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Dame vs. Curry, NFL Draft QBs, and Flea on the Lakers With Chris Haynes and Danny Kelly


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports and TNT to discuss the Brooklyn Nets, the Jazz's ceiling, NBA trade rumors, Steph Curry vs. Damian Lillard, covering the 2020 NBA playoffs, and more (2:00). Then Bill talks with The Ringer's Danny Kelly about his NFL mock draft, first-round QBs, the Patriots’ QB problem, Russell Wilson trade rumblings, and more (43:00). Finally Bill talks with Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers about his Lakers winning the Finals, missing out on in-person games, Red Hot Chili Peppers stories, the eventual return of live music, and more (1:18:00).

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premium, caribbean ram with spice and other natural flavors. Thirty, five seneca by volume, Captain Morgan Rum Company Newark, Newark reciprocity by the finger dot com and the Ringer Podcast network, whereas the two upsets me watch was this week sleeping with the enemy and coming to America. Two classics also did on the Ringer dish, David Cobain. I broke down up. So ten of the challenge we do that every Wednesday night and the ringer dish by a cast come up Chris Hands, NBA Deanna Kelly and if Thou draft flee the Lakers Basque, bowed music, it's an action, packed pact,
it's all next first project, all right Christine is here: you can read them on Yahoo. You can see them on TNT as soon as sideline. Reporters are allowed back right now, he's join the NBA season. Either. Deeper while he's been in Brooklyn this year in a bizarre situation, carries their heart and shows up
a Lewis Jared Allen, they're, basically, a three man team with a bunch of role players, but then variety of situations happen where they never have the three at the same time hard and has a huge mp4 format the other night. What do you see from that team long term, because everybody I've talked to has a different opinion of what they're stealing is. I actually think they're ceiling compared to everyone else in the east. I like their chances the most, even though they're not going to get stopped. I just think they would be so hard in a playoff series. Last five minutes of any game trying to match baskets with them? I think it's going to be too hard. What do you see? Well, I, like the feeling a little bit now more so than I when they first all assembled together, The reason I say that is because your walk he has been so disappointed. I did not think they will come out this they are or will be. One of the acquisitions will be require
and they haven't picked up. They left off at last year, so I'll say that I'll get Brooklyn that also they're not deal with their roster picked reconfiguring. So I want to see what I take laboriously before be Miguel their name had thrown out. There haven't hurt her. I have heard much concrete evidence the same, their interests, Nonjuror drama, but nurse neutron, it you know at present. So whatever you say when you got those three star together- and hopefully there know well that healthy minister placed witnessed the play of thought out, what would anything is possible, but in the east I like, what really is north? I'm not solid, because we see what they've done in the playoffs, with teams like build a wall around been similar to similar to what you re Anderson Cooper for has a bit greyshot most red, although that you know the biggest victory we happily right now. I think
their Mammy low, the o, eight celtics, where the something really needed, Pga Brad, they got Santos out there, but he didn't help by the Arab League as much as people by may be helped out. The court Pga Brown thing really help. There was a missing piece, wasn't a huge name, but when they had a series, Cleveland, I think in round two. They needed him and he was playing crunch time and made a couple big baskets. That's the kind of Guy Brooklyn needs. It doesn't necessarily have to be Andre German. It needs to be that that guy, who can Occasionally play crunch time gives him a little more size. I still feel like if their plan Philly and apply officers, I don't know what happens with the mb piece of it unless they get another big body. I just found out who the big body is on the flip side. I don't know how Philly is going to stop like who's guarding Kyrie. You know, Simmons Simmons can only guard one of those three guys. I guess they can fiber, there's no there's gonna be one guy that they can't can't handle it.
Flip the flip side- I don't know, but I look at that series they can be, could score forty points a game and I still feel like broken could beat them. You know it in the brooklet. I thought they were gonna play more pace, Billy all right. Now I don't know looking at a really serious, potentially Billy Billy above the surface of the ground, maybe they'll trotted, no run the jolly and beat out again but it doesn't look like that's their style of play of right now, but again they still have some rough we're just gonna go war, so they can make a completely change or stoplight we'll stop. Nepal. You oughta be enormously. If we do not match up to see which style is gonna be able to impose their will, we get to the good it's, you got a lot of players. Will you know a lot of people? You hear a lot of things. What's the real feeling with the players about Katy, hard and inquiry plan together and forestry
La France trying to figure out who, as the bar at the end of the game, the chemistry stuff all this, what it would have people actually think about those three when it gets to knock crunch time, lesson the question at all. I'm gonna be brutally honest. What you lavishly which is now you know, you start talking players gaze on how they feel there's a considerable amount of respect for all their talent. Don't get me wrong. These players respect, I think, drama green, even say it last week that he said they're the team to beat in the EAST but there's not a fear. You know there, there's not appear at all that you know we'd make that we got it both you brought about bigger, thus achieving look at their jolly work. Ok with their all, listen they're gonna be scared, but it's not it's not
Not I fear I have a hurry, biased, a wild men ass, a gauge was they all three got together and reason because, as a reason because James, you know, you had a shaking time with other alpine mill players in in Houston- calm is track. Weapon as well is alive, Those are the concerns. You know These guys really coexist. One is really time to play back asked about, and it does do Brooklyn do they have enough piece, and so that's why I think there's not a fear. So I haven't met or talk to any players that have said man we gotta get body about. That's gonna be issue that has been the case there's just they talk about talking about them with respect but they're, not looking out on the share that we got it nor do they get their arms. What s interesting thing about these right blocky, as you mentioned it as in quick yet and
the water. The reality may be that this is your three is kind of the same version of the same team that has the same kind of flaws, even as good as holiday is. It seems like therefore, through twelve of got worse, teams are low, more used to plan than now janius honest. I think we, whatever we thought he was gonna, be this might be it he's, though, grain is, though, are the best best. Personally, but he's never gonna be. I dont think that Leubronn Durrant type of creator can match baskets with the the game them with the Philippines. You know I like their trenched. I'm five indeed has answered every question we ve had this year, Simmons at because I had some some really really really really great moments over the course of the season. I don't know if I trust them in a series. I don't know if I trust him be to be healthy for months from now you know, and if I had to bet my life on it, I think Brooklyn be the pic to me, the safest, pics toast
it's just the Lakers and the team they have. You know now they're going to be super careful of Davis they're not going to care what seed they are and they're just going to be there. That's the one team I know is going to be there. Do you believe in Utah. Whew may build. You hit me right there. It's a yes or no question, All I'm gonna kill other low somebody's gonna get you I don't as a right. Now, I'm going to tell me why well they remind me of as a right now look, I know I'm getting killed but whatever as of right. Now They remind me of those genes that you don't like those Chicago Bulls, if that were not rewarded with their grows their growth. I got the number one I new, like ok, when I
If my am Europe is faced by having their lot you're, not chicken, Brian Crowley, washed away. I don't see you Toby the Lakers in some cases. Right now I'll see you taught beaten clippers in seven games. Is there a good thing that they pay the bill, Companies are obviously Donovan. Mitchell is proven. Already dish is a pretty all star tirelessly and want to see more as of right now bill, I like what they're doing do they look like they turn a corner but you got to show up when the games really matter and messing the playoffs on. So I just think when I look at that. Roster Jordan Clarkson right now by far the six man winter. You may have to leave the candidate by four, but I look at the rostrum. Not big like you know, if you can got it admits, lava gay watching, probably chair. If you give him, you know give their multiple that's. What's belong offenders, you probably got a
shot but taken about noon is good, is what counts? this plan, everybody else. It's all. I just think that he knows a lot more homes that can be exposed when a company I offer you, my attitudes toward them has been every year. We had that. One regular season team that looks awesome is team. That's been planning for a couple years and they peak around game fifty and, there's a moment where they are. Maybe they can win the title and then, with your stupid two months later wait I met Lockerbie me. I keep waiting a fear that way about them. With that said, nineteen and twenty is not nothing to nothing. The kind of shrugged his shoulders that lay date. They had a really good, prolong, stretched out with double digit wins b.
