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Clippers Revenge, Houston’s Dilemma, Simmons Trades, and Seth Meyers Returns, With Logan Murdock, Raja Bell, and Jonathan Tjarks


The Ringer’s Raja Bell and Logan Murdock react to the Clippers’ merciless win over the Mavericks, some heated exchanges on the court, Paul George’s postgame comments about being “checked out” in the bubble, the Nuggets pulling out a win vs. the Jazz, and more (2:18). Then Bill Simmons talks with The Ringer’s Jonathan Tjarks about the Thunder-Rockets Round 1 playoff series, what the 76ers should be looking to do next, the Nuggets-Jazz series, 2021 NBA draft prospects, and more (38:35). Finally, Bill is joined by ‘SNL’ royalty and TV host Seth Meyers to talk about running a late-night show during the pandemic, his 13 seasons at ‘SNL,’ going back to host the show, NFL excitement, the passing of their friend and colleague Maura Mandt, and more (1:28:13).

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as it is a teen movie weak and the ringer dot com. We got all kinds of brackets all kinds of stores go to the ringer dot com or to the ringers twitter feed. If you want to break down every kind of team movie possible, if you want a vote, if you want to vote with the greatest teen movie of recent history was all that stuff, it's good stuff, all around come up a little bit of a hotchpotch. I cast today at the very top Logan Murdoch and Rash about who you normally here on the Monday Ringer and be a show and their great together. They're gonna, do an instant react on Dallas Clippers game, five, their basically something for me just for the first fifteen minutes of the pot, so
that'll be the first fifteen minutes that you won't hear my voice. You hear Logan, erasure and you'll enjoy it, because the really good together and then we're gonna have me Talkin a Jonathan sharks from the ringer about ok, see versus Houston. Ben Simmons trades and then with the lottery, looks like for two thousand and twenty and then my old friend Seth Meyers yeah. I can't remember the first time I had them on the podcast, but it's been a while. It was due for him to come on and we just catch up about a whole bunch of things. So
really fun. Pack ass, the head. First, our friends. What is pearl? Harbor, Logan murder, when the NBA like show I'm here with the curate provide the were MBA player, the former my residence, the former amateur ressler they now The media are mobile, larger bell. What is potter rawhide to a man of good Braga, my love, Shoes on of challenges like eleven fifty EAST Coast is all good. The ceremony best close right now, you you got
the arms and you got your little yellow sweater, honest meaning that the Bible, you, like you re right now you got the local bank as though you you got the fondly way. Don't want right now: you're, ok, I'm sorry, I'm just chronic. I just want to show you that you are you're doing a thing now, you're living up to your name. We are We are here. Recording lives, tabby and sat up Everybody in Twitter and Youtube land all Spotify world, in everything like that. We are here, the maverick scout alone, out thousand rose. Pretty rough brown even know the score right now. You said it was like one hundred and fifty two thousand one hundred and six. We stopped watching. It was pretty bad you ever gotten. Your ass kick like this before in now I may well. Yes, yes, yes, click! Yes, it happens right, but not all about a real I'm, not talking buffeted I'm talking about in a basket both yes, but not in a play off game right, like that's kind of unique
have I dont remember play in on it. The guy rock like this? Like we, you know, twenty point may be fifteen, but but this is a genuine forty peace. They got home on. Unlike I've, I've never been party. They like that. That got that, I can remember see, I know, in the media. How it is were laughing at you guys if y'all losing his step will walk down today to the to the down by the locker. Mr, were just talking about how trash you guys are right now, as we were doing in a media per kilogram outside you. If I may, by the way like you right before we came more, you said like that these last five minutes were trash. They were my minutes. Man- Nordic, don't don't it! lies over four years. When I came in to delete the minutes hours on laughing at the terrible basketball we just saw from the last six minutes, then we're goin down or like this team was done. Where you, eyes feeling like in the locker room when you get your ass kicked out. How is that for you guys? Yeah? That's it that's it.
Fill a man. You know the Good NEWS I can say about the bubble. Situation is you're, not gonna get you know, you're not gonna have to travel on the end of this re, so there's no plane ride like you knock will have to be stuck with every body like commiserating over that loss. For for much longer than do you know it takes to get you showers. Have your coach addressed a team in and get back to the your hotel room? So that that's helpful because You know you eat the plane. Ride can get canna running out of time on a normal times. How you are EU patent has just had a coach. Are you even like? Are you pass? Are you looking at your phone? What are you doing when they now you're on your your high everybody's locked him, because you know you're, you're up against and now you're down, you know, you're down through three and and most coaches. I understand that like when you get be like this there's not a whole lot. That can be said after the game. Like you go, you know, you're not will stand up in front of me for fifteen minutes, because I M gonna turn out, but lifer I'll give you the three minutes to make it. Dressing say what you gotta say and there we gotta get out of it was a farce,
ways, unlike other like hell, attacks stuff is like what are you doing, and why know you was this bad health I favour one, but at the moment one of those texts go man, and what are you looking at those know, their cup, They were coming in the whole game like eyes as the game started, and we and we down like a twenty six four run, though started coming in so I've got. It now go through the whole text. String of like forty text asking basically what happened in it in a multitude of ways raise a Hutu you text back only Pham Only family, like wife, mom and dad problem. Like you know, like your keeping a close to the Vatican unkindness gettin tax matters. Now you can get caught up in that make us a real talk like Leubronn is good about going into what is called Euro, dark, thirty or play off mode. Whatever you you'd you, you got a blocked Is our man to the best of your ability to block it up something? You got two phones by war. Further, you know, like you, got two phones for them
family in it. Now as it is now, it's one phone but you're just navigate through Europe, the inner three three through your calls. Will you wanna hit back in and who you dont want to hit back and wrote like. Let me said way: Roquat. Allow me to do this because I know a guy on my phone. You know who looks like that. The noise out, whose and I and I think he block the noise alcoves like you, shut off the common. Like others, I g page and all it out with any browser back and had himself a really good game. That's that's your boy play off p. I was pretty good man, you d like to live, and I was right: ok, mangles, Medium Hooker George had thirty five points, three boars and for three he told you put some respect all palmdale. He told it or put some respect on his name. He said I'm not here for this pandemic. I'm not here for this peachy thirteen percent. That's always talking about. How did you? How do you feel about and put some respect on his negative trash and we were putting. We were put down his name
rigour. Mba show that you can listen to every Monday, only all Spotify, but When you think about that response from Paul George now I would like. First of all, I I'd we weren't in the wrong for saying he wasn't like he was not play a well. He wasn't holding up his ended. A bargain liking, it was happening, was playing out, in front of our eyes, but he did what I expected him to do, which was bows back, come out, clip loaded, really forcing the issue early. Get pockets in and try to find a rhythm, and you know it was called a dock supported him and was it was vocal about ass? I was co. Why What you have to do with your team needs you. They don't have a shot at being the clippers that people thought could win the championship, Georgia's it contributed. It doesn't have to be the thirty some every night, gotta be got gotta, be upwards of twenty right, Raja, keep it above, making it a whole stack. We keep a g rule.
I don't think he has earned the play off p moniker back. I think he got p back. I think I've got the payback. That's cool like that. Don't play off, pay means for years and years and years? I think I was a step that he hasn't even made a past a farce round like four years as such I'm not mad at you forget, I must say, he's p here. I must say: Palmdale Peak Ass, he put some respect nor palmdale. Maceda play where who started to start the game you play what I like about. It was what settling suddenly start the game. He missed some shots, but he was crashing boards was really active there. You could tell that that really pissed him off those first. You and young I went out you want I'll wild VERDI's for his part for these fires games and did not play well. Even after two instagram. Where he's lie, we stuck his chest out. He student play. Well, I'm I'm happy he's Palmdale Peter me right now. Ok, what they'll did add to your point what what what I found to be the best recipe for like slump bust
I m be a career right now. Clearly I was a scorn what what he scores, but even when I, make my normal. You know ten eleven twelve points a game. I was off if you just wooed kind of submit to the to the game and just play, you know every possession and rebound a ball and hostile you tail off and play great d, and just don't trip out about the scoring or lack thereof like really, by into doing everything else in the game and get yourself in a real flow, it usually finds its way to combat like that, you don't have ever just play themselves out. Percentages are what they are for reason right, so you just have to kind of let go of the fact that you're not scorn and do what you just talked about like play ball, be aggressive, you're, not all social media arousable. I don't know change that. I don't know what's going to happen, but you were not at the moment on social media. I don't remember you being on social media during your playing career. However, you have been around players with social media, so they pay attention to that on a day to day basis when
see them in the long run. Did they care about that? How much are they look? Inadequacy lots, there's always the narrative of I care about Logan Murdock, thanks all care about what the media thinks about me. Yet always cities players on a phones and then the far more than tell me when I didn't do ladder write something correct young players respective Almasy I'll pay attention to us enough enough now order school so light the I came up here like cats weren't on. Therefore we didn't have social media. Some of my vets didn't even know what social media. What's that our generation that was coming in as I finished up yet very aware of what was going on in in in the on their social media accounts and what Logan Murdoch or myself might be say at this point I mean it is just the way the world right like. I got kids that on twelve and thirteen years old and they no more about social media that I do not locked it do you do you think
But what about when you are an executive right when here when you are in the front office, but how do you held these young as you are in and in Cleveland. How do you tell these young other Tiree when you were? There are our waiters when you were there? No stay offer this. This is what you need to. Four did you have a times where you had just be like low homey she'll know not not all our social media, we ve had conversation. You know their differ conversations you gotta have regarding, like you know what people are getting into and and the timeliness of by not not social media, most most guys, most guys have a pretty good grasp of like time and place with social media. Take less is more. I know your building a Brandon, and you know it without their kind of trying to create their own bite, you know you. Can you gotta be careful as social media, so I've always devise whenever ass by by players, you know less is more kind social media? You know I was transition, this
then, as you are well versed in arms call, beef result little better, that we saw a little bit it out in this game. We said started when markets Morris, our no isn t alone ass, big man, it look like he might of car the like, maybe intentionally stepped on. Luca dodges is injured ankle. The thing where he was. I all my bad. I'm sorry, I'm sorry come here. You know I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that, but it look like he may have stepped on it intentionally and then next possession TIM heart away? The members wines up all Paul George gets ball, but also gives a whole bunch of face lot of face. We ve been around the leak we both know to cope was somebody comes at two or comes I Shan teammate? What you gotta do? Gases? F,
game with it heart away. Did I appreciate, I appreciate his willingness to step up the bat fourteen may every every player like LUCA needs somebody has it back like you need a kindred Perkins own escort, you gotta have somebody there did. Someone does not like necessarily a star someone there to hold that down on the Czech in a game just to get this valid and we can get him out rub. My only problem would seem was in his really not a problem, but, like I hadn't gate, go ahead and get Morris like don't. Like Palmdale P, wasn't even really involved in that re. So if, if we're gonna, if we're gonna handle that business for LUCA than it's gotta, be the appropriate like perpetrator of the UN and that wasn't the case, so that was my only beef with it, but I kind of, like you know, like the MAVS who even I question, maybe a little bit of their toughness in and stuff. Like that, you know I, like you standing up, you got to stand up for the record. You think that Marcus
stepped on his ankle. I think that it was an event. Look that the push the way way way. Would you say, sir? Would you say if I think of it, I thought it was inadvertent. I thought it I'd say in bigger was intentional. I do not think it was attention. I was too, but I've seen marks moors bug out like one when you hit what's the boy's name in with the ball like he light, was the casting just enjoy Manderson is that his name? You kind of tell them on ahead with the ball by this particular play like there's nothing else going on around you like Lucas to be the primary boy peddler everybody else's in the in the front court? What like, why would you choose that wide open space with every camera lines in the world on you to try to step on a man's bankrolling I bought it. I feel, like you, can tell a lot about a team by the response that they give actors there's fuck with somebody economy of if, if I'm not talking about
The players that are on the flew off the floor we get down to second guess the judge is some just came up to minor need asked you about that, but I feel like you can tell a lot about a team by whose ready for the smoke on the floor why are you? Do you up, of the smoke that was happening on the floor and in response to all this be goin up. What's what smoke? What would he language? when someone goes it you're, star, player to other, do come and protect them. Where you was that a plaster world gray, would you give for sticking a fourteen year? I thought that was it with which you get away with now in the NBA like not not with that
was a solid ate like clippers, were outraged. You just you're, not gonna, get all away with a lot at what you talk about. What happened to LUCA or you talk about what happened to Paul must do its who severed interest as well. So I give what happened a LUCA if again- and I think most mavericks thought kind of like I did- that did it- you couldn't tell whether that was on purpose or not so having that I probably still give it a night, because, maybe you know Timmy came down to do what he had to do. A quick, quick send to a junior story. Let me slide bar real quick. Planet Ajib down here and in my Mihai, hot Jim TIM Juniors, probably about nine years old symptom senior, is locking horns with me that day, writing he's a little harder but we're getting after it they beat. I saw a ball comes down out of the net and I catch it on a volley, and I kick the shit out of it. And it goes it goes screaming and his team senior and a face like on my God day. I gotta
That's why you know you got a fight. You like I got an idea. I didn't mean through by fighting and team, was cool is affair, but from behind, I feel like these little like fist. Meet me in the back and I turned around and it was junior like beaten the hell out of my back right. I'm not I'm not surprised that he got down for LUCA today Then they put him hideaway, junior and senior, but your end senior yes and then from there from the clippers day. Point like: I think, what a lonely I don't have kids would. I hope, if I have a son- and he just does- everyone does arise for me like that, absolutely it ain't gonna hurt you you know is a nigh yearning are deposited, but I need him right now. That being the down on my dad letter here? Yes, always go, it was useful. That's ok! Ok! I'm at the quick tangent aside, though you are what, if I'm not mistaken, you are part of the
wow. That kind is changed all this shit that change all of this in the two thousand seven play off against disperse some bullshit tunnel of the term me about that story in your involvement and what you thought about that whole should bang well. It was first of all I didn't know this at the time, but when Robber Ory check, Steve NASH into the light into the scores table, Steve was selling a call there I so I just saw it out at a quarter. My thought, like he ve, really got check how hard into the scores tables I ran over enrich? Was it the greatest move, because then to more people ran over, you know. If you know boards, the I'll write like I was telling a story birthday out would be more likely to run on a court to protect Tony Parker, then he would be to run out there and fight Tony Parker like GINO.
