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Chuck Klosterman on the NBA Finals, Stern vs. Silver, 'Fleabag,' Matthew Boling, and Obsessed 'Game of Thrones' Fans | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by author Chuck Klosterman to revel in NBA Finals story lines and subplots, compare commissioners David Stern and Adam Silver, and more (2:25). Then, they discuss high school track star Matthew Boling (1:03:50), 'Fleabag' Season 2, and outraged 'Game of Thrones' fans (1:20:08).

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and then we have changed three. Thirty three to the press: Shoemaker David Shoemaker, bronchitis, twice a week now so subscribe to that. What? If you haven't subscribe to it already the avenue a podcast as well, that is a really good, Bartleby, Tuesday and Fridays this week coming up the man the myth, the BS, Pakistan Farmer, Chuck Osterman. First, are hence from projects, are analyzed right. Now we ve been doing this. I think twelve years did, the first, ten or twelve, the anniversary of the first Pakistan we did was like last week or two weeks ago- something Jack spent here. The whole time. Comes from and how I go back.
I use done me today. You said you weren't, watching Chernobyl by you, ve been saving it, but I am hard pressed to think of any piece of of media. That's more new real house than the five absurd Chernobyl miniseries yeah. I am didn't. Why did I ever ever medical procedure coming up and I haven't I recovery period afterwards on going to watch it all that day, along with the electorate, sir, you Bob Dylan Documentary get me a net Blake. I ve been a watch that when a Red David Albert jammed the fifties determined to do what you gave will happen. I like the way you have it all played down, The gap is out you two hours after a medical procedure, great let's, let's start with NBA and then we'll circle back to tv cause. I want to talk about. We back we'll how agenda we haven't talked and well. I texted you asking you what youth
the world would be like right down? Two thousand nineteen? If we took like nineteen ninety four era, David Stern, and just put him in charge of the NBA right now, with the Lee be better or worse, would it be more interesting? How does it play out? You know it's cover intriguing question bill because I think, for the most part, isn't ok, we got kind of concede that delivers a great commissioner. Everyone. I just think you seemed great for me. Ok, and yet I never can a considered this before, like the one thing that I think would be that Gilad Stern would have shut down a lot of the controversy over all this vision yeah. I don't think he would have put up with that, because Ciller actually seems to be moving in yeah he's silver, is all about transparency. He's he's almost like a peace time, president and stern,
a war time, president type, so the official anything if it became a controversy he would have just put his foot in the the ground and really dug in embattled battled everybody on it and not been transparent about it. I feel, like all of you, so interesting to me about sort of the Silver Administration is. He seems to be doing something that I would have thought would have been a bad idea, but It gives the right idea, which he's alive
the league to move in this direction where the games are the second most important part of what is, I think the natural inclination of the commissioner would be to fight against that, but he seems to have realised that the way people consume sports now is closer to the way they used to conceal, like celebrity guy or or kind of you, no news away and- and I dont think he really mine- the idea of people debating the problems with officiating or the idea that we're talking passionately about where Kuwait Leonard is going to play next year? Even
we didn't find out rang out over the amount of time that we discuss this. What's going on with the Lakers, I just think that it is now like Peter, pretty kind of meaningful final that they give golden debate when the trouble we make them the second best basketball dynasty ever yet had the pro level, yes and obviously the biggest period in history for canadian basketball. There's you know that the third storey lines with the warriors is real, interesting because digits devastated by injuries and still feel like they're in command, and yet there is more conversation about ancillary aspect of the league than there is about the game, and you would think that would be bad like if somebody had told me that this sort of began
plan that we're going to shift the emphasis of the game and all the story line the rounded, but it seems to be making basketball more popular because I think especially among young people like they don't want to sit through the gate. They just want to follow or they second screen. The games would be the equivalent of. If you and I didn't actually ever do a podcast, but we just talked all the time about how we might do another podcast cast, that would work at all, be there would be no known with no good immoral, no, I was under adviser, Parkhurst saying but you'll ever. I guess it's just a discussion about by casting. No, if I just kept coming on them cast in talking Kyle, but how you might come on the broadcast, but I don't know I'm going to fire here. I heard coward, make this point
I don't know fire hundreds and grew there, but I like to take you to the point I just made known, and I notice that a different point of view is saying he races, this whole world, where the games have become secondary because he says this is what happened in politics is like the Actual art of doing politics, debts and C span sees banquets low ratings. The art of I came out. What happened on C span is: what really is the business with them as embassy in all these different fox news of these different channels? The the talking about the culture of the law, making is what people care about which we are to me is based get the game should still be the number one priority and the ratings would suggest that they are, but it's also Is it me they? As you pointed out, I actually think this is a really good finals. I think the storylines are. That is good as we're gonna get when you, when you fact everything in and yet the Lakers can blow it off them,
age, whenever they want other acres had through an hour from now. Just do one weird thing just leak, something some other story, or there really make they offer the whole team for Anthony Davis and now a blogger, blog name, three out of the water and the crazy thing is game. Three is one of the most sitting get finals games we've had in recent memory. That's not a game! Seven! Where you have this warriors team that is now tri touring to the finish line of this half decade run we don't know if Klay Thompson is playing, they didn't even have a backup for Klay Thompson stay or just have to play weird guy, and swing in their position? We don't know if the rats coming back loony seems like broke his collar bone. I don't know how you play the eighth. What are you guys yet? I can eat not coming back the idea. Just that's why I just read now, without I mean in the EAST become a real player? I would actually means that a fraction is collarbone, yes, pay people like it's gonna be gained, gave and say what you can't play with a fractured collarbone so anyway,
the original crazy about it. The about this power thing you met you to keep it here's what the most perplexing thing about it. Ok, yet that happens in politics and a big written that happens in politics is because people aren't really engage with the minutiae of how things work, those like in all day you see that the people who really level as before now they're like she was all these policies right blood. Beware like really interested in reading about Bobby! I want to give to review the big picture idea. Britain could now be like that. The debt, the conversation outside of that in politics, is because it's easier and simpler and sort of easy did. I get it back about the opposite. It nearly always salary cast a bit more complicated, inflict pain. I did much easier for me now to understand the game that on the floor, then all these like
although the camp exceptions in order to stop it like that, its autonomy or all this stuff is going on with the Lakers, and we know it's like back their own long story. Forget that not like, oh, you can look at then buy back and thin and and the deuce, what is going on there? You, but that's what people are drawn to you. It's like they want politics to be simplified, but they won't sport to be more complicated, yeah. Well, that's I I liked the coward point, but I entirely agree that, because fundamentally is boring to watch people in front of a microphone talk about policy and c span. Basketball should be the most fun thing to do. The drama, and so Barbara of it have on a even like aim to write game too is awesome. One of them was fascinating things that came up came to. Is that too many video of quite Thompson greeting the warriors fires after the game? That is, you must have seen that yeah he's got a huge.
Pack on his hand me and I loved it because, like we try to do the show courts, I had last year fridge Bio and we just were allowed to use a lot of the behind the scenes. Stuff like that and now I got real moment where you have quite greeting each person differently. You d. Ant kind of looming around semen, super happy and then I'll send Drake shows up and clay gets mad. That Drake's there get your bum ass out of here, and the Rance kind of trash talking abut good naturedly thing was his fascinating. Is everything that happened in the game, and that was really interesting game inside I don't know. I feel, like the games have become this one piece of this giant. Cod jigsaw puzzle that the NBA has figured out had enough really well and did it in that happens. We see over another decide. Today we came on others by two shams, but shams charade
read this. I e posted this thing today about the the falcons are now listening to offers for Anthony David State there not their basically there there engaging cause now and it's like. So what are they doing before when somebody Carbonated Davis, where they put in their fingers and airs? And I now have this thing- I, like you, I gotta go to voice mail. Your voice, mail is just filling up with, like very JFK no joke. I told you I'm not talking about this hang up right now. If this is just ludicrous that this is a story that they're they're having conversations with people who call them so added decisions, I guess we're back was but steering about to the stern sober think I do feel like a lot of this stuff. What made stern mad I do think he would have liked, I think, the acres thing. He would have actually been out of his mind that this is one of the least Signature franchises and this complete should show the story
comes out that had been rumoured for two months and then finally comes out and that same day, MAGIC badge, Adzes, Aeneas, paean and they're. Just a bug in the story. What Stephen I sped than all other guys it his buddies with. I don't know what he would have done better aid, Do I don't know what he would have done better at it? It would have been an overreaction all, but what you supposed to do at me what I would like there was part of the story that, like you know, somebody comes after fill her dinner and sort of like you know, I think I run loose beholding the Lakers, or were you not rich bar? What with what? What's his reaction supposed to beat that what I am not sure whether commissioners was to do if there is an internal problem with a franchise, regardless of whether at the Lakers there, you know it's a hawk that nobody would that's what you want.
