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Conan O'Brien Plus KD Drama and Brees for MVP | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 443)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons revisits the KD-Draymond Green argument, gives some NFL picks, and makes the case for Drew Brees for MVP (1:55) before he is joined by late-night legend Conan O'Brien to talk archaic television formats, talk-show icons, SNL's golden age, Red Sox vs. Dodgers fans, and Conan's new podcast, 'Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend' premiering November 19 (24:15).

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Thanksgiving Games on Thursday, who knows that includes college football that includes basketball, would ass well, gee. I don't know what else I can offer you download the psyche gap of a right to seek Dat camera rats you by the Ringer Dotcom the world's best website, as was Ringer Pack ass network, which is launched a store on us new podcast. It's called villains. Its eight up, Epps on is up about Hannibal Lecter. You ve heard Shan this package. Gillian Times, and now we have his own Pakistan. So there you for that Don't worry it's check out all the awesome pack ass we have and the Mayor Packard Network coming up, Brian Anderson for bioethics is as well first brought him
I would call it a brand coming up in a little bit. It is really take two days ago. It's really get. I really enjoyed it I'll get time. I think you are turning its one area where the best land farm interviews with them their share I guess you'll be the judge I want to talk about. Couple things. One is this worse thing just very quickly. I was fascinated by this show me the last two days. Sometimes you see with the internet, with the twenty four slash, seven talk cycle and with podcast and everything ever is trying to get there traffic there points.
This just had a lot of meat on the bone, this when a lot of different directions- and we talked about it with Chris Ryan on the last podcast and right after we finish, we found out that dramatic, add suspended without pay for a day, and I had to redo the little ensure about it. Look at the Google of science fiction. I pull, then you guys you realize that I take the entire after, but I have been minor in this dreadful as today's everybody has been. Basically writing this same. Take while pretending they have no information. I don't think there is no information. I think I think it's pretty clear what happened. These guys. I've just been playing together for a few years, Basque. My prayers At each other, but the one underlying theme that made this one different was the resentment of Katie's. Whole situation can of spilled over and spilled out, and you know it,
funny I dis is Draymond us feel like this is his team and I think he felt disrespected, because Katie was mad, that that didn't get past the ball Danny and like the way it was talk to and it just kind of escalade. They started yelling at each other. I was most surprised that they suspended him without pay, because that told me there what we're hearing was coming out about what he apparently said in the auto was actually probably a little bit worse and cut a little bit deeper than that and that some line was crossed and you could kind of see it from Katie's body language. In the clips which ESPN ran for three straight days, and I tried to watch most of the free place over and over again
but something happened in the verbal diarrhoea that was going back and forth that some line was cross and I dont think it was him calling Katy a bitch, and I don't think it was him saying what every said about for and all that it. I think I was more person that and I think that's what caused the suspension, whatever its heeded, Most people say things their regret, but it would be really really interesting if the one thing that could prevent this where's team from being a three in a tramp three or four years for four or five euro. Whatever it's just. You know, are these outside forces employed in the team a little bit, because we have seen this happen. Really. Every time we ve had a chance to see this happen. You know you go back to the seventies belong
it's her Portland should one, I would say six or seven titles of boats they sofie. Now his feet were meant to stamp it out. As part of the reason they only one one title but the way that and that the way that just kind of unravelled than he ended up soon. The team and then he laughed and edges and it in the worst way possible. But injuries are a big part of that. Then you go to the eighties. The Celtics in the Lakers are just basically splitting up all the titles they are. They both had their kind of dynasties. Neither of them was like an official dynasty. It was was like a die tender nasty. I forget what the word I got. What I caught that was that tender and a story contender so the density, but I think of land by said, head lived and had been at least,
it is James. Were there would ever? I think, maybe this I'll fix when five or six, and maybe the Lakers would for who knows terrorists, but neither titles uptorn that stretch the one team that attitudes beat them was the rackets and the rackets got sidetracked by cocaine and open other things. So the eighties are out the nineties M J, guys want sex. It could have been more- and I wrote about this back in February about you know. I M J: Tired is never team, they won three, he laughed. He came. They won three more. The owner Jerry Store for me. J J Crass were very interested in moving on from that, in Jordan and fell Jackson and scattered Pippen everybody in Canada, imploded it they blew up then take care, Scotty, Pippin,. That, when did then for the reasons I don't feel like, and I feel it same way about the shack and Kobe in the two thousand swear.
You saw they won three titles and the over under is probably five and a half it completely provided that was the all time implosion and I think, there's been a ladder revisionist history over the years about why that imploded, but in imploded first specific reason, shack and Cobia hated each other and everybody hated playing with goby and coaching. And it unravelled, and if you don't believe me go by the last season, which was Phil Jackson's book about that all season, and there are Dozens of any doubts about how bad that season was for everybody involved. Shack wasn't give free their age. It was time for that in a break out, but it was a shame and it definitely did not last as long as it. As it should have shack only was there he shut up and Amy Sexual left. No four thousand great! nigger the next chance. We had really was the heat into, as an eleven, there abstained.
Are there for years, and I think that fellow bar less cause. If you know people turning on each other now that I've really do it like Dwayne wages, got all the world faster than I think the may expected you now he AEGIS was not at the top ten play anymore and I think the brand, and I in our always believe you back to Cleveland, because it was better basketball situation. I wrote that at the time nobody will ever dissuade me otherwise. The team that he had in the files was basically just him and Chris bash and two thirds of Dwayne weighed, and nobody and he knew that was going to be good enough with the way the league was changing, so he left and he went to Cleveland and he tried to build a new container there. But that had less Leslie with egos and more just circumstance in time in the guise catching each other, maybe a year or two too late. This warriors thing.
I really believe that the rat thought it was can be different after he won the first title, Who's going to gonna win, are there ok, see stuff was gonna, go away and people are never dimension, and again there was every innovation. Eddie chased the title any that stuff and an just accept afforded as that he changed seems to be the right movie when the data and when that didn't happen, ivy They take it personally and you could hear it on some of the park ass. We did together and you can you can watch it and see it in some of the things he said during during the playoffs after play Ives like INA deftly had a chip on her shoulder about it. I think would he realized was that she even though his Winnie Ngos go steady, win cuz. He five. It around people are still gonna say he chased the title now, whether equally
and so shrugged off and learn how to deal with it and just learn to accept the fact that this is the best basketball situation is ever gonna be in. He should stay. He should at least followed to San Francisco next year, but I That's part of it. I think the other per was after they win their first title If you watch the ring ceremony the next year, because it had clearly become Durant's team. As a Basque about him and guns, they had spent a lot of the next two years, rebuilding that as curries team as well and even like when they did handed out the rings. Currie got his ring last than it really felt like crazed him, and I think from that moment on the red, you know kind of realized. This is always going to be close to him and by the way it is. If you, the games, curry, is the most popular ran. The team he's the most beloved poor in the team. He might be the most beloved per in the league other than the Brown and if the rat leaves, I think it will be because
He will always wonder what it would have been like to have his own thing. That would be my armchair analysis from not having talked to him in person now for six seven months, but it was him s back and now is I'm curious team with J, modern, all those guys and if leaves only because he wants his own team. The same reason carry left Cleveland. He wanted his own thing. You wanna go to his team and have the ownership of team and be Thou Guy and that him now, I think the clippers or more realistic than the next, if he leaves but will see but The cool thing about this story, for if your worries van in feel of embryo history is, I actually think history would say that this is actually gonna, be bring them closer. The morrow look at this, the more I think about this. Why watched remains little thing, his two minutes, soliloquy that he gave a practice today and it does feel like this could end up being
healthy? I still don't know dream said in May: come out five months from now, but he might have crossed the line. Steve car was there if he said so, super personal you can make it it's good whatever can. Sometimes you don't come back from that, so that that be my question is: how far did he go with whatever he said? I guess we'll find out Sunday. Maybe when feel Jackson, when a book writes, that's it hey. Let's do for Bob Picture quick. I went one one last week on foreign too, since we brought back the pigs and rebooted them One point: eight million dollars model pointy mind our skies accredit betting, a million a game politically that isn't gonna. How am I gonna spend all this money so proud, so Three games, I like two straight up games and teaser. First one
saints are eight. The half against Philly in New Orleans are the respect of this village. Him they won. The Superbowl this happens is that you're, not the first in this house. Do- you won't be the last. The dreaded year run Are we going down? I thought was the death knell for this team there now the path at the point of no return with injuries with the whole that they dug for themselves. I just don't see it. I think there it's a mediocre talent, at this point for all the teams trying to make the playoffs, if you're, just comparing them to the top eighteen or whatever they are not one of the top ten, and I think this is going to get worse, not better for them, and I also, as you've heard me saying this for a couple weeks, and I think the saints are just great that they would be my number one pick right now to
to win the Superbowl. That can change two weeks, but there are only given aid at all. It's really starting to feel I drew breezes year. I would like to tease them with Pittsburgh, who we talked about this game with cousin, sound, sudden, eight Pittsburgh laying Saxon Jacksonville feels like a trap. Miss some Degree Ride Pittsburgh Le Dawson in their last game, which was Thursday Ajax will look terrible in everyone? the team that looked awesome I'm gone against the team that look terrible at eight. Is something is broken and Jacksonville they are their deep. She isn't good anymore. I don't know what happened The way it's been explained to me from third parties is that when you have a defence, that's cheating like that and doing great and taken ass and they come so close to make the super there. Sure it's really hard to get that edge back. Maybe
