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CP3’s Future, the Next Big NBA Trade, Netflix’s Swoon, and the Stream Adultery Epidemic With Kevin O’Connor, Amanda Dobbins, and Chris Ryan | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Kevin O’Connor to discuss Chris Paul’s future in Oklahoma City, NBA summer league takeaways, Kawhi’s two-year deal, and more (1:55). Then Bill sits down with Chris Ryan and Amanda Dobbins to discuss Netflix’s regression, the looming streaming war, summer TV, and more (58:25).

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many Dobbins and Europeans being crimes who wrote a great story this week about Baker. Mayfield fur is been the magazine pillar, there can be there right after that shines. What's gonna happen has again play out Who the hell knows where in and talk about that show much later come up with Amanda, Dobbins and Chris Round First Kevin Oconnors Manta Gambier. Then we're gonna talk with them. Prison, Amanda about networks and streaming and subscriptions and where everything is going in there. The timeline, we're gonna talk about favorite summer tv as bigger lies, euphoria, whole bunch, a mom and also the concept of Netflix cheating, so be ready. Fraud at first, our friends report
I covered oconnor save for the ringer, how many days in Vegas forty five years. They all day when the collect trade. We are that someone down you were there. I was leaving the building as it was happening to go back to my hotel to record something about Zine Williamson, so that in my hotel room as the trade happen leaving the arena as the earthquake happened when Mark threshold the NBA was. I can't stop red. Why? Why? Because an earthquake, so I stopped the lasting rumbles from and went back on. My way to record Zion Thing
the collide trade rules, let's carrying the building their wake. I wasn't in the building now none of that for people there we have a saying, like they thought the score barbarism cloudy on us that all downy. Yet here at the ringer, he had record this great video like the loudspeaker shaking jumbotron little moving, the sounds like it was scary. Anything could have fallen, unbelievable then I don't even remember between the earthquake and then other quite by George Outfit overshadow disappointing desired. They was where people nine Minute S, silence I inside and then he just got. We want to talk about a bunch of stuff. We have some Mitchell, I agenda staff to get through and then basically eight hundred and fifty p dot m is going to quiet down. I know you're writing something for Monday, but Chris Paul staying. It looks like those seem like he's fine, he did a nice job of spinning, it Oh yeah, you know everybody's roster said it so hard to trade, guys we're gonna.
Actually he's warming up to a k c, where you can keep a mere my and tell us that they had no place to jail. I would say: that's accurate that note nobody available partially. For that reason, though, that block rosters locked in, I think thirty, five or forty percent of the League Campi trading until December fifth Minnesota, could it and set the negative than something. But I've heard I was my question. I am innocent before Westbrook was traded, I'd sword or tried to find out if they were a team. That would make sense for Westbrook in because girls and roses than general manager of the same rules had said publicly. Like I'm gonna be massive? We need to maximize Carl Anthony Townsend's window so like home, maybe they're a team after missing out a Russell should go for westward. I was told know that they are not is about you know four Westbrook Upper West, where they were not interested in Westbrook as an older player. So perhaps we may also be interested, and Chris Paul, that's insane if there were Nishtun whispered is how
getting free agents, I think they wanted a younger guy. That's that helps them befits the timeline, which is why Russell was perfect. What time I d zack- and I talked about this and there in the pad I felt there on the clock now, a town I know he's got five years I've, but if we learned in the summer, is, is that every team is on the clock twenty four hours a day now you can't ever feel safe about having our own. Thank you don't have to trade towns, even if you like, I want out you dont, have to trade on Charlie that that that discontent, that angrily can be manifest and put the rest of the team, of course, but by I think for Minnesota. If you trade for Chris Paul, it's a type of thing where you need a lot back and I think for global city, that's been the topic of conversation now words like they be giving up a pic to Miami to get a deal done. If I'm ok, see. I'm looking at crystals production is past season and you're like yeah. He got a little bit worse. Is that one finishing is worse. He can't still can't stay healthy, there's his first step isn't quite what it was before, but with James hard enough
for he was still given in other keys, the run the off ass. He still averaged around twenty two points. Twelve assists per thirty six minutes, so he still produced at a high level when he was really empowered as the play maker. So with Paul. So often we focus on what he's lost as a player and the age of salary instead of what he said listen what he can contribute to a containing teams offer ok see. I think it makes sense to wait, because if he comes back with ok see this year they're playing well with their core with Gallantry Gale, two thousand Stephen Atoms, if you're Miami or another team you're like oh, we can add this guy and may be incurred Sarge shaping of odds and this wide openly. The sheer so, I think, makes sense for ok see the way you know. I agree with you, because I made the same case that I guess the counter would be. If you want as to play you s, I've shrewder there whose still got two years I've done. Is there
and there's a shrewd or be effects are well there's a there's, a chance, there's an unhappy via the where Chris Paul that totally big as anyone be there in the first place as jeers that playing enough, which is the only guy you really care about, probably in the you think you're, so they kept Ferguson, maybe listen puts the daily surely care about and then team, as I met there three years from the robes of their big pile of assets, there if that middle school players right now that anger about any day answer so in Ferguson, Sir he's he's got them having says solid ground. I think they should keep in mind that that always made sense ass. I think they might be better than maybe people think as taking active. Forty three wins potentially of Christmas. Another stay out there and I'm with you on the whole could Chris have one good year that so the counter that more than one to the other side looked up. You know you love the basque more reference plan back. There were, of course, it's pretty good.
That's what I learned that what what what what it really good wives, really razor. Thank thank you. Do our best. Where I looked up, the old saying is small guys, don't age, Let you go like six one and under the history just isn't there. I've said that on a pot a bunch of times- and I was going to look this up- how many guys, thirty five years and older Four were six one and under were actually really get mba players or even good or decent. So I put in the the planned acts, the seams conceivable right, eleven points, a game. Five assists assist game, twenty five minutes again, so there's a low bar, where this is the lowest had come up where thirty five years in all there six point, one and under whose, whose even hit that gonna be like it's two guys ever always has ever. Did they multiple
reasons it's John stacked. Lenny welcomes. So I was gonna fish stocks and, of course, the knife and your lenny work of only two guy, many wilkins at age. Thirty, five played thirty nine point: six men the game, an average of twenty eight on the air, twenty eight on the and the calves, but I think he was also coaching them interests, but lotta minutes the league was also that point- the ABA was really in there. There is fear. I was a real talent. Glad I think fur are for the leaks has probably reserved in the did, able enables enable them anyway, do now and then he did at the next year too, he played thirty three point: six minutes. Sixteen in seven so then stacked in really the last five years his career when they were keep? It has minutes between twenty eight thirty one mats and he was still able to get like twelve in eight. That's it yeah. That's are entirely so I wonder I think Houston looks at stuff like this. I think they look at historic,
calm. I think they try to figure out how many miles somebody has left, but then also factory in two thousand eighteen. The advantages are that stuff. I think they just looked at it and said Chris Pallaby making history by being a good prayer, for this has not happened in forty five years. We have them. But this contract this year they had no other options to get somebody back and help them continue to contend other than Westbrook. But I was shocked by that by those number that that is surprising voice. You guys, I would expect that, like one roll player- and there are even Andre Miller- hit that threshold- someone like that, but in return for use For them. It makes sense westwards a better player, despite all its flaws. He provides that team with a higher ceiling for decades, sour could get worse, but for them with her in Poland in how much those guys like each other. They made a lot of sense for them and vote, if it's like we're Gallinari and it's for they have they're going to be competitive, like you said, and I think that's going to provide Cp3 some type of platform to show what he still has cuz right. Now, our focus so much on what
I asked what he doesn't have and what he might lose in the coming years, instead of voting today in what he can provide to a team like like Miami there, arguably the best backward in the east with Butler and Paul, you could even look at a team lucky and think what if they decide to flip Eric Bledsoe George Hill, an earthen alias over in a package with maybe a pic for Chris Paul. What is that their sailing given Chrysochlora each other, but do you like him more than Chris fall they? So I don't know I just extended. This searched his six foot to date, only nineteen, seventy four Jerry West was early edition. This is not good, it's all good but also a crystal Paul is one of those all time very point guards were so he could easily be one of the guys join that list yeah
get a better numbers than some of those guys are only because of the nature of the games. Today, his that's did go down. Last year I mean I remember, looking at the stuff allow when, whereas in my book and even after, like writing, coms and stuff, there is a point of no return, sometimes statistically, where there's a decline that you can actually see with feel go percentage. Played PR late. There's all these factors. I remember whenever the first time really remember writing about. It was with Jermaine O Neill member when he was like it was probably one of the best nine or ten players in the league at some point when he's on the pacers and then he got traded to I know, and then I think you know- or maybe my Amy first in Toronto, but teams kept taking chances on him but he's stats. It did passed the point. Where was realistic for him to be a twenty tango, and I remember looking up- that's the advantage is being like. Can you pass the point of no return as a productive guy? So I guess we're in a final with Chris Paul, because this that's, where we lower than they had been in tenure, that's where we
last season with Carmelo Anthony inside our those Carmelo is another own. Have anything left to give in and I'm a writer. I talk to an executive last summer before those guys these teams, and, as I do I am like, maybe on a low salary, those guys can still offer something, as are all player. They don't Carmelo Anthony won't accept his role as a world player. You ll, not maximize, has other tools. He still like Chauncey Bill of said cares too much about scoring thirty points, and otherwise our doesn't have any more but he's like Chris Paul that even close to that, though, that that's that's what I'm here for he's not close to that in less there's, something was smaller players where, if you lose a half step or two thirds of the state He can stop. It is physically you'd, it's all know how this by this and on the ruling out, I'm just saying he'd, be you know this has not happened since John sacked and where we have seen a guy be able to navigate this. So I mentioned the bucks, If, if you put crestfallen Milwaukee in the postseason was last year that makes them a better team over over Taylor.
