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The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to talk about Episodes 7 and 8 of the ESPN documentary series 'The Last Dance' (2:30) before discussing UFC 249 (41:40) and Adam Silver's call with NBA players regarding the possible return of an NBA season (1:04:40). Finally they revisit the 1997 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz, where Michael Jordan would win his fifth NBA title (1:25:07).

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its launching soon come up Rousillon, I are going to talk about upset seven, eight of the last dance or intact by you have seen to forty nine were in a talk about a pretty, discouraging weaken, NBA News there We are. We really want to dive into it. Then the re whatcha balls tackling the ninety seven five. That's all coming up. First, our friends from broken all right, happy, belated mother's day, everybody Sunday night for someone. I just watched episode, seven and eight of the last dance, my two favorite of the first date. I really feel like this gets into
the stuff that I really care about about Jordan over everything else. Is the legendary competitive this the vindictive this the pettiness Priscilla you like a more or less after these two episodes Way more way more, I keep waiting for the lead up where it was like asthma, stuff. You know it's not thrill. You may change the opinion. I like him even more. I actually is I've watched these episodes bill. I regret not appreciating more in the moment. I love it report of its real. I love everything. Story I've taken aside and everything in this is not some MJ guy that that you know had the posters. I can't emphasizes enough. I was sort of I am annoyed at my twenty year old self of not appreciating the greatness enough, because now that we ve got a no more intimately, I'm like I love this guy We told the story on previous pike ass about how I had seen the initial dvd that I mean the NBA entertainment made they fund of the entire ninety seven. Ninety eight season. I saw
with ten eleven years later and like the Scots arouse stuff, that was the stuff. I really remember being fascinated by that pardon and like how lonely was on the road and him just having only security guards as friends divide that but pushing Scott Burrell, specifically was the part. I remember standing out all those years ago that he felt like He was doing the right thing. Pushing this guy pushes guy badgering him and meanwhile, Scott Bro was just a nice guy, and Jordan saw something in him that he he targeted and was like at some point. I might need this guy there's something in there, I'm going to keep pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing You know I m in two thousand and twenty. I wonder if somebody acted thou way how be received in the moment we too weak month to month. I think when you see it, documentary in other steps happening twenty to twenty five years ago. It seems like cooler but be fascinating if he was due
This now, with the way the internet works and that twenty four seven basketball cycle and how let us sight and sound bite and story, can blow into a whole when they thing I don't. I just think it would be a lot harder. The bro thing, though, is grey in that I would love I were Scott Barrel. If Michael Jordan cared about me enough to want to motivate me, the problem is: is if you're a teenager, really any situation where this is guys like great at what he does in your working with him. If Cyprus ignores you, that's the worst thing. So if, if the worst thing MJ dented yet Steve Altercation, isn't something you'd want all the time, but Kerr says a brought us together. You guys get physical stuff happens. I think sometimes you forget, like these guys are doing so very physical uncompetitive in there all wired a little bit differently, and now you can have this We can't do well at my workplace or no one cares about your place and for barrel
to be somebody that he was just badgering the whole time because he actually get the funny part is in the dock bill, he's gay, it oh and they hastily admits parole. Wasn't that grave a player? and it's really work in Hell, he's a nice guy and you'd always heard it like. That was his body, because some of the Yukon guys it had played with Scott Stores like this is crazy. But Scott barrels, like best friend of the team, is Michael Jordan. I just add you was it a build up? Was it a bit of a like build up thing like you're? Not completely. This dock is amazing. Enjoying it every night, but I always felt like there's gonna be there. This part of it were in a start to see the sight of M J that was gonna turn people off from him in, for me at least, and a lot of people have had the opposite reaction. It doesn't go into the times when he did this to people where didn't work, Brad Salary,
great example Dennis Hopson like if you read all the M J books, he would try this with their from people and sometimes it would drive the guy off the team within a year and by the way bird was like that too, in the south acceded guys, Brad Low House was a really good example. Were bird Mikhail basely brother has had to leave the tea, they just wrote him relentlessly. They made fun of em, he got up He got like a permanent sudden, but care was caught and Fifi in energy. Some guys, you can't take it if it actually would. Backfire. The other way, I think, Cartwright was probably the best he made that if you the books like he really went out. Cartwright was an amateur fucking kill. You, like you, don't know,
regular cross have been next time. You you go to go the basket in practice, I'm in a deck. You and close. I knew in and your career, so you know a guys handled it differently, but I Paris told a story. Somebody interviewed parish, who, inexplicably, is on the team in eighteen. Ninety seven at at, like the tail tail, tell tale and of his career, and he was just he's not still on the team, you hey by a base. He had some call like Michael New. Don't try that stuff? It may our judges punched him. So I wonder whether there is to know whether he picked certain people to do this with, but in other Steve, her things a great one, because that's a famous store of him punch incur the part that does it get told us much is curse the one who started by basically punch human, the chest and he stood up to him and after that, Jordan was good with them from that point,
but you know you think about, like the last twenty years, the rise of the Anti Heroin TV rights, starting with that tony soprano in the shield, the shield on a nigger you go out through These data were like I shouldn't like this guy, but I do in and then it came more Laird with the dawn, draper types and provide that. But the first type persisting in common her the first, the first level, People is the testosterone IRA, and I wonder if you, in kind of was one of the people? It started that So, have you got the Boston, common, ratify bigeye tuna? As you get it, you have three or four times a year you to say now that I've finally landed are you just say, good night for the rest, wrestler part
you know when you win now right. We all know how this works. We wouldn't be doing this dock if, if MJ had won all these rings, and if you don't win its, I got his casually Jerry Sis really kind of kind of tough to play but you know he has a really has so many great lines in there. Somebody get so emotional, the elder seven, in text from people that I have even heard from a like I'm freaking out right now, like you, we're getting emotional watch, Andrea, watching, MJ cry and just say. Look. I never asked guys, do anything, I'd, Indue, yell and that's what I think is great about this pre access era, even though you have it access to now, but this thing where the world does not live in Instagram any wasn't doing any of this to to, a lot like he wasn't doing this to go on so into a cause. That's gonna wanna things that it is so funny about athletes today in some of these guys, are still work in their asses off in their better rather than they were before she were dedicated. There's also guys postik fifteen seconds bon Instagram, it's a grinding. You know every
I grind in your like NATO or I love the boxing videos euro is my favorite like still work to do as a you're, the one that put the video out take. You want everyone to believe you so under this new working so hard and because we did you know about any of this stuff like this guy was actually doing it. He was expecting his teammates to do all the stuff and you factor in all the winning all right yeah. It may have been to braces not. Everybody is motivated the same way and some people you have to piss off and some people you have to completely leave alone or those shut down and I'm sure MJ has promised, like some great coaches, that don't keep quite figure out how to push all those differ buttons. But I keep getting back to this thing to see him break down at the end of seven bill We, like hey, look all you people that want to talk. She had her say whatever. Like I be all of you. I beat all of you and I did it cause I cared so don't like I'm not gonna fuckin apologize cause. I may be cared more
rusty. You guys did and now is that even the most fascinating breakdown of absurd seven, the one I was more riveted by was TIM Grover almost broke down. How do you know Rover nobody? I, I am Sir he's like first of all, he so fired up that anti gets knocked out by our land and he's ok man when a legacy again couple weeks, he said I ll see to Morrow Morning Grover's you set out this is this is the light Upset about this guy Then later he starts talking about how hard, It worked any fucking got choked up he's talking about another. Do that he just worked with trained- and he was so inspired by the guy he's getting choked up in front of a camera crew. I thought that was really interesting. The space GM part of it, where yeah yeah Maybe my only complaint of the entire doc was, if you have all of these space jam pickup game of you have all this fully.
I would just half hi. How are you I told you this joke when I saw the kind of job crazy like so it's just let it go ahead. You know about I do so get out now I did the recall. That was all the footage there is every right see these guys. It's hard to tell it still is across the board. That's Etsy! I'm thinking you have all of this footage. Just now. Five minutes uninterrupted no, no voice over. So now you know be a good video you and me. We should do this. Let's do this week, Jackson's another thing: let's syringes you and me acting that video shied thy every, because there were two guys cause day. It was shirts and skins at one point, and there are two guys no, I don't do that guy is. We would therefore like to big eyes and others before her eyes, you like the vendor wholly field in this pickup yeah, who was a guy he's not cause, is clear. Another
that guy was huge. I think it was in Gilias, but I'm not positive than any other, but I think it was the hammer, but so passionately cause. I I you know I I know a couple people and our I said: just: can you just semi all the space, shamefully judge, sweat orphans discourages that weird I we were ignored it right now, as an average is vital many of them in their light. That's all there is the only felt for a couple minutes and like well. That's only one of the great missed opportunities of our time. I know you won jail. In said you want stayed with him, it away, fur apart part, I M J, so I of jail in point in those games or die, but the eight. But it will at some point the lady the elite going to allay the play in those games, and I think that's how it all started in the sun as with the NBA, with the guys go now every summer. I think that was the summer. It started because the guy's wasn't always there.
So everybody lived in a later in the summer. That was last twenty five years thing. So yeah with the right to me. That was the money that is so much worse than the dream theme footage. We know the drip deep star, there's all fuckin document or about it space. Gm footage Amal in place, You see that don't they up, that's what they're gonna be doing in the Orlando Babo and the vaguest bubble. That's exactly what the Damas with the lights! That's, how they're going to do that jobs. I didn't even know journeying appear in a group we're coming over me like hey. Can you get out of here? I believe: will I just to have a break sums can get some shots up. They built this for Microsoft, and we have five all start coming. I love that you're freaking out about cause, that's what I was doing and I'm going to. How do you not run more of it? I mean I guess, It wasn't of camera equipment around on Warner Brothers studios to just spend thirty minute, shooting this practice I don't even know why they found the minute and a half that they had. I mean yes, I point if you got the if you got there, that's eclipse,
What the hell was the hold up unless somebody said now, you can't do any this stuff but yeah I'll hammer the point one more time is that when he talked about re sculpting, his body from baseball the basketball when they said at the gym next to the core, hey, I'm gonna get three hours or the hoops in on top of filming. And all the stuff. The only reason he was doing it was that he could go back and when championships, he wasn't it we it for anybody else other than himself and that's the constant theme of this, like you may not like that as you may not like some of the quote. You may think this this in this, but if my goal was to be sky, and I actually accomplished it in comparison to the hundreds of other athletes. It always want to be the best. I did it and I one so it's it's kind of a big f off at the that episode, seven, where he gets really any not even mean about it, he's super emotional and it just like anybody. That's ever the gate, the pro aptly stuff that are watching that stuff, it's gotta, be so inspiring
he wasn't self aware about it, either incredible work ethic. But it wasn't one of those things where you know he deemed a philosophy. After an hour he had ass. You see just did the work now know it ends Ackley even like when they talked about in the baseball stuff and that the hating coaches talking about way to played based I hit the morning you did before the game. They play the game. Then it After that, you don't hate it until midday, and then you come back in the morning. Did the same thing I mean That's one of the many reasons why his great here there is also the fiscal advantages advantages which we discussed in previous pods. I, the best body, can of any NBA wherever and was the perfect size. I think if, if you're starting a basque bopper from scratch, you would say six foot sex, but then, when you throw in the work ethic and die in a bird we always heard a grown up in New England about birds, legendary work ethic burden. This summer's was more,
as lawn and drink beer, and then he would use the season. The kind back in shape. He was not a year round work at the guy there in the actual season. He was a magic same thing at a magic wand, You know that their the summer's he wasn't workin out with whoever The TIM Grover, the eighties, was so it Jordan, the guy who brought this stuff in the league and the other guy who were talk by later, when we do the reactor balls com alone, he the first guy who is really like this is a year round thing, I'm gonna be an amazing shape, I'm gonna be Billy DORA bomb into play. Thirty, eight hundred to four thousand minutes each year. When the league really starts to change, and that leads to the Kobe generation and especially Lebron, who, I think, has kind of master his version of what your data mean. They d bad of
money Energy Leubronn has put into his body really, since I would say about two thousand eight its I it all starts with this Jordan, Rome when he comes back from my region, Where did when he tries to beat the pistons initially ninety one right since the thirty years of this, but he's he's the prototype? What did you think about? The baseball thing was anything uncovered in watching tv safari, because it's not only have we had moments. We watch this, for you guys still can't believe, an NBA owner. Let this guy walk away. It's still hard to process. Twenty five years later, the greatest player of all time to set up a minor league baseball yeah. It's it's never totally pass the smell test, but that they did a good job of laying out the case of This happened. I still feel egg. There was gonna, be some repercussions, western fur, all the gambling stuff now just last week you said you still don't believe it actually happened. No, I don't.
