that there is like this dissidents between a lot of of the personalities there and the people who consume it and because it is ten years is weird institution where its entertainment and its journalism at the same time, the other that totally inherent problem with these can in general is that they are a journalist, big outlet, Anna AIR came out with, and I think the people who work there see more as a journalist enterprise and the people who consume generally see it as an entertainment enterprise. So it's like, if not, I think people are always kind of deciding what the politics but they're talking about her, how they're doing it but
degree like when people watch the weather channel. They want to know about whether, like ok, suppose our political element to tackle climate change or whatever your back beyond the weather channel. But for the most part, people are interested in the weather and I think that when people watch ESPN, of course, there are exceptions both for the most part they see it. S like this is how I did acted sports these other things? I'm accessing it all these other ways I dont be. I think that if the bank like yours is a little kid you about how the network is perceived by people by the people who work there. Yeah. I I I think the fundamental issue is this. I was there the times that I got that I We battled them were because I had been told the rules
Was to go a certain way and then light. They shifted what they told me. You know and I think, even even critic, as in Get Alan saying he lied about the re, writing and all that stuff, which was a big part of why water. When I was there, I felt like I was totally justified to do that because they told me if you stay by the facts and it's a sports related thing in you're able to back up what you're saying anyone's fair game saw my great so You know when I went after get out those last year's Ives. I think I did lie like these, who he he completely contradict that himself. We have all these tests, These people are in the room of the re racing like he lied He change he suspected of one day and then he changed his story. I should be allowed talk about this and you know I mean I might take out this spring. I did I told you this before I think it is the case,
fusion over. When you said I challenge from one the call me a year now you say that you are talking about a bell, but listening to it, it almost seemed like you were saying it too is pan and When he is pen it was already the situation wasting where I know a lot of people in Bristol did not love the idea of Grantline they sort of felt that it was given like, too much leverage in too much freedom and was able to do the things wanted to oil out you, yet I think it base year. They may proceed you show challenging entirely. His nation tat. Thank you like. I guess I was thinking you two. If I was skipper Jonah My I've said this last week my big mistake was not listening to it for a went up cuz. That was an easy edit and I feel like I could have kept all that other stuff and if they had
I know, has been told it was two weeks further challenges, spin and the one week fur Fergus calling good ally and being so adamant in Saint fucking. When I said he was a fucking liar, I think that was pushed over the edge. I know it's was the combo that, but But when I came back you know I didn't back off from it and I remember had done then add on a pike asked where we just painstakingly went over, though the whole glocester, Cause error like Vienna. Hang this guy hang with facts and whose we'd like a seventy Meda, I guess just like painstakingly doing other facts to just to get a black eye view. Amid hang with facts, I'm happy to do that, but that the key is it was a sports topic. And I think it is irrelevant sports topic, because the guys in charge of the most popular sports league anyhow
acting in appropriately, and that something should be able to talk about any European. I think the people running has been out agreed that I think we're gets where it gets. A little dicey is when somebody's I care, my father some hit, I'm the current president who I dont like an they I just don't want that. They made that clear, serve somebody's gonna, say well, I'm giving my Its anyway, then, don't work there. You know and that's why I don't. I don't know how I feel more. About ESPN. Just saying like we're out were not we're not getting involved in. Sport sing at all, but I do think it came from a place where once you when the door and allow people to kind of do you give them the window to be able to say and do kind or whatever they want about not sports stuff. There's this guy no put in there. What is it the rabbit back in the box? What is it that phrase
the horse back in the bars back in the barn whenever they at once went out in the match. You can't you can't stop it so they're. Just saying like look we're out, but I want the cinema. Don't do this you want to do is go work somewhere else. Were we're happy, lay at your contract side than that the complicated deal, because you know John of on the one hand, I guess my my natural information about what people who are paid to be Measures should take the conversation wherever they want to go, but it does create a kind of weird things were ok, so I'll be shows italian. One or two people. What do you say to people? Sometimes poor people, I whatever, if one individual is really being political and the other people choose? Not you it's almost like,
it is seen as them lately taking the opposite position, because I like there's some how supporting what the person is criticising because they are able to make it if people start getting political and anything, it almost sort of demand that that everyone, you at other white, like ok, moving the ringer, is good example. Like me, don't you lot of political play coverage, but some day I too share the same ideology, and I know the assumption is that everybody at the ringer think the same way politically about everything, but why wouldn't day? Because the only slices of it they see? Four have one third of tradition. The assumption is that, while everyone else must be there like everyone to do but every employee at the Wall Street Journal is a Republican, that's kind of movement. Think, because the editor I'll pay to the Wall Street Journal conservative. I know people to work the Wall Street Journal
is not the case, but that is what the assumption that you wouldn't work there. If you didn't believe that, because a lot of of the audience bathing to themselves, why I wouldn't be involved in media unless they sort of project my work, you want other people and a lot of journalists to think that like particularly older one tourist, or toll that you're supposed to try to overcome your buys it at every turn you know and that different now, but it still exists it's also so much different than it was you know even five years ago. I think I remember I had in two thousand eight in the spring I got oh come on my pie, guest annihilated package that point for like a year and then it got next by European, which is written about- and this is in a new story- but I was,
is really confused and angry that cause I would have been the biggest pie cast about time until that point, it wasn't like a really big medium and I was pretty certain he was going to win the presidency, and I was like I have a chance to get this guy six months before it becomes. The president like this is amazing, and that you know the reason they squashed. It was. Basically we don't want to be perceived as a, in one way or the other, but when you think in retrospect, where he is. And is doing now with other stuff Billy isn't much different than the mindset that back then you now in and when they had a bomb are coming on to fill the March banned this bracket every year. Maybe that's that's something they would do
now. You know it stopped because Trump didn't want to do it, but even that could be perceived as drop out. We cannot ed, I really out like a cat like I'm not doing it, but that would be very caning to see, but without having the best ten minutes a tv our year, her trump filling out of March mad this bracket vetting terrible can they submit they can still do that for twenty twenty, so my boy, as I dont like get a show like MIKE Mike, which lasted forever it was always a show that people you know I did it at its audience, people kind of appreciated it out. There wasn't like a rabbit, make it make fan base, but it did what it did an coincidentally he talked. He gave an interview today. Retain this on a Wednesday, where he's basically I am not doing politics at all on and get up, and I'm I'm fine with that, and he gave a quote when I go. Mcdonald's. I go there because I want to have a hamburger and if I walked Mcdonald's and they said,
hey we're not doing hamburgers today we're doing pizza, I'd say: what are you Talkin about your Mcdonald's? What you do is hamburgers if I want a pizza or go to one of the places where they make better pizza than you. So depressing quote, but it's kind of it's a fair quote to because Bulgaria is pain, sports and if they wanted to go, if they want and politics they would go to one of the politics stations. So would you think of that I here just quote the quote: the mindset Every night I think it weighs daughter. I guess, reflect what I was saying earlier that I I don't think that people go to European for the most part, for the idea that they're getting even these are like a lot of journalism done there. I think that they see. That is. If I'm watching a pin,
the game is not on the material back next to the game, again we gotta get us. I gotta wait through this through whatever or all I want to see what people are talking about, and sometimes I guess maybe I don't know if it's their political coverage. It's them more pension or, if it does, they did they at that point. Where would ever where they were like? Eighty four percent of conservatives and sixty nine percent of Liberal wished it would like less legal content, honey is Peter. Dont want Paul picture there, so that what kind of because it would most people I mean it was figures- can be trusted. That's a pretty big thing Although what's outward celebrate a voodoo is a leading streaming abbot library of over a hundred, fifty thousand TED is able to rent or by like the critically acclaimed smash it ventures and Gamewell voodoo. Sleigh, large nad supported on demand services over ten thousand tat. Is you can watch for free, including classic?