What's so this year, when the leaves a little but even more wide open your parents, Ghana sensitive compared with still one of the best actors in a league to me that something that makes sense from law he's over. Ok see it's like. Ok, maybe maybe some in Milwaukee is like we can add a guy, and Chris Paul made me. Maybe even a team like Phoenix is like. Ok, let's get desperate and let's, let's try to maximize the Andrea and getting are we need a guy for Devon Booker. I don't live exiting Minnesota, though I keep In the case for them, it's like this aid actually seems perfect to first tidier. Somebody who could make Tanzania it's better. It's that it's not really, along with you mention Carmelo, so he's a good example right his he was really good. Those to next year's you know I think Carmelo gets a bad rapid and welfare, I think he was better than people drive eleven twelve season, twelve thirteen years he had two seasons and around thirteen and fourteen combined
basically, twenty eight again, seven, every bands. Forty five cent feel go thirty, nine percent from three taken six, a game is getting the lance and point three, but that's a really really good offensive player. That's like ninety percent of the ranch season and then it started to tell off- and he had that last year, at the Knicks and one thousand, seven hundred and twenty two a game now he's down to forty three percent field goal now is down to thirty six percent three point get in line four point nine times and set a seven and it's like the seeds are there and then I'll send a crater yeah the next two years. So I do wonder I I. I guess the thing that surprised me, the most as I keep thinking about is that there are traded for Chris Paul in the first place when there's some pretty. Obvious stuff, where you're looking at the miles on somebody, injury, history, the fact that he's never better
raising shape that he said. I think I can win the title this year. If I do this trade all in and they almost dead, but he had used the day of reckoning was coming here, of course, and it is coming for Chris Paul, some guy think like you can't look at the raw numbers. Would then you need to look at the circumstances in the content angry with Chris Paul, I mentioned the per authorities, numbers earlier. He average like twelve in Antwerp, twenty two and twelve. Thirty six, without hard on the floor with hard, and it was like fourteen and six he was dead. The ball in his hands to produce in a way that you expect him to as our nets. But that's a key for somebody like him, where he said, the boss ensues age, five enacts extend over there, of course, and that fine easier,
from forgets to mismatch with you and Chris Vernon have. If we took the MIKE away from him. Have you wouldn't know at a kind of pic is therefore a mere mere Bernard developed, pretty good coverage and about another matter than harder and Chris fall by letting thereby toy nobody's nobody's friend to the mandatory, but with Chris Paul there like there's still from their so for ok, see, I think, beyond. Some of those teams Milwaukee Miami Phoenix I mentioned, team. While I'm looking through, you can eliminate virtually twenty five teams. Could most things don't eat a pointer fantasy, but one team doesn't need a point guard, but makes a little but a sense. What will San Antonio pop much near the end of his career alike, at package like a Patty mills with Bela Alley tomorrow, carols Exe, through your deal and I think one of peace and a trade and then suddenly you have a big free,
of the Rosen Paul all judge and like that's not like the most appealing corps. Five three said no add shyest, Paul Young and everybody orders. So about four point: four billion pavlovitch, having still one of the better way, making boy herds in a league quite intriguing I'm not saying I would do it. If I'm San Antonio, I wouldn't, I would stick with his younger core growing, over time. But if you are able to add a Chris Paul, tobacco Maybe you can maximize the end of grid profit, which is run Does it fan? They basically say: hey PAL Nels, it's gay. They expire for now and will throw in Murray the restricted I wanted to know. I wouldn't do that. I would not thrown out you know young guys, I'm here, I'm using gay. That's it! Maybe like a second round saga like mills, Carol, bellowed only taking need to putting air like something like that with a pic I'm not giving up
Dante, Marianna, given of any other the rights to be turned out. My Marcus Morris again ashore, she gonna take it take it. Take it. Ok, see but point being is: can we agree that it would be more fight of Minnesota Trade Farm, get I'm just more interested in that team. At that point now Romania Teague in Dang, who expires a year from now for Chris Biologists. What are we waiting for elections comments, but I don't think, there's a chance, airplane low poker. He entered the ending their document. Data could be that could be a possibility you're right now. They may not want to, and at some point they change their mind. Maybe towns is little disappointed. Midseason affair, a ten seed, eleven seed, something like that and then you, like damn gotta trade for Chris Paul tomato lies. The sky is gripped by the way like to make Chris Paul is like a better fit on paper would towns and Russell Weisberger. I think Westboro agree Somebody who I would have loved towns for western,
one and of love the westward for towns. I think Chris Paul somebody who can enhance Carl Anthony towns, undoubtedly because it is awful ability you can still go to the post with Carl Anthony Towns and Chris Paul can play off ball right buddy, Minnesota does not make much sense to me as those other teams that have mentioned not Phoenix. I would not trade for Chris Paul. I was sure he makes sense for Miami why why doesn't mean? Where are they going? They gonna win the title. Why am I taking on three More than a hundred and you're gonna die of Chris by your given of other crappy salaries. But if I'm ok, seawater, I wanna take back crappy sailors. I'd rather have Chris Paul in that thing is, if maybe they aspire earlier d, do it, but right now they be giving up a paper in order to do it. I would not trade Chris Paul now, I think of your ok. So you need to take this into the season and out see how your team performs. Maybe you decide to write it out of the four year. Maybe this team click send suddenly like all of Attica by a kind of like maybe situation right now, not just for
where their roster is in the options they have caused. So they have dragged at nineteen million as an expiry. They have a linear coups. Twelve point, six, a share in thirteen point next year, I kind of like a Linux. I think he's not like it to me, like a dead salary cap number he's somebody that could be an eighth or ninth man on a good team. You know and they have Winslow if they want to try to get a superstar, but If I Miami, I would rather wait until December, keep the dragon contract. Now in in a way to see what happens in a league and who becomes unhappy and broadly bail pops up some like that. Could what have been Simmonds popped up in a year and makes them for it for all these seems away. Its Ethan
the aim is best and yes, the way it's in Oklahoma City is best interest await Milwaukee, like they can't trade for him. Now that it makes sense for washed away too. I think, because if they're gonna, you know, as your house always says, my pack has taken insurance pays for eighty percent awhile if they can just make sure Beale doesn't, been out before February at least, can awaited out before you decide you're gonna voice and we wrote programmable during the next guy he's a nice guy. It's a bunch of teams are gonna target, and maybe that happens by the trade deadline could one seems to be the bus and sell things with one given up I'd be now would be jail and round. Does the German and the grizzlies pact would be the two headliners now
willing to to risk that the Bradley build Stick around with my dad. My daddy's watch in the british Open, but this morning and just devastated by worry, was really upset that, were I just completely tanks in his home town, but my dad's like it on the south extent, I think a lot of south expensive you sick this seems like a fund group of guys, two and four. I can't I want to see it and I want to press conference and of cancer drug into locally and number eleven, yet will so is weird, so Campbell Picks, number eight, which was aunt ones number per year, a sick and we're going you things, Walker it almost I can but should be on the back of the jury is that now Walker, finer and then cancer takes carries Cheers II, which is kind of, like the haunted House, Jersey, I would really are there but more than a burned it thou retired at every turn, our right of internal, whose one eleven
FR. There has been a lot of eleven, I think say, evincing way back in the data. You three is it's: it's been kind of a jinx number interweaving. Do you think all the Cairo stores of common area course laugh. Why sores ever come out? Who writes that peace? You think? and does that peace everyday read. Nor is there are the subjects they want to see my Good guy, I think he's gonna faith. I was gonna fadeaway, my feeling is they're keeping their heads high and this I think so little bet it's what about Westbrook? Okay, so
When is the island? Is the same prestige, Pravda Machine Gettin, ready have always prefer with as well fitted suits and is perfect air right. I don't think that's gonna happen to you over these two Westbrook peace today offer every damn airport does amount of Monday. I I've heard ok, he was very unhappy about power. Everything unfolded it, maybe they're just putting it putting up that front when their actual ecstatic about everything that they got in return that I've you, but I think, from a human level, you're probably disappointed this guide. You spent his entire decade, where you ve been through so many highs and lows and he's getting recruited away by a free agents by a biogas. Better and James hardened, and then you have Paul George, getting recruited by co bilateral programmes, happy about that on a human level than from a business standpoint, small marker team, you're not either but further from your own perspective now fifteen for a strong draft ex over the next seven years is pretty damn good did was say: Gilda sounds Andor, any amount of flexibility you have with the guys you currently have. They are
one of the of your choice, in teams that you want to start a franchise, although cases up there right now, suddenly I would add new Orleans fires, but then Zion that the key was drinking with nephew, Kylam It said five in the morning and I do not hold sire what're you doing, I have a final fat for the seas. It please. I don't bother him from a Duke aim. However, sheer Wowzer frost are weakened in Bulgaria, he's wearing like his tanker where after the game and is looking thick but not tubby? He looked at me with a gentleman of its fine. It's good learning experience for this. That sharp unchecked I'm in a word for look Dodge last year, where he was probably outside ten pounds Dewey. But at some point out these guys had, though I Balzac and I talked about when we're gonna have that moment with Embiid. I think. Second, I attacked about somebody was either house. Back that Mama than bid when he put see Instagram picture up. Any just looks like an idiot
everybody goes holy. Shit. Do you think will ever have that yeah? I do when I did it was our photo posted recently above happened. I am that area without one you're. Looking for more, I want the yacht ass in the nautilus regime by set further about the mark, how false picture member pre draft the big muffle photo over that want to come up with a photoshopped heard of it. They show that the General S image oh, what are what he's got out with him? Don't champion at your him? Oh my god. We're gonna them. Asean salvageable by I haven't heard anything specific, would mark a false. Just what we what's what's been said publicly, but it seems like the same old same older. Thus from his time and fully only ways away. You know not ready at work and hard, though it isn't noteworthy what a bummer Caron Butler who shares and agents with a folds did say on this matter I've abolish air. His eye. Marco fault is ready, he's a hundred percent healthy
He'll be starting from a magic he's, the only guy who said something like that, the measure and agent bisher agent, but book but follow was off the only guy who had the accurate injury. Diagnosis, part anybody else, so Minister Sunrise even mind these two, like twenty one, his young worth a gamble, Orlando and then you know, if pee stinks it, the Sheraton decline is option Oregon, but for one year expiring contract them coming here, so that would be the twenty twenty twenty one season. To your trial, what form a number one pig, why not? I Michael Look I'll even without a juncture, can still become a guy who, if, if he embarked
is like the Shine Livingston Mould and just grinds on defence and becomes a guy who maximizes play making. He can be a productive player, but he needs are embraced that if he doesn't have the jump shot, he doesn't need to be the guy that we expect it to be some type of James Hardened s player. He can be a productive player, anxious about embracing than changing his mindset. Accepting that I'm not sure if that will happen. I hope he doesn't have to do that, but there is a strong possibility. That's that's! What's gonna have to combine two, I remember the obviously the Sultan I pick in their draft really likes watching a lot of Youtube stuff on all those guys in one of these I jumped out with him was like how silky his office of Game was its eye card for meat even fathom two years later, that were worried about his jump shut. It looking didn't seem like a Ben Simmons type of situation. It was the opposite. It was a man, that's a flutter! Each option,
yeah, I mean it was a little unorthodox, but it just looked at work. Is it just looks smooth and like he could make a million of them? You know with false The thing were, you fell coffin, hell at least be an above average shooter. You needn't worry about anything like this ever happening, but the variable that you never could have predicted now this injury or whatever you want to call it whatever the issue is, you couldn't have predicted this Emerson. Foundation there for their for him to have success, which is why sense for Lando right I mean look. Look at the rest that roster it's a young team. I made sense for five or six times at that Charlotte, any any team. That's but why not? I'm a bit surprised a word. More teams away from a we ve heard TAT were in on false because of that is that everyone is bet they're coming up after this break cares he's a fishing any other by mobile credit, hey. Doesn't it feel like most foam plans, just won't made with us a mind between bag coverage, paint much for data you won't actually use
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giving up I'm about people who are giving up on giving overview not giving us I'll year. Viral is allowed that giving an active and I've. Now, though, I will say the situations bad for him. It's a bad situation, framed with nickel of routes, which gets the money that he did with with Jonathan Isaac, and they had only been violated, gathered here. Erin Gordon, all these big eyes always forwards and begs it's not a good situation from our first development is theirs Celtics possibility with them they ve always like mobile, and now they love em they're like a big eyes short. They have. Some stuff from friends. I don't have no idea what his trade value is cuz. He did not look good last season, but he's a Ricky he's, probably one of those like when I go to untradeable guys where there is no bad very bad. Actually I mean he's he's these might be but how do you value guy that has not perform yet at the end Evelyn also barely played. Suddenly he paid what twelve minutes the sheer What are you waiting? I sat on the whole thing about operating draft picks and
This new era, now of teams just wanted are now everybody's re to pay a hundred sense and our or do you think this is just a fluke with the last couple traits I mean to me like draft pics of always been some have considered as ammo there there ammo to get the next star we seen that manifest in multiple ways we seen Teamsters rock up draft picks to get the next Guy Boston me one of those teams. Sometimes it works for them. Sometimes it doesn't, and if you keep those texts right, you can get great young players that still remain either. Keepers are assets that you can use to get that star play. I think we ve seen draughts of devalued in the sense that players or be there are guarantee. The ten year die for you. There no guarantee to be a fifteen year. Guy shirt at this point so with free agents,
They were high costs, low risk, there's there's a high amount of certainty and what they can ride you as a player, whereas for draft picks this low costs higher risk. You dont know what they're going to turn out to be by the time their productive. It could be their second near second contract, whether more expensive anyway. So in that sense Well then, on top of it, you have to overpay, or else they're, going to explore the market or rapist up again you're in a situation where near paying Jamal married Ben Simmons hundred seventy billion over five years. At the end, you you don't even united and positive best born a team and on top of it, the unhappy in a year and for sure all that stuff and we may see he's coming summer, would burn it Ingram depending on what's out there in the market for him, and will you not quite sure what he is, but he's gonna be paying for what you hope. He is so, with a guy. I think Jay wants another one. That jail is a really interesting contract. Extended thing, and if I'm him somewhere. You got a hundred. Seventy million I'd be looked at
Boston and been that these one twenty year, Amy looking like I just haven't. I had the opportunity to do which more Murray has dawned. Yeah he's worth that. My almost made the fight us Jabez married in almost made on seven be a game sat in one one game away when quarter away really sulphur for those player for those assets, I do think they ve decline in the sense that there's more appeal and getting back, I can help. You immediately might be higher cost. He might be older. He might be somebody that, like this have quite as many years left, but guess what draft texts have become something where you don't have the guarantee of those ten years anymore. It could be six years. Many years yet and that's it it, but only of those seven years how many of them are gonna. Have you in that real play off contention, championship contention level, three, something like that: so then we get armor. He was year three. He was the second best plan, the team in Canada, I did their fair game to game and couldn't really do it for an entire two weeks areas, and that was probably the biggest recently last draft pixel.