maybe I'm! Maybe they just ever achieved last year now there they are what they are. I think there faith and borders. I dont think that really have any chance of winning that division anymore there three and six. They would need a lot of things to go right and they are probably need. Nine in seven could be the best possible record for them, though, in the revision I don't see it, but more importantly, this is a revenge game for Pittsburgh. Cuz Jacksonville is kind of handle their business the last couple years. I think this Pittsburgh steam the last five weeks has been excellent. I think this Le'Veon Bell. It's them off. I think weirdly they rallied around it. I like the way rafters burgers playing. I like the way they can move the bar, and I thought
just betting straight out minus six, but the safe bet is to Supra as to teach them with the same should be the stairs down to even you bring the saints down to two and a half I'm putting a million dollars on this one million dollars. That's my first one SEC one Chicago is laying two and a half at home against the Minnesota Vikings. There are a few things I like about this one one is that true, Bisque is actually played Kyle you made at the edit the sad if he success, we get a travesty. Pretty good. How to figure out how to get by them to recover, and I thank you
Do fur break our game engender? I just feel the bears are due for a kick ass game. I, like their de Coolio, MAX Healthy again that bikes offensive of wine is off. Adam feel in his juggling two different injuries right. I know this cause he's on both my fantasy teams, and went to one other websites and just read for eggs all over the place. Red flags were like coming out of my computer and sought to me, and there, like he may play by if you watch the begging, you know he is the keeper and their team. And if the legs keep a close, any if there's a chance for them to win late in Chicago outdoors great deal, or, I should say very good defense. We don't know if they're great yet has all the makings of the the Vikings driving down for the game. Tying field goal and Kirk cousins get Strip, sacked cuz, that's what he does
He gets trips act. I love getting the extra have point. I can't believe the signs three, I'm just delighted by this bears by two and a half. At home. There's got one other interesting thing here. Sound I talked I was like. We should have followed what the record of Teams that are about the plan Thanksgiving Day is the week before somebody. The action network was kind enough to actually run this data. Since two thousand fifteen teams, when an impressive fourteen in force straight up and fish, into one against the spread on the weakest before they suited up a thirty day. Sets a three year sample size. That's pretty get the twelve years before that. That is good. Forty, two and twenty two straight up: only twenty seven, thirty three, forty, Spread I bring this up because I was alarmed by the fact that this
the Sunday night game in Chicago and then the bear. Play on Thursday at twelve thirty in Detroit on Thanksgiving. The NFL as the worst you seriously. Now, whoever works for you. If you're listening to right now, you guys are the fucking worst you're awful here's, the worst. How do you do this. Why do we have by weeks we are buying? so that you can set up situation where the bears replace Sunday Day and then play on Thursday at twelve thirty. Second, we dig you really the worst you ve worst. You do not care about your prayers. You doubt why do you Then you care, why have the blue TED? Why have they can cause? spotters, you don't fucking care, you don't stop it anyway. I still like the bears, despite all that manifest the way
don't ever forget this. The blood is on all of our hands. This is the worst fucking we cannot allow this anyway. Go bears, managed, I have a million dollars in that one hears the third one, so they that Chiefs Rams game to LOS Angeles on Monday night, because Currently the Mexico City field was play a bow uninhabitable. Really something bad was with the field. Tat could not imagine you Your surprise are those that are rife. You know that it's bad when the NFL says to its says that itself. Wow. This might actually be bad for the players, the same lay that has somebody playing on a Sunday and then eighty hours later so they this to LA you would think This'Ll be great for the rams. Well, I think there's email attitude Spencer
saw in the chargers game. There was twenty five thousand sheets. Fancied seem like out of three thousand people ui you he basically have the Colosseum at at night feels like a check me. I don't love the way their answer plan. I think they're offense lights out did they can score against anybody? You can run on em. You can move them wherever they can't close big lead. So even if there are ten, you know four minutes left, they could still go. Give up. The garbage time touched you know. Lombardy pointed this out on Gm Street this week. They they run it up on our fence b. They don't trust a defence, so they'll be up
thirty, eight to twenty seven, with six minutes left in the fourth quarter and they're trying to score touchdown their act. I get second quarter because they don't want you to get the ball back than eleven cuz. They know they can't stop. I stunned by how Seattle was able to run the bog down their throats and- and I just don't think they're they're good enough defensively right now, so that extra half point weirdly becomes important. I think the chief can win Is outright I'm not sure if they will, but I think they can. The Cooper CUP thing is interesting. Josh Reynolds is the backup becomes ink. Is that the rams they? Basically they play this? They pay them and offered by play the one running back with the three receivers and the tide end, and they don't really mix it up from that, for formation, but you know when you play mad in and they have the hundred different various after one formation. That's basically what they do. I like Josh Reynolds, actually picked him up and fancy a couple weeks ago, because I felt like he added
Since you know, if one of those three guys got hurriedly at a chance, you just go in and get the job done. So I I dont know if they're gonna Miss Cooper CUP as much as it feels like. I do like Reynolds, but you know that have the three receivers. If this turns into a trap, me my where down in the fourth quarter. Who knows? I don't know what to expect, but I do expect the close game. I do think the chiefs are good. I do think either team could, when this game and in others, one other thing that's at stake here. Just my might down envy Piazza rain. Our homes is even drew. Breezes plus one seventy five: if the chiefs lose this game, I think in and this
speed, they win their game against egos convincingly or are they just when it? I think breeze becomes a favorite, so. I can recommend the breeze plus one, seventy five, unless you think the chiefs can win this game because of the chief this game. The breeze becomes the empty favorite, so marked out, went out for you in the meantime I am very a million dollars and the Kansas City Chiefs, plus three and a half in L, a which gives me these three topics bears minus two and a half. He's plus. Three and a half in New Orleans magazine have teased. Six point is with Pittsburgh manner: sex and the NFL being the fuckin worst. You guys are terrible. I can't believe you did this to. The bears should be ashamed of yourself with a quick break come in
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Doktor Rector dysfunctions problem, the guys don't tackle, but it's really important. Now, Roman, it's easy to take care of four free, I'm busy couldn't get roman dot com slash bill. I adopt and we get to welcome somebody into the podcast and ranks continent. You're doing it, don't be unpack ass. A male had cast, I determined first footfall I may have had some false information. I was told there were very few bodkin Sattler yeah and that I was getting on the ground floor. And so sick. They danced every day the gravel but we do in the package was also told it was a cash cow that it just gonna throw off. That's true for you. I don't thanks. It's it's a labour of love. It was something actually had this concept
for a little while ago, which is I have My party and I realized everyone at this Christmas party. Ninety nine percent of them and has been true every year are people that work for me. I employ them and I really do like the people. I work with an unfriendly with them. I thought I don't. I gotta make some friends you're on your own work bubble and yeah. I'm gonna make some friends, I know a lot of people. I know a lot of celebrities and I like them, but there is never any time you know I don't spend much time making friends with them. So this is a quest. I thought you know to a pod cast an eye, get them in there and just pretty much put them on the spot, say I did it never happened with us. We will we get along with friendly way Going on and its great it's funny, I really joy at an age when we end up talking about a lot of funny stuff but dumb,
but also some of them are really burly ice there, like none at all, I'd just there's sides not gonna happen. You know and also you seem a little tightly wound Conan and its good. I like that part of it, but the book in there is mixed a lot of great anecdotes and I do egg interviewing people like this format. I liked being able to talk and not in six minute increments and then have to throw a commercial tonight. I mean we I mean that format is so frustrating in so many ways as its how much, but how much preppy do and you have the guest on like this. Do you know they're gonna, head, sir and storage costs? It seems like the stuff that especially breaks out from your show is when the guest of surprise you some crazy idea. I always I learned a long time ago. I grew up watching Johnny Carson and dawned on me that the stuff that always made into the anniversary shows. This is back when, in the olden days, when late night show
as celebrate, I fell in love the universe. Anniversary chosen and Carson would wear a tuxedo and his hide kick. Ethnic man would wear a tuxedo and they would show these clips all the clips were mistakes yeah they were all mistakes. It was never remember that amazing things sketch that we wrote greatness. I think in late night, when anyone achieves it on any late night. Show is been gone wrong and the host exploiting it so, I like to have a probably of like the good quarterback has a plan yeah and have a plan, and then you did shit the minute the whole where they're supposed to be, and you go another way. That's what I think a hose should do is You're lying your favorite gas are always light. The billboard nor Mcdonald, Gatt Michael off the rails, rely on us yeah, I mean I'd nor Mcdonald. One of the great talk show guess of all time. He invented something that wise remain
during his taxes in the corner and his eyes ass. He notes in case we have to know it raises doubts incredible. He sees its very loud honourably clicking away, and I really did thank you. How can I say that you have a guy in the corner doing the books cast while you're doing the pod gas No normal Donald invented this amazing thing that I've never seen anybody do before or since it's kind of like he split the autumn. It was that revolutionary norm would come on and he would Instead of telling you a real story like fire, showing you like a bill. You know tat. Well, you know one member Lebanon. Chestnut he'll once knew tell a real story about what happened to you in your life norm tells old Joe as stories that happened to him yet so ignoring. What are you up to and I mean really old jokes from like the nineteen twenty and he be like, while Cardona Donor
You aware that I am purchased of purchased a farm conan, maybe like really yea I protista afar, course. I have a course. I have three daughters. Lemme, give three dot yeah three daughters on the farm one very at, active one, not as active and, of course, the third not but she's we can, then she suddenly enabling a heart, but one day this travelling salesman. To the farm and he's an hour now, Norma Tire I'd say, and then it's like he's telling an old travelling salesman job yet and it and by you know about halfway through. Well, I mean I usually no, I I no kind of what he's doing. I'm alive I think that he has the balls. You can't do this. Laughing at the audacity, so I dont even care of this joke lands or not. I'm laughing that he
