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Dallas Ain’t Dead! Plus: MVP Rodgers, Tua Troubles, Goff Flops and Playoff Scenarios With Cousin Sal


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the many different NFL playoffs scenarios that could lie ahead, as well as some Week 16 games, including the Cowboys' win over the Eagles, the Cardinals falling to the 49ers, Packers-Rams, Dolphins-Raiders, Colts-Steelers, and more (2:15). Then they Guess the NFL Lines for Week 17 (48:00), followed by Parent Corner (1:25:00).

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If you mortgages Bank and a member of the USA restrictions limitations, apply, offer subject to change I brought you by the ringer dot com and the Ringer Podcast network, or have a new we watch was coming on Monday night. Mr Hans Opus, Mister Allen takes a beating in this by custom. Just warn you now, if you love, the we watch was the entire archive as available only on Spotify. You can still find everything from the past sixty days on all platform, including this package. We have gone to Morrow Night joint everything dated back to those seventeen gotta Spotify Spotify Great you can, speed. You can listen to me at one point two speed. That is what the scouts say is my best bead one point: two, that's why I really thrives. Is that little extra of that I need anyway cuz until coming up in one second, this is going to be a very lively podcast.
I'm just warning. You now, first our friends from project taken this at fifty specific types of data, because it sounds here. He just beat me at our keep faith. They will say that They went through on a platter with theirs thou care. I know you care that would like everybody job. This is. The wacky is heading into weak, seventeen, Pakistan. They could ever done because there's more play off teams and it so hard to keep track of. I don't even know where to begin where you to say that for later to, let's start here did Rogers with
repeated. I I guess he did. I don't know what do you like? More touchdowns or yards like unama homes as like five six hundred more yards Rogers has more touchdown seems more control. Bizarre, You know I got a lot of one yard touchdowns in their eye. I don't know, I think what whatever neither of these teams without these players makes the playoffs. So what? What do you go by any more right? You just got to pick your face: stats. I guess it felt like alma homes had to do was was have a couple powers on the back down and he won T be Pierre and he did it. He would they weren't tat good. The last couple weeks- no! What happened on them today! I remind me of Delaware, turned it out, as you just stop fighting last couple around a lot of people by the way chief fans become in the worst defined that do you have any chief fan, friends
I like, I can't. I don't think I know you should be a little worried. I don't like all other going through the motions like here, but this is like two months in a row whether going through the motions and Felix six or seven teams could beat them like all Canada. There, so mad and meanwhile the homes if they are going through the motions he cast himself, the award, probably yeah. What did they do weird stuff to explain that forth in one whatever the fuck happened, with the wide however, screen peg valuable arms. You you're getting every fourth inward, RO him out and wrote. I refer to that side or Kelsey and you're getting you're getting a first out. What are you doing? They seem board we're tat. You may house enhance, were text under the game and adjusts they seem board. It seems like their intentionally. China chow. subsidies for the last forty five minutes. If they get it, but having board hands seems really bored. He set the record for text today, a man, no you better, some red Sox marathons would have, but my god to under fifty tax, but yet at four like they say, bored. I love it too, but they seem board. But do you
show all your trick plays when you're bored is that, where you do, I don't know, I think you would run a bull to wage up the middle of your board. We both think bombs is the best wherein the league and most important player in the weak and the most the poor in the leg and he's at a team that is gonna lose one game all year. Over act because I dont really care who wins every pay and I could bay. I don't think it's like the NBA, where it like, really really banners NATO felt as a matter quite as much, but this does feel little car Malone, Michael Jordan. S should be even though Rogers has a ring, he's a haze, more vaulted in his career.
Vontage bought bought that bought these ball and got it. So I don't mean to demean him by comparing him to the mailman, who failed to show up in a lot of games over the years, but it just feels like everybody's kind of talking themselves in a Rodgers or because they're either board by Mahomes and the chiefs or disappointed, and those don't feel like good reasons to me, because the chiefs are going to go fifteen one and Mahomes is the most healthy part of the league and he threw for way more yards and Rogers does have a knack it like. He had piled up these touchdowns when you're watching it or it's like how he speaks this one out. Three or seven, murder, but they're not like these game breaking touchdowns. I don't know it doesn't feel right to me that ASEAN Vp its close on account of its close, it's pretty close, but I dont. did Holmes mom's doing up to lose? It was such a big bear to be like five hundred and fifty two weeks ago is two hundred and fifty going in today and all I did was went in. All he does is keep winning you know
doesn't fifty five should that ultimately be with decides this, though, probably proudly the one game they lost was in any attic game where they just gave up forty points to the raiders, but even that game, what you can't really hang that went on em yeah right, I will say he threw a bunch in the Falcons defenders, hands but honestly did you and I both think he's the best, but I don't mind: I knew this game would be get a lot of momentum, of exposure, and I'm that could be enough to put him over the top the snow people like different things. I dunno is voting on the stop, but it was a typical Rogers game that it all he wanted the numbers in the first half and they did it. What's the record of teams that our cold weather teams, when their snow play a team from a place like Tennessee. I can realise that two minutes into the game like that. I don't see it's not like there dealing with snow right, where's the deeds of Wisconsin its eggs. Thursday to them in a ruling out when we ve grown up like Tampa, they had won a game and
any degree or lowered or less temperature, and than death at thirty five attempts or somethin yeah, it's a real thing, although I don't know they might have made too much about it. No, I got this team plays in the snow. What did a lot of those guys play in the snow this we grant practising in this now, but they break loose even were at that time to turn over too, I don't mean it seem like we're sitting on Rogers Cause, I think, he's had an incredible seasons. Thirty, seven years old yeah, I personally felt like he didn't, have this type a season him anymore? I just worry. Now we get the late January and they get knocked out and round to and Mohamed that achieves a ten point. Favorites and-
super bond, where, like our man, really why? Why do we not give the everybody does my last words are very careful: let's not go the narrative, let's go through the best. One is, and also let's not really care we before we get. There are the placid errors which are incredibly complicated goods. Let's tackle these in no particular order. The indices. Will you redeem? You try to cross up your team this package for weeks two weeks the dagger favours the driver's seat. There were washed, it has said: do they mine can play quarterback at here is taken. I two kids into strips rate does, at the other end it has. One leg does lasted quarterbacks. You like the playoffs and we say, loves that game enough- that they're making the Sunday I gave washed in Philadelphia. I don't remember the last time this happened where they made the gay you, it's usually bull teams need to have something to play for to be this Sunday night gave right that racially how they do. I thought always that's how they did it
today that they call inaudible when Goths injury with his thumb, injury, because I thought it would be rams. Cardinals was the only game that kind of matter to Baltic himself. But he would think do you think they were afraid that if so, the bears lose than the cardinals can make an if they win, but if the bears, when it gets a little harrier for the car does- and maybe they I it sounds- I take it, went further. Sexiest big city match up right. I guess I mean if you would have thought duenna hurts against the hierarchy I don't wanna Quixote- gave it about our own again and again that that's the Marquis match up for weeks, seventeen and the fifth and the winners like seven winds up. Looking links Heineken, restoring froze row
a day why he got. He got you got killed by a couple jobs, but I thought he is pretty good year: division first about the Eagles. What a disgrace that fourteen three and every time after your team scored, they had a corner back. I can't members named, but they should stats against it by one point and he had like single handedly given up over a hundred yards right receiving, and they said it was like the record for the share something there just showing among the sad by nobody's within five feet of em right, pretty tough. Why Fletcher caught Fletcher Cox Goin out his big Dave? I've been cowboys. I pick out sport like thirty one, ten after Fletcher cots went out. So that's it. That's a huge loss on the defensive than by man. It looked like dad at the cowboys would have given up and we gave going down ten or more to know. Thou fear in herds. Gonna run now often still when every one of them, but damn it Andy, don't was good. I don't
What to do with this? Do I want to give up on him I gave up before Thanksgiving. I gave up on Thanksgiving another back and so, we're gonna just do it give us? What do you mean? What is it? Who was right now, just what I thought I was out. They put me back there and it's stupid because top is gonna put up five, four touchdowns against us in the first half of it comes to that two weeks, but Why did it throws I'm here? You can overlooking one sub bought with what happened to your team. Z, Jellia came out of his coma rat values, Elliot, who got three hundred billion dollar extension that we haven't seen for two years and I thought maybe was gone and he will
was running with like legitimate vigour in the physique Elliot again. So if you have that guy in Rwanda against Tampa plus with with either the the receivers who can pretty much, you have three receivers that could break of fifty or pass at any point in Vienna, Zeke run and like that and then part come in and arrest them there's a recipe of controlling the ball like. I don't think it's absurd stop it. I will say Zeke I think like did I hear that everyone like scrambled San powers as good as you are these again man, that's stupid, then he saw at last week I met powered, might be as good as I am tony power. Many went out and actually reacted like a human being would, but I think if they came to it, this is like the cart way before the horse here that doubts as defence would resemble the lions defence more by and then you see what happened to them, it wouldn't one being ready.
