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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by his longtime pal Chuck Klosterman to discuss Super Bowl week, the next generation of sports announcers, sports evolution, documentaries including: 'Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened,' 'Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes,' and more.

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Joe House, you may remember the Friday Rowan happening on this podcast originally and now houses leading a cast up characters. Done this first one is Chris Vernon made Schuster. Amanda Valiant S, amateur papa, everyone's raw camel clerical beyond their harry from against all odds about that Craigs tricks horrified by the producers there? Here we have a whole bunch of people through the ears were now concentrate on. What's happened, not just in the Gulf WAR, but who to gamble, because that's really the most important thing, and also what's going on with social media in all the stuff that that we love above so check I went out it's called fair way. Rowan if you haven't subscribed that back ass before subscribed to now cut up our friendship, cluster men, but first effort.
From project. I check customers here in studio lies with an impact has together for like ten years in another good, ever done one and the same room within one. It was the one that we did we Grantline was starting and Nightline. Was there filming us. Yes, so we kind of we did a pike ass the day we talked a Barkley initially, but we talk in the areas of ever and I am less than a year and then we did a pie CAS and then we also sort of faked, like we were doing a pod cast. I feel like flattery, fake, a pike ass. We sat in the chairs and we were talking to each other much more people, but if workers with
history widely politically just be, were all it look like. We were discussing something we probably getting a Subserve argument. I don't know, I don't know yet a aids. It was not a very possible way to have a conversation so yeah being found while trying to pretend you're not being filmed in some pike esters onward Superbowl week. It is I asked you my first Superbowl equal February, two thousand to their rooms paths of the first, When I read and I- lot of mystery about what it was like didn't you, always dream Sunday, octane radio row and somebody grab me and I'll, get you a radio rolling out of it. I got a thought out at a media day and I see how weird it is in and then you go and had psych. Our aid is kind of violence gets contrived, but now two thousand they teen. Everything is so available, everybody's videotaping each other in their since a gram and all these different things do we need but we can be more well. I suppose
we need more right to because we have more ways to get all these businesses do just trafficking, imaginary stories, that's like sort of what the world is now for the most part. Read the media world is mostly concerned. Kid stories. So I think we probably, there is really a real necessity. For now further, how many stories will run have run this year about the idea that several media days insane. I bet there are twenty story I feel that story was dead ten years ago. What does a matter which is not going to change right knows and I go to it and actually be like actually media days. The most important way to understand football, best mechanism, anybody who sent to that, Sir, if you're sent to it for the first time you take, it is going to be. This is just a circus. I bet, if you, Google, Superbowl media day and circus. Many kind of matters. Other things up.
But he saw I read, you know what would you Do we need it? What would have to happen to constitute needing it. Like fruit for a legitimate reason that we authentic. We need this again The thing I always wondered is why the radio stations and TB crews have to go that sort of one of the viewed as one of the perks and getting that job you will get to go to the zoo bull you'll get a colleague has said, is around the technically a perk here. That's how you like self by South West, used to be that way for, like being a meter journalist, you got to go. There for four days in you know late winter, early spring, when it was really nice and Austin and see a bunch shows and walk around with a thick. What's it called when the thing like your ear, badges level lemonade, a badge yet is a word for there's like a fruit for what the thing is called Is that you won't you walk her, I'm wearing that thing, just what the hell
and an air some. Are there any area land Lena yes, to walk on the lanyard in that you know you, you rarely you'd, always come back with things to write about, but do with due. Wasn't it wasn't essential like it's not like the story couldn't exists without that is part of it. I saw, I think, for a lotta radio, guys, it's like you know, it up every morning at seven, a m to do this job. They know one time of the year they get to go to this place where they get chicken and interact with other people like that, then you now I remember when I went no two. It was still pretty early in the internet and everything is being covered traditionally and, is really excited because I felt like I haven't seen that many p just go there right about like how fuckin where to us and all these different things about every site. This is great to Serbia begets always thinking
how they would get like five columns out of how crazy this week is what led to in seven, it was like everybody had seen that on the internet, fer, you know for that whole decade and thousand nineteen August stoning, nourished make us the Instagram in the fact that everybody can videotape. You know and got immediate media now, just cut little clips and immediately put them up so will first the what was the first media day and was that when actually useful was that one just a press conference were like there were twelve journalists there and it was a chance to tell me what That start, I have no idea. I was watching those NFL films yelled, the old you like the old you love. I love those unlike their show, unlike the dolphins, vague super bowl and the pageant three around their game is. Lesson, like a wild card game, now like this is because game is happening
You know they were playing, it is outdoors, Houston looks called it's weird veto it, sir. I was pretty astrodome. Where do you stand on the Patriots fatigue thing well I don't know why. I generally. I am of the opinion that dynastic teams are good for sports I feel the issue when there are based in the bus scenario. I suppose you know it's like figures. It's like I route kind of against the patriots now like most of Amerika, and yet, if it comes down to the very end, answer close game I'll be like out behind a charming of the patriots. Great. I can do it again. So here is so here's, the one question I want to ask you about the suitable. I feel that this will be a kind of a controversial take, but ok, first of all I feel, like This is a strange situation where the dynastic team theirs. No pressure on them whatsoever. I feel Gary's. All the pressure is on the rams, even though
even though that their technically, I think in Vegas the underdog. I filled the pressures on the rams, and I would go so far as to say that the pressure on Tom Brady is less then the pressure and Tony Roma. Tony. I now think, because, ok so for the lot Ramos introduced, ok, what he's introduced as an endless? He does this thing where he predicts place yes and everyone is just like I've- never seen anything like this before then. You know I I I remember, hearing like Brent- must Berger on his radio show being like what twenty or almost doing is negative like you're. She stepping all over Jim Answer, would ever that's the wrong protocol and people or a kind of like this is a new thing and he kind of guy away from last in the ABC Tidings game. He brought her back. He really brought it back at the apex level and there was suddenly this recognition- that's like, oh, yes, he does this, for whatever reason he got pushed away from doing this, but he does this
makes him different. He is gone to be the endless of this period, he's going to totally surpass Chris gowns worth so I- the pressures on him too, only predict plays in the Superbowl. To really accurately nail them and if he doesn't attempt this or if he attempted Zales his position in kind of the Canon of Analyse, is gonna fall through the floor, If you succeeds, he might the top certainly the best ever so I feel the pressure on his legacy is a broadcaster. There is much greater than even if Brady comes out. What's he brooded goes eleven for twenty seven plays awful has for pigs is now I buy you are going to change their opinion and be like actually he's the fourth best quarterback about I'm. His position seems pretty secure. In fact, If he were to struggle it, would or be a sort of diet made of the fact that that there is
aid ceiling to this completely or forty five or whatever? I don't feel, there's any performance. He could have that. Would radically change the way he is viewed as a quarterback. However, for Roma. It is not the case. This is it. This is this. Is it As big a moment for him is a bigger moment for him as a broadcaster, any moment he faced as a player, I think but thou Well, what's it you can never plainer by an incomparable. Finally, recently in a conference final, you know he so we followed the snap against the Seahawks on the php. But he handled it incredibly well, like he's his, you know I I think, the way he sort of behaved in the wake of that was seemed mature in a reasonable and an almost then, like kind of like a learning lesson like this can happen to you and you can still have a career but nature of the way things work,
he never had a game where it was sort of like the way we perceive this guy going forward its tonight, but I think that's happening with his broadcast careers. These can be nervous I only has less pressure than guff covers the most pray. Of Gaddafi's provide its other Brady's starting the game and is the third most pressure among quarterbacks and stadium. Yet It is pretty red her here's. Why don't they He has pressure, I think we can do this in his sleep and I think you're right. I think probably told him work they clearly honan back Clearly, the matter no other nance was against in doing egg is so that part session two, because Nance replaced must Berger that was agreed.