Good teams and at some point it's gonna be undeniable- that they're a logic and tender. I dont know what number they have to get to be like they were like twenty, six and twenty seven, something that at some point that's dead. There are really good signs with the math for hate. This team did this during the regular season. This means this now you could say that about Milwaukee the last two years and they flamed out with I guess his lab suspicious, but all the double digit winds and the way they had their business against teams that they fully was they never be the other. But Philly was plain really well. In that case, Simmons was outrageous and Clarkson had four You know that they have the ability to adjust these different guys get hot. So I think I'm slightly more optimistic with but I don't believe either. I guess I also can't go to salt lake and I'll say: hey SALT, like I'm, How do I love s city, but you say anything like it or not perceived to be a criticism. You will hear problem
I will say this season is it is a strange year because, Take a liking, for instance, been on a light this to extend these other teams as well that they're coming here, no, not like Lakers. They were not try to light, be ready from the start they were maybe look at thirty days and not the he would show ya. Think a freeze on topics which are you didn't come in for the seas and the best of shape our electors expected. It was such a short term arousal offered. When the championship and all is that they wanted to make sure they were kind of just cost? You know we're going to play these games. It's unfortunate. Players. They didn't want to get back to play so early, but never let them caught. It we'll deal himself back his shape, not chop up towards the issue. I do not see in the best and the like. Are you not see the best equipment? I don't know that's the case on the walkie, but
your beauty that bit in that in that more right. There, too, were I'm like when it's time you know them I want be ready and that with James taken, that approach is latin. No fortune, like you, even if they like dimmer, who was gonna surgeon. You know initially nodded fallen down to this alone. Something I hope you know look at his well. Denver has the same issued the Celtics have their three through twelve. I dont really trust anyone, gained again, you now and they end they have their. Basically, I've wanted to have geyser. Now yoga choose one of the best. Personally, and Jabbar Murray, who has just gone backwards. Andrew Omar Ethic, with somebody were counting on and penciling in as an all star type guy, and he just hasn't been able to figure out the consistency week to week that virtue asked. Are you gonna have like you're gonna, know gaming,
are you there you not there and he just has games where he's just gone he's disappeared. I think that's one thing Mitchell's been good at this year. I don't feel like Mitchell anytime. I watch Utah Mitchel's. There he's present he's doing stuff he's down in Mitchell. I look at the clippers, though. That's another team look. I know they have new coach they're talking the chemistry's better, all that stuff. Why should I trust the clippers? Why should I trust. The same thing that happened last year is going to happen this year. Do you see anything that makes you think we're not just repeat that will no longer loftily Leslie goes back into a bubble. Ah, don't think we're gonna That worries me something I think it was Babo. You think that was bubble driven. Barely they they firepower. Ok, yeah! like guys with depressed in Ottawa George, the present I'm gonna be there, where they live they don't want to be there Didn't want to be there. It is what it now look on that,
The day was all right. Things were not, the court was what I wanna championship gradually finals, but that that never stop doing you know me bill like depression. Being there for three and a half months. It was brutal, but I still don't say I still don't say I'm at a point where I feel like the clippers can be trusted. I still there's the same personnel. The all season is solid. They had a solid off season. Paul George. You know he was talking earlier early on the season. You know when he went on a chair earlier. Don't run back to my everything player days, voided, never want. Everybody was talked about what he was plan fully, while also homogeneous
red color. We ve gotta failed off a little bit, so I put all my confidence equipment, but I think they were going to see a better version now not. I do not remember your point bill about your Mamma it. This always stuck with me because I was there in a bubble, cease being your boy Jason table he said- and any excuse me for not remember what platform this was, but he said he was driven out on a factor some of the guys that were actually wall in a bubble. That's not accustomed symbol, you know it was like I think won't play was talking about. Portugal was ginger You know he was like one of the star stuff there in the bubble, doing the seating games that's, not what you were used to see him in the world with these elections, the basin, you more Murray based off what he did in a ball.
Everybody in him to be. The next start met, I thought were talking about, there's gonna be, Maria dive emission belongs, are gonna, be two wars, that's gonna, be face. Suddenly mobile Bore air sea, and that does not the case yet. Sola bigger the latter. Also not residual Maria? What reach there, but he had showing a level of consistency to be a star player in the regular season. We saw it in the bubble a little bit, but you know we saw a couple of players, kind of take it to start um level in the bubble. Well, thanks, with this way he wasn't in heart and right. Where more than was available there for three weeks, we are coming out the bubble in and say what their nitrate in your mama him unyoking. Work together, not going to fuck with that and now that were a month passed, it
It seems so that you won't hurt. Relatives are maybe they know that we're running through all these while they re another, do all they often Smallbury was the order that those, we always Gary here is, Will Barton combinations among all aspects, but not marriage warmer, is untouchable. Well, I'm sure if Beale ever be sums available. I would say they would be come one of the suitors they would viewpoint or somebody did anyone yeah, you have become liable. Now you gotta considered eligible Murray Well we're talking about players like rather be deceptive estimates pact has brought you buy, zip recruiter. Great team started great talent for finding the right. People could be a challenges. If you're a business owner whose hiring lack look the NFL right now. Imagine the patriots trying to rebuild their
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next level. You can use your ESPN plus subscription to access live sports across the app or union to select games, a larger newgate hundred eighty reviews with NBA pass free in venues. Yes, pampas subscription fees may apply and daily pass is subject to availability based on your location, learn more at oculus dot com? I never heard you talk about that. You were having issues in the bubble. Cuz, I've. I've heard that from a few people. When did it hit you? When did you start struggling? Was it like the two month Marcotte? How far is he family of kids. I've seen when did it. When did it really states affected? Not only told me, my own, it probably start affected me probably two months in maybe it was like at a point where the players
and cultures were allowed, their family come into the bubble air, and I am glad to see me for eventually out of you but you know when for first saw a boy in the Bible and take us I'll, miss you daddy, you, those brace net, backlit revival, happy boreal, but we'll find out what year that that keep asking me and you are old enough lobby road. When I was seventeen eight year over the little little was kept asking me every day, tat he would you come home, I wondered them all and I couldn't give millionaires You know who it was made out. The new law God you're gonna, be a rule. Almost gods were trouble. You they'll couple fights with some of my model, more people that I love you not to block reconsider
must my brothers there. I wasn't the easiest person to be around know a lab. Martin on United that was, I was in the community, you know, depression is not something you even consider. You know of your dal. We're always thought that you know get over it and I'm not an unruly big about it being depression until I got a bubble and I was like wow. I think I was dealing with the same thing as Paul George, and them they were just. I don't know if they were brave enough to just say it. But you know, energy on the general right. So what I'm gonna would it I'm not the store? like I'm here for documents, but I know you was rude. I remembered bill, I remember so the image Finally, when India Funnel Schedule came out, you not also rest does not want to leave and get out, the final schedules game. Wanna Gabriel was set up every other day.
Gave five, so gay poor was on October to fix Therefore I was on one October at night form like when I How did you know my whole all merciful? guys. Wanna go there's a game every other day within other gave, for we gonna wait two days after today. Far there's no scam. You know there's no travelling by water, They need to play game four, six and game five or a night and so being, like Wanna Lakers were the first to I don't care who wore the first. Two or three employees were asleep. What I want to get out there and I remember the letters were the first to air. I was like ours pack. My question I said things all like: like NET Miami was one of the spot it all. Now, cinema girls are engaged from almost all the Senate. No, both my flight.
Repay the Miami came out. There. Weren't gave an air after K, the embryo believe has stood up for us to have this didn't mean to have dinner with some the leaks that air at after gave to add I did not want to go. Why added no interest in being around a lot that we're gonna be all want to seven I just got to watch beers. Call me up, like you blew top of your father, was the aims I brought this does come over here. Gladly were there again at least a middle tonight. Some of the Lakers interrupt, you know when it for the one guy like. Shall I wasn't bull? was brought in around with railway the letter last month. It that's a long time. I remember the first hours
tv doing the ABC show it was the heat. There was the re on series, the heat spurs and my I had. I think my son was like five. The daughter was seven and a half was the longest. I've ever been away from them. Granted wasn't in a bubble where at least got to go around and have dinner and stuff like that. But I remember that six I was so excited to see my family again and the spurs are up five and I'm text my wife over to be home to buy the head is greater than they are now rounds open. The link there were days but yeah when you're on the road they tat. Would your way from your family totally get it. It makes sense way it really affected some of these teams and that's why I look at a team. Might the coopers. I have no idea what to expect Was it all bubble related? They have to have the best fourteen guys in the leg. You know like cannot just be fixed quicker,
we'll find out any any possible trade type by anything you feel honoured that are gonna, be after the austere break whatever our library there we got. One is about two weeks: we also break investment. There lie color believers March, twenty seven, anybody one any, but anybody any teams you're. Looking at anybody get worse. How much are you right now we're talking big if, it is women who cannot really be changes more units, Jackie, frequently. You know like I was doin all what you take it there, no use to these coal as a right now that can all changed back an, albeit a check because well, but if you change is moderate, emphasise that this is not the way for you need the maximum right now we are left with only one you know exploded again to a friendly, but
he's the one player right now back and color. You know just settle legal fire in the next, we ve been very welcome a lot I right now, I'm not by that is just can t. You know me, I'm a baking say what he has to say right now, Well, what mostly? What happened? Gradual trade they live with a loose boss, a buying in either. I am also not by that. It makes sense for the wizards to have him when it's the point of having a guy who can steal three games a month for you in move. You further away from being the worst team in the lake you know I obviously moderators Celtics bankers, it's no secret him in Tatum are really close. He was Tatum Ass, big brother, the whole Saint Louis thing and all that stuff in the Celtics, I think, have the most aspiration of just about any good team right now, it's gone out with them. Now what it's been just tell everybody calm down Marcus, a comeback we eat out. Tatum have conveyed, like we haven't. Had our team here
just calm down, don't panic, and then you watched him last stages, get eviscerated by Lana. This something's wrong. You can't tell me like mark as smart, as fixing of the said so obvious see if they get in on that so badly beer. That said, no other names, you can look at Jamar the roses situation situation. Well he's rage at the end of the year. Nobody wants to lose a play, obvious caliber for nothing, no haven't Borgia, understood so you know he's a name name to watch. If he doesn't agree to it, they don't work out an extension The motto entered the remedies Le Marcus's luggage. At this point, though, You feeling Toronto has to be taken seriously as a whole, count them out on doing anything crazy with any spare they have in their roster tame like if they traded outcome tomorrow. Would it be shocked, don't worry, I'm not I'm ready for anything, but that other buyers, whereby only that
order to discuss the laundry drama, but a lot like seen Andry Drumming a couple games ago. Normally see about three three barbarically the guys see more from him. I don't know that he moved the needle fourteen, obviously failure right there with Roma. But you see, I see the impact he made, that somebody like you're out the best behind them? Maybe why why? Why is actually impacting again? so I am now understands rummaging them back again, but it's gonna take the right situation about fear with a right personal, around four German come in and make a difference on. Apart from above. Why? Yes, south extent, I'm hoping hands had been broken somehow does I think you had met them up all of it? Do you not find out what I'll do I'll? Just only you know
There's some guys. You just look at with Numb like you look at the statute will not be. There were a lot of casual casual bears. The re look at the staff in like manner right, where you put your modesty, you know they'll be legit, you not. I just don't have an impact on the gate writer. That was really important like making making the right place at the right time. New things I don't show up on the statute, being in the right way in the right place at the right time, That is one of those guys We talk about Bobby, I could do that would be the right place at the right time. Right based. I dont show us that she pays you Tracy. Early on in the season. The war you still this to this day. We know Stephen Kurt, We know how he likes to get his shot off. He'll penetrate pass the you know opposite side.
