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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks with Shea Serrano about the 'Creed 2' trailer, 'Death Wish,' and Shea's Spurs fan perspective on Kawhi Leonard (3:35). Then Bill calls up Joe House to congratulate him on his Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup, and to talk about whether teams should trade for Kawhi, Dwight Howard's sixth trade in seven years, HBO's 'Courtside at the NBA Finals,' LeBron's next move, and more (33:45).

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Today's I've, so the pessimists, Pakistan, the Ringer Pike S network, spread through by zip recruiter having a high sports iq, is very, very, very important as we are about to find out this quite Leonard Sweepstakes thing who has the high sports are key to make the right trade for quite a while the spur screwed up. Look when it comes to hiring you actually dont need a hierarchy just needs. It grew to their powerful technologies can stands resinous five people, the rat experience for your job. Eighty percent of the poorer supposed on Cypriot Aquatic any through the site in just one day in my listeners, contrived for free, add Sippar, cruder that car so be a sip, recruiters smartest way to hire. I, if you miss Court, cited the NBA finer than HBO prepared on Tuesday night peoples in the like it as fired up, you can check it out on
Each Burgo HBO now HBO on demand. Wherever you get your HBO, hey cord cutters, it's out there, you like it. It is the story of the NBA final says: we talked about him and his back ass, kurdish. The big picture fly and afterwards she that I was that should have existed for the Abyss- farmers, most importantly, nephew Kyle as a cameo. When eighty Sandberg walks in the door, you can seek nephew. Kyle fur reef. Second, I was always word what we saw in Africa and HBO would be he'd, be the chauffeur one of the software poor movies, but now now it's actually it. He has his clothes on an his close out is letting it Andy Sambre, so big went for us and for my wife's family with that Africa. Anyway, check that out the reward. Boss is coming back this week. I think
see more than we're putting the next one up or maybe Wednesday night overnight, Forrest Gump me and Sean fantasy. We band it out. It is, I got to say, a really good movie who knew who newest underrated. We talked about that. We bang out a whole bunch of stuff there's a lot of Jenny, Gump just breaking down what happened to her and how she died. If you like that movie or if you have conflicting thoughts about, I would highly recommend checking out the rewatchables and also check out the Ringer NBA show because we're doing
bunch of drafts african ever live party. On Thursday. Eight same thing, fora on Twitter. We would be doing a twitter showed during the draft, so go to add ringer, and you could check that out all of our people in town and ready to roll. This feels like I have a weird feeling that there's gonna be a lotta, weird stuff, go on this draft and I keep using the word weird, but there we're teams in the top six that do weird things in any time the weirdness quotient tips over certain level. That's when you know weirdest is coming and I feel like this is going to be a weird draft stay tuned for that. We're going to talk about Touche Serano by Pretu in the Kawhi Leonard Rumors, then we're to talk to Joe House about about the caps winning about. What's the best move for a team trying to trade for Kawhi? Should the Celtics do it, and and also about Dwight Howard, which you know he got traded again
he's at a really really fast and careers. That's our common up first project! It is Wednesday afternoon discuss space around on the line we have the column, the sitting beside a creative trailer? This is the most important thing that happened in two thousand, and maybe in my life share your reaction after you acted the first twenty five times your reaction to the creative trailer. Oh my God bill bill. Did you watch it we want of poor. So like I was watching it with you, and I watched it is incredible bill outside
there's a lot if I ever been in my life, so it starts out creeds in a hospital bed in its unclear. He's in there because he lost a fight or he got beat up. They left their party and big. U S right, that's correct! I don't happen, though I re not about to start I figured it out from it. I went through in Sudan, it goes it a ladder. The same beats of Rocky three about creeds, a debate now He said real success. Now now he's gotta dig deep. Now he's gotta find their fire again. Rocky gives him the speech that basically Mickey gave rocky and Rocky three so little out of the sea beads, and then I'm watching them like a thought, drag in this way, was that urban legend drugs that in this and then we get to the end in theirs- is big fight. In this way muscle I turned around and draw yeah robe and I at last
you're, my bow shea, there's an I lost my my back. Thousands of my shorts, a big evil. A white guy. This drama, men there, let's bucking go some of it. Not everything decided what happens in the movie billing. I've been Eddie added value, they do a lot of they do lay at the ragged three a lot by yeah, definite the movie stars create the first treat ended with where Adonis having like pushed Pre Ricky. Up to that near two feet. So I relax. We understand how yeah I understand how how beautifully is how great of a fighter he is so rotten tree. Two is going to start with, like a flash forward scene where we get to see him real, quick when a bunch of fights win the championship, and get to the point where is like sort of super doesn't care about fighting as much as he did
You say in the rise, the Rocky three opening with the eye the tiger and the pebble machine. He beats a bunch of deeds you predicting, the mines, has to start creed too. Yes, for sure we get them, I thought and then the movie drops than with them in their championship fight that he has the loose again to everyday use biting. That's always like the first thing, she has him on the canvas and therein near the Bell ring in the background and make her to the hospital. I want you to get the brakes beat off them. They're gonna go to the hospital. You got me go in and around telling them that we're gonna get through this. Sort of ignoring Thou art on the other. We go and Beaumont shoots forward, so the question is, is dragging the guy that put him in the hospital now no chance. I think he eluded that's it. That's just a different fight. What he got beat up real bad. He was prepared for it as he needed.
He loses lose the championship, they're, trying to figure out like what the next move or for Danny, and then we find our own. Yeah I'll, even driver sounded alive than it also fighter and die besides. This is what I need more than I want a championship. I don't need that anymore there at all like way the Danube build he's just sort of searching for purpose. You know you want to prove that he's worthier worthwhile, that's the whole character for Danny. It was through the first one is gonna, be through the second, when I hear you ve experienced policy, he thought I was in a sort of future that one form a dinner Gotta go all. I need to beat this guy, that's how I do it. That's how I proved too too. Two APOLLO that I'm not a mistake. We can get that same thing, so there's a chance. They ask both from the early playbook. Where are where Ali loses Ali loses two Frazier.
Then Frazier loses the title of foreman Ben Ali has to beat foreman. So maybe Maybe in this scenario, so Ali beats Norman to win the title maybe in this scenario he loses the title And then drag beats the person who got the lucky punch against creed and has the title I gotta fight him would be I guess you're right. I yeah I feel like this. It's not gonna be a championship fight. You know rocky foreign Rocky five driver that win the championship by above zero outside of everything. I think they're gonna do that same thing here, but I bet I think, that the pretty smart play, if you want to make that bet, you only that better draggled come to champion, while Daniel down that might be smart. There were lotta, unrealistic parts of Rocky, for which
I thought I'd, ask ass before and various platforms, but him deciding not to put the title up for the fight to fight on Christmas and to fight for no money that the three way cup of that is probably the most realistic part of any rocky movie. I'm pretty sure they would have made, but in that fight they could have done it they would charity. It would have made a hundred million dollars on that fight. I hope Creed doesn't do that, I'm hoping that it actually gets for this? Does it this hey? It's about money, we could get money to. You could say it's out about money, but that, in light of the most important thing for me, this creative trailer. I got to be honest, I was a little worried. I was that colleagues have involved no cooler, I had heard the rumours of the dragon thing which, on the one hand, sounded thrilling but, on the other hand, sounded like that had the ability to go terrible fast. There
was a story that sized alone was gonna direct for a couple months. That really scared me he's, in his mid seventies, amid the edges to go from Cougar, who is the best director we ve, probably in the last twenty years to sign alone in his bed. Seventies made be super nervous and we just red flags? There is one point where it didn't seem like envy. J was even necessary, new, creative and now it seems like the ship has been read it. I know they got a young director they really like and awe, and now after the trailer, I'm just ready affords they say we have to wait till Thanksgiving, that's terrible! That's the only foggy part. I am a tiny bit nervous on ten percent nervous cooler was so good so smart about the way he handled everything in the first creed there were it with US the Georgian they could have gone wrong. Twenty five different way. The matter will be ruined it and he did every single thing right, heir to the tiniest Egypt like, for example,
the entire movie until the last round of the last fight before they play the Rocky found when he jumped up and if start playing it was with an incredible tat, like that's the kind of such that a genius filmmaker. Does The approval does not impose them little there that trepidation there. But again the trail of the trail is promising is a very good. I'm excited watch it do. The first green came out romping, giving his well right. Yes, something yeah yeah. I remember I was watching that in turn is what, by one of my favorite movie theater, it is. My life was watching creed at the movie theater. I was there with my wife, with my two of my uncle's, with one of my aunt and one of my nieces and we're watching it in the theatre, the theatres pack in San Antonio Weather, like fired up with this movie, come thou out at the theatre. Well, we're watching it were getting through the final thing: they do. The training one he's running through the street. You growing up at rocky, and I looked
to my right. Everybody think that by right again, my wife, my to uncle my and my needs are all crying already where it was like the most fine. I have added a movie theater another ten years or something like that. I'm fine upper part. You bet, I also had a fantastic movie experience and San Antonio tell me tell me two thousand and thirteen finals. I don't want on it now. To bring that parliament felt that it was up to three. Format, found myself in San Antonio fur, I think eight days and we say, did no Shea surrender yet IDA either? I figure of freelancing for great line at that point. I don't even know if you're freelancer for us, yet it was read around when you shop agreement. I shall yeah a little bit after our free darted, didn't really know lamp, and San Antonio other than jail and who had thirty miles wide
No, that we had the option. GonNa Ostend, yet wasn't gonna, go out and get back in the the whole river waxy now that stuff, the data hadn't San Antonio Friday date, fast six saw that whatever that awesome San Antonio theater was where you have the big couches that you could read the big guy shares that you can recline was one of the first Humphrey theatres and did act. Levin Eleven P M fast, sick, showing I asked it was glorious in my heart's, always gonna gonna blow the San Antonio little bed after that, just after watching who's, the guy get the girl good, though. Diego dies at the end on the plane her boyfriend. What's that deeds name in the movie days hot iron and they just kill of hot and gale good effort, Gaga down at the at the end of their recovery, Now it is our job to watch.