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Really heard honestly scary to buy it. My bonnet men allotted five times is weird I had divided. I can't slash bills him and sat up and stir Watchin today, catch up on the fatal attractions be catching up. Cassettes coming, that's gonna, be not time. Pack has been catch up on the town and all bunch other runs at Voodoo Dotcom, Slash Bill Simmons View do dotcom such bill. Back to back speaking, ESPN want to talk about so we're in this dead content, I'm right now, where this for a site like the ringer in some other places where you know ye. Yet these runs September October or November or December- that's great April. A June were just the lack on theirs play. Ives he get drafts. You have award season yes movies, come out other stuff and then you have the dead times. You have we had last week where they're just
a thing going on and fortunately, fur the ring and a lot of people may content. Tarantino item will be coming out in it turned into all guarantee oh yeah. I'm surprised you a shock to him Why was away that is why he has in her lying in it was not playing in a movie theater. That was then ninety minutes of us as a problem. I'm sayin it tonight, but this week is even more dead than last week was cause. There's no Tarantino were we basically have Hobbs and Shaw, and then the major League baseball trade deadline and that training can starting a guess. You could argue this week slightly better than last aid budgets slightly did her doctor hard Naxa. We never yet next next week, things start to feel like normal again. But my point is This leubronn thing happens: where he's cheering his his son and is a games a little to the ship.
Save for some people's lacking any when the lab. I did some dogs and I feel like it this happens in November? I don't even know if it makes pity I might make the third segment furred thirty six and when they do one of those buyer sour, like those gimmicks like that, but because it happens, is it suddenly becomes the big sport story for today's. Are we just train now, where we just need content everyday were like a shark swimming around eating fish and it's, like others, efficient here. I guess I'll just eat this license plate. You know where, were you just conditional down either or our asset you'd? Get you just three minutes talking about the period of no content and then the fact that you write a website would be kept to be that you have trained yourself. That way. No! No cried out, I beg you, are you're describing the shark that you are I'm talking about them all the whole media machine, because this was like this became,
dominant story yesterday on all the experience shows. It was the dominant story on any sports website. You went to. It was Lee topics on podcast people about it compelling, because it is something that people who don't passport have an opinion on. I have power like it It is a situation where it's like you don't need any knowledge of basketball, those sort of heavy respond to it. I will go with you respond to talk about it. Talk about what we yours part. Well, the reason The real reason is because it ties into sports parents, which is yes? You see topic that Betty who is either had kids are bent to their knees, ear, nephews, game or their cousins game. We witness sportswear behaviour, we have opinions on it. So now you have the most famous active Basque about. Whose son is
a seemingly good prospect and he is acting like you know, like he's the guy's big brother. Really seems to be getting a genuine kick out of everything. That's going on to the point that he's becoming as big of back to go as the actual game. So People are like what doing that somehow parent should have to act and that other people like this is great Le Bronze and had done Klein what's wrong with that puts the brand dumping for a crowd just randomly, because he happened to be there so it is one of those classic sports stories where you can pick a side, which is, I think, why it became a today story. Do you have it I my side is complicated because I think it Anybody else acted that way. They will be. Marked on the internet for five days, but its Lebron James than the rules are just different for him. So you know it's.
Exciting to have the guy there. I went to my daughter played a game last year when the game before it was LA brands. Younger son was playing solar brown. Was there and when these in the gym, it's like you know it's a thing: you can We were talking about everybody's feeling, it it's impossible not to constrain the fact that Lebron James Azeri six foot nine. He stands out it here, but I would say I like it's. Ok, I it it might have complicate. You seem like a kind of patching, but this is the kind of my response. One thing I think is now you're pretty interesting that who would have been the model or the example of an NBA dad the Navy's shot camp near the life players. We literally the worst dad you today is one from studied a city firing children and then having no relationship. I'm even like I mean for me, is the hardest thing
Larry Bird by the fact that each does no relationship with his daughter looked just like him and worship. Semi is no, I mean maybe does now for a long time. You didn't get stuck in this than to fight with a brand, not like that right. Look round like a pretty good dad. I also say that I understand and empathize with the fact that literally nothing is more I've been watching you, kid succeeded public, yet it is the best feeling I have ever had. I think, like my will guys want to only twenty does really good at memorizing stop, and I just I love I love watching it. I can't think of anything that make me happier, but here's the thing I would say this is like when that I feel that way when I see him, but I dont think you want.
You ever made three events, have about your enjoyment of it or or have the interest in the bed swing you and the broadest, very smart He knows you yeah, you know it's, there isn't gonna happen. Like you know what I like it He will give. You would argue luxuries, like Anti decided that I'm not telling people but tell me about buying a car gratitude that, but you have to know the like you. He said I must go best ballplayer, I would say the most famous amply in America and gave does this If you don't get in the way of wine, of course, in a world where everyone has a phone, that's gonna become a story now, for the other, kids playing a sure thought some, I better, like elaborate game, is that this gave. You know it's like you know like I'm playing there, and you know that rule millions
people by catch a glimpse of me. You know getting drunk time by a kid or whatever it became fighting, but they are made cedar appoint later in their life. When they're like kind odd that that happen, my experience, I think you'd basketball player ended up boldly being a platform, for somebody could already be perfect, listen to predict a phone, and I dont know what I think is I just like a boy with which we were more like Robert Parish. I don't like. I don't like to put this playing emotion, public. It seems performative to me right. I'm really happy that looked round kid, and I hope it kid as I hope they play together in the may be. I think that would be amazing that something that could have the baseball ever
possible that could happen about about. Don't I criticised the game, I am, I I I don't like abroad, but I would I wouldn't you there. I mean he beheld her to be a lot of things different about my life, the about they should. But I don't know the little well I just want to know that if you did that it would- so get a tiny to abuse at. I do think people would be blown away, chuckle instrument. Dumping in the layer by fifty percent. An entire condo and the constructive. Whatever is going on. I do see. The thing for me is La Brian, is a good kind of case study for this cause I was reading. G20 knows new book which that's out yet, but the first area Fatima Haven'T- I haven't opened- you get the picture me a cup yeah, I'm gonna be good. She will tell yeah she's great she had to give ground,
and I've been around a little longer. She would have been our next tire. We would we love to her, but we, this first chapter is about basically how she grew. Open in the age of the internet and then how the internet can a changed over this decade. I don't want step on it and you know I want people to read the book as its get, but She has this whole thing: thereabout performative, the performance personality of somebody verses their actual personality in how the internet started emerge that you now because by the time we get to two thousand and I was I was thinking about. Last night I was watching Redfield that versus up my favorite red Sox player, bases loaded, he's three hundred and forty four he's on. Three month tear unlike anything, I've. I've seen with a young red sides player really since Fred Lynn and in its really big moment they're down around, they have to be Tampa and the pitch and on the raises, taking forever between his pitch is taking forty seconds forty five seconds. So it's just a lot of like nothing happening, and I was looking.