I want to lose the top just bow out next week, cowboys, that's fine. Some people are saying you might be the best. Seventy nine playoffs and never has a big guy, as it leaves the car Asian exports edited carefully. The division later fought back to seventy nine, that's pretty impressive So in the end I see we have got bad New Orleans in Seattle who have often lynched- and it looks like it's gonna- be that order, because unless scream Bayliss Chicago, which is conceivable next week, tempers also quenched wildcard, annex III is wide open and they will be playing Tampa looks like, and then we have. This weird Rams bears cardinals trifecta rat with the distinct possibility that guy venture Biscuit might be in the plants along with Heineken while Psmith or how
Hence we may have three really shaky callbacks. We could talk about golf later, but I really shaky as they all belong, the shaky ball yeah you're right. I got it, I don't know. Yet what do you do with that? The bears a kind of back there. They play the pact the packers are not necessarily the one. Yet they have the beat. The bears to get you didn't want to railway tie with joy with New Orleans in Seattle. Doesn't might not be great for them in that's. What's it that's what this extra play? I've seen it just feels like every game. As these two other wrinkles said, I don't remember being used to like the Green Brcko good example, Green Bay Windsor than one seed Chicago wins. They somehow make the play off switch. Conceivable five weeks ago and then you have the car does kind. A lingering with this rams game which could be a borderline loser leaves town match of Chicago beats Green back right. So we do not have this many
I don't know it was decided on a site that the agency would be decided last week I thought teams like the dolphins would go away and the raiders did go. but dolphins when a crazy one Saturday night to stay in their. Let's not talk about the two Saturday Games, Kojata the Throat based car. Does I am now. You know, like the the do, not admit less, that night clubs have there our it's. I don't let that guy and he started a huge fight. Two months ago the is pictures on the wall. I I think I might have to start a do not bet list, because I had money on multiple people this weekend That you just feel like a schmuck like I'm, never bedding and cook kings by again, ever I'm never doing it when we hear the top three wars coach, the league- I do I do this and I still but Buddy honor, but holy shit. How many times today read the know how to office, while at the same time, using up thirty nine of forty seconds of the play, Claudia that better terrible forth to cause they have this.
credible nuclear weapon and Kyler Murray who anytime you want, can run for eleven yards and their game cute and doom, weird stuff and putting imposition alike, have passes, Tipp left and right. So I'll. Let's start with that, never never again, so I have list that I go. That's it it like, like thirty five teams on it, never bed again side to redo the list, because then I'm not just happening football. I'm all these teams of screwed me, but I get it with our resolve, it so frustrating and like new competence, and it helps because you had me in Hopkins in your fantasy league, and that, as highlighted an aggregate me, you really was but hopkins- and I know this is out as for receivers, but he's had seven games under seventy yard. So this is, I don't know I've I feel like. If he's not on that's it, that's could be like a bottom seven bottom. Eighteen Arizona them they play. Ok, defence, nothing great, and I just wonder, though, with the running quarterbacks: do you think
you take like Josh out on you think, like you calamari they get to us as to their coach, hey coach, I don't want to run the just, don't put a lot of running poison for me, I'm not because that could happen that could be What's going on, like NATO is about to get hurt, so otherwise it fits. It just defies logic. Will Kyler Murray should be running on third and five every single time, or have the option to do so same with two us? A lot of these guys, like I don't, why that's not an option than they have the role the dice on Fort down. But yet I was pretty with ours. On a day they blew up allotted to users. Gambling gods gave it to easy right. They gave us the saints on Friday. They gave us top of Saturday morning, and then I got care now. We can really screw you wanna take hours on a Monday line, go well and also it's Christmas right, so I had I had Arizona. I got crushed a million dollar pigs which I know is going to happen because I did it a man like Wednesday, but but that it's Christmas, you not paying attention and stuff
the vote on the game and it's like others, George Kiddo, George kettles playing there. I thought he had a fractured foot and their Caesar was over where the fuck is he out there TAT George kid us out there and its citizens. I am on my God and then the cards do other kings, buried stuff and he just gotta get out. She's is not an easy. like they still that Hail Mary Game and then last week we. What are things is that that game threw me off that Eagles cards game cuz. It was this exciting game and it's like I. Actually, both these teams suck the cardinals look good against the Eagles, because the eagles have the word to bury the whigs we found out this week and I and then the eagles. A coke is applying the cardinal sort, the get I was shot. They couldn't block the Niners at all that matters were playing for anything the irish zone over a month. The Niners play David's vanities talk about sound like the guy coat
that should be moving on like the Niners. If you look at their record like they, don't they don't let up back to back games? Really they really there at. If they give up like thirty one week, don't give up fourteen the next week just look at their schedule. It really come to play and if they they screw you the week before they're, not gonna, do it again and then that running back was a Wilson. I got a hundred and eighty three yards like that's indefensible at this point for four hours on a well, then the editor he's dead, mother, fresh shaded peace was they played Buffalo. What two weeks ago, when was that no buffalo spreads them out the diners overnight, gathering Buffalo spreads them out in the end, they cannot cover any receiver and re have no. Back they ve Joshua back there, so he's a run threat. Read em all out, and it said Robert Salah, who their diverse, discuss next, I coach they're just getting torched yet cliff kings. Bury the genius watches that tape
is like. Let me not do that not can emulate that at all. This has a running battle. The whole time is doing like this weird short done: man. Everyone men were missing, something we're missing some kind, a locker room discussion or something would call a merry where he says. Like look coach, I know I can run for an easy first down every DR every five plays, but you know, let's roll dice little, whether I might do not bad list and then the dolphins raiders. Who is also my do not bet, lest I had the money line, though, and that is with the bet with them at half time I just thought fit to come in and I whether to is good or not. I have no idea. Rookie unama homes didn't play for a year, not say that he's the homes, but they threw too, and railways cut off a hip injury. He doesn't scramble, he doesn't Mikey as any ability it all for a deep. It seems like, unless he is a little
sure biscuit like unless everything that he thought was gonna happen in the play in the first two seconds happens, it's gonna be a complete disaster and at half time it's like other, had they they're trying to make the class they gotta. Take this guy out he's ten for thirteen for twenty yards right now, kept them in whole. Third, order, then they finally bring fits in who throws for a hundred yards in ten minutes. That's how that's the disparity between those two guy and yet they still show no one. It comes down to fear that this crazy face mass cave and the rain have nobody covering a due to twelve seconds left, but we can't give its magic enough credit for that. That might have been those eyes and completion of all time based on the search- stance, as I mean his head, was spun all the way around. They dropped the right in the bucket in bounds and plus the fifteen.
and I was the only way the rate is really could lose. I came I don't you thought they should run it and I object ups and fantasy. I would have liked that, but, as you know, is long as the kick is good they're fine. Nineteen seconds, though, all only what happened is is what could have happened for them to lose, but the agree with you with two like floors like make no mistake about it, the he's our guy, like whose making the mistake here, because you had Marianna Rivera every single time I can ask Fit thou longest. Fitzpatrick goes beyond the rostovs. I agree with you to all be good down the role, but they seem like they're they're running plays for him like that's a guy there, protecting he doesn't scramble at all and he doesn't throw down field ever you're right those stats. At one point, it was like ten for thirteen for forty six yards or something and you get it it's a curt want or so,
listen. Do you take what they give you on defence like now bearing three our short passes and again thirty three and then it's a coin flip, whether or not you panting and not on the second thing. So yes, if the dolphin, if you're, if you're attitude is look, we're not gonna win the Superbowl anyway led to a get somebody play off. Experts and that's one thing, but if you want to make a run in January, Fitzpatrick sure Guy Saleh, terrible in the first half its Patrick and that's why he's out in until executive? It's bizarre It's also amazing that ran Fitzpatrick Career Journeyman, whose banana thousand teams is completely dusting to like this right and their lack of these guys are Frances ago. I it's amazing, kiss Fitzpatrick three times better than him. This isn't a right, my son, I watch and blood spots the other day and had seen at the end when vandam after he beats Chung way and then go
Does the ogre in the hospital now to bring back the bit with the bandanna envy them? They were the worst actors about an ogre they have kind of a moment. An ogre looks like he's Robert Deniro in this scene. That he's really that great and its legs yeah he's great cause, he's acting next it vandam words like, of course, he looks out of bed arms like a second mannequin run. The same thing with two and Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick seems like he's. Millionth has better because What goes then? He can't really do anything. I don't know why were afraid to say all the announces, a dancing around that they, like the dolphins up a great thing in this platoon in this one, to porno, without a tragic battle. Levin Beavis yet if to award consistent, there were different would be a great thing. They're just leave him and now would be there.
listen there's an easy out with this. She had a major major injury last year and he doesn't look right and he has done enough reps. Yet I'm not saying he's never going to be good, I'm just saying he's not good and there will be good there, a playoff team in our division that if you go on down the line, buffaloes playing the best, everyone else is beautiful, including the Chiefs the chips, are sit there waiting to get upset by somebody Pittsburgh the mess I know how to say just got my if your Pittsburgh, we're looking at a to cede. Isn't the dolphins, the number one team you wanna play with two quarterback like it's, the only team yeah, maybe score twenty points and where You know what, let's take a break in more break down aims, I feel like we let the raiders off the hook, a tiny bit there, because you ve had in the previous segment Xavier the raiders, funny line that was about his devastate the loss as you're gonna.