Anyone know why they did that. I I think she had. She renew sure, don't wonder woman, so she's that I can be in this anymore. Just give it to me so the point as were very excited for Crete, to Nashua, I'm going to arrange our many use the very limited powers that I have to see if we can put a screening way before Thanksgiving, because I do not want to wait if I, if I ever, have any multimedia media put on my life. This is this is gonna, be it to get the Ringer crew in some sort of theatre in September October. I do not want to wait until November. I just can't not. I can't do that stuff when drugs tender and I saw the dragoon robe- I didn't know what to do in my I'm wearing drag our role to the day when we go now I'm DR like cosplay. If dragon had turned around and it wasn't away muscular. But it was quite Leonard with that. A number of creed more then
August Steiner, the same yeah will definitely it would have heard now. I've been artist. I don't know how every conversation we have you bring up? Go, I don't matter what we're talking about words topical now, both its it sees. Gonna leave itself Like now down Elizabeth he's persona. Grab and San Antonio, no matter how this point, even if they say screw you and keep on, I don't think the fans would want back for another year right now. We doubt we're all we do what we want. We want Europe, freedom. They you want to trade. Here. Is your trip up one plain in the Euro League for a year that, though we want you, can can you write about a real Madrid for ready for have no idea what the rules are we're like intercontinental trade by the like there's a loophole in there. We should be able to take a ban, so we have covered the story
intently and on the ringer on my pack, ass, a Ringer Ba show with that with our posts, and things like that, because we have known We have learned over the years to look for the little signs and when man knew him. Occur when at him a little bit publicly and now comes out this week. That I think was was the one who wrote that once that happened, why was he was really upset? that he got called out, we thought that right in a moment as I wow that's a really really kind of strong statement for those guys to call him out publicly in question the It really does seem like now. Looking back, things were never the same after that. That was when he stopped and beyond the team as much and all that stuff. So can we agree that that was the tipping point for sure, but the tipping point was a minor doing it. Tony, you kind of expected
got that little bit a stake in a manner doing it motto coming out in vain. It is I'm heard of eyes if lifelike IRA, you did that's just not a thing that happened with minor. That's never a tone that here there, again in all of his time in the NBA and territorial don't eat it. You gotta go well, is it this is a rap, and then he doesn't go to the plan Keynesian. What you want want from collide trades. Do you want to still be able to compete red Where do you want future assets at just. Do the full rebuilt. Don't think I want to do a full rebuild just yet I'm in the still pretty good I'm on the markets, the back now, that's my guy. He did all the stuff we need it. Do well he's all right now. This is so long. I now issue showed up you showed up. A war like you didn't, do and prayers previously ISA. You know that this might be.
I will do everything I can and he did everything he could get. You guys were a player. Why, though, whether able to do and he did. They were due job very problem markets throughout the length and let them go why you want to go. He wants to go to allay, let's see if we can't Let's get going mad about. Let's get mean. Give me a couple of guys enough. The tricky part here everybody knows he's leaving so now get to be able to get a life form in a city where he doesn't want to go get it. I gotta find there again and you kind of also We are getting an elaborate and allay because they know wants to go there anyway, so per sort of screwed and that's them, but I trust pop, I'm sure you'll figure out something good here. If I was allowed, not transfer. Yeah cause. I don't think I went in the title next year, even if, like let's say they got the brain and quite Paul George altogether, I stood on, think that's entitled him. I think it would take a year. Get everybody ready anyway. I
a away a year for nothing. I could see how Ingram and Kuzma kind of mesh with the brain, and then the a year later dams and expand contract is a little easier to trade, and I found the spurs. I am that positive Ingram seems good enough to give away quite and take on two years there Duncan is that now I'm in salary, I oppose that Asylum Patty mills are that's up, I would be a minister about this when it comes out of bed I'd, be more focused on doing like the Bradley Bill into first rounders fertile. Why tat betrayed and trying to stay competitive? You know tat, I don't hate that idea. Give us yeah would think Bradley. They won't do like fixed games the first round and there will be a good year for us we're having a good in the yard. He begged the something's per Gordon Heyward, the kings, pig and We shall take on the table for
I thank you. Really. Good trade for the spurs thou be the cold. This thing they ve done in a year since they traded as Thomas with certain here put but yeah. I I think, there's a way for the spurs to stay competitive and not take on a bad contract, if they do this correctly also leg, you follow pop his whole career, where does he live, see? Might the kind of guy who's gonna wanna go out and see in Antonio having set up the next Lakers dynasty? I don't see how weird yeah yeah that far for sure he ate the Lakers he's been like openly dismissive or April toward them, since the other thought trade like you are we talking about about our battle was another year. I think our. The one main thing never pushes back, give them in Kuwait. Lakers, they did when we want to have a hand in that But now I like Brandon Ingram- am I can't get over like he looks like he should be really really good:
some of them. It is not really really good, yet they always looks like he should be, and I can't get back that both fingers crossed there. My favorite spurs collide trade just cause. I could see this week out for them in a bunch of four ways is Tobias areas, the twelve thirteen and a two thousand twenty unprotected number one from the in and the weather for this bears is Tobias replaces. Seventy two percent of koalas offense and none of the defence. Obviously yeah thirteen peg state you're able to like tray on fast we're twelve some ass, some guy magically falls to twelve. That becomes this year's Edward Mitchell, they get somebody asked with the thirteen and then come. The clippers four year leaves and then that twenty twenty pink becomes like the second pick in the draft.