And then he'll rom over there in the corner and seven curry is used to playing with high basketball, IQ type players, players who would know step is going in that corner and they will set a screen for him. You see it. You see it early on I've, seen it even with Kim baseball who play with stuff before you would see guys they would get that ball in the corner, but they would shoot it instead of waiting for stuff to get in the corner instead of screen for him. You know I saw goes a little things like that problem are making the right plagues. Now, it's not gonna show up as a error or turn over on the statute. There's gonna show, as the EU is gonna, be blown opportunity forget wanna bet, shooters, mirror or be bachelor were play. This game is blown opportunity, git him open source things like that Wanna write these enjoy mine is bright, adona right dates that don't show up on his passion
I love the dream on occurring in this year has been a job. The where's have been for a mediocre tea. They ve been shockingly fund, a watch who curry has reclaims in the curry Dame battle, which has been a kind of a secret stealth battle. It doesnt Korea the site apprehend, but then every time I feel that way. Dame puts up like forty three in sixteen hook completely puts everybody at his back for crunch time it and it she's crazy how similar their stats Arbed have different their games. Are you not remain like their ages? Soap box score an impact at all that stuff very similar their swimming in the same poor, but I felt there completely different as basketball pears, I love having them on the West Coast. Let me break them down bill so every time I complement oh
The water is sweeter right, a story about day I get the staff stands. That comment is not attacking you know, he's not step is not, and vice versa, it. How much we summon up various there and they face Bank could do that to you not think that the balls they just how somebody our sparse play is now they both these are the best migration is me happily, but are there is a difference between these two. It's like people got mad because today I started saying like Dame is right now in my top three Mvp boat and I don't have stuff in there. I don't have stuff in there. If you look at Dan you ve made it look dames door without siege in common use of market. Therefore, in the West AIR, only people with ahead, I'm right
now we are building. Is the broad and be a yet still within? Be yes, really is number one in east, but they got the same river as plum. Meanwhile, going to state as the seventh place in the west and the other day does different about they must step is day, Mr De ravaging the same amount of points but James is still required to play point by now. I think you can understand it. Yes, this is a point but joy might green. Is the play maker energy, it doesn't have those obligations dame those obligations, so we saw the same amount of poison, but yet he still responsible for everybody of war, and he
he's the leader of the team and people call him the best leader in the NBA obligation, and so that's why you know I'm not trying to pick game over step by step over day. I miss telling you like they have different obligation. Dame has more of a workload to go through this stuff happened. It's always You know what it is. It's the most fun argument in the way that they reminds me have like growin thy guy being in college would argue about, bury Sanderson, Emmett Smith, and then people would feel passionately for each sire. I was an immature guy azure leg failure. There, Larry thirty five year, thirty five carries in any big game. Bury you could get tat. Eighteen times in a row for one yard and then I'll break in eighty yarder and just give me a, but it was a great
argument. We go back and forth. I feel, like Damon Staff have moved in that direction. That is the perfect that that is the first big analogy right there, because in this list we ought about you always America, but in it had only the best always apply. You know at the best support. Just very son was always allies were trash. Like you said one one minute you may take a hit, but negative. Ah, there's no very likely like a dead letter your life. What ails? You know you don't feel so! I'm always spent library was just athletic me better and a better running back, but he just enhanced important chest and asked a day that Dame Gift hit all is not door but not doin. The regional players Mr Wynn answer, I think that's bullshit argument when people say that they, we will be lost to the words like four times they, but they did make a western finals ed. They ve had bad in
Luck really the only embarrassing year is that normal and season when, when the package's beat the beat the crap out of them, I think they considering their in bed in the same conference, would go and state Houston during the hard and run like I don't know what So what else do you want from that? They thought, if not always happens like it. You can compare step and damages look at the wreck because look at the rascals- they don't appear but be all you say you not your name is on farms are not very big. I've told you I just want you to ease put so much on his back celebrating the Portland troubling Like Rep in that city being proud to me, he's the greatest blazer of all time period. I think, if you look at the players that were there before, that, you could possibly put in that category slide direct Bill Walton, but I'm talking about name reps, that city loves it embrace it, and he
he's the EU is the biggest space the commander because brighter Roy wasn't on national commercial. Like even add this there's one His polarizing gleam Brenner Roy. Nor was awful Clyde direction. You know and belonging But suddenly so day, right now like ease that God you have a legitimate chance. I think if you look at the track, where these number These numbers are not made made. The play off. This item is what you see he's always carried him to the players with whatever he's here. Work and I'm agency had rattled you in the shop. He had not eligible shock together There are just rolled back, you know, you're, not
Oh man, sometimes you got what rushing down quite russian drink forget what you will not press the legal blood pressure they get organization due to one more thing about this: there, eight ten and ten MC caused by thirteen games, their catches by twelve games, cancers, plain twenty five minutes again. Mrs guy who's, like an afterthought for the south excise you're, my dad is the matter dad loves. Can't there there s a point now counters. Do our part, as I say, see with honest answer, my characters that reducing the self surrender like by for whatever reason he's by good with them with a guy from common. I agree that being eighteen in ten days should be in the conversation. That's it that's a good cop. Before we go tell me about tourist paler, I knew my tiny bit. I thought he had a great job be passed away. A couple weeks shows a colleague there's an ah. I know he touch your life in a lot of people, but you take the floor here. We are
where is he where it was like? I didn't you know I can't live with regret. There's something about. You will have our time and cope with its rays. He was a guy. We both got. You got around the same time. They are women, how about your conversations toll during that time, their air. Whenever someone passes within it, ST attended all social meteor and just check idea. This is like a lot of the labelling looking on what notifications, where do I go, but I'll just go back to check silly Berrigan at dawn. He did hit me up at one point and you know- and I didn't see it and so on
what are the best dressed up? We weren't. We were not that bad close on Belarus prospect his bride. I knew where it came from and You know, there's not a lot of national black journalists were covered in Vienna feel very similar to the NBA, for him to have been in that role while had taken up for myself, I should do, the more ball Ashley I should have known about it. Ideas are at eight, I can come on were there lie? You say that nobody, the best present all become impossible. Boy for you know not be it closer. There were, but now he was a great a great do everybody I'll talk to. I was shocked when I got to lose my company
I believe the thirty four years old there very border issue is unreal. There are dreadful, my browser, you know, you'll cycle, we shake who was now. I was with him in the bud. Now we are wrong. Boy I'm going out man. That was what was to ruin bubble. It's always used right bikes, available Miranda bubbling licorice, you realize wings cheapest place in the world right now like where and when we get out of here, things are going to change and I never would have thought it would be there, and so I'm that's something. I'm still coming with you this day I'm gonna, get got to spend their time might be able to But you know we ve been shaken losses.
Your role is now wouldn't take your losses. And lastly, we should not progression like crazy. This has been achieved on the second one, it's just tired its. He was just there at all that everything to be a better with you any finals, any draft he was just on the present. It was really fun cuz. I remember his blog, and I don't remember who is blog foreign, the mid two thousands and then to watch him actually be. Somebody who became a guy, you know he resolved said he was an mba tv and he was right near Vp. Watch column and leaves you know, I was just fund to watch. I guess his assent for lack of a better word, but yet I was there was a tough one. I hope I hope it's a trend that stops. It was a pretty rough couple weeks, their general I crusades, hang in. There is great to see you, I think that was a compelling Dame Currie. I think we might have started something. I am looking forward to the arguments we start. Added accusation
the army, Speklatin blow back from that, as well as neutral as I Utah's they Portland may just get me if you don't agree with you how they feel that their tea in there just bad we're ominous cause. You know they don't have any other. We know professional sport franchise like that They made their near endear just there. Not you not respected, I love but comparable. Only what I was going to say so tat. We could see the procedure what is it. This absolutely both of its past, his party by high sense buying a tv, can be super confusing somebody brands out their claims to be the best. While what he pick well with high sense, you don't have the deal Confusing jargon are misleading deals. Make it easy by new tv by cutting through the usual bs, a refreshingly straight talking alternative in the tv buying space somewhat
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By the Lakers. That's my favorite mba record. I dont know if anyone's ever breaking at any time somebody comes within ten winds evaded gets exciting. I love their record while you're like me, you're always on the lookout for reasons and ways to support your team and show off some pride, especially when the stats are on the rise, and you have a pretty good good feeling about them. Heading into the final, when North American Express every tripled, were recorded there in the NBA Playoffs unlocks thirty, two percent of eligible in stock items at MBA store dot com, a great power- is starting at nine a M Eastern the day after the game, Amex card members have twenty four hours to stock up a gear for game days to come, just use your card and our code air MAX thirty two to get the savings. When your team succeed city, it's a real when we learn more American Express that calm, Slash, tripled, double terms apply Danny Kelly from the Ringer Dotcom is here. He is still talk in me, even though I did a pike her dress Wilson that change the course of the sea access assembler have had it gets me,
There is a case that ass sorry about that draft. You do my traps and great draft coverage for the. For the ringer and you're doing another ring. I fell show as well as you get closer the draft, but you just put up another mock draft. The ringer where you have Zack Wilson, the eyes the number two quarterback over All right behind Trevor Lawrence, he went to be why you there's a lot of truth. This key one year, wonder stuff buzzer them and the
and he's number two in everyone's board is cause the jets of pretty much made it clear, they're taking him at number. Two Zack were yes or no. If your life depended on, it is a good idea that, oh, my god, you make it so let me am, I would rather take field, so I'm you say no, ok! I guess I got fields ring tyre. I dont think Wilson's a backpack necessarily. I just think I would rather take yields the thing about Wilson. Is you know he played at below you? They didn't have a good. They d, never very tough schedule this year, the one I think the toughest game they had was against Kosovo Liner and they lost the game. He played all right and I came, I would say, let it up. So when you compare. That, too, What field is done over the course of his career? You know big game when played Clemson through six touchdowns, even though his insides were liquefied halfway through the game. I mean he just like a ball.
