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Clippers Postmortem, Wiz-Celts, and Round 2 Intrigue With Joe House (Ep. 207)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons welcomes longtime friend of the show Joe House to discuss the CP3 era in L.A. (5:00), sign-and-trade options for Blake Griffin (18:00), reasons to reassemble the Clippers' core (21:00), Stockton-CP3 comparisons (29:00), Wizards-Celtics (32:00), Ian Mahinmi's struggles (38:00), Al Horford’s impact (44:00), the odds of a Warriors sweep (48:00), Gordon Hayward's free agency (52:00), Raptors-Cavs (58:00), Harden's sloppiness (1:04:00), Aldridge's future with the Spurs (1:08:00), and series predictions (1:12:00).

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but you can subscribe right now and I turned sound cloud stature every pack as gambling every good, because and this is one of the best weeks ever to have that park ass, because that do do have our Basque by Hockey baseball NFL futures we have canal oversees job as the whole lack ANA really great the fire was ever meant. Anything at all, had taken When are you going to be an against all odds of because it so we write me a package submitted by myself do should enjoy Ebay and there were also the Ringer ambition show is back on. The ringer pack has now work after a very successful and emotional month or turn on taxing the tune in for having
in the ringer Moby shows back and last but not least, don't forget that you got the ringer that come out of our stuff. You can read my Chris Paul on that I put up on Thursday. The now feels kind of ominous it's as a reread now that the cook precision is over. Last but not least, though this past one o a too the awards. Actually it won the web. You word for best ports, Pakistan, it when the Webby word for people's choice by cast House pretty get a nice. Thank you dead, thanks to thanks to the Webby Word committee. It was not to be dominated who's that be dominated along with all the other nominees who had a manager who us was dominant, but I was excited we I I think I won T get one a couple times arouse areas peered. So it's nice to be back anyway, where you talk with house about the NBA play ass, but first
fresh off their triumphant appearance in the rack raw fame, which has on HBO this weekend project ass lads to cover brackets spurs that starts tonight, calves. That's right. The way. Doubts as already started. I think we should start with the clips, though. Let's talk about
This is now a year. Six has come and gone of the Chris Paul era in the clear does it feel like it's been six years to you know what it feels like. It's been sixty years who care if you feel like forever the reason the field like forever is because, in the end that six years they crammed in, like a decades worth more than a decade worth a franchise drama yet mean do you wrote this in I'm from Friday. You can't make this step up its much stranger than fiction now, and they really had their window looking back. I realize that as right as I was, writing this they're real windows for this team for two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fifteen, but I think when people look back at this little clippers era, you know thirty five. Forty years from now, we in out when I was right in my book out, look back at teams in the sixties and black white and that team do better one at this time to better. It is incredible. You know they had Blake Griffin, too
thousand twelve second team on Ba two thousand. Thirteen second Mom Ba two thousand fourteen second team on Ba two thousand fifteen thirty Mombi Chris Paul, two thousand twelve first team, thirteen first team. Fourteen first team fifteen seconds. Sixteen second team and then the Andrei made thirteen and fifteen and then last year made first team. I can't remember a team, having three top fifteen prayers at the same time, whose head less it's not that the Andrews technically I mean techniques, probably not attack fifteen per but you know he made first, he mombi aid. Thirteen near before I ask a staggering that they had this many, this much individualist success and just no team success the year for them. What was be when I lost the Houston and in game six.
Yeah for them yet James here they reality say. Sir. I mean they would have been a good theories that was still at the moment when buried had aspirations of creating a rivalry with golden state. To think about, and state that year was they hadn't, really gone through yet and now also the coopers had beaten. The thirteen date already beaten them and apply officers suggest two thousand taking a beating up, but the where had been through A whole raft of of those those really deep, high attention play off wraps and very few member in the fine us. They weren't south for a couple games. The brown was able to step down and you crazy Leubronn staff, and I dont think they re got garland until game, for I think the clips could potentially surprise them, but the thing is doc. Rivers had done so
bad job building the bench that if you remember that EAST answers, the cooks, kind of war out which a little. What we saw in this You two answers, keep they ever start, but how tired Chris Paul is in our Chris Pause, worn down. They gotta have other ball handlers wise Chris Paul, worn down its ran, one so he's painful, Rodya. Anything aim with one of the things that will remember about this era of clippers basketball. Is that doc never found a proper backup point guard? He went in the direction of his son. He chose his son over a proper backup point guard and they paid the price for that year in and year out, you bit his son, his son play pretty well, I see I would be. I would flip that another way especially this year when you have radically of Crawford any of us from rivers or out can we so those are two guards rate- does well to guard yeah. So
Raymond, fellow rape and felt was probably the best backup point our Chris Pied, and think about that rain. I read out seventeen and I say that again, re felt and is the best backup point guard two thousand seventeen Right Felton is the best back, appoint guard their Chris Paul had in a time of a quiver yeah, that's pretty bad Well, I I tweeted Jabbar Crawford's Plath stats for the last three years for the keepers. Unbelievable menus, like twenty seven playoff games, twenty three percent from three, shooting almost five. Three is a game is like thirty seven percent. You know I was finally tomorrow proffered was fools gold cause when, have that one you know that one hot game and values the greatest pouring the planet, like Jason, was put for him for six man the year this year, which I was stunned by he won I don't and have my top three
you know he's one of those guys. He can only do one thing and he doesn't do it that well that often, but when it does it, it seems like do they would have they didn't you answers told him I would sit together, the guys you're tickets with and their beef twenty seconds, in a quarter of our clear out Jamal's going to create its aim, ever go ahead. You know his ease, like certain guys and we ve played pickup guys. I this these guys. They carry themselves like there are some in the kind of Brainwash unit thicket, get there just that is such a weird, weird team, such a weird ending to to lose three of for playing games at home. Until a game sign at home to me that that says blow up. It's weird, exit, except for the copper, so there's nothing weird about as you like, Blake heard of big toe and equip resource three or four games, and now a mean near the governor lepers world. Go bear wasn't really go, this whole series either you now and
and they call you didn't they got them without a couple go bear games and you know it Last game, one at home with no Go Barrett Gaubert Gaubert got hurt, thirteen seconds and they still blued everyone without that camp. That's kind of indefensible that yeah it super indefensible. I don't know what they do, because I was talking were there after. I wrote the calm of bunch, different people reach out museum theories and stuff and one was that it's gonna be a lot easier to trade trade Blake Orphan. Then I made it seem in that car and they were you trade M, as you basically commits into opt into next year, which is like twenty two million, but he gets to basically choose what team he's going to be at the Chris Paul That's the old money versus title situation. That Carmelo was in this situation a couple years ago, Chris pockets