Atta, though they alive matter. They aren't there in that's what they are they are. They are tokens too used to trade for a guy who becomes However, I do wonder if the South Ex trade that they made for carry, which was to some ago call you look around Pedro. They gave up the broken pick them. They gave up visage. Crowded Isaiah that really it you now and then- and I think now, a days. That's three first from pigs, I think that's a base in their change and we thought maybe the south gave up too much for carry their getting to guaranteed years when he was, you know a top ten to fifteen guy both of those years forget about the awkward stuff, but I don't think, that's a conceivable trade anywhere, because ethnic everybody's kind of looking at it the same way as the thirty team league. There's twenty guys a matter and if I go on those twenty guys, aren't you prices. I think I think it's all dangerous to look at what happened this year. That one thing
it's gonna set the bar for achieving a flute so I mean like lepers thing- was a fluke as they are also getting collapse, because they're all forgetting Hawaiian than ever. They Anthony Davis, he's one of the best big men of the decade of the century and he's only twenty six years old, I think we may have a date with he's an isolated case where he is a superstar level player with hot, a hollow pain, tat all of the impasse in the future. For him, How do you explain the west portrayed? Then one westbrook I'd think again sort of leverage standpoint there where he is, top twenty guy. I think the way you said it on when he replies recently was he's a top twenty guy trade for the forty fifth best players on like that. It's the price. You pay, no dumping, crispest conscious offshore, either way it forgets. Eventually, Chris Paul you betcha malarkey, now maybe their chance room that would set up probably the most depressing basketball scenarios Lebrun left click one and they have to have their first home, get that actually are not allowing a final guy young under the joint draft there, which was the previous both depressing
living in twenty one God and then too days later, Chris Paul is decided exercises per after forty. Seven million are remembered to pass the buck spans, like all my dad, This is like another sliding doors thing. Is you have to say that the other side of it is Chris Paul wins to stray championships alongside the artisan Anthony Cooper? on a three ups long term Chris Paul eventually fades into the sunset retire, Is it maybe faith in for the snowy lands of malarkey? You know is ready for that trade sniff arm stay farm. Forgetting Chris, can you tat he had ass? Does he doesn't care about state farms in some areas. Other I liked what I liked what you said about how he did not want to be called the Mvp anywhere.
These studies gets over the fact that over I'm worried about next year, because the crazy thing about it out, youngsters and BP season is, I don't feel, like he's, he's probably scratch Eighty percent of the surface of the plenary that innovation sixty percent yeah well said, which is what do you think I would say, like seventy five, eighty bizarre much value the jump shot, I think sixty percent is accurate. If you heavily value the three points, I think ass radically so I think a good parallel will be ever get a lot better too by the way, but that is something that he showed potential pre draft, her professional early in his career running point, but the passing can still reach a higher level with some of those more difficult passes, cross court, cookouts and stuff. Like that that that's an area for him to improving beyond the jump, Sharp Scylla, Bron PETE, I would say three times
The first time was: oh nine, when one is first to the back to back him, the peace in cleveland- and he was incredible, that's his and he was incredible in person. I remember it in a calm about em in oh nine Khazar that he'd come in niches, kill the clippers and it was like. Oh my god, you're Leubronn has arrived Janius. I think kid that hit that version of himself this year with some of this stuff. He was doing this budget and the regular seizing the next step for him would be the two thousand thirteen. The broad when the after they won the first title him in the regular season there. Next Jerry, just kind of went up member? We were wondering if you could shoot sixty percent in the seas and all that stuff, so I think we got us is still kind of in that first peak the jump shot. I think, we'll take a couple years.
If anything, I would like to see him really just become lights out in low posed back to the basket stuff. The jumper, I think, he's gonna, tell I just don't think see him being when next year, so how coffin argue that he has won at some point or another life. I have one. I mean like a thirty six, thirty, seven percent from three on catch and shoot thirty, one. Thirty, two percent on highlighting the resources our conflict has, I think, he's one of those guys That will be in the gym everyday until he gets to that point and will just keep doing it doing it doing it doing it until he gets a guy. I think, with the auditors one or two improve like you need to have the willingness to do and that's where he has more, maybe more than anybody in the leads that will to get better. I think also has the coachman staff there that has a history of player development, some of the hawks guys brought buttonholes are brought over, so I think for him. He has the people and he has the will to do it. But to me I look about free, throw percentage which is quite low still, and I do question that is more of a historically strong protector,
each of the reports could place and that's where I am a little too hesitant and feeling Super Kaufman has development of his jumpstart. But if, is where he is now, and that's it that's fine! That's only if it one friggin envy PETE. What do you know whether below average juncture? That's why, like the development, post game. As you said, beating switching who I figured it out that thou be his best case scenario, provides an incentive everybody for Kleiber. He is what he is the most extreme outlier case to somebody who had like an average dumb shot and became a great John. I guess I was thinking of it more from I think it's just harder to have a good jumped shot when your hands are gigantic. I think there's been some studies are pushed against that What are the studies I mean? I don't have rather in front of me, but there there's something giant hands who had a good jumped ship Kevin Arouse, begins
does he added? I don't believe so. I don't have a definite Burke of earthly signatory were if this is on a website. Somewheres yeah. Are we to care seek, as he reads, is replace here either yeah? I would love to know like the definitive study of this case. I remember who's. The guy, oh doctor, J said Doktor James had like a kind of and if he jumped shouted with, though, if you go back and watch the late seventies early eighties teams are five feet off him in the fourth quarter,
I shook hands with him once because I think he did my pack ass yet in my arms to call my whole arm just sunk into his hand. His hand was like it went all the way up to like midway up by four, and I have just had a fact that discuss shoot a basketball about bovine physical jumped up does Athos Shooter Bovine pay. Does he case? Should these are good Ridder, ensure great free throughout Europe at Bristol Pass judgement as good want better, so people at the hands, as is that they're giving taco could be Bobo now because it doesn't have a job or he's a horrible through a free, thrashers little mathematic, though he is, but he's also I'd like to watch them alone. When the thing I forty percent free, throw shooter. So there's the hat hack, a taco thing that you can.
I gotta go. You gotta believe we can do that. When he's on the floor with bovine, you can't do that can make the case for sure as a fifteenth manner, something jerseys it. Here's here's the case for a minute that show I had my son and at another look at my house on Saturday and Sunday resign about them, as I guess, taco playing an award for ten minutes of workers lose out there. I think he would be the best called hero, the South ex I've ever had off the bench, I mean I was to the previous guy was probably Terry Duerod quit when I was a kid dad. This guy is from Detroit. He was just as he check garbage time guy and by third, in the crowd with sir don't do do like pressure should be read, come in English. I regret that I think taco anytime twenty the crowd Channing for him. I think he goes every com service school hospital. All that of TAT. Deeds like a fuckin magnet, like
do not have that guy and your team, the fitting guy. Who cares the fifteenth man? why not. I think he is right that the new victory cigar he's the new GINO maybe rhetoric, is there might be a moment where some somebody's drive into the basket over and over again, like we're impresario and say that I regret that it actually works. I think he deserves a shot can move a little there for their teacher met, issued three snuff company every touch, no for years that you see, I feed not get better infrastructure sites. Don't see that in the cards for him, would you rather have taco arm Obama Your friends, you now its final form Obama site. If they ve known as an ideal, I've been Simmons Instagram says talk, offers the best plan can be made. Anything I buy for myself in sense, favorite athletes taco followed Bartle the color. I carefully Vartos Council actually critical. If you know, how is a hundred men wait, I two more questions very and then we have to go.
So why would collapse sign only a two year. Do the coopers? I still can't figure this salary cap enthusiast for the Albert number. Oh yeah, he said he had some traction here is one of the big winners of the seventies. I hear a lot of losers this summer and twitter, but here's what are the winners in winter? He treated this earlier this month he said client or two plus one contracts with the suppers preserves its ability to opt out at the tenure veteran after two years in sign of thirty five percent Maxie on twenty twenty one, however decorated anybody that yet, but within it yes. However, he don't have an early bird rights without delay at that point, so it only project to be five years, a hundred ninety six million or for years, a hundred thirty eight million when it with any other team. So I think it would have to do that. You would have to opt into that third year to get to the full by our guide us with the clippers. So it gives us kids and that amount of flexibility at that point. If he wants to bounce in two years
he can t leave or we can opt in and then sign of long term they'll afterward, I would have loved to have been in the room with Burma and Jerry West and more frank and others guys when cold. As agents on the phone it or uncle as far as they are we ready what's going on is a so the contract worth it in two years and allow for our options and there like what we just six first round bags. She jobs, Alexander and gown area like what the fuck you talk of a cobra Clive can't play about unbelievably well, they were assassins it's dead ass. They did the Lakers by the way that was. Represent intentional when they saw the Lakers alone. I was five percent ethical. Familiar formerly who told me Somebody within the coffers organization told them. So this is a clear separation hair
they were worried all week that they work and to be able to get quite, as I don't think, there's any deal possible until Friday night and I heard from somebody else that the Lakers thought as await frighted, arrogant, again a rich Paul on clutch. There again Lakers out there. I get him Friday night and he did. I am alone the hotel and then the deal happens unbelievable happen eyes so saying her Unfortunately, I do not think you would went there. You haven't. You once the lake. I don't think he wanted to. I think, he was playing then the whole time. I don't think he had any interested going So so other worldly he's gonna go back to Toronto referred to under the covers anyway. I don't know where to get what you want it. I think he always want to go the coopers and they take struck out on every wearing them Russell thing.