Leader, four or five star guy done it for a longer. I think so to me the what no Wilson Hype is just got a little bit out of hand. I do think that's where the Windsor, but I think he I think he's gonna be than ever to pick. This is hilarious that this is happening, the jets fence they haven't. We EVA Bowl season and the jets are alright. We didn't get Lawrence that didn't work out, but that's a tough one he's a generational quarterback. We blew that one, but at least fields that'll, be good? now there s a dude be why you at least I guess the one good is with him. Is that he's not like twenty four twenty five, like some that he's actually like only twenty one years old. Listen this to me seems like an overthink in general, the fact that the jets are above I'd say about jailing about, because whether
situations where, if, if Wilson ends up going to a team Forty Niners or even maybe like the Panthers or something like that or even Atlanta. I feel better about his chances of having, in top to your career. The fact that he's going to the jets is a little more worrisome just because you know obviously avi see ya new cutting staff. You scheme come in and now that I think that's it gives him a good a better. Hence I think than what we expect from the jets were still just I'm, although very nervous by this situation and the expectations factor with the jets, and you have fields gone four to Atlanta yeah, which just feels great, he all that's a perfect fit turf fast team he's got receivers already. They were may have had a secretly pretty good. Last year there were the Classic T matter, Their final record was, but it easily could have been forwards higher and then he put
I'm in Atlanta, the kind of quarterback legate you little like how the hawks got tray young and it was like all this makes sense with feel the same thing I just as little possess and a franchise that has done really data possess after how many years a matter I, and so you think they would take him, what are they doing? Moraine then I mean I could see them honestly sticking with him for another year and giving fields like the ramp up time like we saw with my homes in Kansas City, No, you don't necessarily have to be the guy right away. I think that the situation with his contract format- Ryan, is still you know. It makes him a little more difficult to trade, but again we're seeing quarterbacks get traded with these enormous contracts and in all this dead money. So I dont off that actually even matters at this point but yeah. I think in this scenario my mind, it would be Marianne, for
another year, and then they give Justin fields a chance to, like you know, get that get the system down, get Arthur Smith. Couldn't let him get his system down there in Atlanta kind of just give them a year to kind of get everything together and go go forward in twenty twenty two. You know it all I mean I love the draft to sift quick, as I don't watch called for by barely know anything I just ass. We watched the ball games like three other games. To me. This is the perfect scenario for just in fields. He gets passed out by the jets he drops to spots. He's gonna have a chip on his shoulder: gonna go to a franchise and a fan base that is gonna love him coming out of the gate, he's in a fun division. All of it makes sense like this is like the perfect thing and then it'll be we get to spend the next ten years going, oh, my god. I can't believe the jest and take him to what were they thinking or a little like John. Homes with the bears at number three three that year, where you know that part of the narrative them. I can't believe it. What are they doing? I would
rather have the guy who was had some sort, a grudge passed over the edge. Chip on the shoulder whatever I just I love that fit for him. I really thought I don't understand what happened. We left that bowl game and I was like yeah he's really good. That's going to be the jets going to be a great number to pick the draft. Everybody there's that these deeds and they lose their minds. After like three weeks, I wanna be
here that I like Zack Wilson? I think I got a rank ten. I got him rank tenth on my board. That being said, I just think to me. I feel a little bit like I'm taking crazy pills over the last couple of months. I mean just in fields to me. It's just like. I don't understand where how we got there because the reality said Jerry watching them play Clemson everyone's like this. Guy is amazing. It really does China remind me of the D Sean situation where the guy's a gamer just now sue Bawler has all the tools you know. Has the the pedigree, like a former big in a big recruit all that stuff and for some reason, people still thought using me bad? I think you, people are definitely focusing on a few bad gains. A just and feel the sand is clear, and I mean it's not like he's been perfect, you no prospect throughout the process a couple bad games, a season there, some
some worries Eddie stairs down his receivers in Congo through his reads in others. There's all the typical things. I'd worry about from college Corvette Current approach, but I made at the end of the day I added I I just really don't get I'm with you and I'm on the same page, I'm just a little bit like you just watched him take apart, comes in for six such out on it on one, the biggest ages an hour talking about him being the fourth third. Fourth, Rebecca theatres doesn't register, so I he's mine. Sue guy like Human Lawrence are on a whole different plain for me, but again like that. Doesn't mean I don't exactly, I just think it. It's just a little bit crazy right now. Yeah, I like you, said, and they are in the draft guide. You do like comparisons like shades of, and you had a task that Prescott. I thought that was really good one, because one of things that stood out as I watch that bowl game was what a big duty was like he's got like a big ass. That way-
you, know, he's just is there but he's taken athletic and I feel like in the other, fell with you know they matter heads even you, ve seen all the little things in banged up things. My homes is over the last couple years, whose that you know is the most talented quarterback river had, but he's not a big big. You know you worry about him, sometimes fields, I would say, by the time he's twenty six hobby two hundred and fifty pounds and with with speed. You know- and I just feel like he's from a durability standpoint- that's why I want to make my bed on right when I exactly when I watch him and in fact it's not just him as a runner and he
he ran for one hundred yards and nineteen touchdowns in college, in addition to throwing sixty seven touchdowns and two seasons as a starter for Ohio State, but really to me what stands out. I think the cam Newton Comp actually came to me when I was watching him in the pocket now he's smaller than Newton is, on this whole different level in terms of his size, but the way that guys, when they're, trying to stack him or tackle him in the pocket they just slough off of him he's just made out of granite in the pocket, and I don't know so that comp really came to me. I think he has the athleticism he might be a better athlete than deck press. I think he's around the same size in terms of like their build, but he can really add to the game as a runner and that's going back to the Atlanta thing. I don't know if he's going to end up in Atlanta, but he would be the perfect fit for them just on. You know the idea that they're going to do a lot of bootleg stuff, like what we've seen Tannehill
time in Tennessee like ideal that you get that same type of offense do in Atlanta, so I just think he's a perfect fit for that, but I do think he's going to be good pro. I should do my own version of a mock draft guide from a guy who doesn't follow anything, but it's a huge NFL fan and just pissing this stuff over and over again, first of all from the jets. Why wouldn't I pretend I'm taking fields and then try to get. It landed a flip picks of me if they became enamored with fields and at least try to pick up like a second round or two years from now or something why. Why Myra, even letting it flowed out there that I, like the guy who's. Basically, between eight and twelve on everybody's board, that's crazy and then second, why not just take the yields anyway but then I see in Europe in your mark draft you, Miami pick and three taken divides us at the Alabama receiving who everybody said is the autumn sure thing at receiver and, as we say in the draft over the years, the safe this bats are these top.
Seven receivers, safety's, shut down corners, like you re with the Charles Rogers except and your very rarely gonna go wrong. I guess my question is: why wouldn't fields go? Third? Why would it Miami who already has pics and all these different things they can do anyway? Why wouldn't they be kind of dangling that pic around trying to get somebody to bite because there's good receivers in this draft anyway? Couldn't they let you know, potentially get a king's ransom for the Justin fields? At number three pick, I feel like they trade down yeah. I think that's definitely good. There's a good possibility, then, and if I do trades in my next month, I'll probably end up doing something like that, just because yeah, I think you might be able to get Devante Smith later on in the draft to you, there's there's a lot of, I think, concern out there in the NFL that he's a little too skinny he's at he's a baller in like
an incredible things: the stats, r, r, unbelievable really with him, but he's listed like six foot one once only five. So that's on the very skinny side in there just now on a guy's, his size now fell so ya. Think absolutely the dolphins would be smart for arbitrary down from there. Chase, is another another elite receiver that they could get, maybe like a few slots down, because the team my trade up, for not only fields- but you know some of these other quarterbacks, whether its trail answer Maybe MAC Jones? I do. I don't know. If we'll see people go that high, but yeah, I think that's an absolute. That's, that's a good spot for them. Trade back from my guess is Atlanta Miami pretends are going to try it out and then a land just slip spots of them gives them like at a low at the prices to go from forty three. Maybe it's like a late third round packer. Whenever I fight on like that,
Philip fields goes. Third, this is really have gone with the top two. I think fields has to go. Third, if he drops the fourth, that's like America for the Falcons that age is getting to this guy and they have to change anything for you had gone to number twelve, the fourth Kubi you at the top twelve as tray lance from North Dakota State their sight, there's thoughts back Jones could get in the top ten, do. I am obviously look at this as a pats, fanned the paths are picking fifteenth, not sure what I want them to do. I always felt leg. The concept of five quarterbacks going in the fourteen picks before them seemed improbable because every year with the draft, the teams are just going to draft for need. We just see whether that's the right
we're not they're. Just gonna do it. If there is a really good left tack on, they need a left tack on your GM and you might be gone in two years and they should build their idea you're incapable of tobacco here and take the nose tackle that you love, you need a middle, am backing and take back I and the quarterbacks war and of trickling down. I feel like somebody's gonna, be there for the path set fifteen, but do you think there's a chance? We could have five and the first fourteen, I think, there's a chance, but I think I'm with you ass. I feel like it's a little. The odds are it's not. I am. I feel I probably MAC Jones of being the back after the first first round, and there is even a slight chance. Lands could fall little bit. I don't know, I think, he's easy, a good enough prospect that your elbow decently high, but we always get very excited about the court of acts and then some guys followed that further than you think, they're gonna fall, like teams are
He said teens her in the idea of taking the fifth best quarterback. You know in the first round. I think that maybe you could rub something's wrong way like we'll just wait until next year or try to get a guy in a trade there's a lot of free agent corvettes out there this year. So I have the feeling that in fact, I even had to tell myself like honour- and I get too crazy about putting lance- do high, because I you think you know we might see it's just rare to see like four five quarterbacks in the top ten yeah and you have. These runs right with the draft or it's all the sudden, what teams that around now really need a quarter back and they have taken India, whoever they my dad- and I you know I know bristol- I know- nobody's going to drop the past two hundred and fifty and then I'm going to like be doing backflips about
Is there just far enough away its unrealistic? I also know somebody did drop that we loved odds are about check, would trade out of the pic anyway because he secretly once the torture. All of us are in these drafts cats, but I keep looking like a parsons. The pen state lie backer and again I know from the draft. Is I do other research I'll check out the you took up stuff like that, but he seems like he's a potential monster and by a mere fluke by this whole quarterback Russia. We might have could fall through at least the bottom part of the top ten, which seems stupid to me, and that and that's another reason why I would be an asset in a draft room where I would just be at the table going wait. A second Micah Parsons is going to go eight. This is stupid. This is too, No for her? What are we doing we have taken? Is there a chance he drops just because in the way this draft is of what teams need yeah? I do think