for to enjoy mind eyes right now, lock it down, and I think he is on the other side of the of of his private. This point you saw if he can't play so the games again, Utah without watering down a little bit. That tells me he's at the talent of his prep, so he go to e, could stay with clubs for two hundred one million or hake. Say screwed it chase a title and he'd be kind to be the perfect spur I mean that would be just incredible to have him in quiet all these other guys. My question is: do we hold the Chris Paul play off performance against them after I wrote that column, sharks, Jonathan Sharks, student awesome job for us in the playoffs. Maybe this com that had miss from his own website in November two thousand fourteen- and it was basically about Chris Paul. Is at one level there in the regular season, especially when he's going it's lesser competition but
You have to raise your stakes when you gotta bring it every night when you know when, in policies and basketball the results. Weren't there like we thought there were any went through. You know two thousand twelve, my calmly. This is off from Europe. His calm so check this out. Its online as his say is also was pattern a basque, but that box, but that come to does it twelve ie eight totally outweighed currently two thousand thirteen output embryos. Little closer two thousand fourteen staff played really. Well, that's ears, member that staff that was kind of when we knew steadfast chanced to be something special. There really Nazarite Sears Year, he dead and Chris was thrown. Everything adamant and he's Canada the next series Westboro Climate destroyed Chris Paul it in that Chris Paul. Oh Jack spasm has twenty two foreign eleven fifty percent shooting, but Westbrook was twenty. Eight
six and nine and forty nine percent shooting about that ok, I'll, kill Chris Paul. For that. Listen, that's heading. In his prime for a plan series and if you remember Oklahoma City, that was the game five and the clips are up, six break the land with a minute nine laughed. He makes one, MRS One and then the clips, far par in. Most inconceivable ways in history. The paths and Chris Paul makes I wrote that was the worst twenty second stretch any grape, whereas a ready made eat literally made three terrible, terrible, terrible plays and a foot this. There's an they lost, so then you go next year their plane. This is after jobs for at this com. Their plane Houston in the play ass, no Patrick Beverly member. It was
was I Jason Terry NEWS hurt, but it was like the rackets put out voip guys at point guard and end the clippers couldn't win and that, for their sake,. I don't know you and I feel the same about the rings culture, and you know it's. It's unfairly, malign certain guys from the past that we love Barkley being one of them, but mandate like he's our job, while did in Atlanta on Friday night Each is put everyone as bad as I fuck this woman and the serious and aid just as
he might Chris had allowed. It is in the plants and add my question to you is: maybe she's not the taper player. You know, maybe he s the efficient. I think he intends to be that kind of prayer. He wants to be that kind of player he just not capable of exerting his will take to end in and making in having his way at the most crucial moment. We have Conover over time. The conclusion I think we have to draw he haven't played its unfair data per se. Barclays name along Chris Paul Crystal haven't, played a conference. Final is if career jerks Jack, said the theory that he's just two short speeches. It sad, simple, but
You know he listed all the best guys on the championship in this column from three years ago and all the bad guys in championship team, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine ever and was six four at all, except for Isaiah Thomas now,. A calm staff, curried fifteen and sixteen, I guess just fifteen zero us. Sixteen bid stuff cars like six three but Why was it's really hard to exert your well when your six feet tall? You know- and I think this ethics have seen that to some degree with ASEAN Thomas, where, as the teams get better, becomes just easier to kind of come up with different tricks. The kind of keep up a short guy from dominated ask Abigail yesterday he wanted and although not just keeps getting better, but it's when you are in a theories. We are playing the same team repeatedly genome in on it in a seven game. Theory, if they can adjust mean this, is I'm counting on this out of via?
my washed and then almost bull appear against yeah we're talk about then the second. You tat you too I that coincide or was one of the heroes around one. He was eating a really great job, especially considering the gaubert situation. Then everything I was gonna yesterday to have trouble, keeping go baron the court, but but what it thinks Did yesterday defensively surges, flooding crisp. Ah, you know it something that the subjects have had to do. With with Isaiah, with certain teams were aegis, basically making impossible for them to come off. Pegs do the screens and all that stuff and the clips than an answer, because most of the guys know team just stand in spots and shoot or they're coming around picks and shooting I see so I wouldn't blow it up a further one. I would it I would actually keep Blake because I think the chance of of, if you just
go through other Blake injuries, the odds of hand being able to get in a good game shape next year and be healthy again. To me. That's a safer bet than what I would get from him in it for him in it and assign insured whose whose whose mortgaging the who's who's way Griffin? He said he said like seven surgeries. Would you would you be happy if the will of the wizards traded Bradley Bill for by Griffin? Now now? I would not do that right right. I wouldn't do that. I would still be traded boogie for broadly be. I would stop. I am, I think, a black women, but that's the thing: it's like you not getting soup, star for superstar for Blake, but you are not getting any of the expensive younger Bradley Bill C James column types for blank either. I dont think you you're gonna be able to get aid, those guys we be able to get her sick. You might be if we get there
credit rating alone were at a crazy moment, because the hawks or in the same predicament would they got it. With Paul milk. That will he's he's gonna leave. Well, you gotta eat em. If you gonna take a pick out, but you know that. But the challenge under the current collective bargaining agreements, you can't pay boy Griffon like a superstar, you're different said you know it, you cannot gonna. Do a superstar pursuit preserve trade is by Griffin superstar. He was he was. He was correct. Congratulations! That's right! He was is not going to win. You gave them the two thousand seventeen to them play back above you, two thousand fourteen third near VP voting, two thousand and fifteen. We were on mild podcast agreeing that he was the third best pouring league during a point when the league was getting really get so then J breaks the sand. I forget
his injury was enacted by the playoffs And then they share the guy A new scope but then broke his toe, and I gotta be honest that that the broken toothache I think, if he wasn't a free agent, don't you think they would just shut up and who had appointed is probably too risky. Could they shoot out? How I don't know, I don't think so. I don't think you can play a very if your feeder messed up would you rather play hammer? Would you rather have some of the deeds their thrown out would rather Blake and what further some of the deeds there? Third out there we see that's right and silent about my one had lied. People have played on an on stuff. That was worse than that. I Is it wasn't super sprang? Yes, I played on light that super super duper sprained. I think they could assure about, but I dont think you made
