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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Antonio Brown signing, and the Patriots steamrolling the Steelers without him; A tough-fought battle between the Colts and the Chargers, Lamar Jackson's electric performance, Kyler Murray's NFL debut, Chiefs-Jaguars, and more, before guessing the NFL lines for Week 2.

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Our friends. Approach by the Kurds is on the line we are taking this almost mitigating eight forty nine is effective. I'm right? I south Patriots, a great I want in fantasy, hi scorn are league. I once a bets. This is great. I just check a bottle this feeling and carry it for the next four months, but I know I can't I know I know earlier. I said I was glad the giants and put the cowboys Sunday night, but now now I can't go back on that, has any rash them so much and then
the high let down and then the reality set in the patriots are gonna win the Superbowl again, it's like out that's the way. We really learned nothing after one that one night a very sad count. I ran the office yesterday Saturday because I was taping pack, as was shown pen that we're gonna run at some point. I think this week, but as that was happening all said, the patriots had traded for Antonio Brad So we put up a little many emergency podcast for like twenty minutes, as you know in it not o clock in the morning on site, I thought the guy was a lunatic and by for a cocktail hour, fighting and trying to figure out where he fitted in our efforts where do I is that. Why does everything the patriots ever do to be good and adorable and great bore oars, just just blind allegiance or amazed at all good. The league, that is on the patriots. So oh ready, I'm ready I'm now. This is terrible
let's hear about that Sarah Guide day only. Are you finish your thoughts, you guys high five than what I'm you took, a bad, that's an apologist. I gave my thoughts you give us your thoughts, well here's my thoughts on the Superbowl Champs their expected to win Ivan between eleven and twelve games, there are once again in the week. Is division, and maybe all sports forget about just the NFL and in yeah. I know you don't like Adele and I don't think you make some questionable moves and needs to be called out on stop. But if ever someone needed to step in and say how this doesn't look right that I don't even think let the can. Do a contract and like three minutes of fifteen million dollars when you sign Kyle, whose related to you did you talk to him about it for more than three minutes. I think you probably did before agreed now raise employment at the Ringer twentysomething. I say he was in on this in the pages where, in on this, for the last three months or starting from the hot air balloon or whatever, but the last four,
they definitely had this in writing somewhere and if someone at the top at the NFL wants to cause trouble for the patriots, then they probably and I ended for nothing either because they're gonna win the Superbowl. She saw tonight so you're lying all about this saying that a league that four years ago went out of its way to try to railroad. The best quarterback was ever played. The league and actually suspended for for games is now looking the other way with Patriots, yeah. Why? What are you saying? Are you saying this is all on the up and up and the team that try to trade form in March and didn't get the wooden then stepped aside? didn't have any interest in a mall until we left the team. Did these bizarre things and all the sun all these I think that can stop all the instagram posed in everything. What signal globally using it seems like there was a healthy market for him. I think I heard a people were pinging, Duryas, ass, probably realizing at some point late.
Eddie early sadder that this was going in the wrong direction and that he was gonna become available. I would love to know what the complete list was. I'm sure your team pinta I'd like to do the bigger the list. The better. My point here so he had to sit, through tat offers and in forty minutes and still came to terms with the patriots at fast. Like I don't know why not closer to me, I go back to work. He said when he came to visit us at the rear in February when we asked them what what's the single best off and you could be in and he said Patsy achieves. So I thought I was gonna. Be I see that as the chiefs, I didn't think the password deep enough receiver and look you know healthy enough as a super bowl contented. I didn't, they don't want to risk it, but they obviously Bell check in It is in a really admire the guy and they do have good relations with his agent. My dad was begun. Thou they ve had a lot of good experiences with roses house
Is it I think there is a former. It doesn't feel fair. I don't know how to say another then put yourself in another team shoes. I definitely feel bad for the raiders who, fourteen months ago, had either we'll MAC or Mari Cooper, or Antonio Brown, on their roster. Now that I've any of those guys in their dawn and that's all because they asked a guy to wear a home in practice in out like out no matter. What did anyone do wrong? Well, I think the raiders problem was giving either by the Janjaweed and who clearly doesn't really but I do it is doing in the brown thing was high risk and their put him in a situation where he's with an average quarterback at best on a team that wasn't a plan contender with really rebuilding project for lack of a better word. Others rookies wasn't like that team was gonna, contend in any way and they are expecting brown to behave as best
Seen us seems a little dubious, I think that's far from his best, but I think that this is a truly genus meltdown and I would I would hope, there's something weird going: I'm not that I hope the southern we're gonna mentally, but that that would it that would explain things better than the page just swoop. Then in and got em. When did we ever really was most fallen? You don't think it's as simple as he becomes available and bow checks, leg What kind of numbers is Antonio thinking rose now says: well, it's like. Fifteen million in the signing bonuses. Ten heed he's coming you and bowed checks like well. What about nine resonance text back done in that's it like when we make a fantasy trade I'm having been at that both Marietta fantasy trade, it has been like a minute It seems like it was like a minute. I'm saying it's more like with that. It was a few days. I think, like.
I don't know when did it when did turn and Antonio Browns head that he fully did not want to be a writer I had so. Let me ask you this because it does seem like Brady some ambrady? Even now, Michael's reported tonight that craft tore down Michaels Brady told Antonia Brown. You can live with me why you're trying to find a place. So we honestly, like terrible terrible celebrating, Antonio Brantner, texting back and forth, and hey man, you should come here and they be like. I want to end it and then Brady put that words to the patriot. How is that different than every single situation happen in the NBA that both of us, eight, I am is bad to him- is: does this all the time it's awful What about ass? Going? That's bad people ask me I feel, a little hypocritical that you hate all Movement in Europe is sneaking back alley. Dealing in real guidelines, stabbing their teams in the back to go to the teams they wipe, which I have been in the past hated and my answer it,
I hated unless my team is above the by teams of love. I like it. I dont like here when it see other tapes where I see I know Yankee fans who, when they got big time free agents, so though a little bombed out like now, I feel I come now whatever a future I built that way. That's fine! If everything I'll give you all the time, it's here's the thing after the fake eight, I'm just a nephew mode for the rest of my life, with Brady about checks or whatever it takes to win more superimposed on it, and it was great tonight and the Steelers. Who now can you research this? Can you can you, Google? Did the Steelers have a training just Google that sea I felt like their locker room, was more distracted by the Antonio brand new than than the raiders old pagers or anybody under whatever lies. That game has been televised. Maybe I was an abomination. What are they doing great weight? How about? I knew there in trouble when the third in ones words forth an inch as their panting and granted there in their own territory, but you have to have a certain mentality when you play the patriots, you know, that's why the
Those beat them the Superbowl. Anything that's done well against them has had that attitude of I'm afraid not like the pit, not unlike the stores. Gonna come back, but you know as soon as I can feel go on fort than three inside the fifteen. For the tray was forth and wide board ponds from the forty five or something you know. That's when biologists sticks out is cheating foot and then put it on your grubs and dear throat. It has twenty its twenty two, nothing Our guys have been opened. Our game, Brady's Brady, wasn't fantastic today about that offences moving the whole time and their basically like wealth, the seventeen we met have a chance, then the one yard line, even if they don't get it we're stuck on the one you're by ensure was like we're on the ballot well, but I thought I thought the stores in atrocious game it seem like they were complete. And prepared for how good the secondary was further, which I was telling you a couple weeks ago. I think this is the best secondary. The pages of had its top five
that's what I'm an area which is deep, Gilmore Majority and Jackson like this is really not a whole back there human qualities rather than don't want you liked to win it? That way will not be nicely ache for once our sorrow defence go in us. The Superbowl we'll have to then be saddled with the saloon I've from what I saw that I don't know of Antonio Brown can be developed or set. I don't know you might be his back up. Better than Glass Garden door said. I don't know from from what I saw tonight, maybe that do you think this will work out a great house gonna work is Antonio Brown going to shut down the souls of media, which is does seem to be like cracked to him. Is he gonna shot shut it down altogether to Tbilisi Ex liking oars? Checking to bend the little ones I hate this guy could do good things for us, our let it go on different. I let him take our conversations, but I'm alive. And there are one or two things in a week so I'd so this could go wanted to is brown, maybe he'd, maybe a lunatic. It's possible,
it can't be true out. He might just have gone off to deepen and there's no coming becoming back or heed this situation in water along. He got it. He is someone who wants a super bowl rang and knows what that means for him and his legacy. I really do think he cares about his legacy and I do think there is a world in which he is, that is best behaviour this year he under and TAT if he catches ninety two hundred and five balls, twelve tidies here huge in the Playoffs Brady loves them. He gets his just do since somebody for making a list of the best receivers of all time he's in the top five statistically, but he doesn't have the plan for asthma. Yet so, if he has, that kind of career sees, unlike what MOSS at no seven on top of all the other stuff resided that now he's in that conversation, I think that's what striving and personally I guess you told my legacy. This is gonna, be different ways.