He thought the tuna are. What even couldn't I it's interesting because he's somebody that for years it was a good cop, bad cop thing was stern and stern was the bad cop and silver was the good cup, and as you his way up and gain more more influence. He was always the guy that the owners went to lie case. The players went to he built the relationships, and stern was over there like the old guard. Oh I'll talk to David, like all that stuff, he he was the kind of it, but then he became the commissioner and I think he still has a lot of you- know that built in relationships that he's had with owners that he helped bring in the league and players he's known their whole careers. That he's really made a concerted effort to get to know as I, when I did that thing at the conference with them, it was it was. People were were stunned to hear talk about how worried he was about the mental health of some his prayers and just how he was
bow and happy they were. It was more just seem to me that he, even an opinion on that that he is if girl, no, so many the prayers. You know, because that was the opposite. A house term rolled stern the king, it is it I don't know if I would say stern, wouldn't have cared, but it is definitely two different sort of style them in ok. Tat were different. This girl, you back and remember that member thee, theories where it wouldn't sons and spurred and like a marked out of our came up the bench after NASH got kind of.
Knocked into the scoring cable and they couldn't ploy. Ok happened. You know your way. Think like up just an obvious example of that the misappropriation of their ok, like back there's, bury your you're hurting the theories in your purse. You probably caused the thunder tidal, possibly by making a decision. I can recall turn going on like pity I would ever used during the five minute Beckmann corner. I dared asking here
like why don't you just wave at this time in let's start a Meyer play like why don't you gave me if you agree that this date is sort of up like a misuse of the of the rule in conception and like you didn't like, I can't do that and corn either like yes, you can you the commission's right during like no, I can't because his policy was, I basically, you know, execute the rules as they exist, and the rules are the most important thing. I don't think silver would do that amounted to which I think filled. It would actually be like you know what the idea of the NBA play out to have high quality entertaining basketball, and I'm not gonna start that from happening in order to enforce the rule that imperfect now. I guess you could argue that. Well, you know that, like a cop who make the laws on the go, but these are-
I mean you like yours there. Really. It is hard to justify not having someone playing a game for infraction. Then no one seems to think of the problem. In a jam with silver, you write he he's and to consider nuance, which is something sturges. Never did you know Stern was. Black and way with everything it was ecstatic. Are he loved it? That's person, series and just executed his disease based on what the rule was and considered no nuance whatsoever. He looked at the Seattle supersonic so Casey thing and basically just help the sonic Scotto Casey and was really really responsible and a lot of ways for our point out and you didn't care cause he's trying to prove the point that if you didn't You ve been building a new arena in your own city. You be in trouble, then six years later
just did a one hundred and eighty with the kinks and fought to keep the kings in Sacramento. This is the exact same situation and he's all suddenly cared again? He was all over the map. We would like or like stopping the Chris Paul Trade from happening the Lakers, but then allowing biggest all trade happening, which seemed just at the time he drifted unbalanced, although in retrospect not really, I mean I was having a gap that we choose the best, the celebrated all time, pal, well, he was second came only twice markets always first came once and bent the player of the year. I thought powers the best guy in the two thousand and finals It should have the final say we pay. I really thought he was the best plan that serious I mark us. Our markets has never done. It To that level, against a the better question would be if you is just building a team from scratch
guy. Would you rather have for the course of their career cause, you might say, Mark Isaak as issues target or find a centre for ten years? Who could do this stuff that he did? You know he back to the stern thing for one second leg: look at Likud: the sterling wow. That was another black and white thing was turn right. Where he's just like, I can't I can't make an owner sell a team. I just can't sorry you get to act like how you, hurry. You act as the way you get act and then he put up at the sterling thing forever and then, once over to govern the sterling thing kind of imploded with the tapes and stuff servers dislike don't know what the rules are, but we're getting rid of the sky, and that was. Animated happen. I don't want this. Like an atom coolly session, because I think there's some stuff that he's really screwed up the last couple years specifically le in the tampering at all that stuff, I just think he's been
sleep at the wheel, honour and actually do think it's bad for the weak and, I think, even read nearby your home story, one at that what are the hidden kind of nuggets in that thing, that I thought was crazy and I actually thought was going to be a bigger deal and nobody picked up was that there's been three people closely associated with Lebron that have followed him to the as it is to Miami to Cleveland than to the Lakers that just go on the payroll, the teams, and if that is our cap violation like it Guy Randy has some job with the Lakers that somebody he grew up, whether it would be like, if I signed by the Lakers and Joe House became the director of community development, it's crazy that that that wasn't a beggar deal, I've never understood how bad is it For so I mean I've always wondered. That's like ok could could mark you been a sign of free agent,
They say, and you know what, when you retire, you're gonna be Theo of three, my companies, I mean I can't put that into a contract, but can you say that you stop them? One saying that, like I know, I've never get the money. Now is so big that you know there was dead long period where any time again Actually, I guess just before Leubronn went to the heat, because the king, who had a player, could always pay more. The argument was always want. No one good take less money, you came to me to be able to retain their superstars because they can pay slightly more and no one's gonna pay nor the money, but the numbers are source huge now than it is.
Printed, a hundred and sixty eight million two hundred and forty nine million? You know, that's not the tat difference bestow negligible in your mind, you almost me something beyond money to convince them want to make a decision right to go somewhere. You know- and I dont know how about you- there how you couldn't portion what hours my running joke with dark and in Dallas when he was taken less money every year when he saw it document are in cuban company, bought it and I was like or what, if what? If cuban by the document refers like thirty eight billion dollars, what would come with like with the league be able to even to do anything? I don't think a kid. So, with this Lakers thing it said in the Baxter HARM story, three people close to James are listed in the Lakers staff directory as employees, Robber Brown, whose title is personal security officer, Radie memes, whose
idle as executive administrator player programme in logistics and make Nancy s whose title athletic trainer and athletic performance liaison. Three were also on the team Payroll James in Cleveland. So you take that you take the fact that he he clearly was communicated with them well before he signed and there's really nothing really could do about that. They did some, bring stuff it. I just feel extern would hinder that whole thing differently, because I think stir It was a little more wired that Fidel we're girl cadavers like it's, is now a motto. Amato. This is now about you going too fast I'll show you you know how he did with braided Souffle gate, and I could have seen my kind of pitting himself against Leubronn in away almost like
my kind of how we handle Jordan, the nineties we stood out will never know if he suspended Jordan and at its conceivable I thank the longer we get away from that, the less likely it see, but I will say this large point. I mean this. Wouldn't you say like Stern, is more like Adele working in between filtering Adele, but share one thing, which is that he ultimately was fighting the idea. Player power and yellow is going with it because I think filters just like going to happen like if I know if I can, if I can either actually do it or create the illusion of it are. However, you look at it. If I can put myself in a position where the players believe bad, I quite their sort of increased market share of weaker. Whatever it's going to be,
better in the long term- and I think that's probably true radically to just, although it it's definitely happening faster than I thought. But you know the attitude thing he does that, but never did stern. Stop it one of those old school everything's, fine I was always his attitude of everything is fine. We're not change anything, stop it when he did change something he made a deal about. We decided to do this silver is as well as ever since he took over, I really like this about who is always talking publicly about. Maybe we should do this. This isn't working as well, I wonder if this would be a better idea, maybe maybe do play too many games like he's, got a kind of plays into the whole internet culture of how we follow basket by letting eating area concerning the schedule he would. He would like talking about relocation and,
ring out. That's what the fact that he has no chance of back in no way can be like other next to the worst eagerly there, the jelly now, but I will never happened now at the fact that you'll just talk about it. It is really all because it so what were so used to not just sterner Gardelle anybody with commissioner, anything unless it's wrestling or boxing or something? And you always air on I'm not commenting on taking the conservative stanza is the normal way You are not going to talk about something, don't give me hypothetical, do it ever like silver, never says yeah. No, I never like I dont gaiters apolitical. If you came, you haven't been, would it be? Alien did come down and we gotta play yeah I'll be like well like a bird ever gonna tell you about the ball.