Fire the under the under tools, like a thirteen thirteen with two five minutes, labs, stupid, stupid together, raiders, I think, were involved in the most dumb games issue yet for she had it. They were involved in at least five reprehensible them gives knights of the agency. Pittsburgh comes roaring back and beats Indianapolis attain that. I wager that ended million dollar pics. On about twenty, seven Roth Asperger, where we're texting at half time like are they gonna bench him whose they're back up tat can complete a pass? They ve completely lost it. They have no energy did No team at ever got eleven. It now and then lost their next, for I got out I gotta be honest. I wrote them off. I didn't think Indianapolis was going to blow that it seemed like they are running their getting five yards where
we're way they wanted. It seem like they figure out. Don't let rivers gets trip, sack third, anything done. Don't let him beat us just cut out. He gone forward and- and we got this and then second half starts. It was like brothels Burger drank like a fuckin. Sixty four ass gator ADHD, they all said, was throwing from robes again. There is like Gimme all the ox o clock when whatever it is that you have just legit injected into my blood right right now, we saw them undertaker meme a million times on twitter, but that's exactly what it was. They rose from the common they were dead. He dared not to throw down field and thrown down field and weeks and then all of a sudden, juniors, mature, Mister Claypole, the other Johnson, all catching passes, danfield it it no sense. It was stupid game for the courts to lose. It was a stupid game for you'd debate to lose on the colts, because the Steelers were dead to rights. I still don't know what was wrong, why they gave us a whole December worth of short passes and
upon fakes and nothing out a big van and now he's on top of the world. Again I dont worry when watching was. I have one day that was over and I noticed in the second half a need that need answers mentioned too he started taken, hits he he was holding the ball for the extra second. I don't think he wanted to get hit in like the previous for five games, and I think in this one, because their backs were the while he was like fun there he stood in there and he took some big heads and was an this kind of, like that, the punishment he was taking seemed like the words like the undertaker yeah. It was like, with somebody stated, the under arrests made his aunt rises, but even outside and became rods spurred again and it's crazy cause. The crazy part to me wasn't even that they came back office away. Is that the court's couldn't score right, emanated, scored they were appointed for seventeen scoring and yet I was it there. I don't get it there run of the bar. There was a weird when Frank rags had a couple of those where you're Canada,
wait what he s doing. You know when your fill rivers and you have Christmas with nine kids- see gotta, They woke up like four thirty in the morning and your step in legos, and you already have it injury left and right and added up it. Finally, caught up there, I don't know what happens now there on the outside. sing in by what's weird, is all these browns vandals? I'm going to win the division gonna one division, the Steelers at the browser, huge favor by act in the calls to the eight spot right and will probably a book, they'll, be doing them favour next week by sitting all their starters against the browns and a game that Brown need to win so right, it's crazy! How it all ends up without you, their Nettie thing about the called saying it wasn't like this with some random weak thirteen. Oh, we kind of lost our eyes on the prize for a second there. This was must win game and they are now in the aids by and they're not gonna meet the plan because, for whatever reason they completely fell. Apart the same where they were run of the ball in the second half. They had good
backs. I love I wouldn't looked at the stats. They were like five yards carry Taylor Nights really weird sat with strange. The other one was the Cleveland Jets game which, if you're making Parlez during the covert season before twenty four more than tat, whereas for the game, this is a good example. Why not to do that's? A good good law decided there, no Cleveland Wide receivers, promoting practice, glad People- and I was just like I was there. I thought it was great for me because I had I started job and hung against Roma. This is awesome about a hundred times yet know. Why did they stop didn't baker? Throw fifty three times I warrant down forty points. They should have run a lot more than there was so weird third quarter. It was such a we're game plan I think there is the fancies done a really good job that share. This is the first game I've seen from them.
Where I did know what they were doing cause I just felt like. I would apply shop and hunt together. Instead, there they were therein. The twelve right with the too tight ends, but day the fourth quarter. There were like almost like no hot or fast pace and say you can't do that with multiple tight end said. That's could be easy. The whole thing was where I agree, in other words, the whole award section. It was strange today as like mounds, as I get the same VP away from me. Joe judges like culture the year come on out by Canada. The fancy did the same. I go now: it's not my war, don't you don't give it to me floor as a couple the same thing the other day I even though they ended up winning but the interesting to see who gets who gets a nod there? Well then, the poor jets fans who basically got there all their money, still another savings account last week, but the accounts I called, I think, there's one move. We could make
don't you don't think it's gone yet. I have one call today they went again the locked in the two. Now right there lie, and now yet either cut of at least lingered and hopefully Jackson was plainly dapple ass. We granted and then Jack Suppose planes cargo. Everyone there, brother, has cargo and tease spread its hand, can chew. Biscuit throws what would have been the worst pick a day of Jerry Graff didn't play professional football today, so Jack's what gets about back into the first ass thereof, turn on twenty with twenty seconds left and it was like Shad Khan called in the order. They were throwing a pick on this play. They throw it right, the Chicago Skyway, it's a field goal. They end up with him three without vision, so Scatterbrain, whether they were taking or trying to deal with their night a dime within thirty six billion
Doug Marrone wins coach of the year he's the only one who played it right. Taking a triangle have been a fun game show for this in so, if I give you Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Buffalo Tennessee, Miami, my cleaving Indianapolis. What team do you like the most that of those ache as mine would be Buffalo? Yeah, we'll see you now get changes week to week, but buffaloes the scariest, because we talked about it last week where it also what what's the what's the bar? You got beat the chiefs right. So how do you do with the way the raiders? Did it an scored, thirty points but limit the cheese possessions? Or can you slug it out what the chiefs accurate? The Tennessee might be attained that good flagging out the chief- I guess maybe not now, but Buffalo can just be like just give us what you got we'll go: possession for possession and will score forty five and you score forty two's buff,
the one scares me the most: what Buffalo's eleven and three playing the past Monday night and then Miami week, seventeen Pittsburgh playing Cleveland. If Buffalo went the last two they're, the two seat, cuz they made Pittsburgh head to head in a buffalo. I want the two seat cuz then I have to see Casey until around three and I can keep my fingers crossed that you know maybe something goofy lap in IRAN to again so that he may make in their own bad dogmas. Buffalo my play my army in the first round anyway, or they might play Baltimore if they let the men, but if Buffalo rates by Emmi weeks gee, I don't get it, do you see it and then they knock Miami out. I think they would probably knock em out right, but then you're asking for trouble. You and severe buffalo you're, saying you a tank get Miami in the playoffs.
it ends. Up being you don't want attacked rank as you dont want to follow. Three c didn't wanna have out of Pittsburgh. Forgets that the second round rights- I guess you, I guess you try. I guess you started rule. I like what Buffalo has gone now date, their team that week after week has taken care business. I dont know if I want to screw that up a thousand the the the colts piece of it. So now I looked at the play, snares or so often complicated, but the colts definitely need one of my may cleave about murder loose or if they win, and thereby the Jaguar, so they're going to internecine loses through the text since they when they see south, so they go from being eighty right now today they could actually when there she sat now so could be anywhere from a for seed too. the plan or potentially even a seven said, sir. That's weird and I
There are they scheduling this we're all at the same time or their staggering its allowed their fight five for twenty five game. Six for twenty five games, knobs order through those eight for twenty five years that yeah yeah. I know they true they're, trying to make it like. No one could scoreboard Board watch, but it is inevitable that sections that Texans Titans game could be good times, one that over time the friction Texans then fumbled at last possession every game. They would have a something resemble. The normal record was the thick Watson got, hurt and then I'll send his fine Yeah yeah. I was hard ass. The only area in the country who had Texans on a money while everyone else is getting real teams, but you had been Texans item money. Languor said it yeah yeah did think Cincinnati drew drunk hung over. The Steelers when Monday night and now, all of a sudden there is Joe Montana back their tickets. Napster bangles were Buffalo.