Me like that that tight. So that was just ridiculous, that the league took their stance in a Mari, took like two stepped on, and him got back across the line. So and to suspend those to do with a series. I think that, like the NBA deserve to see that year, I thought it was pretty it was pretty it was in pretty poor taste, but but but I dont like I was sand before when you know before we came always asking liquid wooden would mark as guest suspended first up and like the leaves do what the wants to do. They sustain, they suspect me for a play where, like I fell down and my legs I went up and Andrzej Marianna was standing over me like he got call for office a foul and film. They thought I kicked him in a balls and Andrea was like no, he didn't do that they stay suspended because they be sure that I didn't intentionally trying to do it and then, on the flip side, like Bruce Boeing, kicks Amar, started Meyer, like kicks his leg out from behind him in a game and I dont suspended because they can't be sure he did it all purposes.
Do they want to do? shut off Sean, you are video producer who may or may not be on our future segment of harassment here with us on the Ringer NBA show on Monday, gotta get their plugin quickly pivots. This Paul George said the buck quote: the bubble got the best, me. I was in a dark place. I really wasn't here. I checked out work. This is right after this game right that was right after this scissors. This is your second best player at the time. That's no reaction, Roger about White, but now we get the quick reaction rather than I must say how I feel about this guy you're gonna, please. This is your second best player on the team, a championship, contending team. This is only the first round and a serious issue are favoured in and you're already checked out, at least for a strategy. Just admitted that can happen, brow a cabin or if it does happen, you cannot admit it
in my opinion- and I do you think about this- because I am just now getting- is an uncharted figure- this out, while you're here, I'm kind of library ass it here look. I couldn't have said that much better myself. Today's athlete. And as media members and fans like we want honesty. Rightly we want you to you're saying I want you to be Candia Street, dad shit to yourself bro. Nobody to hear that Paul Pierce, the second highest me Paul, I did. I did it again. I did on Monday nobody. To hear Paul. Georgia's is checked out, is the second best player on a teen second highest, but no one wants to hear it. I like that dog. Like again, we want to hear your candid vulnerability. Everyone wants to Nora key dashes yourself, we'll say this, though, and I do this kind of mine.
We don't know also know and through. No, we don't know and through will know, we don't know. Mental cited is Roger. You don't know yourself. If you can have it like you, you said it yourself. Don't you could be in a dark place like you? Can you can have personal stuff goin and all of that are at all of those will be very valid reasons for you to not be producing like yours. I'm saying: keep it to yourself. Don't nobody want to hear it so what it? What if he says it to you, though, like what it was like man, I just checked out like yours, teammate what if he says that to you, let's grab a bite. Let's crack a bottle like: let's talk it out. Let's get you to a healthy plays, also mental health. There is a young lady is a thing in this game. You know somebody like I love you ve been around as a martyr rosing guys like that it is something the psyche, especially
and eminent just kind of islands like damn you, I hate you not I'm in play time and place, though bro like I have no, like the martyr rose in the cab super brave man, like you, raver braver than me, like kudos too, to you like For being strong enough, one to navigate and been and be a strong enough to come out in an and bear your soul about, ups are just sand like as us as an excuse. After the game. Still in the middle of the competition, like you don't if, in fact it is you don't wanna begin Is that what you tell him? Is that what you tell him as your team at your right next to me? No have the screw around them in your right next to like a UNESCO, are you behind now we re now borough did did this game. Because you know you know how I've been I've been very bullish on the clippers. You know how feel about the clippers right now. I think that this game show
me something a little bit more heart. This was a game. It I've been trying to get out of the clippers. Just some my show me man like I need you to like they ve been talking about sticking a chest out they did the thing at summerly would part with Pat Bev and their walk in a frontal abroad. There like this is our town. We run allay allay our way and but they carry themselves like a team. That's been there before, but in a highway right in a way that, like we, one hundred and thirty four timber, we can afford work good. This is art. This was the first game where I kind of saw them just be like okay, y'all got us messed up. We going to make a statement yeah happy to see that from them. Does this mean anything though this this mean anything means exactly? What tonight was your winning three two and then that's a wrap like you have to you have to double down on that right. Like that's.
You're looking for consistent effort? These are these are best seven game Series Barroso, if you're going to show up as great as you are as a team when have it with Europe. Can I have one or two nights in a is there. Not, I dont really doesn't mean anything now if they can figure out a way to start stringing them together like that Logan, then you know we're talking about a different animal, but, like your Lakers right Let me ask you to question no one at all, but the Lakers, but like right now just did a good job, a job where subway, better so like who do you feel more securing in in like they ve got it figured out and they ve got a rolling Lakers. The Lakers I mean also they have built they they just have a lot going for them right now and I just feel like they figured it out before the clippers, Marina yeah I am now. I'm convinced that we're gonna get those western conference vials. Now I just see that that's happening at a little bit of doubt after after game for
a little bit of doubt in our logo, on after LUCA beat them without without cape what all these things happening, but now every I feel like ever these wanna go as planned. Sorry, Sean Sean use in Iraq, vain I apologize Bro, but is what it is. I think that they were. You're, gonna be set up for compress funnels. While you you'll be right, if, like an eclipse, don't even have to do it. Didn't I tonight tonight was tonight was like they're, a plus effort mean you had like everybody cooking bite, that energy that you saw a man like you know they kept pan into their bench like how fired up the bench was, and you could feel them just contesting everything they were run in people. Often every look making you know put in a hand up just making it a little bit more comfortable. Didn't you wanted it to be as a shooter in that effort, if they're gonna keep showing up what do ya, you're, gonna, get them in the Lakers end that effort like if their play, unlike that you'll get a good series out of them until they are they locked in now. Are the clippers locked in? No, I don't know,
because all your log, you would have thought data be locked in and they were locked in re like they were dark there early and losing out of their only logged in August the Lakers. That's the only time that they're like then they need to get their fires, and I believe that are going to get there but come on. Why not even matter right, because if you, you know you have a banged up LUCA, you don't have crossed ass. I did it. I never. I get. The maps have been a good story, but the reality is like Christophe. Don't play, look has to score forty plus, and they he's just not to be able to do that on the like. They were trapped in the night, getting the ball out of his hands or not. I wouldn't imagine she's going to watch Lucas Core40 for the rest of the series, so I think it's probably wrap yeah okay, so we got some Youtube comments, one from Matt skin, who says that Logan Murdoch or Gerald Hansen jail, Henderson Had he was my roof broke? Yes, I was, he added you are or how is that he was a good night was called. Do I got traded halfway through? This is another you
common is our Raja Board skinny Jerry deadly? Yes, our people, anguish westwards gears where we get there. We saw another great game, jazz nuggets. The nuggets responded the one one, seventeen one o seven too, stave off elimination. Such cliche lie, but they staved off elimination, its data. Fifty one into a game, a game, six Jamal Murray Board. Forty two points, aid rebounds I must go for cliche right now outdoing Jamal. Rolling, Dotterine Mitchell, who had thirty appointed, Every bout yeah there like that.
A guy not gonna, lower. Look like muted yourselves economic here, I'm here I'm here I just I just I see both of these guys are just coming into their own reminded me of what were you gonna say out of the? U S. Embassy was allowed dialogue and ass. You who were like of the two of those rights, as I think, they're trajectory, in the same saint gonna, trajectory, I don't know their ages, but like I was they say I put down a bit over, I'm Dounia is definitely in it radio conversation Upland Donovan ahead of the more I now. Ok, you know he s play, I mean they will have their are absent. Dial up one Donovan on their. I guess I got to finish. I think that just one Without them, it is done the bubble as well. I think out of and we'll talk about this impasse shells is one of the one of the UN, some stars in this than his game. Rhino wanting it. I did what I want to pick your brain about those Kenny's move said: I'm Tina Turner broadcast
he said is about all young players that they had this off season within the season, these three months off to get better and then taking these leaps, I think seen that which a murmur and on a missile also LUCA Dodge. Have you though I gotta have you are. Is that something that you seen during his bubble? No I don't know, I don't listen. I know, but, like real wrote, all the guy, I could see. I could see like you're your role guy, that's a young. You're coming in and look in a large sharper in his defined role, but that those guys, I always felt late, the Mitchell Jamal Murray like LUCA they I mean they might have gotten better at something, but I don't know if they got appreciably better knows catchword drop. Fifty on you like on any given night, so I did in fact consistency to Roger yeah, but you like you so look at and I like it was it I mean you know like
yeah. I mean hey, I know, is injured in everyday life that Bolivia wasn't it wasn't the LUCA there. We were work crowning, like the face of the NBA two nights ago, so you can make a case for that, and it is rare that you gate you know of that type of time off in the middle of a season. It gives you a great opportunity to kind of go back and say I. This is the way people were playing me. This is this is where I struggled with them, is often like for us to be a better team. This is working you'd better in this office and really attack that, and I'm sure we're guys did that so that I mean that probably is why were seen such a great offensive display like in the bubble. You don't owe me. Rather you almost cross a topic and then you on our backs. I can only respect that you only when you were like stepping on a topic that local you stupid what he says about right back, so I can respect I'm not engrossed in dreams. Ronald are you almost did your cross my dream long time ago, you guys can go to the past episode to check that I wanted
A shooting in the bubble, nothing as interesting topic. I wish our tv for it for our producer for bringing this up when we ve seen this bubble at its does no fans, it's kind of like a control scrimmage. What a lot of people write a controlled scrimmage with stakes and with that shooting his gun allow better, at least for my vantage point. What do you think that is? I think we can You know we ve seen loud arenas. We ve seen. How, Rita and fans can affect how a role player and even superstar shoot. Do you think that that is nullified? By no fan, sees excuse me. Low Wayne is in a bubble, sometimes deaf or sometimes in a bubble like Virgilius too, but you know what the veranda well, do you think that is affected? I think, is definitely affected or or has it affected that many people write like the distraction of the fans and
going on you in the arena. It isn't there any more most guys like once you ve been in the Lee for a few. You that all becomes kind of white noise to you anyway, like it shouldn't really bother you, but the reality is like You are human in theirs. Allow should go and honour people to look at there's. You know sites sent, there's archives, lousy. Also Ardashir somebody's told you from a fan. What is the while this man I. I don't know I don't know, I'm not really dawn broke it all it. First of all, you put me on the spot with that, like I have to get into like some real depth of thought for that one. What is the wild? Staying you're, gonna think you're lying all by a man about oh, no, no, no, it's not down ad block out a lot of noise. I was good at that. You know I l. I was always welcome. What are they going to kill me yeah like people. Ok, the wildest think probably happen on like rodeo we're at the Wilshire. We were there, Christmas, and I have my wife, my parents.