is committing to the fact that you now know he doesn't have a farm three daughters, the out raveling salesman, but he doesn't care air in a way that is exhilarating and scary at the same time, do not mean DEN. And unless he probably, as some people in the audience are taking completely seriously right. Yes, yeah he's got some people think on them, tourists. Yes, we call them. We from San Bernardino will normally Norma had the greatest talk show moment in the history of touches with Courtney. Third Smet, Thou is epic. That was so great in it's funny because, states lived and who knew that we're going to have you tube eventually, you know why I just guy with a wise man, Cutlass you too, had no idea where those things are happening. I thought we're talking ninety ninety three. Ninety,
for when those things are happening. I thought you know what I know. I just thought if you were up- and you saw it that means you You saw an amazing thing happen in a few and then maybe, if I get to stand on the long enough will have a one year anniversary show an maybe you'll see it then. But if you're, not or for that it's gone I meet people, I mean dead around the world, that will say: oh, I just saw that thing with you and Norman Courtney Thorn Smith, and I think that was a moment of my life when I was thirty year and I am eighty five. How is that possible? You it's funny thing about those first few years is all it was such a great time for music and you and our scenario just said this
Leaders were of like any friends that starts with. I know you said earlier, have and all the hip hop bands and not wrappers from Thou, really that first wave and then you you were tapping into this whole alternative seen. That was like taken. He was so fun. Cuz Let us on last year you have. The tricky thing about that stuff is music. Is the hardest thing we're? buried at the end of the show will know it, but also its hard to clear in perpetuity legal alyosha any it came on my show. We can show that for the rest of time, if a ban place song. You can't clear in perpetuity on the internet for legal reasons. So I'm really jazz because we're doing. January. We're gonna come out with, but I think will be the state of the art website of all my staff going back. Also the embassy years
starting in ninety three with the music, not them the music we can't do, but all of the comedy Betsy views and we're digitizing it. So it's gonna look amazing, and then you can. If you thought you saw something up my show in ninety ninety seven, but you think maybe I was high. Maybe that didn't happen yeah, maybe EVA good, maybe you ve gotta got shot or maybe he didn't remember. It was late in the show and then there was some bumble bees. I don't remember you can type it and you will see that moment that I'm really thrilled about, but the music I mean my first show was with music with September 14th. Ninety three and they said who do you want- and I said radio and this is in ninety three hours of balls, colonized, Radiohead and radio had to do creep, Bang Radiohead did creep on the show and members from that moment on we could have. It was just amazing we could have
anybody we wanted. I love music and suddenly it was pretty incredible feeling to get to see all these people, and some of them were mean Glens too. Funny came on with no doubt when that first record came, I mean all these sort of iconic albums yeah and they would come on and I looked up quips now and then I come over. I look like a fourteen year. Old belgian girl is a commoner like hey, there's like coming on the sharing of data. Whenever I back and their eyes within, I get well you're, not gonna last, but it was fun blast down. So I mean avenue I blew I should talk- show since I was a kid like you were around the same age like the Might Douglas chosen Carson and are the different incarnates. As when Letterman shut up. You know
do his anniversary show, but he was making fun of Carson's in research showed, like Carson, ever realise that the whole show is set up to make fun of the car such out, but he idolized, Carson, Yellow Carson off the scent of I'm actually making fun of this format. Carson. I and a sage in John Eames really aware and very smart I mean it's possible. Johnny knew but Johnny was so secure, is there an early. He was nothing here. I'm all also, let me- but I think also with because that was his show. You know as it was a Carson production and and and I he knew that that day for feared him, so I think Johnny would would have been fine with him making further formal. That and he so revolutionized it that way. You we were you a giant Letterman guy out that cause I'm airborne. Carson came when Letterman can't land Harrison came on the show that, where the biggest moments of my life- yes it, this is
vindication Carson's coming on yeah. That shouldn't be one of the big Ah monsieur le wives, I mean, when I was a teenager, I'm still we're lotta girls. Ok, that's you saying too much now you have also shared yeah yeah, just make it really fun moment from it was rewrite. I remember, being margin excited about, go there you go after. This is kind of cool. Yes, I was. I was really influenced by I was very inspired by Dave because that It was such a revolution at the time you hadn't seen someone be funny that way there and you know his tongue. Was so original spot on. I remembered what
that the morning show my sister as leading for schools in high school, and I had I was. I was late to go to school and I was going up front door. It was like the spring or something I remembered. My sister Kate shouting get back here. You gotta see this. I went back and I was thinking this Toby like what is she talking about and she's watching his morning show, and we I just I wrote an article about it, for I think, was entertained weekly when, when Dave retired, then I called suddenly everything was wrong because everything was wrong. He didn't look like a host yeah sat was wrong. It was not polish, the energy was wrong and it was great. You know it's The true revolutionary comedy should look wrong when you first see it down in any, they were our art. It should look right, that's how an end so the next
couple years. I I watched him through college and then desperately wanted to work for him red and of your mail. I didn't end of your mail? Did you I did. I was Ivan was in high school and I really wanted to make it by it might even been like eight nitrate initially, but never made, it always was waiting and those Thursday nights could still happen on his new net what show is it to rail and the now if he lies a moment of their regional areas, if he did fatty, if he went back to stuff from eighty three on there and then was doing well about setting up an ivy hilarious, more ear, saying earlier by that stuff would be on and then just disappear. That was what the ice to tape the letter and shows the voyage ass. But if you missed one of the two
didn't work that was Energy God. There is no record of it and now there's record of everything in the every moment somebody has there's videotape of it. Yeah I do is I mean we suddenly oh yeah. I like really sound old guys, were we have little sterner going web cooking, some beans, If it were in the woods talking about those open, Turbot sub Elinor whittling right now, there were large area over time went on television, but it was, it's very hard to explain to my Mr Santer, who came with me today, she chosen on a tv you now she watches everything online and everything's Amelia accessible and I've had this. You know I can pull out my phone. And access any moment and tv history right. I remember the first time I went to the Museum of Broadcasting in New York. I was
I like twenty five there was a writer and Saturday night live, and I heard about the Museum of Broadcasting. I went over there and I have requested an old woman there- and I said I would like to see Jerry Louis's monologue from his first late night. Charlatan was this epoch disaster in from you know September? Oh, you know fourteenth nineteen sixty two which was at you, wait here. She went away and then she came back a long time later and it was like Hogwarts Universe, affairs, an owl and magicians. Are there and she hands it to me, and I put it into a machine and I put on the head sat. My watch literally what eight years later the address I ve been you can be anywhere in the world just I am I right now at a late night, show clearly I'd show that were is she?
sing at the time it was. He was the biggest star and ass. They paid him a fortune to do a late night show because he had guessed it on Carson. I think in just destroyed it done really well, so they gave his own show and it was once a week, and it was something crazy like two hours a two hour alone show and apparently the legend is I've read a lot about this? That Jerry did no preparation. They built a massive studio for him. They did incredible amount of. He had a task that you could direct the show from everybody turned out for it all.
Celebrities were in the crowd. It was huge, yet a giant like thirty five peace orchestra. Ladies and gentlemen during Louis and he comes out- and you can tell within thirty seconds he's got nothing and all of America tuned in, because this is supposed to be thing and Jerry start saying. Well it's good to be here, and you know How can we? This shows can be two hours long and here's some people wonder how do you feel it to our show? What would we will will figure it out a mean and then he's too about almost into we about how and I'm sick. People think, and maybe we can pull this off, because I think we can not one joke nothing. And you can see, he's kind of sweating. Now Oh, my god, I hosted a town, on every year for like a hundred year anyway, la Rochelle is huge, It was one of those shows where, like after the first episode, it was, as you know, everybody was talk.
But what the hell happened to you meant to do this. I had heard about, and I just wanted to go, see it but yeah I remember when I move that Hare went to the one in. I led the Museum of broadcasting the same thing as I can. I call up the MIKE Douglas show us the famous fight the richer prior mountain burrow, new town when they start again, into it. Now I need to be used as watch it right. I really want to see that zero is heard about in you put in the law. Ass. The others had great things. I think there is one where Mohammed Ali and Slice stone are on things. Douglas and so stone is kind of high and being goofy and Mohammed Ali is passed. They always trying to make real point. Yeah about you know, equality and the dignity of you know that american race and sly just keeps being goofy Mohammed Ali is real image. It To see things are so sanitized nets fun to see real anger
in reality the merit. The first Aaron we're doing camel showed that might Douglas show is a big influence. Son. You wanted light the kind of the chaos that could happen when you're driving different people on the couch. And it can happen sometimes, but then there are other times were. Not only does it not happened, it's just really awkward and there's a reason Will you learn, manipulate you shows, is there's a reason to the ILO we should do in there's a reason nobody's doing that idea right, because people have tried and the variations averages the things that I feel like. People can learn wrong. Lessons from a sick ass. Sometimes that happens a lot. I was always a fan of surrealism in comedy, and yet you know
this real! Is this not real? What's going on adding a little bit of that sort of s c tv, the fugitive guy, as one of my favorites for that year, has a good is exactly and and and adding that element. But. When you add surrealism. Sometimes there are people who are fans that think I get it it should just be weird all the time you think will now there's good, weird yet and then there's unproductive bad weird that goes nowhere by you know. Sometimes you see people take school of Comedy and say I get it. You know, they'll, learn the law wrong lesson from early lattimer, though, though I've had people that, like you, know liked I stuff that doing you know an and then they said yeah I get it. You know it should do just doesn't have to,
a joke- you can just be weird company- now learn the Rhine last year. Exactly here. I think there is still something to something just being really funny, which I think we forget sometimes, like you know, I'd, say naval long, history smuggle. Yet tramp still makes me laugh. Yeah he's doing now offer what almost twenty five years now. Well. What would see this show my late? I just started twenty five years ago and I want to say, triumph doesn't enter the picture till maybe six percent. Years in by some amid lay there so easier twenty the trial, Pollyanna dogs to live well, it's made of rubber here. Doesn't it ass? One of the reasons you boys asked me: how is the Simpsons still on and unlike its simple they d d? of an age triumphant as long as you occasionally lubricate the puppet Did you with Farley.