Knowing how things work out for the spurs. I could see that playing outright that doesn't seem unrealistic, sail a bunch of good things to me right now. And I'm gonna hurt and a very important the ringer. I had a chance to read you a bit so when collect back what happens twice first gave back in San Antonio. Assuming is traded. Oh, it's be a mad out. That's gotta much feel like when Durant went back to OKC, be at the mind, that's the sort of vibe you're getting and sure the day that the whoever he goes to they're going to be automatically good because of how good he is, but I don't know I feel like Nothing else is going a boot booed every time he touches the bar, which ITALY the first time in his career. That happened, though, maybe fall apart. That sort of rooting for now is an emotional breakdown. We are now. What does that wholeheartedly? Ngo, ok, see like the rear comes,
back and they were Superman. Listen I've, I've, bendy games in both places. This tony offence lets you say they have a little extra edge. I think oh yeah. I think that would be like that. Ok see crowd after, like five drinks, Either there there were just a lot of extra fuck you that crowd that up I've. Bunch of angry Mexicans. Doubting that emperor for three and a half hours. The greatest the greatest San Antonio crowd, slash game. And one of the more under eight games was the game. When that, when the ac shut off The Gatt exceeded Tonia gave out I'm a sweater ten pounds up, but it was just perfect. The crowd love that super hot there. It was like super had crazy and emotional and passionate the brown got crops here on the sidelines wrong around in the crowd resist so into it. They're like yes, now,
again in our favour, it was really great. Was a really good one about it. One of the great Spurs game in my life. I prefer yeah no way. The North Sea gave that's. How goes thirty years throughout the US again before we got one took by death which is available to ban you, and I gimmick where we talk about. How much we would have paid for A movie what what it's worth? What's the matter, why, with filling this is like a better version of rotten tomatoes, so Decker was available. I was in Cleveland, I'm staying at the It's one of the morning. My bodies out West Coast time is probably twelve. Thirty, eight I needed a movie. I was going to fall asleep or three anyway. Death wishes on its name, Ninety nine hotel paper view it. I think of it. Was two cents more. I probably would have declined, but nineteen then and was like the max. I was gonna. Yes, I got it and
It is pretty solid. I'm glad I got it. I also feel pretty strongly that one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine was the tipping point price for that movie How do you disagree? I I would agree with you there, our aid. I believe it I just where the final shootout thereby fall down the stairs, over the bat like even it'll, keep up our common, though I would they just to see that part. Yet. Ninety, ninety nine! right, I think, what is new and part of that members, what far ok issues sure about Bruce Willis any more as a leading men. Really I'm going start their yeah, it hurts to say, hurts to say yeah I don't think I disagree with you there. Ok, that's fine They did not have the talk. The argument about the gypsies old to me and that leg I love you
death. Wish I mean it. Certainly, the the opening assault seen on the wife and sister has that age well and is a tough watch, but just in general. It seem realistic to me that this Charles Bronson, who having trouble this architect having trouble dealing with what happened, is just starting to go out there to go shoe people. Basically, his vigilante Bruce Rice prison so I was buying a little bit less. I am, but I also don't really know where would have cast instead of him it in the amateur throw this are you was the move to go younger? I you know what They know what I think. Maybe he s only because we ve gotten nine of this exact movie in the land. Eight years. You know, though you advocate revenge on these people, the data thing to my family. We ve never met a bunch and we saw
my version of it without great with a younger guy, and I was really find a watch though yeah maybe younger, might have been a good player, but I like the Bruce, was in this movie. I like I like that, for the first time he seemed a little bit like me, he couldn't let off knew I'd, be watch all die hard, and yet I is definitely is capable of doing this, but in this one I don't know, there's a chance, you might not be able to do it, that's kind of fun for me too, to watch. I also like how all of the sort of one liners at this point they feel very like bad. Like Saddam watch, him doing do them. It made That's when that when you like the ice cream- and they all are you are you laugh customer pop up back? That's the thing, a bad with them sure know. You can't do that with a young guy. Cool like it was for all they do it in the eighties and on TAT I see what you mean divided gone. Oh there. Let me just start to name that I think, would work better. First about Denzil, then
The answer to every question with this year there's a little closer to the equalizer, whatever I'm fine with it. I think Denzil as a doctor hitting some breaking point and going out there and tapping into some dark side? I just think he's it's just such a massive upgrade for Brazil, us and if you go in for kind Expected older guy, what about Tom Hanks. But dad, but Tom Hanks lay features Briggs it's a world thanks a shooting people. I think my problem with Bruce worse thing was, it seemed too easy and that's it There are a lot of power as a basque movie yeah. It is come like recourse. Bruce, worse is going to be in this, but I've seen Bruce will act as a vigilante a million times already. So anyway. The other thing I think it was you. Hunger- and at that point it's been these or the rock.
Ok, then these are very easily it's you cut for this in the same for the rack sea have to I gather that your clothes right, but their love their little to beg. You need a smaller guy, you do it, you need it. I've been arrested and Walk Father, the centre, the rocky guy. I? U destroying everybody. You need a guy who theme impractical, that you would be doing the things you doing in this movie. That's why taken it worked out so well yeah, why each be amazing movie after that has been a little bit less good, because you Didn't expect to see that from Lebanese than you do need their having cummings might be a little too far more do far down that road but yes sire. So I just watch taken again. I've watched it enough times that my wife now Stockholm syndrome. Are there and knows the movie really well. Now is our like this? We are so she sees have half of some
willed her into leg in the movie I they take, it is it's a brilliant pieces cinema I stand by and my favorite part. I have allowed a favor parts. My report is when he goes to see Jean Claude, with his at dinner and the way a car that fell back It starts escalating and she's like going on AIDS de who'd, you guys, like the carrots and their locked into this whole thing. That's gonna badly, Jean Claude, pulls out the gun. Thirdly, this does yeah. Did they eat? That's what have when you're behind a desk, you don't know the weight of a body, tat bag and they keep egg and hope. Young cod. The desk thing like it's like just the worst thing in the world that he's behind a desk there. The Essen added nowhere shoot, Why, for the shoulder and joy freaks out in this has got its fine. It's a flesh wound is progressing.
First by having shot There's no way. You would have noted the flesh. Rude you'd have to leg, look at it burst in what? If what, if it like, shattered her shoulder bleaker all these different ass, it is it's an unbelievable thirty seconds, I loved so much it. That is a bad at a really great part of the above. We fail for me. The best thing is that it uncle Roger, has always really build up to any, though there are going to take you like tat. Every time I watched my thumb at bottom. I bought it but the but am shooting down clause, wife and the shoulder an arm wherever he decided issue is just you don't do that, come in and heard so much too should happen. That's what were you literally grab your face? You cover your mouth I mentioned are grave. The same thing happened to me: have you seen great? Yet
Now I have not seen yet it some of that all can never mind. I gotta tell you that I get paid a faraway there's a part when you watch a great or you will cover your mouth everybody in a theater. Despite all my guy, like that part happened there, that's what that was. The pig spelled it taken is no doubt a first at all. If a movie well, if we're going to be doing, it is a rational, some recital on a spur too much by the way Forest company whatcha was coming. I come in. This me shall Van break it down a forest cup has now underrated, say it's the I thought they really for these things to say five years upwards completes the merchant we. It had taken this summer, because I have a lot of thoughts, including am I we can assume hooked, his daughter and heroin, and that forty eight hours span right because they hooked up the other girls are the other? Girls immediately had these drug problems and then she dancing in the law. Cage with other people in there
action in the hooker action. And she seems like she's drugged up on there and then he saves around the yard and the two weeks later find no drink though jug rehab for her she's right out there, family there resilient brazilian bunch yeah I'd like to live my life that taken three never happened, I would encourage you to do finally yeah, If I take it, three there's some movies edges. Take it three, the wave killed early, the immense further. I just that happens there. Partaken one is a masterpiece. It's really great she's around or whether you would you read about this week for the ringer, I'm right about Creed and Jurassic world. My to anything, great look for it:
I a good luck with the coadjutor. I beg you before we get to house wherever. However, you listen, this package ran out, take a moment check out sticker. Those listening on stature already get. Why stitches amazing? For those you don't know the free Pakistan for phone and andred, it's got a hundred and fifty thousand great pack ass, like this one layer, Wilmore pack, ass, judge erratic three Whatcha balls, the recapture bulls, Michael Peters, on shuffle music package, which was really get this week
Whatever you want, whatever you love, listen to, it's got all of them with you got a GM or Bmw or any of the fifty plus other model. Stitchers integrated with you can listen in your car and then pick right back up where you were at home work. Whatever else you can listen to it even works on smart speakers that smart recommendations, a playlist and killed by your favorites and plus it's got a premium service with more than twenty one thousand dollars original shows bonus, episodes ad free archives. You can only hear in Stitcher premium if you're on your phone download it free right now on the app store or visit, get stitcher dot com to learn more, that is, get stitcher dot com. It's get Pakistan just in general, just getting better- and this has been- I think, the best one for a while. So there you go, let's call Joe ass on the line right now the people been demanding him. They wondered the p.