Well, I have forbidden alien committee, just the cases that have happened since being run by Jericho Edgeler! Yet, like you, don't get it this attitude is always denounced as air like fuck off that dumping. This to me, I'm not I'm not discussing, stop it and then, when they finally announced that some things change they do it in this big self, serving kind of we decided to do this. I've I've thought this silver we're seems. I keys soliciting opinions from everybody around which I think is ultimately good. Claudio Obama was little bit like that. Actually were, Obama was always always seemed she's kind of various. What everybody else thought about what he should do, verses just being like were fucking. Do in this like just follow me now, but I do think as we're ahead. In this era of just
every year you know dude sleeve and the biggest ticket deeds, leaving teams the free agency this year. There's like twenty teams that are up in the air part of me thinks this is bad and he hates it and the other part of me thinks he must absolutely love this, because it's just constant turnover, compared to baseball one of the many reasons that I think baseball is just dying as a regular season. Sport from kind of people just talking about it like is these long ass contracts. You know I went we're gonna have the weighty think big trouts gonna play conversation. Kazi sign for like a hundred thirty years with the angels, you now everybody side, these eight to ten, no Eleven year deals and you just now you're not going anywhere, and I wonder, like baseball head kind of adopted, the Ba shorter Contract strategy, whether that
then a better thing for baseball. You know whether it's like four years five years. That said, then you don't get stuck with our proposals for ten years, thin brace Harper three years in his Lewis contract contractors in looking for a way out all that stuff, there's more movement with that. Be better at now we're heading toward a major baseball strength, so they will Gonna find out a year, but do you think baseball could learn from the NBA.
Having learned in n, I just in trader replicate what they do I'd I dont know. If that would work, I mean I just you know he spoke about the personality grievance Board. Football is a game or even its board baseball team awaited sport. People care about baseball they care about is specifically the reason footballs most popular is because it actually the most popular game in sport to watch the battle growing popularity people with young people, because it's about the people play it and
better. That's just a very, very different in helping to make that happen. I mean this question. People are always asking like: can you may culture? Can you decide we want to help, you would be like? Doesn't it make it happen, is not just in sports in everything like that, can only happen organically, or can you just decide how it's gonna be now, and I dont know what baseball with due to sort of change it what people still gotta baseball game, a lotta games to go you, but rather eighty one game. You don't you know, that's it! That's a lot of money over. The course of the lot of you. I'm that's like five six. Hours and eight weight, Martha. Those boats equipment would take a break. The talk about state farm players and fans prepare all year for the fine us the need to be ready for anything the state farm agent on your team. You can be ready for any
I like that, like the warriors right now, lotta injuries, Clay Thompson who knows, if he's plan, Kevin Durrant, who knows when he's coming back, Gauvain Lenny, those if he's Plan Kevin Turann. Who knows when he's coming back divine loony who knows what's goin up with his collar bone dollar, so we got like three. You're gonna same time you never know here's the thing prepare for what life furs your way skip the bought a stiff, curry, born, get boogie cousins were about be ready, that's what state, Does talk to a state Pharmacia today about combining your home in auto insurance, get a t mate who can help you prepare for the unexpected state farm here to help life go right back to check, so you talkin about the culture stuff and eat out with no secret that basketball, probably Fit for culture where we re now, but it did strike me like this whole Drake thing that's been happening during the
of what a mass of sub bite it is, which has lineage gone way back to Jack in the eye. Eighty four eighty five files and smilingly. Obviously that's it. This is our first rodeo, celebrity being a subway, define the I think. What's what's really stood out with this one? Is it kind of feels like he's an mba where, even though, is that it feels like the circles that he swims in are the exact same circles professionally. Why wise and culturally, as some of these guys. So when you have to Durrant trash talking, dragged back and forth after a game, it feels completely natural. Ok, can you imagine, after a world series game if they had some video backstage and you know some Instagram video in its like make trout, is talking shop,
to Adam Levine like fearful effectively with the equivalent way you'll be ludicrous with vague Tom Brady is talking Shit to Kenny Chaz, I envy insane, but would They can. Katy did totally made sense that they're going back and forth because it feels like all part of the same, and I think that's been the India's biggest advantages culturally ties in, though all these aspects of pop culture, new candle, Jenner Data Ben Simmons and it just seems like aligned- and I dont know how baseball, even as a chance of breaking into that Well, I mean maybe probably go and I'm guessing that there are many baseball analysing their podcast this package right now going like it doesnt fuckin Arab Maghreb and people. Eight that you know a lot of people. I had a lot of people, particularly ground, a baseball ate up. I! U Bethink, though,
back in the few you what you are you are you that that great involvement with the final bad that add something that you like I'm my answer would probably be. No, I mean they does every protons list. I prepare for prose seven cards at it. I guess I was back in the larger point of in the fifties. Jody badgered data Marilyn Monroe and it makes no sense for that era was baseball and an celebrity culture just crossing over and becoming one and the same which it should have been because baseball players and boxers where the biggest athletes we had back then now basketball has moved into that world. I don't even feel, like you know in another, how many football players Would even beyond the level of like seven guys in this files? I
given co, why is like a massive star now isn't barely speaks I think everybody has an opinion on it. The air is having conversations recently. Who is more, careering or canyon. Hiring, you definitely think is more famous yeah. I think he is at the helm of thing is, is a huge detriment for the four bumpers always put their own. Here I mean at the kind of thing we need is a kiss. It seems to be, though, that this conversation, though it had began asking about up three. My green now you re my green, be forecast, player, honesty and how many innocent players are more famous, been dreaming going. It doesn't seem like oh
one thing that had been kind of one about these play acid. I had forgotten that grey, my green with good, I think you have forgotten to, but I guess you know what kind of a guy that would do, everything that we shape, which translates into a bunch of mobile numbers across the board, and it's been real fine to watch him just short. If he really what role the pace of the game off when he'll be other team is gaining momentum, good they just in a three day I'll. Just take the boy drive it all by himself the basket Ravin. If he doesn't score shake the whole thing up, and it's like no one does that right. Nobody did that. That's the kind of thing like it here seventh grade your comp? Kick you out for her? How does it really it really kind adjusted by come the hoping China Wobble Thursday, and he also has allowed a no no yes plays, but then a lot, a no no, no place like those on those two long outlets. He threw a game to where she is
is teetering on she, when you're watching came that he'd, you shouldn't be doing whatever is trying to do and then most of them are works out for him. I think you know go back to what you said earlier about how how really great this finals match up is. I think, there's many good things about it, like a mad that we just talk to budget for two minutes, but a hum we have you have that the dueling sub plots of coercion. Katy, maybe not being on their teams next year and just like. Could this be the end of something for both sides like Toronto may be in a full rebuild next year? For all we know could be this magical. One year run like a sports move in the next year. They go thirty, five and forty seven and then, with K D, this half decade run that they ve. And this journey he had this year. Everybody Adam sign over the next and then we get to the playoffs, and he can't I had become under appreciated
and then by mid way through round to us or like disguise the best kind, the league, and then it becomes rather worse, don't need me when the title and adds become Where's really need him if they have any chance of winning. The title maybe now release, but these reactions are just two bit. They happened to pass not now. I see I think you were on this, but I see a bunch of people like Edward Dollars. Gonna make the whole thing, but here s the thing people now, so I have a variety of questions about that. We're talking with house about like coup is thwarted. The comparison we run Harper sort of the obvious comparison with him. Somebody who had two careers and ended up the second part of his career, being like a queen, a kind of a kind of blue guide for a championship, team I'll, think ran Harper, he's gonna make the NBA alpha and the other thing I mean he's better than run harpooner. I think they're saying the sex
version around what we read when Run Harper. Was it he early in his career on sale, every dollar, I'm saying this- second act. His second act is just a better more impact for basketball Perth than run. Our prosaic has run arbour heard. His name is really were the same ass after that egg has was better, gave a great defend. He did he dead it became a rogue. I can really shoot, but was just kind of it as aid who knew where to go. Let me day is Michael Cooper in the whole thing, I don't think he's he's that he never had
You never had that run of at least being the best guy in a team for well, I put my vision is critical to the Lakers over old dynasty. I won't say more so than Ecuador has benefited not trying to act, the guy good player and all that very good player. But I just wonder if anyone will be thing he's gonna make the whole thing if he has three bad games in the reminded remainder of the spinal but feel Adele just be taken out the boy did it just keeps happening that we say these things later no ever said that again, I actually think he will make of it and it says more about the half, and then it says about him. It states that digital view pudding. Six and people in every year, regardless of whether we have six or seven candidates, then what the Lynne Southern all the where's that gonna make it that could obviously carrying your aunt. Obviously our clay would have to then is green gonna make it after they should be five guys. Even our aim has not been done