You re ass, an oh yeah personnel idea because they were said he was one of those again. A room was just funny the toy you get enough of entirely was exactly what you would think you would want him to be media. You meet some people in comedy who you think they're gonna be there, persona and then you meet them in their very serious and kind of shy and you're a little disappointed, ray and any meat other people, occasionally that completely fulfil your fantasy of who they would be yeah, and Chris Farley was like that John Candy was like that they were exactly who you wanted them to be, and the first time at four I was a writer and stern alive and he came in. He was waiting to have his interview with Lorn, and so he wasn't even on the cast. Yet he was waiting to have his interview and Lorn famously keeps people waiting. Yet so Farley was there. If I may,
kidding, I think, for two days in office. On the ninth floor, that Lauren has right above the studio and so the second half of the week when you're working on sketches and stuff. It's you know, Lauren is Lauren. Is there and he's in his office with the door shut and he's he's on the phone talking to Mick Jagger or talking to Paul Simon Tour, two in a lawrence talking to those people and whoever To wait for him. Just has to wait yet, and so Farley was is waiting and I remembered saying a bad for him and I said on the guide Madame before through Odin second city, so I said he Chris I'll show you around. I cut his oh, oh, ok, good NEWS he's doing that guy. You, oh yeah in a super super humble it western guy and bowing alot, giggling and heavy, and then took him out, and I started doing a fake tour. Just through the studio and, as I said cables over there. We call those cable, You know and their help
cable guy right there. Basil Joe I mean I was giving people the wrong name that guy carrying on board when you learn more about an and Farley was cackling. Is fucking around and he got. Show obviously use hired instantly whence he funding Missy learn and then I think the chip and deals thing that you down. He wrote for him once you did that which is pretty early. It was. It was off from their yet we? U. What was your first year NASA eighty I started at the very big I got hired in late. Eighty seven set was rights beginning, as has re, when the show is really come back, I've time that one at me luck. I must say I time dead, a making jokes, I really got lucky age, showed up at us and I remember the time he came from necessarily nearly four nine inside the news good again and then I had a rule, my writing partner, Gregg Daniels he's gone on to create
yeah really damage exactly poor guy, I'm going to pass the hat for him layer yeah. He drives. Mugabe's that are tied together with electrical tape you'd. Never a more frugal guy who gives you see it have no idea, but he I just have a rule with him and we are writing partners as we will not take any sit. We will not wait for sitcom death as very strict and I had I stand aside. I did I had high citizen, I would I've said we star before we will do this. This this this we're not gonna, you know, and then I had this rule, which is pretty at the time. If you about it now, there's somebody funny shows million funny different kinds of FIFA the case. Twenty five years now and I had I just said- I said work or not, and so the news is that's good place for us to get started after that.
Choices Letterman, our second choice, besides lives and gradually like ok, what else and I went down it is though this is the story of people with Bobby hate, but we got a gig assigned alive. I went out there is not my first choice, a member thinking wow, that's kind of past its head, Eddie was Eddie, had left the dad I weird transition year. Then we are changing year and they had had a year. Then it blows up the caste and gets yes Phil HARM and data carve. Yes, and then I come in I step into that. Just as it's starting to pick up steam, and has taken a great as cast members in the history of the show of alarm and fell Armand best utility player in the history of comedy. He to be in the autumn cast yet he asked if it nine, whenever he still has to be in there somewhere. Just him in Peter
it that out there Another guy, but anyway you fill Hartman, you think about it. Fill Hartman could play convincingly a father whose meeting his daughters date for the first time read a square father. He could play a convict. He could play a juvenile delinquent. Damn universe game show us he could be. It could be I can still be. Ninety twenties actor aid can be anything and we ve done causing Caveman musical himself, MR potato head, because you could just take the pieces, often put in new pieces him Dana Harvey on fire John Love, it's and then you know. I gotta give it up for and then the women, the women were absolutely amazing and there are community Jan Hooks, one of the best I think, CAS members of all time. Nor a done I mean just the FAO
That that these in and then, while I'm there, the people that shit, up, while I was there. Farley shows up well in their make. Myers MIKE Mire shows up him over the first day. He came in and headed leather jacket with the canadian flag on the back, and he was for supervising. True, yes, Supra Leather Jacko, the canadian flagging yeah. It's it's really opposites when you think about it. It's a bad ass jacket with Canadian says please I don't want to offend you, I'm here too. And here in your bar, I just pulled up on my motorcycle and I really do want to anybody and then I Sandler shows up one air and spade and rock and, we're roaming around the halls. They're, all kids did you fit in. Those guys are really at Harvard. Guy now is actually kind of nice because I didn't feel like I didn't feel like I hung out with I worked: smile, Odin, Kirk
rag and I were like a unit Tom Hanks used to cause the boiler room boys year because we were these guys they were always awake. We never went to sleep. We never change dark. We dressed like we're still wearing the clothes we're in college, which is not good, bye, and and we would stay up and just right, really weird stuff, and in Rome, the halls and we were always available, and so that is probably the best three or four years stretch fur weird quirky, couldn't be repeated s enough sketches. Another are my favorite air can It now they love to do the same one, that twenty twenty first time, thou as I go, was on one time, those it yeah was my of my favorite sketches to write were usually in me. I would say twelve forty yeah, so interesting. Later on, I get a late night show and it's a twelve thirty five an embassy
that was your wireless tie. We'll house is, people are sleepy and I ran and mice favorite sketches that I have worked on. Are you now wait a minute? I just see that it was a kind of half asleep. That was weird said. Myers call those that ten of one sketches here. Where are you? I think that first Berry give show was like they just threw it out it twelve fifty I that's like kind of when you throw those in any kind of want. That's where weird stuff can grow Jack about it. It's you can grow really weird mushrooms. If the temperatures just write and there's not too much light, does not too much light is not here too, we want show you two began. You have to have the big sketch, get the show now and it's what's there take on trumped this week and mauler, and what's there taken have an eye and whose the big star they flown in from El Ada and there's a lot of heat there.
And it doesn't always said I was conducive to like the most fun comedy. Yeah and then, if you look at it, little later on theirs less pressure and you gotta weird sketchiness, not really about anything but It trying to think some of handy, for example, one rail time favorite, as in all writers, and he would to mean he wrote to insist the cat, but he also wrote these he'd. Have these great. All of us would couldn't wait to hear his sketches rather read through, because you know he is she's right it s such great ideas like James Bond, getting captured by the villain, who has I lay on the volcano, but the layer isn't finnish jet and he's like Mr Bonde, I didn't think you'd be here for six months. You know sorry both let's blow felled, but you know
well anyway, the over there is going to be. It is going to be a shark tank where I would lower you into a shark jack. It's not dairy, he fat. Imagine there was I get on one of the workmen. In the background on that sketch The EU and a couple and studies to throw me out their Jim, I may Jim Downy laugh and he he used to throw me into stuff every now and then, and it was not. I wasn't I didn't think I should be a Senate LIVE cast member. That was not something that I aspire to be. I didn't think I was a danish Harvey or a Mite Myers. I was, that I knew what I wasn't there, but I knew I had. I can make people laugh, but it was had to be in my persona. Did I mean
it couldn't. Did you latch onto a stark? Has sometimes the writers latch onto the one star and they read a lot of stuff for was rather bang? We did that. I don't think I did that. I mean there's. Obviously people you know you're, obviously plug Phil into everything. I don't think I watched on. I remembered I worked on a Spock its once that worked out well with with Might Myers. I had an idea for one and I went to him and I so their end will people that idea. When I think I got something for you, I would say the eighty percent what I wrote was not cast dependent. You know it's just a weird idea that I thought: okay, it. What you know wasn't like out this this, member has to do. This was really fun time, also like as it was all these kids that grew up watching the same shows seventies and eighties. So s and I would have liked the Partridge family Joe occur, there
radio circle or that virtually, and I get that all that You know now everything so splintered, I think, could be harder to hers. A weird. Yes, that's a mean when you look it that's actually live, cause. I promise you and I watched eighty percent of the same shows Yasser probably like nine, and I don't think nine year olds could say that now you can't say that now they can the one thing it unifying the most young people. Now is probably video games Media s fortnight you now for it If you're talking to a bunch of I have a thirteen year old Son Anna and he would he would if I, if he and all his friends were together, I think I can reference the Simpsons and fortnight and they would know what I'm talking about after that, it's a crapshoot and which really interesting as if you think about the way we grew up. We did the certain reference points Starkey and Hard Shore, like you, said. Any, though, shows from seventy ass sixty seventy
Is we can reference that in every one knows the reference today, you can be in a room with a bunch of people who are your demographic. They went and even some of them went to school with you there, your friends and your tugging at what's on tv today,. You'll each list, fifteen different shows, and there will be. Maybe one overlap between two of you Kennedy. Office has gone to that point to some degree, the under thirty PBS. While they had now it's being Ree watched the Netflix. Yes, Netflix has done over that with ants and more and more with the parks and wreck too is caused some raggedly, the good places, starting ahead that way too, but it seems like there are real arching cause those twenty two
accommodates, or so is it issues you bang at a season and like four hours also are, I think. What's really smart is stuff without a laugh track stuff, it's not shop before a studio audience something happened culturally and I maybe be might be reality television, because but people like things that have that documentary look and feel yet, and so, when you look at a sit come now where someone makes an entrance and their supplies by their laughter, you know and and then they Leave it immediately feels fake and hokey and I think, as a whole generation that looks at that and things what the fuck is. This I felt like channeling was the first line, who kind of foot that when he did his Showtime show and have the fake applause.