On seven of their last aid. The only when they lost was that Arizona again, the Hell Mary read it. They're gonna, be the paths tomorrow night and then Miami weak Seventeen, it's in Buffalo division, arrival. I assume they're going to try. I don't know why they would throw that game. I would want to be the to see it. I would want to play the worst. Card. I wanna have the momentum the boy had she's the Steelers are set in everybody. I think that's just cause date that I think because they ve had a lot of our within five games in December. The I guess I didn't have a true by so near, so we have on MID two Bisbee, which is great for you. You ve been sure biscuit truth there for a long, long time, I actually saw the highlight Jody they're. Talking about this bears off, adds nobody's play and better right, I'm a cop out, they beat the Jaguar settle down, boat, bitch does
a little better you will gather resided in all our glaze was blazers calling plays and saddle match like that happened a few weeks ago. We call on the offensive plays Montgomery. Like we said, was good for, like one point seven yards carry a now is passing through four touchdowns David Montgomery, yet often is all of a sudden fund I have a runaway I'm proud of me, cuz, I'm at your bystolic, but I'm not happy for us because I don't want. I don't think, that's an automatic bet against in the playoffs for us. I know you were excited if there is seven seat and they're playing who's. The two now Seattle. Let's say how many games and road you think they lost the sheer fourteen nodded. I was it. Was it
if I know they were alone. I know this. There were five and one right, and then there were five and six was away laws. They lost six Drake, eight six interim and then a week fourteen they beat Houston thirty six to seven. They beat Minnesota thirty, three twenty seven and they be Jack's of a forty one. Seventeen in every and deep in weak fourteen they'll ask that a trade thirty four thirty they almost one that came so they have scored thirty plus enforced straight, but against to try to use diminished. the Jacksonville they're playing Green Bay in a must win game. I don't feel like Green Bay is going to roll over if they can get the one seed now they're going to want the ones you saw how intimidating they are in the snow and everything at home. examine that at some point that there's no home failed advantage. Yet all the teams at ways when at home are fucking great at home. Still like I'm trying to look at this like buffaloes six of war, Pittsburgh. Seven one at home. The chiefs us
some one, the one next week, they'll be seven and one dream based have an unwanted home, Seattle, seven unwanted home without the twelve man like I don't know, I think there is still a home filled advantage, guys don't get like get non planes and shit got some of these older quarterbacks that want to travel. I think there's a home failed advantage here. Did you see? There is a staggering around that your biscuit dish on distribution key is, has ones when more than gadget as the starter yeah. First forty games or something great great stand it. I have so the plasma jobs look like this redder Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo, Baltimore, Tennessee Miami and then a that's gonna change, Khazars team, swaying each other. If this is that its day in the area of sea
New Orleans Gaga see out on the rams. Again. We just watched- and I don't ever want to watch again and Washington Tampa so out of those choices. What with the shaky gave me, I feel it its washed in you, don't think Tennessee Miami thickets washed in temper. I would have thought that, but friggin embassy, but washed and on their prime time Sunday last game of the year thing, I had an understandable Tom Brady and shaky is not that I personally would never eat that terrible food as, secondly, I don't know they put him in their early Saturday spot and that your top a pad in substance and thereby girl, occur the lights of quit. On their coaching staff
neither had coaches David AIR and all of us that they had to coaches from sea W posts there they missing, I had charge they bedad. Everyone jumped ship for that line, Samia thousands of defence to get well against, but he did amazed owner Brown and God, when in Evans and ground. show me with his over touchdowns, so Peter Schrager texted me during that game and he was like they're going to keep throwing the Evans cuz. They wanted to get a thousand yards for the season. You're, not fight thereof, thirty, and they feared him. I think for a strategy to combat is tired. I will take a break then we'll come back where had say about bread, bouquets, eliminate or poor, because this was the One thing that happened awaken. you aren't chinese. They want pizza, someone's craven fro. something for everyone door dash the apt that brings you food. You craving right now to your door, ordering Zizi open the door dash
choose what you want to eat, your food will be left safely outside your door with the new contactless, deliver drop, offsetting number three hundred thousand, partners of the EU, S Rico, Canada and Australia. You can support your look, go to his virtues from your fair national restaurants lecture, put lay in the cheesecake factory. Many of your favorite look. Restaurants are still open, every just open the door to a sharp such a favorite, local, restaurant and again your food will be left at your door right now, our listeners king. five hours off in zero delivery fees on their first order of fifteen hours, more yeah, when you download the door dash happen and a code bill. That's my name. Don't forget five hours off here your first. or an azure delivery face. When you die,
the Doordash APP in the app store and enter code bill. All right, we're going to do all the guess, the lines in the second and there are a lot of complications and it's almost have to have a cup of coffee. So many things are going to happen for a lemon sorbet like the eight course meal. Where we're going to pass you, the survey for the palate, Cleanser our friend Brad, the most insane person either of us now was in an elimination pool where how many people have thirty nine. There were started with fifty two hundred and ninety people before this week There were thirty four remaining an after the only games. He was one of ten people left, so he it bears jaguars that the early game airs the went right, lay game could have been either team on cowboys egos because he hadn't users, thieves right, correct so do I know you re use cowboys last, where you could he used Washington this week, so he stayed away from Washington
should. I act out another four, so rarely before his game, whatever you want to Canada's like five people left, and it is up he's a fort feel free with the Ngos air where texting like what is this. This is like a nick I believe the fifth is at stake is whether the alternate universe, things were Brad winds alive, many who really the most afraid of right that to the people, yours, they beg what he's gonna. Do it that where's it keep it adjusted so many variables yeah there's a lot of ways. He could have lost the money in a way like we don't route for anyone to not succeed, but we do appreciate the fact that he is worrying, because if he had a lot of money he gambled away. God forbid, it could go on. You know hearty added utterly under it go on, and then there are also the government denies paychecks been garnish for my he's, the kind of guy you just does it gets like racks a parking ticket.
And never pays them, and so the government's always after himself, like he's gonna get this money in someone's gonna knock his door and it's gonna send them off light like Zella God. I don't know what the real, for he I wanted in the wind and bottom is like she, we just pulled other money and by a matter this, because, as the sum I think that's our best scenario here you may well, we talk we did a whole long package with Brad on your own, against all odds feed that those new, when you have is against all odds extra points in allowing formula. Yes, yes, it still up. If you want to hear Brad's complete life story, it was the buzzer happier pack ass we ever did and that feed yeah eyes. We both still get emails about it, so a Brad's out so is like for people laughed in his that one on his knees despondent over the town. I mean had a figure out that any of the east. That was that I was it like. He bet against the jets you picked against jaguars every week is bizarre.
Was he could and then it came down? He had all the analyses deems like you can't figure that out two weeks in IRAN on that there is actually a legal to figure it out to dinner with so do I fancy late they now, so we would add that in the keeper leg and it came down to converse market Regulations are even down to you yet Kyler Murray, getting completely, are performed by our Rogers. Was they literally the difference of ten points, which is what you baby by what I say this not celebrating yet because there could be some weird CBS overnight, strange shit and if it does happen, I'm I fully expect to read that servants, purchase, CBS sports line for seventy five million dollars or something overnight seems high. That's is gonna, be like a vote dump in the middle, and I am waiting for it. I'm just waited, but will tomorrow is the case I mean I was about to be the only person in America to lose without and tomorrow night than my fantasy team. Like fifty six points
but yeah. You had Marie and you had Hopkins and you needed like forty out of a minute. Couldn't I thought I was gonna have huge gazed both from everyone a famously in thirteen years and I'm becoming. the air, like the near mats Post, eighty six plaza had the best men are all dig at the best thing. By far I somehow lost again this this time I lose any. Is even worse than that, because I didn't even get to enjoy Sunday because there has read on Friday. Game in camera, keep score. Touchdowns IRAN barely watching as it's Christmas. I people at my house and then it's like he's got five and then decide. Should they put him back in four say No really. Oh, it's him an early nevers, the people at six, a third shots. What is happening covers everything for two months well. Ladies, are you had fifty four points before? Even gotta Daylight Yahoo, eighty one percent, or something and a guy only lad. You are fifty fifty dollars
nothing locket, nothing out of the terrible tight and ever it? I have a second strength for the rams. It got a fifty fifty by the Sunday night came, and I added decision, Rogers or Josh out of the Anglo want Josh Island to stick to his team? That's extra funds make em zero. Let it out or do I want to talk about it on the pod gas tonight and when it came to Iraq, has gone for the envy pay and everything was a difference for man like he's gonna throw for touchdowns when it could be handed after Aaron Jones, and now you know guess I it's like it it it special to me, because I was the last one you ass, you weren't, allowing you got one spot that now like that you were the last one I'll get in and I'll be your ass, and that will be that, but it is good that you lost it. Is it sends a bad message if you wish
you quit. I win my only a year used quickly, you start another league and then you will like that, would send a won't wait earlier got voted out ever then. You quit my eyes either, but I quit every year. It sends a bad message that has his arm say and secondly, what gets second voices nice, my cowboys or common zagging you'll come second spot congratulations on your by and then I'm here I believe, Kyler Murray. I can't believe it. He was my guy earlier there anyway I would stress dry the he had Kirk and then zone overthrew end they set off for three. I'm like ours could be one of these games gray. I am already that fifty four points because advocates territories. Gale says I fell for your man. Now you definitely didn't ok, we're gonna. Do I'm worried and try to figure out guest alliance
top up before we do that to Buffalo New England are facing off. In a Monday night showdown Fanduel Sportsbook give me a chance to get an even bigger win when you bet the game for every two thousand five hundred fans who bet on Buffalo to cover Fanduel Sportsbook, moved the line. One point in buffaloes favour: there is no limit, good this I'm get as long as you can keep put in the bats. Best LA repaired whatever the lion lands by kick off, so you don't have to wait it to get it on the action. Vandal giveaway money with this Africa, you friends, the length yet even better. A past example Milwaukee versus fill it opened at sixes, peseta half. It ended at fifty nine one, slash two, I'm going to guess that covered. If you already have a fanduel sportsbook, can I just look for the quote: spread the love market to place your bet they've been holding out. Here's your
disturbing and find it incredible adds. Download the fender sports, but gap be sure to sign up with Code B s. That's vandals sports book promo code bs must be twenty, past and present in Jersey, Pennsylvania annoy Indiana Colorado, Iowa Tennessee, the wager and designated crowd funny market MAX Wager fifty hours pad at minus ten gambling. Call it a hundred five to forty seven hundred Colorado, eight hundred but half an hour, eight hundred nine, with an it. Don't you gambler in Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, eight hundred nine, nine, seven, eight, nine and ten, the sea. Teenage again, but I met in West Ver Junior are the categories ass, the wisest weak are a little different. I say I separated them into the following. First categories: Fc Plan spot on the line.