From the Washington DC area. Have wondered why we, Doug Joe House. Ever since the capitals have ended the DC sports Curse of ninety nine to twenty six years, people want to know why House was led to celebrate on this back ass. He this have two other park as he is. The shack check us back ass. He has house carbs. Now he gets to take his victor LAD, Joe House. Congratulations LA back bill sentiments I have to confess I have my own role to play in this on available for this podcast I planned schedule around attending this year's. U S open up at Kennicott kills that really had. The effect of you know me me! I was gone out on the road because there were- no scenario under which I imagined MA. Beloved wash in capitals playing
not let level on winning the Stanley CUP playing in its eyes like this is a safe enough. Yo gamble, for me to go ahead and planned this trip and get the hell out of town. So he, since you one coach, resigned and outside Again now has severe liver disease from other drinking he's done over. The last two weeks will never play hockey again. That's fine, though you brought your cup, that's right too much I have two words for you who Who cares care less best of luck to coach trots? I want nothing but great things. For he pre was an incredible steward of the franchise for the years he was here his. You know ability to bring out the very best from backs trim and oh vat, skin and I think in many respects a lot of why this season this Stanley CUP Run came together, has been
This was only a season where there were so such low expectations. This was supposed to be a transition, season for the cats and lo and behold that felt good only in backroom. And my boy, John Carson and some of the older heads that have been around for a lifetime for whatever reason, You know what I'm added headed it affect the psyche DC sports fans. Do you think anything? Afraid of losing item is now our people optimistic about the nets in the Redskins embrace Harper staying. Is it like a cloud lifted? Well, wait a minute! Wait! A minute bed! I mean they're dead. Redskins of the whole another thing: let's not, let's not spoil this conversation with any reference of that fetid franchise. I mean, let's, let's let that wait until the fall and weaken pump up. The poor. Peter and get ready for that in our in due course. By share the baseball team is good there's no reason they can't win the analyses. They're gonna win the alleys, we're back
the pie, us we'll see what happens with Bryce Harper. I didn't love him showing up physically attic capital. Want arena, reinforce. Game and going into a box wearing the Knights Jersey, like I get that he is from your hair at all can arise over. He could roofers team, though don't post in the Jersey and then go off into a box, my home well, and he had somebody in in the year. He had a little act of contrition afterwards and wanted to celebrate. All the calves, the cap's all went to an that's game the day after they all got got back embrace was on Is that why you left it first of all its acceptable? If he grew up, in Vegas watching the golden nights for his entire life. I get it They just added the tube eight months ago, get the fuck out of here Brace Arbour, So, like you, showed his beard and ah
it's just a lot of neck right now. You can kind of understand why I had the beer. The dude's got a massive neck and kind of a small head out, grow the beard back, brace, maybe I don't care! This is were finally in a mode where anything to get him heading two. Fifty up I'll take anything. You know, shave shave, his whole body, donate the hairdresser, and I don't care what I just would like him to get on base load. But more will congratulations. I would talk more. Gave an amateur c. P really cares, that's cats, Is it was almost more amazing that you were game. Seven against the penguins said it was that you want a cup I gotta say: well, that's what what really cleared the way like all the monkeys off the back the season It was finally that formula that would add lot of people here have been arming for like our guy
it's gonna, lay down and on the ice and and and block the shots, and I think we lead the league and block shots. You know we never see that and we finally got a balances and we finally got the hot gold tenor at exactly the right moment to tamper beg aims were shut out When you know the whole season was on the line. The one thing that I would mention. I really do that. The outpouring of love for this cat. He may really was with that. I would call a kind of a new DC moment in the sense that, like the demographics of the city, have changed over the last ten to twelve to fifteen years and the cap's have been a relentless lead. Competent franchise. Oh that period of time, and so there, the franchise with sellouts. We every regular season game and the end of the great disappointment has been the playoffs, but as soon as that, flipped that script flip a little bit huge outpouring data. Thus pictures of the facts
and the firm of fans attending games and watching outside that that that square of the square blocks down. There were pact that was like fifteen to twenty thousand people outside watching the games in and by the estimates I saw for the prizes like two hundred thousand families, the very gal hiding moment for the city that a lot of wind, so it makes sense now, maybe maybe this'll be it happening. Boston when the Pats won the Superbowl in one it felt it felt like a kind of open the gates for more good things to happen can fit didn't fit. The whole city felt like we couldn't get over the hump and we're cursed and then I think Minnesota might be the newborn curse, cursed city now, that's all because I'm gonna let they ve, never accept a call them crew. They want up off game on on an unbelievable miracle. So its top the column, curves Edna, choke the next week it fairly they completely choked. When I got there ass handed to us, was it the chalk
there has now started, though, that interception when the guy went through the tire offence and scored lead from that moment on their last are the momentum Minnesota. Ok, nothing ever for the bags twins world Series is ninety. One. The temporal, are just an abomination and have been for their entire existence and nothing's were adopted. They wanna title with the with the packaging So how would I may put them when I think about a more cohesive Leonard people trying to figure out what he's doing We ve been talking about this. Back as you- and I have talked about this many times about all the bad signs and we were just what's once park. Should all be went after we became increasingly can Instead that he didn't wanna stay shade, I just talked about this book Would you take on co? Would you even aid for him. If it really seems like he's going to the Lakers at here,.
Well sure. Yes, I would, I would trade for him he's Assuming he's healthy, I mean you have to put him through a pretty rigorous Of course you do the one year was you, the one you're flyer form just kind of key your fingers, see you would yes, of course. Yes, you know, get a crack at top ten talent very often so when a top ten talent is, it is available. You grab him, who knows what's gonna happen right like what one of the team catches fire and you know this incredible chemistry and you you can anticipate all of unknowns all the variables, but the one thing they. Can do when when unbelievably talented player comes available, you grab them. Yet we try and make them apart. Your team IP stand, But he ain't going nowhere season. I am torn out because I do think that there could be a little effort
the spurs like we're. Not going down this way, we're not any in the path of edge Buford era, which is giving our best Porter Lakers, so he can get healthy. What's this and their new year great. On the other hand, there an exceedingly rational team and I think they operate a lot like about check, operates and if it was on the table for Beale and three unprotected first round packs in twenty twenty two and twenty four, which should be this this decades equivalent of what you paid for sea web, would you do that trade, let's say too who for Israelis instead of three now, I might think about it, it I don't know I'm a big deal- is starting to feel
like, though the one immovable peace. I feel like I'm cheating on John while by saying this, but I dont like there the roof. The recurrence of the need, trouble, effort for John Wall and The alpha dog thing was really kind of soul, sucking over the course of this most recent season. There a kind of a battle for the for the alpha dog position. That's what everybody aids I kind of stop and Beale really wasn't up to it. He really wasn't able to grab the Khan and and run with it as the leader of the team, but if he's able to play the number of- aims that he played this most recent season, and at a level you know how it looks like his ceiling is still out there. We haven't seen the very best of him. He feels like the more important player,
for the further almost boards to hold onto what do you think exactly wrote about any has been re wrote about quiet, Leonard, a jailer bran. I thought it was interesting piece echo to some of the things I ve been talking about. This package for awhile, namely what? the ceiling of jail and brown, and I and this during the playoffs? If you look at his first two years versus Paul George Inquire, Leonard he's actually ahead of them from a checkpoint standpoint from a kind of offensive of had the minutes he had the protection he had. The jumpy made from season went to season to you could argue, he's accede on paste to become a rich man. Paul George, now the Kauai Park I always are cool, was just and add a controlled the phone
You know you saw the two thousand thirteen final sutures his second year. He really went toe to toe the Bron and really started to feel like he had a chance to be special. He didn't know any iii can do anything. I fancy Viet. He could make some open shots and and get to the Roma fast breaks, and things like that he was not. He did not was that nearly the polish guy that he would come for years later defensively he's better than you know that ceiling of what he's doing is way higher than jail and brown and the other hand it hard to find these three. The athletes and- and I jail? Is one of the top twenty trade assets right now and he's making like six seven million a year and for what the Celtic, Sir, what were you have? Brown has three years left in his Ricky contract Tatum as four years left on his Ricky contract their pain, horrified, Heyward Inquiry MAX's, but that's all staggered to I love with the south eggs. Have I
do anything. I really would- and I know it's crazy design and walk away Leonard. I really think it screws up this twelve. Cycle that they have here. Where you have all these assets and then you have the kings pick come in the grizzly spit coming. I would not Kashin idea like what they have my crazy. While here's the really- trusting thing. There's the conceit that you know that, like the basis for your view, that means that you believe in the ability of the franchise to successfully navigate He slightly murky water of reintegrating Cairo and reintegrating Heyward into a team on a chemistry basis where these rookies God crazy MAX minutes and crazy responsibility and they're going to be asked, as next season arrives too play less minutes and to be as effective as they were this most recent season.