For a better that walked in and there is the first time as I always making fun of yes cause. You know you watch those old good times up, says hours said like they'll, be at some random channel and the audience was so Bob than the show yet You also watch things like a happy days from. It is another Janni aid or nineteen. Seventy nine funds. Makes an entrance suit them at first for them, if having our applause. Happy days is interesting because the first season is single camera and actually kind of cool and there's no studio one. He looks like american graffiti and it's actually very good. Then it switches happy day switches to I think in the second season. It switches to its shop for alive audience. People make an entrance and Gus crazy and they have to wait so Fonzie comes in and he's magazine just found out someone stores motorcycle. He comes in.
Many words like you see Henry Winkler having to wait for like five minutes here and still pretend to be mad. While he's acknowledging- and you like- this is weird you now and it feels fake. I remember that happened aside filled with Cramer for like a season where he every time he walked into juries apartment there crowded upon, I think they told the crowd not to apply. I did the same thing in the jury and then yes, the wait. Three seven and everyone has said just wait on their line near Ized. I think you're right, though, the single camera. That's why I think the reaction to those those I think the I shall like the office is going you The reason it so relevant to mean my. Son and daughter have watched every single episode of the office every single episode they end and that's their sense of humor.
When you think about it that show when it started on NBC, was a very different look and feel to everything that had been a juggernaut for NBC. Before that, which is friends- and you know you know, Frazier, and you're the one the one said were most things happened. I love it away. I love the way people are forced to sit on sitcoms like you, know, a lot in the long line. That's not a circle. Yes, I used to love on Murphy Brown at Marty. Brown was never my show I was I mean just at was never Michael t necessarily a bite on Murphy Brown, they would set up it. These are the most powerful people. In show business and journalism, Candice Bergen and her that they're like
sixty minutes some error. They know Henry Kissinger and they also know our Hague and there they. Oh, she is she just headline with Nelson Mandela and then it's time for them have lunch and they all crowd around one half of small searching tat. He forgot, they have to because it says he had come there and you have just said doesn't matter, you know no Murphy Brown would be in her office or should be like a nice cafeteria that no everyone gets half a table. I was she and she'd out or we're not gonna, see you. There is the website that there is a Netflix movie that had Lucy Loo and somebody else in it that ina with these networks, movies, like everyone's its obscene that, but it was about setting up tat, digs and Lucy Lou, these young people that work together but Italy ran like a sports and pop culture website that is much different than the ringer yeah, but had this just amazing office. Like this, we have hunt million our office in
and she had unassisted an arrow. I was I whew. Did they ever Is it any but his office, but now they came up and that they are and they do that to be fair, you have pretty much the same set up. I came in here and it's just that the amount of marble in your letter about in your entry ways absolutely stunning, but a big lemonade, vat near yeah. Hey, let's take a quick break. If need a that, helps you get stuff down, but is also perfect when you want to catch up on some fun. I don't know like streaming lives, sports or chicken. In your face a team check out the latest member, the Microsoft surface, family, it's the new surface, pro six just take the keyboard off and use it like a tablet or
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I also want to win money that await his copy. My lad up, some that tell you, but maybe thirdly, on Monday, just may have to have tried other deficits before, if not a fancy expert fender, clearly the place, the play news or get a five hour bonus when they made first posit, come play with me at vandal, backup, sash, bs, back to Conan, O Brien Gregg Daniel Scare, when did you guys you guys stopping partners we stopped he wanted to. He was really interested in writing a different format. I think I liked and I've always liked the shorter format of always lights. You know sketches I've always liked that short format and the most real stick show I mean that then the only half hour show I could really imagine writing for was the Simpsons like TAT was my which, when you think about
It is so many jokes and so many of the same sort of energy and then there's this three acts structure, but it's very yeah. You know as half hours go it's. It was the one that I could work on by Gregg always was interested in that other form. So he left Sarah alive. He wanted to go out to allay and They are in use in a serious relationship with his now wife, and so He wanted to leave and go to allay, says you were things for you, you she was the Yoko Fair. I never knew that. Yeah no, but he won't. He wanted to go out. There actually worked out about it, I mean, I would say, were deaf, but you weren't there for both of us and we're really good friends and talk to each other, all the time and and hang out, and it's nice
actually, I think if we were when you're working with some one, there's an intensity? To add that I think I I can relax now in better better with Gregg that we are not pendant on each other yeah, you know in those early years is really intense and we were friends, but I, I only have caused the financial, location where there is a clear and ambitious guys ambitious and you think are we gonna make it is gonna work I mean there was. I was really I put a lot of pressure on myself, but. I was really worried about my career through most of the eighties and into the it is always worried like him, I am I gonna make it is this really gonna work. Am I gonna be able to achieve this idea. I have its very vaguely formed in the back of my head of what I could
you and then once they hit the late night show and ninety three that's just two years of sheer try to stay alive. You now and then, and then you know, I don't think people really believe in this vision that that we collectively have and. I dont think I don't know, I think, I'm starting to relax now Fifty four, if it's so yeah, we're thinking. I watched it cause. I was therefore Kimmel verses. First season, where your eye, You know you don't know what the show is. Yet you basically just trying to survive day after day after day and hope you don't get cancelled, but they also Lebanon or replace it with yet so at some everybody's kinds of stairs at each other Ngos? I, I guess yeah yeah, good luck. And by young you just getting wraps and then after I could see it.
After about nine months as our stern, he started to get this thing yeah, but how I did it for you and how about a week ago, at click and honest with you I see Thank you, no man, I I dont- think there was any one moment. I think there were. I just to notice that our audiences we're getting better and better and livelier livelier, but also I noticed that people were coming to the show because they had seen it and liked it. Oh you know and that there were young people when they had made. I've always had really creative fans and may the very good artists, and they they make. They made jackets state for themselves said had stuff from our show on at F Bay, They were coming at a member that
start in September, and I think by the summer I noticed wait these crowd, sir. They really gang hot. Nay. They know me now and they know my rhythm and so I always thought the trick of these things. People always think that it's the host to figure out how to do the job like it's a two way street. I think it's the host has to figure out How do you be the best version of themselves who they are, but I think the audience then has to get used to their rhythm, and I have a very particular kind of thing. I think it's funny in a very particular sort of rhythm that doesn't look right to people right away and ninety three, but then started to
Look, you know, I think people started to get it, and that was always my. When I showed up at a big school, I went to public schools in Brookline Mass. I was never the funny guy right away, I we show up got a weird name the weird hair and this Tal skinny guy, which his deal I'm kind of quiet, and it took time- and there was always the case with me- and I thought it was the same thing with getting on television. I knew. Get picked on. You know we found Letterman someone somewhere, so in some key exactly I have always said many times I would not have liked me. Had I not been me because you know I was mad at NBC about the Letterman thing so then they get a complete unknown and who is the sky? So I understood the.