Background behind davers and all these people. Standing watching the bat, but there are videotaping it with their iphone of them in it. It's like this. This whole basically stands of people that are standing up, taping their bad, that's also on television, and I just think that's what's happened with everything we do now, where its day day they tape that a bad they put it on. In Syria and by the way than this too, and it's kind of like you're year performing your own life years of year. Your a version of yourself to the performance you're, putting out there with its and Instagram or twitter. You have a pact, as your writing. That's your performative profile. Basically, so in the bronze doing this sports parent thing he's perfect, In the raw of sports pad to some degree, I would thank I ate my question. Is
Would he do that? If he didn't know people were gonna videotape it. I have no idea. I ve had even more complicated question is: does Leubronn believe in God Publican that videotaped I'm? Having often does it happen, then he is in public and someone is not taking a picture right. So when he's doing the dunk, I had laid thing which, by the way I approve again I'm pro Lebron James in all done glance, but he knows how it's gonna guy real high on for a second, I would I even have put particular topic. I wonder if that way, in the play up in a cripple project like to promote directly come back into republics, but anyway back your boy. You know you're right. He hasn't he put fifty games since me ever hand. We didn't like twelve years to MID June two thousand eighteen. All the way through today, which is now you know. Fifteen months later, is only played fifty five
So now I hear you finally point guards, I'm like activity, it is cheap. Despite age. Even number one taken affairs. He we get replace point red might be, I dont think ill in applying pointed the keys to it, but I don't know, but back to the the question of the sports guaranteed. Then wait, you said for about how the most exciting, probably the happiest thing. You ve seen in your life, was when your son was succeeding at something in sports. Why in watching compete and just how thrilling that is, I think, that's why Do you think there is? This really is genuine. I think he loves the fact that his sons gotta bass and he gets to be a fair, and I think he can't contain himself. I dont question. It is the duty of the most another clip of him talking jewish kid want. You probably seen it
but the king must be shot locked the game and you like, actually you maybe three key play. We hit the one guy on the outlet, bad that got that lay up. He said to keep down the corner and they let you made that skip out like he copied it. It's not as though you know I have a feeling that their relationship, you say what you like, other? Well I mean what is the trajectory of parenting? Every generation of parents is closer to their choice. I'll emotionally in also like interest wide and all those things and the previous generation always says, like you know, you're not supposed to be. Your kids friend is supposed to be your kids parents, and yet you can go back generations upon generations. Everyone is closer to their kids than they were to their dad and his dad was to their grandpa
It's just that our work yeah yeah. Well, do you think I would say we not that much older than his kid. So he really is in some ways, economies that in their big brother, Angela Brands, thirty five in his son is, Fourteen so you know like I am my daughters. Fourteen and I'm forty nine fifty her. I feel more like more like that. They're all away all their person, but he really is more of a contemporary. They probably listened to the same music might have landed there, my dad's only twenty one years older than I am, and we were always like really close like that. So but it went they all say with the brain. He was at that basketball game. When my daughter is plain the nice game, his This game ended, and we had warm up from my daughter's game, and you now say ten minutes. And the Brown came back out, cause his tea. May I guess they were talking to add the team or whatever packing up get ready.
And the Brown came out and watch the first quarter of my daughter's game, and there is no reason for it other than he just legs. Ask he was like in a jam and there was a basketball bouncing and he just kind of like em. I just love ask bomb and watches he's watching an eighth grade, basketball game, girls that he does not know and we just like, I'm just gonna watch. So I really just think he budget only level as we didn't you, you were there. What sitting like with the guys became a throne of lying? I had now. Let me their store can you're sitting around. You like. Oh look, there's with Poland and Polish use their square hole. Wife purely to normal life will have fallen. Watch your daughter wipe out people in normal thing. We can all relate to every look. I got like that's why we agreed on this this shit. That happens, we neared ally, but I was so proud of my daughter's team. I thought they were just throw overboard, abounds and just be complete. Our visit any step. It up
we lay early. I like what brought you know. She was ass. He came in after, as I say I play, because the Brown was watching as a guide said about, but I He does, I think his love Basque, buys always been real genuine from day one, and I think that the Zion would have from him so far I feel egg is very similar in that respect. Where you are, these guys were phenomenon AIDS, but who also seem like they just genuinely like the sport and they just like playing in being rounded Jim and is being in the max, and I think those are the guys that an abuse they make in it like an in the biggest postboy? I felt footage of Zaire showing football around the breeze, each don't a pretty good spiral by falling. So I couldn't do that. Eight do you know it? They looked. Ok, oh yeah, you wrap you act, I didn't study, thou and Yad. To me like watching
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Eddie raised our com for fifty per and two or more periscope done. Jesus black Friday level by won't get one free kind of deal, two pairs fridges. Forty five hours only at shady raise that come with code bs the job I had so I have not seen once upon a time in Hollywood yet and accessing it tonight, but I have been really really answered. The Manson Manson family revival of jest a new generation of people finding out about that story and how fuckin crazy was- and you know I I think all of us in our general age range went through. You know, you'd have your Watergate week. You would have you made. In family, we agree just like a kind of deep dive, different topics that had been around for a little while and you just kind of really well What's this in either I shall read everything about
Manson family and now they're skelter Burgundy, you part movie with Steve rules back like I was in out all this stuff. Now we have this new. A comes out that takes, the staff that I had already thought about, digested and accepted a mad that Charles Manson was this crazy, called leader who had this band of women that he would have sex with encourages completely alone, faithful em and he does How did he would start this helter skelter war between weights in blacks, and then What's they would proceed into their ranch after it started. Wait for everyone, kill each other and then emerge as the new leaders of this revolution is the single craziest heat check. Theory, Kennywood ever had and offer ninety differ reasons, but this actually work carried the day in court. Vincent Googly, us the prosecutor, convinced the Jew.
I say that this was Manson's plan and nitze. Might the evidence was there that this actually really was the plan, and twenty years later. This book comes out and- this guy who's, who spent weight time and basically, his light fell apart as E research, debt and report, dad and hid dead ends and other staff stuff and then end up releasing the book and, as now, turn that history on its air. I know you, about this. There's no way you doubt what are your thoughts? Well I'll ever read the book. Yet. Ok ever read this new book. Ok I'll say it again. Here there may have been didn't, really mastermind like delay, Bianca murders now that that has existed for while there was a long sort of bell, belief that maybe take laughing was doing a big deal, enable but that there was a big deal that went wrong or whatever and the whole idea of you. No man.
Listening to the White Album thinking health risks, there was a description of this coming raise war that really was entered into the every station by, but we also think that was started his back. He wrote the book helped Kelvin, so is it possible that will be the day tat. These murders actually played out very differently the sort of our historical record and that better that you know he would they were closer to just like bad at the back of better? I don't know. Possibly I will say did, though, if the book, as you stay in, indicates that man was actually a CIA, What? If there is a lot of evidence to contradict bad and particularly his whole life growing up I mean there was a very good book about man came out by Here's the Gallagher there really. I think I just called map that that really does that
pretty grand you'll be no investigation of his early life and there there is absolutely no way that would target this person should be there. If I don't even know what that to understand that they counter culture. They were using human men in autumn sure the cover work they put him in jail for the rest of his life and he's, like sure of which there are usually he within a cold, obviously Wiki proud and do not give it all. These people at the car acted in their head with knife to show their support, for he was obviously deleting with coal bill. I'll probably read the book it's gonna, be pretty persuaded to persuade the Writers Tom O Neill. He gave an angry at the New York Times. Couple days gone. He said they ask Why is this year reference in the book tat on he said I described,
It may sound like a crazy conspiracy. There that's how he starts, but discovered a lot of evidence that, right after Manson was released from prison and sixty seven spending, a lot of time in the same medical clinic in San Francisco. Where it's been dashed, that aside, employs recruiting subjects for studies of LSD and its ability to influence behaviour. Com stand on or not. Ants and suddenly transformed from a harmless little ex kind, or nobody ever gave a second glance to an all powerful girl. Surrounded by a harem of women? Who would do anything he asked, including kill, complete strangers The time says: ok, Manson, asmund, cheering candidate, that's pretty crazy, so this guy responds. What's a document of fact this year had a program called chaos. In the F b, I had one called Cohen: tell pro the object to both at the time secret operations destabilize, the left wing movement make hippies appear dangerous.