I'm saying, like I'm say: maybe, he was going to get suspended for five games or fine. There's something like that who knows, but I just think it was. It was all these different factors and it and it kind of makes sense, but yet it still does. The part that will never make sense to me is that you have this competitive guy. Who just feel yeah I'm good. I've done this now I get the whole. Didn't have the competitor, the caribbean wave in front of all the stuff we've already talked about in the pod, but it is so hard to accept the whole, this guy most competitive is an animal and then he She said: yeah, I'm good, I'm not going to play anymore, its eight just it it ninety percent outside, but they're, still at ten percent. When I'm like, I still feel like there's a tiny bit more. Stat, maybe we'll find out said there maybe never find out. Ok out, let me let me throw theory at your basic, as some have said about was as watching a part of it because there's the rider that says the reason why
is suspended and they do shoot down, and that's always been kind of my argument that there's no way that Stern could sit in a room with M J and say you're gonna be suspended. For I don't know it's eighteen. Since or it's like hey most of. Forces in and then some of the next or whatever, that it would never be exposed that there would be one, marking, gun person, it would say well, this is what happened or a different version loathing and the fact that stern want to ruin his own product, but give you believe Stern was capable of real magic you into the next. Why would he not want M J playing and top of the investigation. Is you go back and research? The investigation was like throwing the media carrot to get him to leave, let alone and there was a relief investigation. I M J anyway. So, as you talk about him, leaving in sending doesn't add up. I think one of the things that were We knew there were learning. Is that may he is so driven, maybe he's so head first into basketball that The way he's gears or going when he's actually playing.
Is more mentally exhausting than any one else. I guess he actually as successful as a player, because he he put so much into it that he's more. Likely to burn out like there are other people in their fields there so great at doing what they do and they get kind of his head space that actually they have a hard time of just keeping this. This pace That may be, is better for the long run but doesn't have the peaks. I think that's might be the ten percent as Talkin about and that's it and that we would be able to understand, he's gonna pursue it now he was incapable of taking games off and he's been very vocal about that through the years I at every night, I would play Basque bothers
but understands that I've never seen me play before. I'm always going to try my hardest to try to win everything. I do and that's also what kind of person I need to win it all times. Every second of the way, and if he felt like he couldn't sustain that and stay at that level, and it just was said the butter, and now his dad does get to watch him anymore, yet other stuff up, it makes sense, but he's he's yellow. He knows. I t this, though, that guy from one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight all the way through ninety three and then the guy who comes back from ninety six to ninety eight, the load management. He just wanted done it, and I am not saying this is Our air is better than this era. I'm just he waited. Could he couldn't have done it? I dont think you wired. That way, I don't think it wouldn't have been acceptable to him to have Thursday night game against whoever
Jamie lowered in the Blazers Andrews. I am it. Take this one off. He just wouldn't have done it. So I think when you think about that lay off- and we talked about this cup with- about him. If he had retired, he would often aid straight titles. I don't think so. I'd I'd, I dont think what he was doing. With sustainable, and you even see that in the ninety seven I that we're about talk about heading into, The eight where there is real atrophy for him from the day to day Basque, about thing like his per cent, is just go suddenly down like it's harder for him to get a shot off cuz. He played threerd for games at a threerd forward three years, never never missed a game that less three years that sustain but I dont think I grew the load managers of his mindset. But there is also this kind of thing like when it's not an option in its, not part of professional basketball. No one was, I do it yeah we used to have that baseball or guys are play one hundred and sixty two all the time, and now it just seems stupid
not ready yet like that's, that's actually dump you know get it unbelievable accomplishment. But I know I don't know that you're not being able to hit for a week can I call on offer for because you just grind it after going at a hundred stray game exists, even though I can be anti some of the rest arguments, certainly not all of them, if It worked socially acceptable. The NBA socially acceptable MJ may have taken a couple. Those games off because he wasn't doing In different than anybody else league, but it's hard even fathom that considering every single episode you just see that he's he's just different. Do you think Cobby we're after the episodes of this documentary,
do you think Kobe's career is even more interesting? I mean I knew all that I we were there for all the Jordan stuff and then all the Kobe Stuff- and it was always it was always apparent how much you know how much he was impacted by everything Jordan did on the court off the court. Work ethic tireless competitiveness all that stuff, but then, when you actually watches, ah together, it's a lot of work. Cobia preaching when he played especially the second half of his career when he started talking and when he did the Mama stuff and start to talk about inspiring is teammates. It was basically the more vocal version of Jordan. Did this whole time, but never talked about it in a copy was doing me. Here's my mind set out of this version of it and I don't know which ones more interesting. To not know it's happening at the moment or to hear somebody talking about it. The entire time is, there
doing it. I am more of a subtlety person, but you could make the case either way. None of that part is, is all that new to me. I know I just look at patterns in the way people in his his whole cadence? The way he would emphasise words in a sentence the way he the tone he was at Cobby was doing an M J impersonation the entire time and that's fine, is at least Toby was the kind of guy who could back it up with his work ethic and caring about winning and all the difference. But think Toby was just tasting his own legacy. I think you try to emulate MJ the entire time it when I would say that when we were still playing you get push back as if it were some kind of life, Now you just those eggs guy on Coca COLA. You're like look. This is underlined. Like either Billy Donovan talk and go woe dude, like how am I national were you when you around Patino Billy Donovan talks just like Rick Patina? It's weird, you know it's
It was like white while, like you whatever, when he was quote, you improvidence hugest your pattern speech. The whole thing is the same deal so like when Kobe did the two thousand In finals deal finals deal where users pissed off at everybody remember he's doing all this Post game presser yeah, I got felt it was a bit more of an act, but if that was the to motivate him. My Jordan never had this peak in valley. They like he was always kind of. Nobody every was in within his own register, where Kobe you, cod, didn't, really know what you were going to get all the time in nine. He went real hard on this me against the world thing and it was his first going to be his first ring Post shack, which we know how important it was to him, but then, when cobalt at the very end was like ours is all done, and then, with his everybody's favorite it was. It was a real quick when eighty silly coolby had a bunch of different personalities, steady seem to go to who, where even though impersonating M J M J always just felt steadier. If that makes sense,
I think that was why I had one of the reasons why I had such a hard time with Kobe during his career cuz. I always felt like it was this carefully crafted I m j o my impersonation, something like it, but to hear him talk about it on the document. That was really cool. Where he's just like, I dont when five titles without George he gave me advice, I learned every single thing that I ended up through from no thought like he was like pretending. It wasn't happening like you is totally honest about it. Way better. It's way better than Indiana waiters, doing an M J impersonation so, commissioner, I am trying to carry himself that way and then you're like wet was gone. You know it has taken as as lax in this tonight. You know that Jordan ends up jus ninety ninety three in the files. Then we don't see me and until March Dandy. Five, so he's gone twenty one months, the three greatest athletes I've seen in my life were Michael J,
in a cocktail of Ali Baba. Barely a member but always thou is like alive and coherent in pooping, toilets accounting. It can grab a tiger. And those are the three guys that that I think hit this level that was just higher than then everybody else who did their sport in the last fifty. There's an all of them had lay offs fur completely reasons re Ali loses almost five years with the Vienna Protests thing. I grave gives away his title because he so convinced on the Saint Jordan leaves the baseball which reduce discussed. And then Tiger gets eat the combination, the need surgery and then the stuff with his wife, and he is basically gone two years it so strange that both of them leave for the fur
at least almost two years and then at all these case, Twite twice as long and then some when they were still like technically in their primes no Ali was Ali, was written in the middle of it I mean always has I think it's just under four years, probably right from the lads between the air for Africa member. So Ali doing it as a fighter, you can just see that he's robbed of those years. We're supposed to be in the ring and look he comes back EAST is doing nobody just looks like a different got Irene. Anybody you could head on when he came back. You already, I believe, is eighty five percent is good, but its very similar. The Jordan thing we're George, when Jordan comes back for the second three titles, he's not the guy that he was the first retired US buddy figures at all. These therefore ways to basically be the same: guy and that's that's! Basically what Ali was doing. He just got a realistic about there
and I don't know that I can turn it like. What's harder to do, because I still think any combat work out is so far beyond rowing socks. Running socks now basketballs a whole different kind of shape that you have to be an injustice. Angles and in the start, stop and I'm gonna stop at a running rouse review. Having done that belong to him is is horrible not that anybody Forest Bobby Other run around all over the place, but not being in a situation, were actually worried about getting hit by somebody else. It's just it's a different tension. The that you have that's that's beyond any the anxiety that you haven't like a three minute round, is just different, then everything else when I started thinking about energy coming back and playing that ended up he's and before they get eliminated by Orlando, to think that he basically admit by our colleague and I wonder how much hoops whose play any basically says. None so do not really have played any hopes for eighteen
months and then come back right into an NBA game that might be more insane, then just a fighter coming back to fight a few years later, even though I think fighting is tougher than yeah cause Ali was still training during that whole time, and you know staying in unshapen, sparring people and stuff like that, the baseball body thing we talked about it last week on me. When we did the Orlando thing, it's I dont think it was raise their last. They kind of gloss over the whole Horace Grant was on. Orlando wasn't much cargo part, but you know he clearly was in a hundred percent himself. An you could see it the next year and it comes back there. There is some things I there is some like very, very deep, nerdy basque about things that I took issue with in this dark in there in the last two years later Charlotte, DJ, Armstrong thing. It is firstly a little too much be J Armstrong,
in general. It is wise, like I'm sorry that overrides reject, but you know that the team, they were never beating the balls and it's not like Jordan, came out. It was like the Le Bradford Smith's story where the bright, where that it was our true it he's amorous the same amount of point c, scored against me and then he basically dead. He didn't like Destroy Charlotte by like that, the box score that, just as in back it up and then in the Seattle Finals, the same thing: like he were AEGIS, wasn't that good? In that serious said. I think he really only had one real, He really vintage MJ game. I think they were really tired by that point of the season and the patent stuff. I think I am. It, was a simple they lost. They were up three, nothing. They thought there in a sweep. They blew for there they are. We were focused, then a game. Five. It was like. Oh shit out this year is actually better
I thought they kind of lost their eye on that one, and then they just took care of business game sex. I really don't think there's much more to the story, but he didn't play well in that series and yeah. I know what they have to do in documentaries and obviously my friend directed it says that criticism cuz you're, trying to present you know the narrative. That's pushed along we're doing, but he just wasn't that good. In that serious he wasn't and I and I think, that's kind of the pimple on the ninety six bulls. The fact that if they sweep the sonics close out Hammer game game four and he puts up for, I actually think we would say there were the best ever be pretty unassailable. That point, though it had at one place us in that said they would have been eighty seven eleven. I Go to admit, I laughed a couple times on the sonics thing, because this entire aside, even this dock-
but this m J Run is littered with opponents going mad if we adjust weathers the Knicks. In in eastern conference, and the pistons thing is always kind of we're like when I say, has been doing these these media here. Go. I no one likes me because I be bird. I beat magic. I beat M J. You realize you're using the same defensive yourself, we're defensive yourself as the same thing that MJ did M J ended up being all of those guys that you're talkin about and no one hates, J like they don't like. You so hope. That's not a great defence, and when you talk to while not us talking about me, but or if he talks about a Barkley, really thought all you know what game here again there. Ninety three different, I'm sure Carl Malone fuels way about a bunch of different chances and ninety seven and ninety eight Lakers fan they're, like ninety one, that team was limping in their Portland going, you know we're actually have. We noticed a theme.
