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Coach K's Secrets, Saving College Hoops, and the Pre-LeBron Generation, With Jay Williams | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 392)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by college basketball analyst Jay Williams to discuss his time in the NBA, how we evaluate college players, his 2001 NCAA national championship team, fixing college basketball, playing for Coach K, the pre-LeBron generation of NBA players, and more.

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Today's absurd specimens podcast brought you as always based yep, recruiters, zip scooters, powerful, powerful technology scans is Erasmus, five people the right experience for your job. Eighty percent of employers who postpones get quota can it through the say in just one day: Lech when it comes to hiring. You do not need a high hiring iq. That's why we have zip code or check it out by listers contrived for periods. If current outcome, such bs, zip recruiter, the smartest way to higher. We are also brought to you by the ringer dot com, and specifically, if you two twitched had tv, slash the ringer at noon, pacific time, three EAST Coast time on that channel myself. My insane sound Benjamin's, ten years old, Stephanie Snowden Jason tipsy from the ringer. The forests are gonna play fortnight for
two hours and a fortnight's glad and you Watch me the greatest over forty five. For now. Where in the country which basically list is just make, as I think nobody over forty is probably plain for berwin, squad were in a play when attack we're just going to mess around and see what happens so check that out twitched that tv slash the ringer I've been practicing, I've had I've had a couple kills and games. I've got into it the battery of God to like second a couple times and third, I have a pretty unique strategy they can enjoy when you watch it, which is basically, I try to avoid conflict it times and snake people I can shoot from far away, but I'm terrible up close because I'm old, but far away. I can now take you out, you better, be look in the whole time, an illusion, those chess anyway twit dad too beside the ringer. This is the first of a lot of stuff ergonomic doing on twitch with that not just with four day, but with with
far with two k width, God only knows what else it's are. Our staff loves video games. We try to capture that. As Joe Ass would say, the twitch so got it through its that the slash the ringer subscribe check it out and that's it coming. We're talkin a J Wham Susanna on Thursday afternoon. Actually before we do that, should mention Carmelo Anthony got traded racism residue in the he's gonna Lana, ok, Sega, in a Schroeder back, I continued to leg. Canada, the direction the western conference has gone into. Four ok see you could make the case. Getting rid of Carmelo who really killed them last year and was just not good for them in really anyway, and you give his minister Jeremy, Grant and cup other people and then, on top of that
If they keep Schroeder, who I can't imagine how he's gonna message would mesh with Westbrook, maybe they're taken him for trade better something, but if they keep and they can figure out how to use them as an asset and was broken. Can I can take his hand out the steering wheel little bit so really really conditioning team. Look at them western coffins odds right now. Forty two one in the western conference, for one Africa. I bet I need, as I too where's injuries. You need the rackets to get old. You need Lebron on and the Lakers Spear year away. You need this first kind, be a notch below its it would have. It would have to have. I whispered change in the way plays and getting more people involved and figure out some sort of balance between being teamwork, Westbrook and being point I'd Westbrook, if he's too
both Westbrook like he was in the air in the plan sized year than they had no chance. The matters on the theme, but if he's good teammate point Guard get ever the wild and take over last four minutes, Westbrook a little more interesting anyway. I thought that was a really fascinating trade, the NBA every time you think it's dead, Something else happens. We're we're complaining this week that this was gonna, be the first boring and be a week in the air and then collider collide. Trade starts happening in the middle of the night on Tuesday and Our Carmelo goods traded in the west is starting to take shape. Who knows what's next anyway, we're Diana J waves or in our first protein,
we're tameness, there's afternoon, James and an officer, I will never them one of these, and this is the first time of actually had a thorough conversation with you, as we know that a number of years were while we bear a wee Bennet events together. You know I've been the carriers is my God drafted yeah. You said that you submit a class mistaken that I was gonna, be the transcendent no thing in the DRC there's plenty as a player, you listen to that kind of stuff. I was like this. What bills? yeah? You damn right, I'm gonna be granite, didn't work out. For me it is a mistake, but it's all I'm here till we get injured. I did my was a yeah because of the history of Porthos as staying out they for long periods of time.
You don't really running like sex yeah just say Yogi can replace stay years cell on his last week, where the league was going adjusting thy tab and explosive guard who could create to make a safer bet. That one? I don't. I don't think that's a loss for me, cause you you. At an injury, I was like a fluke injury, but I had some bad once Michael I had some really good ones. I've had big swings like out Chris Paul I went crazy Hokosa Chris Paul What's going on, is the best part of the draft going forth that are stay, this marvellous, Let us ask me, you see, he went ahead of her down was big, Currie. I went nuts ear and curry felt a seven, a the beat but then I had some other ones. I get it there. So far about a mega oak forward. The white haired really like confident about that. That's anywhere Excel
Do you know you ve done the draft? These guys shall I be died. I may I want the angel Russia me, but you can make a case. I like I'm too, why I didn't like him as much didn't listen, there's no wish for you I guess in a way we mean it. It's too as thoroughly yeah is very early on me. I thought stone was gonna, be a better prospect, prospect images going the tax system and plan for it and hear stories from NEO currently towns, where how Tis practices and how so intense all the time and now seems Chicago. I just I just don't know. I guess to be terming. You know, I feel, as the years of God. I've learned kind of things not to do from experienced by being wrong at things. One of them is just to judge anyone, eighteen and under for the most part it is. The crapshoot is done now they come. The whig you don't sure they are ignored. The work ethic is like,
Did the drive to analysis in the cycle. We thought it was actually right around where he should have gone. We like them winos, even go three inches. We did that now that he was being fed regularly and with the trainers and she laughed, I good things happen to them. How do you predict that? I mean what here's my name, when is it fair game, brocades ugh, so as soon as you going to draft night is out when you're allowed to be critical and beyond a second have fun, because if you're critic, you're kidding cows if everybody is extremely sensitive? Yes, for only looking at them to the pro prism x, look kid now, that's Zaire Williamson! I dont, look at him say this. I was gonna, be like this is how is gonna project as a pro yet things. You need to work on here. Issues happening off the court that I worry about or level that you worry about how things translate. Yet I remember doing the job of jail in jail and in the green room for the draft or like an hour, would submit a priest a meeting here, was better
the jail in and on tv for the Jeff, because he knew what it was I to be drafted He didn't want to criticise anybody, basically, because he knew this is this moment their life in their work, turn up a while he can't shoot like he just was going to do that, which is why need ass? Like me to be like, I don't know about this back jailing dance around. They give you cannot tolerate in like and who we like, but he was always focus. He understood them or may I think to me, one of the main reasons you have players in analyse positions because they get it in order to be drafted. They know what it's like to be in the last two minutes of a play. Game when the criteria against you, that's something I can never get. I can just kind of gleam I feel you can do that and I I I was the biggest more into my life, but also I was a realist like there's no perfect player out there. Everybody has something that they need to work on. Depends on the way you say it, but at the time I'm a fan too soon
I sit back at home and I yelled the tv yeah. I mean you guys funny you days shocks, other people, that you talk like a fan, because when you start in ball? You are essentially that's all. You are your fan yeah, but you you know yeah, you still only you it's a big the duke- and I think that's the one that shocked me when I went to jail and was how famous he was, which really understand, but like those final forests that he was in will use it in the line in Lithuania, the leader of a moment, the whole thing and people, namely their kids after him, but you know those you and see Michigan game that the time our game is problematic million watching and even you at the tail end of wine college Bass was getting huge audiences like that now feel. Like a little more cookie cutter, the team, change every year, it's hard to keep track it's hard to keep track of the history its I got. What what Kentucky deems it? They Davison was he and the one way a scream of Physic Highschool Bass was bigger than cows, Basle now yeah a guy.