Now Norville Jane, Polly Type Situations family. I read a mother, yes, yes way back into their main aim must burger just trying to start animosity with her foot Roma debts that no, I think in her eat. Everyday life must Berger. Has you know ye? I listen to him on the on the biggest as now it I just. I still find I love listening to him and I am absolutely love that you listened to the biggest stats. All her time, guys man, they re, we follow it all lady, I just I get there just there's more the, although it's it's odd. They often have guys like on the casinos on the show. So when they're talking about things, they have to be trying to direct better Your subconscious in China, cuz is you're, always be like you, there's a lot of money on the bears, its all going on. The bears that hand to be an attempt to get people to vote vote to book tat to bet on their opponents to balance the scale they want downstairs.
Baby ways, most Berger has like some very, like a like hard and fast rules about how broadcasting should work in you. He still does the raiders games and there on the vague downwards zoo preparing for this in, and he was What Tony rummaged doing is sort of like of its it contradicts what the role the analysts disposed to be. The analysed is not supposed to be a magician, but someone to help you. The stated, but the way Romo does it. I would say, is me My favorite version of color comedy I've ever seen one funny Mcenroe at when he first heard coming. And ass? It was similar because he was so candidate things and insightful and real kind of like clear, but in basketball. We ve never gone this close with anybody, steep care propagate the closest, but he never would have stepped on the answers and just been like. Doing this in the and he's gettin bar at their wallets. Also, its harder is harder to do in bet bike basketball as sport, where
like sometimes everyone knows where it's going in everyone doesn't no one knows what kind of an all or nothing thing. So I I watched a game with them once when he was still playing a Jimmy's s, and I think I talked him passed after and I was saying how I thought he was going to be an amazing animals, because he was doing this when we watch the game with them, and I think it was like a pet. Was a packers playoffs and they're gonna line, and he was just telling us what was going to happen and it was fucking weird. I think he can do this will end. You know I've their pride in there might be a handful of guys. Who can I mean, maybe any other people have like photographic memories in year like while it's amazing they can just pick up a script. Remember the page. He might just be but to look at you know. Just see. What the defences, what formation is, is unjust, instantaneously know what the right decision will also he's watching it from a vantage point that he would have
I too have is a quarter, but yeah like you know he can actually see what's happening and I'm not, but what I'm I'm I'm not arguing that he's the only person who can do this, but he's here person who does do it and so he's not only the person whose can do it. It he's doing it at that I of crazy, accurate level, an answer if you're the play yet be leg. Here's what happen that left guard Mr Black and then this guy, and that Russia throw, and then the seeds replay and he's right You want a book or the play count worth is impressive because it does seem like he sees things that I didn't see gay concerned like wanting to got yet he doesn't, you know, he's not watching the ball. I as a person still typically watching the bomb when or how much. I tell myself that ill be better. If I don't, I do, but it's just it It was just some situations in that Patriots Game were would see what would happen and what happens so exactly that it was her.
Not kind of react like all the while liking out all over again. He was even cooler for me. I said my dad America's my friend Brady Cavalry, but we he was it was such a tense Bomer the game and even a third in ten and you're watching and thinking like man. I hope they give it the element. I hope everyone can get open and then run was gone. Why she has certainly been read over the motto, is gonna be open, Jim and then he would be open, but it was they reassuring for how nervous we were for the moment has almost as things that really oh, this is good. What that happens. We're in good shape, The other was a lot of media attention in the wake of of the conference volumes about I saw many things written about Roma. I did wonder it's like Are they going to say a kind of back off a bit kind of like like back off this a little bit or are they gonna, say, go forward and I hope they do, but if he goes Fort he's just that
I should he's gotta be right. Why wonder? How long they you lose the scale after a couple years: late from that having paid for by every year the year away from it you lose the ability cause. They got, that Collins words when the few years when he is out really saw the game in a way. That is those like, I would say, aided. Eighty five percent can see it, but The cards were issues like really revelation well because, I suppose more, maybe I'm just more use than when you just out of the league. You also have you know hyper knowledge of all the personnel in a way that power We does detractors time moves for this is that I mean that this is the problem that the Barkley in Shack in Kenya are going to face eventually, because they're gonna hear Where were they haven't, none of them have played against any of the guys are talking about an hour I feel I have met at that point now. Put two of em: are I'm saying Shack has at least plating. So bright and like he can speak to what its leg, but at some point
these new guys area and become available egg Vince Car and doing Wade, I wanna hear events. Carter say: does why I love his pakistani. Does for us. Cuz playing its these guys and he has like real observations about what it's like to go again said. I don't know if that matters as much against Papa is its eye. It sat in a many Roma care really talk about air and on other messy black them. I guess You don't wanna how scary it is to be chased by him, but basketball You can really be like when you on the court against the address and he d any taste second big step you just can be later relate? They can actually kind of explain it. I guess it is that the biggest him with basket seems like see the players only when there on on the indian Network or whatever, and it players talking or whatever. That's it, that's a rough night yeah. But it's it's strange, always when you start watching it, but I'm never aware this players only and I'm like one who this is
All this is like that. Just the players died seem to have you, know a different view on who is great and who is not great like it, players are the only people who seem to really respect Carmel Anthony yeah I've. This is what am I right. We'll have a large, I think. I really like this to an everybody I think I gets is just do, but I think the other prayers by stages came in how giddiest need that there are certain points That, though, go this guy he's gotTa Maisie hand, elements very obvious. You can just watch and see that, and you know and you that is you have finished in the air above him and the thing is: there's a bears. A large percentage of the, basketball media, which is really are more like the basketball industry. Who say: Carmel was bad and over their metal is bad, but they will say like that. He is,
no better than a replacement value player within about it, but my layers do not think that players do not think that way. I think that you know there are about. You guys around the NBA right now, who would be excited if they heard Carmel Avenue was coming either came and All the writers in that town would hammer the team for doing that. Professor God. He brought him up because I think this happen, sometimes Ass for years is somebody's career ends up over affecting how people talk about that person as they had entered the talent, I think its death up with Carmel of you. She read anything now it's like the guy, was a disaster in his like tat. I was a great Basque about where was, and that night Denver team that almost made the final. She was by far the best by the time he had. Really no great teammates dead. I remember I did a piece at this once like his best. He made the first ten years of his curves like Chauncey Bill
like a later in his career, Chauncey herbs, and then in two thousand and thirteen that next was really did he finished thirty, bp. My thing is like very tat through every you are grey player. That view is, We finished a season and you are one of the best three players net season- that's it there's nothing else while I Dwight Howard, same thing like people can see And white haired Avenue in areas like the best suddenly first seven years, but it's funny how sometimes near the end, if the end things bad: it's like a taint, the whole thing, and then we eventually rally back is having its own inability MAC. I think that it came out. Do you will appreciate that this not just at the ending, is bad, has to have the ending as long because our Member talking about how the end of July Bars career was going to take. Our memory of him and that last year was brutal, but it didn't happen at all. We tweed cited deal or Jordan with the wizards. That's now it's almost like the thing is: can you believe the joy
technically a fifty point game as a wizard legged. Almost it almost seems now as a as a Finn homage Orton, wizards Defender, hidden play for three years. He came back and he was like a game with bad Nisi. Its use battling all these young birds are our common Adam. Every night I rose, weirdly impress, it really is, although it didn't seem that did it the time. Canada is gonna be like sport. We had a guy from the washing post, like wrote a book about it and it would be like Jordan was an embarrassment again, with his nineteen point, four assist effort as a klutz, not care abroad? Let me up, I was, I feel like tat, but it was when sport spoke started change. What has he was back? I've member? He was like on the fringes of the locker and will decide the irony he was hired by the washed imposed to exclusively cover Jordan. Edward and shudder math exactly and then it's also the kind of beat that you take. Solely while not solely. I can't read his mind, but I would say if I was in there,