Go about it. I don't know how we can remember I'm in ten years, but I feel like a lot of this stuff is gonna man or maybe they'll, be twenty players between now and then who go about their business in the same way. But for people like this is the shit we're gonna remembered the hot air balloon which nobody you're not wearing a helmet, the crazy posts crying at a press conference flanked by team captains. Taping is coach, for you have really he really agitated by levelled at all happy with the cowboys within a month ago. I wonder why we will watch- and this is my answer to that- is I dont think people care like it goes in one area and the other with bad behaviour that they take the whole Jimmy bother thing would eat in Minnesota is reprehensible. They went the fellow ever been. I call he's by which I mean a bed summits. Nobody cared nobody. Nevertheless, I was using now because, like all week, I'm scream and about how the patriots. This is why the patriots and winners their culture, their locker room culture, is different,
never allow this their winners. Raiders the losers sounds good on paper right then the patriot sign him so and then I'm thinking like Malcolm bottler in play the Superbowl gigantic game and we still don't really know why an assault in up their able to keep things secret. That is this goes so counter to what the powder patriots through their business, it is going to be interesting, say: maybe it won't matter. We will put up with it at all new right. Maybe we'll make the thing well. I know I know the prevailing theory at there's. The rich get richer. All that stuff scare mind you- and this is my buddy hedge pointed- So if you ve ever Madame Kevin Hatch, You were my leg. He wants to point out that over there over the off season. We lost our hall of Fame tied and we lost our leading passing Russia. We lost our center, we lost our left, tackle, we have new partner. We have our first round pick who's on the issue.
Best. Does our lot obstacles? I'm really proud of this team for fighting through it and in being able to stay together with with those Massa molasses a job now without a no go beat up on the sophomore team. The. If the play every other way, but this schedule I mean we knew both of us, that the stairs were going to be better and maybe they will again once they have a couple practices and get back in the swing of playing football game which obviously their first first time they put the pads out. All year was the bait, but once they get back in the swing, I still think they're be pretty good, but this patriots schedule coming up. They play Ao3 AFC, and I don't know if you noticed today- was a little under the radar, but the ACS by not be good other than the patriots they're. Not yet they play the Washington Redskins and they put the New York Football Giants and that's the first six weeks of the season
well, we always said, other patriots every game. The first day games are against non play. Our teams, none two thousand aging play up teams, and I said it tongue in cheek, as am I gonna steal, your good I could die can keep saying that stores are good. I do not suppose a good anymore. I will say this: we we typically cross teams off Yom from the playoffs. I don't think we could do that just yet. There began daring how you think we can be. I was I'd. Can we save that cause? I had that coming up later. Ok, I was gonna, make it like whose death there's only one division and staffing and we went and that's the one that's the patriots and then I was gonna say there are a few teams are definitely going to come in fourth place, but will save. It will save your word whether you're, we'll. After what from what I saw today- and I didn't like the saints this year- and I was grasp for Strauss trying to come up another team- I picked up a bay that was
choice. As I've learned over the years we talked about the past. You try to reproach week, one thinking certain things will happen here and there once you realize it's an app and audible quickly, just No memory move at the end of the south is really set up for the saints it looks like because I was an impressive, the Panthers today the Falcons were awful and killed us Winston is gonna, be in the excess found next year, unfortunately, for him and for the exit fell, so The saints really just have to go tat and sex and they're gonna win that division. Having not played a game they yet the big winner, let clenched it. They look good and the path we'll get. Let's give Caroline, I shot magic, their rooms. The events is good until they can looks particularly great, but you got a guy who could get two hundred all purpose yard some game, often simply so that look. Did he look smaller Thea Some are on. I am he was wearing the hat. Both got both
call it. I thought he looked leaner interesting. I don't know if you took tat treasures, rare departure to like really hard and just stopped eating bet, but yeah. He looked he looked. I don't know he just did not look like camp. He didn't look like the supernatural athletic forced today era, another answer really good and- we ve learned over the years that to overreact with weak one but right, but for that third best buy the F c, which I think we both thought the Steelers had it. I was really impressed by the chargers colts cancer. I want to talk about One second mistake would break they. Let's talk about square, they make that little weight square. Reader that hubs businesses around your neighborhood take payments like Alexis who cut my hair? She just takes my credit card. He's a square stat easy a pair put tips on its great history.
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We always joke about like out that, as by age, like you, Actually is our age I think, is forty. Eight, the forty eight is forty seven and he just murdered them. He murdered them. Air brown drop the touch down in the answer and that would have cut it to two about midway through the forthcoming Then the chargers went all the way down there about to put the game away and a safety on the colts makes an Odell catch. One hander save the game. Colts come back down, they score, get the two point: send it at LT: they don't win. The coin. Ass charges come down and win it nearly ready. We asked on different something new. And it was hot here today in first game in the euro that stuff, but I was really impressed by by both teams actually, because the charges were missing a couple guys to and the courts that the luck thing is not a problem for them, a really as the lead, the culture the last thing we ve been talking about you in theory that stuff I've been on the cards.
There are one of my million dollar packs, but I think that seems logical. I think one of those two teams will be the third best. I think they can be found you're, not counting Baltimore, and what more do I know they put a bad team. But what more do you have to see how to them back to see them play a professional football Firstly, there are about that now you're right. This was a good game, but percent was fine and you write it does seemed now. Will you little? We will talk about this body hatch. I everything that seems to have gone wrong for the charges in the past like they would allow us. I came for different times yeah, but now they have a kicker bachelor's out. They have the back up the Panther as kicker. He nails a field I'm too now they have to good pickers. Can the teams are playing or missing? Feel girls I give it was very. We're was very and larger ask. Then they came in a win and in the courts cannot think proceeds. Gonna be asked to do a lot and some of these games. What'd MAC, have a hundred seventy four yards rushing. He was terrific and
at that percent was was good in that game at varying at thirty manage they really want, especially that last drive in reg. Nation? They really took their time count. Are actually going nuts because we want them the score and we didn't understand why, thereby so so, but they they Is it really? Well then, on the charger said: yeah anybody who watched them last year or grabbed angler just and Jackson and fantasy or something like those guys are good. And they didn't really miss gordon- and I thought that might be the case but, as I thought, unequal I that in Miss Gordon in and out today was great for Deck Prescott and his agent. It was kind of opposite from Ireland no as it you're coming out of the game are found. The chargers unlike like did you just we're? Not paying you sorry, you can either come back. Right now, I would have no and James is a big miss. Their Monica was around made every tackle replay and he was missed in their secondary specially late teams
come back, but yeah Melvin, Gordon, these rowing backs have to be careful and just because it worked for the old man over barrel, it's not that it's like I work for everybody, think like Melvin, Gordon's gonna fall into that category. Yes, seeks a little different. Because when he was out there today in granting you're playing the giants but we knew within a quarter that that game is over and your gallops emergence, as we heard about the whole season, he definitely the Roscoe's last year. But you know, is the classic like super talented, Physically deal was received a year who didn't know what he was doing. Pronoun overthrown memory three times a game, so get him go in and then now seeks out their dax like and get. That was everything you wanted to see. I thought neck, it, sir and thereby guidelines, but the giants defence. More than
and we could laugh about Eli and Daniel Jones and ever was very excited Danube. Does this has got about like he's coming in mob duties, playing second stringer ers again on defence? Don't get excited about him, but a yet its debts of giants, defence, etc they really, they just look slower than everybody, the headache nine guys who didn't star last year didn't there. There can be a mess there. The basement for sure I don't remember. Looking at a weak one in having like five teams already that I've just completely rare enough really see. I only have only happen. One of the giants. Oh we Europe, the dolphins, have to be the right I'll yams, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I thought the lions in the car does, but, in my opinion, are both right after him said theme, stink and debt, game was terrible and it would end counter argument is the path to restart and we
at the sea, the the banner unveiling all that stuff? Meanwhile, their planes overtime tie him. The the cards are just basically hoping for the time which is pathetic picture. They poured not a whole later. Aid bucket, uncooked Shakespeare, but legs, One of those little bottles just like guideline bottle get his lower body. Just like splash is growing with better something. Here I don't Patricia blew it I mean that I missed her. That all the time is about is what those games will you just let Stafford throughout right there you know he's, there's two cornerback out for Arizona. He didn't have any picks up within the whole game, just let em toss it. Why at hand and ought to carry on jobs and over time on secondary, yellow you're playing for the Thai there? it's kind of a kind of embarrassing for the lions Kyler Murray was advertised. He looked completely overwhelmed. He was running firstly, four times and then all the same when he got a guy who's, gonna magical, it was really Let's have a fourth quarter, is really fun watching him and he's terrifying. I
no money and the game and care who one. But if I was Betty against him, I would have been completely petrified sure and the game let the other very monkey figured out football like halfway through. I think there was a staff were all through college. He lay at three balls deflected or to something, and he had five and that Lions game like well yeah then fell Plaza taller a map always at their just they just are but yeah you. He had some kind of bugs asked and the third and fourth quarter that the dead one more quarterly problem. Want, while he had fed on Armenia, fits a few times down the stretch, but he had a man one that was like a forty five yard rope in stride and fits had to be thinking like while I haven't. That now twelve agenda sideline monetary element that I was there. He might, he must have just been so delighted. Think of all the shady quarterbacks that have been passes. Let's talk about on cup other weak one storylines, Lamar, Jackson,
our new fantasy guide kiss a planted Pappa harms, I think seven eight touchdowns was in play if they had just kept. Running it up. But this is what matters on by Pakistan Thursday. Talking about how she is, I believe, the two, because his on both my fancy teams out, they spent this horses and building a team specifically for him. Last year, he's playing on Joe Factors office. This year, the whole team built for him and a really felt that way, and he was really good and their young receivers were word. Super duper exciting date. You now high to take too much away from her that Miami thing was, but at least the often felt like it belonged to him now has impressed a jealous you and trade farm. Well now I mean you have for you: what do you like? Five quarterbacks and vanity I'll, be over my pick. You up- I have the reeling. Baker maid and I've been Robin
I also that back now so yeah when one for trade, but that's that's wage a month cutbacks. So. We talk about that game. I Lamar Jackson's fantastic and we should probably look at the they have seen north. Odds tomorrow morning, border Monday morning, but I can't really can you believe now that after seeing they one game and obviously there are favourable match up for the ravens and then maybe not the browns, but the Brons were favoured to win that annex ii, no Fc North? we were unable. We were more than dubious, we discussed as well when we did both of the pack ass. We did it at all the makings. My theory that they're gonna be good this week and then the wills we're gonna come off and, as it turns out that way, just immediately came off and there it is fifth point in this game when it happened, when you know they still even though there have allowed penalties and stupid stuff, they stole the titans, couldn't do anything and then the Titans had
I think it was an eighty seven year drive the the bronze kept alive with a bunch of penalties and the dead for pounded on the drive. Malaria is just, through the bow over everybody said ages, looks terrible, but Dick I'm getting more more chances and more free, first dance and finally, they scored. Then the stupid left tack on the bronze gets kicked out for taking somebody the back of it Are we going to have time, and now they have five linemen Freddy Kitchens looks like he should just be drink it like a mob forty on the sidelines, that that day, what everybody like you, though there were in love with Freddy Kitchen We could talk about anything else, but why is this guy gonna succeed? What're you I get, though thou back in June. I get all Landry and everybody job who didn't get the girl I care. I know that killed you after you bid seven, nine hours on him and he ll get today that still in a job, he did everything except yet it yet.