Just because you see all these kids at our common up that are creating mixed tapes, have social media people found them around has highlighted still in the dark states, crazies its neck, someone else, then you go to college and there's a short window who pay since in the college, until after the Superbowl, yeah me. That's the point, so you are you ass. They cause you're paid for. Obviously we have my tie. It isn T Frazier been there and they know it's going on around, but I I think, there's more casual college, basque wealth answer, consider myself I'm eyes the be all and encourage basket now's latterly boys and girls. Guy. Now I never really. I was always like Big EAST, and I like these. But then, when I went to high cross, I can adopt them. Will you know lacrosse? I did so the first twenty first eighteen years, as probably say. Then there is still caravan semblance of all across bust car drivers screw those guys my mom went to BC. Actually can I take them best parties? My life had been a spring weakened,
across all year, as the only we can we get good weather exactly where were you at home, because my boy, my best friends play their brain, was any play their thoughts and I was in college, so we always knew gotTA, Durham Drive of the winter Party for the weekend in the early two. Thousands are lacking thousand hours, as I think it is more fun in early two thousands airily crested. I was during a different air such in the Middle EAST wind back that ten thousands. I think we can see that there was a little more serious. The air is burst, serious tabs agenda, yet tat, when I was there. It was like the last time all across they had a chance to begin Zaga. We have The answer is couple times we can never get over the harp and then the two thousand stand a couple more games where it's a
we use when one tournament game and a kind of flips. We could never win the game when you're doing wait till this year about now as the year that my boy, Brian plating, his yeah Asia, we chauvelin that game and Dwayne Wade was leg really good and my dad after they were awake, I was dead sea. Is you first pick agrees, have no idea. How here is a lottery pick, but then it was. She became too it way, but you could see the seeds of it was what was your big college game? Did you when the tide of they earn a member? We want it. I'll do anything goes out urea or was it was out of the alaskan assassin Rosetta differently? Now, that's that's. Trajan knows that was made ninety nine o ended. I I was when they had Trajan Langdon Ellen Brand Miracle Miguel. When it came at a high school yeah, I do when you're Corey use one. The first one is done guys, William Avery, whose on your him my team, we wanted. It must
my team. We wanted. It was myself, shame barrier my crystal, and that was a good team. You, I remember the Cosmos Areopagus why this is the problem cause basket Now you need to download it like an apple like what happened. The data, the Ipad. Everything you download is glad that go to download the two thousand one sees in a moment. Exactly I wash out. Those games are pretty good. Nba careers mean Boozer Sinai Crazy, do with Utah, and what was his hair situation in college thou we're all struggling in my my. Are still struggling. I dont let a growing. He was struggling in college Probably I remember it to me the chances to look at boozes hair in college. Does he just a mammoth he's such a big deal? American K is just It was great Ngos, there was a little bit slower in college yeah and I'm used to wear the wave cabbie. We know even have waves and easy we're like the big old in This is in the big the big like. Were lower, suits
cases ignoring you do a slow so when they were all sit near and cable. Into their huddle into our groom wearing one of Boozes Voleur suits and his or chains and a wave cap, and was I John gum vary so like a horse or to hay doing as always in pursuit of Carlos Boozer in orbit I do a slow, I run down the court's low, I jogs low and they went on to say some other things at maybe said there were slow and then then Bossi, and then we had to go do charge Rosen. My hair was almost like Caesar's YAP, We had a full thing, a chest air at that point to Somalia he was always yeah. He brought me the NBA Caveman whims that a third of thirty about that one Chester Abusers Chester, whom now getting we get could have assured me that is the first MBA player with just air like twenty years E Eda. He brought it back there I mean he was a legitimate caveman when he was seventeen years old done, levy done the he's again,
example of a bad the correct, as I should think his is the creation of a better than it was kept. Get injured, wrong times, but he's kind of that that the three you could shoot threes having of guy looking for now play make a little bit and those guys get guess he got paid a lot of money to buy yeah I was here over those guys. He got paid a lot of day out of a contract for done, don't know because he came in cars, you a six six man over. So many left school after a junior year here, eleven you like, where the hell did that come from I, how you, RO five inches in two and a half years, and then, by allowing out of it to a movie. The fine us was a marathon and files on your good we're trapped in a little that's Ryanair. Gilbert arenas are J. Had that was one of the less Cambridge Games with tuna talent. There was crazy, to that Carmelo was O three. He was the first one and then gotta. Basically, when it carried title to him, and then I felt basketball debt for causing later You never know what to make of it. I love there.
Monsieur. You feel that when you're on location for these games hemisphere, exceed the time was yeah? Yes, yes, we are is unfortunate, but I mean it Don't have my college ball, but it's like. I don't look at it. I don't look a basque babo and anymore vertical man. I look at. It is one thing, and so far because you, like, I, all your cards, bass, windows, mobile, all the deuce it I call now carbon units for twelve years do that I call in a league. A guy wants to leave all the time. Comes. The Basque above junkie, so to us here from high school in going to college and then go to I mean that's what it's all about you talk about the entire process. I think the biggest thing for me, cod ships, is the time out every four minutes. Hey. I just hate it so much, it's just so awful to watch it ruins the flow and especially when we get to leg, bigger and bigger stakes, and you get to the finally in the final four and then you get to these bigger. You know these domed arenas fit find this
lines are weird, there's no floated the game, and then people allow these games that good. I wonder what happened it's like. I know it happen. The game as though flow and they're playing a full Boston, Agri, I'm always make the league cows Bass, one legged as Euro Basque, more like make it we for second shot clock, make the three point line expansive play faster, have fun I mean all these guys were traditionalist, I get it, they want to slow the game down and you can see it the greens, but I want to faster pace seeming to keep me and bogs. I am I pay, the watch it and I lose interest in a lotta games again in Europe, ten gains and halftime score is twenty five to thirteen. Unlike somebody shoot me please, like. I want to see peace, I'm gonna, see dunks, I want to see. I don't want to watch a team playing four corners. I don't They fix it because I dont they do have an incentive to fix it, because this is great You have involved, there's a lot of time out your anti the other time you
you're offering people around telling them what to do. Yeah. I can a million dollars a year, the Reagan, a million and your best players gone in six months anyway. So your basically the star, the team, sat on a change that a farmer coach and, if I may and see I'm getting so much money from the time out. Some that fixed that either. But the question for me as like at some point eighty care about the product so, even if you did it every five minutes, instead of every form and etc. Your minute is still like three more plays a little more flow. Well, that's the best part. We talk about the product being, like the content has displayed on tv. We're not talking about the kids. Kids remain product right so said. Now we're done what these rules are well, yeah of silver. Let them go straight from high school, like kids, you be audited whenever they want, but causing as they were. When we keep me here for two or three years, and I hear coaches who are making million dollars a year. You nobody complain about, was hard to recruit. We paid a million dollars a year to recur in your flying around on a private jet senior back to your family. Reunite like I was with with that comes how hard, as its are difficult,
I'm not for cow for gay happen, a frequent jet, you show up, everybody treat you like your royalties for an hour and a half years, bullshit and in five home first class the cooling gruelling recruiting tickets. So tell me out here the histories of recruiting fear the coach role across its little girl agreeably connecting flights in Arkansas written cars driver nine up our yeah, that's grilling. I get that, but even then guns, aggregator Mart few You ve been out there by the way. I can imagine that gruelling gazing cried again. He gets every kid in the Pacific Northwest Australia. He is package is a guy who's, the best australian this year we get him, get the best kid in in remote washed in annex these causes take care of your entire families. Do I mean I could always of things you can do with charity than the cow December with their charity, and you bring people your family through the charity. They can get paid to do different things mean, so the business. I mean I loved it, I'm just pissed off at the kids
participate in it. You're in the corner, a little bit I mean because I I agree which was great for me, but I won the feud actually but if you ask me realistic, I should allow myself meares and be topped by pick, I must have you leave when I left my junior year. I stayed another year saw my son. I always you'd be won in Gandhi, begun a mile she'd be have personal trainer. Nineteen for how different can my career Benyamin? Do I make that same mistake? If I play with M J in DC, may call me round at the first, but the draft a year. I think I think the guys now are different. I think they mature faster now agree that thing social media may similar Marcel for our letter. There they get attention earlier in. You know I've thought about this, for the pact but watching jail and Brown and Tatum Jail Embrowns, there and he's probably one of the ten