hence for either side to do that. They give you this year too, of a five year contract and is there its around three, but I think there like its round one, it's probably stupid conversation but yeah, I think To me, it's a safer bet that breaking comeback. And if you wait a couple years Adam, what's your goal, what are you? What are you doing if you bring back Blake and bring back o emulated that meet people? Three back as well? I you on the clippers you have your it's a Laker city anyway, Senor Skirt, and that point you have to football team, Sir Knight, to baseball teams. You have enough soccer team you have hockey team you Visa in USA. You have have stars. Are your ear immediately irrelevant? That's a bad way to build a champion, but I dont you can almost talk yours
events are well. We still have one of the best twelve, whereas in the weeks or we can start there, we can't lose em and their Blake was third best. Only two years ago we can't lose em. I could see talking myself into that upon the clips you now, because the turn it envisages rebuilding and it's like. How do I saw a rebuild this fan base that has just been kicked in the nuts for forty years in just one the Lakers, do it for the last foreign and they don't even have a guaranteed asked our yet what what? What? What the hope, what hope you selling bringing back the furthest core group You're selling that they had bad luck. The last two years, my God, you don't like that that tougher do, I need to get with my marketing team and work on that somewhere. You gotta work now and a little bit the old bad luck, as does not put Nazism feet. I don't think I soon
again. What would you do it by Griffin? You would not give him a four year, a hundred and fifty million our extension roared areas eligible for five years and one fifty absolutely not absolute, under no circumstances no way Would you trade him? Would you tell him opting for one more year will traded next for karma? I would have done. I betrayed that deadline. I still think they should have done that I understand what ideal didn't happen before the trade, thereby they would have been so much better off with mellow. A motivated, mellow and ally. He knew he knew at that Point in him. Allow we're going down De Melo and allay you kidding me audible that com love bug speed. I don't have time to read them, audible that come as the perfect solution get audio books, and this led the gender commuter even watching for Bonn, Mute audible that copper,
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But I dont think they can do it that way, the other movies to fire, doc and blame everything I know which do that absolutely I would We do that twenty, we I would try and start fresh at at at at every level. I would I would move J J I wouldn't know he's gonna like cages in summer ass. If unrestricted J J gonna get a nice deal from Like Brooklyn inner somebody, fur he'll get like sixty million for three years, something crazy fuck off for players. I mean you know, Blake Sleepy, three, J J, you you're gonna, felt Jamal Crawford, even though they extended em, for whatever reason Doc get rid of all of them. Now you gotta be gotta, start fresh now eating
get rid of players. That's the dumbest thing. I've ever heard. What he's talking about that is aware year, the same guy who got mad at me when I said you should trade John, while in November, when you were to an eight hour, as a german thing to say the way and it still upset it's absurd to say get rid of Chris Paul by Griffin. In this some get something those guys are assets. I tasted, of course. No you I'm not saying you know just just the wave em now you definitely you works and trade and get back. What are we gonna? Get? It took to be twenty five cents on the dollar. You make your piece with affected. The best you're gonna do with twenty five or thirty, or maybe, if you're, lucky fifty cents on the dollar. Absolutely I'm not suggesting that they don't get anything returns. Gotta that eggs, it's gotta, be young young players with the wisdom promised and began to start start fresh. In my view,.
Date. First of all, Chris is getting the two hundred and one million so you're, not trading him until December. So just factor that part into Think Blake is much more tradable and I'll be curious. Would have to be a desperate him. It would have to be somebody you who looked at all the surgeries and the injury history and said to themselves it's it's risky, but we got it. We gotta try it. You know so who's that Aspartame Munoz Gallagher, the next, I think, the Lakers cause. I think they share the same medical staff set. The Lakers would probably run the other action from that, but I'm sure there's a couple either once I'll think about it like if you made it, but that's quoth like you, you can come up. Something with all the assets that were Linda Houston have testament go near. Ok, I don't know I'm your team another still need such as some reliable scoring with it
certainly didn't hurt us yesterday or put in a hundred and twenty three on your ass hurry away, everyone there now tea would you keep correspond like of crystal? Is that you are a staple tat says Chris Pasco statue inference staples for not applying what that he deserves it there for the transformation of the franchise. I don't have the issue with his contribution. And all the achievements that he had time to move on. They should make statue and then in only make eighty five percent, They had passed in the first round to the job like what am I supposed to do? Get up a good standing ovation round to the dead like. What am I supposed to do? Get up a standing ovation. Less three home plan gives. I don't even know what to say to that date going beyond the top. I point gardening, the league. What do you want me to do it both to be the best play on the floor? The is lousy
Is there some John Stockton similarities in that incredibly efficient great numbers, awesome point I'd love in the death, but there's other gear that they can't hit what been drunk documents, Y know NBA final member. How long it took him to get there. Thou heating get there till you know year. Routine and I was even after you know. They basically act His prime and a lot of it had to do it that the tat I wrote about this last week about the talent can adapt to a truly hope. Those you tat teams, but the Utah fans around mad that I thought Chris Paul. I gotta rethink that Actually, you know, I got a lot of feedback, as I put Chris Ah and curry, I had had a Stockton on the autumn list and I curried- colleagues, I got a really
I gotta almost do like a two day deep dive. China figure figure, Plover started to tough one. Chris pause, the real problem, regular season. They efficiency are that stuff for incredible, but from a plan standpoint, even less success than stacked and had thus first for twelve years extract then at least went to the conference files three times he could you don't go to any conference finals. That's at some point. He can't you sell ring. Culture is not just about winning it's about. It's a lot of a kind of winning. You can't buy five guys. You know the legislators and their problem I have my watch and capitals mainly hockey- is even more of a team sport, but at some point it's the same guy for decades yeah, it's true, but he can't get to the final kick at that conference final, there are some. You know. George judge carbon really jumped at me like forty years ago when as working time
a bug China figure out where to place him in here couple moments tat he really could have you know he added a couple chances to have defining moments in the biggest one. Seventy nine against your beloved bots. Thirty, three on and that serious and the bullets come back and when forty three and Bobby Dandridge does job on and I was able to get the tapes for. I think I'll. Three, those games anchor revenge there were moments when they really need that money. Wasn't there I forget it. I think his points were ok, but it was more like a when watching the game, these little moments. When best guys get back as guys. I got this You never really did it. He was as via score that that's really are did and I you know, If they make the final year, they they probably could have beaten Seattle. Had a pretty good team. So I don't know the placer about those three