May. We were walking down the street and arm somebody yelled at me. A call me like a b m f like rolling down the street, nor was it like a wild out of pocket thing. Say like? I was a wild out of pocket thing to say in front of your wife and during first thing in front of my wife Jewelry Christmas light Christmas. The day before Christmas, it was going to watch Ok, how I met him in the book I mean in the arena, but like that was tat, was wild to an end. This in this bubble go right. Do you think that you would have shown that shot better with it? what do you think it might there you off? I think I would a better Philip. First of I know that when you may, like my kids, play in that that Orlando Wide World sport order time like a huge ornaments and like when you your guys too about shooters like gems and stuff, like that. Rims have a field day. Some real rims are tight later when you, when you, when you, that remark- that ball is always like escaping off somewhere sound some about
some have a little bit to give to a man like you feel like. If you just get a piece it out you to rattle them home. You know, like nets, are really improve. Like some of summer, like nice long shooting network and then others are constantly like those right, but so is all its offer no preference, and then the other thing are like the one thing that I throw me off indifferent arenas in this was way way back when I first came in a league with the cavernous buildings, like the old Alamo dome when tat, they re started to kick in right, like the carrier dome when we play a merrily. Those things used to jack me up, so the NBA a good job, creating a small good, Dep perception like what the screen. Behind the stuff and then no it looks like they got some soft, rims man, and then you subtract the sound and all at a rested, a crazy he's goin on that's when I finally anything inhabited Barcelona sound stage but out right, listless enormous man, this man, just one defensive- The year war now
As a chance to be the first player how allows you want and ninety ninety four to sweep in BP and offensive player. The year was an hour producer DE made sure of this? You saw this in the port and the pre shall meeting would mean he would the last two people to sweep if yacht. As does this will be nigerian Charles all the nigerian homey shout out. No doubt that happens no doubt also another person This is only three people that have done this. If avionics, does it Michael Jordan also swept it you do not want to tie. We did then, eighty eight though he swept and adding bp, and if it's a player the year, what do you think Jonah's can sweep Ah, yes, I had picked. I pick Milwaukee, I dont, like the weather plain in the bubble. Lobo imo be honest with you like. I don't like what I've seen out of them The NBA clearly doesn't like what they've seen them cuz they give us some shitty slots like to watch. Their gainsborough is pretty
by would be an mba tv and an almost yeah right rarer, but there is no. I don't I don't changing like. Oh, I don't. I don't think he will still he's. What is my favorite planet? We did this segment about picking, lay somebody starch enfranchise, like I'm picking on his boat. So you don't you get them VP arms. No way? I thought you might win the championship. No, this is the sweep the different supplier, the war, that long way and he's a lot he's. Ok, ok, ok, ok! I live where you. I was the question now he's alive he's got a gun down, overshooting artifice Blair to you all. Who who would you got there's a memo new and Anthony Day, stop Rostov. There's an email Ok, there's a memo they may only Davis who bought out effectively and carry them, though the Lakers defence, sir.
Yeah- I guess so, there's no hurry doesn't like anyone fade right now I want I want to do is to say I m really lay right eggs way past my bed time. Why did you lie you right here right now? He had a great defensive year me it, but that's the best efforts of team in a league, and he was the best defender of the best defensive team. The league? I feel like I mean I don't know. I am I wrong for feeling like that. Already disagree before the Lakers, where the second best defensive terminally right, fair, that I'm just a Medina learner Many members have. How can you be sure to watch the Monday of the Ringer MBA show. It's me. Self Logan Murdoch and Roger Bell? Look at our Parkhurst Spotify Wherever else you get park ass, we hear every Monday soon in the rear, NBA shall be sure did
into all. Our ringer Park has all the more white. Wherever you consume Pike Ass, an dome was next time we get our name yet, though above they have, we figured that out. Also, we have not, saint yeah, you're, good values as a third time. In other words, what we also some help from you guys. We need a name. We have this the names that we will put on its on the twitter sphere? For you to pick? Also if you guys want to choose a name for us and we like it. We might pick that too so tat in that, then I have twitter. Rodger does not have social media probably doing calls and stuff will probably knock, not doors or something like that. I don't know what I'm gonna do do to try to crowdsource for names. We go figure this out, so could help us get a name Is it a Ringer MBA showed this has been the Ringer NBA shall live after dark tap in we'll see,
all right? This is bill again thanks to Logan and Rajah, for that little recap of MAVS clips hey before we get the Jonathan Sharks. I want you to keep playing fantasy basketball during the playoffs, with our ultimate hoops. Ringer contest is a fan to a contest, everyday, their playoff games, five dollars and she feet per contest. And if you win your day, you get a ticket to the leaderboard series during the NBA finals were all the winners will compete for a share of 50k cash, ringer swag and to be DD soul, survivor, the ultimate hoops ringer, there's still time to enter contest, everyday bass, good for a chance to get into the leaderboard series during the finals. What are you waiting for, learn more and enter at Fanduel
slash hoops ringer, age and location restrictions do apply. Let's bring and sharks were taken. This section it is noon pity on tuesdays of anything goofy happens like it gets, announced Russell Westbrook as out for the next two rounds or said, but that don't blame us from the ringer Jonathan Sharks is here. I want somebody Casey Houston. First, she wrote about it for the ringer this week, but fascinating series where used in his up nothing everybody start shifting into the oh, my god. How are they match up with the Lakers? They look amazing. The defence all that stuff, ok see was like plus eight hundred to win the series. Something like that.
He got really good value, and then they scrap back. They pulled game three out which could have gone either way then game for they take care of business down the stretch hard and starting to look worn out, cuz of the immortal, LU, Dort and there's no sign of Westbrook. How concerned? Should you be if your rack right now, I think very concerned. So for me in the series I was so upset in Oklahoma City in the first two games cause they're playing Stephen atoms, playing airlines? No well, there's just no rules for them in the series. I think a game for he Song Crunch time. They want the three point: guards lewd door gallery. That is a tough line fora for use in the car like there.
Small ball with them. Now I was shocked that it took them until game three to realise that the gout encounter at centre at think is only played that eleven minutes total, but I thought that could be there lineup of of death for this series, just because it does all the things you would want to do against Houston's defence. You broke down on the on the ringer yesterday about the way to be used in defence. Is it like more size, Isn t it's actually with speed, because once you get by the first guy there's nobody there and I don't need the clippers have a little bit of the same problem as unbelievable. The clippers are. There is really no second person there waiting for anybody when she get by them, but I think with used in its even more glaring would you see and that it for sure I think we talk?
was Schroeder. Schroeder's is too fast for those guys that you spread out the defenceless Schroeder attack like with hard and re. Everyone says a hard and post them up is so small, a noise of freakin tank harder than we have. I decide get him in a screen. Attack him off the dribble. An end. Again. Three saw that Chris Paul on right by the damage last year. It was a straight speed. I think, like with used in their a small Tina. Wants you to play big. If you play small against some, you got a chance aspects without Westbrook, he is really the x factor for them. Obviously, yandah I felt like I stayed away from the serious from gambling standpoint. Is an egg just kind of wanted to see it, and I saw those first two games in his good is used and look for some reason. I really liked ok seeing game three cause. I thought well, there obviously not going to keep doing what they're doing it didn't work, and I still really like the possibility of them with the three guards, because we ve seen shrewder
you know have have success against used in the past and in general. I remember when they traded for him not to to my own horn here out, I'm about to surprise ass, do it I'm wrong a lot from the first and I'm wrong, like other than the our staff, with how we aligned and look at Dodge Pick and that draft, and that I think, will go down and immortality is one of the great ally that allies in your money, to be honest, was not a hurried. We doubt whether later the shrewder thing never made sense to me. Ok see basically get some for this, Carmelo contract that they had no idea what to do it. That was too is like twenty eight million bucks there over the tax. It was a complete disaster. Nobody s wanted it at length as they cool here shrewder. We shall. I get rid of him Walter,
the twenty eight million from Carmelo, take a shitty pick and every bit as I go man at Lana thinking ahead and, unlike I'm sorry, I like shrewder, I think, he's a gamer I've used to kill the Celtics. Why, in this league, do people just get shoved the side like they're, not good, like here's? A case yeah he's with ease overpaid there's some things you want to work on, but he was super young when he came into the league. Why do people give up on this guy? I think it's just about find the right role as people with a shudder is set. If he's your best player, if he's your point I'm running around since it a ceiling on your team? He guessed ok, see if, like ok, you're the six men and easily found the right role for himself like I would say he was probably the six men of the other Sharif an awesome. I voted for him. Second, it's weird that Atlanta was Tryin to you, know obviously focused on trade, young China figure out
This new identity could be and miss the part where it actually would been called have shrewder and that team, and if you I think, if you go for space in shooting, that's a nice guy to have a tray young at least little bit of the time that I think thing was weird. They were concerned about shooters influence on tray there. Like if training seer, why should I want the ball because they do they brought in Jeremy Lin that you're there like Jeremy Lin, that's a good guy, solid Christian! You know he's not gonna be in the way of your a tray on where's. If you have sugar is like is my team, so those are concerned. I think people over think that sometimes I think shooters concern was cannot just be a good team if you have them on a shit team. Where he's the best guy gone further, stats. He's going to look bad like most of the most of the guys in the league. Are going to look weird in that situation anyway, I don't want to belabor him. The guy that we should be talking about people are saying, Luke might be the best player in the league, Kawhi Lebron.
In my opinion, Lou Dort is right up there. I don't know I don't where there is the best part of the league, whether he is the fifth best, but he's in the conversation. Now. What do you see from New York? Man The beast man he's like a new is like a new Andre Robertson like a cancer to save his life, but many can guard. Hard and doesn't like playing against MRS, so strong, hardened, usually more shrunk stronger than guys north african brick wall, nothing illegal him. Did you see the door stats against harden where harden basically he's in the mid to low thirty's wooden door, discarding him and he's like fifty seven percent with everybody else and the thunder, and you see the words that guy when you're playing pick up, you don't want any part of relying on this guy I don't think there's you out in like that of the one problem and having a big man. If you like a Stephen items, you would screen door for hard and right get em off harden, but they have no big deal door awesome. I once knew no, not that
no sound voters. So research, I talked a little bit about Houston, almost be lacking any fell team where their ride in this specific gimmick, the more you see it, the more you can kind of figured out being this combine belated at it, especially those that for one game or the first couple games of a serious but the more you see it, the more you will just do this. I felt like Chris Paul. Was there in a figure that out even during game three and then again in game foreign and figure out when no sir himself, when not do you think that the curse of what he is that is trying to do? Is that over the course of two weeks, the more you see it more you get used to it. It's like. Are they ever going to get past that, in your opinion, so I think for me was used to doing I think like they don't have that much talent on their roster right like who's our best player TARDIS, six, six
Probably just green there will occur, is available in he's on his aren't. You gonna have a team in six years and he's like so important for them to me for Houston. They ve never had like a big being a six. What a guy there's no dream on right, there's, no like other players and would make orphans for harden. Who has any kind of size citing there always are disadvantaged dead, the Mena Gallon Army. They have no big eyes and score create orphans, and that's, I think, in a long series of complex become more and more valuable. I think they were
open Covington would be that guy and he showed flashes of it in the regular season. But I think in the playoffs there is not as much what's interesting. You look at the stats, Gordon is the only it says. Only through four games has just sucked he's seven, four hundred and thirty four from three, which is you know as we know. What three is they can come and go. He might goten four hundred and fifty in the next game, but then you look at the rest of it. Jeff Green's thirteen thousand four hundred and twenty seven from three houses: eleven thousand four hundred and twenty eight tuckers eleven thousand four hundred and twenty five Covington date for twenty and Macklemore's M417 sofa. Those numbers without houston- and I know, or even in a but game. It's that's been a happen you're so far and its games to two and go in, but in general, the momentum. What shooting the ball pretty! Well, we not we're not getting that a back, and I don't really think it's have a move. It she's basically like goods, computing, threes
to end the other team, as are the momentum. What is our move? What do we do with if Westbrook that coming back- and I don't really think I have a move- it she's basically like? Let's keep shooting threes, that's who we are and let's kind I hope they go in as we have seen over and over again with this team, and with that mindset in general, the longer apply officers goes on when there's wear and tear when there's,
a sure when you know the stakes just feel higher and higher each game, those trees don't go in is easily any need. Other things do you feel like this is just the curse of that team, or am I over think in it? I would say it's like this, like you soon as designed to when grind amount series with defence of players and the of James Hardened score. Thirty five points right, but a few some can defend. I think they really can't defend. Ok, see small lineups. They don't have that many other scoring options right like really what is coming Kentucky going do but shoetrees not gonna dribbling DR knocking to create, for others, does not a lot of offensive dynamism on the squad outside of heart and Gordon West. So I think that kind of limited in that respect, so they have to play a defence. The popular having now ok, see ok, she's like we can score on you to do something to be a shoot out. If, at the end of a series, Houston's got harden. Obviously Gordon's had her miss you.