This Jordan Guy, even lets you A lot of these games are closer than maybe you remember the time and I go. There was another four point: eight: what happened? Oh twenty. Three. Every single time closed you out and as far as the sonic Series and Gary Patent, which I too mercury paint. You say if I garter Merlin may, because it anyway probably going to go a different way when you're now Rio right when you're up three o you will not play is hard is the team that is down thrill, usually happen, to all and find a way out of it, the bulls that happened in them. How many times over in the night is there must have been eight now, times rather negative arose ass game here they were, they would always let up at the wrong time of is the history of the teams. Yeah, I didn't even spot. I think it was five hundred for nineteen in game six, the closeout game, but I just ate that team was beat and that was beat the other mild criticism. I just have about the 90s
all season is, I just don't nobody at any point talks about what it was like to watch Jordan and Pippen together during that come back season when Jordan played the full ninety six season. That's seventy two in which we talked about in the pot a couple times, so I'm not going to be too much, but they hit some. Higher being as Aqaba, They were really a tuned in a way that I just haven't seen on a basketball court other than what those two guys it the Lebron and weighed had got close, especially like in the twenty seven game, winning streak we're at that point. There were year three they had the continuity and did where the chemistry they had it started to get there. I think staff in clay. I've had that to some degree, but I've never seen it like with Jordan Pippen AIR, And I were somebody had said that the duck, because it was real special it was. It was
the memory. I have seen those guys a person was those two together and how sick they were. A defence said that too cool. I think that would show that we talked about that now, So I don't know if you know the spoiler, but then a point in the title mandated outside this darkens. If that's how it ends they beat it out a ladder. What's gonna happen, this pacer Sears, oh shit or the pace is gonna beat them they. Actually the bills beat the painters, that's what happens but that's another one I mean add Reggie to the list were no. They're going. I you know this series of ninety eight it just it just got funny that you could probably pick ten guys at all. Thereabouts or to away from getting them and a mixture of a near him and that's as like the Pats thing like that here you could argue they should have more superboss they as those that have left they could have less Superbowl. So the six is the right number Alabama football. I can make cases for three or four more national, too
those, but they also get a couple in their where they got in back as the foreseen after a loss so Alabama. Like the right number M J the only guy in recent memory. That actually has the number go out like that's the only way you could say. Maybe Piston series in the migraine for Scotty were: could they ride Ivan, but does that mean he's exhausted against Phoenix and ninety three Nortons the one guy out of this whole group, and these we're talking like the handful of greatness in modern sports. Less thirty years go all these other guys have losses and wins. It could have gone the other way and in he's the guy hearing about. Historically, all these are Thursday, I wish idea- and I gave it- none of you did well. You know us, as I dare Tiger Tiger had eyes. Christa, my the crystal mark, title, the Rocco Mediate title? Was he had a third one. Where was the hoodie? Who did he beat Rocco media? Two thousand and eight? the! U S open, he, Ratko Media Crystal Marco. There is a third one.
Where's the? U S, amateur, one, that he was. U S open. Then the the chinese guy. Why Yang member that one or two that I beat him but Tiger had a these two and a half hours on a line here covered up there. Southern Africa every target that nobody ever say they were E. He would get in situations where it's like I it's me versus Tiger with Forehold the girl s eye, guy you're fucked tag total now you're gonna lose you gonna lose and that's that's actually was amazing to deliver that many times, and it is a good point I raised. The love was the the tiger stuff where you go yeah, but he's never come back. He's never had to come back. If we wait, what are we doing again? Is it there's some guys? You just go. You know back off on
criticisms here, I'm not gonna come up with with new things here and I'm ever working with a guy and radio we're Talkin ears years ago, and we would start these segments and it was, frustrating to be when people would say the same stuff over and over again, I'm not a tiger fan. I just find it more interesting when he's in the mix on Sunday we like holy shit, but you, U Trademark, that saddling here tiger fat and had no no one's ever said that, but this guy worst with would say now he's great, but you know it, really the pressure on them to have to come back from a few strokes down going into the final- and I was like if you want to do that segment, I was New Siberia gathers sounds of your grace. Acknowledge lay out a little bit more on that, although we are coming up overnight talk about you see in a cup other things, then nearly at the second half of this back ass render. We watch was the ninety seven finals. I forced Reseller Watch where the games way to make sure that a savage ass so read it out at sea.
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lives sporting and that we have had since the quarantine. I was fascinated: sales gonna work, the only real thing we ve been but a sea has been doubled, abbey and aid the the depressing progressing feed so much off the crowds. My assumption heading into this, you have see to forty nine, which apple I'll, get some paper views. My best made him out Jeff Gallo, huge UFC guy, and I always just text him before every pay per view. Should I get this and don't tell me and I'll get like four out of the twelve or for the fifteen, whatever the big ones are So then have your of anyone, I bet done, don't think I've dabbled. I know it So might my thought going into it was that the crowds were Superman, and there was a little wrestling to amateur the guys, feeding off the crowd and leg for knocked down or knock out, sir, anything like the guy jumping on the octagon, the top and posing
everybody? I was shocked by how much I like the no fans. I really thought it was compelling. I liked her in the corners. I liked her in the punches in kicks is riveted as I've ever banned by any of sea product quota year. Bigger fan that I am what you think Annie, I saw your tweets and I didn't want to do the thing where you know how like one should become kind of friends of the guy, and you see a tweet we're like what the fuck are you talking about yes, you are like man, the wrestling didn't play as well. The USA's been much better and I want to go where you think, because, like ones actually fighting and that's the product. The product is the two guys actually trying to fight each other five years ago in the entertainment standpoint. That's why didn't see anything? It wasn't like that vicious. It was just the wrestling part of it is the whole thing they give. The focus is just on two guys in an empty arena. Its notes, it's not as cartoon, is weird to be cartoonish
in the fighting is in real and you can't relieving compared to the EU a seaman Yossi ultimately like. How are these two guys gonna handle each other and the wrestling com? it has so many other things at its leaning on for it to be this big. So now I gazing wrestling. I just think there's so different. The reason I did that was because it was just so weird to watch wrestling with no offense. I couldn't get basket and you know it has some disadvantages because there that actually fighting but the grants that put up the kegs, though the pounding on the mat things I tat, the sound effects were way better beverages. It fell off the whole time watching you have see made me realize, like do we even really necessarily need the feds at these things for regular we're heading, so many other we're heading. So many other elements in this telecast that I found so much more compelling than just cut into a section of fans screaming
So you bad now, this is funny cuz, it's rising to all the M J stuff. But now the debate is one of the many debates that are out there is the Chicago Bulls entrance in the nineties. Is that the greatest entrance and sports? And it's hard to kind of go against that? I think there's some college football stadium stead are right up there, if not better, then it but it's gonna hard argue like we're, not talk about MJ being better than entire college football programme, but there stuff in the south that I would put up against anything yeah. Why? caught him a great or common out and seen him live, and I want to go, seem Vegas once and first of all,. Doesn't caused the entrance to see the irish goons, and I mean that compliment. I mean there, another level like you think you see guys get drunk it as he see football Games these guys are there is a ten or twelve due to arrested before they even got in and to have a Please be that pro Irish, which is crazy, cause it's the states in the guy. That
Macgregor was fighting when I went was was Mendez whose like schools guy anyway, and you ve got Irish him right into Biggie. Daddy's, that's unbelievers, so, like those entrances are so important, but then again once the fight happens, it's all about the fight. So I'm here was a great card, gay cheese. Is this guy, like he's one fight at night, like basically every time he goes out there and the beating Tony Ferguson who hasn't lost in forever and the fact that Ferguson, I mean you just martini seafarers and take every single punch, and then they finally call the fight the Incas Ferguson's insane. But I I just think that its it. How much more of just two guys with everything on the line- and I thought that Anna who's gonna be all Meet M on Tuesday, Genetics and beyond me, Tuesday, Rogan in D C, sugar, yet
they caught of we're all like buying into the idea that, like this is weird and then they noticed this summer, the fighters could hear what they were saying and then fighter start saying in the post. Fight stuff, like I could hear some stuff DC was saying about what I should be doing hard even said that so you who's, the theatre right at the coolest entrance. I've been in person for was Rick Ricky hadn't fought Floyd Merriweather, which I went to when he came out- and he is same thing- was the arguments I just have the stadium losing their fucking mind. Flag singing in the theatre, the anxious you're right, it's one of the best things with you see, I'm saying the stuff. We gained weary, it's it's a law scathing! We gain some really cool stuff. I the fighters- In the post fight interviews talking about how they could hear the announcers and Greg Hardy saying yeah, I heard Dana Cora heresy me how to avoid those legs from every said it. So I decided to change by strategy, loves like oh, my God, the guy
heard the announcers in mid fight side. I did a tweet lasted about, who wouldn't be a team, would be the most affected by that's clearly the seventy six years I wanted. I wanted to really do abrupt brown round like a really mean bread brand three, but the pandemic. I held the site if you're a Sixers fanned, would you rather Jeff, Engaddi, Mark Jackson and the players listen to him or bread, Brown I'd rather take the is being crew. I'll go away. Gandhi, that's really only wins out of the three of their rights by satellite grand out? That's what I like that tree was great, because then I started thinking about the whole time, because there are some Celtics games in the early preteen era. We get to Patino record time on the spot, but yeah we're that's exactly what it was. It's exactly what it was: Kosovo QUIET he hears. What was crazy about the Ferguson Fight, which is one of the most brutal sporting events of everlasting, my entire life. A media is really like you you're wearing this guy's gonna die and then, and then his history, as is the buggy man in ages
Even in the post fight interview he's completely eloquent, it's pretty starts together and you're. Just like you got posted the head a hundred and twenty times and figured about gate, these. Have you say, as they moment of fucking ages, about the gadget I wanna COM, Gavi, so bad Keziah bet it's the spelling versus the pronunciation saw but geishas I kept thinking like war. If we breaks his hand like how many times can you punch somebody flesh in the face before you like fracture knuckle before you have a hairline, something before your hands starts to swell, because these were all like, plus shots that the history of his where these guys either go down or get wobbled with. Half of those Ferguson is going forward. But his ongoing wobbled a couple times real, like ok, he's done like he was when some leg staff were. You thought both of his hamstring blew out at the exact same time or like somebody rat, went Carl Spackle around the old Achilles in the back, and I thought oh he's done is done in any recovers the keys immune
So many he's fights where I look at the guide it loses and gives worked where I have just as much respect for him is the guide at one, but gate showed ad Is that guy everybody's kind of been talking him up a little bit? More and more, I mean Anak again, who I said I'm going to have on when I did. Who do you think is the toughest human being you've ever come across the UFC last year? He picked him, so I was like wow and I'd sent that to that last night, the one and it called this a while ago- he's been really good on that stuff I lost. I had a parlay with that. The heavyweight who knocked the guy twenty seconds in Ghana, negative, with that, with d who arab is now, but then I rallied back. I chased with gaiety two to one underdog in this, but you know with the no fans and just with the sounds of the fight.
It actually started to get really Burgos. Twenty five minutes of that you now only in you're getting no cried reactions at on ass thick and, like first of all, if there's ever been a big spotlight shown on the brutality of how tough some of these fights are. Like here's, your twenty five minutes right there in the second thing is like it actually probably helped him. There wasn't a crowd because there were times when I think he would try to chase the knock out, which is kind of Ferguson wants. Rightly once he wants you to get super excited. Then, all of a sudden, the fourth and fifth round your done but because there was no crowd urging a man he was able to just you know it was almost like watching. Jordan is George Games or doing he just head command of of every that fight. I that was incredible performance. I loved you and I'm I'm just glad it, and I think people watch engage you for the first time you like all, who is this guy you're like actually all of it? They could even have to get off the ground last night and he's he's great that too
his left hand. Like you can't believe, is I don't know. Maybe he has left handed, but I mean he set up traditionally the whole time and is hitting these clean left hooks. He must hit Ferguson with fifty left hooks. I am here like every tire, clean com they're not like the only time you would really get wild and then his corner goes. Are you going to dial it back like ten percent, and that was the thing that even the announcers were talking about as he was getting into the Arctic, that everything he kind of? Has this wild fury about him, but it's sort of controlled and then too The coroner go: hey just dial back cities haymakers here, like just Gimme ten percent less on these, but then you Ferguson, whose body is just sort of like Ferguson. Has this bar They have a guy that would suck at a pick a basketball game, but if it guarded you you're like a case if these weird big shoulders and really long arms- and that is Movement is unlike anybody else, and he sees just different somebody's guy in fighting for awhile once their chin is gone.
Like a running back, we just got hit too many times were all the sun's like outcome. Ricky Williams can get tackled by the ankle now kilograms because you're one Ricky Williams is awesome and then we'll never get like would watch you Ricky Williams, all Vassili, like oh gazed on they can just keep going down every single time inhabitants ammunition. What happens the fighters and tighter by doing this yeah titans is a good one. To you know, Fergus said reminds me of those guys, the committee in the meantime, the euro, but sport where they had the different weird fighting styles. Where there's like that one guy he's just on the ground hopping ran their sight, the Big bear her guy and then it's like here's Ferguson. He has no style he's doing spit moves further. In his father in the ground. He's gone left right and you know it's a mailing gaiety with the with the upper cut at the end of the second round, which, in my opinion, the upper cut.