four or five times over the course year career. When there's this little fork in the road and for the clippers man, you go back to fourteen and fifteen. I still think that was that's a killer. I let's but suck, but the results are: teams have never played in the plan together. We ve been friends since we ve been friends they played in eighty two and eighty four. We became friends and eighty eight Bernard join the bullets short. What would like a year saw after that, our Mobutu Watch CUP, a bullet celtics gains. We really enjoyed it Bernard King and bird on the court together, never really take it seriously and then, It was just a train wreck from net. Neither team was, We get at the same time and then finally,. Finally, we have our series- and you are very confident and on the wizard you might have placed low wage on your team- was that out of
blind lover. Did you really think it was a good match up? I think it a good enough I just wanted all karma to be right for my team this year. I mean my team is, is fatally flawed and use all of that on display last yesterday afternoon, small quick complaint, why the wood, the Celtic them and the winds are playing at one o clock in the afternoon. I know the schedule said I had a time, but goodness gracious they. They both played Friday night ass to be back back. Error, I know they weren't factoring in you know I Zayigo fire Cross country for his sisters funeral, but you know what it have killed them the but pushed the gay back. You know five o clock. A six o clock in the evening could have been after the clips Utah game even but in any event, while our licence was in spurs Houston at one o clock on Sunday, this teams and played for like couple days now
that's an aim then or where, where was Cleveland her on a wider Toronto tonight, I don't know anyway that I'm I'm I'm. I feel good about my team in the series I like the the match up. I like this is a celtic team. We talked about this a million times. It's really in transition. This isn't the that they imagined you know going all the way. I don't think going to the finals. I mean it took an extraordinary year out of Isaiah Thomas they've been happy with Thomas Right coming into the twenty. Sixteen slash two thousand and seventeen season. You will you loves the over for them. They they barely hit it right. What was that fifty three and a half yet barely bad habit in it and how they work are you they barely hit the over, but we and our use of it felt like a team that would go to the carpet bottles, who's the quiver that may yet happened in terms of the ceiling for the cell that their subjects
big play remains all the assets that they have and I love them. That we have with you guys over the course of these, and we we split the syrian theories. There was some good you now try talking the bat wash them backward. With healthy for the entirety of of the season, the way a rarity here and ETA. We we match up. Well, with you when, when we're healthy and everything change in the second quarter yesterday, when our Orford Paul An old Bruce followed. Now you want and writer early of teaching staff and let him come down land on foot. Come on that someone happen now. Hoarfrost classy, individual. The I know is: keep went straight up and came straight down and he landed on our four to put our efforts, but wasn't there when keep went up? he should move this foot. Landed somewhere us. They, you miss. The guns. It's good Stevens played the wrong up in the first quarter and
he went swallow when he shouldn't got smile. He kept the chair of Green light up that. The only reason that worked in the bowl series was cuz. It's spread out the bulls and we're just too quick in the railway many shooters, but against the wizard. You can't do that as Morris and once they figure at once, they figured out that two of smart, they rosier always had being the game to deal with. While then, then you saw that the game start to shift. What was it was interesting was: boy, I got hot and the second half the first half it looked like you couldn't player it looked like you might not be able to claim the serious he was being so bad they exposed and then that foot then a second half and Stevens dusted off jail in Brown. Who was just getting Dm Peace the Chicago series it. Enemies. Somebody somebody text miss me this in those who works in the week that,
when tea when in doubt, in these places, teams just go young and athletic and try to figure it out, which is what the South extend that sears. And an eminently really instead of jail in Brown, can keep plan because the else, don't have a lot of guys in their roster to handle Bogdanov Ich. If he's gonna play. Anna. Conversely, they can't really watch him on the other side, unless it's with Thou O Linux, I think this one's gonna have a bunch of different match up game bag it's going to switch depending on who gets high now that stuff. I think this go seven still, but do you think I hope? You're right I mean all of us really comes down to how heard Keith Ankle is yea with EC one of the crucial ex factors, because of the advantage that he represents, along with Gore tat on a defensive boards after Robin Lopez performance performance against the felt in I had high hopes that keep in court tat together, we're gonna. U no help offset some of that
we point shooting by the south and the expected. This helps to shoot. You know well what, if you're gonna, be a wash and fan and look at this game of the glass half full. The self tie their franchise record for threes yesterday crowd or had his very best play off game as a professional. He shot Euro six of aid from three after shooting twenty seven percent against the bulls, the with myth, nine free throws an end. They lost the third quarter by twenty points and yet being a bug out of it by gotta, which had a four point play. They had the effect of making the game. It was a three point game with six and a half minutes left Co. Your point, you know about missing out on a golden opportunity because of who bread start started. I mean you know that.
Took great advantage of that and then breaded adjusted in the ways one the first quarter did they were dominant in the first quarter. But you know that's not the gradually dozen put put teams away. You know you got a plague. All forty eight minutes in the Withers bench stinks. It stinks! Think it's as if it was it was a historically bed bench. They managed to. You know slightly correct that, through through a couple of additions, bog down evasion Jennings around the trade that lie period, I would be wonderful,
if Ian Mahinmi could take off his ballet slippers and join the boys on the basketball court, one of these days, it'll be neat at the sixteen million dollar. Man at some point could come play some playoff minutes for the for the team that that you know had this great confidence and then that would be a neat development, especially in view of Keith injury. But it's like your death Weis. That's if the Celtics have the ability to exploit some Washington vulnerability and it's going to require super superhuman effort from Beale and wall to match. The ban as they have in the backward for the with the hang in there. For this to go in my only you know, I think it's it should be, as you are observing a very competitive, hotly contested theories, but it might not be if, if Keith is hurt me more than that it seems an empty your eye to make excuses. First of all, you got every car Today you you'd fourteen thousand thickset
twenty five in the reps. At the end, we try and give you extra Faso wasn't like the most embarrassing disparity ever so forget that part in any. Benches bad, but it wasn't thunder bad. You still have got you brain Bogdanov edge. I dont think J Smith is terrible. I don't think it's. The best of a bad shredded heard offer her eyes a thread through all of it. And also here, processing with weapon plans. As I had kept process, every everybody's little bandanna dared favours limpid around yesterday in a game. Seven, you need you know. If you look at the box or you get as good a gourd. What game is you're going to get and you got it as good of an Otto Porter game as you're going to get well can probably you know. I was twenty in sixteen, but it did feel like the south. I had at least dad. I think your advantage is bill in the series.