a chance he's a low there rhino relatively new deposition inside. You think there is a small chance that I haven't. You could see a run on different positions earlier on, and so I think he would be a perfect fit for the patriots effect. I put him with the patriots in my first mock draft. I know, but believe me, it was passed around in my circles. I got to say it to me is like the ideal situation for the past, because he's actually a really good edge. Rusher like he would be the type of guy that you can use and sub packages to come off the edge you know as in different situations. He can cover. He super athletic. He's is built really,
he's like the modern ideal, modern, sorted, linebacker, type, guy and so yeah. I think you'd be perfect. For that. That's fine! I do think there's a chance. He falls little bit. I look at the path situation. It obviously modern, Carson Whence and going through the reckoning of if they traded firm for thought. I have to talk myself into a cause. That's what you do in its your favorite team. You, you have to talk yourself into the move. Dead sea huckster average about items. I don't know how much you loved that trade, but it's too first evinced aegis you would. I figured out tat you some of you with with Patsy, had they done the one thing I thought he was awful last year and is funny. I saw some of the states that, after the trade and people like look about the stats wrong curse, whence he was thirty, four, that a thirty six here and thirty fit that there's a whole day. I'd like those are cool, but I watchful by every Sunday. He was one
the worst quarterbacks. If not the worst, I watched every week. What makes them think they can turn him around to me. This feels like a fool's Aaron for Frank, Frank, has a guy who just holds onto the ball to long tries to make this Europe ways in literally, cannot snap out of that style. He always always He wants to make the best greatest perfect and he's like his own worst enemy. I don't see how you fix that. Can you fix it? I mean the only reason the amount that the best way you can talk yourself into it. Is that he's going to play for Frank who has experience playing with him and did you know I think everybody's anchoring to what he look like in twenty seventeen when he was young know through whatever amount of games the Mvp Canada wanted the envy be candidates, and I feel I coaches are always like. Will I can get him back there? You know I can design a quick game forum where he's getting the ball. I quickly,
I knew you were taken some off his play in terms of processing and all that I think coaches are doing the same thing you're talking about where they can talk themselves into it and he has tool. Certainly, but yeah I mean when I watched him this last year, all the stats line of exactly what you can assign table. He was one of the worst quarterback, statistically in the NFL and that's coming from like a clean pocket. He was bad from a clean park where you not having pressure in your face and in you can't use all these other excuses that use with Mercosur quarterback. There's stuck my bad lines but yeah. I think I really don't know how I feel about. I do think it's a good trade for Baltic genes in a sense, because if I can get what if he can get whence till, I turn back into anything even simple thy closer resembling the guy he was a few years ago than that's a wind phenomenon for the four eagles they wanted to get out of his contract, and that was a good deal to get out of their contract and he actually, I feel like they got a pretty good, Amanda
yeah draft capital for doing that. So I'm always it was thirty. Three million dead cat money they end up getting these two picks, one of which, seeing as it gets a guaranteed first unless he gets hurt. Next is pretty much exactly like seventy percent playing time without class there or sorry, five and the player so yeah, I'm in their almost shrilly gonna, get that first round pack unless he turned so or unless they mention, which it I really have any, because they don't have any one else right now, and so yeah hide is whether things worry I dont think I'd ever want to be the team trading for carcinogens. I want my train team to transform kazoo seen that really the that that one season he had a good season was the outlier for the rest of his career, and I feel like there's enough of a sample now that we cannot know who he is but having had a mean yeah, it's even worse than that
though, because he got hurt the guy who came in and was basically lights out. For them the rest of the way one a super one Nick falls has never come close to approach in that before or since in his career, and you could just make the case, maybe that was really good? And maybe that was like this awesome race car that whatever driver you're going to put in the? No matter how mediocre they were, they were gonna. Look like an awesome race, car driver. I that would be my fear. If I was does my fear at the path is fools who has stuck since that that whole run, that has to mean something whence has sunk since at all run. What does that mean the fact that both of them have stopped? Maybe that team was really get so um yeah, I'm relieved, I get it from a call sampling, it's basically what two years, forty four million, which is pretty cheap on the key beside now or in the Cubey Roulette game Stafford as a team godfather
the team whence as its aim. I guess garage allows coming. Maybe her cousins, true Bisbee, I don't know who else is there? Mary, who I think has to guide the pathogen are, but I just feel they're married away to happen. How do you feel about that? I kind of like liked idea. I don't mind it. I I just. He has his moments, rape and even in that awesome game, Betty When he came in for car, he still had like two terrible place. That was there. That was a rubber him in Tennessee. He would look good ninety two percent of the time and then he would have those two terrible plays a new kind of you could leave the game, deciding how
Well, where are you going to dwell on the two terrible play? Zubaydah, there are the other stuff. You did it's kind of a roller coaster ride. I feel like with Miss Daniels and Bela check what they were trying to do with can last year. I do feel it. They created a blueprint for all right now. What would it be like if we had a quarterback who can actually completed two out of a guy. Could we have a guy who runs around but then also actually completes passes? What is that look like over spending? The fifteen taken the draft, unlike Back Jones, who By the way we know the Albion pipeline of Saving thinks back Jones is giving us improve the password and take him at fifteen so actually refers to save it every time. So those me my two guesses, either MAC Jones or merrier for the pets. Are you boyish on MAC chance? Have you watched him enough to really now, after two last year. I just feel like anybody. Anybody who drives that
the Bam Race car. I have no idea of theirs you're driving. Yet this every year they have three the best receivers in the entire college robots. How do we know of their good have exactly the same? I thought too is so freaking guy thought he was going to be amazing. I thought I was going to light it up his rookie year. Cuz he was in his processing was so fast. His accuracy was so good and you can say the exact same thing about MAC Jones. Now like in some people, even say he was better than two was the year before in terms of like just getting the ball out. Getting it's exactly where it needs to be. A very accurate, doesn't make a lot of mistakes as make lie about passes, but his physical tools just are as good as a lot of these other guys. That's the same deal with two where you his physical tools. You are as good as is some of his peers, and so that's my worry is, is I almost feel oh, but snake bitten by liking to us and which I am I am right in saying to Us- can be bad because I think he didn't have a good sport system in Miami last year in terms of skill players, knowledge and
he could definitely still improve its funny, how we can write people off after our corrects after one year now hours, even in the old days and the like. Ok by year, three, if they're not doing something than then we'll talk. But yes, I added I d MAC Jones thing I think, he's easy. It's a pejorative to save this waiver. He's gay manager, but, like a very high level, came manager in the sense that he gets the ball out. He swore with football, got like prototype size. I will say this bill heed as move around in the pocket. He looks a little bit like Brady, I swear to God. I was going to say that after you finish the heat tat, is he he maneuvers like vibrated like young bride, and that the current right accurate that two thousands version Brady, he the that's. What reminded me of Brady just that one,
quality. He doesn't have the size Brady had. The way he throws is very Brady, like his stance of doesnt, quite at the size, but I thought he was good, but again it goes back to what does this mean? I think with to Us- and we have some Ricky cards in my house- were rooting for him to come back some to array cards that might have been a two year. Injury to me, yeah, I don't feel like we can judge, I didn't feel like he had speeder explosive. This, like the guy in Alabama, could scramble around a do stuff. The guy maiming could not, and I, in till we know that that's gone for good, I do want to write him off yet before we get. There is some Russell Wilson wants at Seattle stuff happening last week in the week before, and they d never know it the stuff, but is it conceivable once out of Seattle like to do when you heard that, rumour that he might be receptive to a trade or they like, whatever, whatever the fuck was going on,
did any of it ring. True to your. Did you think it was ridiculous. I dont think it. It wasn't so absurd that he would think that it wasn't me wasn't out of the realm of possibility. I think it's unlikely that is actually going to get traded. I don't think he's gonna be on a different team next year, but I mean, if you just from, if you put yourself in his shoes, I mean he believe, like he's gonna ITALY's again play for another ten fifteen years, whereas not like on the last legs of his career. He just gets done watching Tom Brady when a suitable. You worry,
most of the team that stacked on offense built the team like around him. You know let him have a say in who they're bringing in you know basically did everything that they could to like, make it as easy as possible for Brady and like make everything as explosive as possible for Brady. Where is the Seahawks and Mt Carroll? Have this history of being, like very defensive, minded we're going to try to run the ball all this stuff? You balance. I think it's within the realm of possibility that he legitimately just wants to like at some point is clear: go to somewhere else. Play on a different style, where they're going to be doing the up tempo, no explosive stuff that he wants to do. But that being said, I don't think he's necessarily like trying to actually get out right now. I think he's what he's doing is probably trying to put pressure on the front office to to be serious about bringing in some weapons to Saucy's in terms of getting more guys in the receiving corps. Maybe another tight end better offense of line. I think that was the big thing,
and so I don't think this is like just a fake story or or can conjured fur fine, because it's the rewrite, you think, there's something there, but I don't think you can get traded at least that right now, it's Threem they need one could tackle. They need a running back who can run and catch whether they get that infringe free. Draft and they need items to be healthy. Adams was I mean huge on this part last month that I had to legit injuries. He couldn't move his left arm and you can make a case if he's a hundred percent healthy, in that I'm game. Maybe he single handedly swings. I Ramsgate variants game. You know it's like the rams or rolling up and down the field, and God rest at the pins. In his thumb and was dying to commit a couple,
It offers so I don't know I think, there's a version of that season last year, where it works out a lot better for them. I don't fight there that far away. I might I honestly like with the direction they're gone Machine Waldron like if you, if this, if he Kara, wants to be really heavily balanced and run the ball and do all that, like D Rams offence is sort of the proclaim it it's the archetype, it's what you want to do because they use so much emotion. You know so much play action. It's very scheme driven this game is very smart nimble. I do think that there's a chance like that we go out and we see the Seahawks have a very good offense again next season and kind of surprised, because the way they looked in the in the second half of this year was just completely dysfunctional. But I do think you know looking at Wilson's entire career in his entire track record. There's a good chance, he's gonna pounds back in Europe come out. Firing should
Have him on the pie, gas than they get in an argument with them to travel the karma? Maybe we ve got along you last year. To fight with him or something last year. Who is your favorite guy in your mock draft Who is the guy that who is like here? I bet my life on this guy, who is not like legally binding path, a really good question. Did you have like a favorite that you were all in I'm completely like at any position like four last year in the NBA Halliburton was the guy I latched onto after the top three whereas like if this guy falls, I'm gonna to be mad at everybody. This is ridiculous and of course you felt a twelve and it was ridiculous and after the draft every game isn't that five did you have a guy like that last year? I think for me it was seedy lamb, how I loved you.