our people, but they do not use a lot of shouting I'll bet. You didn't make the pain she to make it. I think I think I'd be the color age was never like even a top three guy. Isn't it, but I think one it would all have to die and you don't keep out so that the figures, but one thing I if, if that had just been career we would be talking about, while the better meaning entwine Jamesons can make of him. That's can have it's crazy. I know it's nets allows ran. All of that will help in these lieutenant, as appoints he's gonna make it bit. Richmond made it. I know it would only drought, we knew, but here's the deal with mistreatment before he made the hall of Fame people talk for a long time about how or the bad guys backed all payment. It is today everyone like these terrible pay, was the worst thing that happened a bit judgment,
Please probably have you hired to that? What you probably upstream pleased with it, but I'm thinking from four may do the talking about bout, the ball perspective. It really hurt him. There's no way you and your house packing which Bridgman twenty nineteen migdol he'll remember him positively. I know a good point. No houses, a bad example for that question because they traded Chris Weber for him and then Chris Weber, when I had to be awesome with the kings, so there has actually probably has a man in my city against it. It is interesting, though, at the Just like in general that you mentioned Draymond Green, I actually do think he'll end up if he, if assuming his career, doesn't just completely tell off like he will end up making it someday because he's been kind of
the centre of this warriors have half decade, run that you, you just said if they, when the tide of the share, this is probably the second best team of our time and he's been engine that he now has always been there that offensive force and really a spy sure all around guy who does it really have any offensive above average skills. And he can go to the basket- doesn't have opposed that move. Isn't somebody you ever would have thought would be like a top three guy in a team now ruin for titles and five years, but you know, I think, and with these are all reasons to be like. Remember again, he was pretty good. You know that, like I can't, I don't buy this argument that if you had walked him out or one five other guy
there are other similar. Then I now we know now that the where would you you're saying without it would all the warriors would not be in a position to win. Four out of five title. There are no change him, somebody they went to our five. What by don't buy that, if you just put, if you just put some typical decent swing, men and that spot. I do not think they will forever. I think he knows a lot of stuff week here: they'll probably the Nigerian let the guide it was that the guy who they replace them with the healthier version up. I think I can't think of any fifty indefinitely. Maybe not one of the seventeen eighteen kazoo, remember he he guarded Leubronn for forestry years in the fire, and I think I think, he's overqualified talent, further role that is in right now is the other thing I think, to win too to win
year after year after year, like this, you have to have it this one guy who's, sacrificing something pretty substantial and usually have to feed the two guys that of really sacrificed, who could have been a better situations and got better stats. Other places where in clay they and we saw what's the rat went out, ever Hezekiah Clays good, like clasping good. This whole time he's just a fourth option on one of them. Teams ever think with Iggy. He could estate in Denver and probably scored seventeen and eighteen a game for next couple years and Ben assure port borderline. All other layer is which is an argument against making the hour, I would think-
Thank you in Robert who recipients it. He would be key if, if they would all would get an absolutely, but I wouldn't put either of them in a hoarse name there, like sort of classic guys remember about the NBA clap deeper than the NBA. Even but the whole thing is, it is, should be Canada, a separate thing I mean you know I have. I would have hurry on. Don't tell me that help me. It is a good dollar, MRS, that three take care and the rapid get a rebound call time out moved to have court. Why get a good shot up? Does anybody who has said he's gonna make the hall of Fame say that this week, no one guy it's because of one shot in one game, which reminds
evil. That is like. Oh he's, a good guy with a key member of this. You know the future or whatever, like I feel, like I'm attacking this person like like a big player but hopefully player. I just that, can really weird to me. What are you saying that he has an average can point the game the last five years what I said a couple weeks ago on the pod that I thought he was going to make the hall of Fame before he made the shot. Here's the thing when he was taking that shot. I thought it was going in and I think that says something because they're, you know, there's always this debate about clutch. How do you measure clutch? We don't have stats for it. It's made up, the math says clutches overrated. All that stuff, but I know, is in the last five minutes of a game like that when they're down, when nothing they have to win clay, goes out. There's no way. Steve Kerr wasn't like that. Did you have a good hour there? A leg? what you like this
is not along with the deeds. I would have wanted out there and us argue like better. If was on the rockets. The last two serious, vigorous, flipped him with whoever on the Rockets, it could have sworn the serious. So I did I just I like I say that I think we should be la Faim. I did it. I put when I did my basketball book at the Hall of Fame Pyramid. And I had a hoary leg at eighty four or something that is, I think, the ability to plan of fade in the ground, but then rise to the occasion and big moments on big stages. Is the talent and its that's? How we can measure was stats and there's been boy, commanded by the fact that you have you, you have to have the opportunity to date and a lot of guys will never know like for all. We know ready beer would have been great in the clutch whatever the situation where then here's the tonneau what'd you get either take a look, a bible of a bus and celtics. The main reason the team struggle the shares is we had horrified
in Ecuador type guy, but the team they needed an egg without type guy who's like they did. I don't care about. My stats. Just tell me who the guard went where we have a big game, I'll step up, I don't care how many minutes I play. I'm gonna be there to the bitter end, for you guys and in It was everybody like jacking. I thought that quota at about Currie she's their quota believe it back what about our steps legacy, matter to basically use. I click Dane right now, but I really want this for staff I really want to have this. I think it's important leg. I don't know, I don't know if you can put a price on having somebody who really get who sacrificed something whose also an incredible teammate. I think you when viewed in multiple titles, you have to have people that so thou be my case like like Gimme, that before you get like the indian man in a year or stuff like that, the labour market, that would be a good. I give you talk about
words that there should be an award for somebody like him, because the type a guy who always ends up. I think they're Fisher was like this. There Fisher is not going to make our firm but was weirdly valuable. Over and over again during that Kogi and then copy shack in them we'll be run like in their own. And finally, as he made the biggest shouted the entire files you now and at a moment when it seemed like the series, who's, gonna flip, so I made this shouting and made that shot against the spurs to developing a thing gets very probably people ladys, and rightly so, but I don't know why. I don't know why you don't you should make our back. I mean it would be. I feel, like the criteria would be almost they don't. Why thank
sing with Iggy. Is that he's had a to act? Career in the first act was was good him and he was like the best guy in playoff teams, but then has had the second act as just somebody that has been integral to the success of a really great team. So you know you look at the Russell Celtics, there's guys from those teams in the Hof and that you'd like Casey Jones, is in the hall of Fame. It's absurd, but I, different situation? There was like fourteen or twelve restricting seemed in the Lee Land. There is like a hand way and not because of their regional draft and stop it like. It's like the Celtic had at times seemingly affords the good players in a league and the thing tat I will say I do love this about Basque Bonn and I think, as the numbers of kind of taken over this decade a little bit
and you know the math in the advanced magics and I like a lot of it, but I do think its awesome that it's impossible to evaluate guys like a good hour correctly and that's the difference in baseball basketball like in a nutshell, in baseball, we will be able to come up with whatever numbers we need to exactly explain? The impact somebody in basketball its it's a lot, a nuanced and it's a lot of the eye task than just memories and in. Watching how somebody responds big moments like that. You think about game to those last five minutes when Craig US out in that crowd is crazy inquiry, beast in Toronto, really get you now in and I think we're going to game three. If, whether clay place or not, I you know but if he plays he's, gonna be low, compromised, no Durrant, probably.
We're gonna find out a lot about Currie, as can does he have that side of him? Can you carry a team at this level on this stage in this industry is like this when he doesn't have the kind of help that has had in the past. You know he's always: families another guy. Do you think about what I did in two thousand fifteen or last year, whereas basically just him, and it was still enough. Almost when the title. That's like the last question that can have bowed staff. If, if the raptors are throwing everything, it has tried to take him out of the game, Can he still be the best guy in the game? You know like the rafters or through the kitchen, sink it stopping him tomorrow, so housing in response to that they both for his story and when was the last time a box and one which, in the end
Oh, how delightful was that baby? It's like I was like me. They start running like the like that, but there's nothing like it was like a high school gay, but it was, I dont, remember ever humanity, because there was the period work where she could. Please don't it all little limited a big tragic die, but I was trying to remember if I may Do you remember saying that I have that? I have not seen that an error. If somebody did, I did notice it. I haven't seen somebody so blatantly: do a box and one and in a big game in a long time ago, I I actually don't understand why more teams don't do it. I think it's worth
or at least tat makes it. I will be at the level which never work, because there should be too many guys you can make shot, but the warriors were, in this weird sure, ain't, a situation where it was like. What are you doing here? You know before they ve got a hall of fame on or torture bacon, Gordon, right here the thing is I, like it s like to mix it out for a player a couple minutes. I don't think you could do it as a forty minutes strategy. You said you had a question for me about brick Lopez's career. What is the question? Oh yeah? Ok, so I was up in a book or a fascinating guided here. The whole game is different. She fell these three than you think about this. For a long time been guys in the NBA could play super late in their career. I mean rubber parish being the clearest example, but the other guys like old and pony or whatever the guide, because there was eating up if you're a sick eleven are above, they just needed.