I think his size in his scoring in his creativity is just an issue for the south. The growing needs to go to them. I've got a guy at last her that we got about porter up. We got the best porter, we're gonna lose a theories because he was one of the culprits, on those miss rotation, ranked events today to have a whole bunch of open your eyes in the third quarter. Yeah he's not a very good defensive Blasi. I think of him as a friend, but I do feel like is not really what what for him. In my head. He made a lot of mistakes. History. One thing chemicals
wrote destinies recap, ammonia, eight questions to look at over the course of it. This theories these these them. These are commonplace theories that guy that either Thomas is gonna end up on is porter, because you have to find a day on defence at the best way and porters. The most likely candidate by porter doesn't have any track record whatsoever playing with his back to the basket and in taking advantage of the mismatch with with you don't get to require an adjustment by by Scotty, Brooks to really leverage that into an advantage and who it would you now, though, the one play of yesterday he caught the ball way too, I wasn't, they were near the balcony turn around. It did a kind of a fall away over over Thomas, which is just you know, though the predictable miss. What's your dude, it's pick a basketball thing when you throw somebody out of what they want to do, but
presenting them seeming advantage that Jeddah MAGIC Sam. It's a hay Washington, We are as a Thomas and our rapporteur each post above the great it meanwhile like you dont want our porter ever to post up even one imposed up again your six outside, but if on the south, expand that's great, because if he's posting, That means Bradley Billingham aren't shooting them it's by. Out the bar. But on that note I was thrilled by crowded performance me he's gonna have a six of eight three point: shooting performance and be emboldened: take shot throughout the year, let it being game on my dad. You know get that! That's. Why go and now my dad made the same point. His job creators, frustrating South accused, like you know he was great. When the game. I hope that does mean he's gonna
he can shoot for their factories again for the rest of the stairs gives every attack tat. The south set were nineteen and thirty nine from and any time they shoot that well from through they want it doesn't matter they play sound. I gotta be the case If they showed that well, they were on the field, they won't ok, they were they do it. If they do they're gonna win happen It's a team that is designed to take between thirty five and forty shots game and if they make over forty percent of them, it's really hard to beat them. I I say that everybody was given our for shit, especially after the first he games it's always a good parameter than of people actually know what to look for when they were Basque about no devalue, but you know great. He doesn't get. Twelve ribands gamey, its eight ok, he's, probably the best passing centre in league other, unless you can't dream on as a centre, he can. She threes, which spreads afore,
he's? A smart guy in the team he's the best tea on the team he's a very very good Lopez defender he's a good help defender the garden a million things and the price for a shitty centres. Last summer was seventeen million dollars a year for a bad centre. Actually, I have one we have one year. You have one you know who else has went the Lakers. You know how it says when the Knicks, those cat- that was the price for sinners last year- was sixteen million bucks, so they pay to work, for five and he's actually good, so good centre a table I like having a Mamma team, the class Well, he took out our x factor to congratulate him. Oh, I gotta cagey bed with the with the Bruce Baldwin cheap shots. I can't believe that really hurts my feelings. Let's talk about legacy backs, ample and affordable way to gay recorded moments, digitally preserved and dvd or thumb drive if you're, like most Americans, there's a box in your closet, a videotape
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and this can only order. That's legacy box, dotcom, slash bs for forty percent off, I'm afraid the send my stuff to legacy box, because. Yeah I mean to be honest. I really have some crazy staff at once. Now, if I want another human being to see some of the videos retained college enough, it's a good idea to really think that I love you I'm sorry! I come now. I might say I'm gonna send them some family stuff and tested out, but I don't know this legs Box have in India in January. You need do gimme the utmost indiscretion, yet we really need somebody with excellent judgment. Where's the legacy box platinum, package that guarantees that only one other human being seized the tapes that's the one year anyway. So I think game too. I think you're, probably gonna, lose game to unless one year guys goes off any one of the two new.
Their bill and should be wall while had eight turnovers. It's just such a tough, tough batch of because of Avery Bradley a mark, a smart immunity at eight. They just you know now now, while did it get to the basket, and he D were twice got under the framework near the rim and then tat thou to three point. Four three points out yet and I would prefer that he just go ahead and and take the lay up, and that might be something Might you know tilt things a little bit in his favour, but if it Tommy match up, but we use a prize gotta be bill, it's we bear. I think you're a chance to win in Boston beer that have I'm not even exaggerated. This number, I think, Guineas advocates forty five point game my god, I'm so I would say if you said to me, how much do you think we'll need to score to win in Boston? My number was forty. Five. We are reared but mom with us. Now you need, while we ve been talking about Basque above thirty years, He needs agenda,
the game where his leg, twenty and shouts he's like sixteen for twenty seven any makes seventh Jason and gets the line. Eight times makes several am one of those tat, but thanks guys, I do think he's dead he's the biggest proud for this pigs because you can shoot over smarter Bradley and there's been moments during the season when he's just whatever he wants, WA the south are kind of equipped to at least keep him in check and prevent them from doing you know those too. Together, they have seventy three points and game six. It gets at Lena yeah that that's what happened It's a south eggs. I dont think, but I think Beale is the one that could potentially go I'll pay cuts Sal text that, as we are doing this pack ass, he said worrier sweep is plus one twenty, oh yeah, I need. I need the Oslo, some of the law from gonna take on the big that I made on
measures in the theories yeah that have guided by that I wouldn't give out a wizard, but I'm givin up anything, but I want to cover some of it. So where's play one twenty and for an plus one, twenty five and five. I love that it supports number I'm glad at the Bobby, even odds. I'm gonna play a little game called here's. What I learned from ran one, I think to stop Unita. You have to do, is take out angles and rod nude, because if both of them are out, if you, if you move both of those guys from the game, and they do nothing. They can't win. That's happen them game six legged in we made it. A wager on? U turn that game and we might have been disappointed by words of support it, but Ngos and hood suck together in an hour That's our! I just know from I watch. I went to two eyes: three g
as clippers game's over the last month. Watch him pretty carefully. They need the they need at least one of those guys when both of them play, while they're almost unbeatable and that unless airplane the warriors, but when they both sack, it's really hard for them. His Heyward can still get his twenty seven. Twenty eight guys can get a little bit but the angles like shockingly valuable for them at both ends He really is a creator for them. I dont know what they do at the Georgiou thing like it, because I think they're gonna get swept. I would not pay Georgiou like a hundred million dollars personally nice player, but I just don't I'd just am opposed the paying guys who are in the top twelve at their position like their top twelve guys. I think it's a mistake. You your goal at the ready jack through there.