Jeff Green, is like a very important player. Now, that's always risky conjure Green Austin rivers like carefully cs for an idea. Once ok see as Chris Paul Estuary showed her gown areas for lodging weapons used only has three aquifers and come back so to me it's gonna have to be either Westbrook comes back or harnessed. Forty five points. If this ok see Raina design before games, but they basically have for games at nineteen points it up. And Chris what eyes? They are twenty one and a half year for guys, so they ve stumbled on on something good here, the guy who has not come and go and really is Gallo and Gallo. Even you know his: that's all that bad he's gotten it if I was a good free for us with them, because I like, when he gets to the line
and he is twenty five for twenty five from the free thoroughly and in general, all the other good guys. I know Casey a really good free, throw shooters, which I think helps them in these crunch time games. I did that's why they ve been effective, crunched anti, but Gallo is x factor. Then he somebody that I feel like I like him. More than most I always felt like he was undervalued. I got to watch him in person on the clippers and just I enjoyed our competitive. Is he's not he's not
us like he's. He gets in their he's a little feisty. He kind of enjoys the moment. He'll take big shots and if he gets going and they can get through this series- and you start Thinkin Lakers in round to- I think he becomes the key guy for the next round for that, because their guards are going to be able to create some stuff and either with the Lakers back or what it has asked for. That is where Caruso is this, usually import guy for them, so they'll be able to do some one. I once tough, but then Gallo just gets destroyed by ethnic Davis. Its ask no matter what he would do you see from Gala Gallo. I like we're just time like he does very versatile right he's gonna. Sixteen digest shoots three she's hard, a guard, because you can do everything he's a very well rounded. Air and you haven't isa, is I've got a ton, a game? His question is gonna, be in another series is different,
right cause he's getting Anthony Davis like that's a really big ass, the guardedly Davis heard nor gallon. I it's turned out amazing for this Lakers team. You got we're going into the Platte somewhere like holy Shit, who had a terrible draw for these guys to get Portland. This is this is like such a risky. Eight seed in Portland has this dude? Who is going to go to the serious thinking is the best guy. This is like what a pain in the ass a series of going to be the port. The winds game on its, I call, is shit and then the Lakers just completely destroy them and do other things we thought they're gonna do lizard looks exhausted. Mc coms got broken bones back knows that Collins there were lying on Carmelo too, like astonishing degrees. Marriage zone is playing yes going down there plainer kitchen white side together there like this, there has been over for two games for sure they attack. If and now in this next series,
Houston with Westbrook. I don't know when he's coming back or what his condition is going to be Houston has no chance against the Lakers that Westbrook and then this OKC team, where you know they can throw Adams Little Gallon, are a little Noel, but for the most part would get overpowered and it would really come down to. Could there guards take the series over the Chris Paul think things like that, but I would say when she say you know how to love this Lakers that. This is a pretty easy road to them to round three. Now, for sure I mean I think the Davis match up is huge for them and their asking lewd door to guard La Braun, like maybe can do ass. A big has obviously and then the clipper just follow me around one at the clippers, lose the Lakers or a sudden, pretty right. So I back the use sincerest one second hard and just states have two incredible hard and games in the end. This is it. I dont see another road map for the new in the series and I thought hard and look pretty tired by the end of game for, but you know
the thing that sucks about getting bedding its Houston, whether you do with your money, urges thinking. I got Casey's get advances then hard and has the fifty five point game or whatever. Let's say they lose this series, and now we're talking about dating back to two thousand and thirteen, a litany of play, our flag man that sought to and that like at what point? Do we just accept tardiness? Who he is if he gets knocked out here and run one, I think, what they lose a serious Antonius gone for. Sure right, that's gonna happen.
Hardin is who he is now. I think the question is: how do you build around him right to me? A second I was saying earlier about having a fun core player. I just wish she had a sick. Like me, if I was Houston, I don't have to Jimmy Butler last year. I want a big six thousand seven hundred and sixty eight Concord wing the pair with hardened. I think a pardon is your best player and he has no fun court. Help you're, probably not going to want a title this last seven years before that, how do you get that frontcourt player? They basically need Westbrook Frank Gore player if your best two players are six three and six five? I mean it's up to me that you're as bad as a matter what they got to make an upright in the roster and make it harder to be as you're right change it now my thought would be. I think I could talk myself into. We didn't have Westbrook and if we had had him, those ceiling of this season is lot higher, cuz, Westbrook
he was the best part for the last twenty games before the pandemic grounds. They didn't you, that's for sure, yeah and just added so many things. I I I think my thing would be. I wouldn't panic, but Abbe China improved AIR, Gordon Spot, who I think they just signed a game and they extension yeah just beyond the summer, the for them as they don't have any pigs to do stuff. Also there aren't any money, has also very tough to win that where did their own or maybe over Virginia. Does. And the money, and I do our friend of the ring there are more like I don't know if he becomes the fall guy in the situation, which I think would personally be unfair, cause Westbrook out, anything of any team loses if anything is built around two guys and lose is one of the two guys you have to assess that accordingly, at the same time, you know listening to their It's after game for were like we had the great shots. I just didn't go in its like. Well, that's kind of the team you
and you're after year years we get these play off. Some guys get more and more tired. Then it's a year we had the three that go in and say that seems like that happens every year to two or three teams, so on for you. That maybe the hand you doubt yourself side. I don't no the answer, but I think they kind of maximized with the potential this rest was especially with, like rivers Macro Moor house in green. You look at those four guys in the four maps guys that the maps kind of stumbled into right trademark who's on the six her husband Killin at my gosh. Then set curry, who is just sit there for free agency for anybody Bo Ban, who is like basically the guy from John Wick, and nobody was thinking about and like a real Basque. While I did play for Philly last year at all in the playoffs and need these two teams. Cotton Macgyver to supporting cast
I don't know either it's. This could be the end of end of the road fur Houston as a major container cause. You think like eighteen and nineteen, and now this year there is often to title containers have like three years for years. If they dont do it this year and now hard and thirty one next year, Westbrook would be his thirty is like and so on, and so on and saying I don't out now you're. Really. I think you have hard- and I think you like, really you reset the halting with Westbrook this year, one of Harden Westbrook hardens, only three he won his game. Should aid pretty well right, not
flyer, South West, broken stay healthy. The question is: is it beginning at him getting hurt right wrongs? Russ have left my big contract way. He plays, is style of plague and work in the thirties. Rest breaks down yet is over well, and it's almost like a football running back right, where somebody lays did those guys in the NFL like the running back, so the receivers who had just taken guys every game and taken punishment over and over again, and you start looking at them gone now that person Skinner and you can remember out an area, arrive the cowboys running back up like oh yeah and years ago, perfidious ample, where we had in the nineties. We had been coats, the best Patriot Teddy, had ever until drunk and every every play where he caught her past. Three guys took him down.
It also mean groves like it was done and grant was like that, throwing blue priorities and air, whereas I oh man, man, this isn't gonna last that long and then it was over me too late. The Westbrook thing he play so hard. He is so physical and he's constantly bouncing off deeds and fine and stuff like that I can imagine this is Somebody'S- can be playing into his forties. You know they had his forties if no, it's got taught him hard and I think that's the one righteous have no idea how long he could This you got my throughout his five years from now yet, and I think that in fact about believe it, because his
as all our speed changes paste using a size getting off tough shots. Passing his game. I think, will last a long time the question for me as like what he Everley Houston. Where would you gotta be found a watch hard with somebody else, I'd effort, he knew what do you think Dallas in Houston basically have the same objective with what they want from their raw surrogate dams says the peace of the poison gas peace, where they actually have somebody who sent for three who can stick his hands up on defence but for the most part, their fishing in the same poor for Roper's right they want yet Seth Currie, Tray Burke, actually kleiber type, guys, who first things first now how to shoot. If somebody passes than the ball quickly, he, I would say the magical players are better shooters. The rocket skies are better defenders, but the
the Arctic is now, if you guys are shooting really well, it's almost like shooting over everything else and it feels like now. What would you do if you're ok see? Let's say they go through the series? Let's say they win this series of: can they lose two Lakers in five? There, a luxury tax team stare. Small market there's always been rumours about the affordability of the team. They have all that stuff, Chris Paul with a huge salary. The next couple years do you. Keep this team together and try to add two. We have all these picks. Do you try to attach the pigs with Adams to dump is contract? Do you feel like you could contend with with three: the guys that you have put, I think our areas of free agent Youngblood Visa, but do you feel like you could actually do stuff for this team? or do you just blow it up and rebuild around as G8, yet
Here's my thought about this. I think, like in February to me I'm saying I'm going to count on SJ being a star. Now, I'm going to go start hunting for a second young star cuz. I have like a tree text. I have you, can you know you're, okay, see we're never signing a star here at you got to be a trade. So if I have like eight for some pics- and I have s jam say- maybe cat comes free one summer Booker comes free, Bradley Bill, I'm going after start apparent that Jana building around that and I'm a gamble, my cultural keep them in Oklahoma City. The term I think you gotta go in on a star now and not rebuild. Because you have a good team, if you have a good team, I give this He had one more like will lead player. That could be a serious squad with all the picks they have the skull for somebody.
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ass once again that a zipper, accoutred outcome, Slash be as Zapruder is the smartest way to hire back to sharks. Kyle tell the video team to get ready for this one. This is a clip, instant break, our equip charges, the clippers can press the reset button and do the pall George faded out of servers, made a role we can undo this shit. You can have all your pics back and you could have Sga and Gallo for the rest of the playoffs and give Paul George back to the thunder. It's it's under the wire sitter. You can return him with the clip. As wave plan. Right now be hard not to do it right, but hopefully we can turn it around, but I don't know I mean how are you so bad? It's unbelievable! Really,
I dont understand that he can't figure out how to have like that Pippen kind of impact in these games. If his shots not go, You know they, I think the real gray players who can vacillate between being a lead guy in a game verses, I being an awesome complimentary player. They'll just go, get thirteen rebounds of their black five shots or they'll just fill up the boxcar basically of ten points, but Thou have seven assess thirteen rebounds five steals and it's like. I still had an impact anyway. The weird thing about him is he'll just disappear. Four shots ongoing in any doesn't have the impact
New at a thought like, especially in that look again on Sunday that he would have been looking at it go in I've gotta get more involved. I gotta how bout a minute be just flying around like an athletic maniac images. Wasn't in that's that's where it gets confusing for me with them as where this guy, who I voted for third friend Vp Lester, I thought he was incredible, an add on our stain. Why comes and goes with him? Might that he's the only like a leap player that you would say just don't know what you're getting game to game see my file with that is. I think this is a test of quite leadership right. You chose the sky. He should number two you're the STAR Can you build him up right? Can you give miss confidence? Can you crazy shots for him? He just talked to him right. Kauai's always got to be mister, quiet guy. I do my own thing. Y'all are pros figure it all right. Now your number two guys dying out there. You ve gotta, be the leader. You gotta, get him going and Yellow
Paul George. You go to the lame the maps don't play. Defence get to the rim, distribute the bar finnish inside cricketer, the foul line it see, some shots go, and then you get things right ever shall not follow don't go inside, and he has a boy to doing this has to do it. So to me, I, like quite Leonard, said I want Paul George, I'm train, like eight for some pics forum, he's my guy. What, if he's your guy and he struggling, build them up and get him going passed the test? like a real leader right. You want to be a champion like a thrust on all your teammates cylinders die out. Their struggling Paul Georgian and Zoo bats firm, beat. And beat was not great and these class I'm worried about him, be, I would be happy shop in him like if I was Philly, I'm keeping Simmons and I'm beyond getting
I think so, and I we litigated that on Sunday we that was the decision, we came to pretty quickly that it's the safer bet to trade Embiid. That is not going to come back to haunt you I think that is in any way more hot to daddy potential for sure within be too, I think he asked to get traded awake up, be like our eye. I gotta stay in shape. I gotta be serious about basketball. I think he needs a kick in the pants are being traded somewhere else. I think if you stayed and failures, always bad habits, lemme change. Without a lot of pop a voyage rumours flying around, which I have been flying around modestly for two months about him in the nets him in this Sixers? Maybe it's the perfect time, I think the exit plan for Papa voyage if he left the spurs, which I think he should cause- in TAT team he took them as a result ago. Twenty years, all that stuff- and maybe he Finanza, said So- Becky Hammond
the next coach ever, however, he does it like. I'm sure he'll have some awesome eggs it from their him going to Philly would be so reminiscent of when Phil Jackson took over those super disappointing Laker teams in the late 90s. When you know I think they got swept to the three years. They owe it. The seasons always ended badly. People are always disappointed and shack for whatever reason and then fell. Jackson came in and immediately righted the ship, and I wonder, like pop a vision Philly. Could that be the one way you save others cause from occurring? jack standpoint. There fuck they there have the jaded, beater Simmons or just hire a coach and hope the coach can fix this, but pockets. L taking over that team would mean if he actually pulled off the fairly thing in guiding and beat engaged in, turned him into the dominant guy that we think he could be game after game. That would be as impressive resolve the titles of San Antonio. If you were pop, would you do
Brooklyn are fairly, you could choose, I wouldn't go near broken I just wanna gonna carry. I wouldn't go near him. I just feel like with Katy. If you have Katy at him, you I have a chance you just oh god, if I can get him the brass he's gotta figure it out, I would do fairly good good engage fan base. I have two of the best like sixteen or seventeen guys in a league with possible trade opportunities. I feel like they can dump Orford. I think they can take out bananas problem back the more look at it. It's gonna be somebody else's shitty contract, but at least you can flip it. So you can take somebody else's bad thing back in its that somebody who pays the same positions and beat but to me if I'm Pavlovitch, it's like I will again is like if I can unlock and bid. I have one of the three guys the matters in the Lee going forward, LUCA. Yet,
ass. Indeed, third, I feel it I found pop. I could say if I could get Katy Goin. I can number one player in the league next year, right, Akkadian come back somewhat healthy, forget to adopting can be the number one guy five numbering guidance in town around TAT will make it work. But then you like me to do Cairo deep down Let me make some cause. Could you start out? Oh really, he did. Why wait a second that happened went over and I just wanna go near Mount. I think it's where he's too old to I'd worry about pops. Health coaching drags a key age, Brad's David's by like five years last job tell you. I was in bed and jewels, no joke either NATO's trades! You threw up at summits for December, which I love to choose. The other is no one to have you on other talk about how the door it is one of the best. I personally Europe that your Saint Benson ends with Denver solves a variety of problems for them.