With a reduced role, a different role and what saying: is you would you prefer to go ahead with that experiment, as opposed to bringing in a trusted known that who's been through a couple of chemistry, experiments and your preferences to stick with the young guys and it's a perfectly valid view, but I just my biggest concern with the Celtics is How did those guys? How to those young guys react to less minutes and differ right. So here's my counter that I dont think there will be less minutes. I lit the minutes, get redistributed really easily either Marcus Mites gonna leave. Unfortunately, ok, ok! Well, that's one answer that makes high and they keep Roget for next year and he gets the lion's share. The market smart kind of third guard minutes, but in Cairo, and they will be able to survive that it's fine takers
play jail and a guard their jail and Heyward Tatum. All these guys can play the two the guy who's gonna lose minutes, is Marcus Morris, Margus, Morris's plan, thirty, five minutes a game for this team in the plants in their thirty five minutes. Probably would all what all the back I've got to say yes, Those are that those are expendable mass. So, give Heyward those thirty five minutes? I think jail and Tatum stay basically, the same. The jailer is not a one on one clear out he's gonna go to the to the rimtyme kind of score is a complimentary guy. Tatum is the guy who has a chance to that end, look at adding quiet. This is crazy. Cuz Kauai was, you know, one of the three best personally in year ago, but you had cut you co wider. This team, combined with carry whose you no seventeen and twenty shots again-
hey words, gotta get his fifteen eighteen. You won't tell him to get more shots. Hoarfrost got his twelve and that other spot. I think you want to go I like jail in over somebody like call who, over the last, years on. The spurs became this guy go, do as a go to guy, and I do think I do think you could tipper point with a basketball team we just have to many guys who need the bar and then the Sultan very close already with courage with carry Heyward and Tatum. You know look at the words it's psych, currying, Katy and then clay as the third option and then everybody says to sacrifice at some point He needs to battle against collectively. You're. Out of your mind, why, madam I mean there's no scenario under which it, the basaltic, are better staying put with jail in brown. Over overcome bilateral aid, there's no veterinary right, which that making a vacuum you're right? I'm saying I dont
gets a slim dunk, if you add collider this team, that that other problems don't pop up whether talk but the salary cap, whether you're talking about Having quite inquiry is free agents in here with you talk about a had, you fit all the hat, Hauser one basketball. For all these guys, guys were used to being surprised than their own teams. I do think it. Or those things. Were you just look at Inga? Oh, that's makes perfect sense. Let's do this. Ass, the one basketball thing I mean we ve just seen too many instances of teams figure it out on the fly in the players. You know who want to win and you make it work. I mean that was the one of the nares. How can harden and Chris Paul possibly coexist where they co exist, is just fine. They went out and kick the whole leagues ass, O K dealers into thy desire only turned away and how's that gonna work. You you're lying about two guys in that scenario, why just mention the Gulf States,
You have four guys that like to touch on the day, but they touched the ball in ways that complement each other dream on as a facilitator. That's all recently, as this is a spot of shooter that doesn't need to shoot twenty five times a game, but wanted one of the things with the Celtics you're gonna get fifty five the sixty games at best out of Kyrene and honestly, that's all you want you want. You only want it. You need him still healthy for the playoffs, the regular regular season he's only given you, you know sixty percent, so that's one way to to so solve it and the other thing I understand kind of long range planning wise, but the point is to win. If you get a guy that that the top ten guy could be on your team and in you know, you can kind of have to go for a ride, so in the past. I would have agreed with you, because I am a big believer in the whole window, thing
and when your window is your window, that's it like. I thought that way, but ok, see in eleven twelve thirteen like you're good now when the title, and I think we ve seen that over and over again over the years. He is the two caveats. With the south extent, I they Tatum has a chance to be legitimate, and it might even start happening next year. I want that guy to get shots. I wanted to get touches. I do not want him to be the fourth option on this too. I just don't. I want him to have the ball and and progress in a way that where I think he could be one of the top seven guys. In two years. So that's one thing. The second thing is the salaries. The way the way they kind of staggered. Everything was brilliant, where you have offered one year, Heyward the next area of Cairo coming up this year and you just basically the three MAC. Contracts, but you're, taking care them at assert certain in their when jail in and Tatum become bigger guys you can have them
to be able to do that, to you throw Hawaiian to that now that sailor cap thing is just is but then the big thing. For me, the choir thing makes me: more sense of hay words in the shade. The jail and brown leave you're telling me What about this, how me Heyward in the kings pick for jail in brown eyes Kate, Heyward and kings pick for co. You can even say Heyward the kings pick and the grizzlies picked for coy and if I knew co, I was reciting. I would do that. That makes much send interesting that you picked it's interesting to me. You picked Heyward overcome airy, why is that I think is most asian? I re curry. People forget how unbelievably was as for months it ass. A thing is, you know, I'm cutting done was a higher guess, friend is to play a hole, and he said he needs to play nobody was on. My pack has frightened. He said he would have been back for the eastern finals with that with this Jerry had or would it be in the back for ran to the problem? Was there is
weird infection, and I actually thought I was gonna be a bigger deal. We talked about in the park ass. He. He basically said on the part that here taking this crazy and ever had a thing. You know every eight hours he had to take all these things. Cuz the infection was so bad in his leg, then has to be. That has nothing to do torn ACL or a torn. You know like a hernia, aided desk or stuff that kid really compromise a guy longterm movie. That's just sounds like bad luck to me, so I think he's gonna, be you know. I just think people forget how He said if you put him so fight if my team was Curie, Tatum CO, why Orford jail in Brown? That teams fucking that that's, the favorites, a win win the east at least, and I think they could go to tow with warriors, but changing Hawaiian for a jail in true it is, it just seems kind of like a strain
move to me when you don't know where you're getting from quiet. You know if he's gonna be here in a year, and you don't know what the deal with his leg is in some. His behaviour has been strange, does not seem like a sure thing to me and my crazy offer. No, no! No but you, U per se over the concerns with him. You personally would trade. You would do, a jailer, Marcus Smart sign in trade with the kings pick, we'd go I'll and unclear. Why have you run in the subjects absolutely positively without hesitation or reservation again, assuming that he passes the rigorous physical? I think the mental part, here's the advantage, Boston HAZMAT it got me- to confess it, I'm not worried about Kai Rees sort of mental status is his attitude, is chemistry fit that's what bread Stevens is for, and Brad Stevens has made a lot of bombs. Look like heroes, Amene. If nothing else of with Brad Stephen. There
has taken guys like Jordan, Crawford and made them. I mean Jordan, which, which would journey crowding about direct a day, and I mean it doesn't as a litany of guys, substandard guys, that assumes they left Boston. Reverted to form and turned back into the guys were so I'm not worried about a super duper talent like Cairo. I will say, though, that in chemistry we found the spurs now the Lakers thing. If guy we live Why just says I'm gonna Lakers and with it to jail, arose and our package two weeks ago about the concept of pre agency, etc. Relatively new concept we just seen more of it like. I think this is one of the stories of the weak willed Chamberlain in eighteen, sixty eight was like I wanna get traded Lakers. They had to figure out how to do. It was one of the shady trades we ve seen Karim in Seventy five was like Leaving mock
leaving you in here I'm going, I'm going to allay fridge He's coming, I'm signing an ally, that's what's happening, you might as well get something for me now and they traded and this goes all the way through the year beloved belay wherever it occurs- sat with sea web. You know he's like Adam play for diagnosing trade me. He was. They still had a chance, kind of like him up with a contract, but he decided what he was doing without being afraid. That's got out Three! You talk about T Mac, you talk about Vince Carter Carmelo you go all the way through. This is theme in NBA history, if Kawhi basically says to them any. Let's every team know this, I'm going to the Lakers in here. That's how this is playing out. So Trey me Lakers now get something or keep me for one more year and I'm gone. What do you do if your the spurs sit tight? I don't think you know
is the thing we were guided guys changed their minds. We walk the Andrea door. Jordan fly from that. You know sneak out of wire mark Humans basement and get back to allay. I mean if you sit tight, you let them It kind of evolving. There may be a trade deadline, move for the spurs, you know maybe Co. I part of the thing the spurs they have a lot of leverage here. Let quite you know reset the market by going on here in outstanding basketball over. You know, forty five game. So? Let him remind everybody what he's all about so that you know the spurs Ernst are certain again. Fair value. You know come come trade deadline. I would just sit tight. For the time being a word to break the ring. And show a package that you ve been on. How I've been on the SBA. Show he check what other? What other have? So
Ringer NBA show tomorrow night after the draft, and maybe even during the draft they're going to be doing a live podcast that we will run Thursday night right afterwards. I might even be on that Podcast Uno's, We were not sure, but if you're not subscribe to the rear, based shown you a basque buttock, I would highly recommend chicken that at the rear ambition in the ring I cast our so here's my point with Calais, like the bigger picture leg he hears. Widening people are barking up the wrong tree with the with the quite right, I think, the South in Trump everybody just with Heyward the kings pack and the grizzlies peck? If they wanted to do that? That's a mother, lode you're getting The guy who is a year ago, was one of the best twenty points in the league you're getting a pic that is going to be somewhere between two and seven next year in the draft
and then you get in this grizzlies pick who the fuck knows with them that that's Taipei protected next year top for the. After that and unprotected as twenty one, and you don't have to take on a bad contract. That's the part with the Lakers that per capita glossing over where it has, We are branded aggravate out in the World Bank to use his contract. If you're, the spurs, why the fuck you won't lose bangs contract. Why do I have to take that to get rid of Korea letters they argue that taken that right. So I agree with that. I think the Celtics here's, my question to you: you're set your sights to low. Why are we talking about quite Leonard the name aloud become another your mouth for that kind of a bounty with an l and ass with a broad see I thought you were gonna, say different name. This is my last piece of the subjects and why you're stockpiling assets
as you have. You really have your eye and Anthony Davis. That's that's the reason you don't do anything this year, so it's a too focus rate. I would say the warriors are- are pretty much alike to win the two thousand nineteen title as well. Unless somebody get censured, I just think that team is an all time team and going to the total them next year. Feeding them in a fine us is still unrealistic. It's that feels disrespect for the Houston or, whatever I think and had their chance in their you'd. Be thinking about that Chris Paul Injury, for there are sir laughs, that's my personal opinion one and Mama Moutan of Amity. I just they dared bad luck and I don't think that ever they get back there, but I mean you and I think the warriors are due for their bad luck. They maybe, but if their due
their bad language has Celtics have the best team anyway to take advantage of it. I think if Tatum progresses like he shed, my question is. You gonna, be really get anyway, you're contending for a table next year. Anyway. Davis is the prize. Why you already have jailer brown and Tatum, like he's a better version in jail in Brown, obviously Davis's like any one in the week, if, if, if either fee becomes available on a trade or free agency in a couple years, when he's dead. At least one year of Heyward and then Davis either either if you become available on a trade or free agency in a couple years, when he's do and you have those kings pact that kings pick the grizzlies pick in these other picks as you as your trade county. I would rather way for that. I really would either Davis is really special, I'm right there with you.