Is the one that I am the most interesting, because I don't think that whole story is camellia. That is odd is because I had it seems like he was headed to the Lakers, but then the warriors figured out a way to jump and before that even dream in the thirty or forty, and also from saying the later, yeah. I think they, I think they were saving their money initially for danger Russell. I know I've heard was actually meeting with Minnesota. As the gone said, agreement happens, the entire off is, which is very odd and then I mean, like I feel, like there's more lairs to be on peeled with that story, and we haven't got no story. It. I've been fascinated by the reporting around that I remember like ethical is ours. Effort happen. More Stein reported that Turkey's Kennedy to be traded five They worry at some point like as soon as the season, so I you're, Dental Russell and his age and encircling. Why would you go to a place that may have intentions to trade you both? That said, I think that the case everywhere, though any theme contrails you're in December fiftieth, that's always
risk for also had some guy, I'm wearing black you buying with Russell I'm just by where's that getting people cross them off and meanwhile russia- was twenty three game last year in his his arrows, pointing out not down curry, I think I have a little trip on his shoulder. I think we could come back. You know a month ago, the seas and potentially I like that they brought back loony. More importantly, they have the infrastructure and we saw this in ninety four when I M J retired and as I already to suck, but they had this infrastructure of winning of intelligence, of a really good coach and just kind of guys who knew what to do stepped up and they they literally could have made the final Zaire that Michael Jordan, on that same we're going to do that, but I dont think they're across off. I think they're left him. No doubt about it. I think with the warriors. That's I wrote about at the week after the finals where the wars want to become the spurs and how'd he became the spurs and what they was that maritime I've been curries there'd Duncan
As regards our reasons, organ in Thompson can be there motto: Juno bulgarian dream on we'll see what for them, but Russell as that guy, who here it's a higher level. Would this with this roster in, and I think that the angel so much has been focused on it has taken all on ball potential and what he did last year is Brooklyn, but so much of what made him an appealing prospect when he was a high state and has been early in his career with Lakers is his off ball ability and I think we're gonna see a lot more that with the warriors using him. Offscreen actions, hand offs just with their free flowing, often sent to me. That's really excited because he can do that on ball, thing that we just saw Brooklyn, but there's a lot. He can do off the ball. That playing alongside curry and eventually Thomson Is it really empower him and really grace him to another levels? Are I think for De Angela grew there could be a keeper, really like him. I I actually, if I were that's I would rather have invested him in Cairo after watching, then other accelerate either. I know I know
I'm on pay- maybe you don't know, then maybe it out carry that appealing. These deal breaker for Katy, I think, carries not significantly better than the intellect somebody's noticeably Are you getting all the other stuff with him, though, that we just saw sinking entirely that I now believe that always Half an hour is, I can have an unbroken necessarily for years younger their families, argumentative, as the envelope will ever gonna be better than carry Irving a guy who has done this on the biggest stage he has performed on the biggest stage at the highest level, come up in the biggest Molly S, pedigree two took potentially being the ballpark re muscle, in his second pig in the draft. You think I really like you do you think it is what's his best possible season in the peak of his powers, look like a maybe twenty seven a game. I think so. I think that twenty three this year and in the actual rustle of he is somebody who drew free throws a historically low rate for high volume scores.
My biggest everyone, a basketball reference in I'm playing Daggett. If you look you guys who attempted over eighteen shots per game all time, Dental also has a second lowest freezer rate of anybody. Of anybody all time in NBA history, and he is somebody who an ice school, then a gift basket of tonne in college. The Basque at a time in the Indian, my five last year, that's brutal and they re like makes it even more apparent how low it isn't so bad getting for the line drawing free throws. That is something that is the key to reason that operational on this score. I now like to draw them. You mentioned this within regards adjacent and that's of you're one of the reasons why our little bits of souring but you're not sure I could get it and get us are now for any young guy. I think you want she for forward, say I want my forward to get to the land, and that was always a thing with Georgia's well Paul. Georgia
Many earlier has created. Knockit lie a lot and he is improved that over time and that's gonna be the stage for us that the next step for us a lot on offer will happen. It never has been. Did, show little bits of improvement towards the analyses, and that at least is alive. But in for him moving forward and maybe now surrounded by better teammates in angolan state. That can help. MT, I for any one in seven last year, was in twenty three that one of the reasons I like it for them just first, while preserves their chance to be competitive nexus, but I like that he can either hand of the bar play off the bar, and I think those types of guards are really hard to find you down he's good at you. Can be involved in a game without having the bar too much either I dont want, watch him. I never understand ways that go into the rumour and there must be just the key, so happy twenty three feet from the basket One as guardian fee from the basket too much yeah that that that's that's one of the things that you hope of,
I like him. I like a more than you, but I like a lot Well, I'm glad he was a good team to like there were times when he just wasn't out there and crush time, but he was really support him on the bench so like, without where savings can be weird situation, it's also possible. He could go there and he's getting compared to Clay Thompson. Time and could go badly in their trading, I'm in December shore and I'm ready for anything that could always happen. Where he's a valuable asset. Last question which franchise. Least wanna be right now answer Charlotte Charlotte, the unequivocal another, live on even close. There's a lot of franchises like that. You'd want to be now, there's not a lot. I don't like you would not want to be highly safely number one. The fact that their hard capped, the team that is, an embarrassment when I have the atrocious owner summit, if I ever read it, it's really may be one of the charter. Got a keynote speaker? I put together twenty two in team and were hard cab. I it's never happened of your terriers year, sixty million dollars and like Brazil
can be a solid fired. Advise did those of whose number two I wouldn't want to be there. Franchise franchise saw whose MC conversation washed in Washington fears of the contracts Phoenix. I wouldn't put their cause of death in books no, you and I don't see eye to eye like hamburger. I also, I think, eight they have to real assets, but whose even close there, besides Washington the next hour in the conversation or they have they have flexibility moving forward in there big market. I think that I'd buy or the most people who better than you are they move bears, Bulgaria devised someone, you you and I we ve, talked about this problem was happy in our lack as everybody was Slater. Em you jumped is the fence airline, but we're that were created this treaty. Unless it is that we happens all the time and semi way, you'd like faintly drive from August superstar in some really good at Lisbon, Ford are. We seem guys struggle like tray young garbage and some of the men turned out to be pretty good as rookies and then eventually really with that said carcinogen.
That unbelievable incarcerated redid, we're just for everything you yourselves sock everywhere else and into Carson decades in eighth man. I don't think he's a sparkling there's a chance he will now successfully guide. Anybody in the leg me like that he could get the bar eating up in one peck and you can make it twenty six for her dark eyes. Always successful in Basque were always there's always a place for that dude in the lake. He he's he has a full of smart flogging like an idiot. Better Eddie House right now, if you can at least the bother, but none of you knows how to use a screen need to learn how to pass the about that. Something is to develop that protects ways in advance. Of course, glad I thought the this summer leg was particularly get this and I watch way morbid than I thought mainly billion like that this year, we, despite the lack of first I'll, explain you know We know why either because there were guys who could Cunningham the Bonn create shots, and I think some really gives him first,
any and how many of those guys are an interesting but even who's the dude a new Orleans. The guy allied irish saga, actually the guys can we give him an acronym cause. I'm never going to be able to say in a w not like now neurons velvet that did not allow worse but whirled round it was a creating office. The kills a good first them now. The air is impressed and even- and I want to step up our committee- I have, but it's like with him. A huge heart instead backs harden sides that gas, unlike that summer, he did not do at college in college, so from a has clearly been working on and without under water, he's going to be like a secondary play, making type who can score little before you. But if he's developing those moves masters, though those moves, maybe there's an upper level to his potential that we may not have predicted or anybody in the NBA mayor predicted and scouting him.