The Campbell Walker Warlike any any any any. That stuff Taylor, you happier Pang Campbell, Walker, MAX money, start shooting staff, shooting camera tat, says staff at at least there is better ways to build a team personally, but but you know that team at a really good series and. I'm sure there have and ideas and if they can throw a couple is it the warriors during the course of the serious and get it is six, then you have to bring everyone back right right. I think so right yeah, I don't know what happens if they were. You know that you had a piece on the ringer today by Jan Gonzalez about him, and he mentioned something in that peace. That, I think, is an important part in little tidbits for people. Remember they wouldn't pay him. Four years ago,. He had to go out and get a max restricted contract offer from another team and initiate was gonna, be clean.
And then it up being Charlotte in Charlotte's, sign into a max restricted, fridge and offer a new tab matched. It is insulting the whole thing because you tat is basically like we don't know if you're MAX prayer go out and see if you can get the offer and then he went out had interests than he got. The offer being in the sea files that went away is my point. I don't think they created heraclius commuter. If there be a tough thing, they walk away from. Something should be interesting for him. I know that's the thing it have to be a team like the Celtic, that's right on the brink, The eighth around, though, why a tailor made it made this ethics chances worse, that they got around to if they had blown game six and gave seven in the season was over. I would have been more optimistic. I was really impressed by him and in person his
really smart, like I love watching my love watch and some of the little subtle stuff it as he's kind of an old school like nineteen seventies, eighties type of you know from that era type a warehouse, impressive them. That's a nice team, it the problem for them as favours just they can't keep, even remotely physically healthy. Even you saw yesterday it such a bigger impact than that game that he can't stand the court and you know and be an athlete. He just say he looks old when you seem in person. It's like that. Guy looks like he's. Thirty. Eight out, I would have won a complete without really quickly on. Heyward have ever been an instance where a prime free agent was coming on the market and one of the most likely teams out their bidding for services featured his former college coach? Well, that's the South Ex biggest asset Titus Titus was Talkin about that.
For a while. I would have Titus on the to talk about your neighborhood, so you can put it in his own perspective, but Stevens was recruiting Where do I need was even on the map and then I think he had a growth spurt and it became like a belatedly sexy high school recruit, but he stuck with Stephens so Naw man, that's that's! That's also! I'm up. I think we ve ruled everywhere Will that Miami ever when they have cap space and Arabic? Antonio could ever be ruled that either you know he's gonna, have options, he's gonna get courted and when you tat plays the loyalty card, huh he's gonna have in the back of his head. You know four, so you guys didn't think MAX player. So I'd. I think that's a real thing quickly. Let's talk about proper got that come every guy knows that it's hard to find a gesture that fits, maybe the cars too tight the slaves to love. Shirts to lose weight at which a shirt
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proper clodagh com, bs, give code bs you than ever give good code. There's no proper cloth, proper dot such ass is there We got, we have been some bed, we have helix flash out. I think It say you know you ve arrived in life when you have a slash with your name in it or your initials. It's great scale I am very happy that I have a couple sash bs, I back to the path so Houston? San Antonio is by far them Fascinating series ran to Cleveland Toronto, You talk about really quickly. It's gonna come down to what Toronto team shows up. I do think they have the pieces you ye its Even we're talking about it with you, because you're just in the Lebron, what do it and the air Turn on the switch is doing he's gonna get by ferocity, we're talking about.
I actually think that Toronto has a chance because of their depth and because of a buck and Peter Tucker Peachy Tucker abroad is gonna, be as one of the best storylines, the state of Israel. So I also think Toronto Isaac, a d, I'm glad were able to talk about this cause. I asked I think I thought you This can be done about. I also think the has a chance I think defensively. It is by far are a much better team, then they were last year either have the light up when the wind Cleveland does were behind by fifteen, which is put LE brought into bunches shooters out there. The the wraps can actually answer that with a couple of their own and it most important. They're gonna ugly it up and they're gonna they're, going to do a whole bunch of Pga, Tucker Type stuff tobacco, slavery is going to lose pushes and guy stare
and each other and people, China, inquiries head and the bronze head, and that's why I think this could be a sin is, I think, they're going to turn into a street fed its basically what they did to pull walking from game for on. There our guy. What's, let's put the series really make the super ugly Edwards their bang and you guys around hey guys gonna handle in Milwaukee can handle it. I think the same thing with this year's street fight knock em, but I I kind of like tron of Tenth Street fight meeting. If torrent. Let me tell if Toronto goes into the series and says the Lebron. Second, a lamp. King of the line. Go get your two points at the line, your neck and lamp or not, and you get to the rim reason six Ass from the June is really use. Our six thousand Patterson will bring in that rookie from you tat he s six vows Goin, and the line and just batter leubronn it. Get so that when he goes to the rim he's getting hit, it he's got
have the two points, I think that's gonna work and if you have you no Tucker to throw it m fur, five. Thirty minutes the bronze score on, but it's it's not easy. You now. I did the thing It kills Toronto, as did the morrow. Kara carriages fell off a cliff. They need that that, should it's him out, is exactly where they signed up for this series right now to go and get Puget sound. Instead, Butter Butler Read the Rosen lowries after this year. I don't know, there's a case to be made they're gonna have great home crowds. I dont think Cleavings vague defensively, understatement understatement of the year. But then you know I did the key. The series is Perry. Oh, did you lose inquiry take over thanks,
whose garden carrying the series he's a guy that I would laugh but have any lapse. Coffee heat when you start get into the room that way that yeah he's most dangerous he's a guy that I would try and put on this, but I will do little bad boys, basketball. I would bring back. Nineteen eighty eight inquiry I'll be really should the will now and game one because it sets up the. U way to do it, you gotta do it from the first courting game on you have to make a clear decision or playing in this year's cause, you also have to establish the rafts. Do you can't just go from financed her what's, let's start banging guys down cause but If you start early and you just keep doing keep doing keep doing it, you know can be applied at the outset. The deck had spread them out to that with other different shooters I'll I'll be interested to much Carroll Place and whether they give up on him how citizen
how they handle when its carrying their lands at their the same time. Did you think de well is gonna play this? Well, I certainly did that. It's just that. That thing you know you get to the rights. If you wish in your exactly there, you get exactly the right minutes in your surrounded by guys that, but let you be the best you can be at the stage of your career. We feel too many times to the discount. You know a possibility that that they will do so when they go when they pick one or the other with Thomson and or love, and they play leubronn at the four they play Kyrie and at the same time, and then they put us another shooter out there, whether Psmith, Corver scary, light up and when Do that Albania to see how Toronto as us Instead, the sea, like you, know that Shoot us if, if he's ever gonna, have a huge impact in a plaster as they should be the series right they base there. Ethan Thompson is, as
There are only centre hit hierarchy that nobody else here. Should build your money about unit I'm at the time they have good matches in this here's the rose and can make make. I quibble work on defence. I don't know I. If I'm wraps fan, I would be so disappointed if we laid nagging says it's all set in their Cleveland, not a good defensive team. They have a lot of miles of them. They ve never really totally figured out the love Thompson line up together on both ends. Really this entire season. Sinfonia Houston, is the most fascinating series, while these Toronto, it's like were kind of hoping. We hope this will happen, but we don't know they might just lay an egg Sinfonia Houston, just a great match up Saint on it, is MIKE Small Ball, Houston loves playing small ball, Saint attended, as have the kind, the kind of guards to just throughout a bunch of guards. The same time Houston, can throw lineups with think a bit better.