by disguise whose common the NBA, in the last thirty years, blockages like that guy's gonna go off and leave Basque Montes, something crazy. Tatum is a smart. Ed, but moreover, traditional the kind of guy that comes in and he's already really polished does give interviews and knows us at handles business and works hard, and it's like he's a five year bet, but he's twenty in. That, I think, is the big it the biggest difference. I see with the guys now is how powers there you can add onto her too, because a social media you have a lot of guys in the league they're paying attention to whose necks and eyes these days are more willing to say come on. I got you like a b c c three or something the air use glides like they are given early I gladly you know a couple mba dues who want to take you under their wing, garden. Have anybody like yours, come on. I got you read. The way the game is different. Now our Samantha taken you casino, impeding the plant exactly the circle. Udo spend thirty five grand. He wouldn't I mean like eyes when my
My first year battling with J rose, and we talk about this man because he wasn't a Duke eye. You know we have some like internal strife and how they worked out right. So it's just different. Such an asshole It, a beautiful I saw them, is that I love again it's a wreck database to talk about simply safe home security. Before you guys there give me crap, and I like super safe because their from boston- that's not true! sure, but it's not a hundred percent sure I like simply say, because its great scared system awesome per day, some very easy to use and because their from Boston simply Safeguard started when a Harvard There's Franco burglarize. They went to get a scary system. A huge ass are too complicated, too expensive terrible contracts. Are they build something better, a comprehensive, easier protection, no contracts. Fair prices keeps her friend I'm save twenty four seven, even during power outages when you advise them for burger smashes, are key bad, whatever their ready softly designed. So it's never knew. I probably won't even notice
was set up in minutes. Anyone can use it no contracts. Twenty four seven monitoring only for one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month. That's right! What are simplisafe security system right now and Simplisafe will also donate one to a family in need, so you got to do it. You have to go to simplisafe dot com bs, that is simplisafe with two eyes. Simplisafe dotcom, sash be asked, and since, where don't forget for no Friday It's that tv slash the Ringer Friday through. Three p dot m eastern time, twelve p, DOT M Pacific time I'll be playing fortnite with my son, Stephanie, stone, nj602 and we're forming a fortnite squad taking on all comers and in do on suit because guess who's fun to kill in fortnite people over forty. Like me, so I'm going to dial up, that's fine it'll be good anyway,
back to jail, is picking up where we left off. You come into the league at the tail end of. The worst generationally accept these dudes. I got paid a lot of money right away, guys you didn't reach their potential guy sue we're gonna handle in their business. The runway for the most part. Guys who were ass in around a little bit get somebody like any Anderson, whose were my favorite college bars every eye you so nasty beaches, took him and put him in a time, Jane and put him in the leg into doesn't thirteen? It's a completely different career, many s. The word is a rookie scale. Contract he's got a word for his deal. He's got better influences random stuff like that. And his generation. You know any of that and he's making ten dollars a year right away. He's got no role models he's on his own and he just his career goes away. So you go and uneasy are your role models, this generation of these guys that were, I don't know it- was kind of
dark time for the week. In some ways it was weird man is a guy. You know J, and I talk about this a lot. I felt first off. I lost thirteen gains. My college career item I'm still over comparative everything I rise in the same way, I can watch on tv. I listened to your pack ass. I come giant down knows something about. Do I this. Where do I want to spend this would also, I believe, how do I make a continent tv and at that time a guide and have anybody that was Ike you'll. Let me help you not even my rookie year mean Jamal Crawford and I love J c I can't leave you we'll in ITALY today. What is eighteen years crazy and he still doing the same thing. I want some playing ass, his son the other day up in Seattle and are going back and forth. How come you- and I were in the back- we're together playing free flow what we are really. We still run the damn triangle, yeah we're in the triangle with TAT Chancellor and Eddy Curry and bill carbon. We are going to talk to allow bill, but like your billing, had coaching experience and then,
after a game was over. Everybody went off their supper way. And I'm thinking about how do I beat Jamal Cropper first hour and spot because our team pitied us against each other? Yes, like how do we just reminded destroy people? It's funny feed took that Zack roster that you had. And we re Robbin to sign up forty million dollar deal on that. Do you smell lab. I did a matter. He was so crazy athletic and was so different. Like you get through any bad pass at all bill was a grey pass with Iraq who's that incredibly, talented jail and I we spent two straight years too There is a lot of time together and I've heard a few. We rob stores or their legendary here now that somebody who actually maybe we'll get a thirty four thirty zero rob Tom Greatest man, a rabbi. You were really show you get no game. Time worthy rub what kind of play of the egg lobby at. But you know that
they cleared up, cleared a big there's a glimpse. It's almost more impressive that somebody get hinder their business off the court that way then go on the current scored twenty seven Charlotte because eating care here. So that would mean thing about the thing about: can switch up the narrative right in the game of your intentions about it of Riera, but my girl, you into he's a man, I'm good yeah you're good too. What we models anathema wasn't oakley than he passed through that team we have by that. We had sun there eventually, like individually, I, when I left my I was already done. A cord blood. It was on a team c b. We ll- Baxter That team was like a science experiment reaches put all these young dudes against each other with no no turns around here, you know is my is like a big brother Red Brunson again oh, is that yeah he was crazy.
Proxies everyday with scar marks, and then you borrow my core bad and does not give it back like two after weeks of Miguel, can I get my car get my corvette. He's a got, give it back to you and I'll give it back to you I'm like. Are you really pumpkin me right now. Do you this? As he knows my endorsement, they always like. I got you, it's ok, yeah! Do you remember it? Two member you sign for Otherwise I am my summer repudiating us. I've like three point six, and then you got Are the endorsement says that if I had to deal with Corvette and how to deal with Adidas those my first studios, and then I got lucky enough, think God, by derived orphan those guys that I get my next year, my deal when in toxic I'm hacks passion of God it. But to give it to me, think and now it was able to get you to stay on insurance to cause I'd thirteen surgery, so those pretty big Jesus now. I remember it'll running a bike does bill. It goes wrong Why I sent the almost I ran away to ruin, sixteen m I'd I'd. Remember Finally, motors good, like sixty five Anna and
I was gone. I read that thing like a maniac, no Helmut Schmidt, Eighties, and I and some old lady confronted me man almost that same thing, but my master was allow broken shoulder. Broken ribs broken collar bone. Broken cheekbones divide that at an have, like you know, and as I say, I was an athlete like you get a man you're sitting there in that bed, fur however, in the hospital has our tuna months. You sit there just now. You are you in pain, but you just think about dumb ass. You are exactly the idea of such a dumb ass. How many other things you have so many people are tat. You should be doing it by that time. Adamant listen to anybody and I was doing what I want to do. I am I'm gonna, billboard going down. I ninety yoga these dreams at an ever higher, like I'm here, I'm living that life, I'm goin taken, play so vague is probably hanging out with J rose and kick in it and then plan against all my idols and Steve NASH, Kobe Bryant, a tie
when twenty against a hour got his job. Twenty against ay, I like em away again and tell me anything at a given moment Did you break I'm China yeah engages tell me how you gonna score me, it was best moment of my life? We are pointing us first of James. Found a way to switch off MJ more multinational. Easy gets. Pardon me, I really am. I come on man they're, so yea back me down to Le Pen's postal me was gonna. Camorra left, shoulder, didn't believe him, John he had no knees and anyone who, in turn ass, though scored, China. I saw him on the other end Couldn't we ran a damned triangle. My cat, there is no ices and our game. It was passed call to the side run to the corner. Wait until you got the ball back with twenty three seconds with one second or two seconds left on the shot. Clock then shoot it member battle. I my statute, a shitty- oh my god, if you think about that, but you weren't the first theme that fuck that up because
I remember the maps when they had J kid and Jim Clemens became coaching and he was like a god. Said dear, really do the triangle and have a comment. I have even started mild website and has some day if I get a sports com of uranium asked fucking stupid. This is You Jason cared whose clearly, like the most Quit gotta run fast break there. We ve had the leg. You know, since anybody in the eighties, and you you're having walk up and see this control outfits. When is the tri state? How much I love Jake Hair Dye did short stay with the nets. In Lawrence Frank, was the head coach and the first day of preschool when a cab. Lorries, Frank drops ass, big ass book on my desk, and I hear all the place for you This team, you need to memorize Emma House, I hope, they show what am I quarterback yeah What kind of a kind of book is this so then, where, the game or practice, and Kate is coming down and Lawrence runs. Yells plain Jake analysed I gotta know this players and- and