The guy's, leaning forward and new land. The upshot correctly is the most devastating punch of all punches its. I have that in pole position and he had a perfectly she was leaning forward the way you'd want to, and I have no idea how it and get knocked out you should get knocked out and every time I don't care who you are and try to talk to, you are that's a knockout any any just just in admitted he was fine. I didn't understand it. That was the Thyssen thing. Jason was right when it was Prime Thyssen, it was this compact left or right. Head movement you. Couldn't really square mobility got underneath you and it was at a boycott and that's You know, I never anybody would say like we'll. Thyssen really started with some of the big I speak? Not when he was young, her, I mean he's I would like big tree, He's fallen all over the place, so yeah in one's Thyssen, it probably been is unhealthy as any virginal fighter, we ve ever seen an things got up to him, but early on Thyssen used to shop all these
guys down so whenever anybody would talk like Thyssen Burst, the other great heavyweights, like all you ever get lucky to have trouble with Alec as its Ali. But Ali, I don't I we ended up in this whole thing. Maybe it is all a broad MJ step, but yeah gaiety watching him just go back to that. I guess I just but which are used in all american wrestler any never even went to the ground against Ferguson. So that's where the there are some of the other guys that he be lining up against where you like United have to show that part of him, yet it could stand up, an exchange blows and just pepper Ferguson for half an hour and not even have to do some. The other stuff, Thyssen Africa is one of my leg, three or four favoured boxing weapons. I was of the Frazier coming out of the crash left hook, I'll leave alleys the greatest fighter about time. It was like his his his today is just how was thrown the way he launched forward. It would just land on Ali. In this, even in the first I'll leave fight. It was like Peak Ali and it he
They'll get him whether he just could figure it out. I love that one and then that the Hearn straight right off the jab most memorably in the terrain, fight which I still is I'd. Probably my favorite, not ass, your favorite out of all night, maybe just like it just flush in the rain, was like he's the all time you know nobody did that to him. Now is toast and he's the house he dies. He isn't spirit lives. It's unbelievable. Now. What about the Mickey Ward head body head? That's a good one and I get wet, What I really thought was not about the of sea last that other than I just enjoyed having sports and unpredictability and people watching alive sporty that knowing how it was going to end again in all these different things was it made,
wonder what the NBA would look like with no fans if they took some of the lessons from the. U have see paper view most, notably, if you, if you had the MIKE's picking up the sound of the gang in the guys, talk to each other in the grunts and B. Muttering at each other and swearing at each other and all that stuff, I don't know if the NBA would have the balls to do that to to basically remove the trampoline from the game so that if somebody falls up the tightrope and somebody calls somebody a mother, or what whatever they would be worried about that situation. Maybe David tape delay, maybe you could bleep it whatever, but if you could hear the conversation on that or it would obviously be like what it was like to go to a game in the Eightys and Ninetys before they started playing music cause before they start a boy. The music during the actual game veer Saint close enough, which I was fortunate, because my dad had good seeds. You get here that people talking here the coaches, all that
stuff and I do feel like it would be an asset for the big aims. Do you think the NBA would ever have the balls to actually do that way? Now, your pigeon? Something I was prettiness to my roommates on the couch over twenty years ago, when I was There's gotta be away record MIKE everybody, then maybe we have just be on HBO, which is gone with the Unifil is done anyway. I would love it. You would I think all of us it MBA fans, would love it, but I think a lot like those coaches under the huddle, the reason they all suck for a while there, like a Scotty, Brooks Justice rebound at the top of his voice ever no time you like no, it's edited so that nothing strategic is given away and nothing is given away. That makes any these guys look bad and I'm worried that the NBA with MIKE acts In whatever version the NBA we get? If we're going to get it, I don't think they want us hearing confirming all the stuff. We know these guys say to each other and some of the names they call each other. Don't I don't again be a wants out, even though we're gonna be very entertained and, as I thought about it in the USA model that people have to accept the NBA come.
Whatever versions it we ve heard, kicked around can be a guy. I've just don't complain about it because it it's gonna, look bad. No other. The uniforms is gonna. Look like a you stuff like when you watching these. We watch were doing and thinking of no one in there for play off games. I know you brought it up here like this, is going to be terrible if it's going to be a necessity, but I get it like it's not going to be great and I don't think it's. I think it's kind of a waste of time complaining about it. I think it could be cool of they open the door and the sound but wait you just talked about. Like I live thorough moment, did the court sideshow Frage beyond two thousand eighteen You know a show that we had everything in place and it was a really good show, except for the peace where we just couldn't get the real behind the scenes stuff. They just give it up and in one of the reasons was, I think, like about ten days before we see
The film in that show it was that for the two thousand diviners courage at that moment with the rat, He pulled the rain over and he's like. Let me tell you a Michael Jordan story was during a game and it was like a minute long, clip and- and it became a big thing on social media and incur was furious- that they use that clip he's like why. Why is that? On the internet? Like that's me talking my player, I didn't want that to become a public think and then, after that they really crack and that's why you ve hurt you have for the people listening when they when they see the behind the scenes, MBA staff and it's like we set a lotta, Scotty Bricks gone, come on guys they again reborn. Yet go pay or drought. What's pick up the intensity, that's because there it's all we're gonna get we're, never gonna get the real shit. We're never gonna get the stuff like that. There are so many great moments in the EU have seething yesterday. Even that the great hardy we'd thought there might be something wrong with the guy
He was fighting with his foot language, not ordinary pyres, domestic cake He was clean her, but we do know for sure the answers are caught it out and then add fight ended. Normally. The crowd shearing, but we can actually hear them talking. Like my foots fucked up my bet, my leg and grace, I ya man say it in Zaire. Fuck like Gregory was bad. He wanted better fight, but that's a moment we never would have had. If you could hear the crowds, I I that there's good. So I also we should point out Joe Rogan was a pantheon performance by him. Being no gloves, though, mask he's touch it everybody, his walk it in splattered blood. He just could not abed less afraid of the elements. I love that I now as it was a macho performance by Jove. He really really was over that he had. That was Zalm. That was, they work to do their work? It out? Those guys wear masks. Now they just work. So I don't. I don't. I actually think it might have been something like you're not wearing masks
but he was, he was touch it everybody there. One right. I thought it was just get to rub his hands at the blood or electric spit Parker. Something just like really push tat, but funny as they were all spread across they said they were sitting together when they did the announcing they said they were in different parts around the ring which I thought was began. They did this stand up their right. Next to it that I get it. There were some video their running back and it was kind of like the Triple box deal was Annick in Korea and then and then Rogan and then once you get in there, There is a post later on. The Paris surrounding fight was good and its benefits in advance. What ten years, since they fought, I believe in Pakistan, what again too, but then there are the hanging out later repairs. The cor's lights are only with a bug can end. There like arm in arm, and I was waiting for something to be like hey. You know guys like. Oh, you can hang out here like while we just rolled around each other's bodily fluids. Fer. You know an hour
right well not an hour, but you norms you ever get. If we had a thing we gave it to each other. There was a big day for me: do it yeah yeah did that did those was caved in? you could have been happier is just like yeah, I was, I don't care if those had a big dent in it is pouring blood has great fight. I had a good time. These guys are a different breed. They really are there different breed. Most people to be like my nose is caved in. I should probably go see a doctor. His I'll. Do the city view for ten minutes? I get the other differ in this sense too, like I think it was the surrounding fight. I forget, which will I don't know whatever happens all the time, so this isn't exactly something new, but seriously one guys dropping like I'd check like a leg, kick on the guy's head and in the Bell ring
in one second later they're laughing and yeah I've I just got kicked in the head and then sears- I'm not exaggerate two seconds later, so the second left on the clock Bell. Second, after the fight, and then it's like high five, after the guy who just kicked you it's just such a level then yet, through a guy cater. He assaulted the earth. It is love those guys then, as soon as it fights over big win for him. People in the union, when that one he's a gay. You know and as the first responders, a give it up to that. Anyone at any that medical, services medical devices, you know the tea kiddo straight shooters well we're outside of forever guy. Your last. While Romania loses just? If, if you pick like what three Massachusetts,
cities are going to have. You have see fighter my top three would bend lower the through in fall, river, probably met tat, probably were made, but just go to Pakistan, knowing anything. So it to threaten the very low again there now now I mean there's just think. If those are the top three towns into people would say: Brockden Dorchester, like I don't have time to train like our fight, but I don't wanna have to job of let's at once. A break as I want to talk about just quickly, some of the NBA News from Thursday and Friday khazar it's gotta, be their return, a pessimistic bill red This ain't you ve, been deal with agony. And his dark spots. Wrinkles. Finding Truman that work can be complicated needs can care that actually performs beginning
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reading between the lines talking to some people. I'm sure you talk to some people too. I am pretty discouraged about the NBA coming back. Ultimately, who cares like like I just what the pandemic to go everything to get better and in private carried too much about a lasting basis and should be the least of our concerns, but I really did think they're going to figure this out. And the mood commoner that Friday was pretty grim where, there's just so many variables and it doesn't seem like they can get a hand on all that they can agree on anything and the only things they He might they can really ground as if it works, it's gotta, be it the bubbles. Joyce. Nor later there or vague, as which we ve been talking about on this back ass for the last month alone, that it doesn't seem They figured out anything and the round is running at a time it's made tat and if, if they dont figure out some sir
plan by the end of this month. I dont then, at some point, you're gonna get. You can be going it's football. The logging pushes back, which you to do that wave and do that of semi. Football comes back or you could say nothing's going to come back, but I really thought that Friday fall car was going to be the beginning of movement and its and it wasn't an outer know where we stand. Ok, so let me follow up with you. Will I one of the things the your hearing Post Friday, that put you in the audience? wrong by the way at all. But I want you to stay on this in share more with us on why you're so deflated after fridays call. The players Union was more assertive than I expected, which is fine, but there's just a lot of agendas, and I it's
hard for me to figure out how those agendas ignorant line in a railway over the next couple weeks, because I think you have competing agendas even with the owners and the EU have different owners who feel differently about the pandemic and what we should do and we definitely do first while vignette we definitely we can't get five people who greener my third, Yeah, I think in weird way I thought the owners would be more I got in L, a New York bubble type of situation with how they saw things the same way, but it's that in an idea you have some guys fuck this for coming back, was played in the arena, and why can't we have limited fans, and then you have other people alike This is wrong. We're gonna get out these tests and where you betaken tests away from other people, is that, where the pr head and a day, I just don't feel like their offer the ground for of allow these discussions. I don't know what they can do.
The last two months. I know I know they're being careful. I know they're trying to learn as much as I possibly can, but now we're at the point where at least a plan should be in place. If we feel good about this plan, how we're going to do it? How many tests would we, It can we proceed. How many teams should we have? What is the exact number of people we can put into this? little bubble, etc, etc, and it doesn't seem like we're. I was reading the stuff and I tweet but remember Selborne, talking about all of the different angles of this and I hope, promoted INDIGO was going to her and on the peace. Gazeta quote twitter because I kind of Was disappointed by Michel Roberts quote when it was talking about in a quarantined bubbles in I will to go to one go to one city over there and she city that's like incarceration, which is a horrible horrible analogy, and
If you are the head of any Players Association, that position is combative by nature, you were always going to be all the baseball guys like hey you guys, screwed us over for decades were coming at you, but then again point where it was, I donno fared and even want anything to do with any kind of compromise. You go back to some of his early p d proposals on the players either laughable, and that was actually one of the biggest reasons. Why has hardly even get any testing? Was the owners cited? They wanted the testing it is. Sorts, NFL stop Eugene, Jaws aid to and with the owners. He doesn't rep us enough, the Billy hunters offers a mass, which I know maybe you'll get too but Michel Roberts and as such is about their quote. But I felt like right now, in my opinion, would be that way. Everybody's trying to figure out how to get any games back, but you have to have more of an open mind and that maybe now is the time to be combated, and even she'd asked about What is a sea ba mean? Wasn't me for paychecks and silver. Answer was amazing, he's ok, sorry, but there's no provision
the Sea Ba about a global pandemic? There's no clause is no page. I can refer you to. This is all unprecedented stir. So, even though I understand the nature of the position to basically say the owner say you know. Blue and we get just think it's red. I was disappointed by her quo. I was kind of disappointed by our whole approach Fine Michel Roberts fascinating in that she ever is criticized really like there's always rumblings and if it's from the teams like no one's ever gonna wanna hear their complaints because she's the opposition, but I don't know look. I think so people just straight up afraid too as Michel Roberts. I know I am at times, even though I have criticised other player reps, not just phenomena, ie is I'm usually more pro player, but I was disappointed in her quote: I started thinking about her more more. I go. I don't. I don't know that raves about her, but there's never really been anybody. That's that's laid it
and I think that some people who just think she's checked out now at this point to cause she's off the job pretty soon she's been under the radar from a job performance. Point, there's not a lot arguments. Arguments about her or against this is was is a chance to distinguish yourself in some way I've never heard anybody be that impressed by. I don't know you don't crusher, but I've never never heard one purse go. You know who's unbelievable, that Michel Roberts, maybe it's impossible to find somebody in that job. I think this was a chance to distinguish herself and she didn't, but I think that the overriding factor right now with all these people publicly and I'm talking about players, owners union people networks there- you need a bunch of tests. If they're going to do this, that's one thing: all them are afraid of the pr backlash that totally get it.