position were. I knew I was going to spend too possibly more years covering one person and it's one of the most famous people in the world. The idea of writing a book at the end would be the logical move. So I think the entire time. He was covering him. He was also placing it everything he was seeing into a very large narrative. I didn't laid their book. I just fell, I get it. The writer was mad that he didn't get access so that colored the way he wrote about the season vague of his writing the book. I think I blurb that book, I'm not here. And surely will you blurb every book for five years? Well, if I, if someone has altered O seven, I think you're somebody says burglar book and I know the person asking MA am gonna normally do it. I mean it's like you know, because the thing is Everybody knows that blurbs are mirage, it's like in the people who understand knows the people who understand it most are the people in the publishing industry,
who care the most about them, even though they are the most aware that the main reason a book it's blurb, is because either there's no each other where the agent Rep represents both people or the editor happens to edit both people or editor has a friend at another publishing house. We could really. They should not fear, but if knowing that it is really meaningful, but in some ways, really helps the person out because it's like you know a spy the first time writer, their editor is like you, gotta get blurbs for this. We just you know I boss will be happy. If you do you are blurred basis, sure their. I don't think so, allow it right. Now, let's talk about so knows beam. It's a smart compact sandbar for your tv and the newest addition to Easy to use some us have I am sad system, I can't speak I love so nice, though
those like waiting my whole life for fur home, sound theatre to get you easier and better. I remember like, in the mid nineties the dvd Map and Everybody tried to get these home theatre systems, and it was a disaster in the stuff was too big and the speakers will blow out the moment. You know you externally put them, I am up too big and enhance just like we ve perfected it. The boy has changed the way I watch sports. It's made movies better As you know, I love watching movies. If you ve ever heard the relaunch of us, it allows you to ask a lack, suffer game scores. It allows you get sports. Is it's not over coming has streaming services it airplane. It fills the room with rich brilliant, clear, sound easy to set up next year, teenagers, one court sinks with their existing Irma S, olive while she threw the setup step
step and again I mentioned built in amazon- alexei- can connect the speakers over here. I feel ass. If anyone the she smart, it's what you wanted to those nineteen Gotta saunas that come to learn more in order being today as someone who s tat come the sun has been check it out. I back to that whole thing about the last four years. Tiny legacy always funny when this happens, because after your passes, everyone forgets and they just remember the good stuff, and we see this happen outside like shack. Check out a really kind of depressing last couple years rate and pussy was I go fifty six sixty pounds heavier and I just some kind of a parody of what Jack was. Nobody talks about that I think I, like your shack, so I think with Carmel I think, eventually things hole Circle around and pupil beg you know at first. For his error. Like some other production he had and she was the
this guy, a team that had decent talent. You were infringed. Well Amy his eyes, he may also become emblematic of the shift This happened in the NBA and, if someone's trying explain this shift afterwards forgotten. Maybe they will use him as an example of somebody who there was a time when the things he did, is extremely valuable and then things away with the same player were next. Yes, not quite the same player, but a similar type of player, like him was just you know, I get. You know this happened to this happen in baseball. The Steve garbage embrace types. There is this air in the seventies and eighties and steep army was the best first base. For years and years it was like. If you ask anybody, I don't even think in the baseball fame and if you go back and look at his stats did. I was o BP wasn't enough, though Chris
by these things, but like his job was to just driving runs in bad on the borrowing geyser base rate. They just thought about things there for criminals that wasn't too, you know get to the free line and shoot threes. His job was to like they were thrown the ball, and he would you now tried to eat, these big guys underneath you try to figure. Could he gets the ram? Should you just take a port twenty footer? Nobody is time. Twenty four is bad. So I don't know why how we hold that against his career because he played the way everybody pointed the time, whereas it think some other guys. You look at the advance metrics now and some of the other guys it's actually really favourable for them. Like A glaring bird was a fifty forty ninety guy one year, but we do know it. Where's renting a banner Barkley his numbers really trans way. Well, till the stuff we care about Nabob, he didn't know the time that was just the way he played, although shuttle threes at a very low the Senate, without was out of his crew, went on. He started taken, he was like a thirty four.
That Burma and like the friendly vertically was taking them at all. Re by modern standards is like it was good. He should have been you know. And then other guys did in ages well, but you know Iverson. Playing forty three forty four minutes a game and can a lot of shots cause Usanga, Shouldn T matter, I don't know, it's have to go back, words and kind of legislate how people should have, but its when people played the way that we ve I've learned should have been the way, maybe played an hour, this hardened, in which areas some thoughts, yeah, ok, so there was that that stretch were hardened was with scorn all these points, but the big things you would scorn these unassisted baskets. Yet I am He was just a week ago, gaudy can saying number and work. Have seen over and over again where people saying like not only is scoring. You know at this insane rate
He scoring in the hard way possible. These are all unassisted he's like it's almost double impressive, disturb thinking about something like ok, so the way basketball seems to be played now is your best match up is which ever guy as the greatest advantage over the guy who's covering him yeah. Everything you're doing is trying to get a mismatch so hard. The best player on his team, the gap between harden and whose every guarding him is greater than the gap between every other rocket in whose guarding them, so having him just bring the ball of an attempt to score and if he's doubled, he throws. The open guy you standing on the router. Is it actually a better more efficient? Wait too? Is it to double hard, led finelli, even the banjo, to just
did you say to your best player if he can handle the ball, bring the Bob Court and try to score everytime s, and, and and If someone comes over and doubles needs you throw to that guy. And he'll be wide, open and wide open. Him is better than a double covered you, but for the most part, almost play the way fifth grade team does, if they really want to win, I was going to say this: is your basically describing a great girls led above you know, ass, my daughter's team. We have one great guard and shit basically ease a good shot every time so invested. While tamer she's gets a good shot every time and its basically James artists will cause. I know you're kind of like pushing the panic button on the subjects. I can see this from your ear. Your kind of twitter world Anxious upset about it. Like you know, I I do have this sort of fear that as much as we like bread, Stevens, what he has done is sort of built the team to work the way
Basketball has always worked, which is that you want a lot of good guys who share the ball. You dont know who's gonna beat you tonight. Everyone can do it with be better off. If car earning just played like harden, and they He was taking the vast majority of shots. I've been made this case because it seems, as though, like you know, like Heyward is fine player. Tatum is with all these guys are pretty good, but the differ between them and who they're playing against, because the league has improved. So much is not that great, but there is a gap. Usually between Ryan who was guarding. So this is the case for I'll carry should get better, is aware because he doesn't have through at heart and, as I dont dig, There is strong enough to every single night, take thirty shots and twelve free thrust of that. But there's NATO How can I read your team and go back to back? we're in Miami. I should take over this. First half
sure the game doesn't get away from us in eight asthma. Think that way, whereas I think fit the best players in the region. History, the weak they have us it's far when they should take Steve Kronos talk about this with Jordan. He would cause he used to come. My pad, ironically, before the words, get seventy three and he would say, nobody's ever doing that again because we would have ten games a year were Jordan was just like. We don't tonight. I'm gonna win this by myself and kind of were hard. It's been doing that for six weeks, but I will carry would do that everyone stolen. I think our great passion in we now when have to wait a minute. I'm gonna win this one first tonight you know I'm a guess. What I'm saying is my fear, because in the NBA is such a better product now than it used to be, but- If there is some realisation that them