goes wide annexing. You know your screen or raw and all the stuff like so was this figure is anxious to lessen oars frank. It has no tallies, talk he's gonna be gone in a year and you a j and I'll be here, and am I, but I may not directly they help me out like I do I do it. What do I do by so? I d learn Playbook started gotta meeting. Did you when you come back, did you have a glimmer of hope at some player like well, actually might be able to come back to you. Because I'm so Duffy was my agent this, MRS, so interesting, and I'm out here in California transformed the impulse sinner in Carson and I met one. Owners Eddie by Eddie Viola. Was now with Ngos is its jaguars. I think you're, yoga hockey, team and. So Eddie are really close and we're talkin and he's like you gonna make the team in we're in standing with the team, and I was gonna go. There's gotta Trinity camp. There is spot open and I'm on eddies. I've. It plain come from allay back to teach
and we're on a plane were watching the draft, and then during a draft, the net Select Marcus warriors from you. Can't oh yeah, the laptops daylight alarm at a Marcus marxist agent, build off. You know my. How does some is watching my whole career, just snap. How to of my eyes and for me at the second tier point, guard to the third tier point guard, and then it was like to training camp Emily was bet on airport is all business where I can sustain our training camp but Eddie. We work with this guy named see was like this trainer. I'm litter, standing in the corner for an hour before practice. Kneeling down holding these squats Gazelle supposed make my leg stronger, yeah then doing therapy. I guess it was too MT. I couldn't do it if it that injury happening as an eighteen, is the technology. Better is the same thing. I saw a draft which I mean. Not only did I hurried back compliant as I can pick my left. What up So I too, where this ban that they attach to the top of my toe that poor my foot up to keep my foot Dorsey Flax yeah
and that's only. I know I mean I laughing and still play, but I don't have a burst of speed. Like you need to play in today's game, still play now yeah I saw Piper Gabatha. I, the destroy people's self hesitation. Step backwards Oh no, I bully people idly series. I will Is anybody and all the jewish leaves I play in? I am like a jewish Jordan, I'm a black jeep door storage and it's great. We play that we the fires, the imbued have these games. Jailer would play is really attache back there. Now that he's with buys Molly's might arise there, and I shall do you like him- into training company, look pregnant to hear, the guy yours truly great white hype. What is also Mckenna? Domine ISA rub his stomach and just destroy people, and then you can get me out and he would sit on the sidelines like five two minutes. Can the game scrimmage like two minutes distribute and go out again by GM, come in here that old man game, I know so the moon play pick up, he would eat our huge is
basically just shoot through China get hurt, but people started talking shit. He would do that. The room recurring spin move level thing where he starts out twenty factory to any just spinning and I'll send its aware. We just avid do porpoises at other when I love those old. I agree as partners is probably good. Now progress by the year two years Everybody's that Turkey Jerky he knows how to play the my feelings Adele time do cannot move will find a way to get a shower may played an extra five year. I know that you how you doing it here, have to move in order. Get your shadow, you can stay in one spot. I see you later complaint till his fifty six. I hope he doesn't know. Well, you should hang it up already, but they do this, ask very likes me theme and he's banking. Seven million a year- and I basically samper kids in the mid nineties for now telling minimum for him is nice, as you what they're doing this year I heard is not isn't it would not be to plan a mean event.
Ok, I know Cuban paid like a hundred five million dollars for his diet. For derricks document, every foot was Sattler camera Ebay. Wherever the titanic budget was they re learning, say exactly ass, a great document or dark years. Two hundred and thirty, eight million dollars you go domain market market sky, like a genius boss within a league each says what everyone's you want to find me find me: there's a girl. He was on a really bad round and then the dock edge thing that trade was great You think I love that trade. I it's gonna go down as one of the all time. One sided trades. Now, that's it that's it. We're talking only about when you re way around sometimes you you have to go out and if you're going to do what we're doing it's one where I'm all in, I think yeah you just going, can be great. I think that trade is gonna, go down in history and I think he's gonna revived thou. So I'm happy
on that corner, he's going to revive Dallas sightings, revive them ass. He especial, I think, is a chance? We special curious to see how they utilize him know. I think off the ball, wouldn't you say you think he's a dire pda matters yeah. I think there's only a few guys, I it doesn't matter, you know, like magic was when carbon thing really matter like he played with norm next for like a home with him for years and was I carried out, do some small finally he's he'd be anywhere in and be good, and I added I can like the ranch like that? I like those guy in and it goes back to the pick up, then these guys that are just like Who's on my team right I'll. Do this in this guy Gotti. I just found a way to win. Where is so? Many guys are like is a Russ's like this. I have to do this You you're gonna hafta. We're gonna need these guys around me, because I'm only doing this and those are, I dont like those guys as much just as if aesthetically
We will be nice to see him India's junior. In the same backward yeah right. Injuries Stint Smith is a stud yeah so the masterminds already very protective of his on dubious cause. I were I desire this we're looking your face when it had been a small one. If he's a good stats, bad team guy need Ebay's guineas to prove me wrong now and at what he just said. The bathroom monsieur as rookie stood, there may be what his destiny is forgotten. Bag was like that on the kings is he'll, get his twenty tonnes and they'll lose yeah, but I that's just a minute Pinta palm. Where you go the right. I mean that guy insulted you guys today at the defendant. I go America, I don't care, I don't come, and now you guess at I d, do it's like a cop? Is it yeah you guys? I take your blood,
they include the little Kay around. He puts a little ship in your negative sire. I never knew, as is evident agents no yeah. There's been. You write that kind of march to debate a mile drum that there's a chip in your head. You don't realize that scares one time when you passed out there you're massaging practice there like he's asleep. Let's go, because ketchup lightship, yeah CO, UK, everybody has ever played for him. It's it's like her, like a family member, but even I don't, even though my dad as much as the duplex love coat. Can't I love by that it seem You say anything in. There is a way yeah, it's cool like, but you know that gay is the way he is too vague. You to buy it. I think I said that's how he does it as this is not about it doesnt become about. You becomes about us, which is another
This translates into next level, because what what he does his various better that's? Why is able to do a USA, Baskerville, yeah It's an example is not about us is about. May we go to the bathroom rights, How do you change that culture, the next level? But that's what he's gonna do that's what the ringers like that's what the ring What about your silence when recruiting it is eight winds? You win That's how you persons are you running it's about? If we win you in good for you, to kick ass content on China, as ever, to which I am speaking. I was too great a your leg, meaning that so great a planning head have got good news, our friends in hotels, and I have an awesome app that helps you find amazing hotel deals the very last minute book back sweet tonight or book next month, and it all it takes is ten seconds three taps in us,
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Coach K, Alan you go and how important is the greatest victory total of our time? putting that away so that nobody touches? It was her. No black, so he's going for a while on a MAC, It's really are, of course not, but I don't know man a key he's so immersed in it so him that I don't know if I wanted to go away for him like being like, you know like when, when you don't have that control them, what do you do when you used to that? Being your life right? families immersed in life his I've as immersed in the life, and I mean for me that kid, our neighbours can be a study. Just keep your cranking in our Europe Here too, I don't know what happens. I don't go away, I'm ready, a negative coach k things are, you knew defend them, jittery things that are in there in the atmosphere. Ok, coach, big,
Decatur believes in kids finish in their degree, but now is the master of one in down on they pretences not is, I think, I think he's evolved into becoming more of a master of how to help you run your business I think that's where I think it used to be that way that we the graduate the thing I watched him. It puts the fancy camps around and players with this kind of board mentality, whereas agreement had he Q, you meet all these different guys, these guys, you're bored, here's how we I'll, be your brand of your business. So still in your life for for ten years, maybe only one of those years you're actually playing for me. Whereas I, twenty years ago, he career is like you're gonna come here. You can get your degree. You gonna play basketball and be prepared for life. And now it's like. I have you for seven months, but I'm still to prepare you yeah is gonna. Try I mean, I think the thing is difficult and eyes
done doing this with this whole series called Bagshot, is when you coach, Ike you try to make that want to one connection with everybody, but realistically you can't sustain it the caddies disdain. I've been able to deal with these. No thirteen plus kids yet and has been great throughout our series, and but this first team, so there's a different connectivity. I have with them, but if we continued Are you maintain all that and still be found? are still be a husband, you three and your people in your life care. You can't do that you, it is almost seems like so you come You give yourself a certain amount of time and then inevitably they had to figure it out on their own, but they are always there and I think he is always there are few need him to be there. You mention eighty q, see the most crooked booster that we have re our cards vast fellow. He listened to the fact that thirty, the driver and I go com.