Hostility. I also knew this is my one. Chance was their hostility, though I can remember at this point or else she's this year, because it felt like There is also yet, though, let him over this letter was starting at that point. Now that was, I mean, did I was merely area the little bit and now there is. There was a period of intense Finally, I want to go back of fuck this guy, oh yeah, I mean there was, you know, there were more people with less channels back then so the amount of people, probably acting at twelve thirty has to be three times areas by yards. Now, no more people watch me at twelve. Thirty, a ninety three than watch the Superbowl. Now it's true fat, I just serious nuts that I will not leave that Glenn. I had you. The second year, the time I watched my sixty five million people, a nightgown jeez, but now it was always know that was- in today's Ruby. Like you know, only four million people watch desolate ass, an idea,
night is melting. Ice floes will be standing on ice cube soon by the code things we get through that, yeah and you're, but there was- I mean I there is a famous review, the Washington Post, that more or less If I died, it would be a good thing. I remember that so the dead dead, but then he later he changed his mind. An end, which was very nice actually didn't, have to do The euro is. It was one of the great wide areas in the history of journalism, yeah shales, where air- and it was really he wrote this thing we said. Okay, I was wrong. I was really mad about Letterman, and this is you know that was I think he's really bad about Letterman like that like this is about your father. Well bait. I understood and I understand it today and I understand that you know there is,
there was hostility. Obviously I felt it I'm very thin skinned and I really thought you know I just I walked around thinking. Everybody hates me for about a solid year and a half and then that started TED slowly. What was the moment that it that started to realize other than that the audiences were changing. I just you know cause you're. So when you do in that week after week,
in it, when, as I am like a hamster wheel, yeah, that's the thing is, I think the thing that saves you in that situation is you? Have you don't have time to get in your head? Yeah, it's it's like you know, you're on a baseball team. You ve got a place so many games, and so you can commit three errors and one game and be booed off the field which your back there. The next day I try to go through the Shasta half to keep. You know it's the repetition, it's the cockpit time over and over and over again and then at a certain point you that protects you away from. I didn't have time to read everything. I didn't have time to know that I think Playboy magazine that year,
like in their list of like stuff for the year said you know, you know worst decision ever. You know hiring Conan to replace David Letterman. You know like that. Eighty account that was actually in a magazine, and I saw it- and I thought oh just centerfold in here so Where is there nudity in this magazine was the one issue with no nudity, because they want to focus more on how I sought, but I think that, The one thing now is good for you back in retrospect was Don't I think Letterman add this to Letterman when his show is on those first couple years. He had this whole new. Generation of people that were common outbreak, so his his stable gastro is Seinfeld and lead Mikey aid and in time exile tapping into this new generation. And then you had a lot of the same thing as you at all there s, no people you worked with, but then you at this new generation of comics our coming up
Can I have your people now? It's really why it is really fun that we quickly, just you know, got these p one I think you are sending out there with you again when you has any. I think we are nowhere. Verily fortunate, because you you come up with your group and people that you, you share their style of comedy and then you always I now talking will the other down. We were just. I couldn't remember half the things he was bringing up whose bring Remember the time I came on your show, and I you know I had a gun, we kept quiet for half we would. Then I leaned forward. You could see thy it again and then you and I had this whole thing- we're gonna. Take, I don't remember, guided so much aggressively weird stuff, and it was like minded you now and then
became a member? There were people who only wanted to come on the show if they could pretend that they needed dialysis halfway through You know, and you be like I I just at heart. He who gives some people. I just wanted to talk to you now, man, better. I wanted I've seen other, we'll do this, and sometimes it was people who may be comedy. Wasn't there Forte seeing other people do it like now? You know I'm gonna to I wanted to a conceptual thing really be Arthur. Don't think you should Arthur, through under the bus, just come in and render yeah zactly her ghost We remember like what was it like? Oh three or four, it just seemed like you jumped the level that show and then it became Lothar where's ego and what's next for him, yea all these networks according them and I have yet ended. It seem like it
fast, but a really wasn't Vasquez. It was issued for eleven other people yeah, you know diff, kids. I do. I have a care Tina. Ten okay, so were in the same boat. Now I have a thirteen and fifteen but similar situation Venus. When other people come to your house my god, you kids, you while you're great you, that's what how you feel, because you see them every day, so I'm like you talking about, do the same, no they're, not man. This is Tommy John visiting me by the way a man he Dave, and so on they come by and they their blown away but you're there. So I'm for every second, so nothing felt I've had people say to me why twenty five years on the air that must assume it has blue by no it fucking didn't yeah cause. I was therefore every second of its sweating. It so now. If you accept his they two hundred and thirty recitals, I gather you know, and how's your life different. If you go to Foxen O four,
No you're late night choker worked on Fox I was not that was you know when I was. There was a big serious offered to go tax. And I. Thought about it really seriously, and I said where to God the biggest reason I wanted to stay. Was it really hot? it may the Wade, Dave yeah, Damn b c, and I wanted to be connected to my work and want to be separated from my work We owe like your eleven years, a lady I suffer exactly. I wanted to be connected, I didn't want to leave and b c, and so I remember thinking on I'll just stay no, I dont know how much was that tonight. Show part of that. Just say that I am not. I learned at that time. I didn't. I didn't think that was a possibility. That was not.
You know that was kind of floated as a possibility. I remember thinking I'm not sure, but I wasn't that interesting I'm an ultimately- and I I don't regret, exceed, don't regret anything I don't, but I think I made the right call at the time which was let's just stay here and I ended up doing what for five five more years of land, it showed NBC, which I loved. So you know I. Ultimately you now think that was going to fox like tat here's in I don't felt right to me didn't feel right than it does. All right now and I think the reason they really have never had a Monday through Friday, eleven Kasza yeah, it's funny cause. You have obviously had a couple thanks to that people could say which do that organise phallic. It's part of the journey. You now in the EU
something's work out somewhere. Something's were got. Another is happy, now call your addiction to heroin that our do over again, but the other. I was a huge mistake. Where does work the late they format go now and yet the first file preface by saying I have opinions, but nobody knows anything you know I am. I don't wanna be at one or pretend to be the aura call. That knows, but I ll action how your kids consume media. Yes, while I definitely for myself personally wanted to blow things up, I want blow things up. When I realise that I was killing time on the air, yeah that I was doing in our night after twenty five years and.
Hurting hurrying it up with the first guess. Why can get to the second guess? So I can get to the you know musical group, so I can or the third gas- and I thought this is not. This is not. What these shows should be any more. I guess I really don't believe that I know how people consume my work now and the Good news mynors there's good and bad with all of it. There's a lot it's Changed by you know, late night show has the command of the field the way Dave did in you know his late night show period or in his early CBS show period or the way Johnny did this. It's not gonna happen again, there's gonna be fads and trade.
They last about sometimes in Ireland, but there's so many of these shows that that's the the bad news, if you're late night house, the Good NEWS is that if you ve got something good, alot of people see it now and they see it again and again and again, and so the good stuff is in a way, almost more potent than it ever was, but. I want to make sure that the chasm between what I'm doing online and what I'm doing on the linear show isn't so wide because Israel there's the linear, show and then there's the stuff that happens on line. I want to see if I can pull together closer so that will packing have to be a part of that. Well, that's why I mean yes, so right now the ideas right now, I'm on undoing. We took a hiatus, so I could do a tour doing a tour
and go to cities. I just finished doing a bunch cities back east. I leave tomorrow and I do Atlanta and I do national. I love live audiences, love it that that's my my favorite things and I love playing in these theatres and I'm touring what these really hilarious stand up and I can I go out first, I do half an hour than they each do about fifteen in its than I do and I at the end, which gets really wild and f on. I live for that and then we have a digital team with me. They record a lot of that stuff. We chop it up or putting it still there and I'm hoping that this. Why can't that? Just you're late, that show reaches travelled. It well city, two hundred of fifty times a year. You just on the road. My wife would leave me forget quickly,
Ah then, I see my wife might prefer if it said by a, but I do think what I'm looking for a look. What I'm looking for is a in the booking of celebrities. Can sum can so often drive this tempo of these late night shows and still want to talk to celebrities, and I still want to do that, but I want to make sure that I have maximum freedom, unjust and being a dick saying I wanna. Do it exactly the way I do it because and doing a really long time so would have liked to do now is exactly what I wanted to. Yeah and I dont want- I want to make no concessions or sound regulations, have been through pack ass. Well, the case. Tours hey. Let's take a quick bread to talk about G sweet, it's a suite of cloud based productivity tools. That includes a gmail backslide sheets and drive. I use all of us
though, these tools improve your work life both in terms of experience now puts you create, hence their new camp, and make it would ye sweet. You known, you have twenty identical versions of document, labelled fight no clue which is the latest, and you make another version, name that one final fine or at well. Would she swayed by Google clattering your work outside Gmail, docks and sides, let you make real time updates to for the sea document without having to keep track of version after version of a product or a project or a product of the project and since I have, the tools are clad base. Your whole team can access the same document and work on the same page at the same time to find out more about GCSE Productivity towards visit G swede that come make. It would G sweet Google clad in since we're here. I want to mention our new ringer pack, ass valence, hosted by the one the only she's saran. Others are so heavy rumours after the works
es I wasn't house carbs this week. I did food is, and we talk notably by three a meeting with Nephew Kyle. There may just be its own past events. Three m: even Africa could have one wish or when they charge is Ba chinese food than threw up check out, keep it. That three media with could never Kyle a package that has not been green. They yet but villains were shapes. Rhino has subscribed now and apple on spot, a fire or wherever you get your pack ass back to Conan O Brien I'm doing applied chest cutter o now needs friend that drops the nineteenth November end yeah yeah, I promise you love it. Khazar I've been doing it. I do not help from your show light. There were moments where you like this is keep going, but he added. I was there a commercial that I can't causes a moment's over here and what's I've done about, we backed up a bunch and I've actually love them there.
So great and also have the same in coming in today, and this is a war. I mean to me this is this is a really great conversation that I'm doing it's nice to hang out with you and talk about this stuff, so it doesn't feel to me, like way now had to go grind that out report it is knowing who would make for a good Pakistan which you let which I cannot the hard wherever the curse at twelve years, but we need A bad pike asked it's like a bad date, Listen have you noticed it when you dont know, sometimes I've been unapplied cast and there's no end point It could go on for ever no idea even a bad day does a natural wealth. They brought the check and so Peck
The cheek- and I want to get my Ober and I'll see you later, but when a pod cast, when someone wants to really go deep, dangling de Pierre was comin in Spain and you're like when. I think it's been five hours, Kennedy, some impact of new look even more. You feel like you're in a burning building and you feel out through the window. If you could so now what What about you drag Dana's working together, get one more time it will we did. We work together on a show. We really le right a movie movie, I've. Never I dont think I couldn't. Whenever data never read a movie, I never read a movie. The show you worked on that you love. While we were, we worked on a show that was on TV, ass. We know it call people of earth that we really light and people liked it, but then we had trouble keeping the cast kept having things are needed to do, but it was if I was a show we did together that dumb.