are you play like the more you run, an offence, the greater possibility, if something bad going wrong, there's something bad happening. Send the wrong happening that the best possible thing to do is just The ball to your best player allow him to bring the ball of ninety four feet. But this is that's been basque. Above since the sixties, what happened? call me was due in the last decade, member basically the entire post, Shaq Lakers, I feel like somebody else- would bring it up and he bounced to the win and then give him the ball. There was one pass. He didn't bring the ball up himself. That's the weird thing about it he brings the ball on self and it takes away the possibility of anyone else, fucking it up in a way I dont think hardens. I think this is it. We'd aberration and a complete Adam. They too can be replicated What is almost, I gotta have the three things that you need. That he's a great three point: shooter he's a very good freezer sure if he goes to the rack- and he is a good past,
so if, if guys come over now during that stretch, you know where he always going all those unassisted baskets. He had like twenty four sister, something or twenty one sister it was like the team didn't have any since they all just came from him. There might I'd be a lot of other guys. Who could do that well. You're also you leaving out two things: one is that he's unguarded both like if he misses it's, because he missed its that, because somebody like shut him down which is put him on a list of knights and its less than six guys. You know Jordan was ungovernable in teams had to do different tricks. Jested like stand for of em knock em down, and that's why the Jordan rules became a book hearted. The first guy I've seen. I don't even think I had anything it's a la was unguarded the kids stretches, but
says I couldn't shoot as well. There were Jesus well from the United Nations nudged into doing things that he was in great out and you just kind of hope. The mast B was like same thing. Cobby. You know you d, you kind of try to thirty. Thirty two percent three point zero out of those years. I do hope that you battle for long twos, maybe not the basket the hardest thing. It's like I watch these games and I'm not really sure what the team should do other than I'll tell him, but if he doubled him he's gonna throw the ball overtures. There's something standing alone in the crates. I ain't there and then the. Although shots were three points, which is that this is the second piece this thereof figured out guys to put around him so that in every situation, your kind of screwed. It just seems as though that that this type of player, the type of player he is, is going to emerge more and more, which is that a guy who's specializes in these specific
things of of shooting, from distance, going to the room in getting fouled but still being able to deliver the bald open, guys and then the floor spread in what he I dont know what you do. I dont know what what's is what you supposed to do. In that scenario, it does seem like an incredibly efficient way to score. It's your basic Doubling down on, somebody who's your best prayer and the thought is like a fee, if he's to stir possessions game where he's gonna try to score what? If what? If we may, that forty two This is kind of what Westbrook did with ok see the problem was he was efficient with with all the attacks, it was getting like dating have a good offence. They were seventeenth and eighteenth. When he was doing that Houston as a good offence when they do. In that light, there scoring a hundred forty points in these games, so they based
double down on the one thing they had those working that Chris pause Gonna come back. I wondered: is screwed up well hardest, Evelina score less like I did. You do look upon this share whatever we're talking about. What's oh yeah, he added shelf life of happened during that period. It legacy They'll vision is unsustainable. I'd odyssey, pinkies would get hurt if this kept going that at some point, no, if you could get it, why would you get hurt because he's the other free furrows is taking- and I guess I dont think- can do this first six to eight months. I really doubt, no I know is it would be one thing if, if he was playing on the block in there, through the ball to him over and over again his glove hammered out. That's he gets fouled in the least physical ways possible. Sometimes legends like it doesn't while you're watching the game. Why doesn't even seem like a foul they show? The replay was, I guess, visit
Jackie like when you it's funny like is we grow up and we both of us like the history of stuff? Tat were watching one of weight, the alt, crazy, basketball seasons. Ever from this guy, like the fact that. He's gonna, be thirty, seven points a game and go into this level. Words, basically like just him and will in this one Michael Jordan near and that's it. It's kind of yonder. Is it? Is it staggering that he seemed to improve So much from already being a pretty good player. Rapporteur does lucky he moved up. An entire tier net was an ah it surprising thing. You know I I guess it is just that it's it's a stranger to me, just how different basketball is general. If someone had told me ten years ago, it's like what sports gonna be the most different ten years from I think everyone is less. Everyone said football right, You re nice at thirty, six point: three
got to thirty seven point nine. So They'll, probably settle around thirty six, because I do think response gonna cut into it, I'm with you there, by the way, ass a thing for balls really different when you yeah. If you Games from fifteen years ago did I'm getting just crushed over the middle and some other stuff on the spell teams there isn't it had a quarter backs are treated. It really is therefore, I decided shocking, I don't feel is as philosophically different as basketball as though I feel angry because it existed it football his. Change the rules allow in football, that's part of it and you know it and footballs controlled by the coach is so much that you expect that too would agree that there is going to be new ways of thinking and we're gonna owing to bring spread and we're going to bring the all these different things in basketball. You don't really anticipate that happening. It doesn't seem like it can change that much but
it has changed completely club has baking five threes and I were not she neither NEA yes, he was still for four. He wanted the fifth and they wouldn't give them now, but is it and then So how long can breathe Laplace Plano guys his size? already play a long time longer than their effectiveness seem to be, but now he has this other skill he could play along the part that amazes me is. Just how easily guys are making threes now they just at the time sheer totality of guys on an mba roster. Who can make a twenty eight foot her I remember I was going out of it in Boston when they had the three point: land which has birds first season and we this guy Chris forward and then she became a k made the first report of the air and he was kind of our three point. Specialists in a private probably made a better make ninety in a season, and yet this little shot we're kind of pushed it from almost his chest thing like a little kid when he would shoot it in
you know somebody opening the balancing ran and he would take it and it always seem weird they are I've already tried one of those three point shouts, and now it's just you know watch games or the team will take more threes than twos, and this is forty years. You now say that again, like the two biggest things that have happened are the dog and the three points in the in the last seventy five years of kissing, Korea, let alone ears, less seventy five years of Basque. Well, how? When did the end three seconds? Lane was George MIKE, and that was a huge change so that seven years are sixty five. He played fifty for years. Owen Russell comes in his fifty six, so that's fifty sixty sixty sixty plus years So, since Russia comes in the Garret Offensive, got any. I would not put that had others there. Now. I
in the eighty one finals bird made like the dagger three, the kind of finish off the rackets and it was like. My god they took a Threed you now now it's like, of course, you we're taking twelve threes again Yes, it was really bizarre. It is bizarre, I can't do miss. I miss two things or, as a bizarre that it took so long to happen. When they got his darras case, there's like where the fuck was everybody. He was saying this last decade but even like we're grantline when they started an ethical. Took a lot of trees and its we might Vinos there No, I'm saying like two thousand twelve range with that Guy Carmelo is a Carmelo J Smith him. We are groundless, don't count on the year and the next said one month where they were just taking like twenty five. Twenty six. Thirty is a game and ours first time? I really remember thinking this feels like were headings were something starting to change, because the South extra
shit load, a threesome piercing walker by they always following a gimmick. It didn't feel like something that was actually something to me didn't seem like that in tell was the at a time when I was sort of like that, is better. This is. Is there going to be better doing there and you would see it happened a little bit in college that Some college programmes were completely built around three points. You now But when you get down to the final for it was still traditional was still while I mean you could argue, except for the warriors, it's always backfired. It has yeah he's at last I last June, with the two it's fine ass. He saw the Celtics she's completely die, by the thread and then the rockets the next day, also completely dead by the three, I have a heartache. By the way, I think I got to look at the schedule to make sure I'm not going to fuck this up. I really do think the where's could win my twenty five straight here. I think that I think they're about to go.