My so he said ass he be day, I guess yeah. He was really good for the first half a year, went back was in there in their office was really cooking, but I say the same half a year when, when along he didn't play quite ass, much you get phased out a little bit there. Their office was just bad in the second half year, so it's
stuffed owl. I do think he. You know he has a very bright future and he fell a little bit further than I thought he would so he might have that chip on my shoulder too so who's that guy this year. For you do you have it yet? Have you anointed anybody? It's got to be somebody in the eighth two hundred and twenty two range. The first guy that comes to my mind, is Jeremiah Owusu Koramoah from Notre Dame. I don't know, if he's watching it all, but he's undersized linebacker, Tektite Compton to Jamal Adams. I think he is the most explosive athlete in the strap. Maybe he is just a ball of energy. He flies around he's a little bit undersized for linebacker. You sort of this hybrid type, guy, half linebacker have safety can pass rush, maybe a little bit as good coverage, but he is, he to me has been the most fun player to watch so far. There's some question about like his transition to the NFL, because when you're a tween
where you can have a land in their rights situation. I think to be like an instant impact player so I'll be closely watching where he goes. But to me he is the most fun guy to watch on tape. We saw that last year with ideas. Simmons little by re were aggravated, got I'll, find out about a minute that never position for ten weeks. Then he finally to plan the last like five six weeks, he's bizarre legal. I haven't my mind when I'm touting this guy, like man, cause I loved Simmons last year but seemed equally yet you have to find a good situation form. I think, in order to care for him to kind of do what he's been doing another name, but he just fly around. Do you have a pic fur before we go the patriots cause? That's u causeless thing and is dying to know more about the patriots and were our gonna fuck up this draft because we fucked up by foreigners
Is there a wide receiver we're going to take in the second round who's going to break tiles heart? Yes, I'll. Give you that I'll give you the prototype. Six three super fast and raw can catch balls in traffic, but maybe doesn't have the highest football iq yet so the first person that comes to mind is Kadaria Tony from Florida, and I like Tony okay, but he's a little bit like a percy, is type player, very explosive breaks, a ton of tackles and is fat, but I don't know if he has
long story, but he's very explosive. But I do think he is a boom bus type prospect, easy sort of a one wonder in a kind of developed in the last year and turned into a star but had really done much before, and so I think he's that have a guy who could get drafted lay first round early second round and maybe not live up to expectations at that babies. I do like him, but he is a boom bus How does that sound? Like somebody redraft downgrade to me either way? I see tire obeying his jersey there now, sadly wearing it when it's fifty percent pats, Russia still still keeping guy, how many more marked jobs you do it. I don't know, I'm not sure. Actually, at least two probably
We're doing what we'll do when we update two hundred and seventy five cuz we're updating two hundred and fifty next week, fifty players in the draft guy, nine hundred and seventy five couple weeks after that, and then right before the traffic will do my final one at least I'm sure that they might throw a couple more in there, but leads to more after this and we're doing a little, and if NFL draft show the the fell and Riah, would you not today yeah? I was so is, is that every Friday, until the draft that the plan, I'm not sure what the plan is longer term, but where word today we're goin over my draft guide. The mock draft who went out can talk and to all the different scenarios on our shores. If it's gonna be a weekly thing and I am and then Fantasy football show, which you guys had a great year, you Craig and Danny High FED to it, became paired during the season, has really only seen three movies and is entirely didn't. Get any of your movie references that you her Craig had
reset over and over again, no matter what movie job he had not talking about, and they went belatedly pretend that he did. I really enjoyed. That aspect goes both ways, though, because having Craig always talk about random millennial, stuff that I have no idea about you complete completely, absolutely tik, Tok revelatory, that's how you get you back with Tiktok Can I get to see have guided anatomy? How do you do. This episode of the bill, Simmons Podcast, is brought to you by fresh pet, fresh pet is real pet food fresh from the fridge. The reason it's kept in the fridge is simple. Fresh whole ingredients Steam cooked without preservatives, so the meal meals have to be refrigerated, just like all their meets its all natural locally source parents. When you switch to feeding fresh. The first thing you ll notice is increased energy more assuming hi vertical when they jump happy pets justly in the dream, eating recipes they really enjoy in the week
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I gotta be honest. It took me four months to want to talk to the sky. The Lakers when the NBA tied on the bubble, I knew you'd be in suffer bout of at a given time. The calm down now he's gonna come on. Tell us that the Lakers have as many titles as the Celtics, even though they were five of them in Minneapolis Flee, walk back to the park ass, you know I haven't dont and had the opportunity to be as wildly and shellfish we have large, just as I would like to be about the workers running title, given the circumstances on the front of ours, and we might have heard about this problem by restoring show on. Let me take this opportunity right now to say that I am I Don t exactly happy when there is shared, because I am big fat tank Harry Hog, rolling around in a pile of shit. Happy is hell. Feeding had thanking the Lord,
only thing you missed was first by going through the games and then secondly, raising the banner and ambient air again to do that. So you watching everything from your house on tv. What was it like man? now the whole thing off the NBA going on with no fans, and I think that my prospects, come. It now has shifted as it continues on was no crimes and, above all for me. You didn't play off. It was really exciting for wanted to play offshoots mba play off for another thing. We didn't think we'd get them at all show they came back. We got to see it. And it was really kind of fascinating for me, you know from the beginning of the bubble play off till the end their first. It was such a novelty, there were no fans em, and it was like this should like crystallized really pure, who you know it was so cool. Like was no audience interference. Teams play different
You can tell them that the teams are really run on emotion, didn't do well the teams that really have their shit together and are smart, you know were able to scientific. Executed, really well really flow. Oh sure, not environment, Universe Show called a sheer and the another on the championship, and it was just absolutely beautiful. She hurried get it I'm. There were so many great little triumphs among them. The macro files other be great. No more. They were awaiting this year more than the salvage. That's really gonna be right now the light as it goes on with no audience like its funding to be a little bit just heartening. For me, personally, I mean how do you feel about it? I feel the same. It's funny wait. The way you're just talk about it made me think of the difference of the Volvo basketball was better.
In some ways right. The shooting was as good as its ever ban. The intensity was great and reminds me a little bit of leg if he saw an awesome banned in the smallest venue, Passmore right like it, and fifty percent venue we're at Saint thing. It's a different kind of energy and its more intense its confined, which I'm sure you bet in that city nation. That is fun is playing in front of eighty thousand people were being an eighty thousand Iberia seed, MBA Arena, but different kind. Energy rightly, do you see a comparison with that? I never thought of it that way, but yeah, I guess so it was like. I just like me like that that close up personal aspect, It would be even more so if they didn't have the same crowd noise and we could hear the players curse.