This was a government. The operation pointed this succeed. Do you believe this now more or less a firmer that I read? Ok, he's right about one thing: if this was the plan, it works like a bit like it. It's the more the one time that the eight did not think that the EU did in a clean all that they could not kill Castro vacant Bitter trying to poison his moustache. But if this is the one that work at work well, I am sure I mean everyone. Can it was now the CIA with giving people lsd to see what would happen if it could be used to create deals We told you ordered a truth Barrymore about that, but at the same time there are many many many people who have taken LSD and had a big trip and then became himself again, but right there are many more of bad than there are people who become you it ended it also. Thank you. Fifty nine away like LSD,
very, very acceptable like they do. You need the CIA to give it. You like you, could get it about guaranteeing a movie. I'm not gonna, give anything away this Europe, but I will say this is a good one, but one of interesting, but I really liked it, but it has been and a very long time, someone made any kind of art, but with this hippy, because that has really fallen out of favour, especially among young people. You talk to young people about the late begbie, it's pretty clear. Do they think the heroes were yet? It is really surprising sea, like a like, like a mad magazine from seventy, like it's like they ate like they don't like movie it. It was a jarring might be too strong a word, but I was surprised by like I did that
granted the hippy that their using other the worshippers it ever live damning. Unless this guy, this book abandon this burning up, but they stored in a like Brad Pitt and leader, two Caprio are people who were like we're up that. We think it giving that's it yeah surprised, is the fiftieth anniversary of just a lot of stuff summer, sixty nine, I think, was one of the most iconic summers. We ve had an I'm surprised that Manson had a bigger shelf life with the whole nostalgic crowd. This summer than Woodstock did I really expected Woodstock the fiftieth anniversary now that staff to be this baby, it's interesting. Woodstock Mandy. Ninety nine, which could celebrating a pack asked about four luminary out, but it seems like Woodstock. Then just cause. It was closer in time ozone twenty years ago,
is more interesting to somebody who's under thirty? Then Woodstock nineteen sixty nine and all these bans are, and I wonder if that era is now kind of dying off or politically you out there with, but Charlie Manstin never disappeared from. The culture makes With a very probably culture in the eighties, when the relationship we have a metal and faded with common actual rose covers the Charlie Mappen song on their punk covers recorded by truck up look at your game girl, that's what kind of a pretty good! Thank you don't say that now, because drawing wrote it? There was a relief of the music cure recorded in prison. I think I got this might making ninety five ninety ninety six He was on the cover spin back but like ants and have always been like us
you're in culture because he seemed to sort of obviously embody allow the quality better incorrectly applied the counter cultural activity yeah, but he asked the wizard embody in about way like the worst nightmare. People would make up about rocky before whatever worry Woodstock here that music, like the crafty, still the net but I got like that- would damage the kind of guy from like the middle ages well into the night. You hear it all a bit more being re appreciated now, but there was like a lot of the artist formed at the original Woodstock. That was, it was not like. Nobody was listening to the Woodstock Soundtrack early night. There was not like it. Part of that cared about I'll, so my son started playing base about too much
ago and is really into it in a lot of the songs that he likes are these classic rock songs, and I there just songs. I haven't thought about bans I haven't thought about years. Has why would you, but like he's playing sunshine of your five, fair cream and hard found a plate, yet Ruth the basic labour. Will you daddy the exact there's a few of them, but it she's funny that then, when I was growing up. We had is so we're talkin eighty one, eighty two and I started getting the music one thousand nine hundred and eighty one one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, and we just Didn'T- have a big library of music to kind of dive into it right so classic Rock had this incredible power and these fourteen years, a music. You know like this de Mello greatest states ban it that that's this, that
Burma is just kind of disappeared at this point, but was one of the biggest problems of the eighties and it up on that was out at every part. I went to a nice girl, but now I look at the kids if here, if you like he now my daughter and you're really getting the music you have. Fifty plus years amusing to draw from it's kind of staggering like. I don't even know where you'd began, so you have stuff like the whole the ground was just kind of gone because eat if somebody like, my son, would have thirty plus years of hip hop to go through the he likes, it bore more the rock, so I it's kind of startling to me that we have enough music now to last like for the rest of our lives. Basically, but when I was in my one thousand nine hundred and eighty three I didn't feel like we had enough I was, I was always like excited to discover new album. Well, I don't you were when you first,
the music and eighty three: how old are you ate, regulate thirteen or something else like working thirteen for Algeria? You know what I was getting, music, I met a man who black further and lead the plan. Rush to me. I'm too old for me to be an issue like I, wouldn't you motley crew Dunton roses Poisoning Kessler like a band that were happening, Ben Gunn, it doesn't take while respecting the pinch. All now black, Sabbath doesnt seem any older now than they did when I was a kid and making it five, because time is changed with this work and like the ability, the sort of control we listen to increase so much where it like. You don't have to worry about like whether or not european it is on the radio record, their whatever. What answer? Thank you know. I've got the also kids just list now, because the o o
downloading music it met everyone that this is like people really get into the album ever ever. If I get this individual phone so like it, your time probably knows the one song by cream or choose songs by green. It would have been very weird for somebody having that experience the navy. Ninety two only note you creams, because that would mean they consciously did not play the rest of the best prepared. They got here. That's true that I think queen is the best example. This, like my my kids, absolutely love queen and they loved them. A vague which is hilarious. I think they were probably the iq level of of the audience for that movie, but there's you now queen I would say had like five or six really the iconic memorable songs. And that's all you really need to do queen was around her.