He's volume at item doesn't get apple stack. Who goes to do now, but I wasn't it floated. I had a more euro, my team and we want to championship, and we all got like ipods and air first coming out I had no idea who Eddie was already dead did hours, Harry out, yellin item, but that you play hard man, he loved it he's a hoop monkey I've, gotta, listen to Katy talk over the variety thing, and now they were it's on my daddy and I just love how mercy is into sport. Man he go. On location to games on. Oh he's next, like he is at the highest level of some, people. I love of sportsmen this this guy's a flying to the agency turn a minute. Greensborough then find I was. I was a barrier out when people are trying to obtain their sports foods if you're in a you're not presenting an alpine. No he's he's probably find charter kisses. Well, Cosette well, you're going to Greensborough. That's that's!
I am always. It is true that we got out of Stock Marietta stock. I love you, but I don't wanna be doing deregulatory. You can get yourself a coach k last cocaine and he did USA basketball because it was the most brain recruiting tool that anyone has because he is all these deeds and be down now offer when he's talk and energy there is a whole, oh, of character and hold on our text them right now truth that's my eyes. Why? Wouldn't you? Do I mean a cow allows, a dominican team now Kyle arises when I'm works Africa. But lady, defined a United as Pilecki, your genius at this man. You continue to reinvent yourself all talk things over the plug. You do and you always have some kind of backup plan that can be better than the plan that you're naturally putting together right, and I think that's how KO Do as I well, I can do this I just use it to leverage it and I get a chance to build my values into the culture of our country
he's really smart. Obviously, but- the reinvention of what it's been able to do now that he's in his is in the seventies things here, I think, we're almost seventy, but the first of all. The USA Basque, what they was brilliant and whether he said into the right, the extra reasons or whether he knew right away really smart. The fact We are about to one and done add a necessity, but in a way that he's not perceived as a one in done. Guy and somehow Parrot takes all the ship for it in their own they're, doing their basically in a worn out every year. For these guys and He considers care one down guy. Is the easy guess what he's a one and then I will take this we're doing a fearless from you, your dynasty, a guy, I think, you'll be more relatable to Duke to do hate the it on. I mean your year, celtic sky, as of one European championship even more, but even more relevant pats, guy
that and I personally when people are against a pat someone. Would it with Europe that's all you against Bilbil Jurymen sustain brilliant work yet, but we do come on Those guys what's in the water, knew what he Tom Brady, going though it is for me with Duke being. College. Christian later Bosnia, Bobby Hurley, Danny Ferry. They just head certain guys that were really fun to root against, and I I was all about, five five. This is obviously years years before a new jail, and I love the fab five. I just start like eight is the five fresh with thing I was so into that. I led the fat fibre, the candy Anderson, Brian, Oliver and Blake, and on the third guy George attacked him. You know this no step was later made right: Armor Dennis Cloudiness Gallia AIR, but every year, basque boat. Have these teams and you get to refer them for two to three years in a kind of it
my dear little adapted fun team, then over the years I the Loyola Marymount Hank gathers and booking bonus like our Hank others. What they're still plan Balkan will left every Thursday alleys moments, but now it's like is really hard to keep track. I think that things can be found as they just do. Having three small or ass a different kind of stay to see how that happens, every synergy barely so he's the consensus is truth: man he's a consensus. One he's next hour. Yeah it's gonna get mom. To tell you, I don't think somebody's really that good. Do just email watch chain with your family does trains. He does everything like a pro already again suitcase way, heads in shoulders above everybody else, our deeds, who we do a draft every year that things really good and we guys who are really into the draft and, dare I say, he's he's it's it's him and then it's the next year but we find this out of your car juice. There's always that second or third
that comes in at a no during the seas in or out in ride, and then our sun there's three censure. I need three because the south accept that kings pick. We're not getting our J back as its title unprotected. Very true, please It just keeps getting better and better for Celtics. Really it s eyes. This the other day and get up. So I think you're gonna win it. I think so things you know when next year. Hueytown, believe in your own team cause you're your whole facial expression just got completely it. Ok, I think everything that happened in the east was really nice. Things for you haven't brought in L a great good. Please leave Le Brad was gay. Why to Toronto out of our place great dont Blake? Why I was reading. So you know I'm sitting
a competitor, I dont want the Goliath in Amerika. I understand I thought of the smart trade. We talked about allies Pike S, but I've been, leading staff. China convince myself that this could be a disaster for them and the best thing read so far that he legitimately hates being called that seems be a recurring theme, so he went to San Diego state and then he's been in San Antonio, which is never called an that's. Been the last ten years of his life trials that the cold, the city I made the mistake of say than the last back ass. Any Minnesota is profit. Cargo during the winter time, as in the top three or four it's of their Chicago's worse and if he doesn't like cold, I could see him being unhappy in any ethical everything I am working even go back to her heart the plan to play. Usa Basque. Why isn't pop their coach You say about rather jazz our dear probably right. What are you
I still can't don't you can read Maharajah. How can we doesn't say anything at all, nothing at all we'll just taking shots at you, twenty four seven, you don't say nothing. He said strange I don't want, say strange. Guy he's like a strange counterpart to the everyone else axes who's the star in the NBA, they have anyone. Was, in his spot. There'll be like on Instagram. Here's my work out is what I did today in the come back. I'll see you in September. You know be that kind of shit and color. Just like in a cave somewhere where We have to live on its way. We know we don't get to see anything with them and then randomly he'll just go to a dagger game, and I realize it's like a huge deal that he's sitting outside they'll be able yet world. There is also sitting where the VIP said that MAGIC Johnson gives the tickets to as a year.
Behind the Dodgers Duggar? That's where they put the celebs, where you call for tickets and they put you there. We see you yeah here that you kid so I don't know what to make of. It is going point where MIKE what we just take away. In teams in the leg, I will just make a twenty teams. Mean. Are you go the other way just increase. It. I'd have more What team does it's for every year anyway? So when I have like thirty two as you can, a stack of up means? a free agent, two thousand nineteen of em and replaced by going to stay. But if you're clay stay. I mean how much money and much less is going to take his dad is oh two tat chamber for the Lakers still worse. For them, he grew up. Here. Is the perfect number two guy Further Brian, for now number two, but if the view of the man's by any other top three isn't clay leg, the party, sidekick firm, that could be a well dumplings come back, foreign and get it get a little his. Why don't we
Why do we think everybody wants a little bit his display strike? You ass my adeimantus, judging NBA behaviour by the last ten years. When everybody eventually wants. There's can be true, I mean when the random? Really? Why has a mini value into seventy three when pasture yeah? That's fairness, accurate! they were very rarely. Do we see somebody. Make a decision that silent or selfish, when we're talking about this much money right on Iraq Thomas prove hath, be selfish. Right, oh yeah, I mean, but every day, a vampire league. Now I'm turning as much money as possible. Here is where I get annoyed, thank so we're tameness. On Thursday there has been basically thirty straight hours of the murderers in other actors lied to him porter. Rose is like he's, fine he's big it twenty billion dollars a year.