Sort become common, like is actually extend. The time is the guy play or would shortly because they can't just rely on. A shorter career, because now these totally skill bade one. If you start missing, shot gun or will it even extended further details will be a big guy defensibly, but he won't give beat down by playing in the block like what will the fact that prick Lopez, but you could three points uterine guys like him are gonna exhorted become common like a second to extend the time you ve bigeye play or would shortly because they can't just rely on being big day after skill to you'd. Think like the same Perkins analogy would go here. Reds were simper guns. Had that extra misadventure, Miss Guerrero age is basically became. You know a stretch, five
and I would think that's how it plays out. I think, what's best thing to me about Lopez's: he still has the Lowe Post Game, it's not like, he traded it. For you know, it's not like he was going to make added it, but they the bucks. I thought this is one of the they mistakes they made in that plasterers was they treated it like. He gave up the post game to become a three point shooter and I still think he has allowed those skills. If anything, I feel like he's a little bit untapped now, because now that he has the three point shooting, but he s eyes the other stuff you argue the gas should be awesome next year. You know if, on a team that actually. Went out of their way to try to use them out of the box or that team. But if I was a team that ad free age of money out be thinking about it, and it is on the subject of big data, you watched any body to keep going to Memphis James Wiseman.
No, that was pennies big recruit do that you can use, it will pennies. Just like I've, protruding machine I gave to the day. You connection totally bizarre that this guy, like this guy, this guy, is, I think, the beginning of something that a few years ago we would have said impossible. This guy now is showing that await your rank is is going to become a type of player. Out like this get this guy, you seven feet all at the high school level it looked like mostly Duncan. Trees is what he does. It left handed seven point two ten same body but you'd be watched. The footage of this kid. It's like
This issue is modeling game after and I wonder if, like it, this thing, words like in the future watching me in the aid is gonna be like watching, tend rant on the floor. Yeah you what has guided the first thing, you think yeah I've thought about that alot about where this goes. You know, because shooting is just getting better and better. I think the biggest reason is beaches, because everybody has better form from the moment they become good. Ask, while you know like when we are grown up, every effort most everybody had a different kind of shock. Re like Jamal works is shot, was different, Larry Bird Shy, which was different. Then that is Johnson shy. Like everybody, had a cork to whatever their motion was now. It's just these people coming off an assembly line. You know that
I'm just gonna get better and better at this. It feels like and that it is a little like it's happening in baseball where the pictures were were the mechanics are in that and now everybody can throw, unlike the bid to high 90s is in, you know and that's just kind of the there you know, maybe that issues were pitching is going with the shooting edged. I dont know where the sands, because IDA I never thought we would just see people casually making twenty nine footers like this. Did you when he hears it, you know anything that I'm out wonder about it. Get things change always just never done like what is the difference in shooting percentage. Why I'm shooting from twenty feet? Twenty three feet point: seventy! Obviously you go back the percentage gonna go down, but maybe it goes down negligible.
And if you're from twenty seven feet away, you're gonna get open shot. I dont know I I I often think to myself like it really would have been interesting to watch the players from the path if they had up to a you in high school and all that and all the conditions that you now in the way that they and let them play the way the game is now I which Daphne, because I can't, I don't believe it suddenly people more dedicated about working on their shot. Think, what's I think what's happened now, as if your good you're gonna be targeted, pretty quickly, you're gonna, be playing a? U you. Gonna have people that know what they're doing teaching attache see. Look at some May, like Scotty Pippin Right grows up in a really poor part. Arkansas starts by Basque, while little bit lake as agreed
just add, a weird shot and nobody ever fixed it, and I guess my question for where things are going is: oh, it's what we say have Scotty Pippins. I assume that we were gonna have liked the lay bloomer guys, but why? we're not gonna have is you know like the though the Larry bird types where whatever motion he had would just be different, he would have been good, like AIDS hundred eighty seven, eight whatever some code should have been like hey instead of shooting. Instead it release in the bar, the side we head. What, if you release data, from your forehead and just worked in the Maldives did want me, of course, but lacking a he shifted that, after a soft voice he shot more often knows before he broke his fingers plaint thoughtful! That's. Why besides, he claims he was a bitter shooter before but I will say that, but he listened he didn't have laid the traditional you need it.
You think about a re Alan make Miller type a jump shot. We start like admirable and make better came in illegal. Even would joke about this? My car, like, oh, my god, like that jump shot. I would give like five, you my life to have that jump. Shot now feels like twenty gas have that jump shot in Gaza he's coming and now it with perfect form you now, Jason Tatum has a weird shot What things I like about a Marquis almost releases, it oh off the back of his head and it has more of a blue to it, but for the most part, and I just I just think everybody is, as you know, a barrel and shot almost enough to have a job. Now, I'm each think of drought in seventeen, eighty nine these go off and there would be some guy, a college with great cheer, and then people like you, never blame you
PA. All you can do is shoot. Yes, all I give you, I still kill them on defense. You can't handle you was all I can do is shoot now that would be enough. I mean that's like it is, it is become, was asking me about the eye on you know there are like you know he can be reviewed. You gotta be kidding around the botanical about Bob AIR as well as a boy. You know she certainly the bet college player. I've seen in a very long time might be the best brought back from abroad, but the weird x factor now is: if you only a good shooter, he can't be elite.
That's what I like it here yet need only look at good shooter every day in the past, to be like that, you know what he could have: Blake Gryffons Career or whatever you know, but that that wouldn't be enough now like for him to be a key player. He hath be of very good shooter, because it is the emphasis on that as completely outpaced. Every other skill you ve been out in the question is For me, it comes out of the work ethic great, like Hawaii made himself a no good cheer issues work that anywhere it anywhere that it had a great shooting coach with the with the spurs and eventually just by sheer force of wraps and athletic about, it became a good shooter. I personally think signs wired like that, and I don't think it's shots at bad to begin with, but now it's pretty good it put me out. I would be surprised if it not great, but the thing is
be a lock. Now, if somebody goes like this guy is a walk. He has to be in a leech, you, your first so there this guy. It's funny you talk about. Like everybody playin the same, there this guy and that in the NBA draft the share is a guard from Washington Matisse. I don't know how to say is less them fibre had he say: Kyle don't do that when China, Pakistan, pretty circumnavigate, sounds right, there what is the five or something like that, and is this guy? Who is an incredible defensive player, incredible and doesn't seem to offer any offence whatsoever and nobody can who knows what to do with it?