I don't know when the camera when they started therein for a solid decade. Eight, when I was in the moment more than that Well, then Freddy did a couple soul albums all that stuff, but in the moment, I never considered them even remotely on par with somebody like out John. I just did it. I just thought I'd bearer a level below two level. Blow rolling stones they bohemian. City was obviously you now in our time earned. It was just the body workers. Was there really the livid performance in a weird way, was kind of their apex balance bar room Archibald term. Where was it blue every bad way. On a day when, like everybody was there, and now it's been fun watch that evolve over the course of history were now my son assumes that they were probably the biggest ban of that era there. Her bigger than the rolling stones bigger. My son was a dad we or do we just watch baby rhapsodes weakens their dad when they
Wade live aid was that late, the biggest thing ever and, as I know, is actually a much bigger deal that leads up hook withstand the queen was funding after three years what you're saying is kind of instructive. It first of all it like we probably one of the biggest ban, the world. The English, because even like Robert Plan has a certain degree of like jealousy toward the amount of coverage that we would get because they were just finished or more. I don't know like a like, like a more polished with your even bigger, more polished I like that I don't know who was able to think which you say there are more lights were more. Than beloved, like just appreciated in you what do you do I get to use day when you describe queen you like today, as we celebrate for five kind of iconic bar and these are like you know how we understand quaint. What is interesting is that if you are a queen fan and
haven't ease or the eighty? You would have never thought of them as a single thing. They were an album ban if you like, it would be pretty uncool. Three queen fan in nice
in seventeen eighty, seventy nine people seem. Rather they require tat. What you get. You really wasn't a queen banner pure moment like the doubts. That was that there was actually a bigger spike in the moment than any below the sun, but that was like that. Would it was seen as outside of what was good about the bad, but now you're, probably right now, most people queen and the collection of five or six on and what that does prove it is bad part. Music is more important than rocky is like like rotten cooler. I obviously bird the pub music is more important because it serve transcends time, but when you think of the biggest partner of the twentieth century it like Sinatra, Michael Jackson, you know I, like your elders,
people who are famous the people who have no relationship to the music. You know, because pop music needed popular music is popular right. What people want it? I don't think so we now, when you think of them. Historically, the average person, not somebody who thinks about Rockies per living, but the average person. What they really think about is the path extension of their rock catalogue, the funds they may there were played on pop radio. I always one interesting things about what debate between like rockets to people in poverty, MR whenever it is always kind of cop kid argument, explain why Papa so important are they really is in fact the culture one like it doesn't matter what the reason, something in part music is important, because it is important to people who barely care
so I think I like the way your son. He was clean that probably how queen will be thought about going forward. Oh, I don't think it's even probably backed by the way. Just for the record. I always thought radio guy was a terrible saw, even in the eighties, never I'll, never changed my mind now and not offend, but what you ve got one vacant, one visions. Are you really well the booty irony? That is true, well I do so. I dont feel it be. My case for queen was a level below like Friday. Mercury released two solo albums and I think, like five and eighty seven and you know, I'm sure, was a pretty big deal, and
but it is really wasn't a big deal in America, why was that MR bad guy record actually is rate again and the second record he made with a popular opera, singer, ITALY and people and critically, like that record? More, I don't like it as much by your argument is that I just want to make sure that I tabled. Do you think the solar record, they weren't huge. Why either? I think he didn't stand out. In the mid eighties, like about ten thirteen other p. Because that was also you know talking about one of the most action packed loaded areas, had of just stars? You now that you the spring being a Medina, Michael Jackson, way. These are like all timers and they were all kind peeking around the same time, but I just feel like the library thing
the move it as one of the only good things that what we did was to a nice job of pointing out. That they kind of needed that performance. You know that especially the broken up, and they had lost momentum and They were identified in the absolute right either right. Therefore, the only had got together for a period with a poor record ouch liking by heat that move like it wasn't it wasn't like they came back together again provide aid would like it just sort of them both for whatever promontory but the most memorable performance bending like saplings performance delighted with terrible likes advocates. My good You know there was that there was a handful of people who performed. It was at a weird deal because it was like the short twenty minutes said in a like the ultimate festivals situation and day. Performed real well see moment my memory alighted my memory live aid. Was it being pretty disappointing and this its feeling like they were long enough and disease,
The thing was such like. I ran like everyone. The hype for that prices would actually delivered. I remember like from a musical standpoint I like Princes trust concerts more because they had put the cities of those out in those had really get bands our kind of on their way up, and there is doubt those relate good compost sadness, but I I'm in weird thing you know I didn't I didn't want to live it oh really earlier. Your tiny, my earlier that I well know was eight. It was on tv, but I was just like me: If not, why I grant on out quickly get laid out of the bands I wanted you were planning. Guy was like I was gonna watch other I don't I don't want. You know like, where, like I have, I wonder what the annual anecdote about one like I won t you know again would ever citing watch it. I do think. That's amazing, though, that if I'd two years ago. There's too much coming out. One is about the life about John and one
Basically the the life of queen, only the ban is really heavily involved and they're, not we go into any other, really interesting, Freddy Mercury stuff, it's just going to be a hagiography which one do you think would do better. I think our groundwater bill, I get ten one favorite, it worthy I leave you. A clue include the word heavy August we had, like probably gonna, be bad, but you know people like a yard repeat about people. They, like that's, gonna, pay their like this minister riders movies. Like day the comic will be like if it's like gonna problem much, I, Mr Rogers, I got. I have no interest in being a movie that complicate the identity of the european budget, I've been making it doesn't. I have no idea what I saw. I saw the doktor irregular. I really like the document. I just don't feel like. I need to see the movie, but the thing is when you watch the documentary, though it does
this question attacked a very little about his childhood and childhood Johns real interesting but like it could be just think what it could be cool entreating in a way that they gonna wanna, be letting you know so. I'd like I pay! I don't want to know who I was too good. Hey you love to cook you're, not the mood to do the dishes tonight. Well, watch your favorite showed their favorite people instead get it delivered door dash. They can do with you favour restaurants in your city. Ordering is easy. Is the door dash app choose what you want eight and a dash or bring it to you any You are not only is that bird replace you love and order. Surety earn Ellis question, then, is the best over three hundred ten thousand other is in restaurants. Our door dash connects you a door to door delivering over thirty three hundred cities. Often these states and Canada order from local go two's like China, Phineas or shoes from your favorite chains, like support, lay Wendy's chick fillet. Chick fellow Andy's,
and the cheesecake factor, don't worry about dinner, led dinner, come to you with door dash right now. My listeners can get five hours The first order financed more when you down the door dash app and enter promo code bill five hours off restored, download the door to shout from the Appstore enter promo code bill do now I want to talk to you about something out there, that it happened on the books or some kind of doing this to promote the release of rape. Calculating the idea had, I would bet look, I don't do it, I'm an event in Boston and, like my item, products, products digging up page the coup in that a maximum with David she'll Seattle, that's kind of exciting availing of next week by play with the exactly the need that repeated Marshall, much room, it's pretty cool now, but regret the people are coming up ass. You want to question this guy
what you think about the people who are going to the warm area, fifty one like like anything yet his people, I've gotten together on the internet. It can made this decision that we are going to area fifty one. You know in Roswell You, Mexico, as like that How much I don't know anything about this I haven't heard about the guy goes back to his chair and I'm kind of just making jokes about it and I'm like yeah. I wonder when is this going to happen? different person in the ADI jail Bout September, twentieth other two hundred people at this out at least one fifty at this audience knows about this, the urine and but everyone you ve been thing. My anniversary about those who can be the day would help people apparently are going to get together.