Yeah expert expound on that. Ok, so my flower Denver is, if you hadn't polio, gets you know this guy's realistically, never gonna guard anyone like right. You got a height of Monday fence. All the time that means, if he should be hitting constantly you got to have somebody going to be able to spend centers the Phantom power forwards, defend point guards on switches you, basically the best defensive player in the league next to him. Well, is Ben Siemens not top three defender and show that alone, Mr Worth that rise. Having that so you're saying like its profits, Simmons for defence can accomplish so like the youth s ears, you'd, put Simmons on go. Bear the inadequate, candy Mitchell go bear pickin round was Agora exactly. I think I've run at two hundred times and have scored a hundred ninety eight of the only yes. I understand that when chill goes out, Yogesh the pickin role. He scores more points than J J, erratic catching shoot. Threes unguardedly,
its automatic, my every single time they got to change up? Well, I will I, like you time, this year's, and I were the kindly thing I was really a bet. Number for the series I couldn't believe Denver was favorite. I didn't really know what number was and then we missed the first couple games. I got scared off by so I started bleeding again back in and I just don't think MIKE Malonzo, very good coach at the stuff that they're some of the stuff they're doing special defensively in the series like you, you wrote in the Ringer piece, which I think is a really good point yoke. It just has to be on the worse by the other tat. All the time you you have to put him on rice, O Neill, because he's he's Utah's version and Paul Bell Sap he's.
The guy you put you put somebody on if you either he's in foul trouble or you're, trying to hide them and they're not doing it, and I watch that I watch how they kind of missed the boat on Porter Jr this year, who, I think we both think is really talented. He never got enough reps during the season and then the playoffs he looks lost, which I can't say it's shocking and they lose out the Canada and the reality is Murray, had to let career games in the first four to career games. Still there still if they still fell behind three two one. So to me that tells me, regardless we're taping this before game five today, but to me that tells me that They just they're, not gonna, win the series of what you are saying about Malone right like getting your cash. I don't need a game to adjustment is a game. Five now he's doing it
wasted three games, like you gonna, make it fast for adjustments like Scott Brooks Tellingham, adjust faster police like come on Ben Simmons, verge mom. Are you through that out there? It's weird, but I've been pensions has more value. I really do like your Mama with Yoke edge, and I think he's young enough that you could grow into that it. If I were then I'll, be doing everything possible to get the third star while keeping Murray, but it feels like we want Murray, that's a guy. We want, you would do Simmons for Murray, throw a ball and like a peck. I think I've heard- have to bite the bullet and do that. I just took out. I like you, can have your best. You players both be really bad defenders. I just put a ceiling on your team, so to me, like you, gotta have a more balanced around Romeo courage if he was a good defender,
in summary at their whatever, but he's so bad on defence, Murray's, Pinocchio break a defender. He just got him switch that up for the state I need to do it. My dream, Ben Simmons scenario as a as a Ben Simmons truther in the sense of I want. I just want Ben Simmons to have his own team. That's built around somebody who's like we're, going to just going to do every possible thing to put Ben Simmons in a position to succeed. I, like the thought of him going in New Orleans with MIKE D'Antoni and like a Jrue, holiday and Lonzo, and whatever else for Ben Simmons and then D'Antoni joins him and he School like here the car keys. I am turning you into a Benjamin's tests de we're going going going going all the time. Let's do this. Let's go question is men's design, the same spot right because they're, both non shooting begs, you want to them
Oh you just water on me. That's the question right, you ones! I am be similar to that both cabinet same spot on the floor again to the rim. Could you play them as like? No other centres, anything words she's. Basically like those are you- guys internal you'd have taken where yeah, I think I have to do their part Zion like he like he hasn't good. He god he didn't defend that all the sheer he was brandy, fencing college. I'm worried about a model that is physically, hopefully is ok. I'm writing this year off. Yeah, I'm a gets her before the area. I think he fell out of shape. I think that a weird coach situation, the pandemic, happens right. As he's I get in his feedback and he looked completely out of shape, demanded in a disturbing way.
And you know to me him- and indeed are my two guys- were aegis each one, put your arms around them and try to explain to them. It has pursued me. I'm a fifty leg hated I've. I've, I've laid down this road before. Would there be a stars? I like thank you guys. Gotta get in shape is half yeah yeah vision. Sauce did in the third pillar of game. Theory of a pious says. Is that what are you doing? What did you do for the last five months before we go, even though this is before Coopers maps gave five, so God knows what can happen today? I was talking about. I think the ceiling for LUCA for me officially is this. Guy has a chance to be one of the best, ten or twelve guys ever, which I as
Something, I would say flippantly, I just think you said I laid out the whole case on sundays at every checkpoint. You'd ever want to hit he's doing things. We've never seen from anybody at this age before when you're you're in Texas you've been watching this you're going to the games. When did you realize that that was in play with him? How how long ago, I mean I didn't, I feel like. I always thought that going back to Europe, but when I knew for sure it was actually game one against the clippers when he pushed quite out of the way at the rim. I, like I was over if this guy why can bully Kauai like who's guarding him? No one? That was the last thing I needed to say LUCA dominating the best defender in the world. What he can do that like to me this series? It reminds me of the seven pistons Series when the broad the points and gave five- it's like I'm here, I'm unstoppable. It doesn't
are who you are get out of my way. I'm scoring forty five fifty points again. Yeah in the thing is he's not even really that good of a three point shooter yet, and if that ever comes yeah, oh my god, yeah. When you start thinking, you start doing the math of how it gets better cuz, there's no way somebody pizza twenty one, it's impossible that he should peak like two thousand six hundred and twenty seven, but if he gets too, if he becomes like a fifty forty ninety guy, on top of the way he sees basketball he's going to be. In my opinion, the best offensive. A of our tab, because there'll be nobody who can he's basically combining the best skills of like three. Our time guys, you know so. My father's, like he's, got no bronze, can strengthen all
all around game with hardens, often of skill set right formation of labelling could hit stepped back threes regularly right and I would throw in the the bird magic passing Jean cause. I do think he has it. I think he sees stuff that, for his age, is, is just completely unusual, like the creativity has, with some of these plays you're talking a handful guys in the history, the leg that some of this stuff he sees and the effect that has on its teammates too. I think that The part people mess with great passers is when you play basketball and you're, one of the other four guys and you feel like you're in the play. Even though it does see my new are that's when it goes to eleven. I think when thou has got bogged down the showed be when loot when they fell into that one on five stuff for Yonkers an average is kind of standing. There when they are run little action and in people moving around in its autumn are unpredictable. That's to me! That's a future that team- and I think, he's here
heart- and I realize that a little bit too, that it's just one on five everybody standing there eventually the other team figures it out. I mean, I think, for Dallas, like it's a small thing, but having Trey Burke, having a second ball handler that destroys the defense cuz. What is Dallas this year? It's always look at dribbling for guys shooting, but having that second play maker living can play off of a little bit that its unstoppable, like sometimes if you can get a guy who can give LUCA open shotgun play off the ball, maybe like ten percent of the time, I think that final step to look as is playing a limit of one to action. Casually pie, k, peace, a number three spot up, shooter post player. I want more guide and craft. The troubled give LUCA easy shots, sometimes I'm site that said Currie real his for potential as like a valuable role. He held it I'd liked him, for I never understood why he wasn't in three years ago and in general like when somebody can shoot like that and he's a little trick here.
On the rim than I think people realize he's deftly now. You know like some of these guys they can shoot, but around the ran, though just get their ship. I'm saying the same thing: those crape others got that that gene for sure. I think, was shooters. They seem to make sure you know you your basically like you have somebody like sham it right whose young yeah, but I think, if you look at the history of these shooters go, they really kind of figure out who they are and what they are in the little checks and there's you see subtle things from AIDS, like twenty seven to twenty nine, where they go up That might happen with J J to judge it was an amazing score knowledge, but it took him years and years to kind of harness at figure out all the little tricks and serve even semitic, doubling Damn it I'd Indiana who nobody Cotonou, what to do it forever, but now is turned into a rule. I was gonna, say Bradley, Beale proudly biggest better every year, like Frank for five years,
He had, but he's really good, though I am not ok, him up here: shooters aka, as I'm talkin like everybody's, for the four shooting in the league, but but for some reason these guys can hit this kind of purgatory where they better round for couple years and people kind of think they are what they are. But really the history says near five year: six year, seven year, eight they'll make a leap and definitely happily curry. Curry was sitting there for everybody fur In free agency, I write the map, the map of private and pretty early cuz. He was in Dallas three right now, it's actually kind of funny, so I had a big future for staff like three years ago in Dallas, then he gets hurt the entire season. We had to kill this feature Udo's to fordland himself healthy as a big year last year, Dallas thanks for four hundred and thirty. They know he was God and was satisfied. You gotta shooter with handles. They were the Elles on article right can get that
I got a garden, then it can draw general three or four times just shut again. There's a guy in the draft like that. I'd be doing so draft homework, o nice who's, your guy. Well, the guy Stamford, I think, has potentially their rats chaotic easy. I loves him Tyrell Terry S, case he's guy for sure he's sick too, so that knock em as well as six to, and it's like this guy can already fuck and fill it now. I think the Carson Edwards is kind of the cut off I had fur is, I am sure, with the South excite quiches too he's too short, like you have to be that one of the greatest shooters of all time to overcome he's, probably like five, nine five, that an half Dana Barrett was able to do it banana barriers to somebody who scored at every level. He came into the pros and was able to do to, but
I like the Stamford kid. I have a favor gather, museum in and out of the park ass for you are here we go. We ve got a love Halliburton ass. My guy love love how gigantic great, but he should be the guy Minnesota takes and they won't does that they'll, probably the adwords, and I wouldn't I would get Edwards Russell look at the shooting the Avenant citation just take halberd how so? I did a big profound and for the season he's like a freak ingenious he's, one of the smart than ever talk to one of these are coaches, told me who's gonna. We are clearly said: Terry's Haliburton he'll, be the president of the Union one day the players union that's the kind of guy. He is just unselfish slow, Lauer, that's very rate yeah right, and he just like way thinks the game is just next lovely speeds really big here's what goofy looking shot, but it goes in he's like six to media like Alonzo, I feel like,
he's a real younger brother. She weighs more Lonsdale Unmelodious Ways: six five, the feed granted, I'm just watching in our view to cook somewhere, the field of the game reminded me a little of Evan Turner, who I still feel like if his goes to a different team, and I think his career would have been a little differently gone gone a little differently. I think how parents going to be to be better than Evan Turner, but same kind of thing. Where he's he's tall, he kind of hat he needs. The ball is a sense of where everybody is, but there's an intelligence with him. That made me think, like man. If he ends up on golden state, they don't trade. The pick, I still think they're going to try that, but if they don't and you're putting him with curry and Klay in these three guard, lineups that everybody's doing now, but you have somebody who really sees the floor. Who knows what he is who's? A great passer,
be such a fun wrinkle for those two guy with Halliburton. So last summary plain: the team, the under nineteenth would like all these great younger guys like Cade Cunningham, and he had like one of the most efficient, I think, are the numbers on it. He had the most efficient you nineteen ever in history, the turn him and he was like at last fifty five percent shootings, just another good players playing off those guys you so smart. The course of the German is gonna goofy. Do you believe in that feebly of metals can be great, but you know so we're lookin shot. Didn't it, didn't jump out at me too much it's a little. Where did you know it doesn't look like Bradley Bills, Jem shot, but he seemed comfortable shooting it didn't have like that faults, hitch or anything like that. I was okay with it. The Alonzo question to you in the shop Lazo shot have never liked. I've never highlight that was a normal shot, and you know, I know, is one game, but what was a game
who's gonna kick his ass in college when you went to the era thanks Fox in their tournament, never got over that game with him as much as I like Lanza. I never understood I can't remember he kicked it, they would inbound the bottom and he kept giving it up cuz. He didn't want to dribble up against fox, and I thought that was so weird. It was so like an anti off of dog thing and Fox Saigon better than this guy, and he can't himself right that dossier. I love watching those games for college guys Blemmyes. He regained his best players, forgive against re average college players, the other MBA guys. That's really tells the hotel. I think a lot of times I, like the other Casey Guy, that em down what this vessel he's good, either very stall he's a very solid player. Three. It is late Victor he here's the thing with the way. The draft is there's too many guards at the top. It never works. Not everybody's gonna need guards, and
one of these guys. One of these teams will prioritize just having a wing and they'll take em three spots higher than on s eyes, usually elbow my skipper as the cells teammate, Patrick Williams, a sort of state. I think he got chance. You really special place. I'm doing a big profile on him? He's like six hundred and eighty two thirty really athletic, pretty smart, decent jumps. I think he has the tools to be really possible to top players in the draft two years. Also, the youngest player in the draft is also a plus. Who do you think Minnesota is going to take? My guess is that word I think they can ignore. Is that the tools he has a flashing she has, I bet they just go for it. If the if the new owner called you and said sharks, who should we take, who do tums I think I would do adwords knowing its risk, but he's got was tat. I really young too, but he's got so much talent. I think I'll go where it is so bad.