Probably made a hundred and twenty five and his career ass, exciting your contract and then looking at the pine prep like ordinary, slid that one in there, and that is why businesses don't guess what deeds get traded. It's the fucking MBA come dad. You signed a contract. If there's no trade causing you might get traded. That's the league as where were you? Can The contract in the team can back on you resigning. You could go somewhere else and you have the leverage air like there is no european sports anywhere. Think the last time we solidarity was when the Lakers gave Kobe Bryant. Fifty nine die future years when he was community rather than we rode down. Nosair imply takes cover. Here's a lot about every to sack for two years were loyalty legend. But that was literally the last time. Wilt Thou Prob the last loyal moment in the history, the Whig Inter the warriors were gives no clarity or something further binders, a statue Lebron James outside the calves stadium bright minutes That's loyalty, little bronze part. I must say that these are worked out with ownership over their La Brown was
Conditionally loyal to he came but only sign these one year deals and put the pressure on them to, instead of trying to build something, compete right away year after year, and now he's left them place. It's. I thought I was really soon with the Lakers. You disagree. I just like you what he said he was going to do. He said I want to. I can win championship. For one and come back, I wanna be down three one of the serious Emma Jane Fonda Punch mean the nuts and we're gonna win the title, how you need to do it. I mean how recent work it out. If that doesn't happen, he never never way. Tonight, oh, I agree, although maybe red. Doesn't gotta go and state? Maybe they went in seventeen. I don't think you re a paragon of coins. They won is one of the great slighted door moments in history. The way it really is but if that somebody's, that would be, you would be dream on? Obviously, can dream and I was wise warriors watched in there and he did ass,
Germany's, not he loved, to have some. I like that on your team, so, how long do you think he can do that Labour Party will not now be a date that level of intensity get sustainable leg for somebody who's like thirty four, and then straightaway says you flames out pretty fast for guys. I bet he just remind if oak like. You may not be as quick physicality. The game will just become increased yeah. I killed us why would you not once- and I like that in your team- is always are not hurting The team, but finds a way to do all the things that people dont think about when they play yeah I have no idea how long is crude last but He is somebody that I wouldn't be surprised if Is there a long shelf life cause at some point? can I have to mail out a little bit and I actually think that all affect his the way place back, but cuz he's at his best. When he's me against everybody needs on the road people and get in a fights and get intact goals.
When did Steve current? That's who he is. I don't think you can do that for fifteen, When I got bullies- and I have to you, are you our current buggy interesting to us a dynamic, but I think if there's any team that can teach him how to be unselfish, it will be that team for the port away they play. Because of all the superstars at our surrounding him. I things can be if it actually works. How I think would be a scary thing. Was a great gamble, I've been Corey for them. What I have to lose people, really reacted strangely to it. In the end, the internet's yet so fair, it's a kid. My bedroom Plato Marge and you a better than anybody that they'd, that's a major injury just be like. I hope you find in January that good luck with that which is having on the Duke S back to form having five outsourcing your team yeah. I carry you know atoms over, can't, stop it and there is nothing you can do but almost in a way I wish there was something he can do,
As you know, Sierra Biota seems Clodagh. My damn I know out. What am I wouldn't be able to do that you believe because his chance to stop it, they met stop? summer when the cap job the limits are there ever get, the red was a complete, flew confluence of events The net punch concern in and then leads to them getting the rare. But, like the rest, to be then the previous round Clegg as high get super hat, so some ok see loses now opens girl for and they go and stayed somehow blows the files Durant's there, and that during the year the cap jumps thirty million bucks badges. It's it's unfortunate speaking ever gonna stay to finals hey what I'm doing what the brown jeer about this now we're doing all we did a series call best shot. You mentioned earlier yeah Agency, Noughties, bill transition hits. I feel like I liked the organic,
by the way. Naturally, who is get here, we ve been doing this for a while. I was getting me. I thought I was a things every I come up somebody in your current events. I came ass. You get a cardiac rate, so I feel like No for a long time after I heard I was pissed off, I was angry yeah because I want to be one of those guys and make torture fifty million, inviting it. I would love to play against Russell Westbrook or career. Any. These I'm crazy comparative. I would have loved the opportunity. I think it would have done. Well, but I see that in happened because of my own doing so things are. I said that I think the brown is a grace of all time for the tourism why they could be Michael Jordan, one because we haven't seen any like likened before, but our too the things he does after court, so being maverick and always guys in the time of the younger, we played five star together homes. Do we, How can we do something within a community that is different, so we, define a high school and I stay with these it's for three days a week for three months:
his eyes grew up using Nordmann Jerseys caloric central high in Ghana. Oh gee, Sean Marilla Wagner says not the one as it on a cabin it ass. He was spectacular beer, he was nasty and that there was a fact that goal batter. That goal bladder problem right. There, add those coins ladder was I mean collider, subject: alliance as bad as I have that man he's anyway. Spinnet how these kids ecologist, really if hug me up, because it. I didn't have a situation. Even I've been around people like this. My whole life to be immersed in it yeah how to get our demands. I, as a he doesn't have, is on around his living by himself has seventeen years old paying his own right at seventeen years. Working a full time, job making it up. Is every single day, kill him? How do you lost his father during the show we give get, has actually see that we are Kid name, Cyclone Clark who
look outside the window is like my brother's lock up in jail, my dad's nowhere to be found it falls on me ten years old and her multiple people throughout the series say it's on you, you got to get us out. You got to get us a big house, you got, I don't know Chicago Work is making to the league yeah. No, but all this pressure, This kid get hours ago, I need to get out in Jersey, using by Miami allay do you know New Jersey called the garden state, have you been other parts of New Jersey. So That's why I say I love the Branford Effective he's. Working on a serious to teach kids, that you cannot be victim of your circumstances, that there goes the plug, became banana she's gray about it and its own. You tube is free but one of the things about a car. You help shape young minds, how to help these kids? get out of their own way to believe that they can do something bigger than what their circumstances tell them they can do
It's on my now it's coming on its own line. I went live yesterday, great, which is really cool. I appreciate you, let me get the natural organic plug gives good. It was argued while abroad, think his head. I think there's a lot of You ve, been in Basque, were really hard life. I think he had won the hardest shouted you could have and still get through the NBA make it in succeeding. Did I've always been. Are you Van? Are you not Alabama? Now I am it's funny, Kizil your torn like this is now he's running, cause I'd, take shit for being the brine Haider and I think I've written more know shit about him than any poor ever have written about? Well, you know how that works. You say one negative thing in your hater: why? Why the pay experiences when I did tv and I'm sure you get it every year, there is one final. With Senator Miami in both and bases were comments. I hated their team so's life. How does it really for lack of a bomb they hit? The arena sovereign dies like we're. Who were we don't roof but this is every it answer desert this vans become convinced I used to do
the Red Sox? I was convinced Joe Buckin TIM car raided the rats he said Gaza, rooting, its red Sox, I'm why I hope it lightning bolt heads the booth takes a map by so aggressively with Brian, like I think the thing I've been most impressed by is the worst decision. Where's decision ever made was the decision I agree which was like ultimately, bag is like a fuckin cares, raised five million bucks and made him. They who cares, but he hasn't like his hands. Missus Ray it's been a great role model he's done a shit load. Charity infer for kids is a really good parents. I'm I'm a good parent. I might, under the other good pair behaviour, interesting people call themselves good parents will when people call themselves good wishes. Magazines got rid of you to listen, ok, prevent member by daughters, but on the pakistani time she's a well raise thirteen. I I back it up back in output, performance hooker, but I just think he's
and as business great in and It should have gone that well It is an anomaly Hughes. The amount of attention he got from age. Fifty nine. How do you I agree with all that on your back Ogata, the child actors, that of flame, We where's yeah he's basically MC caully combat it worked out and it should have like who, in his support system, he had been quickly. He had a mom who was fifteen years older than he was. He had no father figure any basically came super close with us, school, but isn't that became his family and it worked its animals. I like the fact that he goes back in the community in does that's. How do I think like do, I think, wines for cause too much