Died of maybe LAS Vegas. There's something supposedly go to area fifty one and just kind of they say that they can't stop over we're just going to come in math and like it inside there and see what they ve been hiding and the military now is basically said. Well, if you attempted, which I'm sure you're not but if you do we're gonna Hugh people, but we're gonna shoot people who try now maybe they're trying to be threatening or whatever, but I didn't, even if a military base, I'm just curious. What do you think about the aid a whole bunch of people trying to get an area. Fifty one isn't, as we had to the end of this decade. Isn't it the logical conclusion to a really, bizarre decade of people mobile, raising with weird This is on the internet and then actually following through with weird proclamations like did. This is pizza Gate
but like a more reliable pizza gate where we ve we have thought about fifty one and add takes on it and under the bad Sunday about these people just said: we're fuckin go in there and it might actually happen, like my kids asked me about this couple days ago- They're, like a much bigger deal, idea believe that two people, at least by not only people, is reading steak, I had after I put back like what am I going on waiting where all the p You're not you don't have the longest. You know there was yet here about an air force guy or stopping faster than you could next I would like that will use your deadline but pray, a job, the early nineties, the assumption that the reality of probably russian right leg- it probably is,
will the new russian military personnel like that people were being carried. You know what they have ratified. It We now know all about their technology as it turns out. For the most part, they were a thread of us, unspent stuff, but mostly behind us and definitely like didn't. Have any gravitational drive or anything like that. Now, even the New York Times you, U story about, like what information does the government have about extra terrestrial beings visiting Arthur whatever what say you were present. Ok, your president bill and you're in your brain. But it was like. No one area, fifty one there is a crash paid graph and we did find the cork of an alien and we did dissected lobby thing, but the information you founded bury trouble like it is something that we
definitely cause people to be very alarmed. Would you say continues to pressing it? What would you feel as though this does seem like stepping up the national interest? it must be told. So you ve had how many president's synthesis, since this allegedly happened it will be well worth anything, eight, nine, ten three or five, six, seven eight no nine or ten yeah. I think I think, if I so your theory is correct, which I enjoy the therein. It is about whether I want to support at I'm very close. All those pray then it would have come to the same conclusion that people can never know about this because they'll be really disturbed now we have a president in
office. Now who doesn't care about stuff like that and probably wouldn't mind people be disturbed about something like this and would bring it up. When he kind of need something to deflect everybody from something else, it has one people talk about for two days. So I could see him if it was that disturbing, I think, he's the one who would who would and to tell us about it, which makes me think it's all smoke and mirrors, nothing actually happened. So, Well I mean so much time has passed, though it may now just be like when the president asked what's goin on area, if you wanna go like nothing, nothing, there's nothing. Yet I sit there like a rabbit words, I do wonder about the ruinous, because this is the kind of a curious thing like that you were pretty like. Would you be interested in saying getting more into
thus creating the jail case that NATO area fifty. Why are you telling me? I don't want to get your plan. This is one of the many reasons I can't be. President, because I would take office, an outer mealy try to find out the answers to the eighth things that avoids bother me. I beg ages just can you just show me how the J of CARE staff can you show me the stuff? Nobody said the stuff that can't be released it. It does to infer described that at my desk, bye, bye Monday, and I the actual video above of the first five missions. I just want to look at it: suit skimming Gimme, a gender so wench get out we'll see the additive met. The directors cut I'd want to see all that stuff. But that's why I can't be president. Read the real president aid have should be China. You know go through his agenda, We have the ability to add a videotape everything immediately, so
all thing with you have those was. There was always somebody grab their comrades. Ass second and there's something out there. They were able to get like a terrible video camera footage of it. But now its two thousand and nine teen we live in a world where Rafael Davers is a better bases loaded and every person- the Ball Park as videotaping, it wouldn t- think I number of available cameras, the number of times people are just shooting things with their camera. Would I would say, as increased by what a billion times what it was twenty five years ago within it would The number of accidental UFO sightings have also increase proportionally wooden. Be getting one every six weeks they actually have apparently like a particularly within in Russia, ended in Europe is much more common to have those dashboard, Amre yeah
people have to export cameras, and that seems to be where a lot of this is coming from their there. I mean, I think there has been an object in this. I dont know if it is commensurate with. Number of people who are now at a radical rethink with the camera, but. In general, there does seem to be more of a willingness for credible military political leaders to want to have this conversation. You know- and we have always always worked. That's interesting, promotional mathematically, it almost a guarantee that life is this in the universe outside of us right you may like, but the map demand that they be the case. I doubt if there are that's the best argument regard possible, but that this with some are only happened once in the workplace. However, well
feeding, but the magic belt there must be alien. The idea is like well, but you know what never reach them down. Every space then put it so it by consulted the distances. Kind of interesting I have both of those bought. At the same time I mean, if you accept that with in infinity. Every thing that can happen will happen. Actually a lot of opportunities for life to base so Why? Why is it so unthinkable that bad there would be culture travel at a much higher rate of speed, and we can't, like our understanding of scientists, could be very primitive. This Well that many draw obvious, but the people instead of my eyes, but I I would be surprised if, in my lifetime, contact is made with alien, but I think there are other things that would deprive me
why I just like that were Kyle and if there was a giant ball right now that he could just just smoke from, but did that model argue just sad- he was egg, it was the only thing is messy he's a yeah he's really into it a hub. You think it's interesting how many people care about aliens. Verses, how its dispersed in popular culture, because you know think about late there's. That famous was my story where he wanted to be the biggest donor in the world that he looked at the box office and realize, like five of the top movies were alien movies and was like. I just I need say Miguel movies and just that became a creator active it's true. If you look at the big movies of all time. It's basically aliens superheroes, so people do care about this stuff and we do have the technology. That would be able to capture any weird event, but there seems seem to be happening in Russia. These countries that aren't here the
Fifty one thing it seems like people are now trying to force this to happen. The forward forcing their alien encounter. They were almost manufactured themselves because they ve been dissatisfied that they have had that. They have been able to have it so happy? there were eighty eight is it is it I think as a college, ay ay diet, I took a class, I knew I get you a programme by a gonna jump, doping, indian studies programme. I guess I've been out of American Studies programme. Now he added with a big I've, always civil right booking beggar. Ever he golly thing he was but a very political, but he also was very insistent that he had been contacted by aliens early in life and we had to flee to eat those two credit class weirdly engineers, but he programme about both, but if we take all the different kind of counter yelling,
I'll never forget this, like etiquette so much doc, I learned to college, but I remembered it is like you're describing like that, like things were different about him after the EU official contact, it argument with that you have both contact the most open minded people, but that the tests that their at their varying better good you're not gonna, hurt it slowly contacting the most open minded people you know to teach you sort of can compare, occurs fighting. So three things happened immediately after he was attacked by the Alien one. Was that no longer having died? It was completely at ease all the time
daddy. He had ever had withdrawn. The second one was that he had never been able to grow a beard, but now he had behaved every day. Girl appeared in a week. If, if you try, even like you, ve never been able to draw appeared now, I'm sorry but the third one was always the stranger torn prior to our Jackie said he hated peace, but now was revenue any opportunity peace. He would also growing up he despised lad. You were the three speed of the three things that happen. Apparently you could have done. It's almost like when somebody will need your wife is pregnant and they have like a craving for bonus, chicken wings or something.