Add to Caldwell also seen that, even though it wasn't always successful for him he's into learning stage now and I'll be curious to see you in October when preseason starts at that looks any better, but those side, steps and step back hard and style moves year? There seems to be a trend now of their not pure point guards, but their guards guys who can play to guard but also can cannot run staff none. It The commission where, but are able to just kind of great shouts eager run a high screen with them, and they have to know what to do and there's five guys in the draft Who are you to come and the weak and be able to their right away? And I wonder if that's the way of the future, I mean you gotta be able to play off ball into it big with animation and move men and shooting in big guy. Handling the ball now's, not just tiny point guards. It's any position in a bomb. Brain up centres are empowered to take the Balkans to cast, even if you're, not in. It
eight or of the often so yea do have to pay off ball of your young kid playing the game like you need to have that ability. You can't be a ball Dominic guy who did did Garland Museum there. Now? What are they to us in a lotta guys? but which is why I, like part of me that loved it, but not worth it. It was nice, seeing like a guy like Jackson, Hayes look a bit better than expected another new Orleans pick. But Jarrett Alan looked better out. There's three point: shot wasn't falling for Brooklyn, but somebody's younger guys they, the cook, you guys coming back for this year thirty year or some of the reviews I've been play is good. Some league good, some away. I watched the entire quarter final something's game and I was actually like really ready for them, Finally, they frozen Carson Edwards a little bit near the Adriatic. It feed them
let the chef Kirk, if it got another, set of a peg, how I'd framework waters fed him. Yeah she's is small. His tiny ass, it's tough, Carson, at least he's not Polly there, but at least he's like frigate rise built like a running back three or four yemeni safety is impressive. That was the giant he can. I guess he would ask: what's up for you the summer Gummy gone home, then yeah and on Sunday gonna go hey my parents for a little bit yeah, hey I'll, see my old friends from Edinburgh beget Fenway, Kicker Fenway at some point, I'll, be doing think it an encore casino in downtown Bosnia. There I have not gone and anomalies have again or sixty five blank cheque, gods, blah blah to go in there beyond offend way. At some point, I will now be doing like something really to Jimmy Fund, radio, telethon and artists. Ok, I like, on August twenty of the twenty first I'll, be gonna Fenway. One of those days
you be the morning I d be they are they just got rid of other one thing? I have said that they simply to clean up a large aircraft fitted to show at a Friday. At an hour later he was gone. I'm a breathing. Twenty years our mornings driver can draw driven a school listening for their shall sometimes with the AIDS virus. Finally fulfil I took twenty five Cassie, Pleasures ice vice bill. I we're gonna, bring increase Ryanair man diamonds from the Ringer one second, to talk about all this crazy Netflix stuff, as well as streaming subscriptions the future of everything and there were attacked by summer tv. Ass. Streaming has ruined relationships of couples, that's all coming up. First helix they create personalized matches the fate Nicky needs, because your unique newspaper mattress that fits you other mattress companies will say they were fresh, bears some possible
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calm, slash, bs H, EL I eggs sleep. Calm, slash bs for up to one hundred and twenty five hours off and since we're here, don't forget about breaks, the story of Woodstock. Thank you that hundred and our new I cast about a foot, The more that went wrong in just about every way was possible soundtrack in the areas, most aggressive rag bans, which must be the third. Rational Woodstock of Festival no for peace, eleven hippy idealism that did not happen: This is a really good pack. Ass, its iron luminary go to limit. I ran after two months of access for free for their prey content like this one or even the relaunch, was ninety nine nine Lotus been officers who did when he sat but luminary dot links, Slash Simmons. After that, it's only seven, then I'm from
luminary that links such summits. Two months of free access, cancel anytime terms, do apply and speaking to pack, as we did a whatcha balls, we did glorious bastards. This week I was not on that one among the one next week resurrect dark so be ready for Thou entertainers movies. Common were excited about that. I am an increase coming up right now, made. It adds a Chris right here for the ringer. We will just a lot to talk about. No major stories face APP has taken Rebecca World are worried about that. Do not yield yeah because aid, I did it yesterday, edgy bees own goals, savage! Rarely do I see something hit. My kids funnybone like like that acted as we did on the members of our family in there and it wishes. Hannah everything they wanted from an app. My son was immediately demanding to download the pro version with
the pro Salman Rushdie. Exactly? Has your identity re out no question, but that's ok cause of his further. We were just joking around about what kind of deep fakes could be made out of bills, bills face up to its mission, and I just to give you my son prestige regimes, Londonderry number one leg version version of bill. I think barely have all my information already just in life. I just feel like clarity of all of us yard gone, think that don't they have. I think the three of us have there been enough pictures of ice on the ringer, Watch bulls account. They are right, but yeah they have a picture of me, but I had not consent today, oh really. I remember in the late nineties when the first
the whole paying online thing started, and people like no way never put in my credit card, and then it probably justified justified things. Things were alot, looser and less secure, but twenty years later I think people are just have given up it's too soon. There going in is like scanned. My vote taken everything. So speaking of speaking of hacked, I thought my by stocks app was hacked today when aside networks post put call the things the their court. They were earlier earnings and and if, like forty five points and every Frida play, they get here, quarter, but a bad months was there. They promised way more subscribers and then up with actually went backwards in the? U S. For the first time ever there. I think that that learning it like five million plus end up with two points, it relates to the bar eyesight grape and we I've been watching this and it's kind of its eye, baseball brass affiliates that has great look kindly Triassic yet cause
but there is a price. I hate my girl stay with this guy. I've got a russian that I do feel like this is the rare casework business really does kind of matter with pop culture yeah and ever They cared about that box office was in great for that, like ultimately, who care somebody gets fired and can go the other way, but in this case everybody's line, for this bad, a royal networks, the Disney things coming, Amazon spending, more money, its prime apples, making content and we're heading four like a bad. A royal on this file like the first match, Netflix failed its about how we watch tv how we watch movies at home. You wanna Havre TV, yes, exactly in it and brings in aspects of cord cutting unbundling and when you go to the movie theater and what you watch at home and all of these decisions that were made a long time ago by seemingly abstract corporations are now it's all coming to a head, and it's all affects like what you do on your phone and what you do in your house.
Somehow you consumes f yeah. I think honestly, like I'm very interested in the watching the than that flicks verses, Disney plus story, but I actually think that the real story is whether or not Disney their adoption in the fall and each beyond me. Acts royal and whether or not that, along with the Comcast and the Warner Brothers streaming or order, will be HBO Max, but whether the Comcast dreaming up whether that really does sound the death knell of cable in and also yeah, there's that but then also while the stuff work does things like racing to get this opt out as a scene would just about every one of these video apps. I launches it's a disaster when it comes out and then of changing step tinkering stuff, the original age
yo was that exactly seamless, I think it's got a little bit better age. They cannot yet original idea. So I look at their hold their folks thing as they were given a five year, led it's easy to catch up with them and from a content standpoint and from a labourer standpoint, but the biggest thing about the leaders, the intelligence that they ve been able to gain these last five six years as Dave Taylor like Nephew Kyle's feed, they look at his habits of what he watches and if you go on caused me its extent, comedians action, movies, clerks and shit like that yeah like and Ninetys there, and they just kind of no him so them when they have something new at sight. They put arenas, Viti can see it, and then there so game in the system. For what is everybody like? What's missing, people keep going and looking at late nineties, rom comes. We should
some round crimes they really like horror. Let's make a latin horror movie, and that is, I think, that to be the toughest thing. First, symbolic does need to catch up on yet fascinating and they days they claim it, and no one showed takes up more than ten percent of like of their viewers ship right, so that there is not like a blockbuster Netflix thing that everyone I Netflix is really watching. Even the shows their heads with its narcos, stranger things or catalogue stuff. Like officer friends, there like it's actually like it's way more evenly distributed that we set the suggestion. Yes, oh it's it's kind of a different? You have to think about them in a different way. You have to think about them almost like as a library rather than a bookstore. In some ways like it's not like stuff is getting merchandising. It is more for Kyle than it is for the conversation. If that makes any sense like we get frustrated because Netflix shows come out in a bunch in a bundle and we can't tell Wendy
want to talk about which episode or how for how long they want to talk about them. Netflix doesn't care about that they of our enemies, but they all care about like while a stranger things dominated the summer, they could have dominated the post thrown summer if they wanted to- and that's not in there that's not what they're interested in, but we think they made a mistake, actually not deviating from now a stranger things, because for a site like ours, we would have got a week so content at a stranger things, and instead we got about what six days. I think so that I think are also finding that people can listen to the podcasting coverage as they finish watching the show and also, if you watch stranger things it we did pike ass. We took coverage, please go to the ringleader commonly out of it, but I'm saying it was rammed into a six seven day when I think on time. Tat works for them because, as Chris said, they don't
really need the conversation which you can tell by the way that they only give out specific ratings information, and they all you know what they need is the habit, and I think there are five or six years ahead, as you said, on dad and understanding how people used up, but there also five or six years ahead of just a start that being the place where people go to wash something, and you may go to watch friends and you may go to a stranger things and you you may go to watch a teen wrong com but they're so far ahead. Just in audience, behaviour ended there. Yes to have such a head start in terms of being the default technology that so many people used to just stream stuff in their home. That, I think
It will be hard for a lot of places to catch up with you. I don't know the numbers at all. It's sword, because what happens if you start to because they don't give you the numbers, you start to just infer based on your own experiences. So my assumption is that a lot of people have cable and netflix. They have cable because they want to watch sports. They want to watch the news they want to have stuff. That is life, that they want and ended the add on that they have as Netflix maybe HBO and HBO Belladonna. Whenever I Imagine that I am wrong and that there are a lot of people out there who just have Netflix that certainly the experience Amanda I've had with the staff that we have had our younger than about thirty. There, like I have a thirty five and they are there like. I am Netflix. I have someone else's HBO log in then. I either watch sports through, like Youtube dreaming or other means right like that: they're they're watching it online
and then the early thirties people between the yeah they kind of along about generations. It still makes sense for them, they have cable, but some of them may not have, but it I just had a conversation earlier today where I was talking about, showed its on Amazon to two or podcast producers, kind, Evan, Coopers Lodge and even Campbell and ours talking about tool to die young ass ever. I think you get a kick out of their Shoney's like what's that on and he is like Amazon and he looked at me. First thing is, I think my parents have an Amazon long and now is it, and now that's that's like that- is a really high barred set for people trying to. Each other people with their shows their content. As I will. Maybe your dad has an Amazon prime login. That's the way it was when it was like Ellie laws on Thursday at ten? You just have to turn on this box, and it will be there will. What a man is said about habits. I think is a really important point and it took them away to get there, but I just I get my kids are fourteen eleven and their habitual places they go. Are you two Netflix?
an apple and those that are there three places they don't go to cable, but they do want apple. They just looked to see what the Movies are, and you know it there's some movie. That's come out that date in that they ve been waiting for to come out like when the lion king comes out on right, apple, that's how they ll never came out. Would you just fascinating? We don't need to get into the movie part of the Amazon too. I left to shun fantasy and I regularly on the big picture, just have breakdowns about how Netflix has just come and that and what you just described as by no one goes to see the moon goes to movies anymore and there's just a box office crisis right now, which is because of the same the habit of people it is like, while others look on ethics, I got some seven netflix I can watch so I don't need to go to the theatre, my kids are a bad version. That, though, because there not also go to the movies,
kids myself out of there in an ongoing, but that there are both worlds better leave. Your thing is fascinating, though, because my wife, I have like this funny thing that happens where, like we have a cup and shows that are weekly, that we like watching and like oftentimes, like couches uncomfortable whenever sleep we want to watch it in that on the laptop before going to bed and like the annoying part, is that if you know say like a shilling superstar, is on Thursdays, but it doesn't go up on Hulu until the next day you, but you know that it exists. Kind of weird and that's the thing with movies. It's like you know that Spiderman exists now, and you could see it if you just got a sitter, drove over the movie theater whatever yet do, but like you could just we would be in your in your house.
In a few months zero you me, and that is any, be easier and cheaper to why they say you're only that it with us not cause the cheaper thing. I just don't feel exceeding the theater and then came on apple kids. Don't care about waiting or they don't even think of it is waiting. Is there like you? May I get to see at half the cost like and paused at every five seconds, to look up my phone? That's like a completely different way of interacting with popular culture. The funny thing about that is that you think kids care about cost. My ass my kids, some, our my Amazon and my Amazon has like a credit card. Note of our young and as I, Amazon, Download, eight ninety and then as I and other down every day, as I did, I get hacked that, unlike ban, are you ordered something will be watching eat. They were ordering all the seasons of Jesse, because this kid end, She died in that area.
Ordering stuff- and it led to him- had no longer having access to the Amazon and virtually frame. But at my house with my husband and I don't want them to have a thing when their flags I have noticed in the past, year. So even me, I'm like a Thursday real like out tomorrow, Friday Netflix, I haven't open and it's always it's a new movie, it's a new something, it's always at least one thing. Sometimes it's too My kids are trained out. You know like on Friday is a kind of a Netflix day. There might be something on their Tuesday. Is that the movies, are released, digitally an app or Amazon, and now that's kind but we think so. I don't know how these these gonna move into that, but I think that something to emulate. Well Disney. How are you today the day, but having the thing the Disney hasn't. They just have a library there,
I very to end all libraries and I dont have children by it. I have a lot of friends who have small children now, just like that can be a game changer, because you can't get them. You have to buy the little mermaid or you have to buy the lion king and it's just that's where everything is going to be an Disney still has that brandname recognition. There are a lot of people who want to see, especially children want to see the movies that they may be and if Disney bundles there doesn't plus with rules with the expenditure up. Yet I keep waiting for them to announce. Second, do that, but it seems that they're holding off. I think they want to see you I get so those didn't. Ninety nine! A month for Disney Hulu, any European plus, that's really significant. That's a significant duality. The way it's been explained to me is Disney is going to be like basically Pga and under and then Hulu is gonna, be peachy. Thirteen and I know nothing.