We didn't created by, but dad Greg. Was the share runners, my production company, which is fun working with each other? Again? Is a good time jealous of the writing partner thing, because I really feel like I just wish. I had you need luck right, but what, if you don't mean Gregg Dana's, do a raining partner that point now I was it has to be like that. I was right on one who was gonna. Have I even think but having a riding partner. Until I met Greg, and we met late in school. We met, we really get to know each other. Till senior user fell, in the blanks for each other a little bit yeah I and an end, and it was interesting. We we did complement each other, really well and ah, but also when you're starting your career in your twenty one and you leave
and you're going to allay and all you ve ever known as Boston. You need somebody all I knew is Brookline Boston. Yet for twenty one years, and then you get on a cheap airlines. Flight, you gonna LOS Angeles and you land here and you ve gotta, make it in this weird business, doing it with some one, a friend whose off so the an EAST Coast person who you can share it with that was huge. I mean I, I I wish I had met somebody like that. I'm Coppermine Intervene, the guys the do billions near those guys have been together for like twenty five years, like a Morocco, but they just work, We worked together in the I when I watch some on the sand now. They're just on the same page, and I think it's pretty rare. I can also see how go bad they could go earlier, especially if one person thing
So you know the other. Whenever I hope I think you're gonna meet a guy. I really do I hope so man I has whack. You talk about less, keep remedy out there that I wish. I had a guy in my life, I didn't think fact that you were Brookline and then Cambridge, you came to allay than how's your about. I went from GAD Zero. I think, as you are aware, you from I was in so I just I just Saudi Arabia, icicles big moment, just adores. That's I stand here right away. I thought my girlfriend when I was in high school and had bad skin there and guess what it didn't happen go to the damp and look for play boys behind that. Just on Roma, my brother Neil used to go to the damp with his friend John Little and they would throw old tvs off the top mound and watch the picture tubes explode. That was a lot of great stuff there. So a man that dump yeah yeah them my parents got divorced. I was there through seventh grade, in my dad stayed, but I moved with my mod to Connecticut
where'd they go back and forth the next four years. Stamford Coca and So I was like I still felt like it, lived in Boston, but I was really not their nearly as much as I wanted to Burke and puts the sports was like money gets really screwed up because you're amongst it Connecticut, weird Because you're like it, you don't I'll York, you don't know Like I've seen, stores are going to a store in Connecticut, like in short, the Litchfield area near and selling Yankee hats. Yankee, perhaps, but then you drive to more miles and you're in a store and their re selling red Sox adds bizarre, and you think this is where the just like living in Maryland during the civil war. If I dont know, you for the North South still remain. I have no idea, it's very strange and then bastard, as you know, is it so kind of distinct
an I led. A cake is not the act, so I was just there. I was just in Boston and the intensity of further based power supply, while I was there ever did the tour. I just want to show that the Wilberfloss And I learned I hung out with my folks, but as noticing everyone in Boston, whereas a red Sox cap and Tsunamis bit, what's so funny to me as they wear it like you know, route for the Red Sox. What you don't tell anything we know, can I mean we're on Newbury Street again, and your name is Sully. I get it, you don't need the Red Sox hat, but all my brothers were red, Sox Caps, all the time and I think they should just put them on squirrels and ass been a gang yards. Our game, but I beg for that. World series Games and it's just it was the best, the Boston it was just. The people showed up super early. Everyone's Gatt train same right, I was set here they add between the third basin
last February in the wound up, you don't have to I'm sorry. I had serious some poor guys. I ten feet away and you know the Boston people they got. They're talking to the blue, you now for nine paintings, the pork ass, a God, damn it that's what he's MR eyes, when he hears in his sleep I so I could. Got a one world series game their cause. I was I've been working so much. There was one game and travelling with one game. I could go to not the eighteen in it Now there was one game I could go to, and I knew there was one game that I had. The turner gave me tickets for game five. Oh, so, in away, and I didn't know if you're gonna be a game, five would see. What's gonna happen,
turns out game. Five. I take my son. We go. There were both ring red Sox, hats and jackets of that this great jack- and I got a long time ago that sick of vintage TED Williams era who on a TED Whim story after the summit's area, but up like a TED Whims era, baseball that is the job of recreation of that Jagger. So I'm watching the game with my son, and then we get to the last two winnings and it becomes clear that the Dodgers you gonna lose him were indulge stadium. I was in there too. We asked the Red Sox fan started. Moving up ass, I was one of a year. We had really good seed. And then we were like screw it yeah. I said, with me boy. This is dying, as are the other fans last year and everyone there were like
red Sox fans. Let me take it was, and it was near the back behind home plate to fix the last inning, but this is the difference between allay in Boston, related differences, but on their and dodges fan start to realize it's not gonna happen for them, so they stand up that that needs people with like their faces, painted blue yeah and have dodgers shirt everything, the hat, everything they stand up, they turn they saw me and recognize me, and they saw my red Sox, definite, say well. Conan Gonna work out for us this year, but you guys had the better team that congratulations and then they take my hand and then they be like better not next year- and I mean well we'll see about next year than it and then the next person would go up well, cannon die just van on my life, you know.
Lost. My wife is here to cancer and surely dying wish was it did when the serious, but it didn't happen. Oh well, Boston, the better team good day to you, sir, and I remember thinking if, if this role was river is letting go as, and I was it Fenway and the Dodgers were about to clench at and wait I'll and enough Austin fan saw Dodgers, fan hid, pull hard out through his chest and eat it in front of his child. Do you know. I mean it's just this funny. Development are allowed to do it. You think you're better than me now you take, you bear not forgetting the battery up your ass. Well, work out for us, you clearly had the better team. I really admire. Cora, then that monkeys, incredible wealth, better will see what happens next year. Could data you count and basically, what kind of what kind of sports Nathan's are you? I see the perspective perspective. Life is long where Dodge offence,
Similarly, there are thirty years there there, the Boston fences like the it's, this run, that has I thank him and with her new of us grew up. Yet there are now. I was just a ladder winning and it doesn't make sense in fields just surreal and I had a reactor and also the old red Sox teams were they were so haunted by they occur whatever you want to call it yeah. It was in their heads these new team since so for they don't they think they as much right to win. Is anybody here, which is a completely different mindset? And this team, even you know, even when they who's in eighteen in game. You gotta, go, that's gonna score Take the bone marrow out of them. Rescue they're gonna have a hard time bouncing back from this debate on now, We're still gonna win. We have a team meeting after the eighteen in a game and there they are real good. Yes do
we'll get him back to buy up here and that it is wrong. If, then, it happened within our childhood, it would have they probably would have had to shut down the city for like a week yeah I had one it's just one storage remunerated ass. I gotta take his story which, as I have one picture, Sancho I have a couple of pictures on my while, in my study from my late night, show yeah I've got you know. Ok, me with Obama. That's a picture. I've got me with gave. The unilateral. Ninety four have me the nine time she's been on And then I have me with headway in this TED Whims came off the splinter, but he came my show and reminds me of his time.
Senior year in college it's spring and I decide- and I was a good kid, but I decide screw it. I'm getting out of here, I'm going to play hooky with some friends of mine who had already graduated and one of Jeff Martin, who was working as a sports writer in Boston and went on to these great comedy writer. He and a couple of his friends were going to go down to Florida, to watch red Sox, spring training and I'm at school, and he said, come on just like Ferris Bueller like just skip to skip and fly down. So I did. I never done it like that before, but I just left school, I blew off classes. I blew up everything I flew down and we had a blast.