Dear me, bodies who I think he'd be hard to play with yeah. I don't think he gets enough credit for being hard to play. Will Toby was hard to play with right. Mj was hard to play, only was probably the hard a horse but away. I love love watching all this stuff on a European Are you like the detail? I do because I just I like hearing him talk about things. He would never do in a game he's a good look at the back could hear, unlike the spacing need do is somewhat because you never do that, amazing reinvention, what his career was. Where is also really obsessed with leadership in its legal. You aren't exactly like General Macarthur and the Lakers he's out of all the analyses Valley considered that guy one of the worst he made of his generation is going well great when it's going badly terrible, but it's Reinvention after you retires part of this smart went out either you gotta. Do it won't? Ask her a mean Siena, Vince Car God bless Vince Carter, but he quit on Toronto? Have you want
and that meant did I think, answer hooker. He quit pretty them. You slashing a really quit on Toronto. He could answer and I would ask what that is Toronto is more management agitated management. Now he could answer. Ok, he quit on them. Slight ass, no guy. He could on them went to a game? I wrote about this and book ass. Well, I went to where's game when he did not try in the game. I watched it as sitting down their bench. I watched his team. Try to get him involved than he just give a shit like when you do that on paper painted see you. I owe that to a different standard at least give a shit. I feel, Vince is one of those guys ed. And he did I mean look I can talk, no abuse of all. How came you guys his your career in it even speculate other guys, but I always wanted more from thence. I wanted to know much more from thence. I might let me take an ounce of Colby and shot into the brain events. Please why they that frustrated at the time on a pike ass who prob ly written he's. One of the only guys are really
I don't want you going hard at that cuz. I watch that I went to the game. How do you do that? How do you have you ever brought somebody on the podcast? I just hate you and then how do you share? Those people out there that I will love you listen to that thing is over Claire, if I could sizing you, but I'm doing Basque, boldly in that criticise you as a human being and all that other shit. That's in fact I mean the private courses. We came jail and I had cobia Grandma Esquire and I mean super critical Kogi, but he's So smart he gets it. He knows that he's one of those who timber where's my time in you now departed right favourably, Romano time, but but Vince is a tough on because I'm with you. I think him and see where we are the most talented people from their generation that memory out there and what's where it is webs, spun it posts career as he like one of the great synod saying now you made one
First, firstly, my NBA never made the files and you got traded twice and I wish we could do your career again as it should have been much better eyes must act. Our vice versa, oh I think I love watching every time I see his name every time. I see you on tv. I think about the few that he has with Jrose right now. I got it just like it's a may, I may need some. You got my brother, let's take a break Ives a bottomless. They were Subway Yahoo, fantasy sports. It's time football. Officially kind of lurking a little bit. And it fell season, be orgy. Be winning GM turn. This is a fistful of epic wins. Join a Yahoo fanciful. Balikh YO has been off season making serious upgrades to enhance your experience, I'm entreat it was already good products. What else then upgrades like easier scoring. New trophies and a butter is
mood app experience. I wish to add a roasting element rages row steered year, I've fantasy counterparts in the meanest possible ways. They should may be for two thousand Eighteen, they could add that when you come to play financing for Bio, the winners does the season Islam, but get in on the winds get in there and the seas and why not now started League started with the earth I join when one of the many public leagues don't miss your chance to play on the best fantasy football platform on the planet, jointly now at Yahoo. Dotcom, Slash, Simmons, Slash, fantasy football. Once again, yeah who dotcom, Sash Simmons, Slash fantasy football can make a team while you're watching a sun, Twitch tv tomorrow, twitched at tv, Slash, the rear, watches play fortnight. Give then stranger things in your life check it out. I back to jail in our back, so look please give me
details on this, because I have so many questions. I am obviously a hundred percent were a J road rather for life and I know a lot of information every month from jail in sight, but when Christmas like lying about stuff that I know the opposite to be true that I was involved, then that's when I know like aright, like when he says that this stuff, the thirty thirty recently when it, when they started going out again in his eye, cares. Why was that thirtyth there? They didn't come to me until the very last minute data came from the beginning right ashes bullshit Try to get him the entire time, of emails? We have found cause. We impress an him over and over again look. This is a huge audience and a super long shall five and you were going not be in this and He just didn't want to do it because it was javelins thing and their rivalry that they had gone,
to win their occurs when jailing was is crooked from the streets and see web was you know a little bit little bit better off, but then also going to Detroit Country Day, and it was I jailing- was Canada, galvanizing guy and see where was the most talented of the guys, but not the leader and They never figured that shit out and adjusted to hear about thirty, four thirty, now so annoying because he should have been in that. How do we do five five and then see web over give me five hours, though it was just. It was mind, boggling to me to the approach that he took on it, and I have never talked to see web about this cuz. I don't like to get into personal fuse between other people, but it just like you would think that at that moment you were squash any beef that you had in order. For your own brand, to talk about what it wise to state that was deleted. They were leaders of movement, my wife, as kids like that's what tell me to wear Sadie shorts, nowhere to black socks and that whole movement that some swear, serve very varied and its
when that can show now and probably will hold out the best twenty years magic cause. It captures civic time and see change of what happened in Basque while for me, it's like, I was over, in a fix it, especially when, when not insert myself story, because I'm not, but I was just there- were my image- wants a coach for Miami and see website for tv in jail and air for tv and we The thing in Austin when re Jackson came in jail in our. We went out with rage acts in me, buddy Jacko? We require sums the new fab. Finally, it is his jailer. On great tears of others did, but at that finals we were on our little studio high up? I think it was either Miami or San Antonio is one of the two that was like. I was like C Webb talking to Joanne on the court. You got to go down. Just go down there and see what happens he's like. I am going to go down there and I taped it. I have the vin
that is why rose to ok I'll go down? I will see what happens because he was always like we're fine we're brothers and, unlike you, dont, you're in the same place and you're not talking to each other like you're, not fine this is fine. If I was with my best friend from knowledge and were in the same place. We would hang out and talk to each other at a dinner like you're, not talking his eye, we're fine, we're fine! It's it's so go talk to him. So walk down any October to join and see web any US in C c, webs com, doesn't seem combo Jawad does enjoy incomes over and see web season. Walks away and turns its back on, while didn't say a wooden tata. This two thousand fourteen in jail in Cambodia is bad at me. Then, what tat there might now Let's get you are bigger man, you ain't that, but that's how did this is, and I don't know Bummer those guys we're like now like related brothers, like your brothers of guys, you paid for do with those guys, knew tat their illegal Levin or twelve. I know so they figured out? Maybe this Michigan thing-
yeah. Well I mean J J gonna go back, rising, go back for the two things about them. Our. But as many of my thing is my relation, which Arrowes has changed over time because I grew a beloved J rose, yeah, a grub loved him and then I'll say when I got to the team felt the same way, because I went to Duke in Amerika the game, but I think we're by thing was against Celtics Then we want in chicago- and I miss unnecessary. Down a stress, a necessarily wasn't the thing one of my strains has struggled at it and a waking up out. The next aim. Reading in the paper about James, saying that I choked and ass I am I like, So this is a kind of shit I gotta do it so like. I was naturally kind of combative yeah with J. What? Finally, while I would even say that right, but then as a season when, along I start to understand J a little bit more about the shit Eddie. Came from when he was with the paces. In now they play that kind of ship and
recognises brilliance, tuna, that point on our side and then that I was yes we're gonna ESPN like theirs there's a new level of appreciation for a half or two way he thinks and away. He sees things, so I know that he has the ability to evolve and grow eyes of sea web has our ability to meet him half way. If does want a minimum way. That's a question. I had that J. Jail is almost forget. Paris, I've ever my life. I think the aggregate swash washable, but see webs. I don't know what what's goin out that did to me, like you turn your back on somebody. I don't know: what's worse they eat, then you could do in it that that it got to that point. So maybe there's there's stuff that look? I don't know the commerce legalese, maybe don't say at least dad Dad Yankee Billy's do a token, hey man what's up, why give the unanimous doing that- and this is in deep rooted shit, I will be more the story to unfold it's a bummer. What's it liability has been, is this it's different?