Then everything except to get those carried out on the four year time has got to know what they're doing that that team. But there is a lot of others. What I mean something to just on discipline. We saw the raiders for so many years and had held them back when they were good, it held them back and our aid Penalties for a hundred eighty two yards- you don't expect that every week, but that's that's bad. You need a good coach to come in there and and sort that out. That could be a problem every way it was biggest fair with them and it was realised and weak one ended all the czech marks. You know you get penalties. You look at them decisions, even their game plan I, like nature could run on them that whole game and over again there is enough, in the barn where Dan's edges I hated the way they played their fans gap on doubt, and now we
get to see them again until Monday night, which organ into but they're playing an equally disappointing jets team. So maybe that guy, I will talk about that. It started at not think we discuss like eight hour week too, could be a really good insightful game, in terms of the wild card. Now now my be illusory leaves town match. It may be I'm glad I had no money in the brands that game when it made me really matter so another thing that happened. Think my enemies, Owen. Sixteen is in play. I don't care what listen to you, because when they made the tray when they traded tonsil, though there was still four and a half that just no wig room now there's a lot of wiggle room. We city, if you bet under four and a half winds from Miami, because it it's gonna, be zero one, two or three prior right, oh yeah. I think that the mistake was. We bought, thought the ravens we're going to kill the dolphins we threw them in parliament did stuff like that, but eat them
should have been a bad. You know the plus dumped at the bedside bell, went by more somebody, one member than twenty point sure yeah ranges. Yet I think that's the move with man again for speaking a bad breaks. Nick falls brokers clavichord yet early, and then somebody came in and we look them up. He has been scoreboard to see who was in a just said, G men shoe his first name, and you know I can't gee. I think it's better if he goes with g like there's a mystery he's. Jim into the actual, pretty but it didn't matter, is the Chiefs Watkins ran Mark and they can cover anybody was hundred degrees I'm not going to overreact to that game? I don't. I don't want to write off the jaguars, yet I think the Tennessee would be they got killed by the Chiefs Nick falls as our cross him off, but I am that cross them off.
And I don't want to see him when I want to write off the chiefs defence, but I thought I might have to like a g Menchu washed in state grad, twenty two for twenty five to seventy five and I would say it's all garbage time, though, is that a new kind of edit southern up playing prevent difference in the second quarter. That's for sure they gave a lot of problems defensively Jacksonville. They can to see that gonna give up between thirty five and forty two, maybe five or six games is sheer type Echo is out with some sort of injury for a few weeks. Show them how they said a few weeks I had, I feel like I was a that was a com, a pact for me, fantasy wise at the guide, but what I did like forty one hour's item. One comment: the whole thing: holdings karma for him all day they both from a few karma. He was a lizard today, so is James Winston and Ben wrath. Is burgers grid? Three point, so I don't I'm right. You just want a group, those three together in Aceh.
Still for a year, I am about the patriots ones, I hadn't. Ah so minchew shoe. Does he get picked up a fancy leg, Maybe that's either at used in its wake. Their schedule, but the other? By the way, I think her cousins is on the waiver wire now. He should want to good quarterbacks other incur cousins. I was a classic. That's another team which you mention. Only eight for ten four nine year yards get that, but no that was the perfect cousin situation because they had the lead. The whole and they didn't actually had last year than cook in the first half looked like he was a professional guy playing its eyes caught him right so much. Sooner room. He was great added. I didn't realize he was gonna, be all the way back like that. So as long as long as they have the lead, they'll be fine. The new at the Falcons to write-
but now I did. I did a little money line, parlor with the cold snuff little fire or you would allow Andrea. I I I decided during those. As it was going down. I dont think I have one on them, since the pats beat them in the Superbowl. I think like all for my last fifteen falcons bets, but that was a classic like they were terrible. I think it was twenty. Eight. Nothing at some point and then matter I just lighten up and garbage time. Like always, does he somehow got the three hundred yards? He was awful for two and a half quarters neck aim is there any lowering through that was picked inasmuch as it sets out to be a touchstone just the way he's just the you know the lofty put on it. Just gotta be a touchdown low. There's up, they should have put it when he runs on the ticker and it's like Matt Ryan, three hundred for yards. It should have an asterisk belated. None of this meant jack shit. He didn't ethic,
so. That's him. I didn't like the vibe that seem it on. I also has a ten. When do I would look at you? I am indicted seven. We both that they were going to be hanging around their plants picture. I dont want to read em off yet, but I also think we have to introduce Dane Quinn. Fur first got fired, though interesting years been alone been a little bit cause. We have, They have a next vote from twenty eight three game on so a bunch of injuries defensibly last year. So those excuses are all over the place, but they took care who lay out they bread. They changed all the coordinators outlets that Sunday night there in the Eagles in Atlanta and if they have the same type again that today The fans was their Boeing around half way through the second quarter and the Damn Quinn Watch will will be out
another one where the wax will be on his is Jameis who had a pick. Twelve today didn't know that was possible. I've heard of pick sixes, but he threw a pick twelve to pick sixes He's good, unbelievable, the matters could barely do anything other, I will say, George Carol. He who is my team in the Lee wherein, but he dropped. He had another two touchdowns called back by penalties real. This should be. It is that I would want to know the leaders of this George Kettle as twelve fancy points wiped away, When I visit would hang our boy might for ancestor mentioned that George Kittle is the player that nobody knows about the great player that nobody knows about. So I'm MR pay, attention that I got I learned a lot about a view that William Fantasy players nylons you now, but she did that with the Marge acts and day where it was one of those three. It's like everybody who thought the march.
Action needed to change positions are contemplate. Cuban leg was one of those who thought he shouldn't. If you be heard what I did. I think billboard It was the only person who thought that was the year when a conversation, where some days I ve no large actions, be a slot receiver. Now computation ever have just Emil bill. Paulinia Napoleon's. I hear that there are a hundred notice we met Jeanne, oh Tom, Brady Wanna talk about him really quickly, just as a fancy guy, One dollar at the end of our draft our letter. I remember this. I think we did something a few men, maybe we just in person. I said this is the year the first year, Brady isn't starting corridor back in an hour, it's like I'm, don't stop that! Don't even talk about that for a dollar you are having. Conversation when he went for a dollar I called like hold on Simmons. Listen up, your boyfriend go for dollar new anyway me off, like legislating and I don't want to really pay attention to it. Yeah and I had the extra time
our two and it was. This is an omen, and now they have been telling your brown and it's gettin, a figure tat, the top ten fantasy that one last thing about their game that forget to mention its thirty three days. There's six seconds left the Steelers around the pats. Forty we'll see what I mean and valid check. Doesn't somebody is out there that shouldn't be out there for the paths about costs, time out and they, cut the Tomlin is advantageous. Forgot. I describe it. Look at his face throughout expect. Their not scoring attached happened, the wrong linebacker had slipped? bizarre thing, because Tomlins kind of letting the clock go down before that play before it stopped with six seconds lab he's kind of let Macleod like Rothberg he's got his hands in his pockets, but you know he's not on driving hair. You know the one or two more plays the ends on fantasy everyone's watching, but what he had to call a time out there
I don't know why, but there's more metal disease. There would be a check or brown. You gonna be at this, is gonna be solved at the zoo in verse, is branded or no hey, wait, we teamed up with fanned or to give every chance to buy fanciful. How gets us and the tribe factor the winner? the flat the porter you gotta be artificial, correspond offenders worry, Fantasy football championship, live finals in our expenses, paid trip to enjoy four days worth of W Fc event support. We can get to be part of it. The action we still have to figure out a way to get Harry importer. Rico we're different customs there. Now now I don't think so. He would turn smuggle some candy that I'm almost positives and allowed in If you go to Faint Oda, Slash Ringer, you can enter drafter. We too fantasy team for the games kick off on Sunday. I did not do this week, I'm in the two hundred sits naked. It there's some people. Some people hurt my feelings of my team.