You didn't shoot it I'll pay. You Edwards, even I know its risk. It seems like he makes more sense for Charlotte to trade up to one and may be give up like small asset and then, if your Minnesota, you can still end up with Halliburton at three and My thought would, as already for I think, could be like it be like jail and Brown and Boston where it goes somewhere. Worse, there's toward a good players. He played off those guys for a year and can have commits the defence and into a bigger all over time, could Georgia they show you Jack and shots constantly. He was like once would it be. Idolators comp- and I wasn't gonna say think playing with the towns in DE low would be a great outcome for him. He get a lot of space play with cat play with carrying into the rim very easy re deal. I can give him open shot he's a decent, appoint guard. I think that
makes sense to me as a third option, but two guys you can shoot a Georgia. They had no spacing around terms whose costly, Jack and job shots he'd know where to go in Minnesota. No it'll play defend the points he might fit there fit there. Maybe we'll work will have you back on as it gets closer, but so Hoosier, big sleeper Patrick, William Sources, Ok, I may not how burn Halbert and if your listing amid on you sharks pleasure, will see on the record thanks. I am, I reckon it said, Myers one second, first, during this time, a social distancing connected with friends over bearded aid may look a little different,
as the original lay Bare Miller light has always been there to bring people together through Miller Time there in the world we can always be through people know. Time might be a moment on zoom call quick, porch beards, your neighbors masking up for a socially distant hang out outside whether you toasting friends near far great taste is always close by and I gotta say, there's no better summer beer nor light, just especially as Joe has talked about a caprice on the golf course. It's the beer. You want right down showing Marilla with France. Maybe it looks different everybody, but staying connected is just as important as I did this couple days go actually had. I have a couple of drinks with some friends of mine, we'll just and zoom got used to it kind of surprise how I got used to it. I've gotten
but it was a great time for maritime from online happy hours to social distance picnics in every five hundred peace puzzle, Puzzlin between were enjoying new ways to spend time in their friends Miller like great taste, with only ninety six powers. At three point, two carbs, however Are you and your friends, our joy maritime, the sum you grabbed the original light beer delivered by going to more light that come forward slashed bs and find the delivery options near you celebrate responsibly, Milburn Company Walk Wisconsin, ninety six calories, three point: two carbs per twelve ounces I had set Myers is here one of the big winners of the pandemic people writing pieces. That I saw the internet about dear set Myers. Please keep your hair. Was it an actual title of a vulture peace? Your hair has been a break out star the pandemic day. I mean it's the longest its ever Bemba did expect this. No, I didn't say you know an early. I tried very hard to team,
to make. It look shorter than it was in full credit for my wife who said love, you know it's the last week let fly, let people see exactly what you ve been working with these past six months and a very, very kind of you they migrate already vulture end I mean we're, not gonna, let it we are gonna cut it, but we're going to keep it a little longer than where we usually started. If you had a baseball cap, you would look like one of the duties and everybody wants some the richer think letter We are moving from the early eighties, I think you're the best movie? Does the most conflict free to remove the last attacking hundred percent and we ve been? We bid circling it for the reactor bulls for a while. It's it's probably gonna happen. It's just like. An enjoyable ramp in the best thing about the movie. Is they go to that, like the drama KIDS party you just having watch movies from the eighties. You know when the jocks go that party. Something goes wrong in everybody, just as a perfectly fine time, bigots along
Air travel is a marked with a baseball cabins, very marked fit Richie. Oh yeah, like flies, gets very winkie, so you must have been like us right this. The pandemic kits yeah like what am I gonna do my job yeah and then you can try to figure out the fly and it's fucking, weird yeah, but then eventually you kind of figure how to do it when it. When did you at what month? Did you figure out how to do it? We are weird thing where we first reasserting I had to figure out where to do, and we popped around a little bit in that first couple weeks and then we ended up in my attic, which ended up, especially with two little kids ended up being the best place cuz. It was the hardest for them to get too and, of course, you're doing in the middle of the day, and they don't have school and there we moved again for the summer and am I in laws place, and it was easier, the second time to figure it out, but it was also kind of good for the creative juices to not get too.
You know, I grew in everyone and grain an attic, but I would say about you know and I felt like we had figured out at least how to do it at the level people saw it on tv when you're used to just staring into a camera and delivering stuff. Yeah, pretty much the biggest was we never really went hd like a lot of people gently suggested we make the camera better, when we try making the camera better. The lighting, of course, was way worse because good care need better lighting and it will. I was sort of one man band, and so we also need, as I dunno, unless you sit a state with a lower level camera. I think people at home will appreciate and forgive us for our faults How did you handle a writing staff where you can't see anybody ever? It was totally fine. I mean credit.
To them for doing really. Good writing. We would do a closer look meeting every day, so we would have faced time with that group of people where we would read through it and it just mostly just a razor and allowed said if you could hear it, and then we one writers meeting a week where people would pitch new ideas but ultimate the monologue jokes that is usually a face to face me. You re sitting around with everybody rights. As we read em, I love you know we can adjust skip that process and they work did not suffer for it. That's why you ve, I mean thousand twenty other weird shit, that's going on a lot of it is in your will house too for things to tie about like the steed. Anything. I saw the other day that that just falls out of the sky it further closer climbing the timing of what it fell out of the sky was idea because we had a whole another closer loaded, then, and those things first straps or sometimes you know thirty thirty five pages and
Then Steve Bannon happens at around one thousand and thirty in the morning, and it's your last show of the summer, and you know if you don't talk about speedband now, it's not like it's going to be a storm. We get back, ran, so we also did decide to rip it out because do banning getting arrested on a bow with his current haircut again, when I realize him, I'm in a glass ass here without cuts, but are we did enjoy talkin about that as I send after the summer his was grey cause every day Look he had going was really like about twenty different action movie villains. Sure, but it into the movie where it set out. This is the guy in charge of the hostile yeah. Here. The guy right use the money guy, like you, thought. Another guy was the bad guy, but he just works for the money guy and then it turns out his the bad guy and then is either yeah yeah, and also you, Madam early in the movie on the train, and he like hell. You look at a map to get to the hostile and they really do you like them with a totally trust him. Then,
somebody one of the four people in the group said he was friendly method is dismissed it. What do you expect from everything the next two months? Because you know you're and camels in the same boat, all the weight that guy's are to some degree year, your more little more hyper focused on the tax and all that stuff, but we're about that enter. I would say the most contentious time since we ve been alive were already here, but it just gonna go up a notch, the end the end of that on your show. Well, you know we're not a trade in it. This way, I don't feel like anybody is watching our show on the fence about the current administration growing and ass. It were in obeys the giant to provide information with jokes to make it but more of a concerted experience, and
I don't really have much expectation except that, hopefully, our approach to how we re will maintain value you like, I think I haven't really quickly and I think need to be a person is, but I do think it I get a little scary, especially when you Jesse pulling about how I again I don't know the question was asked: what do you think a hundred seventy five thousand dead Americans is ok and you just relays Republicans but majority. Think it's ok, which I think is only a thing you answer if you're, so you know smitten with the current president, but he can just do no wrong in your mind. So that's really scary thing to be living through and by the way we have the shower easier to get through them. The wheat run is safe.
I don't even want to watch the urgency this week is one we cancel jokes about it and without the jokes part of it, it'll just feel a bone on bone right. Well, then, you had the other thing of you know how to handle the binding piece of this guy's on paper. This is the perfect as an alibi do have a parity guy right. This is again every single piece you would want to unleash. Somebody like SU dic aside and just bill. I just go man make em, make em super out of bed and then all of a sudden, lucid and there, and but now at a point worth egg. If you really care about future the country you dont want to mark the person who is is probably the best chance to change the country and infer for the better. I, Sir Leon, that argument is presented me on twitter anytime. We tell a joke about job, I'm the only thing
says if mockery, mockery was effective in so far as how're. You know affected people's choices that at the vote, those lighten Mcdonald, trembling wanna, stay rights to grant point, you know it's like well. Did you go? Look? It's near the rapporteur seem rather severe, who heard her bucking guy right now bet they're, gonna every now and then a whistles gonna get bologna against you, like this drought go, and why did we lose all our values if nobody, if nobody makes jokes about your body, that's how I feel too, like I had my buddy jack on two weeks ago, and we talked about the election. The word joking about bite. And a couple people in my life for that came, and you can't really do that right now and I'm like quote: if we're not going to poke fun at people, then our society is just going to collapse. If, if, if there's just certain segments of the population,
people that are just completely hands off, and we can't figure anyway to navigate that. I don't know what happens here. Comedies been part of our lives really, since human beings did. I don't know how we just flip that switch off at, and it's one of the reasons why two thousand and twenty is turned into such a complicated time, because a lot of the people just don't want to have a sense of humor about anything, and I don't know how Having said that, it is, I mean, ultimately, you just kind of lean and learn what you still think it's funny in and help others an audience for it. You know, I do think that in buying because he is presenting himself, as you know, the antidote to tramp as opposed to and again ensure banking will be angry. To hear me say that I dont think in here grand vision, in the way that some politicians would, I think, he's saying, like hey, we gotta get back to the decency. This country, which I think is a real effective method when you're running is down trumpet. I really anyone's making jobs that are you Don T
issue than in saying right, lady. I think when you put them side by side there, both the same in terms of care unlike any other, shows, are doing that and Rodya you're really tough argument to make me they certainly as well. How would you have handled the Trump thing? The last four years view the head writer vessels I think it would have been just. I think they ve got a really nice job, but I think it just would have an Islam is, I think, back to the pale and you know Inga had rather during the pale in times and either that right we got out right what we saw high in that we did some sketches cerebellum and then because she wasn't. You know she's out, like this May I ask you and she went away and everybody looks down those others are so completed because imposed it. You know you're doing us fifty other sixty one thing. Obviously, the level of difficulty gets a lot higher but I think they believe I, I didn't believe not to have had to take that on especially young. I bring it. I think that
when I went back to host, I realized who is today as an the young men who do not have a rather anymore you're. What was I like? I haven't talked to you since you do that. It was so surreal because my ego sites that I thought like no one knows more about how this place works for me now I deserve twelve and a half years. I was a writer I was out of date anchor there's no underbelly of this place that I dont understand, except when you look, you do it from outside and You realize all the one thing, always underestimated- is how hard it is to be housed, mostly just because you're so busy the whole time. There's some things to do, and you know Mostly retroactively fell all this shame about the times that I should talk hosts behind her back, because someone who call you and say you know that sketchy road. They don't like this joke and
he would just in your hands the comedy and who would then you know you're the whole side and almost any real it real love this guy? Who did you know that you tell them in and then the ironic I'll come of it is a matter of our Eu Minor back, but he was so is a really especially having worked there's a writer. It was the worst weak and then it was absolutely the most find ever had on Saturday. There should have you shouldn't in India and other things that you hated when Homestead they come in with three of your own writers and Belike, we ve written our own stuff. We did like three and then every time they patch me an idea like lay my idea on top of it, but I stopped doing until midnight I was just a joke about there's like I think that you grow into not wanting to meet the host ahead of time. I did you find. Comfort, where you think I don't wanna explain on Tuesday what I'm thinking of riding for them, because a couple things could happen one they could say. I don't like it
idea, and then you feel about writing it or they could say God, that's funny. I should also do this and then you feel, like you, always have to put their idea in whether or not it sets eyes why just stop meeting with her But when I went back you know writers wanted to eat me with you and it was lovely because I gotta meet, allow young writers and people who stuff like that. You know they say You think about this idea, and I heard you were. I would do exactly what I would want me to do, and I say what everything just write it. However, I will be on board but ultimately that when that was over, I was I haven't. You spent four hours like literally wasted for hours, because I I gave no guy. To anyone in my efforts to be you know not to speak up for the process. Did you pull out? The after party could give to small kids you're in a different body. Now it was. I wear my my wife went home. My parents, my brother, in common, and so we went in So with a little bit like I'm a twenty
the college reunion versus the five, the Edna finding the best one every after that- and I felt like again- maybe you is, I also you know again thy failings really paid ended here, like falling. We went a little harder than the kids these days either that or they might be going harder, not at the party like that they might be a girl. I want you to go to the excellent laughter party, raw but it was like it was not. It was like an american restaurant and felt a little light gum not quite nodded the joyous sadness that I remember as an essential historian. The Eddie. The episode will ya, take first, why you didn't it something that it had always wondered? What happened? Probably when you are for an entire almost a decade. Never, but then you figure they got that will never happen around and then it actually happened. Did you were you even think?