because so an arm in a ringer MAC draft. He was twenty one, the fifth day they come a disruptive defender who posted all time, great black and still members as the pillars of washed in zone. He have urged three and a half steals in two point: two blocks a game, forty minute games and is just cite this guy's gonna beat him, asian defender he's no offense whatsoever right now. All he is is like then defender, so they compare them to hey. There might be some Danny Green's, Antonio and things like that. I watch some Youtube clips of this guy. I love this guy. I can't believe he's that twenty like I know what this guy is. If you look at it it's a bonus boat. This guy's, like the exact, the tape guy. You would unleash and submitting a player series. I'm glad my point is: I'm glad there still guys like that, where aid it we're never
it's gonna, be these three points: shooting robots, there's always gonna be weirdos who are outside the norm. I think who knows, let's take a quick break and then we tat wealth. We back. Let's take a breakdown by zip recruiter, binding new job. It's a lot of work. I remember two thousand fifty when I left the ESPN, I had to find a new job. There was a lot of work, a talk to a lot of people, I venture Galahad by HBO I started the rigour It was a lot of work. Well, what? If you had your own personal recruiter to help you find a better job that would should have thought of that two thousand and fifteen zip code of technology can do that, for you download the Ziprecruiter job search app. Let him know what kind of jobs are in and it said now just start doing the work disease Critter at finds jobs. That you'll, like put your profound, furtive employers who may be looking for somebody like you and if an employer lecture profile, zip critter, let you know Sir French did in the job you can,
I know wonders: if is the number one rate a job search app area by listeners can download the free Zapruder job search apt to day, and you should let the power technology work for you don't wait the sooner you download the free, Zapruder job search app, the sooner it can help you and a better job back to Chap. I next thing you wanna talk about was eating invite and my whole thing I wanted to talk about the idea of the media basque. Again. That is somehow spots. I t mobile. I thought that was like the weird historian. I hear playing it so Chris who works for YO, he organized media basketball game during the final for Tuesday and sent this whole thing out, doubly transportation, but didn't say right away was sponsored, but now it's now he's admitting that it sponsored its by a t, mobiles, court. There's a lab stray run at metro by T Mobile, and
the hashtag sponsored, whereas I, where we going. What would we now having answered, live stream, media, basketball games and here's the is the thing I hate the bus, I'm probably gonna, watch like ten minutes of it, I, like you, might even be removed for twenty of somebody's leg was like up like a prize winners. The devil double hang in there I would like to see, was banging on ice yeah. So you are Matthew Bowling. They saw this sprinter, whose breakin records left and wait. And there's a rank on. What's the wrinkled check, what ok kid is like the high school kid in taxes and I don't I don't know any other waited sorted described. This like he appears to be the fastest way to American. Ever did
It doesn't seem to be any question about that, and I'm really nervous about. What's going to happen as star assent like I can see so many terrible things happening as he continues to succeed. Like I M going to the olympic trial next year and like taking fifth in tromp, thank them on Twitter, like I'm a bad cold, we can see that are or or the fact that the EU is already on Lego after dominate the facts as they meet like he was unlike high noon or something, and it's just an undercurrent of every discussion about it, also like I ain't used very young. I don't know that much about him, but he doesn't seem lacking up costs could be seen very aware that he is a bad fucking. Guy
I cannot run with them. You know don't valid keyboard, something where we can be fifteen you'd, like all pray God would ever doesn't seem like that, how it's gonna be, and it seems as though this could be a real powder, keg of division and sports, and I'm almost like one society to make a pledge. Now does not talk about the past, the basket is white, even though I'm doing it now and rubber we're doing the fire that I worry about. But it seems as though like he is, he becomes the fastest man the world, which I think is well not likely completely plausible. He
Is going to be very famous, the Olympics happened, maybe not the next Olympics, but the ones for you stop by these really probably going to be close to his peek at that point really will be peeking deal. He would I'm saying you see how this could be dangerous to me. I mean I know it's like I'm I'm over reacting, but this kind of worries me I feel like this- could be bad and I feel like it could become. This thing were liking him or disliking him as the second dairy political meaning that If not what we want. I did. Ivy Sea have been following it in watching the clips, and even watching like the today show, went down. He is like a twin brother, which I did now I've I've seen of it it it then the elephant in the room people dancing around at some of the box. I think I've been more overt about writing about it, but it is kind of
nobody's really gonna on a yet haven't you out rhetorical had a funny thing he was like. Can you believe that guy is winning? Rape is only grit is using a pretty big what it was like that, beginning part is funny the end part of this might be worth while the other thing that's crazies the, de the highlights just watching him run, there's something about the way he runs. That is almost looks like as sports movie,
there's always speeding up the video or something or by cold. We believe would give him in the four by four hundred run an anchor leg of that. I know before I watched the clip they win watching the cliff and, unlike they can't win, there's no it'll yeah, it's it's a mean both in the same way, we watch a guy, and it's like how can someone doing what everyone else is doing seen that different, you know aegis it's the ivy, not somebody like track like it's just that we could fighting when there is a great new talent, but I know I, I wonder we would, even though the kid was that he was quite so that's I desired decided you because I do feel like it so much fun. The watch him run I'm not sure, I'm not sure less fun. If,
we'd like no matter what he looked like cause. So he gave me the fastest, namely the faster runner up any the asking you. Oh, I can't I'm the only reason I first saw the clip was because it was one of those where he came from way behind- and I thought that's why the coop as I knew too, because as I look this guy. This guy came all the way from behind and then the same reaction, everybody else that, as I wait a second wait, then either in a goodly. Anybody, oh, how is from taxes are while others is interesting, but I think I think what stood out for me is just like there's two kinds of running forms: basically fur speed ray you like that, Karl Louis you Sambo long strand. Kind of what were used to. But this reminding me more like the Ben Johnson style. Remember it will guide us in our legislature. It almost
and seem real. It's a house. This dude how's, the stewed, ripping through the track like this in a just, doesn't run like the other deeds in hat is there. Are they doctoring the the clip? Is this real? That's how I felt with the Benjamin. The staff in the mid eighties, when he really started gone, had TAT car Louis turned out, he was on, probably in his hands drugs. That style is more com, and I mean like the thing about board and curly thing is there to be true, they were unusually long from their needed. A voyage yeah like both at all guy, like thirty
Who were thirty three strike that thank your thirty one stride you something about the dashing, almost every other runners, taking thirty five or forty poorest back. I remember the exact numbers. I did historic groundwater whatever, regardless the fact. The matter is that if, like a bolt run against someone who is his exact speed, he will still beat them every time and that kind of would make things transcendent thing biscuit. Yes, it's more like more of the budget How about like powers, be yeah, it's its power speed and he looks like an actor in a movie playing himself. You know, thank you and I we're drawn up. This explained our man when they would show Steve Austin Running Lee Majors as the Boston and, set, the showman saw motion so could seem like he was going fast, which I found that they use the same trick for was the snakes. Major led by the way that slow motion for some reason makes a mail it fast but if you actually had somebody just running full speed,
be believable movie right, because nobody, if you couldn't replicate what these real are doing in this case his style it It ass. They looked acted. I didn't know what I was watching the first time. I saw it as a house that guy going so far as didn't seem, it was like watching forest Gub. Memory risks for his rank vary from his boys. Like, oh, my god he's flying. Soon I might just be I'd like it. How quickly Peter going on you Johnny meant Bell would like that. It's all there seem like a break out of the pocket. It would seem like white faster than you know the free safety propellers you that doesn't make that, though it everybody looked, outweigh, never it, because it is not an illusion. It obviously back like were riding people. We,
but you know who I am. We ve had a couple running back like this, but the one that stands out is for me is Herschel Walker, where Herschel Walker Afy. If he actually got going it, it almost seemed thy guy like sapphire, something which is what this kids like. Where there is. Some clips of father saw this twitter feed called bike it's like all like all old Minnesota, Vikings clips, you'd like to speak better and they had this Herschel Hocker, clip and and easy. He was just like kind, anybody where she was these trade scene. I believe you are you. You had strayed. He was argued out what the Bob, what was good for you, I think he won the hundred meters me ass. You see, average drag me again. I mean I know we ran, ladies and gentlemen here, so you about two things. You're worried one about the whole trump side of this.