That is paralyzing the second pieces that tromp has met with with silver, and you know a bunch of the other commissioners some of the owners- and I think Adam at anybody, is really hesitant to to make it seem to his prayers that Trump and all the baggage that he as that we don't have to go into bullied him in the coming back and he doesn't want it. What do you mean he's. That is, if the member radar, Adam and two thousand twenty is basically still throw you know, hitter from when he took over the wig and I, and he has really had a huge out. He is that a huge loss and this like having prayers command ambient, like you, just want to come back as Trump on that date. There just doors being open now for him to get
size for the wheat, their criticized for the others get criticised that they have a really doubt within six years, since the sterling thing- and I think, just everybody's b, really really really careful. I dont think everyone can agree on the right circumstances: the right pieces, the gender really care about them. Is running at that. These are the running at its out, yet we're running out of time unless football is delayed than you go away to make, and we can we work together with the Nobel, but I dont know, if the leagues of city early strategically goin, hey. How are you gonna do? I would like again I think some you pointed out where they give. Just want the baseball to kind of, say, they're back, so that everybody can kind of follow the lead. And then I wonder if it's going to turn into one of those deals, because I'm definitely afraid of whatever version of a second spike. If it exists, if it could, I open to the suggestion that it could happen right, but would it would it be a guide tests, positive and then that means Europe justified and testing all your players and then that guy,
this goes home and you keep playing because the first version of it Rudy GO, bears testing positive; ok, no, basketball, no hockey, no baseball! I, like everybody, shut it down, no college sports and it was instant if it takes so much plan, And so much going into ramping, this thing back up is the version they like Al K, guy dispositive grown virus, embers gonna, get him away from a routine tester ready out. The other thing on the testing to the pr part is massive: every lead that I've talked to his brought it up multiple times. But then I look it like a Nate Silver had a tweet about testing results and actually look like. It was a really positive thing, and then I made them going through a reading, all the comments and I'm talkin like verified people that are covering this all over the place. So as we're sitting here talk about the test, I've heard we'll say: will you can just run a temperature gauge on everybody else, see you're not using tasks for people that re symptomatic or you know with it, not showing any symptoms asymptomatic if your posit, but
I don't I don't know what to believe on that one I gotta know it's like. I know, there's one article. I really convinced me of the temperature thing in another people. They actually know the temperature you can. You have You can have any bodies not have high temperature, but that means no it all these different thing. So I can't imagine all the different factors these leaves are trying to figure out by navigating through all this stuff. And yes after Fridays thing, I'm more pessimistic like you are. It was also crazy to just hear them come out and actually say what we have heard: people whisper and talk and things that we had a good guess that it was gonna plaid this web tear them actually acknowledge it. That, though, and it is forty percent of their revenue. You know you can fudge those numbers anyway, you what I know to a certain degree. You can't but they're pretty careful about not just come out and saying around number that somebody can latch onto like that and they dead when our businesses down forty percent now, because the site, just starting with no fancy.
In us than the second piece was we don't think we're gonna have fancied arenas even for the two thousand twenty twenty one season for them to acknowledge that now you're talkin about what happens? If you know my dad gets his Celtics is take a better. I get. My clippers is ticket bill, fade, Dave just come out and said were basically knock and a half fancy games next year we don't deck. So how are you gonna bell? Your fancy? That's one of the ways that they get money up front. He can put the money away for six months. That's why You see, I am bases ticket orders they get. You don't buy, play a plan by your play. I've tickets, but you also have to buy next season tickets and allay way plan or pay are frightening this off, because their Chinese that money in April for games that don't start until the end of October there's put no way for eight months since it there's no games you're, paying you're, paying way had a time for entertainment that united we getting it are they gonna
just do that. There's the all of these things. This is why I am just getting more and more pessimistic because massive decisions, such as one decision, it's like twelve fifteen and but is that on the same page that's gonna what we learned on Friday. I mean not that's why both of us consider real man and in back the Michel Roberts part of it to where I would go like her. I thought the players wanted to come back and play, but the way she sounded its. If ok, You guys don't make any compromises, our are all the players good we're losing the rest, their money or they think, and here the Czechs have kept coming in because the owners haven't cut. That off here even though the revenues taking the head- but I guess even with the forty percent- and I think the forty percent number is the entire thing with them yeah it is so that's not it's not it's really full. Set of what you were expecting to make. The season is forty percent of the remaining stuff online really for net rising yeah right. But that's. Why would have thought it some version I mean lot, losing the tv money is still the most important thing.
I would take more than anything. So I get that it's it's some kind of lost, but I can't imagine owners are going well if I'm not going to make any at ten, money, I'm ok losing at all, and that's the same for the Who was the one who said we advocate a sober who was like. We want to keep best of seven for every round. If we get this yeah. I was shocked by that. I actually think that's dumb eight this to me. This is a chance to rectify something that was done in the first place. Doing first rub as the seventh make it so that you know it whence if you get a three a lead in the series you win the Sears so with Europe three hour for one says, is over. I was, I am not. One of the benefits of this whole thing would be that we wouldn't have these stupid first round. There is dragging on one team is clearly better than the other them get away from that, but I don't know I hate the single elimination thing, I'm done with reading everybody's proposals and I get it everyday entered rag.
But I'll even out ahead with it. And you you're, like the king proposals, Uganda Mastiff forbid. No one cares about, but I'm out of me gimme your five worse teams, to win a single elimination NBA championship of they just did that yeah I went for games who would make people the bad as You, though Gimme yours, they coups D. Number one of all the viable aims of the rackets. I have allowed the animal by so bad as the only right answer. First of all, what do you do you like? I don't even know what to do with that one before we get back, let's, let's hold off on talking about what we do with the Rockets winning four games. That was supposed to count as an NBA championship if they just hit single elimination which is not going to do, but if Lebron got it
and then all the M J people will be like that, doesn't even cow! That's now that's a half rank set out if they wanted to have a map geniuses. First, that we feel like his yacht has now arrived issue. Is you get in Asia path that everyone are they all time, grates, ruining, sing elimination. I think ferret failure would be the number to make people the maddest. Ah, that's it What Brett ratified by Giles yeah about this The they were really here is really might be worse than Houston reaction. That you get well then need us. I have other Philly people getting mad about the reaction in that actually could they to a civil war. You guys. You got people wouldn't want to give up, try to think who would with like which, Eddie winning would hold like, would the public hold back the most recognition? I should think Lakers are high on this list, because the Le Braun factor of people saying like that's not really or fourth ring, so that's part of it,
really would be so nasty because it he said I fuckin idiot, said Ben and began lady together and single ass. She don't like each other, but that's Yet I want for games gap beds. Finally, clippers clippers would make people mad to, but I really this is your first title you just what forgave of beer the deep and you had no fans anyway, so this state there actually the biggest winners if there's no feds of the plants theirs Finally, as I am a thing, though, if my Emmi did it, they havoc afford a parade and then Wade was given an honorary ring, and then it was another documentaries, six parts long or something and then you'll like cheese, guys. I tell you a story about my greatest sports movement of the last two months. Yes, sir, but my supply side has been playing a lotta to Kay really likes. It really get it do it as my team other stuff. It is always trying to get me to play.
And I'm like- I don't know- I'm not a really a big video basketball game guy. Like I'm like I like football, I like golf, I like driving games of the basketball, these are ready. We afraid he's. Do that whole thing, I'm like! Oh, you want some young back yard they try to get there. I was there. I didn't know what the buttons are a minute. I will be you, so we play all time Lakers our times, ethics, I don't even know what I'm doing he's beating me and I'm like by about third quarter, figured out his opponent. My start over. Let's play to norm James I'll, be the Celtics. You can be anyone you want. You said fine, okay, quitter so play another game, two thousand and twenty rockets against two thousand and twenty Celtics. I'm like you can pick any way you can Speed be Davison is not going to be hard. It I'm gonna, be Houston I'm,
Course, emerald score: I'm just gonna Hearted Squire hundred points on ya, like ok, bring it on mother fucker, so we go rockets out there, and you guys swear at each other to light. Really grandmother yeah? I actually answer that it to cover the story, so we got a rocket celtics and I'm doing all two thousand twenty Darrow Moorish shit on him he's just playing conventional friend get Alley oops. You know he's kids. He doesn't really understand. Like the how basketballs played now part he's trying to do dunks and be people have to dribble and shit like that and he's scoring, and then I'm coming down, I'm doing and kick to lick Hayward to the corner, Tatum in the corner, having like Campbell work around pics shooting threes in a beating them. I am up eight he's getting madder and madder. I'm up ten harden scoring like a madman hard inside his way to sixty and I'm way
by ten is a year but hard it's gonna get sixteen on like this is so funny because There are people were here. This is the whole problem of the James, hard experiences you're gonna bragged that he got sixty, but I'm gonna beat you buy ten points, so we're going going, I'm hitting threes. I end up. I break them. I went by like I don't know. Eighteen harden ends up with sixty didn't matter irrelevant. He gets so mad. He said he storms off takes the thing out of it takes the disc out of game. I suck at this, I'm never playing again he's mad at me. MIKE. Now you don't understand you just last a modern basketball it another new with you or me. You didn't understand, corner threes hen and setting a p and just fire up as many theories is possible, is always going to be what you're doing hard lesson for bed immense, that's my story anyway, beating him was by highlighted blessed him. What's your kids freak out about that, I had a similar experience last Christmas.
Thought Sully Miller, who I add on the on the podcast I didn't. I lay with the warriors that they use the raptors, but we put it on like a lower level, and I just started Cookin with with Currie in clay yeah lost. He turned it off. He turned it off on me and he was. He was I know you don't wait, wait! Wait. He was he wasn't Toronto. He was sacrament. I said, look I'm playing river be the warriors he's like our enemy, somebody terrible and it was it's bad like young dudes, don't you like it worked by the old bull, I would say the at twelve to fourteen the sweet spot for handling a lost, the worst like that's, he was just mad. It was mad for like two hours and I had to throw in a couple days till my hey man. I might be fifty, but I was playing video games when you were like I got you never baby made a basque above videogame, as do a lot of that. I was delighted. Latticed strutting Africa have anyway fuck the Rockets. Where you take a break down. Would you do that.