The problem is never now I get an injury. I tell you I get it. I get it at a big investment Why just played my grave games? Each of the past two seasons collide just played that game size. So I would say he is an ego injured. I'm with you I'm with you. And they are knocking on, would cause Davis near the to seize and seventy five games each season you can get behind that. That's you can build on that. That's fine! I a lot of assets by the way. If this was two thousand seventeen Calais and and This was just like I'm just getting a guy who was either the first or second ftp choice. Respite probably in retrospect, should have been through here, I'm getting him coming off that playoffs, I'm thinking about this differently, the differences we just waxed and play nine games and aims. Not only sure what was wrong with his leg at the eyes still put off by that it makes me yeah, it may still there.
Hey. I want to talk about Dwight, Howard, really, quick. Great, our guide traded again. He is turned into the Yankee Christmas gift of and be a superstar centres, great job party, pants so there's a guy who, when I did my I broke my book a basque about. Oh nine, ended the paper back in two thousand ten. And I had him, I think seventy. In the seventy arranged for the pyramid, and at that point He was on a run where, whether you like it or not, he was the best center in the week, and that stayed the case through two thousand and eleven now historians are going to. This is part of the problem which is relying on stats and why we need people like me and Joey in our lives stories area, look at his stats twenty five years from now
While you know who is unbelievable, Dwight Howard, you know, is underrated, Dwight Howard, Fortunately we were there. We were there for them Dwayne our experience with that said a guide weariness unit, China and when there was a guy willing, we're alive twenty five years from now and were able to have that that dialogue with these young statisticians these young analytics cohort. And we're gonna be able to point them. Rice, a Dwight Howard from oh eight to two thousand twelve was team all NBA every year, five straight years, first team, all NBA, he made the stairs game. Eight straight years He made thirty mombi, o seven and thirteen and said in Timor, beyond the rackets and two thousand fourteen, so he had eight straight
years of being in the NBA in two thousand fourteen beats the clippers him in heart and take the rockets to the to the conference. Fine us, or maybe that's two thousand fifteen hours to that fifteen years. Here the coopers choked, so he did make Gambia that year he lay the team in two thousand and nine, the beat the Cavaliers that beat labelling during one of the great runs he ever had his life and the Cavs were huge favor the east or fires and Magic just haymakers them, nobody saw coming, beat them in insects and have gone through the files and debt they lost in the Lakers to five and asserts that was a lot closer
Then I think people realize you're a Courtney Alexander, lonely, uncourtly, Lila yeah, then their game for they left member. They lived there were down their up three and they left Fisher wide open for some reason. Yes, I had so Oh seven, some from the way thousand seven or eight season through two thousand fourteenth weight was twenty, a game. Thirteen every bans, again tuna box, again fifty nine percent from the fifth just night after night. That's what he gave you. The problem was always when they tried to feed him. He was a really good centre and I think now he has become the self parity punchline thing in the last. How many you the last five years, I think you switch teams. She was on the Lakers that he was in Orlando, two thousand and twelve Lakers thirteen Houston fourteen fifteen, sixteen Atlanta, seventeen Charlotte eighteen and now Brooklyn nineteen. So that is one two three four six,
seven years, how will you remember Dwight Howard have as a forty pants? Ok, I respect his signature. Movement is that two thousand nine Orlando team, taking them to the final that that to me was like his last serious. Ask a ball moment. I can never forgive him. For having you know being at what what should have been the height of his basketball powers and now figure out a way to play alongside Kobe Bryant and Toby bride. You and I are pretty much in lockstep in terms of of cold and would you like to play with him, and you know his his sort of His personality is basketball personality, not as human personality, but as a the guy. You know who can have kind of a chilling effect. But if your Dwight Howard on that Lakers team, at the height of your Dwight Howard powers, and you can't figure out a way to make it work with Kogi in code.
Hold you in such disregard, because and in disdain, because it either see any dog in you. He doesn't see that killer instinct in you that that that to me, the thing that that I'll remember the most about. Doyle and also a recurring theme for him, because in Orlando he wore is welcome out and they couldn't wait to get rid of him in the Lakers. It took a mere that can wait advance in Houston him and hard, and by the end of it, won't even talking Danica Lana. He spends a year there there so desperate to get rid of them that they make a terrible trade. They took the bad plumy Blue, brother and more money to get at it to its contract and now did the same thing happen here and Charlotte they traded last year of his contractors, like twenty three million and took back two years of Moscow fat like sixteen million and help them with the luxury tax this year, but they still are paying Le Moscow. Like sixteen million and to die in the season after this one just to get away
the team and then as soon as you get traded, the stuff starts leaking out about what a jack ass he is it's really incredible is the most disliked all star we ve had because I didn't talk about in the in the two thousand eight a how this, He was with that all thing and they basically in two thousand twelve, they were like you're not could be a two thousand job olympic steam, the good guys in the tea embedded together. The story I said was that they basically were like twice. Second and beyond this team, you tat, about the best stars in the leak saying, like K will play in the elevating but twits Nakata beyond this team, and that's how that played out. I love I'd love further to find a Dwight fan. Dwight apologists, somebody, that's Dwight for life. I don't know such a person exists, but I'd love to hear
The other side of you know what his careers about them, and I mean you just- did a very fair and bound run down of all the achievements and by all standards. Oh that run of all NBA teams, especially the first team, run oughta have him everybody who has that Reza may, as a top? Fifty basketball player right their top fifty easily in the history of of the game. He ain't gonna, be in the top. Fifty eight in funny, it's funny with the pyramid. I actually dont know. If he moves up when I when it did the ranking, I assume to you a job. Kept stockpiling years now he had the back injury, it's hard to say how much sad affected, but you know he did have big seasons like in. Can the fifteen playoffs for the Rockets, sixteen game, fourteen rebounds, a game, seventeen playoff games? So pretty
active his his peak. His Pierre was oh nine. He was twenty in fifteen twenty three point games at year. So, if you look at that, any removing personality completely from this and fit in all the all that stuff? and you just like, basically putting together a basketball team, might get some money bar Billy being baseball model. You would want. Dwight, how does the centre doesn't need a lot of shots? Twenty and fifty in every night he's gonna protect the rim as well as anybody and, more importantly, doesn't need a lot of shots. He could distribute that chats elsewhere, like the computer model of Dwight Howard as a centre, would would be really great, unfortunately, in this the best thing about basketball, and this is why you and I love it, and we always think the I test is gonna work over anything else. We watched him heat for whatever reason people didn't like playing Basque about them and they didn't like being I'm his team and you could see it you and I went
two thousand twelve superbowl. You mean Jacobus, sat under the basket and watched him play in the air member. I do. I Otobu thought my last court side experience bride, takeaway, teeth in life the team that, unlike M and we watch four quarters and we're like what the fuck's wrong with this. He listened. He does interactive. This teammates he's just behaves weirdly an officer, a goose. Now that the sky was very strange- is a very strange night. He was he was such an imposing physical talent to it felt like he had ability to take the game aware Never really did it, even though I am not talking about off ancillary, as is the baby. You know I think there's other guys ideas, Vince Carter's than a very nice pr rehab job of the second half of his career, Firstly, we are there for the first half of his career and he is a big baby, any quit entourage
it's unbelievable that they made a document or about him in Toronto, and he has blatantly quit on them in happen in the internet ere he would have taken. I mean in the Twitter. You would have taken way more shit for that, but Vince the guy is another one, just incredibly talented and was never really able to put it together, and I think some of it had to do with personalities stuff, I think he's up more likeable t may probably every second after this career than Dwight worst wait just seems to have this ability of turning off. Wherever he goes, but the legacy Dwight is after Shack started loose theme in all four and after he made that last finals and then Shack had a little bit of a rally in Miami, and I thought he was an empty p candidate, no five shackles the title no sex and then passes the torch to do at Howard? Wait. Howard is the best centre, the league probably for the next five or six years, and I dont think, has really been replaced either
I don't, I think from that moment, on the centre, just morphed, inter something outside who say, is the best centre. Now, indeed, Yankees without a bestseller between debate and indeed no way. So he's candidate. This error and by the way a bead might enter playing a hundred more games in his career. For all. We know who the fuck knows there right I want to make one point: I'm glad that you linked Vince Carter. White Howard. I want to link them up, but those two up with one more guy Chris Weber and The one missing ingredient with all three of those talents- none of us- wanted to be the guy, not one of those duties had that dog in em. I keep calm it that way and that's why you know Coby sniff that out right away with White Howard. We saw with Vince, you know when it's when is not crunch in time we saw with with sea.