They Lou lambs harden eat out they digging padded dear at our air, Gordon they can take a playwright, innocent centre, which they did a couple times its it is. It is going to be. And are now a nice little litmus test for where we are with basketball and a lot of ways if hard and plays well in Houston, can't beat them than that that says to us that you know the old school motto of having a basketball team still matters if they just bomb, the shit out of them with trees and small ball and space and make it impossible? San Antonio play other began together now that staff in there, but a rap, What kindly did against them last round multiplied by ten. That than would you do if you the spurs, after that, you have this team that that you know it's a guard driven league in your guards. Are
again you almost half the blood, the motto or try to go yet Chris Possum the debt. So who do you think wins answers I hate to disrespectful earlier, but I think you will feel to thrust back. Why don't you want to say it? I ain't gonna give up. I ain't goin again the birth in Antonio machine, but I just think Houston, debility the score from so many different way from so many dimensions, and I expect Houston be like fifteen percent more poised, then Memphis and Memphis gave it to the spur that gave it. I was so impressed by calmly. I can't remember, which want to your writers wrote it might have been positive. Who has the bad very appropriate and timely piece on on calmly holy cow calmly, with great you with unstoppable? He was great poets testing. Is there a complete, different teen than then he is that right.
The reasons they were, but this was because they had so much size that in Estonia, where normally there sizes and advantage this I really hurt them and they either they date there, for guys that as the series, what are they just can appear like dead men with somebody that was pretty good for them. The season and was was I'll to be a factor, in this series. Houston's gonna be attacking them from a completely different way, but I still think, you're right like calmly as the one that that's a good model for foreseen fur Houston because they pay them. At times I like looking at the regular, sees a match up. I think you can learn some stuff from those. I don't think there the full indicator, but it's pretty good side. So, all four times these team play gains are close San Antonio and three of the four, but Lou waves is only one of the games Having glue waves is somebody that is gonna, be
a real real, real problem for fur Santa. He was like one for ten and the again. Their pages had a shake him, but to be able to constantly put pressure on them with play makers. Whoever is out there were that's a basically Houston as three. They have Gordon they have hard and they have the lamps guys. Who can you now hand of the Bonn, do some stuff, and I quite cankered everybody, but perhaps the Grech report- your Beverly offer didn't play in the first two games that they would they be put at the very beginning and I feel it The ninth in the twelfth of November, which is kind of Weird Yang Scheduling, crazy, think the Rockets one one of em and and and this bird one you know the next one, but I do know that the disease is one where I don't think the regular season experiences indicative of what we have in store for them. If an avid agree because its Andy, it's, we haven't seen this used in team as presently constituted.
Running at our cylinders, playin the spurs yet totally agree, that's what I wanna see. I I get one best advantages. Seen Tonia, as I don't think Houston's home crowd is very good. Wow I down the people, use them. I don't. I don't I don't mean to insult the good people used and I dont think that crowd really affects games and I And San Antonio was so good on the road just for just from the pop infrastructure. Dad it's to me. It's like I must own, even think it matters where these games immunity played cause, he's thinking whenever they don't care where they play in. I agree, but I think that there are still hurts you used to know it. But San Antonio home chord, and I dont think that matters but ass, a think if, if seen
rodeos down three two to go in Houston game. Six is not like: they can't go in there when I say that I agree with that rhythm of this series is gonna, be very, very weird, annulled It's gonna in a hardened in particular, is, he's just so You know he was so gay, those first three gaps and there he was so bad, those last who gets o k c and they were super soppy down the stretch which we with them alive in there and their slapping general a card and set the turnover record. The share you know only. We just need to know whether or not a bank or all the way back in the rough it'll be fine do enough to let him fully recover- my fear farmer used in fact, and I think Houston's gonna win the Sears, I'm picking them. Oh, no, I'm or both we both like you, yeah the eye, one we're not an alarm, and it is that the south executed beat the wizard and you're gonna, be filling a complete dumb ass for Thou and de here's. My ears, my fear,
San Antonio pulling games out of their ass with the infrastructure and with Kawhi with pop and with coaching and good adjustments in the last. You don't go for free, the second have a really smart and bans play a play where Houston's up for with. The two seconds laughed and they turned the ball over and quiet. The three and they get to steal my feet, is that Houston is it's. It's gonna feel
they should have won the serious they did. It doesn't make sense, of course, and absolute, either right caution to issue any time. This is why I was you know, Chuchula whatever emotion, I was feeling pick him that I use and over the spurs guilty, I felt guilty picking Houston over the spur than the reason of this is what you just articulated. Those baby disperse always win those fifty fifty place. They always make those game deciding You know they execute. They don't make mistakes, they don't beat himself right. That's why I was so shocking. Memphis one game for. At the moment it the classic stupid, spend the spurs of lost the latter close game's over the years on that same their infallible. But you know I just think They ask you really well in Houston sloppy and I forget. Who is talking about what are they all
I was talking about guards. Now Maybe it was, I think it was, I say, autonomous. Actually the deterrent, as autonomous we say, the biggest difference would now that I hope I wish him a pretty shares in the biggest difference. Now. Is that guy's just don't take care of the law? And its again, the numbers away at the office is spectacular, but people don't take care. The bar and Houston Ino Data that they could have really swept. Ok, see I just that they were much better that enable play while they one in five, but they did this about managed to almost blow couple those games inasmuch as ever. Happy I made we ve talked to Us Antonia on this pod before. Day? We might not have a fifty year. This