Thing and whether I mean have you saying that that would be. That would be a real plausible way sort of the package yeah yeah what it would mean it would be like within. There would be no forty five million people in this country girl like why hate with kids. The area like you know, if you like it would be all it would be like you if it from came out- and you said, like you do up some author or whatever they feel bad guy reared legacy, repeal these people, it was just that even the guy had no idea that happened. It's just like. It seems as though that it's gonna be a if he become the dominant, it's gonna be huge story in it and go
The issue is the fact that, like the fact that we are talking about the right now, there's somebody right now sitting at their computer typing in on twitter right now, it's like the only time simply closer and talk about tracking the wake happen right now or time problem. It is also true that we have talked about track. I do it doesn't matter what reality is another setting it with daily ever. Do you know what you like, but the second part of this which we have mentioned. This is the part that eat the Trump card is absent, said there, but the other part is this whole cycle were, and now with media, where people trying to guess what the narrative would be in dumping a little bit ahead of it to two can talk about it before, because
language is order right now, but then this seven step cycle of the backlash that than the backlash to the backlash and then the backlash than the backers than the backlash, and it just kind of goes for three days with people and media bubbles talking to each other about about what this means our stuff. It's like, I don't know that that that would then be turned off pretty quick with this story, because I like it, if I had this kid comes up on my facebook feed inordinate about my name it you know, I I ate it arrived it in for a while. I didn't just started happening now. I there is sort of a just and natural attraction to the first man in the world with a thin. I decided in a way that debt that
even a track is not a popular sport in United States like people are interested in that people are interested in heavy weight chant into the world and the fair Look. I think that the book, in my view, a chat now without having no sooner. I, like you, know like that fight your flight, leaflike, like them, that's gonna, well, to run away from people on a heavyweight champion can be anybody. You know and fill the bill will be interested these figures, even if the person doesn't care about Canada, the accompanying sport. So if anybody becomes the fast this guy in the world, they're gonna be relatively famous in a way most drag out late tonight it seems like it that the white kid from Texas, whose confident about his abilities- we'd better get TAT would have an effect on people, wonder if there is any way he could make the year two thousand twenty team,
I have no idea what his times are rather well, it's definitely qualify for the trial. I mean he ran. I think what you gonna nine the night to what ninety, eight shopping like one was wounded but like heel, he will certainly you know it's like ok, this forward I think you die senior right there. You're gonna call every goes to you. What he runs track this spring, not gonna, get slower you next. You know why we, I like it when you run attract next year, ever whatever quality that had not been weakened, suddenly run like the pen, don't you get to the trial? The minutes? Just back that guy wind, I mean that's what they always say. The problem with tracking but that does this sound like that in a lonely, island sports movies starring in December the fast this guy the world is awake. I can't access at of out of anything beg wearing a bland wig injustice. Dusting birds he's ok
he is a he had attitude. We shared the stories real diversification. This baby elaborate Craig at this, Let's take a quick break to talk about the Ringer Podcast Network, where we have a couple things going on, then I wanted to mention first of a ringer dish. Our new celebrity culture feed, that's launched today. Officially, with a man who died in the Julia. We doing a celebrity relationship, deep dive on the rise and fall of benefits we ve jam session on Wednesday. We have for real. Of my daughter at Thursday than we have tea time on Friday. This podcast, as can be in all summer and care about celebrity culture. We care about a mega, Markel, Post, baby whose dating who is Elizabeth, MOSS, really dated
Tom Cruise. All that stuff I've got to bring a dish. That's one thing: the other one is the press box, which finally has its own feet at the old channel. Thirty three feed, and now it belongs to Brian Curtis and David Shoemaker. Twice a week Tuesday, Friday breakdown of the media, related super smart subjects. The pod makes me smarter couto me he's game like six IQ points. Unless an old episodes Leah Asia get shit for not listening, and now I can't get enough figure listener. Nephew Kyle sits where a couple ones the Bachelor Party pack ass is home at full speed. We put him up right after the bachelor and this we grid Mallory and Juliet just raving about either say who is there? Still Jane God, so you got that and fair way, wrong. You're ready for that with the? U S open and then last but not least, big lit alive are big little eyes after show,
come on we're too Sundays. Away from that. We have a previous show next week, which I will be promoting on this podcast cast Dobbins he is peons, mean kinds breaking down. An awesome show that I saw the first three episodes of guess what mare strips a good actress. That's what are the revelations ahead from this from this? Isn't she may know what she's doing so check on that? I back the jet flee bag. Yes, I finish season two over the weekend. You have watched both seasons. I think both of us have been
equally blown away by the show. What stands out to you, the most about the shop whacked out every new with the second pillar, was there in the first. Is that the often happened, but like here's, the thing I ever for people who have watch you get what you don't want to listen to this there. Maybe this will make you my watch. It bore okay, so the main character talk to the camera, which I do not like. Ok, I don't like people taking the camera. I dont like voice o varied anything, but good though I think that I dont like that technique right, don't watching the beginning of this, even like oh yeah, she keep turning and driving. The camera like as like tat, is kind of a problem she doing too much like what
They haven't you do so much, but then she becomes involved with the priest and the entire thing just completely changes when we realise the priest can tell when she's talking through the camera, because when you think about it, when you're watching television, you know you are essentially in the position of God your watch. People operate in front of you and your seeing with happening in their world than you are God. So when she talking to us, which she really doing is talking to guard the priest, he consented TAT, spiritual connection. I've never seen that before even show or film, where someone like wisdom and break the fourth wall and another person is like what you doing. What would happen like you know, and it makes much sense at the person who would recognise that it
I just thought there was a brilliant thing and the third rail of just having the priest as a romantic figure in season two was that the great difficulty and that after charts, I couldn't That is why she had it could even believe they're trying it and they pulled it off, and it was really great. I thought I also thought season to his better than season when other seas and one was was probably You know a little bit. Maybe a little funnier was just a little more out. Their season two is Can I knew what it was doing the time and was exceptionally exceptionally well. I thought the the young the Christians got. Thomas episode was one of the best episodes embarrassing of half hour show, and the speech said she gave at the bar about men-
does in female power ass for whose it was so well written and so I'll acted out. I was, I couldn't believe it has as watch as is ass. It were the best things I've ever seen and it was the best version of Christians got Thomas, whose a really good actors, but If she doesn't want in any. For that, I don't know I didn't. I don't know anything Just so rare to watch a tv show that in a really consistently very good the great pending the absurd, but then that thou Perhaps I might add that just goes to all the level, and I thought that was great. I think I think I think Phoebe it it's hard to do you think it would have been better or worse of shoes and killing. If it's bizarre that wasn't it at the same time. I'm glad she's not in our right. Well, I feel I didn't.
Get through that show, because when I started watching it, I thought it was. I thought I was going to be emulated. That is the case. Then I thought I was gonna be a more realistic depiction of the was started it there was no, it was it was now. I thought I'd I'd didn't finish. I know some people have it showed that the budget but I'd watch. I only watch the beginning of it. I did the same. I watch episodes Anna was, you know, goes into the dvr graveyard, we're like I'll catch up and then for episodes on the dvr needs is kind of stare at it in you. Don't wanna keep going at. I it's funny, like the flea bag model. We just think about like how weird it is to have a six episode. Thirty minute, thirty minute per episode season and that's
a season. Our tv leg is a completely different than what we grew up with Canada, inconceivable it because was basically a three hour movie that they're just separating these little breaks, and yet people are aware send them on where I'd like. I had multiple reared staffers. They watch ceased to flee bag like within three hours after is out it's his new model of how we're doing stuff- and I really like it like I ate something. A big little lies. I I watch the first three episodes of season two last weekend, you just plowing through them and I'm kind of glad, if that's episode that, like that at seven or whatever, it ends up being something for Chernobyl, which I thought was fantastic and I even watched it yet, but I think five episodes probably Hours total man and I'm out. It just seems like that
things are going now and I'm gonna be ramifications, are don't forget I mean you seem like a three hour movie and is except because it's broken up by the creator. It's really good because you know I can stop here watching it tomorrow. We have your watching a three hour movie here. I'd like what how know it, I don't have time to watch three hours at it, so I got us than how did used a point in the story, it seemed like a natural chapter break if they work better. This way when there I agree there, when their organised, by where I am, I think most people preferred actually being used, can make a lot of argument bill. I go with easy, would move working, a lower stakes and now that the like a tv show it's nice and you can just kind of steam all like when the new start, the new up Twilight Zone came out,
Initially sea, like two episode, the first you ever so they would like no kind of like more issues with them or whatever, but, like all, maybe you'll get better something real change. They like I wait. That's weird now gives weird to wait for the air and, were I mean thrones? We talked about the spot, but like thrones is the last watch it at the same time, everybody else is watching. It showed stranger things I think that's drop in. The Friday after July. Fourth or maybe, if Nedaj Life for- and I can't believe I know, Netflix is Benjamin, I agree with that for the most part in flee bags, of a good example of it really working well none of us here at the Ringer, where we thrive on this stuff, and we love having content that we can. You know, really dive into four six. Seven, eight nine weeks, stranger things
so hard to be on the same page as everybody else. When it comes out you know and and then it it has like a five six seven, they shall five, everybody watches it. You talk about it and then you can Move on it feels like that could have on the summer, even if they had done three episodes per week or something for three weeks, something like that or people could caught up right. Are the stories the way this internet machine works. Now with how we consume culture is really favourable show like stranger thanks and they should audible from out from time to time? That model, I think, would you think I don't know. I mean there was too much game films coverage? Will I'm on your side everywhere? Diana was like it actually did it it detracted from. It was the idea of being