It was really lacking. Eerie silence should the arena. That would actually be really. I would better, but you know I forgot, as you say, it was found TAT we have asked about the past October yeah. You know what kind of a gift is that, like that we ought to ask about the language. Like Manna from the Heavens man without fastball in October, and then not to mention the same month. The dodgers won the world series. So it was raining. You know, championships in LOS Angeles opened a remedy for the Red Sox, shelter Oh really, bad boy. There was bad. I was glad I was trapped by not being able to be around people you remember the time that it was no one was that might have been the one Lakers wanted in two thousand
China much Shore, but it was a midseason game and the Lakers played the Celtics like the letters one at stake and I never like running out into the street like going to my car like a little light in my loafers. You know like hopping around or going to the parking lot and I ran into you in the street. Do you remember that I do I do it, I wasn't a happy, I wasn't as happy as you well know. Well, I think we must establish the dreaded job now. We really doubt dumpy night, don't don't eyes. While we don't look at- and I think we missed our window to play you in the final last year and its looking,
increasingly like a missed opportunity where Hayward gets her to be in the bubble and their guy Short Miami ends up getting an instead and now the Celtics team, no Hayward Campbell looks hurt and whatever the whole fan base is panicking. It's not great. Where is you guys? You felt like you almost lost Anthony Davis, with like a KT tape, Achilles injury there for a split second, where the very similar to a right raise grabs the back of his leg in playing, but he kept playing for a while and then you can see it coming like you'd granted a couple of times and what they call indolence chindia notice of the of the Achilles right yeah. I thought it was a path which actually worried me. My funny might have gotten the march a smart calf, chair right arm and I'm gonna wait. You might just might dispel my fantasy team
I'll be back soon. Ok, I need a need around get involved here. Well, we need a third schooner. Marcus is gonna, come back and say on the third scorer he's gonna take a bunch of shots which will be both bad and good. Have you knotted Leubronn? Yet, as Laker we're whatever lebron us later Laker. Do you officially Philip he's a laker? Now is this, our aim is aware driver for I thought he was a later before we started this decision last two years ago, when, regarding the day that we found out like midsummer, when we found out that he sign, I was rolling on the floor next to see that he was like her and this Doug cleave under Miami didn't exist so that this issue does not exist, That's right! I hours would forgot. First year when, when he came in and he broke, I remember he passed, I think Cobby FIR wood, whatever he said whatever scoring mark or he passed in the scoring less
but he had just kind of got the Lakers than the liquor friends are applauding it's like. They had no history with the guy, but now kind of feels. Like he's a Laker maybe it fell again for me honestly like like all jokes side, it really did feel to me like he was a later when he became a letter. I didn't I dont need. I didn't need him to prove anything. You know I mean I was just a kid when dream came over from a walkie, but I didn't like he was a park, he was awakened Yannick. When I was a kid, I wasn't Putting all that aren't you. It is just a laker. You know but another boy goldens goggles years later announced I felt about the brown and obviously you wanna championship. We went through a rough season, Probably the worst season of his career and when he had done the monster, oh Ingram that gaps that decision, but I tat night. This year. The seems like an hour guided I rank on then that's Lakers, you ve, seen in person
That I've ever seen play in person the best Lakers you ve seen. A person has now leubronn. Officially Council ATLAS, she's a swell magic Johnson is number one Fair Karim is number two Please number three Lebron is number four. Jack shops, number five. Tough, tough podcast for shack, yell shock. Was it wasn't? I love it. I just like him it's a hierarchy of these guys in order her you just that it is mainly one story now what can be new story now? Just happened. You made your there the idea that this morning I was running with my dogs up in the mountains and the kind of have that site
was remembering how he asked the child when things get me, you know, I remember being really obsessed with delight surgeon and met during magic career watching him every fast re install glued What are you gonna? Do you? Don't you never knew what he was gonna do a cleaning up. You know, he was going to swing left and then to go right. Do the in, renders the boy you don't really know, but you know it's gonna be the smartest thing is going to execute well, except for one of already get tired. Such trouble chopping up trees. So I brought you here: with magic. You never knew what he was going.
Jim was you gonna gestures? Not Byron are worthy Anita rang with you, gonna go down, a middle gets out. Each had no idea tat. The man was constant surprise, you know, but it's funny, but we will have the same experience in these costs with bird and had they done by those guys are so special and stresses the years pass have not been replicated that they be. It's almost like music, where you have, we ability now John, at the same time in the seventies, and then there's just been. Nobody like those guys sense like these guys that can play piano and fill an mba arena or fill out I've of five hundred see club and at the end they can just be the same, have the same kind of performance in the same kind of intensity in though they may have. Just as the years pass, you realize I call a shit, I'm proud of that again, yet not happening yet arisen as you know, the bird MAGIC Hbo documentary might be
latest sports documentary ever made its really get it's it's. It's gotten good legs at for that yeah that's already late about it is that both of these guys were really job in the media. You know, like Larry, being a working class in power hard. You know guy and magic. You know, even though, is also from them in Russia. Now, Jude being like you know: Hollywood Swinger, glistened glamour guy, but it's true, but he watched utilised. Actually I those guys, you know you know magical, You know your family no stuff, but he wasn't version. I realize shone like all at bird stuff about in putting on his dad shoe. For his broken business, gotta go to work. Any ways and tat was done, kills themselves in, but on me
as long as all that stuff like and the fact that they actually did and the bonding unlike much birds, chagrined kind, that force at night with be friends all time bird, which is to get from me to do it and in other religions, have this. You know they were like opposing north and south magnets in creating this powerful energy between them. There was a man. Using man we're lucky. We got to see that we are kids. Did the chilly peppers ever cross pass with the Showtime Lakers in any sort of LOS Angeles way, because your basically run it there, circles I outside yeah. No I've never really hung out with sessional basketball players. In my whole life. Not at all you know when you guys became super famous Never really happened. I'm friends with Steve NASH a bit. My wife is friends with some basketball players
but I love you ve. Never you know, I don't know why she go whenever embedded in the form club and like nineteen, eighty nine, ninety ninety one of its most, never cool enough men, another than cool enough to hang out and foreign club, the met with the basketball players. I read the hang out like metallic applies. If I drink beer with James Hatfield, another gotcha like you know, ship might be needed, ashes. Release you dream. Is this: the log ass you ve ever gone without play online music. It's too long. that I've gone yes, I mean, since I was doing you know, recitals in seventh grade yeah unbelievable I mean it has to have been a year and a half Frank, as you guys were her saying in you'd changes in the band and staff, and you were kind of figure it out,
You weren't on answering you've been planning on going on tour, but then there's no torrent. Now it's been at least a year and a half right yeah, something like that over yeah. I think something like I think we simply widgets shows in November, doesn't. Nineteen yeah afraid the last one summer. I don't got me on it and you can call me if you want don't think about it. I do feel like look. There's there's really. No silver lining said the pandemic, but a tiny little silver lining, as I do feel that people are gonna appreciate. Sporting events in lab music in a totally different way? I knew I took it for granted, I gotta going now be like. I can't fucking way to go down and be a game. I can't wait to go to a concert way to go to the Hollywood boy. I can't wait to live storm Morgana we can go. Do the stuff from Syria. You feel that I'm plan without you the thing out, for sure, but even like you know, attending sporting events myself. You know what you're talking about it,
exciting when the bubble happened, who play off. But now I shall watch everything. Later game and I watch other basketball. But I, like I, find myself my attention Do you know what I mean like Al Gore, lighten up something elsewhere: James on and like Miss out of the game that never got like I watched again, I watch everything unfold. I watched try to figure out what kind viewed from still running what they're doing like em. And now I'm on my mind, wandering and watching on edge hygiene. If it was full of twenty thousand people Goin bonkers right now, faggot you can't it's just you, such a bygone era. It's crazy man but in terms of entertainment not happening when the floodgates open, they're, gonna, open wide and there's gonna be a torrent of performance. Everything I mean I know like for you all my contempt raised at play in back, so I'm in touch with you all musicians and light
Everyone knows your site plodding, began on the road and waiting chomping bit to get on the road to judge. If there's gonna be so much you and I'm not gonna, be too much every arenas gonna be filled every night with somebody every theatre, every club, it's gonna, be patent. You know, it'll, be great. Man what's had a huge impact because You know, as the music business changed over the last twenty years. Album sales aren't the same. A lot of the bigger bands and medium sized bands allow how they made the money was touring. Doing concert, being on the road and shopping, to do that now, everybody's gonna wanna go back at the same time. I guess for you guys ye I mean you basically had almost four decades of plan shows. Can you imagine if who had been really on the rise and just about the hit it, and now you can't play in front of a crowd for like a year and a half, it's almost like
an athlete losing like a year in their primer? Something right, yeah, it's crazy about, would be really difficult. Funny I was thinking this is a real tangent, but I can't help, but I was speaking I acted in this film that came out last year called Queen and slim, and it's a film about social injustice. It's about a black, pulled over by a cop and skilful breaks out the action that we should go on the Lamb and, as you know, examines socially decision particularly be no black people in and the police police officers and We are thinking about. You know how that works in any nourishes Armand. She stomach racism and social justice, and I was doing interview once with with Molina Mixtures shoes that directorate made queen and son
and she was talking to me about how many you know: young black people gotta run at a young age. I'm unfair or at least like definitely unfairly and contracts do not bear due to white people and how really messes up their lives? Can you get me going to jail in your young, it so hard to get a job, it so hard to bounce back so hard to do all this stuff, and I think about, like I'm, told the story that one should not why we live now actually covers were just starting out might make mighty made our first ruptured or not. I can't remember me and I dont, want another guy members. I can't tell a story with someone else from the bad about their spent another one the numbers and me and a friend of all night you're crazy drugs. Drugs are pockets syringes, always terrible stuff, we're out of our minds at five in the morning. What's gonna h, H, you know, DR inside you know the sunrise, you down the beach we pulled over cop
somewhere just out of it like waist. I remember the cop pulled me over. I was the one driving my hands were shaking like crazy and my eyes are like two fried eggs. I've got all these drugs in my pocket and I was James. I was so scared, as you know, my really and again trouble on a cop just being like all right. You guys like come on now. You, like you, taken a little farther go home and get some rest to pay. You get your car turnaround. Gonna get her directly right. All you know I thought like if we would have been arrested at that time and if I would have gotten budget for drug procession all that stuff and had gone to jail like right. When a joy peppers we're taking off it would have screwed every yeah. You know what about it on a job for two years, you know and come out and like doubled, the trauma of being locked up and good everyone else going off in doing other stuff. The world goes
without you? What would I've ever been able to have this entire career that I've been joined? The last forty years I don't know man show us that relations the real extreme version, but That's the guy moment right, yeah yeah huge huge room. We you made some news right before the pandemic, because you're old guitars came back jars anti, where that had been won't wait. He when did he in some time in their early mid. Two thousand, I can't remember when I lie twice yeah. What's your first time think in ninety one, ninety two after our blood sugar record on left for in bad luck, ninety nine something like that. Ninety eight and then he quit again in should I know,