Week. I have the look I had. There can really Marge action on site. I had to do well today you have Lamar Jackson yeah. I had him in everything Well, I have a mere fancy legs around two years ago. Take. Some of that I had. I had preset job Chris Carson, Freaking Godwin MA bacon, Coolio killed me Evan, Ingram, say clan and the Seahawks defence, and no other than that. More points. Whoever had the Mars just gonna be the best person this week. Yet ass gonna, maybe like you said he could again for seven touchdowns whatever you want to go out
Mr De myself next week and you can redeem yourself too in the ringer list. Are they gonna find out asthmatically Miss last week and could still take on the top rise good offended outcome? Sash ringer tenter? Now that is funded outcome, slash ringer! Let's outlets play some gaslights. Let's do it. We actually have the categories back for this week and we need them because there's couple Pooh factor specials, but every week we guessed the lights. Whoever gets closer yet nor times gets hit by a Jimmy Janshah talking to Jimmy jobs by the way our real Jimmy chance I want, Hey you with an unworthy tuna sub because they it'll just the tune or go everywhere all real, be great man. So for you. One week saw this is a pretty brave of you. You killed me last week. Where is that
Thursday night, which is not that far away Panthers bucks in Carolina. The books were knocking today I have no idea what happened to make Evans I kept asking Kyle, she was heard, and cows go no, no he's right. There like woeful weren't. They throwing two armies Numa to catches they were going to arouse. Where do I have the panes quarterback at forty five rating to look at that, and I got to say. Jesus. I am I went high and this because James was so bad and I just couldn't imagine had being favoured by getting so points or less so I went seven and a half Panthers. The other lines right in the middle, I went five and a half the numbers on six and after we split that they could probably may get a touch them
I would, I will say the same for just going to an and fifty six yards. Another didn't care. There was no one in most of the game that, Sir, that's maybe better defence, and we thought maybe San Francisco, Jimmy Jihad. It's funny it wasn't the most atrocious pick six in the but it was singularly atrocious, whereas one of those You know he's on his own. Ten looks to his left, throws the out to the world safer and doesn't see the coroner back just already running toward the bar and the guy just is running force, be catches eddies in the ins and outs, but second right, those are the worst I'm maybe no than Tom Brady ever had one of those Kyle knives in one of those that Turkey has here, maybe Jimmy Jane needs to be who were the Jimmy John Shimmy Sandwich, whatever its scope, the on which Sunday
much by this game is a third in I came there parading these two teams out of London, whether they shone hurrah for goods, the globetrotters, washed and generals I'm already, and why we need to see this showcase twice Jesus. I can't believe that that was a pretty physical ramsgate. It's an airplane. In a hundred years I was like how was it in Kerala? it was hot right. Wasn't it like ninety. And now they have the play four days later days. That's raft, that's a tough, be for both imps Sunday, the Marquis game, the Rams our home. This is the second to last winter. This new stadium opened. Is that sat next year's today, twenty one inaction: Brazil next year, I will this- is their last home opener before they have the most awesome football stadium about that the plane, the rams. I'm sorry they're playing the saints
at home. I have rams by, for I had three and I got it it's exactly three, so we haven't seen the saint yet, which makes us one tough. Why take their both its I'm still as long as we're early in the season and go and buy projected when totals net think they were both around ten. The half right yeah. Maybe no. I was just a monastery sally. I saw that added up to minus three enea, any predictions for saints Texans, while here since Texans here Monday I think we're gonna see lot of points and is based on that. We didn't see any points, basically in the Sunday night Game or the third, in a game which was just brutal. I know we're just breeze pass that way. When I get a dogma backers bears, but they both offences. Let a fly out directly over the seven might be too high, But the offers a big as and when I was looking at this late hour week at that the two liveliest
The dog money line picks were the Colson Texans just Verlag the lion seemed a little too high and I think back to have a chance to win the game you're. So I guess we'll find out new by its own, for in the watch apples that's up. By creating an island dad badly does do the saints want this. Obviously it's better at home from an offer short weak. But none of this is the rule, change gay right right and a lot of rehash about that car and the whole thing here yet Gus Address We should mention quickly with the rams it was so I have I'd, had Darrell Henderson, I think in both my legs. I thought he was a back up in them They'd Malcolm Brown came in and look good and got most the non girly love. There's a report before the Rams game. As Chris Mortensen said, I think it was crystal and was set out anonymous, J Glaser! I'm sorry,
said how the rams basically have no idea with girlies need there. Just plan. There goes like really it's there. It's not bad! You ve, no idea. What's gonna happen, this hitherto supplying of so he looked. Ok, he D. He didn't look like two years. Todd Gurley, but he didn't look empty or anything, but they were definitely really careful than the Big differences cup, and there is a couple big plays in the game today where they, you just forget how important he was with them, and I know everybody spent the summer going to Duke you forget how good Cooper Kupp is, but watching the actual game there were places where he's just a guy is, it seems, like he's the guy likes them or so sure, when the thirty seven who get. Who would how many guys ITALY would rather have other, feel verbal and cabinets? Thirty, seven, like any looks he looks created, their defences Here too, I learned about, though the idea we it looked. But if you look at the box, cars are for
for ninety seven girly eleven for fifty three four Malcolm Brown Gimme that every week yeah I'll take that everything awaken the receivers could split it up. However, they want up the boy, and there is also a moment when it seem like they, my boy that games or allow MR feel go. It seems they had a chance to blow it up again and then they set off her feel gall, and then I had read the Panthers just kind of cap lingering and then the Rams Canada there with your wine, which I like thing. So we have four for the watch roubles. First, one is packers at home against the Vikings now the Packers offence in that Thursday game simply for fifty eight minutes was in a coma and had that one great job where this could touch them. The defence of great and good there's. The is really good. I think the Viking Stevens Ragged, so I have. I have the Packers our home against the bags and add the packers by three in this feels like a physical laws
going game. I actually does a big again yeah. We bull picked three in Vegas picked three as well, so this day. I feel I think I might just said, watches I'm not sure I saw an offer that either team and another the Vikings candid didn't have to play the second happen, Green Bay kind. It didn't play the second yeah. I don't know those weird. I think it's the stairways wire Untruss cousins, new and I do there's if your bending her cousins against Rogers, whether Rogers is in a post prime per portion of his career There is still has its fast Bonham. There is them, I'm aware in the third quarter. At some point you re. Eyes like. Oh, I Betancourt presence here. Did you know, I think this backer differences really got that They got that aid, your name most from the bears which dinner he made a big playing the game, Preston Smite Darius, but they got all these regions and by the way they claim Matthews was holding them.
I really do think if you want to know if a guy's holding you back like hey, can you cut your hair this week? I want to see you. You look is impressive you're, getting cut your way. I've lying around long hair. We kind of that you're better than you regret and your Matthews. So look look for them to be standing at the second whatcha ball game. The dolphins are home, against the patriots of New England, now normally, I would have put this in the poop factor. Houses watchful work as a team. When your brand staff gave Gregg. This is a hundred say watchword for that, and you know it get him involved. Any now he's it do something ridiculous and it's gonna be great. Does the environmental Brown anywhere as good as Marquise Brown, because that guy up some good Lord. There they gala satin somewhat that receiving core island.