It reminds me a little were Miami was when Miami when the twenty seventh street in two thousand and thirteen fourteen one area. That was where they just gone through some share their kind of tired with each other. They are out of town and it became a grinding the balls. I knew everyday people common at you and then a couple think shifts and then at sight, Oh yeah. This is fun and something clicks for a couple months I feel like there in that mode. Now I think the joy is backward. And they went through a lot of shit and it was really the buggy cousin thing coming in there and having like this new toy, has kind of made a fresh hard to imagine that at this point, having had success, I bet for so long that they could stay focused every night, for twenty five games so less so we're taken this on a Tuesday last that they killed in Vienna
thirty nine assists. That tells me something good is happening with them, some looking at their schedule. They have, they were twenty five and fourteen others. Oh shit, there, two thousand five hundred and fourteen thirty, six and forty seven eleven straight. If you go through its its pretty doable, they have allowed a home games. I feel I have one last great stretch in there and then I think who the hell knows Durrant. My leave claim at me about that stuff, but they have one that's great moment in them. Regular season think where they just kind of like lay the smack down firm of it could be. I mean that debts totally possibly be. I do think that when the finals again that's kind but using a regular she's, an accomplice, I'm saying there has not been a lot of greatness from them. The share for with the kind of roster they have- and I think this could be their great mom- would take
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times, dotcom slash many and you can see why we, you're making ourselves smarter by using this thing check it out. I have a list of things you wanna talk about you. Tom Brady by the way there's an alternate universe where the butler back above play doesn't happen, Atlanta doesn't fuck up the Superbowl. Massive lost five straight Superbowl setting into the super work as you talking about? I agree Brady probably has less pressure on him at this point, then anyone who's in this called legacy. Defining thing is kind of like the. What else could happen? So you and six Superboss He now is had as many titles as Jordan. I guess that's something but Turkey here cemented his legacy nail and again. Yes, it's it's over at this point is the best ever one, I think, is particularly less pressure because it would even be one thing if the only team who ever beaten them is the giant but the Eagles beat him too, so they have one more
but their last summer's bad for Isla yeah. It's exactly examined. I would have been my homepage, our killer. That would have been his legacy or or would have somehow or you know there have been some secondary We know what happened but because he's lost the two different franchises psych. Well, if he lost again it will. I just don't think you would have much me Unless you are even if people were, they were gone, it seemed like in September had rolled out this am largest doubt their way, one of the two from their perspective there, like we're plainer, then were plain our now. I suppose I don't think there was any consciousness of bad. You interviewed Brady, what's right yeah, how many years ago, that supposed to flake a yes, yes good is only about deflate. Get that we are holding here His is, I got my last. Let's go fire festival here, so both index? Yes, yes, I I just, I think it would be great if all
crazy news events head compete, documentaries about the fact that there was two of them made it so much better than that. They're just been won t It definitely drove an incredible amount awareness to both and became it's our narrative and when you doing documentary awareness is what matters. If it scared, you just want to make sure people knew about it. I think It was one of those things when it happened. It was a big deal, I mind for couple days, but it was also one of the things I just didn't know what happened, and I really wanted to learn about it. So when I saw was come as like. This is great. I can wait till acts as an error- he was epic. I still want to know what happened a job rule and like the last fifteen, but some of them folks, one of those more complete Gerald Cholera who one was superior, but I explain why we're ok, but I watched it Hulu, one second and an it might be a situation there. Ever one. I watch second of the Netflix one to me, seemed like this is what happened the who
one seemed to be more like here's a per ill. You can actually see what the person who did this. What he is like even though, is not saying anything a regulatory. You got a real sort of understanding of what the gives my thing when I was watching the Netflix one is like: How charismatic is this guy? How is she convincing these people to do? This is like the day they they coo EE. Oh it's here. Over and over again serve putting himself in this he's in position, I don't know what he's offering any one, starting with that stupid credit card. Moving into this vessel, they weren't you see him in the whole one he's not charismatic, so it sort of makes it even bit more fat, stating that, but that's Cato the Netflix when the Netflix one. I wish it doesn't have the Macfarlane interview which actually made me like a morbid, There is more mystery about him and I left it with more questions, but
Once you actually see him interviewed road, its becomes even more confusing, like us gets kind of a faggot what these what's going on here is. It was interesting but may be predictable, of how much glee people took in seeing the failure of the like, being able to real, live the failure, because. In one way or the other. Every individual involved is unlikely to type of. Whether there is supermodel or there's some kind of entrepreneurial wrapper or its business guy. Who just seems to believe that there are no consequences to what does to the people who are the influencers. You wanna go to this thing and who sort of self identify influence or the influencers Seward time people to go there, and they have no idea. If it's gonna be here what it is about, being a complete disaster there just
getting paid in their use, is but like ok, so are you technically and influence her women. Well, you have whatever million people on Twitter or every of a huge instagram account is Millie Annex six, my income or whatever the case it is very ninety company allies, five billion is g, is influence or something you become, because whether we want to or not you just are always something you need to self identify as well. I think you can, think, once you have the ability to a lot of people on something, no matter but that is you become an influencer. The question is how you want to use that power, or does it will ensure dictate that you're someone that a brain CS as someone to go to to say why
you wear this tie or will you say these headphones work will give them to you in exchange like does an influence. Here is an insult to someone who has influence, or does it mean you are being paid, to promote something. You are a fly, but like that's what an influence or so do you know? What can we learn? Army airlines are contact, your turn. They write, influences yeah, ok, a dead as that their job, that's basically eager sixty percent of rather General Carr, dashing dynasty speaking dynasties, how got where they got a date on, I just don't. They happen if there's that everything that happens with social media eventually, so is that the one who missed it, the tragedy site I've been tragic Roma? It's probably for her judges, but parasol. Just too soon came along. We can now appears to early now these, like you, some documentary about like internet celebrities or whatever
about it. I George Washington and sort of like we did realize you, the people, sort of creating this world some issues that document it is. I don't make parasols sympathetic figure that that's not only did not achieve the lovely. Was that tell me this? Do you what differences either practically or culturally? Do you see between the kind of person We saw in like those fire festival, Doc, marriage, the people who label themselves as influencers. And the idea of proof selling weeds as a form of advertising like have they. You mean, like will leave just sort of cut out this middle area where they need someone to give them a job. To do this, but in another part of me, says that there seems to be there's something troubling about the idea that there's an audience of people who,
recognize that the only thing the person is doing is sort of working as a conduit between them and what they by it, doesn't bother them at all that that is the situation at the purse like Bruce Jennifer. Examples like well almost like what he selling weeds. This is his reward for winning the decay flawed. Why he's done this naked here? Look at around, I might be so. The brute Bruce Jenner, Mega Jordan. Egg is wherever it somebody popular enough that if they do it the brand there now letting their credibility to that brand. So it's like sure, Michael Jordan where's these sneakers yadda spray now but the influence thing is different. You'll get a diet of ability that that Michael Jordan brings to the shoe is based on this thing. That is connected with unrelated he's great, applying basketball, ok and as a consequence, he is able to influence people to buy shoes or MAC.