Drove around in one car we only eight fast food. We played many golf and we sense I Florida yeah and we watched the Red Sox so, where they're watching the Red Sox at their spring training camp- and I look over- and there was a young prospect- Name SAM, worn at the time yeah who could hit the ball like a mile wake. It hid it and don't think it ever pan out for him, but sandworms this amazing and he was talking to someone and looked like he was getting batting tips and I'm looking at my pussy talking to- and I realise its TED Whims, TED wings was there and he was the hidden coach and he's talking to SAM worn in this is nineteen. Eighty five April of eighty five so I want to hear what he saying: disable, that's TED Williams. I gotta find out what is termed greatest hitter of all time Nancy telling someone. So I make my way this long chain link fence, and I try to sneak,
we're on the chamber fence liking, and then I get right up. Members close to had whims as I am to you and he's talking to SAM worn. It looks like an intense conversation and I eavesdrop and TED Williams is bitching descend, worn because he had to take his grand child the night before see the movie, the last star fighter and Turn Wemyss was like I am thinking to get this profound re always swing under the ball at you, know a dividend up to the right and that whatever and he's, like God, dammit out and space, and there is a God the aliens and then there I think I know what a god damn fuckin thing was all about I couldn't believe it. Then I thought to myself. I would love it if TED Williams Cranky legendary old TED Williams in view of his. I just you know, like you know,
Today's movie tat is whatever we're going. When I read Sally Mohammed, someone tried to watch this and she what she's doing and that a restaurant is vulgar and gag dammit Why? our. I will join us next. We only ever we ll talk about like water, for chocolate up God, Damn foreign film God Damn for say more and provided that it does get a tip here. Is that you get it? but the last heard your gazing. I thought He started tone that started that you're gonna toe story that you were there same ornate, this legendary spring training comrade and at that aim, but we left the evening before it is my buddy guests had to go and we found out. He had this home run in the football stadium. Fear I'm still mad about it. Like thirty one years later, someone I was there, he did smash a windshield. I car in the parking lot did see that
bye I don't know, I guess his thing was when did hit. It went all yours, Langley Natural it just wouldn't stop and lights would explode. You ever get. You tell a fact that, though your fans, congratulate you. Anyone or through you know, not build genetically to live out here. It's you know, I am really genetically engineered to live like an of peat bog in Northern Ireland so what I'm never going to be used, and I mean when I say in a peat bog, I mean Libya in the mud covered in moist turf. That's where I should be. I dont I'm not supposed to be here when I do like because I live for years and years, news between certain alive and late night show. I did twenty years in Manhattan it. Love Manhattan, but it never felt like home because we grew up in Boston. Its
I was scared in New York. When I was a kid- and I was told all my friends said if you gonna like at the height of them in the seventies height of that great rivalry and Carlo Fist Confirm and Munson, I was told it if you were red Sox cap at Yankee, stadium, you'd be killed, gathered stabbing, they would stab you to death and that the police wooden do anything believed it cuz. That's how intense it was. I really believe that I don't know if that was necessarily untrue advice either right. I think they would make some effort to solve the crime, but eventually yeah They make a did, make a show of trying to solve the crime. But a good called case show where you just solve Boston funds that were murdered a Yankee stadium, so clear who did ever there like? Well, I guess we'll never know there are now it's really later. There's a guy cover. The birth rate has over there in the Yankees had whose covered in life well another case It will go on soft
but yeah that was, I was I love. I love Boston? I mean I loved New York and I love living there, but it never felt like will. This will be my home cause. I thought eventually they'll find out. I'm a Sox fan and murder me I went to step further. I just I could never lived there at any point. I just said see being around the Yankee heads. I feel the same way when I go to a Laker game and a mirage the jerseys, like, I actually feel uncomfortable unsettling I was in that mix. My son was in a league. We came out here and use in a league where you're playing with these other kids and they just it- was kind of random. Which in the end there and what you know the teams were. You know the pistons, yeah. You know that
though the Lakers, the Celtics than eggs and just random, unlike my son, was like seven and using this league, and I would go to his games and the team that he was assigned to was based on like real literally where you lived, the lack of the draw. We were the Lakers, so I would go in my son. Was you know, seven years old and wearing a Lakers, Jersey and he'd get on the court with his other friends? And I I kind of learned like at first. It was jarring and I'd have to take a picture of him and send it send it home in my brothers me shit about Photoshop Yazzi. He exact should have Photoshop it. If but I got over at night just enjoy watching my son. You now cannot try to play basketball at seven years old or whatever, and then one day Mark Wall Burg on us up cause his sons. In the same week. And he's talking to me what the fuck you do in man,
he's really mad as a wall. You know this is where his his friends around this seems a fuck, my son. No, we like he like. We, we moved for my son would be for us to set. He just would not. I forget what he did He did some extraordinary thing. You didn't lowly move, but he took it. Ordinary measures is puts a marble berkshire. He pulled some mark Well Burg, shit to make sure that his son was wearing a Celtic seen from and he couldn't I believe that I was letting my son were Lakers uniform. This was the original platform mild twenty two yes and aid they foot that they slipped it My son was a junior Laker one year. I didn't forget about it, but he was six like it now. I did feel good is out there night stopping on themselves at a yes says entirely: they have them, they get the ball and they just sit on it and they think it's something to rest on, and I bet realize, like the level of okay. This is the difference. Tween ass ye. I will accept
my son wants to be on a team of his friends. He can wear Lakers uniform. You probably contacted the commissioner of the local leg. I think you probably threatened him with some of you and your friends came from Somerville came by and threatened him yet with the leg of a chair and how these rigour celtics uniform. I think I think my glauber he wakes up to thirty, Yeah sure is our ears. He d debt does as well got retainers eggs, and then he just threatens the commissioner, whatever the owls Emily easily resting. What's in there, it's in the itinerary, almost joust with those people they get up. Like Bob Eiger, though a city got up at four, it's stupid because of a foreign does the treadmill how you do that I love sleeping guide. Celso mistake, it's gonna, be let's just see how long they live? Now I swear to God. There are it. Sleep is more important I swear to, God is legally more six and when people tell me that day I get three hour,
asleep sleep and then I get up, and I have a way protein shake and I run sixty five miles and then I poor lava up my ass. I just think ok enjoy that Marla. Our time here on this earth is very short and your fucking it up might be shorter than you think exactly common. Yes, it was a pleasure as an artist I ran and keep it for seven hours. This is right around the time raising around eighty. Eighty minutes this has come back. You should just needs a minutes. I have accepted here. There should be a chevalier lie in a bar. Can I just wrong eighty minutes, I just didn't want any made strong with hope. Cardinal Brian ok. Well, you re here thing air, it s a Federalist near Pakistan. You- and you know I congrats on this one I swear to God. They they they told me. They Ed dad is literally like two podcast. You should do if you,
get the word out on your podcast as you're one of them, and I was happy cuz. I've listened to your as I was like, oh yeah. I love to talk to him. We can- will our around compliments compliment see, I said, be remiss if I said, are the people impact on had a big impact than allow Alaska, especially yeah. You know the show, though embassy show from the early day I pre internet, yeah Muncie, and I came in a kind of screw things up and alighted from waiter. It that's sweet spot, a leg. Eighty nine to swear I'm here, the stuff that was impact for really was really Iceland. I it's it's a nice, I'm very and then it just kept going. I'm very grateful. I am there
my world time. My word is, I'm glad of- and I say this to say this all the time to people that got in and around the time I did I'm like. While we just hide the fact that I got to make comedy with so many amazing people, dumb luck, you know- and just I'm really blast the nice thing. What smuggles next act He is his on. Stop boys an unstoppable force, where I is one of my favorite email people, yeah arising gay or semi Jesse's, random, crazy, obey mouser. Here You know Robert his next. In a first of he's, he just contacted me. I've been tour ring, so we're not doing, shows right now we're going back in January and he said: do you think I have a good idea for try if you guys are on the air and as it will, you now see if, like someone else wants to do it in out, just
and so he he went and did it did last week to ever Colbert and it was really funny eyes. Thinking. Yeah Robert is the most prolific calmly, writer, I've ever known and unknown them all net. He has he's an endless fountain of ideas. He'll have five ideas at one time now, and so his burden is just figuring out, usually which idea to follow that has not most people When comedies problem, most people tyrannical one good idea is used to get like yeah. I've got to get these nine ideas and he'll right. Maybe really long emails describing each one in detail, and, unlike I liked the first there that one tap at listen to this. That one to do one of those two thirds do one of those three waiters, eight more yeah. Yeah. He was all this a good last question what sketch
it s an hour we, the most jealous of that somebody else came up with wow. That's a really good, man man, it would for probably be Jack, handy sketch just because his mouth I was so different, yeah and I'd think. How did you think of that and I dont know that it's one sketch the jack in Iraq as he wrote so many, but he would just thing an idea like Johnny ACID, which was you know, you sort of making fun of in the fifties and sixtys on tv cowboys had special skills. There was the rifle man, it was really good weather rifle you know and then there's a guy was really good with the whip. The guy was really good with a knife and there was a guy who was really, and so he came up with joy,
acid and he carried vials of, has in his throat ass for hop and it just everyone everyone in the saloon we'd be like salami I give everyone. I think you should be moving on and giants. Would throw ass it at amend. The guy would scream as his face burned and everyone there'll be like who bear bombed, and there was a song about Johnny ass- it I thought she'd. I wish I had thought it had so probably Jack that was there is a lot of songs with the sketches back. Then yeah would allow quick staff marijuana israeli, had two, we Roddy Edge for Tom Hanks, called MR short term memorabilia, and remembered raw saying well laid aside, for it so we wrote you know it was me to short term memory. He shouldn't have sat under that pear tree and now he has no memory, he'll never know, but he let you love him, so he is he's, MR short term memory. You know why why
everything need a song, but we just powers. I dare to its time from a reactor adjured here, yeah yeah. That was eight this five years where there were there was, but it was always good. There's the games. Are we aiming at our schedule? Look again, that's a wonderful thing about that. Had the wonderful thing about being a fan of something. Is that your mind as its own editing, what people mentioned. Most EU citizens are saying left must be, Simpsons ran it senses. Ass simpsons is just when I tour there's a religion and its worldwide and they know oh the episodes, that's why I didn't want to bring it out and they know- and they know stuff that I dont know because guess what I stop writing there. Twenty five years ago. Nearly therefore like two three years, their yellow over two seasons and again was there at a nice sweet time. I was able to his famous season, yeah you're there I loved it, but I dont people, ask me trivia, my I don't know you
talking about. I'm rediscovering the Simpsons through my son. My son loves the Simpsons he's watching all of em and I'm watching them with em. That's our thing they dont get to watch. Did you get to do the hall? I rode on this one. It's some kind of cool. It's the first time I've seen him show a glimmer of respective a young man s that all by large one of my episode they was homer, goes to college and ease. It said it came up written by current o Brien any happened to see that he disliked looked over me like you, the old man I get to see a little moment of him thinking. My dad made have been worth something once her faith then it was immediately wait a minute later. He ceremony My son was impressed when we re in Orlando on August and triple h came up to me with the big hand, chow, ok and he is like, ah they as a guy. That's the only time. I guess Pressure later I found out you gay aaa
Can I get it was even shrivel. Eighty eight was a toy with. It was three people who were accustomed to play triple age at parties good luck with everything they shake your hand, even though no one seeing it, we just shook hands. Thank you. Those awesome. I take care. I think so much the Conan thanks to Zip code. I slash be ass tat. One of my favorite, or else they are presenting sponsor you want to learn more about them. Go to that. You are out thanks to Fan Door We're gonna win mighty this weekend. It's happening. I have the best friend single entry line up superfluous sign up that I've ever put out a real,
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the text son, the odds of us coming up with apparent corner during that survivor, series of off the Board of Vegas for the weekend one way.
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