Secondly, as any ceased and the line third one set of sea one seated stake than we have ever see passed by and align plan seeding at stake and then completely totally fucking around. It will be our last color so as to avoid the empty plants
are not tire of zero lot relevant one should be Saturday. Keep the Saturday thing going we'll see vikings lines on Saturday. We don't need it mixed up with all the other. Is there a Saturday game now, there's not they put him all Sunday as they get their gods, are first one agency passport and Align Titans Texans in Houston, tightened still that clinched safety, South Korea somehow have not clinched past, but I have the titans by five and a half and used to do it. I said six and a half and its seven. As I see it, and I said I came- went to overtime last last time they play that could be the back to be the upset. Wouldn't that be something that's why I went lower because they ve already played in the
aim, came down to the last play their take their adding a couple for anybody who absolute needs to win against him. It doesn't next one bills home for the dolphins. If Miami winds there in the playoffs, if they dont when they can still make it, but they need some help, the bills can get to a to see. If they be New England, and then they beat my Amy in Pittsburgh. Loses you don't really Arbutus adding it decided that this or taken gear professors watching? Thank you. I have the bills favoured by three and a half ago, dolphins. We split this I said for and have it is for many a jump all over the place once we find out who's play in Rome where that that was the tough one with this cause, if the bills say fuck, it were planned, would offer to see this and goes to seven. Fifty aspect fits
jack was on Buffalo, vague memory that right yeah, yeah yeah there. Yes, but I heard it seems that keeps what'd. They do support, while these are all division games right, so they played each other bills, one anyone. Twenty eight hundred second third week the year member, the dolphins come up short coming up short magic. Severe for one I really like to a he's been all over the map decision. He said two games now were became clear midway through the second quarter, that
the poem and they waited an extra hour to do it. He's at also had a couple in the Rams game. He got annihilator to he's also had a couple games where you look pretty good, so I don't end in their weapons. Guys have been heard, Parker's out, they've they've had seventeen starting running backs the whole thing, but but I just think they have to place a spatula. I think they blow the playoff spot if they leave to it in right and if they leave him into the playoffs at you Noah Fitzpatrick. So I could probably beat the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game, but they could win a game this going again with this batch. I don't see it would do it.
It would be funny if they like pulled out their fans. What do you think we should do? I thank a bead. Ninety eight percent would be I can you play fits place that we want to apply Afghan. Yet I find the dolphins about a lot of play off success and sits Damn Rayner retired that letter. Even now, I did they. One by one plan came the seminary out play Fitzpatrick. If they start to a that's insane. Next one is ravens bangles we didn't talk by the ravens. We can talk about It's it's in Baltimore the ravens we're getting a lot of buzz about. The ravens are back. The latter that gone around Lamar looks like MAR again yeah here like Lamar again, when he's playing a shady team game, we ve never. I was never concern bout Lamar against bad teams in this year against bad team ceased still look good, it's when he plays good defences. Dad it's a problem lies concern about him one. He took a forty minutes
bathroom break but other than that, but now that was a decent housing, a thousand those like the game in the year. That's why everybody is like he's back. That was a coin flip game. I think they are fair by two or three That was a great game. It think that people look at that was high profile and then they beat on these crap teams to Emma gets a Brad's defence at last Sunday, I know I know, I know a ruins got flaws William. Do they he put up thirty four against your terrible team, forty seven on Cleveland, although he was that there for some of it, forty against shack, civilian, forty against jazz, Peublo Lamar's back, I look forward to burying its them in the black, less flip the script near the bills. Your to see who do you want to play the least ravens dolphins calls? I would want to buy the courts. The waste Khazar should be there, their good and the umbrella worst enemy in some of these games. Here I think Lamar don't be afraid about why the by adding a little old ship on his shoulder forget, suppliers, but see Lamar
Why have for this game? Ravens? Fourteen one slash two sin see how we both went on you're going to get this to. I went, I said eight hundred and it's eleven and one slash two, you're gonna get that I win that by Howison. If I have a boy wonderful recruit the remember that, though, because we were put not money line, part Proper ravens, if they went there in the play, if they lose their, not necessarily out of the past, but they need some help. The browser the most confusing went to me so browser home for the Steelers Pittsburgh in clinch to cede if Buffalo wins a buffalo lose is one of the next him right odds are they're not going to lose one next to. I could see Pittsburgh now playing anybody in this game. This is why.
Seventeen, is they made a better because this by be Pittsburgh? Second string against the breath, I could tell you right now and you'd win the year when the pack, what Vegas in fanned or thinking as to whether or not their will, start anyone, but yeah did not have that information. So some give it here by God. What do you think a wine is? Well, I'm gonna give you a couple more scenarios era the browser out if they lose in the dolphins, Ravens courts when there's also weird scenarios where, if they lose in the dolphins, lose but the ravens in courts when they're out there like we're, tie breaker shit with them- and I don't know how Tennessee factors into this- I don't know either yeah, they say just try to win the game. I I the browns Browns by five points, points the the stairs you're gonna get it. I said four and a half throwing out seven till they
for sure thinking that Pittsburgh is sitting everybody. So what do we make of the brown because they had no receivers today and it's hard to hang that weird jets game on them? I didn't love the coaching, but I still feel like I don't know. If I'd want to see them in the playoffs cuz, they have some elite players. I think it's tough, all your receivers from you. I really do think it's really guard at the saying this is often a silver. You gonna throw him forty seven times it's gonna be a recipe. Was the other guy who dropped like seven passes, the other tat there was a magic word winner, our joking who had a joker, the other guy, there's a third guy who times's open in the bow, adjusted his hands, Can I use the backyard winner rarer yet either it it's a disaster, and I don't know
and what was there was a hot tub thing, like I kind of lost faith in the fact that they were still doing covert tests like ours by you, but I feel like buy you a few miles from me. Forget a lot of people. I know are starting to get it now and the NFL, stop producing positive tests right when everyone I knew who started getting it in the end You know they were our journeys and give shops and shit like that, like what is and I fell down and they just keep interact anymore and then this happen, but it happened like in a hot tub, jig laser said it was a hot tub situation that these four guys became. Whatever you want to say, covert suspicious one of them got it, they won't say who has it knew? Just as I do, I just had to Mucha close proxies. That had to be taken off the roster, but it gave me a little. I hope that now that the NFL was planned by rules but the with everyone back next week, I think they're, when this game no covert suspicious
the worst porn movies. At all events, I think they, when this camp, when it wise Pittsburgh, going to care about this game. What are they care there too? cedar. Three said they don't daily the rest. They generate five games and twenty days. It's true. That's true, though, always by different cell. That's the last one calls jaguars courts need one of my Emmi cleave about murder, lose they can also win the ABC South that they went in Tennessee loses they're playing a really terrible thing. It doesn't want to win anywhere and its energy Nablus. I have the court's favoured by fourteen points. Damn you get it. I said twelve and half its thirteen and half again. We won't get too much money back on that. That's couch, cushion change, but money lying parlor foam night. So here's how this probably pays out titans beat the Texans bills. Beat the dolphins. Ravens beat the bangles brow.
speed. The stairs called speed the Jaguars and, if that's the case ring round, the rosy by M is out of Miami lose is right That's it that's the adding. My aim is the most likely team. The lose out of those at those five were Yes, vandal in Vegas will tell ye ask as if the lines only four, but I think the Tec Titans Texans. I would add an amount that the Titans time so like when I saw tat, I see you could conceivably if he, if you like, my aim, is, could be the one they gets bats. You can bet on Tennessee, both Berkeley, Indianapolis and then I'm Buffalo as a five team parlay and it's going to be Miami's going home team, but then you'd be better Goetz Fitzpatrick in week. Seventeen when he's did Johnny Unitas the week that I forgot about that. equally scenarios by me getting voted out, but I'm with you Tennessee. I could see they ve had some stinkers. Here they just like soft we're, a team,
runs all over everybody. Emily lost another lost. I came to the browns and ended up being by like six points, but there are losing by four touchdowns at half their Lucy S game. Here. This game wasn't as close as when they just played, as does the final score and this one one gotta catch him on a good week. You know the other think he's that doesn't have their first or second picks out like day their China tanker. yeah do anything for the draft, so they might as well try to win. I saw that one thing that Laremy Tunsil is a top that trade they made for him that that pic is now a top five pick, and the other thing I saw that was weird about pics is the giants? Could win the division or draft as high as the Some say that amazing yeah, oh my guy something's, at the break, a certain way but Speaker
jobs will go to our next category. The ETA ceased to games Cowboys giants eagles washed. It will start with what will give you the scenarios if washed in wines they clinch Dallas, makes it if they went and washed in loses the giants make it if they went unwashed illnesses fillies out of it fillies out fairly the fairly fanciful but out of their misery. Now they can go. I knew I freaking out about markka faults who lifted up again for a Lando and I'm not even sure that was out brands. Worse, trade, railway market faults, fer a top twenty protected pick a Jonathan submits when market thoughts was twenty years old. Barca faults. Thou is like a legitimate keeper, and they gave away far like ten cents on the dollar. Nine am might not have been one of his three worse trade. While yet well ground is not part of the process. You don't think it's a different process.