Web Lahti was gettin all the most important shots with three minutes laughter. The ball was moving around a baby, a somebody else, Weber couldn't wait to get the ball out of his hands. The Sacramento teams, all those three eyes immense talents in all, for all three of them, a missing ingredient yeah. I think it's a good point and I think I look at this generation of of players. Now and carry it. I talked about alone on Friday. It's a really special generation, guys who get their business done and you know are really good with the media really take their jobs say they work out and off season. They compete against each other. They measure themselves against each other. The jet, patient before that and the generation before that generation see we're talking about any inner, soon see web generation and then even the way generation is some degree
really had a lot more MRS and hid her Miss Department for people that you just look at him, a man. Why were you better? What happened? What what? What what was missing here in some cases are getting Kenny Anderson a lot of personal problems? So did their common see webpages comes along ten years later, I think his careers totally different penny they got hurt to wait. Just was jack. Ass, I think is, is the legacy of him but now in this generation, where all these dudes, I think, are pretty good bets. You know you look around like even Siemens, and indeed, who I think, maybe fifteen twenty years ago, could have got a little differently. These guys, I think, you're just gonna, keep getting better I really have a ladder red flags of them other than injury, stuff, Jason, Tatum, Brandon Ingram.
The depot all these days, Carl towns. We pick a part that guy, at least at the least, seems like he wants to get better. You know he has deficiencies, but I I just think he's gonna keep improving, would be my guess. But my point is it's a good time we be a basketball fan. I think to wait to wait to me represents this era that was disappointing. Allow the times were That's a fine Marbury Steve Francis Dwight in Vance and T back to some degree and just like what the hell man werent these guys. Still better. You read this. I do and I want to use that as a subway patchy a little bit. I love cord side. I watch it last night, of course, did I watch it yes, yes, of course I did, and I want to- from year perspective kind of living through that that there was a ten days or was it
The week I mean I don't know how to get eleven points with Levin day. There we go what was like the feeling on the ground, because the couple things immediately, back you know watching The document is watching the narrative, but I'm just curious. In mainly I'm interested in game one because that that was the that set that entire trajectory for how the whole thing went down, including the problem broken hand. You know, which was a direct result of how that game ended. What was the sentiment like you know when you're talkin to folks you're doing your podcast? How was that? I may we could have gone further with some of this stuff we had. You know is that fight They show that we are trying to figure out like what with how we with the show, as the show that we ended up with, was the show we wanted to do. But it was us, are really complicated, show to do, because you know the NBA.
Is there really out that kind of that kind of access and journal in for lack of a better word journalism or commentary like that, so we we didn't want to go too far. I must have. We gotta go further with the chair thing. I mean that was we're talking about the legacy that files and it's gonna, be the jargon right? It's gonna, be yes. If they get an idea the ninety five files. I think it again or said right, I think, of the ninety three I game between Carolina machine they see web? I just a guy, so people can remember it. So the question was: how do you hit that? How do you make it clear that The brain was never the same after that game, but not not beat the shit out of it to the point that jeers punching back civic sets. Why do you wanna hit pause because one of the things that that jump,
out at me that I got furious all over again was the charging call not that really set the course for the out of that game, and I found I find everything about that transaction to be, just just so distasteful on nearly abhorrent, the meaning of it it outright me all over again, I didn't know that was gonna get so mad again an idea because the that the be a really did in enormous disservice to itself by what her change of rule. They they introduced that gave their the wrath the abyss I to go. Look at a video screen and change the car for they had on on the most difficult call in basketball. It's the hardest call the only real
you can ever. It makes sense to go. Look at a videotape is the is the foot in the circle or not, and that's it. You can't go second guessing that judgment call it. I had to revs disagree in the car and The cop out was to go relating to jump off. The cop out was to go review it, but ultimately that they fucked up and by the way, also step in the Rockets Worrier Series in Game five, which was the most pivotal series, the inadvertent whistle on the hard and travel that lead to rackets got the ball back and then CP got hurt, but we sought a couple times. I it's me. It's a big, though it's a big picture problem of just the referees that You have twelve efforts for the fires in the invading have twelve good once into the guys that reft game shouldn't abandoned game on the ed maligned Tony brothers and why I saw them before game. What I was concerned that signal that hold those guys but
yeah, it definitely swung it and you know Leubronn was we try to capture alone the show Brian was so angry tat. Watching live in just seeing him. Peace around my chest, but almost say God like he was in a cage you so mad they. I was not surprised to hear that he punch something after the game cause you. I thought I was gonna punch, some wonder if, but why I mean that that all by itself was a perfectly justifiable grievance and agreements that you know he could harbour the sequence of events that that took place afterwards. I mean oh how he could possibly stay in Cleveland, even though I think there's a decent chancellor citizen Clia me the thing that the other was the other part that jumped out him at the sit on the sidelines. And saying to Lou. Did we have a time out? We did we have. Did you have a time out and Lou asked
answering in the affirmative dilutes is, and the expression on the bronze face you. You know what went win win: Louis Knowledge that that there was a time out there could have been called. We are in the dream for the show as to how can we get more and more access with the mic guys on the court? We found out some things like you know that in this makes sense cuz. This is how the playoffs work they only might guys in the second and third games. They make one guy in each team for those games. The cat Jews are made the whole time other. It's really hard to get audio and the court now. Could we try to achieve tat over the next couple years. I hope so, but it's really hard what why? Why is that? What's what's the basis for that pile think, it's just a collective bargaining, but even the dream is to show five years from now. If we can and a little more they encore access. You end up with those
it's like Nick Falls and and Doug Petersen in the Phillies special. You know it's. It's if there's a way to get a little more access that helps you understand things about these games that you couldn't get from the broadcast. That would be the next level this I thought we pave the way for the first year. The big for us was like had we create a show like that, show that unites the watch in the eighties that end of the year show a rear. And then also how do we create a show that captures the narratives and how they swing gave the game so that power that was really fun to figure out, and I think that's why we had to cheat and do stuff with the pack ass and things like that, but the cool thing for them Anna's for me, it's like when you're there, the narrative change every day, and it's always about your on the court before and what it would be hearing. You know, I think, before game three, it's like what do you think these leubronn last two games capturing that stuff was the most important part for your one
Why does a great there really are like it? It's just like any. If you love basketball and you're there and you're in it, it's really cool and enforced yes, its own living breathing. Really as its end. For then there's you're going to let people in the Superbowl as I go there for the gas enterprise violence. I will do things when you go in there and then he leave and the fine US ebbs and flows in a totally different way, which is what we want it so Ghana kind? Now I loved it. I enjoyed it. Obviously thank you, but you I was good. It was give first effort, and hopefully I hope, where's this keeps going. Maybe we can get a little little more each year and n
I do. I shall give loo and say I will say that, though the sneaky part of their files was how good game when it gave three were just as appear basketball, vanity people think of it. As a swede, biogas state, like they're, not gonna, think by the final spurt game. One was a magical gave me now is really one of the most vulnerable are being finals games. We had you know, there's the bandage. Fifty one, the though the car they wheels and forever George shows this free Throwed to Chairs brain fire like that game was fucking amazing. What, things. I I loved about re watching that Georgia Fritos was, daring at his eyes, because I didn't know to do it in the man you know cuz I was I was. I was tense. I was height. I was excited for the for the outcome. Daring at his eyes? Could I mean knowing that he missed, and I mean here's the thing,
This is what I am interested in in a year. Take away your physically there. How can a brown go back to Cleveland it's? How can he ride with those guys? Who does he trust it's it's hard to imagine? I doubt it really depends on what he wants in life. You know there's a snare. I from what I've heard his family is going to allay anyway, and I think the part that has really been covered and, I think, is a legitimate number. One at least have three reasons they're gonna tell eyes, I think his sons, a really good basketball player, and it makes me sense for assent to be an ally in playing on the West Coast and doing stuff on that in that it would be for him be like in Ohio cited. That's part of it. And I think, there's a chance, the family. I could see the family guy,
in the broad not going to Lakers right away. Maybe he stays one more year. The problem is, you can't ride, but that team and he said the southeast corner. He knows the South Scott. Really really close last year anyway, missing two guys and and The next year would run them over and they really almost ass. The Indiana says too so you know the problem is, and this is where we ve talked about since February. There's, no there's no great move for him. There's no said dunk, because the Philly, I think, that's a dunk. I love Houston. Why don't you love Houston? I think it's the same dunk, really don't Why? Because I don't know what I'm getting from Chris Paul at this point in his life, I dont think why would say less you want less from Chris Paul. You dont want as much let let Chris pass it placed sixty or sixty.