He is a crazy after the rest live off again. You know you ve come from right. So we have to talk about you about big part: people crack the, maybe that you are both ease the peace on earth. The closest extension of who they are, and therefore they had some kind of metaphysical connection with peace, because the council and therefore it has a the changed ideas, new change promotion? You will then want to consume. You know the alien life force, which is the common PETE. Maisie will take on more pressure. What more break to talk about, miss it in Maine? Have you ever worn addresser that subconsciously remind you of a straitjacket, Jesus Kate, that the worst fine some of made dress shirts better and that someone is missing him. Thank God, I hate like pretty much every gesture to have they make them for men actually more comfortable. Their allow more comfortable made with performance fabric that stretch move
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even possible anymore in as nineteen and if it was possible. What would that candidate? Look like Ah I misunderstood, I thought you were staying like I'm looking at these candid and by the alphabet because I gotta stay, I've been pleasantly surprised by the fear that can then be like I don't know it's been a long time. The boy like a candid as much as I like people, to gauge I think you do. I I think, he's real thoughtful person and, unlike even in the debate last night and other, went out tonight, but the one from Tuesday
when but one standard for talking about the idea of trade now. But if you give businesses the opportunity to to build a factory in Vietnam to stay five, then they're gonna do it every time. We also have to create legislation to stop doing that. The other candidates were sort of like well that in political do a trade is by gotta, be able to trade with the well. I I thought it was that I have been for the most part. Maybe I don't know I I I I found a lot of these individuals with more competent than I would have guessed yeah. So you can. And then two years passed like you for competence. I watched I'd watch all the republican debased point. Tromp was running in there and these debates are so different. I may like get it there. The people are so different. You know, I mean you still get some stupid stuff you get like. Oh,
people arguing over what's really patriotic lackeys patriotic this act and patriotic by between patriotism and nationalism. Is the magic didn't patriotic it tupid. Ok, there's no reason to love a place more because you happening born there. That's gonna rational, soda reaction to don't credibility, your policy about like what you know. What's the most patriarch things like what you are human rights Peter out, it could be a complicated that dump you took it some of that type of, but in general I find TAT the thought of it. The discourse free goods like like pretty well wait will so going back to my the question: do you think will ever have a candidate again that people remember you know finally years later, for whatever reason can be republic in our democratic, as I think
I think, Reagan as somebody that you, whether one apart. How is eight years went, and especially the last couple, I think, with somebody that most people liked in just four like I like the guy in this area. Impossible to have any more. I made it at your question. Is it possible to have a candid that people in the EU in retrospect will look back at finally absolutely We look at the way people not perceived your job. You push near that you can go back and we built voice from like two thousand and three or two thousand and the language they used. Bush is identical to the language. Now you described truck certain replace Bush drop, you would not know it was a covered. The village boy, where boy with a vampire biting the net The statue of liberty and I've been cover of the village, but now it's like he's a painter that's not bad at it. I give you know: Obama's wiper,
mental state, Junior Owen, a reason. The boy could speak Spanish and what had already happened. I think, for the most part, bill, Clinton. Being the odd example because of how culture change in terms of actual Baltic for the most part, you know anyone who wins the President be as time can the kind of people love it I mean Jimmy Carter was one of the worst presents the twentieth century in terms of how much success he had met it buddy that a great poet presidential beard people working now now, if you're asking, could there be a candidate in the present who is below, as here she run no way, I mean partially, because the system has stood up against back like it would just how can there be someone like liking? You know it even like Obama was prepared killer president. I think his reputation
This is about is good, as one could help having been away from their job relaxed and years. Do whatever, but he was in no way a beloved candidate. I mean I was, you know he would criticise the same degree in reality. So, like I'm, not sure you could somebody like a gate Marian, William she after the debate last night, I would it can be and tape than this one with life. But I'm looking at twitter and judging from my twitter feed, she won the debate. Ok, it's like. If I gave you my twitter feed, is an example of the world like a wounded, worn already, president and now Mary had claimed than died president. Do it everyone, but he's teams basic, a cup of personnel, be around here that bad it is the people I just took charmed buyer and there like we're like her ironic,
Where do I like your seriously, of course, not theory, candid, but I think that she is pretty close to being widely like candidate? Will it's funny how as the years passed. When somebody's, not in the spotlight position that therein, then we were like the George W Bush things great example. This happens with mba purse rate. Did this happens with this can happen with Chris Weber. This could happen. It's happened within Carter. This could happen with. We saw Brian, the last four years and how people just choose to remember either way happened lately or how what their feelings were near the end of the career, throw away all the other stuff and then Alternate universe happens about how this player, how career when verses. What actually happened in the career. I commend you for always being able to bring it back
I know my raises a shock at the start. I owe my baby. I believe what I know what it is really interesting thing: it's like your ability to see the world about when the bathtub open, Janni, validate the success of your The ball is now you understand life like. I would think that reason, but you only had to keep it brief. Three I would have thought it was your choice because you like, we have three with Please don't don't you get carried away, though I I think, basketball as the only sport where and especially now just ever could be described as well. Maybe maybe that's it may be said of a book, neither the personalities are so powerful tat. Times the career takes a different form. I dont know if this happens with other leg in baseball. This trap by the stats rate. Where it would
whatever is being a your leg is always is the stats not whatever? However, Betty Feel felt then versus now, and then football. Get out at their careers are so short and either Joe Montana was great. I don't feel any differently about that. Thirty years later, twenty five years later than it did in the moment, but in in ask above for some reason it can really shift and person has shifted for, for whatever reason is Carmelo Anthony theirs. This. Really I retain that. I think I find very bizarre. It is still gonna try to play the here right. The way I think it's over, but won't you you don't I mean I've been watching you work out pretty good working out in the empty dim light up. I would think somebody would say: well, you know the thing that was chunky built this transfer. He said something
Lee candid about Carmelo. Have me what you're the like? He was just too interested in getting thirty point yeah and like it was stopping everybody knows, but it was real surprising to hear he may say that right because they feel like it alot away like they feel like that, like you know that the like the lock market it shut kinda, like I'm, never going to say these things and how light were really old people, so that was pricing I mean, but now the what day it is ten years from now. Ok so come out, but out of a week for eleven years or whatever yeah I can certainly see, whatever version of who is currently in their pointing their whatever you know, they're running there. I don't know the pact Will it get you would ever will be, and now they like to remember how everybody was just like a most terrible and then let's call up is numbers. Oh my god look a bit, though he went on people
fifty that chick gymnast guidelines that are they live in the lunar than ten years. I think it over having over you any retires. I think there will be an immediate shaft and pupil back hey. You know what comments. Anthony actually was really great and it'll totally share form, but for some reason cause he still trying to play there's, I'm just amazed by how much shady takes cause. You know they came in to winds of making the files and oh nine, then the two thousand there ten necks were really get bigger. Was at the number two M Bp Pick one year was like people make, it seemed Alec. Well, but even read a the antibodies guides. Eight him and that a bad group turn on you because you can't just then the guy like at the analytical people say like Carmelo, is actually without a fraction of good by air or whatever the case may be any
argument you use distorted of defend that built. You say like what you're, not a rational person that you don't you don't care about evident just the valuable urban programmes. What's that his hand, he has some good analytic years, though that's the thing. It's that's why gets irrational. You did make me think of is your document. That is, if we had had analytics like we do, a sports for politicians and people were being late. Look Jimmy Carter's war was where than people realise and seventy eight he had credible here he did this this- that the other thing cause it's eat, other perception of how somebody did as a prank Carter was. I thought when I was really into this stuff, when I was a political science, major in college. All that stuff Carter was, I thought, the most riveting Sudan to study after the fact, because he was the one that had. I wouldn't do that presidency, with real ideals and try to
up or salmon just got demolished and it's really good. Hey study for everybody that came before and after, but I'm are there some add them some version of politics advance metrics. It could be that could make a case that he is better president than with Why you? No? Actually, I would think they're, probably would be urged to bear any bad, the thing is analytic, the only people to work in sports. They don't even work that well in politics in terms appalling Megan, giving us this spirit of giving us. Like a specific. Something that we already stood have agreed on around like sport has the most tat yellow time. You see these things like. Let's try to do, but pretty you'd analytics further Oscar. Let's try to you a little like understand like oh, I don't know, what's that, what was the best way to do anything that is. Not that bad.
But that we don't have number here. You know why he's a quarter. One time went on television and it was kind of you not like the oil crisis, any like look into the case He would like everyone should wear sweater turn your firm affair down where sweater rang again. So now there is an attempt to sort of human eye a real issue, but he did it did not come across the well. You know those like how'd you. How do you know how quantify the fact that, when Nixon talked about his dog people love it anyone Carter talked about whether people think it's crazy, like when Carter said I was on a boat. I gotta tat by a giant women ravage again, like I bet that it happened. Why would he make them up, but people like the president was attacked by a giant women,
It would be like that very presidential. I would have liked to know it. I'd have to wait a beggar, the thing that we actually use to understand these people, like there's, no analytic that would describe why Williamson did well on the debate last if you don't like it, with that, like Basque, about baseball, they are able to put whatever was going on in the era and then adjust the stats outweigh Silicon Basque. While I like the pace of possession and base, I can't do, it would be funny if you could do that with politics and they were actually Carter. Few look at the late seventies like the oil and ran, and you had you had a ton of cocaine. My kid alot obstacles, so we had a factor that into his face in possession before S, verses rigging comes in the eighties areas. Happier yeah I am the malaise speech was the other him. I mean that, but that was the dead now
We need to have a president just stare and your tv and just be like you guys, sack we gotta do better Where are they now now? This can now you need to go yet, if you cannot do that, you cannot tell you, cannot be our people if the honesty means that by there's something sort of wrong with you, inherently right, in the heart of the heart, the situation with bad because it have seen real powerless. Then the attempt to rescue them failed so that it would like they're not try again. That could be relieved the hostages, the day Reagan is being inaugurated, which was the same day. The eagle the raiders play the Superbowl.