was the press, the bathroom process, who cowboys giants it's in Dallas the giants just send it in New York. Roots in Europe adds a New York yeah. Oh did catch what's actually changed. My opinion annoyed the giants of just looked awful yeah. It's like they were band aid and scotch tape in a kind of tricked us to think they were frisky in their defence and meanwhile they were just plain shitty offences in offices and show up. Your team can move the bar, and rejuvenated review eagerly rejuvenated. I have the cowboys favoured by four and a half full. So I said, plus two giants was to its plus two and a half, so I get it cowboys pursue enough. This is thereby spiders tuna cowboys milestone out. This is still the cowboys
I get crazy. Let's please not get crazy. I know they have all the shiny parts, but has MIKE Mccarthy listen it's more fun for the NFL, for football fans for America and for society at large of Dallas win this is because then we would have doubtless against Kappa Broadway on Saturday night in the blood diamond mama. Her tears gave him the Saturday the hateful dive Gave a thousand hamper you know, it's good that'll, be the gave the half hour. That will make sense and then I don't know tougher losing to Dallas would be fucking whole areas. Can I just did Freddy kitchens call the office again? I don't think I didn't check up on. This was Jason Guard back, because you know that
Jason Garrett comes back next week and just moralizes cowboys deviants, that's another could be the funniest. So many fine thanks God, I'm really having to get tat. The other one is egos washed in this one's in its fully ripe washed. It needs to win so either Haskins. Who was so bad that I won't even read some agenda. Has its text is a disappointment? It Haskins by There are many reasons why I bought a back in his pulse. Posed came press very kindly said it is what it is, which is what you want to hear from back. Really just need someone, seven games to take the division. He was truly terrible in that aim in Ireland for him weird moment. Fourth, nineteen there's a time out and he ran on the field and it seemed that use replacing Heineken, but it was like he came out to tell him something of any red back. There was silence for their answers to see that there are so
here right. It had everybody else's Edwards, ass, kids do it! I don't know if he was asking the guy for one dollar bills for the night around out there. Now I just need to tell you would change of plans were not only tend to travel, can be it the nicotine nipple. Alright, ok, do your thing. Try to me. I think every time somebody bed should ask it's all week, you as they do in Haskins stripped of his captain asked the captain It is this that is only to be the NFL. They saw what a mess I watched him demons What was one of the Berlin? The ETA ceased if they just beat, the eagle soon gave up seven hundred and thirty passengers. Today she says. I somehow it's just because of the quarterback situations I couldn't go higher than washed by one year closer. I thought why shouldn't a wash them by one, yet I said he those by three and a half.
It is eagles by one and a half so who gets out. I think They re you gotta, get that so with that said, eagles favoured cowboys favoured cowboys. Winning the division is the favoured outcome, so the Eagles gave up. Thirty eight straight points today sounds arrived in their favour it in the next game against the team that is favoured to win the Edison, whether division not don't see them doing down any favours either. This division was second documentary, dear
So how do we, the Hutu with exactly winning this division within the cowboys? It is weird that their favoured and their favorite to win the division. Right now that I looked at it, he can happen. I'm tired at Jason gather that he's a snake. I know he's got something in store for me. Some dumb trick play where our Daniel Johns catches a touchdown, run. Seventy five yards after a screen pass at he catches, so Jason Garret, beating the cowboys and knocking them of the planned spot that not only did you not why your body was rejecting it like a kidney transplant for weeks on end and then somehow he could still fuck out of another playoffs that is very that your life so ballot a pretty gets there. I was thinking the other really get scenario. I hope caused videotaping this, because this is
social media break out this old, Carlo that I've ever heard when the other. What is Alex Smith, just they figure out a way to get him out there. For weeks, seventeen he's got like friggin too, by forest strapped to both his legs. He read It is out there and its basically the any given Sunday Dennis Quaid scenario where to tee Willie Beam. In a lesson he goes out an incredible that Japan and Edges is awesome for a half but gets a ship kicked out of them and now half time ran Rivera, gives the patina speech and Haskins, whose was counting dollar bills in front of his laughter from getting ready. For that I get so inspired, starts walking toward Rivera. You know like like Fox in the movies did the words are just and then he goes in and Haskins wins the game in the half or Alex Smith Smith in Washington, and that, instead of on the ship, tried that night just goes home, stuff,
dollar bills down drawn raw goes out. That wins the game. It takes a lot of what our bills and puts it in reverse. Fanny unbelievably mangoes out their answers to touch. That's not an illusion. the Johannesburg Haskins Jersey, that's another scenario steward out what a division will you take a break there s the airlines this what has brought you buy out de winter is upon us, Maybe this year you could avoid the usual trapping set aside. The fuzzy slippers and cozy sweaters and consider something a little more exhilarating like the feel of available Napa, whether the cutting edge available. Your cockpit and Emma my systems and the confidence. Of course, for all we'll drive, all of which can only be expands behind the wheel of a new era a friend of mine has the askew five decorous fantastic. I gotta go check that.
Check out all these cars adsum thrill to your wish list this season of out sales says happening right now. Ok, man, we still have more games of play off implication. See said the seven seed is really something the annex c one seat at stake. Three games here: Packers bears Saints Panthers Seahawks, forty diners. If the packers beat the bears there once it, if the bears beat the Packers, they make the playoffs. The bears can make the place anyway. The cardinal lose so those are of arson areas there and then the right. If the packers lose than the saints can beat the Panthers, they become the one seat. If the packers insights lose the Seahawks, can then some ass they again if they beat the Niners and if all three teams lose. I don't fuck Athens Melvin if they're, all twelve in full
are against Getty Super Yak. Then we have conference records and who thou knowest we need. Carnatic ear gets too crazy pornography, they screwed up there. He was doing his think today in the ground and come up and he started outta memory. It was really impressive. What do you think happens saw what CNN when they touch the screen. I believe that their actual touching the screen and it's making shit change and the Sunday night. I don't even think they care they're, just like the reading his cadence and when he goes the point they change it, except they forgot to change like normally at that he has control over hit, our actual, that is tangible control over the board, but yet they did room that in which the screen on I have used those when I did the NBA draft jail in those two years. Yet when I got to use screen today, and I really took it seriously and I really wanted to do well what I did. I think one of jobs on you too, but it was like moving we're moving players around it work and yet it but it's hard, because your ass, a China, remember what you're saying, but at the same time here you know
it is these two different muscles that are related to each other. A new Russia being yearn, live television. I play a video game and cooking dinner the same right. It's not your play. This pact and why we are also talking about people by energy, one seat, the Packers are in Chicago aid. This to me was the classic. I think I know this. The classic three and a half you're gonna be closer. I don't know, I said three, a really blind in on the bears needing it more, but it's four and a half to you get. That is this. I want to ask for one thing about this: game is good about. They make this game good. They talk about.