Miles or coca whatever, but even the implication is that he has dead he has good taste but I don't know why we would think that it's like Michael Jordan eats Mcdonald. So therefore I should it may tolerance does cause. I cosmic. Journeys by hero and almost seems in that situation. Less taste based because Mcdonald's is coming to Jordan yeah. Where win the influence- yours, it's almost as though they are surely choosing these things at their advocating for or supporting, although of course, I'm sure live, it has to do with the amount of compensation walk at times of ebony ass. He does now go back to go back to influence it interesting analysis scenarios, but here's the difference between a Michael Jordan and full this ties into social media Andrews. I think why people seem to like it or gravitate to it. Ms Instagram account, if you look like these supermodel or whoever it's always the best version of himself and every picture,
every video and ebay Hey you don't see, what's her name, Emily rather Caskey you don't see her leg catch him lay sick. Today, LUCA uglier. Look, it's always like the best possible versions. Like I'm in Carbo. Look at me bathing suit. I met this party, oh here My friends for our own sake and people followed because it's kind of like whatever the weird in an aversion, the american dream, as right arm had. I wish said I wish. The data I wish I could be her whenever someone They tell somebody this music festivals gonna be off the hook, people actually listen to them and father because they d they think like. If I go there, people again Emily gonna be there, but mainly That's why it's weird about it, isn't that the way that, like ok from the outside, that's how it looks, but actually the people who are most consumed with this As you are aware of all the things you saying, they are aware that these people are
not really showing their life. They showing a version of their life. Their totally aware. They want to be part. I don't want to be part of people's lives, that's why they come in and they put an. I heard a reply as they see the replies, but here's. Why think that they are aware, because they do it themselves, ran like even somebody. You is just on Instagram or just on Facebook, but postal and puts a lot of photographs they for them. Part are doing the exact same thing in influencers doing their carrying the best version of their life. So I can't imagine that person then looks at these famous people and like all will actually, though, that's a reality. I know My own online persona is a construction, but that's real. I think that they know it's a construction. They don't really went through the fireflies know we're or are they a wording that person for Frank, its lack of a better term, the energy?
met they provide by showing this fake version of their life, Do they see it actually, the way you would watch a television show, except that their static images? and they know their real, but they're almost like well there so good at this. They themselves? Are an attractive person? I'm sorry, I'm looking at these things that are attractive to me and the reason that they went to this fire festival is not that they were confused, by the influence, but that they assumed that influence must be justified. I think, there's one of the wrinkled through this. I think you're right but ass, a thing. This is something that invaded everything in this decades, stipulates that red rope type, a type of mentality, words. You know I noticed I remember with Brooklyn there, doing the Barclay Centre in Jaycees, but a beat they built. The special
vip picture that was the ex alter exclusively appear to have forty club and that's what this guy Billy tapped into with the credit card, create this credit cards like its blackguard, I don't really know what you got out of the card, what made it special but any new coolly took your credit card, yet the preexisting credit card. You have copied everything off the strip onto a heavy black card, and then I think that through as someone then made the demand really hard to get. Somebody had them, you're in this little cool club at this is like. The Soho Ass, all these different places, where it's all about it's real, hard to get into this they know somebody had to be cool and I think that's what fire faster more kind of ties into that site. Music festival? We don't have a lot of tickets available models are gonna, be here, and is it it's like you,
with this entry way into this whole world that people think exist and they meanwhile the world than exists, because the guy's bacon it all up and people paid for it. They were mad at themselves, probably more than em. I think it was in the Netflix documentary. One person does make sort of like a kind of a controversial but true point like he's discussing Woodstock and he's like they were all these problems. Woodstock there was no water yeah. There were no bathrooms, it was enough to get there. It was and is being a one lean road that, like you know that there was all these partnerships. It was naturally in Woodstock they define the second location. There was all these people
but the mine action, your bathrooms, but because the performances were great or good enough, and because no one guy seriously hurt that we know about ethics. Some people think you're probably did, but it was not plan that could not hurt. Really. Second, does anyone heard in the fire festival nothing? It was hurt. You know people just court and hung on that, because the event is was was to do with. The decision was made that the event was pause,
all the negative things became charming, but all those things about Woodstock. Now all these problems are seen as somehow I like that, give credibility to the event itself. So I do thinking in one respect that they could have been right if they, if at all be they could have had all these problems. But if the performances were incredible, if somehow Kenya West would have performed this and it would have been just you know, I mean there's lineup was very every step along the way they made mistakes, but, like I do think that all these terrible things that we see in this documentary, if it had ended, becoming across to people as like. This was an amazing event. They would actually be happy, they had to sleep intense Weatherby, I'm as I do in no way out, I think, is difference in that Woodstock. At least there was a road in a road out. This case you were true on this island.
Why name was happening and Natalie was happening and you might be trapped there for the rest, your life right now. I thought that I think that crazy thing for me is that this happened near the end of this decade. With the technology we have now that our people we would have had to do is like. Should the fire festival, Google and there were pictures up their websites already being like they're, not building? anything? This is a big scam, people went anyway, which I thought was in it the dynamic in itself. I got was almost like the hope of they may probably thought wasn't. Gonna happen was still going because if it worked out, o er events so great they're wrong. It's almost a hail Mary, it's you who can help Mary with me this progress of work it out, but fuck it I'm go and yet will we will just good eel in there's so much information there was probably in from asian about how awful was going to be. But then this you know conflicting information is going to be great.
And when you give everybody all the information they dont know. What is true, if you, if you have all possible information. None of its good. You know where this is our leading they're gonna have to really do this festival again I've been somebody should by their rights to the festival and they should actually really try to do it and put real money behind it and build the whole thing and fall whatever role model or whatever blueprint he laid, because guess what there can be a ton of awareness for it. The next time around it, it might actually be called, be amazing. If somebody pulled it off, I want so we need to do it. Maybe the ringer should have a music. Three Renaud ethic asked me the fire festival, we call the fire festival and that it goes on for twenty years and pupil member. That first one was a disaster wouldn't have already planning a second one like in the wake of this failure. But then I think it is. It's it's one of the most bizarre stories of all time right down to the to the guy was
go drive to give the guy blow job Was accusation came there was where he Billy ass him like that was fucking insane. That's as watch you and my dad and my uncle Bob, my wife, and when that happened, my dad they checked up like he'd been lectures at once. Going on here was a guy didn't seem that blown away or either via he was like you know, this is gonna, be crazy. Listen! This is a savage. Does bark it'll do like they do like failed festivals, though whether this Woodstock Andy or else must again as yet with like that and out to dark there Ninety nine was yes you now worse, Monday doc. You have not seen me have knowledge, because up on anyone know what there was happening douaisienne these people talking about it It is it's a tour de force, I really enjoyed it
just a guy as sirocco representing himself in court has to be one of the five. Where does things? That's ever happened y know in any cross, examining copy any witnesses psychically hands, as happened in the judge, if our cause, like I'd like to see that my courtroom their ways Whaley other way guide of it's like you did, go the other way. Is it good luck to you centres located in law school? You feel the lot of women only other way. I guess, but if there's a lot of history, about how. Nobody even really does terms. The killer wasn't even used in at step on it too much Cosette spur, but the part I never knew was that you know cause. He was in love you know he was a lawyer and he was working with police and stuff and at one point had all this access to all crimes and all these different they basically it's hard to figure out. Can we do a better job. I like
just like our. So, if I just do this, and I do there king with other cities and basically gave, the blueprint for how to be like the worst serial killer the decade because he was like out he's could use my did reading all information like. So if I just do this- and I do this and I and I move around the different states noble ever catch me. What system is ensured the catch. Somebody like this cause there's no collaboration. Iraq, as I write about him a little bit it in a book I wear the black had yet, which is why a whole book is like littered with things that, like eventually became document trees and like series is like, Jason there and delays in their Michael would get he lay there, though I won't. I was big submitting any upside from. It is like a robot all these things than other leading about everybody, successful things about it out the gay reminders. I get waiting for someone to say, I got the weird that all these things line up but anyways the thing about.