At one point, I watched the lad episode of Game of almost a distance of white ain't. Gonna get us out of the way it dealt with this now figures, people talk about it. Like a thing like that warrant, I would ever like no writer, you will get a really bad. It's like became too much of a thing, but I I would like to do, I would say, and also it was ended up amplifying kind of the worst things about consumer culture. Now we should decide here, but they all these character. I am like the they only narrative and therefore bacon. This died away. There were not her character. Can change or is that change is reasonable. Emmy first episode of the theory of genuine after pushes the killing of a window can be completely becomes a different person. Nobody give a shit about that cause. There's no point
go underpinning the devolution. You can't look a genuine instrument. They would mean something out forever, but with very big data which represent something that I feel is important and I want the popular tv show through reflect yet, and there was a politician of people to finding a petition, they have the entire she like. I know they weren't really serious about that. I think they were stupid you how dumb do you have to be to think that that is now only reasonable but like something that you can do you think they like make a tv show again. For me, I didn't like the way it ended that so crazy. I think people feeling ownership over are to the point that they feel that they should have some say in what the art is. Is the craziest thing? That's happened this decade with culture period It started really last. When did those new star,
Movies come out says like ninety. Ninety nine range from the first with him when I know exactly when it started when it started with laws now, it started with a star. Wars. Is the star wars, the worse time, people like fuck, you make sure that people about it, but you do things they didn't like, but loss was anything because the creator were actually like we're interested in what people and so the audience is wondering why? How can we not showing the other thirty six people from the plane or whatever I'm gonna introduced like yours, like Pablo, if a woman or whatever character, which was straightforward, bans service and then they kill them off, they bury them, but once they had done that once they basically admitted that what you think of our show impacts the way we think about our show. The whole thing change, and now people were like a trick
own laws we part of- why? Why do you? Even if I dont, like red people, began watching the shovel the pig actively did not like and that in the end of changing everything about the memory of their broke? That since then, they had never gone back. I've got a wire, I think it started with Seinfeld Disease infinite. And how bad people got about that, because it was in the season finale that had their heads, and I talked about this a couple. We saw this pod, some repeating myself it's really funny how few see, he's finale? Is there a ban that people have been happy but even the wire. He poor so mad during that last wire season about the air, the journalist Sub Platt. If you go back and watch the final episode of the wire, it's a really get up beside a aids, or I think it's one of the five or six best besides, they did there in the entire right, but nobody would ever say that, because people were already so mad
The outset the journalist framing story revellers, then I think we ve seen that urge. More often, the only one that's really been immune to it is breaking bad, but big, that's because, in my opinion, Nobody knew how breaking bad was gonna end from when they saw the first episode. There was no surprise, you knew is ending how it had to end and they did a really good job of it and then they are great bear there could have been the prize big, but they showed not, and I get that thought of what people automatically watch. They actually want the most predictive looking region did these things, because some out, if it is to give the conclusion, is predictable, offers kind of what we expect that doesn't alter anything that had been built up to that point like it, doesnt alter the past at all, like the thing with the nearest now that alters the path. Now people know
if this, if we were talking about your with a real person, she button bright dragon which ran with anyway, it's two occasions, persons being at the end of of the show and then like well what about all these Ewing's? I had about her two years ago. What about the. I gave my kid dinner or whatever, like Yahoo, actually do that you know, but whereas, if it ends predictably if she would have ended up like sort of I don't know, freeing the people and then her John Snow, would we. Run the kingdom together and she would be the leader he would be the person behind it and sort of under than they have been like great, great, great and happy, because dream I have about. The imaginary thing is: can match up with my world view, which I only applied
Well, here's the other thing tat was said. People seem to think that everybody is gonna, throw a perfect game with a tv show and they found This is normal human beings at arrayed in them they're not gods. This isn't there a my son is on a travel baseball team with one of the creators. Or at the sides, but so be it throughout the next day. I do like your life is so weird now your keys on a baseball game with the people who make gave a prominent role, one of em where of whom relaxing the Bay finals, everybody assuming staff curries, should have, should make fifteen threes again you to make mistakes, I'm sure those guys would probably look at the last two seasons bag a fact. We publish them more episodes, but so throughout the next day. I your life is your life is so weird now your keys on a baseball key with the people who make game applying rule one of em,
you about it ever because I knew I swear to God and now we have to cut this out. Adorable gambling is a job. I job you that normal. I don't think that mortal every time you talk about your like knowledge, our though interesting to me, it is still the person I met in the person you are now. Your life- is so different levels. It was with this is where make clear sign, read a team mixtures and the team to really Michael malaise that commissioner, the weak or worse allay it's fucking weird. This is why you're in Portland you add, things came out with a free darker guy. I get that through. Regardless of I think it is true that it be dead, my equip yeah, I think
the ownership that fans feel now these shows is actually hilarious and the fact that they think that art is that should be litigated and controlled, and I thought all of it is just that we could see it. Been a couple years ago and there is that whole groundswell on the internet, about how female characters trees. I gave a thrones a show that started with an insect scene Little boy getting pushed off a tower. They at that point all bets are off. With the tv show you watching a register at an I'd. It seems they people just like getting upset that say, that's my ticket. Give drugs people just like in war had shape about stuff. It's just culture is everything the people now there is no separation between a person to actual life, the world of politics, the world
vision. The world music is all sports. It's all the same thing in it. It's like reacting game of thrones is how people used to react. They would react connected or whatever you know is, but now without doubt they die of it before me. Now you already knew anything that you can discuss. Is a way for you, so we can discuss your personal political platform. Like any opinion you express about anything is just a way to like understand me and what my values are, because I love this movie Well, that's wouldn't you say that, like a narcissism, fur, younger generations inside the Instagram culture here I am herself in me now. I'm here look at this and they were like very
vague. The culture is very nice. If it is it notices them. If it's the normative await you beat, I think it s like I've ever if that is, if you know it like you, ok, so like every the complete every generation has with the prior
generation is that is twofold out, so they don't work hard enough and they're, not tough enough men. That's how is now, but you know, direct people feel about millennials. Now Boomer spoke about your next people on the great generation felt about you know they were like all. We ve got world war two and now you're gonna protests, Knockabout Jane Fonda than it was like out. We care, be stopped the Vietnam WAR or guide what do listen. The pavement like where it bad backwards, and we like all now. If I didn't tell him, you wanna, take nap that weren't what the fuck buried, but it happens all the time, but here's the thing: if the complaint is people, don't work hard enough, they don't have enough toughness. Well, that does illustrate improvements in society. We do want to work, let hard we should want to have a better life and, of course, you're gonna be less up if things get better. Obviously unworthy of air conditioning is tougher than me when it comes to sitting in a room. They did all the time. That's kind of the way
but your director of change. Basically, every generation after work were therefore let up in the previous generation hate that what you think I haven't. Yes, that was hidden in the past. Like I got it, I gotta do one thing yeah I got my publisher really want me to mention my book. Part two coming out next time. I know I know, but maybe I want you, a pike I'll always sit down at the top What do I tell us about your book by the book is called raised in captivity and the collection of short story and coming out next month and boy would be great if it didn't dare about, like I'm doing the audio books this week, the audio books and interesting, I guess I got an interesting people. Reading on the audio books, Kurt Loader
great much bigger is interesting. People on must burger. Now, when I was asked those who want to do it. You probably got you probably could now. If you won't do occur, loaded Micro, Bigley, doing? Why are you talking about people yeah like that? There's some stories are like their person in some. The stories are first person to. I am reading the third person story. I'm having different people read. The first person starts You think you're audience will feel an ownership over the stories and get mad. If the stories didn't go the way they wanted them to go where they just read the story I dont know, if possible, I suppose I mean it's a bill. Please everyone or anyone. I guess I you know I found the thing is that these are factual stories, but I'm not a put this, but, like I did, I generally don't like
The way fiction is written. Now I just you know, I don't know it's not that. I think that the way fictions written is bad. It I dont. I dont, like I thought either fictional stories written as not tricks, I'm not so some people who are like, oh you, know, a lot more whatever. Like I love you, George values. My story, don't like that you're not like my stories. The idea is the story and the characters in the action are just their basically to store to embody the bigger idea and a consequent I'm sure it probably will maybe not appeal to the person who normally red short fiction, but that's it! This is the way I do it kind of you know, and it was really underwrite. I really did enjoy writing it. I am. Can I ate it sounded like you had a good time as you're doing it, which, as we bought their ratings, that very fun
So are you guys doing it why it was really it with? Maybe it was just there what I've been doing basically is like fire years time. I had weird ideas. I would just put them into the notes of my phone, like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years, and then I just use that they cannot come up with its glories. I look forward to reading good luck to current louder and all the other people you asked to read out. Will you end up doing and abandon our ancient benefit guy? When is that? What is that doing one in San and chase you, oh my god, looking, always marking which aim to do anything back. Are you like it, but I bet you'd never ask that this be the first time I've ever met shapers I've never actually better.
Persons unwilling before this he's six five hundred people realise that these very tough he saw a nine year six for night. What he's gigantic here has Kyle, huge. Six again we ve been trying to get beyond the Ringer basketball team for ever, but neither does liver his house. That is a shock it. You said he was. I've been my go wildly. Now: six nine only played through high school those it. How did it happen? Have you ever hear what I'm carrying he's that six now You only have to look at that. Time was clean and sitting down at me ass. I found you figure it out like if it would be up every could be, it could be sick, neither mean like Rob, shut. Your sick sticks writers, it all wrong Sheffield six, six yeah! Well, look at that age, a good luck with the book.
Thanks to the sound of reeds, gotta, daisy and dot com and I'll, see you in your way you gotta be a tax ways.
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