Like all their skill, guys. I really you now. Hopefully that's not the peak of the season for them when beating the terrible dolphins, but anyway fur mammies home. I went over fourteen points for this. I feel you have to settle that patriots by fifteen and a half in Miami. I said they'd be favoured by thirty six Magdalene in thirty six thirty six and have always ensure Rosa now, I'd die, said sixteen and unlike law, that still gonna be well but you're right. It's fourteen have your closer and you get that it ends around fifteen and ass. Sixteen, I think rang whom they there, but we are sure I'm Yahoo Moose crazy enough about the dolphins. I felt bad for Josh rose and I think he must be hiding he's hiding behind cheerleaders. There is no here's one eye by others game ever weird patriots there, I'm gonna, throw you either in the past the pats I renew this, but the pats have been good for a long time and
they ve they have this habit of when they would dominate. Theme for a while, whatever their desire for the team to get some garbage time stuff in the final result would be a little closer than the game actually was. I think their secondary is so good this year I think it's gonna be really hard for teams, tubes, forbad teams to scorn them even garbage dump you like the been do. You know where we could say where we want about the ETA you're right about the time out with six seconds left by a kind of feeling they made a deal with dollar jack and said: let's see how many Let's see, how will we go without giving up a touchdown yeah the lions legal September. I think the defences are real story with damn it really. The secondary, like Harmon, started and play games for them in is. It is now like a like a dime back. Is it just there just load it? So I think in a game, my death, when their, if they're up like twenty eight to three twenty, two seven, it still get me
it is for them, even if they have backups plan the guys are still pretty get new design. There's a side connected them- could helpless. Gambling was This is our A perennial nightmare game for the patriots. I just want to point that out. I'm required the point that these debts that makes it unloose able. So every week we cross a team off that we decided we will not make the plants. I am to do that with the dolphins right now. I think there is a zero percent chance to make the playoffs the dolphins welcome. Welcome today, the NATO you ve been looted, good job, that job I: U Go generation Miami eleven I mean you, don't really have the good, bye, Kazan format near you, you're, not long for the season. Next, three watchful game. I'm sorry, next watchful game is that the Steelers in Pittsburgh playing a Seattle team that say the Seahawks fans are have to wear that fired up by the man that was brought I know you
it again- you hate found the Seahawks into those parlors teases because they will. Do this again. Should it aims at home that than it does get again we both for them in a parlay had the sweat I'll, fuck Andy Dawn- and Forget is Andy Dalton's, a decent car, but there's a lot of bad teams. A bad quarterbacks yeah he's a good decent quarterback on a bad, really bad team. So he's going to he's going to screw you one or two or three weeks out of the year, so you got it have to be careful and mixing got hurt. We we really really really got lucky. Would Seattle Emmy they had an offence. Using it, wasn't great a hundred and fifty mixing was another karma guy went Anthony, yeah yeah. Fifty yards. How did they win that game since say the shocking thing to me, as I thought MECCA, was gonna, be like a gimmick, the share an Ross likes him. None of that is run like a man. I was shocked by how much they were going to him. He is like he was like they did, that Baldwin
That's what I'm gonna Locket Tyler raided poor, who that Anna Bacon, the big player, but he like Mcafee, is like that Baldwin after after the incredible hawk after he takes the incredible hulk syrup. Did that feel like, Andy dawns greatest game ever yards wise. You do for for eighteen, and they had they seventeen point deep into the fourth, but that that such a weird feel that game. Yeah, why you said a best he is. He is like weirdly underrated because he's the guy dont want to bet on in a wild card game, but in a game. Where he's a nine point, underdog against Seattle in Seattle Authority thinks they just have to sharpen when, like his actually pretty frisky, but you know that His play that game that kept them around was that ridiculous pseudo he'll married in the first half were there I suggest It is now a message out dated these drawbacks need to play. Precision if you miss judge that that that's really by so that that
a man of skewed. Had this game went, but here so I have had the stores. Three and a half at home again seo had you out here I sit for its actually up to five Nord open at five mins five, because I think there thinking now that I look at it. You can't go to games behind Baltimore. I know we can say it's over but the while could maybe most likely not coming from this division of thinking, and I do you want to fall to behind Baltimore bad luck. Well, there s a factory in Pittsburgh, playing football for the first seven days in the year for them, so that it be great Something tat resembled earlier. I thought TAT. I was gonna be better and I dont know what to make of that performance by then today, but I have done crazy that Russell hustled, Bustle man Muscle Wilson. Doesn't it cause or number more than once again now. Like only when he needs it and the last drive or somethin by felt the same way about
that I feel with true the we have these I saw a phenomenal athletes and they're not rolling out in using their gifts. To kind of you know, if you read against them, or if your bedding and semi always the scariest. When Wilson's Canada, gambling around in your nose, gonna throw pass and there they won't really do now with them. They never seem to fix that offers of line for him, but the one play I'm done by logging Chris Carson's good, but you u shoved in his stomach. He moves forward for who yards and then you see rust my god he could take it really. Just booted outlaw allow that via your our seven, but he ended. He did it once all game. Yeah here is feels a keys the shackles item for some reason that they don't ever gonna. Let him run free last watchful game just a tribute to Lamar and what we saw today, but I have ravens cardinals in Baltimore as as a watchful because Lamar verse collaboration we really fun
absolutely beyond what am I tvs? It's gonna happen. I have the ravens favoured by eight ten and a half and its thirteen Vegas. Doesn't big businesses, water borne out by God? Well, so what would you think that line was a week ago? What's the Boeing cemetery rate that allow ten or eleven, I don't think they give. Why do the rocky quarterbacks at much juice on the road? Oh man, I don't agree that at all. That's too, I know. Oh yes, I won't be betting in Arizona, so data well, I was looking at it as well. You d want this teaser, you don't want, didn't want any part of that teaser anything over ten points in flanders- even eliminate a bull feeling to use knowing wanted to bring one. Let's I take it back, hey here's, an insider travel secret from hotel tonight, tons of em.
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never know you're gonna get from stations too. We can get away great hotel deals, are just one swept away, go to a hotel tonight that com or download the app to unlock your daily drop we're going to do. The barely watch doubles the charges, in the trade, the lions fans? They just have to be very good, another another killer, alliances and, after a great start, their own one feel excitement. But our own one start. I have the chargers. Getting three and a half on the road in Detroit you and the challenges giving through giving greater thumbtack yeah. I had them using three and it is three. So are. You can beat me again was worse yet, sixty three in good time as you talk about the patriots chaining geese,
Managers Patricia and allow the especially like we said. Vice the package can be good. You know the bears will be good to me, not twelve ones good, but there was the first game last year and ended up with twelve, so Detroit really shot himself in a foot with a tie this week I pay this much of that lad stays at three, I'm back in a baby. Resist the chargers really, even though I dont like the road favorites, especially this early in the season, but I just don't think the Lancer get I'm looking at the charges differently now I know travel is a bid for these teams when you up Your button up against your by weak and everything, but I don't see a lot of true road games for them because they play at home and that's a road game. So I like that, went for them today. I really thought the courts get thousand. I haven't speaking the courts there in Tennessee and whatever
designed end up being I'm going to be bad in the colts, I'm just telling you now. I think Vegas Jack this a half point higher than it should be at titans by three and one slash, two You and I both that drain, half its only three ok Vegas, not as impressed with the titans. I think they know that they're not gonna play a team. Allowed the nail him. Eighty two yards apparently is every week and gets a fair line we we needed the rice and make them for Friday kitchens yeah like Freddie MILES forty, seems like you should be hanging outside the seven eleven in Like Kansas City. Nobody any overlap with the Fucker podcast. I was telling you a Brougham. Do a common But- and I like it, when you Jackson yeah, then we saw here I really do not see eye to eye like almost like. I really like stars dark allows. You look good. The resting makes you gotta, make sure. Look you look healthy had no idea.
Does that make you notice board? I want a job, something you can catch on. Some kind of like a defensive line conjures up than teaching Lydia based think just add until I get in why don't you just beyond the shower fifth boxer afford box you guys it's an hour long shown you could be the producer naked continually just run out of time. Each week fact five minutes of the show left, but it's five, thirty, we're here for you. I have you secondary that today, here listen, he's that, worse than predicate We now know Jackson Game has ever gone worse than that aimed at Jesus. Freddy Friday, I see had said, seven eleven eleven forty five tonight cabin is our in Washington. We do, we picked, I argue we did right, yeah dollars. Cowboys are in in washed and got more than frisky. In the first half that egos game band was conspiring to mess up.