I mean new leadership and Jim Potential makes it a lot different speaking corporate answer now, mom, sometimes different stiffened skip. You won't get anything corporate from any man. Trust me well under the new leadership rule book in the guidelines is a very effective leader in its is more. Is but like everybody, sanely Morales down, but I was like when you have a big company like that, I don't ever remember a time when I was there the pupil genome, you green eyed. I know it that nobody's ever happy. I was there five years ago, ironically great two thousand, thirteen, which I think was kind of the peak of the SBA where they just we're making money hand over fist that no competition Fox was coming an skipper and everybody or like I'll, bring it on facts or even come after. You are what watched Essen and the ad There was a combination of like success and arrogance in her way, I feel like it. Company. That Daphne seems to me,
Finally, I, what are we gonna be next decade we did. A company is oh tt, up everything, we're gonna about to be what? What are we mean to sports fans and any and all political stuff there near well complicated it like complicated hours they there. So it's an answer inflection point four man in seeing say in German, seen some things that are trying to do digitally. I think that's worth there's going to be and how they live sporting rights when you have that. It's just me not more more difficult space to plan. I went We tell them, I wonder what happens if Apple or Amazon or Netflix want to get involved and alive sport rights? What happens in four for everybody to differ apples, the one that should then it better. Just as maggots on their reader
he's in Amazon. You could say that about anything when it would have him as undesirable, partly ass, a giant Ebay, lazier, ruin and ruin in front of us. As I was a k, groceries a cool. Now, it's a girl's reserves died, I hear exactly just get. There is going to do it, but yeah as the lab rights is gonna still matterhorn what new here the ringer. Well, we got on deck anything new for the out for the rigour yeah, but we don't have library, again unless we create again really like a ringer, kick ball game. He should do some gonna ringer bidding they're gonna get nephew caused love life is so fast Eddie right now that a mania for stock, you seriously what is going on here. What are we single in their back together, their single their act together with and whether you get mad he's young memory, you twenty or twenty five year, those up and down the media?
about our like openly on the park ass or you know, I do and then it gets a lot of is not at odds. Great, it's cake is where family psychiatry, a wise man once said nothing for you does it yeah, I think ass I got lots of little fun things to try that. You spend the digital side and Pie Cason Documentary Transcript did scripted stuff. There is the really good time if you, if you can make contact in if you can do, have decent job of it. So you know it's bleak. On the one hand, with the internet, TAT S a lot of websites and things like that. But another and people want cards and there's a lot of people trying to buy a car that right now. So so I look at something ideas, piano tt app and some of the bedside made early with like this Mme show and they had the packing financing. This is smart. They're trying to come up with these
current near saying exactly where it sighed out, I to see that so here's my four ninety nine a month- and I think that's where this shit's gone for the big, but this can only anyone washed imposed near times. New Yorker now it should happen. There has been a few wanna guess how special to me on Youtube. I mean you're more than welcome best shot to yellow. Why not least our campaign with the air we do and I wanted to contain a mean, alas, got ally. Spend time on the West Coast? I still have to do some more smoothing out was spring. I think here I heard about is vague beef, the dazzling- I don't know about all those people or Tommy. The timely sums up the tongue was kind of cool defined cooling. Your definition, I'm good. We had no enemy. Are they good? We have no enemies at the ringer I'd, even Chris Weber. So you come on the public s right now. You know bananas conversation everyone's invited. We don't exclude anyone. It's our guide, ESPN everything's cool! I like that.
Friends or charges Pierre. Now, I'm happy earnestly. Into I dont know leg for me it's like what is the future of people tat until the day because the pack has AIDS is growing. So I look at a show like high noon. Added those guys town My friend right arms do that he's super towns. Eric is great, but if I'm under thirty. My more likely to listen to that as a pike asked our watch, it listen in Burma I'm just tired of yelling. I can't I can't do it anymore. I do you, like, there's a point, your career, where you felt like you had to yell and make noise or like earlier on my career I That was the way you to move up the total away you had to be outside yourself and say things are moving. I was talking to Korean Katy about that today. Today, I the past is so I ask idea like your. How do you? How would you like
see things done. As far as when you talk about sports and I love these guys- want you to tell the damn truth and Katy is the best every standing up do we believe they may return for away the rather that's unfortunate, as you have finished, I just want to know, is a good point. He just wants if he shoots back people if he takes wives, people of their just random fans, that's, who I am I try to showcase that more. I love that athletes are showing you exactly how they are it ship that way, but also like. I said that we need to set up showing yell about whether we like This is the way it is that's why people ass they Katy. I think some people are still confuse why we did five pack ass, the way I do not matter, and the reason I liked it is because really is all about like I want to find the truth and what talk at this and let's get this out and I'm not hiding anything now and then he more really talk about his Westbrook
everything else is on the table will talk about anything. The westward thing is so interesting to see those two, but that's a little like the jail and similar. Now they grew up together and they have such a history. Let down as much their of over Danby in back, the same kind of friendship that bad than a thing Ireland and see where do but its allow it's a lot of, package from when you're, young and d, no justice lights in little, and then nobody wants to make the first move to make up, and so he won't talk about. But her table banning ass, and for me it's like those people. Progress, negative again who are these pillars and yeah yeah gimme Gimme. The road thank both learn at least to tell the truth, and then we keep them at the knees retaliatory So what do we want infiltrating right cause you and up the ladder, people just aid. This is, my one criticism of Lebron, a assignment of criticism. I think he's a smart guy who could have good conversations
Lebrun when there's been a microphone from his face, use thirteen fourteen years old, true- and it is a guy. I know the Unencumbered Leubronn yet now it's in there as we had em out. How do you find that unencumbered leubronn when there's been a microphone from his face ass? He was thirteen. Fourteen years old, and it really is a guy is another unencumbered leubronn. Yet now it's in there as we had em attitude as thirteen and I see that low champagne, we Adam the studio Post game thing it's it was. He was awesome. Fur Minutes and it was like the real abroad as a gear in there I see here, you're yeah there you are so I'd, he has if I were to go and remedies now, pacing to waves, Goodman, with good luck with best shot Youtube Youtube. Are we to ban? Is free, see, to allay season to what you mean you ve got to where I live, attacked my agent, thanks for coming out very valid. Did this thanks? I thank you, zip code it I've got to check them out zip code, it outcome size, bs, don't get the check out twitched at tv,
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I don't know of any movie is had moorlands, the midnight run that are just recordable wreath robots, so we get back on and then from Ps by gas unemployment, as some sad news, I'm that can be backed on next Friday, you'd have to make do with all of the incredible ringer. Guess you is the Ringer NBA Egon Larry, Wilmore House, carbs again the lads chain of thirty three one in podcast has a big Gregg owed in Pakistan. You can listen to that go on and on and that we have twenty two. When in reality there are many more great back ass check them all out. Go to the ring. That comes flashed back ass. Make do make do with our lieutenant back on Friday. I see and you're the weekend.
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