That is so that duchess, just you know the reason that I think TED Bundy will be discussed longer than a lot of the people of gun similar axes. Ed typically was serial killers. The there is this desire to immediately betray them as a monster by focusing on the air. Jeffrey Dahmer like he was a cannibal it whatever you know now in a joint Gacy, dressed as a clown. Like did most grotesque thing about him, but with TED Bundy, the big of any story about him starts with how attractive he was and how he was so charming and how it's like he is the one serial killer. Who actually was. Personification that you sometimes see in bad fictional films about serial killers, the attractive likeable sorted? person, the well educated. So I talk about this and upon the last pirated briefly,
I think he's attractiveness was overrated. I just think he was women attractive than John Wayne Gacy in some of these other people. So I said he was circle, a handsome, if you He wasn't like J, F K, Junior working weeks mark How do I was much better than tat? we I have ever. I remembered that was the deliberate stranger. The TED Bundy moved my firemen in those fucking creepy like him, everyone in the buggy and all that stuff, but the seventies, for serial killers? It was just a gravy train cause you report. Hitchhiking nobody's using alarms and the police, Do you know he had no computers back then you could just you could somebody then kill somebody, thirty its away? They wouldn't even know, is the same murder and the crazy thing in this anything when he escapes the second time goes to Florida kills. Five more both in their catch him.
They don't know his name is that they have no idea of the TED Bundy who's, the top ten future sure yeah days I mean that this is a question that sort of physico economic, true crime question is could we have a now excited elected book. The devil on the white city that talks about a serial killer during Chicago world, fair right, yeah yeah, that's one of the few documents we have of you know I guess Jack. The ripper would another is a limited number of stories about cereal murdering before you get too like the sixty two, the Seventys and then judicious there's just with we have times an epidemic. Though there is, I think, a central question of that is cereal, murder and extension of modernity.
Did the world changing away, they created this possibility in people or as it always existed, but in the past, because you know em the way we ve solved crimes in the way we covered crimes with so much different that we did not recognise that actually fourteen seemingly unrelated murders were done by the same person, ignoring nosing answer this question, but it's an interesting it's an interesting about. Could something of change about society that introduce the idea that certainly seems to have happened with mass murder, like mass murder, is a relatively new phenomena. Did this point line, change mass murder. The at that with those zero covers. These days I dont know It could happen again because I wanted I think the technology, the dna staff, the fact that you have more cameras than ever that you know that the TED Bundy when he takes he goes down or park me just take
these two girls- Nay cameras all over the place. You'd have somebody who's taking whose filming there too, your daughter and TED Bundy in the background the get away with it. I don't think anybody could kill more than I. The the six or seven so like what you are doing is that, like the situation with leg, son of SAM, like David Berkowitz, That guy Squire he will leave the entire city for a summer, is obsessed with the possibility of this guy's going the deck couldn't have any more that that's an impossibility. I don't know it's interesting you, It would seem as though things like that would be one upside to things like social media and the ability of everyone. Every phone and all these things it would be less likely that end these weird dna companies where people their dna to save their relate only twenty three may or twenty three main ancestor of that stuff, and then they clearly you know now. Please, sir, just using their. This whole database now have dna, so you use
thinking that maybe there's someone out there who would love to kill a bunch of people, but he was like, but I did three me: three years ago, re gonna have a blue eyed via email is like I, kill anybody, then, and now that I do or think about like clear? Oh shit, like t say, there's all these different ways to get your fingerprints. Now I think I have to be somebody from another country and I think We have to keep moving. I dont think you could. I dont think you could do it like. In the old days. Were it's like I'm just in the Pacific Northwest, I'm just gonna take out hitchhikers for three years, like there's, no way their catch a person, they probably need. As you know, the name of your mentioning it doesnt seem as though this serial killer scare doesnt seem to happen. That much anymore I remember growing up there was a guy in Atlanta, was killing boy
is like me, look kids, you whatever other way way. I M C. I remember those horror, you know, and now there is a much less. I guess it also because of the access to automatic weapons may be the person who used to be a serial killers, knowledge. I can only to do it over a long period of time yeah it's. I think it's all of the motives always seems different. Where is the mass murder seems to be trying to make a statement about society where serial killers are dealing with? Something is more interior. So I guess maybe we let those together without were Bundy was saying that he thought each each murder would make him happy and then he would have to do any more, but each one left him unfulfilled, so we within the next one would be but clear data,
stuff about how is there's something often is. We are surprised or something of that at the end of July, in the documentary but like at the very end of his life, he tries to argue that it was all because of pornography right. But all the had really happened is somebody who was a researcher interested in the idea. The effect of pornography on culture talk to him when he was like eight year in Agra fee I like he did have a con man, pretty obvious con man tendency that he would tell people would ever. He believed that they wanted to know why how many female sir occurs, and we had just the one Charlie's Doran play. I maybe like one. Otherwise there it's it's, it's rare liking, others there's a book called like the mammoth book of killer women would like list the history of female murderers
and an overwhelming was your first book at the fact that a lot of these a lot of the cases team, with with female killers involving poison and poison, is a hard wages to kill. A lot of people were like you have to unless you are in a position in food service or something like that, in which case you know here it's hard to kill a lot of people. Poisoning them. So what am I a favorite movie troops? There is, because I, like the black without trope my like thee, this woman and she kills that she was at the next time there's this movie caught black widow at three so Russell and Deborah Winger where she was. Unlike her fourth has been now, you'd, probably be able to figure out right away. She was she was the black, because we have the internet, you just google some staff, but back then he couldn't. But the concept of you know that the women that She might actually had the dark side, and she might have done this before and she made,
if I were, a certain type stats set. I were good idea in theory, but I would think that that would mean ok, so killing Eve. What's the premise of that that somebody who was she's a killer hit me it is a thought man I like what it would be. A good networks years shit edges gave another idea everyone knows what is getting married again. Could that be perceived as a sort of a sudden, a stick because you're suggesting that the nature of of of the world- you'd like there's something. I wonder if there would be some hesitancy take a piece of controversy, that's good for my show where I suppose hurry. I topic. We want to talk about about an art art, because controversial because they, both of us, are uncomfortable with you now, even some my green book, which people Ice here are the points, but people are so upset about. I'm a of
persons were arm of his dramatization see now, and it's like at some point. We're gonna hit a weird place with our, where, if everything doesn't go per Thirdly, in the way that this, these different demographics, Let's go, then the margin we rejected and Anna I'd think art supposed to make us think and make us well, ok, but that I think this is something I don't know if this is something that changing anew in it will continually be this way or we're just going through a period. I think that the idea that art supposed to make us think where now there is a, maybe more emphasis on the idea that art should reflect a moral underpinning, but we're back, as I dont know, in a necessarily always agree at in a sense like psychic? disagree. It doesn't really matter it's like with the word.