We eliminate or Poland parlay in everything and and then the those rallied back in and then read the Redskins went away and now I told you like the nine point, favorites or higher and weak one word, seven in seventeen or seven and nineteen against spread it just sick too, to tougher, held a climb. If you dont score in the first quarter, that's exactly what I want the Eagles is weak. Even though they were covered with so join you in from the action our he had a stat today after the Eagles did, they did not cover their redskins game that, since nineteen ninety three near to the highest favorite is twelve and twenty foreign weak on this out. It is now I was surprised to wish. We had known that we could have shorter the eagles this week. Well because you're the Eagles, I love thy love Seattle. I just thought there were gonna run all over Cincinnati, but it didn't happen but
don't like it. I know the game I was already played, but I still like to seek affix go back in time. I have the cowboys laying for points in washing boy, I'm never this confidence and my team. I promise you, you know, I'm not. I said seven, but your closer. It's it's five! So you take it say. Thank you signed Dac this week. Now we won't have to do that. Everyone's gonna call not everyone there beside every week that that they have a good game right. I've got to get fifty million dollars, Now I was crazy. You know who is in the honourable today. Was the great went there with I wasn't in there yeah there's a picture of them, which reminded me. I've never brought this up to you in a pod, but Mark Steyn is convinced that Dirk Nowitzki is the most popular Dallas,
about time and that drives the cowboy fans crazy. They refuse to accept it, but then they can't name a cowboy who is more popular and thou hast and Dirt Lewinsky. I have to say I've been out that our talk at school, we ve been other than old. Romo was out there and ours, and I think he mentioned that only dirt gets a greater response when he walked and because I think, immediately recognisable yet stated its to ease and fishermen do not approach Texans our home for the job an unforeseen we have. We have seen the Texans yet so it's a tough one guess we do know that What's his name G Menchu, they're gonna mention g, the issue is gonna, be the Cuban for the jagged, so I have the Texans by sex some gum, picking Texans by six blind having that's it,
This is I wouldn't higher. I same thing at the wood calamari note the rookie on the road thing that never it's your you're playing against the black Jackie or has a sick showing doesn't really matter. That's the rookie quarterback So you have to give a close, the eight or nine I said, seven, a half its its actual nine. So it's an extra feel go for g yeah. I don't know I like men to the church. Shui it's hard so that the cheapest they screwed? You have the really you don't know. How did your defence? As you know, how did your offences, because their defence is so bad? It's really like a throwaway game. When you play that G baby, did you did you think I'm a coin looked like somebody who is gonna. Let me give you three choices: a cake, Mean Williams, is job be do Joe, enough to ruin day may is fantasy season. Or see, get hurt in two weeks in Sacramento o interest
I think why of Damien William, so I can answer that and I'm now one in fourteen in the last fifteen games and early yeah after a drop in one tonight to I think, just by that our say how do just enough to screw with Amy, William STAT wives, Goodness just by name the new brands coach who Michel Mccoy. Now you have South south. I heard your one fourteen in your last Thursday. In there just said you ve been hired. He growled two rows of harassment. I thought was John was brought in just to be that Andy reads body: can we have no room for reducing out instead a trouble here, but if they, if they hadn't, then that do you They would have been a real pleasure Fur Antonio Brown, spyware I'll, go out of that as they would have freaked me, the fuck out, if the Geneva yeah yeah that's a night magic him. Tariq and wagons, near my God and Kelsey Copper
They that didn't happen. Love hatreds, I'm brown back and now back in May, sell out about it until you can find the abbess didn't happen. We can't find you know you talk about. Brady taxing within a brown and NATO brands are gonna. Private probably gonna know about this basic relax I'll just throw my phone in the trash they ask for a while. They laugh. It is really a fourteen into sheep's. Add Oakland. Well with the open. Yet another team we haven't seen yet go play against achieves its fun and your home. I am I jack. I kept ascended tankers that Erika thing I went if, by nine year you urged me out, I said eight and a half its accident has nine. Am I still life on two three four five.
Eight six I we have we have five games are including tire dollar. There was a scary that Chiefs game when the homes of the tent year- and it looks like somebody is lagging had had shades of Brady eleven years ago, but as land, but it was, I realize Even I am, I love the patriots more than anything above a bar. I didn't want the homes to get hurt. I regret to say, go nuts ass, a kind of eyes you because you're gay, I got love watch. It behoves heading one of his mamma. You know it's funny, this isn't quite pair corner, but my son freshman icicles, and now three and ass. He lay tat, he had Antonio Brown and when the raiders dump them here, man, what a waste will wasted pact second round. What am I going and then I say that next Saturday morning I was like yeah patriots, patriots, odds on fair return sign images are now really simple. You complain about Do you have in mind your fancy games like I
gladly lose and be the butt of all jokes go windlass and my fancy leg from all my friends in school instead of having the patriots him that that that what is that show you that that nine raiders of what will be the butt of the joke in exchange for the patriots outside? I just ass the tunnel, respect for him. I candid not candidate to that's terrible. The cat were catechising raising Jesus. You know where I was fine ACT from San Francisco until Metallica shown fried today, I went to a sub Metallica with the San Francisco Orchestra and the new goal and state basque Marine which is losing respect. Doubt answer Cisco from attacker metabolism believable. I'm sorry that I read the air was really something, but on the way back, the and Antonia Brown got released in. Having taken off yet, though I was with fantasy and in it was, I you know,
you gotta pay was. I want to tell you the other Patsy known, and I did a tweet about Bela check, joking, that bow check, asking Ben Watson the switch from eighty four eighty, nine o ye did than you. So then you know six hours later his on the patriots, but then they tweeted in did some are heated. The minster grammars stature stuff with the brown patriots. Eighty four but Ben Watson's. Eighty four so happens have been Watson's. I fuck you did I've been eighty four, my whole career in getting it number again say that debate what Dost thou. I bet it's a free country, Ben, what's incredulity Watts but I cannot give you any for enables given some fifteen million hours a say here now You know your eighty nine, what have been Watson's like you're, DEC giving you eighty four pick it up. Number and then Antonio Brad US another freak out, like you did with the helmet Zheng. I can't play at the sight of it before you know it. He sets out like this is now.
These are my nightmares now than Antonio Brands of making that he might light out accuses get a number ally when you go, this ominous started do Kickstarter for, by Martin that keep the number eighty four go about jack I'll, just where Ben Watson, the big bad you're, giving our lady for you're going to have another team. I forgot about that. We didn't do our bears Bronco, which is the last barely watch Abbas. We That's the Broncos! Yet I drew we both have them in a couple of wagers that we need than the come through on Monday. I beg you wander raided this game. I may add a problem because, probably because I had them- birds- there's money, ten games this year, but on his way and YO against here's. Why didn't under eight it in I made a barely whatcha. I dont want to lodge a biscuit for awhile I'm not saying I never want to watch him again, but I need a few weeks to regroup from first game in the air so excited about, my first forbids down new and he just
bans over it was. It was like watching some crazy do just and over in the middle of the street, and stop traffic by taking a shit all road, that's how, as for three hours and I don't want to watch him play football for at least a month. While I beg you, gets easier for a month This game is gonna mile high in Denver swarms on defence anyway, but last week or Thursday night. He, like forty percent pressures. Yeah biscuit then only happen once last year of forty two percent somewhere there so he'll have some good games. I guess this is done fortune. Is. It needs dynamite defences back to back, we'll have the bears in Denver length three points I who gets so. I thought this is a pick and Danvers giving appoint a half. So you get it because I am foreign out yet that one but- get it, but I don't get it. I don't know, but the bears seem to needed more well again. We haven't seen them
I guess short way in my head. I was just thinking the bears defensive really get last week and their Plato facto. So what am I missing? That there might be a that could be all you need to know, about this game, but there wasn't damage that they like five and won the first six every every They always do you start out nicely. We forget if we are now moving to the poop factor. Division of games there's two this week. The first one is, is definitely poop. It's not as bad as the second bangles Actually, it is. It is as bad bangles at home against the forty nine years and Jimmy Gee. I have the Bengals laying appoint the half had no idea what to do with this guy. What do you hear you get this bird by this fund is a marked, as I said, Bengals minus two. Forty nine hours minus two as the spread well
So Vegas like them today too, and they came food aid. What are they sing with the forty nine? Is that I'm not saying what am I missing and alone trying to look at the wind total southern foreign eyes. I guess a bigger better when total than Cincinnati, I'm not sure, he's in and have a lot of yards either. What are we San Francisco dynamic area that six or seven secondary was was pretty get running game now, Jimmy Gee up and down is being kind and some damn perilous, but I can say, is I can press by them in the game tonight, like tamper, brownish loses games, is both the wind, but I don't see the pic twelve, then this game, which, which seems to help a team a lot more. If we see the pic twelve again, Jamie Swamp is. Wait three idea that much near the other private room or with the big twelve. The giants are home and they'll be plain the bills above, oh, and we should mention bills jets that
greatest game ever, I don't think we'll be saying it on the NFL greatest I am certain that serve by Cowan our both impressed by Josh Alan who even if he's erratic as a passer, maybe not the number, and I want to run a team view picking best quarterbacks. She does really carry himself like quarterback like he definitely is a leader and Anna eight. That body really came through tat stretch of values. Pretty good late now mildly, without due had nothing. I think these to a decent differences to say I feel bad for jets fans. They had a right. There yeah ruin enough to do a lot to win this game and Donald got sacked four times and then look sharp down the stretch, but I feel bad the magic people that the judge could one that division there seem People actually thought that they were going on. So when did yet heard that game the it was a little with its second or third, because he had a touch down. So that help my jets fans friend,
were saying how he was, I can really get early, then some had disappeared, but the bills that single tariff go to and they didn't really unleashing completely in the game, but only instead, what he does so so I'd bills by one against the giants in you I had built by two and a half, and- and I got an idea- exactly. How are you getting I'm turning their daily shade. Under the rigour Haiti Madonna has every chance of the giant. I wasn't threat that that is, I could see, say one rushing for like three hundred yards real, the best one I have ever seen in my life, yet he did to resolve them, less than one. I fumbled Disraeli fumble yeah Those are the first time sake: one's ever fumbled in his life, good dating back to seven years old and then the next play. He took up embarrassed that today the edge for them, Cowboy largesse ran right around make our boy this is gonna. Suck tonight, maybe get back this week.
Sunday, a game is in Atlanta, we mentioned earlier falcons against eagles. I do not think the falcon showed enough to be favoured by three in this game. I have falcons by two that's exactly what I had Vegas has Philly by one man they saw the same of filling their run around ten winds anyway, some day Ah the same horrible falcons energy that we son, game? We didn't talk about how much find it is tat. The shots back in the eagles and the beauty of certain players. Fifty four find superstars. But when they're in the uniform at all kinds of falls into place for them, it's gonna be a desire. That was two thousand thirteen. This Jack, Tabby Everything Boeing, seven, great separation in saying that a hundred fifty four yards scary.