leading up to the episode that it was going to happen. Kind of and then you, I think, my first reaction when it started off. You felt this way was just that relief because a game here s an old fortieth. It was like you couldn't quite tell what is it I was re. He like went out. Can't I've kept fainting towards doing look. He wouldn't coming yesterday it was, it was like Willie commit to it, and so, when the minutes started, it was like this huge relief of like always committing to it, and then I went to jail. That realisation of one is, the best that ever did it? And, yes, you do you kind of forgot, like. Oh all, of his characters are in a good mood like, I think you think, his characterises yell and people are raising their work and their just all so happy in that, like cake boss, sketch where he made a bad cake, and he was so
Emu is a king video to smile and his days I'd. So it's just that ices, I value the nicest ninety minutes, and then I think that Elsie was maybe the last sketch and my favorite of all, then just cuz. It was like white hot here, Eddie Murphy, I was nervous cuz, I just didn't, want it to go terribly yeah and that it do. You know, there's an alternate episode where it's just awful and it's a man. Let's never talk about that again, but it was the opposite. It was actually really cool that he did it and you know just makes you wonder like what was this guy sitting on the last thirty years where he, where he still has all this talent and about it, do this budget. Now I'm gonna shit that switch off and then you can just turn the switch back on its kind of surreal Also it was a real how well all his characters. Age like
What was the weather? The the core idea was funny about all his characters was still funny. I know it. I guess, makes sense because Gambie was exactly is insane an idea now, as it was then because, like what you have to remember that you know there is a lot of people are document can be as like mouse afraid so yeah I was just there. Just to delay any veto again. I I keep asking as members and writers who were there about it, because I'm is desperate effort in tell us. You are in the nicest thing is everybody said it was by watching you know a fire worked his way back into, Asia renewal of girl little tentative at the table, you know, and then all of a sudden you know college everybody. My name gives a team have heard everybody's excited. Other writers, ain't gonna get ahead of us never writers, lay take on these old old characters and gross everyone's doing with them. You know,
we'll reverence and I think he did- everybody felt really appreciated. In the two seemed like an there was such ass. It was such an eight plus when, ah, what did you make the decision? I what? What? What your show, wiess started or really leaning on using your writers and bringing them on and trying to turn them into characters. Well, it's way because we were, I think, immediately after the gates, we tried it and it didn't work because we thought I will bring em on like update characters because common from the update s eyes. Oh you know what my strength has been like: a stray man, somebody like Biller, Barbier, Kate and the reality was it was really hard for a ride, wasn't known by the audience to come out is a big character and have people be invested in it so and we actually mean, pretty it was one of the few notes we got from the network in the early days was hey. We really like it to be a little bit more. Your show yeah
then we leaned into that. But ultimately, what happened as we started? Wringing our writers in till I give commentary as themselves I would say, the only writer who really excelled playing. There was Conor. Oh, you know social media legend. So to me let him again vine star. There. We do that, but Carter, was the with unique and his ability to sort of score is a character. But other than their mother, gave your Priscilla basically likewise Letterman that I mean I regret you ever. It should be noted it even if Conor Resiny probably want to talk about brazilian beds, Well, I mean most comedy right you get a late night, shower very disappointed at first to find out. It's not, Letterman Activity, civic rights or ninety two. You know that they all
and by the way I don't blame him, but they all kind of thing pay. So we can do that, really like wins a call. Mega comedy, it's a lot harder to pull it off. You well yeah. I was in that situation with Kimmel for the first year, though, to show you think your joining versus the shore becomes once everybody realises the show becomes, is gonna, be the show. It is interesting how that our plays out, but you know almost every time to show their becomes. That happens. Reason. I think for you right. You had that daily show shadow. The show you knew you should do you couldn't really ducas it. It just would have been to close a daily shown, you kind of, had to wait it out and try to do it. Now. You be The DAS gather times that by that, but then you eventually through into that and that's when the show took off here we're good shoemaker, and I might shoemaker recently I Maroni first. I would really how my God can you imagine how hard it must be,
the daily showing have to talk about the news every day had been the browser. You realize you know we would you a few things like that? That would be the thing people with their like that and it was you know, ass. It was kind of again started. Are better, gentlemen the beginning there Not all we'll. Never do that, then you know again. Ultimately I think this shows, like you said like they they. Ultimately, dovetail in and meet up with it, the skill set of the people and especially those two people. Now how close it was too you doing in a european way that I guess we could talk about that doubts, but a millionaire easily. I remember it was we talk about yeah. You were a Euro council during that time. Second, unpaid, concealing- you were, you were very. I would say that is an excellent definition and what I was yet was right. Around the same time as I get after midnight, he s been so reached out talk about doing a late, because I hosted a couple of eggs beaten and had had good,
relationships with that everybody over there and those. I told you not to do the second time. Yeah and you re, but it was You know what I do is I learned a very valuable lessons. If you, Gonna learn not to go back to your greatest heads like the aspects, the softest way of doing it. Right like that, I learned not to do the correspondence dinner or the golden gloves or any like so early stay with the SBA, is an because the first ass bees have gone well, yes, let us do whatever we want, which occur whenever you like comedy raised you? They want it noticeably worse. Well, I remember at that point in time whenever that was when you almost like probably two thousand eleven range of eleven and twelve were my ass twelve times yeah it was. It was right, the time when I had allowed us weightiest pan, and there asked me about it, and I was just like says, cite the most undervalue guy right now. Like
if you are ever going to do this do with him, but I could not figure out the scheduling part I couldn't figure out like for you cuz. I wanted you to succeed and they're like what your biggest concern. I was so this to you to like I just I don't see how you pull off the regularity that a late night show needs has everything I know about night habits dating back, even when I worked on Kimmel Show, is that the audience just wants to know they turned the tv its one thousand one hundred and thirty its twelve its one thousand two hundred and thirty there's the person I'm used to seeing I'm in my bed uncomfortable, don't take me by too much surprise, but keep me keep me intrigued. Keep me interested and if you don't have that day today, where you're not there or week to week whatever it is, and it's like I thought, Seth was going to be there. Why is there a college basketball game on? yeah, you're kind of dead out of the gate, Especial because the energy it's one thing, if you, if you know because of NFL Vine NBC and approaches late night. Maybe you like found
on four eleven more minutes so, but it's very late, my job suppose the like college, basketball and screaming vans and things you don't want to see our the other thing was that, and I think it is the right instinct, which is if you're gonna do a late night comedy show that sports and how to be up to date, and there was, I remember was presented me that it would have to be alive. Shell show, and especially now with children. First thing in the world would be if I was doing alive. Shell sports network at midnight. I even do without of New York, so it was It was certainly an interesting offer the people over there the time I I really liked it was nice that certain embassies started stiff around the same time, it probably is earned by the way that there will be a downgrading, is pink help as Canada. The second second suitor thousand really fun time it s being, as I do feel like
yeah. I look back fondly at that year, just cuz we were doing stuff like trying to hire you for a show and trying to get Nate's over and they just they were six hundred and sixty two every conceivable way it actually spending the money on good thanks you now, unlike paying for thirty four yea and stuff like that resist I just have there's a guy to your window. There are my man as a really fun place to work. It was interesting. You know, because it was also Why is like this saturation of the market like they were only so many homes right, and you just realize that I got a lot happened with cable and and house up for it, but you know, I think, the other thing about those years- was it was the crest of espionage being everywhere. And ultimately, at some point you can even more houses when you're in all the houses. True viewpoint, you did the airspace for two years with more or we should probably talk about her for a second is ours.