Moves, the way the world moves, and you can complain about if that is the way it is here now. I just empty- am hesitant tat too tight. Because I realized that the way I grew up in the thoughts I have one I don't have control over like I was. I grew up at a time and a place. With the experience I've had have controller my own thoughts in the things that I think are right or wrong has shifted This deadline, oh no, not has shifted its at that I didn't really have agency over like allow the I believe are urged the consequence of the experiences I've heard the people I met in the time I lived it's not as though you know so so when I So when you asked me like is preferable for the emphasis of art to make. You think that preferable to the idea that art is supposed to symbolise sort of more moral correctness or whatever my answers yet
but I dont know if I am a credible source, because I am speaking from my experience. My variants tells me that so it you know it, it seems as though what is one thing that has just really change big and I I started noticing this change around really just sort of it, the at the end of the second pushes administration and ensure that the rise of a bomb of it like a for a lot of people. Politics became popular culture for them in a way that maybe has always existed in the past, but not so directly that, like their interest,
politics and sort of you. No political science and away with similar to the way people would once have interest in film or television are all these things, things that had politics kind of built into them, but you could still sort of seed separately. So once people were like well very consciously, it's like my interest, is in wood, the like the nature society and the politics of society. They're gonna put that into all the art they consume does become an important thing. It's like it's the motive they're interested in art. That's, I guess the change that Think it's blended together in a way that you can't separate them in the same way everywhere will and Thou hast priority has changed the priority it like like it was either was say, say you read the village voice. You read the film coverage in the village voice.
The eightys and Ninetys. It would be like. Oh there, looking at these films and there really talking about the politics, you know it's like it's kind of unique there, not just saying the movies entertainer entertaining the performances are good add the saying like what is this really say about labour or capitalism, but now that's kind of all of it. Now that the first thing people are interested in so any kind that they're kind of, like you say like consuming green book or whatever the first thing that their thinking about before they even exe periods. The film is understanding that the political meaning hears what's gonna matter to me, and they start with that, like I think the debts That is the thing that has changed and I don't necessarily think is worse, but it's different and for somebody whatever you know, when things change like that quickly is really has, and I think that for the people who were sort of in a long time trying to understand the world in one way, but youth
That change from crash. Well I'll say this about the I think there's about about these green book situation I think crash and then, to a lesser extent, three billboards. I think that there are people who, like I'm, not gonna, wait for this thing to be recognised in a way and then say I have problems with it, they're trying to get ahead of it. They're, trying to sort of anticipate leg with bathed with Russell S, Brics, envy pain to those seventeen. I just wanna beyond those on the right side of history before they can perform the verdict. Will you you're still wrong about that allows Deborah. You know, but you know here it's all right. It in- and I thought about this well, when I tell you this, I don't know. Why part the reason you were wrong. I was right it so the news mind Azra, but I was we are talking about the most valuable player younger. I think you still think about that is who is the most valuable player truth?
thirteen yeah. That's what it's supposed to mean. It's a legal ward so was who was most valuable to the league, and there is no question that Russell Westbrook was the most valuable extension the NBA that season. There is no question about people were more interested in what he was doing and whether not he could achieve. That is a different aware that the newly season a word it's the most bizarre that does the exam most valuable player of the National Basketball Association. That's the award, so the award is for the league, it's who is best for the leg. He was the best for the leak there quick, quickly, headed our thing, because we gotta go, people he's gone pissed off about movies and pull different things into it. I think it's just easier to mobilise people now by France. Definitely cruising aperture now really get movie underrated people now it's it's kind of slip through the cracks, but when,
when they were making it. It was controversial because it is basically about this. Gay circular in China goes under cover to stop him and They were all these gay activists who were like this movies. You know this is. Movies on how far back and it just station, we do and ass. This is bad. This is gonna make relations and gay people. Instead, people where solace in We came out their protest today and then it cannot went away. I I would love to know what would happen of cruising command. Two thousand eighteen done the exact same way. I think people would would about in the same way, but they would mobilise in a totally different way, to the point that I am most don't think they would have released the movie. Well, I think they would have actually like gun maybe what a shelf that over dealing with just the thing that anger toward it if you're talking about if cruising way cruising is if there was a vote,
that made now that I'm now be it. The two thousand again version varies in the two thousand. Nineteen version of cruising very possibly might be made by gay director, might star a gay star, and Perhaps they would be? Oh so you're saying they would account for all the stuff ahead of time expired, and there might be an aspect to the film that was sort of like the fact that society still perceive by a large sugar or some chant, actually not a large chunk anymore, but chunk of society still sees, you know, that is average behaviour, it forces people in the situation where a serial killer can can succeed because there were there not allowed to sort of live life. The way normal person is, change. You may need make all these changes. The cruising two totally different movie, there's no way. The movie was banned in eighty, creating adds another even legacies. One basic instinct came out. No, that was a real content shall fail, you re, you remember what was controversial about it.
Tat. She was I sexual rights, not just that she was bisexual, but that her girlfriend the murder was like and that she was a murder and that somehow everybody in that film, whose seems to suggest that they are lesbian, gay, bisexual is a murderer in their like people in a watch this movie and think that that that's part of gay culture, whatever Our shared uncontroversial was Michael Douglas, his boss. When that they did the wide shot him walk into the bathroom and his balls or swing in like a grandfather clock. It's. I don't need this summer. Fifty foots grief keep that was his boss away from our buzz daddy when the controversy jack I fear that there is an interesting movie to watch again like if, if exhilarating people do, I dont think people they like all its shackled base against it. But you know it's a damn movies. Amazing. A borderline, we watch roubles, oh I'd, I'd seems likely be amazing. Cause she's amazing in it. She is here
atta control. Just in them all and then there's just like it. Oh it's it's the very premise like what someone committing murders, write a book about committing murders, yeah like it. I like its wasted in de jure Esterhazy road like now, you'll hear one of these people who everything he wrote with its this showgirls or whatever. He really did figure out a way to have it both ways like I am presenting this incredibly salacious thing. Ok, disordered salacious, almost like you know like that. Anybody sees this is going to be sort of jarred by the content, regardless of how much they think the movie is good or bad and then, as time passes, I'll just say was In any case, what happens if all those movies, all his movies and having like like a longer life span, because he sort of
ages the meaning of what the meaning, but the movie is weak, we covered everything except the wise he had Flambard, because I think you'll be fascinated by a move that ends with Harry Edwards. Obviously near there, oh really hit the fan area. Rights has a cameo Isles ice. You say that you should watch the Amazon Prime Shill Patriot. It's the last show I've seen in a very long. You told me to watch the though Lewinsky Clinton, oh sure, yeah you like that ploughed meddling with greater was. Me Louis, you take some liberties. She tries make it seem like she kept the low profile, but I was on Jimmy Camel Show and she guess I'll still with us for three days like she's, continually made, runs at trying to stay in the public eye oases. She Ben lag. For years I was, I couldn't go on public. They now you're pretty public the whole time does that was my only quiver
I think, she's leverage this situation in a bunch of waste. While this is one situation where she knows she can be sympathetic if she just tells the truth that, Yes, this is a really good writer, that's enough. I would advise guardian. That was Maria than think she's. It psychotic Dodge by when the people are like? How are you good at this sitting here, just a celebrity that you're good at writing? Cream stuff is really good. Like his perspectives check, as always a pleasure when, when you become out, oh, but the books come on July, and we should mention your adhered to due to different. We watch was which we had that we're not gonna name, that checks can be into them displeasure, My pleasure indeed I'd thanks to their procurator, thanks to check close german thanks to the New York Times. Crossword again, if you look at me, is it smart to do. While I wait for your latte sitting in the trainer snacking in the breakroom play the New York Times, mini crossword mini puzzle can be solved in
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The January last and some the guys that moved up and down on that list. So I will see you then ways.
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