I I don't want to do this blind without looking at the stats, but I would say that he has probably got more. Forty push yard touched and then just about anybody the stick around. When you say we didn't like returns and everything just seems like six seven times a year, he has even when he was on bad terms, he still finds a way to break played one anybody. I liked having my biggest at that that I know I had him under four touchdown receptions last year in it for the first two weeks and ended up with four. So as one of my luckier bet, but I'm here is, this is a different beast with the eagles it sucks and whence thumb and say this. I've been crap, and I once thought summer, but kind of looks like Brady back there on third down does not in any kind of throw he can't make on third now the pocket, while he he put a twentieth fantasy points today, quailing every
first, half used enough in the Senate took off scows Goodwin for them now you know they gala Day ILO tested, but the would you think of the brig iranian back. I don't get to see him too much sanders the frigate last game calling and absurd Browns Jets Monday night. Do you want to call this a loser lifestyle match? I can't I can't let you do right. If the ravens are to now and brown or to know what kind of odd you're gonna have to get on, the Brown seek make the playoffs, and then we know the jets are one and the vision that now kept them by fifty this game. If you had to pick sexy see Plath teams right now who depict the dusk was about time because we ve had one game and we ve had no ensures its Saxon. I'm gonna have the ditch the steel
did you have still is winning the division near. I still have them as well sex. I think they do the same thing. I'll take three play off: teams from the ABC West, not having seen damper I'll, take Houston in the south, not everything them play. I'm gonna stick with Pittsburgh and knowing one Near at I dont think I'd be able to narrow the sex. I think there's probably eight. Will you me now? I know I'm angry. I just wanted to force you to do something I wanted to know. If I think is sex, I had the Denver in the charger spot, but after watching the charges today, I cannot wish I'd foot that but deadly definitely at least two from the sea West and then
The culture can be passed in La Baltimore, I'm not ready to cop laughed him yet, but I would I would still take the pedigree Pittsburgh over Baltimore, but I didn't holds place him crazy, quarterbacks like it. Then he may. I think we went over it, but they obviously played the shouts and twice we saw that they played rivers. I think they're breeze and more homes and their somewhere in big Ben. I would say. The thing I would bet on is that I think the agencies the may have seen north only has one plan to solve its, not Pittsburgh Yogi Baltimore and vice versa. That's looking right and then I think I could see India used in chargers Danbridge. See for those five well, but then are you taken now where's the other end of sea to our sitting in Green Bay Minnesota. One from the north? Meanwhile, car from until I was talking to heresy, Vienna, they said and observers imams. I have been asked here
An atheist ABC North, I think, to plantings total out of those divisions. Gotcha Monday night Brands jets. I brands three half at the jets know. Why are they doing this because this was the First Montana game ever so I don't think so like this is the one anniversary verses of Montana Football. I think that's the only reason. It's taken us with this, but I'm still disappointed the Michel to fires, Thursday for welfare. When they're like it's been a hundred years, our Chris, her dress like Grantly Rice and nineteen twenty cents, a go to Michel right. She does God she's dressed as making twenties like she should look? I got close than the natural or something she ll and completely absurd, and it's like alright, you have cute little hand, and they may be nobody rarity whereby you know nobody, but I got my God
look like you're a nineteen. Twenty, not merely argument to the magic goals could address our viewpoint, dress up another on it. Do we talk about how that's not the greatest rivalry of all time, whether which one Packers here's! What is the greatest robbery alarmed at our heads up bears how many packers bears games. You remember I mean how many my lifetime, like, probably not that's why they ever been good at the same time, that's exactly at night. They get three years at last half century they both in good I'm. There are so many better Patriot, Jack Games and they were Packers bear yeah, that's stupid, and I agree that Greece Rebel Revolt. So you beat me again. I also I said, minus one, I said the gentleman fear by one you said Cleveland by three and a half you're gonna win this its Cleveland by two and a half year be beat me for the weak, eight nine hundred, thereby six eight nine ten eleven yeah. I did.
Yet that Jimmy Johns Ready so that shares you up here, that's good! That's good! We stop the war, I'm betting, the patriots who won the Superbowl. That's it once again be five and a half six to one look into it. Can I read you the Steelers decade, there decade year, two thousand ten lose the superbowl two thousand ten loser. Wildcard plan came in September, two thousand and twelve and thirteen no class, two thousand fourteen loss to the ravens two thousand fifteen plan last to paint Manning there in the air and had his arm was made out of facility two thousand sixteen may there. It had a game got destroyed by the patriots. Two thousand seventeen they blew a plan came to our Blake portals yeah. I remember: thou interiors, remember mighty that maintain no play out and I'm the last game. Their best plan decided at play. Two thousand nineteen ral turns for the Steelers Vance Dave decided
they just can't stand Antonio Brown. They want the raiders Cindy, goes bad, these possible form and it does and they spent whole week outbreak this, and then it had been the knowing a patriot and then they lose through the pages. Thirty, three, three an opening night. Ladies gentlemen, that was your Pittsburgh. Steelers decade Thank you, employees, Dr Zira. I went to great lengths key ban to round off the baker. It's like, I don't have. The pages would appear, fifty million dollars in March, but they were given up the draft text I'm in a written, they met from Carter rate. The combination of the excitement of the inner fell season, starting in his cockiness Beth. Patriots has led me to turn off every bs pack ass this week. It was some please in the stop. Acting like such an arrogant ass. Also, I can listen the package, something I was using on or get house or south to offer some resistance when he gets up on his high horse. I can think I'm some fertile subject matter for doing so,
taking the rams practice, employing a murderer, massage parlors, etc, sincerely Cartwright. Ah Car and I've tried all that so I went in the end, the red Patriots Voice, the Lombardy trophy. Does that the? What? What am I? if not, then we could do really. We didn't take the rams practices that was there was a lie. Come here come moralising. We, we might have, might have put a murder, he massage parlor, where our charges were dropped picture. The pictures were the fences well haven't seen. Yet I forget to do better further, but wait to take one more break. If you add the tv on at the office were at school wherever, where we just have something on in the background or if you just like great sports, covers its live. Twenty four seven cos you nothing! Chicken CBS sports age,
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the Mets he loved it. We got along with the parents. We held the end of the year Party at our house that they warn insufferable the parents actually like them, which is tough for me, was great. Now they have the soccer team in the fall and Harrison. My son is two days too old to be in that league. The soccer lives where they sought out the ages for the soccer is different than the way they do. It forbids baseball so he's two days to all data kid on the team that today's younger than him, but my son can't do it because these two days to all so here's the plan, another team. So but the coach offers this- he says: hey one, it I'll just order an extra jersey. He could show up he's five. Who gives a shit that you know not competing for a budget trophy here. The coaches, other coaches are gonna, know, there's no rosters. I can call me out and that'll be that income in as a saw bore with as always to kids. I can't make it or whatever as like that sounds really good,
my wife's acknowledge: let's do this by the book there. Probably let us do that anyway, but let's, let's just let the league decide as I don't think it's a good idea, but go ahead. Godspeed though it sure enough, Calls up gets the commissioner on the phone or email through email. There are absolutely no exceptions. He cannot play with his friends. He's gonna have to be on this other team. So now she's fury, now I'm not here and now I'm like well. This is this: is your fault you screwed up? We could have the extra jersey because ordered it, it would have been fired. And now we have to plan as other team and not only now as you playing on this other team, they moved those that For some reason. The schedule there's three on Sunday, so I have to see everything was great everything Glinda First Saturday season. Now he has half. The schedule is on Sunday, and and and their practices or Saturday. It too. Two days to weaken days, a ruin for five year old son.