may be required of it? I know your thing: is they just don't have a reliable second score? Quiet quiet have a fifty year. He showed it, I don't think as against the team, doesn't team is what it is. It reminds me of the Pats teams between the nineteen no season that wasn't o seven. But then there is a way for a web. Then oh nine and two thousand tat ten before they start to make insuperable. Scan with these teams that statistically really good they want in the regular season, but but the that's very kind of new they weren't there get their good. They weren't that and we knew we did have enough Either we didn't have enough town across the board and that you were worried and it was at the IMF structure was winning. Those was getting the regular season record. Where was ambrady verses that the team was really get. It does feeling
This is a transition season for the spurs as crazy sets out in the second best record, the league, but you don't be one with Parker. In the two thousand one draft and this always and they are two thousand were draft and it's my pop deserves- go to the ear of illegal. It's why I voted for the two key guy: we're not making we're, not make it now by say this, but I judge has to be better for what they're paying and in what way said posted when he said they represent and mean that team as a kind of the Duncan replacement yet do better than fourteen. In seven you now either vendible already. He really has barely been through these music. If they lose. The series is here that in their share an oh, no, no. Let me repeat that no, I'm with you, so we think
We think wizard, we observe calves wraps how many games seven, I think, said too. I think the rather really gonna get a man ass. I really do that's the point of a box and Tucker the point of a back and talk. It was not, you know, beat the upstart Milwaukee Buck the bed. The point of those guys come you this team, delivering that bedroom presence, guys who would have been around the block a little bit is come get in that La Braun S Going to get in that in the in Cleveland and they're going to make them work. I think I agree with you and, and I got to say, cuz Cleveland so get against Indiana in Indiana is terrible as a five hundred team barely in an invention, but meanwhile, somehow almost one three of the games had had a chance and then yeah really threw off the to run around one. I mean it was just an unexpected unicorn black salon proof
with biogas for three games. Wonderful, wonderful, grew. Welcome! Welcome to the play off your look to the future VP club pianist. Really does he went before every Davis. I think he does. I think you, David still ahead of him. You know in terms of further fully rounded skill set, but they will have to play you can't not playing, can be paid, stand the court so Houston, San Antonio, I think he's in six. It makes sense to me. I just think reduces the where the spurs run out a fire power. I dont think you can keep up Can't kill Dini Dream Guard James hard and for long stretches of games. The only way I see it, I am lucky. I think he. At least can stay in front of them. They can't have collapsed.
James hearted for the four entire games and then care them offensively. It's a suicide mission to have to figure out alive, Danny Green Guard hardened for big chunks. I would say, used and insects warriors sweep I'd say I think they're gonna destroy yoga. I agree with you and then Celts. Whiz still feel like a go. Seven could be six or seven depending on Keith Ankle. Can you take back this He said about our effort right under him. He walked right, There's a watery play a dozen times it not possible for key to come straight down and land on abortion. But even go out of his way. This was one of them be a where he tried to draw contact.
It all. All. This accolade Orford almost had a triple double regulations. The guide it was gonna guard him through this entire theories he took out by walking up under him. I'm upset that our horror didn't you the triple double, because I dont know how to feel about the game. If idiot reach a triple double, did you have a good game and are now we register sure, but that he should have thrown back God peace. This out. That should have that who we're going for Bad should have just eat a poet hands away to. Let him get it. I better, not I'd better stay away from the internet. We will go June. Twenty six with bring that a war show. I buy my epithet myself somewhere, I'm gonna run bad things on twitter downstairs and work with this I waited and it'll it I'll stand in history, as as its as its own, ridiculous of it awful I worded. I want you all to pervert upper jaw ass, whose on jackass.
We have the commissioner. You should still listen to the week's Joe. We have a commissioner on J Monaghan you're doing guy worked for the Red Sox at one point in his career awesome guy half our conversation with him will stand up. You can listen till we talked about the recently completed just completed today, Zurich Classic, which was the first time in it. There's been a team event in on page eight or in like fifty years, and yet I was a great comes there, so. Give that eleven? U S open! How many weeks a wary sent makes you, like fourteen fifteen, sixteen seventeen and that stretch. So that means where exactly like six weeks out get maybe I should talk about trumps golf gamma, one of these pike. S apparently have a pretty good golf. Get his tall he's like six three and a half everything gets through the ball, he saw guy. We forget it.
Seventy he said he would love to have greater danger. Jackson, waiting Jackson, really they were really enjoyed going. The other ass appreciated, as always talk decent era thanks so much. Seagate thanks to audible, thou, canst, thou, forget, audible, dotcom such bs for a free trial thanks to legacy backs now forget legacy box that complex be as forty percent discount any order thanks to proper cloth, proper clodagh come such Bs Give code, BS save twenty hours. First shirt, though, for to subscribe to, against all odds with cousin, sow our new package. That large as this week and he's gonna be talking about all this crazy gangway stuff. That's gone on football, basketball hockey and boxing right now with his special guest
I'm not gonna to and the ringer Emma be show, is back its back on the Ringer podcast network network. Subject that and take you didn t up last week with Titus back this week, teat up. If you want here, Titus we, U S, Titus, to do his all Gordon everything are at times he's gonna. Do that maybe I'll make em repeated on air, but the sweet Titus is gonna talk about his old age, teammate, Gordon era solicitude up for that and I will be back Wednesday and the better with Man tracing South Park, which is an extravaganza which we take two weeks ago in its really gets
one way.
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