I just just seems logical to me if you took that fax in emergency with Hulu, that's what they've already announced, they're shutting down to fx, standalone, app and and putting that stuff in the I'm saying you Hulu is effects like you yeah you using that man, Do they have other facts to just become the Hulu mentality? Hen hands made tail basically because handmaids till I can speak basically becomes that affect show, even though its effects he stared their synonymous with they should therefore I mean there's gonna, be like a couple years of stickers. Shockwave. That, though, because I think even today when they announced that there is going to be a gossip girl reboot on HBO Max Isaac. If you doesn't make gossip girl like that's, not what each be oh does and I actually had to live Do you like, oh right, because Warner is now under this? It's like me, Trio MAX, is actually the M Well of all Warner IP that will go in here and it's like there will be DC shows.
And each be MAX and all that stuff that you have to wake. I thought that was where that that's what they settle down for a title. I think you, but I do wonder if that's a little bit eyes like we did spend much of last week, not by we, I mean people who pay attention to this, not being like Bow HBO Max. That's the name doesn't. Are there some brand applications- and I watched this announcement today of gossip girl reboot on HBO Max and everyone at the ringer drift- is immediately jumping to do. We need a new Gossip girl does this like betray the sanctity of the original gossip girl and that doesn't run away from us just like interrogating the existence and the existential questions of HBO Max people has been like. Yes will, of course, they're going to reboot gossip girl on this streaming service and now need to argue about this. It moves so quickly. I think mining Old IP, I don't know who started. That was a fuller house. Where you mean in terms of Netflix
they show. Everybody Elijah's is going on for people guy had years now, but now it's like a move yeah. Would it really the only successful Youtube show that they had? Was the cobra kasza, one of the best things I've seen this year is the new season of rock amours at their putting on her work? really really big fan of the island. I liked frantic Mars but ended. I thought the reunion was like sweet, but like this new season, which is like just a new case, a new and new mystery is actually just like legitimately good and it's like the best possible like take on occasion. We have liked this stuff, the people love and they actually grew the character of its darker. It's really it's pretty edgy gets into some pretty interesting, Stuff really good crime show now it needs psychic reboot, almost as in the re name, you taking a show that again they didn't find. I remember it and your advancing in answer to NASA nineteen twenty in the old days when they rebooted something it was there. Like a completely different rain and recast day, and then
These angels movies is very rarely vetoes by down lunatic calling the the watchman showed its coming. Hbo in the fall or or whenever is he's calling Remix Rebecca, essentially taking like elements of the the comic and the inspiration points and influences and using it as a kind of the color palate and getting going to paint something else that silly like a very complicated, complicated waved is being like. I want you to know that. It's though and but different yeah, but worse yeah by you, need that level of recognition to get alot of people watch. Yeah, I mean that's the thing we talk about the on the watch. All time is like there's there's a. I can remember who told the story, but if it's basically like, if you go into his studio office in you, I would like to make a big action. Adventure movie they'll say no. You going, you like. I would like to make an action adventure movie set in the world of the Jack Daniels, like whisky bottle
here I thought you liked over while it's interesting eyes. What can we do that and like then they get all sorts of strange stuff happening. We use I've been working together since two thousand eleven, it feels again last year, Netflix was able to drive content for our sight in pretty unusually consistent way, verses even worse. Where two years ago, like the TED, Bundy, documentaries, multiplier documentary thing, which nephew count I watched in Sunday answer today instead of actually going to feel at home? right there. That's this! Let's this excessive netflix in one anecdote brain buying, it became a thing for enough to three days. The fire festival things we ve seen these dreamy services now can just pop up or something, and it's actually in the conversation. I don't feel it
happening three four years ago that they want. They regulate with a house of cards, show where they promote the shit out of it wasn't organic like it is now I don't feel like well. I think that the challenge going forward is is what are you doing, he's in two and three because season one people discover these things and there's no pressure, so they put up a show on a Friday and then maybe you saw trailer watch a little bit of it, are you coming next week in some ways they got? You have also shown Netflix. It's called Ozark is really good. You gotta check it out and word of mouth really works for this, and then people can wash it at their own pace and as many as they want. If they get hooked, they binge it. But then we This isn t when you do season doing you have some delay. Stranger things you have some Billig, narcos or ozark or whatever theirs a degree of anticipation and and there's like this anxiety of like well. I guess I have to watch all of it on Friday, night Oreo get ruin for me or I don't know when I can go and start talking about it, because some people have watched olive and some people watch half of it. So we really have like a rule,
some four Heidelberg unwanted outcome. This decade, don't tell me to tell you. I was in the private stranger thinks he's the one people were like oh shit. This is really good. I go check this out urine and part of the experiences the discovery, and this idea that you found there fingers? Having really got my god? This is great. Do you know about this? This is also great and its horrid to replicate that sense of discovery on the second and the third time that we think about the crown I like the way that the first he's into the crown played out versus did take the anticipation for the third season and even when the third season, this winter the initial for you, because you have to say that this is not a project, will have like a crown drift going, straighten Deirdre juggler than able. Now even ethics are like to give me this greenery now weakening authority. Let's go, I think I've actually maybe disturbed the people at that flicks would be very precise, Blake email that I said that was like. I just want to let you know I am the target.
From mind hunter I'd like to send me the screenwriters efforts. It is really put some puts the larger than the basket. Even I hope I was wandering the sense. A guarantee for two weeks is looking for anyone to find you mean only as the person who stands outside of Netflix signed. It says release mind, but I don't remember when this started, though I guess I was without the cards was the first one where they really something they promoted at and it was like out there doing. Tv shows they have a system in place. That reminds me a little like HBO Saturday Nights way back when you break out salary they're gonna has that there be a boxing match, it'll, be the release of a movie, and they just gonna have that down. What I've noticed, though, is there the library of movies is, it seems that's the window little bare and an Amazon prime. That seems to be their game play like we had the movies
neither yet again for every ninety, nine or its on prime you any movie you aren't we have and then you can do. I pretty. I dont know what the cost is, but you can add, HBO stars and like you can get basically like those premium. Channels as part of Amazon. Prime, that's going to be such a fascinating thing to track over the next couple of years is, as these libraries become basically war off. I hear that there is no longer a time where you can find breaking bad on Netflix and the office on Netflix and diseases. Free, a comedy, and this in that Anna Marvel Movie at a Marvel movie. You have to go to Disney to get this and Comcast to get tat and mortar to get that. Will we just be like you know what I watched I watch Seinfeld I don't have to. I dont use, get like another subscript
into another service just to have the night light of a sick come from the nineties on in the back. I do think that that could get impact, that's a bigger issued for where a man amid the key point about the decent thing, everybody with kids ass to get the Disney abuse have to its. And especially six then none of months is pretty. Fares have been subscribed to two or three things. I would say: that's a number and draft a great though, if they're not doing Hulu any s beyond right off the bat. I will not be signing up, for it is because no I dont have children and Chris can tell me what happens on the mental or end her, because I dont personally have need to watch that on the first is sit and citizens is gonna be on their. I think it will be on from Fox, so that's how they get at least some of them. From care not to mention other labourest up. I wonder at some point in this just discuss for print to like at some point. How many subscriptions is a tipping point. Four Deemeth subscription Jude, like a video, you might have Amazon prime anyway, because you have Amazon but just having
and on Hulu, HBO, Showtime then HBO Max and then there's the there and then Netflix either all set him up to ten different apps thrice tv. That's basically, cable just carved up different. I definitely, I think, we're getting there. Eight thousand Herman write a piece about this in the ringer recently. This idea- and I think the Netflix subscription thing was mostly about the change, but I do also wonder it's a little bit if you are a cord cutter now there are so many things that you can subscribe to, and so even people who have moved away from cable are now being like. Well, I have Amazon for this, so I don't need that flax- and I can you know, get this via Hulu and maybe I'll do stars, but you already are your thing that happened already think it'll get more boutique, it still look. I still think that people look at cable as a utility and they look at Netflix as a luxury, so they look at. I have to have television because they have to be,
Turn it on and see like either the Phillies game or the weather to Morrow or whatever, and it also because of the way they work a lot of times that built in with your internet service. So, furthermore, our ears colleague. Why have the internet and I have cable and I think that Netflix might be bumping up against the amount of people who can just also spare fifth more bucks a month on that and they may not even be calculating the future of one. There are now two also have HBO Max and the Comcast APP and whatever becomes of like, am seeing Showtime in all these other things they might actually just build. This is too much money and I have this much disposable income to spend. Just on watching stuff to say nothing of the fact that a lot of these places- and this is kind of like unremarked upon There'S- not a lot of login security for this stuff and like passwords, get passed around like you- can just be like, like there's an account that has like ten different logging on it. I know that that's been an issue for some of these places where it's like
Juliet often jokes, that, like there are thirty people looking at her who account or some failing? Not, but that's not. I bet it college. It's like that. One person on the floor has login, so I fear like that is the. If Netflix really gets worried about the start price and where things are going there next move is to crack down on. You know right now is a five people, yet five people from our networks, but I cannot use networks, and I know I haven't- I like my ipads on three tvs like it's all over the place. I just put the same stuff in and then then I'll activated. I feel like that's the next thing for them to eventually crack down on it just like this can only be in use with one account right and if two people in other words, people would be this price and maybe there's a cry over that. It's all minutes for them. It's all time spent on the up and if their, if they're just doing stuff, where their trying to demonstrate engagement,
it doesn't really want you say it's our minutes for who was at me that when they can just if man is using my Netflix cat and we're watching to separate things yet screws up my algorithm one woman ever but like they can still count. That is like a man to watch the crown five times and spent like fifty three hours watching that legs thats just more minutes spent for them to go to Austrian Billig. Look look at the engagement with this thing. What is this thing? We have everybody's attention emanate day. They came out hard against ever using advertising again today and pretty definitively But I think that that goes towards their stats. A little bit give we don't even know what to believe their stats, sometimes sometimes parcel stuff found, be like forty one million people watch this year. Seventy three million people watch the latest Adam Sandler.