Games and get healthy for the play. I dont think there's a scenario where they can keep Leubronn and Capella. I think it's unrealistic. So I wouldn't have. I wouldn't have eradicate them all centre that makes Houston not as an enticing if they can't figure out keep copper, it would make sense to me of right. Anderson was was a fridge and after this year, and if, if they have some sort of pick or asset to give the calves to make it worth it, but they just don't so they can't they don't have the opt in signing shade move with the bronze sitting there, You know that there is really no way to put off, so I think they're out and I think is best chance when a title is if he can pull off a cool, I think for next year, because
meaning he lures quieter. I d you act like they haven't. They like these guys, have men texting since, like February I mean that there are no tampering rules anymore. I think these guys reset it in the park ass bright, and he said this shit starts and also weaken. That's what everybody says: what during the cease fires are allowed to talk. They talk all the time. I there's no rule against the players talking. I know for a fact that the brain is reached out to certain purse, and I do I don't. Wanna bridge is cool. I wanna betray sources, but this does ship goes on this is you know you could name as you know how to betray the sellers. Already talk to me come on guys, don't dangled earlier in the summer, but send me a text, but your leg I can't imagine lazo stays on their team of this all points out, and I can't imagine the spurs would want once lazo ball you, but I'm saying if they can,
how get quite for anger, am dang and coups MA and, like a future number one if their spurs are just like fuck it. This is the best we can do now. They have quite then their aim to bring in the bran Saint Paul George and still have the lawns o card to trade him somewhere. Then might have enough to compete with the warriors rate. Then you get a couple by our guys in you. You kind of figure it out. The cask matters mean, I think, that's why that's one in crucial take away that we just you know, learn from that that that finals cast you, you can't kid just have three: this is there that we wash what I'm saying that you can have for you know everything. That's change. Avenant people mentioned this. There seems to be more guys than ever in February, and I think part of the reason is contracts are shorter. Now you may think about last decade, I said these seven six five year contracts. Now the contracts are shorter and
here there's Bela Nellie an alias over, and you know it of green, and all these do seem to be available. So you can that's good, might get like five or six and then try to figure out who those other two are, as it gets closer, but I'm excited. Surrounders Anna calves tried it they just they just go Poohpooh point of view of the brown. What would you do? Go to Houston really say you would just guy said stay put, but I can't I can't figure out who you know: who's gonna stay put Sagan. So what? If he did, this would have his family most ally And he just signs with Houston for one year fur, like the the mid level exception she says, with each year makes a pick up forward what one year it just goes there and just be like I'm a mercenary doing this for one year and then a move until I in the Lakers GIS kind await form. I.
I could see him doing it. I just think it's a mistake. I think it's a mistake friend the chase, a title when he doesn't know he has the best him yeah, I'm with I honestly, I don't know what the right answer is for him, because I in my God, what I want for him is whatever the next step is to be a legacy. Move like something that in here since his legacy allay and going to Houston. That doesnt really do that. I dont like the allay think as it is just too far remove his two tenuous, the prowl other took them. The real challenges. I think Boston makes the most sense, because you know him going to Boston and bringing back another title to that franchise in that story. Franchise You know him in the remaining in the east means that he get have another year of guaranteed in the finals with Boston boss obviously has the assets to entice Cleveland.
The deal I mean cleave and hopefully will do a little bit better job on other deal this year than the last year for Tiree, but you know I did that the three franchises. Are the Knicks, the Celtics and the Lakers terms of you: no real legacy kind. I exaggerate: the lake in the Lakers is the best move for him from a legacy. Move can see, goes there. He does his sword. That thing with a movie talked about? I want to be the first building our business man. I wanted to play for the biggest mba franchise in the world. You can sell that so easily and he would know if he went there. It's a two year plan, not a one year plan. You basically thrown away the nineteen Seas and you can t you contained, but you're, not a favorite, but with the aim of nineteen nineteen twenty season were winning the title. It's a two year. That's interesting! So that's a different take. That means that you that he'd have to have a patience he be playing along view thing and he be willing to sacrifice the consecutive appearances in the fire. But that's my point is a key issue, but I think he's screwed either way unless it
the South Ex here I am leave you in this house. I don't want him to come to the subjects. Ok, fair and I know what you ve been at war with them for a decade. Yeah, That's the thing. Finally, there were like other of where the necks you'd be like yeah leubronn. We to make the finest yeah I'll do anything else ourselves the blood of my kids. To make this happen. He can you can half an hour ships taken Emma Jane, the South eggs one ten years ago? Boston, one a bunch of titles, and I want to be the bride we are relying on the ground- is beaten us in two thousand and twelve and two thousand fifteen. Seventeen eighteen he's been this last four times you gotta get some. I would repeat: the guy We built the team. Now that is in the driver's seat in the next Lebron plasters. I want a veto.
I don't want it. I almost billions and it's like a fuck you to us. Like you say you know what you can't beat me, but now make it easier I'll, join you, sick, fuck, you, like that. I like that. I want him on the next. I really I don't. I know it's just probably not possible oh, but I really really and dying day. Eyed him on the near gaining Kate. In bringing about Katy in three years him who eighty and then I went to the Mass Katie's gonna save than it was the wait around for a fat I want. I want. I want this year coming up. I want the next on the map. I want the next relevant. I want Emma's g booming because they're gonna, make a deep play off run. I miss that out of the next that win, win, Madison Square Garden is but and because their there a good team at their legitimate. They can beat teams in the play off. There's nothing like it. It's the best that thou that's my play. I want lab
James on the New York Knicks for the two thousand eighteen, two thousand nineteen NBA sees it. I have one last prediction for you. I don't think it's a slimmed down, then that the Andrea Gus first in the draft tomorrow, just one get down the record taken as a whole is well. Let's look at odds, one o clock where the duchess is plus fifteen hundred go first and sowed I've been texting about it. Fifteen hundred I mean that's nice number. That's worth a hundred by everybody, just that I regret his pencil innate in as the number and pick, and yet I haven't seen Phoenix say we're taking it with the number of pig and they hired, judges on coach coaches. There it seems like might have the most value in the draft, because now Lina said were taken up. You ve all these teams, our China trade up to take em and I don't know, I just want to throw them out there that I'm that convinced, I think, if the odds are gonna change, you know you know throw
When this goes up the I now we're gonna bet. I read and write your own a bet on it read after hearing that I needed, but like eight minus twenty five hundred to go. First, I think that's insane. I think he could absolutely that gophers anyway Joe Ass Cynthia and has a corpse and shook ass. You want hundred hours and draft kings with that the team he told me to take on the. U S opens a thank you. I gave you gave a couple good ones: Tommy Fleet wouldn't say burns, as are pretty good tat. They D J, I'm still mad at him, but I'll get over it. The his one vulnerability. He loses confident sometimes on greens and if he's losing confidence putting wise he's cooked, he can't you can't get it back. He eat. This doesn't happen. A mechanism to restore that faith. He still hit the ball, beautifying unity. It felt like a failure. He shot even pay,
Korea on Sunday and the oil only lost by by two strokes, but I that that that's what Where was the difference between you winning a lot more money in the draft can get bricks. Captcha is really good and is just one of those dates: man, screen it out better up and down when he needs it just hit NED Straight AEGIS. Doesn't he does it fuck up? You know whether it be great breaking news. Phil Mickelson gave the apology almost word for word almost verbatim. The apology, though I said he ought to give on the shore Sunday night one wish I am. I recorded that I could. I could do the apology off the top of my head. It came out today. Congrats fell for you know getting it right after for diving, my dear Tommy Fleetwood wins Pga, I'm Goin Alan. I M ready allies rating. Look at the odds he's ready to the title iii. The problem is, he can't put together the for quality.
Round. She has the one shit round each time that that he has to recover from and come back from its usually early. I think, he's ready. I recently issued like a seventy and the first day, and I think he could win Joe s pleasures twenty five, the one twenty five, the one right now, I'm gonna happen and that Johannes Pleasures, Otis There is a good time. Thank you, Billy. Seventh. I thanks. So much desire precluded ever get to check them at its hypocritical com. Slash bs stuff. We heard about the re Whatcha balls Forest Gump come into my men shall fantasy. I promise you will like this past. Even if you got tired of that movie, automata remember. Life is like a box of chocolates. The reader about Ruby Asia, don't forget about art, you're showed during the draft that my ipod actually beyond my pop pop on that one. And last but not least, dump at about the Ringer NBA show because we are covering the draft all week. Whatever trades happen, you name it the Ringer dotcom same thing, that's it! I will be back.
Late, there's an eight or Friday with a post draft, podcast and some other stuff as well. Until then one way.
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