I have a little today so that we can a maniac. I have a question: why are they have in practice for five years That's the thing I ever heard by. Let's forget: what have you your odds run around like a chicken with their head cut off? There's no brain is for them at all As I go with you shouldn't go. The practices is a deal with this. We have a couple beach days left over a million things going on. Why at two o clock, do we have to bring it into practice? Will marry you? Play maybe them on playing, but there's like this, not a scholarship team. I gotta get its that's that we're stuck with the Saturday and Sunday real, quick, the old. One. The freshmen has a game and Anaheim football yeah on Thursday, I'm driving out there about halfway there and I got a call from my wife saying the game is cancelled, because it's too hot. Oh, my god, it's ninety and its then a tomb it and then I want to take any chances ass, a you, gotta be getting me. I know I played through. He like there's gonna want to be the old man saying as but first
this reminds me the NFL, or we talked about- why they shut scheduling September early September Games and Carolina Tab obey if they know, there's gonna, be a storm. Adding seem here seem same whether an Anaheim every September tenth their games on the road. Now, that's it so as to turn back our second trafficked for four hours. But that's that someone that's brutal. I can't believe their practice for five euros. What is called God with this country, isn't that took out of the other know the not they love it. They love it. So much take off work Friday we'll do Friday at five or something you throw us go out with people wing uniforms at two different teams and, ah then just cluster around the bar. There's no. What are they gonna practice just new running into each other I'll? Let you know these. I can remember any of this. He might remember playing with his friends that he grew up with that would have been cool, but I'd take that away, but where we under, what's a birthday ones birthday December thirtieth. So there's a kid who
born January second resign. The thing then that's a tough sports birthday. Yeah right? I never really thought about it. Zoe has a friend that she play. Sakharov, when their kids all the way through and then when California switch to instead of whatever cut off, they was. It became the actual birth here and her friend was December. Thirty, first, two thousand for so had to put the two thousand for she was like the this person in the whole leg and then, but if you really January February, the finer than near you're, the oldest, get it's like the Gladwell book then allies with the occupiers, but right away when people ask me for advice for parenting, I was the only thing I say is: if you think your kids are gonna, be athletic, try a game it so that their born like late January February. That's the move That's good really wanted an actor. I shoulda I understand, for leagues, there has to be
cut off, Benyamin matters when their eight, nine, ten and above but come on five five years there with his friends fast, pretty ridiculous, my pair corner there just latitude from with my son these days. It's it's Israel the turning into one of the autumn characters you, you posted a photo of Brad asleep at football throughout this Einstein next time and I sense kind of turning into our bread is no, no just like he's just a character theirs. I can pick seven stories, but so I go at these two. He, my wife gave him forty hours to cause he was walking down town to go, get coffee or whether some coffee drink with his friend Ben therein. Around. That's gonna: let stories go not right there, it. That was my whole thing. I was then why'd you give em. Forty dollars. Why don't? Even like ten dollars, she's out,
I just grab money from our so giving him forty hours. You know it's like a guy I'm sure you're, giving leg just dumb eleven year old money to spend in the same way comes back. And there is some sail from a store, any care. All this stuff is a mom distorted sale at it. For you at the name of it, other stuff and it was. I can't even describe the stuff tat. One was a thing. It almost will take a stand. And he's gonna keep my trophies on this, he hasn't wanted. Kofi Annan, to get at the given one baseball trophy? So, as extra that's great ugly stand out an imminent words can guy of that, and then it was. I there, is one giant long key. That really light. Has it looked like a key from a scary movie? Let's take a look at this. It was marked down from ten hours to one downwards like yeah, because it's a fucking giant Katy food. What at sea noticeably sure what is the key to my heart on it and then there
like some gold chain, so anyway he spent all afforded hours. Then my waist mademoiselle quite mad at him, he's an idiot. You should be about yourself. So we have that then the other thing was. I rejoined my fantasy league with that, my friends from high school, the one that I was in from like ninety ninety Winnie I'd say it's get that those adding wanna be in multiple leagues and they will really maybe we'll get. I'm back in that did the alma Jaffa thing, but I wanted. I told my son I wish be partners, for this is a great. So we do the draft he's interested right to the point. Where you really want me to take Baker Mayfield, which might be the only quarterback. He knows Odin Tom Brady, so we take him and then disappears is gone for there s a draft down. The CBS App on his phone and then he can look at our team, and these are excited about. That is like a damn good. Our team would favour to win this week, all the stuff.
When to watch football on Sunday like great so comes around its like nine fifty five West Coast time. Will you come out watchful yeah, I'm going to be out there in one. Second, I'm just going to go on the trampoline comes in he's in for two minutes, watches like to or may feel passes I'll, be right back. I never see him again. She's gone there. There is no interest in anything then comes back eight, starts yelling at me because we are so, Lamar Jackson, who I didn't stock as I stand here, may filled cassettes the only for Bob, where my son, other than I went the patriots and, unlike I started, a baker, May Mayfield cuz. That was the guy. You we're all excited about you, Wanna Baker. Mayfair is ever dad the Mars five touch: What are you doing, Are you doing you're so dumb, mercury, one football united without here, so now we're yelling at each other, and then he ends up now watching
any for border, and now he doesn't care about the fantasy team because we lost- and we saw, can I pay the bad team- and he doesn't want to be a mighty with paper. So? There is a real the giant key, then, the other thing is, he has a patch jersey that has is rat name on the back Guess I got caught the flash, Gordon Jersey, so he got his melatonin jersey, wouldn't where that tonight, because he was still mad about the thing loud bastard because I didn't they are basically turned a child after sports rail of the football due to all going to see two beggar major passes. He realizes when we were growing up all week. It is like watch sports or their dad right What was better than we are watching when my pops, the then I want to do. I just one watch a prank video on Youtube.
Who is an imagined yelling at your father for starting a crack down beside the heads of death? Well and then he was he's been researching, is following? Custom who's? The guy is gonna, be Kyle. He's gonna be this guy from Youtube. It's a Youtube video one error, my other and I'm like who's. That. Enzo does. Is this guy and oh yeah, Dana Dough, bricks, video? He sleeps, allow these girls and spoke Slatter parts, but funny to be him following for Halloween that doesn't funny at all. Can he not do that? Then? My pal came in a bench I to stab him with his knife. The pledges it broke in that I wasn't look out, for I thought it was actually Sadly, there came in bed with a knife and then it plunged in and then it receded into itself, because this is the one thing he bought. Taiwan is truly yet before centrality his you do character. The area this is gonna, be the first child in character, the air lover he also ass clouded. If Kyle
Let the baby gun that he bought an Amazon because he can't have it. I got some virtually gonna need that were yes, oh cause can take to be because my need over the fence from their dominant in the hut that wrapped up another exciting observed tat corner spots by car MAX Car MAX rules out the cause of their voting process and select only the best become Carmack Certified, with over two hundred nationwide and more than fifty thousand Carmack certified cars to choose from they make it easy to find the the car for your family or, in our case our screwed up families. They have back with a seven day money back Can every vehicle no haggling, never any pressure by driveway free for ninety days or four thousand miles? Whichever comes first with the car MAX limited warranty start the search for your next car, a car max dotcom I'd, say you do unlock it into my
what what's the top story tomorrow period or is on the king. I want this week that our man I haven't, you know me with those money line parlors at sixteen or floor to state I needed to women, what time I need to Michigan win in overtime and Seattle to pull out that crap came in in the fourth quarter, but yeah that's the top. So I guess the top stories got to be Antonio Brown right now we fix the raiders line. Will. You can bet a certain amount every week why you should just put all the money and the path to when they have ceased, like AEGIS, will, could one the show willing have to do what something that pays out every though it has the power by the Sunday. But but that said when you, when the week you get a free futures, bat and its mind, gonna be patriots to win the Superbowl. I'm just gonna get the unpleasantness out of the way and though it right what else would you do? There's nothing else. I mean you betcha, this all the time, and yet no team has made you more money over the years. I'll have to look back by the people
nobody has been more reliable than noon compatriots for your one terrible today. There are at because cause week to week, one in the books Lincoln for it to them to Monday night Games tomorrow. We love that second Monday. Again, that's good! I love it. That's good! Who's gonna be like Chris Berman's dogs, call your game. Did you? Did you didn't see the Dan and Keith I'm frightened? I now I missed it. Was so bombed out that that was the night they picked like who watches sport centre and right, and I were stated on that on like Sunday night they should then tonight now amounts to tackle. I know they had to do it on the exact birthday, but it was a good. You too, I didn't see it that, while I was in Adam Metallica Concert what's the matter said man in the puppets ruins at Mcdowell gunfire they should unknown, but Now I heard it was greater ahead of us. Neither the really observe figure ironing asked, but not
I guess you make him alive tonight and every week, nine on a b c and degenerate trifecta nigh on against all odds Wednesday. Oh yeah, know tat. You have a new producer year. What you gonna do, I think we got you Cunningham desire to Jean Cunningham get caught the bull Pombe Ethics Somebody has always good for energy. Coming Kyle was an emotional mammas, getting Kyle sending me jibs all night. I didn't think our go first now you're. Gonna love them. So this any wasn't emotional go yeah. I think so. Tat was employ number one at the ringer. I heard him in my a member driveway because he brought he brought all my stuff. Roma ESPN had been I left the European there. I had all the stuff in my office and they never gave it to me and I kept asking and finally, I said: did you call me like hey
any that staff that you know there's some cool pictures, so they had Tate, bring the staff and I met Tate, and we talk to my driver for twenty minutes. As I like this kid, says I glitt ring and things start some hiring. You in here been my first package producer. He was the producer fur. What two years two and a half years and Ohio and then the ended up, doing against all odds with Titus, and then he ongoing biogas as our heads as far as about about upsides late, worse, every back as tight as he did James Tree with Lombardy and he was producing a whole bunch of so arrogant of there were. We wish him, We wish him a lot of luck is going a porn and I think he's gonna to do a great job This is the right age, she's gonna he's gonna act and direct its can be right,
now: Hill Ill Health, everybody. What he's doing when when, when the time comes, but we'll tell him before he tells him here groom Hell may also make appearances together rides every so often somewhere that future. I it's out good job by a huge job. You buddy! I thank. Much to zip recruited outcome of God is absurd. That calm, slash, bs, thanks, do the Ryan Reseller show, which don't forget it. It brings. Chris on every Monday start in this week. Chris
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