being the greatest rivalry of all a football. Can you remember? One Packers bears game. That meant anything those apply after about six or seven years ago, where I don't remember, the bears quarterbacks name, but he was in their cars. Cutler got hurt, maybe more than seven years ago out it. Oh yeah. I remember that game. Yet you Howard Norton aren't even over if it was Henry Now what about our boy, whose cowboy on board, he had stolen the cast on and they lost the green. They want and went to the championship, but for the greatest rivalry in football. Can we have a memorable game between these two teams? I think this should be the one. I remember that when the clear MAC Trade that there has been a game was a good one member They made the trade and clear MAC Sunday I get asked yes, sir. I have that as of one when I had some, whether that I can't remember a single bears backers game greatest rivalry
He says this is the best Robert, however, by as you say, but when they so they kicked off the hundredth year with this game, I think that's what you're talking Alec went into kick off a hundred, then I felt he's in no better rivalries. Gonna. Do it and can be packers bat like gets me crazy. I think kings. very Anthony land, even though they had ever coach against each other. That's gonna be the best love says here: let's see how this washed and filling turns out, I'd secular Sates in Carolina to play the Panthers, where I feel like drew breezes last twelve times it is credits, probably been three, but it with Compass a little high just because they know that we know we want to tease this seven and one slash two, which I think it's going to be too high, but you're right. It is too high. I said four and one slash: two is five:
And I dont know that Alvin tomorrow's miracle game means that true breezes back more is Numbers Z, nineteen for twenty six, with two interceptions, Marina right, he looks like he doesn't seem happy drew Bruce, met Keziah Disease, eleven ribs. Yes, you broken ribs protecting his heart. I think you're right though, when he goes Carolinas two sides sunny, it say as to where the eye Blackie, whereas in other authorities anyway, as this could be the bill but of attracting panthers? Looked at the ominous dislike album compare for the rest of my life every time I see his face, her hearers name, I'm nothing at the time he ruined my Christmas there when he heard fifty four points that are famously, which should only be the knights and other types of the history for palm, and he did it
I guess I figured that was trying to rid of face potato on Christmas. How about I almost lost, I would have been the only idiot in the country who lost an Alvin Kamara Seahawks at San Francisco. I'm not doing the Seahawks are back thing. We should talk about that game. That was the one game, wouldn't talk about the Rams kissing, chair, Goths, another item- I do not at last that between you ll ever doing again rather bright, everybody wishing Jared Gaza that the EU should die all the stuff ass. But on which he dies. Agnes was she wouldn't play football game that I gave about it in her gap is a perfect example, Adele right as a bad game and then Sean Mcvay sits and down like I'll than it looks the human again it didn't happen. Then. Today, bill
then. I feel, like I nailed that game. I had a perfect. I didn't think the Seahawks are, will be able to move the ball, and I thought the rams only needed twenty points and they're gonna win and it was just like just steer the car Jared. She steered straight You see that see the signs of those guardrails don't hit those just keep it straight. Keep it between the two that advised its other through hand. The ball off. Do some play action. He just couldn't. Do it through the worst pick ideal. Aikman. First, like we never gets bad Cuba's ever site. This weird qb zoloft. I got kinship and he was destroying them for an hour daylight it, but he threw that one interception they could do the replay from behind golf and Aikman. Joanna nobody's with look out there. I just I don't know who that was who that was to Joe. I have no idea. I did the same thing same thing there and Donald Great unlettered Floyd. I get five tackle the sum to sack
You don't need to do much to win, but the one they all say about Ross, and yet they are the people by the sea hawks or back. What they all say is they don't have to. He doesn't have the true for touchdowns. For then the wind anymore right, the church doesn't have to be thirty. Four thirty anymore specialists. to make the rams undeniably more often says there are like that in the play off spot they'd be lucky to meet up with the Rams again Sometimes they overreact when somebody makes an awesome play, but Adams did make an unbelievable play that game when he came across the entire field to tat Henderson, who is going in the right, and I have no idea how you read it. It was like watching a video game when somebody's character has yet to prepare. he's on the right side of the line. He gets the step perfectly and just started the thing that the other side and Tipp them by a sneaker the rams at an up, not punching it in, and that was the game, and that was the best players. I saw that teaser
killer. I thought so. Smart get adding sex gettin seven and a half million rams he's good all games. we're going to act weird at the rams. In a second, I had the Seahawks by four and one slash two in San Francisco, Cisco. I get it it's three and one slash two. I said three. Like a debate to me again this week Three, unlike the stairs, I started our great the hedges. It six divide it. You could still catch up here. Next category energy plants spot on the line rams cardinals. This is in no way cardinals can make it when in the bears lose there is a world in which the rams don't make it, and I had the Rams when the division with I forgot and then bet the rams again today when the moves, I should have bet the Seahawks it just hatched it cuz. I had great I'd like eight hundred and fifty rams to win the division. I'm a moron, don't forget that, but this is
A loser, leaves town badge and I dont understand why they wouldn't, amid this ascended, Gameless, they're, afraid of the bears, winning neither they're afraid of golf not playing because the back up as the sky John Woodford, from Wake forest yeah. I don't think they want to be stuck with Beaufort, although they might be stuck with Heineken instead sought to know what the difference is really but yeah. I rather see this game than the Eagles Washington. I thought Blake Borders was their back up and I was really disappointed. I don't know who general furnace
By far is baby, I'm on the board. I got put in a good word for you, nuts, our age and change. So is there is their line on this? There is no line on this, but I would have said if, if gases with a wrapped up, thumb starts out about four and a half, what do you think the wrapped up thumb was the excuse, gaff needed. I went ahead for foreign ass tat, but am yet cardinals pretty nice bought for them are the sudden cause the packers actually did that bears game. The cardinals who have really look, they dug crap for two months: they're gonna gets a Kubi, who's gonna have a broken thumb and I still feel I could kings break and screw this up yet tat monumental game for cliff kings Bird get in a night in seven against the beating the Rams a baby.
spot. Cliffs gonna be coaching like this Pepperdine have about him, and I think I can say that we could you give me some John Paul II's Emily abysmal. They do have the two. Ok, that's cliffs! Next job cliff weren't, you do, you know the rams could get that five spot yeah, so the hoodie yeah really do you think I like it when they went in Tampa, loses that they're playing the giants. Washed in fairly Dallas when her whenever rams defences among the people, I fear the worst for the seas, ensure they cause day. They went totally Sierra fur like fifty two minutes and then God finally fucked up again and they had that danish jail in Ramsay, like kind of consoling off before he went back on the earth and then their defence rolled over.
Now. When you got some Tyler lack a fancy points, but do not read you can read about the Rams defence in the Sharm Watson opting out and then by golly. I covered scares you like now we're just sick of our teams, which is fair. Where we keep shown up in its nothing's reciprocated and terrible it. No funny when you when you watch live, though, when you know the defences kind of lost the war to live birds. I I finally get another: stop it Can I help word outward? I want our offices in scoring where we're screwed here we need a picture otherwise overdone last one with any sort of Plath implications is bucks. Falcons sits in Tampa Falcons had yet another miraculous. Last today, coup coup by guy missed it too tight to tie it would ascended to o t yet
TAT is just has stepped in shit. This horse is, in fact that matters, and you can't give him credit. It's me. I just can't can't do it. It's like look at them destroyed this to treaty, that is on their third coach. Ah, I have the bucks by eight. I got this exact right. It's only six right now, because the Falcons or Don T the Falcons were they played. What two weeks ago last week, if I last week right
thousands were winning by an or thirteen, thereby a glorified to touch them through touch on sport. Air at sounds right buddy. I guess out of the box, losing the Rams win. The rams get that five seed going against the end of the eastward, the boxer in regardless their data. I think we now the scenarios, yet former games will go through quick, vikings, add to treat their just go through the vikings by three. I had three also at six suffer their real it up and alliance. I think I've seen enough. Then he often second produced the hundred fifty yards. I was driving yesterday. Listen to the radio answers talk about the lions and mad Stafford. Keziah got hurt and there are like this. Could this event as last line?
game every other guys like. I hope that he's had such great career for them on like he has. I can't remember like two met Stafford plan, gives you I can either and then they put up stats like quickest to ten thousand yards or somethin stupidly had sand its Rogers. It's all the girl. You know it's all a great said, but you and I think of them, is just a guy who gets fourth quarter, Pat, they call pad Stafford or friend broadband false about pad pad Stafford pad stat furred yeah. That's paths that firm pads
for debts, little stretch butter, an unknown people really defend them like this to be so much worse without I'm gonna want to see what it's like well until Saigon, thanks hearing, neither get me that much worse, yet. I've taken for the Patriots overcame nude dog idea next, when chiefs chargers. What to do this image access? Why we might want to get? Let me let me see what chiefs have quit Everything but by homes, though, has then VP campaigns that may be heard. At any rate, I do I'm sure, there's some specific way. He plays the scenario, wreak seventeen, but if your member a few years ago so when they started my homes and that one gay that's right now negotiating so my guess is their thrown this game. Where I am,
I don't see a line on their so ass. A governess achieves by three now had three also seventeen adding patriots jets. Sad when I had the paths by four: oh while oh you're gonna get it to item eleven seven. The jets are pretty frisky, then last but not least, in other words, will try here right. I guess what I tag: they are there locked in order to better Rueda, why haven't they check birds? Broncos raiders? I had the brok as by one at home over the way. You need to win this to tie me and you don't get it. I said Broncos two and a half it's too, so that we will make the wind. But now it's nine six too,
your favor out of well, I'm still in that year, yet mathematically eliminated yeah. I guess I have two when the last war, if they went out a plan for his, even I lost them to give you this gift. Even beat me in fancy any beat me and I guess, I'd. I thought of a nickname for James Harden, revisit Jimbo Slice, because he's really look like him. A beef really looks like Kimball sized I've, just Jimbo slice. I was saying they were guided freight market. I didn't do the Jimbo thing, but I've that's funny. I said he looked, I Campbell slice. The couple weeks ago in the picture, Jimbo Slice puts up. Forty four gets Partlet thriller good. Now, it's time for parent corner yeah. I just have prepare corner bracky by car max. This is our last car MAX read of two thousand and twenty by the time we
two thousand twenty one, but Sassin and my daughter will be driving, maybe they'll be using Car MAX America's now when used car retailer, whether buying or selling our friends our master on your side with the seven day, money back guarantee formation. and a full weight to the side of its wreck, our view or simply return of her forever. No questions asked if it's time to sell stopped by car MAX today to get a customer for in your car. You can leave with payment in hand or take away to think it over carbine car selling. The way it should be at car max check birthday, car max backup.