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after it was released. Dens I washed and Jean Hackmen had a lot of fun doing this on the real actual some pop culture pack has. There is other than the other ringer pop culture. Biogas web check it out. Crimson Tad, that's coming Mennonite back. This by reward Shabazz we're doing the entire ninety seven and a final constrain. The last two games, but this is such a fascinating document. In so many different ways, this is restored it has become Marcella. Be graded. Great at this point is a superhero we're all assuming he's gonna be he's gonna go. Through every step, the way, no matter what I've obstacle? Utah team that it? around for a long time. We really have a feel for them. Not enjoyable to watch is we're about to cover both go. Sixty nine and thirteen, This is the culmination of just a brutal twenty months that we talked about in your pack ass. We did the wizards pad where they had it does this point of their basically the Beatles. At this point there this trap,
starcaster cover differently than any sports team. Ever all that stuff jazz go sixty four and one thousand eight hundred and eleven and three in the playoffs to beat the Lakers to clippers and then famously. The rocket Stockton hits the three the Lakers series bows, the cobia Airball series, the kind of lost in the shuffle, where shacks first year. Eighty Jones, Nick than actual, pretty even series. I remember in the moment thinking other acres of Utah. Utopias loses Utah's done and was in the case of his envy. Picard alone still be ftp. So do we get to the define us and the supply merges the real envy, p versus the guy one, the envy, then. This whole other thing about no Carmelo was was actually awesome this year, twenty seven and ten incredible defensive, where such good pass, or rather the double team. The whole offices around him. You know he's a deserving VP. We,
you stand and ninety ninety seven on this question heading into the final. Do you remember ya? Do this was none of us like watching? You talk back that? Ok, no one did and even though there is never series, whereas a silly rooting for Jordan, I was I wasn't rooted. Utah jazz it just because the NBA five It was on and there wasn't any I was emotionally connected to about the entire time now, because I was a huge Barkley guy and I know unbiased I've always thought. Barkley was better them alone, and I think these this series is does not. This is a bad series Carmelo Malone fans by the way, it's awful. You had the number one. Is this guy in the history league setting you up on every single possession, your entire career and Malone was a really good shooter for a big. He was, credible as a rebound, her he's pretty It is a passer by
frankly, other Arab, as closer on the wing, was put the NEA Black Pour LA lover, yeah and duty played every day he played every game. You any was actually a real tough guy like when he and right getting into it part of me is like wants him to fight Robin for real, because he would a twisted Rodman up. I he just aegis would have, but whenever I see some of those dollar means about five for three build your dream team common always unlike the for dollar line, when he's on it and bark, was always on the three our line and when I think of peak bark beavers peak alone, I know I'm taking I'm taking Barkley, I wouldn't even argue it, but the composite the food tat picture who lukewarm alone is, is incredible, so did the fact that there are in this finals they have this incredible record their awesome at home. They have this amazing home core atmosphere. That's like ruthless, which is part of the Rodman story when he says something about Mormons and gets find and then does a weird Jim Gray, interviewer research crying before game sick.
Did. He was out the legislators raise he so bad in the closing game. I respected what Stockton him alone did, but it might have been the first time I was realising in the EU, and I have just started talking about more and more- the separation between play off basketball, regular season, basketball. There you gonna run this pickin role with these two hall hollow famers, like you're gonna, win a bunch games, but when I look at you too, The series there's like three or four guys you tell that even play in today's mba they're playing minutes in the NBA files. So you have the teeth. Ass, seventeen fires, golden state averages want one one point. Six hundred and ninety one shots a game in the finals games. The Cavs were one hundred and fourteen point. Eight hundred and ninety point to fill goes again. This ninety seven final Senate gets worse the next year, the bolts for the series. Eighty seven point, eight points, jazz rate of seven point, two hundred and seventy four
feel both for the ball. Seventy one point two further Jas say that, again of the differences, what the harmony of the arts, the difference, is basically thirty. Five shots again told out a lot of that to you. You can talk about the it's, not even defence. It's not import. Teams were slow Esteems charges is low, pay steam cause they're running their stuff, but when you're running these side, pickin roles or Malone, a pin down. Were somebody comes up only to try to get it back to him in the post like that, takes time and that's what they did. Well, but they also they had a deliberate decision to slow down because- They had to older guys, MILAN and Stockton, their thirty thirty four and the shirt in stock and both of them had played a ton of minutes. Mid aid is that stock than at that point- and I forget what year
I did, but I was that of his brilliant Jerry signs thing where he would take him out at the exact same points in the game. Malone was like one of those terrible out. It's him Karim in the brain of the three most durable basque bumpers of all time. He was ridiculous, but as things started, the slow down in the mid nineties for a variety of reasons. They really benefited because, the date in water run, they didn't have the guys to run. But if it was an eighty four eighty one, seventy five to seventy two type game. They had an advantage couple things going on in the series: Rodman is just terrible. This whole play off, and there talking with the advances, are talking about him in a couple of points out a lot of the series this weekend there talking about em like he's gone after the air. They
I think everybody was like fuck. This guy he's not flag. Malone was hat, was doing whatever you want with them. Their play. A bright wham, soon became by Sunday lay a lot robins. Only twenty seven minutes game. The finer than the by some delay was over twenty and plays a lot game, five and game sex and and been, is banged up, but still go on. This is shown by the way. This whole thing for Chicago bill is Mj Pippin and then you know occur. Has his moments, especially with the game warning shot by coach takes thirty six shots. If you look at feel go. Attempts coach for the series is the third highest player in filled all attempts and he's thirty seven submitted these averaging six shots a game as the third most attempts. This series is all offensive, Emma Jane, Pippin and then really car with some shots in that game. Six Jordan's usage rate in this area, as well as at thirty seven point nine,
happens. Twenty five point: five, since basically the to them, if they did say at the top of game one they do this all along and Bc Intro and they come out it's in its its Google's bill on an Marv and though there talking about how the bulls just have employed that well in the system. That would seventy two games that sixty nine games that just made as it is that the favourite and there like yeah they're, just that play while they they can play one spurts, but they can really gone and we can feel is we ve got a lot of balls games, thou their defence uses and at the same level, by the time we get to this final stage, can't do the thing that they were able to do during this second, three PETE, where, if they needed a dial up, the defence do the full core press for one quarter. What are they just stay there runnin on fumes at this point and allowed under four ways so game, one. Eight people like me innocent bystanders, I'm a boss.
Fan. At that point, I don't. I don't really have a horse in this race. Were you rang for anybody back then I so mad about the quorum alone. Thing Why would I be? Ah, I lost My daughter, I was so upset. I really care about the BP, as I just can't believe. What are we doing M J. Sixty nine games go watches, fucking team. Everyone knows he's the best plan would it. Why did we do this and then Malone actually makes the final it becomes this all these two guys head had head and was funny. Is I watched the fourth quarter of every game except game too? I watched olive game five. I saw a second have game: six billion His disappointment at Khartoum alone is the serious goes along. Is the funniest thing about these games on Youtube? Where is coral Malone? Why it's annoying for job shots, fired layer, defensive rebound for coral below what is just like eviscerate again
and am jades winning tight on by the end of it. I was just like our let's all agree. This is the dumbest Mvp we're wherever gonna give out, which I still feel thou. I right this is still the outward. It's always that way with envy peas, those is people go, look at you toss doing and against before this whole thing, but the fact they get the finest because, prior this it was very Rockets issue in that? I owe you tolerate. When a million games they went home, socked antagonize area can roll back and raw, so this them mean making the final you're like ok and then the the game one Utah should have one this game. It's not debate and then Coreham alone MRS chew free throws, for whatever reason he can't make free throws in in these vital issues like fifty nine percent. Let me double check here some basic stats here, six games in the
I was free. Three percent is sixty percent, and this is something who made the free throws for his career. He can't may he misses to an ambitious casually comes down game winner in other, should have an down. They were used shit about you remember one did you remember the last couple minutes of this game as good as it was the watch because you have Just in the all, because the the flu game in the game six of Kurwa in winter. Liquefied overall steer Pippen makes a three this. The last two minutes, Stockton comes down answers with monsters, Jordan monster. That's that's stock in threes, huge costs,
really shooting that March at that point, and that is a great enough, it is needed to use three on the right side. Jordan gets vowed, makes one or two misses. The second Stockton comes down. Mrs three same shop and MRS, it Malone gets the rebate gets fab like forty seconds left goes to the line, TAT Game Jackson, both short and gets the rebound, even though he's on the third position on the fowl and he's got Anton next to him, who I don't know what Anton cars doing that, but it's just Jordan was just like I'm getting the right he's going to miss this and I'm getting the rebound. Gets it and then comes down, makes the game winner and does the fist pump. That Kobe would end up. I think, admittedly, stealing that fit the one fist pump up there and by the end of that you're, just like We deal with the same BP thing how stupid possess, but it's really excited game. I really enjoyed a game to blow out all ironic.
Will I get of ripe and one of the biggest things though, to in this is that Utah was trying to How to double m J there, late and calm alone, like the guy that would bring the he screws up like everyday screw up for double team attempts on M J at the end of this game. It just so funny how it's ok, disguise is going to go ahead and win the into on car stuff is hysterical, but I want to stay with your work. The real quick as it carries over what an crush him alone every game. You're, not every actual, most every game. Now the series, unless we can Wharton who was weird because if you like bill, won't now it's not my thing. I get why people like it and I actually think that more broadcast with the S p and with all of this college basket, enjoy when things start up again. I think I e s being should have always done some different things like I think they should have had you ass, a selfish vellum Van Patten. I was
but he whose like a straight laced, college, basketball guy, put us on a Tuesday and how you guys in your radio show we do in color commentary for like an easy game. I actually did you have all of these college. Roswell games try some different stops or even if it was not. My thing and a more like a day pass guy, I liked it they're doing it and then whartons You will all seven people really seem to like it so much for it. What people don't realize and again what becoming this vociferous dude? Who coup couldn't talk? This is like Drake gone from Del Grassy to run in the rap game. You're, an Walton who just wasn't even interested in didn't have kind of personality. Had the speech impediment to become this guy that fixes it all of Europe it really really. Incredibly nice. Guy he's like mean a nasty I don't even like it, and it's weird it's just so. It's like the weirdest think as every things like the biggest deal
sometimes he's not even making any sense in he's getting the play wrong, but he just all about the hyperbole and for whatever reason he decided that he was just going to crush Coreham alone in every single moment, even when he made fade away carbines this great fadeaway shooters, a big is nothing you can do with it and he hits that shot and when he would take it miss it bill Wanton would act like he threw it underhand from half core and a coward watching it mad. That Malone was the anyway and hating some of the shots. He took an while new out ever big fan of Annexes gives a midnight is it was the one I felt like I'm completely in line with the one, even though he's been I totally agree with everything he saying so game to is a blow out M J goes thirty, eight, thirteen and nine MILAN, six, four twenty from the field now like this. Could this be a sweep or is Utah's home crack? And they say this too
We too series game. Three Utah wins by eleven MILAN puts up thirty seven and ten fifteen for twenty nine field go, and this is where you are. The fourth quarter. That's the bulls, adjusts they're having a lot of trouble scoring they. The radwan they're not get any offence, rebounds anymore, unless its partner Jordan, could they can't figure the coup coach thing? Steed where's ice cold. They can't as his yadda there's I've got series. I went coach is their right in my area, cookouts areas where what was it tat, I ve learned People are so mad cook why they were really that mad, but the last dads and starts off it's ok. What's up a cockroach go back a watch! These games like nodded it they're good, yet there it therefore so game for game. Forests are where's perennially kind of the great game of a serious if he, if, if diggers,
Sir seven odds our game for was the best gave me. The teams have felt each other out properly. At this point, you tell when seventy eight seventy three hundred and forty feel goes total in this game. NBA scores twenty two points, no free throws zero and the bulls only shoot. Twelve free throws total and there's some really fishy caused in this game, and I would like to assure you into one of my favorite NBA things for solo, the David Stern referee, vortex from ninety seven to two thousand and three, where you just could tell with certain games. The instructions were like a bee
stop stop those cheap files on an s or hey. You got to call Malone on those moving screens, whatever they told the rest before the games are just executed correctly, for whatever reason the bulls aren't just get, the bulls are going to the basket, they're just not getting any calls. This is what really gets frustrated about Karl Malone, taking over but you're to mix two straight, you tell MRS five straight shots. The bulls are at five with two hundred and thirty left time out and goes to the bench she's stretching out his back. That's weird: come back in stock, the mix at two Eight hundred and forty three know all this is notable because the bulls never blue games ever this is like Rivera blowing a save for it's just. I got tonight Jenni Rivera's going to get the save this done. The buzzer at five two hundred and thirty left up to one of the series, the game's over that Michael Jordan they're, not losing Stockton, its history. Jordan comes back with a fallaway hornacek, Miss lap time at balls. Now, there's a minute. Thirty left, both still up for
an m J. Does the turnaround following on Russell stacked and comes running and strip them fast break found in the lab makes one or two and then basically the bulls don't score again, but this leads to the famous stacked and play: where gets a rebound long baseball past Coreham alone, lay up Steve car. Mrs a corner, three not Utah, steals the game M J. Mrs, a three that goes in and out of the buzzer Utah steals it it's too too. I remember in the moment being absolutely shocked by this. I thought I thought it just had all the makings of like, of course, the bulls are going to win tonight. Now it's two two game fires in Utah and there's do remember there start to be a little buzzed this point. Maybe it's not figured about what's going on here, The start and steel on Jordan's incredible and it just a tribute to start in watching these games him in
they and roll the way he would drag all the attention towards him, knowing setting up the other thing and and if you decided not stay with him he's getting immediately. Take that shot and you watch him going. He should be shooting more, it's a little bit like the now, stuff, where you go, how come stockings actually not taking more shots, but just the way was bill and I think that fifteen thousand assist it worked out all right for four Stockton kitten, ok, they're right right, but he had some huge shots in these games were stock. As regards enough, this like homage, go ahead, hit one of these things and the other some of this stuff. They at the end game. Six and five we will talk about where other and just as to me, a thing in all he's doing is like a cave. If you want a third gotta get involved here like ominous slow him down with this drivel that I'm constantly keeping alive. I'm doing all these things on the Jordan Strip. It's this help. Defence, I actually thought MJ getting called for. The fowl was the wrong call their stock, my God, it's a terrible call exactly where we can see. Mj not get a couple. Cockles didn't get. Any com
This game he does. The La Bron blackened do. Does sixteen finals, then Stockton and and start in pushing they're, like foundering data that yeah that was bears right now. I was shocked by that. So that does happen. M J actually makes a mistake on that. Incredible Stockton rebound passed him alone. The baseball thinkers M J doesn't get Baculus Maloney behind him and then as I'm watching it. I mean I knew what happened but watching how these games I'm almost like waiting. Jordan missed it. The thread almost goes in Africa, its post the ram and then goes out it's impossible. Three he's globally. If the right any kind of turns in squares his body and the ball almost goes it in, though, you know the outcome for twenty plus years you're sitting. Here at least I was watching it kind of in disbelief going out. That's right. They
lose this game was and still is, killing Malone. All the time I mean it's, it's, the constant Marv has a couple very dear, pointed M J moments. I you know, I M J, not not exactly getting it done too, to the standards right, like Pippen hits a shot at one point: six Scotty Pippin like there's a you think it's this game, I think it's another game are empty. Has thirty plus cities, like ya, think its game five, but like Elsie Pippen carrying the office right Would you like a James almost got forty dude, but yeah a set of them are so they started thing. Let's do that quickly, because that baseball the three that he heads to basically saved this game in their down five and then the steel and then the baseball pass. This is kind of the John Stockton Game of of the series he's at our time write about my, but because, if you go through his actual prime
got the eighty eight playoffs gonna get the Lakers when that team kind of had their break out moment. They take the Lakers to seventies, really good net series, but then you you go from like eighty nine to ninety six and analysed the other guys my book, like Kevin Johnson, whoops him in ninety ninety Terry Porter outbreak? m in in ninety two, he added the trouble with Jerry Peyton, especially in ninety six, were gay pages with them, and I think he had a point where people were leg. John stacked than he's fine is
upstairs but air, and then he has this career rebirth than these to play off, because he is that big three to win the rocket series and then some of the chateau in this, and I think, by the time this placer ended its now become a thing where it's like John sat in that did fucking clutch and it just wasn't case for most of his pride, but he was able to kind of reinvent that by basically by in huge fucking plays, and I'm with you, I don't understand why hidden shoot more threes. He was a guy, his entire career, like dash. Every time you should free thought I was going in it, it's it's just a you almost want to go on a time machine and go tell him in like one thousand nine hundred and ninety, like hey John shoot threes shoot like a two game. It'll be great for you, your team will be. I don't it's selfish and I I know know for sure that shooting right in this whole thing was I'm gonna. Do like I'm gonna. Do why I reading you and that's I'm going to react.