But it was all this stuff going on and it like the fact that bedded it happened at the same time, it is almost may seem like a rat was basically thing like we waited for him or they did, but we waited for him because the truly just so it is right and important figure, even though Billy. Did all the work to get them release harder was working like twenty hours a day up until they reach tougher Jimmy Carter, boring. I am I so what? What are your book doorsteps on August Thick next Judea Portland there on the eighth, I'm in Seattle and then the following Monday, which I think is twelve I'm outside, like Parma Ohio, just went to hire and over the last three one. Did you when you were on the last time you hadn't seen Chernobyl, yet I have stated now.
And it was everything I totally was gonna be wasn't. There was very good, I mean I'll, say this. I've never watched a dramatic theories like a non document. We were, I learned so much dot when, as it turns out, I did not know. I went to query after worked with brave. No idea whatsoever. It isn't, I will say to somebody who is listening to this than there was a man of God, the type that if you watch the first episode Anvil last episode, you can almost everything he had. It helpful to watch the whole thing, but there's a lot of position, particularly in the last episode in the court room that really explain a lot, Neil you'll like up personal relationships or whatever budget, but it was very good. Never did. Never, God you watch it online for ever said now,
it never Cairo and that I am not now, but I just want that's tough, it's tough to regain the momentum and felt one criticism of it than I thought was real interesting. Somebody said that, because they used a british actors down, it really suited you'd the way it was total because they say that depressed british people are, different, been depressed brush. The way people were expressed. Depression is very different. The way british do. British people do I'd at that time of year Got a very interesting idea: I never know what accents somebody should have been a show like that: I will do what they like. A russian accelerated Yad British seems island unify why vanity, but why why why do most vanity involve people speaking vaguely? granted their king catapult about but gave a throne not in England. But everyone relish
Chernobyl that done last thing and then we'll go is just. Are you watching loudest voice are now? What is it adds its? It would be, most closer. Many show of the year of Chernobyl had come out it's rough curl, playing Roger ales. Oh yeah, you know I I I I forgot. You know what it was. I dont bother trailers boy, I'll, probably watch that I would only watch, I would say It's in your will has way more than you realize it is because it's really a history of of Fox NEWS and that how they put that channel together in the mindset behind it and how that channel evolve through the air, but also ensure yet autonomy to stuff going on and its I'm way better an ever. Is I've been watching the show years and years yet I have really enjoy that that can about dramatic storyline too crazy, but like people work,
I'm interested in, like I just don't be that around the queer very well done in that regard, the lot action in terms of news, both widespread documentary. That should have been one part and it has been to I love. You now die, which I too I've found found, it has been a real and reflection on. But he's relationship what they, whether they think the the girl was guilty or not, or what should have happened to her. It's it's, a can end up? Turning into like an argument between a couple, because some people, some people, thank God, put her in jail. Other people think Actually she shouldn't have been convicted and then there's the third party, which is the correct answer, which is my answer, which is
guilty by insanity out under what happened the guilty by insanity, but she seemed like that should have been the verdict. Well, ok for people who don't know we're talking about there that the document area about a case that I kept pretty reader twenty fifteen year where a girl our relationship with a guy. Like me, I guess your boyfriend girlfriend they don T, I'm I'm I'm yet here, but they texted caught the way and then he was still with title and she probably convince him to commit suicide. You know it was the toolbar documentaries, but you watch. The earth are like he'd, obviously guilty, and you are, the second part is like oh baby to them. Is that they would like to say what was it really was? every year about what really happened. Also, she doesn't talk in this documentary ray. I guess it I got to say why, like polychrome an arrogant thing today, particularly by talking for twenty minutes but not guilty.
I think that it would be real Ellie sneak what how what's she like earth where you can see. My daddy is odd, because what you're kind of arguing in a way is that. Being an ice cool makes you wouldn't say that bet a bit of a high school kid there's been a normal ice cookie. This kind of in pain by adopt better- and that might be true. I do Oh, you know, I'd I'd, better behaviour was way was way past. The normal level behaviour and they had a lot of stuff in there that you know she's pretty off the rails. Their relationship was off the rails and and though the poor Cato of killing. Are you anyway? He had a lot of stuff go and I was just like a toxic match and,
I don't know. I have found that, as I thought the boy talk to people about it, I'm surprised by how many women I've taught you gotta Lotta Emmett border instead, like they did not far removed from the experience of being at like a female in high school, would ever that the ways that that the importance of your friendship and at all, like the idea of seeing things on television, adopting. It is your own narrative like I I was. I didn't feel that way I spoke, but I I I I was surprised by how many people I thought you Alex that was a day was basically can men. She was one of the characters from glee. That's that to me that site, the insanity defence is riddled with Ben, really helped that information. Well. No, I don't think he was convention the kid you're frankly, I think she longed to have the light, but she thought on a code
gee. I won't that yes, there, that when it when a person is an adult, that's weird, when there are fourteen, I don't know, I don't know what it's like. You have a better chance. Did you have a daughter? Maybe, like you know, your daughter watch it don't I can, however, I wish it was our shorter, but yeah, I'm actually that thunder bad. I did pretty the it's. It's disturbing banal, not like super disturbing. I really want you gotta watch them and still I saw you saw a long talk with the girlfriend about it. How did you get a steady disagree and withers she was guilty, I we can amend the middle, but yes he. This is the thing about this documentary is, I don't know I haven't heard of couple yet who agree completely under what they think the verdict should a bet. It's a good like little. You know what the thing is. It is a new problem yeah like that. It's not like it's not as though there some
Should that that happens we weren't, I spoke very none. There is no version cry this period of time were people who I've only seen each other five times in two years could have that income it buffer they should rise? They wrote a letter every day. Now people did you when a boyfriend who was in the army or whatever it's not like in your text, It should be like that. You know I I I I cannot put it mixed about like in some ways. I feel that just having happened bigger it all, both enough with apparent I mean she was in jail for what a year and a half as this thing was gone along and it seemed like a living. They let her out. They did the time served thing and then the family rightfully was like what the fuck and then going back in, yeah. I mean she had. She had no way she had no teenage variants really. I mean you know it's like a year. Her current
memory of her adolescence We completely negative. I guess it almost seems like enough to be about well, wasn't feel good document. But what is fill get his Chuck Austrians book, torque cars go right now raise the captivity check a pleasure as is the third doing this against them. They re much thanks to check thanks to zip, recruited Africa to get his obscured outcome. Slash, bs, the router will leading streaming happened, library of over half of it does that is available to rent or by like the critically acclaimed smash it adventures and game, and over ten thousand times you watch for free and their ads supported the ban service. Blockbusters, Andy Foams, when everyone knows subscriptions or contracts quench the departed right now for free in August, as was the cry kid clerks. I'm glad fatal Jackson well had devoted accomplish bill. Seventh sat up and Sir watching today view do you, I come slash bills
That's the last podcast this feed. For this week, we watch was with the town coming on Friday and the remarkable speed and shadows until the next.
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