Sal you spent there, the holiday with your family. I can only imagine him for US preparatory action and see the kids at all as we now I did used to celebrate Christmas right arm, so we have a tradition or our family that goes back before I was born, like our cousin Jimmy was around for the first of these, and that's that my father dresses at Santa have to be careful about the little one. Other do you'll see that it doesn't really matter, but my Father dresses Santa and gives all the kids in a family a gift in other parents set aside one gasped and now this is this- is from satellites in different wrapping paper from all the others. So my father has the same suit that has had, since nineteen sixty eight same forget. One same gloves same everything, beer, I guess he's got new cotton for the and it just logistics, a pillow on his stomach, but he's now gonna be eighty years old nag share something
I'm a little longer to get in the suit a dressing, I'm watching the door to make sure no, the kids see him walk in Then all the son, a hearty pop up. usually, we have a lot of kids around of all the kids in the family, but because a covert, it was just my three boys I to all this one's know already, and I guess he's been doing it for Jimmy was the first one, a figure fifty two years ago or Geraghty eight years ago. Priorities for that Santa was my father, so it's basically over because my youngest kid figured it out. He he sits on my father's lap. My father doesn't really try to change his voice at all which a bad thing and then after Santa went away, even though my son got exactly what he had ass sad before then the list he sent his eye yet I was papa- has like shit like yeah. Why do you think that is a well now, because you smell like pop any talk, just like him,
It smell by some of the girls like dad, allow we gotta, we got it. We got a spray you with us, some pine or some cannot you for strangled dusters up the next time, but I think it's over a tradition, a fifty three year, alter their wait. A second I went about what about Billy camera so loud, the younger ones. Do I guess? Yes, if it covered, I ever show some relief and bring get all the kids together. We could do but my family as far as my spawns concerned itself, but I guess you could la he'll, be eighty one. A little sad will to add. On top of all the sadness around us Jesus, you have some better. Your family, your family's begun, sets khazar. When we went to ITALY once the guy who is working on, though the big House were staying in yeah he had this b, o Thou reminded you and Jimmy a loser. and father grandfather, yeah mining, Jimmy's grandfather. Yes, I bought a shirt,
Yes, then, at the end of the ship you bought is being brought it back to the United States. Idea. Is it's about that? Your grandfather? We did its well just like him, then two weeks later didn't smell like him, and I try to send it back in the guys like now they'll beneath it an their areas of my ass, my pare twist we're bring in Africa for this one come guile commanded, so you can come on the face.
I'm afraid to see us some on Kyle by Kyle, don't be a dick. Where is he has all right? Yeah? Maybe you should go up so we we had a distance hang with with Nephew Kyle and his lovely girlfriend, and my wife parents, otherwise known as by my father and mother, in law right and it my children. We hung out outside for a couple hours and during the course of those couple hours, I realized that Kyle was going to be in this week's pair corner, because the Bunny story Kali, if Thou the Bunny story, shit, really yeah yeah, I got it was I nephew corner. So I went to this exotic fish dark out that I got a fish and I was like tat. You gotta pick out of its own. no else out there. We went to this exotic fish sore and just looking to see was out there and there is this rabbit on the floor
his cage. I was super small and My girlfriend wanted to say that I did the absolutely not whatever they like where's, I'm after three days. We get it. I go back to New York. This summer in August, and this rabbit gives birth to sixty six bodies warm home in New York? She took the day off and that there still live in their still in my care and argued: don't skipper the story. This goes way deeper one. What else is there? The bunnies are separated male and female because more they don't want them to reproduce Lisbon as well What are they will find it? I grab a call wrap in. There has been too male bunnies that had an altercation. That was like pretty violent right. Their separated so there in three different spots in my apartment and it's an apartment on ass though, and his girlfriend
may or may not have gotten a stroller, so she could take other bunnies, for I really hope you get say that yeah. That was the best part, I have a stronger now and why she thinks it. Buddy was up, You know my wife, we have four friggin dogs and my wife listen this going all that one of the bodies, as they know about rare, that buddy there's no way What are these bodies that are happening? We're gonna, take you buddy. I thought I had her without one and then she, my wife and my two kids, have been asking all weekends. If we can get one of the bunnies loneliness, we ve got this puppy and I'm the only one watching the kids are like that. They barely do anything on at us. It's a cow as sit. How many? But we have six or seven five wait. I'm I am optimistic. You started with one you store with two no started with word, but she was pregnant or a pregnant because idealism earlier, a sailor them interesting.
What had stored knew now, definitely not displays the disaster bill. Just take a boy and a girl, bonnet you'll, be fine, says, thereby So then she's a guy, I have to try to get people to adapt the bunnies somewhere that bullet about I'm parent corner. Maybe somebody who had up Kyle and they'll area was appointed the binding on active met them now. So I will see what do these please do what I do. I start understand, though, what's funny about having a bunny part you have answered, I don't know what do they do? They can they think they just shit little bunny pellets, yeah they're. Not they're like the it may seem like their party dream. If they're, not so you can't really do much near there, ass? The eye had grown up poking poky and if we let him out of the cage they warrant like playful day day, would just sprint the free There were not yours and yeah. You got you get it's a rough one. It's there's one more piece of this guy. You have to tell us how the names of the bunnies
Would you well you you? Could you have to do it? I have to tell the days yet the dude I'm in a tweet. The names will be worse. If we said they say it just say it on the pod. They really fascinating. We don't answer hardly oh shit. I forgot to them their fernando now, and but it is our stir. The Panama has more lifeline. What's the other is if the other five Dave's there was no doubt this is like Josie as a child, you. What are you name in these goods? I didn't you I shall be hang us to live in the bank. That they have exotic available in the heart of. I would reply. Rabbits yeah,
fiber every night I read you could see everyone swept away with his friends walk the parameters that roller others, but the rabbits are ok. You said they can't call me evil, but do there? Ok for that stroller girl do the girls are together because they can't get each other pregnant may not find each other. The guy's a separate so in a different stroller separate What the hell's Goin on here really wish you bring this caused a growing, a troubled you setter, but its bodies that that cubits, but to be separated, so it is there to strollers are one there's one stroller in its curly disassemble. When I taken walks. It was an idea, but it's not happening. Oh you're, not taking one good idea you ve made it seem right. There were somebody wax other would like one. There was one initially and then I decided on the walk. I was never gonna. Do it again so shoulder? Why then are getting exercise on the? I've tried there sitting in the stronger than I said. I
what I would do. I would take the bodies for a one way ride to differ part of l, egg and yeah, and then she comes back from work where the bodies- I don't know I only mother, got now. I think that's what my father a K. Santa Claus did a took, got rid of it took our drive me. Maybe com action could sponsor that that drive you take them off by the way I'm kidding taking the money for the ride, pathetic PETE actually listens back ass, regular, your bad people, I'm sure you're taking care of monies are properly. We ve not another word item for a ride to a beautiful bunny formats. The only way this story would get better and funnier is it Bunny somehow managed to reproduce, and then they had fifty is apparently they could through the gates of their own separate sides, the room. So why do it through the cage? Will we heard from one one person handles, I thought, but they can spread through the cage.
Since then, I have a really good idea. I think I think you should give a couple or all the bodies, tar friend Brad as a consolation prize losing is eliminated. Rattled, take care of him tat the great at give their gala start was near the stronger to hang on fire Roller is only motive transportation card. Thanks for joining us in particular that I shall pair cornerback you by car maximum. number one used car retailer Carbine car selling. The way it should be, about today, a car max dad ass, great head salvage eager. Well, I am the highest goring large motley camp of all time, the finals game, Congrats added, I would say, extra points- extra points, dot, com. It's me, it's all a wilder Dave damage ACT against all odds. On too
a lemon pepper, parlay waiver wired check it all out on extra points. Dot com fox bit live and work in every day. This week's events we don't even get off for New year's day we're going up against Alabama Notre Dame on that stupid, show that stupid, cable show we're going up since back, but Jesus, that's it, but now I'm not complain and happy new year to everybody merry Christmas day. Thank you for the deep dish. I did. I had a nice some celebratory dinner, the deeply you went crazy with gold belly. For me I love God. Oh my god, you really hug me up, and now there are some good these days. They really you know yes with the gold belly like it's it's popular now and everybody sends you shit and you and, like I said my wife, I like what we have to eat all of this the week of the 26th cuz we're going on a diet January. Third. So now it's just deep this every meal
the owner, it was excellent. That's great! I love operating on the holiday since very enjoyable cause. Next time I see you will be in two thousand and twenty one and thank you The future, by a good job I hereby that's it for the Bs Pike. Don't forget a new review. Archibald common tomorrow night be valet than ensure fantasy breaking down Mr Hans Opus and really land into Mister Allen. If you wait here, three people make for Mr Eyelids Opus. This is the packet. Well, I like the way that you can check. I have at least one more new park has come in this week as well, and the speed stating that stay safe,
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