Throated overdue hall of Fame com alone is gonna, be like twenty eight, a game that I'm good but where I always feel guilty with the jazz. Specifically, these two guys is there something We set about never missing again, but where are you who and another guy who's really good for like fifteen years, where playing this to Man game every game for fifteen plus year the accumulation of stats, it gets its great, but I also think it times it can be misleading in who'd you actually want in one of these games. There's a but there's a bunch of point cards. I was rather have a restrictive. My point, oh yeah, but I mean think where we were with the League day when sixty four games and ninety seven with a gesture that clearly wasn't one of their best teams. Just wasn't you have ass doktor man like there we Gregg Foster? Oh, I always thought it was an all start like the great foster moments, are hysterical when Anton Car
comes in and hits a couple buckets it and like, and then you taken like. Let me clowns right, like an airport I was one of these dudes Antwerp car in the series owes to check. I always good pass through mobile, foster, Isley had moments and he actually had a really long career, but he has some moments in some of the Games Chicago where he just troubled the arable by Russell right horny SEC is, is it is a nice third or fourth option on a good team that kind of stuff, but there's nobody is either. It is another passed. His prime guide that point horizontal great on those early nineties sustains, but he's also in its bid thirty's. By this point it is any spout, sir. Bed on a comment he's out there he's all battling. They put him on Jordan and then they switch it to buy Russell but then or sick ends up on people. And then, in the beginning, game sixty like hey, look you just two big. If you to do by the way. Is, I don't think any of these,
show me: the arguments have anything to do with truth, like I think means, or to make points and video cut up. Sir, make points not to tell the truth, but you could You wanted to do and I M J thing: they are going to get this straight, like Dan Morleys, Gardner, Jeff, harness ex guarding them TIM Leclere makes her appearance. The Ricky do MOSS straw is embarrassingly bad way worse than what Marley did against them and then, even though craggy low did a terrific job closing out and the game winner and no, no one remembers city actually put them up in a game winning what was going to a game running lay out there, but that would be the kind of things like. I don't care that I'm telling the truth. I'm just trying to make some sort of point that oh yeah, you love, M J like these are the guy's guarding them, but by reducing our there do Mars and starts or private the best ones
Stockton in the ninety seven, the point guards. He goes against the ninety seven playoffs, Derek Martin on the Clippers Nick Van Exel, Matt Maloney, just a legendary terrible performance, and that western Final Stockton kills him then Steve Kerr in the final space gray and then in ninety eight Matt, Maloney again, Avery said Nick Van acts on the western files incur a me. What was really gone out was the point, our situation. The league went down how big time cause you had. You can, as Aragon, cagey and prices are kind of faded away by the ninety seven range, pennies. Never really get to where he needs girl, Kitty Meyerbeer, I'm ready,
Kenny Iris David's, that my are not there yet irises that ready, Strickland, Embed Axel are probably the only guys like in their court on core primes. This point Mark Jackson, Muky Blaylock, not really there. That was it. It was useless. Weird, you say pay in did you say pain. Yet, where we set a patent was, I think, the best point guard of of that stretch, but yeah it's it's weird to look back in there just him a bit like while they won. Seventy eight games in you watch him. That's a coward Isley, Shannon Craig Foster Greco State, but the league was just just that and as good shape back then. So go to our game. Five, the flu game, which features stuff like the gesture of twenty three to dine there and thirty six to twenty.
It is, their Scotty has a one Dunk Cromwell and that's all, but there they are talking about the flu the whole time Google is really into it. Is it Michael He just he's really labour remark. He just keeps said so much trouble and now we would be suspicious if this was two thousand twenty. We feel like they were manipulated. This would feel like the guy was smoking it they. Nobody was doing that. Ninety seven so they're, coming back from commercial he's, got an ice pack on his neck and is covered in sweat, and it's like oh yeah, there's clearly something around this guy, but in the second quarter they do both thing and they just well their way back, they start make a place. I d they play an awesome quarter, Jordan, as eighteen in the quarter and somehow they get. It suits of four point game at half time with Jordan like Clear, he said this is where I put in a little thing for you here: power rank the jaspers you haven't given up yet before I get to the second half
Here you nominees Gregg faster in Anderson Howard, as they Gregg Ass, opposed to tag and Chris Boris out of those five who have you not give it up yet on yet yeah, I kind of like the way she in a generous and came around, even though he has some bad bad lab moments and game. Six but I have about the get his escape. Six of us like he was drunk look at him. He kept beating Pippen on these backdoor constantly like what the hell's Pippen looking at is honestly Utah watching ass, you go. It be weird to defend them today, because you would just it nor these guys you ignore other guys. So, even though we talk about the spacing of today, I think some of the defences of today would look at this and go likewise Karl Malone alone, staying fifteen feet out on Dennis Rodman Utah for for being at their night. The defensive efficiency Chicago Eric was second, so Utah's. It good, too
sixteen, but they just do some stuff. At the end of these games were unlike what the hell are you guys doing what about what about where they would have? Auster tat would be at the top of the key. Watching them alone. Stacked and thing would like Jeffrey Sachs standing next to him and Anderson. You know whether you have three guys atop, the key. All five feet apart and in the corners just open, it's a good, just put a shoot at the corner. Where did this didn't come up? In any case she's meeting you didn't. You didn't realize that this would make the pic railways. There is bizarre to watch really feels like the running running the ball and first and second down every time. Like that's what it looks like with some of these defensive aside. It's where you go, why? Why are you showing on him? And you know, I know that we we ve talked about some of this stuff for your while the illegal defence legal defences, I'm telling you like date, they try to
well, I M J in Game one and they screwed up like four straight possessions or for five positions in my notes, so talk about the Gaza gave up on. I want to stay with the flu thing. Roquat, though, because I remember watching in the moment going out. Like enough, he sick and they were glued to him, the whole time and the imagined I became the thing, and it made me think that, like the way we do seven one on one's within his care about fasting Will I gazed equity playing the fourth quarter, but you know here sit down with the scanner. Ah, if this happened now. It would be Rinaldi, would be like in a bubble above him just on flew watch like we would, we would obsess about it in a way that would like people would end up deciding Maybe the broadband gap is it he saw daily by you're talkin,
beginning at the internet, no toward her yet, and we were twelve years away from twitter even becoming anything yet and nobody knowing he was sick until used, are watching the game. So I think that's why they were doing it that way, because they, I don't make sure everybody who is coming into the game knew that Michael Jordan was sick. Now you adjusts, we would go eat out of twelve hours for the game, there's no way to know back. Then you just turn the game I backwards. Michael Jordan, was he a sweaty? Why does his skin look like you know, look terrible Murray S gone right, merk Murky, we always there's been various reports on what happened. My favorite is the hang over thing that he got, but it really does seem like of his food poisoning out an alliance got the flu game. It's the food. Wasting game is what it was that the key ADA hangovers by the way like a red, learn. Anything through some of these headed nineties years is that he could stay out all the time and that he was ready to go. I told you what I want the parks
de. I had a source tell me that he was the guy that that spit as food. Was his friend rare diseases, which again, I didn't believe, any of it, but it was just great Intel as inaccurate is probably was yeah, I was like when you read into the Guide Boston. His like I was there for clemency. Twenty K gave it gets the baroness nowhere theirs. I bet. Doesn't people where do most Ruiz, I was on that t even their step it so Chris Morris's, the guy you haven't given up on yet so I loved Chris Morris's, the version of him that I believe is existed. I think he also like murdered the Celtics ah young, when he was younger. I don't know I feel a key Some really huge game against Celtics. Remember that at the kinds in the whole time is like iron. Gave a we highlighted theorize. Nobody at one point
in in because Morris, it's a bunch of shots, is is eleven points in this game and game five and at one point Marlboros, Chris, Boris. A tumultuous time, but Tom Much was seven years with the nets hits a bunch. Areas with a jazz. Has it on their great either one time This often obliged by security guards cause jurists, one of them believe it distresses out like what Chris Boris was escorted from the bed by security guards during a game by his coach. So do I he had some shots and are you asking six hours gave five one of the really fun things about this game? The third quarter, there's some great brine Williams, Carl Malone, Bitterness Cromwell and does the cheap elbow on his back, leading to bison daylight, coming back, he's, brainwaves and with a hard form shiver, and then it continues
comes down and he's like basically trying to go alone in a fight in many scores. Item like a minute later, doggie right, handed yards great stuff. So anyway, fourth quarter abject goes up a notch and eat out. He finishes what does he finished with thirty eight points, its ability to watch, wolden, just veers into where is called aloud like he's losing his by the cobblers that do better. It is a car Malone choke a robber. It's really it's: it's that it's a great stacked in its another monster three and pin its to put them up three near the end. Pippin it some free throws. You does have one edible sequence, stacked and Miss three were now in the final minute. Mullah Utah rebound Malone. Airborne as waters Zog is like screaming comes down, Jordan gets a foul, makes one or two but gets
its own rebound leading to the famous play where they re sad, for some reason. They have often cause Pippins posting up Pippins like five for eighteen in this game. I'm I'm gonna settle for the pip and post up every time. Tat M J hits the three and then the incredible sequence, where the boulder up three you tat comes down. They get a duck. Stockton, the oyster tag. Fourteen seconds eyeballs up, one Pippen is trapped in the corner and the imbalance Malone's right there Pippins like a sixty five percent, free, throw shooter Emmeline, just freezes does do anything get it out and they end up getting to somebody else for a dog in the jazz just completely blow it. It's unbelievable. It's an unbelievable gain. Watch you it's like when you watch sports movies and the other teen that set the here on the sports movie,
Fox app like the team at the end of hoosiers, when they're up for and they're just fucking the game up, and it's like how that makes sense to sports movie. This bet that team has to fuck up. This was real life in their doing all the other team in the sports movie fuck up moves and that's it. They're carry Mega Jordan off its this games, a Fuckin sports movie, other themes, ROD Harper Non existent through this, or is it felt like it? I always like RON Arbour. I like diversion of him that exists with the global a plan. Minuses. It may not mean anything. John Stockton was a minus thirty one in this game. He took ten shots and had five assist again. Malone can't make us free throws five and nine Gregg Foster was a minus twenty eight and sixteen minutes took three shots. Miss them all did makes him free throws. So it's just one of these deals. That's very
throughout this entire Jordan thing, where the series felt more and more like two guys without a lot of support and then Michael and Scotty. Although the car park game six, this is real. A big, poorer cancer yeah he can't comes through huge, is not just that shot to win it. It's it's a couple, other three city. It here a couple other Bugsy, it's a two point: three and Scotty they have this run up. I could get you a little bit later but it's it's just living in it must have been so much fun to be abolished. Vantages never be afraid of any of this, like these were expected outcomes in its even funny to like, when I M J hits the game winner won his exhausted in this, game five, but you can even say on one of the shots: they hit game six there's so matter of fact about it. Like I, we just one day monitoring and be a fine