The sad comes at twenty. Twenty more an executive producer, she passed away- I guess, and Boy was re where the rain emigrating. And ass she was, I mean I'd feel like it's ok, to say that she was like bulldog, she was everything you want out of a producer in that she was so tenacious and especially in advocating for those I mean there were Times GINO, because she would start to go back and forth three, the networking and me, and and she just took such good care of myself in writing staff and she genuinely wanted to be a great show, and you know, over the years the US has had some really exceptionally good shows, and it should in the green paper as it does. You, don't you images. I pulled out the comedy bids from last twenty years. The espies I'd put him up. Any other award show
and it was on the other funding about doing that, show that she understood was ill. Nobody took that Syria leave, because no one in the audience genuinely cared, though much whether or not they want right. I think the thing I was appreciate about her and I've always clicked well with people. This is. She was all in a hundred percent at the craziest level of trying to make something succeed. So, like she treated the espies leg, it was single, most important two hours. Anybody was doing on television that year. Whether that was true is debatable, but she really true. In that way and I've always I've just always enjoyed working with people like that you're, just like for lack of a better word in saying about the work avail, but all times and every Are you see her after the Espys and she? It was like
abroad. After a trip over time, Ito gave seven, were they flew heard? You were in a cocktail dress, which gives us greatly, it is no energy at all and smoke aid, and I don't know I just I really liked working mother She also, you know it should be noted. It was two hours of her year and the rest of the times too is working contacts, relationships and yet reality the day before you say, you learn, boy were doubly Griffin, amiably Griffin issued a thing, and that was really amazing young. I don't have ever tell you story, is very curious thing. We're all day, the W Hotel ally, and I went to the gym the morning of the ass bees and more. I was just on the head, the treadmill jacked up like a forty five degree angle, and it was, I guess, is: it can go ahead? I gotta do is just run out like that. How
that's more like the when she's, not that that what's happening in her head, which is like just empty ear and lying running his basket, and when she did it, you, don't you genuinely, did it to get the best possible outcome, furniture. She was one of the ten, most importantly a spam people, and I was there because they had. There is no replacement for tat. It was. She was actually a nation and taken. She brought its particular set of skills yeah. Nobody else had them. She had all these connections to show business. As all this and athletes, and all these different people- and it's not like you, relate how do you know she passes away tragically and then it's like what hiding places I wages down. It's not like I'm getting other head coach for an avowed team. It's there's no way to replace you'd need five people to replace all the things that she was doing. It was funny you, how often you know remember making my first year a shout Sunday with paid Manning and eighty I'm just like him,
you know again until you putting words it is the EU also would say like how did you and aware what thanks you're doing this? I couldn't say no to more and less like across this We were also you never. Just feeling very few people that across all the sports, you know who can't you don't worry, I'm just out of place of lake work, the release, Ship, Anne and people cared about him. Tons of payments every year and made a show of good will. She she was in the classic, we'll house of you had to return a car because you wanted to, but you ask him if he didn't return or cause she was going to call again and get you on the phone and it was going to happen, so you might as well call her back the first time otherwise and then should be mad. If you didn't call, you know the after the second time, so I don't know I just it's hard for somebody to earn respect like that from
Hundreds of people that are in their lives where it's like she cost like five more hours on the phone I got to go, I got to do is my wife and phone would ring, and I was just show my wife, beggars. Few rigour and I would urge you got shoemakers number and there are definite days where one of us and hold up a phone and end. The other would understand that the next hour you know right away. I came. I should know that I think one of the last century, She came to the when I hosted the gloves she came the after Barney cause. We invited her why? I always you monsieur the first. As you have been how something guy I learned Steve got again, those are such unique things, but it is different and ass visas from a golden gloves like you, do, learn a process of I just like when you write the jokes. What are you trying to jumps out like? How do you do soon, as I always felt in debt to her. For that He was really good at jumping on some as their arrows, pointing up and you're getting
getting in a little bit early and then rightfully being super proud, as their career would kind of a sand and go to a couple of the levels and kind of not that she was responsible for her, but just being like I'm just so happy it's working out and- for this person, because I felt like this was going to happen years ago and ask them to do whatever and she was using knowing him a little around it together of oh, yes, yes, run, did ass an old thicker radios, but it was before as I am now. If I may now, though, I think the first time and now pursuing its pretty obvious, I'll find you a brown is, but that was seem very bold at the time in and was that culture is the thing that was the Baker Fund being funny with something I didn't fully realise at all. He did apple grantline things, but then he was on the sb with drink. I think two thousand fourteen
I was at a thing about athlete funny when purely out they are funny they're, not actually funny they're. Just funny compared other athletes, but then the hearse a couple athletes who are actually legitimately funny were an Blake was one of those guys resent o this guy's legitimately of yeah yeah that it's that it is not a long list. I think Shack is legitimately funny, but it's, I think, there's a whole funny side of shack that we probably don't see it The public is by its very long list. I am Blake and Kevin Lover really funny in this vast. My locker thing. We did an immense and tax data. Brandon today that they were both mentioned is having a very hard to trade contracts on your carcasses. I need everybody over thirty billion doth axes it turns out, like that being secretly funny, doesn't help that much to help her with a big contract. More or maybe it makes teams water
more because I haven't, I read a few minutes I entered. I feel it would be a more fun situation. How do you think about the hall like you grow up in a certain era? I'd ask around the mid two. Thousands and all these people from this specific error are all doing these great things across the board that not just people I cater, but even like behind the scenes. People and people like make sure and other stuff like when you look back at that mid two, thousands at all the people you are involved with it so Why did you have any idea that was going to happen in the mid two? Thousands, I think, by like oh seven or eight, there was a sense. Can it was again, the cask are really small and the show he's got a really good at it, and I think that only half friends when that small cast is as good. As they were, and so there was a sound and also most of us were the same place in Ireland
which I think was really helpful. Like most of us were single, we around the same age. We hung out a lot together outside the show and he said here I mean because I think it was a one point, maybe nine and and when you think of a Sandberg, Forte Fred, said acres, cleaner air, keen- and weighing my a polar me- I mean- that's- have emanated it's really stunning, how how well and how many shows just, but then you are while the behind the scenes, people to yeah, we then are you. Gonna do all kinds of stuff Milady, when you think about the fact that John I was not era is now, as I mean that's good instead of community and that there is in the universe, TAT. Was there for a year, Ah Yang wasn't: there are thirty role for us in over a year think was it Carson Daily you didn't
not only is there it felt like he was there that we give you credit anyway, even though it was marked the wonderful guy. Serbia was it. It was not scruple, upheld really fine and John lads who raised for us down. I mean dear, isn't. It was a very, very deep. I win them. I lay wouldn't that deeper than together more than any of us, but it was. Very strong, grew in the lonely island, the Thanksgiving Norma without any anti doubt majors movie stream star. So did you wanted, and I thought it good. I had them on night, I loved I loved what they did cuz I was so worried. It was going to be a Groundhog day, rip off federal I really, I think the nice thing about those a movie without structure is on its way. They made me feel like curmudgeon me, I like an eighty five minute movie with no be plot. They just gimme You leave that I care about. I don't need a sea. Like other p,
finding love because mediocre adjacent to this problem. And I ve those great familiarity with so charming as well. I didn't I I live in perpetual, Jarman, Sandberg, so I'd it was nice to see the two together here. We d caddy check for the we watch, both ass, wicked technology, seven minutes- and it just flies by- and it's over here- is that you called more spoke up, and it's done here is serious refreshes it. So what are your next five years are? Like I don't know, I mean I, I kind of went into the Imo militia started thinking. Oh, let's just get to the first five and now we're dress February was sick. And I mean a hopefully just eat. I considered it s really happy with the gig, and I I like the people work of Essen. You know it's nice day do little side things people I fell in France.
And John like Documentary now so awfully like the aim of finding space to do something other late night. But ultimately, I went on how many complaints, well, you have to smoke headsets like having a torn ACL and her native desk in your back athlete I assume that you never the same. They also. Feel like. When I go back to the office, could they now? I feel it is very easy to four year old is acutely aware that everything said I ain't gonna work for I ve been able to do at home and rights that's suspicious. If he's just spend the whole, they say like way: ok but the ratings were the same rate set off so said the seventh about awesome no cause. I know it's been awesome for us mostly to to be at home in their kids a lab to have that way, young kids when you would have been on the go and at work all the time. Like all this time. You never would have had
yeah and especially on a necessity. We had a film everything earlier because you know, basically I was just sending in Vienna in home. Internet too, as you know, to basically the graphics people you just have to build and more time to make sure you could get into the network in time to put it on tv and most days. Done by four hundred and thirty or five, as opposed to eight eight hundred and thirty, and I never finished the show before my kids are in bed. So it's been, you know, I know. Is that weird thing of a couch? in their vessel reminded us, is awful time we lived through, but I'm here I waited hazard a special time with our kids before we go any last words for Tom Brady, your guy, who kicked you, ass for two decades, I'm not upset he's gone. I mean I am I wish him nothing, but the best again here only men and that really that one week when he was just a delightful ass, an old person to be around us, I don't believe you. I don't think you wish him the best. I think he caused a lot of pain and higher yak
Are you and the other states that reflects badly on me I now I wish him the best if you are still on the patriots- and I wish nothing but ill- come now but I am. I realized that that is a bad reflection on me as a person as road, the anything bad camera time used to do. I feel like to meet her. Is on. Beat on one of those people who work for trunk and then laughed and wrote a book and I'm trying to do except that he's seen the Erika package. So Your directing year as sports hatred for came Newton, now its higher, that he's avenue of timing. But again, you know that I would like to say that is a very easy way for candy over the patriots than any other pages to escape my which is just to be a mediocre for free. I ever males. Does it just here too, so I can start feeling bad
but as a right now. What are you expecting from Ben Rothberg, good things, I mean in others. They don't have anything. Do you really expect things like deep down? Really that's a good idea. I'm we're I again eight need with dark. Eyed is amazing afraid, so I kind of fifth, we had if we'd gone twelve I wouldn't feel like it, but I we have really good defense tonight. I do expect good things, and they're so live there so little to be optimistic about right. Now, I'm about to go back to a studio, no body part of me like just give me the one that I mean how if, if I mean
We just be guided if, above all, apart right is always under it. They call it off. I am I saw my guard up. I have not been any fantasy football homework at or anything I just think, they're gonna ploughed through it yeah and if, if there are covered people that pop up, though just kind of move them aside like like on the injury cart when they're carrying major guy half it'll, be the big picture. Quivered of that were it's like a lasting guys, we'll amount bring and ten more and the edges. Keep the money train go in, I think is going to be the attitude which is a bummer big but its that's how we know, though sausages bathed with football, they don't care about their prayers than ever have. Rather, I don't see why this would change new. My conflicting feelings about Val, are made no easier by, no man living hundred foresight, yet I cannot tell I would be lying through my teeth. If I said
I would be guy, I know, will be so got it if its Albert listen. If we were going to quit, the NFL would have happened already exactly the kind of the terrible spouse we have made, and I will say that, like in shock by the baseball thing, and I don't really know how to reconcile that, and I know you're a red Sox fan, and I don't I don't know if it's cuz, we won four titles, the team's bad, it sucks to watch baseball without fans, but this is the first red Sox. In my life, where I am just now watching yeah, I'm literally not watching it all. I barely know what's going on and I don't really feel bad about it yeah. It does feel again. We got really spoiled and All the issues were grants, and now later the combination of a movie and how it looks and how they're playing maybe it helpful to take a breath and an injustice. Let them when us back the murky things making it worse. For me,
It's like pouring gasoline on an open wound, because our you, it was so horrible, a bonus happening and now he's doing great. The dagger fans love him and had two fuckin live here and see that searchers jerseys an is everyday, it's worse than the rats access others? Already? They ve already traded to relievers a good their closer than their acting like there. The kid city royals in the second half and we're we used to spend tough, ibis, buddy that and that the royal suite. Where do we go wrong? you and beg you are I'm an artist your engagement, Debbie aid as the learners and there has been great, but I think the NBA thing so most shown that fans as part of the tv spectacle Probably a little overrated yeah, you know where the only time I really felt it was yesterday when LUCA made that shot
Now you ve got me and I would even call of Dallas fans were their unseen Sundays game, but for the most part they ve been able to replicate what it sounds like to have a crowd and in a way that makes you think I like This is kind of a lot of this was forced anyway, like a lot of the musical cues who rely on how to telling the fans how to behave yeah, whereas I with this stuff, I grew up with further crowd. We basically had an organ and their organist played some fight, songs and other, and that it was just fans applauding and booing and that's it and now everything is kind of orchestrated. So the fact that they can Kate that I think was kind of weird the disturbing yeah I'm watching as well. This Elvis series it? No,
Why did I think, I'm I'm less? I care less. I cared dream I felt like. I was an accomplishment while, ironically you're gonna, probably feel it with yourself and your back in the studio with with no apple reacting. I don't I've got some of the bill MAR shows, and it's so funny how he's trying to do his thing and he's got it's almost like a in wrestling like the professional wrestlers when they do the entrances and they're playing off the fans who aren't there and he's just he's like I'm just going to do it the same way? I've always done it, but there's no people there and he's turning the left in the right and he's looking at the plant. It'll be weird, and it is one thing like. Having an audience in your attic is fine, because there was never an audience in your egg. That will be. The weird thing is going back to the room. There was an audience in and figure did, I feel, like we did figure out how to perform an audience in our Peter, makeshift studios. The real question will be
How do you performed without audience in the room where you facing the empty seats phase to sit in you'll? Be fine without what's the best movie you watch them anyway. I really liked palm springs. Just reward Bugsy really enjoyed buggy, How do you know What else did I really like I launched its on, I mean I may destroy used in the best thing I see and a normal p. But was a really good? Horny show people my mom really like normal people, which I found a disturbing. Having said that, I think it'll away, one when I I didn't I'm sorry it's just the policy that I think is classic, as they have irish accents of my journey, but I think it was better than I had an. I can't I'm trying to take over. I, like the old guard on ethics, are those sometimes what else
Always lose your big one. What was your eye caught up on stuff like I'd, never watched Ozark, so I am like a month into the pandemic. I was is already feeling weird and then cranking out. Ozarks interests is gonna. Dark place, wafer rewriting metaphysician dozens creep, which is showing never watched. And I like I'm, I'm against jarring, like now, find out like how much about sex that show us. I began I just an idea of what I was now I did cause. I I'm trying to put replay saw the sport stuff phase. The watch, especially in the mornings, gives out weaker, do emails and put some game on that. I didn't for was doing like Mailros place in its place. First couple bearers
place, MTV the challenge restore that on their like anything that was kind of interesting, but that really, but at two interesting, try to find that, whereas I am running out of stuff is getting dark in no good movies are coming out. It's basically all like these straight to videos was with a few exceptions, and it feels like their stacking. They're waiting until December and all them and I come out at the same time as compared with fact like we're. Gonna have a hundred of these. So if anyone good luck in the armies next month, based very good luck back in the studio and a couple weeks, it's good to see you don't get your hair boot up, we'll talk to link later about working, Everybody wants some too. Maybe cameo gotta realise that I was the best I could say anything
You crazy do I thanks to Spotify thanks to set Myers thanks to Jonathan Sharks, thanks to rush about Logan Murdoch for their little cameo at the top of the pod. Don't forget about the re watch balls which we had forty year old virgin. That's up there already and then was in a dangerous mines as part teen, movie, weak and the ringer dot com. I hope your join other pieces that we did for that and the bracket both for your favor movies, go to the Ringer Social feed right now, and we will see on Thursday night, the converter
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