So how do you have any idea? That's a real money. You and I tell you that any other people, my ass, I watched eyes, pretty disappoint, advice. Guy the thing I want to go circle back to- and I think that a man- and I have talked about this- I just like socially- is the how that that Saturday night HBO thing like what's on its almost old fashion, I why I watch the disease stamp special this past weekend, literally because it was staring me in the face and did amount that it took me to start. It was quick and that's it. You know what you know where I was with that. Where was the Frank guerrilla a point: blank
as if you wouldn't have lined up that, like a theatre in the guardian yet agree, there wasn't ever get when you go to Netflix and is just stare, nay in its wave in his hands. I come on point blank. You know you want it. You know you fuck you and then its largest aid for it yeah yeah, everyday earnest, its taunting me every single rom com and every single royal related documentary than they have. I mean the associated content. Phase of the Netflix accommodations, but they have made Also, if, in fact, I use my husband's accommodative totally screwed up his algorithm, my joy at joy for me with the Simmonds families, their particular about your profile. Add my career in dickhead can't figure out how to change it, but they might Folks I go on, and there like got some harm of, is for you to see this one from two thousand eight there's a home invasion, jail yeah jail
shows larger, maybe a league. Of course, you know Joe yet Physics season three of inside yards, but here you're networks. Really does say a lot about you of it as pilots under Netflix here. Off the scene of harmony offers a yes shooters, how many absolute subscribed to I'm subscribed to and even then it still fucked up the repayment. Sometimes some. I remember my law. What are your to them on Hulu and ethics and might know Amazon? Now my students can outside sir, with a slow for that. This is what we ve learned with. All our rare staffers is always stories. I die like yeah, my grandfather. He changed his password get out his Amazon anymore. It's always fixed minimum workers, but I get it
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best. When you're ready to launch use the Africa be asked to save ten percent off of your first point, is of a website or domain sexually been two thousand fifteen Oh gee, for a square space. Go two squares based outcome Flash Bs Africa would be, ass. I was somewhat summer tv. Let's do it. I give this summer b plus so far I haven't entertained, enjoyed stranger thinks he's in three. Big little eyes, is a train wreck that I can't look away. Euphoria my favorite show the summer the hills is a train wreck cost crossed with a car crash. Bachelor has been good I really like the Roger S. Thing lies for laughs voyages. Would you start I offer a partial defensive beg let alive
ok, which we should mention your hosting big little live ass. The finale is this Sunday, please wash after the EAST coast, airing Mina crimes, and I will be talking about it soon. In the vein of this being summer tv. I think it is still my ideal summer tv I it's either has been uneven if you will, but you got six actresses. I really love on tv having rich people problems. I can't be mad at that. I'm not looking to commit that much more in the actual energy into my summer, then Reese Witherspoon, like singing the rainbow connection like the local elementary school stage, so you're. Basically in our view, be your on vacation. Yes, I try Have you won't? Let me buy you were given. A scream. It's not the best ice cream.
You're ass? It idolizing cape cod and somebody send you an ice cream and you just can enjoy the ice cream and still judges scream its eyes. Yes, that's all trail, and I think that's great advice for vacation and also for tv, but it's still. It still feels like fine tb to me. It is also my particular flavour of ice cream He knew the matter photographer manner. We were talking about this on one Monday's, a watch. I think they, like our brains, got broken by game friends. All of it this year where everything is. What does this mean and where? going and will it six? eating going where it needs its like now it can also just be tv, and it can also just be for forty five minutes. You want something like I was pretty cool. I was all that we are not in get that
and then keep it moving, and I think they really does provide lake like you can enjoy so many different parts of big little lives without having to be like what is really saying about what it means to be human. At some point, it's a show written by David Kelly, who wrote a number of amazing shows in the nineties when tv is just. You turn it on every week, and there is tv well, so I've watched every minute I've enjoyed as to look forward to it. It is frustrating cause first, floods that really clear whether show came back other than season. One was so successful. They were like. Let's run this successful uninstall gets what is it getting my ten million people. I would like to say nothing of whatever gets pirated yeah I like to see all the actors together. I liked the shots of people staring the ocean which, by the way they ve up that this year, you do, I know, there's just there's a hundred
I saw you, I mean like Stockholm, so before they arise and there in the water. Even I who defended to show a little tired, I think we could look at the water a little less. I was at the beach last weekend and my wife was, I got need talked about something as I call them in a stare at the ocean. Sadly, while holding my grandma said Lily Visor, your ideas like bill staring at the water and your wife comes of liquid. He thinking about like thinking about how much they stare at the water and the globalized think about career. Maybe I just think it seems rush me with some of the decisions they made because, like Greece, Witherspoon our character ARC agrees, flat, atrocious. I guess I'm actually embarrassed Berne and, as the person who put this show together. I just can't believe like this was the character they aren't. They came up with, foresees the two I would lay so bad. I would like more for Reese Witherspoon, my personal queen. I think the first three episodes are pretty guide. I thought that speech on
with the Rainbow connection re married and until then it does seem like there. There is the bent a lot of speculation about the editing and how the show indeed, I will show runners devil, show runners end, it does seem, like her character, was a victim of a lot of the cuts. I think I was telling you about this thing when they go to the excellent institute and her character and add to that, have their marriage counselling. Like ten seconds yeah, I was excited about that full episode of satire of the Essen Institute in marriage counselling, and it was clear that they just decided not to not direct. I told him and I I thought instead of like racism, Her marriage is ending, and that is basically mean the plot foresee a year, I'm an inner. My wedding dress again in rooms the song we sang insight. This is bad. I would it he had heard double down in the school and the like,
now going to be really crazy in the school, and I don't care, I have more sure, I'm getting over my region can engage. I really like crazy parent slash school behaviour cause that's real stuff that everyone can identify with. We were all in a school where there's one parent, oh my god that freedom, they re such visas. What about she's coming over to us. Our act eyesight, though that perfect, like every school, has that- and that was one of my favorite things by last year's their tapping into this psychotic school. Apparent unanimity with private risk goes back to what we're talking about it's just. It feels it gets away more fun to have some new than it is to judge whether or not its living up to the promise of the first season. I just wish people lies a tv show. I wish that was basically like really really expensive. More thoughtful, slightly darker, and the city like it was just like it to be on for five years. You lot absent and there are just its. It was just a guitar throughout this I wish it was a soap opera. I wish there was just like what are we doing Sunday for the next three four years on watching be realised, selling a ban,
desperate housewives demanded that, like I just checking it with your friends, you also have to happen to be Academy Award winning actress. Yes, Now you ve got all the money at everybody wants to achieve, because that's where the stories are. I understand that there is this resistance to like blocking yourself into working on a show. The same show up for ten months of a year, like I'm sure that that still exist but- and I know that everybody works on the Shariah, so many other things going on that. I wonder if some of the problems you have on the show urgently straight up scheduling, unlike what days so and so is available verses this person, but I mean I just wish this was like at least a tenant they have. This is ten episodes. Nobody would care, nobody would be like man is too much. Bicknell lies. I asked I think they ve. Really miss out on the humor part of it other than more. There is who is clearly went into this, isn't going they're gonna give street
second best supporting Emmi, not oh, my wife, but I'm afraid. If you had to go there, I will find a brain at all the guns, but the showed desperately needs like a really sarcastic character, who just says the stuff. Your kind of thinking where ya Two half brother twins are playing with the other half brother from the sexual saw that they just met, and you need that one friend a bag. Oh look at this. Wait a pine like rowdy PAMELA outlined beyond exactly like the new Marty bills point that was a little bit the Riis Witherspoon Character and, firstly, any dad. I agree with you. I an agreed that I I mean. I think the funny parts are really funny idea, respect to Laura Dern, but again it does feel like they cut some of it out. They just didn't think that it needed to be as funny I'm sure, don't
We were, I am like crescent funny stuff, as it was murdered my favorite parts in the cotton, the culture in character, not a barrel ass, a thing we can agree. So then they look at that. Like you know what else we need takes only cravats his character she's even leg, more of a bum. In downer than a Coquette character and has the Mai and register in the hospital, it's like I hate gonna Haswell. Ironically, the hospital characters framework Average Joe. It's really sure they were back corner a little bit with that, because they basically shouldn't have the character and oversee then right, and then they had her be the person who pushed Alexander scars guard off the ledge data. They needed to explain that Oh it s where you just I'll say what happened: recently. There was no great question: hey this guy,
was beating the shit out of our friend and we try to get em offer and he got down the stairs yeah. It is where the jury I like you're, going to jail, they're, making and sound like they're like covering up the Kennedy assassination. Instead, they are just like all. He threw down the stairs when he retinas. It's been fun watch and street cook, amazing cook, subject tools. Another girl give her a pot. Let her go. It's Listen I've gone back and forth on whether I think that this is the best Merrill's free performance. I've ever seen the mother most mail. There were the most energy them like Merrill doing a parody of herself, and I think it goes back and forth in which makes it fun for me, the last episode where she's, just kind like standing alone in a living room like looking like a serial killer. I've had some questions yeah, but was it not having fun dial up much like you did in the river wild she's great she's like this is ridiculous. I'm just get out. Fine teeth are great.
We made the river wild right now. Would you had us Oh yeah, that's absurd episode. Three raft got another hole, yeah. So, let's go to euphoria. Thoughts really enjoy that you really enjoy it. It's it's. It's kind of it's not what I thought it was gonna, be I you know. I thought I think I thought we were just be constantly debating whether or not people were being scandalised by it, but I think that we are losing our ability as a society to be scandalised. So it's now just kind of like I really really really just like watching the ruined jewel story and that it's just we weaken colleagues. This is chaotic and lake going in a million different directions, but I'm site just gonna like high school dramas and even if it's called the high school drivers and under so yeah
FR. I rather, I think it's really enjoy. I really enjoyed summer tv, as you just have to accept that it has signed, talked about a less weaken the path which is its the completely over the top version. Every fair you ve ever had about anything with their kids, and once you accept that re that it's just like I, this is everything on steroids, HIV, AIDS sheets, just crazy. What you have said, That is why I am Denise AIR met even than is air. I've got you scandalised. The first couple I was just like this is a lie and the experience of watching it was just
so intense rise, like I dont need to put my size its every week. I used loud noises tv, yes, which is my released everything in the world. I also realise that I don't really enjoy stories about other people's drug experiences. That's just kind of I hope everyone safe and has a nice time, and I don't need to hear about it, but it does seem like its pushed through it like I gave up, and this is kind of a common theme of tv generally, where it takes all television shows a few episodes to heat up now everyone's like wow, it's really coming together, is a as a thoughtful show. The succession phenomena yeah, though I maintain succession, was good from episode want you're me too, I don't you have to simply arena that when I'm on the building, but it is interesting when you have to like give something three hours of your time in patients to find out whether it's worth yeah, you know it's a AIDS it's interesting with euphoria and years and years, which I don't know if you ve been watching all also piecemeal by the book. Surely the height of showed me
a little bit I think, coming out of thrones to some extent stranger things two somebody said dark, which is a show on Netflix, which demands like a ton of attention, while you're paying like there are various modes. Watch television and- and I think that, like I've been watching years and years and euphoria, much more passively like paying attention Sometimes, ok, my phone Jacobus got the great time spent on phone stat like when you're watching tv, but they I feel like they are, warning shows. Even if you're not like scrutinising every single plot to it, Have you wash years and years at all now, but bachelor is in bad shape is probably my number one most time on the phone as I'm watching Thrace. I don't even God really actually seen one scene from the bachelor the year cuz, I'm just heads down kind of listening so year. They use it as a package that eliminate the watch it years and years is set several years in the future in England, but I say all the things that are happening or what sort of happening now here with us like some twists
Then there is basically like a family dramas in England. In about twenty twenty five, I think or twenty twenty six trumped has been re elected. There's like that. It's just like kind of playing out forward like that and this character play by M Thomson is basically not enough. Quite a fox newspaper, real extreme shooter arises out of nowhere to become political leader in England, yet at the end of almost every episode of years and years, something absolutely terrible and plausible happens that makes people really upset. I so I can't believe you watch this like plug turned off, because I watched it and found it extremely intends as it as is euphoria but penny in the union, but it wasn't like it's. I love em adopted unappetizing number one fair and it was like literally watching
your twitter feed in real time like terrible things, happen and you just it's all this news and because there are so many characters, they're bringing in so many plot simultaneously. I found it intensely stressful. It's amazing to me that you're just Chillun on your car, I really want to him this year. I had really been pushing myself. So I far standards have dropped or there we were too harsh earlier because, like my friend her she would always talk about this back to the prestige tv thing you has been like I'm so tired of bee plus, I can't take another, be plus gimme, a minus community she's follies be pushed shows, but now I'm kind of like use, the B plus yeah. I didn't. I dont know if we ever have another lad that fully bag was an ape us. Yeah legitimately thy wow. This is unbelievable. I can't wait to reward us again in the year. What a thing about re now is that there are so many be plus is that you can find
b plus that speaks to you told him, then someone else has a different b plus and you can spend you can fill most of your time watching things that maybe aren't the amazing transcendent flee bag version of a television shall by early. You know I really like romantic comedy, so I guess I watch that I really like prison show. So I watched this and its interesting because you know we struggle with it at the ringer. Sometimes is everyone's wanting something different yeah you dont get those shared moments but musics much worse for us with that, the well I just as it is so scattered with for people like, I think, with tv there. They make. I agree, there's not as much communities there used to be at the caviar clarity by at least have an opinion on each show. It and you try to their shows that reach a threshold and then their people like I'll I'll check that out even like what you did, though I who upsides euphoria, I feel like bloodline, was the first
are these. For me, I by very large she's, the one, a bloodline and then season tat. You probably know my butt seizing there should not have been a sees now. My name is an incredible one season of tv when they were like. Let's keep this going, you're like how nothing in the first he's in his reply a like. You cannot work like do that again. Do you have shows that you quit. I then you still feel like you're gonna get back together, but deep down, you know you're not going to that's. I shoulda billions real here it's over, Are you something you met? Guided the lack of a buyer, two o clock, I think possibly rightly I keep thinking. There's gonna be utterly wrong and I had a job where I really Do you to download tat episodes and watch it on a plane, but there is always something new. I was that Bulgaria, oh I'd, get me pretty navigator debts. Dead to me, and I we dated a couple episodes and we
said a cooling off period right at an offering me about the age of the people a show, and I think that those shows that get lost the shows that Shoot Tb Aids, but can't can't make it like cats story to. If it's not the best show the year nobody's gonna check it out Road George Clooney made it and you'd. Think be a bigger deal by if cash waited outside of collaborating with your office, be like. Castaway, too, is the best thing. I've seen all you're, probably not mobility, I'll watch catch twenty and you didn't do that, so I literally forgot to watch catch one or another. It until you said castrated. Anyone as like all man was that the deck about yes or no Harry Zanu right now, there's lots of stuff out there. That's like I mean it. And you go, and you find things that are just completely bizarre, like I said towards dying and stuff like that, but that's a show they made for you and same dusky suffer as ever lived Britain itself.