it came back. It was ten years like till the day that we announce. Should you left the first time I mean the last night was gone for ten years and to combat job, but I think with yeah he laughed like two thousand turn complexion doesn't like two thousand nine, and by two thousand and eight Oh and issue, an annual our friends were kind of upshot about. They didn't feel that we announced it was enough poignant explanation We just felt like in our luck, is just happened with the shit out you done with that. We don't want to you know it's our business. You know I was going to say it was handled in classic chili peppers fashion. You send out like a paragraph Hey. This happened here. Turning around on foreign trade. Imagine if an mba attended that, like hey, we have the Lakers, we decided bring back here and there are no further questions at this fact. The abolition things that you know our people's business
yeah. But you know we're really love Jospin offer any, was awesome and grateful for him and were sought him and now a grateful for John. You know So you guys you you guys were rehearsing, then I'll, send that had to stop so what what happens now? Are we ve been we've been working steadily and I kind of feel hesitant to talk about exactly where we're at because it's banned stuff- and I don't like you- know We can have an agreement in other. I answer yes doing great. Where flourishing it's, it's so interested. You have all this history with all these different people, and especially in music and with bands. Yes, a basketball team, it's like you complete together for a few seasons than this guy gets traded. This guy leaves and then the teams a little different, but you have those core guys, and now you, your basically back to where were you started in a lot of us
Yeah yeah, we shocked, I observed died, know I know better Where are you where you know yeah? earlier. I only I name is like an hour. We got light. We definitely have a really inside a very potent and powerful. Why not? For us? You know when you think I mean that's been a million years, but like there's been stuff about, like there's, Baltimore Woodstock banning I documentaries gone right now. Can you even remember some of these moments, like like Woodstock Dandy down? What do you remember about wood sector? now, as you play on a Sunday night, though there the people are starting fires. At that point, I complete chaos and they ask Anthony if he could calm things down and the Athenians of you guys in playing fire the so fire and kind of stepping into but I do even remember nights light that are their blur together. Now I remember them. I remember most gig simply something about like someone can save me
are you in Cincinnati and maintaining seven and I'll remember something about a member, club, I remember like the dressing room, was also but the Was it had all the clothes and adjust you're? Never let putting them on. My coming out was like another stage in upper sequined dress. You know your name. Number that one would start. Ninety nine pretty well Will you naked and Woodstock than denied you had that you decided to do no clothes for that for that yak, then I wear a definite form, a birthday shoot for that one. No, no! I remember, I remember a number things about it. I remember that, on these things, on stage. I remember what was going on. A personal. I hear you I remember,
Everything about it. I remember rocking: can you sense the energy from a venue and does it feel different from place to place because one of the things like with Woodstock ninety nine there was talked about there was like an anger, especially over the course of three days, because it was so high? And that was a big reason why things can degenerated when you go out there. Can you read the enemy if the room kind of causing sports, you can kind of feel it sometimes you can feel tension You got me or whatever I definitely have difference. Feelings in every room that I go to Dont know that my relationship to the state
the music that were playing and what's going on in the Rome is accurate and translate what it is like my relationship to it like. I remember at that time only paid Woodstock and I could feel that there was an ugliness and on a business in the audience, and I didn't like it. I remember feeling and I've, but I think that was just kind of an era like that, really existed at that time. It was something that was not too you know. Individual to lead to the Woodstock performance. It was going on all over the place? There was this kind of like real, macho jockeying mean spirited thing that was being bore at the time and rocky wizard and I didn't like it. I never liked it, but now that what was going on- and I think that you know sometimes a bigger than like that- none of us in a big way all across deserted ones there should they feel it and they see
and they remark upon it, and it's the same that we remember history, but I always feel like it's like that's just one sign post of of. That was going on everywhere. It's just a barometer, you know when you guys can do live music again and start touring around. Where is the first place you want to play la we've discussed that obviously, we've been asked many times to do. Computer concerts, you know for various reasons and and you know this does. Does good flats would need to be done there if you want to make money doing this money to be made, but it's really important for us that we only do that, especially since it's gonna be out. First playing guitar that we do. It live for four people, and I don't know where that's going to be. We we've discussed it and whether you know benefit concert or a big concert. We just go.
Similar clubs to warm up or whatever. That is. But you know where we're entertainers and we love with people and play music and and and shine a light that way. So we look forward to doing it. Be, it should be the national anthem for the South, Ex Lakers MBA final step could be or come back appearance. Why is that? very or a guy, Finally, I am delighted that happen. Do you think the nuts should intimates huddles? I do I'd Barca package on Tuesday and I was saying I think, they're by far the safest bed. He was way more pessimistic because, he fell. I there they don't have the defence. I don't have, though, like centre rim protector type person yet, but they might get that person by. I just think with rage, offsets food, you alone as Berkeley, and he thinks failures is safer, bad because their bigger
more size and bead. He doesn't. They broke Nan obeyed, but I just feel it those three guys broken as I do think you would beat them. There is no mere happy. I think that we can beat him for healthy Israel. We have the difference. You never get all preview tonight, but we'll say about the natural light. I cant figure this out with fiery. Highway is probably, might be the most skilled play. I've ever seen a minute so saying the way you can get a shot up. The way handles just his quickness the weather cuts the angles all that stuff, but it wouldn't. Let me have you You know this better than me understood. You know random alpha. Is he always all the time. I was just load management system that you guys, like every other game policies. I think these teams are being really careful with their stars with how hard the schedules
I believe that, through this mark as their own version, you sound like an old tightness in your head for whenever you're just in case it could manifestly something worse. We the real then that's. I think I think I don't know if I'm right, but this is my theory, because there's that could be crowds for the playoff games, the seeds, matter the way they did. You know you saw the bubble. It didn't really matter where the games, where was I go Game six Boston's the home theme like who cares it's they're playing in a bubble and we're probably going to be in a similar situation. The playoffs, I think teams are thinking like three. Seven seed, it doesn't really matter as long as our teams healthy. I think what censuring the west, though, if you talking at the one seed dad
They does kind of matter because they have like that how altitude thing there and that will be like a slight advantage. They get the Lakers have to go there, their little banged up here to play. Games. Seven Anita! It's you know, it's not a huge advantage, but it's not nothing. You know the old, but also with you. Then you're just being another one student playing that is worse than just squeaks, then five other genes for that seed. Were the advantages. Well, then, you get to avoid both LA teams, one if you're the one seed and la in LA or two and three they have to play each other before they get to you, so you only have to play one. Not two would be the other big advantage as a clippers than they were last year. I feel like they're the same they're, the same yeah. I just feel like. It's it's too really really good guys. You know to the best fifteen impersonal egg.
And I don't really trust anyone else. Have this machine, the playoffs, you see like leeway and, lastly, the play of smart. I don't trust any those guys. I think, though, with the Lakers, the shocking thing that Caldwell Pope has become this reliable role where an shrewder like is, should arise today, As you know, you can have him bay. I liked the tee my big it's a better team that is Lasher the cat, the question for me, his Davis. Can you stand the court yeah? Well? Where is this? Your first issues is her knowledge, the second injury, sure they will cause you don't love o baggage, where you played all these games than the season starts right up again and that its hard Miami, a dime issues, will they after. It takes time and bring him back to quickly what a beautiful basketball player at this guy. From my house yesterday- You were saying you know: I've never really been an Anthony Davis fan he's just like he's pretty good, but he's so tall and as an advantage.
Moreover, everybody and as I hear you your mind, there's a million. Tal guys in the NBA every team as seven footer, it's like its remarkable watching and play You know I mean same with Lebron to because you know, of course I watched him before, but I didn't watch him every game and not since magic. Have I seen a guy that brings the players together as well as he does. What's all the other players on and possibly even better than magic does it doesnt have stood in the way that he plays with only the stuff that they're keeping a bomb movement, but I feel like he like, Her room style, really miss the guys up and helps and helps them to believe in themselves. I believe- and I am sure, shared ideal: you can get you Thursday he turned Wade, Howard, a redeemable teammate. That was an impossibility. He was the least popular teammate of the last twelve years
had already like made at work. I fell in love with joy when he came back you dead. Why tell me why? But because he was so, he was so and he research such a cheerleader- and he was such a the ran plays for them. They were like you know, do the dirty work get boards and put backs and stuff we're not running place for you set picks, come off the bench sometimes don't play it all in the playoffs, because you don't need a big guy and he never complained any players. Every fibre of his being overcome, stepped onto the forms of beautiful things. I'm I was shocked. I thought he was on his way out of the lake it was. It was an impressive Leubronn said it was. He said that title and the two thousand
being calves that, over the words, were the two most impressive titles. Everybody anybody's everyone. I don't think I agree with that, but I thought it was really impressive, adding to go through the bubble. Let's be away from your family is all that. I really was something I don't feel like. It has an asterisk. Next to it or anything, I, like your five Minnesota titles, do the answer is no. Closure or are hard earned titles. It said it said that you had to steal from the great state of soda, not they haven't a snail, their titles and Candlemas. Your own saddens banks Move around that's not like they became they went from being the shuttle shirt supersonic stewardship the name is becoming Obama Thunder or whatever. You know. This is a team that just moved. Should it They didn't change the dream when they move should change the name when they move studies there the same tune. The ledger have one seventeen titles. Just like you.
Keep you keep telling yourself this at all at all set. The sounds like it makes sense like tree. They account. I like five, the five minutes that you didn't retired George break its number, your counting all perils. They didn't retires number now retired Big, Georgia's double figured account recitals. Are they really should be that you should have George Bacon? I? U has, could play? U. S could be spent four George break that everybody will be dead. Who would have showed up fur George Back Gazelle that themes God, but I like it is is the body Holly of basque, big lattices, hey, it was great to see you I'm glad as well. I hope things are going well with your awesome school things are going well very simply going so well with the school, and I'm I'm starting a new and what's that I'm really excited about woe. Yeah. And we know that during the last stages of getting all permits together, but were shouting the wife Treasure Vittorio Music grudges.
It's a beautiful thing and arm allotted you know just the pandemic here has been really really I've dreamed, to be an Angelino and to be involved in like different parts of the city and the things ass. They walked conservatory music. So life is good when you think that's gonna open. Hopefully it will coincide the summer at the least awesome congratulated sets Grandmama. It was great to see. I can't wait to ask you guys on stage in four left to be doorbell gap, but I'm glad Oswald in Belgium. That's it for the beers podcast this week. Don't forget about the two we watch balls. We did sleeping with the enemy and come to America and uncertain night Ryan Reseller is gonna. Be journey. Ass will be reacting right after slave basketball game on Sunday. I see them.
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