on a bus reader. Aright cool little arm pump, let's head, let's head back because it's not it's so routine. Do is really the point of Germany. Chris more sad scores every book on the in game: five, except for Pip in Jordan, the lonely. If you wanted to put the put supported CAS Ratan, this. Ninety seven plants is just that no show he comes through a little bedding game. Sex is a little more active. He was hurt. He had some off court stuff and you're gonna do you're going to describe the game six interview for us in a second, but I will say this: this was this was the time Jordan's career when he really was a superior. He hit that point, and I am only a couple basque of upwards of at this point. I think bird at this point the eighty seven playoffs with the steel against as an
where you just you, just assume the guys going to come through. It's like he's just done it too many times with Jordan. The flu game was was not surprising. He kind of thought he was. It was like Hilfiger this. He's gonna win. It was like he was our generation's Ali, and yet he was so sad can he was so yea was demon? engage rake as afraid he's gonna throw up. I actually think it's an Raider game, even though it's a famous game, that's been talked about a million times. I didn't answer mazing accomplishment that he pulled this off in the altitude of Utah. The other thing it's not like. He was in like do you know, is in the single toughest placed to play in the guise fuckin SEC, fourteen two thousand three, including the plows at home, before that loss and really loud forty so easily place going nuts awesome crowd. So I got a game. Sex blown was wont to six can half a game, five, so game six Rodman. It said. While I was in SALT Lake,
go in areas like louts all these Mormons and then he there like white music. Now, like repeat Isaac, all these Mormons, basically saying like he couldn't, he could have any funny couldn't be Dennis inside lake, which is not a shock, but he said I was just dinner were fast that again, so that he doesn't it damages gray where it gets for those. I just don't think enough. Younger people listening understood, What those interviews you're like ok, cool Yankee, getting the sit down with Rodman in Robin. Does all people just wanna be out for them Robin and great as a really good job of pressing musical Dennis you're, the guy, the kick the photographer you're, the guy? That said, hey, you know and what he had said about the Mormons was dismissive and then he is appealing fine and he's like. Why can't I just don't do that to the church he's, but everybody's got all these thoughts and Dennis Dennis Robin Dennis Rodman and then it just gets? Where were you start actually feel bad for knowing that Dennis probably a lot ass, one up there and he starts to cry and grace. I care you getting emotionally sick, I'm not getting emotional and then he starts breaking down. It takes up
microphone in the middle of this is all pre game, the game, six, their China. When an mba title and By the way, the inside you do it's all there right guys could go access. It's it's fuckin backers right in raise like our unity back next year. Is a gardener? Aren't you know our ages? The whole thing is is weird, and it is part of future Dennis Quest for attention in all this, but sectarian like this. The whole thing is just really really weird and others. That was the point we are trying to make a couple weeks ago. Like nobody wants. It was worn out by ninety seven. And you hear the announcers at one point there Tugela radwan like he's not coming back while we know rudiments, I come back there not put up with this again, but he had come back as they will have another option: yeah yeah. That's it and now he he actually takes a three in this game. He takes a turnaround jumper, but he's try this stuff and none of it none of its wording
game is painful. I text you after watching, I said: please don't assigned me anymore, this series, it's two to five minutes into the game. Basically, and then Maloney AIR balls and other free throw witches in same once. You miss those two Athena gave. One is a mess, the rest. Even the ones that went Annie's falling back. It has anything to do with it. Walton the quote draw iron. Please Carl, like it says, like straight ivy airborne when he's on his gaze, what what would you believe Billiton like if, if we just read, quotes he said this series backward willing what a loser com alone as like. Where was the line for him to cross cause, it's like there, he straddling at all. If you watch all these games, you're gonna, wonder like I was co, to researching. Is there some alone bill wall? I think that I don't know about cause. It's Carl does not have.
You can look at the raw numbers to go. Look at him. He was pretty good. They didn't have a ton of options, there's just so many moments where you go. I need. I need the Mvp to look different than this guy. At the end of the closely some of these games. It's just bad. Having this game is just bad all the way through the bulls, it in there, and they do a little ten all round with our current bush learn. That's the raw, that's the run its her pertinent, really fun, no in M J waiting, it started a fourth quarter. Mj comes back in around eight thirty three. The jasmine up this whole gain their up the entire game. The bulls don't take a lead. Seventy four, seventy three, it's yes, the first lead, since the bulls are up to nothing. This one thousand run is Pippen career, threes and then to mid range jumpers and then MJ comes back and they one kind of the game with J being on the bench in an M J takes over. They go to double em with Stockton
in a natural way. Her we go backwards. A brain Russell hits a huge three. Its aid forgotten this, whose eighty six eighty six with the minute thirty left. Yet it was added three of the four games, the balls on the games were basically there tighter there are losing in the last two minutes. A series was lot closer. I remembered, but Pippen Miss Andrea is to follow a Jordan. Mr Dr no car and shaded Edison just keeps bissing let caps and it's really bad and then finally, it ends up with the M J. Her play, which you touches, cannot figure out the double thing. This whole series, their double, was Stockton car moves into the Fallon. It's a little jumper rakers one m J hits the other three in game? Is it? Is it the flu game, game five or hits the three, because they double gap in and Georgia Street reposition itself and its that three I may just nuts. I know we see it every week like all these are three other game winners that sort of get lost.
Four m j here, but M J makes that red when they go to Dublin, be right. Russell hits that monster three, but you talk, can't really get anything going and it's not like their defences terrible, but I feel like They always gotta get. Let me get it's gonna against M J, so whatever, but their offence What are we run in here, where we run over their pickin role and stuff in when it's? It's really focusing on two different guys nurse, not this third option in a lot of the office of stuff that the running I do think it being gay leisure, yeah, just comes a little easier and one year guide, Pippen makes an incredible stared at clinches game. It's basically he's like a red. No it's it's crazy. Now he he makes a reed. I think it gets tipped on the inbound and then Pippin. I don't like my video footage is in perfect on this, but I think the inbound it just ends up kind of fleet like those cross core and then Pippin gets over. Then a coup coach gets a dunk, and then I look. It's crazy com.
It's the game winner and they're. Gonna win a title in everybody's. I totally relaxed. I got a hold on you. We get a possession here. We gotta stop him the high level group is a great moment. I do the vessel eastern thing so their law. Seeing the W Nba the we got next campaign. They run a full feature on incentives and James Days that saying the basketball, perfect woman sport had a storm they throw to her. It's like hey Debian. It could be awesome stern, talks basic. We can't wait to expand, we have, but others many franchises now, but this, only people interested in expansion and then they come back its Peter vessel time and Bessie Vesey Vesey deserves credit for being a guy that was on tee. With a different background as a non player non coach. Who was really at a time like this. As any other and be a writer out there, you know Bob be maybe the only other one you put SAM's yet up there
La Brad, invest air. Thus there's somebody and allay, though not think about the devil, is big deal too, but anywhere I look so Bessie sits. There was stern as our David what's With these salaries, you got role. Players make an way too much. What are you? do here, whether it's the coaches, who are making too much the players, are making too much? some would save in the commissioner's making too much now is opener work as it was based on this thing we're Phil Jackson was allowed to, and I think this is kind of some suffer for like sick of Phil. Bill had a clause in his contracted allowed him to openly negotiate with other teams, while he was under contract with the bulls, okay and there, lot of stuff that when I forgot about this you better than I would on this. There is a lot of stuff it was like when it fill, can just sit here and like throw feelers while this team is in place- and I think that with some of the stuff of cross rise or for like the who's, this fuckin guy
and yet vessels like how did you guys allow this to happen? Is this something that's gonna happen, coaches contracts in the future and secure, and meanwhile was right and installing goes it got past us like stars and b s at all. At its notes, university goes: you know what they slipped one past us, we didn't notice it and it's gonna be the last time it happens and that it leads into vessel is such a thing like everybody's, making way too much money. What are you gonna do David just goes well you I agree the other third, but about the commissioner. We love you get some of the NBC on air guys to have a salary cut as well goes back at Bessie. They yuck it up and pretend, like the whole thing's cool, but I remember just so many people like Bessie was abrasive. Is New York city. You know he's an old school columnist, we're right that kind of stuff like once was Alonzo morning. He recalled the Oregon grown. Yet
that is the organ donor, because each are barely cares, yeah yeah, but that stuff played like that was the stuff you couldn't do that now, you'd be done. If you did it, but Bessie was the first one of the first meeting members that you know we be other half time. He would just crushed somebody with an opinion also backed by hey. This is kind of this. This matter more used. The word scuttlebutt buck is assuming a loser, but You know this is gonna. What's going on, and a failure and a little bit here, but fuck this guy Unfortunately, this is not even really important, is not a part of last year's logs and know that came up, but the backing for the institution is one of the most interchange things a game. Six I liked when he was a tv I joined it because he, he passed. The test of you never knew what he was going to say. Cuz, it felt like he had no buffer at all he's been give a shit. Is that I'm going to miss, say whatever I don't care, what the repercussions are not scared and he was off tv. I think
and he was anti anti with Barkley that when really badly- and I said that- was it by early marketing anti. There is a clash. You can research, some of that its end. It's on the internet. There, some good vessels step. Yet he would challenges. Did so. My my big take away from ninety seven reliving. It was by the time we're done, with the series everyone's I'd, that this is the greatest Basque, while poor, wherever in the sea, we don't even know the ninety eight sees its coming. We, he had already finnite he'd, already submitted the razumihin. We had approved that, as this is our best basque web, wherever it was done, it was a rap and then this last dances and pushes the top. So when you're watching either absurd, seven, eight or the last two episodes, I think that's a good way to frame it. Ran reseller pleasure, as always, so would you have on Tuesday we got Annick generated from the? U have see, I'm also
owing to reorganise every college upon national championship will little project in the work on and then also this week. The story of the drug website: silk road, the man behind it. A book came out american King panel. Have the author Nick built in a great see you next Sunday begs the Zapruder. Thanks to Navy Federal Credit Union may is military appreciation month, maybe federal credit union practices active duty, military veterans and their families, their military police. Each month, maybe credit union celebrating the special offers on car loans, credit cards to get some more joy, Navy, federal Craig, in thanking service members during military precision month. By using the hashtag hashtag military thanks, that's navy, federal credit in our members are the mission of yet new reaction was coming. That's right.
Monday crimson tied, and then we will have another bs pod on Tuesday and then again on Thursday. See that ways.
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