Opening shot of that market. This is her has reared its head. That's gave nobody has any are now it's been on in my house. I think sailing yeah Betty eighty like doing slow watch tv, idling high enters known, because every time I see him, I got your but I like stare remand, as has been the iron like you, gotta watch up so far I mean before the motto that I think the first summit. Bird feeling like that was too short in a long time has fully back. No was the perfect as perfect. You know I'm saying like when it was over. I was like: oh that's it. You know. I give you added at those six shows it was probably lesson two hours and forty five minutes it was like mood. I was like a perfect eighties, album and songs all singles we're out, but I don't understand that should be more of a strategy where people go where leave the money? More with this? Absolutely no!
one in. U S tv. Does that especially on streaming where they're trying to Ino back Netflix, they really just want minutes watchdog, little eyes could have done it. Like our a walk off with the one season in the guidelines on the stairs, and they just kidding think you'd better, couldn't not that's mighty, plus glad I thought they rushed. The editor lay your very mad about the ending of seas. In one big little eyes. You felt that the last seen when they were just all on a beach in everything with happy was very unrealistic, was terrible So here you are, with the resolution rehearse usually way into it was their response to how bad that Andy was reside here. We data we can force. So bad I'm not as methods that as you are but defied the bachelors more lesser, and they as popular as it was five years national right either. The slogan Rancheiras, this isn't about right is really getting attention. This seems like the most popular Seas
either bilaterally and I'm not export here. I just I am a friend of Juliet Lippman, so I'm speaking from her perspective bite you. Yes, it seems like the bachelor at especially has really broken through, and I think you gotta handed to Tyler. I have named recognition. Tyler without you know, being a regular parliament have certainly never nobody on the show is ever broken out. This funny, though, like the Oji shows Riley wrote a piece for us this week about survivor. Mistakes they made in theirs sides now of the finish line by becoming thank elixir You think I'm just goes on forever. The advocates jeopardy, if you like, jeopardy. I think it's reliable. We entertaining tv that has like a bassline like the floor is so high for survivor. Maybe the ceiling will never get back to where it was in the opening scene of jeopardy. I don't see why not
its survivor. It's one of the most recognisable brands like in reality, television, history, it's also a habit. It's been going for so long that so many people know how to watch it and like the updated streaming version of it, wouldn't work, because you now the momentum and checking every week as What did you say they would like the challenge in everything else? It's just a game. You can just see it's just the players who were interesting. The chat either challenges I told thirteen years, Riley's Mammy like the actually we should just like, don't mess a baseball, I don't do infield shifts. We can just play baseball like rallies and you don't have to screw with a formula that is They proved to be so rely on, maybe there's a growing it with it, because they could see the end in sight. Well. I did ask where he was at our data very little. They haven't all winter season coming, so they want to do a bunch of different stuff with it sets the forehead Seas and I'm sure shock
Remember bachelor, there must have been like. Oh three. I was living in a way that point and it feels like its is kind of impact as its ever been special social and we ve seen it with them our staff, and that was a shower. I never thought would last sixteen seventeen years. He I think they just cobbled together a bunch of different audiences, because there are there are than Kiley. While much. Not u buy indifferent ages, indifferent, it's different locations. Got a lot of different types of people watch the bachelor and sees a community to it. That is pretty rare for tv now, where it's almost exports Yasser Arafat. Colleagues you fill out if you're, not if you don't know, what's going on in that, if people
automatic you're, like the one person who does exactly that goes back to what we are talking about when we first started, which is essentially like television used to be a little bit more of a communal event situation, and now it's like basically like this private, I have my own algorithm. I have my own stuff being served up, I'm going to these specific places to get this specific thing and when you're talking about something like stranger, things, which had potential to be a little bit more of an event, I think even though I think by all estimations it wasn't event. It just wasn't an event for, like the people, try to call me we're used to it yeah, but I think that's like one thing: that's bachelor. Survivor in and an end to some extent, the talent shows that are still ongoing. People watch the voice they just get together every week and they'd they care about who might wind voice or who got screwed on the voice or whatever, and that something the tv
I think, will always have. I just don't know whether that our version of that will exist on Amazon New Sunday night, my wife took our two kids to go see. Rent says home a moment, They don't watch the shows to watch big little lies on euphoria. They don't wait for me to come home to watch those. Some like cool watching red Sox Dodgers becomes apparent, they're going to lose, and I'm like I don't. I just gonna wanna watch big little eyes, you aren't you alyosha you're, making they watched the shares. Our both now and then she came back and she's. A european wide shows like yeah, see just is that how is your bid will lie? So I lied. And then she noticed Ursus. Now she
New because we started whatcha big little eyes and I was like on my phone and that my typical kind of intensity- and she just looked over and music- you fucking watches, shows didn't you I do they. They saw arid hours of of copper, cheating, Netflix, cheating, Sech, a real thing. I would like to read the cosmos in future about how young very re offend dying, ruin my relationship and yes, many of them, and it doesn't go well for people so that you can go now. You see you now. Some people really do take it seriously. There's also The other thing that happens is you start to show together, and one person in the couple gives up more rights to give up, and then you fight about I get into the details of my life. I'm like you got me hot. You can't take away this You know what I mean like you were my d Larry. We have to finish dark or whatever and some his dick is so boring. I can't do this anymore, like you watch it by yourself and I'm like I don't
to watch it by, might it always aren't? I don't want to be the rear die in the other room watching our show without you like lies you from four hours a day, we're watching show together what side is when one person decides that you sweet? You still have to watch it together, but the person is like I don't know if that's tonight, but I'm not going. We see from the kind of my guide which I've guilty party and we might watch this at some point. So I need you to abide by the try reserving the right to lash out later, we still not finished I'm coming as my later about about that Phoebe. I like we basically like wool earmark things like theirs as harm movie, that we will really while watch that sounds ridiculous, but like are now treating it likes it Kane is coming out with arm of its called. I think it's called trespassers and it's about two couples who go like an air being be in the desert. Like havoc of night and then might wake up and like they of like a stranger shows up,
you're being being those are my favorites, but we're like friendly strangers. Are you? Are you still free Saturday night to watch trespasser that that's relevant for it? It's like they amount of mental space you dedicated to like planning your stuff around. When are we going to be in the right mood to watch. Xyz is so funny. It was never an option. It was like twenty four hours on tonight. Do you want to watch it cuz we have to Why are there is one other peace to this is when you start the show one person doesn't like an bales. But then we later gets into the show so the happened a my way for killing eve. Yeah watch two episode. She wasn't to it, and I really want to watch it causes you guys, love killing Eve ass. I began my shoes, I don't like it. Unlike Sandro, while I get ya, take
Am I right I'll watch, my maritime, I never do and then she's on a fight and she watches six episodes of killing Eve. Doesn't Me come saw my come in one day, she's there and she's watching killing Eve, unlike the friggin treadmill machine thing, now like what's going on when you do it and it was like season two episode for seizing yeah. I thought I told you maybe one of those Whatever I resented airplane in our so mad as they were always working hours now, you have to catch up, that's a lot of time and we are not for people to be in a relationship against bad yeah, so it's fun doing everything we can talk about the Hell's new beginnings. I hope because you're, the only minor details do beginnings. Is there hey watch
time is so pathetic. I guess I can't believe you and gave it. I just can't believe it exists. It's an american treasure, the it so bad, it's a bunch of people, our pretty low, sometimes where's ago, that are now back in our lives, but have that any really talk well, because they married and have kids are recovering from a drug. Her up all problem and then they all go out and two thirds of the people can't drink somebody else as a kid in there efficient ways to fight so could be a good solely colored murderer. That's egg, Chris! as it might me anymore, more there's no reason behind it. It's really bad yet synapses for Chris Ray You can hear in the watch. Yes, major, Dobbin, we can he jam session and the Ringer dash yes as well big lit alive seasonality, disseminate Abinger Unita crimes, presentable looking for her
swimming I'd. Thanks to Kevin Oconnor Chris rhyme mended Dobbin stakes, disappeared off, get good, zip code outcome, slash bs thanks to view at fur; Dont Bigelow alive with us. Our last episodes on twitter good at ring after the show Andorra hashtag big little live next week. I have a couple good package for you. Which you say to a list: actors named Kevin are gonna, be on two of the Pakistan last week. You even figure that they get don't forget about the Real Atropos Reservoir dogs. You see next week
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